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Marvel: To devour the God gene at the beginning!(Chapter 1-50)

001. Missouri: Flower of Gods [1]

(Note in the front row: Only write about the Marvel movie universe, not add any DC or comic elements)
In 2009, a small town in Missouri.
A golden-haired woman sat in the driver’s seat and suggested to the man in the back:
“Eno, your body is still very weak. I suggest you not run around.”
“Isn’t there still you?”Dr. Angela.”
His name was Eno. He was born in 1991. He was born the day Iron Man Tony’s parents were killed by Winter Soldier.
For more than ten years, Eno had been dragged down by family genetic diseases.
This kind of family genetic disease, from the previous generations of Ivan, even the current technology still could not find out what it was.
Although genetic diseases were not fatal, they would make people weak and weak for a lifetime.
Just think about it, a normal person, a normal body, but not able to lift 10-20 kilograms of objects. This feeling was really terrible.
That was why Eno’s family had set up a company called the Umbrella from the beginning.
This umbrella company was just the same name. It was not exactly the same as the one in the biochemical crisis.
But it was also a company that produced drugs and medical equipment.
And now, this company was left to Ino.
A few days ago.
Eno suddenly acquired the geno devouring system.0
As long as a gene sample was obtained, the system could devour and evolve. All it needed was energy.
Eno was searching for the God of Heaven Flower in Missouri according to his memories.
According to Star Jue’s home state of Missouri, it was in a small forest.
Hidden there was the Flower of the Gods left behind by Star Jue’s father, Igo.
Its function was to devour the flowers of a parasitic planet.
“I’ m just a doctor. It’s best if you don’ t give up on creating miracles.”
The doctor in a white coat in the driver’s seat stroked his forehead and looked helplessly at Eno in the back.
Her name was Angela Ziegler, and she had doctoral degrees in biogenetics and medicine.
(The Angel of the Watchdog, don’t care if you do n’ t know. This article won’t write too much about the Watchdog)
A few years ago when she had just graduated, Eno had hired her as his personal doctor.
At this moment, Eno’s window was knocked twice.
After confirming her identity, Angela lowered the window.
A muscular man in a black suit and sunglasses leaned forward and said:
“Boss, we’ ve already sent people from the Red Umbrella Department to search. Let me confirm the target.”
Eno nodded and took out a tablet from his side. There was a blue fruit on it, and the outside was covered with hollowed-out flowers.
Clearly, the Flower of Gods had not yet blossomed.
“Jason, tell them not to touch them once they find them, and then let me know.”
The black-robed man nodded and agreed. He took away the tablet and instructed his subordinates to pay attention.
His protective umbrella had three departments in China.
Among them, red was the armed military department.
White was the drug development department.
Blue was the biological research department.
Although the current umbrella was not as powerful as in the game, there were still many projects in the government and medical institutions.
After giving orders, Eno sat in the car and waited for the news from his men.
Angela looked curiously at Eno, who was suddenly abnormal today, and said:
“The woods in summer are very dangerous. Why don’ t they pick the flowers?”
Eno looked out of the window at the security members of the protective umbrella who had entered the forest:
“I had a dream. It can cure my illness.”
“Oh, my god.”Angela curled her lips and said:
“Why did you suddenly become superstitious?”
Eno raised his wrist and looked at the expensive watch.” You’ ll know in a few minutes.”
Star Jue’s father, Igo, was a god of gods. It was originally like a brain-like consciousness.
After a few million years, it learned to gather particles, first creating the core of the planet before forming a planet.
This period of several million years.
Igor finally had complete control over the planet. He could even control the planet’s environment or plants at will.
As long as the planet did not perish, Igor would not die.
That was why Igor wanted to parasitize countless planets.
A few minutes later.
Suddenly, a strong man, Jason, who had knocked on Eno’s window, emerged from the forest.
“Boss!”I found my target!”
Eno nodded and pulled open the door to get off.
Looking at the hot summer sun, Jason quickly pulled out his umbrella and walked towards the woods of the town.
Angela also got out of the car and pulled out a sunshade to follow.
In the summer sun, Eno walked into the forest.
Following the path that the Red Umbrella Department had cut down, they walked to the side of the Flower of Gods.
Eno looked at the flower bud in front of him and reached out to the security guard.” Tactical dagger.”
The members of the Red Umbrella security quickly placed the dagger in Eno’s hand.
With the dagger in hand, Innocence opened a hollow outer net.
Then, it cut open its blue flower bud (fruit).
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002. Agent Kelsen called [2]

Seeing the fruit flowing out of the liquid, Eno directly dipped his finger in it.
Angela quickly took out a handkerchief and a wet towel to wipe Eno’s hand:
“This unknown plant color is still very bright, what if it carries toxicity?”
“Your body is still very weak. What if you get poisoned?”
Although she heard Angela’s anxious nagging.
However, another scene appeared in Eno’s consciousness.
He felt the earth under his feet, as if he was feeling the planet under his feet: Blue Star.
However, this feeling was still very weak, close to nothing.
However, the gradually healthy power in his body could not fool Eno himself.
[Contacted with the geno ingredients of the God of Heaven]
[Devour Success]
[Gene Devour System]
[Geno Ability: Heavenly God 1%+]
Looking at the 1% Heavenly God’s ability, Eno realized that there was a plus sign behind him. He tried it in his mind.
[Whether it will continue to consume energy to evolve the Heavenly God’s ability. If it reaches 10%, it will be able to obtain complete physical ability.100% is equal to 10 times as much as this example]
[Different abilities require different energy for evolution. Please choose seriously]
“First, use the extra energy in your body to evolve the God of Heaven gene.”
While upgrading his geno points, he was also strengthening Eno’s body.
However, with the energy in Eno’s body, it would take an unknown amount of time for him to evolve this Heavenly God’s ability.
Therefore, more efficient and more energy demand was imminent.
Back to reality.
Eno stretched out his left hand and pushed aside Angela, who was still wiping her right hand.” It’s okay.”
Angela was holding a wet towel as she stood to the side and looked at Eno in surprise.
From the strength that Eno had pushed her hand away, she could feel it as a doctor and a sensitive person.
This was not the normal level of force a person with only 10-20 kilograms of strength.
Ino’s casual push had already reached the point where it was even more powerful than a normal person.
Seeing the shocked Angela, Eno smiled and instructed Jason beside him:
“Peel the fruit. Take out the flower roots and take them back.”
Jason took a suitcase from the side and opened it.
There was a special nutrient liquid container inside.
He cleanly cut off the fruit and then tossed the flower root into the container.
This flower root would not be so easily forgotten.
And its ability to parasitize a planet was still there.
The one who had established contact with it was Eno, not Igo.
Eno wanted to bring it back and use it to plant the parasitic blue star to control the blue star and absorb energy.
Otherwise, relying on electricity?
Then would he have to wait until the Year of the Monkey and the Moon to complete the evolution of all his genes?
When she got back to the car, Angela couldn’t help but turn around and ask,” Your body is healthy!?”
Eno looked at her and teased,” Superstition?”
Angela was speechless. She turned around angrily and said,” Sister Angel doesn’ t like you anymore.”
The name of Sister Angel was still given to her by Eno.
In the past, when Angela took care of him, Eno often called her Sister Angel.
Eno waved his hand.” Go to the airport. I’ ll be back in New York today. I’ ll be going to Malaysia in a few days.”
After the investigation by Umbrella Corporation.
Eno was also certain that Ma Lai Xiyu would fall a rocket that possessed alien parasites.
That was the location where the spaceships of the venom’s symbiotic bodies had crashed.
In this group of symbiotic creatures, Eno could directly devour their venom.
The broken limbs were reborn, and there were no fatal parts of the body. Even if they were to explode, it was no different from losing a piece of flesh in other places.
Underwater breathing, immune mental control, body weaponization, and so on were all unexpected abilities of venom.
If these abilities were combined with Haoke.
Tear ~~~~~~
Drop drop drop drop drop drop ~~~~~~
At this moment, Angela’s phone rang.
She took a look at her phone and handed it to Eno.” Agent Colson.”
Eno took the call. There weren’t many calls in his phone, but they were all useful.
“Agent Phil Colson.”
“Hello, Mr. Eno, do you have time to discuss a purchase at 8:00 tonight?”
Eno looked at the watch on his left hand. It was 1 p.m.
“OK, come to the umbrella headquarters at 8 p.m.”
“Goodbye, Mr. Eno.”
Even if Eno wasn’t a transmigrator, based on the current umbrella power, as the boss of this unlisted company, he would still know about the existence of Divine Shield.
Not to mention that he and the government already had a special drug supply.
When they arrived at the Missouri airport, the private plane of the umbrella was already waiting.
The route to Manhattan in New York had already been approved.
Speaking of which, standing at the headquarters of the umbrella in New York, one could still see Tony Stark’s mansion in the distance.
But a Stark was in the middle of Manhattan in New York.
The umbrella headquarters was on the river side of Manhattan. They could still enjoy the view of the sea and even see the Statue of Liberty from another angle.
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In the cabin of the private plane.
At this moment, there were only Angela and Eno.
Angela sat next to Eno, feeling the strength of his arm that held his waist, saying:
“Just because you touched that flower?”So he recovered his health?”
“Not exactly.”
Eno was familiar with the strength of his hands. He was moving his fingers.
“My body’s genes have become very powerful. There may be more possibilities in the future”
“After you go back, try to see if you can understand a bit.”
The protective umbrella had its own underground laboratory and experimental base.
As for geno points, even with the technology of the Umbrella, they were only superficial.
The genetic data was too large and complicated.
Not to mention that Eno still had his own gene protection program.
That was why it was satisfying to expect Angela to be able to study a little bit of fur.
Angela nodded and grabbed Eno’s finger, which was gradually sliding upwards.” Don’ t think about these things if your body is healthy.”
“No, you’ re wrong.”
Eno shook his head.” I came into contact with the feelings of obtaining treasures.”
Angela rolled her eyes at Eno.
After the plane arrived in New York, Angela and Eno drove to Manhattan’s umbrella headquarters.
Actually, there were not many people working at the headquarters.
Pharmaceuticals and medical instruments mainly required workers in factories.
As for the headquarters, there were mainly some administrative personnel and underground laboratories.
This underground laboratory was just ordinary.
The most important underground laboratory of the protective umbrella was located in L, Los Angeles.
He arrived at the top office of the umbrella headquarters.
One side of the north-south window could see Stark’s A-ring logo, while the other could see the sea view of the canal.
So if the Fu Lianyi’s nuclear bomb still needs to be blown up in New York, would n’ t it have to pass through his umbrella building?
Wait until 8 p.m.
Colson arrived at the umbrella headquarters as agreed.
After passing through the security door, he took the elevator to the office on the top floor.
Eno looked at the agent in front of him and sat on his chair, saying:
“Healing Spray, hemostatic powder and hyperactive medicine are so fast. Looks like the terrorist organizations in A Fuhan area are very active recently.”
“That’s true.”
Even an agent’s pupils constricted.
He didn’t expect the S.H.I. Shield Bureau’s secret operation to be directly speculated.
Last time, Colson had bought these medicines from him, and there were quite a lot of them.
From the past time, plus the current situation and plot of A Fuhan.
Because Tony’s weapon was secretly sold to A Fuhan by Obadia Stein, it seemed that the S.H.I.E. Bureau’s agents and the FBA had lost quite a bit.
Eno snapped his fingers and said,” OK, no problem. We’ re happy to cooperate.”
Colson stood up with a smile.” Nice cooperation, Mr. Eno.”
After the transaction, Carlson left the Umbrella Building after a few words.
He walked into the car and took out his phone to send a message to Fereld.
“The target, Eno, went to Missouri for eight hours from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and returned to the Umbrella Building that afternoon.”
“The purpose of this trip is unknown, but the spirit feels good.”
“And just a few short sentences can be used to deduce the situation of A Fu Khan’s front line.”
That’s right.
It was true that Colson had come to purchase.
But it was true to check that Eno suddenly disappeared.
In the morning, Eno took the Red Umbrella’s security team and disappeared as a private plane.
It was impossible for S.H.I.E. Shield to not know about such a big move.
And that was a member of Red Umbrella’s security.
They were all retired soldiers and excellent semi-skilled members.
It was impossible for the Divine Shield Bureau to not pay attention to it.
After Colson sent the message, the Director of Halted Egg replied:
“Keep paying attention. The umbrella is a company that has not been listed for a hundred years.”
“Moreover, all generations of family inheritors have young but exaggerated mature minds.”
After reading the news, Colson put away the special agent’s phone.
He sat in the driver’s seat and looked at the building with the protective umbrella, thinking.
If not for the family members of the umbrella, they would have the only unique genetic disease in the world.
No one could tell whether it was good or bad for Mi Country.
He watched as Agent Carlson drove off.
“According to the current movements of A Fuhan, Tony’s plot should be starting soon.”
Soon, Tony would go to A Fuhan to sell weapons.
But in contrast, there would also be Mark 1.
Eno didn’t have to remind Tony that you have to be careful. Tony, do n’ t go.
Although he had met Boz and Tony many times, you felt that according to Tony’s personality.
He would listen to this?
If Tony of Iron Man 1 could listen to these words, he would not be the bohemian Tony Stark.

004. Tony, Xu, bring bad male lead, understand?[4]

After returning to his seat in the office, Eno followed the usual normal handling of the mailbox documents.
Suddenly, a Stark email address appeared in front of Eno’s eyes.
“Mr. Eno, I’ m Tony Stark’s secretary: Virginia Pozzi.”
“I want to buy some unique medicines for Tony to maintain his health.”
“You know, he spent the entire day in the laboratory. His body has been in sub-health.”
“And last night, I took care of the” garbage “he used with a reporter at night.”
“Although I shouldn’ t have said this, I hope you can understand his condition and recommend some medicine.”
Looking at this email, the corner of Ino’s mouth curled into an unkind smile.
Tony was a little fake.
Boz actually came to ask for some special medicine.
The sub-health in the laboratory might be fake.
The fact that he was clapping in love with the reporters was true.
Because of the government’s bidding and meetings, Eno, Boz, and Tony had met quite a few times.
Just as Eno was about to reply.
Ding Ling Ling ~~~
Ino’s phone rang.
Take a look at the number.
Let’s see who came.
Tony Stark.
As soon as the call was answered, Tony’s voice rang out.
“Hey, Eno, the email that Pepper just sent…. That’s not true. You know, I’ m only in my 30s and I’ m very strong, and…”
“OK, OK, I understand. I understand.”
Eno quickly interrupted Tony’s nagging,” Your body is fine. I’ m just recommending some health products for you, right.”
“Yes, that’s right.”Tony spoke in agreement.” Pepper was in bad shape that day.”
“You also know that it’s impossible for people to maintain their peak condition.”
“Haha.”Ino could not help but laugh.
“Wait, what do you mean by this laughter?”I don’ t think you believe me.”
Tony immediately decided,” I suggest that we make an appointment to drive a model car, party, for a longer time than who.”
“But you don’ t seem to be an adult yet. I’ m trying to bring down a child.”
Just as Tony was nagging, Pepper’s voice came from the side.” What are you talking about!Did Eno come of age!?”
“Three months ago, I was an adult, Mr. Tony Shit.”
Eno leaned his foot on the table and listened to the tone that Pepper wanted to hit Tony on his phone. He said:
“At the same time, I really like my Angela, and those models may not be clean.”
After a short conversation with Pepper, Tony continued,” Alright, that’s a pity for this party.”
“But I’ m very curious that the people of your family seem to like women who belong to them for the first time. Are you the same?”
As soon as Tony finished speaking, Pepper immediately wanted to “educate” Tony.
After hearing this, Eno smiled.” Who doesn’ t like girls who are entirely his own.”
“Don’ t tell me you like someone else’s clothes. If I tell you your name as a playboy, will I have to add a new name?”
“Wait, wait, wait. I’ ve never had such a hobby.”
Tony quickly rejected.” And I don’ t think I can fully express myself as Playboy.”
“I’ ve never forced any girls to do so. They brought them up by themselves.”
As soon as Tony finished speaking, Pepper could not help but grab the phone and say:
“That’s what Mr. Eno said. I’ ll have someone bring my bank card to pick up the recommended medicine.”
After that, Pepper hung up the phone.
L Shansi’s Marbury View Mansion.
“What are you talking about with an adult?Party?”Model?”
“You think he’s only 18 years old?”
Tony said as he walked towards the laboratory below.” Eno is the boss of an unlisted company.”
“And in the form of a semi-monopoly, it controls many of the world’s leading-edge pharmaceuticals and medical instruments.”
“He has a lot of high-level government personnel at the headquarters of the Umbrella Hospital in New York and has a deep relationship.”
“I heard they’ ve been conducting genetic and genetic engineering recently.”
“Do you know what this is?”
Tony looked at Pepper seriously.
“If it succeeds, people’s lifespan will easily break through to a hundred years.”
“Physical fitness should increase by at least 50% or double.”
“A small wound can recover 24 hours a day.”
“Intelligence is more likely to be close to the current level of social elites.”
“But of course it won’ t reach my level of intelligence, right? Jarvis.”
Jarvis said,” That’s right, sir.”

005. Overtime?I’m a boss. What class do I add![5]

Pepper was used to Tony’s sudden change in painting style.
However, Pepper obviously wanted to say something else.” Then you’ re bringing him down right now.”
Pepper followed Tony to the basement and said:
“It’s been several years since Eno left the company after his father and mother died.”
“But in society, he only brought Angela to attend the event.”
“The outside world has never heard of any news about his possible playboy.”
“So you mean I’ m a playboy?”Tony looked at Pepper.” Didn’ t I attend the event with you?”
Tony said,” If Eno wasn’ t a family genetic disease, he might have been the same as me.”
After saying this, Tony immediately felt that it was wrong.
“Eh… I mean, he’s possible, not absolute. I’ m not aiming at that.”
“Oh no.”Pepper held her forehead helplessly.” You’ re simply hopeless. Then wait until your body is destroyed.”
After that, Pepper turned around angrily and left quickly.
“Hey Pepper!”
Tony looked at Pepe who had already left and helplessly picked up a tool from the side and shrugged:
“Alright, I’ m wrong again. I’ ve always been like this.”
The scene returned to the Umbrella Building.
Eno looked at the door that had been secretly opened outside the office and said,” Where did you start listening?”
Angela pushed the door open and walked in.” From the moment you smiled.”
She held the DNA collection instrument that she had taken from the basement and placed it on the desk.
Eno hugged Angela’s leg and asked:
“Then are there any objections to some of my words?”
Angela looked at someone and did something strange.” Have I opposed you in the years from graduation to the umbrella?”
Angela’s parents died on the battlefield.
That was why Angela hoped to save more people from war and disease through medicine.
(A doctor can’t save the Blue Star people—Mou Lu)
Angela agreed without hesitation when she faced the olive branch of the umbrella when she graduated.
Moreover, the Umbrella Company had provided financial assistance during her schooling.
But at that time, what she had not expected was.
Not only did she give her knowledge to the umbrella in the future.
Now, even people were taken away by the boss, Eno.
He lost his knowledge and lost himself.
As he looked at Angela in his arms, Inno’s lips lightly pressed against her.
Shortly after, Angela stood up from Eno’s arms and wiped her lips without leaving a trace.
“It’s already very late. We’ ll take samples and put them on the laboratory equipment first.”
Eno nodded and rolled up his sleeves.
At the same time, Angela first picked up the cotton swab and collected the DNA tissue from his mouth.
Then, he sucked some of his blood through the needle.
He received all the samples in the box.
Angela kissed Eno’s cheek.” I’ ll put the sample on the instrument first.”
The automatic collection of the instrument could run on its own at night.
That was why he could just come over the next day to check the computer data.
At the same time, after Angela left, Eno opened the dark net.
He wanted to see if there was any news about Banna on the dark net.
However, there was no doubt that in the vast network ocean, it was like looking for a needle in a haystack to find Bannahok.
A few months ago, Lieutenant General Sadieus Roth erupted into an armed conflict in the suburbs.
Hulk’s timeline was shortened a bit, but it was still a matter after Iron Man 2.)
After receiving the news, Eno knew that Hulk was born.
At this moment, Banna should calm down and hide somewhere in West B.
He was also looking for a calm method and the possibility of treating him.
After seeing that there was no news, Eno shook his head.
It seemed like he could only gather blood during the battle between Hulk and Hate.
Shortly after, Angela came out of the underground laboratory and came to Eno’s office on the top floor.
“Are you planning to work overtime?”Eno.”
Seeing Angela leaning against the door, Eno stood up and walked out of the office.” I hate working overtime the most.”
Eno definitely did not live in the company. Instead, he lived in a two-story villa two kilometers away from the company.
Usually, two people can walk from home to the company.
But tonight, because of his health, Eno, who wanted to unlock his knowledge, directly asked Angie to pull the sports car back to the villa.
On the way, Angie opened his car and asked,” Is genetic engineering really going to start?”It’s very likely to be a loss.”
“I’ ll lose.”Eno hugged his head and looked at the scenery outside the window.” The family representative has set this project as a target, and I have a new goal to achieve.”

