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Metropolis: President, this is really a misunderstanding(Chapter 1-53)
Chapter one: is iceberg president interested in me【[for collection]
“No!It’s eight o'clock! ”
Zhou Xuan takes the alarm clock of the head cabinet and wakes up.
It's over, it's over!
Something's wrong!
I overslept.
I just wanted to sleep five more minutes, but I went straight from 7:30 to 8:00.
If it's normal, it's OK to be late for an hour or two.
But today is an exception.
Because today the president will come to their branch for inspection, Zhou Xuan, as one of the department managers of the company, must be present.
Otherwise, it's not as simple as salary deduction. I'm afraid it's hard to guarantee my work!
Zhou Xuan got up in a hurry to wash and heat the instant porridge in the rice cooker.
Just take a bite and go to the company!
After a quick meal, Zhou Xuan took the porridge and poured it directly into his mouth.
“Hiss ~” Zhou Xuan was smoked by the hot.
But I made do with two bites.
Another look at the time, 8.15 minutes, there are five minutes, the bus will pass by the community.
Zhou Xuan quickly picked up his briefcase and rushed out.
Race against time!
Since his promotion to department manager, Zhou Xuan has never been so anxious.
Usually, even if you are late, it's OK. After all, you are the manager and the inspector will give you face.
But if you are late today, the president will not be happy!Even demotion and dismissal!
Zhou Xuan met the female president. She was very beautiful, but she was very cold and meticulous. If the company's people, even the general manager, were caught by the president, they would be reduced to ordinary staff or dismissed directly!
Cold and proud!unfeeling!No respect!
Zhou Xuan is deeply touched.
Because the last manager of Zhou Xuan's position was caught and fired by the president of the inspection team because he was late twice.
It's a small matter to be late in other companies, but in Qin group, no company is allowed to be late.
Zhou Xuan ran out of the community, just when the bus came, he got on the bus in a hurry.
“Drop!Bus card
After clocking in, Zhou Xuan sat down in his seat, gasped and looked at his watch.
Hoo… Fortunately, there's still time.
The passenger in the bus looks at Zhou Xuan strangely.
But Zhou Xuan only thought that his anxious action attracted them.
That's about it.
Zhou Xuan didn't have time to look in the mirror, so he didn't know that there was a piece of white rice on the corner of his mouth.
He was too anxious to eat, and he was even more anxious to catch the bus. He didn't find it at all.
“Mr. Shan, next, let's talk about the company's development plan.”
In the conference room, a cold voice rang out.
Sitting in the main seat of the woman with long legs, black silk high heels, a small suit coat, domineering, high cold full.
She is the president of Qin's group, Qin Xueqing, known as the iceberg goddess.
As soon as the middle-aged man, known as president Shan, was about to speak, the door of the conference room was pushed open.
People's eyes were attracted in the past, including Qin Xueqing.
Zhou Xuan with an apologetic expression, quickly came in, and did not explain anything.
Because the meeting has already started at this time, Qin Xueqing, the president, hates people to interrupt the meeting.
Zhou Xuan came to his seat, sat down, slightly panting, raised his hand and looked at the watch, found that he was not late.
However, these guys arrived early for today's meeting.
Zhou Xuan was secretly relieved.
I wish I wasn't late.
Soon, the meeting began.
Mr. Shan, general manager Lin Shan, began to speak.
It's probably the company's development plan this year.
Zhou Xuan listens carefully, can't help but quietly look at Qin Xueqing, who is sitting in the main seat beside his left hand.
This female president is really impressive.
Just sitting there is a lot of pressure!
Maybe it's because she is meticulous and the punishment is too harsh, which makes people wary and afraid.
However, I have to admit that the president is really beautiful.
No matter the figure, appearance, temperament, education, background… All are excellent.
It can be said that she is the dream lover of all men in the company!
Qin Xueqing receives many gifts, flowers and so on every day
There are not a few rich people who pursue her, such as the rich second generation, the official second generation, and even some local tyrants.
If we can catch such a goddess, it's really a kind of happiness!
Zhou Xuan looked at her black silk legs and sighed.
At this time, the president also looked over.
Zhou Xuan heart slightly surprised, flustered for a while.
Don't you find yourself distracted?
I don't think so?
No matter how clever she is, she can't see through what she thinks
Zhou Xuan politely smiles, but the goddess president gently raises her hand, points to the corner of her red lips, and then nods to Zhou Xuan.
She saw the rice grain in the corner of Zhou Xuan's mouth.
Qin Xueqing has obsessive-compulsive disorder, see this grain of rice stick in the corner of the mouth, really can't stand, so prompted Zhou Xuan.
Her meticulous character is also due to obsessive-compulsive disorder.
Maybe in the eyes of ordinary people, a grain of rice is nothing, but in Qin xuanya's eyes, it's very uncomfortable!
So even Gao Leng, such as her, also started to prompt Zhou Xuan.
Of course, she can't help Zhou Xuan get rice.
She's the president!
If you do this, this scene will be full of company rumors.
“What… What's the matter?”
Seeing the action of the female president, Zhou Xuan was slightly stunned.
Did you point your finger at the corner of your mouth?
And he nodded at himself, suggesting
What's the meaning of this?
Do you… Do you want me to kiss her?
This is Zhou Xuan's first idea.
But as soon as the idea came up, he slapped it away.
impossible!It's impossible!
How can Tang Tang Qin's group, the female president of the world's top 500 companies, take a fancy to her little manager?
And it's just a branch manager.
Zhou Xuan still has self-knowledge.
He's not ugly, but he's handsome, and his educational background is not bad, so Zhou Xuan is very conscious!
He thought he might have been wrong.
Then Zhou Xuan looks at Qin Xueqing again.
But Qin Xueqing saw that Zhou Xuan didn't understand what she meant. She turned her legs and looked at Zhou Xuan. She pointed her lips with her long white fingers.
The implication is very clear this time!
There's rice!
Had it not been that she was in a meeting now, as the president, she would have told Zhou Xuan directly.
But Han Han Zhou Xuan saw this scene, still did not understand.
Even he Leng Leng, feel goddess president this meaning… Really want to kiss her????
I lost
It can't be true?
Is it true?
Iceberg goddess president has a crush on me????
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Chapter 2: President!This is a misunderstanding【[for collection]
“No… no?Is it true? ”
Zhou Xuan felt his heart beat faster.
Some say that he also has a strong desire for the goddess president.
So beautiful, and temperament, smart, have the background of the goddess president, or his boss… Said that did not like the idea is false.
But before Zhou Xuan had self-knowledge that he had an insurmountable gap with the president of goddess.
But for now
The goddess president actually hinted at himself!
And in front of so many managers and the company's top management!
Do you want to test your courage?
How dare you kiss her in front of so many people?
Dare to face so many enemies and hostile eyes!?
Zhou Xuan feels more reasonable!
Obviously, he's gone awry.
Qin Xueqing frowned slightly.
Her obsessive-compulsive disorder has upset her.
At the last hint, she lifted the slender finger painted with red nail polish again, and placed it next to her lips.
Zhou xuanben was a little shy and hesitant.
But when he saw the president frowning, there seemed to be signs of anger, his heart jumped.
Is it because I hinted three times, I haven't moved, so I'm angry!?
Think of here, Zhou Xuan feel bad!
It's not easy to have such an opportunity. If we don't seize it, isn't it a waste?
This is a chance to marry Bai Fumei and go to the top of life!
Thinking of this, Zhou Xuan clenched his teeth.
“All right!President, since you take the initiative, I'll… ”
Zhou Xuan thought in his heart, biting his teeth and making a decision.
Then he stood straight up.
Lin Shan, who was talking, looked at it subconsciously.
Qin Xueqing thought that Zhou Xuan understood what she meant, so she turned her head and looked ahead, calmed down to listen to the meeting.
As a result
At this time, Zhou Xuan came from behind.
He approached Qin Xueqing, tangled for a second, and saw all the people on the conference table.
He knew that he was in trouble.
If you don't summon up courage at this time, it's a waste of Mr. Qin's kindness!
Thinking about this, Zhou Xuan didn't know where he had the courage. He bowed his head and gave Qin Xueqing a big kiss.
In an instant, the conference room was silent.
Lin Shan, who was talking about the company's planning, was in place and looked at Zhou Xuan incredulously.
Other managers were even more open-minded.
This… This, this, this!
what is it?
This guy molested the president!?
And flirting at the company's annual meeting!
what the fuck!!!!
All of a sudden, a burst of nameless fire rises among male managers.
My own goddess, was she kissed?
But the female manager and the person in charge are in a state of muddle.
What happened?
Where am I?
How dare Zhou Xuan kiss the president of iceberg??
He's looking for death!!
No kidding!This is really looking for death!
Let's not say whether the president will be angry or not. If those pursuers of the president know, Zhou Xuan is not cool and will be disabled.
They also want to know what the president is going to do next.
After Zhou Xuan finished kissing, he immediately stood up and stood aside, nervous and expecting, and a little excited.
The president is really sweet
This fragrance, let his spirit shock.
It's a goddess!
It's really a goddess!!
But the litigant Qin Xueqing… Muddled!
I'm really confused.
She's been… Kissed??
By a man???
And still in the meeting, in front of so many people… Was kiss?????
Qin Xueqing had a long time to react.
Her cold pretty face was so red that it became more beautiful.
It's just like the blooming of iceberg snow lotus.
But no one will think that the president is shy.
It's very… Angry!
Qin Xueqing's eyes directly turned into ice, as if to freeze people in general.
In the meeting room, Lin Shan's eyes swept them, and they lowered their heads in an instant. They kept reciting “I didn't see it!I don't see anything
Qin Xueqing was angry, but there was no gaffe.
On the contrary, people's eyes are like falling into an ice cave.
Zhou Xuan was shocked.
What's going on?
Do you understand wrong???
He was very sure that he was in the right position. The president hinted at him three times. He remembered it very clearly, that is, the lip.
Han Han Zhou Xuan obviously hasn't responded yet.
He thought he was in the wrong place.
In fact, it was wrong from the beginning!
Qin Xueqing stood up.
As if very angry general, high-heeled shoes fell on the ground, stepped on a heavy voice.
The sound hit people's hearts like a hammer.
They're more nervous.
But… Absolutely no Zhou Xuan nervous!
Zhou Xuan is not only nervous, but also confused.
What happened?
I'm just following the president's suggestion. Should that be right?
Why is the president so angry?
Zhou Xuan subconsciously swallowed saliva, just want to open mouth.
Qin Xueqing suddenly turns around and raises her arms.
No accident, this is to slap Zhou Xuan.
Zhou Xuan subconsciously took a step back. As a result, her arm accidentally touched the chair. Qin Xueqing's body had not separated from the chair. She was weightless and suddenly fell back.
If it falls down, it's not only humiliating, but also likely to get hurt.
It's hard to land on your head.
“No!”Fortunately, Zhou Xuan's eyes and hands are quick, and he steps forward to catch Qin Xueqing.
This can't call heroes to save beauty, it's to make up for mistakes!
Their movements at this time were like dancing. Qin Xueqing half fell into Zhou Xuan's arms.
Everyone in the office was stunned again.
what the fuck!
Zhou Xuan!
This guy did it on purpose!
Qin Xueqing's eyes are cold to the extreme.
Zhou Xuanguang looked at it and shivered.
“President!You listen to me, misunderstanding!This is definitely a misunderstanding
People: I believe in you, ghost!
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Chapter three: contract termination!System【[for collection]
Qin Xueqing left.
His face was expressionless and his eyes were cold.
I left without even finishing the annual meeting.
Zhou Xuan doesn't know how to describe Qin Xueqing's mood at this time.
But his mood at the moment, panic like an old dog!
He's really confused.
Does the female president mean that she is not allowed to kiss her???
“Zhou Xuan, you are so brave.Even Mr. Qin dares to kiss me. I'm a bull!You should think about how to deal with Wang Shao now. ”
Lin Shan said, Chong Zhou Xuan gave a thumbs up.
But anyone can see that he meant sarcasm.
Wang Shao in Lin Shankou is Qin Xueqing's most powerful pursuer.
The other side is not only the second generation rich, but also highly educated, or returnees, almost rich and handsome.
There are even many rumors that Qin Xueqing has a good feeling for Wang Shao.
Although Zhou Xuan is not sure whether it's a rumor, Wang Shao has a lot of capital.
Zhou Xuan pondered.
He was not afraid, but a little lost and unwilling.
To tell you the truth, anyone who sees the goddess that he can't get is likely to be got by other men, and his heart will not be reconciled.
Especially now, Zhou Xuan tasted the fragrance of Qin Xueqing, and his heart was even more palpitating.
If you haven't touched her, even if you are not reconciled, you will know clearly that you can't compare with Wang Shao.
But now… I've had a kiss, but I'm not qualified to be together.
The status gap is too big.
Zhou Xuan was very unwilling.
He put away the papers and went back to his office.
Just after sitting down for a while, Jin Peng, the manager of personnel department, came in.
“Zhou Xuan, you are fired.Mr. Qin called the roll in person. This is the termination document. Read it for yourself. Remember to sign it and leave the company as soon as possible. ”
Jin Peng light finish saying, disdain of saw week Xuan one eye, turn round to leave.
He and Zhou Xuan have been at odds. That's what the workplace is like. They can't be good brothers like in the novel.
After all, we all have conflicts of interest. How can we have a good relationship?
And most of the men in the company regard Qin Xueqing as a goddess, while Zhou Xuan kisses Qin Xueqing, so it's normal to be excluded.
It's good that no one falls into the rock.
Zhou Xuan clenched his fist, and there was an inexplicable fire in his heart.
I don't know who I'm angry with, but I'm not willing to.
Does he have too much brain tonic?
But what is the meaning of Qin Xueqing's gesture?
He hasn't figured it out yet.
Zhou Xuan sighed.
Finally, I picked up the contract and signed it.
It's not easy to get to the Department Manager, but now because of such a thing was fired, Zhou Xuan is really not reconciled.
If only I could have the system just like in the novel.
This will not be so powerless, so unwilling.
Inexplicable, Zhou Xuan thought of here.
But just thinking about it.
Zhou Xuan read the contract, picked up the pen on the table, ready to sign his name.
At the moment when he was about to sign his name, Zhou Xuan felt his heart beat slowly, as if he had been pressed by a heavy stone.
After working hard for such a long time, it was taken away.
I'm not reconciled!
“Ding!Host detected, unlimited access system activated! ”
Zhou Xuan a Leng, then heart a shock, then is ecstasy.
“System?Come on!Talk about your role! ”
The voice of Lori's system came again: “unlimited access system: the system will acquire valuable skills and abilities according to the behavior of the host!”
“What does that… Mean?”
“It's very simple, no matter what the host does, it gets a reward.”
This… Zhou Xuan is a little confused.
He took a subconscious look at the contract in his hand.
“Ding!You take a look at the contract and get basic legal knowledge. ”
Zhou Xuan is confused. Is that ok?
Later, Zhou Xuan felt that he had a lot more knowledge about law in his mind.
He picked up the contract and looked at it carefully.
Some clauses that I didn't understand before can be understood now.
I don't know if I look at it carefully. Zhou Xuan looks at it for a while and finds that there are many problems in the contract.
First of all, the biggest problem is that there is a rule: the dismissed person will not be paid this month's salary, and the salary of the first six months will be recovered.
Zhou Xuan directly a question mark.
What's so special? Even if you don't pay your salary, how can you recover six months' salary?
There is no law that requires employees to be prosecuted for returning their wages when they leave.
And it's six months!Half a year!
After all, Zhou Xuan was not dismissed for delaying the interests of the company, so this is not reasonable at all!
I don't know if I took the wrong contract, or Qin Xueqing deliberately adjusted herself?
Or is Jin Peng getting in the way?
Zhou Xuan's face darkened.
If he had not acquired the system, he would never have seen the problem.
Because he didn't understand the contract, Zhou Xuan didn't read it in such detail. He just took a general look and signed it.
But now seeing this, will he sign?
Zhou Xuan did not sign, he picked up the contract, directly to the president's office.
Dismissal is OK, but unreasonable place, Zhou Xuan absolutely does not accept!
Now with the system, Zhou Xuan also has the confidence.
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Chapter four: misunderstanding
[you took a step and gained 0.01 agility!]
[you took a step and gained 0.01 agility!]
[you've taken a step, past 0.01 agile!]
[you took a step…]
“Is there a reward for all this?”
Zhou Xuan walks in the corridor, hears the sound which the system transmits, in the heart slightly surprised.
Every step is rewarded!
This system is… Awesome.
However, Zhou Xuan is not so happy now.
Looking at the contract in his hand, Zhou Xuan knocked on the door of the president's office.
“No matter what, don't bother me now!”
A cold voice came from the room.
Zhou Xuan's heart sank slightly.
It seems that the president is really angry this time.
He didn't force his way in. There was no need to ask Qin Xueqing.
He turned to the personnel department.
Along the way, many former colleagues are looking at Zhou Xuan, whispering.
Obviously, what happened in the conference room has been spread.
Gossip in the workplace spreads fastest.
In particular, the goddess president was kiss, this kind of big melon is more attractive.
But Zhou Xuan was not shy, but calm.
Now that we've all done it, is counseling useful?
And Zhou Xuan has never counseled!
He just listened to the sound of the system in his heart.
It's cool to add 0.01 agility at a time.
Take a few more steps, agility can be improved!
Soon, Zhou Xuan came to the personnel department, he directly opened the door of Jinpeng's office and came in.
“Oh, are you done?It's quite fast. ”
Jin Peng said a word, reaching for the contract.
But Zhou Xuan didn't pass it.
He looked at Jin Peng quietly with a calm face.
“What?Want me to intercede for you? “Jin Peng was a little funny. He put down his hand, turned and sat back.
“Is it Mr. Qin's idea to recover six months' salary?You added it yourself. ”
Zhou Xuan spoke calmly.
[you get 0.1 eloquence by talking to people!]
All right?
Zhou Xuan was surprised again.
I thought it would be nice to have a reward for walking, but I didn't expect that I would even have a reward for speaking.
“Why not?It must be Mr. Qin's request. ”
Jin Peng was flustered, but his tone was not weak.
Because he knew that Zhou Xuan had offended the president. If he did so, the president would not be angry even if he knew.
Maybe because he's against Zhou Xuan, he's always in favor of him?
Although the possibility is not big, but as Qin Xueqing's loyal lick dog, of course, is so brain tonic.
Zhou Xuan's face sank.
He didn't expect Qin Xueqing to be so cruel.
Zhou Xuan doesn't blame Qin Xueqing for being expelled because he himself is in a state of ignorance.
It is likely that he misunderstood the meaning of Qin Xueqing's action, so even if he was dismissed, he could accept it.
But what he can't accept is that Qin Xueqing is so cruel and heartless.
To put it mildly, Zhou Xuan has been working for several years. He has no credit and hard work. He won't get six months' salary if he is dismissed, will he?
This is really too much!
Zhou Xuan had a bad impression of Qin Xueqing.
He didn't know that it was all because of his own ideas.
The misunderstanding is getting deeper and deeper.
“Since you are heartless, don't blame me for being cold-blooded.”
Zhou Xuan closed his eyes slightly, breathed out his breath, and made a decision in his heart.
“This contract does not comply with the provisions of the labor laws and regulations, and is a violation contract.You wait to be prosecuted. ”
Zhou Xuan said a word to Jin Peng and turned to leave.
He took the contract. That's the evidence!
Jin Peng was stunned.
what do you mean?
Labor laws and regulations?
Just a few seconds, Jin Peng suddenly reacted.
It is true that some of the treaties in the contract are excessive and no longer conform to the provisions of labor laws and regulations.
But he didn't expect that Zhou Xuan would see it, let alone that Zhou Xuan would sue the company!?
“Zhou Xuan!Zhou Xuan, wait!Don't go
Jin Peng ran after him in a hurry.
If this is prosecuted, it will be troublesome!
It's not the fear of losing money, it's the company being sued, which will affect its reputation.
And reputation decline, news in a report, will affect the stock!
He can't afford the impact of the series.
It's not stupid for Jin Peng to become the HR manager, but he didn't expect that Zhou Xuan could really see the trap in the contract.
In principle, it is impossible for ordinary people who have not read the law to understand the contract trap.
Because it was not stated that he would recover six months' salary, Jin Peng deliberately used the contract trap method.
But it was seen by Zhou Xuan!
Sorry for the inconvenience!
If this is known by the president, it will be dangerous!
When Jin Peng comes out, Zhou Xuantou leaves without going back.
Since they are merciless, don't blame yourself for being unjust.
And Zhou Xuan has another handle, not only to sue the company, but also to engage in a small company.
Qin group is a big group, Zhou Xuan's company is only a branch of it.
But even if a branch company is involved, it will affect the reputation of the group.
an ant trying to shake a giant tree!
But Zhou Xuan is not afraid!
“The bastard!”
Jin Peng looks at Zhou Xuan's back and his teeth itch.
All around the staff look puzzled. What's the matter?
Although I know that Jin Peng, the personnel manager, has always been at odds with Zhou Xuan, the sales manager, today's scene… Seems to be a bit of gunpowder?
Jin Peng's face changed for a while and came to the president's office in a hurry.
He has to report in advance, otherwise it will be too late when the company is sued.
While walking, Jin Peng is also thinking about how to report to Qin Xueqing.
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Chapter 5: it's like death【[for collection]
“Mr. Qin!Mr. Qin!No
Jin Peng came to the door of the president's office and knocked on the door.
“Go away!”
A cold voice came out.
Jin Peng was startled.
Why is it so cold?
The sound
Although there is only one rolling word, Jin Peng has never heard such a cold tone.
Especially from the mouth of the goddess president.
Although the president's tone in the past was also cold, it seemed distant and aloof.But it's attractive, it's not scary.
And now the tone
Through the door, Jin Peng was scared.
“Zhou Xuan, the bastard, really made Mr. Qin angry!”
Jin Peng swallowed.
But he didn't panic in his heart, on the contrary, he was more happy.
Because Qin is so angry, doesn't that prove that he hates Zhou Xuan more?
Maybe when Mr. Qin knew that he was going to visit Xuan all week, he would reward himself?
And Qin always so angry, that week Xuan is appointed to sue hopelessly!
Don't forget, Qin group is a group!
Global top 500 group!
The Qin family is the full shareholder of the group, and Qin Xueqing, the female president, is even more powerful.
Just say hello to the judge, and you're afraid he'll sue successfully?
To say the least, even if the prosecution is successful, the Qin family has the best lawyers in the world. How can they not play with an ordinary person who doesn't even know the law?
Even if the prosecution is successful, can Zhou Xuan resist the pressure of such a group?
You're kidding!
I'm looking for death!
With this in mind, the haze in Jin Peng's heart suddenly cleared away, and even some pleasure.
Because once Zhou Xuan sued the company, it would prove that he had formed a feud with Qin's group. At that time, he would not even have a single responsibility to solve Zhou Xuan.
At the same time, on the other hand, after Zhou Xuan left the company, he also thought about the issue of prosecution.
But he's not looking for a lawyer.
Because Zhou Xuan has acquired legal knowledge through the system, he is confident that he is no worse than ordinary lawyers.
He can write his own legal documents.
However, before this, Zhou Xuan wants the whole Tianya investment company!
Tianya investment company is Zhou Xuan's former work company and a subsidiary of Qin's group.
However, this subsidiary is one of Qin Xueqing's most promising investment companies. That's why Qin took the initiative to come to the meeting.
Otherwise, with Qin Xueqing's value, Qin's group has thousands of subsidiaries all over the world. How can they come to this company?
Because Tianya investment company has a bright future!
And Qin Xueqing made it by herself. She may have special feelings.
But Zhou Xuan is to destroy her feelings!
Since Qin Xueqing is so heartless, Zhou Xuan can't give him face.
And Zhou Xuan is to find the dead enemy of Tianya investment company, Mingyue investment company.
There are also interests between companies, so there is a dead enemy.
For example, if you rob other people's customers, the other party will certainly not be outdone. If you rob your customers, you will get revenge.
Especially peers, are investment companies, customer conflicts, more likely to feud.
Zhou Xuan directly came to the building of Mingyue investment company, looked up at the tall building and stepped in.
Entering the building, Zhou Xuan looked around and went to the counter.
Two female receptionists were smiling.
“How do you do, sir.Can I help you? ”
“Well, I'd like to make an appointment with the general manager of your company.Right now. ”
Zhou Xuan said.
“What can I do for you?”Asked a receptionist.
Generally, there is no major event, so the general manager is definitely not required to come out to receive customers.
“About investment, it's worth more than a billion.”
Zhou Xuan spoke directly.
If he doesn't take out his chips, the other party won't meet easily.
The receptionist was shocked.
For a big investment company like them, hundreds of millions of people often hear about it.
But it's not much to invest one billion at a time!
This is definitely a big customer!
A female receptionist came out with a more respectful face: “please follow me and wait here.We will contact the general manager immediately. ”
Zhou Xuan nodded and came over.
Another receptionist has started to call the general manager.
Such a big client dare not delay.
Even if the general manager is in a meeting, he has to interrupt!
“Tianya investment company surpassed our company again last year. What's the matter?”
In the general manager's office, a woman is sitting at the general manager's desk, asking questions.
And the man standing opposite the desk, just low head, dare not answer.
If someone you know is here, you will know that this man's name is Jiang Ming. He is the general manager of Mingyue investment company!
But it's clear that this woman is in a better position than the man.
“Miss Mingyue, they robbed a lot of our customer resources, so that's why… But you can rest assured that I will work hard this year and definitely surpass Tianya investment company!”Jiang Ming secretly looked at the woman in front of him and immediately assured him.
In front of the woman, devil like hot figure, dyed light gold long hair, slender thighs wearing a white skirt, showing the perfect body.
Pure and charming.
Two opposite but different temperaments appeared in her at the same time, but they didn't seem to be against her.
“Hard work?”
A woman's mouth is slightly raised, more beautiful, and somewhat seductive.
But Jiang Ming did not dare to look.
He was even more flustered.
Just at this time, the plane on the table suddenly rang, saving Jiang Ming's life.
“Miss Mingyue, I'll… Take a call. Maybe it's work.”Jiang Ming raised his head and said carefully.
The woman didn't speak, just nodded lightly.
Jiang Ming picked up the phone in a hurry.
After hearing the voice on the other side of the phone, Jiang Ming's face suddenly became pleasantly surprised. He didn't even control his mood and cried out in a hurry.
“Don't let him go!I'll be right there
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Chapter 6: Bai Mingyue
“Miss moon!A client said that it could bring about a billion or so investment projects. I'll contact them first.If we can talk about it… ”
Jiang Ming said excitedly.
But before he finished, the woman raised her hand and interrupted him.
“Well, go down and have a look.”
The woman said and stood up.
Jiang Ming was stunned for a moment, but he hurried to open the door.
Women wear high heels, tall, walking posture is more attractive.
But Jiang Ming did not dare to see more.
Only the people they come into contact with know how sexy this woman is on the surface and how terrible she is on the inside!
Rose with sting!
That's the way to describe her.
“Just a moment, sir. The general manager will be here in a minute.”
“Well.”Zhou Xuan is drinking good tea, and he is not in a hurry.
Even very happy.
Because… The system has come to reward again.
After a sip of tea, you have acquired the primary tea skill
There's a reward for a sip of tea.
It's really unlimited access.
It's great.
Zhou Xuan is thinking, is there a reward for a meal?
Try it later!
When Zhou Xuan was thinking, a crisp sound of high heels came.
He looked up subconsciously.
You take a look at a beautiful woman and get 1 point of beauty
Zhou Xuan pauses slightly.
You can also get beauty??
He took another look at the beauty who was coming.
[you take a look at a beautiful woman and get 1 point of beauty]
Zhou Xuan mood suddenly better.
It can also improve the appearance!
It's amazing.
Zhou Xuan can't help but ask in the heart: “if the facial value has reached the peak, how can you do?”
In this way, you can always see beautiful women and gain beauty. The number is always at its peak.
System: “when your face value reaches the peak, you will get temperament. After the peak of temperament, you will get charm. After charm, you will get Aura!”
Zhou Xuan was extremely satisfied.
At the same time, a man and a woman also came to Zhou Xuan.
“Hello, sir. My name is Jiang Ming, the general manager of Mingyue company.”
Jiang Ming immediately said hello with a smile.
“Hello, my name is Zhou Xuan.”Zhou Xuan held out his hand.
Originally, he still guessed in his heart, is this sexy beauty Jiang Ming's secretary?
But soon the answer came out.
Beauty obviously is not a secretary, because she directly sat opposite Zhou Xuan, but Jiang Ming did not sit.
Moreover, Jiang Ming was not at all dissatisfied, proving that the identity of a woman was higher than that of Jiang Ming.
Is it because I said I had a billion orders, so I got a more powerful person?
“Hello, Mr. Zhou Xuan.My name is Bai Mingyue
Sexy women smile and introduce themselves to Zhou Xuan.
White moon?
bright moon?
The name
Zhou Xuan heart slightly move, it seems to really come to a cow force character.
“So, to make a long story short, how did you get the one billion worth of investment orders?”
Bai Mingyue asked directly.
She looked at Zhou Xuan's clothes. Obviously, Zhou Xuan didn't look like a rich man or a nouveau riche, so Bai Mingyue wondered, this man is not going to cheat, is he?
No… fraud can not be so bad, at least will change into good clothes, not at first glance let people feel lack of capital.
So she is more puzzled, why does Zhou Xuan dare to say that it can bring a billion orders?
“I'm the Department Manager of Tianya investment company. I've negotiated with 30 clients before, and it's a private order with me.So… ”
“Are you from Tianya investment company?”
Bai Mingyue suddenly opens her mouth.
So, does he want to change jobs??
“Well.”Zhou Xuan nodded.
“Why come to our company?”
“Because Mingyue investment company is the only one with the capital to be equal to Tianya investment company.And I can make Mingyue investment company surpass Tianya investment company
Zhou Xuan tone calm said.
It's not because he has some orders from customers that he can be so confident.
More confidence comes from the system!
Because Zhou Xuan knows that he can definitely learn how to invest as long as he has access to investment finance and unlimited access to the system.
Even more than 99% of the investors!
So, he's very confident.
And this order is just Zhou Xuan's chip.
And Qin Xueqing.
Who made her sick first?
It's okay to fire.
But he couldn't bear to recover his half year salary!
“Even?More than Tianya investment company? ”
Bai Mingyue is interested.
Maybe that's what the legend says.
Zhou Xuan's words make Bai Mingyue interested.
“This woman seems to have a special preference for Tianya investment company?”Zhou Xuan's heart moved slightly.
Of course, he didn't know that Tianya investment company, Mingyue investment company, Qin Xueqing and Bai Mingyue not only knew each other, but also had a lot to do with each other.
However, because of a bet, they are competing with each other at this time.
He is a friend and a competitor.
And the appearance of Zhou Xuan, let Bai Mingyue see more opportunities than Qin Xueqing.
But first of all, she has to make sure that Zhou Xuan is not bragging
They were chatting, while Jiang Ming stood awkwardly. For a moment, he didn't know what to do.
How do you feel like the general manager is dispensable?
Zhou Xuan naturally saw the meaning of Bai Mingyue's eyes.
He spoke first.
“Before that, I need your company to help me fight a lawsuit.”
“What lawsuit?”Bai Mingyue asked.
“Sue Tianya investment company!”
She flicked her eyebrows.
Sue Tianya investment company?
What's going on?
Is… That the reason for his job hopping?
“Well, about the case of Tianya investment company making trap contract and violating labor law.”
“Well?And that kind of thing? ”
Bai Mingyue looks at Zhou Xuan.
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Chapter 7: no such talent【[for collection]
“Well?And that kind of thing? ”
Bai Mingyue makes some unexpected noises.
Qin Xueqing's character she still knows, should not violate the labor law?
She's not the kind of person who makes money on employees.
It is impossible to make a trap contract for a small employee.
“This is the contract for the company to dismiss me.Look at rule 72. “Zhou Xuan said, put the contract in front of Bai Mingyue.
Bai Mingyue picked it up and checked it.
I don't know. After reading it, she was surprised.
What a trap!
She didn't even see it for the first time. She read it twice more before she understood it.
“You know the law?”
Bai Mingyue pauses and looks up at Zhou Xuan.
If it is an ordinary person, it is impossible to see this kind of contract trap.
Because even she took a second look at the problem.
Zhou Xuan did not speak, just nodded gently.
“Well, I'll help you sue Tianya investment company.”Bai Mingyue nods.
Although she and Qin Xueqing are friends.
But this kind of trap contract can be sued.
Moreover, she believes that Qin Xueqing should not have done it.
Just to sue, let Qin Xueqing clean up the borers in her company.
This is to help her!
Bai Mingyue is smiling in her heart.
But if you help, your company will surpass Qin Xueqing completely.
It's kind of fun to think about it.
She looked at the man in front of her again.
Zhou Xuan got the answer, has taken out the mobile phone, began to contact customers on the spot.
This scene makes Bai Mingyue very interested.
She drank tea and waited quietly.
Watching Zhou Xuan call one after another.
And she stares at Zhou Xuan, feeling vaguely that this man is more and more handsome?
Is it an illusion?
The illusion of seeing too much?
It's not an illusion!
This is Zhou Xuan has been looking at the white moon, gained the beauty.
But the appearance value superimposes unceasingly, he originally is only the more handsome facial features is changing slowly, becomes perfect.
And this kind of perfection, in the eyes of others, naturally becomes handsome!
Zhou Xuan while calling, also looking at the white moon.
You can't stop getting face value!
No one doesn't want to be handsome. Zhou Xuan used to be average.
But now has the opportunity to become very handsome, that is naturally impossible to let go.
In order to get a reasonable view of Bai Mingyue, Zhou Xuan chats with his clients on the phone, and picks up the teapot and the water and tea on the side to make his own tea.
With tea skills, Zhou Xuan knows how to make tea.
“Well?Do you know anything about tea? ”
Bai Mingyue looks at Zhou Xuan's action and moves slightly in her heart.
She didn't seem to think that this seemingly ordinary man in front of her could understand the tea ceremony.
It was a bit of a surprise to her.
Because Bai Mingyue also knows tea ceremony and likes drinking tea very much.
Zhou Xuan just nodded and continued to chat with the customers on the other side of the phone.
Bai Mingyue is curious.
She didn't like the man in front of her at first.
It feels very ordinary, very ordinary.
As a result, this short chat… Completely changed Bai Mingyue's view, and even produced a surprised mood.
An ordinary person, actually understand the law!
An ordinary person knows the tea ceremony!
An ordinary person can talk about so many orders, which proves that he has certain eloquence skills and popularity.
So he should be a good department manager!
Why are you fired?
Even a trap contract?
Bai Mingyue is a little curious. She takes a look at Zhou Xuan who is on the phone. She gets up, walks to one side and takes out the mobile phone in her bag.
She wants to call Qin Xueqing, a good friend.
Why can such talents drive out the company?
And so many trap contracts.
This is a waste of talents!
Of course, inquiry belongs to inquiry.Now that all the talents are in her own hands, she won't let them out.
It's just to ask.
Maybe, what did Zhou Xuan do wrong?
So, she also wanted to know why.
Why is an all-round talent treated like this.
At the same time, on the other side, Qin Xueqing, who was sulking in the office, saw the caller ID and changed her expression slightly.
Perhaps only a person with such a good relationship can make this iceberg president melt.
She got through.
“What's the matter? There's still a year left. Do you want to give up early?”
“Ha ha ~ let others admit defeat as soon as you come up. Xueqing, you are really cold.”
There was a tease on the phone.
But Qin Xueqing was not angry, and her expression was still calm.
She's used to it.
She is used to the character of her best friend.
It was not acceptable at the beginning, but after a long time, it was accepted naturally.
“Is there anything else?I'm busy with my work and I don't have time to chat. “Qin Xueqing said coldly.
It's not that she's deliberately alienated, it's her character.
Bai Mingyue shook her head slightly and said with a smile, “busy with work?A number of big customers of your company have run away. What are you busy with?Are you busy with the aftermath? ”
“What did you say?What customers have run away? ”
Qin Xueqing opens her mouth slightly in doubt.
Did the customer run away?
What happened?
Why doesn't she know?
“Cackle, cackle, xiaoxueqing, you really can't hear things outside the window… The company is going to be sued.”
Qin Xueqing is a little confused.
What's going on?
Why did this guy say a lot of things he didn't understand as soon as he came up?
Bai Mingyue doesn't want to play the game any more, she just opens her mouth.
“Did you fire a department manager named Zhou Xuan?”
Speaking of the name, Qin Xueqing's tone suddenly became cold.
Even Bai Mingyue was surprised.
What's going on?
How can you be so angry?
She couldn't help but wonder.
It's a bit of skill to make Qin Xueqing so angry.
“Why?Why did you fire him? ”
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Chapter 8: sulky Qin Xueqing
“It's none of your business!Anyway, he would never want to enter any company under Qin's group again in his life! ”
Qin Xueqing said coldly.
At the thought of being kissed in front of so many people!And it's on the lips.
She felt sick at the thought of it!
