Release chapter next week:3
Next week release time: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, 8.30-9 am (PTS). There probably be a 30-minute delay.
Target for next week: If on NU( the Reding list reach 500(135 subscriptions now) OR the number of votes reaches 50 by 20 p.m on 3/31(PTS)。we will add 4 more chapters on 4/01—4/07.(The number of chapters awarded here will be superimposed with Patreon,In other words, if Patreon’s donation amount reaches $300 at the same time next week, the number of published general chapter of 4.01-4.07 will be 5+4.)

If any goal is not achieved, the number of regular chapters in 4.01—4.07 will be 3 chapters.

At the same time tell everyone a good news, our team Making text game about ACKG will be launched in the near future. Interested friends, please stay tuned for our news.

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