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039 Fox that changed again (5 more)

It didn’ t run, instead hiding in the clouds!
A loud cry rang out.
In the blink of an eye, the eagle approached the helicopter. It stretched out its claws from the side, and with a sudden grab, the entire side door of the helicopter was shattered. Chen Mo even saw a blood mist erupt.
The eagle’s claws seemed to contain some sort of terrifying power.
The helicopter pilot was caught dead and started to lose control and roll.
In the end, he fell.
A huge explosion, fiery light, triggered a raging fire.
However, this eagle wasn’ t much better. After all, it was an animal. It didn’ t know how powerful a human machine was. When it leaned against it, it was hit by a high-speed rotating propeller.
Although this strike only managed to hit a bit, the terrifying propeller was like a blade, instantly drawing a huge wound on its chest.
The eagle let out a miserable cry as it dragged the wound back to the nest.
At this moment, Chen Mo was completely certain that this was the mutated eagle.
Moreover, the race’s innate talent had an extremely powerful attack power.
Looking at the area where the flames were soaring, Chen Mo was slightly stunned.
Although he had long known that humans would face challenges sooner or later, he had never imagined that such challenges would come so quickly.
“Perhaps the humans did not realize it, did they?”
Chen Mo muttered.
Otherwise, humans wouldn’t be so arrogant. They would only send a helicopter to enter the forest to clear out dangerous mutated creatures.
However, this was also good. In the future, when humans entered the forest, they would be more cautious. In fact, they would slowly stop entering the forest. Especially here, this place was close to a hundred kilometers away from Jingyu Town. It was already considered the interior of the forest.
However, this mutated eagle was so cunning that it would take the initiative to attack humans. The military definitely wouldn’ t be able to spare it.
At this moment, Chen Mo didn’ t dare to continue advancing rapidly.
It would not be long before the human army arrived.
He could rush over ahead of time, but he might not be able to deal with the eagle immediately. If the human arrived while he was dealing with the eagle, it would be troublesome.
It would be better to wait for the humans to sweep through it.
In any case, no matter how he looked at it, the eagle wouldn’ t just surrender. Chen Mo only needed flesh with genes.
“What kind of big bird is that?”
Miss Black Silk asked curiously.
She was very curious,” Why is there a human in its belly.”
Miss Hei Si’s vision was extremely good, so she also saw the details of the attack.
“That is a human machine, just like you sitting on the back of a war chariot.”
Chen Mo replied.
He continued to catch the fish.
Walking along the stream, many crabs could be found in the stone crevice.
These crabs had been hiding very well, but this team was actually under Chen Mo’s command. He used to catch crabs, so these crabs had fallen into bad luck and were turned over from the bottom of the rock.
Among them, the one with the most claws and crabs was actually Miss Black Silk, faster than the chariot that Chen Mo controlled.
It didn’t even need to flip open the stone. Instead, it directly shot out its sharp claws and inserted them into the cracks of the stone, allowing it to grab the crab.
When the chief saw this scene, he immediately jumped up in a hurry. He brought over a stick to catch crabs, but his speed was too slow.
By the time it finally succeeded, everyone had already gone far.
Less than 500 meters away, Chen Mo had already collected all the crab’s genes and collected the toad’s genes.
He received a reward of +2 carbon-based biological knowledge.
What made Chen Mo even more surprised was that the’evolutionary clues, perception organs’ had prompted him to collect valid genetic data.
Then, he encountered another pool, which was bigger than the one before.
Chen Mo wasted a lot of effort before draining the water.
There were many fish here, and several of them were extremely large.
It had to be said that the changes in the world had really changed a lot. Even the most ordinary fish began to grow in size. Moreover, some of these fish had started to change gradually. Some of them had returned to their ancestors.
The sharp fangs and exoskeleton replaced the scales.
He became extremely aggressive.
Chen Mo was a bit more careful this time, killing a big fish that was covered in fangs and bone spikes.
[Evolution clue]: You obtained a 100% gene map of the Grass Carp. By comparing it with the modern grass carp, you learned about the evolution and elimination of neural genes. There was a great progress in the research of sensory organs. The current research progress was 90%.
Chen Mo wasn’ t happy. He hadn’ t expected such a strange fish to have such a great effect. He had almost finished gathering the evolutionary clues. If he was lucky, he might only need the last creature!
At the same time, Chen Mo sighed with emotion.
“The forest is becoming more and more dangerous. All the creatures are changing.”
Chen Mo didn’ t know anything about biology, but even he, who was in the forest every day, felt such an obvious change. For those who had never entered the forest, it must have been an earth-shaking change.
If you suddenly teleported a person into the forest and told him that he had transmigrated to another world, he would probably believe it!
At the side,
Miss Black Silk, who was eating fish, sneezed.
A ball of flames shot out.
It happened to be sprayed onto the fish.
A faint fragrance rose.
Chen Mo had no sense of smell but he knew that it must be the fragrance.
It was because the war chariot and chief had thrown away the fish in their hands. They turned their heads and looked at the fish by Miss Blacksilk’s feet.
“Big man…”I’ m spitting fire again!”
Miss Hei Si was a little panicked.
It was even more exaggerated than the last time he spat out a small fireball. This time, it was just a small fireball.
This change caught it off guard.
How did “spit it out? Can you sense the source of that power?”Are you hungry?”
Chen Mo’s eyes narrowed as he focused his attention on Miss Black Silk.*

040 Human Mass Destruction (6th Order)

However, he didn’ t find anything unusual. The only change was that the fur on its body became even redder, more like a burning flame. It was as beautiful as a mythical creature.
However, Chen Mo knew that Miss Hei Si was just a fox. She would be injured and die.
Other than spraying out flames, it was no different from the other creatures.
At the side, the war chariot, which was completely devoid of any divine features, could easily kill it.
He also had some of Miss Blackstone’s genes. This was the blood that he had squeezed out. Chen Mo collected some every few days.
Through his genes, he could confirm that this was the native species of the Earth and Earth Dao.
“I won’ t be hungry. I can’ t sense where the fire came from.”
Miss Blacksilk was still unable to accurately describe her own state.
But Chen Mo already understood.
Not hungry.
This was enough to explain the problem.
The temperature of this kind of flame wasn’ t low. When it shot out, it instantly cooked half of the fish. This was definitely going to consume energy.
Energy was conserved. It would not be born out of thin air, nor would it disappear out of thin air.
Therefore, since Miss Hei Si didn’ t consume any energy, she wouldn’ t be hungry. That meant that this kind of flame had other sources of energy.
What was even more miraculous was that when this kind of flame was on Miss Blacksilk, there was no temperature. Only when it was ejected from her mouth would it a high temperature.
It only took two bites to roast the fish.
“Looks like it’s some strange effect of spiritual energy.”
Chen Mo didn’t know how it worked. He did n’ t have enough mutant creatures to obtain more spiritual knowledge.
However, one thing was certain. This was not an example.
This type of ability was also available to the eagle, but it was only displayed differently.
This kind of power undoubtedly gave mutant creatures even more power. This was the main reason they relied on to fight against humans.
After all, their genes didn’t change much, so their flesh and blood strength naturally did n’ t change too much. Just that kind of strength, how many came, in front of the cannon, were all food.
Unless they were able to rapidly evolve like Chen Mo, the changes in genes would be much greater every day than they had been in tens of millions of years.
At this moment, rumbling sounds could be heard from the sky.
Sure enough, not long after, the three helicopters formed a battle formation and quickly flew over.
They didn’t know the reason why the helicopter had fallen, but they quickly came to a conclusion by checking the combat recorder or the wreckage.
After sending out the investigators, the three helicopters were like an eagle on a mountain.
As for the eagle, it was also strong, and it actually forcibly flew back.
It hadn’t realized what kind of steel monster it was facing. It was n’ t something it could handle with its current evolution.
Chen Mo had thought of reminding Eagle to run away.
After all, he still coveted Eagle’s gene.
However, the distance between the two was too far. It was too late for him to remind them.
This would also put the flying chief in danger.
Therefore, he could only watch the show.
As soon as the eagle rose, it was beaten to pieces by the furious human.
The machine guns on the helicopter could penetrate more than ten millimeters of steel, and the rockets could even blow up the tanks.
The newly evolved Eagle Region’s flesh and blood body could be penetrated by several machine guns.
Evolution was not a divine ghost’s ability, but it still had to follow the laws of physics.
Chen Mo was not surprised by this result.
The moment the eagle was shattered, Chen Mo commanded the chief to start his operations.
Such a large eagle was not difficult to obtain enough flesh and blood.
However, just as Chen Mo’s side moved, a miserable scream rang out from the horizon.
Two more eagles flew over.
These two were twice as big as the one just now!
It turned out that the one just now was just a baby. There were many babies born from the eagle, but the ones that could grow up were usually only 1-2.
The only descendant that was killed, the two eagles went crazy.
However, this wasn’ t of much use. The helicopter turned its body and a string of flame tongues flew over. The eagle with a wingspan of more than ten meters was instantly torn apart.
However, the other eagle suddenly accelerated, avoiding the flame tongue.
In the blink of an eye, the eagle entered the clouds.
They directly attacked from above!
This was the same way they used to hunt.
Invisible, this move completely restrained the helicopter!
A vertical 90 degree attack, let alone a helicopter attack, would make it impossible to see where the eagle was!
It was because of the blind spot of the radar!
This type of adult eagle was already formidable. Just like the one before, a green light flashed on its sharp claws. It suddenly swerved to the side, and the people inside exploded into a bloody mist.
Its speed was extremely fast!
With a single strike, he leaped into the clouds.
Then there was a second attack.
He succeeded again!
Very soon, the eagle discovered the weakness of the helicopter, unable to resist the attack.
The third helicopter was already in complete panic at this moment. They immediately lowered their altitude and landed!
“Hehe, this helicopter pilot is quick to react, but it’s already too late.”
Chen Mo made his decision.
Because the eagle wasn’t rushing at all, it was circling the helicopter without any fear.
Soon, another ball of flames shot into the sky.
The three helicopters were destroyed.
The ground of the intense battle was already covered in a sea of flames. The flames of the three helicopters slowly formed into one, causing the sky to turn red.
Chen Mo looked at the flames and was extremely shocked.
He knew that this was a turning point.
A landmark event.
An eagle actually killed three armed helicopters!
The eagle’s advantage over the helicopter was actually not great, but once it was approached, the helicopter lacked flexibility and was in a state of being slaughtered on one side!
With his spiritual energy-activated race talent, the rest of the races could truly threaten human status for the first time.
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041 Human eagle fights, woodpecker at the back (even more)

This was just the beginning.
The further they went, the more creatures would be able to unleash their innate talent. At that time, the human advantage would be greatly weakened.
They would not be able to crush humans. Humans would still have an advantage.
After all, at this moment, it was impossible to see what species could evolve to the point where they could contend against nuclear bombs.
However, the forest would no longer be a place they could easily set foot in. This place would become another world, an independent kingdom.
This was what Chen Mo hoped to see.
Unlike the technology of human systems, no matter how intelligent the other creatures were, they would not care about the mushroom spread on the ground. Even if an animal occasionally discovered that the mushroom would attack an animal, it would not matter.
“I will be able to expand without restraint.”
Chen Mo muttered.
After the eagle killed the helicopter, it cried out and flew towards the corpse of its companion.
However, this was futile. He could only find large pieces of flesh and blood.
The cries of the eagle echoed from the deep forest.
Chen Mo was moving quickly.
The war chariot began to move.
The ground shook slightly.
This eagle had a very high degree of variation. In addition to that young mutated eagle from before, the two had very different degrees of variation. If they could obtain samples for analysis together, they might be able to obtain spiritual energy knowledge.
At present, the entire world was undergoing drastic changes in spiritual energy. The more they knew about this kind of knowledge, the more they could take the initiative.
The old eagle stood in front of half of the corpse, its mournful cries suddenly stopped.
It was because it suddenly discovered that a strange fox silently descended from the trunk and leaped to its side.
The furious eagle let out a low, sharp whistle.
The dense killing intent was something that Miss Blackstone could sense without the need to translate.
“Leave behind some of your blood.”
Chen Mo released his consciousness.
Communicating with the giant eagle.
This was a rare opportunity to get close to the eagle.
Although there was an eagle’s corpse on the ground, it was rare to encounter a family that was mutated. This entire family’s genetic map was obviously very valuable.
Eagle Hook opened its mouth and roared.
“Scram!”Little thing!”
He rejected Chen Mo’s request.
Chen Mo didn’ t mind either. The opportunity had already been given to the other party. If he didn’ t want to leave any blood, he could only let it leave his life behind.
“Miss Hei Si, she spat flames at his face.”
Chen Mo gave the order to arrive.
Miss Black Silk made a few agile jumps and instantly arrived in front of the eagle.
In an instant, the eagle also sensed the danger. However, he clearly didn’ t know how this little guy would harm him.
A fireball shot out from the black market lady’s mouth.
In an instant, the eagle’s eyes were directly burned. This attack was not fatal, but to the eagle, it was almost fatal.
Miss Blacksilk had just completed the mission.
The ground began to shake slightly.
With a boom, a huge creature rushed out from the forest.
The war chariot that had been waiting for a long time launched an attack.
Although the eagle was huge, the eagle that landed on the ground was not as big as a chicken.
Moreover, its weight was not as heavy as a war chariot.
The war chariot collided with the eagle in a barbaric manner, breaking two trees in succession before stopping.
This attack could be said to have used all of its strength.
Long fangs pierced into the eagle’s chest.
A fatal blow!
After doing all of this, it quickly retreated, avoiding the eagle’s dying struggle.
At this moment, a huge boom rang out in the sky.
This time, it was extremely dense.
The humans came again.
It would be unreasonable for them to not come to check on such a huge loss.
And this time, they already knew who the enemy was.
“Pack the spoils of war. Let’s go.”
Miss Black Silk flicked her sharp claws and slid gracefully.
A large piece of meat was cut off.
It was fifty to sixty kilograms.
Two pieces of meat, one for an eagle.
They were all hung in the basket on the chariot’s back.
When they left, the chief did not forget to leave a few mushrooms here.
There was this blood and blood left on the ground.
Chen Mo had already obtained enough genes.
Now, he rushed to the area near the mountain top to obtain the genes of the young eagle.
Not long after they left, a human arrived.
Helicopters swarmed over.
Because of the global changes, the military factory had already started its operations with all its might. Just like preparing for war, a huge amount of war machines had been created, not to mention the fact that things had happened here and many troops had been deployed.
A group of soldiers wearing protective clothing descended one after another.
They were the most elite special forces, accompanied by a biological expert.
Seeing the two eagle corpses on the ground, everyone was stunned.
He saw a smooth and neat cut.
“Damn it, someone has come here before!”
The soldier’s eyes immediately became sharp.
Crack, crack.
Everyone raised their guns.
“Find traces of humans, warn, find traces of humans!”
In the blink of an eye, all the helicopters in the sky spread out. Some of the fighters were ordered to take off immediately.
“Captain, could it be that the’ Monkey’ on the other side is causing trouble?”
This place was not far from the border.
As soon as this guess was made, everyone’s expressions became grave.*

