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Big Boss
Fantasy Coins: 101

Chapter 20: The widespread decline of netizens!

Cheng Wu’s words were taken for granted.
Because he had a return system, he knew that this time, the return would be 1,000%!
From then on, he would naturally know the final box office of War Dragon!
This was a film that broke all kinds of records and took awards to show mercy!
But Luo Wenyi didn’ t know. He thought Cheng Wu was joking with him.
His thick eyebrows raised and he smiled:
“Teacher Cheng Wu, you really dare to think about it.”
“Let’s not talk about five billion. If I can break five billion, then I’ ll be satisfied by making a profit.”
He was more pragmatic.
Although Zhan Long’s investment was extremely large, they were all used to shoot large scenes. They didn’ t invite him to the Red Meat Platform.
Moreover, it was a tough movie that was against the trend. It definitely couldn’t be compared to a romantic movie.
The main reason for filming this movie was to stick to his dreams.
He would be satisfied if he could hold on to his dreams and make another match.
Cheng Wu smiled and said nothing.
Luo Wenyi didn’ t believe him right now. He would know in more than a month.
Perhaps, at that time, he would call out’ divine planters’ directly!
Cheng Wu drove back to his home after the killing ceremony.
At this moment, along with the spread of the War Dragon official media, the Internet caused another heated discussion.
[Warmly congratulated Zhan Long and Sha Qing!Director Luo, Teacher Cheng Wu, led Shang Xiang!]
“What?”Zhan Long killed Qing?”
“Would you guys go watch this movie?”I won’ t.”
What “difference between killing or not killing Sha Qing?”That’s right.”
“Was that, wasn’t the love movie not fragrant?”What do you think of a tough guy!”
“Actors were not famous yet!”The only famous Cheng Wu has yet to make a movie!”
Under this official broadcast, the netizens saw a decline and generally did not think highly of it.
There were even worse comments from the black powder:
“Pooh, I’ ve finally killed Qing. I can’ t wait to see how he looks like he’s on the street!”
“All of Cheng Wu’s assets have been invested.”
“When the box office hits the streets, his expression must be very brilliant!”
“Hehe, maybe he’ ll run back to find this man with his tail between his legs!”
The sound of schadenfreude filled the air.
There were also praise from the bottom. Shockingly, several of them were:
“Wa!Husband Cheng Wu was so handsome!”I can’ t wait to see the War Dragon!”
“This play seemed to be super-flamed!I was tempted!”What about you?”
“Heart of a young girl!Cheng Wu had completely grown into a perfect male god in my heart!”
These were also praised, but it wasn’ t long before they were drowned out by the comments of the weakened War Dragon.
Chen Jiao watched as the comments she sent were drowned, not even a single wave was lifted.
He puffed up his little face in anger, and his two hands were constantly gesturing on his phone as he brushed his comments.
“Alright, wife, stop.”
“After a month, the film will be released. The netizens will know how powerful Zhan Long is.”
Cheng Wu looked at Chen Jiao, who was dressed in a pure white pleated dress, with a clear and pure face and a fierce little face, and laughed.
“Husband, I think you’re amazing!”The War Dragon is definitely very good!”
“Why don’ t they look at the work? Just like that.”
Chen Jiao was still very unconvinced, saying in a somewhat resentful tone.
“Because, they have never seen a good tough movie before!”
“I believe that my wife, War Dragon, will be able to refresh their world view after its release!”
Cheng Wu gently stroked Chen Jiao’s hair and said with a smile.
Right now, in the movie world, all of them were hot-blooded love stories.
It wasn’ t strange that no one was optimistic about the War Dragon.
By the time the War Dragon was released, they could feel the charm of the War Dragon.
It was likely that a new wave of movies would rise!
Thinking of this, Cheng Wu looked at his reputation value.
After the news was released a month ago, the Reputation Points increased by two to three million.
Two weeks ago, it had completely stopped rising.
Presumably, after the release of the War Dragon, his reputation points would rise to a new peak!
He was the star!
Perhaps, there was a chance that he would be able to reach the level C permanent authority!

On the other side, in a commercial private room.
On the other side of the line, a person in charge surnamed Li and a famous director, Liu Jun, sat together to swallow clouds and spit mist.
“Old Li, this time, my movie’ Zhang greatly loves me a hundred times’. How many films are there?”
Liu Jun let out a sigh of relief and asked smilingly.
“Very high,35.6%. How is it? Not bad, right?”
The person in charge surnamed Li smiled and rubbed his fingers.
Liu Jun immediately handed a cigarette filled with soft red coins to Old Li.
“Yes, Old Li. Thank you for your hard work. Come and smoke.”
The person in charge surnamed Li glanced at the cigarette gap and revealed a satisfied smile. He then said:
“It’s better for you to have a good film lineup. Men and women are all at the top of the list. There’s a lot of butter, young and young. Otherwise, I won’t be able to operate.”
“That’s fine, Old Li. It’s not bad that you can raise it a bit more.”
“Speaking of which, do you have a large number of opponents at the same time?”
Liu Jun smiled and sucked in another mouthful of smoke.
Old Li frowned and thought about it:
“Zhan Long, do you think so?”
Both of them burst into laughter.
Liu Jun was so amused that he fell back and forth and choked with laughter.
“War Dragon?”That is truly a formidable enemy.”
The overall tough style was completely out of line with the market’s young love story.
The most famous actor was just a second-line actor.
The entire web was in decline, and the academy’s line only gave 4% of the film.
How could he compare to Zhang Da loves me a hundred times?
The two of them looked at each other and smiled. They once again began to swallow clouds and spit out mist.*

Chapter 21:’ War Dragon’ premiere!Applause thundered!

Time soon arrived for the premiere of the War Dragon.
On this day, five films appeared at the same time.
Among the five movies,’ Zhang Da loved me a hundred times’ was the most anticipated and the most vocal.
This was because this was a young and charming love story directed by a famous director.
In addition, there was a hot A-list celebrity acting as a male and female lead.
He was rated as the most anticipated film of the year.
And War Dragon was the least favored among the five films.
It was because his style was obviously not the mainstream, and his cast was not strong.
Even the only famous Cheng Wu had never appeared in a movie.
This allowed the War Dragon to reap the most unanticipated evaluation of the film of the year.
At this moment, Cheng Wu took his girlfriend, Chen Jiao, and lined up in a movie hall to buy tickets.
The two of them were wearing masks, hats, and fully armed.
Today was the day of the premiere of War Dragon. Chen Jiao was arguing that she had to personally witness it.
At first, Cheng Wu refused. Under Chen Jiao’s spoiled attack, he thought about the midnight scene and could only agree.
In this world, the premiere of all the films was at 12 p.m.
Most of the people who could see it immediately were fans of true love who came for a certain movie.
“Ah?”Zhang greatly loves me a hundred times?”
A petite girl exclaimed in front of them.
“Yes, I’ m sorry, Madam. This movie is really too popular.”
“We’ ve arranged four exhibition halls, and the tickets have already been sold out!”
“Why don’t you take a look at something else?”
The staff member politely and patiently suggested.
“Err… Alright, then I’ ll see’ Love me forcefully'”
“I’ m sorry, madam. The two exhibition halls of this movie have all been sold out.”
“What about’ Your Highness, please use your strength to whip me’?”
“Lady “, just as I watched it, someone on the Internet ordered the last two films.”
“Right now, only the War Dragon has a vote. Do you want it?”
The staff member said helplessly.
Midnight was a new day in five movies, and it was very popular under the intense publicity.
Moreover, it happened to be a New Year’s Eve. Under the enthusiasm of many couples, it was full.
Only the most unanticipated War Dragon had a place.
“Alright, let’s have two movie tickets for War Dragon.”
Beside the petite lady, a tall and muscular man anxiously said. After saying that, he quickly paid the money.
Now, it was a new year’s Eve. Girls were here to support their favorite celebrities to watch movies. What was he doing?
Was it important to watch a movie?
It was important to stay at the cinema for two hours first!
Seeing that the man had bought the ticket, the woman did not say anything. She just pouted and looked a little unhappy.
Soon, Cheng Wu and Chen Jiao arrived.
After buying the movie tickets, Cheng Wu and Chen Jiao followed the crowd into the studio.
‘Zhan Long’ was not optimistic about the academy’s network, so the number of films in the entire country was generally low.
In this theater, there was only one exhibition hall, and the seat was the least.
But even so, the mounts in the hall were still not full.
It seemed that the seat was half occupied.
This might seem like a lot of things, but now it was the first launch of the Midnight Festival!
Compared to the other four films, there was nothing like the exhibition hall that was full!
Moreover, the spectators who sat down were almost all lowering their heads to play with their phones.
The woman was unhappy, the man was absent-minded, and even the beginning of the movie was indifferent.
They came here for various reasons.
It was only because of this that it was not because of the’ War Dragon’!
Right now, what was popular was the love story of the young man.
‘Zhan Long wasn’ t happy.
Following the beginning of the movie, it was the main part of the movie.
The first thing that caught his eye was that a luxurious cruise ship was attacked by pirates.
Under the intense fire of the pirates, Cheng Wu’s male lead quickly jumped into the sea.
He dove under the pirate’s boat, fought with the pirates, and seized his spear by himself!
At this moment, all the audience put down their phones.
They felt a wave of novelty.
This kind of heroic manliness was something that he could not feel when he was watching other romantic movies!
Chen Jiao quietly laughed:
“Hubby, you’re really handsome now!”
Cheng Wu smiled and replied with an ear:
“Focus on it. Your husband will be even more handsome later!”
Very soon, during a fierce battle, Cheng Wu acted as the male lead and subdued the pirates alone.
The entire audience focused their attention on the screen, and no one was swiping their phones.
He had originally thought that the War Dragon’s reputation was very bad, but he didn’ t expect that the beginning would be quite interesting!
Very soon, the plot had entered an exciting part.
Cheng Wu’s main character sent his comrade’s ashes home and defeated over a hundred strong men who wanted to demolish his comrade’s ancestral house.
Someone in the cinema let out a cry of alarm!
“You’ re too handsome. What’s this male lead’s name?”
“So this was a tough movie?”It’s more deliberate than the love story of a young man!”
Some people even picked up their phones again.
This time, it wasn’ t as if it was the beginning. Instead, it opened the camera and released the dimensional letter!
One after another!
“Male lead was so handsome!”Is this the War Dragon?”
“Was too domineering!”Let’s go!”
“Midnight premiere!”
Then, he watched the movie quietly with his breath held.
Following the broadcast of the movie, the audience would occasionally exclaim in alarm!
They had never seen such a tough man before, who had been used to watching hot and cold love movies!
Moreover, the spirit of the Dragon Country revealed by Cheng Wu’s male lead made them extremely intoxicated!
They all expressed that Cheng Wu’s appearance was a true Dragon Country man!
At the end of the scene, he saw Cheng Wu leading Long Qiao through the battle area with the national flag in his right hand.
He suddenly stood up and clapped with thunder!*

Chapter 22:’ Battle Dragon’ Rumbling!As the pride of the Dragon Country!I beg for fresh flowers, for evaluation, for everything!]

