Chapter 22 : The 22nd Night

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About where they should place Er Huang to raise, Jiang Ran had considered a lot.

Jiang Ran has considered a lot about where she should leave Er Huang.

Of course, it is most convenient to leave it in the neighbor’s house, but sister Wang, who has the best relationship with her does not raise pets in her house. She also doesn’t have much contact with the other neighbors. On one hand, she is not willing to bother others, while on the other hand, she is not certain whether this will be good to Er Huang. Mr. Feng is close to Er Huang, but his identity is a bit mysterious. Today he was driving a luxury car, someone might specially help him wash his car, so quite possibly he is a young master of a well-off family. .

 As for her best friend Yan Huanhuan who lives in a house shared with her colleagues in city A, it is more inconvenient to keep dogs there. She asked Jiang Ran to put Er Huang in a pet shop but dispelled this idea just as fast after recalling several cases of pet abuse in pet shops.

After a good amount of thinking, she found that only He Zhiyuan is the most suitable person. After she mentioned this to He Zhiyuan, he agreed without further thoughts.

“Mr. He is really kind-hearted.” Jiang Ran rubbed Er Huang on his head and said, “Previously he sent us to the hospital, and now you are taken care of again. You have to get along with him.”

Feng Jing: “…”

He felt that He Zhiyuan was just enthusiastic about Jiang Ran.

“Alright.” Jiang Ran let go of Er Huang and went to the computer and sat down. Thinking of Mr. Feng, she thought it might be better to say hello to him.

Da Keke Purchase: Mr. Feng, sorry to disturb you so late. I‘m going to visit my friend tomorrow and return to China a week later, if you want to buy something, please contact me after I return. 🙂

Da Keke Purchase: Or you can send a note to our shared moments, you can also book it, if you want. 🙂

After sending these messages, Jiang Ran waited for a while, but did not get any response. She looked at the time on the lower right corner of the laptop screen and smiled, “He should be sleeping.”

“Woo-ff.” Er Huang squatted at her feet and barked.  

“Er Huang, let’s sleep too.” Jiang Ran turned off the computer and set the box aside.

Feng Jing looked up at the computer for a while before jumping on the bay window.

Next day early in the morning, he woke up fitfully. Before he was able to turn over and continue sleeping, Feng Jing suddenly remembered something, and swiftly opened his eyes.

He picked up the phone and looked. It was 6:34 am in the morning. Jiang Ran sent two messages to him last night, which were showning on the top of the screen.

Had she departed already? He opened the message box and quickly replied, “Sorry, I slept early last night and just saw it now. Are you leaving now?”

After waiting for about a minute, Jiang Ran replied: “I am about to go out now. My flight will be at 10:40.”

Feng: I happen to be vacant today. Let me take you to the airport then.

Da Keke Purchase: Oh, no bother, I have asked a friend to pick me up.

Friend? Feng Jing’s eyes narrowed slightly.

Feng: Is it that Mr. He who went for dinner with you last time?

Da Keke Purchase: Yes, he should be here soon. 

Da Keke Purchase: I have to say, Mr. Feng, you woke up so early.

Feng: Yep, I’m taking a break these days. If I have work, I will get up earlier.

Seeing that he initiated the talk about work, Jiang Ran hesitated, but she still asked the question that she wanted to ask long before: “What kind of work does Mr. Feng do? (⊙⊙)” 

Feng Jing: “…”

He … why did he dig a pit for himself.

Although he can just lie and fool around but after his identity is exposed, he still wants to continue to get along with Jiang Ran. So it’s quite dishonest lying to her. He thought it over and answered with a compromise: “I work for an entertainment company.”

Entertainment? Jiang Ran frowned slightly, a night … club?

As soon as these two words came up in her mind, Jiang Ran wanted to cover her face in embarrassment. How could she be so shameless to think of him like that, but… Mr. Feng’s aura was really suitable, and might kill the audience directly in intoxication.

Definitely a king.

When her thoughts became more and more random and unfettered, Jiang Ran stopped in time.

After Feng Jing finished washing, he saw a familiar car parked downstairs. Soon, a conversant man came out of the car.

Oh, it’s ErHuang’s brother named He Zhiyuan, isn’t it? 

He quickly changed his clothes and took his key to go out. When the elevator went down to the seventh floor, Jiang Ran came over with her luggage. Feng Jing saw her and immediately went up.

She was surprised to see who came out from the elevator: “Mr. Feng, you’re also leaving so early?”

“Well, I am going downstairs to buy breakfast.” Feng Jing said, then took the suitcase in Jiang Ran’s hand, “Let me help you.”

“Haha, this is very light.”

Feng Jing also found out, he looked at Jiang Ran with a doubt: “An empty case?”

“Yeah.” Jiang Ran nodded with a smile. “I specially prepared it for shopping. It should be full when I return.”

Feng Jing: “………”

He was lost.

“It’s not easy to carry so much, so let me take it for you.” Feng Jing calmly pushed two empty suitcases into the elevator. Jiang Ran was much relaxed at once, holding Er Huang in one hand, and followed him into the elevator.

“Wo-ff.” Er Huang saw Feng Jing and began to wag his tail happily. Feng Jing bent down and rubbed it, and asked Jiang Ran, “You want to have the dog fostered by your friend as well?”


“Won’t he be bad to Er Huang?”

