2.08 Timid and Fragile White Lotus

 T/L: Flying Airplane   E/D: kiskaiya  P/R: yashiro ryuuki & larkspur 

“Since you’ve promised me, I hope that you will not renege when I ask you in the future.” The evil ghost looked at Bai Mianmian with a hint of a smile before disappearing right before her eyes.

At this time, Bai Mianmian discovered that she was covered in a cold sweat. Her body shook, more from excitement than from fear.

After being granted a long awaited desire, who would be able to control their elation?

“Oh, wonderful, at last…” Bai Mianmian smiled softly. The originally demure voice, because of her heightened emotions, had a strange quiver. After such an intense interaction, not only did her voice tremble, it sounded dull and very ugly.

“Why are you so loud? Even if you don’t want to sleep, we still want to sleep. If you want to shout again, please go outside.” Bai Mianmian’s voice was like the screech of an owl in the dead of the night, startling the others awake in a cold sweat. So, how could they be polite?

Later, perhaps because of the evil ghost and Bai Mianmian’s deal, there were no more eerie incidents in the school. Even the entire Haicheng region was calm, making people feel like something was amiss.

“Daoling, what happened to make you so uneasy.” Having spent time with him, Lin Zisheng had a good grasp of his character. It was unlike Zhang Daoling, who had always been quite calm, to show other emotions.

“Nothing, I just think it has been too peaceful recently.” Although Zhang Daoling had hoped for peace like this, he knew that this was not normal.

As long as there are people in the world, there will be ghosts. As long as there is desire and greed, there will be evil spirits. These are inevitable .

At this time, Haicheng was calm and it seemed that all the ghosts had disappeared after July 15th.

“It is indeed very calm…” Lin Zisheng naturally understood Zhang Daoling’s meaning, though, what he felt was even more intense.

Zhang Daoling only saw the peace on the surface, but Lin Zizhen felt a dark tide lurking under the peace.

Those ghosts never disappeared. They have been concealed under the leadership of the evil ghost. They seem to be waiting for the arrival of a certain moment. Then, the accumulated power will erupt and your fears will come true – The world will be destroyed.

 Of course, Lin Zisheng would not say these words aloud.

He was now Ying Qingxuan, a part of this world, and it was necessary to follow the rules of this world. Even if you knew some things, they could not be spoken.

Host-daren. Although you can not say it directly, but you can remind him with an indirect approach. Do not forget your adventure task, oh 】 001’s voice rang, sounding so happy it made you want to spank it.

Lin Zisheng: “Hehe, can you not remind me of this annoying thing?”

Of course, Lin Zisheng noted this down in his heart. Because of the task, he had to help Zhang Daoling now. Although he didn’t know what the little dark house 001 was talking about was, he could be certain it was definitely not a good thing. He didn’t want to experience it at all!

“Daoling, have you ever thought that this may be that evil ghost’s scheme?” Lin Zisheng floated around Zhang Daoling with an innocent look. His black pupils seemed as if they were clear springs; so clear you could see the bottom, leading others to involuntarily believe in their owner.

001: 【 Hehe, you are clearly sesame stuffed dumpling, but you intentionally display such a lovely look. Where is your conscience, my host?! 】

Lin Zisheng: 【 It was eaten by you! 】

001: 【 Hehe. Host, can I kill you? 】

At Lin Zisheng’s words, Zhang Daoling frowned deeply. Originally, he only felt that the calmness was abnormal. But now, after listening to Lin Zisheng, he could not help thinking deeper.

“Daoling, Qingxuan.” Just as Zhang Daoling was pondering over the recent events, a familiar and disgusting voice sounded. Instinctively, the duo had terrible expressions. Last time, Bai Mianmian’s appearance had almost lead to their deaths. What  “disasters” would she bring with her this time?!

“Is something the matter?” Zhang Daoling thought that she would have felt terrible after seeing his disgust last time, but now he felt that he was truly naive.

“Everything’s fine. I just thought that you haven’t been out for a long time, so can we go shopping together?” Bai Mianmian looked hopefully at Zhang Daoling, even so her eyes held caution and solemnity that was impossible to ignore.

This was the attitude that disgusted Zhang Daoling. What did she mean by this? Did she act like this to force him to follow her?

“I don’t believe our relationship is good enough to be able to walk the streets together. Also, don’t call me Daoling. We are not so close.” After saying this, Zhang Daoling left, turning a blind eye to the fact that Bai Mianmian still wanted to say something.