New book with updated plans and updates

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006. My life is valuable in the black market [6]

“Purpose?”Can I know?”Angie pulled the car away.
Eno looked at the crowd of people outside the window and said,” If I said that in a few years, there will be a purple sweet potato essence that wants to snap a finger and kill half of the creatures in the universe, do you believe it.”
Angela heard it, but she didn’t reply anxiously.
Although this was not a matter in her world view.
But this was what Eno said.
After hesitating for a moment, Angela asked,” Is this what you dreamt of?”
“Just take it as it is.”
As he spoke, the car reached its destination.
Eno pulled open the door and got out of the car. The two-story villa in front of him was their temporary home.
In this tiny Manhattan area of New York City, these two small villas with yards were existences that most people could not even look up to.
As Angela walked forward, she pushed open her finger locks.
Eno directly picked up the princess from behind in her cry.
The two of them smashed heavily on the bed.
Seeing Angela’s smooth shoulders, Eno rested his hands behind his head and looked at the ceiling, saying:
“The day after tomorrow, I will go to Malai Xiyu. This time, you will wait for me to come back.”
“You’ re just healthy and running around?”
Angela immediately turned around and said anxiously,” And it’s still Ma Lai Xiyu. Do you know how much your life is worth on the black market?”
“So what if I know? I have to go this time.”
There was no way it would not want the poison. Perhaps its power boost was not that great.
But its function was simply too powerful.
“Alright.”Angela looked at Eno and said,” Bring more members of the Red Umbrella security.”
Since Eno was going, there must be a reason for him, and this was already his decision.
It was because of the semi-monopoly of the advanced pharmaceutical industry and high-end medical instruments of the umbrella.
The head value of Eno’s umbrella boss was not low.
Everyone knew that the unlisted umbrella company was passed down from generation to generation in the form of a family.
And every member of the family suffered from that strange disease.
Killing him was equivalent to the direct collapse of Umbrella Corporation.
It was also equivalent to that more than half of the cake in the medical market was directly emptied.
Under such circumstances, there were too many paramedics who wanted Eno’s life.
“Is there anything else after the day after tomorrow?”
Angela picked up her phone and looked at the memo.” A week later, the civilian treatment spray will be available for sale.”
“At that time, there will be a press conference. After all, this medicine will still monopolize all the medicines for wound treatment.”
Although Angela was one of the members of the laboratory, she would normally be Eno’s secretary.
As for this civilian treatment spray, it was a weakened version of the military special treatment spray.
Now, they could start producing civilian-level ones.
It had the functions of sterilization, cleaning, activating surrounding cells, and promoting tissue repair.
Therefore, it was expected that they would monopolize all the healing medicines that were not serious injuries.
Eno looked at the evolution of the system genes.
[Gene Devour System]
[Geno Ability: Heavenly God 1%+]
All right, he didn’t move.
It seemed that it would take more energy to evolve this gene.
For the time being, it was just a cup of water to rely on the natural surplus creatures in his body to evolve.
But even so, the excess fat in Eno’s body had been completely absorbed.
Only the streamlined muscles on his body remained.
Angela’s hands were stuck to her stomach.
The next day.
Eno opened his eyes and stood up from the bed.
Angela, who was beside her, opened her eyes in a daze and saw Eno mumbling:
“It was so late last night. Don’ t be a playboy like Tony Stark.”
As Inno’s genes grew stronger, every aspect would be strengthened. Angela also knew about this aspect.
Eno walked to the French window and sighed as he looked at the streamlined muscles on his body:
“The evolution of genes is indeed the choice of nature. It will only move in the best direction.”
“Also.”Eno looked back at Angela, who was closing her eyes, and said,” Will I become like Tony? It depends on your efforts, Angela.”
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007. Eno’s powerful gene cells![7]

Genes, everything about living things depended on it.
Your character, your appearance, your strength, your agility, your thoughts, etc……
They were all determined by genes.
He was even constantly evolving according to the environment, although it was just a tiny one.
If it was a naturally growing gene.
Most of them would evolve to a better point, not the kind of creature that would be interfered by humans.
And naturally, a creature that evolved incorrectly would naturally be destroyed by nature.
Thinking about the genetic creatures in the movies, in the end, it was just a certain amount of artificial destructive interference.
Then, the ugly creature that could be obtained by the genetic evolution.
To completely control the genes, that was already the level of God.
A few hours later, Eno sat in his office eating sandwiches.
Angela was in the underground laboratory processing the data report from yesterday’s instrument all night.
Tony’s medicine had just been taken away by his driver, who was also a bodyguard.
Before he left, he asked the receptionist to convey a message to him: Go out for a drink when you have time.
Well, it seems like Tony’s Iron Man 1 story is about to begin.
However, according to Tony’s personality, even if he had predicted the dangers ahead of time, he would not have heard of them.
Even if he said that, he would still be in trouble.
He was a pharmaceutical company, so there was no need to mess around.
Moreover, it was clearly stated in the 4th Federation that every move he made was a new future.
Even if the current Eno could return to the past, the time had always passed.
What had already happened could not be changed. It had already happened forever.
Ding Ling Ling ~~~
At this moment, the seat on Eno’s desk rang.
It was Angela.
After connecting.
“Eno, quickly come to the lab. Your genes are so powerful!”
Hang up.
Eno stood up from his chair and turned to walk to an independent elevator beside the bookcase.
It directly led to the underground laboratory. At the same time, the underground laboratory also had an escape route.
Coming to the basement, this was Angela’s exclusive laboratory. For the time being, only she alone or when she was busy would temporarily transfer her assistant over.
Angela sat in front of the computer and said hurriedly when she saw Eno coming:
“The laboratory equipment didn’ t run for long last night.”
“After the first surface scan.”
“When we reached the second level, all of your genetic cells activated their self-destruction.”
“They….” Angela looked at Eno trying to express the situation:
“They seem to have self-consciousness. They are all a collective for your collective.”
“Once they are in danger, they will start self-destruct without hesitation if they know that they are independent.”
“That’s why we can only observe and not research.”
There was a real-time monitor in front of Angela.
It clearly showed the collective self-destruction of Ino’s cells during the second step.
Eno nodded.” Anything else?”Speak.”
“Yes.”Angela nodded, controlling the computer screen to another energy monitor:
“Even if your cell leaves you, it will receive energy from an unknown channel.”
“I guess it’s the quantum channel that supplies energy, and it only stops when it destroys itself.”
Looking at the data on the monitor, Eno wanted to see if he could control the cells that had left him.
“Angela, collect a little more cell tissue. Use the electron microscope to take a look.”
Angela got up and took a little thing the size of a fingernail and poked it on Ino’s finger.
Then, he pushed the button behind the little thing and placed the sample on the template of the electron microscope.
Next, he watched the two of them watch the cells through the monitor.
Eno looked at the cells on the monitor and thought to himself that all the cells that had left their original had self-destructed.
The next moment.
The cells on the monitor directly released all the energy and died.
Angela looked at the dead cells on the monitor in shock.
“You can control them!?”
Eno nodded and confirmed,” That seems right.”
Angela:” Then we can use your cell source code to create a creature, or use your cell for genetic engineering!”

008. Tony indicated that he did not need the Kidney Tonifying Healthy Body Pills [8]

Angela said excitedly,” Even if we artificially interfere with the cultivation of the wrong creature, you can directly kill it.”
Just based on the current situation that Eno could control the life and death of his cell.
The creatures that had been cultivated through Eno’s cells should also be controlled by Eno.
“I don’ t want to create creatures. I want to evolve creatures.”
Eno looked at Angela and said,” I want creatures to evolve and create biotechnology.”
Even at the top of the universe, the concept of “soul” could not be understood.
What was the origin of the creature’s soul?
The future of creatures created was far less likely than that of evolved creatures.
Soul was the first level.
No matter how many ordinary creatures there were.
Not even an elite unit or a hero unit.
A mixed fish is always a mixed fish.
On the cutting-edge battlefield, the ratio was only at the lowest level. It was more important than a hero unit.
“Biotechnology…” Angela muttered,” External biological armor?”
“This is just one of them.”Eno took a notebook and picked up a stroke.
“If genes are everything for creatures, then we can’ t create a fully evolved creature for now.”
“But we can first develop bio-tech armor that covers the surface of the body or is symbiotic.”
(For example, activated skin that Kasha can evolve)
“Next, there are two more projects in my mind: the War God and the Angel.”
“It’s two projects, but it can also be seen as the goddess of martial arts.”
“But I have to wait until I come back from Malai Xi.”
Without poison, it would be difficult to create a biological technology armor outside the symbiotic body.
Angela looked at the outer wings and armor drawn on Eno’s draft paper.
Unlimited shock, admiration, and worship rose in his heart.
These biological technologies were too advanced, yet they felt reasonable.
If one were to spend a lot of resources to create a group of ugly or large numbers of creatures.
It would be better to use the same resources to create a hero unit.
Angela watched as Eno finished drawing the draft paper and threw the pen to the side:
“Did you go to Malai Ximu because there is an important goal to complete this genetic project?”
“Very important.”Eno nodded.” Hmm…”
Before she could finish, Angela stood up and “ambushed” Eno, covering his lips.
A while later, Angela said,” Be careful.”
Seeing Angela with deep worry in her eyes, Eno hugged her and patted her back.” Don’ t worry.”
The poison’s ability was far more weak than in movies.
It could be said that if he could overcome the problem of poisonous substance conversion.
Then this symbiotic body could weaken the weakness of ultrasound and flame.
After all, everyone was afraid of ultrasonic waves and flames, but the poison was even more restrained.
Eno picked up the little thing that had just taken the cell and handed it to Angela again.” You should first observe the recorded data.”
“I’ ll make a comparison when I come back from Ma Lai Xiyu the day after tomorrow.”
“Mm.”Angela took the cell sample.
Eno took the elevator back to the top office.
To Malaysia, he needed the soldiers from the Red Umbrella Department.
And the person in charge of the Red Umbrella Department was Jason, the current ordinary person.
He was an orphan. He grew up with the funding of the Umbrella Foundation.
He had been training and training in the umbrella department since he was a child.
Inno called Jason.
“Tomorrow, go to Malai Xiyu’s private plane and get ready. This time, you stay and protect the headquarters.”
Even if there were many questions.
Jason still chose to do his job well.
Hang up.
Ding Ling Ling ~~~~~~~
Ino’s phone rang.
He picked up his phone and Tony Stark called.
He answered the call.
“Hey, Eno, I’ ve received your medicine, but I think you deserve it wrong.”
“Oh?”Really?”Eno took out the pen from the pen holder and kept the pen in his hand:
“I don’ t think it’s a problem. The problem Little Pepper told me yesterday seems to be very serious.”
“Wait.”There were footsteps from Tony’s side, and then there was the sound of the box opening:
“I’ d like to ask, Qiangshen Pill, kidney tonifying paste, this medicine your family left over from the last century, is it sure to be strong and healthy?”
“Although this thing is still very useful, I don’ t need it. I’ ll throw it away.”
The sound of trash entering the bucket rang out.
Eno turned his brush and said,” As long as you don’ t pick it up again or let Little Pepper see it again.”
Just as Eno finished speaking, Tony’s voice rang out:
My God!You took the medicine that Eno gave you!?”
“Why can’t I throw it away?I don’t need this!”Don’ t tell me you want me to stick this thing on both sides of my back?”


Evidently, Little Pepper picked up the medicine again and put it on the table, saying:
“OK, let’s not talk about this. Your private plane has been waiting for you for four hours!”When did you leave for A Fuhan?”
Then, Tony’s natural voice came from Eno’s phone:
“If the private plane isn’ t waiting for me, then why would I buy it?”
That’s right, that’s right.
But the problem was not here.
The problem was where Tony was going and what he was going to do.
Eno suddenly remembered that Little Pepper was talking about Tony going to A Fuhan?
Eno said,” Tony, the love between you can wait until you hang up. If you have something to do, I suggest you take care of it yourself.”
“Wait.”Tony asked,” Why do you think we are in love rather than fighting?”
“Mm… there’s a saying that says that.”
Eno turned the pen in his hand.” Fighting is love, cursing is love, but it’s just a daily relationship. It’s not true.”
“Alright, this is the first time I’ ve heard this. Help me remember Jarvis.”
Jarvis said,” Alright, sir.”
After hanging up, Eno looked at his phone and placed it on the table.
Iron Man was about to be born.
Yes, the shrapnel peeling operation could be prepared for him, so Stephen Stranger came to the main blade.
If you are not familiar with this name.
Then nine years later, he had another name: Doctor Strange.
That’s right, he was now the main surgeon at the headquarters of the Umbrella Hospital. Many people from the government and the commercial street came to his place to perform the operation.
There was nothing he could do. The division of the Umbrella Hospital’s surgery was too fragrant. Steven was definitely willing to come to work at the Umbrella Hospital for money.
However, this was just a talk.
Because Tony would refuse, he would not agree to this operation.
Time passed in a hurry. At night, with the mentality that I was the boss and what class I added, Eno left work early.
He returned home and had a candlelit dinner with Angela.
Borrowing the atmosphere and style at night.
The clothes on both of them gradually decreased.
The next day.
Angela was beating Hache as she exhaustedly sent Eno to the private airport.
“If you’ re sleepy, why don’ t you let me drive by myself?”Eno looked at Angela’s mental state and teased.
Angela rolled her eyes at Eno, who had tormented her for the entire night:
“You suddenly started driving. The agent of the Homeland Strategic Defense, Attack and Logistics Bureau will definitely investigate you.”
“Even though we’ ll have to find out sooner or later, it’s better to have less trouble.”
“And what department is this? Its name is so long.”
Angela still stubbornly said that she wasn’t the one who could n’ t compete with Eno, who possessed the geno ability of God.
It was because they were afraid that the S.H.I.E. Bureau agents would find trouble.
A few minutes after Eno knocked on the phone, the members of the Red Umbrella drove the car over. This was troublesome?
He looked at Eno, who was still smiling unscrupulously.
Angela’s face turned red as she stepped on the accelerator to quickly send Eno to the private airport.
As the sports car entered the private airport.
A private plane had already stopped on the runway.
There were two rows of tactical teams armed with a total of 12 people standing next to the ladder that was placed from the plane.
They had complete sets of ammunition, weapons, and rescue equipment. Each set cost hundreds of thousands of US dollars.
After hugging Angela in the car, Eno opened the door and boarded the private plane.
Watching Eno’s plane take off, Angela stood outside the door silently blessing.
This time, it was a true exit.
There was a very high chance that someone would invite mercenaries to assassinate Eno from the black market for the cake.
It wasn’t in Rice Country. The S.H.I. Shield Bureau’s agents and the FBA’s organization’s protection and intelligence capabilities couldn’t go so far.
Some of the problems that were unnecessary in the past would appear this time.
On the private plane, Eno picked up a cube and played with one hand in boredom.
There was nothing he could do. Even with 1% of his Heavenly God geno points, his system had recovered quickly.
He had worked so hard last night, but now he was so spirited after sleeping.
Now, if you let him sleep on the plane, he wouldn’t be able to sleep.
And this flight still took several hours.
This was the only way to play the solo game in the Rubik’s Cube.
However, at this moment, the National Strategic Defense Attack and Logistics Support Bureau, or Divine Shield Bureau, immediately reported the incident.

010. Discovery and Protection of Divine Shield Bureau [10]

Agent Hill pushed open the door to the office of Director Frey of Divine Shield:
“Fritz, Eno took a private plane and left the country. After communicating with the FBA, he went to Malai Ximu.”
At this moment, the man who was sitting in the office seat with the one-eye mask was one of the oldest people in the Divine Shield Bureau.
He had walked from a low-level agent to this position. This was already the most inspirational story in S.H.I.E. Shield.
Frey cupped his fists in front of his head, thinking about Eno’s action.
“His three days of sudden activity are much more than the ones he has accumulated over the past 10 years. Did you find out the reason?”
“No.”Hill, with a good figure and a mature face, hugged the document and said:
“Ever since he suddenly went to Missouri the day before yesterday, he went to Malai Xiyu on the third day.”
“During this period of time, Agent Colson had already gone to test it out. Not only did he not test it out, he was also speculated about A Fuhan’s battle situation.”
Frey took a deep breath and thought of a method in his mind. After a while, he said:
“Let the agents outside pay attention to it. If we find that Eno is in danger, we must save him.”
“There are too many people in the international organization who want his head. It’s no less than Tony.”
“Understood.”Hill carried the document and walked out.
Frey rubbed his forehead as he watched Agent Hill walk out of the office.
The position of the Umbrella Company in China was very important.
This did not necessarily mean that Eno’s life was important.
It was a lot of cutting-edge medical equipment blueprints and top-secret formulas for medicines that were in Eno’s hands.
If Eno went to Malaysia’s GG this time, the drugs and instruments on the market would become the final products.
This would undoubtedly be a heavy blow to the nation of Rice… No, the international community would be hit hard.
Those peers were happy, and a large piece of cake suddenly appeared.
But the people had to work hard.
Other alternatives were either too expensive or sky-high.
There were even some top secret formulas that only had this umbrella. If the umbrella was gone, that person would be gone.
The Clan Leader of the Protection Umbrella knew very well how to use the people as protection shields.
The power of the people was truly powerful.
Tony sold his weapons and tried his best to become a philanthropist.
Eno only needed to blow up the sparks in the haystack.
At this moment, Tony, who was also heading to A Fuhan, was selling his collection missiles.
After talking about this over 500 million business, he would abandon Luo Di and go home with his Jeep.
Then it was hijacked by the terrorist sent by the Iron Tyrant, Obadia Stan.
Finally, Iron Man was born.
The scene turned back to Eno’s private plane a few hours later.
He was already flying from morning to afternoon.
Now it was almost here.
He arrived at the airport.
The members of the Red Umbrella handed over the two large black SUVs that they had been waiting for.
From the plane to Suv, Eno planned to head straight to the destination of the rocket crash.
It was impossible to lose the chance. A second more time before swallowing the poison would be an extra risk.
Because there would be people who would buy Eno’s whereabouts at a high price.
Moreover, there was a possibility of selling Eno’s path.
Eno sat on one of the two SUVs.
Now, he had 13 people.
Six of them took one.
Two of the other six people sat in front.
The remaining four carriages sat behind Eno.
Eno brought his headphones. This was the internal communication network of the two cars.
“Look at the address on the electronic screen on the car. Drive directly to the destination. Move quickly.”
It was 5 p.m. and it was already evening.
The poison rocket landed at night.
They had to hurry.
As long as the four symbiotic bodies were devoured, the normal human firepower weapon would not pose a threat to Eno.
And Eno would have real combat power.
The engines of the two SUVs roared unscrupulously on the rural road outside the city.
Moreover, even if they had cameras, they would not be afraid.
Because at this moment, their only target was to rush to their destination as quickly as possible.
In his loose-fitting auspicious cloud clothing, Eno looked at the red umbrella soldiers holding weapons on both sides without saying a word. He mocked:
“I’ ll leave my life to you, soldiers,”
“This is my honor!”Boss!”X12
Their important positions were covered in red armor and their moving parts were covered with fiber materials.
Then, it covered a multi-purpose tactical belt or backpack.
Of course, the “guys” inside were all stuffed.
Not only was there a focused night vision device on the helmet, but there was also a thermal imaging device worth tens of thousands of dollars. The equipment was all pulled up.

011. The exchange of fire and the symbiotic body in front of him [1]

The car continued to drive. During the time, Eno also ate a quick supply package with them.
Hmm… The sour melon was not too delicious.
It was late at night. The outside environment gradually entered the night, and Eno was about to reach his destination.
But at this moment.
A blinding light shone on Eno’s face through Suv’s small window.
“Boss, there’s an unknown object that will crash several kilometers ahead. Do you need to avoid it? It might be dangerous.”
The Red Umbrella soldiers immediately reported to Eno.
“That’s the target. Drive towards it at full speed!!”
The two SUVs instantly increased the throttle and rushed towards the target at full speed.
Not long after, with a bang!There was an explosion.
The rocket crashed.
However, the inner protective device would save the four symbiotic bodies and one life.
Soon, the two SUVs stopped on the road less than 1 km away from the crash of the spaceship in the forest.
Now, he could only get down and walk.
“Boss, should we stay to protect you and go find our target or……”
“Let’s go together.”
“Yes!”Be careful.”
The doors of the two SUVs were opened.
Then, they quickly jumped off two groups of people with rifles in their hands and turned their backs to the vehicles behind them to investigate the situation outside.
Once the investigation was completed.
“Boss, safe.”
Pa da.
Eno jumped out of the carriage.
The two groups of 12 immediately set up security lines from every angle with their backs to Eno.
A line of 13 people crossed the guardrail of the road.
Ino commanded,” Two people go to the front 30 meters to investigate, and two people go to the back 50 meters to reserve a safe position. The others follow me to establish a defensive line.”
As soon as he finished speaking, four people quickly left.
The remaining people surrounded Eno to establish a defensive line.
They lowered their bodies and raised their rifles in their hands. They put down their night vision goggles and thermal imaging to detect the surroundings.
Then, they moved towards the position where the rocket was crashing.
Not long after Eno’s group left, five gray jeeps followed.
They suddenly stopped behind Eno’s two SUVs and came down from the vehicle to approach 30 people.
Moreover, everyone had weapons. They were considered elites in the mercenary world.
With rifles in hand, these people quickly checked the situation of the two SuVs in front of them. One of them pointed to the direction where the rocket crashed:
“They’ re all bulletproof armed vehicles. Go check for footprints in that direction.”
A few people walked over with a flashlight and looked outside the fence on the road. They quickly reported,” There are at least 10 people.”
Hearing the report from his subordinates, one of the people with a scar on his face spat out the flue:
“Looks like the information given by the members of the Homeland Strategic Defense Attack and Logistics Support Bureau is correct.”
“Let’s go, let’s kill him.”
At the boss’s command, Number 30 opened the gun insurance.
If not for the fact that the Red Umbrella soldiers were all elites, they would have even wanted to whistle.
The scene returned to Eno’s side.
They were slowly advancing, only 600 meters away from their target.
At this moment.
“Boss, a total of 30 people are moving forward.”
“The weapons are well equipped, but they don’ t wear night vision goggles.”
“But I’ m worried that there will be a flare in the throwing equipment they carry.”
Eno made a decision and immediately confirmed it. He looked at the people around him:
“All of you, go back and fire freely after gathering.”
The two people in front quickly ran back and joined up with the eight people around Ino to support them.
On the other hand, Eno quickly went to the crash site of the spaceship alone.
The operation began.
Eno and the Red Umbrella soldiers moved in different directions.
400 Meters.
300 Meters.
200 Meters.
Dada Dada Dada Dada!!!!
Just as Eno was about to see the spaceship’s location, a violent firefight sounded from behind.
Ino couldn’t be slow and ran towards the spaceship faster.
The enemy was a multiple of his own Red Umbrella soldiers.
In the exchange of fire between the two sides, no matter how elite units were, they would still die.
100 Meters away!
Suddenly, waves of flashes of light and continuous lighting erupted behind Eno.
This was the beginning of the opposite side’s counterattack and the provision of illumination!
From this moment on, the Red Umbrella soldiers began to reduce their numbers.Faster!Eno looked at the damaged spaceship in front of him and was ready to swallow it!
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Devouring Venom!Instantly,40%![2]

The picture was just an example. It wasn’t exactly like this. I did n’ t see anything either.)
50 Meters!
At this moment, the sounds of fighting continued.
Here it is!
Looking at the crashed spaceship, Ino kicked open the damaged hatch door!
There were black, gray, blue, and yellow symbionts inside!
They saw humans who could live on board.
He immediately rushed towards Eno!
If there was no host for a short time, they would die.
According to the plot, someone would pass by and be hosted soon.
But just when they ran into Eno and started fighting for the host!
“Let me live together!I am the strongest!”I can give you strength!”
“It will control you!Don’t believe it!”Let me live together!”
[Devour Gene Detected]
[Begin Devour]
[Devour Success]
[New Ability: Venom 40%]
The four symbiotic bodies that had just churned on Eno’s body fell silent.
Their consciousness had been obliterated.
The only thing left was the ability that the System had fused into a poison.
It was this ability: the poison was already unconscious.
From now on, Eno had completely mastered this ability.
He clenched his fists.
Ino could feel that his current strength had increased by more than one level compared to earlier.
“Use ability: Venom Transformation.”
In an instant.
Ino, who was about to reach 1m8, was raised to 2m3!
His entire body was covered in streamlined muscle lines!One could tell with a single glance that it was transformed according to the original figure of Eno!
This black, gray, blue, and yellow 4 color mix had an ugly figure.
“If I can control the cells, the color of the transformed cells should be able to change, right?”
When he thought of this, Eno saw the color of his arm turning into a mute black.
In an instant.
Eno’s 2m3 body turned into a mute black.
“Change the shape of your face and turn it into a mask. Don’ t talk, don’ t have a nose. All you need is a rectangular eyeliner and a face shape.”
In another instant.
The venom’s large eyes and its jagged mouth all disappeared.
Then it turned into a cold, murderous, sharp face.
There was no nose, mouth, hair or even facial features.
There were only faces and rectangular eyelashes.
“This is the killing machine in my heart.”
Feeling his current appearance, Eno nodded in satisfaction.
“What kind of ability does 40% poison have?”
[Venom Transformation: underwater breathing, never sick, amputated limb regeneration, reproduction of any textile]
[Body weaponization, copying environment stealth, devouring enemies to gain energy and memory]
[Immunity to mental attacks, increase ultrasonic and flame resistance]
[Sub Venom, Vacuum Survival, Liquid, Material Possession]
“Wait, what is the poison liquid?”
Eno knew all of the above abilities, but what was the ability of the drug?
Why had he never heard of it before?
[Sub Venom Ability: Using the ability of cells and venom to differentiate into a sub venom ability for any creature]
[At the same time, the host’s main poison has a mother’s nest consciousness. It can control the life and death of the son’s poison with a single thought]
[Note: There is too much differentiation. The ability of the main poison liquid will decrease. Please differentiate properly]
Got it.
It was just another piece of trash.
At the same time, Eno could control the life and death of the drug with a single thought.
At this moment…
Boss!There was only one remaining Red Umbrella soldier!They had unknown special devices!Ah!……”
The signal was off, and the last Red Umbrella soldier died.
Special device?
Eno’s hands popped out and two body weaponized blades appeared.
These two weapons had no problem cutting off the steel.
“Position the heat sensor and show the temperature.”
A red light flashed from Eno’s venom mask.
Now, it had an additional ability, thermal imaging.
Eno squatted slightly.
Swoosh!There was a sound.
Ino jumped to the tree trunk in front of him.
Another jump!
Another ten meters!
50 Meters!
Eno saw them!
Now, even if all the Red Umbrella team members were killed, there were only 10 left.
But why was the Red Umbrella team destroyed like this?No way.
At this moment.
Suddenly, there was no wind in the forest. Ino’s ears went through a brief period of calm. Suddenly, he heard the sound of a fan and a motor. This was… a drone!

