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Chapter 47 Being Handled

Back at the police station dormitory, he packed up his luggage. With two months of savings, Lin Ling was finally on the road to becoming stronger.Fiction Network

“Are you leaving?”Could it be that all the things I said earlier were lying to me?”The three black guns gave off a cold light, and their beautiful eyes were also extremely cold. They were aimed at Lin Ling, who was really packing up his luggage. Jinkes, who had just left, had returned once again!

“Who is it?”Lin Ling was puzzled. This was a male dormitory. How could there be a woman’s voice? Moreover, this voice seemed to be very familiar to him. He put down the luggage in his hand and turned around,” Eh, Jinx, why are you back?”

Hehe, can’t I come back?”If I don’ t come back, I really don’ t know you’ re such a double-edged sword.”He laughed self-mockingly,” I took it seriously before. The police are really the police, every good thing.”

The air in front of Jin Kesi’s hand suddenly disappeared. Lin Ling knew that when a Professional level reached Level 6, he would be able to create a space that belonged to him and store some personal items. As his strength increased, this space would become larger and larger. Jin Kesi’s space should be dozens of meters in size, and the weapons and ammunition that were used to store her would be enough.

“What are you talking about? Why can’ t I understand?”He didn’t understand why Kinkes was so angry. He said that he had two sides, but what kind of trouble was he making?Breaking the deadlock, Lin Ling asked,” Where did you go just now? I’ ve looked for you and I couldn’ t find you at all. Don’ t be angry. Quickly pack up your things and come with me. I want to leave this city and train myself to become stronger!”

Sigh!!!”Jinx let out a strange cry. He knew that he was wrong about this guy again. It turned out that he wasn’t afraid that he would run away in a hurry. Instead, he wanted to travel and bring him along.The anger in his heart that felt as if he had been deceived instantly vanished, and he became somewhat embarrassed.” Well, I’ll say ……”

“Call me Lin Ling. I have a name.”Even now, he didn’t know what Jinx was thinking. However, as if his anger had subsided, Lin Ling continued to pack up and order the money bag in his hand.” Although it does n’ t have much money, it’s enough for us to have a good meal. It’s just a temporary farewell to this city.”Are you ready? Are you planning to go out with me to suffer, or continue to stay here.”

“Hey, Lin Ling, are all the things you said before true heart?”Jinx lowered her head and whispered without raising her head.

“What is it?”Lin Ling’s head was dumb. Jinx asked him in an ambiguous tone. He knew it was strange. He scratched his head,” Raise your head, I can’ t see your face like this.”

“I mean, what you said earlier……”You said you want to raise me!”He bit his lips and shouted loudly,” You’ re not lying to me.”


Lin Ling was stunned. When did he say he wanted to raise her?She seemed to say that as long as she had a bite to eat, she would have a bite to eat. This girl seemed to have misunderstood her intentions.

Jinx……Actually you……You’re right!That’s right!I want to raise you for the rest of my life!”I’ m going to raise you to be chubby!”Just as he was about to explain to Jinx, he saw the shark cannon on Jinx’s shoulder. Lin Ling swallowed what he had planned to say. Under the threat of death, Lin Ling could only betray his conscience with tears in his eyes and say this.

Jinx’s eyes slowly brightened as she sat down on the ground with a “wow” sound. She casually tossed the shark cannon in her hand to the side, covering her eyes and crying.She had no family since she was a child. She wanted to have a family and experience the feeling of having a family. Now, she had finally found someone who could replace her family.

Looking at Jinx who was sobbing, Lin Ling let out a deep sigh. He felt a slight pain in his heart. If he had just told the truth, perhaps Jinx would have completely cut off from this world and become a crazy Lolly that no one trusted.”Alright, don’t be sad. From now on, I’ m your family. As long as I’m still alive, I wo n’ t let you be alone anymore.” Lin Ling said gently.”I won’ t let you suffer any grievances.”

“Family!Family!I also have a family!Yea!”I have a family too!”She didn’t know whether she was crying or laughing. Perhaps even Jinkes herself did n’ t know whether she was crying or laughing. Her head was buried deep in Lin Ling’s arms, and her snot and tears wiped Lin Ling’s entire body.

The cries gradually subsided, and Lin Ling maintained a posture. The previously crazy little loli was like a doll made of ceramics. She obediently lay in her arms and slept peacefully, like a work of art.

“Looks like I won’ t be able to leave today…” Looking at the sleeping beauty in her arms, she kissed Jin Keshi’s smooth forehead. Lin Ling Rou said,” Let’s sleep. Sleep, I’ ll be your brother from now on. You’ re my sister. I’ ll try my best to become stronger and protect you!”

In the quiet night, Jinx moved her hand and woke up from her slumber. She touched the skin on her face that was strained by tears and found that she was lying in Lin Ling’s arms. Lin Ling’s eyes closed and his breathing was even. He saw that she had fallen asleep because of fatigue. From Jinx’s sleep, Lin Ling’s posture had never changed. Even if she was sore, she did not move a single bit. Only when her arm had lost its intuition did she fall into a deep sleep.

Under the moonlight, Jinx had the first chance to observe Lin Ling’s handsome face at such a close distance. It was clearly not the type she liked, but she seemed to like and feel at ease. It was as if she had stopped looking at his face.

“This guy, this is the first time I’ ve seen someone as stupid as him in such a long time.”Touching Lin Ling’s face, he could n’ t help but move closer. Fortunately, there was a last sense of reason, so he quickly moved his gaze away. He held his red face with both hands and crawled to Lin Ling’s ear. He whispered a few words before he pulled back into Lin Ling’s arms and found a comfortable place to sleep again.

Ten minutes later, when Lin Ling was sure that Jinx was really going to sleep, he suddenly opened his eyes and smiled happily,” This little girl actually gave me a good person card. Sure enough, isn’t it just a good person card for Jinx? Or am I really a good person.”

Chapter 48 Wonderful Use of the True Scripture of Morality (Seeking Collection)

That night, Lin Ling lost his sleep. Thinking of the unknown things and difficulties that he would face, he began to practice the meditation spell in his heart.
Early in the morning, when the sky was hazy, Lin Ling was carrying a travel bag with a small tail behind him. He walked on the deserted street because Lin Ling did not resign. Apart from Caitlin, no one else knew about Lin Ling’s departure. When the police officers on duty saw that Lin Ling was about to leave, they greeted him as usual. Kinkes could n’ t see his face clearly with his hood. With Lin Ling in there, they didn’t ask about it. They all thought he was Lin Ling’s friend.
After successfully leaving the main area of Pirvov’s police force, Jinx took off her hood and jumped excitedly.” Travel, travel!”
For the first time in his life, Jinx was extremely excited, as if it was exploding.
Jinx had been to many places, but they were all chased by people. They were forced to flee. However, traveling was completely different. With Lin Ling accompanying her, it was like a schoolboy going on a spring trip.
While humming a song that Lin Ling had never heard before, the two of them successfully left the gates of Pirvov City with the help of Lin Ling’s summoner badge.
A small guard dared to stop a Summoner, was it too tired of living.Professionals didn’t dare to be arrogant with summoners. You ordinary soldiers who did n’ t have a level dared to disrespect a summoner. No one would offend a summoner for a small soldier, even a beginner summoner.
“Goodbye, Pierre Wurov. The next time I come back, I will definitely make you look at me differently!”
There was no time for the journey. A week of time quickly passed in the morning and night training.
The magic power in Lin Ling’s body was getting higher and higher. At the same time, he did n’ t pull down his training on his body. A mage’s path without financial support was simply a dead end. Every kind of magic required someone to teach or learn from books. Until now, Lin Ling only knew one kind of magic. Little Fireball, a kind that was so weak that it could only kill non-leveled animals. When faced with a level of magical beast, Little Fireball’s damage was not as high as Lin Ling’s dagger.
Previously, he was worried that he didn’t have a good cultivation method for him to cultivate, but now, this worry had long been left behind.
Once upon a time, when he was on Earth, Lin Ling had been especially fond of reading Xiuzhen novels. For a time, he had entered the Devil and searched all over the Internet for cultivation techniques. He had found those techniques that he had never heard of, such as the Jade Emperor’s Embryonic Breathing Scripture, the Tai Shang Forgotten Art, as well as some that he had heard of, such as the Yi Jin Scripture, and the Morality True Scripture 》……He even took the time to memorize a few of the main incantations and sat cross-legged in anticipation to begin his leisure trip. However, it was useless.
Over time, these things were gradually forgotten by Lin Ling. Just yesterday, Lin Ling suddenly thought of it. His heart moved,” Earth can’ t cultivate. What about this world?”
Because of such a strange idea, Lin Ling really tried it out. Practitioners could use meditation instead of sleep. Of course, as long as the warriors trained their bodies to unleash their power, the source of power was not magic, but the cultivation methods were completely different.
Only Lin Ling, who had the system and the cheating equipment, could push it smoothly.
He thought to himself.
“Taiyi, the Third Prime Minister, the Spirit Stage was clear.He threw away the Three Thousand Calamities of the mortal world and leaped into the Void.He kept his Dantian and thought about it, and the eyes of Fan Chen’s past appeared……,”
The fake verification of the Immortality Art was completed.
Jade Emperor’s Embryo Rest.
The fetus was formed from the accumulation of qi, and the qi was released from the fetus.When one enters one’s body, it means life, and when one leaves one’s body, it means death.Knowing one’s aura could allow one to live long, so one should guard nothing to nourish one’s spirit.He was furious, while he was furious……
It felt a little, but it was too profound. The speed of magic power growth was not as fast as meditation. It was flashy, and gave up.
The success of the Jade Emperor’s Embryonic Breathing Scripture had greatly boosted Lin Ling’s confidence. It was as he thought!It turned out that the cultivation techniques were not all false, but because of Earth itself. Perhaps it was really as the novel said, Earth’s spiritual energy was getting less and less, which made the martial arts decline and the Immortal Path lost.
He tried a few more techniques, but the results were not satisfactory. He sighed,” Sigh……”There really are too many fake items online!”Some of these books were even bought with Lin Ling’s own money. When he bought them, the merchants said that they were absolutely genuine. If there was a chance to pass through now, Lin Ling promised to slap them in the face and punish these unscrupulous merchants to show them how terrifying the anger of the consumers was!
That name sounded like a garish skill that was either fake or fake. The only choice was the’ Yi Jin Jing’ relic’ Morality Scripture’.
“Sigh, let’s go first to the’ True Scripture of Morality’. No matter what, I’ m one of the Three Purities, please give me your strength!”He prayed in his heart. If it wasn’t possible, he could only endure the pain of buying cultivation techniques with silver coins.With the last thought, Lin Ling and Liu Feng sat cross-legged and took a deep breath. He took a deep breath and took a deep breath. His mind was clear and clear as he thought of the True Scripture of Morality.Name, Name, Name ……”
At the end of the night, the moon hung high in the air. The silver moonlight rained down on the ground like the frost of the sky, covering the earth with a layer of silver clothing.
Lin Ling’s entire body started to become mysterious. However, he himself sat on the spot with an expression of enjoyment. Jin Kesi, who was asleep beside him, was also awakened by this mysteriousness. She quietly looked at Lin Ling and was lost in thought.
“What a powerful magic storm!” Xiu Mei frowned, her cute little face filled with confusion and worry.
Lin Ling was like a vacuum cleaner, madly absorbing the spiritual energy in the surrounding air. The magic power in his body was increasing at a rate visible to the naked eye.
Suddenly, she opened her eyes and found that the distance between Jinx and herself was less than 3cm. She could clearly feel every breath she took. Lin Ling was so scared that she fell backwards and fell to the ground.
“Hmph, am I that scary.”The cute little Qiong wrinkled her nose and said unhappily, her cherry lips curled up.
“A man and a woman are not close to each other, do you understand!”You’ re just a girl’s family. In the future, you have to be careful. Don’ t lean on a boy like this.”
It wasn’t easy for him to get up from the ground, but he was also concerned about Kinkes’ dissatisfaction. Lin Ling was filled with excitement. He had succeeded!As expected of me. The legends might be true!The Morality Scripture was really effective!
He stood up and opened his arms and roared at the sky.” Hahaha!”I’ ve finally succeeded!”Sure enough, it was still my Great China’s deep foundation. The Morality Scripture could also extract magic power. Wait, this should n’ t be magic power anymore. Regardless, this was the first step to success!
Ps: thought about it and thought about it, magic was not as powerful as my Great Sky Dynasty’s cultivation technique. Well, that’s all. The main character had to be unique.
He continued to pray for collection and flowers.

