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Chapter 1: Le Tuo Giving birth to a child, Hera’s forced killing

“I will never allow the child in your belly to be born!”
In the vast sky, a dignified and graceful woman stared coldly at the vast land, her beautiful eyes filled with heaven overflowing hatred.
At the spot where her gaze was fixed on, there was another beautiful woman with a small belly. Under the pursuit of a group of monsters, she fled in a sorry state.
“Hera, after the noble gods.”I don’ t want to ask for your forgiveness, but my child is innocent. They are also the blood of Godkings. I beg you to let them go!”
The woman’s face was filled with despair as she begged towards the sky.
She was the daughter of the god of celestial bodies, Coos, and the goddess of light, Fuper. She nursed the goddess Le Tuo.
The graceful woman in the sky was Hera, the daughter of the second-generation Godking Chronos, the sister of the third-generation Godking Zeus, and the seventh wife.
“Hmph, do you think I will give you a chance?”
Hera’s face was filled with joy as she looked at Le Tuo’s pitiful and begging for mercy.
She hated her husband the most, but she couldn’ t do anything to the king of the gods’ husband. She could only vent her anger on his lover.
Le Tuo could be considered the most noble of his husband’s lovers over the past few years. If he taught her a lesson, it would definitely let the other slut know how powerful he was and not dare to provoke his husband again.
With this thought in mind, she used her divine power to give orders to the boundless earth:
“Under the name of the gods, no land belonging to Olympus would be allowed to give birth to Le Tuo.”
As soon as he finished speaking, Le Tuo, who was walking on the vast land, suddenly felt a massive force repelling her existence.
She could only rush towards the ocean.
At this moment, her lower abdomen began to twitch.
As a nurturing goddess, Le Tuo naturally knew that this was his child’s birth.
However, although the land was vast, how could it not be the territory of Olympus?
“Godking, why haven’ t you come out yet? They are all your children ……”
Le Tuo stared at Mount Olympus, the highest place in the world.
However, that place remained calm, completely unaffected by the events outside.
Seeing her expression, Hera laughed wildly:
“You still don’ t understand? To him, all of you are all playthings for a while. Only I am his only Divine Empress. Why would he turn against me for your sake.”
“No, I don’ t believe it ……”
Le Tuo’s heart was desolate as he forcefully covered his stomach.
She could sense that there were two robust life forms that were closely connected to her.
That was her child.
No matter how heartless their father was, he had to bring them to this world.
As she thought about this, she gathered her strength and madly rushed towards the edge of the land.
Hera frowned and said coldly,” I didn’ t expect you to have the strength, but I won’ t let you escape.”
She once again used her divine power.
At this moment, a meteor-like light suddenly flew out from the distant ocean, blocking her path.
“Astrea!”Hera screamed, her face filled with anger.
The shooting star turned into a goddess in a resplendent dress and arrived in front of Le Tuo.” Big sister, hurry up and leave. The Dros Island on the sea can give you birth.”
Le Tuo nodded gratefully at her before rushing towards the ocean.
Hearing this, Hera angrily stomped her feet.
Although her husband was the king of the gods, the ocean was the domain of the Sea Emperor Poseidon. As the empress of the gods, her power was only valid in the sky and land.
“”Honorable Divine Empress, you can’ t stop me anymore. Let’s just watch my two nephews be born.”Meteor Goddess Astrea looked at Hera with a smile.
She was also the daughter of the god of celestial bodies, Coos, and the goddess of light, Fuper, and Le Tuo’s sister.
Hera stared at her with hatred, and then looked at Le Tuo, who had already reached the island.
Suddenly, she had a bad premonition. The two life auras in Le Tuo’s stomach seemed to be too powerful.
It was quite close to the aura that the goddess of wisdom had emitted from her husband’s head.
Could it be two more powerful Sovereigns?
“No, this is absolutely impossible. How could she leto have such a good life, giving birth to two children who were not inferior to Athena!”
Hela shook her head vigorously.
Mount Olympus, in the huge divine hall.
A king figure who had raised the Lightning Spear from the start, but was always hesitant, finally relaxed when he saw Le Tuo enter the island.
“Fortunately, I don’ t need to clash with Hera. Now, the Divine Hall needs to be stable. The Divine King and the Divine Empress have fallen out, which is very detrimental to my rule.”
As he spoke, his eyes suddenly lit up and he happily said:
“Le Tuo’s two children’s divine power fluctuations were not inferior to Ya Dianna at all. Looks like I’ m about to have two more powerful children. My Divine Hall General will be even more consolidated!”
Just as he spoke.
Le Tuo, who had arrived on the island, began to give birth with his face twisted in pain.
The entire island was shaking. At some point in the sky, both sides of the island were emitting dazzling light.
The light in the west was the first to appear. It was an icy cold and clear silver radiance. It was similar to the bright silver moon, but it was even more holy and proud than the silver moon.
On the other hand, the eastern side slowly began to shine with brilliant morning light. The golden light was like flowing gold, dazzling and dazzling. It even covered the radiance of the sun, bringing endless light to all living beings on the earth.
In all parts of the world, whether it was the Olympians or Titans, they were all alarmed by this shocking phenomenon.
All the gods knew that the third king of the gods had two more powerful heirs.
It wouldn’t be long before Olympus would rise up with two more towering Overgods.
A clear cry rang out. A silver-haired, graceful female baby girl, her entire body filled with cold moonlight, flew out from Le Tuo’s body.
Looking at her beautiful face, Le Tuo’s lips curled into a happy smile.
“My daughter, you’ re born with the light of the silver moon. I’ ll give you the name Artemis. May you be like the silver moon of the night, forever hanging in the sky, the holy light shining on the stars.”
As Le Tuo spoke, pain appeared on his face. An even more dazzling golden baby slowly emerged from her body.
At this moment, the light in the entire world became brighter.
Among the many deities, a golden-haired, golden-eyed handsome boy was bathed in brilliant morning light, slowly watching this world.
Le Tuo smiled as he struggled to sit up and said to the golden-haired male infant,” My son, you were born with the light of the sun. I will give you the name Apollo. May you be like the undying sun, bring the morning light at the dawn, and the light fire dispels the darkness.”*

