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Chapter 1 First Coming to Otherworld

In the dense forest, a towering tree rose from the ground, blocking out all the sunlight on the ground. From time to time, a few small animals would be emitted from the forest. The sounds of mosquitoes seemed to be performing a symphony that only they could understand.
The forest was dark. No one knew what kind of creature would suddenly jump out of such an environment. A human figure suddenly appeared in his vision.He carefully and slowly walked through the desolate forest. Perhaps this person was too hungry. He grabbed a handful of mushrooms and stuffed them into his mouth.
Even the dirt on the roots of the mushrooms was ignored. Soon, the nearby mushrooms were completely eaten by this person. However, how could these fungi fill their stomachs? Within 10 minutes, this human’s stomach once again let out a “gulu” sound, protesting his dissatisfaction with the owner of his body.
A bitter smile fell on his face as he sat on the ground, looking around at the Primitive Forest. This figure’s face was filled with tears of unwillingness.
“Exactly where is this place and why am I here……”It’s already the fourth day. Why hasn’ t I reached the end yet? Is my dream not over yet?”
This was not a dream. On the first day, this figure had already pinched his face. He could feel the pain. This was clearly the real world!In the next few days, in order to satisfy the most basic needs of human survival, he had been running around in this endless forest.
If it was to be said that his character was extremely good, he had spent four days in the forest without any purpose. He had not been discovered by a man-eating animal and had been eating all the way.
Today, this young man’s body could no longer hold on and fell to the ground.
Humans could survive without eating for 7 days by relying on their willpower, but they could not live without boiling water. Once their bodies did not take water for 3 days, humans would die.
Fortunately, there was plenty of rain in this forest, and it did not cause this young man to starve to death. However, his physical strength and energy in his body were finally exhausted.
If he couldn’t find a way out and the signs of human life, then he was destined to become a part of this forest. After his death, he was not found dead by the animals, and his body slowly became a nutrient for the nearby plants. His tone was almost miserable, and all kinds of animals ate and fell to the ground.
“There’s water!”
The light in his eyes gradually faded. Just as he was about to give up, the young man’s ears suddenly twitched. The sound of flowing water entered his ears, as if he had been beaten with chicken blood. A golden light flashed in his eyes, and he stood up and dashed towards the water source!
At this moment, the desire to live was fully activated. It was clear that there was no strength left, but after hearing the sound of the water, it activated its potential.
Creators were so miraculous. Humans were a perfect masterpiece of creators. As long as they were given a chance, humans would give you unexpected surprises.
What did the sound of water represent?Representing a river, what was there in that river?Food, endless food!As long as you have a way to catch it, then the food in a river will be enough to feed you for the rest of your life!
“Water!Water!”Water!”His eyes were red, and his mouth was constantly muttering, as if he was in a bad mood. In his eyes, even if a peerless beauty passed by him, he would not glance at her. There was nothing more important than survival, light!It was the first time he had seen the light in four days!
Charge out of the forest!Suddenly, the young man’s feet slid, and his body’s center of gravity instantly tilted forward. Just as he thought that he was about to fall, he realized that he was still falling. He subconsciously opened his eyes, and he saw not black clay, but a crystal clear lake.
With a thump, he fell into the river. The young man did not panic at all. Instead, he held his breath and opened his eyes.
The water in the city was filled with impurities, so many people could not open their eyes in the water. However, the lake was exceptionally clear. The young man opened his eyes in the water without any discomfort, and the entire lake was immediately visible.
“Many fish!”The lake was not as wide as thirty meters long, but there were countless fish swimming in the water under the lake. When they looked at the fat fish, their stomachs began to grow.
As night fell, the sky gradually darkened. The young man quickly lit a bonfire and lived in the forest for four days. Plus, you could always watch Grandpa Bei’s adventures.
The fish that he caught in the afternoon was strung onto a wooden stick and roasted on the fire.
Looking at the fish on the bonfire, the young man’s tears started to fall. It had been four days!It had been four days!He ate either wild fruits or leaves. The better thing was mushrooms. He had never eaten any meat, let alone roasted meat. As he asked, he silently wiped the tears out of his eyes.
When the fish meat was cooked, the young man smiled as he cried and ate the roast fish in his hands. He slowly recalled what had happened four days ago.
The young man’s name was Lin Ling, and he was one of the city’s citizens. He had just been a sophomore, and his school was just an ordinary third-rate school. He originally planned to start his brick journey in the society after four days, but he didn’t expect the heavens to be inferior.
It was a sunny day because Lin Ling chose to stay in the school dormitory. Apart from his other roommates, they either went out to amuse themselves or accompanied his girlfriend. The originally crowded dormitory immediately became empty.
In order to pass the time, Lin Ling decisively took out the laptop that had accompanied him for five years from his bag. Although the current configuration showed that the laptop was no longer popular, the person who accompanied the laptop back then could be said to have scared a bunch of people to death.
It was more than enough to play in the current game. After a short period of waiting, the old computer finally started.
As a modern man, Lin Ling naturally followed the trend. If there were more players, he would play whatever game. According to his words,” If there are more players, it must be a good game!”
Looking at the big “L” icon on the table, Lin Ling smiled and silently clicked on it.
《 Hero Alliance also called lol is a hero fighting game developed by American Riot Games and operated by Tencent.
Apart from instant strategy and team battle, the 《 Hero Alliance also had a unique hero and an automatic match battle net platform, including the talent tree, summoner system, runes and other elements. The beautiful scene had already conquered Lin Ling’s eyeball from the moment it appeared.

Chapter 2 Wolf’s Coming

Apart from instant strategy and team battle, the 《 Hero Alliance also had a unique hero and an automatic match battle net platform, including the talent tree, summoner system, runes and other elements. The beautiful scene had already conquered Lin Ling’s eyeball from the moment it appeared.
Whether it was operational or playable, The Hero Alliance was one of the most successful MOBA games.
He entered his QQ number and successfully logged on to the server. He pressed the match button. Soon, the system had already matched the opponent. Just as Lin Ling was about to choose a hero, the entire dormitory started to tremble. A word flashed through Lin Ling’s mind,” Earthquake!”.
There was no mistake. It was indeed an earthquake. Moreover, the earthquake was extremely strong. Just as Lin Ling was about to rush out of the dormitory, he accidentally tripped over the wire that connected his laptop. Instantly, lightning flashed everywhere. Even Lin Ling didn’t know why it was because he had just tripped over a wire. It was actually such a terrifying scene.
As the current entered his body, Lin Ling’s eyes darkened and he was completely unconscious. However, the laptop that had lost its power was still shining in this slightly trembling dormitory. Suddenly, a pitch-black black hole appeared on the screen, swallowing Lin Ling who had fainted on the ground and slowly disappearing into the air.
After that, Lin Ling’s laptop was completely destroyed.
This was what happened. Even now, Lin Ling still could not believe that such a fortuitous encounter had happened!
He had transmigrated!Like the many transmigrating armies, they had traveled to a world that they didn’t even know where it was. However, Lin Ling felt that this world was inextricably linked to the game called The Hero Alliance.
Have you seen Hailo before?
Lin Ling had seen it before. During the four days of survival in this forest, Lin Ling was fortunate to have seen a Hailo on a strange tree.
Unlike what Lin Ling had seen in the computer game, the fur on Po Luo’s body that Lin Ling had accidentally discovered was n’ t that white in color. Po Luo’s body was green in color, and her green hair completely fused with the surrounding natural environment. If he did n’ t look carefully, he couldn’t tell that it was a Po Luo. He thought it was a bunch of weeds.
If it weren’t for Lin Ling’s sight of the big red tongue that Hailo had spit out, he wouldn’t have discovered this cute little fellow.
A pair of large eyes blinked at Lin Ling without any intention of being afraid of him. His four short limbs were casually hanging on the tree, giving off a lazy feeling.
That big tongue also trembled from time to time with Po Luo’s Zui Ba. No wonder someone called Po Luo cute. These little guys were really cute. Even Lin Ling had the urge to hug this little guy and love him well.
“Speaking of which, this little fellow seems to be following me all the time.”After putting down the roast fish in his hand, Lin Ling turned around and looked at the pitch-black forest. Sure enough, he found that petite figure in a short grass.
Pan Luo, who was discovered by Lin Ling, immediately sensed Lin Ling’s gaze. The timid Pan Luo immediately hid in the grass. Through the gaps between the grass, she continued to observe Lin Ling, who was not far away.
Lin Ling was amused by this lovely action of Po Luo. This was the first time he realized that there was nothing bad about crossing into this world. At the very least, he had seen those adorable things that people on Earth would never see in their entire lives. They were really Po Luo!It was still a green forest variety.
“Eat it, little fellow.”Curious, Lin Ling quickly took out a small roast fish from the skewer and threw it in the direction of Po Luo.
Lin Ling didn’t know what this cute adorable little creature was eating. He was completely curious.
Pan Luo, who was in the grass, saw that Lin Ling had thrown something towards him. Instantly, the fur on his body became alert, but he still looked so cute.
After a few seconds, Perra realized that the thing that was thrown over by humans did not seem to be the weapon he had imagined. Instead, it gave off a thick fragrance. Driven by curiosity, Perra instinctively took his four short feet and jumped to the side of the grilled fish that Lin Ling threw out. He sniffed at the grilled fish. Then, he revealed a happy expression and started to circle around the grilled fish.
Lin Ling only smiled at this. Sure enough, Hailuo’s combat strength was zero. They were born to act cute. If they could have such a cute creature by their side, perhaps their trip to the forest would not be so lonely.
Lin Ling had walked out of the forest. He had arrived at a lake, but on the other side of the lake was still a vast ocean of trees. In other words, Lin Ling’s journey was not over yet. Perhaps it was just the beginning, and there was something strange waiting for him to discover. Perhaps this time……
She shook her head and laughed at herself.Why did he always think about such unlucky things recently? Who would have thought that entering the forest would cause an accident? Didn’t he just walk over like this four days ago? There was n’ t even a single fart along the way.
“Maybe there are no beasts in this forest.”However, Lin Ling did not know that he had set up a big flag for himself.
It was already deep in the night. Lin Ling had already gotten used to living in the forest with food and food and living on the ground as a bed. He had happily entered his dreamland. Only the bonfire was still burning with wood, releasing beautiful flames.
Suddenly, a long whistle woke Lin Ling up.
“It’s a wolf!”This kind of voice could not be forgotten even if Lin Ling was beaten to death!
For a moment, Lin Ling’s body started to tremble because of the panic. The distant wolf’s roar was getting closer and closer, and his teeth were also trembling.
The wolf is here!
This was undoubtedly a very desperate and terrifying fact. A wolf was a group animal. Most of the time, a wolf was sent out to hunt. There were very few situations where a lone wolf would appear. Judging from the tone of the voice, this was definitely a group of wolves!Moreover, it was a pack of wolves that were running straight towards him!
“Hide!”That’s right!Hide!Only by hiding would the wolf not discover it, but how could he hide? The wolf’s nose was so sharp……

Chapter 3 Despair

“Hide!”That’s right!Hide!Only by hiding would the wolf not discover it, but how could he hide? The wolf’s nose was so sharp.
Grass?No, no, no, hiding in the grass was undoubtedly suicide!But other than the grass, this place was a river. Otherwise, it would be a tree. Where could they hide?
It turned out that wolves could swim. Like many canines, wolves naturally had a dog-planing swimming style. This was the innate ability of their genes.Then there was only one choice!
Big tree!
There was no mistake. It was a big tree!Every tree in this world was far more than the height of Earth. Moreover, it was very easy to climb with its lush branches and leaves. Canines could not climb trees. They were not cats, so Lin Ling needed to rely on this to avoid the pursuit of hungry wolves!
As soon as he was done, Lin Ling quickly found a tree that was tall and easy to climb. After three or two moves, he climbed up the tree with great difficulty. He looked down and saw that he was at least ten meters away from the ground. This time, he should be safe.
At this moment, what Lin Ling wanted to be most grateful for was the uncle who taught him how to climb trees when he was young. Although Lin Ling had long since lost track of where that person had gone, if he hadn’t been there, perhaps Lin Ling would have no way to get rid of the wolf belly.
“Coming!”Instantly, Lin Ling’s spirits rose to 120 thousand points. He held his breath and his heart jumped wildly, getting closer and closer!The sounds of objects rubbing against the grass constantly reminded Lin Ling’s enemies to get closer and closer.
Soon, a gray claw appeared in front of the bonfire. The sharp claws gave off a faint cold light, and a trace of blood was still left on the claw, making people feel extremely depressed.
Very quickly, with the help of the light from the bonfire, Lin Ling calmed down and quickly started sizing up the hungry wolf.
Grey-black hair, a streamlined body full of explosiveness, and the muscles on all four limbs were exceptionally developed. A furry tail continuously swayed. At least until now, this hungry wolf looked very normal. The only thing was that the muscles on its body looked more obvious than ordinary wolves. However, when Lin Ling saw the head in the shadow, no!When it was two heads, his entire body was in bad shape. He let out a low cry,” It’s actually a two-headed wolf!”
One Double Head!Just like a legendary magical beast!
“Whew…” The two-headed wolf on the ground had two heads, and four beast eyes that were emitting waves of killing intent continuously swept across the surrounding grass. Its body bent down and entered a battle stance.
His keen sense of smell told him that this prey was nearby!The surroundings were filled with the aura of prey. It was just that this cunning prey had actually hidden itself, causing the hungry wolf to become extremely furious.
In this primitive forest, there were many unexpected magical beasts. Each of them was exceptionally ferocious and ferocious. There were almost no vegetarians. In this forest, if they wanted to survive, they had to step on the corpses of other animals. Unless they were powerful herbivores, their fate would be hunted down.
For example, a rabbit that had just died in the mouth of the two-headed wolf, and the blood on the claws of the two-headed wolf came from that.
The two heads sniffed the surrounding air, making the two-headed wolf twice as efficient as an ordinary wolf in searching for prey!Very soon, it locked its target under the book that Lin Ling had dodged.
At this moment, Lin Ling’s heart seemed to have stopped. He looked at the two-headed wolf under the tree as quickly as possible, and endless fear enveloped his heart.
Suddenly, the head of the two-headed wolf was raised. The ice-cold beast eyes immediately locked onto Lin Ling who was hiding in the tree. A trace of ridicule appeared in his eyes.
“‘S done for!”It’s discovered by this bastard!”His heart skipped a beat and he fell to the bottom of the valley. In an instant, his body lost all its temperature. Cold sweat broke out from Lin Ling’s forehead and nose, and his eyes were filled with death.
“Bang!”A loud crash sounded so ear-piercing in this quiet night.
The big tree that Lin Ling was standing on shook violently. Lin Ling hugged the thick tree tightly and looked at the two-headed wolf in disbelief. His eyes were filled with shock.
This big tree was the biggest and thickest one that Lin Ling could find. It needed at least two Lin Ling to hug it, but it was so weak in front of the two-headed wolf that it was less than two meters tall. Just a probing impact caused a violent shake.
Not far away from Lin Ling’s camp, a petite figure jumped into the pitch-black forest. As he walked, he sang as if he was not afraid of this pitch-black forest.
When the petite figure heard the sound of the collision not far away, he instinctively looked in that direction. His delicate face was filled with a playful look, and his voice was as clear as a wind bell.” Whoa, it’s already late at night. Could it be that there’s anyone else in the twisted forest?”Hehe, I’m sure Annie wants to see who would dare to appear here at night…” As she said that, the petite figure called Annie changed her path and walked towards Lin Ling.
At this moment, Lin Ling did not know that he was about to meet her with fate……
“I’ m going to die!”Lin Ling was going crazy!The two-headed wolf below stopped after hitting him three times in a row. Lin Ling should have let out a sigh of relief, but he couldn’t let Lin Ling relax at all because the two-headed wolf’s sharp teeth had already started to bite the big tree!
A single bite was filled with wood chips. Just two of the trees had already been bitten off by a large chunk. At this speed, the tree would be completely bitten off by the two-headed wolf in less than 10 seconds……At that time, Lin Ling would fall to the ground along with the big tree and become the food for the two-headed wolf.
“Am I destined to become the food of this beast on the ground?”I’ m not willing!”With his anger, Lin Ling fell into deep despair.
Shaking, the big tree began to shake. Two more!
“Creak!” A sharp and clear sound of a tree breaking was heard. The towering tree, which was nearly 20 meters tall, was finally unable to bear the bite of the two-headed wolf and broke apart……

Chapter 4 Loli Saving Heroes

“That’s great. I didn’ t expect that my otherworldly life would end in such a short period of time.”Her eyes left behind a trail of tears. Lin Ling was still hugging the tree tightly, his eyes falling in the air.

