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This poll has ended (since 1 month).

Choosing a previous trial novel you liked to vote. it will go on for two weeks(Each reader can cast one vote), The logged in users will get 50 Fantasy Coins for each vote! The vote this time will end at January 15.
Those novels are all chosen from Trial Novels. You can go to read trial chapters in site.
We will choose 1-3 novels to go on from the vote with the highest rank. But if the novel with highest rank was less for 30 vote, we will give up.

Choice #17 Suppressing the Protagonist at the Start to Seize the Heroine
29Votes - 32.58%
Choice #3 Villain Subdues the Toxic Villainess At the Start
10Votes - 11.24%
Choice #18 Starting Reward – A Three Thousand Assassin Network
9Votes - 10.11%
Choice #8 Incredible Insight: Cultivating Immortality at Eight, Astonishing Zhang Sanfeng
7Votes - 7.87%
Choice #1 The Sacred Land is going bankrupt, I invented a mobile phone!
7Votes - 7.87%
Choice #2 I Have Become A Demon God. Did You Just Ask Me To Be A Minor Villain?
6Votes - 6.74%
Choice #6 Falling in Love with a 500-year-old female elder
5Votes - 5.62%
Choice #15 My Nurse Girlfriend Looks Soft And Cure? But Each Stab She Makes Avoids Their Vital Points
4Votes - 4.49%
Choice #16 Online game: Charm Point Reach Full, I Am Accosted By A Cold Senior Sister
3Votes - 3.37%
Choice #5 Global Killing: Starting with an SSS-level Talent
2Votes - 2.25%
Choice #4 Eternal Bonds: A Journey with the Fated Immortal
2Votes - 2.25%
Choice #14 Transmigrating into the Ultimate Endgame as the Final Boss
2Votes - 2.25%
Choice #9 Foundation, exposed from Tianhe City
2Votes - 2.25%
Choice #7 I Spread Pokemon All Over the World
1Votes - 1.12%
Choice #13 Northern Myanmar: Bloodshed in the Golden Triangle, Have I Become a General?
0Votes - 0.00%
Choice #10 After 100 days of signing in system, My first operation shocked the world
0Votes - 0.00%
Choice #12 Ascending the National Fortune: I Bring Technology from the Future
0Votes - 0.00%