Chapter 2: I am Apollo, Sister Hunting Goddess

“Apollo, am I Apollo?”
Qin Qing listened in disbelief to the words of the beautiful woman in front of him, although she was in a sorry state.
Not long ago, he was still playing a game with a fantasy background at home. With great difficulty, he had almost cleared the stage and obtained the legendary supreme treasure chest.
He clicked it and opened it. Then, his eyes darkened.
When he woke up, he found himself in a ball of golden light. His body became a newborn baby, and his entire body was filled with strange power.
Then, the beautiful woman who had given birth to him solemnly gave him the name Apollo.
Wasn’t that the name of the God of Light in the Greek mythology.
This was because the nine-year compulsory education extracurricular reading books included Greek mythology. Apart from the national mythology, Qin Qing understood Greek mythology the most.
Apollo was also the most famous god in the Greek mythology.
Many people regarded him as a sun god. In fact, in the Greek mythology, the sun god had always been Titans God Helios, while Apollos was a God of Light.
However, he was too famous. Many of Heleus’ deeds had been placed on him.
After playing a game, he actually passed through the Greek mythology and became Apollo?
If not for the abundant and powerful divine power in his body and the beautiful and kind woman in front of him being so real, Qin Qing would definitely think that he was dreaming.
Just as he was in a daze, a slender and gentle cold hand patted his shoulder.
Qin Qing turned his head to look. The silver-haired girl who was born one step ahead of him was standing behind him and looking at him with worried eyes.
“Artemis, Goddess of Hunting.”
His identity immediately surfaced in his mind.
This was an extremely famous goddess. Later, one of the twelve Olympus Overgods was also one of the three virgins. It was a symbol of nobility and purity.
They were often compared to Athena, the most famous goddess of wisdom.
It was also his current elder sister.
Yeah, I’ m already Apollo…
Qin Qing let out a long sigh.
“Brother… Brother, are you… alright?” Artemis’ delicate eyes were filled with concern and worry.
Although she was just born with extraordinary talent, her words weren’ t very quick.
Qin Qing……No, Apollo smiled and shook his head. His handsome face radiated a golden color as his fingertips gently stroked Artemis’ soft silver hair.
Perhaps because of the twin siblings, it was as if Artemis could sense Apollo’s uneasiness at a glance.
Apollo could also feel Artemis’ feelings. She was so gentle and proud, making people feel like they were protecting her.
Seeing the intimacy between the two children, Le Tuo couldn’ t help but smile.
At this moment, Astrea appeared on the island like a shooting star. She looked at Apollo and Artemis with a smile and said in admiration,” Big sister, you really are lucky to have two such beautiful children.”
Le Tuo looked at his sister gratefully and said:
“Isn’t your Hector very beautiful? I heard that Goddess Nikes likes her very much and wants to recognize her as his daughter. She even persuaded His Majesty Yama to appoint her as the vice ruler of the Underworld.”
“Yes, our children are very beautiful and pleasing.”Astrea walked to Apollo with a faint smile. She stretched out her fair hands and smiled as she rubbed his handsome face.
Apollo was a little stunned. He was only a little familiar with Greek mythology. He knew the name of the Underworld’s vice monarch meeting the goddess Herkath, but he didn’ t of this Aunty Astrea.
Although she looked very beautiful, she couldn’ t rub a boy’s face like that.
He tried to struggle out of the demonic palms.
But it was a sad discovery.
Although he was a future famous Master God, the divine power of the newly born Master God was far inferior to that of the Meteor Goddess, who had already reached its peak.
No matter how he dodged, he could not escape the destruction of that pure white palm.
Until Mother Le Tuo said worriedly,” Astrea, Has Hera left?”
Astrea became serious and nodded:
“You didn’ t see her angry and unwilling appearance just now.”I can understand that her two sons, Hephaestus and Ares, are all so ugly and rough. Seeing our cute and beautiful Artemis and Apollo, it’s hard to avoid them.”
Leto let out a sigh of relief.” It’s good that she left. I’ m only afraid that she won’ t let my child go.”
“Big sister, don’ t worry. Artemis and Apollo’s divinity are both very powerful. It won’ t take long for them to grow up and become powerful Sovereigns. At that time, the one to be afraid of is Hera herself.”You don’ t have to be afraid of being bullied by her in the future.”
Le Tuo looked at the two children’s faces lovingly and softly said:
“I just want to see them grow up and become great deities. The others are not important to me anymore.”
Astrea couldn’ t help but sigh as she looked at her expression. Her face was filled with anger:
“Zeus, that heartless fellow, even if he didn’ t have any feelings for you, elder sister. Artemis and Apollo were all his children, yet he didn’ t show himself from start to finish. The birth of a child was all your name.”
Le Tuo’s face was filled with bitterness as he said in a deep voice,” In the end, he is the greatest king of the gods. Whether it’s me or the other goddesses, they’ re guests of his life.”
As she said that, she said to Astrea,” Don’ t worry about me. When Apollo and the others grow up, I’ ll go back and accompany the father and mother god. I won’ t appear outside.”
Apollo’s heart couldn’ t help but be filled with rage when he heard their conversation.
Greek mythology was a very cruel and chaotic world.
This god’s face was far uglier than a mortal’s. It was filled with filth and filth. Among them, Zeus was the most detestable.
He could actually understand Hera’s persecution of his mother.
No wife would hate her husband’s other women.
However, Zeus was not worthy of being a man or a father.The flower heart was romantic, heartless was better than amorous, without any sense of responsibility. In his eyes, he would always have his own authority.
“However, in the Greek mythology, he has always been a Godking. No one can overthrow him at all.”Apollo felt helpless.
To his knowledge, the theme of Greek mythology was fate.
Unless fate was determined, no one could shake Zeus’ rule.
Zeus had long killed some of the gods who were about to overthrow Zeus.
He would always rule over the legion of gods.
“Fate…” Apollo was extremely unwilling.
Just at this moment, he suddenly noticed that a strange light spot had appeared in the lower right corner of his eyes.
“Eh, isn’ t this the click mark on the individual panel in that game?”
Apollo was astonished as he focused his attention on the spot of light. An illusory screen suddenly appeared before his eyes.*