The knife fell!Kill 10 people![3]

Eno looked up and saw the drone hovering in the sky through the lush foliage!
So it was you!
The current mercenary.
Their team leader spat out a mouthful of saliva and cursed,” Damn!”So many people are still dead!”
“You all grew up eating rice!?”
“But that’s good. There are 20 less people to divide the money.”
“Tm bastards!”
A mercenary walked up and said,” I haven’ t found their boss yet. The target, Eno, may have run deep into the forest.”
The captain cursed,” You have a hangover?Where could his body, which couldn’t even move a woman, run to!?”
“Go chase!No need to hide!”Kill him!”
“Boss!”The mini reconnaissance drone has crashed!”
What!What the f*cking hell!How did it crash!?”
“I don’t know!”It suddenly fell!”
Eno stood on a tree trunk 50 meters away from them in the dense forest.
They heard their conversation clearly.
And that drone was his weapon.
Using the weaponization ability of venom, he separated a bit of liquid darts.
Three darts directly blasted the miniature reconnaissance drone.
Now, the massacre had begun.
“I don’t know!What else could you do!?”
“I don’ t know……”
……After a moment of silence
Hey!Hello!? Speak!?”
At this moment, the mercenary captain realized something was wrong and hurriedly shouted in the communication channel:
“Raise the gun!Where’s the thermal image!Where was the enemy?!”
“I can’t see!But there was a sudden wind!…….”
In an instant, the person who spoke fell into silence again.
Wind What!Feng!He had to speak clearly!?”
The mercenary captain was going crazy.
There were only eight of them left!
Ino first did the two loud voices.
Because these two people directly exposed their target.
In the dark night, the mute black color on his body was originally a natural hidden color.
Not to mention the fact that the surface of the poison could not see heat.
Thermal imaging?
It was useless.
He used the trunk to continue shooting.
He raised his sword and fell.
There was another guy with a corpse separated.
And they saw a black shadow instantly passing by.
“I can’t see it!” The mercenary captain shouted!Are there any lighting bullets left!Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation?”
“No!All used up……!”
There were still six left.
The mercenary captain finally collapsed and shouted,” Fire freely!Ah!!!”
Da Da Da Da!!!
Eno stood on the tree and looked at the idiots under his feet.
Random shooting would only make it easier for him to kill.
Forget it, it was no longer fun.
The transformation ability of the venom was more or less familiar.
They gathered into a venom dart and swung it.
In an instant, all the mercenaries except the captain were blown to the ground.
Because of the destruction of the central nervous system.
Their deaths were incomparably quiet.
It was simple and straightforward.
Da Da Da Da!!!Ka ka ka ~~~
The mercenary captain was out of ammunition.
Eno jumped off the tree trunk and fell to the ground.
The mercenary captain sat on the ground and hurriedly stepped back!
Ino’s current appearance was simply too fierce.
2 Meters tall.
His body was a dumb black streamlined body.
A facial armor with no facial features.
He held two weapons in his hands.
The rectangular eyes glowed red.
The mercenary captain wet his pants and pulled out a pistol from his side leg while kicking his leg.
Bang bang bang~~~!!!!
He pulled the trigger and fired several shots!
The bullet hit Inno’s body like a solid-liquid congealed substance.
He quietly entered from the front and quietly emerged from his back.
There was no ripple.
If it wasn’t for the sound of gunfire still echoing in the forest, the mercenary captain was still wondering if he had fired.
But he couldn’t wait for him to say something.
He raised his sword and fell.
A carrier’s head flew up.
He had no idea what was going on. The endless fear and intelligence organization had exploded!What kind of intel was this!Bang!
What was this 2 meter tall monster!Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation


He looked at the scattered corpses around him.
There were at least 40.
Eno thought for a moment, and with a flick of his hand, over 40 balls of small venom covered their bodies.
Then, the 40 corpses quickly disappeared and gradually disappeared.
They were devoured.
If he had to eat the poison before, he would have to read his memory.
But Eno only needed to “digest” the small venom and read the information that was useful to him in his mind.
After sorting through the information, Eno found something useful to him.
Although these mercenaries were hired from the black market.
However, the miniature reconnaissance drone was provided by the American Divine Shield Bureau.
Without asking Innocent to guess, he knew who the culprit was.
Alexander Pearce
He was the minister of the World Security Council.
At the same time.
He was also the current leader of the paper clip plan Nine-Headed Snake.
After absorbing the energy.
Eno looked at the System Gene.
[Gene Devour System]
[Heavenly God 1%+, Venom 41%+]
There were more than 40 corpses, only 1% of them. It seemed that the energy of ordinary people was useless and too few.
Low strength, low system, low energy, low conversion efficiency.
Moreover, the God of Heaven gene was not long.
Forget it, Eno looked up at the moon hanging high above his head.
Let’s go back to New York first, or Angela would be worried.
Someone will come over later.
Eno jumped up in the forest and then jumped into the distance.
They reached the parking lot on the road in three or two steps.
Other than the two large SUVs in front of them.
Five jeeps were still parked behind.
Without hesitation, Eno returned to his human form and sat in a jeep behind him.
Holding the steering wheel with both hands, the liquid dumb black covered the car from Eno’s hands.
In a short while, the entire car turned into a dull black color. The door and the front of the car were also marked with the face armor of Eno’s Venom Transformation.(Logo)
This was one of the abilities: material possession.
It could increase the ability of this substance.
Using it on a weapon would increase the ability of the weapon.
Using it on the vehicle would increase the ability of the vehicle.
For furniture……That would be better.
Eno stepped on the accelerator.
An engine sound comparable to a rocket sounded.
It roared and provided sufficient power to the jeep.
The jeep suddenly jumped up and directly crashed into the car in front.
Hand brake, turning, drifting.
Following a few pitch-black tire marks.
The jeep turned around 365 degrees and returned to the road that had just arrived.
Soon, he disappeared from the scene.
Two hours after Eno disappeared.
Da da da da da da sounds.
Several searchlights shone on the vehicles at the crime scene.
It was a helicopter.
And it was the police helicopter.
As the rope was thrown down.
A few fully armed special forces soldiers jumped off the helicopter.
One of them was still wearing a suit with a pistol in his hand. He was the familiar, bald agent Colson.
The few of them quickly inspected the vehicle.
Then, he saw traces outside the guardrail and quickly went down to search.
But other than the bullet holes on the tree trunk, the illumination bullet relic and a pile of firearms, there was nothing.
There was no corpse.
Only the remaining weapons and ammunition.
Agent Colson was holding a flashlight and walking in the forest.
He saw the wreckage of the drone ahead.
Squat down.
Colson felt a little familiar with this, but he still did not know what kind of familiarity it was.
Holding the flashlight, Colson took out his phone and took a few pictures.
Then, he took a few more pieces of remains and weapons and ammunition left on the battlefield.
“Agent, we didn’ t find any living or dead people. We only saw these weapons and ammunition.”
This group of maddened squad leaders came to Colson’s side to express the situation.
Colson thought for a moment and decided,” Let’s take a look. If we haven’ t found out yet, we’ ll withdraw. I’ ll go report it to you. It’s hard for you.”
When the team leader left, Colson looked at the bullet holes on the tree trunk and could guess what was going on here.
In addition, a certain range of trees had suffered from concentrated fire or intensive fire.
However, what Colson didn’t know was that the area he was looking at was the area where the mercenary leader ordered the free firing.
At that time, there was a mess, and several rifle shots left the surrounding trees riddled with holes.
After taking pictures of the battlefield, Colson walked out of the forest and came to the road. He first sent the pictures to S.I.E.I. Bureau, and then called Furyan.” Furyan….”


“Fritz, I arrived on the battlefield, but I didn’ t find Eno. There was nothing on the battlefield.”
“Only the weapons and ammunition left behind and the damaged forest battlefield.”
The top office of Divine Shield Bureau.
Frey looked at the pictures of the battlefield on the computer monitor.
The surrounding trees were riddled with holes.
However, there were no corpses or remains.
Not even alive!
Where did they all go!?
It was obvious that all the footprints were there!
And there were at least 30-40 people!
But now, there was not even a shred of broken clothes.
How was this supposed to be investigated?
Where did Eno go?
If he did not appear in a few days.
The boss of the Umbrella Corporation actually disappeared?
Who knew what kind of chaos society would be like that day?
A bunch of people grabbed the medicine with guns.
The pharmaceutical industry’s peers made a big move to snatch the cake.
This Eno had a problem running so far?
Fury’s office was suddenly pushed open.
Agent Hill quickly walked in and said,” The FBI has informed us of the latest news from Eno!”
“He’s flying from Malai’s dumbstruck flight KT1569 to the airport in New York.”
What the hell?
Didn’t they all disappear?
Frey looked at Hill and confirmed,” How many people?”
Hill nodded.” One, only him.”
“Tell Colson to come back first. Leave the rest to them.”
Frey hung up Colson’s phone two times and stood up. He picked up the pistol bag from the drawer and put it on his body.
He picked up another leather jacket and walked out. He said to Hill,” Get ready. Tell them to prepare their vehicles for the airport in New York tomorrow.”
Hill nodded and hugged the document.” What reason?”
“Escort home.”
Ino arrived in New York the next morning.
Sitting on an ordinary flight, he used the ability of poison to change his face slightly, so that no one could recognize him.
As a high school student, he had dropped out of school and headed home to take charge of the company. At the age of 18, he had managed the umbrella to such an extent.
In society, his face was still highly recognizable.
This face was still pretty.
He didn’t have to use his venom ability to put two small pieces on his chin to turn into square faces. Ino probably could n’ t even get on the plane.
His facial features could be blocked by the crowd at the airport.
After several hours of flight.
Eno sat at the window of the flight and watched the scenery outside.
Therefore, as he landed, he naturally saw a few black vehicles parked outside the runway.
Heh, it was time to show his acting skills.
Eno tidied up his clothes and rolled up his sleeves.
As the plane landed on the runway, it slowly stopped. Ino also removed the facial features of the venom.
As the crowd got off the plane.
Eno looked at Fury leading Hill over and said,” Hey Fury, the weather is pretty good today. Your eye mask is still so handsome.”
Frey walked over with a smile and patted Eno’s shoulder.” Let’s go to the coffee shop and have a drink.”
It was a snap.
Halted Egg and Eno went to a cafe outside New York Airport.
When Eno arrived at this cafe.
He knew that this was the information point of Divine Shield Bureau.
Otherwise, there would be no one at this time.
They were probably all evacuated by the people from Divine Shield Bureau.
Entering the cafe.
Frey and Eno chose a seat and sat down.
Her members of the Divine Shield Bureau, including Hill, remained outside.
What are you drinking?”I’ ll treat you today.”
Frey waved his hand, indicating that the coffee he drank today was his.
“Just ice coffee. Don’ t be too bitter. I don’ t like to drink bitter things.”
Eno took out a phone and pressed it.
He was sending Angie a message telling her that he was back.
Frey looked at Eno and asked curiously,” Can I ask who to send it to?”
After texting, Eno placed his phone on the table.
“Oh~!”I know!”Frey had an expression I understood.” Your little girlfriend?”
Ding! Ding!!!
As soon as Frey finished speaking, Eno’s phone rang.
Eno reached out his hand and flipped the phone over.
Angela called.
“I accept the call.”After reminding Frey, Eno answered the call.
“Eno!Where are you?Was he not injured?”I’ ll go pick you up!”
Eno listened to Angela’s urgent voice and smiled warmly. He looked around and said:
“You can just come directly to the cafe at xxx outside New York Airport.”
Angela hung up.
Eno put down his phone again. He looked at her and said,” Now you’ re saying that she’s coming, but she’s probably a girlfriend, not a little girl, because I don’ t have a big girlfriend.”
(I want flowers, I want comments, I want comments, Qiuqiu, you guys)
This book will definitely be written down. I’m satisfied with the results. Everyone, do n’ t worry.*


“Of course she can come.”
Frey spoke while observing Eno.
He looked at Eno wearing loose-fitting auspicious clouds and could not observe his physical condition for the time being.
This was not the loose clothing that Enochi wore.
It was because he had dressed like this for more than ten years.
It was different from the super heroes of Manwei or Mi Country.
He didn’ t like to wear tight clothes……
But he really liked the way Angela was putting on a tight suit at night….
The topic deviated.
At this moment, the S.H.I.E.I. Shield server brought the coffee and placed it in front of Frey and Eno.
Eno picked it up and tasted it.” It tastes good.”
It was neither bitter nor sweet, and it also carried a bit of rich ice coffee.
“Thank you, sir.”
The S.H.I. Shield Server thanked him and left.
Frey took a sip as well, but he was clearly absent-minded.
He finally got to the point and said,” Eno, the information shows that you brought 12 Red Umbrella soldiers to Malai Xiyu, but now….”
“It’s a member of Red Umbrella’s security, not a soldier.”Eno put down the cup and corrected it.
“Then you’ ve brought 12 members of the Red Umbrella’s security to Malai Ximu, but why are you here?”
“I mean, you’ re the only one back now. Where are they?”
Frey avoided the two topics of spaceship crash and forest gunfight.
Instead, he directly explained the most important part.
Why was it only you who came back.
He could only tell by himself.
It was impossible to force Eno to say such a thing.
His Divine Shield Bureau didn’t have the power to protect the umbrella.
Even if Eno was forced to say that, the president on the other side would immediately remove him.
How could you violate the private rights and freedoms of our big tax company boss!(Funny)
That was why it was no problem for Eno to leave.
“En…” Eno raised his head and thought for a moment. He then looked at Brined Egg seriously and said,” They’ re back in the field.”
I believe in you.
Labo complained in his heart.
These elite soldiers are all going to be sent back to the fields. Don’t you want your 12 people’s worth of equipment?
Next time there was a good thing like this, please don’t give it to M Lai Xiya’s government.
Tell me where I’ll go and pick up the trash. Thank you.
Frey looked at the boy in front of him. Ino was helpless.
Compared to a middle-aged man, an old man, or a social person, it was clear that Eno was more difficult to deal with than the previous few.
He could not understand this person’s heart.
Even if you could tell, his face and eyes could be information that lied to you.
There was really no way.
Frey rubbed his forehead with both hands and said helplessly,” We want to know what happened to you over there.”
“If there’s any danger, S.H.I. Shield and Rice might be your strongest shields.”
“Do you understand what I mean?”
Eno nodded and took another sip of ice coffee.” I understand.”
“But that’s the truth. If you don’ t believe me, you can look for it.”
Other than finding the weapons they had used, what else could S.H.I. Shield possibly find?
Even fingerprints were impossible.
They were wearing tactical gloves.
It was impossible for them to have fingerprints.
From that night.
The 12 soldiers of the red umbrella no longer existed.
The human world evaporated.
Hearing this, Little Egg felt even more troubled. He was really helpless, but fortunately, he was doing well with Natasha.
At this moment.
Jumping ~~!!!
The sound of brakes came from the door of the cafe.
Then came the loud closing of doors and the rapid running.
The door to the cafe was opened.
Angela saw Ino as soon as she entered.
She was dressed in white lab clothes and threw herself into Eno’s arms like a swallow.
But what she didn’t know was that Angela’s action narrowed her eyes when she saw Frey. She realized something was wrong.
And Eno obviously knew how excited Angela was.
He was deliberately knocked far away by Angela and “weakly” fell onto the sofa chair in the coffee shop.
Angela pressed down on Eno. When she saw Frey, she knew that her actions almost exposed Eno’s physical fitness.
Fortunately, Eno did well.
Angela stood up and helped Eno up:
“Sorry, I… I’ m too excited.”
“It’s fine.”Ino cooperated and waved his hand.
Looking at the two of them, Frey’s narrowed eyes gradually relaxed, but he still would n’ t give up on this opportunity. He would take a good look at the video later.

Tony Stark disappeared![2]

Eno sat on the sofa again, hugging Angela’s waist with one hand.
At this moment, Agent Hill also walked in and sat opposite Eno.
“Do you have anything else to ask?”
Eno left the last mouthful of coffee to Angela. She picked up Eno’s cup.
Eno continued,” If you don’t, I’ ll go back with Angela and tear it up~!!!….”
Eno had not finished.
After finishing her last sip of coffee, Angela stretched her two fingers to Eno’s waist.
Hill smiled enviously when he saw Eno and Angela.
On the other hand, Halted Egg suffered tons of damage.
“If you don’ t want to say anything, there’s nothing else.”
Frey took the coffee and finished it.
Ding! Ding!!!
Frey’s phone rang.
He picked it up and took a look.
Call from the Intelligence Bureau.
“I’ ll take a call.”
Frey greeted Eno and walked to the side with his phone.
Then he picked up the phone where he thought Eno couldn’t hear him.
Fury!Tony was missing!”Commander Luo Di has reported this incident!”
Frey said in surprise. He immediately felt that his voice was a little loud.
He turned his head to look at Eno and Hill, who were still flirting with each other.
“How did Tony disappear?Wasn’t he protected by a fully armed army?Where was Lieutenant Colonel Luo Di!?”
“It is reported that Lieutenant Colonel Rodi was dumped into another car by Tony, and then Tony made a car and left alone.”
“Xie Te!”
Frey cursed inwardly.
He hung up.
Tony’s father was the founder of the Divine Shield Bureau.
Moreover, his father had left Tony a secret that no one knew until now.
And now, Tony was extremely important.
His weapons were extremely helpful to the army!
Frey put away his phone and walked to Eno’s side.” There’s something else in the bureau. I’ ll go first.”
“A smooth journey, Fred.”
Eno sat on his chair and said goodbye to Frey.
Hill followed Frey as well.
Sitting in the car of Divine Shield Bureau.
Frey said to the co-pilot Hill,” Tony’s missing. We’ ll go back to the bureau to look at the details.”
Hill nodded ably without saying a word.
“Oh right, did Natasha send her to the umbrella headquarters?”
Frey drove and looked at Hill to confirm.
Because of the sudden movement of the protective umbrella and the unknown movements today.
Frey was glad that he had let Natasha carry out the umbrella mission yesterday.
Hill looked at his watch and said,” This morning at 9.15, she just applied for the position of secretary of the Umbrella headquarters, Eno. It was Angela who reviewed it. It’s no problem.”
Frey nodded.” Let Natasha gather as much information as possible. It’s best to find out what Eno is doing today.”
Hill nodded again and sent the mission message to Natasha.
The scene returned to the cafe on Eno’s side.
Angela forced out of this cafe with audio monitoring.
When they reached the car.
Angela finally asked,” Are you not injured?”No… is it alright?”
“Of course not.”Eno stroked the girl in front of him, who was a few years older than him.
She kissed her forehead and said,” I’ m not only fine, I’ ve also gained a lot.”
“But let’s wait until we get to the laboratory.”
Angela nodded and started the engine of the sports car.
A boom rang out.
The two of them headed to the umbrella headquarters in a car.
Dozens of minutes later, Angela drove to her destination.
After getting out of the car, the two of them walked into the hall.
Eno did not bother to look at the hall. He brought Angie into the elevator and prepared to go to the top office.
However, as soon as they entered the elevator, a graceful figure followed in.
She was wearing a leather skirt, a slim jacket, and large red wavy hair.
Lino’s lips were wiped off his face.
But wasn’t this mother Natasha or the black widow?
Why did she come to my company?
It wasn’t like Iron Man 2 had Tony’s big secret.
I am a small pharmaceutical company and a company that sells medical equipment and instruments.
Angela saw Natasha as well as Eno’s expression. She explained,” This is for you today…….”

018. Nata Sha joined the team. Nata Sha was expelled [3]

She explained,” This is the secretary I found for you today. Otherwise, I’ ll always be in the lab and not be a good secretary.”
“Hey, boss.”
Natasha smiled at Eno and raised her hand to greet him.
At this moment, the elevator reached the top floor.
Angela approached the door and walked out first.
Then, Natasha wanted to follow him out.
Eno’s hand was in front of her, and it almost scared Natasha to the point of holding the hand in front of her.
She looked at Eno, who was blocking her path.
He kept smiling and waited for the answer.
At the same time, he thought to himself: You want to sneak me in front of your girlfriend?
“You’ ve been fired. Go to the front desk on the first floor and ask where the finance department is. Then you’ ll leave after receiving unemployment benefits.”
Eno was also very polite and gentlemanly to help her press the elevator button on the 1st floor.
Then, he walked out and pressed the [Locks] button outside.
“Bye bye~”
His actions were completed in one go.
When Natasha was about to stand in the elevator, she was stunned until the elevator opened the door on the first floor.
I’m on board?
I was fired?
So fast?
He walked out of the elevator in a daze.
Natasha was still in disbelief.
I, Natasha, the top agent of S.H.I.E.I. Shield Bureau, failed in one day?
In disbelief, Natasha even broke the ballpoint pen in her hand.
What should we say when we go back?
He walked out of the main door of the umbrella headquarters.
Natasha looked up at the rooftop of the umbrella headquarters.
The entire rooftop was targeted at Eno’s office territory.
Only Eno and Angela could go up.
She could also enter as a secretary.
But now she was expelled.
Natasha walked to the park and sat down.
Then, he took out his secret service phone and checked Eno’s information.
That’s right.
She did not believe in evil.
He was about to find another chance to try.
This kind of mission failure was not allowed in Natasha’s life.
Moreover, the S.H.I.E. Shield Bureau could not reveal her secret service information.
Now, she could not be found anywhere in the country.
There was no reason for Eno to know that she was an agent of the Divine Shield Bureau.
He continued to examine the information carefully.
Eno, male,18 years and 3 months.
He looked at the pictures of Eno from childhood to school and then to the big one.
Natasha didn’t expect a handsome man to be fired like this.
Once again, he read through the information.
Natasha put away her phone impatiently and covered her face with her hands.
This person was actually an iron-clad man.
From day to day, as long as it wasn’t anything, Eno was either in the umbrella building or with Angela.
There were only five motives for all the missions.
Angela was at work with him, Angela was at work with him, Angela was out of work with him, Angela was traveling with him or playing, Angela was traveling with him on company business activities and the last.
In other words, it was the sudden departure of Eno to Missouri and Malai Xiyu.
How did you let me get in touch?
Natasha rubbed her head.
Basically, every time Enoch traveled, Angela would accompany him.
It really was something, secretary…, nothing… secretary.
There was no chance of contact at all!
In the end, Natasha could only call Director Halogen.
“Fury, the mission failed.”
This tone was the same as who owed her a world.
“Natasha?”What’s the details of the incident?”
Natasha looked at her watch and said,” This morning,9.15, I entered the position of secretary to Eno……….”
“That’s all. I’ m fired now.”
“Does the target know my identity?”
Up until now, Natasha began to wonder if Ino had any internal information about Divine Shield.
“Impossible.”Frey refused.” There’s only one paper copy of your information. It’s impossible for you to be stolen, but you didn’ t find it.”
Natasha was silent on this side.
Frey thought for a moment before he said,” Maybe it’s because the target is suspecting it. He directly eliminated the threat. Maybe… charm is also an invisible threat to him.”
Frey said again,” It doesn’ t count as a mission failure. You go and carry out other missions first. We’ ll talk about Eno later. Tony’s life is still unknown.”
Natasha said,” Yes.”
The scene turned to the top office of the Umbrella Building.
Angela looked at Eno’s actions in one go and asked,” She… her ability as a secretary is excellent……”
“Moreover, my figure is very good. If I’ m not feeling well, I mean when I’ m not feeling well, do you know what I mean.”


