Chapter 3

T/L: haruharu   E/D: ryuuki

“God must have heard our prayers!”

The “Divine Light” was very far away, but everyone could see it. That peculiar light must be God’s.

Everyone couldn’t help but start crying. Being abandoned and expelled by their tribe made them felt insecure. Hunger and continuous fear of death made them desperate.

But now, when they saw hope, how could they not be excited?

They were not abandoned by God, they could continue to live on!

Without command, everyone went to the Black Forest, but they did not dare to enter, staying at the edge of the trees.

Due to the horror legends of the Black Forest before, they felt that this was probably the God’s domain, so it was not allowed the human to enter. Anyone who trespasses will die. Before, frightening legends surrounded the Black Forest. But now, the tribespeople felt that this was probably God’s domain, and no human was allowed to enter. Those who trespassed would die.

Whatever the truth, it was not a place they could enter.

“Will God come out to see us?”

“Sure, as long as we are pious enough,” Jiao affirmed

“But we have nothing to offer.”

These  words expressed everyone’s worry. If God was willing to help them, they should offer some tributes in return.

“I will sacrifice myself to God,” a young female voice crisply sounded.


Everyone’s eyes showed an unwillingness. Ting was the most beautiful girl in their group; although she was not a warrior, her beauty made her very popular.

In the past, there were many men in the Black Rock tribe who wanted to have children with her and treated her very attentively. If not for her unwillingness to leave her sick mother, it would be possible for her to stay in the Black Rock tribe and be well cared for.

But now, she took the initiative to be a sacrificial offering.

“I’m the most suitable to be the offering, am I not? Besides, I’m going to be with God. It’s a wonderful thing,” said Ting, quite relaxed.

Having said that, they trusted in God and believed that God would bring Ting to a better world. Even so, they were still felt reluctant.

Ting was not a warrior, but her body was very healthy. If she married a warrior, the probability of having a child with warrior talents was very high.

Furthermore, she was so beautiful, making them feel the goodness of life, just like a light in the dark.

At this moment, no one complained anymore, because it was all for God.

Ting lips curved in a smile. She closed her eyes and put the polished stone axe to her neck…

Yang Yi had just come out from the forest when he immediately saw this scene.

“Put it down!!!” Yang Yi thundered.

His expression was serious and he gazed at the stone axe with disgust. Even if they didn’t know his language, they still understood the meaning.

Ting was stunned until Yang Yi took away the weapon.

She hurriedly knelt on the ground, “God!!!”

If there was still had any doubt before, when they saw Yang Yi, they belived that this man was indeed a God. He was simply too extraordinary.

His skin was whiter and finer than Ting’s, and his attire was exquisite and elegant. Facing him, even the acknowledged beauty, Ting, felt inferior.

They had never seen the clothes on his body before. They also had no idea what material it was made from, just that it looked very unusual, the pattern able to hide him in the forest.

Holding a strange black bow with an arrow attached to it. It looked very strong and powerful at the first sight.

The strange weapon that glistened with metal around his waist was enviable, but also intimidated these primitive people. It looked like a tongue, one side of it was a sharp blade, the other side like a row of fangs; it glistened a frightening cold light, just a look and one could tell it was very sharp. (Ordnance shovel: A special shovel for the army)

This metal weapon was obviously far more powerful than those Western Merchants Guard’s weapons. It would definitely not be inferior to the blackstone weapons if they had any.

Soldiers such as Yan Shi felt their blood boil after seeing such a weapon.

If they had such weapons, then they would not have to worry about starving.   

As Mao said, he didn’t have a strong temperament, looking softer even than the ordinary man, but he actually dared to live in the Black Forest.

Hearing this, Yang Yi became silent.

Should he take the opportunity to pretend that he is a God? It was a question he pondered all the way here.

If he was regarded as a God, his safety factor would be higher for a period of time. But, he would also be given more responsibility.

He was just an ordinary person and unable to do a lot of things that a God would be able to do. At that time, his status as God would be easily broken.  

Even if he had things that were far beyond the level of civilization here, which could  bring these primitive people tremendous changes, he was not as omnipotent as God.