Cheng Wu stood on top of the truck and silently received the national flag.
Finally, he slowly pulled out his rod and put it on his right hand.
It was filled with a fearless and decisive aura as it roared,” Let’s go!”
The music immediately rang out as the truck silently drove past the battle area.
In this piece of music, the audience all felt the aura of the movie.
I can have nothing, but I have a powerful motherland!
On both sides of the battlefield, the enemy troops all stopped their artillery fire and roared backwards:
“Was the Dragon Nation!”Don’ t fire!”
Finally, the truck slowly drove into the borders of the Dragon Country.
A Dragon Nation passport appeared in the movie.
A line of words slowly appeared on his red left:
[Dragon Country Citizen: When you encounter danger overseas, don’ t give up!
Remember, there is a powerful motherland behind you!]
When they saw this scene, the entire crowd suddenly stood up. Applause thundered, and they couldn’ t calm down for a long time!
In the beginning, all the people who had come to observe with disdain were conquered by the War Dragon!
They had never imagined that the War Dragon would be so wonderful!
It could be said that the unyielding and hard spirit in the bones of the Dragon Country’s people had been displayed to the extreme!
Especially Cheng Wu, the last time he held the national flag, he left a deep impression on them!
He explained what was truly a tough man!What was a true Dragon Nation!
Chen Jiao also stood up with the stream of people as she forcefully slapped her red hands.
Cheng Wu said excitedly beside his ear:
“Hubby, you’ re so handsome!”
“This movie, it will definitely be recorded in the history of the country!!”
At this moment, when Cheng Wu heard the system notification that he hadn’ t seen for a long time, it exploded wildly!
[Your performance in the’War Dragon’ was deeply loved by the audience. Reputation Points +17,000!]
[Your heroic appearance in the’ War Dragon’ left a deep impression on the audience. Reputation points +38,000!]
[The spirit of the Dragon Nation that you were in the War Dragon, it stimulated the hearts of many spectators![Reputation +270000]
Cheng Wu smiled and knew that this was just the beginning!
Now, it was just the midnight premiere of the Battle Dragon!
Moreover, it was still under the circumstance that the number of films arranged was extremely low and the number of seats occupied was not high!
In the following period of time, it was likely that his reputation points would rapidly increase with the broadcast of the War Dragon!
Soon, the end of the film was finished, and the audience finally dispersed.
Cheng Wu led Chen Jiao to the exit as well.
He discovered that many people were calling excitedly!
“Have you seen the midnight premiere?”
“Hmm?”Zhang Da loves me a hundred times?”
“Forget that!”Go and see the’ War Dragon’!”
“, Let’s not talk about anything else. War Dragon’s Bull!”Cheng Wu!”
There were also countless people who had issued dimensional letters!
“Cheng Wu explained what a real tough man was!Matching picture: Cheng Wu single-handedly seized the pirate ship ”
“Cheng Wu’s husband was really handsome!Matching diagram: Cheng Wu, one dozen, one hundred.”
“I am proud of being a Dragon Nation!Matching picture: Cheng Wu raises the national flag.”
“I have a powerful motherland!Matching picture: Cheng Wu raises the national flag.”
Almost every spectator who came out of the projection hall of the War Dragon had served as the running water of the War Dragon!
This scene happened in almost every Shadow Hall in the country!
As long as they had seen the War Dragon, they would all be conquered by him!
One after another, they all began to show pride as people of the Dragon Country!
Cheng Wu could also feel that his Reputation Points were growing crazily!
At this moment, with the screening of the premiere, the online evaluation began to split into two levels!
Those who had seen the War Dragon gave him the highest score!
Those who had never seen the’ War Dragon’ were still trying to get a low score!
Many of the’ War Dragon”s tap water ran away, praising the’ War Dragon’!
Most of the netizens were still advocating the works of the famous director Liu Jun!
“As expected of a well-known director. The cast is extremely powerful.’ Zhang Da Chang loves me a hundred times’ will definitely win the title of this film!”
“Wow, they were all young and fresh meat!He was about to lick the screen!”It’s too late for the premiere. I didn’ t go. I have to make it up tomorrow!”
“Battle Dragon Bull!”
“Big brother, you typed the wrong word?The War Dragon was the most unanticipated movie!How could it be that Zhang Da loved me a hundred times?”
“That’s right. It’s a pity that I still work overtime today. I’ ll definitely make up for it tomorrow!”
“Battle Dragon Bull!!”
“Water Army upstairs, the assessment was completed.”Let’s go to the cinema tomorrow to support Liu Jun!”
“Uh… I saw the premiere of’ Zhang Da Da loves me a hundred times’ today. I don’ t have any acting skills. I really don’ t feel like it.”
“This time, the water army is a little higher. Don’ t believe me, let’s go and support Liu Jun tomorrow~”
Most of the fans hadn’ t gone to the cinema to watch because it was the first night of the show.
And in the after-sales evaluation of buying movie tickets online, it was another scene.
[‘ Zhang greatly loved me a hundred times [Evaluation Area]
“Is this really Liu Jun’s standard?”I feel like the plot is really amazing!”
“Uh… why does the male lead have no acting skills? He’s still an A-list celebrity.”
“My girlfriend broke up with me immediately after she finished reading it!!!”
“This time, the plot is really amazing. The male lead’s face is paralyzed…”
[‘ War Dragon Evaluation Area]
“I love my motherland!”Battle Dragon Bull!”
“Was the true dragon nation’s wind bone!!”
“Cheng Wu is so handsome!”It’s the true iron-blooded man in my heart!”
“Speaking of which, Cheng Wu is also considered to be a young man, right?How could he act so brightly!!”*

Chapter 23: Breaking through 100 million at the box office on the first day!Increase the number of War Dragons!I beg for fresh flowers, for evaluation, for everything!]

The next day, the War Dragon’s seat rate began to increase.
Compared to the other four films of War Dragon, the seating rate began to decline.
The most ridiculous’ Zhang Da loves me a hundred times’ had already dropped to a third!
The audience members who had seen him all complained that the starring had a paralyzed face, and the plot was extremely complicated.
On the other hand, it was the praise of the Battle Dragon explosion!
Almost everyone who had seen it had become the running water of the War Dragon.
One after another, they began to discuss the show with their good friend Amway.
Many of the people who had seen the midnight premiere even came for two rounds.
The online comments began to reverse two levels!
No one said that the’ Battle Dragon”s praise was the water army!
It was because the entire net was now running water from the War Dragon!
By the end of the evening, almost all the movie tickets for War Dragon were sold out!
There were even people who drove to the remote theater to see the’ War Dragon’!
‘War Dragon’s movie ticket was hard to get!
Following the high praise from the explosion, the real-time box office of War Dragon also increased rapidly!
In fact, he had broken through to 100 million by nine o’clock!
This was done at a 4% film rate!!
Cheng Wu looked at the phone. It was Luo Wenyi who called and reached out to connect.
“Teacher Cheng Wu!The upper seat of the War Dragon had exploded!On the first day, the box office had broken through by 100 million!!”
Luo Wenyi’s excited voice came from the phone and was overjoyed.
“A hundred million is nothing. I said that the’ War Dragon’ is going to break through to five billion.”
Cheng Wu’s indifferent voice returned, filled with the loneliness that was impossible to endure.
“Teacher Cheng Wu, you are truly godly!”
“But I don’ t think about it anymore. I can break it to two billion.”
Director Luo Wenyi’s voice was filled with heartfelt admiration.
He never thought that Cheng Wu’s eyes would be so vicious!
Perhaps it could only be said that Teacher Cheng Wu had sufficient confidence in himself and Zhan Long!
Sure enough, as Cheng Wu had expected, on the day of Zhan Long’s premiere, both of his reputation and box office had exploded!
Now, the netizens who had seen Zhan Long online had all become tap water.
He was madly praising the’ War Dragon’!
Among them, Cheng Wu received the most praise!
“Iron-blooded tough man!”
“Clearly had the appearance of a young man, yet he had to use his temperament to conquer me!!”
“He had displayed the true Dragon Country man’s wind bone!!!”
After all, this was Cheng Wu’s first movie!
Before this, there was no accumulation of fans at the box office!
But just by relying on his outstanding acting skills, he had conquered the Dragon Country’s audience!
It could only be said that Cheng Wu was truly a genius!
After chatting with Director Luo Wenyi, Cheng Wu hung up.
He did not feel any joy at the box office.
He knew that this was just the beginning!
“Hubby, look!”In our city’s cinema, the number of’ Battle Dragon’ matches has increased!”
“Each time period, there were three more matches!!”
“, There were many times when there wasn’ t a’ War Dragon’, but it had also increased!!!”
Chen Jiao’s cherry lips widened slightly as she let out a cry of surprise!
Ever since she had seen the premiere, she had never forgotten about Zhan Long’s heroic demeanor.
He was always arguing and wanted Cheng Wu to accompany her twice!
Just now, Chen Jiao was pondering which time to buy it would be better.
He suddenly realized that after the app refreshed, there were many more’ Battle Dragon’ matches!
“Normal cheerleader, the results of War Dragon are so good. The academy’s line must have made some adjustments.”
Cheng Wu smiled and explained.
This world was a fast-paced world.
After the premiere, the court quickly gathered the data and decided to add the War Dragon movie next week.
However, at night, after the real-time box office of War Dragon came out, the academy line could no longer sit still!
This was because with only 4% of the volume, the War Dragon had completely crushed the box office of the four families!
The seating rate had reached an astonishing 90%!!
Therefore, the academy’s line immediately adjusted their strategy.
Zhang Da loves me a hundred times, which showed that he was pulling his crotch.
All of this was given to the’ War Dragon’!
The person in charge surnamed Li didn’ t dare to give a single fart about this adjustment.
Because in the eyes of the capitalists, they still spoke with benefits.
Other films would not be able to provide sufficient benefits to the academy’s agents.
And this was something that the War Dragon could give!And more!
Then they would definitely treat the War Dragon as a treasure!
Because he was a golden chicken that could lay golden eggs!
It was as if Chen Jiao had noticed the increase in the number of battle dragons.
The netizens on the Internet also discovered it!
“Heaven shocking melon!Guess what I discovered!!”
“Originally, all the tickets in our city, War Dragon, had been sold out in five days, so my girlfriend was still angry!”
“But I had just brushed it off, yet I was actually able to buy it again!It was still tomorrow!!”
“Could be a website bug. Hurry up and grab it!!”
“Tower Lord, a good person, is safe in his life!”It’s effective!”
“This bug is too conscientious!”We can finally see the War Dragon tomorrow!”
“There’s a group of dirt bumpkins upstairs. This is the’ War Dragon”s record is too good. There’s an additional row on the courtyard line!”
“You can buy whatever you want. I really don’ t understand you!”
“F*ck!I’ ll stick to it for a while, and War Dragon’s tickets will be sold out tomorrow???”*

Chapter 24: I understand!It turned out that the time of an expert was one year to five years!

From the third day onwards, the War Dragon had taken control of the entire Dragon Country’s cinemas with lightning speed!
From 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. in the theater, War Dragon was constantly showing!
According to the size of each movie theater, they basically gave War Dragon a terrifying amount of film!
It was just like the theater that went back to the military academy in City K, and it expanded the War Dragon from one studio to four!
The four shadow halls were dedicated to’ War Dragon’!
However, this was still in short supply!
Because the word of mouth of the War Dragon had exploded on the next day, countless people had come to admire it!
“Wow, what a coincidence! You’ re here too!”
“That’s right. I came to see the War Dragon!”What about you?”
“I just finished reading it!Cheng Wucheng exploded!”It really is a true iron-blooded man!”
“Especially in that last scene, he raised the national flag in his hands and led Long Qiao through the battle zone without fear. His eyes were filled with tears!!”
When “broadcasted, the entire audience stood up!Applause thundered!!!”
Basically, every theater resting area was filled with such words!
Countless people had come for the War Dragon!
In fact, there were even unlucky people who didn’t get a movie ticket, calling out in public:
“F*ck!Who was so lacking in morality??”
“I was just trying to buy a movie ticket from a friend circle, and I was swept away!!”
“As for that!How could he be friends!!!”
The crowd at the side burst into laughter. A friend of this person happened to be here. He even said in public:
“‘Zhan Long is so hot, yet you still dare to show the QR code?”
“I think you’ re feeling unlucky. I’ ll see you in a few days.”
That unlucky bastard was also furious. He roared in public:
“Which one of you bought the’ Battle Dragon’ at the 7th floor of the B3 Exhibition Hall?”
“I’ ll double the price!!”
“I would like to see which bastard dared to sit in my seat!!!”
As soon as these words were said, that person’s friend’s face turned green and white. His right hand, which was hidden behind him, quietly clenched again.
He had even exerted too much force, and he had even pinched the small piece of paper on his hand to create ripples.
Fortunately, no one here paid any attention to this unlucky fellow.
Because the’ War Dragon’ was too hot right now!
Even if the number of films was increased by the yard line, there was still insufficient supply!
The tickets on the Internet were the ones that could be bought at the earliest!
As for a movie ticket worth tens of yuan, this difference was obviously not worth it.
They were still waiting to see the battle dragon compete with their friends!
How could he give up his ability to compete in the circle of friends for the sake of being such a small peddler?
Seeing that there was no one to deal with him, that unlucky fellow could only leave resentfully.
That person’s friend let out a sigh of relief.
Just like that, the next fourth day, the fifth day, until the tenth day.
‘War Dragon’ quickly swept across the country, the box office skyrocketed!
48 Billion,15 billion, and 20 billion… In the end, it was fixed to 3 billion!
And the name’ War Dragon’ was both good and good!
The evaluation on the internet went up!
Rotten Tudou Net, score 9.9!
He was rated by the netizens as the biggest black horse of the year!
A movie that he had to watch once in his life!
Moreover… Zhan Long’s cumulative box office sales had broken through to the top three in national history!
In front of him was the one who had won 3.4 billion box office, a record holder last year.
Countless experts in the country believed that within five years, no one could break the box office myth.’ Mermaid Romance’!!!
“‘Battle Dragon’s Ox!I was kneeling at the 3 billion box office!!”
“F*ck! Just ten days and three billion?”It seems that last year’s’ mermaid romance’ was three billion over twenty days, right?”
The netizens were discussing enthusiastically online.
The release cycle of this world’s films was thirty days. After the release, they would be transferred to the internet channel.
“F*ck! This time, the national record of the mermaid romance will definitely be broken!”
“It turns out that an expert can become an envoy for five years in one year.”
“As expected, experts are indeed worthy of being experts!”
“In my opinion, I can’ t blame experts. Indeed, the’ War Dragon’ is too awesome!”
The appearance of “‘War Dragon was an epoch-making event!!”
“I had always liked to watch the love stories of young men and women, until I saw War Dragon, my thoughts had completely changed!”
“Now, I’ ll turn around and look at the love stories of fresh meat. Hehe, what is it?”
“To go to the special size of the fresh meat, the tough man to the bull!”Battle Dragon Bull!”
At this moment, Director Luo Wenyi called Cheng Wu excitedly!
“Teacher Cheng Wu!The box office of the War Dragon had broken three billion!The record of the mermaid’s love affair was 400 million!!!”
“Our production team would be able to divide it by 750 million in the end!!”
“650% Return on investment!I never thought that I would make so much money!!!”
Luo Wenyi was indeed a rich second generation, but he only possessed tens of millions of families!
All of this money was thrown in for his dream, Battle Dragon!
It could be said that he would become benevolent if he did not succeed!
At this moment, the battle dragon exploded, and his family also soared!
Moreover, Luo Wenyi’s fame also soared when he saw that the War Dragon was about to break the box office legend of the Mermaid Record.
Both fame and wealth!
How could he not be excited?!
When Cheng Wu heard Luo Wenyi’s excited words, he smiled slightly. His words were exceptionally domineering:
“Hehe, Director Luo, three billion and the mermaid romance are nothing.”
“I’ ve said that Zhan Long’s opponent has always been himself, but he has to break through to five billion!”*

