Chapter Chapter 25: Obtaining a new ability

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[Name]: Oss Jackett.

[Identity]: Level Seven contract

[Ability]: Top-level Fighting technique (130mb), Speed boost (200mb), Proficiency in firearms (300mb), Strengthened Hands (800mb)


Sure enough, Bruce’s guess was spot on, the man in front of him possessed a special ability. It was not a superpower, but it was more than enough.

Oss’ Strengthened Hands ability made his hands enter a special state. Under this kind of strengthening, the speed and strength of his hands, as well as his overall attack power, greatly improved.

Bruce instantly selected the ability and went to download it, with no hesitation whatsoever.

“Beep, connection established!”

“Beep, the Strengthened Hands ability’s size is 800mb, download has begun.”

“Beep, the current download speed is 1mb/s (valid within five meters).”

After downloading Black Widow’s abilities, the speed and range of Bruce’s download system had improved by quite a bit.

His current download speed was 1mb/s, which meant that he would finish the download in about 13 minutes. After figuring that out, Bruce began delaying his battle with Oss for as long as possible.

This time the download speed was only 13 minutes, so he could afford to wait it out, instead of speeding up the process with money like he usually did.

This time, he was determined. There was no way he would return to the Avengers Base without completing all three of his contracts. He was in a desperate need of money right now, and this way, he would also obtain a variety of abilities along the way.

It was truly killing two birds with one stone!

Otherwise, when he met other Superheroes in the future, he would be forced to give up downloading their abilities, which was a truly depressing thought.

Presently however, in the face of Oss’s hands, Bruce was in a bit of trouble.

Those hands could break his defense, however, fortunately he was fast enough. Otherwise, he would become the prey.

“Beep, download complete!”

“Beep, congratulations to the host for obtaining the Strengthened Hands ability!”

After the battle had been going on for quite some time, the systems sound finally came, making Bruce lighten up instantly.

At this time, Oss realized that something was wrong, and he tried his best to break Bruce’s bones by targeting his chest.

At that moment, Bruce used his new Strengthened Hands ability. His hands began to emit a metallic luster in an instant, shining with a cold light.


Bruce and Oss collided with their firsts, and the impact emitted a sound similar to that of grinding steel.

In just a second, the battle had completely turned on its head. Oss retreated and fell into an unfavorable situation.

“How could that be?” Oss’s face changed, he clearly saw that Bruce’s hands were exactly the same as his.

And while he was stunned, a smile appeared on Bruce’s face.

He very clearly felt that his hands right now possessed horrendous power, and the speed to go with it.

And so, Bruce started moving.

“Bang, bang, bang~ ” the walls made out of concrete were broken by Bruce. Initially, Bruce’s power was slightly weaker than Oss’s. But now that he had obtained Oss’s ability, the situation was instantly reversed.


Seizing the moment when Oss was distracted, Bruce managed to break his chest.

For the first time since the fight started, the cold streets in this area were drenched by blood.

Although Oss was very powerful, he was after all, a human. After three minutes, the battle came to an end.

Bruce didn’t get rid of the corpse though, that would be a huge waste. As this particular corpse was worth 500,000 US dollars!

“Ring, ring~”

As he was handling the corpse, a phone rang. It was Oss’s phone!

Bruce’s face slightly changed, but he immediately put his rubber gloves on, and took a look at the phone.

“Oss, why haven’t you come back yet?”

There was only one contact in the phone, and there was no address on it. But, it was not all bad news, Bruce noticed that the name of the messenger, was Tes Jackett!

Bruce’s eyes lit up. This name was also a S.H.I.E.L.D. provided contract, and a level 8 one at that.

Bruce instantly retrieved the information obtained on Tes, as well as his reward for completing Tes’s contract.

“Intellect is extraordinary, he is very mysterious. His heart had been shot three times, yet he is still alive. Reward, 1,000,000 USD!”

His heart was shot three times but he is still alive and well…. In other words, he may have a special ability related to healing!

Bruce had long coveted this kind of ability. Just like Wolverine and Deadpool, with one special healing ability, he could become a superhero, and a decently strong one at that!

Of course, he was not expecting for Tes’s ability to be as strong as theirs. Otherwise, Tes wouldn’t be a mere level 8 contract.

Bruce could be sure that those superhero from Marvel will definitely appear in the future. Phoenix, Magneto, Cyclops and even Professor X may eventually appear in this universe.

The world could very well become very chaotic. So, he had to become strong enough before those mysterious Superheroes appeared.

Tes’s healing ability was a very important one for him.

After quickly getting rid of any unnecessary thoughts, Bruce began typing to Tes without hesitation.

“I am in danger here.”

He didn’t say too much, since he was afraid of being discovered. After all, Tes had a very high intelligence according to his information, and Bruce believed that Tes would soon find this place regardless of the lack of information provided.

Bruce only needed to wait for him.

At the same time, in a random abandoned factory, Tes received the text from his ‘brother’.

“In danger.” Tes slightly frowned when he read that.

Recently, S.H.I.E.L.D. had become very active, and he was afraid to go out at will. But he also knew that S.H.I.E.L.D. would not pay much attention to small fries like him, so after some thinking, he decided to go and take a look.

He put on a coat, and disappeared into the darkness.

Tes was really smart, and soon he found the route Oss had traveled. But what he didn’t figure out, was that he was walking into Bruce’s trap.

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