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Marvel: Opening a Male Core System(Chapter 1-50)

Chapter 1 Pooh!

My name is Su Liu, a homestead male who graduated from college. If you told me a week ago that there would be a goddess who would come to me to give me warmth, I would think you were mocking me, but now……I was already used to such things.
After all, transmigration had already appeared on me. What could the goddess give me warmth?
Su Liu took a look at the golden-haired beauty who was still sleeping on the bed, then at the red on the corner sheet. He rubbed his nose, feeling a little sorry.
He still hadn’t managed to control it last night. He probably wo n’ t get up until the afternoon.
He stretched out his hand and the light flickered slightly. A beautiful knife appeared in Su Liu’s hand.
He casually threw the knife onto the bedside table, put on his coat, and left the room without any hesitation.
Just as Su Liu closed the door, the blonde woman on the bed seemed to have sensed something. She lazily opened her eyes, and then she saw the beautiful knife on the bedside table.
“Bah, scum!”
She glanced at the direction of the door and then fell into a weak sleep.
The battle last night had really exhausted her strength.
Creation out of thin air.
This was one of the abilities Su Liu had just obtained when he came to this world. To be more precise, it was one of the weakest functions of his abilities.
And the true ability that he obtained when he passed through this world was a system.
Male Combat System!
That’s right, it was the super black technology engine system in the world Su Liu was in.
This system was awesome, but at this moment, Su Liu was still unable to fully develop the capabilities of the Male Combat System.
First, energy was the biggest problem. This was also the most crucial point to limit Su Liu’s growth.
Fortunately, it wasn’t impossible to solve this problem, because… the world Su Liu had traveled through was the world he was familiar with in his previous life!
The reason why he came here was because… this was Norway. It was the universe magic cube with infinite energy, the place where the Space Gem first appeared.
“Xiong Xin, is there still no energy source?”
On the way, Su Liu seemed to be talking to himself, but his consciousness had already entered the Male Combat System in the dark plane.
Report to Master, no energy source was found within a radius of fifty kilometers!]
Su Liu frowned, feeling a little helpless.
It had already been a week. He had spent a lot of effort on his journey from New York.
After all, this was World War II. Before Captain America could rise, the entire world was already filled with flames of war.
“Looks like it’ ll be a while before we can find it… I hope we can get the Rubik’s Cube one step ahead of the Hydra, otherwise it’ ll be even more troublesome!”Su Liu muttered to himself as he walked towards a pizza place.
“Hey, brother, you know what?”It’s said that there’s a church in the village on the other side of Castle Donder. It’s the closest place to God. I’ m just about to pray. Want to come together?”A black man’s voice came from before Su Liu.
Are you crazy, brother? Donsburg is hundreds of kilometers away from here?Just for a prayer?The black friend looked at him in surprise.
“I hope God can hear my request, so no matter how far away I will go!”The black man said firmly,” It’s said that the church has a World Tree that can transmit our prayers to God. Brother, you should go with me!”
“No, I still won’t go. There’s war everywhere now. You’d better not go…” The black man’s friend hurriedly shook his head and tried to persuade the black man.
Hearing their conversation, Su Liu’s eyes suddenly lit up.
World Tree?Mysterious Church?
Su Liu had an impression that this was the place he was looking for?
He quickly walked behind the black man and patted him on the shoulder.” Hey, brother, can I ask you something?”
The black man turned to look at Su Liu,” Of course, if I know, I’ ll tell you!”
“Thank God, you are a good person!”A smile appeared on Su Liu’s face.
Soon, Su Liu received the information he wanted.
According to the information provided by the black brothers, he was already 70% confident that the church in a village on the other side of Townsburg was the place he was looking for.
“Thank you, God will definitely hear your prayer!”
Su Liu smiled and stretched out his hand. A faint light flashed in his palm, and then a beautiful knife appeared in front of the black man.
“In order to repay your help, please accept my thanks!”
He placed a beautiful knife into the black man’s hand. Su Liu smiled and turned around, quickly disappearing into the crowd.
The black man and his friend, who had already fallen into a daze, stared at the direction Su Liu was leaving, stunned.
“Oh, my God, I wasn’t wrong, right? He actually turned out to be a good knife!!!”
“God has really heard my prayer. My poor wife finally has the money to cure her illness!!!”
“No, I think that person is the incarnation of God. He came to save you. You’ re really lucky!”
The black man’s burly body knelt on the spot and bowed in the direction Su Liu had left. Of course, the people who knelt together… and his friends.
At this moment, the surrounding people were looking at the two of them with strange expressions.
They would not have thought that the black man had just experienced the most brilliant moment in his life.
At that moment, he really thought that God cared for him. His eyes were full of piety.
Su Liu, who had already left, was heading to the station as fast as he could. He had to rush to Townsville as soon as possible.
He didn’t know when the Nine-Headed Snake would find that village. Even if it was mentioned in the movie in his previous life, Su Liu could n’ t remember such a specific time. He could only go to Tonsburg as soon as possible and take the Cosmos Rubik’s hands before the Nine-Headed Snake.
At this moment, one of the main characters in this world, our hero beauty team, was still going through the process of bumping into walls everywhere, wanting to join the army.
Stark Industries had just shown its head when the first technology fair was about to be held.
Everything in this world had just begun!*

Chapter 2: Triggering the guided mission

[Detected energy source, triggered the guided mission. Master, please obtain energy source as soon as possible, complete the first stage of the guided mission!]
Su Liu, who had just stepped out of the train station, heard a notification from the Battle System Assistant.
He pressed down on the brim of his hat and tightened his tight windbreaker jacket. He scanned the surroundings.
The train station was filled with soldiers. They were looking at the passengers without any expression. If Su Liu was right, these people should be the Nine-Headed Snake army.
“The situation isn’ t good. The security here is so tight. It’s obvious that something has happened. Could it be that the Nine-Headed Snake Force has found the location where the Cosmic Rubik’s Cube stored?”
Thinking of this, Su Liu’s steps could n’ t help but quicken.
After a series of inspections, Su Liu successfully escaped the Nine-Headed Snake army’s line of sight. After that, he quickly found a car and flew towards the location of the energy source indicated by the system.
In a small village dozens of kilometers away, the Nine-Headed Snake army had already occupied this place.
In the church, an old man was looking outside through the door.
At this moment, a man rushed into the church anxiously.
“They’ ve come to look for it. We can’ t stay here anymore, or we’ ll all die!”
“It’s not the first time. Let them come. They definitely won’ t be able to find them!”The old man looked at the man. Although he was nervous, he insisted.
At this moment, the ground of the church began to shake slightly. The old man and the man were both shocked and looked around in a slightly panicked manner.
At this moment, an excavator broke through the church door. The door collapsed along with the entire wall, crushing the man to the ground.
The old man hurriedly retreated, only then did he survive.
“If I were you, I would have turned around and run away without looking back!”
A voice suddenly sounded from behind the old man. Then, the old man could only feel his entire body being lifted up and flying.
Just before Hydra was about to break into the church, Su Liu finally arrived.
Holding the old man, he quickly turned around and pressed on the murals of the World Tree on the side of the church. He grabbed the box that popped up and quickly led the old man to the back door of the church.
Outside the door, a car with the sign of a nine-headed snake stopped at the door of the church. A man in military uniform and boots walked down from the car.
“Someone broke into the church, stop him!”The soldiers who entered the church first saw Su Liu’s figure disappear into the darkness and hurriedly warned.
The officer who had just gotten off the car outside the church had a cold look on his face. He quickly rushed into the church. When he saw the empty dark space above the murals of the World Tree, his entire evil aura exploded.
“Bastard, you dare to steal my things! You’re courting death!!!”
Under the dumbstruck gazes of all the soldiers, the officer (that is, the Red Dragonfly) stepped down and chased towards the place where Su Liu had disappeared like a cannonball.
In a room not far from the village, Su Liu placed the old man down and checked the box in his hand.
When he opened the box, a faint blue light came out from inside. The corner of Su Liu’s mouth lifted into a smile: He got it!
“Who are you? How do you know where the Rubik’s Cube is hiding!”The old man struggled to sit up from the ground and glared at Su Liu.
From his point of view, whether it was Nine-Headed Snake or Su Liu, they were all a bunch of people. They were all here to snatch the Cosmic Rubik’s Cube, so their attitude was naturally not much better.
Su Liu turned around and blinked at the old man. He smiled and said,” If I said that God had guided me, do you believe me?”
The old man was stunned for a moment before he frowned.” You……”
“Stay here and don’ t go out. Otherwise, don’ t blame me for not reminding you!”He directly interrupted the old man and put away the magic cube. Su Liu no longer cared about the old man and rushed out of the room.
Nine-Headed Snake had already occupied this place. He had to leave as soon as possible. Otherwise, if he was surrounded, it would be difficult for him to break through with his current strength.
He had just obtained the System, and his current strength was only at the level of a first generation geno warrior. He was probably about the same as the American team that had just injected a geno potion. He was even a bit too close to the Red Dragonfly.Now wasn’t the time to fight head-on. Only when he absorbed the energy of the Cosmic Rubik’s Cube and upgraded his physique to a second or higher level would Su Liu have the capital to fight.
A group of soldiers walked past the house where the old man was hiding. The old man who wanted to catch up immediately gave up.
Su Liu could no longer care about the fate of the old man. If he took the Rubik’s Cube, he would definitely attract the attention of Hydra. This way, the old man would be safe for the time being. As for whether he could survive in the future, it would depend on his own luck.
Su Liu quickly ran in the darkness, and the surrounding scenery quickly retreated.
A group of nine-headed snake soldiers followed behind. There was a figure that was not slower than Su Liu at all. It was even a bit faster, and it followed closely behind. That person was the Red Dragonfly. After the modification of the incomplete gene drug, although it had side effects on his appearance, his strength was not at all compromised.
“Bastard, stop!!!”The Red Dragonfly roared, getting closer and closer to Su Liu.
A ray of light flashed through Su Liu’s eyes and he suddenly turned around.
Activate the Male Combat System!
[Entering the dark plane, the Male Combat System has been activated, analyzing the target……]
The target was a carbon-based creature, injected with unknown genetic components. Currently, the genetic form was not included in the database……]
[Activate Final Decision… Target: Red Dragonfly!]
[Building the concept of strike… reflective energy… anti-dark energy… anti-void… creating absolute vacuum… definition complete!]
[Create a Void Barrier… Block any energy flow within the barrier…]
The target was using creatures to resist… Would he execute the final decision?]
“Execute the final decision!”Su Liu gave the final order as he looked at the red hound covered by the light yellow screen.
[Execution of final decision… Insufficient energy… Final decision can not be completed… Final decision can not be completed!]
The target creature was powerful, trying to shatter the void barrier……]
Damn, I knew it would be like this!Without another word, Su Liu turned around and ran.
Without energy support, his own power alone could not supply the complete operation of the system. At this moment, Su Liu could already feel that his own energy was rapidly draining away. If he waited any longer, he would probably fall here.
A moment later, the void barrier that had lost its energy support shattered and the Red Dragonfly rushed out at the first moment.
There was a hint of fear in his eyes. Just now, he felt like he was really going to die.
The vacuum made it impossible for him to breathe. He tried his best to get rid of the pale yellow light flowing in the void cage, but the power gave him a feeling of despair.
He swore that he would never want to face this power again!
Looking around, Su Liu’s figure was nowhere to be seen. Even if it was only ten seconds, it would still be enough for Su Liu to disappear from Red Beetle’s sight.
“Where did this guy come from!”
Hong Ke gritted her teeth and stared at the night in the distance. The fear in his heart continued to spread.*

Chapter 3 Upgrade Divine Body

Congratulations, Master, for completing the first stage of the guided mission and obtaining the second generation super geno warrior technique!]
In a hotel in Castle of Tang, Su Liu looked at the blue cube floating in front of him and smiled.
“Male core, analyze the energy of the universe cube and establish the energy channel!”
The unknown energy is being analyzed, trying to establish an energy connection channel, analyzing……]
Following the sound of the Male Combat System’s assistant in Su Liu’s mind, the universe cube in front of him was locked down by an energy, guiding it towards Su Liu.
“Hey, you’ re not trying to get this thing into my body!”
Looking at the universe cube that was getting closer and closer to him under the guidance of the System, Su Liu suddenly panicked.
The energy contained in this cosmic cube was probably countless times more powerful than a star’s energy. If it were to enter his body, he would n’ t have finished playing!
Just as Su Liu was thinking about whether he should run, the universe cube suddenly sped up and rushed towards him. Then, the voice of the male core assistant also sounded.
The energy channel has been established. Continue to analyze the energy rule structure of the Rubik’s cube… The second generation super geno warrior has already upgraded the energy. Would you like to upgrade it?]
Su Liu could only feel a hot energy rushing into his chest. He lowered his head and saw the Cosmic Rubik’s Cube entering his chest bit by bit.
At this moment, Su Liu’s soul seemed to have left his body. Endless laws of the material world appeared in his mind. At the same time, a stream of enlightenment continuously appeared in the depths of his mind. It was as if he was swimming in the ocean of the material world. A strange world appeared before his eyes.
“Upgrade! Upgrade for me!”Su Liu’s consciousness screamed madly.
He had a feeling that if he didn’t upgrade his body, he might not be able to withstand this energy at all. The surging energy in his chest seemed like it was going to tear him apart. It was endless and gushing out madly.
The upgrade conditions of the second generation super geno warrior matched. They were upgrading……]
[Body Reconstruction… Beginner Dark Energy Drive Technology has been merged… Super database has been activated…]
[The spatial origin rules contained in the Cosmic Rubik’s Cube have been preliminarily analyzed… The micro wormhole handling technology has been unlocked…]
The male core assistant’s voice continuously sounded in Su Liu’s mind. During this period, Su Liu seemed to have opened the door to a new world.
The world he was in had undergone a huge change. Everything in front of him seemed to have turned into a grid of dots and lines. He could clearly sense the coordinates and positions represented by these grids. It was as if as long as he waved his hand and pushed the grids apart, he could travel anywhere at will.
This feeling continued until the end of the divine body upgrade. When the energy of the universe cube stabilized, the entire grid world gradually disappeared.
When everything returned to normal, Su Liu reappeared in the original hotel room. Everything around him disappeared.
“Is it over?”He subconsciously raised his hand and wiped the sweat off his forehead.
Everything he had just experienced was still too shocking to him. That world and the real world were completely different dimensions. There was no longer a concept of space there. What he saw was the entire universe. He had a feeling that as long as he was willing, he would be able to break through the grid and instantly reach any corner of the entire universe.
Is this the power of a spatial gem?”How terrifying!”
Su Liu reached out his hand and touched his still warm chest. He recalled that one of the most powerful items in the Maneuvering Universe, the Spatial Gem, was within his body. Su Liu felt a sense of fear, as if his body could be torn apart by the power of the Spatial Gem at any moment.
Too terrifying!
Congratulations, Master, you have upgraded to the second generation super geno warrior. The energy channel has been constructed and stabilized. The cosmic magic cube and space gem energy have successfully integrated into the system!]
The male assistant’s words caused Su Liu to exhale slightly, and his suspended heart also relaxed.
The System was the System. Even things like the Cosmic Rubik’s Cube could be forcibly merged. Su Liu could only secretly praise it in his heart,” Bullshit! Sure enough, your System is still your System!”
“Report on the spatial gem analysis!”Su Liu spoke.
Master, the dimensional gem has completed the preliminary analysis. The micro wormhole handling technology has been unlocked. Do you want to continue the analysis?]
“How long will it take to completely analyze it?”
[According to the current data in the super database, the time needed to analyze it can not be estimated……]
“What do you mean by unpredictable…” Su Liu rolled his eyes.
[Insufficient data, unable to estimate time, conservative estimate… ten million years!]
“What?”Su Liu opened his mouth and was a little speechless.” Just say that you can’ t resolve it……”
If you need to completely analyze the energy construction rules of the Space Gem, please complete the entire system database. Do you want to continue with the background silent analysis?]
“Forget it, don’ t waste energy!”Su Liu shook his head.
Entering the dark plane, he summoned the Male Combat System status panel.
The entire space darkened. The entire Male Combat System appeared beneath Su Liu’s feet. The mechanical light wheel filled with the sense of science fiction slowly unfolded. The system’s state interface immediately appeared before Su Liu’s eyes.
Engine: Male Core [Full Upgrade Combat Version]
Host: Su Liu [Second Generation Super Geno Warrior]
Basic functions: Void Force, Anti-Void Force.
Program functions: Primary substance definition, advanced concept rewriting, primary dark energy driving, micro wormhole handling.
Auxiliary functions: celestial level computing database (unnamed); functions: super computing, super parsing, super storage.
Energy: Cosmic Rubik’s Cube (Space Gem)[ Energy channel connected]
After the Cosmic Rubik’s Cube was merged and the energy channel was established, the Combat System unlocked two new functions.
Micro Wormhole Handling Technology!
Super database!
Su Liu casually named the super database “Qiankun Knowledge Treasury “, and then he focused on the micro wormhole handling technology.
The unlocking of the wormhole handling technology meant that Su Liu could already use the wormhole technology for the first time. At least in the future, he didn’t need to carry anything with him. He just threw everything into the wormhole space.
Micro Wormhole Handling Technology: Dark energy can be used to open and close the micro wormhole. It can be used to build a dimensional pocket and carry itself to perform space jumping.*

Chapter 4 Brain Development

The second stage of the guided mission has been activated: Master, please complete the Cosmos Knowledge Treasure as soon as possible!]
The voice of the male assistant made Su Liu recover from his joy. After a moment of thought, Su Liu almost understood the meaning of this guided mission.
The Male Combat System was different from other systems. Although its power was strong, it had to be based on the strength of the knowledge treasury. Only by thoroughly understanding the enemy could it be used to suppress the enemy.
For example, against the Red Skeleton earlier, because it was unable to analyze the gene composition of the blood serum injected by the Red Skeleton, it was unable to construct the concept of attack in an instant, and it was basically decomposed into atoms.
In the end, this was the reason why the data in the knowledge treasury was insufficient and not strong enough.
Therefore, if the Male Combat System wanted to use its strongest power, it still needed the help of the Cosmos Knowledge Treasury.
Thinking of this, Su Liu had a faint idea in his heart.
This might be a long process of data collection, but overall… it did not seem to be that difficult.
A light flashed and a void door of space appeared in front of Su Liu.
The micro wormhole handling technology was activated. With the help of the space gem, Su Liu could already use a long distance space movement.
Without any hesitation, Su Liu stepped into the Space Gate. In the blink of an eye, he left Norway and appeared somewhere in New York.
Two months later, the New York National Library.
Su Liu had spent this period of time here. In this era, computers had not yet been popularized, and they were in the nascent stage, so most of the knowledge reserves remained on books.
Over the past two months, Su Liu had almost collected the entire national library’s books and materials into the system.
Su Liu recorded the information very quickly. He only needed to flip through the books and the system could scan the information inside into the database.Then, this knowledge could be read whenever Su Liu needed it.
After putting the last book in the library back to the bookshelf, Su Liu gently stretched his waist.
“I’ ve finally finished reading the books in this library……”
Congratulations, Master, Earth Knowledge Base collection has reached 10%. You have received a reward!]
The male core assistant’s voice rang out in Su Liu’s mind. At the same time, Su Liu could clearly feel that a gift bag had appeared in his tiny wormhole space.
“Open the grand prize!”Su Liu’s heart skipped a beat. Then, he stretched out his hand and grabbed a small box in his hand.
“Is this a reward?”Su Liu muttered to himself as he opened the box in his hand.
Beginner Brain Development Drug: After taking it, it will permanently increase brain development by 5%!
Seeing the effect of the potion, Su Liu’s eyes lit up.
What a good thing!
In the super god world, Angel’s brain domain was constantly developed to over 50%, so learning any knowledge was extremely fast.
On Earth, the development of human brain regions was generally less than 5%. Compared to the angels in the super god world, it was like an unexpanded creature.
And this small bottle of medicine could actually increase the brain area development by 5%. It could be said to be divine medicine!
The system’s products must be high quality.
Su Liu did not hesitate and directly swallowed the brain region development drug in his hand.
Then, the feeling of the world spinning emerged in Su Liu’s mind. In a daze, the entire world seemed to have become clearer. Su Liu seemed to have received the baptism of mysterious power, completing the sublimation of transformation.
Congratulations, Master’s brain region has reached 15%!]
While he was half asleep, Su Liu heard the voice of the ambitious assistant. Then, he instantly woke up.
He looked around. This was no longer a library, but a very warm bedroom. A faint fragrance was emitted from the bed he was lying on. It was very delicious.
“Hey, are you alright?”A female voice came from the door.
Su Liu turned to look. A blonde beauty was standing at the door with a cup of boiled water in her hand.
The woman was very beautiful. Her skin was white and red, and she was wearing tight jeans. She outlined her perfect figure. Her able-bodied shirt was decorated with lace. She looked knowledgeable and sexy, and her figure was very good.
“You are?”Su Liu frowned and searched his mind for the woman’s information. In the end, he found that he did not know the woman.
“Don’ t misunderstand, I don’ t have any ill intentions…” The woman placed the white boiled water in her hand on the table beside Su Liu.” I just saw that you were unconscious in the library, so I brought you here to rest temporarily.”
“How could you be unconscious? I’ ve checked. Your body doesn’ t seem to have any problems!”The woman asked.
Su Liu let go of his guard and smiled,” Nothing, thank you for your help!”
He stood up from the bed and picked up the water on the table.
Start scanning, target component is normal white boiled water, no abnormal component!]
Su Liu looked at Bai Kaishui. At the same time, Male Core had finished scanning.
After confirming that there was no danger, Su Liu drained Bai Kai Shui in one gulp. To be honest, he was really thirsty.
“You’ ve been in the library for two months… Are you looking for something?”The blonde girl looked at Su Liu with a trace of curiosity.” If you need any information, you can tell me. I’ m quite familiar with the library. Maybe I can help!”
This blonde girl was the manager of the library. Two months ago, he had already noticed Su Liu. Because Su Liu was a little handsome….
The man in front of him walked in from the library every day until he left the library.
Su Liu’s actions in the library in the next two months made the blonde girl’s curiosity about him even more intense. She had never seen anyone reading a book in the library like Su Liu. One book turned from beginning to end, and there was almost no time to rest. In two minutes or so, she changed to another.
At first, she thought that Su Liu was just bored and came here to amuse herself.
However, the blonde woman did not think that way. She could not imagine… what kind of person would keep reading like this for two months.
Unless this person is sick!
Being able to focus on a matter for two months without interruption was not just a pastime.
Putting the cup back on the table, Su Liu looked at the blonde woman again with a smile on his face.
“Thank you for your beautiful lady, but I don’ t think it’s necessary. Because… I’ ve finished reading all the books in your library!”
“What?”A look of disbelief appeared on the woman’s face as she frowned unhappily,” This isn’ t funny…”
She felt that Su Liu was playing with her.
“I’ m not joking.”Su Liu blinked at the woman,” If you don’ t believe me, you can test me!”*

Chapter 5 Knowledge is Power

Half an hour later, the blonde woman held a book from the library in her hand. She stared at Su Liu dumbstruck, unable to say a word.
There was also a pile of books on the ground. These were all books that Su Liu had already memorized.
Half an hour ago, the blonde girl never thought that Su Liu would actually be able to memorize the entire book. This was a miracle.
She specifically borrowed these books from different bookshelves. Su Liu had never read them before.
“You can really recite the entire library…” The woman looked at Su Liu in shock.
Su Liu shrugged,” As you can see!”
“Are you… a god?””If it’s not a god, how could someone be able to do it!!!”
Su Liu’s mouth curled into a smile. He gently walked up to the woman and lifted her chin,” If you insist on this, I can not deny it!”
Su Liu’s seemingly frivolous actions caused the woman’s face to turn red.
The woman didn’t believe Su Liu’s senses from the beginning, but now, she was only deeply convinced. At the same time, a strange feeling rose in her heart.
It was a deep admiration and worship!
In this country, no woman could resist Su Liu’s mysterious and powerful charm.
“Actually, God is also human, and occasionally there will be people’s desires. For example… right now, I really want to drink wine with the beautiful lady in front of me and spend this beautiful night together. What do you think?”Su Liu’s expression became more and more flirtatious.
The blonde woman’s face turned redder and redder, but she did not refuse.
“I think this is my honor……”
At midnight, two figures rolled on the bed.
Su Liu, who had just developed the brain region to the fifteenth level, felt that the entire world had become different. Even the enjoyment of his body had become clearer.
After the battle, Su Liu leaned against the bed. He turned to look at the woman beside him and said lazily.
“I still want to continue reading. Do you know where there is more abundant knowledge than the library here?”
The golden-haired woman’s face was full of joy. She was very satisfied this night. She did n’ t even have the time to experience the first pain before she was swept away by the wild joy.
She was also languid, and her voice was already hoarse.” More knowledge reserves than the New York National Library… Let me think…”Maybe that place has the knowledge you need!”
“Where?”Su Liu became interested.
“This world’s information transfer place, there’s the most complete knowledge database. Only you can’ t think of it, there’s no place without it!”
A ray of light flashed through Su Liu’s eyes as he carefully memorized an address.
Before dawn, Su Liu woke up.
He stood up and looked at the still sleeping blonde woman on the bed, with a faint smile on his face.
This time, when he left, Su Liu left behind more beautiful blades. This time, the experience made him very satisfied.
As for developing spiritual feelings, Su Liu didn’t have any plans for this. He did n’ t have any plans to stay in this world.
After leaving the blonde’s home, Su Liu once again entered the mini wormhole. This time, his destination was naturally the place the blonde mentioned last night.
Walking out of the wormhole, the scene before Su Liu was a little surprised.
A series of servers were neatly placed in this empty area. With a glance, there were at least tens of thousands of servers.
Although these servers were all very old versions, there were really a lot of them. The amount of information that they could store was extremely large.
No wonder it was the place where the information was transferred. This was probably the most perfect place for the information data in the entire world.
Su Liu did not expect that in this era when computers were not fully popularized, the Manway world had such a huge server data cluster. This was not logical.
But there wasn’t much logic to this world.
This place… was not really Earth!
Only at this moment did Su Liu completely believe that the world he was in now was completely unrelated to his original world.
“This way, it’ ll be much easier!”Su Liu murmured softly and walked towards the data control center.
There was one of the fastest computers in the world, and the data from all over the world was analyzed by this computer to complete the data transfer.
This was like a console that circulated information throughout the world. The light blue screen seemed cold, but it emitted a light of knowledge.
“Connect to the data center and backup the data!”
Su Liu sat in front of the console, entered the dark plane, and the Male Combat System unfolded.
In the Cosmos Knowledge Treasure, a beam of light stretched out and connected to the data center of the console. Then, a screen of light appeared in front of Su Liu.
Data backup in progress, progress 1%……]
Just as Qiankun was connected to the data center, a red alarm sounded. The entire data base was filled with a violent alarm.
Su Liu frowned slightly, then said,” Wipe out the traces of the invasion and clear the alarm!”
[Understood, shield the intrusion signal, clear the alarm!]
The next second, the alarm in the base disappeared, and the flashing red warning lights all returned to normal.
The guards who had just rushed into the data base came to the console and began to check the data.
Not far away from them, Su Liu calmly sat in front of the computer without even looking at the guards.
A faint transparent light enveloped him. The male core had already built a hidden barrier, and Su Liu could not be seen from outside.
Ten minutes later, the male core assistant’s voice sounded again.
The data backup is complete. The collection progress of the knowledge database has reached 80%. You have a new reward!]
A smile appeared on Su Liu’s face as he softly muttered,” It seems that the improvement of this database isn’ t something that takes a lot of effort!”
At this moment, the vast amount of knowledge began to merge into Su Liu’s mind. As long as he needed it, he could read it at any time. This feeling made Su Liu feel like he was a god who knew everything.
This was the power of knowledge!
If it was now… Su Liu had a hundred percent confidence that he could easily crush the Red Dragonfly!
Even now, he still did not collect any information about the serum.
This was for sure. How could such classified information appear here?
The information that could be found here was only the knowledge that the general public could access. The information about the various countries’ secret research was stored on independent servers. It was impossible for them to appear here.
However, just based on his existing knowledge reserves, the ability of the knowledge treasury could already be used by ten to eight percent.
With the Male Combat System, Su Liu had a million methods to crush the Red Dragonfly to death.*

Chapter 6 Angel Gene Technology

After leaving the data base, Su Liu returned to his home in New York.
This was a two-room residence of more than 80 square meters. Su Liu alone was enough, so he did not move out of here.
The main thing was that it was troublesome.
He took out this reward from the wormhole space.
A bottle of brain development medicine.
There was also a white card: Angel Gene Technology Data Card.
This time, the brain domain development drug that was rewarded could directly increase the brain domain development by 10%. This was another surprise for Su Liu!
With the previous lesson, this time, Su Liu did not randomly use this brain region development drug outside. If he fainted again, it would be too dangerous.
First, he put the brain development drug aside and Su Liu picked up the white card.
The card seemed to be made of some kind of crystal. It had a technology-like pattern on it. It was very beautiful.
But what surprised Su Liu even more was that this card actually recorded Angel Gene Technology.
Angel Gene Technology Data Card: It records the genetic technology data of angels. After using it, it can activate the genetic technology.
“Use the data card!”
Su Liu used the data card without any hesitation.
The next second, the Male Combat System activated and the Cosmos Knowledge Treasure once again released a white beam of light.
The crystal card, which recorded Angel Gene Technology, floated in the air and then tangled with the white light beam that extended from the Cosmos Knowledge Treasure.
Soon, the male core assistant’s voice sounded.
The Angel Gene Technology Data Card has been activated to unlock the Angel Gene Technology Sequence!]
Congratulations, Master. You have obtained some information about the Angel Gene that is not old. You can upgrade your body and integrate it into the Force of Immortality. You need to have 25% brain development to upgrade. You can not upgrade at this moment!]
An old ability!Su Liu’s eyes shone brightly.
This technology was so awesome!
At present, Su Liu’s brain area development had reached 15%, still less than 10%.
He looked at the brain development drug that he had just put aside.
This thing just happened to be able to develop 10% of the brain development level. It was as if it was specially prepared for him to upgrade his body.
He opened the brain region development drug and swallowed it in one gulp. His previous feelings once again emerged. However, this time, Su Liu did not lose consciousness. Instead, he clearly felt the process of brain region development.
The color of the world in front of him constantly changed, and his pupils dilated. Once again, he entered the world he felt when he first upgraded his body.
Everything seemed to have been magnified countless times. A grain of sand and dust were filled with energy. Su Liu’s brain naturally operated, analyzing everything in front of him. It was as cold and accurate as a computer.
He could even hear his heart pounding in his mind.
[Brain Development 19%…22%…25%…]
The male core assistant’s voice continuously sounded in Su Liu’s mind.
In the end, everything in front of him returned to normal again. Everything in the room returned to normal again. Su Liu’s pupils gradually shrunk and he returned to his original appearance.
Su Liu let out a deep breath and a cold light flashed in his eyes.
At this moment, he felt that he was a little different. The entire spiritual world was once again baptized and completed further sublimation.
If it was to be compared, it could be said that Su Liu was closer to the world of gods!
“Upgrade Immortal Body!”After the brain domain was developed, Su Liu spoke indifferently without any hesitation.
To be able to have the ability to grow old was something that almost anyone wanted to have. But in Su Liu’s eyes, it seemed that growing old was just a small matter!
As Su Liu’s voice rang out, the Male Core Battle System operated again. The Cosmos Knowledge Treasure activated the data, forming a white light that wrapped Su Liu.
In the process of body upgrade, the Angelic Immortal’s geno power was fused, and the progress was 10%……]
The male core assistant’s mechanical voice rang out without any warmth. It was cold and straightforward.
Half an hour later, Su Liu’s floating body slowly descended. The moment he stepped on the ground, the surrounding space became slightly brighter. The control interface of the Male Combat System slowly closed, and then disappeared. Su Liu’s entire body also withdrew from the dark plane.
Feeling the genetic power of Peng Ba in his body, Su Liu clenched his fist lightly.
He could feel the powerful life force in his body. That power was enough to keep him from aging for thousands of years. As his strength advanced, the power of aging would become even more powerful.
If nothing unexpected happened, Su Liu felt like he had lived for tens of thousands of years without any problems.
He looked at himself in the mirror. After fusing with the Angel Gene, his face became even more handsome, sharp and sharp. His entire body was in perfect proportions. He was as strong as a cheetah, filled with a streamlined beauty.
“How many young girls do you have this face!”Su Liu suddenly laughed.
At the same time, he became a little distressed. It seemed like he couldn’t flirt with girls in the future. Otherwise, he would really become a walking hormone.
He was afraid that he would be wiped clean by those hungry and thirsty women. He did not even have any residue left.
Master, the second phase of the database completion mission has been triggered: Collect supernatural power data!]
The mechanical cold voice of the ambitious assistant pulled Su Liu’s attention back.
He frowned slightly. At first, he didn’t feel anything about this kind of mechanical and icy voice. Now that he heard it… it seemed that it was a bit unapproachable!
Could it be that after the body modification, his preferences and senses also changed?
“Xiong Xin, can you change your voice a little?”For example… a loli sound?”
Yes, Master!]
The next moment, the soft loli voice sounded.
It was hard to imagine that this voice had the slightest connection with the ice-cold mechanical voice, but it was finally a little more comfortable to hear.
Su Liu nodded,” In the future, I’ ll call you Xiao Xin!”
All right, Master!]
Su Liu leisurely lay down on the sofa,” Collection of supernatural power data, this thing is a bit troublesome!”
He muttered to himself, planning his next action in his mind.
First of all, it was the American team serum. This was one of the supernatural forces that had appeared in the plot so far.
“Let me think about it. What’s the name of the place where Team America injects blood?”
When the brain domain was developed to 25%, Su Liu’s memory and all aspects of his brain’s abilities changed. Soon, a place name appeared in his mind.
“Yeah, it seems to be called… Brooklin Antique Shop!”
The next second, Su Liu’s figure disappeared from the living room, leaving behind a faint ray of light. The tiny wormhole immediately closed.*

