C20-  The 20th Night


20: The 20th Night

T/L: da guo   E/D: sasha & larkspur  P/R: eastern witch   


Feng Jing was stunned only for a short moment, then masked his inner panic with his perfect acting.

“How did you have this thought?”

Qin Fan smiled and clicked Feng Jing’s weibo profile on his computer.

“From the two recent posts on your weibo, neither the sofa nor the table are from your previous house.”

“… I just changed the furniture.”

“The pattern doesn’t look like that of your house.”

Feng Jing: “…”

“You’re thinking too much.”

Feng Jing denied it directly. 

Qin Fan said, “Why don’t we call Michel in and interrogate?”

Feng Jing: “…”

That wasn’t necessary!

“Michel is just a little assistant. You always scare him like this, he can’t bear it.”

“You know that he can’t bear it, so don’t always make trouble.”


Feng Jing was silent.

“We will talk about this later.” Qin Fan opened the drawer again and retrieved a novel from inside. “Secret by Xing Xin, have you read it?”

Feng Jing did not know what Qin Fan wanted to do. Now Qin Fan had voluntarily changed the subject, which was just what Feng Jing wanted. 

“No, but I have read his Player.”

Qin Fan raised an eyebrow. “Because of Mo Zhen?”

“Of course not! My roommate bought it when I was still studying, so I took a look at it.”

“Oh.” Qin Fan did not say whether he believed him or not. He just handed the novel to Feng Jing. “Then you read this book again during your break these days.”

“…” After a brief silence, Feng Jing asked, “Shall I share my thoughts after reading?”

“I won’t object if you want to. Huan Yu has just bought the filming rights for this book. I intend to cast you as the lead actor.”

Feng Jing’s eyebrows twitched. “The lead actor?” 

Although he had not read many books of Xing Xin, he had heard that when it came to selecting roles he was very stringent. Even Mo Zhen had been rejected. Albeit, he still chose Mo Zhen in the end.

Qin Fan nodded and said, “This book is a standalone novel, can’t be as famous as the ‘Anran Detective Series’. However, its sales volume is the highest among all his standalone novels and the story is also quite exciting. You are familiar with his novels, you should know his style. He likes to depict the dark side of human nature, but this book is written for his wife, so it’s about ‘love’. The whole story is very warm. ”

Feng Jing looked at him, surprised. “Have you read it?”

Qin Fan raised his brows. “How can I judge whether it is suitable for you without going through? Although Xing Xin’s books are all super IP and produced by Huan Yu, I have taken a fancy to the script. The script of this movie will still be handled by Xing Xin, because this book holds a different meaning to him. So, he is giving it more attention than ever. ”

Feng Jing nodded thoughtfully. He actually didn’t quite like the film adaptations of novels, because many film companies relied on large IP, and did not pay much mind to the acting. As long as there was a big IP, plus a popular celebrity, it was as good as completing a whole show.

However, the story of the Xing Xin’s book was guaranteed to be good. Also, Huan Yu had produced a lot of fine works in recent years. The “Player”, after collaborating with Huan Yu last time, whether it was the actor, the plot or the production, it was excellent.

“I will give you my answer once I have read the novel,” Feng Jing said.

Qin Fan nodded. “Okay, but don’t take too much  time, many are eyeing this role.”

“Understood.” Feng Jing picked up the novel and looked at Qin Fan who was sitting opposite him. “Anything else?”

“Now? No. In order to avoid affecting your mood while reading the novel, we will talk about you moving houses later.”

Feng Jing: “…”

Having said so much, he still remembers it?

On the way back, Feng Jing was still sitting in the back seat. He looked at Michel driving in front and asked faintly. “Michel, you really didn’t tell Qin Fan that I’ve moved?”

“Really did not!” Michel couldn’t wait to show him his daring fealty.

Feng Jing looked at him for a while and said, “He has found out that I’ve moved.”

Michel’s hand holding the steering wheel really shook this time. “Ah, how did Director Qin know? He… what did he say? ”

“For the time being, nothing.” He reckoned that Qin Fan was this calm because he didn’t know where he’d moved to yet.

“So, did he say he wants to fire me?”

Feng Jing leaned over and patted his shoulder, mollifying. “Relax, I won’t let you lose your job.”

Michel: “…”

Thank you so much for being a troublemaker.

“If Qin Fan finds you to question later, be smarter. He might not know where I’ve moved to.

“…Oh, I know.”

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