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Big Boss
Fantasy Coins: 100

Chapter 60: If you want to keep an eye on film and television, you must be sure of Cheng Wujun!Pray for flowers!Ask for evaluation!Beg for everything!]

After Cheng Wu left the Sandstorm Pavilion, his heart was filled with joy.
One had to know that his 2 billion investment would continue.
However, it would double the profit!
It only took one month.
Thinking back to that old brat Huang Jing, he seemed to be laughing at him secretly.
Cheng Wu wanted to laugh.
I hope you can maintain such an optimistic state of mind after a month.
As he drove, Cheng Wu went to his uncle’s house.
Because Chen Dong was from a steel background, he was very familiar with all walks of life around the house.
Let him deal with this building and ask the construction team to start construction again. He could control the most possible cost.
There was no need to complete all the work within a month, only to build up the construction team.
By the time the news broke, this rotten-tailed estate would become a school district.
Immediately, many people waved the notes in their hands and forced him to start pre-sale.
Therefore, the most important thing now was to put up the stage.
After arriving at Chen Dong’s house and handing over the materials and contract to Chen Dong, Cheng Wu left.
This was what he had said earlier. He could only trouble the man.
A professional would still have to be handed over to a professional.
In any case, it was a family, so there was no need to worry.
After Cheng Wu left, Chen Dong immediately picked up his phone.
He began to contact his friends in the circle and got up after busy.
In the next few days, Chen Dong’s heart fell on the building.
They invited people everywhere to eat and take the lowest materials.
Invite the best construction team.
Finally, twenty days later, he stood up.
The construction team entered the site and continued the construction.
As for Cheng Wu, the films that he had invested in earlier began to show.
‘Please answer 1998′,’ The man from the planet’…
The films he had invested in were released one after another.
It was worth mentioning that Shuk, who had left dejectedly in the Peace Hotel.
He also found an investment and shot it confidently.
In addition, as he rushed forward, he held back a wave of anger.
With Cheng Wu’s investment,’ Please answer 1998′ and’ Man from Planet’, they competed together.
It was one of the same five movies.
Midnight premiere.
“Ah, today is too exciting!”
“There are two films that Cheng Wu has invested in today!”
“That’s right. Cheng Wu’s vision is extremely accurate. The films he cast are all very good-looking.”
“Have you forgotten?”Two days ago, Cheng Wu’s investment in the animation,’ Shen Yong’s brother and sister’, was released. It’s popular all over the Internet!”
“Yes, Cheng Wu’s investment is synonymous with quality!”
“I’ m looking forward to it!”
In the theater, many of the audience’s friends were chatting amongst themselves.
In his words, he looked forward to Cheng Wu’s two films.
Shuk was also in the theater. He originally wanted to secretly watch the premiere.
Thinking of seeing his’ Flood Dragon on the Bed’ defeat Cheng Wu with his own eyes, he was the first to win.
At this moment, when they heard the crowd’s conversation, they were all optimistic about Cheng Wu.
Immediately, he was displeased. He probed:
“Sigh?”Isn’t anyone looking forward to the Flood Dragon on the Bed?”
“20 Million investment!”What an epic grade!”
“And the director was very talented in art!”I’ m very optimistic!”
The audience next to him rolled their eyes and said disdainfully:
“The name is vulgar, and the money spent on inviting a celebrity.”
“As for the director?”I’ m sorry. I’ ve never heard of it before.”
After saying that, he took the ticket and walked into the broadcasting hall.
One could vaguely see that the ticket in his hand was’ Please answer 1998′.
Shuk was a little unwilling as he gloomily entered the broadcasting hall.
He comforted himself in his heart. This was just a few thoughts, so there was no need to be angry.
The moment his movie was broadcasted, it would definitely shock the entire audience!Everyone cheered!
He entered the studio and looked at the audience who had only half of their seats.
He used the same reason to comfort himself.
Until the movie was broadcast, the audience would occasionally complain.
“What ghost plot?”I don’ t understand!”
“He really spent money to buy a sin!”
“I was about to fall asleep!”
Then, people continuously left.
Shuk’s face turned green.
In fact, when the film was finished, there were only seven or eight people in the studio.
His mouth was filled with complaints about the Flood Dragon on the Bed.
Shuk was completely dazed.
He held onto his last glimmer of hope and called his good friend.
What if.
What if he was the only one in the theater?
“Shuk, sorry.”
“Because the attendance rate is too low, it has reached a record low.”
“The higher-ups decided to cut off 80% of your rows temporarily.”
“Only 4% left.”
“Du Du Du…”
Shuk was completely dumbfounded when he saw the sounds of blindness coming from his phone.
It was as if he had been struck by lightning.
He knew that his film was really over this time.
The next day, on the Internet.
It was also full of ridicule towards the’ Flood Dragon on the Bed’ and praise towards’ Please Answer 1998′ and’ Man from Planet’.
The netizens were discussing enthusiastically.
“‘Please answer 1988′ It’s too beautiful!”How warm!”
“Right!”The man from the planet is not bad, the scene is full of emotions!”
“Wow, you’ re truly happy right now. If you want to watch the movie, just be sure that Cheng Wu will invest!”
“Yes, Cheng Wu’s eternal god!!”
As for Cheng Wu, he also followed this wave of investment in film and television.
He once again gained a large amount of prestige.
[‘ Please answer 1988′, reputation…]*

Chapter 61: This kid, Cheng Wu, is truly a newborn calf without fear of a tiger!Pray for flowers!Ask for evaluation!Beg for everything!]