Chapter 25 Country Name Praise

Cheng Wu and Luo Wenyi chatted briefly before hanging up.
He smiled and checked the system notification.
[The movie you played, the War Dragon, was famous throughout the country!Reputation Points +7,000,000!]
[Your performance in the movie’War Dragon’ left a significant impression on the audience!Reputation Points +**!]
[Your performance in the movie’ Battle Dragon’ was extremely’ Dragon Country’s Windbone’, which was recognized by the audience as’ Dragon’s successor’!Reputation Points +**!]
Over the past ten days, Cheng Wu’s reputation had continuously increased with the popularity of the War Dragon.
Finally, today was a wave of explosions!
Cheng Wu estimated that his reputation had reached an astonishing 70 million!
It had already exceeded 20 million!
If Cheng Wu was willing, he could draw seven rounds!
No matter how small the A-level probability was, there was still a 35% chance to get it!
However, Cheng Wu would not do this.
It was because he was only 30 million away from the C grade permanent authority exchange!
As for the’ War Dragon’, there were still twenty days left before it would be released.
Was the permanent authority not fragrant?
What kind of disposable?
Cheng Wu never believed in luck.
Although he had obtained the system, in a sense, he was already a child of luck.
Just when Cheng Wu thought that Zhan Long would need more than ten more days to broadcast his reputation.
A few days later, the War Dragon had another turn!
He was named by the country!!!
[National Television Program]
A dignified and elegant mature woman was broadcasting the news in front of the camera.
“Recent days, there was a movie called’ War Dragon’ that attracted everyone’s attention.
“Let’s see how everyone evaluates him!”
The rotten Tudou Web commented.
“This movie promotes the Dragon Country’s traditional culture and reflects the true strength of the Dragon Country’s people!”
“Was too burning!I was moved by this movie!”That’s right!”
“This was the first time I had known that a tough movie was so good-looking!!!”
All of a sudden, everything was on a thin red notebook!
This was a part of the scene of the’ Battle Dragon’ being taken away!
As the music at the end sounded, a line of words slowly appeared in the book on the left:
[When you encounter danger overseas, don’ t give up!
Remember, there is a powerful motherland behind you!]
After this scene stopped for a while, the scene returned to the mature woman.
The mature woman continued to report gently:
“‘War Dragon is an epoch-making movie.”
“At this moment, in the era when the film and television circles are full of milk, and fresh meat is rampant.”
“He really managed to use a tough man to display the might of the Dragon Country’s soldiers!”
“The Dragon Country’s wind bones are displayed vividly!”
“Give it to us, give it to the world, a deep shock!”
“He truly achieved the power of the Dragon Country!”
“”‘War Dragon!”
“I hope that more and more films like War Dragon will appear in our film circle!”
“Today’s news has ended here.”
After the national television broadcast, the netizens on the Internet immediately exploded!
“F*ck! The War Dragon is actually so weak!”It’s actually on state television!”
“Heavens…!”It seems like this is the first film to appear on state television in history, right?”
“National television station was all optimistic about him!The War Dragon was no longer an ordinary movie!”It’s an epoch-making event!”
“This kind of honor has only been achieved by the’ War Dragon’ in history!”
“Ah!”I can’ t take it anymore. I’ m going to go brush the’ War Dragon’ twice!”
Following the broadcast of the national television station.
The nationwide box office had once again witnessed a terrifying growth!
In the past few days, the’ War Dragon’, whose seat rate had been around 70%, had reached 99% on this day!
This was the national average seating rate!!
Almost every seat had people buying movie tickets for this!
Almost every movie ticket sold would be watched by someone!
Even if something didn’t happen at the moment, it would become more precious to friends!
Countless people from the Dragon Country entered the cinema with a proud belief!
It was because the Dragon Country had made this movie of the era!
Moreover, he clearly understood what was the Dragon Country’s Wind Bone!
What was the inheritor of the dragon!!*

Chapter 26:6 billion Mythical Box Office!Variety interviews!!

In the following days, the popularity of the’ War Dragon’ continued unabated, rising all the way!
On that day, it broke the 3.4 billion box office record of the Mermaid Romance!He kept it at 3.5 billion!
Every day after that, he kept refreshing his records!
3.7 Billion-3.9 billion-4.2 billion…
The netizens cried out in alarm!
It was as if he was witnessing the birth of a miracle!
The experts’ faces turned red as they forced themselves to say that the War Dragon was not a work of this era!
4.8 Billion-52 billion-5.5 billion!
In the end, on the final day of the show, the box office was fixed at 6 billion!
It was almost twice as close as the mermaid romance!!!
This was no longer something that could not break the record.
This was a true box office legend!
The experts agreed and said firmly:
“No one will be able to surpass the box office box office box office box office box office box office box office box office box office box office box office box office box office box office box office box office box office box office box office box office box office box office box office box office box office!”
This time, the netizens didn’ t smile and hit the expert’s face. Instead, they all agreed!
Because the War Dragon was truly an epoch-making work!
His reputation was simply too good!
Almost all the people who had seen it were turned into fans by the War Dragon!Being fanned by Cheng Wu!
Cheng Wu’s right hand held the national flag and rushed towards the battle zone without fear. It had already become a classic scene!
Many people had made expression bags, heads, and background pictures!
Many people swiped twice!Three!Four!
From the’ War Dragon’, they could sense a kind of iron-blooded tenderness!
He could sense that Long Qiao, who was lonely and lonely overseas, had successfully returned from a powerful motherland!
“No matter where you are, please remember that there is a powerful motherland behind you!”
These words had also become the mantra and personal signature of many people!
Like a terrifying box office and reputation, the War Dragon was as powerful as a piece of cake, and it had won all the awards!
Golden Dragon Prize!Hundred Dragon Prize!Teleportation Dragon Movie Award!
Best story, best director, best male lead!
Best screenwriter, best film, best producer!
During the film’s hot show, War Dragon won the award with a soft hand!
Even if there were many trophies, they could even consider giving them to the crowd to play with!
At this moment, Cheng Wu’s close friend, Wang Hao, called again:
“Brother Cheng Wu, congratulations!!”
Wang Hao’s envious voice resounded.
“That’s fine. What’s the matter?”
Cheng Wu smiled and spoke in a familiar tone.
Speaking of which, War Dragon was Wang Hao’s introduction.
Wang Hao, on the other hand, disliked it. He didn’t have a role in the Battle Dragon.
He probably regretted it.
“Sigh, it’s like this Brother Cheng Wu. I’ m a kid. You know that, Zhong Yong!”
“It wasn’ t because of your anger. I wanted to invite you to do a variety interview!”
“Drag me to ask you, you won’ t refuse, right?”
Cheng Wu was slightly startled.
Zhong Yong?
Wasn’ t that the most famous variety show in the country, the gold medal host with the big medal?
A year ago, he had also suffered from Wang Hao’s relationship with him, so he had only joined a few variety shows.
Now, you want to invite me?
Cheng Wu thought for a moment and decided to agree.
First, he was a person who knew how to repay his kindness. Even though Zhong Yong was only paying attention to Wang Hao’s face at that time, he to work on it.
At that time, he had helped him greatly.
He had also given him feedback on his variety show.
The second and most important thing was the Reputation Points!
‘Big card is here! As one of the top variety shows in the country, there is no one!
With this stage, his fame would rapidly increase!
His reputation would also increase!
Cheng Wu couldn’ t help but smile at the thought of prestige.
Ever since Zhan Long had joined the national television station, it had risen to an astonishing number!
Who knew how much it would increase this time?
“Yes, but I want to bring my family, right?”
“Brother Cheng Wu, Zhong Yong already told me about that.”
“Your love with sister-in-law is a model of the entire web!”
“It’s an honor to be on a variety show together!”
“He’s afraid that I won’ t be able to invite brother and sister-in-law!”
“Hehe, Director Luo Wenyi and Zhu Bingbing agreed as well. At that time, it would be a good time to be with you guys.”
Wang Hao laughed heartily.
He knew that Cheng Wu would not refuse him.
At that time, when he was making friends with Cheng Wu, he also valued his loyalty and straightforward character.
He was also an imposing person.
That was why Cheng Wuhuo was only giving his heartfelt blessing.
Director Luo Wenyi?Zhu Bingbing, female lead?
Cheng Wu was stunned.
Director Luo Wenyi was not surprised.
‘Big Card is here’ is the country’s top variety show. Since he was invited, he must have invited the director together.
As for Zhu Bingbing, as the female lead of the War Dragon, Cheng Wu almost forgot about it.
Due to the fact that the female lead of the’War Dragon’ had a weaker role to play, there was no role to play. The female lead, Zhu Bingbing, was only a C-list.
There was no match for him.
From the looks of it, thanks to the War Dragon, his fame had also squeezed into the second tier.
”It’s not strange to invite her.*

Chapter 27: Without him, there would be no birth of the War Dragon!