It's like being teased by hooligans. How can you not be angry?
Even for a moment, she wanted to kill the man who had kissed her.
Because this is her first kiss!
The more Qin Xueqing thought about it, the more unwilling she was.
But she still held back, just dismissed Zhou Xuan, out of sight, out of mind, never see again.
“What's so grand?What did this guy do?Can't it be that I peeked at my home and took a bath? ”
Bai Mingyue laughs jokingly.
Suddenly, a busy tone came from the mobile phone.
Being joking, Bai Mingyue is stunned. She looks at her mobile phone and the phone is hung up.
Qin Xueqing directly hung up the phone!
Are you right?
She subconsciously took a look at Zhou Xuan who was making tea.
This man isn't that lewd, is he?
Don't you want to do that kind of dirty thing?
Bai Mingyue came.
“I've already contacted you. Next, just sign the investment contract.”Zhou Xuan puts down his cell phone and looks at Bai Mingyue.
“Good.Then draw up a contract, and you can do it, OK? ”
Bai Mingyue asked.
“I'll do it?”Zhou Xuan slightly picked to pick eyebrow, this woman what meaning.
“Yes, it's not just you.The money you bring is also distributed by you. ”
Without hesitation, Zhou Xuan agreed.
This woman is really courageous, actually dare to let Zhou Xuan a new man who just arrived at Mingyue company to control the investment.
Looking at the shopping malls, I'm afraid there are few women with such courage.
Zhou Xuan subconsciously looked at Jiang Ming standing next to him. Sure enough, the man's expression was a little embarrassed.
As a general manager, he can't get a word in. Even this man has gained so much power when he first came to the company
He always felt that after a period of time, he might be under the pressure of Zhou Xuan.
At the same time, Qin Xueqing angrily hang up Bai Mingyue's phone, is holding his fist, sulky!
If Bai Mingyue knows that she has been kissed by an ordinary man, I'm afraid she can laugh at her for several years!
Because Qin Xueqing has not had many embarrassing incidents since she was a child, and she can even count them with one hand.
This may be the legend, ten years do not make a fool of yourself, a fool is a big scandal.
And with Bai Mingyue's character, I would like to know this kind of gossip and laugh at myself later.
That's why Qin Xueqing is so angry.
However, after a while of anger, Qin Xueqing also calmed down.
“Just now Mingyue said that a group of customers have run away, and the company is going to be sued. What's the matter?Why don't I know these things? ”
Qin Xueqing was puzzled.
What's more, why did she mention Zhou Xuan, the stinking bastard with zero EQ and understanding ability?
Qin Xueqing used several adjectives to describe Zhou Xuan, although they were not good words.
“President, the information you want has been found…”
Just then, a soft voice came.
She is Qin Xueqing's secretary and her bodyguard.
“Well.”Qin Xueqing conveniently took over the document from the secretary.
Open the file, the above record is Zhou Xuan's name!
There are even his big head stickers, copies of his ID card and home address, which can almost be said to have stripped Zhou Xuan out.
Even the schools, girlfriends, parents, and even some of the more remarkable events that I have experienced before are recorded on it.
Qin Xueqing looked at the information for a while and gently picked her eyebrows.
Then, she continued to look up, it seems that Zhou Xuan's life experience to understand a thorough.
“It's just plain.”After reading the materials, Qin Xueqing put the documents together.
To describe Zhou Xuan as ordinary is more appropriate.
Born in rural areas, relying on their own efforts to work in the city, mixed some achievements.
My parents died in a car accident.
I only talked about my girlfriend once, but I broke up when I graduated from university. According to the information, when I broke up, my girlfriend still disliked Zhou Xuan. She had no EQ, was average, had no money, and had no background.
He was hit at that time, so Zhou Xuan worked harder later. He was not popular in the company, but he had strong business ability.
According to the audit, he would have been promoted to deputy general manager.
Because Zhou Xuan's business ability is very strong.
It's a pity that EQ is too low to flatter people in the company, so popularity in the company is not good.
“Is EQ low?It's kind of stupid. ”
Qin Xueqing thought that at the meeting, she hinted that Zhou Xuan had rice in the corner of her mouth three times in a row. As a result, that smelly and simple man didn't understand, and he even kissed her!
Qin Xueqing almost blew up at that time.
If she had not been used to shopping malls and big scenes, she would have burst out on the spot.
Low EQ is really low!
“But is the business so strong?The order that a person talks about is almost the same as that of the people in the upper half of the Department. ”
Qin Xueqing frowned slightly.
She didn't know about it!
After all, Qin Xueqing is the president of Qin's group. She can't pay attention to Tianya investment company all the time. Generally, she only knows about the company through the report of the general manager, that is, Lin Shan.
Looking at the detailed information collected by the Secretary, Qin Xueqing knows that Lin Shan must have put down a lot of things, and didn't tell her in detail about Zhou Xuan's business ability.
This is what Qin Xueqing hates most.
Lin Shan deliberately suppressed other people's performance for his position.
Her eyes were slightly cold.
Did not expect a period of time did not check the company, there will be such a moth.
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Chapter 9: cold outside and hot inside
Qin Xueqing see Zhou Xuan's information, the heart also probably understand this person's character.
He certainly didn't mean to tease himself.
The reason is very simple. Although he has a low EQ, he is an honest man.
But from the past records, Zhou Xuan is very law-abiding, and has never done anything bad, unlike this kind of person.
There is only one possibility that he really misunderstood his suggestion.
Maybe something's wrong with Han Han's mind
Qin Xueqing sighed helplessly.
Such strong professional ability proves that the IQ is not low.
But EQ is so low. It's really
She sighed.
Tangled in the heart for a while, Qin Xueqing still looked up and opened her mouth to the secretary.
“Bing, you contact Lin Shan and ask him to call Zhou Xuan back.Well, for reasons, I was impulsive before. If I come back, I can make it up to him. ”
The expressionless, cold eyed woman nodded and left the room.
Qin Xueqing finished this sentence, a little regret in the heart.
Because in doing so, she overturned what she had said.
Forefoot said that Zhou Xuan never wanted to enter any company of Qin's group in his life.
I'm going to call back the hind legs. I'm going to hit myself in the face
But she opened the information of Zhou Xuan again, looked at it for a while, and held back her mind.
Zhou Xuan is really a hard worker. It is said that in order to buy a house in the first tier city of Jianghai, he works hard every day and even takes the bus to work.
Department managers who make nearly a million a year go to work by bus are also very motivated.
It's hard to get fired just because you're angry and lose your job.
Qin Xueqing can't understand the poor life of ordinary people, because she was born into a rich family and grew up with the golden key, so she can't understand the experience of ordinary people.
Of course, Zhou Xuan's experience, if put in ordinary people, is not ordinary at all!
Coming out of a rural area without any background, it can be said that it's amazing to work hard all the way to make millions every year.
The annual income is one million, more than 90% of the young people in China.
However, Qin Xueqing's starting point is too high, so he thinks it's too ordinary to make millions every year.
Status determines vision.
After all, Qin Xueqing is cold on the outside and hot on the inside. She thinks it's too pitiful to dismiss a hardworking person like this.
When Qin Xueqing's spirit is gone, Zhou Xuan has already brought all his clients to Mingyue investment company.
They even started to draw up contracts by themselves.
“I didn't expect you to know the law so well?”
The white moon's eyes twinkled slightly.
Because Zhou Xuan is sitting in front of the computer, his contract.
Originally, Bai Mingyue wanted to ask a lawyer to print the contract, but Zhou Xuan said he wanted to do it by himself.
Then he really came to the computer and began to draw up the contract himself.
“Well, for the convenience of talking about business, I taught myself a little bit.”Zhou Xuan replied and continued to type.
And at the same time, there's information coming from the brain.
You get access to computers and acquire basic hacking skills
Zhou Xuan is not even surprised to hear the system.
This system is awesome!
It's really unlimited access.
No matter what you do, as long as Zhou Xuan doesn't understand, you can get it!
For example, now
[you are typing with computer, typing proficiency + 1]
[you are typing with computer, typing proficiency + 1]
[you are typing with computer, typing proficiency + 1]
Zhou Xuan felt that he was typing faster and faster, and there was no mistake!
This is proficiency.
And Bai Mingyue is more confused.
Don't you even have to think about the contract?
All she saw was that Zhou Xuan's fingers were moving fast, and the keyboard was ringing
Bai Mingyue doesn't think Zhou Xuan will make a contract. If so, he doesn't need to build up nearly a billion customers.
You know, if you can't control a billion yuan, you have to bear legal responsibility.
Doesn't it mean that Zhou Xuan knows the law very well, so he can fight so fast?
He even had ideas in his head.
Thinking of this, Bai Mingyue feels more and more that this man may really be a talent!
On Zhou Xuan's side, he heard the voice again
[Ding!Because you have been in contact with legal contracts for a long time, and have acquired intermediate legal knowledge!]
“Well?Can it be upgraded? ”
Zhou Xuan had a little meal.
He didn't expect that his skills could be upgraded!
No wonder at the beginning of the reward is junior, there was a proficiency upgrade?
Zhou Xuan obviously felt that the legal information in his brain was more abundant.
It's amazing that you can acquire the legal knowledge that a lawyer has learned all his life without doing anything
Intermediate legal knowledge, Zhou Xuan felt that he had been able to compare with more than 80% of lawyers.
As for the remaining 20 percent, who are top lawyers in the world, they certainly have their own more original opinions.
Maybe… After upgrading legal knowledge again, Zhou Xuan can become a top lawyer!
Zhou Xuan thinks, next Sue Tianya investment company, do not need to consult any lawyer, oneself go on stage to finish directly!
“In order to talk about business, self-study legal knowledge?”
When Bai Mingyue heard Zhou Xuan's explanation, she didn't know how to answer for a moment.
This is too strong
Even Jiang Ming, who is hostile to Zhou Xuan, has to admire him.
This kind of talent is real.
It's very strong to be able to teach yourself a subject in order to work.
Law is not that easy to learn.
Let alone learn the essence like Zhou Xuan.
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Chapter 10: ambition emerging
“Well, the contract is done.Next, just print it out. ”
Zhou Xuan got up, slightly stretched, said.
“Hard work.”
Bai Mingyue nodded in admiration.
From the beginning some despise Zhou Xuan, to now she is really admire.
Because so far, no matter what Zhou Xuan says, he can do it by himself without any delay.
This is a talent!
She doubted whether Zhou Xuan graduated from a famous university. Otherwise, how could an ordinary person be so versatile?
“It's OK.If you don't mind, just invite me to dinner. “Zhou Xuan said.
This is not to tease Bai Mingyue, because Zhou Xuan's EQ is not so high, so he will use this method to tease his younger sister.
He was just hungry, and wanted to test the system, such as whether he could acquire skills when eating.
Because he has just been dismissed, Zhou Xuan has no extra money to eat expensive food, so it's best for Bai Mingyue, a rich woman, to treat her.
Don't spend your own money!
“Well, it's just time for lunch.Let's have dinner together. “Bai Mingyue nods.
Is it a different idea in her mind?
Think Zhou Xuan this is about himself.
Simply, Bai Mingyue doesn't hate this omnipotent man.
I don't mind having a meal.
And Zhou Xuan did not guess wrong, Bai Mingyue is a rich owner, directly took him to a five-star hotel.
When Zhou Xuan talked about investment before, he also had dinner with his clients here. The price is really expensive.
At least tens of thousands of dollars a meal.
If it were not for expensive customers, they would not come to such a high consumption place.
“Watch it.”
Bai Mingyue sits down and pushes the menu to Zhou Xuan.
This is a one-on-one service private room. The chef stands not far from the front, making food on the spot.
Zhou Xuan casually ordered a steak, lobster, caviar, and red wine, as well as a portion of fish.
It's really casual.
It's like fifty or sixty thousand.
A steak is thousands of pieces.
It's too expensive.
But it wasn't his own money, and Zhou Xuan didn't care.
And Bai Mingyue didn't care, she also casually ordered a dessert, and then looked at Zhou Xuan, smiling.
“Our company is short of a deputy general manager. If you don't mind, you can try it.”
Bai Mingyue asked tentatively.
Such a talented person, she will not let go!
Moreover, they are all-round talents. They are much better than general manager Jiang Ming.
If it wasn't for Zhou Xuan's lack of experience, Bai Mingyue really wanted him to replace Jiang Ming.
This is not Bai Mingyue's sudden rise. She has long been dissatisfied with Jiang Ming.
Because Jiang Ming hasn't made much profit for the company in the past two years, he has even been pressed several times by Qin Xueqing's Tianya investment company.
Can such a general manager still be used?
If Zhou Xuan's future performance is better than Jiang Ming's, then he can be the general manager directly.
Bai Mingyue is different from Qin Xueqing.
Qin Xueqing is meticulous and likes to do everything step by step.
But Bai Mingyue has the courage to gamble.
After seeing Zhou Xuan's ability, she can accept it without hesitation and offer a position of deputy general manager.
This is the treatment that Zhou Xuan has worked hard in Tianya investment company for several years.
And in Mingyue investment company, in less than one day, it has already won.
But Zhou Xuan did not agree for the first time.
“Deputy general manager…”
Zhou Xuan took a sip of red wine.
It's very fragrant.
The gap between high-grade red wine and ordinary red wine is not so big.
No wonder many people are willing to spend tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands for a bottle of wine.
Zhou Xuan also likes the taste.
It would be great if I could drink it more often in the future.
So, he wants more power.
More money.
In order to live.
For enjoyment.
Now that we have the system.
That week Xuan also has the long-term vision that did not have before naturally, and small ambition.
Small ambition is no exaggeration.
After all, after the experience of Tianya investment company, Zhou Xuan is definitely not willing to be subordinate to others.
Don't say to do one person below ten thousand people above, but at least in the company to have absolute say.
Otherwise, he will work hard and get a lot of achievements, and then he will be taken to linggong by others. It's strange that Zhou Xuan is not angry!
And to say a step back, Zhou Xuan's strength now fully deserves his ambition!
Bai Mingyue took a mouthful of dessert and chewed it gently. She looked at Zhou Xuan and didn't speak.
This man is very ambitious.
Zhou Xuan this meaning, she naturally also can understand.
Want more power?
Bai Mingyue did not answer him for the first time.
If an employee puts forward a request casually, she agrees, that also appears too shameless.
She wants to test again, what ability does Zhou Xuan have!
If Zhou Xuan can still surprise her, it's not impossible for him to give Jiang Ming the position of general manager to Zhou Xuan and let him take full control of everything in Mingyue investment company.
“Your fish is ready, sir.”
The middle-aged chef came over with fish soup, with a professional gentle smile.
“Well, thank you.”
Zhou Xuan nodded slightly, put down the glass, picked up the spoon and tasted it.
“You eat the fish and get the divine swimming ability!”
Zhou Xuan was slightly surprised, and some knowledge about swimming appeared in his mind!
So good?
This system is awesome!
“You eat fisheye and get the skill: primary data eye!”
Zhou Xuan heart again a shock, after eating a fish head, did not receive any prompt sound.
It seems that as long as you get it, you can't get it again?
He opened the personal attribute and looked at the skill attribute!
[host: Zhou Xuan!
Age: 26.
Constitution: 10 (normal 10)
Item: none!
Ability: God level swimming ability!Intermediate legal knowledge!Elementary investment skills!
Skill 1: primary hacker skills (can skillfully use all kinds of computers, as well as software… Can make trojan virus, break the firewall.)
Skill 3: primary data eye (basic ability: can see liking, loyalty, can view character information, weakness, character!Note: skills can be upgraded!)
Zhou Xuan heart satisfaction, and then inadvertently looked at the eye sitting beside, is elegant dining white moon.
Using the data eye, the data of Bai Mingyue can be seen clearly.
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Chapter 11: do you like everything you eat【[for collection]
[Objective: Bai Mingyue!
Face value: 99 points!
Good impression: 60 points((pass)
Weakness: family, talent!
Personality: strong, fiery, bold, dare to love, dare to hate, delicate mind, with unknown side
After seeing it, Zhou Xuan also understands Bai Mingyue's character.
Weakness is family and talent?
Talent… Does it mean that a man with talent can conquer this powerful and hot woman?
Maybe so.
As for character, I really know the same thing when I come into contact with Zhou Xuan.
But there's an unknown side to it… What does that mean?
Zhou Xuan didn't understand, and he didn't think about it any more.
After a few mouthfuls of fish, the steak was served.
Zhou Xuan took another bite of the steak.
“You took a bite of steak and gained a little strength!”
right enough!
Eat different food, the income is different!
Zhou Xuan had a good time.
White moon see Zhou Xuan appetite so good, in the heart also feel interesting.
It's really not common for people to be so open and unrestrained in front of themselves.
[you have gained Bai Mingyue's favor degree + 2]
Zhou Xuan is eating, suddenly heard such a hint.
Do you like eating anything?
He inadvertently looked at the white moon.
The woman was still staring at him without any embarrassment.
Don't think that women just like to stare at themselves.
It's obviously just a sense of curiosity.
Because of Bai Mingyue's status, ordinary people can't get in touch with him. Although people like Jiang Ming can get in touch with him, they seldom get along with each other.
Even if we usually get along with each other, Jiang Ming knows Bai Mingyue's strong identity. Naturally, he doesn't dare to be as open as Zhou Xuan and doesn't care.
He's afraid that if he doesn't behave well, Bai Mingyue will get angry and be fired.
Ordinary people are considerate when they get along with people of high status.
For example, if you drive a Lamborghini sports car on the road, ordinary cars will give way to avoid you for fear of touching you
This is not the treatment of other ordinary cars!
When someone does the opposite, it will naturally attract attention and curiosity.
“Ding Ling Ling…”
Suddenly, a telephone rang.
Zhou Xuan took out his mobile phone and saw the caller ID. It was general manager Lin Shan.
And then… He just didn't answer and hung up.
And directly pull black!
Now that we have decided to tear our skin, there is no possibility of negotiation.
Zhou Xuan's character is like this, straight!A muscle!What is determined will not be changed easily.
Especially the enemy, his tolerance is zero.
In the eyes of Zhou Xuan, the top management of Tianya investment company are enemies!
Lin Shan, as the general manager, has been suppressing Zhou Xuan. No matter how much performance he has, his promotion is still very slow.Even deliberately suppress Zhou Xuan, deducting the reward Zhou Xuan deserved.
In the past, in order to survive, he put up with it.
But now, there will be no compromise!
And Jin Peng, Qin Xueqing… In Zhou Xuan's eyes, they are all birds of a feather.
Now I know I'm going to be sued, so I call to beg for mercy. Why did I go there?
If it's just being dismissed, Zhou Xuan is not so careful about suing the company.
But what he can't bear is that in the past, he worked hard and didn't get any reward… Now he was dismissed for no reason, and he even had to recover half a year's salary.
But who can bear the anger of a man with a little ability?
It's really kind to take back your own rights and interests without prosecution.
But Zhou Xuan is not a kind person.
26He is young and full of vigor.
Bai Mingyue smiles when she sees Zhou Xuan's action.
It's a safe one.
However, she was still curious, how did this guy offend Xueqing?
Why are you fired?
Bai Mingyue is curious!
The main news about Qin Xueqing made her curious.
Bai Mingyue decides to send someone to Tianya investment company to inquire about it. She wants to know why.
By the way, collect Zhou Xuan's information to see his personality, education background and so on.
After all, if you want to use him as the general manager in the future, you can't know nothing.
On the other side, Lin Shan looked at his mobile phone in a daze.
Hung up?
The phone was hung up???
“The bastard!I really give him a face
Lin Shan's face suddenly darkened.
The president spoke in person, asked him to come back, even dare to hang up shamelessly?
If it wasn't for the order of the president, he didn't bother to call Zhou Xuan back.
With a slight breath, Lin Shan called again.
But this time… The phone just won't get through.
Because Zhou Xuan pulled him black!
Lin Shan was confused.
How dare this guy?
How dare an ordinary person be so arrogant?
The president all spoke, he even does not answer the telephone, plays the temper?
How dare you?
Lin Shan was angry.
But soon, he will be more angry.
After a while, the telephone on the desk rang.
Lin mountain gas rushed to pick up.
“What's the matter?”
“Mr. Shan!No!A lot of customers just called and said they refused to sign the contract!They also said that they would withdraw all their funds and sign a contract with Mingyue investment company! ”
Lin Shan's voice suddenly increased a few decibels.
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Chapter 12: bad events
“President, this is what happened…”
“As far as I know, the customers who left were all in charge of Zhou Xuan!And just when he was fired, these customers didn't sign a contract and went to our company's rival, Mingyue investment company. It must be Zhou Xuan who got in the way! ”
Lin Shan angrily complains to Qin Xueqing.
Qin Xueqing looks at the document in her hand, and her expression is not good-looking.
So many customers don't sign contracts all of a sudden, and even some of them who have signed contracts have to leave even if they unilaterally break them.
It's impossible to say that no one provokes from it!
“President, Zhou Xuan said when he was fired that he would sue our company!”
Jin Peng also can insert a word at this time, before Qin Xueqing angry when no one is seen, so that now can sue Zhou Xuan.
“Sue?Why Sue? ”
Qin Xueqing frowned, a little puzzled.
She didn't expect Zhou Xuan to be so cruel!
Not only did you take away so many customers before you left, but also sued the company?
But why did he sue?
Is it just because you're fired?
Because of this?
Qin Xueqing then suddenly remembered the phone call of her former best friend Bai Mingyue.
Did… This guy hook up with Bai Mingyue?
But he is an ordinary person, how can he know Mingyue?
“Is… May not be satisfied with the resignation contract, so prepare to sue.”
Jin Peng was a little flustered in his heart, afraid that his practice would be exposed, but he didn't admit it directly.
Before Zhou Xuan was knocked down, he would not admit that he was making trouble behind.
Otherwise, Mr. Qin will probably spread the fire on himself
After all, Zhou Xuan took away nearly half of the customers at this time!
Before he how didn't see, originally week Xuan this guy so cow force?
I thought he stayed up all night to work just for show, but I didn't expect to have such a network
To be honest, Jin Peng is a little envious.
If you have this kind of connections, you may have the courage to change jobs.
“Dissatisfied with the contract?Hum, he must have been fired, deliberately retaliating against the company!Such people should have been fired long ago! “Lin Shan gave a cold hum.
He's very angry now!
Zhou Xuan this operation is he did not expect, directly hollowed out the bottom of the company.
Qin Xueqing didn't speak, just looked at them coldly.
She was in a very bad mood at the moment.
Not only because Zhou Xuan left the company, but also because he sued the company.
Qin Xueqing is acutely aware that these two guys have something to hide from themselves.
Otherwise, with Zhou Xuan's character, how can he do such a thing?
In Qin Xueqing's mind, Zhou Xuan is still in the office. When she hints at him, he looks simple and even shy.
Can such a man with simple EQ be such a cruel person?
If you don't get pushed to the end, will you do such a thing?
Qin Xueqing remained skeptical.
Because she had contact with Zhou Xuan, and personally checked Zhou Xuan's background information, subjectively thought that he was not such a person.
And since Qin Xueqing can become the president of a group, is she a brainless person?
I believe what my subordinates say?
No way, no reason!
Even her best friend Bai Mingyue called to remind her, so Qin Xueqing can't find out there's a problem, that's her stupid.
“You go and get the contract, you need the one signed by Zhou Xuan.”
Qin Xueqing's eyes moved gently, looked at Jin Peng and said something.
“OK, Mr. Qin.”
Jin Peng's heart is slightly convex.
The big deal is not good!
President Qin… Seems to have noticed something.
Jin Peng felt that he was sweating.
If it's seen that I'm cheating… I don't think I'll be fired, will I?
It's hard to be a personnel manager. If you are fired
Jin Peng was in a panic for a moment.
When Kim Peng left.
Qin Xueqing looks at Lin Shan again.
Eyes are still cold.
Lin Shan's heart was equally tight.
What's going on?
What's the meaning of Mr. Qin's expression??
He doesn't understand… But he feels like he's angered president Qin
Soon, Qin Xueqing's cold voice came out.
“Why didn't you tell me about Zhou Xuan's performance in the company?Didn't you say that you were talking about these businesses? ”
Lin Shan's expression changed immediately.
He'll know it's not good.
I just didn't expect that Mr. Qin even found these
After swallowing his saliva, Lin Shan carefully explained: “I'm afraid that young people are easy to expand, so I want to press it. When he matures, I'll let him get a promotion and get a reward.In this way, his mentality can also be controlled at that time… ”
good heavens!
At first, it sounds that there is nothing wrong with this explanation, and it even makes people feel that this is really a good boss!
But Qin Xueqing is so easy to deceive?
When she heard this, she understood completely.
Zhou Xuan was always under the pressure of Lin Shan.
All the performance has come down.
And it's thanks to what he talked about.
That's great.
Qin Xueqing had a cold smile in her heart.
“Go back first and wait for the notice.”
“Mr. Qin, I…”
Lin Shan's face changed greatly and he wanted to explain in a hurry.
But a figure had appeared behind him.
He is Qin Xueqing's secretary and bodyguard.
Although she is a woman, anyone can see that this woman who is colder than Qin Xueqing is definitely not an ordinary person!
How can people who can be bodyguards be ordinary people?
When Lin Shan saw the cold woman with an air field of 1.8 meters, he immediately got stuck in his throat.
In the end, he had to go out of the office dejected.
He knew that Qin was always serious this time!
As Lin Shan walked, he clenched his fist and suddenly thought of a man.
Wang Shao!
At this time, we must ask for help from Wang Shao!
Otherwise, you may be fired!
As soon as he left the office, he picked up his cell phone and dialed the number. His expression became more respectful.
“Excuse me, is that Wang Shao…”
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Chapter 13: puzzling + 5
“Wang Shao, you must help me!President Qin, she is really angry this time!You're going to fire me! ”
Lin Shan said to the people there with a pleading tone.
Wang Shao, Wang Cheng and the second generation of rich people know each other.
He is the second generation of the top rich, and he is the closest to Qin Xueqing. Even everyone guesses that Qin Xueqing, an iceberg beauty, has a certain feeling for him.
The rumor is very popular.
So at this time, the only thing Lin Shan thought of was the king he knew.
Actually, it is not that Lin Shan knows Wang Shao, but Lin Shan works under Qin Xueqing's hands, and this king seldom pursues Qin Xue Qing. Naturally, he needs some eyeliner.
So I met some people around Qin Xueqing at random.
“Zhou Xuan!”
Qin Xueqing slightly clenched her fist and read the name angrily.
In addition to getting rid of the company's borers.
She is also very angry, Zhou Xuan this guy why should be so unfeeling?
After kissing her and being dismissed, how can you even run her company like this?
If other small companies go bankrupt, Qin Xueqing doesn't mind!
But this company is different.
This is Qin Xueqing's hard work.
And it's not just hard work, it's a big bet.
If you lose the bet, the consequences are very serious!
Zhou Xuan is so heartless!
“General manager Qin, contract…”
Jin Peng came back soon, lowered his head and carefully put the contract on the table.
His action, on the contrary, let Qin Xueqing notice.
Is there something wrong with the contract?
“You go out.”
Qin Xueqing said coldly.
“Yes.”Jin Peng whispered back and immediately turned away.
He knew that he was in danger, too!
Even Lin Shan, the general manager, has been cheated. He must have been targeted.
And Qin Xueqing in the office, at this time, has opened the contract, carefully looked up.
She made sure again whether there was any problem with the contract.
This may affect the company's stock, absolutely not.
Originally, Zhou Xuan took away a number of customers, it has been very hurt.
If you are sued again… Two scandals appear in the news at the same time, Tianya investment company will fall down in the sky!
Today is the information age. Every piece of news is very important. If you are not careful, you may fall to death.
The power of netizens is still great.
Just like some time ago, in an international game, just because the name of a company is the same as the name of a team in the game, the stock soared a lot after the team won the game.
After that, the team lost the game and lost a lot.
Qin Xueqing opened the contract and looked at it carefully.
Soon she frowned.
There is a problem!
“These guys!It's like… ”
Qin Xueqing took a deep breath and suppressed what she was about to say.
Very angry!
She didn't expect that there would be such a trap in the contract. It was like deliberately disgusting people.
Qin Xueqing can be regarded as understanding Zhou Xuan this simple and simple man, why can be so angry.
This manager of personnel department is just making trouble!
It's not enough to succeed, it's more than enough to fail!
A personnel manager, a general manager of the company, no one let her worry!
Qin Xueqing used to only focus on the company's big data, as long as the income is enough, as long as it can pressure other companies.
But I never thought that there was such a big problem inside the company.
People are jealous, and it is not easy to be satisfied.
So in the workplace, a lot of people are playing careful eye.
And Qin Xueqing such a meticulous person, most hate to play small mind!
She stared out of the window, her eyes cold.
It seems that the company really needs a good rectification.
As for Zhou Xuan's departure
She really didn't expect that she just fired Zhou Xuan in a moment of anger. As a result, after some operation of her subordinates, she was so hateful.
This is really beyond Qin Xueqing's expectation.
“It seems that I have to meet him and have a chat in person…”
Qin Xueqing's heart moved.
Although I don't know if I can eliminate the misunderstanding, Qin Xueqing thinks it's necessary to meet Zhou Xuan and say at least a few words.
However, she did not want to see this man.
After all, it's the man who took his first kiss.
Women, especially those who are as noble as ice lotus, are very concerned about this kind of thing.
Even if there is no emotion, but there will still be a sense of discomfort in the heart.
Qin Xueqing not only sighed slightly, but also rubbed her eyebrows, with some helplessness.
She can strategize about shopping malls, but emotionally… Qin Xueqing is a little white.
Maybe it's also because I'm full of intelligence and I'm lazy to get emotional intelligence.
Good people always have weaknesses.
If not, it proves that she's hiding a lot.
For example, Bai Mingyue has an unknown side.
“I'm full!”
After a meal, Zhou Xuan felt that his strength had increased more than three times, his whole body was full of vitality, and his physical strength had also increased a lot.
But also obtained the skill, comfortable!
Zhou Xuan patted belly, a face satisfied.
Bai Mingyue was a little funny when she saw this scene.
This man, is really the slightest disregard for themselves, a little cute.
Bai Mingyue seldom experiences the feeling that others don't care about her identity.
In the past, when they get along with other people, they are always respectful, even the bodyguards are the same. They dare not say a word of overstepping.
But I don't know… Growing up in such an environment, Bai Mingyue doesn't like this feeling.
She prefers to get along with Zhou Xuan and Qin Xueqing.
Because the other party doesn't care about their identity, and even makes fun of themselves, it will be more
Bai Mingyue's heart moved faintly.
She loved the feeling.
And Zhou Xuan just sat in Bai Mingyue's car, inexplicably heard, favor degree + 5.
He subconsciously looked at the white moon.
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Chapter 14: sense of crisis
“What a strange woman.”
Zhou Xuan can't help but raise this idea in his heart.
How come the more disrespectful you are to her, or even take it seriously, and you don't mind her feelings… On the contrary, her liking increases?
Are women such strange animals?
Zhou Xuan only once fell in love, and she was naive at that time and didn't know anything about women. As a result, she was given an honest card when she broke up.
“Sure enough, you can't be too nice to women!”
Zhou Xuan thought of it in his heart.
I knew I should be cruel to Qin Xueqing, for example, don't hold her at that time, let her fall down directly!
Maybe there will be a plot where the overbearing president falls in love with me?
Well… Maybe so!
Zhou Xuan thinks so, feel oneself EQ rubs rubs rubs rubs rubs the rise.
He seems to have found a way to attack beautiful women!
“Where to?”
Bai Mingyue started the car and asked.
“The company.See if the contract is printed. If it is printed, you can sign a contract with the customer directly.By the way, let's see what we're going to invest in next. ”
Zhou Xuan said.
Since he has decided to take down Tianya investment company, he will start now.
By the way, let's draw up a lawsuit contract.
Send it to the court and wait for the hearing.
“Good.”Bai Mingyue smiles and nods.
She just wants to know how Zhou Xuan will use this fund to invest?
One billion, if well controlled, can really bring big profits to the company!
Bai Mingyue wants to see Zhou Xuan's talent.
Is it proportional to his ability to pull business?
Some people pull business very badly, that is because they will coax and cheat, but they don't know how to invest and make profits.
Bai Mingyue doesn't like such people.
Because she's an investment company, not a fraud company.
After arriving at the company, Bai Mingyue directly takes Zhou Xuan to the analysis and investment room.
The business scope of the investment company is very broad.
It mainly includes… Construction project investment, commercial trade investment, education infrastructure and consulting services.
Industrial investment, risk investment, financing and financing, loan assistance consulting service, entrusted financing, enterprise, personal loan service, personal investment and financing service, real estate mortgage consulting service, construction in progress project loan and short-term advance consulting service.
And these investments are not 100% profitable, because if you invest in some industries with no prospects, the other party may declare bankruptcy the next day, and your money will be wasted.
This reflects the vision of investors, analysts and so on.
Analyze the prospect and make field investigation to see if there is any significance of investment and commercial prospect.
And investment in this industry, there are also cheaters!
Use the purse company to cheat the investment, and then run the next day when you get the money.
Zhou Xuan has been in touch with finance since he was a sophomore. He has been in touch with finance for five or six years and has some experience.
Of course, these agent investment business are just to earn a commission, operating costs… Real money or some big industries.
Such as strategic planning and asset restructuring.
As well as financing listing and private financing.
There is a hard and fast rule for both, that is, a large investment company must have a certain foundation to be qualified.
This is why Zhou Xuan chose to come to Mingyue investment company.
This kind of big action, although the risk is big, but the money is also fast.
Entering the analysis room, dozens of people are talking in the 400 square meter office.
Each plate has its own office area, but it's all in the same office.
“Miss White!”When they saw Bai Mingyue coming in, they immediately turned back and called respectfully.
“Well, let's introduce it.This is Zhou Xuan, the new deputy general manager
Bai Mingyue claps her hands and draws people's attention to introduce Zhou Xuan.
“Deputy general manager?”
Everyone looked at Zhou Xuan, slightly stunned.
Why did a deputy general manager suddenly Parachute?
And it was Miss Bai who brought it in person?
Are they relatives?
Everyone's mind in a burst of thoughts rotation, many people have been thinking, how to curry favor with Zhou Xuan.
Because this is the first time Miss Bai has brought people to the company and introduced herself.
It's impossible to say it doesn't matter!
In the workplace mixed for a long time the old doggies all know how to observe, have insight.
“All future investment projects will be handled by Zhou Xuan for the time being.It doesn't have to be approved by the general manager. ”
Bai Mingyue saw the expression of the crowd and continued.
With these words, people were more convinced.
This new comer must have something to do with Miss Bai!
Maybe it's a relative… Or a boyfriend?
Although I haven't heard that Miss Bai has a boyfriend, it's very handsome to see the man's appearance.
Because Zhou Xuan has been using Bai Mingyue to extract facial value, his facial value at this time is much more handsome than before.
I used to say that it was a good-looking thing.
And now… Handsome!
What's more, they all know that if they can be introduced like this by Miss Bai, they are not ordinary people!At least the background is not simple!
All the audience are envious of Zhou Xuan.
It's really enviable to have such a good relationship with such a beautiful woman as Miss Bai, super Bai Fumei
Except for Jiang Ming.
He looks a little ugly.
He didn't expect that Zhou Xuan and Miss Bai came back from a meal and became the deputy general manager!
And Miss Bai also gave him more power than himself.
This has made Jiang Ming feel the crisis!
He always felt that he was about to be fired
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Chapter 15: forecast the trend of future data
When Zhou Xuan heard that he was just the deputy general manager, he was not prepared to accept it.
But then I heard the words behind Bai Mingyue that all projects should be handled by him, and no one else can interfere.
In this case
Let's make it hard to accept!
“Next, it's up to you to perform.”
Bai Mingyue looks at Zhou Xuan with a smile, charming and charming.
I have to say that this woman is really attractive and sexy.
If we say that Qin Xueqing is a noble iceberg snow lotus that can only be seen from afar.
The white moon is the enchanting red rose that people want to play with in their hands.
Zhou Xuan admits in his heart that he is more interested in Bai Mingyue than Qin Xueqing.
Maybe after being dismissed, Zhou Xuan has some displeasure to Qin Xueqing, and looks at her with colored glasses.
Zhou Xuan took a breath and walked to the stock computer.
More than a dozen computers operate at the same time, which shows the rise of many stocks, and watch at any time, in case of sudden rise and fall.
Zhou Xuan came to check the stock trend.
He has an understanding of the overall situation.
After all, when he was in Tianya investment company before, Zhou Xuan was the Department Manager, who was responsible for this aspect.
When Zhou Xuan stares at the computer, a voice suddenly rings in his head
“You see different data, get data eye upgrade.”
Zhou Xuan was stunned.
Data eye upgrade?
He opened the introduction curiously.
Primary data eye (basic ability: can see liking, loyalty, can view character information, weakness, character!Note: skills can be upgraded!)
This is the previous ability.
And now
Intermediate data eye (basic ability: can see liking, loyalty, can view character information, weakness, character!
