Chapter 21 : The 21th Night

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“Mr. Feng, you are also having dinner here?” Jiang Ran bent down and looked into the window.

Feng Jing said, “I just happened to pass by. I saw someone quite similar to you, so I came up. Wow! It really was you.”

He opened the door and said to Jiang Ran, “Get in the car, I will drive you back.”

“Ah, okay. Thank you!”

Jiang Ran talked to the monitor, while several students all looked at the white Cayenne with ambiguous eyes: “Jiang Ran, why don’t you introduce us to the owner?”

 (EN: okay seriously, do these girls ever take a chill? First the exchange student and now this guy. -_- smh)

“Oh, please don’t get it wrong, he is just my neighbor.” Jiang Ran thought that with this kind of coincidence, the more she tried to explain, the darker it would get, so she said that quickly. “I’ll go then, see you.”

After Jiang Ran finished her words, she sat in the passenger seat  and closed the door. Feng Jing started her car after she fastened her seat belt. Watching the Cayenne gradually fade away from view, the fire of gossip among the students was still burning.

“Jiang Ran really has a rich neighbor!”

“He is also handsome!”

“How did you see what he looks like?”

“Through his eyes, feels like some star!”

Jiang Ran didn’t hear their discussion. She sat in the passenger seat and looked at Feng Jing next to her. “Thank you so much, Mr. Feng.”

Feng Jing smiled and said, “No need to be so polite, I was going home, too.” He glanced at Jiang Ran’s hair that was wet with rain, took out a few tissues, and handed them to her. “Wipe it, in case you catch a cold. “

“Okay.” Jiang Ran flipped down the front-view mirror from the passenger seat and made up her hair and clothes.

“The Coca-Cola and ginger stew you recommended last time worked quite well. You can drink some when you go back to prevent falling sick.”

Jiang Ran laughed suddenly.

“What happened?” Feng Jing looked at her dubiously.

Jiang Ran smiled. “It’s nothing. It just feels like you’re my mother.”

“….” Feng Jing was at a loss for words.

Jiang Ran threw the used tissue into the garbage bag in the car and reapplied her lipstick.

It was a Bunny Serenade 009, which she had waited in line for and bought at the Starlight Department Store.

Feng Jing glanced at the lipstick on her hand and asked, “You also like Bunny lipstick?”

“Yeah, this Serenade series is pretty good looking. But the 007 was sold out, so I couldn’t get it.”

“Ah, I see …” There was one in his house, but it was used. And it might not be a good idea to send it to someone else. “My sister also likes 007. Why do you all want to buy 007?”

Jiang Ran said, “Because No. 007 is the same as Feng Jing.”

Suddenly, hearing his name from Jiang Ran caused his heart to jump. “Oh! You, do you like Feng Jing?”

“He is so handsome, and his acting skills are so good. I really like the role in Omega that he played.” Many people on the Internet said that Omega was the pinnacle of his career, but Jiang Ran thought that these people were really weird. Feng Jing has only acted in just two movies in total. So how has his pinnacle been confirmed?

At this time, Feng Jing, who was sitting next to her in the car, was on cloud nine.

 With only this one sentence from her, he could be happy for a year.

After Jiang Ran finished applying her lipstick, she put it back in her bag. The car was a little quiet; only the sound of torrential rain outside the window filled the small space. Feng Jing connected to Bluetooth and played music.

The first song was Dorothy by Pumpkin. Jiang Ran was slightly surprised by the familiar melody. She turned her head to look at Feng Jing driving, and asked him, somewhat unexpectedly, “Do you like Pumpkin, too?”

Feng Jing nodded and said, “Yep, they are my favorite rock band, and ‘Dorothy’ is my favorite song.”

Jiang Ran opened her mouth slightly, her lips that had just been made up looked particularly tempting. “What a coincidence! I also like ‘Dorothy’ the most.”

Feng Jing smiled and agreed with her. Sometimes he also thought things were very magical. He had exchanged soul with Jiang Ran’s dog, and he loved the same song of the same rock band as her.

Was there really a destined person for him in this world?

If in this world, there is some miracle,
 it is to meet with you…

 Feng Jing followed the melody and hummed the lyrics gently.

Jiang Ran suddenly froze.

Noticing her abnormality, Feng Jing turned his head to look at her. “What is it?”

Jiang Ran recovered and shook her head. “Oh, nothing. I was just thinking that you sing really well.” She didn’t have many deep thoughts when listening to him on normal days, but the tune he just sang in was inadvertently, really amazing. His voice when singing was deeper and sexier than usual. “Well, why don’t you go to a singing competition? You will definitely become popular.”

Feng Jing tried to resist laughing but failed. He had never been asked to sing previously. Even though a filmmaker had invited him to sing the theme song of his movie, he had refused. Although many stars were developing themselves in multiple fields, he still wanted to be just a good actor.

In his view, it was enough when a person could do one thing to the fullest.

“Just forget about singing. I would prefer listening.” He paused as if he suddenly remembered something. He looked at Jiang Ran, and said, “Do you know that there is a revival concert of Pumpkin next month?”

“Of course, I know about it!” When talking about those all-time idols of hers, Jiang Ran became a little agitated. “But the ticket is extremely difficult to get. I just bought one seat at the very corner.”

