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(One Piece )I, a new marine, never graduate (chapters 1-53)
[001] graduation ceremony for new naval personnel
[001] graduation ceremony for new naval personnel
Navy headquarters.
Marlin Fando.
In front of the central square, on the calm sea, the light sea breeze blows.
In the sun, a Navy flag was flying in the wind.
Under the banner of the army is a group of young and resolute faces.
A resolute figure stood in front of the group of young people. He was zefa, a former general of the Navy headquarters.
The first new commander of the Navy trained zefa, the legendary figure of the current three generals of the Navy, Green Pheasant, yellow ape and red dog.
With a serious face, he looked at the many new Marines in front of him and said:
“Today is your last day at the Naval Academy. After today, you will become a real navy to protect the world. From this moment on, danger and glory will be with you.”
“Tell me in a loud voice, are you ready to give everything for justice, including your own life?”
Not far away, in a corner of the square.
Loren, with a Dogtail in his mouth, lay on the ground and looked at the blue sky as if it had nothing to do with him.
But the uniform of the new navy man showed that he should now attend the graduation ceremony just like those new navy men standing in front of zefa.
It’s the third time Loren has attended such a graduation ceremony.
He remembers how surprised he was when he first came into the world.
Yes, that's right.
Loren is a passer-by.
Although as a senior network text reader, for through this kind of thing acceptance is very fast.
But when he came to the world of the pirate king, Loren was not happy at all.
Because it's too dangerous here.
There are so many powerful and evil pirates.
Death should not be too common.
Loren's father, a martyr, died in the pursuit of a pirate.
With this experience, Loren's purpose is quite simple.
That's just to stay.
As for revenge.
The pirate at that time was killed directly.
Loren has no one to take revenge on.
You said there were a lot of other pirates?
i 'm sorry.
I'm just a salted fish.
A salted fish without lofty ideals.
It's none of my business to defend civilians and justice.
Isn't it good to live well?
That's what happened to Loren, who had been retrained three times in the Navy rookie training.
The graduation ceremony was soon completed, and a group of new naval officers were in high spirits with excited faces.
Loren was used to this expression.
It doesn't take long for them to be defeated by reality.
Loren inquired about his contemporaries when he first graduated.
More than a third have been sacrificed.
In the pirate king, if the pirate is the occupation with the highest mortality rate, the Navy should be the next.
“It's a bunch of naive guys.”
Loren shook his head and turned to leave.
These new Marines are too weak. What can they learn from just one year's training.
Not everyone is a monster.
Ordinary people like me should train for a few more years.
[Ding, you can sign in today, do you want to sign in or not]
“Sign in.”
A voice suddenly rang out in my mind, and Loren immediately responded.
[Ding, successfully check in, get 10 attribute points]
The voice sounded again, and Loren immediately called out in his mind:
The system is a standard configuration for crossing, and Loren is no exception.
[host: Loren]
[age: 18]
[strength: level a 0 / 10000]
(the grades are divided into SSS, SS, s, a, B, C and D. most of the ordinary people are grade D, the standard for navy soldiers is grade C, the standard for school officers is grade B, and so on.Strength doesn't mean strength, it's just one aspect of strength.)
[demon fruit: none]
[other abilities: top class overlord 0 / 10000, intermediate armed 0 / 10000, intermediate seeing and hearing 0 / 10000, Navy six advanced 0 / 1000, intermediate fencing 0 / 10000]
[current attribute point: 1000]
[sign in: signed in today]
On the system panel, Loren's strength can be seen at a glance.
Add all 1000 attribute points to the six formula
Loren gave the order directly.
[Ding, the navy has further mastered the six styles, the top six styles, which can use all the six styles and their derivative techniques, including the ultimate skill six styles · six King gun]
When the sound of the system rings, the six moves are directly advanced to the top state.
Loren felt the changes in his body, fully mastered the six forms, and greatly improved his control over his body.
However, after saving the attribute points for 100 days, Loren was still a little distressed to use them all at once.
If you want to say that this system is too stingy, only 10 attribute points a day, more than 3600 a year, it's not enough!
Is it really good to treat yourself so hard?
Loren had a bad time.
Sign in today… No, it's the end of hard training. It's time to go back and have a good rest.
Thinking of this, Loren got up straight, ready to slip.
Just then,
A figure is stopped in front of him.
Loren recognized the iconic goatee at a glance.
Marshal of the Navy headquarters, the Warring States period of Buddhism.
The new book sets sail, and readers support it.
[002] arrangement of Green Pheasant
[002] arrangement of Green Pheasant
“Marshal of the Warring States period.”
Loren, who happened to get up, was also startled by the Warring States period. The old man came quietly.
The Warring States period looked at Loren and frowned, “Loren, what's the matter with you?Did you repeat this year? ”
For Loren, the Warring States period also knew something.
After all, he is a “legend” who has been repeated two times in a row. He and zefa are the generals of the same period, and they have a good relationship. Zefa also mentioned Loren.
Under normal circumstances, it is unlikely that new naval officers will be repeated.
Because most of those who come to join the navy are voluntary.
After training, to be a real navy to maintain justice is the ideal of almost all new naval officers.
If you can't keep up with the progress all the time, you will quit by yourself.
It's just,
Loren is different.
He has no ideal.
In other words, his ideal is to live together.
Loren is a descendant of the martyrs, and his father's last wish is to let Loren join the Navy.
So somehow, Loren joined the Navy.
In order to be able to repeat, lorenna did everything.
All kinds of assessment can release water, can not release water is to pretend to find a reason.
At the same time, students' encouragement, ridicule and indifference
Zefa instructor's persuasion, reprimand, disregard
Loren didn't care.
Anyway is a tenet: never graduate!
It's also thanks to Loren's father's friendship with the Navy's chief general, Green Pheasant. Otherwise, he would have been repatriated to his hometown for a long time.
“Yes, marshal of the Warring States period, I have no talent, I can only do this, but I will continue to work hard to graduate next year!”
Loren stood up straight and said righteously, but he had another idea in his heart.
I'm kidding. I'll continue to mix next year.
As long as you can.
That's impossible.
If you're full and have nothing to do, go and catch the pirate. Don't you want to die?
It's not very nice to be here in marinfando.
It's also important to pay attention to the war. At that time, those new naval officers who don't even graduate will not even have the qualification to participate in the war.
Pat your ass and stay away.
When everyone is finished, he will continue to be a new naval trainee, won't he?
However, the fact is that we have to live with our face.
Loren will at least pretend.
Marshal, he had seen it several times in the Warring States period, and this kind of face-to-face meeting was the first time.
“Well, keep trying, but don't push yourself too hard.”
The Warring States period nodded and did not continue to think.
As a field marshal in the Navy, it's hard for him to remember Loren's name.
He sees more people without talent, and there are many Navy recruits who can't stand training every year.
The reality is so cruel.
Today, he will speak at the graduation ceremony as a marshal, and he has no time to talk with lorendo.
Loren watched the Warring States leave and then went straight away.
It's such a fine day that it's a good time to go to bed.
As soon as he got back to the Navy trust dormitory, Loren met someone he didn't want to see.
General of the Navy headquarters, kuzan the Green Pheasant.
In name, it should be my uncle.
“General kuzan.”
Loren looked at the pheasant, his face slightly ugly.
Kuzan is the only one in the Navy that knows Loren's hidden strength.
Of course, this is not to say how good Loren is hiding. The main thing is that other people don't pay much attention to Loren.
The daily garrison of marinfando is more than tens of thousands of people, and the number of new naval personnel each year is not 10000, but 5000.
With so many people, Loren's performance is unimportant.
If it wasn't for the fact that he didn't quit the Navy and had been relegated as a new marine for two years, no one would have noticed him.
But the Green Pheasant is different.
Loren's father is a friend of pheasant, despite the huge gap between them.
This also caused the pheasant to pay special attention to Lorena.
It's almost impossible for Loren to hide his true strength from being discovered when a current general of the Navy stares at him like this.
The only thing to be thankful for is that Green Pheasant is not a very important person.
Loren's choice, he never forced.
Like Nicole Robin, Green Pheasant can choose to let go, even in private to protect.
“Well?Strength has improved again? ”
The Green Pheasant has a sharp eye.
Just a glance, he found that Loren and before a slight change.
Navy six, it is to play the potential of the body.
With the progress of cultivation, nature can also change the body.
It's just that,
It still needs careful observation to find out.
I really can't hide it. I just added it.
Luo Lun sighed in his heart, but he said with a straight face: “well, I have some experience in practicing the six styles recently.”
Now that he's seen through, Loren's got to be straight.
Anyway, at most, it is said that the Green Pheasant will not force itself to graduate.
“Yes, keep working hard. If you want to graduate, please let me know in advance.”
Green Pheasant light way.
The son of one's best friend is still under one's command.
It's also a little selfish.
of course,
It's based on the fact that Loren wants to graduate.
“Don't worry, uncle kuzan. If I think I can graduate, I will be the first to tell you.”
Loren said, but he didn't like it.
Ghosts will be your subordinates!
What about the Green Pheasant general? After the war, he quit the Navy.
Is it hard for me to go wandering with you?
I'm a jerk, Loren.
The principle of Hun Zi is that we must mix, and we should also choose where it is easy to mix.
“Well, this time it's mainly for you.”
The Green Pheasant said suddenly.
have you got anything to do!
Loren's heart thumped.
It's the most taboo thing for a bastard.
“Uncle kuzan, you're all generals. If there's anything that can't be solved, I have to do it. I don't have any skills, do I, or…”
Without waiting for the pheasant to say what happened, Loren was already looking for reasons.
No matter what, I'll put it off first.
Green Pheasant has been used to Loren's attitude for a long time. He said slowly: “it's nothing serious. There's a boy who wants you to take care of him. Gulant is now in the Navy hospital. He'll come to you when he's almost done.”
With that, the pheasant disappeared directly, not giving Loren time to refuse.
Loren, who stayed in the same place, was silly. It's all about what.
How come there's a new one.
The new book sets sail, and readers support it.
It's not a matter of death. Don't bother me
It's not a matter of death. Don't bother me
It began to come back to Loren's mind.
This guy seems to be a Navy supernova, of course, years later.
On the current time line, the protagonist Luffy did not go to sea.
by the way.
It's the guy with the devil's power on his arm.
It's a little guy that Green Pheasant brought back from wandering on the sea.
Lorenton was angry at the thought.
This NIMA, you have time to hang out. Let me help you with the children you brought back, right.
What do you mean? You!
“Thanks to you, you are still a great general. You have nothing to do, right?”
Loren couldn't help but make complaints about it.
But he make complaints about make complaints about Tucao.
After all, your own life is in the hands of the other party.
What a bastard fears most is that he can't mix.
Take a towing oil bottle with you. Anyway, your requirements are simple.
Don't be bothered by me.
The graduation ceremony of the new navy man ended in a solemn atmosphere.
In zefa's office.
The Warring States is watching with a list.
This is the next rookie training list.
For zefa, graduation also heralds the arrival of new students.
“There will be a few good students in the next term, and there will be a lot of people who are capable of fruit.This Binz, the one with the ability to flourish fruits, and this Ayn, the one with the ability to regress fruits. ”
In the Warring States period, if you look at the materials at will, you will mark those special students.
The devil's fruit ability is naturally the top priority.
Zefa said faintly: “I would rather they didn't have the fruit ability. They got the demon fruit ability too early. On the contrary, they would neglect to exercise themselves.”
“The Yellow ape guy is an example. He always thinks that shining fruit is invincible. In this point, red dog is much better than him.”
In the Warring States period, there was no refutation.
Zefa's attitude towards the devil's fruit is known to all navies.
“By the way, I met that Lauren today. How's his performance this year?”
As soon as the topic of the Warring States period changed, Loren was mentioned.
For more than three years in a row, even the marshal of the Warring States period has been remembered.
Speaking of Loren, zefa's face changed slightly and said, “I don't want to talk about him.”
“What?I think his attitude is pretty good, but his talent is just a little poor. After more practice, he can graduate. ”
The Warring States period remembered the firm attitude of Loren when he spoke to himself, and the impression was pretty good.
“Don't mention it.”
Zefa shook his head and said, “I've seen many students without talent, but it's the first time I've seen them without fighting spirit. If it wasn't for the green pheasant's intercession, I would have let him go home.”
No fighting spirit.
That's zefa's assessment of Loren.
Even though we take part in all kinds of training, we just muddle along.
No fight, no fight.
There is no sense of shame and hard work in the poor training performance, and the students will not complain if they lose.
Even the ridicule of other students should not be heard.
If you have to say it, it's a salted fish.
No matter the weather outside, always lying flat salted fish.
“Well, it's up to you.”
The Warring States period didn't care too much. Anyway, it's just a matter for a new person. Zefa has the full power to deal with it.
“Well, let's not say that. It's nothing to do today. Let's have a drink.”
Zephyr left Loren behind.
After graduating from the first phase, the next phase will have a few days to gather, and he can also have a few days off.
The Warring States period laughed and said, “well, I'm fine today. I'll call Kapp.”
Navy rookie quarters.
In Loren's room.
“Are you the one that general Green Pheasant arranged for me?”
Gulant, with a red hair and a mechanism specially made by naval scientists on his left arm to suppress the power of demons, looked at Loren with disdain.
The chief General of the Navy headquarters, Green Pheasant, has met. This will change a new naval recruit who hasn't graduated yet. Gulant is a little contemptuous after all.
“Well, that's me.”
Loren replied with an indifferent face.
It never occurred to him that Green Pheasant had arranged for gulant in his dormitory.
This NIMA, originally a wonderful single dormitory, now has a little boy.
It's awkward!
The key point is that this guy is not a safe master.
“Your name is Loren, isn't it? I've heard from the Green Pheasant general that I can come to you for anything?”
Gulant continued.
“Strictly speaking, I'm just responsible for not letting you have an accident. I can't manage the rest, and I don't want to.”
Loren said faintly.
I'll do anything else.
What do you think of me as?
Salted fish is lazy to turn over. Is it possible to be a nanny?
If it wasn't for pheasant's request, Loren wouldn't even care about gulant now.
Looking at this attitude of Loren, gulant more despised.
“Just you, a new marine who didn't graduate, can protect me?I don't know what the Green Pheasant general thinks
Looking at Loren, gulant showed his left arm and said, “see, it's an arm with devil's power. You can't deal with it at all.”
As he spoke, the mechanism on gulant's left arm shot steam out.
It's a sign of uncontrolled power.
Fortunately, this device can still be used to firmly suppress the arm.
“Well, the Green Pheasant general has made a mistake, or you can tell him to change the person.”
This level of irony had no effect on Loren.
If he can change people, he can't wait.
“Cut, it's boring.”
Gulant turned his mouth. Loren was so bored that he didn't want to continue to talk.
Loren, who was lying on the bed, turned over and said, “since the Green Pheasant has given you to me, I'll make a rule with you.”
“The rules?”
Gulant was stunned and asked, “what's the rule?”
Loren light way: “not to die, don't bother me.”
The new book sets sail, and readers support it.
[004] if Laozi is regarded as Dahe, Laozi will not be able to escape (seeking flowers, evaluating and commenting)
[004] if Laozi is regarded as Dahe, Laozi will not be able to escape (seeking flowers, evaluating and commenting)
“Where's the canteen, Loren?”
“Find it yourself.”
“Where's the uniform, Loren?”
“Find it yourself.”
“Loren, when can we train?”
“Find it yourself.”
Looking at gulant, who has been hovering around him with constant problems, Loren's head is big.
This boy is not very restless, how can he always follow his ass?
It's not good to go out and have a look by yourself, since there are so many Marlin fants?
That's bullshit. I have to ask about everything.
He did not know that, in fact, gulant's heart was still afraid.
He's scared!
I'm afraid my evil power will explode.
The island before was destroyed by his left hand.
Although he didn't believe in Loren's fighting power, the arrangement of the Green Pheasant made him stay with him.
If there is a problem, the Green Pheasant general should be able to come soon.
Naval rookie training base.
The students of this period are coming one after another.
They assigned the dormitory early and began to inquire about the training content.
For the upcoming new training, they are incomparably looking forward to.
In this process, the name of Loren gradually became known to them.
#A new comer who has been repeated for three years in a row#
#The weakest naval rookie#
#The lowest score of all previous Navy rookies#
These names are spread among the new naval officers who are going to take part in the training one by one.
Loren went out to eat and was often pointed out when he was recognized.
“He's the weakest rookie, Loren.”
“It's pretty. Why is it so weak?”
“Hum, a man should be as big as me. This kind of white face can't work.”
“How can there be such a thing as three-year repetition? Does this guy have any backstage?”
“What if there is a backstage? Waste is always waste.”
“Tut Tut, there's a kid with him. He's really calm.”
Although most of the new Marines don't care much about Loren, after all, there are so many new Marines who like to be sarcastic.
For Loren, it's something he's tired of listening to.
The basic attitude of salted fish to life is that it will not be affected by external evaluation.
not pleased by external gains, not saddened by personal losses.
This sentence is just tailor-made for me.
Loren is a little proud in his heart, and he can't help speeding up his steps to the canteen.
After following him for a few days, gulant learned about Loren from other people's comments.
“Loren, are they all true? This is your third repetition?”
Gulant asked behind Lauren's back.
“Well, that's right.”
Loren returned a few words and was excited to see that there was fried meat in the dining room today.
In the world of the pirate king, most of the dishes are whole.
When eating meat, it is mostly cooked and roasted.
This kind of stir fried meat is rare.
Gulant stood still.
He couldn't believe it.
Although he knew that a newcomer would not be too strong, he never thought it would be like this.
He's not only a new marine, but also a new marine who has been relegated for three years.
It's not too bad if you have a Demon power explosion in your own arm.
What does the Green Pheasant think?
no way!
I have to make it clear to general Green Pheasant.
Gulant thought about it and felt more and more that he should do it.
It's just that.
Just want to leave the canteen, the belly of the cooing up.
Although gulant, the host of devil's power, is young, he eats a lot of food.
Forget it. Let's eat first.
Gulant turned to dinner again.
In the corner of the dining room, Loren and gulant sit together.
In the face of his favorite fried meat, Loren is very happy to eat.
Gulantna is also not to be outdone, like a storm like eating.
“Burp ~”
“Burp ~”
After a full hour, they both belched.
After this meal, their stomachs are quite round.
“Hoo, that's great!”
Loren took a breath and leaned back slightly, very comfortable.
When gulant was full, he asked, “Loren, where is the Green Pheasant general?”
It was then that gulant remembered that he knew nothing about the Navy headquarters.
It is not clear where the general is and how to find him.
“He can't find it.”
Loren's attitude is much better after he's had enough.
“No?What do you mean
Gulant was a little worried.
Your left arm is a time bomb. What if you can't find yourself?
The only thing he had seen was that the Green Pheasant sealed his left arm with a wave. He didn't know about other strong naval men.
I can't help it. After all, it's just a kid.
Loren shaved his teeth and said, “the Green Pheasant is OK. He likes to ride a bicycle on the sea. You should have met him like this.So, if there is no big event, he usually wanders on the sea. If you want to find him, you have to wait for him to take the initiative to find you. ”
At this point, Loren can't help feeling a little angry.
Damn, the child you brought back, you can leave it to yourself.
Irresponsible guy!
Gulant panicked.
If you can't find the pheasant, what about your left arm?
And once this emotion out of control, the left arm of the devil's power immediately restless up.
The steam is coming out one after another. It's the devil's power that wants to break through the shackles.
Loren's eyes moved, and he immediately understood gulant's worry, and he also understood that the Green Pheasant had to give it to himself.
This is to suppress the left arm riot of gulant!
I'm really convinced. I think I'm Daiwa.
But I don't know how to escape.
The new book sets sail, and readers support it.
[005] Loren vs demon's left arm, the system reward for breaking into it (for flowers, for evaluation, for comment)
[005] Loren vs demon's left arm, the system reward for breaking into it (for flowers, for evaluation, for comment)
“Come with me.”
When Loren saw the situation, he immediately left the canteen with gulant.
good heavens.
If this arm breaks out in the canteen, its strength can't be hidden.
This is the training base for new naval personnel. The formal training has not started yet. The drillmaster is not here, and there are no naval generals stationed.
If something goes wrong, we have to solve it by ourselves.
In the twinkling of an eye, gulant was brought to the fighting training ground by Loren.
Here are all challenge arenas for Navy recruits to practice.
Now because there is no training, so no one.
“Calm down, gulant. The more afraid you are, the more powerful the devil will be.”
Loren said to gulant.
In the end, it's just the reason for willpower.
This kind of power from heaven still needs strong willpower to control.
It will be that gulant's heart has been occupied by fear.
“Loren, go, go!”
Gulant yelled at Loren.
He had seen a lot of riots in his own arms, and it was a disaster.
His family and friends all died because of his arm, which is not what he wants to see.
Although he only spent a few days with Loren, gulant didn't want innocent people to die because of their arms.
“What the hell is this?”
Loren scolded.
Now, I can't run.
Left and right.
Well, no one.
Gulant continued to shout, and a click came from his left arm.
It's a mechanical crack.
This arm, which hosts the power of the devil, is about to break the blockade of the mechanism.
Steam is constantly releasing, but it's not enough.
Loren looked at the distressed gulant and said, “well, gulant, obey your inner desire and release your arm. It's bad for your health to hold the burden too much.”
Gulant couldn't hear what Lauren was saying. His heart was covered with negative emotions.
The desire to kill is high.
He had to obey the only reason in his heart to let Loren go.
It's all late.
The mechanical device of gulant's left arm exploded directly, the red haired left arm expanded rapidly, and the palm became a sharp claw.
The devil's power is in complete control of gulant.
His eyes are full of blood, although only the left arm beast, but the whole person revealed a wild breath.
It's a bloodthirsty beast.
“It's trouble.”
Loren looked at gulant, who was dominated by animal desire, and shook his head.
He is most afraid of trouble.
Because trouble usually doesn't come alone, the first trouble leads to the second.
It's like lying. With the first lie, there must be a second one to round the first one, and then there are endless lies.
The inevitable result is that everything is punctured.
This is not what a salted fish wants.
We have to make a quick decision.
Gulant let out a roar, and the huge red fur claws came straight at Loren.
This is the claw that can directly destroy the warship. If it's an ordinary person, it will directly become debris under this claw.
Loren doesn't want to hardwire directly either.
At the foot of the fast pace, six of the shaving out.
The shadow disappeared,
In the twinkling of an eye,
Loren is behind gulant.
Iron and jade.
The iron block of the six styles, Loren will his right hand iron block, wave toward gulant's neck hit down.
Just one hit,
Gulant passed out.
But the left arm of the demon still didn't stop.
It seemed that instinct was driving the claw, but it was lifted up and smashed at Loren.
Armed and aggressive.
Black and domineering, Loren's body all hardened, stronger than steel.
Raise your hand. Loren grabs the red claw.
With one hand alone, Loren could not move the claw.
It's not very difficult to control the claw, but Loren has no idea how to make it settle down.
I'm not a pheasant. I can't freeze directly.
Now, in this posture, is it difficult for us to maintain our armed and domineering state and send gulant to the Naval Science Department?
no way!
So you're exposed.
We have to find a way.
Looking at gulant who couldn't stand on the ground, Loren's face flashed with guilt
“If you want to blame it, blame the Green Pheasant. He clearly knows that I want salted fish and sent you.”
With that, Loren raised his other hand, armed and aggressive, and directly smashed it down.
Since I'm not at ease, I'll call you at ease.
With one punch, the red arm was broken.
To make sure there was no problem, Loren made up a few more punches.
Anyway, it's a monster's left arm, and its resilience should be very strong.
Loren explained himself, and finally solved the problem of gulant's arm.
[Ding, congratulations to the host for defeating the demon's power arm and gaining 100 attribute points]
Ding, congratulations on the first time the host has defeated the opponent. It rewards the white eyes of the blood following, which can see through the flow of various forces in the body, including muscle power and domineering power
The sound of the system suddenly rang out.
Loren was stunned. This system even has a reward for victory.
I thought it was a salted fish sign in system.
100Point attribute point, can be 10 days of sign in reward.
There is also blood after the limit, white eyes.
It's so special. It's so cool.
I lost my feelings. I used them all wrong these years.
Loren's heart was suddenly complicated.
I didn't find out. I just want to be a salted fish.
In the end, Loren found a perfect reason to cheat himself.
It wasn't long,
At the naval rookie training base, you can see Loren carrying a child with a huge left arm.
Loren is OK. Gulant's red arm is full of turning heads.
“What's the matter?Why is the left arm of the child who follows Loren so strange? ”
“It's better to stay away. This guy may be evil.”
“That's right. It's a good match for waste to match monster.”
Along the way, there was constant discussion.
Originally I just looked down upon Loren, but now I have to add a gulant.
As for the fight in the combat training ground just now, no one knows.
The new book sets sail, and readers support it.
[006] Lao Tzu can no longer be a salted fish
[006] Lao Tzu can no longer be a salted fish
After waking up again, gulant was lying on the bed.
“What about Loren?How's he doing?Is he all right? ”
As soon as he woke up, gulant yelled at him.
His memory is still the moment before he let Loren go.
In the back,
The fury of the devil's power attacked his brain, and he could not remember what happened.
“You mean the new marine who sent you?He's OK, but his constitution is a little weak. He's panting with a child on his back. Recently, the quality of the new naval officers is getting worse and worse. ”
One side of the doctor light answer way.
This is the intensive care unit. For special patients like gulant, they must be treated specially.
Most intuitively, gulant's left arm is now firmly fixed with bandages and steel bars.
Although the demonic power has been poured out, the arm has returned to its normal size.
But after all, it's a hidden bomb. We should pay attention to safety.
“Loren's fine. That's great.”
Gulat breathed a sigh of relief.
His biggest fear is that his arm will hurt more people.
The next moment.
He was confused.
“Doctor, what did you just say? He brought me here?Is there anyone else with you? ”
Gulant said excitedly.
Although he didn't know the middle memory, he clearly remembered it.
Before I was crazy, there was no one around except Loren.
“No, he's alone. What's the matter?”
The doctor said strangely, “just carry a child on your back. How many more people are needed.”
Gulant couldn't believe the doctor's answer.
Do you?
Did Loren subdue himself?
Maybe I didn't know before, but in these short days, gulant was very clear.
Loren is a three-year repeater in the Navy rookie training, known as the weakest rookie.
And his own arm, its terror has long been engraved in the heart.
He couldn't and couldn't believe it.
Suddenly there was a pain.
It's a pain in the left arm.
“Be careful, although your left arm is imbued with the power of the devil, it is now a comminuted fracture, and it is not easy to recover.”
The doctor told a, and sighed: “I don't know what you have done in the end, this strength of the arm can also be broken into a comminuted fracture.”
Comminuted fracture!
Gulant's stupid.
The destructive force of this arm, which is directly capable of breaking rocks.
It's the first fracture since the arm appeared.
It can't be Loren!
Gulant's heart more and more firmly this idea.
It's just,
The seeds of doubt have germinated and cannot be waved away.
On the other side.
At the rookie training base, Loren sneezed.
Who's calling me names?
Lauren frowned. He didn't remember who was thinking about him.
I rubbed my nose, and Loren didn't care too much.
Gulant had long been forgotten by him and had been sent to the hospital anyway.
Today is the new school opening ceremony, I still want to participate in it.
As a repeater, I am not qualified to attend the graduation ceremony, but I am still qualified to attend the opening ceremony.
In such a large venue, the new people who are going to receive training will arrive early.
In fact, if you can't come, Loren doesn't want to come either.
No matter who it is, it's the same routine every time when the school starts for the third time. It's boring after all.
Before long, zefa appeared on the stage.
As a new commander in chief of the Navy, he always comes to speak at this time.
“Everyone, I'm zefa. You are about to receive training in my hands. I hope…”
Zefner was straightforward and began to speak at once.
Needless to say, many new people on this stage are all quiet, and their eyes are full of excitement looking at zefa.
Former Navy General!
It's a symbol of the Navy's highest combat power.
At the thought that such a character was his own instructor, these new naval officers could not bear their own excitement.
“This year, old zefa finally brought a different manuscript. It's not bad.”
Loren looked at zefa in the stands and commented. His eyes began to wander in the new navy.
“The new recruits of this year are good. There are a lot of women soldiers!”
Just a casual glance, and Loren's eyes lit up.
As a salted fish.
In addition to muddling around, the appreciation of beautiful women is absolutely indispensable.
There are many beauties in the pirate king.
It's a pity that the navy is an army after all, and the proportion of female soldiers to male soldiers is always very different.
The annual rookie training is also a tasting meeting for Loren.
“It's big enough to get a six.”
“I fuck, this waist, love, love, seven points!”
“This little Jasper can get a five.”
“This leg, you can't give seven points too much!”
Loren's eyes kept sweeping.
After all, we can enjoy it for a year. We have to seize the time.
Next year, these new men will go to Navy branches around the world to fight with their officers and pirates.
And myself,
Will still be here, continue to wait for the next term of Xuemei.
I am the willow by the river, standing still.
You are the fish in the river. The water is gurgling.
That is the fate of meeting.
Loren is happy, his eyes wander, and a figure appears in his field of vision.
A beautiful girl with sea blue wavy long hair!
Whether it's body or appearance, it's all about leverage.
It's at least eight points. It's still young. If it's a few years longer, it's nine points.
There are not many beauties of this level that Loren can see.
But now,
Loren didn't want to appreciate it.
Because he recognized the beauty.
She's Ayn!
Those who can do it!
A loyal follower of zefa.
There is also a Binz, who is also a loyal follower of zefa.
Their arrival means one thing.
Zephyr's arm is gone!
It is the most painful training in the history of naval rookie training.
The right arm of zefa, a former general of the Navy headquarters, was cut off, and all the troops on the training ship were destroyed except for Ayn and Binz!
This is the infamous ability attack.
This salted fish always wants to mix, but this time it is in crisis.
There is no way to avoid the training of new naval personnel.
It's absolutely powerful to be able to cut off the arms of zefa, the former general of the Navy headquarters.
I'm sure I can't see enough!
I still want to mix, but I don't want to die so young!
no way,
I can't continue to be a salted fish!
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[007] this is killing me(For flowers, for evaluation, for comments)
[007] this is killing me(For flowers, for evaluation, for comments)
The plan can't keep up with the change.
AI Yin's appearance, let Luo Lun's Salted Fish plan come to an end directly.
What should we do now?
The easiest way Loren could think of was to quit the Navy.
As long as you are not a navy, everything will be OK.
All the problems are solved.
With their current strength, to find a good place to survive, should not be a big problem.
But the next life, certainly not as comfortable as when the Navy rookie.
In marinfando, food and housing are free, and the conditions are pretty good.
If you leave here, it's all on your own.
This idea just flashed by and was rejected by Loren.
There is a big mountain in front of this plan.
The chief General of the navy is Green Pheasant.
He won't agree.
Who told his cheap Dad that he had a last wish to join the Navy.
The bottom line for Green Pheasant is that he has been working in the naval rookie Training Institute.
Although he is not a regular Navy soldier, he is also a Navy man.
Loren was deeply sorry.
Why didn't I graduate?
Just a few days ago, I was leaving one by one for the last period of students, and I was secretly happy that I could continue to stay in the new college.
I didn't expect that retribution would come so soon.
“Loren, team 13.”
Just as Loren was in a daze, zefa's voice rang out.
Loren's name was reported by package. This is the division of teams. In the following year, the scores between teams were also included in the assessment scores.
After all, as a marine, teamwork is important.
Many new Marines were relieved to hear that Loren's name had been announced.
Because Loren's a million year old.
If he's in the same team as himself, he's really desperate.
Although it is not likely to be dragged down by Loren to graduate, but the results will be almost, so when graduation assignment, priority will fall behind.
It's a result that almost all new naval recruits don't want.
The members of the 13th team, for a moment, became the pitiful objects of others.
“Loren!Have you come yet
Seeing that Loren didn't respond, zefa's voice increased a few degrees.
“Here!Here I am
Come back, Loren quickly waved.
There was some laughter in the crowd.
Loren's performance really matched his crane tail identity. No wonder he repeated three times in a row.
Loren didn't care. He was still thinking about the attack.
Carelessly into the 13th team, Loren also saw his teammates in the next year.
The two are on the same team as themselves.
I don't know anyone else.
This is killing me!
Loren's heart was a grief.
He knew that Ayn and Binz belonged to the most revered zephyr.
I'm afraid that new people will come forward to fight when they are attacked during training.
As a small team, I'm afraid it's hard to hide if I want to.
How cruel!
Just then, as soon as Loren got into the team, many people began to complain.
“It's so unfortunate that I was assigned to a team with this guy.”
“That's right. I'm afraid I can't get any good jobs for graduation assignment.”
“It's really bad luck, especially when I see this guy's indifferent face, I'm so angry.”
“Say a few words. After all, they can repeat their grades three times. There is no guarantee that there will be any backstage. Bear it. A year will soon pass.”