042 Sensory organs completed!(8Th place)

“I think this is some kind of animal.”
The biological expert carefully examined the traces.
Everyone was immediately shocked. Could an animal cause such a wound?
“However, there are no traces of humans in the vicinity.”
The captain frowned. Under such an urgent situation, it was almost impossible for humans to hide their movements.
At this moment, the situation from the helicopter investigation also came back.
The thermal imager showed that there were indeed no humans nearby.
“Strange. There were wild boar footprints here. What about this?”It’s like a fox.”
The expert began to survey the scene.
“Hiss!A boar that weighed at least a thousand kilograms!”This fox is much bigger than usual!”
After some examination.
Everyone was even more shocked.
“This eagle was actually killed by a wild boar!”Then the fox came and cut off two pieces of meat!”
“This…”It’s too ridiculous. It’s like a fairy tale, and how could a fox take away such heavy meat?”
The expert helplessly smiled bitterly and shook his head.
He really didn’ t know.
However, the scene showed that this was the truth.
Everyone moved closer to the wound and carefully observed it.
Instantly, he felt a chill run down his spine.
The sharpest blade they had equipped could not cut such a smooth cut.
He really could not believe that this was cut by the fox’s claws.
If that claw were to cut on his body……Hiss…
When they thought of this, everyone was shocked.
Looking at the two trees that had broken out from the mouth of the bowl and looking at the big tree behind Old Eagle, there was a big hole in the tree trunk. It was knocked out by the wild boar’s fangs.
“I feel like a tank has run over here.”
The moment he left, his eyelids twitched.
There were also colorful feathers!
It was very small, but it was still detected by the scouts.
When the expert saw this, his expression became even more strange.
“This is the feather of a woodpecker!”
Foxes, wild boars, woodpeckers, three different species, actually appeared at the crime scene at the same time!
Everyone was confused.
“There are traces of burns on the eagle’s head!”
The expert threw out another shocking conclusion.
Immediately, this incident was completely confused.
Experts came one after another, and no one could clearly explain what was going on.
“Bring the samples and invite Professor Liu and the others to take a look.”
In the end, all the soldiers sat in a helicopter and left the forest.
Sitting in the air, the captain of the special forces looked at the forest below. He could not help but fall into deep thought. What had happened in the last ten minutes after killing the three helicopters?
“Boar……Fox……”Woodpecker…. And flames…”
He muttered to himself, secretly remembering this matter.
He had a strange feeling that one day in the future, the truth about this place would be revealed.
Looking at the forest that was shrouded in mist, it was faintly discernible, as if there was some sort of mystery brewing within it…
Not long after everyone left, mushrooms began to grow, and mycelium began to spread between their flesh and blood.
[Event]: You absorbed the mutant eagle’s flesh and obtained 20% of the mutant eagle’s gene. You extracted a unique gene from it. After studying it, you optimized the pore structure on the spore, further improving the floating performance of the spore, allowing the spore to spread to a further region, with adaptability +0.1.
[Information]: By comparing the genetic map of the mutated eagle race, you have improved your understanding of mutated creatures. You have improved your understanding of the genetic level changes caused by spiritual energy. Your knowledge of spiritual energy effects and organic species has increased. Carbon-based creatures +2, spiritual energy knowledge +1.
[Evolution clue]: Perception organ.Based on the knowledge reserves of carbon-based organisms +100, you analyzed a neuron structure based on the existing gene data. This network structure constructed by nerve cells would act on the bacterial cover, which could produce rough visual organs. By activating this gene, you could increase adaptability by +0.9 by +0.1.
His eyes had evolved!
Chen Mo immediately switched his view and experienced it.
In the end, he could only vaguely see something very close. In the distance, there was a mushroom.
He could not tell what it was. He could only see something moving.
This eye was not an animal-like eye, but a circle of sensory cells.
It was an’ eye’ that had evolved from Chen Mo’s mushroom form.
“High myopia. But as a warning, it’s enough.”
Chen Mo’s own perspective was extremely clear. To him, the mushroom’s vision was somewhat redundant, but as a warning ability, it was extremely useful.
For the first time, Chen Mo could collect visual information from all the mushrooms at the same time!
Each mushroom was equivalent to a radar station!
If that was the case, how could there be any movements? He could immediately know, but he wouldn’ t be the same as before. Only after the rabbit gnawed on the mushrooms for half a day did he find out.
In the past, Chen Mo had to constantly change his perspective to look for animals. Although he didn’t have to waste any effort, his efficiency was very low and it was very troublesome.
And now, it was different. Once an animal entered the mushroom forest, he could immediately discover that the efficiency of gathering genes was greatly improved!
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043 Attribute greatly improved (1 more)

[Race]: Mutant Mushroom
[Evolution Point ]:41
[Gene Bank]: Mutated Eagle 100%, Grass Carp 100%, Crab 100%…
[Available Genes]: Illusion, Corruption, Metal, Cystic Structure, Poison, Nerve
[Research Bonus]: Carbon-based creature +102, spiritual energy knowledge +3
Organ Attribute Panel
[Mutated Mycelium]: The nutrient absorption efficiency was 1.6(able to quickly absorb the organic matter in the decaying substance, obtain energy and substances, the efficiency was extremely low.They could plunder genes through fresh cell tissue.)
[Spore]: Adaptability is 4.4(fragile seed, but excellent spreading ability enhances your survival rate.)
[Fungus Cover]: When it is ripe, it can start producing spores. Each batch of spores is 3.5-3.6 billion. The production cycle is 410 minutes. It needs to consume a lot of nutrients.
[Overall assessment]: The level of danger is 2.3. You have already exceeded the level of danger for ordinary creatures by 2 points. You are developing towards extremely dangerous creatures. Your existence has affected the surrounding area, and the impact on the ecological environment has gradually appeared.
[Evolution clue]: Efficient absorption (current progress is 20.4%)
Chen Mo looked at his own attributes and was very straightforward.
The hard work during this period of time was not in vain. There were 41 points in the evolution point. At present, he did not have the ability to actively absorb spiritual energy. He relied on the expansion of the number of mushrooms to absorb it.
At present, he could obtain 3 evolution points every day.
As he expanded, the value would increase.
There was an endless stream of evolution points, but passive absorption was not a problem. The amount was too small, and Chen Mo was not satisfied.
He wanted to study how to take the initiative to absorb it, but he had no idea what to do.
There were six types of genes available, and six branches appeared on the corresponding evolutionary tree. Among them, the most extended ones were decay and hallucination.
However, it was worth noting that the strongest branch of evolution was actually a nerve.
Chen Mo thought for a moment and understood. Although his nerves had just evolved, it was clear that he had plenty of technical reserves and a lot of room for improvement.
This ability had great potential.
After all, the most powerful group on this planet relied on these little things to master their intelligence step by step.
Wisdom was always the most powerful weapon, and Chen Mo firmly believed in this.
As for his intelligence, Chen Mo was still very self-aware. He was definitely not the most intelligent type.
However, with an evolutionary system, he was very confident. Step by step, his consciousness could become even more powerful.
Moreover, he could study more powerful organs.
Just like a human, not enough brainpower?The computer came to gather!Not strong?Gunpowder and nuclear energy were not afraid?
His methods were becoming more and more diverse. There were now six kinds of’ weapons’ in his gene pool.
It had to be known that only a month had passed since the world had changed.
Chen Mo was very satisfied that he had achieved the current results in a month.
Humans had developed so many weapons, but they had experienced tens of thousands of years of development.
As for him, in just a short month, weapons of mass destruction had appeared. His poisonous gas spores would not be inferior to human weapons!
The hallucinogenic spores could affect one’s mind unconsciously.
In addition, there was an unexpected and wonderful use. It was to reduce the dose and become exceptionally delicious. It was also capable of refreshing!This kind of mushroom that Chen Mo had created successfully entered the human world. Slowly, more and more people would eat it and expand the cultivation scale.
Step by step, would he evolve a weapon that surpassed a nuclear bomb in the future?
Chen Mo could not help but imagine.
Where was the limit of evolution?There was no end?
Genes, this mysterious domain known as God Code.
Chen Mo hoped to unleash all of its power!
Thinking of this, he couldn’ t help but be eager to try.
The 41 points of evolution point could undergo many times of reorganization and evolution!
“Illusion, Corruption, Metal, Cystic Structure, Poison, Nerve”
Chen Mo looked over one by one. On average, how could the rain and dew have evolved well?
Or should he strengthen a key point first?
After thinking about it, Chen Mo decided to take the lead in the evolution of’ corruption’, focusing on strengthening it.
After all, the current strategy was to keep a low profile and expand.
Among these genes, the one that was most beneficial for expansion was the ability to corrupt. The other abilities were not useless, but they were not that fast.
For example, metal, being too strong was not of much significance to Chen Mo.
At present, he was completely able to accept being eaten by animals and even trampling a portion of it.
After all, his number was too large, and there were toxins in it. It was enough for him to drive away some dangerous animals.
This was also the case for nerves and cyst-like structures. Enhancing them would be useful, but the effects were not immediate.
Corruption was different. It could quickly secrete corrupt substances, allowing various organic substances to be decomposed into nutrients that mycelium could absorb.
In that case, only a little bit of conditions were needed to make the spores grow into hyphae. Then, they could quickly corrupt the surroundings and form a nutrient-rich area.
Not to mention the temperature of the air, at least the nutrition would definitely keep up.
This had greatly improved their adaptability.
Moreover, corruption could cause flesh to deteriorate.
Even though the effects on living things were not good, what if they continued to increase?
Chen Mo was also very curious about the final result of the reorganization and evolution.
In that case, let’s give it a try!*

044′ Corruption Type X’ gene (2nd place)