The two-headed wolf below saw that the big tree had finally collapsed under his own efforts. He licked his tongue and waited for the big tree and its prey to fall down together. By then, he could have a good meal!

It was not until the pain of the impact on the ground that Lin Ling woke up from his daze. However, the two-headed wolf had already reached a distance of less than 5 meters from Lin Ling and was still walking slowly with saliva.

In fear, Lin Ling naturally did not want to die like an ordinary person. He either exploded in despair or fell silent in despair.

Lin Ling chose the former.

No!!!”With a roar that was filled with Lin Ling’s yearning for life, a golden light suddenly appeared in the pitch-black sky. In such a dark environment, this golden light was so dazzling.

Under Lin Ling’s shocked gaze, the light instantly hit the two-headed wolf in front of him, descending from the sky like a God’s Judgement.

Immediately, a wave of wailing sounded out from the two wolf mouths of the Double-Headed Wolf. The sound was similar to a dog’s throat. The golden light left a deep wound on the double-Headed Wolf’s waist like a sharp blade. For a moment, blood sprayed out of the wound like money, dyeing the ground red. The air was filled with a thick smell of blood.

Following the pain, the two-headed wolf sniffed the bloody smell of blood flowing out from its body. It immediately went berserk again. This attack not only did not repel the two-headed wolf, but it also increased its beastliness and ferocity.

This……”What.”Lin Ling was still lying on the ground, his mind constantly thinking about the unknown color light he had just received. That kind of scene was so familiar, it really looked like the punishment in The Hero Alliance.

However, it didn’t matter anymore. Lin Ling laughed at himself. If he could n’ t hit him with a single strike, he would no longer be able to send out a second light of punishment. Very soon, he would be doomed to die in a few seconds.

Hungry Wolf leaped forward and his eyes were filled with madness. Two bloody mouths full of sharp teeth were about to bite Lin Ling.

At this moment, a human figure once again appeared in the silent forest. He only heard a charming laugh.” Hehehe, what’s interesting is that it’s a Shadow Wolf and a Summoner. Fire, it’s broken!”Shattered Fire!”

Jiao Xiao’s figure laughed wildly. A burst of flame shot out from Jiao Xiao’s hand and instantly exploded on the wound on the back of the Shadow Wolf. Earlier, Lin Ling had been heavily injured, but now that the wound was suddenly ambushed, the Shadow Wolf couldn’t die anymore under Jiao Xiao’s attack.

The corpse fell to the ground, giving off a burning smell.

I……Not dead?!”His hands were constantly touching his entire body. Even his little brother Di wasn’t spared. Lin Ling was ecstatic after the calamity. He quickly stood up and ran towards the petite figure. He did n’ t care if the other party was a man or a woman, or if it was a person or a ghost.

As he kissed his lips, he kept saying,” Benefactor!”You really are my benefactor. Don’ t say anything. From now on, you want me to go east and I definitely won’ t go west.”

“……” Annie was stunned by Lin Ling’s enthusiasm. As the daughter of the mysterious magus Gregory Hasta and the Shadow Witch Ameline, Annie could be said to have been different from ordinary children since she was young. Because her parents had been in contact with magic since childhood, she had terrifying magic power. Coupled with Annie’s shocking talent, she quickly became a very powerful hero.However, because of magic, Annie became lonely. She had a strange personality (compared to an ordinary girl). Apart from Annie’s parents, Annie had almost no friends. Her parents rarely stayed by Annie’s side because of her work relationship, let alone hug her. The warm embrace in her memory had long become a deep memory of her.

Annie, who was extremely eager for friends and family, was suddenly hugged by Lin Ling. Feeling her body temperature, she instantly recalled her father’s warm and wide embrace. For a moment, she was lost in Lin Ling’s embrace. A look of enjoyment appeared on her face. Her big little eyes narrowed into a gap, like a docile little cat, her little head continuously drilling into Lin Ling’s embrace.

Annie’s actions caused Lin Ling to slowly recover from his excitement. When he realized that he was holding a cute and explosive loli in his arms, he gasped.

His body froze, like a corpse that had been dead for a long time. The corner of his mouth twitched as he said in fear,” Damn it, I just seemed……Kissing her……”What should we do? We don’ t know each other like this. It’s too rude!”However, Lin Ling couldn’t go back on his words for 10 seconds and was once again lost by the soft touch in his arms.

Just like that, the two of them did not want to let go of each other for a moment. Lin Ling, who was in a tense state of mind, instantly relaxed. A wave of tiredness surged into his heart and quickly fell asleep. Just like that, the two of them mysteriously hugged each other and slept together……

“Ah!”A sharp ear-piercing cry caused Lin Ling to wake up from his sleep. This was definitely the most comfortable and sweet sleep he had slept through after he had transmigrated. He rubbed his dry eyes. Just as he was about to see what was happening, he suddenly realized that his face had been attacked.

Annie got up from Lin Ling’s embrace in embarrassment. She did n’ t care about anything but slap Lin Ling’s face. Her cute little face was as cute as a red apple.

How could you be like this!Annie had never slept with any other boy other than her father. You actually…” With a trembling right hand, a ball of fireball that was emitting hot flames instantly appeared on Annie’s left hand.

The hot fireball continued to burn the surrounding air, causing Lin Ling to wake up. Looking at the loli in front of him, Lin Ling’s mouth turned into an “O” shape.

Damn it!I actually saw Annie!Could it be that last night ……”

Chapter 5 I want to become stronger

Lin Ling had to admit that he was a loli control. For Annie, a loli hero, she had a unique feeling. When she thought that she was carrying Annie last night, Lin Ling instantly felt as if he had beaten up a chicken’s blood.
Annie, who was kneeling on one knee, did not care about the embarrassment on her face at all. She stretched out her right hand and grabbed Annie’s tender hand.” Beautiful lady, please forgive my rudeness. At that time, it was because of the calamity that caused my mental fatigue to unconsciously fall asleep. If I could see your beautiful appearance earlier, I would definitely not be like this. Please forgive me. I am willing to use my life to protect you.”
“One……”One, life!”At the end of the day, Annie was just a child. How could she have heard such blatant words before? Her cerebellar pouches immediately exceeded the load. A burst of green smoke appeared and she stuttered,” This……Was this a courtship with me?”I’ m not ready yet.”Annie did not know how to answer Lin Ling.
Not agree?
Annie, who did not even have a friend, could not answer such a difficult topic.
His small mouth opened and closed as if he wanted to say something, but he did not make a sound.
Regardless of whether Annie agreed or not, there was one thing that could not be denied. Last night, Lin Ling’s embrace was really called Annie’s warmth and peace of mind. It was just like her father’s embrace. It felt like Annie enjoyed it very much.
For a moment, her wild thoughts completely disrupted Annie’s thoughts. Little Foot hurriedly retreated two parts and stretched Chu’s little hand, trembling,” Uncle, your request is too sudden. It’s not easy for Annie to feel it at all. Give Annie some time to think about it.”
Lin Ling was stunned. Then, he was ecstatic. His head was like a ground-drilling machine and he kept nodding,” Of course not. You can think slowly. There’s no need to worry. If you give me an answer, it’ ll be fine. I’ ll protect you for the rest of your life!”He gave Annie a thumbs up and revealed his white teeth.
“One……”A lifetime of protection!”Annie replied shyly with her hands holding her red face,” Yes.”
At Annie’s arrival, getting married was just the two of them being together forever. They often thought of the scene of their parents hugging each other and being warm. This was the limit that Annie knew. Annie did n’ t know anything else. It was as pure as a piece of paper.
Actually, Lin Ling’s words were only literal. He hoped to be with Annie to protect him. He did not have any other evil thoughts, and it was even more impossible to get married.
It was enough to protect a cute loli!
However, this trash with less than 5 combat strength had completely forgotten his own strength. He even said to protect Annie, even if there were 100 Lin Ling, he would not be able to defeat Little Annie.
It was just Annie’s brain that was too big.
Fortunately, Lin Ling didn’t reveal it. Otherwise, the one waiting for him would be a girl’s full strength attack!In an instant, more than ten Lin Ling’s flames of anger had turned into ashes.
Just like that, Lin Ling didn’t know that he had already walked around Ghost Gate. He still smiled happily on his face.
“Little Annie, are you hungry? Uncle will catch fish for you to eat?”
After Lin Ling said that, Annie remembered that she hadn’t eaten anything since last night!Her belly immediately let out a wave of protest. The red mist that had just disappeared once again climbed onto Annie’s cheeks.
“Hehe,” Lin Ling smiled and subconsciously touched Annie’s pink hair. When he realized that he had reached out his hand, he immediately retracted his hand and shouted to himself,” Lin Ling, you’ re crazy!He actually dared to attack her. Did he not see that the wolf was already dead?Oh right……Wolf!Since the wolf was already dead, he still wanted to catch a furling fish!How stupid!”Roasted wolf meat.”
The image of anger did not appear. Instead, it was Annie’s shy smile.
That spring breeze-like smile instantly struck Lin Ling’s heart, instantly healing him.
“This……Little Annie, do you have any knives on your body? If Uncle wants to cook barbecue, there’s no way to cut meat ……”
“Here you go.” Annie rolled her eyes at Lin Ling, speechless. Only then did she remember that Lin Ling had come to this twisted forest by himself. She took off the backpack on her back and searched it for a while before putting a delicate dagger with a scabbard into Lin Ling’s hand.
A trace of magic power flowed from the hollowed-out glyph. Pulling out the dagger, the entire blade was exceptionally sharp. Just by looking at it, one could feel the sharp edge of the dagger. It was as if something was piercing Lin Ling’s eyes.
Although he didn’t know about swords, based on his appearance, even a layman like Lin Ling could tell that this dagger was definitely not ordinary!
He carefully held it in his hand and carefully walked over to the dead wolf. If he went down, it would be a slash. Immediately, the wolf’s skin, which should be extremely difficult to cut, was cut open like tofu under the dagger.
Lin Ling used to be a single person. Lin Ling relied on his own hands for his clothing, food, and shelter. To an ordinary person like him, killing animals was unacceptable. To Lin Ling, this had become a life skill.
Killing fish, killing chicken, and even the hard-to-dissect animal Lin Ling had personally tried it at home.
Perhaps it was because of the nature of the bloodthirsty, Lin Ling did not have anyone who could not bear with animals. Instead, every time he saw blood, he would feel a strange excitement.
With Annie’s dagger, cutting wolf meat was incredibly easy.
After cutting the wolf meat, Lin Ling ran to the river to clear the meat. He also cleaned up the iron-like dagger and returned it to Annie.
However, Annie was unwilling. She pursed her lips and said,” I’ ll give you the dagger. Don’ t give it to me again. You’ re so weak that you can’ t even beat a Shadow Wolf. Even the Punishment has been used askew. How can you protect me like this? You better protect yourself first.”
Annie’s words pierced deep into Lin Ling’s heart like a sharp blade. His heart was dripping with blood.
Annie was right. She couldn’t even protect herself. Why should she protect her? Thinking back to the vows she had made before, Lin Ling’s heart immediately felt a sense of pride. He was a person who had struggled in the society. How could such a cruel society not allow him to lower his head and become stronger in this world?
“I must become stronger!”Get stronger!”She took a deep look at Annie and roared in her heart……

Chapter 6 Daraman Ferrier

(In this chapter, I’ll explain the worldview of this world and the profession of Summoner. I’ ll give you a more detailed introduction later)
“I must become stronger!”Get stronger!”She took a deep look at Annie and roared in her heart……
“So, before Uncle could protect me, let me protect Uncle.”But when Uncle becomes stronger, Uncle, you must protect Annie. You can’ t let Annie suffer any damage!”Two innocent eyes flashed, and the jade-like index finger in his right hand continuously swayed. He straightened his chest at the airport, looking like a little lord.
Although she had only known Lin Ling for a day, Annie had a very good impression of Lin Ling. Even the weapons her parents gave her were sent out without hesitation. This might be fate.
“I will definitely become stronger!”I’ ll protect you. I won’ t let anyone hurt you!”With his head lowered, he gripped the dagger Annie gave him. Lin Ling’s heart was warm, and a warm smile appeared on his lips.
Twisted Forest. For most of the Alliance’s opponents, this place was still a mysterious place.The Distorted Forest was located in a dense forest to the north of the Iron Ridge Mountains, between Zu’an City-State and another main pass (this pass connects North Texas and the northern beaches of Warland).The Distorted Forest was only a few forests that had not been cut down near Zu’ an. The deeper one went, the more they would find out because of the misuse of magic. The ecological environment inside turned it into a strange and exotic scene.
Annie had only come to the Twisted Forest to kill time. She had never thought that she would encounter Lin Ling who had just crossed the runic ground.
As the smallest hero in the Alliance, Annie’s potential was also extremely great. Because there were fewer and fewer wars between countries, most of the time was to use summoners and summoners to control the heroes to determine the outcome. This way, each country could not only deal a blow to the enemy without consuming a single soldier, but also increase the training of their heroes and summoners.
On the surface, there was a temporary truce, but the small actions between them were still not rare.
The Land of Runes was a very special continent. Almost all the mages here focused on runic magic. Of course, there weren’t a few magicians who had come up with a different path. The magic that they had created had changed a lot. Here, magic was not just a mysterious concept of energy.It was a material substance that could be guided, shaped, shaped, and manipulated.The magic of the runic ground had its own natural laws.The result of the random changes in the Origin Ecological Magic changed the laws of science.
As long as they came to this continent, even the gods would temporarily lose their Godheads (just like the Judgement Angel Kyle). The Godheads that they lost would be temporarily sealed within the huge magic system of the Hero Alliance. No one could steal them or use them, unless the Godheads’ owners could retrieve them themselves.
Once they heard the summons of the Summoner, they would lose their divine power temporarily. This was the only way to join the Hero Alliance.
In a sense, this pure magic was similar to an artificial intelligence magic system. Its power was greater than that of the gods.
Zhanzheng College was the place where the Heroes Alliance decided on the political dispute between Walloran.This was an absolutely neutral territory, and no disputes were allowed. There were the most powerful summoners on this continent. The academy was located on a giant crystal hub, made of obsidian, precious metal, and magic.It was located at the northern entrance of the Morgron Pass, just between the opposing City-State of Demarcia and Northus.
A room was extremely luxurious. The bookshelves were filled with books. The entire room was filled with a special fragrance of books. A light smell would instantly make people clear.
These books were all treasures of Zhanzheng College. Other than Zhanzheng College’s leaders, they were not qualified to access these precious books.
An old man with long white whiskers had a wisp of a beard on his chin. He looked at the crystal ball in his hand and revealed a puzzled expression.” Five days ago, I clearly sensed a phenomenon in the sky. This is clearly the sign that another hero was summoned to this continent. The location is already determined to be in the periphery of the Distorted Forest, but why can’ t I detect any information.”
If you had a Thousand Miles Eye, you would find that in the outer space of the Distorted Forest, a malevolent eyeball was sweeping through the ground. This was one of the many Summoners’ skill insights.
It was just that it was different from the game. In this continent, not only could they use the words of a hero’s virtual battle, they could also use the words of a hero’s virtual battle to explore any area on the continent that was not covered by powerful magic.
Just like this old man, he could use the Insight Technique ten million meters away. Furthermore, the only thing that was so terrifying was the legendary Grandmaster Summoner!
The only Grandmaster Summoner in Zhanzheng College was the current Dean of Zhanzheng College, Daraman Fettrill. He was one of the few Grandmaster Summoners in the entire Runic Lands.
Every Grandmaster Summoner represented a terrifying organization, even a country.
The prerequisite to becoming a summoner was to become a mage. Only those who became a mage would have the right to try and become a summoner.
The levels of Summoners were also divided.
Beginner Summoner, Intermediate Summoner, Advanced Summoner, Master Summoner, Grandmaster Summoner, Great Grandmaster Summoner, and the last Deity Summoner.
The last two types of summoners were only in legends. Ever since the entire continent had undergone great changes a thousand years ago, they had never seen a Grandmaster-level or above summoner. As time passed, Grandmaster-level summoners had become the most powerful summoner in this world.
Every Grandmaster Summoner could not only skillfully use the Summoner skill that he had mastered. This kind of skill that was similar to talent could not be used by anyone other than the Summoner. Not only that, every Summoner was a very powerful mage. It might not be as powerful as a hero in the Hero Alliance, but it was also not a good match.
[Let’s explain that every Summoner in Monkey World only has two Summoning Skills. A small number of geniuses may have three to four Summoning Skills, which is already at the top of the sky. It’s impossible to be the same as in the game. As long as one reaches the level, all Summoning Skills can be used at will. From the moment they become a Summoner, Summoners’ Summoning Skills are already destined. They can not change or choose. Everything depends on Heaven’s Will.)
Daraman Ferrier smiled slowly, his face full of playfulness.” Strange, there are heroes in this world that even I can’t detect. Hehe, these factions should be fighting for the ownership of this mysterious hero again ……”

