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059 Evolutionary clues, long-range projection (2nd place)

He opened the evolution tree.
Genes that could increase cell strength were [metal].
He still lacked a regeneration gene, but this was not a problem. With this, he could increase the cell strength (strength including hardness and toughness) a bit.
In short, he would first get the weapon out. In terms of regeneration speed (regarding cell toughness, replenishing mechanical losses), Chen Mo would continue to think of a way.
Large amounts of tropical animal genes should provide genetic data.
[Warning]: You are trying to use the evolution point to reorganize and evolve the’ metal’ gene. This might increase the metal content in the cell, increase the strength of the cell wall, and slightly reduce the absorption capacity of nutrients (99.99% probability). It is worth noting that this operation lead to unknown consequences (0.01% probability)!Please choose carefully.
“Reorganize and evolve!”
Chen Mo put in five evolution points and recombined and evolved the Metal Type 2 gene.
‘Metal Type 3’, after consuming 10 points of evolution, the probability of losing control increased to 20%.
This metal gene consumed more than the decay gene. Only Type 3 had already reached the level of consumption of the decay gene Type 4.
However, Chen Mo was still prepared to continue his reorganization and evolution.
‘Metal Type 4′, after consuming 20 points of evolution, the probability of losing control increased to 50%.
Chen Mo still wanted to continue, but the evolution points were not enough.
Moreover, due to the low reserves of this technology, the probability of losing control was greatly increased.
It could be said that the next reorganization and evolution was no longer different from normal animal mutations.
It was good, it was good. It was entirely up to fate.
[Evolutionary clue]: Long-range projection.Based on the knowledge reserve of carbon-based organisms +300, you analyzed a cavity structure gene based on the existing gene data. This gene covered the cyst-like gene and acted on the bacterial cover. By compressing the cavity and spraying the entire cyst-like structure, activating this gene could increase the adaptability by +0.1, and the risk level by +0.3.
Chen Mo’s cavity structure barely met the requirements and received the lowest level of rewards.
The reason was that Chen Mo’s ability to regenerate cells was not up to standard, or even completely failed.
“But I can barely use it. At least I have my own weapon.”
Chen Mo immediately began to deploy this type of weapon.
The mushroom community that was close to that area started to grow madly again. They no longer hid themselves and started to spread out, and the color of their bodies began to change.
It appeared to be a strange gray-black color. In some places, it also revealed a trace of metallic luster.
These mushrooms activated the Metal Type 4 gene and had a stronger cell strength. At the same time, more metal components could increase their fire resistance!
Of course, the side effects weren’ t lacking. Their growth speed had slowed down.
The more metals gathered, the slower the growth.
However, this was not a problem. Chen Mo had the mushrooms in the front row look like this and use it to block the torches so that they would not burn the roots of the mushrooms in the back row.
The mushrooms in the back had even worse resistance to fire. The roots were afraid of the flames burning, but they grew very fast, very tall.
A type of jetting opening began to grow on the umbrella cover.
Among them were a bag-like structure.
By compressing the cavity, the cyst-like structure would spray out, fall onto the ground, and then explode.
Chen Mo called this “Spore Cannons “.
The spore cannon was able to shoot out 50 meters, plus the very tall mushrooms. With the method of throwing, the actual distance could reach 100 meters!
Chen Mo once again clashed with the monkeys, but the spore forest still did not advance.
There were more and more monkeys. They gathered the surrounding tribes and formed a huge monkey tribe.
100 Meters was still not enough!
These monkeys would use the wind to set fire to the wind. Some of them would even throw fire on a large tree. Now, the monkey’s attack distance was even greater than Chen Mo’s.
“Fine!”It’s better than that, right?”
Chen Mo smiled coldly.
Spore directly shot out from the tree.
Bang bang bang!
One after another, round bags exploded on the trunk.
Immediately, the entire tree was covered with spores.
These spores began to sprout and corrode the trees!
There was no need to kill trees!
It was just absorbing a portion of the nutrients and then growing mushrooms.
Using this method, Chen Mo’s cannon began to spread on the top of the entire forest.
A monkey was directly hit on his face by a spore bomb.
Without even letting out a scream, he directly fell down.
Not only was the spore bomb poisonous, it was extremely corrosive, but it was also hallucinatory!
