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The best pirate king (Chapter 1-53)
Chapter one Holy Mary Gioia
“Where is this?”
Li Yi, whose hands were chained, stood on the stage of the slave auction house and looked around blankly.Beside him, there are three 12-year-old girls, who are also chained, full of panic and despair!
Such a discovery, let Li Yi subconsciously frown.Girls?Handcuffs?Slaves?Where on earth is this?How can I suddenly appear in this ghost place?
Are these girls role playing?Filming?Or.
Well, how can these three little girls be so familiar with?
Wait, I’m going!How come they look more like snakes in the pirate king?Three Boya sisters?This – what is this?
As an otaku, you may not know about other animation characters, but Han cook, the empress, must know!
That is to say, I am?
Half a sound later, Li Yi suddenly wake up, is that damned mirror!
Li Yi is a senior otaku, so he has plenty of time. It's normal for him to spend a long time finishing his hair and clothes in the mirror after getting up every day. But one morning, when he was finishing his hair in the mirror, a strange line suddenly appeared in the mirror: the host has looked in the mirror for 3600 times, reaching the triggering condition of the door of the throne,Successful opening of the constellation system!
Li Yi, who found this line of words, blinked, “what's in the constellation system?”
Without waiting for Li Yi to recover, the picture on the mirror suddenly turns, and a dazzling whirlpool spreads across the whole mirror.After the whirlpool spread all over the mirror, a strong magnetic force suddenly appeared, and then absorbed Li Yi.
When he reappeared, he had been in the marjoria slave auction market, the holy land of the government headquarters of the pirate world!
'dang… '
At this moment, the auctioneer standing on the stage suddenly knocked down the wooden hammer heavily. With the wooden hammer, the whole auction hall immediately applauded.Some people even stood up and said to a middle-aged man sitting in the first row, “Congratulations, Mr. Adrian. If these three little girls take good care of themselves, they will be beautiful when they grow up, especially the little girl in the middle. She is definitely a pretty girl.”
A bloated Adrian stood up with a cigar in his mouth, completely ignoring the compliments behind him, and strode up to hancook.Looking at Adrian, Hankook stepped back uncontrollably, nervous and scared. His big tearful eyes were full of despair.
Li Yi is a super Anime fan!Especially like the pirate king, the female emperor in this cartoon, Han cook, is one of the most favorite two dimensional goddess.Now he suddenly appeared in this world, and he saw Hankook when he was young, which made him ignore the reason why he appeared in this world, and his heart was more excited.
When he saw the endless sadness in Hankook's big tearful eyes, his heart felt as if he had been stabbed by a needle!When you know a person's fate, misfortune or doomed misfortune, this feeling of empathy will be particularly obvious.Knowing that hancook was going to spend several years of humiliating slave life in the hands of Tianlong people, he was more and more distressed for the poor empress sister.
At the bottom of Li Yi's heart, he just wanted to save hancook. A mechanical voice suddenly rang out in his mind, “save hancook, you can get 10000 survival points!”
Li Yi's eyes were slightly tight. At the same time, he carefully asked in his heart, “who?”
“The constellation system…”
“NIMA…” on hearing these four words, Li Yi scolded conditionally. It is obvious that this damned system brought him here.Without waiting for his curse to fall, Hankook's heartbreaking cry suddenly came from the stage, “no, no, ah…”
Hearing this heartbreaking cry, Li Yi quickly looked aside and saw that the three sisters were dragged down the stage by Adrian's servants.Being dragged away from the stage, Hankook struggled and cried, but the more she struggled and cried, the more unscrupulous the laughter in the auction.
Looking at Hankook, who was dragged down from the stage, Li Yi couldn't manage anything else. He asked anxiously in his heart, “is it the God seat system? What's the matter with you saying that saving Hankook needs ten thousand survival points? Tell me quickly, what should I do?”
“Try to be a slave to Adrian, the aristocrat of the world…”
The sound of the system just sounded in Li Yi's mind. Adrian, who was going to leave the auction hall, suddenly stopped and then focused on Li Yi, the only slave on the stage.
After watching Li Yi for a moment, Adrian suddenly grinned bloodthirsty. Then, he said to the auctioneer on the stage, “I want this boy, too!”
The auction hesitated a little, and then said cautiously, “Lord Adrian, the boy starts at 500000 Bailey.”
“Half a million Bailey?”Adrian frowned slightly, and then he said with a scornful smile, “is such a slave worth 500000 Bailey?I'll take 50000 Bailey. Who dares to rob me? ”
There was no answer!
“Very good,” said Adrian with a smile of satisfaction as he saw no one fighting him. “Take it away!”
With his command, a two meter tall man standing next to him quickly stepped on the stage, then pulled the chain around Li Yi's neck and left.Li Yi fell down with a thump when he pulled him.
Watching him fall down in confusion, laughter resounded around the auction house again.
“Congratulations on becoming a slave of the world aristocrat Adrian. You have gained 50 survival points and can exchange for first-class healing. Do you want to exchange it?”The mechanical voice sounded at the moment of Li Yi's fall. Without any preparation, Li Yi forgot the pain of falling down and widened his eyes: Niang, is that ok?
Immediately, he did not hesitate to choose the exchange.
“Congratulations on your success. You have learned the first level healing skill.”
“Wait, what's the use of primary healing?”
“It can cure all trauma and slight internal injury in an instant…”
“It's amazing.”Li Yi blinked. He didn't notice that he was being dragged to Adrian by the two meter man.
Looking at Li Yi, Adrian looked down. Seeing that Li Yi didn't cry and struggle, a trace of dissatisfaction flashed in his eyes, and then he kicked out.
Li Yi, who was kicked on the nose by Adrian, exhaled in pain, and then nosebleed.
“I like to hear that shrill scream the most,” Adrian grinned bloodthirsty, and then said to the man, “drag it away.”
Li Yi, who has been kicked to starlight, calms down after a scream. The constant flow of nosebleed also stops suddenly, and the swelling on his face is disappearing at an amazing speed!
“Damn, it really works.”
Li Yi, who secretly used the first level healing technique, found that the nosebleed stopped and the burning pain on his face disappeared. He was so excited that he yelled at the bottom of his heart, “shenzuo system, can I exchange other skills?”
“YesAs the mechanical voice fell, a three-dimensional menu interface suddenly appeared in his mind. On the list, there were basic exchange abilities such as' physical enhancement ',' strength enhancement ',' speed enhancement '.
In addition, there are also all kinds of martial arts moves, weapons expertise, combat expertise, diving expertise and other exchange skills.
Seeing the full list of exchange menu, Li Yi could not bear the excitement in his heart and cried out: “I want it, I want it, I want it all!”
“The host currently has zero survival and cannot redeem any capacity.”
“How can we survive?”After hearing such a prompt from the system, Li Yi found that on the exchange list, there was a string of exchange data beside each ability.
“Finish what I gave you.”
“What tasks can I do now?”
“Mission, approach Hankook!Complete the task, reward 50 survival points.Mission failure, no reward.But if the host does not complete the main task to save hancook from the holy land of marjoria, it will be wiped out. ”
“What, obliteration?”
Without waiting for Li Yi to recover, his mind was dead.
Meanwhile, Li Yi, Han cook and her two sisters were taken to the front door of Adrian's mansion.Looking at the mansion in front of him, Li Yi wakes up completely. All this is not a dream, but a real one.
He changed from a carefree senior otaku and super fan into a slave of the aristocratic Adrian family in the world.Think of here, God system brings him surprise quietly disappear, in exchange for, is a burst of inexplicable uncomfortable.He entered the world of pirates in such a way that he became a slave and was bought from an auction. This is simply the biggest pit in this century, which made him speechless.
However, thinking of seeing the goddess in his heart with his own eyes, there was still a little joy in his heart.
Now that we are here, let's rescue hancook first according to the arrangement of the God seat system!
Wait, save Hankook and get 10000 survival?
Nima, how many skills do you have to exchange.Just think about it, Li Yi is drunk.
But he didn't know how hard it was to save hancook, and he would live a life of blood in the next few years!
In recent years, he gradually adapted to the cruel world of pirates, and with the help of the constellation system, he rushed to the sea and set up a group of pirates who dare to fight against the world government.
Also at that time, he vowed to heaven, must become the strongest in the world
Chapter II the mark of slaves
In a basement of Adrian's mansion, the three sisters were locked up together, while Li Yi was locked up in a larger basement opposite them.With him in the same basement, there are more than ten burly men.
As Li Yi was thrown in, more than ten men immediately turned their heads to him, with sympathy and playfulness in their eyes.Li Yi ignored these guys and didn't get up. He sat on the ground and looked at the three sisters in custody opposite him.
Just then, Adrian walked into the basement surrounded by several servants.
He first walked to the door of the basement where the three sisters lived. He grinned with pride and bloodthirsty smile, and then motioned a man nearby to open the door of the basement.
Looking at Adrian coming in, the three sisters huddled together and looked at Adrian in horror.
Li Yi, who is in the basement opposite, knows that it's time for the three sisters to be branded with flying dragon's hooves and become inferior human beings that can never be erased.But he couldn't help, so he could only pin his head aside and couldn't bear to see it any more.
Sure enough, just as he didn't turn his head for a while, there was Hankook's heartbreaking scream in the basement opposite him, and Adrian's heartless laughter in the scream.
Li Yi clenched his fist secretly when he heard the laughter.
Dare to treat the three sisters like this, uncle can bear it, aunt can't bear it!
None of the three sisters was able to escape. All of them were branded with flying dragon's hooves on their backs. Because of the severe pain, the three sisters fainted one after another.After the three sisters are all stamped with the Dragon man's tattoo, Adrian kicks hancook, and then laughs out of the basement to the door of Li Yi's basement.
After looking at Li Yi awkwardly for a moment, he suddenly grinned and added his lower lip. Then he grinned like a devil, “pull this kid out, too.”
Two servants should get down and open the basement door!
After the door opened, Li Yi was set up by two servants and came to Adrian.
Li Yi didn't speak, but glared at Adrian. He swore that if he could escape, he would make this dragon man regret coming to this world!
“I like your angry eyes!”
Seeing Li Yi glare at himself, Adrian grabs Li Yi's hair and says coldly: “however, I prefer your shrill scream, and the feeling that you become a lower class by branding the Dragon man's tattoo on your body!”
With that, he turned and walked to a shelf to pick up the hot brand, and then extended it to Li Yi's forehead.
“Ha ha, enjoy it
After a slight pause, Adrian suddenly laughed twice, and then pressed the brand on Li Yi's forehead.Although he had psychological preparation, Li Yi was almost screamed by the sudden pain, but he finally gritted his teeth and endured it.
The tingling in the scalding and the smell of scorched skin made Li Yi unable to persist, and finally completely lost consciousness.
After stamping the dragon's hoof mark on Li Yi's forehead, Adrian steps back with a laugh. Then he looks at Li Yi who has passed out and says with a sneer: “it's so hard. It's good to throw him to the arena tomorrow to see how hard he can be!”
With that, Adrian turned and walked out of the basement.
“Where is the slave, my lord?”Seeing Adrian walking out of the basement, the two men who had been holding on to Li Yi spoke quickly and said cautiously: “if he threw it back to the basement before, he would not be able to go to the arena tomorrow.”
Hearing this, Adrian gave a slight step, and then he said without looking back, “throw it into the three female slave rooms.”
The two men nodded, then dragged Li Yi and threw him into the room where the three sisters were.
As time goes by, in a daze, Li Yi hears the intermittent cry.
When he opened his eyes, the figures of the three sisters immediately came into his eyes.
Li Yi is glad to see that he is in the room where the three sisters live.Then he struggled to climb up and sit up.
He suddenly climbed up and sat up, startled the weeping Hankook, and his thin body retreated uncontrollably.
Looking at hancook's slight action, Li Yi felt a stabbing pain at the bottom of his heart.
After a moment's silence, he said cautiously, “don't be afraid, I won't hurt you.”With that, Li Yi looked away, and then looked at the basement.
Seeing that Li Yi didn't pay attention to them, hancook stopped crying and looked at Li Yi with the help of a weak candlelight.Seeing that Li Yi was the boy auctioned with their three sisters, she breathed a sigh of relief, and then said cautiously, “hancook, Boya hancook…”
Li Yi, who did not expect the goddess to take the initiative to say hello to him, was slightly stunned. Then he turned his head and looked at hancook, and said in a soft voice, “Li Yi.”
As soon as his voice fell, a voice without emotion came to his mind, “close to the completion of Hankook's task, the system rewards 50 survival points.Do you want to change it? ”
The voice fell, and an exchange box immediately appeared in his mind.
Li Yi, who had no idea that he could finish the task as long as he talked with Han Kuk, was overjoyed and said impatiently: “exchange, of course…”
“The host has a total of 50 survival points…”
“I see. It's a lot of rubbish.”Li Yi interrupted the voice without emotion in his mind and directly converted all the 50 survival points into strength improvement, physique improvement, speed improvement, combat specialization and basic swordsmanship.
After the exchange of 50 survival points, the voice of the system kept ringing, “congratulations on your strength improvement, your physique improvement, your speed improvement, your understanding of combat expertise, and your learning of basic swordsmanship…”
As the voice of the system fell, Li Yi was full of strength, and his muscles were expanding. In his mind, he quickly flashed all kinds of fighting skills and basic sword moves.
“It's a wonderful feeling.”
At the moment, Li Yi is completely immersed in the various surprises brought by the system, unable to extricate himself from it, completely forgetting the painful experience of just becoming a lower class, which attracts the three sisters of Han cook who are opposite him.
After discovering that the three sisters all looked at themselves, Li Yi quickly put away the excitement in his heart, then laughed awkwardly and asked carefully, “are you scared?”
Hearing the words, the three sisters shook their heads at the same time, but the surprise and doubt in their eyes betrayed their hearts. Hancook conjectured in his heart: “this man is stupid. It's wonderful to be a lower class.”
Looking at the lovely and pitiful appearance of the three sisters, Li Yi immediately thought that the three sisters would stay here for four years, and felt a pang of pain in his heart. What's more, he wanted the system to give him powerful power to raze the place to the ground!
The door of the basement was suddenly opened, and then a light came in, piercing all the slaves in the basement to close their eyes.
As they opened their eyes, Adrian came in, accompanied by two servants.
After looking around a few basements, he stopped at Li Yi's room. Then he waved his hand and said coldly, “bring them out…”
Hancook three sisters and Li Yi were pulled out of the room by two men with chains around their necks and lined up in front of Adrian.
“Hey, hey,” he said, looking at the four Li Yi people standing in front of him, Adrian grinned bloodthirsty, and then leaned over to them, “slaves, your inferior life has begun.”
At last, he simply turned around and gave the order to the two servants, “take the three slaves to the backyard to weed. This boy will take him to the arena. I'll see his performance tonight!”
“Oh, no, it's to listen to his crying, ha ha ha…”*
Chapter three arena, Gladiator
Round arena around the auditorium, a sea of people, the continuous sound of shouts shake the whole holy land of marjoria over.In the arena, two gladiators fight against each other, desperate, every time they shock the collision, will detonate the whole arena, and then resound through the road, the general shout and roar.
This is a feast for the nobles of the world, and also a feast for the superior human beings of the whole holy land of marjoria.
Li Yi, who is forcibly taken to the arena lounge, watches the fight through the iron fence. No matter who wins, he will be forcibly pushed into the arena to fight with it.He only saw such scenes on TV. Although he also liked the fierce fighting in the arena, he was nervous when it was his turn to appear.
Just as he became more and more nervous, a scream suddenly came out of the arena, and then a gladiator fell to the ground. Without waiting for him to stand up, another gladiator who fought with him stepped forward with an arrow, and then cut off the Gladiator's head with a sword
With the head rolling down, bursts of roar suddenly broke out around the arena, all the people roared together, gathered into a thunderous sound, straight into the sky, spread all over the holy land of marjoria for several miles.
“Jack Welson…”
On a high platform beside the arena, the referee, holding a loudspeaker, exclaimed excitedly, “it's incredible that Jack weir has won 18 games in a row!Hahaha, it's really exciting.So, which wretch will become the ghost of Jack Weir's sword? Let's welcome the 19th Challenger tonight… ”
As the referee's voice fell, the audience around the arena broke out again in bursts of shouts, “Jack weir… Jack weir… Jack weir…”
In the bursts of shouts, Li Yi was forced onto the arena.
When the audience in the auditorium saw a small man being put on the arena, a burst of hiss suddenly rang out, and many people even gave Li Yi a thumbs up and then looked down.
Li Yi was obviously stunned by the bloody and cruel scene before, and was even more irritated by the pungent smell of blood when he stepped into the arena.At this point, the entire audience once again sounded sigh, many people are standing up and shouting, “roll down, change people.Get out of here and change… ”
In their opinion, Li Yi's appearance is too disappointing.Not to mention other people, Li Yi's body was a child before Jack weir, who was three meters tall. Jack weir could stab him with one finger without a sword.What's good about such a fight?
“Yes, get out of here and change…”
Many people began to agree with him, while Adrian, who was sitting in the VIP table, looked at Li Yi with a cruel smile. When he heard that Li Yi was yelling to roll down, the cruelty at the corner of his mouth became more and more unbridled.
At this time, Li Yi adapted a little, but he still didn't dare to look at the fallen heads. Instead, he looked at the audience.When he saw everyone disdaining him and yelling for him to roll down, his fist gradually clenched. Then he took a deep breath and looked up at Jack weir.
At the same moment, his momentum suddenly changed, especially the look at Jack weir made Jack weir, a tough guy who won 18 games in a row, look away for the first time and dare not look at him.
After he found his careless gaffe, Jack weir suddenly woke up, and then looked at Li Yi again with wide eyes. He said fiercely, “boy, take back your damn eyes, or I'll let you die.”
Jack Weir's voice just dropped. In the audience near the arena, a man stood up and said excitedly, “Jack weir, come on, tear him up!”
Hearing the man's cry, Jack weir grinned bloodthirsty and straightened his back with pride.
Looking at this scene, Li Yi suddenly turned around, then bent over to pick up a sword scattered in the arena. After holding the sword tightly, his face sank. “It seems that you enjoy being a slave very much.”
As the voice dropped, he suddenly stood up straight and made a fighting posture.
Seeing Li Yi's provocation, Jack weir frowned and roared at Li Yi.
At the same time, Li Yi also moved.He bowed slightly and then sprang out of the audience. The speed was so fast that people in the audience looked sideways.
Li Yi, a lightning flash, suddenly stops after passing Jack weir!
A circle of air waves passed by the two people, rippling out around the arena with the two people as the center, and then everything returned to silence!
“What happened?”
Everyone was quiet at this moment, one by one, staring at the two people who were standing opposite each other in the arena, but now they were standing opposite each other.
Just then
Jack weir suddenly staggered forward, followed by a blood rising from his waist.
When people in the audience saw that Jack weir was hit by Li Yi, they widened their eyes one by one, and their faces were incredible!
“Lying trough, so fast…”
Li Yi was also surprised by his own speed. Isn't this the effect of speed improvement?This is the most basic speed increase. How can it change like this?
Just when Li Yi was surprised by his speed, Jack weir, who was cut by Li Yi on his waist, raised his head to the sky and roared, then turned around with endless anger and chopped down with a sword in the air.
The long sword cuts in the arena, and the powerful force makes the arena tremble violently. Then, a bright sword wave sweeps in front of Li Yi.
Because in the state of being shocked by his own speed, Li Yi has no preparation. When he wakes up, the sword wave shock has been infinitely enlarged in his pupils.
At this critical moment, Li Yi's sword was on his chest.
As soon as the sword was across his chest, the terrible shock of the sword wave cut the body of the sword fiercely. The powerful shock made Li Yi's blood gush out, and then he flew backward like a broken kite.
Seeing that Li Yi was shot out, there was another thunderous roar in the audience. Obviously, what they liked most was that Li Yi was killed by Jack weir!
With a bang, Li Yi smashed heavily on the wall under the auditorium. At the moment when his body collided with the wall, he could not help but spurt out a mouthful of blood, and then the whole person fell to the ground powerlessly.
“Kill.”As soon as Li Yi falls to the ground, Jack weir rushes over quickly, raises his sword high above his head again, and then goes straight to Li Yi's head and cuts it off.
Li Yi, who had just fallen to the ground, looked at the long sword cut by lightning and swore to himself, then rolled to one side.There was a big bang again, and the sword slashed on the ground, cutting an exaggerated crack in the ground.
Jack weir, who saw that Li Yi could avoid his own fatal blow in such a situation, was completely enraged. He looked up to the sky and roared again, then strode to catch up with Li Yi.
Li Yi, who rolls to one side, grabs the gap between Jack and weir, stands up with his sword, and then rushes to the middle of the arena.
Seeing that Li Yi returns to the arena, Jack weir leaps into the air, then falls heavily and stands opposite Li Yi*
Chapter four shock four
At the moment, Li Yi is extremely embarrassed. Blood is constantly flowing from the corners of his mouth, and his clothes are dyed red by his own blood.Jack Weir's strength is too overbearing. If he hadn't learned how to improve his physique and strength, he would have been bloody on the spot.
But even so, now he just felt that all the bones of his body were scattered, and the blood in his heart was surging wildly. If he didn't force it down, the surging blood would be enough to dye all his clothes red!
After discovering that Li Yi is just like this, Jack weir is not in a hurry to chase Li Yi.I saw him staring at the big eyes, as if a night owl looking at his prey mice in general, a trace of fun from the corner of his mouth.
Of course, he is not a cat. His only purpose is to please the nobles and superior people in the audience!The happier the nobles are, the more excited the superior humans are, the more chance he has to leave this place.
Of course, the premise to get all this is to kill all the people who fight with him in this arena, and Li Yi is no exception.
But Li Yi, will he be killed?
Li Yi is not in a good state now. He may fall down at any time. He relies on his strong will to support himself and makes himself stand like a mountain.
Looking at Jack weir standing in front of him, Li Yi looks up slowly. He knows that he must kill the other party, or he will die!
Thinking of this, he bowed down again, his tiger eyes twinkling with a strong desire for survival / looking at Jack weir who was like a mountain in front of him without blinking.
See Li Yi bow down, Jack well pupil slightly a tight.
Then, the sword wave, the whole high jump.
“Die, boy!”
Jack weir, who jumped high, roared, and the sword in his hand struck down with lightning.
Li Yi didn't move. He stood as proud as Mount Tai. When the sword was about to be cut on his head, he moved
With a light sound, Li Yi appears in front of Jack weir!
“So fast!”
Looking at Li Yi, who appears in front of him in the air, Jack Weir's pupils are tight, but he has no chance to get out of the way.
Li Yi, who will speed up to the limit, doesn't pass by Jack weir, but appears in the front of him. At the same time, he tries his best to send the sword into Jack Weir's chest
At the same time, although Li Yi dodged Jack Weir's sword, he failed to dodge his huge arm.
With a thump, his arm, which was thicker than his thigh, slapped his left shoulder hard. With a click, his left shoulder fell down powerlessly. Then, he flew upside down, hit the arena hard, and then bounced up and went straight to the audience.
All around the cry again static, all eyes will stop in the middle of the arena Jack weir body.
Jack well bowed slightly, cut his sword to the ground and never raised it again.
Of course, he couldn't lift it, because, in his heart, there was a long sword. The sword penetrated his body, and the tip of the sword came out from his back
This scene makes all the nobles and superior human beings in the audience feel dazzling. Ben thought Jack weir had won after seeing Li Yi beaten up. He was just about to shout. How could they accept this scene!
Sitting in the referee position of the referee is also silly, Jack weir, who won 18 games in a row, was defeated by nobody Li Yi!!!
There is, however, one exception.
That's Adrian!
After seeing Jack Weir's heart pierced by Li Yi's sword, he stood up with excitement.He never thought that the guy who spent 50000 yuan to buy from the slave market was so tough.You know, before that, he bought Li Yisheng purely for playing with tickets.Although he only bet a few million Bailey, but the odds are quite amazing.Millions made him nearly a billion Bailey.
Just when the whole audience was shocked, Adrian laughed wildly.
I saw him stand up, and then drag that a body of fat came to fall in front of the audience under Li Yi.
At the moment, Li Yi's whole body is dyed red by his own blood, and he almost faints because of the strong impact.If it were not for the support of his terrible will, he would not be able to catch a breath and die.
Even so, the whole body bones have been scattered, the reversal of the meridians let Li Yi's strong will gradually collapse!
When the consciousness was about to disappear, the cold voice of the system suddenly sounded, “kill the opponent, the system rewards 200 survival points, whether to exchange it or not!”
When the consciousness is about to disappear, Li Yi has the heart to curse his mother. This damned system has to be said when he is dying.But it's not too late.
As the voice of the system fell, an online mall like exchange box flashed through his mind.In the exchange box, there are all kinds of skills that can be exchanged and the exchange points of corresponding skills.
After a quick tour, Li Yi suddenly brightened his eyes. Dragon and elephant Prajna Gong, exchange points for 100 survival points!
Ma Dan, this is the supreme Dharma protection skill of the secret sect in the paladin. If you learn this skill, are you afraid of the violent impact of these big heads?Li Yi didn't hesitate to exchange money directly!
“Congratulations on the successful exchange of dragon elephant Prajna skill, deducting 100 survival points…”
Li Yi ignored the system and continued to browse.
Pull to the last page, Li Yi in front of a bright, a hit will kill!
It's a good thing.
Li Yi didn't even think about it. He directly ordered the exchange.
“Congratulations on the success of one hit kill, deducting 100 survival points…”
“Whether the host cultivates the Prajna skill of dragon and elephant and the skill of killing with one strike!”
“Don't you talk nonsense, practice…”
“Congratulations on the host's successful cultivation of dragon elephant Prajna. There are 13 levels of dragon elephant Prajna. The first level needs zero survival, the second level needs 50, the third level needs 60, and so on…”
“Congratulations on the success of the host's cultivation of one hit kill skill. One hit kill is the primary skill, and the activation rate is 1 / 1000.To practice level 2 one hit kill requires 100 survival and 5% chance to activate.You need 200 survival points and 1% activation rate to practice level 3 one hit kill skill. ”
“I'll go, such a pit!”
Li Yi felt a chill, and his eyes were straight
“If the injury on the host is serious, the system will automatically cure the host, because the host is a first-class cure, and it takes 12 hours to be completely cured.The host can choose to practice the second level healing skill. The second level healing skill needs 50 survival points… At present, the host's survival point is zero, so it can't be practiced! ”
“NIMA, you are Tang Sanzang. Can you stop being so wordy?”
As soon as the curse from the bottom of Li Yi's heart fell, Adrian came to him.Adrian looked at him awkwardly for a moment, then kicked him with his legs, grinning and saying, “Hey, inferior human, are you not dead?”*
Chapter five fighting back
Li Yi, who was stung by Adrian, opened his eyes and saw that it was Adrian. His fist clenched in an instant.But thinking of his serious injury, he gritted his teeth.
“You've impressed me.”
Seeing that Li Yi was still glaring at him, Adrian stood up straight, then went down with both hands on his back and said, “today, there are 24 gladiators in total. Jack weir killed 18 of them. You killed Jack weir, so you will kill the remaining four.However, I'm afraid you can't even kill one person in your current state.If you can't insist, I can let you go down to rest, but you have to kneel down and beg me.If you want to fight with injuries, please think about it, inferior humanWith that, the corner of Adrian's mouth curved, and his big eyes, like the eyes of a devil, looked at Li Yi, who was seriously injured.
Looking at Adrian who is looking down at himself, Li Yi's angry eyes are just on the verge of fire.
If he is strong enough now, he will definitely stand up and blow him away.
However, the reality is cruel, not so much if or if.He is not strong enough. He can only bear it!
At this time, a gladiator, who was bigger than Jack weir, went to the arena with bare hands. When he saw Li Yi lying on the ground, he yelled at Li Yibi twice, and then wiped his throat at Li Yibi
“Lattice, lattice, lattice…”
As the Gladiator's provocative action fell, the audience who was shocked by Li Yi's killing Jack weir was boiling again, and many people were shouting the Gladiator's name.
“Geji, that boy is seriously injured. You must screw off his head…”
“Yeah, screw off his head and kick the ball…”
“Ha ha ha, that boy is finished…”
“It's exciting.”
All kinds of voices resounded throughout the arena, only Li Yi was so quiet.
The more the crowd around the audience was boiling, the more evil Adrian was laughing. Seeing that Li Yi was watching him angrily and didn't speak, he suddenly bent down to Li Yi's ear and said, “how are you thinking, inferior human?”
As soon as Adrian's voice fell, Li Yi suddenly took back his eyes, and then struggled to stand up slowly.
Seeing Li Yi standing up with his seriously injured body, Adrian laughed more playfully.
And the audience around the audience did not shout for Li Yi's killing Jack weir, but also gave out bursts of sobs when he stood up.
Of course, it's not their fault. Li Yi killed Jack weir and made them lose all their money. Under such circumstances, how could they like Li Yi and wish he died.
Li Yi stood up and supported himself with a long sword. After taking a slight breath, his eyes tightened and he jumped into the arena!
Just landed in the arena, Geji rushed over with a loud cry!
Li Yi takes a deep breath as he looks at the fast charging lattice machine. The first level of dragon elephant Prajna Gong runs quietly.Then he stepped forward, holding his sword in both hands and holding his head high.
With a loud roar, Li Yi jumped up, and then cut down with a sword.
At the same time, the lattice machine lightning shot in front of him quickly, while he split the sword, with the advantage of height and hand length, he grasped Li Yi's wrist.
I didn't expect that Li Yi, who had such a fast lattice machine, exclaimed to himself, and then ran the Dragon elephant Prajna Gong to protect his body.
At the moment when his dragon elephant Prajna Gong just started to work, a lattice machine that grasped his wrist released a hand and hit him hard in the stomach with the next hook.
With an extremely shocking sound, Geji's huge fist hit Li Yi's stomach, and the powerful fist force instantly broke the Dragon elephant Prajna's body protector. Then, Li Yi opened his mouth and burst out a mouthful of blood.
At the same time, Li Yi smashed the audience stage again like a meteor.
With a loud bang, Li Yi hit the stage heavily, and then fell under the stage with a strong impact.
As soon as he fell to the stage, Li Yi opened his mouth again and spat out a mouthful of blood, and his will to stand up and fight relaxed at this moment.
When he found that his will was loose, Li Yi shook his head and tried to keep himself awake. At the bottom of his heart, he kept yelling: “never fall down, never!”
In the arena, Geji looked at Li Yi who fell under the stands without blinking. In his opinion, Li Yi can never stand up again.Even if you can stand up, you have to wait for him to take off your head!
In the bottom of my heart, Li Yiqiang kept reminding himself of the surging blood, and then stood up tremblingly.
Then, he looked up abruptly, and then looked up at the lattice machine in the arena.
“Geji, screw off his head.”
“Come on, Geji, we need to see your performance…”
Ge Ji beat Li Yi to fly with a single blow, and the audience was boiling.After watching countless battles, it is not difficult to see that Li Yi is at the end of his life. Under such circumstances, no one sympathizes with Li Yi. What everyone is eager to see is the picture of Li Yi's head being twisted off.
Hearing the sound, Geji grinned and jumped up.
Heavy landing sound rang out, lattice machine stood firmly in front of Li Yi!
“Die, boy!”
Looking at the trembling Li Yi standing up, the lattice machine roared, and then lightning grabbed his head.
The speed of lattice machine makes Li Yi have no chance to dodge.
Of course, he doesn't have the extra energy to dodge now.
As Geji's big hand was about to grab his head, he suddenly fell down.
When he fell, Geji's hands immediately fell, and his tall body was completely exposed.
Seizing this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Li Yi uses all his strength when he is about to fall to the ground, and his backhand is a sword against the air.
There was a slight piercing sound. Almost all the sharp swords fell into the chest of the lattice machine, and the blood dripped down the hilt, which instantly dyed Li Yi's face red.
This scene happened so fast that the audience in the audience was still excited, especially after seeing Li Yi fall, they immediately cried out, “Ge Ji, Ge Ji, Ge Ji…”
The picture on the arena is frozen at this moment. The lattice machine is standing with both hands, while Li Yi is lying on the ground motionless!
At first glance, we all think that Li Yi is lying down and Ge Ji is winning.
But the truth is
In the voice of all the pagers, the pager, like a little giant, suddenly spewed out a mouthful of blood, and then fell down!
Geji fell down suddenly. The moment before, it was still in the audience, which was shouting and roaring. All the people were wide eyed and dull.
In this stillness, Li Yi moved in silence, and then stood up precariously with his sword*
Chapter 6 a quick kill
The whole audience was still silent, and everyone was stunned to see Li Yi standing up with blood trembling. They never thought that Li Yi, who was seriously injured, would kill Ge Ji again. Such a reversal of the situation made them totally unable to accept it.It's just like when you are about to ascend to heaven, you will be slapped into the abyss!
The referee on the referee's stage was completely stunned. For a moment, he forgot to announce the winner as Li Yi.
Li Yi, who stood up with a long sword and gritted his teeth, gasped heavily, and his mouth was dripping with red blood.He doesn't have any other ideas now. He just wants to hear the sound of the system.
“Congratulations to the host for successfully killing the enemy. The system rewards 200 survival points…”
The sound of the system is very suitable to ring. Li Yi, who heard the sound, breathed a long breath, and then relaxed.Li Yi, who has gained 200 survival points, simply uses 50 points to upgrade his level 2 healing skill, 50 points to upgrade his level 2 dragon elephant Prajna skill, and 100 points to exchange for Level 2 must kill!
“Congratulations on the host's successful upgrade of level 2 healing. Level 2 healing will be automatically turned on because the host is seriously injured.”
“Congratulations on the host's success in upgrading the level 2 dragon elephant Prajna skill, and the fighting ability is enhanced!”
“Congratulations on the activation of level 2 must kill. The trigger probability is 5 / 1000…”
The sound of the system keeps ringing, and Li Yi rarely listens to it.With the sword to support the body motionless, quietly receiving the system for his treatment.However, his injury is too heavy, this secondary cure can only temporarily stop his pain, and it will take at least ten hours for him to be completely cured!
This cure is undoubtedly Li Yi's life-saving straw. If there were no cure, he would have fallen long ago.
“It's incredible!”
At this time, the referee on the referee's bench finally regained his mind. He swallowed his saliva, then stood up excitedly, took the loudspeaker and said aloud, “this is a miracle. Li Yi has created a miracle. Let's cheer for Li Yi's strength.”
The referee's voice fell and the audience woke up.
After taking a look at Li Yi on the stage, the crowd suddenly boils. Then, all kinds of calls and curses come out one after another. Some nobles who win because of the all ABG machine even take the fruit around them and throw it at the arena.
For a moment, the fruit skin smelly shoes flying to the arena seemed to rain down on Li Yi.
Bear the baptism of this storm, Li Yi secretly clenched his fist, a pair of tiger eyes is gradually become blood red.
But he didn't move. He just stood like a statue.Now he doesn't dare to waste a little energy to speak or take a step. He needs to be quiet and time.
Because, next, there are three powerful gladiators threatening his life!
To live is his only belief at the moment
Just as the storm swept Li Yi, Adrian, who was sitting in the VIP seat, suddenly stood up and yelled, “stop it
As his sudden roar fell, the audience gradually quieted down, and many people looked at Adrian standing up in surprise.
When the crowd was completely quiet, Adrian laughed with satisfaction, and then said: “isn't this kind of battle what we want to see? Whether it's Jack weir or Geji, they've been in this arena for too long. We need something new, instead of watching their ugly figures jump around on the stage.Now, let's look forward to the next wonderful performance
Adrian is the nobleman of marjoria in this holy land. He has a special status, and he has a high reputation in this arena. His words have a decisive effect in many times.
This is not, with his voice down, fly to Li Yi of all kinds of fruit peel disappeared, in exchange for the whole arena dead general quiet.
At the same time, the door of the Gladiator's lounge in the arena slammed open, and then a middle-aged man with double swords, who was almost the same size as Li Yi, stepped on the arena slowly.
The man was apparently on the stage for the first time, and did not cause cheers in the audience.
Standing still, Li Yi opened his eyes slowly, then looked at the man.
The man didn't have any extra words. He slowly raised his double swords and made a fighting posture.
At this time, the voice of the referee's commentator sounded again, “the exciting time has come, whether Li Yi can still fight, let's wait and see!”
As soon as the announcer's voice fell, Li Yi suddenly bowed himself, and then flashed out
The man who made the fighting posture had a tight pupil and cut off his two swords at the same time.
Just as he cut off the sword, Li Yi appeared behind him with a strong wind. A circle of air waves centered around them silently rippled out, rolling up the dust on the arena and floating in the air.
In the air wave, a blood mist suddenly appeared on the chest of the man who had just cut off the long sword. Then, he staggered forward two steps, and finally supported himself with his double swords.
The scene was so fast that everyone didn't know what was going on.Just as the man supported himself with his shoulders, Li Yi returned to kill him again. His long sword pulled out a half moon arc in mid air and cut off the man's neck at an astonishing speed
Poof, blood spatter, followed by the man's head that fell down.
