Chapter 9: Killing a level 5 agent in an instant!

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Bruce accepted Duke’s challenge! Every agent present felt very surprised, including his best friend Bill.

Frank narrowed his eyes. He had revealed his thoughts just now, yet Bruce still dared to accept. Which meant he probably had enough confidence.

“Okay, I allow it!” Frank nodded.

Duke and co. sneered and looked at Bruce like a fool.

Who was Duke? He was a top level 4 agent that could even be compared with level 5 agents. In their eyes, Bruce accepting the challenge was just looking for death.

“Duke, kill him!” An agent shouted, with a strong killing intent in his eyes.

Duke nodded. He cracked his knuckles and bone cracking sounds emitted.

All the agents stepped aside and made ample space for the fight.

Bruce calmly looked at Duke. The distance between them was about five meters.

All the agents were standing in a circle. Bill was very nervous for him. The friends he had in SHIELD could be counted on one hand, and Bruce was one of them.

Frank stood between Bruce and Duke.

“During the fight, daggers are allowed. But no guns! Anyone that violates the rules, will be ‘handled’ by me.”

Frank was not partial to anyone.

“You accepting my challenge surprised me, Bruce. But I will still kill you, ass-kisser!” Duke smiled with strong killing intent exuding from him.

“Really?” Bruce said leisurely.

“Very good. I respect your courage. Come, ass-kisser!” Duke smiled.

Every sentence ended with ass-kisser.

Bruce was filled with killing intent.

“Start!” Frank said.

Just as he announced the beginning of the fight, Duke moved. He went directly for the dagger. In an instant, he appeared in front of Bruce. He lunged forwards with the dagger. If Bruce didn’t dodge, the artery on his neck would be slashed and he would die in seconds.  Everyone held their breath and waited for the result.

Meanwhile, Bruce was standing completely still.

Bill was shocked, why is he not moving?

Zoe was watching the fight from the side and looked at Bruce.

What will he do? Zoe thought.

Duke also saw that Bruce had not moved.

He is afraid.

Duke sneered, slashing with his dagger even faster.

“Go to hell!” Duke shouted.

His speed was too fast, most people could only see his afterimage. At this time, Bruce moved. Without any additional action, he dodged backwards, avoiding Duke’s attack.

Just as Duke’s attack missed, Bruce started his counterattack. With one hand, he grabbed Duke’s right hand and with the other one, he controlled Duke’s body. Then, with his terrifying strength, he broke his right hand.

“Ahh!” Duke screamed. Then, he was horrified to see the shining dagger that was supposed to pierce Bruce turn towards him.

The dagger pierced into Duke’s neck like cutting through tofu. Blood flowed out like a fountain, as Duke’s body fell slowly, with his eyes wide open in surprise.

Bruce walked back without a trace of blood on his body, looking unhurried, like he was taking a walk in the park.

Simple, direct and deadly!

Wearing a black suit, Bruce looked like a god of death at that moment.

Every agent on the scene had their eyes wide open in shock. Including Bill and Frank.

The battle ended in less than three seconds.

A level 4 agent who had completed many missions, had died, just like that.

The agents that once insulted Bruce were all shivering and frightened.

This kind of agent was too horrifying.

Did he hide his strength before?

Even Duke had been killed.

Frank had still not come out of the shock.

He thought that Bruce must’ve been hiding his strength before.

“Good, very good!”

At this time, a voice came.

Bloody-Mantis, Zoe, stepped out and clapped with a smile on his face.

Everyone stood in place without breathing.

“Bruce Lite right? You are amazing!” Zoe said.

Bruce nodded, without any words!

Looking at this, Zoe was pleased.


An elite agent needed to have this quality.

Zoe glanced at every agent present, his eyes as sharp as a knife.

“I announce that starting today, Bruce is officially promoted to a level 5 agent!”

The assessment was not over yet, but Zoe had officially appointed Bruce!

Hearing this, every agent was surprised.

Every level 5 agent was valued very highly, and had immense privileges. They were the real backbone of SHIELD.

Just then, Bruce’s eyes shone like gems.

Zoe, a level 7 agent, had extraordinary fighting skills!


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