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This poll has ended (since 1 year).

Choose a novel you liked to vote. You can vote twice a month(every week, you can vote once), The logged in users will get 10 Fantasy Coins for each vote! The vote this time will end at November 15.
Those novels are all chosen from Trial Novels. You can go to read trial chapters in site.
We will choose 1-3 novels to go on from the vote with the highest rank. But if the novel with highest rank was less for 30 vote, we will give up.

Choice #2/I, Doomsday, stayed inside the Sun’s core for a hundred thousand years!
74Votes - 48.05%
Choice #8/Online Game: My Healing Becomes a Permanent Buff
32Votes - 20.78%
Choice #3/Citadel for all: The only Unit Angel at the Start of the Game
15Votes - 9.74%
Choice #6/I’m in Marvel, my wife is Scarlet Witch
10Votes - 6.49%
Choice #7/Urban: I Got a Space-Time Mailbox and I Can Write to My Past Self
6Votes - 3.90%
Choice #5/Marvel: Devouring the genes of Celestial in the beginning
6Votes - 3.90%
Choice #4/The opening spoiler, Thanos destroys the World!
6Votes - 3.90%
Choice #1/Marvel: I took over Iron Man!
5Votes - 3.25%