Chapter 3 Intermediate Treasure Box, Treasure Box System

“[ Host Name: Apollo]
[Race: Greek God Race]
[Bloodline level: Sovereign Grade 9]
[Strength level: Initial God Rank]
[Clergy: Light, Medicine, Music, Prophecy…]
[Item: None ].”
Apollo couldn’ t help but be stunned as he looked at the panel in front of him.
“Game’s panel had actually passed through, as well as this ……”
He turned his gaze to the side of the panel, where a huge map appeared.
“System map also appeared. These dots of light seemed to be treasure chests in the game ……”
Apollo’s expression changed.
He suddenly cast his gaze behind Artemis.
Artemis looked at him strangely. Apollo slowly walked to her side.
“Ah… Bo… Luo, what are you doing?”
Artemis looked very curious because Apollo was holding his arm in the air.
“Sure enough, only I can see it…” Apollo didn’ t reply, his eyes staring at him.
There was a small black box in his sight.
The style was very familiar.
It was the treasure chest in the game.
The moment he touched the box, a voice suddenly appeared in his mind.
“Found a beginner treasure chest *1, open it?”
Apollo didn’ t change his expression at all. He thought to himself,” Open it.”
The treasure chest in his hand suddenly emitted a ray of light. At the same time, a voice appeared in his mind.” You opened a beginner treasure chest and obtained a *2 Divine Source Crystal. You are specialized in painting.”
In that instant, many knowledge about painting appeared in Apollo’s mind. At the same time, two small crystals appeared in his palm.
“Was true ……”
Feeling the gentle power of the two crystals in his hand, Apollo was extremely excited.
The system board in the game had also passed through. Moreover, the items in the treasure chest in the game had actually become real in this world.
He carefully focused on the two crystal stones in his hand, and Apollo made him calm down.
When he realized that his mother, Le Tuo, was still chatting with her aunt, Astrea, he gave Artemis a look. His sister, who was naturally connected to each other, immediately understood what he meant.
Although she was very curious, Artemis could not reject her brother.
Reluctantly, he came to his mother and his mother’s place, attracting their attention.
Only then did Apollo quietly walk away.
He arrived at a corner of the island.
He carefully examined the two crystal stones in his hand.
“In that game, God Source Crystal is a crystal that can help gods increase their strength.”
Apollo tried to instill a bit of divine power into them.
All of a sudden, the two crystals emitted a stream of heat and merged into his body.
In that instant, Apollo felt his divine power become much stronger.
What shocked him even more was that his bloodline essence seemed to have been strengthened.
The gods of Olympus were born with bloodlines that were extremely important, and it almost determined their future achievements.
As a god with divine powers in prophecy, Apollo was born with a lot of knowledge.
“The strength of a god was from low to high. They were Lower Gods, Gods, Highgods, Master Gods, and Gods of Inception. The level at which they could reach was determined by birth. It was practically impossible for them to surpass the shackles of the Innate Realm.”
“My bloodline is at the ninth grade of an Overgod. This means that as long as I reach the age of majority, I will be at the sixth or seventh grade of an Overgod. After countless years of grinding, I’ ll probably be able to reach the eighth or ninth grade of an Overgod. However, it’s basically impossible for me to surpass the Overgod and advance to the domain of the original Overgod.”
“In the Greek Protoss, although the postnatal cultivation also existed and there were magic spells and the like, they were not of much use. The innate bloodline was decisive, but these crystals could actually increase my bloodline ……”
Apollo’s eyes were burning with desire.
An Overgod at the ninth grade was already at an extremely powerful bloodline level. It was to protect high Overgods.
One had to know that even Zeus, even though he was a Godking, was still one of the twelve Overgods. He had not surpassed an Overgod, and his strength was at most at the ninth grade.
If he wanted to break through to the realm of the God of Inception, he might have experienced countless years of accumulation, and there would be a slight possibility.
However, if his bloodline level could be increased to the level of a God of Inception, the chances of him reaching the realm of a God of Inception would be far higher than Zeus.
“I need to open more treasure chests…” Apollo turned his gaze back to the map. Shockingly, there were bright spots on it.
When one looked at it, most of them displayed’ Beginner’ and’ Intermediate’, while a few of them displayed’ Advanced’ and’ Deity’.
“God-level treasure chest, the Divine King’s Shrine of Olympus…High grade treasure chest, Sovereign Sea Palace’s Palace……”Why are they all here?”Apollo’s teeth ached.
It was not easy for him to leave this island.
“By the way, this island seems to be called De Ross Island…”The middle grade treasure chest.”
Apollo looked around and found a small forest.
He quickly walked into the forest.
Sure enough, under a few lush trees, there was a small red box, the style of which was much more gorgeous than before.
He walked over to pick it up and opened it silently.
A voice immediately rang out in his heart,” You opened an intermediate treasure chest and obtained the Divine Sun Gold Sword (one star), Divine Origin Crystal*10.”
Apollo lowered his head and saw a dazzling golden sword appear beside him. At the same time, ten dazzling crystals appeared in his palm.
He put away the ten crystal stones and picked up the golden sword.
As soon as his hand was gripped, a sharp, burning heat immediately surged into his body from the sword.
“What a divine sword. It’s already a High Quality Divine Artifact.”Apollo’s eyes lit up.
Just like the division of gods, this world’s god artifacts were also divided into low-grade god artifacts, mid-grade god artifacts, high-grade god artifacts, Sovereign artifacts, and primary god artifacts.
Even the most outstanding craftsman among the gods, Fire God Hephaestus, needed a lot of effort to create a high quality divine artifact.
“But in the system logo, it’s only one star level. I remember that there were four star five star items in the game. If I were to obtain this world, what level of divine artifacts would it be?”
“I need to find a way to leave this island and open more treasure chests.”*

Chapter 4 Bow Hunting, Hera’s plot

In the depths of the forest, clear streams of water swirled about.
Two vigorous wild deer were happily drinking the stream water, bathing in the cold spring wind with a satisfied expression.
Suddenly, a silver light flashed through the bushes in the distance.
Under the dark light, at some point, a young girl with a small head crouched. Her silver hair flickered in the darkness. The dense shrubs could not completely hide her graceful and vigorous posture.
She focused her bright eyes on the distant wild deer.
Holding a silver moon-like bow and arrow in his hand, the leopard stared at its prey, aiming at its target.
Just as they finished drinking, two wild deer were about to run into the forest.
A silver arrow flashed through the air like a silver moon.
A wild deer fell in response.
The sudden collapse of his companions caused the other wild deer to lose their heads and run into the depths of the forest.
A golden arrow suddenly shot out from the other side of the bush.
Blazing like the sun.
With a thump, this wild deer also collapsed.
A handsome young man with a straight figure slowly walked out from the dark shrub. His short golden hair surged with brilliant colors in the hazy light.
He held a golden bow and arrow in his hand and carried a quiver on his back. He smiled at the side and said,” Artemis, your archery skills have improved.”
Within the bushes, the silver-haired girl also walked out with a bow and arrow.
Her sparkling eyes swept over the two fallen prey. She raised her head and said seriously,” It’s still not as good as you. I’ m a hunting goddess.”
Hearing that she was not convinced, Aberra laughed loudly.” The Hunting Goddess is not a god of archery. It’s nothing if she’s not as good as me.”
As he spoke, Apollo inwardly thanked the treasure chest that had been opened a few years ago.
It had been ten years since he had arrived in this world. He had never had a chance to leave Dros Island.
The system’s treasure chests were above the advanced level, and they would only appear in some specific places. Meanwhile, the beginner and intermediate treasure chests would appear immediately. They would refresh once every other time, and they would like to appear the host’s side.
The beginner treasure chest refreshed every year, while the intermediate treasure chest was about five years old.
Apollo hadn’ t seen a refresh before, so he didn’ t know the exact time.
In the past ten years, he had opened seven or eight beginner treasure chests. He had already opened an intermediate treasure chest.
The ones who obtained the most were Divine Origin Crystals, while the others were ordinary skills, such as archery, fishing, sculpture, and so on.
The only intermediate treasure chest was a divine technique called the Visual of Light, with a single star mark.
With the help of several dozen divine origin crystals, Apollo soon reached the Highgod level.
This made Artemis, who was still at the peak of a God, very unhappy. She felt as if she had lost her elder sister’s dignity.
However, in terms of bloodline, even though it had been strengthened by the help of the Origin Crystal, it was still far from the level of the Original God.
Apollo felt that it would take at least ten thousand divine origin crystals, or even more advanced heavenly origin crystals in the game to transform his bloodline.
Just as he was about to lose his senses, Artemis managed to collect the prey on the ground. At the same time, she said,” I can feel my blood boiling. It won’ t be long before I reach the Highgod level.”
Apollo couldn’ t help but look sideways. As expected, his older sister’s talent was also very powerful.
Just by relying on his own training, he had reached the level of a Highgod in ten years.
Without the help of the God Source Crystal, he might not be faster than her.
According to this progress, it would take at most a hundred years. She would be able to grow to the Sovereign level, and she would not stop at the lower level of the Sovereign. At the very least, she would be able to reach the level of a Sovereign of five or six.
As if he had seen through his thoughts, Artemis’ silver eyes revealed a firmness as she softly said:
“As long as we all become Sovereigns, Mother will no longer be worried about us. We can also leave this island and go to the outside world.”
Apollo smiled and nodded. His fingertips touched her silky silver hair.” It won’ t be far this day.”
He looked at the vast sky.
There was a wider world and more treasure chests.
If it wasn’ t for the fact that they weren’ t strong enough and were afraid of being persecuted by Hera, how could they have stayed on this small island.
Feeling the temperature on Apollo’s fingertips, Artemis’ face was a little red. Her bright eyes secretly looked at that handsome face with clear edges, as if it was an exquisite sculpture.
Unknowingly, his younger brother seemed to be half a head taller than him, and his figure was so tall and straight.
No, he definitely couldn’ t fall down.
He needed to properly train and become stronger, protecting his younger brother and mother.
With this thought in mind, Artemis asked Apollo to continue to pack up his prey and hunt with his bow and arrow.
She was the goddess of hunting, the cruel incarnation of nature.
Only by constantly hunting would one be able to activate the bloodline’s potential faster.
Apollo also knew this and followed her with a faint smile.
Just as their siblings were hunting on Dros Island.
Mount Olympus, Hera sat on the throne belonging to the Divine Empress with a face full of jealousy.
She said unwillingly,” Why are you able to give birth to two such beautiful and powerful children? And one of my children is ugly and the other is just a barbaric fool.”
As if sensing her anger, the flowers around her all closed in fear. A Ning Fu fairy also quietly hid outside.
Ever since she came back ten years ago, the Divine Empress had been constantly angry. No one dared to touch her brows.
After some time, Hera finally calmed down.
She gritted her teeth and said:
“We can’t let those two children grow up smoothly. Athena is already enough. I will not allow my husband’s heirs to increase the number of Master Gods who are not my children.”
Suddenly, she summoned her pet.
It was a huge python with its head lowered and respectfully said,” After the noble gods, do you have any instructions?”
Hera looked at him and said indifferently,” Pittong, you should know about Le Tuo’s two children. I want you to go to Dros Island and eat them for me.”
“This…” A troubled expression appeared on the python’s head.” After the noble gods, those two are the children of His Majesty the Godking. I am afraid that I will be cut to ashes by the angry lightning.”
Hera looked at it coldly.” Then are you not afraid of the consequences of offending me?”
The python’s head immediately tightened as its body trembled.
Only then did Hera say,” I will let His Majesty not know about this matter.”
“After the noble gods, your will is my direction.”The python hurriedly said.*