When Pumpkin disbanded ten years ago, they had agreed at their last concert that if everyone was still good ten years later, they would then hold a revival concert. This ten-year covenant had been remembered by both the fans and members of Pumpkin.

This was the tenth year now. Jiang Ran had missed the heyday of the Pumpkin, so she, undoubtedly, would never want to miss this ten-year concert. But, she didn’t imagine so many people would grab tickets to the Pumpkin concert.

Feng Jing heard it, then coughed and said, “My sister knows some of the concert staff. She got two internal tickets and gave them to me. If you don’t mind, you can go with me.”

“Really?” An internal ticket sounds quite close to the stage. “Of course, I would!”

Feng Jing bent his lips under the mask, and said to her, “Then we will go together. You just need to refund the ticket you have bought.”

“Okay,” Jiang Ran said, then pulled out her mobile phone from her bag and logged in the website to refund the ticket. “Oh, how much does your internal ticket cost? Let me transfer it to you.”

Feng Jing said, “Don’t mention it. The ticket was truly given by the organizer. If I charge you, then I should be a ticket scalper.”

“Haha.” Jiang Ran laughed and looked at him. “Thank you, also please give my thanks to your sister.”

“Sure.” Feng Jing did have two internal tickets, but they were not from his sister. Once again, he sighed. It is really advantageous to have an older sister.

Pumpkin’s songs had been playing in the car, and none of them felt embarrassed along the way. After arriving at Zhenshui Town, Feng Jing drove the car directly into the underground parking lot.

His Cayenne was the most eye-catching one in the entire parking lot, but when driving all the way in the heavy rain, the white body was inevitably smudged. Jiang Ran got out of the car and looked at the stains on the vehicle. “Mr. Feng, your car got dirty. It doesn’t look good when it gets dirty, especially such a beautiful car.”

Feng Jing glanced at his car and said to Jiang Ran, “It doesn’t matter. I’ll have someone wash it tomorrow.”

“Ah, let me pay for it then.”

Feng Jing walked over, raised his hand, and rubbed her on the head. “It’s affordable for me, anyway.”

Feeling her head being covered by a big warm palm, Jiang Ran’s heart thumped heavily. The feeling at this moment was so familiar.

She thought of the man who had touched her head at the airport, and her face blushed again.

“What’s wrong? Are you feeling uncomfortable?” Feng Jing looked at her face, worried that she had really caught a cold.

Jiang Ran shook her head and looked up at him. “No, thanks, just… just when Feng Jing returned to City A before, I went to the airport to pick him up, and he had also touched my head like this.”

“…” Feng Jing’s heart suddenly became alert. This was the second time Jiang Ran had mentioned ‘Feng Jing’. “Haha, did he?”

Jiang Ran looked at him, and her eyes seemed to penetrate through the mask on his face. “Sometimes, I always think you are similar to him.”

“… Should I say thank you now?”

“Puff.” Jiang Ran laughed and walked forward.

Feng Jing frowned slightly. He couldn’t continue like this, as Jiang Ran seemed to have become suspicious of him.

Inevitably, he became a little anxious. What is the time that Chang Xin talked about? When will it arrive?

In the evening, the soul of Er Huang was swapped on time. Feng Jing found that there were two large suitcases in the living room today.

“Woff.” He cried and walked towards Jiang Ran’s bedroom.

Jiang Ran had a mask on her face and was packing up what she would take along for tomorrow. Feng Jing looked at the pile of clothes she had thrown on the bed, and suddenly remembered that she was going to meet her friend Zhao Ke.

“Woo-ff.” “Woff.” He looked at the black mask on Jiang Ran’s face and yelled at her.

“Out of the way, Er Huang. Don’t block the front of the closet.” Jiang Ran turned to the bathroom and tore the mask off her face. Feng Jing followed her and felt that she really liked applying that mask.

After she rinsed her face with clean water, Jiang Ran wiped the water stains on her face with a tissue, walked back to the bedroom and continued to clean up.

“The weather is fine over there, would it be okay to take this dress?” She picked out two skirts and hung all the rest back in the wardrobe. “Passport, ID card, air ticket …”

While she was checking the documents, her dog walked over again to scratch her ankle. “Woff.”

Jiang Ran kicked it with her toes. “Er Huang, don’t bother me. Wait, I’ll play with you after I finish sorting this.”

“Woo-ff.” “Woff.” Feng Jing shook his tail and walked to the door. He paused and watched Jiang Ran engaging herself inside.

“Charger, camera, laptop…” Jiang Ran put things into the suitcase one by one and pulled it up. “That should be all.”

“Wo-ff!” Three suitcases, how long are you leaving for!

“Er Huang.” Jiang Ran finally came to him and crouched. She rubbed Iits hair. “During my absence, you have to eat well(1(1) – (Eat well is a traditional saying which people greet each other with, meaning to wish you a good health)).”

“Woff!” Then just come back soon!

“Be good and obedient.”



“Get along well with Brother He Zhiyuan.”

“Wo-ff ????”

What? Brother He Zhiyuan?


(1) – (Eat well is a traditional saying which people greet each other with, meaning to wish you a good health)


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