Chapter 7 White Rabbit Milk Sugar

Daraman Ferrier smiled slowly, his face full of playfulness.” Strange, there are even heroes in this world that I can’t even detect. Hehe, these factions should be fighting for the ownership of this mysterious hero again ……”
In the dense forest.
Lin Ling split the fruit into two parts. He tossed it into his mouth and chewed it. The other half went up to his head and handed it over to Little Annie. He said in confusion,” Annie, eat it. I’ ve eaten this fruit before. It’s not poisonous, and it’s quite sweet. It’s full of water.”
Annie, who was sitting on Lin Ling’s neck, instantly became curious. She was filled with curiosity about the red fruit that Lin Ling handed her.
As a proud girl, Annie usually ate the best ingredients in this world. How could she have eaten wild fruits that had just been picked by Lin Ling? After hearing that Lin Ling said it was very sweet, she threw it into her mouth without even thinking about it. However, when she chewed on it, Annie’s face twisted into a ball and she said angrily,” Uncle Lin Ling, you’ re lying!”Damn Annie! Annie is angry!”The young miss’ temper appeared, and she immediately threw the fruit that Lin Ling picked from her little hand onto the ground.” Eh…” Lin Ling was speechless, and he scratched his head in embarrassment. To be honest, he had almost starved to death in the forest before, and this was the first food he encountered. It was delicious when he ate it. Even if he had eaten it earlier, it was n’ t that sour at all. Could it be that his taste was wrong?
He looked at the fruit that Little Annie had thrown onto the ground and picked them up one by one.
He tossed the remaining fruit into his mouth and casually chewed it a few times before swallowing it. He wiped his hands on his clothes and made sure that his hands were not dirty. Only then did he carefully carry Annie down from his neck.
After living in the forest, you would be the same as Lin Ling. Every mouthful of food was hard to come by. He would never waste any fruit.
Lin Ling immediately didn’t know what to do when she saw Little Annie holding her chest and putting her little face aside.
Annie lived a life of delicacies. It was completely different from people like Lin Ling. The fruit she ate was called fruit, and the fruit Lin Ling gave Annie was at most an immature fruit.It was because Lin Ling had not recorded Annie that she had made such a big mistake.
Loli control? Loli control???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
No matter how much Lin Ling comforted Little Annie, Little Annie still had an indifferent expression. She was like a tough guy who couldn’t even get in.
“F*ck, if he had known that he had played with GAL more when he was on Earth, perhaps he still knew how to deal with a girl who lost her temper now.”How about the Sa family…” Thinking of this, Lin Ling immediately sat down on the ground like a deflated ball.
After living in the forest for so long, he had long ignored his pants and dirty clothes. As long as his clothes could still be seen (he had to carry Annie)……
Just as Lin Ling was helpless, like a small white thing falling out of Lin Ling’s broken pants, Lin Ling’s eyes instantly went straight!
“This……”Isn’ t that the big white rabbit candy?”Looking at the white rabbit candy wrapped in wrapping paper on the ground, Lin Ling once again fell into deep memories.
On the day of the journey, Lin Ling’s roommate, Xiao Li, said before dating his girlfriend that he had a few of the remaining candy he ate yesterday. He asked Lin Ling if he wanted it. At that time, Lin Ling was still lying in bed, confused. He casually said,” Put it in my pocket by the bed.”
Coincidentally, Lin Ling was wearing these pants. In other words, even he didn’t know that there was a high-calorie food like White Rabbit Milk Sugar in his pants.
Instantly, Lin Ling’s face was filled with tears as he picked up the big white rabbit candy on the ground. He blew on the dirt and dust on the candy-blowing paper and scolded with a smile,” You damn pants, would you die if you broke earlier? If you appeared earlier, I do n’ t have to go all the way looking for food!”
If he touched the bag, there would be at least 10 of them!What a loser! He actually gave him over 10 of them at once. If he could pass through, Lin Ling would definitely give his roommate a warm hug.
Because he had already thought of a way to make Little Annie angry.
Children loved to eat candy, especially this kind of fragrant milk candy. Lin Ling couldn’t bear to eat it on his own. The candy that was once inconspicuous was now more precious than the candy that came from Gold. It did n’ t just represent the calories needed by the body, it could even coax Annie to stop being angry!
“Annie, don’t be angry. Uncle is wrong. How about Uncle give you candy? Can Annie forgive Uncle?”
Annie’s little ears twitched when she heard that there was candy. The expression on her face gradually disappeared, but her tone was still the same as before.” Hmph!Don’t treat Annie as an ordinary little girl. Annie would n’ t be a little…”Wow!”
Before Annie could finish speaking, Lin Ling took advantage of Annie’s words to throw the big white rabbit candy into Annie’s mouth. Annie would naturally subconsciously bite the item out of her mouth. Instantly, the rich fragrance of milk and the sweet taste conquered Annie’s taste buds. Her little mouth grew up with a very exaggerated and cute expression. Her eyes widened as she looked at Lin Ling in surprise. Her little mouth began to chew quickly, and her face was filled with happiness.
Seeing this, Lin Ling finally felt relieved. It seemed that Annie had been completely conquered by her big freak candy. Although she said she did not want it, her body was unexpectedly honest.
“Uncle, do you still have that one? Annie wants it.”When the candy was finished, Annie asked excitedly.
“……” Lin Ling was silent, he only had a dozen left. These were all left to coax Annie in the future, so he naturally could not give them to Annie at once. He caressed Annie’s hair and lied without hesitation,” No, this is Uncle’s last candy. It has been kept until now. If I did not meet Annie, perhaps Uncle would have eaten this candy before he died in this forest.”
“Is this candy really that precious?”
“Yes!”Lin Ling nodded heavily. This was extremely precious. If he didn’t encounter Annie, these sweets would be Lin Ling’s last hope. They wouldn’t be eaten unless he had to.

Chapter 8 Peelwaterf

“Yes!”Lin Ling nodded heavily. This was extremely precious. If he didn’t encounter Annie, these sweets would be Lin Ling’s last hope. They wouldn’t be eaten unless he had to.
Piltewov, a peaceful and science-loving city-state, where people perfectly integrated science and magic, creating glory that only belonged to them.
After more than ten days of trekking, with the help of Annie’s powerful strength, Lin Ling finally left the twisted forest. It was only when he saw the small village around Pirvov that he realized that he and Annie had unknowingly left the forest and returned to the world of human civilization!
There was no forest that covered the mountains and plains. All day long, he was worried that a beast would jump out from behind him and bite him to death.
“Uncle, the main city in front of Pirvov is here. Annie knows a very good hotel. The food inside is very delicious. Hurry up and go!”
After paying the city entrance tax of one silver coin, Lin Ling finally realized that the surrounding villages that he went to see first were just shit!
Oh right, I forgot to mention that the world’s money was the same as ordinary novels. The largest unit was one gold coin, followed by silver coins, followed by copper coins.One gold coin was equal to one hundred silver coins, which was equal to ten thousand copper coins. An ordinary person’s meal would only cost ten to ten copper coins, and a copper coin would be equal to one dollar on Earth. Because Pirvov was a very special city, he needed to pay money to enter the city. Many other cities in the Runic Land did not need to pay money.
There were machines everywhere on the street, and steam continuously sprayed out from all kinds of machines. Some of the carriages on the road even used mechanical horses instead of live horses.
Lin Ling had never seen anything in front of him before. For a moment, Lin Ling stood there in a daze. Seeing such a sci-fi scene, he did not say anything for a long time……
How ironic. In Lin Ling’s previous earth science and magic, it was almost the same as the relationship between sin and justice. There were two extremes between the two, but in this magical land of runes, there was a perfect combination of technology and magic in this place!
“Are these robots!”
“Yes, Uncle, why do you seem so surprised? Don’ t tell me you don’ t know that the most developed machine industry in Pirvov’s city is now.”
“……” How could Lin Ling know that even though he had played “The Hero Alliance “, he was not the kind of person who would know about these background stories. Pirvov’s policewoman Lin Ling knew.
Caitlin, a tall and beautiful goddess shooter, did not include the word MISS in her words. Apart from that, there was also a sexy and hot law enforcement officer.
As for the other heroes, Lin Ling’s memories were n’ t too clear. In short, there were many famous heroes living in this city. Just a city could be compared to a country’s strength.
“Do these robots have their own consciousness?”Curious, Lin Ling asked another stupid question.
As expected, Annie covered her face and looked at Lin Ling with her only big eye. It was as if she was looking at an animal.
“Cough cough,” Lin Ling quickly realized that he was dumbfounded again and quickly explained,” Don’t ……”
However, before Lin Ling could finish, Annie explained to Lin Ling,” Uncle, although you are very stupid, Annie won’t despise you (serious face)!Although Pirvov was a very advanced city with many robots in it, these robots were just low-level robots that would only follow the simple orders of their owners.Some robots even needed people to manually control it.”There’s only one exception…” Annie paused for a moment. No matter who it was, that existence would find it extremely inconceivable.” Perhaps only gods can create such things as souls, but a person named Colin Refic has a daughter named Oriana.Oliana was the apple of his eye. It was extremely important to him.
Although Oriana had a great talent for dancing, she was extremely fascinated by the heroes of the Hero Alliance. Therefore, she had worked hard to train and hoped to become one of them one day.Unfortunately, Arianna had never experienced a storm. Her innocence had brought many dangers and even lost her life.
The death of his precious daughter made Collin feel heartbroken. He fell into extreme despair and became obsessed with researching high technology.Collin could not bear the emptiness caused by his daughter’s death, so he decided to create a substitute that could fulfill Oliana’s wish to join the Alliance.Collin created a clockwork killing machine in the name of his daughter. From then on, the clockwork magic spirit was born.
She was the only miracle that magic and technology that had their own consciousness fused together perfectly. Apart from that, no robot in Pirvov had their own consciousness anymore, right!Apart from the magic spirit, I remember that there was a hero named Steam Robot on Zu An’s side who seemed to be a mechanical creature as well ……”
“Hiss!”Hearing this, Lin Ling gasped. Hearing Annie’s words, Lin Ling’s ears were like the sound of thunder from the Nine Heavens. He didn’t feel anything when he was playing the game using the spinner spirit and the steam robot, but now hearing Annie’s words, these robots actually had their own consciousness!In other words, when they had their own souls!As an outsider, Lin Ling had a new understanding of this world.
“This world is really amazing…” whispered Silhouette.
His identity as a transmigrator would never be discovered by anyone, even if it was Annie who was closest to him!After much experience, Lin Ling’s experience and city residence became deeper and deeper. In the past, perhaps now that Lin Ling and Annie had confessed that they were transmigrators, the cruelty displayed had changed Lin Ling.
There were many transmigrators in this world, and most of them had extremely great backgrounds!
For example, Great Sage Sun Wukong!Although this world’s Sun Wukong was just a tiny hair of his original Sun Wukong, it did not hinder his position in this world, a hero!It was so powerful that countless people looked up to it. Apart from that, there were many heroes who had traveled from other worlds.
Lin Ling’s eyes turned and he thought to himself,” Perhaps my identity as a transmigrator can always be hidden, and I can be an honest Summoner in this world!”

Chapter 9 Blue Lamp Hotel

Lin Ling’s eyes turned and he thought to himself,” Perhaps my identity as a transmigrator can always be hidden, and I can be an honest Summoner in this world!”
Inwardly, he said,” This world is no longer the world I know. Without the foundation of strength, no matter how smart I am, I can’ t be compared to a level 2 enemy. These secrets will just rot in my stomach!”
Do you think the Dual-Headed Shadow Wolf is very strong?
Lin Ling, who had transmigrated from Earth, might be very powerful, but in Annie’s opinion, even a hundred Shadow Wolves could not cause any damage to her.
Apart from a special class called Summoner, there were many classes in this continent. Most of these classes were divided into 18 levels!
It was just 18 levels!Just like in the game.
The only difference was that these people on the main road did not have the same specific skills as in the game. Their skills were learned by their masters or by books they bought. Moreover, the skills that each person could learn were not restricted at all. You had talent and could even learn 100 skills.
As for the heroes who were recruited into the Hero Alliance, they were only powerful experts with extremely high prestige. If you wanted to join the Hero Alliance, your strength would be at least level 11 or above!Only then could they be selected and summoned by the Hero Alliance.
And the Shadow Wolf’s level of attack was only pitifully Level 3. Annie’s ability to enter the Hero Alliance meant that her strength had already surpassed Level 11!There was a difference between each level, not to mention the huge difference between Level 3 and Level 11.
It was no wonder Annie could kill that Shadow Wolf with a single fireball.
This knowledge wasn’t given to Lin Ling by Annie. It was a book that Lin Ling and Annie borrowed to buy at a stall on the roadside.
When he first came to this world, he could understand the words of this world. This discovery made Lin Ling extremely happy. He did not think about why he could understand it. All of this was due to the benefits of transmigration.
Finally, under Annie’s leadership, Lin Ling had turned many corners and made way for many times before arriving at the hotel that Annie had mentioned.
In the towering building, the walls were embedded with unknown tiles that were sparkling and translucent. It was really beautiful. From the looks of it, the entire hotel had spent a lot of effort and money, and it was considered a very famous hotel in this world.
As a young lady, Annie’s tongue could be said to be extremely crafty. Annie would n’ t touch anything that didn’t taste good. Since Annie said it was very delicious, the taste was definitely not something to say.
Cough cough……Because he didn’t have any money left on him, Lin Ling had no choice but to be a pretty boy.
Entering the hall, Annie took out a purple card from the small red leather bag behind her and handed it to the waiter.
After all, it was a big hotel. The waiter didn’t underestimate Annie just because she was a child. Instead, he politely took the card from Annie. When he saw it, his eyes popped out and he said with a trembling voice,” It’s actually a purple gold card!”This lady, please wait a moment. I’ ll return to our boss!”Then, he ran away.
Taking this opportunity, Lin Ling curiously approached Annie. The distance between the two of them was only a few centimeters. The other people couldn’t hear the whispers between them.” Annie, what exactly is the item you took out?”Why is that person so surprised.”
“Actually, I didn’ t know that this card was used by my father. This time, Annie secretly went out and stole it!”She stuck out her tongue and made a face at Lin Ling.
“……” Alright, having a powerful father can do whatever he wants.
“I’ m sorry. I’ ve asked your guest to wait for a long time. I’ m the manager of the Blue Lamp Hotel branch in Pirvov City. Please follow me!”The deep bow didn’t seem to be false. He respectfully invited the two to the top floor.
“Hiss!”Lin Ling only realized when he reached the top floor. How could this be a hotel? This was clearly a resort!He took in a deep breath. The first ten or so floors were still full of guests, but as the number of floors increased, the number of people became smaller and smaller. Up to now, there was not a single person on the 10th floor!
Later, Lin Ling found out by accident that all the branches of Blue Light Hotel on the mainland were 10 floors. Each floor had the same entry requirements.From the 1st to 6th floors, as long as you have the money, you can come and eat. On the 6th floor, no ordinary person can casually enter. Without powerful strength and power, you can not enter the 21st floor.
This was because there would be two Level 3 experts guarding the gate. As the number of layers increased, the strength of those guarding the gate would increase. The strength of the guard guarding the gate on the 10th floor was Level 6!
The champions who could accept their orders as generals in any army could only act as guards in this hotel. Even so, they did not see any complaints from the Level 6 champions. It was as if each of them was willing to work here.
“Dear Sir, I can tell from you that you must have experienced a very interesting adventure recently. I will send someone to take you to a bath and change clothes. Please enjoy yourself. Very soon, the food will be served to you.”He clapped his hands and quickly walked out of a car door. Two waiters with a first-class figure and a first-class appearance appeared. Both of them were first-class beauties in terms of face and figure. It was more than enough for a woman like Earth to become a celebrity.
How could a person from Earth have seen this formation before? Even ancient imperial relatives were treated like this. People from other worlds were truly extravagant!
Knowing that she was being rude, Shanshan scratched her head in embarrassment. She smiled. He knew that Annie was angry. If she were to be like a savage who had never seen the world before, perhaps the next moment, what awaited Lin Ling would be a burning fireball.
“Well, just tell me where to go. I’ m not used to others following me.”Lin Ling’s face was as serious as it was when he said this, but his heart was dripping with blood. He did n’ t know when this kind of treatment would be next.
Based on his current strength, it would take at least one to two years for him to enter such a hotel on his own. Sigh, he really wasn’t a lucky person!