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At least ten chapters were released after the fight, and every two hundred more chapters were subscribed.
The monthly ticket was 100 plus one chapter!
Hand-to-hand abuse, liver-exploding!*

Chapter 7 Gene Potion, Leave

New York, Brooklyn antique shop.
A loud explosion caused people’s eyes to turn towards the antique shop. The entire street was in a commotion due to gunfire and explosions.
As the gunshots rang out, the door of the antique shop was suddenly kicked open. A man in a gray suit rushed out with a gun in hand.
A car accurately stopped in front of the man before quickly leaving.
Following that, a woman in military uniform also came out of the antique shop.
The next scene was the same as the movie. Hydera’s agent ran away from the antique shop with the last serum sample. Immediately after, the US team chased out.
Su Liu stood on a tall building near the street and silently watched this scene without interfering.
Su Liu smiled faintly until the beauty team chased after him for several blocks. Just as he was about to catch up with Hyderabad, a space wormhole appeared in front of him and stepped inside.
During the battle, the blue super serum sample fell to the ground. Su Liu seemed to have predicted that he would appear next to the super serum drug.
He didn’t look at the American team and Hyderabad. He squatted down leisurely and reached for the serum drug.
A special gene drug was detected. Master, did you scan the ingredients?]
Xiao Xin’s voice sounded in Su Liu’s mind.
Su Liu replied indifferently.
This time, he came here to inject a serum drug for the American team. There was no reason why he did not scan it.
Next to him, that Hyderabad agent was already under the control of the American team. Then, he killed himself by biting the poison in the slogan “Hail to Hyderabad “.
Captain America looked at the agent with a serious expression.
Then, he turned to look at Su Liu.
The American team had naturally noticed Su Liu’s appearance, but he did n’ t sense any hostility from Su Liu, so he didn’t bother with him immediately.
At this moment, Su Liu’s aura was restrained. No matter how he looked at it, he did n’ t seem to be a powerful person. This was one of the reasons Team Mei didn’t care about him.
“Sir, you better not touch that thing. It might be dangerous!”
Team Mei frowned when she saw Su Liu’s finger was touched by a blue potion.
The information on the ingredients of the super serum drug has been collected!]
Su Liu stood up from the ground and looked at Team Mei.
“Hello, Mr. Steve!”
Su Liu nodded slightly towards the beautiful team, his expression extremely calm.
When Su Liu looked at the American team indifferently, the American team had a serious look in their eyes. Only now did the American team realize that the Chinese man in front of them was not simple.
If it was just an ordinary person, seeing the scene just now wouldn’t have been like this.
“Who are you?”Why do you know me?”Team USA’s body tensed up slightly. He thought that Su Liu was also a member of Hyderabad, and his eyes gave off a sharp light.
“Don’ t misunderstand. I’ m just an ordinary person. I don’ t have any ill intentions towards you. I’ m not that headless snake either!”Su Liu shrugged.
“Headless Snake?”Captain America’s mouth twitched slightly.
At this moment, the entire world was turned upside down by the Nine-Headed Serpent. The man in front of him was actually able to say something like “Headless Snake” in a teasing tone. This made the beautiful team feel that the guy in front of them was not simple.
Most importantly, the US team did not discover how Su Liu had appeared here.
He seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. By the time the US team reacted, he was already there.
He originally thought that it was just Su Liu who was just a curious ordinary crowd, but now it seemed like it wasn’t.
Hu la la la ~!
Soon, a group of fully armed soldiers appeared at the scene.
The US team and Su Liu were facing each other. All the soldiers naturally pointed their guns at Su Liu.
“Wait~!”The American team suddenly opened their mouth and signaled the soldiers not to act rashly.
Su Liu did not show any obvious hostility. With the righteous personality of the American team, he naturally would not watch Su Liu die under the soldier’s gun.
“Who are you?”I’ m afraid I’ ll have to ask you to come!”The American team stepped forward and walked towards Su Liu.
Su Liu smiled, as if he didn’ t care about the muzzle that was pointing at him.
He took out a tissue paper and wiped off the residual liquid of the serum drug at the tip of his finger. Then, his gaze swept across the surrounding soldiers.
“I’ m sorry, I have other things to do. I might not be able to go back with you. Also… Actually, I really don’ t like people pointing at me with guns!”
His figure suddenly moved. Team Mei’s heart tightened and she subconsciously reached out to block Su Liu.
Unfortunately, Su Liu’s speed was too fast. He was like a blur passing by him, followed by a series of miserable cries.
When the American team turned around, they saw the soldiers who were holding guns at Su Liu. They all fell to the ground with miserable screams.
As for Su Liu’s figure, it was like a phantom that quickly swam among the soldiers.
In just a few seconds, Su Liu stood still again. The soldiers on the ground were all howling in pain.
“Who are you!”Team Mei’s face was filled with anger. There was a deep shock in her eyes, but she quickly chased after Su Liu.
It could be seen that he had raised his vigilance towards Su Liu to the peak.
With Team USA’s speed, it was only a second away from him. However, when he rushed in front of Su Liu, he reached out and grabbed Su Liu.
Su Liu’s body moved backwards to dodge the American team’s hand, and the tiny wormhole opened again.
With one step, Su Liu’s figure disappeared into the wormhole space. At the same time, his final voice drifted out from the wormhole space.
“My name is Su Liu, don’ t worry. We’ re not enemies. Also… I believe we’ ll meet again!”
The wormhole closed, leaving behind a stunned beautiful team.
Team USA had just injected the serum drug. A few hours ago, he was just an ordinary human. How could he have seen such a sci-fi technology as the mini wormhole?
He did not react until the wormhole closed.
This person… actually disappeared right under his eyes, and the way he disappeared was still so “strange “!!!
After a long while, Steve’s mood slowly calmed down.
He took a deep breath, his eyes shining brightly as he clenched his fists.
“I hope you’ re not lying to me. If you’ re an enemy, I’ ll definitely beat you when we meet again!”
After muttering to himself, the US team quickly turned around and looked at the soldiers’ injuries.
Su Liu was very tactful and did not intend to fight the US team. Therefore, these soldiers were only injured and they were fine after a short rest.
After checking the injuries of all the soldiers, the US team let out a sigh of relief. At the same time, they felt a little happy.
Then, he looked at the place where Su Liu had disappeared.
At this moment, his heart involuntarily felt a sense of helplessness.
“If that guy is really an enemy…” He was not sure if he could really defeat Su Liu.
The recent review was very strict. Some chapters were blocked, and I will revise them as soon as possible.Silently ridiculing him, he really wanted to say something like that!Pray for comfort, for flowers, for evaluation, for all sorts of comfort!)*

Chapter 8 Paragons

Su Liu’s body had already reached the peak of the second generation Geno Warrior. He was completely crushed against the current US team.
At this moment, the beautiful team that had just injected super serum was at most at the peak of a generation of super warriors. At most, it was just a bit of physical endurance. His combat ability was not particularly strong. He still needed time to grow.
After leaving Brooklyn, Su Liu appeared on the other side of the world.
This place was located in the Eastern Republic. There was a very lively area under the ice-covered snow mountain.
When Su Liu’s figure appeared, a bald man in linen clothes walked towards him.
“Hello, is it Mr. Su Liu?”The bald man greeted Su respectfully.
“Wang?”The moment he saw the man, a name appeared in Su Liu’s mind.
“Sir… what did you say?”The bald man looked at Su Liu doubtfully.
Su Liu immediately reacted. The man in front of him looked like Gu Yi’s disciple, Dr. Strange’s senior brother “Wang “. However, it was still World War II. Clearly, Wang had not been born yet. This man… might be Wang’s ancestor.
Wang’s family had always served Gu Yi as the supreme mage. This was not the case in the movie, but Su Liu had a little understanding of the worldview of Manwei before, so he had a little impression.
This was the real rambling world. Many things were obviously much more complicated than what was shown in the movie.
“It’s fine. May I ask who you are?”Su Liu asked.
“My name is Yun. Martial Master Gu Yi ordered me to wait for your arrival!”The bald man smiled and said.
“Mage Gu Yi?”Su Liu’s eyes were deep in thought, and he quickly reacted.
Gu Yi was a supreme mage. His strength was incomparably strong and unfathomable.
According to Su Liu’s inference, her strength was definitely not just the way she appeared in the movie. That guy was a supreme mage, the guardian of Earth!
With the time gem and the ability to see through it, she wanted to know that Su Liu would appear here, so it was naturally not difficult.
“I understand. Please lead the way!”Su Liu smiled and nodded towards Yun.
The reason why Su Liu came to Kamataiji was to see Gu Yi, a supreme mage, and also to understand the mystery of magic.
Of course, the main purpose was to collect the supernatural power data, especially the information about the dark world. He had to obtain it. This was the system’s latest mission.
“Mr. Su, please!”Yun led the way forward.
After passing through the civilian areas, the clouds brought Su Liu to the center of Kamataiji. This was also a civilian area.
Kamataiji was almost all a house like this, but this still made Su Liu a little curious.
Who would have thought that a dignified supreme mage would actually live in a commoner area. Moreover, the small building in front of him was really inconspicuous.
“The mages have been waiting for Mr. Su for a long time. Please enter!”Yun pushed open the door and made an inviting gesture towards Su Liu.
Su Liu did not hesitate and walked into the room first.
They walked through a corridor and arrived at the living room.
The decoration here was ancient, and the green smoke curled up in an incense burner. The faint fragrance made one feel calm.
In the middle of the living room was a tea table. A figure was sitting there, skillfully brewing tea.
“Time is right. Try the tea I just made.”The figure turned to look at Su Liu.
The yellow monk robe had a delicate face, and even the bald man had a different charm.
Mage Gu Yi’s appearance was similar to that in the movie. It could be considered a special coincidence. This made Su Liu smile.
“A mage seems to have known I’ m coming?”Su Liu slowly sat down in front of Gu Yi and took a sip of tea.
“It’s just that I have a premonition that an honored guest will come today.”Gu Yi smiled faintly.
“Good tea!”Su Liu closed his eyes and carefully tasted the thick aroma of tea in his mouth. Then, he drank the tea in his cup.
“Mr. Su is a little worried. The tea is still slowly tasting before it has a fragrance!”Gu Yi still looked at Su Liu indifferently. He lifted his cup and took a sip.
“Mage should know what I’ m here for, right?”Su Liu looked at Gu Yi.
Gu Yi shook his head lightly.” Although I know why you came, that’s just what you want me to know.”
She looked at Su Liu seriously and continued,” You’ re very special, very special. I… can’ t see through you!”
A smile appeared on Su Liu’s face, and he shook his head lightly.” If you can be said to be special by a supreme mage, I’ ll just treat you as praising me.”
“The mages are very human. I won’ t go around with you anymore. I want to learn from you for a while. May I?”Su Liu stood up and bowed to Gu Yi, showing his respect.
This big shot in front of him gave Su Liu an unfathomable feeling. If it was not necessary, Su Liu definitely did not want to offend her.
“For those with fate, the knowledge of magic has always been shared. You can stay!”Gu Yi still smiled faintly.
Su Liu was slightly stunned. He did not expect Gu Yi to agree so readily.
Then, he carefully asked,” Why don’ t you accept me as your disciple, mage?”
To be able to become Gu Yi’s disciple, Su Liu thought that it would only be good and not bad. After all, although he had a System, he still needed time to grow.
Gu Yi was an old monster who had lived for hundreds of years. The knowledge stored in her mind was vast and vast, let alone her own strength, which was almost invincible on Earth.
Su Liu didn’ t believe that Gu Yi’s ending would be the same as in the movie. How could the supreme invincible mage in front of him be killed by a sneak attack from a small lackey, unless she wanted to die.In Su Liu’s opinion, this was a huge BUG in the movie. The scriptwriter’s arrangement was probably just to give Dr. Strange a chance to appear.
If Gu Yi could take him as his disciple and have such a big shot protect him, Su Liu would be even more confident.
Hearing Su Liu’s words, Gu Yi smiled and shook his head.
“You don’ t need to be my disciple. I’ m afraid I don’ t have the qualifications to do so!”Gu Yi looked deeply at Su Liu, his eyes shining with wisdom.
Under Gu Yi’s gaze, Su Liu could not help but touch his nose.
It looked like he didn’ t want to take him in!
However, Gu Yi’s words made Su Liu a little curious. From her tone, it seemed like he had seen his future.
Even she didn’t have the right to take her in, which meant that she would be particularly powerful in the future?
Although Su Liu knew that he was destined to be extraordinary with the Male Core System, hearing Gu Yi’s words, he still felt a little excited.
Alright, I will be at ease when I know that I will be very awesome in the future!*

Chapter 9 Looks like I’m not very talented

Su Liu stayed in Kamataiji’s house.
He found that the inside of the building was not as simple as it looked outside. It used magic to extend a lot of space, and the extended space formed a true magic holy land.
Just after visiting the complete magic holy land, Su Liu was extremely certain of Gu Yi’s strength. She was definitely one of the strongest in Earth and even the universe.
In the training area, a group of magic apprentices were practicing opening the space door.
Gu brought Su Liu here.
“Are you interested?”Gu Yi looked back at Su Liu.
Su Liu shrugged, indicating that he was not very interested.
This was a joke. The micro wormhole handling technique wasn’t much better than this circle-drawing magic. Why did you learn this?Pretend?
It didn’t seem to be very cool either!It was not as good as the wormhole handling technique!
Gu Yi did not say anything. He just explained it to himself.
“The Space Gate is a very practical magic. It mainly uses magic energy to find the correct coordinates in the space. At the same time, it opens the Space Barrier to form a door. This way, it can travel freely in the universe.”
Su Liu remained silent, silently following Gu Yi.
“You really don’ t want to learn?”Gu Yi looked back at Su Liu again.
Su Liu still did not say anything. He just silently took a step forward.
Micro Wormhole technology activated!
A faint ripple appeared in front of Su Liu. As he stepped forward, his figure disappeared from his original spot, and then reappeared fifty meters ahead.
Gu Yi looked at Su Liu who had suddenly disappeared and reappeared. He opened his mouth and fell silent……
“You… are also space magic?”Gu looked at Su Liu, who was walking back to him.
Gu Yi was very interested in the method of opening the wormhole.
“I’ m more used to calling it technology!”Su Liu smiled.
Indeed, wasn’t Micro Bug Cave technology the power of technology?
“… Can you tell me something?”Gu Yi was silent for a moment. His eyes were filled with desire for new knowledge.
Su Liu:……
You, a supreme mage, suddenly revealed such an expression, making people feel very pressured!
“It’s not a problem to talk about it. However, the principles of the Space Gate and the Micro Bug Cave are actually not much different. It’s just that the appearance is slightly different……”
Next, Su Liu carefully explained to Gu Yi the principle of opening the wormhole.
Dark energy, energy drive, positioning coordinates, opening wormhole.
These things were actually the same as magic’s dimensional door. It was just a different expression.
However, when Su Liu was talking about dark energy, Gu Yi’s expression became more serious.
“This kind of energy seems to have some connection with the mysterious energy in the dark space…” Gu Yi looked at the energy fluctuations that appeared when Su Liu used the dark energy and muttered to himself.
Su Liu smiled and said nothing.
Actually, he himself had some guesses. According to what he knew about the characteristics of the mysterious energy in the dark space, there were indeed many similarities with the dark energy, but… there was still some difference.
At least, the dark energy used by Su Liu was completely out of the control of the Dark Space King, Domam. It was even more unlikely that he would be eroded by the Dark Space King.
“This kind of energy is very powerful. You need to be careful!”Gu Yi looked at Su Liu seriously and said.
Su Liu nodded. Of course, he knew what Gu Yi meant. She was afraid that she would go astray.
“Actually, powerful energy is only energy in the end. There is no difference between good and evil. The most important thing is the human heart. What do mages think?”
Gu Yi’s face was filled with emotion as if he had thought of something.
“Indeed!”The human heart is the most elusive power!”
The two of them remained silent as they silently looked at the disciples who were still trying to practice the Space School.
“Mage, can you tell me more about the Dark Space?”Su Liu suddenly turned to look at Gu Yi.
Gu Yi glanced at him and then looked at his disciples again.” If you have time, go to the library and have a look. There are records you want to know!”
“Thank you!”A smile appeared on Su Liu’s face.
In the end, Su Liu used the Magic Space Gate with the mentality of giving it a try.
Then, Gu Yi strangely saw that Su Liu had been drawing there for a long time. The circle of light in the magic door had never appeared.
However, a tiny wormhole in front of him had already been opened. A snowy mountain was clearly visible across from him.
“Ahem, looks like I don’ t have much talent!”Su Liu decisively stopped drawing circles in his hands.
Gu Yi rolled his eyes silently, then left without saying a word.
Su Liu stood in place and shrugged his shoulders. Then, he no longer cared about Gu Yi anymore. The wormhole opened and stepped inside.
Not far away, the disciples who were watching Su Liu disappear from their original spot had long lost their mind to draw circles.
Disciple A: Hey, did you see that? That guy’s dimensional door seems to be different from ours. Does he look much taller?
Disciple B: It’s really different. Why did n’ t that guy’s dimensional door spark?
Disciple C, Ding:???
How did you say the word “spark” so naturally!
Yun suddenly appeared from somewhere.
He also saw the scene of Su Liu using the wormhole. At this moment, when he saw the faces of all the disciples, he felt a headache.
Shouldn’t Mr. Su come here to play in the future?
Everyone’s hearts were gone!
“Alright, what are you thinking? Continue practicing!”Yun roared and glared at the disciples.
The disciples quickly returned to their respective positions and continued to circle around with all their strength.
Yes, that’s right!
Yun nodded in satisfaction, then looked at the place where Su Liu had disappeared.
Actually… Mr. Su’s Space Gate seemed to be… a bit more cool!Why don’t we find some time to consult?A mage wouldn’t mind, right?
Well, how could a mage be so petty? Of course not.
Yun made a decision in his heart, and a smile appeared on his face. He made up his mind to find a chance to learn a way to open the wormhole with Su Liu.
If Gu Yi knew what Yun was thinking, he would definitely roll his eyes at him.
Just you still want to learn, as a supreme mage, I don’ t even know how to learn……
The training area was once again calm. All that remained was for the disciples to try their best to practice their stifling cries.
Su Liu had already arrived at another place in the sacred land, the library.*

Chapter 10 Mirror Space Magic (Flower Plus)

For half a month, Su Liu had been immersed in the ocean of knowledge. In the sacred library, Su Liu had come into contact with more secrets that were not known to the world.
Dark space, magical knowledge, non-physical worlds, the composition of the Maneuvering Universe, and even some records of other dimensions.
Gu Yi’s library opened the door to the magic world for Su Liu. He knew more about the things that did not appear in the movie.
The more he absorbed the knowledge of this world, the more Su Liu felt the power of the diffusion world. Countless invisible enemies were hiding in the dark, and could appear at any moment.
Earth was just an insignificant planet in the entire universe. The wider world was still waiting for Su Liu to explore.
Before coming to Kamataiji, Su Liu knew that this real world was different from the movie world. Now, he had a more intuitive understanding of this difference.
After putting down the last book about the mysterious power records of the universe in the library, Su Liu looked up. Rows of bookshelves had already lost their attraction to him.
He had already finished reading all the books in this half month.
Other than… the forbidden area!
The Forbidden Book Area needed Gu Yi’s approval to read it. Su Liu was too obsessed with the ocean of knowledge in the mysterious world, so he never went to talk to Gu Yi about borrowing forbidden books.
But now, Su Liu had already finished reading all the ordinary books. It was time to find Gu Yi.
[Congratulations, Master, the supernatural data collection mission has been completed by 30%]
At this moment, Xiao Xin’s prompt sounded. Su Liu’s footsteps paused, somewhat surprised.
That was 30%?He didn’t seem to have done anything!
Sure enough, the supernatural knowledge contained in Gu Yi’s library was quite comprehensive. At least half of the supernatural knowledge was recorded here.
Of course, these records were just simple records. The data on supernatural powers was not just about knowing that there were so many energies. The most important thing was to analyze these energies and obtain the final detailed data.
At present, Su Liu had already begun to explore most of the energy in this world.
For example, Gu Yi’s magic energy, Team America’s blood serum energy, Domam’s dark energy, the various mysterious energies of the dark dimension, and some unknown powers hidden on Earth.
These were recorded in the library, but Su Liu had no way to touch the detailed composition of these energies.
At present, he had only come into contact with Gu Yi’s magic energy and Team USA’s serum energy.
Even so, the System had already determined that the supernatural energy at this stage had already collected 30%. This meant that the mysterious energy in this world was not much, at least for now.
The system’s missions were all phased. So far, there should not be any mysterious power in the universe. Otherwise, with Su Liu’s current knowledge, it was impossible for him to reach 30%.
He didn’ t know what the forbidden area had, but Su Liu couldn’ t help but look forward to it.
It was still the magic practice area.
Su Liu learned that Gu Yi was here, and the clouds were also there.
Today was a special day for ordinary disciples because Gu Yi would teach them advanced magic today.Basically, all the apprentices and advanced disciples had gathered in the practice area.
Gu Yan would not often display magic in front of all the disciples. After all, she was a supreme mage, so she always maintained a bit of mystery. Therefore, the usual lectures were conducted by Yun and the others. Gu Yi rarely took action.
However, today was different. There were only a few such opportunities in a year, so no disciple would miss the opportunity to receive Gu Yi’s personal instruction.
When Su Liu’s figure appeared in the practice area, everyone couldn’ t help but look at him.
Gu Yi also looked back and continued to explain the magic she said today with a calm expression.
Everyone was a little surprised at Su Liu’s arrival. After all, almost all the disciples knew about him staying in the library during this period of time.
However, Gu Yi’s explanation was obviously more important. The disciples’ attention quickly returned to Gu Yi.
Su Liu found a place to sit down casually. He was also listening to Gu Yi’s explanation. Obviously, this was not a good time to talk to Gu Yi about entering the forbidden area.
Gu Yi was currently explaining a profound magic. It was indeed very profound.
Mirror Space Magic.
This was actually a very practical magic. It could trap the enemy or use the distorted power of the mirror image to kill the enemy. Back when Su Liu was watching Dr. Strange’s movie, he was very interested in this magic. The main reason was it was really too cool!
Distort the space, create the absolute domain, and let the enemy run away like rats in your world.
Whether it was pictures or power, they were all very cool!
Su Liu liked this feeling of controlling the situation.
The control ability of the Male Combat System was similar to that of the Male Combat System. However, compared to the Male Combat System, the Mirror Space Magic was still much weaker.
However, even so, it did not discourage Su Liu from learning this magic.
Gu Yi was carefully explaining, all the disciples were carefully listening, and Su Liu was also listening.
Soon, Su Liu discovered something strange. Although this magic sounded complicated, it was a more advanced use of space.
But in Su Liu’s eyes… it didn’ t seem to be much more difficult than the Magic Space Gate?
Su Liu couldn’t help but stretch out his hand and slightly moved in the space in front of him. In the end, a ripple appeared and the entire practice area instantly fell silent.
“What’s going on? Why do I feel that this space has become a little strange?”One of the disciples reached out to touch the surroundings, as if there was an invisible power that isolated the surrounding space.
Gu Yi turned around with a strange expression and looked at Su Liu.There was a trace of regret in her eyes, as well as a trace of surprise and surprise.
“Su Liu, what are you doing?”She said with a slight headache.
Su Liu was dumbfounded. He really didn’t know why it was like this. Is it so easy to mirror space magic?
He could clearly feel that the entire training area had been enveloped by the mirror space he had created. Some disciples who were sensitive to space power had discovered it, so Gu Yi naturally could not have not.
At the same time, Yun was also looking at Su Liu like a monster. His expression… seemed to have been hit by a blow?
At this moment, Yun’s heart was broken. F*ck, Mr. Su is a monster!He really was a monster!
His heart was roaring madly.
He knew that Su Liu hadn’t been out of the library in the past half a month. This was definitely the first time he had come into contact with mirror space magic today. At most, he had seen records about mirror space magic in books in the library.
But this guy… just reading the book and listening to the mage’s explanation, he used the complete mirror space magic?
It had to be known that when Yun first learned this magic, it took two years to barely learn it!
This was too unreasonable!!!*

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The scene was a little out of control.
Among the disciples present, some of them excitedly touched the invisible space barrier. Some of them looked at Su Liu in shock. Most of them were dumbfounded.
Yun was also silently looking at Su Liu with a hint of resentment in his eyes.
Gu Yi quickly reacted and waved his hand.
Su Liu instantly felt a powerful energy smash through the mirror space that he controlled. Then, even more powerful spatial energy surged forth. The entire space of the training ground distorted, leaving only Su Liu and Gu one or two people at the scene.
Outside, a bunch of dumbfounded disciples watched as Gu Yi and Su Liu disappeared from their original spot at the same time.
Yun was the first to react. He felt Gu Yi’s magic power, as well as his spatial power.
The mage was… angry?
It was no wonder that anyone who was suddenly interrupted while teaching would be angry if they were interrupted in such a way!
Yun rubbed his chin and his beard, which did not exist, and he silently observed Su Liu.
I hope Mr. Su will not be taught too badly by the mages!
In the mirror space, Su Liu looked at Gu Yi with a calm expression in front of him, a little confused.
“You really want me to use all my strength to control the mirror space to attack you?”
Gu Yi already had a high opinion of Su Liu’s talent, but she still did not expect Su Liu to be able to use it when he had just come into contact with the Mirror Space Magic.
This supreme mage already had a strong interest, wanting to see where Su Liu’s limit was!
“That’s right, use all your strength to control the mirror magic and attack me!”Gu Yi answered affirmatively.
Su Liu’s eyes gradually became serious, his heart slightly excited.
Speaking of which, this was the first time he had been in such a serious battle. In the past, whether it was against the Red Skull, the United States team, or those ordinary soldiers, Su Liu had some misgivings. In the beginning, it was because his strength was insufficient, so he could not let go.Later, there was no need to use all his strength.
Until now, when facing Gu Yi, Su Liu understood that even if he used all his strength, he might not be able to defeat Gu Yi, but… after all, he could use all his strength!
“Then I won’ t be polite, you be careful!”After saying this, Su Liu began to regret it.
He was a supreme mage. He didn’t seem to have the right to let her be careful, right? This big boss could crush his existence with a wave of his hand!
“Just let go, don’ t worry about me!”Gu Yi spoke indifferently, his hands behind his back, quietly looking at Su Liu.
The surrounding space had already been sealed off by Gu Yi. If Su Liu wanted to use space power, he had to break this seal. Otherwise, there was no way he could harm Gu Yi here.
Su Liu narrowed his eyes and activated his dark energy.
In his mind, the knowledge about the power of space that he had absorbed from the space gem was constantly emerging.
It was because of this knowledge that Su Liu was able to quickly learn mirror space magic.
To put it bluntly, this magic was still the use of space, and space gems… were the origin gems of space energy in the universe!
The originally distorted space began to ripple when Su Liu’s dark energy moved.
Gu Yi looked at him indifferently. Her hands did not move at all. She did not seem to have seen the ripples around her, or she had seen them. She did not care too much.
“Mirror Distortion!”
Su Liu’s forehead was covered in sweat as he gritted his teeth and shouted.
Then, a powerful dark energy surged. In this space, the originally peaceful image started to distort wildly.
At this moment, a trace of surprise flashed through Gu Yi’s eyes. She could feel that the mirror space she had arranged did not disappear. In other words……
Su Liu actually used Mirror Distortion in his own mirror space!!!
Under normal circumstances, it was almost more difficult than breaking the mirror space of Gu Yi. Because in the mirror space of Gu Yi, all the spatial power was controlled by her, and Su Liu could actually control the spatial power to distort space under such circumstances.
This meant that… Su Liu’s control over space laws was still above Gu Yi!!!
A violent twist appeared around Gu Yi. That area had become a kaleidoscope. The distorted space was constantly circulating, trying to devour Gu Yi.
However, Gu Yi stood there, not moving at all. Within a meter of the area around him, the space remained stable, completely unaffected by Su Liu’s attack.
At this moment, it reflected Gu Yi’s strength. Even though Su Liu’s understanding of space was higher than Gu Yi’s, Su Liu was still unable to break through Gu Yi’s space blockade and hurt her.
This was the crushing of absolute strength!
“Continue!”Gu Yi still spoke indifferently.
She vaguely felt that this was not Su Liu’s limit.
When Su Liu heard this voice, he immediately felt depressed.
He still had other methods. He could only use his own dark energy to control the power of space. Obviously, he could not harm Gu Yi. He could only activate the Male Combat System, use the power of the Cosmic Rubik’s Cube, and cooperate with the Combat System to increase control over the power of space. He could even directly execute the decision on Gu Yi.
But then, Su Liu went against the rules.
Because what Gu Yi had just said was to use mirror magic to attack her.
It was just that using the energy of the Cosmic Rubik’s Cube to increase the attack power of space power should not be a problem, right?
Su Liu thought silently in his heart. He looked at Gu Yi’s indifferent appearance. For some reason, he wanted to see how surprised she was.
When he made up his mind, Su Liu closed his eyes.
Activate the Male Combat System!
[Entering the dark plane, the Male Combat System has been activated, analyzing the target……]
The target was a carbon-based creature, possessing unknown power, calculating the target form……]
[Calculation failed… database information is insufficient… unable to calculate… target body contains powerful mysterious energy……]
The voice of the male assistant rang out continuously. It was different from normal times. It had already recovered its emotionless mechanical tone.
Su Liu’s consciousness moved, and there was no notification from the system.
“Connect the energy channel and activate the magic cube energy!”
A powerful force surged out of Su Liu’s chest. He could clearly feel that his control over space power had become even more natural.
“Break through the space energy around the target!!!”
Su Liu shouted in his mind. At the same time, the System’s voice rang out.
He was cracking the spatial energy around the target, under cracking……]
Not far away, layers of ripples began to appear in the space around Gu Yi.
She sensed that her control over the power of space was gradually becoming weak.
In the next second, the earth-shattering space warped towards her. The entire space became like a berserk beast, madly devouring her.
“This… this is… space warp can still have an upgraded version???”
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Chapter 12 Gu Yi could not sit still anymore

A ray of light suddenly appeared. When the entire space was completely distorted, Gu Yi had already disappeared.
The mirror space shattered, and Su Liu’s figure appeared in front of all the disciples.
On the empty space not far from the disciples, Gu Yi had just stepped out of a dimensional door.
Su Liu and Gu Yi looked at each other. Both of them had a tacit understanding and did not say anything. Gu Yi’s heart was filled with shock.
He actually lost to Su Liu for his control over space power. Although in the end, Su Liu could not use Space Distortion to trap Gu Yi, this battle was after all a step back.
This guy was really not an ordinary person. The future he saw……
Gu Yi thought of something and his eyes started to burn.
Originally, she had never thought of taking Su Liu as a disciple, because even without her, Su Liu’s future could reach a high level of achievement.
But now, after seeing Su Liu’s talent, Gu Yi couldn’ t sit still anymore.
Such an outstanding spatial talent, if he could stay in Kamataiji to become the guardian, then what about Domam?
As for the future, it was never the same. But now that he saw Su Liu’s talent, Gu Yi was already certain that Su Liu could surpass him in the future.
If Su Liu could stay in Kamataiji and become the guardian of Earth, then she could leave peacefully.
“Keep practicing, Su Liu, come with me!”Gu Yi put his hands behind his back and looked deeply at Su Liu.
No one knew what was happening in the mirror space, but everyone looked at Su Liu in shock. At first, everyone felt that Su Liu would definitely have a swollen face, but now, it seemed like the situation was a little different?
Even the mages were a little strange. Could it be that the mages did not teach Mr. Su a lesson?
Everyone was stunned as they looked at Su Liu patting the dust on his clothes. Then, they slowly followed Gu Yi away. They were all dumbfounded.
Only when Su Liu’s figure completely disappeared did Yun finally react and coughed lightly.
“Continue practicing!”
Then, he followed Gu Yi and left with his hands behind his back.
He was really curious about what had happened in the mirror space.
In the main hall of Gu Yi’s residence, there was still the tea table. Gu Yi and Su Liu sat down respectively. Yun followed behind him and stood behind Gu Yi.
Gu Yi glanced at him and did not send him away.
“Are you willing to join the sacred land and become the guardian of Earth?”Gu Yi looked at Su Liu seriously and asked,” If you are willing, I will teach you what I have learned without reservation. You will become the most outstanding mage, and even become an existence that surpasses me!”
When Gu Yi said that, Yun was the first to be stunned. He then looked at Su Liu in shock.
What’s wrong with mages? They clearly had n’ t planned to take Su Liu as their disciple a while ago?Could it be that the mage had changed his mind because of what had just happened in the mirror space?
At this moment, Su Liu’s image became even more mysterious in Yun’s heart.
What kind of person could Gu Yi praise and even say that he could become an existence that surpassed her?
After all, since Yun and Gu Yi, they had never heard Gu Yi say such things.
Yun thought that when Su Liu heard this, he would immediately agree to Gu Yi and become her disciple. However, what happened next left him dumbstruck.
After Gu Yi finished speaking, Su Liu’s expression became serious.
The title of Earth Guardian was a heavy responsibility. Su Liu had never thought that he would bear this responsibility one day. He had never thought that Gu Yi would change his mind so quickly and take the initiative to take him as a disciple.
Su Liu was very clear about his situation. Any talent was fake. If it wasn’t for absorbing the power of the Space Gem, he would n’ t have been able to defeat Gu Yi in terms of space control. A mage wasn’t just controlling space power.
To become a qualified guardian was not that simple.
After thinking about it, Su Liu seriously looked at Gu Yi and said,” I might have to live up to your expectations……”
“I am very willing to contribute my strength during the crisis on Earth, but to become a guardian, I think I’ m not ready yet. And… to be honest, I don’ t think I’ m suitable to become a mage because… I still believe in the power of science!”
Whether it was the Male Combat System, the Micro Wormhole Technology, or even the Angels’ technology……
When technology developed to the extreme, it became theology itself.
Su fluid had a male core combat system, so his direction of growth must be to follow the technological path. Although the magic power was strong, it was not suitable for him.
After Su Liu finished speaking, he closed his mouth.
Gu Yi looked at him for a full minute, then sighed.
As a supreme mage, she also had her own pride. Since Su Liu had not promised to become her disciple, she would not force it.
“In that case, I don’ t insist, but I still want to invite you to join the sacred land. However, you have the right to enter and leave. As long as you want to come, the gates of the sacred land will be open for you at any time!”Gu picked up a teacup and drained the tea.
Su Liu stood up and bowed slightly to Gu Yi.
“Thank the mages for their kindness. There’s no problem joining the sacred land. If I need it, I’ ll do my best to protect this planet!”
“Okay!”A smile appeared on Gu Yi’s face again.
Following that, the two of them happily drank their tea, while Yun stood behind Gu Yi, his face blank.
He could not understand how someone could refuse to become Gu Yi’s disciple.
Not all of these people in the sacred land were Gu Yi’s disciples. It should be said that so far, none of them were Gu Yi’s official disciples.
Gu Yi didn’t accept any disciples easily, and she had only a handful of official disciples for hundreds of years.
In Yun’s eyes, what Su Liu gave up was something that countless people dreamed of, including himself.
Afterwards, Su Liu did not forget the right to apply to Gu Yi for entry into the Forbidden Book Zone. Although he could use the Wormhole to enter at any time, this was Gu Yi’s territory after all. Without the owner’s consent, he entered the Forbidden Book Zone to read the forbidden books. It was called stealing.
Gu Yi did not refuse. He only gave Su Liu the right to enter the Forbidden Book Area after giving him some precautions.
Gu Yi knew very well that the forbidden area might be a restricted area for ordinary people. Some of the power inside would make ordinary people fall into an endless abyss.
But to Su Liu, it was not a threat.
This was something that Gu Yi, who knew about Su Liu’s future, was very certain. Therefore, he did not reject Su Liu’s request to enter the Forbidden Book Zone.*