Chapter 49 Target Ionia (Collection)

(Practice requires collection)
He stood up and opened his arms and roared at the sky.” Hahaha!”I’ ve finally succeeded!”Sure enough, it was still my Great China’s deep foundation. The Morality Scripture could also extract magic power. Wait, this should n’ t be magic power anymore. Regardless, this was the first step to success!
As for the Tendon Transformation Scripture, Lin Ling had long forgotten that Lin Ling did not need it at all because he had a talent point. The Tendon Transformation Scripture would be much more useless.
Talent?Was Lin Lingtian lacking?One day, she could sense the existence of magic power through her meditation technique. Caitlin was shocked by Lin Ling’s talent, okay?
“We’re about to reach the Iron Ridge Mountains. Jinx, do you think we’ re going all the way south to Zhanzheng College, west to Demarcia, or east to Northus?”
Pirvov was at the northernmost end of the Walloran Continent, just one sea away from Zuan. However, due to the dangers of the Iron Ridge Mountains, it could be said to be a symbol of independence, freedom, and peace.
Very few caravans would come to this place in the risk of being ambushed by various powerful magical beasts in the Iron Ridge Mountains. Only large-scale caravans would be able to successfully pass through the Iron Ridge Mountains by hiring more than ten Level 5 or even Level 6 experts to guard the caravans.
Lin Ling transmigrated and landed nearby. His memories of the past few days were still fresh, and he had always maintained a reverence towards nature.
“You won’t even go,” Jinx frowned and pointed at the nearby river.” Go northeast. Let’s go to the harbor. Take a boat and cross the Guardian’s Sea to Ioania!”
“Er……”That’s right. You have to decide.”Lin Ling, a novice, wouldn’t question Kinkes’ choice. She was a hero. She definitely had a reason to go to Ioannia.Taking a look at his purse, he asked guiltily,” From here to Ionia through the Guardian’s Sea, the fare should be very expensive.”
“Fortunately, each person only needs 500 copper coins.”
“This cheap?!”Lin Ling shouted in disbelief.
After counting a few fingers, Kinkes whispered,” If we hurry a little faster and catch up with the Blue Light Merchant Squad at the end of each month, it should be cheaper to take their boat.”
“Gulp,” someone gulped. Lin Ling really wanted to go to the isolated island of Ionia to take a look. After all, there were many famous female heroes there!Apart from the beautiful female heroes, there were also many powerful male heroes.
It was clearly an island, but there were no less heroes than the two countries.
Everlasting Sword Saint Master Yi, Blind Monk Li Qing, Beast Spirit Wu Di, Shadow Kill Calamity……
Everyone was a well-known existence. Ioania was not only a neutral country, but was also peaceful with Ioanians.In Ioannia, diplomacy was an art. Diplomats were respected by all the residents.The Court of Ioania was a model of fairness and neutrality recognized by all Valoran.That was why Judge Ioania was the most favored position.
Not only that, that place was not just a human, even Jeder and some rare races would also appear there.
Although Pirvov was safe, he did not see any Yodel people.
“How long will the Blue Light merchant ship leave?”
“Five days.”
“There’s still time!”He grabbed Jinx’s hand and rushed northeast.
Three days later……
“Boss, a glass of rum!”
Lin Ling’s face was covered in dust. Feng Cheng pushed open the door of the tavern and sat down on an empty seat. Jin Kes jumped and followed closely behind. Compared to Lin Ling’s half-deadness, Jin Kes was full of energy. At most, she didn’t fight for a few days.However, with Lin Ling by her side, Jinx’s demand for Blast gradually decreased.
Why did Jinx like making explosions so much?Perhaps she wanted to use the explosion to fill the void in her heart, but only when it exploded would she feel that she was still alive.
“Come, your rum!”As soon as he finished speaking, the tavern owner brought over a large wooden glass and placed it in front of Lin Ling.”2 copper coins, thank you for your patronage.”
“I’ ll give you 10 copper coins and bring me a fresh hot bull.”Lin Ling took out 10 copper coins and tossed it to the boss. Lin Ling raised the rum and took a large mouthful of it. The cold rum passed through his throat and he was so happy that Lin Ling couldn’t help but ying up.” Ah!”How refreshing!”
Jinx was not interested in this kind of place. No matter what kind of tavern it was, there was always a pungent smell of smoke and a large group of drunks who often stayed in the tavern, as well as a few women who were slightly beautiful and wore exposed clothes.
“The milk you want is 100% fresh. It was just bought from the farmer this morning.”
Kinkes asked the boss unhappily,” The glass for rum is so big. Why is the glass for Niu Nai so small?”
“Hehe, Sir, your sister is so cute.”When the boss saw Kinkes interrogating him, he smiled and left to do something else.
Seeing that the boss was ignoring her, Lin Ling caught her. Lin Ling looked at her and shook her head,” Jin Kes, something like Niu Nai is a luxury. The boss did not give it wrong. Drink it. It’s good for your health.”
“I don’ t want to drink, I also want to drink.”Pushing Nai away, Kinkes pouted angrily.
“You still want to be beautiful?”Nai is a good thing for women. Long-term drinking of Nai can not only make a woman’s skin tender and smooth, but you’ re still developing. If Tian Tian and you also have Caitlin’s chest, there’s no need to envy her.”
“Who, who is jealous of them!”Seeing Lin Ling’s words, Kinkes’ face turned red.” But since you’ ve already said that, I’ ll just have to drink this cup.”
She was actually a proud little loli.
None of the women didn’t like their bodies getting better. Lin Ling had already known why Jinx liked to call them old women. She simply admired their bodies.
This world’s Ni nai was a luxury item. Only rich people and nobles could afford it. A large glass of rum was only 2 copper coins, while this fist-sized Ni nai was as much as 8 copper coins!Eight copper coins!A poor family would only spend 10 copper coins a day!
Huang Se’s rum was shaking in Lin Ling’s hands. There were still some impurities on the bottom of the glass. If it was on Earth, there would most likely be no one to buy it, but this wasn’t Earth. It was n’ t as important as Earth. If it was a man, he would do it in one gulp!They were all people who licked their blood at the tip of the blade. They did not care about this at all.
He took another large mouthful, not letting go of any impurities. He poured it all into his mouth, and the slightly bitter taste remained in his mouth for a long time.

