Chapter 1: Death game

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A figure suddenly fell in front of the mall entrance, and with a loud bang, blood spurted out in all directions.

A drop of warm liquid landed on Yu Su’s cheek. She looked at her now blood-spattered dress and then at the broken corpse that lay less than three meters from her.

The corpse had landed on the back of his head, and the face was still intact. She unexpectedly knew this man.

At this moment, the eyes of the man who lay in a pool of blood and had lost his breath were full of resentment; a regretful expression lingered on his face.

After a short silence, the passersby screamed.

Yu Su used her index finger to slowly wipe the blood on her cheeks, and her mouth flashed a faint smile.

That person was right. This game is really deadly.


One day ago…

The scene in front of Yu Su suddenly changed from her familiar bedroom into a strange room.

Thick curtains had blocked out the sunlight and made the room look a little dim. It took Yu Su some time to realize that she was in an old-looking hotel room.

As she was half-leaning on the bed, her eyes moved from the window to the bathroom, and the bathroom door suddenly opened with a ‘click’.

A tall and handsome man, wiping his wet hair with a towel, slowly walked towards Yu Su with a smile.

He was wearing an unbuttoned white shirt, revealing his perfect abs. His appearance was very sexy.



What’s this situation?

Yu Su suddenly sat up straight, a multitude of thoughts rushed past her mind. But she resisted the urge to open the quilt to see if she had pants on.

Before Yu Su could ask anything, two mobile phone notifications rang at the same time.

Two identical phones were placed on the nightstand on both sides of the bed, and their screens were lit up. Yu Su hesitated for a moment and then reached for the mobile phone nearest to her.

On the screen was a message prompt:

[The man in the room is your fiance, and you are traveling to visit the ancient town together.]

“My fiance?” Yu Su looked at the man. “….”

The man placed the other phone into his pocket and blinked. “Am I handsome, my lovely fiancee?”

Yu Su coughed and took back her gaze, and then she asked, “Where is this?  I clearly remember that I was in my bedroom before.”

“Oh!” The man sat down on the bed and looked at her for a moment, then asked, “Are you a new player?”

Yu Su had a moment of perplexity. “What?”

“Before you came here, was there an unknown application on your phone? And then you clicked on it.”

“Yep,” Yu Su replied.

At that time, she was on vacation and wanted to do something to pass the boring time. It was then she found out that there was an app called “Death Game” on her phone.

She had just clicked the icon, and then she had suddenly appeared in this room.

As she recalled this, Yu Su looked up and asked the man, “Am I here because of that app called ‘Death game’?”

The man chuckled, and his eyes glimmered with interest. “It’s the first time that I’ve met a new player as calm as you.”

Yu Su did not respond to the statement. She asked, “Then, can you tell me specifically about this thing now?”

The man raised his eyebrows and glanced over his cell phone. He  squinted and smiled. “Of course. At your service, my lovely fiancee.”

Yu Su, “ … ”

The man called himself Wang San. It sounded like a pseudonym, so Yu Su also introduced herself with a pseudonym, “Su Yu.”

Wang San said, “First of all, I must remind you that if you die in the game during a task, you would also die within 24 hours in the real world.”

Yu Su had a general understanding of the game with his simple description.

This game had overturned her whole understanding of the world that she had for the past 23 years. Who would have thought that a mobile APP could bring people into a different world?

“Ghosts exist in this world.” Wang San continued, “What world will you enter, what dangers you will encounter, it’s all unknown when you accept the game tasks. Every task is randomly given to the players. How to finish the task, you need to figure out that by yourself.”

“If you die in the game word, you will die in the real world too. The time of death in reality is 24 hours after the game is over.”

He didn’t say much, but in the end, he warned her. “Be careful and hide your information, including your name.”

After saying this, he no longer spoke. Yu Su knew that the thing was not so simple, but since he did not want to say it, she didn’t ask.

She nodded. “Thanks.”

After a pause, she asked, “So, are we partners now?”

Wang San glanced at her and knew that she wanted to follow him. His lips curled up. “As long as you obey me, you will not die.”

Yu Su was quick to flatter him, like a lackey to their boss. “Boss is boss. Look at this self-confidence.”

As her voice died, the phone screen lit again. The prompt was [Go downstairs to the lobby at 20:00.]

The time was 19:45, Yu Su searched for casual wear from her carry-on and changed into it inside the bathroom.

At 19:53, Yu Su and Wang San walked out of the room. Almost at the same time, the door of the room on the left opened too, and a brawny man and a small girl came out.