Chapter 13 Technology Crystallization

Another half a month passed.
Su Liu stayed in the forbidden area of the library for half a month.
In fact, there were not many books in the forbidden area, but the contents of these books were mostly profound and mysterious. There were also some powerful black magic and forbidden powers.
In this half a month, Su Liu flipped through all the forbidden books and verified some of the contents.
During this period of time, Su Liu had even come into contact with the dark space power. Of course, this was done secretly. The purpose was to collect detailed data about this power.
The final result did not disappoint Su Liu. In this half a month, Su Liu’s supernatural power data collection mission had already completed 50%!
Congratulations, Master. The progress of the supernatural power collection mission has reached 50%. You will receive a reward.]
Huang Tian didn’t hold back his heart. After a month of hard work, Su Liu once again received a reward from the System.
That was why… learning hard would be rewarded!
After leaving the library, Su Liu returned to his residence.
He didn’t know what the reward was, so he took a look first.
Opening the wormhole space, a grand prize was lying there quietly, just like when he had received a reward.
Opening the grand prize, the System’s voice sounded.
Congratulations, Master!]
Hearing the system’s prompt, Su Liu was slightly stunned.
Technology Crystal Card?What was this?
He reached out to hold the crystal card floating above the grand prize and entered the dark plane.
Using the Technology Crystal Card!
The next second, the vast information suddenly exploded in the Male Core Console. Countless information slowly circulated around Su Liu.
Su Liu’s mind had already understood what this crystal card was.
Technology Crystal Card!As the name implies, the technology crystals in the world of Super God Academy.
This knowledge included the crystallization of the entire human civilization on Earth. It was mainly about weapons, as well as incomplete black armor technology.
Although these technologies were just scum to deal with aliens, in the world of World War II, they were already very powerful black technology!
Especially Black Armor Technology!
Su Liu was somewhat puzzled. Why did the System give him such a reward? Now, it didn’t seem like it could be used at all?
Could it be that they were going to open a weapons manufacturing company with these technological information?
This was too nonsense!
Su Liu furrowed his brows slightly. He had placed all the information in the database. After all, the information was here, so when should we use it? Now, there was no time to take care of it.
After exiting the dark plane, Su Liu stretched.
Su Liu didn’t leave the house for a whole month. He felt that his body was about to rust. He looked at the bright sunlight outside and thought for a moment to step forward.
The wormhole opened and Su Liu’s figure disappeared into the room.
When Su Liu appeared again, he was already in Shanghai of the Eastern Republic. This country was experiencing a difficult period of resistance. The flames of war spread all over the land. Even Shanghai, one of the most prosperous cities, was filled with a tense atmosphere.
This place had fallen. Looking at the depressed streets and a group of patrolling soldiers, Su Liu frowned slightly.
He knew about this history, but he did not expect to see such a scene in the World of Maneuver.
Originally, he had only wanted to relax, but he instantly lost interest. He looked around and narrowed his eyes.
The situation in this country depended on him alone. He couldn’t recover it in a short period of time, but it did n’ t mean that he couldn’t do anything. Thinking of the scientific and technological information he had just obtained, he had an idea in his heart.
Half a month later, Su Liu found a person.
This person was a businessman named Si Wenhan, but he was not an ordinary businessman, but an arms dealer.
Through a special channel, Su Liu found all of Si Wenhan’s information and observed him for half a month. In the end, Su Liu confirmed that this person was the person he was looking for.
Honest, bloodthirsty. Most importantly, he had a spirit of fighting for the rise of this country.
Although he was a businessman, Su Liu was looking for this kind of person. He didn’t mix the war stance with the people of this country.
Su Liu handed over the technology recorded in the technology crystal to Si Wenhan and explained everything. In the end, under Si Wenhan’s respectful and godlike gaze, he stepped into the wormhole and disappeared in front of him.
Su Liu was not afraid that Si Wenhan would betray him, because no one would betray his God.
In this short period of time, Su Liu’s divine abilities and all sorts of actions were like gods to Si Wenhan!
Not long after Su Liu left, a new company appeared in this country. And the name of this company was called Super God Technology!
Su Liu casually planted a seed. He originally wanted to bring peace to this country as soon as possible.
But what he didn’t know was that when this seed took root and sprouted, it grew into a towering tree, and in the end, it produced fruit that Su Liu had not expected.
When he returned to Kamataiji, Su Liu had already forgotten what he had done earlier. This matter was just an accidental thought to him.
He had no intention of participating in the war in this world because he did not like it.
He did not like war, nor did he like to waste his brain thinking about so many things. It was too tiring to live like that.
What he liked more was to explore the unknown of this world. The more magnificent and grand unknown was what he wanted to pursue.
Su Liu had basically achieved his goal of coming to Kamataiji. Only the last thing he had ever made up his mind to do.
After sitting in the room for a while, Su Liu still stood up and walked out of the door.
Time Gem, Eye of Agomoto.
This was Su Liulai’s last goal. At this moment, Agomoto’s eyes were on Gu Yi’s body, and there was a time gem inside.
As long as he could obtain the Time Gem or temporarily obtain it, let the database record the ability and data of the Time Gem, then Su Liu would be able to grasp the rules and power of time. Even if he could not fully use the Time Force, it was still enough for his strength to fly over again.
However, the Eye of Agomoto and the Time Gem were sacred items guarded by all generations of supreme mages. It was impossible for them to give it to others at any time, except for the next supreme mage.
It was definitely not realistic to force him to take it, unless Su Liu wanted to die.
Then, if he wanted to obtain the Time Gem, he could only borrow it. Even if he only obtained it temporarily, it was not unacceptable to Su Liu.
When he arrived at the hall, Gu Yi seemed to have long known that Su Liu would look for her. He quietly sat at the tea table and slowly drank his tea.
When Su Liu saw this scene, he was slightly certain.
Sure enough!Nothing could be hidden from this supreme mage. She must have known that she had an idea about the Time Gem.
Sensing Su Liu’s arrival, Gu Yi turned to look at him, his eyes flashing with an unfathomable expression.
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Chapter 14 I’m just temporary

Whether Su Liu could defeat Gu Yi right now was impossible. However, if he used the Male Combat System and executed the decision, as long as the energy was sufficient, he might be able to fight. However, the amount of energy that would be consumed would not be estimated.
There was another element of uncertainty. Gu Yi’s abilities were too many and too miscellaneous. It was as if Su Liu had used a male core to block the space earlier. He wanted to use space distortion to attack and block the space, but in the end, Gu Yi easily escaped.
Gu Yi in this real world was definitely different from the power displayed in the movie.
Su Liu had no reason to offend such a great god at this moment, so he had never thought of using force to forcibly obtain a Time Gem.
Unable to accurately judge the enemy, he acted rashly. This was a brainless act. Su Liu was naturally not a brainless person.
Su Liu sat down on Gu Yi and thought for a moment. He didn’t make a detour. In his eyes, it was all unnecessary.
“Mage, regarding time magic, I’ ve seen quite a few in the forbidden area. There are many times that mention the Eye of Agomoto. If you can, can you lend me to study it for two days……”
Su Liu looked at Gu Yi seriously, not feeling guilty.
“You’ re not polite at all. Do you know what the Eye of Agomoto means?”Gu Yi looked at him indifferently.
“I know… the Holy Land’s holy objects, the things protected by ancient supreme mages!”
“Then do you think I’ ll lend it to you?”Gu Yi had a smile on his face. Su Liu could not guess what she was thinking.
“This… if you have any request, you can mention it…” Su Liu’s voice was slightly weaker.
“Become the guardian of the sacred land!”Gu Yi was like an old fox, smiling at Su Liu.
“This… really can’ t!”Su Liu’s refusal was also very decisive.
“What if it’s only seventy years?”Gu Yi took a step back.
“This…” Su Liu frowned.
In fact, if it was only seventy years of protection, it wouldn’t have much to do with it. After all, the current world of Marvel was n’ t dangerous, and there wasn’t much to do with the sacred halls.
In his spare time, Su Liu could do his own things. He only needed to return to deal with the situation when the sacred land was in danger.
With the teleportation function of the wormhole, Su Liu could instantly return to the temple no matter where he was.
“As long as you are willing, the Eye of Agomoto and the Time Gem will be kept by you for seventy years!”Gu Yi spoke again without any expression.
“Why did you make such a decision?”Su Liu was a little strange.
Gu Yi looked at Su Liu and sighed. Then, a smile appeared on his face again.
“There are some things I have to do, and the Temple can not be without the protection of the supreme mages, so… I need you!”
At this moment, Su Liu thought of a lot. If the plot that appeared in the movie was something Gu Yi had to do, then there was undoubtedly only one. The secret about her long life, or perhaps… it had something to do with Domam!
As for the real world, Su Liu was not sure if it was the same as the movie world.
“It’s about your longevity?”Su Liu asked tentatively.
Gu Yi glanced at him and was not surprised that Su Liu would have such a guess, but she did not explain.
“This kind of power is not something that humans can control. Even if it’s me… it can only be considered a human!”
“Then have you ever thought that power is not divided between good and evil?”Su Liu looked at Gu Yi seriously.
He could not understand why Gu Yi had to be so obsessed with the dark energy itself since he had a way to absorb it without causing any side effects.
This was also the reason why Su Liu wanted to complain when he saw a movie.
Could it be that he had to kill himself to show that he was a pure human without being corroded by the darkness?What nonsense!
“I can feel that this power is eroding my heart. There are some things that are slowly beginning to change. If this continues, I’ m not sure if I will fall into the abyss!”Gu Yi remained calm, as if everything would not cause her emotions to fluctuate.
Su Liu was taken aback. He had not expected that this dark energy would be so strange. It couldn’t even be controlled by a supreme mage. It would have side effects.
“In seventy years, I should be able to solve this problem. You can choose whether you want to leave or not!”Gu Yi reached out his hand and took off the eyes of Agomoto, which hung on his chest, and placed them in front of Su Liu.
In fact… Su Liu might be able to solve the problem of Ancient One Immortal. Just give her a piece of angel technology that wasn’t old enough.
However, this way, it was possible to expose the existence of the Male Combat System. This was something Su Liu absolutely did not dare to take risks.
Gu Yi was too mysterious, and he had a time gem. If he really wanted to investigate, he would definitely find clues in the past or in the future.
Su Liu did not dare to gamble. If he had to choose, he would rather choose the Guardian Temple for seventy years than risk the system being exposed.
“Alright, I promise you!”After thinking for a long time, Su Liu made a decision.
He reached out and held the Eye of Agomoto in his hand.
At this moment, the System’s notification sounded.
Congratulations, Master has obtained the Time Gem. Do you want to analyze the data immediately?]
Su Liu didn’t care about the system’s notification. Instead, he placed Agomoto’s eyes on his chest. Then, he stood up and bowed deeply to Gu Yi.
“I hope that by the time we meet again, your wish has been fulfilled!”
Gu Yi also stood up and bowed slightly to Su Liu.
“Congratulations on becoming a new generation of supreme mages!”
The two of them looked at each other and didn’t say anything else. Then, Gu Yi reached out his hand and opened a dimensional door.
“Then… goodbye friend!”Gu Yi smiled at Su Liu.
The dimensional door closed, and Su Liu stood where he was, feeling like he was dreaming.
This… became a supreme mage?He felt a little dreamy.
At this moment, Yun walked into the hall.
When he saw the eyes of Agomoto hanging on Su Liu’s chest, he immediately understood. There was no surprise on his face, but the respect in his eyes became more obvious.
“I’ ve seen the Venerable One before!”Yun bowed deeply to Su Liu.
Su Liu looked at him and shook his head slightly. It was a bit funny.
“Alright, there’s no need to be so restrained. I, a supreme mage… is just temporary.”
“I’ ll deal with it beforehand. Then you can tell me about the Temple. I’ m not involved in the daily affairs of the Holy Land. Just handle it properly!”
“Yes!”Yun did not hesitate and bowed again.
Turning around, Su Liu led the eyes of Agomoto into the void.
The wormhole opened and his figure disappeared into the hall in the next second.
Yun looked at the place where Su Liu disappeared and suddenly shook his head bitterly. He felt a little dreamy.
Mr. Su was indeed very human. It had only been a short while… he had actually become a supreme mage. If those disciples of the Holy Land knew about this, they would probably go crazy!
He had never expected this to happen. Even though Gu Yi had already greeted him in advance, he still felt like he was dreaming.
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Chapter 15 Time Gem

New York, in Su Liu’s suite.
Su Liu directly arrived through the wormhole. It wasn’t because he felt that Kamataiji’s holy land was unsafe, but he didn’t know if anything would happen when he was researching the Time Gem. The only thing he could think of was that this place was less conspicuous.
“Activate the Cosmos Knowledge Treasure and try your best to analyze the Time Gem!”
Su Liu crossed his chest, and Agomoto opened his eyes. The time gem floated out from within.
[Time gem energy detected, energy channel established, Cosmos Knowledge Treasure activated, analysis ongoing……]
“First back up the time gem data to the database!”Su Liu thought for a moment and issued another command.
Backing up data…]
Su Liu quietly sat cross-legged on the sofa, a warm stream circulating in his body. At this moment, he had already entered the dark space.
Stream after stream of data continued to flow through the Male Core control system, quickly flashing in front of Su Liu’s eyes, and then entered the Cosmos Knowledge Treasure.
Su Liu couldn’t understand the data at all, but he did n’ t understand what was happening. He felt like he was awesome.
One hour later.
Time gem analysis completed. Unlock the basic time control technique. Do you want to continue the deep analysis?]
“How is the data backup?”Su Liu spoke.
The backup time remaining was about two hours!]
“Pause parsing, back up with all your strength!”
Another two hours passed.
Time Gem data backup completed. Do you want to perform a deep analysis?]
On Earth, Su Liu had almost completely collected all the scientific and technological information. Based on this information as a data analysis source, he was actually able to completely analyze the Time Gem. However, it still took a long time.Su Liu guessed that the dimensional gemstone could be completely analyzed now!
“Can’ t we speed up?”He frowned.
All-out analysis will extract all the energy. The Male Combat System will fall into a state of silence. Master will fall into a state of deep sleep. It will take about 50 years to completely analyze.]
“Forget it, let’s not analyze it for now!”Su Liu thought for a moment and felt a headache.
This time gem was just like a space gem. It was too mysterious. It contained the time and space rules of the entire universe. It was not easy to completely analyze it.
It was also because his current strength was not strong enough. If he could upgrade to a Divine Body, the calculation ability of the knowledge treasury plus his own calculation ability would greatly shorten the time to analyze these two gems.
Just like the Space Gem, it was only a preliminary analysis. Su Liu was already able to use the ability of the two gems, but in the end, it was only a preliminary use.
It was still too difficult to fully exert the power of two gems.
Congratulations, Master, the first phase of the supernatural data collection mission has been completed. You have obtained the third generation super geno warrior technology and received an additional reward.]
Just as Su Liu was about to exit the dark plane, the system’s notification sounded again.
This voice stunned Su Liu.
This was…100%?
With just one more time gem, he had directly completed the task of gathering supernatural power. This was too casual!
However, Su Liu thought about it carefully and understood.
In fact, the time gem was the most important supernatural power for this stage of the mission, so it had a 50% share.
In this era, the known supernatural powers on Earth, other than magic energy, dark energy, and beauty serum, seemed to be left with only space gems and time gems.
As for the Space Gem, it had already been brought over by Su Liu. Now… it seemed that there was no supernatural power that Su Liu had not collected.
Activate the second stage of the database data collection mission: interspace technology and supernatural power data collection, please watch out!]
Activating Supernatural Force Data Collection Main Mission: Obtain complete data of six infinite gems. Please pay attention to it!]
The activation of two consecutive missions made Su Liu even more aware.
As expected, the first mission was for the supernatural forces on Earth.
“Extract rewards!”
The third generation super geno warrior’s technical information was automatically included in the Cosmos database, and the additional reward……
Su Liu opened the wormhole space and a gift bag lay there quietly.
Opening the grand prize, another crystal card appeared. Su Liu’s eyes were filled with anticipation. He didn’ t know what kind of crystal card this time around!
Congratulations, Master! You have obtained the Crystal Card of Lie Yang Star Energy Drive Technology!]
Star-driven technology!
Su Liu’s breathing froze.
What a good thing!
With this thing, even if he gave up on the universe cube, he didn’t have to worry about the system losing energy!
“Use a crystal card!”
Su Liu did not hesitate and directly used the crystal card in his hand. Then, Su Liu once again entered the dark plane.
As the Cosmos Knowledge Treasure operated, the crystal card in Su Liu’s hand floated up and connected to the database. The data in it was quickly transmitted, and light flickered.
The star drive technology has been completed. Is it loaded into the gene sequence?]
“Yes!”A light flashed in Su Liu’s eyes.
Then, a ray of light appeared, completely wrapping Su Liu’s entire body into a cocoon of light.
As time passed, Su Liu could only feel his entire body wrapped in a warm heat. Sometimes, his body was covered in sweat. Sometimes, he felt as if it was warm as the wind and drizzle. It was as warm as spring. Ten minutes later, the cocoon gradually dissipated. Su Liu’s body appeared in the living room again.
“This is the feeling of having the sun’s temperature inside!”
Su Liu’s eyes slowly opened. A hot ray of light shot out from his eyes, like hot lava gushing out. The light flashed and then returned to normal.
He touched his chest, the scorching heat circulating between his chest.
At this moment, Su Liu was an energy body, like the goddess of the supergod world, Rena. As long as he wanted to, he could communicate with the star energy for his own use at any time.
“I might really become a monster!”Su Liu murmured softly.
“Lie Yang’s star drive technology, Angel’s age-old technology, and Micro Wormhole technology… Male Core Combat System… It’s clearly the combination of the Void and Anti-Void technologies of the God River. All of these powers are gathered together. What kind of existence will I become…”
At this moment, a thread of absurdity surged in Su Liu’s heart.
Just what kind of background was this System? Why was it that all kinds of technology in the super god world could be obtained? This was no longer a simple hero!
This kind of power was already at the level of the Void Will of the Transcendent World!
The light in Su Liu’s eyes swirled. At this moment, he thought a lot, but in the end, the light lurked, and his expression returned to calm.
“No matter what happens in the future, becoming a god or a mad demon isn’ t something I need to consider right now. Let’s take a good look at what kind of monster I will become!”*

Chapter 16: Special treatment of all kinds of dissatisfaction (reward and change)

It has been detected that the master has already met the requirements for upgrading a three-generation super geno warrior. Do you want to upgrade?!]
Just as he had fused with the star-driven technology, the system’s notification sounded again in Su Liu’s mind.
“Upgrade!”There was nothing to hesitate about.
The next second, Su Liu was once again surrounded by light. At the same time, the System’s voice sounded.
[Activate Qiankun Knowledge Treasure, download the information of the third generation super geno warrior, upgrade… progress 1%…]
Once again, he fell into a deep sleep. Then, there was an endless darkness. A light shone in the darkness. Su Liu once again felt that warm power.
At the same time, Su Liu’s body was undergoing visible changes. His body became tougher, his cell activity became stronger, and his bones became harder. Layers of light swirled within his body, scouring his flesh, flesh, and limbs.
Data like a waterfall swirled in the Cosmos Knowledge Treasure, and finally transferred to Su Fluid. The magic cube energy transformed his body.
Half an hour later, the light gradually faded and everything returned to normal.
Su Liu withdrew from the dark plane and appeared in the living room. His body flashed with light, and in the end, he disappeared into his limbs and bones.
Congratulations, Master has successfully upgraded to a third generation super geno warrior!]
Su Liu opened his eyes and glanced at his own state on the male core control panel.
Engine: Male Core [Full Upgrade Combat Version]
Host: Su Liu [Third Generation Super Geno Warrior]
Basic functions: Void Force (Definition Rule), Anti-Void Force (Rewriting Rule).
Program Skills: Basic Material Definition, Advanced Concept Rewriting, Basic Dark Energy Drive (Upgradeable Divinity), Basic Star Drive (Upgradeable Divinity), Basic Time Manipulation (Upgradeable Parsing Time Gem), Micro Wormhole Handling (Upgradeable Parsing Space Gem).
Auxiliary System: Qiankun Knowledge Treasure, Functions: Super Calculation, Super Analysis, Super Storage.
Energy: Cosmic Rubik’s Cube (Space Gem)[ Energy channel connected]
Su Liu’s combat strength increased by another level. In addition, the data in the Cosmos Knowledge Treasury gradually became more and more abundant.
Next, Su Liu did not continue to stay here. He opened the wormhole and stepped into it, disappearing into the living room.
Kamataiji, Holy Land.
Su Liu directly appeared in front of Yun.
“Mage!”Yun hurriedly bowed.
“Take me to the various temples to take a look. I’ ve become the guardian of this place in the end!”Su Liu helplessly sighed.
“Yes!”The corner of Yun’s mouth twitched slightly, and he complained endlessly in his heart.
This guy, he’s really showing off after getting a good deal. Could it be that a supreme mage is someone who can be treated as such? It’s too much!
“However, mages… I suggest you go to the Holy Land and meet the disciples first. They are all waiting to meet you now?”Yun thought for a moment, but he still reminded Su Liu.
“They?”Su Liu thought for a moment and nodded slightly.” Alright, then let’s meet them first.”
The dimensional door opened and Su Liu and Yun walked in together.
When the two of them appeared in the sacred land, the disciples immediately noticed them and gathered together.
“I’ ve seen the Venerable One before!”
Everyone bowed in unison. At the same time, many people also looked at Su Liutong with curiosity. There were no lack of strong disciples among them, their eyes clearly showed dissatisfaction.
It seemed like there was a need to show his might!
Su Liu’s gaze swept over all the disciples and soon discovered some disharmony.
Fortunately, this old man had ruled over all sorts of objections!
He put his hands behind his back and stood in front of the disciples. He said indifferently,” Some of you may not be convinced because I’ ve been here for a short time, right?”
No one said anything, but some of the disciples’ eyes flashed with eagerness.
No matter where they were, it was because of their strength. The reason why the title of supreme mage was so famous was because of their strength. It was normal for these people to refuse to accept it.
Su Liu said again,” I’ ll give you a chance. If you have any objections, you can stand out now. I’ ll stand here. As long as you can make me move, even if I lose, I can give you the title of supreme mage!”
“Of course, you can go together as well. I won’ t punish you for this!”
After Su Liu said this, the crowd immediately became agitated. The eyes of those disciples who were initially unwilling to accept the challenge were even more radiant.
They didn’t know Su Liu’s strength. They only knew that Su Liu and Gu Yi had fought against each other earlier. However, due to the sealing of the mirror space, no one knew about the specific situation, so from start to finish, no one knew what Su Liu’s strength was.
Even Su Hao stood to the side with a face full of excitement, wanting to see how Su Liu’s real strength was.
The people present were not particularly optimistic about Su Liu, because the time he had come to the Holy Land was too short. In their eyes, it was impossible for them to learn such profound magic.
Only Yun probably knew that Su Liu was extraordinary. Otherwise, Gu Yi would not have given him the title of supreme being and made him the temporary guardian of the sacred land and Earth.
“Please instruct the mages!”A disciple lined up and stood opposite Su Liu.
There was another commotion in the crowd. With the emergence of a bird, the others naturally began to stir.
“Any more?”Su Liu was not in a rush. In order to save time, he still felt that it would be easier to let them go together.
“Please instruct the mages!”
“Please instruct the mages!”
Another group of people walked out from the crowd one after another with a confident expression on their faces.
Since these people dared to step forward, they naturally had confidence in their own strength.
“Any more?”Su Liu’s expression didn’ t change. He put his hands behind his back and glanced at the crowd again, then spoke.
After a while, no one answered. Su Liu nodded.
Without any nonsense, he extended his finger and beckoned to the disciples standing out.” Let’s go together!”
“Please instruct the mages!”All the disciples roared and took out their magic tools and hanging rings.
A light whip flew towards Su Liu, and the surrounding space began to distort.
Some used space magic, some used object-imitating magic, and a series of magic attacks like psychic power, illusion magic, and so on rushed towards Su Liu.
As for Su Liu, he still stood there calmly with his hands behind his back.
When all the attacks came in front of him, a ripple appeared. The incoming magic attacks seemed to have suddenly been frozen, unable to move any further.
Time stopped!
Following that, space fluctuated and the magic attacks disappeared.
Space Devour!
Space exile!
Space distorted!
The tiny wormholes appeared at the feet of the disciples. Then, their bodies completely lost their balance and fell into the tiny wormholes.
Space warp wrapped an area around it. In the distorted space, a person shadow came from the sky.
After the disciples fell into the wormhole, they all fell out of the void and fell together. Then, they realized that the surrounding space had distorted and trapped them. They could tear them to pieces at any moment.
Su Liu did not move a single step from start to finish, not even raising his hand.
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Chapter 17 Unbearable Existence

The scene was quiet, only a slight breath of cold air.
Everyone was stunned as they looked at the disciples trapped in the distorted space.
When the space distorted and disappeared, the disciples stood up from the ground in a sorry state. Everyone’s eyes turned towards Su Liu.
Apart from shock, there was also deep reverence in their eyes. Especially those disciples who challenged Su Liu, all of them were secretly afraid.If this was a real battle, when they fell from the wormhole, they would be torn to pieces by the spatial distortion. There was no chance of survival.
The disciples who challenged Su Liu looked at each other and immediately lowered their heads.
After confirming his gaze, it was an existence that could not be provoked!
At this moment, they were filled with regret. What kind of limelight would they be doing if they had nothing to do with it? How could a person who could be chosen by Mage Gu Yi be a weakling……
Yun looked calm from start to finish, but who knew how shocked he was.
Even if Gu Yi was facing so many disciples attacking at the same time, he would not be able to move a step, not even raising his hand, right?
Could it be that all he learned was fake magic, incantations?Where was the magic hand gesture?Why did he arrive at Su Liu’s place? Using magic was as simple as breathing.
This was too abnormal!It was simply not human!
“Please punish the mage!”
When those disciples who were challenging came back to their senses, they hurriedly bowed and looked nervous, afraid that they would really anger Su Liu.
Su Liu waved his hand, gesturing for them to return to the queue.” I said before, I won’ t punish you for challenging things.”
“Since there’s nothing else to do, then you can continue practicing. I won’ t accompany you anymore!”
After saying that, Su Liu turned around indifferently and opened the wormhole.
“Yun, follow me!”A faint voice floated out of the wormhole.
“Yes!”Yun recovered and quickly followed.
Then, the disciples dispersed. Everyone gritted their teeth and began to practice harder.
Su Liu and Yun, who had left the training area, arrived at the entrance connecting the sacred halls. There were three doors, connecting Hong Kong, London and New York.
“Mage, where are we going first?”Yun respectfully asked.
“New York!”Su Liu opened his mouth and looked at one of the doors.
That door was the door connecting the New York Temple.
Opening the door, Su Liu and Yun walked in. When they passed through the door, the scene in front of them had changed.
After walking through a passage, the two of them arrived at the New York Temple Hall.
There were many magic tools in the hall, including the Watum magic staff, the Crimson magic belt, and the floating cloak.
Su Liu walked straight to the place where the floating cloak was placed. The cloak seemed to sense Su Liu’s existence, and it trembled slightly.
Su Liu smiled and gently stroked his cloak.
The cloak trembled even more violently. Su Liu could clearly sense the excitement the cloak gave him.
“You seem willing to be friends with me?”Su Liu spoke softly.
The next moment, the cloak flew up into the air and danced excitedly in front of Su Liu, responding to Su Liu.
“In that case, you should follow me first!”Su Liu smiled.
Fortunately, he still lacked a flying item.
Although the wormhole was able to reach the desired place quickly, it was a dream for everyone to fly in the air. Naturally, Su Liu was no exception.
Su Liu slowly walked forward. His floating cloak danced in the air for a while before falling behind Su Liu and draping over his shoulder.
He arrived at the large window in the main hall, which was similar to the structure of the Eye of Agomoto. Su Liu stood still and stood there quietly.
The sunlight outside the window shone on him, reflecting his slender shadow. His figure seemed to fit perfectly with the temple, shining brightly under the sunlight.
Yun looked at Su Liu’s back, feeling a little emotional.
Now, Su Liu was becoming more and more like a supreme mage. Looking at this image, this pretentious… ah, a handsome posture, his entire body was like a sublimation.
After standing for a while, Su Liu turned around and continued to patrol the temple.
Normally, there was nothing to do in the temple. There were huge bookshelves here. Luo Wanxiang, the bag inside, could spend his time in his spare time.There was also a spacious training area where magic could be practiced.Of course, there must be some bedrooms and living rooms. There were also some special places, that was the Magic Research Office.
The Magic Research Office had set up a magic circle that could conceal magic fluctuations and protect the surrounding buildings from damage. It was very convenient to experiment with new magic and try to improve magic here. More importantly, there were magic insights left behind by previous supreme mages and some powerful mages. For a mage, it was extremely valuable.
However, Su Liu only took a few glances and lost interest.
What a joke. He was a technology warrior dressed in a mage’s cloak. How could he understand these profound magic notes? Moreover, there was no need to look at them.
Not long after, Su Liu and Yun left the New York Temple and inspected London and Hong Kong Temple.
Just like Su Liu had imagined, the Guardian Temple was really a very boring thing, but from another aspect, it was also a very dangerous thing. Because the Temple was the first line of defense for all other dimensional creatures and dark creatures like Domam who wanted to invade Earth.
As long as there was a problem with the temple, the entire Earth would be in danger.
“Alright, I already know the situation!”After visiting the three sacred halls, Su Liu and Yun returned to the sacred land.
Standing at the entrance of the temple, there was a monitoring projection from the Eye of Agomoto above. The entire Earth was surrounded by the three sacred halls. The three sacred halls formed a protective barrier to protect Earth from the invasion of the dark dimension.
“Then you prepare……?”Yun looked at Su Liu.
“Of course, what should I do? Every temple has a full-time guardian. If something goes wrong, just contact me!”
“Yes!”Yun bowed slightly and prepared to leave.
“Wait!”Su Liu seemed to suddenly remember something.
He stretched out his hand and took out a coin from the wormhole space. The front and back sides of the coin were engraved with the words “super” and “god “.
This was a special coin created by Su Liu through the anti-void force creation function. As long as he activated the coin through a special method, no matter where he was, Su Liu could immediately sense it. It was not restricted by space or time. The activation method was similar to the energy of faith.
It was similar to the firearms created by Xiao Lun in the Super God Academy using the power of belief.
“In an emergency, if I’ m not here, use this to contact me!”*

