Chapter 2

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Mao was full and satisfied with the food at Yang Yi’s place. He left happily with the meat and coral fleece blanket that Yang Yi gave him.

Yang Yi was worried that Mao couldn’t carry all of it. The hare meat covered by the fur was heavier than him.

Unexpectedly, the child who looked so thin and small had great strength. He easily carried the bag on his back.

However, when he left, the speed was obviously slower as he was not as quick as before.

Yang Yi watched him disappear into the forest, then he climbed up the simple ladder made of rope on the big tree.

This was what he had made before. Living in the city for a long time, he was unable to climb the tree flexibly. So, he made a ladder with a safety rope. He tied a long rope to an arrow then he shot it with a bow over the highest tree branch, then he tied the rope to the trunk to fasten it.

It was less difficult to climb this tall tree with the rope ladder, but it still took a lot of effort to do it. So, he wouldn’t come down if it wasn’t necessary.

The tree was around seven or eight stories tall. He would climb up here everyday after he had enough to eat and drink to observe the tribe with telescope.

The tribe’s condition didn’t look good. Yang Yi estimated that there were around a hundred people and many of them were old, weak and sick.

They looked somewhat Oriental, but with more solid features. They were also taller, especially for the hunting team. Even women were estimated to be around 1.8 meters tall, and men were at least 1.9 or even 2 meters tall. However, not everyone was tall; there were also many who were relatively small.

This tribe possibly had two teams to look for food in a nearby area everyday. The first team was a hunting team which was composed mostly of strong looking men. And the other team was a gathering team, mostly comprised of women and children. Each team consisted of about seven or eight people.

The people who stayed in the camp would not rest leisurely. They were busy with miscellaneous tasks like gathering firewood, cleaning up the camp, making stone tools and so on.

Their weapons were still made of stone, and they didn’t dare stray too far from their camp. Therefore, their search wasn’t going well and couldn’t provide enough food for them.

Yang Yi could see their frustration, their weakness and their struggle to survive from afar with his telescopes.

Before Mao arrived at the camp, the hunting team came back.

The hunting team arrived at the camp first, and everyone looked at them expectantly.

The results were that they only saw firewood and some small animals and insects in the hunters’ hands, which caused the light in their eyes to dim.

“Nevermind, tomorrow will be better,” said Jiao comfortingly while holding a baby in her arms.

The baby’s eyes were motionless. It wasn’t because he was smart enough to stay quiet, but because he was too hungry and didn’t have the energy to cry. Because of starvation she didn’t have enough milk to breastfeed her baby.

Jiao was the eldest among their group and had three children living with her.

She was not a warrior, but she had a lot of wisdom and had some simple knowledge about medicine. Her vast experience helped her survive many crises along her journey, earning everyone’s respect.

Yan Shi, the captain of the hunting team, was very ashamed. He looked displeased, but said nothing. The other members of the team were also very frustrated.

If they couldn’t find enough food, they wouldn’t be able to survive.

They were already very tired from this whole journey, exhausting most of their energy. Many people were in very bad condition and in need of food to recover.

“Let’s go to the Black Forest tomorrow,” said the only female warrior, determination in her eyes.

“No, it’s too dangerous!” Jiao immediately opposed. “We have too few people, and we also don’t have Black Rock weapons. Going there is suicidal.”

The Black Forest was a desirable and fearful place to them.

There was plenty of food there, but also many beasts inhabiting the forest that could easily kill people.

The most frightening thing was that it was a cursed place. There were many excellent hunting teams that mysteriously died in there.

Later, people went in to check, and they didn’t see any wounds. They died without a struggle.

As long as people born on the Eastern continent knew the power of this forest, no tribe dared to conquer it.

“We’ll just hunt in the border area. Instead of waiting for starvation, it’s better to take the risk,” Rong insisted.

Another member of the hunting team also spoke up, “I agree that there are very few animals around here, but further on is the Green Python tribe’s territory. We shouldn’t go hunting there.”

The Green Python tribe was a large tribe. They lived a secluded life in the forest and didn’t like to deal with the outside world.

They were like snakes. It was fine if you did not provoke them, but once they were riled, they would show their fangs and mercilessly bite you to death.

“That’s it!” Yan Shi stood up and decided.

Jiao sighed deeply and didn’t say anything more. She only hoped that the gathering team would have better results today. Otherwise, their only choice was to hunt in the Black Forest with great risk.

At this moment, the gathering team returned. Everyone could feel their situation was also not good, and they became listless.

“The plants here are different from those around the Black Rock tribe. We don’t know what is edible. There’s very little food we can find.”

Whether the plant can be eaten or not, it needed to be tasted to get the result, and the knowledge passed them down from generation to generation.

From the start, there were many of them that came here. But in the middle of their journey, several of their elders died from poison in order to test whether new plants could be eaten or not.

They had too few people left now. Compared with the number of people who were exiled from Black Rock tribe, they had already lost half. They didn’t dare to take any more chances.