Increase capacity after upgrading: you can see the data trend in the next three months, and analyze the data according to the existing information.Note: skills can be upgraded!)
“How could it be?”
Zhou Xuan was slightly surprised.
See the data trend in the next three months!
what is it?
This special meow is just on the hook!
In particular, Zhou Xuan is now ready to invest in stocks.
With this open hanging ability, even if you don't know anything, as long as you follow the data, isn't it lying to make money??
Predict the direction in three months!
It's like predicting the future!
This is awesome!!
“Deputy general manager, we are going to invest.Do you have any suggestions on these directions? “A young man wearing glasses saw Zhou Xuan staring at the stock computer in a daze. He thought he was thinking about something, so he took the initiative to ask.
Zhou Xuan looked back at the computer screen.
Data eyes open.
All of a sudden, the original one by one wiring diagram, all changed.
Another dotted line appears on the original wiring diagram.
It's a dotted line that no one else can see.
This dotted line is the future direction!
Zhou Xuan's heart beat slightly faster.
This is more than just open hanging?
This is open source!
There is a dotted line above every stock. Follow the line to buy it!
Zhou Xuan has the confidence now!
Vice General Manager?
Sorry, I want more!
Zhou Xuan carefully observed the future trend of the stock market, and looked at every line.
What Zhou Xuan wants is not a small rise. He wants stocks that will soar in the next three months.
Only in this way can Bai Mingyue know her strength.
Zhou Xuan observed for more than half an hour, selected 13 stocks from hundreds of stocks, and recorded them in the book.
In the next three months, stocks that are bound to soar dozens of times.
There are even two more than 100 times.
It's horrible!
Zhou Xuan doesn't need to know why these 13 stocks soar, and doesn't need to worry about whether they will plummet.
Because there are data eyes, as long as you see the situation is not right, half a month in advance to all throw out, so that the blood does not lose!
“Well, I'll take all the thirteen.How much money does the company have and how much to buy!The more, the better! ”
Zhou Xuan handed the notes to the young glasses man beside him and said.
He was stunned.
So fast?
In half an hour?
And how much money to buy?
So confident???
He was really a little confused. He didn't understand why Zhou Xuan decided to buy so many stocks in such a short half an hour!
If this loss, the company will suffer a wave of heavy damage!
Generally, buying stocks requires professional analysts to analyze for several months or even longer!
We even have to pay attention to the stock market to make a decision.
But Zhou Xuan
It's like a joke
Just buy it?
At this time, Bai Mingyue came.
She took the stock record marked by Zhou Xuan from the youth and looked at the trend of the stock market.
She hasn't even heard of these stocks.
Only one or two have heard of it. The others seem to be stocks of some small company
Bai Mingyue frowned slightly.
Doubts also rose in her heart.
Why does Zhou Xuan buy these small companies?
What's the reason?
Although said to believe Zhou Xuan, but there is no reason to buy it directly… Is it too gambling?
Even more risky than gambling.
“I have studied these companies myself before, and there will be no problem.You can buy it at ease. If something goes wrong, I will be responsible for it. “Zhou Xuan sees Bai Mingyue's doubts and takes the initiative to issue a military order.
“Of course, if I make money, should miss Mingyue also give me some rewards?”
Zhou Xuan's words suddenly changed.
He doesn't want the position of deputy general manager.
Moreover, since we have established a military order, the other side must pay the price. This is “equality”.
When people in the office heard Zhou Xuan's words, they couldn't help being stunned.
This guy, dare to negotiate with Miss Bai??
Is he crazy?
A manager, negotiate terms with the boss???
there was no parallel in history!
Never in this company!
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Chapter 16: Miss Bai's boyfriend
A crowd in the office looks at Zhou Xuan and can't help whispering.
They're all wondering what this guy really is?
How dare you negotiate with Miss Bai!
Who is Miss Bai?
No one knows her real identity, but she is awesome!
Because even the general manager Jiang Ming, every time he sees Bai Mingyue, he is submissive and can see that something is wrong.
And every time there is an accident in the company, Miss Bai can solve it with a phone call.
No matter what, so far, there is no Miss Bai who can't solve it by phone.
Therefore, it can be inferred that Miss Bai Mingyue's identity must be very unusual!
But… Next came a scene that made them even more tongue tied.
Bai Mingyue is not angry, but looks at Zhou Xuan with interest.
“Reward?What reward do you want? “Bai Mingyue smiles. Instead of being angry, she asks.
But also step by step, close to the Zhou Xuan.
Everyone in the office was shocked.
It can't be true?
Does Miss Bai really have a special relationship with this man??
“You know that.”Zhou Xuan just said with a smile.
He wants power and money.
But the words fell into the ears of Bai Mingyue, and it was different in an instant.
Especially to see Zhou Xuan staring at his eyes, her mind slightly move.
Maybe this man has a crush on himself.
It has to be said that women's brain tonic is powerful.
“It depends on whether you have the luck.”
Bai Mingyue smiles.
“Luck?No, I rely on strength. “Zhou Xuan face not red heart not jump, complexion calm of say.
White moon slightly Leng Leng, can not help but smile.
This man is really confident.
But how to say… Confident men do have different charm.
“Let's go.All the funds that can be used in the company will be put into these 13 stocks. ”
Bai Mingyue's slender hand waved lightly and made a decision.
It's like a bet.
Bai Mingyue doesn't know why she believes Zhou Xuan's words and is willing to gamble on the company's assets.
Maybe it's because of the money… I don't mind the little money.
“Yes, Miss White.”
The staff in the office are working.
Start buying stocks like crazy.
Bai Mingyue looks at Zhou Xuan and is about to say something when the telephone rings.
She stepped aside and picked up the phone.
Just said for a while, she looked at Zhou Xuan who was studying the trend of the stock from time to time.
Soon, hang up the phone, Bai Mingyue came over and looked at Zhou Xuan.
“How's it going?Any other suggestions? ”
“Not at the moment.But I will keep an eye on the trend of the stock market at any time. If there is any problem, I will say it in advance. ”
Zhou Xuan nodded slightly.
What he just studied is whether stocks will change in the future.
For example, a company's original future trend is soaring, but will it change because of its own investment?
It's hard to say such a thing.
Zhou Xuan is not sure whether he will affect the stock market.
But generally not.
After all, Zhou Xuan is a diversified investor with more than a dozen stocks, and he doesn't invest tens of billions at a time. It's not so easy to change the stock market.
This is the truth.
Behind the stock market, there are business tycoons. If they want to mix up the water of the stock market and change the stock market, let alone tens of billions, hundreds of billions will not work.
Stock market every day just liquidity is terrible!
So Zhou Xuan's worry is totally unnecessary.
Unless he is ready to throw tens of billions into a certain stock, it may make the stock take off directly!
When the time comes, another counter operation will be carried out. Zhou Xuan will throw out all the stocks again, and the taowa operation will surely make money!
Who do you earn?
It's definitely not big brother's.
Are ordinary shareholders, also known as leek!
This kind of operation, making money is very profitable, but it has no conscience, and it costs a little.
Zhou Xuan also disdains to pit ordinary people, there is no need.
Although he is not a good man, it is not good for ordinary people to jump from a building.
If you want to dig a hole, you also need to catch those rich people from abroad.
Not only do they earn more, but they don't have a psychological burden.
“By the way, Zhou Xuan.It's my birthday in two months. Do you have time to come to the birthday party then? “Bai Mingyue suddenly asked.
All of a sudden, let Zhou Xuan slightly pause.
Invite yourself to a birthday party?
Isn't it all his family's business? He's an outsider. Shouldn't he go?
And they are all strangers. It's not very convenient. It's very embarrassing.
Zhou Xuan thought for a while and nodded.
“As long as your boss doesn't arrange things for me, there should be.”
“OK, I'll send you the address when it's time.”
Bai Mingyue smiles and nods her head.
The staff around us have seen nothing strange.
They have even confirmed that the new deputy general manager has a special relationship with Miss Bai!
Boyfriends are very likely!
Because birthday parties are usually family members, who will invite an outsider?
Unless the outsider has a good relationship with him, I'm sorry to go to other people's family gatherings, right?
“Ah, I didn't expect Miss Bai to have a boyfriend!”
“I'm so envious!If Miss Bai can take a fancy to me, I can change anything!Even children can be surnamed Bai! ”
“Don't say the child's surname is Bai, I can have the same surname as the child!”
Everyone looked at the back of Bai Mingyue and Zhou Xuan who left, and there was a lot of discussion.
It has to be said that Bai Mingyue's popularity in the company is really high.
Such a sexy woman, I'm afraid few men can withstand the charm.
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Chapter 17: Qin Xueqing's anger
“Xueqing wants to meet you.”
Walking in the corridor, Bai Mingyue suddenly opens her mouth.
Zhou Xuan slightly Leng Leng.
Does this woman know Qin Xueqing?
What's more, it seems to be quite intimate?
Oh, right. After all, they are all top class Bai Fumei. The circle is not big, and it's normal to know each other.
However, he did not expect that Bai Mingyue would say that Qin Xueqing would meet him.
It's a little big.
“No, there's nothing to say when we meet.”
Zhou Xuan shook his head and refused.
“Well, I knew it would be.”Bai Mingyue smiles.
Although she has only known Zhou Xuan for one day, she knows something about this guy's character.
One muscle, straight!
If you want to know what the reason is, you can go one way to the black one. There is no room for negotiation.
Such a character… In fact, it's easy to offend people.
After all, if you can't be flexible in shopping malls, you will certainly offend some villains.
“If it's OK, I'll go back to have a rest and start to work tomorrow.”Zhou Xuan stretched a waist, said.
Bai Mingyue nodded slightly.
“Goodbye.”Zhou Xuan turned around, waved and left.
The white bright moon Mou son slightly moved, looking at the back figure that Zhou Xuan leaves, the corner of the mouth slightly stirs up, seem to have a little mischievous smile.
I don't know when.
However, at the same time, she was really a little curious about this man.
To be invited by Qin Xueqing's arrogant ice pimple friend, it seems that there is something different from ordinary people.
Bai Mingyue takes out her mobile phone and dials the Secretary's phone, which allows the Secretary to investigate Zhou Xuan's background.
She wanted to get to know the man better.
At the same time, Tianya investment company has changed a lot.
Qin Xueqing directly decided to fire Lin Shan, general manager, and Jin Peng, manager of the personnel department. She cut off two senior managers of the company at a time, but her face didn't change.
She can't hold a grain of sand in her eyes. It's better not to be such a moth.
Just after Qin Xueqing expelled Lin Shan, a phone call came over.
She frowned slightly when she saw the caller ID.
Because of the person who called, she didn't like it very much.
Wang Cheng.
After all, Wang Cheng has a very good reputation in the rich second generation circle. He doesn't whore or gamble. He doesn't have a lot of emotional history. He is also very handsome and has a high education. He has a high standard of being rich and handsome.
Qin Xueqing didn't really hate Wangcheng before, but later… Because of her family, she gradually began to dislike Wangcheng.
Qin Xueqing is a strong woman, so she doesn't like others to take care of her own affairs.
However, the family deliberately set her up with Wang Cheng, and Wang Cheng followed the family's wishes and came to her home every day to give all kinds of gifts, which made Qin Xueqing feel uncomfortable.
Wang Cheng is really a warm man. No matter he pretends or he is real, he seems to be a good man in the rich second generation circle.
But… Qin Xueqing doesn't like such a man.
In a word, the personality is not suitable, even if it is not annoying, but it can not be liked.
Feeling this kind of thing is strange, Qin Xueqing also can't say the reason, clearly don't hate, but didn't want to feel together.
She pondered for a while, but still didn't answer the phone.
Because when I get on the phone, I must be talking a lot.
Because of the family's face, Qin Xueqing is not easy to scold him, so it's better not to accept him at all.
“Next, I want to talk with Zhou Xuan…” Qin Xueqing put down her mobile phone and thought about it in her heart.
If two senior managers are fired at once, the company will arrange a new general manager.
And to have the ability, good character!
Qin Xueqing has made a decision in her heart.
Zhou Xuan!
Let him be the general manager.
It's for the compensation of the previous pit, or for the ability of Zhou Xuan. In short, Zhou Xuan is very suitable for this position.
But soon, Qin Xueqing received a message that made her face gloomy.
It's the white moon.
And the text message content is very direct, Zhou Xuan refused to meet, and also do not want to go back to her company.
Of course, Qin Xueqing didn't know that the following sentence was added by Bai Mingyue himself. In fact, Zhou Xuan just refused to meet.
If the misunderstanding is solved, Zhou Xuan knows that Qin Xueqing is not so insidious and careful, and will not be angry.
Zhou Xuan is a muscle, but it doesn't mean stupid.
But because of Bai Mingyue's words, Qin Xueqing's face was completely black.
Because she felt that Zhou Xuan was insulting herself!
She bowed her head to admit her mistake, even to meet in person to apologize, but also to the other party's general manager position, promotion, salary compensation, Zhou Xuan, what else do he want?
This time, Qin Xueqing's face sank completely.
She thinks that Bai Mingyue has solved the misunderstanding. It's Zhou Xuan who doesn't want to forgive herself.
In fact, it was Bai Mingyue's intention.
She just conveyed a word.
Offer to meet.
As for the reason why Bai Mingyue did this
Of course, in order not to let Zhou Xuan leave his company!
If the misunderstanding is solved, Zhou Xuan may leave.
It's unlikely, but what if I leave?
What Bai Mingyue wants is 100%!
Zhou Xuan must stay.
She took a fancy to Zhou Xuan's ability.
If the investment is profitable.
Not even profit, as long as there is no loss… The company will make a profit!This proves that Zhou Xuan's investment ability is also unique!
Therefore, Bai Mingyue deliberately does not let the misunderstanding be solved.
She fish in troubled waters, to take Zhou Xuan.
For Bai Mingyue's careful thinking, Qin Xueqing doesn't know.
She only thought it was Zhou Xuan's intention, so her face was extremely gloomy, and there was a nameless anger in her heart.
If it is someone else, Qin Xueqing is not so angry.
But it was Zhou Xuan.
Obviously kiss yourself, but so heartless.
Take advantage of everything and do things like this.
This hateful fellow!
Qin Xueqing is clenching fist, she certainly won't let Zhou Xuan off easily.
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Chapter 18: the stock that will soar in the future【[for collection]
“It's better to be a manager.Sleep as long as you want! ”
Zhou Xuan yawned, lay on the bed, looked at the time, couldn't help sighing.
It's comfortable!
This feeling is really cool!
In fact, not when the general manager can sleep, but the general manager is Zhou Xuan!
People in the company think that Zhou Xuan is Bai Mingyue's boyfriend, or relatives and so on, so they dare not manage Zhou Xuan at all.
Jiang Ming, the only one who knows the truth, can't talk about Zhou Xuan.
Because Bai Mingyue specially told everyone before that Zhou Xuan's time was arranged by himself, and his investment projects were all subject to Zhou Xuan's advice, and no one else was allowed to interfere.
Even the general manager can't manage Zhou Xuan, the deputy general manager.
Jiang Ming himself was also confused.
Why is a small department manager from Tianya investment company so valued by Miss Bai?
Even gave him so much power??
I don't understand!Can't understand!
And Zhou Xuan also just saw Bai Mingyue so purposeful, so trusting in her own share, and didn't leave.
Otherwise, with his current ability, not to mention whether he can get up in other companies… Even if he starts his own company, he can get up!
However, Zhou Xuan didn't have so much start-up capital.
And he also likes to enjoy, not to manage the company.
In fact, Zhou Xuan has already thought about his future plans.
As Bai Mingyue gives herself so much power, after waiting for Zhou Xuan to show her strength, she will definitely give her shares in order to hold Zhou Xuan.
More shares.
At that time, Zhou Xuan still has his own company!
This is much better than starting a new company step by step!
In such a leisurely life, a month and a half have passed.
Since I became the general manager, I can't run out of time.
Zhou Xuan even took the time to apply for a fitness card, ready to go to fitness later.
By the way, what can fitness get?
“Look where we are today.”
Zhou Xuan ate bread, drank milk, turned on the computer, checked the stock market fluctuations.
He would watch it several times a day to make sure that the future would not change.
It was all plain sailing before, and even two stocks rose additionally.
The prospects are good.
For more than a month, the 13 stocks Zhou Xuan bought have been rising!
Of the thirteen, none fell.
The company has made a lot of money!
It can be said that the investment of Mingyue investment company in the whole year last year was not as stable as that of Zhouxuan investment in this month!
Of course, this only refers to stock investment.
There are other aspects of the company's business, but also have profits and losses.
“Well?This is… ”
Zhou Xuan is looking at the stock market, suddenly found something wrong.
From a normal perspective, there is no problem.
But Zhou Xuan opened the data eye and found something wrong.
The 13 stocks he bought are still rising, but the problem is a new one.
It seems to be the stock just listed today.
It looks ordinary, but Zhou Xuan found through the future data that it would soar thousands of times!
What is this?
Zhou Xuan's heart moved slightly.
He thought about it for a moment and understood it in a few minutes.
This is someone cutting leeks!
Deliberately smash money to raise prices, and then let other shareholders follow suit.
Wait for the highlight time, sell all the stocks, and then run.
A wave of blood!
At the beginning, Zhou Xuan just speculated, because the rise of this stock is too strange!
Zhou Xuan has seen leeks cut like this in recent years, so his first reaction is that someone wants to cut leeks.
Whoever has bad luck will be cut.
Zhou Xuan turned on the computer and checked the company, including the legal representative, the establishment time and so on.
This does not check do not know, a check, Zhou Xuan can be completely determined.
It's cutting leeks!
Because this is a new energy company, the main business is the so-called new energy, and it was established more than a month ago.
New energy!
New markets.
Generally speaking, the emergence of new business sector is normal.
But… Can this new plate Soar so much in the next three months?
Under normal circumstances, the rich investors are observing to see how the new sector looks and whether it has prospects, and then decide whether or not to invest.
But this new energy, in three months, has gone up to the sky. How much will it cost?
Who can so easily spend money on a new energy that he doesn't understand at all?
Except for the people who set up dolls!
That is to throw money at yourself, create a false appearance of fire, and attract investors.
Of course, this kind of false appearance certainly can't attract real big investors.
For example, Warren Buffett, the stock god, you say he will believe this stock?
I don't believe it!
The only people who believe in this phenomenon are ordinary people with gambling dreams and some businessmen who have no way out.
Zhou Xuan thought for a moment.
He also searched the official investment forum.
As a result, I found many posts about this new energy.
At least the most popular, is the point of 100000 + smiling face, recommended investment post!
Zhou Xuan ordered in.
Analysis of Guan shange:
Ladies and gentlemen, recently there has been a new energy stock, which I feel is going to be hot!In a short period of one month, the increase has caught up with many small companies.
And new energy, seems to be a new energy, may be able to replace oil and other things, may need fire!
I have analyzed it for a month, and I recommend you to buy this stock!Really?I bought 100000 myself!The picture below!
If the future is hot, don't blame me for not analyzing it in advance. (smiling face)
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Chapter 19: driving a Ferrari with one hand
“66666!New energy?What a force? ”
“No!San Ge Niu Bi!I'm going to buy one hundred thousand! ”
“I lost it!I thought I found this new energy stock has great potential, but I didn't expect everyone found it? ”
“Do it
“Brother Shan's analysis is very reasonable.I also believe in brother Shan. I used to follow brother Shan's analysis and make a lot of money. ”
“You are an analyst!Bull
“Alternative oil?It should not be possible… ”
Under the post named “analysis of Guanshan brother”, there was a chorus of comments.
It seems that shange is also a professional analyst.
Zhou Xuan watched for a while, then closed the forum.
As he expected, ordinary shareholders feel that they have found good things and opportunities to get rich.
Even some guys who claim to be analysts, reasoners and even investors are posting and recommending to ordinary people.
Of course, there are some discerning people who don't feel right.
But few people believe it!
After all, it's a chance to make money!
If you say that, you will only think that this person is blocking their financial path, and may be attacked by the Internet.
In the eyes of those who want to get rich, this is the way to make money. They would rather gamble!
Zhou Xuan shook his head slightly
However, he did not participate in the discussion of the post.
However, Zhou Xuan also invested two million yuan, all his savings.
I wanted to buy a house.
But now there's a chance to make a profit. There's no need to let it go.
Zhou Xuan is sure to take out the money before they cut leeks.
That's why he's willing to vote.
But ordinary shareholders, really can only bet on luck
Maybe some will stop in time, but most of them will not. They want to earn more.
But… It's this idea that will make them bankrupt!
To get rich by buying stocks is like gambling.
How can people who want to gamble have strong self-control?
“Well, it's no use thinking so much.Today, Bai Mingyue said she would come to see me. Why hasn't she come yet? ”
Zhou Xuan shook his head, bought the stock, closed the computer and looked at the time.
Just then there was a knock on the door.
Talk of the devil and he comes?
Zhou Xuan came and opened the door. It's really Cao Cao… Bah, it's Bai Mingyue.
“Here you are. Come in and sit down.”
“Get up so early today?”Bai Mingyue nodded with a smile and came in.
Although she didn't go to the company for more than a month, she also knew that Zhou Xuan slept until noon every day, and even went to the company in the afternoon!
I'm afraid he would have been reported if it hadn't been for his investment.
Because of Zhou Xuan's investment, analysts in the investment department don't even need to continue to observe, just stare at the stock and watch it rise every day.
It's that simple.
A Zhou Xuan, a top investment department.
So he slept in, and no one said he didn't agree.
Ability means willfulness.
Bai Mingyue's affection for Zhou Xuan has soared a lot.
From the beginning of ordinary friends, to now is a good feeling!
However, when walking into Zhou Xuan's room, Bai Mingyue still can't help rubbing her forehead.
Sure enough, as like as two peas in a man's room.
Shirts, clothes, pants, all over the place.
Although there is no smell in the room, it looks really messy.
Zhou Xuan does not deny this.
He really doesn't like to clean up his room. He usually does it every three or four days.
After all, I have to work during the day and play games at night. I don't have time to clean up!
Good reason!
“What can I do for Miss Mingyue today?”Zhou Xuan poured a cup of boiled water and put it in front of Bai Mingyue's table.
There is no tea. Although Zhou Xuan has tea skills, he is too lazy to make tea.
In his own home, Zhou Xuan didn't pay so much attention to how to relax.
After all, I don't have a girlfriend, so I'm a little lazy.
“Remember what I told you about my birthday party last month?”Bai Mingyue took the glass, but she just held it in her hand and didn't drink it.
“Well… I remember.”
Zhou Xuan nodded.
Did you come in person?
To tell the truth, there is still a little bit of emotion in Zhou Xuan's heart.
Originally, I wanted to refuse. Now it seems that I'd better go.
“The time for the birthday party is tomorrow.”
“Well.I'll be there tomorrow. ”
Zhou Xuan nodded slightly.
“But aren't you going to buy a better suit for the birthday party?”Said Bai Mingyue.
She saw the house full of clothes, guess Zhou Xuan this guy also did not have a good suit.
When you go to a party, you should at least dress well. After all, it's the person you invite. If you dress sloppily, your family will look at you differently.
These little details are very important.
Zhou Xuan had a little meal.
Then he remembered that he didn't seem to have good clothes.
“Well, I'll buy two today.”
Tomorrow is the party. Buy it as soon as you have time today.
“Take my car and go together.”
Said Bai Mingyue.
Zhou Xuan nodded without objection.
He had a driver's license, and he learned it in college.
But I never bought a car.
Speaking of cars, Zhou Xuan also wants to buy a better sports car.
After all, now I'm the general manager. A month's salary plus income share is more than 100000 yuan.
When we have shares in the future, we will share more.
Buy a car worthy of your identity.
Young, Zhou Xuan also likes cool sports cars!
Walking to the parking lot, Zhou Xuan saw Bai Mingyue's car.
It's a red Ferrari.
“Miss Mingyue, shall I drive?”
“Well, good.”
Bai Mingyue smiles and sits on the co pilot.
Driving a luxury car for the first time, Zhou Xuan was still a little excited.
When he got into the driver's seat and touched the steering wheel, a hint came back to his mind.
“You're driving a sports car and you've got the skill to drive a Ferrari with one hand!”
“You're driving and getting all the information about the car!”
Zhou Xuan instantly had a feeling that people and cars were in one, as if he had integrated himself with cars and mastered all kinds of difficult driving skills.
Moreover, there are some information about the development history of the car and the car, which rush into my mind instantly, forming a car database!
He clicks to see his new skills.
Skill: drive a Ferrari with one hand (when you drive a Ferrari with one hand, trigger this skill, your driving skills will be upgraded to the top level, your control ability will be 100%, your temperament and charm will be improved by 50% when you focus on driving, and you will have a 1% chance to trigger love at first sight effect on the opposite sex!)
Zhou Xuan's eyes are bright. This skill is OK!
Feeling the roar of the engine, the whole blood became active.
He fondly stroked the steering wheel and said: “Ferrari 812, equipped with Ferrari's latest electronic auxiliary system.”
“At the same time, it is equipped with 6.5l V12 naturally aspirated, matched with 7-speed, 800 HP, 718nm, 3 seconds for 0-100km / h, 8.3 seconds for 0-200km / h, and 340km / h at the highest time.”
Bai Mingyue turned her head and said in surprise, “do you know so much about cars?”
Zhou Xuan did not answer, mysterious smile: “Miss moon, sit well, I want to drive.”
Bai Mingyue subconsciously fastened her seat belt.
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Chapter 20: just policewoman【[request subscription]
“How's your… Driving skill?”Bai Mingyue suddenly asked.
Because she suddenly found that Zhou Xuan's mood became serious and focused, and even her temperament and charm changed dramatically.
She had always felt that Zhou Xuan was more and more handsome and attractive.
The moment Zhou Xuan holds the steering wheel, it seems more attractive
A feeling I can't say.
“My technology?It's OK
Zhou Xuan smiles.
Then, start!
The roar of the engine, the rotation speed of the rear tire crazy tearing the ground, behind the car butt is full of smoke burning tire, the body is shaking violently!
Bai Mingyue subconsciously grasped the safety belt.
But at the same time, the car tailed out of the parking lot.
Bai Mingyue grabs one side of the safety belt. The strong feeling of pushing her back makes her unconsciously lean back, with a slight sense of suffocation!
The car speed went up to 80 in three seconds.
Simply Zhou Xuan's technique is very good.
The car is very stable and there is no danger of a crash.
Even the more Zhou Xuan opened, the more comfortable he was. He directly controlled it with one hand.
This makes Bai Mingyue pick her eyebrows slightly.
Although driving a Ferrari with one hand, it looks really handsome.
But at such a high speed, isn't one handed dangerous?
The answer, of course, is No.
Because Zhou Xuan's skill is to drive a Ferrari with one hand!
And in the state of one hand, it's more powerful than two hands!
“I didn't expect that you still have such ability…” Bai Mingyue looks at Zhou Xuan, and her eyes move slightly.
Her inexplicable feeling, driving Zhou Xuan good charm
This kind of stimulation, she likes most!
If ordinary women were scared by the speed, they would have yelled and even vomited.
And Bai Mingyue just tightened her seat belt.
She also likes to play sports cars, she can see that Zhou Xuan has real talent!
Bai Mingyue really didn't expect that Zhou Xuan had such a technology.
It's all right to take part in the race.
Zhou Xuan's drift is too smooth when he drives. Bai Mingyue admits that she can't compare with him.
She also likes racing, and even occasionally compares with some friends who play with cars.
“Should I slow down?”
Zhou Xuan looked at the rearview mirror and suddenly opened his mouth.
White moon slightly Leng Leng, also looked outside the car, can't help but smile.
Because this is a commercial street, there is a speed limit.
And Zhou Xuan is in Biao at the beginning, the result is just seen by the patrolling police, is riding a police motorcycle in the back.
There was a loud siren.
“But, in principle, when the police see a luxury car speeding, shouldn't they pretend they can't see it?”
Zhou Xuan can't help but wonder.
How is it different from that in the novel?
Shouldn't the police arrest the rich?
Bai Mingyue couldn't help laughing: “what kind of President do you think you are?”
“Well, stop the car. The policewomen have been chasing for nearly ten minutes!”
Bai Mingyue pats Zhou Xuan's shoulder and cries helplessly.
This guy is addicted to playing and deliberately compares speed with the traffic police.
However, her movement, expression and tone are more and more open.
If it's a strange relationship, how can Bai Mingyue reach out and pat a person on the shoulder?
There is that helpless tone, not angry, more like doting in general.
Zhou Xuan did not continue to play, slowly parked the car on the side of the road.
“Stop!Stop the fire!Driver's license
The traffic police immediately stopped the motorcycle next to the sports car and called in a cold voice.
She's very angry!
The bastard sped up on purpose when he sounded his own horn!
Speeding is a crime.
It's another crime to deliberately speed up and not listen to a warning.
Are the rich people so arrogant now?
It's too much!
“I left my driver's license at home.”Zhou Xuan felt his pocket and found that he had forgotten his wallet.
I'm in such a hurry that I forgot.
“Show me your ID card!”
Female traffic police wearing helmets, can not see the expression, but from the voice to listen, she was very angry at this time!
“I left my ID card at home, too.”
Zhou Xuan said helplessly.
ID card, bank card and so on are in the wallet.
“Don't you have a license?Deliberately looking for reasons to delay? “The policewoman was furious.
She felt that this guy was deliberately provoking herself!
In her opinion, Zhou Xuan must have deliberately said that he didn't bring his ID card and deliberately provoked the dignity of his law enforcement!
Because before Zhou Xuan heard himself honking his whistle, he also accelerated on purpose. It must be the second generation of rich dandy!Money is particularly arrogant!
She despises this kind of person most!
“I tell you, you are obstructing law enforcement!Get out of the car now
“I can tell you the ID number. If you look up the ID card, you can find my driver's license, OK?”
Zhou Xuan said.
He really didn't want to interfere with the law enforcement, but he forgot to bring his things, and there was no way.
“Well, Miss police officer, I can testify that he is a legal resident.If you have a driver's license, you can check your ID card. ”
At this time, Bai Mingyue also spoke.
If Zhou Xuan is taken to the police station, it will waste a lot of time.
It was already in the afternoon. Later, there would be no time to buy clothes.
The policewoman looked at the white moon in her eyes and was puzzled in her heart.
Such a beautiful woman with temperament is actually with the second generation of rich dandy. Sure enough, money is different
Obviously, she has a deep misunderstanding of Zhou Xuan. She thinks that the sports car belongs to Zhou Xuan, and the beauty is only for money.
It's mainly because Zhou Xuan got into trouble with the policewoman at the beginning. It's so cool to drive a sports car that he didn't stop for an inspection at the first time.
He is wrong, so Zhou Xuan's attitude is still very low.
“No!You're speeding and driving without a license.Even if you have a driver's license, you have to go back to the police station to take notes! ”
The policewoman's tone is very firm.
She must teach this rich second generation a lesson!
Speeding in the mall, what if you hit someone?
No accident is OK. In case of accident, it will be very serious!
She hates this kind of lawless person!
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Chapter 21: unexpected beauty
Zhou Xuan did not expect that the policewoman was so hard.
Well, it's not too difficult to see a luxury car?
Feel cheated by the author of the novel!
However, such a sense of justice policewomen really rare, Zhou Xuan also know that the fault, it is impossible to scold each other.
After pondering for a while, he took the initiative to say: “well.Can you go to the mall with us?It's just up front. I'm going to buy some clothes. There's an important party tomorrow.Go to the police station after buying clothes, and then you can investigate at will. ”
The policewoman was stunned.
It's also the first time that she has met such a well-off second generation.
In the past, she also checked a lot, but the other party either directly did not stop and ran away.
Or stop and call, and then… It's settled.
There are some, directly out of thousands of dollars, arbitrary penalty!Go after the penalty.
Like Zhou Xuan, he is not angry and does not put on airs. Apart from driving a little arrogant at the beginning, he has always had a good attitude towards communication.
It's not easy for her to get angry for a while.
After all, maybe the other party is really in a hurry, so they drive faster.
After a pause, the policewoman nodded gently: “all right.I'll go with you. After shopping, I'll go to the police station. ”
“Well, thank you, Miss police officer.”
Zhou Xuan gave a gentle smile.
“Nothing.”The policewoman waved her hand, and suddenly she didn't have the same cold attitude as before.
This makes Zhou Xuan feel a little sigh.
As expected, she is a just and kind policewoman.
This kind of traffic police is very good.
Later, Zhou Xuan started the car and came to the parking lot in the commercial street.
The policewoman followed on a police motorcycle.
Bai Mingyue looks at Zhou Xuan with a smile on her lips.
She likes Zhou Xuan's character very much, inexplicably to her own taste!
She also doesn't like to use her identity, background and power to suppress people.Especially when you do something wrong, if you are unreasonable to bully others, it will be very annoying.
Soon, the sports car stopped in front of a building.
This is the largest mall in Jianghai city.
After Zhou Xuan and Bai Mingyue got off the bus, the fully armed policewoman also came.
“The next step is to enter the mall. Can you take off your helmet?In order not to be too conspicuous. “Zhou Xuan looks at policewoman, can't help but say.
How do you feel that policewoman is a little dull?
And very straight!
If this appearance goes in, it is absolutely super eye-catching, and it is uncertain that other people will punish Zhou Xuan on the spot.
After all, the police are following and armed like this… It looks strange.
“Oh, good!”
The policewoman looked around and found that there were many people staring at her.
She took off her gloves, took off her police motorcycle helmet, and gently shook her long pressed short black hair.
Zhou Xuan also saw the policewoman's face at this time.
Unexpectedly, it was beautiful.
Tall and tight figure, just left to the shoulders of short black hair, appears clean.
“It's time to go.”
Bai Mingyue called, and Zhou Xuan took back his eyes.
The policewoman followed.
“Hello, sir, do you want to know something about Gao de fitness?”
“Sir, scan the code for a small gift.”
“Do you want flowers, sir?”
A voice rang out, Zhou Xuan refused with a smile, and then walked into the mall with Bai Mingyue. Compared with the outside, there were a little fewer people in the mall, but it was still terrible, all of them were heads.
In this commercial building, there are all kinds of luxury goods, cosmetics and famous brand clothing. It is a very popular shopping place in Jianghai city.
It's just that the prices of the things inside are not cheap. Zhou Xuan used to buy clothes and daily necessities on Taobao by himself, but he hasn't been to the commercial building.
“Go to the third floor.”
Bai Mingyue said, walking in the direction of the elevator.
Third floor!
Luxury exclusive floor.
Generally, not many customers go to the third floor. After all, not everyone can afford luxury brands.
If you spend a month or even more to buy a piece of clothing, it's too luxurious.
So ordinary people generally don't go above the third floor.
Walk into the elevator.
In such a large elevator, there are only Bai Mingyue, Zhou Xuan and policewoman.
Zhou Xuan presses the third floor and looks at the policewoman beside him.
“By the way, Miss police officer, what's your name?”
“What do you want my name for?”
Policewoman instantly alert to see Zhou Xuan.

A question mark rose above Zhou Xuan's head.
I just want to ask for a name. It's convenient for me to call it. How can I make it seem that he has some wrong idea?
Is this policewoman too defensive?
Can only say, is it worthy of the police?
As soon as Zhou Xuan looked back, he found that even Bai Mingyue looked at himself with strange eyes.
I'm very meow… Is that kind of person?
Well, he just shut up.
Soon, the elevator came to the third floor.
Without saying a word, Zhou Xuan walked out of the elevator and straight to a men's luxury shop.
After Bai Mingyue and the policewoman walked out of the elevator, they looked at each other subconsciously. They couldn't help but smile and followed up.
They didn't expect Zhou Xuan to be angry!
I've lost my temper.
As soon as Zhou Xuan walked into Gucci's exclusive store, there was a special beautiful female shopping guide who came up to welcome him.
Gucci is a luxury brand, the store also looks resplendent, luxury atmosphere.
“Hello, sir. My name is Lin Lin. I'm your shopping guide. Would you like to see your bags or buy clothes?”
Zhou Xuan looked around and said the suit was hanging on the shelf.
And Lin Lin immediately took Zhou Xuan to the younger clothing area to buy.
Among the counters, there are all one-to-one services. Although Zhou Xuan wears ordinary clothes, he can become a shopping guide for luxury stores, and he won't write his emotions on his face. Although he knows that Zhou Xuan is likely to come to have a look, his professionalism still needs to be improved.
And don't forget, behind him there is a beautiful woman dressed in luxury goods, and a policewoman. No matter how stupid Lin Lin is, she won't think they have nothing to do with Zhou Xuan.
There may be a girlfriend of Zhou Xuan.
“Sir, these are our summer models. You can have a look at them.”
Lin Lin took the initiative to introduce the summer style.
“OK, this black one.”Zhou Xuan looked around and casually chose a set of black clothes.
He also liked black, which was more mature. Most of Zhou Xuan's clothes were mainly black and white.
“Yes, sir. The fitting room is over here. Please come and have a try. I don't think it's suitable.”Lin Lin smiles and leads Zhou Xuan to the fitting room.