On the first day, the group of monkeys could barely resist.
However, the next day, when more mushrooms grew on the top of the tree, they immediately collapsed.
Chen Mo relied on this method to continuously shoot spores towards the branches of the tree, and so on, where they could easily accumulate spores.
Soon, Chen Mo recovered a large amount of lost land.
He once again approached the spring.
On the ground was a mushroom forest. On the top of a hundred meters tall tree was a small spore turret.
Boom! Boom! Boom! A dense sound rang out throughout the entire forest.
A strange war was about to end.
If humans were here, they would definitely lose their glasses.
This was just too ridiculous. The monkeys were holding shields and throwing torches.
On the other hand, the attacking side was a mushroom!
Yes, all kinds of shapes, large and small, all kinds of strange mushrooms.
Some of the giant mushrooms were fifty to sixty meters tall. There were heavy spore bombs on them. Although they weren’t far away, one of them landed on the ground and a large number of leaves were blown up. The spore powder that shot out could instantly cover more than ten meters.
Although the mushrooms on the tree trunk were small, their spore shells shot out very far, and there were many of them.
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060 Destroy the Monkey Group (3rd place)

Within the group of monkeys, a huge monkey was five to six meters tall and rushed over with a wooden board.
A mad collision struck several giant mushrooms.
However, it soon discovered that these mushrooms could not move!
It’s only been a few days!
These mushrooms were already extremely hard, almost comparable to trees!
With his powerful body, he held his breath and smashed several mushrooms, running back in a sorry state.
Chen Mo really wanted to give the other party a shot.
However, it was a pity that he had just hit too high and did not reserve a heavy cannon.
That was why he could not keep this fellow.
This was one of the shortcomings of the spore cannon that Chen Mo had discovered.
Without the ability to regenerate, it was just a sore egg.
Not only was the spore shooting range insufficient, but it was also the filling speed. It was heartbreaking.
If it weren’ t for the fact that he had too many of them, he would’ ve been pushed back long ago.
Only after 410 minutes did Chen Mo be able to reload the ammunition.
This speed was enough to kill Chen Mo several hundred times, even the most ordinary human.
After all, Monkey knew how to use this gap, let alone humans.
“But the one who bullied you was Monkey.”
After all, Chen Mo had a powerful consciousness and knew all sorts of tactics.
At least he was a military enthusiast when he was alive!
He had never seen a pig run before. He had always eaten pork.
As a result, after he opened the entire map, he refined the operation and consumed the monkey day by day.
Monkey finally couldn’ t hold on anymore. He was ready to flee.
At this moment, Chen Mo was already very close to the spring.
However, at this point, Chen Mo slowed down his attack. From ten or so kilometers per day to one or two kilometers behind him, to one or two hundred meters.
Then, at this moment, he was completely unable to attack.
He was waiting for an opportunity.
As expected, Chen Mo displayed a lack of strength in his attack.
These monkeys were not prepared to leave.
Instead, he took the risk of staying near the spring.
Clearly, they clearly knew the benefits of this place.
The so-called death by man for wealth, death by bird for food, was that principle.
These monkeys were joking with their own lives.
Just like that, a stalemate lasted for a few days.
In the past few days, the number of mushrooms had increased exponentially.
The trees around the spring were filled with mushrooms!
However, these mushrooms were very small!
Soon, a night arrived.
One night, the forest around the spring was filled with mushrooms!
Chen Mo was not prepared to let these monkeys go.
After a few days of delay, the war chariot, Miss Blackstone, and the chief arrived at the battlefield.
It had to be said that with the progress of the mutation, such a long-distance attack was no longer a challenge for them.
Along the way, it was easy to recognize them. They just ran along the special colored mushroom mark.
The battle rang out again.
When the first spore shell landed in the stronghold at the spring, the monkeys immediately panicked.
They all began to flee.
It could be seen that compared to humans, their organization was still too low. When they encountered a sudden attack, they didn’ t have any plans to prepare. They immediately transformed into the original beast and began to flee in all directions.
But this time, Chen Mo had prepared for several days.
How could they escape?
For a moment, the entire area was a sea of spores.
The spore cannon greatly increased the spreading speed and range of the spore powder.
It turned out that he had to rely on the wind. Now, Chen Mo could instantly explode the spore powder in an area.