“Whoa, whoa, whoa…”
The referee and the commentator on the referee's bench, who saw the scene completely, cried out almost at the same time. Then, they jumped up excitedly and yelled in unison: “second kill, Li Yi finished his first second kill in this arena.You know, he was seriously injured to complete this gorgeous and perfect second kill, which is definitely the most wonderful performance tonight.Li Yi, it's amazing. ”
As their incoherent voices resounded over the arena, all the audience stood up at the moment.
After a short period of stagnation, all people put aside their prejudice against Li Yi, shouting like a volcano, resounding over the holy land of marjoria!
While Li Yi was enjoying the reward given by the system and successfully gained 200 survival points, he stepped forward and stood in front of the gladiator who was killed by him with no expression. Looking at the gladiator who was separated from his family, Li Yi whispered: “sorry, if you don't die, I can't live!”
Chapter seven five company killing
Li Yi, who killed three people in succession, shocked the audience around the arena. If the two people before the killing were luck, then Li Yi Gang's perfect second killing was not as simple as luck.As the commentator said, Li Yi finished this gorgeous and perfect second kill in the case of serious injury. Such a wonderful performance completely conquered the audience in the audience.
Like a volcanic eruption, Li Yi exchanged 200 survival points for Level 3 kill.It's a choice he doesn't have. The one percent trigger probability may make him stick to the end of today's fight.
After the exchange, Li Yi looks at the door of the Gladiator's lounge in silence, and there are two more!
Just kill the remaining two, and today's fight will end
It was completely dark, and the three Hankook sisters, weeding in the backyard of Adrian's mansion, had finished their first day of slavery and returned to the basement.
After all, becoming a slave has become a reality. No matter how hard she struggles, she can't change her fate.After looking around at the cold walls, she went to the corner in silence, then nestled up to her two sisters and fell asleep.
With the passage of time, the night completely shrouded the holy land of marjoria, and many people fell asleep, but the arena was in full swing. The appearance of Li Yi, a nobody, completely made the audience around the arena boiling to the extreme.
Because, in the case of serious injury, Li Yi killed four people in one breath and staged a perfect four in a row.
Now, everyone raised their hearts to their throats and stared at the battle in the arena.This is the key to whether Li Yi can finish the five in a row to end the fight tonight. No one wants to miss any details.
In the arena, Li Yi is fighting with a fat middle-aged man. His height is completely comparable to that of a MEG machine. He holds a huge axe. Every time the axe is cut down, he will roar.Li Yi didn't dare to fight against this big man. It's not difficult to see from his holding a huge axe that this is a powerful object. Facing him head-on, it's absolutely suicidal.
Most importantly, he didn't have time to exchange the 400 survival points he had gained by killing two gladiators before.
If he had exchanged some new skills, he might not be so embarrassed.
Li Yi, who constantly wanders around the middle-aged man, completely angers him. After a loud roar, the middle-aged man suddenly takes a step back, and then raises his axe with both hands. The majestic pressure bursts out of his body, which makes Li Yi feel shocked and push back uncontrollably.
“Big axe, chop the ground!”
The middle-aged man holding the axe high in both hands roared again, and then smashed the axe.
In the roar of the whole arena, the axe smashed on the arena, and then a wave of incomparable air waves spread across the arena. Li Yi, who was in the arena, only felt a torrent of violent energy coming towards him. The next second, he threw it up uncontrollably, and then he was swept up to the sky by the spreading air waves.
The sudden outbreak of the middle-aged man made all the audience, including Adrian, stand up and look at the figure rolled into the sky in the rough sea. They showed a nervous look.
Looking at Li Yi who was swept to the sky by the waves, the middle-aged man took a step forward. With a loud bang, he held up the axe again, and then looked at Li Yi who fell down vertically after rising to tens of meters without blinking.
Seeing Li Yi appear in his attack range, his eyes are tight, and then he cheers coldly: “kill!”
Words fall, axe lightning split out
Target, Li Yi's head falling vertically!
Looking at this breathtaking scene, everyone in the audience, including Adrian, instinctively pinned his head to one side.Obviously, in their view, Li Yi, who has killed four people in succession, can't escape this crazy bully.
Feeling the breath of death that suffocated him, Li Yi's pupil contracted and his big hand trembled slightly.
“It's over.”
In the middle-aged man lightning cut straight to his head to cut the axe, Li Yi suddenly relaxed, then, he smile.
He never thought that his absurd journey would be so short, and it would end in such a way.
Just as he relaxed and began to smile, the voice of the system suddenly rang out in his mind: “one hit, kill, activate…”
Hearing the sudden sound of the system, Li Yi's eyes glared, and then he looked very happy.
Then, he suddenly moved half a foot in the air, and then held up his sword in the middle-aged man's tight pupil
The bright sword Qi blooms in the sky, and the dazzling light of sword Qi shines on the whole arena as bright as day.
In the arena covered with endless white light, the sword Qi in the sky instantly passes through the middle-aged man's body at a speed that can't be captured by the naked eye, and disappears in the arena with a touch of blood mist
Before the dazzling white light that enveloped the whole arena disappeared, the middle-aged man who was penetrated by the sword gas suddenly burst out, and the rising blood mist over the white arena seemed like the manjushahua blooming on the other side of hell, beautiful and weird
The dazzling light that enveloped the whole arena disappeared. The middle-aged man's axe that cleaved to Li Yi hit Li Yi heavily in front of him. His hands were still there, but his body was missing!
In the middle of the field, Li Yi stood as if he were a God, and the king's spirit was natural.
Once again, the audience fell into a dead silence. Everyone's expressions were exaggerated, their mouths were wide open, and their eyes were wide open.
The commentators and referees who stood on the referee's bench even forgot to speak. They looked at Li Yi, who was standing in the middle of the court like a God, with eyes blinking and numb.
Five in a row
Li Yi created a myth in this arena.His name will be famous all over the world because of this battle, and finally resound through the whole pirate world*
Chapter 8 one is king and the other is emperor
“Congratulations to the host for 200 survival points. The host now has 600 survival points…”
The sound of the system is very appropriate to ring in Li Yi's mind. Li Yi, standing in the middle of the arena, is slightly stunned and then relieved.When he killed the two gladiators before, he had no chance to exchange. Now, he has 600 survival points.
However, he has no strength to exchange now.After the activation of one hit must kill and the completion of five consecutive kills, his physical strength has been completely overdrawn. If it wasn't for the strong will support that he had to live, he would have fallen.
There was no more boiling in the arena around, but Li Yi couldn't hear it.Because, he insisted on the completion of five even killing, completely relaxed, he knew that today this damned duel was over, and he also survived.
Fortunately, he didn't die here!
Thinking of this, he once again smile, and then the whole straight down.
With a puff, Li Yi hit the ground heavily, but he did not let go of his sword.This is his instinct after he always insisted. Even if he knew that today's duel was over, his instinct would not let him go.
After landing heavily, Li Yi gradually fainted after completely relaxing.
During this period, the secondary cure has not stopped his treatment, even if he is now out of his mind.
After seeing Li Yi fall down, the audience in the audience around him was surprisingly quiet. Then, everyone stopped their eyes on him, as if waiting for a miracle to happen.
At the same time, Adrian also stood up at the moment, was excited to walk out of the VIP seat, and then went straight to the arena with two servants.
When he came to Li Yi's body, Adrian frowned slightly and said to the villains around him, “lift him up.”
Two servants have to order him, then lift him forward.
After the two men lifted him up, the referee quickly picked up the loudspeaker and said in a loud voice: “let's cheer for the invincible in today's arena!”
The whole audience was boiling again, and everyone put aside their prejudice against Li Yi, and then chanted Li Yi's name!
“Take him down. Don't let him die like this.”
Adrian asked the two servants to wave their hands, then grinned bloodthirsty and said, “I'm waiting for him to make money for me.”
Obviously, Adrian doesn't really care about Li Yi's life and death, but Li Yi made him enough money when he first appeared on the stage. If he had a good training, Li Yi might be able to make him better in this holy land of marjoria.
The night was deep, but hancook didn't go to sleep. Squatting on the ground, with her knees in her hands, she looked blankly at the closed door in front of her.The closed door closed her way and blocked her future.Although she was still young, she knew that she had no chance to sail freely on the sea before!
At this time, the closed door of the basement was forced to open, and then two villains in Adrian's mansion dragged Li Yi in a coma.
When they came to the door of their room, one of the servants opened the door. When the door was opened, another servant dragged Li Yi and threw him in front of her.
Before and after throwing Li Yi to Hankook, the two servants shut the door in silence and left the basement.
Hancook didn't dare move until the two servants left.
Then, she carefully moved her body to Li Yi, who was in a coma. When she saw that Li Yi was covered with solidified blood, she immediately withdrew from the coma.
After finding that Li Yi didn't move, she took a deep breath and came to Li Yi again.
After watching Li Yi for a moment, she carefully stretched out her small hand, and then gently shook Li Yi.
Seeing that Li Yi still didn't move, she relaxed her guard, then squatted beside Li Yi and looked at Li Yi carefully.When she saw that Li Yi's body was full of cracked wounds, she took a cold breath.
Looking at it, she suddenly summoned up the courage to shake Li Yi again, and at the same time, she whispered, “Li Yi…”
After a cry and no response, she didn't give up. She used a little more strength to shake Li Yi's little hand, and then kept shouting: “Li Yi, Li Yi, Li Yi…”
In her constant shaking and shouting, Li Yi in a coma suddenly moved.
Then, he opened his mouth abruptly and spewed out a mouthful of congestion.
His sudden action scared hancook. She stepped back two steps in fear, and then looked at Li Yi with a mouthful of blood stasis.
Li Yi, who spurted out a mouthful of blood stasis, felt much better, his body was not so stingy, and his heart was so blocked before.However, he received too much impact, even if there is a cure for him, he will not recover for a while and a half.
After a slight pause, Li Yi turns over and sits up in silence, and then looks at the pushed Hankook.
“Thank you, Hankook.”
Without waiting for Hankook to recover, Li Yi continued, “if you hadn't woken me up, I might have died.”
Hankook blinked, and then she grinned.
This smile made Li Yi's heart tremble silently.
It is also this smile that has become an unbreakable fetter between him and her, one for the king and the other for the empress, forever!
See Han cook show Yan smile, Li Yi also followed a smile.
After a moment of silence, Li Yi changed the topic and asked, “why haven't you gone to bed yet?”
Hankook's eyes darkened, and he lowered his head and whispered, “I can't sleep.”
“Are you afraid?”
Hankook hesitated, then nodded.
Li Yi felt a stabbing pain in his heart. After sighing in his heart, he said in a soft voice: “sleep for a while, or you will lose your spirit tomorrow, which will affect your work. If the effect is not good, they will beat you.”
Smell speech, Han cook body slightly tremble, then look up to Li Yi.
“Go to sleep.”
Li Yi gave hancook a positive look, then got up and went to the front door with his back to hancook and sat down.
Looking at her back when she sat down in front of the gate, Hankook felt a sense of security inexplicably. Then she leaned against her two sisters and slowly closed her eyes. As time went by, she finally fell asleep.
After making sure Hankook sleeps over, Li Yi turns around and leans against the door, then looks at Hankook in his deep sleep without blinking.
Looking at him, he suddenly shook his head and laughed. At the same time, he whispered to himself, “what's wrong with me? Hankook is only 12 years old now.”
Chapter 9 sword breaking
With Li Yi's voice falling, the basement is calm again.Li Yi, with his back against the gate, gradually calms down. He needs to sort out the absurd experience of Chapter 9 breaking the sky and pulling the sword on him.
Inhaled into the world of pirates by the mirror, I have a more inexplicable system in my mind. Then, together with hancook, I was bought by Adrian, and the mark of slave was printed on my forehead.
Then, in the arena of life and death struggle!
Everything, Li Yi seems to be in a dream, so unreal, but it makes him have to believe that it has happened.The stabbing pain on the body, and the healing art quietly and unconsciously healing for him, are so real.
Before, he had no time to sort out what happened to him. Now he calmed down, and he finally came to the bottom.
I really came to the world of pirates!
After taking a long breath, Li Yi rearranged his mood, and then cried in his heart, “God, are you there?”
There was no sound. There was silence in my mind.
Seeing that the system didn't appear for a long time, Li Yi shook his head and gave a wry smile, “it's really a system.”
Just as Li Yi was about to close his eyes and rest, a familiar picture suddenly flashed through his mind. Looking at the familiar picture, Li Yi smiles. It seems that not only does the system appear when it wants to appear, but he can also call out the system.
That familiar picture is not other things, but the exchange box of his exchange skills!
Li Yi had never browsed the exchange box before. Now he managed to calm down and began to browse one by one.Looking at this carefully, Li Yi is excited, happy and disappointed.
He was dazzled by the numerous skills in the exchange box. There were not only the fruits of demons in the pirate world he was familiar with, but also the strong skills in the two-dimensional world. However, the survival of these strong skills was astonishingly high.
With disappointment, Li Yi focuses on the new skills he can exchange at present.
Breaking the sky and pulling the sword
What kind of thing is it? What kind of skill is it?Never heard of it!
Li Yi blinked his eyes, and then carefully looked to the survival needed.
“You need 300 survival points to exchange for the sword breaking skill.”
After reading it to himself, Li Yi hesitated again and again, and then decided to exchange it
“Congratulations on the success of breaking the sky and pulling the sword. Do you want to practice it?”
Li Yi quietly ordered cultivation.
“Congratulations on the master's success in cultivating human level sword breaking the sky!It takes 3000 survival points to cultivate King level sword breaking skill and 10000 survival points to cultivate God level sword breaking skill. ”
Li Yi instantly widened his eyes, he knew!He knew it would be!
After a short period of sluggishness, Li Yi turned off the exchange box in tears.
After turning off the exchange box, Li Yi used all the remaining 300 survival points to improve the Dragon elephant Prajna skill. As he used up all the 300 survival points, the voice of the system sounded again, “congratulations to the host for upgrading the Dragon elephant Prajna skill to level 6 and gaining the power of the elephant!”
As the sound of the system fell, a great force suddenly poured into his body, which instantly made him energetic.
Finally, a consolation prize.
Li Yi happily accepted, and then leaned against the gate made of iron bars and went to sleep.
At dawn, the two servants of Adrian's mansion, who were in charge of guarding the basement, came into the basement on time, and then yelled to the sleeping slaves in the room, “up, all up.”
In their loud cheers, Hankook, who was sleeping soundly, woke up from his sleep.
When she saw Li Yi, who was still sleeping soundly with her back against the gate, she felt inexplicably relaxed.
However, her heart, which she had just put down, immediately hung high again.
Because the two men are standing behind Li Yi at the moment. If he doesn't wake up again, he will be beaten.
Han KUKE, who couldn't bear to see Li Yi beaten, got up quickly, then quickly came to Li Yi and cried out, “Li Yi, Li Yi, wake up quickly…”
In her cry, Li Yi opened his eyes, and then looked at her blankly, “Hankook, what's the matter?”
A crisp sound sounded behind him, which scared Hankook, who was preparing to speak, back a step uncontrollably. Then, two men who came behind Li Yi grabbed him and threw him out.
But when he grasped Li Yi's shoulder, Li Yi instinctively grasped his big hand with a backhand, and then stepped back to pull it close to the door!
Without giving the man any chance to react, Li Yi struck out with one punch.
With a dull sound, the fist carrying the power of the majestic elephant smashed on the iron fence, and the thick iron fence bent.Although the iron fence blocked Li Yi's terrible blow, the man outside the iron fence was still shocked and his eyes protruded, and then a mouthful of blood gushed out.
Han cook, standing behind Li Yi, was stunned by the scene. He stared at Li Yi who dared to attack the servants of Adrian's mansion.You know, although these are lower class people, their identity is more noble than those lower class people. Li Yi is so reckless that it's hard to imagine what will happen.
Li Yi, a boxer, is also confused. This is not his original intention, it's all instinctive reaction!
“Ma Dan, when did I go so fast? Besides, all my injuries seem to be cured.”
After secretly shouting in the bottom of his heart for a while, Li Yi suddenly wakes up, and then releases the man who is pulled close to the iron fence by him.As his big hand released, the hapless guy immediately slipped down.
The other man standing next to him was also scared. Since they came to take charge of the slaves in the basement, such a thing had never happened. Now it happened suddenly, and he didn't know what to do. He just looked at Li Yi like that.
After a short period of stupidity, the man suddenly turned around, then left his unfortunate companion and ran away.
Looking at the man who turned around and ran out of the basement, Li Yi blinked, then turned back to Han cook to show his face with a smile, revealing a row of white teeth, with a innocent smile*
Chapter 10 Adrian's reward
“Beating people, beating people by slaves…”
The man who rushed out of the basement let off his feet and yelled at him. In his panic, many of the servants of Adrian's mansion looked at him.
The man went straight to the hall where Adrian was.
In the hall, Adrian is talking with a middle-aged man in Navy dress. Hearing the sound coming from the door, Adrian frowns slightly. The Navy sitting opposite him puts away the topic and drinks a glass of red wine.
At this moment, the man who rushed out of the basement rushed into the hall quickly, then knelt down in front of Adrian and said in a hurry, “no, Lord Adrian, the slave has hit someone.”
“Who?”Adrian's eyes flashed cold.
“Li… Li… Li Yi…”
“Oh,” after hearing the name of Li Yi, the cold light in Adrian's eyes disappeared, in exchange for a playful face, “he has the strength to hit people.Go and bring him here. ”
A trace of fear flashed in the man's eyes. Li Yi saw the whole process of killing him five times in the arena. Now Li Yi is in a violent state. He is looking for his own death when he goes to call Li Yi.
“It's not you, is it me?”Seeing the man's hesitation, Adrian suddenly roared, and then kicked forward. With a slap, the man's face was instantly twisted, and then fell to the ground.
The man who was woken up by a kick suddenly woke up and then rolled out of the hall.
Looking at the man who went out, Adrian looked back and said to the opposite Navy, “major general Tyr, Li Yi is the inferior human I just mentioned to you. I spent 50000 Bailey to buy it from the slave market. As a result, he won me nearly a billion Bailey in the arena. Come back, ha ha ha…”
“Lord Adrian, this is a treasure.”
Major general tyre laughed, then stood up and said, “I have something to do. I'll go first.”
“Don't you see this Li Yi?”
“No,” tyle stood up and bowed slightly. “Next time!”
“Take your time.”
Adrian doesn't want to stay either. He watches as tyle walks out of the hall. He goes back to his seat and sits down, waiting for Li Yi to come.
Soon, the man led the chained Li Yi into the hall.
Li Yi, who enters the hall, does not escape from Adrian's sight, but looks at him with hatred.
“You know, inferior humans.”
Seeing that Li Yi's eyes never changed, Adrian played with the jade finger on his thumb and said with a bloody grin: “I want to kill you, just as easy as pinching ants.If other inferior human looked at me with your eyes, I would have died many times.But you are still alive. Do you know why? ”
Li Yi didn't speak and looked at Adrian without blinking.
Adrian naturally needed Li Yi's answer. He stood up to Li Yi and said, “at the beginning, I spent 50000 Bailey to buy you back. It was just a whim. When I was in a bad mood, you would be the first one to be killed by me.But after seeing your performance in the arena, I suddenly didn't want to kill you.Your performance is wonderful, and your performance is exactly what the nobles and superior human beings in the arena want to see most.In the face of adversity, I killed my opponent at the time of a thousand troops. Tut Tut, I was attracted by your performance. ”
“The most important thing is that your performance last night made me a lot of money, so I'm not only not going to kill you, but also going to give you a little reward!”
Li Yi's eyes brightened.
“Yes, I've decided to let you move out of the basement, prepare a separate room for you, and send you three female slaves.”
“Three female slaves?”Li Yi's eyes were brighter. He took back his hate eyes and asked carefully, “can I choose for myself?”
Adrian was a little stunned, then nodded: “yes.”
“Well, I'll take the three sisters!”
“As you wish.”Adrian simply responded.
Seeing that Adrian agreed, Li Yi asked, “is there anything else?”
Adrian shook his head, waved his hand and said, “go down. I'll arrange for your room to be vacated later.When the room is free, you can take the three inferior humans out of the basement
Li Yi didn't speak any more and walked out of the hall with a heavy chain.
Looking at Li Yi who turned around and went out, Adrian turned his mouth with a touch of cruelty.
Let Li Yi move out of the basement to live in a separate room, he just want Li Yi to keep good spirit, and then make more money for him in the arena.
Li Yi's powerful survival Yuwang is not allowed to fall down easily.Such a strong survival Yuwang's existence, do not want to give him earn enough Bailey are difficult!
Of course, if Li Yi died in the arena, there would be no loss for him.
Next time I go to the slave market and buy back one at a low price
Li Yi doesn't know Adrian's abacus, but he has no choice but to bite his teeth
In the basement, Han cook's three sisters have been taken out to work. In the empty basement, Li Yi sits on the wet ground with his knees crossed, and his skills flashed quickly in his mind!
He has to master all these skills so that he can win the next fight.
Kill with one strike has been cultivated to level 叄, but this skill is a bug.One percent chance, he really can't guarantee that he can trigger successfully when he meets a strong enemy next time.
You can't rely on him to kill with one blow. He must learn the skills to fight against a strong enemy without losing.
This skill, of course, is the human level sword breaking skill he just practiced.
There are six types of human level sky breaking sword. Each type is an independent sword move. It has terrible lethality and needs strong support!
Li Yi doesn't need to worry about this, because he promoted the Prajna skill of dragon and elephant to the sixth level and gained the power of elephant.
The power of the elephant and the human level sword skill complement each other. He seems to see the blood flying and the head falling at his feet in the arena.
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Chapter 11 why bother each other
At dusk, the three sisters dragged their tired bodies into the basement, followed by more than ten male slaves who lived with them in the basement.They walked in behind the three sisters, because the three sisters got in the way and showed dissatisfaction one after another.
“Walk slowly and don't get in the way ahead, OK?”
Finally, someone could not stand the snail like walking speed of the three sisters and roared loudly. Without waiting for the three sisters to react, a tall man stepped forward to the front and back of them, then twisted one in one hand and threw out Hankook's two sisters.
Bang Bang twice, the two sisters, who were totally unprepared, fell on the cold wall and landed heavily.
The two sisters, who had been working hard for a day, had no chance to scream and then fainted. Looking at the two sisters who landed heavily, hancook was stunned on the spot. Then she turned around and yelled and rushed to the man.
“To die!”
See hancook toward himself, the man roared, and then slapped hard fan.
“Stop it
At this critical moment, a cold drink suddenly sounded, and then Li Yi, who had been sitting cross legged in the corner of the room, stood up.In his cold roar, the man's big hand slightly stagnated. Then he reluctantly took it back, and looked at Li Yi walking slowly.
Out of the corner, Li Yi takes a look at the two sisters who fell on the ground and fainted, and then comes to Hankook without expression.
The man who didn't know what happened in the arena saw that it was Li Yi, and his eyes suddenly became cold, “are you looking for death?”
Li Yi ignored him. After walking slowly to Hankook, he looked at him for a moment. Then he said softly, “Hankook, come behind me!”
Hearing Li Yi's gentle voice, hancook obediently walked to Li Yi's back, and then popped his head to show his cold eyes to the man.
After hancook walked behind him, Li Yi looked up at the man.
Looking at the man for a moment, Li Yi suddenly shook his head and sighed, “under the same roof, why bother each other?”
For the slaves in the basement, Li Yi held a heart of sympathy. If he could kill them, he would surely liberate them without hesitation.However, the man's behavior in front of him made him intolerable.This is not simply to fight for the injustice of Hankook's two sisters. If other slaves were treated like this, he would also stand up.
Hearing Li Yi's words, the man said coldly: “who let them get in the way…”
As soon as the word “Le” came down, Li Yi rushed forward, then grabbed his hair and hit the wall.
The shock of the impact sound sounded, the man immediately fainted.
Looking at the man who fell down, Li Yi clapped his hands and said faintly: “I'm really unrepentant!”
Li Yi's sudden move startled the male slaves who were standing behind the men. After a while, they all stepped back.
Hancook seems to be used to the sudden violence. After the blink of her big eyes full of aura, she suddenly rings the sound of her two comatose sisters, and then turns to run towards them.Li Yi also ignores the men standing in the corridor and comes to the comatose two sisters behind hancook.
“Li Yi…”
Squatting in front of the two sisters, Han cook sees that both sisters are unconscious. She looks up at Li Yi, and then stubbornly doesn't let the tears flow out.
Li Yi nodded, then bent down.
Then he put his hands on the heads of the two comatose sisters and treated them with healing surgery.
Under the treatment of the cure, the two sisters wake up one after another.
See two younger sisters wake up, stubborn Hankook can't help holding two younger sisters silently shed tears!
Looking at Han cook holding his two younger sisters in silent tears, Li Yi felt another stabbing pain in her heart. Then, she asked softly, “Han cook, would you like to leave the basement with me?”
Hancook's body trembled slightly, then looked up at Li Yi with tears in his eyes, “is that ok?”
Li Yi nodded and said, “today Adrian came to me and said that I helped him earn enough Bailey in the arena and prepared a separate room for me.”Li Yi only mentioned that Adrian had prepared a separate room for him, but he didn't mention that he was rewarded with three female slaves.Not to say, it's because, in his eyes, the three sisters are not slaves!
Looking at Li Yi standing in front of him like a mountain, hancook finally understood where Li Yi's scars came from last night.
“Let's go!”
Seeing that hancook didn't speak, Li Yi slowly reached out his hand and said in a soft voice, “if you leave the basement, they won't bully you three sisters!”
Hankook still did not speak, but looked at the two sisters.
Her two sisters obviously trust Li Yiji. After her eyes, they both nodded in silence.
Seeing that the two sisters nodded, hancook suddenly showed a smile that seemed to seize hope, and then stood up and followed Li Yi out of the cold, dark, scared basement!
Taking the three sisters to the house Adrian prepared for him, Li Yi pointed to a small room beside him and said, “there are only two bedrooms. I have to complain that you live here first.”
Hankook looked at Li Yi gratefully and said, “that's good.”
“Go ahead and rest early.”
Li Yi smiles mildly, and then strides to his bedroom.The three sisters didn't stop. They quickly walked to the door of their own hut and looked at a wooden bed. Although it was simpler, it was paradise compared with the cold ground in the basement.
After looking around the hut, Hankook suddenly turned to look at Li Yi who had just entered the door, “Li Yi.”
Hearing this, Li Yi stops and turns to look at her.
“Thank you.”
After saying these three words, hancook showed a mischievous smile, and then stepped into the hut.
Looking at hancook's naughty smile, Li Yi blinked, then shook his head and laughed.
Chapter 12 moon dance
The next day, Li Yi got up early in the morning. As soon as he opened the door, the three sisters in front of him stood up immediately.Looking at Han cook standing in front of the door, Li Yi was stunned, then said: “good morning, Han cook.”
“Good morning.”
Hankook answered shyly.
Li Yi glanced at the three sisters and asked curiously, “what are you doing?”
“They, they told us to clean your room.”
“Well, no…”
“They also asked us to wash your clothes.”
Li Yi was stunned and looked at Hankook without blinking.Before he could recover, hancook and his two sisters walked past him and into his room.
Li Yi finally regained his mind. He turned to look at the three sisters who came into the room and asked with a smile, “do they still tell you that if they don't take good care of me, they will punish you?”
Smell speech, Han cook small body slightly a quiver, immediately lightly nodded.
Seeing that he was right, Li Yi didn't speak and turned to go out.
Seeing that Li Yi turned around and left, hancook quickly raised his head to stop Li Yi. When Li Yi stopped, she said softly, “it's very good. The most important thing is to do something for Li Yi and take care of him. Hancook is very happy.”
Li Yi is silent. Hancook is right. If they don't do something for themselves, Adrian will definitely let the three sisters do other things.Thinking of this, he breathed a sigh of relief, then turned around and asked with a smile, “have you eaten yet?”
Hankook blinked and shook his head.
“Yes, I'll bring you something to eat.”
With that, Li Yi no longer stayed, turned and went out.
Just a few steps out, the two young men came quickly. Seeing that Li Yi was also coming towards them, they quickly called out: “Li Yi.”
Li Yi frowned slightly and then looked at them.
They quickly walked up to him, and then said hastily, “Lord Adrian asked you to come over.”
Li Yi is slightly a Leng, secret way, can't be to want to go up arena again tonight!
Thinking of this, he said quietly, “lead the way.”
Seeing that Li Yi didn't embarrass them, they breathed a sigh of relief, then turned around and took Li Yi to the reception hall.
When they came to the front door of the reception hall, they didn't go in, but turned to look at Li Yi.
Li Yi didn't speak and stepped in silently.
In the reception hall, Adrian sits at the top. In the chair at the bottom right of him, there is a Tianlong man who is bigger than Adrian.Looking at Li Yi who came in, the Tianlong man turned his head to Adrian, “Adrian, don't tell me, this is the inferior human who killed five times in a row in the arena.”
“Ha, if I didn't see it with my own eyes, I wouldn't believe it.”Adrian laughed, then waved to Li Yi and said, “come on, Li Yi, I've met you, Phoenix!”
Li Yi didn't speak. He just looked at Phoenix and looked away.
Seeing that Li Yi was so arrogant, a man standing next to Phoenix immediately stepped forward and said in a deep voice: “inferior human beings, I haven't seen Lord Phoenix yet!”
Li Yi doesn't care, but looks up to Adrian.
Adrian pinned his head aside and pretended not to see it.When the man saw that Li Yi was just a inferior human being, he was so arrogant that he ignored his own existence. He flew into a rage and strode forward to catch Li Yi lightning.
At the moment when his big hand was about to seize Li Yi, Li Yi took a step forward and turned around.
When he saw the man clearly, his pupils tightened slightly.The man's face is full of flesh. He has a huge sword on his back. His arms are bigger than his legs and full of explosive power.Of course, these as like as two peas, which are not the cause of Li Yi's pupil constriction, let Li Yi be so, because the man's forehead is printed with the same flying dragon hoof printed on his forehead.
After seeing the slave mark on the man's forehead, Li Yi suddenly laughed, “I thought how noble your presence is. It turns out that you are just a inferior human like me.”
Without waiting for the man to run away, Li Yi suddenly turned to look at Adrian, “Mr. Adrian, I know you want to see me kill him for your entertainment.If I get your reward, I will work for you.So give me a sword, and I will make your excellency Adrian happy. ”
“Ha ha…”
Hearing Li Yi's words, Adrian immediately turned his head, then stood up with a laugh and looked at Li Yi with a condescending look, “I really didn't read you wrong, you really know the current affairs.Ha ha, good.Come on, sword up
As his voice fell, a bodyguard standing outside the door quickly came in, and then took off his sword and handed it to Li Yi.
After grasping the sword in his hand, Li Yi nodded slightly to Adrian, then turned and stood face to face with the man.
“Pull out the sword,” Li Yi said in a flat tone after standing face-to-face with the man. “You and I are the same. I can't help it. So, whether you kill me or I kill you, don't blame each other, because we all want to live!”
Hearing Li Yi's words, an imperceptible emotional wave flashed through the man's pupil. Then, he bravely drew his sword out of the sheath, and then struck Li Yi with a sword.
Seeing the man's bland cleavage, Li Yi's eyes were slightly tight. The long sword still didn't come out of its sheath. After blocking the sword with its sheath, he stepped back two steps and said in a deep voice: “you'd better attack me with the strongest sword move, otherwise, my long sword will come out of its sheath and you will die!”
Seeing that Li Yi didn't seem to be arrogant, the man put away his temptation and stepped back, holding the sword in both hands.
After holding the sword in both hands, he suddenly raised his head, and then a sword in the air
Almost at the same time, Li Yi quickly drew his sword out of the sheath, and then flashed out!
The man's long sword, which was held high above his head, with the power of thunder, was cut on the ground, and the powerful sword air instantly cut a crack in the ground.
At the same time, Li Yi is behind the man, feeling the impact of the sword behind him. Li Yi slowly returns to the sword and goes into the scabbard. At the same time, he shouts: “chop · moon dance –”
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Chapter 13 this day is not too far away
Moon dance!
The first move of breaking the sky and pulling the sword
As Li Yi's voice fell, the sword went into the sheath silently, and then a blood mist came out of the man's throat and fell to the ground after pulling out a crescent arc in the mid air.
After the blood mist came out of his throat, the man's pupils contracted instantly, and then he fell down and hit the ground with a thump.
Seeing that the man was killed in a second, Phoenix stood up and Adrian laughed.
Li Yi, who returns the sword to the scabbard, slowly turns around and glances at the man lying on the ground. He looks up at Adrian, who laughs with pride.
“Good, good.”
Seeing that Li Yi looked to himself, Adrian nodded his head with satisfaction, then waved his hand and said, “step back.”
Li Yi didn't speak. He turned around in silence and went to the gate to return the sword to the guard.Looking at this scene, Adrian smiles again with satisfaction. If Li Yi leaves with a long sword, he won't be at ease.
After Li Yi left, Adrian immediately looked at the dull Phoenix and said with a smile, “Mr. Phoenix, you believe it.”
Phoenix nodded, then sighed, “OK, I lost.Tomorrow I'll have my bet sent to you. ”
“Don't worry. If you are not convinced, you can continue to find powerful guys.”
“Ha ha, Lord Adrian wants me to go bankrupt.”
“Where, where, my slave is not invincible. Lord Phoenix will find a stronger slave to win back.”Adrian said with a smile.Obviously, Li Yi killed the slaves of Phoenix, which made him very happy.
Phoenix shakes his head and sighs. Adrian is selling well when he gets a bargain.
Li Yigang just that sword, but let him lose half of the family property, how dare he come again!
Li Yi, who left the reception hall, has no extra ideas. What he can do now is to make Adrian happy as much as possible, and then gain more freedom in the mansion. In this way, he may not have to wait for Fischer tiger to show up to leave the damned holy land marjoria with the three sisters of Hankook.
The idea is beautiful, but if we really want to do it, it is undoubtedly difficult to go up to heaven.You know, marjoria, the holy land, is the headquarters of the world government. It's more heavily guarded than you can imagine. It's very difficult for him to rush out alone.
After standing in the yard and taking a long breath, Li Yi suddenly thought of bringing food for the three sisters. Where is the food?
Just when Li Yi was at a loss, the two young men who had gone to ask him to carry a big plate of delicious food ran towards him.Without waiting for Li Yi to recover, they ran to him and said, “Li Yi, this is what Lord Adrian asked us to send you.”
Looking at the food they were carrying, Li Yi said, “help me put it in the room.”
Without hesitation, they turned around and ran towards his house.
When they put the food in his room and returned, Li Yi walked to the room.
As soon as they got to the door, the three sisters came out. Seeing Li Yi appear, Han Cook said excitedly: “Li Yi, those food…”
“Well, it's for you. Eat it now.”
“May I?”
“Of course.”Li Yi smiles gently, then goes to the door and sits down.Seeing this, the three sisters cheered. They had never had a good meal since they were taken away by the traffickers. Now they suddenly had two plates of delicious food. They couldn't help it.
Sitting in front of the door, Li Yi looks back at the happy little appearance of the three sisters in the room. There is a warm current in his heart, and then he smiles silently.
At this moment, hancook suddenly stopped, and then looked up at Li Yi, “Li Yi, why don't you eat?”
“I have.”
Li Yi looked back and laughed, then stood up and said, “take your time and I'll walk.”
“Oh, good.”When he heard that Li Yi had already eaten it, Han cook had no worries and ate it with his two younger sisters.
Li Yi didn't go far, but walked around the two houses belonging to him and the three sisters of hancook, and then began to look at the luxurious mansion.
The mansion covers an area beyond Li Yi's imagination, and the security around it is extremely strict. On the high wall, there are almost three steps, one post, five steps, one sentry, 360 degrees, no dead angle!
After looking around, Li Yi sighed helplessly.
Don't mention rushing out of the holy land of marjoria. It's hard for him to kill even this Adrian mansion!
It seems that we have to let the system God give more rewards as soon as possible.
“Wait a minute.”
Thinking of the damned system, Li Yi suddenly stops and wonders.
He just killed the slave of Phoenix. Why didn't he get a reward!
It's not scientific.
Thinking of this, Li Yi quickly yelled at the bottom of his heart: “God seat.”
There is no sound, the mind is dead silent!
After waiting for a while, Li Yi chose to give up.It seems that you have to go to the arena to kill your opponent in order to get a reward.
At this time, hancook did not know when he came behind him. When he saw him standing in a daze, hancook cautiously called out: “Li Yi?”
Li Yi looked back at Hankook, then turned to him, “what's the matter, Hankook.”
“No, it's OK.”
Seeing that Hankook was still shy, Li Yi suddenly laughed, bent down and asked with a smile, “why, are you shy to see me?”
Hancook quickly looked up and looked at Li Yi, but after only one look at Li Yi, she looked away and said weakly, “no way.”
“Ha ha, it's sophistry.”
Li Yi suddenly put out his hand and touched Hankook's head, laughing and saying, “you see, his face is red.”
Hancook's face was reddened by his remark.
Seeing this, Li Yi stood up and asked softly, “Hankook, do you want to leave this mansion?”
Hancook was slightly stunned, then blinked his big eyes and looked up at Li Yi.
“Believe me, one day, I will take you three sisters out of this place!And this day, it won't be too far away. ”
Chapter 14 dare to kill Tianlong people?