Yu Su noticed that the man looked unsettled, but the girl seemed so calm.

“Let’s go, Xiao Yu,” Wang San called out.

Yu Su nodded and couldn’t hold back saying, “OK, Xiao San.”


Wang San smiled, which made Yu Su feel creepy.

The lackey life was important, Yu Su didn’t dare to provoke him again. After all, she still needed his help. She coughed, and explained, “A joke, boss. Let’s go.”

The lobby had a huge dining table. Yu Su sat on the right following Wang San, and the brawny man and the small girl sat on the other side, far away from them.

Yu Su’s seat faced the hotel gate. The old-looking gate was open, and one could see the heavy rain outside.

The rain was so heavy that it fell on the ground like pebbles, and the water splashed like a flower.

At this moment, the sound of rapid treading came from the wooden stairs. Yu Su turned back and saw a thin man running down in a fluster.

When he saw the four people sitting in the lobby, his face turned worse. “Who are you, the pyramid scheme people? I want to leave, now!”

Without waiting for their replies, he quickly ran towards the gate.

Wang San’s right index finger hit the table rhythmically. When the man ran for the door, he slowly said, “I advise you not to go out. Otherwise, you will die.”

The man’s steps stopped, and he looked back at Wang San’s eyes and ground his teeth. “Why? You dare to kill me?”

After saying that, the man ran even faster, rushing into the rain.

One step, two steps, three steps.

After three steps, Yu Su saw his body suddenly quiver, and then a shrill cry screamed out from his mouth—

The rain fell on him like sulfuric-acid. Beginning from his head, the hair and skin started to melt at a speed of visible to the naked eye, revealing the flesh and blood under the skin.

In less than ten seconds, the man’s body became bloody and devoid of skin! And he was still alive at this time. He was so full of pain, and the sound of his miserable cry seemed to come straight from hell. It made the listeners’ hair stand straight.

After another half minute, the screams gradually disappeared. His body no longer moved, though he was still upright. The rain continued to wash his skinless flesh and blood.

Yu Su felt her heartbeat going a little faster. A strange feeling of fear and excitement raised a sense of anticipation in her…

Yes, she was looking forward to it-

Her ordinary days, her boring and oppressive life had finally changed.

“Tut, every time I run into these kinds of brainless newcomers.”

A little girl with a student’s haircut came from the stairs. She looked like just sixteen or seventeen years old, but her face was full of indifference and disdain. It seemed as if the person who had just died was just an insignificant ant to her.

“Such a person, I am too lazy to even tell him the basic information. One glimpse at him, and I knew that he couldn’t live,” she said as she walked over.

Yu Su thought. It is obvious that the person just died because he didn’t know the current situation.

The little girl’s gaze first landed on Yu Su, then on the others one by one, and finally on Wang San. She sat down on the other side of him.

The time on the screen of the phone soon displayed eight o’clock.

At this moment, the closed door on the right side opened. Yu Su turned her head and saw a middle-aged woman. She was pushing a dining cart and slowly walked out.

The food on the dining cart was very rich, including meat, fruits, and vegetables. From the time she came out, an irresistible aroma spread out and lingered in everyone’s nose.

The middle-aged woman had a very gentle smile on her face. She put the food on the table one by one. When all the food was set up, she smiled and said, “It’s really not a good time for you to come. It’s raining so hard outside; I don’t know when it will stop.”

No one responded. After a while, Wang San smiled. “It doesn’t matter, my honey and I have a lot of time. We can wait a few more days.”

Honey?! Yu Su was eating a bite of cabbage and almost bit her tongue.

The middle-aged woman cheerfully said, “I really envy you young people. I will go to the kitchen to clean up. If you need anything, just look for me.”

The little girl with the student’s haircut asked, “Landlady, such a big hotel, are you the only one here?”

The middle-aged woman shook her head and smiled. “How can that be, my daughter and her husband have gone to the field two days ago and will come back in a few days.”

Yu Su hung her head and used her chopsticks to move the white rice in the bowl. She secretly thought, According to the game, the only NPC in the hotel should be this middle-aged woman.

Since we don’t know what the task is, or how to complete it, the NPC in the game should give us clues.

As Yu Su thought about it, the middle-aged woman suddenly exclaimed. “Ah!” She patted her forehead gently and smiled. “I almost forgot to tell you that it is not safe at night here. If someone knocks at the door in the middle of the night, don’t open it.”

Yu Su didn’t know why, but she felt that the middle-aged woman’s last sentence contained other profound meanings.


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