Eno stretched out his hand and pinched Angela’s cheek. He said softly:
“I still can’ t see her. You’ re the perfect one.”
Angela’s face instantly turned red.
She did not know what to do and covered her cheeks with a document.
“Haha ~~~”
Seeing Angela’s shy appearance, Eno smiled happily and pulled her hand.
“Let’s go to the laboratory first. I have something good to share with you.”
She led Angela into the office and headed to her private laboratory in an elevator unique to the office.
This was the only way to the underground laboratory.
He arrived at the underground laboratory.
Eno turned Angela to the side and looked at her.” Look at my abilities first.”
Poison Transformation!
In the blink of an eye.
The 180cm Inno turned into 230cm venom.
A mask that carried killing intent.
His tall and slender body.
Angela didn’t seem to move at all.
“Aren’ t you surprised?”
“Surprised.”Angela nodded.” But this is because of Enoch, so I don’ t feel afraid or afraid.”
She looked at Angela, who wasn’t scared but came up to point her finger.
Eno turned back helplessly.
But Angela immediately said,” Don’ t be anxious to change back. I haven’ t seen it clearly yet.”
“Then you should study yourself.”
Before Angela could react, Eno’s left hand, Cheng!A sharp blade appeared.
He swung his knife towards his right hand.
He raised his sword and fell.
My King’s power was n’ t right. Ino’s right hand flew up.
Retract the sharp blade.
Broken Leg Rebirth!]
Ino’s severed right hand instantly returned to its original state and grabbed the flying limbs.
Then Eno pressed his right hand on Angela’s arm.
[Sub Venom]
I know the poison points that ability gives people!This was a weakened version!It could be understood as a control that could be used!There was a detailed explanation of the hive’s consciousness in Chapter 28.)
(In the future, you won’t give it to anyone. In the full text of this book, you can give it to a few people at most. As for who, you know who Angela is.)
Swish, in an instant.
Angela’s body also briefly surged with dumb black venom.
Then, he disappeared.
It seemed that her body was unexpectedly matched.
“What is this?”
Angela was a little excited as she clenched her fist and felt the power at this moment.” You have the same ability as you?”
“That’s right. You can customize your body shape. You can even wear whatever you want.”
“I can say goodbye to my clothes in the future. Which one you want to wear and which one you want to wear.”
This might be the ability that many girls like most, right?
What to wear.
Looking at Angela’s graceful figure, Eno thought to himself, his entire body turned black.
In an instant.
Eno was enjoying himself in the underground laboratory.
This… was awesome.
Ino could directly control Angela’s venom.
“You!”Come back!”
Angela suddenly felt a sense of restraint on her body and immediately changed her Venom Garment back.
“Joking. Joking.”
Eno waved at Angela.
Angela would only wear it for herself.
He definitely wouldn’t wear it out.
“Then, you have to design a suit that you like to wear.”
“I’ ve already designed it.”
“Hmm?So fast?”Let me see.”
Angela was not in a hurry. She walked to the original table.
He picked up Eno’s wings and the blueprints of the War God and other equipment.
Then he merged it.
In the end, she pulled out a new drawing she had drawn for Eno.
Eno took it and took a look.
Equipment: Female War God Angel
It could be seen that besides the protective clothing, there was also a battle dress to prevent flying attacks.
It carried a few strands of fluff and had a skeleton armor on its back.
There seemed to be some equipment not installed.
Angela changed into the equipment on the blueprint and walked over.
She turned around in front of Eno and asked,” How is it?”The reserved position is for wings.”
“It’s a pity that we haven’ t developed a biological technology wing yet.”
“But my biological nanotechnology has already made a breakthrough.”
“If we add your ability as a poison sub liquid, we just need to use biological energy to fly.”
“There’s no need for any other energy, as long as the creature’s own biological energy.”
Bioenergy is the normal energy in a creature’s body. You can understand it as the physical strength of each creature.
Yes, it was physical strength.
He could fly with strength, but he couldn’t even walk without strength.
This kind of energy was difficult to express in terms of data.
But for creatures with strong physical fitness, biological energy was the strongest source of energy.

020. Gu Yi’s guest invitation [5]

“It’s pretty.”
Eno pinched his chin and admired Angela.
What do you want, Natasha? Black Widow.
Was Angela not fragrant?
He didn’t like the role of Natasha when he looked at Marvel.
First was Banna, then the United States team, then Eagle Eye.
No matter how beautiful the girl, Eno, only liked to belong to her.
Appearance was not the only choice for a person.
Angela was no longer in charge of Eno.
In the laboratory, she used her poison ability to separate a little bit of poison.
Then, he began his research.
She wanted her nano biological engineering and poison transformation to merge perfectly.
In the future, the compatibility of Venom Battle Clothes would be stronger.
“Then you study first, I’ ll go up first.”
Looking at Angela who was focused on her research, Eno turned around and walked towards the elevator, returning to the office on the top floor.
He sat on the seat in the office.
He looked at the desk in front of him and thought.
When he came back, he heard about Tony’s disappearance from Halted Egg.
In other words, Tony had already entered that cave.
They probably had to go in for a while.
Now that the people from the Divine Shield Bureau and the FBA were looking for him, A Fuhan was going to be in a mess.
In the office on the top floor of the headquarters.
Eno sat in a chair.
A two meter tall golden halo suddenly appeared on the right.
There were still sparks around the aperture.
Through the golden aperture.
Eno could see a space similar to a Taoist temple.
Without a doubt, Eno knew.
This was Gu Yi’s magic portal. She was inviting Eno as a guest.
But why did Gu Yi invite Ino for nothing?
She looked at Agomoto?
Eno stood up and naturally walked into the teleportation portal.
In an instant, Eno disappeared from the office.
In the blink of an eye, they arrived at Gu Yi’s “Magic Academy “.
Standing in Gu Yi’s temple.
At this moment, Gu Yi was sitting on a prayer mat, wearing normal white clothes.
She looked a little old but also a little young.
In front of her, there was the eye of Agomoto.
“You seem to know a lot. I can feel you know many stories from your eyes.”
Seeing that Eno had arrived calmly, some of them praised him.
But Eno knew the latest news.
You look like this.
He knew a lot.
It was you.
It meant Gu Tong did not know anything about Eno.
Eno smiled and sat down on a futon.” Maybe. I’ ve been dreaming lately, and there are all kinds of dreams.”
You played charades.
Then I also played charades.
Gu Yi smiled and tried to advise Eno.” Do you want to try the realm of the soul?”I’ ll give it a try.”
The person who visited Gu Yi.
Or those who were practicing magic by Gu Yixin would be exposed to Gu Yixin’s “Soul Out of the Aperture “.
This seemed to be of some use.
Eno did not like this.
“The level of spirit and soul is useless to me, even if it’s a spirit gem.”Eno said,” And I don’ t like being unable to control my own feelings.”
“You know infinite gems.”
At this point, Gu Yi finally found out what was useful to him.
“Right.”Ino was certain that Agomoto’s eyes were pointing at Gu Yi.” Such as this.”
Ino’s demand for infinite gems could be said to be modest.
But one of them was urgently needed by Eno.
That was the Cosmic Rubik’s Cube, which was also a Space Gem.
It carried a huge and almost infinite amount of energy.
The devouring gene system needed this infinite energy.
Even though the other infinite gemstones also had enormous energy, the energy of the space gemstones, Eno, was probably the largest.
(The setting of infinite gems is very complicated. Let’s set it like this first, although it seems to be infinite energy)
Gu Yi looked at the time gem in front of him, then looked at Eno and finally said:
“In the long river of time in the future, your figure has never existed, but you have always existed.”
“No matter what, you are in the future, but I can’ t see you. Why?”
I see.
Ino finally understood why Gu Yi had invited him over.
Because he didn’ t understand.
He could not understand why Eno had been living in the river of time in the future, but he could not see him clearly.
Ino was not in a hurry to answer Gu Yi. Instead, he asked,” What else did you see.”
Gu Yi replied seriously,” I can see everything except you.”
Ino nodded, expressing his understanding.
Gu Yi only knew the future of others, but Gu Yi could not say anything.
This was one of the laws of foreknowledge. It would be changed if it was said.
Until then, Eno patted his body and stood up.” Maybe I’ m just a different person, but I’ ll do my own thing well. Send me home now. Don’ t tell me you’ re not going back.”


Gu Yi pursed his lips and smiled. She got the answer she wanted.
Then, he opened a teleportation portal for Eno. The other end of the portal was the office that Eno had just left.
Eno stepped inside, but the moment the portal closed, he said:
“Doctor Strange is still working here. If you have any problems in the future, maybe you can find me.”
The teleportation door closed.
On the other side of the teleportation portal, Gu Yi’s eyes widened, but he did n’ t do anything exciting.
Ino’s words just now made clear what Gu Yi said when the Fourth Banner of the Reunion returned: You’ ve been here for five years already.
I knew it.
Eno returned to his office and poured a cup of milk tea from the automatic brewer. Then, he sat down on his chair and flipped through the news today.
Hot spot today:
Tony Stark is missing!Where did he go?
Stark’s stock industry was in a violent turmoil!It seemed that most of the capitalists had entered the arena!
It was a pity for the genius Stark. He counted the sins and charity of his life.
He saw Tony Stark’s overwhelming information.
Eno knew that everyone knew about his disappearance.
However, in a few days, he would be back safely with the small ark reactor and Mark Armor technology.
Ding Ling Ling ~~~
At this moment, Eno’s phone on his desk rang.
He took a look.
Aldrezi Gillian
If you are not familiar with this name.
He was the founder of AIM’s biological research organization, which had recently been in flames.
If you were not familiar with this organization.
He was the person behind the scenes of Iron Man 3’s Impassable Virus.
It was the person behind Lord Man.
He met Tony when he was 5 to 6 years old in Bern in Switzerland.
He brought Science and Technology to look for Tony to work with, but Tony played around all day.
Tony treated him as a madman.
In the end, he really became a madman.
Thinking of this, Eno answered the phone,” What’s the matter?”
Eno did not want to have anything to do with him.
And now, their desperate virus technology wasn’t perfect. It was n’ t the desperate virus that Ino wanted right now.
That was why they had to spend some more time and then slaughter them. That was to say, they had to raise more fat.
“Eno, you’re the boss of the umbrella. We’ re also considered our peers. Now that we’ re almost done with our technology, how about it?”Do you want to join us?”
Was this comparison not awake?
The leading medical company, the unicorn umbrella company in the industry, wanted to join others?
Just a little bit of achievement in the industry started to expand?
No wonder Tony looked down on him 10 years ago.
“I hope you don’ t bother me anymore. Perhaps you’ ve recently released a few good potions in the society, but you haven’ t reached the point where the protective umbrella thinks highly of you.”
To be honest.
If not for the industry gathering organized by the government.
Eno wouldn’t even leave his phone number.
However, Kirian hurriedly said,” No, no, no, the recovery potion I took out in the industry is just a little bit of our technology.”
“You absolutely can’ t imagine our true biotechnology.”
“How perfect it is, how beautiful it is. It is the crystallization of human intelligence, the key to human evolution.”
“If you can join us, you will know how great it is.”
Kirian was bragging about his strength and skills.
He didn’t know that Eno was so annoyed.
Eno directly pointed out,” You can do your own bio-technology. There’s no need for an umbrella.”
It wasn’t as if Eno did n’ t know what that desperate virus was.
After he swallowed it.
It could be improved, but it was definitely not used that way.
“Then wait!We had a brand new person to join!You must not know who she is!With her!”Our technology will be even more beautiful!”
Kirian gritted his teeth and squeezed out these words.
It was unknown if Eno had poked his pain.
Tony was being despised, and Eno was being despised.
What a pity.
“Who is it?”You’ re so excited?”
Mo Yi!………..”
Du ~~~ Du~ Du~ Du~
After teasing him, Kirian immediately hung up. This was stupid.
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But who was Mo Yi?
It could make Kirian so highly respected.
However, he didn’t care about this first. He would only talk about pulling Kirian’s phone back.
Ino’s phone refused to accept a call from a stranger, so it was fine if it was black.
Just like that, a few days passed quietly.
The Intermediate Protection Umbrella Corporation also launched a press conference on the healing spray.
99 USD 1 bottle 150 ml.
It had the functions of sterilization, cleaning, activating surrounding cells, and promoting tissue repair.
All the wounds that didn’t need stitches were covered with this healing spray.
There was no need for additional means.
The moment this press conference was announced, it immediately caused a huge commotion in the society.
The Umbrella Corporation’s healing spray orders were sold out hundreds of millions of bottles!
And this was a batch of orders.
Not to mention that the healing spray was a consumable item.
This time, just the first batch of orders brought tens of billions of dollars to the Umbrella Corporation.
He directly crushed the recovery potion that AIM had released a few months ago.
However, this was not the main point.
Wait until Angela had a little bit of penetration into the venom.
He then sorted out some of the technical information and sent it to the bottom experimental base in L.S.A.
He believed that the bionic limb technique would be realized soon.
At that time, it was called the gospel of disabled people.
The healing spray was just a small thing.
A few days later.
Ino unexpectedly received a message.
Tony Stark personally invited him to his house as a guest. Pepper also wanted to meet Angela.
As for Tony, he had just gotten off the transport plane and was also going to his home in Marbury, Los Angeles.
Was he inviting him as soon as he came back?
Didn’t they go directly to the Stark Building and declare the weapons manufacturing department closed?
Ino replied in a short message: Yes, wait a few hours.
Tony immediately replied: ok.
New York was quite far from Los Angeles. It would take a few hours for Inno to make a private plane.
But let’s call Angela first.
Eno called the underground laboratory.
“Angela, Tony has been found. He invited me to his house as a guest. Pepper also wants to see you. Do you have time to go.”
Shortly after, the phone answered,” Okay, I’ ll be right there.”
Angela was simple and straightforward. She wore a white lab coat and took the elevator.
Then her clothes turned into everyday clothes.
Yes, the ability to poison [duplicate clothes]
Leave the Umbrella Building.
Angie pulled out his car and headed to the private airport.
On the way, she drove and asked,” Tony disappeared a few days ago. Why did he invite you as a guest when he was found today.”
Eno was quite curious about this question.
His relationship with Tony was not bad.
But it was far from very good.
But why was the first thing that Tony came back looking for him?
Eno replied,” I’ m not sure. Maybe there’s something to talk about.”
He then arrived at the airport.
Take a private plane.
Marbury arrived in Los Angeles a few hours later.
Then he drove to the home address Tony gave him.
His luxurious villa covered thousands of square meters, facing the sea and the grassland.
Coming to Tony’s mansion,
“Mr. Eno, Angela Ziegler, identity confirmation, you can enter.”
Through Jarvis’ identification.
The two of them entered Tony’s mansion.
Tony, who received the news from Housekeeper Jarvis, walked to the door and hugged Eno.
He hung his helper and hung the other end at his neck.
Through his T-shirt, Eno could see the glowing Ark Reaction Furnace on his chest.
After a slight hug, Tony loosened his grip and said,” As you can see, my hand was slightly injured.”
“I think your injuries might be a little bigger.”Eno pointed at the center of Tony’s chest.
“No, it’s not my wound.”Tony led Eno to the living room as he walked.” It’s part of me, my organ.”
Pepper seemed to know what Tony was going to talk about and dragged Angela to the kitchen to do something.
Eno sat on the sofa in Tony’s living room.
“Can you drink?” Tony asked as he was preparing drinks on the wine cart.”You haven’ t been drunk yet.”
Eno looked at the wine with one hand, used the corner of the table and gritted his teeth to finally open the bottle, Tony said:
“I’ ve drunk quite a bit, but I’ m not drunk yet. Why don’ t you open that bottle of wine and let’s try it?”
Tony looked in the direction of Eno’s finger. On the wine cart was the water of life of the Giant Bear Country. He decisively lifted the whisky in his hand.” Drink this today.”
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Seeing Tony pour the wine, Eno stood up and walked over to pick up a cup.
He casually brought over the bottle and sat down on the sofa with Tony.
Eno took a sip and said,” Why are you so anxious to call me over.”
“I like your straightforward personality.”Tony held the wine glass and held out his index finger to show Eno a moment before saying:
“I don’ t want to be an industry that produces and sells weapons.”
He took a sip of the wine.
Sure enough.
Eno knew.
At this moment, Tony realized that even if he were to act as a charity, he would not be able to avoid his fundamental principle of selling weapons to harm others.
Even if he sold weapons and acted as a charity, he believed that as long as the weapons were not sold to bad people, it would be fine.
But the truth was, this egg was useless.
“Then what are you going to do?Selling toy guns?”Is it a serial cartoon?”
Tony, um… thought for a while and said,” We’ ll talk about it after we close the weapons manufacturing department.”
After saying that, he hobbled his right hand and turned to the side with difficulty.” Seriously,” he looked at Eno and said,” Why don’ t I go to the medical industry as well?”
“Haha~ I’ m just joking. I don’ t want to cross the industry to take a new path.”
“But I’ ll thank you for your medicine first.”
“My medicine?”Eno looked at Tony who had just finished joking.” Kidney toning pill?”
“Oh, don’ t say that.”
Tony put the glass in his left hand on the table, then took out an empty box of pills from his left pocket and threw it on the table.
Eno looked over.
Didn’t Eno only provide this to the military?Tony did?
“Luo Di gave it to me earlier. I casually stuffed it into my pants. It really helped me a lot when I was locked in a cave.”
Tony picked up his glass and drank his whisky again.
“They didn’t search your body?”This medicine will be left to you?”Eno looked at Tony and questioned.
Would those terrorists leave it to him?
Waiting for a flip?
“……”…” Hearing Eno’s words, Tony stopped drinking.” I’ m hiding in my crotch.”
Ino’s actions of drinking were spouted.
“OK, OK, I knew you were going to laugh. You little brat, you can’ t even bear with your lordship.”
Tony drank his whisky gloomily. He knew that Eno wanted to laugh.
Eno looked at the core of the ark on Tony’s chest.
Tony could take this out.
And now, medical surgery could be carried out without risk.
Not to mention that the energy of warframe had to use this on Tony’s chest.
The war machine he gave Lieutenant Colonel Luo Di had put the small ark on the armor.
He… just found the “other half” of his life.
Looking at Tony, Eno tried to ask,” Do you need an operation at the umbrella headquarters hospital?”There’s basically no risk.”
“No, no, no.”Tony replied,” I believe I can solve it.”
This was Tony.
He would rather be poisoned to death by palladium than take the initiative to take off the problem on his chest.
Either solve it or die.
This was a very iron man.
After looking at Iron Man 3, you must be very deep in one sentence. You can’t even understand this level of meaning. That is the sentence:
So let me make a summary of this matter. Then I would say that my armor was never a hobby or an excuse to escape. It was a cocoon that was waiting for emergence, and now, I had broken through.
You can take away my house, my toys and so-called tricks, but there is one thing that will never change—I am the Iron Man.
Tony treated the ark core or Iron Man as part of himself.
If you want to take it out.
It was taking out Tony’s organs.
That was why Tony Palladium was poisoned and did not choose to take out the core of the ark.
He could not use the energy in his chest.
Another core of the ark was designed to supply energy for the armor.
But he did not.
It was because of this.
Eno looked at Tony who refused to be firm. He had expected this too.
“Alright, if there’s a chance, the Umbrella Hospital will not reject the cost of the operation and the name of the hospital that saved Tony Stark on the news.”
If he had money, he wouldn’t make a living.
Tony nodded. His eyes gradually deepened as he looked at the glass.” Don’ t you ask why I insist on closing the Stark Weapons Manufacturing Department?”