Chapter 50″ Ocean Disaster!”(Collect)

He took another large mouthful, not letting go of any impurities. He poured it all into his mouth, and the slightly bitter taste remained in his mouth for a long time.
“Let’s go. The Blue Light Merchant Ship should be about to leave. We should go register first.”After Jinx finished drinking Nai, she quickly arrived at the port and went to Blue Light Hotel. Lin Ling naturally knew the Blue Light’s logo and recognized the huge merchant ship with a single glance.
He relied on more than a dozen copper coins to buy a manager, and only then did he pay 600 copper coins as a road fee. However, the ship still needed two more days before it could reach the ocean.
Two days later, at 6 o’clock in the morning, the Blue Light Merchant Ship at Matthew Harbor and the port of call finally started sailing. There were people standing on the shore one after another. Some were watching the show and some were bidding farewell to their relatives.
Lin Ling and Jin Kes sat in the same cabin. Beside them were a few boxes of food needed for life. As for the food on the ship, it was better to forget about it. Not to mention that it was expensive, Lin Ling was not stupid enough to use his hard-earned money to buy these food.
The sailing time on the sea was leisurely, as she lay on the deck, enjoying the warm sea breeze. Beside her was a loli with an eye-catching fishing rod in her hand. This was the way Lin Ling used to spend time.
Every time a fish caught the bait, Jinx would be extremely excited. When she saw that it was a big fish, she clapped her hands and cheered, and when she saw Little Fish throw it into the sea dejectedly.With seafood, their recipes were not monotonous.
“It’s already the fourth day. How long will it take to arrive!”Four days had passed, and the life that she had felt at ease had become completely uninterested. Jinx could only weakly lie on Lin Ling’s back, constantly muttering.
In the south of the Guardian’s Sea, Bill Givourt, who was facing Ioania, was the pirate Captain Planck, who was known as the Disaster of the Sea. He led his subordinates to ride on the “Abyss” pirate ship to ride the waves.
Through the binoculars, our greatest pirate leader, Lord Planck, said to his adjutant,” Have you known the information you’ ve obtained? Are you sure that Blue Light’s merchant ship is truly heading towards Ioania?”
An old pirate with one-eyed broken legs nodded repeatedly,” Captain Planck, this information was personally confirmed by this lowly one. The information is accurate. It is said that this ship is carrying a large batch of rare spices!”
“Spice?” Greed flashed through his eyes as he licked his dry lips. Planck grabbed a beard that was not very long.” If it really is as you say, Evans, I’ ll take a big credit for you!”
The value of spices in this world was even higher than gold. A small bag required one gold coin. This was also why even the terrifying man, Planck, could not help but seduce him. He needed money for everything and pirates needed to live.
If Lin Ling appeared on Planck’s Abyss, he would find that the portrait of Planck was very different from that of Planck in the Alliance of Heroes. First, he was n’ t that ferocious old man, but a muscular man with no exaggerated beard on his face. He had a black pirate hat with death marks on his head. He was only wearing a thin, short-sleeved, button-down gray cloth shirt that was smashed by the dirty thing. There was a very mysterious scimitar on his right waist. This scimitar was the famous Bill Gilwater scimitar in the Alliance!
This machete was the next second that Planck’s father gave him the machete at his adult ceremony, and he destroyed his father with a single shot. At that time, Planck replaced his father and announced that the “Abyss” pirate ship would belong to him.
That was why he was called the coldest and most terrifying pirate by the entire people of Bill Givot.
Bill Givot’s machete first appeared on a Bill Givot merchant ship. The captain’s father led his subordinates to discover that the merchant ship captain’s weapon had the miraculous effect of paralyzing the enemy when they fought with the crew members, so he snatched it for himself.
There was also a large caliber hanging on the right. The muzzle was at least three times the caliber of an ordinary shotgun!Apart from the barrel and trigger, the entire gun was made of wood. This wood was not an ordinary piece of wood. The surface of the wood emitted a faint blue glow, and there was also a sharp hook below the handle of the gun. It could easily take lives anytime and anywhere.
“Thank you, Captain!”The old pirate, Evans, nodded his head vigorously and thanked him. He was a pirate of the older generation. Ever since Planck’s father, Phantom Vincent, he had been an experienced pirate. He was deeply loved by him. He was intelligent and smart, and his strength was not bad. However, with the increase of his age, Evans’ strength was gradually declining. Coupled with his broken foot, his current strength was around Level 4. He was no longer as heroic as before.
“However, Captain, it seems like it’s time for the sea beasts to migrate. It’s best that we don’t sail too fast. If we encounter the Golden Snake Fish Dragon, it’s fine. If we encounter the Death Whale, it’s more than enough.”
The Golden Snake Fish Dragon was Level 9, a lone animal. It was widely distributed, and they could occasionally be seen in every corner of the ocean. It was famous for its strength. If it was fighting in the water, this guy could even defeat a human Level 10 expert!
As for the Death Whale, its level was not as high as Level 7, but it had a terrifying power that did not match its strength. The most important thing was that the Death Whale was a social animal!Moreover, they had the bloodthirsty nature of a shark. If any of their companions were injured and bled, they would instantly become the incarnation of death. No matter how big your ship was, how strong the people on the ship were, they would never die!Hence, even heroes did not want to meet such a person.
Under normal circumstances, regardless of whether it was humans or magical beasts, they were divided into five levels. Level 1-2 belonged to the normal level, Level 3-5 was dangerous, Level 6-10 was Epic, Level 11-15 was Legendary, and Level 16-18 was Highgod Realm.
For example, the Golden Snake Fish Dragon was an Epic grade monster. Other than a quasi-hero, no one dared to fight against it.
“En……Evans was still thoughtful. Just as you said, he headed for the middle speed.”Watch the flag!”
Following the flag-watching hand waving its flag to send out a signal to the ship behind it, one could see that the Abyss was just one of them. Behind them were dozens of pirate ships of all sizes. On the vast ocean, the scene was so spectacular!These ships belonged to Planck.Nearly 20 pirate ships left together. This was the first time in recent years.
It seemed that our Captain Planck would once again use his actual actions to tell the citizens of the Walloran Continent that the pirates of Blue Flame Island were not easy to offend!

Chapter 51 Upgrade!(Collect)

(Roll around to collect ∑(;))
It seemed that our Captain Planck would once again use his actual actions to tell the citizens of the Walloran Continent that the pirates of Blue Flame Island were not easy to offend!
Lin Ling furrowed his brows, his entire body was drenched in sweat. His body went through mechanical movements, and he was panting heavily. His hands were tensed and he roared,”1000!”Then, he climbed to the ground and stuck out his tongue like a dead dog.
Jin Ke Si sat on Lin Ling’s back in boredom. She didn’ t feel like abandoning the sweat on Lin Ling’s body. She patted him on the back and said,” Why don’ t you take a rest? You’ ve already done 1,000 push-ups. You can rest and continue?”
“No, I won’ t practice anymore.”Lin Ling said helplessly,” Xiao Xian, you’ ll spare me. I’ ve carried you for 1,000 pushups!”
“You mean I’m heavy!”Jinx pouted and said angrily.
Lin Ling couldn’t help but roll her eyes. This was how a woman was. No matter what she said, she could pull on her figure. If Jinx’s slender figure was considered heavy, wouldn’t it be a fat pig?
Every night, after Lin Ling had used the Morality Scripture instead of meditating, after three days of continuous cultivation, he could vaguely feel that he was about to break through. Only then did he give up on his leisurely leisure trip to the sea and practice hard. As for why Jinkes was sitting on him, of course, it was to increase his weight and gain more efficiency.
“Hey, don’ t ignore me!”Seeing Lin Ling rolling her eyes, Jinkes knew that Lin Ling was going to ignore his unreasonable actions. Girls liked to be unreasonable. Only then would they know if this man had his own feelings.His two little hands grabbed Lin Ling’s cheek and rubbed it.” Did you miss those two old women again?”You know that none of you guys are good people!”
“Yes, I miss them.”His chest rose and fell, and he took a deep breath before gradually recovering. The muscles on his arms and abdomen were in a tearing pain. If nothing unexpected happened, as long as he was about to break through soon, and the Summoner level was only 9 points away, he would be able to level up. Soon, his strength would have a qualitative leap!
“Don’ t leave me, okay.”Suddenly, Jinx lay on Lin Ling’s body and hugged Lin Ling’s body as she whispered.
“Won’ t leave you.”Pulling away Kinkes’ hand, Lin Ling turned around and poured her into his embrace.” As long as you don’ t mind that I, Lin Ling, have no strength.”
“Idiot, I can protect you.”
“If I want a woman to protect me, I would rather die!”Lin Ling’s expression was grave as he said word by word,” I will make myself stronger. I will become your harbor. I won’ t let you be lonely!”
He broke through!
That night, Lin Ling’s cultivation had broken through as expected!Level 2!!!He had finally reached Level 2 from Level 1!
A warm current appeared out of thin air from his dantian, nourishing every cell in his body. The fatigue caused by the training at noon was swept away. At the same time, a system sound that he had not seen for a long time rang out in his mind: Ding, player leveled up, gained some talent points, gained some skill points.
Lin Ling was so excited that he jumped up from the bed. He accidentally woke up Jinx who was curled up on the other side of the bed.Knowing that she was too excited, Lin Ling sat down and apologized to Jinx. After trying to coax Jinx to sleep, Lin Ling finally had time to get some talent.
The previous choice was Strength. Since he had already chosen Strength, he might as well add this talent to Strength.
Strength in the early stages was the key to everything. If Agility wasn’t enough, it could be used to make up for it. If it was n’ t enough, it could be used to increase one’s speed. No matter how one thought about it, Strength was better than Agility, and Agility was better than Intelligence.
Without any hesitation, Lin Ling added another precious talent to the column of Strength. Unlike the previous time, this strengthening was obviously more domineering. Lin Ling did not even have time to react. The next moment, Lin Ling’s expression changed greatly, as if he was in an endless purgatory. He was burned by the purgatory fire, and his perception of the outside world instantly turned to zero. There was only pain in his mind.
It hurts!It hurts!It hurts!!!
A terrifying flame suddenly appeared around his body. Strangely, Jin Kesi, who was lying beside Lin Ling, did not feel this at all. It was as if this flame was an illusion that Lin Ling had imagined, not a real existence.
If Lin Ling’s body was n’ t in this burning pain, perhaps he would have believed that the flame was fake. The intense pain caused by the burning flames made Lin Ling go crazy!This was completely different from the first upgrade!It wasn’t on the same level. He gritted his teeth and his eyes were filled with blood. How much he wanted to cry out. However, when he thought of how Jinx was sleeping next to him, he held back. He could n’ t let Jinx realize that the system was the only support that stood in this world. He also had Jinx, Wei, and Kate Lin to protect him. Thinking of this, Lin Ling grew up and shouted.
However, everything had just begun. The moment Lin Ling opened his mouth, the flames seemed to have entered his mouth. From the outside to the inside, they were covered by the flames. If Lin Ling could endure the pain outside his body, the flames would burn the internal organs of his body. This pain would be a hundred times more severe than the outside!Thousand times!
Time after time, he endured the urge to faint. Was this the so-called strengthening……It turned out that obtaining power wasn’t as simple as he had imagined. Lin Ling was already starting to feel a little despair. He could n’ t shout out even if he wanted to. The flames were burning within his body without a trace of air, and he couldn’t make any sound at all.
Was he going to die? The scene in front of him grew darker and darker. Lin Ling revealed a miserable smile. At this moment, the burning of his body was not as intense as before. He was not killed by the enemy, but he was going to die in the hands of the system. He was really useless……
“Kinkes, I’m sorry. Maybe I ca n’ t promise my promise.Wei was sorry, please forgive me for not going back to pick you up……Caitlin was sorry. Your idea of posting was probably missing.Annie, right……!!”Lin Ling’s eyes darkened as his face turned ashen. Just as he was about to lose his last breath, he suddenly straightened his back and the pain disappeared!
The terrifying flames instantly disappeared, as if they had never appeared before.
Strength was not just strength, but the body was strength itself!Only a stronger body could carry more power. Breathing. For the first time, Lin Ling felt that breathing was such a smooth thing.
An inexplicable power appeared that was much more powerful than when he broke through. Lin Ling’s face was also recovering at a speed visible to the naked eye as his body thumped!”Bang!”His heart was beating vigorously. Every beating could be heard clearly.