“No, Mr. He is very nice. When Er Huang was injured, he took us to the hospital.”

“Oh, well … but you are not here, Er Huang will definitely miss you.”

Jiang Ran smiled, and bent down and rubbed Er Huang: “I have arranged with Mr. He to have a video call with Er Huang every day.”

Feng Jing: “…”

Hehe, he sneered , he guessed that this idea must have been proposed by Mr. He.

Yesterday he wanted to oppose when he found out Jiang Ran was going to foster Erhuang at He Zhiyuan’s house. He did considert keeping Er Huang for a week, but he just couldn’t imagine what Er Huang would do when the clock strike past 12 o’clock and he met with his original body from the body of a dog.  

He Zhiyuan should be the most suitable, otherwise Jiang Ran would not choose him. It’s not that bad anyway. As the saying goes: Be aware of yourself and your rivals and you’ll be undefeated in a hundred battles. This chance can be deemed as discreetly observe He Zhiyuan in blind spot.  


The elevator stopped quickly on the 1st. floor, Jiang Ran led Er Huang out while Feng Jing walked beside her whilst he pushed the suitcases in each hand. It was still very early this time so there weren’t that many people in the area. The air was fresh and clear with a lingering scent of grass. It was quite refreshing.

He Zhiyuan parked his car downstairs. When he saw Jiang Ran and Feng Jing coming out side by side, he hesitated in his footsteps.

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting for so long.” Jiang Ran stepped up and greeted him, Er Huang also yielded to He Zhiyuan, apparently it knew him.

But it was absolutely not as enthusiastic like with me, Feng Jing thought.

He Zhiyuan teased Er Huang then he opened the trunk of the car and took the luggage from Feng Jing: “Hand it to me please.”

He smiled to Feng Jing and put two suitcases into the trunk. Feng Jing licked his lips as his eyes pondered, and asked Jiang Ran, “Have you had breakfast? I’m going to take it, shall I get you some?”

“Ah, I just bought some and it’s in the car.” He Zhiyuan closed the trunk and pointed to the breakfast bag in the car.

Feng Jing: “…”

Hehe, good bye. You better wait for me at 12:00 am tonight.

“Thank you then.” Jiang Ran thanked He Zhiyuan and turned back to look at Feng Jing. “Mr. Feng, thank you too.”

“Never mind.” Feng Jing looked at her and wanted to say something, but finally said, “Be careful on the way and have fun.”


Jiang Ran held Er Huang after she got into the car. Feng Jing looked at He Zhiyuan drive away, turned back and went upstairs.

In the car, Jiang Ran was having her breakfast. He Zhiyuan bought her a bowl of seafood porridge, a glass of milk, and two small sandwiches.

“This sandwich is particularly delicious. I like this type the best.” Jiang Ran took a bite of the sandwich, and said to He Zhiyuan who was driving. He smiled and said, “I just remember that you like sandwiches of this shop, so I bought them specially for you. I was afraid that they wouldn’t operate so early, it’s a good thing they were already selling then.”

Jiang Ran smiled and said, “No other way. Life is harsh and they can only get up early to work.”

“That’s right.” He Zhiyuan laughed, still concerned about Feng Jing, “Oh, was Mr. Feng who just sent you down the same person I met at the door last time?”

“Yes, he came down to buy breakfast, and we just met.”

“Is it?” He Zhiyuan thought for a while, as if talking to himself, or verifying with Jiang Ran, “I always feel like he is a star.”

“KukK (coughing).” Jiang Ran choked by the sandwich, took a sip of milk and said to He Zhiyuan: “Who? Feng Jing?”

He Zhiyuan looked at her, slightly surprised: “You also think so?”

Jiang Ran said with a smile: “Mr. Feng indeed has a powerful aura, and his surname is Feng. But how can a star like Feng Jing run to a rural community to rent a house?”

He Zhiyuan nodded: “That makes sense.” After all, Tian Qin’s management of entertainers is still very strict and they won’t allow a star like Feng Jing to behave randomly.

At this time, Agent Qin, who did not know where Star Feng had moved to, was speaking on the phone with Feng Jing: “I have negotiated with the filmmaker about the request you made last time, and they agreed, but you must try to ensure the shooting progress during the day. “

Feng Jing leaned casually on the sofa and replied: “Relax, I definitely will not be a drag to the crew.

“That’s the best. The script is still being revised. The movie is expected to start shooting by the end of next month or the beginning of the following next month. Your shooting time is 90 days. Any comments?” 


“That’s fine. I will send a copy of the contract to your mailbox, you can check it afterwards.”

“Okay,” Feng Jing said, and suddenly asked, “Director Qin, can I go out for a week during my vacation?”

Qin Fan raised his eyebrows slightly: “Where do you want to go?”

“I don’t have to go too far, like, Japan.”

“No.” Qin Fan simply rejected him, “Movie-King Feng, don’t forget that you are still having psychological counseling.”

Feng Jing: “…”

He is being forced to have that, okay?

“ou’d better stay at home with current condition like that, and I will send the script to your email. Although the final draft is still being revised, the changes will not be too great. You should look at the script in advance and try to figure out the role. . .”


Anyway, if he went to Japan, he wouldn’t necessarily meet Jiang Ran. Better think about how to get along with Brother He Zhiyuan at night.

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