Chapter 4: Great increase in strength 

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Seeing this, Bruce was secretly happy. If he kept performing like this, the top brass of SHIELD would soon notice him. 

As for his ability Covert Tracking, it could largely improve his speed and sensibility. But the most significant function of this ability was in assassinations. 

The promotion test of agents will start after five days. If I become a level 5 agent, I will be allowed to go out of the base. At present, he was just a level 3 agent. His first goal was to become a level 5. 

The level 5 agents had some prerogatives, of which the most important one was to leave the Avengers Base freely.  

Now, his money was not enough for a speedup, if he met some superhero, he would miss, so he had to find a way to make a crazy amount of money. 

Unlimited download system—you can download any skill from the person you’re touching. According to his research, you can download any ability on the system. 

If he met Tony Stark in the future, even Tony’s armor would be available for download since the system would classify Tony’s armor as a skill. 

However, the data needed for such a skill would be so massive that even ten times the download speed would not be enough unless he could make the download speed up to a thousand times the current rate. Then there would be another Iron Man in this world. 

As for how to make money, Bruce had a rough plan. Within SHIELD, there was a department responsible for issuing reward orders. SHIELD would handle those outlaws with whom the police or even the military could not deal with by offering a reward to neutralize those beasts. 

For one thing, they could handle those outlaws. And as an extra benefit, they could also find some hidden superpowers in the process. In other words,it was killing two birds with one stone. 

While Bruce was plotting on his own, Bill came to him and said, “Hey Bruce, don’t take their words personally. They are just that kind of person.”

There were also conflicts among agents since each of them did things their own way. Bill and Bruce were from the same group. As for people like Duke, they were from another group. People like them were usually very proud, looking down on people like Bill and Bruce. Of course, another reason was that Bruce was usually wordless and had poor communication skills.

Hearing that, Bruce smiled: “Don’t worry, my friend. I didn’t care about that at all.”

Maybe he would’ve felt distressed before. But now, he wanted to laugh out loud. The New York War and Thanos’s finger snap treated everyone equally. They would not care who you were.

In fact, Bruce appreciated the ideals of Thanos. But Thanos was destined to become his enemy.  Against the enemy, he would never be soft.

With that said, Duke was also his enemy.

“Ok. Phil Coulson will come here for inspection in 3 days. You have to be careful, friend.” Bill kindly reminded. 

Bruce noded. After all, his job was to defend the security gate. Everyone had to walk through there if they wanted to enter the base. Even superheroes were no exception. 

Next, Bruce talked with Bill for a while, then they separated. The work of low-level agents was very dull, but it served as training as well.

A few hours passed, and no one had crossed the security check. Not to mention the security check, no one even passed within a 100 meters.

In the evening, Bruce’s shift ended. After his shift, he didn’t go directly to his dormitory. Instead, he went to try out his new skill. The Avengers Base was guarded so well that not even a fly would be able to sneak into it. Even Ant-Man was discovered while trying to sneak into the base. So surely, the Avengers Base would be the best place for him to try out his new ability.

In the dark, Bruce turned into a shadow and traveled through all the corners of the base. He didn’t go to the heavily defended locations because his ability was still not good enough. As an insider, he certainly knew which place was safe. 

After continuously sneaking for four to five hours, no one had found him. Even when he was only five meters away from an agent he wasn’t exposed.

Soon after, he went back to his dormitory. The whole time he didn’t trigger any alarms or caused any accidents, which was proof enough of the ability of Covert Tracking. 

Tonight he infiltrated the Avengers base. If he went outside someday in the future, no place could stop him. 

Soon he returned to his room. There was special training equipment in the room, and Bruce went on to test his skills. Now that he had the Medium-level Fighting technique, his strength had significantly improved to 3 times more than before. Along with his fighting skills, Bruce could even beat a level 5 agent now. 

I will ace the agent assessment in five days.

Although he was still a level 3 agent now, as long as he had the strength of a level 5 agent, he could become one without a problem. Next, Bruce no longer tested his strength.

Three days later, Coulson will visit the Avengers Base. I wonder what will happen then.

As a top agent of SHIELD, Coulson had a lot of responsibilities. He would never come here for no reason. Surely, something must have happened. 

What is it?

Bruce’s eyes shrank slightly. He thought of a possible reason. Perhaps Thor’s hammer had been thrown out by Odin. But he couldn’t be sure of it. 

After all, this world was not exactly the same as the movie.


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