Chapter 5: Pitong Attack, Sun’s Eyes

Seeing the python leave, Hera’s beautiful face revealed a smile.
“Pitong’s strength is not bad among Highgods. Even though Le Tuo’s two children have extraordinary talent, they can at most reach the peak of a God in ten years. It’s simply impossible for him to be a match for Pitong.”
Hera’s face became much gentler with this estimation.
A Ning Fu was called over and ordered,” Go to His Majesty the Godking and tell him that I’ ll invite him here.”
Ning Fu was very surprised. All these years, the Godking had always wanted to relax with the Divine Empress, but the Divine Empress ignored him.
Why did his attitude suddenly change today?
She did not dare to ask any further. She quickly arrived at the highest Divine King’s Palace at Olympus and conveyed Hera’s words.
Zeus was also surprised.” Could it be that she finally knows what I’ m doing?”
With that thought, he arrived at Hera’s residence without much thought.
On Dros Island, Apollo said to the distance,” Artemis, it’s almost time today. Let’s go back.”
Suddenly, his expression changed.
Dawn-like radiance appeared in his golden eyes, burning like flames.
Sun’s Eye!
This divine skill that had been opened in the intermediate treasure chest last year.
It could give deities the ability to observe every corner of the earth like the sun in the sky. At the same time, it could emit scorching rays of light, turning everything in sight into ashes.
As a god with divine powers in prophecy, Apollo’s intuition had always been sharp.
At this moment, he executed this divine art without any hesitation. His brilliant eyes shone down, and the forest in front of him was suddenly enveloped by a layer of dark shadows.
Within the layers of shadows, there was a huge snake monster that was hiding carefully. Its cold eyes carried a bloodthirsty glow.
Apollo’s expression froze as he hurriedly shouted,” Artemis, be careful!”
Artemis, who had been hunting back in the forest, heard his shout. Her expression changed and she immediately took out her bow and arrow.
However, it was still too late. The enormous snake monster’s body flew away, as if it was a poison arrow that had left its bowstring, releasing a swift attack.
The small mountain-like snake tail tore through the air and landed heavily on Artemis’ head. The powerful force shook the surrounding ground and caused the entire island to tremble.
Artemis was strong and skillful. At a critical moment, she narrowly avoided this head attack.
However, the divine power from the snake’s tail still sent her flying.
“Artemis!”Apollo’s eyes were filled with blazing light, and his figure transformed into resplendent golden light as he instantly arrived beside his sister.
Artemis collapsed to the ground, her delicate face as pale as paper. When she saw Apollo arrive, she suddenly coughed up a mouthful of blood.
“How are you?”
“No… Don’ t worry…Worried, I’ m not… nothing ……”
Artemis was extremely weak when she was supported by Apollo.
Apollo quickly used his divine power to investigate. He had a medical profession, and a few years ago, in a treasure chest, he had opened’ Medical Proficiency’.
Although his injuries weren’ t light, it was fortunate that Artemis was very strong and hadn’ t reached a fatal level. Only then did he let out a sigh of relief.
At this moment, the giant snake monster in the distance said with a sinister smile,” A mere middle god was only injured by my full strength attack. He really is worthy of being His Majesty’s bloodline. No wonder the Divine Empress wants me to eradicate you.”
“You were sent by Hera?”Apollo looked at it coldly.
“I am the most trusted servant of the Divine Empress, the great Snake Python Lord. Remember this name. This is the last name you can hear in your lives!”
The serpentine monster laughed sinisterly, and boundless divine power surged out from its body as it launched an attack.
“Be careful…” Artemis cried out worriedly.
Apollo gave her a faint smile. He suddenly pulled out his golden sun sword and slashed towards the approaching snake monster.
A resplendent sword light shone with golden radiance in mid-air, landing on the snake monster’s enormous body like lightning.
Pi Tong let out a miserable cry as he stared at the short golden-haired youth in disbelief.
“Highgod, how could this be possible? You’ ve only been born ten years ago…And this sword, a High Quality Divine Artifact, was also the highest quality ……”
Its tone was filled with panic.
Apollo didn’ t give it the chance to speak nonsense. His golden eyes emitted the light of dawn. The blazing light was like the flames of the sun in the sky, surging towards Pi Tong’s body.
“Dammit, I don’ t believe how capable a ten-year-old god is!”
Pi Tong bit the snake’s mouth, and Pang Ran’s body suddenly expanded several times. Like a moving mountain fortress, he smashed towards Apollo.
However, halfway through, the blazing light that surged from Apollo’s eyes began to burn on its thick scales.
The brilliant flame carried an incomparable high temperature, burning the surface of its body.
At first, it didn’ t care.
As a post God pet, it was not a weakling among Highgods.
Even the flames of the Helios Solar Car were unable to burn through their scales for a short time.
A young god was stupid. If he used the golden sword in his hand, he might have to dodge it.
But now, he was using this kind of flashy and impeccable Flame God Technique. This was the fate of your death.
Pi Tong’s ice-cold eyes were filled with a bloodthirsty malevolence. His body was filled with an ice-cold aura that emanated boundless divine power.
At this moment, it suddenly felt a strong heat burning in its abdomen.
Lowering his head, he saw that his sturdy scales, which he was proud of, were actually emitting a sizzling sound under the brilliant flames, causing pieces of them to burn until they were completely red.
A scorching hot heat rushed in, and the flesh beneath the scales was scorched black and dried.
Suddenly, Pi Tong let out a miserable cry of pain.*