[Warning]: You are trying to use the evolution point to reorganize and evolve the’ corrupted’ gene. This may increase the ability of decomposing enzymes to corrupt (95% probability). It is worth noting that this operation may result in unknown consequences (5% probability)!Please choose carefully.
Chen Mo put in five evolution points and recombined and evolved the’ Type 3 Corruption’ gene.
‘Corruption Type 4′ had consumed 10 points of evolution, and the probability of losing control had increased to 20%.
If he continued, he would need 20 evolution points, and the probability of losing control was as high as 40%.
The probability of success and failure was almost half.
However, to Chen Mo, losing control was only to say that the result of the reorganization and evolution was uncontrollable. It was not harmful to him at all.
His initial evolution was similar to simulation. After success, the genes were not used immediately. Instead, they were stored in the gene pool. Only with Chen Mo’s permission could they be used on mushrooms.
The only loss was the point of evolution.
He had to fight a bicycle to change into a motorcycle.
Chen Mo decided to continue to reorganize and evolve and try his luck.
20 Points of evolution point, continue!
[Out of control warning![The’ Corrupt Type 4′ gene was restructured and evolved. The process of evolution was out of control. You obtained the’ Corrupt Type X’ gene. With its support, mycelium could quickly secrete corrupt substances. The scope of application of corrupt substances was expanded. Even loose inorganic substances could be slowly corrupted.
Chen Mo immediately f*cked.
An inorganic substance could be corrupted!
Inorganic material was the general name for earth, rock, and metal!
In other words, he truly had the ability to eat earth.
It was already as powerful as a plant!
Wouldn’ t that mean that he had completed some of the highly efficient evolutionary clues?
Sure enough, just as Chen Mo thought of this, a message popped up.
[Evolutionary clues]: You accidentally obtained the’ corrupted type X’ gene map. There has been a new development in the research of efficient absorption. The current research progress has reached 50%!More clues about evolution had been obtained!The clues had been updated!
[Evolutionary clues]: Efficient absorption.According to the available genetic data, you have analyzed a possible evolutionary structure clue. This structure will improve the expansion of organs, further expand the nutrient uptake range, and have the ability to modify the local environment. It is expected to increase the adaptability by +10, and the danger level by +5.You need the support of carbon-based organisms with +1000 knowledge reserves, supported by stronger’ toxins’ and’ metal’ genes.
Chen Mo couldn’ t help but shout.
He had been absorbing his thoughts in an efficient manner, and now, he had officially put the agenda on.
Originally, this evolutionary line could only be officially opened when the carbon-based creature was +500. However, Chen Mo’s fight unexpectedly resulted in the’ corrupted type X’ gene. This gene was just one of the key clues to research efficient absorption. Therefore, Chen Mo who obtained this key technology immediately skipped the previous process and realized a technological leap.
It was no exaggeration to say that it was a big explosion.
At present, he only had 100 points of knowledge. He had already touched 1,000 points of knowledge before he could reach it.
Chen Mo was looking forward to this’ evolutionary clue, highly effective absorption’. How terrifying was this evaluation?
This was probably because of the’ ability to transform the local environment’.
After checking his attributes, Chen Mo turned his gaze back to the mushroom forest.
After so long of careful management, the entire basin was completely Chen Mo’s back garden.
Yes, back garden.
Not the hunting ground.
He had already obtained genes for all the animals in this place, so this place was exceptionally harmonious.
Mushrooms also returned to their niche.
However, it still formed some unique scenery, such as the mushroom forest.
This was a scene that would never appear in the previous forest.
There were more than ten such mushroom forests in the basin.
Their sizes were different, and their respective forms were not the same.
Even if some experts came, they were not sure that this was a plant.
But if Chen Mo didn’ t hide it, if he carefully examined the genes, he would find that the genes of these mushrooms were all identical!
However, Chen Mo’s current gene was already extremely complicated, exceeding the human’s detection ability!
Even if Chen Mo had asked them to test it, they would be confused as to what this was.
It was just like code. If everyone else’s code was written by a programmer, Chen Mo’s, although it seemed like that was the case, there was actually another secret hidden beneath the arrangement!
Like a gene lock, a large cluster of genes mixed together.
In the eyes of others, this was completely a mess that could not be solved.
Unless Chen Mo was willing to show himself, no one could understand his genes.
A little bit of sensing.
Chen Mo found that his furthest mushroom was 200 kilometers away.
Unknowingly, he had long since left the basin and expanded into the distance.
It was estimated that they would advance about 1-10 kilometers every day.
This distance changed greatly.
It was because where the spores landed, whether they could live or not, whether it was suitable for large-scale expansion. These all had certain elements of luck.
However, no matter how lucky he was, this gradual spread was an inevitable process.*

045 Spiritual energy detection device (3rd level)

After checking his territory, Chen Mo switched to Liu Ru’s laboratory.
This was the only place where he didn’ t have an evolving eye, so he needed to take the initiative to change his perspective.
If they had evolved their eyes here, they would not have scared the humans to death.
However, if Chen Mo had changed everything, he would have seen a scene that was so fragrant.
Boy, Liu Ru was actually wrapped in a towel in the laboratory.
Due to her rising status, the laboratory had also changed.
The current laboratory was specially equipped by the school.
He asked for Liu Ru’s opinion and specifically designed it.
There was only a flash between the laboratory and Liu Ru’s bedroom.
That’s right. In order to carry out the research better, Liu Ru even saved her time to return home. She ate and lived in the laboratory.
Of course, Chen Mo’s psychological hints were naturally included.
Liu Ru, who had been bathing, suddenly had some inspiration, so she wrapped her bath towel and ran out.
After all, a flash of light flashed through her mind. She had to immediately record her thoughts, a wonderful experimental design!
Moreover, this laboratory belonged to her own. The door was locked. Only she had the keys. In fact, even if she didn’ t wear clothes, she wouldn’ t be able to walk inside.
She worked very seriously. Even though the towel slowly fell to the ground, she didn’ t notice it.
Her skin was still covered with pretty droplets of water.
It was like he had just finished taking a bath.
Chen Mo smiled and admired this beauty.
This kind of welfare was quite rare.
However, he couldn’ t do anything. This was just pure appreciation.
This beautiful scene lasted for about five minutes.
At the end of the corridor, a doorbell rang.
Liu Ru stood up and opened the camera to take a look. She then pressed the switch to let the students from outside enter.
This student of hers, Ah Li, had worked very hard recently. Liu Ru admired her more.
When Alice came in, her face turned red when she saw Liu Ru, who was wrapped in a bathrobe.
“Teacher, good evening!”
She said.
She would come over to write a paper in the evenings these past few days. This place was very quiet. If there was anything she didn’t understand, she could ask her teacher at any time.
Not long after she sat down, Ali smiled shyly,” Teacher, you’ re so fragrant.”
Her teacher actually had a body fragrance. In the past, she had smelled an extremely faint smell. Once she became clear this time, she immediately reflected.
“En……”In the past, it was even more fragrant. After coming to school to teach, it became much lighter.”
Liu Ru smiled happily.
The two of them had a good relationship. Liu Ru had also recorded the experimental plan. It was rare for them to chat and relax.
Chen Mo stared at the computer screen carefully, stealing human data, and watching the conversation between the two women.
“Teacher, have you heard of the rumors about spiritualists.”
During this period of time, there were divine events happening in all parts of the world. Some of them were able to emit flames all over their bodies, some were able to possess boundless strength, others could control objects through space.
This video network was spread all over the place. These people were all called spiritualists.
“It’s not a rumor. It’s true.”
Liu Ru said.
This matter was actually not a secret anymore.
Because there were too many of them, they could no longer cover them.
Actually, as a top-level scientist, she had long known about this news. There were even quite a few real test videos. She would even go to a secret base in a few days to see a true psionic being.
Ding dong!
Alice looked at her hand and her mouth grew wide.
“Oceanic State has publicly acknowledged the existence of psionic cultivators and has announced the establishment of a psionic bureau to manage psionic cultivators.”
“This should be the headline news!”
Alice clicked on the news software.
In the end, his mouth opened even wider.
“Teacher, look at this!”
Chen Mo also leaned over to take a look and immediately smiled.
The scene looked familiar.
Liu Ru’s expression became grave. To think that so many people had died!
This news directly suppressed the news of the psionic user and made the headlines.
This time, the main character was a mutated beast that was even more terrifying than a psionic being!
“The military lost four helicopter gunships during this operation. At present, the eagle’s corpse has been transported to the laboratory for research. Only traces of wild boar, fox, and woodpecker were found on the scene.”
Alice opened her mouth and couldn’ t help but read it out.
Wasn’ t this too ridiculous?
“Could it be that they want to say that the eagle that could defeat the helicopter was killed by several animals?”
A’ Li’s words of ridicule had inadvertently approached the truth.
However, the culprit behind this incident was right at the side.
Chen Mo couldn’ t help but praise this little girl and then prepared to leave. Although it was interesting to see two pretty girls chatting, he still had other things to do.
“Teacher, why did that fox cut Eagle’s flesh?”
Alice looked at the various comments and conspiracy theories below and immediately opened her mind:
“It can’t be that you can become stronger after eating, and you’ re on the path of cultivation, right?”
“Or maybe there are some mysterious killers like monster hunters who hunt spiritual energy monsters and become stronger.”
“How is that possible? That’s not how spiritual energy comes from. We’ ve already studied spiritual energy. We’re currently studying spiritual energy detection devices.”
Hearing this, Chen Mo instantly refused to leave.*

046 Spiritual Energy Organ (4th place)

Chen Mo could not monitor Liu Ru 24 hours a day, nor could he directly check her memories. As a result, Chen Mo was completely unaware of the other party’s experience.
For example, the research of the spiritual energy detector!
As an expert in spiritual energy and plants, Liu Ru must know more or less about the situation!
In fact, there might be a lot of information about this in the computer.
Chen Mo was slightly excited.
He waited until Ali left and then at 12 p.m.
Usually, Liu Ru would go to bed at this time.
Chen Mo glanced at her and knew what she wanted to do.
Sure enough, Liu Ru yawned. Today, her inspiration erupted and she suddenly devised a good plan. As a result, she happily stretched and prepared to reward herself for sleeping early.
He casually pushed the mouse over the keyboard and turned off the computer.
It was truly too sleepy. He lay on the bed. Once he closed his eyes, Liu Ru fell asleep.
She liked to sleep naked. This was very warm and comfortable.
Of course, Chen Mo also liked it.
Chen Mo, who was sealed in the plant laboratory by the glass, naturally wouldn’ t be able to release hallucinogenic spores. However, it didn’ t matter.
As the number of mushrooms grew, plus the construction of a rough brain.
Chen Mo’s powerful consciousness was not disturbed by the wall and he directly spoke to Liu Ru.
Chen Mo would not expose his existence. This kind of conversation was conducted by hypnosis.
This kind of effect was like a dreamwalk.
Liu Ru lifted the blanket and got out of bed.
She walked to the laboratory and turned on her computer.
This computer was absolutely confidential and could not be networked.
However, Chen Mo could check every night.
He skillfully opened all kinds of documents. Soon, Chen Mo found some new documents.
These were the confidential research materials copied from the CD.
On top of that, Chen Mo discovered a new human plan.
Of course, it wasn’ t just that. Apart from this plan, there were many unpublished papers. These were all academic exchange papers.
By learning these papers, Chen Mo’s spiritual energy knowledge unexpectedly increased.
[Information]: By analyzing human spiritual energy research materials, you have gained a deeper understanding of spiritual energy. You have gained a deeper understanding of the way spiritual energy exists. Spiritual energy knowledge +1.
[Evolved Wire Rope]: Spiritual energy organ.According to the existing knowledge reserves, you have analyzed a possible evolutionary organ. This organ will provide a brand-new perception mode, which will help absorb spiritual energy. It is expected to increase its adaptability by +0.5.You need the support of carbon-based creatures +200 knowledge reserves and spiritual energy knowledge +10.
“That’s right. I’ ve begun to receive a return.”
Chen Mo smiled in satisfaction.
At the beginning, he had invested in Liu Ru, but it was just a casual thought. He hadn’ t expected that he would really play a huge role now.
Even Chen Mo could not ignore this effect.
After all, he only had three spiritual energy points.
If he came at night, he would gain a bit more. It was simply delightful.
Not to mention, even if he didn’t gain anything, the beauty in front of him was not bad.
After doing this, Liu Ru went back to her room in a dream. However, she did not lie down and sleep. Instead, she turned on her laptop.
That’s right, Chen Mo still had to go online for a while.
Learn about the situation around the world, and see how humans reacted and what changes spiritual energy had brought about.
There were cases of mutated creatures attacking humans in many places. Moreover, they were randomly distributed. The worst was a cruise ship that was directly sunk by a huge shark.
None of the thousands survived, and only half of the corpses were found.
Many countries had already banned ships from going to sea.
“It looks like not only the forest, but the ocean has also gradually become a restricted area for humans.”
Everyone was playing with the evacuation of the big city.
What was more interesting was that civil war had erupted in some weak countries. There were signs that some spiritualists were involved.
“Spiritualists will probably become more and more important in the future. However, in a large country, it is impossible for spiritualists to shake order.”
Chen Mo made his decision.
The terrifying power of a national machine was not something that a few spiritualists could withstand, let alone the establishment of many official organizations that had absorbed and absorbed spiritualists.
After reading the news, Chen Mo flipped through various forums, as well as the news from nearby places. He paid attention to a few places that said they had witnessed mutated creatures before clearing the browsing records and turning off the computer.
Chen Mo looked at Liu Ru, who was sleeping soundly. He couldn’ t help but feel sleepy. When he returned to the mushroom forest, he also blocked most of his perception of the outside world and fell into deep sleep.
As his consciousness grew larger, his sleeping time became shorter and shorter. The last time he slept was three days ago.
Knock knock!
In a familiar voice, the chief rang the alarm clock.
The entire mushroom forest began to become active.
The entire mushroom forest was already used to this hurried and rhythmic voice.
“Good morning, big man.”
The Queen released her consciousness.
She liked to imitate Chen Mo very much, including this kind of greeting method. She also learned it together and formed the habit of greeting each morning.
The first thing Miss Black Silk did every morning was to comb her hair.
However, this matter was becoming more and more unnecessary. With the appearance of her race’s innate talent, she became more and more powerful. Her hair was also very smooth, and she was extremely beautiful without taking care of it.
As for the chief, he stood to the side and looked at Miss Hei Si eagerly.
He looked forward to seeing some shiny hair fall off.
However, it was once again disappointed.
It jumped on the ground in anger.
When Chen Mo saw this scene, he couldn’ t help but laugh. The little fellow’s hair was getting smaller and smaller. From the start to yesterday’s, he had completely lost one.
Miss Blackstone looked at the chief with disdain.
Instantly, the chief became furious.
And its anger was soon sensed by the roar.
He immediately opened his mouth and roared madly.
With a hissing sound, his mouth opened twice as wide as his body.
Not only that, it also angrily crawled towards Miss Blackstone. If it wasn’ t for the chief behind it stepping on its tail, it would have been able to swallow Miss Blacksilk in one gulp.
Who knew that it was too violent. Its body was pulled very long. With a bang, it actually pulled its tail out of the chief’s feet.
Then, his entire body shot forward like a stretched rubber band.
This frightened the roar.
It frantically rubbed against the ground and finally stopped.
He stopped by Miss Black Silk’s feet.
A claw suddenly flew out, as sharp as a sharp blade.
With a whoosh, he immediately retreated, hiding behind the chief’s claws.
When Chen Mo saw this, he couldn’ t help but laugh.
With the increase in intelligence, the growl no longer opened its mouth and began to gnaw at it. However, this habit had already been preserved, and it had become very capable of’ relying on others’.
The appearance of spiritual energy made this world much more interesting.
Even a small bug already possessed intelligence.
In the future, the changes would only be even greater.*