10 Have you ever seen my little bear

“How could this be possible? You are an honored guest, please let us serve you!”Although she was extremely shy, the maid still refused to give in.
After Lin Ling repeatedly refused, the boss hinted that the waitress would return to the place where they came first.
Lin Ling was a loli control right, but that didn’t mean he did n’ t like beauties. Loli were used to love, and attractive women would arouse the desire of men.
“Hmph!”You’ re smart.”It wasn’t until the two maids disappeared before Annie’s eyes that Annie’s angry face improved.
The hotel owner smiled bitterly. In his opinion, Lin Ling should be the main owner, while Annie should be a relative like Lin Ling’s sister. He had n’ t expected that he would kiss his ass and kiss his leg.
He was just the manager of a branch store. He looked like he was managing a huge hotel. In fact, his position was extremely awkward. Facing these powerful and prestigious guests, he was no different from a senior waiter.
Although the two female maids were not pure virgins, they had a very good method. They had been trained to serve their guests since they were young. Coupled with their beautiful appearance, they had not expected that there would really be guests who would refuse.
“Really said that!”I can’ t figure out what a superior is thinking!”
After asking the hotel manager about the specific location of the bathroom, Lin Ling rushed over.
It sounded like a very simple matter, but it was very difficult to achieve in the Distorted Forest. Apart from a simple wash at the river, Lin Ling had no chance to take a good bath.It was really hard for Annie to go on a trip with someone like Lin Ling.
Looking at the bathtub and lotus head that represented the human civilization, a trace of memory appeared on Lin Ling’s face.
“Ah ……”
He opened the lotus head and let warm water spray on his face, letting out a comfortable groan……
When Lin Ling came out of the steaming bathroom, he realized that there was an extra set of exquisite clothes in the locker room that was completely empty. He had a good impression of the hotel’s service,” It would be great if the hotel’s service on Earth was so attentive!”After a useless exclamation, Lin Ling wiped off the water droplets on his body. He realized that he had unknowingly practiced a piece of abdominal muscle for four times after a series of survival. The little belly of the urban man had disappeared, which made Lin Ling extremely happy.
Lin Ling’s figure was pretty good. Coupled with the fact that the flesh on his body had disappeared, he had left behind a strong body. He changed into the new clothes left behind by the hotel, and he looked completely new.
“Goodbye, my brother. Thank you for being with me for so many days.”He reluctantly threw his worn-out clothes into the trash can and didn’t forget to take out the White Rabbit’s nipple from his pants and put it into his new pants.
Lin Ling picked up something similar to Earth’s razor and wiped off the scum on his face. Clear Water washed his face and wiped off the water droplets on his face with a towel. Lin Ling could not believe that it was him.
“F*ck!Was this really me?”This is too handsome!”Even though his face had become handsome, he could still vaguely see his face. This face was indeed right.
His black hair was straight and straight, and his straight, straight, straight, straight eyebrows rose slightly. His bright, clean, fair face revealed a cold and handsome appearance. His dark, deep, icy eyes were filled with sharpness, and he looked wild and unrestrained. His straight nose, coupled with the iron-blooded and masculine aura of the forest, his tall, tall, but rough figure revealed what he looked like.
If Lin Ling’s smile was a little worse now, he would definitely be treated as a flower-puncher.
The handsome face, slender figure and expensive clothes provided by the hotel brought Lin Ling’s temperament to the fullest.
This was the story of a living ugly duckling!
After experiencing the storm, the ugly duckling finally became a beautiful white swan, soaring above the blue sky.
Looking at the door in front of her, Lin Ling lightly exhaled and smiled,” I wonder if Annie will recognize me now.”He pushed open the door and found that there was no Annie in the hall. A few luxurious dining tables were already filled with fragrant delicacies. Lin Ling lifted his head and circled around. He found that there were waiters coming to deliver the dishes, so he simply sat down and waited for Annie.
“Most likely, that little girl went to wash her hands.”
She jumped up and down like a beautiful elf, Annie, quickly walked out of the female bathroom. However, she noticed that Lin Ling was taken over by a stranger, and her face immediately turned frosty.
The title of the Dark Lady wasn’t just a matter of words. Annie was angry and even the best heroes in the Hero Alliance had to avoid it.
She walked to Lin Ling’s side and looked at Lin Ling’s handsome face.” Who are you?”Why are you sitting in Uncle’s seat? This is Annie’s and Uncle’s table. Please leave immediately!”
“Uh…” Lin Ling was speechless. He didn’t know where Annie was making a fuss, but he quickly remembered that the slovenliness that he had carefully cleaned his face had long since disappeared. It was only normal for Annie to not reveal herself. She immediately became angry and began to tease him. A trace of a wicked smile appeared on her face.” What a beautiful lady, how do you want to date my brother?”Brother, take you to see ~Gold~Fish~ Oh!”
A ball of flames rose, and the temperature in the hall immediately increased. Annie revealed a brilliant smile and said with a smile,” Have you seen my little bear before?”
“Gulp!”Lin Ling gulped down his saliva and felt a chill run down his spine. How familiar was this sentence? Wasn’t it the line Annie would have said before she killed someone? Bean-sized beads of sweat rolled down Lin Ling’s face and a bone-chilling chill rolled down his entire body. His hands kept waving as he hurriedly explained,” Annie, calm down!Calm down!I am an uncle!Lin Ling!”Do you still remember the big white rabbit candy!”
You can’t just joke around with a hero!Even if the other party was just a loli who looked harmless……
Annie was stunned, and the flames in her hand went out. She stared blankly at Lin Ling’s handsome face. Her black brows stared at Lin Ling with interest, saying something that made him laugh or cry.” Are you an uncle?”Why should I shave off my beard? Annie still likes the way you have a beard.”

Chapter 11 Summoner Talisman

Annie was stunned, and the flames in her hand went out. She stared blankly at Lin Ling’s handsome face. Her black brows stared at Lin Ling with interest, saying something that made him laugh or cry.” Are you an uncle?”Why should I shave off my beard? Annie still likes the way you have a beard.”
Once again, Lin Ling walked out of the Ghost Gate. The clothes that Lin Ling had just changed into were drenched in cold sweat again. A large part of his back was covered in watermarks. The aura that had just come out of Annie’s body was truly frightening.
The pressure that was like a wild beast rushed towards him, as if everything was in vain in front of it……
That feeling of helplessness made Lin Ling feel that if he wanted to survive in this world, he had to become stronger.
After this little episode, the delicious food in Lin Ling’s mouth became as if it was chewing wax. He could n’ t taste it at all. All of Annie’s mind was filled with the image of holding a fireball.
Usually, Lin Ling would eat every dish on the table with a happy face. This world was no different from Earth. The air was fresh, the water was clear, and the entire world was so natural.
Due to magic, most of the delicacies in these top hotels were made from the meat of the magical beasts. The meat was firm and elastic, and the entrance was fragrant, soft and delicious. After eating it, the stomach was warm.It was as if it was a day and a day.
“Uncle, you seem to be unhappy…” At the end of the meal, Annie put down the knife and fork in her hand. She gracefully picked up the napkin and wiped her mouth. She looked at the absent-minded Lin Ling and asked kindly.
How could Lin Ling tell Annie the truth? He just smiled and casually said,” It’s fine, Annie. Uncle is just a little dizzy. It’s hard to accept that many days of jungle life has turned back to civilization. I want to rest.”
“Oh, oh,” The innocent Annie didn’t even think about it. She directly believed Lin Ling’s words and jumped off the chair to grab Lin Ling’s calloused hand. She said gently,” Since Uncle is tired, then go to sleep. This hotel also has a lodging function!”Let’s go. We’ ll go and book a room with that bearded uncle (hotel owner). We’ ll just have a night’s rest!”
“Mm…” Lin Ling replied absent-mindedly as she was led by Annie. She followed Annie mechanically.
Only after Annie put down her hand did Lin Ling recover from his daze. He found that Annie was gone and hurriedly searched around. Finally, he found out from a hotel staff that Annie had entered his room. Only then did he relax.
She lowered her head and looked at the key that Annie had placed on her door in her right hand. She whispered,” Room 505…”Don’ t tell me that I’ m leaning against Annie’s 504.”Lin Ling quickly found Room 505. He inserted the key to open the magic-filled door (advanced goods, magic is used to prevent theft). It was as luxurious as he had imagined. It could be described as a presidential suite on Earth.
“How will I stand in this world? What’s Annie talking about as a Summoner?” She looked at the ceiling and said with a gloomy expression…What happened to the Light of Punishment in the forest? What happened to me ……”
After gradually calming down, Lin Ling realized that there were too many mysterious things that happened to him. Most of them could not even explain clearly.
Just like the punishment he used against the Shadow Devil Wolf, there was no magic power in his body. There were a lot of wild fruits and weeds in his internal organs.
At first, he felt that it was nothing. It must have been through the welfare, but when he calmed down, Lin Ling finally realized how panicked he was when this strange situation appeared on him.
Humans were like this. They were afraid of unknown things. Although punishment was good, were you sure that he did not harm Lin Ling’s body?Lin Ling was not sure!
Without being certain that it would not harm his body, Lin Ling would not act rashly.
“Heavens!”Even if I become a Summoner, I still have to give me a Summon Book!”
“Ding! Activate Summoner Talisman!”A cold voice of an electronic synthesizer exploded in Lin Ling’s mind. He couldn’ t tell whether it was a man or a woman, so cold and emotionless,” Activate the Summoner Talisman!”
“What the hell!”With a swoosh, Lin Ling immediately flipped over and stood up from the bed. His eyes were filled with seriousness as he put on a battle stance, trying to make himself look intimidating.
In reality, Lin Ling did not have any fighting strength except that his body had changed from being a homestead man to a normal person. He was harmless, and no matter how intimidating he was, he did not have any deterrent to the look on his face that was about to cry.
“Activate the runic page, Summoner Sky Fu Tree, Summoner skill, Hero Cultivation System, Shop.”The mechanical voice ignored Lin Ling who was on the bed and was already speaking his own words.
As time passed, Lin Ling gradually recovered from his excitement. Fortunately, the hotel here was very good. Otherwise, according to Lin Ling’s shout earlier, everyone in the vicinity could be awakened from their sleep.
Lin Ling weakly sat on the bed. After confirming that there was nothing wrong, he felt that his eyes were getting heavier and heavier. His eyelids were blinking, and in the end, he was unable to resist the incoming drowsiness.
In his dream, Lin Ling seemed to have entered another world. Endless darkness. Within this endless darkness, there were statues of characters one after another. With a single glance, Lin Ling could tell what kind of hero it was because it was too conspicuous!
For example, the giant bull-headed statue in front of him was about 4 meters tall and had explosive muscles. Its soft fur covered half of its body, and there was a pendant made of biological bones hanging on its chest. It only had a few pieces of ragged cloth covering its important parts. It held a stone axe emitting a blood-colored aura in its hand, and it carried a huge totem on its back!
Wasn’ t this the Minotaur Chief Kane Bloodhoof, one of the legendary orcs heroes in the World of Magical Beasts!
Apart from the heroes of the magical beasts, Lin Ling even saw the hero statues of Diablo.
“These aren’t the heroes in my laptop?!”In shock, Lin Ling quickly calmed down and went straight to the statue of Kane Bloodhoof. Looking at the vivid statue, he could not help but touch it with his right hand……

12 Hero Pool

“These aren’t the heroes in my laptop?!”In shock, Lin Ling quickly calmed down and went straight to the statue of Kane Bloodhoof. Looking at the vivid statue, he could not help but touch it with his right hand……
“If I were you, I would not touch my noble body, human!”A loud sound like a big bell appeared. The statue of Kane Bloodhoof actually moved!
The giant hooves came down from the stone statue’s steps. When the stone statue became a real Minotaur, its aura instantly changed.
“Gulp,” he gulped, slightly trembling as he pulled back the hand that wanted to touch Kane Bloodhoof. His face was filled with fear.
“Hahaha,” Kane Bloodhoof looked at Lin Ling’s face and let out a hearty laugh. He shook his huge head and said in a low voice,” Don’ t worry, human, I won’ t kill you. Even if I want to kill you, I can’ t kill you.”
Lin Ling was stunned as he looked at Kane Bloodhoof in confusion.” You really don’ t want to kill me?”
“I, Kane Bloodhoof, say not to kill!”So many questions!”Seeing that Lin Ling was actually questioning him, Kane Bloodhoof’s smiling face immediately pulled down. That huge face immediately came in front of Lin Ling. Blood Baleful Qi assaulted his face as two pairs of eyes glared at Lin Ling and coldly said,” I, Kane Bloodhoof, swear with the soul of my ancestors that I will never hurt you!”
Since they had already sworn with their ancestor’s soul, Lin Ling had already made up half of his mind. The Minotaur was not a human who swore every day that he would fart. As long as they swore, they would definitely not harm him.
“Then……”What is this place?”
“Hero Pool!”
Kane Blood’s hooves turned his head, constantly scanning the stone statues as if he was looking for something. He replied absent-mindedly.
“Don’t speak!”Go and see the manual in your hand!”
Hearing Kane Bloodhoof’s words, Lin Ling realized that there was a thick sheep’s paper on the originally empty waist. The yellow paper made it look like it had nothing but a little old.
After flipping through the Sheep Book, Lin Ling quickly read it carefully.
“I see!”He rubbed his astringent eyes and didn’t know how long it took him to finish reading the Sheep Book. He probably had some understanding of the Summoner’s talisman.
The Summoner Talisman was created from the game “Hero Alliance” in his computer combined with the other games in his computer. It was supplemented by “Hero Alliance” and other games.
Talisman page, Summoner Sky Fu Tree, Summoner skill.
These three items were inherited from the Alliance of Heroes. With this Summoner Talisman, he would become an all-around Summoner, runic, talent tree, and Summoner skill. As long as his Summoner level reached, he would be unlocked one by one.
As for the Hero Cultivation System and the store, it was the result of integrating other games. Lin Ling was not only a summoner, but he could also make himself a brand new game through the Hero Cultivation System. As for the store, Lin Ling’s current level was not enough to activate it. He did not know how long it would take to unlock it.
“In other words, these hero statues are my place to learn hero skills!”Panting, Lin Ling’s heart was boiling with blood as he thought of how he would step on N’s aura and kill everyone.
What was most famous in the Magical Beast World?Perhaps some people would think that they were all kinds of heroes, but Lin Ling didn’t think so. The most important thing to go out was the various halos in the battle mode!
For example, Kane Bloodhoof had a halo.
Durable Aura!
Increase the attack and movement speed of their own troops. In the game, this skill could provide great support to the Orc troops, and in the team formation game, it could play a significant role!
Coupled with his great skill of Rebirth, the powerful control skill of War Trampling, and the shockwave, Kane Bloodhoof became one of the legendary heroes in the World of Magical Beasts!
“No mistake!”He retracted his gaze and said,” It’s just that you can only learn one skill right now. You’ d better be more careful. After all, there are too many heroes in the Hero Pool. Although my skills are very powerful, they aren’ t unsolvable. In my opinion, none of my skills are suitable for you.”
Every sentence was filled with words.
Kane Bloodhoof’s strongest skill was his strong body. Every time he fought, he would charge at the front line, even if he was trapped in an enemy formation. Under the heavy siege, Kane Bloodhoof’s skills would be fully displayed. He looked so powerful and unsolvable, but if he didn’t have a strong body for the first time, he would have been killed by the enemy before he reached the front line.
“Uh…” The wish was beautiful, and the reality was cruel. Kane Bloodhoof’s words completely dispelled Lin Ling’s dream of his ability.
Kane Bloodhoof was a hero born for war. Almost all of his abilities were AOE skills. Even a halo would increase the range of friendly forces. If there was a war, there would be him.
“You’ re right. I’ m really too excited. Thank you, Kane Bloodhoof. If it wasn’ t for you, I might have used my precious skill selection.”
“It doesn’ t matter. Because of your relationship, I saw my son. I’ m already satisfied.”
In the direction of Kane Bloodhoof, Lin Ling had indeed seen a long statue of the Minotaur that Kane Bloodhoof had imagined. However, it was quite possible to find this inconspicuous Minotaur in the countless heroic statues. It was really hard for Kane Bloodhoof to find him.
“Then why don’ t you go and reunite with your son?”
Kane Bloodhoof shook his head and said,” It’s useless. Unless the owner of your Summoner Talisman chooses a statue, the statue will awaken automatically. Once you leave the statue, you will be petrified again.”
“……” Such a heavy topic, Lin Ling lowered his head and did not say anything. Regardless of whether this Kane Bloodhoof in front of him really existed or not, in Lin Ling’s eyes, he was a living life. He had blood and flesh, his own feelings, his family, his fetters, and even the so-called memories that the authors of the game had created for him.
What Lin Ling could do was not to reveal it to others. He had always believed that the memories in his mind were real.