Cheng Wu frowned as he looked at the system’s reputation value.
Then, it slowly spread out.
The audience were all tired.
This batch of films was released, and many of the audience were not surprised at all.
All of them had recognized Cheng Wu’s investment as a high-quality item.
Although it was due to the quality of the film, it still received a large amount of prestige.
However, compared to the previous times, it was still too few.
Now that this wave had passed, it only happened to have 20 million Reputation Points.
However, this was a stable way to obtain Reputation Points.
When Cheng Wu thought about it, he did not dislike it.
After all, there was more to it.
And how should Cheng Wu obtain more than 20 million Reputation Points through film and television?
Cheng Wu thought about it and decided to save it first.
Right now, due to the matter of the rotten tail building, his remaining 2 billion plus the loan had already been invested in.
And the profits of the film and television industry were only a hundred million.
If he could get a good return, he could only waste it.
They were unable to obtain the maximum profit.
Soon, it was only two days.
There were still four days before the system’s return period.
Immediately, as the news came out, the area was painted as a school district room.
The price of the building would quickly rise.
And now, the empty sales place would also immediately become popular.
Wait until the proceeds of the’ Rotten Tail Building’ incident were obtained.
At that time, it would be better to watch the lottery draw.
Cheng Wu thought for a moment, and a look of anticipation emerged in his heart.
In the next two days, Cheng Wu received many directors.
He also invested in some films.
Now that Cheng Wu was in the circle, he had a unique vision that was unanimously acknowledged.
All the films that Cheng Wu had invested in had made huge profits.
And if he could be invested by Cheng Wu once.
The director’s background would immediately rise.
The next film would be invested by many people.
Therefore, Cheng Wu was like the’ Huangpu Military Academy’ in the film and television world.
Countless good directors came to him.
Cheng Wu also refused.
As long as they agreed with the expected benefits, all of them were thrown in.
He bought more than 20 films and earned the previous investment.
Including the principal, he had invested 200 million yuan.
With a return system, Cheng Wu was not afraid of losing out.
His capital was going to grow rapidly and rapidly.
After Cheng Wu signed a contract and invested in these films and videos.
Time continued to travel day by day.
At this moment, the system’s return cycle was approaching.
There were still two days left.
City K was on the other side.
Zhang Zhi, the billionaire who drank with Cheng Wu last time.
That fat middle-aged man with a large belly.
He was driving through the construction site of the Rotten Tail Building.
He paused, his face full of surprise.
What kind of unfair leader had taken over this building?
Zhang Zhi had a strange expression on his face as he shook his head and continued driving forward.
He arrived at a grand place, parked his car, and walked in.
This time, it was still a normal drinking session.
Apart from Chen Dong and Cheng Wu, a few people were present last time.
After all, they were from the same industry. They would exchange information about the industry on a regular basis.
On the table, after three rounds of wine.
Everyone opened their conversation.
Zhang Zhi remembered his question and touched the general’s belly.
He burped and asked:
“How did Huang Jing’s rotten-tail building begin?”
“Did you guys know who took over?”
Zhang Heng smiled and said:
“Old Zhang, your news is too outdated!”
“It’s Chen Dong’s son-in-law, Cheng Wu!”
“He’s going to follow Huang Jing’s building!”
“Right now, that old kid Chen Dong is doing him a favor.”
“Didn’t you see that the party was n’ t here?”
Hearing this, Zhang Zhi revealed a strange smile:
“You’re going to take the next step in that rotten-tailed building?”
“This kid, Cheng Wu, is truly a newborn calf without fear of a tiger!”
“Chen Dong didn’ t try to persuade him. He even helped out. He really fainted.”
Everyone burst into laughter.
As everyone knew, that’ rotten tail building’ was because after the subway changed course, no one cared about it.
If it had been a while ago, when it had just exploded and was about to build a subway, that piece of land was still burning hot.
That old kid, Huang Jing, took advantage of the good news to purchase at a premium.
Right now, the subway had changed its course. Huang Jing immediately lost to his grandma!
Unexpectedly, Cheng Wu was actually at this moment.
He went to receive the order!
What a great goodness!*

Chapter 62: That rotten tail building has become a school district room!Pray for flowers!Ask for evaluation!Beg for everything!]