“Don't worry too much. The distribution of the team is based on the strength, which has been evaluated by zefa instructor himself. The strength gap between each team will not be too big.This guy and I are on the same team. There must be some powerful new players in our team. Maybe there are also capable ones
“The devil's fruit power?Isn't it a special recruitment for such talents to join the Navy? Do you want to train with us? ”
“Keep your voice down, I don't know that zefa instructor doesn't like devil fruit!”
The members of the thirteenth team were talking about it.
Loren is also used to it. When he was dawdling, the other players basically had this attitude.
Ayn and Binz didn't speak. They came to average their fighting power.
For them, as long as they can follow zefa, everything else is easy to say.
Although the division of the team just reported the name, but after all, there are more than a thousand people.
After all the distribution, it's time to disband.
“Well, let's stop here today and have a good night's sleep. From tomorrow on, we will meet you with arduous training!”
Zefa's deep voice was heard all over the world.
His training is known for its strictness.
The crowd dispersed quickly. The arduous work of zefa instructor was really arduous.
On the side of team 13, they also walked away one by one.
Ayn and Binz didn't go, while Loren was thinking about what to do with the training in a year's time.
“Teacher zefa.”
“Teacher zefa.”
The faces of Ayn and Binz were full of smiles.
They were all orphans who were saved by zefa as children.
This is similar to that peculiar to Qur'an.
But zefa's sense of responsibility is much stronger than that of pheasant.
At least,
Zefa taught them himself.
“Well, you're old enough to join the Navy now. You'll have to work harder in the future.”
Zefa looked at them with a happy face.
“Yes, I will live up to teacher zefa's expectation.”
“Yes, I will live up to teacher zefa's expectation.”
Two people answer a way with one voice.
Zefa smiles. His eyes turn and he sees Loren in a daze. His face immediately sinks
“Come here, Loren!”
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[008] a meddlesome AI Yin
[008] a meddlesome AI Yin
“Zefa instructor.”
This time, Loren agreed quickly.
Because he has his own way.
You have to be stronger!
No matter who you encounter one year later, as long as you have enough strength, everything will be OK.
After all,
Now the system, that is “many” new functions.
With a little effort, it's not difficult to become stronger.
The only difficulty is that you can't graduate because of this.
The cause of salted fish needs to be carried out all one's life.
“What are you going to do this year, Loren?”
Zefa looked at Loren like this, but he was not angry.
As a new commander in chief of the Navy, he has taught too many students.
The current three generals of the Navy headquarters are all his students.
There are a lot of generals and major generals.
Although it can not guarantee that every student is very promising.
Loren, a student who has been repeated for three years, is absolutely a disgrace to zefa in his teaching career.
It's zefa's good temper to talk to Loren like that.
Binz and Ayn are looking at Loren.
They are also very curious about the legendary figure in the new navy.
Or compassion.
The teaching and training of zefa instructors is absolutely possible but not desirable.
Whenever you have a little talent, zefa instructors can find the right way to exercise.
And Loren, this is the third time he's been relegated.
In other words, he has been under zefa for three years.
Three years.
Even the standard of graduation assessment is not up to.
This kind of person,
Maybe there is no talent.
These two people, as capable people, still feel pity for Loren.
Loren didn't know what they thought. He looked at zefa and said, “well… Zefa instructor, I'll try my best. Maybe… Maybe… Maybe I can graduate this year.”
make fun of.
Graduation that's impossible.
“Loren, it's easy to say whether you can graduate or not!”
Zefa's face was cold.
He really didn't expect to ask himself, but Loren was still careless.
Damn it!
You have to be more confident than me.
It's hard for Loren to rub in his heart.
When it comes to graduation, in the first year, I can graduate casually.
I really want to be a salted fish.
Now I'm going to work hard to keep your old man's arm in a year.
Even forced me!
Loren still has to bear it.
If you can't bear it, you will make a big plan.
Anyway, once you enjoy the life of salted fish, you can never go back.
It's not the first time I've heard zefa's reprimand.
Just ignore it.
Loren lowered his head directly, pretending to blame himself.
of course,
In fact, Loren's face is a casual look.
Zephyr stares at Loren. His anger is getting higher and higher.
Do you really think you can muddle through without talking?
Just as he was about to press Loren to make a statement, Ayn said:
“Mr. zefa, Loren should also want to graduate, but he is not competent enough. You can rest assured that he and I have a couple of Binz this year, and we will definitely let him reach the graduation standard.”
Maybe it's out of Loren's sympathy. After all, it's no secret that Loren is an orphan.
Ayn offered to help Loren reach the graduation standard.
“That's right, miss zefa. Let me and Ayn know about Loren's graduation.”
Binz came forward, too.
He felt that this was what he should do.
Zefa looked at his two proud disciples, and his anger gradually faded.
“You two have a heart.”
Zefa nodded, then said to Loren, “you hear me? Work hard this year. I don't want to take you again.”
The fart I heard.
I can't graduate. I just don't want to graduate.
And now the little kids, one by one is really interesting.
How do you like to make decisions for others when you first meet? Do you know me well?
I'm not ashamed to say that it's up to you to graduate.
What a meddler!
Loren cursed in his heart.
When I graduate next year, I'm afraid it will be a trouble again.
“Loren, thank you very much.”
Ayn immediately urged.
Loren helplessly raised his head and said: “I know, zefa instructor.”
The episode is finally over.
Zefa leaves, and Loren is going back to his dormitory to have a good sleep.
But as soon as he was about to leave, Ayn's voice came: “don't hurry, Loren. I'll get to know you first with Binz, so that we can help you graduate this year.”
AI Yin is also sincere, said to take Loren graduate, that is really to do.
This step, of course, is to understand Loren's situation.
It's just,
Loren was a little bit upset.
It's really hard for a salted fish to work overtime.
But it's hard for Loren to refuse.
Because the relationship between Ayn and zefa is unusual. It's a non cooperative attitude.
I'm afraid zefa will know in minutes.
Loren looks constipated. He really doesn't want to work overtime!
AI Yin looks at Luo Lun doubtfully and says: “what's the matter, do you have any questions?”
For the first time, Loren thought that beautiful women were not always beautiful. He suddenly had an idea.
“By the way, I have to go to the hospital to see a person, that is, the child who has been with me before. Let's forget today.”
With that, Loren went straight away.
Gulant and Loren have been together for a few days, and as we all know, they are now covering for Loren.
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[009] don't want to fart
[009] don't want to fart
In the hospital.
Of course, it's impossible for Loren to go.
He broke his arm. It's not life-threatening. What are you doing.
Without a tug of oil bottle, one doesn't know how good it is, so why not feel unhappy.
But Loren didn't come to see gulant, but another came.
“Green Pheasant general.”
The doctor looked respectful.
He still reveres the general of the Navy.
“You go down first.”
The Green Pheasant waved its hand and did not disturb too many people.
After hearing about gulant, Green Pheasant was also worried.
Although we know that Loren's strength is not weak, but the left arm of the demon of gulant is not a simple thing.
If Loren can't deal with this problem well, he will have to find another way.
It's just,
When Green Pheasant saw gulant's diagnosis, he was dumbfounded.
Comminuted fracture of left arm.
There is only one line on the diagnosis.
The green pheasant's face angle jumps slightly.
He personally subdued gulant's left arm, and at the Department of Naval Science, he tested the strength of the left arm.
At least we should have the strength of a naval captain to control it more easily.
in other words,
Loren, in fact, has hidden a lot of strength.
If you can break the demon's left arm into a comminuted fracture, it's either powerful or powerful.
No matter which one, it shows that Loren's Salted fish is too much!
“Green Pheasant general.”
Seeing the pheasant coming, gulant said quickly, “I didn't mean it. I really don't want to hurt others, but I just can't control it.”
His face was a little sad. His past experience made him hate his left arm.
This time, with the left arm locked, there was still an uncontrollable situation.
Gulant was very remorseful.
He made a decision: “cut off my left arm.”
If this arm is going to hurt more people, it might as well be cut off.
Green Pheasant stopped gulant, but did not answer this question, but said: “talk about the outbreak of the arm at that time.”
“Green Pheasant general, my arm is really…”
“Well, it's just an arm of devil's power. This is the Navy headquarters. There are many powerful people. They are not so easy to be hurt by you.”
Gulant wanted to continue, but the pheasant interrupted him.
In fact, this is no problem.
After all, it's marinfando, the headquarters of the Navy. There are many naval forces stationed here, and officers at the general and school level are everywhere.
As far as gulant's left arm is concerned, it's not a big problem.
Gulant a muddle, he still chose to believe the Green Pheasant, will repeat the previous thing.
of course,
The retelling here is only a clear and unique memory of Quran.
On his arm in the end is how to become a comminuted fracture, gulant do not know.
After listening to this passage, the Green Pheasant is basically certain.
With Loren, there's no big problem with gulant.
“Well, I'll go first. When you're ready, you'll install another suppression device.”
At a glance, the pheasant decided to leave.
The life of cycling and going to the sea is still very good.
“General Green Pheasant, it's too dangerous for me to follow Loren again, or I'll have another one.”
Said gulant hastily.
He still doesn't really believe in Loren.
It's just,
Before his words were finished, the Green Pheasant had disappeared.
Gulant was helpless. He didn't know anyone, so he could only stare at Loren.
It's hard to avoid Ellen and Binz's Loren, who has now returned to the dormitory.
Normally at this time,
Loren should be in bed.
But now,
Loren still studied the reward of defeating the enemy for the first time.
Loren knows something about this white eye.
With a panoramic view of nearly 360 degrees, it can see through the flow of chakra in the enemy's body.
of course,
This is not the world of fire shadow. There is no chakra.
However, the domineering flow and the operation mode of muscle strength can also be seen clearly.
Now Loren is looking at his state with his eyes open, which is a bit like X-ray.
Originally thought has the perspective eye Loren is also very excited.
Due to the obstruction of clothing, many beauties can't get a prepared and fair judgment. With perspective… No, everything can be solved after they turn a blind eye.
But soon, Loren found that the perspective of this white eye was too strong.
If the clothes go through, the skin will be seen through.
It's a collection of muscle and bone vascular scaffolds. It really doesn't look interesting.
It's really rubbish. Do I need 360 degree vision if I have information?
As for the operation of muscle strength, and the flow of domineering, these are just the ability to assist learning.
I can add some… I don't really need to enhance my strength through my own efforts.
As a hard-working salted fish, the ability of white eye is really a little weak.
Why can't we just give a simple ability to see through clothes?
“Hey, system, can you hear me?”
Loren yelled.
Ding, warn the host, be realistic and don't want to fart
The system sounds suddenly in my mind.
It was a surprise to Loren.
Is the current system so user-friendly?
Even if you want to fart, you can say it.
“System, this is not to discuss with you, no, even if I don't demand, but can you tell me, who can beat what good reward?”
As soon as Loren's words changed, he continued: “for example, invisible fruit or something, how can you get this reward?”
For a long time,
There was no response.
Loren sighed helplessly. It seems that there is still a long way to go.
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[010] training begins, Navy six styles
[010] training begins, Navy six styles
The next morning.
Within the training base.
According to the team division, training in different areas.
At the beginning of the training, are the most basic physical training.
Long distance running, single parallel bars, push ups and so on.
For these projects, the new navy people who can come here are naturally at their fingertips.
Even those female soldiers, it's very easy to finish.
Loren, that's not surprising.
In the world of pirate king, the basic quality of ordinary people is very high.
To cut a stone with a knife is to cut it off with a knife. In people's eyes, it's basically to add a bar.
What can fall from the sky and never die? What can drown in the water and never suffocate.
This is the power of the author.
Don't let you die, even if you are a passer-by, you can't die.
In these events, Loren did not deliberately do anything bad.
After all, it has been three years since I passed the grade. If this kind of basic project is deliberately fake, the next step is endless training.
If you can't run to death, run to death.
This is zefa's training policy.
“Good, I know you've been able to do a good job with these basic fitness projects.”
Zefa stood in front of the crowd and said, “but I hope you understand that no matter when, you can't despise these basic physical training.”
“It's the simplest and most effective way to strengthen yourself. No matter what moves or skills, it depends on a good physical fitness.”
“Even if you leave here and go to all branches of the Navy, you should keep the habit of exercising, which will make you stronger and stronger.”
Zefa's voice is loud.
Although he said these things are commonplace, but this is the truth.
Even Loren, a salted fish, knows this very well.
The new people who are training are excited one by one.
At the moment, they are still immersed in zefa's teaching.
On Loren's side, though he was running, his eyes never stopped.
Well, the dynamic observation is more accurate.
This girl with a score of seven needs to be corrected. She has a little more meat in her belly. It's 6.5.
This six point girl's thigh is too thick. She has to deduct one point and five points.
This five point girl can't see it. It turns out it's quite big and doesn't slosh. It's good. You can add one point.
Loren is constantly revising his score.
This is the style of salted fish.
Even at the end of the day, what should be done will never fall behind.
It's just,
It's going to make Loren feel a little uncomfortable.
Because now he has a “Dharma protector” on his left and right.
Ayn and Binz are on the left and right sides of Loren, running all the way.
Ayn is a little better, at least she's an eight point beauty.
But Binz,
Even in men, it's ugly.
Loren has no interest in the same sex, so it's hard to be caught in the middle.
“Loren, keep your eyes in front of you when you're running. Don't look at other places.”
Ayn warned.
In front of zefa, they are also very conscientious.
No, it's none of your business?
Loren really feels like the little girl's brain is pumping.
It's not that the running speed is not enough. Is it too strict.
“Loren, if you want to graduate, you have to do the best you can, so that you have a greater chance to graduate.”
Binz is on the other side of the “education” road.
I want you to say.
If you want to graduate, I'll be a commander now. Do you believe it?
In the same period of the first year, the most powerful one was the captain of the Navy.
Loren this is also a conservative estimate, although he salted fish, but his strength is still very forced.
The morning passed quickly.
In the afternoon, it is not the basic physical fitness project.
All the newcomers already know what they are going to learn in the afternoon.
It's no secret in the Navy.
As a matter of fact, the most important thing to come to the Navy headquarters for new training is to learn the six styles of the Navy.
Because in the future, after these newcomers become the official Navy, the enemy they will face is the ferocious pirates.
On this sea, the devil fruit is an unavoidable topic.
Animals, Superman, nature, and countless demons are scattered all over the world.
Different fruits correspond to different abilities.
Pirates, of course, have many abilities.
Because of the devil's fruit, the strength of many pirates has soared.
However, it is impossible for the navy to be able to deal with all of them. If we want to deal with them, we need some powerful moves.
The six forms came into being.
Mobile: shaving, moonwalking.
Attack: Lanjiao, Zhiqiang.
Defense: iron.
Dodge: Paper painting.
The six forms basically cover all aspects of combat.
As long as you can learn all the six forms, you will have the capital to compete with most of those who have the ability.
During this year, these new naval people mainly studied the six styles.
The standard of graduation is to learn at least two skills.
And they have to belong to two different aspects.
of course,
This is just one of the conditions for graduation.
As for Loren.
On the surface, he can only shave.
Loren also considered shaving as his ability to show off.
Because the principle of shaving is to achieve the effect of high-speed movement through high-speed trampling.
If you can't shave, you need to practice trampling.
As a salted fish, this can not be lazy practice, Loren chose to give up.
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[011] white eyes, really fragrant(For flowers, for evaluation, for comments)
[011] white eyes, really fragrant(For flowers, for evaluation, for comments)
“I won't introduce more about the origin of the six styles. If you want to know, you can go to the Navy library for reference.”
The afternoon training is still dominated by zefa.
After all, it's the first day of formal training.
“Next, I'd like to show you all the contents of the six styles, which is also one of the important projects you will learn in the next year.”
Said zefrang in his voice.
Then he took a look at Ayn and Binz in the team.
“Ayn, Binz, you two come here to help demonstrate.”
As soon as zephyr's voice fell, Ayn and Binz came out.
In the team, the eyes of the newcomers flashed.
They have already guessed that there should be a strong guy in the 13th team to balance Loren.
But now it seems that there are two at a time.
Now, many people begin to envy again.
After all, it's Loren who's a drag, who's a big guy who can balance, and who can average.
It's a bunch of opportunists.
Alas, it's not as good as one another.
Loren looked around at the eyes of many students, can not help but sigh.
Sure enough,
There are still too few people who want me to be self reliant and self reliant.
In everyone's eyes, zefa has already started the demonstration.
The high speed of shaving,
The flying steps of moonwalk,
It refers to the single point destruction of the gun,
The cutting of Lanjiao,
The defense of iron,
There is also the flexibility of paper painting,
Each item of the exhibition, let this group of new amazing.
Can let the ordinary people have the ability to fight with the capital, the six powerful is beyond doubt.
And its relatively more difficult to learn domineering, is undoubtedly more conducive to popularization.
This is the fourth time that Loren has seen it. He has no interest in it for a long time.
Just a few days ago, I just ordered the skill points of six styles. Now Loren has mastered the top six styles.
In terms of level, it's about the same level as rob Lucci of judicial island cp9.
It's needless to say that there are all kinds of extended skills of the six styles. There are also the ultimate skills of the six styles. Only by integrating all the six styles, can we use the six style mystery · six King gun.
Its power is even more terrifying.
What we are showing now can only be regarded as the general level of the six forms.
It didn't take long.
Zefa's demonstration ended, and Ayn and Binz returned to their team.
“Well, that's the basic situation of the six styles. One of the conditions for graduation is to master at least two skills, but at that time, the minimum standard.”
Zefa's eyes swept over the crowd
“If you don't want to die on future missions, learn all the skills you can.”
“One month before graduation, if there are all learners of the six styles, I will teach domineering skills.”
Hearing these words, people's expressions were uplifted again.
Domineering is the symbol of the strong.
On this sea, there are many people with abilities. The fruit of natural demons is able to elementalize the body, nearly immune to all physical attacks, and naturally invincible.
But there are still many strong, they have no devil fruit, but still proud of the sea.
Now one of the four emperors, red hair shanks, is a man without fruit ability.
Of course, if the fruit of face is not the fruit.
And Admiral Kapp, the “iron fist”.
They are all non fruit people, but their strength is beyond doubt.
Seeing and hearing aggressive, can predict danger in advance, easy to dodge response.
Armed with lust and domineering spirit, it can enhance its own defense, and it is also an entity that can directly touch those with ability, so that those with natural fruit ability can not escape.
Hegemonic color is domineering. There is no one in ten thousand. It can't be enhanced by cultivation. It can only improve proficiency. It's a symbol of climbing to the top.
Even, because the devil's fruit is rejected by the sea, those who have no fruit ability will be better than those who have no fruit ability.
Once learned to be domineering, it is basically equivalent to opening up a road to the strong.
These new Marines are too excited to be restrained.
One by one, they are imagining that after they have learned to be domineering, the sea has become famous.
These young people are so impetuous.
One by one, even six just began to learn, even want to domineering.
Zefa, the old man, is still so disrespectful.
Start to fight chicken blood, fight to the back one by one all wilt what's the meaning.
Loren shook his head.
He saw a lot of this scene.
At the beginning, everyone was excited to learn how to be domineering.
Within a month, I found that I was slow to learn the six styles.
What is domineering? Does it have anything to do with me?
Damn it,
You think you're all like me.
Even a salted fish can make great progress.
Yes, of course,
This is inseparable from our own efforts.
After all, salted fish is not lazy, just don't want to go outside to experience the storm.
forget it,
After all, it has nothing to do with me.
Loren just took a simple look at zefa, and his eyes continued to wander on many female students.
As a professional beauty appraiser, although white eyes will directly penetrate the skin.
But at the moment, Loren also felt the beauty of women's symmetrical muscles.
This slender leg muscles, from the ankle exposed skin point of view, these are two big white legs.
The thin white one.
The tight muscles of the waist, the absolute A4 waist.
The kind that you can hold with your hands.
Men's fun,
It's that simple.
White eyes, how fragrant!
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[012] hide one, come another
[012] hide one, come another
“Loren, why don't you practice the six moves?”
Ayn's voice suddenly rang out.
This is the end of Loren's appreciation of the skills of six style shaving.
On this training ground, the newcomers have begun to practice independently.
In fact, some new people have already been exposed to the six styles before they come here.
There are a lot of people like Loren, his father is a navy, under the influence of the Navy.
With such a large base, there are naturally some officers' sons.
When they were young, they got some instruction.
There are still a lot of wheezing on the training ground.
A lot of people didn't learn to be at home. When there are too many people, they can't control their body well. Collision happens from time to time.
The speed of shaving is not weak. It's very painful when you hit it.
“Well, I'm still good at shaving. There's no need to practice.”
Loren replied.
Although AI Yin is not bad, she looks at herself like a teacher and feels that Loren doesn't like it.
Ayn frowned, a little dissatisfied with Loren's attitude
“You haven't graduated for three years in a row. Since you can't graduate, it means that you still have defects. You're good at shaving. Can't you practice more and be more refined?”
It's not that I don't want to improve, it's that I can't.
I've reached the top of the six moves.
Luo Lun heart abdomen Fei a, the facial expression does not change a way: “the person that practices here is too many, easy to cause danger.”
“That's no good. How can we be afraid of danger? We are bleeding and sweating now in order to survive on the battlefield in the future.”
Ayn's not going to give up. She's going to have to watch Loren practice.
It's just for the sake of survival that I salted fish.
Loren nodded helplessly and said, “that's OK.”
Dead bars are not Loren's style. The best way is to follow Ayn's will and not create conflicts.
Eye catching is never the job of a salted fish.
“That's right.”
Ayn smiles with satisfaction.
The next moment,
Loren disappeared before her eyes.
If I can't stir it up, I can't hide it.
In order not to let Ayn catch up, Loren's shaving speed is far more than everyone in the square at the moment.
Among the scurrying figures in the field, a figure is shuttling rapidly.
In such a chaotic scene, Loren once again felt the benefits of white eyes.
With an angle of almost 360 degrees, Loren could clearly observe the unidentified objects from all directions.
It's a lot easier to avoid.
In just a few seconds, Loren had already run out of the training ground.
I'm sorry. I slipped.
Loren can't see AI Yin's figure when he looks back. His mouth is slightly raised and he leaves directly.
As for Ze FA, after teaching the skills of shaving, the figure has long disappeared.
“Binz, have you seen where Loren is?”
Unable to find Loren, Ayn turned to Binz and asked.
Binz shook his head and said, “I didn't see him. He wasn't like this just now. Why did he disappear after a while?”
“He seems to have shaved it out.”
AI Yin looks at the figure of shuttling and colliding on the training ground in front of her, and she doesn't believe it.
Under such circumstances, can you really leave safely?
“Ain, are you dazzled? Look, is this the condition that can be shaved out?”
Binz obviously doesn't believe it. He has learned to shave well, but during the practice, he inevitably bumped into others several times.
“Maybe, but he's gone.”
AI Yin shakes her head, as if she is remembering whether what she just saw is true or not.
Will Loren's shaving be so powerful?
On a tall building not far from the rookie training ground, a man in a yellow striped suit is standing by the window.
He's a real navy general, polusalino.
As a general of the Navy headquarters, this one is more lazy than the Green Pheasant.
To be exact, the Yellow ape should be called the movie king.
He's the biggest bastard in the Navy.
In a sense, the Yellow ape and Loren are in the same way.
Just now, he was idle and bored, looking at the training of new people through the window.
Loren's use of shaving to avoid the newcomers is all in the eyes of the Yellow ape.
“It's really interesting. Today's newcomers are excellent.”
The Yellow ape noticed Loren's figure from a distance, but from a distance, he only saw a person, and did not see who it was.
“Finally get rid of that difficult woman.”
Loren went back to his dorm door and breathed a sigh of relief.
For the last three years, this kind of autonomous practice.
As long as zefa is not there, he is basically gone.
Because he's low-key enough, salted enough.
Although other people have opinions on him, Loren doesn't argue or make trouble.
It's better to practice well than to manage him.
That's what people on the same team used to think.
No one said anything about Loren's sneaking away.
This time, Ayn was an accident.
Open the door.
Loren's going straight to bed.
But the next second,
His face turned green again.
Gulant is sitting in the dormitory with his left arm hanging
“Loren, you're back. I have something to ask you.”
Son of a bitch, hiding one, coming another.
Loren was helpless.
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Young man, you are still too young
Young man, you are still too young
“Don't bother me if you don't have time.”
Lowe ignored gulant and went straight to his bed.
This is so special. How did your salted fish life become like this all of a sudden.
The first three years have been good. It's good to eat and drink.
Now there is a little oil bottle, and a mother is staring at her.
Is it necessary to turn salted fish over!
But gulant didn't stop. The reason why he came to Loren with his arms wide open was to find out what had happened before.
“Loren, tell me, who broke my arm?Is anyone here
Asked gulant.
For his demon left arm, gulant is still very worried.
If the Green Pheasant doesn't let him cut it off, he has to think of his own way.
And gulant's way is very simple, that is to find the man who took care of his arm.
Follow him and everything will be perfect.
“No one. You broke it yourself.”
Loren did not have a good reply.
Caution is something that must be firmly remembered as a salted fish.
Even if gulant is just a kid who just came to the Navy headquarters, he is still not suitable to reveal too much.
“No way!”
Gulant retorted immediately.
It's not that he doesn't know the strength of his own arm. It's impossible for him to believe that he broke it.
Loren turned over and said, “believe it or not, don't bother me.”
With that, he covered his head with a quilt and ignored gulant.
It's just,
Gulant's perseverance was beyond his imagination.
“Loren, tell me!”
“It's important to me!”
“Tell me, and I'll leave you alone.”
So gulant stood by Lauren's bed, pleading.
Don't bother!
I just want to sleep.
This special little oil bottle is so annoying!
Loren in the quilt has put on a mask of pain.
For a person who is used to salted fish, it is a kind of torture that a person does not listen to the words in his ear.
I can't help it!
Don't think you are a child, I don't do it… No!
Loren's face suddenly changed, and he thought of something.
After defeating gulant's left arm, the system awarded 100 attribute points.
you 're right.
Don't you have to face the teaching practice of zefa one year later.
Now I want to maintain the nature of salted fish, but also to ensure that the strength of ascension.
This kid,
That is an experience baby!
Gulant is not even a Navy now. He's just a little boy brought back by Green Pheasant. He doesn't know anyone in the Navy headquarters.
If you operate carefully, it is not impossible to improve your strength without exposure.
Thinking of this, the mask of pain goes off the line immediately.
Loren came out of the quilt and looked at gulant excitedly
“I can't tell you, but I have conditions.”
This sudden situation startled gulant, hesitated and said: “what… What conditions?”
Loren looked at gulant and said with a smile: “there are two conditions. The first one is very simple. No one can say it after knowing it.”
“OK, no problem.”
Gulant immediately nodded.
It's not too difficult for him to agree to two conditions in comparison with his own arm.
“Don't worry. Let me finish the second condition.”
Loren said faintly: “the second condition is that you should be my experience… Bah, it's accompany training.”
I was so excited that I almost let it slip.
“Accompany practice?”
Gulant's stupid.
He's out of the devil's left arm, and that's a child.
Although this Loren is a three-year repeater in the Navy, he is better than himself.
“You're not kidding… It's you!”
After being stunned, gulant responded.
In fact, when you are practicing with yourself, you are practicing with your own arm.
In other words, it was really Loren who did it before.
Looking at gulant's surprise, lorenton felt a little satisfied.
Although he has been a salted fish for three years, for those who ridicule and belittle, Loren has long been able to go with the wind.
This kind of salted fish identity was exposed, the other side looked surprised.
It's still fragrant!
If one day,
All the guys who thought I was a salted fish before knew it.
That scene,
It's a little exciting to think about it!
Loren, Loren, what are you thinking!
Salted fish is a lifelong pursuit.
Does this make you forget your ideal?
Salted fish in the end!
Never graduate!
The sea is so dangerous. Doesn't he enjoy living well?
“What's the matter with you, Loren?”
Looking at the twisted look in front of Loren, don't know what the situation of gulant carefully asked.
There was some doubt in his mind that Loren had solved the problem of his arm.
It's mainly a preconceived impression. In recent days, I've been listening to too many discussions.
Repeat three years.
The weakest newcomer.
Wannian crane tail.
“Nothing. Have you thought about it?”
Loren quickly calmed down.
As a salted fish, emotional management is the most basic quality.
Actor, that's the highest pursuit.
And Loren's idol in the navy is only one, that is the Navy's chief general, polusalino.
Now there's nothing to think about. Loren has already said it.
There was something fierce in Loren's eyes.
If you don't agree, you'll be at your own risk.
“No problem!Big brother Loren
The one Loren answered was decisive.
Loren's face now looks like a guy who can easily solve his arm.
He is also straightforward, so he directly recognizes big brother.
Loren's face was a little strange and said, “well, you have to step up to take care of your arms, brother. I still need you very much.”
Young man, you are still too young!
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[014] it's just a few hundred times of practice
[014] it's just a few hundred times of practice
Two days later.
Gulant recovered.
After all, it's the left hand with the devil's power, and the self-healing ability is powerful.
Excited gulant can't wait to find Loren.
And Loren,
I took him to the Department of Naval Science.
After moving out of the green pheasant's name, the science department added a switch to the mechanical suppression device on gulant's left arm.
In fact, it makes the process of releasing the left arm suppression device easier.
One button operation, simple and convenient.
As for why, gulant soon realized.
New training base.
In a private training room, Loren looks at gulant in front of him, his eyes shining.
The experience baby is finally in place.
Gulant was still worried. He looked at Loren and said:
“Brother Loren, should I untie it now?”
His hand was on the switch, but he couldn't press it down.
“Hurry up, we don't have much time.”
Loren urged.
In the past two days, Ayn's “surveillance” on him has become more and more strict. This is a little time to slip out. Time is very precious.
Loren also wanted to see if it would be different for gulant to release the devil's left arm.
“All right.”
Gulant took a deep breath and pressed the switch.
At the same time, he let go of all the pressure on his left arm.
Tyrannical emotions immediately filled gulant's mind, he felt that the world had become a bloody.
Although the consciousness is a little vague, this time, because it is an active release, gulant still retains a lot of consciousness.
At least.
He could see Loren across the street very clearly.
of course,
The next second, Loren disappeared from his view.
The huge red left arm swung uncontrollably into the air.
Loren didn't know when he was on the left side of gulant.
His target is the devil's left arm.
“Yo Ho, it seems that this left arm has a strong sense of self.”
Loren sighed.
With his white eyes open, he can clearly see the strength of gulant's muscles.
Just now, there was no movement in other parts of gulant's body, but the left arm still found itself and blocked his attack.
“What do you mean, brother Loren?”
At the moment, gulant has been convinced that Loren is the big man with hidden strength.
Although his mind is still full of all kinds of negative emotions, he can still send out his own doubts.
“Nothing. You have to bear it.”
Loren said faintly.
Finger gun · Huang Lian.
The index fingers of both hands are extended and slightly bent.
It's just like a torrential rain.
In other words, it should be called finger machine gun.
Before gulant could hear Loren's words, he felt a sharp pain in his left arm.
This time he was not knocked out by Loren, so the pain in his left arm was very clear.
Bang Bang Bang
Under the infinite connection of this gun, the huge red claw has no ability to resist at all.
At this time, the white eyes,
It's a huge aid to Loren's fingergun.
You know,
Now Loren doesn't use armed color.
The defense strength of the demon's left arm actually means that the damage caused by the gun is not very great.
But the devil's left arm couldn't move at all.
It's all because of Loren's white eyes.
Because you can see the muscle directly, the point of impact of Loren's finger gun can directly hit the key power muscle of the devil's left arm in advance.
Although the destructive power is not strong, it can prevent the power of the devil's left arm from exploding.
The devil's left arm, which was originally a huge destructive force, is now like pork on the chopping board, ready to be slaughtered.
It's just,
It's going to hurt gulant a little bit.
Loren's attack didn't hurt much, but it hurt.
“Ah ~”
Cried gulant.
Scream. No one will come to save you if you break your throat.
It's like a play.
Loren shook his head. He wasn't worried about being found.
The sound insulation effect of this training room is quite good.
In previous years, some students used the training room as a place to do business.
Loren bumped into it, a man and a woman came out of the training room in ragged clothes, with a bright face, and knew what they had done at a glance.
This training is a real “training”.
For ten minutes in a row.
Gulant's voice was hoarse, and the devil's left arm was finally released.
After shrinking at the speed visible to the naked eye, Loren also stopped.
Ding, congratulations on defeating the demon's left arm. 100 attribute points will be awarded
The system sounds.
Nothing but 100 attribute points.
This is similar to what Loren thought. After all, the previous white eye award was a special award for the first defeat.
But defeats the devil left arm unexpectedly still to have 100 full rewards, Loren is quite satisfied.
This shows that,
Experience baby repeated brush experience plan is useful.
Don't want to play some games in Loren's previous life, the experience value of repeatedly brushing monsters will be reduced. It's disgusting for players.
This point, the system is deep in Loren's mind.
In this way, it's not very difficult to brush this attribute.
If you think about the attribute points that other skills need to be improved, you can upgrade all of them by a few hundred times.
Well, not bad.