The big card came to the variety shoot.
“Teacher Cheng Wu, Director Luo Wenyi, Ms. Chen Jiao, Ms. Zhu Bingbing.”
“Do you remember these questions that I will probably ask?”
Zhong Yong, who was well dressed and polite, asked with a smile.
‘Big Card is here’ was a special variety.
Because he was a nationwide live broadcast!
That was why it appeared to be extremely real. It did not contain any moisture, and it was highly praised by the people.
However, in order not to embarrass the guests, they would usually inform the guests of their questions in advance and give them time to prepare.
Zhong Yong, on the other hand, acted on the spot according to the guest’s reply, ensuring the funness of the program.
Therefore, the overall requirement for the host Zhong Yong’s quality was relatively high.
“Remember, we can begin.”
Cheng Wu looked at Director Luo Wenyi. Seeing him take a slight step back, he understood what he meant and said.
This interview was basically all about him.
That was why Director Luo Wenyi took a step back and motioned for him to lead.
“Alright, the cameraman is in position. We’ re ready to start!”
Zhong Yong turned around and instructed the cameraman to enter and sit.
After everything was in place, he reorganized his appearance, appearing divine and solemn.
“First question, may I ask Director Luo Wenyi, who is the person you want to thank most for the appearance of this film, Battle Dragon?”
Director Luo Wenyi raised his head to look at Cheng Wu when he heard this question. He happened to meet Cheng Wu’s eyes and the two smiled at each other.
“You did ask me this question.”
“I think there are a lot of people to thank for this movie.”
“First, the audience who loved him. Without them, War Dragon would be worthless.”
“The second was the approval of the country. It recognized the central idea that the War Dragon wanted to express. This made me feel flattered.”
“I want to thank all of my friends in the industry, the behind-the-scenes editing, the cast and crew.”
“But you have to ask, who is the person who wants to thank the most. I think there is only one answer.”
“Cheng Wu!”It’s him! He’s the one who joined this movie when the’ War Dragon’ was the worst!”
“It was him!”If the War Dragon’s capital lacks a huge gap, then we will definitely invest!”
“It was him!”I’ ve used my brilliant performance to create the myth of the’ War Dragon’!”
“It was him!”I’ m not saying anything. I’ m trying to give up when I’ m broken.”
“If I only say who I want to thank the most, I think it’s not him!”
“Without him, without me, without the birth of the War Dragon!!”
The audience below the stage suddenly stood up when they heard Luo Wenyi’s words!
“Bang bang bang bang bang…!”
All the spectators spontaneously patted their red hands!
For a moment, thunderous applause filled the air!
They had never expected that the person that Director Luo Wenyi wanted to thank the most was Cheng Wu!
Moreover, there was actually such a profound bond between the two of them!
It was truly moving to the extreme!
When the applause stopped, Zhong Yong waved his hand in the air to stop the cheers of the audience.
“Thank Director Luo Wenyi for his wonderful speech!”
“Next, I’ll ask Ms. Zhu Bingbing, as the female lead of the film and representing the rest of the cast, how do you rate Cheng Wu?”
This time, it was Zhu Bingbing’s turn.
As she took a step forward, she recalled everything about Cheng Wu!
Thinking back to Cheng Wu’s flash, he said in admiration:
“Cheng Wu, he is the most diligent person in the production team!”
“In everyone’s eyes, not only does he have talent, but he also has the willpower that ordinary people don’ t have!”
“It’s him. Under the sun’s scorching sun, under the dancing sweat, he silently practiced by himself!”
“It’s him. In order to pursue the pinnacle of the scene, he took a shot of the sea jumping and seizing the pirates. Not less than a hundred times!”
“Everyone on the cast and crew admires his extremely dedicated and responsible attitude towards life!”
“Thank you for Ms. Zhu Bingbing’s reply!”
Zhong Yong shouted, full of praise!
He had never imagined that Cheng Wu would actually be so motivated besides appearance and talent!
The audience also erupted in thunderous applause!
They had not expected that Cheng Wu’s handsome body would actually contain such an inspirational soul!
Cheng Wu rubbed his nose.
Could it be that he was looking at the System Reputation Points in the scorching sun?
It was just that the simple swimming wasn’ t skilled…
Yes, I know. If I don’ t say anything, you guys continue to brag…
“Ms. Chen Jiao, please answer my third question.”
“What do you think of your husband, Mr. Cheng Wu?”
Zhong Yong straightened the collar of his suit and calmed down his excitement.
This time, Chen Jiao didn’ t immediately reply. Instead, she turned around and looked at Cheng Wu.
Her eyes were full of tenderness, as if they reflected that poem.
Xinghe gave it to me, and I gave it to you.
He was filled with eyes. It was all you.
There was an indescribable warmth in her watery eyes.
Finally, she slowly said…*

Chapter 28: Chen Jiao: He is the ray of light in my life!

Chen Jiao seemed to have forgotten that this was the stage.
Forgetting the host in front of him, Zhong Yong, Luo Wenyi and the others on the stage, and the audience below the stage.
In his eyes, there was only Cheng Wu alone.
It seemed to be empty, but it had long been filled with Cheng Wu, unable to contain anything else.
Chen Jiao stared at Cheng Wu in a daze and slowly said:
“He is the ray of light in my life.”
“We are childhood sweethearts.”
“Previously, when I was at school, everyone else had humiliated me.”
“It’s just him. He doesn’ t have a strange look on my face.”
“Later on, I was extremely moved. He was able to marry me.”
“I know, I don’ t deserve to have the best of him.”
“At that time, I swore that I would definitely use transformation.”
“Until… until I can match him.”
“I am very lucky to have his encouragement and company for a year.”
“I’ ve gotten the best of myself!”
“At the same time, I can finally proudly say that I can give him the best I can!”
“In the future, he will be my husband and I will be his bride.”
“He has always been the best in my eyes. I will unconditionally trust him.”
“Just like… he had accompanied me in the beginning.”
“Trust me!”
“We’ ll keep going like this… right?”Cheng Wu.”
Cheng Wu looked at the girl who was staring at him.
Her delicate face was covered with fair skin, as if it would just water.
That straight bridge of the nose, a rosy little mouth…
In addition, those eyes were filled with Cheng Wu’s eyes.
Cheng Wu stared at Chen Jiao with rapt attention.
Those eyes were extremely clean, extremely clear.
It was so clean that it couldn’ t accommodate the other items, only Cheng Wu’s figure.
Cheng Wu slowly lowered his head and gently kissed Chen Jiao’s bright and clean forehead.
“Yes, we’ ll be forever.”
“If I have to add a deadline, I hope it’s… ten thousand years.”
There was an endless stream of applause!
Including Luo Wenyi and Zhu Bingbing.
Including host Zhong Yong!
They were gently and quickly flapping their palms, sincerely wishing this group of lovers!
On the Internet, the netizens watching the live broadcast also exploded.
“Tears!”I didn’ t expect their love story to be so complicated!”
“So it’s true. They’ ve never changed!”
“It turns out that it really is. If two hearts are tightly pressed together, they will be able to withstand any tribulation!”
“They really love!”
“Protect the best Cheng Wu and Chen Jiao!”
“Best protected Cheng Wu and Chen Jiao!!”
Finally, after the applause gradually stopped, the host, Zhong Yong, smiled.
He knew that Chen Jiao’s answer to this question seemed unrelated to Zhan Long.
However, he had already clearly expressed his attitude!
Because she loved him, she would always support him!
Because he loved her, he was willing to wait silently!
It really was a model for couples in the 21st century!
When Chen Jiao answered, Zhong Yong knew that the Internet would definitely explode!
There was no need to think about it. The viewership ratings for this episode would definitely explode.
Thinking that he could complete the increase in viewership ratings in advance, Zhong Yong’s mood also relaxed.
“Ms. Chen Jiao’s answer was very interesting!”
“It seems that I really love Teacher Cheng Wu!”
“Then we will enter today’s final question. Teacher Cheng Wu, please answer!”
“Teacher Cheng Wu said to the online netizens,” You take 30 million dowry, plus 10 million for the wedding room, all of them willfully waste. What do you think?”
This question was actually quite sharp.
If it were three months ago, Zhong Yong would not have asked this question.
That was because he was the host of the’ big card’. With his own demeanor, he would give all the guests sufficient respect.
But now, everyone in the eye knew that Cheng Wu had invested 40 million in the’ War Dragon’!
The assets began to soar!
Some even called this investment the greatest investment in the Dragon Country in the past ten years!
Therefore, Zhong Yong’s question wasn’ t out of line.
Instead, he released his goodwill and gave Cheng Wu a chance to directly respond to the netizens through an authoritative organization.
Of course, Cheng Wu understood. He smiled at Zhong Yong.
“40 Million. I’ m just pursuing a dream.”
“I don’t think spending time in pursuit of dreams is a waste.”
“When I was a child, I had a Dragon Flower Dream. Dreaming of the strength of my motherland has been soaring.”
“I’ m glad that when I grow up, my dream will come true.”
“I can proudly speak about my motherland!”
“There are too many movies in the movie scene.”
“There’s not a single movie that can tell about the essence, essence, and spirit that belong to the motherland.”
“This iron blood is too soft and tender. It’s too hard and unyielding.”
“Until I saw Director Luo!”Battle Dragon!”
“I immediately knew that this was the movie I needed!”
“That’s why I’ ve invested in everything!”
“Because, I know that he carries my dream!”
“That wave of iron blood was tender and gentle, the imposing manner of a golden spear and iron horse!”
“It’s a great honor to be the starring of War Dragon.”
“There are already enough’ fresh meat’ in this world.”
“I hope that the’ War Dragon’, a tough man, will bring us some different styles.”
Following Cheng Wu’s firm and powerful words.
There was an uproar on the Internet!
[[PS: I haven’t moved for a long time. Please ask for fresh flowers and evaluation tickets. Some of the monthly tickets will come as well…]*

Chapter 29: netizen heated discussion!The extremely popular Cheng Wu!

When Cheng Wu said those strong and powerful words.
Rumbling filled the area!
They didn’t know how many times they had clapped today.
However, they knew that this applause was worth it!!
Zhong Yong also raised the microphone in his hand and looked at Cheng Wu with a look of admiration.
He hadn’ t expected that Cheng Wu wouldn’ t say anything about the return of his investment!
It turned out that Cheng Wu’s heart was actually filled with such family and country feelings!
It turned out that under Cheng Wu’s handsome and fresh flesh, he was actually pretending to be such a tough man!
Following Chen Wu’s words, he blurted out.
The internet was in an uproar!
“I never expected Cheng Wu to have such feelings!”
“Teary eyes. This was Cheng Wu!”As expected of him!”
“No wonder he was able to produce a God Attainment Art like the War Dragon!”
“Moral character was truly too noble!!”
“Worked hard for the sake of his dreams. Yes, this was Cheng Wu!!!”
Zhong Yong’s body trembled slightly. After a while, he finally relied on his professional and excellent qualities as a host to suppress his emotions.
“So Teacher Cheng Wu’s thoughts are so noble!”
“But no matter what, Teacher Cheng Wu’s investment has become a textbook for the investment world!”
“Countless people crazily studied the secret of your investment in the War Dragon.”
“Teacher Cheng Wu, are you willing to share it with us today?”
When the online audience saw the host Zhong Yong’s question, they came to a sudden realization.
“Yes!Zhan Long’s 6 billion box office!”According to the allocation of the War Dragon’s investment, Cheng Wu will receive 540 million!”
“Heavens…40 million,54 billion…!”
“This was more than ten times!!!”
“Envy… If only I had bought some’ War Dragon’shares back then.”
“Big Boss, eat meat and drink soup!”
Countless netizens were secretly envious of Cheng Wu.
But in reality, if they were to return to that time, they would definitely not invest in the’ War Dragon’.
It was because this was a truly out-of-the-way work!
Who would have thought that Cheng Wu’s performance would explode?
It could only be said that Cheng Wu had sufficient confidence for his dreams!
“Thank you for inviting me. I’ ve already bought the’ War Dragon’ in Paris.”
A certain Mr. Liu Xianjian, who was unwilling to give his name out of the ten million yuan, commented on the Internet.
“Wa! Envy Big Boss!!!”Five hundred thousand.”
“He directly realized the freedom of wealth!”
“Ah, why didn’ t I buy a’ War Dragon’ back then!”
A group of netizens were filled with envy and hatred towards Liu Xianjian.
More than six million people could buy a few apartments as rentals in a third-tier city!
They could also choose to travel around the world!
At least ten years less!
Hearing Zhong Yong ask this question again, Cheng Wu didn’ t care if he was the last one.
He grinned.
“Let’s talk about some tricks…”
“I naturally have my cute and charming smart wife to support me!”
He pulled Chen Jiao into his embrace and fiercely kissed her!
“How envious! Cheng Wu treated Chen Jiao well!”
“Chen Jiao is not bad at Cheng Wu!”
“All they can say is that they have given each other sufficient trust and unconditional support!”
“They don’ t have to worry about being accompanied by anyone behind them!”
“Because they are the best ones to protect each other!”
“Sigh, whenever I encounter Cheng Wu/Chen Jiao who belongs to me!”
All the netizens were immediately scattered with dog food. On the Internet, they were filled with envy, jealousy, and hatred.
As for Cheng Wu, he could sense that the system’s warning was erupting crazily!
[You left a deep impression in the eyes of the crowd because of Director Luo Wenyi’s heartfelt approval!Reputation Points +17,000,000!]
[You had left a deep impression in the eyes of the crowd on the day-to-day production crew that Zhu Bingbing explained!Reputation Points +2,100,000!]
[Your wife Chen Jiao’s affectionate confession had caused the crowd to throw away a large amount of dog food, and it was considered a coincidence!Reputation Points +**!]
Cheng Wu smiled in understanding!
At this moment, after the national television station praised the 60 billion box office mythical records and variety interviews.
His Reputation Points had reached an astonishing 130 million!
It was even to the extent that he could exchange for that tempting C-level permanent authority!
Plus, three times!
All of this was brought by the extremely popular War Dragon!
He also relied on his role as the hero of the War Dragon, and his fame had successfully stepped into the frontline in China!
In fact, it could be said that this month when the’ War Dragon’ was released, it was a top-tier popularity!
By the end of this interview, it was time to reap all of this!*

Chapter 30: Permanently upgraded authority!Lottery Grade A!

