Chapter 3: Covert tracking

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In the Avenger Base, every level 5 agent led the lower agents.

Before Bruce stood a typical caucasian male, 1.9 meters tall wearing black sunglasses. He was the level 5  agent, Ed Frank, the superior of Bruce and co.

Frank walked out from the jeep, and glanced around at the level 3 and 4 agents before walking into the base and issuing them a direct order.

“Everyone follow me, meeting in ten minutes!”

He left as soon as he spoke, while the agents looked at each other trying to guess what had happened.

It took almost a year to build the Avengers Base. Although it was bustling, it had never been this formal..

“What happened? Why is Mr. Frank so serious?”

“It seems that something has happened. Word is, Mr. Phil Coulson is expected to come to the base to do an inspection!”

“God! Phil Coulson?! He is a level 8 agent!”

Coulson’s name sent shocks through all the level 3 and 4 agents.

However, Bruce thought that although Coulson was a level 8 agent, he was in fact the right-hand man of the Director of SHIELD. He reckoned he’d be the Director of SHIELD after Nick Fury.

Needless to say, to Bruce, he was a big shot.

Bruce thought to himself,“ It seems the timeline of the Marvel Universe I live in is similar to the Marvel movies, but with some slight changes.

Soon after, the level 3 and level 4 agents of SHIELD neatly lined up in anticipation.

Ed Frank stood at the forefront of the team and scanned the assembly.

“I believe you all know Mr. Phil Coulson will visit here after three days. Keep your spirits up, and don’t embarrass me!”

“Yes sir!” The agents answered in unison.

Any level 5 agent was better than the ones below their level.

Bruce looked at Frank and narrowed his eyes; I must think of a way to improve my strength.

Ed Frank’s orders interrupted the usual work schedule.

Everyone had his duties. Bruce, as a level 3 agent was assigned to guard the gate.

The job was a breeze, anyone would be delighted to have it. 

However, as an agent, killing or getting killed was part of their job – to entrust one’s life to the goddess of fortune; any mishap meant death.

In the eyes of agents, the simpler your work, the weaker you were. This weakness was reason enough to be mocked.

Bruce was no babe in the woods and certainly understood this ‘truth’. He didn’t care though, for no one knew better than him the extent of his abilities.

“Okay, get back to work.” Frank dismissed the crowd.

With that, everyone went back to work. Bruce hesitated for a while before walking up to Frank.

“Sir, my name is Bruce Lite. Please guide me in the future!”

A few of the agents who knew Bruce were taken aback. They couldn’t help but wonder as to why, the usually silent Bruce, would suddenly behave like so?

“Didn’t they say Bruce likes brown-nosing? It turns out to be true!”

“Asking Frank to guide or support him?! This is a real joke.”

With unveiled contempt, several agents whispered amongst themselves.

Upon hearing them, although he was somewhat unhappy, Bill chose to remain silent.

Frank responded with a nod. He even shook Bruce’s hand when the latter extended his. However, there was a trace of doubt on his face.


[Name]: Ed Frank

[Identity]: level 5 agent

[Skill]: High-level Fighting technique  (130mb), Proficient in firearms (200mb), Covert tracking  (100mb)


Bruce was happy to see Frank’s skills. The most important skills of an agent were investigation and assassination.

It showed how important covert tracking was to him.

Next, without hesitation, Bruce chose to directly download.



Connection successful…


Skill: Covert tracking  size 100mb. 



Current speed: 200kb/s (effective within one meter)


The speed became 200kb/s?

Apparently, downloading speed was closely related  to his strength. 

Even so, the download needed nearly 7 or 8 minutes to complete. Ed Frank was no Bill whom Bruce could delay.

Next, Bruce spent 10,000 USD to unlock ten times the downloading speed directly. 

After the speedup, the needed time was reduced to under a minute.

“Sir, you can rest assured. I will work hard.” Bruce tried to buy some time.

Frank nodded, looked around and put down his hand, “If there’s nothing else, get back to work.” After saying that, Frank turned to leave.



Download complete!


Congratulations! New skill: Covert tracking!”


In less than a minute, the download was completed.  

Bruce did feel the pinch of losing 10,000 USD, but thinking of the newly acquired skill, the smile was back on his face again. 

After all, strengthening himself was the most important thing.

After Frank left, Bruce went back to work. Those men who had just mocked him left as well.

Bruce didn’t care a whit about them. Next, he opened the system panel.


[Name]: Bruce.

[Identity]: level 3 agent.

[Skill]: Medium level Fighting technique, Proficient in firearms, Covert tracking

[Balance]: 90,000 USD.


Sure enough, this was a new panel. This meant that his power had increased.


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