“Luo… Luo Lun… Elder brother, this is the accompany practice of… You said…”
At this moment, the hoarse voice of gulant on the ground came.
It's no big deal, but the pain in the left arm is really unbearable.
It's going to be,
He understood what happened to Loren's strange expression at that time.
Loren returned to his senses and immediately said to gulant, “well, that's right. You'll take care of yourself right away. You'll have to continue when you recover.”
“Ah, to continue?”
Gulant was directly frightened and said in horror, “isn't it, brother Lauren? How many times do you have to practice with me?”
Loren said lightly: “not much, not much. It's only a few hundred times. Relax.By the way, next time you can bite a towel in your mouth. If you roar like this, your voice will be bad. ”
Oh, I'm so sweet.
With that, Loren rushed to the training room.
Ayn still has to deal with it.
And gulant, who is dying in the same place, has been forced.
Several… Hundreds of times.
A towel in your mouth?
Why should I agree to such a miserable request!
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[015] Loren, who was almost found
[015] Loren, who was almost found
Inside the rookie training square.
There are fewer people practicing shaving today.
of course,
It doesn't mean that many people have learned.
But before we use unskilled shaving together, causing too many collisions.
Now zefa has taught one of the six offensive skills, pointing to the gun.
A lot of people have turned to finger gun practice.
Ah, what a bunch of unintelligible people.
Seeing this scene, Loren couldn't help sighing.
Every session is the same, we have to lose before regret.
In a month at most, many couples will appear soon.
In the Navy headquarters, love is not forbidden.
even to the extent that,
The Navy also encourages internal digestion.
The combination of strong and strong, the offspring can be more powerful.
Many of the acquaintances of these couples started from the unexpected collision when they practiced shaving these days.
Those male students who claim to be smart and now practice pointing guns are very proud.
in due course,
Only single dogs shed tears alone.
Loren has seen the same scene three times.
The essence of human beings may be repeaters.
The same mistakes are always repeated.
As for Loren, why didn't he develop for a while.
It's mainly salted fish.
The female soldiers in the Navy naturally don't like salted fish.
To be exact, women are muqiang.
“Loren, why do you go to the bathroom so long?You have a good command of shaving, but you can't know how to point to the gun. Practice as soon as possible. ”
Ayn's voice sounded on time.
“I see.”
Loren nodded helplessly.
This feeling of being watched is not very good.
Point to the gun.
The power of the whole body is concentrated on one finger, and the penetrating force is very strong.
In practice, it's basically inserting things.
In front of Loren, there are a few wooden boards and some bricks. These are the props to practice pointing.
Stab the board with your finger, almost all the new people on the scene can do it.
But what the gun requires is that a hole is made and the rest of the board is safe.
In fact, it is also about the concentration of power.
“Here, let me show you.”
Ayn's face was on the board and her fingers popped out.
The board is directly penetrated.
Ayn stopped, looked at Loren and said, “the key point of the finger gun is the explosive force. The speed must be fast. When the finger moves forward, it should be vertical to the board.”
Listening to Ayn's teaching, Loren felt a little boring.
Because it's not teaching the finger gun at all, it's teaching Loren how to pass the exam.
Is to complete the assessment task of teaching.
This kind of finger gun, even if it is practiced, is also flaunting.
Speed, power, angle.
The real gun, that's what you want.
There are so many things to consider.
That is to say, it is unreasonable.
“OK, I see. I'll try.”
I think so, but on the surface, Loren won't say anything.
Salted fish.
He raised his hand and poked it.
Loren's fingertips trembled slightly as he was about to touch the board.
The whole board was broken.
It's really hard to fail at Loren's current level.
So Loren took a trick and deliberately broke the board.
“No, I think your movements are quite standard.It should be bad luck. Do it again. ”
AIIn, who has been staring at Loren's movements, doubts.
With her eyesight, she naturally can't see Loren's small movements. She just thinks that Loren's movements are very standard and fully meet the requirements she just said.
But the board broke.
That's strange.
It's the same a few more times.
It is impossible for Laozi to make mistakes if he does it intentionally.
Loren nodded silently, aiming at the next board.
As like as two peas, as like as two peas.
The broken wood surprised Ayn.
“No, no, there must be something wrong!”
Ayn tried again herself.
She made it.
Now Ayn really doesn't understand.
How can you succeed on your own, not Loren?
There must be something wrong.
“I don't have talent. I'm used to it.”
Loren said faintly, “I'd better go and watch the other exercises first.”
With that,
Loren turned around and started her own beauty appreciation conference.
Ain can't say anything. Now she knows why Lauren can't graduate.
It's really a lack of talent.
It's the most basic practice to point at the gun and poke at the board. I can't even practice it. It's impossible to upgrade the back to a wooden stake and brick and stone.
Think of here, AI Yin looks at Luo Lun's eyes not from a little more pity.
At the same time,
She was also moved by Loren's persistence.
It's been three years since I was relegated, but I haven't given up on such a poor talent.
Although Loren is very weak, but the spirit is very strong!
Loren didn't know that he had created a persistent personality.
The training of the day was completed.
All the new people left the training ground, leaving a few people down to clean the wood and stones on the ground.
Today's exercise, there is still a lot of rubbish on the ground.
Unfortunately for Loren, he's the one left in the 13th team.
“Well, what bad luck.”
Loren sighed, but there was no way to do it. He had to clean it.
“Well, which team is training here?”
There was a strong voice beside Loren.
It is zefa that follows prestige.
The place zefa refers to is the place where Loren practiced before. Two pieces of broken wood on the ground and other broken wood around are out of place.
Oh, no, zefa can't see it!
Loren was nervous.
I used to point to the gun, which is a high-level skill of pointing to the gun. These new people have never seen the world and don't understand it.
But zefa is a former general of the Navy. He can see the problem at a glance.
I'm careless!
Loren immediately ran to zefa and said:
“Report to zefa instructor, this seems to be the practice place of the seventh team.”
No matter who is in the seventh team, we can't let zefa find out it's him.
Loren casually reported a team.
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[016] to be strong starts with being beaten
[016] to be strong starts with being beaten
“Team seven?Are you sure? ”
Zefa frowned and recalled the members of the seventh team.
As the chief instructor, he knows all the information about each student.
Are there any outstanding students in the seventh team?
Looking at the broken wood on the ground, we need to master the finger gun to a certain extent.
of course,
If it's not the gun, it's another matter.
“It's like the fifth team. I can't remember it very well.”
Loren made a careless eye.
This kind of thing, the more vague the better.
He knew that the old man zefa didn't have much time to watch, but the students under his opponent knew very well.
It's just the beginning of training.
When the situation of all the trainees is clear, he will do some targeted training.
An instructor who can train three Navy generals has two skills.
Team five?
Zefa's eyes turned and he realized that it was Loren who was speaking.
“How have you been practicing?”
Asked zephyr.
Loren had been under him for three years, and zefa's temper had been polished.
“Report to instructor. I'm working hard. Ayn's teaching is very good. I think I've made great progress.”
Loren replied immediately.
It's just bullshit.
Zefa snorted, obviously not touched by his words, but said: “you'd better fight for my graduation this year. I don't want to see you next year.”
“Sure, sure.”
Loren had a thick skin, and he was used to it.
It's almost the same conversation. I've had it too many times.
“Teacher zefa, is there anything else? If not, I'll clean it up.”
Before zephyr could answer, Loren had begun to clean.
I'm kidding. This evidence can't be left.
Zefa, an old man, sometimes gets more serious, which is really annoying.
Now it's useless to destroy the evidence, even if he comes back later.
Zefa waved his head. For Loren's hob meat, he was out of sight and out of mind.
“Team seven, team five, I've got to get to the list.”
Zefa murmured as he walked.
He was still very concerned about the two broken boards on the ground just now.
If this is really caused by guns, it means that this is definitely a genius.
When it comes to learning six styles, zefa has to think of one person.
Rob Lucci.
Justice island is a member of cp9.
At the age of 14, he had learned all the six forms.
That's a real genius.
But he was not part of the Navy, and zefa could not continue to teach him.
Otherwise, maybe there will be one more admiral in the Navy.
Now, among his students, there may be one more physical talent. Zefa is very concerned about it.
Looking at zefa's back, Loren was relieved.
It's really a disaster. It's a blessing.
It happened that I was cleaning today.
Otherwise, if zefa finds out, it will be difficult.
Back in the dorm.
Gulant is already in bed.
During the day, although he did almost nothing, he was still tired.
The push of the devil's left arm consumes his strength.
“It's a quick recovery. The doctor didn't say anything.”
Seeing gulant, Loren said with concern.
Experience the safety of the baby or need to pay attention to.
Loren is not the kind of person who can kill the chicken to get the egg. Such a good experience, baby, must flow in a long time.
Gulant is an important part of the plan to become stronger.
“Not bad.”
Gulant was afraid to see Loren now.
When he thought that he would have to practice several hundred times, he was in a panic.
This kind of practice, even the iron man should be abandoned.
Loren went to gulant's bed. There was a small bag on the bedside table, which he opened.
Long Jiao San!
This is the medicine for throat problems.
“I heard it's bitter. Next time you'd better bring a towel.”
Loren's “sweet” advice.
In fact, it's mainly because gulant's roaring is very harsh.
“Brother Loren, you'd better knock me out next time.”
Although his arm was broken for the first time, gulant did not suffer at least.
The days of convalescence in hospital are short but beautiful.
“No way!”
Loren immediately denied gulant's idea.
As a good experience baby, we must always keep pace with ourselves.
Loren has an idea.
Gulant is training with him at the same time.
He has to learn to gradually control his demon's left arm.
In this way, gulant's strength will also be improved.
According to the routine of killing monsters and upgrading, gulant's strength becomes stronger, and the experience value he can provide should also become more.
“Brother Loren, I really can't hold on to this kind of Sparring Practice several times.”
Said gulant, almost imploring.
He really doesn't want to practice with others. That kind of feeling is too painful.
You dare to refuse me. It seems that you're going to have a trump card.
Loren's face suddenly became serious.
He looked at gulant with great solemnity.
Gulant was a little confused, but he also felt the formality and seriousness of Loren
“Brother Loren, what's the matter with you?”
Loren looked into gulant's eyes and said, “gulant, I won't take you for a lifetime, and no one will follow you for a lifetime. If you don't have someone who can control your demon's left arm, what should you do? Have you ever thought about it?”
On hearing this, gulant fell into silence.
Because after he came to the Navy headquarters and saw that Loren was powerful, he was very happy. He really didn't think about this problem.
“So, from now on, you must learn how to control it and use your own strength. I'll practice with you, not for me, but to train you, so that you can grow up as soon as possible, so that you can control it as soon as possible.”
i see!
Gulantton was a little moved. I didn't expect that Loren had such deep meaning when he let himself be a companion.
But he still felt that something was wrong and asked, “but, I'm only beaten by you unilaterally.”
Loren's face was flat: “to be a strong man, you have to start from being beaten!If one day, you can bear my attack, it means that you are already a strong one. ”
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[017] women are really born actors
[017] women are really born actors
Got gulant.
The next day, Loren officially began harvesting experience.
In a short period of one month, at the beginning, Loren asked gulant to practice with him once every three days, but at the end, it became once a day.
On the other hand, the teaching of the six styles of the navy has all ended.
of course,
This is just the end of teaching.
None of the new Marines who have mastered all of them.
Loren is the exception.
The most powerful, that is, Ayn and Binz, have mastered two.
About a third of the rest have mastered one.
It's all shaving.
The reason is very simple. This is the quickest way to get the effect.
This is the second month.
Then we need to go out to sea to wipe out the pirates.
The Raiders here are just in the first half of the great route, aiming at some small pirates with a reward of no more than one million berry.
“Actual combat is always the fastest way to improve your strength. You are going to take a team as a unit and go out to sea to catch the pirates. Here is your goal. The team leaders come to extract.”
Zefa is holding a box in which they are going to catch the pirates.
The leader of the thirteenth team was Binz, who walked up slowly.
Many new people are excited, only Loren seems to be in a daze.
Loren called in his mind.
Recently, he is really not salted fish.
While avoiding Ayn's care, you also need to find time for gulant's harvest experience.
This time, time management is particularly important.
[host: Loren]
[age: 18]
[strength: level a 0 / 10000]
[demon fruit: none]
[other abilities: top class overlord, intermediate armed 0 / 10000, intermediate seeing and hearing 0 / 10000, Navy six style top, intermediate fencing 0 / 10000]
[current attribute point: 2200]
[sign in: signed in today]
Having a look at the current attribute point, rocky feels a bit slow.
A month's time, daily check-in, plus harvest gulant experience.
2200 points.
If compared with before, it is absolutely extremely fast.
Before the ability to upgrade the required attribute points are not many.
At present, any upgrade needs at least 10000 points.
2200Point attribute point now, it's really not enough.
Nothing can be done.
We have to think of something else.
Time is precious.
Not counting the last month of training, the rest of the time is ten months.
With all kinds of messy training, I have little time left for myself.
Experience baby's experience value is still too little.
If gulant knew what Loren thought, he would be very happy.
This month's training, he was really afraid of being beaten.
Even the devil's left arm has learned a lot. When he faces Loren, his breath has become a lot dispirited.
Fortunately, the rewards of the system have always been sufficient.
“Loren, what's the matter? Our target has been determined. It's black spider jack, offering a reward of one million Bailey.”
Ayn called to Loren.
This month,
Loren's performance is basically unqualified.
But Ayn thought it was strange.
It seems that Loren has no talent for learning the six styles of navy.
It's just,
In the process of Loren's practice, Ayn watched.
From Ayn's point of view, there is no problem with Loren's operation.
However, the results of Loren's performance are always far beyond Ayn's expectation.
It seems that Loren is totally different from normal people. There is something wrong with his health!
That's what Ayn came to.
At present, Ayn mainly focuses on supervision.
Loren's practice is slow, and Ian never says it again.
Loren replied casually.
He really didn't care about that.
Now, as a rookie who has been relegated for three years, Loren has already experienced it.
Just a few thieves,
The combat effectiveness is average.
Except for the pirate boss who offered a reward, the rest of the crew were basically rubbish.
With the quality and strength of these new Marines, there is no great suspense about victory.
Before Loren, every battle was fishing.
There was no accident.
“Loren, you can't be discouraged. The six styles don't mean everything. As long as you keep on exercising and improve your basic ability, you can also reach the standard of graduation.”
AI Yin thinks that Loren is guilty of his lack of strength and can't do anything in the next task.
That's how it shows no passion.
Loren regained his mind and frowned when he heard this.
It's all about what.
Only a month ago, you have already judged that I can't learn the six styles.
Woman, how can you be so sure of your own eyes?
Should I be happy or not.
“I won't be discouraged. I've been holding on for such a long time. It's not so short of a year.”
Loren went down the slope and showed his attitude again.
Ayn's misunderstanding is good for him.
Everyone thinks I'm a waste. Don't expect me.
Let me salt the fish to the end.
AI Yin nodded and said, “very good. You have the right attitude. I'm sure you can.”
Ayn couldn't help sighing.
It can't really dampen Loren's enthusiasm.
I'm afraid the guarantee from teacher zefa can't be realized.
In Loren's case, it's really difficult to graduate.
Each of them had his own thoughts, but there was no expression on his face.
If there is an Oscar in the pirate world, then both Lauren and Ayn have the qualification to fight for.
Women are natural actors.
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Is he really that kind of person(For flowers, for evaluation, for comments)
Is he really that kind of person(For flowers, for evaluation, for comments)
Because it was the first time to go to sea, zefa let them go back at noon.
The purpose, of course, is to make them well prepared and relax.
So many days of high-intensity training, before going to sea, we still need to adjust.
If we follow Loren's Salted Fish temperament before, we must go back to the dormitory to have a good sleep at this time.
But now.
Loren still has to hurry.
Rushing back to the dormitory, he shouts to gulant who is recuperating on the bed:
“Come with me at once.”
Where are we going?
That's the training room, of course.
“Isn't it, brother Lauren? Did you practice only once in the morning?”
Gulant had a sad face.
He was desperate.
For a whole month.
Once every three days, once every two days, once a day.
Now, it's going to be twice a day!
Loren turned to look at gulant and said, “don't worry, I'll go to sea tomorrow. I won't come back for a while.”
“Really!I'll be right there! ”
Hearing the news, gulant jumped straight out of bed.
This practice is coming to an end!
In the morning, when I was practicing with him, my sour body seems to have completely recovered.
The next moment Loren's words made him fall into the ice
“So energetic, right? It seems that the intensity is still a little low. When I come back, three times a day.”
Three times a day.
Loren suddenly felt that his words seemed strange. There was something wrong.
Gulant was directly confused.
He wants to die!
What a hell of torture!
Loren didn't have time to care about gulant's mood. He dragged gulant to the training room.
Of course, I brought a towel with my mouth stuffed.
On the other side.
Ayn made a simple preparation, and suddenly thought of Loren.
She felt that what she had said before was not appropriate, so she should appease Loren well.
Encouragement is necessary for a person with such poor talent but still so persistent.
The dormitories for boys and girls in the new navy dormitories are not far away.
In addition to the dormitory, Ayn can be in front of the boys' dormitory in a few minutes.
And when she came to the door, happened to see Loren with gulant out.
What's Loren doing here?
Ayn was a little confused and chose to follow directly.
Not long.
Loren and gulant went to the training room.
The same operation, close the door of the private training room.
Loren's starting to harvest experience baby's experience.
Gulant, biting the towel, kept whining.
Loren's strength is getting stronger and stronger. After the pain, his tears come out.
But for Loren,
Man's tears, can't see at all.
Outside the training room.
Ayn had reached the door.
Loren took a child into the private training room, which made her very strange.
At first, I felt that Loren had come to practice privately, which was hard work.
But what's with a kid?
Although Loren's strength is poor, he is much more powerful than ordinary people.
With a bit of curiosity, Ayn put her ear on the door of the training room.
She wants to hear what Loren and gulant are doing in there.
“Wu ~ ~ ~ ~ Wu ~ ~ ~ ~ Wu ~ ~ ~”
“Gulant, this is what you have to do.”
“Woo woo woo woo”
“I'm going to do more.”
“Wu Wu ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~”
“I'm going to speed up.”
“Wu Wu ~ ~ ~ Wu Wu ~ ~ ~ Wu Wu ~ ~ ~”
In the blur, Ayn only heard some unclear voices.
What experience?
Is that necessary for a child?
And what does that whimper really mean?
AI Yin listen to, in the heart of doubt more and more up.
What the hell are Loren and gulant doing in there?
All of a sudden!
When Ayn thought of something, her face turned red.
Although young, Ayn has heard that some people have special hobbies.
Is Loren the same kind of person?
No, no!
No, no, ain, what's on your mind!
Ayn shook her head and suppressed her terrible idea.
In the training room.
Ding, congratulations on defeating the devil's power left arm, 100 bonus attribute points
Loren listened to the sound of the system, feeling the growth of experience value, extremely comfortable.
A moment later, he looked at gulant, who had collapsed on the ground
“Gulant, you need to strengthen your exercise. During my absence, you can go to zefa. He used to be a general of the Navy headquarters. It's no problem to suppress your arm.”
“But there's one thing I can't let out.”
This trip to sea is just a small practical training. Zefa will not teach.
And the problem of gulant's arm still needs to be solved.
Green Pheasant also said that if you can't bring it, you can give it to zefa first.
“Woo ~”
The towel in gulant's mouth was still there. He had no strength to take it off, but nodded slightly.
“Well, I'll go first. You can go back by yourself later.”
Loren turned and left.
After this training, we still need to replenish our body energy.
Opening the door, Loren suddenly found Ayn.
“Ayn, why are you here? Are you here to train?”
Loren asked. He didn't think much about it, though he was surprised.
“Well… Yes.”
AI Yin Leng for a while, nod a way, in the heart some hair empty.
“All right, you practice slowly, I'll go.”
Loren can't help but leave.
It would be annoying to engage in six basic exercises if AI Yin was staring at her.
As everyone knows, at the moment, AI Yin is also relieved.
It's always a bad feeling for her to follow so quietly.
When Loren left, Ayn immediately opened the door of the training room.
When she saw inside, gulant collapsed to the ground, with a towel in her mouth.
Ayn's eyes kept shaking.
It can't be true!
Is he really that kind of person!
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[019] everyone has the right to pursue his own happiness
[019] everyone has the right to pursue his own happiness
On the way out of the training room, Ayn was in a trance.
Her heart was struggling.
It never occurred to her that Loren was such a person!
Gulant is still so small, how can he do it!
What is the relationship between the two?
This kind of thing, should be forced by Loren.
no way!
I have to ask Loren.
It is absolutely impossible to do such a thing to such a small child.
“Sister Ayn!”
Just when Ayn is in a daze, gulant appears behind Ayn.
She's been here for a month. Ayn stares at Loren every day. Naturally, gulant knows her.
“Gulant, are you ok?”
Ayn looked back, squeezed out a smile, and her eyes were full of sympathy.
Such a young boy, he was poisoned by Loren.
It's just terrible!
“Sister Ayn, what's wrong with you, aren't you happy?”
Gulant found Ayn's expression a little strange and asked.
AI Yin immediately said: “nothing. I have something to ask you. You should answer me truthfully.”
About Loren, Ayn thinks it's time to ask.
I'll talk to Loren myself.
“Tell me, what's the matter?”
Gulant replied, looking at Ayn's beautiful face, he was in a good mood.
As long as men, no matter how big, for beauty's attitude is always different.
“When did you and Loren go to the training room?” Ayn asked
In order not to stimulate gulant, Ayn did not directly say the specific content, but to go to the training room instead.
She was very thoughtful.
“Did sister eyn see it all?”
Gulant was surprised.
But Loren said it again and again. We must keep it secret. No one can find out.
Looking at gulant's surprised expression, Ayn has automatically filled her mind with fear.
Poor child!
“Well, I saw it today.”
Ain nodded.
Gulant's eyes turned, and immediately said, “it's OK to tell Ayn, but Ayn can't tell anyone else.”
Now that Ayn has seen it, gulant can only keep it from spreading to others.
“Don't worry, I won't tell anyone about it.”
Ayn assured immediately.
Young age encountered this kind of thing, AI Yin protection also too late, how can say it.
She had already thought about it. After knowing the details, she had a showdown with Loren.
Anyway, gulant is innocent.
It doesn't matter if you have poor talent, but you can't do such a thing!
Especially forcing such a small child.
Looking at Ayn's face, gulant didn't know whether Ayn would abide by the agreement.
But now that it has been discovered, there is no big difference.
“It started almost a month ago.”
Gulant lowered his head and whispered.
It's been a month.
That's not to say, it started at the beginning of training!
Gulant has been raped by Loren for so long!
It's terrible!
Loren is not human!
Listening to gulant, Ayn almost fell down.
Loren's hiding so deep.
“Sister Ayn, you can't tell brother Lauren that he told me not to let it out.”
Seeing that something was wrong, gulant added immediately.
Loren, you're still trying to seal. I didn't expect you to find out.
AI Yin's heart was cold and she looked at gulantwin Judo: “gulant, don't be afraid. I will protect you. Don't worry. I will help you now. You won't suffer in the future.”
protect me?
Gulant was stunned. He didn't quite understand.
Loren didn't do anything, so he had to protect himself.
“Loren, he forced you to do this kind of thing. You are still young and don't know how to resist, but I will help you.”
Ayn continued to comfort.
She looked at gulant, and her anger at Loren grew stronger.
“No way!”
Gulant quickly refused.
Even to this point, Loren has made gulant so scared. Just thinking about what he did makes people angry!
“You don't have to worry, gulant. I'll never let things expand. You don't have to be afraid. Although you've been forced for so long, you won't worry about it in the future.”
AI Yin looks just and awe inspiring.
Although she will go to sea tomorrow, she still has to solve this kind of problem.
Gulant has been silly.
It's forced again.
Although some afraid, but it is afraid of pain.
“Sister Ayn, you are mistaken. Brother Loren didn't force me. I asked him to do it.”
In order to keep Ayn away from Loren, gulant didn't say any details at this time.
Just tell her that she asked for it.
In that case, Ayn would not be looking for Loren.
“What!What did you ask for? ”
Ayn's Three Outlooks completely collapsed.
She looked at gulant in front of her, and her mind became a paste.
If Loren likes that kind of thing, it's hard to understand, but there are always perverts.
Is it too sensational for a child as young as gulant to ask for such a thing.
“Is it true, gulant?”
Ain asked again incredulously.
Gulant nodded and said, “yes, it's really my request. You don't want to go to brother Loren. It's nothing to do with him.”
Although I don't understand why Ayn's mood changes so much, it's just a training, and she won't die.
But gulant stressed it again.
It's true!
Ayn was completely stupid.
She can't imagine the details of it now.
Is Loren doing this to meet gulant's needs, or does he have his own.
How can gulant have such an idea when he is so small.
Ain can't understand the relationship.
There's only one thing she knows.
This kind of thing you love and I wish, even if no matter how not in line with their own three views, they do not have the right to stop.
After all,
Everyone has the right to pursue his own happiness.
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[020] departure, embarrassment on deck
[020] departure, embarrassment on deck
Port of marinfando.
New training ship, a total of 20, all ready to go.
Zefa stood in the harbor, looking at many new people, and said in a loud voice, “this will be your first time to go out to sea. I hope as many of you go out, as many of you will come back.”
“It's your duty to catch the pirates, but life is also precious.”
“Now, let's go.”
With zefa's voice down, twenty new training ships set out in this way.
The Warring States period stood beside zefa, watching these new people set foot on the sea.
“Zefa, what are the new recruits of this year?”
Inquired the Warring States.
As a marshal of the Navy, he is the supreme commander of the Navy.
Although they are still new to the Navy, they will become the mainstay of the navy in the future.
Zefa, an old friend of his, teaches his students to have a good hand. He can't be wrong.
Zefa replied: “there are several good seedlings, but we still need to continue to observe.”
“Just have it.”
The Warring States period said with a smile: “sometimes I envy you. I just need to be responsible for teaching students. Look at the whole navy now. Your students, from the top general to the third class soldier, have your people there.”
After he resigned as a general in his early years, zefa concentrated on training new naval personnel.
After so many years, it can be said that the world is full of peaches and plums.
Hearing this, zefa was also proud: “in the Warring States period, don't talk as if you are going to retire. No one can take over your courage now. You still have to work hard for several years.”
Although zefa did not continue to be a general, he was always in marinfando. He still knew about the Navy.
The position of Marshal in the headquarters has always been promoted by the general of the headquarters.
The current three generals of the Navy headquarters, kuzan the Green Pheasant, polusalino the Yellow ape and sakasky the red dog, are not qualified enough.
Seniority is the record.
In the Warring States period, although he was known as a wise general, he also arrested countless ferocious big pirates.
Thanks to countless contributions, he became a marshal.
Today's three generals are a little short.
“I'm going to retire, but before I retire, I still need to see you train a few more generals for the Navy.”
The Warring States light way.
Today's Navy seems to be powerful.
But above the sea, there are many heroes.
In the second half of the great air route, in the new world, the four emperors were in a state of confrontation, as if each had its own country.
Although the navy is the strongest military organization, it still can only choose peaceful coexistence.
More strong people are needed.
And these strong people will be born from zefa.
“What you said is simple. It's really good to be my instructor.”
Zefa glared at the Warring States period.
Casually is the general seedlings, but also a few.
What's that, Admiral?
That's the highest combat power of the Navy. You should be a Chinese cabbage!
“That's not true. You have trained all the current three generals, and you must be in charge of the rest.”
The Warring States period also joked back.
“By the way, this time you are still arranging the same match for the newcomers?”
The Warring States changed the subject.
Zefa nodded and said, “well, after all, the first time I went out to sea, it's mainly for building up confidence. Too powerful pirates are not suitable for them.”
Although Ze FA is usually strict, he pays great attention to the safety of students.
The Warring States period nodded in agreement, then suddenly thought of something, said: “recently there is a whale shark Pirate Group on the sea, the captain offered a reward of 10 million, you pay attention.”
“Don't worry, I've informed a flying squirrel that he's going to catch ahead of time.”
Zefa said faintly.
Hearing the flying squirrel, the Warring States was relieved.
He is a student of zefa. He has good talent. Now he is a colonel. He will be promoted to brigadier general soon.
It's easy to catch a 10 million dollar reward pirate.
Team 13.
Above the deck, Loren is standing aft.
Now, he is very uncomfortable.
Because Ayn's still staring at him.
If it's the same as before, Loren can accept it.
But now,
Ayn's eyes.
How to say, it's very strange.
Disdain, exclamation, doubt, anger, pity
How complicated is it? How complicated is the emotional circle? It's in Ayn's eyes.
of course,
None of this is good.
And all these changes, as if overnight.
What is the moral decay,
Or the distortion of human nature.
Only in this way can Ayn's attitude towards herself change so much.
Loren is not curious at all. He just wants to get out of the sight of Ayn as soon as possible.
It's strange to be stared at by such eyes.
At the moment, AI Yin, looking at Loren, doesn't know how to describe her attitude.
The relationship between Loren and gulant breaks her three outlooks.
After all, she is just a teenager.
This kind of thing, the impact is still too big.
She wanted to try to understand, but she found that she couldn't understand.
Is Loren that kind of person!
Is it just to satisfy gulant?
But gulant is just a kid.
In other words,
It was Lauren who tricked gulant.
It shouldn't be.
Gulant made it very clear at that time. He asked for it on his own initiative.
The more she thought about it, the more she felt something was wrong.
Looking at Loren's eyes, it's more and more complicated.
Loren and Ayn said at the same time.
“You say it first.”
“You say it first.”
The two of them are the same again.
Just as Loren was going to speak first, one of the players came to the back and said:
“Captain Binz, gather us in the cabin. All of you get there as soon as possible.”
They were interrupted and went to the cabin together.
Binz is in the middle of everyone, and he has a reward order in his hand, which is their goal this time:
Black spider Jack.
Seeing that people were coming badly, Binz said, “our target this time is the black spider Pirate Group, a group of about 100 people. Their captain, Jack, is vicious, nicknamed black spider, offering a reward of one million Bailey.”
“According to the information provided by our department, the black spider Pirate Group should be on an island 500 nautical miles away.”
“My idea is to rush to the island where they settled overnight and make a surprise attack directly.”
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[021] the causes of abnormal thoughts
[021] the causes of abnormal thoughts
Binz spoke, and most of them were silent.
To be the captain of the 13th team, his strength has been recognized by all the players in this month.
The strong are respected.
Naturally, no one will refute his words.
“I think we should be more careful.”
of course,
Ayn is the exception.
“What do you think, Ayn?”
Binz didn't care, either, he asked.
“It's our first engagement with an adversary, and all the information comes from our headquarters, but in the specific circumstances, the intelligence is definitely lagging behind,” Ayn said
“So, my suggestion is to send someone to investigate the situation first, and then decide how to attack.”
Although what you said is very reasonable, it's right to operate normally.
But a pirate of this level doesn't need such trouble.
Binz would have gone straight through like that.
It's just a bunch of rotten fish and shrimps.
Loren shook his head at Ayn's suggestion.
In the first three terms, every opponent Loren has met is rubbish.
Although it is said that it is a pirate offering a reward of one million berry, its real strength is better than that of the newcomer.
In his own team, Binz and Ayn won't be a problem.
Let alone so many players.
Most of the members of this small pirate group are made up of soldiers.
The combat effectiveness is extremely poor, and there is no fighting spirit.
Basically found that they could not fight and surrendered.
As for the captain, the man sea tactics are easy to use.
Loren wanted to kill Jack himself.
But in full view of the public, the operation is still difficult.
And this level of opponents, it should not have much reward.
From the perspective of salted fish, harvesting experience is the safest way.
But time is pressing, and the improvement of strength is imminent.
We have to find a way.
“Well, you have a point.But I'm not familiar with the nearby waters. Who volunteered to go with me to find out the enemy's situation? ”
Binz accepted Ayn's suggestion.
Naturally, he has to take the initiative to undertake such a dangerous task.
But it still needs a person who is familiar with the road to lead the way.
As soon as the words came out, everyone's eyes immediately turned to Loren's past.
Three years later, this is the fourth time I have participated in the training. If I want to be familiar with the nearby sea area, there must be no one who is more familiar with it.
While Loren was thinking, he suddenly found something wrong with the situation at the scene.
“I'm not familiar with what I'm doing.”
Loren explained quickly.
To be precise, it's not an explanation.
He's not really familiar.
He never left the ship because of his previous voyages.
Even if he was fighting with the Pirate Group, he was the one responsible for firing guns.
Besides, the sea is full of water.
Who can tell the southeast from the northwest.
“Loren, you can't be afraid of difficulties. Just go with Binz. Just in time, you can exercise more.”
Said Ayn.
Since learning about the relationship between Loren and gulant, the attitude of Ayn to Loren is very different.
Abnormal thinking, to a large extent, is due to autism.
When Loren was in the Navy headquarters, new recruits were trained on their own.
I didn't see him interact with anyone.
