2.09 Timid and Fragile White Lotus

 T / L:haruharu E / D:kiskaiya   P / R:yashiro ryuuki & larkspur 

While the evil ghost and Bai Mianmian had already talked about what to do next, Lin Zisheng was wondering about other things after getting a surprising message from 001.

【Beep. System scanning. The female lead’s positive feelings have increased +5, and is currently 84. 】

【Side task two: Raise the female lead’s positive feelings to 80 or more (Completed). Mission rewards: experience 100, points 300. Does Host wish to receive the rewards? 】

“Yes.” Now Lin Zisheng really wanted to know what crazy and unbelievable things he had done to cause the female lead’s positive feelings to shoot straight up like a rocket.

【Host-daren, the female lead of this world has an abnormal fondness for good looks.】 It seemed that 001 understood what Lin Zisheng was thinking. Plus, it was also curious about this sudden increase in positive feelings, so it specifically checked it out.

As a result, 001 gave such a reason that made him speechless for a long time.

Lin Zisheng: Oh, someone who likes good looks that much is really scary!

Lin Zisheng had imagined countless reasons, he even considered her falling in love at first sight. But he never took her being a lover of good looks into account. Although, once he accepted this reasoning, it seemed to make some sense. But the key issue was that he really could not accept such a setting at all!

“Forget it, let’s change topics.” Lin Zisheng had no interest in how crazy Bai Mianmian was about good looks, “I think we should make a plan for what to do next.”

Although the world’s restrictions meant he couldn’t alter the plot too much, small changes were still possible.

It was said that a dyke a thousand miles wide could be destroyed by a single ant’s nest. Sometimes a subtle change could make the whole thing move in the opposite direction. It seemed that it would not be difficult for Lin Zisheng to do so now.

As he silently smashed the plot, he didn’t know why, but he felt uneasy, as if someone was plotting against him behind his back.

At this moment, the only one who Lin Zisheng could think of was the ghost from that day. Following that thought, if the ghost really wanted to trick him, then the first target for cooperation would naturally be Bai Mianmian. However, they all knew Bai Mianmian was terrified of ghosts, so he had discarded that idea at first.

What Lin Zisheng could not imagine was that when a woman really fell in love, she would become “strong” and bravely advance without any fear to get what they wanted!

【Host-daren, some information from the main system is still transmitting I have dug a useful piece of information out to assist with your plan later. 】

Hearing 001’s words, Lin Zisheng nodded his head in acknowledgement. Although he had confidence, he was not an arrogant person. Now that 001 had more useful information, he could certainly wait.

What Lin Zisheng did not realise was that while they could wait, other people couldn’t. After the evil ghost and Bai Mianmian agreed on a plan, the originally calm Hai City suddenly fell into a state of extreme turmoil.

Things such as ghosts and evil spirits seemed to have disappeared overnight and appeared again in Haicheng during another full moon. At this time, the whole seaside city was covered by dark clouds.

“Qingxuan, don’t you think that this whole thing is a bit strange?” It all happened so suddenly, Zhang Daoling did not have any preparations and was naturally caught off guard. “Suddenly disappearing and reappearing again, there was no time for defense. This was definitely the design of that evil ghost, and… ”

“”He must have gotten someone who is familiar with us to help him!””

The last was said by them unanimously. Obviously, their thoughts were exactly the same.

“In your opinion, who would it be?” Although phrased as a question, Zhang Daoling’s voice carried a trace of anger. Apparently there was already a potential candidate in his heart.

“Bai Mianmian!” Although she seemed like the most unlikely candidate, in the past few days Bai Mianmian had always followed them, so she would know their whereabouts well. It was not impossible that she had disclosed the information to the evil ghost. “Because of her fear of ghosts, I had excluded her.”

Unlike Lin Zisheng, Zhang Daoling never stopped doubting Bai Mianmian, even at this time. “It is hard to say, but now everything is just beginning. We still have time to figure out who the accomplice is!”

But even the best plan can’t keep up with change forever. Just when the two were preparing to secretly test whether or not Bai Mianmian was the one, something serious happened in Hai City. And it was a big matter!

Within two days, several people in Hai City died because of those evil spirits, and it was on a large scale. The most chilling thing was that those deaths seemed to be part of a ritual. It seemed like everyone died fromsuicide – a suicide like a sacrifice.