Zhang Zhi and the others were teasing at the table.
They all felt that Cheng Wu must have suffered a terrible loss this time.
On the wine table, he pushed a cup to exchange for a cup.
The atmosphere became cheerful due to this matter, and it seemed as if it was full of joy.
Finally, after eating and drinking, Zhang Zhi and the others prepared to leave.
Just as he got down the stairs, he saw a familiar figure in the lobby!
Chen Dong!
Zhang Zhi immediately raised his voice and greeted:
“Old Chen!”Why are you here?”
Chen Dong turned around and discovered Zhang Zhi and the others.
A surprised expression appeared on his face as he said:
“I didn’ t expect you guys to be here for a party this time.”
“I just talked about business and found an outsourcing sales team.”
“I’ m just finished.”
He knew that the party was going to be held today.
However, because he was busy with the affairs of the building, he refused.
Who would have thought that there would be such a fate? Both parties had chosen the same hotel!
“Old Chen, don’ t be so busy.”
“No one can sell your property.”
“There’s not even a subway, who can buy it!”
Zhang Heng smiled like a skinny monkey and said with a big thorn.
Hearing Zhang Heng’s words, everyone immediately laughed.
Chen Dong revealed a bitter smile and did not care about their words.
He also knew that this rotten tail estate was indeed difficult to sell recently.
However, he believed in his son-in-law, Cheng Wu.
In the next few months, it would be profitable.
After all, Cheng Wu had never failed to invest.
“Old Chen, I know someone who specializes in low-priced buildings.”
“I really can’t. Let me introduce you.”
“Just sell your property to them.”
“If you can make your son-in-law pay less, then pay less.”
Zhang Zhipang’s chubby face revealed a smile as he spoke to Chen Dong’s hypocritical’ care’.
Hearing this, Chen Dong immediately pulled his face down.
Right now, the real estate was not easy to sell.
But he couldn’ t curse them like this, right?
Wasn’t he expecting them to lose money?
Without saying a word, Chen Dong prepared to pass through them and head out to the main gate.
Suddenly, an ear-piercing ring rang out in Zhang Zhi’s pocket. Hearing the ring, Zhang Zhi was stunned for a moment and answered the call.
Hearing the news on the phone, Zhang Zhi’s expression gradually changed.
In the end, he became incomparably shocked!
“Alright, I understand.”
Zhang Zhi hung up the phone and a fake smile appeared on his face.
He smiled and gave Chen Dong a thumbs up.
“Old Chen, you are truly high!”
“Where did you get the internal information?”
Chen Dong frowned slightly.
What kind of trick was this Zhang Zhi playing?
They were all in the same circle. Could it be that they didn’ t lose that bit of face?
Insulting and mocking him to death like this?
Li Qiangdong thought the same way. He reached out and pushed Zhang Zhi:
“Old Zhang, speak less.”
Zhang Zhi pushed Li Qiangdong away and said loudly:
“You still don’ t know?”
“That original’ rotten tail building’ has already been designated as a school district building by the country!”
“I think the news will be released tomorrow!”
“Is this true?!”
The rest of them were shocked and fell into the state where Zhang Zhi had just answered the phone.
School district building!
This time, there was no need to worry about selling the originally deserted building area!
Moreover, it wasn’ t just that.
With the support of the school district building, the price of the building would probably increase at a terrifying rate!
Cheng Wu, Chen Dong’s good son-in-law, now he’s making a fortune!
At this moment, Chen Dong was stunned as well.
School district building?
Was this true?
Zhang Zhi walked over, patted Chen Dong on the shoulder and said eagerly:
“Elder Chen, I’ m wrong.”
“I don’ t have the ability to see things in the long run.”
“I didn’ t expect you to be so forward-looking and plan ahead of time!”
“It’s very difficult to obtain this inside information, right?”
“I’ ve really slapped my face!”
The other four looked at each other and laughed:
“That’s right. Old Chen, it’s too meaningless!”
“After knowing the inside information, he still kept silent.”
“You’ ve even thought that it was your son-in-law who couldn’ t think of it and took over!”
“How hard it is to hide it from us!”
Chen Dong was so dizzy that he couldn’ t react.
He fell into deep thought for a long time.
His heart was incomparably shocked!
School district building!
This time, he made a profit!
Only a month had passed!
This son-in-law of his was truly not simple!
Chen Dong had already come to his senses.
That time, Cheng Wu was chatting with him in the car.
It was clearly using the light of wisdom to analyze the situation in City K.
It was certain that the policy in this area would change!
It was just that he didn’ t want to say anything too full and didn’ t tell all of his guesses.
All of this was under Cheng Wu’s control!
Cheng Wu, it really was as expected!
He was clearly a person who had never touched the real estate industry before!
It was actually within these few short days.
He had analyzed such a great event!
At the lowest price, no one was optimistic about that building.
Buy resolutely!
How confident and intelligent was this!*

Chapter 63: The sales office was completely blocked by water. The reporter went to the newspaper!Pray for flowers!Ask for evaluation!Beg for everything!]