047 Corrupt Village (5th place)

“The transformation is still continuing. The changes in the world will most likely begin.”
After all, even a single bug had already learned how to use the power of a dog.
Roaring was already close to the intelligence of a cat and dog.
One could imagine what would happen to the other mutated creatures, such as monkeys?
“It’s time for me to continue to expand. Humans are about to develop a spirit energy detector. I can’ t lag behind.”
Chen Mo had already understood the principle and theoretical basis of some humans’ spiritual energy detectors. Therefore, he could use genetic technology to achieve similar functions.
His gaze shifted to a mushroom community.
This was one of the locations where Chen Mo had obtained information last night.
It was located in the vicinity of a village. The population here had already moved away. However, before that, several witnesses had proved that they had seen large mutated creatures.
There was no video evidence, but this news was already on the news. It should not be fake.
Chen Mo’s mission was to confirm whether or not this creature really existed. If it did, it would have better contribute its own genes.
He needed powerful mutated creatures that changed greatly to study spiritual knowledge.
“It would be best if they were different from the original species.”
Chen Mo whispered, and a mushroom exploded.
There was no one to live here. Chen Mo could expand as much as he could.
The human territory was shrinking. All of the villages that were deep into the forest had been evacuated. If Jingyu Town had not set up an experimental base, the population there would have been evacuated.
A strange voice echoed around the village.
Along with this bang, there was a strange hissing sound.
It sounded like sulfuric acid was corroding steel, as well as countless ants were gnawing at flesh.
The voice was extremely small. It came with the sound of the wind. There were, there were, and there were no.
In the village, a hound suddenly rose from the ground.
His ears turned slightly.
It looked warily at the village entrance.
Something was approaching.
It could not help but make a low threat.
More dogs slowly gathered around them.
The village was abandoned, but many of the dogs in the village did indeed flow down.
In just a few short days, they had already gone wild. Dogs were originally social animals, and they were almost no different from wolves.
One of the dogs that had awakened their race talent became the dog king.
This was a wolf dog.
A dozen or so dogs gathered together,
However, they didn’ t feel that it was safer. Instead, they all let out low roars and their hair stood on end.
That was because that strange voice sounded from all directions.
Another muffled sound rang out.
The voice seemed to be within the village.
Slowly, along with a gust of wind, a strange mist slowly spread out.
Soon, the entire village was covered in a mist.
The dogs became even more vigilant, but they could not find an enemy.
In other words, this kind of enemy was not what they thought.
Slowly, mycelium began to spread on the abandoned dining table.
The mycelium expanded very slowly, but the place where it crawled began to turn pitch-black, rotting. All sorts of strange colors rolled, bubbled, and wriggled on the path it walked.
If all of this were to be seen by humans, they would be absolutely horrified.
Chen Mo was speechless when he saw it.
As long as he was willing, he could dress the mushrooms beautifully, but it was impossible to change the nature of this corruption.
It seemed as if a terrifying plague was spreading. All that was left was corruption.
The dense hyphae wriggled, making one’s hair stand on end.
However, Chen Mo was very satisfied with this test.’ Corruption Type X’ was powerful enough, and its effect was shocking.
In the village, apart from glass and some metal, he could almost rot!
Of course, it was best to have a ready-made organic material as the foundation. It would grow quickly enough.
After all, with the little bit of nutrients contained within the spore, it would require me to grow mycelium and secrete corrupt substances. This consumption was too great, and it was extremely difficult to overcome.
As a result, the spores directly landed on the brick or on the dry wood, which was completely impossible.
Apart from the initial nutrients, there was also water.
These two things were the most important.
With all of this, Chen Mo could begin to think about the dry wood and sand, slowly rotting and transforming into nutrients.
Chen Mo looked at the village that was hissing and filled with spores. He estimated that it would only take two days at most for him to corrupt and dominate the entire village.
The first batch of spores would grow on the first day, and the number would not be much.
However, once this batch of spores matured, the next day, the entire village would be corrupted.
Moreover, the abandoned house would not be exposed to the sun, and it was dark and damp. It was a perfect place to grow.
Mushrooms could reproduce very quickly inside.
“Have you seen a powerful fellow?”
The hyphae spread to the side of the table and met the dog king’s line of sight.
The dog king instinctively wanted to bear his teeth and give off a fierce aura.
However, the habit of following humans for a long time allowed him to know what a good dog was.
As a result, it suppressed the beast’s instincts and immediately replied:
“There is a very large snake that often hides in the forest to ambush us.”
Giant Snake?
That was most likely this fellow.
It was no wonder that Chen Mogang had just turned around and hadn’ t found the snake.
This fellow was probably hiding somewhere to sleep when he was full.
PS: thank Big Boss Scorpio (^^) X for his reward.*

048 Investigation Team, Spiritualist (1st)

At the edge of the forest, a convoy was advancing.
A military wheeled armored vehicle led the way.
Shockingly, their target was the abandoned village.
“Captain, it’s only been a few days. The road is almost gone.”
Some soldiers were shocked.
“That’s good. At least it’s a concrete road. The other teams are miserable. At least we don’ t need excavators to follow.”
The captain smiled. Their team’s luck was not bad. The mission they had won wasn’ t far away and the road wasn’ t hard to walk.
“Captain, do you think we can catch that snake?”
A member asked.
“Can we do our best? Didn’ t we bring food for seven days? If we can’ t catch it within seven days, we’ ll go back.”
The captain said indifferently.
“It’s almost time to arrive. Check your equipment and keep in touch with the outside world at any time. Also, check on your fellow. We’ ll get some game later.”Now that they had released their control, whether or not they could fight their prey would all depend on their ability.
Moreover, he could use some prey to lure the snake.
Soon, everyone arrived at the village.
There were actually quite a few mushrooms growing inside.
Could it be the Poison Mushroom?
The news from last time had long spread throughout the army. Therefore, the first reaction of everyone was to stop.
Knowing that they saw the dog with its tongue on its back, everyone felt relieved.
“Damn, there are actually so many dogs in this village.”
Seeing a group of dogs wagging their tails, everyone booed and chased the dog away.
After all, all sorts of things were mutating right now. It was already stipulated that they were not allowed to touch unknown creatures.
Even if it looked harmless, it could not.
“Let’s go. Let’s go, or we’ ll roast you all!”
The captain cracked and pulled the bolt. Immediately, the dogs all fled in fear.
“F*ck, these dogs are truly becoming smarter.”
When the captain saw this, his eyes couldn’ t help but constrict as he wanted to open fire.
But in the end, he gave up.
It was no different from these dogs.
After all, it was still a kind-hearted species towards humans.
The other categories were hard to say.
“The world has changed greatly. It really is getting harder and harder to deal with.”
“I heard that some countries have become hells.”
“It’s true. I have a relative in a foreign country. Now that the plane’s route has been cut off, the last time I called and cried for help, my contact has been completely interrupted.”
“Don’ t worry, we won’ t be in trouble anymore. However, we have to work hard to make contributions and try to capture this mutated snake!”
The captain calmly exhaled everyone and gave the search order at the same time.
“Tie Zi, the five of you search this side. I’ ll search this side.”
“Captain Liu, what about me?”
A soldier asked.
A hint of envy flashed through Liu Dui’s eyes as he said with a smile:
“Didn’t you have a mission arranged by an expert? Just try and train here. As for spiritual energy, you can do it.”
Captain Liu patted his spear.” Let me.”
Although the psionic user had just announced it, news like this in the army had already spread throughout the world.
Many spiritualists were absorbed into the army.
Meanwhile, the spiritualists in their own army were especially taken care of.
The first thing he could do was to focus on the research and then train in batches.
He was a small team with a psionic warrior. This psionic warrior was only a small soldier at first, and his level was far inferior to him. Moreover, this was an elite special force. Ordinary soldiers would not even hear of this place even if they.
However, because of the identity of a psionic user, the other party jumped into their team and had special missions assigned by their superiors.
Strictly speaking, the other party was just following them on a mission. After seeing the other party’s strength on the way, Captain Liu didn’ t dare to care about the other party.
His opponent’s ability was simply too miraculous, and his physical fitness was even better than theirs.
This was ridiculous.
It made people feel extremely envious.
“It’s strange why these dogs all walked around the mushroom.”
Everyone in the special forces had sharp observation. Before the search began, they discovered a problem.
“It’s not just that. Look, this mushroom is too fierce. The legs and doors on the table are all growing.”
The captain thought for a moment, then ordered his subordinates to collect some mushrooms and put them into the sample bag that had been prepared.
Apart from capturing the snake, they also had missions to collect various mutated creatures.
After doing this, the captain had another idea. He hooked his fingers and very quickly, the dogs came over and wagged their tails as they hurried over.
This was a human!
They were at ease in this village. At first, they felt that they would live very quickly, but slowly, they felt a little panicked. Especially now, there were terrifying snakes outside the village. There were also some terrifying monsters in the village that they could not understand.
That monster’s voice could still be heard in their minds!
At this moment, they really wanted to follow the humans as before.
“Heh heh, why are these dogs so obedient? Didn’ t they say that the animals that have their abilities are all very swollen?”
“Could it be that you want to return to the city with us?”
“Can the captain think of a way to communicate with the dog?”
The soldiers spoke one after another.
All of a sudden, when a group of dogs passed by the mushroom, they were startled. They sobbed, grabbed their tails, and turned around to disappear into the alley in the village.*

049 Mutant Python (2nd place)

Chen Mo did not allow these dogs and humans to continue their contact.
Although his words weren’ t correct, Chen Mo didn’ t dare to guarantee that the captain would have any methods.
As a result, he gave out the idea of killing the dogs. The dogs immediately ran away in fright, not daring to join the humans.
Everyone in the group was naturally confused.
No matter how they thought about it, they would never have thought that it was the unremarkable mushrooms on the road that scared the dogs away.
However, this small incident naturally did not make many soldiers afraid.
They increased their vigilance. Once they had finished searching and confirmed their safety, they would camp in this village.
Then, he set up a trap, waiting for the mutated animal to fall into the trap.
Chen Mo had searched for traces of the snake in the forest earlier, but he could immediately sense the commotion.
He turned his gaze over and just happened to hear the conversation between the captain and the spiritual energy user.
Thus, he smiled.
He was worried that he couldn’t find a psionic being. He did n’ t expect a human to come.
It was delivered to the door.
There seemed to be many types of human psionic beings, and their power was also very different. If one wanted to research spiritual energy, a psionic being was an excellent research object.
Chen Mo began to prepare the items he needed.
Normally, mushrooms would default to produce harmless spore dust.
Only under Chen Mo’s control did he begin to create some special effects of spore dust.
This time, it would take 410 minutes.
While Chen Mo was waiting, the other party had already set up a tent. The surrounding area was surrounded by vehicles. It was still quite safe.
Of course, there were still more than ten dogs living in this village, which could provide some warning.
Since the last incident, the human soldiers had become much more vigilant.
However, no matter how vigilant he was, Chen Mo could clearly see it.
“I hope to catch the snake tomorrow.”
“I hope so.”
“The bait will not be eaten by dogs, right?”
One of the soldiers suddenly said. After all, dogs were so smart now. They might not be aware of it. Perhaps the trap would be empty tomorrow.
Chen Mo was speechless when he heard the conversation.
Clearly, they had not figured out how smart that snake was.
At this moment, the snake ignored the trap and silently headed towards the village.
Clearly, it was hard to say who was the prey and who was the hunter.
However, Chen Mo was extremely happy. This snake didn’ t like daytime activities. From night to night, its eyes were like a pair of red lanterns.
It was attracted by the heat from the fire in the village.
The heat was exceptionally bright in its sight.
Some snakes had very special vision. Their eyes were like thermal imagers, with infrared vision.
Through the wall and the car, it also saw the heat on this side.
It knew exactly where the humans were at night.
Chen Mo sensed the snake’s consciousness and realized that this snake was actually planning to swallow it alive.
There was nothing left behind.
This was obviously not possible.
At the very least, Chen Mo also needed that spiritualist.
He immediately thought.
A mushroom exploded.
Ordinary spore capsules did not cause any harm.
But this voice was enough to remind him.
“What sound?”
Immediately, everyone instinctively grabbed their weapons.
As expected of a team that had come out to perform such missions. They were all elites.
They didn’t shout and explained it as dogs. Instead, they began to fight in a battle formation.
But this was obviously not enough.
They had not expected that this was completely different from the information provided by the villagers.
This snake was already terrifying.
Everyone was on guard to see if the snake was coming from the gap around the car. A black shadow flashed on the roof.
Da da da!
Fire tongue spat out!
The sudden attack was still discovered by the psionic user!
His reaction was extremely fast.
A few bloodflowers appeared on the serpent’s head and immediately shrank back.
This terrifying and shocking scene caused everyone to go limp in fright.
As for the soldier who had been attacked, his face was even paler as he sat on the ground.
He could only feel a gust of fishy wind coming from just now, a pair of red eyes as big as a lantern.
At this moment, his entire body was lying on the ground.
“Tsk tsk…”Not bad.”
Chen Mo sighed, but he didn’ t continue reminding them.
Instead, they were fighting.
In an unnoticed dark corner, mycelium had already spread to the blood of the giant snake.
[Event]: You absorbed the mutated python’s blood and obtained 15% of the mutated python’s genes. You extracted the available genes from them. You integrated these genes into your own gene map. Your vision was partially enhanced, and you possessed some infrared vision.*

