Chapter 4

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“Yi! Yi!” Mao’s voice sounded in the forest, shocking a group of birds.

Yang Yi let out a sigh of relief. That meant the operation was a success. He had finished the operation on Jing yesterday and let the three women leave with Jing while he returned to the Black Forest. He had done all that he could do and any more care he provided wouldn’t have much effect.

Currently, he still didn’t feel that he could fully trust these people. He wasn’t sure that they would keep their promise and not blame him if Jing wasn’t healed. And this forest was safer for him than anyone else.

“Jing is awake! He has completely recovered. He said that he can go hunting in two days!” Mao was so excited that his eyes sparkled as he danced in excitement.

Although Jing no longer had his right hand or right eye, he was still a tough warrior, an experienced hunter, and everyone felt safer with him there .

Only one day has such an effect?

Yang Yi could not determine if the child was exaggerating. He had to go check it out himself.

“Come on, let’s go see.”

Mao lead the way,looking very excited.


“Yi, let’s go faster. How can you go so slowly!?”


I’m already running! I’ll vomit if I go any faster!

After Yang Yi graduated from college, although he often stayed indoors, he was still good at running.

He even participated in a running competition at school and won the prize. But now, even a little kid who didn’t reach his leg could run faster than him!

The little boy was still barefoot, while Yang Yi was wearing hiking boots.

This world is so fucked up! This is not the way things are supposed to go!

When he arrived at that group’s living area, Yang Yi could not help but frown. Even though he had seen the situation through his telescope, when he was actually here, he couldn’t help but sigh.

It’s too poor, too miserable!

Most of the structures here were temporary tents made from large leaves. The people’s bodies were also very simply dressed with their thighs and arms exposed as fur was scarce.

I have no clue how these people survived in this freezing environment.

In the middle of the camp was a big bonfire with several stone pots next to a rice cooker. There was also pottery, but not a lot and none of it was completely intact.

Yang Yi heard something that sounded like a ‘ding-dong’ from far away. Someone was using one stone tool to hit a slightly flat stone to make a large hole. This group of people came here with nothing, everything had to be started again from scratch.

It was still early, so the hunting and the collection teams had not yet set off. Everyone was still here.

Yang Yi’s arrival immediately attracted everyone’s attention, and their eyes filled with enthusiasm and awe.

If one had to guess what they’re thinking, it would probably be ‘This person saved Jing from the brink of death death. He said that he is not a god, but he is doing the same thing as a god!’

In the past, situations like Jing’s were equivalent to a death sentence. Even the most powerful fighters could not have saved him.

A tall figure soon came over to Yang Yi and and kneeled down directly.

“You saved me. My life belongs to you.”

The man was still dying yesterday, yet now he was full of vitality. He was still relatively weak, but he was no longer in danger of dying. Mao did not exaggerate, the man had recovered very well, much more than he thought he would’ve.

Yang Yi planned to give Jing an infusion more effective than the antibiotics if his situation didn’t improve, but evidently that wasn’t necessary now. The only reason he didn’t use it before was because he had antibiotics for animals at the time.

Antibiotics were prescription drugs which couldn’t be purchased directly according to regulations. Furthermore, it could only be taken orally, and the amount was limited.

However, there was no limit for the veterinary antibiotics. Yang Yi considered his circumstances and determined that if he encountered an extreme situation, he could buy a lot of them and try it.

Unexpectedly, Jing only took two pills and was able to recover so quickly.

Rong also kneeled before him and said the same thing as Jing.

“Remember the words you’ve said today.”

Yang Yi helped the two get up before checking Jing and changing the medicine. This time he didn’t tell the other people to leave, it was all done under the observation of everyone. This way, everyone would see that the wounds were no longer bleeding and there was no decay or festering.

The recovery would appear rapid and magical. Seeing it with your own eyes was always more shocking than hearing it.

Yang Yi felt the strong resilience of the people here.

He had learned that the people here were divided into ordinary people and warriors, with warriors seen as having the gift of God. The body of the warrior was stronger than an ordinary person’s, whether it was their strength, speed, eyesight, hearing, etc. Everything about them was better than average.

The higher their level, the stronger their ability in all aspects. Jing was the only level three fighter in the group, so even if he was disabled, he was still the main force of the group.

Yang Yi put on gloves and began to change the medicine for Jing, giving him hemostatic drugs and antibiotics to further aid his healing. Throughout the process the warrior did not flinch and was still in the mood to chat.

“Can you help us save others? We can do a lot for you.”

There were many people who were injured and killed on this road and many who still struggled not to die. The number of people in the group was small and each death was a huge loss.

It was already difficult enough to even come here, no one wanted to see someone die like this. Jing couldn’t just watch his companions die, so he pleaded with Yang Yi.

“Fine.” Yang Yi promised, while at the same time he reminded them again that he couldn’t guarantee anyone’s survival.

The situation of the other wounded people was also very bad, mostly due to infection.

Their bodies were already weak, this made it easy to succumb to nature’s dangers. There were some who were too cold due to hunger and their resistance to temperature changes was reduced.

Their situation wasn’t hard to deal with, they just had to keep warm and eat hot food.

Yang Yi didn’t teach him everything and only showed what he could explain to Jiao He. He didn’t guide Rong because she is the warrior who will go hunting.

He is also a novice himself, and his medical knowledge is minimal, so it is no different for them to deal with it.

Yesterday, they still managed to cooperate even though there is a language barrier. This indicated they have a great understanding and are worth to be trained.

The two of them were smart and slowly doing better than Yang Yi.

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