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Welcome to our page. We are the Fantasy World Online team. We are a group of translators who bring popular Chinese webnovels to the English world. Our translation speed is not the fastest, but our translation is 100% human translation and no machine translation is used. First, we translate the chapters to Engrish and then we read the Engrish copy and then we rewrite it into a smoother English copy, small parts are added and removed for flow. So that the novel can be read more smoothly.

Recently, we found out that some websites are copying our novels. We do not mind that you steal our free chapters, but at least please add our website link to your pages. We really wish you can respect our work. Thanks! And the important point – please do not steal our VIP chapters!!! Otherwise, we will protect our legitimate rights and interests through legal means or other means!!!

If you have suggestions or other feedback, send it here: (We don’t check it often)

If you want a casual chat with us, you can send an email here: (We don’t check it often)

But you can reach through our discord for faster responses. Our Discord link:

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