Chapter 6 Hera’s Rage

Blazing flames were burning brilliantly.
Pitong screamed as he rolled on the ground. His huge body was rambling about, and the entire island of Dros trembled.
However, no matter how it rolled, the flames on its body couldn’ t be put out. Instead, it burned even more vigorously, and dazzling light spread out over half of the snake’s body.
Artemis’ pale face flickered as she heard Pi Tong’s miserable cry. She looked at the tall figure in front of her that was emitting boundless golden light.
Apollo sensed her gaze and gently supported her. The flames in his eyes blazed as he said,” This is the punishment it deserves for hurting my beloved older sister.”
Artemis focused her attention on the brilliant golden light. Her handsome face was gentle, and her pale face couldn’ t help but be flushed. She grabbed Apollo’s palm.
The distant roars grew louder and louder.
Pi Tong’s enormous snake body twisted wildly on the ground. It was devoured by dazzling flames. In the flames, he cried out,” Great Godking’s son, forgive me. I already know your majesty. All of this was the instructions of the Divine Empress, not my intention ……”
Apollo’s eyes were cold, and he didn’ t pay any attention to its words. He gave off even more brilliant light, and the golden flames completely enveloped the enormous python.
Ten years after arriving in this world, his sister Artemis was his closest relative. No one could harm her, but not endure his anger!
Golden light burst forth, and flames burned. The surging heat tide surged in the air, and the entire island turned red.
Pi Tong Pang Ran’s body was scorched to the point of being dried up. His scales and flesh were turned into ashes. Only his bones were still wriggling, sinister and ugly.
In despair, it roared,” Apollo, the Divine Empress will not let you go. In front of you will be the eternal abyss of darkness!”
With a furious roar, the python struggled to exert its final strength. Its divine power surged, and it roared as it bit towards Apollo.
“Struggle to the brink of death.”
Apollo let out a cold laugh and slashed out his golden sun sword.
A brilliant sword light landed on Pi Tong’s head.
With a cracking sound, the hideous snake head broke apart.
Artemis looked at this scene in a daze.
Pi Tong, Snake Python Master, Highgod level god, and not the weakest type.
He was killed so easily.
His younger brother’s strength had unknowingly reached this level?
Artemis was both happy and sad as she watched the tall figure standing in front of her.
“Why am I so useless? I need to rely on my younger brother to protect me. I clearly want to protect him even more ……”
Artemis clenched her hand tightly.
“Elder God Callus, this is Pitong?”From afar, Mother Le Tuo cried out in alarm.
The nurse hurried over in panic. She saw the huge snake body burned black by the flames on the ground and her tall and straight son standing in front of the flames. Her eyes were filled with astonishment.
She noticed her daughter’s pale face and worriedly approached Artemis.” Child, what exactly happened?”
Artemis gently hugged Lento.” Mother, Hera sent it to kill us, but Apollo has already killed it. We’ re fine. Don’ t worry.”
Hearing Hera’s name, Le Tuo’s body couldn’ t help but tremble.
She looked at the huge and sinister snake corpse in front of her and said in grief and indignation,” Why can’ t she let you off? She should be targeting me for everything. You are just innocent children ……”
Apollo walked to her side and said softly,” Mother, don’ t be afraid. We’ ve grown up. She won’ t be able to harm us.”
Le Tuo looked at the head of his son’s shoulder, then at the snake corpse that was as tall as a small hill. He suddenly hugged Apollo tightly.
“Child, you are my pride. You can kill Pitong at the age of ten. You will definitely be the greatest god in the future.”However, I don’ t want you to have many achievements. I just want to see you and your sister happy and happy, without any danger.”
Finally, her eyes were filled with tears as she tightly hugged the two children.
Apollo and Artemis stayed obediently in their mother’s arms, their eyes filled with determination.
“If you want to live happily in the God race, you must have a strong power to protect the people you love…
“Little brother, you should be thinking the same way.”
“, Just like my mother only wanted us to be happy, I only wanted you to be happy. The other things were for me to bear.We are twin spirits. I will always protect you, not be protected by you ……”
Artemis’ beautiful face was filled with strength as she secretly looked at her mother and younger brother.
On Mount Olympus, Zeus lay comfortably on the bed.
He focused on the familiar beautiful woman beside him. He felt a little strange.
How many years has it been?
Ever since he became a Divine Empress, his youngest sister no longer had this kind of style
Once upon a time, he was so obsessed with her.
The intelligent and haughty goddess of wisdom, the fair and serious goddess of justice, the plump and considerate second sister, the agricultural goddess Demetrius, and the multi-talented and gentle goddess of memory, the goddess of remoteness…Before that, he had six wives to give birth to many children for him.
He had never thought of establishing them as Divine Empress.
Only Hera was truly tempted.
However, after becoming a god, she had lost the charm of the past. She could only continue to look for other goddesses.
Just today, after the cold war with him for so long.
But today, she had completely returned to her original state.
Brilliant and dazzling, making one intoxicated.
It was so beautiful that it made people feel unreal.
As Zeus fell into reverie, the beautiful woman beside him suddenly let out an ear-piercing roar.
He broke his imagination and allowed him to return to reality.
“What are you doing?”The King of the Gods had no time to react.
The gentle and considerate wife suddenly kicked over.
Zeus was sent flying.
On the ground, He saw Hera roaring towards the distance.
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Chapter 7: Treasure Chest of Riviera Island

