2.04: Timid and Fragile White Lotus

T/L: wō niú   E/D: kiskaiya  P/R: yashiro ryuuki & larkspur   

Lin Zisheng1MC: Lin Zisheng possess Ying Qingxuan’s body concealed the strong disdain in his eyes as he blinked and looked at the shy, blushing girl. Following the plot, Bai Mianmian2FL should have already, secretly, fallen in love with Zhang Daoling3ML. Now she shows her shyness to let who look?

[Host, the information given to you by the main system is only the general direction of the world, not the details.] 001 was able to guess what Lin Zisheng was thinking, so it gave such an answer for the first time.

The main system knows everything about this world, but it can not learn the specifics for everyone, especially concerning human emotion.

[And the perspective of each world is based on the female lead’s viewpoint.]

The last sentence finally made Lin Zisheng understand where the discordant feeling came from – the feeling of traversing through the two worlds.

Going by the information 001 had given him, the white lotus of each world was an unlovable existence; but they can’t all die agonizingly. However,all the white lotuses he saw were much more disgusting than those from 001’s data!

Now he understood, the world’s plot line is entirely according to white lotus’ perspective. Naturally, it was impossible to have any negative information, so it would inevitably be different from what he saw.

“Are you really… a ghost?” Although Bai Mianmian could see Lin Zisheng’s transparent body through the candle, she still couldn’t believe it, because this was the first time she had seen such a beautiful ghost.

Lin Zisheng did not speak. He just continued to float in the air, looking emotionlessly at the two people.

Just when Bai Mianmian wanted to say something, Zhang Daoling opened his mouth first. “Why are you here? How long have you stayed here?”

“Can not remember.” Lin Zisheng’s low voice echoed in the empty room. “Really… it has been too long.”

When Zhang Daoling heard him speak, his expression changed ever so slightly. He could feel that this ‘person’ hadn’t lied, because the sadness this ’person’ carried undeniably made people believe he was telling the truth.

“Have you ever thought of leaving here?” Perhaps it was because of this ‘person’s’ apparent loneliness that Zhang Daoling had relaxed enough to ask that involuntarily.

At this question, Lin Zisheng blinked, his face wore a bitter smile. “There is no way to leave…”

The forlorn voice caused a sour feeling to well up in Zhang Daoling and Bai Mianmian’s hearts.


Early the next morning, the sun shone into the room along the edges of the curtain. With a little smile on his face, Lin Zisheng looked at the young man still asleep in bed.

This was Zhang Daoling’s bedroom. The room’s layout matched Zhang Daoling; clean, simple, pure, and making people subconsciously want to remain close.

Thinking back to yesterday’s incident, Lin Zisheng still felt a little funny. The relationship between a Celestial Master and a ghost was supposed to be hostile. But this man had unexpectedly taken him home after listening to what he had to say. Did he not know that a ghost’s yin energy can erode humans?

[Host-daren, Zhang Daoling’s body is very special. It has the innate pure yang, and any living yin body can not get close to him.] 001’s tone didn’t even carry a hint of doubt. It was because the innate pure yang blood, like what was in Zhang Daoling’s body, could be purchased from the Points Mall, so naturally it was clear on things.

“Do you want to say that I am not a ghost?” Lin Zisheng drifted to Zhang Daoling’s side before kneeling in front of the bed, propping his chin on his hand, to focus on this person who was still asleep.

He really deserved to be called the male lead, especially with such delicate looks. Although he looked very soft, he didn’t appear feminine. It was a kind of handsome, mixed with a gentle feeling. At first glance, he made people feel very comfortable.

Perhaps sensing Lin Zisheng’s intense gaze, Zhang Daoling slowly opened his eyes.

However, when Zhang Daoling opened his eyes fully, seeing a face very close to his, startled him.

“Y..you, why are you here!?” Zhang Daoling was used to sleeping alone. Suddenly seeing such a translucent face and at such proximity, it’s a miracle he wasn’t scared to death.

“You brought me back to your home yesterday.” Lin Zisheng blinked, his eyes full of innocence as if to say, ‘you were the one who brought me back, why do you ask me such a question?’

Zhang Daoling pinched his forehead. He knew that he’d brought this ‘person’ back. However, he had a couple of questions. “Why won’t you sleep? Don’t you know people will be terrified by your staring?”

Unexpectedly, after he had spoken, Lin Zisheng’s face showed a melancholy look. After a long while, Lin Zisheng slowly said, “I..I… I haven’t experienced the feeling of sleeping for a long time.”