“I wonder if Hei Lie will come to find us.” Someone in the crowd spoke, and everyone became silent. They wouldn’t have been so miserable if Hei Lie was with them.

That man was brave, good at fighting, fierce, yet he was also cautious. He would be able to organize everyone to take down the beasts and arrange the traps. Everyone could do better with him around than they could now.

He didn’t despise the weak and he was also very good at making plans. Under his leadership, everyone would be able to be an indispensable part of the group.

However, would he come?

If he came, the chief and the priest will definitely force him out of the Black Rock tribe.

Hei Lie was a strong candidate for the future chief. It was unnecessary for him to leave that position just to suffer with them here.

The people fell into a deep depression. If Hei Lie didn’t come, they really didn’t know whether they could survive or not.

They had too few fighters, most of them were ordinary people who were rejected by their tribe and would be sold to other tribes as slaves.

This desperate journey made many of them very weak and lose their fighting strength.

At this moment, a cheerful voice could be heard from far away.

“Come on, everyone. See what I’ve brought back with me!”

Everyone followed the sound and became shocked.

What kind of animal was this?! How could it have such a beautiful, soft fur?

No, it’s the clever Mao! What’s on his body, how was the color so bright and beautiful? It’s like his body was dyed with the rainbow.

Yang Yi watched Mao return to his group with his telescope. They were shocked by the things Mao brought back. Everyone gathered around and kept looking at him in surprise.

They were so shocked by the coral fleece blanket that they ignored the hare. Everyone came up and touched it, astonished by the craftsmanship of the blanket.

In the end, the blanket was divided into several pieces, which was then distributed to the children and the sick.

The pelt taken care of, the meat was then divided and everyone got a share.

However, people who went out searching for food would get a larger share, but there still wasn’t much. The meat just was too little for them all. The hare was only large enough for them to have a taste.

The hare’s meat was very little for their big group. No one would have thought to eat the meat alone, they would still have some consideration for the children and the sick.

They were still very happy with such little food, and the previous depression dissipated a lot.

When Yang Yi saw this, he had a good impression towards this group.

Some primitive tribes didn’t have too many morals among them. They followed the law of the jungle. When there was a food shortage, they would abandon the elderly, the young, and the sick to ensure they had enough food.

This group was more humane.

Mao excitedly described the meat he had eaten in the Black Forest. Even with his poor language skills, everyone could tell how delicious the food was, even if they had never eaten it before.

He told them of the strange things worn by the strange man in the Black Forest, and the extraordinary fur with bright colors, raising everyone’s interest.

Especially the members of the hunting team, they were keenly aware that some of these items should be very powerful weapons that they have never seen before.

“Is it true? Is it really so amazing?”

Mao nodded repeatedly, “It’s amazing! He doesn’t seem strong and looks very weak, but he dares to live in the Black Forest. He also has a lot of food, wears strange clothes and is not afraid of getting cold. He’s very generous.”

Recalling the food he ate today, Mao couldn’t help but swallowing his saliva, making the others yearn.

When they came here, they found that there was smoke in the Black Forest, but they did not dare to approach.

Mao, a young, bold and fast-runner, dared to approach again and again because there was no one watching over him.

Deep down in their hearts, they also hoped to be accepted by the people here. It really was too hard to rely on their own strength.

Everyone looked at the soft and bright fur. How rich he must be to so nonchalantly give a child such a good quality fur.

“This is God’s will!” Jiao, who had been silent, suddenly spoke.

The baby she held before had been carried away by her mother. She finally had eaten the chewed meat and became more energetic.

The others look at Jiao, who then said, “We’ve had a hard time holding on until now, God doesn’t want to see us die, so he brought him to us.”

After saying that, Jiao kneeled down in the direction of Yang Yi as the highest courtesy.

People who saw it also knelt down.

Yan Shi, the most powerful warrior, followed suit after thinking for a while, and it made the others do the same without hesitation.

“God, please take us away from hunger and coldness, we are willing to offer you everything.”

Yang Yi clearly saw this scene with the telescope, and he slightly smiled.

His choice was correct.

When transmigrating to this world, he had two choices for a landing spot.

One was a rich, large-scale group, and the other spot was near small group with poor condition.

He hesitated for a long time and chose the latter.

The former sounded more appropriate, and only with many people could their safety be guaranteed in the wilderness. But, the problem was how he, an outsider, could assimilate with their group. He was not sure whether the other party was kind enough towards strangers.

Without power to protect yourself, the more things you owned, the easier you would become the target of others greed.

Moreover, he didn’t want to simply blend in with them, he wanted to be their leader.

The latter may not be able to guarantee his safety because of their lack of power. But, relatively speaking, it was easier for him to protect himself and also easy enough to make them accept him.

Even if I can’t, it’s still easy to escape.

Yang Yi actually wasn’t worried about food and drink. As the first person in the《Great Wild Construction》full service, he still had many preferential conditions.