Bai Mingyue also follows. She also wants to see how Zhou Xuan is dressed. After all, she comes out together. She can't have no suggestions.
“Well, thank you.”
Zhou Xuan said, took the clothes from Lin Lin's hands and went into the fitting room.
Zhou Xuan went in and jammed the door, then took off his clothes and began to change.
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Chapter 22: perfect Mermaid line
After Zhou Xuan enters the dressing room, Bai Mingyue steps over and seems to want to peek.
When the policewoman saw this scene, she slightly raised her eyebrows.
However, she was embarrassed to think that the other party might be a boyfriend or a girlfriend.
“Is this beauty pursuing the man in it?”Lin Lin can't help guessing when she sees Bai Mingyue's action.
This is a standard beauty, and all she wears are famous brand clothes. Lin Lin is a salesman, so she naturally knows about luxury clothes.
But, to Lin Lin's surprise, such a beautiful woman, Bai Fumei, actually took the initiative to pursue a young man in ordinary clothes. Is he excellent?
Well… From the first time we met, the man was really handsome and in good shape.
If you were yourself, maybe you would pursue it.
Soon, Zhou Xuan changed his clothes and came out.
Bai Mingyue immediately stepped back and touched the clothes beside her with her hand, as if to hide that she didn't peek.
The policewoman and Lin Lin were slandered.
Bai Fumei really has a crush on this man!
“How's it going?”
Zhou Xuan went to the mirror, slightly pulled the collar, asked with a smile.
The height of 1.86 meters, especially suitable for wearing suits, with this set of black Gucci suits, often exercise the perfect figure instantly showed, slender, perfect.
The policewoman's eyes brightened slightly.
pretty good!
Really good!
This suit is suitable for Zhou Xuan!
The white bright moon is tiny a Leng, looking at Zhou Xuan, more and more feel own vision is good.
The man you choose is perfect!
That's a great figure!
Not only talented, but also handsome.
“Good!Good, good! “Bai Mingyue nodded.
“How are you, sir!This suit is perfect for you!Your figure is a standard coat hanger. “Lin Lin stares at Zhou Xuan and can't help exclaiming.
In the past, she said that other people's clothes were for oral flattery, but Zhou Xuan was really perfect in this suit!It's more standard than those men's models.
Especially Zhou Xuan's appearance value is also very high, the figure matches the appearance value, in addition to this set of clothes, the temperament came out.
“Very handsome indeed!”
The policewoman also had a rare smile on her face and praised her.
“Zhou Xuan, the beauty of shopping guide is right. Your figure is just a shelf. It's too standard.I think your abdomen is full of muscles, isn't it
Bai Mingyue smiles and walks over. Bai Nen's little hand touches Zhou Xuan's abdomen impolitely.
“Wow!Do you really have abdominal muscles?Come on, let me see the clothes
Bai Mingyue was surprised.
If you can feel your abdominal muscles through your clothes, can you see it with naked eyes when you take off your clothes?
abdominal muscles?
Lin Lin also couldn't help looking over and swallowing.
She has no ability to refuse men with perfect figure, especially those who are handsome and have perfect figure.
“Cough, in public, not so good.”
Zhou Xuan holds down Bai Mingyue's little hand to lift his clothes.
This woman, too direct!Zhou Xuan is a little flustered.
“It's OK. We are the only three here. Are you a man and afraid that we three little women will take advantage of you?”
“Come on!Let me have a good look at your abs! ”
One side of the policewoman can not help but look over.
A little curious.
“All right.”
Hearing Bai Mingyue's words and seeing the other two girls' eyes, Zhou Xuan has no choice but to smile.
Indeed, there are only Bai Mingyue, policewoman and Lin Lin, the shopping guide who stares at her eagerly. They are all women. There's no need to be shy.
Zhou Xuan unties the button of his clothes. Suddenly, the bronze skin appears in front of the three women.
A few perfect abdominal muscles appeared in front of them, Lin Lin suddenly opened her eyes, and her face turned red in a moment.
This perfect abdominal muscle, this skin, does not appear Niang, nor too yellow or too black, but normal bronze color, a word, handsome!
Looking at Zhou Xuan's perfect figure, Lin Lin feels that it can only be seen on TV!
No, none of those stars have such a good figure!
It's rare in the world.
She couldn't help covering her mouth, which was slightly opened by surprise. How handsome!
“Wow!Mermaid pattern
Bai Mingyue felt her abdominal muscles and couldn't help being surprised.
Mermaid line, also known as the famous fish pattern, is formally known as “abdominal external oblique muscle”, which refers to the two V-shaped lines on both sides of male abdomen close to the upper part of pelvis. It is called Mermaid line because its shape is similar to the slightly contracted shape of the lower part of the fish.
Da Vinci first put forward “Mermaid line” as the index of “beauty” and “sexuality” in “on painting”.
And Zhou Xuan's abdominal muscle is the perfect Mermaid pattern.
The policewoman was a little shy and didn't want to see the rich second generation.
And I'm a woman, isn't that good?
But when she heard a few words of mermaid pattern, she couldn't help looking over.
Zhou Xuan's abdominal muscles are perfectly displayed in front of her. Those muscles are neither prominent nor obvious. They are the standard perfect abdominal muscles.
In fact, there are some small complacency in Zhou Xuan's heart.
Because this abdominal muscle, when he did sit ups during this period of time, triggered the system and got the perfect figure!
That's why Zhou Xuan wants to go to the gym.
If you just do push ups at home, you can get abdominal muscles. Isn't it necessary to go to the gym??
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Chapter 23: Su Yan
“Miss Mingyue, have you seen it?”Zhou Xuan can't help but look up and ask.
This woman is just like a crazy girl, touching and watching, making Zhou Xuan a little helpless.
Although he is also very satisfied with his figure.
This kind of perfect Mermaid line, let alone a woman, even Zhou Xuan's own body, I feel handsome after seeing it!It's like carving.
Under normal circumstances, it must be difficult to exercise such a perfect figure.
But it's not a problem when there are systems.
Bai Mingyue called Zhou Xuan who was about to fasten the button.
“What's the matter?”Zhou Xuan doubts.
“Don't move, just don't move, I'll take a picture!”
Bai Mingyue said that she had taken out her mobile phone and started shooting.
Lin Lin on the other side also responded to this sentence. She quickly took out her mobile phone and looked at Zhou Xuan.
“That… Handsome guy… Can I take a picture?”
Lin Lin asked, blushing.
It's rare to see such a handsome guy with face value and figure parallel. You must take photos as a souvenir!If she can, she also wants to leave Zhou Xuan's phone number. Maybe something will happen in the future
However, seeing Bai Fumei on one side, Lin Lin feels that her ordinary appearance can't be seen by this handsome man
Why am I not a beauty?
Why don't I have money?
If I had money, I could keep such a perfect little brother!
Lin Lin felt sorry for a few words in her heart. Although she couldn't get into Zhou Xuan's eyes, she couldn't tell a story, but it's better to leave a few photos to read.
“Well, it's OK. You can do it.But don't mess with it. “Zhou Xuan laughed, didn't mind.
As for not let Lin Lin hair, is to avoid their own pictures are sent to adult website or something, he does not want to go to that kind of place.
“Good handsome guy, you can't pass it!”
Lin Lin nodded a few words, and then followed Bai Mingyue to take photos.
After taking more than ten photos from different angles in a row, Lin Lin turned a little red and put away her mobile phone with satisfaction.
“Well, you're pretty good, aren't you?I'm still in a hurry to go back to the police force… “The little policewoman can't watch any more.
Although she also likes such perfect muscles, this is not the time to watch welfare!
She is also waiting to take Zhou Xuan back to the police station to check the ID card records.Make sure he has a driver's license.
“Well, all right.Zhou Xuan, put on your clothes quickly. Be careful of catching a cold. “Bai Mingyue, after taking the photo, comes to Zhou Xuan to button his shirt.
Zhou Xuan stretched his arm and let Bai Mingyue fasten the button, but he didn't refuse.
After all, I've been touched. Do you still care about this little thing?
“Really love…” but the little policewoman, to see this scene is very sour.
I don't know how, seeing Zhou Xuan's perfect appearance and figure, she even has a trace of envy in her heart.
Envy Bai Mingyue has such a handsome perfect boyfriend, and the character is also very good, very easygoing, and other rich second generation is completely different, did not create difficulties.
No wonder to attract such a beautiful woman with temperament, it is really excellent.
After just a few hours together, the policewoman felt that Zhou Xuan's character was very good, and then she was satisfied with her appearance and figure.
If he doesn't have a girlfriend, if he pursues himself, maybe he can't help it
Thinking of this, the policewoman shook her head in a hurry.
How can I think of such shameless things!
I want to dig a corner
Men and women seem to love each other so much
Even the payments are paid by women
How did that woman pay for Zhou Xuan's clothes?
The policewoman was slightly stunned.
And she didn't blink when she saw the woman's eyes, she brushed off more than 80000.
Just this suit, more than 80000!
Add a tie, break 90000
Isn't that horrible?
One year's salary is just over 100000
A year!
A year is not as good as buying a suit.
The policewoman couldn't help swallowing.
I'm really surprised.
Is this the life of the rich?
You can buy any clothes you like and get your salary for almost a year
“Thank you for the gift from Miss Mingyue.”Zhou Xuan took the packed clothes with a smile.
Originally, Zhou Xuan was going to pay on credit because he forgot to take his wallet.
As a result, Bai Mingyue swiped the card without hesitation and said she bought it and gave it to Zhou Xuan.
This woman is really more and more generous.
Zhou Xuan can't help but open the favor degree to have a look.
He was shocked.
Because Zhou Xuan found that Bai Mingyue's favor came directly to 89!
So high!
Really did not see that, already 89!
However, in fact, there are already details, but Zhou Xuan himself did not notice.
For example, Bai Mingyue's doting tone
How can a woman have such a tone?
There is also a pat on Zhou Xuan's shoulder, let Zhou Xuan drive his car without hesitation, and so on
These details have long proved how well Bai Mingyue likes her.
However, Zhou Xuan only once fell in love, and he was still dumped. He really didn't understand his feelings.
Speaking of liking, Zhou Xuan subconsciously took a look at the policewoman.
The policewoman who didn't want to reveal her name
[Objective: Su Yan!
Face value: 99 points!
Good impression: 61 points((pass)
Weakness: warm, cared about!
Personality: weak, like the feeling of being spoiled, like high value and single-minded, treat feelings very seriously
“Su Yan?It's a nice name. It matches people very well… ”
Zhou Xuan's heart moved slightly.
Do you like being cared for?
It seems that there is a lack of family care.
Generally, this kind of character is lack of family care since childhood, so I want to seek compensation in emotion.
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Chapter 24: meet acquaintances by chance
“Now that we've finished buying clothes, let's go back to the police station now!”
Out of the store, policewoman Su Yan immediately said.
As a policeman, she was supposed to carry out the task, but she followed Zhou Xuan in the shopping mall for a long time. What a dereliction of duty!
“Don't worry, it's still early.Go shopping again. ”
Zhou Xuan just about to nod, Bai Mingyue suddenly opens her mouth.
“What do you want?”Zhou Xuan can't help but wonder.
“You'll find out later.”
White moon naughty smile, red lips up, is very tempting.
Is Bai Mingyue going to buy something for herself?
Although Zhou Xuan guessed, he didn't refuse.
After all, Bai Mingyue gave her a nearly 100000 piece of clothes, and she was not in a hurry to accompany her for a while.
Besides, the cars are owned by other people. If you want to go, you have to go with them.
Su Yan saw that Zhou Xuan and Bai Mingyue agreed, and could not help sighing.
His own traffic police, should be outside the law enforcement, the result was the couple with shopping!
Had it not been for Zhou Xuan's good attitude, she would have taken Zhou Xuan back with a strong hand.
This incident has also taught people to have a better attitude towards the traffic police. Maybe the big thing will turn into the small one, and the small thing will turn into the small one?
Bai Mingyue brings Zhou Xuan to the fourth floor.
The fourth floor is still a luxury monopoly.
It's just different from the third floor where clothes and bags are sold. On the fourth floor, there are all kinds of watches, diamonds, high priced customized mobile phones and so on
Bai Mingyue wants to take Zhou Xuan to buy luxury goods.
As for what luxury goods to buy?
That's a watch, of course.
A good watch can improve a person's temperament.
And unlike most luxury goods, top watches are very valuable.
Rolex, for example, used to circulate as hard currency in the world, and its value is almost equal to that of gold.
Of course, Bai Mingyue's choice of watch is not because of its value preservation, but because she needs to.
She is going to give it to Zhou Xuan.
On the fourth floor, Bai Mingyue skillfully takes Zhou Xuan into Patek Philippe store.
In fact, there are many top watch brands, such as Justin Johnson, Abbey, Rolex, Po Po and so on.
But Bai Mingyue thinks that a watch suitable for Zhou Xuan is better than Patek Philippe.
Patek Philippe is worthy of being the world's top list. The decoration style of the store is very simple, with only a string of English alphabet signs, but it gives people a sense of inexplicable high-end.
Three people walked into the store, the air conditioning immediately came.
There is a man and a woman shopping in the shop.
Zhou Xuan in the heart originally also guessed that Bai Mingyue might want to buy cosmetics and so on.
After all, Bai Fumei, who has money, also buys cosmetics that are luxury goods, with a set of tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands.
But he didn't expect that Bai Mingyue would buy a watch.
Speaking of watches, Zhou Xuan also has this idea.
He wants to buy a watch, too.
However, there isn't much money now. After a month or two, the stock will turn hundreds of times and sell again. Zhou Xuan is a billionaire!
Even the worst can be a multimillionaire.
Just take a look at the watch. If you like it, book it in advance and pay in a month.
So thinking, Zhou Xuan also looked up.
But when seeing a pair of men and women standing at the counter, Zhou Xuan frowned slightly.
I'm a little familiar with you.
And the more you look, the more familiar you are!
“Is it her?”
Zhou Xuan's heart moved.
At this time, Bai Mingyue also noticed Zhou Xuan's eyes.
Bai Mingyue asked casually.
There was something helpless in her heart.
How do you feel Zhou Xuan's low EQ, but stop when you see a beautiful woman?
When he saw the policewoman for the first time, he stared at her for a long time
Now to see a woman in good shape, it's time to start again.
She is such a beautiful woman. She doesn't look around, but she runs to see others!It's chilly!
“Not familiar.”Zhou Xuan light back a, no longer look at each other.
He recognized the woman, but he was not ready to contact her.
“Sir, and two beautiful ladies.Good noon.My name is Chen ya. What can I do for you? “Chen Ya's age seems to be in her thirties. Her facial features are not delicate, but she looks mature with a faint smell of books.
“Well, buy a watch for my friend.”
Bai Mingyue nods slightly and looks at Zhou Xuan.
Now it's Zhou Xuan's turn.
For friends?
Is it me?
Zhou Xuan looks around. It seems that he and Bai Mingyue have a better relationship
“May I have your name, miss?”Chen Ya kept smiling and asked.
“All right, Miss Bai, please sit here for a moment.”
Chen yayou immediately began to introduce the watch. Instead, he led the three people to sit down on the sofa in the reception area and asked, “what would you like to drink?”
“Just a glass of ice water.”Zhou Xuan responded.
“I want a cup of black tea.”Bai Mingyue nodded slightly.
“Then… I'll have black tea, too.”See Chen ya see to come over, small policewoman Su Yan says immediately.
She's a little reserved.
Soon, Chen Ya brought ice water and black tea.
Su Yan took a sip and was surprised to say, “well, the black tea in this shop tastes good.”
Zhou Xuan couldn't help rolling his eyes.
A luxury, any watch sold tens of millions, can not give you good tea?
Just at this time, a man and a woman who had looked at the watch before also came over under the guidance of another woman.
“Zhou… Zhou Xuan?”
All of a sudden, a voice of surprise comes. Bai Mingyue and Su Yan look up and see that the woman holding the man's arm calls out Zhou Xuan's name.
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Chapter 25: ex girlfriend
“It's really you!Zhou Xuan
The woman's surprised voice makes Bai Mingyue look at Zhou Xuan.
I'm not familiar with it?
“Yanyan, who is he?Friends? ”
By the woman holding the arm of the male companion to see, can't help but frown, look to Zhou Xuan.
The main reason is that the man is a little handsome. Although he is not bad, he is much worse than the man named Zhou Xuan.
And what made him envious was that there were two beauties sitting beside him!
“He's the ex boyfriend I talked about in college.”Lin Yan explained to her boyfriend Li Bin.
She was also a little surprised.
I didn't expect to meet Zhou Xuan here.
What's more, Zhou Xuan has changed a lot!
In the past, although he was not ugly, he was just plain. He even looked a little naive, straight and had no Eq.
But now it looks like
Black shirt, collar slightly open, clavicle prominent, very manly!
What's more, beauty has soared a lot.
Lin Yan didn't even recognize it at first sight!
This guy is not going to have a facelift secretly, is he?
Why are you so handsome all of a sudden?
So charming!
Even if it's plastic surgery, it's great!
“Oh, ex boyfriend.Hello, Mr. Zhou Xuan. I'm Yanyan's fiance, Li Bin. ”
Li Bin smiles and reaches out his hand, but he looks down at Zhou Xuan.
That look, obviously look down on.
In fact, it's normal to bump into an ex boyfriend with a girlfriend in the street, and if the girlfriend comes to say hello, the average man will be upset.
If you are not happy, you will want to attack each other to improve your position and show your superiority.
Ordinary human psychology.
Zhou Xuan didn't want to pay attention to these two people at all.
This ex girlfriend, he really liked before, after all, was his first love.
Men have some good memories of their first love.
However, Lin Yan really let Zhou Xuan have no good memories, sour, very money worship, look down on Zhou Xuan.
Even when Zhou Xuan heard that she sold her body after breaking up with herself, she became the second generation rich,
This kind of person, Zhou Xuan is very shameless!
It's normal to worship money. Zhou Xuan also worships money. If he is supported by a rich woman, he is willing to eat soft food.
But… It doesn't prevent Zhou Xuan from being a girlfriend of a woman who doesn't want to be a chicken.
People are double labeled.
Besides, chicken makers also look down on people who do serious work.
Lin Yan is such a person. She makes her second generation rich by her health. She also looks down on other people's decent girls. Her monthly salary is five or six thousand.
There's something wrong with your mind.
“Ex girlfriend?”Bai Mingyue hears these words, eyebrows slightly a wrinkly, she carefully looked at Lin Yan.
Looks can only be said to be ordinary women.
I'm a little bit better, but I can't compare with myself.
Is such a woman actually Zhou Xuan's ex girlfriend?
I don't know how such an excellent man like him could fall in love with such an ordinary woman.
And Bai Mingyue obviously finds that Lin Yan still looks down on Zhou Xuan in her eyes. After all, her current boyfriend is very rich.
A person's eyes can't be hidden.
There is a call Li Bin's opening is condescending tone, white moon frown deeper.
When I was in my twenties, I was intrigued with the shareholders of large groups. She was very clear about such young men and women!
It seems that she is also the second generation of the little rich, but Bai Mingyue doesn't know her.
In other words, Li Bin's background is too small to be recognized by Bai Mingyue.
“What are you doing?If you have nothing to do, just go away. Don't get in the way
Bai Mingyue changed her previous style and spoke coldly.
The smell of gunpowder ignited instantly.
“Who are you?Why should we go away? ”
Lin Yan frowned slightly.
She had long noticed that Zhou Xuan was more beautiful than herself, which made her feel a little uncomfortable.
“Why?As long as you disturb me, I'll buy something for my husband.You say so, honey
Bai Mingyue said, leaning against Zhou Xuan, skillfully took his arm.
The sound of her husband's cry made Zhou Xuan tremble,
This kind of charming and sexy beauty is called husband. It's really hard to resist.
However, he also understands that Bai Mingyue's purpose is to help Zhou Xuan disgust his ex girlfriend and this man named Li Bin.
Sure enough, Lin Yan's look was a little unnatural. She frowned and looked at Zhou Xuan.
After all, Zhou Xuan is handsome now.
Lin Yan never dreamed that Zhou Xuan, who had not seen her for several years, would transform into such a handsome and temperament super beautiful man. She said that she didn't regret it. It was a lie.
Even if it's plastic surgery, but the face value… Is too handsome!
And the temperament has completely changed. It's not like the ordinary people before. I feel that it has changed a lot.
Seeing this scene, Li Bin was very upset, but he said with a smile: “buy a watch?What watches do you want to buy?I often come here to buy, can help you recommend one.For example, this one is actually good, and the price is reasonable. Recently, it's on sale. It's more than 700000. It's worth it!And it's very safe. ”
“Hedging?What's the use of this cheap watch to keep its value
White moon light smile.
Even Zhou Xuan was a little surprised by the strength of his aura.
Only then did he realize that Bai Mingyue had such a side.
No… maybe this is the real character of Bai Mingyue!
After all, she is Miss Bai who can be treated by a general manager like Jiang Ming.
He came from a rich family.
I set up my own company.
I'm afraid there are more terrible backgrounds!
Li Bin heard this sentence, the corner of his mouth twitched twice, cheap?It's all 70, 000, and it's cheap?
An ordinary person's salary is only a few thousand yuan a month.
It's a watch of 700000. Most people really don't dare to think about it.
As the atmosphere becomes more and more tense, Chen Ya comes over.
“Miss Bai, have you seen it?What do you want for your friends? ”
“Well, when I entered the door just now, I saw a blue starry sky in the counter at the door. It's 6104g001 with diamond dial. Wrap it up.”
“And the 6104r001 on the counter, which is inlaid with black stars and diamonds, is also wrapped up.Two for my husband to change. ”
Bai Mingyue said and took out a diamond black card from her bag.
“Swipe the card.”
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Chapter 26: are they husband and wife【[for collection]
“Yes, Miss White.”
When Chen Ya saw the black card, she was stunned. Her attitude was obviously respectful. She quickly took the card and asked the assistant to bring the POS machine.
Li Bin was still thinking that these two people might be big money.
But after seeing Bai Mingyue take out the black card, the pupil suddenly shrinks.
Diamond Black card!
He didn't, but he did.
In other words, as long as in the first tier cities like Jianghai City, the rich second generation who have a little money don't know the diamond black card?
Don't know are embarrassed to say they are rich second generation!
You can't, but you must have seen or known.
“What is the origin of this woman?”Li Bin was slightly surprised.
If you want to get a diamond black card, you need asset certification. It seems that you need billions at least… And liquidity!
With billions of working capital, how terrible is the real asset?
Li Bin and Lin Yan in the heart smoked to smoke, for a time quiet down, again didn't dare to refute Bai Mingyue's words.
“How many zeros is this?Is it more than ten million? ”
Su Yan, a policewoman, smacks her tongue secretly when she sees the card record.
Two watches, more than 10 million!
How proud!
Her heart is also more envious of Zhou Xuan and Bai Mingyue such a couple.
It turns out that they are all married
Because Bai Mingyue's husband just now, Su Yan thinks they are married.
Such a full love life is really enviable.
Su Yan obviously hasn't noticed the smoke of war in the dark.
Even Zhou Xuan himself had some accidents.
Originally thought that Bai Mingyue just to help him out, angry with his ex girlfriend.
But unexpectedly, Bai Mingyue really bought the watch and gave it to Zhou Xuan.
It doesn't look like a joke.
What does this woman mean?
Do you want to fall in love with me?
Although Zhou Xuan's emotion is relatively dull, Bai Mingyue's performance is so obvious that he can't be aware of it.
And to tell the truth, Zhou Xuan does have the idea of falling in love.
But he didn't want to marry Bai Mingyue.
This is serious.
And it was just decided.
The reason is… Zhou Xuan doesn't like women who are stronger than himself!
Bai Mingyue's aura just now is too strong… Seriously, such a woman, even if she is really beautiful, if she can't be conquered, she won't be particularly happy in the future.
And Zhou Xuan belongs to a person who doesn't like being disciplined.
Even in love, Zhou Xuan will give priority to Su Yan's personality.
Weak, easy to control women.
Men, who don't like to control women?
Evil control!
So Zhou Xuan has been thinking about how to refuse Bai Mingyue.
Of course, it's not that he doesn't like Bai Mingyue.
Although Zhou Xuan is sure that he likes small Lori type, gentle virtuous type, do not like sexy type.
But chicken doesn't listen to him.
And now I have capital.
Zhou Xuan naturally does not want to give up a forest for a woman.
From the moment Qin Xueqing was driven out of the company, Zhou Xuan's mentality changed.
He is determined to be a merciful scum man!It's not a pure man hanging from a tree.
If you want to blame it, blame Qin Xueqing for making a scum man!
Although at present, Zhou Xuan has not done anything dreary.
Lin Yan and Li Bin left, gray left.
They know that they can't provoke Bai Mingyue. Instead of waiting to be beaten in the face, they'd better leave on their own initiative.
“Welcome next time, sir and madam.”
Chen Ya sends Zhou Xuan and others out of the store with a smile.
Leaving the shop, Zhou Xuan hands the box to Bai Mingyue.
“What?Won't you accept my present? ”
Bai Mingyue looks at Zhou Xuan, eyebrows slightly picked.I'm not very happy.
Originally, she thought they had a good relationship. Unexpectedly, Zhou Xuan returned the gift.
If you don't accept gifts, it means that the relationship is not so good
[favorability – 5]
Zhou Xuan suddenly heard the system prompt.
There was a slight pause.
He didn't expect to lose his liking?
“System, what's the good feeling?Can you still drop it? “Zhou Xuan can't help but wonder.
System: “yes, host.Only when you reach 100 until you die, will your liking be fixed, otherwise it will float all the time. ”
“Till death?”
Zhou Xuan frowned slightly.
As soon as I hear it, I know that it's hard to get such a good impression.
Although Bai Mingyue 89 likes it very much, it's hard to add another one at the back!
Not to mention 11.
Oh, it's five o'clock just now.
Zhou Xuan also responded and looked at Bai Mingyue and explained: “it's not that I don't want to accept it.But this gift is a little too expensive. I don't think it's suitable… ”
“What's wrong with that?It's just small jewelry.Think of it as a reward for your successful investment! ”
Bai Mingyue's tense expression suddenly relaxed.
She originally thought it was Zhou Xuan who didn't treat herself as a bosom friend, so she didn't accept it.
I didn't expect it was because the value was too high
This is expected, Zhou Xuan's character is really like this.
[favorability + 5]
Zhou Xuan sighed helplessly.
Sure enough, women are fickle!
In a word, it can affect the favor.
At this time, the most ignorant force is the little policewoman Su Yan.
She is really ignorant force, hear Zhou Xuan and Bai Mingyue dialogue, heart a burst of slander.
“Aren't they married?Why does it suddenly look so strange?Miss moon?What's going on? ”
Su Yan felt that his cerebellar pouch melon was not enough.
Are they not husband and wife?
But if not husband and wife, how can you use such a valuable gift?
More than 10 million!
Is it Bai Mingyue who pursues Zhou Xuan?
Su Yan recalled today's process in the mall, and felt that it was really possible!!
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Chapter 27: have you ever thought about getting married【[for collection]
“Zhou Xuan, have you ever thought about getting married?”
Just into the sports car, white moon suddenly asked.
All of a sudden, the old driver Zhou Xuan was stunned.
“Well, get married.”
Zhou Xuan was silent.
If it is in the case of not getting the system, not being driven out of the company, Zhou Xuan has this idea.
Want to find a mediocre girl married, mediocre end of this life.
Now there are systems and capabilities.Get married before you get crazy?
It's too early.
Zhou Xuan's silence makes Bai Mingyue understand.
Bai Mingyue is silent.
She asked this question for a reason.
Bai Mingyue is also hesitating. Do you want to tell Zhou Xuan why?
She turned her head slightly and looked at Zhou Xuan driving. She felt her heart beat a little fast.
She can feel that she seems to really like this man.
Although the time to get along soon, but Zhou Xuan such a man, really let her heart.
She likes this kind of character very much. She feels that it matches her well.
Moreover, Bai Mingyue also checked Zhou Xuan's background. She is very clean and hardworking.
Such a man, is a treasure, she does not want to let go.
Bai Mingyue doesn't know. In fact, she just triggered love at first sight buff!
And this buff is to remind her of Zhou Xuan's various advantages and fall
Of course, this is mainly based on the fact that Bai Mingyue really has a high liking for Zhou Xuan.
Silence for a while, white moon gently open mouth.
“Zhou Xuan.My family arranged a marriage for me. ”
Zhou Xuan didn't speak, but he held the hand of the steering wheel and tightened it slightly.
Bai Mingyue noticed this small detail, moved in her heart, and then continued: “our big family is actually like this.Some even choose to marry a baby at a very young age, and some unite for the benefit of others…. ”
“But I don't like it!”
Very aggressive answer.
I don't like it!
Simple and direct.
Zhou Xuan also suddenly understood why Bai Mingyue would ask if she wanted to get married.
So it is
Want to find yourself as a shield?
No, she really wants to marry herself.
With Bai Mingyue's character, if it's just a shield, it's better to marry the person set by the family.
With Bai Mingyue's excellence, the family that can bring benefits to the Bai family is not an ordinary rich second generation.
“Zhou Xuan, don't worry.As long as you marry me, no one will hurt you, and you don't have to have pressure. With your talents, my father and grandfather are also very reasonable. They know that I have people I like, and they will not let me marry people I don't like. ”
White moon see Zhou Xuan silence, thought he had pressure, directly explained a pile.
With Zhou Xuan's investment ability and other talents, he is really no worse than many people who graduated from famous universities.
In addition, Bai Mingyue has the strength to persuade her family.
All she needs is an answer from Zhou Xuan.
“You like me?”
Zhou Xuan suddenly asked.
This problem caught Bai Mingyue off guard.
Although her character is really more open, but in the face of a good man, there will be some shy.
Just now I was in a hurry. Now Zhou Xuan asked directly
I feel that this guy is a bit deliberately making trouble!
Bai Mingyue's pretty face reddened a little, but soon returned to normal.
“And you?Is there anyone you like? ”
“Who do you like?Who is it? ”
White bright moon suddenly Leng next.
Does Zhou Xuan have someone he likes?
She didn't know!
For a time, Bai Mingyue's heart suddenly sank down, and her heart beat fast, inexplicably a little sour.
It's like something you've got is going to be taken away.
“Is it Qin Xueqing?”
Bai Mingyue's face changed and asked.
Because she checked Zhou Xuan was kicked out of Tianya investment company, it turned out that it was because she had kissed Qin Xueqing at the meeting, but she was kicked out by the furious Qin Xueqing.
As for the reason of pro
She didn't find out.
Only the parties, Zhou Xuan and Qin Xueqing, know for themselves.
But now… Bai Mingyue seems to know why.
Does he like his best friend?
This makes Bai Mingyue feel worse.
Zhou Xuan is still thinking about the reason, where to know that Bai Mingyue has made up a lot of brain.
He was thinking about how to make up a reason to cheat Bai Mingyue and not get married so soon
Although it sounds dreary, Zhou Xuan knows it very well.
He's a scum, but he won't let his own woman have an accident.
“Xue Qing dismissed you. Do you still like her?”
Bai Mingyue asked reluctantly.
Abused… Does he still like each other?
Zhou Xuan is still silent.
I don't know how to answer!
He is just a man with low EQ and wants to be a scum man.
It's not the kind of scum man who can make up love stories and lies with his mouth open.
“In that case, I'll tell you!I don't care who you like!Now you are not together, then we still have a chance!I have confidence, better than the woman you like
Bai Mingyue soon calmed down and said seriously.
Now that it's showdown, there's no need to install it.
She is fond of Zhou Xuan.
The first man in years to feel so good about him.
So, she must be with Zhou Xuan!
Even if he likes someone, Bai Mingyue is more confident than that woman.
Zhou Xuan didn't know how to answer for a moment.
But it seems that Bai Mingyue solved the problem with her brain mending??
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Chapter 28: inexplicably playing a scum man routine
Because of Bai Mingyue's sudden confession, the atmosphere was heavy all the way.
Zhou Xuan didn't know how to answer, so he was silent most of the time.
What's more, he didn't expect that he was silent and solved the problem instead
Because Bai Mingyue finally solved the problem by filling her brain!
And Zhou Xuan doesn't know, Bai Mingyue said on the surface that she wants to surpass the woman Zhou Xuan likes.
But in the heart is very unhappy!Even a little angry.
She wants to find out this person and know who can attract Zhou Xuan.
Even Qin Xueqing, the ice pimple's best friend, wants to compete.
Qin Xueqing is very good, even for the company's management ability than Bai Mingyue even stronger.
But… In terms of emotion, Bai Mingyue thinks she is stronger than Qin Xueqing!
So she is sure to make Zhou Xuan like herself.
This is confidence!
Soon, to the police station.
Su Yan with Zhou Xuan check ID card, confirm a driver's license, then left.
However, before leaving, Zhou Xuan added Su Yan's wechat by the way.
Su Yan didn't hesitate, so he gave it directly.
Today, although we have only been together for half a day, we are already ordinary friends.
And when Su Yan knew that Zhou Xuan and Bai Mingyue were not lovers, he was a little happy!
If they are really lovers, Su Yan will not destroy other people's feelings, let alone give them to wechat.
But Su Yan didn't notice that when she added Zhouxuan wechat, the white moon standing outside the window seemed to have a flash in her eyes.
At this time, the white moon is very sensitive!
Especially see Zhou Xuan and long beautiful, and single woman communication, even if it is to say a word, she will not be happy.
After the showdown, Bai Mingyue's strong possessiveness showed.
Strong women are possessive.
“Miss Mingyue, it's done. Let's go.”
“Xiaoxuan, just call me Mingyue later.”
Bai Mingyue came, suddenly took Zhou Xuan's arm and said kindly.
What's the ghost name of Xiaoxuan?
And you are obviously younger than me, OK!
Shouldn't it be called brother Xuan?
Zhou Xuan felt helpless.
After a thorough showdown, the women who are already enthusiastic are even hotter.
In the police station behind him, Su Yan looked at the back of the two people leaving, and looked at the wechat he had just added, and he couldn't help being silent.
What is their relationship?
It looks like a couple, but Zhou Xuan's attitude is obviously different.
Don't you become someone who destroys people's feelings?
She doesn't want to be such a person!
Su Yan first deleted Zhou Xuan's wechat anyway.
But when the red font pops up and is about to confirm, her fingers suddenly stop again.
“Or wait until after work… Ask Zhou Xuan whether he has a girlfriend or not…” Su Yan bit her red lip, but finally she was not willing to delete it.
After all, such a good man.
Just like men who see excellent and single goddesses, they don't want to let go easily.
If you're not single, it's another matter.
“Xiao Xuan, I'll pick you up tomorrow.”
Bai Mingyue sends Zhou Xuan to his home.
“Well, good.”Zhou Xuan nodded.
However, the only thing that makes him dissatisfied is what does Bai Mingyue call Xiaoxuan?
Zhou Xuan was called this for the first time. He felt uncomfortable all over!
Maybe it's too close… And Zhou Xuan grew up in an orphanage. To tell you the truth, she has a strange feeling about the sudden intimate feelings.
Bai Mingyue watched Zhou Xuan enter the community, and then started the car.
However, she suddenly remembered a big event!
“It seems that Xueqing will come to the party tomorrow…”
Bai Mingyue just reflected.
If we let Zhou Xuan and Qin Xueqing meet at this time, in case there is a pair of eyes between them and the misunderstanding is solved
The more Bai Mingyue thinks about it, the more deep she is in her heart.
Because last time Qin Xueqing called her and asked Zhou Xuan to have dinner in person, she obviously wanted to apologize
Qin Xueqing, the arrogant woman, apologizes. I'm afraid it will really revive her old love!
After all, they all kiss!
And although I have a good relationship with Zhou Xuan, it's only on the surface… There's no substantive progress, even Zhou Xuan refuses his confession!
So it seems that Qin Xueqing's best friend is running ahead of herself!
The more Bai Mingyue thought about it, the heavier her face became.
Something has to be done.
As she thought, just about to start the car, she turned her head slightly and found that the box of her watch was beside the co driver's seat.
He didn't take it!
Was it on purpose?
Or not willing to accept their own gifts?
This makes Bai Mingyue's dull mood even more dull.
Bai Mingyue never thought that one day she would not get the love she wanted.
She thought that no matter any man, she would not be moved by her own excellence.
Even if it is moved, she has enough ability to win each other.
Zhou Xuan, such a man with a flat background, actually does not agree with her confession!
I didn't even accept such a valuable gift!
It's really
Bai Mingyue not only did not flinch, but also aroused a greater sense of competition.
In her opinion, Zhou Xuan even tens of millions of watches can refuse, then his conduct must be better.
The more I think about it, the more I feel like it.
Bai Mingyue even fell deeper
Some people may think that Zhou Xuan is playing hard to get.
It was done on purpose.
But it's not. He really forgot to take his watch!
Back in the room, Zhou Xuancai responded.
However, hear inexplicable favor degree + 1, Zhou Xuan can't help but Leng Leng.
“What's the matter?Does that make you feel good? ”
Zhou Xuan could not help but be silent.