Chapter 13 Fatal Strike

What Lin Ling could do was not to reveal it to others. He had always believed that the memories in his mind were real.
“Then I’ll just choose what skill ……”
There were so many heroes, let alone skills. Each hero had a few skills that could not be compared to a thousand. It would be extremely difficult to choose from so many skills.
“If you don’ t, I have a few choices for you to take.”
“Quick!”Kane Bloodhoof’s words were like a life-saving straw. Lin Ling immediately saw a new hope.
One was Little White on Earth and the other was the Minotaur Clan Leader. Their experience was not the same dimension.
Kane Bloodhoof had experienced countless battles!In the end, he still died in the hands of the Orcs and was executed. If it wasn’t for this experienced Legendary warrior, there would n’ t be many people who could take his life.
Dwarves, elves, humans, orcs, undead……Many races knew a bit about their hero, Kane Bloodhoof. They even fought with some of them. After thinking for Lin Ling, they quickly came up with some of the most practical skills for Lin Ling.” First of all, what I recommend to you is that one of the skills that Demon Hunter has [Sacrifice]!”If I’ m right, you’ re just a novice, and [Sacrifice] is the most practical skill for you. It can not only damage the enemy’s flame, it can also increase your resistance to flame magic when activated. At the same time, it also keeps you warm.”
“The skill I recommended for you is also very good. It just depends on your character. If you think your character is very good, perhaps this skill will be more suitable for you than the previous skill.”
“What is it?”
“[ Critical strike!He took a deep breath, and Kane Bloodhoof heavily spat out these words!
Speaking of this [Lethal Strike], it had to be said that the elite warriors of the Beast Tribe were once members of the Fire Blade Tribe. Although not everyone was famous for these Sword Sages, no matter what kind of battlefield they were, they were a force that could not be underestimated.
Although Sword Sages were experts in stealth and deception, they valued personal honor more than anything else.Sword Sages were powerful warriors. Their sword techniques had reached a state of perfection.
“[ Fatal Strike], as long as you learned this skill, you would be able to master a great power and automatically master the use of all swords and swords. As the level of the [Fatal Strike] increased, your understanding of swords and swords would become deeper and deeper, and your skills would become more and more exquisite. A fatal strike was a skill that the Sword Sages had mastered through continuous and arduous training. I once knew a Sword Sages called Samurao. His moves were filled with contempt, and all of his defenses looked ridiculous. His movements were extremely swift, so fast that no one could see it clearly. When you finally killed him at the risk of your life,He discovered that he was ridiculing you mercilessly.
At the peak of his life, he could even maintain the effect of a fatal strike at a terrifying level of power that only three strikes could produce. With his luck, Samurao became a famous Sword Saint.”
“F*ck!A fatal strike actually had such an effect?Own Weapon Mastery?”Really!”Lin Ling’s mouth had long been shut. It was as if he had discovered the New World. If that was the case, would n’ t he have learned a fatal blow?!
This is incredible!This is incredible!
“Alright, let’s not talk about it!I chose this skill!”If I learn to use a weapon, it will definitely help me more than sacrifice!”
“Yes!”It’s just because of its randomness that I changed it from first place to second place. You can choose it and I’ m truly happy for you. I hope it can really help you.”
“Then how am I going to learn it?” The question of choosing a skill was over. The next question came, how to choose.
“Choose the hero you want. On the hero’s stone steps, you will be prompted for each hero’s skill. Just choose the skill you want. Let’s see if my stone steps also indicate my four skills.”
“Yes, thank you!”
“Don’t stand on ceremony with humans, I should thank you for that…” As he moved away, Kane Bloodhoof once again turned back to the stone statue before him. It only looked so real.
After three steps and two steps, Lin Ling quickly found the stone statue of the Sword Saint. After talking to the Sword Saint who had removed the truth, he finally learned the skill of a fatal strike.
Only after learning did he know that there was no skill level in this world. If he wanted to make a skill more powerful, he could only increase his proficiency through continuous practice.
In other words, if Lin Ling wanted to upgrade, he had to activate a certain number before he could upgrade.
Moreover, this level was not displayed. It was similar to learning how to use a fatal strike and mastering the use of a sword. It was a hidden attribute.
After using his only skill point, Lin Ling started to look at the talent page. There was no need to look at the aspect of runes. Lin Ling did not have any runes at all. If the store was not opened, it meant that he could not purchase runes.
After transmuting, the talent page also changed greatly. From the beginning, the tree diagram became three simple attributes.Strength, Agility, Intelligence.
Strength. Needless to say, if he used strength, it would greatly increase Lin Ling’s strength, physical strength, defense, and so on.
With Agility and Agility, Lin Ling would have faster speed, reaction and recovery.
Intelligence, which was correct for Lin Ling’s magic power, could also make Lin Ling smarter. The effect of meditation had also increased.
The explanation of these three attributes was very vague, as if they were a general description of a few games that had merged together and a completely new world.
“Life was more important!”Decisive power!”After choosing power, Lin Ling felt his body go numb. He then realized that his body was full of power, endless power, endless power!
Unknowingly, Lin Ling’s fatal strike combined with his talent bonus made an ordinary Lin Ling become a level 1 warrior!
If someone now knew that Lin Ling was not only a level 1 warrior, but also a summoner, then that person’s expression would definitely be extremely brilliant!

Chapter 14 Annie’s Missing

Soon, the main character was about to enter the first turning point, looking forward to……)
The following text
If someone now knew that Lin Ling was not only a level 1 warrior, but also a summoner, then that person’s expression would definitely be extremely brilliant!
This world wasn’t another world. Everyone could only have one class. If you were a warrior, you would n’ t be a mage, let alone a summoner. However, Lin Ling did it. He was both a summoner and a warrior.
Cough cough……However, Lin Ling’s physical strength was just the same as that of a level 1 warrior. He did n’ t have any Combat Aura at all, let alone magic. That time, the Punishment Skill had been used without magic. Even Lin Ling couldn’t understand it.
All skills without magic power were gray. Even if you wanted to use them, you could not use them.
“Uncle…” He woke up from his sleep and found that a delicious little loli had appeared in his bed. She truly said hello to him with a confused expression.
It turned out that when Lin Ling was unconscious and immersed in his sea of consciousness yesterday, Annie in the next room felt uncomfortable because she was sleeping alone. She quickly went to sleep with the staff and asked for the key to Lin Ling’s room and climbed onto his bed to sleep with him.
Lin Ling hated him!The second time, the second time he met, he actually fell asleep again!It was said to be soft and comfortable. The labor and capital did not even feel it!
Give my loli a pillow!
Poor Lin Ling seemed that he was destined to be unable to feel the softness from the loli. After clearing up his sorrowful and heavy mood, he pulled Annie’s small hand and left Blue Lamp Hotel.
One was a newly arrived Little White rookie, and the other was a young miss who rarely left the house. The two of them were perfect match for each other. Whenever they passed by a street and saw something they had never seen before, they would take the initiative to come forward and take a look. They even ignored the resentment of the stall owner before leaving.(Just look at not buying them, and even touch them everywhere. Anyone else will feel resentful)
“Where are we going next?”This kind of aimless shopping wasn’t a way to go. Since they had passed through here, they had to have a place to live!Eating Annie’s soft clothes and staying in the hotel was n’ t the same.
With the enhancement of his talent points, Lin Ling’s power was extremely great. He could easily lift a 100kg item without any effort, so he could build a small wooden house near the nearby forest without a cent.
Although he had never done it before, he had never eaten pork before and had never seen a pig run. Lin Ling understood the general method and was very confident in building a home that belonged to him in a short period of time.
The key was to be afraid that Annie wouldn’t agree. After all, Annie and herself were n’ t on the same journey. Although the two of them had miraculously lived together for such a long time, she still had to go home. She didn’t need to go back to her home every half a year to organize a heroic match between the two countries.
Due to the mercilessness of the war, there was at least no war between the two empires. Most of the wars were fought through the Hero Alliance, through each country’s summoners and heroes, and through the summoners to summon heroes into the Hero Alliance to simulate the game.
This way, not only could there be no casualties, but it could also strike at the enemy’s aura.
Annie was the only hero of the Gray Order in the Poison Lands. She had no choice but to participate in the competitions held by these two empires. At that time, almost all the heroes would be invited to attend. Only those heroes who did not have any factions would ignore the invitation of these two giants.
He would be separated from Annie. Lin Ling had already thought of this. The difference between the two was so huge. Even if he liked this little loli so much, it would be useless.
“Uncle?Uncle?”Hmph, Uncle ignored him again.”Annie shook Lin Ling’s arm, but she realized that Lin Ling did n’ t care about her daze. Her cute little face immediately pouted. Hmph, with a sound, when Annie found a scrawny person by the side of the road, her eyes turned around and a devil-like evil smile appeared on her face. She let go of her hand and jumped towards that person.
“Uncle, Uncle, Annie and Mother are lost. Can you help Annie find Mother!”When she came to the side of the hooligan with scars on her face, Annie’s Shadow Empress talent immediately appeared. Tears streamed down her face as she sobbed.
“Hmm?”The hooligan with scars on his face was stunned. It was obvious that he had not expected Annie to appear. When he lowered his head and saw that she was just a little girl, a trace of color appeared on his face. He was indeed a hooligan and a pickpocket. He was also standing here to find a target. Because gambling owed him a large sum of money, even if this was the place with the lowest chance of crime in the entire continent, there was no shortage of people like him.
How much money could he steal?The little girl in front of him looked like a noble child from the way she was dressed. If she were to be sold!
He did as he could, and the scarred bastard tried his best to make his tone as gentle as possible. He said to Annie who pretended to cry,” Don’ t cry. Can Uncle take you to find Mommy?”
“Yes!”He nodded fiercely, afraid that the other party would regret it.
Annie grabbed the ragged clothes on her face and quickly disappeared onto the street. However, the two of them did not notice that the other party had a successful smile on his face.
As for our main character, Sharpness, he had just woken up from his weak reflection because of his strength, but he realized that Annie was nowhere to be seen!
At this moment, his heart was burning with anxiety as he began to search for people by the roadside. Finally, he got an answer from an old man.
Annie left with another man with a scar on his face!
“Would be fine. It would be fine. Annie was so powerful. How could a b*stard have a way out of her, huh!It must be like this. Lin Ling, you have to be calm. You must not be excited……”Calm down!”He roared at him and gave him a heavy slap on the face. He regretted that he wasn’t doing anything and was stunned. Now that Annie had n’ t been kidnapped, what should he do?
The words above were all Lin Ling had thought of to console himself. Of course, he knew the methods of the human traffickers, the drug…As long as she had the potion, even Annie would be foolish enough to follow her.
“Uncle, do you know who that person is?Please, that little girl is my sister!”I beg you!”Right now, Lin Ling’s only hope was that old uncle who told him the answer. He hoped that he would know the person who abducted Annie,” Even if I risked my life, I will save Annie!”

Chapter 15 Prepare to Fight!

“Uncle, do you know who that person is?Please, that little girl is my sister!”I beg you!”Right now, Lin Ling’s only hope was that old uncle who told him the answer. He hoped that he would know the person who abducted Annie,” Even if I risked my life, I will save Annie!”
Lin Ling knew what he was worried about. He quickly said,” Tell me who you are. I just want to know who kidnapped my sister!He would never mention your name!”If I can save my sister, I’ ll definitely go and pay my respects!”For the first time, Lin Ling, who was born on Earth and only knelt on his elders, knelt down for the first time.
What dignity and face was more important than Annie?
Of course not!As long as he could save Annie, even if this old man wanted Lin Ling to get through his crotch, he would not hesitate to do so!
As long as they were Chinese, they knew that the three things that they could not bear the most were the hatred of the first to kill their father, the hatred of the second to take away their wife, and the humiliation of the third crotch.Lin Ling could not do the first two things because in this world, Lin Ling did not have a father or wife. The only thing he could do was to humiliate him.
For Annie Lin Ling, even if she sacrificed her life, she would not care.
Someone would definitely ask why.
Why?Lin Ling had only known Annie for less than a month. No matter how cute Annie was, she would not be able to kill Lin Ling.
Was Lin Ling stupid?
Was he really stupid?
When you lived alone in a forest filled with magical beasts for many days, in the moment of despair, you were ready to die. A glaring fireball appeared and broke the sickle of Death from Lin Ling’s neck.
To Lin Ling, Annie was not only her saviour, she was also the only one who believed in her survival in this world.
If she lost Annie, everything would have changed for Lin Ling.
Annie could tell Lin Ling that she wanted to leave Lin Ling in front of her. This way, Lin Ling would not object. After all, everyone had the full power to leave, and Lin Ling could not keep her.But Annie was kidnapped!
“Sigh, since you’re saying that, alright, young man, I’ ll tell you.” Seeing that Lin Ling was so determined, the old man still spoke. He boos,” The person who took that little girl away is not someone else. It’s the famous loser from our neighborhood, Uncle Lu. His family is the closest to this street. As long as you keep walking down, you can see a small bridge that is going to attack the third family. Go and save your sister.”
After saying that, the old man shook his head and disappeared into the crowd.
“Thank you!”He got up from the ground and ignored his muddy hands. He reached into his underwear pocket and took out the delicate and small dagger that Annie had given him to protect himself. He ran towards the old man’s finger.
The old man who had left Lin Ling suddenly stopped in his tracks. He seemed to have thought of something and shouted “Not good “. It turned out that he had forgotten to say something.
It turned out that today was Lu Bo’s day to pay off his debts. His family would go to many nearby ruffians and hooligans to collect their debts with Lu Bo.
This matter was not a rare matter. In order to get a debt from Lubbock, these gangsters often made trouble here.When they didn’t owe money, Lu Bo and these people played like their own brothers. Once Lu Bo did n’ t have any change, they immediately turned around and cursed at each other.
Just by relying on Lubbock’s petty tricks, he did n’ t know which day he would be able to pay off a huge amount of gambling debt.
When the old man had good intentions and hurried back to the place where he and Lin Ling met, he found that Lin Ling had already disappeared. He sighed,” Sigh, I’ve harmed you. I hope you can save your sister as you wish. Both of them are safe ……”
He was just a commoner. He didn’t know magic, sword qi, and was n’ t one of those strange disciples. The only thing he could do was pray for Lin Ling, hoping that he would be fine.
Along the way, Lin Ling finally saw a small bridge. After crossing the bridge, Lin Ling quickly discovered Lu Bo’s home.
But……There happened to be a group of people in front of Lubbock’s door holding control knives. Each and every one of them had a fierce expression on their faces. From a glance, one could tell that these people were not good people.
“What should we do now.”His talent points made Lin Ling stronger, but Lin Ling still did not have any actual combat experience. He was even more novice than a novice.His right hand, which was holding the dagger, was quickly drenched in sweat due to nervousness.
His heart was beating wildly, as if he had encountered the Night Wolf that day.
“Pa!”With a clear sound, a huge red handprint appeared on Lin Ling’s face. It was n’ t anyone else who was attacking Lin Ling, it was Lin Ling himself!
The intense pain caused Lin Ling to temporarily calm down. He crouched down and hid behind a wooden block. He carefully observed the group in front of him. The dagger in his hand gave off a cold light as he prepared to attack.
“8 People……”Three people are holding iron pipes, four people are holding machetes, one person is holding a hunting rifle!”Seeing the weapon in the middle of his hand, Lin Ling gasped. As a human on Earth, no one knew better than him how powerful a spear would be!
“Damn it!”Lin Ling had already thought of it!
In the game of the Hero Alliance, there were many heroes who used firearms. However, those heroes’ firearms were not on the same level as those in the hands of this little bastard. They used runic weapons.
The hunting rifle in his hand was just the most ordinary weapon without enchantment. It did not damage the professional. Once the professional level exceeded Level 3, there was no need to fear ordinary firearms (except cannon), but Lin Ling could reach Level 1!The most important thing was that he didn’ t have any battle qi or magic.
The only thing that could be relied on was the body that could fight a Level 1 warrior and the dagger that Annie gave him.
“Go all out!”Gritting his teeth, he stomped his foot.Lin Ling decided to go all out!At worst, he would die!If she couldn’t save Annie, then she had no intention of living in this world.
He sneakily touched it. Even if he wanted to fight, he had to be prepared. Lin Ling was not a brainless person, so he would not rush towards the opponent with his dagger.If that was the case, perhaps Lin Ling would have been killed by the gun in his hand before he could get close. At that time, he would have died with his eyes open.