The strongest mage in history!(Collection, flowers)

Someone said in the comments that my language was self-taught, so I couldn’t understand. Although I was n’ t a God, I wouldn’t be so weak.)
An inexplicable power appeared that was much more powerful than when he broke through. Lin Ling’s face was also recovering at a speed visible to the naked eye as his body thumped!”Bang!”His heart was beating vigorously. Every beating could be heard clearly.
This time, the attribute bonus increased Lin Ling’s strength and his body’s willfulness. From inside to outside, his ability to fight was greatly improved.
The matter of talent points had come to an end. Next was skill points!
After choosing a fatal strike, Lin Ling pondered for a long time. If there were any skills that were the most heaven-defying, then Lin Ling could name a lot of them, whether it was the Magical Beast or the Hero Alliance. There were too many and too many that could not be counted for a moment. To say that the most abnormal ones were non-active skills, these passive skills often did not seem to be strong, but rather delayed. It was like the soul furnace of the Undead Warrior Sain. Passive: Sain would gain two health points while killing a unit.
It was also like a butcher in a magical beast, accumulating rotten meat. Passive: Skill could accumulate more rotten meat and have additional magic resistance.If every enemy nearby died, as long as they were not friends, they would have a permanent attribute bonus.
Of course, this was ideal. If that was the case, then wouldn’t Lin Ling be invincible if he used this skill to casually kill ordinary enemies?
Lin Ling knew that the system would never have such a loophole. Perhaps only if he killed a hero would he have an attribute bonus. If he killed a low-level enemy, he would probably only have 0.1% of his power plus a good achievement. Who told him to kill a chicken? That poor N-digit experience made his memories fresh.
The most important thing was that Lin Ling didn’t need these late-stage skills to gradually produce left and right skills. He needed the skills that would bring him the greatest help.
Then the question came. What skill could bring Lin Ling the greatest help?!
There was no mistake. It was the summoner in DOTA!He was a super freak who had mastered many skills and devoted his entire life to magic. He was more knowledgeable than anyone else. He was a core player, an escape player, a control player, and an explosive player!
Whether it was the Ice Sphere, Thunder Sphere, or Fireball, they all had terrifying benefits in the early stages, and they could freely switch!This was the key, switching randomly!
Once upon a time, Lin Ling was a cripple on Earth. He couldn’t beat Carl with DOTA, and LOL was Bronze 5. He had always remembered Karl, a hero who needed to operate, and he could n’ t forget it.
“System, send me to the Hero Pool!”Lin Ling thought to himself, and then his eyes darkened. The scene in front of him gradually became clearer. Seeing a tall and mighty hero statue standing in front of him like an exhibition hall, Lin Ling smiled faintly,” System, choose DOTA hero, summoner Karl!”
“Summoner Karl, choose to confirm.”Cold and emotionless voices rang out from all directions. The stone statues began to move. Lin Ling stood there and watched as stone statues streaked past him one after another. Heroes’ skills constantly flashed through Lin Ling’s mind. If all of these heroes’ skills could be used for me, that would be great!
A moment later, Carl’s stone statue finally appeared in front of Lin Ling.
Lin Ling could not believe that there was such a handsome person in this world!That wasn’t right. This guy seemed to be an elf. No matter what, he was very handsome. He was so handsome that Lin Ling had an unrealistic feeling.
After being handsome, he was mysterious and powerful. He was close to 190 in height. He let out a lively, elegant, gorgeous and heavy mage robe. Three magic balls of different colors were placed on top of his head. They surrounded each other and gave off mysterious and changeable magic waves. Even a rookie like Lin Ling could feel his strength.
Unlike the overbearingness of Bloodhooves and the viciousness of Sword Saint, Karl did not give anyone any pressure. Looking at him, you would feel that you were really tiny. Even the most diligent mage would use all his strength to master at most three or four spells.
Ordinary mages would be satisfied to be able to master two spells. For those mages in the countryside, it was normal for them to only master one spell.
Lin Ling knew how to use Fireball because his body was fire-attributed. Did this mean that he had mastered a magic?
Of course not. This was just learning a magic, and it was still a hundred thousand kilometers away from mastery. What was it called mastery? To control something in the palm of one’s hand, that was what it was called mastery!When you were able to cast a spell without having to chant those incantations, you would be able to master it!
However, there was one exception. A genius with a superior intelligence and a shocking memory was known by the name of the praying person.In his youth, the Prayer had mastered more than ten spells.Yes, not four or five, not seven or eight, but ten.
He had learned more spells, but because he felt it was useless, he would completely forget about it after trying it once. This way, he could leave space for other more useful spells.These spells were immortal spells that allowed spellcasters to live forever. Those who had cast this spell at the beginning of the world would still live well unless they were destroyed by matter.
As for most of these quasi-immortals, they lived in a low profile among us, fearing that their secret would be revealed.
However, the Prayer was not someone who liked to hide his talent.He came from ancient times and was more knowledgeable than anyone else, and his mind still had the strength to think about his boundless self-worth……As well as more spells—he used spells from the fun of himself in the long twilight of the world’s destruction.
He was such a person, a person who was very close to the gods. It was not an exaggeration to call him the strongest mage in history. Of course, there was an exception for a great devil, an existence that even a hero would be afraid to see.
“The legendary Summoner, I need your help!”He respectfully nodded at Karl’s stone statue. His right hand lightly touched the stone statue, and the petrification disappeared in an instant. That genius, Karl, woke up!
“Child, did you wake me up from a long sleep?”The Void Spirit’s voice, with no focused golden pupils, floated in the air. The gorgeous and thick mage robes on his body automatically made him feel like he was looking down on all living beings.
“Yes!Lord Summoner, I hope to learn your Elemental Essence……”Control skill!”Looking at the stone steps under Carl’s feet, Lin Ling was stunned. However, he quickly recovered and said resolutely!There was already a huge wave in his heart. Ice, Lightning, and Fire were gone, and even the Elemental Summoning Technique was gone!There was only one skill option, Elemental Control!

Chapter 53 Dungeon System (Collection)