“Does the evil ghost want to hold a ceremony?” Seeing the half-finished formations painted with blood on the ground, Lin Zisheng frowned. Yin Qingxuan seemed to have a slight impression of this thing, but nothing specific .

“It seems to be. We’d better quickly stop it, no matter what the ceremony is, it will not be a good thing for us.” The evil ghost was the leader of those evil spirits who were stranded here. His strength was naturally one of the best. If he became even more powerful because of the ritual, it could be estimated that Hai City would soon become his sacrifice.

“Daoling, I can help you this time,” Bai Mianmian looked at Zhang Daoling, who had become more vigilant after she said that. Her heart was a little bitter. “Rest assured, I’m really not lying. My family lives nearby. I know more about the terrain there than you do, and I can take you directly to the spot while avoiding the police.”

Listening to Bai Mianmian, Zhang Daoling frowned again, but eventually accepted her help. There was no other way. Although Zhang Daoling was a member of the Celestial Master Association, this identity was not useful in the secular world. If he could avoid the police, it was better to avoid them!

Finally gaining his acceptance, Bai Mianmian smiled happily. Zhang Daoling was stupefied. This was the first time that he had seen her with such a cheerful smile. She used to smile like moonlight, as gentle as water but a little melancholy. But her present smile was like the sun, brilliant and shining. If it was before, perhaps he would have been touched because of her sudden bright smile.

But now… He didn’t know why, but after seeing her smile, Zhang Daoling’s thoughts turned out to be – Ying Qingxuan’s smile was better.

Damn it! Why did he think that a man’s smile was good-looking, and even that it was better than a girl’s smile?! This was such a devastating blow to his world views!

As a straight man, Zhang Daoling had never found any male attractive before. And since he was a Celestial Master, he understood the truth of yin and yang; however, he should not be attracted to a male.

Perhaps, it was because Ying Qingxuan and he had been getting along so well with each other, letting him involuntarily let go of his defenses around his heart.

“What happened?” Feeling Zhang Daoling’s gaze on his body, Lin Zisheng turned his head and smiled at him. The slightly raised phoenix eyes had a fascinating but sly light that made Zhang Daoling involuntarily put a hand on his chest.

Just now… Why did he feel palpitations at that moment, did he have a heart disease?

Bystander 001 just wanted to kneel to this pair of men after seeing this scene. It was clear that there was no romance between them, but the smile was surprisingly full of pink bubbles . Just what was going on here?!

Bai Mianmian naturally saw this scene. She suddenly felt a chill cover her body. Suddenly, she wanted to complete the transaction with the evil ghost as swiftly as possible or she would never be at ease!

After school, Bai Mianmian then took two people to the destination. She walked so quickly the other two could feel her eagerness.

According to the route given by the ghost, Bai Mianmian finally brought them to the predetermined spot. It was a villa that had been abandoned for a long time. No, maybe it should be said that it was unfinished. There should have been many villas here, but for some reason, it was abandoned before it was completed. And the place to hold the ceremony was right in the center of the most spacious villa!

“It’s here.” Standing at the door of a villa, Bai Mianmian refused to take a step forward. She could feel the coldness in the air, she had already been frozen stiff. She figured that if she entered, she would probably suffocate to death.

Looking at her expression, Zhang Daoling did not force her to go inside. Before Bai Mianmian could stop them, he followed Ying Qingxuan into the villa.

For a moment, a heavy cold air wrapped around them, making the two people stoodstand there stiffly, unable to move at all.

“Oh, welcome to my humble house.” Just as they tried to find a way to escape, a low voice called out, making the two people cease their struggles and squint at the dark corner not far away.

It was the evil ghost. They had already understood that this was all according to the evil ghost’s plan to catch them. It was also certain that Bai Mianmian was the one who helped him by betraying them.

Lin Zisheng seemed to hear nothing of the evil ghost’s words. Instead, his eyes focused on the dried bloody lines on the ground. Although he didn’t want to say anything, he finally said, “How big your guts are! In order to catch me, you surprisingly used the binding magic array!”

No one in this world knew more about this array than Lin Zisheng, because the reason why Yin Qingxuan was caught by those people was due to the fact they had sacrificed countless innocents to arrange a large binding magical array and trapped him until he died.


缚魔阵/ fù mó zhèn/ binding magic array:a magic circle that can trap a person or other living things.


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