16 Lightning Assault

He sneakily touched it. Even if he wanted to fight, he had to be prepared. Lin Ling was not a brainless person, so he would not rush towards the opponent with his dagger.If that was the case, perhaps Lin Ling would have been killed by the gun in his hand before he could get close. At that time, he would have died with his eyes open.
With the strength of a level 1 warrior and no battle qi, Lin Ling knew that a level 1 warrior like him would be fine before he met a real level 1 warrior. If he really met a level 1 warrior with battle qi, then Lin Ling might only be able to passively take a beating.
Without battle qi and magic, Lin Ling was unable to determine how much strength the opponents were.
Three people were holding iron pipes, four were holding machetes, and one was holding a hunting rifle. Judging from the equipment configuration, they were not warriors.
“Don’ t be afraid. If the opponent is just an ordinary person, then as long as I don’ t reveal any flaws, I won’ t lose. Hopefully, nothing will happen.”His right hand tightly gripped the dagger that Annie had given him. Lin Ling continuously cheered him up. He had the passive ability to deal with a fatal blow, and he had the confidence to deal with these people.
“It’s a pity that it’s not a knife,” he shook his head slightly. He held the dagger in his hand and took a deep breath before using the cover on the street to approach these eight people step by step.
It was clearly the first time Lin Ling had approached, but Lin Ling had an indescribable sense of familiarity, as if he was a veteran.
It was getting closer and closer.
He carefully stealthily arrived at a large wooden box less than 3 meters away from them.
Lin Ling could clearly hear their conversation here, but he was not interested in Lin Ling.What a bunch of hooligans could talk about was nothing more than money and women. They didn’t know that death was slowly approaching them. They were discussing what kind of courtyard to go to find a girl tonight.
“3 Meters…” Lin Ling stared at the man with the hunting rifle surrounded by a few people. Perhaps it was the experience of Earth, Lin Ling still felt that the hunting rifle was the most threatening to him.
The three of them blocked the middle of the shotgun man and Lin Ling. There were still four flying behind them. They moved their muscles and bones, and their legs were like a tight bow and arrow. The muscles of their entire leg had already shrunk to a limit, and their veins bulged.
Lin Ling did not move. He was still waiting, like an experienced tiger, lying in the grass quietly waiting for its prey to reveal its flaws.
“Right now!”Suddenly, Lin Ling’s eyes lit up. Just as the gunman was bored, he pulled out the cigarette in his pocket with his right hand. Lin Ling moved!
His legs suddenly exerted force, like a sharp sword that had left the string. His left hand was on top of the wooden box, and he immediately crossed the wooden box. His right arm was protecting his eyes, and he bent over and directly charged towards the hunter man!
The power that was comparable to a level 1 warrior quickly became apparent. When he hit the first person, Lin Ling realized that his body was even more powerful than he had imagined. Without any pause, he was the first to respond to Lin Ling’s charge.
At this moment, these people finally noticed Lin Ling. Looking at the terrified expression on the second person’s face, Lin Ling laughed cruelly. His left fist struck Huang Long’s stomach, and a mouthful of sour water was spat out from his stomach.
“There was another person!”There’s another person!”It was already past two people, and there was still one who could attack the man with the shotgun!Lin Ling’s eyes were wide open as he stared at the man in front of him who was planning to withdraw his hand from his pocket and put it on the trigger.
“Don’ t even think about it!”With a loud shout, the force added increased by a bit and the speed increased.
When he reached the third person, he was obviously more prepared than the first two. The iron rod in his hand had already fallen down. He looked at the iron pipe that was less than a few centimeters away from his head and subconsciously raised his right hand. The dagger Annie gave Lin Ling instantly cut the entire iron pipe into two pieces.
“Get lost!”
At the same time, his left hand still punched at the person who had come, stepping over the third person’s body. Lin Ling’s final target had arrived, the only person with a hunting rifle!
“Die!”Blood started to spread out from Lin Ling’s eyes. He immediately felt that the world had turned red and was covered with a faint layer of blood.
The dagger flew out like a deadly spirit snake, piercing towards the hunter’s neck.
Just when Lin Ling thought that he had succeeded, he did not expect the gunman to give up on his own shotgun. He threw the shotgun out of his hand and smashed it towards Lin Ling. The shotgun was not just a toy, but it was also a heavy item. Coupled with the fact that it was still an adult man, Lin Ling did not show any at all. He immediately gave up on attacking and retracted his right hand. His hands crossed in front of him.
The intense pain in his hands caused Sharp to inhale a breath of cold air. He did not have the time to check how large the wounds on his hands had been caused by the shotgun and wanted to continue killing the shotgun man.
However, Lin Ling was fast and the shooter was not slow either. Just as Lin Ling stopped, the shooter hid behind the other four players in the blink of an eye. He looked at Lin Ling in fear and pointed at Lin Ling and ordered the other four players,” Kill this person!”
“Yes!”After receiving the order, the four of them did not hesitate as they raised their weapons and charged towards Lin Ling.
“Not good.” Lin Ling looked at the unafraid four men and felt that they were all Han. The reason he had been able to defeat the three men earlier was because he had relied on surprise attacks.
If he really wanted to fight with four gangsters who often fought, Lin Ling had no idea.
Looking at Annie’s dagger, the uneasiness in his heart instantly disappeared. He laughed self-mockingly and said,” I’ m afraid of eggs. If you can’ t even defeat four hooligans, then how can you protect Annie in the future.”
The four hooligans charged forward. Only then did the gunman at the back have a chance to catch his breath. He looked at the dagger in Lin Ling’s hand in fear. He often cut off the iron tube with a single strike, which could prove that this dagger was extraordinary. It was definitely a runic weapon!
He calmed himself and looked at Lin Ling in confusion. He realized that he did not know Lin Ling at all. Why did the other side attack him?
“Could it be Boss’ s enemy?”Thinking of his boss, the shotgun man subconsciously shivered.
That man was a demon. As long as anyone did not listen to him, no matter who it was, even if it was his own people, the blade in his hand would be chopped down without hesitation. Only blood could calm his anger!
Most importantly, he was still a warrior!A warrior with a cultivation technique that could use battle qi!And he was a Level 2 warrior!

Chapter 17 Initial Battle

Most importantly, he was still a warrior!A warrior with a cultivation technique that could use battle qi!And he was a Level 2 warrior!
“Judging from this person’s movement technique, he should be a newbie, but why is his speed and strength so terrifying? If it wasn’ t for his quick reaction, perhaps I would have died under his dagger.”Looking at Lin Ling who had been surrounded by his four subordinates, the frightened gunman started to evaluate Lin Ling’s strength.
[Let’s explain here, whether it’s stats plus Agility or Strength, it’s going to increase. However, if you add Strength, it’s going to increase your strength, and your Agility will only increase by a little.On the contrary, with the addition of Agility, the speed and reaction power of the explosion would increase greatly, while the strength would only increase by a small portion.Intelligence did not increase.As for the explosion, it was only a hidden attribute. It would only appear in a moment of excitement or danger, and it would consume a lot of energy.)
“Brothers, don’t be afraid. This person is a Hinagiku, he probably has n’ t seen any blood before!”Kill him!”A stern look flashed through his eyes. The shotgun man roared at the four teammates in front of him. Very soon, he took out a watermelon knife from his back, but he did not have the slightest intention to step forward.
It was clear that the gunman was afraid of death. He was the kind of vicious person who didn’t care about his own people’s health and only cared about himself. As long as he needed it, he could even stab his teammates in the back.
Was this kind of person despicable?Of course, it was hateful, but this kind of hateful person had to live long.Was it wrong to live at all costs?This was human nature, a selfish race.
As expected, when the four of them heard that Lin Linggen was a novice, they were not as panicked as before. They raised their weapons and charged forward.
“Very good. You guys charge first. I’ll go back and call Boss to help you guys.”When the gunman saw this, his feet were filled with oil. The four men did not know that the gunman had already slipped away. Their attention was still focused on Lin Ling.
“Kill this person!”
The shouts outside quickly alerted Ruber who was at home. Originally, he wanted to stall for a bit of time and wait until these people who were in debt thought that they wouldn’t leave before going to find a place to sell Annie, who had just “abducted” today, to make a profit. Ruber squatted down in fear and quietly crawled under the window. He stretched out his head bit by bit and observed the situation outside.
Annie, who was sitting in the chair of the Ruber family, looked at the cute little face of Ruber with her back facing her. She looked at Ruber with disdain and wandered around her two calves. She already knew what to do.
“There’s something happening outside. Hehe, it must be Uncle who’s here to save me. Looks like Uncle still cares about Annie!”Sweetly smiled as she placed her hands on the table and dragged her chin. She looked at the tightly shut door and began to look forward to Lin Ling breaking in.
Annie was like a princess caught by a bad guy. Lin Ling was just trying to save the princess’s knight. He had defeated the enemy and saved the princess. From then on, the two of them lived happily together.
Annie had finished writing the script. It was up to Lin Ling to defeat the enemy and save the princess.
Unfortunately, Lin Ling did not know, because Annie’s princess dream was about to face a terrifying enemy……He was still trying his best to deal with the four enemies in front of him. He had to be on guard against the three enemies that he had defeated earlier. He did not know when he would suddenly get up from the ground and stab himself in the back.
The short dagger turned into white light in Lin Ling’s hand. The sharp blade easily cut off all the weapons in the four hands.
For a moment, everyone was shocked by Lin Ling. No one dared to go forward and stared blankly at the broken weapon in Lin Ling’s hand. They had retired. They only had one life left. They could n’ t even withstand an iron weapon under Lin Ling’s dagger. How could they resist? If they were to be stabbed, they would lose half their lives!
He placed his right hand in front of him and stared at the four people who did not dare to move forward. He also had a certain understanding of his own strength. If he did not have a weapon, these people would be half a pound against half, but he ignored the dagger Annie gave him. As long as there was a dagger, the sharpness of the dagger would make these people afraid. If they were afraid of these people, the danger would be greatly reduced. Lin Ling was not as difficult to deal with them as before.
If a snake hit Seven Inch, he would have to hit his head and heart. Lin Ling knew this very well. Although he hated killing people, he would do anything for Annie Lin Ling!
The dagger in his hand was like a spirit snake, piercing towards the heart of one of them. The angle was so sharp that even Lin Ling could not believe that this was his decision.
The passive effect of the fatal strike appeared. At this moment, Lin Ling was like a sword-art master who had been immersed in it for many years.
The previous attacks were the same. They looked chaotic, but in reality, they had a unique bonus from a deadly attack.
Almost all of the attacks were the weakest and easiest to attack.
Lin Ling’s spirit trembled. He had used his punches and kicks to deal with the three people who had attacked earlier, and he had forgotten about his fatal blow. Now that he was confident that he would return to Lin Ling’s side again, his aura instantly changed.
His eyes were as sharp as a falcon as they looked at the four people in front of them. At the same time, he was on guard against the three people behind him. His feet suddenly exploded, and a golden light flashed in his eyes as he stabbed towards one of them without hesitation.
The bright red and warm blood formed a cluster of blood in different shapes and sizes in the air. When the blood dyed Lin Ling’s right hand red, he did not hesitate at all, nor did he feel any discomfort. He pulled out the dagger that was inserted into the enemy’s chest. His left foot turned his center of gravity, and the blood on the dagger drew a beautiful arc in the air as Lin Ling’s arm rotated. Then, he cut open the throat of the second person.
Seeing that person covered his neck with his hands in fear and helplessly kneeling on the ground, trying to make a sound, but the throat had already been cut open. Everything was futile, and soon, the second person also died.
The remaining two suddenly turned their heads and looked at each other. They saw a trace of fear in their eyes, but when they wanted to ask for the gunman’s opinion, they realized that the gunman had run away from them.
“Run!”There was only one word in their minds.