Chapter 18 Dormam Invasion

On the calm lake, a lone boat floated quietly in the center. The surrounding mountains and waters were clear and vibrant.
On the lonely boat, Su Liu lay quietly, as if he was not angry at all. However, his breathing was steady and long. The lake water spread with his breathing.
After arranging the matters in the temple, Su Liu used the power of the Space Gem and the Mirror Space Magic to create an existence similar to an independent space and entered the deep analysis of the Time Gem.
The reason he wanted to leave the Super God coin to Yun was just in case.
When he entered the deep analysis, Su Liu was completely unconscious. If the temple was in danger at this time, it would still be possible for problems to occur with Yun and the others alone.
It had been half a month since Su Liu had fallen into hibernation. Meanwhile, in the holy land, Yun was in trouble.
“This energy aura seems a bit familiar……”
In the array monitoring projection of the Eye of Agomoto, a dark energy was approaching Earth, and it was extremely fast. It was almost about to contact the protective array.
“Not good. It’s Domam’s power. Quickly pass the order. All the disciples go to the temple to defend!”
A few high-ranking disciples quickly left and quickly went to the three sacred halls to prepare their defenses.
At this moment, Yun frowned. Su Liu had already disappeared for half a month. He did not know what Su Liu was doing, nor did he hear anything from the previous practice. At this moment, the situation was urgent. He took a coin in his hand and quickly activated it after a slight hesitation.
No matter what Su Liu was doing, there was no time to delay. Thomas’ power was not something that he could fight alone. At this moment, the Temple had to ask Su Liu to come back to defend. Otherwise, the Holy Land would no longer exist and Earth would be in danger.
A coin engraved with the word “super god” appeared on the front and back of the coin under the activation of the cloud.
At the same time, Su Liu, who was in an independent space, suddenly heard a system notification sound in his mind.
It was detected that the super god coin signal was activated and the depth analysis was stopped……]
Master, wake up! Something’s wrong!]
The next moment, Su Liu suddenly opened his eyes. The water in the lake suddenly rolled up, as if it was boiling.
“F*ck, it’s only been half a month. Why did something happen? Who’s looking for trouble???”
Su Liu, who had been woken up, stood up in a depressed manner. When he got up, his anger exploded, and the entire surface of Hu Bo’s water began to boil.
Su Liu sensed it slightly and found that the activated coin was a cloud. Then, his expression became solemn as he stepped forward and disappeared into Hu Bo.
After Su Liu left, the entire space barrier around Hu Bo and the mirror space broke apart, and the entire space returned to normal.
“What’s going on?”
Just as Yun worriedly looked at the approaching dark power on the star map and was at a loss, Su Liu’s indifferent voice sounded from behind him.
“Mage!”Yun turned around in surprise and saw Su Liu step out of the wormhole, looking very unhappy.
“I’ m sorry, mage. If it wasn’ t for the critical situation, I definitely wouldn’ t have disturbed your cultivation “!Yun hurriedly explained, then he pointed to the star map monitoring projection behind him.” The dark power is coming. It’s already on Earth. If I’ m right… it should be Domam!”
Su Liu did not blame Yun. He quickly came to the monitor projection and observed the dark energy above.
“It’s actually this guy. He’s quite brave. Gu Yi just left and came here to cause trouble. Is that because I’ m being bullied?”
Su Liu stared at the monitor with a hostile expression, then turned around and walked towards the New York Temple gate.
“Come with me, see if I don’ t beat him to death!”
Before he could get up, he met a guy who owed him so much. Su Liu was instantly enraged.
The key point was that Gu Yi had just left. Domam was obviously looking at Su Liu’s youth and felt that he was easy to bully, so he came to cause trouble.
As for how Domam knew that Earth’s Utmost Exalted had changed people, Su Liu did not care at all. If Domam could not even sense such a thing, then he would be too frustrated.
Yun looked at Su Liu, who was walking towards the gate of the temple. He was stunned. For some reason, he felt strange.
Why did it look like mages weren’t afraid of Domam at all? That was a dark power that even Gu Yi did n’ t dare to underestimate. Was it really good to be so hasty?
Why did he feel like he was fighting a gangster?
On the other side, New York.
At this moment, a huge spatial crack appeared in the sky above New York. Dark energy continuously surged out from within, devouring the entire sky.
The official forces in New York were also dumbfounded. When had they ever seen such a situation? Behind the huge spatial rift, there seemed to be an endless purgatory. The disgusting materials created by all sorts of deformed energies were too different from the aesthetic of Earth. No one would find it pleasing to the eye.
The huge crisis caused the officials to react quickly. The entire national machine started to work and began to take countermeasures.
They immediately recalled the American team that was performing missions near New York.
The United States team was the only super hero at the current stage. In their opinion, if anyone could solve the big hole in the sky at this time, it would only be the United States team.
The agent Peggy Carte, who had been following the United States team, naturally returned to New York together. In addition, the Roaring Commandos were also temporarily recruited.
This was a joke. New York was the official headquarters. If this place were to fall, then there would be no fighting!
When the American team returned to New York and saw the huge spatial crack, they immediately felt that their entire body was in bad shape.
“Hey, Steve… Are we really going to fight this thing?”Are you kidding me?”Baki, who was standing by the side, was the future winter warrior. The good friend of the American team was staring at the huge cracks in the sky and the endless dark power.
“I’m afraid so…” The United States team was speechless, but his eyes were still as firm as before.
To protect this city, to protect the power of justice, this was the spirit that the American team had always admired. Looking at the frightened pedestrians around him, even if he knew that he might die, he could not retreat.
“Give the order!”Behind them, although the faces of the Roaring Commandos were filled with fear, they would not just retreat.
The beautiful team looked at Kathy beside them. They looked at each other and nodded.
“You’ re in charge of evacuating, I’ m in charge of blocking the disgusting things that spit out from that big crack!”Team Mei weighed the shield in her hand and rushed forward with a solemn look.
“No, at least tell me how to block that thing…” Baa’ba hurriedly followed.
Behind them, the Roaring Commandos followed behind as well. They gripped the guns in their hands tightly. Even though the weapons in their hands might not be able to pose any threat to
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Chapter 19 Stunned American Team

Su Liu walked out of the temple gate. The floating cloak immediately flew behind him, and then he floated towards the huge crack in the sky.
“Eh, where are some acquaintances?”
Su Liu glanced at the running figure below. If it wasn’t the United States team, who would it be.
“Unfortunately, you can only watch this situation.”
The Avengers Alliance in the future was responsible for protecting the world from physical damage, while the invasion of magic and the invasion of mysterious power were resisted by the Temple and mages.
The Avengers Alliance had not yet been established, and the United Team and the others naturally did not know that there was such an unwritten understanding, but the truth was that.
Faced with Domam’s invasion, the strength of the American team and the army did not have much effect. They could only rely on the power of the temple mages.
Apart from the beautiful team and the others, the mages below had already gathered their strength. Yun brought many disciples to this place.
Apart from the few disciples guarding the other temples, almost everyone gathered here because it was obvious that this was the real main battlefield.
“Build a space barrier and block the dark energy erosion of Domam!”Su Liu quietly floated in the air, his voice reaching the ears of the mages below.
In the next moment, dazzling magic power appeared among the disciples of the Holy Land. A faint golden spatial barrier appeared and slowly blocked the spatial crack that Domam had torn apart.
If he wanted to protect the city below from threats, he naturally had to lock down Domam’s invasion. Otherwise, after a great battle, the entire New York City would probably be destroyed. At this moment, Su Liu could n’ t help but feel like complaining.
The battle between Dr. Strange and Domam that appeared in the movie was a bit too much of a joke.
If Domam was really that weak, how could he be considered as the most difficult opponent by Gu Yi? He had been on guard for hundreds of years.
The members of the United States team were in a place not far away from the disciples of the sacred lands. When the space barrier was completed, the space was already sealed off. The outside world could not see the situation inside, but the United States team and the others were not isolated because they were close.
Watching the sci-fi scene in the sky, the United States team and the entire Roaring Commando team, even Agent Kathy, were stunned.
When had they ever seen such a scene? Even in movies, they had never seen it before!
Well, the special effects of movies in this era… might not be able to achieve such magical effects.
“My God… pinch me. I’ m not dreaming!”One of the members of the Roaring Commando pulled his partner beside him and muttered to himself in shock.
Meanwhile, Team Mei and Baa’laki were completely speechless. Their bodies were trembling slightly and their lips were trembling.
They were not afraid, but excited.
The United States team had always felt that they might be the most incredible existence in this world. Of course, the Red Dragonfly was not considered because it was too ugly.
What he didn’t expect was that what he saw and heard today directly refreshed his world view. This made him feel like he was in a dream, but the scene before him was so real.
“Kid, you want to block me just like that?”
Just as the American team was shocked, a voice rang out from the crack in the sky.
Captain Mei’s heart trembled, but then he looked at the figure standing quietly in the sky. He knew that the voice must be talking to that figure.
Su Liu’s face was calm, but his heart was filled with anger.
When he heard Dormam’s voice, he immediately waved his hand without saying a word. The huge spatial crack was twisted violently, and it was swallowed towards the crack.
“A little trick!”
The dark energy surged, and the space warp created by Su Liu was instantly annihilated by this energy.
“You old man, you’ re not dead. It’s fine if you come to Earth to cause trouble, but you just chose to pick on me when I took over the position of the supreme expert. Do you really think I’ m easy to bully?”Su Liu narrowed his eyes and stared at the huge spatial crack, his tone not good.
“So what? It’s just that you’ re easy to bully!”
A violent dark energy shot out from the spatial crack and rolled towards Su Liu.
Su Liu laughed coldly. With a wave of his hand, a green energy appeared. Then, the dark energy quickly disappeared like warm sun melting snow.
Time control, reverse reversal!
The dark power seemed to have never appeared before and retreated back into the spatial rift.
“Eh, it’s actually time magic. You look like you’ re a bit capable!”There was a surprised voice from the crack.
“The show is still behind. I hope you don’ t stare at it and piss your pants off!”
Activate the Male Combat System!
Activate the Male Combat System, enter the dark plane, and lock on the target Domam……]
The target was being analyzed… The target was a magical creature. It used mysterious dark energy, and its body was made of dark energy. Currently, it was not included in the database……]
“Analyze the energy around the spatial rift!”Su Liu issued a command.
[Analyzing the energy around the spatial crack, analyzing… target energy is dark energy……]
“Redefine energy to zero, repair the spatial rift!”
[Define energy as zero… Match database dark energy… Match successful… Define successful, clear energy…]
He was repairing the spatial rift…]
In the outside world, as the Battle System of the Male Core was activated, a dimensional barrier enveloped the entire crack. The dark energy released by Domam was directly defined as zero. At this moment, it was frantically retreating, and then the huge spatial crack began to quickly repair.
When Domam noticed this, he finally became serious.
“Kid, don’t even think about it!!!”
An even more powerful dark energy surged forth. The energy barrier created by the system immediately began to shake violently.
[Detected a powerful dark energy impact, space barrier energy dropped……]
Su Liu clenched his teeth and charged forward.
“Continue repairing!”
Then, Su Liu directly rushed towards the huge crack. Countless disciples from the sacred land below were dumbstruck.
This f*ck… he rushed to his home. Wasn’ t he courting death?
“Mage!!!”Yun was also terrified below. He hurriedly tried to stop Su Liu.
However, Su Liu’s figure quickly disappeared into the huge crack. Then, under the repair of the system’s energy, the huge crack finally closed.
When the spatial rift closed, the dark energy scattered over New York lost control and dissipated into the air. The sky returned to calm.*

Chapter 20 was that person!

“It’s over?”Looking at the calm sky again, Baa’ba muttered to himself, his eyes filled with disbelief.
“It’s over, but…” Captain America looked at the place where the crack had disappeared and thought.
He felt like he had seen the figure in a red cloak, but he could not remember it.
After a long while, his eyes narrowed.
It was him!It was that person!!!”
“Who is it?”What are you talking about?”Baa’ba looked at the American team in confusion.
“Do you still remember?The person I told you about, the person who could open the wormhole and disappear!!!”
“You mean…” Baa’laki looked at the place where the crack had disappeared.
“It’s him, it’s definitely not wrong!”Captain America’s expression was serious.
“But… he seems to have entered that crack. He’s not dead!”Baa’ba looked at the American team strangely.
Captain America shook his head. He was not sure.
“Kathy had been looking for this person all this time. If he could study the wormhole technique, it would definitely be an epoch-making discovery, but now……”
The two of them looked at the place where the crack in the sky had disappeared and remained silent.
On the other side, the disciples of the Temple were returning to the New York Temple to discuss plans to rescue Su Liu.
All of this happened too quickly. They had no time to react. Even if Yun could react, there was no way to stop Su Liu. Now, they could only think of another way.
“I hope the mages can return safely!”Yun looked at the sky and muttered to himself.
He knew very well that if Su Liu could not return on his own, the power of the Temple would be powerless. If Gu Yi was still there, there might be a way, but now……
Gu Yi was no longer there. No one knew where she had gone.
On the other side, after Su Liu charged into the dark space, he also learned from Dr. Strange to set up a time cycle magic.
This was his last trump card, because he could not determine how powerful Domam was in the end. He might not be able to beat Domam in a short while, but instead, he would be beaten up by Domam. If that was the case, the infinite cycle of time magic would become his only trump card to escape.
It had to be said that although Dr. Strange was arrogant and arrogant, his brain really worked.
“How dare you catch up to my territory!!!”
An angry voice sounded. Su Liu looked up and saw a huge head appear in front of him.
This head was made up of dark energy. Su Liu could not see Dormam’s body, but based on the size of the head, one could imagine how big his body was. It was probably a mountain.
“Are you ready to be beaten?”Su Liu looked at the huge head in front of him and was not scared at all.
With two infinite gems of time and space, plus the support of the Male Combat System, he felt that he should have the power to fight.
“Go die!!!”
Domam didn’t waste too much time. Dark energy surged around him. A shock wave emerged from the huge head and shot towards Su Liu like a laser cannon.
“Build a protective barrier!”Su Liu quickly controlled the Male Combat System.
[Construction of Void Defense Barrier, Reflective Energy… Anti-Dark Energy… Anti-Dark Energy… Anti-Void… Absolute Defense Barrier, definition completed.]
An energy barrier enveloped Su Liu. Following that, the surging torrent of darkness slammed into the protective barrier.
The entire protective barrier trembled violently, like a lone boat in Wang Yang. Domam was worthy of being the king of the dark space. He was extremely powerful.
“Increase the Void Barrier!”Su Liu continued to give the order.
[Analyze attack intensity… Increase energy output… Increase void barrier… Complete defense!]
Su Liu let out a sigh of relief. Even if his defense was successful, he still felt a faint pain in his body.
Even if the defense barrier specifically targeted the dark energy and defined the program defense against the dark energy, any defense had a tolerance limit. When the enemy’s attack reached this tolerance limit, the defense would still break. This was the basic law of energy conservation.
Of course, the Male Combat System had a counter-void, similar to a powerful ability that could not follow the law of conservation of energy. Unfortunately, with Su Liu’s current strength, even his divine body was n’ t able to fight against Domam’s absolute power. Therefore, the counter-void power Su Liu could control right now could not withstand Domam’s powerful attacks.
Mage Gu Yi had said that in ancient times, magic was activated by incantations. In modern times, in order to conform to the trend, in fact, incantations could also be viewed as a kind of program. mages used the program to program, mobilize the magical energy of different spaces, and realize the release of magic.
In the end, magic actually had the same function as the Male Core Combat System. That was why the end of technology would eventually return to theology.
Su Liu’s current situation was like he had extremely powerful programming software. He could rely on skills to fight with Domam, but the strength of his hardware was still inferior to Domam’s.
The Space Rubik’s Cube could provide energy. Theoretically, it could directly crush Domom, but the key point was that even with unlimited energy, Su Liu’s body could not endure it. Once it exceeded its limit, it would completely collapse.
Well, it was like a computer overload, a crash, or a direct scrap.
“You can actually block my attack? Impossible!!!”
Looking at Su Liu, who was not injured at all, and who seemed to be able to block his attack easily, Domam became serious.
“I said, the show is still behind. Don’ t piss your pants.”Su Liu stretched out his hand and removed the defenses on his body.
After experiencing Domam’s attack just now, Su Liu had a rough idea of Domam’s strength.
He now felt that instead of defending passively, it was better to fight each other to the death.
Otherwise, you’d be so happy. Do you think I’ m a sandbag?
(PS: This chapter introduces more about the combat mode of the Male Combat System. This is necessary. I hope you will understand it. In the future, if you encounter a powerful enemy, you will be killed with a wave of your hand. That will be meaningless. The main character’s strength will always have to undergo a process. I will try my best to use scientific explanations to make the Male Combat System have a reasonable logic in its combat power!In addition, she asked for flowers, comments, and rewards!)*

Chapter 21. Does technology understand?

“Even so, you’re still just a clown. Die!!!”
Domam roared in anger. The dark energy around him condensed a huge tentacle and slammed it towards Su Liu.
“Then let’s show you how angry the clown is!”Su Liu coldly shouted.
The Male Combat System was running at full power, and Su Liu’s body immediately began to feel intense pain like a fire and a needle.
[Activate Final Decision… Target: Domam!]
[Building the concept of strike… reflective energy… anti-dark energy… anti-void energy… anti-dark energy… creating an energy blockade… definition completed!]
[Create a Void Barrier… Block all energy flows within the barrier…]
[Target Darkness can exceed the limit of definition, unable to completely lock down… Do you want to execute the final decision?]
“Execute the final decision!”Looking at the huge head covered by the light yellow screen, Su Liu issued the final order.
Execute the final decision… energy overload… warning warning, body can not withstand the limit energy, about to collapse……]
“Punish him!!!”Su Liu did not care about the collapse of his body at all. He roared and gave orders.
Enforce the final decision… The target darkness can exceed the limit of the decision and can not be completely broken down… Executing the sanctions……]
All of this happened in an instant.
The huge tentacle fiercely slammed on Su Liu’s body, and the powerful dark energy instantly disintegrated Su Liu into pieces.
At the same time, the final decision that Su Liu forcefully activated also formed a great sword of judgment, which blasted towards Domam’s huge head.
Crazy screams rang out from the dark space. When the light of the giant sword disappeared, a ferocious and terrifying wound appeared on Domam’s huge head, almost splitting the entire head in half.
“Hmph, you bastard!”Looking at Su Liu turning into ashes, Domam’s face was filled with a sneer, and his huge head was slowly healing.
He did not care about Su Liu’s final decision attack.
In this dark space, even if his body was completely destroyed, as long as his Will could not be destroyed, he could use the dark energy to reconstruct his body, so Su Liu’s final decision could not be completed.
But in the next second, Su Liu’s figure appeared again. Like a scene, he stood in front of Domam again.
“How dare you catch up to my territory!!!”
“Are you ready to be beaten?”
“Go die!!!”
“Micro Flare!”
Countless huge earth spikes appeared out of nowhere, piercing through Su Liu’s body and turning it into pieces.
At the same time, the tiny flare that Su Liu released before his death also landed on Domam’s head, roasting his entire head until it was too tender.
“Damn it, damn it!!!”Domam roared.
But before he could vent his anger, Su Liu’s figure actually stood in front of him again.
The time magic that Su Liu had previously set had been activated, forming a time cycle that completely trapped Domam.
This scene was exactly the same as when Dr. Strange fought against Domam. The only difference was that when Dr. Strange faced Domam, he could only experience multiple and non-repeating death packages. While Su Liu was experiencing various death methods, he could always do his best to heavily injure Domam.
And with the passage of time, Su Liu became more and more different.
Space distorted!
Space Cutting!
Incomplete final decision!
Micro Flare!
Space Devour!
Even mid-sized flares were displayed under Su Liu’s complete disregard for his body’s collapse.
After Su Liu died hundreds of times, Domam finally panicked.
He had already sensed that something was wrong, but his pride made him unwilling to bow to a lowly human. This was the dignity of the King of Darkness.
But at this moment, he finally could not hold back.
What kind of bullshit magic are you!!!”He angrily questioned Su Liu, his tone filled with a feeling of gnashing his teeth.
“Hehe, this is called technology. I don’ t understand!”
“Die!!!”The dark shock came again, and Su Liu was smashed into pieces again.
This time, Su Liu still risked his life to release a medium-sized flare.
The powerful stellar flare directly destroyed half of Domam’s head. Although he could still use dark energy to repair the damaged head, the feeling of suffering and dignity being humiliated still stimulated Domam’s nerves.
When Su Liu’s figure reappeared.
“How dare you catch up to my territory!!!”
Su Liu:……
Domam, who unconsciously shouted this sentence:……
“Go die!!!”
“Medium flare!!!”
Su Liu’s figure once again appeared in front of Domam.
Su Liu:……
Domam cried out frantically.
Su Liu dug his ears and looked calmly.
“Can we talk about it now?”Su Liu simply sat on the ground.
Su Liu was a little annoyed by the hundreds of attacks. If Domam still didn’t know what was good for him, then he would n’ t mind playing with him, but in the end, there wouldn’t be any results.
Only now did Su Liu truly realize how terrifying time magic was.
Such a cycle of time was simply a killing weapon that would harm others and harm others. There was no reason to say that even a king like Domam was forced into bronze.
“What do you want!”Domam spoke.
“I don’ t want to do anything!”Su Liu was still digging his ears.
“What do you want!!!”Domam roared.
“I really don’ t want to do anything!”Su Liu started counting ants on the ground.
Su Liu:”1…2…3…4……”
This fellow really had several ants on the ground.
Of course, these ants were different from those on Earth. Each of them was as thick as a finger, and it looked a little scary.
But there was no other way. Su Liu was really bored!
“Go die!!!”A meteorite descended from the sky, smashing Su Liu into meat paste.
Su Liu felt like he had lost. This time, he didn’t have time to amplify his move.
As a result, when he stood in front of Dormam again, he threw a medium-sized flare again without saying anything.
Domam, who was originally planning to talk about peace:……
Su Liu’s body collapsed due to the backlash from the mid-sized flare, but Domam was even more worried.
When Su Liu stood in front of Domam again.*

Chapter 22: Trying to run after pretending?

“You won…” Domam finally compromised.
“Then I don’ t need to teach you what to do, right?”Su Liu looked at Domam with an unfriendly expression.
Due to Domam’s self-consciousness this time, Su Liu was not prepared to make things difficult for him.
“I will leave Earth. As long as you are still the supreme expert, I will not come again…” Domam said unwillingly.
That’s right. It would have been better if it had been this early. It would have saved everyone’s time. As a villain, they would have to be aware of it. Evil was just listening to it. This was how it was done in movies!Su Liu raised his head and looked at Domam.
Alright, you’re awesome! You can be Sir System!
She was too lazy to waste any more words with Su Liu. Domam immediately retreated, and her huge head disappeared into the depths of the dark space.
As for Su Liu, he smiled and took a step forward. He opened the wormhole and disappeared.
All of this happened in an instant. Time magic caused this moment to be repeated. Therefore, when Su Liu walked out of the wormhole and returned to New York City, Yun and the disciples of the Sacred Temple were just about to return to the Temple. Meanwhile, Team Mei and the others were still watching the huge crack in the sky disappear.
When Su Liu’s figure appeared in the air, everyone was stunned.
Team USA:……
A surprised cloud appeared on his face:……
They had originally thought that Su Liu would rush into the crack and die. How could they have thought that he would come back so soon? And it seemed… without any injuries?
Everything seemed to have never happened, but everyone knew that this time… it was the guy in a red cloak in the sky who saved the world!
When Su Liu descended from the sky, everyone surrounded him.
“Mage, are you alright!”Yun opened his mouth and looked at Su Liu’s body.
All the disciples looked at Su Liu.
Su Liu shook his head slightly and waved his hand.” I’ m fine!”
Hearing this, everyone sighed in relief.
But then, Su Liu’s expression turned serious as he looked at Yun.” Who summoned Thomas? Is there any clue?”
“No, I didn’ t find the summoner. I guess it was Domam who knew that Mage Gu Yi had left, so he directly rushed over!”Yun Shen said.
Su Liu nodded. He had not noticed anything wrong with the disciples of the Temple before, and outside… there was probably no one who knew how to summon Domam.
As expected, Domam had always coveted Earth, so he was constantly monitoring this place. Once Gu Yi left, he would start to invade.
The supreme being defended Earth against the threat from the magical level. This was not just a matter of words.
At this moment, the members of the United States team also arrived beside Su Liu.
Su Liu turned his head and waved his hand, letting the disciples of the Sacred Temple leave first.
Yun glanced at the beautiful team and did not say anything. He took the disciples back to the New York Temple.
At this moment, the New York Temple had been destroyed. There were still a lot of matters to deal with. The Temple of LD and XG had not been attacked. This was also strange to Su Liu. According to the plot in the movie, only the three temples on the local ball had been destroyed. Domam would be able to it was clearly not the case in the real Manway universe.
With Domam’s strength, if he wanted to invade Earth, it was n’ t just a formation made up of three temples that could block it.
There was still a difference between movies and reality!
“Hello, I’ m Steve Rogers!”The beautiful team arrived in front of Su Liu.
“Oh, I know, Team America, super hero!”Su Liu looked at the beautiful team.
Steve shrugged, feeling a little helpless, but then his expression became serious.
“Thank you for saving New York, and even… this world!”
Domam’s strength and beauty team had already seen it. Without Su Liu’s action, when that dark energy completely devoured New York, it would definitely continue to expand and threaten the entire world. Therefore, the beauty team’s words were not exaggerated at all.
“This is… my responsibility!”Su Liu shrugged.
He had no choice. Who told him to promise Gu Yi that he would become a supreme knight? If something like this happened, he would naturally take action.
Besides, aside from this identity, he did not want Domam to turn this world into a dark world. He wanted to be more like this normal world than that purgatory world. Although most parts of this world were in war, it was still a normal world.
“Mister Mage, I wonder… if you have time to chat?”At this moment, Kathy also walked up.
“Peggy Carte?”Su Liu looked at the woman walking up, then at the beautiful team. He thought of their ending……
What a tragic couple!However, the outcome of these two people in the movie was quite satisfactory.
Su Liu turned away from this thought and looked at Kathy again.” If you’ re inviting me to dinner, I think I might be able to squeeze out some time!”
“Then it’s settled!”Kathy’s eyes were clearly filled with joy.
The beautiful team glanced at Kathy, then looked at Su Liu and subconsciously said,” If you don’ t mind, what about me?”
“Of course not!”Su Liu laughed as he looked at the super hero in front of him.
This was… jealous!
Of course, this was just Su Liu’s own idea, and the United States team might just be purely curious about Su Liu. After all… the ability that Su Liu had displayed earlier was too shocking.
After the time was set, Su Liu returned to the New York Temple. Team USA and the others were naturally the convener to deal with the aftermath.
In the temple, Yun and the other senior mages were waiting for Su Liu.
“Mage, how is the situation? Domam’s side……”
Although the spatial rift had disappeared, no one knew what had happened after Su Liu entered the dark space. Yun naturally wanted to know what had happened in the dark space.
“Oh, it’s already fine. Domam was beaten away by me!”Su Liu replied casually.
“He ran away?”Yun was dumbfounded.
The other Temple mages were equally dumbfounded.
Why could you talk about this matter so easily and casually? This would make us seem very useless!
It wasn’t surprising that these mages had such thoughts. To be honest, in this battle, they did n’ t seem to have anything to do with them. They had just set up a spatial barrier from the start, and the rest were all handled by Su Liu.
“Of course, I beat him up a few hundred times, pretending to be forced to run, it doesn’ t exist!”Su Liu said affirmatively.
But he didn’t mention that he had died hundreds of times, and he could tell that……I’m the supreme expert, do n’ t give me face!
The disciples of the Temple continued to be dumbfounded:……*

Chapter 23 You might be thinking of eating shit!

The matter was settled.
When Su Liu left, a few disciples surrounded Yun.
“Do you think… mages really have that kind of strength to beat up Domam?”A disciple asked carefully.
He didn’ t know either!But what else could he say now? The facts proved that Domam had indeed retreated, and Su Liu had forced it back.
“Forget it, no matter what the process is, you guys saw it too!”Yun shrugged.
“Also, don’t talk about mages behind your back. Be careful to get beaten up…” Yun pretended to be calm as he held his hands behind his back. He glanced at the senior mages and turned to leave.
The senior mages looked at each other as they watched Yun leave. In the end, they did not say anything.
This time, Su Liu used his strength to prove that he was able to become a supreme mage. Even the name of the supreme knight was not for nothing.
On the other side, when Su Liu returned to the Temple of Mage Gu Yi, a figure was quietly making tea there.
Su Liu:”???”
“I’ m relieved to see you return safely!”The figure beside the tea table was either Gu Yi or someone.
“Why haven’ t you left yet?”Su Liu was unhappy.
I haven’t left yet and I did n’ t know to help. Do you know that I died hundreds of times in the dark space? That was hundreds of times!
Gu Yi:”…”
“Ahem, I’ m just worried that you’ ve just taken office, there are some things that you can’ t handle!”Gu Yi did not feel that he had done something wrong, but his tone was somewhat awkward.
She knew very well that as long as she left, the magical creatures that coveted Earth in the dark world would definitely make some moves. Therefore, she had to wait until Su Liu was completely seated on the throne of Honored Warrior before she could leave.
And the facts proved that her worry was not unreasonable.
“Now that’s good, the strength of Earth’s new Utmost Exalted must have spread throughout all other spatial dimensions. In the future, there shouldn’ t be anyone who doesn’ t have eyes that will easily harass you again. I can truly leave without worry!”
“Let’s go, let’s go. It’s as if we don’ t want to see you!”Su Liu rolled his eyes, his heart still filled with resentment.
He also knew what Gu Yi meant, but he could not help but feel angry!
Gu Yi:……
Gu Yi still left in the end. Su Liu did not leave her. She still had her own matters to deal with.
A luxurious restaurant in New York City.
By the time they had an appointment with Team Mei, Su Liu directly opened the wormhole and arrived here.
When Su Liu walked out of the wormhole, he saw three people who were dumbfounded.
Team Mei, Agent Kathy, and Howard Stark, the father of the most famous Iron Man in the future, all stared at Su Liu in shock.
Apart from the beautiful team, this was the first time the three of them had seen Su Liu appear in the wormhole. They did not react for a moment.
A few days ago, in the sky above New York, the instant Su Liu appeared in the wormhole, Kathy did not see it with her own eyes.
Stark, in particular, was a technology madman. When he saw such a high-tech product of wormhole technology, he was so excited that he couldn’t sleep a few days ago. When he saw Su Liu walk out of the wormhole, his mood… was simply indescribable.
A moment later, the United States team smiled bitterly and said,” Mr. Su is still so… shocking. The way you appear is always different from others!”
Howard, whose expression became excited:……
Su Liu sat down beside the three of them and said with a smile,” Thank you for your hospitality.”
“Ahem, that… I’ ll go get the waiter to serve the dishes!”Kathy pretended to accidentally touch her hair to hide her shock and left her seat.
Until now, Kathy still felt that she was dreaming. Even though she had seen a more dreamlike scene two days ago, she only felt that her world view had been overturned.
Stark couldn’t hold back after Kathy left. His eyes were filled with fanaticism.
“Mr. Su, the one you just… was a wormhole technique, right!”
Su Liu nodded,” Micro Wormhole handling technology, handling items, handling itself, just like this……”
Su Liu casually opened the wormhole space and took out a banana!
Stark was so excited that he couldn’t do it. His hands trembled slightly as he looked at Su Liu who was happily eating bananas.
“Sir, can you……”
“No!”Su Liu directly interrupted Stark.
If you want to get my wormhole technique in such a simple way, you might be thinking of eating shit!
He did not say anything, but he felt very uncomfortable.
Steve couldn’ t keep looking anymore. He looked at Stark sympathetically and said to Su Liu,” Maybe we can use other techniques to trade with you……”
“No change!”Su Liu did not hesitate.
Are you kidding me? What skills do you have now?
Serum technology?It seemed like after that doctor died, you guys would have lost the pass. Otherwise, why didn’t the second or third American team appear later?
As for Stark’s immature technologies, such as hover cars?Su Liu was not interested at all.
Team USA:……
The atmosphere turned awkward.
They did not expect Su Liu to look like he was easy to get along with, but his words were so straightforward and decisive.
“Actually, even if I give you the technology, you probably won’ t be able to get it out, or perhaps… you won’ t be able to get it out now!”Su Liu lazily spoke again.
In terms of technology during World War II, it was simply a dream to study the wormhole space technology.
Of course, it was not ruled out that there were some talented scientists who could use the complete technical data to create some immature wormhole techniques. However, that kind of probability… was similar to that of creating a Hulk. It was too difficult.
The most important thing was, why did Su Liu do things that did not benefit him.
Could it be that my wormhole technique was a cabbage? Just throw it away!
Stark’s expression was a little bitter after hearing this.
Indeed, given the current world’s technological achievements, it was impossible to completely master the wormhole technology.
In the end, the hardware was still not up to standard.
The most basic thing was that the computer used for research could not run so fast.
Just as the atmosphere became more and more awkward, Kathy appeared at the door, followed by a group of waiters serving food.
Seeing the atmosphere at the scene, Kathy had already guessed the situation. She asked tentatively,” How about… we eat first?”
Thus, this proposal was unanimously approved by the people present.*