He didn’t forget that Ying Qingxuan’s soul had almost disappeared because of this woman’s interference. And she still hasn’t apologized!

Bai Mianmian saw Zhang Daoling leave with no intention of returning. She was frozen in place. He actually refused her so outrightly, it was unscientific!(footnote 1)

“Refusing her so, are you not afraid she would avenge? Haven’t you heard the phrase ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’?” With the attitude of a bystander, Lin Zisheng watched the interaction between two people. He even felt some pity for Bai Mianmian. You see what happens when you love someone who does not understand amorous feelings?

001: 【 Host-daren, aren’t you really just gloating? 】

Lin Zisheng: 【 You guessed? 】

“Afraid?” Zhang Daoling sneered, his voice filled with disdain. “Compared with revenge, I am more afraid of her ability to drag others down. In such a situation, whether yours or mine, our lives will be in her hands.”

 Zhang Daoling’s words were not an exaggeration. Every time he had encountered danger, Bai Mianmian was sure to be nearby. It could be concluded that in ancient times she would have been doomed to be alone.


“And?” Lin Zisheng felt that Zhang Daoling was coming to the main point.

“She has a foul aura, and she has only gotten it recently!” Zhang Daoling could not tell where this foulness came from, but he was instinctively repulsed by it, so he would do his best to keep away from Bai Mianmian.

At Zhang Daoling’s words, Lin Zisheng remembered why he felt that she was different from the previous times he had seen her. He felt that the smell on Bai Mianmian seemed familiar, as if they were the same.

At this point, they both felt that was a foreboding. Perhaps, the calm before the storm.

On the other side, the refused Bai Mianmian returned to her dormitory where she was once again taunted by her roommates until she was left crying in her bed. Why did everyone treat her like this?

Finally, when she was alone in the dormitory, Bai Mianmian slowly raised her head; her eyes red and swollen.

“I know that you are here. You broke your promise,you promised he would like me after our deal!” But the current situation was the complete opposite of their agreement. Not only did Daoling not like her, but he’d also begun to hate her!

“I have never been untrustworthy. Don’t forget, you have yet to do anything for me, so why should this deity help you?” The evil ghost’s voice was full of contempt as he watched Bai Mianmian, his eyes full of scrutiny.

After listening to him, Bai Mianmian’s breath stagnated. Now she remembered, although they had made a deal, she had in fact done nothing.

Biting her lip, Bai Mianmian’s gaze was firm. “You said I can do whatever I want. And, as long as you don’t hurt Daoling, I will cooperate with you one hundred percent!”

 Although she had been befuddled by her desires, she still remembered her bottom line – nothing must hurt Zhang Daoling!

“Relax. My goal is the soul hanging around him, not Zhang Daoling himself.” His tone of voice was very firm. In truth, Zhang Daoling was also his goal, it was just that he was no longer the primary goal. The true dragon Blood lineage Ying Qingxuan was more attractive to him. After he swallowed that spirit, would Zhang Daoling be his opponent?

“Good! Tell me what I need to do.” Although Bai Mianmian felt sorry for Ying Qingxuan, in her heart, the one she loved would always be more important than the one who loved her.

Lin Zisheng: 【 Oh? Love? Is she not awake? 】

“Don’t worry. You don’t need to do anything difficult, you just have to do a little favor for me.” The ghost’s voice was casual, as if the task he had for Bai Mianmian really was something harmless.

“You said as long as I can do it I will get what I want. So I will definitely do it!” Bai Mianmian had lost her mind. Today, Zhang Daoling’s refusal and her roommate’s ridicule had brought her to the brink of collapse.

“Three days from now, bring Zhang Daoling to the designated place. If you do that, I can help you get him.” The evil ghost was full of confidence. It seemed that as long as she brought Zhang Daoling to him, the evil ghost would help her get him.

After hearing the evil ghost’s words, Bai Mianmian’s eyes lit up before she became dispirited again. “I won’t be able to do that. Daoling has started hiding from me.”  This was something she really couldn’t do.

“Rest assured, I will help you. After three days, Zhang Daoling will follow you to that place…” The evil ghost had a strange smile and his eyes were full of schemes.

At this time, neither Zhang Daoling nor Lin Zisheng knew that a plot against them was quietly unfolding. 


(footnote 1)which is unscientific/ this is unscientific / 这不科学 zhè bú kē xué: This is unscientific, China network popular words. It was first described as a thing or phenomenon that violated the common sense of materialism. Usually it is used in relaxed situations and not a serious written language. It’s used for fun, and sometimes it expresses the incredulity emotion of the user.

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