Chen Dong was unable to control himself for a long time when he heard the cheers from the surrounding people.
The originally ridiculing faces turned into hypocritical smiles.
He knew that their transformation was not because of him.
It was because of Cheng Wu!
It was not because he had inside information.
Instead, Cheng Wu’s intelligent eyes had already seen through the path of wealth!
Through the usual day news, small things accumulated.
With this information, Cheng Wu deduced that this rotten tail building in the suburbs.
It would definitely rise!
Sure enough, it was only a month.
The original rotten tail building turned into a school district room!
Chen Dong chatted for a while before driving back home.
He could not wait to share this news with his family!
When he returned home, the moment he pushed the door open.
Chen Dong impatiently said:
“Xiao Ling, the original rotten tail building has now become a school district room!”
“Cheng Wu’s investment!”It’s like a torch!”
“Immediately, that building is about to count the money with a bag!”
Chen Dong was extremely excited as he wanted to share the joy in his heart with Li Ling.
Li Ling was just about to come over to open the door when she almost bumped into the excited Chen Dong.
At this moment, the originally noble smile no longer existed, turning into a face of shock.
“Is this true?!”
Li Ling could not believe that even Chen Dong, who had been dealing in steel for many years, knew the real estate like the back of her hand.
He didn’t even see that the rotten tail building would be the focus of the country.
Cheng Wu, a person who had never come into contact with a real estate before, actually saw that?
What a vicious sight!
Chen Dong, on the other hand, was excited. He took off his coat and walked towards the living room.
He was about to throw his clothes on the sofa when he called Cheng Wu to report his happiness.
When he walked two steps into the living room, he was stunned.
Shockingly, they were Cheng Wu and Chen Jiao.
Cheng Wu and Chen Jiao were actually here!
Li Ling followed behind and added:
“Cheng Wu Chen Jiao is fine today. Come and see us.”
Chen Dong was delighted.
This feeling was good!
He even saved himself from calling!
He hurriedly repeated it excitedly.
“Xiao Wu, our building has been divided into a school district!”
“You’ re truly prepared!”
“I reckon that in two days, when news is released, the citizens will brandish their money and compete for it!”
“I know.”
“It really is quite surprising.”
Cheng Wu smiled. His mouth was filled with surprise, but his face was incomparably calm.
He knew that this time, the information was reported.
It was because the return cycle was about to arrive!
The system had proven its ability over and over again.
Cheng Wu was not surprised at all.
It was estimated that the news would be announced by tomorrow.
Originally, the Pre-sale Hall of the Gate’s Nest.
In an instant, it would explode!
Just like Chen Dong said.
There would be countless citizens waving money in order to buy a real estate!
This was the charm of the school district!
Sure enough, the next day, with a piece of news appearing, the people of City K went completely crazy.
This was a news broadcast by the local television station.
[In response to the call of the country, the original x x area was now officially classified into the school district room category.]
Shockingly, this area included Cheng Wu’s estate!
Immediately, a citizen with a keen sense of smell ran to the sales office.
They started to buy!
He didn’ t even look at the preferential policies of the building.
He didn’ t even fight back and directly bought the entire amount!
It was for this school district!
Even though the citizens were extremely straightforward, the entire sales process was handled smoothly.
The sales office was still blocked!
A large number of citizens were standing at the entrance of the sales office, forming a long line of people!
A large number of citizens in City K were completely crazy!
This hot sale scene also alarmed the reporters.
A large number of reporters came to the side of the sales office and recorded this scene in the camera!
Moreover, after picking the news materials.
He immediately went back to report the situation!
[Shocked!The original rotten tail building had only been burning hot for a month!]
[Heavens!What was it that caused a large number of citizens to line up in a long line, blocking the flow of water?!]
[Unbelievable!The Rotten Tail Tower changed into a school district?He was afraid that he would become the biggest winner!]
In an instant, this carnival that belonged to City K erupted online!
Especially the third news!
He directly rushed into the search!
His content was like this.
[Unbelievable!The Rotten Tail Tower changed into a school district?He was afraid that he would become the biggest winner!]
Hello everyone, my Qing Mangtai reporter Xiao Li.
Today, it was up to me to give everyone a deep analysis.
Behind this impenetrable crowd was the deepest secret!
Everyone knew that this land was a building that had been built in recent months.
Not long after the building was built, there were rumors that the new subway would pass there.
When the official news list was released, the subway construction did not pass.
The construction team had completely withdrawn from this building, and it was officially ruined.
Just a month ago, the originally empty Rottail Pavilion area was once again filled with popularity.
It turned out that the management had found a new construction team!
The ancients said that it would be a blessing in disguise.
This original management was greatly affected by the diversion of the subway.
Who would have thought that the subway did not come and came to the school district room!
Under this reversal of events, the management boss was afraid that he would become the biggest winner!
[Attached drawing: Photo of the crowd at the sales office.]
The comments below were in an uproar!*

Chapter 64: Cheng Wu, he is the treasure boy!Pray for flowers!Ask for evaluation!Beg for everything!]

Under this news, countless netizens enthusiastically commented!
“How envious of the management boss!”
“I really have no choice but to give it a try!”
“We missed the opportunity to’subway’ and ushered in the’school district room’!”
“It really is up and down, how wonderful!”
The netizens were secretly speechless, all of them showing a look of envy, envy and hate!
This time, the management boss would probably make a huge profit!
Amid the envious comments of the netizens, a passerby released shocking news!
As soon as this long comment was published, it instantly gained countless praises and ranked first in the post!
“Everyone knows that this matter has a great background!”
“We’ ve started to build the tail, and we’ ve started to build it again this month.”
“Not alone!”
“In the end, he made a huge profit. There’s someone else!”
“It’s Cheng Wu, who has won many battles and never failed!”
“He will be the one who will take over from the back. He will be the one who will start construction again!”
“He is the final and most hidden winner!”
The netizens who saw this long comment were shocked to the point they couldn’t control themselves!
Who would have thought it was him!
Cheng Wu!
One had to know that Cheng Wu had never invested in real estate before!
It could be said that his experience in this area was directly zero!
But he actually had such a keen eye, precise investment!
In this instant, it was another two billion!
After a while, the netizens were slightly relieved.
Yes, this is Cheng Wu!
Thinking back to his brilliant past achievements.
The movie’ War Dragon’, futures’ Crude Oil’.
It wasn’t that he had never encountered anyone before.
A shocking battle record was detonated in an instant?!
He could do something that ordinary people could not do.
It could create miracles.
This was Cheng Wu!
Countless netizens spontaneously ran to Cheng Wu’s comment area and started to brag wildly.
“Cheng Wu was so awesome!”It’s actually another two billion in a month!”
“Every time Cheng Wu was in a new domain, he would create a mythical investment!”
“Dared to challenge himself!”I love you!”
“Plus one!”Cheng Wu is my eternal male god!”
“Cheng Wu, husband!I will give you a monkey!!!”
As for each and every one of Cheng Wu’s praises, they were greatly praised!
Among them, the female university student Zhang Qiaoqiao’s long review had reached the top spot!
[To my forever idol, Teacher Cheng Wu!]
“Hello, everyone. I am one of the many oranges.”
Today, as usual, I was brushing the news.
All of a sudden, the’school district’ incident in City K erupted. The management behind this incident was Teacher Cheng Wu!
I was not surprised, but rather calm.
It was even a little natural.
It was because the shock that Teacher Cheng Wu had brought to me was simply too much!
Every strategic investment he made would always bring unexpected returns!
He was handsome and unruly, extraordinary, and deeply attracted the hearts of every’ orange’!
His deep feelings and concentration, he was willing to silently accompany and encourage Chen Jiao to protect her spirit.
Even more so, the love that many young people should have in their hearts!
He was like a lighthouse!It illuminated my progress!
The instant this news appeared, the first reaction in my heart.
He realized that it was Teacher Cheng Wu’s investment!
As expected, I didn’ t expect it.
It really was Teacher Cheng Wu!
Teacher Cheng Wu was like the boundless sky, giving him a treasure!
There was a potential that could never be exhausted!
However, what happened next was more joyous.
“You fake fan upstairs!”
“The first time I saw Cheng Wu’s big news, it was obviously when Chen Jiao was getting married!”
“F*ck! At that time, I thought Cheng Wu was doing it for money!”
“When I think about it now, I feel extremely ashamed, wishing I could slap myself with a big mouth!”
“Time has already proven that Cheng Wu and Chen Jiao are truly in love!”
Countless people were enthusiastically commenting under Cheng Wu’s encirclement.
At this moment, Cheng Wu followed the sudden news.
His reputation once again began to soar!
[Your investment in the’ rotten tail building incident’ was admired by countless netizens, with a reputation value of +5.88 million!]
[Your deeds spread throughout the entire web, countless people thought you were the’ Treasure Boy’!Reputation Points +666,000!]
Five million, ten million… thirty million!
In the end, this wave of prestige had already reached a terrifying number of thirty million!
This was because Cheng Wu had done too many shocking deeds in the past two months.
This resulted in a discount!
But this was enough to show how terrifying Cheng Wu was!
It was just a Level B incident.
With the support of connections and fame, the results were obtained.