“Hera, are you crazy?”Zeus stood up angrily on the ground, his eyes filled with fury.
“If I go crazy, I will be driven crazy by you!”
Hera replied to his gaze without concealing anything. Her beautiful eyes were filled with flames.
She gritted her teeth and said,” Who am I?Your wife, after the gods, was also the God of Marriage Protection.”But I can’ t even protect my own marriage. You’ ve spent every day grinding with other goddesses outside and having so many children. Have you ever thought about how I feel?”
Zeus was stunned by her sudden question. Only after a while did he respond coldly:
“You still don’ t know how hard I am. If I didn’ t love you, would I make you my only Divine Empress?”However, you must know that you are a Divine Empress because I am a Divine King.”
As he spoke, he put on his clothes and continued:
“Ever since I became the Godking of Olympus, which of Poseidon and Hades did not secretly covet my throne?
“Even though the Titanic Gods were defeated, only one-third of them were locked up in Talatarus. The rest of them were still trying to restore their former glory. I need enough strength to maintain control.”
What was “best way to obtain combat strength?Of course, it was marriage and birth.”I’ ve seduced many goddesses in the past few years, but they also became my supporters and gave birth to many powerful children for me. That’s why Olympus’ rule has stabilized.”
Hera was stunned for a moment before she said with a cold smile,” This is just a lie. Could it be that I can’ t have a child? You must find those slut?”
“Hera, you still don’ t understand me.”
Zeus sighed and said nothing more. He slowly walked into the room.
Only when he arrived outside did a cold expression appear on the corner of his mouth.
Why did “find other goddesses?Hur hur. At that time, both Uranos and Cronos were very devoted. The child was born with their Divine Empress, but later on, with the instigation of the Mother, Twelve Titans betrayed Uranos.
The six of us were able to defeat Cronos, and the role of her mother, Reya, was also enormous.
It was because they were too devoted. There was only one wife, and the children were all born together. Once a couple broke up, they could encourage all the children to resist their father.
How could I repeat their mistakes so that all the children were born alone.
“It’s only when we scatter, that every woman will only give birth to one or two powerful heirs for me. Furthermore, it will cause you all to have conflicts with each other. If you can’ t unite, my rule will be stable.”
“Hera, do you understand my bitterness?”
After Zeus left, Hera sat on the divine throne with a frosty face.
A crystal appeared in his hand.
As he activated his divine power, Apollo’s killing of Peitong appeared on the crystal.
She carefully looked at the scene in the crystal and said with envy:
“How could this be? I was only ten years old and had the ability to kill Pitong. If I let him grow up, wouldn’ t I be riding on that woman Le Tuo?”
“Damn it. The ocean is Poseidon’s territory, and Zeus should have noticed some problems. If I personally made a move, he would definitely find out.”
As she said that, she suddenly thought of someone.
“If he were to take action, he would definitely be able to kill them in the ocean.”
After making up her mind, she called Ning Fu.” Go to the ocean and invite the son of the ruler of the ocean, the God of Vortex Akerloos, to see me.”
Dros Island.
The meteor goddess Astrea, who had just arrived, was shocked to hear her sister’s words. She looked in disbelief at the nephew that had already grown into a handsome youth that she hadn’ t seen a few years ago.
“My dear Little Apollo, you actually killed Pitong. Even if I had to deal with Pitong, it would still take a lot of effort. How old are you!”
She went up to rub Apollo’s face and realized that he was already able to dodge her palm. She couldn’ t help but blink.
Le Tuo said to her,” I’ m afraid Hera will send another god to harm them. I intend to go to Father and Mother to hide for a while.”
Astrea frowned and said,” It’s nothing for you and Artemis to go to their father’s place, but Apollo killed Pitong. He’s Hera’s pet, and he’s the god of Olympus.
If Hera used the power of the Divine Empress to invite Goddess Themes to appear, she could bring Apollo back to Olympus for trial.
“I’ ve always been fair, but when we reach Olympus, everything will be under Hera’s control. Therefore, I can’ t let Apollo go to my father.”
Le Tuo’s expression changed as he anxiously asked,” What should we do?”
Astrea thought for a moment and smiled:
“I can let Little Apollo stay at Herkath for a while. She is favored by Goddess Nikes. Whether it is the sky, the earth, the ocean, or the powers of the Underworld, she can not be restrained by her.”
Le Tuo nodded as well.” She is indeed very suitable, but I’ m just troubling you.”
Apollo’s expression changed and he suddenly asked,” Is cousin Hekath in Levi’ a?”
“Yes, I’ ll take you there immediately.”Astrea nodded.
Apollo silently opened the map plate. There were many densely packed treasure chests. There were high-grade treasure chests in all directions, while there was a god-grade treasure chest in one place.
Two of the five boxes were in Olympus, one on land, and the other two in the ocean.
One of them was in the Sea God Palace, while the other was near Riviera Island.
“Alright, let’s prevent Hera from attacking immediately. Let’s leave first.”Astrea said to Le Tuo.
Leto and Artemis looked at Apollo reluctantly.
The latter smiled and said to them,” Don’ t worry, Aunt Astrea will definitely take care of me.”
Artemis’ eyes turned red as she grabbed him.” I’ ll work harder at Elder God’s place. I’ ll protect you next time I see you again.”
“I believe in you.”Apollo’s smile was brilliant as he said goodbye to her.*

Chapter 8 The Goddess of Opportunity Hekath

“Aunt Astrea, she should be almost there.”
As he bathed in the brisk sea breeze, Apollo looked ahead in the air.
Looking around, Astrea nodded and said,” There’s probably a few hundred kilometers left. We’ ll be there soon.”
A look of hesitation suddenly appeared on this meteor goddess’ face. After thinking for a while, she said:
“Little Apollo, when we arrive at Riviera Island, if Hector does something strange, you must not pay any attention to her.”
“Aunt Astrea, why did you say that?”Apollo was very strange.
Astrea’s expression was somewhat complicated:
“Sister Le Tuo should have told you that this daughter of mine is an extremely outstanding god. However, she likes to study some strange things. Even my mother can not understand her actions.”
“Especially after receiving the approval of Goddess Nikes, she was out of control. She was alone on the island, and my husband was imprisoned by Zeus in Tartarus. No one could discipline her.”
Apollo couldn’ t help but become even more curious about this cousin.
In the Greek mythology he knew, the goddess of opportunity, Herkath, was also a god with a special status.
She did not belong to any part of the Heaven, Earth, Sea, or Underworld. At the same time, she had to hold a high position in these places. Zeus in the sky had to respect her for a bit, and Hades in the Underworld had to treat her as his deputy.
Although she was still far from reaching her later achievements, she must still be very extraordinary.
As they spoke, they quickly arrived at Riviera Island.
Looking outside, this was a very ordinary island, bare and without any buildings.
But as soon as he stepped in, Apollo felt the surroundings suddenly change. He appeared in a dark palace.
Astrea said with a faint smile,” Hekath has cast a spell here. She doesn’ t like to be disturbed. If you didn’ t come with me, now you’ re encountering a hellfire.”
Apollo turned his gaze to the front.
In the empty palace ahead, there was a small owl sculpture. It was vivid and lifelike in the darkness.
Suddenly, candles lit up in the surrounding space, illuminating the dark environment.
Under the heavy candlelight, the murky eyes of the Owl Stone Sculpture became lively and clear:
“Goddess Astrea, welcome.”Lord Hekath is currently conducting research. Please go to the side hall and rest with the young guest beside you.”
Apollo looked at the owl curiously. Astrea pulled him into the side hall.
There was a long table there, with several high-backed chairs beside it.
“Sit first.”Astrea pointed.
Apollo and she sat down separately. At this moment, there was a loud sound inside. Apollo looked over, and a few tall figures walked over from the room.
Upon closer inspection, it was a few puppet-like people, wearing an apron, holding tea trays in their hands, walking stiffly towards this place.
“Two, please use tea ——”
They placed the teacups filled with tea in front of Apollo and the other two, and the puppets let out respectful voices.
Apollo stared at them like he was grinding.
Astrea blinked her eyes and said,” These puppets made of puppets are some of the achievements of Hekath.”
“Puppetry technique?”
“Puppetry is a kind of magic that I studied. It’s mainly related to the connection between soul and body.”
A voice suddenly sounded from the darkness.
Apollo looked over, and a beautiful girl in a brown dress, black eyes, black hair, walked out.
She seemed to be only sixteen or seventeen years old. Her figure was graceful, her temperament was peaceful, and she was a beautiful girl who was very attentive.
However, his hair was fluffy, his fair and delicate features were full of stains, and his body was covered with dirty things.
As she walked up to Astrea, she rubbed her nose and asked:
“Mother, this was Aunt Le Tuo’s son?”It’s not bad. The divine power on my body is very abundant. If it’s used for research, it’ ll be a very good material.”
Apollo was stunned.
Astrea jumped up and fiercely knocked on the girl’s head.” What are you thinking about all day? I sent Little Apollo here to hope that you can take care of him for a while. Don’ t just think about researching.”
The girl rubbed her head and said unhappily,” You hit me again. Others don’ t know, but you don’ t know the effect of my’ magic’. This is something that can change the structure of the Protoss. Even Goddess Nikes supports me in researching it.”
Apollo’s heart skipped a beat when he heard the word’ magic’.
In the Greek mythology, the goddess of opportunity, Herkath, was known as the vice monarch of the underworld, the ghost queen, and the goddess of the path and the path.
At the same time, it was the Queen of Magic, the God of Witches, and the God of Curse.
Over the years, he had also learned about the general situation of the gods from his mother.
In Le Tuo’s description, the gods were only able to develop the divine power of their own bloodlines. At most, they would train their bodies, practice archery, sword techniques, and other battle skills.
He had never heard of other abilities.
But now, Hekath had developed magic?
As if sensing Apollo’s curiosity, Hekath looked at him with his big eyes and said:
“I’ ve been thinking about a question since I was a child. Why are all the gods born with all sorts of powerful and extraordinary powers? And there are no ordinary things.”It’s said that our power originates from our bloodline, but why can our bloodline give us divine power?”
“Then, I began to study how I could use extraordinary power without using divine power, thus developing’ magic’.”It’s a spell that doesn’ t require divine power. It can display many special abilities.”
At this point, a dazzling color appeared on her dirty face.
Instantly, Apollo couldn’ t help but turn his head.*