Chapter 24 Conditions

Chapter 24 Conditions
Under the active atmosphere of Kathy’s intention, this meal was quite enjoyable.
After eating and drinking, Stark couldn’t hold back anymore.
“Mr. Su, even if we can’ t really use the wormhole technology on a large scale right now, there are still conditions for it to be used for research. This is a great contribution to advancing human civilization, so… can we……”
He looked at Su Liu in confusion.
Su Liu naturally knew what he meant. He hadn’t given up yet.
“Then what can you give me?”Su Liu shrugged and looked at him. This time, he didn’ t immediately refuse.
“We have enough money. If Mr. Su needs it, please report a number!”Stark looked at Su Liu seriously.
“Money?”Su Liu smiled.
If he wanted money, he would want as much as he wanted. There was no need to ask Stark for it.
But at this moment, another thought suddenly appeared in his heart.
“I heard that Stark’s development is not bad. If I want your shares, will you give them to me?”
Stark was stunned when he heard Su Liu’s words.
He was a little surprised. Although Stark Company was a top technology company at this time, it was still a technology company. It wasn’t considered a giant crocodile. He felt that a person like Su Liu could n’ t be seen. Why did he suddenly want a stake in Stark Company?
Su Liu naturally knew that Stark Group wasn’t as influential as the later generations. However, the development of Stark Company only took time. Su Liu was interested in Stark, or perhaps the future Iron Man.
These two guys were people cursed by knowledge. They were geniuses among geniuses.
He needed this kind of talent to create more value for him.
Stark was silent for a while. Team USA and Kart looked at Su Liu in shock.
They didn’t expect Su Liu to ask for such a condition. The information about the wormhole technology was too valuable. A mere Stark company could n’ t compare it at all. This way, Su Liu’s condition was unexpectedly not harsh at all.
Of course, this was in their eyes.
However, Stark’s significance to Stark was not something that money could measure. It was the place that carried his dream.
After a long while, Stark finally made his decision.
“I agree. How many shares do you need?”
Stark’s desire for advanced technology finally made him compromise. Rather than saying that Stark was his dream, it was better to say that knowledge was his ultimate dream.
His ideal was to bring the power of science and technology to this world and promote the progress of civilization in this world.
“50%” Su Liu stretched out five fingers.
Stark’s mouth twitched slightly. Although he was ready, the share ratio still made him feel a little heartbroken.
He took a deep breath and then spat out two words with difficulty:” Yes!”
Su Liu shook his head and said with a smile,” Don’ t agree so quickly. I still have two conditions.”
“Please speak!”Stark spoke.
“First, I can give you the information about the wormhole technology, but I can only study it secretly. Without my permission, I can not officially put it into use. Most importantly… I can not put it into military use!”
“Second, you need to study this technology with another company.”
The reason why Su Liu had made such a request was because he had considered it. If the wormhole technology was released now, there was too much uncertainty about the development of the entire World War II period. What would happen to the war? Su Liu could not control it. After all, he planned to deeply study the time gemstones and space gemstones. He did not want to wake up and see the entire world change completely.
The other thing was that the super god technology was scarce now. It could not be said that it was scarce. It could be said that there was no talent. After all, the current technological level of the East and the West was far too different. Even the talent reserve was the same. If the super god technology was to develop, it would have to rely on external forces in the early stages. Stark’s side was the best choice.
Stark was stunned when he heard Su Liu’s two conditions.
Walter Fark, this was a small request. This was simply limiting his right to use wormhole technology!
However, Stark didn’t immediately object. He took a deep breath.
“Mr. Su, these conditions are too harsh. If that’s the case, I can only give you 40% of the shares!”
“No problem!”Su Liu smiled and said,” In addition, I only need 30% of the shares, and 10% of the shares you left for the other company I mentioned. After all, in the future, you can be considered as deep cooperation companies. You can even be said to be brother companies. Having such a connection can be considered as the basis for cooperation!”
Su Liu had long been prepared. After all, his request was indeed a bit excessive. This was just like that of Su Liu. If Stark wanted to put the wormhole technology into use, he had to get his consent. However, Su Liu was certain that Stark would agree to his request. As for knowledge and the desire for technology, Stark and his son, Tony, looked at it more than money.
“No problem!”Stark nodded.
He knew that the other company Su Liu was talking about must be closely related to Su Liu. Otherwise, Su Liu wouldn’t have thought so hard about this company. However, this did n’ t affect his deal with Su Liu. This was even the result that he wanted to see more. After all, he had more opportunities to take back the shares if he dispersed them.
“Then what’s your second request? What’s the name of another research company?”Stark asked curiously.
Su Liu smiled and said,” Super God Technology!”
After the conditions were settled, Su Liu and the others walked out of the room and headed out of the dining room.
“Oh right, after a few days of experience, do you have any thoughts?”Su Liu turned his head to look at Carthy, Stark, and Team USA.
The three of them looked at each other in dismay, not understanding what Su Liu meant.
“I mean, about those mysterious powers, or threats from outer space…” Su Liu was speechless.
These three people looked quite smart. Why did their heads seem to be useless?
Kathy was the first to react.
“The threat of supernatural forces and outer space has always been a matter of theoretical importance. Especially after experiencing these things these past few days, I feel that we need to pay more attention. Otherwise, when the danger comes, if there is no response, this world will face the threat of the end of the day!”
Su Liu nodded lightly.
Team USA’s expression became serious.
“That’s right, this is a very urgent matter. I feel that I must make suggestions to the authorities and take measures!”
Stark thought for a moment and made a tentative proposal.” Perhaps we can propose a special department to deal with supernatural forces and deal with and monitor unknown dangers?”
“This proposal is not bad, I fully agree!”Kathy nodded.
“Ahem, I think it’s not bad, but what should this department be called?”Su Liu asked curiously.
“How about the Strategic Science Corps?”Kathy’s eyes flashed with excitement.
“Sounds good!”Stark nodded.
The American team shrugged indifferently.
Su Liu:……
“Actually, I think the Homeland Strategic Defense Attack and Logistics Support Bureau is not bad. It’s all about everything, but given that the name is a bit long, it can be called… Divine Shield Bureau!”
Su Liu smiled and said a name.
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Chapter 25 Invitation (Flower Plus)

When Su Liu said the name of the Divine Shield Bureau, the eyes of the three of them lit up.
“Avatar shield, defend against external attacks, defend your homeland!”Kathy muttered to herself,” This name is indeed better than the Strategic Science Corps!”
“I think so, very fashionable!”Stark blinked at Su Liu and played with a little humor.
Captain America looked at him:……
“If that’s the case, then let’s do it. I’ ll immediately apply for the establishment of Divine Shield Bureau!”Kathy said with a serious expression.
The United States team hesitated for a moment before saying,” I may not be able to move with you anymore. We haven’ t finished the matter with Hyderabad’s troops. It’s time for me to go back after a few days!”
Su Liu was stunned when he heard Captain America’s words.
“Is Hyderabad still in trouble?”
He was a little strange. Without the Cosmic Rubik’s Cube, what else could the Red Dragonfly do?
“That’s right. Hydera’s forces have developed a new type of super weapon. It’s extremely destructive, and it plays a very important role in the direction of the war. I must destroy all their bases as soon as possible!”Captain America spoke in a deep voice.
Su Liu nodded silently, feeling puzzled.
Super weapon?Where did he come from?Could it be because of the plot correction?
At this moment, he thought of Dr. Zola, the scientist controlled by the Red Dragonfly. He seemed to have been studying some kind of weapon.Perhaps under the pressure of the red dog jumping on the wall, he might have made some achievements.
“Since that’s the case, we’ ll split up into two sides!”Kathy looked at Team America.
“Okay!”Team Mei nodded.
At this moment, Stark suddenly looked at Su Liu.
“I think with Mr. Su’s strength, he might be able to join the Divine Shield Bureau. After all, he is the expert for unknown forces!”
Kathy was stunned for a moment before she immediately reacted.
“That’s right, Mr. Su Liu, I’ m officially inviting you to join the Divine Shield Bureau and become the founder of the Divine Shield Bureau. What do you think?”
Su Liu was dumbfounded when he heard this.
This… seemed to be a little different from what he had expected!
Could it be that in the future, four founders of Divine Shield would appear?
Captain America, Kathy, Stark, and himself?
However, becoming the founder of the Divine Shield Bureau seemed to be a good choice. After all, in the future, the strength of the Divine Shield Bureau was still very strong.
But working for Divine Shield Bureau, Su Liu did not have any interest.
Thus, he said,” There’s no problem joining Divine Shield Bureau, but I don’ t have any thoughts about working for the authorities!”
Kathy nodded her head in understanding. In her opinion, a person like Su Liu naturally did not want to be controlled. As for joining the Divine Shield Bureau, she would definitely accept all kinds of restrictions, so she could understand Su Liu’s thoughts.
“Mr. Su, don’ t worry. You can be the special adviser to the S.H.I.E. Shield Bureau. You can not be restricted by the S.H.I.E. Shield Bureau. I only hope that you can lend a helping hand when the world is under great threat. This is already the greatest support for the S.H.E. Shield Bureau’s work!”
“If it’s just a name, then there should be no problem.”Su Liu thought for a moment and replied.
“That’s the decision. I’ ll immediately apply for the formation of Divine Shield Bureau!”Kurt clapped his hands as his eyes reflected.
The few of them walked out of the dining room and Kurt hurriedly left. The US team quickly left and continued his mission.
In the end, only Su Liu and Stark were left at the entrance.
“Mr. Su, I will contact the Super God Technology Company in the East as soon as possible. Then, I will start the research on wormhole technology. Do you have anything else to advise?”
Stark naturally meant to ask Su Liu if he had anything to bring with him about Super God Technology.
Su Liu shook his head slightly,” Take out the coin I gave you and show it to him. He will naturally understand everything. I hope you can cooperate happily!”
“Understood!”Stark nodded.
“That’s right. In the information I gave you, there’s an idea of a new energy source. Once this energy source is developed, it’s very powerful. You have to use it carefully!”Su Liu suddenly reminded him.
Stark was stunned. He did not know that Su Liu had given him information about energy.
“This idea is an extra gift for you. I don’ t restrict your research and use of this kind of energy, but there’s only one thing… I must be careful!”Su Liu emphasized again,” In addition, you must share the research results of this idea with the super god technology. There is no room for discussion.”
“Understood!”Stark nodded seriously.
The information Su Liu left behind was about the energy of the Cosmic Rubik’s Cube.
What he left behind was not the details of photon energy, because even Su Liu did not have complete information.The information he had given Stark was just some of the general ideas he had obtained after the preliminary analysis of the Cosmic Rubik’s Cube. It would take a long time to complete this idea, given the current technology on Earth.
This kind of energy was actually the prototype of the new element that Tony had discovered in the future. As for whether Stark could get this thing out, it was not something Su Liu needed to consider.He took out this information just because he wanted to use Stark’s intelligence to pave the way for the development of super god technology.
“Then I’ ll leave first!”After the explanation, Su Liu spoke.
Then, he took a step forward. The wormhole opened and disappeared.
Even though he had seen such a scene before, Stark looked at the place where Su Liu had disappeared. He was still a little stunned, but then a bright light appeared in his eyes.
This kind of technology was already in his hands. Sooner or later, he would be able to grasp this kind of technology. Thinking of that scene, Stark could not help but feel excited.
After entering the wormhole, Su Liu directly returned to Kamataiji.
Next, he prepared to start the deep research on the Time Gem as soon as possible. This would be of great help to improve his strength.
He carefully reminded Yun and left behind the super god coin. Su Liu disappeared. No one knew where he had gone. Even Yun didn’t know, but he remembered what Su Liu said before he left and assumed the responsibility of guarding the temple.
As long as it was not invaded by too strong dark power, relying on the strength of the disciples of the Temple was enough to deal with it.
After Su Liu left Kamataiji, he once again arrived at the lake where people were nowhere to be seen.
It was still a lone boat. The surroundings were picturesque and beautiful.
The enhanced mirror space enveloped the entire lake. After that, Su Liu once again entered a deep sleep state. The Cosmos Knowledge Treasury also continued to study the time gem.
Su Liu’s sleep was almost fifty years past……
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Chapter 26 Control Time (Evaluation Tickets Plus Change)

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!]
It was as if a voice that had traveled for a long time sounded from the depths of Su Liu’s mind, waking him up.
The moment Su Liu opened his eyes, the lake was still the same. Time here seemed to have stopped. The scenery around him was exactly the same as before Su Liu fell into a deep sleep, without any change.
Su Liu’s awakening was like a drop of water falling, breaking the calm of the lake. Strands of ripples suddenly spread towards the surroundings with the boat as the center.
Congratulations, Master. Time gem analysis completed. All the information has been included in the Cosmos Knowledge Treasury.]
Congratulations, Master, the time rule information has been completely improved. Time manipulation technology has been upgraded to the ultimate!]
Congratulations, Master. The Void Power Ultimate Program, Yu Na Qiankun, has been activated. Currently, it is a beginner level.]
Congratulations, Master. Main Mission:20% completion of unlimited gem data collection, one reward!]
Congratulations, Master, the progress of the collection of information on the technology and supernatural forces in the universe has reached 10%. You will receive a reward!]
The continuous sounds of notifications made Su Liu’s originally chaotic brain immediately wake up.
He immediately entered the dark plane and began to check his own state.
Engine: Male Core [Full Upgrade Combat Version]
Host: Su Liu [Third Generation Super Geno Warrior]
Basic functions: Void Force (Definition Rule), Anti-Void Force (Rewriting Rule).
Program Skills: Basic Material Definition, Advanced Concept Rewriting, Basic Dark Energy Drive (Upgradeable Divinity), Basic Star Drive (Upgradeable Divinity), Ultimate Time Manipulation, Micro Wormhole Handling (Upgradeable Research Space Gem).
Ultimate Program: Beginner universe (research other infinite gems to upgrade)
Auxiliary System: Qiankun Knowledge Treasure, Functions: Super Calculation, Super Analysis, Super Storage.
Energy: Cosmic Rubik’s Cube (Space Gem)[ Energy channel connected]
Beginner Yu Neikun: Deducing Yu Neikun. At present, you can deduce the results of every event according to the time rules. The more parameters you know, the more unique the results are. Provide accurate data to improve the accuracy of the deducing results.
Yu Nai Qiankun!Ultimate time control technique!
He seemed to be quite powerful?
Su Liu stretched out his hand and drew across the lake in front of him. Then, a mysterious scene appeared.
The surrounding lakes and mountains suddenly changed like a dream. It was as if the video was playing back at an extremely fast speed. The growth of the trees, the germination of the leaves, the flowering and fruit, the withering and falling of the trees, the day and night alternated, and the seasons changed one by one.
While Su Liu was doing this, the theoretical time barrier and time reasoning did not appear, and the time branch was not formed at all.
This was the ultimate time control technique. It was completely unaffected by any time argument. It perfectly controlled the time and shuttled past the future.
As for Yu Nai Qiankun……
Su Liu stretched out his hand again. This time, everything around him returned to normal. The timeline returned to the beginning of Su Liu’s time manipulation.
In his palm, a circular screen appeared. It was still the color of the surrounding lakes and mountains. However, this time, all of these changes only appeared in the circular screen in Su Liu’s palm. Su Liu looked like he was watching a movie, looking through everything that had happened in this area in the past fifty years.
Because there were no special variables, it was just a deduction about landform and mountain color. Su Liu’s deduction was almost 100% accurate. It was exactly the same as the scene Su Liu had just seen with the time control technique.
This was how two different skills were used.
The time manipulation technique could directly control time, but there was one disadvantage. It was hard to work on, and the variable was huge. It was just that the control without purpose was fine, and the effect was not great. However, if Su Liu changed something during the process of controlling time, the results would be completely different.
As for Yu Neikang, it was to deduce the future according to the rules of time without changing the time.
To put it simply, the control time could change some things and be used for purposeful control.
As for Yu Nai Qiankun, it was more like looking into the past and the future without changing anything.
At present, Su Liu could only use the timeline he knew to activate the Universe Cosmos program to deduce the results. In other words, he had to experience events to deduce the results. If he wanted to increase the scope of the deduction, he had to collect more infinite gems to upgrade the program level of the Universe Cosmos.
Su Liu guessed that it was a huge divine ability that truly controlled the past and the future. The entire universe changed in one hand. It was omniscient and omniscient!
Su Liu let out a deep breath. He felt that this nearly fifty years of sleep was worth it. The research on the Time Gem had already been completed. Even if he returned the gem to Gu Yi now, it would not have any effect on Su Liu.
Because, the power of time was completely under Su Liu’s control. He no longer needed to use the Time Gem.
He looked around, then his heart moved.
In the past 50 years, to be exact, it was 47 years. It was unknown how the outside world was now.
The Super God Coin that Su Liu sent out had never been activated. In other words, there shouldn’t be any major events during this period of time. However, Su Liu thought for a moment and decided to go out to take a look. After all, after sleeping for so long, it was time to move a little bit.
Then, he suddenly remembered the reward from the System.
“Let’s see what reward it is!”
Earlier, due to the time manipulation technique and the shock caused by Yu Neikang, Su Liu almost forgot about the reward.
“Extract rewards!”Su Liu gave the order.
Then, he reached out to open the wormhole space. There were two gift boxes lying quietly inside.
Opening the gift box, the two crystal cards landed on Su Liu’s hand. Su Liu’s heart was slightly delighted, and at the same time, the system’s notification sounded.
Congratulations, Master, for obtaining the Angel Gene Technology Crystal Card – Angel Wings!]
Congratulations, Master, you have obtained the Angel Weapon Technology Crystal Card – Flame Series Weapons!]
“Use a crystal card!”If there was any hesitation, Su Liu directly gave the order.
In the next moment, Su Liu directly entered the dark plane. At the same time, the Cosmos Knowledge Treasury started and collected the two crystal cards.
Following that, Su Liu’s body slowly floated up, and the huge ball of light that his body had transformed once again enveloped him.
[Body modification confirmation… Import Angel Wings data… Complete genetic sequencing… Prepare, start modification!]*

Chapter 27 Large Disaster Site

A figure soared into the sky. The silver wings slowly flapped and quietly stopped above the lake.
Su Liu reached into the wormhole, and then slowly pulled out a long sword wrapped in flames. The long sword trembled slightly, and then the flames gradually disappeared. Finally, it was engraved on the sword, forming a flame-like color.
Flame Sword!
With the information on the series of fire weapons, Su Liu immediately created a Fire Sword. No matter what, he didn’t need any materials. He could easily create the Fire Sword by using the anti-void energy creation function.
The modified Angel Wings were different from the Angel wings and Xiao Lun’s black wings. They were silvery-white and gave off a faint luster. The structure at the tail of the wings was transparent like a crystal, giving off a bit of luster. They were very beautiful.
“This will finally have a flying skill. There’s no need to rely on a floating cloak!”Su Liu smiled lightly and casually waved the Flame Sword in his hand.
The scorching heat radiated out, and intense energy fluctuations emerged, causing Hu Bo below to wave violently like a hurricane.
“The power is not bad!”
Although the Blazing Sword was not a top god item in the super god world, it was also a powerful weapon that could cut through the body of the god. In the Maneuvering World, such a weapon could almost be swept away. Of course, the premise was that there were no mysterious bosses, such as the abnormal gods in the Maneuvering Comic.
After briefly understanding the power of the Flame Sword, Su Liu spread his wings and flew towards the end of the sky.
He did not use the wormhole to jump. At this moment, in Su Liu’s heart, flying… was the romance of a man!
A violent explosion caught Su Liu’s attention. His flying speed slowed down, and then he quickly turned around and landed at the place where the explosion sounded.
When Su Liu came to the ground, he saw the large disaster scene in front of him.
A fighter jet was surrounded by flames, and the flames were so loud that it was burning. Inside, there was a corpse ladder, and it was completely burned to the point where it could not be seen.
Su Liu frowned slightly, then he saw a blue mark on the corpse.
Blue blood?Could this be the unlucky Dr. Lawson in Captain Amazing?
The blue blood, Su Liu could almost tell that the corpse in front of him was the undercover of the peace-loving Kerry on Earth. Dr. Wendy Lawson, it was not accurate to say that he was undercover because this guy came to Earth to search for energy, and the scene before him……
Su Liu’s brows furrowed even deeper. He could n’ t figure it out. The universe cube was in his hands, how could this guy still discover photon energy?
Could it be……Stark?
Su Liu instantly understood. It seemed… although the plot had changed because he had taken away the Cosmic Rubik’s Cube, the general direction had still been modified!
Thinking of this, Su Liu stepped forward and waved his hand.
The flames on the fighter jet quickly disappeared, and then the entire fighter jet returned to its non-explosive state. Dr. Lawson’s body also returned to normal. Other than that, nothing had changed in the surroundings.
Su Liu only used time reversal on the plane and Dr. Lawson’s body, and then made time stop.
Everything around them was frozen. Only Su Liu and Dr. Lawson could move normally.
Dr. Lawson returned to his state before he died. Blue blood flowed from his head, but there was still a breath left.
“You… who is it!”Dr. Lawson spoke with difficulty. He looked at Su Liu who was approaching, his eyes filled with vigilance.
Everything around him was too strange. He could actually make time stop and not use any technology. Dr. Lawson instantly judged that Su Liu was not an ordinary person.
“Don’ t worry, the photon energy is gone. It’s not taken away by the Kerry people, but absorbed by Carol!”Su Liu spoke indifferently.
The Carol Su Liu mentioned was the future captain of surprise.
“Absorbed by Carol…” Dr. Lawson’s eyes were filled with disbelief.” What about Carol…?”
“It should have been taken away by the Kerry people!”Su Liu shrugged.
“Then you???”Dr. Lawson knew that he didn’t have much time left and began to ask about Su Liu’s identity.
“I’ m one of the founders of the Divine Shield Bureau, Su Liu. If there’s anything you need to help with, tell me!”Su Liu spoke indifferently.
Everything was under Su Liu’s control. At this moment, he simply borrowed the name of Divine Shield Bureau.The reason why the reversal of time allowed Dr. Lawson to wake up was because Su Liu had a purpose. He wanted to get the coordinates of the Krishna planet and the location of Dr. Lawson’s laboratory.
Divine Shield Bureau!
After hearing these words, Dr. Lawson’s eyes flashed. Su Liu was right. She knew Divine Shield Bureau.
“There’s no need to worry. I know you still have a laboratory. It’s located somewhere in the outer space of Earth. There are many Sruk people gathered there, right?”Su Liu didn’t plan to waste time either. He directly asked.
Even though Dr. Lawson still had countless questions in his mind, for example, how could the founder of Divine Shield be so young?And how did he know about his secret laboratory?More importantly, she could not confirm whether Su Liu was an enemy or a friend.
“Why don’ t we talk like this? Let’s make a deal. I’ ll be responsible for rescuing the Scrues. And you… tell me the coordinates of the planet where the Creees are located, as well as all the scientific and genetic data of the Scrues. How about that?”
On one side was genocide. If they could not find a place to live as soon as possible, the Kerry people would definitely wipe out the Sruk people.
On the other side, there was a hope for the Scrues to survive. However, there was a price to pay, but these costs were nothing to Dr. Lawson.
Many people in the cosmos knew the coordinates of the Kerry Empire. This was not a secret. As for the Scrooge’s scientific and technological information… this should not be a problem.The race was about to be exterminated, so the Scruids shouldn’t be waiting for the information to die!
Dr. Lawson only thought for a moment and felt that Su Liu’s deal was not harsh to her.
But in the end, the final question was whether Su Liu could be trusted.
“Actually, you can also reject my proposal. Anyway, I can get all of your technical information in a little bit of time. The reason I gave you this opportunity is that I don’ t want to be a bandit, and I’ m wasting too much time. Also… I can find your laboratory right now. Do you believe me?”
Su Liu looked at the final destination coordinates of the fighter plane, then a smile appeared on his face.
Behind him, the silver wings suddenly spread out. Then, he pointed to the coordinates on the fighter plane and looked at Dr. Lawson.” That’s the coordinates of your laboratory, right? My wings can fly directly to outer space. Do you believe me?”
As he spoke, Su Liu flapped his wings and slowly left the ground.
Dr. Lawson was completely dumbfounded when she saw this scene. Soon, she realized that she had no reason to reject Su Liu.
The light in Dr. Lawson’s eyes grew brighter and brighter. She had already made a decision in her heart.
“Alright, I promise you, I’ ll ask you… I’ ll definitely save them. They’ re innocent war victims!”
At this moment, even Dr. Lawson’s tone unconsciously became respectful.
She knew very well that this young man in front of her might determine the future of their Sruk people.*

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Chapter 28: Going to the Kerry’s territory

Dr. Lawson was still dead in the end. Time control could not continue. It was just as advanced as Angel Technology in the Super God Academy. It was still unable to reverse death.When Su Liu released the time control, Dr. Lawson naturally died soon.
When Su Liu appeared again, he was already in New York, and he quickly found Cat and Stark.
These two guys seemed to be doing quite well now, but they were no longer young, and Kathy was no longer in Divine Shield.
“You are, Mr. Su!!!”Kathy looked at Su Liu in shock.
Although they were already in their 60s, Kathy’s body was still quite good, and she was also very energetic. She looked like someone in her 50s.
Very soon, Stark came over as well. When he saw Su Liu, he also revealed a shocked expression.
Kathy and Su Liu talked about what had happened over the past 40 years. When they were talking about the United States team, Su Liu learned that he had actually ended up in the same place as the Red Skull. In the end, he had fallen into the ocean. Now, he did not know where to go. The plot was extremely powerful, and even Su Liu had not expected this.
“Mr. Su is indeed not an ordinary person. His appearance does not change at all!”Both of them sighed with emotion.
Su Liu didn’t be too polite with them and directly entered the main topic.
“Mr. Stark, the photon energy concept information I gave you has already developed a specific product?”
Stark was stunned. Then, he smiled bitterly and shook his head.” No, but the government has a plan for the Heavenly Horse. It seems that it already has some eyebrows.”
Sure enough!Su Liu nodded.
Then, he said,” I saw a fallen fighter plane on my way here today. Perhaps it has something to do with your Tianma plan.”
“A fallen fighter?”Kathy frowned.
Then, she immediately made a phone call and went out. It sounded like she had called someone over.
Not long after, a black man arrived here. Looking at this person’s appearance and temperament… Su Liu had already guessed who this person was.
“Hello, my name is Nick Frey. I’ m a Level 3 Secret Service Agent of Divine Shield Bureau. It’s nice to meet you, Mr. Su Liu!”
As soon as Frey arrived, he immediately recognized Su Liu’s identity. After all, he was one of the real founders of the S.H.I.E. Shield, and his appearance was exactly the same as the portrait of the founder hanging on the S.H.I.E. Shield. There was no change at all.
“Hello, Worker Fritt.”The two of them shook hands lightly. Su Liu nodded at him.
“Mr. Su, you really are a miraculous person. After so many years, there has been no change at all. In addition, I personally like the name’ Divine Shield Bureau’ that you call me!”
Fury was worthy of being the future’s old director. His mental state and determination were very good. At least after seeing Su Liu, he did not lose his composure from start to finish.
“It’s too much!”Su Liu smiled and nodded.
“Let’s get down to business!”Kathy looked at Frey.” Did a fighter plane crash today, or was it the fighter plane from Tianma’s plan?”
“That’s right!”Frey’s expression turned serious.” There is indeed something like this. The Divine Shield Bureau is urgently dealing with this matter because the reason for the crash of the fighter plane is not unusual. I wanted to rush over, but after you called, I came here first.”
“You don’ t need to go there anymore. I can tell you whatever you want to know!”Su Liu sat at the desk and gently tapped the table with his finger.
“You also know about this?”Frey looked at Su Liu.
Su Liu smiled and said,” To be precise, I came from the place where the plane fell.”
Frey’s expression finally changed.” Please tell me more about what you know.”
Su Liu briefly explained the war between the Cree and the Scrooge, then focused on Dr. Lawson’s research and the incident where Carol was taken away by the Cree.
“Interplanetary war!”Frey and the others were all shocked.
They had never thought that Earth would be dragged into an interplanetary war, so they decided to find out in time. Now they started to set up their defenses……
Forget it. With Earth’s current technology level, let alone defense, even the shadow of the enemy could not be seen. He was directly hit by a round of artillery shells in outer space, and he was finished playing.
“Mr. Su, what do you think we should do now?”Kathy realized the seriousness of the problem.
Frey and Stark’s eyes also unconsciously focused on Su Liu. From their point of view, Su Liu was too mysterious. Perhaps there was a way to resolve this matter.
“I’ ll give you a coordinates. You guys first determine the location of Dr. Lawson’s laboratory, and then when I come back, you must not act without authorization!”
Frey nodded and took a note from Su Liu. It was the exact coordinates of Dr. Lawson’s laboratory.
However, this coordinate would shift as time passed, but Su Liu was certain that Frey would be able to find that coordinate accurately.
“Then where are you going?”Frey suddenly asked.
Kathy and Stark both reacted and looked at Su Liu.
“I’ m going to visit the Kerry people’s territory first. Maybe I can bring that Miss Carol back!”Su Liu’s eyes carried a smile.
Bringing back Carol was just a passing incident. Su Liu’s main goal was to obtain the Keri’s technical and genetic materials.
It was obvious that the Keri civilization was far ahead of Earth. They had even mastered the wormhole jumping technology and laser energy technology. In addition, the Keri’s artificial intelligence was the supreme intelligence that gathered the Keri’s highest intelligence, including all science, military, and thought.
Not only that, the Kerry people who had developed into a space civilization must also have information about other races and genes.
This was Su Liu’s ultimate goal.
As long as the Krishna’s old nest was left, the task of collecting scientific and technological information and supernatural information in the universe might be completed quite a bit.
When Su Liu was about to go directly to the Kerri’s territory after saying that, Cate and Stark were dumbfounded. Even Frey’s face revealed a shocked expression.
“Are you sure you want to do this? That’s a civilization that has already stepped into the universe. The technology is much higher than our Earth civilization…” Frey could not believe it.
“Of course, if it wasn’ t for the space civilization, I wouldn’ t be interested!”Su Liu had a strange smile on his face.
In the end, the three of them couldn’ t stop Su Liu’s crazy decision. When they saw Su Liu spread out his silver wings and flew into the sky and finally disappeared into the wormhole, their mouths couldn’ t help but gape.
Even Frey, who had always been calm, couldn’ t help but slap himself, thinking that he was dreaming.
“Is that… the legendary wings of angels?”
The three of them looked at the place where Su Liu had disappeared. They did not return to their senses for a long time. The shock in their hearts could no longer be expressed in words.*

Chapter 29 Utmost Wisdom

Planet Kerry.
There was a science and technology civilization far beyond Earth. The sci-fi scene that could only be seen in a movie had become reality here.
The towering buildings were all over the planet, each one filled with the beauty of technology.
From time to time, floating airships were patrolling and whistling through the air. They were closer to the outer space, and aircraft carriers were crossing the air. They covered the sky like dark clouds, filled with a cold metallic aura. Just by looking at their appearance, one could tell that these mother ships were bound to be loaded with technology weapons far beyond Earth.
Somewhere in outer space not far from Planet Kerry, a tiny wormhole opened and Su Liu rushed out.
The silver wings stretched out behind him, holding the Blazing Sword in hand. At this moment, Su Liu really looked like an angel in the transcendent world.
He glanced at the planet in front of him and opened the wormhole again. In the next second, he disappeared.
Dr. Lawson’s star coordinates could only reach outer space outside Kerry, and could not directly land on the planet.
When Su Liu came out of the wormhole again, he had already appeared inside Planet Kerry, and it was on the top floor of the building where the Cleansers’ AI was located.
The view here was very broad, but Su Liu clearly underestimated the technological level of the Krishnamurti people. When he appeared in the building, the surrounding people thought of an intense anti-aircraft alarm. It was no surprise that Su Liu was not prepared to appear had already been discovered by the Krishnamurti people’s surveillance system.
“Interesting!”Su Liu smiled, then a hidden energy barrier immediately appeared around him.
This barrier could isolate any detection of Su Liu. In this regard, even though the Krishnamurti’s technology was very advanced, they still could not compare to the Male Combat System.
Very soon, Su Liu disappeared once again. When he appeared, it was already inside the building where Supreme Wisdom was located.
There was a huge energy device in front of him. It was like a mechanical brain. Its structure was precise, and data and energy constantly circulated within it. It emitted a faint blue light, full of the sense of technology and beauty.
This was where the most intelligent host was. Su Liu appeared without any obstruction.
There was no one around. This was obviously a place similar to a forbidden area. Even the Krishnamurti could not easily enter. After all, it was the place where the Supreme Intelligence mainframe was, and it was the place where the entire Krishnamurti was safe.
When Su Liu arrived in front of the mainframe, the faint blue light suddenly became intense, as if something unknown had happened.
Then, Su Liu felt that something had happened on the ground beneath his feet. The water-like nano-connecting device quickly climbed onto Su Liu’s ankle. Then, he tried to wrap him completely along his body, but Su Liu did not mind at all, as if everything was under control.
[Building a defense concept, isolating all data flow… anti-detection… anti-invasion… rejecting program modification… definition complete!]
A system notification sounded in Su Liu’s mind. Then, the faint barrier light on his body suddenly rose.
The next moment, Su Liu entered the virtual space created by the Utmost Wisdom.
This was because Su Liu had the Utmost Wisdom pull him in. Otherwise, he did not know where to start and enter the Utmost Wisdom mainframe.
“Who are you? Who can come here at will?”A figure appeared opposite Su Liu, with his back facing him.
A smile appeared on Su Liu’s face as he looked at the figure opposite him with interest.
“That’s a bit interesting. It’s because I can’ t read the memories in my mind or just talk about information. So the image I simulated is me?”
That’s right, the image of the supreme intelligence simulation on the other side was exactly the same as Su Liu himself. Even the clothes on his body were exactly the same.
“Why can’ t I read your brain?”The Utmost Wisdom turned around and looked at Su Liu, her eyes filled with doubt.
The Cleanser’s supreme intelligence was, to put it bluntly, an artificial intelligence. Although it had countless data support that made it more human and capable, when it encountered information that could not be interpreted or read, the doubt in its heart naturally appeared.
In its mind, it did not have the word’heart’, nor did it hide the shock or confusion in its heart.
“Hehe, that’s because… I’ m better than you, so you can’ t read me.”Su Liu laughed as he looked at the supreme intelligence that was exactly the same as his image.
This feeling was quite strange. It was as if he was looking at another person. There was a strange feeling.
“You can’ t be more powerful than me. I am the embodiment of the highest intelligence of the Kerry civilization!”The Utmost Wisdom spoke decisively.
“Then what if I’ m stronger than all the Kerry people?”Su Liu smiled playfully.
“…” The Utmost Wisdom was stunned for a second.
Then, it immediately reacted.” I’ ve already informed the guards that you will be captured and punished under the Kerry law!”
“No, you didn’ t…” Su Liu continued to smile,” The data here has been completely isolated. You can’ t transmit any information. At the same time… your guards can’ t know that something is wrong here!”
Before entering the virtual space, Su Liu had already set up an information barrier to block all signals from the entire computer room. Therefore, there was only Supreme Wisdom and him here, and no one would appear.
The Utmost Wisdom clearly knew that Su Liu was right, because the feedback it received after transmitting the data was the same.
“What do you want to do? Even without a guard, I can destroy you!”The expression of the Utmost Wisdom turned cold, and the entire space began to change.
“You mean, is that so?”Su Liu waved his hand, and a huge wave suddenly emerged from the space, fiercely smashing onto Utmost Wisdom.
The Utmost Wisdom was sent flying and fell not far away.
“How is that possible? This is my virtual space!!!”An incredulous expression appeared on Utmost Wisdom’s face.
Su Liu’s display made it feel a bit of fear. Although in theory, there was no such emotion as fear in the supreme intelligence, the countless thoughts of the Krishnamurti people gathered here, causing it to unconsciously reveal such emotions.
“Hehe… That’s right, this is your virtual space…” Su Liu slowly sat down. The ground below was naturally raised, forming a domineering throne.
“But unfortunately… your computing speed… is not as fast as me!”*

