Chapter 20 : The 20th Night

T/L: da guo   E/D: sasha & larkspur  P/R: eastern witch

 Feng Jing was stunned only for a short moment, then masked his inner panic with his perfect acting.

“How did you have this thought?”

Qin Fan smiled and clicked Feng Jing’s weibo profile on his computer.

“From the two recent posts on your weibo, neither the sofa nor the table are from your previous house.”

“… I just changed the furniture.”

 “The pattern doesn’t look like that of your house.”

 Feng Jing: “…”

“You’re thinking too much.”

Feng Jing denied it directly.

Qin Fan said: “Why don’t we call Michel in and interrogate him?”

 Feng Jing: “…”

That wasn’t necessary!

“Michel is just a little assistant. You always scare him like this, he can’t bear it.”

“You know that he can’t bear it, so don’t always make trouble.”


Feng Jing was silent.

“We will talk about this later.” Qin Fan opened the drawer again and retrieved a novel from inside. “Secret by Xing Xin, have you read it?”

Feng Jing did not know what Qin Fan wanted to do. Now Qin Fan had voluntarily changed the subject, which was just what Feng Jing wanted.

“No, but I have read his Player.”

Qin Fan raised an eyebrow. “Because of Mo Zhen?”

“Of course not! My roommate bought it when I was still studying, so I took a look at it.”

 “Oh.” Qin Fan did not say whether he believed him or not. He just handed the novel to Feng Jing. “Then you read this book again during your break these days.”

“…” After a brief silence, Feng Jing asked, “Shall I share my thoughts after reading?”

 “I won’t object if you want to. Huan Yu has just bought the filming rights for this book. I intend to cast you as the lead actor.”

Feng Jing’s eyebrows twitched. “The lead actor?”

Although he had not read many books of Xing Xin, he had heard that when it came to selecting roles, he was very stringent. Even Mo Zhen had been rejected. Albeit, he still chose Mo Zhen in the end.

 Qin Fan nodded and said, “This book is a standalone novel, it’s not as famous as the ‘Anran Detective Series’. However, its sales volume is the highest among all his standalone novels and the story is also quite exciting. You are familiar with his novels, you should know his style. He likes to depict the dark side of human nature, but this book is written for his wife, so it’s about ‘love’. The whole story is very warm. ”

Feng Jing looked at him, surprised. “Have you read it?”

Qin Fan raised his brows. “How can I judge whether it is suitable for you without going through it? Although Xing Xin’s books are all super IP and produced by Huan Yu, I took a fancy to the script. The script of this movie will still be handled by Xing Xin, because this book holds a different meaning to him. So, he is giving it more attention than ever. ”

Feng Jing nodded thoughtfully. He actually didn’t quite like the film adaptations of novels, because many film companies relied on large IP, and did not pay much mind to the acting. As long as there was a big IP, plus a popular celebrity, it was as good as completing a whole show.

However, the story of the Xing Xin’s book was guaranteed to be good. Also, Huan Yu had produced a lot of fine works in recent years. The “Player”, after collaborating with Huan Yu last time, whether it was the actor, the plot or the production, overall it was excellent.

 “I will give you my answer once I have read the novel,” Feng Jing said.

Qin Fan nodded. “Okay, but don’t take too much time, many are eyeing this role.”

“Understood.” Feng Jing picked up the novel and looked at Qin Fan who was sitting opposite him. “Anything else?”

“Now? No. In order to avoid affecting your mood while reading the novel, we will talk about you moving houses later.”

Feng Jing: “…”

Having said so much, he still remembers it?

On the way back, Feng Jing was still sitting in the back seat. He looked at Michel driving in front and asked faintly. “Michel, you really didn’t tell Qin Fan that I’ve moved?”

“I really did not!” Michel couldn’t wait to show him his daring fealty.

Feng Jing looked at him for a while and said, “He has found out that I’ve moved.”

Michel’s hand that held the steering wheel shook this time. “Ah, how did Director Qin know? He… what did he say? ”

“For the time being, nothing.” He reckoned that Qin Fan was this calm because he didn’t know where he’d moved to yet.

“So, did he say he wants to fire me?”

Feng Jing leaned over and patted his shoulder, mollifying him. “Relax, I won’t let you lose your job.”

Michel: “…”

Thank you so much for being a troublemaker.

“If Qin Fan finds you to question later, be smarter. He might not know where I’ve moved to.

“…Oh, I know.”

After returning home, Feng Jing spent an afternoon reading the original novel of “Secret”. This is the only non-detective novel produced by Xing Xin so far, but the concept is very delicate and does not lose to his mystery ones yet. The story is very warm and full of love, it really doesn’t seem to be produced by Xing Xin, an important reason why he doesn’t read his books so much is that the story is always too dark, and after reading it, one can’t help but doubt the world.