Chapter 65: Huang Jing: So the Clown is himself!Pray for flowers!Maha!Beg for everything!]

Cheng Wu frowned slightly as he looked at his current Reputation Points and fell into deep thought.
He currently possessed a total of fifty million Reputation Points.
Whether it was to use an ordinary turntable or to store it.
What about a 200 million platinum turntable?
A 200 million platinum turntable, but only once, it gave him a return of SS grade.
If he had 200 million sightings, he would definitely be drawn.
However, the problem was that there was not a quarter.
After a long while, Cheng Wu slowly made his decision.
He decided to draw 20 million and save 30 million.
The calling system exchanged the lottery table.
The familiar red, yellow, and blue colors entered his eyes.
Cheng Wu’s gaze fell on the pointer, and the tiny pointer continued to rotate.
The short pointer quickly swayed.
They passed through a large number of red and yellow areas.
It was about to stop in the blue region!
Cheng Wu was slightly delighted.
Could it be that this time, he was going to draw Grade A authority again?
He looked at the pointer in anticipation.
Hopefully, he would stop soon.
It was as if he had heard Cheng Wu’s wish, and the slow needle was slowing down.
In the end, he stopped in the blue-red area!
Cheng Wu was taken aback. Was this class C or class A?
Soon, as the system issued the authority, he knew.
Grade C.
Cheng Wu’s heart was filled with sh*t.
“This is also possible?”
Cheng Wu sighed and shook his head.
That was also true. It was so difficult to draw Grade A authority. How could he draw it again?
The probability of a C-level was the right thing.
Then, Cheng Wu thought of a problem.
Should he continue to draw the lottery?
After thinking about it, Cheng Wu decided to draw it again.
After all, he still had forty million Reputation Points.
It could be lost.
The short pointer began to shake again.
In the red, yellow, and blue regions, they rapidly rotated.
Cheng Wu stared at the pointer.
He watched as the pointer passed the yellow, blue color.
His speed once again slowed down in the red area.
Cheng Wu immediately lost hope.
Looks like the Krypton Gold Lottery was hurting people.
He still had to go and draw the advanced turntable.
Right now, his basic permanent authority was level C.
It was pure loss to draw a red color.
There was no return.
In the end, Cheng Wu casually glanced at the turntable.
The needle slowly slowed down, and finally, it completely stopped.
In fact, it was strangely still at the place where the red and blue intertwined!
The system issued the authority.
Shockingly, it was a Grade A!
Cheng Wu was stunned.
So absurd?
One time he had hope was grade C, while the other time he was not optimistic was grade A.
Moreover, they were all in the red and blue places.
It seemed like the system was quite intelligent as well. The Red and Blue mixed areas were evenly distributed.
One c and one a.
Cheng Wu, who had recovered from his daze, smiled again.
With the help of a-level one-time permission, he had obtained the funds from the’ rotten-tailed building’.
There was a good way to invest again.
”This incident’.
After the news came out, the buildings were quickly sold out.
The amount of money sold had directly reached over four billion!
The net profit was over two billion!
“Hubby, it’s time to eat.”
Chen Jiao was wearing an apron, dressed in the attire of a small kitchen lady.
A gentle smile appeared on his face as he held two trays and walked towards the dining table.
Cheng Wu also smiled.
Now that he had obtained the capital, he had also drawn a return rate of Grade A.
Just wait for the A-level return to appear.
At the dining table, the two of them were filled with warmth.
You can pick me a dish and I’ll feed you a mouthful.
Under the light of the pink light, it was incomparably warm.
As for Chen Jiao, she was also in the midst of praising Cheng Wu’s’ rotten tail building’ incident.
“Wow, Hubby, you’ re so amazing.”
“You’ re actually able to see through even a shabby and dilapidated building!”
“Turn trash into treasure and become a school district building!”
“Hubby, your investment vision is too accurate!”
Cheng Wu accepted Chen Jiao’s praise with a smile, then gave her another bite of food.
“Alright, stop flattering me. Hurry up and eat.”
On the other side, the scene was completely different.
“What?That rotten tail building had become a school district room?!”
“They were still selling special products, and they were selling out in a few days?!”
Huang Jing was stunned as the phone in his hand fell off the ground.
However, he didn’ t realize it. He couldn’ t control himself for a long time.
After he sold the rotten tail building to Cheng Wu.
He laughed inwardly at Cheng Wu.
He had to find a wronged person to take over.
In order to celebrate, he went to Dr. Mark for a tour these two days.
Now, a good friend thought that the building was still in his hands.
He made a phone call to wish that his rotten-tail estate would be changed into a school district and sold out of stock.
Only then did he know what happened next!
This building that had become a school district room should have belonged to him!
It was a huge explosion. He should be the one who earned all the money!
He was dumbstruck. He had sold this property to Cheng Wu at a loss!
He even ridiculed Cheng Wu as a panacea!It was the head of injustice!
Now, let’s see who’s the one who’s right?
In any case, it wasn’ t Cheng Wu who had a turnover of over four billion and a profit of two billion!
Unknowingly, a drop of sparkling tears appeared on Huang Jing’s face.
So the Clown was actually himself!*