Tony [3]

Eno held the glass and raised his hand to indicate.
Tony slowly said,” In the past, I thought that it doesn’ t matter how I develop and sell weapons.”
“I just need to make sure that the weapons are not sold to the bad guys.”
“But now, I find that I’ m wrong.”
Tony took a sip of wine and continued:
“In Afghanistan, I saw my weapons sold to those terrorists.”
“But I promise, I’ ve never approved those orders, but so what?”
At this moment, Ino interjected,” You still indirectly killed countless good or innocent or normal people.”
Tony nodded heavily:
“So this time, I got a bad result. I was injured by a weapon I developed.”
“That’s why I want to close the weapons manufacturing department of Stark’s industry. Even if the stock falls, it’s not important.”
Eno knew that Tony was determined to lock up the weapons manufacturing department.
This time, Tony knew that the weapon was still in his hands.
The only person in the world that could trust him was himself.
When he thought of this, Eno reminded him,” Then you still need to keep some antique from Stark.”
“The money in their pockets is because the words you’ re going to say next at least won’ t stop.”
“And you don’ t plan on developing weapons anymore. Guess what they will do to you?”
It was useless and there was hatred.
Of course.
For short, wipe your neck.
And Tony still had more technology.
It was inevitable that they would use more threatening methods to force Tony to hand over the technology.
It was not impossible.
Otherwise, how could Eno be intercepted by Ma Lai Xi’s dumb mercenary?
If they were to find a chance, they would do it.
It was too normal.
But Tony obviously didn’t care. He pulled out his T-shirt and showed Eno his ark core, saying:
“I’ m not afraid. I have this, and I’ m cute.”
“They injured me and not only did they not knock me down, they also let me know what I should do and what I should do.”
Having said that, he watched Tony pull down his T-shirt.
Eno raised his glass to celebrate in front of Tony.” Then congratulations on finding your way to life in advance.”
Tony and Eno bumped into each other.” This feeling is very good. I don’ t regret it.”
“My god!How much did you drink with Eno!?”
At this moment, Pepper brought Angie over.
She looked at the empty bottle on the table in surprise.
The whole bottle was finished by the two of them.
If Tony were to drink alone, Pepper would not mind.
However, this was a drink with Eno. Pepper was unwilling.
She was always treating Eno, who had dropped out of school and headed home to take charge of the company… Er… youth?They were extremely protective.
“I’ ve already said I’ m an adult.”Ino said helplessly to Pepper.
“But he’ ll have a press conference later, and he’ ll go over with his alcoholism and drunkenness?”
Pepper spread out her hands and looked at Tony helplessly.
“That’s not bad. Just go like this.”
Tony raised his glass and agreed with Pepper’s “idea “.
“Oh~~~!!!”Pepper held her forehead.
If she hadn’t seen Tony’s crippled hand look like a cripple.
She was about to argue with him.
“So you should hurry up as you are now. The reporters are still waiting for you.”
“OK, OK, I’ ll go now.”
Tony finished his last sip of wine.
“Then Angela and I are back.”Eno also stood up and patted Toni on the shoulder:
“I’ m waiting for you to speak” low profile “at the press conference.”
Tony gave a thumbs up.” Of course, I’ m very “low-key “.”
He walked out of Tony’s luxurious villa.
Eno took Angela and left first.
Tony himself had to let Pepper drive him to the private airport and fly to New York.
After returning to the car, Angie pulled the car away and headed for the airport.
Eno asked,” What did you talk to Pepper about? Why do I feel like she’s a little depressed.”
Angela heard Eno’s words and smiled,” Let’s talk about the bosses we serve.”
“But it’s obvious that after a comparison, she really wants to follow you after a few decades of age.”
“So you guys came together to talk about this……”
It could be said that no wonder women were like this.
Eno thought that they had gathered together to talk about company management, job and technical exchanges.


Angela:” Why is Tony so anxious to find you this time?”
“Hmm…” Eno concluded slightly,” I’ ll be grateful.”
To be honest.
Tony’s action.
Ino learned how this living genius was playing with his life.
“That’s right.”Eno suddenly said,” Did you finally see the LED on Tony’s chest?”
Angie pulled the car away and nodded.” I happen to wonder what he is.”
“The concentrated arc reactor, called the Ark Reaction Furnace, has an energy output of 3 billion joules per second.”
“Is that the condensed version of his Stark Building?”
“That’s right.”
Tony’s current generation was only a preliminary version, and there was no palladium battery.
This was just an ark reactor made of 1.6 grams of palladium.
But if you asked Eno if he wanted it.
Eno could tell you the truth.
It was normal.
It was far less powerful than Eno’s ability to control the planet.
If Inno could grasp a bit of the planet.
The daily energy and solar energy released by the world could be collected into energy particles and stored in the Earth Core.
Compared to these massive energies, the Ark’s reaction furnace was a small shaman.
At this moment.
Angela turned to look at Eno and said,” You don’ t seem to be interested in the Ark Reaction Furnace.”
“More or less.”Eno nodded.” In a while, I will be better than that.”
Particle storage, quantum transmission.
This had already crushed all the known technologies.
Quantum transmission.
There was no distance between the proximity transmission and there was no consumption of the proximity transmission. Moreover, the transmission time was close to zero.
However, this method could only transfer his system and ability.
Daily consumption was not enough.
But didn’t it seem like the daily consumption was already: anti-aircraft guns, mosquitoes, and small materials.
After a few hours of private flight, the two of them returned home.
Sitting on the sofa, Angela and Eno snuggled together, watching TV together.
But he still hadn’t waited for the shower.
Angela suddenly took out a tablet and took out a 3D modeling and several drawings for Eno.
Eno took it.
This is……
Eno looked at Angela.” The wings have been designed?”
Angela was holding a touch screen pen and turning on her slender fingers.” Anyway, it’s all creatures that can supply energy. I just need to design the best ejection direction and beauty.”
Eno carefully looked at the drawings and modeling in his hand.
The tail of the wings was connected to the position of the scapula.
The 180 degree semi-circular universal joint from the back could be rotated.
Among the two wings, the wings were five light calves.
This was what Angela said about the direction in which creatures could erupt?
Eno extended his hand to Angela.” Touch the screen pen.”
Angila put the pen in his hand with a bad premonition as she looked at Eno, who was very concerned.
He held a pen.
Eno first cancelled the wings, leaving only the skeleton.
Because this skeleton structure was already the most reasonable, Angela’s design was fine.
But there was a problem with moving and turning creatures that could emit light calves.
Instead, each wing carried five light calves.
Then why not change into the wings of light?
The thousands of light wings on a pair of wings could flexibly adjust the direction of the energy eruption.
If it was only 10, it would be easier to control.
But he wasn’t flexible.
Shua shua shua.
Eno was flying on the tablet with a pen.
Angela looked at the increasingly perfect wings and did not want to.
I’ve worked hard for so long, but when you came up to take a look, you gradually improved.
It was too infuriating.
In a short while, Eno drew a pair of wings made of light wings according to Angela’s wing skeleton.
But it could also be understood as wings of light wings.
This was because the wings were also like light calves.
It only increased the number of ten to several thousand.
And it was much more beautiful.
“Here.”Eno handed over the modeling and drawings on the tablet to Angela.” Quickly change them and show them to me. Although the creatures in your body can only glide and not fly.”
Angela used her hand to light a tablet and flipped through the wings to model.
“How could it be so fast? You have to let me understand the details and principles. Otherwise, how would it change?”Go take a bath first.”
That was right.
Eno nodded. He took off his loose jacket and walked to the bathroom with his strong upper body. However, behind Eno, Angela looked at him with a “mysterious” smile.


Some people asked how many more people were writing about the Watchdog. I only know how to write reasonable characters. I don’t have to worry about not understanding them, and I do n’ t write too many. The others are just tools!)
In the bathtub.
Ino’s head was on the cushion of the bathtub, thinking about the genetic system.
If he had to wait for him to get the Cosmic Rubik’s Cube Charging System.
Then it’s time for the Monkey King?
But what if he was overzealous now?
Not to mention strengthening the God of Heaven geno points, the amount of poison transformation could be strengthened was how much.
Thinking about it, it would be better to go to Tony’s place in a few days to order a large ark reactor.
Because it was just to recharge the System.
Eno did not need the concentrated Ark Reaction Furnace.
Just need a large one and then provide the fusion element.
Although it was more expensive.
But it was also acceptable.
The saying that the poor relied on mutation and the rich relied on technology was bullshit in Eno.
He was a biological technology.
He ate evolution and technology.
He even burned money.
Ka Chi~~!!~
At this moment.
The glass door of the bathroom was suddenly opened.
Angela walked in with a bath towel.
Eno lay in the bathtub, his hands hanging on both sides of the bathtub fence.” What?”You’ re not convinced now that you’ ve been hit by design?”
“Don’ t blame me for not reminding you. You’ re even beaten up in this respect~”
Angela’s face turned grim.” How would I know if I don’ t try!”
The result was no result.
There was no need to say that.
Angela was carried back to the bed by Eno to cover herself.
This little girl was dead asleep.
After returning to the kitchen, Eno took out a bottle of Life Water from the wine car.
On the balcony that returned to the bedroom, with her back to Angela, she sat on the sofa on the balcony on the second floor, watching the canal and the Statue of Liberty in the distance.
He took a deep breath.
“Hmm… although it’s a bit spicy, it still doesn’ t have much effect.”
Looking at the bottle in his hand, if it wasn’ t for the 96 degrees written on it, he had just opened it.
Eno suspected that it was fake.
After the system was strengthened, all these things had no effect on him.
He Dinghong didn’t have any effect on Ino, even if he was poisoned with dichlorvos.
The next day.
As soon as he woke up, Eno picked up his phone, and even the news that Tony had shut down Stark’s weapons manufacturing department was overwhelming.
And the shares of Stark Industrial fell by 50%.
This was for Eno to see.
If not for knowing him.
He had to empty Stark’s hands.
He picked up his phone and Eno called Tony.
But what was interesting was that Tony did not get up.
This was from Pepper.
“Hello, Mr. Eno. Tony is still sleeping. Do you need me to wake him up?”
“That’s it. Call me when he wakes up.”
After three or two calls.
Ino had forgotten that Tony, who was sleeping in, flew up.
It could also be that Eno woke up early. It was only 7-8 am.
But then, Eno felt a small hand slide around his belly.
Turning her head, Angela was still half asleep.
His legs were still on his body.
This was true.
The unconscious could still be like this.
After touching Angela’s small hand for a while, she gradually woke up.
He opened his eyes and saw that Eno was looking at him.
Angela closed her eyes and leaned forward, wanting to be calm.
“You didn’ t brush your teeth. Don’ t hold me steady.”
Her long and powerful hand covered her face.
After fusing with the poison, his body will be transformed!No!Yes!Fouling!Gou!”Alright!”
Angela rolled over and sat on Eno’s body, her hands hammering his chest:
“You’re framing me!”I still don’ t think you didn’ t brush your teeth~!”
“Alright, alright.”Eno could only comfort her by grabbing her hands.” I don’ t think we can abandon it.”
Angela:” Then come again.”
“Then why don’ t we brush our teeth together?”
It ended the morning drama.
Angela and Eno washed up and headed to the umbrella headquarters.
On the way, Eno told Angela about finding Tony to build a large underground ark reactor.
Angela asked,” Where are you going to use this?”We don’ t need that much energy.”
“I want it, not the umbrella.”Eno pointed at himself and said:
“My genetic evolution requires a huge amount of energy. It’s beyond the imagination of Blue Star.”
“No wonder.”Angela continued driving,” Your genes are so powerful that they’ re shocking. Anyway, I’ ve never seen them before. They don’ t even dare to shoot sci-fi movies like this.”


“Then how’s your research going?”
“I can’ t do an in-depth study, but I’ ve also benefited greatly.”
That was why Eno was studying his genes.
That was the firewall and the difficulty of studying.
Not to mention the firewall, just the difficulty of research in this universe, no one could complete it.
Otherwise, the God of Heaven gene would have been copied long ago.
Is he still using so many alien monsters to have children to help him control the planet?
In the end, only Viscount carried half of his geno points.
As they spoke, the two of them arrived at the industrial park of the umbrella headquarters building.
Taking the elevator to the top office, Eno took out the computer software modeling drawings from his chair.
Eno asked while drawing,” You can study the characteristics of the poison first. It’ ll be useful in the future.”
“It has a lot of problems in repair and extensibility. It’s not as difficult as its previous genes.”
Angela stood next to Ino and nodded, taking her tablet and memorizing these things.
“Then what’s the name of your previous geno project?”
“En…” Eno thought for a moment, but still used his original name:” It’s called the Heavenly God Gene Project.”
Angela also felt that it was very suitable. She called the previous geno points the God of Heaven.
Eno continued,” Let’s not talk about the ability of the venom amputated limbs to regenerate. You’ ve seen it before, but I’ ll sort out the extended topic and throw it to the Los Angeles Experimental Base to make them biomimetic limbs.”
“Bio-mechanical bionic hands, feet, fingers, toes, and so on, let them study them.”
“After this technology is realized, you can add your nanotechnology to your new technology.”
As for why they had to use biological mechanical bionic limbs.
Because now, it was impossible for him to simply regenerate his broken limbs.
And Angela’s greatest strength was in nanobiology.
Make a perfect limb, then let Angela’s technique merge with it.
There must be a new type of cutting-edge technology.
This technology was not only for artificial limbs, but also for artificial human bodies in the future.
But if you said that it was against human morality.
Eh……There was nothing to say.
When you lose your organs, I’ll see if you want artificial organs.
Disabled, do you want artificial limbs?
Angela nodded and recorded this on the tablet.
In the protective umbrella, there was no need to worry about the network leak.
The internal local area network and the main equipment were disconnected only with data cables.
No matter how powerful your network technology is, you have no use without it.
No matter how powerful a hacker was, he was afraid of a global power outage.
Angela asked curiously as she looked at Eno while she was painting a blueprint on her computer.” What are you doing?”
“Redesign.”Eno spoke, but he did not stop.” Since the wings of light were confirmed last night.”
“Then at least I have to look suitable for my poison transformation, right?”
“A dumb black muscle form combined with the wings of the wings is too ugly.”
Angela looked at Eno’s redesigned appearance and nodded.” Then I’ ll go to the laboratory first.”
Angela carried her tablet to the elevator beside the bookcase and went down to the underground laboratory.
Ino, who was still drawing a picture in the office, the phone on his desk rang.
Ding Ling Ling~~!!
He picked it up and took a look.
Tony Stark.
He answered.
“Huo ah~” As soon as the call was answered, Tony first called Hatch and said,” I heard Pepper say you have something to do with me this morning. Sorry, I just woke up.”
Eno turned on the hands-free phone, placed it on the table, and continued to draw the picture:
“I’ ll give you a business when I see your stock. I’ ll build a giant arc reactor next to the Umbrella Building.”
“Okay, okay, I suspect you’ re spying on me. Of course, this is a joke.”
“What do you mean?”
“Last night, I just made a new breakthrough in this giant ark reactor.”
“Isn’ t that just right?”Eno said,” Just build the latest one. How much is it? I’ ll remit it to you.”
No!No!”No!”Tony suddenly said in a loud voice,” Your medicine has helped me a lot. This is even my return, okay?”
“How much is my medicine.”Eno said angrily,” Are you giving me a copy of Wanli?”
“If you don’ t accept it, then I won’ t accept this order. Stark also rejected this order.”Tony’s tone was firm, serious and unhesitating.

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All right, this was very consistent with Tony’s personality.
If there was kindness, there was revenge.
“Alright, no problem.”Eno sat on his chair and stretched.” You don’ t lack much money anyway, even if the stock in Stark’s weapons manufacturing department falls.”
The Weapon Manufacturing Department was only part of Stark’s industry, and it was also the largest part.
But since the Earthly Landlord was sending money.
Then what he did not want was an idiot.
“OK.”Tony said happily,” Today, I’ ll let someone go. I still have something to do. I’ ll hang up first.”
Hang up.
Eno also finished painting his new model.
Compared to the previous appearance.
This new appearance didn’t look like it was an alien creature.
Instead, it was like the coexistence of biology and technology.
Seibopunk, Future Technology and the combination of armor.
Eno added the wing model to this body model.
It was more like this.
But it was even more perfect.
Eno flipped through the modeling and drawings on the computer.
In the end, it was confirmed that this was the case.
He pulled out a small board from his desk.
There was a row of buttons on it.
Eno pressed down on two of them.
The transparent curtains of the large office in the south and north automatically closed.
Then, the lights in the office also lit up.
Eno stood up and walked to a slightly empty place.
[Venom Transformation]
In the blink of an eye.
Ino’s height was once again raised to 230 cm.
He walked to the French window and looked at his new body.
The mute black was changed into a “low profile” appearance with silver as the main gold thread.
Without the muscular appearance of the venom.
It was like a normal person wearing a brilliant suit of armor.
Eno nodded in satisfaction, and his shoulder blade moved again.
[Light Wings] unfolded.
God descended to the mortal realm?
Eno pinched his own.
It was too perfect.
In terms of the aesthetic sense of the super hero of China.
Even if he did something bad, there was still a bunch of loyal fans.
As long as he looked good, San Guan followed his facial features.
Cancel the transformation.
[Gene Devour System]
[New Venom Ability: Light Wings]
Eno took a closer look at the System.
The ability developed was actually recorded in the system.
That meant that.
Angela could also use it?
Ino, who had already cancelled his transformation, walked to the office table and pressed the control board to open the curtains again.
Then, she called Angela and said,” You can use the Light Wings in the Venom Transformation ability.”
“I haven’t finished my research yet!”Why can I use it directly?”
Ino smiled in the office.” This should be the mother nest effect. As long as I give you permission to inherit your ability, then your poison can learn to inherit.”
“But you still have to understand it thoroughly. Otherwise, it won’ t work.”
“Okay, I know.”Angela hung up happily.
[Gene Devour System]
[New Venom Ability: Mother Nest Effect, Mother Nest Consciousness]
So it was like this.
Eno completely understood.
Among the abilities recorded by the System, he had to understand and have a complete set.
Let’s take a look at the details of our abilities.
[Mother’s Nest Consciousness: Any existence produced by you will give priority to you at any level]
[Mother’s Nest Effect: Sub-owners have perfect links, but this requires permission]
It seemed to be right.
This was Eno’s understanding.
That night, Tony’s construction team arrived at the planned construction scope and standard of the Umbrella Industrial Park.
However, due to the underground laboratory under the umbrella building.
Eno asked them to be next to him, which could be said to be the vice downstairs of the link.
Then, the guardrail was pulled up.
It was less than a few days.
This giant ark reactor was built.
The size of its reaction furnace was almost 10 meters in diameter.
In terms of productivity, it depends on how many fusion elements you need to add to it.
For example, Tony’s palladium element.
It was an indispensable core material in the fields of aerospace, aviation, navigation, weapons and nuclear energy.
Moreover, the natural mining capacity was very small.
The price was expensive.
But to the umbrella, this amount of money was nothing.
Eno went to the underground ark reactor in the second floor.
The circular passage in its body was rapidly transmitting blue cold core fusion energy.
Eno’s hand was attached to the reactor. He was ready to let the system and the ark reactor establish a quantum transmission channel.


[Establish energy communication]
[Gene Devour System]
[Geno Ability: Heavenly God 1%+, Venom 41%+]
Set up both abilities to advance the evolution together.
Eno let go.
Gods might evolve slowly.
However, the poison ability should be able to obtain some effect soon.
He left the Ark’s reaction furnace.
Eno returned to his office.
However, he suddenly received a call from a special person.
Obadia Stan
It was the Iron Tyrant that led to Tony’s kidnapping in Afghanistan.
He answered the call.
“Hi!Eno, how have you been lately?”Are you feeling better?”
As soon as he came up, Obadiah was almost as close as he was in the workplace.
Eno took the phone and walked to the French window behind him. He looked at the goddess of liberty and said:
“Not bad. Is there anything wrong?”
“Oh~ you’ re still so simple and straightforward.”
Iron Tyrant pretended to say,” Then I’ ll be simpler and more straightforward,”
“Tony will give the Fireman’s Home Foundation a third donation fund at 8 pm tonight. He hopes you can also attend a meeting. I’ ll personally invite you.”
Alright, Eno knew what was going on.
Obadia was obviously lying to Ino.
Tony did not know about this either.
That was why he could not invite him.
If he went, this foundation could help Stark’s industry a lot in society.
After all, Eno’s image in society.
It was a good person.
If it were to be exaggerated, it would be better to say that it was “Savior” and “Holy Mother “.
This was not a derogatory term or a derogatory meaning.
It was in the culture of China.
The Umbrella Corporation was benefiting too many countries and people.
But it also made money.
That was why the umbrella knew to tie itself to the people.
Before absolute “power “, people were” power “.
If Obadia, an arms company, invited Eno to the banquet.
The stock could at least be a bit better.
This did not mean that Eno should not go. On the contrary, it would be interesting to go.
Holding the phone, Eno said,” OK, no problem. I’ ll be there later.”
“Hahaha, of course.”Obadia said happily,” Big characters will definitely not arrive until later.”
Hang up.
Eno could not help but sound “idiot “.
Obadia (Iron Tyrant) was a typical person who had over-expanded.
Before Tony’s accident.
The weapons they produced were all researched by Tony.
His sales channels were all related to Tony.
The board of directors only held shares, while Obadia was only related to Stark Industries before Tony took over.
But it was far from being in power.
Was he trying to overthrow Tony?
But let’s not talk about it. If it was n’ t for Tony’s death, Obadia would really have become.
Eno looked at the time.
It was only afternoon.
Returning to his desk, Eno informed Angela to join him at the banquet.
How could there be no female partners with a banquet?
At night.
Angie pulled the R8 super from a certain car manufacturer in Germany and ran to the Dishonne concert hall.
This super-run, two-seat, transparent engine with a high speed of 316km/h, silvery-white body.
One word: Cool.
“Obadia?”Stark?”Angie pulled the car away and asked,” Then why do you still want to go?”
“Of course it’s interesting.”Eno put his hand on the window and harrumphed.” How can I turn a blind eye to his performance.”
“Haha~~” Angela laughed,” You’ re so interesting again.”
He couldn’t write a chuckle. It felt like a duck.)
After driving for a while, the two of them arrived at Dishonne’s concert hall.
Outside the square in the hall, the gate boy and the security guards stopped the reporters who were blocking the long spear and cannon.
However, when the reporters saw the number plate of the Umbrella Corporation, they rushed forward.
The security guards were so scared that they immediately rushed over to evacuate the reporters and used their bodies to clear a passage for Eno.
He got out of the car.
Eno took the key from Angela and gave it to the door attendant standing beside him.
He would drive the car to the parking lot.
Then Angela held Eno’s elbow and headed for the concert hall.
Walking on the red carpet, the group of reporters shouted their own questions.
“Is Mr. Eno here to cooperate with Stark Industries?”
“How is Mr. Eno’s relationship with Tony Stark?”
“I heard that Mr. Tony Stark invited you. Is that the truth?”
“May I ask if the Umbrella Company has the latest research results?”

030. Participating in Tony’s banquet and being interviewed [3]

But it was clear that Eno did not need to answer these questions here.
A few hours ago.
Tony painted his latest Mark armor in the laboratory.
This Mark Armor had already used Tony’s latest ark reaction furnace and palladium element block.
At this moment, there was a news broadcast on the television in front of Tony.
“Mr. Tony Stark will give the Fireman’s Home Foundation a third donation fund at 8 pm tonight.”
“At that time, he will also invite the president of the Umbrella Corporation: Mr. Eno will also come to this banquet.”
“Is this the cooperation between Stark’s industry and the umbrella? Let’s wait and see.”
Tony stared blankly at the news.
He turned around and asked Jarvis,” Am I not awake?Did I receive this application?”Have I invited Eno?”
Jarvis:” None, sir.”
Tony pinched his chin and looked at the time on his watch. He asked,” How long will it take to paint.”
Jarvis:” Five hours.”
“There’s no need to wait for me.”
The scene returned to Di Shanyi.
Eno led Angela to the banquet hall.
Obadia walked to Eno’s left. He was holding a small wine glass with a white scarf hanging around his neck.
Although he looked mature, there was always envy and envy in the depths of his eyes.
He said,” Hey, it’s quite early. Tony might have to wait a while. He’s feeling a little uncomfortable right now.”
Eno listened to him and said,” Then I’ ll go in first. I like a quieter place.”
“OK, there’s a security guard over there bringing you in, or do you need me to lead the way for you?”
“No need. You should wait here first.”
With Angela holding her right bowl, she walked into the banquet hall with golden light and music.
Eno took two glasses of wine and walked to a quiet seat.
These were two rows of four seats, Angela and Eno sitting opposite each other.
“How do you feel?” Eno pushed the wine to Angela.”This environment.”
Angela took a sip of her wine and casually looked around.” What do you think? Me too.”
“Looks like we’ ve always been the same.”
Neither Eno nor Angela liked these fancy things.
Compared to this, she would rather stay in the laboratory.
As for Eno, he preferred to be straightforward.
“Hi, Mr. Eno.”
At this moment, a kind male voice sounded beside Eno.
Eno looked at it. It was still the slightly Mediterranean agent.” Hello, Agent Colson.”
Colson smiled.” Your memory is much better than Tony Stark.”
“How is the medicine for the protective umbrella? The agents are still safe.”
Eno said the most normal routine in the workplace.
“Your medicine is always at ease.”
“That’s good.”
After chatting and drinking a glass of wine, Colson left.
His main task today was Tony.
As for Eno, he had a good relationship, so he had to greet them when he saw them.
“Looks like their homeland security department’s specialty is quite comprehensive.”
Look, even Angela didn’t want to recall the former name of Divine Shield Bureau.
It was too loud.
“Of course.”Eno looked at Colson’s departing figure.” If there’s anything wrong, there will be them. Moreover, we have a lot of relationships with them in the future.”
Angela nodded and decided to go back and have a good understanding of this security bureau.
“Hi~ Mr. Eno, how are you, Miss Angela.”
At this moment, another soft female voice sounded beside Eno.
Eno looked at it. It was a woman that he didn’t know, but she looked… okay, although it was n’ t his own taste.
“You are…”
“Kristen.”The brown wave woman handed her name card to Eno.
Ino took it and looked at it.
A newspaper reporter.
Eno handed over his business card to Angela. She would throw it away in a while.
“What’s the matter with me.”
“I… I just admire you too much. Can I interview you?”
She looked at the female reporter who was holding a pen and paper, without a recording pen and without taking pictures.
Eno felt that the etiquette for her meeting was not bad. He was only holding a pen and paper, not like her reporter. This was very polite.