In the next few days, Adrian surprisingly did not come to Li Yi. Li Yi was also happy and quiet. During the day, he spent boring time with the three sisters of Hankook. At night, he kept reviewing the skills he had learned.
Although Adrian didn't find him these days, God knows when Adrian will suddenly ask him to fight with the slave of which noble or let him enter the arena again.
If it were just the opponents he met in the arena for the first time, he would not be afraid.
But in this holy land of Maria, many powerful pirates have been captured and become slaves of the dragon people. If these powerful pirates are also pushed to the arena, he will not be lucky.
To improve his strength and master all skills and fighting skills is his top priority before escaping from the holy land of marjoria.
In the blink of an eye, half a month passed.
Adrian is here!
It's back, to be exact.
After Adrian appeared, Li Yi fully understood that it was not Adrian who made him so leisurely, but he ran to attend a birthday party of a great nobleman and delayed his time on his way back.
No, just after returning to the mansion, Adrian came to Li Yi's gate with a gloomy face.
Li Yi was waiting in his room when he learned that Adrian was coming back. Looking at Adrian who appeared in front of the gate, Li Yi stood up slowly and stepped out.
“Come with me.”
As soon as Li Yigang went out, Adrian left this sentence and turned away.
Seeing this, Li Yi murmured from the bottom of his heart that the goods didn't go out this time.
He thought so, but he didn't neglect.
Just after walking out a few steps, hancook suddenly ran out of her room and saw Li Yi following Adrian. Her face changed slightly and she called softly, “Li Yi…”
Hearing this, Li Yi looks at Hankook standing in front of the door and looks at the worry in Hankook's eyes. He immediately smiles.
Seeing Li Yi's smile, hancook's worry disappeared immediately, but she still told her, “be careful!”
Li Yi did not speak, nodded gently, followed by Adrian, and walked towards the hall.
After seeing them disappear at the corner, Hankook went back to the room, and the worry of just disappearing immediately rose.
Standing beside her, Sonya saw this and said in a low voice, “sister, Adrian is not going to let brother Li Yi go to the arena again.”
Hankook shook his head and looked out the door.
“Sister, if brother Li Yi is gone, what shall we do?”Sonya was worried, and her eyes flashed a sense of loss and fear of the future.
“Sonya,” looking at his worried sister, hancook gently held her in his arms and whispered, “Li Yi will be OK, no…”
In the hall, Adrian quietly went to his position and sat down, while Li Yi stood in the middle of the hall with a chain.
After a moment's silence, Adrian suddenly looked up at Li Yi with a gloomy face and said, “Li Yi, do you dare to kill Tianlong people?”
Li Yi is slightly a Leng, immediately, he secretly smile in the bottom of his heart.
It seems that Tianlong people are not so united on the surface, and this intrigue is really everywhere.
“As long as you help me kill that Tianlong man, I will allow you to go out of the mansion occasionally.”
Seeing that Li Yi didn't speak and just looked at himself without blinking, Adrian stood up and said with a gloomy face: “in three days, he will appear in the slave market, and I will cause chaos in the slave market.After you killed him, I'll take a few slaves to make amends. ”
Li Yi took his eyes back and grinned, “aren't you afraid I'll run away?”
“You can't escape.”
Adrian smiles confidently and says, “although I'm not in the mansion these days, I can see that you like the three female slaves very much.Of course, you can also abandon them for freedom, but even if you escape, you can never escape from the holy land of marjoria, because I have a hundred ways to let you die on the way!You know, this is the headquarters of the world government. I just need a phone bug, and tens of thousands of navies will work for me. ”
“Lord Adrian, you can think about it.I'm a slave. It's the same to kill anyone.But you are not the same. If one day the east window incident happens, everything you have now will be destroyed. ”
“You just have to answer me, dare or dare not!”
“Hey,” Li Yi's bloodthirsty smile, then, he slowly raised his head, “why don't you dare.”
“You are really different from other slaves.”Seeing Li Yi's response, Adrian gave a deep smile, “you should have refused, because if you dare to kill this dragon man, you will dare to kill me one day.So, your choice is not wise at all
Smell speech, Li Yi does not care, light way: “I really want to kill you.But, kill you, this holy land marjoria will have no place for me.So, even if I have a hundred reasons to kill you, my sword will not be drawn to you. ”
“I like your pride and intelligence.”Adrian stepped up to Li Yi, grinning bloodthirsty and said, “well, let's have a big fight!”
Three days later, Li Yi was taken out of Adrian's residence by two bodyguards.
Walking in the strange holy land of marjoria street, Li Yi does not dare to look around. He knows very well that since Adrian dares to take him out of his residence, he has already arranged everything.If anything happens to him at this time, I believe that in the blink of an eye there will be a large number of Navy and palace guards killed!
The two bodyguards seem to be very satisfied with Li Yi's performance, and they naturally don't want to see Li Yi mess.If Li Yi is in trouble at this time, they can't afford to go.
Through the street, through the market, around a park, a group of three people finally came to the gate of the slave market!
Looking at the open door of the slave market, Li Yi finally raised his head.
He was brought out of the gate by Adrian, and then stamped with the mark of slavery.
Now, he returns again, which makes Li Yi feel sorry.
Two bodyguards see Li Yi stop, immediately alert, as if facing the enemy.
Feeling their vigilance, Li Yi shook his head secretly, and then said faintly: “let's go!”
Seeing that Li Yi didn't act abnormally, they both breathed a sigh, and then took Li Yi into the gate.
Chapter 15 what I want, you can't afford it
The slave auction market was already overcrowded, with dozens of men, women, young and old captured by human traffickers standing on the auction table.At the VIP table in the first row, Adrian talks and laughs with an aristocrat around him.When Li Yi stepped in, he subconsciously looked back at Li Yi, then took back his eyes and continued to talk with the noble.
Because of the mark on Li Yi's head, Adrian had to find a jazz hat to wear.Under the cover of the Jazz cap, no one noticed his arrival. In the direction of two bodyguards, he went to a corner and sat down.
After looking around the whole auction market, Li Yi frowned slightly.
The auction market and the arena are similar. It's easy to kill Tianlong people here, but it's hard to escape.
After looking around, Li Yi takes his eyes back and looks at the Dragon man beside Adrian.
This Tianlong man is the target Li Yi wants to kill, and he is no one else. It is Phoenix who lost the general property to Adrian before.
Although Li Yi doesn't know what happened between Adrian and Phoenix, he doesn't care if he doesn't like tianlongren.Of course, he also admired Adrian. He wanted to kill Phoenix, but he had a good talk with him at this time.
Compared with Adrian's enthusiasm, Phoenix is much colder.
The auction has been going on for a long time, and the nobles are constantly asking for prices, otherwise some people will be bought away.Gradually, the figure on the stage less and less, and finally only two and a half hundred old people were heavily chained, trembling on the stage.
Seeing that the auction was drawing to a close, Phoenix, who had been reluctant to speak to Adrian, took the opportunity to stand up and said to Adrian, “Mr. Adrian, I'm going to take the next step.”
“Ha ha, it's time for me to go too. Really, these are all slaves. One by one, they want to kill them. There's no mind to bid.”
With that, Adrian stood up and looked at Li Yi in the corner again.
Seeing that Adrian looked to himself, Li Yi stood up quietly, then pulled down his jazz hat to cover half of his face.
At the same time, the bodyguard standing beside him handed the sword to him!
After grabbing the long sword, Li Yi suddenly uses a backhand sword to pierce the bodyguard's body.
The bodyguard didn't expect that Li Yi would give him a hand at all. With his eyes wide open, he grabbed Li Yi's arm.The other bodyguard standing on one side was silly. After half a sound, he suddenly woke up. Then he turned around and ran, shouting: “kill
With his roar, the whole auction hall was stunned.When they were shocked, Li Yi pulled out his sword and kicked the bodyguard away.
Seeing this, all of them woke up in an instant, and then ran to the gate in a panic.
Similarly, Adrian and Phoenix are also flustered. After looking at each other in the fluster, they rush to the gate with the crowd under the protection of their own guards.
After kicking the bodyguard away, Li Yi rushed into the crowd, knocked out a man in front of him with one punch, took off his cloak and put it on his body, and then followed the chaotic crowd out of the door quietly.
Li Yi rushed out of the gate, and a large number of navies rushed into the venue.
Looking at the Navy rushing into the meeting hall, Li Yi grinned bloodthirsty in the crowd, then locked his target under the protection of several bodyguards and ran to Phoenix on the right street.
“What are you doing? Hurry up…”
I do not know when to come to his side, Adrian see Li Yi standing still, said in a deep voice: “give you ten minutes.”
As soon as Adrian's voice fell, Li Yi jumped out.
Li Yi did not catch up with Phoenix, but rushed into a fork road.This is Adrian's prior arrangement. He will rush through this fork road and meet Phoenix in a lane.
Sure enough, Li Yi just crossed the fork road and came to the lane that Adrian said. Phoenix, under the protection of several bodyguards, ran toward him in a panic.
Seeing this, Li Yi's eyes tightened slightly, and then stretched out his right hand to press the hilt slowly!
At the same time, Phoenix and his party, who were only five feet away from him, finally found him. They saw him standing in the middle of the tunnel with a long sword, protecting his two bodyguards. They moved forward quickly, and said coldly: “those in front, get out of the way.”
“Hey, hey…”
Hearing the shouts of the two bodyguards, Li Yi raised his head fiercely and then drew his sword.
With a local sound, the sword came out of its sheath.Then, Li Yi quickly bows down and flies out like a ghost.
Two bodyguards just feel in front of a flower, Li Yi and they pass by, standing firmly in front of Phoenix.As soon as Li Yigang stood firm, the throat of the two bodyguards who passed him suddenly floated out a strange blood mist. Then, they didn't even have a chance to scream and fell to the ground.
Watching the lightning sweep out, standing in front of himself, Li Yi, Phoenix pupil a tight, then exclaimed: “it's you.”
“It's me, Lord Phoenix!”
Li Yi smiles and holds the hilt with his big hand.
“I see.”
Phoenix surprisingly did not have too much fear, but slightly calm said: “Adrian asked you to come.Ha ha, good you Adrian, don't you call the slave to kill me after saying a few words at the party? ”
Looking at the feigned calm Phoenix, Li Yi's face was expressionless and said coldly, “wake up, Phoenix!”
Hearing Li Yi's cold and heartless voice, Phoenix quickly waved his hand and said, “as long as you don't kill me, I'll give you whatever you want…”
The Blazing Sword air bloomed in the air. Before he finished his words, phoenix only felt a cold breath surging. The next moment, his head would fly high and hit the ground heavily after throwing a half moon arc in the mid air, splashing with blood mist.
After killing Phoenix with one sword, Li Yi threw the long sword aside and said softly, “what I want, you can't afford it!But for the sake of what you're willing to give me, I'll let Adrian come down with you as soon as possible. ”
Chapter 16 the only dependence
As soon as Li Yi killed Phoenix, Adrian came out from the other corner with several bodyguards. Seeing that Li Yi's sword was thrown aside, he quickly came over and said with a smile: “tough enough, I like it, ha ha ha…”
Li Yi did not speak and looked at him in silence.
Knowing Li Yi's temperament, he didn't care. Instead, he waved to the bodyguard beside him and said, “what are you doing? Hurry to carry this guy away. Don't let anyone else find out.”
The bodyguards rushed forward, then took out a bag to load Phoenix, then carried it and disappeared at the end of the tunnel.
After watching the guards leave, Adrian immediately smiles and looks at Li Yi.Li Yi quietly put on the Jazz cap again, and then said faintly, “is there anything else?”
“No, No.”
Adrian laughed, then turned around and said, “let's go!”As his voice dropped, he turned and went out.
Li Yi, who followed him, looked around and saw that there was no one in the four places.
However, the thought that Adrian could not be so careless, alone with himself, he immediately put up with it.
The more Adrian is like this, the less he dares to act rashly.
Adrian is not the kind of person who easily believes in others, especially the 'inferior human' guy. If he is so confident that he is not afraid to kill him here, he must have his own arrangement.
Thinking of this, Li Yi relaxed and walked out of the alley behind Adrian in silence.
The pedestrians on the street outside the alley were not affected by the chaos of the slave market at all. There was still a lot of noise and excitement.
Adrian was very happy because Phoenix was killed. After taking Li Yi back to the hall of the mansion, he went to his seat and sat down. Then he looked up at Li Yi who was standing in the middle of the hall. “Do you know what I want to kill him?”
Li Yi shook his head and said, “I don't know, I don't want to know.”
“Ha ha, he was in a bad mood because he lost half of his fortune in a bet with me, so he talked to me at the party like I killed his lover.”
Li Yi is slightly stunned. It seems that Adrian is cruel not only to slaves, but also to Tianlong people.When someone loses his property, he must be in a bad mood, and because of this, he will kill people?
Li Yian trembled at the bottom of his heart. If in the future, he would not like to see anyone in the mansion, would he let him die in the dark?
He can't control the life and death of others, but what about the three sisters?
“I mean what I say,” said Adrian, standing up in front of Li Yi and smiling. “You are allowed to leave the residence once a month.But the premise is that if you go out of the mansion, you have to report to me first. ”
“By the way,” Adrian said suddenly, “there will be a competition the day after tomorrow. I'll name you.You must win. I've made a big bet on you. ”
After leaving the hall, Li Yi went back to his independent hut. In the distance, he saw the three sisters standing in front of the door.At the same time, the three sisters also saw him and saw that he came back intact. They were all secretly relieved and then laughed away.
Looking at the three sisters in front of his door, the warm current of Li Yi's heart flows silently. Then, he strides over and asks with a smile, “why, are you worried that I won't come back?”
Under Li Yi's direct vision, hancook quickly looked away, and then said shyly, “there's no such thing.”
“Ha ha.”
Looking at Hankook's shy appearance, Li Yi forgot the tension of going to the arena again. Then he laughed twice and said to Hankook, “Hankook, I'm hungry.”
“Ah,” did not expect Li Yi suddenly such a sentence of Han cook big eyes a stare, then said with a smile: “yes, have been prepared for you.”
Smell speech, Li Yi big hand a wave, way: “all come up.”
“Good,” Hankook said repeatedly, then trotted into the room with his two sisters and brought out all the food he had prepared.
Looking at the food, Li Yi sat down on the spot, then grabbed two hams and wolfed them down.
Seeing Li Yi's exaggeration, the three sisters looked at each other and then looked at each other with a smile.
Seeing that the three sisters put down their food and looked at themselves, Li Yi said while swallowing it: “you eat too. If it's not enough, let Adrian send it.”
“We have.”Hankook changed his posture and looked at Li Yi, who was exaggerating. With a trace of curiosity, he asked softly, “Li Yi, what did Adrian tell you to do? How can I always feel that he is very kind to you?”
Smell speech, Li Yi stops abruptly, look at Han cook without blinking immediately.Seeing Hankook looking at himself curiously, he put down the ham in silence and whispered, “Hankook, you are still young now. When you grow up and know these worldly things, you won't think Adrian is good to me.”
“Oh.”Hankook blinked. Obviously, she didn't understand what Li Yi was saying.
Seeing Hankook's curiosity and doubts, Li Yi suddenly smiles and says, “I'll tell you a story.Once upon a time, there was a general who was very kind to his soldiers.In a battle, a soldier was injured and his thigh was infected. In order to prevent the thigh infection from spreading, the general sucked out all the pus blood from his wound with his mouth.After this, the soldier's neighbors envied his relatives very much. Some people even said to the soldier's mother that the general treated your son like this. Your son is really lucky.But the mother cried when she heard about it.The neighbor didn't understand, so he asked, why do you cry when the general is so kind to your son?My mother said that the more kind the general was to my son, the more desperate he would be once he went to war.Of course, Adrian is not the general, the general is really good to the soldier, and Adrian is not really good to me.But the truth is the same, their good, may let that soldier and I die on the battlefield!However, I am different from that soldier, who is willing to die for the general, but I can't help myself
Seeing that Hankook was staring at himself without blinking and didn't fully understand what he said, Li Yi shook his head and laughed, “Hankook, you just need to know that Adrian is not really good to me, and I won't be easily killed by him. I will take you three sisters away from this ghost place.”
Smell speech, Han cook body slightly trembles, immediately, her big eyes a trace of fog, and then hard nod!
She knew that since Li Yi had told her, he would do it.
As for why she believed Li Yi so much, she didn't know.
What she knows is that in this big holy land, Mary chiaya, Li Yi is the only one she and her two sisters depend on!
Chapter 17 re visit the arena
Arena, the place Li Yi is afraid of and looking forward to!
The first time he appeared, he almost died in the arena. Although he survived in the end, this place left an indelible shadow in his heart.
And the expectation is that his divinity system will give him the reward of survival. With the reward, he can exchange survival skills.With survival skills, he can live longer in this pirate world.
But it doesn't matter whether he's afraid or expecting.
He has the final say in the arena, because he has no freedom.
For Li Yi, who once lived in a completely free country, the word “freedom” is a dispensable word.But in this world of pirates, it is the dream of countless people, and it is this dream that makes many people rush to the sea without hesitation, and then sail freely!
Li Yi, who is still sitting in the separate lounge, looks at the fighting in the arena through the iron bars, and his eyes are gradually blurred.
He is eager for freedom now!
Because of Li Yi's perfect performance before, Adrian did not let him enter the arena early, but let him play as the last person.That is to say, among the 24 people tonight, he only needs to kill the winner who finally stands on the stage.
Of course, there is also a possibility that he will be killed to make others brilliant!
Around the arena, Li Yi's familiar and disgusted cheers are still the same. In the arena, two gladiators are desperate to survive!
The first few gladiators appeared on the stage with mediocre strength. Although they were desperate to fight, they still caused dissatisfaction from the audience. No matter who stood at the end of the stage, they would be scolded by the audience all around, and even yelled to let the arena organizers send powerful gladiators to the stage.
Finally, in their shouting, a middle-aged man with double knives walked out of a separate lounge next to Li Yi.With the appearance of the middle-aged man, the audience immediately burst out with a roar like hair / emotion.
“Oh, my God, the one who came on the stage…”
I don't know who roared excitedly in the audience. As his roar fell, many people began to cry out, “sak, sak,…”
Listening to the continuous shouting, Li Yi can't help but look more at Sark. Sark's height is almost the same as that of him. Barebacked, he is full of explosive power, especially the tiger eyes, which are supposed to be head up, but bring invisible pressure, which makes people dare not look directly at him!
“This guy is strong.”
Li Yi secretly tightened the long sword on the tight side, and then looked at Sark intently.
Sark stepped on the arena in silence. After looking around, he looked at a big man standing opposite!
Under the gaze of his eyes, the man quickly looked away.
“One move!”
Sark made a sudden noise and raised a finger.
When he raised his finger, the audience around him was boiling again, and the cry of “saksak” came out constantly, resounding over the arena.
Hearing the shouts all around, Sark suddenly grinned bloodthirsty and then bowed down.
As he bowed down, the man standing opposite him was on guard!
With a roar, the lightning burst out.
At the same time, the big man jumped up, and then raised his huge hammer to smash it down.
Looking at the huge hammer struck by lightning, some disdain flashed in Sark's eyes, and then, with constant speed, he split his right hand knife against the huge hammer.
With an extremely shocking explosion, the huge hammer smashed by lightning was split by a knife.After splitting the hammer, Sark suddenly turned over two 360 degrees and cut out his left hand knife.
The speed makes Li Yi's eyes tight, who has been watching the battle in the arena.
As soon as his pupils were tight, there was a slight piercing sound in the arena, followed by the picture of the man's head flying high!
Not waiting for the audience around to respond, Sark turned 360 degrees, and his right hand knife flashed out again.
The extremely piercing sound sounded again, and the knife gas flashed from the big man's waist.
The spirit of the sword disappeared. The man's head was cut off, and his body was also cut off. Then he fell down on both sides. In the blood fog, Sark had stopped his sword and stood up!
In the rest room, Li Yizhi stood up and looked at the sack who killed the man cleanly. His face was full of shock
Li Yi came back to his senses only after a long time.
At the same time, the whole arena boiling to the point where it is hard to add, the cry of saksak resounds through the night sky again and spreads all over the holy land of marjoria.
In the audience's shouts, Sark suddenly turned to look at the referee's bench, grinning bloodthirsty and said: “put the rest of the team on the court!”
Hearing Sark's words, the referee was in a quandary. It was a one-on-one fight. Everyone was allowed to play. This arena has never appeared before.
Without waiting for the referee to speak, the audience, after hearing Sark's words, cried out one after another: “all players, all players…”
In the shouting of the audience, the referee still did not dare to make a decision, but picked up the phone and dialed out.
After the phone was connected, the referee told us all about it.
Soon, he put down the phone bug and called out to the guards in front of the main lounges: “open the door and let them all play!”
The iron door opened, and the remaining ten gladiators walked out one after another, and then stood opposite Sark in the hysterical shouts of the audience.
Li Yi didn't walk out of the rest room immediately, but after the iron door was opened, he tightened his sword and raised his head slowly.
“One more!”
At this moment, sak, standing in the arena, suddenly roared. With his roar falling, all the gladiators looked at Li Yi standing in the lounge.
“This man is…”
“Li Yi, it's actually Li Yi, ha ha ha ha…”
“Isn't this the boy who killed five companies? I'll see.”
“Li Yi, what are you still staring at? Hurry up and give us a performance…”
In the shouting of these people, Li Yi took a deep breath, then walked out of the lounge and stepped onto the arena step by step!
Thank you, brothers and sisters, thank you*
Chapter 18 the law of the jungle
Li Yi's appearance once again pushed the atmosphere of the arena to the top.Many people hope to see Li Yi bring a miracle in this arena. For them, Li Yi's appearance is like a fresh food, which can bring them a moment of excitement and fun.This is like a superior human or world aristocrat who accidentally finds a treasure he has never seen in the street. Naturally, he will feel fresh for a period of time.
In the shouting around the auditorium, Li Yi didn't get carried away. Instead, he came to the edge and stopped in silence.
“You all listen to me.”
As soon as Li Yi stopped, Sark said coldly, “I'm the only enemy you have today, so use all your strength, or you'll be the first to die.”
As soon as the voice fell, Sark stepped back abruptly. Then, his body bowed slightly, and his majestic power was powerful!
Feeling the pressure of Sark, several gladiators standing in the front looked at each other. Then, they suddenly gave a tacit roar and rushed to Sark.
Looking at the several gladiators who rushed towards him, Sark's eyes were tight, and then his double swords came out.
Shua Shua
Turning his body quickly, the double swords shake up the sharp air of the swords, like a whirlpool, with him as the center, surging out, and then, his whole fast as lightning ejection, and in an instant, he passed by two gladiators
After passing by the two gladiators, Sark kept his pace and rushed to the gladiator who had not yet had time to kill him with sharp whirlpool knife.
Standing on the edge, Li Yi didn't move. Instead, he pressed the handle of the sword with one hand and held it tightly with the other hand. His eyes were watching sak like a wolf into a sheep without blinking.
Sark is very strong and very fast.The two gladiators who passed him didn't know what was going on. After Sark flashed between them, they suddenly stopped and then slowly dropped their hands.
With their hands down, two blood mist immediately floated from them.
At the same time, Sark, who rushed to the crowd, rolled up the sharp whirlpool and rushed forward. Every time he was struck by lightning, he swept like a hurricane, and then the figure of the gladiator who passed him fell down.
In less than a minute, Li Yi and the other two gladiators stood alone.
And Sark stood on the bodies of two gladiators who fell at his feet. His eyes were red, and he looked at Li Yi and the other two gladiators like a cheetah.
In one minute, ten gladiators fell down. From beginning to end, these fallen gladiators didn't even have the chance to scream, so they went to hell. The amazing speed and clean second kill made Li Yi's hair stand on end.
All around the audience completely crazy, a wave over a wave of shouts resounded through the arena, spread all over the holy land of marjoria!
Under Sark's cold eyes, the two gladiators standing with Li Yi were shivering with fear in their eyes.
Obviously, the strength of Sark made them submit directly.
All of a sudden, the two shivering people cried out in order, then turned around and ran.
Looking at the two people who turned around and ran, Sark grinned bloodthirsty, then bowed down, and the majestic prestige spread again.
A sound of breaking through the air came out quietly, followed by the Sark who ran out like a rabbit.In an instant, he jumped into the air behind the two gladiators, and then he turned 360 degrees. His double knives rolled up a whirlpool again, and the air of the knives shrouded the two gladiators.
Seeing that the two gladiators were about to die in his fierce whirlpool knife, Li Yi, who had been standing by to watch the battle, moved.When the whirlpool knife gas flashed in the air and enveloped the two gladiators, he took a step forward and pressed the big hand of the hilt tightly at the same time.
The long sword came out of its sheath and stirred up a touch of strange sword Qi.
Then, Li Yi's body is like a ghost
The clear sound of collision suddenly came out, followed by the whole backward out of the Sark, his right hand knife is almost out of the hand.After more than ten steps in a row, Sark stops at the edge of the arena and looks surprised at Li Yi who has saved the two gladiators.
Li Yi also stepped back a few steps, if not for the two gladiators behind him, he would be absolutely shocked by the whirlpool knife!
Although he didn't fall into the arena, the Gladiator fell into the arena in the impact of his retreat.
At the same time, Li Yi, who also retreated to the edge of the arena, slowly returned to the sword and put it into the scabbard, then bowed down to press the handle of the sword, and looked at the sack on the edge of the arena in front of him without blinking.
Sak didn't expect that Li Yi could block his double swords. Seeing Li Yi's sword back into the sheath, he put away his previous arrogance, grasped the double swords and looked at Li Yi without blinking.
The two kept absolute silence and looked at each other. The audience in the audience all around were surprisingly quiet when they saw the two people facing each other. One by one, their necks were so long that they looked at each other like the good students who listened carefully in class!
“Save him now, and they will die later!”
At this moment, Sark broke the silence and then said coldly, “no matter you live or I live, they can't leave the arena alive.Because they are the weak, the weak are not allowed to live in this arena
“Of course.”
After a slight pause, the corner of Sark's mouth began to bend and he was bloodthirsty
As the word “I” fell, Sark leaped up abruptly, his double knives rolled up at the same time, and the sharp whirlpool was swept away towards Li Yi with astonishing speed.
Almost at the same time, Li Yi also jumped into the sky.
“Cut · moon dance!”
At the same time, Li Yi pulls out his sword in a loud shout
The bright sword Qi blooms again, and then collides with the sharp whirlpool sword Qi.
There was a loud bang, and the Qi of the sword was suppressed by the Qi of the sword.
At the same time, Li Yi's body is like a ghost. In a flash, he passes by Sark!
There was no imagined blood flying, and there was no Sark's shrill scream.Yes, it's just the remnant of Sark who drifted away with the wind after Li Yilue
Looking at the shadow of the wind, Li Yi's pupil is tight.
Without waiting for him to recover, Sark Hengkong, who dodged Li Yi's fatal blow, appeared on Li Yi's head, then quickly turned down and swept Li Yi with two whirlpools of knife air.
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Chapter 19 ghost dance (first watch)
In this critical moment, Li Yi with the same amazing speed to one side.
But he still took a slow step, and the whirlpool knife gas from the lightning flashed in front of him, with a blood mist floating in the air.
Without waiting for Li Yi to come back to his senses, the successful Sark moves up close to Li Yi's chest like a shadow!
“What a speed
Looking at sak, Li Yi's pupils contracted again, and then he fell backward.
Just as he leaned back and fell down, the double knives from the lightning struck his face and swept the door.Seeing that Li Yi was able to avoid double swords in such a situation, Sark suddenly roared and then pressed down his hands.
With a dull sound, Li Yi was shocked to the ground heavily by sak's hands. The strong impact force and rebound force made his blood gush out.But the situation could not tolerate his hesitation. After a mouthful of blood, he rolled to one side and dodged the attack that Sark followed.
After avoiding the two terrorist attacks of Sark, Li Yi, who was so frightened that he was in a cold sweat, had no time to pay attention to his injury. After quickly turning over and standing up, he stepped back two steps to keep a certain distance from Sark.
After failing to take down Li Yi's head in three consecutive moves, Sark stopped the stormy attack and looked at Li Yi, who turned over and stood up and stepped back two steps, with two knives in his hand.
“Sark, kill him!”
“Li Yi, continue to create your miracle!”
Because of the thrilling battle scene, the nervous audience also breathed out one after another after they retreated and stopped.After a sigh of relief, they cheered for their respective supporters. Of course, they didn't really cheer for Li Yi and Sark, but for their bet.
At the VIP table, Adrian calmly looked at Li Yi, who was slightly embarrassed. He looked at the two wounds on Li Yi's chest, and he grinned deeply.
With his understanding of Li Yi, the more Li Yi goes to a desperate situation, the more terrifying his power will be!
Sure enough, Li Yi's face kept unchanged, as if the scar was not on him. His tiger eyes were shining, and he didn't cover up the winning Yuwang.
This is still the familiar look in Adrian's eyes, and it's the same look that makes him pay more attention to Li Yi without any worry.Although the change of rules in the arena made him a little uncomfortable, as long as Li Yi stood at the end, he was the biggest winner!
Li Yi pressed the handle of the sword motionless, his eyes focused, and let the blood in front of him flow out slowly, dyeing his clothes red!
He is not afraid of the pain from the wound to his whole body. On the contrary, it makes him more eager to win and live.The power of the elephant flowed in the dark, and then poured into his right hand holding the hilt. As the power of the elephant poured into his right hand, the sword body in the scabbard began to vibrate slightly, and then a slight sword chant came out.
Feeling that Li Yi's momentum is changing quietly, Sark knows that he can't stand still any longer. Although it's the first time to see Li Yi, he has heard about Li Yi's deeds in the arena before.
This is a terrible guy who can work miracles without losing his breath. For such a guy, his only way to win is to completely wipe him out with a stormy attack!
Thinking of this, Sark bent down and flashed out.
The sharp whirlpool sword air reappeared, and swept in front of Li Yi after making a piercing sound in mid air.
Li Yi didn't move. The big hand holding the hilt of the sword was frantically exerting its power. With the great power of the elephant pouring into the sword, the sword body trembled more and more fiercely, and the pleasant sword chanted to the scabbard and resounded over the arena.
At the same time, Sark, the lightning bolt, has jumped to the sky above Li Yi's head.
“Go to hell!”
In the roar, Sark quickly turned over and fell down vertically. His hands and knives were shining with a chilling light, like a meat grinder.
Finally, Li Yi, who was angry with the sabre, moved his head when Sark fell vertically. He took a step back, then quickly moved forward, and at the same time quickly pulled out his sword.
“Chop, ghost dance!”
Li Yi moves forward two feet in an instant. Behind him, three shadows connect with him to form a Z word, and then the sword shadow blooms all over the sky, and the sword spirit like a raging wave covers Sark
In the fierce wind of the sword, Sark only felt the impact of the boundless sword wave, which was as vast as the sea, and then the blood mist came out of him.
Chop, ghost dance
The second move of breaking the sky and pulling the sword!
In the rising blood fog, Sark suddenly screamed, and then the whole person fell vertically, heavily touching the ground.
At the same time, Li Yi puts his sword into the scabbard, then turns around and looks at the sack without expression.
Seeing that Sarian spat out a few mouthfuls of blood and his double knives were scattered to one side, he breathed a sigh of relief, and then looked to the audience.
After Li Yi looked at the audience, the silent audience jumped up one after another, and one by one cried out: “Li Yi, Li Yi, Li Yi…”
Similarly, Adrian stands up with a smile and looks at Li Yi for a moment. Then he turns and leaves the VIP table.
Li Yi killed Sark. Today's victory has been decided. What he has to do now is to exchange his rich gambling money.
Just as he turned around, the two gladiators who had been saved by Li Yi came back to the arena.This is the rule of the arena. Once you enter the arena, you have to fight to the last person. If you want to leave, you have to kill all the living people!
Li Yi did not notice the arrival of the two, but secretly used healing to treat his injuries, while waiting for the system to prompt him to kill the enemy to get a reward.
However, the system seems to be paralyzed in general, there is no response at all!
“What's the matter?”
See the voice of the system does not ring, Li Yi Leng Leng Leng, then open the exchange box in the sea.
Survival is still zero
“I'll go, the system won't be really paralyzed!”Li Yi is secretly worried. If the system doesn't come out, won't his idea of getting more rewards come to nothing?
Chapter 20 bring your dignity (second watch)
Just as Li Yi was annoyed by the system's silence, there was a riot in the audience around him. Seeing this, Li Yi quickly recovered his mind.
At the same time, the two gladiators who came back to the arena tremblingly also stood opposite him!
See two gladiators came to the arena again, Li Yi slightly a Leng, and then looked to the referee on the bench.As if the referee knew what Li Yi wanted to ask, he said faintly: “in this arena, only one person can leave alive.You've saved them before, but they're just stepping down.Now there are only three of you alive in the arena. You choose to kill each other or you choose the two of them! ”
“Of course, it's a choice.”
As soon as the referee's voice fell, those supporters of Li Yi in the audience immediately yelled: “those two less than five dregs Li Yi killed with one sword.”
“Yes, Li Yi quickly killed them and finished today's performance.”
“Kill them…”
“Kill them…”
Listening to the shouts in the audience, Li Yi didn't do anything, but slowly turned to look at the two gladiators.
This scene has never been similar.
Looking at the two wary gladiators, a trace of intolerance flashed in Li Yi's eyes.
When he first stepped on the arena, he was yelled to be killed by the so-called superior human beings and world nobles in the audience.
Only different time, at that time no one sympathized with him!
“We have no choice!”
After watching the two wary gladiators for a moment, Li Yi suddenly took a deep breath, kicked the two long swords at his feet, and then said faintly, “I have the same experience as you. At that time, all of them asked my opponents to kill me.At that time, I was very afraid, but it was useless to be afraid, because no one would sympathize with you, and your opponent would not let you go.Therefore, I have to overcome the fear in my heart, such as a lone wolf, even if it is black and blue, I have to bite my teeth to fight.Finally, I stood on the stage, alone!Now, they start to shout my name, but I don't feel proud of it, because even if I kill all the opponents standing opposite me, it's just a tool for them to have fun.Now the only thing I can do is to put dignity in my heart, and then be humble and live longer. ”
“And if I want to live longer, I can't let you live.But I promise you to die with dignity
After a slight pause, Li Yi suddenly raised his voice and yelled: “take up the sword under your feet, take your dignity and fight with me!”
In Li Yi's impassioned cry, the two gladiators, who were already trembling, put down their fear, and then bent down to pick up the sword that Li Yi kicked them.
Two gladiators hold the sword and stand up straight. Then they roar and kill Li Yi.
“I'm sorry!”
Looking at the two gladiators who rushed to him, Li Yian said these three words freely in his heart, followed by the first move of the human level sword breaking.
The result is self-evident. The two gladiators are weaker than he was when he first appeared on the stage. In the demonic sword sweeping, they keep a forward posture and brush past Li Yi. Then two blood mists come out of their throat
After passing the two men, Li Yi directly put his sword into the scabbard, and then walked toward the slowly opened arena door without looking back.
Behind them, they couldn't kneel down and then slammed to the ground.
Li Yi didn't look back, not because he didn't respect them, but because he couldn't bear to see them fall!
Because, in these two people's body, he saw his first time on the arena shadow.
I can't bear to kill, but I have to.
Without looking back, Li Yi left the arena and walked into his lounge. After closing the door heavily, he breathed a long breath, and then sat down powerlessly.
I'm alive again!
In front of the hut of Adrian's mansion, which belongs to his three sisters and Hankook, Hankook squats on the threshold alone after his two sisters have gone to sleep, and looks up at the path in front of him.
That's the only way for Li Yi to leave and come back every day. When she learned that Li Yi had gone to the arena again, her heart was tense again, because she didn't dare to tell her two sisters that she had to watch alone in front of the door after they fell asleep.
As time went by, it was completely dark.
Hankook, who had been watching for two hours, finally ran towards the gate at the risk of being beaten by the housekeeper.
Just after she ran more than ten steps, a figure suddenly jumped into her eyes.
Seeing the figure suddenly appearing at the corner, hancook's body trembled slightly, and then looked up at the figure without blinking.
After confirming that the figure was Li Yi, she couldn't help but rush to Li Yi.
Smelling the pungent smell of blood on Li Yi's body, and looking at the three exaggerated wounds on his chest / front, hancook blurs his eyes instantly.
“Hankook, you're still up.”
Seeing that Hankook ran to the front of him, Li Yiqiang held back the stabbing pain in front of his chest and bent down. He even squeezed out an ugly smile and asked, “why, have you been bullied?”
Hancook shook his head hard. In his blurred eyes, two lines of tears fell quietly.
Seeing this, Li Yi's inexplicable stabbing pain reappeared. Then, he patted Hankook's head and said in a low voice: “so, he must have been bullied!Tell Li Yi who bullied Hankook. ”
Just as Li Yi's voice fell, hancook suddenly jumped into Li Yi's arms and began to cry.
Hancook was not bullied. She cried with joy when she saw Li Yi come back alive!
No matter in which world, there is a kind of happiness called lost and recovered, and tears of joy.
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Chapter 21 spiritual sustenance (third watch)
Time flies. In the blink of an eye, three years flash by.In the past three years, Li Yi, apart from practicing human level sword breaking in the backyard of Adrian's mansion, was brought to the major arenas by Adrian to earn hundreds of millions for him.
