Frequently Asked Questions(If you have other questions, feel free to leave a reply!)

1. Can I read for free in Fantasy World Online?
Yes, you can. Majorly because of our wonderful readers’ support this past two years, we can now open our doors to free readers. However, we won’t be posting all of the chapters in NU as a preventive measure against aggregator sites.

On that note, we are humbly begging our readers not to copy our translation or post them on pirated sites. Doing this will hinder the community’s progress.

Anyway, once a novel is finished, said novel is going to be locked. Readers can gain reading permission by redeeming it using Fantasy Coins. You can read more about Fantasy Coins here

2.How can I subscribe a ongoing novel?
There are multiple ways of subscribing.

1. You can simply go to the main page of the particular novel you wish to subscribe to. Under the SUMMARY, there should be multiple subscription options(It supports multiple novel subscriptions). This method uses PayPal, and we, as a site, won’t be keeping any personal information from the transaction. Learn more about how to subscribe

2. You can donate through our Patreon pages, and we will grant you VIP Coins (1:1 ratio). Do note that you have to inform us of the donation in specific topic of the forum as the coins have to be manually processed. This shouldn’t take more than 24 hours.

3. Why is the site ugly and what’s your next goal?
The site is what it is since we are working with what we have. We are currently making ends meet, so we don’t have any funds to hire professional programmers. Once we are able to expand and hire professionals, we will be improving the site’s basic functions, as well as integrate it to IOS and android apps. Of course, another goal is to bring you, our dear readers, more and better novels to read.

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  1. GreenPapperWN

    bro I don’t know if there is a good idea to buy a vip or something , I spend time and money to buy a faloo vip but wow, I can’t read anything, I can not download a novel with the txt, If I can read something There’s an image and can not translate 🙁

  2. Axes

    I seen a post where “I Can Download is supposed to have 99 free chapters but it starts VIP at chapter 59 but it clearly said 99 free chapters and do you release 1-2 free chapters weekly as well or what?

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