Ghost Blade

“Run!”There was only one word in their minds.
Would Lin Ling be so stupid as to let them run away?The dagger in his hand spun and immediately turned into a counter grip. With a wave of force, it was like a machine with a clockwork, and at a speed visible to the naked eye, the gap between the two was reduced.
“Die!”At the same time, a white light tore through the air and flew past Lin Ling’s head.
Lin Ling subconsciously tilted his body and made a standard side attack. He dodged this fatal attack and a few strands of hair fluttered in the wind. These were the hair on Lin Ling’s head.
His right hand grabbed at the air and grabbed a portion of the cut hair. His body immediately shot out more than ten meters away. At the same time, he lowered his body in a posture that was almost lying on the ground. He used his eyes to observe the surroundings and prepared to counterattack at any time.
How dangerous!
Fortunately, Lin Ling had the passive bonus of a fatal strike. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be such a miraculous dodge. Only then did Kankan dodge this attack.
“This is what you mean by Hinagiku?”
With a clear slap, Lin Ling followed the source of the sound and realized that someone had come.
Gunner!There was someone that Lin Ling could not forget. Beside him was a burly man who was at least 2 meters tall and his entire body was covered in muscles. His fierce eyes were filled with killing intent, and his right hand was holding a giant sword that was about the same size as his.
“Is this a f*cking reaction of a Hinagiku?”You want to die!”The muscular man slapped the shotgun man’s face. Instantly, three teeth and teeth were knocked out of his mouth, and his mouth was swollen and swollen.
The gunner didn’t expect his boss to hit him like this. He was stunned and stood there.
“Kid, I think you’ re pretty good. Why are you doing the right thing with my little brother? Have you never heard of my Ghostblade name before?”Seeing that Lin Ling had dodged his attack, the muscular man’s tone immediately changed. It was very different from the tone he used to have towards the gunman.
On this continent, the weak, the strong, and the fittest survive. Only strength is the capital for you to speak. Without strength, you can simply speak.
As a level 2 warrior, Ghost Blade was confident that Lin Ling had dodged all of his attacks. This was enough for Ghost Blade to place Lin Ling on the same level as him.
“I’ ve never heard of a ghost blade before. Let me ask you, have you guys abducted a little girl before!”Lin Ling’s left hand gripped his severed hair tightly. His heart had not calmed down yet. His heart was beating violently, as if it would stop at any moment. Just now, he just needed to slow down his head to say goodbye.
Ghost Blade glanced at the shotgun man beside him. When he saw the shotgun man nod his head, his head went wide.
Would someone who could dodge his sneak attack be weak?He really hoped that this was a misunderstanding, but this Hun Dan actually nodded his head. Everyone had only one life. This was not a game, and without a last resort, no one would openly fight to the death.
On his side, only two people had died. They were just two ordinary people. They could be replenished anytime and anywhere. For Ghost Blade, there was no loss at all.
The gunman was stunned. He had nothing to do with the kidnapping of Annie, but he subconsciously nodded without turning his head.However, it was precisely because of this nod that Lin Ling believed it was true. Previously, he had thought that he was Lu Bo’s helper. Now that Lin Ling was certain, his guess was correct.
“Brother, I think you’ re also a part of the Dao. Look, you’ ve killed two of my subordinates too. Do you think this matter is just like that?”Ghost Blade probed.
Just like that?How could Annie not save him?
“I’ ll count you as Old Wood!”Although he was nervous, he was not afraid.From Lin Ling’s point of view, if he did n’ t forget about it, it meant that he would lose Annie. This was something that Lin Ling couldn’t bear the most. He opened his mouth and took out a dagger and charged forward.
So what if he couldn’t win? As long as it was for Annie, even the little dragon in Summoner Canyon would dare to go and meet it!
“That means there’s nothing to talk about.”Ghost Blade said in a deep voice,” I really don’ t want to fight with you. It’s a pity that you don’ t know what to do. I don’ t want to fight because I’ m not afraid of you. Since you want to die, I’ ll help you!”
A giant sword that was comparable to his own height and weighed tens of kilograms was actually raised high above his head when Ghost Blade used only one hand. His right arm muscles bulged and he fell!The huge sword had the power to strike at Hua Shan as it smashed towards Lin Ling!
It was more appropriate to use a slash than to use a smash. Although it was a sword, this sword was incredibly terrifying. Lin Ling was certain that if he dodged the blade and relied on it, he would be heavily injured.
There was no need to say how powerful he was, but he was not invulnerable. Due to the weight of his weapon, Ghost Blade’s attack speed was not something that Lin Ling could not avoid. As long as he was n’ t distracted, even if his opponent was stronger than him, he could still defeat him!
Lin Ling’s feet suddenly exerted force, causing his entire body to fly to the ground. With a single step, he dodged Ghost Blade’s attack. The huge sword that had lost its target was swung by Ghost Blade, causing a small hole in the ground. The path that was used to pave the way also shattered under Ghost Blade’s attack.
Lin Ling gasped when he saw this!”As I thought, this isn’ t a sword, it’s a huge hammer!”
As the blade moved inward, Lin Ling continuously moved greatly to dodge Ghost Blade’s attacks. At the same time, he continuously searched for Ghost Blade’s weakness. He was eager to attack in front of an experienced enemy. It was like running in the rain of bullets.
“Chance!”Lin Ling needed an opportunity!
Along with the appearance of small craters on the ground, Lin Ling realized that he was actually able to attack Ghost Blade more and more easily as the battle progressed. As a result, he quickly retreated. The dagger Annie gave him would occasionally attack Ghost Blade’s sword symbolically.
He was practicing!Using this Level 2 Warrior Ghost Blade to practice!The actual combat experience also increased rapidly in a short period of time.
Just as Lin Ling’s dagger left countless traces on the giant sword, Ghost Blade’s physical strength was already a little too strong. He threw down the giant sword and left another hole in the ground. He rolled up his sleeves and planned to use his hands to deal with this damn guy who had been jumping up and down in front of him like a flea!
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Chapter 19 Critical Strike, Burst!

Just as Lin Ling’s dagger left countless traces on the giant sword, Ghost Blade’s physical strength was already a little too strong. He threw down the giant sword and left another hole in the ground. He rolled up his sleeves and planned to use his hands to deal with this damn guy who had been jumping up and down in front of him like a flea!
Lin Ling was stunned and frowned. The reason he was able to fight against a level 2 warrior that was even higher than a level 1 warrior like him was because of the enemy’s weakness. Now that the enemy had put down his weapon, even though he did n’ t have to be on guard against being cut to pieces by the giant sword, Ghost Blade’s strength had truly been used.
Level 6 could not use battle qi.)
A fist that was one and a half levels higher than his own was not easy to provoke!
Lin Ling immediately retreated more than ten meters away and looked at Ghost Blade anxiously.
Ghost Blade had already learned from the previous lesson and had followed Lin Ling as he retreated.
This person in front of him was an extremely strange monster. He was clearly extremely cunning and vicious, and almost all of them attacked his vital points. However, sometimes, his actions were just like a novice. The two extremely unusual differences made Ghost Blade extremely interested in Lin Ling.
This was the runic continent, a magical place where anything could happen. Even robots could have life, so there was nothing impossible.
“Maybe I should catch him. Maybe I can sell him for a good price, this strange kid.”His fists were waving like tigers and tigers. Every time he punched, there was a sound that tore through the air. His speed was so fast that he was extremely passive.
In a short while, Lin Ling was quickly at a disadvantage. His only advantage was his dagger, which had no chance to attack under Ghost Blade’s rain-like punch.
If he wanted to attack, it meant that he had to use a defensive hand to attack. Both of his hands and his insane movement could not dodge and completely defend against Ghost Blade’s attacks. If he lost another arm’s defense, Lin Ling would be struck by Ghost Blade in an instant. Based on Ghost Blade’s strength, it was very likely that Lin Ling would not be able to fight in a single circle.
Lin Ling really didn’t want to do this if he had no choice.
Sighing, he held back his red and swollen arms from being hit by Ghost Blade. With trembling hands, a donkey rolled on the ground and dodged Ghost Blade’s attack.
He knew better than anyone else that if Ghost Blade wasn’t worried about how the sharp dagger in Lin Ling’s hand would cause him fatal injuries, Lin Ling might not be as simple as half-kneeling on the ground with his hands in pain. He had long been beaten to death by Ghost Blade’s fists.
What should “do!”What should I do!”Everyone said that they could survive in a desperate situation. Right now, it was definitely a desperate situation for Lin Ling, but he could not think of any effective way.A desolate self-mockery said,” Could it be because I, Lin Ling, am not a genius.”
“Don’ t run! You won’ t be able to run!”With a punch, the ground was instantly punched out by Ghost Blade. It was about 30 cm deep and 10 cm deep. The entire ground was compressed by the attack and was even harder than normal rocks.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haCould it be that you don’t want to save that little girl!Hahaha ……”
“Annie, Annie, Annie!”When Lin Ling remembered that Annie was still in the wrong hands and was being trampled by someone, his body instantly trembled. A wave of unprecedented courage poured into his body, and he stood up on the ground in a sorry state. He swayed his body as hard as he could to straighten his body. His right hand loosened, and the dagger that had been protecting Lin Ling was thrown onto the ground. He roared at the sky with his hoarse voice.
Ghost Blade narrowed his eyes and looked at the dagger that Lin Ling had thrown on the ground. His eyes immediately shot out a golden glow,” You finally chose to give up? That’s right. After all, you don’ t have any chance of winning in front of me. Since that’s the case, I’ ll give you a euthanasia!”
Seeing Lin Ling drop his dagger, Ghost Blade immediately thought of Lin Ling as giving up on resisting. But was it true?
Did Lin Ling really choose to give up?Before Annie could save him, Lin Ling would never give up!
Lin Ling smiled faintly. His smile was so ugly. At this moment, his face was already bruised and swollen. It was just a line away from the legendary pig’s head. However, he was still smiling. His red and swollen eyes blocked Lin Ling’s eyes, and a strange color that couldn’t be seen flowed through Lin Ling’s eyes.
He figured it out. Why did he have to carry a dagger?Perhaps as long as the dagger was in his hand, Ghost Blade would not make too big a move. This way, it could indeed save his life.
But as time passed, Lin Ling knew that even if there were no fatal injuries, his body would not be able to hold on. He wasn’t a hard hit. There would always be an attack that would bring his body to its limit. By then, he would really be finished.
Compared to his chronic death, Lin Ling chose to go all out!Without the inner dagger, Ghost Blade would no longer be afraid of it. Without fear, his heart would relax slightly. That was Lin Ling’s chance!
“Success or failure depends on this. If I don’t succeed, I will become benevolent. If I die, what kind of pain will Annie suffer!”His eyes widened as he muttered, but he took the lead and charged towards Ghost Blade.
That terrifying gaze was like a beast that had been forced to the end. It would kill any enemy in front of it at all costs!
“You still want to die!”Laughing, Ghost Blade quickly walked over. His right fist tensed up like a loaded bullet, just one punch!With another punch, this weird brat would be defeated by him!
“I’ m going to die, then you go die with me!”A roar that did not sound like a human sounded out from Lin Ling’s mouth.
The power of his feet suddenly caused the heavily injured body to jump up. Like a sensitive monkey, he jumped onto Ghost Blade’s body. His feet tightly gripped Ghost Blade’s waist and his arms tightly gripped Ghost Blade’s body and left arm. A trace of ruthlessness flashed through his red eyes as he opened his bloody mouth and bit Ghost Blade’s neck!
“Ah!!!”A miserable cry rang out from Ghost Blade’s mouth.
Blood immediately gushed out from the wound like a high-pressure pump, a fatal blow!It finally appeared!Bang!

Chapter 20 Sister Caitlin, save me!

Blood immediately gushed out from the wound like a high-pressure pump, a fatal blow!It finally appeared!Bang!
A single bite landed on one of the most vulnerable parts of the human body, adding the terrifying passive effect of a fatal strike, and the damage instantly doubled!
The blood instantly dyed Lin Ling’s entire face red. Even his eyes were spitting out blood. However, he still stared at Ghost Blade with wide eyes, allowing Ghost Blade’s blood to spill all over Lin Ling’s valuable clothes.
In an instant, the massive amount of blood lost caused Ghost Blade’s blood to drop to a critical point. His legs went limp and he fell to the ground. It was n’ t bad, but the amount of blood flowing out of his wounds had increased again and again. It was as if it was an underground spring.
“Save……”Save me!”His hoarse throat lay weakly on the ground, pressed down by Lin Ling. With a trembling hand, he extended his left hand and gave the last aid to the shotgun man not far away.
“Help! Kill!”It was a pity that the gunmen couldn’t care about that much right now. They had long been scared mad by Lin Ling’s crazy behavior. A guy who often killed people and set fire to them was actually shouting and killing people on the street. It was really laughable.
When Ghost Blade’s anger disappeared, his eyes darkened. The Ghost Blade that had dominated the region for a long time finally ended his evil body.
There was no one on the street. Apart from Ghost Blade’s subordinates, the rest of the civilians were all like Lu Bo. They hid at home and did not dare to go out. They were afraid that they would be caught by these people.
The invincible defeat of Ghost Blade in his heart had died. These surviving little brothers could not care less about the pain on their bodies. They all looked at Lin Ling, who was still quietly riding on his boss’s body and was dyed by the blood in his boss’ s body, with frightened eyes. They could not resist at all and fled in the distance.
“It’s over!”He took a deep breath. These few seconds were as long as a few centuries ago for Lin Ling. It seemed that the goddess of luck had finally stood on Lin Ling’s side. She chose Lin Ling to abandon Ghost Blade.
His entire body was in pain. Other than breathing heavily, Lin Ling did not even have the strength to spit out blood from his mouth. He could only feel the blood slowly flowing into his stomach.
“Can’t!”I have to save Annie!”After taking a few deep breaths, he clenched his teeth and dragged his heavy body up with great difficulty. He did not know where Lin Ling’s body was from. He clearly did not have the strength to spit out the blood in his mouth, but when he thought of Annie, he actually had the strength to stand up!
His left hand, which had been hit by Ghost Blade, pressed against the wall to support Lin Ling’s body. Step by step, he walked forward. Every step, there would be a large Blood Handprint on the wall, and there would be a Blood Footprint on the ground.
These were the blood of Lin Ling’s enemies!Step by step, he stepped on the enemy’s blood to rescue Annie.
This was not just a footprint, but also Lin Ling’s determination!If she didn’t save Annie, she would n’ t give up!
When Lin Ling arrived at Lubao’s house and opened his courtyard door, Lubao, who was hiding in the room, saw that Lin Ling was dressed in blood, and he was instantly scared to death.
Lin Ling didn’t look very good right now. His scarlet eyes were filled with blood. His gorgeous clothes were drenched in Ghost Blade’s blood. Ghost Blade was a warrior, and his body was exceptionally strong and vigorous. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be such a large amount of blood. If he did n’ t walk a step, there would be a few drops of blood on his clothes that would fall to the ground. Coupled with his swollen hands, his movements were quite similar to what was in the horror film.
This was not Earth, this was Walloran!A world of magic!Zombies here were not creatures that they had imagined, but real ones. It was precisely because of this that Lu Bo saw Lin Ling’s appearance and immediately fainted.
“Annie……”I’ m here to save you.”Looking at the door that was only a step away from him, Lin Ling’s heart throbbed as he shouted,” You must be there!”I must be there!”Shaking hands, he pushed them away and endured the pain in his hands. He looked up into the room.
Annie’s figure!
He saw it!An unharmed Annie sat quietly on her chair as if she knew that Lin Ling would come to save her and wait for Lin Ling.
“Annie, don’t run around next time…” Lin Ling smiled at Annie in the room. Lin Ling only felt his eyes turn black and fell to the ground, completely unconscious.
“Uncle!”A sharp cry rang out from Annie’s mouth. Tears of regret immediately flowed from Annie’s face. Her two little hands did not dislike Lin Ling, who was covered in blood. They frantically shook Lin Ling’s body, hoping that Lin Ling could wake up quickly,” Uncle, do n’ t worry. Annie won’t mess around next time. Uncle, wake up quickly. Do n’ t die, uncle!”
Actually, Annie was just messing around, but Annie had never thought of letting Lin Ling suffer a bit of damage. Otherwise, she would not have chosen an ordinary citizen without a level to pretend that she was abducted. She just wanted Lin Ling to pay more attention to her. She did not want her to be ignored by Lin Ling. The starting point was so simple.
However, people weren’t as good as the heavens. Who would have known that Lu Bo’s soul was so weak that he owed usury and was chased by someone. In the end, he even attracted a Level 2 Warrior Ghost Blade.
Annie had already discovered him the moment Ghost Blade appeared. It was just because Lin Ling wasn’t unconscious yet, she did n’ t dare to go out to rescue him. If she were to go out and pretend to be kidnapped, she wouldn’t be exposed. So, Annie had been waiting inside, but she did n’ t expect that before Lin Ling was unconscious, she would see her favorite uncle being bullied.
Annie knew everything that was going on outside. When Lin Ling gritted her teeth and called out Annie’s name, Annie’s heart was about to shatter. How much regret did she have? She regretted that she shouldn’t be so willful, because her willful behavior had caused her beloved uncle to become like this.
“Sigh!”She could not move Lin Ling’s body with all her strength. Annie was a mage and a loli. It was impossible for her to move Lin Ling’s sturdy body. However, if Lin Ling’s injuries were serious, unexpected things would happen at any moment, and it might even endanger his life.
Just as Annie was in a corner and did not know what to do, rhythmic sirens sounded from outside the window. When Annie heard this sound, her face was filled with joy. She ran outside,” Sister Caitlin, save me!”