They formed a deadly mist.
In an instant, a large number of monkeys fell.
A few of them had the cleverest brains as they ran with their shields in their hands.
They were already different from the other animals. They knew to hold their breath!
As a result, Chen Mo’s spores didn’ t have much effect on them in a short period of time.
With their strong physique, they ran out of the encirclement.
However, Chen Mo had been staring at them all this time. At this moment, a few monkeys were panting heavily. More or less, each of them inhaled some spores and began to cough. It was uncomfortable, and their condition was very bad.
At this moment, the ground began to shake.
One monkey supported the tree trunk. He thought that his cough was too intense, while the other thought that he was hallucinating.
Only a monkey raised its head and accidentally saw the chariot rushing over.
However, the war chariot had already increased its speed to the fastest.
After all this time, it had been nourished by the spring. Although it hadn’ t clearly mutated into a race’s innate talent, its body size had expanded a bit.
The 1500 Jin boar was three to four meters tall without standing up.
What was this concept?
In short, it rushed over without any pause. The three mutated monkeys flew straight up.
One of them was extremely unlucky, directly hanging on the war chariot’s fangs.
As a result, he was cut open.
Before the other two monkeys could stand up, Miss Black Silk and the chief had taken care of them.
Although the two little fellows weren’ t that strong, their attacks were exceptionally sharp.
Chen Mo looked at the cold light flashing and the monkey head landed on the ground. He couldn’ t help but laugh in admiration.
Miss Hei Si became even more powerful.
The chief also opened a hole in his forehead.
The fighting between animals was much more simple and crude than humans. It was a deadly move.
After a few monkeys died, mycelium quickly spread out from their bodies.
The white hyphae spread, wrapping the entire corpse.
[Event]: You absorbed the flesh and blood of the mutated monkey and obtained 100% of the mutated monkey gene. You extracted the available genes from it. You integrated these genes into your own gene map. Your cell growth speed was improved in part, which in turn improved your viability. Spore adaptability +0.2, and the spore growth cycle was reduced by 20 minutes.*

061 Regeneration Gene (4th Order)

[Event]: You absorbed the mutant monkey’s flesh and blood and extracted the evolution point +0.1 from it.
[Event]: You absorbed the mutant monkey’s flesh and blood, and extracted the evolution point +0.2.
[Information]: Your understanding of mutated monkeys has deepened. Your understanding of the genetic level changes caused by spiritual energy has deepened. Your knowledge of spiritual energy effects and organic species has increased. Spiritual energy knowledge +2, carbon-based organisms +1.
A large amount of news immediately appeared!
Chen Mo was overjoyed.
These monkeys had occupied the spring for a long time, yet they actually had some spiritual energy in their bodies!
At this moment, all of the spiritual energy had returned to Chen Mo.
Chen Mo had extracted five evolution points from the most powerful flame monkey.
The other two had three points.
Together, it was 11 points.
It just so happened that during these three days, Chen Mo had obtained another 20 evolutionary points.
In addition to the five evolution points he had left, his evolution points were now 36 points!
He could continue to evolve!
“But one thing is very strange. From the genes, there is actually no part that controls the flame.”
“This should be related to the spiritual energy knowledge. I am still unable to analyze spiritual energy genes.”
Chen Mo carefully analyzed this matter and put it aside.
It was the reason why they had to quickly occupy the spiritual spring.
The population of Monkey Country had already gathered in a few big cities, so Chen Mo could grow in this area without any fear.
In the sky, there was also a dense forest that was a hundred meters tall as a cover.
Even if a helicopter flew through the air, it would not be able to find any abnormalities on the ground.
A large number of mushrooms began to grow.
An empty space had already been cleared from the spring. Chen Mo immediately grew a large mushroom there.
This was the main force that absorbed spiritual energy.
In the surroundings, one circle after another, layers after layers of absorption.
As the mushrooms expanded, they would occasionally increase their carbon-based biological knowledge reserves.
This was because the monkeys still kept quite a bit of prey in this primitive village.
Some were alive.
As a result, Chen Moping took advantage of the situation.
Suddenly, a reminder popped up.
[Event]: You absorbed the flesh and blood of the mutated earthworm and obtained 2% of the mutated earthworm gene. From it, you extracted the available genes.’ Regeneration’. You integrated these genes into your own gene map. Your ability to recover was partially enhanced. Your cell activity increased, your spore growth cycle decreased by 10 minutes, and your adaptability increased by +0.1.