Chapter 66: Special Events: Glory Country!Pray for flowers!Ask for evaluation!Beg for everything!]

The next day, Cheng Wu got up early.
He relied on Chen Dong’s contact information to find a headhunting company.
The investment company he had established before was only his bare-headed commander!
Now, as his investment system grew stronger and stronger.
Many things had to be discussed by themselves.
If he could find a few subordinates, he would ask them to help him run.
As for the most important part of the investment, he would take care of it himself.
It would be much more comfortable if both were perfect.
This headhunting company was considered first-class in City K.
Soon, it was only a day.
In the afternoon, three people were selected to interview Cheng Wu.
All three of them were high-caliber students who graduated from 985,211, University of Finance.
As for the woman in the lead, she also had practical experience.
He was the department manager of one of the top 500 companies in the world.
The battle pattern in his hands could be described as fruitful!
Cheng Wu received them at a coffee shop.
After a conversation, he applied for these three people.
Then, he gave an explanation to the woman named Qin Xi who was in the lead.
Let her lead the way to sign some of the previously optimistic film contracts.
He drove back and prepared to pick up Chen Jiao and accompany her to the shopping mall.
It was almost New Year’s Day. This time, Cheng Wu was going to buy some winter clothes with Chen Jiao.
By the time Cheng Wu drove home, Chen Jiao was already quietly waiting by the side.
He was wearing a pink winter suit and his hands were constantly rubbing together.
From time to time, he would stomp his feet, his delicate face constantly exhaling.
Obviously, they had waited for a while.
Cheng Wu called Chen Jiao to get into the car and grabbed Chen Jiao’s small hand.
He could feel the coldness from the softness.
Immediately, Cheng Wu’s heart ached.
“I told you to arrive at four o’clock.”
“You won’ t be late either.”
“It’s fine. I’ m not cold.”
Chen Jiao softly said, her delicate face flushed red.
She had such a character that she was unwilling to let Cheng Wu wait for her.
He would rather be down a bit earlier.
Cheng Wu sighed and scratched Chen Jiao’s nose with his finger.
He knew that Chen Jiao’s heart was filled with self, a stubborn person.
He couldn’ t hear it.
He would have arrived earlier next time.
Cheng Wu thought of this and caught fire.
He drove towards Hua Ying Shopping Mall.
After about fifteen minutes, Cheng Wu parked his car and left the car to open the door for Chen Jiao.
Holding Chen Jiao’s hand, he walked towards the Hua Ying Shopping Mall.
It was already deep winter, and the weather was cold.
Even the number of people on the street was much smaller, let alone Hua Ying, a high-end shopping mall.
There were not many people in the entire mall.
It was just a few staff members guarding the counter.
He entered a clothes shop, under Cheng Wu’s strong request.
Only then did Chen Jiao test her clothes and enter the fitting room.
As for Cheng Wu, he sat beside him and watched the staff play with his computer.
Looking at the staff member, Cheng Wu was certain that he was from the Cold Nation.
It wasn’ t that he had seen through the outline of his face.
In the Mute Continent, most of the people were yellow race people, and their appearance could not be seen at all.
It was the name of the badge on his chest,’ Jin Xuanhu’, and Han Wen who was playing on the computer.
This proved that he was a member of the Cold Nation.
Looking at the game on his table, Cheng Wu also found it quite interesting.
This was a collection game, and it had upgraded elements. It was very rare in the country.
When the staff member saw that Cheng Wu Man was interested, he smiled and said:
“This is a small game in my country. Although it is not popular, the content of the game is quite fun.”
“But in the Dragon Country, you definitely won’ t be able to play.”
Cheng Wu nodded in regret as he was about to shift his gaze.
All of a sudden, the one-time Grade A permission in the system disappeared.
A wave of blue smoke that only he could see slowly emerged, forming a script!
[Event: Glory Country]
[Grade A return rate:1 billion!]
[Cycle:2 months]
[Reason: The’ Glory Country’ that was originally in the Cold Country that was not warm or hot would be represented by the domestic team in a week.
As soon as it was sold in the country, it immediately became popular throughout the country. In a month, it gained quite a lot.
However, it was a pity that because the game technology was not that difficult, it was immediately turned over and there was no profit in the future.]
Cheng Wu was stunned. He accompanied Chen Jiao to a shopping mall and actually triggered a level A plot!
Moreover, the A-level plot this time was actually so extraordinary!
Previously, he would not tell him exactly how much he would gain!
Moreover, with 40 million investments, the profit was one billion, which was 25 times higher!
As if hearing Cheng Wu’s question, the blue smoke slowly recombined and changed into another character.
[This event was a special event, with a base income of one hundred million, there was a possibility of failure.]
[Revenue was constant to one billion, and the cost would fluctuate with competition.]
When Cheng Wu saw this, he immediately understood.
It turned out that this was another way to trigger system events.
The benefits were basically at the hundred million level, and how many times they would increase would depend on the cost they paid.
However, since Cheng Wu saw it, there was definitely no reason to let it go!
After all, it was a profit of one billion!
Thinking of this, Cheng Wu picked up his phone.
He typed out a number and started dialing!*