But he likes this book very much. Is it that people all begin to love the world after they fall in love?

He turned back to the title page again and looked at the sentence above, “I dedicate this book to my beloved editor.

Xing Xin’s editor was his wife. Love changed a writer who was used to depicting the ugliness of the human world. He became soft.

Feng Jing suddenly thought of Jiang Ran, and his heart suddenly softened. He picked up the phone and dialed Qin Fan’s number.  

After the phone rang a few times, it got connected. Qin Fan’s voice passed through the earpiece into his ear: “It’s really rare that  Emperor Feng takes the initiative to call me.”

Feng Jing clammed his mouth shut and didn’t really want to talk to him, but still replied: “I have finished reading Secret, I like this story very much. I will act as the leading actor.”

“Emperor Feng is really efficient. I will contact Huan Yu. I heard that Xing Xin was quite satisfied with you. If things go smoothly, you might not need to audition.”  The two films that had been played since Feng Jing’s debut The two films that had been played since Feng Jing’s debut, it’s the directors invited him directly. before this, he had never played any role.

“Well, is there any news on the actress?”Qin Fan knew what he was worried about. Emperor Feng not only had strict requirements for himself but also for his partner. If Huan Yu randomly found a female star as the female lead, he would certainly not accept.

“Don’t worry, Teacher Xing Xin treats the casting more seriously than you. Last time when he was selecting the heroine for the Player, he even refused Li Sisi and Ni Bai. If Huan Yu randomly finds one, even Xing Xin would not allow that.”

“That’s good.” After Feng Jing finished, he added, “But I have a request. If the producer can’t agree, it may not be possible to cooperate.”

“What request?”

“If I shoot a night show, you can’t exceed 12 o’clock, I must finish work before twelve o’clock.”

Qin Fan went quiet for awhile as he seemed to be thinking: “Is it because of the video that Michel showed me before? He said that your situation has improved.”

“That’s because I took the medicine prescribed by the doctor. If there is work, I definitely can’t take medicine.”

Qin Fan was silent for a while and said: “I will try to communicate with the producer.”

“This be written into the contract.”

“……Okay.” Qin Fan responded and raised his own request. “You need to go to Dr. Zhang for psychological counseling tomorrow? I hope to see results.”

Feng Jing: “…”

This is really not what he can decide.

“Director Qin, I think psychological counseling is a long-lasting process, and it is impossible to have an immediate effect.” He tried to convince Qin Fan from a scientific perspective. “And Dr. Zhang charges very high.”

 “No matter, the company isn’t short of money.”

Feng Jing: “…”

For Feng Jing, Dr. Zhang’s psychological counseling course is like the art training course for artists provided by the company, which they must participate in.

By the third time he saw Dr. Zhang, Feng Jing was quite familiar with him. Dr. Zhang changed to another suit. He sat opposite to Feng Jing, looked at him and smiled. “How is your situation recently? Still feel yourself like a dog? “

Feng Jing replied: “If I said yes, would you hand me over to the psychiatric department?”

Dr. Zhang laughed: “No, because I don’t want them to earn this money.”

Feng Jing: “…”

He suddenly felt that the gaze Dr. Zhang looked at him with, was as if looking at a fat piece of lamb.

Dr. Zhang changed the topic in a timely manner: “Have you ever had a dog at home when you were young?”

“No, my mom doesn’t even want to raise my sister and me, let alone a dog.”

Dr. Zhang thought for a moment and said: “Maybe after raising a dog, she will find that she prefers to raise a dog.”

Feng Jing: “…”

Wait, is it really good for a psychiatrist to talk to his patient in such a way?

Dr. Zhang asked again: “When you were a child, did you like to watch superhero anime?”

Feng Jing (hit): “I like it now, as well.”

“Then have you ever imagined when you grow up to become like them?”

“…” Feng Jing seems to understand a little bit about what Dr. Zhang wants to ask. “Even if you have thought about it, but no superhero is a dog?”

“This is not necessarily the case. Everyone has a different definition for the hero. Maybe what happened when you were a child left a mark on your subconscious, thus creating a hero complex about dogs.”


“Have you ever been bitten by a dog?”

“…after the bite, you become a dog man?”

Dr. Zhang chuckled: “Mr. Feng, you are very humorous.”

“……Thank you.”

After happily talking nonsense with Dr. Zhang for another forty minutes, having served his sentence, Feng Jing was finally released. He leaned on the back seat of the car and exhaled a long breath: “Michel, you propose to Qin Fan that when I come to chat with Dr. Zhang again, he should pay back money to me.”

Michel: “…”

He automatically ignored this sentence and asked Feng Jing who sat behind him: “Still back to Zhenshui Town?”


Michel was happy. Did Boss Feng finally figure it out? So gratifying!”

“My mother asked me to have dinner with my sister today, we’ll go to them first, and then return to Zhenshui Town.”