The variety interviews this time were extremely hot.
Almost all the netizens on the Internet were madly discussing.
All of them were fanned out by Cheng Wu in this Battle Dragon interview!
They had not expected that Cheng Wu would actually be the greatest contributor to Zhan Long!
In fact, Cheng Wu’s name also rushed up the search!
Everyone was envious of Cheng Wu.
There was money and a lovely wife.
He had become a true A-list celebrity!
After recording the variety, Cheng Wu returned home.
This time, he wanted to exchange for C-level authority!
After all, the Reputation points obtained this time were 130 million!
Cheng Wu decided to exchange it on the system interface and deducted a hundred million Sound Value.
Then, a familiar warm stream swam around his body and rushed into his eyes again.
After a strange feeling, the warm current disappeared.
Cheng Wu opened his eyes again.
He could feel that the world before him seemed to become brighter.
He immediately opened his phone, found the stock software, and gave it a try.
[Piao Zhang Company Stock]
[Grade C return:8% return on capital]
[Duration:7 days]
[Kaihong Technology Company Stock]
[Grade C return:10% return on capital]
[Time:10 days]
Cheng Wu noticed that some of the stocks that he hadn’ t seen had been subtitled.
The difference between Grade C and Grade D was that the investment time was shorter.
It could allow Cheng Wu to quickly recover the funds.
If it was a level d permanent authority, it could only double Cheng Wu’s family within a year.
That C-rank probably wouldn’ t exceed half a year!
Cheng Wu was a little moved, but he still held back and did not immediately invest.
He still had 30 million Reputation Points to use!
What if he could draw a level B authority?
He continued to open the familiar Draw Wheel.
Among the red, yellow, and blue colors, red was still so conspicuous, occupying 70% of the space.
Cheng Wu held his breath and stared fixedly at the blue color that occupied 5% of the wheel.
He rubbed his hands and clicked on Start.
After deducting the prestige, the wheel began to rotate.
The pointer swayed as it swiftly spun back and forth between the three colors.
Slowly, his speed grew slower and slower. Finally, he slowly entered the blue interface.
Cheng Wu watched as the needle slowly but firmly moved forward, wishing he could reach out and fix him.
This was a grade A return rate!
As if hearing Cheng Wu’s thoughts, the pointer finally stopped moving when it was about to leave the blue area.
It really stopped in blue!
Cheng Wu was stunned.
Who would have thought that in his previous life, he would be defeated repeatedly in the raffle of penguins.
Who would have thought that this world would actually become the European Emperor!
Two lottery draws! They were actually Level A!
This probability!The bull competition exploded!
Think about the effects of the previous two A-level explosions.
Cheng Wu couldn’ t help but frown.
He quickly drew the remaining two prizes.
This time, nothing unexpected happened. They had all arrived in the red area.
However, Cheng Wu was satisfied.
After all,70% of the entire turntable was in the C-level area, so it wasn’ t uncommon to draw.
Cheng Wu was already content to draw another Grade A.
After exchanging the Reputation Points, Cheng Wu began to think about the next development.
There was cooperation between the authorities.
For example, the original A-level return on the War Dragon incident was only 1,000%.
But in the end, it brought him 1350% return.
Clearly, it was the role of D-level authority.
He changed some details.
The War Dragon was even better.
Therefore, his goal was to have permanent authority.
It was as if seeing the return rate of Grade A twice had completely changed Cheng Wu’s life.
What if Cheng Wu could see it forever?
To upgrade the permanent authority, reputation was the most important thing.
Perhaps Cheng Wu wanted to focus more on his reputation.
“Hubby, are you ready?”We’ ll set off in a while.”
Chen Jiao was wearing a pure white pleated dress, and she looked exceptionally pure.
At this moment, two Su Mu hands were hanging on Cheng Wu’s neck. Her red lips were attached to Cheng Wu’s ear as she spoke in a tender voice.
After the Battle Dragon’s popularity was over, Chen Jiao’s father took the initiative to make a phone call to congratulate her.
In addition, she invited Chen Jiao to bring Cheng Wu back to her mother’s house for dinner, saying that she had not been together for a long time.
This made Chen Jiao so happy.
Chen Jiao’s father was a famous tycoon in City K, with a family of several hundred million.
His father was extremely fond of Chen Jiao, but his attitude towards Cheng Wu was calm and indifferent.
Although she did not speak, Chen Jiao knew that her father felt that Cheng Wu only had a face and no talent.
Now that he had called them to eat at home, it seemed that he truly recognized Cheng Wu.
Cheng Wu did not have any special feelings for this man.
Since Chen Jiao was happy, she should accompany her.
Anyway, it was just dinner.
“Alright, let’s go.”
Cheng Wu smiled affectionately and rubbed Chen Jiao’s hair.
He left the house with Chen Jiao.
The sky was very clear. They left early.
This was the first time he had formally visited the man’s house. He still had to bring some gifts, not empty-handed.
Cheng Wu did not drive since the man was very close.
Holding Chen Jiao’s small hand, she leisurely walked on the small path of the community.
Who would have thought that an accident would happen just after leaving the community!
Seven or eight young men saw Cheng Wu appear.
He immediately rushed forward to welcome them!*

Chapter 31: We are all friends of Wang Hao!

Cheng Wu’s expression darkened as he looked at these excited men.
He pulled Chen Jiao behind him.
Who are these people?
Could it be an illegitimate meal?
This was a high-end district!
As long as he shouted, the security guards behind him would suppress them.
Therefore, Cheng Wu was not worried about his safety.
Just as Cheng Wu was about to call the security guard when he saw these men rapidly approaching.
A young man said excitedly:
“Teacher Cheng Wu, I am Wang Hao’s friend!”
“I want to find you to invest in movies!”
Cheng Wu was stunned for a moment. He temporarily lost the idea of calling the security guard.
He glanced at the seven or eight men suspiciously and asked:
“You all are?”
The group of men looked at each other and nodded in unison.
With their endless talk, Cheng Wu finally managed to figure out the situation.
It turned out that after Cheng Wu’s investment in Zhan Long exploded, everyone in the circle knew that Cheng Wu was extremely generous.
Wang Hao had many friends and was especially loyal.
Many people wanted to ask Wang Hao to go online with Cheng Wu to see if they could make an investment.
Wang Hao agreed, but he said that he had to ask about the martial arts process before he could contact them.
Some people were relatively close, so they first came to Chengwu District to try their luck.
Who would have thought that he would really encounter Cheng Wu.
“Then are you all filming movies?”What’s his name?”
Cheng Wu’s heart skipped a beat. He just so happened to be thinking about obtaining Reputation Points.
These people came.
He had level C permanent authority. If these people had a good seedling.
It could indeed be invested, and it could be considered as giving Wang Hao face.
Not to mention anything else, it was always possible to earn a small sum and bring some prestige.
“I’ m making a movie, called’ Belfin Love Song’.”
“I am filming an online drama called’ Never thought’.”
“I’ m shooting an animation…”
Seven or eight people introduced their works one by one.
Following their introduction, words appeared one by one in the air.
Cheng Wu’s eyes lit up as he scanned the text.
Not to mention anything else, this quality was really good.
Of the seven people, only two did not appear.
There were two C-ranks and three D-ranks.
As expected of someone who dared to recommend himself.
He still had some skills.
Two of the C-ranks were
[Network Play: Never would I have thought that]
[Grade C return rate:1,000% return on capital]
[Cycle: One month]
[Reason: A small-cost, funny online drama that accurately grasped the audience’s smile.]
[Animation: My wife is too cautious and brave]
[Grade C return:200% return on capital]
[Cycle: One month]
[Reason: A slightly unique painting style and plot that accurately grasped the audience’s smile.]
Cheng Wu was a little curious. Why was the rate of return different when it was the same as the rate of return of grade C and the same cycle?
Not only was it compared to the return rate of the stock search, it was also exceptionally generous.
As for the most exaggerated’ never expected’, it was comparable to the rate of return of the War Dragon.
After asking, Cheng Wu finally understood.
‘Never would have thought that the director would only have to invest a million dollars.
‘My wife was too cautious and courageous, she would have to invest five million.
‘Never would’ ve thought that the rate of return would be much higher.
However, the final profit was around ten million.
Cheng Wu’s heart skipped a beat as he casually said:
“‘Never would’ ve thought that this show would require too little investment, right?”How about I increase your investment by five million?”
The director, who was wearing a black hat, was stunned and then ecstatic:
“Could be Teacher Cheng Wu!”That’s definitely better!”
The other six revealed faces of envy, envy, and hate.
The words in the air began to fluctuate.
[Network Play: Never would I have thought that]
[Grade D return:120% return on capital]
Cheng Wu pondered for a moment. This time, the return rate had actually dropped.
Five million principal, six million profit.
The effect was obviously no different than before.
Those four million were thrown into the water.
“I’ m joking.”
Cheng Wu smiled and added.
The director of the black hat looked extremely disappointed.
The other six smiled once more.
Each and every one of them spoke impatiently:
“Teacher Cheng Wu, what about me?”
“Teacher Cheng Wu, I think my play has great potential…”
After thinking about it, Cheng Wu still agreed to invest in those five people.
He was just about to have them contact him the next day.
After all, he still had to go to his house to eat.
There must be no time to do this with them.
They all took out their personal contracts and official seals…
He quickly signed the contract and finished the payment.
Since there was a return rate, there was no fear of losing money.
Then, he stuffed the five newly signed contracts into Chen Jiao’s bag.
Under Chen Jiao’s resentful gaze, Cheng Wu giggled as he stepped onto the road to the man’s house.*

Chapter 32: Chen Dong and Li Ling

Cheng Wu and Chen Jiao first bought some fruit for their mother-in-law nearby.
Then, he bought a cigarette and two bottles of Mao Tai for the man.
Looking at the sky, it gradually darkened.
He was ready to go to the old man’s house.
As soon as he arrived downstairs, Cheng Wu’s waist trembled and he called.
Chen Jiao took the cigarette and wine from Wu Yu’s hands in a thoughtful manner.
Cheng Wu took it out and looked at it. It was Wang Hao who called and reached out to connect.
“Brother Cheng Wu, I’ m sorry to have caused you trouble.”
Wang Hao’s voice was somewhat apologetic. Clearly, the five of them had told him.
He thought that Cheng Wu had invested because of his relationship.
“It’s fine. Those people’s scripts still have a lot of potential. It won’ t be a loss if you put them in.”
Cheng Wu smiled. Wang Hao was still very loyal.
He probably just knew that he had called.
“Do you still have friends who want to invest in me?”Tell me their script together.”
Cheng Wu took the initiative to say something.
For example, the entertainment culture in this world was more developed, and the movies and online dramas were filmed faster.
Moreover, there were more people who were paying attention to the movies and online dramas, so they had more reputation points attached to them.
Therefore, if Wang Hao had a friend’s script with high returns, Cheng Wu wouldn’ t mind investing.
“Ah?”Brother Cheng Wu, this is too troublesome for you…”
Wang Hao’s voice was slightly startled, then he said in a moved voice.
He hadn’ t expected Cheng Wu to give him such face…
It seemed like he was truly treating him as a friend.
“It’s fine. It just so happens that I want to invest recently.”
Cheng Wu smiled, unconcerned.
“Alright, I’ ll send you the letter together…”
After hanging up Wang Hao’s phone, Cheng Wuwei received a document.
He opened it and found that there were probably dozens of scripts and the director’s detailed introduction, as well as their contact details.
At the side of many scripts, there was no system notification.
There were only a dozen of them, and the system characters vaguely appeared.
Cheng Wu smiled helplessly. Wang Hao’s friends seemed to be quite a lot…
However, he was not prepared to cast too much.
Of those five people, he had invested a total of fifteen million.
The return should be 30 million in a month.
It was still too few.
It was mainly for Reputation Points.
In Wang Hao’s document, Cheng Wu was prepared to invest another 25 million.
The remaining 500 million would naturally be invested in the A-level return rate.
He took a glance and chose two C-ranks, five D-ranks, and added their dimensional letter.
These were all gains within a month.
After that, Cheng Wu took the cigarette and wine from Chen Jiao’s hand.
Looking at Chen Jiao’s gentle face, she smiled:
“Let’s go.”
The two of them went forward and knocked on the door.
“Who is it?”
An older woman’s voice rang out.
Chen Jiao’s father was Chen Dong and her mother was Li Ling.
Although Chen Dong was quite rich, he was a famous tycoon at the top of City K.
However, because they were happy and quiet, they didn’ t ask for a nanny. They just lived together.
Seeing Li Ling open the door, Chen Jiao happily went forward and gave a hug.
“Ah?”You’ re here.”
“I thought you guys would come later.”
Li Ling was a very rich middle-aged woman. She could vaguely see her youthful demeanor.
At this moment, he took Chen Jiao’s fruit with a peaceful expression and turned around to lead the way.
“You’ ve already arrived. What else are you bringing?”
“Quick, come in.”
Cheng Wu and Chen Jiao nodded and followed Li Ling into the room.
The interior was very spacious and the decoration was quite elegant.
It was a three-storey villa.
Li Ling had just brought them to the living room when she got up and went to the kitchen.
She had just prepared to cook.
When Chen Jiao saw this, she hurried forward to help her.
As for Cheng Wu, he casually placed the cigarette and wine on the side and took the cigarette.
With a smile on his face, Chen Dong swallowed a cloud of mist.
“Xiao Wu, do you mind if I call you that?”
“It’s fine, Uncle Dong.”
“I’ ve seen the War Dragon you’ ve invested in recently. It’s really good.”
“You have over 500 million through this investment, right?
“Right now, it’s truly awesome.”
Chen Dong slowly exhaled a smoke ring and praised it wholeheartedly.
After all these years, he had managed to save over 600 million people.
Who would have thought that Cheng Wu would earn more than three months.
In the beginning, he had thought that Cheng Wu was a little more handsome and kind to his daughter.
Who would have thought that he would be so talented!
“Just a moment of luck.”
Cheng Wu smiled and replied modestly.
Just like that, Cheng Wu and Chen Dongdong chatted for a while before starting to talk.
As the conversation deepened, Chen Dong’s gaze towards Cheng Wu grew more and more friendly.
Chen Dong began to chat about the news:
“Xiao Wu, have you seen the news recently?”
“Sand Nation and Laos have discovered super-large crude oil mines.”
“Now, the price of crude oil has fallen.”
“I have a friend who has invested in the futures of crude oil. He has suffered a terrible loss recently.”
“Xiao Wu, do you have any concerns about stocks and futures?”
As soon as Chen Dong finished speaking, a text suddenly appeared in front of Cheng Wu!*

Chapter 33: Rising Crude Oil!A warm family feast!