In the past three years, Li Yi gained the trust of Adrian and was able to enter the residence freely.Of course, Adrian didn't trust Li Yi completely. Behind his back, he was more strict with the three sisters than before.Adrian knows that as long as the three sisters of Hankook are controlled by him, Li Yi can't escape from him!
These Li Yi do not take heart, let him hard to accept, is the disappearance of the system.Without the system, he would not be able to cultivate more advanced skills. Without the advanced skills, he would not be able to escape from the residence of Adrian and the holy land of marjoria.
In three and a half years, he won 98 games in a row in each major arena. In the 98 games of life and death, he killed more than 300 people. As more and more people died under his sword, he was indifferent to death. Gradually, he was no longer afraid, no longer afraid, no longer worried that he would die in the arena.
With the passage of time, the name of Li Yi gradually resounded through the major arenas, and it is also the holy land of fame.No matter which arena Li Yi goes to, there will be thunderous applause and the heartless cry of many superior human beings and world nobles.There were many aristocrats who came to Adrian and wanted to sell li Yi from him at a high price, but every time Li Yi didn't wait for Adrian's consent, Li Yi went straight away.
Adrian naturally will not sell. For him, Li Yi is a golden mountain. As long as Li Yi does not fall in the arena for a day, he can build a huge empire of money.
The reason for Li Yi's distance is very simple. If he left Adrian's residence, God knows what the three sisters will suffer.
In the past three years, every time Li Yi came back from a serious injury, hancook would take care of him until he was fully recovered. Although there was a cure, it was better to take care of him than to sit in the corner.
Over time, he relied on this feeling of being taken care of, but also inseparable from more and more beautiful Hankook, and her two sisters.Although he was also the only support of the three sisters, in this strange world of pirates, how could the three sisters not be the sustenance of his soul?
When a new day comes, Li Yi squats in front of the door and does not move.Hankook, who came out of the room, saw this, walked slowly to him, and asked with a smile, “Li Yi, what are you thinking?”
“I'm counting the time.”Li Yi took back his sight, then pointed to the gap around him. Han cook motioned to sit down, blinked his big eyes full of aura and asked, “what time?”
“It's been three years and six months since we came to this mansion, and it's a little closer to four years.”
“Four years, what four years?”
“Keep secret,” Li Yi smiles mysteriously, then stands up and asks Hankook, “Hankook, do you want to go out with me?”
Hankook stood up and said excitedly, “is that ok?”
Hearing the speech, Li Yi suddenly wakes up and sighs at the bottom of his heart.
At that moment, he forgot that they were in Adrian's house.Now when he heard what Hankook said, he realized that he had a certain degree of freedom, but the three sisters did not!
“Nothing.”As if he knew what Li Yi was thinking, Han Kuk said with a smile, “go ahead and bring us some gifts.”Then she walked slowly to their cottage.
Looking at Hankook who went out, Li Yi breathed a long breath. How could he walk so slowly in this damned time!
After a moment's silence, Li Yi didn't go out. Instead, he turned and walked into his room. Looking at the sword hanging on the wall, he clenched his fists slowly, and his eyes were blazing
Just then, a servant of Adrian's mansion rushed over and called to Li Yi, who was standing in the room: “Li Yi, Mr. Adrian asked you to come over.”
Hearing the words, Li Yi's eyes flashed. Then he quickly walked to the wall to take off the sword. After a little hesitation, he turned around with the sword and stepped out of the room!
Following the servant to the hall, the red faced Adrian immediately pointed to the chair on the right side of the hall with a smile and said to Li Yi, “sit down.”
Li Yi didn't sit down and looked at Adrian in silence.
“Well,” said Adrian, who was used to Li Yi's stubborn temper when he saw that Li Yi didn't sit down. “I asked you to help me teach someone a lesson.”
“The owner of a bar on East Street dares to stare at me. I'm tired of living.”
As soon as Adrian's voice fell, Li Yi turned and walked out of the hall.
Seeing that Li Yi simply turned around and went out, Adrian nodded with satisfaction, and then yelled to Li Yi, “I'm waiting for good news. If you kill him, you'll be rewarded heavily.”
Without waiting for his words to finish, Li Yi has disappeared.
After Li Yi left, Adrian suddenly gave a deep smile, and then looked to the inner door on the left side of the hall, “come out.”
As his voice fell, a group of three fat middle-aged men went out.
Three people came to the hall to sit down, have turned up Adrian.
“As you wish, Li Yi was sent away by me.”Looking at the three, Adrian stood up and went to the middle of the hall, with a gloomy face, and said, “but I have to give you a little warning. The reason why Li Yi has been loyal to me is not because he is afraid of him, on the contrary, he is not afraid of me at all.It's all because of the three sisters.Although you have given me irresistible terms to exchange the three sisters, I'd like to remind you, so as not to blame me for Li Yi's killing you in a rage. ”
“Ha ha, just a inferior human, dare to kill Tianlong people?”
“Yes, no matter how powerful Li Yi is, he doesn't dare to kill Tianlong people.You know, this is the holy land, marjoria. ”
“Lord Adrian, please call the three sisters of Hankook.”
Hearing the three people's words, Adrian frowned and said, “I don't know what noble people think. They are looking down on inferior human beings. You are belittling your noble status as a dragon!”
“Oh, my lord Adrian, don't tell me. Anyway, I was poisoned by Hankook and couldn't sleep at night.If not, I would not have offered that price for her
“Buy it?”
Adrian's eyes were cold and he said in a deep voice, “I didn't say to sell. I just promised to let you play tonight.”
“All right, just play.”
Although Adrian is a little reluctant, he still can't resist the offer made by the three Tianlong people. Besides, just play once, Li Yi should not be furious!
Thinking of this, he turned to a bodyguard standing beside him and said, “go and tell Li Yi, go to the arena directly after dealing with the boss of the bar!”
“I understand.”
The bodyguard bowed and walked out quickly.
Seeing that Adrian delayed Li Yi's return for a long time, the three Tianlong people immediately put up their thumbs and said in unison, “it's still that Adrian is thoughtful!”
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Chapter 22 are you tired?
Li Yi came to the east street alone. After looking around, he saw that there was only one bar in the street. He tightened his sword and stepped towards the bar.
The bar is surprisingly quiet, which makes Li Yi who just walked into the bar feel bad for a while.
Especially the depressing atmosphere in the bar makes Li Yi, who has been competing in the arena for more than three years, feel a little difficult to breathe.This bar is absolutely not simple. If the owner of this bar dares to blow his nose and stare at him as Adrian said, his identity will be absolutely different.You know, no one dares to be so disrespectful to the Tianlong people in this holy land, Mary gioyari.
Just when Li Yi was on guard, a figure appeared at the bar in front of him.
Without waiting for Li Yi to react, the woman who appeared at the bar saw Li Yi standing in the door and didn't come in. She couldn't help but be stunned. Then she said, “alone?”
Li Yi nodded and looked at the woman.
This look, his pupil immediately a tight!
Short black hair, a cigarette in hand, wearing a spider pattern jacket!
Isn't this aunt Xia Qi in the pirate king cartoon?
Isn't she running a bar in shampooland? How can she be in the holy land of marjoria?
Is this her bar branch?
Thinking of this, Li Yi quietly went to a table and sat down, then said faintly: “whiskey.”
Xia Qi did not speak, silent for Li Yi sent, in her turn, glanced at Li Yi on the side of the sword.After feeling the killing intention in the scabbard, she bent a deep smile at the corner of her mouth and left quietly.
Although Li Yi is calm in appearance at the moment, his heart is full of waves.
Aunt Xia, that's the woman who follows Leili. She not only has the ability to kill many powerful pirates, but also is an intelligence expert.
However, aunt Xia's identity is extremely confidential. She knows how to advance and retreat gracefully. How can such a person blow his nose and stare at Adrian, who is a world aristocrat?
With such questions, Li Yi took a sip of whisky.
There must be something wrong with it!
Li Yi is still silent, but his mind is spinning rapidly.
Just then, the door of the bar was smashed open, and then two fat Tianlong people came in.Just back at the bar, Xia Qi looked back at the gate and saw that there were two Tianlong people coming in. After that, she frowned slightly. But just in a moment, she began to smile.
“Madame, if you have any good wine, just give it to me.”
Before Xiaqi came to them, one of the Tianlong people said in a gruff voice: “besides, we've packed this bar tonight. Let the boy go away!”
Smell speech, Xia Qi eyebrows slightly a wrinkle, then side head look to Li Yi.
Li Yi also looks at them at the moment. Seeing that Li Yi doesn't show an angry expression, Xia Qi breathes a sigh of relief and then comes to Li Yi slowly.Without waiting for Xia Qi to speak, Li Yi stands up in silence, grabs the long sword beside him, and then turns around and goes out.
Seeing Li Yi leave by herself, Xia Qi doesn't have to say anything. After seeing Li Yi out of the bar, she immediately smiles and walks towards the two Tianlong people. Her humble attitude makes Li Yi who comes out of the bar mutter again in the bottom of her heart.
As soon as Li Yi walked out of the bar, Adrian's bodyguard came over and saw Li Yi standing at the door of the bar. The bodyguard quickly moved forward and said in a hurry, “Li Yi, Adrian told you to go to the arena directly after you have settled the bar. You'll have one tonight!”
Li Yi frowned slightly. In his memory, there was no place for him tonight.Thinking of this, Li Yi is more confused.But he didn't show it on his face, just said faintly: “I know.”
See Li Yi answer next, bodyguard exhibition Yan a smile, then the probe looked at the scene in the bar, carefully asked: “settled?”
“Not yet!”
Li Yi shook his head, said: “you go back, I will settle here directly to the arena.”
The bodyguard didn't speak. He looked at Xiaqi in the bar again. He saw that Xiaqi was struggling between the two dragons. He laughed deeply and then turned away.
Instead of walking, Li Yi leans against the wall on the right side of the bar gate, embracing a long sword and closing his eyes.
With the passage of time, the sky gradually darkened, and finally completely shrouded by the night.
The two Tianlong people were happy and didn't pay the bill. They got up and helped each other out of the bar!Xia Qi sent each other all the way, and her smile never disappeared. Even if the two Tianlong people were very impolite to her, her smile was always the same.
After seeing off the two Tianlong people, Xia Qi takes a long breath and turns to walk into the bar.
Xia Qi just turned around, Li Yi fiercely opened his eyes and cried in a deep voice: “Madame.”
Hearing this, Xia Qi looks at Li Yi.
“You haven't left yet?”Xia Qi was stunned.
Li Yi moved forward and took two steps. Then he turned around and looked at Xiaqi. He said without expression: “I'm ordered by Adrian to kill you.”
Xia Qi was stunned again. Then, instead of being afraid, she said with a smile, “I know you, the inferior human in Adrian's mansion, the celebrity in the arena, Li Yi!”
“It's really worthy of being an intelligence expert,” he recognized himself at the sight of Xia Qi. Li Yi put away his tense expression, “draw a sword, the task is in the body, you can only offend.”
Shaqi didn't mean to do it, and his face was even more calm. “Can you tell me why Adrian wanted to kill me?”
“Disrespectful to Adrian.”
“Ha…” Shaqi laughed and shook his head. “Adrian and I have never been in my bar. When did I disrespect him.Besides, Adrian's going to kill me. I need you to come? ”
“I know!”
Li Yi's face remained unchanged, but his eyes were slightly dim: “but, I have no choice…”
Li Yi's eyes will be a touch of imperceptible in the eyes, Xia Qi secretly sighed in the bottom of his heart, and then quietly turned into the bar.
Seeing this, Li Yi's eyes tightened slightly, and then he stretched out his hand to hold the hilt.
Without waiting for his sword to come out of its sheath, Xia Qi suddenly turned around and said softly, “are you tired, Li Yi?”
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Chapter 23 follow me, glory to you!
Li Yi, who was preparing to draw the sword, was shocked. The big hand holding the handle of the sword trembled slightly!
After gazing at Shaqi for a moment, he slowly released his big hand holding the hilt. After gazing at Shaqi for a moment, he turned and went out.
Xia Qi didn't stop her. Instead, she looked at Li Yi's back gently. Until Li Yi disappeared in her sight, she took back her sight and murmured softly, “Li Yi, Li Yi, why is your past a blank?What do you live for when you have Yuwang
Just then, an old man over 50 years old came out of the room. He saw Xiaqi standing there muttering to himself. He shook his head and laughed. Then he walked slowly to his side and said in a soft voice, “are you interested in him?”
Hearing this, Xia Qi turned his head and looked at the half hundred old people standing beside him. Then he laughed and said, “Raleigh, how about doing me a favor?”
This half hundred old man is no one else. It's Raleigh, the former vice captain of Roger's pirate regiment and the “right hand of the pirate king”!
Raleigh didn't answer Shaqi immediately, but looked at Shaqi without blinking.
After half a sound, he took a long breath and said, “I see.”
With that, he stepped out of the bar.
Outside the bar, Li Yi has disappeared.Li Yi, who has not finished the task of the bar, walks towards the arena with a complicated mood. Because he has something on his mind, he is not in a hurry.
From Shaqi's words, he can easily see that this is Adrian's intentional arrangement.
However, Shaqi and Adrian did not have a holiday. Why did Adrian send him here?
Is it just his bad taste?
The most important thing is that there is no name in the list of players in the arena tonight. Why did Adrian ask himself to go to the arena on the way?You know, in every competition in the past, Adrian will personally take him into the arena.
But Adrian is so abnormal this time, there must be something strange!
Turning quickly in his mind, unconsciously, Li Yi came to the entrance of the arena.
Looking at the familiar entrance of the arena in front of him, Li Yi secretly breathed a breath, put aside the thoughts in his mind, and then walked towards the entrance with his head high.
Just walked out two steps, Li Yi suddenly stopped, then quickly looked to the right of the arena entrance!
Next to the door on the right side of the entrance, Raleigh was wearing a white robe, leaning against the cold wall, holding a cigarette in his mouth and looking at Li Yi without blinking.
He has long curly hair, a beard on his chin and silver hair.
Wearing glasses, right eye has a straight scar
Rayley the underworld!
Li Yi's pupils are constricted. He didn't expect to meet the legendary big pirate here. Although Raley didn't say a word or do a deed, the great pressure on him made Li Yi feel cold to the bone.This kind of feeling is rare for Li Yi, who has been competing for life and death in the arena for more than three years.
“I just went to check that you were not in the competition, but somehow your name was written and you were the first one to play.”
Seeing that Li Yi was watching himself on guard, Raleigh suddenly got up and walked quickly to Li Yi. As he walked, he said faintly, “and Adrian is the only one who can change the rules of the arena!”
At this point, Leili has stopped less than two meters in front of Li Yi. Without waiting for Li Yi to speak, he suddenly smiles: “can you tell me what's going on?”
As his smile rose, the invisible pressure disappeared in an instant. He was so powerful that he seemed very amiable at this moment, like a neighbor.
“I've seen your performance in the arena.”
Seeing that Li Yi was still silent, Raleigh said, “your sword drawing skill is very strong. If you are allowed to wander on the sea, you will definitely be a great pirate. It's a pity that you are just a slave in Adrian's mansion.”
Smell speech, Li Yi pupil a tight, big hand instinctively pressed sword handle.
“Do you want to change this fate?”
Looking at Li Yi's big hand on the hilt, a smile flashed across the corner of Leili's mouth. “If you want to change this fate, follow me, I'll give you glory!”
After listening to Raleigh's words, Li Yi put away some of his last vigilance, then bowed slightly and said, “Li Yi has met the elder!”
Seeing Li Yi bowing down, Leili gave a smile, then patted Li Yi on the shoulder and said, “it seems you know who I am.”
Li Yi nodded and did not speak.
“That's good.”Leili squinted at Li Yi and said, “I've seen your dozens of life and death contests. I found that you don't have the ability of devil fruit, and you don't know how to be domineering.Lack of these two kinds of you, although you have the domineering sword drawing skills to help you through these difficult years, but this is not all you survive.It's not hard to see that you have a strong mind and a terrible survival Yuwang, which is really a rare good seedling.Go ahead, survive from the arena tonight, come to the arena tomorrow, I will teach you how to be domineering
“Don't wonder why I came to you suddenly and taught you to be domineering.I did it because I was entrusted. She is very interested in you… ”
In front of Li Yi's eyes, this is what he always wanted to learn, far more than the devil's fruit.With the help of domineering spirit and the power of elephant, he can exert the most powerful power of breaking the sky and pulling the sword. Even if he can't be the enemy of Zhengfu in the world, he can also kill this holy land Mary chiaya and gallop freely on the sea with the three sisters of Hankook.
I thought that the system God would list it for him to exchange for survival, but the system God seemed to be paralyzed and disappeared, so he could only put away this idea.
But now, Raleigh not only takes the initiative to come to him, but also teaches him to be domineering.Are these good things arranged by the system God?
See Li Yi silly stand, Leili mild smile, and then turned to go out.At the same time, Li Yi completely recovered. Seeing Leili leave, he quickly turned around, bowed deeply and said, “master, go slowly.”
“You said two words altogether.”
Leili looked back at Li Yi and said with a smile, “it's not your fault. I've been sticking to it for more than three years. If I were you, I would be silent and wary of everyone.”
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Chapter 24 the emergence of a strong enemy
After Raleigh left, Li Yi put away the sudden joy in his heart, put Adrian's abnormal arrangement behind him, and walked into the arena quickly.
In his memory, Luffy's domineering was taught by Raleigh. Now Raleigh wants to teach him domineering, how can he not be excited.
As for why Raleigh came suddenly, he rarely thought about it.
As Raleigh said, he will be the first Gladiator to appear in the arena tonight. With the thunderous cheers from the audience around him, he walked out of the lounge and then boarded the familiar arena
In Adrian's house, hancook and her two sisters are called to the hall.Looking at hancook, who is more and more beautiful, a dragon man sitting on the right side of the hall has straight eyes.
“Hankook, go to the bar for two adults!”
As soon as the three sisters came into the hall, Adrian said coldly, “you have to take good care of these three adults tonight, otherwise Li Yi can't protect you.”
Hancook didn't speak. After nodding in silence, he went to the servant standing in front of the door, took the wine tray in his hand, and went to the three Tianlong people.
Looking at Hankook coming by without blinking, the Tianlong man with straight eyes immediately exclaimed excitedly, “serve wine, serve wine, don't get drunk.”
Adrian frowned slightly at the Dragon man's virtue.
In his eyes, no matter how beautiful Hankook was, he would not touch him.How could his noble Tianlong blood be attracted to these inferior human beings.It was also this psychology that made him despise the excited reaction of the Tianlong man after he saw hancook.If it wasn't for the benefits that the dragon people gave him on that day, he really wanted to slap him so that he didn't even know his ancestors
Although the three Tianlong people coveted hancook for a long time, they did not dare to be too presumptuous.
After taking the wine cup hancook brought them, one of the Tianlong people said to Adrian, “Adrian, it's always a pity whether there is wine or dancing.In other words, the three sisters have been in your house for three years. They should have learned some singing and dancing
“They are slaves!”
Adrian glared at the Dragon man, but thinking of the treasure they gave him, he took a breath and said to Hankook, “Hankook, you can sing and dance.”
Hankook clenched his lips, clenched his pink fist, and did not speak.
Seeing this, Adrian's eyes were cold, and he said in a deep voice, “yes or no?”
Seeing Adrian's face darkened, Sonya, who was standing beside hancook, quickly stepped forward and said in a low voice, “I learned some before…”
“All right, let's play a song for the three adults.”
“Wonderful, ha ha ha…”
In the audience of the arena, a world aristocrat stood up from the VIP seat and yelled to Li Yi, who had cut 22 opponents in succession on the stage: “Li Yi, I'm taking you for 24 consecutive cuts. You have to stick to it until the end.”
“Yes, Li Yi, if you kill one more person, you can finish your record of 99 unbeaten games.”
“Li Yi, Li Yi, Li Yi…”
These people are betting heavily on Li Yi. The stronger Li Yi is, the more they win.It would be even more perfect to finish 24 consecutive kills. Now, Li Yi has only one opponent. Li Yi is obviously close to 24 consecutive cuts and 99 consecutive wins.
Standing on the arena, Li Yi didn't speak. He killed 23 people in a row. He was bloodstained. He had his opponents and his own.However, none of this can affect him.
More than three years of arena life, let him already to death has blood numbness.
As long as he steps into the arena, he has only one idea, that is to win!
Now, just kill one more man and he can finish tonight.
At this moment, the referee on the bench suddenly picked up the loudspeaker and said loudly and excitedly, “ladies and gentlemen, tonight's high tide is coming.Our Li Yi has finished 22 consecutive cuts. Can he finish today's performance and set an unbeaten record of 99 games… Let's look forward to the coming gladiators together… ”
“The next one to appear is Augustus, a pirate from the Grand Duchess who once offered a reward of 200 million yuan!”
The four words of Augustus fell, and the arena, which was still very noisy a moment ago, was as silent as death. All the people were wide eyed and dull.
Similarly, Li Yi also secretly trembled at the bottom of his heart.
A reward of 200 million pirates
In the silence, a harsh sound of opening the door, followed by a huge figure from the lounge
With the appearance of this huge figure, the previous moment of silence of the arena instantly boiling, all kinds of shouts and exclamations resounded over the arena again.
“My God, it's Augustus of the Grand Duchess…”
“This is a reward for 200 million pirates.”
“How could it be him, how could he come to this arena!”
“Li Yi is dead this time. I'm going to chop him 24 times.”
In all kinds of voices, Augustus walked into the arena with a huge body as high as two feet, and then stood opposite Li Yi like a hill.As he stopped, an invisible and majestic pressure immediately enveloped Li Yi, which made Li Yi almost breathless.
With a tall body and overlooking the Lilliputian Li Yi, Augustus tilted his head in all kinds of shouts and exclamations around him, and then grinned, “are you Li Yi?”
Hearing this, Li Yi slowly raised his head and took a deep breath. He clenched his sword and said in a deep voice, “it's me!”
“Oh ha ha…”
Augustus raised his head and laughed. After a burst of laughter, he leaned over Li Yi.
Out of instinct, Li Yi quickly stepped back two steps, holding the hilt with his big hand at the same time!
“Oh, ha ha, I'm here for you.”
Seeing that Li Yihou withdrew and even made a fighting gesture, Augustus grinned bloodthirsty and then said aloud, “I will end your unbeaten myth tonight!”
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Chapter 25 sweet fruit
“Good, good, ha ha, good…”
Tianlongren was very excited after watching hancook's three sisters' song and dance performance. He was already seven minutes drunk. He stood up to hancook and looked at hancook with his head tilted. After a moment, he suddenly stepped back two steps and said with great style: “people are beautiful, songs are beautiful, and dances well.Ha ha, as a reward… ”
“What would you like?”
After touching himself for a while, he turned to his companion and asked, “where's the fruit I brought?”
“Here it is.”
His companion took out a fruit from a luggage bag beside him and put it on the table. He was drunk and said, “this is not an ordinary fruit. This is the fruit of the devil. Ha ha…”
When he heard the word “devil fruit”, hancook's face changed slightly. Adrian, who was sitting at the top of the hall, closed his eyes to nourish his spirit. For these aristocrats, devil fruit was not a rare treasure.
“Yes, yes, it's the devil's fruit.” the Dragon man standing in front of hancook went to the table and picked up the fruit. Then he came to hancook again and said with a smile, “I'm going to reward you, hancook…”
Looking at the demon fruit handed to him, hancook didn't reach for it.As for the devil fruit, she has heard some rumors. If she eats the devil fruit, she will be spurned by the sea. Once she falls into the sea, she will have to wait for death.This is not a good thing for Hankook, who has been on the nine snake pirate ship.
Seeing that hancook didn't take it over, the Tianlong man's face suddenly darkened, “why, do you want to refuse your kindness?”
“Eat, eat right away…”
Another Tianlong man also stood up and said maliciously: “most people want to, but we still don't give it. Hurry up, eat it and let me see how you react.”
“It's a sweet fruit. It's said that if you eat it, you can make people become a world-class person. You can be fascinated by all men, women, old and young!”The Tianlong man, who had been sitting all the time, answered and said with a smile, “if hancook ate it, it would be more perfect.”
Hearing the voices of two companions, the Tianlong man standing in front of hancook stepped forward, and then forced the sweet fruit into hancook's hands.Hancook did not dare to pick it up. A sweet fruit fell from her hand and rolled under the feet of the Dragon man
Looking at the sweet fruit rolling to the foot, the Dragon man was stunned, then raised his head and said angrily: “you dare to throw it away…” the voice fell, he raised his hand and slapped hancook.
With a crisp sound, Tianlong man slapped hancook on his shoulder because he was drunk. How could the weak hancook resist his hard slap? With the sound of slapping, she stumbled down.
Sonya and her sisters, standing behind her, rushed forward to help hancook up.
Without waiting for them to lift hancook up, that day the Dragon man kicked the sweet fruit at his feet in front of hancook and said: “eat it!”
“Don't eat, do you?”
See hancook looked up and glared at himself, his eyes fierce light flashed, “come on, hancook's two sisters pulled out to kill.”
As his voice dropped, two bodyguards came in quickly.
Adrian surprisingly did not stop, but with a smile to watch the farce.
Seeing that Adrian didn't speak, the two bodyguards pulled Sonya and her sisters out one by one.
See two younger sisters were forced to pull out, Hankook anxious, side head called Sonya, she picked up the sweet fruit rolled in front of her body, then opened his mouth to bite!
Just after chewing, Hankook opened his mouth and vomited. The taste of the devil's fruit is really unacceptable!
“No vomiting…”
Seeing hancook's nausea, the Dragon man quickly gave a loud drink that day and said in a deep voice, “if you dare to vomit, I'll kill your two sisters right away.”
Smell speech, Han cook can't resist the taste of hard to accept will swallow the flesh.Seeing this, the Dragon man immediately laughed that day, while hancook was tearful in his eyes and clenched with pink fist
“Ha ha, good, good…”
After hancook ate the sweet fruit, tianlongren laughed with satisfaction.Even after saying “yes” twice, he looked at the two companions and said, “take out all the evil fruits from you and let her two sisters eat them too…”
Two Tianlong people blinked, then said with a smile: “I forgot to bring it.”
“Ask the servant to get it. I'm happy tonight. Ha ha…”
As soon as the Dragon man's voice dropped, a guard of Adrian suddenly rushed into the hall and said to Adrian, “my Lord, Augustus is on the stage!”
“Well,” said Adrian, nodding with a satisfied smile, “the Grand Duke is very trustworthy. Go ahead and put all your bets on Augustus!”
After the bodyguard was ordered to leave, Adrian looked sideways at the three Tianlong people, “three adults, for your pleasure, I have compensated Li Yi.”
Hearing Adrian's words, hancook sank in his heart.
Adrian didn't bet on Li Yi?
Is it
“Ha ha, Mr. Adrian is very righteous. If you need us in the future, just open your mouth!”
Contrary to Hankook's reaction, the happy tianlongren laughed and patted his chest. Then he said to his two companions, “what are you still doing? Let the servants go and get your fruit.”
In the arena, except for Li Yi, who felt his life threatened for the first time, he felt the long lost breath again.
Augustine is very strong, which can be proved by the pressure that suffocates him.
A reward of 200 million is not a false name
Seeing that Li Yi was still looking at himself, Augustus was a little impatient.
He didn't like to be passive all the time. He took a step forward, and then the huge fist with the boundless power smashed at Li Yi
“So fast…”
Li Yi, who is on guard, has no place to retreat.
In desperation, he can only boldly draw his sword and face each other!
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Chapter 26 fight with all your strength
Without waiting for Li Yi's long sword to come out of its sheath, Taishan's giant hand would hit Li Yi's head heavily. Li Yi, who had no time to draw his sword out of its sheath, could only put up his hands to block the terrible blow.
With a loud bang, the ground under Li Yi's feet cracked two cracks, and then a wave of wolf like shock waves surged out. Li Yi, who was shocked by a blow, flew out like a broken kite.
Don't give Li Yi the chance to land, Augustus again lightning swept out big hand, as if the wind swept leaves in general will Li Yi whole grasp in the palm of the hand!
Seize the moment of Li Yi, his left hand smashed down
Another big shock came out, and Li Yi hit the ground heavily.Although there is a dragon elephant Prajna to protect his body, Li Yi is still shocked and his blood gushes out.Without giving him a chance to breathe, Augustus suddenly jumped up, his feet toward Li Yi's head and stepped down.
Feeling the great pressure from the top of his head, Li Yi couldn't take care of the surging blood waves in his heart. He turned over and stood up, then quickly bowed down, and the big hand holding the hilt suddenly started to work.
Then, the sword finally came out of its sheath
With a sound of sword chanting, the long sword pulls out with a touch of bright sword Qi, and then draws a crescent arc in the mid air to go under Augustus' lightning shield.
“Cut · moon dance!”
With a firm voice, Li Yi passed Augustus and stood back to back.
Behind him, a blood mist of monstrosity, like the manjushahua in full bloom in the hell, floated out of Augustus, in full bloom
Looking at the blood mist on his left shoulder, Augustus blinked. Then he turned around and blinked his big eyes and glared at Li Yi, disdaining to say, “is that all you can do?”
Hearing this, Li Yi was shocked. Immediately, he quickly flashed two feet, and then turned to Augustus, who was like a hill.
Augustus is too big. This man level sword breaking skill can't do much damage to him.
However, Augustus stopped and gave Li Yi a chance to breathe.Taking advantage of the gap between Augustus' words, Li Yi secretly urged the power of the elephant, then slowly bowed himself to draw the sword!
With the power of the elephant pouring into the sword body, the long sword suddenly hummed and gave out a pleasant sword chant.
“Chop, ghost dance…”
As the voice falls, Li Yi is like a ghost. After pulling out a zigzag arc, he appears on the right side of Augustus in the air. He doesn't give Augustus a chance to make a move. He turns around and splits two swords in the air.
“Shua Shua…”
The two swords were out of thin air, and the cross sword Qi crisscrossed and disappeared into Augustus.
“Kill the Crusaders!”
As Li Yi's voice fell, Augustus burst in front of him, and then a blood mist floated out in front of his chest. Covered by the blood mist, two sword wounds crisscrossed into a cross and spread to his chest
“Ha ha ha…”
Looking at the blood fog floating in front of him, Augustus seemed to have no sense of it. He laughed wildly. As his laughter rose, the void around him began to tremble. The terrible pressure almost materialized, and he rolled like a mountain towards Li Yi from all directions.
Feel the sudden surge of terror, Li Yi pupil tightening, the bottom of his heart.
Obviously, whether it's chakra dance, ghost dance or chakra, it won't do much damage to Augustus.You know, these three types of human level sword skills make Li Yi invincible in the arena in the past, and I don't know how many opponents he killed.
However, in front of Augustus is like an unshakable mountain in general, so that these three moves are domineering sword moves become a clown's juggling!
Thinking of this, Li Yiqiang resisted the constant expansion of terror, and slowly turned to look at Augustus, who was laughing wildly.
“Li Yi, let's show your ability to look after your family. I will let you die without regret.”
Seeing that Li Yi turned to look at himself, Augustus stopped laughing and locked Li Yi with terror. Then he said coldly, “I said, I will end your invincible myth!”
The voice falls, Augustus suddenly bows down, and then ejects like a cheetah.
The next second, Augustus appeared on Li Yi's head.
Almost at the same time, Li Yi's eyes were wide open, and the fourth form of human level sword breaking skill, chopping and sword Qi storm, was used in the arena for the first time.The bright sword air flashed out, and instantly rushed out of the arena and into the vast starry sky. Then, a wave of violent sword shock seemed like a level 12 storm in the arena
At the same time, Augustus came down with endless pressure.
The loud noise that resounded through the arena was like nine days of thunder, followed by a circle of smoke rising, blurring the sight of the audience around.This wonderful summit duel in the field made everyone forget to shout, and one by one, they were drooling wildly, looking at the rising smoke and subconsciously stretching their necks.
Just as they craned their necks to look at the rising smoke in the arena, a shrill scream came out of the arena, followed by the figure of Augustus.
At the same time, Li Yi's figure flashed out, standing on the edge of the thick smoke.Li Yi, who flashed to the edge of the arena, supported himself with a long sword. Blood gushed from his mouth and dyed his chest / front clothes red.
“Er ah…”
Augustus, who fell down with a roar, quickly turned over and stood up.Because his right leg was penetrated by a sword Qi, he couldn't support his huge body. He just stood up and immediately staggered forward.
But when he was about to fall, he supported himself with one hand and looked up at Li Yi standing on the edge of the arena!
As soon as he looked up at Li Yi, Augustus immediately roared. Then he touched the ground with both hands, and said, “the lion strikes.”
Accompanied by a dizzy voice, a wave of terrible shock instantly spread out of the arena to the surrounding audience.Without waiting for Li Yi to react, the ground suddenly trembled. In a click, cracks spread across the arena like cobwebs.
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Chapter 27 soul chopping sword Binglun pill
When cracks spread throughout the arena, a loud bang, the ground should collapse
“Damn it…”
The ground just collapsed, and Li Yi fell down without standing still.
Seizing this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Augustus, who was already on the ground with both hands, sprang out of the air and appeared on Li Yi's head as the ground collapsed.
Augustus, who appeared on Li Yi's head in the air, gave a loud shout and then kicked off his feet.
Shocked by the sound of impact, Li Yi, who had no chance to dodge, fell heavily and burst out with a mouthful of blood in the collapse pit.However, with only one mouthful of blood, Li Yi forced down the blood flowing inside his body, and then pulled out his sword across his chest / front
As his words fell, Augustus, who was preparing to take advantage of the victory, felt a buzz in his ears, and then a wave of incomparable sword came out of the pit and covered him.
As soon as the sword shrouded him, it detonated the void around him. The terrible impact of the explosion made him fall straight back like a hill. With a thump, Augustus hit the ground heavily, and then spewed out a mouthful of blood!
Li Yi can't wait for him to turn over and stand up. Augustus, as a 200 million reward pirate, will die if he shows a little carelessness.The most important thing is that he does not dare to stop himself now. Once he is relieved, the blood in his body will gush out of his mouth like a spring.
So, after Augustus fell heavily on the ruins of the arena, he forced himself to jump up in the air, and then stood firmly in front of Augustus.
Then, he held his sword high and cheered without any emotion: “chop, fight before you move…”
Shua Shua
The man didn't move, but the illusions flashed out of him. They stood around Augustus and surrounded him. Each of them held up his sword like Li Yi. His face was expressionless and his eyes were cold
This terrified audience was as like as two peas in the same hall as Li Yi.
After the phantom appeared around Augustus and above, Li Yi simply waved his sword
With his sword waving, more than ten phantoms are also waving the sword at the same time!
Puff, puff, puff
A series of more than a dozen piercing sounds came out, followed by the shrill screams over the arena.
In the scream, the phantom of waving the sword disappeared one by one, leaving the dismembered Augustus lying in the ruins of the arena, eyes wide open, the breath of life disappeared
The only corner of the arena that has not been destroyed, Li Yi gasps heavily, and the blood drips down the corner of his mouth, making the ground bloody.
In the audience, everyone's eyes stopped on Li Yi.
After confirming that Augustus had been killed, the audience of the arena, which was still dead the moment before, seemed to explode like a heavy bomb, and the roar that penetrated the sky overtook one another.
Li Yi can't hear these.
His mind began to blur as his hands fell down.
This is the most powerful opponent he has met in three years.Seriously injured, he is not sure whether he can survive, even if there is a cure for him crazy treatment, but also can not keep up with the spread of internal injury
“Congratulations on winning 99 games in a row!”
When Li Yi's mind became more and more blurred, the voice of the system God, which had disappeared for three and a half years, finally sounded, “the host has won a lucky draw!”
Hearing the voice of this fuzzy system, Li Yi couldn't help but scold from the bottom of his heart. This damned system can really choose the right time.
While Li Yi's curse sounded, a lottery turntable gradually became clear in his mind. In the turntable, a total of 12 kinds of exchange items were displayed.Looking at the items on the turntable, Li Yi's eyes almost came out. Among them, there were his favorite fruits of thunder, the soul chopping sword Binglun pill in the God of death, and the golden cudgel used by the monkey king in the journey to the West
“I'm NIMA…”
Looking at the display of all kinds of second dimension and the weapons, skills and demonic fruits in the mythological world, Li Yi was completely dumbfounded.
System God, you disappeared for more than three years, just to give me this surprise?
“Will the host draw now?”
The cold sound of the system rings, Li Yi swallows, and then chooses' yes' without hesitation.
When he made a choice, the turntable began to rotate quickly. Li Yi didn't dare to be distracted. He watched the turntable slow down without blinking. Then he turned it slowly and rhythmically, which made Li Yi's eyes more and more bulging and almost fell out.
The pointer crossed the fruit of Xianglei, leaped over the golden cudgel, and then slowly stopped at the position of the ice wheel pill!
“Congratulations on the host's drawing of the soul chopping blade Binglun pill…”
Li Yi can't bear this sudden surprise. Binglunwan is the strongest ice soul chopping sword in the world of death. It not only has terrible large-area lethality, but also has gorgeous attack moves. In Li Yi's eyes, it's cooler than the thousand Sakura.
