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    I can download

    When he woke up, Bruce Li Te found that he’d become an American agent earning tens of thousands of dollars a month, enjoying all kinds of benefits, having power, money, and fun. But when he had not had time to be happy, Bruce found that he was actually in the Marvel World.
    Yes, that’s right, he is in the Marvel Parallel Universe. That Thanos snapping the fingers would kill half the people in the world.
    Just when Li Te was getting desperate, he suddenly possessed a super download system- a system that could download other people’s abilities.
    Download the top agent’s fighting skills!
    Download Hulk’s invincible body!
    Download Iron Man’s latest Mark Battle Armor and inventing ability!
    Download Captain America’s Super Soldier Serum!
    Download unlimited gems?!
    Download black widow’s udder?! …….
    This shamelessness is just too much.

    Shuhan Weican FanFic
  • Those Years When We Killed the White Lotus

    Those Years When We Killed the White Lotus

    After Lin Zisheng, whose whole family was ruined by a white lotus, woke up once more, he discovered that his mind now had an additional so-called ‘system.
    [Greetings to Host-daren, I am Blingbling, the glowing-in-brilliance System 001, a White Lotus Rescue System for ‘Leaving an Everlasting Good Reputation for the White Lotus’. From henceforth, you will embark upon a journey with me through various worlds to save endangered White Lotuses. Please advance for our great cause!]
    Lin Zisheng: hehe… …
    And so…
    System: [cho-chotto matte! Host-daren, that is the white lotus we are supposed to save, y…you can’t force her onto the road of no return!]
    Lin Zisheng: An early death means an early reincarnation, I am freeing her from endless suffering.
    System: [ … … Host’s words are highly logical, I actually have no words to retort…QAQ]
    #Early Every Morning I Wake Up And See Host Pushing Male Lead Down A Pit
    #Host Keeps Trying To Squash Target To Death, What To Do, Waiting Online, Urgent!
    #Please Spare That Little White Lotus, She Is Still A child
    #Male Lead-sama, Your Female Lead Is Over There, Please Let Go Of My Host QAQ
    #Why Male Lead Getting Bent Unprovoked
    #Every Morning Also Sees The System Being Silly (Seeking Death)

    Mo Shou Sheng Gui BL


  • Ancient Rome: From Slaveholder to Supreme Emperor
  • Survival Game

    Survival Game

  • The Last Cat in the Universe
  • Midnight Cinderella
  • Watch me eat fish, it's exciting!

    Watch me eat fish, it's exciting!

    A famous website had a live farm channel with a very special anchor. In the fish pond where he worked, the smallest fish was at least a meter long. Whenever people got close to them, the fish used their tails to smack them.

    Visitors felt that it was impossible for someone to eat one of these fish in their lifetime.

    Then one day, Yan Ran arrived at the fish pond. This new boss was not only beautiful and exquisite, but also an excellent chef. After that, the style of the show changed.

    “This fish is too fat, it will affect its health. It can be made into sweet and sour fish!

    “The weather’s been very cold recently, so the grass carp might struggle to survive. I’ll make them into boiled fish!”

    “Urgh, how can catfish whiskers roll like noodles? The ugliness is blinding! Well, lets braise them!”

    One day when Yan Ran was about to eat a live fish on his show, a big glowing fish appeared in his tank.

    Live visitors: ▼_▼

    Koi King( Koi : A fish that represents good luck): ▼_▼

    Yan Ran: So big, needs two grills, one for salty and one for spicy! [JPG(Picture): Excited Cat Ears]

  • Travel To A Primitive World To Build Infrastructure

    Travel To A Primitive World To Build Infrastructure

    Yang Yi crossed over the world with a storage space with him. He ended up in some desolate wilderness populated by flying beasts and dangerous predators and also crawling poisonous bugs and snakes. To prevent getting bitten in the ass by venomous bugs when going to the toilet, let the great infrastructure begins –
    Our goals are:
    Eat well till full stomach.
    Having clothes to wear but also being good looking.
    To have a house that could cover all seasons.
    Roads that leads to every place; develop agriculture, industry and commerce together.
    No shortage of both material and spiritual needs.
    He was DETERMINED to build a safe, comfortable and prosperous modern city in the wild world together with the native tribe with max efforts.

  • Conquest


    After growing up in a place where only the strong can survive, the simple yet cunning Shaar is thrown into a chaotic world of war and political turbulence.
    After a chance meeting with a mysterious girl, his destiny is forever changed as he embarks on a dangerous journey, joining the Byzantine army and climbing its ranks.
    Shaar began a journey of magical conquest, from a hillbilly to a King!

  • Raising dragons in Hollywood

    Raising dragons in Hollywood

    Every day Sammy dreams of slaying dragons. He has an online friend called Mike.

    Mike is an adolescent fire dragon. He has an online friend called Sammy.

    One day… they ran offline.

    Xiangjia Xiaoshi BL

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