If you forget to take things, will your liking be + 1?
What happened?
Zhou Xuan Mou son moved, he conjectured for a while.
Does Bai Mingyue think she is the kind of good man who is not greedy for money when she sees her watch?
That's why I feel better?
In this way, Zhou Xuan is really inexplicable to play a wave of slag male routine!
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Chapter 29 What's the sudden peace of mind【[for collection]
“Well, stocks are still rising steadily.”
Zhou Xuan lay on the bed, looking at the stock market's rise, casually left his laptop aside.
Then he turned over and was ready to rest.
I'm going to the party tomorrow. Go to bed early and get up early.You can't get up late this time.
Zhou Xuan found himself more and more lazy.
Since the system, access to capacity, Zhou Xuan a lot of lazy.
I used to get up late at 7:30. Now I wake up at 11:00 or 12:00, and I feel early.
Sure enough, it's easy to degenerate after money and no pressure.
Zhou Xuan looked at his small rental house, and his heart moved slightly.
Maybe you should buy a better house, or even consider a villa.
Zhou Xuan wants to enjoy it, otherwise what is the purpose of making money?
In the past, he worked hard to buy a suite, but now he has the ability to change a good house.
By the way, I'll hire some maids to help clean the villa and play games with them… It's very comfortable to think about it.
Just at this time, the vibration of the mobile phone came, and Zhou Xuan took a look at the mobile phone.
It's wechat news.
It's su Yan, the little policewoman who was just added during the day.
“Are you there?”
Su Yan's head is a two-dimensional beautiful girl. She looks very cute, and her character is also very similar to her.
“Well, officer Su is off duty?”Zhou Xuan edit good news, with a cute map, sent out.
Su Yan: “mm-hmm, just got home.”
“Officer Su has worked hard for the people!”
Zhou Xuan sent a message with a smile.
Communicate with this policewoman, let him feel very relaxed, no pressure.
Maybe it's because both of them have low EQ, so they can communicate without pressure.
EQ is not equal to IQ.
Zhou Xuan's IQ is not low, but his EQ is really not high. He can't talk about love and hook up with his sister.
Just like Zhou Xuan now has a good feeling for Su Yan, but he doesn't know how to attract each other.
Soon, Su Yan's news came back.
“Well?How do you know my name is Su? ”
Su Yan saw the news of Zhou Xuan, immediately picked pick eyebrows.
This guy knows his name!
Zhou Xuan: “I guess!”
Su Yan replied, but she didn't believe Zhou Xuan's words at all.
She would rather believe that Zhou Xuan knew her name by investigating her identity behind her.
After all, the rich second generation like this should have a lot of means.
“By the way… Are you and Bai Mingyue lovers?”
Su Yan stopped for a while, and then he got to the point.
She wants to make sure whether Zhou Xuan has a girlfriend. If she has a girlfriend, she can't talk about her feelings with this guy!
Su Yan is a very serious and dedicated woman.
She likes to be spoiled by others, and she is also loyal to her feelings.
Su Yan is waiting for a reply.
Soon, the news came.
Seeing these two words, Su Yan suddenly showed a smile.
They have already done a good job in the psychological construction of deleting friends. Anyway, it's quite sudden.
This sudden peace of mind, is how to return a responsibility!
Zhou Xuan woke up and found that it was only nine o'clock.
It seems that I went to bed early yesterday.
However, when I woke up, I didn't feel sleepy any more. Instead, I got up to wash and make some food.
The mobile phone vibrated and someone sent a wechat message.
Bai Mingyue: “Xiaoxuan, are you awake?I'll pick you up at about two in the afternoon
Xiaoxuan, the more you shout, the more catchy you are.
Zhou Xuan is too lazy to care about this matter and chooses to ignore it.
“Wake up, OK.”
The answer was brief and comprehensive, and Bai Mingyue, who was driving, didn't think much about it.
Of course, when I went back from the shopping mall yesterday, the fire was burning for a long time!
She firmly believes that she will be 100 times better than the girl she likes!
Let him turn his attention to himself.
Looking at the time is still early, Zhou xuanwo on the sofa for a few games.
It's one thirty.
Zhou Xuan put on yesterday just bought clothes, collar slightly open, revealing sexy clavicle.
Standing in front of the mirror, straight and handsome, bearing extraordinary, high spirited!
No wonder people rely on clothes and horses on saddles!
As soon as I got back on the sofa, someone rang the doorbell.
Come on, what a coincidence?
I'm afraid you installed monitoring in my home!
Open the door.
Zhou Xuan was attracted by the woman in front of her. Today, she seems to be very beautiful. Her eyes stay on her for a little long time.
Hot and beautiful figure, outlined by the sea like dream color dress, exquisite makeup, with a smile.
In particular, the subtle and glittering diamond on the skirt, under the white light, makes people feel that she is exposed from the blue sea.
Ordinary people can't control this kind of color and style clothes at all!
This is the princess of the sea.
He is a serious man, if the face of such a devil figure beauty is not attracted, it is time to self-examination.
So, I took two more eyes.
“Have you had enough?”
Bai Mingyue saw his eyes and her smile became more and more brilliant!
Even a little proud!
This dress has been customized since three months ago.
The plan was to go home and change.
However, as soon as she thought of Zhou Xuan, she couldn't wait to replace him on the spot.
In order to make his eyes bright!
Born in a rich family, you will cultivate self-confidence and temperament from childhood!
So in the aspect of temperament, she must hold it to death!
When she came, she fancied what Zhou Xuan would look like!
Now, although his performance is colder than expected, it is enough for her to be proud!
“It goes well with you. Happy birthday.”
Zhou Xuan said.
Who will answer this question positively?
“Thank you ~”
White moon slightly a Leng, then helpless smile: this man, as always straight.
“Let's go.”
Bai Mingyue naturally took his arm and went out.
Zhou Xuan felt uncomfortable, but he didn't refuse.
Even friends can do these moves.
Even if he knew he was in her heart, not the weight of a friend.
Today, in the car, they talked about everything, without yesterday's silence.
To be exact, it was Bai Mingyue who deliberately avoided that topic.
Her EQ is not low, and she will not drive the atmosphere to indifference all the time.
Suddenly, Zhou Xuan realized a very important thing——
Bai Mingyue's birthday, I don't seem to have prepared a gift?!
“All right, here we are.”
They got off at the door and the car drove away.
This is a villa estate!
Lake Villa, garden house!
All show that this is a symbol of our great cause!
English landscape is everywhere, standing in the fairyland like garden, palace like buildings, solemn tall, calm style!
Zhou Xuan just didn't let out the exclamation.
If he has money, he really wants to build a villa like this*
Chapter 30 just friends?There's something wrong with you【[for collection]
Ambition always increases with strength.
In the past, he was in the millions, thinking about buying a house in Jianghai city is the best answer to himself.
But now it's different. His strength allows him to have different ambitions.
Besides, living in this kind of villa, even if you are busy, you will feel relaxed and happy.
Every day when I wake up, I can see the garden like courtyard.
“The young lady has taken a strange man home?”
“Is that the young master of that family?It's a little strange, but it's so handsome! ”
“No!Look at his figure, it's a golden ratio!It's better than those of the stars. This dress makes him handsome and charming
When they go through the yard, the busy servants will stop to look at their backs and can't help feeling.
If they were a match made in heaven, I'm afraid no one would argue!
Besides, this is Bai Mingyue's first time to take a man home!
On her birthday!
This person must have some unspeakable relationship with Bai Mingyue.
Bai Mingyue takes Zhou Xuan to the courtyard in front of the side hall, which is the main place for people's activities in the afternoon.
Zhou Xuan saw so many people in front of him that he didn't have stage fright at all.
Please, people with systems, don't lose the face of the system.
Just like in the novel, which protagonist will bow and bow to others even after obtaining the system of bull breaking and cajoling?
If before, he did not have self-confidence, should stand in situ panic bar.
Among them, a girl in Gothic Lolita looks back and says hello excitedly when she sees Bai Mingyue.
Especially when he saw the man around him, his eyes were suddenly bright!
My cousin brought someone back!
Or a strange handsome man?
She looked at it and felt it.
A boyfriend?
Is it still the little white face raised outside?
“Yan Yan.”
Bai Mingyue didn't respond to her until she came near, but at this time Tang YuYan's attention had been completely attracted by Zhou Xuan.
The more she looked at Zhou Xuan, the more handsome he was. After watching for a long time, it was like the fall of the enemy.
“Yan Yan.”
Bai Mingyue looked at her eyes as if they were going to grow on Zhou Xuan. Then she made a sound again.
“Oh, yes!Who is this, cousin
“Be honest!Be strict with confession, and more strict with resistance! ”
Tang Yuyan had a bad smile on her face, and her eyes whirled back and forth on them.
If Bai Mingyue hadn't been used to her cousin's dark belly, she would have been unable to carry it.
Knowing that Zhou Xuan has no further feelings about herself, she also takes care of his face in front of her family.
“Very good friend.”
“Just friends?I always think it's not quite like. ”
“Cousin, something's wrong with you!”
Tang Yuyan is not satisfied with the answer. She thinks Bai Mingyue is hiding something on purpose.
Her eyes more playful, seems to want to see through Zhou Xuan two people.
Then, the girl had an idea, holding Bai Mingyue's arm and acting like a spoiler.
“That cousin, I think he looks so handsome, and it's a bit exciting. If you are friends, you don't mind. Please introduce him to me, eh?”
Tang Yuyan moved a little and thought carefully.
Of course, the first half of this is true!
This man is so handsome, who can't be moved by it?
As for the second half of the sentence, it is true and false.
If you think about it, it's really a bit.
However, she still wants to tell Bai Mingyue the truth.
“Yan Yan, can you hold the key?”
Bai Mingyue didn't give a positive answer. Instead, she turned her head and focused on Tang Yuyan.
However, hearing this, Tang Yuyan, a clever little devil, has already understood one or two.
Cousin, you know, from the moment you bring a strange man back, things have been covered with the “not simple” chapter, OK!
What's more, when you put on this dress, the first thing you see is not us, but him!
Zhou Xuan looks at the girl who is similar to the second dimension and simply reads her personal information.
He blindly guessed that there must be a black belly!
If not, he will commit suicide!
[target: Tang Yuyan!
Face value: 98 points!
Good impression: 60 points((pass)
Weakness: lonely, neglected!
Personality: black belly, like to play tricks on others, like games and people with high face value
Look, there is a black belly!
This little girl is not very old. She has many ideas in her heart!
As for like to tease people, look at this dress is also very important.
I remember when I was in college, there was a department specializing in these special costumes.
Roommates are just one of them. They understand a little.
“Cousin, you will say me!”
“Forget it, hello. My name is Tang Yuyan. I'm sister Mingyue's cousin. Please give me more advice when I meet you for the first time.”
Tang YuYan's belly is black, but she should be well bred.
She reaches out her hand and waits for Zhou Xuan's response.
Men pick eyebrows, this is the real upper class education concept.
Children with arrogant arrogance are either spoiled or upstarts.
“Hello, my name is Zhou Xuan.”
Zhou Xuan extended her hand generously, held her fingertips, and introduced herself without fear or worry.
“You shake hands with people politely and get the primary etiquette!”
How about shaking hands?
Unlimited access, you are too sweet!
This system makes Zhou Xuan have too many accidents.
Also, there are rewards for speaking and walking, and there must be rewards for shaking hands with people!
At that time, Zhou Xuan felt that some new knowledge appeared in his mind!
Tang Yuyan raised her eyes to see his smile, her heart suddenly stopped a beat!
This man is really handsome!
What's the matter with being more handsome than Miss Zhu in her school?
Man, you are too handsome, you know?
Not only is Tang Yuyan deliberately teasing Bai Mingyue, but other people's eyes are also attracted by Zhou Xuan.
In this kind of family, the daughter of the family suddenly brought back a “unknown” man. He was not looked at thousands of times, which was abnormal.
“Who is that of Mingyue?It seems that Mingyue has never brought anyone back
“I don't know. People who can bring Mingyue over at the birthday party must have different meanings.”
“This is the young master of whose family. I don't seem to have seen him before, but he looks very good in temperament and appearance!”
“Maybe it's the young master of that big family?The young man's temperament and appearance are not simple. ”
“Look, that young man stands with us Mingyue. It's a good match. He's talented and beautiful!”
When they frolic, their family and friends have already mended their brains for the wedding of Zhou Xuan and Bai Mingyue.
They live in the upper class and can see through all kinds of people.
Therefore, at present, Zhou Xuan has passed the test in terms of appearance and temperament.
Today, after all, is Bai Mingyue's home, and her relatives and friends still need her to talk and take care of them.
“Xiaoxuan, I'll go with my family first. You can look around.”*
Chapter 31 wait, how dare you【[for collection]
Chapter 31 wait, how dare you【[for collection]
Zhou Xuan nodded slightly, watching Bai Mingyue and Tang Yuyan go to the crowd.
Moreover, Tang Yuyan still seems to be teasing Bai Mingyue, only to get the other side's white eyes.
At first glance, this girl's black belly has been formed since childhood, and her family has been used to it.
Zhou Xuan did not stay in place, but went to other places.
If the host is entertaining, one of his friends doesn't have to join in the fun.
Besides, except for Bai Mingyue and Tang Yuyan, who I just met, no one else knows.
It's good to see it alone.
By the way, you can feel the scenery of manor villa. Maybe you can have one in the future.
Zhou Xuan was walking around the garden by himself. When he saw his servants, they all said hello to him.
Some know that he was brought by Bai Mingyue himself;What I don't know is also based on the principle of customer first.
“It turns out that the servants of rich families are different in manners and grades!”
“Sometimes, TV plays don't deceive me!”
Zhou Xuan responds to them and thinks.
The manor was too big, and Zhou Xuan didn't go too far. Instead, he turned and went back.
Coming to the side hall, he looked at the group again.
However, at the first glance, I saw the white moon with fair skin and happy conversation.
She is as bright as the moon as her name.
In the past, he could not tell how happy his heart beat, but now it is different.
Some people have different things, so their mentality will naturally change.
After all, with such a strong system, if you still don't forget the original intention, choose to live an ordinary life.
That may not be wise, it's stupid!
Zhou Xuan turned his head again, and his sight fell on a piano in the side hall.
“Since it's unlimited access, what can you get by touching the piano?”
Even though Zhou Xuan hasn't made a thorough understanding of the system, he doesn't need to think about some simple common sense.
Thinking about it, he stepped into the room.
In fact, it's not that he intruded. It's also elaborately arranged and has guests.
To be precise, it's all her family.
It's human nature to have a big family and more family.
Standing in front of the noble piano, Zhou Xuan gently touched his finger, and the familiar system began to give gifts to the door again!
“You touch the piano and get the elementary piano skills!”
Sure enough, as long as you touch something new, you can get a skill!
At that time, Zhou Xuan felt that in his mind, there was a strange increase in knowledge!
What's more, I like and focus on the piano, which I didn't know anything about before.
This should be the blessing of the system.
Yes, Zhou Xuan is very satisfied!
“System, take a look at the elementary piano skills.”
It's true to have a lot of knowledge, but you should always know where the limit of elementary education is, right?
“Primary piano skills: playing can improve self temperament;You can easily play middle and lower level piano music without score;You can compose small pieces of music by yourself, and you can do it at random. ”
Can playing the piano also increase temperament?
It seems to be the same. Piano players are mostly elegant.
It is mainly the temperament cultivated by oneself.
I didn't expect that he could have temperament as long as he played now.
I see. I'm sure I'll make it.
Can you compose your own music?
If so, is the birthday gift due to Bai Mingyue available?
Although she said she didn't give her a gift, she didn't say anything.
But after all, he is a invited friend. If he doesn't give anything, he will lose face!
Zhou Xuan is a promising man. How can he get away with his friends' birthday gifts!
And Bai Mingyue also gave her a gift of such high value, at least to return a good gift.
What's more, it's someone's birthday. It's a little strange not to give someone a birthday present at the birthday party!
It's no longer a matter of relationship, it's a matter of your own!
Or… Just prepare a special gift for Bai Mingyue!
“Hello!Zhou Xuan
In Zhou Xuan Lingsi spring, Tang Yuyan suddenly patted him on the shoulder!
Fortunately, the strong support of the system did not let him forget the music score he had thought of before!
Zhou Xuan with a smile, looking back at the Gothic style belly black miss.
“Miss Tang, what's the matter?”
Isn't it? Isn't it? There will be people's smile in the world. Can it be as sweet as honey?
Tang Yuyan had something to say, but when he saw his smile, all the words he wanted to say stopped in his mouth.
This is also
It's so attractive!
Tang Yuyan watched for a long time, and finally pulled herself back to reality.
Black and big eyes turned around, the body slightly supported on the piano.
She looked at him playfully: “Zhou Xuan, can you play the piano?”
“Well, a little bit.”
Well, it's something that can improvise a little bit.
Zhou Xuan won't say that.
Speaking out, which is more eye-catching?
Tang Yuyan gave a “um” and then looked up at Zhou Xuan with a strong smile.
“Then… The gift you gave your cousin is not playing the piano, is it?”
“I tell you, my cousin has a piano level close to that of a master!”
Zhou Xuan hears speech, not from a Leng.
How can you guess so accurately?
Did you peek at my lines?
I'm going to play piano music, you can guess.
“Well, according to your opinion, if I really play, I'm insulting myself?”
Zhou Xuan asks playfully, in fact, he is not worried at all.
You know, although the proficiency given by the system is only elementary, it has been able to beat 50% of the world's pianists!
Primary is primary, but the strength is quite strong!
“Of course, I can't say that. I don't know what level you are and how to compare them?”
Tang Yuyan is not stupid. She can't guess others by appearance and first intuition.
Some people hide deeply, while others exaggerate their achievements.
Ha ha, little girl, you are very cautious.
“What if I didn't pass the grade test?”
Zhou Xuan said seriously, eyes slightly narrowed, a little closer to Tang Yuyan.
The latter is not afraid of people. When he was brought up by a group of people, he would not have the possibility of stage fright.
For Zhou Xuan's sudden approach, he certainly doesn't care.
It's just
Suddenly close appreciation of Zhou Xuan's handsome, she can't control the restless deer's heart!
Tang Yuyan was stunned again!
At the same time, I can't help feeling——
Do you have magic?Why do you look more handsome?
Wait, no grade?
Tang Yuyan stepped back, calmly and Zhou Xuan again opened the distance.
Her good-looking apricot eyes also narrowed like Zhou Xuan, looking up and down at him.
If you haven't passed the grade test, you dare to say that you can do it.
How dare you*
Chapter 32 painting appreciation
Zhou Xuan smiles.
Don't pay attention to Tang Yuyan.
When it's time to give a gift, he will play it naturally. Now, there's no need to explain too much to this little girl.
“AI… AI…!”
“Why did this guy leave?”
Tang Yuyan is waiting for Zhou Xuan to explain.
But didn't expect, Zhou Xuan turned to walk away, angry she stamped.
With her appearance and family background, it's hard for other men to chat up with her, and she doesn't like to pay attention to those men.
I didn't expect that I would be ignored one day.
After Zhou Xuan got away from Tang Yuyan, he wandered around the party at will.
In a corridor, Zhou Xuan suddenly saw a painting hanging on the white wall.
“Five cows?”
Zhou Xuan blinked.
This painting has a strong ancient style. It doesn't look like a modern painting. Zhou Xuan can't appreciate it.
But looking at the hanging position, Zhou Xuan can guess that this painting should be very precious. It was only temporarily hung as decoration on Bai Mingyue's birthday.
[you stop to watch the paintings and gain the appreciation ability of antique calligraphy and paintings, level: primary!]
“Sure enough, you can gain new abilities by looking at paintings.”Zhou Xuan smiles.
When he looked at the painting on the wall again, his senses changed.
Originally, the rigid and rigid style of painting has different charm.
Zhou Xuan can't help but immerse himself in his brushwork. It seems that through this painting, we can see the natural and unrestrained style of the author's brushwork.
Zhou Xuan's eyes, but also involuntarily with a heartfelt appreciation and admiration of the color.
“The painting of five oxen!”
This time, Zhou Xuan said the original name of the painting.
This painting of five oxen is the work of Han Fu in Tang Dynasty. It is also the earliest paper and silk painting with cattle as the theme.
It's a national treasure.
In the painting, five cattle are arranged in a row, one bows to eat grass, one tilts forward, one looks back to lick the tongue, one walks slowly, one rubs against the thorns, and the posture is different.
These are the knowledge Zhou Xuan brought by his ability to appreciate ancient calligraphy and paintings.
The more he looked, the more absorbed Zhou Xuan was.
I didn't even notice that, I don't know when, an old man with grey hair and a middle-aged man with big back and meticulous hair stood beside him.
The middle-aged man could not hide his superior momentum, but he looked respectful to the silver haired old man, half a step behind him, very respectful.
They just came out of the villa.
Originally, he wanted to go directly to the manor, but when the old man saw someone looking at the painting, he came over.
“Young man, do you know how to draw?”
The old man saw that Zhou Xuan was so absorbed that he couldn't help asking.
Zhou Xuan subconscious answer, Leng for a while, just noticed the old and middle-aged people beside.
Zhou Xuan is not a fool, can see these two people temperament extraordinary, take back the eyes after nodding, modest way: “a little understand.”
The old man's eyes are as bright as fire, and he has seen countless people in his life.
Naturally, it can be seen that Zhou Xuan's admiration will never be false.
But when I see young students, I can't help but want to take the exam.
“Well, what do you think is good about the Wuniu painting?”
The old man asked with a smile.
The smile on his face is kind and kind. It can be seen that even if Zhou Xuan can't answer, he won't ask. He just has a temporary thought.
After all, today's young people are too impetuous. There are not many young people who can calm down and appreciate ancient paintings, let alone understand two words!
The middle-aged man didn't cut in, but he was looking at Zhou Xuan.
He is in a high position and has numerous readers.
However, I have to admit that this young man, no matter in appearance or temperament, is extraordinary and definitely No.1.
I just haven't seen it before.
“What's good about it?”
Although Zhou Xuan knows that these two people are definitely not ordinary people, he believes that his future achievements will only be higher than them, not lower than them.
Therefore, without stage fright, he only regarded them as his equal status and calmly replied: “in the painting of five oxen, five oxen have different shapes and different postures. They are combined into one painting. It seems to be plain and without bright spots, but in fact, the more they look, the more they taste. It's unforgettable.”
Both the old and middle-aged people nodded slightly.
But before Zhou Xuan finished his words, he continued: “in addition to the five cows, there is only a bunch of small thorns in the painting, without any other background. Five in one can make a painting, and each cow can be independent. It's a wonderful brush!”
The middle-aged people haven't spoken yet.
The silver haired old man was already in front of his eyes.
The old man's eyes turned to Zhou Xuan with a look of appreciation.
“Young man, I didn't expect you to have such a deep understanding of antique calligraphy and painting when you were young. This view actually coincides with that of the old man!”
The old man reached out and stroked the picture frame, sighed: “rare!It's rare! ”
Behind the old man, the middle-aged man looked at Zhou Xuan, and his eyes were a little more appreciative.
However, it is not because Zhou Xuan understands painting, but because of his attitude.
In his capacity as an old man, I met too many young people.
And those young people will inevitably lose their normality when they see them.
Or careful, because too nervous, lost the usual level.
Or it is too much to want to express themselves, but the language loss degree, great loss of standard.
But this young man.
He looks calm, modest, and his tone is calm.
Let people feel that he is very confident at the same time, but will not think that he domineering, do not pay attention to others.
It's really rare.
But it's unique.
After a conversation.
In the hearts of the old and middle-aged people, Zhou Xuan is highly praised.
Just then, Zhou Xuan shook his head slightly and said, “the painting of five oxen is wonderful. It's a pity that I didn't see the real work!”
With that, Zhou Xuan also sighed gently.
Now that he knows how to appreciate ancient paintings, he really feels sorry from the bottom of his heart.
Hearing Zhou Xuan's words, the old man and the middle-aged couldn't help looking at each other.
They looked at each other.
“Young man, I heard that the owner bought this painting from a famous artist. Do you mean it's not authentic?”
The middle-aged man's eyes moved and asked.
As for whether he refers to himself or the old man next to him, it is not clear.
“Of course, it's not an authentic one, and it's obvious.”Zhou Xuan light way.
“Oh?Obviously? “The old man loved painting. When he heard this, he couldn't help but ask, “how can I see it?”
Hearing the old man's question, Zhou Xuan took a look at the old man.
A question and answer, Zhou Xuan is also very curious about the identity of these two people.
He didn't need to ask. He looked at it with his probing eyes.
Their names and identities appear directly in their eyes*
Chapter 33 is a big boss
The old man's name is Bai Tanwen, and the middle-aged man's name is Bai Zhenxiong.
Just the surname Bai, combined with the bearing of the two people, Zhou Xuan has been able to guess a lot.
These two people are the most important, and they are also high-ranking people in the Bai family.
It's Bai Mingyue's elder.
However, Zhou Xuan is still unmoved.
Keep going at your own pace.
Slowly said: “old man, you see that old cattle, between the nostrils is wearing a nose ring?”
Bai Tanwen and Bai Zhenxiong are guided by Zhou Xuan's words.
Immediately look at the old cattle in the picture of five oxen.
Between the nostrils of the old cattle, there is a nose ring.
However, this nose ring is very compatible with the old cattle. There is nothing wrong with the color, brushwork and paper. It is very harmonious with the whole painting.
Bai Zhenxiong even touched the place and felt it.
But after watching it for a long time, they didn't find any problems or flaws.
“Young man, you mean there's a flaw in this nose ring?But I don't think it's a problem. Can you make it clear? “Bai Tanwen asked modestly.
Bai Zhenxiong frowned slightly and said, “if the painting is flawed, it's not true. I don't think it's true. The author of the painting is also a human being. In painting, there are some trivial mistakes, don't you think, young man?”
When he speaks, his tone is gentle, and a slight frown is not angry, but a habitual action of thinking.
After that, he looked at Zhou Xuan and asked for Zhou Xuan's meaning.
See two people seriously with their own discussion of painting defects.
Zhou Xuan couldn't help laughing and shaking his head.
“Ladies and gentlemen, I didn't say the nose ring was flawed.”
“This copy of the work, presumably from everyone's hands, regardless of paper, color, brushwork are meticulous imitation of the original author Han Fu, such a copy of the work, and the original almost no difference.”
“No matter how precise the instrument is, it is impossible to see the difference.”
Hearing Zhou Xuan's words, Bai Tanwen and Bai Zhenxiong are more confused.
“That…” two people frown, by Zhou Xuan's words to around confused.
Because Zhou Xuan said at first that it was obvious that the painting was not authentic, but now he said that it was impossible to see the difference with precision instruments.
It's so contradictory.
Just when they were confused.
Only listen to Zhou Xuan tone light said: “I mean, in the original, between the nostrils of the old cattle, there is no painting on the nose ring, this point, as long as search the real original on the Internet, you can easily confirm.”
Although the tone of Zhou Xuan's words was calm, his voice was not high.
In the ears of Bai Tanwen and Bai Zhenxiong, it was like thunder.
And Zhou Xuan's words continue.
“Many people with profound painting attainments will copy the works of their predecessors with the psychology of worship.”
“And the works they copy are often difficult to distinguish between true and false.”
“In order to avoid blaspheming the works of their predecessors, and to worry about others taking their copies to cheat buyers.”
“These people often add something different from the original painting, or something that was not available in that era, so as to facilitate future generations to distinguish the true from the false.”
“For example, a medieval painting, some people will add a small signal tower in the corner of the painting, or add a plane in an inconspicuous place, which is also a kind of bad taste of the painter.”
“There is only one more nose ring in the painting, so it's normal for people who are not very familiar with the original to recognize it.”
The voice falls, Bai Tanwen and Bai Zhenxiong suddenly realize.
For a time, there is a sudden sense of openness.
“No wonder!!No wonder… “Bai Tanwen couldn't help clapping his hands and exclaimed:” no wonder young man, you can say that this painting is not authentic, it's very obvious!So it is
“I'll search the original to see…” Bai Zhenxiong immediately took out his mobile phone and began to search the Internet.
Now the network is so developed.
Moreover, wuniutu has changed hands several times.
In the network encyclopedia, it must contain the original work of the five cattle picture.
Bai Zhenxiong soon found the original work of the picture of five oxen in the encyclopedia.
Click on the picture to enlarge it.
“Great!young fellow!GreatThis one sees, Bai Zhenxiong is really some admire, the vision amazes of looking at Zhou Xuan.
In the original, there is no nose ring between the nostrils of the old cattle.
You know, it's very common for a cow to have a nose ring.
Unless you know the original well, you will never find it.
I'm afraid that's why when Bai Zhenxiong asked people to buy the painting, the experts who helped identify it didn't find that it was a copy.
Experts are busy testing the paper, pigment and strokes of the paintings with instruments.
Who would have thought of paying attention to the small matter of whether there is a nose ring between the nostrils of an old cattle.
This is a thing that no one is aware of, but is seen through by such a young man!
“My name is Bai Zhenxiong, the current chairman of Bai's group. This is my father.”
Bai Zhenxiong laughed more and more kindly. After introducing himself, he asked, “I don't know, young man, what do you call me?”
Zhou Xuan Wen Yan slightly surprised, he has the identity of these two people think very high, but did not expect to be so high.
This chairman Bai should be his immediate superior's immediate superior's immediate superior!
A real big boss.
However, Zhou Xuan did not panic. He just nodded: “Hello, Mr. Bai, my name is Zhou Xuan. Now I am working in Mingyue investment company of Bai's group.”
Bai Zhenxiong was a little surprised: “I didn't expect that there was such a relationship!Good!Good
With that, Bai Zhenxiong changed his words and said with a smile: “however, this is not a company, and we don't know each other in the company, so we don't have to call me Bai Dong. Call me Bai Shuxiong.”
Zhou Xuan slightly raises eyebrows.
Although it is only a change of address, the meaning is very different.
Does any employee who works in Bai's group dare to call the chairman as his uncle?
Although it's more intimate.
But if you don't get permission to call it like this, you are definitely looking for death.
On one side, Bai Tanwen also said with a smile: “I didn't expect that there are still such interesting young people in the company… Old man Bai Tanwen, just continue to call old man.”
“Yes.”Zhou Xuan nodded politely.
In any case, he is a junior in front of both of them, so there is nothing wrong with him, and he will not appear to be servile. It is a normal reaction.
After a brief introduction, Bai Tanwen can't wait.
He loved painting and was eager to meet a young man who understood painting. Naturally, he didn't want to let it go*
Chapter 34 come blow the candle with me【[for collection]
“Xiao Zhou, I've brought some other paintings this time. Why don't you come and have a look with me?”
With that, Bai Tanwen wants to take Zhou Xuan to the villa.
All the antique calligraphy and paintings he brought were put in his study.
Naturally, Bai Zhenxiong is also following.
Although he doesn't like calligraphy and painting as much as Bai Tanwen, he also knows how to appreciate these things.
I'd like to hear Zhou Xuan's opinions on these calligraphy and paintings.
“Thank you, old man. I just want to see some other masterpieces.”
For such an invitation, Zhou Xuan can't help it.
The three are going back to the villa.
The housekeeper of the villa came over with an embarrassed face and warned carefully.
“Mr. Bai, chairman Bai, Miss Mingyue is going to cut the cake…”
“Ah!I almost forgot my business
Smell speech, white altar text footstep a meal, immediately reaction come over.
“Yes, father, we are coming down to celebrate the moon's birthday. We are talking and forgetting.”
Bai Zhenxiong said.
They came out of the villa because Bai Mingyue was going to cut the cake and the birthday celebration was going to officially start.
Which ever wanted to meet Zhou Xuan, almost forgot the business.
“Xiao Zhou, you also come to Mingyue's birthday party. Come with us. Let's talk while walking.”
As he walked to the manor, Bai Tanwen held Zhou Xuan and said, “when the celebration is over, you must stay and go upstairs with me to see the paintings I brought.”
“I will stay, and I'm looking forward to it.”Zhou Xuan nodded with a smile and followed them all the way to the manor.
“It's a pity that I didn't bring the best one this time, but there are also some excellent works… Do you understand calligraphy?”
“A little bit…”
“That's great. I've brought some ink treasures from the Song Dynasty this time…”
In the middle of the manor, the neon light is flashing and the light is as bright as day.
A huge three-layer cake is placed in the middle. You can guess just by looking at the shape. This cake is very valuable.
Almost all around were white's relatives who came to celebrate their birthday.
There are not many people, but they are all Bai Mingyue's relatives, such as uncles, uncles, cousins and so on.
Many people who have been separated from each other for a long time chat with red wine.
Compared with the general sense of the party, the atmosphere is much more relaxed.
Next to the cake, Bai Mingyue, the protagonist of today, wears a delicate crown on her head.
It's very different from that kind of paper. It's not only made of pure gold, but also inlaid with diamonds.
However, Bai Mingyue is waiting with her cake knife.
Although she is the protagonist today, she still has to wait for her father and grandfather to show up.
Needless to say, other people are waiting for these two.
In addition, Bai Mingyue is still looking for the trace of Zhou Xuan.
“Yan Yan, where's Xiaoxuan?”Bai Mingyue asked in a low voice.
“I don't know. Who knows where that guy is.”Tang Yuyan turned her lips and was still angry about what happened just now.
“Mingyue, who are you looking for?”On one side, a cold voice came. The owner of the voice was Qin Xueqing.
Qin Xueqing, as Bai Mingyue's friend, was naturally invited to the scene.
When she saw Tang Yuyan and Bai Mingyue whispering, she couldn't help wondering.
Bai Mingyue shakes her head and is about to speak.
At this time.
Bai Tanwen, Bai Zhenxiong and Zhou Xuan come here in the noise.
“Well, is that young man…”
“I haven't seen you before. I'm so happy to talk with you…”
“The old man has always had a high vision, and few of them look up to the younger generation in the family. Who is this young man who can communicate with the old man like this
“Is it the super junior of which family?”
A few white moon uncle generation people see this scene, are full of surprised color.
Most importantly, they saw that Zhou Xuan was walking between Bai Tanwen and Bai Zhenxiong.
Not everyone can walk in the middle position. Generally, the higher the position is, the more central the position is.
But Zhou Xuan so naturally walked in the middle of two people.
Naturally, people can't help guessing Zhou Xuan's identity.
In fact, Zhou Xuan is in the middle because it's convenient to talk with Bai Tanwen and Bai Zhenxiong in this position. Bai Tanwen and Bai Zhenxiong have no objection to this.
But I didn't expect that this made people have an amazing guess about his identity.
“Eh… How can Xiaoxuan be with my father and grandfather?”
At this time, Bai Mingyue also saw Zhou Xuan in the middle of Bai Zhenxiong. She was shocked.
On one side, Qin Xueqing was stunned to see this scene.
It's kind of incredible.
She has already known that Zhou Xuan works in Bai Mingyue's company. Although she was invited to the party unexpectedly, it's not surprising.
But Zhou Xuan and Bai Tanwen and Bai Zhenxiong are also acquainted, which makes her very surprised.
You know, knowing the younger generation doesn't mean being recognized by the older generation.
It's a very different concept.
It's not the same thing.
Now the two who are talking with Zhou Xuan with a smile are the real giants and big boos of Bai's group!!
In a daze.
Zhou Xuan, Bai Tanwen and Bai Zhenxiong have come close to each other.
Bai Zhenxiong and Bai Tanwen pick up the red wine and take Zhou Xuan to the circle of elders.
Zhou Xuan also casually took a glass of red wine, under the introduction of Bai Zhenxiong and Bai Tanwen, naturally integrated into it.
Several cousins who are close to Bai Mingyue's age, or cousins, look at Zhou Xuan with astonished eyes.
Because at this time, Bai Tanwen was still talking with Zhou Xuan in a low voice, with a smile on his face.
Zhou Xuan is also very calm in the face of other elders of the Bai family.
They were envious of it.
As children of the Bai family, they naturally hope to be loved and favored by the elders.
It's a pity that the old man's eyes are too high, and his attitude towards them can't be said to be like them.
After all, at their age, they can't talk to their elders, have no common topic, and show no special talent.
But I never thought that this strange young man was so liked by the old man.
At this time, servants began to come over, put candles on the cake, and lit the candles.
“Moon, make a wish!”White altar text just let Zhou Xuan go at this time, smiling at granddaughter, said.
The surroundings gradually quieted down.
The lights were temporarily turned off, leaving only the flickering light of the candle.
Bai Mingyue nodded her head, put her hands together, stood in front of the cake and closed her eyes.
After a few seconds, open your eyes.
“Made a promise?”Bai Tanwen asked.
“Well.”Bai Mingyue nodded.
“Blow out the candles then!”Bai Tanwen said with a smile.
Bai Mingyue nodded again, but her eyes suddenly turned and looked at Zhou Xuan: “Xiao Xuan, you come and blow the candle with me!”*
Chapter 35 seems to know what the problem is【[request subscription]
In a noisy atmosphere.
Bai Mingyue's birthday party will be over soon.
After the birthday party.