The most important thing is that even if it's not understood, it can be used as a sword. For Li Yi, who has never had a hand long sword to perform human level sword breaking, it can be regarded as icing on the cake.
“Will the host extract it immediately?”
“Of course.”Li Yi is so excited that he can't distinguish the southeast from the northwest, so he simply chooses to extract.
As soon as Li Yigang chose to extract, the void around him suddenly appeared a twist, followed by a flash of white light.
The next second, he had a handsome soul chopping sword in his hand!
At the end of the chain, there is a crescent shaped blade. The three foot blade is filled with the cold breath, which makes people shudder and fear.
“Congratulations, the host has the original form of Binglun pill. It needs 80000 survival points to exchange for it!At present, the survival of the host is zero, so it is impossible to use koji. ”
“Eight… Eight… Eighty thousand…”
Without waiting for Li Yi to recover, the voice of the system immediately came out, “in addition, the main task target of the host is in danger. If the task target dies, the system will regard the host task as a failure…”
“The main task?”Mission objectives…”
Li Yi is a Leng first, immediately, his pupil a tight, “not good, Han cook…”*
Chapter 28 killing begins
Li Yi finally knows the reason why Adrian sent him away. If the system God didn't show up in time, he would remind him of the main task. Even if he knew what was wrong, he would never have thought that Hankook and her two sisters would be in danger.
After the sound of the system disappears, Li Yi doesn't care about his injury. After the gate of the arena is opened, he rushes out.
In the past three years, Li Yi almost left in silence after every victory, and his hasty departure did not attract the attention of the audience. The audience who won a full house because of his successive victories cheered to see him off.
While Li Yi left the arena, in the hall of Adrian's mansion, the long coveted Tianlong man came to Hankook drunk. After scanning Hankook up and down, he turned his head and looked at the two companions. “Why hasn't it changed? Don't you say sweet fruit can make Hankook more beautiful?”
“It may take a little time.”
“Well,” the Tianlong man blinked, then came up to hancook with a bad smile and said, “hancook, give me another song?”With that, he lay down on his side, and then, holding his cheek in one hand, he gazed at Hankook.
He clenched his fist and looked at Adrian sitting at the top of the hall without blinking. Her eyes were filled with hatred.
Seeing this, the Tianlong man lying on his side slightly looked up at Adrian, “Oh, Adrian, hancook is staring at you.”
“Ha ha, because she sold his umbrella.”
Adrian stood up with a smile and came to Hankook. He looked up at Hankook. After a slight pause, he suddenly grinned and bloodthirsty and said, “Hankook, despair, Li Yi won't come back tonight.Although I don't have any interest in you, since these three adults like you, I have no choice but to give you the beauty of success. ”
Hankook sprang to his feet, then hit Adrian in desperation.
Adrian was not angry because of Hankook's disobedience. After he stepped back to avoid Hankook's attack, he laughed and said, “I suddenly think this game is very interesting. Three adults, have a good time. Adrian will go first.”
“Go, my Lord.”
Lying on the ground, the Dragon man Yin laughs blasphemously, and then watches Adrian walk past him.
Before Adrian could get out of the hall, he turned over and sat up, and said with great pride, “come on, Hankook, I've been waiting for this day for a long time.”
As his voice fell, he immediately sprang at Hankook.
Seeing this, Hankook was so scared that he turned pale and stepped aside.But as soon as she stopped, tianlongren came at her again like an eagle catching chickens.
This repeated several times, although tianlongren didn't succeed, he had more fun. Not only he was happy, but also the two companions behind him were amused by his game of hawk catching chicken.
After a burst of laughter, they suddenly looked sideways at the Sonya sisters who were controlled by the two guards.
Sonya and her two sisters, though a little younger than hancook, are not as beautiful as hancook, but they are also graceful, and they are all like a family.
After glancing at the two sisters, they immediately looked at each other tacitly, then stood up with a smile and walked towards the two sisters.
See another two days dragon people toward two younger sisters walked past, Han cook beautiful Mou a tight.
At the same time, two Tianlong people suddenly burst out laughing and rushed to her two younger sisters. Seeing this, a trace of despair flashed in hancook's eyes, and he cried urgently, “no…”
At the same time, Adrian, who came out of the hall, looked back at the picture in the room. A smile flashed across his mouth and waved to the guard standing in front of the door to close the door
Without waiting for the two guards to close the gate, there was a shout in the front yard. Hearing the familiar voice, Adrian was shocked and exclaimed: “Li Yi…”
Without waiting for him to recover, Li Yi, holding a soul chopping knife, rushed over with a pungent smell of blood at an amazing speed.
Seeing Li Yi's appearance, Adrian suddenly wakes up and shouts, “come on, stop him!”
As his voice fell, although the two bodyguards standing in front of him did not dare to fight against Li Yi, he did not dare to disobey Adrian's orders. With a cruel heart, they drew their swords and rushed to Li Yi.
After two bodyguards rush to Li Yi, Adrian leaves three Tianlong people in the room, turns around and runs away.
Li Yi, who rushed over quickly, completely ignored the two bodyguards who rushed towards him and kept shouting: “Han cook…”
In the room, hancook's delicate body trembled when she heard the familiar voice. After she dodged the capture of the Tianlong man, she faced the door and clenched her lower lip. In her beautiful eyes, tears of grievance slipped quietly.
After she couldn't help crying, she took a deep breath, then sobbed and cried out: “Li Yi, help me…”
Hearing hancook's voice, Li Yi breathed a sigh of relief.Meanwhile, two bodyguards had rushed in front of him.
Looking at the two bodyguards who rushed in front of him, Li Yi's eyes were instantly cold, and there was a dark smell without a trace of human feelings in his pupils.
After a loud roar, he flashed out of the room, and the soul chopping sword started. A cold arc flashed between the two bodyguards.
Puff, puff
There were two dull sounds. The bodyguard who had just rushed in front of him didn't know what was going on. Two blood mists rose from their throat.At the moment, Li Yi has flashed into the hall and stood firmly in front of hancook.
The three Tianlong people obviously haven't recovered completely. Looking at Li Yi standing in front of hancook, they are slightly dull. Then, the Tianlong people, who are the leader of the group, have a cold look in their eyes and say in a deep voice: “Li Yi, do you want to rebel…”
Li Yi raised his hand and chopped it. He didn't expect that Li Yi would dare to kill him. He just felt a flower in front of his eyes and a chill spread all over his body.
The next moment, his body will be cut off, and then fall on both sides*
Chapter 29 I've come to keep my promise
After killing the Tianlong man in front of him, Li Yi didn't kill the other two immediately. Instead, he put away his cold, emotionless eyes and turned to look at Hankook.
When he looked at Hankook, his eyes were cold, and his eyes were so tender.
Hancook obviously didn't expect that Li Yi would really dare to kill Tianlong people. She was also stunned and looked at Li Yi with a dull look.
See Han cook so, Li Yi immediately side head to look at the same scared silly Sonya two sisters.
“Li Yi, they…”
Seeing that Li Yichao looked at herself, Sonya burst into tears, sobbing and saying: “they… They forced Hankook to eat the fruit of the devil.Also, they, they also want to… Fortunately, Li Yi came in time, otherwise… Wu Wu Wu… ”
Smell speech, Li Yi once again a sigh of relief, fortunately just eat the fruit of the devil!!!
If hancook suffered other crimes here, even if he was buried here, he would turn the holy land of marjoria upside down!
What Hankook ate should be the sweet fruit. It is the sweet fruit that makes Hankook a man who can charm men, women, old and young.It's not too bad for her.
Just then, Hankook came to his senses.Looking at the Tianlong people killed by Li Yi, hancook looked at Li Yi and said anxiously, “Li Yi, you killed the Tianlong people…”
“Well.”Li Yi nodded calmly and asked softly, “Hankook, do you remember what I said to you three years ago?”
Without waiting for hancook to react, the two scared and silly Tianlong men suddenly woke up. Then, they yelled and turned to escape.
Seeing this, Li Yi's eyes flashed, and then he bent over with a knife, whizzing out.
Without waiting for the two Tianlong people to escape from the hall, Li Yi, who ran in front of the two Tianlong people, didn't have a trace of procrastination. As if he was killing his opponent in the arena, he turned around and chopped off the two panicked Tianlong people's heads.
After killing the two Tianlong men, Li Yiqiao looked at Hankook in the room and said in a low voice, “I said I would take you out of this ghost place.Now, Li Yi has come to fulfill his promise… Hancook! ”
“Li Yi…”
Looking at Li Yi standing in front of the gate, hancook's tears fell silent again.She naturally remembers what Li Yi said to her at the beginning. In the past three years, she has been looking forward to this day.However, in the past three years, Li Yi has been more and more trusted by Adrian. Many times, she is really afraid that Li Yi will forget this promise and the hope planted in her young heart.
Now I suddenly hear Li Yi say that she has the illusion of being in a dream, but the death of the three Tianlong people tells her that this is not a dream.
Li Yi, really want to take their three sisters to leave this ghost place!
“Let's go!”
Looking at the silent and tearful Hankook, Li Yi slowly stretched out his hand and said in a soft voice: “Li Yi can't guarantee whether he can take you away from the holy land of marjoria, but Li Yi can do it. He can take you out of this residence that has been closed for more than three years!”
Hankook nodded hard, then walked quickly to Li Yi and grasped Li Yi's powerful and warm hand tightly.
In this moment, she seems to seize the whole world, and all the hope!
After seizing Hankook's slim hand, Li Yi looked at his two sisters standing on one side with tears in their eyes. “Let's go.”
With that, he turned and stepped out of the hall with Hankook in one hand and soul chopping knife in the other!
Outside the hall, there are guards of the whole residence. The guards in the front row are all armed with guns, and the whole hall is locked up with cold murderous air at the muzzle of the guns.Adrian, who came back from the past, stood in the crowd under the protection of the guards and looked coldly at Li Yi and Han cook.
“Li Yi…”
As soon as Li Yigang stepped out of the hall, Adrian immediately yelled, “do you really think you can escape?”
Smell speech, Li Yi side head looks to Han cook, the face takes gentle smile to ask a way, “Han cook, afraid?”
Influenced by Li Yi's gentle smile, hancook dispelled the last trace of fear and fear in his heart, and then shook his head with a smile.
Looking at Han cook smiling, Li Yi takes back his eyes, holds Han cook's big hand tightly, and looks forward to Adrian who is protected by the guards.
In the moment of touching Adrian, the cold eyes reappear.
Under the gaze of Li Yi's cold eyes, Adrian was shocked, and immediately said, “what are you still doing? Hurry up and kill him!”
With Adrian's voice down, the guard standing in the front row turned the gun to lock Li Yi almost at the same time, and then they pulled the trigger almost at the same time.
Bang Bang
The gunfire resounding over the whole residence of Adrian suddenly rang out. At the same time, Li Yi's human level sword breaking skill was also quietly used.The sword Qi, which is as monstrous as the crescent moon, blooms in the sky. At the same time, the Binglun pill draws a half moon arc in front of him.
As the binglunwan draws an arc for one and a half months, the sharp and crisp sound suddenly rings out one after another. All the bullets whistling to the sky are blown away by the invisible sword Qi, and then disappear in the sky at a more amazing speed.
After blocking all the bullets, Li Yi, like a ghost, pulls out a zigzag arc and appears in front of the first row of bodyguards, followed by the successive chop ghost dance
When the ghost like figure of Li Yi completely stabilized, standing in front of the guards holding guns in the first row, the blood mist suddenly came out, and then the shrill scream came out.
In the scream, the guards standing in the first row broke their hands tightly holding the guns and fell to the ground in the rising blood fog.
After killing the bodyguard in the first row, Li Yi roars, and then jumps up like a wolf into a sheep. He uses the ice ball as a sword to release all the anger and hatred hidden in his heart all these years in the perfect bloom of human level sky breaking sword
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The 30th Octopus tiger
On the straight and steep red earth continental cliff, a figure moves slowly. If someone sees this figure at the moment, he must take a breath for it.Because this cliff is the most dangerous area in the red earth continent, and ordinary people dare not set foot in it.
But now, on this cliff that no one has ever set foot in, a figure is slowly moving towards the holy land of marjoria at the top of the red earth continent.
Climbing on the cliff, is a fisherman, he wore a headscarf, with thick curly hair, has a wide mouth, with a moustache, upper lip with a little residue.And he's no one else. It's Fisher tiger, who was once enslaved!
During his life as a slave in hell on earth, he hated the holy land of marjoria to the bone. He fled back to the Dragon Palace City, and he had been planning to save the fishman compatriots who had been caught in marjoria.However, as time went by, he could not come up with a complete solution.Finally, he decided to sneak into the holy land alone.
To dive into the holy land, he can only climb the steep cliff of the red earth land that no one dares to set foot in!
With courage and endless hatred for the Tianlong people living in the holy land of marjoria, he finally climbed the red earth and approached the holy land of marjoria at the top.
After a day and a night of climbing, he succeeded in climbing to the top.
After climbing the red earth, he sneaked into the holy land of marjoria, and then set fire everywhere to create chaos.With the flames rising, marjoria, which was originally a bustling holy land, soon fell into chaos.
At the same time, Li Yi, who is in Adrian's residence, is killing everywhere!
Looking at Li Yi, who is surrounded by bodyguards and is like a demon in the world, Adrian's face is becoming more and more ugly. He knows that Li Yi is very strong, but he didn't expect that Li Yi could defeat Augustus.You know, the predecessor of Augustus was a big pirate who offered a reward of 200 million, but such a powerful existence was beheaded by Li Yi.
He never thought about the consequences of Li Yi walking out of the arena alive, because he never thought that Li Yi would come back alive.Because of this, Li Yi's killing all over the place at the moment makes him helpless.
The bodyguards of the whole Adrian mansion have been sent out. If these bodyguards can't stop Li Yi, he has no doubt that Li Yi will cut off his head as a kick.
Screams continue to spread. Under Li Yi's cold-blooded and merciless sweeping, bodyguards constantly scream and fall in the pool of blood. In a few minutes, the magnificent aldrian mansion has become a slaughterhouse among people. The pungent smell of blood permeates the mansion and floats to a better place.
Scream gradually reduced, surrounded by Li Yi bodyguards are also less and less.
Standing in the sea of corpses, Li Yi's whole body is dyed red by blood, and the cold and heartless light shines in the tiger eyes that seem like the eyes of the devil.Under his sharp eyes, the bodyguards blocking in front of him did not dare to take a step forward. Some bodyguards trembled their legs and stepped back uncontrollably!
See no bodyguard rushed up, Li Yi suddenly step forward.
He had just taken a step, and the guard in front of him almost stepped back at the same time!
“Ha ha ha…”
Looking at the bodyguards who were scared away by himself, Li Yi, who had been silent and reaping life like death, suddenly looked up and laughed three times. Then, he took another step forward. The endless breath of death spread with his steps, and the bodyguards who were blocked in front of him retreated again.
“What are you doing?” said Adrian, pushing the guards around him as he saw the guards begin to retreat. “Go, all of you, if anyone dares to step back, there will be no mercy!”
As Adrian's voice falls, the bodyguards who retreat from the book stop quickly, but they don't rush to Li Yi. Instead, they look at Li Yi with fear.
“Adrian, these guards can't protect you.”Li Yi, who kept on walking, looked at Adrian without blinking, and then said, “don't mention these bodyguards, even if Mary chiayari's navy is coming, it can't protect you!So be aware of the mistakes you've made over the years
As the voice fell, Li Yi sped up and came to the bodyguards who were protecting Adrian.
Looking at Li Yi who suddenly appears in front of him, the bodyguards who are protecting Adrian are shocked. Then, they wake up suddenly, and then turn around and run.
“Ha ha ha…”
Looking at the bodyguards who left Adrian and turned to run away, Li Yi laughed wildly again.Adrian is completely flustered at the moment. Looking at the guards who are running around in confusion, a trace of fear gradually permeates his eyes… He knows that if Li Yi dares to kill other Tianlong people, he must dare to kill him.
Without waiting for the bodyguards to run away, Li Yi comes to Adrian, blinks his blood red eyes and looks at Adrian. With his creepy eyes, Adrian suddenly yells, then turns around and runs out with his fat body.
Looking at Adrian who turns around and runs away, Li Yi's figure flashes out, and then appears in front of him.
Ali, who was startled by Li Yi's sudden appearance in front of him, yelled when he settled down, then sat down on the ground, looked at Li Yi with a face of fear and stammered: “you… You… You can't kill me…”
The three sisters, Han cook, who have been standing on one side, look at Adrian, who is scared to sit on the ground by Li Yi. They feel a pain in their heart.Although they are not sure whether they can successfully escape from the holy land of marjoria, as long as they can get out of the house and see Adrian die in front of them, they have no regrets.
Chapter 31 the devil Li Yi
Looking at Adrian sitting on the ground, Li Yi grinned bloodthirsty, “Adrian, you should know better than anyone. I always want to kill you, so you control me with the three sisters.You are a smart Tianlong man, but how could you make such a mistake?Their three sisters, especially Hankook, are my enemies, and you have to touch my enemies. Isn't that forcing me to fight against you? ”
“I've endured you for more than three years, and it's time to give you a taste of pain.”
As the voice falls, Li Yi takes a step forward and comes to Adrian. He stabs Adrian in the thigh with his soul chopping knife
After the soul chopper pierced his thigh, Adrian's shrill cry came out of the mansion and rang through the night sky of marjoria.
“Does it hurt?”
After pulling out the soul chopping knife, Li Yi crouched in front of Adrian, grinned like a demon and said, “it's OK. I'll treat you right away.”With that, Li Yi put his big hand on Adrian's penetrating wound, and the healing surgery began to treat Adrian.
Under the treatment of the cure, Adrian is less stingy.
Feeling less stingy, Adrian obviously didn't know what Li Yi was going to do. He was completely shrouded in fear and looked at Li Yi who was seriously treating him.
After the treatment of Adrian's wound, Li Yi stood up and said gently, “next, even if I peel your skin, you won't hurt.”
“Well?”Adrian was a little stunned. Without waiting for him to recover, Li Yi fell down with a knife and his whole leg was immediately broken.
No pain!
Looking at the thigh cut by Li Yi, Adrian blinked blankly. Why, why does the thigh cut have no pain?
This scene is extremely strange, a person not to mention the thigh was cut off, even if a finger was cut off, it would be painful to cry heartbroken, but Adrian did not feel it, looking at the rolling side of the thigh.
“You know, Adrian, I've been thinking all these years, when I kill you out of this mansion, how can I let you die, how can I let you die to make up for what you've done for me, for what you've done for the three sisters of Hankook?Especially the three Han cook sisters, they were only twelve or thirteen years old when you bought them.What kind of trauma will they suffer from such a crime at such a young age?I think about it, and finally come up with a way, that is to let you die with fear, because a knife cut you, you will not feel
As Li Yi spoke, he slowly put the soul chopping knife on Adrian's other thigh, and then bloodthirsty said, “do you mean to come with one leg and one hand, or cut off both legs and then cut off both hands?You can rest assured that you will not die immediately, no matter you cut off your hands or legs, because I want you to watch your body parts decrease the same way as before. ”
Once the body pain reaches the limit, he will lose consciousness and go into a complete coma.In this way, he will only feel the pain, but not the fear. The pain is outside, and the fear comes from the heart!What Li Yi wants is that he dies with fear.
Just think, a living person, watching his limbs cut off one by one without feeling, how would it react?
At this moment, Li Yi is the devil!
This devil was created by Adrian. If he didn't push Li Yi to the arena and just let Li Yi do some coolie, maybe Li Yi would not be so cruel to him.
Or, if he doesn't covet the benefits that you three Tianlong people can't refuse, he won't support Li Yi to touch Li Yi's scales.
If you touch the scale, you will not die!
Seeing Adrian staring at himself, Li Yi suddenly tilted his head, then grinned and said, “I'll choose. Let's start with my legs.”
As the voice fell, Li Yi cut it off.
The sharp soul chopper cuts off Adrian's only thigh.Adrian didn't think he would feel anything, but when his thigh was completely broken, his eyes were about to crack and his heart was tearing. The scream cut through the night sky again.
“Oh, I'm sorry.”Looking at the heartrending and screaming Adrian, Li Yi patted his forehead and said, “I forgot to cure you.”With that, he put his big hand on Adrian's severed thigh wound and used the healing technique again.
Because the level of cure is not high, it can only relieve Adrian's pain, but it can't stop the flood of blood!
However, at the moment, Adrian hopes that the pain will be more intense, and it's better to let him faint directly.
After stopping Adrian's pain and slightly controlling the bleeding, Li Yi handed Adrian the cut thigh, “come on, hold, this is your thigh!”
Standing on one side, the three sisters were deeply shocked by Li Yi's cruel and cruel means.But the thought of Adrian made them feel better.
Because there are only a few of them left in the whole Adrian mansion, hancook, who has sorted out his mood, takes his two sisters to Li Yi's back.Because a heart full of revenge on Adrian, Li Yi suddenly turns back after perceiving the breath behind him.
This sudden turn of his head made Hankook, who had just walked behind him, step back uncontrollably.
After seeing Han cook, Li Yi's blood red eyes instantly returned to their original color, and his ferocious face was filled with tenderness in an instant.Then he stood up and said softly to Hankook, who was frightened by himself, “Hankook, don't look.”
Looking at Li Yi, who was as ferocious as the devil a moment ago, after facing himself, he became as tender as water. As soon as his heart warmed, he nodded gently, and then turned away with his two sisters.
When the three sisters turn around, Li Yi squats down in front of Adrian again.
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Chapter 32 Hankook's smile
Seeing that Adrian was holding his thigh, his face was dull and lax, Li Yi couldn't help but say, “Adrian, why don't you take the opportunity to escape?”
Hearing Li Yi's words, Adrian looked up at Li Yi, as if he were a walking corpse. His face was as pale as paper because of excessive bleeding.
“Kill… Kill… Kill… Kill me…”
Hearing Adrian's intermittent voice, Li Yi quickly shook his head, “no, no, you've been so kind to me these years, and you've taken extra care of the three sisters of Hankook. How can I kill you right away?”
“You… Escaped… Did not… Go out.”
“Ha,” Li Yi said with a dry smile. Then he stood up and put the soul chopping knife in Adrian's right hand, and said, “well, what
Voice down, he blade down, will hold his right arm Adrian thigh cut off.Adrian has no strength, under the stimulation of pain, his mouth is wide open, but he can't make a sound
After cutting off Adrian's right hand, Li Yi slowly put the knife into the sheath and said calmly: “goodbye, Adrian!”
Words fall, he resolutely turned around, relieved to spit out a bad breath, he slowly came to hancook side.
See Li Yi come to his side, Han cook quickly side head, beautiful eyes, unexpectedly is looking forward to and hope.
“Hancook,” Li Yi looked at hancook, then smile and said, “let's go.”
Hankook nodded hard, then grasped Li Yi's big hand and walked slowly to the gate of the mansion which he had not dared to approach for more than three years!
For the three sisters as well as Li Yi, all hope and future, in the closed door
Come to the closed door, Li Yi step forward, and then a knife out!
The dazzling Dao Qi blooms in the air, and then cuts on the closed door.With a deafening sound, the door fell, and a ray of fresh air swept along.
Looking at the door cut open by Li Yi, hancook had tears in his eyes. On his face, he had a bright smile that had never appeared in more than three years!
On the east street avenue, people constantly rush out of the house. Some people are running on the street and shouting: “fire, fire.”
Xia Qi, who is cleaning up the bar in the bar, frowns slightly when she hears the sound from outside. Then, she walks out of the bar with cigarettes in her hands.Her face changed as she stepped out of the gate.
The holy land of marjoria under the night sky is shrouded by the spreading fire. In the raging fire, those superior human beings and world nobles run out of their yard in confusion. They wanted to ask for help. After seeing the raging fire that almost spread to the center of the town, they sat on the ground in despair.
“What's the matter?”
Looking at the fire rising with the wind, Xia Qi's eyes flashed a little doubt.Before she could react, Raleigh came out of the inner room in his overcoat and stopped beside her.
Looking at the scene of smoke and fire spreading outside, Raleigh frowned a little.
At this time, a figure flashed from a high-rise building in front. In a burst of shocking sound, the closed door of the high-rise building collapsed, and then a large group of male and female slaves roared out.
Seeing this, Raleigh's pupils tightened. Then he shook his head and said with a smile, “what a brave guy, he dare to set fire to save slaves in the center of the world government.”
Hearing his words, Xia Qi turned his head and asked, “who?”
Raleigh did not speak any more, but looked ahead without blinking.
The fire is getting bigger and bigger, and the rising smoke soon envelops the holy land of marjoria. However, slaves are constantly rushing out of the palaces of the world's nobles and superior human beings. As these slaves rush into the streets, the already chaotic holy land of marjoria is even more chaotic.
As more and more slaves rush out of the mansion and rush into the street, not only the navy is shocked, but also the five old stars in the world government headquarters are awakened by the dazzling fire outside the window.
“Ha ha ha ha…”
Tiger, who keeps setting fire and rushing into the residence of Tianlong people, liberates all the slaves regardless of race, shuttles through the night quickly. Looking at the figures of the liberated slaves, his arrogant laughter gradually resounds over the whole holy land of marjoria.
And the fishman slaves who were liberated by him followed him, constantly rushing into the tianlongren residence, setting fire and helping to liberate more slaves!
Finally, the dense Navy appeared. In the dense gunfire, the battle between slaves and Navy began quietly.
Li Yi, who cut open the door of Adrian's mansion, was stunned by the fire in front of him. After a short period of stagnation, he was ecstatic!
Obviously, this is tiger.
It shouldn't be. Isn't tiger going to show up in four years?It's only three years and half a year since he was bought by Adrian together with hancook. Why did tiger appear earlier?
Is there a time gap between the world in the pirate and the earth he lives on?
Li Yi can't think about the time. Tiger set fire to create chaos. Isn't it the best time for them to leave?
The most important thing is that tiger appeared at this time, and his killing of Adrian was just covered up by the chaos.
Thinking of this, Li Yi looked back at Hankook, who was so happy and tearful because he was finally able to walk out of Adrian's gate, and said excitedly, “Hankook, we can escape from the Holy Land marjoria!”
Looking at the excited Li Yi, Han KUKE quickly wiped away the tears and asked, “what do you mean?”
“Ha ha ha…”
Li Yi can't wait. In the laughter, he holds hancook in one hand and reaches out to Sonya in the other. With a gentle face, he says, “Sonya, let's go.”
Chapter 33 shambaldi Islands
On the streets, slaves were constantly liberated, and then rushed to the shampoo fields not far from the holy land of marjoria.In the turbulent flow of people, Li Yi closely protects the three sisters, while paying attention to the changes in the situation around, while following the crowd to the shampoos.
Li Yi stops abruptly as they rush through the gate of the bar on East Street.
Riley and Shaqi in front of the bar also see Li Yi stopping in the stream of people. They are all covered with blood and look shocked when they see Li Yi standing in the stream of people with the three sisters.
It's not hard to see that Li Yi must have killed Adrian and escaped with the three sisters.
Without waiting for Shaqi to react, Leili suddenly rushed out and said to Li Yi, “follow me.”
Hearing Raleigh's cheering, Li Yi can't think much about it. With the three sisters of Han cook, he follows Raleigh and soon disappears into the chaotic crowd.Standing in front of the bar, Xia Qi suddenly shakes his head and smiles at the disappearing Leili, Li Yi and others.
Then she looked back at her bar.The fire in the distance will spread with the wind and soon burn to the bar.
Seeing this, she quickly walked into the bar, picked up Bailey in the drawer, put on her coat, turned around, walked out of the bar and disappeared under the night sky of marjoria.
At the same time, tiger liberated all the fishman slaves, but they were weak after all. It was impossible for them to liberate all the slaves in marjoria. What's more, under the leadership of stoiberi, the Navy pressed them step by step. If they did not go, they would not be able to go.
Tiger, standing at the top of a tall building, looked around the holy land of marjoria, and then yelled to the fellow fishermen behind him, “brothers, follow me out of the holy land of marjoria!”
As the voice fell, he leaped, then fell vertically towards the chaotic crowd below.
The fish people who followed him jumped down one after another with a roar, and then killed them in front of the Navy.
“Ha ha ha ha…”
Tiger, who rushed in front of him, laughed endlessly and bravely. His fists danced wildly, and the violent shock wave swept away all the navy soldiers who blocked him.Under the impact of his fury, no navy can stop him.
Stoibery, who had been ordered, stood in one of the streets that tiger had to pass through, looking sombrely at the chaotic street ahead.Behind him, thousands of Marines stood in order, with guns loaded, waiting for tiger to kill his fellow fishermen.
However, stoibery would never have thought that the direction of tiger's killing was not the only way he had to go straight to shampoo, but the cliff behind the top of the red earth continent
If you jump down from that cliff, you will find the boundless sea.
Ordinary people dare not jump from there, but Fishman dare.
Seeing that tiger didn't come out of the street for a long time, stoibery frowned slightly. Then his face changed, and he rushed to the street.
When he rushed to the front of the street, the whole person stayed in place!
In his sight, except for the Tianlong people who were forced to run around by the fire, there were no tiger and fishmen.
After Raley, Li Yi and the three sisters of hancook successfully escaped from the holy land, and marjoria entered shambaldi Island, which is in front of the red earth continent, and the ruler is also Tianlong.
However, it is different from the holy land of marjoria. Although the rulers here are Tianlong people, there are countless pirates and bounty hunters gathered here.And the biggest reason that many pirates and bounty hunters gather here is that this is the only way to the new world.
With the spread of chaos in the holy land of marjoria, the shambaldi islands have been heavily guarded, and the generals who came from the Navy headquarters rushed to shambaldi because of the killing of the Tianlong people.
In a sense, at this time the shampoo is the most dangerous place!
Leili and Li Yi have just entered the shampoo area. Shaqi, who follows them, appears in front of them when they are unprepared.
“Come with me.”
Xia Qi, who appears in front of Li Yi and others, simply drops these three words and turns to go out.
Soon, Li Yi and his party were taken to a bar by Xia Qi.
After opening the door of the bar, Xia Qi turned to Li Yi and said, “come in. Now this is the safest place for you.”
Hancook is obviously on guard against Xia Qihuai. Seeing that Li Yi wants to step in, she grabs Li Yi and looks up at him.
Li Yi, who knew what Hankook was thinking, laughed and said, “it's OK. Let's go.”
After hearing Li Yi's words, hancook relaxed a little, but he was still on guard against Xia Qihuai. To be exact, she was on guard all the time, because she believed in Li Yi!
After Li Yi and the three sisters of Han cook walked into the bar, Xia Qichao followed Leili and said, “Leili, go around and have a look.”
When he heard the word Raleigh, hancook's pupils tightened, and then he looked back at Raleigh with the scar on his face in shock.
Raleigh is a legendary pirate she heard when she was on the nine snake pirate ship. How can she not be shocked when she suddenly sees a real person.
“You scared the child.”
Seeing Hankook looking back at himself in shock, Raleigh shrugged and said, “it seems I have to avoid it. Ha ha…”
As the laughter fell, he turned out of the bar and closed the door.
Indoors, Li Yi faced Xia Qi and bowed slightly: “thank you very much!”
As soon as Li Yi's voice fell, hancook suddenly turned to seize Li Yi's big hand and said excitedly, “Li Yi, is that old man Raleigh?Is it vice captain Roger pirate king, master Raleigh
Li Yi smiles and nods as he grabs himself and looks excited.
Chapter 34 the sea has your freedom
“You must be curious why I want to help you, right?”
In the bar, Xia Qi looked at Li Yi with a calm face, and then said: “it's a matter of who will be confused, after all, you and I have never met.Such a person who has no intersection at all can help? ”
Li Yi answered very simply, “please let me know.”
“Two reasons!”
Shaggy reached out two fingers and said with a smile, “I have secretly investigated you, and everything you had before Adrian was bought was a blank.I'm curious about that.I don't send out people in this world that I can't investigate, but they are powerful and mysterious. But you are not. I happened to be there when you first stepped into the arena as a slave. Although you lived to the end, you were very weak.At least in my eyes, you are weak.But it's just you. I can't find your past.The more I can't find your past, the more curious I am about you.Naturally, I should pay more attention to you. In the past three years, I have seen your every move. You are a strong man with indomitable will. This is the first reason why I help you.And then, I want to see if a man with indomitable will can bring some impact to this era!For example, Roger, the pirate king who started the era of the great pirate, and long, the revolutionist who was the enemy of the world government
Hearing Xia Qi's explanation, Li Yi shook his head and laughed, and said, “should I start in the direction of the pirate king, or should I lead the revolutionary army to attack the world government like a dragon?”
“Ha ha, go to the new world!”
Xia Qi squinted at the calm Li Yi without blinking. “You have been trapped for more than three years, and you are free on the sea!”
Li Yi didn't speak, his face was still calm, but his heart was not calm at all.
Brought into the pirate world by the system, he had no time to think about which direction he should go, and even less time to imagine his future, so he was taken away by Adrian and imprinted the slave mark on his forehead.
In the blink of an eye, more than three years passed in a flash. After many times walking back and forth between life and death, he had only three wishes in his heart. One was to live, and the other was to protect the three sisters.
There is also a natural escape from the holy land of marjoria, in addition, he has no other ideas, because the environment he faces does not allow him to think of other!
Now, he survived, protected the three sisters of Hankook, and even escaped from the holy land of Marjorie. But that doesn't mean they are safe. The general of the navy is leading the navy to kill. The holy land of Marjorie is also full of navies, and there are five old stars sitting in the town. Whether he can take the three sisters of Hankook to kill is the problem he is facing.As for the others, he didn't dare to think about them and didn't have time to think about them.
However, when he heard Xia Qi's words, he could not help but feel a ripple in his heart.
Seeing that Li Yi is silent, Xia Qi takes back her eyes and looks at Han cook sitting next to Li Yi. Although Han cook is almost embarrassed, she can't completely cover her face. In addition, the power of sweet fruit begins to spread in her body. She looks more and more beautiful.Even Shaqi's powerful existence almost lost his mind when he saw hancook.
After discovering this subtle change, Xia Qi quickly regained her mind and said with a smile, “what a beautiful girl. I'll give you another two or three years. She is absolutely a beautiful woman in the world.”
After hearing Shaqi's praise, hancook seemed a little shy, and even more timidly withdrew his eyes from Shaqi.
Just then, there was a sudden noise outside the bar. Among the figures running through the street outside, there were many pirates.Seeing what happened outside through the window, Xia Qi sank in his heart.
Meanwhile, Raleigh pushes the door open and comes in.
“What's the situation?”
Raleigh closed the door and said with a smile, “here comes a wonderful guy!”
“What a wonderful fellow?”Xia Qi is slightly a Leng, immediately, her complexion is slightly startled, “great general Warring States?”
General of the Warring States period?
Li Yi, with a calm face and tight eyes, is it the Warring States period of Buddhism?So this guy is a general now!!
Leili nodded and looked at Li Yi. Seeing that Li Yi didn't have much change in his expression, he nodded with satisfaction and didn't be surprised. This is the basic quality that every person who achieves great things must have.
Of course, Li Yi has experienced the life and death competition in the arena, and his mentality has long been beyond people's reach.
Seeing that Reilly looked at him, Li Yi got up quickly and said, “the presence of the navy is not a big threat to us. They are here for tiger.So, as long as we don't leave shampooland now, there's nothing wrong
Leili and Xiaqi are stunned and look at Li Yi in surprise.
“Well, it's Fisher tiger, the man who liberated slaves in marjoria this time.”
“Do you know this man?”Riley and Shaqi were even more surprised.
See two people are surprised to look at oneself, Li Yi blinked an eye, immediately nodded perfunctorily way: “calculate is.”
He can't tell Riley and Shaqi that he was brought into the world by the system, and he knows what's going on now and in the next 13 years. Even if he says it, will they believe it?
Reilly no longer entangled in the question whether Li Yi knew tiger or not, and asked, “tell me the truth, did you kill Adrian the Dragon man?”
Smell speech, Li Yi nodded, light way: “killed!”
“No wonder there are people from the Navy headquarters!”Raleigh went to the bar, picked up a bottle of wine and drank it. Then he wiped his mouth and said with a smile, “you're tough enough to kill Tianlong people, but let tiger carry the black pot for you!Poor Tiger… ”
Chapter 35 God does not reward!
Without waiting for Li Yi to speak, Raleigh continued: “now that the holy land of marjoria is in chaos, I believe no one will notice your existence. I will send you out of the shampoo field when I go to hunt down tiger in the Warring States period of Buddha.”
After a slight pause, Raleigh suddenly asked Li Yi with a serious face: “where will you go after leaving shampooland island?”
Smell speech, Li Yi stood up, when he stood up, his momentum suddenly changed, then word by word said: “Yang Fan, go to sea!”
Looking at Li Yi, whose momentum changes abruptly, Leili and Xia Qi look at each other, then smile and ask, “where do you want to go to sea?”
“New world!”
“Ha ha, then you have to prepare a big ship.”
Marjoria, the holy land on the peak of the red earth continent, is shrouded in fire and smoke. The nobles of the world, who are high above the earth, are in a dilemma on the street, watching their mansion burned by the fire and helpless.
Tiger, who leads the fishman compatriots to the back of the red earth, is in a good mood. He looks back at rear admiral stoibery, who is chasing him. He laughs twice, and then shouts to the fishman compatriots behind him: “brothers, go home.”