Mingming stayed in the Navy headquarters for three years, but he didn't see any friends.
It's not normal.
Maybe it's because of inferiority.
Ayn felt that letting Loren do something might change the situation.
“No, I'm serious. I'm not familiar with it.”
Loren really doesn't have a mind.
This kind of exploration is a waste of time.
With a Binz following, it's impossible for him to do anything hidden.
It's hard to please.
“Stop it, Loren. It's you.”
Binz gave the order directly as the captain, which was of course indicated by Ayn's eyes.
The two of them have been together since childhood, and their tacit understanding is still very high.
“That's fine.”
Loren had no choice but to agree.
In this case, it is useless for him to continue to refute.
Loren and Binz got into a small boat.
If we say that the Navy headquarters is rich and powerful, the new training ship even has a search boat.
“Loren, take your seat. Let's go.”
Binz said to Loren behind him.
Loren nodded, looking flat.
Loren has operated this kind of boat for a long time and is very familiar with it.
Now that someone drives it, of course it's the best.
It's just,
Binz sat in the operating position of the boat and stirred for a while, but the boat didn't move.
It was a bit awkward at one point.
“Or I'll drive it.”
Loren looked at Binz in front of him and asked tentatively.
“No, just wait.”
Binz's face was slightly different, and he refused Loren's suggestion.
Twenty minutes later.
On the deck of the training ship.
“Captain Binz, you can go.”
Captain Binz, what's this waiting for?
“Captain Binz, is there anything else you haven't said?”
“Forget it, Loren, you'd better come.”
Binz got up decisively and gave the operating position to Loren.
I've said I'll come. I have to lose face. Is that interesting.
Loren shook his head and got up to change places with Binz.
Hum ~ ~ ~ ~ hum ~ ~ ~ hum~~~~
With the sound of the engine, the boat started directly and sped away.
A white spray rolled up, the two had disappeared.
No more than 1000 nautical miles from the Loren training ship.
Several naval ships are encircling, with a Pirate Group in the middle.
The huge shark skull flag is very conspicuous, but it has fallen now.
This is the ship of the whale shark Pirate Group. The flying squirrel stands on the ship and reports to the Navy headquarters by telephone;
“After the elimination of the whale shark Pirate Group, the captain Yuren Wudi jumped into the sea and ran away, and all the other members were arrested.”
The new book sets sail, and readers support it.
This chart is not up to standard(For flowers, for evaluation, for comments)
This chart is not up to standard(For flowers, for evaluation, for comments)
Under the sea.
There is a figure moving rapidly.
If you don't pay attention to it, you may think it's some kind of fish swimming.
This is the captain of whale shark squid group, Wudi, who just ran away from the flying squirrel.
“Hateful Navy, I will revenge next time!”
Wudi quickly swam to the distance, filled with anger.
As a pirate, he has always had revenge.
The sudden attack of the flying squirrel caught him by surprise.
not so bad,
He is a fishman.
In the sea, it's hard to catch him.
Right now.
It's not far above UDI.
Loren's search boat is racing.
No accident,
They are lost.
“To the left, to the left… No, to the right, no, we should turn around.”
“No, which side is it?”
Loren listened to Binz's command and had no idea.
He simply stopped the ship, which could save a little fuel.
Binz in the back held the chart and frowned: “no, our position should be right here. Why can't the chart be right?”
I'm a road geek again.
I have said that I don't know the way, so I have to come!
Loren turned around and said, “give me the chart!”
Although the training of new naval personnel is mainly to enhance combat effectiveness, this basic skill of looking at pictures also needs to be learned.
Loren spent three years in the naval rookie academy, but he still understood this kind of writing.
In the end, it's up to me.
“I'm sorry, Loren. I'm training every day.”
Binz was a little embarrassed.
I asked for it on my own initiative. As a result, I couldn't even understand the chart. I really had some
“Loren, did you take the chart backwards?”
Binz said incredulously, looking at Loren's serious face.
“Is it reversed?”
Loren did not blush and said, “what are the pros and cons of a chart? We should stick to the pros and cons according to our position. That's why you can't understand a chart.”
Although I haven't studied it seriously, I can still bluff.
However, in spite of that, Loren lost the chart in his hand.
“I'm not talking about the pros and cons, I mean, you're looking at the back of the chart,” he said
It's such a pros and cons.
“I'll tell you how I always feel what's wrong. This chart is too unqualified!”
Loren scolded directly and turned over by the way.
As long as I'm not embarrassed, it's the others who are embarrassed.
Binz was stupid, too.
The two of them went to explore the enemy's situation and were trapped in the sea.
If not, we can only return to the main ship.
Now they are lost. They can't even find the way back to the main ship.
To be exact,
Now they are two boats on the sea.
If you can't find your way, it's possible to die at sea.
“Oh, Loren.”
Binz interrupted Loren, who was looking at the chart.
“What's the matter?”
Loren stares at the Navy. The more he looks, the more confused he is.
He remembers that in class, they were very simple.
Although he did not listen carefully, but those students are very simple to use.
It doesn't make sense. I can't do it when I get here.
“How much fuel do we have?”
'that's the most critical question right now, 'Binz asked.
Loren glanced at the dashboard and said, “maybe we can drive another 200 nautical miles. What's the matter?”
There was not much fuel for the search boat. The original plan was that after they went to the island to investigate the enemy situation, they would report to the main ship directly by telephone.
Then wait for the arrival of the main ship on the island and join up to attack the black spider Pirate Group.
Two hundred nautical miles.
Binz didn't have much confidence. He asked, “Loren, how far can you swim at a time?”
“Well, about a hundred nautical miles.”
When Loren heard this question, he was stunned and said a relatively small number.
In terms of his strength and swimming skills, there was basically no problem in the sea before.
This guy must be testing me.
What a dog!
On Binz's side, he's already calculating.
100 nautical miles plus 200 nautical miles is 300 nautical miles.
That is to say, their mobile radius is 300 nautical miles now. Because they are demon fruit capable, they can't go into the sea, so they have to wait.
It's a bit bad!
“I found it. This is where we are. We should go east.”
Loren said in a shadow of the chart.
Sure enough, I can.
This kind of small things, simple!
Binz took a look at the place where Loren pointed, but said, “Loren, this is the reef. Do you see any rocks near us?”
Loren was stunned and looked at the icon in the lower right corner of the chart.
It's really a reef.
Take another look at the sea around you. You can't see the edge. Where are the reefs.
“Well, I don't have good eyes. You'd better direct us. Let's move in that direction, Captain!”
Loren handed the chart to Binz again.
I'm a pilot. Reading charts is not my job.
Anyway, I can swim. I can't die. It's OK.
Binz took the chart, but he was not in the mood to read it.
Now there is only one way, that is to contact the main ship.
He and Loren are here, waiting for the main ship to find them.
But there's no choice but to do it.
Helplessly took out the phone bug, Binz is ready to dial.
Loren's eyes and ears are overbearing.
White eyes instantly start, looking directly at the sea.
Under the sea, a figure came like a rocket.
That speed is terrible.
Without hesitation, Loren grabbed Binz and threw him out of the search boat.
It's too late for me.
Armed color domineering moment covered in the chest.
The search boat smashed directly.
Loren disappeared, while Binz fell directly into the sea.
Before he had time to think about it, he felt powerless, sank into the sea and passed out in a coma.
“Ha ha ha ha, there's a Navy here. I just want to take some books!”
Wudi's brutal voice sounded.
It was he who launched the attack.
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[023] beat Wudi and give rewards
[023] beat Wudi and give rewards
Binz is sinking slowly.
His mind is blank.
It all came so fast!
He and Loren were at sea, and suddenly they were attacked.
The strength of the attacker was beyond his imagination.
More importantly, as a capable person, he fell into the sea.
He didn't even see who the attacker was, and his consciousness gradually blurred.
“Hahaha, Navy, this is just the beginning!”
Wudi floats on the sea and continues to laugh wildly.
The revenge that was carried by the flying squirrel is now a little revenge at last.
A figure came out of the sea.
Loren walked in the air with a comatose Binz in his hand.
Just now, I was really careless. I was attacked by others before I reacted. I should reflect.
But Binz's coma was convenient for him, and he didn't have to cover up anything.
“Why?Not dead? ”
Wudi looked at Loren in the air, a little surprised.
He's a shark fisherman with a sharp dorsal fin on his back.
With their own swimming speed in the sea launched by the impact, like steel can be destroyed.
That boat is the best example.
And the naval boy in front of him is OK.
It's a bit strange.
Loren looked at the sea of Wudi, also some strange: “Fishman, why did you suddenly attack us?”
Although just now Wudi did it without saying a word.
But Loren didn't like to fight.
As a salted fish, what can be solved by mouth, why use force.
“I'm the captain of the whale shark Pirate Group. It's normal to kill the Navy.”
Wudi's eyes are black.
He didn't take Loren seriously, though he didn't take him down.
As a pirate with a reward of more than 10 million, he is just a small marine, and he has not paid attention to it.
Loren was stunned.
Experience baby!
Loren's eyes on woody suddenly became hot.
Although I don't know who this guy is, he has never heard of any whale shark Pirate Group.
But in terms of the blow just now, it's much better than black spider Jack.
It should be a good opponent.
I just don't know how much the reward for this experience is, and whether there are other rewards besides attribute points.
It's a little bit exciting to think about it.
Wudi stares at Loren. The mermaid has good eyesight. He can see Loren's face clearly.
As a big pirate offering a reward of more than 10 million berry, he is already a big pirate in the first half of this great route.
I've dealt with the Navy a lot.
Judging from the uniforms of Loren and Binz, they are the most common new naval soldiers.
If it's not the same, it's Loren's moonwalk.
But what about that?
I'm not a new marine to deal with.
What is the excited look on the boy's face?
Woody didn't understand, and he didn't want to.
“Boy, I'll make you regret why you just survived.”
Woody stares at Loren with a sneer on his lips.
Then he dived into the sea.
The power of the mermaid is about ten times that of ordinary human beings by nature, and it is even more powerful in the water.
Talk hard?
And then you run away?
That's it?
Loren looked surprised.
This fish man pirate is arrogant. He said a few cruel words and dived directly into the sea.
For Wudi's words, Loren didn't care at all. Wudi's direct diving behavior was also understood by him as escape.
At the thought of the experience, the baby lost, he was a little lost.
Under the vision of white eyes, Loren was surprised to find that the fishman had come back.
Speed up!
Speed up!
Wudi's signature method is the undersea sprint.
With all his strength, he can still maintain great lethality after jumping out of the sea for several hundred meters.
That's why he didn't worry about Loren stepping on the moon.
Even if you're in the air, you can be killed.
New to the Navy!
It's going to be the last seconds of the world.
Wudi's eyes lock on Loren. In his eyes, Loren is dead.
And now Loren,
Straight down.
Such a good experience, baby, he is the first time to meet.
I'm sorry for not welcoming him well.
Armed color domineering!
Iron fist.
With Binz in his left hand and a knife in his right hand, he was armed with domineering colors, and his iron and fist burst out.
There was a big bang.
Loren's fist collided with Woody's head.
Wudi's head immediately tilted, his brain seems to hit a steel plate, the whole head is buzzing.
The strength of armed lust is not something he can fight against.
cannot withstand a single blow.
Loren was a little disappointed that this guy just lost.
It's not enough.
At this time, the sound of the collision also reached the unconscious Binz's ear.
“Well?It's a pain in the head
Binz opened his eyes in a daze, trying to know what had happened.
Unfortunately, the eyes just slightly opened a seam.
He felt a heavy blow on the back of his neck and then fainted.
Loren glanced at him, slightly helpless.
You'd better be in a coma.
Another look at the sea, the head of the iron Fishman Wudi, this will also be comatose, floating on the sea.
[Ding, congratulations on defeating Yuman and sepia Wudi, reward attribute points by 1000 points]
[Ding, congratulations on defeating the first opponent with a reward of more than 10 million yuan and rewarding body skill · fish man jujitsu]
The sound of the system rings and the reward is distributed immediately.
1000The attribute point of point really excited Loren.
It's ten times of practice and 100 days of attendance.
Looking at the reward content, this guy's reward exceeds 10 million. Is the reward of attribute point proportional to the reward?
One to ten thousand.
In this case, we'll find some pirates with a reward of over 100 million.
That's not going to improve in minutes.
Forget it. Forget it.
Which one is not famous among the hundreds of millions of pirates? Salted fish still need to recognize the reality.
Trouble point is trouble point, this kind of iron experience baby to a few more on the line.
It's just that this other reward for fisherman's jujitsu, Loren doesn't feel much.
In terms of physical skills, the six styles are enough.
But it's always right to be more skillful than to be more skillful.
He took another look at Binz at hand. It seems that it's a waste not to do more when nobody is in charge.
Woody woke up under Loren's finger gun.
Under the white eye care, even if it is a fishman, there is no escape for nerve stimulation points.
After a “negotiation”, you can see Loren sitting on Wudi's back, with a person hanging behind him galloping on the sea.
And their destination is the island where black spider Jack lives.
As the saying goes, an old horse knows his way. It's better to use old fish in the sea.
The new book sets sail, and readers support it.
Giant of light?Degas(For flowers, for evaluation, for comments)
Giant of light?Degas(For flowers, for evaluation, for comments)
“What, the captain of the whale shark Pirate Group ran away?”
Naval headquarters building.
In the Marshal's office, the Warring States listening to the news just came from the flying squirrel, furious.
Under normal circumstances, the whale shark pirate group could not enter the eyes of the Warring States period.
But it happened.
This is the training period for new navy recruits. Near the training area, a pirate with a reward of more than 10 million berry escaped.
It's a big thing.
The flying squirrel was also aware of the seriousness of the problem, so he directly reported the Warring States period.
Although zefa informed him in advance, after all, the Warring States was the admiral, and zefa was just an instructor.
The first thing to report is the Warring States period.
“Well, don't tell zefa. I'll tell him myself.”
The Warring States period hung up and took a deep breath.
It's a headache.
Without thinking too much, the Warring States picked up the phone bug again, not to zefa.
“Yellow ape, come to my office now, now!”
Now the only thing that can be thought of in the Warring States period is polusalino.
To send out a general to deal with a pirate with a reward of 10 million is really anti-aircraft shelling of mosquitoes.
But the only one who can get there as quickly as possible is the Yellow ape.
The Yellow ape with shining fruit is the fastest man in the world.
He's a salted fish, too.
But he is a salted fish who has become a general of the Navy headquarters.
Mainly considering zefa's mood.
He has trained so many talents for the Navy conscientiously. Although he looks very strict at ordinary times, he always treats every student equally.
After a while, a yellow light flashed over the Navy headquarters.
The Yellow ape is on the move.
He became the light.
Port of marinfando.
Zefa is about to get on the boat. He already knows the news of Wudi's escape.
He had to solve such a serious matter himself.
“Zefa, you wait. I'll go with you.”
The Warring States period also came to the ship.
If Wudi knew about his escape, he would find a current general of the Navy headquarters and two former general of the Navy headquarters.
The entire three generals' lineup, he should be extremely satisfied.
This is the peak of his life as a pirate.
Zefa didn't speak. His face was a little gloomy.
Zefa knows how strong a pirate with a reward of over 10 million is.
These are just new recruits who have received their own training and have no ability to fight this level of pirates.
If it happens,
It's a one-sided massacre.
“Don't worry too much. I've already let the Yellow ape get there. The flying squirrel is also pursuing. All the new ships are gathering.”
The Warring States period comforted him.
Now we can only hope that those new people will not encounter this Wudi.
Zefa is holding the phone bug, waiting for a response.
Soon a call came back.
He has contacted all the new team leaders to report the situation immediately.
“Report to zefa instructor, all members of the first team are here, there is no accident.”
“Report to zefa instructor, all members of the second team in the end, there is no accident.”
Listening to the peaceful reply, the Warring States was also relieved.
That is OK if you have no trouble.
Zefa was holding the phone bug, not relaxing.
He didn't dare to relax until all the captains reported.
“Report the loss of miss zefa, team 13, Captain Binz and member Loren.”
Binz and Loren are lost!
The face of the Warring States changed.
Loren is a crane tail. He has some impression that this Binz is a Superman with the ability of luxuriant fruit. At a glance, he can see that he has boundless potential in the future.
If such a new person loses contact, it will definitely be a loss to the Navy.
Zefa immediately asked, “when and where did they disappear?”
On the other side of the phone bug, Ayn's voice said: “they are going to explore the situation of the black spider Pirate Group. They set out in the search boat two hours ago, and the phone bug can't get in touch.”
I haven't been in touch for two hours, and Ayn knows what's wrong with them.
But they are all going out to sea for the first time. In the face of this sudden situation, they have no plan to deal with it.
After all, he's still new to the Navy.
Lost contact for two hours.
Another big thing!
I'm afraid something has happened to these two people.
Zefa's face completely sank. Binz was his favorite student. Although Loren was usually disgusting.
But also with three years of students, feelings are not shallow.
“Zefa, I haven't found anyone yet. Maybe it's an accident. Don't worry.”
The Warring States said a few words of comfort, but he did not believe it.
On an island.
There were two men kneeling in front of Loren.
One is the captain of whale shark squid group, Wudi, and the other is the captain of black spider squid group, Jack.
With the reputation of Wudi, Loren didn't have much energy to deal with Jack.
As Loren thought, 100 attribute points are awarded.
Binz was thrown aside by Loren.
At that time, he was in a hurry and some of them didn't grasp the strength, so now Binz is still in a coma.
Loren looked at the two people in front of him, but he was thinking about how to hide it.
From Wudi's mouth, he already knew the general situation.
It's going to be,
I think zefa is looking for them.
Lost contact for so long, to the scene to see this scene, how to explain?
In other words,
Kill these two pirates?
No, no, salted fish don't kill.
It is natural for the leaders to deal with it.
It's harder to explain when you're dead.
It's a big problem!
Loren looked at the sky, helpless.
Just then, a light appeared.
Loren's eyes hurt. He's familiar with the scene.
Is there a giant of light in the pirate king?
Loren blurted out:
The new book sets sail, and readers support it.
Is it time to consider what I said
Is it time to consider what I said
“Degas?What's that? ”
The light dissipated, and the figure of the Yellow ape appeared in front of Loren.
It's a yellow ape!
Sure enough, Altman doesn't exist.
The giant of light is just a dream.
Loren said with emotion:
“It's nothing. It's just a broken dream.”
The Yellow ape was completely confused by Loren's words.
He's still focused on the present.
Wu Di, the captain of the whale shark Pirate Group, who was asked to deal with by the Warring States period, has been arrested, along with an unknown little pirate.
All this is done by the new naval man in front of us.
Are all the new Marines of this term so strong?
Loren didn't expect that the navy would directly send its chief general, polusalino.
With the speed of shining fruit, it's not predictable at all.
There seems to be no way to explain everything in front of us.
Is the road of salted fish so cut off?
Absolutely not!
“General yellowape, new marine Loren reports to you.”
Loren stood up and saluted the ape, which was a sign of his identity.
“Oh, you're the rookie who has been relegated for three years. It seems that you are different from the rumor.”
Although Huang ape's old face looked a little surprised, his tone was quite calm.
With that, the Yellow ape took out the telephone bug he had with him and was ready to report the situation to the Warring States period.
The problem has been solved, and it would be better for him.
“Wait, general yellow ape.”
Loren stopped the ape.
This meeting if yellow ape report, that oneself this salted fish can't hide really.
The Yellow ape put down the phone bug, looked at Loren and said, “what's the matter, do you have anything else?”
Loren looked a little strange and said, “if I say that these two pirates are actually captured by others here and let me take care of them for the time being, do you believe it?”
A playful smile appeared in the mouth of the Yellow ape.
This new marine seems to be interesting.
Just about to answer Loren, Loren had already preempted and said, “you don't need to say it. I don't believe it. In fact, I just want to discuss with you. Can you keep a secret about these two people for me?”
If anyone else, Loren would be flat.
Love how how how.
But yellow apes are different.
as everyone knows.
The biggest bastard in the navy is the Yellow ape.
Huang Dao's strength is always a puzzle.
It seems that there is no upper limit when we can't see his full strength.
This kind of elder, presumably also can understand own salted fish's heart.
“It's not impossible, but why should I do this for you?”
The Yellow ape looks at Loren and wants to hear Loren's explanation.
There's drama!
Loren spirit shock, said: “yellow ape general, you see, in fact, I, that is to say, I want to be a stable thug days, Navy, you know better than I, this strength is strong, will be assigned to those naval branches.”
“I have a little strength, but I can't see it in this vast sea.”
“So, I think it's good to be a new naval officer all the time. This accident is due to me, or there will be a big problem. Do you think I will continue to be a new naval officer to protect the future of the Navy?”
Move with emotion, explain with reason.
That's what Loren said.
It's just,
The Yellow ape didn't seem to be touched.
“Loren, right? Young people nowadays, how can they be so old-fashioned? They don't have the vigor of young people at all. This one is not very good.”
The ape looked at Loren and shook his head.
Looking at the posture, it seems to be to refuse Loren.
Loren said in a hurry: “general huangape, I just want to muddle along. Everyone is on the same road. There's no need not to help me.”
“Young man, I can say something, but you can't. since you have strength, you should catch the pirates well. What's the meaning of being a new marine all day long?”
The Yellow ape finally rejected Loren's suggestion.
Son of a bitch, I'm not going to let anyone else.
Old yellow ape thief, don't blame me for being unkind.
Loren changed his face and said, “general yellow ape, in that case, I'll say something.If I want to be a Shanghai army, I will certainly try my best to catch the pirates, enhance my strength and strive for the promotion of my position. ”
“That's right. That's what a new marine should look like. I'm very glad that you think so.”
Yellow ape nodded, very satisfied.
The next second his face changed.
“When I become a lieutenant general, I reckon that the marshal of the Warring States period should retire, and then I will recommend you to take over the position of Marshal.”
With a smile on the corner of his mouth, Loren said, “a man like you should be a marshal!”
You want to be a jerk.
If you don't let me mix, then you don't want to mix.
It's a big deal. You lose both.
The ape was stunned and then laughed.
He didn't expect that Loren would say that.
“Loren, as a new naval officer, your strength is good, but you have been relegated for three years. In fact, this strength is normal. It's not as easy to be a lieutenant general as you think.”
Yellow ape light said.
He was not worried about what Loren said.
Even if Loren really becomes a lieutenant general, the suggestion of a lieutenant general is not enough to influence the appointment and removal of admirals.
After all,
Loren has been relegated for three years. With such strength, he can only be regarded as a genius.
And if you want to be a admiral in a few years, you have to be a genius of genius.
The Yellow ape felt a breath of awe.
It's domineering.
It's a very powerful one,
And this overlord color domineering, come here in front of this kid.
Actions speak louder than words.
At the same time, woody and Jack fainted.
Loren's temperament also changed, and became a lot colder.
He looked at the ape and said:
“Yellow ape, it's time to think about what I said.”
The Yellow ape's face is slightly coagulated.
Loren has the power to control.
As a marshal of the Navy headquarters, he knows very well what the domineering color stands for.
Such a person, a mere admiral, would not be the end of the line at all.
And if Loren really shows his attitude towards the position of Marshal at that time.
Things may really be different.
As a bastard, the Navy's largest salted fish, the Yellow ape obviously didn't want to take the risk.
Even if the risk may be small.
The Yellow ape said with a smile: “ah ah, young people, don't be so anxious. I mean it's fun. It's just a small matter. I'll solve it.”
Damn, that's cheap!
The new book sets sail, and readers support it.
[026] pay attention to moderation
[026] pay attention to moderation
In a “peaceful” atmosphere, the two navy salted fish reached a consensus.
Then the Yellow ape informed the Warring States.
It wasn't long before the Warring States and zefa came.
“Marshal of the Warring States period, teacher zefa, the matter has been solved.”
According to the consensus of the two people, all the affairs of the two pirates were taken care of by the Yellow ape.
At the level of yellow ape general, this kind of little pirate can't add any achievements to him, and it won't have any influence on his salted fish career.
It's just that,
It's hard to feel “coerced” by a new naval officer.
The Warring States period and zefa didn't think much about it.
As long as the Yellow ape arrives in time and saves Loren and Binz, there is no suspense.
“Well, yellow ape, you can take these two away.”
The Warring States gave an order.
The Yellow ape did it. Naturally, he was responsible for the follow-up.
The ape nodded.
Loren looked at the situation with a little relief.
These two pirates have seen about him and the Yellow ape. It would not be very good if the Warring States period and zefa asked.
Fortunately, it's all done by yellow apes.
A grasshopper on a rope, he doesn't have to worry.
Zefa looked at Loren and then at Binz, who was lying on one side, drenched and unconscious
“What's going on, Loren? What's going on?”
In terms of strength, Binz is one of the best newcomers this time.
Loren, who has been in the second grade for three years, seems to have no trouble. On the contrary, Binz looks miserable.
Loren immediately replied, “tell drillmaster, we were going to explore the black spider Pirate Group, but we got lost in the sea, and then we were suddenly attacked. If captain Binz hadn't fought bravely, we wouldn't have survived until the Yellow ape arrived.”
Anyway, Binz was comatose from beginning to end, and Loren could do whatever he wanted.
There are yellow apes as proof, it is absolutely impeccable.
Can Binz stop woody?
Ze FA's brow frowned and he was puzzled.
But there seems to be no problem with Loren's explanation.
“Well, you take Binz back to the training ship, and the training task will continue. In addition, don't tell other students about this.”
Said zefa.
Although there was an accident, it was relieved.
This matter, the matter of practical training, will naturally continue.
Concealing this can also make the students continue the training task at ease.
“All right, Sergeant zefa.”
Loren nodded.
Zefa's request was just what he wanted.
This episode is finally over.
Loren and Binz are back on the training ship again.
As soon as she saw them, Ayn immediately asked, “what happened to you? Even zefa instructor asked about you.”
Long lost contact, plus zefa's inquiry.
Ayn had guessed that Loren and Binz must have had an accident.
Loren didn't speak. Binz replied, “it's nothing. It's just a sudden wave. The boat capsized and the phone bug was lost. It's nothing serious.”
Although Binz didn't know what happened, he still had to listen to zefa's orders.
Ayn still doesn't believe it.
She can understand an accident, but she can't understand that an accident can disturb teacher zefa.
Binz said firmly.
But then he fell down again. As a capable man, he was soaked in the sea for so long, and then he was knocked unconscious. He was also tied to the rope by Loren and swam in the sea.
This meeting, Binz, doesn't have much strength at all.
Binz wants to know what happened more than Ayn.
In his memory, until he was thrown out by Loren.
Now think about it,
Loren could easily throw himself out of the cabin. It seems that this strength is not right.
Then he fell into the sea.
But no one else was there, and only Loren could save himself.
After that, there is only the feeling of being carried in a trance.
It's just that.
That feeling also flashed away, because he was dizzy again.
“Ayn, that's what happened. Drillmaster zefa cares about us. Don't think too much about it.”
Loren helped explain.
This little girl is really curious.
“All right.”
Ayn said helplessly.
She really couldn't find out what these two people were so unified.
Look at the condition of these two people.
Loren had a ruddy complexion, a hale and hearty look.
Binz's face was listless, and he looked miserable.
Think back to the relationship between Loren and gulant.
Ayn's brain was shocked.
When she looked at Loren and Binz again, she understood everything.
It turned out to be such a thing!
Loren's hobby has already extended his magic claw to Binz.
And Binz agreed.
With Binz's strength, Loren can't force him if he doesn't want to.
How come?
Loren has only known each other for a short time, but Binz is a friend he has known for many years.
I always treat him as my brother.
How could it be like this.
I never knew there was something wrong with his orientation before.
“What's the matter, Ayn? Why do you look so strange?”
Binz felt Ayn's eyes and asked curiously.
Lauren couldn't help nodding. In fact, he had wanted to ask for a long time.
As soon as she got on the boat, Ayn kept looking at herself with this strange look.
Why on earth?
AI Yin immediately tilted her head and said, “nothing… Nothing. You can have a good rest. Pay attention to moderation.”
With that, Ayn went straight away.
“It's strange. Just rest. How can we pay attention to moderation?”
Binz touched his head, turned to Loren and said, “Loren, I can't remember what happened.”
Loren looked at Binz with a straight face
“Captain Binz, don't think about it. It's important to have a good rest now.”
Ayn doesn't bother herself, and Loren is happy and relaxed.
He wants to go about Binz himself.
Looking at the two people who left, Binz shook his head, still unable to understand.
He did not tangle, straight back to rest.
Anyway, the task has been completed. Why do you think so much.
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[027] current situation analysis and new policy
[027] current situation analysis and new policy
Navy headquarters.
The Yellow ape came back with two pirates.
I simply handed over the procedures and finished the work.
Thinking of Loren, the inner shock of the Yellow ape did not disappear.
This kid, how much is hidden.
Overbearing, overbearing!
Above the sea, the symbol of the king.
In the Navy, there are only a few people who are overbearing.
It's just,
How did this boy wake up to his overbearing personality?
This shouldn't be!
Let's not talk about this. This boy can easily solve 10 million Berry's pirates. His strength is not weak.
But is that all he has?
No way!
I didn't expect that there was a like-minded man in the Navy.
The Yellow ape also sighs.
He is a little envious. When he was young, he was not sensible and liked to be in the limelight.
As a result, he was promoted all the way to the top general of the headquarters.
At this time, it's too late to be salted fish and paddle.
After all, the status and previous achievements are here.
There are some things that have to be done.
Loren is different.
This boy, at a young age, saw through everything.
Only salted fish is the essence of life.
I don't have this chance to reach his realm.
Oh, I'm sorry!
The first sea training for newcomers will soon be over.
Although there was one more episode, the impact of the incident did not expand.
The only difference is that Binz's image in Ayn's mind has changed.
“Well, this training I also see the strength of everyone, you finished very well, just came back today, a day off, continue training tomorrow.”
Said zefrang in his voice.
The voyage lasted for almost two weeks. Although there was no training, it was very boring.
Zefa is tough, but not rigid.
The crowd broke up with cheers.
Many people are not used to sleeping on the ship. In addition, they are very excited when they catch a pirate for the first time, so many people are short of sleep.
Now one by one can't wait to go back to sleep.
Loren is now back in his dorm.
To his surprise, gulant was not here.
Loren didn't want to look for him. He's such a big man. This is the headquarters of the Navy. There's no big trouble.
Loren called.
[host: Loren]
[age: 18]
[strength: level a 0 / 10000]
[demon fruit: none]
[other abilities: Top overlord, intermediate armed, intermediate seeing and hearing, Navy six style, intermediate swordsmanship, rudimentary and white eye]
[current attribute point: 3500]
[sign in: signed in today]
Looking at the system panel, Loren's head still hurts a little.
Go to sea.
Attribute points have been increased by more than 1000 points, which is not slow.
But it took two weeks. If you were in the Navy headquarters, baby gulant could do it.
As for the more Fishman jujitsu, it can not bring substantial improvement.
Time is running out. We have to think of other ways.
After thinking about it, Loren also sorted out his current situation.
Among those in the Navy headquarters who know their hidden strength are kuzan the Green Pheasant, polusalino the Yellow ape and gulant.
Gulant can harvest experience as an experience baby, but his strength is too weak and his experience value is too low.
It's no fun harvesting.
The other two are both senior generals of the Navy headquarters.
Don't consider whether they will agree to accompany the problem of training, is a normal fight, Loren forced number or some.
It's estimated that it's just a matter of being moved.
General of the Navy headquarters, that's the person who is benchmarking the four emperors.
As for the rest of the Navy.
In order to ensure the identity of their salted fish, can not find.
Now the goal is to,
It seems that there are only pirates.
We have to offer a reward to a pirate at the level of ten million.
Otherwise, it's better to harvest the baby in the training room.
We have to find a way to go out to sea!
Loren soon set his course.
At sea, it's easy to hide yourself if you handle it well.
Do what you say. Loren's going straight.
He's going to talk to zefa.
New training base.
Above the square, zefa is teaching physical skills.
In front of him, there was only one student.
During Loren's two weeks at sea, gulant found zepha.
Although his age is not enough, but gulant is also Green Pheasant said hello, zefa accepted him.
Zefa found that gulant's talent is also very good.
Physical fitness is simply terrible.
That's not counting the devil's left arm.
It's also thanks to a month with Loren.
As a sandbag every day, although Loren's main target of attack was the left arm, he also tempered himself in the process.
At his age, it's absolutely good to have such physical fitness.
Gulant was very serious when he practiced. He didn't cheat at all.
I was abused by Loren before. I think that after Loren comes back, this kind of life will continue.
Gulant forced himself to be stronger.
Even if you are abused, you should also be abused!
The more zefa looked at gulant, the more satisfied he was.
This kid was with Loren before, and Hsin Kui was not corrupted.
This talent, with this effort.
A new star of the future Navy is rising.
Thinking that gulant had followed Loren before, zefa was a little more fortunate.
not so bad,
It's a good one that's not spoiled by Loren.
If it's like Loren, it's a waste of talent.