Michel: “…”

Even sadder than sadness, is empty joy.

The area where the Feng Jing’s parents lived was the mansion area. The moment he entered the area, Michel felt that the car assigned by the company was incompatible with the surrounding.

“Just leave after you send me, I will drive back myself at night.” Feng Jing got down from the car and said to Michel in the car.

“Ok.” Michelle answered, then turned the car in a circle around the large fountain in the garden and went out of the gate.

The servant at home opened the door for Feng Jing.

 Seeing the red high heels near the door, he asked, “Is my sister already here?”

“Yes, she came early in the afternoon.”

“Ok.” Feng Jing nodded and went in. Feng Ya and his mother were sitting on the sofa and chatting.

When she saw Feng Jing enter she told her mother: “Mom, my brother must not be a biological one. I asked him to give a 200 Yuan lipstick to me. He was not willing.”

“…” Feng Jing could not help but twitch a bit. “I gave you more than two hundred pieces.”

“But none of what I want!”

“Then you can give the others back to me.”

Feng Ya: “…”

After watching the squabble, their mother stood up from the sofa: “Are you finished? “If it’s over, it’s time for dinner.”

Feng Jing and Feng Ya looked at each other and walked towards the dining room together. They sat at the table, and waited for their father to come down. Feng Jing looked at Feng Ya and asked, “My brother-in-law didn’t come with you?”

Feng Ya turned, coughed and said, “He was engaged with something in his company, he can’t come over.”

Feng Jing frowned. His elder sister really hadn’t changed at all these years. Every time she lied, she dared not look at him.

“Is he good to you?”

Feng Ya still looked at other places: “Of course.”

“Is it? Then let’s set aside some time for a gathering? ”

Feng Ya finally looked back at him: “Don’t bother. You are so busy with work, you don’t even bother taking a meal.”

Feng Jing: “…”

He smiled at Feng Ya: “Even if I’m busy with work, I have to eat, and I’m on vacation recently.”

“Why take a vacation? Make more money at a young age!”

Feng Jing: “…”

Suddenly Feng Jing felt distressed for the employees in her company.

Their mother coughed and asked Feng Jing: “The friend you told me about before, is the problem solved?”

Feng Jing sighed, “No.”

Mrs. Feng frowned slightly, “Then tell us what problem he had encountered, and maybe we can give him a reference.”

“Yep.” Feng Ya seeing the topic had finally shifted from her, and quickly echoed to her mother.

Feng Jing thought. His mother is very well-informed in this aspect. Maybe she really has some ideas: “It is no big deal, he said that he will exchange souls with a dog every night.”

“Puff!” Feng Ya couldn’t help but laugh out loud, “Your friend is rich in imagination. Has he watched excessive movies?

Feng Jing ignored her while his mother thought for a while and asked him: “Last time after visiting Master Chang Xin, what did he say?”

 “When he said the time had not come, I thought he was just trying to deliberately kick up a cloud of dust.”

“He said nothing else?”

“He also said that a kiss of true love was needed, but my friend had already kissed the hostess of that dog and it was useless.”

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.” Feng Ya laughed again, “To interchange souls with a dog. What’s the use of kissing the hostess, he should kiss another dog!”

Feng Jing: “………”

She’s actually found a blind spot. 🙂

His mother nodded, “It makes sense.”

“…” Feng Jing was helpless.  “Mom, why are you agreeing with her crazy talks?”

He won’t kiss a dog!

“What are you talking about? I heard your laughter upstairs.” His father came downstairs, went to his place, and sat down. Feng Ya looked at her father and said with a smile: “Dad, Feng Jing said that one of his friends has become a dog. You say if it’s funny or not.

Feng Jing: “…”

Not at all!

At this time, Jiang Ran was attending a class meeting at Tianxiaju. There were quite a lot of people at the party. They should rather call it a gathering of foreign language department than a class reunion. Jiang Ran’s school sister Lan Ning was also here, because she just married the great writer Teacher Xing Xin, so everyone talked about her.

After a while, another topic came up, and Lan Ning was finally saved.

The person who came was an international student from Japan who was also previously mentioned by Zhao Ke to Jiang Ran.  He was particularly popular in their school because he had good looks and impeccable grades. Oh, but what is his name? Shangcun (Uemura)? Zhongcun (Nakamura)? Xiacun (Shimomura)?

Jiang Ran couldn’t remember.

“Ah, Kimura-san! You are finally here, everyone has been waiting for you for a long time! “

… It turned out to be Kimura.

“Jiang Ran, how’s the translation going?” Everyone gathered around super scholar Kimura, and Lan Ning finally found a chance to chat with Jiang Ran. But the topic of chat left Jiang Ran’s mind with a row of ellipsis: “Relax, I can definitely submit the manuscript on time. I am not the same as Teacher Xing xin, I never delay a manuscript.”