As his voice fell, he jumped off the cliff.
Then, thousands of fishermen followed. For a moment, the fishermen jumped down and fell down into the sea like a colony of bees.In the shocking sound of falling into the water, stoiberi, who chased to the edge of the cliff, reluctantly gave out a roar.
Looking at all the fish people who jumped off the cliff and fell into the sea, stoibery turned abruptly after he was unwilling to roar, and said in a deep voice, “come on
A soldier came forward.
“Get in touch with the Navy, and we want Fisher tiger!”
The great general of the Navy, the Warring States of Buddha, finally arrived at the holy land of marjoria, but his arrival could not change the situation. Fisher tiger had led his fellow fishermen to disappear in the vast sea.
The world government headquarters heard that Fisher tiger, the initiator of the chaos, had escaped. In a rage, it issued a warrant for his arrest and offered a reward of 230 million Bailey.
With the offering of a reward, Fischer tiger's name immediately resounded across the sea, and he became the first man in history to make a big fuss over marjoria and challenge the world government.
And just a week after the reward was issued, the disappearing tiger appeared across the sky, galloping on the sea under the banner of the sun Pirate Group, leading countless fishermen out of the fishman island and following him through life and death.
Among them will be the future Qiwu sea very flat, and later the Dragon Pirate Group a long, octopus small eight and so on!
A week later, Raleigh, who was in the bar, looked at the news and kept laughing. Seeing that he was alone, he couldn't close his mouth. In front of the bar, Shaqi asked in surprise, “if there's anything new, just listen to it.”
“About Tiger.”Raleigh shook the newspaper for a moment, then said: “in order to eliminate the stigma and enslaved 'Tianxiang dragon's hoof' seal which was printed on them by the Tianlong people, and make the slaves he rescued have no difference from other members, this guy designed a sun mark similar to the hoof of flying dragon,And branded it on the freed Fishman slaves and the new members who later joined the Pirate Group.To this end, he named the new pirate group the sun Pirate Group.It's interesting. It's really interesting. ”
After listening to Raleigh's words, Shaqi looks at Li Yi with a jazz hat and a suit.
Li Yi didn't find that Xia Qi was looking at himself. At the moment, he was wondering.
Hancook will be rescued from the holy land of marjoria, the system God's hint how not ring?Isn't there a 10000 survival reward for rescuing Hankook?
Is it necessary to send Hankook to Amazon lily to complete the task?
This kind of possibility exists absolutely. At least they are not far away from the territory of Tianlong people.
Thinking of this, he shook his head and grinned bitterly, then turned around.
Turning around, he saw that Shaqi was looking at himself without blinking. He blinked and then said with a smile, “Ms. Shaqi, if you look at me with such eyes, I will be confused.”
“I'm worried about that thing on your forehead!”
Xia Qi glared at him and said, “you can't keep that mark all the time. Let's not say anything else. Aesthetically speaking, it affects your image.”
“Er,” Li Yi Leng Leng, if not Xia Qi mentioned, he almost forgot that there was such a mark on his forehead.Leng after a while, he does not care about the smile, said: “there will be a way to eliminate.”
“You are so calm.”
Shaqi looked back and said, “I think you've talked a lot these days. It's a good start.”
“I used to talk very little?”Li Yi looked back at Hankook, who was sitting quietly beside him. Hankook nodded with a smile.
Before Li Yi was silent, but since he killed Adrian and left the holy land of marjoria, Li Yi's words were more and his smile was more sunny.
Most importantly, Li Yi is a little bad.This is something that Hankook never thought of. However, she prefers to see Li Yi now than Li Yi who was silent before.
“OK,” Li Yi shrugged his shoulders and stood up to say, “I'm going out for a walk. The Warring States period of Buddha has returned to the Navy headquarters. I have to prepare to leave this place.”
“In such a hurry to leave?”
Leili put down the newspaper and looked at Li Yi, “don't you learn from me?”
Li Yi's eyes glared. If Raleigh hadn't mentioned it suddenly, he would have forgotten this important thing.In the new world, however, there are many powerful beings who know how to be domineering. How can he survive without evil fruit and domineering?If he goes to the new world, although he has freedom, he is more dangerous than the duel in the arena.
Think of here, Li Yi swallowed saliva, two eyes shine, “learn!”
Chapter 36 seeing, hearing, lusting and domineering
It's been a month since marjoria's Liberation of slaves in holy land. The Navy's attention has been focused on tiger. In Raleigh's words, tiger has resisted all Li Yi's activities.It is also for this reason that Li Yi did not attract people's attention in shambaldi Island, and the three Han cook sisters helped Shaqi manage the bar because their marks were not noticeable on their backs.
Li Yike is not so idle. He is led by Leili to an unknown island and begins to cultivate his domineering spirit.
Li Yi had known about seeing, hearing and armed lust as early as in his life. Understanding is understanding, but he didn't know how to practice. The appearance of Raleigh just made up for his regret.
Under Raleigh's instruction, Li Yi, who already has the power of the elephant in his body, can feel the power of the breath around him in a short period of one month, and even sense the enemy out of sight or further predict the opponent's actions.
Li Yi's amazing cultivation speed surprised Lei Li.
If there are geniuses in this world, Li Yi is definitely one of them.You know, it took him half a year to cultivate his lust and arrogance, and this time is very short.But it took Li Yi only one month, which made Raleigh a little unconvinced.Although Li Yi is just beginning to appear, it only takes him three months at most to master the power of seeing and hearing!
At the end of the new day's practice, Li Yi and Lei Li sit in front of a campfire. Looking at Li Yi who has been practicing for a whole day and is still full of energy, Lei Li can't help but ask, “boy, where does the most powerful force in your body come from?”
“The most rigid, the most powerful?”
Li Yi Leng Leng, immediately relieved.Obviously, Raleigh was referring to the power of the elephant in his body.The power of the elephant is the power of the sixth level of dragon elephant Prajna. Li Yi didn't know how to answer Lei Li for a moment.
Seeing Li Yi with doubts on his face, Raley shook his head and said with a smile, “it seems that you don't know that you have this power in your body.Well, it's not a bad thing. On the contrary, it's absolutely helpful for you to cultivate your domineering spirit.Before, I was worried that you were too weak to adapt to the strong physical strength required for cultivating domineering spirit.Now it seems that my worry is superfluous. The power in your body can not only make you play your domineering power better, but also make your body more solid as the domineering power matures. ”
Li Yi was overjoyed to hear Raleigh's words. The power of the elephant can assist the domineering. You are my mother.
Although he was ecstatic, Li Yi's face was as calm as ever. When Raleigh's voice fell, he asked cautiously, “Raleigh, when can I practice armed lust?”
“Well?”Raleigh looked Li Yi up and down, then shook his head and said with a smile, “are you in a hurry to leave?”
Li Yi nodded and said, “I have to send Hankook back to Amazon lily, otherwise…”
“Or what?”
“Er, it's ok…” Li Yi, who almost lost his mouth, shook his head and changed the topic. “Raleigh, we've been out for a month!”
“Yes, it's been a month.You want to go back to shampoo? “Raleigh narrowed his eyes and asked with a deep smile, “do you miss that little beauty of Hankook?”
Li Yi, who was asked by Leili, looked at Leili straightly. Then, he stood up and said, “old man, what do you mean? Do I look like that?”
“Like.”Raleigh nodded with a smile.
Li Yi's eyes widened again, while Leili was amused.After watching Raleigh, Li Yi drooped his head and said weakly, “OK, I think I'll be back.”
“Ha ha, that's right.It's normal for you and Hankook to go through tribulations and like each other. Why cover up? ”
“But Hankook is still young, isn't he…” Raleigh laughed more playfully. “Isn't it better to form from childhood?What's more, Hankook is not small now. In two years, he'll be familiar with it. ”
“Old man, you…”
Looking at Leili who is not serious at this moment, Li Yi stares and says: “how can you be so evil…”
“Evil?”Raleigh blinked.
“Well,” Li Yi nodded fiercely, then bent up an arc of evil spirit and said, “but I like…”
Two days later, Riley and Li Yi return to the bar of shampooland Shaqi. In the bar, sitting on the bar, Hankook holds his cheek in one hand and plays with his glass in the other. He doesn't notice that Li Yi and Riley have come to the bar.
Without waiting for Li Yi to make a sound, Raleigh suddenly opened his mouth and cried in a strong voice, “Hankook, give me a glass of red wine!”
“Oh, yes.”
Hancook stood up straight, and without looking at Raleigh, he turned to get the wine.
Just turned around, her body suddenly stiff, and then, she quickly turned around.Looking at Leili and Li Yi standing in front of her with a smile, she first blinked her eyes blankly, and then exclaimed with amazement and joy: “master Leili…”
“This kid,” he said to Li Yi, shaking his head and smiling at the excited Hankook. “You talk. I'll go to see Shaqi.”
Li Yi nodded and watched Raleigh leave. He leaned forward slowly in front of the bar and said, “Hankook, have a glass of red wine.”
With that, Li Yi turns around and goes to a card seat to sit down, waiting for Hankook's service(Don't think about service. I'm very pure.)
“Good, good,” Hankook nodded repeatedly, but his eyes looked at Li Yi and could not move away.
Although Li Yi lived next door to Adrian's residence before, she never looked at Li Yi seriously. In addition, Li Yi almost went to the arena every few days at that time. Every time she came back, she was scarred, which made her spend almost all her time worrying.Now Mary chiaya, who escaped from the Holy Land and lives freely in the bar of shampoo land, no longer worries about Li Yi, herself and her two sisters.Li Yi's seeds planted in her heart also take root and germinate at this moment as she grows older
This seed is called love!
Fifteen or sixteen years old is the age when young girls begin to love each other, and Hankook is no exception.
Chapter 37 semi suspended subsystem
“Hankook, go out with me!”
Hankook, who had been staring at Li Yi, blinked his beautiful eyes, then turned red instantly, and then turned his head and didn't dare to look at Li Yi again.
I dare not look at it, but her liver is popping, and her mind is in a mess, “go out for a walk, is this a date?”Hans cook, who covered his face with a slim hand, was excited when he thought about it.
See Han cook don't head, Li Yi blankly blinked, doubt asked: “what's the matter with you, Han cook?”
Hancook still did not dare to look at Li Yi, his face was as red as a ripe apple.
Seeing this, Li Yi grinned, feeling this girl's heart is just beginning to open, and she is beginning to commit a flower mania.
Thinking of this, Li Yi tilted his head and looked at Hankook, who covered his face with both hands. He said with a bad smile, “if you don't go, I'll go alone.”
Hankook was in a hurry. “Go, go!”
“Let's go then!”
With that, Li Yi simply turned around and walked out of the bar. Han Kuk did not dare to neglect him. He followed him like a little Valet behind Li Yi.
Li Yi is not very familiar with shampoos. Although Han Kuk is familiar with shampoos, it is because she follows Li Yi without looking around. She follows where Li Yi goes.
As he walked, Li Yi took Hankook to a port. Looking at the vast sea ahead, Li Yi stopped and asked Hankook, “Hankook, have you ever thought of going back to Amazon Lily?”
Smell speech, Han cook blinked beautiful eyes, then lowered his head and said softly: “thought about it, but afraid to leave Li Yi.”
Looking down at Hankook, Li Yi felt warm.
Then, he walked towards the beach not far away in silence. Seeing that Li Yi was silent, hancook raised his head and looked at Li Yi's back in a daze.
Li Yi came to the beach and stopped. After staring up at the calm sea, he suddenly shook his head and laughed.
How could he let Hankook go back to Amazon Lily? However, the damned system gave him such a task. If Hankook was not sent back, his task would not be completed!
Wait, there seems to be no time limit for this task!
Thinking of this, Li Yi quickly opens the task box in his mind. In the task column, the main task is displayed, rescuing Hankook and escorting him to Amazon lily. The remaining time: one!One!Month!
“Ah, ah, ah…”
Li Yi has an impulse to hack the system. Before, he didn't notice that there was a taskbar. Was he hoodwinked by the system, or hadn't he noticed it all these years?
How can it be like this? System God, you're playing with me again, right.
Now Li Yi is quite sure that there must be something wrong with this system, especially the zodiac system and the half hanging subsystem. The task is ambiguous.
Helpless, uncomfortable, want to kill!
After hiding the taskbar, Li Yi turned around and looked at Hankook, who was following him. He said with a bitter smile, “Hankook, it seems that we have to go back to Amazon Lily in a month.”
“Well?”Hancook's body trembled slightly, and then looked up at Li Yi. Seeing that Li Yi didn't seem to be joking, her eyes darkened instantly. Then, tears began to spin in her eyes.
Looking at hancook's silent protest, Li Yi said in a soft voice“I promise you, when you get back to Amazon lily, I'll take you out to sea as long as you like. ”
Hancook face a happy, timid way: “don't cheat me?”
“Of course!”
Li Yi smiles and says, “when did Li Yi cheat Hankook?”
Han Kuk smiles. For her, she wants to be with Li Yi more than going back to Amazon lily.However, it has been nearly four years since she left the nine snake pirate ship, and she also wants to go back and have a look.Now I hear Li Yi say that she will take her to sea when she goes back, which is exactly what she thinks.
The only heart disease was relieved, and Hankook began to fall in love again.
This time, Li Yi didn't give her the chance to be a flower maniac. She said with a smile, “let's go and have something to eat.”
“Good, good.”Hankook nodded repeatedly, looking at Li Yi's eyes as before!
They walked into a food shop and sat down in a seat near the window. They could just enjoy the food and watch the sea view outside.
But the reality is not as simple as Li Yi thought. This Gourmet Shop is not gourmet at all.
Because, after Li Yi and Han cook sat down, a group of people who first walked into the food shop began to glance at Han cook opposite Li Yi.At the table opposite the group, there are two young men who eat in a low-key way. Although they have hidden their breath, Li Yi still sees that these two men are not kind by virtue of seeing and hearing.
On the right side of the two young men, there were also several burly men, with a huge spider on their bare arms.
Most importantly, in the corner of the Gourmet Shop, there was a middle-aged man wearing a Navy coat with the words “justice”.
What's going on in NIMA?
The guys with spiders tattooed on their arms are likely to be pirates, while the two young men with low-key food should be bounty hunters.He who has been staring at Hankook is a human trafficker!
Well, the pirates, the bounty hunters, the traffickers and the Navy come together, and it's hard not to think about anything.
Intuition tells Li Yi that the fuse will be ignited by Hankook and the traffickers!
Thinking of this, Li Yi gave a stretch, and then whispered to hancook, “hancook, we have to leave.”
Hancook naturally felt the danger. After nodding her head in silence, she stood up first and then walked towards the gate.When she passed by the peddlers, one of them flashed evil around his mouth. Then he stood up and walked behind Hankook.See their leader rise to follow out, several other celebrity dealers also rise to leave the seat.
See, Li Yi pupil a tight, quickly forward, and Han cook side by side out of the food shop!
Several celebrity traffickers are obviously not afraid of Li Yi's existence and have been following them closely.
Chapter 38 sweet wind
Under the huge tree, Li Yi and Han cook stop.Seeing that they stopped suddenly, the traffickers who had been following them also stopped quickly.
Hankook hated human traffickers to the bone. If they were not for these damned human traffickers, their three sisters would not have been sold to Adrian's house and branded as slaves.
Looking around, Li Yi suddenly opened his mouth and asked softly, “wait for me for a while.”
Han Kuk surprisingly did not step back. On the contrary, she calmly stepped forward, then turned back to Li Yi and said with a smile, “Li Yi, are you sure they are human traffickers?”
“Nine is ten.”Li Yi is not sure, but even if he is not a human trafficker, following them here is either cheating or stealing!
Hancock nodded and stepped forward.
“Hankook.”Li Yi's face changed a little when he saw that Han Kuk walked towards the celebrity dealers.But before he could finish, Hankook had come to the celebrity dealers.
“Excuse me…”
Without waiting for several celebrity traffickers to react, Hankook suddenly said, “are you human traffickers? Are you coming to arrest me?”
Hearing hancook's voice, several celebrity dealers immediately straightened their eyes, and the leader stepped forward with exaggeration. His eyes twinkled with red heart, and his face said: “good, good, beautiful…”
Li Yi, who is standing on one side, is silly
Hancook's sweet fruit ability, began to break out?
Looking at Hankook with his back to him and several celebrity dealers, Li Yi seems to see the rise of a generation of empress in a trance!
“It seems to have come for me.”
Looking at several celebrity peddlers in general, Hankook suddenly turned cold, “then even if I kill you, I will be forgiven!”
“Oh, it's beautiful to be angry…”
“Yes, kill us…”
Several celebrity dealers began to speak incoherently, one by one wriggling their waist, covering their faces with big hands, and looking at Hankook with red hearts in their eyes.
After several celebrity dealers wriggled their backs to see that they could not extricate themselves, hancook put on a loving gesture with both hands, and then quickly read:
“Sweet wind…”
As soon as the voice fell, the loving light flashed out.
Light swept, a few celebrity dealers instantly petrified!
After petrifying several celebrity traffickers, hancook slowly steps forward, and then gently raises his fingers.
Petrified human traffickers are broken and scattered all over the ground in an instant!
After killing all the celebrity traffickers, hancook's body pauses slightly. Then, she turns back and smiles at Li Yi and says, “Li Yi, hancook will be forgiven, right?”
Under the smile of hancook, Li Yi, who almost lost his mind, quickly pressed down his tight heart string, then swallowed his saliva and said, “Hmm, hancook will be forgiven even if he kills all the people in the world.”
When he heard Li Yi's words, hancook put his hair on his shoulder, then came to Li Yi slowly.
Looking at Hankook, Li Yi murmured, “when will Hankook be able to control sweet fruit like this?”
Slightly Leng after a while, he suddenly in front of a bright, “summer strange?”
This is the only answer. When he left shampooland to follow Raleigh to learn domineering, Shaqi must have opened up hancook's fruit ability.
That's good. If he's absent from Hankook or negligent, Hankook can protect himself.Of course, his worry is superfluous. Even if Hankook doesn't have the ability of sweet fruit, he also has the king's qualification. When she wakes up, her strength can't be underestimated.
Back to Li Yi's side, Han Kuk saw Li Yi standing still and asked, “what's the matter with you, Li Yi?”
“Ah, it's OK.”
Li Yi recovered and said, “let's go. It's time to go back.”
Hancook answered cleverly, and then followed Li Yi to the bar.
In the bar, Riley and Shaqi sit opposite each other.
“Are you sure?”
Looking at Hagrid with a cigarette in his hand, Raleigh looked at Hagrid without blinking, and then asked, “do you think Hankook has the power of supremacy?”
“Well, but not yet.”Shaqi nodded.
Get Xiaqi affirmation of Raleigh changed a posture, said with a smile: “is really a woman strong man strong.”
“What do you mean?”Xia Qi doubts a way.
“Do you know how long it took Li Yi to master the power of seeing and hearing?”Raleigh said enviously, “in a month, just a month, he has mastered the power of seeing and hearing. It's incredible!”
“Li Yi has mastered the power of seeing and hearing?”
“Although it will take a little time to practice, I'm sure that with his talent, he can understand the true meaning of seeing, hearing and lust in three months at most.But the boy was in a hurry to leave. When he didn't fully understand the true meaning of seeing and hearing the color, he was in a hurry to learn to arm the color domineering.Because of the time constraint, I can only tell him some basic essentials of armed color. With his qualifications, he can use seeing and hearing color and armed color within a year. ”
Hearing what Raleigh said, Xia Qi laughed, “do you know why I chose Li Yi and ask you to help him?”
“I want to ask you more.”
“It's very simple, he also has the qualification to be a king!”
“Well?”Raleigh's eyes tightened slightly, and then he was surprised and said, “you mean, he's also born with an overbearing look?”
Hagrid nodded and said, “like Hankook, I haven't awakened yet!”
Just as Xiaqi's voice fell, two figures flashed in front of the bar, followed by Li Yi and Han cook.Just walk into the bar, Li Yi will feel Riley and Xiaqi are secretly looking at themselves
After blinking, Li Yi looks up at Leili and Xiaqi, “what's the matter?”
Raleigh shook his head, then stood up and said lazily, “it's late. Let's have a rest.”
“Raleigh, wait…”
Seeing Leili's posturing to leave, Li Yi hurried over. When Leili stopped, he quickly asked, “how long does it take to get to Amazon Lily from here?”
Chapter 39 the feeling of being cared for
Leili, who stopped and looked back at Li Yi, was stunned. Then, he turned to look at Li Yi and said solemnly, “are you going to leave?”
“Yes.”Li Yi nodded without hesitation.
“Well,” Raleigh sighed to himself, “if you think about it, it's hard for you to cross the windless zone around Amazon lily with your current strength. If you have to go at this time, you have to be prepared.”
Jin Li Yi's face is still firm. Riley shakes his head and smiles, and then says, “it seems that you have already realized in your heart. Well, I'll give you a permanent pointer, which will send you to the airless zone of Amazon lily.As for how to avoid those sea king class into the Amazon lily, it depends on your natureWith that, Leili throws the permanent pointer to Li Yi. When Li Yi catches it, he turns around and walks towards the inner room.
When he got to the front door of the inner room, Raleigh stopped and didn't turn around. “By the way, if there's no accident, it can be reached in a week, but if there's bad weather or pirates, it's another matter.”
“Thank you very much.”Li Yi bowed slightly and watched Raleigh enter the inner room.
For Li Yi, the appearance of Riley and Shaqi is the warmest existence in this pirate world except for the three sisters of Hankook.
This kind of emotion is hard to understand and express without personal experience.
Raleigh just walked into the inner room, a shocking crash suddenly sounded, and then a group of Pirates came in.The leader is the man with spider pattern on his arm in the food shop.
“Boss, I'm thirsty!”
As soon as he entered the bar, the leading pirate sat down at a table and put his thighs on the table. He looked at Shaqi standing at the bar and said in a thick voice: “speed up, or you will tear down your shop!”
Xiaqi seems to have been used to these rude and rude guests. After smiling, she winked at hancook, and then turned to work.Han cook, who motioned to him, hurriedly followed him. Li Yi, who was standing alone in front of the bar, pulled the jazz hat on his head, and then went to a card seat to sit down.
This is a cold bar, as the group of pirates come in and instantly become noisy, Shaqi and hancook constantly shuttle between these pirates to provide them with delicious wine and food.
The pirates drink more bravely than the mountain bandits. They either use big bowls or blow bottles directly when they drink. It's not pleasant!
After three rounds of drinking, the head of the pirate suddenly stood up, and then grabbed Hankook, who was passing by him. Li Yi, who had seen this scene in his eyes, instinctively tightened his pupils, and his big hand held the soul chopper for the first time.
“Brothers, is this girl a little familiar?”
After looking at Hankook awkwardly for a moment, the head of the pirate turned his head and looked at one of his companions, “is that the one in the food shop?”
“It's really strange that the traffickers didn't take her away?”
“Ha ha, it must be the traffickers who lost them.”
“Captain, since the traffickers have not been able to catch her, let's take her away. We are short of women on board. This girl is so beautiful that I feel itchy to see her brother.”
Hearing these words, Li Yi's eyes flashed, and then stood up quietly.
At the same time, after hearing the suggestions from his subordinates, the head of the pirate was also in a daze. He grinned at Hankook and said, “girl, follow us to the captain. As long as you follow us to the ship, the vice captain of the spider Pirate Group, here you are…”
“Ha ha, the captain is so generous. I've always wanted to be the vice captain. Why don't you do it for me?”
“Go, go. Do you have a good-looking girl? She's fat and big. Let's cool off.”
“Ha ha ha ha, the third is hit again.”
The pirates had a good time, especially the head of the pirate. He didn't know that Li Yi had come to him with the help of drinking.
Li Yi, who came to Hankook's body, slowly looked up at the head of the pirate who was higher than him. His eyes were cold and he said, “let her go.”
Hearing Li Yi's voice, the head of the pirate's eyes tightened slightly. Then, he turned his head and looked down at Li Yi by virtue of his height. He felt the coldness in Li Yi's eyes. He suddenly glared and said: “put away your damn eyes…”
“Let him go!”
Li Yi repeated again, and his big hand even held down the handle of the soul chopping knife!
At this time, a pirate sitting behind Li Yi suddenly stood up, then raised his wine bottle and hit Li Yi on the head.
With the sound of explosion, the bottle broke and the wine spilled all over the floor.
This scene happened so fast that even Xia Qi, who was standing at the bar, was unprepared. Li Yi's mind was on the head of the pirate.
Hancook was so scared that she lost her countenance. Seeing a trace of blood slipping from Li Yi's forehead, she turned around and cried, “Li Yi…”
“Hahaha, who dares to ask brother spider to let go? Hahaha, it's really cruel…”
Before the word “Xiang” came down, Li Yi, who let the blood fall from his forehead, grabbed the handle of the knife and cut it out with lightning.
Sharp knife gas flashed, Li Yi has put the knife into the scabbard!
First, the head of the pirate's pupils tightened, then dilated, and then his heart rending scream came out without any sign, echoing over shamudi island for a long time!
In his heart splitting scream, he grabs Hankuk's big hand and breaks it from his shoulder. If Li Yi doesn't take advantage of the situation to pull Hankuk to his side, he will dye Hankuk into a blood man.
Everyone in the bar was stunned, including Shaqi!
Li Yi immediately steps forward to protect her behind him. He holds the handle of the knife again. His eyes in front of him are cold-blooded and merciless, but his words are as gentle as water. “Han cook, close your eyes!”
Chapter 40 your boat, I want it
Hancook obediently closed her eyes. She knew that Li Yi didn't want her to see his cruel side.
She knows that if Li Yi dares to kill Tianlong people for her, he will not be afraid of anyone who dares to be rude to her.
After closing his eyes, Hankook laughed heartlessly.
Whether she is powerful enough to control the life and death of all the people or powerful enough to be sure, she is eager to be protected and spoiled, not to mention Hankook, who is used to being protected by Li Yi?
Because the feeling of being cared for is really good!
“What are you doing? Kill him!”
After a heartrending scream, the head of the pirate turned to his stunned subordinates and growled, “whoever kills him is the vice captain!”
This speech, the whole bar of the pirate suddenly recovered, and then grabbed the weapon toward Li Yi.
Li Yi stood still, his eyes fixed on the front.
In the blink of an eye, the pirates in the bar killed Li Yi from all directions.Seeing that the big knife in the hand of one of the leading pirates is about to cut Li Yi's head, Li Yi suddenly moves.
He pulled the sword out of its sheath as fast as lightning. Then his eyes opened wide. The soul chopping sword crossed the void in front of him at the same time, and the big hand holding the handle suddenly started to work.
“Shi Jie…”
With a simple low drink, the soul chopping sword suddenly swings out a circle of cold air waves.
The cold air wave flashed by Li Yi's pirates as the blade passed. A strange and shocking scene appeared. The direction of the blade passed was frozen and condensed. All the pirates who were facing Li Yi kept their forward posture and were frozen.
While freezing all the pirates who are rushing to themselves, the pirates killed from his left and right sides are in front of him!
It's too late to continue to release the soul chopping sword move, but Li Yi didn't panic because of it. Instead, he stopped the sword and stood up, his pupils dilated, and he yelled: “chopping without moving…”
As the voice fell, the dense mirage flashed out, and in an instant passed by the pirate who rushed to him.
Puff, puff, puff
A series of penetrating sounds came out one after another. All the pirates who rushed in front of Li Yi and hadn't rushed over stopped one after another after these phantoms passed by. Then one by one, they fell down after the phantoms disappeared.
At the moment, Li Yi, holding the hilt of the sword in his hand and holding the slender hand of Han Dynasty in his hand, has returned to the scabbard. The king's spirit is natural!
Xia Qi, who has been standing on one side and forgot to stop him, looks at Li Yi, who is standing in the middle of the bar and has a natural air of being king. He is drunk.She's right. Li Yi really has Wang's talent!
After killing the non frozen pirate in seconds, Li Yi moves forward slowly and then bends his finger.
The dull sound of shock suddenly rang out, followed by the sudden collapse of the ice sculpture.
The ice sculptures are broken, and all the pirates who are frozen are scattered. They follow the collapsed ice sculptures and sprinkle them on the ground.
The head of the pirate was completely confused. He stood aside, completely forgetting the pain of the broken arm. His body was shaking violently. In his big eyes like ox eyes, he was filled with endless fear as if he had seen the God of death.
When he saw Li Yi turn around and look at him, his legs, which were shaking violently, didn't stand firm. With a puff, he knelt down.
Kneeling down, he couldn't open his mouth because of fear, just kept kowtowing.
Looking at the head of the pirate kneeling down, there is no sympathy in Li Yi's eyes!
Joke, in this predatory pirate world, sympathy for others is the biggest cruelty to yourself.This is clear to Li Yi, who has spent three years in the arena.
Looking at the head of the pirate who kept kowtowing, Li Yi slowly pulled his sword out of its sheath. As the blade slowly came out of its sheath, the cold breath filled the whole bar again
Blood splashed, and Li Yi, who was used to beheading in the arena, simply cut off the head of the head of the pirate.However, as soon as the blood splashed, it was immediately frozen by the frozen force released by the soul chopping sword
Glancing at the head of the pirate who died with fear, Li Yi's spirit of Xiao Sha disappeared in a moment. In exchange, he came with a face of evil smile. Learning from the tone of the head of the pirate when he just entered the bar, he said in a gruff voice: “the old man has taken the pirate ship you parked in the port!”
Standing on one side, Xia Qi wakes up from Li Yi's voice and takes a look at the messy bar. She shakes her head and says helplessly, “Li Yi, you have to help me clean it up.”
Smell speech, Li Yi exhibition Yan a smile, way: “need not.”
“Well?”Xia Qi is slightly stunned.
Just then, two bounty hunters who had appeared in the Gourmet Shop came in slowly.Looking at all the pirates killed by Li Yi, their faces changed slightly. Then, they looked up at Li Yi as if facing a big enemy.
“Hello, bounty hunter!”
Looking at the bounty hunter on guard like a great enemy, Li Yi said gently: “the pirates in this room belong to you, but in exchange, I have to trouble you to clean the bar!”
Obviously, the two bounty hunters haven't come back to their senses. The pirates in this room have been their targets for a long time. However, because the captain of the Pirate Group is extremely difficult, they haven't made a move.
However, the group of pirates, which made them troublesome, was killed on the spot at the moment, and was even exchanged by Li Yi for cleaning the bar!You know, the captain of the Pirate Group is a powerful guy who offered a reward of 50 million Bailey. Is it so cheap to give them?
Obviously, there is no good thing to lose the pie at the end of the day. The two bounty hunters don't know whether to promise or refuse!
Seeing that the two bounty hunters haven't recovered, Li Yi suddenly looks cold and says in a deep voice, “do it or not!”
The two people who wake up from Li Yi's sudden fright scream at the same time, and then nod their heads together, “do, do, have to do.”
Joke, 50 million worth of Pirates die in front of us. If this guy is not happy and kills them together, they will lose a lot.Besides, 50 million Bailey asked them to clean the bar. They made money*
Chapter 41 the evil thief
The next day, Li Yi took the three sisters to say goodbye to Riley and Xiaqi. Because of the lack of time, Li Yi Gen could not have learned how to be armed and aggressive with Riley.Fortunately, Raleigh has told him some of the essentials of armed color. In the future, he can study it by himself.
After saying goodbye to Riley and Shaqi, Li Yi takes the three sisters to the port.
In the harbor, the pirate ship stopped quietly at sea, but when Li Yi and his three left the harbor, they were dumbfounded.
The Navy, who came out of nowhere, controlled the pirate ship and dragged it away in the eyes of Li Yi and his party.
Yes, the pirate ship was towed away.
Just like Li Yi's life in this world, those parked cars were towed away by the trailer, and gradually disappeared in the sea level in Li Yi's gaping expression!
Looking at the pirate ship disappearing on the sea level, Li Yi woke up and yelled, “I, I Cao –”
Hancook's three sisters haven't recovered. Looking at the disappearing pirate ship at sea level, hancook feels a sense of loss and joy at the same time.
Seeing Li Yi yelling at him, hancook forced himself to smile and said to Li Yi, “Li Yi, it seems that we have to go back to the bar for a while before we leave.”
“That's the only way.”
Li Yi drooped his head, but just as he was about to turn around and leave the port, a small boat appeared.
On the boat, which can hold five or six people, there are two men with evil eyes. When the boat comes to the shore, they jump off quickly, then simply tie it and run to the shore.
Looking at the two men running ashore, Li Yi's eyes brightened, and then blinked at Han cook.
Hankook came over and shook his head.
This boat is too small, if they take this boat back to the Amazon lily, it is estimated that they will not be able to walk half way, and they will be buried in the sea with a boat.
Li Yi can't manage so much. It takes about a week to get to Amazon Lily from here. If there is an accident at sea again, the main task given to him by the system will be difficult to complete within the specified time.If you can't finish the main task, it will be wiped out.
“Don't worry,” Li Yi said to Sonya and godelow as he grasped hancook's slender hand and shook his head
See Li Yi insist to go, Han cook also hard to say other, Li Yi was holding the slender hand of her immediately filled with a happy smile, followed by trot out.
Before arriving at the boat, Li Yi first let the three sisters board the boat, then untied the rope and jumped to the bow of the boat.
“Ha ha, let's go!”
Li Yihao, who jumped to the bow of the boat, laughed twice, then swung his double oars to ride the wind and waves.
At the same time, after jumping ashore, the two thieves with eyebrow and mouse face rushed into a coffee shop by the sea. They ignored the guests who were drinking coffee leisurely in the coffee shop. After pulling out their waist weapons, they yelled to the waiter at the bar: “fight, fight, rob…”
In their stammering cheers, the coffee shop guests look calm and look at them one by one.Compared with these guests, the waiter in front of the bar is not calm, and one of the waitresses is scared to get under the bar.
Seeing this, the two robbers grinned with satisfaction, and then stepped to the bar, “take out all Bailey, or I'll kill you!”
The waiter dares not to follow, and gingerly takes out all Bailey and gives them to the two men.
After robbing all Bailey at the bar, the two robbers glared at the guests they looked at, “look… Look… What are you looking at… Haven't you seen the robbery…”
“Don't be the same as them. Get out of here.”
With that, the two robbers resisted Bailey and rushed out of the coffee shop to the boat at the port.
But when they ran to the port against Bailey, they were completely stupid
When they saw that Li Yi, who was rowing their boat on the sea, was waving to them, their eyes almost fell out.
“NIMA, you wicked thief…”
“It's them…”
Behind him, the waiter took a large group of people straight to the port, and saw two robbers standing in the port against Bailey, stupefied. The waiter said in a hurry: “hurry up, catch them, don't let them run away.”
On the sea, Li Yi rowed a boat, hummed a little song, and waved to the two stupid thieves who were about to be beaten: “thank you.”
Standing behind him, hancook saw that Li Yi was so bad, and his beautiful eyes were confused again.
To her, Li Yi is both good and bad, so charming.
In the vast sea shrouded by the night, the three sisters of Hankook have already gone to sleep, and Li Yi dare not. If he also goes to sleep, the sea will make a joke with them, and they will not see the sun tomorrow.
Although the ship can only accommodate a few people, it has a lot of food on it. With the food prepared for them by Shaqi before leaving, they can go all the way to the windless zone around the Amazon Lily!
Then look at the bag, a hundred million Bailey quietly display, this let Li Yi can't help but slightly a Leng.
Obviously that's what Shaqi prepared for him!
Slightly Leng for a moment, Li Yi shook his head and laughed.Xia Qi is really meticulous to them. Li Yi has nothing to repay for his kindness, so he can only keep it in mind.
“Li Yi…”
Just at this time, hancook woke up and saw Li Yihuai sitting in the bow with a chopping knife. She quickly got up and sat down beside Li Yi.
“How did you wake up?”
Looking at Hankook sitting beside him, Li Yi quickly takes off his coat and puts it on.Feeling the warmth brought by Li Yi, hancook was brimming with a happy smile, and then gently put his head on Li Yi's shoulder.
Chapter 42 good night, Hankook
Li Yi's body was slightly shocked. For a moment, he didn't know whether to hold hancook or just fall.
In the contest between reason and emotion, emotion prevailed over reason. The big hand gently hugged Hankook's shoulder and said softly, “go on sleeping. I'm here.”
Hankook whispered, then closed his eyes and went to sleep.
Feeling the faint fragrance of hancook, Li Yi can't help but feel a ripple in his heart.
In this world, his favorite is hancook, the queen of the pirate king.Now, this favorite person is beside him, and he has gone through a hard looking back slave life with him, which makes Li Yi have the illusion of being in a dream.A lot of times, he would think absurdly, is it because he likes hancook too much that the constellation system let him cross here, and then experience hardships and grow up together with hancook
If that's the case, he has to thank the constellation system.
Even if not, Li Yi, who has fully adapted to the pirate world, has to thank the constellation system.In the past life, the beauty is around now. How can she be so high spirited!
Put away his confused thoughts, Li Yi gently kisses hancook on the forehead, and then says in a soft voice: “good night, hancook…”
At this time, the sea suddenly vibrated violently. Without waiting for Li Yi to recover, mountain like waves rose on the sea in the distance, and the wind roared with them.