If zefa knew that such a genius as gulant was abused by Loren's blood every day, he would not know how he felt.
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No chance in my life
No chance in my life
“Gulant, have you really not trained before?”
Zefa asked.
He was really curious.
How could gulant have such good physical fitness at the age of ten without exercise.
Even if it's the left arm with demonic power, it shouldn't be.
Qur'an features the first road.
He's not a liar. There's a difference between being beaten as a sandbag and training.
Zefa frowned, still confused.
Gulant thought about it and said, “is it training to be beaten?”
Ze FA is a Leng, ask a way: “how to say?”
Gulant replied, “I have a big brother. He used to let me practice with him every day. At first, it was once every three days. Later, it was once every day. I was beaten for almost a month.”
He didn't disclose Loren's name.
In this way, I want to know whether it is meaningful to be beaten every day.
After being beaten for a whole month, gulant was also wondering if he had been cheated by Loren.
Being beaten every day has the same ending every time.
Gulant was a little frightened at the thought of that dark day.
“Once a day, can you bear it?”
Zefa's eyes moved, and then he said, “every time you fight with him, you release your left arm, don't you?”
“Yes, but I was beaten unilaterally.”
Gulan nodded.
This is where he is most desperate.
I used to think that this arm was a burden and an ominous thing.
It's a sandbag in Loren's eyes.
“How old is he?”
Zefa asked again.
Gulant thought about it. He really didn't know how old Loren was. He could only reply, “maybe two or three years older than sister Ayn.”
Only two or three years older than Ayn!
Zefa's face changed immediately. This is also a good seedling!
The left arm of the gulant devil is completely broken, zefa has seen it, and its strength is very good.
In the Navy, at least an officer of the rank of captain is the opponent.
You can press it, but you don't hurt gulant.
This strength is only at this age.
Absolute talent!
In recent years, I have brought fewer and fewer talents to the Navy.
Talent shortage!
Such talents must be absorbed into the Navy.
“Grandfather zefa, is it really useful to be beaten?”
Gulant looked at some excited zefa and asked curiously.
That's what he's most concerned about.
Zefa said with a smile: “useful, of course useful. Your physical fitness is so good that it has a lot to do with being beaten. Tell me, who is the big brother who beats you every day?Where is he? ”
I thought there was only one gulant, but I didn't expect another genius.
Zeffana is very happy.
Hearing zefa's affirmative reply, gulant was both happy and a little afraid.
I'm sure I'll be beaten again.
But now,
If grandfather zefa wants to know the identity of Loren, it must not be said.
Fortunately, the little ghost of the gulant was big. He immediately replied, “he's a big brother in my hometown. Now I don't know where he is. Later, my arm had a problem and I was brought here. My home is gone.”
In a few words, he blocked all the questions he wanted to ask next.
Gulant remembered what Laurent had told him.
“Don't you really know where he is?”
Zephyr, a little anxious, stares at gulant road.
It's a pity to miss such a genius.
Gulant avoided zepha's eyes: “I don't know. It was a year ago. I can't remember.”
Zefa sighed, “it's a pity.”
If this kind of genius does not join the Navy, it is likely to join the pirates on this sea.
One in and one out, that's two geniuses!
Zefa was very sorry.
Gulant was shocked by zefa's sigh.
He knew that Loren was strong, but he didn't quite understand the concept of Loren being strong.
He can't understand what genius is not.
“Grandfather zefa, is my big brother really good?”
Gulant asked cautiously.
Zefa said: “genius, absolute genius, at this age, can easily deal with your devil's left arm. This strength, at least, is a sign of the future admiral.”
Gulant was a fool.
After nearly two months in the Navy headquarters, he also learned about the rank system of the Navy.
The admiral is in command of the Navy. It's a commander.
Here are the three major generals of the Navy headquarters, which is the highest combat power of the Navy.
There are only three candidates. If you want to be promoted, you have to wait for a new position to be vacant.
Next, the admiral.
In the Navy, promotion is related to strength.
In other words, the Admiral already belongs to the top combat power of the Navy.
Lauren, who abused himself every day, is so powerful!
This is what gulant never thought of.
“This is only a conservative estimate. If he hides his strength, it is possible for him to join the Navy as a general.”
Zefa added.
He's personally dealt with the devil's left arm.
The devil's left arm is not powerful, but it is very durable.
Psychological evaluation of this big brother mentioned by gulant is a bit higher.
Gulant was absolutely shocked.
If Loren can become a general, it means that he will be beaten forever.
There will be no end to the dark days.
It's terrifying to think about it!
“Well, since you can't find it, you don't have to force it. You can follow me to join the Navy and uphold justice in the future.”
Zefa focused his eyes on gulant again.
After being an instructor for so many years, he always likes to see good young people.
It's just that,
Now looking at gulant's mood, it seems to be a little low.
Did you mention your big brother, so you are in a bad mood?
Zefa comforted: “train well, maybe one day, you can see each other again. With my instruction, he will be the one who will be beaten.”
Zefa, as an instructor, is very confident in his teaching level.
Gulant was not in the least delighted.
Because Loren is also a student of zefa.
No chance.
There's no chance in my life.
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[029] acting is just my strength(For flowers, for evaluation, for comments)
[029] acting is just my strength(For flowers, for evaluation, for comments)
“Zefa instructor!”
Loren finally found zepha.
He was slightly surprised to see gulant.
“Loren, why are you here?”
Zefa's tone is not very good.
It's mainly a comparison between Loren and gulant. Here, a scrap comes with a genius.
Zefa's psychology is somewhat unacceptable.
One side of the gulant see Loren, the body can not help shivering.
Maybe I haven't been beaten in two weeks.
Loren also looked at gulant and said to zefa with a smile: “zefa instructor, I just want to discuss with you.”
“Well?Come on, what's up? ”
Zefa frowned. He stayed for three years. For the first time, Loren took the initiative to find himself.
Loren said: “this training is not a little accident, but also a crisis of life and death.My strength has also improved. It should be caused by the pressure between life and death. ”
“I think I need more of this kind of sea training, to break through myself in the battle and become stronger!”
That's what Loren said. It's called an impassioned person.
Zefa's brow was even tighter.
He didn't know what Loren's training was like before.
Although the mouth sounds good, but Loren never went to the front line, always shrinking.
Ask him why, he is also a lack of strength, dare not drag team-mates.
How can it change so much now?
Big abnormal!
Zefa looked at Loren and said, “you said that your strength has been improved. I'll see how to improve it.”
In the face of Loren, zefa prefers to look at facts.
Loren was also expected, said: “at that time the situation was urgent, I was in a critical situation, directly used the moon step.”
Without hesitation, Loren immediately set foot in the air.
Step out of the moon and walk in the air.
It's incredibly light.
It is clear that we have mastered the moon step.
You can't fake it.
Zefa's eyes moved. I didn't expect that Loren had really improved.
In the past three years, I had a shave when I practiced six movements.
This trip to the sea, there was an accident, and it turned out to be a moonwalk.
The threat of death can really make people explode.
Zefa knows that.
When he was with the Warring States and Kapp, it was the iron triangle of the Navy.
Fighting again and again is the quickest way to improve your strength.
“Yes, at last, I've made some progress.”
Zefa nodded.
Loren went back to the ground and said, “sergeant zefa, you see, I've stayed in the third grade. I've learned all the courses three times. It doesn't make much sense for me to be the same as other newcomers.”
“Now it's hard to find a way to improve my strength. I think it's possible to make an exception and let me go to sea for more training.”
Loren is a chicken thief.
What he specially shows is the moon step.
Among the six moves, shaving and moonwalk are both mobile skills.
In the graduation requirements, the two six forms learned must belong to two different categories.
In other words,
Even if Loren learned moonwalk, he still didn't meet the requirements of graduation.
What I'm talking about now is that it's nice to hear that I've been training at sea for several times to improve my strength.
But really out to sea, Loren can not improve the strength, it's no surprise.
There won't be so many life and death crises.
Zefa is not the kind of instructor who would put students in a dangerous situation.
Graduation is still not graduation.
Salted fish that is to do in the end.
Zepha did not answer immediately.
It's been four years since Loren took him. Zefa has determined that Loren really belongs to the kind of person who has no talent.
Now his strength has been improved because of a crisis. Should we agree to his request.
Before Loren, strength is insufficient, like to mix.
It doesn't help to say it many times.
This will bring about great changes, which should be said to be good.
As a future Navy, we should have the spirit of fearlessness.
An experience of death may transform a person.
“It's not impossible for me to promise you.”
Zefa looked at Loren and said, “but, you know, this kind of training at sea is bound to face all kinds of dangers. This time, it's also a big lesson.Once you do, there's a real risk of death, you know? ”
Loren's training at sea, the other students won't follow.
After all, he is the only one who repeats for three years.
At most, that is, a few students with good strength.
But not every time.
In this case, with Loren's strength, security is a big problem.
of course,
Now Loren has learned to shave and walk on the moon, and his self-protection ability has been greatly improved.
Shaving and moonwalking.
The boy still likes to run away!
Zefa's eyes were fixed on Loren.
Loren is a boy who lives every day. It seems that this proposal is OK, but it's not quite right in terms of his personality.
Hun Zi will make a sudden effort, which is definitely stimulated.
“No problem, I've already thought about it.”
On Loren's side, he agreed immediately.
What's that?
What kind of security problems can zefa arrange for the pirates.
It's just a small case at the level of a million bounty. Loren doesn't even care to deal with it.
Zefa's face changed and he said, “Loren, make it clear. Is something wrong?If there is any problem that can't be solved, tell me, don't carry it by yourself. ”
Loren's life experience is also miserable.
My father died at the hands of the pirates.
At this time, zefa already felt that Loren could not think of it.
Loren's eyes were blindfolded.
What do you mean by that?
Did zefa know?
It's impossible!
Only one can know the unknown.
I didn't tell anyone about the crossing.
What's zefa doing?
Looking at zephyr's serious eyes, Loren understood.
He has a sad face, and says tragically:
“Teacher zefa, I have to do some things by myself. I hope you can do it!”
Acting is just my strength!
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[030] Kapp who asked for help and responded
[030] Kapp who asked for help and responded
An old man like zefa is a man of faith.
Now Loren's attitude has succeeded in conquering zepha.
Gulant didn't speak, but he watched the conversation between Loren and zefa.
I also heard something different.
Loren's past is unusual.
As for Loren's moonwalk, which he had just learned, gulant scoffed.
When he was abused by Loren's blood, gulant had seen countless different six styles.
All kinds of moves make gulant dazzled.
The six styles have been played out by Loren.
This meeting even said that it had just learned moonwalk.
The point is that grandfather zefa believed him, too.
What's the weakest rookie? Repeat for three years.
It's Loren's intention.
“In this case, I promise you this request, I hope you can improve your strength as soon as possible.”
Zefa looked at Loren and had some expectations.
“Thank you, instructor zefa.”
Loren bowed heavily.
As he lowered his head, he glanced at gulant.
This boy, he seems to have a good relationship with zefa. He won't betray himself.
Gulant shook his head quickly.
Loren, if you go out to sea more, it's good for you.
Going out to sea means less chance of being beaten.
Got zephyr.
Loren didn't waste his time, but he went into the training room with gulant.
After some ravages.
[Ding, congratulations on defeating demonic power left hand, 100 bonus attribute points]
After hearing the system, Loren turned and left.
to one's heart's content.
the second day.
Rookie training square.
Loren did not appear, zefa has agreed to his request, from now on, he does not need ordinary training.
Ayn is still looking for Loren without notice.
But she needs training, and she can't leave at will.
At the end of the evening training, she immediately went to the dormitory to find Loren, but there was still no sign.
on the third day.
the forth day.
Loren never showed up.
Loren at the moment,
Over the sea.
He was sitting on a private yacht customized by the Naval Science forces.
This is what Lauren asked the Green Pheasant for.
As a general of the Navy headquarters, Green Pheasant has many strange means of transportation.
But he himself only likes to ride a bicycle on the sea.
It's easy for Loren to get to this.
Although this yacht is very advanced,
But Loren is still in trouble.
Because he still can't understand the chart, so now he is lost in the sea.
“The transport of the grand general doesn't even have an automatic driving function. I have to talk to the Green Pheasant when I get back.”
Lauren said angrily.
When you look up, you can see the sea all around, but you can't see the end at a glance.
Loren took out two reward orders.
One is Rufu the black bear, which zefa offered him with a reward of two million berets.
The captain of the black bear Pirate Group, a small pirate group with hundreds of people or less.
This is zefa's specially selected opponent for Loren, but Loren just looked at it and threw it aside.
His eyes, is another reward order.
Twenty million Berry's “nail demon” CASS.
The captain of the pushpin Pirate Group, a superman fruit nailer, can turn any part of his body into a nail. He is a notorious pirate.
The 20 million Bailey reward is already a very famous pirate in the first half of the great route.
Loren asked for his information from the Yellow ape.
Now that he has threatened once, Loren adheres to the principle of not taking advantage of the cheap, not taking advantage of the white, and speaks again.
For the Yellow ape, this level of pirate information is a matter of one sentence. The Yellow ape didn't refuse it and gave it directly.
When everything is ready, what we owe is to recognize the way.
On the vast sea, it's embarrassing.
What should I do?
Loren looked at the little fuel left. He had been wandering in the sea for three days.
Although hungry, but so on, I'm afraid I can't go back.
Phone bug!
Loren's eyes fell on the phone bug on the yacht.
But there is a problem.
Loren has no idea who to call.
He doesn't have any contact information for anyone else.
Although the phone bug has a recording function, Loren has no idea who the green pheasant's phone bug will call.
Just after a little hesitation.
Loren decided to make the call.
It's not a thing to spend all the time on it.
Didi didi didi Didi——————
The phone rang.
Loren waited.
More than ten seconds later, there came a thick voice:
“Green Pheasant, what can I do for you?”
Kapp's voice!
Loren recognized Kapp's voice almost instantly.
As the ceiling of naval combat power, Loren has always been concerned about kapuna.
In the past three years, kaploren has seen it several times.
His voice recognition is still very high.
“What's the matter?Green Pheasant
There was no response. Kapp was a little strange.
Loren took a deep breath. Although he just called Karp, he had to be careful.
“Lieutenant General Kapp, I'm Loren, the new marine of this year. I'm lost at sea now. Would you please come and meet me?”
Loren said to the phone bug.
At the other end, Kapp was silent.
Kapp has heard of it, not only because Loren has been relegated for three years, but also because the pheasant has taken special care of it.
It's just that Loren is using pheasant's phone bug. It's a little different.
After a while.
Kapp's voice came: “Loren boy, stay where you are. I will pick you up when I finish my task.”
“All right, lieutenant general Kapp, please.”
Loren was relieved.
At least I can go back.
But I don't know how much time I will waste at sea. Now every minute is very precious.
It's a pity that this opportunity to go out alone can't be used to improve our strength.
At the moment, over a sea,
A navy ship is chasing a group of pirate ships.
On the deck of the warship, an old man stood with a huge shell in his hands.
He's Kapp.
Navy hero, iron fist Kapp.
Originally or slowly chasing the pirates, received a call from Loren, Kapp himself on.
The terror of the cannons made the pirates flee.
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[031] harvest experience, 8600 attribute points
[031] harvest experience, 8600 attribute points
The vast sea.
Loren sat on the boat helplessly, waiting for the rescue.
“When I go back this time, I must learn how to read charts.”
Loren said to himself.
Getting lost is a small thing, but wasting time is a big thing.
Waiting for some boring, Loren stepped on the moon step toward the sky.
Kapp said he would come, but he didn't say when.
As the saying goes, stand high and look far.
After a while, Loren had reached the height of several hundred meters.
With white eyes open, Loren looked around for the Cape boat.
“I wipe, so many pirate boats!”
In Loren's view, a large group of pirate ships appeared.
Look at those pirate flags. They are all different.
This is not a pirate group.
These pirate groups are speeding towards Loren. It's like going to the market.
Normally, there is no good relationship between pirates.
If they meet each other, they will either stagger, or they will swallow each other.
This kind of aggregation is rare.
“Black bear Pirate Group, thumbtack Pirate Group, this seems to be white lion Pirate Group, and this…”
Loren didn't think that much.
He's seriously identifying the pirate flags.
In order to enhance the strength, before going to sea, lorenna had memories of the active pirates in the nearby waters.
These pirate groups are all experience babies!
After careful confirmation, Loren didn't find anything he couldn't do.
“Ha ha, I didn't expect a big gift package from heaven. It seems that I'm a lost fan.”
Loren was excited.
“System, add 1000 attribute points to the fish man jujitsu.”
Call for a sound system, add a point directly.
[Ding, congratulations to the host. Yuren jujitsu has been upgraded to intermediate level 0 / 10000]
I didn't think this was going to work.
Now the use comes at once.
Immediately raised the level of jujitsu to intermediate level.
Loren's body fell and was transferred directly into the sea.
Fish man jujitsu, that naturally in the sea to play out the maximum effect.
Under the sea, Loren was waiting for the arrival of the pirate ships through her white eyes.
At this point,
By Kapp's constant pursuit of these pirate groups, did not find Loren.
The legendary admiral of the Navy, the iron fist kapod, has made them panic.
“Come on!Speed up. ”
“Speed me up!”
“Fire at the guys next to you. They're left behind to give us time.”
The captains of all the pirate groups are giving orders to their subordinates.
On Kapp's side, he was standing on the deck, dropping shells.
On one side, his deputy said:
“Lieutenant General Kapp, the direction you are driving away the pirates is the position of the new naval officer who just contacted you.”
So many pirates, all rushed to that direction.
The adjutant could not help but mourn for Loren.
Lieutenant general Kapp is always unreliable.
“Ha ha ha ha, it's OK. I'll clean them up ahead of time.”
Kapp didn't care at all, but the shell in his hand was thrown faster.
“Fish man jujitsu, upanise · falling over the shoulder with the water flowing in the heart of the sea!”
Under the sea, Loren's hands dance.
As Loren moves, the sea begins to rotate, converge and compress.
A stream of undercurrents kept gathering around Loren.
The fish around feel the change of the current, shake their bodies one after another, and flee towards the distance.
Some of them are too slow to respond.
In just a few seconds, numerous currents converged and formed a huge whirlpool like turbulent current on the bottom of the sea.
Above the sea, the current changes sharply.
The group of pirates who were driving in this direction also found something wrong.
“Captain, there seems to be a whirlpool ahead.”
“Captain, what shall we do?”
“Don't worry, rush over!”
“Go straight!”
The captains of the pirate group looked at the shells coming from behind and had no choice.
It's just a whirlpool. It's safe to rush through.
It's just,
The next scene is not quite right.
The surging sea, suddenly there is a huge whirlpool, water column from the sky, like a water dragon whistling.
One after another.
The overwhelming water column, like dozens of long guns, stabbed directly.
Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom
The water column fell.
In an instant, the pirate ships were broken.
Those pirates, naturally, fell into the sea one by one.
[Ding, congratulations on defeating the pirate nailing mokas, 2000 bonus attribute points]
[Ding, congratulations on beating ruff the black bear, 200 attribute points]
[Ding, congratulations on defeating the pirate white lion silon, reward attribute points by 500 points]
A series of system cues sounded in Loren's mind.
Loren was content.
Fish man jujitsu is really good at sea.
This guy in the first half of the great route is famous for his devil fruit ability.
Although the strength is good, once it falls into the sea, it will lose its combat effectiveness immediately.
Unknown guy, in the face of the current over the shoulder fall also has no fight back.
With this move alone, Loren reaped countless attribute points.
of course,
The most important thing is good luck, when you come across so many experience babies.
It took five minutes for all the rewards to come to an end.
Those little pirates are still rewarded with a few attribute points.
In terms of rewards, the system is perfect.
“Ha ha ha, a total of 8600 attribute points, comfortable!”
Loren was listening to the news and calculating in his mind, so he calculated all the rewards.
It took minutes to harvest 8600 attribute points, plus more than 2000 attribute points.
Ten thousand attribute points, that's enough!
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[032] strength improved, I went to see the scenery
[032] strength improved, I went to see the scenery
“Lieutenant General Kapp!”
In front of the Pirate Group in countless columns of water were destroyed.
Wailing all around, now these pirates are not willing to run away, desperately to Kapu side.
It's better to get caught than to die.
On the naval ship behind, a group of navies opened their eyes.
They are catching up with the pirates, and such a thing should happen.
What is this?
Are you lucky?
Kapp saw at a glance that it was a fish man jujitsu.
As a admiral, a strong man of the older generation, he is a man who has experienced countless storms.
Don't be too knowledgeable.
It's just why are fishmen here?
And this move is not common fish people can use, fish people's jujitsu attainments must be very high.
“Lieutenant General Kapp, the new marine!”
The adjutant suddenly yelled at Karp.
“No, let's go!”
Kapp's face changed.
This kind of fierce attack, a new marine, if it is affected, it may be a direct belch fart.
The warship moved forward quickly, and the pirate Kapp on both sides was not in charge for the time being.
If you can be a pirate, no one can swim except those with fruit ability.
It's OK to air it.
At the moment, Loren is still immersed in the joy of harvest.
This trip to sea is not worth it.
Loren did not think too much about the attribute point of 10000 points, but directly added it to the strength.
Strength is a comprehensive index, representing the physical strength of Loren.
[Ding, congratulations on the upgrade to s level]
As soon as the system sounds, Loren feels a change in her body.
It's a change from the inside out.
Through the white eye, you can clearly see the condensation and enhancement of muscles, bones and various tissues.
The strength of the S-class is comparable to that of the admiral, and it can only be possessed by the strong among the admirals.
Now, Loren, against the admiral, may not be powerful enough, but it's not a problem at all.
In less than two months, Loren's growth is comparable to that of the previous three years.
If it is calculated by attribute points, it seems to be true.
In three years, the number of check-in attribute points is only over 10000.
In the past two months, there have been more than 10000 attribute points of Loren reward.
“Admiral Kapp, we've found the new marine!”
With the voice of deputy Kapp, Loren was also found.
Green pheasant's boat was taken to the warship, and Loren went up.
“Why are you wandering in this sea area when you have nothing to do?”
Kapp asked sternly, “this is the sea area where the pirates haunt. It's not the place where you're a new marine.”
A new man in the Navy, alone in this kind of sea.
This is not for fun.
Just now, he was not afraid at all.
The mental quality is good.
Loren replied, “report to lieutenant general Kapp, I'm a new member of the Navy. Loren went out to sea to look for pirates and use actual combat to improve his strength.”
Kapp seemed familiar with the name, but he couldn't remember it clearly.
“You're the new marine Loren who's been in the second grade for three years?”
Zepha's adjutant immediately widened his eyes and looked at Loren.
I didn't expect that I was quite famous.
Loren nodded and said, “yes, I am.”
Kapp looks at Loren. He remembers that pheasant has mentioned Loren to him.
“Yes, the actual combat is really the best way to improve the strength, but how do you practice the chart did not understand it.”
Kapp looked at Loren and said, “as a navy, chart is the most basic quality requirement. What did you learn in three years?”
This… Loren lowered his head.
I really didn't learn it well.
Admiral Kapp reminds you to be careful when going out to sea. You can't read the chart, and your relatives are in tears.
The Vice Admiral on one side looked embarrassed, as if the words were contrary to Kapp's words.
“I know. After I go back this time, I will study chart knowledge, and guarantee that this situation will not happen next time.”
Loren said.
That's exactly what he thought.
Kapp nodded and asked, “did you see any special people on the sea just now?Like Fishman or something. ”
I'm looking for the source of the fall.
It shows that Kapp doesn't think about himself at all. Good.
Loren thought for a moment and replied, “there seems to be a dark shadow under the sea, but the speed is too fast. I can't see the flash, and then there will be an overwhelming column of water. I thought it was some natural landscape to enjoy here.”
I said it casually to confuse Kapp.
I can't doubt myself anyway.
This fish man jujitsu can become a unique way to deal with the pirates in the future.
After all,
No one in the navy can master the skill except the officers of the mermaid.
“Well, I see. You can go back with us first.”
Kapp nodded slightly.
As he thought, there was a fishman.
It's just,
They don't want to show up.
A few days later,
Port of marinfando.
Kapp came back with a boat full of pirates.
On the port, the Warring States period stands.
As an old friend, Kapp went to the Navy headquarters. Naturally, he wanted to see it.
When Loren appeared, the Warring States period was stunned.
How could a new marine who didn't graduate show up on Kapp's ship?
Isn't Loren training?
“Loren, how could you be on Kapp's boat?”
The Warring States period also asked Loren directly.
Loren thought for a moment and replied, “report to marshal of the Warring States period. I went to see the scenery.”
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No one sleeps tonight
No one sleeps tonight
Look at the scenery?
The Warring States period had a blank face.
“Ha ha, Warring States period, this boy really saw a scene on the sea.”
Kapp came from behind laughing.
He never had a serious character. He always liked to joke about this kind of thing.
The Warring States period is also his old friend. He is also happy to help Loren.
After laughing, Kapp also told the whole story to the Warring States period.
It turned out that Loren himself asked to catch the pirates and improve his strength in actual combat.
“Marshal of the Warring States period, lieutenant general Kapp, see if I can go.”
Loren looked at the two naval giants and didn't really want to stay here.
The fighting power of the two men is comparable to that of the general, and Loren has just improved his strength.
In the eyes of these two people, a little carelessness will expose their strength.
It's better to stay away.
“Well, you go down.”
The Warring States period nodded.
“Wait, Loren boy, I have something else to ask you.”
But Kapp stopped Loren.
What's the matter!
Loren was about to leave, but he had to stop again.
The legendary naval hero called to himself. What could it be?
He and I have been together on the ship for several days. How can we stop ourselves now.
It's not as if we found something.
Should not.
I think the essence of salted fish is from the inside out, absolutely not exposed.
“Karp, what can I do for you?”
The Warring States period is a little curious.
For Kapu, the Warring States period is still very well known.
Kapp only pays attention to the talented young people. He sometimes leads the junior Navy, but none of them is ordinary Navy.
Green Pheasant, for example, had been under Kapp's hands for some time.
This Loren, obviously, doesn't fit that.
Repeat three years can not graduate, this level, even the average is not reached.
“Loren, do you have a child with you all the time?”
Kapp asked.
It was gulant, and Loren was relieved.
Things that have nothing to do with him.
“Well, Lieutenant Kapp is talking about gulant, right? Now he lives with me. What's the matter?”
Loren replied.
On the other hand, the Warring States period was a little confused. He really didn't know about gulant.
After all, he is the admiral of the Navy headquarters, and no one will talk to him about gulant.
Kapp continued: “that's right. Where is he now? I want to take him away. You don't mind.”
Kapp's return to the Navy headquarters this time is not to send Loren back, but for gulant's sake.
Green pheasant and he mentioned a matter of gulant, the left arm of the devil's power, as long as good exercise, the future absolute potential is unlimited.
This child is an orphan, and there are two kids in his family, who are just educated together.
“Of course, I don't mind, but now gulant is following instructor zefa. If you want to take him away, you can't ask me.”
Loren replied.
In his memory, gulant had been with Kapp.
But I didn't live with Luffy ace, I'm afraid it's because of zefa.
Kapp's wish should not be achieved today.
As soon as Kapp's face changed, he turned and left.
I went straight to zefa.
Loren was about to leave when the Warring States period stopped him: “tell me, what's the matter with gulant?”
In the Warring States period, Kapu and zefa, it was the iron triangle.
It's going to be,
There's one thing Kapp and zefa know, but they don't know.
This is not going to work!
Loren took a look at the Warring States period and was surprised.
The Warring States period is a marshal, a big age, even this kind of thing to care about?
Sure enough,
Salted fish is better.
Loren told the story of gulant and the Warring States period in the most concise sentences.
of course,
He didn't miss the most important thing, the devil's power left arm.
“I see. The Green Pheasant didn't talk to me!”
As soon as the eyes of the Warring States period stare, they turn around to find zefa.
Loren shook his head. This iron triangle is really iron.
However, the Green Pheasant is pitiful. It is afraid that it will be trained in the Warring States period.
Forget it. Forget it.
It's nothing to do with me.
Gulant this experience baby, before the strength does not enhance, Loren has not looked up.
Now, Loren's target, oh, is all the 10 million bounty level pirates.
Too low?
No, with Loren's strength, over 100 million pirates can also be dealt with.
The salted fish has turned over, so we should not pay attention to a word of stability.
In the first half of the great route, every pirate with a reward of over 100 million was firmly recorded in the Navy reward order.
If they have an accident, they will be in trouble.
It's not that good.
And if it's really a fight, maybe it's going to hurt or something.
This is very important.
But before that, we still need to learn the knowledge of chart.
I can't let losing my way become an obstacle to improving my strength.
Loren went straight into the Navy library and borrowed more than ten books about charts.
No one sleeps tonight.
In an hour.
Loren looked at the chart basic teaching on the third page in front of him and fell into meditation.
I really can only be a road maniac.
Closing the books, Loren left the dormitory.
His destination is Naval Science.
As the forefront of Naval Science and technology, it should not be very difficult to invent a navigator.
Even if not, Loren believes that his idea will benefit the entire Navy.
After that, the Navy will no longer suffer from being lost.
I'm a genius.
After some negotiations, Loren successfully asked the Department of Naval Science to produce a sea navigator in the name of yellow ape within 24 hours.
As for Loren.
in the dormitory,
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
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He doesn't have some special hobbies, does he
He doesn't have some special hobbies, does he
The final ownership of gulant was finally determined.
He remained in the Navy headquarters, mainly taught by zefa.
Once gulant is 14, he will join Kapp.
Normally speaking, although gulant can be regarded as a genius, he will not be so contested by the general level of zefakapu.
Once zefa and Kapp are tied, everything is possible.
As a bystander, the Warring States period also relied on the status of Marshal.
Gulant still has to live with Loren, which is his bottom line.
It's nothing special. It's just to show your sense of existence.
As a former Navy iron triangle, I can't watch you two fighting fiercely. I don't do anything.
Just back to wake up Lorena is also a quick look at their own situation.
[host: Loren]
[age: 18]
[strength: s level 0 / 100000]
[demon fruit: none]
[other abilities: top class overlord, intermediate armed, intermediate seeing and hearing, Navy six style, swordsmanship, Fishman jujitsu and white eye]
[current attribute point: 1200]
[sign in: signed in today]
The force has entered the s level, which is already the strength of the Admiral level.
In other words, as long as the skill is enough, there is no problem for Loren to compete with the admiral.
Of course, it's impossible for Kapp to be such a general.
Armed color and seeing and hearing color are still only intermediate, which are the main means of fighting and need to be strengthened urgently.
It's also necessary to consider enhancing the skill of fisherman's jujitsu. It's not only hidden but also powerful enough to deal with the big pirates at sea.
Attribute points are used very quickly.
In and out, there are 1200 points left.
We still need another big harvest.
At that time, zefa's new training is to go to the second half of the great route, which is known as the sea area of the new world.
There, the four emperors occupied the territory, and there were countless hundreds of millions of pirates.
There were many strong men, and the Navy lost its dominance in the first half of the great route.
This is also an important reason why Loren wants to salted fish to death.
There are too many monsters in the new world.
Salted fish is very good.
“Lying trough, how did you come back?”
Loren is lying in bed. It's good to be alone.
But before it was hot, gulant came back.
It was quite a surprise to Loren.
In his opinion, gulant was taken care of by zefa and Kapp at the same time. In the future, he would follow them.
It's none of your business.
This experience, the baby also needs to progress, also just liberated themselves.
It's also possible to return to a human state.
Living alone and living with two people are two different feelings.
As a vigorous man, there are always some things that need to be solved.
And this kind of thing, when a person does is the most appropriate.
Many people, I believe most of them still can not ignore the side, hand in hand.
Gulant replied, “this is what my grandfather asked for. He said that my grandfather zefa was going to teach me, and you often go to sea, so this is just right for me.”
Isn't that too economical.
So many dormitories, why?
Loren had no choice but to accept.
As a salted fish, there are always advantages and disadvantages.
If we show our strength now, not to mention a single dormitory, we can directly allocate the real estate.
The Navy's welfare for senior generals is quite in place.
If you think about it, it's good to show your strength.
Loren slapped himself in the face.
What do you think!
Salted fish has shortcomings, but you have to think about the consequences of not salted fish.
It will be peaceful to see the sea, but in a few years, after the protagonist Lu Fei goes to sea, it will be earth shaking.
At the top of the battle, it seems that only one ace died.
But how many Navy pirates, who didn't even know their names, were directly buried in that battle.
If you show your strength, you can't avoid the war.
I'm not a famous person in Weitian's works. I'm sure I'll die in the end.
Steady, salted fish is the ultimate ideal of life.
“Brother Loren, what's the matter with you?”
Looking at Loren who slapped himself in the face, gulant was a little silly.
What's going on?
How can you still kill yourself?
I'm not satisfied with myself, but I haven't done anything.
“It's none of your business. Sleep well.”
Loren turned his head and began to suppress the evil thoughts in his heart.
All foreign things become demons. Live a good life with salted fish.
Gulant was even more frightened at this.