050 Infected python (3 more)

As Chen Mo controlled his hyphae, he also had a direct look at the combat strength of spiritualists.
Just how powerful was this mutated python?
Humans brought heavy weapons, rocket launchers, and heavy machine guns on armored vehicles.
This snake took advantage of a sneak attack.
When the two sides clashed for the first time, the large snake scattered some blood. However, this provoked its viciousness. Not only did it not leave, it began to swim in the surrounding darkness, looking for an opportunity to attack.
However, it was clear that it had never suffered a loss from humans. It hadn’ t succeeded in a single strike, yet it still hadn’ t left.
As expected, the human side immediately reacted. Some entered the armored vehicle and some dragged out the rocket launcher.
This kind of thing could even be hit by a tank. With the armor-piercing bullet, it could hit the giant snake right through.
No one considered the integrity of their prey when their lives were threatened.
Life preservation was more important.
As a result, a fierce fire started to attack the serpent.
The wheeled armored vehicle that was the first to move made a sharp turn and pulled out an angle. Someone was firing heavy machine guns on it.
A bloody hole immediately appeared on the serpent’s body.
One by one, blood holes that were as big as human heads.
However, the mutated python’s reaction was extremely fast. It didn’ t get hit by the vital points. After receiving a few shots, it crashed into the wall and moved into the village.
Under such circumstances, the heavy weapons had no effect at all. They were narrow and could not be driven by armored vehicles. There were still walls that could be used as rock mass everywhere.
Even though humans had the upper hand, they could not do any further damage. The mutated python knew that it was scared. If it wanted to escape, its body was covered in spore powder.
It didn’ t even need Chen Mo to do it on purpose. Its huge body had crushed many mushrooms.
Now, the adaptability of the spore powder had increased by quite a bit, coupled with its powerful and corrosive genes.
Chen Mo controlled the spores and began to sprout.
This time, it was especially smooth. Chen Mo didn’ t even need to deliberately control the spores to create corrupted substances.
Normally, the spore had just sprouted, and it was extremely weak. Because it carried a very limited amount of nutrients, it had to produce a little hyphae, and then rely on this little hyphae to produce nutrients.
If the hyphae were to secrete corrupt substances to make nutrients, then things would be extremely difficult. At this time, the environment would be slightly bad, causing the growth to slow down or unable to absorb nutrients, and then it would be finished.
This time, the surrounding mushrooms produced quite a bit of rotten material. When the mutated python ran away, it panicked, and there was quite a bit of rotten material on its wounds.
But it did not feel it.
It was because the sharp pain of the bullet covered up the pain of rotting flesh.
Not long after, the python no longer felt any pain.
It also gave off an extremely comfortable consciousness. This was a consciousness that only appeared when it was full.
Its wound began to squirm, and there was a white silk substance. Then, it slowly squeezed out the bullets inside.
There were a large number of hallucinatory substances that were constantly being produced…
Not only that, Chen Mo also absorbed 0.1 points of evolution!
Yes, the python itself had unintentionally absorbed quite a bit of spiritual energy, and Chen Mo was able to extract evolutionary points from it.
It seemed like killing a mutated species would be a great pity!
Chen Mo couldn’ t help but think of the first mutated creature he killed, a silver one.
That time, he had obtained quite a few evolutionary points.
If this python were to be killed, it would definitely gain more.
“But if we can obtain it continuously……”
Wouldn’t that be to treat him as an organ that absorbed spiritual energy?
“This can take some time to test.”
Chen Mo made a plan. In any case, this would not be a loss to him.
It was just a bit of time.
And now, time was on his side. Every day, his size was becoming even larger. Evolutionary points, and various genes were constantly flowing.
On the other side, many soldiers were still in a state of lingering fear.
That scene just now was truly too intense. This caused no one to sleep, nor did they dare to sleep.
If a giant python like that was swallowed, it would really be a matter of a mouthful.
“Heavens, such a huge python!”
“More than ten times more formidable than the intelligence!”
“Damn it, let him escape!”
The captain shouted angrily.
The night became more and more heavy, and all the soldiers crowded in the car to guard.*

051 Mysterious voice (4th place)

At night, Chen Mo’s weapon was ready. However, he thought for a moment and did not use it.
These people were all in the car, especially the war chariot. The sealing performance was extremely good. If the filter was opened, the spore powder might not be able to float in all day.
If he couldn’ t completely destroy it, he would find something unusual.
The other party was also calling for support.
Chen Mo immediately felt that not calling the war chariot over was a major mistake.
If the war chariot were there, they would be able to directly take down these people and drag their target away the next day.
Fortunately, Chen Mo still had a backup plan.
Only after dawn did all the soldiers get out of the car.
“We’ re going to search for traces. That python has been heavily injured. We’ ll follow the blood and definitely catch that python.”
There were a few traces of blood.
However, the signs of being crushed by the python were very obvious.
“It seems like this snake is panicking.”
A soldier said.
“That’s true, but there’s a little less blood. We need to be careful. We’ ll leave it to Brother Liu in a moment.”
The captain turned around and smiled.
Last night, it was all thanks to this kid. He had not been able to pull his face back before, but now, he had completely let go. The other party had the strength to be an ox.
It was entirely possible to call out a brother.
“Captain, don’ t worry. Everything is on me.”
The soldier surnamed Liu patted his chest and said confidently.
He reacted faster than an ordinary person!Strength was even stronger!
If the python wanted to launch a sneak attack, it would first have to pass him.
“There are a lot of mushrooms around here.”
Some soldiers noticed the clusters of mushrooms on the ground.
“It might be that the weather has been damp for the past few days. Mushrooms are powerful, or they may have mutated. Be careful not to step on them.”
The captain wanted to continue to have people take samples, but when he casually glanced at them, there were five or six kinds of mushrooms. It was troublesome to take a sample. Thinking about it, it was better to forget about it. Yesterday, he had already taken one, just as a representative.
Chen Mo watched as the group of people followed the trail and entered the forest.
He began to control the python to move.
After a night’s trial, Chen Mo had already controlled the python through hallucinogenic agents and heart-spirit senses.
Within the forest, the towering trees could not see the sun. The soldiers were extremely vigilant.
Suddenly, a black shadow flashed by.
Da da da!
The soldiers immediately opened fire.
Some of the soldiers carrying the bazooka also put the bazooka on their shoulders and removed the safety cover.
The captain let out a cold cry. This time, he was prepared. If the other party dared to come over again, he would definitely take its life.
“He ran away.”
However, the sound of friction between the snake skin and the ground grew further and further away.
“Still had some blood!”He’s not far!”
One of the soldiers examined the place where the python had occupied and said excitedly.
“Maintain a battle formation!”Chase!”
The captain immediately gave the order.
Everyone began to follow the traces of the python’s crushing and advancing.
The spiritualist also raised the shotgun in his hand.
This was a single bullet.
Bullets specifically used to attack elephants.
A single spear was enough to kill an elephant.
The recoil was enormous, only one bullet could be fired at a time.
At the same time, the other soldiers also hung their grenade launchers under the spear.
After all, the heavy machine gun didn’t leave this monster behind yesterday, so today, it would be replaced with a fiercer one.
It looked like that monster could not withstand it.
But today, this monster was obviously scared of being beaten. It turned around and ran away when it heard their movements!
This caused everyone to fail.
The two grenades that were urgently fired were all empty.
Hearing the terrifying explosion, the other party ran even faster.
Fortunately, the other party seemed to have lost too much blood and could no longer run.
There was no way to hide his tracks.
The soldiers followed the traces and quickly caught up.
Just like that, everyone caught up to a strange mushroom ground.
A large expanse of mushrooms grew on the ground.
A long trail was the trail of the python rushing towards the mushroom forest.
The crowd didn’ t even think about it before rushing in.
“The brothers behind us, hurry up. We will immediately catch up with the python. Bring a few freezer boxes!”
The captain shouted to the satellite phone.
The support forces were already on the way. They came to carry the snake together.
“Slow down. We still have hope of capturing this snake alive!”
The captain was excited.
After all, everyone had already sensed that this giant snake was about to fail.
What they had to do was slowly make the other party exhausted.
Everyone safely walked out of the mushroom forest.
He continued to chase.
But the more he ran, the more he felt that something was wrong.
In front of him was a bit blurry.
Some of the soldiers even had hallucinations. They directly took out their weapons, tap!
In reality, there was nothing there.
“Calm down!”No monsters!”
The captain shouted.
On the other hand, the psionic user was the calmest.
Of course, this was only on the surface.
In reality, Chen Mo was using telepathy to try to control the other party.
However, this was obviously very difficult.
He simply couldn’ t be bothered to do it. The hallucinogenic spores that had been released slowly for a long time had already been activated by the soldiers.
He was cooperating with his telepathic senses to interfere with the crowd.
Soon, these people began to attack non-existent targets.
Slowly, fear began to spread. One person suddenly began to retreat. Everyone followed.
By the time the support team arrived, the team was already in chaos.
It was close to the verge of collapse.
Counting the number of people, one less.
“Bastard!”Who told you to retreat!”
Check the battle recorder.
The captain was furious, his face extremely ugly.
If it wasn’ t for this bastard’s sudden retreat, the battle formation wouldn’ t have been scattered, nor would he have lost a single person!
“Captain, you clearly gave the order to retreat!”
That warrior felt wronged.
He could clearly hear the captain’s voice, saying that he had immediately retreated!
Seeing how serious and aggrieved he was, everyone was immediately puzzled.
Could it be that he didn’ t hear the captain’s voice, then who was it?
Looking at this gloomy forest, everyone couldn’ t help but feel a chill in their hearts.*