[Event: Crude Oil Explosion]
[Grade A return rate: Investment income 1000%]
[Cycle: one month.]
[Reason: The oil price fell because of the discovery of huge crude oil mines by the Sand Kingdom and Laos.However, no one knew that next week, the Ugly Congress declared war on the Sand Kingdom and Laos.As a result, the price of oil soared!A month later, the two countries settled the war through diplomacy, and the oil price plummeted.[1]
Cheng Wu looked at the bright red font and was stunned.
He had never imagined that the rate of return of Grade A would be so fast!
Moreover, why was the reward higher than Zhan Long?
One had to know that when investing in the War Dragon, the War Dragon would only need 40 million cash!
He had earned himself 500 million!
And when the’ Crude Oil’ event was triggered, the rate of return didn’ t decrease?
His five hundred million-body family would gain five billion!
It was also a Grade A event, which was ten times more than the War Dragon!
One must know that futures do not limit how much you invest!
As if hearing Cheng Wu’s question, a system comment appeared next to the blood-red text.
The return rate of [A-level event was not affected by the fluctuation of funds, and it exceeded below B-level.]
Cheng Wu was slightly excited.
This meant that after the oil incident, his family would reach a billion levels!
Five billion!
“Xiao Wu, are you listening?”
Chen Dong’s puzzled voice rang out.
Only then did Cheng Wu return to his senses and withdraw his slightly excited heart.
“East Uncle, there are. I have some understanding of futures. I am also preparing to invest this time.”
Although he hadn’t invested, he had already decided to eliminate the 40 million funds he had invested in film, television, animation and animation.
The remaining five hundred million fell on the crude oil!
Five billion, one month later. Who could resist this temptation?
“Ah, Xiao Wu, you also have some understanding of futures?Then what are you planning to invest in?”What’s the investment?”
Chen Dong was slightly curious.
He knew that his son-in-law had never been exposed to stock futures or the like.
Now, he was saying that he had some understanding of futures?Preparing to invest?
Chen Dong thought back and couldn’ t help but laugh.
It was also true that Cheng Wu was already a man with 500 million family members.
Playing with futures was a common rule.
Even if he lost a few million, it would be harmless.
“East Uncle, I’ m going to invest in crude oil futures and try water.”
Cheng Wu smiled indifferently and said slowly.
He had no intention of telling the man how much he wanted to invest.
After all, Chen Dong was not Chen Jiao. He could trust him unconditionally.
He couldn’t explain why he knew about the increase in crude oil.
“Crude oil futures?”
Chen Dongxuan glanced at Cheng Wu.
Then, his eyes gradually changed from astonishment to admiration.
He had not expected Cheng Wu to have such a keen sense of smell.
As soon as he knew about the news of the discovery of the crude oil mine, he prepared to invest.
Although it was a little late to enter the market and buy the futures of crude oil.
But he could still earn a bit.
His friend, who had bought crude oil, had also bought crude oil and fell overnight, so that he could save his family.
“Xiao Wu, your eyes are fine.”
Chen Dong smiled and praised. When he saw Chen Jiao come out of the kitchen wearing an apron, his eyes lit up.
“Chen Jiao, there are five million in this card. Go buy some futures for me.”
He calculated that since his son-in-law had this idea, he had to support it.
He definitely didn’ t intend to take the principal and profit.
He just so happened to use his daughter’s hand as a greeting gift.
Chen Jiao wiped the sweat off her forehead and took it with a smile.
“Alright, don’ t talk anymore. We’ re ready for dinner.”
Li Ling followed closely behind and brought out two sets of household stir-fries with full color and fragrance.
As he helped bring the kitchen dishes and tableware onto the dining table, he started his family dinner.
At the dining table, Li Ling kept asking Cheng Wu for warmth.
From time to time, he sighed and thought of hugging his grandson.
Chen Jiao’s face flushed red.
After this warm meal, Cheng Wu and Chen Jiao returned home.
“Look, husband, this is five million from my father.”
“How do you think you should vote?”
Chen Jiao snuggled into Cheng Wu’s embrace with a charming smile on her face.
She knew that these five million were small. It meant that Chen Dong truly recognized Cheng Wu.
It was the best proof that he was enjoying himself at the family banquet.
Cheng Wu paused slightly and said:
“To buy crude oil rose!”The highest lever!”
“Ah?”Didn’ t the news say we found two giant crude oil mines?”
Chen Jiao cried out in surprise, thinking that she had heard wrongly.
“Yes, wife. This is precisely the best opportunity.”
“I’ m going to invest the 500 million that I’ ve earned from the War Dragon.”
“Do you believe me?”
Cheng Wu stroked Chen Jiao’s hair and smiled.
“Of course I believe in you, husband!”
“Even if you say you want to pluck the stars from the sky and the moon at the bottom of the ocean, I will not hesitate to believe it.”
Chen Jiao said without hesitation, her eyes filled with trust as she looked at Cheng Wu.
Since Cheng Wu was able to keep encouraging her throughout the year, he would accompany her until her transformation.
Then, she would be able to give Cheng Wu 100% trust until forever.
Cheng Wu smiled.
He knew that Chen Jiao would have 100% confidence in him. There was no need for a reason.
This was also the reason why she could tell Chen Jiao at ease.
Then, he suddenly picked up his phone and opened the financial software.
Choose futures, the highest lever.
Five hundred million, all investment!*

Chapter 34: Adding leverage!Five billion investment in crude oil!The netizens reflected![

This World Bank was wholly state-owned.
Therefore, Cheng Wu could easily put all 500 million into it without any limit.
Cheng Wu heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that he had bought all 500 million.
He had chosen to increase crude oil by 20 times.
In fact, if it was an ordinary person who could not see the return rate of the system, he would definitely not choose the highest lever.
It was because if he chose twenty times the leverage.
As long as Cheng Wu lost 25 million yuan, he would lose five billion yuan.
The risk was simply too great.
However, the rewards were also astonishingly generous.
Every dollar Cheng Wu earned could be doubled by twenty times!
This meant that as long as the crude oil purchased, the overall value would increase by 250 million.
Cheng Wu could earn 5 billion!
To ordinary people, this was a shocking gamble!
It was extremely easy to corrupt!
As for Cheng Wu, who had a system, it was purely a profit!
After taking Chen Jiao’s phone and controlling it, he also poured five million of Chen Dong’s money into it.
At this moment, the contacts from the previous script were also added.
Cheng Wu took the time to return their message and asked them to send the electronic contract.
After signing the agreement, he made a quick payment.
As she did this, Chen Jiao held her cheeks and pouted her cherry lips as she stared at Cheng Wu.
His eyes were filled with endless love. He was extremely cute.
“Wife, our family has no money again.”
Cheng Wu looked at the cute Chen Jiao and began to play a playful role.
“It’s fine. Hubby, you have me.”
When Chen Jiao saw that Cheng Wu was finally finished, like a small beast, a hungry tiger rushed over to eat.
He pressed down on Cheng Wu and said in a tender voice.
She was a pure girl. Since she had given her heart to Cheng Wu, she would not doubt it.
Cheng Wu smiled and turned off the warm light emitting from the bedside.
He hugged Chen Jiao and fell asleep.
Everything had been done, and now, all that remained was waiting quietly.
Everything was ready, only owed to Dongfeng!

The next day, along with the numerous online dramas that Cheng Wu invested in, the animation announced that it had raised funds and officially started filming.
The fishing wheels on the Internet exploded.
It was because… they discovered that the investors of these films and films all had Cheng Wu’s name!
“Heavens!”What did I find?”
“This television show that is about to start filming, is it Cheng Wu?”
“And this animation… that’s the same!”
The netizens were all surprised. At first, they thought it was someone with the same name.
After checking the details, he realized that it was Cheng Wu!
Everyone began to complain on the internet.
“Cheng Wu, is this too floating?”
“I admit that the’ War Dragon’ he invested in was the dark horse of the year, which made his fortune tenfold.”
“However, having money isn’ t something that can be wasted like this!”
“How many new films and TV productions have you lost?”
“Why does he think he can make a profit?”
“I’ ve invested more than ten of them!”
Most of the netizens and passers-by did not think highly of Cheng Wu. There were even people who made extreme remarks.
“I really don’ t take money as money. With this money, wouldn’ t it be good to donate it to the poor?”
“Turned black!”It’s only because there are more people like Cheng Wu in the country that we can’ t achieve a well-off society!”
“Cheng Wu used the money to waste it so casually. Have you ever thought how many people in the country still can’ t afford to eat?”
“If I had Cheng Wu so much money, I would definitely not waste it and donate it to the poor!”
“Cheng Wu’s life is black!”
These were Cheng Wu’s Hei Zi.
It was impossible for anyone to like it. Some Hei Zi was extremely resentful towards Cheng Wu because of envy or envy.
Now that he had seized the opportunity, he immediately began to speak loudly on the Internet.
Immediately, Cheng Wu’s fan, Orange, began to retort.
“If you don’ t waste it, have you donated money to the poor?”
“That’s right. If you had Cheng Wu so much money, you would definitely donate it because you didn’ t.”
“You have a car, do you donate it?”You won’ t, because you have!”
“Keypad Hero!”
“Not to mention Cheng Wu’s investment this time, why is it related to the waste?”
“Right now, none of these dozen films are online. No one can say!”
“No matter how you say it, it’s normal to have a profit or loss in your investment.”
“Cheng Wulun has no brainless keyboard hero like you!”
On the fishing wheel in the network, Orange’s words still prevailed.
After all, most of the netizens were rational, and the words from the keyboard chivalrous voice did not hold water.
However, they were not optimistic about Cheng Wu’s investment.
‘War Dragon’s fire was right.
But this was because he was the’ War Dragon’!
What was the difference between Cheng Wu’s casual investment and throwing money into the water?
Cheng Wu’s current fame had reached the A-list celebrity level.
That was why the conversation about him was so hot.
The netizens were discussing the gains and losses of Cheng Wu’s investment in various platforms.
Until… there was a piece of news that directly rushed into the search!
Under this news, the netizens were like boiling water, directly exploding into an uproar!*

Chapter 35: Explosive Public Opinion!Cheng Wu’s five hundred million dollars worth of water!