Eno gave her a chance.” No problem,10 minutes. I have something to do later.”
“Nothing!”Just a few minutes!”
Kristen happily put her bag in front of her lower abdomen.
Under Angela’s dangerous gaze, she sat beside Enoch with a pen and paper and asked:
“At present, you are called the most kind and conscientious company and boss in the society. Do you have any opinions on this?”
“Hmm… I just did what I had to do. I didn’ t do business with my conscience.”
Kristen took a pen and memorized it.
But his body was getting closer and closer to Eno.
“Are you here to cooperate with Stark Industries?”The protective umbrella is closely related to Stark.”
Eno took a sip of wine.” I just came here as a private person with a better relationship with Tony. It has nothing to do with the corporate level.”
“You have a better relationship with Tony!?”
Kristen couldn’t help but raise her tone.
Eno nodded and raised his glass to indicate if there was a problem?
“I think he… is an indirect murderer. He sold all his weapons to those terrorists and persecuted those innocent people!”
Kristen took out a stack of photos in her bag and showed it to Eno.” This is all the evidence I collected. It’s all made by Stark’s industry.”
Eno took it and took a look.
Even the latest collection of missiles was available.
“You should hand this over to him personally.”Eno returned the photo to Kristen.” Maybe, the truth hasn’t been completely revealed yet?”But Tony did make a lot of mistakes.”
He was a demon!”You’ re the angel!”Kristen put away the photo, but now she even put her leg on Eno’s leg:
“Compared to you, I believe everyone likes the umbrella company, not Stark. The umbrella is the umbrella that protects the people.”
“We just need to pay a little medical expenses, and it can protect us from the wind and rain as much as possible.”
This tone was like a pilgrimage, sincere and passionate.
“Ahem!”Angela took off her shoes and used the advantage of a long leg to step between Eno’s and Kristen’s legs:
“Tony Stark is here. He’s over there. Your interview should be over.”
Kristen looked at Eno, then at Angela, her eyes filled with envy.
She suddenly kissed Eno’s neck and ran away with her bag.
Eno looked at Angela’s little black feet beside his leg and spread out his hands to express helplessness. It was n’ t my fault.
Angela retracted her foot and took a sip of wine. She said nonchalantly,” I think that Natasha was fine. This isn’ t good. It might be a bit messy.”
“When did I say this again?”Ino said helplessly,” Natasha, I didn’ t say that it’s okay. You said it’s okay, I said it’s not.”
“I don’ t care. I want to choose for you.”
Seeing Angela, who was clearly a young princess but was a little spoiled, Eno smiled and said,” Alright, you choose.”
It was obvious that she could no longer deal with him and wanted to find a “partner “.
But he insisted that he was choosing.
Eno smiled and drank the last mouthful of wine before looking at the bartender.
However, he realized that Kristen and Tony were facing each other.
It was about Stark selling industrial weapons to terrorists.
After a while, Tony finally got rid of her.
Then he turned around and saw Eno.
Eno raised the empty cup in his hand and pointed at the unopened pile of wine in the bar.
Tony made an ok gesture.
He then pointed to the outside and compared the four fingers in his hands to two little people who would come over later.
Ino nodded, indicating that he knew.
In the end, Tony left with a bottle of wine.
“What are you talking about?”
Angela saw it and asked the question mark three times???
Are you guys talking about foreign language?Why did he know what to do with a few gestures?
“He said he wants to go find Pepper first, then come with Pepper later.”
Eno placed the empty glass beside him, waiting for Tony to come over.
After a while, along with the music in the golden hall, Pepper walked over with Tony on his wrist while Tony was holding a bottle of wine.


He walked to Eno’s table.
Tony put the wine on the table and sat beside Eno.
Pepper and Angela sat together.
After sitting still, Tony reached out his hand towards the bottle, and Pepper grabbed it and said,” I’ ll pour it. You’ re not allowed to drink so much.”
“Oh no.”Tony said reluctantly,” I’ m in such a bad mood today. You still want to take away my wine.”
But just as Tony complained.
Eno had already pushed the glass over.
Pepe smiled and helped Eno. He kindly pushed back.
Tony, who found that no one cared about him, wiped his chin and pushed the glass over as well.
Tony raised his glass and touched Eno.
Eno took a sip and said,” You’ re in a bad mood because of the photos she showed you.”
“I can guarantee that.”Tony took a sip of wine and said,” I definitely didn’ t approve those orders.”
“But a few days ago, your company and Obadia could approve it.”
Tony nodded and said angrily,” Yes.”
A few days ago, Stark Industries announced that it would kick Tony out of the board.
He had the right to pay dividends, but the decision was not only in Tony’s hands.
Anything in the future could only be done through the board of directors or Obadia.
He watched as the bosses of the two giant companies spoke.
Angela and Pepper both chose to quietly chat with each other.
Pepper was still holding the bottle to fill the wine for the two of them.
“Then what do you want to do now?”Eno turned the glass in his hand.” I’ll go and confront Obadia later?Ask him why he had crossed the bottom line?”Do you want to do business together?”
Tony was stunned. He really wanted to do this, but why did he always feel that after Eno asked, he would become a little stupid.
Tony still said,” He’s doing this to disregard the bottom line and disregard the rules.”
“Please, you’ re stupid to do this.”Eno said mercilessly,” The past is already there. You don’ t think about how to solve the future.”
“Instead, I’m going to confront Sha Bi. Can he help you?”No, he can only get angry with you.”
“Even if he admits it, he did it. The board of directors decided to kick you, but so what?”
“In addition to making you more angry, I might be able to make you more ruthless. Yes, this is indeed helpful.”
After saying that, Eno dried the wine in the blanket and pushed it in front of Pepper.
As for Tony, he began to ponder over the ice floating in the glass.
Pepper looked at the 18-year-old boy who couldn’t lift Tony’s head.
He filled Inno with wine.
Eno took back the blanket.
After a while.
Only then did Tony come to his senses. He raised his head and jokingly said,” Why do I feel like my father is here?”Where is he?”
As he spoke, Tony turned around and looked around.
“I’ m not that old.”Eno raised his glass in front of Tony.” You’ re almost double my age.”
Tony raised his glass and touched Eno’s glass. He took a sip of the wine and said a little drunk:
“You’ re not old. You’ re quite experienced when it comes to words. Use a microphone to make me think you’ re an experienced grandpa.”
This playboy was a conceited genius.
He accepted it very quickly, and he understood it very quickly.
He pondered for a moment and understood what Inno said.
He was relieved and probably understood.
Eno was telling the truth. He didn’t like regretting the past, because Eno never regretted what he had done.
Rather than regret it, it was better to quickly surpass today.
“Stop drinking.”Pepper put the wine on the bottle cap and put it under the table.
But what surprised her was that Tony was drunk after a few glasses of wine. Ino had drunk here before, but he actually didn’t do anything.
Perper looked at him curiously.
Eno also knew that he should act.
First, he used his ability to make his face a little red. It looked like he had drunk a lot of wine.
“This… when will the banquet end?”I think it’s time to go home.”
Pepe looked at Eno’s current appearance and realized that it was Eno’s wine.
She took the glass from the table and said,” You can go home at any time. This is done under Tony’s name, but you have to go through the side door, or you will be blocked by the reporters.”
(I want flowers, I want comments, I want comments, Qiuqiu, you guys)
It’s been a day. The flowers are growing very little. Can you… come a little more?~~~~~*


“Okay, Pepper, I and I will go back first.”
Angela stood up and walked out from Pepper’s side.
She came to Eno’s side and put on Eno’s shoulder. She helped him up and followed Pepper to the garage from the side door.
“Bye, Angela.”
He sat on R8 and ran.
After seeing each other, Angela and Pepper waved and started the car to leave the basement.
The reporters who were blocking the main entrance were doomed to not be able to wait for Eno.
He left the Tearney Music Hall.
Ino, who was sleeping on the back of the car, opened his eyes again and removed his flushed face.
“Oh ~~~”
He stretched himself comfortably and blew the sea breeze from the sports car.
He even taught Tony a lesson today. He was in a good mood.
Angie pulled the car away and took the time to take a look at Eno.” You didn’ t notice the look in Pepper’s eyes when you taught Tony a lesson.”
“She didn’ t dare to believe it, and she still felt like she was quick. In the end, she even admired you. I saw it clearly from the side.”
“Eh…” Ino was speechless.” Pepper, she’s a bit…”
“Motherly love is rampant, right.”Angela helped Ino speak his words.
“You can’ t say that either.”Ino put it another way,” She feels like she’s taking care of me, but I have this kind of status. She’s a bit lower.”
“That’s why this happened. Probably because I wanted to, but I didn’ t dare. Anyway, I don’ t know.”
Pepper really had a feeling of taking care of Eno.
Maybe it was because his family’s Tony did n’ t win.(Funny)
Angela did not reply.
Eno turned to look.
“Wow!You actually dared to laugh at the boss!”I won’ t take care of you!”
He didn’t know how to deal with it.
Anyway, Angela went to take a bath after she got home.
He watched Angie pull the car away from Eno.
Pepper put down her hand and sighed. It would be great if Tony was as good as Eno.
He didn’t know how Eno was so young and how he had experienced so much.
Pepper wasn’t envious or sighing.
It was a little heartache.
What were others doing at the age of 14-15?Enjoying school without worry, right?
What were others doing when they were 18?Experience the freedom and life of the university.
Eno had never experienced this before.
Pepper returned to the banquet hall from the side door.
Tony sat on a chair, holding a glass in his hand. He looked at the dancing crowd as if he was thinking about something.
Seeing Pepper come back, Tony drank the wine in the glass in one gulp. He shook his body and stood up to reach out to her.” Let’s go home.”
At this moment, Pepper also felt that Tony was a bit different.
But it was hard to say.
She walked over and helped Tony out of the banquet hall.
Walking past the red carpet.
Obadia was bragging about his future in Stark’s industry with the reporters.
For short, draw a large cake.
Tony walked to his side and patted him on the shoulder.
Obadia turned around.” Oh~!”Tony, you seem to be playing well.”
Tony simply said,” Do you sell the weapons? I just need to answer yes or no.”
Obadia’s expression changed. He did n’ t expect Tony to go straight up and tear up his face.
Obadia also made it clear:” It was signed by me.”
He then added,” Tony, we have to make money. The board is watching.”
“We can’ t just sell bottles without weapons, right?”
Tony got the answer, but when he thought of Eno’s words, he gritted his teeth in anger and said:
“I told you where the bottom line of being a weapons merchant is. You guys promised me.”
“If someone hadn’ t told me that my weapon was in the terrorist organization, I would have believed you!”
Seeing Tony, who had completely lost his face and was about to break up, Obadia stopped pretending.
At this moment, the reporter shouted to take a photo together.
Tony was hugged by Obadia and turned around. He looked so emotional that he whispered to the camera but actually said:
“That’s right. I forced them to sign you out of the board. Of course, some of them signed it voluntarily.”
After speaking, Obadia walked to the reporter’s place to see how the photos were taken.
But what surprised Obadia was that Tony suddenly nodded indifferently. He walked to Pepper’s side and hugged him and left.


Then, Eno saw the latest news on the news the next day at home.
Lieutenant Colonel Rodi stood in front of the reporters who were shooting short guns and said:
“Unfortunately, during yesterday’s training exercise, an F-22 Raptor mech crashed.”
“Fortunately, no casualties were caused.”
“As for the incident that happened in the Gmelilla area, it’s still unknown where the intervention forces came from.”
“But we can guarantee that Mi Country is not involved.”
Seeing this, Eno understood that Tony had gone straight to take revenge the next day.
He went to the war zone in Afghanistan and used the latest Mark armor to directly destroy all the local armed forces and weapons made by the Stark industry.
At this moment, Iron Tyrant: Obadia was also watching the news at home, and her brows gradually deepened.
Tony’s home.
Tony Stark was repairing his latest Mark armor.
Pepper walked over.
When Tony saw her, he said,” Hi!Are you busy?”Help me do something.”
As he spoke, Tony put down the tool in his hand, walked to the table and took out a USB stick and continued to say:
“I want you to go to my office, hack into my mainframe, and get all the shipping lists back.”
“You just need to insert the USB into it. It will break it itself.”
Pepper took the USB, but did not take it away. Instead, she put it back on the table.
She looked at Tony and said seriously,” I took back the information, then what are you going to do?”
Like this armor?His entire body was full of bullet holes?”Was it you on the news just now?”
“Why are you doing this?”I told you yesterday, how should you think about dealing with him in the future, instead of wearing this armor… to punish evil?”
Tony explained,” I’m not punishing evil!”I’ m just doing what I have to do!”
They broke their promises!”I’ m going to sell weapons!”
“Do you know what I saw there?”There are corpses everywhere. I think I did it.”
At this moment, Tony was already angry.
This anger was not directed at Pepper, but towards Obadia and the group of board traitors.
Pepper looked at Tony’s state of absolute seriousness.
She panted,” This might kill you, and I can’ t look at you…”
“I can’ t be an assistant to push this. This is pushing you. This is hurting you.”
Tony sighed and sat down on a chair beside him.
He played with the tool in his hand and said,” If I didn’ t have this belief, perhaps I would have died long ago.”
“In Afghanistan, I’ ve experienced something more dangerous than this.”
“But that’s a physical danger, and these are mental, spiritual.”
“I know from the bottom of my heart that I have to do this. I can’ t let Obadia continue to act recklessly.”
“It’s time to teach him a lesson.”
Tony looked at Pepper sincerely and seriously. He used his last trick:
“Eno also said that since you’ re wrong, you have to make a move in the future. Quickly go ahead.”
“If you get the evidence, I’ ll at least let him stay in prison for the rest of his life.”
Hearing Tony bring out Enoch’s name.
Pepper’s eyes trembled. In the end, she picked up the USB stick on the table and said to Tony:
“This is the last chance. If you’ re wrong, I’ ll resign.”
Then, she walked out of the laboratory and headed to the building in the Stark Industrial District.
Tony looked at Pepper and helplessly spread out his hands.
“Why didn’ t I do the right reward.”
And right next to Pepper who had just taken away the USB flash drive, a gift from Pepper to Tony: the first generation Ark Reaction Furnace.
It was printed: Tony Stark had a warm heart.
He returned to the Umbrella Building in New York City.
Angela had just sent the observation data and all the data reports to the underground laboratory in Los Angeles.
At this moment, the person in charge on the other side called and said excitedly,” This technology is too difficult to achieve!No!”It’s almost impossible!”
“Human neural electrical signals travel so fast!”I can’ t keep up!”
“Not to mention that even one hand has all kinds of linkage mechanisms!”
“Big muscles!Small muscle group!And bones!And his nerves!”Wait!”
“It’s impossible to link these with the current technology and energy technology!”
“So many bio-mechanical bionic equipment need a lot of energy to operate!This kind of battery didn’t have the ability to last even if it was made!Could it be that the charging time is 5 hours and 2 minutes!?”


The lab staff of the protective umbrella was truly capable.
As long as it was not a mistake in principle.
Ino could allow them to argue about scientific research.
Eno said to his phone,” Just do it if you want to. As for other technologies, I can solve them.”
“You just need to reserve the battery location in each location. The size will be determined according to the ratio I will send you later.”
“Your current question is whether you can solve the problem of bionic limbs.”
“Tell me if you can, or not.”
Eno finished.
Inside the protective umbrella experimental base, the people here carefully flipped through the information that had just been printed.
As for Eno, he turned on the phone and placed it beside him.
Waiting for the scientific researchers to answer.
After a while.
“What kind of technique is this?” The other party shouted excitedly!?”
“I’ ve never seen such a godly technique before!”
“How did it achieve the coexistence of creatures and machines!?”
“Why can a piece of material have different states!?”
Facing the excited cries of the researchers.
Fortunately, Eno had the foresight to turn the phone on.
Eno drank the milk tea and knocked his leg on the desk, saying:
“Can you solve it now?”
“I’ ve already given you all the information and data, if you can’ t.”
“I didn’ t say that I quit my job at the protective umbrella experimental base.”
But just as Eno finished, the other side shouted confidently,” Yes!”
That was good.
According to the above statement.
The salaries and family benefits of the members working in the protective umbrella experimental base were terrifyingly high.
But there was a price.
That was because the protective umbrella experimental base did not resign.
He wanted to speak.
Blue Star 4 chose one.
Let you experience the life of Whale Fall.
(Whale Fall: When a whale dies, it sinks to the bottom of the ocean. It uses its body to nourish everything in the ocean.)
Hang up.
Eno was thinking about the next plan.
Iron Tyrant should be on the verge of appearing.
It was quite simple to kill him.
The key was the future.
After that, Hulk was about to encounter his first major battle in a school.
Not to mention anything else, in order to obtain Haoke’s blood in advance.
Eno could use his Venom Transformation as a super hero to stop him.
At that time, Hulk was Hulk, not Banna. Before they merged, these were two things.
Drop ~~~
At this moment, the only elevator in the office leading to the underground laboratory sounded.
The elevator door opened and Angela walked out.
She saw Eno looking forward to her thoughts.
Angela walked over and put her hands on his shoulder as she said:
“What makes you think like this.”
Feeling Angela pressing her shoulder, Eno closed his eyes and leaned against his back, saying:
“It’s probably tonight, but I’ m not sure when. I’ ll have some things to do, so don’ t worry about me revealing my identity.”
Angela paused as she pressed her shoulder. She hesitated,” You want to use the Venom Transformation?”
Ino nodded naturally. There was nothing to admit.
Angela and Pepper were different. She unconditionally supported and trusted Ino.
But out of concern, Angela asked,” Who is the opponent?”Is it really dangerous?”
Eno smiled. He closed his eyes and patted Angela’s hand.” It’s just a can of raw meat.”
“It’s not like I’ m thinking about this. It’s just a lot of things. I’ m just combing through it.”
“Do you think I’ m thinking about something?”
“That’s good.”Angela breathed out in relief.
She bent down and bowed. She rubbed her face against Eno’s face and hugged him with both hands:
“I thought that purple sweet potato essence from your dream was coming early.”
“It’s still early.”Eno smelled the sweet smell of Angela:
“But even if it comes, it’s not bad to run without a leg.”
Angela closed her eyes and let out a nasal sound.” Mm.”
It was afternoon.
Pepper drove to the Stark Industrial Building.
She took the elevator to the top floor and walked into Tony’s office.
Pepper inserted the USB stick and followed Tony’s instructions.
She saw countless hidden information.
Collection of missiles, orders from Afghanistan, imitation mechanical armor in Zone 16 of the Industrial Park, and…
The video screen where Stark was kidnapped.
“My god!”Pepper covered her mouth as much as she could when she saw this. She didn’t expect Tony to experience this.


After that, Obadia suddenly came to the office.
Although he had some doubts when he saw Pepper, he could not force her to leave the computer.
Otherwise, he would have acted like he didn’t want to fight.
After all, Pepper took away the U disk that recorded Obadia’s evidence.
After Pepper left.
Obadia quickly walked to the computer and opened the file to browse the records.
The display was scanned and copied 100%.
Xie Te!
The enraged Obadia chased after him.
But what he saw was Pepper who had left with Agent Colson.
Obadia, who couldn’t bear it, angrily ran to the large arc reactor and asked the researchers:
“Can you guys shrink this thing!”Why has it been so long without any progress!”
The researchers in white pointed at the arc reactor and said,” The technology of this thing has reached the top of the world. We can hardly shrink it.”
“But Tony did it!”Why can’ t you do it!”Obadia pulled the collar of the researcher and roared.
The researcher pushed the mirror and said,” I’ m not Tony.”
Obadia looked down on Tony. Of course, he believed that these researchers could compare to Tony.
Did he really think that the three stinky coppers had competed against Zhuge Liang?
He angrily threw down the researchers.
He got up and went to his private office to find a special high-tech weapon.
A weapon that could paralyze people for 15 minutes.
It was evening.
On the top floor of the Umbrella Building in Hamanton, New York, in Eno’s office.
At this moment, Eno’s chair had already changed directions.
It was not heading towards the desk.
But towards the canal.
He looked down at the ships and the city across the river.
Eno sat in his chair while Angela sat in his arms.
Angela was holding the tablet.
She looked at the new shape that Eno had designed that day and carefully observed it.
No matter how one looked at it, it didn’t seem like he was tired of it.
She touched the armor on the tablet and said,” How did you think of these designs?”
“I feel that this is almost in line with the aesthetics of most people.”
“Even if you become a bad person after transformation, I think you will have a lot of loyal fans.”
Eno couldn’t help but laugh when he heard Angela’s last sentence:
“We’ ve lived for so long, so we can even think of a piece of ideas.”
“As for these designs, you should think of them as the ones that the most beautiful race in the universe once owned.”
“Are you praising yourself?”Angela looked at the blueprint and said on the spot.
“Then you just think I’ m praising myself.”
The opposite side of the canal was suffused with dazzling lights.
There were many drones flying over the sky.
They were heading towards Eno.
He flew past the umbrella building above Eno.
A red and white light flashed through the French window behind the two of them.
Eno carried Angela around.
Through a straight path.
Eno could see an explosion several kilometers away.
That was the location and direction of Stark Industrial Park.
It seemed like it had begun.
Eno held Angela’s waist and stood up before putting her down.
Angela seemed to know that Eno was leaving. She asked softly:
“Can I help?”Or should I go take a look?”
Eno thought for a moment and shook his head:
“You haven’ t received any training.”
“If it’s a cold weapon fight, you can watch it.”
“But even if Obadia is trash, he still has hot weapons.”
“You still have a chance to get injured.”
But as he spoke, Eno suddenly remembered that there was a telescope underneath the bookcase.
He walked over to take it out and threw it to Angela.” With this and your vision, you can see the live broadcast a few kilometers away.”
Angela took the telescope he tossed over and said softly,” Be careful.”
Eno did not say anything. He turned around and walked towards the corridor.
When he arrived at the corridor, Eno opened the window that was dozens of floors high and leaped.
[Venom Transformation]
[Light Wings Unfold]
[Creature can erupt and glide mode activated]
By the night, Eno was like a sharp sword. He instantly passed through the brightly lit city and arrived at the battlefield.


