Chapter 7: Two super abilities!

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“Beep, connection successful…”

“Beep, the skill Marksman is starting to download, size 500mb .”

“Beep, the current speed is 300kb/s (effective within 1 meter)”

“Beep, connection successful…”

“Beep, the skill Superspeed is starting to download, size 500mb.”

“Beep, the current speed is 300kb/s (valid within 1 meter)”


Based on the current speed, the download would finish in about an hour. Even purchasing a 10x download speed upgrade would not be enough, after all, it would still be 5 to 6 minutes. He couldn’t stay with Hawkeye for so long. Bruce made his mind up and purchased the 100x download speed upgrade from the system. While he was 10,000 USD short, the bank automatically added the extra borrowed money as a loan. That was also one of the privileges of an agent of SHIELD.

Now, the download would be finished in only 30 seconds. Just as Bruce’s download finished, the other agents were slack-jawed. They never thought that Hawkeye would shake hands with Bruce.

Various expressions were on the agent’s faces when they saw what had just happened. They looked at Bruce’s direction with envy, indifference, regret, etc. After the download finished, Bruce stopped shaking Hawkeye’s hand.

“Thank you, Sir.” Bruce smiled.

Hawkeye nodded then turned back and said to Coulson: “Let’s go.” At the same time, he glanced at Bruce again and crossed the security gate.

“Beep, download complete!”

“Beep, congratulations, you’ve obtained the skillMarksman!”

“Beep, congratulations, you’ve obtained the skill Super speed!”

Bruce was overjoyed to get two powerful skills in succession. The two skills would undoubtedly improve his strength significantly.

When Coulson was on the 2nd floor, he turned back and looked at all the agents to say:

“Mr. Bruce has done a good job, and I hope you will all follow his example.” After saying that, he left together with Hawkeye.

“Yer, sir!” Everyone replied in unison.

After the two disappeared, everyone relaxed. Frank gave Bruce a strange look but said nothing in the end. As for Duke and co., they looked at Bruce with even more hostility.

“Damn, he is too good at flattering.”

“Duke, don’t be anxious. He will die soon.”

Then, with Frank’s order, everyone went back to work.

As for Bruce, he secretly opened his system panel without paying attention to anyone.


[Name]: Bruce Lite

[Identity]: Level 3agent.

[Skill ]: Marksman, Super-speed, Medium-level Fighting technique, Proficient in firearms, Covert tracking.

[Balance]: 0


The attribute panel was completely renewed.

Super speed, whether for attacking, defending, or fleeing, provided him with a speed far beyond what ordinary people could achieve.

Marksman made his shots precise. / Whether it be for archery, knife throwing, darts, firearms, etc. This skill made him far better than a so-called top sniper.

Super speed and Marksman also complemented each other. This time, Bruce’s strength had improved dramatically! Now the upcoming agent examination would be very simple for him.

After entering the base, Coulson and co. did not come out again.

After evening came, Bruce got off work and went to the training ground to see his new skills in action. goes to the training ground. The training ground of the Avengers Base was always open. But almost no one would usually come. After seeing that no one was there, Bruce started to test his speed.

The next moment, he became a series of after-images. The 100 meters sprint only took him 4 to 5 seconds, more than doubling the world record. With his physical strength alone, he could keep this speed up for a long time.

After that, Bruce began testing his Marksman skill. Unlike before, Bruce now felt as if the Bow had become a part of his body. Then, he shot twenty arrows in a row.

Every arrow hit the target dead center, without mistake. While he was shooting, Bruce did not even need to aim. He seemed to become one with the Bow while it was in his hands. With his current strength, he was sure to be among the top agents in the world.

Of course, that was referring to ordinary agents, not superheroes.

As long as I keep improving like this, one day, I will definitely catch up with those superheroes! Bruce smiled with a hint of perseverance showing on his face.

As his strength improved, he was becoming more and more confident. But then he sighed. Today, to download Hawkeye’s skills he had lost almost all of his savings. Now, his system balance was zero. And after paying off the bank, he had less than 20,000 USD in cash. If he encountered other superheroes now, he wouldn’t be able to download their skills.

It was about time to find a way to make some serious money! Of course, with his current ability, he could rob a bank! If this could improve his strength, he would do it without hesitation. In this world where the Strong ruled, he had thrown his morals out the window.

But the system did not accept illegal income. Besides, if he did that, some organizations or superheroes would definitely take notice. This was the Marvel world! Currently, he wasn’t powerful enough. He had to be very careful. So, he abandoned that idea after a little thinking.

While he was thinking of how to make money, he determined his next goal, which was to download more skills from superheroes. And his next target was.

Spider man, or better known as Peter Parker!

But for now, he was still a level 3 agent. So first, in order to get out of the base, he needed to hurry up and become a level 5 agent.

Soon after, Bruce returned to his room. He needed to work tomorrow, and in two days the agent’s assessment would begin. He needed to prepare well.

In the next two days, Bruce was the same as usual. But during this time, Duke often provoked him indirectly. Bruce directly ignored him and didn’t respond. Because today was the day the agent’s assessment would begin.


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