A Cheeky Kendo God(TERMBASE)

A Cheeky Kendo God(TERMBASE)

Practice(Cultivation)level classification:

1、wash the marrow(洗髓境) 2、celestial being(蜕凡境) 3、The world of condense qi(凝真境)4、The world of condensate spirit(凝液境)5、The world of lotus platform(道台境)

From left to right, More and more powerful. Will continue to update in the future.


School((factional、Gang) organization) classification:

1、Sword Shadow Villa(剑影山庄)2、Iron Sword Group(铁剑门)3、Tian Shan(天山)4、Kun Lun(昆仑)5、dark auction house(黑暗拍卖会)6、Dionysian Valley(酒神谷)

7、Blood Sect(血宗)8、Purple Light Palace(紫华宫)9、Fahua Temple(法华寺)10、Huanxi Group(欢喜门:A school that USES sex to increase its strength)

The above rankings are in no particular order,Will continue to update in the future.


Practice(Cultivation) term:

1、doctrine(道)2、world(境界)3、deep breath(吐纳)4、temper(淬炼)5、heaven and earth reiki(天地灵气)6、practice(修炼)7、the mind of sword(剑意)

8、cultivation(修为)9、recognize the master(认主)10、the heart of sword(剑心)11、spiritual crystal(灵晶)12、the bone of sword(剑骨)13、spiritual crystal(剑胆)

14、The gallbladder would live as long as the heart live.(剑意不毁,剑胆不碎)15sword spirit become corporeal(剑气化形)16、sword spirit become corporeal(剑胆天成)

17、practice alone(闭关修炼)18、finish one‘s practice(出关)19、brand(烙印)20、essential blood(精血)21、the power of origin(本源之力)22、anima(灵气)

23、light(光华)24、芒=光(light)25、Zed(劫)26、Life Vow(本命誓言)26、Doctrine From Kun Lun, Sword From Tian Shan!(道起昆仑,剑出天山)27、method(招数)


martial arts and Weapons

1、Kendo(剑道)2、array magic(阵法)3、Cyan Lotus sword spirit(青莲剑气)4、Snow sword spirit(雪之剑气)5、draw the sword(出剑/拔剑/拔刀)6、draw the sword(入微境)

7、The Sword Shadow Splitting(剑影分光)