Bai Tanwen and Bai Zhenxiong originally wanted to invite Zhou Xuan to the villa to see other antique paintings and calligraphy, but when they called, it seemed that there were other things in the company, so they had to give up.
Even Bai Mingyue was called over together.
“I'm sorry, there's something wrong with the company. I was going to drive you back after the party…” Bai Mingyue said to Zhou Xuan.
“It doesn't matter. I'm a big man. Are you worried about my being robbed?”Zhou Xuan said with a smile.
“PoofBai Mingyue was amused by Zhou Xuan's words. She nodded playfully and looked at Zhou Xuan with a pair of bright eyes: “be careful on your way.”
Watching Zhou Xuan leave the villa.
Bai Mingyue is about to turn around and walk into the villa, but suddenly she sees Qin Xueqing's figure walking towards Zhou Xuan. It seems that she still shouts Zhou Xuan.
Let the white moon look tight.
But her father and grandfather are waiting for her upstairs. It seems to be an emergency in the group. She can only helplessly watch this scene.
“Zhou Xuan!”Qin Xueqing called.
Zhou Xuan hears sound to turn head, then see carrying wine red exquisite small bag of Qin Xueqing to walk slowly toward oneself.
Probably because of a good friend's birthday party.
Qin Xueqing is well dressed today.
A small white suit with a diamond pendant hanging on the neck, just hanging between the delicate clavicles.
The lower body is a close fitting white hip skirt, with thin black silk, it makes people feel a kind of elite female atmosphere.
At the party, Zhou Xuan saw Qin Xueqing.
Also found Qin Xueqing looked at himself several eyes, seems to want to speak, but Zhou Xuan lazy to reason with this woman, there is no response.
Unexpectedly, at the end of the party, she would stop herself.
“What's the matter?”Zhou Xuan not cold not light ask a way.
“You should not have time to take a taxi, can you find a place to have a chat?”Seeing Zhou Xuan's attitude, Qin Xueqing's pretty eyebrows slightly frowned, but she said patiently.
“Right here. I'm in a hurry.”Zhou Xuan looks at the nearly perfect urban beauty opposite. The goddess president's tone is a little impatient.
He doesn't think there is anything to talk about with Qin Xueqing.
It's just a misunderstanding. It's hard for this woman to do things so well, not only expel herself, but also recover six months' salary.
No matter how beautiful she looks, it's hard for Zhou Xuan to have any good feelings for her.
“Find a coffee shop. This is not a place to talk about things. If you are in a hurry, I can take you home later.”
Qin Xueqing can feel Zhou Xuan's impatient attitude.
But her character is crisp, and she doesn't want to leave a knot in her heart all the time. She hopes to take this opportunity to tell the story as soon as possible.
In addition, she has now seen Zhou Xuan's ability.
After the dismissal of Lin Shan and Jin Peng, the position in the company became vacant.
Whether for the benefit of the company or to make up for the damage to Zhou Xuan, she wants Zhou Xuan to return to the position of general manager of Tianya investment company.
On the other side.
Zhou Xuan looks at Qin Xueqing and frowns slightly.
What the hell does this woman want?
There should be nothing to talk about between herself and her.
However, see Qin Xueqing a pair of will not give up appearance, Zhou Xuan or nodded.
A few minutes later, in a quiet cafe.
Qin Xueqing chose a relatively less personal position and sat opposite Zhou Xuan.
She took a sip of the hot coffee.
“What's the matter? Come on, I'm not here for a date with you. I can wait patiently for you to enjoy the mellow smell of coffee.”Zhou Xuan saw Qin Xueqing's appearance, picked up the coffee in front of him and shook it casually.
“Are you so impatient when you talk business with customers? We just came to the coffee shop.”Qin Xueqing frowned.
Zhou Xuan puts down his coffee and looks directly into Qin Xueqing's eyes.
“When I talk to customers, I naturally adopt an attitude towards them.But you're not the client I'm going to serve, just my former boss, so if you have something to say, say it. ”
“You…” Qin Xueqing bit silver teeth, beautiful eyes staring at Zhou Xuan, finally can't help but say: “as for you, a man how so stingy!”
Zhou Xuan is angry to smile for a while, also put down the coffee in hand, contend with Qin Xueqing to look at each other: “you aim at me, kick me out of the company don't say, still let personnel department director Jin Peng fabricate contract trap, before leaving, still want to pit me.”
“If I didn't understand the contract and didn't sign it, now I can't find a way to redress the injustice. Do you think I'm stingy?”
Qin Xueqing was also fighting with Zhou Xuan, looking at each other.
But after hearing Zhou Xuan's words, he was stunned: “do you say I let Jin Peng make up the contract trap?”
“Isn't it?”Zhou Xuan holds his arms and looks at Qin Xueqing coldly.
This was confirmed by Zhou Xuan and Jin Peng, director of the personnel department.
“Of course not!How can I do such a tasteless thing!!And it's against the labor law! “Qin Xueqing categorically denied.
“Not you?”Zhou Xuan saw Qin Xueqing's reaction, some accident.
The main reason is that Qin Xueqing's Leng didn't seem to pretend.
In addition, if she does, Qin Xueqing doesn't seem to have to deny it. In her capacity, it's unnecessary.
Looking at the expression of Zhou Xuan.
Now Qin Xueqing seems to know what the problem is.
“That guy, he put it on me!”
At the same time, Qin Xueqing immediately explained: “I learned about the contract trap later. I have already fired Jin Peng and Lin Shan, but I didn't expect that he even pushed the fabrication of the contract to me!”
She came here today just to make these things clear.
But I didn't expect such a big misunderstanding.
This, Zhou Xuan why can have such attitude to oneself, Qin Xueqing understood at once.
However, it is also because of understanding that Qin Xueqing is more angry.
Not to Zhou Xuan, but to Jin Peng.
It's all because of this guy that he is inexplicably impatient by Zhou Xuan.
Originally, Qin Xueqing wanted to let Jin Peng leave his job normally because he didn't have the credit or the hard work.
But now, Qin Xueqing has no such mood.
She doesn't have to do anything. With her position in the business circle, she only needs to make a few phone calls later, so that Jin Peng can no longer have a foothold in the future!
No one will offend the president of Qin's group for the sake of a small head of personnel department.
Does Jin Peng want to find a job in the future?
It's not that I can't find it.
There's still a chance to be a dishwasher.
But do you want to work in a big company with a high degree?
No way*
Chapter 36: solving misunderstandings
“Lin Shan and Jin Peng have been expelled?”
“Of course, it's unforgivable that they dare to do such things behind my back. Naturally, I can't keep them in the company any more!”
Zhou Xuan frowned slightly.
If so, he really misunderstood Qin Xueqing.
Lin Shan is the general manager of the company and Jin Peng is the manager of the personnel department.
Such a person is dismissed, as long as back to the company a little inquiry, you can know the truth.
Qin Xueqing can't tell such a lie.
However, because the information of both sides is not equal.
This kind of misunderstanding is inevitable.
“I see…” Zhou Xuan nodded: “that I understand, if there is no other thing, I will go back first.”
When the misunderstanding is solved, Zhou Xuan is more pleased with Qin Xueqing.
Anyway, she's a beauty.
And if she just dismissed herself, there was a reason.
After all, it was because I misunderstood her meaning that I kissed her.
It's nothing.
[dispel a misunderstanding, master eloquence + 20!]
The system prompt sound suddenly sounded in Zhou Xuan's mind.
Zhou Xuan was surprised.
That's OK.
At this time, Qin Xueqing saw that Zhou Xuan was going to leave, and began to call Zhou Xuan: “are you going to leave?I have something else to tell you. ”
“What else?”Zhou Xuan looks at Qin Xueqing suspiciously.
“I fired Lin Shan and Jin Peng in a row. Now the positions of general manager and personnel manager are vacant in Tianya investment company.”
“Now that the misunderstanding has been solved, I hope you can return to Tianya investment company.”
“General manager!He is also the manager of the personnel department
“You have worked in the company for many years before, and you are very familiar with Tianya investment company. I believe it is the best choice to return to Tianya investment company.”
Qin Xueqing Chen said.
That's why.
On the one hand, the misunderstanding has been solved.
On the other hand, Qin Xueqing also saw Zhou Xuan's ability.
Before if there is no Lin Shan pressure Zhou Xuan performance, Qin Xueqing do not know Zhou Xuan has such excellent ability.
Qin Xueqing can't return Zhou xuanci so easily.
At least we should ask Zhou Xuan why she is kissing herself.
So now, of course, she doesn't want brain drain.
Or go to the opposite Mingyue investment company.
opposite side.
When Zhou Xuan heard Qin Xueqing's words, he couldn't help laughing.
However, it is impossible for him to return to Tianya investment company.
Although he is only the vice president of Mingyue investment company, Bai Mingyue gives him great power.
And with Bai Mingyue's attitude towards him now, plus his excellent ability, he is very sure to get the shares of Mingyue investment company.
It can even be said that they will be able to get shares.
But in Tianya investment company, it's impossible.
Qin Xueqing's personality is strong. She likes to have absolute control over everything. She can't rub sand in her eyes.
In Tianya investment company, it is impossible for her to share the company.
Even if it's divided, it won't be much.
Rejection is for sure.
But now the relationship with Qin Xueqing has eased, it depends on how to say this refusal.
I don't know if it's the reason for the improvement of eloquence.
This problem is only in Zhou Xuan's mind, he thought of the perfect wording.
“Thank you for your kindness.”
“But it's the most difficult to accept beauty. I'm in Mingyue investment company, and miss Mingyue is very kind to me.”
“I can't live up to miss Mingyue's kindness just because of another beauty's kindness.”
“Mr. Qin, what do you say?”
Hearing Zhou Xuan's words, Qin Xueqing over there is stunned.
Suddenly understand, another beauty in Zhou Xuan words is to point to oneself.
In fact, Qin Xueqing is immune to flattery. She doesn't feel much about such words as beauty and beauty.
But what Zhou Xuan said was very natural, which made her very useful.
Mingming was rejected, but he couldn't get a little angry.
Qin Xueqing knows why.
There is only one reason, that is, the other party is very good at speaking and has high Eq.
This guy… Is EQ that high?
Is it hard to pretend before?
Didn't he mean to kiss me before???
Qin Xueqing had a strange idea in her mind, which was soon suppressed by her.
“Well, since you have said that…”
Qin Xueqing nodded gently and took another sip of coffee: “I'll take you back.”
Before, Zhou Xuan would refuse.
Because just rejected the other party's job request, also let the other party drive himself, very embarrassed.
But at the moment, Zhou Xuan just said with a smile: “I'm very honored.”
Qin Xueqing also thought that this trip to send Zhou Xuan home should be very boring.
She is not a talkative character.
Zhou Xuan doesn't look like someone who can coax girls.
But along the way, Zhou Xuan's performance surprised Qin Xueqing.
It seems that Zhou Xuan just opens her mouth at will, and can stir up the topic, which is just what she is interested in.
The original ten minutes' journey seemed to arrive in the blink of an eye.
“Mr. Qin, just park here.”Zhou Xuan reminds a way.
“Here we are?”Qin Xueqing blinked her eyes. For the first time, she felt that chatting with a man had a kind of feeling that she still had more than enough.
The impression of Zhou Xuan also changed a lot.
“Yes, be careful all the way.”
“Thank you…”
Qin Xueqing calmed down and nodded before driving away.
Zhou Xuan looked at the back of the car and stretched.
“Eloquence is really mysterious…”
Zhou Xuan naturally understood that many of his words just now were just right.
This must be the reason for the improvement of eloquence.
Back home, Zhou Xuan wanted to have a good sleep.
But when I thought of something, I turned on my laptop.
Sat by the bed and looked at the stock.
The new energy stock.
The stock price is still soaring all the way up.
It's glowing red.
Many stock groups, those who bought this stock are crazy.
Originally, the investors who invested a little tentatively called for a big loss and bought the rest of their savings.
And those who didn't buy before are also a little envious, and with the mentality that it's not too late to mend, they follow suit to buy new energy stocks.
It is precisely because of this psychology that new energy stocks continue to rise.
“It's almost time…”
“In these two days, you can cash out!”
Zhou Xuan is not as crazy as ordinary shareholders.
He looked at the trend of new energy stock with data, and his expression was very calm.
He is in the new energy stock has not risen when the one breath Soha.
So far, the money invested has increased hundreds of times.
Now as long as you cash out, these are white money.
However, Zhou Xuan is not worried.
With the existence of data eye, he knows when new energy stocks will start to fall.
He's going to cash at the top!
Steal a chicken from new energy*
Chapter 37 XT technology, investment trap【[request subscription]
I took another look at the other 13 stocks.
These 13 belong to Mingyue investment company, and Zhou Xuan has been staring at them.
Naturally, they can't rise as much as new energy.
But the victory is smooth.
Zhou Xuan checked with the data eye, found that there are two stocks of money, need to take out.
One of them is because they want to fall.
The other is that the profits are not so high.
This is also about Zhou Xuan's performance.
“It seems that I have to go to the company tomorrow to remind them to take out the shares.”
Zhou Xuan turned off his laptop and lay comfortably in bed.
Go to work.
But he just has to stare at the stock every day.
Other time, it's all holidays. Except for special circumstances, even the company doesn't have to go.
This kind of life is really comfortable.
Think back to Bai Mingyue, the hot and sexy boss.
When to start the boss again, it will be perfect.
Zhou Xuan picked up the remote control of the air conditioner.
Adjust the temperature to the most comfortable 27 ℃.
I'm planning to have a good sleep, but I didn't expect a phone to come in.
“White moon?”
Zhou Xuan surprised, how just thought of the beauty boss, beauty boss called.
“Hello, Mingyue…” Zhou Xuan got through.
“Xiaoxuan, is Xueqing looking for you?”Zhou Xuan hasn't said anything yet. Bai Mingyue over there asks anxiously.
Bai Mingyue has seen it, just want to confirm it in Zhouxuan.
“Well, Mr. Qin asked me to talk about the company.”Zhou Xuan did not hide, to tell the truth.
“Does Xueqing let you go back to Tianya investment company?You went back? “Bai Mingyue's voice is still a little anxious.
“Yes, Mr. Qin said that he fired the general manager and the personnel manager. There was a vacancy in Tianya investment company. He wanted me to go back to work as the general manager and the personnel manager, but I…”
Although Zhou Xuan's eloquence has improved.
But I didn't think why Bai Mingyue was so anxious for a moment.
They plan to tell the truth.
But don't want to, say to half, white bright moon already anxious.
“Xiaoxuan, please don't promise her. I've been thinking about giving you shares. It's just a matter of how much to give!”
“You are better in Mingyue investment company than in Tianya investment company!”
Hear the words of Bai Mingyue in the telephone, Zhou Xuan Leng for a while.
Good guy
He hasn't said anything yet. How did Bai Mingyue throw out all the benefits.
The mouth is too fast.
He didn't plan to go back to Tianya investment company.
This wave is for nothing.
I seem to be in a hurry.
Zhou Xuan didn't know, he played a hard to get routine for no reason.
On the other side of the phone, Bai Mingyue saw that Zhou Xuan didn't move. She couldn't help but say again.
“I will discuss the specific shares as soon as possible in the next two days, and then draw up a share transfer agreement. Don't go back to Xueqing's company!”
Thinking of Bai Mingyue's anxious and lovely appearance on the phone, Zhou Xuan couldn't help laughing: “OK… OK, I didn't plan to go back. Don't worry, don't worry.”
Hearing Zhou Xuan's reply, Bai Mingyue was a little relieved, not so anxious.
Beichi nibbled his lower lip and said subconsciously: “I'm in such a hurry, but I'm not afraid that you will run away… I care about you so much, and you still smile…”
In the face of such coquettish general words, Zhou Xuan a little don't know how to return, at this time, eloquence again good also useless.
Just a dry cough.
It's really the most difficult thing to accept beauty's kindness.
“All right, I won't disturb you.”Bai Mingyue saw that there was no response on the phone for a long time. She flattened her mouth and hung up.
Zhou Xuan breathed a sigh of relief.
I was going to sleep, but now I just took my notebook.
Search on the Internet: how to say love words, how to face beauty's coquetry, love words introduction, and […. com]
No way, for Zhou Xuan, these have to learn hard.
Of course, the last one is not the learning content.
“Mr. Zhu!You can relax!For a customer like you, we will check it as soon as possible, and then make a loan to you! ”
“Still need to audit?I've shown you the list of items. Do you think I can't make money, or do you think I've been waiting so long? ”
“It's just a process…”
“Manager Jiang, in that case, why don't I just go to the bank for a loan?You are so funny… ”
“Mr. Zhu, don't worry, we can talk about it again. I will help you to press down the audit process. Don't worry!”
“I'll wait for your news, manager Jiang, tomorrow at the latest!”
Zhou Xuan came to Mingyue investment company.
I'm going to have people withdraw the money from the two stocks I saw last night.
Passing by the general manager's office, I just heard this conversation.
Later, Zhou Xuan saw Jiang Ming, the general manager, send a middle-aged man about 40 years old out of the office.
It seems that they are the people who come to invest.
However, judging from Jiang Ming's attitude, it seems that this company is not a small one.
Otherwise, in Jiang Ming's capacity, he could not be so servile.
“Who is he?”After the middle-aged man left, Zhou Xuan asked Jiang Ming directly.
“The general secretary of XT Technology Co., Ltd.!”Seeing Zhou Xuan, Jiang Ming straightened up again and replied.
Since Zhou Xuan came to Mingyue investment company, he got the favor of Bai Mingyue.
Jiang Ming, the general manager, has a great sense of crisis.
I'd like to sign a big deal and secure my position.
I didn't expect that XT Technology Co., Ltd. actually sent someone to contact us two days ago, revealing the intention of pulling a billion yuan investment.
This immediately excited Jiang Ming.
XT technology, a big company, is usually in contact with banks. I didn't expect to find Mingyue investment company to cooperate.
This is a big business!
Once in a blue moon!
Once the investment goes down, you just have to wait to recover the principal and interest!
Jiang Ming talked about this in person. Naturally, it will be Jiang Ming's achievements at that time. Otherwise, Jiang Ming would not be so flattering.
“XT technology?”
Zhou Xuan also knows about the company.
This is a well-known local mobile phone company, which occupies a certain market share in China and makes a lot of money. It is also a star enterprise in Jianghai city.
However, in principle, this kind of large company, even if they are short of funds, will only seek bank loans.
I don't care about small organizations like bird investment company.
Somehow, I found Mingyue investment company this time.
Zhou Xuan narrowed his eyes and didn't say much.
XT technology is a listed company, he wants to see the stock trend of this company directly with the data eye.
Come to a computer that specializes in looking at stocks, find XT technology stocks, Zhou Xuan opens the data eye.
At this point, Zhou Xu took a cool breath on the spot.
“How insidious
“Sure enough, there's something wrong with TM!”*
Chapter 38 you are doing well
Judging from the trend of the stock market.
XT technology company's stock, which had been in a stable trend, will plunge down in a few days.
It's like a mountain.
This decline in the stock market will never be a normal change in the stock market.
XT technology company must be something big happened to cause this situation.
For example, when the company goes bankrupt, the boss runs away with money.
Contact XT technology very unusual to find Mingyue investment company to pull investment.
Zhou Xuan thinks, this kind of possibility is in all likelihood.
It's obviously a plan to pit all the money before running, and then evaporate completely.
Play disappear, or go abroad.
In this case, the bank's loan to XT technology company can recover part of the assets such as the land mortgaged by XT technology company and the company's building.
However, small investment and lending institutions such as Mingyue investment company are unable to recover the money invested.
The money that can't be collected will turn into bad debts and can't be made up any more.
Billions of bad debts!
Moreover, the money is not all from Mingyue investment company.
There is also a part of the investor's money, but also to repay investors.
If the investor is unable to repay the money, it is possible for Mingyue investment company to go bankrupt or be forced to apply for bankruptcy.
More than that, even if the money Mingyue investment company can repay to investors.
This incident will also lead to the loss of trust of investors in Mingyue investment company.
Who dares to easily give his money to a company that has been cheated out of a billion??
The consequences are terrible!
There's no place to cry then!
This kind of terrible consequence is the reason why Zhou Xuan took in the cold air.
“I have to confirm it first.”
Zhou Xuan immediately thought of Qin Xueqing's Tianya investment company.
If XT technology really wants to make a final dent before running, it will also find Qin Xueqing's Tianya investment company.
“Hello?Zhou Xuan
Qin Xueqing was a little surprised when she received a call from Zhou Xuan.
I didn't expect that Zhou Xuan would call her after she rejected her offer last night.
Is there a turn for the better?
“Mr. Qin, I want to know something.”
“Oh?You said
“It's about XT Technology…”
“You say XT technology. They really want to invest in Tianya.
It is said that it was three days ago that we wanted to study a brand new smart machine with the amount of 1.2 billion.
I have had some cooperation with the manager of XT technology. They seem to be in a hurry.
I've handed it over to the people in the company for negotiation. ”
Hearing Qin Xueqing's words, Zhou Xuan is almost laughed by his disgusting face.
“One billion, one billion and one billion and two hundred million at the same time, XT technology really dares to take it!”Zhou Xuan sneered.
“What's the matter?”Qin Xueqing hears something wrong from Zhou Xuan's tone.
“Mr. Qin, let me remind you that XT technology is going to have an accident in recent days. If you don't want to turn the 1.2 billion yuan into bad debts, don't give him a cent.”Zhou Xuan said that, he can't say too clearly.
Besides, he has to deal with this issue.
If you really let Jiang Ming give the money, Mingyue investment company will be finished.
“What happened?Yes?Hello… Zhou Xuan
Qin Xueqing listens to the blind voice on the phone, remembers Zhou Xuan's tone and frowns slightly.
Think for a moment.
Qin Xueqing picked up the phone and called a department manager of Tianya investment company in charge of this matter: “Hello, it's me who gave up the investment to XT technology. Yes, there may be a problem.”
Qin Xueqing's action is very fast and decisive.
If you give up, you give up.
On the one hand, it's because of Zhou Xuan's call.
On the other hand, she also thought it was a bit unusual.
Mingyue investment company.
Hang up with Qin Xueqing after the phone, Zhou Xuan quickly walk away from the computer.
Go to the audit department.
Any investment of Mingyue investment company needs to be confirmed by the audit department.
Audit the work of the Department.
It is to check whether there are loopholes in the projects used by various companies to apply for investment, whether they are true, whether they can make money, and whether there are problems in the qualification and financial report of various companies.
In order to avoid the company with the project to cheat the investment situation.
When Zhou Xuan arrived at the audit department.
I found that Jiang Ming was also there.
“Mr. Jiang, I may need to take this project planning and financial statement back tonight to study it carefully…”
“Research?Have you never heard of XT technology?What else to study? It's a billion dollar list!Can you afford the delay? ”
“But… It's a necessary process. I'm sure I can't finish reading these project plans and reports before I get off work today.”
Jiang Ming was standing at the desk of a woman who was in charge of auditing.
In the face of Jiang Ming's harsh questioning, the female staff were crying.
This female staff member is very young, just out of University, a baby face, pink, very lovely.
She has just come to the audit department. She works hard and seriously. She is also very popular in the audit department.
Other staff of the audit department saw this scene, though they wanted to plead for the female staff member.
But because of Jiang Ming's reasons, they did not dare to open their mouths and were busy with their work, but their eyes still looked at them from time to time.
“I've read all these project plans and statements. There's no problem. Just sign and lend money. I'll be responsible for any problems!”
Jiang Ming said impatiently, he is still anxious to give XT technology a satisfactory answer tomorrow, and fight for this achievement!
How can we wait!
“But this…”
The female clerk opened her mouth. Although Jiang Ming said so, she signed her name. If something should happen, she would be the first one to look for her.
Just at this time, Zhou Xuan went over.
Many eyes have noticed Zhou Xuan, including Jiang Ming and the woman clerk who is about to cry.
In full view of the public.
Between Zhou Xuan walked past.
Pick up the report and project planning on the desk.
A tear.
These things were directly torn in half by Zhou Xuan.
Seeing this, everyone was shocked.
Jiang Ming also widened his eyes: “Zhou Xuan, you… You…”
Zhou Xuan did not look at him.
Just looked at the female staff, nodded with a smile and said: “you are doing very well. At this time, you must not sign. Audit is a position that needs to be seriously responsible. If you make a mistake, the company will suffer huge losses!”
The female employee looks at Zhou Xuan's handsome face and hears Zhou Xuan's encouraging words.
A blush rose on his face.
Coy nodded: “MMM!”
On one side, Jiang Ming is about to be blown up!
“Zhou Xuan!Do you know what you've doneJiang Ming almost growled*
Chapter 39: I am the general manager
“I saved a huge loss for the company.”Facing Jiang Ming's roar, Zhou Xuan said lightly.
“To recover the loss?”Jiang Ming said angrily, “I don't think you want me to do this kind of thing because I don't want my performance to surpass you. Do you know that this is a billion dollar list!”
“A golden opportunity!”
“Once this investment is put out, how much will the company get in return? Do you know?”
Looking at Jiang Ming, who has been dazzled by his achievements, Zhou Xuan asked without expression: “if the principal can't be collected, what's the return?”
Jiang Ming stares at Zhou Xuan and asks, “what do you mean? Do you know that XT technology company's influence in Jianghai city and even the whole country can't get the principal back?Are you telling me a joke? ”
“Will a company as big as XT technology be greedy for our company's investment?If people use their mouths, they will be able to lend more than 10 billion yuan in the bank. This is an opportunity for us!An opportunity for continuous cooperation
I watched Jiang Ming for a while.
Zhou Xuan shook his head.
This guy wants to surpass himself in performance, so as to stabilize the position of general manager.
For this reason, I have lost my mind.
In this case, Zhou Xuan has been too lazy to reason.
“XT technology is a well-known enterprise in this city, I do not deny it.”
“But no matter how big an enterprise is, it's not impossible for it to go bankrupt overnight.”
“XT technology is in a hurry to invest this time. I think the situation is very abnormal. It's very possible that there are some internal problems. We can't rule out the possibility of money absconding.”
At this time, because of Jiang Ming's roar, many staff from other departments had gathered around to watch.
After Zhou Xuan explained the reason simply, said directly.
“Miss Mingyue has given me the right to invest in the company. I don't agree with this investment, so let it go.”
“Everybody else, go back to work.”
Zhou Xuan said, without looking at the angry Jiang Ming, directly left the company.
In fact, he only came here today to instruct the people in the company to take out two of the 13 stocks and transfer them to other stocks.
Apart from that, nothing else.
It seems that something happened to Bai's group these days. Bai Mingyue was asked by her father to help in the group, so she didn't have time to come to the company.
Zhou Xuan is too lazy to stay.
After Zhou Xuan left.
There are also many people secretly looking at Jiang Ming in the audit department.
For the staff in the company, Jiang Ming and Zhou Xuan are the two bosses in Mingyue investment company.
Today's “boss war” is obviously better than the new deputy general manager Zhou Xuan.
Audit department.
Jiang Ming's chest heaved with anger.
He didn't listen to Zhou Xuan at all.
On the one hand, he really wants to surpass Zhou Xuan in performance and get Bai Mingyue's attention again.
On the other hand, in Jiang Ming's view.
What Zhou Xuan said is that XT technology company may go bankrupt and abscond with money, which is a big problem in the world.
That's an old enterprise that has been standing steadily for decades in Jianghai city!!
Closed overnight?
It's funny!
It is precisely because XT technology company is such an old brand enterprise that Jiang Ming dares to invest and lend money to XT technology company without careful examination.
“President Jiang… This information.”Yan Xiaoyu, the female employee.
She carefully will be Zhou Xuan torn into two pieces of information to pack up, hands hold want to give Jiang Ming.
“What are you doing for me?”Jiang Ming glared at Yan Xiaoyu: “it's just torn in half, pasted with transparent glue, printed a new one, and signed it!”
“But… Mr. Zhou didn't say…” Yan Xiaoyu was confused and stammered.
“I'm the general manager!You just need to sign. I'll take full responsibility if anything goes wrong! “Jiang Ming snorted coldly: “when this investment makes money, I see what Zhou Xuan can say!”
“That is, Miss Mingyue has no time to manage the company these days, otherwise how dare this guy be so arbitrary!”
The voice fell.
Jiang Ming sneered.
After receiving a huge return on this investment, he must tell Zhou Xuan about it in front of Miss Mingyue.
On the other side.
Zhou Xuan left the company and went to the bank by the way.
A into the bank, looking for a counter staff, Zhou Xuan said directly.
“Hello, I'm from XT technology company. I'd like to ask, when will the loan applied by our company be approved?”
“XT technology company, let me see… The loan applied by your company is still in the process of approval, specific…”
“OK, it's OK. I'll go first.”
Hearing that the loan was being approved, Zhou Xuan went straight away.
The reason why he came to the bank is to test whether XT technology has applied for loans in the bank.
If you ask “XT technology company has applied for a loan here” foolishly, it is impossible for the bank staff to tell you.
Because I'm worried that you are a competitor of XT technology.
The bank has a duty of confidentiality.
However, Zhou Xuan naturally said that he was from XT technology company, so he could easily get the answer.
Ask all four banks in a row.
Zhou Xuan surprisingly found that XT technology company applied for loans from all four banks.
Among them, the main bank of XT technology company, that is, the bank that often cooperates with XT technology company, has even made loans.
“I want to collect all the wool I can before I run away.”
Anyway, whether it's successful or not, try it.
Those financial statements and project planning can deceive every company.
In a word, we have to run away, and we won't lose money in doing so.
The most terrible thing is.
XT technology company as a local well-known enterprises, has always had a high reputation.
People from banks and investment companies will relax their vigilance when they see XT technology's investment or loan application.
The process of banks lending to companies is simple.
That is, the enterprise applies, and then goes to the audit department to audit the financial statements and other information by the staff. After passing, the loan will be made.
Of course, large loans generally require assets or bonds as collateral.
Now Zhou Xuan.
It's completely conceivable.
XT technology's financial statements to banks and investment companies are certainly whitewashed.
Whitewash the report.
That is to add some non-existent income to the original financial statements, or count the virtual assets into the income.
In addition, it is to forge false asset mortgage information.
As long as the auditors pay little attention to these two items, they can successfully defraud investment and loans.
Zhou Xuan, who has worked in an investment company for many years, knows these things very well.
Reality, sometimes, is so mysterious.
Billions, tens of billions are probably so simple that they are cheated.
“It's impossible to prevent it!”
“Who would have thought that such a well-known enterprise would run away with money?”
Zhou Xuan shook his head.
XT technology company is in such a hurry to collect wool everywhere. It should be about two days since they went bankrupt*
Chapter 40 thanks to Zhou Xuan's reminder
On the way home from the bank.
Zhou Xuan didn't know that Jiang Ming still authorized the investment on his own after he left.
At noon the next day, a billion dollars were sent by bank.
Transferred to XT technology.
Three days are fleeting.
Three o'clock at noon.
As the general manager, Jiang Ming looks up the information of some enterprises in his office to see if there are any suitable ones for investment.
Investment companies and banks are similar in some ways.
They all absorb the public's funds, and then lend to enterprises or collect returns on investment.
For example, there is a job in a bank, which is to find qualified enterprises and ask others for loans.
you 're right.
It's asking for money.
The head office of the bank will even set a loan target for each sub branch. It is only when the loan reaches several billion yuan a year that the bank can achieve its performance.
The depositors put their money in the bank for interest.
The same is true for bank lending, which requires the principal and interest of high-quality enterprise loans.
Many profitable enterprises have sufficient capital chain and do not need loans at all.
The enterprises that do not make money need loans, but if they are given loans, the banks will worry that they will not get back the principal and interest.
Therefore, in fact, bank lending is also a very difficult thing.
Banks desperately want to give loans to enterprises that are not short of money, not to enterprises that really need loans.
This matter is known as: send the umbrella on sunny days, and collect the umbrella on rainy days.
Basically, the profits of investment companies are similar to this, but sometimes they are more risky than bank lending and need a better perspective.
“This project seems to be good…”
In the office.
Jiang Mingfan looked at a project plan and said to himself.
Just then, he suddenly heard a scream from outside the office, and then there was a complete uproar outside.
“What's going on?”
“Or do you finish all the work in hand during working hours?What's the noise outside? ”
Jiang Ming frowned and looked unhappy. He opened the door of the office and looked out.
But suddenly found that all employees looking at their own eyes, there are some wrong, or, a little strange.
“What's the matter?”Jiang Ming didn't know why, so he frowned more tightly.
“Jiang… General manager Jiang…” a confidant of Jiang Ming swallowed a mouthful of saliva and stood up tremblingly, looking at Jiang Ming, with panic in his eyes.
“What's the matter?”Jiang Ming said angrily.
“President Jiang!XT technology company… Something's wrong, something's wrong! ”
The first time that this word falls, Jiang Ming has not been able to respond.
He was stunned for nearly two seconds before his face changed.
Recall Zhou Xuan's reminder, or warning.
“Be clear!”Jiang Mingqiang was calm. He held the door frame with his hand, but he subconsciously used his strength. His bones turned pale.
“According to the new… News, XT technology company was deserted overnight, and their boss seems to have run away with money!”
“What!?Where's the news? ”
“A lot of news is covering this…”
At this time, Jiang Ming saw that everyone had a mobile phone.
It's obviously from mobile news.
Jiang Ming snatched a person's mobile phone directly.
There are only a few big words in bold and black on the screen [XT technology company is empty, boss Zhu Caimin runs away with money. Before running away, he used to borrow money from many banks and investment companies to defraud investment. He is suspected to have been planning for a long time…]
Jiang Ming felt dizzy for a moment, and felt unsteady for a moment.
Billion… Billion
Jiang Ming, pale as a sheet, recalled the billion yuan he had personally authorized to invest in XT technology a few days ago.
The heart is shaking.
“Vice President Zhou's prediction is right!”
“Vice President Zhou said at that time that he could not invest in XT technology company!”
“Yes, I remember!At that time, vice president Zhou guessed that XT Company was going to run away with money! ”
“You should listen to Vice President Zhou. It's too powerful…”
Jiang Ming heard a voice of shock and admiration, but his legs were trembling.
“Mr. Jiang, it's too big to report to boss Bai…”
“No way!”
Hearing this, Jiang Ming roared.
However, other department managers have ignored him and called Bai Mingyue directly.
Ordinary employees may not realize the seriousness of this.
But they know it very well.
This is a billion bad debts, cheated a billion!
At the same time, the reputation of Mingyue investment company is also damaged!
If it can't be handled properly, the money will not be recovered.
Even if Mingyue investment company doesn't close down, it will certainly carry out layoffs!
This is about the vital interests of all employees.
After many ordinary employees want to understand this, they glare at Jiang Ming.
When Bai Mingyue rushed to the company.
I heard the news on the TV hanging on the wall in the company.
All the employees gathered here, looking up at the news with worry on their faces.
Because of this, they are likely to lose their jobs!!
“… XT technology company boss absconds with money.”
“A number of banks and investment companies have been cheated. At present, Zhu Caimin's whereabouts are unknown. Many banks have chosen to report to the police, but I'm afraid the loan is difficult to recover…”
Listen to the news on TV.
The white moon is as deep as water.
She has been helping in Baishi group these days, and Jiang Ming and Zhou Xuan are responsible for the affairs of the investment company.
How also did not expect, a few days time, will happen so terrible thing.
“What's going on?”
“Billion investment!Such a large sum of money! ”
“No one found the problem!Didn't you audit XT technology's financial report well!?! ”
“What does the auditing department do?”
“And!This matter, this investment, who nodded the loan
The white bright moon is biting a tooth, one word one meal of ask a way.
When everyone saw the white moon coming, it was quiet.
When Jiang Ming heard the serial questions, his legs softened and he knelt down, his mouth trembling.
Seeing this scene, the white moon looked sharp.
I'm going to ask carefully.
The phone suddenly rang.
Originally, Bai Mingyue was not in the mood to answer, but seeing that it was Qin Xueqing, she frowned and picked up the phone.
“Bright moon!I can't get through to Zhou Xuan, but I really want to thank Zhou Xuan for this
As soon as I get through the phone, Qin Xueqing's voice comes from inside, making Bai Mingyue stunned.
“Xueqing, what does that mean?”Bai Mingyue frowned and asked suspiciously.
“Don't you know?Zhu Caimin ran away. XT technology applied to Tianya investment company for investment before. Fortunately, Zhou Xuan reminded me that otherwise, I might be cheated. Who would have thought Zhu Caimin would run away! “Qin Xueqing said very happily.
“Can you contact Zhou Xuan? I'd like to invite him to dinner tonight to express my thanks… Hello?”
Qin Xueqing hears the blind sound of “dududu” on the phone, and Bai Mingyue has hung up*
Chapter 41 cruel financial industry
“Just now, it was president Qin of Tianya investment company.”
“President Qin told me that XT technology company might have problems. Zhou Xuan reminded her in advance.”
“To this end, Tianya investment company has avoided a huge loss.”
“I want to know now…”
“Since Zhou Xuan has found out about this, why is our company still cheated out of billions of investment?”
Bai Mingyue looks cold.