Swept by the strong wind, the boat suddenly jolted violently. Hancook, who had just fallen asleep, was awakened. Sonia and godelow almost flew out of the boat.If it were not for Li Yi's quick eyes and quick hands, the two sisters would have been in the heart of the sea.
“Li Yi…”
Looking at the huge waves rolling towards them, hancook's voice trembled because of fear. You know, she is a demon fruit power now. If she is swept to the sea by the huge waves, she will die.
“Don't be afraid.”
Feeling hancook's fear, Li Yi took a step forward and held hancook's slender hand tightly. At the same time, he called to Sonya, “Sonya, hold on to me.”Sonya and godru, who needed him to shout, had already held him to death, shivering in the storm.
Li Yi, who holds hancook in one hand and the hilt in the other, is surprisingly calm. When Sonya and his sisters hold him tightly, he pulls out his sword. His eyes are tight, and he says: “the first solution…”
The icy pill flashed out, and the endless cold air of the sword was blooming in the air. The huge waves coming from the point of the knife were freezing at an amazing speed, and then stopped less than two feet away from the boat.
Looking at the huge waves frozen like towering mountains, Li Yi breathed a sigh of relief.
After looking around for a circle, Li Yi patted and still hugged Sonya and her two sisters. Then he said to hancook, who closed his eyes tightly, “it's OK, hancook!”
Hearing Li Yi's words, hancook opened his eyes carefully.
When she saw the frozen waves and the sea in front of her eyes, her beautiful eyes tightened, and then she looked ecstatic, “Li Yi, did you do this?”
Li Yi nodded with a smile.
Without waiting for Li Yi's voice to fall, hancook turned excitedly and went out. After carefully probing the frozen sea, she plucked up her courage to jump out of the boat and stand on the frozen sea.
“Ha ha, ha ha, ha ha…”
Standing on the frozen sea, hancook is like a spirit landing on earth. He smiles and turns around. He can see that Li Yi on the ship has another circle of ripples in his heart
“Li Yi…”
After jumping on the frozen sea for a while, Hankook suddenly stopped, and then put his hands behind him. A charming smile flashed on his red face. After calling Li Yi, she opened her lips. “Is it right that Hankook won't have to be afraid of the sea in the future?”
“Well.”Li Yi nodded again, looking at hancook's eyes a little more doting!
It's his biggest consolation to draw the binglunwan in the system lottery.Even if hancook ate the devil's fruit, he didn't have to be afraid to fight with people at sea.In this way, he was less worried and more relieved.
“Hankook, come back.” seeing Hankook didn't want to come back, Li Yi quickly reminded him, “this huge frozen wave can stop us from a storm for a while.But it has a time limit, and I don't know how long it will be. ”
Hancook answered obediently, then turned back to the boat.
“Li Yi,” returned to the ship, Han cook was obviously still excited. She blinked her beautiful eyes and looked at Li Yi with worship and infatuation, “is this the power of the devil's fruit?”
“Well, I haven't eaten the devil's fruit.”
Li Yi shook his head and said with a smile, “it's the power of this knife in my hand that can freeze everything!”At this point, Li Yi suddenly thought of Bai Xue, the soul chopping blade sleeve of rotten wood Lucia in the God of death. If the system draws a lottery again and is lucky, will it be used by Hankook?
Thinking of this, Li Yi looked at Han cook, who made a fool of himself, and said in a soft voice, “I'll give you a chance in the future.”
Hankook's eyes brightened and he repeated, “really?”
“It depends on chance.”Li Yi smiles and sits in the bow.
Hankook didn't say anything. For her, Li Yi was everything. She depended on what Li Yi said.
Li Yi didn't speak any more. Instead, he looked around. If these frozen waves suddenly melt, the falling sea water will swallow them, let alone the roaring wind and waves outside.
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Chapter 43 are you afraid?
Li Yi's worry was obviously superfluous. The roaring wind and waves came and went quickly outside. Soon, the sea was calm.
After feeling the strong wind and waves disappear, Li Yi takes back his sight, smiles at the three sisters and says, “the wind and waves are gone, we're going too!”
As soon as Li Yi's voice fell, the frozen waves suddenly melted, followed by the torrential sea water!
“I'll go…”
Looking at the clear and majestic sea water, Li Yi stares, then claps his palm across the air. The violent palm wind bounces back from the sea before it can melt, and then urges the boat to slide out.
The boat just slipped out, and behind it was the majestic sea water crashing down!
Li Yi, who was so scared and sweating that he didn't dare to look back, kept beating the left and right sides of the sea which had no time to melt. With the help of the rebound force, he quickly disappeared in this frozen sea area
Two days later.
The boat drifted with the current and headed for the vast sea under the direction of the permanent pointer.
Li Yi, sitting in the bow of the boat, frowned because the strong wind and waves two days ago caused the food on the boat to fall into the sea. If the food prepared by Xia Qi had not been put in one place, they would not have been able to survive these two days.
Now, there's only one day's food left, but the Amazon Lily doesn't know where it is!
“Li Yi, it's OK. We should save a little every day, and we should be able to last to Amazon Lily!”As if he knew what Li Yi was worrying about, hancook walked slowly to him and sat down. He said with a smile, “besides, our three sisters can't eat much!”
Li Yi did not speak, but looked around blankly.
After looking around, Li Yi takes his eyes back powerlessly.
“Brother Li Yi, look, there's a boat…”
As soon as Li Yigang regained his sight, Sonya, sitting in the boat, suddenly stood up and pointed to the sea behind him.Looking back in the direction Sonya pointed out, Li Yi's pupils tightened slightly.
In the vast sea ahead, a big ship loomed and approached them quickly.
Looking at the gradually clear huge shadow, the corner of Li Yi's mouth curved with a touch of evil spirit.
It was a pirate ship with a ferocious skeleton on the flying flag!
“No, it's a pirate!”
After seeing the flying flag clearly, the eyes of Hanmei, who was standing beside Li Yi, tightened slightly. Her two younger sisters were even more scared to sit on the boat.
At this time, a pirate on the pirate ship also noticed the existence of Li Yi and his party.When he saw the four Li Yi standing on the boat, a trace of cruelty flashed across his ferocious face. Then he turned to the middle-aged man sitting on a huge wooden chair in the middle of the boat and said, “Captain Phelps, there is a boat on the sea ahead!”
The middle-aged man was criticizing a coat, and his big cheetah eyes were shining cold and gloomy.
Phelps, the devil's fruit power, offers a reward of $80 million.
Phelps tilted his head slightly and then grinned bloodthirsty.
Li Yi, standing on the boat, looks at the giant approaching quickly and laughs with amusement.When the ship, which is more than 20 times as big as his boat, stopped in front of them, he suddenly looked back at Hankook and said, “Hankook, there should be enough food on this ship for us to get to Amazon lily. Most importantly, this ship will be us soon.”
Without waiting for Hankook to react, a member of the Pirate Group on the pirate ship looked at Li Yi with his head tilted, and then said with a bloody grin: “boy, we want your boat, and the four little girls behind you are taken care of by us.”
Li Yi blinked, and then said blankly, “who are you on board?”
“Ha ha, listen to me. Our captain, pulfis, is a big pirate with a reward of 80 million.Are you afraid?If you're afraid, jump into the sea by yourself. The ship and everything on it belong to us. ”
“80 million?”
Li Yi's face was full of fear, but there was a secret playful smile on the corner of his mouth, and he asked, “if I jump, don't you kill me?”
“Ha ha…”
Looking at Li Yi's trembling bear like manner, all the pirates on the pirate ship laughed, including pulfis, who also laughed with satisfaction.
“Jump, jump into the sea, we will never kill you.”
“If you talk nonsense, I'll kill you.”
“No, I jump!”With that, Li Yi jumped down.
But just as he jumped into the sea, he suddenly pulled out his sword, and the sea surface pointed by the tip of the sword was frozen instantly.Without waiting for all the pirates on the pirate ship to react, Li Yi stood firmly on the frozen sea, and then stepped towards their pirate ship.
After walking out a few steps, Li Yi suddenly turned his head up, and the two cold lights flashed in the blood red eyes that looked gloomy and terrible this time!
His sudden look forward, let a few pirates standing on the side of the pirate ship uncontrollably back two steps.
At the same time, Li Yi leaps into the sky, and the soul chopping sword begins to solve!
“Icicles of birds…”
With a loud drink, ice birds appeared all over the sky, and then swept away to the pirates on the pirate ship.
Bang Bang
In the blink of an eye, however, more than a dozen of them fell to the ground and could not afford to.Without giving other pirates a chance to react, Li Yi came down from the sky and landed steadily in the bow of the pirate ship.
Looking at the hundreds of Pirates below, Li Yi grinned bloodthirsty, “this boat is good, I like it!”
Looking coldly at pulfis who had been killed on the ship, he tilted his head slightly, and then looked at the frozen sea.
“Damn it, demon fruit power!”
Among the members of the pirates who were shocked by Li Yi's sudden killing, I don't know who screamed. In his cry, all the pirates responded and looked at their captain, pulfis.
Just then, a yellow haired man standing next to him stepped forward, then asked him to fight and said, “Captain, give it to me!”
“Poser, be careful!”Pulfis whispered that Li Yi's ability was too weird for him to see any clue.It is precisely for this reason that he didn't make a move. Instead, he let poser, the right man around him, fight.
If even poser can't stop Li Yi, he will be the only one to fight in person!
Chapter 44 you think you are Spiderman
Poser took the order to move forward. With his steps forward, his momentum suddenly expanded. Then a strong wind came up on the ground, swept Li Yi in an instant, and drove him back with a long hair.
Without waiting for Li Yi to have any reaction, poser, who was walking slowly, suddenly bowed himself, and then the lightning came out.
Looking at poser, Li Yi's eyes are tight. As he sees and hears the color, he moves two feet to the right.As soon as he moved away, poser, a lightning bolt, passed him by.
“Get out of the way!”
Standing on one side to watch the battle, pulfis's face changed slightly. Then, he exclaimed to himself, “seeing and hearing is domineering!”
Get away from poser. This lightning stroke, Li Yi's backhand is a 'icicle of birds' wave. For a moment, the overwhelming ice birds reappear, carrying the breath of cold, instantly enveloping poser.
Perceiving the dense ice birds, poser waved his hands, and then a spider web hung in the air to protect him.As soon as the spider web appeared, the ice birds from all over the world hit it. In an instant, the spider web became an ice web.Watch the cobweb turn into an ice web and punch it out.
With an extremely shocking sound, the ice net suddenly turned into ice all over the sky, breaking out of the air with terrible energy and reflecting back to Li Yi!
“Ha ha… Poser is a spider fruit player. His spider Skynet can not only intercept any attack, but also net the enemy in it silently.”
Without waiting for the pirate's voice to fall, Li Yi didn't step back, but looked at the dense ice reflected by the lightning. He took a step forward, chopped the soul knife and made several quick strokes at the same time.
“Vacuum multilayer ice wall!”
In the loud cheers, multiple vacuum ice walls flashed across the sky, and then Li Yi was protected.
Boom, boom
A series of shocking crashing sounds sounded, and the roaring ice all over the sky hit the vacuum ice wall. The powerful shock wave made the whole ship shake violently.
Without giving Li Yi any chance to fight back, poser, who shattered the ice net, disappeared in the air and appeared on the top of the multiple vacuum ice wall in the next second.Poser's body, which appears on the top of the ice wall, is distorted instantly, and then a giant spider man swoops down to Li Yi, who is under the protection of the ice wall.
Looking at Li Yi, who has become a spider man, he stares at him, and then scolds: “NIMA, you think you are spider man!”
Voice fell, he quickly back knife into sheath, and then lightning out!
“Moon dance…”
Li Yi's Blazing Sword spirit blooms in the sky as his voice falls. Then, Li Yi passes Bose, who is diving down, and then soars to the sky, standing firmly on the top of the ice wall!
With a loud noise, the ice wall collapsed in the shock of the terrible knife gas, instantly burying Posey alive.
While the ice wall collapsed, Li Yi landed lightly on the deck.
In the ice that buries Bosse alive, a little blood flows out slowly
Looking at the blood flowing out slowly, Li Yi blinked and said in his heart: “the combination of human level sky breaking sword and soul chopping sword is hegemony.”
Pulfis, who has been standing on one side to watch the battle, looks at the blood flowing slowly from under the ice. His pupils shrink sharply. After a cry to himself, he suddenly looks at Li Yi. Then, he quickly raises his fist and says: “armed…”
When the word “Zhuang” fell, he disappeared in the same place. When he reappeared, he was already in front of Li Yi.Without giving Li Yi any chance to prepare, he raised his black fist and smashed it at Li Yi.
Although Li Yi controlled the power of seeing and hearing, he was still unable to capture the extreme speed of pulfis. Just as his pupils were tightening, his big black fist hit him heavily in the chest, and his powerful shock made him fly upside down.With a bang, Li Yi fell into the sea and disappeared in the splashing waves!
“Li Yi…”
Standing on the boat, Han cook saw that Li Yi was shot down in the sea, and immediately exclaimed in amazement. Then, she was desperate to jump into the sea to save Li Yi.Fortunately, standing beside her, Sonya responded in time and hugged her.Seeing Sonya embracing himself, hancook said hastily, “Sonya, let me go…”
“Elder sister, you are a demon with fruit power. Jumping into the sea will not save brother Li Yi, but you will also be buried in the sea…”
“No matter, let me go…”
Hancook struggled to jump, but Sonya did not let go, and godelow joined the camp that held her.Just as the three sisters were entangled, the sea where Li Yi fell suddenly condensed into ice at an amazing speed. The sound of the sea freezing was particularly harsh at this moment.
Looking at the sea surface which quickly condensed into ice, Hankook was stunned, and then he looked very happy!
On the deck of the pirate ship, pulfis was stunned by the sea surface which quickly condensed into ice before he could enjoy the victory of beating Li Yi.
“How can it be!”
Looking at the sea, which is more than ten feet in circumference, congealing into ice in an instant, pulfis's face changed again and again.In his eyes, Li Yi can cut into ice, must be the devil fruit ability.Since he is a demon, he must be spurned by the sea. He who falls into the sea has to wait to be drowned.
Just when pulfis was staring at the frozen sea without blinking, he was so shocked that it was hard to add. The frozen sea suddenly cracked a crack. Without waiting for his reaction, the crack instantly spread across the ice. At first glance, it looked like a spider web, ferocious and weird.
With an explosion, the ice broke open, and then a figure rushed to the sky in the ice that shot in all directions!
Li Yi, who broke through the ice and appeared at a height of more than ten feet, was holding a soul chopping knife and staring at pulfis on the deck without expression. He yelled: “vacuum ice blade…”
Chapter 45 second kill
The vacuum ice blade flashed and disappeared into pulfis.
This scene happened so fast that pulfisgen couldn't react until the vacuum ice blade fell into his body. He was awakened by the bone chilling and heart piercing pain.Li Yi is obviously not a demon fruit power person. The only thing he can think of is that the knife in Li Yi's hand has eaten the demon fruit. Besides, he really can't understand why Li Yi can burst out such amazing strength after falling into the sea.
The other pirates on the deck were all stupid, one by one stupefied, looking at pulfis standing still without blinking. In their eyes, pulfis was invincible. How could pulfis be killed so easily.
Li Yi, who has cut out the vacuum ice blade, has floated to the deck opposite to pulfis. He, whose soul chopping knife has been put into the sheath, is watching pulfis motionless with full vigilance.
As long as pulphis doesn't fall down for a moment, he can't be careless.This is the conclusion that he has experienced countless life and death battles in the arena. Sometimes, even if the opponent falls down, as long as he has a breath, he can never relax his vigilance.
“Er, ah…”
All of a sudden, Phelps, who had been standing still, suddenly opened his mouth and heard a scream, followed by a blood arrow from his mouth.
Seize this moment of opportunity, Li Yi suddenly bow to pop up.
At the moment of passing by pulfis, the soul chopping knife was pulled out again.
The bright air of the sword is still dazzling. After a flash, pulfis's head is flying high
After cutting off pulfis' head with one knife, Li Yi put the knife back into the sheath.
At the same time, porphys fell down.When the pirates on deck saw that their ship had been beheaded, their eyes almost fell out.
Second kill
How can they accept the cruel reality that their captain was killed in seconds!
Without waiting for them to come back to their senses, Li Yi suddenly turned around, his eyes were tight, and he cheered coldly: “roll…”
The simple word “roll” falls, and the pirates feel a breath of cold sweeping in. When they wake up in an exciting spirit, they dare not stay. They turn around and jump off the deck.
For a time, the sound of falling into the water continued to ring out, playing a beautiful symphony.
In the blink of an eye, all the pirates jumped into the sea and swam away.
“Ha ha…”
Li Yi, who has successfully captured the pirate ship, looks at the last one who jumps off the deck and laughs twice. He lifts Phelps up and throws him to the sea. After kicking Bosse, he quickly steps to the side of the deck and shouts to Hankook on the boat: “Hankook, get on the boat.”
Li Yi was in a good mood after he put down the ladder and let the three sisters of Han cook board the boat. After looking around, he took Han cook and said bravely: “let's go and see what's delicious. It's time to have a big meal.”
Looking at the happy Li Yi, Han cook has no words, just cleverly follows Li Yi.
However, Li Yigang just walked out a few steps, he suddenly stopped, and then carefully looked to the vast sea.
This one sees, his pupil suddenly a burst of constriction
I saw that the vast sea, two warships side by side, toward the ship quickly close
On the deck of one of the warships, a Navy soldier with a telescope targeted Li Yi's pirate ship.After confirming that it was a pirate ship, the soldier's face changed slightly, and then turned to the young general who was sitting on one side and closed his eyes to report: “major general, a pirate ship has been found ahead!”
The young major general was wearing a black mask on his face. He slowly opened his eyes and asked lazily, “but the sun pirate ship?”
“No, there's only one skull on the pirate flag…”
“Skull?”The young general pondered slightly for a while, then he yawned, waved his hand gently and said: “it's eye-catching, sink it…”
The soldier answered, then turned around, ran out and yelled, “turn the muzzle and sink the pirate ship ahead!”
As his voice fell, all the muzzles turned to the target, the pirate ship where Li Yi was.
Li Yi, who is standing on the stolen pirate ship, looks at the muzzle of the gun slowly turning around and locking them. His face changes again and again. He never thought that he would fight the navy so soon.The most important thing is that the ship is not easy to grab, and it will be sunk by the Navy before it has time to enjoy it?
On the deck, the soldier in charge of sinking the pirate ship kept directing the soldiers. When all the soldiers finished the arrangement, he raised his right hand and waved it down.
With a command, the shells roared out, drawing arcs in the air, and went straight to the pirate ship where Li Yi was!
“Damn it
Unexpectedly, Li Yi, who was directly shelled by the Navy without even calling, swore to himself. At the same time, the soul chopping sword came out of its sheath again.
“Icicles of birds…”
In the loud cheers, the soul chopping knife cuts out from the air, and dense ice birds fly out into the air, and then collide with the roaring shells over the pirate ship
Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom
Deafening explosions continue to spread, the shells stopped by ice birds either blow up at high altitude, or are instantly frozen into the sea.
After stopping the first wave of shells, Li Yi yelled to Hankook, “Hankook, take charge of the ship.”
“I understand.”
Without hesitation, Hankook turned around and ran to the cab after Li Yi's voice fell.
Hankook had just run into the cab when the second wave of shells tore through the void again and roared. Looking at the roaring shells, Li Yi jumped into the air and stopped it again with icicles.Then, he held the knife in both hands and split it in the air
The terrible knife air blooms in the air, and then sweeps to the warship instantly
The earth shaking explosion suddenly spread out, the terrible knife air directly penetrated the deck of the warship, and the powerful knife air impact hit the warship hard with it.
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Chapter 46 one cut
“What's going on?”
The young major general on the deck was awakened by the violent shaking of the warship. When he opened his eyes to see the picture in front of him, his eyes were wide open. He saw that the warship he was in had a crack in it, and then crashed into another warship under the strong shock wave.
In the shock of terror, the warship was disconnected directly
Solid warship, cut off?
The young major general was shocked on the spot, forgot to run away for a moment, and then fell to the sea with the warship disconnected.
“Major general!”
As soon as he fell down, two soldiers grabbed him and dragged him back to the armor plate. However, because the whole warship was cut off from it and lost its balance, they just returned to the deck and slipped down the toppling deck without standing still.
The young major general, who was about to fall into the sea with the deck, suddenly woke up. With a loud shout, he stepped into the void and landed on another unbroken warship after several ups and downs.
The young major general who fell on the warship didn't look at the warship that was cut off and sunk, so he turned to the pirate ship where Li Yi was.
When he saw Li Yi standing on the pirate ship, his face suddenly became dignified.
He had come to hunt down tiger of the sun pirate ship. He never wanted to meet such a terrible guy on the way.In his memory, there has never been such a person on the Navy reward list!
Li Yi, who had already returned to the deck of the pirate ship, looked up at his young major general, with a touch of evil spirit at the corner of his mouth, and said in a light voice: “Navy six moves, moon step?”
Although the young major general didn't hear Li Yi's voice, he saw the evil spirit in the corner of Li Yi's mouth.After seeing that Li Yi's lips moved slightly, his eyes were slightly stunned, and then he stepped on void to rush towards Li Yi quickly.
“Finger gun, spot…”
With a cold drink, all the way out of the wind and lightning, pull out a dense arc in the air, straight to Li Yi on the pirate ship!
Although Li Yi doesn't know the six styles of Navy, he was familiar with the six styles of Navy attack when he saw the pirate king. When he heard the young major general's cold drink, he wielded the soul chopping sword against the air, and the vacuum multiple ice wall quietly formed.
Bang Bang
With the powerful shock wave, the finger wind blows on the vacuum ice wall one after another. With the shock sound, cracks begin to appear on the impregnable vacuum ice wall. As soon as the cracks appear, they spread at an amazing speed. Then, the vacuum ice wall bursts into pieces!
While the ice wall is broken, Li Yi clenches the soul chopping knife and looks at the young major general who comes by the lightning of moonwalk in the scattered ice.
After smashing the ice wall, the young major general's speed did not decrease. Under the amazing movement of yuebu, he flashed down in the sky, and a circle of air waves rippled away at his feet, gorgeous and shocking.
“So fast…”
Li Yi only felt a flower in front of his eyes, and the figure of the young major general instantly enlarged in his pupils!
Immediately after the photo, there was a loud bang, and the pirate ship was shaking violently. Li Yi, who was blocked by the soul chopping knife, had his feet deep on the deck, and a crack spread several meters in an instant.
On his head, the young major general stepped on the blade in front of him with one foot, leaned back quickly with one foot, and then kicked down with a burst of air.
The foot didn't kick, the sword like foot wind swept to Li Yi's forehead!
In this critical moment, Li Yi's pupils are tight, and then he quietly releases his power of seeing and hearing. Under the anticipation of his power of seeing and hearing, he tilts his head to one side.
Even so, Li Yi's hair was cut off by the fierce and domineering foot wind, and then fell with the wind
In the distance, looking at this thrilling scene, Hankook forgot how to take charge of the boat. His whole heart hung high, as if it was not Li Yi who fought with the young major general, but she. Meimou did not dare to blink. He was afraid that he would never see Li Yi again after blinking.
Li Yi, who avoids the fatal blow, looks at Gu Bu and pulls himself out. After the young major general fails to succeed with the help of yuebu, he holds the knife with one hand, the tip of the knife is facing down, his eyes are tight, and the majestic pressure is surging.
Then, his pupils were dilated, and he yelled, “before you move, first you fight…”
Shua Shua
Li Yi as like as two peas in the same way, spread around Li Yi, so that the young general at the height of the sky could not tell which Li Yi was his master.
These phantoms are one handed sword, blade tip down, one knee on the ground, empty eyes!
Without waiting for the young major general who jumped to the sky with the help of yuebu to react, Li Yi fiercely pressed down the soul chopping sword.
The word “chop” came down, and all the illusions pressed down the long sword in their hands at the same time. As their long sword and Li Yi were pressed down at the same time, Daodao Dao's spirit spread from them, gathered around Li Yi's body, flashed out, and chopped in front of the young major general in an instant
The young major general, who didn't have time to dodge, was very frightened. His pupils were constricted and he said, “iron block!”
The air of the sword carried a huge shock wave to the young major general. The terrible air of the sword directly shattered the young major general's newly formed iron body
The young major general, who could not bear the shock of his body, suddenly heard a scream uncontrollably. Then, he was like flying catkins, and was hit hard by the terrible knife gas towards the opposite warship.
With a bang, the young major general smashed on the warship. With the loud noise, the warship could not bear the impact. After shaking violently, it fell over instantly.
“Ah, the warship is sinking again.”
“Come on, save the major general…”
“Damn, who is that man…”
On the rapidly overturned warships, the navy soldiers were in a mess. Some jumped into the sea in a hurry, some seized the rope, and some went to save the young major general regardless of their own safety. However, no matter how they were, there was only one end. After the warship completely overturned, they either died in the sea or floated on the sea for rescue.Of course, the rescue of them may not be the Navy, but the sea king class
Chapter 47 you are me
After chopping the young major general, Li Yi jumped onto the deck and was relieved to see that the ship was not in serious trouble.
If the ship was damaged in the attack of the young major general, he would be mad.
After confirming that the ship was not in any serious trouble, the warship, which was completely overturned and began to sink slowly, gradually became dignified.
He didn't want to compete with the navy so soon, but these damned navies bombarded them without asking about the situation. It's said that uncle can bear it, but aunt can't.
As the warship slowly sank, the soldiers floated on the sea and looked at Li Yi with fear.
“If you kill a major general, you will get a system reward!”
Just then, the voice of the system god suddenly rang out. Without waiting for Li Yi to respond, the voice of the system then spread out, “holy light healing, flying in the air, avoiding water drops, choose one of them…”
“I want to…”
At this time, the voice of the system sounded, Li Yi glared and said: “NIMA, the God of the system, you are forcing me to be an enemy with the Navy!”
“Does the host accept the task?”
Whether it's healing of holy light, flying in the sky or avoiding water, Li Yi can't resist it. Can't he not accept it?
After choosing to accept, the voice of the system rings again, “the host takes the task of killing a major general. If the task is successful, he will be rewarded with holy light healing, flying in the air and avoiding water drops randomly.No reward for task failure… ”
Hearing the sound of the system, Li Yi confirmed and affirmed that there must be something wrong with the constellation system.No one was killed by him before he went out of the mission. If it was like this in the future, Li Yi would not be happy to blossom?
However, at the moment, Li Yi never thought that the system was not good for him at all, but was pitching him and driving him to death.To kill the rear admiral is undoubtedly a declaration of war on the world government and the Navy headquarters!
After taking over the task, Li Yi put away his mood and looked forward to the sinking warship. With the help of the soldiers, the young major general lay on a piece of driftwood.
After feeling Li Yi's killing intention, his pupils were slightly tight. Then, he struggled to jump onto the driftwood, looked at Li Yi directly, and asked in a deep voice: “who are you?”
Hearing the speech, Li Yi didn't speak, but pulled out the soul chopping knife. The point of the knife crossed the direction, and the sea quickly condensed into ice, which spread to the young major general.
Looking at Li Yi, who had frozen the sea into ice, the young major general's pupils contracted for a while. Then he lost his voice and exclaimed, “is this the ability of the Green Pheasant to freeze fruit?How could it be… ”
In his exclamation, Li Yi jumped out of the pirate ship and stepped over the frozen sea toward the young major general.
“Is it…”
Looking at the fast approaching Li Yi, the young major general was shocked and said, “did you kill the Green Pheasant?”
“Green Pheasant?Kuzan
Li Yi, who walks slowly to the young major general, is slightly stunned. Then he is relieved. The Warring States period of Buddha is just a general, and the green pheasant and red dog are the generals.
Thinking of this, Li Yi smiles and says, “although I haven't seen the Green Pheasant lieutenant general in your mouth yet, I hope to fight with him one day.”
“Isn't this frozen fruit?”
The young major general's pupils tightened again. “Who are you?”
Without waiting for Li Yi to speak, a gust of wind suddenly blew on the sea, and Li Yi's long hair flew wildly.At the moment when Li Yi's long hair was taken up, the young major general's heart trembled, and then exclaimed: “you are… You are the slave Li Yi in the Holy Land marjoria arena…”
The cold light in Li Yi's eyes flashed, and the great intention of killing spread freely.
“Ha ha ha ha…”
At the same time, Li Yi laughed angrily. In the creepy laughter, he quickly pulled out his sword and said: “yes, Li Yi is me!I am the one who cuts you
Li Yi holds the handle of the knife in both hands, and then the lightning strikes
With a slight sound, blood flew up, and the terrible knife gas directly penetrated the young major general's body, rolled up the thunder and swept away to the incompletely sunken warship behind the young major general.
There was a deafening noise and the warship cut off.However, the impact of the sabre air of the absolute tyrant did not stop, but cut a gap of more than 100 Zhang in the sea level.In the blink of an eye, it seemed as if the sea was cut off by knife gas. The rolling waves surged out on both sides, and instantly swept away the naval soldiers floating on the sea
In the distance, the group of pirates who were driven out of the pirate ship by Li Yi saw everything that happened in the sea area. When they saw that Li Yi not only killed the major general, but also cut the sea level into a gap of more than 100 feet, their eyes were wide open. For a moment, they forgot that they were still in the sea,What's more, I didn't notice that the waves that surged to both sides due to the impact of knife air were rolling towards them.
Li Yi, who killed the major general with one knife, stood still on the ice and let the strong wind drive his long hair. There was no emotion in his blood red eyes.
At this moment, Li Yi was even colder and more terrible than he was in the arena, especially when he was covered with a faint red halo.It's the murderous spirit that propagates after experiencing the baptism of blood and fire in the arena. It's the gradually expanding death spirit after killing countless lives!
Suddenly, Li Yi slowly raised his head, glanced at the major general whose body was cut in two in front of him, and looked at the sea which was constantly red with blood. He grinned without emotion, “from now on!I!Li Yi!Against the Navy, against the world government
“Congratulations to the host for killing a major general. The system randomly awards the Holy Light healing skill. Is the host practicing?”
“Refining!”Li Yi cold way, by the young major general that a slave stimulate some abnormal Li Yi answer is very simple.
“Congratulations on the host's successful cultivation of Holy Light healing. Holy light healing is the highest level of healing. Each use requires 1000 survival points, and the host's survival point is zero. It can't be used!”
The cold sound of the system rings slowly and then returns to calm!
Li Yi also ignores, turns around to walk on the ice to return to the pirate ship.
On the pirate ship, hancook, Sonya and godelow were completely shocked by Li Yi's crazy behavior of killing the rear admiral. Even if they had returned to the pirate ship, they didn't have a trace of consciousness.
It was not until Li Yi returned to the pirate ship that hancook woke up first.
Looking at the pale Li Yi, hancook quickly moved forward and held his big hand, “Li Yi, you…”
Being grasped by Hankook, Li Yi suddenly wakes up and looks at Hankook who is worried. He presses down the killing intention that has not completely dissipated in his heart, and then says softly, “let's go, Hankook.”
“Yes, yes.”
Han Kuk answered, and then stood side by side with Li Yi, staring at the vast sea in front of him.
Whether it's the Tianlong people or the Navy generals that Li Yi killed, or the pirates who fight each other freely on the sea, it's good for hancook to be around Li Yi.
Even if you follow him as the enemy of the world, even if you fall into the abyss of eternal doom, you are willing to.
For collection, for flowers, for reward, for soap, for warm bed, sunshine, handsome temperament, wolf, hehe~*
Chapter 48 name and action
The next day, the name of Li Yi spread throughout the great sea route, shocking the Navy headquarters and the world government.The great sea route and the world's pirates are excited about it, because tiger has just made a big noise in the holy land of marjoria, and he created the sun Pirate Group to gallop on the sea against the world's government. Then an unknown Li Yi comes out to kill the Navy's warships and the rear admiral.This is absolutely exciting news for the pirates galloping on the sea.
Of course, now Li Yi is not unknown, because with a news bird flying around the world, his name immediately becomes the focus of the whole pirate world.
In the new world, on a huge pirate ship, a pirate takes a newspaper from newsbird and goes to shanks with a straw hat.Shanks took the newspaper and spread it out. His eyes lit up immediately.
“This man is good.”
Looking at the newspaper report about Li Yi, shanks showed his face with a smile, then handed the newspaper to his companions, and then said: “it seems that there will be a strong man on the sea.Ha ha… ”
The pirate who took the newspaper from his hand saw the reward in the newspaper, and his eyes could not help tightening slightly.
Meanwhile, the white bearded pirate was on board.
Looking at the report in the newspaper, he was wearing a black headscarf, a crescent shaped white beard, and a white navy Cape. Suddenly, he burst out laughing.
“What's the news, dad?”
Standing beside him, Marco stepped forward and said with a hint of wonder, “read it?”
“See for yourself!”
White beard said, handed the newspaper to Marco, Marco with a trace of curiosity, quickly open the newspaper.At this time, several captains of the white bearded pirate ship surrounded.
“Li Yi, this name is very strange.”
Looking at the newspaper report, Marco blinked, then looked up at white beard and asked, “Dad, have you ever heard of it?”
“It should be a new man.”
White beard pauses a little, then says: “however, I like this boy, ha ha ha…”
“Second kill the major general, cut off the warship with one knife…”
Blackbeard, who took the newspaper from Marco's hand, had a flash in his eyes. Then he laughed, “Daddy, this boy is terrible. Do you want to get him on the boat?”
“Look at fate!”
Although white beard has such an idea, everyone's dream is different. He can't take people on board by force!
Just as the four pirates focused on Li Yi, who was born in the sky and dared to kill the Navy major general, a small boat like a coffin of the West was moving fast in the vast sea.
On the boat, carrying the eagle's eye of the night, mikhok looked ahead, and the eagle's sharp yellow eyes were shining.
“Li Yi…”
When the boat broke the huge waves and sailed to the calm sea ahead, mihok suddenly turned up and said, “I'm coming…”
Li Yi didn't know that he had been offered a reward, but also became the focus of all the pirates on the sea. With the help of the stolen pirate ship, he took the three sisters hancook to successfully enter the calm zone around the Amazon Lily!
Looking at the Dead Sea in front of her, hancook was a little nervous. She said goodbye to nearly four years and suddenly came back here. It was inevitable that she would have some excitement in her heart.
Sonya and godelow shed tears with joy. Coming back here means that they are completely free!
“Let's go!”
Looking at the three sisters who were nervous and excited, Li Yi came to them slowly and said with a smile, “through the airless belt, you will be home.”
Hancook did not speak, Sonya and godelow nodded in excitement.
Seeing that Sonya and godelow were very excited, Li Yi didn't hesitate any more and jumped down from the deck.
At the moment when he was about to contact the sea, he quickly pulled out his knife and pointed to the sea.
“Ice dragon spin tail…”
The sound of drinking falls down, and the sea surface pointed by the blade tip freezes instantly. However, because the windless zone is too vast, the initial state of the Binglun pill can not freeze it all, but this does not affect it. Go to the unfrozen sea area and freeze it again.
Li Yi, who fell steadily on the frozen sea, looked back at the three sisters and said with a gentle smile, “come down and take you home!”
Sonya and godelow jumped down without hesitation. At the moment when they were about to land, Li Yi immediately hugged them one by one, and then put them firmly on the ice.
After taking over the two sisters, Li Yiqiao first stood on the deck of Hankook.Li Yirou, who knew what Hankook was thinking, said: “have you forgotten what we said?”
Han Kuk slightly a Leng, immediately relief way: “remember.”
As the voice fell, she jumped.
After the three sisters all jumped down, Li Yi didn't hesitate and took the lead to walk on the ice to approach the island ahead.
Because the sea was frozen, the sea king class in this windless area was not disturbed. However, Li Yi was still careful. If he was not careful, it would be no fun for the sea king class to break through the frozen sea.
With the help of binglunwan, Li Yi and his party finally sent the three sisters to the shore!
When hancook stepped out of the frozen sea and stood on the shore, the voice of the system suddenly sounded in Li Yi's mind.
“Rescue Hankook mission completed, the system rewards 10000 survival points!”
Hearing the sound of the system, Li Yi was ecstatic.He has been waiting for the 10000 survival points. With the 10000 survival points, he can use the Holy Light healing technique to remove the slave mark on the three sisters and on his forehead.
But the thought of using a healing of the light requires a thousand survival points, he felt inexplicable heartache.
Chapter 49 main task, become the pirate king
After successfully obtaining 10000 survival points, Li Yi quickly jumped ashore and yelled to the three Han cook sisters walking ahead: “wait a minute.”
Hearing this, the three sisters stopped one after another, then turned their heads and looked at Li Yi doubtfully.
“I forgot to remove the mark on you.”Li Yi hesitated for a moment, then said: “if you don't remove the mark, even if you go back to Amazon, Lily will be driven out.So, you have to be aggrieved first… ”
Hearing Li Yi's words, the three sisters were shocked. They have been following Li Yi all these days, and they have been protected by Li Yi. They all forget that they still have slave marks on them.
Now they suddenly hear Li Yi mention that they can't help but be afraid of nearly four years of slavery.