Chapter 9 Attack of the God of Vortex

Seeing Apollo’s interest, Hekath was very happy. He wanted to continue, but Astrea quickly interrupted her.
“Little Apollo killed Pitong. He wants to avoid Hera from you for a while. You can talk about it later. Now, find him a place to live.”
“Pitong, that ugly snake?”Hekath was a little surprised.” I’ ve seen it before. Although it looks very annoying, its strength is still not bad. It was killed by Apollo?”
The young lady’s eyes were filled with astonishment.
“Little Apollo is very powerful. If you don’ t work hard, you will be surpassed by him.”Astrea knocked.
The girl curled her lips and did not reply.
She was a god born at the end of the reign of the second-generation Godking Cronos. Her bloodline talent was very strong, and it was already time for her to reach Overgod.
However, her study of Drunken Magic often caused problems to her body.As a result, most of his power was used to heal his injuries. His progress was slow, and now he was at the peak of a Highgod.
“Alright. I just happened to chat with him. During this period of time, I’ ll temporarily stop researching and break through to the Overgod level.”Hekath’s words were very casual.
He had no idea that Overgods were a natural chasm that most gods would never be able to cross in their entire lives.
In her place, it was a small goal that one could achieve as long as one wanted.
Astrea’s mouth twitched. She was actually a peak Highgod, but her bloodline power was mediocre. It was almost impossible for her to reach the level of a Sovereign.
Seeing that her daughter did not take the Overgod level seriously, she felt both uncomfortable and proud.
Hekath pointed towards the void, and the surrounding walls suddenly opened, creating an elegant room.
“Apollo, you can just stay here. The room that I’ ve created with my transformation magic is very comfortable.”
Apollo sighed in admiration as he sized up the room. He was surprised by his ability.
The gods of Greece were not Eastern Immortals. When they reached the realm, they had all sorts of abilities.
The gods were usually only in their own domain, and they had extraordinary abilities. The others were not as powerful.
Apollo had many divine powers, such as light, medicine, prophecy, and so on. If he was allowed to shine, heal, and predict the future, these would not be a problem.
However, if he were to release some lightning or bring in wind and rain, that would be impossible.
That was because it was the domain of other gods.
Not to mention changing into a room.
Was there a change in the sect?
In an instant, Apollo sensed the limitations of divine power.
“Looks like I can learn magic from Hekath, so that I can become more omnipotent…” Apollo said.
Suddenly, he remembered another reason he had come here. He said to Hekath and the others,” I’ ll go take a look on the island.”
The two of them returned to him. Their mother and daughter had also disappeared for a long time and were chatting happily.
According to the system map, Apollo arrived at the west side of Riviera Island.
“In the coral below the beach, it seems like I still need some water.”Apollo shook his head. He didn’ t have any divine knowledge about diving or ocean.
However, the divine spirit’s constitution was extremely powerful. It didn’ t need to breathe. Walking in the water was no different than walking on land.
He jumped into the sea and searched for a while.
Finally, he found the system-marked coral beside a reef and also found the treasure chest that appeared there.
“I don’t know what kind of things can be opened in a high-grade treasure chest.”Apollo was looking forward to opening the treasure chest.
A voice suddenly flashed through his mind.” Ding, you have opened a high-grade treasure chest. You have obtained the Divine Origin Crystal *130, Divine Art Pure White Flame (2 stars), and all the Great Demon Instructors of the Yarago Continent have been strengthened.”
Apollo was stunned.
Needless to say, every treasure chest had it.
The pure white flame of the divine art was actually marked as two stars. One must know that the Sun’s Eye was only one star in the system’s judgment, and it could easily kill Peitong of the Highgod Realm.
Two star divine arts were definitely more powerful than the Sun’s Eye.
But what was the final upgrade of the Great Magister of the Yalago Continent?
Suddenly, he recalled the game back then. There was a replica world called the Yarago Continent. The main profession of that world was magi. Top magi could use mortal gods to fight against gods.
“I just wanted to learn magic from Hekath, but now I have it?”
As Apollo’s thoughts spun, a huge stream of information suddenly surged into his mind. Purification, Transformation, Teleportation, Alchemy, Petrification, Divination, Necroism…
Thousands of magic filled his mind.
If an ordinary person were to endure so much information at once, he would definitely become an idiot.
Fortunately, Apollo was the body of a god. It was just a bit painful.
After a while, he came back to his senses.
Feeling the vastness of magic knowledge in his mind, Apollo suddenly said in a deep voice,” So the so-called magic is like this. Perhaps I understand the origin of divine power.”
Right at this moment, the sea water around him still curled up into a huge vortex, and monstrous waves surged over.
Apollo’s golden eyes shone brightly as he coldly shouted,” Who are you?”
A tall and sturdy blue figure slowly appeared in the boundless sea.
“You’ re the son of Le Tuo. You’ re actually hiding in Hekath,” he said with a sinister smile.”If I’ ve stayed on the island, I really can’ t do anything to you. Unfortunately, you entered the sea by yourself.”
“Was in the ocean, my world.”I am the son of Oscher Anos, the ruler of the ocean, and the God of Vortex, Akerloos. I will grant you eternal slumber with the will of all gods!”
Akerloos laughed loudly. His arms were stretched out, and boundless divine force was activated. The boundless sea water around him suddenly turned into a monstrous vortex that enveloped Apollo’s waters.
The entire ocean couldn’ t help but tremble as it spun.*