Chapter 67: A.I. Chip Technology Innovation!Pray for flowers!Ask for evaluation!Beg for everything!]

The number Cheng Wu called was Qin Xi!
That Master of Finance who had just been recruited today!
“Hey, Chief Cheng, what do you have to say?”
After the phone rang, Qin Xiyue’s voice rang in her ears.
She was not only a 211 Master of Finance, but also a department manager of the top 500 enterprises.
Apart from his extraordinary business ability, there was also the emotional quotient that ordinary people did not have.
Receiving the boss’ call at any time was one of the necessary training.
“Xiao Xi, I’ ll give you one thing.”
“Cold Country has a game called’ Glory Country’.”
“I want you to leave for the Cold Country now, and immediately take down the Dragon Country’s agency for this game.”
“Is there a problem?”
Cheng Wu’s calm voice sounded, and his tone seemed somewhat confident and forceful.
If Qin Xi could not do such a thing well, then she would be sorry for her previous degree and experience.
She was not worthy of the salary Cheng Wu had paid her.
“Sure. No problem, President Cheng.”
Qin Xi’s tone did not pause at all. He responded very quickly.
Qin Xi knew that Cheng Wu had given this task to him because he valued his ability.
This was also the first mission to Cheng Wu Company.
If she didn’t do well, then her other two colleagues were n’ t cooking.
He had finally obtained the position of leader, so he couldn’ t give up.
“Yes, go and do it.”
After speaking, Cheng Wu hung up.
He took a picture of the game on the desktop of the staff in front of him and sent it to Qin Xi.
Based on the introduction given to him by the headhunting company, Qin Xi’s ability was excellent, enough to complete this mission.
As for that staff member, he was a bit shocked. He glanced back and forth at Cheng Wu.
Then, he said with a serious tone:
“Brother, this game is not popular in my country!”
“You have to consider it clearly.”
Hua Ying Shopping Mall was one of the top shopping malls in City K. As the staff members inside, they were used to seeing rich people.
It was not surprising that Cheng Wu could take out so much money.
It was just an accident that Cheng Wu actually wanted to invest because he liked a game!
This was too much of a joke!
“It’s fine.”
Cheng Wu smiled and did not explain.
At this moment, Chen Jiao had already prepared her clothes in the dressing room and walked out.
Cheng Wu’s eyes immediately lit up.
There were a few cartoon patterns on the pink jacket.
With a cute little bear jacket and pants.
It made Chen Jiao’s originally beautiful face even more adorable.
There was an even more delicate and exquisite aura that caused others to feel pity.
“Wife, this dress suits you very well!”
Cheng Wu said with a smile.
He really felt that this set of clothes was quite suitable for Chen Jiao.
“Just you can speak.”
Chen Jiao rolled her eyes at Cheng Wu, and she was delighted.
Afterwards, Cheng Wu and Chen Jiao finished paying the money and went around the mall.
He made a big purchase.
He brought the big and small bags back home.
After returning home, Cheng Wu and Chen Jiao had a good sweep.
As the New Year was about to come, it was almost the New Year. Naturally, it had to be sorted out.
After finishing everything, Cheng Wu panted as Chen Jiao gently wiped the sweat off his forehead.
The two of them sat on the sofa and snuggled together to rest.
Chen Jiao’s head leaned against Cheng Wu’s shoulder as she watched Cheng Wu brush his phone.
Cheng Wu wasn’t doing anything else. Instead, he was doing the financial news.
With the return system, as long as he had enough information, he could deduce the return of things.
Thus, if something new appeared on the news, he could also determine whether he could invest.
Suddenly, after a wave of refreshments, an unexpected news appeared.
[Foreign A.I. Chip’s research and development was updated again!The technology was about to break through to the sixth generation A.I. Chip!]
[Domestic A.I. Chip had completely fallen into a bottleneck!When could the Dragon Country truly rise up?]
The contents of the news were foreign ugly countries. Some technicians had once again made breakthroughs in the A.I. Chip technology.
The fifth generation A.I. Chip, which was already far ahead of the country, was updated once again!
Soon, the sixth generation A.I. Chip would be launched!
As for most of the companies that independently developed the A.I. Chip in the country, there was no movement.
The first generation A.I. Chip had not been developed!
Below was also an interview video from several domestic A.I. Chip companies.
Shockingly, Liang Long was also on the line!
Other than Liang Long, the rest of the company’s leaders were all prevaricating in interviewing reporters, speaking the words of Simbo.
His tone was clearly filled with helplessness, and it was clear that the technical department had fallen into a bottleneck!
However, Liang Long’s interview video was exceptionally different!*

Chapter 68: The decline of online public opinion!Cheng Wu chased after him!Pray for flowers!Ask for evaluation!Beg for everything!]