Yang Yi would have never thought that someday he would encounter a cross-over world’s event in his life. He liked to play games such as survival in wilderness, island construction, farmer, etc. He also liked to enjoy similar books, novels, TV and movies. It seemed like he wanted to become the king of the jungle and an infrastructure maniac.

However, all of this didn’t mean that he really thought to take the risk. He was just someone who was fond of it, but he was actually scared once a real opportunity came. He didn’t really want to go and live in a truly undeveloped area.

Even if he was given abundant resources, he still wouldn’t want to move at all.

He lived well in modern society, had a car, a house with a deposit. Only if he was trapped with nowhere to go, would he willingly come here. He wasn’t even willing to go to the Amazon.

Who would have known that such a thing had actually happened!

But he was chosen and could not refuse.

God said that he was already dead in the modern era, and this was his only chance to live. This was his reality.

As long as Yang Yi completed the task given by God, such as building a city, reclaiming farmland, raising livestock, solving food and clothing problems for a million people, and making it so they could develop on their own, he could get a free life and return to his original world.

One million people!

Yang Yi became furious on the spot. Although he could exceed the goals in the game, this was an actual uncivilized world!

It took mankind thousands of years to accomplish that. Even though he had modern knowledge, it was impossible for him alone to achieve that big goal. Moreover, he had to lead so many people!

It was good to just be alive. Going back to his world, that was something he would not count on with that mission as a barrier.

Even though God didn’t plan to let him start from scratch to begin with, and also allowing him to bring the basic necessities, he still felt it was far-fetched.

Before officially transmigrating, he could use money in the game to buy the materials from the game’s shop. Furthermore, he could carry the warehouse in the game, which was equivalent to obtaining storage space filled with materials.

Once transmigrated, real life experience began.

He couldn’t return to the past. There was no way to replenish the materials, and he also couldn’t withdraw the rest of the money, either.

He only had one day to make crazy purchases. This was also a test for him on how to make use of limited money and time to the full extent to have the most suitable materials.

Luckily, both Yang Yi’s survival and construction levels in each game were first class, so he cleared the mission little by little. He had certain theoretical knowledge on how to develop the primitive world which also helped.

He was a man who was very calculated and business-minded. His deposits in the game were impressive, so he could do quick purchases to advance his goals.

Unfortunately, the game mall was limited, similar to a real market or online shop.

Goods’ prices, quality, laws and regulations, etc, were all the same as his previous reality, so prohibited goods couldn’t be purchased. Otherwise, he would have stockpiled a lot of good things such as firearms.

Moreover, in order to avoid him relying too much on them, these supplies were not of infinite quantities.

The higher the civilization was, the shorter the lifespan.

Moreover, it was not enough to only complete the construction task. He also had to reproduce the items he brought out from the mall with the same value.

Therefore, if he wanted to go back to his original world, he had to accomplish some achievements.

It would be impossible to spend his entire life here relying on the supplies he purchased. He must integrate into society.

Since the beginning, he had considered it clearly. He had gotten an abundance of supplies, but wasn’t given a body compatible with the dangers of the world, which forced him to rely on more than the supplies on hand to survive.

There were poisonous insects, snakes, and ferocious beasts here. Unlike at zoos on earth, where such animals didn’t appear in one area simultaneously. There was also a ferocious, legendary monster that could be seen here.

There were more fierce and dangerous beasts than those on earth. He couldn’t even get a handle on small herbivores.

Although herbivores didn’t eat meat, they could still attack those weaker than themselves, and they had a strong territorial awareness.

Humans didn’t stand at the top of the food chain here, they were still struggling just to survive.

Even if Yang Yi did not want to return to his original world, if he wanted to have a good life here, he must lead this group of people to advance.

God knew that Yang Yi’s combat prowess was low compared to the danger here, therefore He gave Yang Yi three lives, just like in the game《Contra》.

Note: In order to ensure that he could feel the reality of the world, sense of pain would not be lessened.

When Yang Yi first arrived, he accidentally touched the ants on the tree. Those ants’ bite made him cry. He scratched his entire body and jumped around as if he had lost his mind. He then accidentally entered the man-eating flower territory and got swallowed by one.

At that time, he felt intense pain, and his whole body seemed to be disassembled and reassembled until he lost consciousness.

When he woke up, he had already returned to where he started.

The God said that he died instantly on the earth, meaning he died so fast he didn’t realize it. But this time, he really felt the terror of death.

At the same time, he also realized the cruelty of the world. Without protection, even if he had a hundred lives, it wouldn’t be enough. Moreover, it could also leave him with serious psychological trauma.

From that time on, he did not dare to take things lightly. He quickly armed himself, and desperately tried to recall his survival skills.

He only had two lives left. If he ran out, he would permanently die here with no chance for him to be reborn again.

So, the group responded and he actively tried to get in touch and integrate with them.

Yang Yi took out a large mirror and held it high against the sun, shooting a glaring light.

I saw it, I am coming.


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