The sound is like a mixture of cold wind, so that the whole company is quiet down, the needle can be heard.
“Speak up!”White moon, cold voice.
Jiang Ming's face is like ashes.
At this time, a department manager came forward.
“Miss Mingyue, this matter was discussed by Jiang and other people of science and technology, and also authorized by Jiang!”
“On that day, vice president Zhou came to the company. At that time, vice president Zhou saw that XT technology had problems, and even accurately predicted that XT technology might run away with money.”
“He also made it very clear to President Jiang that he did not agree with the investment and let it go.”
The department manager gave Jiang Ming a cold look.
Because of this guy, he may be laid off. Most of the employees in the whole company may be laid off.
It's strange to have a good face.
After a pause, the Department Manager continued.
“However, as soon as vice president Zhou left, President Jiang ignored his words.”
“He not only authorized the investment on his own initiative, but also used his own rights to force the staff of the audit department to sign a loan, which directly suppressed the original audit process…”
So far, Jiang Ming's face is still pale to the extreme, without a trace of blood.
“Lin zhouchao, you!!Miss Mingyue, I am… I am also for the company's performance… Who can think of… Who can think of… ”
“You fart!”
When Lin zhouchao, the Department Manager, heard this, he directly scolded his mother.
Because of Jiang Ming's roar that day.
Many people in the company go to the audit department to eat melons.
Almost everyone knows about the quarrel between Zhou Xuan and Jiang Ming.
Of course, accurately speaking, it should be Jiang Ming's one-sided barking. Zhou Xuan didn't pay much attention to him at all.
So, the whole company knows.
Jiang Ming agreed to this investment in order to surpass Zhou Xuan in performance, not for the company at all.
“Boss Bai, I can testify that I heard the conversation between Jiang and vice president Zhou that day!”
“Me too. President Jiang made his own decision and forced Xiaoyu of the audit department to sign it!”
“Yes, Mr. Zhou Mingming has already reminded me…”
With the Department Manager taking the lead.
Here's the atmosphere.
The whole company was filled with indignation.
Jiang Ming made his own decisions, but they may also be laid off.
Now who doesn't hate Jiang Ming.
“Good!Jiang Ming!You did a good job
Bai Mingyue has heard the whole story from these words, and her voice is getting colder and colder: “you are waiting to be prosecuted!”
“Sue?!What are you suing me for? “Jiang Ming suddenly raised his head and looked at Bai Mingyue in surprise.
“Now I suspect that you collude with XT technology people to cheat investment from the company.”Said Bai Mingyue.
“But I didn't…”
“Go and explain these to the court. Don't worry. Even if you don't have them, I can let you go in for two years.”
With these words, Bai Mingyue holds her arms and frowns.
But whatever she did, she was still in a mess.
It's too much of a problem.
First, the amount of money cheated is too large. This is a net loss of a whole billion yuan. Moreover, it is not all the money of Mingyue investment company. If it cannot be recovered, Mingyue investment company will have to pay to make up the hole.
Second, being cheated out of one billion yuan of investment will make investors lose their trust in Mingyue investment company, stop investing money in it, and even recover the funds previously placed in Mingyue investment company.
This is a terrible thing.
The huge capital of Mingyue investment company itself is the capital from countless people.
If a large number of investors want to withdraw their funds because of the loss of trust, then in addition to the loss of one billion.
Mingyue investment company even has to withdraw money from the profitable stocks and return it to investors.
In this way, the whole company will be fragmented.
That's why a lot of bosses are worth hundreds of millions or billions, just because tens of millions of capital chains are broken.
The reason why the enterprise will go bankrupt overnight.
It's a chain reaction.
This time XT technology company rolled up money and ran away, which affected a very wide range.
The damage to the banking and investment industry of Jianghai city is also devastating.
Some banks that didn't lend to XT technology even lost their shares because of this.
Some small investment companies that have not invested in XT technology have begun to withdraw their investment.
These innocent small investment companies are on the verge of bankruptcy.
It's just a mistake.
After all, there are no specific statistics on the banks and investment companies that have been cheated, and the public does not know which bank or company has been cheated.
The public only saw the news, and they were all flustered.
Who doesn't play financial products to earn some pocket money? When I hear about this kind of thing, the first thing is to withdraw your money quickly.
However, such a move has led to the bankruptcy of many investment companies and even banks.
“White… White boss… What will happen to our company?”
A small clerk looked at the silent white moon and asked in a low voice.
Bai Mingyue took a look at him.
“Bankruptcy, bankruptcy.”Bai Mingyue has recovered from her anger and said coldly at this time.
“I… my child was just born… What should I do if I lose my job at this time…” hearing this from Bai Mingyue, the clerk was struck by lightning.
See this a big man show a pair of about to cry out of the expression, white moon also some in the heart can't bear.
He sighed: “if… If the billion can be recovered, the company may still have hope, but even if it doesn't go bankrupt, its business will plummet. At that time, I'm afraid there will still be layoffs.”
The whole company was silent.
The atmosphere was extremely repressed.
If it's because they have problems with their own work, there's nothing to say about being laid off.
But who would have thought that he would lose his job because of the collapse of another company.
It's so funny. It's incredible.
But that's the truth.
This is the financial industry.
Bai Mingyue could not help shaking her head.
This kind of thing may even lead to the collapse of the bank as a giant in the financial sector.
What she has is an investment company.
In this storm, if the bank is a giant ship.
The investment company is just a boat.
Even the great ship is in danger of capsizing, not to mention the boat.
In the silence, someone suddenly asked in a low voice: “Vice President Zhou… Will there be a way?”*
Chapter 42 the moment of life and death
“Zhou Xuan!”
After Bai Mingyue learned about it, she racked her brains to find a way.
I almost forgot, and Zhou Xuan.
Of course, such a big thing, although Bai Mingyue trusts Zhou Xuan, she doesn't think Zhou Xuan can solve it alone.
However, it is always good to have one more person to think of a way.
And in Bai Mingyue's eyes, what she can rely on now is only Zhou Xuan.
Sipping her mouth, Bai Mingyue looks at the expectant eyes of all the staff and dials Zhou Xuan's mobile phone.
It seems that Zhou Xuan is their last hope.
After all, this week's vice president is the one who predicted in advance that XT technology will run away!
“Move times, hit times… Move times, hit times…”
“Ordinary disco clasp, ordinary shake, ordinary passers-by beside in ordinary…”
At this time, in Zhou Xuan's room, the music is turned on to the maximum sound.
Zhou Xuan hummed while playing online games on his new super large display computer.
Next to a glass of whisky, there are a few pieces of ice, cold spread, a cool heart.
There is also a silver plate, which is the takeout of the barbecue kebabs.
That's right. Enjoy life. That's what it's like.
Since becoming deputy general manager of Mingyue investment company, Zhou Xuan doesn't have to go to work every day.
The rest, of course, is enjoyment.
I have to say that this kind of life is really cool to fly.
Zhou Xuan has even ordered the home theater package online, waiting for people to install it.
Anyway, the stock of new energy will be able to cash out at the highest point soon. Zhou Xuan is not afraid of lack of money at all.
A large team copy played for three hours and finally ended.
Zhou Xuan took a bite of kebab, and then picked up a glass to drink whisky. His tongue was constantly stimulated by the pungent taste of whisky.
Isn't this the life that we and other social animals yearn for?
“Hoo… It's better than being a boss…”
“There's a phone?”
Zhou Xuan suddenly noticed that the mobile phone screen on the edge of the computer desk was bright.
“Hello, Mingyue, aren't you busy in the group? How can you be free…”
“Xiaoxuan, you finally answered the phone!”
Hearing Bai Mingyue's anxious voice, a question mark appeared on Zhou Xuan's head.
Zhou Xuan naturally did not expect.
He was enjoying life.
The whole financial industry of Jianghai city is in turmoil because of the chain reaction of XT technology company.
“What happened?”Zhou Xuan asked.
“Xiaoxuan, come to the company quickly. I'll send a driver to pick you up. I can't say a word or two clearly…” Bai Mingyue said, exhausted and exhausted: “I need you…”
In the last sentence.
Bai Mingyue's tone is rare and weak.
After all, Mingyue investment company is her painstaking efforts, now, may be destroyed in this turmoil.
Zhou Xuan turned off the music.
Frown, silence for a second or two.
“Well, you can send someone over. I'll go downstairs now.”
“I'll wait for you!”
Twenty minutes later, Zhou Xuan arrived at the company.
In the company which is usually noisy and prosperous, the atmosphere is low now.
Seeing Zhou Xuan, the employees in the whole company seem to find the backbone.
Cried one after another.
“Vice President Zhou.”
“Vice President Zhou, you are here at last.”
Zhou Xuan nodded one by one and went to look at his white moon.
“Moon, what happened?”
Bai Mingyue soon tells Zhou Xuan what happened,
Plus the staff around.
Zhou Xuan soon understood what had happened.
He glanced at Jiang Ming, who was still sitting on the ground, and ignored him.
Jiang Ming's fate, Zhou Xuan has been able to guess.
He was just a little heavy, frowning and thinking.
“Xiaoxuan, do you have a way?”Bai Mingyue asked softly in Zhou Xuan's ear.
All the other staff of Mingyue investment company are also looking at Zhou Xuan.
“Well…” Zhou Xuan pondered.
It's a big thing indeed, and it's not something that can be solved simply and rudely.
It's like a mess of wool. No matter how powerful you are, you can't straighten it out all at once.
We have to do it step by step.
“In a word, I'll try and see if I can get the money back first.”Zhou Xuan said.
“Is that ok?”Bai Mingyue was surprised.
Many banks and investment companies have called the police.
But if the money could be recovered so easily, banks and investment companies would not be so flustered.
The boss of XT technology has been planning for a long time. When the accident happened, his whereabouts were unknown. Who knows where he escaped.
Money is harder to find than people.
No one can find it, let alone the money.
“You can try.”Zhou Xuan sat in front of a computer, turned off the redundant page, light way.
Now Zhou Xuan intends to try the hacker technology he obtained before.
Bai Mingyue stands behind Zhou Xuan.
Around, the other staff gathered slowly.
“Do you have the mobile phone number and email account number of XT technology boss?”Zhou Xuan asked.
Hacker technology is not out of thin air, it needs certain information.
“Yes!XT technology also has business relations with Baishi group. I have his email account number and mobile phone number. “Bai Mingyue immediately gave the information to Zhou Xuan.
Zhou Xuan took a look, and his fingers kept knocking on the keyboard.
All kinds of pages open in front of the computer screen, people are dazzled.
“Vice President Zhou, what are you doing?”A clerk asked in a low voice.
“Send fishing links to his mobile phone and email. As long as he clicks any link, I can hack into his mobile phone and computer and find out the flow of funds.”Zhou Xuan light way.
“You… You know hacker technology?”Many staff heard Zhou Xuan's words and looked at Zhou Xuan in shock.
“Understand a little bit.”Zhou Xuan continued to operate the computer, casually said.
What Zhou Xuan said is casual.
However, at this time gathered around the staff to see Zhou Xuan's eyes have been very different from before.
little does one think!
Vice President Zhou is not only good at investment!
Still a hacker!!
Maybe there's a chance to get the money back!!
I have a chance to keep my job!
After a while, Zhou Xuan's keystroke stopped, and he supported his chin with one hand.
“Now, we can only wait for him to click on the fishing link.”
“I sent a lot of emails and text messages that he might click, such as information about the flight and so on, which all contain phishing links.”
“Mingyue, you ask people to list to me all the foreign banks that XT technology boss may contact…”
As Zhou Xuan said this, he could hear the continuous ringing of the phone in the company, and the ringing of many phones.
“What are these calls?”
“It's all phone calls from investors, calling to ask for divestment.”
Zhou Xuan nodded his head and said, “when the company is on the brink of life and death, please move up, answer the phone, pacify the customers first, and I will try my best to recover the investment here!”*
Chapter 43 the movie is full of lies
Driven by Zhou Xuan, the whole company moved.
Although the crisis of bankruptcy and unemployment is still hanging like a sharp blade.
But the atmosphere is no longer as dead as it used to be.
Some people are busy answering the phone and appeasing customer service.
Some people help Bai Mingyue sort out all kinds of information, which is helpful for Zhou Xuan to recover funds.
Unconsciously, it was afternoon.
“It's time to get off work. If you want to leave, you can get off work normally. Vice president Zhou and I will try our best to keep the company.”Bai Mingyue said softly.
In the whole busy company, everyone has a good action.
“Miss Mingyue, I'll stay and help!”
“Yes, you and vice president Zhou alone can't be too busy!”
“Yes, I'll stay. I'm doing well here. I don't want to lose my job!”
“Boss Bai, vice president Zhou, please tell me if you have anything…”
“It's the last time I work overtime in the company. I've already called my wife and told her!”
Bai Mingyue listened to these responses, Leng Leng, tightly pursed her lips.
Immediately moved a smile.
Her spirit can't help being uplifted.
“Thank you!If the company doesn't collapse this time, everyone will increase their salary! ”
“Xiao Lin, you call to order some takeout for us.”
Just then, Zhou Xuan's eyes brightened.
“What, what?”
“Vice President Zhou, what's the matter?”
People with nothing on hand gathered around again.
“He opened one of my fishing links!”Zhou Xuan opens his mouth.
With that, Zhou Xuan's fingers quickly hit the keyboard. Relying on the phishing link, the virus embedded in Zhu Caimin's mobile phone directly hacked into his mobile phone and laptop.
The purpose of this is to find useful information.
For example, which foreign bank did Zhu Caimin transfer his money to and in which bank did he remit the most money.
These information, may be hidden in Zhu Caimin's mobile phone messages, chat records, computer folder, need to check one by one.
Hackers work like detectives, looking for clues in order to solve puzzles and achieve goals.
Only with this information can we carry out the next step.
Zhou Xuan downloaded all the information to the computer he was using with one click.
“Mingyue, I will send these information to several computers nearby. You can find some people to check with me.”Zhou Xuan said.
“Good!”Bai Mingyue nodded immediately.
At this time, she also lit up a glimmer of hope.
Eleven in the evening.
The starry sky outside the company window has dimmed.
Bright investment company lights, everyone is busy running, the phone did not stop.
Mingyue and four other employees are helping Zhou Xuan to check Zhu Caimin's short messages, chat records and folders one by one.
“Found it!”
“Vice President Zhou, Miss Mingyue, I really want to find the account book that Zhu Caimin hid!”
A staff member who is facing the computer suddenly shouts.
“Pass it on!”Zhou Xuan said directly.
“Good… Good!”The staff quickly transferred the folder to Zhou Xuan's computer.
All the people gathered again.
Zhou Xuan opens the folder.
There is an account book belonging to XT technology company and a private account book of Zhu Caimin.
Zhou Xuan opened the account book of XT technology company first.
Bai Mingyue is proficient in this. She takes the mouse from Zhou Xuan's hand and looks at the document. She is very angry.
“XT started to lose money half a year ago!”
“Here… Here… Here!These are different from the financial reports given by XT technology. XT technology started to make false accounts half a year ago! ”
“XT technology's mobile phones follow the low-end route, and most of its benefits depend on foreign orders. However, six months ago, the foreign market was occupied by other mobile phones on a large scale, so XT technology began to make ends meet.”
“From the account book, they tried an innovation during the period. After the failure, the loss was too big to make up for.”
“No wonder Zhu Caimin is running away!”
Seeing the real account book, Bai Mingyue tells the story of Zhu Caimin, the boss of XT technology company.
“Well, look at the final flow of the company's capital.”Zhou Xuan nodded and said.
“It seems that… The 2.1 billion capital of their company has invested in a foreign company, which should be a leather bag company. In this way, they evade the investigation, and finally they have to flow into a bank.”Said Bai Mingyue.
Zhou Xuan nodded slightly. This is the last capital of XT technology company.
2.1 billion.
However, XT technology companies have cheated banks and investment companies for tens of billions of dollars.
Zhou Xuan wants to hack into a bank's system and transfer the money back. It's very risky, so Zhou Xuan only plans to do it once.
He wants to choose the bank where Zhu Caimin remits the most money and get the most money back.
“Record the information of this bag company!”Finish saying, Zhou Xuan points to open Zhu Caimin's private account book again.
Seeing Zhu Caimin's private account book, all the staff gathered around them exclaimed.
The amount of remittance recorded in it is amazing.
In addition to the loans and investments defrauded from banks and investment companies, there is also Zhu Caimin's personal property.
More than 30 billion in total.
All in the form of investment, scattered investment to dozens of foreign companies, some of which are true or false, still need further judgment.
Only a few tens of millions are remitted directly to a foreign bank.
Zhou Xuan rubbed his nose: “really his mother's tired.”
Because next, we have to go over the wall to find out the information of these foreign companies, to distinguish the leather bag companies from the real companies, and then to find out which bank the funds of these Leather Bag Companies flow to.
Zhou Xuan has been sitting in front of the computer for several hours.
It's a lie in the movie.
Hacker's work is really tedious, where is to knock the keyboard can be done.
“Xiaoyu, go and buy a cup of coffee for Vice President Zhou!”
Bai Mingyue is a little distressed.
Regardless of other people's eyes, she stood behind Zhou Xuan and gently helped Zhou Xuan to hold her shoulder: “Xiao Xuan, take a rest first, let's do the matter of distinguishing the bag company.”
Zhou Xuan is not forced, nodded, got up and went to the window to have a rest.
He predicted that the work would be finished all night today.
I stood by the window for a while.
Yan Xiaoyu came over cautiously holding the coffee: “Vice President Zhou, your coffee.”
“Well, thank you… Eh, who are you?”When Zhou Xuan saw the lovely baby face in front of him, he hesitated.
“That day, President Jiang forced me to check. You came to help me out and encouraged me.”Yan Xiaoyu didn't expect Zhou Xuan to remember himself. He was a little excited in his heart*
Chapter 44 transfer out 1 billion, click confirm【[for collection]
“Oh, I remember.”Zhou Xuan nodded and yawned again. There was a trace of fatigue between his eyebrows.
Yan Xiaoyu originally wanted to go, but seeing this scene, inexplicably some distressed.
She took a peek at Bai Mingyue, who was busy distinguishing the company. She stammered and asked: “Vice President Zhou, i… I'll rub your shoulder for you?”
“Well?”Originally in the closed eyes of Zhou Xuan opened his eyes, surprised to see a little girl in front of him.
Bai Mingyue is not far away. Does this little girl want to steal home?
“You like me?”Zhou Xuan asked directly.
“Ah… Ah?”Yan Xiaoyu heard this question, suddenly confused, how can there be so straightforward ah.
Where does Yan Xiaoyu know.
Zhou Xuan had this doubt in her heart, so she asked directly. She didn't think about the change of her mind at all.
Under the gaze of Zhou Xuan, Yan Xiaoyu blushes.
But she plucked up her courage.
“You… Although you don't often work in the company, just now you sit in front of the computer and work hard. You are really handsome!”
Yan Xiaoyu neither admitted, nor denied, but said so.
A pair of big eyes worship looking at Zhou Xuan.
“This line… Is really second to none.”
Zhou Xuan couldn't help shaking his head and smiling: “you don't usually watch TV plays.”
“…” Yan Xiaoyu choked for a while, tooted his mouth: “but what I said is true, really handsome!”
Zhou Xuan didn't pay any attention to the little girl. She took a sip of hot coffee and felt a little energetic.
Two in the morning.
Mingyue investment company is still busy, almost everyone is holding a cup of coffee.
“It's a distinction!”
“Vice President Zhou, all 67 companies have been distinguished!”
A staff member breathed a sigh of relief and yelled at Zhou Xuan, who closed his eyes.
Zhou Xuan immediately walked past.
“Vice President Zhou, there are 67 companies in total, of which 48 are leather bag companies, but they all have large investment injection!”The clerk handed a form to Zhou Xuan.
“ok!”Zhou Xuan took a deep breath, sat in front of the computer, and began to hack into the systems of the 48 leather bag companies one by one to inquire about the final flow of funds.
Bai Mingyue recorded the amount of money and the banks where the money flowed in.
Three in the morning, after the final statistics.
The results came out.
More than 30 billion yuan eventually went to 12 foreign banks.
Others are cunning.
This is the twelve caves of cunning rabbits. Even if a bank is found, Zhu Caimin doesn't worry that all the money will be taken away. In addition, he is very cautious when he uses a leather bag company as a springboard for capital.
“The largest inflow of funds is… Tux bank, 6.1 billion.”
Zhou Xuan looked at the final statistics, slightly narrowed his eyes.
“Xiaoxuan, what are you going to do next?”Bai Mingyue took a sip of coffee and asked wearily that she seldom stayed up so late.
“The next step is very simple. I want to hack into the internal system of the bank and transfer the money to the company's account. All the previous steps are to pave the way for this.”Zhou Xuan said.
“If the money is found to be transferred to our company, what will happen to the company?”Bai Mingyue asked.
“It won't be discovered. Zhu Caimin knows how to use the springboard to transfer money abroad. Naturally, I won't directly transfer the money back to the company's account. The bank can't trace the flow of the money.”
“In addition, the money itself is the money that Zhu Caimin cheated. Even if he knows that the money is missing, he doesn't dare to do anything. It is estimated that he will ask the bank not to call the police. After all, he is afraid of being found hiding.”
“He can only eat this dumb.”
“It's up to you to win or lose!”Zhou Xuan put his hands on the keyboard and said in a deep voice.
I heard what Zhou Xuan said.
The staff, who had been in great difficulty, gathered again.
It was late at night, and there were no more calls to the company.
And the previous steps have been completed, they have done what they can.
Now, we can only look forward to Zhou Xuan's hacking technology.
“Vice President Zhou!Come on
“It's up to you!”
“Vice President Zhou!Come on
Bai Mingyue's palm is on Zhou Xuan's shoulder. Mei Mou looks at Zhou Xuan and says softly, “come on!”
Zhou Xuan knocked on the keyboard and climbed over the wall to enter the official website of tucsbank.
By contacting customer service on the official website, he stealthily hacked into the customer service computer and obtained the browsing permission first.
Then, taking this opportunity, he entered into the network system of tucsbank.
At first, the staff could barely understand what some of Zhou Xuan's operations meant.
But when Zhou Xuan used hacker means to break through the system of tus bank, they could only see Zhou Xuan's fingers constantly tapping on the keyboard.
“This bank can only transfer up to one billion at a time.”
“Therefore, 6.1 billion want to turn around and score seven times.”
“At the beginning, I will disguise as Zhu Caimin's account identity for” regular transfer “, but after several large amount transfers, the bank will definitely contact Zhu Caimin for confirmation.”
“At that time, I would violently destroy the bank's network system and forcibly transfer money.”
Half an hour later, Zhou Xuan broke through the network system of Tusi bank and obtained the highest authority.
At this time, because he had not done anything, he was not found.
Stop what you're doing.
Zhou Xuan took a sip of coffee and explained casually.
The atmosphere in the whole company was tense, and everyone couldn't help feeling a little nervous.
It's crackling.
Zhou Xuan hit the keyboard again and entered Zhu Caimin's account.
The computer screen changed.
Full screen English.
But everyone can read the big numbers that stand out on the screen: 610 million.
6.1 billion!
At the bottom, there are some buttons that can be pressed, on which the words “transfer out”, “freeze” and so on are displayed in English.
Because Zhou Xuan is now the highest authority, the computer he uses now is equivalent to the computer of the president of Tusi bank.
So, now the operation is very simple.
He just needs to press the [transfer out] button and input the amount, then he can transfer directly to any account.
However, Zhou Xuan did not do so. He hacked into several other banks and obtained the system permissions of these banks.
Among these banks, Zhou Xuan created several virtual accounts.
He would first transfer the money to these virtual accounts, flow through several banks, and then transfer it to the account of Mingyue investment company.
Finally, delete these virtual accounts and remove all traces.
It's impossible for toos bank to trace the flow of the money.
Those banks are Zhou Xuan's springboard.
“Here we go!”
In the nervous eyes of all.
Zhou Xuan presses the [transfer out] button, enters the maximum transfer out quota, and then clicks confirm*
Chapter 45 6.1 billion, all recovered【[for collection]
After successive transfer operations by several banks.
The first money, one billion, was transferred out successfully.
Bai Mingyue's mobile phone rings softly.
Bai Mingyue immediately takes out her mobile phone and clicks on the SMS.
Then he clenched his fist.
“Boss Bai?”
“How about Miss Mingyue?”
Bai Mingyue couldn't restrain her excitement and said, “here we are!One billion
Because the transfer was directly operated by Zhou Xuan through the bank, there was almost no delay.
Second to the account.
Bai Mingyue said as she handed her cell phone to the staff around her.
When the staff around saw the information, they couldn't help getting excited.
Long live vice president Zhou
“How wonderful!The money's back! ”
Long live vice president Zhou
“Long live, long live…!”
Some people even kneel on the tile floor, raise their hands and shout “hooray” like fans who see goals in the world cup.
Their efforts all night have not been in vain!!
“Vice President Zhou…”
“Don't worry, it's only a billion.”
Zhou Xuan sat in front of the computer, a little more smile on his face, but he was still carrying out the transfer operation.
Because you need to transfer money from multiple banks.
So, the operation is very complicated, transfer seems simple, but transfer out a sum of money, also need nearly seven or eight minutes.
The staff and Bai Mingyue also restrain their excitement and continue to watch Zhou Xuan operate.
Yan Xiaoyu asked in a low voice: “Vice President Zhou, will the six billion yuan be turned over to us?We're picking up 5.1 billion in vain? ”
Hearing this childish idea, Zhou Xuan laughed: “of course, it's impossible. It's against the law.”
“If there is such a large amount of money in the company's account, even if Zhu Caimin is not investigated and found by the official, we can't say clearly, especially if it is mistakenly considered to be Zhu Caimin's accomplice, we will be in prison.”
Smell speech, Yan Xiaoyu a Leng, a face of doubt.
“In that case, we only need to recover our billion dollars?”
“It's useless to recover more money. Is it to help the bank?”
Zhou Xuan smile, did not answer, while operating, while asked: “do you think, this billion dollars recovered, the company can be the same as what did not happen?”
Yan Xiaoyu shakes her head: “Miss Mingyue says that even if she recovers the money, the company's business will plummet… It is said that many small investment companies that have not been cheated are going bankrupt by this” trust crisis. ”
“That's right, so…” Zhou Xuan said: “more money, I have another use.”
Bai Mingyue hears such dialogue, beautiful Mou is looking at Zhou Xuan, some shock.
Originally, Zhou Xuan was able to catch up with the cheated billion yuan. Bai Mingyue was shocked and felt that this step was the limit.
It's inevitable that the company's business will plummet.
It's lucky that we didn't close down.
After all, even the giant banks are in danger in the “trust crisis” caused by XT technology company's money flight, and the stock price has plummeted.
However, the meaning of Zhou Xuan's words seems not only to recover the money, but also to help the company up?
But… What is he going to do??
For the first time, Bai Mingyue felt that she could not imagine the development of something.
It's like Xiaobai, who has been in touch with the financial industry for the first time, saw that the big guys in the financial industry are operating funds, and turning their hands over is like clouds covering their hands with rain.
Another sum of money, a billion!
Third money, fourth money!
“It's four billion!”
“Four billion!”
Some employees swallow a mouthful of saliva, even in the investment company, they have not seen so much money, so much zero!!
At this time, the edge of the computer screen in front of Zhou Xuan turns red.
When you press the [transfer out] button again, the computer has no response.
“Found out!”
“Permission is locked.”
Zhou Xuan's operation stopped for a while, then calmed down.
“Now I'm going to directly and violently destroy the system of tucsbank, paralyze the system, and forcibly transfer money.”
Zhou Xuan had expected this situation for a long time, so he didn't feel unprepared.
Directly switch to the page and enter into the internal system of tux bank.
This is not a very big bank, and the protection of the system is not very strong. After all, the money is not clean. Zhu Caimin dare not transfer the money to a well-known bank.
If it is found out which bank, the money will be frozen and recovered.
Crackling sound sounded, Zhou Xuan's fingers just like playing the piano in general fast percussion.
About ten minutes.
Zhou Xuan switches the picture back again.
The red light on the edge of the screen disappears and the transfer continues.
This time, Zhou Xuan's transfer is much faster.
There's 2.1 billion left in the account, but it's still three transfers.
Even if you speed up to five minutes at a time, it still takes 15 minutes to complete.
The bank will not only ask people to repair the system, but also the system itself will look for loopholes to repair.
Now we have to race against the clock.
The fifth money arrives!
“Five billion!”
“Come on, vice president Zhou!”
“There's only 1.1 billion left!”
Zhou Xuan nodded and felt that his palm was numb. It was completely mechanical. With the help of memory, he concentrated his mind.
Once a key is pressed wrongly, a second or two will be wasted.
The sixth money arrives!
“Six billion!”
“The last 100 million left…!”
“Come on… Come on!”
Gathered around the staff, and even Bai Mingyue subconsciously clenched his fist, staring at Zhou Xuan's operation, as well as the computer screen.
As time goes by
The seventh sum of money, the last one hundred million, arrived!
“6.1 billion!”
“It's all turned out!”
The whole company, broke out a huge cheering!
It's the next moment when the last 100 million is turned out.
On the computer screen in front of Zhou Xuan.
All the pages quickly and automatically close one by one, and finally directly force back to the desktop interface.
“The other side also has experts. The system has been repaired.”
“Hoo… Last second…”
Zhou Xuan's hand took back from the keyboard and leaned against the back of the chair.
Because of the high-intensity operation for a long time, the palm is convulsing and twitching.
It's like a cramp. Zhou Xuan doesn't dare to put his hand down.
Just when Zhou Xuan is suffering, he is suddenly hugged from behind, and a refreshing fragrance comes.
A warm and soft feeling.
“Xiaoxuan, thank you!”
Holding Zhou Xuan from behind is Bai Mingyue.
She was so excited.
I didn't dare to disturb Zhou Xuan's operation just now, but now, she can't help it.
Another kiss on Zhou Xuan's face.
The excited and cheering staff around were stunned and looked at the scene with their mouths wide open.
[PS: hackers, either hackers or illegal]
[hacker is just a general term for a group of technology enthusiasts. For example, the cat slave who keeps a cat is the same as the hacker who is a computer expert. If you do not use technology to do damage, you will not violate the law]
[the protagonist here just uses hacker technology to recover the cheated funds]
[Zhu Caimin, who cheated money, did not dare to report to the police. Tusi bank had no other losses and would not report to the police]
[for foreign affairs, there is no one to call the police. What's the reason for the protagonist to go in at home?Because of the use of superb computer technology, I went in*
Chapter 46 textbook Level empty handed White Wolf
Zhou Xuan heard the surrounding staff and colleagues make a good noise.
I couldn't help laughing.
Bai Mingyue's face is a little red, she is too excited.
However, Bai Mingyue didn't let Zhou Xuan go. Instead, she held Zhou Xuan more tightly.
He was seen holding such a man who saved the company on his own.
It's not a shame.
On the contrary, Bai Mingyue is full of pride.
Very proud!!
“OK, ok… There are still things to do next…”
Zhou Xuan slowed for a while, patted the small hand that white bright moon encircles his neck lightly, helpless opening way.
Hearing this, Bai Mingyue reluctantly released Zhou Xuan.
“Vice President Zhou, money has come back. Now, what else can we do?”Asked Lin zhouchao, manager of the finance department.
Lin zhouchao is an old man of Mingyue investment company.
Seeing Zhou Xuan recover 6.1 billion yuan with his own eyes, Lin zhouchao was extremely admired.
But he is the same as Bai Mingyue.
I didn't expect that in such a period, the banking and investment industries in Jianghai city would be affected.
In addition to recovering funds and making up for losses, what else can Zhou Xuan do to save the company's decline.
“Are you the manager of the finance department?”Zhou Xuan looks over.
“YesLin zhouchao is nearly 40 years old, but in the face of Zhou Xuan, who is twice his age, he bowed his head respectfully.
“Well.”Zhou Xuan nodded slightly. First, he asked Bai Mingyue, “has our company called the police?”
“Not yet, I've been dealing with things, and I haven't had time…” Bai Mingyue didn't know why Zhou Xuan asked, and replied.
Zhou Xuan nodded: “great, it saves a lot of trouble!”
No one understands what Zhou Xuan is going to do, and doesn't know what it means. They all look at Zhou Xuan.
Zhou Xuan said, “it's four o'clock in the morning. This incident has just happened, and it's not the next day.”
“Everything must be done against the clock and follow my instructions. Only in this way can the company not be affected in this crisis!”
“Finance department, immediately redo a company account book, and remove the record of our investment in XT technology company. Don't leave any trace. The rest will remain unchanged!”
Everyone was stunned.
Lin zhouchao's face changed: “Vice President Zhou, do we also make false accounts?”
Zhou Xuan light way: “money we have recovered, there is no loss, also did not deceive anyone, this is just a way to obtain the trust of investors.”
Lin Zhou Chao changed his face and nodded: “yes, I understand!”
Zhou Xuan reminded: “all members of the financial department should move. This new account book should be handed over to me before 10 a.m. and I need to hold a press conference at 12 noon to clarify. The account book needs to be shown!”
Zhou Xuan patted Lin zhouchao on the shoulder: “remember, the new account book can't make any mistakes!”
Lin zhouchao “hissed” to take a breath, gritted his teeth and nodded: “all of us in the financial department will try our best!”
It's just a record to modify.
But this kind of account book can't be left blank or altered.
in other words.
If you want to modify that record, you need to copy the whole account book again, other contents remain unchanged, and write down the content to be modified again.
The workload is undoubtedly enormous.
Others are beginning to understand.
Vice President Zhou, this is to treat the cheating of Mingyue investment company as non-existent.
Mingyue investment company… Has never been cheated!
Only in this way can the original customers and investors of Mingyue investment company be at ease and no longer withdraw their investment money.
However, Zhou Xuan's operation
It's not over yet!!
“Mingyue, do you have the executives of the three banks that have been cheated out of loans? Is it better to call the president?”
Among the four banks in Jianghai City, three of them were cheated out of loans by XT technology.
At least three billion, and at most are the major banks of XT technology.
Because of years of cooperation, trust XT technology company.
Loan to XT technology up to 8 billion!!
All cheated!!
“OK, call all three companies, call the senior management and the president!”
“Now?It's four o'clock in the morning… ”
“Oh… If they want to recover the money they were cheated, they have to take it and come and beg me!Fight!Tell them that I have recovered 5.1 billion yuan of funds. Come here if you want! ”
“Good, good!”
Bai Mingyue immediately went to the window to make a phone call.
In her capacity, she had a president's phone call, directly calling the presidents of three banks, namely, Surabaya, quanmiao and Jianghai.
“Vice President Zhou, shall we return the money to the bank?”Yan Xiaoyu asked.
“That's right.”Zhou Xuan nodded.
“Then it's still for the bank?”Yan Xiaoyu is confused.
“Of course, in exchange for benefits.”Zhou Xuan smiles.
“But…” Yan Xiaoyu still didn't understand: “you didn't say that it's against the law for us to take this money. How can the bank give us benefits?”
“Because if they don't give me any advantage, I'll give the money to the court.”Zhou Xuan replied.
Yan Xiaoyu is even more confused.
She can't understand Zhou Xuan's thinking.
If you give the money to the court, doesn't the court still want to return the money to the owner, that is, the bank?
What's the difference??
The staff gathered around also had the same doubts as Yan Xiaoyu.
Now we have to wait for the three banks to send someone to negotiate.
Seeing this, Zhou Xuan explained it casually.
He directly asked, “do you think if I give the money to the court, which bank will the court return the money to?”
Yan Xiaoyu stayed and thought for a while: “I don't know…”
The smile on Zhou Xuan's face is stronger: “the bank doesn't know.”
“That is to say, it is the safest and safest thing for them to ask for money directly from me.”
“If I give the money to the court, then the court will return the recovered money to the bank. They can only depend on their lives. They may share it equally among the three banks, or they may give it all to the one with the biggest loss.”
“But these three banks certainly hope that they can get money as soon as possible to make up for the losses of being cheated.”
“If you put yourself in the perspective of the owner, you can figure it out.”
“After all, the money recovered is not all, only 5.1 billion.”
“I am a controllable variable, and the court is an uncontrollable variable.”
“If they want money, they can only negotiate with me and beg me!”
The end of Zhou Xuan's explanation.
Already someone wants to understand, open mouth, shocked looking at Zhou Xuan.
How does Zhou vice president grow this brain!?
It is clear that the bank's money back to the bank, but can also be so to benefit!!
This empty handed white wolf is a textbook level*
Chapter 47 what I want is capital
Half past four in the morning.
Under the heavy night, the three luxury cars almost reached the downstairs of Mingyue investment company.
In the back seat, three people in neat suits got out of the car.
Three people are old people or middle-aged people.
But without exception, they are all big people who hold tens of billions or even hundreds of billions of funds in their hands and are beyond the reach of ordinary people.
There is an upper class momentum that cannot be covered up.
It is Jianghai City, the president of the three big banks of Sishui, quanmiao and Jianghai!