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“Yes!Lord Summoner, I hope to learn your Elemental Essence……”Control skill!”Looking at the stone steps under Carl’s feet, Lin Ling was stunned. However, he quickly recovered and said resolutely!There was already a huge wave in his heart. Ice, Lightning, and Fire were gone, and even the Elemental Summoning Technique was gone!There was only one skill option, Elemental Control!
“Hehe, finally someone is willing to inherit my power. Alright, alright!”Karl, who was like a god, couldn’t help but be excited.” Although Karl does n’ t say that he knows everything, he can also be considered a character. Ice, lightning, fire, and three elements are the elements I’m good at. I hope you can carry my legacy forward!”Remember that God isn’ t terrifying. What’s terrifying is your fear!”
Lin Ling wiped the sweat off his forehead and smiled. He thought to himself,” Great God Carl, you’ re too modest. If you’ re just a character, then don’ t let the other heroes get involved.”
System: Players acquire Elemental Control and deduct some skill points.
Ice, lightning, fire, and three-colored energy shot out from Carl’s body and instantly entered Lin Ling’s body. A huge memory bank instantly appeared in his mind, and he drew a lottery!It turned out that Carl was the most unique hero among all the heroes.
His original form was a summoner in DOTA. It was right. At the same time, he also added the plot in the background introduction. In other words, he was a complete summoner, not the one in DOTA who had restricted his strength!
Lin Ling, who had inherited his legacy, was the same as the last time he learned the fatal blow. The system also gave him extra benefits.
The skill arrangement that Carl Summoner had created when he switched to the magic ball!Through his own memories, he even found the Eternal Skill that allowed Karl to gain eternal life!!!
And many powerful spells!What did he lack? What Lin Ling lacked right now was skills. Those powerful spells could not be used now, but that did not mean that he could not use them even after he was strong.
Karl’s memory was like a huge treasure, carrying one magic after another.
Seeing the surprised expression on Lin Ling’s face, Carl also smiled.” Do you feel like you’ ve won the grand prize?”A skill that not only controls the three elements, but also uses countless spells out of nowhere?”
“Yes!”He nodded heavily and responded with a heavy nasal sound.
“Don’t be too proud and complacent. Nothing is beneficial and harmless. You have obtained all of my inheritance.At the same time, he carried all the spells on his back. If you don’ t practice them hard, not only will they not be your help, they will also become your burden at the critical moment!”Karl’s voice turned cold as he spoke. He took out the aura that he should have possessed, instantly crushing Lin Ling onto the ground.
“The battlefield changes in an instant, the more magic you control, the more likely it will be. It will also cause you to have a conflict when choosing magic, and you don’t know which one you should choose to deal with what happened in front of you. If you choose the wrong one, it is very likely to lead to the enemy’s powerful counterattack, and ultimately your own failure!Do you understand!!”
Hearing Karl’s words, Lin Ling did n’ t dare to say anything. His body shook and he realized.
Carl’s words made a lot of sense. Just as he said, there were times when things were n’ t always good. A lot of spells would become a burden in his mind. It was no wonder why this god-like man forced himself to forget those useless spells and study the Ice, Thunder, and Fire spells.
Get its essence!
“You are not me, I can draw on my battle experience, but don’t imitate it. If you do n’ t have a battle style that belongs to you, you will never become a true champion!”I don’ t think I need to say anything. Young man, you can do it yourself!”
There was no best magic, only the most practical magic.A very simple reason, how many people might be able to do it……
By the time the pressure disappeared and Lin Ling was able to move, Karl had already turned back into a stone statue. He was still floating in the air with his magic ball in his hand.
“Senior Carl…” After hearing Jun’s words, Carl had passed on everything he had learned to Lin Ling. Was n’ t this just a disciple?Lin Ling knelt on the ground and silently shook his head at Karl’s stone statue. Only then did he stop until his forehead was red.” I do n’ t know if you can see it. It’s good to see it. From now on, you’ re my teacher, my only teacher!”You’ re worth it. Teacher, please don’ t worry. I won’ t insult your magic!”
The heavy atmosphere had not lasted for long before the cold voice of the system appeared again,” Do players enter the dungeon?”
Not satisfied with the system’s appearance, he muttered a few words in a low voice. It took a few seconds before he could react and asked foolishly,” What?”Dungeon?”
“Yes. From Level 2 onwards, every time a player upgrades, they will receive a chance to enter the dungeon. The system will choose the strength of the dungeon according to the player’s strength.”
The corners of his mouth twitched. The more he heard this, the more he looked like a Sovereign.” Then there shouldn’ t be any quest rewards.”
“Players needed to complete the main quest without any rewards, gold coins, or shops. If the main quest could not be completed, they would never be able to leave the dungeon world, notification!”Death in the dungeon is also true. If the player’s Rebirth skill is cooldowned, it will completely die!”
The words entered Lin Ling’s heart. Hearing this, Lin Ling felt a chill run down his spine. Death in the dungeon was also true!In other words, the dungeon world was also the real world!What kind of background was this system?First, he had to pass through, and then countless powerful heroes who were comparable to gods had been turned into stone statues lying in the pool of heroes. Now, he was actually able to enter the dungeon world!
Was it really just a system?!
Questions popped out from his mind one after another, trying to calm down the shock that the system had brought to him. He took a deep breath and said,” System, if I enter the dungeon world now, what is the chance of death?”
“The system will not issue a death quest. The dungeon difficulty will vary by 20% of the player’s strength.”
“It’s easy to say. Anyway, it’s not like you’re going to fight to the death,” Lin Ling rolled his eyes. At this stage, Lin Ling wanted strength the most. How could he refuse such a great temptation? Only in continuous battles would his strength become stronger and stronger!
“System, activate the dungeon handle!”

Chapter 54: Super Mario Bros (Collection)

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“System, activate the dungeon handle!”
“F*ck, who are you?!”
Lin Ling not only took a step back when he saw the super brother who was over 2 meters tall and whose muscles were even more terrifying than Wukong.
Uncle Gui touched his thick beard. His arms were even thicker than Lin Ling’s legs, pulling the band of blue pants on his body. He said in a rough voice,” I’ m Mario. Little brother, who are you looking for.”
At “……” moment, Lin Ling seemed to have 100,000 grass horses in his heart. They were dressed in red and blue, with a red hat on their head, a large nose and a unique beard. All right, these characteristics were really Mario of Super Mario, but this was too much of a scam!
What about the short and loving plumber? Why would he become a super muscular man!!!
The System really did not have the most pit, only the most pit……
This was Mario’s world. As for how Lin Ling had arrived here, he had to start 10 minutes ago.
“System, activate the dungeon handle!”
“Dungeon was being created. Please wait a moment……”Ding, the dungeon has been confirmed.”
“WTF?”Hearing this name, Lin Ling’s expression was extremely interesting.” System, are you mistaken? I’ m a Level 2 mage and warrior now. Why don’ t you create such a dungeon for me? Are you looking down on me?”
The system’s cold voice seemed to be mixed with contempt and Lin Ling’s anger towards him.” The system will not make any mistakes, nor will it make any mistakes. According to the player’s strength, the difficulty of’ Super Mario Bros.’ is 20% higher than the player’s strength, which is within the requirements.”
What?How could a casual game have such a high level of martial power?Lin Ling was completely unperturbed. Was he too weak or was he underestimating’Super Mario Bros.’ No matter what it was, it was at least the first time his three senses had been refreshed.
“10 Seconds later, the dungeon started,10,9,8……3,2,1……”
As the system’s voice disappeared, Lin Ling also completely disappeared from the Walloran Continent. In an instant, the entire world of the Walloran Continent seemed to have been banned. The flying insects in the Lin Ling ship’s cabin were also frozen in the air.
If someone was wearing a watch, you would find that the hands on the watch were not moving, and the entire continent’s time had stopped!
The green grass, the fresh and pleasant air, and from time to time, there were a few snow-white rabbits running past. The entire world gave off a feeling of harmony and peace.
Standing on the grass, Lin Ling took a deep breath. The elegant fragrance of flowers swept across his face along with the breeze.” Is this the world of Super Mario Bros. It’s really a fairytale beautiful world.”
Just as Lin Ling was enjoying the beautiful scenery with warm colors and couldn’t describe the joy in his heart, the system’s disappointed voice appeared in Lin Ling’s mind.”Mission: Substitute Mario to rescue Princess Biqi from the mushroom kingdom that was captured by the Kuba Demon King.”
“Gone?With a simple sentence, he didn’t give any hints. Even if he wanted me to replace Uncle Mario, he had to give me a location!”System, can you be a bit more despicable!”
Perhaps it was due to the system’s conscience, or perhaps it was the way it had originally been set. After Lin Ling complained for more than ten seconds, a cartoon-shaped yellow arrow suddenly appeared on his head. Lin Ling immediately noticed the strange thing that appeared above his head. He tried to change his direction. No matter which side Lin Ling turned to, the arrow heading east.
Lin Ling’s heart skipped a beat and he quickly thought of a possibility. He excitedly whispered,” Could this be a guide for me!”
In the vast grassland, one could not see the end of it. If there was no road sign, finding Mario as a plumber was like looking for a needle in a haystack.
He was a headless fly without a target. Now that he had instructions, Lin Ling did not hesitate and started to move forward at full speed. He prayed in his heart,” Uncle Mario, you must not set out to rescue the princess. If you set out, my quest will fail. If the quest fails, I will be locked in this world forever.”
With Lin Ling advancing at full speed, after running for 10 minutes, he finally followed the arrow and arrived in front of a simple but unusually tall wooden house. After a short rest, he knocked on the wooden door.
Who knew that the person who opened the door was not Meng Meng’s plumber, but her brother’s plumber.
“So you’ re Mario.”Seeing that the other party had already said his name, Lin Ling’s last doubt disappeared. He rolled his eyes and got along with the other party.” Mr. Mario, I heard you’ re about to set off to save Princess Biqi.”
His appearance had changed, but Mario’s kind personality did not change. He scratched his head and said with a silly smile,” That’s right. Recently, I went to a noble to repair the water pipe. I accidentally heard about Princess Biqi being taken away by the Kuba Demon King, and on the way back, I saw the Emperor’s list, saying that as long as saves the princess, they will receive 100 gold coins.”I was just about to leave. What’s wrong? Are you looking for me for something?”
“Sure enough!”After hearing Mario’s words, Lin Ling felt a wave of fear in his heart. Fortunately, he had arrived quickly. If he was a little slower, he might have gone straight to the road. By then, even if he found Mario’s home, it would still be empty.
“Aiya, look at my memory. Please come in and take a seat.”He patted his head and the kind Mario quickly invited Lin Ling who was standing outside the door into the room. He brought a bowl of fragrant soup and warmly welcomed Lin Ling.” Come, try the mushroom soup handle I made myself. These mushrooms are my favorite food.”
“Mushroom soup?Could it be that Mario ate the mushroom that would grow bigger in the game!!!”He quickly thanked Mario and took out this big wrist that was bigger than an ordinary basin. Before he could even eat it, a fresh fragrance came from his face. The milky-white soup was as thick as milk, and a few sliced mushrooms floated on the soup.
Lin Ling picked up the spoon and took a sip with anticipation. It was delicious!It was simply too delicious. He really did not dare to imagine a mushroom having such a delicious taste. His entire body was warm and full of energy!
Just as Lin Ling was immersed in the delicacy of the thick soup, a prompt suddenly popped up in his mind,” Eat Mario’s special mushroom soup and increase all attributes a bit.”
“What the f*ck! A mouthful of soup has raised me to Level 3!”A strange color flashed through his eyes, and he no longer cared about tasting the soup carefully.