He lay trembling on the bed, thinking of the inexplicable words that Ayn had said to him these days.
“It's OK, gulant. Stay away from liloren.”
“Gulant, if it's Loren who's bewitching you, you must tell me.”
“Don't be afraid, gulant. I will protect you.”
“Gulant, you are still young. You can't have a correct understanding of some concepts. In short, people like Loren should stay away.”
“Gulant, Loren has some abnormal ideas. You must distinguish them clearly and don't go astray.”
After listening to these inexplicable words, although gulant didn't understand why, he always kept an eye on them.
Now I always feel something's wrong when I see Loren slapping himself in the face.
Does Loren still have some unknown hobbies?
Self harm or
He won't do it to me.
Did you abuse me before because of this habit?
What should I do?
Will he make it worse.
Along with his wishful thinking, gulant stayed up until midnight.
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[035] news of menmen fruit
[035] news of menmen fruit
“In addition to the nickname, the red haired shanks, one of the four emperors, came back from the East China Sea without an arm.”
“What happened to red hair?The East China Sea is known as the weakest sea. Is there any big man out there? ”
“What does Donghai city have, Sihuang broken halberd?”
As soon as Loren woke up in the morning, he heard the news spread all over marinfando.
To be exact,
It's the whole ocean.
Tangtang four emperors, one of the emperors of the new world, red shanks.
The youngest four emperors.
I lost an arm after a trip to Donghai.
The story was guessed and feared by countless people.
The whole navy, everybody's talking about it.
“The four emperors are invulnerable monsters. How can they drop their arms?”
“I don't know. Maybe I met something terrible in the East China Sea.”
“Who knows, but red hair without an arm is a good thing for the world.”
“Yes, the four emperors control the new world, justice can not be implemented, these people should all die.”
“Can we find a chance to attack the red hair Pirate Group and kill him when he is ill?”
“I think too much. For a strong man with red hair, the lack of arms does have an impact, but the combat power is still terrible.”
“Are you kidding? You don't know the average reward for the members of the red hair Pirate Group. It's like an iron bucket.”
Loren's face was expressionless as he listened to the comments around him.
He's just counting the time.
It seems that the news from the navy is not so fast.
Red hair's arm should have been lost for some time, and now it just burst out.
The power of the four emperors was not easily penetrated by the Navy.
But now think about it, a four emperors are carelessly swallowed by a sea king, or in the East China Sea, which is known as the weakest sea.
This shows that,
The sea is too dangerous.
It's better to have a good salted fish.
Coming to Naval Science, Loren got the navigator.
Sure enough,
With the strength of the Department of Naval Science, it is easy to build an automatic navigator.
But before he went out, an acquaintance stopped Loren.
Green Pheasant, dressed in a small suit, is walking towards Loren.
“Uncle kuzan, you're back at last. It's a matter of gulant. Should you consider changing people.I'm not suitable to take care of children. I'm not good at it. I'm busy with exercise and I don't have the time. ”
Loren complained immediately.
Although he didn't care much about gulant at all, he mainly had harvest experience.
But now gulant's experience is worthless.
Such a guy who interferes with his private space, of course, Loren wants to kick it away.
I'm just a ruthless salted fish.
Green Pheasant did not pay attention to Loren's complaint, but directly said: “there is no news about the invisible fruit you asked me to inquire about before, but there is news about another fruit you mentioned.”
Devil's fruit!
I asked the Green Pheasant to inquire.
Looking at the green pheasant's face, Loren immediately said: “Uncle kuzan, you see, gulant is more leather, I can still take it, absolutely no problem.”
“I don't know which fruit uncle kuzan got?”
After crossing into the world of the pirate king, you can have nothing but the devil fruit.
As the secret treasure of the sea, the fruit of demons with mysterious power is what countless people yearn for.
so to speak,
No matter what the fruit is, the people who want it are a lot of it.
But Loren is different. As a salted fish, some abilities are meaningless to Loren.
And some abilities, that's what he really needs.
The Green Pheasant said faintly: “Superman · menmen fruit is in the hands of Eric, the captain of the Blood Axe Pirate Group. Because the three old men on the ship are all capable of fruit, and they don't know menmen fruit, so they plan to sell it.”
Superman is the fruit of menmen.
Any object touched by the hand of the competent person will become a door, which can be opened and can be opened anywhere.
The place where the door is opened includes air, fire and human body. No matter how hard the place is or does not have the form of an object, such as fire or air, it can create a door.
It can create doors of different types, sizes and shapes according to the user's will, such as sliding doors, sliding doors and even revolving doors. The capable can also become doors themselves.
The essence of this fruit ability is that it can move freely in the space. As long as you open a door in the atmosphere, you can create a green alien space. Besides those who have the ability, people can also enter this alien space to move. The space itself can also be used as a place for emergency refuge.
After the door is closed, the original part will be restored without any trace.If you can't fight in battle, you can open the door to another space to avoid the enemy's attack.
This fruit should have been obtained by cp9's Bruno.
Lorent had inquired about it before. This guy has not yet become a fruit power man.
So he went out of his way to ask the pheasant.
This fruit, in a sense, is the real invincible fruit.
Although the natural system is powerful, in the face of armed color hegemony, the element is not enough.
As for attack power, that's not what Loren is after.
Safety, that's the most important thing.
It's the best safe house with the ability of avoiding different spaces.
And it's a safe house that can be opened anytime, anywhere.
By the way, it has the ability to move in space, which is also very convenient.
Salted fish is a must.
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[036] target: Blood Axe Pirate Group
[036] target: Blood Axe Pirate Group
“Well, I've got the news. I'm going.”
The Green Pheasant is about to leave.
“No, uncle kuzan, wait a minute.”
Loren called.
That's not right, Blood Axe Pirate Group. Loren, that's a clear door.
In the first half of the great route, the infamous pirate group, Captain Eric, is a superman. He can turn any part of his body into a giant axe with a reward of 100 million Bailey.
Vice captain Simon, who is capable of animal science, cat fruit and Bobcat form, unfortunately turned into a bobcat with a reward of 40 million Bailey
Rick, the third leader, is a superman. He can shrink his body, but his strength and speed will not be reduced. The reward is 20 million Bailey.
With the strength of Green Pheasant, this level of small pirates can't be solved by sprinkling water.
How can you give me a message and then it's gone?
A pirate with a bounty of over 100 million. That's outside the safety line of Loren.
“What's the matter?”
The Green Pheasant stopped and said.
Lorenton stopped for a moment and continued: “Uncle kuzan, this blood axe Pirate Group is a small matter that you can easily solve. Why didn't you get the fruit by the way?”
With the strength of the general of the Navy headquarters, a pirate with a reward of over 100 million doesn't need to spend much effort.
Although there is a lot of experience, safety is still very important.
“No time.”
Leave two words, Green Pheasant has disappeared.
No time?
You can solve the problem in minutes. You said you had no time.
I'm free all day. I'll be free by bike on the sea?
Among the three generals of the Navy headquarters, the Yellow ape is the most promiscuous, and the Green Pheasant is the laziest. Only red dog works hard as a migrant worker.
The eyes of the masses are bright. It's no surprise that red dog became Marshal after the Dingshan war.
After make complaints about it, Loren still put his mind on the blood ax.
In terms of strength alone, the Blood Axe Pirate Group still has two brushes.
Hundreds of millions of pirates, in the first half of the great route, that is definitely worthy of the king level.
He also has two deputies with a reward of more than 10 million, which is enough to sweep most of his opponents.
Under normal circumstances, Loren would not consider dealing with opponents at this level.
Even with Loren's strength, it's OK to deal with a blood axe Pirate Group.
We should pay attention to safety in everything.
But now,
The fruit of Superman is here. Loren thinks it's necessary to fight.
With this fruit, many problems are not problems.
First, information.
If the Green Pheasant is gone, go to the Yellow ape.
The role of a Naval General is now obvious.
of course,
There is no other Navy headquarters that can drive a general like this except the Warring States period.
If the Warring States knew that their three generals and two generals had been close to Loren, they would be very angry.
If he really knew the strength of Loren, it might be very gratifying.
Loren soon finished all these preparations, and everything was ready. He was one day away from going to sea.
no way out,
As a cover up, Loren has to choose a suitable opponent for his weakest newcomer.
A pirate with a reward of one or two million.
In the process of waiting, zefa naturally won't let Loren rest. As long as he is in the Navy headquarters, he will follow the training.
Have to say,
This kind of training is really boring for Loren.
Only reluctantly rely on a dozen experience baby to improve the boring life.
Now the harvest experience baby's matter, also became difficult.
The reason is simple,
That's AIIn, who's staring at me all the time.
Since gulant trained with the new Marines, Ayn has been able to keep an eye on gulant.
If Loren wants to find gulant to harvest experience in the training room alone, he first needs to go through Ayn.
Had it not been for Marshal's command, Ayn would have let gulant and Loren live separately.
Fortunately, gulant still cooperated with Loren, and with their cooperation, they were still able to successfully complete the harvest of experience.
It's just,
I don't know whether gulant volunteered or was under the pressure of Loren.
Three days later,
Loren finally got a chance to go to sea.
Aurora pirate group appeared near the sea area controlled by Blood Axe Pirate Group.
Aurora pirates, Captain foucoman, a million Bailey bounty.
As an opponent of “the current Loren”, the strength is just right, zefa is also very agree.
Port of marinfando.
Loren set out in the green pheasant's general boat.
This time, equipped with an automatic navigator, you no longer have to worry about getting lost.
On the other side.
Justice island.
Spandayne, the leader of cp9, is sitting in his office.
He looks a little serious. Just now, he received the direct order from the world's ZF five stars.
Kill the Blood Axe Pirate Group.
I didn't tell you the reason. I just knew it was a secret.
As the direct leader of cp9, spandayne never asked his superiors why he did it. All he had to do was to carry out.
Without thinking, he dialed the phone bug directly and made a call to Lurgi and others who were undercover in the water capital.
Cp9 has very few people, but each one is very powerful.
It would be most appropriate for them to carry out such an assassination mission.
“Luca, kill the Blood Axe Pirate Group. No one will stay. The time limit is three days. Organize by yourself.”
Spandadain's orders were brief and not emphasized.
The reason is simple,
That's rob Lucci strong enough.
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[037] the first meeting, Loren vs Superman, the one with the ability to reduce fruit
[037] the first meeting, Loren vs Superman, the one with the ability to reduce fruit
The sea.
A small boat was flying at a very fast speed.
“Automatic navigation is better. It's just a fool's operation.”
Loren looked at the navigator and nodded with satisfaction.
According to the information provided by the Yellow ape, the territory of the Blood Axe Pirate Group is the island of calicia.
It's a small island with no indigenous people.
There are no adjacent islands around, just the headquarters of the Blood Axe Pirate Group.
“What a nice place.”
Loren sighed.
This kind of Pirate Group is the best arrangement for Loren.
There's no need to worry about the bystanders.
After driving for about half a day, Loren found the island of calicia.
The small island is surrounded by pirate ships, the ships of the Blood Axe Pirate Group.
In the center of the island, there is a huge flag hanging high.
It was a Pirate Skeleton flag with a huge bloody axe, flying in front of the pirate, especially fierce.
“Find the Navy!”
The watchman of the Blood Axe Pirate Group sounded the alarm.
A pirate group of this level has become a kingdom of its own.
For example, klocdal, one of the seven armed seas under the king, directly controlled the kingdom of alabastan.
Before he joined qiwuhai, the reward was 81 million berets.
of course,
Rewards are not exactly the same as strength.
Moreover, after klockdale became the qiwuhai, the bounty became invalid, so there would be no increase.
Eric, the captain of the Blood Axe Pirate Group, is still inferior to krokdal.
“Sink him.”
Rick, the third leader of the Blood Axe Pirate Group, issued an order.
Bang Bang
A dozen banging shells poured out.
“That's too bad.”
Loren shook his head as he looked at the shell, which had obviously missed a lot.
Just now, Loren was still wondering if it was not good for him to rush over like this.
After all, the other side is also a king level pirate in this sea area.
Now it seems that,
This “King” is just like that.
Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom
Shells hit the sea, directly aroused more than a dozen waves.
Loren piloted the boat, with huge jets of water behind him.
This is the romance of men.
“Rick is in charge. The opponent is too fast to hit.”
The gunner said to Rick.
In fact, it can't be blamed on him. As a means of travel for the general of the Navy headquarters, the quality of that means a lot.
Speed, absolutely to meet the needs of the general.
If the shells of these pirates can hit them at will, it's not right.
“Give it to me.”
Rick didn't care. He looked at Loren with a smile on his lips.
Rick's hand rested on a gun.
Superman – ability to launch fruit reduction.
The gun shrank to the size of a pistol.
He immediately took the mini gun and aimed it directly at Loren.
Bang Bang
Several shells were fired again, but these shells are quite small.
It's about the same size as a bullet. Because of its small size, its speed is directly increased several times.
At the same time,
Because in the palm of the launch, aiming, the sight is also a lot more accurate.
“Three masters are powerful!”
“Three masters!”
The minions of the Blood Axe pirate group were very excited when they saw it.
The shells fired by reducing the size of the fruit, the speed, the power and the target will be much higher than before. This is the advantage of small size.
This is what Rick is good at.
He met Loren.
White eyes and seeing and hearing color domineering, although the speed of these shells is fast, they are very clear to Loren.
Flying finger gun.
Loren's finger flick.
Whew, whew, whew
The sound of breaking the air,
It's Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang,
All the shells exploded in mid air. Although the power of the flying finger gun is not as powerful as the shells, the interception is still very simple.
In a cloud of smoke, Loren is close to the Blood Axe Pirate Group.
“How is that possible?”
“What did he do?”
“Who is this man?”
“Three masters, what should we do?”
The minions of the Blood Axe group exclaimed.
In their view, the third leader Rick's move has always been invincible.
Even in the case of fearless, there are only two means: hard resistance and dodge.
Loren's methods, they haven't seen and they can't understand.
“Damn it
Rick's face changed. With his strength, he could naturally see Loren's operation.
Just a finger bullet broke his attack. This strength can't be underestimated.
But Rick does more than that.
He took another long gun out of his pocket.
It looks like it's just like a normal long gun.
But in fact, this is a specially made giant long gun, which is made according to the scale of normal long gun.
As it is now, it's the same as it was when the fruit was immediately shrunk by 100 times.
Because of the ability to shrink the fruit, you can easily pick up the shrunken object immediately, but the quality of the object itself is still so large.
“Shoot me.”
He aimed his gun at Loren and pulled the trigger.
The bullet flew out.
Bullets are different from cannonballs. The gunpowder in them is only a driving force, and the lethal one is marbles.
It's not going to explode. It's going straight through Loren.
The power of the flying finger gun is not enough, so it can't open the shrouded bullet.
“Boy, you should die this time.”
Rick said viciously.
There are too many strong men who have died under him.
A lot of strong people take this bullet as an ordinary bullet to deal with.
But when the bullet approaches, Rick will directly disable it.
The size of the bullet will become larger and unavoidable.
And Loren didn't try to stop the bullet with a shotgun.
Under the ability of the white eye, it's a matter of a glance whether the bullet or the shell is shrank or normal.
Yuebu + iron block · steel.
Loren stepped directly into the air, and the ship could not be damaged.
The shrank bullet does not need to be armed.
The advanced skill of six types of iron, iron is just enough.
“That's arrogant boy. Let's see if you can take my bullet.”
Rick gave a laugh, which directly relieved him of his ability.
The size of the bullet instantly returned to its original laugh, and a bullet as big as a basketball appeared in front of Loren.
There was a metal crash.
Loren went straight to the bullet.
Not only that, the bullet hit Loren, directly deformed under great pressure.
Loren rubbed his head, a little dizzy.
It seems that the iron block's defense is not as good as the armed color. It can't stand it!
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[038] there are two people in the company, and Eric the bloody axe appears
[038] there are two people in the company, and Eric the bloody axe appears
“How could it be?”
“Is this man of steel?”
“It's terrible!”
The sight shocked all the people in the group, and Rick's face was completely gloomy.
He can't deal with such an opponent.
Without the slightest hesitation, Rick turned and was about to slip away.
“Hold on, I'll go to the vice captain.”
Leave a word and go straight away.
The body shrinks suddenly, and the speed is not slow at all.
“2000 attribute points of experience baby, want to run that is wrong.”
Loren's eyes are on Rick.
In mid air, Loren put forward a kick, and the light blue chopper flew directly towards Rick.
Rick made a jump and dodged easily.
“Fortunately, I have shrunk.”
He said to himself, after shrinking, because of the smaller size, it is easier to evade the attack.
It's a pity.
When he looked back, he was dumbfounded.
Lanjiao · Qilin is the rain.
Loren's feet were waving in the air. Instead of flying towards Rick, the blue chopper flew into the sky.
The choppers meet each other and break directly.
All of a sudden.
The blue chopping debris, like raindrops, fell from the sky.
This is the most intensive attack.
[Ding, congratulations on defeating an ordinary pirate of Blood Axe Pirate Group, 5 attribute points will be awarded]
[Ding, congratulations on defeating a leader of the Blood Axe pirate regiment, 20 attribute points will be awarded]
The sound of a series of announcements sounded, and Loren listened to it, which was extremely pleasant.
The Blood Axe Pirate Group is worthy of a reward of more than 100 million, and the quality of its members is inferior to that of the Pirate Group Loren met before.
At least there is no reward.
At this time, Rick, just like a flea, moves around to avoid the rain.
It has to be said that after all, he is a pirate offering a reward of 20 million Bailey, and he is also capable. There is still a certain level of this.
“Look, I'll give you something more.”
Loren doesn't have time for him.
Fisherman's jujitsu · water stroke.
First, a hazel foot directly hit the sea, splashing a handful of sea water.
Reach out for a pat, dozens of drops of sea water, like a dozen bullets, shot directly at Rick.
It's impossible to distinguish the blue Unicorn from the rain when it comes to the blue sea.
There was no accident.
Rick was hit by the sea and fainted.
The natural restraint of the sea against the fruit of demons is so powerful.
Under normal circumstances, a small amount of sea water is not enough to make people weak, but after shrinking the fruit and shrinking the body, the resistance to sea water is also reduced.
In front of the sea, the devil is powerless.
[Ding, congratulations on defeating rick of the Blood Axe Pirate Group. 2000 attribute points will be awarded]
The system is good.
There is no need to confirm the decision of victory or defeat.
Loren did not stop, and continued to walk towards the island.
Inside the main ship, the news has reached the ears of Captain Eric and vice captain Simon.
“No, Captain, there's an invasion. Rick's third leader has been defeated.”
One of the men ran in.
Eric was a big man, and he didn't look the same when he heard the news.
Simon, the vice captain, was much thinner than him.
Although there is no animal, but from the body point of view, he already belongs to the slim category.
“What's the panic? Who's the other party? How many people are there?”
Simon said faintly.
This is the headquarters of the Blood Axe Pirate Group. They are not afraid of ordinary opponents.
“Navy, just one man.”
The man replied with fear.
Simon, the vice captain, looks very kind, but he is a moody man. If he is not careful, he will suffer.
Simon sprang to his feet.
It surprised him that there was only one person.
To solve Rick so quickly can only show that the strength of the team is very strong.
“Simon, go and have a look.”
Eric suddenly spoke.
He is still light, strong body without the slightest move, face only calm.
Although known as the blood axe, Eric is never impulsive.
To be exact, a pirate offering a reward of more than 100 million will not be too impulsive as long as it is not the kind that rises rapidly.
“Yes, captain.”
Simon got up and immediately went out to meet the enemy.
As soon as he got off the deck, Simon had already seen the figure of Loren.
“Where's the boy? He's so brave that he dares to break into my blood axe Pirate Group.”
Simon snorted, his body changed.
Fauna, cat fruit, Bobcat form, human animal form.
“You're the vice captain Simon, with a bounty of 40 million berry, right?”
Loren asked, looking at Simon with a reward in his hand.
I don't know who drew this reward order. It's just a soul painter. The picture above is actually a cat or a cartoon cat.
Fortunately, Lao Tzu's understanding is amazing, otherwise he may not be able to recognize it.
“Ouch!Boy, since you know who I am, it's too late for you to regret. ”
Simon roared, stepped, and disappeared.
Feline fruit, as the fastest fruit species on land in the fauna, although the morphology of lynx is not as fast as that of cheetah, it is absolutely not slow.
By the time he reappeared, Simon was on top of Lauren's head.
Sharp claws, from top to bottom.
If that happens, Loren's head will move.
Simon's eyes were full of grimness, and his hands were always so sudden.
Loren didn't look up.
Armed, aggressive, gun.
Point it out.
Loren's index finger runs straight through Simon's right paw.
Simon's face suddenly changed as the sharp pain came.
Although he won't be domineering, he has heard that it is a standard match for the strong pirates in the new world.
In front of this naval boy, unexpectedly also can!
Simon immediately realized that something was wrong.
It's too late.
Iron and jade.
Loren's body somersaulted forward in the air, one foot directly on Simon's head.
Simon's body was directly smashed on the deck of the main ship of the Blood Axe Pirate Group, and a human shaped hole appeared.
[Ding, congratulations on defeating Simon, vice captain of the Blood Axe Pirate Group, with 4000 attribute points awarded]
The system sounds.
The reward will be paid directly to the account.
Loren's eyes were on the deck, and a huge figure appeared.
If you look at it, you should be five meters tall.
It's not as big as the giants, but it's absolutely big.
He is Eric, the captain of the Blood Axe Pirate Group, who offered a reward of 100 million berry.
It's just that the momentum is different as soon as it appears.
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[039] beat Eric, super reward
[039] beat Eric, super reward
“Boy, are you here for the news?”
Eric looked at Loren and said first.
Seeing with his own eyes that Loren is armed and aggressive, Eric understands that the naval boy in front of him is definitely a strong one in the Navy.
This is just the first half of the great route. This guy killed himself.
Eric couldn't think of any other possibility than the news.
Loren was stunned.
What news? I came here just for the fruit of the gate.
“But if you want that news, it depends on your strength.”
Without waiting for Loren to answer, Eric had already started acting on his own.
Superman series: giant axe fruit launch.
Eric's arms changed directly into two huge axes.
Eric, who is five meters tall, has two meters long arms. After changing into two giant axes, his size will be even bigger.
Don't care. Beat it. Get the fruit and run away.
What news is not news has nothing to do with yourself.
As a salted fish, remember to be curious.
Curiosity can kill cats!
Loren's body flashed and came straight at Eric.
The goal is to beat Eric, then you can't run.
This guy is not the kind of high mobility opponent at a glance, so Loren chose to take the initiative.
Shaving, iron and jade.
Loren's body spins at high speed and starts the iron at the same time.
All attack power will gather at the top, hit the enemy, and then rotate at high speed to generate power, accompanied by a strong attack.
This is a high-level skill of the six forms, which combines shaving with iron.
Under normal circumstances, this move can directly break the iron plate on the warship.
The opponent is a pirate with a reward of more than 100 million. This move is not out of the question.
“Well done.”
Eric roared, waved his arms, and slashed two huge axes straight in front of him.
Loren's feet collided with the axe, and the huge shock wave spread.
The small soldiers of the Blood Axe pirate regiment around were affected and directly flew out.
Sure enough, a pirate with a reward of over 100 million is not so easy to deal with.
Loren sighed slightly.
Eric's heart is also shocked. Under his own double axes, the other side is not damaged. This is not only an axe chop, but also a heavy blow.
Even if it's armed and aggressive, it's not immune to such blunt attacks.
This can only show that the other side's physical exercise is quite resistant to fighting, and the anti Strike ability is amazing.
“Give me another ax.”
Eric has a lot of experience in fighting. If he can't make a single blow, he will make another one immediately.
Right foot raised, instantly turned into a giant axe, directly from the bottom up, a lift.
I can't see that the coordination of this huge body is quite good.
Paper drawing.
Loren's body slightly side, like a leaf as easy to escape.
As an evasive skill in the six movements, paper painting is to control your body muscles to the greatest extent, and can make all kinds of strange evasive movements.
Eric was not surprised by the failure of the attack.
He continued to attack calmly.
Every part of his body can become an axe, that is to say, no matter how he attacks, it is a threat of a giant axe.
Five meters tall huge body, with the fierce and swift attack.
A common fruit of Superman, in Eric's hands, becomes extremely powerful.
This is the devil's fruit.
Even if it is the same fruit, different people's development, the power is very different.
Paper painting · martial arts body.
Every inch of Loren's muscles contracted a lot, and he seemed to be a little smaller.
But for the control of the body, it is multiplied.
This is the advanced technique of paper drawing.
You can completely control your body, even the elongation of your hair, which belongs to the field of life return.
Loren didn't have such a bad taste. It's enough now.
Another side dodged Eric's axe, and Loren's momentum suddenly changed.
His fists were folded and he was facing Eric.
“Six types of mysteries, six King guns!”
Loren sipped.
The two fists burst out.
This is the ultimate meaning of the six forms, and it is also a powerful move.
The purpose of using paper painting and martial arts body is to better control this power.
Eric's face suddenly changed and he felt the threat of death.
Without even thinking, he instinctively used his fruit ability and directly turned himself into a giant axe.
The axe can be used to attack, but the strength of the axe itself is also very high.
Loren hit Eric with his fist.
Huge shock wave after wave, transmitted to Eric's body.
Even the axe, still can not stop the shock.
With a gush of blood, Eric was beaten back to the original.
[Ding, congratulations on defeating captain Eric of Blood Axe Pirate Group, reward attribute points of 10000 points]
[Ding, congratulations on beating over 100 million bounty pirates for the first time and rewarding the soul chopping sword Binglun pill (can be solved from the beginning)]
The system sounds.
That's the sound of reward.
Ten thousand attribute points are exactly the same.
Not only that, there are additional rewards.
This time, it's soul chopping blade Binglun pill.
As an old second dimension, Lorena is quite clear.
Ice and snow is the strongest soul chopping sword among the gods of death. In the strongest state, it can freeze earth fire and geomantic omen in four steps.
This time, the reward should not be too strong.
Although we can only solve the problem from the beginning, it will not be very difficult to solve it with the help of the system.
The most important thing is that in the future, the sea bike will no longer be the patent of Green Pheasant.
The next time Green Pheasant is riding a bicycle, he will make a bike to follow him and blind him.
What's more, with the ability of the ice ball, you don't have to be so afraid of the sea.
It's a little exciting to think about it!
Although the reward is good, Loren can't forget the purpose of his visit.
The door is full of fruit.
This is the most important thing this time.
The new book sets sail, and readers support it.
[040] get menmen fruit, cp9 slaughter (for flowers, for evaluation, for comment)
[040] get menmen fruit, cp9 slaughter (for flowers, for evaluation, for comment)
“All right, Eric, hand over the devil's fruit.”
Loren looked at Eric, who fell to the ground and vomited blood.
In order to keep the question, just now Loren did, otherwise Eric would not have been able to say anything.
“You are not here to inquire about the news?”
Eric looked at Loren with a look of surprise.
Lauren frowned. How could he bring up the news? He just wanted the fruit.
“Don't talk nonsense. I'm not interested in any news. I just want the devil's fruit in your hand.”
Loren urged.
As the saying goes, if it is too late, it will change.
Get the fruits as soon as possible and leave.
It's best if everything is OK.
“Hahaha, I see. It seems that the ZF of the world is also afraid. Even a strong naval man like you doesn't know it.”
Eric laughs.
He looked a little excited.
Next second,
His face turned to pig liver.
Flying finger gun!
Loren flicked his finger and hit Eric's wound
“If you don't want to suffer, just hurry. I don't have the patience.”
What's not? Loren's not interested and doesn't want to know.
Do you know the secret of your pirate king?
In addition to the end of the field did not draw, there is no own do not know.
“Cough… Cough… My news, that's the news that the world ZF cares about. Don't you really want to know?”
Eric coughed twice, his face softened slightly, and he was still bewitching Loren.
In response to him, it's still a flying gun.
Bang Bang
Four times in a row, he hit Eric in the limbs.
Eric learned and immediately said, “in the cabin, under my seat, there's a dark grid. The devil's fruit is in it.”
“I don't shed tears when I don't see the coffin. If I said earlier, I would suffer less.”
Loren shook his head and went straight into the cabin.
According to Eric's guidance, he found the fruit.
As like as two peas in the devil's fruit.
Without hesitation, Loren took a bite.
“Well… It's just as bad as it's said.”
Lauren frowned and took the first bite, and he didn't eat the rest.
This is the characteristic of the devil fruit. Only the first person who eats it is effective, and the rest will become ordinary fruit.
In fact, there are still many fruits that have not yet been born.
For example, dark fruits, burnt fruits, surgical fruits and thunder fruits are all possible to be obtained from the time line.
But if you want to fight for these fruits, you will inevitably face many potential opponents.
But menmen fruit, as a fruit of Superman family, is not cared by many people.
In Loren's opinion, the ability of menmen fruit itself is excellent.
Although the lower limit of the fruit of the natural line is very high, its opening is limited to the natural line itself.
Many of the fruits of the Superman system ignore the laws of physics. Compared with the natural system, it has a broader space for development.
It also takes time to develop the devil's fruit.
Instead of wasting time in looking for the devil's fruit, it's better to get familiar with and exercise the fruit ability as soon as possible.
That's right. It's Blackbeard.
Hidden for decades, just for a dark fruit.
The power of the dark fruit is worth enduring for so long.
But I'm different. I don't want to dominate the world. I just want to be a salted fish.
Menmen fruit is quite suitable.
After a brief digestion, Loren felt that everything around him seemed to have changed.
Countless lines appear in his mind, invisible but can feel.
This should be the ability brought by menmen fruit.
Along the line, Loren reached for a push, and in the air, a door opened directly.
Inside is a green space.
The first time you use it, you can open the door in the air. It's very good.
After a try, Loren closed the door and turned away from the island.
The Blood Axe pirates are here.
Loren didn't want to kill. On the one hand, he really didn't want to kill. On the other hand, if he killed all the pirates, he would be investigated by the Navy.
On their own itinerary, they are bound to be investigated.
Some things are hard to explain.
As for what she would be recognized, Lorens was not worried.
He is a new man in the Navy, and it's not his turn to deal with this level of pirates.
Even in the future, the Navy will not be able to get in touch with itself when it comes to eliminating the Blood Axe Pirate Group.
Loren chose to just slip away.
In the boat, Loren headed for the next target.
Aurora pirates, the surface target of his voyage this time.
Anyway, things about face are going to be OK.
Aurora pirates always have to go.
On the other side.
Loren had just left. There was a ship sailing on the bottom of the sea.
This is cp9's mission ship.
In order to carry out this mission, they specially coated the ship and chose to approach it from the bottom of the sea.
Rob Lucci, Kaku, Bruno, the owl and the lion cuddle together, a total of five people.
They put on the mask of quality, put on the broad robe, cover up their identity.
This is the secret erase mission of the world ZF, and the public should not be informed of the reason.
They arrived near the island of calicia.
Five people carefully sneaked into the island.
It's just that,
They were a little surprised by the mess on the island.
It turns out that someone came one step ahead of them and injured almost everyone.
“Do it.”
Rob Lucci gave the order directly.
The slaughter began.
No matter what the situation is, the task to be completed is still to be completed.
Blood, dyed the whole island red.
The new book sets sail, and readers support it.
[041] take a walk on the sea and improve your strength
[041] take a walk on the sea and improve your strength
Above the sea.
A pirate ship is sailing.
On the deck, a fat man was looking into the distance with a telescope.
“Boss, this is the territory of the Blood Axe Pirate Group. Is it really OK for us to go from here?”
On one side, a small minion said to the fat man, looking a little nervous.
This fat man is captain foucoman of Aurora Pirate Group.
He said with a loud face: “the Blood Axe Pirate Group is a fart. I will replace it one day. What are you afraid of?”
“The boss is powerful!”
A few minions at the bottom were shouting.
These bottom pirates have little knowledge, and they don't know how powerful those powerful pirates are.
Foucoman nodded, contented.
“Captain, someone's here, like a Navy!”
Next to the hand suddenly pointed to a direction and yelled.
“Navy!where?Did you find us?Is it time to run? ”
Fukman immediately like a frightened bird, aiming at the telescope, he looked in the direction of his hands.
Just a boat, a man.
“There was one.”
Foucoman breathed a sigh of relief.
When he thought of something, he immediately said, “don't be afraid, it's just a navy. We sail normally. If he dares to come here, let him know how to write dead words!”
Talking and laughing, it's just a navy.
Loren was in a small boat and didn't want to attack.
Just walk around for two times. As long as you prove that you have met the aurora Pirate Group, there is no need to harvest an experience baby with only 100 attribute points.
After all,
The aurora pirate group can still keep it as a reason to go to sea next time.
“Boss, it seems that the other side has no intention to attack. If we don't shoot directly, we will take him down!”
The men on one side were a little excited.
They didn't expect their boss to be so strong. Since the navy has only one person, can they consider killing the Navy.
When he heard this, fukman was shocked and almost lost his footing.
“Boss, what's the matter with you?”