Unexpected gains!
Chen Mo quickly turned his gaze over. It turned out to be a wooden basin!
There were many mutated earthworms inside!
This should be the monkeys’ usual snacks, or it should be used to feed some wild chickens or other animals.
It was obvious that they had also discovered the strangeness of these earthworms. They had grown extremely fast!
Sprinkle some rotten meat or mud. The next day, there would be many earthworms.
Or if one earthworm was crushed into two, the second one would obtain two earthworms.
No matter what the reason was, this basin of earthworms had received special treatment.
They were placed outside the Fire Monkey’s residence, and this place was very close to the spring.
Chen Mo estimated that it was precisely because of this that this basin of earthworms had mutated so violently.
After devouring half of the earthworms, it was still 5% away from collecting all the mutated earthworm genes.
It couldn’ t be helped. This thing wasn’ t big. Chen Mo hadn’ t completed the’ evolutionary clues, efficient absorption’, and the efficiency of mycelium’s gene plundering was still very low.
The remaining earthworms had just been devoured.
However, Chen Mo did not dare to act.
If they didn’t do it again, they would have to keep it for them to reproduce.
“It should be more than that……”
Chen Mo looked at the surrounding environment. The soil here was loose, and there were many monkeys’ garbage. The soil was rather fertile.
Under Chen Mo’s orders, the war chariot began to gather grass and chew the roots.
Dig holes everywhere.
Find earthworms to eat. This was the old book of war chariots.
As the war chariot grunted, it used its sharp fangs and skinned mouth to form another hole.
Sure enough, an earthworm was inside.
However, it was not a mutated earthworm.
But Chen Mo smiled. His guess was correct!
According to the probability of mutation in the species, there must be quite a few mutated earthworms in this area!
Sure enough, the war chariot was like a bulldozer. It plowed all the way over, and immediately, a large number of earthworms were turned over.
Some of the earthworms were pushed into two pieces, and they immediately split up, trying to escape.
Mutated earthworm gene!
[Information]: Through the comparison between ordinary earthworms and mutated earthworms, your understanding of mutated creatures has deepened. Your knowledge of spiritual energy and organic species has increased. Spiritual energy knowledge +1, carbon-based creatures +1.
More mutated earthworms were pecked by the chief and thrown into the basin.
These mutated earthworms were about to be raised by Chen Mo in every spring he occupied!
Yes, Chen Mo discovered that these mutated earthworms could also store spiritual energy!
Even though he was not as powerful as the other mutated animals.
However, no matter how small the mosquito leg was, it was still flesh.
More or less, it could increase the efficiency of Chen Mo’s use of the spring.
Stop more spiritual energy.
With the mutated earthworm, the number of evolution points Chen Mo had obtained from the spring would increase from 1 point to 1.1 points!
Of course, Chen Mo had intercepted more spiritual energy, which meant that the spiritual energy that had spread out had decreased.
This would indirectly reduce the number of mutated creatures in the surroundings, making it even harder for humans to detect abnormalities.
This could be considered an additional benefit.*

062 Target, planet-level creature (5th place)

Tropical, Monkey Country, within the huge dark forest.
A mushroom forest slowly rose.
If a human came, they would definitely be extremely shocked, because this mushroom forest grew in such a normal way.
It was as if there were a pair of invisible large hands that arranged for their growth.
In the middle of the neatly arranged mushroom array was a giant house-like mushroom.
At its center was a spring that was invisible to the naked eye.
In the dark underground, mycelium and captive mutated earthworms spread.
Chen Mo was filled with pride as he looked at the mushroom forest he had built.
Although this design appeared to have strong human traces, it could cut off more spiritual energy.
The first spring in the tropical region was completely occupied by Chen Mo.
He began to continuously provide him with points of evolution.
Next was to traverse the entire Monkey Country and then reach the shoreline.
Along the coastline, it continued to expand around the equator.
Chen Mo already had a general plan. First, he would complete the genetic breakthrough in the tropical region where the least adaptive requirement was.
Then, with a more powerful adaptability, it swept through the temperate zone and then reached the second level!
