Chapter 23 : The 23rd Night(1)

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It was already past 4:00 pm local time when Jiang Yan got off the plane.

A quite conspicuously dressed Zhao Ke was waiting for her at the exit. Jiang Ran spotted her before she called.

“Jiang Ran!” Zhao Ke called out excitedly, then came her next sentence. “Did you bring the Laoganma I asked you to?!”

“… Yeah I did” Jiang Ran wanted to roll her eyes. “Also, the small hot pot. I put them all in the suitcase.”

“I really love you so much!” Zhao Ke helped her drag the case, took her hand, and walked out. “So let me invite you to a small hot pot tonight!”

Jiang Ran: “…”

That small hot pot was brought by herself.

In the end, Zhao Ke didn’t act according to her stingy words and invited Jiang Ran to have authentic Japanese sushi. After having enjoyed themselves, they went to a large department store nearby and started to scan the goods.

A Bunny’s lipstick ad was being displayed in front of the counter, but it was a Japanese version. Jiang Ran stopped curiously, looked at the screen and said, “I never expected to see  Feng Jing’s ad at this place.”

“There is nothing  weird about it.” Zhao Ke didn’t mind at all, “He is the global spokesman for Bunny lipsticks, you can also see him when you go to Europe.”

Jiang Ran asked, “Can you get the Serenade 007 here?”

“It’s been sold out for a long time, don’t expect that.” Zhao Ke took her to the counter and looked around. There was indeed no lipstick of the 007 series. “There are lots of Chinese students here who are also purchasing agents. No. 007 is the one that keeps you longing for it. You may be able to see it, but to get one is almost impossible. There were also posters of Feng Jing here, but might be torn down by someone. ”

“… So Starlight Department Store really had a foresightbecause they sent a security team to protect the posters.”

“There’s a  rumour that billboards would be designed completely enclosed as a whole It can’t be torn off but can only be carried away.

“…” The fans was so crazy, why didn’t Bunny consider a bit to sold the poster?

“I read the script on Weibo that said Feng Jing has become the Brandambassador of Bunny? His movie is also about to be released, he really seems to be popular recently.”

Jiang Ran nodded: “Last time when he returned to city A, Yan Huanhuan took me along to pick him up at the airport and there were so many fans.”

“What ????” As if she heard akin to the tales of Arabian Nights, Zhao Ke looked at Jiang Ran with a shocked expression, “You went to pick up a star?”

“… Yan Huanhuan dragged me there.” She emphasized those words again.

“Well, it’s really difficult to see.” Zhao Ke ignored her explanation but peeredat her with an ambiguous look. “I never expected Feng Jing to be so charming.”

“…” Jiang Ran refused to continue this topic. “I have printed all the orders. Let’s go and purchase them.”

Because they were carrying two empty suitcases today, they lingered outside for a longer time. It was way past 00:00 when they finally returned to Zhao Ke’s apartment. Jiang Ran and Zhao Ke simply sorted out results of today, then started to cook in small hot pot in their room.

Jiang Ran and Zhao Ke were both hungry since it’s been hours since they had sushi in the afternoon. The fact that pre-cooked hotpot were packed with small portion made Zhao Ke frown. She took some vegetables from the refrigerator, chopped it and put them into the hot pot.

“Ah, I haven’t had hot pot for a long time, because the people here have such a light palate!” Zhao Ke held the bowl and used her chopsticks to quickly pick up the vegetables. Jiang Ran saw this and reminded her, “Slow down, it’ was just cooked and it’s very hot.”

As soon as she finished the last word, Zhao Ke got burnt and hissed: “Why didn’t you tell me one second earlier …”

“… Well, I won’t snatch the food away from you so take it easy.” Not knowing what kind of life Zhao Ke lived here but Jiang Ran felt as if she was facing a refugee.

Zhao Ke slowed down having heard that Jiang Ran will not snatch food with her. When they have finished eating the hotpot leisurely, the clock hour hand was already pointed to 1.

“I’ll clean up. You take a break.”

Zhao Ke being fair, was conscientious and took the initiative for the important task of cleaning. Jiang Ran turned on the computer as she mull over whether to have a video chat with Er Huang.

She looked at the time. It is now 00:00 back in China.

He Zhiyuan might have fallen asleep?

She logged in to QQ and found that He Zhiyuan’s head portrait was still bright, so she tried to send a poke: “Are you still awake?”

He Zhiyuan really didn’t sleep yet as he was even a little stunned.

After he took a shower, he found that Er Huang, who had been unhappy all day had suddenly became lively … over-actively.


He Zhiyuan watched it bite a pillow from the sofa, drag it around in the living room, and then proceeded to stamp his paws onto it.

He Zhiyuan: “…”

He felt it was due to Er Huang’s unfamiliarity to the new environment and had not adapted yet, so he went up to patiently soothe it: “Er Huang, what happened to you?”

“Woff!” Feng Jing yelled at him. Why was he still not mad at all?

He Zhiyuan looked at Er Huang being so agitated. He reached out his hands and tried to scratch his hair, but was evaded before he could even touched Er Huang.

“Woff!” He didn’t believe that He Zhiyuan can’t get angry.

Feng Jing thought for a bit, he bit another pillow and threw it on the floor.

“Woff!” He yelled provocatively at He Zhiyuan.

He Zhiyuan: “…”

He walked over, picked up the two pillows on the floor, and handed them to Er Huang: “Do you like this? Go ahead, this is for you.”

Feng Jing: “…”

What happened to this person! Why don’t you follow the routine!

While the person and a dog were confronting each other, He Zhiyuan’s laptop in the living room sounded a notification.

Feng Jing had a glint in his eyes. It must be because the pillow was too cheap that he didn’t care much! If he trod on the laptop, his reaction will be different!

But it didn’t seem like a good idea. Money was a trivial matter, but compared to important documents concerning work on it caused  Feng Jing uncertainty..

While he was still hesitating on whether to spoil the laptop or not. He Zhiyuan had opened his QQ and responded to Jiang Ran’s message: “Not yet, I just took a shower.”

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