“…” It seems that Xingxin’s drafts are known to be delayed in the industry both domestically and internationally.

“Actually, teacher is much more diligent now.”

Jiang Ran looked at her in surprise: “Why do you call him teacher? Shouldn’t it be husband? “

Lan Ning: “…”

Even Jiang Ran is going to joke about that, isn’t she!

“By the way, do you like Feng Jing?” Lanning was very clever and brought the topic to Jiang Ran.

Jiang Ran was slightly stunned and asked: “How come you are asking this keenly?”

“Last time I saw that you sent a moment that you were waiting in line to buy a lipstick of his endorsement.” Lan Ning stopped her words, sighing, “Well, it’s so quick for a woman to change her heart. When she was at the University, she was a member of fans of King Mo, now however, had joined the enemy’s camp instantly.

Jiang Ran: “…”

“I’m telling you quietly,” seemingly in line with this sentence, Lan Ning also lowered her voice, “Huan Yu had bought the film and television copyrights of the Secret sometime ago, I heard the teacher said that the hero might be Feng Jing.”


“Shh! Be quiet. “

“Oh …” Jiang Ran really whispered, “Really?”

“… Really, but I don’t know if Feng Jing will accept or not.”

Jiang Ran’s hand holding the cup slightly tightened. Secret was one of her favorite novels of Xing Xin. Although his storyline were particularly ingenious, most of them described the dark side. But Secret was different, it’s a love story. If Feng Jing  were to really star in it … Ah, I’m a little excited to think about it!

“Achoo.” Feng Jing sneezed suddenly.

“Wow brother, someone is thinking of you.” Feng Ya held the tableware and looked at Feng Jing with a playful look. Feng Jing took a sip of the water beside his hand and said to her: “It may just be because of the cold weather, and I have to add clothes.”

His father looked at the sky outside and said to him: “It seems that it’s going to rain, we sure need to add clothes.”

Feng Ya snorted and thought it’s really boring talking to men.

But their father’s prediction was very accurate. Soon after they had just finished dinner and it started raining cats and dogs. His mother looked at the heavy rain outside and said to Feng Jing, “You stay here tonight. It’s not safe to drive in such a heavy rain.”

Just as Feng Jing wanted to respond, he thought about how Jiang Ran had said she would go to a class reunion today. How could she get back after such a heavy rain?

“No, thank you Mom. As I have a new script to read, I’ll go back.”

“Well then, be careful on the road.”

“Ok.” He took a car key from the drawer and walked to the garage.

He remembered that Jiang Ran said that they would gather at Tianxiaju… Well, it’s in the opposite direction of Zhenshui Town, but he could still pick her up along the way.

When Jiang Ran and the others came out of the Tianxiaju, they found that it was raining heavily outside. Everyone was discussing how to go back. A silver Jaguar in the rain suddenly opened the door, and a handsome man came out of the car.

“Hey, is this Teacher Xing Xin?”

“Right right, I saw him at the launch of “The Player!”

“He’s here to pick up Lan Ning?!”

So the focus that finally managed to be away from Lan Ning, all of a sudden relocated back because of the sudden appearance of Xing Xin.

“I just told him not to come …” Lan Ning was a little embarrassed. She hurriedly waved goodbye to everyone, looking at Jiang Ran standing next to her, she asked “How will you go back? You are not going in the same direction as others, right? “

Jiang Ran said: “It doesn’t matter, I’ll take the subway when the rain stops.”

Lan Ning thought and said, “Don’t bother, we’ll take you back.”

“No, no, thanks.” Jiang Ran quickly refused, “I don’t want to be a light bulb.”

The classmates around all laughed, Lan Ning blushed, and ran into the umbrella held by Xing Xin: “It’s you who won’t leave, so goodbye!”

Looking at the two people who went away in the rain, the students became envious. Jiang Ran has been feeling comfortable for being single for so many years, but occasionally she would admire such lovers whose happiness can be simple, maybe it was with merely sharing an umbrella on rainy days.

“Ms. Jiang, why don’t you go by my car?” Xueba Kimura suddenly talked to Jiang Ran.

Jiang Ran was at a loss, and then saw several female classmates standing behind Kimura who were frowning at her. Jiang Ran understood, and smiled towards Kimura: “Your car might not be able to carry so many people, right? It’s better you take Yuanzi and them, I’ll take the subway back. “

Kimura opened his mouth, seeming to say something, when another eye-catching car came in the rain.

A white Cayenne.

In everyone’s eyes, it stopped in front of Jiang Ran accurately.

Jiang Ran: “?????”

She thought she was blocking the way so she moved aside. God knows why but the Cayenne also moved with her, and then the window lowered: “Miss Jiang, what a coincidence?”

Jiang Ran was stunned, looking at an iconic black mask and casquette, isn’t this Mr. Feng?


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