If he set himself too high, he would have no way to back down. Once there was an accident, it would just come back to bite him.

Deception could only help him for a while; and he was no good at deception. He didn’t want to live in fear of being exposed.

Past experiences had taught him not to underestimate anyone’s intelligence, even if these primitive people looked very easy to deceive.

These people were just backward and poor, but it didn’t mean they were stupid. Once they realized something was wrong, it was hard to say it they would tear  him apart without any mercy.

No one liked to be conned. Even in online games, it was pretty risky.

Once, there was a player who did so; After his game account rating soared very high, he was exposed by the enemy, and then it was game over.

“I am no God.”

Just when Yang Yi wanted to find appropriate words to introduce himself, a sharp voice interrupted him.

“Jing!!!” Rong screamed .

Everyone was attracted by the noise, so no one immediately responded to Yang Yi’s words.

A tall man beside Rong, he who was originally kneeling, suddenly fell to one side in a coma. He looked very bad. No matter how violently others shook his body, he still wouldn’t wake up.

“God, please save him! He is a brave warrior, and he should not die like this!” Rong howled, no longer as fierce as when she hunted.  

Jing was her partner. There were not many people who paired up and lived together. but once they decided to be a pair for life, they lived together unless one of them died, becoming the closest person to the other.  

Other people’s expressions were also not good, but looked as if they expected this to happen.

Jing could hold out until now because Jing was able to last this long. It also deepened their understanding for the level three warrior’s mightiness. Unfortunately, after all that, he still could not escape the devil and would lose his life soon.  

Looking at the man who fainted, Yang Yi could not help but frown.

This guy named Jing, everything below his right elbow was gone and his right eye was blind. There were many horrible pus-filled wounds on his body. The situation looked very bad.

His originally strong and tall body had now become emaciated. Rong sobbed. She clearly knew well that Jing’s situation was very serious.  

Jing came here as if it was the last task he needed to accomplish before his body couldn’t hold on any longer, and it was hard to get up again.

When Rong heard that God appeared, she was so excited as hope sprang up in her heart. She felt that what other people had said was right—— She was indeed a lucky person.

She carried him up on her back and walked with the others to the edge of the Black Forest. The whole way, she told Jing that God was here and could save him, and they could hunt together again in future.

God was here, He would be able to save him! However, Yang Yi shook his head again and denied, “I am not God.”

Rong was astonished as despair gradually filled her eyes . So did those of the other people.

After all, they were a group of abandoned people, why would God care about them? The great God would only care for the strong.  

Rong wailed, her last hope was shattered.

Others also despaired for this great warrior and for their miserable future without any ray of hope.

“But, I can take a look”

The clear voice broke the oppressive atmosphere as Yang Yi walked over and the crowd unconsciously stepped aside, opening the way for him.

There was still a glimmer of hope!

Yang Yi crouched down to check. Jing’s situation was very serious, his  whole body was obviously hot to a dangerous degree. The two main wounds showed symptoms of infection, and other wounds were not very optimistic.  

What did this person experience that he did not have any intact skin left.

Especially the arm; it was rotted and infested with maggots. Even without getting close, Yang Yi could smell the stench .

“I can’t guarantee that it will cure him. It might even hasten his death. Do you still want me to try?”

The language Yang Yi used was Chinese, and his current ability was not great enough to express his meaning in the local language.

But from his tone, expressions and gestures, Rong roughly understood, so she begged, “Please save him. As long as you save him, my life and his will be yours. No matter if he lives or dies, I am willing to let you try.”  

The others also begged Yang Yi, one after another. This stranger was so mysterious and exotic looking, if he willing to give a hand, it may be Jing’s last hope.

It was an adventure. But Yang Yi did not intend to give up. Not only to integrate into this world, but also to survive.  

That was his first test and also the only chance for this person to survive. This man had been severely infected, but these people didn’t have the ability to save him.   

Yang Yi gestured for everyone to back away, leaving just Rong, Jiao and Ting. Rong was a family member, so it was not good to send her away. Jiao and Ting didn’t look threatening and could help him.