Asked the man to foucoman.
Fukman wiped the cold sweat on his forehead. He was really frightened by the courage of his subordinates.
Avoiding the pursuit of the Navy and taking the initiative to attack the navy are two completely different concepts.
Above the sea, there are many pirates.
In fact, with the strength of the Navy, many small pirate groups can be cleaned up.
But most of them, the Navy won't go after them.
The main reason is that there are a large number of these small pirates. They have to be arrested and imprisoned, and they are hard to please.
But if there are pirates stationed in the navy to attack the Navy, even if there is only one person in the Navy, it is a serious provocation to the Navy.
The Navy will focus on such pirates.
Fukman was terrified at the thought that his men were so naive.
“It's just a navy. Our Aurora Pirate Group should have the heart to attack a navy. If it's spread, how can I get along in the sea?”
Fukman educated his men and let the helmsman turn away from Loren.
This can't be cheated by these stupid people. I'll stay away.
On the boat, Loren, driving his own navigation, did not pay attention to the aurora Pirate Group.
Anyway, it's automatic tracking, fool operation.
“Boss, the other party has been following us. What should we do?Don't you do it yet? ”
Cried the man.
Do it, you head!
Fukman scolded in his heart and said calmly, “don't do it. It's just a naval reconnaissance ship. We'll wait and wait until the Navy arrives.”
Damn, I'm not really targeted.
It's hard for fuckman.
I'm just pretending to be forced to borrow from the field of the Blood Axe Pirate Group. This ship should be aimed at the Blood Axe Pirate Group. I'll drive it well. I'll be fine after I pass.
Loren doesn't know that his operation has brought such trouble to foucoman. He is looking at the system panel at the moment, thinking about the problem of adding points.
[host: Loren]
[age: 18]
[strength: s level 0 / 100000]
[demon fruit: Gate fruit, awakening progress 0 / 100000]
[other abilities: top class overlord, intermediate armed, intermediate seeing and hearing, Navy six style, swordsmanship, Fishman jujitsu and white eye]
[current attribute point: 18000]
[sign in: signed in today]
Originally, Loren's idea was to add the military color to the domineering, but now suddenly came a roller coaster pill.
Loren hesitated. Swordsmanship should be very powerful with soul chopping sword.
Loren was also clear about the power of binglunwan after its complete liberation.
But there's a problem,
Now the binglunwan can only be solved.
Whether the improvement of swordsmanship can promote the disintegration of binglunwan is unknown.
Anyway, Loren tried to communicate with the Dao Ling of binglunwan, but he didn't feel anything.
Maybe Kubo is cheating.
Fortunately, there are too many attribute points needed for the awakening of menmen fruit, so we don't need to consider them for the moment.
What should I do?
After a long time of thinking.
Five minutes, actually.
The answer is given.
Let's improve our strength first.
“10000 attribute points added to armed color domineering.”
Loren gave the order.
[Ding, congratulations to the host. Armed lust has been upgraded to advanced 0 / 100000. You can use Liuying]
[current attribute point: 8000]
The system sounds.
Armed color domineering success, even directly mastered the flow of cherry.
This is a high-level application skill of domineering spirit, which can directly make domineering spirit out of the air.
Loren's strength, to another level.
This time, 8000 attribute points have been saved, which is not far away from the promotion of seeing and hearing the domineering color.
At that time, in the face of attacks by capable people, they should have the power to protect themselves.
On the other side.
Cp9 completed the task of the massacre, a fire directly burned the island of calicia.
All the people and objects of the Blood Axe Pirate Group disappeared in the fire.
And this news,
It's all over the sea.
The new book sets sail, and readers support it.
[042] Luolun is questioned when the Blood Axe Pirate Group is destroyed
[042] Luolun is questioned when the Blood Axe Pirate Group is destroyed
“The whole group of Blood Axe pirates was destroyed overnight.”
“Mysterious fire, no one survived, what happened to the Blood Axe Pirate Group?”
“The Navy or the enemy?Who killed the Blood Axe group? ”
“The Blood Axe Pirate Group, the overlord of the sea, whose reward is over 100 million, just disappeared. What happened?”
“What is hidden behind the destruction of the Blood Axe Pirate Group?”
In the first half of the great route, with the flying of the seagull, the story of the Blood Axe Pirate Group has been spread all over the world.
In this relatively quiet time, such an event is absolutely a big event.
Navy headquarters.
The Warring States got the news much faster than the newspapers.
At the moment he looked a little dignified.
Not long ago, he had got some information about the Blood Axe group.
But now.
The Blood Axe Pirate Group just disappeared.
Not only that, but also the calicia Island, the headquarters of the Blood Axe Pirate Group, was destroyed by a fire.
This kind of style seems to cover up something.
Who is it?
There was some speculation in the heart of the Warring States period.
Dong Dong——————
The door of the office suddenly rang.
Before the Warring States came out, the door was directly opened.
It's zepha.
“Zefa, why did you come all of a sudden?”
The Warring States period has some doubts.
It's not very common to be anxious.
Zefa said, “can you get in touch with the pheasant's private boat?”
Blood Axe Pirate Group, which is the same height as Aurora Pirate Group.
Loren actually went at this time. It's very simple to destroy the existence of the Blood Axe Pirate Group and wipe out a Loren.
Zefa's heart was a little remorseful. He promised Loren that it was too hasty.
He contacted Green Pheasant for the first time, but Green Pheasant went out to sea again.
The general's personal phone bug, he has no authority to contact, can only come to the Warring States.
“What's the matter?”
The Warring States period felt zefa's nervousness.
Zefa said: “Loren you remember, he is not recently in the emergence of actual combat to enhance the strength of it, this time he haunted the sea near the island of calicia.”
Loren is near the island of calicia!
“I'll contact him right away,” he said
With that, the Warring States directly dialed the telephone worm.
Du — Du————
After two rings, the phone got through.
“Loren, I'm in the Warring States period. Where are you now?”
The Warring States period says directly, the Ze method of one side also has some anxieties.
After a moment's silence, Loren's voice came from the phone bug:
“I'm in the harbor. I've just come back.”
Hearing this, both the Warring States and zefa were relieved.
Loren's fine.
The Warring States immediately said, “come to my office now.”
There is something strange about the Blood Axe Pirate Group.
Loren is just around. Maybe we can get some news.
As a veteran of the Navy, zefa also understood that the business of the Blood Axe Pirate Group was not simple.
First of all, it is impossible for the navy to do such a thing. Even if it is to deal with the Blood Axe Pirate Group, it is to capture, not to destroy.
The O'Hara incident many years ago has made the Navy's reputation stink.
Such a thing would not happen in the Warring States period.
This kind of behavior style is not like a pirate seeking revenge.
This is the style of ZF in the world.
Not long.
Loren came to the Marshal's office during the Warring States period.
When he first heard about the bloody axe Pirate Group, Loren's head was in a daze.
After reading the news in the newspaper, someone went to kill the Blood Axe Pirate Group.
It's very special. I'm just doing my own business.
Originally, I wanted to keep a low profile, but now it's so noisy that even the marshal of the Warring States period has found himself. It seems that it's not easy to hide.
“Loren, I called you here to ask you about the Blood Axe Pirate Group. You happen to be in that sea area. Have you found anything?”
The Warring States period asked questions directly. At this time, the Warring States period was no longer joking, serious and deep.
Zefa was also temporarily rejected.
Only Loren and the Warring States were in the office.
“Well… I went to the aurora Pirate Group. I didn't find anything special.”
Loren answered tentatively.
He didn't know how much the Warring States knew about the bloody axe Pirate Group, so he could only answer this question first.
You can't tell yourself!
The Warring States period stared at Loren and said solemnly, “the headquarters of the Blood Axe Pirate Group is calicia island. The aurora Pirate Group was nearby at that time. Are you really chasing the aurora Pirate Group?”
The Warring States didn't think that Loren would not know such a big news.
Loren doesn't know.
He swept the Blood Axe Pirate Group, got the fruit of the door, and then turned on the automatic navigation to track the aurora Pirate Group.
He didn't care about what happened in calicia.
“Marshal of the Warring States period, I had been chasing the aurora Pirate Group at that time. My strength was average, and my mind was highly concentrated at that time. I really didn't know what was going on in calicia island.”
Loren had understood that the Warring States knew very little about it.
This shows that,
The Navy didn't do it.
Vaguely, Loren had guessed that it had something to do with the news that the captain of the Blood Axe Pirate Group had to say at that time.
Fortunately, I have no curiosity.
Some things, or do not know better.
Now, there should be no problem hiding this.
The Warring States look slightly relaxed, waved his hand and said: “OK, you go back first.”
Loren didn't know, and the Warring States didn't demand it.
If a new naval man really encounters something that even the Blood Axe pirate group can't cope with, he can't stand in front of himself now.
“Yes, marshal.”
Loren turned and left.
Mary JOYA.
In a hall, five old people get together.
Although they are all old men, they have their own upper class momentum.
They are the top five leaders of ZF in the world.
A phone bug is on the air. It's cp9 spandayne's voice:
“Report to the five old stars that the mission has been completed, but before the mission, a navy of the Blood Axe Pirate Group went there and defeated all the members of the Blood Axe Pirate Group.”
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[043] duel!With gulant(For flowers, for evaluation, for comments)
[043] duel!With gulant(For flowers, for evaluation, for comments)
Marlin Fando.
Naval rookie training base.
Loren is training with the others.
About the Blood Axe Pirate Group, zefa directly put Loren to sea.
Every training, Loren can always come up with something unexpected.
Zefa is also strange.
I've been with Loren for three years, and now it's the fourth year.
Loren's sense of existence has always been weak, but it will suddenly become strong.
Whatever it is, there is always Loren in it.
Has this boy really changed?
Zefa looks at Loren who is practicing Lanjiao,
Then he shook his head.
did not.
He's just as talented as ever.
Learning moonwalk is just luck.
Finally, I don't care.
Loren was relieved.
After returning to the team for training this time, Loren clearly felt the pressure.
Compared with zefa, Ayn's gaze is better to deal with.
Just pull it, and Ayn will believe it.
But zefa is different,
Loren has to stay focused and make sure his acting is in perfect condition in order to cheat him.
Three days!
For three days.
Loren at the moment finally felt zefa's eyes away from his body.
This shows that,
Zefa finally stopped doubting himself.
“It's so special. Three days is more tiring than three years.”
Loren wiped his forehead and stopped contacting.
In these three days, Jean didn't let gulant practice himself.
Although zefa is not abnormal to all-weather surveillance, but in order not to be caught by any horse, Loren did nothing.
“Gulant, that's good. That's the point of the gun. The next thing you do is this stake.”
One side.
Ayn is teaching gulant to point the gun.
Because of the misunderstanding of Loren before, Ayn didn't keep a close eye on Loren.
On the contrary, gulant, though not new to the Navy, was taken by zefa to train with them.
And gulant, also showed amazing talent.
In just over a month, I have mastered shaving.
It's not too long for you to learn how to practice your fingergun.
Genius is always sought after.
Whether it's zefa or the students of this period.
They all showed great kindness and praise to gulant.
In their eyes, gulant is a real genius.
AI Yin will also be before the treatment of Loren's energy to gulant's body.
When teaching gulant, Ayn always has a sense of accomplishment.
No matter what you teach, you will get feedback soon.
Gulant's speed of learning surprised her.
It's just,
The only thing that Irving is.
As soon as the training is over, gulant will directly end his training and have to go back with Loren.
No matter how eyn persuades gulant to practice more, he doesn't agree. He just wants to go back with Lauren.
As for the reasons,
Gulant was always silent.
This makes Ayn even more angry.
She thought about what had happened in the training room.
And then the anger got worse.
Ding Ling Ling… Ding Ling Ling
There was a bell over the training square. It was the end of the training.
The day of training is over again.
As a salted fish, it is necessary to clock out on time.
The moment the bell rang, Loren turned and left.
Never stay one more second.
This is salted fish, 996. That doesn't exist.
“I'm sorry, sister Ayn. I'm leaving, too.”
Gulant had been staring at Loren for a long time. As soon as Loren left, he interrupted his practice and wanted to leave.
On the training ground, except for the two of them, everyone else ignored the bell.
“Well, it's so introverted.”
Loren sighed.
There is only one like me.
Well, with more salted fish, the navy can't stand it.
“Brother Loren, wait for me.”
Gulant came after him.
Loren's face was expressionless.
It seems that gulant is salting fish, but it's not at all.
Gulant followed himself, so that he could open a small kitchen for him.
These three days, under the pressure of the pheasant, Loren was asked to guide gulant.
It's mainly six styles.
In the development of six styles, even zefa is not more abundant than Loren.
Having seen all kinds of advanced six styles in Loren, gulant is better for the teacher of Ayn and Loren, but his brain can tell.
damn it!
It's clear that Laozi is a salted fish. Why do you have to teach this towboat!
Loren murmured.
He didn't want 996, but there was nothing he could do.
The Green Pheasant gives him the function of keeping track of routes on board. The Green Pheasant not only knows but also has evidence about Loren's visit to calicia island.
Loren gave in helplessly and became a humble worker.
What's the hurry? It's OK to go back!
Loren looked a little grimmer.
His instruction, basically, is only one demonstration, learning how much is how much.
But gulant is still very keen.
Now this attitude is clearly attracting hatred.
Such a little genius is corrupted by himself.
But gulant didn't like it.
He clearly knew that compared with Loren, he was nothing at all.
Although I don't know why Loren wants to cover up his strength, for the sake of Loren's teaching, he also cooperates with Loren unconditionally and never reveals it.
They walked towards the canteen.
But this time, before he got out of the training square, he was stopped by Ayn
“Loren, if you don't want to practice, don't influence gulant. He's different from you!”
“His growth can't be dragged down by you!”
In a word, what Ayn said was righteous.
She waited for Loren with a touch of anger in her eyes.
She couldn't figure out why gulant was bewitched by Loren!
For gulant's future, she has to stand up.
Sure enough,
Come whatever you want.
Loren helplessly looked at Ayn, this kind of thing, should happen, always happen.
He explained:
“Ayn, I didn't do anything. I want to find a reason. You need to find him.”
What, this kind of thing can also depend on me, it is clear that you will not teach.
Ayn felt that Loren was trying to be reasonable. If she could persuade gulant, there would be no such thing.
“I'll fight you!”
AI Yin points to Luo Lun to open a way.
This is a common way to resolve conflicts.
If there is any contradiction, it will be over after a fight.
Will Loren agree?
Loren will not try anything to protect himself.
Just as he wanted to refuse, gulant stood up
“Sister Ayn, if you want to fight, I can take it!”
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It's said that you want to eat floor tiles. Come on, I'll prepare them for you
It's said that you want to eat floor tiles. Come on, I'll prepare them for you
“Is gulant going to fight Ayn?”
“No, it's not bad that the child is a genius, but Ayn is also a genius.”
“Ai Yin's strength, but I have personally experienced, very strong!”
“I heard that Ayn is actually a demon fruit power, and gulant can't be her opponent at all.”
“I said that your concerns are so strange. What do you think about the result of the duel? Should you know why gulant and Ayn dueled?”
“Isn't it clear at a glance that Ayn wants to fight Loren. Loren is definitely not the opponent. Gulant takes over.”
“Then why did gulant take the initiative to meet the duel?”
“Because… Because… Loren has been living with him?”
“Use your head, you and I are in the same dormitory. If Ayn wants to fight with me, will you come forward?”
“Definitely not. I don't want to look for abuse.”
“It's over, so there may be some other relationship between Loren and gulant.”
“It doesn't matter. Loren is the fourth year of rookie training. Gulant has only been here a few months and is said to be an orphan.”
“Brain is a good thing, but you don't have…”
“What is it?You say who has no brain
New training square, people are talking.
The duel between Ayn and gulant is a rare event.
New training, training that is indispensable.
Although it is not a duel in name, it can also show strength.
Ayn's record so far is nine wins in ten battles and one draw.
Except for a draw with Binz, the others were all unilateral.
Among the newcomers in this term, Ayn is definitely the first.
of course,
Loren is not included in the unit of consideration.
“Gulant, what are you talking about? It's none of your business. Don't get involved. I'm going to fight Loren.”
Ayn advised.
She couldn't understand what kind of ecstasy Loren had given to gulant. How could gulant maintain it?
I've never heard of that kind of effect.
“No more, sister Ayn.”
Said gulant decisively.
Ayn is very good to him, but Loren's teaching is more effective.
Gulant is the one who can tell who is more important.
Since Loren doesn't want to show his strength, it's up to him.
AI Yin helplessly looked up at Loren and said angrily, “Loren, you are still not a man. Do you know to hide behind a child?”
The most irritating thing is really Loren.
This guy is guilty of bewitching a good genius like this!
What men are not men? Does it have anything to do with me being a man?
Gulant is a child, not a woman.
Do you know what you're talking about!
Loren's face was a little strange, mainly because of the ambiguity in Ayn's words.
“Don't involve me. I didn't ask him not to practice. His legs are on him. It has nothing to do with me.”
Loren quickly explained that he was about to leave.
There are so many annoying things. Why can't I stay for a while.
“Don't go!”
Ayn stands in front of Loren.
“What's the matter?”
Loren is a little impatient.
What is Lao Tzu striving to improve his strength all day long? It's not to save your teacher at that time.
Or his arm would be gone.
Do you understand me!
AI Yin didn't know what Loren thought. She said coldly, “you watch me here. If gulant loses to me, then he will listen to my request to train honestly.”
The weight of a duel.
Ayn has come up with it.
“No problem. If that's too late for me to thank you.”
To AI Yin's surprise, Loren agreed very simply.
Next second.
Loren's words surprised everyone.
“Gulant, Ayn is your sister. It's no shame to lose to her. You know what I mean.”
Loren told gulant.
It's a great pleasure for Loren to let gulant stop pestering himself.
In Loren's judgment, Ayn is not necessarily the opponent of gulant.
It's true that gulant is younger, but he was abused by his own blood before, and the improvement of his physical quality is not a little bit.
There is also the left hand of the devil's power. Although there is only the left hand, the devil's power will still transform his body a little bit along the blood.
Although this kind of change is small, it can add up to a lot, the physical change is huge.
Demonic constitution.
Even if it is incomplete, it is still not something ordinary people can resist.
If Ayn doesn't use the ability of retrogressive fruit, the chance of winning against Loren is very small.
If the ability to reverse fruit is used, another problem arises.
That's gulant's Demon power left arm.
Now, gulant's body has gradually adapted to the power of the devil. Under the control of the mechanical device, he can not let the left arm riot.
And once he goes back a few years, he can't do it.
With Ayn's strength, it's not enough to face the devil's power alone.
in general.
Ayn's chances of winning the duel are slim.
Well, that's right.
My analysis should be accurate.
That's why I'm going to let gulant drain.
If you lose, you can have more leisure.
Loren is immersed in his own accurate analysis and judgment, very complacent.
At the moment, people are already stupid.
What do you mean, Loren?
Let gulant let go?
The feeling is that Ayn is not an opponent of gulant.
“Ha ha ha ha, it's a joke. There's such a thing. I think it's time to leave long ago.”
“He doesn't come to train every day. He goes out to sea all day and does some real combat promotion, which makes him confused.”
“If gulant can beat Ayn, I can eat the floor tiles of the training platform on the spot!”
“This is the funniest joke I've heard recently.”
The people at the theatre sneered.
In the duel between gulant and Loren, every fool knows who can win.
It's not a level match at all.
It's only Loren who thinks that.
Eating floor tiles?
Loren raised the corner of his mouth and said nothing.
Immediately squatted down and began to pry the floor tiles.
As soon as he was about to speak, he saw Loren's harmless smiling face
“I hear you want to eat floor tiles. Come on, I'll prepare them for you first.”
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[045] the shocking gulant
[045] the shocking gulant
On the ring.
Gulant and Ayn were in two corners.
Here is a group of excited spectators.
of course,
Except Loren.
After three bricks, he sat down on a stone bench.
Small bench, but also shortcomings of peanuts.
Can this make salted fish difficult?
Of course not!
Loren reached into his pocket and took out half a bag of peanuts.
As for wine,
Loren didn't have this hobby.
The elder brother who wants to eat the floor tiles is staring at the challenge arena.
Although he didn't think that Ayn would lose, what Lauren said in front of everyone would be disgraced if something happened.
“For your future, gulant, I won't be lenient.”
Said Ayn, looking at gulant.
She is for gulant to be able to exercise wholeheartedly, this will also be put into full energy.
“Sister Ayn, I will do my best.”
Replied gulant.
He was not in a special mood.
Loren's strength, he has felt dozens of times.
Ayn may be powerful in this group of new Marines, but he is not the same level opponent as Lorena at all.
In terms of mentality,
Gulant is very relaxed.
In the past, they were abused and had no ability to fight back. This time, we can finally meet an opponent that we can deal with.
Thinking, he subconsciously took a look at the stage of Loren.
It's still there.
Gulant is relieved that he can show his strength to Loren.
This little action will not be missed by Ayn.
Her anger was even more intense, and Loren's control of gulant was to such an extent.
If this continues like this, gulant will definitely be destroyed by Loren.
no way!
Let gulant return to the right path!
Ayn's body disappeared.
“Meeting is the six ways. Is it necessary for a child?”
Someone under the stage said.
“Maybe Ayn wants to solve the battle quickly.”
Another said.
In their opinion, Ayn is too serious.
The next moment,
They just froze.
Gulant's body also disappeared from the challenge arena.
Next second.
Ayn and gulant hit each other's fists.
“Crouching troughs, is this boy so good at shaving?”
“No, I remember before he just learned to shave, so he can master it skillfully?”
“I didn't expect that I was not as good as a little kid.”
“It's a genius. No wonder Ayn is so angry. It's a pity that Loren will do harm to her.”
The crowd sighed.
The figures on the stage kept crisscrossing, and it was impossible to see the outcome for a moment.
Well, it's OK.
This kid didn't get beaten by me for nothing.
Loren nodded slightly.
When Ayn and gulant met, he immediately saw the difference between them.
If you master shaving, Ayn is definitely better than gulant.
After all, Ayn is several years older and has studied for several more years.
In terms of speed, there are all kinds of moves and dodges, which are very good.
But gulant was able to resist.
It's due to Loren's previous beatings… No, training.
Although every time gulant was abused, he didn't wait to die.
He's trying to control his body and try to fight back.
Loren's shaving is a few grades higher than that of Ayn. Gulant's eyes have long been familiar with that kind of high speed.
Before facing Loren, gulant wanted to control his body and fight back.
But just thought, Loren has opened the next attack.
His body can't keep up with Loren's speed.
But now.
Facing Ayn, he found that he could move.
Although the skilful degree of shaving is not comparable, gulant's control of body details is better than ayin's.
As for the power, there is the infiltration of the devil's power, although it is still small, but Ayn is a woman, and her power is inborn deficiency.
In this way, it will be possible to fight with Ayn.
“Isn't it, can it last so long?”
“Is gulant so strong?”
The voice of surprise kept coming, and the onlookers were already confused.
Calm down, calm down!
Loren shook his head, if it wasn't for nothing.
He wants to give everyone an experience.
On stage.
Ayn and gulant fight again and then separate.
At this moment, Ayn's heart is earth shaking.
Gulant's strength is beyond her imagination.
She thought she could win the battle quickly, but the fact hit her hard in the face.
no way!
We have to be more serious.
Originally, Ayn didn't want to use the attack technique in the six moves. She was afraid that she would hurt gulant, but she didn't care about it.
On gulant's side, there was a little excitement on his face.
I'm not weak either.
If a person is abused too much, he will lose confidence.
Gulant always felt that he was very weak. It was because he was too weak that he let the power of the devil control him.
The fight with Ayn just now made him realize that he was not so weak.
It's just that Loren is so powerful.
AI Yin elder sister so strong person, oneself all can hit have come back, that can press oneself all the time beat Luo Lun, after all how strong?
Gulant was a little bit unthinkable for a moment.
“It seems possible!”
“It's interesting. It's getting better and better.”
“It's too much to eat three tiles.”
“Ayn just shaved, or the gun didn't work. What's the hurry?”
The onlookers were amused.
In the sound of surprise, there was more curiosity and excitement.
There was only one guy with a straight face. The word “nervous” was almost written on his face.
That's the brick brother.
There are three tiles under Lauren's ass.
On the other side.
The news of the duel between gulant and Ayn reached zefa's ears.
One is his own proud son, and the other is a promising future naval star.
Zefa t heard the news, it is also immediately put down the hands of things, directly toward the challenge arena.
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[046] don't you know that women like to say irony most
[046] don't you know that women like to say irony most
Ayn's figure disappeared again.
When she appeared, she was already in front of gulant.
Point the gun!
AI Yin pointed out and aimed directly at gulant's chest.
If we use the standard of teaching, it is absolutely extremely accurate.
The power, the speed and the angle are all right.
Gulant seems to be unavoidable.
At the moment, gulant is extremely calm.
His mind is the memory of Loren abusing himself with his finger gun.
Loren's finger gun, if you have to apply the standard to evaluate, it is a mess.
But gulant, who has experienced it personally, clearly knows that Loren's finger gun cannot be defended.
Any angle,
Any kind of strength,
Any speed.
Loren can always see the power of his fingergun.
There's no standard. It's all arbitrary.
Point the gun!
Gulant also raised his right hand.
Index finger out.
Just look at the gun, speed and strength.There is a lack of perspective.
The gun was clearly on Ayn's wrist.
It looked like Ayn was putting her wrist up.
Under the pain, Ayn's finger gun also broke its strength.
With this move, Ayn's ready strike was broken.
The crowd was in an uproar.
For a moment, it was silent.
Those new people, all big mouth, wide eyes, completely can't believe what happened in front of them.
AI Yin can't even feel the pain on her wrist. She doesn't understand how she was stopped before her finger gun arrived.
Gulant didn't do anything.
In other words, their own strength and gulant a lot worse?
Is that possible?
Gulant's incomparable calm.
He's just imitating Loren.
When he practiced with Loren before, once he released the devil's power, his left arm was out of his control.
Although the left arm does not point to the gun, but the power of the attack that is not inferior to the gun.
He does what Lauren does.
It's just a simple imitation.
“Is this really just a child?”
“That's too strong!”
“I said to you, it's time to get ready to eat floor tiles.”
“I feel like I've been practicing for nothing.”
The newlyweds can no longer restrain their inner surprise.
Gulant's performance was beyond their expectation.
Brick brother's face has been black, he is thinking about how to slip away.
“Not bad.”
Loren just gave a light comment.
He saw at a glance that gulant was imitating his own moves. There was probably a five point image.
At this time, everyone was immersed in gulant's performance on stage and didn't notice it.
.On stage.
Ayn shaved straight away.
She looked at gulant with prudence in her eyes. She underestimated him before.
Such an excellent young man, Loren, is really hateful!
“You're strong, gulant, but I won't lose.”
As soon as AI Yin's voice fell, a light peach flame appeared in her palm.
Superman is the fruit of retrogression.
Ability is to set back the things you touch by 2 years old.
Before everyone understood, Ayn had thrown out the flame.
Gulant subconsciously raised his left arm and waved it. It was just a small flame. He didn't need to care.
This flame is directly attached to gulant's left arm, and then spread all over the body.
The peach light wrapped gulant, and his body began to change.
The ability to reverse the fruit was launched.
Gulant's body began to shrink, while one thing was expanding.
That's gulant's Demon power left arm.
As soon as the peach light disappeared, his left arm became a beast.
The mechanical device of suppression didn't stop at all for a moment, and then it was directly broken.
A huge red claw appeared on gulant's left arm.
His eyes were bloodshot, too.
Tyrannical emotions filled gulant's mind.
A terrible momentum emanated from the challenge arena.
“What's going on?”
“Will gulant change again?”
“I remember when I first came here, it seems that I saw gulant in this state once. He was carried to the hospital by Loren at that time.”
“This is a monster.”
“What should I do? It seems that this thing is very aggressive!”
The crowd immediately became alert.
As new naval officers, they have also experienced practical training, and have heard of some strange things.
Giants, mermaids, demons and so on, there are many people in the world of pirates.
Seeing the change of gulant, these people didn't panic too much, but they were all concentrated and ready to take action at any time.
After all, I still used the fruit of retrogression.
You can't beat gulant now.
Loren has seen the end.
Gulant's Demon power left arm is not an opponent that Ayn can deal with.
But there are so many students here that they don't have to worry too much about safety.
Let's go together and suppress it.
In that case, Ayn will lose.
Well, I can't get rid of gulant after all.
“Ayn, do you want us to do it?”
Binz asked, feeling the terrible momentum of gulant.
Ayn is unlikely to be an opponent.
“No, the duel is not over, and I haven't lost.”
Ayn replied and rushed straight up.
She can't lose.
A genius like gulat can't be buried in Loren's hands.
She has to win.
The next moment,
The huge red claw waved, and Ayn's figure was patted away.
Ayn hit the ring heavily.
The strength gap is too big, there is no suspense.
Binz couldn't help it.
Ayn yelled and stopped Binz and the others from helping.
As soon as he said that, Binz and others actually went to the theatre.
Lying trough, this woman is crazy.
Loren's face changed. Does Ayn have to fight alone?
It's not death.
And these new people, the brain is not watt.
Don't you know that women like irony most?
No wonder they're all single dogs!
Loren scolded a few words in his heart, but he was thinking about how to solve the problem.
With the strength of these new people, if something really goes wrong, it would not be as good as that one.
Maybe Ayn will be gone by then.
But in full view of the public, if you make a move, you can't hide it!
Let Lauren watch Ayn die in gulant's hands, he can't do it.
Damn it,
Laozi's Salted Fish plan will not be broken like this!
Loren, with a helpless look on his face, was ready to fight.
Just then,
A figure appeared.
“Stop it all!”
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[047] salted fish is really contagious
[047] salted fish is really contagious
Zepha's voice is very loud.
In Loren's mind, it's incomparably comfortable.
It's OK.
Finally, there's a normal brain.
Zefa's face was serious.
He didn't worry about coming here. He didn't think much about the fight between gulant and Ayn.
As most people think, gulant is unlikely to be Ayn's opponent.
When he came to the ring.
He was startled by what he saw.
Gulant's evil power left arm was liberated. Looking at his body, it's obvious that Ayn used the ability of retrogressive fruit.
Ayn was forced out of the demon fruit ability.
Is gulant so powerful?
Zefa didn't think too much and directly suppressed gulant.
Such a dangerous thing, we can't let it go.
The duel ended in nothing.
Zefa's office.
Ayn and Loren are standing.
“No, drillmaster zefa, what does the duel between Ayn and gulant have to do with me? I'm not doing anything?”
Loren said helplessly.
He really didn't understand that he was just a spectator in the duel.
It's Ayn who's going to fight, and then it's gulant.
I can't talk about myself!
Zefa glared at Loren and said, “it has nothing to do with you. You are the only one who knows about gulant's situation. His left arm is imbued with the power of the devil. It's like that. If you don't stop him, who will tell if something goes wrong?”
You're here, or I'll do it.
Loren said in his heart, his face unchanged, and said, “gulant has a suppression device installed by the Department of Naval Science on his left hand. I didn't know it would be like this.”
Whatever you push, I just don't know.
Zefa did not continue to reprimand Loren, but turned to Ayn and said, “Ayn, why do you fight with gulant?”
Zefa didn't want to interfere with the normal duel.
But it's already done. We have to figure it out.
Ayn bowed her head and said nothing.
What happened to gulant was her selfishness.
Zefa didn't speak either, and there was silence in the office.
This teacher and his disciples have a very tacit understanding.
It's just that.
Now there's one more.
It's a pain for Loren to stand by.
This silent state is a kind of torture.
“I'll tell you, it's Ayn who thinks I missed gulant and resents me.”
Loren couldn't help it. He said directly.
Zefa took a look at Loren, then at Ayn who looked down and asked, “is that so?”
Ayn replied, biting her teeth.
She didn't feel that she had done something wrong.
Just because I lost to gulant, I didn't finish what I wanted to accomplish, so I felt some remorse.
“Gulant is still young, so we don't have to rush into training. When he is older, I will guide him personally. Don't worry about it.”
Zefa said lightly.
He also had high hopes for gulant.
But gulant is really too young now, and he's not the kind of person who trains his younger generation to live or die.
Now the new training, for gulant, is actually enough.
“But Loren's going to break gulant!”
Ayn suddenly looked up and glared at Loren.
What is it?
I don't want to take gulant seriously.
“Ayn, don't talk nonsense. What does gulant want? I haven't interfered. What do you mean bad?”
Loren made an excuse.
It's not for him. Loren won't admit it.
The salted fish belongs to the salted fish, but it's impossible to frame it.
“You've got it, gulant. That's why you are!”
Ayn was a little excited.
As long as she thought of Loren and gulant in the training room, she couldn't calm down.
However, due to the fact that zefa is also here, she can't say it clearly.
She promised gulant that she would not reveal it.
Loren was really a little confused when he heard this.
Ayn's words are so strange.
What's wrong with gulant now?
Didn't he just beat you?