Three people see each other, are slightly a Zheng, immediately frown tightly.
Obviously, I didn't expect that the other party would come here.
They nodded to each other as a greeting, but did not greet each other.
People who can sit in this position.
When you think about it, you can think of something deeper.
At the moment of seeing each other, the three understood.
This time, they will not be allies but opponents.
Therefore, greetings are unnecessary.
Now there are a lot of unnecessary greetings.
What we are fighting for is the 5.1 billion recovered funds!!
“Miss Mingyue, is it true to recover 5.1 billion yuan?”The governor of Surabaya bank stepped forward to shake hands with Bai Mingyue and asked.
The governors of quanmiao bank and Jianghai bank are also looking at Bai Mingyue.
“Of course!”Bai Mingyue nodded: “it's too cold outside. Please go upstairs and talk to me.”
All three presidents were accompanied by one or two senior executives.
Follow Bai Mingyue up the stairs.
Entered the bright moon investment company.
With the arrival of the three.
The atmosphere in the company somehow became serious.
The staff gathered to one side, the atmosphere did not dare out, carefully looking.
These three, no matter which one, are the big guys they need to look up to.
Any company needs to borrow money from the bank for capital turnover.
These three people are the leaders of a line.
He is an absolute man of the moment in Jianghai city's business circle, and he can talk and laugh with the chairman and the general manager of any group company.
Because they have a lot of money in their hands.
Even if… The money doesn't belong to them!
“That's Zhou Xuanzhou, vice president of our company, and also the hero of the fund recovery.”Bai Mingyue said.
“I see!”
“Thank you very much!”
“Hard work!”
The eyes of the three presidents fell on Zhou Xuan and came forward slightly.
Zhou Xuan also immediately got up to shake hands with the three people.
“The three governors are serious. This is what they are supposed to do…” Zhou Xuan said politely with a smile.
“Can you look at the recovered funds?”Asked the president of quanmiao bank.
“Make yourself at home.”Zhou Xuan quickly showed the three people the recovered 5.1 billion yuan, of which one billion yuan has been returned to Mingyue investment company.
The rest of the money is now in an overseas account of Mingyue investment company.
Seeing the recovered funds with their own eyes, the three presidents, including the executives behind them, breathed a sigh of relief.
The three banks are already in turmoil because of large loans being cheated.
Although the recovery of funds can not completely eliminate the impact of this incident on banks.
But it can reduce the loss, minimize the impact and reassure the depositors.
Among them, Surabaya bank's president's face change is the biggest.
Surabaya bank is the bank with the least loans to XT technology, that is, three billion yuan.
As long as three billion out of the five billion return to the Bank of Surabaya.
Surabaya bank can immediately avoid the bad debts of three billion loans, and eliminate the damage caused by this incident to Surabaya bank to the greatest extent.
The faces of quanmiao bank president and Jianghai bank president also changed slightly.
Jianghai bank, as the largest of the three banks and the main bank of XT technology, was cheated of 8 billion yuan in loans.
Quanmiao bank was cheated out of a loan of 6 billion yuan.
The three banks undoubtedly hope that the recovered funds will be returned to their own bank accounts.
The silence lasted about seven or eight seconds.
“Miss Mingyue, what are you going to do?”
The president of Jianghai bank looks at Bai Mingyue and asks slowly.
The other two governors also quietly looked at Bai Mingyue.
Three people didn't pretend to be stupid to let Bai Mingyue return the money directly.
They knew it when they were invited late at night.
If you want to get back this fund, you must give Mingyue investment company certain benefits.
Three people are not Yan Xiaoyu, or other staff.
They know all the stakes.
I also understand that if there is no agreement, Mingyue investment company can give the money to the court.
But none of them would like to see the money given to the court.
Because as long as the money is in Mingyue investment company's account, they have the possibility of negotiation.
In court, everything depends on fate.
I just don't know what Bai Mingyue wants.
In order to make up for these billions of bad debts, it is possible for the three banks to talk about several million or tens of millions of benefits.
“Vice President Zhou recovered the money, so please talk to the three presidents about it.”Bai Mingyue said with a smile.
Wen Yan.
The three presidents, the executives behind them, turned their heads and looked at Zhou Xuan in surprise.
I didn't expect that.
Bai Mingyue will give such a matter to a vice president.
For Zhou Xuan, can't help but slightly raised some attention.
“Three governors, please take a seat.”
Zhou Xuan is sitting on a single sofa with a long table in the middle and a sofa on the opposite side.
This is just for negotiation.
Zhou Xuan looked at the sofa on the opposite side, motioned for a moment, and his expression was calm.
“Vice President Zhou should be no more than 30 years old, young and promising…”
Jianghai bank president meaningful said a word, slowly sat down on the sofa, chose to face Zhou Xuan.
The presidents of Surabaya bank and quanmiao bank soon sat on the couch.
In terms of social status.
Zhou Xuan's status is much lower than that of the bank executives accompanying the president.
But at the moment, the three bank presidents and Zhou Xuan are sitting in equal positions.
Executives can only stand.
Bank executives are big people in the eyes of ordinary people, and many company managers need to curry favor with each other, just like minions at this time.
In front of Zhou Xuan.
The governor of Surabaya bank put up five fingers.
“Vice President Zhou, our bank only needs three billion yuan. For this reason, the Bank of Surabaya is willing to pay five million yuan!”
Five million is not worth mentioning compared with three billion.
But it's not.
Surabaya bank to return three billion only for balancing accounts.
The five million yuan reward is to be deducted from the bank.
Not a little!
As a reward, a lot!
However, Zhou Xuan still shook his head.
“Six million!”
The governor of the Bank of Surabaya is also an emotionless plus.
Zhou Xuan laughed and shook his head.
“I think the three presidents have misunderstood.”
“Mingyue investment company is not a bandit. It's not to steal money to call the three.”
“What I want is money.”*
Chapter 48 robbing people face to face【[request subscription]
“What do you mean?”
The governor of Surabaya bank frowned.
The other two governors also looked slightly puzzled.
“Literally, as I said.”
“Mingyue investment company is an investment company that, like banks, makes profits by managing public funds.”
“I'm happy to return the recovered 5.1 billion yuan to the bank. As a reward, I don't need any money from the bank.”
“It's just that the bank puts part of the money into Mingyue investment company.”
The voice fell.
The three governors looked surprised.
They thought that Mingyue investment company would ask for money, human relations and social connections.
But did not expect, Zhou Xuan unexpectedly wants the fund!
Pull the investment capital of the bank!
This hand
Even if the three presidents, also had to secretly sigh a wonderful!
If that means monthly investment companies directly want money.
Then in order to recover the funds, the bank will have to pay a net loss of several million.
The bank has to find a way to make up for the money.
But investment is not the same. It's not for nothing. It's just for Mingyue investment company to manage the money. On the contrary, banks still have the opportunity to make profits.
Look at Mingyue investment company.
If you want money, ten million is the best.
If you want to invest, the upper limit will be high.
Zhou Xuan said that he didn't want money, but he could get more money by pulling investment.
Banks don't lose money.
Mingyue investment company made a lot of money.
Therefore, the three presidents will give a wonderful sigh.
The executives behind them directly showed a look of shock. I can't believe this was said by a young man in his twenties.
“I just said Vice President Zhou is young and promising. It seems that I am right.”
At this time, the president of Jianghai bank, who is sitting in the main position, also said: “Jianghai bank is sure to get the 5.1 billion yuan. I don't know how much investment capital vice president Zhou plans to need?”
“I don't want a lion to open my mouth. It all depends on how much money the bank wants to get back.”
Zhou Xuan was not flattered by the praise of the president of Jianghai bank, but said: “I intend to use a ratio of three to one, that is, the bank can use 300 million investment in exchange for 100 million to recover funds.”
“Lying trough!”
“Doesn't that mean that if the bank wants to get back the 5.1 billion yuan, it needs to invest in our company 10… 15.3 billion?”
“More than the money recovered!”
“My God!Vice President Zhou dares to take it too much! ”
“Will the bank promise…”
Zhou Xuan's voice fell.
The staff of Mingyue investment company gathered there were stunned on the spot.
Zhou Xuan's words directly shocked their faces.
This is not the lion's big mouth??
This is an epic lion's mouth!!
You know, the amount of money that Mingyue investment company usually controls is about 3.4 billion.
Zhou Xuan, this time.
Do you want 15.3 billion yuan of investment capital directly???
If this investment can really pull over.
Mingyue investment company, which controls 10 billion yuan of capital, will advance bravely in this “trust crisis”.
Jump to the leading position of Jianghai investment company with rolling attitude!!
It's ranked number one all over the country!
Not only is it not affected by the “trust crisis”, but also it can jump up!To the top!!
Even Bai Mingyue opened her mouth, because the number was a little dazed.
On the contrary, the three presidents in front of Zhou Xuan were only slightly moved, but they didn't show any incredible and fantastic look.
This means that for them, Zhou Xuan's proposal is negotiable and acceptable.
In the eyes of those who don't understand.
15.3 billion for 5.1 billion, that's brain failure.
But in the eyes of the banks, in the eyes of the three presidents.
That 5.1 billion is bad debt recovered.
If it can't be recovered, it will be the loss of the bank.
15.3 billion is equivalent to the amount of money loaned out, just as banks usually lend money to other companies.
It's even a profit-making behavior.
In short.
5.1 billion is equivalent to the money cheated. It is a loss and it must be taken back.
15.3 billion is equivalent to money lent out. It is not a loss but a loan.
These are two very different properties.
The slight difference is that putting money in an investment company may be a little riskier than lending it to a company.
“If so, I need to look at your company's financial report in recent years.”The president of quanmiao bank showed a serious look and said.
“One, please.”The presidents of Jianghai bank and Sishui bank also said so.
They need to see if the investment of Mingyue investment company in half a year or a year is profitable or losing money.
To judge whether to agree or not.
Hearing this, the staff who were just whispering were all stunned.
These three presidents
It seems that we are seriously considering the proposal of vice president Zhou!!
what the fuck!
“Of course, I'm ready for that. Mingyue, please.”Zhou Xuan smiles and says to Bai Mingyue.
“Good… Good!”Bai Mingyue was stunned.
Now she's reacting.
Just now, Zhou Xuan asked her to prepare three financial reports.
Is everything under Zhou Xuan's control?
Bai Mingyue can't help but swallow a mouthful of saliva, the shock in her heart is indescribable.
She is also in the financial industry ups and downs for many years, as well as the influence of her parents.
But it's impossible to imagine.
Because Zhou Xuan's operation is incredible.
It seems that we are directly trying to raise the precarious Mingyue investment company to the top of the pyramid.
It's not too much to say that it's to turn the tide.
“Compared with Miss Mingyue, vice president Zhou, I think you are more like a strategist.”The president of Jianghai bank took a look at Bai Mingyue who left and said jokingly to Zhou Xuan.
“This is heard by Mingyue, but I will be dismissed.”Zhou Xuan also laughed.
The president of Jianghai bank expressed a deep emotion.
Suddenly, he took out a business card from the inner pocket of his suit and handed it to Zhou Xuan: “Vice President Zhou of Jianghai bank is welcome to take up the post at any time. The senior management position starts!”
Zhou Xuan was stunned by this sudden invitation.
The president of Jianghai bank is really bold.
As soon as you open your mouth, you will see the senior executives start.
This is a position that many bank employees will never be afraid of.
Several senior executives behind the three presidents are also elites, but the youngest is in their early 40s.
The other two governors were also stunned when they saw the president's action, and then they secretly scolded the old fox.
As soon as the boss left, he wanted to dig people.
This is too shameless!
What kind of quality!
Thinking about this, they took out their business card from their suit pocket and handed it to Zhou Xuan.
The Bank of Surabaya is the smallest of the three,
The president of the Bank of Surabaya is also the only one who handed his business card with both hands.
As soon as I speak, it's all about “senior executives start.”.
Looking at in front of all of a sudden more than three business cards, Zhou Xuan immediately speechless*
Chapter 49 the position invitation of the leader of a line【[for collection]
“I'm sorry, three presidents. I'm very happy in Mingyue investment company. I have no plans to change my job for the time being.”
Zhou Xuan can only politely refuse.
He can't say that he likes to be a salted fish who plays games at home every day.
just so so.
There was a look of regret on the faces of the three presidents.
“Vice President Zhou is always welcome to our bank,” he said
Zhou Xuan's operation in the “trust crisis” deserves their sincere invitation.
At this time.
A few words.
Bai Mingyue has taken the financial statements of Mingyue investment company in the past year.
Three copies were handed to the three presidents.
All three also picked up the financial statements and read them.
For her company's financial report, Bai Mingyue is very confident.
Before Zhou xuanlai, although he didn't make much money, he was still in a profitable situation.
After Zhou Xuan came, the profit still rose.
The three presidents of Surabaya, quanmiao and Jianghai bank also nodded slightly after checking the financial report for a while.
They don't ask much.
As long as the profit invested in Mingyue investment company can be higher than the bank interest, then they will not have any loss if the money is invested.
They still have to earn more than the bank interest.
Now it's up to the next specific negotiations.
Although Zhou Xuan said before that it was a ratio of three to one, they definitely wanted to press the ratio down as far as possible.
In the final analysis, the bank itself is playing with money. Of course, it is not willing to give its own money to investment companies to play with.
Profitability comes next.
Mainly, it doesn't seem that the bank is a bit useless.
A money management organization, but also to other people to help manage the money.
This time, we have to recover the bad debts.
The faces of the three presidents changed quickly and naturally.
When Zhou Xuan was invited to take office just now, he was still very friendly. At this time, he immediately became competitive.
“Vice President Zhou, I have read the financial report and have a preliminary understanding of your company's profitability.”
The president of Jianghai bank was the first to put down the financial report and said, “the ratio of three to one is still big. I think one to one is the best.”
One opening directly depresses two-thirds of the price.
“I also think the ratio of one to one is the most appropriate.”The president of quanmiao bank said the same.
It's good for them to keep the ratio down.
As for how to get more recovery funds for their own banks, it is the next problem.
In terms of price reduction, they want a united front.
But it's not.
The governor of Surabaya did not speak.
He was the oldest of the three, with white hair neatly combed to the back and hands clasped.
On his face full of wrinkles and age spots, his eyelids drooped, as if he had not heard the words of the other two presidents.
There is no sense of a united front.
The situation of Surabaya bank at this time is quite different from that of the other two banks.
Surabaya bank was cheated by only three billion.
The recovered capital of 5.1 billion is enough to eliminate all the bad debts on the book of Surabaya bank.
The other two banks are different. Even if they take all the money back, they will not be able to fill the hole.
Therefore, the governor of Surabaya bank and the other two governors have different mentality.
He is eager to get three billion yuan back to his own bank, eliminate all bad debts at one time, and solve the impact.
Naturally, the other two governors also know about the governor of Surabaya bank.
If the three can't unite the front, they can't successfully reduce the proportion.
We can only follow the rhythm of Zhou Xuan.
The two glanced at the governor of Surabaya bank, helpless but still expressionless.
Sure enough.
Zhou Xuan after hearing two people's words, smile: “I understand the meaning of the two presidents.”
With that, Zhou Xuan looked directly at the president of the Bank of Surabaya, who had not opened his mouth: “what do you think?”
President of Jianghai bank and President of quanmiao bank were not surprised by Zhou Xuan's act of directly grasping weaknesses to break through their alliance front.
Surabaya bank president slowly raised his head.
Indeed, he was very urgent. As soon as he opened his mouth, he said, “Vice President Zhou, our bank is willing to exchange 3 billion yuan to recover funds at a ratio of two to one.”
Zhou Xuan look unchanged: “three to one.”
“Two two to one!”
“Three to one.”
“2.5 to 1!”
“Three to one.”
In the face of Surabaya bank, the proportion of Zhou Xuan will not drop at all.
He understood the wish of the governor of Surabaya bank to recover the bad debts.
After all, who knows if other funds can be recovered, this may be the only chance to recover bad debts.
The president of Surabaya bank stared at Zhou Xuan for a long time.
Although he was old, his eyes were still clear and bright.
After a long time.
The governor of Surabaya bank took a long breath and stood up to reach out to Zhou Xuan: “as you wish!”
After making this decision, he said seriously: “I'm almost at the age of retirement. Mr. Zhou, if you are willing to work in the Bank of Surabaya, I can try my best to push you to the position of vice president before I retire.”
“In my heart, after I retire, I will take you as the leader and try my best to push you to the position of president. You will have the chance to become the leader of a group before you are 30 years old, and master tens of billions of capital, and countless enterprises in Jianghai will die and die.”
“This is the dream of countless people. Please think about it a little bit.”
The governor of Surabaya bank seemed to pass on his family business to Zhou Xuan, which directly shocked others.
It's a long line.
Countless enterprises rely on bank loans to survive.
It's not too bad to say that these four words are controlling the life and death of countless enterprises.
The president who is not over 30 years old is unique.
Such a young president, not to mention how terrible the future is, even if the current social status, many people need to stretch their necks to look up.
The staff and the executives behind the three presidents in Mingyue investment company were all confused.
Even the other two governors were moved.
They did not expect that the president of Surabaya bank was optimistic about Zhou Xuan to such a degree.
It should be Zhou Xuan's calm in the negotiation that made him more impressed with Zhou Xuan.
Bai Mingyue is even more nervous.
Not to mention Zhou Xuan, even if she, now she, in the face of this invitation and commitment, also absolutely want to be moved.
No, it's not the intention, it's the promise.
At that time, the combination of Baishi group and Surabaya bank will be a good thing.
“Thanks to the president.”
Zhou Xuan stood up and shook hands with the president of Surabaya Bank: “however, I don't have this meaning for the time being. I stayed in Mingyue investment company very well, and Mingyue was also very good to me.”
Surabaya governor look pause, did not expect, Zhou Xuan or refused.
He laughed and looked at Bai Mingyue: “it seems that Miss Mingyue is really good to you.”
This is the last minute.
Bai Mingyue was so moved that she almost cried.
In this case, even if Zhou Xuan wants to leave the company, she will not blame Zhou Xuan*
Chapter 50 vice president Zhou, what a cruel plot【[request subscription]
“So, do the other two governors have any objection to this?”
“If there is no objection, the Bank of Surabaya will recover three billion yuan of funds in a ratio of three to one.”
Zhou Xuan looks at the other two presidents.
The president of quanmiao bank and the president of Jianghai bank were silent.
In order to recover the funds, they can raise the ratio to three to one.
But at the same time, they also understand the determination of Surabaya bank president to recover bad debts.
Even if they raise the ratio to three to one, the governor of Surabaya bank will raise the ratio even higher.
Surabaya bank will never give up the three billion recovered funds.
Therefore, even if they increase the proportion, it is futile. On the contrary, they will help Zhou Xuan raise the price.
So neither of them spoke.
“Ginger is still spicy…”
If these two people open their mouths, the president of Surabaya bank may raise the ratio to 3.5 to 1, or even 4 to 1.
Mingyue investment company will get more investment.
It's a pity.
Zhou Xuan shook his head in his heart, but there was no change on his face.
“The Bank of Surabaya is requested to prepare an investment agreement of 9 billion yuan immediately. After signing the agreement, Mingyue investment company will immediately transfer the recovered capital of 3 billion yuan to the Bank of Surabaya.”Zhou Xuan said.
“So urgent, I'm really curious, what else do you want to do…” the president of Surabaya bank's eyes narrowed slightly, nodded, did not say more, immediately took out the telephone contact to prepare the agreement.
Zhou Xuan smiles in response.
Turn to the other two governors.
“There are still 2.1 billion recovered funds on the book. What are the plans of the two presidents?”Zhou Xuan sat down again and asked.
“Old people, really can't play with young people…” the president of Jianghai bank shook his head and sighed: “president Jin, the remaining 2.1 billion capital, you and I, with a ratio of one to one, one person and half, how about it?”
“It's the best choice.”The president of quanmiao bank nodded and agreed.
Now there are only two presidents left.
And they chose half to half and united the front one to one.
In this way, there is no room for Zhou Xuan to raise the price.
It also allows them to get their money back in the lowest proportion.
“Vice President Zhou is very good, but these two presidents are also very good…”
“After arranging the Bank of Surabaya, the two joined hands to keep the ratio to the lowest level.”
“He's the president!”
Seeing that the president of quanmiao bank and the president of Jianghai bank cut their salaries from the bottom, the staff around them were amazed.
It's when everyone thinks.
This negotiation has come to an end.
Zhou Xuan gently smile.
“Two governors, don't worry to make a conclusion so early.”
“I have a small proposal for the remaining 2.1 billion.”
As soon as the two presidents frowned, they felt something was wrong and instinctively wanted to refuse.
But Zhou Xuan has spoken again.
“Mingyue, pass me the two pieces of paper I have written.”
Bai Mingyue immediately takes out two pieces of white paper with words on it from her pocket and hands them to Zhou Xuan.
This is what Zhou Xuan has prepared for a long time.
Zhou Xuan folded the two pieces of white paper twice, so that people could not see the content of the white paper from the appearance.
Then they put it on the table and pushed it to the two presidents respectively.
These two pieces of blank paper are like Pandora's box.
The two directors knew that opening the blank paper and checking the contents would lead to accidents.
It's full of endless danger.
But it's not.
They finally did not resist, chose to pick up the white paper in front of them and open it for inspection.
This is a good look.
The two presidents, who have always been very calm at the negotiation table, took a cool breath for the first time.
I just felt a chill spread from my back.
Straight hair!!
Can't help but look to Zhou Xuan, a face is startled.
Seeing that they had opened the blank paper, Zhou Xuan said, “this is a small game between me and the two presidents. There are only two rules. You can't talk or give up the game.”
“Break the rules and I'll give the remaining 2.1 billion to another bank in a ratio of one to one.”
“Vice President Zhou, what a ruthless plot!”The president of Jianghai bank holds the white paper in his hand and looks at Zhou Xuan.
“All options are in the hands of the two governors.”Zhou Xuan looks at each other with a smile.
The staff around, including senior executives, were all scratching their ears with curiosity when they saw the reaction of the two presidents.
What is written in the two pieces of white paper.
It's amazing that the two presidents could react like this.
In fact, the contents of the two pieces of white paper are the same.
What it says is: as long as you are willing to raise the proportion a little higher than another president, I can return the remaining 2.1 billion yuan to your bank. Just write down the proportion in the blank space and give it to me.
But the contents of this white paper.
In an instant, the fragile alliance between the two presidents was broken.
The simplest solution to this game.
Nature is to write down the ratio of one to one at the same time.
Who can guarantee that the other party will not write 1.1:1 and take all the recovered funds with the advantage of 0.1.
And once the possibility of writing down one-to-one at the same time is ruled out.
Then the price increase is inevitable, even crazy.
If you write 1.1 to 1, how do you know that the other party won't write 1.5 to 1.
If you write 1.6 to 1, how do you know that the other party won't write 2 to 1.
It's an endless cycle of unknowns.
Therefore, there is no solution to this problem.
However, if one of the governors feels that he has been fooled, he will not play.
According to the rules, all the money goes to another bank in a ratio of one to one.
Therefore, even if they know that this is Zhou Xuan's stratagem, they can only play the game hard, otherwise, it will only be cheaper for others.
This is the plot of Yang.
In this case, they can only write their own reserve price, that is, the highest acceptable proportion.
Zhou Xuan's piece of white paper, the two presidents to the lowest ratio, directly raised to the top.
That's why the two presidents showed a look of horror.
They thought that the three to one ratio of Surabaya bank was the highest in this negotiation.
But I didn't expect that the proportion they want to give is the highest.
What shocked them even more was that.
This paper was prepared by Zhou Xuan in advance.
In other words, the young man in front of him had already expected this step.
It's not too much to say that it's a ten step calculation.
The silence at the table lasted nearly five minutes.
The two presidents looked at each other several times.
But in the end, they wrote down a proportion on the paper and gave the white paper to Zhou Xuan.
It has become impossible to divide equally.
For the remaining 2.1 billion yuan, they are also determined to get it. They can't afford to give in or get away with it.
After all, if you take a chance, you may not be able to recover any bad debts.
Zhou Xuan opened the white paper and looked at it.
Then he stood up and held out his hand to the president of Jianghai Bank: “congratulations to Jianghai bank for recovering 2.1 billion bad debts!”
Jianghai bank president wrote the ratio is: five to one!!
The president of quanmiao bank wrote down the ratio: 3.5 to 1*
Chapter 51 what else can vice president Zhou do【[request subscription]
“Five to one, nothing to congratulate on.”The president of Jianghai bank stood up and shook hands with Zhou Xuan.
“I congratulate that the 10.5 billion yuan invested by Jianghai bank will make a lot of money.”Zhou Xuan said.
“I hope so.”Jiang Hai bank president light way.
Zhou Xuan laughed but said nothing. He had to say something polite.
It is normal for the president of Jianghai bank and the president of quanmiao bank to be fooled by themselves.
The president of Jianghai bank has a good sense of self-restraint, so he didn't refuse to shake hands.
Of course, Mingyue investment company and Jianghai bank will not feud.
How to say, I helped them to recover the funds.
When the money of this investment is profitable, this little discomfort will naturally disappear.
And a good relationship.
As for the president of quanmiao bank, he can only lament that money is inferior to people.
The scale of quanmiao bank is not as big as Jianghai bank. It can only offer a ratio of 3.5 to 1.
On the other side.
The ratio of five to one is a direct shock to the people around.
Five to one!!
Doesn't that mean that the remaining 2.1 billion has been converted into 10.5 billion investment??
It's more than the three billion we just exchanged!!
All the staff of Mingyue investment company look at Zhou Xuan in shock!
Because in their eyes.
There are not so many psychological games and choices.
What he saw was only two pieces of white paper thrown out by Zhou Xuan, and 2.1 billion became 10.5 billion.
It's more amazing than magic.
“Please bring the investment agreement as soon as possible.”Zhou Xuan opens his mouth.
“It's already on the way.”Surabaya bank president said.
The president of Jianghai bank took out his mobile phone and began to make a phone call.
The president of quanmiao bank said goodbye. He was disappointed and left.
The other two presidents looked at his back with some regret.
If the bank made such a big mistake, even if it wasn't the loan authorized by the president, it would have to take the blame and resign.
The two of them recovered the funds and had less pressure on the board of directors.
At this time, Zhou Xuan opened his mouth.
“Mr. President, wait a moment. I have another information for you.”Zhou Xuan said.
“Well?”The governor of quanmiao bank stepped slightly and turned to look back.
Zhou Xuan picked up a piece of information and passed it to him.
The president of quanmiao bank took over and checked it.
It was found that the names of 12 foreign banks were written on it, followed by hundreds of millions of figures.
“What's this?”The president of quanmiao bank looks at Zhou Xuan suspiciously.
“Zhu Caimin remitted the money into these banks. This is the information I found. I hope it will be helpful for your bank to recover the funds.”Zhou Xuan explained: “of course, I have recovered a sum of money. Zhu Caimin is aware of it. If you want to do it, please do it as soon as possible.”
The president of quanmiao bank, with a look of awe inspiring, held Zhou Xuan's palms in both hands and shook them up. He solemnly said, “it's very helpful. Thank you very much!”
When the president of quanmiao bank left, Zhou Xuan handed another piece of the same information to the president of Jianghai bank.
Seeing this scene, the president of Jianghai bank and the president of Surabaya bank looked at each other and sighed deeply.
The whole thing.
This young man not only made a lot of money, but also let the three presidents fall in love.
Without a word.
Even quanmiao bank, which has not received any recovered funds, will not have any complaints against Zhou Xuan.
It's all about it.
It is not enough for such a person to say that he has a bright future.
More than an hour.
It's close to six in the morning.
Surabaya bank, Jianghai bank.
The two banks have sent the prepared investment agreement.
Nine billion yuan and 10.5 billion yuan for one year.
The staff of Mingyue investment company are almost straight eyed when they see the two investment agreements.
Don't talk about them, even white moon, eyes are a little straight.
At noon yesterday, they were still worried about whether the company would go bankrupt.
Overnight, Zhou Xuan invested 19.5 billion yuan, nearly 20 billion yuan, in Mingyue investment company.
Help Mingyue investment company from the edge of bankruptcy, directly into the leading position of investment company.
How terrible!How shocking!!
It's just like an indescribable hand coming down from the sky, righting the collapsing building!!
The president of Jianghai bank and the president of Sishui Bank signed their names on the two agreements respectively.
“Vice President Zhou, the investment funds will be paid to your company's account by noon tomorrow, and we hope that the recovered funds can be paid to your account as soon as possible.”
“Of course, thank you very much.”
After seeing off the two presidents.
There was a moment of silence in Mingyue investment company.
Finally, the staff couldn't contain their excitement.
There were deafening cheers.
“Yeah!!The company won't collapse! ”
“Thank you, vice president Zhou!”
Long live vice president Zhou
Long live vice president Zhou
The excitement of countless people was beyond expression.
They even jumped up in their arms.
In the crowd, Yan Xiaoyu is full of worship looking at Zhou Xuan.
Not only Yan Xiaoyu, there are many female staff staring at Zhou Xuan look a little wrong.
“Well, well, it's almost settled.”
“I have something else to explain. After that, I have to go back to sleep.”
Zhou Xuan waved his hand with a smile, indicating everyone to be quiet.
The crowd quieted down.
But hear Zhou Xuan's words, can't help but stare big eyes.
They all thought it was over.
Does vice president Zhou have any operation?
Just listen to Zhou Xuan say to Bai Mingyue.
“Mingyue, later, you remember to contact the media. The more, the better. Hold a press conference at noon.”
“This press conference, one of them, is to open the account book to let the public know that we have not been cheated.”
“The second is to announce the investment agreement signed with us by Jianghai bank and Sishui bank, so as to let the public know that Jianghai bank and Sishui bank have given us a large amount of investment.”
Bai Mingyue heard Zhou Xuan's words.
Just a moment.
Instantly understood come over, shocked at Zhou Xuan a series of operation.
In addition to Bai Mingyue, other staff members also responded quickly.
Take a cool breath.
All night, they were shocked by the operation of vice president Zhou.
The principle of things is simple.
In this period of XT technology company running away, causing “trust crisis”.
People are afraid to put their money into investment companies or even into banks.
At this time, if Mingyue investment company throws out the large investment agreement of Jianghai and Sishui banks to Mingyue investment company.
What will happen?
This will send a message to the public.
That's it.
Even the banks trusted Mingyue investment company and made a large investment in Mingyue investment company during this period.
Mingyue investment company must be more trustworthy*
On the shelf
Finally, my daughter-in-law became a mother-in-law, and this book will be on the shelves today.
Here, I would like to focus on the website, thank you, thank you, thank you for my editor prodigal son, and like this book every reader.
Without your support, this book can't last to this day.
Half a month has passed since the creation of the new book.
Along the way, this book has experienced all kinds of frustrations.
It's changing the title of the book, it's rectifying the plot.It's hard.
There are also achievements. First of all, on the first day, ten chapters of the new book were uploaded, with more than 30000 words, less than 1000 collections. Although there are 1000 flowers, they seem to be the friendship flowers of friends
In the end, although the contract was signed, many friends said, “this book is probably very popular.”
Seriously, it was a blow!
However, fortunately, I'm an old street pusher, and my mind hasn't collapsed, so I've been writing to the present.
After signing the contract, the author sent out a leaflet. At that time, the results were improved, even a little unexpected explosion.
So the author Jun began to speed up the update, want to go on the shelves as soon as possible, one is to earn some living expenses, two is also to let readers see more cool!
Seriously, I'm a comparative.
In order to bring you better works, I took time to sort out the previous content, and deleted more than ten chapters and tens of thousands of words
This also leads to the fact that the original manuscript is ready to be changed, but it can't be changed for a while, which leads many readers to think that the author doesn't want to add changes and so on
You don't want to explain anything. As long as you can see the results on the shelves, you'll make up for all the chapters you've missed before. But maybe you can make up a few in a day. You can only make up for them slowly
The original intention of writing this book is that the author himself likes urban literature. After thinking about it, he opened one.
Now that I have written it, I want to finish it!
Ten thousand high-rise buildings rise on the flat ground, the foundation is not firm, can only shake the ground.
If I am not satisfied with what I have written, how can I send it to you?
But I believe that the revised content will only be more wonderful, you can rest assured to read!
Next on the shelf, to ensure that you see cool!
After talking about the works, let's talk to you from the bottom of my heart!
I started my career at the age of 20. It's been seven years since I started my career. I've been on the street all the time, covered with scars
Cervical spondylosis, scapulohumeral periarthritis, lumbar disc strain, in addition to the still handsome face, I am nothing.
Of course, compared with the physical pain, the inner suffering is the most terrible.
Someone told me, face the reality, no, it's time to stop!
Some people say that sometimes dreams are to be pursued, but some dreams… Give up!
But I don't know my fate!
Even if very hard work, only a harvest!
Despite being ridiculed, I still have one last card in my life. I firmly believe that… My efforts will be seen.
Many times, I'm afraid that people will suddenly ask me, “how much money have you made since you wrote the book so long?”
How much did you make?
Say out you may not believe, so many years of contributions, not enough to do a big health care!
My wife often tortured my soul: “how do you think we are so poor?What about this month's mortgage?Where's the money for the wedding? ”
“The salary is so low, and I have nothing to do every day. What kind of novels do I write!It's better to get a good certificate and change to a higher paid job. ”
Whenever this kind of time, I always have no choice but to smile.
I also told myself that this is my last attempt. If I don't get any more results, I'll listen to my wife's words and study hard.
Then go back to the office to work, go on business every day, stay up late and work overtime.
But this is not the life I want.
I don't want to bow to life like this, I urgently need a result to prove myself!
The new book is the one with the longest preparation time and the most revision since I joined the profession.
I try my best, racking my brain, not only carrying the burden of supporting my family, but also because of my love and dedication to writing.
Of course, this is also a net text lovers last stubborn!
The new book, I want to let you have a good time.
As we all know, whether a book can go far enough and last long enough depends on achievements.
Good results, website hold, I write energetic, you see comfortable, formed a virtuous circle.On the contrary, it is disaster
I don't think you are short of old friends, colleagues and classmates who are familiar with you
With an invitation, or just a phone call or a wechat message, you have to pay three or five hundred followers.
Some know they can't get it back and have to give it back.
Because no matter how many reasons you don't want to attend, for the sake of face, you have to admit it.
It's human, it's life, you and I are inevitable.
Look, I write a book, a chapter, a few cents, a month, which is not difficult for everyone.
A few yuan is not enough to buy a bowl of beef noodles, let alone pork
But for you and me who have never been masked, even if there are 100 reasons to recharge, to support the legitimate, but because it does not hurt face, it is troublesome, so some people choose to watch piracy
I can understand that, and I won't complain.
Life is like this, who can ask too much?
I just hope that if you have the ability and are willing to support me, who is not too ambitious, but has always insisted on writing books.
Please spend a few cents on each chapter to support me in writing this book.
Even if I have to go, I'd like to subscribe to the first chapter on the shelf, which gives me some motivation to write down.
I know that I may not be a friend in reality, or even a general friend, but I will not go.
I've been writing for seven years, and I'll stick to it.
You will not leave, I will not abandon.
If you want to leave, I'll stay where I am and wait for you to come back.
This is probably the original intention of a writer, an online friend who is not as good as an ordinary friend, but who has always been and never left.
I'm an old writer who has been writing online for many years.
I didn't keep the manuscript. I had to write it now.
At 2:30 this afternoon, we will open the VIP chapter on time. I hope you can subscribe and support it at that time.
Conditional, you can open an automatic subscription.
A lot of people are concerned about the problem of explosion on shelves. I need to explain it here.
On the day of putting on the shelves, three chapters will be updated to start with… Please don't scold me first. The meaning of the author's three chapters is… At least 5000 words in one chapter!Let's have a good look!Three at least fifteen words!!
After the explosion will continue, the same is more than 5000 words per chapter, let us see a cool!
After being put on the shelves, the minimum update is 3 chapters a day, and the time will be put in the early morning of every day, about 12 o'clock.
If there is any change, it will be put to 4 p.m.
I'd like to explain to you the rules of the change.
When the first order is increased by 100, a chapter will be added. When the first order reaches 100, a chapter will be added.
If the monthly ticket is full of 50 tickets, a chapter will be added. The settlement will be made at the end of the month, and it will be cashed in the next month.
Then there is a reward plus watchman, a reward of one thousand VIPs plus one watchman, and a reward of ten thousand VIPs plus three watchmen.
Although I know that ten thousand VIPs are fantasies, YY is OK.
I would like to thank you for your daily message support. How can I get your great support.
Of course, I also want to thank the other big guys for their rewards, flowers, evaluation tickets, messages and other support!
PS: as long as this book has been ordered for 3000, I will live broadcast the codewords on the same day!
If you want to see the big makeup, lipstick, eye shadow, braid, and adorable skirt, you must go for it!
Well, there's so much to say for the time being!
In a word, the key to how far this book can go is still up to you. I'll update it later. Subscription, monthly ticket and reward are up to you.
The lake is still the lake, but the wind is colder and the rain is heavier.
I'm on my way. Would you like to go with me*