Chapter 2 : Knock on the door at Midnight

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At dinner, everyone just reported their names and didn’t say anything else.

The big man who they previously encountered in the corridor was named Zhuang Han. He was also a newcomer. The girl who came out with him was about twenty years old, and she used a pseudonym very similar to Wang San – Li Yi.

As for the underage student girl named Xue Mei, somebody said that it was her third mission.

Including Wang San, Yu Su, and the man who had died, a total of six people were present. Out of which, three were newcomers.

Xue Mei was a little dissatisfied with this. She frowned and said, “A total of six people in a mission, three are newcomers, and one has died. How do we complete the task now? These newcomers will only add more trouble.”

Yu Su raised her eyebrows but didn’t speak.

Zhuang Han’s temper was not so good. He glared at Xue Mei and sneered, “One of us three newcomers is dead, and you were the one responsible for him. Don’t you feel ashamed?”

Xue Mei scoffed, and contemptuously spoke, “So what? Him dying is better than me dying. Who knows what that trash would do if he were still alive? You will see! Without that trash, I am bound to live longer than you.”

Zhuang Han still wanted to speak. However, Li Yi murmured something in his ear, and Zhuang Han’s complexion relaxed. He only snorted at Xue Mei and lowered his head to eat.

Yu Su had no interest in their quarrel. She put the vegetables in her bowl and was about to eat when Wang San’s voice whispered in her ear.

“New and old players both account for half, but the total number of players is not large. Do you know what this means?”

Yu Su’s chopsticks paused for a moment. She thought for a bit, and then turned around and asked, “Is the task easy?”

Wang San’s lips curled, and he laughed. “Yes. It seems that you are not stupid.”

“…Isn’t this easy to see?”

“Hey!” Wang San narrowed his eyes. He showed a sly look and said in a low voice, “The player on the left doesn’t know.”

Sitting on his left was Xue Mei, who was very disgusted with the newcomers.

Yu Su turned her head to look over there. Wang San suddenly reached out and knocked on her head. “Don’t look, eat!”

Don’t be angry, don’t be angry.

Yu Su rubbed her forehead and began to chew the vegetables in her bowl.

The meat on the table was very fragrant, but she was worried about eating human flesh which often happened in horror movies. It is safer to be a vegetarian.

After the meal, Wang San stood up first and slowly said, “It’s getting late. Go back to the room and go to bed early. Remember what the landlady said. If you hear a knock on the door at midnight, don’t open the door.”

Yu Su followed him back to the room, and the other three quickly returned to their rooms.

As she prepared to rest, Yu Su looked at the only big bed in the room and looked at Wang San. “Hey, what about rock, paper, scissors?”

Wang San gave her a look, went to the bed and laid down immediately. Leaning comfortably on the pillow, he raised his eyebrows and looked at her. “Have you seen a boss sleep on the floor?”

Yu Su, “…” Seems to make sense.

Even though the hard floor was equipped with a layer of quilt, it was still uncomfortable. However, Yu Su slowly managed to fall asleep.

But only until midnight, when a burst of loud and loud knocks woke her up.

She sat up suddenly and looked at the door. She found out that the knocking sounds came from the room on the right.

That room! It is the room of the student sister Xue Mei.

The knocks on the door were getting more and more urgent. It got louder and louder and was accompanied by a woman’s scream. Yu Su listened carefully and heard the woman begging.

“Help! Please! Help me!”

“I beg you to open the door, please open the door! Someone wants to kill me. I beg you to save me!”

Although the voice wasn’t clear, the pleading and despair in the discourse were very evident. The knocks on the door were like a drumbeat on the heart, light and heavy, never stopping.

Suddenly, a scream pierced the night. Penetrating the door panel, it plunged into the ears, causing one to tremble!


The woman’s heartbreaking scream came again, and after a few seconds, shrill cries repeated over and over.

Knocking on the door, cries for help, repeated screams.

The room was so dark one couldn’t see one’s fingers; there wasn’t even a little bit of light. Yu Su sat in the darkness, listening quietly to the ruckus outside and breathing very lightly.

Time passed very slowly. It was unclear how long, but after a while, the unusual screams abruptly stopped.

In just one moment, all the sounds disappeared, and the surrounding became so quiet that the heartbeats and breathing became clearly audible.

This silence made people feel even more uneasy.

Yu Su was stunned, and she waited for a while. After determining that no sound would ring again, she lowered her voice and quietly asked, “Boss, are you awake?”

The sound of a man turning over came from the bed beside her. In the dark, a very tempting voice rang, “Why? Want to come up in my bed? You’re welcome any time.”

Ah! Bad man.

