Chapter 6: The legendary agent, Hawkeye

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Dozens of jeeps parked in front of the gate of the Avengers base.

Thirty or forty agents stood there, wearing suits and sunglasses, looking professional. The guards around the jeep were almost all level 5 agents. They were all elites from S.H.I.E.L.D.

From the first SUV, the level 8 agent took off his sunglasses and looked at the man who held a longbow.

“How about it Mr. Barton? This is the Avengers base that Director Nick Fury was talking about before.”

Phil Coulson said with pride on his face.

The Avengers base was the assembly point for the highest technology in America. S.H.I.E.L.D. had invested a lot of resources to establish it secretly. If not for its unique purpose, those members from the parliament would never agree to spend so much money to build it.

“Very good. But Coulson, was this what you wanted to surprise me with?” Hawkeye asked, with a trace of doubt on his face.

“No, the Director wants to form a strong, one of a kind alliance. And you will be one of the members.” Coulson was very serious.

Hawkeye and Coulson had been working together for many years, so he could tell if Coulson was serious or if he was joking.

” I’m very honored.” Hawkey smiled.

In fact,If it was not for his relationship with S.H.I.E.L.D, he would not participate in these kind of things.

“Natasha Romanoff will also be stationed here soon after, and I think you should chat with her when the time comes.” Coulson said.

When Hawkeye heard this name, a hard glint flashed in his eyes.

They were the best of partners once upon a time, going through life and death together for many years, and had a deep friendship.

Absolutely, it was purely friendship, and nothing else.

Hawkeye and Coulson looked at each other for a while, in total silence. Then, they walked into the base.

“Sir, Ed Frank reporting for duty!”

When Coulson had just entered, Frank stood in front of him and saluted. His face was red with a little bit of excitement.

Not only him, but all of the other agents were the same, including Duke and Bill.

Phil Coulson, level 8 agent, was at the top of SHIELD. Clint Barton, level 10 agent, a living legend, and an idol for all of the agents in SHIELD.

These low level agents were just 4th or 5th level. How could they not be excited when they saw those two?

Coulson and Barton nodded, but didn’t reply.

Perhaps Frank was a big shot for the level 3 and level 4 agents, but in the eyes of Coulson and co., he was just a nobody.

And at this moment, Bruce who was standing beside the security gate, narrowed his eyes.

Hawkeye, with his powerful abilities was far beyond the top agents. He was one of the Avengers’s superheroes.

Even the level 10 agents could not match him.

I must get his abilities! Bruce thought, making a decision on the spot.

Compared with other superheroes,Hawkeye’s ability was not the strongest. But his power was unquestionable for Bruce right now.

If Bruce could get his ability, his strength would improve significantly.

Besides, Bruce couldn’t be sure that he would encounter Hawkeye again.

So, regardless of the risk, Bruce would never miss this opportunity.

With his mind made up, Bruce went for it without hesitation.

“Sir, please accept the security check!”

When he spoke those words, all the agents looked at him.

Duke and Frank were also looking at him like they were looking at a fool.

Bill was desperately blinking at him.

Coulson, a top agent of SHIELD; and Hawkeye, a legendary agent.

Bruce stopped those two. Was he crazy?

“Do you know who we are?”Coulson asked.

Hawkeye looked at him with slight interest, but didn’t speak.

“Of course, sir, but rules are rules!”

Bruce replied, looking meticulous and showing an absolute calmness.

In actuality though, his heart was beating through his chest.

“Well well, I like you brat. What’s your name?”

Coulson hadn’t spoken yet, when Hawkeye’s voice interrupted his thoughts.

“Sir, my name is Bruce Lite, nice to meet you.” Bruce answered.

Then he put his hand out.

Looking at the hand, Hawkeye spaced out a little.

“Clint Barton.” then, he also put his hand out.

Just as the two hands touched, Hawkeye’s information appeared in Bruce’s mind.


[Name]: Clint Barton.

[Identity]: Hawkeye.

[Skill]: Super-Wisdom (300mb), Marksman (500mb), Super strength (500mb), Superspeed (500mb), Super-sensitivity (300mb), Supervision (500mb).


“Each ability of these superheroes is useful.” Bruce secretly sighed.

Hawkeye didn’t have the ability Mental immunity yet. But, according to the movies he would get it after being controlled by Loki.

Every single one of Hawkeye’s abilities Bruce had an urgent need for, but now he didnt know which one to choose.

He could only get one or two in this limited time.

Soon after, Bruce made his decision though.

Marksman and super speed!


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