Looking at his three sisters, Li Yi stammered: “because your mark is on your back, you need to… Take off… Clothes…”
Hearing Li Yi's words, the three sisters blushed instantly
After the marks on the three sisters were successfully removed by Li Yi, Li Yi returned to the ship alone.
Although Hankook wanted to take Li Yi to the island, she thought that men were not allowed to enter the daughter country, so she had to leave Li Yi on the boat alone.
The first thing Li Yi did when he returned to the ship was to remove the mark on his forehead.He used the Holy Light healing technique for four times, which cost him four thousand survival points. Just think about it, Li Yi is a burst of heartache and egg pain.
After removing the mark, Li Yi began to consider how to allocate the remaining 6000 survival points.
He frowned slightly when he opened the column of skills he had learned.
Especially when he saw that it took 3000 survival points to cultivate Wang level sword breaking skill, he wanted to scold the system severely.
Hesitated for a moment, he directly used 3000 points to cultivate the king level sword breaking skill
“Congratulations on the host's understanding of Wang's heaven breaking sword skill, which consumes 3000 survival points. It takes 10000 survival points to cultivate God's heaven breaking sword skill. The host has 3000 survival points left, so it can't be cultivated!”
Li Yi ignored it and began to browse the exchange box.
I don't know when new items and skills will be put on the shelves in the exchange box, but the survival points that need to be exchanged are surprisingly high. Among them, there are thunder fruits on display, but the exchange points that need to be exchanged need tens of thousands of points, which makes Li Yi have to give up.
In desperation, he used the rest of his survival to upgrade the Dragon elephant Prajna skill. However, when the Dragon elephant Prajna skill was upgraded to the tenth level, Li Yi was dumbfounded.Upgrade level 11 needs one!Ten thousand!Be careful!
I thought that these three thousand should be able to upgrade the Prajna skill of the dragon and elephant to level 13, and reach the state that the King Kong is not bad, but I didn't expect that
“Congratulations to the host for upgrading the Dragon elephant Prajna skill to level 10 and activating the power of the dragon!”
Just when Li Yi was annoyed that it took 10000 points to upgrade the 11th floor, the sound of the system sounded again. Then, a huge force rushed into Li Yi's body, and there was a slight sound of dragon chanting.With the power of the Dragon pouring into his eight channels, Li Yi felt full of strength and wanted to release it!
Especially at the moment, when he realized the king level sword breaking skill and the power of dragon and elephant in his body, he couldn't wait.
Just then, a news bird flew over his head. Because there was no wind ahead, the news bird flapped its wings and stopped on his boat.
Looking at the news bird appearing in the bow of the boat, Li Yi's eyes brightened. Then he got up and came to the news bird. He didn't give the news bird time to react, so he grabbed it in his hand.
After taking down the newspaper, Li Yi immediately saw the two big words of Li Yi on the headline.
“Eh, did you report it?”
Li Yi is slightly a Leng, then quickly spread out, when he saw his reward, the whole silly
Li Yi, who thought he was wrong, quickly rubbed his eyes, and then counted them.
He did not read wrong, nor count wrong, his reward amount is: three!100 million!Seven!Thousand!Ten thousand
Li Yi is a little carried away.
You know, tiger only offered a reward of 230 million after he made a scene in the holy land of marjoria.
“Ha ha…”
After confirming that the number is correct, Li Yi is not only not worried about being offered a reward, but also laughs bravely.
After a burst of heroic laughter, Li Yi suddenly turned his head and looked at the newsbird who had not left. With a fierce look on his face, he said: “are you still going?I offer a reward of 370 million men. Be careful to barbecue you. ”
Under his threat, newsbird quickly flapped its wings and left.
Just as the newsbird left, a soft sound came to mind.
Li Yi, attracted by the sound, calms down and opens the taskbar in his mind.
“You have new news!”
“Well.”Li Yi slightly a Leng, is the system dumb, use this way to remind yourself?Thinking of this, he immediately opened the task.
At this time, the voice of the system rang out again, “congratulations to the host for taking over the main task of conquering the sea and becoming the pirate king. The time limit is 13 years!If you succeed in the mission, you can gain the wealth left by the former pirate king. If you fail in the mission, you can wipe it out. ”
“Another erasure?”
Li Yi roared and said in his heart: “you are very sick, aren't you? If you mention the word” erase “in front of me later, I will find a hacker to unload you. Do you believe it?”
The sound of the system disappeared, but Li Yi's anger didn't stop. After a slight pause, he continued: “remember, if you fail in the future, you'll get one without reward. You have to say” kill “to be happy?Even if there is no hacker who can unload you, I will do my best with you.I'm a real bully, isn't it?No, you have to change it now. Otherwise, if I can't finish it in 13 years, won't I be killed by you?Change, right now… ”
I don't know if the system is frightened by Li Yi. Since Li Yi's rebellious incident, every time the system has a branch mission, it doesn't mention erasure. Almost all of them are mission failures. There are rewards(This is a later story.)
“Become a pirate king?”
After scolding for a while, Li Yi blinked, then grinned bloodthirsty: “it's necessary. They've all been offered a reward. Is it still so mediocre and useless to live?In this case, let the storm be more severe, ha ha ha… ”
“Wait, thirteen years?”
Li Yi blinked again. According to the present time, 13 years later, isn't it the time for Luffy to go to sea?
Chapter 50 if I am king
“You have to get the name of a cool loser.”
After taking on the main task of becoming a pirate king, Li Yi began to worry about starting to set up a pirate group. He not only had to take the name of a loser, but also had to take some brothers to follow him. Otherwise, it would be very difficult for him to complete this arduous and sacred task alone.
Suddenly, Li Yi's eyes brightened, “God seat, right, it's called God seat Pirate Group…”
“Li Yi…”
Just then, on the island in the center of the no wind zone, Hankook ran to the shore and yelled to Li Yi standing on the boat, “Li Yi, Li Yi…”
Looking at Hankook who ran to the shore, Li Yi quickly stood up and walked to the deck, smiling and answering, “I'm here.”
As soon as Li Yi's voice fell, Hankook, who was standing on the bank, said aloud, “will you take me out to sea?”
Li Yi Zhan Yan smiles for a moment, then jumps to the sea, and then comes the soul chopping sword.
After the sea was frozen, hancook could not wait to step on the ice, and then ran to Li Yi.
When they ran to the ice and met in the middle, hancook jumped into Li Yi's arms and held Li Yi tightly. He was afraid that Li Yi would disappear in the next second.
Li Yi, who was hugged by Hankook, was stunned for a moment, then hugged him and said with a laugh, “Hankook, come with me to conquer the sea!”
“Good, good…”
Hancook nodded repeatedly, then put his head on Li Yi's strong and safe chest, and said in a soft voice: “as long as he can follow Li Yi, hancook will go anywhere…”
“Ha ha, let's go…”
Listening to Hankook's tender words, Li Yihao laughed twice, then turned around and walked back to the boat.After a jump, he and Hankook stood firmly on the deck.
“Hankook, I've decided.”
Back on the deck, Li Yi said bravely: “we will gallop in the sea under the banner of God, and march towards the goal of the pirate king!If I am king, you are the queen
Hancook's infatuation has been committed again. Her eyes are blurred, and she looks at Li Yi with high spirits at the moment without blinking. On her beautiful face, she blooms an unprecedented smile.
At the same time, mikhok, who was riding the wind and breaking the waves, finally entered the sea area. Looking at the pirate ship stopped at the edge of the windless zone in front of him, his yellow eyes flashed a flash of blazing heat again. Then, he took a deep breath and yelled: “Li Yi…”
Hearing the cry coming from behind, Li Yi's body was slightly shocked. Then he put down hancook and turned to the sea.
On the sea thousands of feet away, mikhok was standing on the Western coffin like boat with a sharp knife on his back. In his eagle like sharp eyes, two blazing lights were shining and staring at him from afar.
The speed of the boat is amazing, thousands of feet away, but a few blink of an eye!
“Eagle eye!”
Looking at the boat not far from them, hancook's eyes were slightly tight, while Li Yi's eyes were bright!
Our Zodiac group is seriously short of effective thugs. If we conquer mikhok and let him on board, it will be a great help to Li Yi and the newly established Zodiac group!
“You are Li Yi!”
Standing on the boat, mihok raised his head to Li Yi, then said in a deep voice, “did you cut the navy ship?”
Feeling the majestic fighting spirit of mikhok, Li Yi nodded with a smile and said: “he also killed a major general!”
After getting Li Yi's affirmation, mikhok grabbed the handle of the super sharp knife with his backhand and said coldly, “fight me!”
Li Yi frowned slightly, “give me a reason to fight with you!”
“Because of boredom…”
“Er,” Li Yi glared at the reason. But think about it, this is the character of mihok. At the time of Luffy's voyage, he destroyed dozens of pirate ships under a Pirate Group in order to pass the time.
Without waiting for Li Yi's reaction, mihok continued: “of course, there is another reason, that is, I want to know whether your Kendo is the strongest or mine!”
As soon as mikhok's voice fell, Li Yi reached out and held down the handle of the soul chopping knife at his waist. “If I want to fight you, I can, but I have to make some bets!”
“Well?”Mikhok looks at Li Yi, waiting for Li Yi's reply.
“If you lose, get on my boat and become the first member of the zodiac group!”
“The zodiac group?”
“Ah, I just set it up.”
“Interesting,” mikhok eyes slightly tight, and then the body slightly bow, the corner of the mouth bent up a touch of evil spirit, “you win me first to talk about it!”
As soon as the voice fell, mikhok's lightning burst out, leaving a circle of visible energy halo on the boat, and then appeared in the sky above Li Yi's head.
Then, the world's strongest black knife pulled out a black streamer in the air and chopped down Li Yi in the air!
A crisp sound from the sky suddenly came out, followed by a circle of terrible waves, with Li Yi and mihok as the center, rippling out to the surrounding sky.
The black knife cut by lightning is opposite to the blade of binglunwan. The terrible force of the knife is in the gap between the two people face to face, which makes Hankook feel uncomfortable.
“It's really the most powerful knife in the world.”
A confident smile flashed on Li Yi's face, and then he said, “if this strike is for someone else, I'm afraid I don't even know how to die.But it's a pity that you met me. You'll lose. ”
As Li Yi's voice falls, the blade of the black knife opposite binglunwan suddenly condenses into ice at an amazing speed
“Damn it…”
After discovering this strange phenomenon, mikhok's pupils tightened, and then he flashed back.
“Ha ha…”
Looking at the retreating mikhok, Li Yi laughed twice, and then jumped up, “let you see what is the real swordsmanship!”
As the words fall, the king level sword breaking skill is quietly released.
Chapter 51 conquer the great route with me
The power of the dragon and the elephant comes together, and they pay crazy attention to the soul chopping sword. With the power of the dragon and the elephant pouring into the soul chopping sword, the body of the sword trembles violently. In the meantime, there is a faint sound of chanting, which is very pleasant!
Although the soul chopping sword is a sword, it can be used as a sword. The slender blade is as light and eye-catching as the blade.With the power of the dragon and the elephant pouring in, the blade gradually appears cold, and then like water across the blade
Standing on his own boat, mikhok felt Li Yi's rising power. His eyes tightened slightly. Then he bent down, dragged his black knife and started to play again.
At the same time, Li Yi, who jumped up in the sky, dashed down at an amazing speed against the mhoc who came from the shell!
In the loud sound of several miles around, Li Yi and mikhok pass by, and the terrible waves are surging behind them!
Without waiting for the mighty and surging waves to disperse, the two people who passed by didn't have a trace of muddy water. They turned around and slashed each other with a knife.
Two brilliant swords burst out in the air, and then they collided with each other with unparalleled prestige. In another shocking sound, the clouds began to break up on both sides. At first glance, it seemed as if the sky had been cut open, which made Hankook's beautiful eyes on the ship wide open. His beautiful face was full of incredible words.
Once again, mihok retreated and returned to Li Yi's boat, while Li Yi was floating on the Western coffin like bow.However, as soon as his toe touched the bow of the boat, he immediately flashed out, then pressed his hand toward the direction of mikhok, grasped the handle of the sword which returned to its sheath after the explosion, and yelled word by word: “King level sword breaking skill!”
The soul chopping sword comes out of its sheath, and Li Yi, who holds it high above his head, splits three swords in succession
Shua Shua
Three swords split out, three void cracks appeared across the sky, crisscrossing and sweeping toward mihok.
Without waiting for mikhok to make any preparations, the three Dao Qi that split the void fell from the sky like the Milky way, instantly enveloping mikhok
One sword will kill the evil.
Two swords break the sky and move the universe.
Three swords break through the sky and shake the sky.
There are three swords in total. It's the skill of breaking the sky for the king
With a bang, mikhok, who was enveloped by the Milky way like knife gas, fell into the sea. The Milky way like knife gas did not disappear. Instead, after mikhok fell into the sea, it detonated more than ten feet in the sea. In the column of water rising from the sky, Li Yi came to the deck in a flash. With a slight wave of the soul chopping knife, the column of water rising from the sky was frozen in an instant
After freezing the water column, Li Yi flexes his fingers and smashes it into ice, then spills it into the sea.
“Ha ha, have fun…”
Looking at the ice spilled back to the sea, Li Yi laughed endlessly and bravely, and then said to Han Kuk: “Han Kuk, welcome the first member of the zodiac Pirate Group, ha ha ha…”
Mikhok fell into the sea in his heroic laughter in the surface, as he surfaced, a trace of red immediately spread out in front of him.
Obviously, under the breath of the Milky Way knife, he was injured!
“Mikhok, you lost!”
Smell speech, MI Huo Ke helpless shake head, way: “temporarily careless.”
“You want to default?”
Li Yi's eyes are a little cold light. If he can't use his powerful existence as his own, it's a great threat to let him live.You know, in the next few years, mikhok will be the most powerful swordsman in kendo.Such a terrible existence, how can he let go, either for their own use, or stifle in the cradle.
Without waiting for mikhok to speak, an inexplicable pressure suddenly came from the water, followed by a huge shadow rising rapidly towards the bottom of the sea.
“Sea King class…”
After seeing the fast approaching huge shadow, mikhok's pupils tightened slightly and grasped the palm of the supreme sharp knife, and then he started to work!
With a loud roar, the king of the sea, the size of this pirate ship, broke through the waves, and then opened his mouth to bite at mikhok!
In this critical moment, Li Yi's figure flashed, and the soul chopping sword was waved in the air at the same time!
The blood flew up, and the huge sea king's head and body fell into the sea at the same time in the blood, and the huge wave immediately engulfed the ready mikhok.
As the huge waves rolled by, mikhok looked at Li Yi who was standing on the back of the sea king with big eyes. He growled: “did I let you do it?Can't I even kill a sea king? ”
“All right, all right.”
Li Yi waved his hand, then extended his big hand to him, and said with a smile: “follow me, here is the glory you want!”
Looking at the big hand stretched out to the front of the body, mikhok was slightly stunned, then shook his head and said, “it's just that, the king is defeated.”Then he held out his hand and held it with Li Yi.
“Ha ha, that's right!”
Li Yi smiles when he sees that mikhok reaches out his hand and grabs him. Then he grabs mikhok and jumps onto the deck.
After landing on the deck, mihok said to Li Yi, “I just promise to get on your boat temporarily. If I defeat you one day, I will leave!”
“Good.”Li Yi nodded, “I'm waiting for this day.But before this day comes, follow me to conquer the sea and the great route
The corner of mihok's mouth curved with a deep meaning. “You really dare to say that.But you are the captain, you has the final say! ”
Seeing that mikhok answered, Li Yi clapped his big hand, then turned to look at the vast sea, “shenzuo Pirate Group, let's go!”
After a slight pause, Li Yi suddenly looked at mikhok and said, “can you take charge of the boat?”
“Don't tell me, you won't?”
As if looking at a monster, mikhok, who looked at Li Yi, widened his eyes. Seeing that he nodded, he felt powerless. “OK, you win.”
“By the way, we don't have a pirate flag.”
After looking around, Li Yi suddenly fixed his eyes on the cloak of Mikhail.
“What are you doing?”Mikhok instinctively took a step back.
“You have a nice Cape.”Li Yi laughs very lowly, and then the thief says: “if it is used as a pirate flag, it should be more popular!By the way, Hankook, do you know how to draw? How about drawing a seat on this cape
“Good.”Hancook nodded, then forced a smile to look at mihok.
“Take off, what are you staring at?”Seeing Mikhail standing still, Li Yi stepped forward and said with a smile, “shall I take it off for you?”
Chapter 52 what a big scene
“Ha ha, set sail, let's go!”
Looking at the pirate flag flying in the wind, Li Yi is very excited. He has been chasing the pace of animation pirate king update. Li Yi, who has been dreaming of becoming one of them, has finally achieved his wish.Looking at the king's throne painted by hancook on the flying flag, Li Yi seems to see endless treasure, as well as countless pirates on the vast sea. All the pirates on the ship bow to him and yell at me in unison.
The pirate ship turned around and headed for the endless sea ahead.In charge of the ship, naturally, it's mikhok, the big swordsman who accidentally got on the stolen ship.
Looking at Li Yi standing on the bow in a superman posture, mihok has no choice but to shake his head. How can I follow such a captain.
“Eagle eye, don't look at me like that.”
As if he knew eagle eye was looking at himself, Li Yi suddenly turned around and came to his position.
When he came to mikhok's side, Li Yi sat down with his legs up and said, “do you feel like you've been trapped?Ha ha, it's right to have such an idea. After all, you have lost a little
“Speaking of this
Mikhok took the word, and then escaped from his arms from Li Yi's reward order, “don't you think it's not clear?”
“What?”Li Yi took the reward order, blinked, said with a smile: “370 million, still normal.”
“Normal shit!””If you had a reward before, it's OK, but you're just like you're coming out of the sea. You'll have such a high reward as soon as you appear,” he said
“Why not?”Li Yi squinted at mihok, “if there is no such high reward, you will not come to me!”
Without waiting for mikhok to speak, Li Yi continued: “in fact, when I first saw this reward, I was quite surprised.But think about it, that's all.The reason why the world government has offered me so many rewards is not because of how powerful I am, but because I killed the rear admiral as soon as I appeared, and even their warships were killed.They offer a reward according to the present and future threats brought to them by the person being offered a reward.My existence, for the Navy and even the world government, must be stifled. That's why they offer such a high reward. ”
“There is such a reason.”
Mihok nodded. “There must be brave men under the heavy reward!”
“Ha ha, you are not rigid.”Li Yi smiles and pats mihok on the shoulder. He is very proud to say: “wait, mihok, this reward is just the beginning. After we find a like-minded partner, the sea will be completely boiling because of my appearance, and the Navy and even the world government will tremble because of the appearance of the shenzuo Pirate Group!”
“Find a partner?”Mikhail frowned slightly.
At this time, a burst of empty voice came, followed by a loud bang shook their eardrum.
“Li Yi, Li Yi…”
Without waiting for Li Yi and mihok to react, hancook quickly ran over and said, “no, it's the Navy!”
“So fast?”
Li Yi stares, then turns around and walks towards the bow.
Li Yi, who came to the bow of the ship, looked forward to the sea. On the vast sea, a warship came through the waves. In the shocking sound, several shells came through the air!
Looking at the roaring shells, Li Yi is motionless, and his eyes are slightly tight!
Because he saw a familiar figure standing on the warship.Wearing a lavender striped suit and dark blue shirt, tie, punk head, bearded, with a long knife at the waist, the Navy cape with justice printed on the back dances with the wind, which is filled with a depressing atmosphere!
Flying squirrel!
Major general of the Navy headquarters
Kendo master, Navy six master!
Although he is still a major general, he is at least twice as good as the major general he killed before, especially his terrible swordsmanship!
The roaring cannonball was not accurate enough, so it fell on the sea in front of Li Yi and exploded. Then it stirred up several jets of water. After the jets of water rose, they scattered with the wind, and the scattered water mist shrouded Li Yi and Han cook.
“Major general, that pirate flag is strange.”
A marine standing next to the major general put away his telescope and said, “do you want to stop the shelling?”
“No,” major general flying squirrel said coldly as he looked at Li Yi standing on the board of the zodiac pirate ship. “I've seen him. It's Li Yi.Keep the order and continue the shelling
When the soldier was ordered to leave, the general took a step forward and looked at Li Yi standing on the pirate ship with cold eyes. He bit every word and cried, “Li Yi, you can't run.”
Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom
The intensive explosion sound sounded around the pirate ship, and the ship shook violently in the huge waves.However, none of the shells directly hit the ship, which is due to the superb ship handling skills of mikhok!
Mikhok, who is in charge of the ship, saw Li Yi standing in the bow and did not move. He could not help saying anxiously: “Captain, there is only one warship, kill or retreat?”
“No, not one!”
Li Yi looks ahead, then says faintly: “it's five ships!”
As his voice fell, another warship appeared in his right hand, and then a warship appeared in his left hand!
Five warships appeared one after another and surrounded the Orion pirate ship.
“What a big scene.”
After looking around, Li Yi said solemnly, “five major generals of the Navy headquarters appear at the same time. I really look up to Li Yi!”
After finding that the zodiac pirate ship was surrounded, mikhok gave up the boat and came to Li Yi. His sharp eagle eyes looked at the warship in front of him and said, “Captain, kill it!”
Chapter 53 a big fight
The shells roaring from all directions exploded around the pirate ship. When the water column rising from the sky enveloped the pirate ship, Li Yi quickly pulled out his sword, and then yelled word by word: “Shijie!”
After the soul chopping knife was first removed, the bone chilling moment surged out, and the water column rising from the sky was quietly frozen.
After the water column is frozen, it forms an ice cage to protect the pirate ship. Then, Li Yi jumps on the frozen water column and says, “eagle eye!”
Looking at Li Yi who jumps on the icicle, a bloodthirsty arc opens at the corner of his mouth. Then, his figure flashes and stands firmly beside Li Yi.
As soon as mihok fell into the shadow, Li Yi jumped out. At the moment when he was about to fall into the sea, the soul chopping knife with a touch of cold light fell into the air.
With a click, the water wave just caused by the shell falling into the sea and exploding was frozen. Then, the sea around this water wave spread out at an amazing speed.
After the sea was frozen, Li Yi fell steadily on the sea and rushed out quickly with a knife.
Target, the flying squirrel's ship
Looking at Li Yi freezing the sea, the eyes of the flying squirrel on the deck of the warship are slightly tight.
At the same time, mikhok, who followed Li Yi's attack, also stood firmly on the frozen sea. He was also surprised because the sea was frozen. Holding the handle of the black knife in his big hand, he looked at Li Yi who rushed out quickly and was slightly stunned.
However, the situation did not allow him to hesitate or stagnate. Just as he fell on the ice, several shells roared and exploded around him.
Two of them went straight to his face and instantly dilated in his pupils!
In this critical moment, mikhok quickly pulled out the black knife, and then the lightning dive out.
Puff, puff
Two shells were cut off by the terrible knife gas, and then fell into the sea on both sides!
Without waiting for mikhok to kill, Li Yi had rushed to the ice more than ten feet in front of the warship where the flying squirrel was.Looking at the flying squirrel standing on the splint, Li Yi's mouth flashed a touch of bloodthirsty, and then, the soul chopping knife held high over his head!
“Damn it…”
Seeing that Li Yi stopped more than ten feet in front of him, he held up the soul chopping knife, and his pupils tightened.
Obviously, Li Yi is going to cut off his warship!
As soon as his pupils were tight, Li Yi's soul chopping knife with frost and cold air was smashed down in the air!
The dazzling Dao Qi blooms in the sky, and after flying, it falls from the sky like a roaring dragon.
From the sky, the terrifying sword gas cuts in the bow of the warship, and then penetrates the deck with the force of destruction, passing by the flying squirrel in the hasty dodge room, until the stern of the warship
“Ah, the warship has been cut apart…”
On the warship, the soldiers in a violent shock in the Middle East, West slant, panic four flee.
Looking at the warship cut off by Li Yi's knife, the flying squirrel flashed this terrible blow. Shocked and angry, he pulled out his sword in a loud shout, and then stepped on the void to kill Li Yi!
“Oh, Captain, this is the rhythm of a big fight.”
Standing on the ice, mikhok looked at the warship cut off by Li Yi. His yellow eyes were shining with excitement and blazing light.After the squirrel pounced on Li Yi, he suddenly bowed down and turned around to lock one of the warships.
In the sound of breaking the air, mikhok soared from the ice like an eagle, and then appeared above the warship through the sky!
In a flash, mikhok's sharp eyes on the top of the warship tightened, and the world's strongest black knife was cut down in the air.
With a puff, the black knife gas like streamer came down from the sky and instantly disappeared into the warship!
After the black knife gas flashed away, the warship vibrated violently in the sound of a shocking explosion, and a crack extended with the direction of the knife gas
Seeing that the warship had not been cut off by his own black knife, mikhok's pupils tightened slightly.Then he shook his head and said with a bitter smile, “it seems that there are some gaps.”
“Mikhok, how dare you
Just when mikhok was worried that he didn't cut off the warship, a loud drink suddenly came out from under him. Without waiting for his reaction, a figure rose to the sky.
Looking at the man with a cigar and a big beard, mikhok's eyes were slightly tight, “burning mountain!”
“I didn't expect you to join Li Yi's Pirate Group!”
The burning mountain rises from the sky, treading on the void, holding the sword handle in one hand, taking down the cigar in the other hand, and then bouncing away, “in that case, let's catch it with you!”
“Don't be ashamed
Hawk Eye body slightly bow down, black knife then lightning swept out.
At the same time, the flying squirrel who killed Li Yi with yuebu appeared on his head in the blink of an eye. Looking at the flying squirrel that appeared on his head in an instant, Li Yi didn't hesitate, and the soul chopping knife went against the air with a knife.
The flying squirrel on his head didn't dodge. Then he grabbed the handle with one hand and quickly pulled out the sheath to stop the blade of the soul chopping sword!
At the moment when the blades of the two long knives were opposite, a clear sound of impact came out immediately, followed by a circle of terrible waves, which surged around with two people as the center.
The void vibrated violently at this moment, and the sea was also turbulent because of the terrible knife gas!
Suddenly, a crisp sound made the eyes of the flying squirrel shrink. He saw the long sword in his hand and Li Yi's soul chopping sword face to face, and immediately frost with amazing speed
“How could…”
When he found that his long knife was frozen, the flying squirrel exclaimed to himself, and at the same time stepped out of the room.
After the explosion retreated, the flying squirrel looked at the soul chopping knife in Li Yi's hand in shock, and said in a deep voice: “your knife has eaten the devil's fruit?”
Smell speech, Li Yi is tiny a Leng, immediately step forward, cold way: “you regard as be!”
“No way, even if the government is only in the research stage, how can your knife eat the devil's fruit?”
“Ha ha, flying squirrel, the current situation is not when you care about my knife, what you should care about is your head on the neck!”
Chapter 54 those who touch the scales die!
After Li Yi and mihok were killed one after another, the pirate ship protected by the frozen water column was no longer safe. Under the shelling of the other three warships, the frozen water column collapsed in the flying ice.
The icicle disappears, and the Orion pirate ship and Hankook are exposed to the fire of the three warships!
The roaring cannonball comes down from the sky with blazing pressure. Target, Hankook and the whole pirate ship!
“It's not that easy!”
Looking at the shell whistling from three directions, hancook standing in the bow changed her weak performance before. In the gaze of meimou, she stepped forward and gently touched her lips. A huge pink peach appeared quietly.
“Captive arrow…”
Hancook pulled it back like a bow and arrow, and then the dense pink arrows flashed away against the roaring shells.
When these arrows collide with the roaring shells, the shells petrify, and then fall vertically into the sea.
“Damn it, there's another capable man on board!”
On the deck of the three warships, the guys with the rank of major general turned cold one after another. Then, one of the warships broke the waves and went straight to the shenzuo pirate ship.
Standing on the deck of this warship is a ferocious man wearing a helmet with a double headed dragon pattern on his head!
Ghost spider, Navy hawk, cruel personality, learn from black wrist Ze method, and flying squirrel with the door
Because ghost spider's warship broke the waves and left, the other two warships stopped shelling and stood in order to prevent the shenzuo pirate ship from escaping.
Standing on the pirate ship of God, Hankook looks at the warship breaking the waves, and his beautiful eyes are slightly tight.
When the warship stopped more than ten feet away from her, she looked back at Li Yi who was fighting.Seeing that Li Yi suppressed the flying squirrel and took the initiative in the battle, she laughed and said in a soft voice, “Li Yi, Hankook won't drag you back. For you, I can be on my own!”
After the general ship got close to the pirate ship, the ghost spider's eyes flashed. Then he quickly drew his sword out of the scabbard and said in a deep voice, “catch this female pirate alive!”
The soldiers standing on his deck roared, then jumped off the warship one by one and killed Hankook like spiders.Looking at the navy soldiers rushing to the ship, hancook summoned up the courage to drive away the fear in her heart. When all the soldiers rushed to the deck, she quickly raised her slim hands, and then put on a loving gesture, “sweet wind!”
Jiao shouts and falls. The loving light flashes out and sweeps the navy soldiers rushing towards her
As the light swept by, all the naval soldiers who rushed onto the deck were petrified
Standing on the warship, the ghost spider looks at this strange scene, and his head slightly tilts. Then, he jumps down, and the long sword on his waist comes out of the sheath.
The terrible sword gas swept out, and instantly swept the petrified soldiers in front of him to the sea.
“Rubbish, it's a eyesore!”
After sweeping the Marines out to sea, he stood firmly on the deck and looked up at Hankook
“Er… Beautiful…”
The sight just contacted with Hankook, the ghost spider's eyes protruded, his heart beat faster, and his feet lost consciousness
After discovering this strange phenomenon, the ghost spider suddenly pulled out a dagger at his waist and then thrust it into his thigh!With a soft sound, the dagger fell into his big leg. The stabbing pain in his heart made him wake up instantly.
Under the stimulation of this piercing pain, the ghost spider slowly raised its head, tightened its pupils, looked at Hankook, and said with a bloody grin: “I almost fell into your trap… Then, next, let me send you this female pirate to hell!”
Hell, spiders actually use cruel means to get rid of the confusion of sweet fruit. Hankook, who has never had actual combat experience, doesn't know what to do for a moment, and even retreats uncontrollably.
Although she followed Xiaqi to master the ability of sweet fruit, she had no actual combat experience. The most important thing was that her domineering power had not yet awakened. In addition, she was still young, and suddenly met an opponent who was extremely cruel to herself. The courage she had just summoned suddenly disappeared, followed by the fear of ghost spiders!
“Go to hell!”
Looking at hancook who slowly retreats, ghost spider has no sympathy in his eyes. He raises his sword and pours at hancook.
“Li Yi…”
Hell, spiders toward themselves, Hankook's last line of defense completely collapsed, after a cry, she turned and ran!
The navy soldiers on the warship who didn't jump because of the ghost spider's killing, after seeing the figure of Hankook turning around and running away, their eyes burst out with red hearts, and they said with intoxication: “even running away is so beautiful, ah, I'm guilty, as ugly as me, damn it…”
Seeing that Hankook dodged his attack, and after hearing the voice of the incompetent people behind him, the ghost spider turned his head and growled, “can you be quiet?”
After stopping those incompetent men, ghost spider killed Hankook again.
In the distance, Li Yi, who suppressed the flying squirrel, trembled slightly after hearing the cry of Han cook.Then, with a knife, he pushed the flying squirrel back, and turned to look at the Orion pirate ship.
This look, his face instantly cold, the pupil is flashing a chilling blood red light!
The next second, Li Yi directly ignored the existence of the flying squirrel and swept out the lightning.
“So fast!”
The flying squirrel who wants to stop Li Yi doesn't have time to move. He only feels that with a flower in front of him, Li Yi is far away from him with a sense of killing.
After two ups and downs, he has appeared in the sky above the Orion pirate ship. After locking the target at the ghost spider, his pupils suddenly open, and he cheers coldly: “death!”
As the voice falls, the soul chopping knife rolls up the cold air like a giant dragon, and the knife air seems to flash down like the Milky way of nine days, instantly enveloping the ghost spider!
Chapter 55 your justice, I will cut it off
I didn't expect that the ghost spider that Li Yi killed so quickly just felt a breath of cold coming. The next second he lost consciousness, and then the frost spread from his head, freezing him into an ice sculpture!
In the distance, on the decks of the two warships that had been watching the pirate ship, the two major generals were very frightened. After the screams, they almost ordered the shelling at the same time!
Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom
In the loud sound of shock, dense shells burst out of the air, and then fell like hail towards Li Yi's pirate ship!
At the same time, Li Yi stands firmly on the deck, ignoring the roaring shells behind him. With red eyes, he holds down the handle of the soul chopping knife with one hand and pulls hanku behind him with the other!
Hancook had just been pulled behind by Li Yi, and the roaring shell had appeared above them.
At this critical moment, the eagle eye fighting with Huoshaoshan didn't hesitate. He turned and soared into the air, and the black knife flashed out at the same time!
Under the sweeping of the black knife, the shell from the air suddenly changed its direction and flashed towards the warship.
Looking at the reflected shells, the major general standing on the warship's face slightly tightened. Then, he soared into the air with a moon step, and then a bright sword burst into the air.
Boom, boom
The shells chopped off by the major general fell into the sea one after another, and the water column suddenly blurred their vision.
“Flying squirrel…”
Huoshaoshan, fighting with Yingyan, saw that Yingyan returned and swung away all the shells, shouting to the flying squirrel in the distance: “quick…”
The flying squirrel didn't speak. After nodding his head dignified, he stepped on the void and flashed with Huoshaoshan toward the God pirate ship.
At the same time, the eagle eye stopped the roaring shell, and suddenly split a gap in the frozen ice sculpture surface of the ghost spider. Without waiting for the eagle eye and Hankook to react, the dense cracks immediately spread to the whole ice sculpture, and then a thump came out!
“Er ah…”
Open the frozen ghost spider, look up and roar, and then, he suddenly turned back, cold and merciless eyes instantly lock Li Yi!
And Li Yi seems to be waiting for the ghost spider to break away from the ice. Just as he looks back at himself, Li Yi steps forward in silence, holding the big hand of the hilt and quietly exerting his power!
The soul chopping Sabre came out of its sheath, and then three terrible Sabre Qi burst out in the air.
Shua Shua
Li Yi didn't use the skill of soul chopping sword when he pulled the sword out of the sheath. Then he directly used the king level sky breaking sword pulling skill. Facing the ghost spider, he split three swords in a row.
These three sabres are so fast that no matter the ghost spider or the Hawk Eye standing on one side, or the flying squirrel and Huoshaoshan rushing towards us, we can't see how these three sabres split.They only saw the bright and terrible sword Qi blooming in the sky, and then there were three voices tearing the void almost at the same time.
Li Yi has retreated to Han Kuo's body, and the soul chopping sword doesn't know when to enter the scabbard, as if it never appeared.
As soon as Li Yi Gang returned to Hankook, a stream of fresh blood spewed out from the ghost spider. Then, the ghost spider's shrill scream immediately rang through the sky
“Ah…” in the shrill scream, the ghost spider's two arms broke off silently, and fell on the deck in the rising blood mist. Then, a blood seam spread from his eyebrow. When the blood seam spread to his crotch, his body suddenly exploded
This bloody and horrible scene made the flying squirrel, Huoshaoshan and eagle's eyes stunned.
They know that Li Yi dares to kill rear admiral, but they didn't expect that his means are so cruel!Especially the flying squirrel, when he just heard the name of Li Yi, he still had a little doubt.
He would never believe that a new comer would be so bold as to kill a major general.However, when he saw the demonic figure with his own eyes at this moment, he had no doubt.
This man is the devil!
He had seen a lot of brutal pirates, but it was the first time for him to see one like Li Yi.Of course, if he knew how Li Yi survived in the arena, he would not be so shocked.The arena of marjoria is more cruel than the sea.Once in, there is no third choice between death and life.
Obviously, Li Yi has lived to this day.
Accustomed to the kind of brutal life in the arena, facing the ghost spider who dares to attack Hankook, his first reaction is to kill, mercilessly kill.Because if we don't kill him, we can fight Hankook now, and we will certainly do so in the future.
As long as they stand on the opposite side of him, they can't stay alive.
Although he left the arena and came to the sea, Li Yi always insisted on this principle.
It's no exaggeration to say that he knows the way of survival better than 90% of the pirates on the sea. It's not hard to imagine what kind of bloodbath Li Yi will set off on the next great route!
After the ghost spider was killed, Li Yi looked back at the shocked eagle eye and said coldly, “eagle eye, you take the boat and take Hankook away. Give it to me here!”
Although has a pair of sharp hawk eyes, but in Li Yi at the moment that blood red eyes under the gaze, hawk eyes still can't help feeling behind a cold.Dare not and Li Yi to look at the eagle eye quickly looked back to Hankook, “Hankook, let's go.”
Hearing Hawkeye's words, Han cook didn't leave immediately, but looked at Li Yi anxiously.
“Go ahead, I'm fine!”
Li Yi didn't look at Hankook. Instead, he came to the side of the deck with a knife and looked at the burning mountain and the flying squirrel. He said, “I will cut off your so-called poor justice.”
As the voice falls, Li Yi jumps up, his soul chopping knife curls up, and his frightful Qi cuts down, directly locking Huoshaoshan and the flying squirrel.
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