Yu Su rolled her eyes and lay on the hard floor again.

“Don’t worry, go to sleep, there won’t be anything tonight,” the man on the bed said.

The next day, early in the morning, Yu Su was awakened again by a voice. This time, it was Li Yi’s screams.

She stood up sleepily and walked out of the door, rubbing her dry eyes. She saw Li Yi standing at the entrance of Xue Mei’s room, her left hand covering her mouth, and her eyes stunned, looking inside the room.

Yu Su walked over and looked at the room. She felt nauseous at the scene.

In the room, Xue Mei’s body lay in the centre of the floor. Her body was lying face up and was covered with all kinds of wounds. Not even the face was spared.

Like a knife had cut it, her body was bloody and fragmented. The viscera and faeces in the intestines had flown out, which was both horrible and disgusting.

Her face was split into two, and her original appearance could hardly be made out. Only two eyes, widened by fear, remained the same.

The ground was full of blood, and the blood spilled out from under her body and merged into a red river. At the end of the red river was the entrance.

Yu Su suddenly remembered the sentence Xue Mei said yesterday at the table. “You will see! Without that trash, I am bound to live longer than you.”

How to say it? While pitying her, Yu Su still found it a little ridiculous.

However, it was the first time she saw such a scene close-up. She felt a little uncomfortable.

At this time, Zhuang Han also heard the sound. “Shit!” After seeing the situation in the room, he turned and vomited.

After a while, he arduously asked, “Did she…open the door last night?”

Yu Su tried to recall, but couldn’t remember whether she had heard the door opening. Those voices were too noisy, and even if someone had opened the door, she might have missed it.

Wang San yawned for a while, walked to the door, and glanced inside. He then walked downstairs leisurely. When he reached Yu Su, he slowly said, “My lovely fiancé, it’s time to go to breakfast.”

”Zhuang Han heard his words and retched a few times. He looked at Wang San’s back and asked aloud, “You can still eat, even after seeing this scene?”

As it turned out, he really could.

Breakfast was a simmered green porridge, light and refreshing, and very delicious. Not only Wang San, but Yu Su also drank two bowls.

As the second bowl was put down, Wang San laughed. “Let’s reconsider our marriage contract. I may not be able to afford you.”

Yu Su pouted, and she didn’t want to talk to him. But thinking that her life was most important, she said with a blank expression, “It doesn’t matter. I can raise you.”

At this time, Zhuang Han remembered the horrible form of the corpse again and vomited for the third time on the breakfast table.

The timing was so good that Li Yi laughed.

Seeing Wang San look over, she coughed and said, “Today, we should move separately. I will look for an excuse to call the landlady to my room. You will take the opportunity to look around and see if there are any clues.”

After seeing such a corpse, Zhuang Han was obviously not as relaxed as yesterday. His face clearly showed nervousness. After hearing this, he couldn’t help but ask, “There shouldn’t be any danger now, right?”

Otherwise, he didn’t dare to split up with others. Death itself was not the most terrible thing. The most terrible thing was how she died.

Li Yi gave him a look, and her chin raised in the direction of Yu Su. “What are you? A chicken! Look at others.”

Zhuang Han gave a thumbs up to Yu Su very admiringly.

Yu Su smiled. “I was so afraid that I had to change two pants last night.”

Wang San nodded seriously, “I can testify, I watched her change.”

“…” Yu Su pouted again. “Boss, have some face.”

At this time, the landlady came out of the kitchen. She rubbed her hands on her apron and asked, “How are you, guests? Have you eaten well?”

Li Yi nodded and took the lead to stand up and help the landlady in collecting the dishes. She pretended to casually say, “By the way landlady, I want to change the quilt in the room.”

The landlady stared blankly for a while and smiled. “Of course, I will bring a new one in a moment.”

Li Yi sweetly thanked her.

About twenty minutes later, the landlady took a clean quilt into the room of Li Yi and Zhuang Han.

In addition to the rooms for the three groups, there were several other rooms in the hotel, and they were not locked. Zhuang Han was responsible for checking these rooms.

Seeing that Wang San went to the room on the left, Yu Su chose to go to the kitchen. She searched the entire kitchen, but found no valuable clues.

The strange thing was that the rest of the hotel was very old. And at first glance, it looked very old-fashioned, but the kitchen was obviously refurbished.

The whole kitchen looked a lot newer than other places, and even the walls had been repainted. There wasn’t even a smudge on the white walls.

Fortunately, she had read many horror novels. Yu Su immediately thought of this kitchen as a former murder scene. The renovation was done most likely to cover up the blood on the previous walls. Maybe there is a body still hidden in one of these walls.

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