At the FBA intelligence center.
A group of people surrounded the monitor.
“My god, that mech came back that day!”Go…”
“What is this here!?”
On the monitor.
Tony was blasted into the sky by a missile from the Iron Tyrant King before falling down.
At this moment, he was using the first generation Ark Reaction Furnace in the Afghan cave.
It was not designed for battle.
And Tony’s armor was even more energy-consuming.
But the worst thing was that he only had 49% of his energy left.
In the intelligence center, Lieutenant Colonel Luo Di walked over.
“What’s this?!” He looked at the monitor and was shocked!?”
They were talking about Eno, who had come through a high-altitude sprint.
The group of people looked at the unknown creature that had suddenly pierced into the 2m 3 high golden silver armor wings.
They were filled with questions.
One of the signalmen looked at Eno and mumbled,” Is this a god…”
Lieutenant Colonel Rodi turned around and walked away.
He took out his phone and gave it to Tony.
“Who is that!? Do you know each other?Why would there be other forces!?”
At this moment, Tony had just been blasted to the ground.
“Who is it?”Who are you talking about?”
Jarvis said,” Sir, Lieutenant Colonel Rodi should be talking about him.”
“There are unknown creatures flying towards the speed of sound every second. We expect to reach the battlefield in three seconds.”
“Rodi!I really don’t know him!But wait!”I need to get rid of this fatty first!”
The FBI’s intelligence center.
The other lieutenant immediately prepared to call his superior,” Call Colonel Ed for me and order the plane to take off urgently!”
When the communication personnel received the order, they immediately called the phone to report it to their superiors.
At this moment, Lieutenant Colonel Luo Di walked over and pressed the reset button of the seat:
“Don’ t worry, everyone. This is just an act. All of you will return to your seats.”
The lieutenant looked at Luo Di.
He was a lieutenant colonel.
He was a lieutenant.
So the officer nodded.” Yes.”
The scene returned to the battlefield.
Jarvis counted down the last number:”1.”
Eno’s feet landed on the ground.
They slid several dozen meters on the ground.
Tony saw the figure of the golden silver armor wings and still had time to say:
“Oh~~ I’ m even more’ low-key’ than I am. I’ ll definitely have time to talk to you, but I can’ t do it now. I have to fly up.”
Tony stretched his hands straight down, his feet simultaneously spraying fire towards the sky.
Obadia laughed loudly while driving the Iron Tyrant.” Tony!Don’t think that only you can fly!”My armor is more advanced than yours!”
As he spoke, his mechanical foot transformed into a more stable structure and began to output energy.
He followed Tony towards the sky with a rumbling sound.
At this moment, Eno looked at the two people flying into the sky after several dozen meters of kinetic energy.” It’s a little late.”
Wait a moment.
Iron Tyrant will fall down because of the problem of the electronic circuit freezing.
However, due to the thickness of the armor, he did not harm the internal circuits, resulting in early recovery.
Eno turned his weapon into a long sword.
Holding his sword, he jumped to the top of the large arc reactor in Area 16 and waited for Iron Tyrant to land.
At this moment, the sky was several thousand feet away.
Tony knocked on the frozen Iron Tyrant and said,” You should go and study the ice problem!”
He looked at the Iron Tyrant that was falling rapidly from the sky.
Eno picked it up and jumped in the direction it fell.
Tony, on the other hand, landed safely on the roof of the large reactor in Area 16.
On the other hand, Iron Tyrant’s side.
He was just a few dozen points away from the ground when the system suddenly started.
A large amount of white smoke shot out from its feet.
Iron Tyrant slowly landed on the ground.
Obadia looked at Tony’s landing position and gritted her teeth.” Tony!”You must die!”
“I grew up with it!”And you!”
“It’s just a person who relied on his father to snatch the trash from the company!”
“But you should pay attention to yourself first.”A voice that couldn’t tell his feelings came from behind him.
Obadia was surprised.” What!”
A silver light streaked across.
Obadia let out a tragic cry.
A trickle of blood flowed out of his left arm, passing through the mirror-like iron surface, mixed with lubricating oil and other liquids, and scoured the grass.
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Obadia screamed in pain.
He opened his eyes with great difficulty and looked at the silver figure in front of him. He clenched his teeth and activated the flame-spraying device to leave.
Not to mention, he was still a man.
Rumble ~~~
Hot flames erupted from the feet of the Iron Tyrant King mech.
The rolling white smoke scattered.
Enoch swung his sword.
Iron Tyrant’s foot was cut off with a single strike.
Puchi~ Puchi~
Two sparks flashed across Iron Tyrant’s ankle.
As soon as it was less than 1 meter from the ground, it crashed heavily onto the ground and fell to the ground.
Because the mech had no support.
Obadia hid in the Iron Tyrant.
But he was still afraid.
The weapon that the figure in front of him was able to slash himself with one strike.
At this moment.
Eno raised his sword again, ready to end his life here. Then, he might be able to carry the ark’s reaction furnace back to research.
Seeing Eno lift his sword again, Obadia shouted in the Iron Tyrant:
He opened Iron Tyrant’s mask.
He took the initiative to pull out his body.
His right hand covered his left elbow, which was still bleeding.
This was because of his position within the Iron Tyrant King.
Just now, Eno cut off the Iron Tyrant’s entire left hand, but Obadia inside would only break to his elbow.
Obadia gritted her teeth and said in pain,” Why are you helping Tony!?”
“How much does Tony give you?”I can give it to you!”
“It’s still a stake in Tuck Industries!”I can give it to you!”
“Tony’s idiot wo n’ t have a future!”Maybe we can control this country together!”
A unresponsive head flew up.
“There’s so much nonsense. Bring the cake to your dreams.”
With his hand up, Eno left his corpse without hesitation.
Looking at the headless corpse kneeling inside the mech, Eno stepped forward and took down the Ark Reaction Furnace.
Of course.
It was impossible to return it to Tony.
Why did he return it to Tony for no reason?
Holding the Ark Reaction Furnace, Eno looked up at the sky.
Buzz buzz buzz ~~~~~
A drone was flying in the distance.
Ino’s shoulder moved slightly.
The Light Feather Wing trembled for a moment before suddenly emitting a sparkling light.
Eno bent down and jumped.
He instantly jumped a hundred meters away.
He came to the roof and jumped again.
With the help of the light wings, the creature energy continued to erupt.
Eno quickly left the battlefield again.
The color on his body changed instantly.
With the help of the cover of the night, none of the drones could match the movements of Ino.
After Eno left, several drones arrived at the “crime scene “.
At this moment, Tony was hugging Pepper.
“You’re right this time,” Pepper said in shock and panic.” Obadia….”
“Eno said that the past is over.”
Tony hugged her and comforted her,” We should think about the future and surpass today, right?”
Pepper gradually calmed down when she heard Tony’s words.
Yes, it was indeed true.
He felt Pepe gradually calm down.
Tony was surprised to find out how Eno’s words worked?
Two times!
Every time he borrowed his words, Pepper was convinced.
At this moment, Rodi’s words came from Tony’s headset.
“Tony!”Is Tony here?”
Tony pressed his headset and asked,” What’s the matter!?”
“We should have activated the engine system again when we detected Obadia’s descent!”
Tony immediately looked around.
It was because he couldn’t walk after Mark’s mech lost its energy.
Tony had already taken off his mech!
“But he has already been killed by the unknown creature. And now, the unknown creature has also disappeared. He has already left, and Obadia’s body is in Zone 17.”
Tony stopped looking for Iron Tyrant’s body. He looked at Pepper and then pressed his headset.” Okay, I know.”
Tony pulled out his headset, then looked at Pepper and said after a moment of hesitation,” Obadia is dead.”
Anyway, the news would be broadcast, so Tony decided to explain it to Pepper.
Pepper looked at Tony and thought that he would be a little strange. She comforted Tony and said,” It’s Obadia. Damn it. I saw the documents in the computer. They sold weapons to terrorists and kidnapped you. You almost died because of him.”


“No, no, no, I didn’ t say that.”
Tony scratched his nose and said in confusion,” Although I also want him to die.”
“He should have died at that time, but his mech thickness protected the circuit, causing it to activate the mech program again in the end.”
“If that’s the case, I shouldn’ t be standing here and talking to you right now. It’s just bad luck. Do you understand?”
Seeing Pepper nod in surprise, Tony continued,” But… he was still killed, not me.”
“It’s an unknown humanoid creature. He’s just as low-key as me. He’s covered in golden silver armor and has a pair of super cool wings. He killed Obadia.”
“Of course, I’ m not shirking. I mean, he’ ll kill me if he doesn’ t kill me.”
“So, you want to go take a look with me now?”
After speaking his last sentence, Tony wanted to slap himself.
Let Pepper accompany him to see a dead man.
They were still dead people that they had often met before.
However, Pepper nodded and said,” Okay.”
Tony and Pepper walked to Area 17.
“My God!”
As soon as he arrived in Area 17, Pepper was watching the headless corpse kneeling inside the mech cover its mouth in surprise.
This place was pulled up by the FBA and no one was allowed to enter.
Lieutenant Colonel Luo Di walked over.
Tony looked at him and said,” Hi!”You didn’ t say it was such a corpse!”
Roddy immediately replied,” I didn’ t expect you to bring Pepper.”
At this moment.
Agent Colson walked out from the crime scene.
He turned to Luo Di and said:
“The left hand of the mech was cut off as a whole. The cut was smooth to reflect light.”
“There’s also the bottom of the mecha’s feet. It should be a flying function. It’s also cut open by the same method.”
“Finally, I took the initiative to come out and Obadia was cut off.”
“He didn’ t react at all.”
Luo Di stood beside him and rubbed his chin.” What does this mean?”
Colson looked at Rodi. He should be the person in charge of the accident, and then said:
“That means that the unknown creature’s power is extremely great. The cold weapon is extremely sharp.”
“Ordinary metals will be directly cut off. At least steel won’ t be able to defend against his attacks.”
“I know!”Tony stood by the side and suddenly said,” That figure, Jarvis helped me out to see it.”
“He’s 230 cm tall. If that’s right, he’s just wearing a full set of armor.”
“The main color is silver and gold is decorated. It’s a bit like ancient armor, but it has a sense of technology in the future.”
“And his boots, obviously in favor of the ancient style, but after the design and improvement.”
“That’s right, his facial armor is quite similar to my Mark’s.”
“There’s no nose, no mouth. There’s only a rectangular square eye.”
“But because of the blue light, I can’ t see his eyes clearly.”
“In the end, his wings that look like energy crystals are definitely not used for beauty.”
“If it wasn’ t for the fact that I don’ t need my Mark armor, I would definitely have to install one.”
Tony mumbled the detailed data he had collected.
Colson, Roddy, and Pepper all stared at him blankly.
Luo Di finally couldn’ t help asking,” Why do you know so much?”
Tony spread out his hands.” Jarvis collected it. It’s beautiful. I’ m a genius again, so I’ ll remember it in a moment.”
At this moment, Colson cursed in his heart: Then why can’t you remember the name of our logistics support bureau.
In the end, he looked at the field without any clue.
Luo Di sighed and covered his forehead.” Tony, you should go back first. Our military will take care of this place.”
“Tomorrow, you still have a lot of things to do. Go back and have a good sleep, and then prepare to deal with these later matters.”
Tony looked at his watch. It was really late.
The mech he had taken off had already been driven back.
He nodded and said,” OK, I’ ll go back with Pepper first.”
After Tony and Pepper left, Rodi went to deal with the situation on the spot.
Colson took out his agent’s phone and went to a quiet corner to dial Frey’s phone.” Frey, a new super creature has appeared. It’s very powerful, but everything else is unknown.”

040. This case:[3]

The headquarters of the Divine Shield Bureau.
Fritz stood in front of the French window, holding the secret service phone in his hand and said:
“Sort out and send me all the details of this creature that you can understand.”
Hang up.
Frey’s black forehead wrinkled.
There were many super creatures in this world.
He was half himself.
Due to the use of the pseudo-infinite formula, his lifespan also greatly slowed down.
Not to mention that Carol Danvers, who had been away for many years, was Captain Amazing. There was also Captain America during World War II in this world.
Frey had thought that the birth of Iron Man would bring him a pleasant surprise.
But he never thought that there would be an unknown creature like Eno.
The scene returned to the crime scene.
Colson was exchanging information with Lieutenant Colonel Roddy.
Because the incident had already been exposed, they could share the sorted information this time.
Colson looked at the picture Tony gave him and the blurry picture Rodi got from where he said:
“Can this creature be defined as a Blue Star Man?”He’s a bit tall.”
Luo Di looked at the photo and touched his chin.”2m3 can be explained in the NBA. What if he’s a basketball player?”
Once that was said!
Colson instantly met Rodi.
That’s right!
This height was very likely to be a basketball player.
As long as the basketball team started to investigate, and then from the computer, they could quickly find out whether the unknown creature was a Blue Star or who.
“Then why do you have a list for him and this case?”
Luo Di still touched his chin. He looked at the way Ino landed and the size, armor, wings, and so on. Finally, he tried to ask,” God of Heaven descended?”
“Very suitable.”
As soon as it was done, Colson decided that this case would be considered as a Heavenly God and handed it over to Furyan.
Luo Di also handed this information to the government and the FBI.
Eno sprinted to the top floor of the Umbrella Building.
And because of the height.
There was no surveillance on the road to capture the tracks of Eno.
He crossed the window and returned to the corridor. He casually closed the window again.
Even if someone finds out about this tomorrow.
The video of the main hall on the first floor of the umbrella also showed that Eno had not left the umbrella building since he went up to the end of the whole incident.
There was no reason for S.H. Shield to suspect Eno and the umbrella.
Moreover, their height did not match.
Open the door of the office.
Angela threw herself into Eno’s arms.
Eno patted Angela on the back and whispered in her ear,” It’s not like you didn’ t see it. That Iron Tyrant is a tin can. What are you worried about?”
But Angela moved closer to Eno’s ear and said,” I want to practice sniper rifles and pistols.”
Angela looked at the doubtful Eno and explained,” Since I haven’ t received any professional close combat training, I can help you in the future. Isn’ t it faster to use firearms?”
That’s right. Guns are much faster than close combat.
Angela was holding a sniper rifle to help him in the distance, although he didn’t need it.
But looking at Angela’s firm gaze, Eno let go,” Alright, but you have to spare some time for the experiment. How many hours are you going to practice every day?”
“In the future, we’ ll go back early every day, about 3 hours a day.”
There was a basement below the two-story villa that Eno and Angie were holding on to. The sound insulation and defense level could be used as a place to practice guns.
Although he didn’t have a gun at home, he could have the Red Umbrella Department send him some.
As everyone knew, Mi Country could not help but shoot.
After releasing Eno, Angela looked at the “light bulb” in his hand and asked in surprise,” Is this the Ark Reaction Furnace that day?”
“Right.”Eno tossed it in his hand and explained,” This is Obadia who stole Tony. After he was killed by me, it would be a waste to stay there. Why don’ t you bring it back and study it.”
“This…” Angela wasn’t good at this kind of technique. As for the group of people who were protecting the umbrella, Angela knew that she could only study it.
“Don’ t worry.”Eno looked at Angela’s expression and knew what she was thinking.” I just need them to be able to study the extent to which they can drive the robot’s limbs.”

041. I’ll help S.H.I.E. Bureau study myself?[4]

“That’s probably possible.”Angela nodded.
What about the researchers in the underground lab of the umbrella?
Although it was impossible to completely reproduce the reaction furnace of Tony’s Ark.
But according to the technology, it was still possible to create another device that could drive the limbs of biological machines.
After all, they didn’t eat the protective umbrella for free.
It was already late.
Eno and Angela took the elevator out of the garage and drove home.
In the basement of the villa.
Angela quickly pulled the trigger with her pistol to design her training target.
Eno thought she would start training tomorrow.
Who would have thought that she would drive halfway to buy a pistol.
He returned home and began training.
But let alone.
Even if she didn’t transform, Angela, who had n’ t touched the gun a few times, became a pseudo-fire master in a short period of time.
All aspects of mental reaction, dynamic vision, physical fitness, dynamic capture and so on were enhanced.
From the beginning, it took more than ten minutes to fire every second.
And it was all a hit. The target had not been missed yet.
The recoil of the pistol didn’t work on Angela’s slender arm at all.
From this, you could tell that 42% of the venom ability even a drug could increase Angela’s physical fitness.
After the last few shots, Angela stopped shooting.
She blew the smoke-free barrel of the pistol and blinked at Eno.” I’ m quite talented with a gun.”
She didn’t know if she was wrong or if Eno was wrong.
Ino felt that what he was thinking should be different from what Angela had said. No, it might be the same.
Later, it was too late, so the two of them went to bed.
10 Am the next day.
There was a person who should not have come to the Umbrella Building.
In the office on the top floor, Eno sat in his chair and curiously looked at the agent with a high hairline.” Agent Colson, is there not enough medicine?”
Shouldn’t he be busy dealing with Tony’s affairs and investigating the gods?
What are you looking for Iino for?
What does God have to do with I, Eno?(Funny)
Colson smiled as he sat on a chair prepared for him.” No, of course I haven’ t used up that batch of medicine last time. I came to ask for help on behalf of Divine Shield.”
“Divine Shield Bureau help?”Hearing the new name of the security bureau in xxx, Eno pretended not to know.
What else could it be?Tony didn’t need any help from the umbrella, did he?
Reclaiming a corpse?
“I forgot to say that Divine Shield Bureau is our new name.”Colson responded and explained.
“That’s a good name, much better than before.”
After speaking, Eno stood up and walked to the automatic brewer to prepare drinks.
“I’ ll do it!”
Colson saw the latter jump up and quickly walked to Eno’s side. He took the disposable cup in Eno’s hand and helped Eno soak it.
Then, Colson took his coffee cup and Eno took his tea cup.
Colson took a sip and said,” What I’ m going to tell you next is on behalf of S.I.E. Shield. I hope you can keep it a secret, and at most, you can only let Miss Angela know.”
Angela had been with Eno for so many years, but the S.H.I.E.L.E.C. had understood and felt at ease.
Eno drank the milk tea in his cup. He wanted to know more about it.
Carlson took out a report and information from his suit and placed it on the table. Then, he pushed the information to Eno and said:
“Last night, a battle broke out between District 16 and 17 of Stark Industrial Park, but we can’ t tell you the details for the time being.”
“Please understand. This is what S.H.I. Shield said. It’s time for S.H.I. Shield to explain to you.”
“Just during the battle last night, a creature that we never knew was suddenly inserted. This is his information. Take a closer look.”
“We hope you can use this information to analyze the characteristics of this creature and its various abilities and uses.”
“All the information will be shared with you by S.H.I.E.L.I.D. Bureau. I hope you can analyze as much as you can. This is very important to us.”
Could you tell me what it feels like to be invited to analyze yourself? It was rather urgent to wait online.


Ino naturally took over the information.
He flipped to the first page.
Unknown creature: God of Heaven
Weapon: Suspected to be a sword
Features: Ancient Future Sense full-body armor, blue and cold eye-hole armor, energy crystal simulation wings.
Here are the live pictures: XXX
After reading the picture.
He looked at the information that Colson and Roddy had checked after hearing Tony’s words.
Eno calmly raised his head and looked at Colson.” This is a person. You want his details?.”
Colson nodded and said,” The biological research of the protective umbrella is on the top of the world. We need you to study his characteristics so that we won’ t be at a loss when we meet him next time.”
“For example, his attack method, his flying method, strength, and so on.”
To be honest, the protective umbrella could do a part.
He used the motion capture function on the video that Colson handed over to him. Then, he could guess a bit through a lot of calculations and biological prediction features.
Why is this a little strange?
Colson looked at Eno’s thoughtful expression as he looked at the information. He thought that the S.H.I. Shield Bureau had asked him to work for nothing. He immediately added,” Of course, we will also compensate you. In terms of medical equipment orders, our S.H.I. Shield Bureau and the FBA government are willing to increase by 30%.”
At this moment, Eno felt that his conscience could not pass.
Wasn’t this a trap for S.H.I.E. Shield and the government?
Eno stood up and shook hands with the happy Colson.
Balboa had money, and the Mi government had money.
No, no, no.
After seeing Colson leave, Ino looked at his own information.
Mm……God of Heaven.
Sounds good.
[Gene Devour System]
[Venom Transformation]
With a question in mind, Eno clicked on [Descending from Heaven ]’s explanation.
[God of Heaven descending into the mortal world: Compared to the poison transformation that only two people know, there are currently more than 10 people who know about God of Heaven descending into the mortal world. With the approval of the host, their ability will be upgraded to God of Heaven descending into the mortal world]
And this kind of operation?
But indeed……
Eno was quite satisfied with this title.
At this moment, the elevator leading to the underground laboratory in the office opened.
Angela walked out.
She walked to Eno’s side and looked at the information on the table. At the same time, she saw the image of Eno’s transformation.” Isn’t that you?”They won’ t recognize you last night.”
“What are you thinking about.”Eno smiled and said,” Just now, when Colson came over, he said……..”
Tell Angela what happened.
Angela lay in Eno’s arms, smiling and not getting up.” You’ re too bad. They’ ll probably be so angry that they spit out blood.”
Ino did not agree.
“First, they came by themselves. I accepted it passively.”
“Second: At that time, I guess I was so strong that they all shut up.”
“I prefer reasoning or convincing.”
Well, another day, when he transformed, he would write a gift and a gift on his sword.
Of course it was a joke.
At this moment.
The elevator in the office was directly opposite Eno’s right television, which was broadcasting Stark’s press conference. This was a live broadcast nationwide.
The reporters at the scene rushed to ask Tony a question.
Lieutenant Colonel Rodi looked at them and said,” At the press conference, Mr. Tony Stark won’ t answer any questions, so don’ t ask.”
“I would like to invite Mr. Tony Stark to speak on stage.”
Tony walked up to the stage in a black expensive suit.
He was still holding the two notes that Colson had given him before he went to the umbrella.
Rodi looked at Tony and whispered in his ear,” Just read it. Don’ t say anything else.”
Tony indicated that I knew.” Yes.”
He looked at the reporters below the stage.
Tony paused, exhaled, and then looked at the paper. The logic on the paper didn’t work. It was obviously a bluffing preparation.
Tony took a deep breath.
“Actually, I am Iron Man.”
Splash! Splash!!!
The reporters below immediately exploded.
The camera of the long spear broken cannon was shooting madly.
Luo Di didn’t even react. He was still standing on the side. It was n’ t until everyone was about to rush up that he suddenly turned his head to look at Tony and thought, Are you messing with me?