Chapter 55 Breakthrough!(Collect)

“What the f*ck! A mouthful of soup has raised me to Level 3!”A strange color flashed through his eyes, and he no longer cared about tasting the soup carefully.
“Drink slowly. Although Mario doesn’t have any good things to entertain guests, my mushroom soup is perfect.”Mario saw Lin Ling’s greedy attitude and nodded his head in satisfaction. As a single, muscular brother and noble uncle, Mario’s cooking skills had reached the level of pure love. Coupled with the powerful mushrooms that were rare to pick, the soup made by him was definitely the best in the world!
A bowl of Tonga with 3 stats!What a heaven-defying existence. Lin Ling still wanted to lick the soup left on his lips. He was filled with curiosity about the red mushroom in the soup and asked doubtfully,” Mr. Mario, is the mushroom in your mushroom soup the legendary Giant Mushroom?”Why would I feel my strength increase after I finish eating.”
Mario shook his head and said in puzzlement,” I’ ve never heard of this name either. I found these mushrooms in a valley when I had a chance encounter back then and found that they tasted good, so I collected them to eat. You’ ve already eaten my last food. If you want to eat them again, it depends on luck.”
As for the last grain storage, Lin Ling was so disappointed that he could rope in his shoulders. He originally wanted a few more mushrooms to strengthen his strength with Mario, but in the end……Sure enough, the system didn’t give free lunch!If he wanted the mushroom, he could only get it when he left to save Princess Jade.
“Mr. Mario, since you took out such precious ingredients for me to enjoy, I might as well tell you a secret.”A look of struggle flashed through Lin Ling’s eyes as he clenched his teeth, as if he had made a huge decision.” To be honest, I am the royal knight sent by the king to save Princess Biqi. I had accidentally heard a strange rumor from the Mushroom Minister’s mouth. There is a complicated pipeline under the mushroom kingdom, one of which is hidden within the treasure buried by the previous mushroom king!”If anyone gets this treasure, they won’ t be worried for the rest of their lives!”
Lin Ling’s mouth was full of nonsense. Mario did n’ t know. He had never thought that Lin Ling was lying to him. He thought that all of this was true. He opened his mouth wide with surprise!”Don’ t you have all the money to marry a wife and have children!”
As an honest man, an uncle who ran to the fourth place, marrying a wife and having a child was Mario’s greatest wish. It was also because of this that he decided to take the risk to save Princess Jade.
Mario was an ordinary plumber, but one day after he accidentally found a pile of mysterious mushrooms in a nameless valley, his body began to change completely. His originally short and fat body became tall and powerful, and his weak limbs became powerful and powerful. It was this coincidence that Mario had the idea of saving the princess.
He wasn’t smart. The only thing he had was his brute strength. Who did n’ t know the name of Kuba Demon King, but Mario dared to fight!
A trace of guilt flashed through his eyes. Mario treated him like this, but he had no choice but to think of deceiving him. However, for his quest, he could only suffer Mario.
“Softly!”It’s not good to be heard!”
He carefully crouched down and his voice became much smaller.” Oh!Oh!”Brother Lin Ling, you really have no problem telling me this important news.”
“Doesn’t matter. I think you’ re worrying about money, so I’ll tell you.”After all, we’ re friends.”
“Friend!”We’ re friends. It’s great that Mario can have a friend like you!”Happy and Lin Ling came to a warm bear hug. Mario was so grateful that he cried as a big man.
However, Lin Ling didn’t know. After that, Mario really went to search for countless Kingdom’s sewer pipes and found a treasure in a remote corner!
Of course, this was all the following.
“It was getting late, it was time for me to leave.”Thank you for your hospitality.”While he was crying, the arrow on his head that had been pointing at Mario finally changed direction. He also knew that he had persuaded Mario to give up the idea of saving Princess Biqi.
“I’ m sorry, brother. If it wasn’ t for this lousy quest, I would have been drunk with you for three days and three nights.”Lin Ling muttered gloomily in his heart. This feeling of betraying a friend was really bad, especially since the other party was such a kind person. His guilt instantly filled Lin Ling’s heart.
“Really? Brother, why are you about to leave? That’s right. After all, you’ re a knight sent by the king to save the princess, so I wish you a smooth return and wait for the day you save the princess!”
“If I don’ t get drunk, I won’ t return!”With a brilliant smile on his face, Lin Ling finally set foot on the journey to save Princess Bi Qi under Mario’s escort.
After eating the mushroom soup, he felt his whole body full of energy and energy. He ran all the way without even breathing. This mushroom really was a rare treasure!If he wasn’t wrong, on the way to save Princess Biqi, there should be a mushroom drop. He did n’ t know what kind of benefits it would bring to eating raw mushrooms.
Walking along this path, Lin Ling soon saw a familiar scene. The black mushroom monster was emitting a faint purple bubble on its head. It looked like it was poisonous!Due to the order of the Kuba Demon King, it was ordered to protect this area to protect the treasures that the Kuba Demon King had hastily hidden here when he seized Princess Biqi.
A few floating rocks were mixed with a few golden question marks. There was a small water pipe in front of them. Clouds with smiling faces like cotton candy floated in the sky. When they entered this area, they remembered the familiar BGM in their childhood. The only thing that changed was that it wasn’t a horizontal pass game, but a vertical live game. Of course, there was no time limit to this. However, no one could guarantee what would happen if they were slow. At least Lin Ling did n’ t dare to.
If he died, he would really die!
“Fire Fire Fire!”Having inherited the power of the Great God of Karl, Lin Ling saw this mushroom monster. The first thing he did was use it to attack. Three blazing fireballs appeared out of nowhere and revolved around Lin Ling’s body. Instantly, the surrounding temperature became warmer. Knowing that the other party was poisonous, it would be foolish to go in close combat.
Starting to pass!
“If you eat me, Fa Ye’s anger!”

A mushroom monster was not simple!Please collect!!!)

“If you eat me, Fa Ye’s anger!”
A fire-attribute magic ball with a flame-attributed elementium magic ball shot out with Lin Ling’s right hand, exploding the mushroom monster with a fast speed. However, the scene did n’ t appear as expected. The moment the fireball touched the mushroom monster, an invisible wall appeared, and it bounced back Lin Ling’s attack. If it were n’ t for Lin Ling’s quick increase of 1 point, he might not have been able to dodge the attack that had bounced back and was hit by his own attack.
“What the hell is this?My attack was ineffective?!”
The most commonly used skill in Karl’s memory was the normal attack that Carl used in the game. Although Lin Ling was only Level 2, he still dared to use the Elemental Elixir to heavily injure Level 1 enemies. However, why did he not even be able to……
This guy looked quite big. He was almost 1.9 meters tall, but his movements were very slow. After being attacked by Lin Ling, it took two seconds to react and used his only two-legged turtle to walk towards Lin Ling.
“Doesn’t make sense!”Don’ t tell me that this guy has to be trampled to death?”Thinking of Mario’s way of killing the mushroom monsters in the game, Lin Ling nodded silently and thought to himself,” Perhaps it’s possible!”
Using tortoise speed to describe the mushroom monster’s speed was all a compliment to it. It took about 30 seconds for it to walk more than 20 meters away. When it arrived in front of Lin Ling, Lin Ling had already prepared herself. With a leap of his feet, he leaped up and targeted the mushroom monster’s head!
“Haha, let’s see if you’ ll die!”
Her feet went soft, and with a wave of cushioning, the mushroom monster’s body suddenly shrunk. However, it did not immediately disappear after being stepped on like in the game. It opened its mouth full of sharp teeth and bit Lin Ling’s ankle!
With a cold back, Lin Ling instinctively felt a sense of danger. He lowered his head and found that the mushroom monster that should have disappeared had not disappeared. He opened his bloody mouth to bite him. Even his legs were able to spit out the heat from the mushroom monster the mushroom monster’s mouth. Under a state of shock, Lin Ling was in a state of panic. He looked at the golden question mark square that was not too far away from him He grabbed the edge of the square with both hands and was suspended in midair, almost bitten by it.
Climbing onto the diamond with gold coins, he looked at the mushroom monster that was trying to jump down but couldn’t jump high in surprise.
This world was really changing!It seemed like he couldn’t be careful!
With the previous two lessons, Lin Ling finally regained his composure and began to seriously treat everything in this world.
Accompanied by the cheerful BGM, Lin Ling sat cross-legged on the golden square and lowered his head to ponder,” Why can Mario crush it with one foot, but I can’ t. What’s the difference between us?”
In his mind, he kept thinking about what Mario didn’t have. In terms of methods, Lin Ling had many ways. Even Level 2, he had at least 12 skill combinations. If a Level 4 expert was n’ t careful, he might fall into the street.
However, with the previous attempt, Lin Ling knew that this enemy seemed to be immune to his own magic attacks. This was a good explanation. After all, every world had its own rules. It was not difficult to understand how to treat it as a part of the rules.
Why couldn’t he trample?!
Lin Ling, who had been thinking about his skills, ignored the most important point. Mario had said that the only thing he was proud of was his strong muscles and his terrifying body that had accumulated countless mushrooms.
“Could it be that my strength isn’ t enough…” That kick didn’ t use its full strength.” Why don’ t you try again?”Looking at the mushroom monster that had been squatting down and refusing to leave like a hound, Lin Ling had given himself a lot of courage. The mushroom monster wasn’t scary. Without a hand, its only method of attack was the poison on its body and the mouth that was covered with sharp teeth. As long as he was careful to avoid it, it was more than enough to pay for an additional mushroom monster with his own speed.
“I think my strength is not bad, but in the end, I can’ t even deal with the lowest level mushroom monster. My heart is really higher than the sky.”He laughed bitterly at himself.
The game looked simple, but in reality, it was still very difficult to fight a monster like this. Just 1m9 alone meant that it was beyond the reach of a monster.
Standing on the golden square, Lin Ling used up all his strength this time. He jumped up and accurately stepped on the mushroom monster.
“Pfft!”A wave of purple poison mist followed by the mushroom monster’s body shattering. Lin Ling accidentally inhaled a mouthful of it, causing his body to feel powerless. His face was red as he spat out a few words from his teeth.” It’s not good to be poisoned!”Damn it, what should we do now!”
Mushrooms!There were mushrooms in the square!Stepping on the ground, Lin Ling gave up on the first golden question mark square and came to the second square. He jumped up and hit the square with his head!
The mechanism was activated. A red and white Mo Mu was pushed out by Lin Ling from the square. What was strange was that this mushroom actually had a pair of legs. Due to its lack of eyes, it could only move in one direction. Lin Ling was currently poisoned, so how could he let it escape? The two legs were running fast!”Elemental Ice Sphere!”
The Elemental Ice Sphere accurately smashed towards the mushroom. Under the freezing deceleration, its body became as if it was under a slow camera. With three steps and two steps, it landed on the mushroom that was about the size of a palm. It was as soft and warm as touching the young girl’s skin. However, it was n’ t the time to think about this. Ignoring the struggle of the mushroom, Lin Ling bit off most of the mushroom’s head in a single bite. The mushroom immediately turned into a ray of energy that nourished Lin Ling’s body. The poison in his body was also rapidly fading away. Looking at the remaining mushroom in his hand, Lin Ling was surprised to find that the foot beneath the mushroom had disappeared, turning into an ordinary mushroom.He shook his head slightly. The world was the jungle. Not to mention the mushroom that had not completely become a living body, even if Lin Ling was alive, he might not eat it.
Ding!: Player uses Super Mushrooms, Strength increases by 1.
“As expected, eating mushrooms can increase stats!”
Lin Ling’s strength increased once again. The challenge that Lin Ling had met was filled with anticipation. Of course, before the challenge, the remaining three Diamond Lin Ling who had hidden gold coins did n’ t intend to let go. After obtaining three gold coins, he was surprised to find that the gold coins were the common gold coins of the Walloran Continent!