The former was obviously the backbone of this team. With Jiao here, Yang Yi was not worried whether other people would hurt him; as for the latter, she was the only person that Yang Yi  noticed.

He was willing to take a risk, but he also did not forget to leave an escape route for himself.

He pulled out a safety rope from the bag and bound Jing tightly, in case he struggled because of pain. Narcotic agents could not be purchased legally, so Yang Yi did not have these things.

Rong, Jiao and Ting  immediately understood what he wanted to do and took the initiative to suppress Jing.

Yang Yi took out hydrogen peroxide, Ethacridine Lactate solution, an ampicillin capsule, sterile gauze, a Yunnan Baiyao capsule, ibuprofen suspension, surgical gloves, sutures and a scalpel.

The variety of strange objects drew Jiao and Ting’s attention, making them shocked and curious. The hope in their heart grew stronger. Even Rong, who had put all her attention on Jing, noticed.

They didn’t know what these were, but they knew for sure that these things were definitely not simple.

Even if this person was not God, he was not a normal mortal either!

Yang Yi put everything in order, and then opened his mouth to confirm again: “I can’t guarantee anything, but I will try my best.”

Then, he used their language to add: “I am not God.”

The three women couldn’t understand the strange language, but they could still guess what he meant.

Jiao: “He’s already been entangled by the devil before, we can’t take him back if he dies, it has nothing to do with you.”

With this word, Yang Yi felt much more relieved in his heart, he took a deep breath and made psychological preparation for himself.

He was not a doctor with professional knowledge. He just glanced over some relevant books on the spur of the moment. Even with so many tools and medicine, he still could not guarantee  anything.

Yang Yi put on the surgical gloves, and first treated the surface wounds on Jing’s skin.

First, he rinsed the wound with hydrogen peroxide to wash away the dirt. Without anesthesia, the pain made Jing tremble slightly, but the rope and several women pressing him stopped him from moving.

Subsequently, he used the scalpel to remove the rot, and after simple and rough suturing, the wound was wrapped with a sterile gauze soaked in Ethacridine solution.

The whole process was simple, yet crude, and the bloody scene looked horrible. If seen by modern doctors, they would definitely scold him and say that he was trying to someone.  

In fact, Yang Yi regretted it as soon as he started to operate. After all, he was not a professional doctor, where did get the courage from.

Moreover, this was not a game. All this medicine was the same as in reality, without strong, instantaneous effect like in games. Just now, he was too impulsive.

But due to the promise made, he had to bite the bullet. If not for the fact that this man’s state was so bad that he would die without help, Yang Yi would definitely escape.

Just a short time and his back was soaked with sweat.

After handling these wounds, Yang Yi felt that he had a little more experience. He began to deal with the arm arm, followed by the eyes.

Jing’s eye had been dug out and was infected due to lack of proper care. Luckily, Yang Yi had a little experience, so that he could hold on when dealing with Jing’s hair-raising wound.  

Completing the amateur operation, Yang Yi used some warm water from the military water bottle to feed Jing the ampicillin capsules, Yunnan Baiyao capsules and finally,  ibuprofen.

Antibiotics, hemostatic drugs, and antipyretics were all used. If Jing still could not be saved,Yang Yi had no other means.

After the whole ordeal, he was exhausted. Even though he wanted to run away, his legs were too soft to do so. Also, because the three women showed no bad intentions towards him, he dared to relax a little.  

Jing had woken up from the intense pain right at the beginning. He didn’t know what the stranger in front of him was doing, but he chose to trust him.

In addition to some instinctive muscle tremors, he almost did not need any physical restraint; Jing bit a stick and managed to pull through the unprofessional operation with no anesthesia.

When feed medicine, he was also very cooperative, with a high desire for survival.

Yang Yi admired and held great esteem for such a man of iron. No matter from which angle, Yang Yi hoped he could survive.

He had done what he could, and the rest was up to God.

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I love how this novel mentions how he is not a professional at this and even if he saw this in a book, it still didn’t mean he has any skill for it unlike some other novels where the mc just conveniently happens to know how to do surgery despite being a normal citizen, or how he has a unexpected talent in this field and can do some fine work in this situation for insane plot amour.
Than you for translating this novel~