The scene returned to the umbrella building.
Eno and Angela watched the entire process.
Eno smiled and said,” Look at Rodi. His eyes deliberately swallowed Tony’s thoughts.”
Angela’s expression was normal, as if she was taking it for granted.” According to your explanation to Tony, this is normal for him.”
“Yes.”Eno turned his pen in his hand.” If Tony doesn’ t keep a low profile, then he won’ t be Tony.”
Who knew that Ino was talking about Tony’s low profile.
Tony was also watching Eno’s god descend.
After looking at it for a long time, he touched his chin and felt that this god had the same advantages as himself.
They were all very low-key.
However, it was a pity that his favorite Biped Mark mech could not be installed.
In the next few weeks.
Tony’s steel warframe was becoming more and more problematic internationally.
Because his mech was a high-tech weapon.
And it was too high-profile.
The international press about him had never been popular.
But until Tony wore this warframe, he paid back a group of terrorists.
Only the others could shut up.
As for the palladium element in his body, Eno estimated that it had risen to about 11%.
In the office on the top floor of the Umbrella Building.
Eno sat in the chair and looked at the various portraits of Tony Stark posted on the street downstairs. Not only did he sigh,” Time passed so quickly.”
“From the end of 2009, after I obtained the Flower of Gods, it’s already May 2010 to solve Tony’s problem. Er… it doesn’ t seem to be long. It’s only been half a year.”
At this moment…
[Gene Devour System]
[Heavenly God 1%→2%]
“Half a year, you’ ve only increased by 1%, but it’s really interesting. Every day, the giant arc reactor will recharge you. It’s only increased by 1 point now.”
As he spoke, Eno felt a wave of heat and power gushing out of his body.
Gripping his hand, Eno stood up and tried to accumulate strength in the air to attack the empty fist.
The air seemed to be sucked away by something!
The whistling wind blew past Eno’s ear, lifting the laptop on his desk.
“This has increased by a bit.”
Sensing the destructive power of this empty fist, Eno’s overall level had at least doubled.
Can this kind of physical fitness wings fly?
Eno sat back in his chair and could not help but question.
His previous physical fitness could only glide through the wings of light.
Now that it doubled, at least it was a little evolved, right?
[Light Wings]
[Light Wings: Consume a large amount of biological energy (physical strength) to fly for a short time]
He could fly.
Although it was only a short time, the wings of light could determine the flying time based on their physical strength.
This brought Eno great mobility.
If you want to fly, you can fly. If you want to stop, you can stop.
As long as the time was reasonable, flying was of great use.
The elevator door opened.
Angela came out of the underground laboratory to relax.
She saw the computer on the desk and walked over to help her laptop up.
“The Ark Reaction Furnace has been disassembled and studied at the underground laboratory in Los Angeles.”
“Although we don’ t want them to be able to reproduce one, we should be able to obtain a lot of skills.”
“When the time comes, it’s not impossible to imitate a bit of a different kind based on technology.”
Eno nodded. He did not need a concentrated ark reactor like Tony.
He needed equipment that could convert high power into energy.
Eno said,” Tell them, there’s no need to forcibly compress the volume. Just try your best. The main thing is to use a bit of effort to convert energy.”
Angela nodded and wrote down this on the tablet.
By the way.
Ino just thought of it.
It had been a long time since he had gone to see how the Flower of Gods looked.
The root of the flower was brought back by Eno from Missouri.
Ino planted it in the underground laboratory of the umbrella headquarters, Angela’s private laboratory. It was now under his feet.
Take the elevator.
Eno and Angela went to the underground laboratory. After a few minutes of walking, the clean, white wall and floor suddenly disappeared.
What caught his eye was a giant transparent glass that was 3 meters tall and 20 meters long.
As for the dirt cave inside the glass, what was being planted was the Flower of God.
It, which had only been left with flower roots, had grown blue fruits again, while the outside was wrapped in a hollow grid.
Eno raised a half-section of it on the monitor next to him. Its flower roots were different from those in Missouri. The 1,200-kilometer-long blue flower roots fiercely pierced into the heart of the earth. It was completely different from the apple-sized fruit on the surface.


One had to know that its flower roots in Missouri were only 20 centimeters long, and now it had been transplanted for half a year, it was actually 1,200 kilometers.
Angela looked at the flower root in shock and asked doubtfully,” Can you control this planet?”
Eno closed his eyes and felt the connection between the flower and his body.
This seemed to be the same as his own poison. Oh, no, the Heavenly God’s ability to descend into the mortal world was the same.
If that was the case, this Flower of Gods was one of his abilities?
[Gene Devour System]
[New Ability: Flower of Gods]
[Total Ability: Heavenly God 2%, Heavenly God 42%, Heavenly God Flower 1200km]
[Flower of the Gods: According to the evolution of the gods, you will gradually gain power and control every time the flower roots are inserted. It will be time to completely control the planet until 6000 kilometers.]
I see.
No wonder the moment the Heavenly God’s ability grew, Eno felt that his connection with the earth beneath his feet was even deeper, although it was still very small.
He opened his eyes.
“Sure.”Eno nodded.” But it needs its flower roots to penetrate 6,000 kilometers deep.”
Angela thought for a moment, then turned to look at Eno.” Isn’t that the Earth Core Center?”Can it not be melted?”
“No, because its flower roots are not physical.”
Seeing Angela at a loss, Eno explained,” The Flower of Gods is the extension of God.”
“Although its fruit is real, its flower roots are its ability expression.”
“Its flower roots are real and virtual. Temperature and physics are useless to it. You can understand the flower roots as a kind of consciousness.”
“When my consciousness reaches the Earth Core, it’s when I control this planet. Do you understand?”
Angela quickly lit her small and delicate cheeks, but her eyes didn’t shine.
At this moment, she was extremely curious about this flower root.
This was the representative of neural consciousness!
Angela’s nano-biotech project needed this technology.
And this technique had been bothering her for a long time.
So this treasure had always been by his side?
Eno looked at her and knew what she was thinking.
He looked at Angela and said confidently,” Of course you can go if you want to research.”
“Even if the fruit is destroyed, it will only suspend its consciousness.”
“Yeah ~~~”
Angela jumped up like a little girl and took a sip of incense.
Ino, who was completely unprepared, reacted until there was a touch on his face.
Fortunately, Angela’s red lips didn’ t need to rub her lipstick.
Otherwise, he would not have any paper to wipe it off.
Seeing the Flower of Gods on the other side of the glass, Angela impatiently went to study it.
Eno was left to the side.
Angela, who was preparing the experimental equipment, seemed to feel “desolate” Inno.
She blinked her eyes at Eno and offered Feiji.
Alright, this hint was still understandable.
It was a good evening.
Compensation accepted.
Take the elevator back to the office on the top floor.
Eno had just stepped out of the elevator.
The phone on the desk rang.
Eno walked up and saw that the source of the phone was quite unexpected.
It was Lieutenant General Zadius Ross.
That was Lieutenant General Ross, who led to the birth of Hulk.
After the call was answered.
“Mr. Eno.”There was an old but powerful voice.
“Lieutenant General Ross, is there something wrong?”
Ino was most annoyed by having a relationship with the regular army, so he wanted to quickly end this conversation.
“We need you. The military also needs you.”
Hearing the words from the other side, Eno was speechless.” There are too many people who need me. If I close the umbrella company now, there will be hundreds of millions of people coming to my door tomorrow to ask me to reopen.”
Although it was more exaggerated, it was not wrong. That was what he meant.
Ross said seriously,” As long as our military cooperates with the umbrella, the best biological weapons are within reach.”
“What is Tony Stark’s Iron Man?Hao….The latest biological weapon could break him into parts!”And I heard that the military committee will be looking for trouble soon.”
Ross, who desperately wanted to get the umbrella to cooperate with him, could even say something for decades. It could be seen how much he wanted to cooperate with the umbrella.
If ordinary people had this kind of biotechnology, Ross would have used military power to get him over, but this was Eno!The boss of the umbrella!He could not!If he were to lead his troops to the entrance of the umbrella headquarters today, his removal order would be able to come down in two hours.

045. Lieutenant General Ross’ compromise [3]

That’s right, it was just that terrifying.
The public’s comments were so impressive.
Eno said clearly,” Listen, Lieutenant General Ross, do you know why the umbrella has never been studied with the government for a hundred years?”
Before he could reply, Eno continued,” It’s because it’s stable.”
“Would it be beneficial to cooperate with the military government?”There’s no benefit, and you don’ t even want to share information.”
“What did you say, Hao?Why not finish?”Is it the big green monster that the Brazilian people sent me an email saying?”
Ross was so shocked that he couldn’ t say anything.
Why did Eno know about the failure of his capture of Banna not long ago?
“You must be wondering why I know.”
Once again, he did not let the other side speak. Ino directly stated,” If there are strange and unknown creatures, the people of the world are my spies.”
“A few people have already sent the report of finding the green monster to the umbrella’s email. I don’ t need to ask.”
After everything was done.
Ross’ face became as if he was dead, not saying a word.
After a while, Ross faintly said,” His name is Hooker. As for the details, I can send you, but you have to agree to help me study the methods that target him.”
Eno:” I want all the information, but I can not let him mutate.”
Ross:” Sure.”
Eno said,” Since you’ ve already failed, and the research on the protective umbrella will take time, I can’ t guarantee that I’ ll be able to help you. Lieutenant General Ross, need to make this clear.”
Ross was silent for a while before deciding,” Sure.”
Eno:” Then I’ ll hang up. Remember to send the information.”
Du ~~~ Du~
Hang up.
Eno casually put his feet on the table.
Hao Ke’s information was useful.
It was just to find a reason to participate openly in the Haoke incident.
As for whether to help or not.
Wouldn’t it be helpful if the Heavenly God went down to fight?
It was just done by the way.
Anyway, it couldn’t be pulled on the protective umbrella.
Ding Ling Ling ~~~~
Just as he hung up, another call came.
Eno glanced at Tony.
After connecting.
Tony’s nagging voice rang out.” Eno, I’ m telling the truth. Can you change your phone number?”I can give you a set of smart housekeeper’s office for free. Now, we can’ t even talk on video.”
“No.”Eno refused,” The boss office of the umbrella doesn’ t exchange high-tech supplies.”
“There’s no network attack channel here for the sake of security. This way, we can basically solve any Internet threat.”
“This move is over.”Tony agreed.” Indeed, without the Internet, there is no Internet threat, just like without weapons, there is no war.”
“The first sentence is right, the second sentence is wrong.”Ino reminded Tony.
“Why?”Tony asked doubtfully.
“Without weapons, humans can fight with fists, feet, and teeth.”
Ino gave a simple example,” War is a part of a creature, unless you say there is no creature, there is no such thing as war.”
Tony, who was at home, covered his face with his palm when he heard Eno’s words. He moved from top to chin.
He pinched his chin and said,” You taught me another lesson. Why are you 18?Can’t you be an 81-year-old grandpa?”That way, I can feel better.”
Eno sat in the chair and said relaxedly,” It’s almost time. I’ ll be 19 years old in three months. That’s a step closer to the 81-year-old you’ re thinking about.”
Tony choked at home when Eno emphasized his age again.
Then, he waited for him to take a good breath before he said,” Alright, let’s get down to business.”
“I intend to prepare for a year-long Stark Industrial Expo in half a year.”
“I wonder if you want to hold an Umbrella Pharmaceutical Expo with me.”
“Why don’ t we drive together? It’s called the New York Exposition. Anyway, our company is in Harmanton, New York.”
When Eno heard that, he smiled and rejected Tony.” I’ m afraid I won’ t be able to do it. It’s not that I don’ t want to do it. It’s that the pharmaceutical industry wants to improve much more slowly than the industry. At that time, I’ m afraid no company will have something to offer. At that time, it’s not an exposition, but a private meeting.”


“No, no, no.”Tony explained on the other end,” Even though we are holding an exposition, it’s no different from a private meeting. By the way, do you have any new technology to announce?”
Ino calculated the time. Half a year later, the biological mechanical bionic limbs could be born.
If that was the case, instead of having a press conference for himself, it would be better to have a “fair” with Tony.
Just like Tony had said, what he was talking about was an exposition, but it was actually a private exhibition.
There was a difference between Iron Man and Bio-mechanical limbs. There was no need to fight for the limelight.
The protective umbrella was a new technology. It was designed for people with disabilities. Hmm… temporarily.
Although Stark didn’t sell weapons anymore, Iron Man was a weapon, so this was two different things.
Thinking of this, Ino and Tony released some news.” Alright, it’s no problem to open the Expo together. As for the new technology, apart from the mentally disabled, they can spend tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars to return to normal life.”
“You solved the biological neurology problem?”Just as Eno finished, Tony immediately replied.
Even Tony could solve the problem of artificial limbs, but was the problem of biological artificial limbs the main body?
It was a biological problem.
How could the artificial limbs be connected to the brain’s thoughts?
“It’s being solved, not already.”
Ino had to correct it first, so as not to let Tony speak out.
“Can you tell me that it’s about to be solved.”Tony took the place of Eno and said confidently,” Someone is going to owe you a favor. I believe he will personally visit you in half a year.”
Eno smiled.” I guess.”
If he wanted to ask who the visitor was, his name was Rodriguez.
Vice President.
“Then let’s just say it like this. We’ ll open the New York Expo in half a year’s time. I’ ll take care of the venue construction. Just be there.”
“It’s only a few dollars for the construction of the site. You also need to install a large household.”
After the matter was over, he hung up.
Eno picked up the folder on the table beside him.
This was the information about the Heavenly God descending to the mortal world.
He looked at his information.
Eno opened his computer to create a folder: Heavenly God Analysis—Protection Umbrella
Yes, it was time to compile a document for himself.
Apart from the information that Colson had given him.
Eno tapped on the keyboard.
“From the cross-section of the slash, the probability of a Heavenly God weapon being a sword is as high as seventy percent, and thirty percent is a sword.”
“Judging from the structure of the wings, the crystal-like bionic wings don’ t necessarily have the ability to fly. It can only be predicted to glide.”
“From the body structure, the Heavenly God’s strength is extremely great, and the weapons are extremely sharp.”
“From the surface of the armor and the surface of the armor, it’s highly possible that it’s human form.”
After all, he didn’t say anything.
With the ability of Eno’s first generation Heavenly God, combined with the reports of Colson and Roddy, it was the information that Eno reported now.
As for the last item, they were asked to frantically guess at the 2m3 person.
Just like that, as long as Eno did not show himself, they would never be able to guess.
Save the sorted information and send it to the Divine Shield Bureau and the FBA after a month.
The efficiency could not be so high. Otherwise, it would be easy to show off.
Eno looked at the time. It was 6 p.m.
It had already been an hour since she left work, yet Angela had yet to come out.
Call the lab.
No one answered.
Eno took the elevator to the underground laboratory.
Angela was still busy with the experiment equipment.
Eno walked over and reminded,” It’s already late, Miss Angela.”
Angela was shocked by the sudden sound.
Eno looked at it and said,” You’ re so focused on forgetting your food and sleep. Don’ t forget your shooting training. The red umbrella has already put your weapon in the yard.”
Angela calmed down and reluctantly stopped moving.
Then she saw Eno’s slightly unhappy expression and took the initiative to walk up to hug him and whispered in her ear,” Then let’s go home now~”
Hearing Angela’s tone, Eno still said unhappily,” It’s still a long time. You don’ t need to be so anxious. If it’s an ordinary person, your body will be boasting.”
“Fortunately, I’ m not an ordinary person, right.”Angela held onto Eno’s hand and walked towards the elevator.” Alright~ I admit I forgot to answer the phone. I’ ll go back and compensate you.”


The compensation was to go back and wear something “nice “.
Yes, whatever you want to understand.
Angie pulled out a super-run and drove Eno home.
The lights on the street were printed in the car one after another, brushing past the two from time to time.
Ino moved his eyes and glanced at Angela.
She seemed to have something on her mind.
He wasn’t thinking about going back to wear something, was he?
After a while.
Angie pulled the car away and said,” Eno, discuss something.”
“?”Eno looked at Angela curiously before turning back.” Speak.”
“I want… to find a helper?”
Angela asked Eno with her own questions. She was asking for Eno’s consent.
Why?”Didn’ t I say there’s no rush?”
“But…” Angela explained,” It’s clear that there’s such a large treasure in front of me, but the progress can’ t reach my satisfaction.”
“Although the time to integrate with the bionic bio-mechanical prosthetics is indeed enough, compared to the true body of the Flower of Gods, if we continue with this progress, it will be a heaven and earth difference.”
This… was true.
Even the mature technology of bio-mechanical artificial limbs was not as valuable as the Flower of Gods.
“Who are you looking for?”Eno gave it a try. There was no need to refuse.
“The person I mentioned earlier with you, my junior sister.”
“Your junior sister?”Eno thought back to it. He didn’t seem to have such an impression.
Angela knew that Eno had forgotten.
“Zhao Helen, do you remember?”
(This person doesn’t have Baidu Encyclopedic Personage Data, so the following settings are original and I’ ll try my best to make it reasonable)
“Wait, I seem to remember who it is.”
Wasn’t that the doctor of biological neurology and cytology?
In the second double, she repaired Eagle Eye’s waist.
She also claimed that if she was in the cradle of her life, that kind of injury would only take 20 minutes.
He also predicted that Tony’s warframe would have to move towards nano-engineering.
But now, Eno did not see any news about her.
In other words, she didn’t have the skills she needed.
Angela continued to introduce Zhao Helen,” Full name Zhao Helen,19 years old and 8 months old, height 177cm,3D……”
“Stop, stop, stop, stop.”Eno quickly interrupted Angela,” Speak something useful.”
Angela stole a glance at Eno and whispered,” Nice figure.”He hoped that Eno would increase her points in this regard and make her his assistant.
Then, he introduced again,” I knew this junior girl before, and she was still studying a doctorate degree at Johns Hopkins University.”
“She’s also a genius. She won her degree in 1 year during the university period, and she won her master’s degree in 2 years. She’s currently studying for a doctoral degree.”
“The bioengineering that I’ m studying is bio-neurology, bio-cytology, and the auxiliary work is nanobiology like mine.”
After listening to Angela’s introduction, Eno had a preliminary understanding of this unfamiliar girl.
A talent must be a talent. According to this theory, he was at the top of the protective umbrella for the time being.
Eno continued,” If you want to absorb her into the Los Angeles underground experimental base under the umbrella, then as long as she can agree to the agreement, I will raise my hands to welcome her. But if you want to absorb her as an assistant, it’s different.”
After she became an assistant, she would know all the information in the underground laboratory of the headquarters. What about the Flower of Gods, the Descendents of Gods, and the geno points of Gods?”I can’ t trust her. There’s no reason to trust her.”
Only Angela’s status as a junior could be trusted?
Definitely not.
Even if her technique and Angela’s technique complement each other, it would have a miraculous effect.
But all of this was based on the premise of stability and safety.
Eno could not leave behind any dangerous factors.
The mother’s consciousness was completely controlling the child’s ability, that is, controlling the life of the creature attached to the quilt’s ability with a single thought.)
Angie pulled the car away, her teeth biting her red lips, her face twisted.
If it was based on Eno’s trust, he would be unable to find an assistant.
In this world, perhaps other than herself, only those who were under the control of Enoch were worthy of Enoch’s trust. Angela knew this very well.
The control of the blanket god meant that Eno would have 100% control over his life. However, this control was not spiritual. It was just life. Eno could control the life of the symbiotic creature, but not spirit.


Therefore, Eno did not have to forcibly control his life for the sake of one person. The control of life was only the last insurance, and Eno still needed the spiritual level. In other words:
All, the entire person.
Thinking of this, Angie pulled the car and asked hesitantly:
“If Helen is willing to devote herself to herself and willingly accept Ziduo’s descent into the mortal world, can she be my assistant?”
“If that’s the case.”Eno looked at Angela seriously and said,” Sure.”
But before Angela was happy with Eno, she continued,” But if she regrets it, I can only kill her. You have to think about it.”
“No problem!”Angela agreed confidently.
After returning home.
Angela hurriedly pulled Eno to take a long bath.
Then she blew her hair dry and went to the sofa in the living room in her loose pajamas. Her legs crossed and she took out a tablet to talk to her sister online.
Eno, on the other hand, went to the wine cellar to take a bottle of wine and sat on the sofa on the balcony on the second floor to enjoy the night view of the canal.
At the sofa in the living room.
Angela sent her a half-section of the 1,200-kilometer-long Flower of God and a blue-like neural network video after cutting off a few flower roots.
There was no information, only a picture and a video screen.
Then Angela watched the television leisurely.
He was ready to welcome the calm before the storm.
Angela’s tablet suddenly thought of a beep.
He opened it and took a look.
Zhao Helen: Senior!What kind of plant is this!?
Zhao Helen: What is it!What kind of science?Why have I never seen it before!?
Zhao Helen: What is that person that cut open the blue-like neural network!?
Zhao Helen: How could its roots be so deep to replenish its energy!? Is the fruit important!?
Zhao Helen: Senior, is it not convenient to speak?
Zhao Helen: Is it the latest plant found by the umbrella?Can I join?
Seeing Zhao Helen’s hurried reply, Angela smiled as she expected.
This plant was suitable for the research of Dr. Zhao Helen’s degree.
Whether it was cells or nerves.
It was exactly the same as Zhao Helen.
That was why Zhao Helen was so anxious to know.
Angela replied,” There’s too much to say. Video call.
At this moment, Zhao Helen was in the hotel, carrying her cell phone in her arms. She just happened to have an experiment to investigate went out to stay at the hotel in Newark. This was not far from New York.
Just waiting for Angela’s reply.
A phone notification sound like the sound of nature rang in Zhao Helen’s ear.
She quickly picked up her phone and looked at her sister’s reply.
Without any hesitation, he dialed the video conversation.
He saw the video conversation.
Angela smiled as if she was in control. She cleaned up her expression and connected the video.
“Senior Angela!Was this plant easy to say!?”
The moment Zhao Helen was connected, her voice rang out.
Angela held the tablet and said,” This is a new plant found by the umbrella. No, it’s a divine object.”
“As for the inconvenience, I definitely can’ t say it because… you know.”
Angela pointed the camera at a hanger in the living room that entered the door.
There were clothes, jackets, and shoes that Eno would wear for the time being.
As for who Angela lived with, Zhao Helen had long heard her show off.
After all, in the eyes of most women, Angela really deserved to be the winner.This title.
“External…” Zhao Helen was not a fool. She knew that this sentence had another meaning when she heard it.
In other words, if he joined the protective umbrella, he would be able to come into contact with this plant?Zhao Helen thought so.
It wasn’t impossible to join the world’s number one company in BioPharmaceutical before graduation. As long as it could satisfy its own research.
Thinking of this, Zhao Helen asked with certainty,” As long as you join the umbrella, you can study it?”
“Of course not.”
Angela’s words stunned Zhao Helen.
Even joining the protective umbrella could study it, that……
“Now that I know it and you only have three people.”Angela gave Zhao Helenyu an example.” And I’ m the only one studying it.”
This sentence made Zhao Hailun want to die.
Only one person could study how happy it was.
It was as if the entire treasure was yours. You just needed to dig it up.
Thinking of this, Zhao Helen swallowed her saliva lightly and finally decided,” If it’s true, can the senior say its value and how to join you?”I’ m willing to pay for it.”