Chapter 3 Sammy’s wonderful story

 T/Lshuāng yè hóng xí   E/DHaru & kiskaiya

Although there was something wrong about the whole thing, Sammy was not the type that would give up easily.

He bore the sneer of Dunbar, his second brother, and stood stubbornly at the exit, holding up a piece of white paper with the name “Michael” written on it.

And sure enough, the wait was not in vain.

His net friend was real, and the email that was seeking for help wasn’t a trick.

As the number of people leaving the station were getting fewer and fewer, they finally saw a man carrying a suitcase came out. He was tall, thin, and very handsome. He also had long neck, long arms and long legs. The man looked around, and suddenly his eyes brightened when he saw the temporary paper card with the word ‘Michael‘. He walked towards Sammy happily.

“Oh my god!! Is that person?” Dunbar asked in surprise.

“It doesn’t look like him….”, Sammy replied.


His appearance was a bit surprising.

He had already ignored the unreliable picture included in the email. When Sammy received the email, he already had the image of him as a male version of Cinderella; Where his mother died young and his father found another lover who would be his new stepmother. Then his stepmother would remarry, and he would have a stepfather. Furthermore, he would be bullied and abused, they would knocked out two of his teeth, they would drove him out of the house, and finally, he would live pitifully on the streets.

But now……

Sammy looked up and stared at the big man standing in front of him. He felt that there must be something wrong.

“Brother, your net friend looked like a telephone pole.” Dunbar couldn’t help but whisper.

“To be honest, I am also surprised.” Sammy whispered without squinting.

“Sammy, are you Sammy?”

The tall red-haired man began to bow down and say hello, “he…hello, I am Michael. You don’t look the same as I imagined.”

That is also what I wanted to say.” Sammy murmured in his head.

But Sammy didn’t say what he was thinking directly. Instead, he just responded with a smile. “Is it? I am sorry to disappoint you, I am really Sammy, and his is my brother, Dunbar.”

Michael suddenly showed some cramped expression, and hurriedly waved his hand and said, “No, I am not disappointed, you are so cute”

Michael looked straight at Sammy’s face, and after a long time he tried his best to come up with a wonderful(actually stupid) analogy: “You are like this morning’s breakfast on the plane, the bun in the set. The one that is smeared with tomato salad dressing.”

Sammy was stunned.

Dunbar couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

“Thank you for the compliment!” Sammy said. He gnawed his teeth while he thanked him.

But that made him unhappy, what’s wrong with having a round face? I wasn’t offended by having a round face? What the hell a bun! And what it is about tomato salad dressing?

Michael who wasn’t human still couldn’t sense the discomfort in the conversation. Instead, he replied shyly: “You’re welcome, I’m just telling the truth.”

What the Hell, truth!

Dunbar couldn’t help but laugh even more.

Now Dunbar wasn’t worried that his younger brother was being tricked. Michael was obviously not a smart boy. However, his analogy was really perfect, and the description of the bun was beyond perfect! His brother’s bulging baby face looked like a bun that was just  out of the oven. As for the description of the tomato salad dressing, it wasn’t that far off because his idiot brother couldn’t distinguish color and a few days ago had dyed his hair pink by mistake.

Sammy was pissed off.

He wanted to give Michael a warm hug and asked him to drink a bottle of Coke at first. But now, he felt that Michael was not worthy of these friendly gestures.

He looks really nice, but he’s stupid and couldn’t converse well.  no wonder he was bullied!

I thought about it…

And remembered Michael’s sorrowful life, because of that, Sammy wasn’t angry anymore.

Forget it, forget it, don’t bother yourself with this idiot. ‘Sammy comforted himself. He planned to show off by helping Michael with his suitcase.. One of Michael’s hands were holding the suitcase and the other patted his shoulder. He then said,“Take it easy, bro! While you’re with me, no one would bully you again.”

That sounds perfect!

But the changes doesn’t follow the plan.

When Sammy reached out to pick up the suitcase in Michael’s hand, he said, “Don’t worry, Bro”, and then he heard a sound that came from his arm! He looked and saw that It was dislocated!

Michael’s suitcase which looked very light, dropped and heavily hit the ground.

Which created a hole in the airport floor.

How would a strong man who could carry a heavy suitcase actually get abused?

His father must be a real man!

Such thoughts passed through his mind, Then the pain started to register…

Tears welled from Sammy’s eyes because of the pain from his dislocated arm: “Ouch! it hurts!”

Dunbar was shocked, “wha…what happened!”

Michael Michael looked confused, “…?”

On the way back, everyone was silent.

They had to change the driver that’s why his brother Dunbar ended up driving.

Sammy, who failed to show off, sat in the backseat of the car with Michael while he held his arm that had been fixed by the airport doctor. Because he was too immersed in his depressed mood, he didn’t notice that Michael who was sitting next to him was secretly watching him.