Chapter 57: Mushrooms of Life (Collection)

(I was lost for a while before, but I soon recovered. It’s too early to give up now. I hope everyone can give it up and save it. If anything happens, I’ ll kill you!)
Lin Ling’s strength increased once again. The challenge that Lin Ling had met was filled with anticipation. Of course, before the challenge, the remaining three Diamond Lin Ling who had hidden gold coins did n’ t intend to let go. After obtaining three gold coins, he was surprised to find that the gold coins were the common gold coins of the Walloran Continent!
What the f*ck! Lin Ling couldn’t stop himself in an instant. The poor guy on Earth could only do nothing about the capitalist society on Earth. If the blame was born in the wrong place, he would have gone from being a poor kid to being a well-off person to becoming a civil servant. At least, he would have enough money to live. However, when it came to professionals, the price of an ordinary leather-armored equipment was around 10 gold coins. If it was for money from Earth, it would be 10,000 gold coins!
10W to buy a leather armor was the difference between a professional and an ordinary person!
As for how much the small dagger Annie gave Lin Ling was worth, you should think about it yourself. You couldn’t even afford to sell Lin Ling.
“Phew, the first water pipe should be a small test handle. There is only one monster.”Lin Ling moved his body once again and was in a good mood. He stomped his feet and the ground on the green stone floor was cracked by Lin Ling’s foot. He lowered his body and said,” Oh, this strength is even more terrifying than an elephant!”
Lin Ling took a deep look at the masterpiece that he had stepped on on the ground and said confidently,” A mere mushroom monster, let’s see if I’ ll step on you in no time!”
With a quick acceleration, he placed his hands on the lower water pipe and easily flipped his feet over. Using his momentum, he climbed onto the second water pipe that was about 4 meters tall.
Another mushroom monster was different from the first one. The surface of this mushroom monster was covered with black spikes with green venom. Only a soft mushroom surface was on its head.
It seemed that the first mushroom monster was just a small character for me to practice. Was this the true full body of the mushroom monster?
“Hiss, it looks really scary. Just a small piece is enough.”He chuckled. Lin Ling saw the timing and shouted softly,” Ha!”His feet were like a war hammer, and he stepped on the mushroom monster’s head without any mistake!
The soft feeling under his feet was still the same. Even Mario, who had never eaten the mushroom before, would feel ashamed if he saw it.The aggressive mushroom monster was crushed into a pile of meat by Lin Ling’s terrifying strength.
Due to the fact that he had eaten the mushroom, the poison was immune to Lin Ling’s attack. However, the clothes on his body were not immune to it. The black blood of the mushroom monster splashed all over his body.
To be honest, the mushrooms in this world were like a thousand-year-old ginseng. Mario, after eating a pile of thousand-year-old ginseng, didn’t know how to refine it. He had strengthened his body to the limit of a normal person’s luck. If it was Lin Linglai, the same mushrooms would be able to use the power of the system to reach the epic level.
If “climbed through this water pipe again, it would be two mushroom monsters’ territory.”Fight or not?”
The mushroom monster’s speed was surprisingly slow. As it climbed the 6 meter tall water pipe, Lin Ling started to ponder,” At my speed, if you want to escape, the mushroom monster should not be able to catch up.90% of the time is likely to be able to successfully climb the other water pipe. Not only does it save time and effort, but why do I have a feeling of cheating……”Forget it, let’s go step by step.”
Standing on the water pipe and looking at the two mushroom monsters that were about 10 meters away from him, Lin Ling accelerated towards the two soldiers.
The miscellaneous soldiers needed to be prepared. Even if they were to hold a group to warm up, they would not be able to take care of you in an instant.
Glancing at the two unknown objects behind him, a powerful sense of superiority arose in his heart. This was power!Power and money could not be compared to power.
Stepping on two mushroom monsters, the Summoner’s level, which had already reached full experience, had finally leveled up. Intermediate Summoners, now Lin Ling was able to communicate with the Heaven and Earth to summon the Summoners from the Otherworld!
However, he didn’t give away any skill points or attribute points this time. It seemed that the last time a Summoner had leveled up, it was a misunderstanding. The first time he obtained it, he had activated both the Battle Class and the Summoner Class simultaneously. Now, it seemed that only when the Battle Class had been upgraded would he be able to obtain attribute points and skill points.
Without the skill points and attribute points, Lin Ling felt a little disappointed. However, very soon, Lin Ling once again recovered. He was not the kind of person who was not satisfied. As the saying goes, he was always happy. If he wanted to be happy, he would not have to worry about some trivial matters. If he could not escape, he would not have.
How much money do you have?I’m strong, you have someone?I was powerful.
As an ordinary person, Lin Ling’s strength suddenly increased and his heart started to float. If this continued, it would be extremely dangerous!
After crossing the third pipe, Lin Ling finally arrived at the first cliff in the game.
As a game that had been played countless times in childhood but could not pass through, Lin Ling was not bragging about it. All the hidden elements in Mario’s map in front of him had been memorized.
Looking at the cliff ahead, Lin Ling knew that another opportunity had arrived!
“Life Mushroom!Mario in the game could increase his health once he ate it. What if I ate it?!”The more he thought about it, the more dazzling the golden light in his eyes became as he stared at the sky near the cliff.
A secret treasure hidden by Kuba Demon King!It was countless times more precious than these hidden treasures!If it wasn’t for the fact that he used the Little King to play this game in his childhood, he would really have to say goodbye to this green mushroom.
There was no need to worry about the pipeline. This wasn’t a game world, so there was no way he could n’ t turn back. As long as Lin Ling wasn’t afraid of being trapped in this world by Eternal Fate, he could come back here and run.
Yes, I know. However, due to the fact that his memories were too old and that this was the real Mario world, Lin Ling could not guarantee where this hidden mushroom was. He could only take one step at a time.
He looked up at the sky. He was about to reach the precipice in more than 30 meters. His jump was accompanied by hope and loss. He jumped dozens of times without hitting any hidden object on his head. He thought,” After 30 meters, we’ ll reach the end of the life mushroom. Could it be that this world has been modified?”
At this moment, Lin Ling suddenly felt a pain in his head and shouted,” Life Mushroom!”*