“All right, Ayn.”
Zefa said, “don't worry too much about gulant.”
For gulant's arrangement, it was decided by their navy iron triangle.
There are no special circumstances that can be changed.
AI Yin has no choice but to bow her head. Ze FA doesn't agree, and she has no choice.
Loren also sighed that gulant had won.
I can't afford more personal time.
Zefa took a look at them and warned them again before they left.
These two just left.
Zephyr is a little bit restless.
He already knows the details of the battle between gulant and Ayn.
Zefa was not surprised that gulant's demonic power could easily defeat Ayn.
But before Ayn used the backward fruit ability, gulant could even beat Ayn.
What kind of talent is this?
Real genius.
It's not impossible to become a “monster” in the navy if we cultivate it well.
The last guy called the Navy monster was the Yellow ape and the red dog.
In this way,
Maybe I went to teach gulant earlier.
I still have to ask the Green Pheasant for advice. After all, the child was brought back by the Green Pheasant.
Thinking about it, zefa dials the phone.
Fortunately, this time the pheasant did not go to the sea by bike.
“Green Pheasant, this is zefa.”
Zepha's voice passed.
“Teacher zefa, what can I do for you?”
The voice of the Green Pheasant came.
Zefa briefly described the duel between gulant and Ayn and expressed his own ideas.
The Green Pheasant was silent for a while.
He was also very surprised that he just asked Loren to give a little guidance to gulant, and it would have such an effect.
“Teacher zefa can make his own decision. I have no opinion. The only thing is that Loren and gulant should not be separated as much as possible.”
Green Pheasant gave his attitude.
I hung up. Zefner was fresh.
Green Pheasant is a student of his own. Although he is a general now, he still gives face.
But what does that last sentence mean?
Loren and gulant don't separate?
Is there anything special about it?
In the end, zefa didn't think about it.
As an old man, it's OK not to think about things that you can't understand.
I'm just a naval instructor.
If Loren knew what zefa thought, he would have to say that he had the same ideas.
Salted fish,
Sure enough, it's contagious.
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[048] the doubts of the Warring States period and the orders of the five elders and the new
[048] the doubts of the Warring States period and the orders of the five elders and the new
In a private training room.
“I want you to show off!Happy, isn't it
“Everyone thinks you're great, don't they?”
“It's amazing. I want to keep a low profile, don't you know?”
“All day long, you'll know to follow me. Isn't it serious?”
Loren to experience baby, no, it's gulant. It's a hammer.
Point to the gun.
Flying finger gun.
Finger gun · spot.
Finger gun · Huang Lian.
Finger gun · ten finger gun.
It's a gun. It's a gun.
Lanjiao · thread.
Lanjiao kainiao.
Lanjiao Bailei.
Lanjiao · chaos.
Lanjiao · zhouduan.
Lanjiao · Qilin is the rain.
Iron and jade.
Iron, broken.
Iron block · wheel.
Iron, wolf teeth.
Iron block · heavy walking wolf.
Six attack skills, Loren that is like string gourd general, repeatedly staged.
Gulant was speechless in this stormy attack.
Only bear.
Fortunately, Loren's goal was only his left arm, and he didn't vent to other places.
This time, Loren is really angry.
Gulant's attitude towards himself, after all, is a crime of public anger.
This boy, although promised not to disclose his own information.
But this kind of attitude is that there is no silver here.
What Ayn did to himself was to him.
The point is,
The kid also won against Ayn.
I don't mean you've lost the water.
Now I've been scolded for nothing, and I have to teach you a little devil.
I call you mother!
Six types of Mysteries – six King gun.
Loren double boxing, great power directly toward gulant's left arm bombardment in the past.
Gulant's arm is broken again.
It looks like a comminuted fracture.
“Hoo ~ ~”
Loren took a deep breath.
Finally out of the heart of this depressed gas.
Turning away from the training room, gulant was left alone.
That is, the arm is broken, but it is not broken.
Loren doesn't care.
Marshal's office.
The Warring States period just got the information of the battle between gulant and ayin.
“Gulant, this age should have such strength, it seems that KAP and zefa fight so fiercely is also reasonable.”
The Warring States period.
He is very happy to see the rise of new naval personnel.
The more young people emerge, the more powerful the Navy will be in the future.
“However, this matter still has to be kept secret with Kapp, otherwise he will definitely want someone ahead of time.”
After thinking about it, it was normal for the Warring States to do it with Kapp's personality.
Put this information down.
The Warring States period rubbed his head, and he had a copy of the information of the navy soldiers in his hand.
For the Navy between the ages of 15 and 20, all the information of the navy soldiers is here.
It's not the Warring States period, but the world's ZF.
Now in the hands of the Warring States is a copy.
He carefully looked at the information of thousands of people above, trying to find out the person the world ZF is looking for.
The incident of the Blood Axe Pirate Group just happened. The Navy sent a lieutenant general to investigate the incident, but nothing was found out.
The world's ZF surprisingly didn't give any advice to the Navy.
The Warring States period has basically determined that this matter has an inseparable relationship with the world ZF.
Although he is the marshal of the Navy headquarters, the Navy itself is an organization affiliated to the world ZF.
The Warring States could not get any information directly from the world ZF.
If they don't want to.
This information about the soldiers of the Navy headquarters is definitely not on the spur of the moment.
The world ZF is looking for someone.
It's just,
Who is the Navy soldier of this age group that can make the world ZF pay attention to?
So many people, want to find a special one, the Warring States feel a little big head.
Through the window, his eyes fell on the square in front of the port of marinfando.
The flag of the navy is flying in the wind.
Turning around, behind his office chair, was a picture of justice.
This is the principle upheld by the Navy and the original intention of its establishment.
Does the present Navy really represent justice?
In the mind of the Warring States period, there are their own answers.
What he wants to defend is his own justice.
Mary JOYA.
Five old stars just handed over the information of navy soldiers they got from the Warring States period to a man.
He is the current leader of cp9, spandayne.
“This is what you want. Give us a result as soon as possible.”
Some of the five old stars said.
“Don't worry, my Lord,” said spandaen respectfully. “Spandaen will find out the man as soon as possible.”
With that, he turned and left the hall.
“There is a Navy involved in this matter. Although there is no leaked information, it does not mean that it is safe. We should do something more.”
“Let cp9 find it first. If the news leaks, kill it directly.”
“It can only be done for a while. If someone in the Navy wants to pry into the secret, it's not easy.”
“The Navy, which has existed for so long, has forgotten who founded it.”
“Let Kong Gu come here. I should warn him about some things.”
Five old stars, you say a word, I say a word, between the words, for that news, has been secretive.
The news is of great relevance.
Even the navy can't let it out.
To be exact, no one but them knows.
It was because of that news that the Blood Axe Pirate Group was destroyed.
It's a pity.
They never thought that the navy who broke into the Blood Axe Pirate Group at that time was just a new navy man.
What's more, they didn't expect that the new navy pilot was the ship of a navy general.
If they investigate this kind of information, they can't hide it from the Warring States.
So everything,
It can only be done in the dark.
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[049] sit in the frost, binglunwan(For flowers, for evaluation, for comments)
[049] sit in the frost, binglunwan(For flowers, for evaluation, for comments)
After teaching gulant, Loren is lying on the bed of the dormitory, snoring.
Big things are not as big as sleeping.
Dong Dong——————
The door of the dormitory suddenly rang.
“Who is it?”
Lauren frowned and got out of bed discontentedly.
Sleep disturbed, that's one of the most irritating things.
If you think about it, gulant should be in the Navy hospital. Loren really thinks about who is going to find himself at this time.
The door opened.
Seeing the man behind the door, Loren was shocked and said:
“Uncle kuzan, what's the matter with you?”
Green Pheasant suddenly came to the door, and Loren quickly wiped the dissatisfaction from his face.
Green Pheasant light way: “heard that gulant and AI Yin fight, also won.”
For Courant?
Loren didn't know why the pheasant would come here for such a thing.
He nodded and said, “well, it's good luck. If Ayn doesn't use fruit ability, it's hard to say who will win or lose.”
That's true.
At that time, although gulant successfully blocked Ayn's finger gun by imitating Loren, that kind of imitation just happened to happen.
It's hard to say that we really need to continue fighting in the future.
“Well, come out with me now.”
The Green Pheasant said directly.
This made Loren a little confused.
I'm not talking about gulant. I'm talking about myself again.
“No, uncle kuzan, what's the matter with you? At least you have to tell me first.”
Loren asked.
Although the Green Pheasant will not do anything bad to itself, but as a salted fish alert.
Loren reminds himself all the time that he must not follow others.
Green Pheasant looked back at Loren, said: “your strength I have not been a good understanding, just have time to test your strength.”
Test my strength?
The Green Pheasant does it in person!
Loren was surprised that the Green Pheasant wanted to do this.
Is this the lazy Green Pheasant you know?
The generals come to test their strength, and don't have to worry about the exposed problems. Loren is also very happy.
After all,
Always be a salted fish. The opponents are all within the safety line controlled by Loren.
Loren has no accurate definition of how strong he is.
After playing with the general, I can probably know how much difference I have.
Zefa's new world team practice is coming soon, so it's necessary to understand his own strength.
Against the general, although win is sure not to win.
Don't be afraid of ten thousand, just in case.
At that time, the system reward will be in vain.
“Don't bother, uncle kuzan. Just tell me where to go.”
With a smile on the corner of his face, Loren looked at the pheasant and was eager to try.
Green Pheasant a Leng, immediately responded: “I forgot, you just got the door fruit, choose a nobody's sea area.”
“All right.”
Loren agreed that it was very straightforward.
This is the first time he has been able to use the fruit of the gate in front of people.
Reach out and pull, a door appears.
Gently pull, the green space behind the door will appear.
Loren went in first, followed by the Green Pheasant.
It's tens of thousands of miles away from marinfando.
In the air, suddenly a door opened.
Loren and pheasant come out.
“Uncle kuzan, how about it? It's not bad.”
Loren couldn't help but gloat.
Superman is the fruit of menmen.
It's the ability to control space.
“Well, it's really good.”
The pheasant nodded. Now he understood why Loren was looking for the fruit.
Just when he was in the alien space inside the gate, the Green Pheasant also found a lot of Loren's things.
This can be used not only for movement, but also as storage space.
Simple and convenient, safe and reliable.
Loren raised his hand and the door disappeared again.
“Well, uncle kuzan, how do you want to test my strength?”
Loren looks at the pheasant, fighting.
Stepping on the moon, although you can't swim with the devil fruit, it doesn't affect Loren's combat effectiveness.
Green Pheasant looks at Loren, for his old friend's son.
I don't care very much.
Basically, he didn't interfere much in Loren's affairs.
I don't know. I'm still interested.
Loren has been able to work as a salted fish in the Navy for three years. He has always been in peace, and it has something to do with him.
Although it has always been known that Loren's strength is not bad, but how much it really is, the Green Pheasant has never been clear.
After what happened to gulant, he realized that the boy might be much better than he thought.
Another thing is about the Blood Axe Pirate Group.
As a general, there must be something hidden behind it. He must know it.
Loren has been to the island of calicia. The Blood Axe pirates must have met Loren.
But Loren came back safe and sound.
Even if Loren had nothing to do with the destruction of the Blood Axe Pirate Group, he should know something.
Although Green Pheasant is not a very nosy person, he still needs to make it clear about Loren.
“You just attack.”
Green Pheasant light said.
He didn't use the moonwalk, and just came out of the air door, he fell directly towards the sea.
It's just that,
Before the tip of the foot touched the sea, there was a chill coming from the Green Pheasant.
Frozen fruit.
Ice Age.
Kaka kaka
A clear sound sounded, with the Green Pheasant as the center, the whole sea frozen instantly.
Just a rough look, at least the radius is several nautical miles.
The strength of the general can be seen to be average.
The pheasant landed on the ice.
To say the devil fruit that is not afraid of the sea, frozen fruit is definitely one.
In the face of Loren, he is still so lazy.
After all, Loren is not enough to make the pheasant take it seriously.
What a fuckin 'fake!
Loren looked at the scene in front of him and couldn't help admiring it.
He put his hand on the ice ball.
Fortunately, I can also pretend!
“Sit in the frost, binglunwan!”
It's not long since it was put on the shelves. To tell you the truth, the data is not good, and I'm very flustered. But I'll write it back. Please support me.
[050] strength test, Loren vs pheasant
[050] strength test, Loren vs pheasant
“Sit in the frost, binglunwan!”
Loren directly pulled out his own Binglun pill. The blade changed, and a chain appeared at the handle. At the end of the chain was a half moon shaped blade.
Liberation language from Loren's mouth spit out, a cold air of freedom filled.
On the frozen sea, more than ten huge icicles suddenly rose.
This is the bolus.
Green pheasant's lazy eyes immediately disappeared. Loren's ability to control the ice really surprised him.
“Ha ha, uncle kuzan, how about it? I'm good at it.”
Loren smiles.
You are a ten thousand years old poker face. You will be surprised.
The Green Pheasant didn't speak, and his face quickly recovered calm, still standing there.
Waiting for Loren to attack.
Loren felt a little embarrassed.
But think about it. How come pheasant is also a navy general.
As the highest combat power of the Navy, I have seen many strange things.
Ice control is just an ability.
It's not about strength.
forget it.
Put away the Binglun pill, Loren still thinks it's better to be barehanded.
The so-called fight is not to throw out what you know.
But I just got the Binglun pill. Loren is not familiar with it.
Six style and domineering, this is the strength of Loren rely on.
Seeing that Loren put away the ice knife directly, the green pheasant's eyes were more appreciative.
I haven't seen this knife before. I think it was recently obtained by Loren.
Judging from the performance just now, the ice control ability of this knife should not be weak.
If it's a fight, it's powerful.
But Loren resolutely gave up using it.
This shows two things.
First, he knows that it is false that he is not familiar with the ability, no matter how powerful he is, he can not control it.
Second, he is confident in his own strength.
No matter which point, it proves that Loren has the basic quality of a strong man.
Lanjiao kainiao.
Loren pointed out with one foot that a bird like chopping shot flew directly towards the Green Pheasant.
The freezing ability of the frozen fruit, once the melee is caught by the Green Pheasant, it will lose combat power instantly.
In the top war, the battle between the green pheasant and diamond jotz, the captain of the white bearded Pirate Group, was impressive.
Although it's fighting now, the Green Pheasant is actually letting itself.
Long distance attack is the best choice.
“Ice saber.”
Green Pheasant mouth cold a picture, a skate appeared in the hand.
With a slight wave, the hazel foot kainiao was split up.
Lanjiao · Qilin is the rain.
Loren's attack did not stop at all. Kainiao was followed by Qilin Shiyu.
The chopping all over the sky falls like raindrops. The target area is where the pheasant stands.
Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa
In an instant, there was a cloud of ice and dust, and the white fog covered the pheasant.
Loren's look did not change at all. He had already seen it clearly under the condition of white eyes.
The pheasant is intact.
Lanjiao zhouduan!
A forward turn, Loren's hands on the ground, feet open.
Big circle of arms.
A circular chop spread directly around Loren.
Bang Bang Bang
After chopping, icicles break and fall one by one.
Flying finger gun!
Loren, that's one move after another, finger flicking.
The target of the gun is not the pheasant, but the falling icicles.
Under Loren's adjustment, the direction of the icicles' fall changed to the position of the Green Pheasant.
After all this, Loren flew away.
There is no stopping.
In the white fog, the cold voice of the Green Pheasant came out.
A fierce cold air was sent out in an instant.
Where we have gone, we are frozen.
The scattered Unicorn rain, the dispersed white fog, and the collapsed icicles.
Stop it all.
The air-conditioning keeps spreading, adding another layer to the ice.
Loren retreated and retreated.
But the speed of the air conditioner is really fast, it's terrible.
Armed and aggressive.
Loren did not care so much, black armed color domineering around the body, hands crossed to make a defensive action.
The air-conditioning will invade.
Click, click.
Loren was frozen into a lump of ice.
The Green Pheasant came out slowly.
Loren's stormy attack was resolved with only one move.
Loren showed the strength, or let the Green Pheasant quite satisfied.
Decisive attack, many moves, very smart.
This is what the Green Pheasant thinks of Loren.
It's good to be able to do that.
Click, click~~~~
A few crisp sounds sounded.
There were several cracks in the ice on Loren's body.
Although Loren, who was wrapped up in armed lust, was temporarily blocked, it did not mean that he could not break the ice by himself.
The green pheasant's eyes tightened.
At this time, he found that Loren could be armed with lust, and his attainments were not low.
Loren came straight out of the ice.
“Uncle kuzan, it's not over yet.”
Loren made a movement under his feet and rushed straight at the pheasant.
Six types of Mysteries – six King gun.
The two fists wrapped with armed color and domineering spirit were directed at the chest of the pheasant.
The Green Pheasant sees and hears the color and foresees that its hands turn into huge pieces of ice, and the armed color also twines around it.
There was a loud noise.
Loren flew out upside down.
Huge force directly cracked the frozen sea.
Loren lost.
The strength of a navy general is not what he can deal with now.
He can do this, has been enough to shock the pheasant.
Loren has forced him out.
The Green Pheasant can't believe it.
In the Navy, many things that the lieutenant general could not do when he was fighting with him, but Loren did.
His strength has reached such a level.
The son of his old friend, salted fish all day long, hidden too deep.
With such strength, it is not difficult to destroy the Blood Axe pirate group alone.
This is still under the premise of not using the strange knife of fruit ability.
As long as those two abilities are perfected, his strength will go to a higher level.
At this time,
It won't be long.
Six styles, domineering spirit and fighting consciousness in fighting.
He will become a general in the future if he graduates.
Green Pheasant suddenly found that he may really belong to the concern of Loren.
I didn't even know that Loren was so powerful.
It's not long since it was put on the shelves. To tell you the truth, the data is not good, and I'm very flustered. But I'll write it back. Please support me.
[051] hospital, gulant, chance encounter
[051] hospital, gulant, chance encounter
Back at Marlin Fando, the pheasant's eyes on Loren changed a lot.
After all, it's comparable to the rank of lieutenant general.
With such strength, I want to be a salted fish all day.
Green pheasant's heart is not happy.
But he's not the kind of person who likes to force. Loren doesn't want to, and he doesn't force.
“Loren, the world ZF has focused on the business of the Blood Axe Pirate Group. If you want to continue like this, some things are not easy for me to come out.”
Green Pheasant left such a sentence and left directly.
What do you mean by that?
I think I did it!
“No, uncle kuzan, did you misunderstand something? I just went to ask the Blood Axe Pirate Group for a fruit. I didn't do the killing.”
Loren opened his mouth to explain.
Unfortunately, the Green Pheasant has disappeared.
“Well, why don't you like my explanation?”
Loren shook his head.
In fact, I'm very kind-hearted. So far, I haven't even killed a pirate.
This kind of thing that directly killed a pirate group can't be itself.
Green pheasant's words also made Loren aware of the problem.
World ZF.
It seems that the so-called news of the captain of the Blood Axe Pirate Group is very important to the world ZF.
The secret that makes the world ZF care.
Loren thought about it. It's just about “a hundred years of disappearance.”.
The O'Hara incident of that year.
A whole island, slaughtering is slaughtering.
But for the green pheasant's mercy and letting one Robin go, there would be none left now.
But there's so much news about the 100 years of disappearance that Loren doesn't think Eric has any specific information.
It should be some key information.
It doesn't matter.
I'm not afraid of the Green Pheasant.
Loren is back at rookie training.
Once again into the rhythm of daily training.
Gulant's broken arm attracted several people's attention.
But no one doubted Loren. After all, the power of the devil's left arm has been seen by many people.
Even Ayn was seriously injured by a blow. Loren, a new naval officer, could not cause any damage at all.
In the Navy hospital.
“To be honest, gulant, the doctor has told you how you hurt your arm like this. This is the second time.”
Beside the bed, Ayn asked with concern.
She couldn't understand why gulant had a sudden comminuted fracture.
She had to figure out how it was done.
“I wrestled.”
Gulant explained.
Loren couldn't have let it out, otherwise I'm afraid I'll have to hurt my arm several times.
This explanation is really a bit lame.
“Where and how did you fall?”
Ayn was a little angry.
Gulant was obviously fooling her.
“I… I forgot.”
Gulant blushed and held it for a while.
“Well, Ayn, don't push him. Everyone has his own secret.”
AI Yin also wants to continue to say, one side of Ze FA directly interrupted him.
AI Yin was helpless, but she didn't ask any more questions.
But she kept in mind what gulant had concealed.
“Grandfather zefa, I'm sorry.”
Gulant apologized to zepha.
Zefa is good to him, he knows.
But he can't refuse to abide by what he promised Loren.
Zefa said with a smile: “it's OK. Don't care. I asked the doctor. Your arm is recovering very quickly. It's OK.”
After a brief chat, zefa and Ayn left the ward.
In the hallway, Ayn was still thinking about why gulant had to hide his injury.
“Ayn, go and find out the whereabouts of gulant these days, where he has been and how long he has stayed.”
Zephyr's voice suddenly rang out.
AI Yin was stunned. Teacher zefa just said that everyone has his own secret.
How come now
“What are you doing? Go!Gulant is the hope for the future of the Navy. If something goes wrong, we should investigate it clearly. ”
Zefa took a look at Ayn with a serious look.
Some of my apprentices are too young.
“Yes, Mr. zefa.”
Ayn immediately nodded to check.
Out of the hospital, zefa was about to go back, but he saw Loren coming face to face.
“Sergeant zefa, are you also here to see gulant?”
Loren was the first to say hello.
Zefa nodded: “yes, I just finished.”
“Then I thank you for gulant.”
Loren said with a smile.
But he was thinking that the old man must not know that it was so simple to come to see gulant.
I'm still careless.
Before gulant was not noticed by the public, he was in Zhuge hospital for ten days and a half months, and no one would come to check.
But now it's different.
Gulant, that's a hot spot.
Zephyr and Kapp are staring at each other.
However, looking at zefa's face just now, gulant should not have betrayed himself.
In the future, I have to improve my technique.
Zefa nodded and they staggered.
He wasn't too surprised that Loren was in the hospital.
After all, it's a dormitory. It's normal for gulant to come to the hospital to have a look when he's together all day.
Loren came to see gulant?
Why does it feel a little disobedient.
Zefa thought carefully and finally found the source.
Loren's smile just now was clearly a happy smile.
How can the patient feel like this.
Something's wrong!
Is it difficult,
Does it have anything to do with Lauren that gulant hurt his arm?
Zephyr's brain suddenly came up with this idea, but he immediately suppressed it.
I think too much. Loren can't get on the wall because of the mud. Maybe something happened to him.
next year.
Next year, I will teach gulant myself.
As for Loren, if he can't graduate, Green Pheasant can't keep him.
It's not long since it was put on the shelves. To tell you the truth, the data is not good, and I'm very flustered. But I'll write it back. Please support me.
[052] smoggy smoker
[052] smoggy smoker
Justice island.
In spandayne's office.
His eyes are full of blood, but looking at the information in front of him, he just scratched his head.
“Luckie doesn't lie. What's wrong?”
Spandayne has been fighting for seven days in a row.
I don't know how many times he has gone back and forth over the information of these navy soldiers.
These young Marines really can't find a qualified one.
At the thought that this was the task given to him by the five old stars, he agreed to it.
This will be no progress, his mood is incomparable fear.
What cp9 has done in recent years is something that can not be seen.
They have a lot of power, and there are countless people who are afraid of themselves.
But it's the same.
I am also hated by many people.
And I have always been safe and steady, the most important thing is that what I do is what five old stars need.
I am a knife.
Spandayne knew very well that if his knife didn't work, the five stars would change it.
As for the end of useless knives, they don't care.
“No way!I must find out! ”
Spandayne searched again.
On the other side.
Naval rookie training base.
The training process is over half done.
Up to now, zefa has taught almost everything that should be taught.
The training in the second half of the year mainly focuses on actual combat and training.
On the square.
“Your training and teaching contents are almost the same. Many things can't be learned by optics, and need to be practiced…”
Zephyr was talking, and there was one more man beside him.
This is a naval officer.
Looking at his uniform and chest medal, we can judge that he is a captain.
With white hair and a cigar in his mouth, he looks arrogant and dazzling.
It doesn't look like a Navy at all.
If it wasn't for his navy uniform, I would have thought he was a pirate.
“Is he the actual combat instructor this time?”
“I heard that he was also a student of zefa instructor.”
“Isn't that bullshit? Now there are young officers in the navy who are not taught by zefa instructor.”
“He I know, he's the white hunter smog!”
White hunter!You mean smoky smoky fruit, smoky smoggy smoggy“
Yes, that's him. ”
“The devil fruit ability of the natural system is too strong. We can't be domineering. How can we fight?”
“Who knows, do you think you can fight with another senior?”
“It's right to say that, but if you come directly to a person with natural fruit ability, you will lose confidence.”
A group of new people looked at smog and began to talk.
The name of white hunter is quite loud.
Nature is the fruit of demons, which is something that countless people can meet but cannot ask for.
It turned out to be a mad dog.
How can zefa find these heavy handed guys.
I make complaints about Loren Tucao.
During the previous three terms, zefa's actual combat targets were not well-known in the Navy.
Most of them are those who don't obey orders and like to be reckless.
Smog is one of the representatives.
I'm a natural science student. I've graduated for many years, but I'm still a captain.
The main thing is to act in our own way and not obey the management at all.
He is very respectful to his teacher zefa.
However, today's new people are afraid to suffer.
Smog is known as the mad dog in the Navy.
If we really make friends, he will not care about his brothers.
Although there is no life danger, the physical suffering is to eat a little.
OK, that's all for me. Next, your opponent is smog. If you have any questions, just talk to him directly.
Zefa said, directly back to one side.
Smog, holding a cigar in his mouth, looked at his new classmates in front of him with disdain
“I don't like those rules, so the next battle is very simple, no limit to location, no limit to number, just attack me.”
As a senior who graduated for more than ten years, smog is very confident in his own strength.
“You're a natural fruit player, and we're not domineering. We can't win a fight.”
Cried one of the new men.
They're not stupid, either.
Now they have no chance of winning against those with natural fruit ability.
Smog frowned and said, “do you think too much? If you still need to use the fruit ability to deal with you, I can't get along with smog.”
Smog was angry at being looked down upon by a group of new people.
It's a real show.
I don't know how strong you are. Once you learn to be domineering, you smoke fruit is the most expensive natural fruit.
If the attack is not strong, the defense is a joke.
The larger the area of the smoke, the more entities it can attack.
Loren shook his head, already thinking about how to get by.
This kind of actual combat, Loren will not really fight.
Just fall to the ground.
I've been through it for three years. The acting of lying on the corpse, Loren, is very strong.
And hearing smog promise not to use fruit ability, these newlyweds get excited.
It can be used to surround and fight, but it can't be used to smoke fruit.
They have a chance.
They have also heard of the actual combat achievements before, as if the newcomers have never won.
If they win, they make history.
It's a bunch of guys who don't have to be counted.
Loren looked at the excited newcomers and sighed to himself.
Smog doesn't need smog fruit, so the basic ability is also hanging. OK.
One by one, I think too much.
Forget it. Forget it.
Anyway, it's not Lao Tzu who has been beaten. We should wait for the chance and go back when there is chaos.
Just lie flat.
I have nothing to do with it.
It's not long since it was put on the shelves. To tell you the truth, the data is not good, and I'm very flustered. But I'll write it back. Please support me.
[053] if I don't hide, I will be smashed
[053] if I don't hide, I will be smashed
The battle began.
Smog is one enemy.
Binz's speed is the fastest, and his shaving is also the best among the newcomers in this issue.
He immediately came to smorga's back.
Point the gun!
As soon as I pointed out, the target was Smog's back.
Smog didn't look at it. He stretched out his hand and threw his weapon behind him.
Not surprisingly, Binz's attack was blocked.
Binz was not surprised. He wanted to use shaving again.
Smog's fist had fallen on his stomach.
With one punch, Binz flew straight back out.
“It's too tender.”
Smog, holding his cigar in his mouth, put his hands on his shoulder and looked contemptuously at the many new people in front of him.
But in a flash, Binz was shot off.
This strength makes people marvel.
Binz is one of the best among all the newcomers.
It's not on the same order of magnitude at all.
But it's too tender.
Loren agreed with smog.
The most important feature of these new Marines in combat is that they are too rigid.
One way or another as like as two peas.
Navy's fighting textbook is very good. It's simple and effective.
But the opponent is an old navy.
Or the old navy who had participated in new training.
In smog's eyes, this kind of textbook attack didn't even need prediction.
It can be disconnected directly.
“Come on, he can't cope with too many people.”
I don't know who said that.
Then, the new people rushed on.
Will shave with shaving, will step up from the sky.
Anyway, it's all around. It's full of people.
That's a great gesture.
Loren naturally will not let go of this opportunity to fish in troubled waters, he also rushed in with the crowd.
“Well done.”
Smog spread out his body and met him directly.
Bang Bang Bang
As a man known as mad dog, smog is good at group warfare.
In the crowd, people were constantly being shot out.
One by one, they cover their arms or thighs and wail.
That's smorga's fighting style.
Since it's a group fight, he won't let the knocked down people have the ability to fight again.
If you keep your hand and keep fighting, so many people will be exhausted one day.
Zefa watched quietly.
Although smorga's tactics are fierce, the injured newcomers will also rest for a long time.
This is a must.
Only by experiencing the pain of being crushed, can we know what is powerful.
Loren flew out, too.
He also felt that smorga's hand was heavy,
He defended with iron ahead of time.
After he fell to the ground, he lay flat.
Wailing is too tiring for you.
Half an hour later,
More than half of the people have been lying on the ground.
At the moment still standing, are the best of the new people.
But it's just a dozen people.
Binz and Ayn are among them.
Loren looked at it briefly. The three talents of this year's rookie are among them.
Sure enough,
Devil fruit is very effective for the improvement of strength.
In previous battles, no one had the ability to use the demon fruit.
After all, it's a bit arrogant.
But now,
I'm afraid I can't.
“Teacher zefa told me that there are three of you who have the ability to produce fruits. Why don't you use them? Now it's a real battle. How can you give up your advantages? Do you still want to be fair?”
Smog sneered.
Binz no longer hesitated and urged his ability.
Superman, luxuriant fruit.
It can control the growth of plants.
He then sowed a handful of seeds, and then several vines grew out of the cracks in the brick on the training square.
Under Binz's control, the vines spread towards smog.
The next moment.
Binz's body flew out.
At the moment of his power, smog shaved.
In the blink of an eye, Smog's heavy blow directly made Binz lose his fighting power,
be caught off guard.
From just now on, smog used basic fighting skills.
The six styles have never been used.
Subconsciously, these people don't think smog will use it.
Smog graduated from zepha.
It's impossible to know the six styles.
“Why, no one has ever told you that you should always be on guard when you use your ability?”
Smog turned and looked back at the others.
A desperate gap.
Ayn's hands lit a peach flame.
Superman is the fruit of retrogression.
Another person of ability becomes a horse directly.
Fauna, equine and equine morphology.
More than a dozen people rushed to smog together.
New people in horse form are at the front. The universal ability of animal fruits can improve the basic quality of owners.
It'll be much more resistant to impact.
So he's the leader.
Behind them are two newcomers who are good at iron, one on the left and the other on the right, just to block the way of smog.
Three new people who are good at yuebu and Lanjiao put forward Lanjiao at the same time.
Three chopping blows came down from the sky.
On the ground, four new men who are good at shaving have taken the lead in launching an attack from the footwall.
Four fingers.
It's right behind the horse.
Finally, Ayn, the peach flame is burning in her hands.
As long as you can touch smog, you can set him back two years.
That is to say, all of a sudden, these new people chose unity and cooperation.
Zefa nodded at last.
These new people always like individualism, and smog's lesson has finally worked.
Good idea.
It's a pity.
Loren watched the men cooperate and shook his head.
This kind of cooperation seems OK, but there are still many flaws.
Smog has been through a lot of battles, but he can't be defeated.
Sure enough,
Seeing this posture, Smog's face was as usual.
He took out the other ten hands at his waist and went straight up.
Iron block · gang.
In the face of these people's attacks, smog did not hide at all.
Use the advanced iron block to resist all.
Everyone was stunned. They didn't expect that Smog's iron was so hard.
When he lost his mind, smog hit them with ten hands.
Ayn's peach flame flew out, smog raised his hand, touched it with ten hands, and scattered with a wave.
Nothing happened.
His ten handed weapon is made of hallucinogenic stone, which is specially used to restrain fruit.
Bang Bang Bang
More than a dozen people were flying backwards.
They were defeated.
Smorga put away his ten hands, simple and easy.
Very compelling ending.
If there is no final accident.
A guy lying on the ground, suddenly ran up, to avoid the flying students.
The eyes of the crowd gathered.
Loren was embarrassed
“Well, that, if I don't hide, I'll be smashed.”
It's not long since it was put on the shelves. To tell you the truth, the data is not good, and I'm very flustered. But I'll write it back. Please support me.