Shockingly, the one that had rushed up the search was a small fan!
He saw his original post:
[The reason behind Chen Jiao secretly wiping away her tears: Cheng Wu’s 500 million yuan worth of water!]
“Hello, everyone. I am a warm-hearted person who is unwilling to reveal his name.”
I discovered a shocking secret!
Under my observation, Cheng Wuguan had earned five hundred million bodies from the Battle Dragon.
All of them had invested in futures!
Moreover, the Sand and Lagoon countries had discovered the giant oil mine.
He bought the futures of rising crude oil!
He even added twenty times more leverage!
As everyone knew, ever since the Sand and Lagoon countries discovered the giant crude oil mine, they announced that their export volume would be doubled.
The price of crude oil began to drop.
Moreover, this trend would continue until the Sand and Lagoon countries successfully extracted the first batch of crude oil.
Everyone knew that the price of crude oil would fall again and again.
Those who had the capital bought the futures of crude oil.
Cheng Wu, he actually bought the futures that increased the price of crude oil under such circumstances!
He had poured five hundred million in!
One had to know that this was twenty times the leverage!
As long as the capital of 500 million was lost by 25 million, it would disappear!
This was for Cheng Wu, who had never been in contact with stock futures.
It was a complete gamble!
For this reason, Chen Jiao repeatedly dissuaded him and Cheng Wu resolutely disregarded him.
In the end, Chen Jiao could only secretly wipe her tears in the bed!
A model of love in this generation was shattered!
“Interest is related. I’ ll hide it first.”
[Attached drawing: Cheng Wu’s account.]
All the netizens fell into a huge uproar under this broadcast!
No one had expected that Cheng Wu had never invested in stock futures.
They would place all their possessions on futures!
Moreover… he had let Chen Jiao down!
He acted alone and did not listen to Chen Jiao’s advice at all!
Could it be that Cheng Wu’s love for Chen Jiao was fake?
“No way!”I’ m Cheng Zi. I don’ t believe that Cheng Wu will let Chen Jiao down!”
“Their relationship is so good, this must be a rumor!”
“Sigh… It’s hard to say. Many men become bad when they have money.”
“That’s right. I feel that it’s only because they have good feelings that they can trust.”
“Chen Jiao, who loves Cheng Wu so much, how could she have the heart to let Cheng Wu spend five hundred million in vain?”
“It’s not surprising to hear a big fight in the end.”
That’s right. If he were to invest in film and television, Cheng Wu would still be considered an insider in the industry. He could barely have the precedent of’ Zhan Long’.
But investing in stock futures, that Cheng Wu was a complete layman!
A layman who had increased his super leverage by twenty times took a huge risk…
No one was optimistic about the increase in crude oil.
This was a gamble!
There was no doubt that he would lose!
All of the netizens posted their own comments online. They all looked down on Cheng Wu!
As for the Black Son of Cheng Wu, he had even seized the opportunity to attack him without restraint!
“If Cheng Wu were to invest in the futures of crude oil, then I would still take a look at him and think that he has the courage!”
“But, you choose to increase your leverage?”
“Please, the Sand and Lagoon countries have just discovered a huge crude oil mine!”
“Cheng Wu will definitely lose. He will become a poor egg again!”
“I’ m afraid I’ ll run back to father-in-law’s house with my tails between my legs. Hahahaha!”
In these noisy comments on the Internet.
The passersby netizens also sighed, expressing that their dreams were broken.
“Sigh!”I thought Cheng Wu Chen Jiao was my dream love!”
“Didn’ t expect Cheng Wu to become so rich!”I don’ t care about Chen Jiao’s feelings at all!”
“And let Chen Jiao secretly wipe her tears!”
“From Cheng Wu’s point of view, it really was because of the success of the’ War Dragon’ that it completely floated away!”
“I’ m sure this investment in crude oil will be completely wiped out soon.”
“My heart aches for Chen Jiao!”
The entire network was filled with a wave of wildness after the swarm rushed into the search!
The netizens did not believe Cheng Wu!Laughing at him would end up losing all of his family’s assets!
At the same time, he angrily berated Chen Jiao, disregarding Chen Jiao’s feelings, and he was going to use five hundred million to fight for nothing!
Because this broadcast had Cheng Wu’s running records, the netizens didn’ t doubt his authenticity!
Even though some of the’ oranges’ were silently speaking, under the’solid proof’, they still had some strength.
All of this was seen by Cheng Wu and Chen Jiao at home.
Chen Jiao angrily stomped her feet, her face full of anger:
“Hubby!The netizens were making rumors again!”
“We have such a good relationship. They actually said that I don’ t believe you!”
“I also said that your investment this time will lose all your family assets!”
“Too much!”
Chen Jiao felt a hundred grievances in her heart.
He thought about not letting the netizens slander Cheng Wu like that.
He had to tell the netizens the truth!
Cheng Wu smiled calmly and didn’ t mind.
“Wife, don’ t bother with them.”
“It’s just a bit of Black Son’s rhythm.”
“After a month, they will naturally shut up obediently.”
He was thinking about doubling his assets in a month’s time and going to film and television.
Cheng Wu couldn’ t help but feel a hint of anticipation in his heart.
The good days were yet to come!*

Chapter 36: National News!

Cheng Wu’s words were very calm.
However, Chen Jiao still felt a little unsettled.
While Cheng Wu was taking a bath, he secretly opened his phone.
He hesitated for a moment.
He still didn’t choose to ascend that unaccredited account.
Instead, he registered a new broadcast.
She still wanted to keep that small account to scold the black fans!
Chen Jiao sat down in a tight seat, recording a video and choosing to upload it.
In the video, she had bright eyes and white teeth. Her skin was fair, and it emitted a gentle and elegant aura.
“Hello, everyone. I’ m Chen Jiao. This is the broadcast I just registered.”
“Today, there are rumors online that my husband, Cheng Wu, has a conflict with me.”
“I am here to clarify that these are all matters that are completely useless!”We are very loving!”
“I know everything about my husband’s investment!”It’s also very supportive!”
“I hope that my friends on the Internet will not attack my Mister Cheng Wu!”
Following this short video, a dozen seconds later.
Chen Jiao’s broadcast immediately became popular!
Cheng Wu’s current fame was an A-list celebrity!
As his wife, Chen Jiao, along with Cheng Wu, was known as a golden child.
There were also many people who knew her!
In that instant, the encirclement spread out!
Countless vies forwarded it and praised it.
Many of the netizens were discussing this heatedly!
“Woox, is this fake?”I don’ t even have a major certification…”
“Are you stupid?Chen Jiao said,” It’s the first time I’ ve registered for a broadcast.”
“And it was me who recorded the video. How could it be fake?”
“My god, Chen Jiao actually knew about Cheng Wu’s investment from the start…”
“It’s not like it’s spread online, but it’s giving Cheng Wu 100% support!”
“So they’ re still extremely loving!”
“The role model of love in the 21st century has not been destroyed!”
The netizens were all speechless under Chen Jiao’s encirclement!
It was as if he had been wrong. Their love was still as strong as gold!
However, there were some black sons who were still discussing intensely.
“Chen’s love is too blind…”
“Now that the Sand Nation and Laos have discovered the super-large crude oil mine, the crude oil has obviously fallen.”
“Cheng Wu’s investment is obviously throwing money into the water!”
“If it were me, I would definitely stop Cheng Wu.”
“Blind love is not love!”
“Chen Jiao is not thinking about Cheng Wu at all!”
Boy, it was fine if Chen Jiao supported Cheng Wu, but it was fine if she opposed Cheng Wu.
In their eyes, they did not love Cheng Wu.
It was all because of Hei Zi’s mouth.
Chen Jiao looked at these black sons’ comments, her face turning pale with anger.
Her delicate face revealed grievances and anger.
Just as he was about to change his account, he started to fight those black sons.
However, he discovered that under the comments of these Black Son, someone had helped her back.
He was a fan of Cheng Wu and Chen Jiao,’ Orange’!
“You black powder, you’ ll be black!”
“Chen Jiao has 100% confidence in Cheng Wu. She will never doubt him.”
“In your eyes, it has become a black dot.”
“You might as well go to Uncle Black Peasant. Why did you plant so much food?”
“You guys are so full!”
The most intense comments were all from a college student.
At this moment, she was in the dormitory and coincidentally arrived at Chen Jiao’s broadcast.
Two fingers flew rapidly on the screen.
After laying down all the black powder, he let out a sigh of relief.
However, right after that, her brows furrowed again.
That’s right. Right now, she could retaliate against these black fans.
However, there was no denying that one of the black powder’s logic was correct.
That was when the Sand and Lagoon countries discovered huge crude oil mines.
Crude oil prices plummeted.
Cheng Wu’s investment this time was probably a loss.
The roommate next to her looked at her tightly knitted brows and then at the screen on her phone.
He also shook his head and sighed, extremely regretful:
“Unfortunately, Cheng Wu will definitely lose money this time.”
She was also a fan of Cheng Wu and Chen Jiao, a member of Orange.
One of them was envious of Cheng Wu and Chen Jiao’s love.
One by one, they became’ Orange’.
Now, he was naturally very sorry for Cheng Wu’s investment.
Just as the two of them were sighing and frowning for Cheng Wu.
The sound from the other roommate’s phone shocked them!
[State Television News]
“Today, the Ugly Foreign Ministry issued a statement.”
“Because the two countries of the State of Sha and Laos possess weapons of mass destruction.”
“So, the ugly nation announced.”
“We will not rule out the possibility of war by imposing an economic blockade on the Sand Kingdom and Laos!”
These two female university students were stunned!
Then, he fiercely rushed to that room friend’s bed and gave her a hug!
I love you to death!He was actually watching the news program at this moment!
Following that, they were all shocked by Cheng Wu’s actions!
As expected, Cheng Wu bought crude oil futures at the lowest point.
The next day, with the news, one could predict that the crude oil would rise and rise!
Cheng Wu’s investment this time was simply a stroke of god!*

Chapter 37: Rising Crude Oil!

Chen Jiao looked at the comments on the Internet. It was an endless stream of images.
Some of them were brainless, while others were warm and encouraging.
Just as he was about to reply, Cheng Wu’s phone rang.
Chen Jiao looked at the lightning and saw that it was Luo Wenyi.
He didn’t care about replying to the netizens’ comments and hurriedly picked it up and ran to the bathroom.
“Hubby, you’re calling.”
Coincidentally, Cheng Wugang had just finished taking a bath. His hair was wet and he walked out with a stream of water vapor.
Cheng Wu answered the call and chose to connect.
“Teacher Cheng Wu, you are truly exceptional.”
“Where did the inside information come from?”
“You just invested in crude oil futures yesterday, but today you’ re up!”
“It’s truly hidden!”
Director Luo Wenyi’s voice was filled with admiration.
He even made a small joke.
“It’s gone up?”
“No way, right?”
Cheng Wu was slightly taken aback. He had not expected that the return would be so quick.
Although he knew that the’ crude oil’ would definitely rise, he did not know when the’ crude oil’ would begin to rise.
Unexpectedly, the next day, the price of crude oil began to rise.
“It’s bad. Teacher Cheng Wu, you’ re just pretending to be me.”
“To be honest, did you already expect crude oil to rise?”
“Teacher Cheng Wu, your investment vision is truly exceptional!”
Director Luo Wenyi’s voice was filled with heartfelt admiration and was not false at all.
He had just read the state television news.
The ugly country announced that it would impose an economic blockade on the Sand and Laos!
Not excluding the possibility of war!
As a result, the international crude oil trade between the Sand Kingdom and the Laos had suddenly stopped!
At this moment, many other countries lost their exports from these two big crude oil countries.
The price of crude oil that had originally fallen began to soar!
Now… the price of crude oil was already two things compared to yesterday!
Therefore, Luo Wenyi immediately called to report his happiness.
In Luo Wenyi’s chattering words, Cheng Wu understood the beginning and the end.
After hanging up the phone, he hurriedly opened the financial software and checked the floating price of crude oil futures.
Damn!This increase!
Cheng Wu roughly estimated it and added twenty times the leverage.
If it was settled on today’s increase, it would earn 500 million!
His family had doubled!
But Cheng Wu knew that this was definitely not the highest price of crude oil!
Wait until the ugly country truly declared war with the Sar-Gola country.
In the future, there would be no international supply from the two big crude oil countries.
At that time, the price of crude oil would go crazy!
Cheng Wu’s assets would also soar along with the crude oil!
Until… five billion!
That was what Cheng Wu needed!
Along with the news, the fishing wheel on the Internet began to undergo a tremendous change!
There was a Black Son who was still in Cheng Wu’s comments area, attacking him wantonly!
“Cheng Wu’s investment this time is the biggest loser!”
“The higher you stand, the more miserable you fall!”
“Cheng Wu was floating!”Let’s see Cheng Wu go bankrupt!”
Just as he was bursting out with joy, he realized that the computer had popped out a news window.
“Madre, how could he have come to advertise.”
Hei Zi cursed. Just as he was about to close the advertisement, he was stunned.
The most striking headline on the news was:
The [ugly state announced that the Sand and Laos had weapons of mass destruction.They would be sealed off economically, not excluding the possibility of war!]
[Caused the crude oil trade between Sand Nation and Laos to plummet!Crude oil prices soared!]
Hei Zi was stunned when he saw the news.
‘Crude Oil’s growth?What about the crazy fall??
How could it be that the economic blockade had been sealed off?
As if thinking of something, Hei Zi suddenly opened the web page and clicked on a financial software.
He discovered that the price of crude oil was rising wildly!
The amplification line started from the lowest point to the lowest valley yesterday.
Little by little, little by little, it rose rapidly!
In the end, it even exceeded the original oil price!
It had reached its peak!
Hei Zi looked at the rapidly rising crude oil. He was a little dumbfounded.
Not only did Cheng Wu not lose, he even made a huge profit?
He was a little dissatisfied. The netizens opened Cheng Wu and Chen Jiao’s comments area.
[Cheng Wu/Chen Jiao surround broadcast comment area]
“Did you guys see the news just now?”
“F*ck! Forget it, Cheng Wuniu!”
“Is the water army upstairs?What news?Trash Cheng Wu!”I’ m sure I won’ t lose even my pants on crude oil!”
“The 2G net upstairs isn’ t fast?”
“The appraisal was successful. The upper floor is the Village Access Network.”
“Brother, wake up. Da Qing is already dead!”
Almost all the netizens quickly learned about the new news!
Even if there were people who didn’ t know, under the’ zealous’ old brother’s knowledge of the commentary area, they immediately knew.
The ugly country announced that it would become a god to the Sha and La economies, not excluding the possibility of war!
As a result, the price of crude oil soared!
This meant that not only did Cheng Wu not lose money, he also made 500 million!
His family had officially doubled, entering the billionaires club!
“Heavens, Cheng Wu’s battle is truly an awesome battle!”
“I really don’ t know how he did it. If he couldn’ t reach the bottom one day earlier, the crude oil would have risen one day later!”
“The timing of this investment is just right. It’s simply divine!”
“I apologize for Cheng Wu!”I actually laughed at his investment this time!”
“Me too!Cheng Wu and Chen Jiao truly loved each other!”I actually trusted him so much…”
“If only I could join Cheng Wu yesterday…”
The netizens’ comments began to change completely, not praising Cheng Wu!
Hei Zi was no longer in a good mood now. He immediately sat down on his chair, dejected!
Thinking back to the thread that Cheng Wu had ridiculed earlier, he was even hit on his face!
He muttered:
“This… is fake!”*

