Novel Poll

This poll has ended (since 1 month).

Choose a novel you liked to vote. You can vote twice a month, The logged in users will get 10 Fantasy Coins for each vote! The vote this time will end at June 10.

You can go to forums to read the mtl versions of the following novels! You can also ask a new novel there.
For novels that didn't win in the vote, you can also leave a message in the corresponding topics to support it. When it achieves a certain number of people to support, maybe we will pick it up again.
The vote in April, we chose this novel named "Please, I really don't want to fall in love with my master!"

Choice #1/My wife is the Scarlet Witch!
30Votes - 36.14%
Choice #8/Online games: my treatment becomes permanent buff
15Votes - 18.07%
Choice #5/Marvel: I have the summoned skills
11Votes - 13.25%
Choice #9(One Piece )I, a new marine, never graduate
6Votes - 7.23%
Choice #7Man in Muye(Naruto): I have the mosquito power(skill)
4Votes - 4.82%
Choice #6/Marvel, little genius
4Votes - 4.82%
Choice #14 How terrible is a self disciplined Godzilla!
3Votes - 3.61%
Choice #10/Xuanhuan: me!Start to create secret building
3Votes - 3.61%
Choice #16 I open a comic book shop in Huoying(Naruto)
1Votes - 1.20%
Choice #15 The best pirate king
1Votes - 1.20%
Choice #13/Reborn fire shadow(Naruto) the strongest immortal mode
1Votes - 1.20%
Choice #11/After Rebirth, He Married his Childhood Sweetheart
1Votes - 1.20%
Choice #4/Metropolis: President, this is really a misunderstanding
1Votes - 1.20%
Choice #3/The Third Empire: I lost power
1Votes - 1.20%
Choice #2/After sleeping for thousands of years, I’m exposed by Back to Field.
1Votes - 1.20%
Choice #12/Rebirth 1991: start can change plane_The 1990s
0Votes - 0.00%
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