052 Queen’s Black Humor (5 more)

Human weapons were a bit more powerful to the python.
Chen Mo still managed to make the python eat several rounds of bullets.
Old injuries plus new injuries, coupled with Chen Mo’s use of hallucinogens to control the snake for a long time, he was extremely excited, and the wound was bleeding again.
This snake was almost there.
However, this had nothing to do with Chen Mo.
If he didn’t get hit by a grenade, it would n’ t be bad for him to live.
Natural selection is an eternal truth.
Absorb the mutated python’s genes, plus the genes of this expert.
[Evolutionary clues]: You have gained +2 psionic knowledge,+1 carbon-based creatures, and new progress has been made in the research of psionic organs.
A mutated python was essentially no different from a human. They were all spiritual energy mutated creatures.
Moreover, the mutation degree of both was not bad, so Chen Mo obtained two spiritual knowledge.
“In that case, there will be only 3 spiritual energy points left to complete the mission.”
As for the knowledge of ordinary carbon-based organisms, Chen Mo now had at least 5-10 points to receive every day.
This was just before Chen Mo could expand his original territory. In reality, every time he expanded into a new environment, there would be a large number of new species. Chen Mo had never absorbed genes.
This brought Chen Mo a large amount of gene database data.
Therefore, although he had not yet obtained 200 carbon-based creature knowledge, Chen Mo only said that there was no problem if he still lacked 3 spiritual energy knowledge.
Three points, three powerful ones…No, it was a high degree of variation.
Not powerful!
The strong ones were naturally highly mutated, but some were not necessarily strong.
The two were a relationship between inclusion and inclusion.
Just like the spiritual energy knowledge Chen Mo had obtained from the mutated Tian Niu.
Dong Dong Dong!
Inside the mushroom forest, a bell suddenly rang.
The bell was hung in front of a mushroom house with eyes.
This place would not be blown over by the wind.
Chen Mo knew that someone was summoning her the moment he detected the ringing of the bell.
This was the gadget Chen Mo had set up after the silver wolf attack.
The reason for this was to find someone invading in time.
If there was a problem that could not be solved, the neighbors could shake the bell.
He summoned “Big Man “.
Chen Mo’s gaze shifted, and he discovered that it was neat and neat.300 ants on the left and right were pulling the rope and knocking on the bell.
Roaring from the side, he was still eating ants.
“Queen, what is it?”
Chen Mo released his consciousness and spoke to the Queen Ant.
“Big man, you’ re here. I have a question to ask you.”
The Queen said.
Then, a few strange-looking ants appeared in front of Chen Mo.
Chen Mo was immediately stunned. The ant had actually mutated as well.
“Something strange happened to my people.”
The Queen released her consciousness and asked for Chen Mo’s help.
In her mind, a big man was a powerful existence comparable to a creator. He should understand this.
As her intelligence increased, the Queen tried to understand this world every day. However, this world seemed to change every day.
“Spiritual energy?”
After hearing Chen Mo’s explanation, the Queen still could not understand.
“You can collect them. Their lifespan should be very long, and they have special abilities. Don’ t let them die.”
Chen Mo said.
“Oh right, how many people do you have?”
Chen Mo asked.
This was very important.
“I don’ t know. Perhaps there are ten million, perhaps even more. I can’ t accurately calculate it because accidents happen at any moment. Look, for example, now.”
Following the Queen’s wishes, Chen Mo looked at her and roared. The other party swallowed another ant into his stomach.
Chen Mo almost burst out laughing.
“You’ re amused.”
The Queen released a joyous consciousness.
“I learned to be humorous.”
She said happily.
“You’ ve learned quite well. I’ ll find more books for you another day.”
That was right. Chen Mo had taught the Queen how to recognize words, and he had also taught her how to count.
This was more conducive to communication.
Of course, one could also see how far this interesting ant queen could go.
A queen who had learned knowledge and had a bunch of mutated ants in her hands, hehe…There was some anticipation.
At the same time, Chen Mo immediately checked the number of mushrooms he had around 20 million.
The number of spores was almost infinite.
However, it was strange that there was not a single mutation in the number of individuals.
“Maybe it’s a mutation, but it’s all a form of evolution point.”
Chen Mo guessed.
Otherwise, there was no way to explain why there were so many, and the probability of mutation was actually zero.
This was completely out of line with the samples he had observed.
Ants and a large number of insects were all mutating.
All the spiritual energy he absorbed had turned into evolutionary points, so he could not use it to carry out such a mutation.
This was naturally much more efficient.
Moreover, he could control his own evolution. At critical moments, good steel could be used on the blade.
“Oh right, you have similar ants. You can lend me some.”
Chen Mo said.
He had never imagined that raising ants would have such benefits. Not only would he be able to tell jokes, he would also provide a large number of data samples.
“I have it every day for the past few days. There are already hundreds of them. I can lend you some.”
The Queen did not care at all.
After all, she had lent Chen Mo to do experiments.
This was quite normal.
Not long after, fifty ants were plundered by mycelium.
There were still fifty of them in different forms!
In other words, Chen Mo had studied several different types.
Moreover, this entire ant tribe was under Chen Mo’s research. Chen Mo was extremely familiar with the genetic data.
This research was done.
Chen Mo’s gains were simply too great!
He directly obtained +3 psionic knowledge!
There were just too many variations in this race!
However, after all, the neighbors who lived in his surroundings seemed to have mutated quite early, and their abilities were quite good.
Even when he roared, he was still like a rubber band. He could recover even if he crushed it.
He was moving in the direction of a small and powerful person that could not be killed.
The next step was to complete the research on’evolution clues, spiritual organs’.*

053 Spiritual energy perspective!(1 Even)

A day later, the spores spread to a new area, which was close to the boundary between Monkey Country and Dragon Country.
This was close to the tropics.
The temperature was very high.
New species also appeared in large numbers.
Monkey, elephant, leopard, tropical bird.
The animals here had never suffered the loss of Chen Mo Mushroom.
He didn’ t know how powerful the mushroom forest was.
Soon, the first batch of victims appeared.
From time to time, mushrooms would explode in the forest, and spore dust would spread.
This time, Chen Mo did not use the hallucinatory spores. Instead, he directly applied the toxin spores.
He was now able to make the spores grow on his flesh and blood. Although it was very slow, it was much faster than before.
As soon as the animal fell, that day, the hyphae began to spread and decay followed.
In addition, this was the tropical region, and everything rotted extremely fast.
Even without the effect of mycelium, it would be rotten within half a day. As for Chen Mo’s arrival, it would be rotten within almost an hour.
Then, a large mass of mushrooms grew.
At this moment, there were always colorful heads.
That was because with the death of the animals, the rotting aura spread out. Many scavengers, such as wild boars, wolves, ravens, and jackals, would smell it.
However, most of them would fall here as well.
As a result, he often saw a cluster of mushrooms surrounded by a group of dead animals, one by one. From the looks of it, it was extremely terrifying.
On this side, Monkey Country’s strength was even weaker. In the forest, there would be no more humans entering!
Chen Mo had learned from the news that they had already shrunk to a few big cities, and they had no time to worry about themselves. That was why Chen Mo dared to be so arrogant!
How bold.
Ignoring the terrifying process in the middle, in short, Chen Mo had obtained enough knowledge within a day.
The carbon-based creature was pushed up to +200.
This was just a newcomer. Tomorrow, the number of mushrooms would double. Only then would this increase erupt.
The only thing that puzzled Chen Mo was that his evolution point had slowed down.
Compared to the number of individuals that he had increased explosively, the increase in evolution points was out of proportion.
Although it was true that with the increase in the number of mushrooms, the number of evolutionary points increased every day, he felt a ceiling. This made Chen Mo somewhat worried.
If he could only maintain five evolution points per day in the future, it would be too much of a scam.
“It just so happens that I can evolve my spiritual energy organs. I hope this will help me absorb spiritual energy.”
Chen Mo did not have a hand. Otherwise, he would have to rub it at this moment to show his impatience.
[Evolved Wire Rope]: Spiritual energy organ.Based on the knowledge reserves of carbon-based creatures +200, you have analyzed a spiritual energy organ based on the existing genetic data. This organ will be used on the bacterial cover, which can realize the visualization of spiritual energy. It has the ability to observe the spiritual energy concentration in close range. Activating this organ can improve the adaptability by +0.5.
New vision!
Spiritual visualization!
“This will further increase my speed of studying spiritual energy.”
Chen Mo was very confident about this.
After all, being able to see and study directly on the other side was completely two concepts.
It was as if people had guessed the appearance of cells in the past, and directly using a microscope, it was completely two concepts.
The girl’s cover was the same. No matter how you guessed it out of thin air.
It was just like that.
Only by personally making a move could one reach the best conclusion.
Chen Mo understood these principles.
Therefore, he was extremely excited about the ability to directly observe spiritual energy.
“Immediately absorb nutrients and evolve spiritual root organs!”
This function was added to the visual organ by Chen Mo and merged with the “eye “.
So far, Chen Mo’s eyes, the “detection radar “, had three functions, namely, high close-eye, infrared, and spiritual vision.
Of course, all three functions could be improved.
It was not an exaggeration to say it was the most crude version.
However, as long as one knew the principle, those at the late stage could be adjusted by optimizing the structure!
At this moment, Chen Mo was feeling his spiritual energy perspective.
From this perspective, the entire world instantly changed into another appearance.
So spiritual energy came out of nowhere!
Chen Mo was very surprised.
What surprised him the most was that the place that appeared was in the center of the mushroom forest!
That was where he had taken root and evolved.
“No wonder the animals around me evolved so quickly!”
Chen Mo couldn’ t help but be surprised.
This coincidence was truly marvelous.
His mushroom forest had unexpectedly seized a “Spirit Spring Eye “.
The largest mushroom was coincident with the spring.
In a pitch-black world, a bit of starlight could be seen. It emerged out of thin air from this place and drifted off into the distance. The farther away from the spring, the thinner the spiritual energy was.
Moreover, these spiritual energies were absorbed as they passed through animals or plants.
Or perhaps it could be absorbed by anything!
Rocks, rivers, and even air.
Therefore, the spring hole was extremely important.
“I have to find a way to occupy the spring!”
As the spiritual vision opened on most of the mushrooms.
Chen Molu continued to discover ten springs.
The density in the basin was the highest.
There were actually three places.
It was no wonder this place was so mutated!
As for Chen Mo, he was at the center of the mutation. No wonder he found that with the increase of the number, the growth of the evolution point was not proportional. It turned out that was the reason!
Without occupying the spring, the amount of spiritual energy that he occasionally absorbed was naturally very little!
Seize the spring, accelerate the absorption of spiritual energy, and obtain more evolution points!*

054 Spiritual energy spring, crisis descended (2nd place)

Just do it!
The war chariot and chief immediately moved.
The war chariot collided!
Chief Piercing!
The trees began to fall one by one, and then spread mushrooms.
The trees began to decay, and a large number of white hyphae began to spread.
If one looked down from the sky, it was as if cancer was spreading across the earth. At first, it was just a small dot. The dot slowly expanded, and the trees fell one by one. The color of the earth also became white, followed by black, rotten colors.
Two days later, two other springs in the basin had established a mushroom forest.
At this moment, the mushroom forest had restrained its evil side. It looked like a mushroom castle in the magical world.
The mushroom forest was extremely orderly in shape. It surrounded the unseen spiritual energy spring in the middle, layers upon layers, high and low, covered with mushrooms!
In the middle was a giant mushroom that enveloped the entire spring.
Looking at the increase in spiritual energy every day, it increased from five every day to seven every day!
In other words, a spring could provide a point of evolution every day!
So far, Chen Moyun had completely occupied the spiritual energy spring in the basin.
Although there would still be some spiritual energy leaking out, and there were still quite a few, Chen Mo’s gains were definitely the biggest!
The characteristics of this spiritual energy were also strange. Chen Mo had tried all sorts of materials and had surrounded them tightly. It was useless. They would still penetrate through.
To gain more spiritual energy, one could only plant as many mushrooms as possible around the spring.
The other seven springs were located in the depths of the mountain, except for one near Jingyu Town.
Coincidentally, one of the six springs was the nest of the eagle and the other was the nest of the mutated python.
In other words, occupying the spring’s eye would be beneficial!
The more he absorbed, the more likely he would become stronger.
Of course, it was just a probability.
It wasn’ t necessarily because the other springs didn’ t produce any powerful creatures.
However, in Jingyu Town, there were a few families living in the surroundings. Some were extremely lucky, awakening their talent.
Seeing this scene, Chen Mo couldn’ t help but look a little serious.
“If there happens to be a spring in a big city, then spiritualists will definitely be born in the surrounding area. The matter of the spring can not be concealed, and humans will soon know about it.”
Chen Mo had no doubt about this. Unless humans were all fools, there was no way that they would not be able to discover this rule.
Not to mention that they were already researching spiritual energy detection devices.
As soon as this thing appeared, the truth immediately came to light.
At that time, the spring would definitely be a strategic resource.
It was equivalent to an oil field, or rare earth or even uranium.
No, it was even more important than this!
It was because mining these would require technology.
However, the spring water didn’ t need anything, as long as people lived there for a long time.
It could be said that every spring hole was the weapon factory that mass-produced spiritualists!
Humans would not let a single one of these places go!
As for Chen Mo, he couldn’ t protect himself!
That’s right. For ordinary forests, humans could easily occupy them. There were poisonous gases, so it was fine if they didn’ t come.
But what if there was a spring?
In the harsh environment of the desert, as long as there was oil, a city would immediately rise up.
Many wars arose because of the oil fields.
As long as there were benefits, there would be no things that humans could not do, genocide, and mutual destruction.
Not to mention that this wasn’ t a war against humans, it was just taking over the spring!
As for the spring, it was much more attractive than the oil field!
The oil fields could only make the country’s economy develop, but spiritual energy could directly strengthen itself. Imagine that a person who was about to die was suddenly nourished, giving birth to talent and greatly improving his physical fitness.
What a crazy scene this was.
Chen Mo could not even protect this basin.
The headquarters would be flattened by humans and turned into a place where human experts would be created.
The situation was bad.
This was Chen Mo’s first thought.
Keep a low profile and let out the spring?
This was impossible!
Chen Mo definitely wouldn’ t give away his precious evolutionary points.
High profile, immediately develop weapons and fight against humans?
Clearly, if Chen Mo dared to expose himself, he would definitely be swept away the next day.
There was no need to wait until the next day.
A dozen or so planes that were sprayed with pesticides were enough.
Not to mention nuclear weapons.
Now was definitely not the time to show off against humans, let alone make the right decision.
Don’t even think about it.
No way, no way.
He could only think of a way to hide it.
This was the only way Chen Mo could think of.
“We need to immediately study the technique of shielding the spiritual roots, or perhaps, to interfere with the detection of human spiritual energy…”
This was definitely the most important thing at the moment.
Moreover, Chen Mo had to speed up his expansion and strive for more spiritual energy springs than humans.
Try to prevent the progress of spiritual energy technology, and then develop techniques to block spiritual energy detection.
Chen Mo decided to proceed with the two plans simultaneously.
But how could they prevent the progress of human development?
Chen Mo was immediately unable to hold back. This was clearly impossible. Poisoning a scientist?
This was feasible. Liu Ru could completely contact these scientists, but the problem was that there were many countries. Chen Mo could at most stop a large country, and it was useless.
Soon, this technology would be discovered by any country and spread out.
Chen Mo’s actions were useless other than exposing Liu Ru.
The method of delaying human research seemed to be impossible……*