Chapter 30 I am a bandit

Su Liu sat on the throne, his hands lightly tapped the space in front of him, and numerous light screens quickly appeared.
“What are you doing!!!”The Utmost Wisdom struggled to stand up, wanting to approach Su Liu.
“Just stay here!”Su Liu waved his hand, and a light golden wall prison instantly enveloped the Utmost Wisdom.
Then, the body of the Utmost Wisdom suddenly became stiff and obediently stood there, unable to move.
In front of him, streams of data circulated. Countless streams of data appeared in the light blue screen. These streams recorded the wisdom and technology of the entire Kerry civilization. At this moment, there was no reservation in front of Su Liu.
“What do you want to do!”The Utmost Wisdom looked at Su Liu in terror.
After mastering these data, Su Liu was equivalent to a brain that had mastered the supreme intelligence. As long as he wanted to, he could completely destroy the supreme intelligence at any moment.
But Su Liu did not do this.
Why did they destroy them? There was no enmity between them.
The point was that even if the Supreme Wisdom in front of them was destroyed, the Keri would still be able to create another Supreme Wisdom. Unless the entire Keri were completely destroyed and the inheritance of their civilization was broken.
Su Liu would not do such a thankless thing. Moreover, with his current strength, he could not do it.
Su Liu took the time to take a look at the Utmost Wisdom as he quickly operated the screen in front of him.
“It’s nothing. Just copy a copy of your civilization and make a record. Don’ t worry, I won’ t kill you.”
“You…” The Utmost Wisdom looked at Su Liu as if she was looking at a terrifying demon.
Copying civilization crystals, how did you say such things so calmly!If the Utmost Wisdom was a real human, it would be crazy.
“You are a bandit, you are a shameless bandit!!!”The Utmost Wisdom cursed.
Su Liu shrugged his shoulders and said indifferently,” I’ m really sorry. I’ m a bandit, so it’s not too much to rob you guys of something!”
The Utmost Wisdom helplessly watched as Su Liu downloaded the entire Keri civilization’s technology, but it could only stare at it. There was nothing it could do.
Nobody knew what was happening in the virtual space, but outside, there was a group of people approaching.
Yong Rogue was the commander of the Kerri Interstellar War. Colonel Kerri, after he shot down Dr. Lawson’s fighter plane on Earth, he found that the photon energy was absorbed by Carol (Captain Marvel), and then he took Carol back to Planet Kerri to find a chance to obtain this energy.
At this moment, Rogue was leading Carol to the Utmost Wisdom place, trying to brainwash Carol.
He naturally didn’t know that Su Liu had controlled the Utmost Wisdom right now, but just as Su Liu was downloading the Crystal of Kerry Civilization, Rogge had already arrived outside the machine room where the Utmost Wisdom was located.
As a highly experienced colonel, Logue quickly realized that something was wrong. He had arranged for the most intelligent guards to disappear. At this moment, the door of the computer room was locked, and the air seemed to be filled with a strange atmosphere.
“Alert!”He quickly raised his hand and signaled the people behind him to be on guard.
Then, Rogge pulled out his weapon and carefully approached the computer room.
In the virtual space, Su Liu looked at the progress of downloading the information in front of him and felt a little bored.
This information was extremely large. Even with Xiong Xian’s powerful computing ability, it would take a minute to complete the download.
Not far away, the Utmost Wisdom trapped in the prison had been cursing at the words of “bandits “,” thieves “, and so on. Su Liu was annoyed when he heard this. He directly waved his hand and blocked the Utmost Wisdom’s mouth.
Warning, detected a creature approaching. Whether to activate the scan!]
The system’s prompt sounded beside Su Liu’s ear, which made Su Liu slightly interested.
“Someone actually came. It’s just too boring. Come and see who it is?”
The screen flashed, and a scene outside the computer room appeared on the screen. When Su Liu saw Rogge, he still did not know what was going on. When he saw Carol who was left by Rogge and the others, he immediately reacted.
“Yo, I was just thinking of going there to find Carol, so I’ m here!”
Su Liu took a look at the download progress. He stood up and waved.
The domineering throne behind him disappeared, and the Utmost Wisdom’s eyes widened as she stared at Su Liu, wanting to know what he was going to do next.
“I won’ t accompany you for now. The data is almost downloaded!”
The next moment, Su Liu smiled and disappeared into the virtual space. The Utmost Wisdom could only watch helplessly, still unable to break free from the wall.
In the outside world, as the system’s notification sounded out, all of the Cre’s civilization crystals had been downloaded. At the same time, a reward for the completion of the mission sounded out.
However, Su Liu no longer had time to look at the rewards because Logue and the others had already broken into the computer room.
The laser beam shot out in all directions. The moment the door opened, the weapon in Rogue’s hand locked onto Su Liu’s body and activated the weapon.
Su Liu just so happened to open his eyes. He gently waved his hand, and an energy barrier appeared, blocking all the laser beams.
“It’s quite fast, but are you here to die?”Su Liu let out a cold snort and then stomped on it.
The third generation super geno point gave off a powerful physical strength that instantly exploded. The metal floor beneath his feet gave off ear-piercing twisting sounds. Then, Su Liu rushed out like a cannonball.
Bang! Bang! Bang!
The sound of continuous collisions rang out. Before Rogue could react, the surrounding soldiers were sent flying by powerful forces and slammed into the wall.
Following that, Rogge felt a flash of pain in front of him. When he came back to his senses, his body could not help but fall backwards.
“Rally! Quick, quick!!!”A voice rang out from the crowd.
But before they could put this idea into action, Su Liu stretched out his hand and grabbed at the front. The soldiers’ bodies were involuntarily pulled together.
As Su Liu’s five fingers tightened, the soldiers’ bodies twisted strangely and quickly lost their life.
Not far away, Roger, who had slid down from the wall, saw this scene. His eyes widened in anger. With a wave of his right hand, a kinetic energy controller appeared.
The effect of using this item was similar to that of telekinetic power. It was a very good weapon in close combat.
When he saw that Su Liu had finished all the soldiers in a matter of seconds, he was dumbfounded. Then, he silently retracted his kinetic energy controller and lay back on the ground, closing his eyes and pretending to be dead.
On the other side, after dealing with the soldiers, Su Liu picked up Carol on the ground and walked out.
When he passed by Rogue, he disdainfully looked at the dead guy lying on the ground and left coldly.
Su Liu was afraid that his hands would be dirty even if he killed this kind of trash that retreated from battle.*

Chapter 31 Little girl’s temper was rather stubborn

At this moment, there was a chip on Carol’s neck that was flashing with light. This should be the chip that the Kerry people used to control her.
Su Liu casually invaded the chip, clearing the control program inside, and then took the chip down.
At this moment, Carol let out a cry of pain and then slowly woke up.
Just as she opened her eyes, perhaps it was her subconscious reaction. Carol threw a punch at Su Liu, probably treating Su Liu as an enemy.
“Hey, stop, I’ m not your enemy!”Su Liu took a step back and dodged Carol’s attack.
This strike was weak. It was clear that Carol’s stamina had not completely recovered.
“Wait until I beat you down!”Carol gave a cold cry and attacked again.
“You little girl, you’ re quite stubborn!”Su Liu reached out and grabbed Carol’s fist.
“Let go!”Carol angrily shouted. At the same time, she twisted her waist like she was throwing Su Liu over.
Su Liu’s foot was like a rock, firmly grabbing onto the ground. Carol used all her strength, but she didn’ t move him at all.
“This posture is a little bad…” Su Liu said unhurriedly.
This little girl had a bad temper, but it was quite in line with her personality. However, if Su Liu stood in her angle and woke up on a foreign planet, he would definitely confirm his safety first before talking about other things.
Unfortunately, Carol did not have the strength to defeat Su Liu.
Sensing that he was unable to throw Su Liu out, Carol quickly escaped and jumped to the side.
“Who are you?Where was this place?”What do you want to do to me?”Carol looked at Su Liu warily. A series of three questions came out.
There was nothing he could do. He couldn’t fight and could only communicate. Carol felt a little helpless.
Su Liu stood straight and said seriously,” I’ m from Earth. This is an alien planet. I don’ t want to do anything to you. Are you satisfied with this answer?”
Carol was stunned.
“You’ re from Earth?”A gleam of light appeared in her eyes.
Actually, earlier, she woke up once and was knocked unconscious by Logue.
That was why she knew that she had been caught. Furthermore, she was certain that she was no longer in Earth, because everything here and Earth were two worlds.
“Then… you saved me?”Carol relaxed a little.
“Obviously!”Su Liu shrugged.
“Then can you take me back to Earth?”A glimmer of hope flashed through Carol’s eyes.
“Well…” Su Liu pondered for a moment,” Actually, you can go back yourself!”
“Me?”Carol pointed at her nose and was stunned again.
Su Liu nodded.
Dr. Lawson’s photon energy had been absorbed by Carol. As long as the photon energy in her body was fully activated, she would become Captain Amazing.
But now, Carol obviously hadn’t activated this kind of energy. She did n’ t even know how to activate the photon energy with her hands.
“How do I have to…” Carol was stunned as she gestured,”… Go back to Earth?”
Su Liu hugged his chest and gently touched his chin. Then, he extended a finger.
“Do you want to know?Actually, it’s very simple… just like this…” Su Liu’s finger lightly tapped on Carol’s body. He really tapped it lightly.
The next moment, a faint blue light flashed between Su Liu’s eyes. Following that, Carol’s entire body suddenly seemed to be burning, emitting a brilliant light.
“What’s going on!!!”Carol was shocked.
She felt as if her entire body had been ignited. Unparalleled power erupted in her chest. That feeling… she felt as if she could destroy everything.
“This is photon energy. Feel this energy and try to control her!”Su Liu quickly spoke.
Just now, he used the magic cube energy to activate the photon energy in Carol’s body. These two energies were originally in the same vein. The magic cube energy was still more pure origin energy, so Su Liu easily activated the photon energy in Carol’s body.
“Good… so powerful!!!”Carol’s face turned red with excitement. Feeling the power of Pemba in her body, she almost shouted.
“Next, let’s have a good feel for the power of this energy!”Su Liu chuckled.
Behind him, the silver wings slowly unfolded. Under Carol’s shocked gaze, Su Liu soared into the sky, breaking through the walls of the building and flying into the sky.At the same time, a faint voice rang out in Carol’s ears.” Follow me closely!”
The next second, an intense alarm sounded. The entire Kerry Empire was like a machine, and it instantly began to operate.
Carol cried out in excitement as well, followed by Su Liu rushing out.
Because she was still a little unfamiliar with the control of energy, Carol flew a little crooked, but soon she learned the trick and followed Su Liu into outer space.
Su Liu could actually use the wormhole space to easily leave, but when he finally had the opportunity to vent his strength, he also wanted to move his muscles and bones.
He had slept for forty years, but he hadn’t been doing anything like this for a long time!
The third generation super geno warrior was known to be invincible. Even if he was hit by a cannon, he would not be able to injure this body.
With the support of the Male Combat System, Su Liu was confident that he could easily escape. No matter how bad he was, he could easily leave by opening the wormhole.
With such an opportunity, he naturally had to play with it.
In addition, he also wanted to experience how powerful the technological power of the Kerry Empire was, so that he could have an early understanding of the future interstellar wars.
“Seal the space wormhole and leave the battle planes. We must wipe out all the intruders!”
“Prepare the laser tracking gun. Once the target is locked, fire immediately!”
In a certain command ship of the Cliff Empire, orders were issued in an orderly manner. At the same time, a face stared intently at the screen of light that monitored Su Liu and the other two, with a burning glow in its eyes.
The man was wearing the Kerri command uniform. He was wearing a cloak on his head. He was holding a weapon like a hammer in his hand. His skin was a little purple, and his face had a scar-like pattern. His expression was sinister and cold, belonging to the type that could scare a child.
And his identity was none other than the leader of the Cli Empire’s accusation group, the radical faction of the Cli race, the war fan — Luo Nan!*

Chapter 32 Breakout

All the large wormhole jump points near Planet Kerry were blocked, but this did not affect Su Liu’s use of the micro wormhole jump. Because Su Liu used the micro wormhole jump technology, which came from the space gem, it did not need to jump through the stable wormhole.
In order to seal off the entire planet’s space, the Keri obviously did not have the strength to do so. From the Keri’s perspective, under normal circumstances, as long as they sealed off the large wormhole jumping point, the enemy would have to rely on the speed of the battleship to escape. The Keri could completely catch up and even intercept the enemy halfway.
However, what they didn’ t know was, where did Su Liu have any warships to support him? It was all by himself!
Carol was emitting a flame-like light of energy as she flew in the airspace of the Krishnamurti planet, and Su Liu was about the same.
Just then, several fighter planes came to intercept them and were directly killed by Su Liu with the Flame Sword.
Carol was also unwilling to be outdone. Her entire body of energy surged towards the mech and tore it apart.
The two of them were like human-type bombers, and they were the kind of human-type bombers that could not be defeated. They broke through the encirclement and rushed towards the Keri’s blockade.
On the other side, Luo Nan’s command ship was silent. Everyone was dumbfounded as they watched the battle on the screen.
At this moment, Luo Ge no longer pretended to be dead. He had already arrived on Luo Nan’s command ship.
“What kind of monsters are these two? How did they come back to Planet Kerry!”Luo Nan spoke with a gloomy expression.
He did not dare to say that he had brought Carol back. He even knew that even Su Liu might have come for Carol. At least it had something to do with Carol. Otherwise, how could he save her?
He had provoked two life monsters!
“Attack the fighter plane!!!”Luo Nan spoke in a deep voice.
What a joke. At their own door, no matter how perverted these two were, they still had to grit their teeth. Otherwise, if they were to let them go, they would lose face to the entire universe.
“Why don’ t we… let them leave first? This kind of loss is too great!”Logue frowned.
He also knew how much of a blow to the dignity of the Kerry people was, but the two in front of him were monsters!
“Do you really think that Kerry’s dignity can be trampled on like this?”Luo Nan turned around and stared at Luo Ge.
“We can wait for him to enter outer space before pursuing him!”Logue said with a stiff scalp.
Luo Nan angrily shouted,” Then it’s too late. You coward, get out of here!”The long hammer in his hand landed on the bridge, emitting a faint light.
Logue’s heart tightened. In the end, he gritted his teeth and left the command ship.
Outside, Su Liu spread out his silver wings and quickly interspersed among the sci-fi fighter planes that were full of streamlined texture. The Flame Sword that he casually swung out was like the sickle of Death, cutting the fighter planes into clusters of flames.
Carol on the other side was even more violent. Her entire body was emitting flame-like photon energy, and she continued to hit the fighter jet with her body. Often, when she flew in a straight line, several fighter jets turned into flames.
On such a battlefield, these two were simply two monsters, without any reason.
“Have you played enough?”After a long while, Su Liu arrived in front of Carol.
“Almost!”Carol’s face turned red as she spoke excitedly.
“It’s almost time to leave!”Su Liu glanced at the sky. There was a pure energy shield slowly closing.
That should be the Keri’s last defense. At this moment, it was obvious that they wanted to completely seal the path of escape through this energy defense barrier. In this way, even though Su Liu and the others had strong fighting strength, in the end, they would still be dragged to death by an endless group of fighters.
Not to mention, the Kerry people were not only fighters, there were also some powerful weapons that even Su Liu could not completely accept. For example, the Interstellar Railgun… the Space Defense Cannon…If it weren’t for the clunky weapons and low sensitivity, the Keri would have used them long ago.
Once all the escape routes were sealed, the two of them would really be in a trap. At that time, there might be danger.
Su Liu’s idea was to let go.
“Then let’s go!”Carol felt the danger and said decisively.
“Let’s go!”Without hesitation, Su Liu flapped his silver wings and rushed into space. His speed suddenly increased.
Carol’s speed was also very fast. Photon energy was known to be able to reach the speed of light. Meanwhile, the Amazing Woman could fly at the speed of light in the late stages.
Very soon, the two of them broke through the blockade. They glanced at the slowly closing energy barrier below, and Su Liu did not stop and directly rushed towards the depths of the universe.
Damn it!!!”Inside the command ship, Luo Nan roared furiously.
The two of them left as soon as they said so. The Kerry people actually did not have any way to leave the two of them behind. This caused Luo Nan to feel a deep sense of helplessness in his heart. At the same time, he could not restrain his anger.
“This enmity must be avenged!!!”
Not far from Planet Kerry, Su Liu stopped, and then Carol stopped beside him.
Carol was still subconsciously shocked when she saw Su Liu standing in space.
But when she thought that she seemed to be the same, she slowly got used to it. She had experienced too many things this day, until now, she could not calm down,
But Su Liu could not care less about her. He reached out and opened a wormhole.
Afterwards, Su Liu gestured towards Carol and rushed into the wormhole.
Carol hesitated for a moment before entering the wormhole.
When the two of them appeared again, they were already in an office on Earth. Su Liu directly drove the exit of the wormhole to the office of Kathy.
“Where is this?”Carol looked around curiously.
Not long after, Kathy walked into the office with a cup of coffee.
“Eh… Your habit of entering a private territory without greeting is really not good!”Kathy looked helplessly at Su Liu.
Carol was tactfully silent:……
“I’ ll leave this person to you. She should have a lot of questions. Call Fred later. Let’s go to Tianma Planning Base together!”Su Liu spoke.
“No problem!”Kathy nodded, then quickly walked to the phone and called Frey.
“Then I’ ll leave first, ready to call me!”Su Liu spoke again. He looked at Carol,” You should stay here first!”
Kathy nodded.
Carol also shrugged and nodded.
The next second, Su Liu directly disappeared into the room, leaving only two women looking at each other in dismay.*

Chapter 33 You’re still so handsome

This time, Su Liu directly returned to his home. It was clear that there were people here who were specially cleaning and maintaining it. After 40 years, although it was a lot old, it was still able to live.
Before Su Liu fell asleep, he specifically asked Kathy to help him look at the house. Otherwise, he might not even have a place to live.
“Looks like… I need to change residence!”Su Liu sized up the situation in the room and muttered to himself.
The main reason was that he didn’t have much time to stay at home. Actually, it was the same whether or not he was home, but it was necessary to have a home.
However, he wasn’t in a hurry. After dealing with these matters, he might have to carry out an in-depth study of the dimensional gemstones. At that time, what was the use of the house? It was n’ t as if the house had been bought with ashes.
Su Liu casually sat on the sofa and entered the dark plane.
“Xiao Xin, extract the reward!”
Previously on Planet Kerry, when all the civilization crystals of the people on Planet Kerry had been recorded in the Cosmos Knowledge Treasury, the system informed them of the reward for completing the mission.
[Database collection task:20% progress in the collection of scientific and technological civilization data and supernatural data]
The Krish civilization crystal contained information about the civilizations of several galaxies within the territory of the Krish Empire. The amount of information about the civilizations was so large that the mission completion rate reached 20%. This was an unexpected gain for Su Liu!
Soon, Su Liu opened the reward package.
It was still a crystal card—the third generation divine body information crystal card!
Su Liu’s eyes suddenly lit up.
Divine Body!It was actually the upgraded information of the Divine Body!!!
Use a crystal card!
Su Liu did not hesitate at all. He decisively used the crystal card, and then… there was no one to follow!
“Xiao Xin, can’ t I upgrade my body now?”Su Liu was a little puzzled.
Since he already had the information to upgrade his Divine Body, why didn’t the System automatically upgrade to upgrade?
Master, you are a third generation super geno warrior. You haven’t unlocked your gene lock yet, so you ca n’ t upgrade to a godly body!]
Su Liu:……
Alright, Bai was happy!Su Liu gloomily withdrew from the dark plane.
This didn’t make any sense. Was n’ t the System giving me the information about my body at this time just to upgrade it?Su Liu thought for granted.
Why can’t I upgrade now? Did the System incorrectly estimate my growth progress?
The core system that sensed Su Liu’s thoughts:……
Unable to upgrade, Su Liu could only helplessly stand up again. He looked around the room again.
Yes, he was in a bad mood. He had to change into a new house!
Then, Su Liu opened the wormhole and disappeared into the room.
Super God Technology, New York Branch.
Si Wenhan had always been in contact with Su Liu, or perhaps… he had always been trying to contact Su Liu. Over the past 40 years, under his management, the entire super god technology had already achieved quite a lot. Every year, Su Liu would leave a message through the “super god” coin to tell Su Liu about the situation.
But now, Si Wenhan was already old. He often felt weak about something.
And as he grew older, his control over super-God technology had become weaker and weaker. After all… it was now the world of young people.
Looking at the coin in his hand, Si Wenhan, who was already white-haired, sighed slightly.
“Divine Master, when will you be back? I’ m afraid I won’ t be able to hold on anymore……”
At this moment, a knock came from the door.
“Please enter!”Si Wenhan put away the coin and regained his dignified expression.
He couldn’t show any strength in front of outsiders. Otherwise, someone with ulterior motives might be going to attack.
The door opened and Si Wenhan’s assistant walked in. This was a woman about thirty years old. She had a standard office uniform and wore black-framed glasses. She looked very professional and rigorous.
“President, the photon energy has already gained a new breakthrough, but…” The woman said halfway and became somewhat hesitant.
A cold light flashed in Si Wenhan’s eyes as he said indifferently,” Speak!”
“The person in charge of photon energy project wants to apply for technology shares, otherwise……”
“Otherwise, we’ ll leave, right!”Si Wenhan said coldly.
This was a common trick of those people. The photon energy project was related to the development of the entire super god technology. It could be said that it was the most important project so far.
Those who had ulterior motives didn’t need to do this project.
“That’s right… That person in charge’s contract is about to expire…” The assistant’s voice turned low and lowered his head.
“The contract hasn’ t been reviewed, and there will be such a mistake?”Si Wenhan frowned.
“It was reviewed when the project was established, but I don’ t know why… his contract term isn’ t for life……”
To develop this kind of advanced technology project, there were usually very high requirements for researchers to review. These people had to sign a life-long contract. Unless the photon energy project was successfully researched, they would not let these researchers leave.
Of course, the treatment of researchers in these cutting-edge projects was the best. Very few people would leave the project because of the treatment.
But now, the researchers found a problem with the contract, especially the contract of the project manager.
It was obvious that someone had done something here from the start.
This was not something that was difficult to deal with, but now… time was too sensitive.
“Let me think about it. You go out first!”Si Wenhan spoke in a deep voice.
“Yes!”The assistant bowed slightly to Si Wenhan, then left the office and gently closed the door.
It was only at this moment that Si Wenhan held his temples with both hands, his expression somewhat solemn as he propped himself on the table.
“These guys… are finally going to be unable to hold back anymore?”Si Wenhan murmured softly.
He quickly took out a copy of the information from the drawer. Then, he carefully checked it. From time to time, he checked on the computer to verify each other.
The problem with the contract was that someone had done something wrong. He had to find this person as soon as possible so that he could take the initiative.
At this moment, a voice suddenly sounded in the office.
“Old friend, after so many years, it seems like you’ re not having a good time!”
Hearing this voice, Si Wenhan’s body stiffened and his entire body began to tremble.
It was this voice. The voice he had been looking forward to for decades had actually… reappeared!
He slowly raised his head and looked straight at the young face sitting on the chair.
“All these years have passed, Divine Master… You’ re still so handsome!”A smile suddenly appeared on the old man’s face.
That smile… contained countless complicated feelings, but the most obvious was happiness… and excitement!
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Chapter 34 Super God Rise

Su Liu and Si Wenhan had a long conversation in the office.
During this period, everyone who wanted to enter the office was directly chased out by Si Wenhan.
“That’s the situation right now!”
Throughout the morning, Si Wenhan explained the development of super god technology and some important things that Su Liu had been sleeping for over 40 years.
“You did well!”A trace of emotion appeared in Su Liu’s eyes.
Over the past 40 years, many things had happened. The situation in the entire world had also undergone important changes.
After Su Liu left the scientific and technological information to Si Wenhan, Si Wenhan quickly contacted the Eastern government. He relied on the military equipment information that was decades ahead of him to cooperate with Dongfang, and the process of history changed.
It took less than ten years for the Eastern Battlefield to completely calm down and then enter the stage of high-speed development.
In this era of high-speed development, Super God Science and Technology rapidly rose with the power of the Eastern Government, and finally became a real giant in the East.
At present, Super God Technology still maintained a high degree of close cooperation with the Eastern Government.And ten years ago, Si Wenhan followed Su Liu’s instructions and brought super god technology into the west. Soon, he took root in Country M. Stark Group played a particularly important role.
Even in the early stages of the development of super god technology, Stark Group had supported a large portion of its strength. Otherwise, super god technology would not have risen so quickly.
And now, Super God Technology had a decisive power in the East. Even in the West, it had become a large group that had just begun to take shape. It was no weaker than Stark Group.
Stark had always followed the agreement with Su Liu. Although the wormhole technology had been under research and had initially achieved results, it had not been used in any field.Photon energy, super god technology, and Stark’s progress were similar. After all, the research of the two companies had been shared.
And now, Stark’s application of photon energy had not made any breakthrough, and the super god technology had already made a breakthrough.
This proved that the super god technology’s talent reserves had completely kept up with Stark Group.
Of course, the situation on Tianma’s side was different because Dr. Lawson, who had studied photon energy, was not from Earth. With the technological level of the Kerry Empire, it was not difficult to create photon energy with some information.
As for transcendent technology or Si Wenhan’s current difficulties……
Su Liu thought for a moment and asked,” How do you plan to deal with those guys? I believe you have your own plans, right?”
Su Liu was naturally talking about those anti-bones who had ideas about the control of the super god technology. No company could completely avoid such a situation. Si Wenhan had encountered many such things since the establishment of the super god technology. Su Liu believed that he would have a way to deal with it.
“God Master, don’t worry. Since the development of Super God Science and Technology, the shares have been kept intact. I did n’ t scatter your shares, so these people can only play tricks. They can’t cause any big waves, but…” Si Wenhan revealed a bitter smile for the first time since he saw Su Liu.
“My body is no longer the same as before. It’s different from the Divine Master… I’ m just an ordinary person after all. What I’ m worried about is… if I’ m not here, you might need to find a manager. After all, the scale of the Super God Technology is too big. It must be managed by someone who is completely loyal to you!”
Hearing this, Su Liu thought for a moment and asked,” For so many years, have you… never thought of letting go of my control and controlling the super god technology in your hands?”
Si Wenhan’s body trembled slightly. He immediately stood up and knelt in front of Su Liu on one knee.
“Divine Lord, please believe in my loyalty!”He looked at Su Liu seriously and said,” From the moment I met the Divine Master, I knew that there are too many things in this world that I can’ t touch. And you let me understand what is called transcendence. In my heart… you have always been a god-like existence, and the majesty of God… can not be blasphemed!”
“Maybe you don’ t care about the secular forces like Super God Technology, but I’ ve always felt that it’s my honor to be able to take care of everything for God Lord!”
A smile appeared on Su Liu’s face as he gently lifted Si Wenhan up.
Actually, after he woke up and saw Si Wenhan leave him a message via the Super God coin, he knew that Si Wenhan could be trusted.
Just when Su Liu and Si Wenhan met again, they had already checked all of Si Wenhan’s information through Yu Nai Qiankun.The final result was that this person could be trusted!
“Don’ t worry, I trust you. You don’ t have to worry too much about your successor. Because… I think you’ re doing well. If you’ re willing, you can always take care of everything for me. So… are you willing?”Su Liu asked softly.
“If so, I’ m willing to go through fire and water for the Divine Master!”Si Wenhan spoke without hesitation.
Su Liu smiled. He shook his head slightly,” Alright, there’s no need for you to go through fire and water for me. You just need to help me manage super god technology. There are other things that you can quickly cut through the mess. There’s no need to consider too much. You should be more experienced in this aspect than me!”
Si Wenhan nodded thoughtfully.
After that, Su Liu carefully examined Si Wenhan and touched his chin.” Your body is indeed a little old. Then… let’s improve it for you first!”
After saying that, Su Liu reached out his hand and activated the Void Creation Ability of the Male Core!
A bottle of medicine quickly appeared in Su Liu’s hands.
Super geno serum!
This serum combined the abilities of the American team and the Angelic Immortal gene. As long as it was used, there was no problem in improving Si Wenhan’s physique.
Moreover, Si Wenhan’s anti-aging ability would become extremely strong because he had incorporated some Angel’s non-old genetic technology.
Based on the energy of this serum, Si Wenhan would have no problem living for another hundred years.
“Drink it!”Su Liu handed the potion to Si Wenhan.
Si Wenhan’s heart skipped a beat. He had a feeling that something was about to happen. Although he had long seen Su Liu’s strength and all sorts of mysteries, he could not help but feel a little shocked and excited.
He once again knelt on one knee.
“Thank you, Divine Master!”
Si Wenhan took the serum medicine and swallowed it without hesitation.
Su Liu waved his hand. In the next moment, a ray of light enveloped Si Wenhan. A huge amount of energy combined with the genetic medicine began to transform his body at a speed visible to the naked eye.*

Chapter 35 Military Plan (Flowers to be Added in Advance)

