Chapter 23: New plan

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“Zoe, how good is this guy?” Coulson leaned on the table as he asked.

“Very good, in every possible way. His future is definitely promising and he will definitely become a Top level agent. Right now he can beat Mike, indicating that he may have a level 7 agent’s strength, and as for his background, I have checked many times and It has checked out every time.”

Even Zoe didn’t know that when he was talking about Bruce, he was smiling all the way through. He was very satisfied with Bruce.

Because of Bruce’s excellent performance, he had caught the eyes of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s senior staff.

Just a couple of days ago, S.H.I.E.L.D. had conducted an in-depth investigation on him, and had found no problems at all.

“You all know that S.H.I.E.L.D. is lacking in manpower right now. There have been too many events recently.” Coulson said, clearly troubled by the matter.

“Okay, and how are you going to handle him?” Zoe asked.

Listening to this, Coulson smiled, clearly having thought of this beforehand.

“The one found at the bottom of the Arctic has already awakened.”

“What, so fast?”

Zoe was somewhat caught off guard and wasn’t able to keep his emotions in check. After all, that was a person that had been sleeping for nearly seventy years.

This situation had exceeded his scope of understanding, as previously, Zoe had never come in contact with superpowers.

Even for Hawkeye and Black Widow, theirs could only be called semi-superpowers. If human beings continued to receive training, it was possible to reach that level.

But the one they had found at the bottom of the Arctic was different. He had lived unconscious for more than seventy years, and right now he should be more than 100 years old.

And yet, his body function was still maintained, as if it was in it’s thirties, which was beyond incredible.

In the past, he would not believe this at all. However now, he saw the man himself, so he had no choice but to believe what was right in front of him.

Zoe was in awe. Because of his improvement in status, the level of his contact and what he could know was getting higher and higher. The current situation was beyond his wildest imaginations.

“Yeah, he has already awakened.” Coulson said, his face full of reverence.

With the power Phil Coulson held, he was akin to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Director’s left and right hands.

Although he was only a level 8 agent, he had an unusual position in S.H.I.E.L.D. Even if he was dealing with level 9 or level 10 agents, he could also command them.

“What you mean is..?” Zoe roughly guessed something.

For Coulson to ask for Bruce at this time, It may be because of his great relationship with that man.

“Although he has woken up, he needs a long time of rest to recover. During this time, I need to adapt him to the current world. It is best to send an agent to protect him.” Coulson said.

The man’s strength was really horrifying, but he had just awakened after all. Some of his physical functions are still not capable yet, so he needed a little bit of protection.

“Do you want to assign Bruce to this task, sir?” Zoe said.

Coulson nodded. “But before that, I need to know if he is qualified for the job.”

After all, this was one of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s secrets. Before everything was on the right track, Coulson didn’t want anyone else to know.

So, he needed to know Bruce’s real strength in advance. Bruce would get promoted to a level six agent at the end of his current task, and at the promotion, Coulson would see for himself the extent of Bruce’s abilities.

“Okay okay, go do your things, the world will not stop just for us.” After saying that, Coulson left Zoe’s office.

Zoe, who was called Bloody Mantis and was a level 7 agent, had some worries in his heart. It was really unusual for so many things to happen so suddenly. Could S.H.I.E.L.D. cope?

Zoe didn’t know, but he still had to go on.


Bruce knew nothing of Zoe and Coulson’s conversation. At this time, he had just returned to Queens.

Strategic Wisdom makes my thoughts clearer, and because of the Superb-level Fighting technique, my speed and strength have increased considerably.

Bruce was judging his strength in his room. After all, in this world, strength was the most important factor.

In particular, he had to be clear about his strength and also have a good understanding of himself.

S.H.I.E.L.D. was his home, it gave him the special training he needed and he had also acquired his current equipment from there.

After a period of training, Bruce once again thoroughly grasped the power in his body.

More and more things have been happening recently, the situation looks very unstable.

At this moment, Bruce was lying on the sofa and thinking about all that had happened recently. Of the superheroes he knew, two had already appeared.

If he didn’t guess wrong, S.H.I.E.L.D. was already studying the Tesseract, which was a Space Stone.

And Nick Fury, he was definitely collecting a lot of the superheroes information. He was just waiting for the most suitable time.

It seems that I have to hurry up. Bruce made up his mind to speed up the improvement of his strength.

After making his mind up, he turned on his computer, and rows of contracts instantly appeared in front of his eyes. Almost all of them for criminals above level 7.

They were powerful and some even had special abilities. While they didn’t have anything as powerful as the Anti-aging Gene, it was good enough.

Next, he took up three contracts. They were all level 8 contracts, and each of their rewards was at least 500,000 USD. All three amounted to 1.5 million!

If it was in the past, Bruce would not be sure if he could beat those three, but now that his strength had increased, he was not afraid of those three at all.

He had no money now, which meant that he would not be able to speed up his next download. If one day he met those powerful superheroes, he would need a lot of money to download their abilities.

There were a lot more superheroes that were more powerful than Black Widow. Just the Anti-aging Gene was 30gb, then what if he met Thor?

Iron Man’s invincible armor, and his incomparable brain power?

What about Hulk?

Even Spider-Man?

So, ultimately, Bruce had to move, and he had to move fast.

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