chapter 1

T/L: haruharu   E/D: ryuuki

After a heavy rain, the forest was washed, clean and bright with cool air.

A hare sprung out of the woods and stopped in a patch of newly grown grass, looking around, vigilantly until it did not find anything dangerous. The hare lowered its head and nibbled on the fresh grass with its little mouth.

“whiz—— ”

A black arrow advanced straight towards that hare. It reacted quickly, rushing into the woods. The arrow passed along its body and scratched a little of its skin. The frightened hare was too nervous to escape properly, running straight into a tree, which made its faint and topple over.

Not long after, a person approached with a black composite bow. He was dressed in a field camouflage water-proof suit, with a hooded cap on his head, a mask on his face, sunglasses on his nose, and even his gloves were attached to his sleeves.

He was covered from head to toe, with a compact shovel on his waist, and seemed very cautious.

Looking at the hare that had fainted, Yang Yi was speechless.

Even though he equipped his bow with an eight-times scope, he was still unable to shoot a hare. It was only by accident that he could gain food. It was too difficult for him to support himself by hunting.

However, it was his first success, worth congratulations.

Luck also accounted for another kind of talent, right?

In particular, he made progress this time by succeeding in nicking the hare, which is immensely better than his actions in the past.

Yang Yi retrieved the arrow and carried the hare back to his temporary camp in the woods. That hare was surprisingly heavy, weighing about 70 kg. After reaching the campsite, he breathlessly threw the heavy hare to the ground.

The fire in the camp was still burning. There was a waterproof tent hung between two huge trees near the fire at a height of more than 2 meters. It was difficult for him to climb in every time. Although he didn’t want to, he had to do it if he didn’t want to end up becoming food for the wild animals in the night.

If there was any other choice, Yang Yi would absolutely not lead such a frightening and wild life. Looking at the hare, with its large body and sharp teeth capable of piercing his skin, that feeling deepened.

Yang Yi was not an ambitious person to lead a wild and dangerous life, he was unfortunately forced to transmigrated.

When he saw the two moons hanging in the sky on the first night, his last expectation completely disappeared. It was absolutely not the earth, nor it was a joke.

He transmigrated to an endless, uncivilized wilderness. He observed the people there by telescope. They wore animal skins and used stone tools.

Although Yang Yi was eager to find other people, he still calmed down and did not approach them carelessly. Many primitive tribes were very exclusive and some were even cannibalistic.

He would have to observe for a while longer before making further plans, since Yang Yi did not want to die as soon as he transmigrated.

He cherished his hard-won life very much, even though it was unsatisfactory here.

Yang Yi drank some water and added some firewood to the fire. Afterwards, he carried his catch to a nearby stream to deal with it. The water there was shallow, but clear and fast.

“This hare’s skin is too tough!”

Yang Yi peeled the hare with teeth clenched. The sharp kitchen knife became blunt in the face of this hare’s hard skin. It takes a lot of effort for Yang Yi to make a trace.

Although Yang Yi had never killed hares in the past, he still knew that in his original world, they definitely did not have such hard skin and meat.

Can he even chew that meat?

Thankfully, although it was difficult to skin it, the taste of meat was similar to the meat which Yang Yi ate before, despite its toughness.

Yang Yi took out the internal organs and roughly processed them. Then, he cuts the legs and divided the rest of hare meat into four pieces, each wrapped in huge leaves. As for the skin and fur, he put them and the internal organs into a large plastic bag.

Moving his hands, the bags disappeared into thin air.

One of the benefits of transmigration was his storage space, which meant that he owned a portable warehouse. However, he couldn’t put anything living into it.

The separated meat was inserted with a skewer and coated with salt, pepper, cumin, chili powder and ginger juice, and marinated for a few minutes before roasting.

But, the meat was not marinated enough in such a short time. What’s worse, it was an open fire instead of carbon fire. The outer layer of the skin would be too burnt to eat. Considering his current situation, though, Yang Yi did not care about that.

Being alone in this dangerous place, Yang Yi paid little attention to the food as long as his stomach could be filled.

In spite of this, the smell of food was still strong, it even made Yang Yi, who wasn’t lacking food with his storage space and only hunted to sharpen his survival skills, swallow his saliva.

When the meat was finally cooked well, Yang Yi tore off the scorched skin and bit down. His mouth was instantly flooded by the delicious taste so that he could not help squinting. This taste is really good!

The outer layer was crisp while the inside was tender. The more you chewed it, the more delicious it became.

This time, although the meat only pickled for a short time, it was surprisingly delicious, much better than those Yang Yi ate in his original world. Furthermore, it is his first time eating meat after coming to this world.

Before, when Yang Yi picked purslane, he discovered a difference. Although this world was dangerous, surprisingly the food here was more tasty, which comforted him a little.


Not far away, a bell rang, it was a simple alarm that Yang Yi set before. As long as there are animals passing by, they would inadvertently touch the rope, making the bell ring and warning him of an intruder.


Yang Yi quickly dropped the hare meat in his hands, grabbing the compact shovel and being alert.

A small head appeared from behind the tree. His face was dirty, his dry yellow hair was messy, but his eyes were big and bright.