Su Liu quietly sat on the sofa, looking at the ball of light floating in front of him, his thoughts diverging.
When he found Si Wenhan back then, Su Liu had thought of the fact that many of the future plots in the Maneuvering World had basically appeared in the West. So, he told Si Wenhan that when he had the ability to develop in the West, he had come to set up a branch to plan for the future. He did not expect Si Wenhan to do better than he had imagined.
The information he had given Si Wenhan back then, although it was the complete scientific and technological information of the super god world on Earth, it was all based on the technology of Earth. There was no extraterrestrial technology, and there was not even any technology used by the Deno civilization on Earth. That was why it was actually the normal technological achievement of Earth at the beginning of the 21st century.
And now, all of these super-god science and technology had been put into use. Of course, they were mainly used in the east, and not much of it had been used in the west. Now, the development of science and technology civilization between the east and the west was almost fifty years away.
This was not the result of the latest technology to the West.
It could be said that the current East, whether it was military or technology in all aspects, had completely surpassed the Western countries.
But at this moment, Dongfang did not rely on these advanced technologies to interfere with the political situation in the western countries. Instead, he continued to develop his own technology.
From Su Liu’s point of view, this kind of result was a little like Wakanda, and the East became a kind of transcendental existence.
At the very least, even though the West was afraid of the East, it did not dare to take any measures to curb it.
After all… the Eastern Kingdom had truly become the father of the entire world!
According to Su Liu’s plan, Si Wenhan had already put forward a military plan in the east. The eastern countries had started to consciously cultivate super power, and an existence like the military company in the super god world had already formed a profile.
Everything was the same as Su Liu had expected, and this was the result he wanted to see.
Soon, the energy light on Si Wenhan’s body gradually weakened. In the end, Si Wenhan opened his eyes.
“This is…” Feeling the surging power in his body, Si Wenhan was so excited that his words started to tremble.
He felt as if he was decades younger. His entire body was full of power. He felt as if he had returned to the peak of his youth. No… it was even better than that. In any case, this feeling was unprecedented.
“Now, you have enough time to help me!”Su Liu looked at Si Wenhan with a smile.
“I’ m willing to do everything for the Divine Master!”Si Wenhan restrained his excitement and seriously knelt down on one knee again.
Su Liu waved his hand and said,” Get up!”Is your son in charge?”
“Yes!”Si Wenhan asked,” Do you need him to come see you?”
Su Liu thought for a moment and nodded.” Let him come. You haven’t seen each other for a long time, have you?”After all, it’s your son. Even as a friend, I should meet him.”
“Yes!”Si Wenhan nodded and immediately made a call.
“Divine Lord, he will come on the fastest flight!”
“Sure!”Su Liu nodded.
Then, he stood up and said,” I still have some things to deal with. We’ ll meet later!”
“Yes, Divine Master!”Si Wenhan bowed.
The next second, Su Liu disappeared from his original spot. Si Wenhan looked at the place where Su Liu had disappeared, and a cold glint appeared in his eyes.
“Hmph, since the Divine Master wants me to quickly cut through the mess, it’s time for those clowns to sweep through all of them!”
At this moment, Si Wenhan’s entire body seemed to have an endless amount of energy. His aura had also returned to its peak, and the fierce aura of standing in high positions had reappeared.
Tianma plan base.
As for the photon energy data, Su Liu had not obtained all of it. After all, the Cosmic Rubik’s Cube system had not been able to completely analyze it.
Since Dr. Lawson had created this kind of energy, there would definitely be data left behind. As long as there was data, whether it was deleted or saved, Su Liu would be able to obtain it.
After all, it was impossible to leave no traces at all.
Su Liu and Carol, led by Frey, arrived at the Tianma Planning Base.
Carol was originally a member of the Heavenly Horse Plan, so it was normal for her to come back to check on it. More importantly, Frey and she wanted to see if Dr. Lawson had left anything else. Su Liu, who knew about the situation, also came with them. The purpose was naturally the photon energy data.
The three of them successfully entered the Tianma Planning Base.
Frey and Carol went straight to the reference room, while Su Liu went to the office where Dr. Lawson worked earlier.
Ever since Dr. Lawson’s accident, everything here had been sealed. Normally, Su Liu would not be able to enter this place, but Su Liu did not intend to enter this place with the normal procedures.
He directly used the Wormhole to jump into the office.
Soon, Su Liu found what he wanted, all the information about the development process of photon energy.
All of this information had been destroyed by Dr. Lawson, but Su Liu still found it through the Male Core System.
“Yes, as expected of an outstanding scientist from the Cliff Empire!”After Su Liu finished reading the information, he couldn’ t help but sigh.
Photon energy was a very powerful energy. Otherwise, it was impossible to create such a powerful superhero as Captain Surprise. The discovery of such energy was absolutely crucial to the progress of technology.
About two hours later, Su Liu and the others left the Tianma Planning Base.
Frey and Carol naturally didn’t find anything, and Su Liu definitely would n’ t tell them that he had found the research and development data of photon energy.
“Looks like we can only go to Dr. Lawson’s laboratory now!”Frey said helplessly.
“Do you really think the Kerry people will come to Earth?”Carol looked curiously at Su Liu.
Su Liu nodded with certainty.” As long as the Scroogeans are still here, they will definitely come. And last time we had a big fight on the Scroogeans’ planet, they must hate us now. Perhaps they will bring the battle fleet and destroy us!”
Hearing this, Frey’s expression became serious.” Then what are we going to do?”
Su Liu looked at Carol. A heavy look appeared in her eyes
Su Liu shook his head and said softly,” It’s useless. There’s still too much difference between Earth’s technology and the Kerry people. Your so-called preparations are not the same. This time, we can only rely on the two of us. Why don’ t we solve this problem at once!”
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Chapter 36 Summoning Family

The last time Su Liu left Earth and headed for the Krishnamurti planet, he gave Dr. Lawson’s laboratory’s space coordinates to Frey, allowing him to lock the coordinates in advance.
Frey had already determined the exact location of Dr. Lawson’s laboratory, and now he handed Su Liu a coordinate.
“Mr. Su, I have a request. Can you bring me to Dr. Lawson’s laboratory?”Frey looked at Su Liu and asked.
As a member of the Divine Shield Bureau, if he didn’t even know what his enemy was, Frey felt that it was a very shameful thing. Now that he had the opportunity to follow Su Liu and Carol to contact the alien civilization in outer space, he naturally would n’ t let this opportunity pass.
“Probably… no problem!”Su Liu thought about it and said.
He looked at Ferey, who was sucking on the cat, with a strange look in his eyes.
Others didn’ t know the true identity of the orange cat in Tianma’s plan base, but Su Liu knew it clearly. This little thing… was a Primordial Devouring Beast!
Su Liu couldn’ t help but twitch his lips when he saw Fury act like a dead cat.Sometimes… ignorance was really good!
The relationship between the Elemental Devouring Beast and Carol was really good. They had been following a few people since they entered the base.
But unexpectedly, this orange cat was also very close to Su Liu. The Elemental Devouring Beast was born with a keen sense of energy. Perhaps it had sensed the presence of the Cosmic Rubik’s Cube on Su Liu.
“Are you ready?”Su Liu glanced at Carol.
During this period of time, Carol had already understood Dr. Lawson’s last wishes and the war between the Crees and the Scrooge.
Carol, who was born with a heart of justice and a yearning for peace, expressed her bounden duty to fulfill Dr. Lawson’s last wish.
“Ready!”Carol nodded.
“I’ m ready too!”Frey hurriedly raised his hand.
“Then let’s go!”
Su Liu waved his hand, and an energy barrier enveloped Frey. This barrier was defined as normal gravity, normal human living environment, so even if it was in outer space, with the existence of this barrier, Frey would not be in trouble.
The next moment, the wormhole opened and ripples appeared in the void.
“Follow me!”Su Liu opened his mouth and immediately entered the wormhole.
Carol and Frey followed closely behind.
After passing through the wormhole, a few people appeared in outer space.
The photon energy in Carol’s body instantly wrapped around her body, while Su Liu spread his wings and slowly floated in space.
Frey looked at the endless darkness in front of him. The stars seemed to be within reach of him. Even though he was extraordinary, he was still shocked.
Su Liu glanced in the direction and saw the coordinates of the Cosmos Knowledge Treasury.
“Deactivate stealth mode!”He pointed in the void, and then a large cruiser appeared not far ahead.
This was a Krissian cruiser. It was the one Dr. Lawson had brought when he arrived on Earth. It was also Dr. Lawson’s secret laboratory.
“Let’s go!”Su Liu waved his hand and a tiny space wormhole appeared again.
The three of them entered the wormhole and reappeared inside Dr. Lawson’s laboratory.
The surroundings were quiet. A group of Scroogeans looked at the sudden appearance of Su Liu and the others in shock and retreated in fear.
A few stronger Scruites immediately stood in front of their families and looked at Su Liu and the others on guard.
“Who are you? Why are you here!”(Don’t ask why aliens speak Chinese too. If you ask, you ca n’ t understand if it’s not Chinese……)
None of them had any weapons, but in order to protect their own kind, they still stood up without hesitation.
“Please relax. We’ re not malicious!”Carol stood up as soon as possible.” Dr. Lawson asked us to help you. Please believe us!”
After Carol finished speaking, the Scruites did not relax at all.
Su Liu did not say anything. Instead, he waved his hand and a screen appeared in front of him.
Next, the video of the conversation between Su Liu and Dr. Lawson on the screen and the process of them breaking out from the Krishnamurti planet was broadcast.
Knowing that the screen had disappeared, the Skeru people’s guard relaxed a little.
“Are you… really Dr. Lawson’s friends?”A female Scruite stood up and asked.
Su Liu nodded and said,” I had an agreement with Dr. Lawson to protect your safety and find a new home for you, but there are also corresponding conditions. That is your Skeru people’s information about technology and civilization!”
The female Scrooge hesitated for a moment before speaking again.
“If you can find a new home for us and save us from the threat of war, I think we can do this, but I need to discuss it with my people. Can you give us some time?”
“No problem!”Su Liu nodded,” Also, I know that many of your family members are separated from each other in the universe. You can send out a signal to summon your family back!”
“But the Keri will definitely be able to intercept our signal…” The female Scruer shook her head and said.
Su Liu thought for a moment and said again,” You should be Taros’ wife, Miss Solon, right?”
Solon was surprised at Su Liu’s name.” How did you know!”
Su Liu did not explain. Instead, he directly said,” Taros has been looking for you. He is looking forward to reuniting with his family. And now, you only need to send a signal that you can reunite with your husband immediately. Don’ t you want to?”
“As for security, you don’ t have to worry about it. You’ ve seen the scene just now. In the face of the Keri’s fleet encirclement, we can all get out of the encirclement. Even if the Keri intercepted the signal and arrived here, we can also guarantee your safety!”
The reason why Su Liu asked them to send out a signal to summon the rest of the Scrooge’s kind was to lure the Keris over to solve the problem at once. It would save them from worrying every day. The Krish’s revenge might be fierce, but as long as they were scared, they would be much more honest.
Just like Captain Marvel’s ending, Luo Nan decisively chose to retreat in the face of Carol who ignored the fleet’s attacks.
Thinking about it, as long as they had brains, they would definitely not fight head-on with Su Liu and Carol.
In order to increase his credibility, Su Liu opened the wormhole and looked at Carol.
Carol instantly understood what Su Liu meant and entered the wormhole without hesitation.
Then, all the Scruids saw a light appear outside the cruiser. Carroll’s entire body was wrapped in photon energy, as if a god had descended into the mortal world, quietly standing in the universe watching them.*

Chapter 37 Start of Performance

In the depths of the pitch-black universe, several battleships were silently sailing. The huge hull of the ship was like a grain of sand in the vast universe.
Inside the warship, an alien man with green skin and wrinkled chin quietly fought in front of the command console.
“Commander-in-chief, the fleet is heading to Torfar, are you going to sail at full speed?”
Taros frowned slightly. Clearly, he was still uncertain about the danger of going to Tofa Star.
But there was nothing they could do. Their fleet had been wandering in space for too long, and they urgently needed to find a place to temporarily take refuge.Soon, Taros made a decision.” Prepare to advance at full speed……”
Commander!!!”At this moment, a voice interrupted him.
“What’s going on?”Taros frowned and stopped his command to advance at full speed.
“We’ ve found a lost tribe member’s distress signal, near… Planet C-53(Earth)!”A signal monitor quickly replied.
“Planet C-53!”Taros’ expression changed. He clearly thought of something, and then without any hesitation, he waved his hand and ordered,” Turn the fleet and head to the nearest wormhole jump point at full speed, target planet C-53!”Our family… needs us!”
Taros (Captain Marvel’s middle-aged villain) knew very well that his wife was probably close to Planet C-53. That was because Dr. Mawell (Dr. Lawson) had taken his wife away from the Cleanser planet and finally sent them a signal that the destination was the Milky Way Galaxy.
Whether it was a trap or not, Taros had to go and investigate.
“Yes, Commander!”A solemn roar sounded from within the fleet.
Then, the large fleet started to turn and sped up towards the nearest space jump point.
On the other side, at the outer space monitoring station of Planet Kerry, a fleet also floated here.
Luo Nan and Logue stood in the command room of the fleet. They looked seriously at the information displayed on the screen. Their expressions were serious.
“Are you sure this is a signal from the Scrues?”Luo Nan asked gloomily.
“Reporting to Commander, it’s the Skeru people’s distress signal. The target location is displayed near Planet C-53!”
Rogue’s eyes flashed with a hint of gloom. He gritted his teeth and said,” It’s Planet C-53 again. The things that Marvel has done are still endless!”
Luo Nan glanced at him and remained silent.
“Those two should be on Planet C-53, right?”After thinking for a long time, Luo Nan finally asked a question.
“That should be right!”Logue nodded.
Luo Nan’s eyes darkened. He coldly snorted and said,” It’s time to settle the accounts. There’s no need to think too much about it on Planet C-53. This time, we must make those two guys look good. The glory of the Kerry Empire is inviolable!”
“Are you sure?”Luo Ge glanced at Luo Nan.
“Do you still want to be a coward?”Luo Nan glanced at him.
“Nonsense, of course not!”Rogge growled in a low voice, then turned around and ordered,” Assemble the fleet for me, set off immediately, target planet C-53!”
“This time, we might be fighting together!”Luo Nan’s eyes emitted a fervent glow, as if he had seen the scene of him leading the fleet to occupy the entire C-53 planet.
For a war fan, there was nothing more exciting for him than starting a war.
Earth, outer space.
In Dr. Lawson’s laboratory, a group of Scrues waited nervously.
Their call for help had already been sent out, and they quickly received a reply. Knowing that Taros was rushing over, Solon was both worried and happy.After separating them for so long, they finally wanted to reunite with their families. This was undoubtedly something that made people happy.
“It shouldn’ t be long. Prepare for battle!”Su Liu came to Carol’s side.
This woman had been standing in front of the window, staring at the pitch-black space outside.
“Do you think there are many wars in this universe?”Carol spoke softly, as if she was talking to herself and asking Su Liu.
Su Liu did not speak.
There would be war where there were people. This was inevitable.
Taking a small Earth as an example, since the birth of humans, the entire history was filled with war.
Carol must already have an answer in her heart, so why should Su Liu repeat it.
“I seem to understand now. What is my mission…” Carol did not wait for Su Liu’s answer and continued to mutter.
“Since I survived the plane crash, then whether it’s to continue Dr. Lawson’s dream or to find a new home for the Sruk people, my future is no longer on a small planet. I want to end this matter, I will continue to move forward in the universe, continue Dr. Lawson’s dream of peace, and protect more people!”
Su Liu:……
Okay, you’re great, you lost!
Su Liu suddenly felt that this woman really was born with a sense of justice in her heart. Maintaining the peace of the universe and so on… she actually spoke so easily!
Frey had been watching Carol and Su Liu from the side. After hearing Carol’s words, he smiled slightly.
After a short period of time, Frey recognized Carol’s charisma. In his heart, Carol had become his friend.
Su Liu’s heart suddenly moved. Then, a smile appeared on his face.
“No matter what you want to do in the future, do it if you want, but now… it’s time for us to greet the guests in front of us!”
In his hand, the Flame Sword appeared with a clang. A powerful aura instantly erupted from his body.
Then, Carol sensed something as well. She narrowed her eyes and looked into the pitch-black depths of the universe.
There, a large group of battleships were slowly approaching. There were even more battleships that were passing through the wormhole behind them. The entire fleet covered the sky and was filled with a sci-fi scene. One could not help but feel shocked.
Frey’s mouth was wide open as he stared at the scene with his mouth wide open.
“This joke is too big. Is this the enemy we are facing?”He had a strong feeling that he might want to burp.
Almost at the same time, a fleet of warships appeared on the other side.
This fleet was obviously much smaller than the fleet that had appeared earlier, but when the Skeru people in the laboratory saw this fleet, they suddenly cheered.
Su Liu understood. The fleet with fewer battleships over there should be the fleet of the Scruites.
With such a comparison, it seemed like these guys were really miserable. No wonder they were beaten everywhere by the Kerry people and almost wiped out the race.
“Alright, we’ re all here. Then… the performance is about to begin!”Su Liu smiled and said indifferently.*

Chapter 38 Global Live Broadcast

Earth, in the United Nations Congress Hall.
A group of powerful figures were gathered here. In front of the conference table, there was a signal on a huge screen that was being transferred in.
At first, a Chinese elder appeared.
“Everyone, we’ ve gathered all of you here today. There are some things that we want to see, so I won’ t waste any time. We’ ll wait until we see these scenes!”
The next moment, the image on the huge screen appeared in the dark and cold outer space.
This scene was actually a confrontation between Su Liu and the Keri Squadron and the Skeru Squadron.
This scene had actually directly reached the United Nations Parliament. As a result, the battle in outer space was almost like a global broadcast.
It was obviously not feasible for an alien fleet to appear in front of ordinary people right now. Su Liu didn’t need to think about how much panic would be caused.However, as for the outer space threat facing Earth, it was necessary to let the world, especially the bigwigs of the United Nations Parliament, know about it. Su Liu’s next plan still needed to be used by them, so they had to feel reverence first.
The screen broadcast was still continuing. All of these screens were broadcast from the east. As for other countries, there was basically no such technology that could directly turn back such a clear screen from outer space. The screen in front of them was almost like a wonderful technology blockbuster, and it was also a sci-fi blockbuster with special effects.
Back in outer space.
The Scruites quickly boarded Dr. Lawson’s laboratory and gathered with Solon and the other Scruites.
Su Liu’s heart ached as he watched the group reunite.
What are you guys doing? The enemy is outside, and you still have the mood to cry here?
Su Liu shook his head speechlessly. He opened the wormhole and disappeared into the patrol ship. Carol followed closely behind and followed Su Liu into the wormhole.
There was only one Frey left at the scene. He looked at the many aliens with a dumbfounded expression, showing a warm reunion in front of him.
“I’ m saying, should we first… deal with the outside matters before we talk about the past?”Frey suppressed his nervousness and pretended to be calm.
Taros quickly returned to normal. Then, he turned to look at Frey.” Are you from Planet C-53?”
Frey shrugged.” If you’ re referring to the beautiful planet outside, that should be right!”
Taros looked at the blue planet not far away and nodded slightly.” That planet is really beautiful!”
“Thank you for saving my people!”Taros bowed deeply to Frei. He then raised his head, but his face was already grave.” But I have to say that your actions… are very stupid!”
“Although sending a distress signal can let us know where we are, the Keri will definitely be able to intercept this signal as well. This ship under our feet… is the Keri’s patrol ship!”
“This question…” Frey hugged his chest and stroked his chin calmly.” I don’ t think you need to worry too much!”
As he spoke, he pouted outside the patrol ship, gesturing for Taros to see clearly before making a conclusion.
Taros’ expression changed. Only then did he realize that two other Earthlings had disappeared.
He quickly turned his head and looked at the pitch-black space outside the patrol ship. Then, he shut his mouth in shock.
Su Liu and Carol stood side by side. They just looked at the battleships in front of them, their expressions unchanged.
Luo Nan and Logue’s somewhat sinister faces met their four eyes.
The Keri warships were ready to attack at any time. Some of their warships were not targeting Su Liu and Carol, but the blue planet not far away.
“These guys are a little smart!”Su Liu’s faint voice sounded beside Carol’s ear.
With the assistance of the Male Combat System, it was easy to establish temporary communication channels in space to communicate with Carol.
“What should we do next? Earth can’ t withstand the torment of these guys!”Carol frowned slightly.
Su Liu’s expression still didn’ t change at all. He looked at Carol and said,” If I only let you defend against a cannonball flying towards Earth, can you do it?”
Carol was slightly stunned. She looked at Su Liu in surprise.” You want to deal with these battleships by yourself?”
“Why not?”Su Liu smiled and asked back.
Alright, you are a big shot!
“No problem, leave the defense to me!”Carol spoke seriously.
Su Liu nodded and said nothing. He raised the Flame Sword in his hand.
I’ll give you a Blazing Judgement first!
The corner of Su Liu’s mouth curled up with a smile. Then, the Flame Sword energy in his hand began to gather.
The massive star energy gathered in the Blazing Sword. Su Liu’s Blazing Judgement was different from the Angel’s True Blazing Judgement. He activated the star energy and directly used it to launch the bombardment.
A light appeared in the pitch-black space amidst the stunned expressions of all Kerry people.
After that, the light directly passed through the fleet, and the brilliant flames immediately erupted like fireworks.
Luo Ge and Luo Nan, who had previously met Su Liu’s gaze, directly turned the battleship into ash during the Fiery Blaze Trial.
Countless shells with long tail flames locked onto Su Liu. Although the Flame Trial had destroyed many battleships, it was still unable to wipe out all battleships in one strike.
It wasn’t just Su Liu. The blue planet below had also become the target of Krishnamurti’s anger. A portion of the cannonballs flew straight towards Earth.
However, Su Liu had already made arrangements. Carol was covered in photon energy and flew at an extremely fast speed. In an extremely short period of time, she intercepted all the shells.
The sound in space could not be transmitted, but the moment countless shells enveloped Su Liu, Frey unconsciously simulated a violent explosion.
His heart skipped a beat and his expression finally stopped calm.
Anyone who saw this scene would definitely feel that Su Liu was dead. Those were thousands of shells, and they weren’t ordinary shells. They were shells that civilization far surpassed Earth. The Krishnamurti had launched.
No one knew how powerful that attack was.
The violent explosion lit up the entire space. Everyone’s hearts were gripped tightly, including the bigwigs who were watching this scene on Earth’s United Nations parliamentary table.
The explosion lasted for several minutes. When all the lights disappeared, there was no one in Su Liu’s original position.*

Chapter 39 Deterrence

Just as everyone thought that Su Liu was dead, there was still nothing left, another violent explosion appeared in the fleet behind the Kerry.
“He’s not dead!”Frey looked at the flames in the distance in shock and exclaimed.
Taros also looked at the battle in space, unable to say a word.
Everyone stared blankly at the man with silver wings on his back. He was like a god, looking at the Kerri’s battleships as useless. The cold steel battleships were torn apart, and brilliant flames continued to bloom in this pitch-black universe.
At this moment, the Keri’s fleet was already in a panic. In the fleet, countless shells wanted to lock onto Su Liu’s body, but they could not aim at him at all. Su Liu’s speed was extremely fast, and he constantly shuttled through the fleet. Every time he flashed, there would be a violent flash of fire, and battleships would be torn apart under the Blazing Sword.
Even Carol looked at Su Liu in shock.
Although Su Liu’s battle style was similar to hers, his battle skills were obviously much higher. He also destroyed the battleship. Carol relied on photon energy to rampage, and Su Liu’s battle was like art.
A group of ships had been hit, and the armor did not touch them!
At the same time, in the Hall of the Earth Union Congress, all the bigwigs had long been shocked to the point of utter shock.
First, the appearance of the alien fleet was inconceivable to them. Then, it was Carol and Su Liu’s powerful strength.
He tore the battleship with his bare hands and slashed the stars with his sword!
Was this kind of battle power that humans could achieve?
They went crazy. Everyone went crazy. There was only one person in the assembly hall. They remained calm from start to finish.
This person was Si Wenhan.
He was Dongfang’s liaison representative here. The entire council was prepared by him. He, who had seen Su Liu’s various abilities, naturally wouldn’ t be as shocked as he had never seen the world.
“Aren’ t you shocked?”A Country M representative beside him stared at Si Wenhan, who was still calm.
Si Wenhan laughed lightly and shrugged slightly.” Next time, I will try to convince him to lower his tone……”
Member M:……
The union members present probably wouldn’t forget this scene in their entire lives. That figure, like a god descending into the mortal world, was completely imprinted in their minds.
The Keri wanted to send artillery shells at Earth many times to stop Su Liu’s wanton destruction. However, Carol was still there. Every time the artillery shells did n’ t reach Earth’s atmosphere, they detonated.
The two of them attacked and defended. The Keri’s battleships and cannons were as if they were decorations, without a ripple.
After a long while, when the Kerri fleet was destroyed at least 90%, Su Liu stopped.
He stood in front of an intact warship and looked at the Krishnamurti in the warship indifferently. He connected their communication channel.
“Listen, I’ ll just say it once. If the Kerry people still dare to come to Earth, I don’ t mind going straight to your planet… Do you understand what I mean?”
Inside the battleship, the Kerry people frantically nodded their heads, looking at Su Liu as if they were looking at a plague god.
At this moment, they had no intention of fighting. They wished they could turn around and go home immediately. Such a war style… They had never seen it before!
“If you understand, just get out of my planet!”Su Liu spoke again.
Then, the rest of the Krishnamurti did not dare to stay any longer. With the remaining remaining battleships, they fled like stray dogs, quickly disappearing into the pitch-black depths of the universe.
After dealing with the Kerry people, Su Liu put away the Flame Sword and opened the wormhole to return to Lawson’s laboratory.
Seeing that there was no danger, Carol returned to the patrol ship.
“Dear Mr. Su, please accept the thanks of all the Skeru people!”
The moment Su Liu returned to the laboratory, all the Scruites present bowed to Su Liu.
Similarly, they did not forget to bow to Carol.
All the Scroogeans knew very well that if Sulliu and Carol were not there today, they would not be able to escape the Keri’s pursuit. They might even be wiped out here.
It was these two godlike figures who had saved all the Scrues.
Su Liu waved his hand and then said,” The Kerry people dare to cause trouble on my home planet. This is the price they should pay. It’s just convenient to save you!”
At this moment, Carol walked up and looked at Taros.” You’ re the leader of the Scruites, right?”
Taros nodded slightly.” Now that many of the Scrues are scattered all over the universe, I will temporarily be the leader of the Scrues and be responsible for gathering all the Scrues to find a new home!”
Karore nodded slightly and said,” Dr. Lawson’s last wish is to stop this war, so I will help you find a new home. Just treat it as completing your last wish for Dr. Lawson!”
“Thank you very much!”Taros and the other Scrues bowed to Carol again.
At this moment, Su Liu’s voice suddenly sounded.
“Although I know that there are some things that are being said now and that it is a bit damaging to the atmosphere, I still want to visit the crystal of your Scrooge civilization. I wonder if it’s possible?”
As for the agreement between Su Liu and Dr. Lawson, Soren had already told Taros about it. At the same time, Soren and Taros had also told about their promise to Su Liu.
Hearing Su Liu’s words, Taros nodded slightly. Then, he said with a natural expression,” Of course, there’s no problem with this. The survival of the Scrues is the biggest thing. As for the information about civilization and technology, there’s naturally no problem if Mr. Su looks at it.”
Although he didn’t know what Su Liu was looking at, Taros knew very well that according to the current situation, he could n’ t refuse Su Liu. Su Liu’s strength just now was not only a deterrent to the Kerry people, but also a deterrent to the Scrooge people.
Su Liu was not someone whose heart was overflowing. Since he had saved the Scrooge, the benefits he needed naturally could not be forgotten.
Carol at the side frowned. She didn’t really agree with Su Liu’s method. In fact, this method was to take advantage of the technology of the Skru.
But she quickly figured it out.
Su Liu’s thoughts had already been explained to her before. Earth’s current technological power was simply too backward compared to the entire universe. After this battle, the Kerry people might be intimidated in a short period of time, but as long as Su Liu and Carol left Earth, they might return.
If we could obtain the Skeru people’s technology at this time, Earth would undoubtedly enter a period of high-speed development.
It was too difficult for a person to protect a planet. Even if this person was a god, he could not ensure that it was safe.
Therefore, the best way was for Earth to have the power to protect itself, and for humans to have the power to protect themselves!
She believed that Su Liu could weigh the pros and cons, and that Su Liu could reasonably promote the development of Earth’s technological civilization.
“If that’s the case, then let’s start moving!”A smile appeared on Su Liu’s face.*

Chapter 40 Black Great Wall Plan (Evaluation Tickets Plus)

[Congratulations, Master, the progress of the interspace science and technology gene civilization and supernatural power collection mission has reached 25%]
Su Liu:……
Sure enough, the difference between the Skrews’ technological civilization and the Cree’s was too great. After the collection, they actually only increased their mission completion rate by 5%. No wonder they were chased by the Cree and hammered hard. It was not unreasonable.
Most importantly… there was no reward!
Su Liu suddenly felt as if he was busy. His mood was very unpleasant.
However, the Scrooge’s genes were quite interesting. They could easily change their form, similar to the ability to deform.
However, this ability could only be completed by seeing the object or creature that wanted to transform. There was still a certain limitation.
Overall, it was still considered a good ability.
If this genetic ability was extracted, wouldn’t it be possible to create many deformed people?
However, after thinking about it, Su Liu felt that it was still a little strange. Adding the genes of the Scru people into the human body on Earth, wasn’t it just a hybrid product? Especially since the Scru people looked so ugly, let’s forget about it!
After returning to Earth, Carol, Frey, and Taros were reuniting, while Su Liu returned to super god technology.
This time, Su Liu handed over a portion of the scientific and technological civilization information of the Krish and Skeru people to Si Wenhan. He also learned about the results of the meeting at the Union Assembly Hall.
“This time, Divine Master, you’ ve really shocked the eyes of these people. With your arrangement, the Black Great Wall plan has proceeded smoothly. Members of the various countries feel that it’s very necessary to start this plan, but we still need time to negotiate. After all, it’s still very difficult to forge the Black Great Wall with the power of the world.”
Su Liu nodded slightly. This result was within his expectations.
Actually, his original idea was that the East would come directly to carry out the Black Great Wall plan. However, after thinking about it, Earth was the entire human world, and it was impossible for these Western countries to not participate too much. If the East really took on this plan with all its strength, there would be many unnecessary incidents.
After all, things like politics were really annoying to Su Liu at times!
The Black Great Wall plan was designed by Su Liu as a defense against the invasion of outer space. Although this world was not like the world of the Super God Academy, it had been targeted by all kinds of alien civilizations. All sorts of gods and devils were attacking Earth, and battles continued.
But in the future, even Su Liu could not be sure that such a situation would not happen. After all, there were quite a number of extraterrestrial forces in this world, and there were also many unknown forces that had not yet appeared. Now, Su Liu would not be so naive as to think that the universe forces displayed in the Manwei movie were all alien forces in this world.
It was clear that in this real world, although there was a plot, there were still more unknowns that Su Liu did not know.
“As long as the Black Great Wall plan starts, it’s fine. There’s no need to realize it quickly. Now, the main thing in the country is to focus on the military plan. We need to build up the military as soon as possible. This time, I’ ll leave behind some genetic medicines. These medicines can continuously stimulate the potential of humans and activate the genetic power left behind by ancient ancestors. As long as the gene locks are unlocked, this genetic power can be activated to the extreme and even have the power to move mountains and fill the sea!”
“Gene lock?”Si Wenhan looked at Su Liu with a dumbfounded expression.
“That’s right, it’s the gene lock!”Su Liu’s eyes flickered with excitement.
As for the idea of gene lock, Su Liu had always thought of it. He was determined to start developing this drug because of the last notification from the Male Core System.
Only by activating the gene lock could one upgrade to a divine body.
This made him think that perhaps humans had gene locks, but they had never been discovered.
Perhaps some people had already activated this ability. For example, an old granny raised a small car in order to save her grandson?
He had been thinking that there had always been legends about all sorts of myths in the East. Were these myths really just nonsense?
Su Liu felt that it was not necessarily because he already knew that the dimensional worlds such as the Super God Academy and the Maneuvering World were all real. Perhaps those mysterious powers existed in the ancient East.
As a result, when he was free, he would use Yu Nai Qiankun to deduce his thoughts.
The inspiration for this gene drug, Su Liu, still remembered a novel that he had read before. The protagonist and his partner had been able to continuously unlock their gene locks, thus allowing them to gain anti-ancient genetic power, continuously strengthen themselves, and finally become an existence comparable to an ancient sage.
Su Liu felt that this idea might be feasible.
He had the power to counter the void. He could use this power to create a medicament that activated the power of genes. As for the effect that the medicament could achieve, it could only depend on the efforts of the efforts.
It could be said that the drug Su Liu developed was definitely much more powerful than the super serum used by the United States team. Most importantly, this gene drug had a great potential for growth. And the serum injected by the United States team was only that strong. No matter how strong it was, it was not that strong.
“In short, both the Male Soldier Program and the Great Black Wall Program need to be focused on. In addition, super god technology can be used to further advance the progress of human civilization with the help of the Krish and Sker people.”Su Liu instructed again.
“Understood, Divine Master!”Si Wenhan said respectfully.
Next, Su Liu met Si Wenhan’s son.
It was a very dry middle-aged man. After Su Liu saw it, he was completely relieved.
Si Wenhan’s son was called Si Hao Qianqian. Perhaps it was because he had heard Si Wenhan mention him since he was a child. This guy’s loyalty to Su Liu wasn’t anything to be picky about. Especially after seeing Su Liu for more than 40 years, he did n’ t have any changes. His worship and devotion towards Su Liu became more obvious.
“I might leave Earth for a period of time. The exact date of my return is uncertain. If there is a very urgent matter, I have to deal with it. Don’ t forget to use the’ Super God’ coin. You can just take care of the other matters yourself. Is there any problem?”Su Liu finally asked.
Si Wenhan and Si Hao Qianqian shook their heads.
Su Liu nodded and then stood up.
“By the way, prepare a new residence for me. It’s a little higher and has a wider view. I might be able to use it next time I come back!”
“Understood, Divine Master!”Si Wenhan nodded again.
Then, under the gaze of the two of them, Su Liu opened the wormhole and directly disappeared into the super god technology building.
“Father, do you think the Divine Master looks so young? Should we find someone to serve him or something? Otherwise, he’ ll be young and energetic… It’s not good to have some needs to endure, right?”
Si Wenhan:……
But after thinking about it, it was true!
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Chapter 41 This mage was a little unreliable?