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Chapter 21: The Women’s Police with the Sense of Justice

Just as Annie was in a corner and did not know what to do, rhythmic sirens sounded from outside the window. When Annie heard this sound, her face was filled with joy. She ran outside,” Sister Caitlin, save me!”
Outside the door, Caitlin was already driving her own police car. She rushed from the police station as fast as she could. Just as she took off her helmet, she heard a familiar voice from the room.
“I seem to have heard this sound somewhere before!”Dai Mei furrowed her brows. The long leg wrapped in her leather boots crossed Ghost Blade’s corpse and walked towards Annie. She took out her mother’s high-tech equipment and magic runic sniper rifle from behind her!
He stretched his left hand to his waist and quietly held the Yodel trap hanging on his waist. He held his sniper rifle with one hand and kicked open the door with his high heels. What caught his eye was a little loli holding a humanoid creature covered in blood and shouting at him loudly.
“Annie!Wasn’ t this Annie?”Why are you here!”After seeing that the person calling her was Annie, Caitlin immediately threw away the priceless sniper rifle in her hand. She hurriedly ran to Annie’s side and picked up Annie’s already crying face. She carefully wiped her tears and said with a heartache,” What’s wrong with Annie?”Who bullied you and actually caused you to be so sad? Tell sister Caitlin that sister will help you teach him a lesson!”
“Sister Caitlin, hurry up and save Uncle. Uncle is not good!”Annie gulped. She grabbed Caitlin’s police uniform with her bloodstained hands and pointed at Lin Ling.
“Uncle?”Caitlin furrowed her brows even more tightly. She had never heard of Annie having this friend. As one of the few cute little loli in the Alliance, no one in the entire Alliance was going to fight Little Anne. Whether it was strength or appearance, Annie was so outstanding.
Even the heroes of the opposing factions would rarely speak ill of Annie. Only those crazy heroes would have bad relations with a cute little loli like Annie.
There was no conflict between Pirvov and Voodoo Land. Caitlin had loved Annie since the moment she knew her. She was like her sister. Seeing her sister crying, Caitlin naturally did not say anything. She struggled to carry Lin Ling, who was covered in blood, and walked towards her police car.
“Annie, don’ t cry. Sister, take him to the hospital.”
“Yes!”She nodded heavily. Only then did Annie slowly reduce her tears.
Looking at the woman standing in front of him, it had to be said that she was indeed a beautiful woman. Her large eyes, long eyelashes, long melon-shaped face, and her thick and thin red lips were just right. Her enchanting eyes continuously scanned her body.
But if she wasn’t wearing a police uniform and holding a gun in her hand, that would be even better.
The policewoman was still holding a sniper rifle that was so big that it was exaggerated. Plus, she was now in Pirvov. This was clearly Pirvov’s chief female police officer, Caitlin!
Pittsburgh’s policewoman, Catherine, was known by everyone in Pitswoff.The extremely low crime rate in Picheng was the result of this woman.
“You’ re finally awake, kid.”Sitting on a chair beside the hospital bed, he held his beloved sniper rifle with both hands and said coldly to Lin Ling.
“Thank you, policewoman. If my guess is correct, you should have saved me.”
“That’s right.”Caitlin nodded and admitted.
“There’s nothing I can do to repay the kindness of saving my life. If there’s anything I can use in the future, as long as I find me, I, Lin Ling, will definitely do it!”
“Stop talking nonsense!”The long rifle butt did not show any pity as it struck Lin Ling’s stomach.
“Ah!!”The pain caused Lin Ling to cry miserably.
“Benefactor, what are you doing?Why should he abuse the sick number!”Did I say something wrong that made you unhappy?”
Caitlin didn’t seem to see Lin Ling’s painful expression. She didn’t beat around the bush at all and went straight to the point.” I do n’ t care who you are. I don’t care what purpose you bring to approach Annie. But as long as I’ m here, I won’t let Annie fall into your trap!”Her tone was filled with threats and intimidation. The long-term police work had made Caitlin develop such a tone. She would look at anyone who did not know her as a criminal.
“Me, purpose?Big Sis, could it be that you can’t tell my strength?I’ m just an ordinary Summoner, or a beginner……”If I really have any ulterior motives towards Annie, Annie can kill me thousands of times without you!”She smiled bitterly. The legendary Caitlin seemed to be completely different from what she had imagined.
Caitlin was stunned. She really hadn’t considered this aspect.
“Excuse me, where is Annie?”Why didn’ t I see her?”While Caitlin was in a daze, Lin Ling looked around the entire ward and realized that not only was he handcuffed on the bed, but even Annie did not see her. He hurriedly asked with concern.
“Why are you so nervous? Annie was brought home by her father.”Perhaps it was because of Lin Ling’s words that Caitlin confirmed that Lin Ling was a weak Summoner or a beginner, her tone was obviously much gentler.
“What!”He’s taken home!”This time, it was Lin Lingyan’s turn. She quickly sat up, but no matter how hard she tried, it would be futile. The magical handcuffs were not something that Lin Ling could break free from.
“Yes, Annie’s father told me half a month ago that if he saw his precious daughter, he would inform him.”
“So, you informed him?!”
“That’s right.”Thinking that she had not done anything wrong, Caitlin said with a sense of justice,” Sending a runaway child home is also something the police should do.”
When Lin Ling heard that, he spat out a mouthful of old blood and his eyes rolled over and he fainted again and again.
Annie, who had risked her life to save her!He didn’ t even see her on the last side and was taken away by her father……
“If you really want to leave, at least let me say goodbye!”
“Hey!What’s wrong with you?Don’t scare me!”Wake up!”Caitlin had not expected this to happen. Not to mention being sprayed with blood, Lin Ling, who had just woken up, fainted again. She was so scared that her face turned pale.” Doctor!Doctor!”Come here! The patient fainted!”
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Chapter 22 Stay with Pierre Wurov

“Hey!What’s wrong with you?Don’t scare me!”Wake up!”Caitlin had not expected this to happen. Not to mention being sprayed with blood, Lin Ling, who had just woken up, fainted again. She was so scared that her face turned pale.” Doctor!Doctor!”Come here! The patient fainted!”
“It’s fine. The blood that the patient vomited just now was blood stasis in his abdomen. There’s nothing serious about it. It’s actually good for the patient’s body.”Taking off his medical hearing aid, a man wearing a white horse said in a relaxed voice.
“……” Let out a sigh of relief and looked at Lin Ling on the bed. You You said,” That’s true. Even if I wake up, I’ ve caused trouble for people. I’ ve been watching him for three days. I wonder how long it will take to wake up……”
In the middle of the night, when Lin Ling woke up from his coma again, he realized that the outside had turned into a pitch-black night.
Under the faint moonlight, Lin Ling endured the intense pain in his arms and supported his weak body. He leaned against the wall and walked step by step to the open window. He looked up at the moon that was different from Earth.
The moon on Earth was gray-white and looked extremely ugly.However, the color of the Walloran Continent’s moon was so beautiful. There was a hint of yellow in the white, just like a small sun, but it was not as dazzling as the sunlight. People could enjoy watching the moon in the sky and appreciate its unique beauty.
“You’ re awake.”A faint voice came from a corner of the ward. A pair of long legs wrapped in long leather shoes took the lead from the darkness to the moonlight.
Lin Ling instinctively made a defensive move. Only after he saw these long legs and boots that were as tall as art did he slowly put his hand down.”Officer Caitlin, can you make a squeak when you appear in the future?” Lin Ling smiled bitterly.”It’ ll scare people to death.”
It was unknown if it was natural, but Caitlin actually creaked when she heard it.To call Lin Lingmeng’s face full of blood!His body went limp and fell to the ground.
“Sigh!”What’s wrong with you!”Caitlin hurriedly stepped forward and helped Lin Ling up. The high heels under her feet were cracking on the ground.
“Is fine……”I’m fine…” Lin Ling quickly explained after wiping off the blood on her nose.
“Nothing?Would he have a nosebleed if he wasn’t?”This is obviously an internal injury!”The expression on Caitlin’s face instantly turned serious. She said in an ordered tone,” I want to order you to return to bed and rest immediately as an officer!”
“I’ m really fine!”No matter how much Lin Ling tried to explain, Caitlin was still worried about leaving Lin Ling here alone. She forcefully carried Lin Ling back to bed……Ahem, didn’t you see it wrong? You carried it back to the bed.
There was actually such a powerful force hidden beneath his figure!
Even Lin Ling 180 wasn’t tall. After half a month of training, he did n’ t have any fat meat anymore. His body had become extremely perfect. It seemed like he had lost fat meat from training, but his body weight had barely changed, and his muscles became even tighter.Its weight was 160 Jin!
“Sure enough, even a woman who looks like a celestial immortal can not be judged by common sense as long as she is a hero!”Caitlin put her red face on the bed. If Lin Ling still had more strength, even if it was a little bit, he would have resisted Caitlin’s actions.
A big man was hugged by a beautiful woman. Whether it was visually or spiritually, it was unacceptable. Even though it wasn’t male chauvinism, it was unacceptable.But Caitlin’s little hands were really soft……
“I misunderstood you this morning. Please don’ t mind being so fierce towards you. I hope you can understand.”
Lin Ling nodded repeatedly,” Of course I understand. If it was me, seeing a stranger beside Little Annie would have the same reaction as you.”Lin Ling’s eyes darkened.
“During the time you fainted, I used my communicator to contact Little Anne.She said that you were temporarily homeless, so she recommended you to me as the police officer of Pirvov. Although the salary wasn’t high, but the treatment was very good. She had to take a day off every week and pay dividends at the end of the year.”What do you think?”
“……Do I have any other options? I agree.But let me say first. Apart from being slightly stronger than normal, I was just a beginner Summoner, or a type that didn’ t know meditation techniques……”Look…” Thick-skinned Lin Ling went all out for the sake of his future. He wanted to meditate with someone who had met for the first time.
“Yes, I agree!”Caitlin agreed unexpectedly!Moreover, he agreed very straightforwardly,” Every Summoner is a precious existence. I didn’ t expect that our police station would have a Summoner as a police officer. If news spread, our police station will definitely be able to apply for another batch of funds to catch that guy!”Speaking of that household, Caitlin’s teeth tickled with hatred, wishing she could personally arrest her!
As the best and worst part of the peace and order in the entire Walloran Continent, there was always a criminal here who could escape from the net, and he was happy to tease the law enforcement elites of Pi City.
Piltewov had always been known as the City of Progress, where peace and order were displayed.However, the arrival of a new criminal launched an unprecedented challenge to the peace here.This mysterious Extrajudicial Person engaged in a series of distorted and extremely destructive criminal activities, causing the entire city to fall into danger. This also caused the city’s residents to suffer the worst “crime carnival” in Pied City’s history.
This villain who would leave the letter “C” on the crime scene every time became Cateline’s number one enemy.Until today, she was still searching for this criminal on the Walloran Continent.
Most of the reason Caitlin joined the Hero Alliance was because she wanted to train her ability and accumulate enough influence to track down the only criminal who escaped her pursuit.
Until now, Caitlin had not even seen the face of that mysterious criminal.
Lin Ling’s head shrunk as he lay on the bed and looked at Caitlin who was sitting on the bed with her fists clenched tightly.” After all, she’s a famous and violent loli!”I didn’ t expect even Katrina to see her face so far.”
Lin Ling’s heart was burning with excitement when he thought of Jinx’s beautiful face that carried a trace of madness.
Since he had already arrived in this mysterious continent, did that mean that he had the chance to personally capture this little loli who was doing damage everywhere……

23 Big Sister ~ Wei

Since he had already arrived in this mysterious continent, did that mean that he had the chance to personally capture this little loli who was doing damage everywhere……
“Hey, Lin Ling, you will die soon!”A huge hand shadow appeared behind Lin Ling. Hearing such a powerful voice, he subconsciously swallowed his saliva and dodged the big hand behind him. He threw away the hot steamed bun that he had just bought from the roadside stall. He turned around and said loudly with his eyes closed,” Police officer number 3053, Lin Ling, report to the law enforcement officer of Pity City!”
“You brat!Tell me, how many times have you been late for duty?!”Wei put his hands on his waist and began to complain to Lin Ling,” Even if you’ re late, it’s fine. After all, I’ m always late, but the reason you’ re late every time is to eat steamed buns here……Is there something ……”
The owner of that pair of big hands was naturally Caitlin’s good partner. The law enforcement officer of Pied City, Wei, and a pair of giant Hicks technology fists had pierced through any wall. It was said that as long as a prisoner was hit by three punches, no one would be able to stand, except those famous bad heroes.
Lin Ling shook his head and wiped off the scum on his mouth and chin.” Big Sis, you’ll never be able to understand a man living in the forest for more than 10 days without water or food.”If I come to the human society again, even steamed buns will be a rare delicacy for me!”
“Don’ t talk about this useless thing for me. When I was fighting on the battlefield, you still don’ t know where to play with mud. You actually pretended to be old with me!””It’s already been a month since you’ ve been a police officer. It’s time for you to be in the right place,” Lin Ling said.”This is Caitlin’s little girl’s badge.”
Despite Wei’s appearance, she was already 28 years old. She was a few years older than Lin Ling. However, Lin Ling still did not dare to flatter Wei’s aesthetic views. She had extremely thick smoky makeup, tattoos on her face, and a bunch of ear studs on her ears……She was clearly a beautiful beauty, and she was even on par with Caitlin. If she wanted to make such a punk scene, then a little bit more would be more than enough for a certain Scissor of the Heavenly Dynasty.
There was no mistake. A month had passed since Annie left, and Lin Ling’s injuries had already recovered. After he discovered that he had defeated Ghost Blade and his little brothers, his Summoner’s level had increased by a little. Although it was very small, it had actually increased!
Could it be that fighting a person could increase the level of a Summoner?!
No mistake!
Even if he killed a chicken, he would increase his EXP. However, his EXP was 0.0001. If he killed a chicken, he wouldn’t know how many tens of millions of chickens he would have to kill to upgrade.
In other words, as the opponent’s strength level increased, the forbidden words obtained after victory would also increase accordingly. This forced Lin Ling to increase his strength to challenge stronger people to gain more experience points.
However, it was easier said than done!From Beginner Summoner to Intermediate Summoner, the experience required was a terrifying 100%!He only had a pitiful 5 points of experience in killing Ghost Blade……
Not to mention Intermediate Summoners and Advanced Summoners.Above a high level summoner was a master level summoner……Then came the Grandmaster Summoner, Great Grandmaster Summoner, and the last Deity Summoner.
If his guess was correct, this was definitely a 0 every level!
“What are you thinking about!”Don’ t tell me it’s because of a badge.”
Seeing that the yellow badge was falling into Lin Ling’s hand, Lin Ling still stood there in a daze. Wei’s violent temper was unable to hold back at once. He slapped again, causing Lin Ling to jump up and down in pain.
Wei didn’t have to fight so heavily on purpose. Since the two big guys in his hands were mechanical, Wei was n’ t as violent after taking off his gloves. Well, at least it wouldn’t hurt.
“Big Sis, if you don’t bring me this way, if I’ m going to be stupid, who will raise me.”Lin Ling said weakly with a dejected expression.
“Hahaha!” Wei laughed loudly!Little Brother Lin Ling, you can rest assured. Actually, I really liked you very much when I came to work on your first day. If you were beaten silly by me, then I will raise you for the rest of your life!”
“Thank you, big sister.”She wiped the sweat off her forehead with guilt.Big Sister Wei had a lot of history between being a police officer. When she was a soldier, not to mention being a famous bandit, she was forced to become a law enforcement officer. The Bandit Qi on her body could not be eliminated in a day or two.His identity could be said to be important in Pirvov, but he was often as late as Lin Ling to work. His attitude was arrogant and could even be described as vulgar. He often openly disobeyed his actions.Such a big shot, Lin Ling, could not be provoked.
He was afraid that someday Wei wouldn’ t be happy to slap him. Then, he wouldn’ t be able to cry even if he wanted to.Such a big sister-like figure was better.
He subconsciously glanced at the small Summoner Level Experience Point in the upper right corner of his sight and sighed.”13 experience points!”You’ ve worked hard for a month and night to catch bad guys, but you’ ve only gotten a little bit of experience. How long will it take for you to level up!”
If this world’s local summoner heard Lin Ling’s words, he wondered if he would spit out a mouthful of old blood.
Normally, normal people would need to start practicing when they were young. Only when they were 16 years old would they be able to determine whether they were qualified to become a Summoner. Even if they were qualified to become a Summoner, it would take at least 1 year to become a Beginner Summoner. From an Beginner Summoner to an Intermediate Summoner, it was impossible to become a Summoner in less than 2 to 3 years.
Of course, these words were all about geniuses!Ordinary people would need more time!
Therefore, as long as he could become a Mid-level Summoner, he could be called a Master in some small cities. If he was a bit lucky, if there was a healer in his innate Summoner skill, it would definitely be an existence that every family would fight for!
Lin Ling had already accumulated a tenth of his experience in just a month. In other words, with his current speed, he would only need another nine months to successfully upgrade to an Intermediate Summoner. This speed was extremely terrifying in the entire Runic Lands.But he was still unsatisfied!