At that time, Chen Mo believed that the conflict between him and the humans would not be a conflict.
A creature embedded in the natural system of the entire planet was not something a mere level 1 civilization could do.
It was like the entire world was filled with viruses, but humans could not do anything about it.
At that time, even if Chen Mo was discovered, humans would not be able to do anything about him. Unless the entire planet was cleaned up with a nuclear bomb, there was still a guarantee that every corner would be cleaned up!
“The first target is to become a planet-level creature!”
Chen Mo said confidently.
He wasn’ t too arrogant, but rather, after careful analysis, he came to a conclusion.
When he expanded to a certain extent and occupied more than 10% of the planet’s area, he could no longer suppress the spread.
At this moment, it was no longer possible for them to be destroyed by physical methods.
And genetic methods?A genetic virus?
This was simply a gift.
However, there was still some difference from the target of 10%.
Chen Mo estimated that he currently occupied a portion of the temperate zone, subtropical zone, and a small portion of the tropical zone.
This portion only accounted for 0.5% of the surface area.
It increased by about 0.1% every day.
Of course, after entering the tropics, the growth rate would suddenly increase. If not for the fear of attracting human attention, the expansion would be exponential.
“I still have to keep a low profile. It’s best not to be discovered until my adaptability is higher than 20.”
He still had to continue to evolve!
Continuous evolution was the king’s dao!
With that thought, Chen Mo opened the Attribute Panel.
During this period of time, he had greatly gained.
[Race]: Mutant Mushroom
[Evolution Point ]:36
[Gene Bank]: Mutated Earthworms 100%, Mutated Monkey 100%, Mutated Human 100%…
[Available Genes]: Illusion, Corruption X, Metal Type 4, Cavity Structure, Poison, Nerve, Regeneration
[Research Bonus]: Carbon-Based Creatures +304, Spiritual Energy Knowledge +13
Organ Attribute Panel
[Mutated Mycelium]: Nutrient absorption efficiency 1.6
[Spore]: Adaptability is 5.8(average seed, but its powerful diffusion ability and large number greatly increase your survival rate.)
[Fungus Cover]: When it is ripe, it can start producing spores. Each batch of spores is 4-5 billion. The production cycle is 380 minutes. It needs to consume a lot of nutrients.
[Overall assessment]: The danger level is 2.6. You have already surpassed the average creature by 2 points. You are developing towards extremely dangerous global creatures. Your existence is a huge threat to the ecological environment.
[Evolutionary clues]: Efficient absorption.You need the support of carbon-based organisms with +1000 knowledge reserves, supported by stronger’ toxins’ and’ metal’ genes.(Current progress:40%)
The 36 evolution points could be reconstructed and evolved again!
This time, Chen Mo was prepared to transform the regeneration gene. This gene was extremely important. As a mushroom, a species that won by quantity, Chen Mo even believed that the significance of regeneration was far greater than individual strength.
He was not a hero in terms of unit combat strength. In fact, he didn’ t need too much combat strength at all. He only needed enough adaptability.
Combat ability was only an incidental product in the process of gene research upgrading.
Just like humans, their combat strength was only a product of increasing intelligence and studying science.
Chen Mo needed a faster growth rate, stronger recovery ability, and extremely terrifying adaptability.
Fortunately, these characteristics had all increased.
The spore growth cycle had been reduced from eight hours at the beginning to 380 minutes.
This also meant that Chen Mo’s expansion period and the loading time of the spore cannon also decreased simultaneously.
What if it was reduced to 1 minute?
Even a few seconds?
That spore cannon was about to become a machine cannon!
It expanded once in a few seconds……
Just thinking about it, Chen Mo felt that it was extremely terrifying. This kind of growth speed was enough for him to expand to the entire world within a few days!
Of course, this was without consideration of adaptability.
No matter how fast he grew, he had to see if he could adapt to the environment.
Therefore, the first important characteristic was adaptability, and the second was growth speed!
The latter was directly related to the regeneration gene!
Evolution and regeneration genes.
This would not only increase the speed of growth, further reduce the preparation time of spores, but also improve the performance of the spore cannon!
Chen Mo thought to himself and a glowing evolutionary tree appeared before his eyes.
Now, his evolution tree had grown a lot more than before.
It could be said that the branches and leaves were scattered.
It looked like a civilization technology tree.
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