In the camera, the reporter asked Liang Long:
“May I ask Chief Liang, how is the progress of the A.I. Chip’s research?”
“Can you reveal it to the netizens?”
Facing the reporter’s question, Liang Long smiled, appearing exceptionally confident.
“Our Dragon Core company is developing the A.I. Chip very quickly.”
“Everything went smoothly for the technical department. After the last report, we will soon be able to produce the results.”
“And because we have analyzed the technology A.I. Chip of the Ugly Kingdom, we stand on the shoulders of our predecessors.”
“That’s why the progress is extremely fast. Soon, our own A.I. Chip will be able to appear!”
“The name we gave him is called the’ Dragon God Dragon’!”
This video was very short, and it was over here.
In a group of dejected A.I. Chip research and development companies.
‘Long Wei’s’ Dragon Core’ actually said such bold words?
This was clearly impossible!
If the Dragon Country had this technology, they would not have been able to create the first generation by the time the fifth generation A.I. Chip appeared!
It was impossible for most of the phones on the market to pay the patent fee and use the ugly country’s A.I. Chip!
Moreover, Liang Long, the person in charge of the Dragon Core, had even released bold words!
“This time, the first generation A.I. Chip will have the effect of the third generation of the ugly country!”
How could this be possible?
The netizens all expressed their disbelief!
Under this news, he began to mock Liang Long!
“Hehe, it’s not that I’ m not optimistic about the creation of the Dragon Country.”
“It’s just that we have to acknowledge the efforts of others!”
“How could he surpass our technology that has been leading us for decades?”
“Liang Long’s words were simply a clown!”Let’s get more attention!”
“Was it!Liang Long’s heart could be put to death!”I’ m sure I’ m trying to cheat you out of financing. I’ m trying to talk big!”
“If Liang Long can do what he says and create the first generation A.I. Chip of the Dragon Core, I’ ll eat it upside down!”
“Plus one!”Agreed!”
Most of the netizens expressed deep disdain towards Liang Long!
He didn’ t think that Liang Long’s’ Dragon Core’ could achieve such an achievement!
They hoped that the Dragon Country would have its own A.I. Chip.
But he also had a clear understanding of things!
The A.I. Chip was not that easy to build!
Countless senior companies had died on the way to develop the A.I. Chip.
Liang Long’s’ Dragon Core’, how could it possibly overtake him?
One had to know that this foreign technology was decades ahead of the Dragon Country!
Perhaps one day, the Dragon Country’s A.I. Chip technology could surpass the ugly country.
All the phones in the world used the Dragon Country’s A.I. Chip!
However, this was definitely not something that could be achieved in recent months or even years.
When Liang Long said these words, he could only say that he was like a clown who had drawn great attention!
Chen Jiao snuggled onto Cheng Wu’s shoulder and naturally saw the news.
He said with some worry:
“Hubby, look at the comments of the netizens. They don’t even think highly of Dragon Core.”
“Could it be that Liang Long is just like them, a person who speaks big words.”
“Actually, the A.I. Chip is simply unable to develop it.”
“Is it just a circle of investment?”
One had to know that Cheng Wu had invested four billion in it!
The comments online were not optimistic about the A.I. Chip manufacturing of Dragon Core.
How could she not be worried about this?
“It’s fine, wife.”
“You have to know that Liang Long is still the boss of Long Wei.”
“‘Longwei’ is the best phone brand in the Dragon Country.”
“If anyone was the most likely to develop the A.I. Chip, he would be the only one.”
“Not to mention, don’t you still believe in my eyes?”
Cheng Wu smiled and explained.
Chen Jiao’s sparkling eyes revealed a hint of understanding.
Yes, Cheng Wu was right.
Moreover, Cheng Wu had used his past achievements to prove his accuracy.
Chen Jiao knew that Cheng Wu’s talent was not something ordinary people could compare to.
Such an outstanding Cheng Wu was his husband. How could she not believe him?
“Got it, husband.”
“I believe in you.”
Chen Jiao’s voice was soft and waxy, and her face was slightly red with embarrassment.
Cheng Wu looked at Chen Jiao’s embarrassed expression and smiled.
He knew that Chen Jiao trusted him 100%.
It was only because he cared too much about him and saw the comments of the netizens that he asked worriedly.
At this moment, the phone began to shake.
A melodious bell rang out.
Cheng Wu took out his phone and looked at it. It was Liang Long.
Immediately, he smiled.
Just as he saw his news, he called.
He reached out to answer the call and Liang Long’s clear voice immediately came from inside.
“President Cheng, I have something to ask you.”
“Right now, Dragon Core’s technology department has made a major breakthrough.”
“The funds may not be enough. Prepare for a new round of financing.”
“Let’s see if you have any plans to give up?”
Hearing Liang Long’s words, Cheng Wu’s heart immediately became happy.
One had to know that this was an unprecedented SS grade event!
A hundred times return!
The more he invested, the more he would be rewarded in the future!
Moreover, the majority of the shareholders of Dragon Core were basically corporate shares.
He was the equivalent of an individual holding a stake!
It was because he had a 100% shareholding in his investment company!
It just so happened that he had made a profit from the incident at the Rotten Tail Tower. At this moment, it just so happened it down!
Cheng Wu immediately said without any hesitation:
“Director Liang, I still have more than four billion. Is that enough?If it wasn’ t enough, I could still lend!!!”*