58 Strengthening Talent (Collecting)

At this moment, Lin Ling suddenly felt a pain in his head and shouted,” Life Mushroom!”
At this moment, he couldn’t care less about the pain in his head. A unique trigger sound rang out. A square suddenly appeared on the originally empty head. One was similar to the previous mushroom. It was smaller and faster, and its entire body was as green as jade.
With the experience of catching mushrooms last time, Lin Ling wasn’t even able to wait for the little fellow to land in the air when his right hand tightly gripped it!
“Hahahaha, Life Mushroom!”He carefully placed the mushroom in his hand as if he had obtained a treasure, afraid that he would use his strength to crush this jade-like little fellow.
The two tui’s legs could n’ t even reach Lin Ling due to their short legs. It was bound to be unable to escape if someone caught it without an arm. They wiped off the breathless saliva from the corner of his mouth and felt a little anticipation in his heart. His big mouth opened and revealed his teeth that were even whiter than the black man’s. He bit down on the mushroom cover of the Life Mushroom and the Life Mushroom that had lost its head turned from a living creature into a dead creature. Like a mushroom, the two short legs instantly turned into sparkling star dust and disappeared into the air with a gentle breeze.
Ding: Player has consumed one of the Secret Treasures of Super Mario Bros., Life Mushroom, obtaining a chance to choose.
As soon as he obtained some additional stats.
Second, he obtained a little extra skill points.
Three opportunities to increase one’s talent.
Four chances to be reborn.
Fifth, increase the affinity of wood elementium.
“Increase your talent?”What is this?”
Each of the five options was very tempting. Skill points, attribute points, and so on could give Lin Ling an extremely terrifying help. Sometimes, it might be because of this attribute and skill that the entire situation would be very different.As for Rebirth, it was even more exciting. It shouldn’t be to force Lin Ling to choose this!Elemental affinity wasn’t bad. He was certain that he had the three elements of Ice, Fire and Lightning. Lin Ling did n’ t have much need for affinity at the moment. It was the last thing Carl wanted to see.
These options were literally meant as they endured the greed in their hearts. Lin Ling focused on the third option.
This was the first time he had heard that he had a “talent” attribute. Could it be that it was just like luck in online novels, hidden?
Three excellent choices were placed in front of Lin Ling, making it difficult for him to choose. What was the best choice?!
After careful consideration, Lin Ling decided to increase his talent!
Getting an extra HP sounded like the most tempting option. After all, who didn’t seem like getting a second HP.However, if he were to be killed by the enemy, then even if he had a second life, he would end up like before.Not to mention that he also had the ability to reincarnate from the Summoner’s skill. He already had the protection, so there was no need to add another layer.
The talent points and skill points were the same. As long as they were upgraded, they would be able to obtain them. However, the option of increasing their talent was the first one to appear. Even if Lin Ling knew that there was a possibility of cheating, he still wanted to fight.
After all, he had obtained the Life Mushroom for nothing, and it would not be a loss to him.
“System, I chose to increase my talent!!”
“I’ ll definitely increase my talent.”
As the system’s cold voice came to an end, Lin Ling’s eyes darkened. He realized that when he was worthless, he had appeared in another unknown space. The surrounding area was pitch-black without any light, but his eyes could see things magically.
Before Lin Ling could ask a question, the system’s impersonal voice rang out again,” Begin to strengthen your talent. Please prepare yourself.”
“Shrimp?Psychological preparation?!”A bad premonition surged into his heart. This was the first time the system had reminded him that he had never said a single word before when he had strengthened his power to the point where he wanted to die!How terrifying was the process that followed. Lin Ling was already starting to feel a little awkward……
“Why are you joking? You’ll die!”
Just in time to say a word, his body floated into the air uncontrollably. Green liquid gushed out from all directions in the dark space, quickly drowning Lin Ling in the water.
Holding his breath and looking at the green liquid, Lin Ling suddenly felt all the skin on his body go numb. Black and muddy liquid overflowed from his pores. Following that, a sharp pain came from his spine. This sudden pain caused Lin Ling, who was already prepared, to open his mouth in pain. He could not shout because the green liquid had already poured into Lin Ling’s mouth. It was just like the burning flames before, but this time, it changed from fire to green water.
If there were elves in this space right now, they would definitely be stunned by this scene. These green liquids were nothing but the water of life flowing out of the Tree of Life!Every year, each Tree of Life could produce up to 10 drops of Water of Life. Each drop could be used, giving off the miraculous effect of death and bones!Legend had it that the Phoenix Cry Pill that was refined with the Blood of the Phoenix and the Water of Life had the ability to revive those who died in a short period of time!
However, the Water of Life before him was not 10 or 100 drops, but an ocean!It was as if it would never end!
“Wu Lu Lu…” Bubbles popped out of his mouth one after another. Like a drowning person, Lin Ling helplessly raised his hands and waved them in the air. They were clearly in the water, but they could normally interact with each other. The pain on his back made it a dream for him to be unconscious.
More and more impurities overflowed from his body, and Lin Ling’s potential continued to rise under the inhuman abuse. If it was said that Lin Ling had reached Level 9, he would stop.He would definitely be able to reach level 11!
Most importantly, this baptism was not over yet!
Half an hour later.
The pain really lasted for half an hour. After about 10 minutes of pain, Lin Ling’s nerves had already become numb. He was like a piece of wood that did n’ t move. Every person’s body had a limit to endure the pain. Once it exceeded this limit, the human body’s function would protect the brain from the pain.
“Damn system!”This time, I still have a conscience to remind me. Otherwise, I will really bite off the head.”As the tide receded, Lin Ling, who was drenched in water, got up from the ground. This exhaustion did not come from the body but directly applied to the soul.
The system sent Lin Ling, who was weak to the extreme, back to Mario’s world without mercy.” Increase your talent and continue the dungeon.”

59 Flame Flower (Collection)

The system sent Lin Ling, who was weak to the extreme, back to Mario’s world without mercy.” Increase your talent and continue the dungeon.”
Lin Ling’s smile froze. He could n’ t smile at all. He looked up at the sky and sighed,” As expected, you shouldn’t praise the system. There’s no one who has the most holes, there’s only one who has the most holes!”
Returning to Mario’s world meant that Lin Ling did n’ t have time to rest at all. He could only concentrate and turn around and kick open the barbed wire on the sewer pipe. He didn’t think too much about looking at the dark underground water and jumping in.
His body quickly fell to the ground. Lin Ling, who would not fly in the air, could only watch as he was getting closer and closer to the ground. With a “dong” sound, a human-shaped shallow pit appeared on the ground. Lin Ling forgot about the difference. Fortunately, his body now explained that his body was more than ten meters high, and the drop of dog poop only caused his body to ache for a while. There was nothing serious about his body.
He got up from the ground in frustration and patted off the broken stones on his clothes. Just as he was about to complain, he accidentally looked ahead and closed his mouth. He shouted in his heart,” F*ck!”
1、2、3……Nineteen gold coins floated quietly in the air. In such a dark environment, these gold coins were so dazzling that they blinded Lin Ling’s dog eyes.” Wow, so dazzling!”What is it!”
Swish, he sucked in the saliva from the corner of his mouth. He shook his shoulders and ran towards the gold coin with a bad smile. When he saw the shiny gold coin, he forgot about any fatigue. He thought to himself,” With so much money, huh. Looks like we can have a good meal with Kinkes next!”
Ding ding ding ding……
A pleasant sound rang out from his ear. He happily collected every gold coin and quickly collected all the gold coins.
After successfully collecting the gold coins, he felt much better. He quickly stepped on the corpses of the mushroom monsters and jumped over a cliff before finally arriving at a wide plain. Lin Ling also discovered a new type of monster other than the mushroom monster. The turtle monster had a long head and wide mouth. If it was not for the turtle shell on his back, Lin Ling would not have mistreated him.
The two nearby mushroom monsters were easily trampled to death. They came to a floating rock and jumped for more than ten times. Only then did they stop until the gold coins no longer jumped out. As for the nearby turtle, it was still quite a distance away from Lin Ling. The place where Lin Ling was still not within its alert range, so it did not come.
On the other hand, the more than ten mushroom monsters in front of them saw their brothers being trampled on by Lin Ling. Their faces were filled with human-like anger as they used their slow and pitiful speed to rush towards this place. The tortoise monster only glanced at the mushroom monster in disdain. There was also a level difference in the monster’s world. The tortoise monster was much higher than the mushroom monster, and just with its incredibly hard shell, it could kill the mushroom monster a few streets.
In addition to the fact that Demon King Kuba was a turtle, ordinary turtle monsters were extremely arrogant. Since they bullied other monsters as turtles, the mushroom monster was naturally the most miserable one to be bullied.
“You fools, are you going to die?”If you don’ t come back and get closer to me, let’s hide together and see what this human can do!”
He was stunned!Oh my god, turtle actually spoke.
Lin Ling could hear it clearly. The turtle could hear every word it said. He didn’t expect the turtle to be an intelligent creature that could speak.
The remaining four mushroom monsters? Look at me, look at you. Due to the turtle monster’s licentious power, they could only silently choose to submit.
The turtle was arrogant, but it did not forget the quest given to it by the Demon King Kuba to protect the treasure above its head!Out of these four pieces, one of them was hidden in the Fire Flower King Kuba’s favorite food!
“Heh ……”
Seeing how the turtle commanded, Lin Ling did not get angry. Instead, he gave the turtle a bad laugh. The turtle looked at him and felt a chill run down his spine.” What’s wrong with this human?”Why did you show that expression.”
He arrived in front of the two rocks, raised his eyelids and raised his right hand to slam into the second rock. A colorful star flashed out of the rock. The turtle was shocked, pushing the mushroom monster around him to escape,” Quickly get out of here!”
The mushroom monsters looked at the tortoise with resentment, as if they were saying,” Didn’ t you call us here? We’ ve just arrived, what’s the point of asking us to leave again.”
When Lin Ling jumped up, he grabbed onto the Invincible Star. His huge grip instantly shattered it. The shattered Invincible Star quickly turned into a layer of sparkling star dust that was attached to Lin Ling’s body. The BGM in his ear also changed at this moment. His entire body gave off a multicolored light as if he had eaten a stimulant. Lin Ling opened his arms and gave a strange cry as he charged towards the turtle monster and the mushroom monster in front of him.
Under Lin Ling’s feet, Lin Ling’s speed was terrifyingly fast. On the other side, Tortoise laughed bitterly in his heart,” Why is there an Invincible Star in the place I’ m guarding? Why didn’ t Great Kuba say anything.”
The turtle was so weak in front of Lin Ling who was hanging outside. It instantly killed 5 monsters along the way. It even took off the gold coins and the Flame Flower that was hidden at the top. When it touched the Flame Flower, it sent Lin Ling a piercing pain.
Lin Ling’s brows furrowed. After passing on the Inheritance, Lin Ling’s affinity for fire elementium had reached a terrifying level. Although he couldn’t say that he was immune to fire, it was certain that he would be able to reduce his damage. This flower could actually cause a burning sensation in his hand. One had to know that Lin Ling’s hand was still completely undamaged even with 100 flames. There was only warmth. Just what did this flower become?Why was it so hot?
“If I eat it, I won’ t be burned to death.”At this moment, Lin Ling hesitated. He silently put it into his pocket and put it with the gold coins. He still had to wait for a while before eating. As he walked forward, Lin Ling arrived at a huge stage. He had unknowingly reached the end.
“Roar!!”Suddenly, a roar similar to the dinosaur version resounded through the sky. The sound source was so close. Needless to say, it was clear who the owner of the voice was. Besides the Devil King Kuba, who else could have such a loud and domineering voice.
Climbing up the stairs, Lin Ling looked at the height.20 meters wasn’t too high. He turned around and retreated, speeding up and running. He used his strength to shoot out like a cannonball. He jumped up high and even surpassed the flagpole below, landing directly in front of the castle behind him.” Demon King Kuba? Hehe, I wonder if you can be attacked.”