Being an underage fire dragon who just came to the human world doesn’t know human behaviors very well.

Therefore, when Sammy came to help him with his suitcase, he immediately let go without much consideration, which caused Sammy’s arm to be dislocated. Because of the accident, he was a little bit worried. “I didn’t know that humans are so fragile, Is he too angry that he would drive me away? Actually, it doesn’t matter even if he drives me away. I Just… need to find another person who is willing to raise me and offer me accommodations, although finding someone with a face as cute as a bun is not that easy”

Right now, Dunbar felt that the car was too quiet. He fixed the slightly awkward atmosphere by turning on the music.

A very lively song played whicheased the atmosphere.

For some reason it madeSammy even more upset: “Change the song.”

“What’s wrong?” He asked, Since he’s very fond of his brother, he immediately changed the song to the next one. He then asked casually: “Don’t you like this song?”

“No, it’s just…competitors.”

Sammy said bluntly: “The song is from an episode in this year’s new Disney cartoon ‘Bunny Nana’”

“Oh!” Dunbar understood immediately.

That made Michael more curious.Being a country dragon it was the first time that he heard music, and it made him feel very nice. That was why.he couldn’t help but to interrupt and ask, “What do you mean?”

It wasn’t a secret.

Sammy said quite simply: “Do you remember? I have participated in Disney’s dream training program before. So, after the official graduation, I went to Disney to apply for a job. But I don’t like following rules in doing certain things.”

“There is a department at Disney who recruits people to come up with new ideas.I was offered to be in that department. You u can meditate, doodle, and scribble without restrictions. Then, they would select from the new ideas that we have provided, and then set up the formal group to start the animation.”

“It sounds like a great job.”

In fact, even though Michael doesn’t know anything about Disney, he pretended to know and complimented him .

“Not at all! It’s awful.”

Sammy said with anger: “I tried my best to come up with all kinds of ideas, especially this year. I thought of a super good story, but in the end, they told me, ‘Sammy, your idea is very adorable, but we want Abelson’s idea more. ‘ Abelson is the person who created “Bunny Nana.”

“By the way, I think ‘Bunny Nana’ is the stupidest cartoon in history. That rabbit just grazes and eats for ten minutes! I will not hesitate to tell him that it was a silly idea even while facing the creator, Abelson”

“I really don’t understand. They told me that they like my creativity, then why did they choose Abelson’s stupid rabbit instead of mine? Do you know? . Until now, the people at Disney hasn’t picked up any of my ideas even though I came up with a great idea this year. I sit there and think ideas for the whole day that my brain almost ran out, and I still got nothing I felt as if I am just wasting my life.”

This was a bit difficult to understand for a country dragon who had no knowledge.

But Michael was a fire dragon, and in the fire dragon species, he had seen too many tempered dragons.

Those neuropathy dragons have a talent to turn normal social interaction into a fierce battle.

Even if it was an ordinary cooperative hunting, you would often hear them flinging abuses(between dragons) like: ‘Knocking(dragon’s howl)! Knocking in! You are rubbish!’, ‘Go back home and just eat tree roots!’, ‘rubbish! even the cheetahs can catch more rabbits than you!’, ‘Is that how your mother taught you to hunt?’, ‘Did you learn hunting from pheasants?’, ‘I will be eating fat cows today, while you’re back home eating shit!’, ‘If I don’t shit, then you don’t even have shit to eat! Ptooey!’.

Compared to those bad tempered fire dragons…

In Michael’s point of view, Sammy’s little temper looked just like a spoiled baby dragon.

My friend is so cute.

He couldn’t help but smile and decided to encourage Sammy: “Of course you are the best, my talented friend, I believe that one day you will prove yourself.”

After hearing his words, Dunbar could not help but nod.

He didn’t forget to cheer his brother up while driving: “Don’t admit defeat, little Sammy!”

Sammy wasn’t easy to knock down.

After being comforted by his brother and his friend, he quickly returned to his optimistic state, but he couldn’t help but to swear whenever he remembers. “They are blind for not choosing me and my creation. It is the best and it is one hundred times better than that rabbit!”

Dunbar proceeds to praise his brother: “That’s right, my brother is the best.”

On the other hand, Michael just nodded over and over “That’s right, you are the best.”

Then he asked again, “What do you think?”

Sammy couldn’t help but brag: “I’m not as boring, and rabbits aren’t fun. The character that I created is a dragon, and it is a huge one too!”

Then he proudly and solemnly explained: “The story I created is called ‘killing the dragon!’ How is it? It’s cool right?”

“Kill.. kill what?”

Michael’s happy expressions faded away. “…I’m sorry,  I have to leave! “


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