055 Liu Ru came out again (3 more)

“So what about interfering with human spiritual energy detection techniques?”
Chen Mo muttered to himself.
This seemed to be feasible.
His heart immediately established evolutionary clues and studied the spiritual energy shielding technology.
But when he thought about it, Chen Mo realized that he couldn’ t make a spring that blocked the entire world!
As long as the comparison was made, the humans would know that they were disturbed.
As a result, this path had also fallen into a dead end.
Chen Mo’s head was suddenly a little big.
It really was a difficult problem……
He could not help but turn his gaze to the laboratory.
Maybe he would have some ideas if he went around and looked at the beauties.
When thinking about a problem, walking around would be helpful to broaden your mind.
Chen Mo was unable to leave, so he naturally switched his perspective.
The moment he saw Liu Ru, Chen Mo suddenly had inspiration.
Previously, he had used Liu Ru’s method two times and flashed through his mind.
Why did they have to delay humans in researching spiritual energy detection techniques?
He should help them!
Yes, let them use their own techniques to probe!
Only then would Chen Mo be able to act.
He was able to figure out a way to hide from humans.
This was the only way Chen Mo could think of.
It might be replaced by other spiritual energy detection techniques later on, but it was absolutely possible to stall for time!
As long as humans used the living “spiritual mushroom” as the core component of spiritual energy detection, Chen Mo could selectively give some spiritual energy springs to humans, and some of them could be occupied by himself!
While using this technology to delay the development of the psionic detection technology by humans, Chen Mo could still seize the opportunity to strengthen himself. In this way, in the future, regardless of whether it was war or peace, the initiative would be in his hands.
The only difficulty of this plan was how to quickly popularize this technology!
It must be fast!
Moreover, he had to be completely unaware.
Chen Mo had already understood the human technology. The implementation technology was very complicated, and the equipment was huge. It had to be the size of a refrigerator, far from being as simple and easy to use as Chen Mo’s!
Moreover, they still had a technical difficulty that they hadn’ t overcome. It might take one or two years. Of course, if they were lucky, it might also take two days.
No one was able to accurately estimate the time of technological progress.
This was also why Chen Mo was so anxious.
He had to be ahead of the human race. He could immediately interrupt the human race’s research by launching a detection technique in advance.
Let them take another observation path.
The spiritual mushroom that Chen Mo had developed was very small.
With an absolute competitive advantage, the cost was even lower than before.
This kind of mushroom could be planted directly!
It happened that Liu Ru was currently chatting with the person in charge of the spiritual energy detection technology.
In his words, Liu Ru was extremely vigilant and displeased.
It meant that Liu Ru’s mushroom research project had occupied his research funds.
Moreover, on what basis was Liu Ru the first to speak in the General Assembly?
“Professor Liu, I’ve read your report. Your research on spiritual energy has stopped here. Spiritual energy is not what you think.”
“If that’s the case, then there’s nothing more to say.”
Liu Ru hung up and was very angry.
Liu Ru had originally heard that the other party was dissatisfied with her, but she had thought that it was an academic problem. It would be good to have a conversation. Unexpectedly, the other party actually thought that there was a problem with her character.
This made Liu Ru angry.
“This is truly a strange creature!”
She patted the report.
He tossed it to the side in a very displeased manner.
This was a report from half of the psionic detector. She had only obtained half of it. The project manager had an opinion on her, but he did not show it to her.
Only after the research was completed could Liu Ru be allowed to watch.
The reason was actually a laughable fear of revealing secrets.
Everyone knew that the research of every major country was a crucial step.
“You seem to have discovered it.”
Liu Ru unhappily turned on her computer and wandered around a forum of scientists from all over the world.
This place was able to obtain the latest research success news.
No country had made a breakthrough yet.
“Any country that makes a breakthrough will be able to lead this kind of technology. Setting standards is like 4G,5G. The leaders will set standards. In the future, the right to speak will be greatly increased. The leading scientists will also receive a large number of honors and become industry leaders.”
Liu Ru muttered.
Actually, from this point, one could tell why the other party was so afraid of her. It was only because he was so famous that he took away his credit.
Liu Ru sighed and stopped thinking about this matter.
Take a bath and let go of your brain.
Then, he soaked in the bathtub, his entire body covered in bubbles.
Liu Ru leaned against him just like that. She narrowed her eyes and fell asleep.
She liked this.
Suddenly, the sleepy Liu Ru opened her eyes and jumped out of the bathtub, directly rushing towards her own computer.
Chen Mo smiled with an evil smile.
Not long after, Jingyu Town welcomed an expert.
Captain Luo of the forest farm was also welcome. He couldn’ t help but sigh. Professor Liu’s current reception specifications were too high.
The mayor and the great figures from the research institute all came.
Liu Ru didn’ t make any small talk with the crowd. Instead, she went straight to the main topic and asked Captain Luo to take them to a few locations that had been prepared beforehand.
The first was to discover the location of the psionic user!
She needed to carefully examine the surrounding plants.
“Professor Liu, we’ ve already inspected this place.”
Some experts said.
They were stationed at the research station here. Because there were psionic beings here, they had checked the surroundings.
However, Liu Ru had a strong premonition in her heart.
She carefully examined it.
Then, a strange mushroom entered her sight.
This kind of mushroom was somewhat similar to the one in her laboratory, but the metallization was even more severe. The surface was almost covered with a thin layer of metal. This structure was obviously not edible, but it was very suitable for preservation.
However, apart from that, she didn’ t find anything else……
All the way until night.
He didn’ t find it either.
“Continue tomorrow.”
Liu Ru said.
She didn’ t want to leave anymore. She was prepared to stay.
At night, Liu Ru didn’ t turn on the lights. She stood by the window and looked at the scene of Jing Yi outside the window.
She suddenly had an idea. She opened the microscope and took out the strange mushrooms she had found earlier. Soon, she discovered that there were some strange cells, which were similar to nerve cells, moving in a strange direction.*

056 Play with the World (4th place)

Liu Ru’s eyes widened in disbelief.
Only deep shock remained in her beautiful eyes.
Liu Ru discovered the first spring.
She found some mushroom cells and could sense the concentration of spiritual energy!
The effective detection range was 10 kilometers!
It was far more than any psionic equipment being studied!
Far more!
This type of detection range and accuracy was unprecedented.
As soon as Liu Ru’s discovery was reported, it attracted unprecedented attention.
All the funds that had been used for spiritual energy detection and research had been stuffed in!
Under Chen Mo’s operation, there were naturally people who couldn’ t sleep. By accident, they discovered that Liu Ru had come out to observe the mushroom’s behavior at night.
As a result, the reporters moved.
Soon, Liu Ru made the headlines again.
This was the third time.
Every time, it was a breakthrough discovery!
Liu Ru’s name completely resounded through the entire world.
Many people already compared her to the most famous female scientist.
Moreover, Liu Ru was the founder of spiritual energy technology!
Even other countries had to admit that this technique was awesome!
One after another, they asked for exchange techniques!
The entire technique could not be concealed, especially after Liu Ru went to Jingyu Town.
Jingyu Town had long been the focus of attention because of several accidents!
Soon, the disappearance spread.
Under Chen Mo’s suggestion, some of Jingyu Town’s scientists accidentally leaked more specific information.
Soon, the news that a mushroom could detect spiritual energy exploded in an instant.
After dyeing the special cells in this kind of mushroom, it was possible to detect its location and then detect if there were any abnormal spiritual energy around it!
Within a week, these strange mushrooms were obtained by various countries in the world through different methods at all costs.
This kind of mushroom was called “spiritual mushroom” by Liu Ru in her report.
In short, spiritual energy detection technology spread to the entire world at the fastest speed.
Chen Mo was secretly helping out.
Liu Ru didn’ t do anything to divulge the secret. They were all done by scientists stationed in Jingyu Town!
At the same time, biological research was also rapidly rising.
The mystery of genes once again attracted everyone’s attention.
“A magical creature like a spiritual mushroom can detect spiritual energy!”
Chen Mo borrowed this wave, especially Liu Ru’s many reports, and directly spread it to the point where everyone knew it.
Anyone with some knowledge knew that there was an invisible substance in the world. This substance was called spiritual energy, and its discoverer was Liu Ru.
And how to detect spiritual energy?
This discoverer was Liu Ru!
All the changes in the world were caused by spiritual energy!And spiritual energy mushrooms could find spiritual energy!
Under this logic, the spiritual mushroom instantly became a strategic resource.
What was even more strange was that spiritual mushroom could only survive near the spring!
Leaving this kind of environment, they would soon die!
Regardless of any suitable environment, the spiritual mushroom would die in 5-10 days after leaving the spring.
In other words, one needed to have a spring to support the spiritual mushroom, and the spiritual mushroom consumed a lot of energy.
Because of this special nature, spiritual mushroom became an extremely precious resource.
A country without a spring could not have spiritual mushroom. Even a country with spiritual mushroom had to ensure that a certain number of mushrooms remained near the spring so that they could be needed from time to time.
As the spiritual mushroom detected the spring in the big city, the function of the spring was exposed.
In the spring, this strange phenomenon named Liu Ru immediately became the center of the storm.
Each country strictly controlled the number of spiritual mushroom and prohibited the outflow of spiritual mushroom!
Conclude a spiritual energy non-proliferation contract.
At the same time, every country that had the ability to do so tried their best to obtain the spiritual mushroom. Then, they frantically searched the territory in any suspicious location.
This was especially true for those who had appeared before.
The springs in the inhabited area were the first to be discovered!
Once they were discovered, the springs would be heavily guarded and heavily guarded.
According to Professor Liu’s speculations, the entire world went crazy after the appearance of the first artificial spiritual energy user.
It was very easy to think of those places where powerful mutated beasts existed.
Near Jingyu Town, as the original Eagle’s lair, someone immediately came to inspect it, and then went back happily.
The next day, a rumbling sound rang out in the air above the basin.
A large-scale engineering team was flown into the forest.
Even if the damage caused by the mutated species was huge, the mission did not stop.
The benefits were too great!
News about spiritual energy was also overwhelming.
“Another spiritual spring was discovered!”This makes our country once more powerful!”
“Monkey Country discovered a spring!The ugly country immediately declared that it would do its utmost to protect the Monkey Country’s security and pledge to protect the citizens of the Monkey Country to the death to enjoy the power of spiritual energy!”
“Island nation found a spring in the poor mountain!The Prime Minister announced that this day was the’ Transcendent’ Festival!”The entire country is filled with joy!”
“Spiritual energy?Transcendents?The end of the human race?No!”It’s a new future!”
The entire world fell into a certain kind of frenzy and jubilation.
It was because no one knew where the global changes came from. Everyone felt a stone pressing down on them.
Now, since they knew about it, they were no longer afraid. Not to mention that every scientist was giving the public an air declaring that a new era was about to come!
What the humans did not know was that they were walking on a planned “technology path “.
The technology tree was being planned.
A pair of invisible hands were secretly pushing everything forward.
This method of detecting spiritual energy was indeed very useful and advanced!
However, this technique was actually secretly controlled by Chen Mo!
Moreover, through this method, Chen Moshen crushed the rest of his spiritual energy research.
The scientific research institute for human spiritual energy detection had been greatly delayed and even completely stopped. The current method was simply too useful!
The various countries had already begun to withdraw their experiments, focusing all their resources on how to use the spring.
After all, there was competition among every country!
Someone had already discovered more springs and studied how to use spiritual energy. You were still looking for a new method to detect spiritual energy. Wasn’t that waiting for death?
Therefore, he had to hurry up!
This was a competition for spiritual energy technology that related to the rise and fall!
Those who had the ability didn’ t want to miss it. They even tried their best to join forces, walking at the front.
What they had not expected was that as a human, Chen Mo understood this too well.
At this moment, humans had already fallen into the path of science and technology.
Unknowingly, they had already deviated from the technology tree.
He skipped the most important technology,” Spiritual Energy Detection “.
As for the springs that the humans had discovered, Chen Mo had deliberately made them discover them!
At present, it was impossible for humans to take advantage of it.
Not to mention, even if it was the spring that humans had discovered, Chen Mo would still have to take a portion of the benefits!
The spiritual mushroom was openly and openly occupying one of the best areas in the spring.
As for the spring water that humans could discover, Chen Mo controlled it at about 60%.
This number couldn’t be too small, and there were some areas that were obviously likely to have spiritual energy. Chen Mo did n’ t dare to say that he didn’t have spiritual energy. What he left behind for himself were all areas that were rarely seen.
They were all areas that could only be reached in the air.
Chen Mo’s own 40% alone was enough.
Moreover, as this plan advanced, Chen Mo had an unexpected gain.
That was because he was often able to obtain all sorts of classified information.
The reason was that the area where the spiritual mushroom was located was an extremely secret area.
It could be said that every spring that was discovered was heavily protected and built as a military fortress.
With the help of humans, Chen Molu continuously opened his global vision.
His spiritual mushroom was planted in every spring that could be discovered.
Chen Mo had roughly guessed that there were around 2,000 such springs in the entire world.
Moreover, they were not evenly distributed.
There was no way to detect the South Pole, the North Pole, or the ocean.
Chen Mo secretly marked the places he left behind.
These were the targets of his expansion!
At this moment, these springs were Chen Mo’s home.
Only waiting for him to take over.
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057 Target, occupying the tropical region (5th place)