Unlike humans, ghosts didn’t need to sleep. So, it was a luxury to them.

By this point, Zhang Daoling had already realized his mistake and wanted to say something to remedy the situation. However, he found that no matter what he wanted to say, it seemed very weak.

After Zhang Daoling straightened up the room and ate breakfast, he rushed to the classroom. To his surprise, the youth who always sought trouble with him had not come today.

“Daoling, good morning.” When Zhang Daoling just entered, Bai Mianmian also came into the classroom. “You…”

“Ying Qingxuan.” Lin Zisheng knew that Bai Manman did not remember his name.

“Qingxuan, good morning,” Getting Lin Zisheng’s reply, Bai Mianmian smiled. Apparently, getting his reply made her feel very happy.

Bai Mianmian was beautiful, even more so than Bai Wei of the previous world. Such a smile was very lovely, the eyes of all the people in the classroom fell on her. Of course, these gazes held more than a trace of fear.

“Just now… who was Bai Mianmian greeting?”

At that moment, many of them remembered her nickname – the ghost-eyed witch. This nickname was because Bai Mianmian seemed to be able to see ghosts.

So… she was just greeting a ghost?

Thinking up to here, everybody felt distress. There were ghosts in the classroom during the daytime? This was simply too scary!

Just when everyone was whispering about ghosts in the classroom, a person entered. It was the very one who liked to trouble Zhang Daoling.

Today, just as he was walking through the door, he heard everyone whispering about ghosts. In his heart, he believed that this was a means of sensationalism by Zhang Daoling. Naturally, he was very disdainful. “Zhang Celestial Master, what happened today, did you bring a ghost to our class?”

When Zhang Daoling heard the familiar voice, he ignored it as usual. He had seen many such people; the more you argued with them, the more they came at you. The best way to deal with them was the “cold treatment”. From head to toe, he needed to give off signals of ‘I don’t want to see you’ and ‘go away from me’.

On the side, Lin Zisheng wore a playful expression as he lit a candle for the sarcastic idiot. Didn’t he know not to provoke the world’s Celestial Masters? Although Celestial Masters were very low-key, it did not mean that they were easy to bully.

“Daoling, don’t you want to get back at this idiot?” Looking at Zhang Daoling, who was as nonchalant as ever, Lin Zisheng now harbored some doubts about whether this person was a holy mother type?

“Ignore this clown.” Having said so, Zang Daoling hesitated a moment then added. “If you want to play, as long as you don’t kill him, anything else is up to you.”

Thinking about it, Zhang Daoling was indeed very annoyed seeing this person!

In class, everybody was glued to their seats. Only one ‘person’ was still floating in the air, watching the bitter man with disdain.

His innocence had been lost and his aura was quite complicated. Obviously, he had already lost his virginity and had slept with more than one person. This person’s private life should be quite embarrassingly rotten.

For Lin Zisheng, it was very easy to deal with such a person, he didn’t need to do much. He just floated around the person for a while before blowing out a breath onto the person.

Although ghosts didn’t kill people, they could have a very interesting effect on them. That is to say, they may lose a special item, miss the bus or forget an important appointment. In short, they would be unlucky.

When Zhang Daoling saw a thin, black gas fill the caustic man, he raised his brow slightly. It seemed that the ghost he brought back was not simple.

When a normal ghost used the ghost‘s ‘spirit’, they wouldn’t be able to master it to that degree at all. But Ying Qingxuan had a very good grasp. That ghost could both, tease him and make him want to speak out. This kind of bad luck people wouldn’t attribute to a ghost.

All in all, whether it was Lin Zisheng or Zhang Daoling, they only needed to watch the play.


Finally, in the morning, Zhang Daoling fully understood what it was to be unlucky. During lunch break, one person and one ghost went to the rooftop to eat.

“Ying Qingxuan, how did you die?” Zhang Daoling asked as he ate his lunch.

For a ghost, it was very rude to ask him how he died. No sooner than he asked, Zhang Daoling’s heart immediately filled with regret.

It was a very cruel thing to ask a person who had passed away to reminisce their death

To his surprise, Lin Zisheng slowly opened his mouth after a brief silence. “In fact, I can not remember something from such a long time ago. My only memory is from being in that little box. Being in such an environment, how can I still remember things from so far away?”

In fact, Lin Zisheng’s words were not false, but the true feelings of Ying Qingxuan’s heart.

Because others longed for his flesh and blood, he had been caught and sealed in a box. As for the outsiders, they had, naturally, turned a blind eye to it.

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