Chapter 38: Professor He, talk nonsense about the country!

In next to no time, all the headlines broadcasted this news of the ugly country!
The fishing wheels on the network erupted!
They were all extremely envious of Cheng Wu!
“Wow, Cheng Wu is truly too godly!”
“Just as he finished buying the’ crude oil’ futures, it rapidly soared!”
“If only I bought the same as him!”
“Aiya, I’ m not a genius. I just happened to buy some’ crude oil’.”
“Looking at it now, the assets have increased by a third!”
A certain Mr. Liu Xianjian, who was unwilling to reveal his name, commented on the Internet.
“F*ck! Envy boss!”
The netizens below let out a long sigh, envious and hateful.
At this moment, a famous financial scholar, Professor He, had published different opinions on the Internet.
“In my opinion, the ugly country will definitely not go to war with the Sha Kingdom.”
“The economic blockade is only a temporary situation.”
“It won’t be long before we can make peace.”
“When the time comes, the price of’ crude oil’, which is like a bubble, will rapidly plummet!”
“You guys have bought’ crude oil’. Hurry up and sell it now!”
As soon as Professor He said those words, it was like a plate of cold water pouring on everyone.
That’s right!The international situation was now peaceful.
How could the ugly country dare to take the risk that the world would not disobey, and truly start a war with the Sha Kingdom?
Perhaps this time, the economic blockade was just a little too small.
If the ugly country announced that this blockade was lifted, what would happen?
The current high price of’ crude oil’ would be like a bubble that would shatter once touched!
All of a sudden, he fell to the bottom!
The enthusiastic netizens no longer felt the heat in their hearts.
His heart was incomparably cold!
In the blink of an eye, a large number of netizens who wanted to buy crude oil gave up on this idea!
As for those who had originally bought’ crude oil’, they quickly listened to Professor He’s crazy selling!
As the’ crude oil’soared, it made a huge profit!
They were all glad that they had heard of Professor He!
As for many enthusiastic netizens, they ran to Cheng Wu and Chen Jiao’s comment area and began to advise.
“Cheng Wu was so big that he quickly listened to Professor He and tossed the’ crude oil’ away!”
“Yes, you’ ve earned enough!”My assets have doubled!”
“If you don’t sell it, I’ m afraid as Professor He said, the economic blockade will be lifted!”
“At that time, not only will the profits be lost.”
“Even Cheng Wu would lose all of your principal!”
Chen Jiao looked at the many enthusiastic comments that had entered the comment area and was slightly worried.
Turning his head to look at Cheng Wu:
“Hubby, that Professor He seems to be very famous.”
“Do you want to listen to him and sell the crude oil stocks?”
Cheng Wu smiled.
Right now, it was just a double amount of money.
The return rate on the system was ten times!
He said:
“Don’ t worry, trust your husband.”
“‘Crude Oil’s value is far beyond the current price!”
Looking at Cheng Wu’s confident and handsome face.
Chen Jiao’s heart was certain as she said in a soft and gentle voice:
“Good husband, I believe you.”
Without any hesitation, Chen Jiao chose to believe Cheng Wu!
As for Professor He, let him go to hell!
On the internet, he watched as Cheng Wu continued to sell’ crude oil’.
The enthusiastic netizens were all worried!
“Ah, why didn’ t Cheng Wu dump’ crude oil’?”
“If this continues, the economic blockade will calm down.”
“The price of’ crude oil’ will drop all the way down!”
“At that time, I’ m afraid that Cheng Wu’s huge profits will make a huge loss and his principal will be completely wiped out!”
“He added twenty times more leverage!”
On the other hand, Hei Zi had seized this opportunity to mock him!
“Hmph! This Cheng Wu is actually not selling’ crude oil’ yet!”
“With good luck, it’s fine if you make a small profit. You still don’ t listen to Professor He!”
“What a joke!”
“With the money earned by luck, we have to use our strength to lose money!”
“Just wait for the loss to come to nothing!”
In the next few days, the fishing wheels on the Internet were not optimistic about Cheng Wu!
They all thought that Cheng Wu was too greedy!
Do not listen to the advice of professionals, Professor He!
Amidst this mocking sound, another big news broke out on the internet!
[Ugly state officially declared war on the Sha Kingdom!Strengthen economic control and blockade!]
The netizens on the Internet were stunned!
This… is serious?
Didn’t Professor He say that the international situation was so good that he could n’ t fight?
The ugly country… why did it declare war with the Sargola country?
In this way, Sha Guolai, who had barely managed to export crude oil, would be completely unable to export it!
As for the’ crude oil’ that had originally risen to a certain extent, it had once again witnessed a soaring rise!
As time passed, the value of Cheng Wu’s’ crude oil’ continuously increased!
1.520 Billion..3 billion… In the end, it reached the end of the month, reaching a terrifying 5 billion!
Those who had heard of Professor He and sold the crude oil all regretted it!
“F*ck! If I hadn’ t sold’ crude oil’, my family would have doubled!”
“What famous expert, Professor He, is he really talking nonsense!”
“It looks like this… Cheng Wu is a real bull!”
“By the way, how much of Cheng Wu’s’ crude oil’ is worth?”
The netizens all turned their attention to Cheng Wu!
Then, he was speechless!
He praised Cheng Wu’s investment as an investment myth!
“Cheng Wu Niu Competition!Break!)”
“Was invincible!Cheng Wu’s family had actually reached over five hundred million!”
“This is not the limit!”
“The international situation is so grim now. I really don’ t know how much crude oil will rise to…”
“My relative gritted his teeth and sold the house today. He also poured crude oil!”
“Even though we said we were late, we still have a share.”
“That’s right. Looking at it like this, Cheng Wu, who had invested in crude oil a long time ago, was truly furious!!”*

Chapter 39: Cheng Wu Shen!

At this moment, the popularity of’ crude oil’ on the Internet was rising.
Countless people entered the group to buy’ crude oil’!
He had to take the final share!
It was because they knew that this was just a declaration of war!
By the time the ugly country really started fighting with the Shag Country.
‘Crude oil was going to soar!
It was in this fervent atmosphere.
Cheng Wu smiled.
But he sold the hot’ crude oil’!
The system’s rate of return was at stake, so it definitely would n’ t lie to him.
And now, it had reached a profit of five billion!
What would happen next?
It was naturally the collapse of’ crude oil’!
Therefore, now was the best time to attack!
The market was engulfed in a strange oil frenzy.
The crude oil that Cheng Wu had sold out would soon be completely consumed.
As for those who bought the crude oil futures in Cheng Wu’s hands.
Some of them proudly posted online posts to show off!
At first, the netizens thought it was just an ordinary and excellent post and didn’t care.
However, he was stunned to discover that the person who sold was actually Cheng Wu!
Who was Cheng Wu?After the release of the’ War Dragon’, his popularity had been stable in the first line!
The posts about him were naturally full of popularity.
Very soon, a warm-hearted netizen came out.
Cheng Wu actually sold all of his’ crude oil’ futures during this period of high crude oil prices!
Not a single point left!
This instant, the popularity of this thread exploded!
He quickly rushed into the search!
Below, countless people were discussing amongst themselves!
“Heavens!”Is Cheng Wu crazy?”
“He actually sold all of the’ crude oil’ at its hottest time!”
“Haha, Cheng Wu’s wave is truly’ wise and wise’!”
“I can’ t understand his actions at all!”
Countless netizens were not optimistic about Cheng Wu.
He felt that this operation was truly confusing.
He felt that his act of selling’ crude oil’ was completely wrong!
This was normal.
One had to know that the price of crude oil was rising at every moment.
It was like a real estate in 2008.
As long as he seized this opportunity, his family would be able to soar into the sky!
Cheng Wu seemed to be on the way to success, but he got out of the car halfway.
It caused the netizens to feel a wave of ridicule and pity.
When this post reached the top of the search.
The female college student saw it again.
He frowned and sank into deep thought.
To be honest, as an orange, she trusted Cheng Wu.
He felt that he must have set his sights.
He had his own reasons and analysis.
However, she couldn’ t understand the operation!
The international situation was getting worse.
The ugly country had declared war against the Sar State.
As long as they fought, the price of crude oil would soar like a rocket.
Cheng Wu, why would he sell it at this moment?
“The ugly country won’ t stop fighting the Sha Kingdom, right?”
The female college student was shocked by her thoughts and blurted out.
That’s right, as long as the disputes between the Ugly and the Sargent States were settled.
The’ crude oil’ that had risen from them would naturally fall.
Unless Cheng Wu thought that the three kingdoms could not fight.
This was the only reasonable explanation.
[Today’s news broadcast.]
The three sides of the [Ugly Sand Kingdom and Laos announced that they had resolved the dispute through the diplomatic situation.]
[No longer imposed economic sanctions on each other, lifting the economic blockade.]
At the head of the bed, the roommates on the bed were playing with their cell phones, and the sound of news was heard.
She immediately stood up and jumped up.
He pointed his thumb at the female student and shouted:
“Bull!”You can even predict this!”
“It’s truly godly!”
The female student was stunned, and then a faint smile appeared on her lips.
“It’s not my god anymore, it’s the Cheng War God!”
“This is what Cheng Wu predicted!”
“You have to know that he just sold all of the’ crude oil’ today!”
When his roommate heard this, a hint of joy appeared on his face.
That’s right!
Cheng Wu had just sold all of the’ crude oil’ today!
There were still so many people on the Internet who did not understand Cheng Wu’s actions.
It seemed like Cheng Wu not only bought at the lowest point, but also sold at the highest point.
This was simply too awesome!
This made her as a member of Orange, truly happy for Cheng Wu!
As the news spread.
The crude oil that had been soaring all the way began to slide like a cliff!
Countless netizens who had bought crude oil with the wind sighed and regretted on the Internet!
“Heavens, I just invested all my savings in the crude oil, but I didn’ t expect it to fall immediately!”
“It’s” over. My relatives originally sold a building’s money to fry crude oil, but now they can only buy a bathroom…”
“Let’s not talk about it. Who isn’ t… I’ ve lost to grandma’s house!”
Those people who did not follow the wind on the Internet were shocked by Cheng Wu’s decisiveness!
“F*ck, who has noticed Cheng Wu?”
“Didn’ t he invest most in crude oil!”
“He actually sold all the crude oil the day before the news was released!”
“How decisive… If it were one or two days in the evening, the profits would probably fall wildly!”
In the fishing wheel online, the netizens were shocked!