The child’s eyes were full of fear and anxiety, looking at Yang Yi cautiously as if ready to flee at any moment.

After seeing the child clearly, Yang Yi relaxed and put his weapon down. Then, he picked the meat up off the ground and blew the dirt off, continuing to eat as if he did not see anyone else.

Yang Yi already familiar with this kid. On his third day here, the child was attracted by the smell of the food Yang Yi cooked.

The child was about 3 or 4 years old, similar to his little nephew. Yang Yi guessed that it was hunger that drove him here. Those groups of people were too afraid to approach this dangerous forest. So he had never bumped into them in spite of how much noise he made.

They must have just migrated here. On the first day that Yang Yi found them, they had not put up their tents, yet. Later, they began to build simple temporary shelters with leaves and hides.

Because they just arrived, they were cautious, limiting their activities, while the food there was very scarce.

The first time that child appeared, Yang Yi had already noticed him. As soon as his eyes swept past, the child ran away like a rabbit. The speed was so quick it was obviously faster than a normal human.

The day after, the child came again.

The third day, the fourth day…..

He was coming closer each day, obviously trying to sound Yang Yi out.

Today, he even touched Yang Yi’s alarm, trying to enter his safety zone.

Yang Yi saw that the child did not turn around and run away, so he cut a piece of meat from an untouched section and threw it to the child.

Then, without looking at him, Yang Yi ate the remaining meat and picked his field soldier’s lunch box that was hanging on the fire, eating the purslane inside it with a matching spoon.

The hare was large enough to support him for several days, making it easy for Yang Yi to eat his fill..

The child glanced at him, then immediately jumped out to pick up the hare’s meat, before he quickly hid behind the tree again.

Yang Yi only saw the child’s silhouette when he realized the meat had already disappeared. If the child was living in his previous world, he definitely would have won various gold medals in all kinds of running races.

Mao didn’t bother brushing the mud and dirt off the meat before taking a bit, his eyes lighting up.

It is so delicious!

He had never eaten such yummy food.

Mao was surprised. He quickly chewed and swallowed the meat, showing his appreciation.

There was something hot in his mouth, as if it was going to burn him. But Mao still continued chewing happily.

Yang Yi just realised that he had put chili peppers on the meat. It was not a problem for him since he just wanted to make it taste more flavorful. Living in the wild, Yang Yi did not dare to eat food with strong flavours, which may place a heavy burden on his stomach.

He did not know how the child would react and whether he could bear it. Yang Yi hoped that he would not get sick due to the chili peppers.

Mao adapted to the flavour quickly. Although he felt hot at first, shortly after, there was only a delicious taste beyond description in his mouth. Seeing that, Yang Yi was shocked.

Soon, the whole piece of meat, bones and all, had been devoured by him .

All of the small bones had been chewed up and swallowed As for those he couldn’t swallow, he gnawed and sucked on them before spitting them out, even licking his hands.

Yang Yi was astonished, the meat he gave to that child was bigger than his own piece. It was enough for an adult like him yet it was still insufficient for a child?

No matter how hungry he was, it was still unbelievable.

After finish eating the hare’s meat, Mao didn’t trying to leave or hide behind the tree anymore. He stood and faced Yang Yi directly.

He looked at the weird person in front of him, with his strange clothes and various strange things around him. There was no longer any cautiousness in Mao’s eyes, leaving only curiosity.

Yang Yi didn’t try to close the distance between them. He just scooped out some soup and vegetables from the aluminum lunch box that served as a pot and put them in front of Mao. He then continue to eat his soup slowly.

Mao noticed Yang Yi’s actions and moves a little closer to him.

Though they were closer now, there were still two meters between them and Mao hadn’t touched the food.

It was relatively warm during the day. But the forest blocked out the sun and the ground was damp, making it colder when the wind blew through..

However, it was much better than at night. The temperature dropped rapidly until it was below freezing.

Yang Yi was covered by thick clothes, including an outdoor jacket, to keep him warm, so it doesn’t matter.

But Mao was only covered by leaves. When the wind blew through, he couldn’t help shivering.

After thinking for a while, Yang Yi summoned the wrapped hare skin, internal organs and meat from his bag. Then he pulled out a coral fleece blanket from inside.

Mao’s eyes were fixed on the blanket. Although he had never seen such a thing, he still felt that it would be warm.

What is that colorful and warm thing?!

Mao had never seen such a beautiful and soft fur, and even the leader of the rich caravan from Western lands had not.

Yang Yi pointed at the blanket in his hand, waving it towards Mao. After hesitating for a while, he slowly approached.

Once he got close, Yang Yi covers Mao with that blanket. Instinctively, Mao wanted to bolt, but the warm feeling stopped him.

Mao instantly opens his eyes wide and yelled excitedly.

“It is so warm! So soft!”

Another benefit of transmigration——the translation machine inside his brain.

Although the child’s language was strange, Yang Yi could still understand what he said.

Although he knew a few words, with no way to study the language, he had no way to clearly express his thoughts.

Yang Yi looked at the child, showing a gentle smile to leave a warm impression.

He pointed to himself, “Yang Yi, my name is Yang Yi.”


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