After leaving Super God Technology, Su Liu returned to Kamataiji.
Su Liu suddenly felt a little guilty when he did not return for more than 40 years and stepped onto the door of the temple again.
As the guardian of the Temple, he had not appeared in the Temple for more than 40 years. This kind of thing… was indeed a bit excessive!
“Mage!!!”A surprised voice came from behind.
Su Liu turned around and saw an obviously old cloud appearing in front of him.
“Mage, you’ re finally back…” Yun looked at Su Liu with a face full of resentment.
After all these years, it had always been Yun who took care of the temple’s many matters. There had even been several invasions by dark magical creatures. He had brought the disciples of the temple to defend against them.
After all these years, he had truly felt too wronged. At the same time, he felt that this supreme expert in front of him was really too unreliable!
“Yun, you’ ve done well. It’s been a good time to protect the Temple and the entire world for so many years!”Su Liu stepped forward and patted Yun’s shoulder seriously.
Actually, I didn’t really want to be so hardworking!But you should take some responsibility!
Although there were many dissatisfactions, Yun was still very happy. Su Liu returned.
Not long after, many disciples of the Temple learned about Su Liu’s return and came to pay their respects. It was n’ t until evening.
At night, Su Liu was drinking tea in the hall. Yun brought a young… Little Fatty paper over.
“Mage, let me introduce you to you. This is my grandson, called Wang. He might have to serve you in the future!”
Su Liu raised his head.
“Wang?”He looked at Yun and asked,” Are you leaving the temple?”
Yun Lue nodded with shame.” Mage, my body is already not as good as it is. It’s time to hand over the responsibility of the Guardian Temple and the Guardian Mage to my descendants. You should know… I can’ t bear this responsibility anymore. I’ m powerless!”
Hearing Yun’s words, Su Liu nodded slightly.
He looked at Yun and suddenly smiled.” That’s good. Fortunately, I’ ve been suffering for so many years. Put these things down and have a good rest!”
Yun laughed as well.” Yeah, I’ ve been guarding this world for most of my life. I really haven’ t gone around to look at this world carefully. I want to go around while I still have some time!”
Su Liu nodded,” Okay!”
He stood up and bowed slightly to Yun.
This Guardian of the Temple had protected Earth for most of his life, and had helped him manage the Temple for so many years. He was able to withstand his courtesy.
Yun also bowed to Su Liu.
“Wang, I’ ll leave the Temple to you in the future. We must share the worries of mages!”
“Yes, Grandpa Yun!”Wang bowed and said.
He stole a glance at Su Liu and then gave Su Liu a smirk.
Su Liu’s face also revealed a faint smile. This Wang was still very young, and now he looked… quite cute!
“You should go and rest first. Come find me tomorrow morning!”Su Liu waved to the king.
“Yes, mage!”Wang bowed respectfully before retreating.
After Yun left, Su Liu sat in the empty hall and suddenly spoke with a smile on his face.
“Mage Gu Yi, since you’ re back, don’ t hide. Why don’ t you have a cup of tea together?”
Following Su Liu’s voice, a human figure suddenly stepped out from the void opposite Su Liu.
In the mirror space, there was actually a mirror space, and Gu Yi, who was wearing an earthen yellow robe, walked out just like that.
“That’s right, it’s becoming sharper!”Gu Yi smiled as he sat opposite Su Liu.
“You seem to be in a good mood. You’ ve solved the problem?”Su Liu also looked at Gu Yi with a smile.
“En, it’s still quite smooth, forcing out the dark energy. At the same time… I’ ve restored the Longevity Technique!”
Su Liu gave a thumbs up and sighed,” You’ re a ruthless person!”
Cultivation of the long life technique required a very complicated process, and it also required a lot of willpower. In the past 40 years, it was likely that it would not stop for a moment before it could solve the problem that had been bothering her.
Fortunately, with Su Liu’s appearance, Gu Yi had the time to go back to his long life skills. If it was like the plot in the movie, no one could replace her to protect the temple. She would probably have to wait for the strange doctor to appear and then be completely eroded by Domam’s dark energy, eventually losing her body.
That’s right, it was just to lose her body. With Gu Yi’s strength, even if Domam’s power eroded her body, her spirit body could still survive in the spirit body dimensional space. She could not really die.
The more he understood Gu Yi’s strength, the more assured Su Liu was. Gu Yi’s strength was definitely not just like what was shown in the movie.
“Thank you for all these years!”Gu Yi smiled and looked at Su Liu.
“Cough cough…” Su Liu coughed lightly, then said in a righteous tone,” It’s not hard, it’s for the people!”
Gu YiNuo looked at him without breaking anything. The two continued to drink tea.
In the end, Su Liu still told Gu Yi about his departure from Earth and returned the Time Gem to Gu Yi.
The time gem was no longer useful to Su Liu. After all, the System had completely analyzed the time gem. All the functions of the time gem had already become Su Liu’s own.
Since it was an agreement, they had to abide by it. Now that Gu Yi had returned, the gem would naturally be returned. Moreover, Earth needed Gu Yi to protect it.
“There are many dangers in this universe. With your current strength, you still need to be careful!”Gu Yi warned seriously.
Su Liu nodded seriously. He could feel that Gu Yi really cared about her. After all, he had been a friend for so many years.
“One more thing!”Gu Yi looked at Su Liu.” Although the power of the Infinite Gem is powerful, it is also a hot potato. Many powerful beings in the universe are flocking to it, so… carefully hide it!”
Hearing this, Su Liu was stunned for a moment before he immediately understood.
Looks like Gu Yiyi already knew that the spatial gem was here!
Thinking of this, Su Liu could not help but shake his head with a bitter smile.
This fellow was worthy of being a supreme mage who had lived for hundreds of years. Compared to her, he was still a bit inexperienced!
Su Liu had always thought that he hid this secret very well!
At night, the two of them finished their conversation and returned to their rooms.
Since Gu Yi had returned, Su Liu could leave at ease. The responsibility of guarding the temple should be left to her!
The next day, when the temple disciples woke up in public, they saw a familiar figure standing in front of them.
After Su Liu said goodbye to the familiar few, he entered the wormhole and returned to Carol’s home.*

Chapter 42 Set sail

Su Liu quietly stood to one side, watching Carol bid farewell to the black woman Dr. Rambo. He felt a little emotional.
It was unknown when he had been used to being alone. He had been in the Maneuvering World for more than forty years. Apart from cultivating and improving his own strength, Su Liu was always alone. This feeling had unknowingly become a habit.
At this moment, Su Liu suddenly thought of some of his friends before he transmigrated……
If those people were still alive, they should be at the same age as Kartes and the others, right? Time would make all memories fade. At this moment, Su Liu suddenly felt a little envious of Kartel. At least… she had friends who cared about her, and there were also people who cared about her, worried about her safety.
A feeling called loneliness appeared in Su Liu’s heart.
“Mr. Su, do you have any friends who need to say goodbye?”At this moment, Taros came to Su Liu’s side and asked.
Taros had always been unable to see through Su Liu. He was extremely powerful. Normally, he always had a faint smile on his face, but for some reason, Taros had always felt that he was not happy. Or perhaps, he had never felt that kind of happiness from the bottom of his heart.
This was a mysterious guy!This was Taros’ impression of Su Liu.
Su Liu looked back at Taros and shook his head slightly.” Everything has been arranged. As for friends… I don’ t seem to have any friends who need to say goodbye.”
At this moment, Taros suddenly felt a sense of loneliness from Su Liu’s body. His heart was inexplicably sad.
“Everything is ready, right?”Su Liu opened his mouth again and looked at Taros.
Taros naturally knew what Su Liu was asking and said,” The supplies are ready. The spaceship can leave anytime in outer space!”
“Then let’s go!”Su Liu waved at Carol.
Carol nodded at him, then hugged Dr. Rambo and walked over.
“Speaking of which, why did you come with us?”Carol walked over to Su Liu and asked.
Su Liu smiled and looked up into the sky. His gaze seemed to penetrate through the atmosphere and see the depths of the cold, pitch-black universe.
“I just feel that Earth is too small, I want to go to a bigger place to see, and the universe… is a good choice!”
Carol nodded thoughtfully, then smiled,” Then let’s set off!”
“Let’s go!”Su Liu stretched out his hand and opened a wormhole. Then, he stepped in first.
Afterwards, Carol and Taros entered the wormhole together.
When they reappeared, they were already in Dr. Lawson’s laboratory in outer space.
“Let’s go!”Photon energy emerged from Carol’s body. She then waved her hand and filled the patrol ship with energy. Dozens of warships instantly entered sub-light speed and headed towards the nearest space jump point.
Su Liu’s gaze shifted from the disappearing Earth to the front of the patrol ship. Under sub-light speed, everything around him seemed to have slowed down. The light became blurry, and the universe star was pulled into a long shadow.
This scene was incomparably magnificent. Even Su Liu was instantly attracted.
Carol came to his side and said with a smile,” This universe is still very beautiful, right?”
Su Liu nodded,” It’s really beautiful!”
The spaceship did not feel any vibration during its voyage. The Kerri people’s technological civilization was indeed very advanced, and the comfort of the spaceship was also very good.
Soon, the fleet left the Solar System, even the Milky Way. Only then did Su Liu realize that the journey to the universe had really begun.
A month later, Su Liu was no longer curious about the scenery outside the battleship. Not only that, the constant scenery in the universe made it easy for him to feel fidgety.In this cold and pitch-black universe, it was easy for people to have no sense of belonging. The surroundings were filled with cold metal, and the outer space outside the battleship was filled with dangerous space. Even the Skeru people, who were filled with anticipation and excitement about their new home at the beginning, were quiet and silent.
“How long before our target planet arrives?”Su Liu asked Taros beside him.
Su Liu only had a rough idea of where the Scroogeans were heading, and did not know the exact location. Carol was the same. She just kept providing energy for the fleet, allowing it to keep flying at high speed.
The universe was wide and boundless. Even if they were to jump through a large wormhole, it would still take a while to cross a galaxy. This was impossible.
“Our target planet is on the edge of a remote galaxy. That galaxy does not have a high-level space civilization, so as a new home, it is not easy for other civilizations to discover it. Now, we need too much time to recuperate!”Taros explained.
Su Liu nodded slightly. Carol did not say anything.
At this moment, the alarm device in the cruiser suddenly sounded. The ear-piercing alarm alerted everyone in the fleet.
“What’s going on!”Su Liu stood up and looked at the control console of the patrol ship.
Carol also walked over.
“It’s an abnormal energy region!”Taros quickly started to operate on the console.
Su Liu looked at the monitoring screen on the console and his expression gradually became serious.
Although he had never learned the war ship before, the Cosmos Knowledge Treasure had included the scientific and technological crystals of the entire Kerry civilization. Under Su Liu’s control, a comparison of the data quickly revealed the seriousness of the situation.
“All warships slow down, stop moving!”Taros quickly reacted and gave an order.
At the same time, the fleet slowly stopped and floated in the universe.
In front of them, strange energy fluctuations constantly appeared. From the naked eye, a huge turbulent area appeared in front of them. Space and time seemed to interweave together, forming an impassable area.
Carol looked at Su Liu with a questioning look in her eyes.” What is that?”
Su Liu looked at her and said in a deep voice,” Spatial cracks are chaotic!”
Following that, Taros also said,” This spatial turbulence has completely disrupted this area. The battleship can’ t move forward. If we forcibly enter, we will definitely be completely annihilated!”
“Then let’s go around?”Carol said casually.
“That’s all I can do. However, this space turbulence has a very large range. We can’ t enter sub-light speed here. Looks like we need more time to travel!”Taros sighed.
Su Liu’s gaze was fixed on the chaotic space, as if he was thinking about something.
After a long while, Su Liu suddenly said,” You guys wait here first. I’ ll go out and see if there’s any way to create a safe passage!”
After speaking, Su Liu disappeared from the spot under Taros and Carol’s stunned expressions.*

Chapter 43 Spatial turbulence

“Am I right? Mr. Su said… he wants to open a safe passage?”Taros stared at Carol with wide eyes.
“It seems… right!”Carol nodded in surprise.” Is there a problem?”With his strength… it shouldn’ t be a problem!”
Taros’ face revealed a bitter smile, and a trace of worry appeared on his face.” This is not a matter of strength or not. The space turbulence is like an area connected to countless spaces. There may even be a wild land that can’ t find the coordinates. It is even more likely that it will be sucked into a dead end, such as the core of a star!”
“The best way to meet this kind of spatial turbulence is to go around, but Mr. Su… is a bit too impulsive!”
It was only at this moment that Carol realized the danger. She looked at the figure in front of Su Liu who had gradually disappeared into the chaotic area and clenched her fists.
Suddenly, she turned around.
“What are you doing?”Taros seemed to know what Carol was thinking and hurriedly pulled her back.
“I’ ll go get him back!”Carol’s expression was firm and determined.
“It’s useless…” Taros frowned.” Even if you go in now, you won’ t be able to find him at all. Maybe you’ ll be lost inside yourself, even being sucked into an unknown space by those spatial turbulence!”
Carol paused and looked back at the chaotic space.
“No, even if that’s the case, I still have to try!”Carol turned around again and made up her mind to save Su Liu.
At this moment, the space inside the patrol ship fluctuated. Su Liu’s voice suddenly sounded,” What are you trying to do?”
Su Liu’s voice had just sounded when a figure appeared inside the patrol ship. Su Liu calmly walked out of the wormhole.
“You’ re fine!”Carol’s eyes widened, and Taros was shocked speechless.
They had clearly watched Su Liu enter the chaotic space, but they did not expect Su Liu to return safely so quickly.
“I’ m fine… but the safe passage may not be able to be opened. That area is too chaotic. With my current ability, I’ m not enough!”Su Liu frowned and said in a deep voice.
“It doesn’ t matter, it doesn’ t matter. We can’ t make a detour, as long as Mr. Su is fine!”Taros hurriedly said.
Earlier, he had no time to stop Su Liu. At this moment, when he saw Su Liu safely return, he finally felt relieved.
Carol looked at Su Liu and said helplessly,” I know you’re strong, but do n’ t do such risky things in the future?”This will make people worried……”
Su Liu touched his nose, feeling slightly moved.
It seemed that after spending so much time together, Carol and Taros had already treated him as their true friends.
His actions just now were indeed a bit dangerous, but the reason why Su Liu was in a rush to check the situation in that chaotic space was also because of it.
Just when he saw the spatial turbulence, Little Core, who had been silent for a long time, suddenly informed him that the spatial turbulence could speed up the analysis of the spatial gemstones. This was why Su Liu was so anxious to check the situation.
According to the results of the system test, as long as the spatial gem was analyzed in the spatial turbulence, the speed could be increased by several times. This was a multi-fold experience area. Su Liu definitely could not miss such an opportunity.
“Thank you for your concern, but we might not be able to travel together next!”Su Liu looked at the two with regret.
The reason why he came back from the chaotic space flow was to say goodbye to the two of them.
Su Liu had to stay in this spatial turbulence and analyze the spatial gem until the spatial gem was completely analyzed.
“Where are you going?”Carol asked in a daze.
Taros was also puzzled.
In this vast universe, where could Su Liu go?
Su Liu turned around and pointed at the chaotic space. He smiled and said,” I want to cultivate here. There’s no time, so I can’ t go with you!”
“Here… training?”Carol was in a bad mood.
You were training in the spatial turbulence?You probably have some misunderstanding about spatial turbulence!Spatial turbulence was a place to cultivate?
Taros also looked at Su Liu with an expression of’ Am I hearing wrong’, so surprised that his mouth opened slightly.
“You may not understand my cultivation method, but this is indeed the best place for me to cultivate!”Su Liu’s expression was like this, and he shrugged.
Alright, you are a great god. You won!
Carol was expressionless.
Taros silently shut his mouth.
“Then, let’s do this first. We’ ll have a chance later!”Su Liu waved at the two and once again disappeared into the patrol ship.
Carol and Taros looked at each other, speechless.
“Perhaps that’s why he’s so powerful!”After a long while, Taros coughed lightly and said.
Carol nodded in agreement. Although she was strong now, she always had a feeling that if she met Su Liu, she would definitely be abused.
This kind of premonition was incomparably real, so she would not doubt it in the slightest.
“Since he chose to stay, let’s continue on!”Soon, Carol regained her composure and waved her fist.
She felt that she had to work hard as well. Otherwise, she felt that her strength and Su Liu’s strength would only become more and more different.
As soon as possible, settle down the Skru and try to improve their strength!This was what Carol was thinking.
“Alright, keep moving!”Taros did not hesitate. He opened the fleet’s call channel and gave the order to bypass the spatial turbulence.
On the other side, Su Liu once again walked into the chaotic space and heard the system’s prompt again.
After entering the spatial turbulence area, the turbulence intensity is level three. If you analyze the spatial gem here, you can increase the speed by three times!]
Su Liu silently calculated. According to the system’s previous tests, with Su Liu’s current strength and knowledge reserves, it would take at least 40 years to completely analyze the dimensional gemstones. This was still the reason why the analysis time was greatly shortened after the Kerri scientific and technological information was included.
And now, when he entered the spatial turbulence, he directly increased the resolution speed by three times. This feeling… was simply not too good!
“Begin deep analysis, enter full speed mode!”Su Liu spoke in a deep voice, then sat down in this chaotic space.
Confirm the deep analysis of the spatial gemstone. The Cosmos Knowledge Treasury was operating at full power. It was building an energy barrier……]
Soon, a faint golden barrier appeared around Su Liu’s body, enveloping his entire body, protecting him from the spatial turbulence.
The protective barrier has been constructed. It has entered the deep analysis state. Master is about to enter the hibernation state. Please be prepared……]
Following the system’s prompt, Su Liu slowly closed his eyes. Just like that, he sat cross-legged and entered deep sleep……*

Chapter 44 Upgrade, Upgrade!!!

In the endless darkness, a shadow flashed past Su Liu’s eyes from time to time.
In this dream-like scene, Su Liu saw a lot of things. The light and shadow appeared, just like what happened in another space on the far side of this world.
He saw that Luo Nan had been banished by the Cliff Empire because he had failed to lead the battleship into Earth. In the end, he had led his loyal fleet away from the Kerry Empire.
He also saw Domam slowly accumulating his power in the dark space of Chaos, trying to find a chance to invade Earth again.
On the other side of the distant universe, a giant with purple skin was leading his army to invade and slaughter one planet after another.
On a mysterious planet, there was a dreamlike view on the surface of the planet. On the inside of the planet, there was a planet core emitting energy that was like breathing, flickering with light that could not be seen.
Su Liu even saw his friends before he transmigrated. They were still working day after day, off work, working overtime, shopping, and living their own life in a mediocre way.He saw that the girl he had liked had found his lover, married and had children, and slowly aged.
He also saw his parents, after losing their son, gradually becoming thinner day after day, enduring the pain and torture brought by missing.
The sleeping Su Liu’s eyes quietly left behind a tear. The tear floated in the void, finally merging into Su Liu’s body.
At this moment, Su Liu’s body suddenly trembled. Then, all the things that happened after he came to the Maneuvering World flashed past his eyes.
Kathy and Stark’s looks gradually aged. Su Liu even saw Stark being chased and eventually died.
A personal image and images were continuously replayed in his mind. The super god technology was rising at a faster speed. The Great Black Wall plan was slowly advancing.
He saw that in the military plan, a soldier of a military company was the first to break through the limits of an ordinary human. He opened the gene lock to become a powerful soldier. After that, more people developed the potential contained in their genes. More soldiers unlocked the gene lock and gradually increased their strength.
He also saw airships floating in the outer space of Earth. The first human outpost base was set up on the surface of the moon.
He saw that Kamataiji’s three sacred temples were protecting Earth and forming powerful formations to resist the invasion of the dark dimensions.
After an unknown amount of time, Su Liu’s heart suddenly became enlightened. All of the images seemed to have shattered space, slowly disappearing.
At the same time, the mysterious gene lock in Su Fluid was also activated at this moment……
Congratulations, Master, the spatial gem analysis has been completed!]
The system’s notification sounded like a drop of water that woke up Su Liu’s consciousness, causing ripples in Su Liu’s mind. Then, it swept through his entire sea of consciousness.
Su Liu slowly opened his eyes. The scene in front of him was still the chaotic space, but at this moment, Su Liu felt that even the chaotic space in front of him had calmed down. It was as if as long as he waved his hand, all the space would instantly return to normal.
The system’s notification continued.
Congratulations, Master, the Micro Wormhole Handling Technology has been upgraded to the ultimate space manipulation technology!]
Congratulations, Master! Beginner universe has upgraded to Intermediate universe!]
Congratulations, Master, the progress of the task of gathering information about the interspace science and technology civilization and supernatural forces has reached 35%. You will receive a reward!]
Congratulations, Master, the completion rate of the main mission of unlimited gem data collection has reached 33%, and you have received a reward!]
Congratulations, Master, you have already reached the condition to upgrade the third generation Divine Body. Do you want to upgrade!]
After a series of rewards, Su Liu heard a notification that he had wanted to hear for a long time.
“Upgrade!”Without hesitation, Su Liu chose to upgrade the third generation body.
As long as the third generation super geno warrior didn’t die to provoke some mysterious existence in the entire universe, he could basically walk away. However, when he upgraded to a divine body, Su Liu would be able to survive even more.
As long as he had enough energy to replenish his body, even if he was heavily injured, he would be able to recover quickly.
In the future, if he wanted to die, it would be even more difficult.
A ray of light emerged from Su Liu’s body. It was similar to the feeling of upgrading super geno points several times ago, but the time Su Liu spent upgrading his body this time was even longer.
One hour… Five hours… One day… Two days… Three days…
When Su Liu woke up, a series of system notifications sounded out.
Congratulations, Master has successfully upgraded to the third-generation Divine Body!]
Congratulations, Master, the Basic Substance Definition Program has been upgraded to Advanced Substance Definition!]
Congratulations, Master! Beginner Dark Energy Driver has upgraded to Advanced Dark Energy Driver!]
Congratulations, Master! Beginner Star Driver has upgraded to Advanced Star Driver!]
Congratulations, Master, the Divine Body Domain Skill Program has been activated!]
Su Liu was already numb. The constant escalation made his originally excited mood become much calmer.
When all the system prompts stopped, Su Liu gave another command.
“Extract rewards!”
The reward for completing the collection mission was directly extracted into Su Liu’s micro wormhole space.
Opening the wormhole space, Su Liu took out two grand packages and opened them. Two cards appeared in Su Liu’s hands.
Lie Yang’s technology program skill crystal card—flare control program!
Angel Technology Dark Su Silver Weapon Series Data Crystal Card!
There were two more deadly weapons!A smile appeared on Su Liu’s face.
Use a crystal card!
Without any hesitation, Su Liu directly used two crystal cards.
[Confirm using crystal card. Importing crystal card data into Qiankun Knowledge Treasure……]
Congratulations, Master, you have obtained program skills: Small Flare Bomb, Medium Flare Bomb, Giant Flare Bomb……]
A continuous system notification sounded out. Then, Su Liu impatiently opened his own state system panel.
With just a glance, the smile on Su Liu’s face became even brighter.
Looking at the state panel in front of him, Su Liu himself felt a bit frightened!
In the words of Demon Queen Morgana, that was… it was the end of the day!*

Chapter 45 Universal Projection

Engine: Male Core [Full Upgrade Combat Version]
Host: Su Liu [Third Generation Divine Body Warrior]
Basic functions: Void Force (Definition Rule), Anti-Void Force (Rewriting Rule).
Program Skills:[ Advanced Material Definition, Advanced Concept Rewriting, Advanced Dark Energy Drive, Advanced Star Drive, Third Generation Divine Body Domain ](Upgrade Divine Body can be upgraded), Ultimate Time Control Technology, Ultimate Space Control Technology, Small Flare Bombing, Medium Flare Bombing, Giant Flare Bombing.
Ultimate Program: Intermediate Yu Na Qiankun (Research other infinite gems to upgrade)
Auxiliary System: Qiankun Knowledge Treasure, Functions: Super Calculation, Super Analysis, Super Storage.
Energy: Cosmic Rubik’s Cube (Space Gem)[ Energy channel connected]
Intermediate Yu Neikun: Deducing Yu Neikun. At present, you can deduce the results of every possible event according to time and space rules. The more parameters you know, the more unique the results are. Provide accurate data to improve the accuracy of the deducing results.
Third Generation Divine Body Domain: Extensible system definition range, suitable for large area combat!
At this moment, Su Liu’s strength had undoubtedly improved again. After upgrading to a divine body, no matter how serious the injury was, as long as he did n’ t die directly, with enough energy, he could recover quickly.
The most important thing was to upgrade to Divine Body. All skills were upgraded. Advanced Definition, Advanced Dark Energy Drive, Advanced Star Drive……
These skills made the computing speed of the Male Combat System faster. The time to execute the definition and concept attack, or even the final decision, was even shorter. The speed of analyzing the target was also faster. To put it more bluntly, it was that the configuration was improved completely!
Su Liu stretched out his hand, and the chaotic space in front of him suddenly stopped raging and stabilized.
Next, with Su Liu as the center, the chaotic space around him began to recover. This space gradually stabilized.
The ultimate dimensional force control was indeed awesome. If this was placed before the dimensional gemstone was resolved, Su Liu would not be able to stabilize the entire dimensional turbulence.
After that, he quickly tested some of the other functions of the Male Core Combat System. Finally, he came to the conclusion that this was like a complete replacement of a set of high-quality hardware. Not only did the calculation speed increase, but the speed of data retrieval and execution of the program also increased by several times as fast as a hormone.
This was the benefit of upgrading the divine body. A bird’s gun would be changed!
After adapting to the changes in his current body and the Battle System of the Male Core, Su Liu suddenly thought of the images that appeared in his mind while he was asleep.
“Xiao Xin, when I was asleep, what happened in my mind?”
Soon, the voice of the male core assistant sounded in his mind.
Master, that should be the result of the projection of the universe in your mind. There are also some projections of your own memory!]
“In other words, those scenes were all real, right?”
Yes, Master!]
Su Liu was silent for a moment. Then, he recalled the scenes he had seen earlier and sighed.
Many things could not be returned. Time would kill all memories. Even if there was an impression now, in another hundred years… one thousand years… even ten thousand years?
She shook her head and threw these questions out of her mind. Su Liu stood up.
Next, he was going to continue to travel around the universe. Because of the chaotic space, he was going to continue.
The next second, Su Liu directly disappeared.
After completely controlling the power of the Spatial Gem, Su Liu’s use of the Spatial Power became more and more natural. In his eyes, the entire universe was like a backyard. He could go wherever he wanted.
Every time he used Space Force, Su Liu felt that the entire universe had become a world of dots and threads. As long as he gently touched these dots and threads, he could instantly reach where he wanted to go.
Soon, five years had passed.
During this period of time, Su had traveled to many highly developed planets of scientific and technological civilization, as well as to uninhabited and desolate planets. In fact, he had even traveled to planets that were covered with lava, and planets that were covered with ice and snow.
Along the way, Su Liu seemed to have undergone a double baptism of spirit and will. His entire body seemed to have been sublimated.
One day, Su Liu suddenly missed Earth.
After seeing so many alien technology civilizations and customs, he still felt that Earth was the most beautiful.
It was as if a person was born with a love of home. After leaving home for a long time, they would start to miss.
“That long time has passed. It’s almost time to go back!”
Su Liu sat on the top of a mountain. Below him was a mist. On the towering and steep mountain wall, there seemed to be a trickle of blood.
This was the planet where the Spirit Gem was located, but now… the guide of the planet was not here.
Su Liu still remembered that when he arrived on this planet, a creature wearing a black robe appeared like a ghost, telling Su Liu that if he wanted to obtain a soul gem, he would have to sacrifice the person he loved the most and sacrifice his soul in exchange for a soul gem.
Su Liu was certain that this person was definitely not Red Dragonfly, because without the Cosmic Rubik’s Cube, Red Dragonfly would not be able to be teleported here. He might really have died with the United States team. As for whether the United States team survived, it was unclear.
As for who this ghost was, Su Liu really did not know.
Of course, Su Liu wouldn’t let him off the hook when he sacrificed the person he loved. Moreover, he did n’ t come here for the soul gem.
Therefore, when Su Liu told the ghost that he had come here just to see the scenery, the black-robed ghost was completely dumbfounded.
After that, this black-robed ghost man had never appeared again. Until now, he was probably still drawing circles in a corner, waiting for the next person who wanted to obtain a soul gem.
Looking at the misty ridge in the distance, Su Liu stood up.
“Let’s go, go home!”
The next second, Su Liu stepped down the cliff.
Then, he disappeared into the air without leaving a trace.
After Su Liu left, a black-robed ghost emerged from nowhere and quietly watched where Su Liu had disappeared.
After a long while, there seemed to be a sigh. Then, the black-robed ghost disappeared.*

Chapter 46 Returning to Earth

Earth,2010 AD.
At night, when Su Liu waved his wings and appeared above the original Super God Technology Building, the scene before him shocked him a little.
There were many buildings. The advertisements formed by virtual projection were played on the signboards on the top floor of the building and on the streets and alleys. Floating trains were passing by the streets from time to time. The holographic projection technology of communication equipment in the hands of pedestrians had already been popularized by the people. The technology on Earth had achieved a qualitative leap in this short period of less than 20 years.
Su Liu closed his eyes and activated the Male Core System. He began to read the current stage of Earth’s technology information.
After upgrading to a divine body, Su Liu could already read the information on the dark plane and understand the data that he wanted to know. The entire Earth had no secrets to say in front of Su Liu.
“What a good job!”After a long time, Su Liu opened his eyes again. A look of approval appeared on his face.
Over the past 20 years, the super god technology had led the entire Earth to realize the era of technology explosion. With the information obtained from the Kerry people and the Scru people, the technology of the entire Earth had been pushed forward for nearly a hundred years.
This was under the premise that the super god technology controlled the progress of the technological civilization and ensured that there would be no chaos and steady progress.
Most importantly, most of the civilian technologies implemented would not pose a threat to the entire world. The most important military weapon technology was controlled by only a few people. And the super god technology was undoubtedly the leader in this field. Even Stark Group was far inferior.
After enjoying the night scene, Su Liu disappeared into the air.
In the top office of the Super God Science Building, Si Wenhan had been waiting here long ago. Together with his son, Si Hao Qianqian.
When Su Liu’s figure appeared in the office of the building, the light in their eyes suddenly lit up.
“Divine Master!!!”
“Long time no see!”Su Liu looked at the two with a smile.
Si Wenhan and his son respectfully wanted to kneel down to Su Liu, but they found that an invisible energy was holding them up. They could not kneel down.
“Don’ t be too polite, I don’ t like this!”Su Liu waved at the two of them.
After decades of travel, Su Liu was used to seeing the mysteries and vastness of the universe. He really didn’t care about such vulgar manners at all.
Si Wenhan and his son stood up and looked at Su Liu excitedly.
Almost twenty years had passed, and their appearances had basically not changed much. Especially Si Wenhan, his appearance seemed to have frozen. It was almost the same as twenty years ago.
“Divine Master, you’ re back this time, aren’ t you leaving?”Si Wenhan looked at Su Liu resentfully.
This man in front of him was really the most awesome shopkeeper he had ever seen. It was clearly because of Su Liu that he was able to rapidly rise to prominence, but this boss who was behind the scenes had hardly cared about anything.
“I won’ t leave in a short period of time.”Su Liu said indifferently.
“Then I’ll introduce you to the general situation of super god technology over the years…” Si Wenhan said.
“No need!”Su Liu waved his hand, indicating that Si Wenhan, who had just turned on his projection device, was stopping.
“Thank you for all these years. I already know everything you’ ve done. There’s no need for a special introduction!”
When Su Liu said this, Si Wenhan and his son did not feel strange at all. Instead, they felt that it was natural.
In their hearts, Su Liu was a god, and on this earth, what could escape the eyes of God?
“Divine Master, you’ ve just returned. Do you want to arrange a rest first?”After chatting for a while, Si Hao Qian respectfully asked Su Liu.
Su Liu nodded,” Alright, it’s too late today. Let’s talk about something later.”
“Yes!”Si Wenhan and his son bowed at the same time.
On the top floor of a building not far from Super God Technology, Si Wenhan and his son brought Su Liu here.
“Divine Lord, this is specially prepared for you. Since you left last time, we’ ve started to prepare your new home. However, you haven’ t returned in nearly twenty years, so we can only continuously improve this home. I don’ t know if you’ re still unsatisfied. If you need any improvement, please give your instructions!”
Si Wenhan took Su Liu to visit his new home and respectfully spoke.
Su Liu’s heart was slightly moved. The words he had casually said back then, he did n’ t expect them to be so positive. They could be considered to be thoughtful!
“There’s nothing to improve. That’s good!”Su Liu stood in front of the huge French window and nodded in satisfaction.
“Then you should rest first!”A smile appeared on Si Wenhan’s face, as if Su Liu was satisfied with this place. It was his greatest reward.
“Wait!”Su Liu called the two.
Then, he looked at Si Hao Qian.” You also took a genetic drug?”
Su Liu was referring to the gene drug that Su Liu left behind when he left. It was a drug that allowed humans to activate ancient genes to unlock gene locks.
“Yes, Divine Master. I took the medicine more than ten years ago…” Si Hao Qian didn’t understand why Su Liu asked him about taking the gene medicine. He replied nervously.
“There’s no need to be nervous. I’ m just asking casually. It’s very correct to be in your position and strengthen yourself to prevent danger!”Su Liu walked towards Si Hao Qian and patted him on the shoulder.
“But… you haven’ t broken through in a long time!”He rubbed his chin and looked at Si Hao Qian.
Hearing Su Liu’s words, Si Hao Qian was certain. Only then did he feel relieved. Then, he replied in a somewhat embarrassed manner,” That’s right, I’ ve already opened the second gene lock. As for the third gene lock… it’s been stuck for almost ten years……”
After saying this, Si Hao Qian smiled bitterly and shook his head.
“It’s really too difficult to unlock the gene lock. Even our most elite soldiers and soldiers are only able to unlock the third gene lock. As for me… to unlock the third gene lock, I’ m afraid there’s no time left!”
“Not necessarily!”Su Liu smiled and shook his head,” I have a way to quickly break through the third gene lock, but it might be a bit dangerous and painful. Do you want to try it?”
Si Haoqian’s eyes lit up and he replied without hesitation,” Yes!”
Su Liu nodded. A ray of light flashed through his eyes. Si Hao Qian’s entire body suddenly floated in midair.
“Divine Master?”Si Wenhan looked worriedly at Su Liu.
“Don’ t worry, it’s fine!”Su Liu gave him a reassuring look before waving his right hand.
The light golden barrier wrapped Si Haoqian up. Before he could react, an intense light suddenly appeared.
The next second, a painful scream rang out in the entire room.*