“Alright, headmaster, don’t worry. I wo n’ t speak nonsense. But you have to guarantee that this is the final report. I’m really annoyed with this.”
Liu Ru said indifferently.
If it were in the past, she would never have dared to speak to the principal like this.
But now it was different.
The headmaster of any university had to curry favor with her.
She was the most top-notch scientist, all kinds of scientific research funds, all kinds of resources, all kinds of projects. Right now, she wanted anything.
The funds above were almost unlimited for her.
As long as she wanted to, she could even immediately establish a new laboratory according to her will.
It wasn’t just the country. It was also the various major powers and financial groups that were willing to give her money to do cooperative research. In fact, they only needed to say something at the seminar.
There were countless benefits.
Strength was confidence. Therefore, she could not be bothered to go to the ordinary invitation and report.
Even if he slept in the laboratory, he didn’ t want to go.
The principal could only hurriedly agree.
The fact that she was able to agree to go to one of them was already very good for her.
Hang up the phone.
Liu Ru looked at the allowances, subsidies, and bonuses that were given in various names.
There were also countless information about how to ask for warmth.
He was somewhat absent-minded.
The laboratory was cold and desolate for several years, and no one asked about it.
Liu Ru shook her head and expelled these emotions from her head.
Looking at the computer, he was puzzled.
After the inspiration, he took a look at the papers he had written, as well as all sorts of reasoning and reasoning processes about spiritual energy. They were all genius ideas that were just like the sky.
She was a little dazed.
Was this the ability she possessed?
“When did I become so talented?”
She muttered to herself.
If anyone heard this, they would definitely laugh and curse at the shameless narcissist.
However, Liu Ru knew that in her heart, she really doubted her.
This was not a stinking and beautiful words.
She really did not know that she was actually this smart.
“But…”Why didn’ t I show such talent before?”
Liu Ru became even more confused.
Although she had said that she was extremely talented and hardworking, the cleverer she was, the more she knew, the more respectful she became.
She carefully analyzed it and felt that it was unlikely that she would be able to study it.
In fact, she did have these thoughts in her mind, but at that moment, when she saw these thoughts, she had a strange feeling.
It didn’ t seem like he had come up with it.
“Did I awaken my spiritual energy as well?”
Liu Ru had no choice but to think this way.
Otherwise, she knew very well what level she was at. There were some things that could not be done by hard work.
He was truly talented.
“Perhaps I’ ve awakened a strange ability, so I’ m more inspired.”
She could only explain this.
Chen Mo was just about to come over and check the map. He was about to study the expansion path and expand to that region. The path was the shortest.
Thus, he heard Liu Ru muttering to herself.
He couldn’ t help but laugh.
Liu Ru could actually believe this.
Not to mention.
After all, this was almost the same as a superpower. As long as Chen Mo was at the side, she would be able to obtain some additional inspiration and obtain a lot of spiritual energy and genetic knowledge.
Liu Ru wasn’t just guessing. She had secretly asked for quite a bit of information about spiritualists. She studied it carefully and put it on her body to see what it was.
“Body strength increased……”It’s time for you to leave…”
“Wu…This woman actually became pretty?His body became more perfect?”What?”
Liu Ru couldn’ t help but compare the figures of the other party’s figure to her, and then she smiled proudly.
He continued to look.
“You have the ability to control supernatural powers like strange flames?”
“Unexplained supernatural power, unknown source of energy…”
Liu Ru couldn’ t help but feel a little depressed. It seemed like she didn’ t have anything else to do with her body size.
Chen Mo, on the other hand, took the opportunity to peek at the information of many spiritualists.
He found that among humans, the types of psionic beings were also very complicated. They were similar to ants. According to his current knowledge, it indicated that humans had a good ability to absorb psionic energy and were good carriers.
Perhaps in the future, he would walk further and further on the path of spiritual energy.
It was a very promising race……
Of course, this was from Chen Mo’s height. If the big tree had wisdom, it would definitely be extremely uncomfortable, feeling that this was a terrifying race.
The other races had a future, which meant that they had no future.
This sentence was applicable to almost all species.
Chen Mo was excluded.
After Liu Ru fell asleep, Chen Mo controlled her to get up as usual.
During this period of time, it was inevitable that they would have to enjoy many beautiful scenery.
Turn on the computer.
Chen Mo matched the coordinates in his mind to the map.
At the same time, Chen Mo also recorded the entire world map. A path of evolution was gradually forming in his mind.
The first step was naturally to go east, then spread all the way to the shoreline, along the shoreline shoreline, then think of ways to take a boat, or control others, or find a way to spread out from a human-controlled spring.
They occupied the entire tropical region.
There were a lot of people in the tropical region, so Chen Mo could not occupy many springs. However, this place was very rich in species, and the environment was the most suitable for Chen Mo to grow.
Once he occupied the tropics, he spread to the north and south poles. Subtropical, temperate, and cold zones followed by the north and south poles, all the way over.
Of course, if he could occupy the North and South Pole, that would mean that Chen Mo had secretly occupied the entire world.
It was because he could grow under that harsh environment, which meant that Chen Mo’s adaptability had already reached the world’s top level.
Like rats and cockroaches, they spread all over the world and existed in almost any environment!
On the other hand, he was even more exaggerated because he was a whole. He occupied the entire world by himself. When the time came, he would use the world’s nutrients to feed and dominate the world’s springs.
Gathering so many resources, Chen Mo himself had the possibility of infinite evolution.
“For the next period of time, humans should focus on how to use spiritual energy, and I must take this period of time to evolve to a level that can contend with humans.”
After Chen Mo completed the expansion plan, he muttered.
Turning off the computer and letting Liu Ru lie back on the bed, Chen Mo’s gaze turned and he arrived at the front line of expansion.
This was already a mushroom kingdom. All kinds of mushrooms were rapidly expanding.
A spring was being occupied by Chen Mo.
But this time, it was very strange.
He actually encountered resistance.
It was a group of monkeys.
Among these monkeys, there were already two mutated monkeys. Not to mention their huge size, the key was that one of them could use spiritual energy to generate flames.
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058 First long-range attack weapon (even more)

Furthermore, he didn’ t know what was going on. Due to some sort of coincidence, this Ghost Monkey actually knew that he was standing in the spring.
This way, his ability became even stronger.
It could be considered as a type of “amplification “.
As a plant, flames could be considered Chen Mo’s nemesis.
Even the spore powder was only a plant. Especially the neurotoxin within it, it would soon become ineffective if it was exposed to high temperatures.
Moreover, these monkeys had long been observing from afar, knowing that the spores were highly toxic.
They were much smarter than the other animals that had come to die.
He didn’ t approach at all.
With the help of the flaming monkey, these monkeys had two torches in their hands.
Their flames were endless.
He kept throwing fire from afar, and then the mushroom forest stopped expanding.
Not only that, they would also constantly clean up the surrounding mushroom communities that had not yet formed a climate.
Prevent the mushroom community from growing into a mushroom forest.
It was as if the spring had been occupied by them, becoming a nest for this group of monkeys.
It could be imagined that without Chen Mo’s intervention, in a short period of time, this group of monkeys would be able to give birth to more’ Esper’ and become the overlord of this forest.
There might even be a creature like the Monkey King.
However, since Chen Mo had arrived, it was impossible for such a thing to happen.
Although he was also very interested in cultivating some intelligent creatures, Monkey was fine. This thing was truly annoying.
At this moment, Chen Mo’s knowledge of carbon-based organisms was already very rich. After all, he had already crossed the subtropical and tropical regions. His genetic map had already reached over 300 species.
Next, Chen Mo was ready to evolve his weapon.
This was because the competition with humans was bound to be on the stage.
Therefore, Chen Mo had to speed up his expansion and begin to evolve all sorts of weapons.
“I can study the following options.”
Chen Mo opened the Attribute Panel and the Evolution Tree flickered within.
Chen Mo listed out some branches that could be studied.
From this, he carefully selected two feasible options:
The first option was to continue to improve the structure of the spore, making it lighter. It was best to be able to spread in the air like mist for a long time, and continuously spread.
The second option was to improve the cyst-like structure to make it more contractile and explosive. It could design a structure that would allow it to spray out the spore dust.
Both schemes could achieve the goal of long-range attacks.
Theoretically, it was the first type to be stronger and more powerful. It was not too much. Obviously, the subsequent development ability was even weaker. Moreover, it required continuous production of spores, which required a lot of nutrients.
More importantly, this was an indiscriminate attack that would create a large area without creatures.
As a result, Chen Mo gave up on this plan.
Unless a large-scale extermination was carried out, this method was basically useless. On this planet, Chen Mo would not be able to carry out a large-scale extermination.
There should be no madman who would choose to destroy the Mother Planet.
Maintaining biodiversity was also an extremely important thing. Humans were doing this, and Chen Mo was naturally doing the same.
The genes of a creature itself were an incomparably precious treasure.
Chen Mo still hoped that the creatures on this planet would evolve and provide him with all sorts of genetic data.
The second type was to improve the structure of the pouch. This kind of structure was not uncommon in the natural world. Many plants had this kind of function, but Chen Mo wanted to be more powerful.
The kind that could spray out at least a hundred meters.
[Evolutionary clue]: Long-range projection.According to the available genetic data, you have analyzed a possible evolutionary structure. This structure will improve the expansion of organs and further improve the diffusion ability. It is expected to increase the adaptability by +0.1-0.2, and the danger level by +0.3-0.5.You need the +300 knowledge reserve support of carbon-based organisms. The research results depend on cell strength and regeneration ability.
Chen Mo was able to study this ability right now.
As the knowledge grew stronger and stronger, Chen Mo’s evolutionary clues no longer required any additional conditions. A large number of gene databases provided him with enough available knowledge.
With this knowledge, Chen Mo could design the most reasonable plan under the current conditions.
‘Evolutionary clues, long-range projection, was immediately put on the most important agenda by Chen Mo.
One day later, Chen Mo would lose a point of evolution!
There might also be a mutated monkey in the group of monkeys. This would cause more trouble for Chen Mo.
A battle of evolution unfolded in this uninhabited forest.
One of them was an unconscious evolving monkey.
They had evolved into the form of a tribe. The spiritual monkey played the role of prophet or tribe leader.
Under their control, the entire group of monkeys moved out, constantly burning the mushroom forest and trying to tame mutated beasts.
On the other side was Chen Mo.
This was the first time his mushroom forest had encountered an opponent. Moreover, it was constantly shrinking in this area, its area becoming smaller.
Flames flew out.
The spiritual monkey’s flame was extremely terrifying. It could create a thousand degrees of heat. The largest mushroom, Chen Mo, was instantly burned dry.
The monkeys cheered, celebrating that they had defeated a powerful enemy.
Moreover, the image of this evil mushroom was engraved on the wall.
A few thousand years later, this might be an unbelievable battle record.
Chen Mo looked at the cheering group of monkeys. His vision gradually dimmed, and he lost the vision of a mushroom forest.
In the map that he had built in his mind, the map of that area immediately darkened.
He was no longer able to observe that area.
“This area must be occupied.”
Chen Mo said indifferently.
He carefully observed the map. Apart from the Spirit Spring Eye, he planned to occupy the hot spot. It just so happened that he had to pass through this place.
If he were to block the monkeys, it would seriously interfere with his plans.
Chen Mo checked his attributes. He now had another 50 points of evolution.
With the help of humans, the spiritual mushroom had the ability to “fly “. Currently, it had settled in over a hundred springs.
These springs were used by humans, but some of them were openly stolen by Chen Mo.
These were all transformed into evolutionary points.
So far, Chen Mo had already collected 50 points of evolution points.
This happened to be used to complete’ evolutionary clues, long-range projection’.
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