Chapter 10: Burning Flames of the Sea

He could feel the waves swirling around him.
Apollo’s expression was calm as he lightly snapped his fingers. An invisible light barrier instantly appeared around his body.
The surging waves were all blocked by an invisible barrier of light.
This was a defensive spell used by the Grand Magister.
Apollo had successfully used it for the first time.
He looked at the tall and sturdy figure in the distance with satisfaction and asked indifferently,” You are the son of the ruler of the ocean. Why did you listen to Hera’s orders?”
Ocean River God Enos, one of the Twelve Titans, was the God of the Ocean during the period of Cronos.
In the ocean, although Poseidon was the Sea Emperor, the primeval Sea God Pontos, who had been the first Godking, and the Ocean River God Eker Anos, who had been the second Godking, still affected the ocean.
Even now, it was still the situation where three generations of Sea Kings had divided the world.
Poseidon wouldn’t have listened to Zeus’ orders. As a Ocean Deity, Atheros shouldn’t have listened to Hera’s orders.
In response to Apollo’s question, Akerios merely laughed coldly.” Let’s wait until you fall into eternal sleep and think slowly.”
Endless waves swept up in all directions, forming vortexes that rumbled towards Apollo.
“Sun’s Eye!”
Apollo’s eyes emitted golden rays of light as a blazing heat hole shot out, burning in the waves.
The golden light was as fast as lightning. In the blink of an eye, it pierced through layers of waves and landed on Akerloos.
The latter’s expression became solemn as he suddenly pulled out his huge sword and slashed it towards the light.
Pang Ran’s huge sword was like a monstrous wave that rolled over the ocean. It was surging with light as bright sparks erupted in midair.
“No wonder Hera asked me to take action to get rid of you. This dao divine technique was enough to deal with most Highgods. It was really hard to imagine that you were only ten years old.
“However, it’s a pity that your opponent is me. Standing on the ocean, even Sovereigns can’ t easily defeat me!”
Akerloos let out a roar, and the surging waves around him suddenly began to roll up thousands of rapidly spinning vortexes, condensing onto the giant sword.
The vortex spun and the waves surged into the sky. The thick giant sword slashed in all directions, and the vast tide covered the sky and the earth as it enveloped Apollo.
The powerful water pressure crushed the surroundings of his body, and the magic-formed barrier let out a sound of shattering. Clearly, it had reached its limit.
Apollo was not surprised.
After all, it was just magic that he had just learned. Moreover, the mainstream of this world was divine power.
Although the Son of the Chief Sovereign of the Ocean had yet to reach the level of a Sovereign, he was still the pinnacle of Highgods.
He was only at the Highgod level, so how could the shield he released be able to withstand the fierce wind and torrential rain for a long time.
Another shocking wave of fury struck, and the invisible barrier shattered.
An endless amount of seawater swirled around one after another, violently crushing towards the middle.
As the huge waves rolled down, Apollo calmly spread out his palms.
A pure white flame slowly rose from his palm.
From the looks of it, this flame looked very gentle, completely without much temperature.
Akerloos’ lips even curled into a cold smile.
This kind of flame also wanted to deal with him, as expected, it was just a young deity.
He didn’ t realize that the space around Apollo had become distorted and blurry as the flames burned.
The sea was shaking, and thousands of vortexes were spinning wildly.
On Riviera Island, Hekath and Astrea were alarmed.
When they hurried over, they saw that the overflowing sea water was violently shaking, and an enormous vortex enveloped a tall golden figure.
Astrea roared in panic, her eyes red with anxiety.
Hekath was much calmer than she was. He pointed at the waves in front of him, and boundless divine force surged out.
“I knew you would appear.”
Akerloos smiled coldly and waved the sword in his hand.
Thousands of thick layers of water suddenly rolled up in front of Hekath.
“With my divine power, it would take at least ten breaths to break through the water curtain.”Damn it! If it’s on land, I can easily defeat him!”Hekath was very angry.
In terms of divine power, she was no different from Akerloos.
However, Akerloos was an ocean god. Standing in the ocean, he naturally had an advantage. Even an Overgod would find it difficult to defeat him in a short period of time.
Actually, this wasn’ t much either. In a battle between gods, the effects of earth benefits weren’ t much.
As long as she put in a bit of effort, it wasn’ t very difficult to change the terrain, but now, she didn’ t have time.
“Haha, just watch him die in the waves!”Akerios laughed heartily when he saw the furious and anxious expressions of Hector and Hector.
Just at this moment, he suddenly found that the anxiety on Herkath and the others’ faces had disappeared.
Instead, it was filled with shock.
Atheros was very surprised and turned around to look.
A series of pure white flames spread from the vast ocean.
The sea water released a sound of boiling. Swirls quickly evaporated into the air, blazing heat waves sweeping towards him like wild wind.
“How is that possible? There is actually a fire that can ignite the ocean in this world!”
Akerloos looked at the scene in disbelief as he clenched his teeth and brandished the sword in his hand.
Waves and whirlpools appeared under his divine power, roaring as they charged into the sky.
But as soon as they touched the pure white flames, the countless waves of water instantly evaporated.
The sea water in the middle continuously evaporated, and the surrounding sea water did not even have time to rush over.
In a short span of more than ten breaths, a huge hole appeared in the sea.
Akerios stared blankly at this scene, his body trembling.
Even Hector and Astrea opened their mouths and stared at the pure white flames that spread across the sea without moving.
As well as that golden figure within the heaven overflowing flames.*

Chapter 11 The Dominance of the God of Oceans and Rivers

“I don’ t believe it……”I don’ t believe it!”
“There will be a fire that can ignite the sea in this world!”
Akerloos roared with a trembling voice as his blue eyes focused on the golden figure in the flames.
“Whether you believe it or not, this pure white flame will not only ignite this sea, it will also ignite everything in your life!”
As the flames condensed, Apollo’s golden light fluttered about. His fingertips were drawn with pure white colors, and blazing heat enveloped the son of the ruler of the ocean.
Akerios raised his huge sword and slashed forward with all his might.
As the flames spread, the giant sword began to melt as soon as it touched the pure white color.
Astrea said in shock,” This sword is made of deep sea ice gold. Even Hephaestus’ s furnace needs several days to refine it. Just what kind of flame is this?”
As she spoke, the pure white flames had already melted half of Akerroos’ sword.
The son of the Chief Sovereign of the Ocean threw down his sword in panic, and he glanced at a gap before rushing out.
“You can’ t leave!”Apollo coldly shouted as he transformed into a ray of light that chased after him.
The pure white flame danced in the air with brilliant colors, like a sharp arrow, following Akerloos closely.
Feeling the terrifying temperature behind him that caused space to distort, Akerios’ expression was filled with shock as he hurriedly dove into the deep sea.
However, pure white flames chased after him. The surrounding water quickly evaporated, revealing a hole that was still pursuing him.
“Father, save me!”
In despair, Akerloos screamed at the depths of the ocean.
Apollo’s face froze.
In the distant sky, at some unknown time, a huge torrent of water surrounded the world surged out. The sparkling water waves beat across the sky, like a belt that coiled around the end of the world.
In the depths of this enormous wave of water, shockingly, a figure of an old man Cang stood towering.
When this figure appeared, the entire ocean became quiet.
Whether it was the waves, the waves, the storm, or the sudden rain, all quieted down, as if an official had met the most esteemed ruler.
Sovereign King of the Sea!
“Chief Sovereign of the Ocean!”
On Riviera Island, Astrea looked at the elderly figure with a serious expression.
This was her father’s brother, one of the Twelve Titans that had overthrown an exceptional Godking in the past, a great deity that had ruled the boundless ocean.
Apollo naturally knew who he was, but the flames in his hand did not stop and burned towards Akerios.
Akerloos failed to dodge. Pure white flames instantly burned on his body, spreading through his entire body in the blink of an eye.
The scorching heat immediately burned him to the point where he was badly mangled and let out painful wails.
The expression of the old figure in the sky changed. He hurriedly opened his arms and formed a giant hand from endless waves of water, pulling Akerloos out of the deep sea.
However, as soon as the giant hand made up of waves of water touched the pure white flame on Akerroos’ body, it immediately evaporated.
“What kind of fire is this?”
The old man’s face was filled with shock. He no longer stood in the sky, turning into an endless stream of water that flowed into the deep sea.
At the same time, the mighty river that seemed to wrap around the world like a belt gradually shrank, and it was like a belt that wrapped around Akerloos.
Only then did the pure white flames on his body gradually extinguish.
At this moment, however, Akerloos could no longer see his human form. His flesh and blood were burned to ashes. His entire body was charred as black as carbon, and only his skeleton was complete.
Seeing his son’s miserable appearance, the old figure couldn’ t help but look at Apollo coldly.
“Young god, your flames are extremely powerful. Even a god like me who stands at the level of an Overgod can’ t extinguish it without using the power of the ocean river.”He spoke in a soothing tone.
Apollo smiled faintly.” If it’s not powerful, I’ m the one lying there. My father might not come out to save me.”
Enos’ old face twitched slightly.” Who is your father?”
Apollo looked up at the sky, indifferent and silent.
Enos’ expression changed.” You are the son of Zeus, and your mother is?”
“He is the child of my sister and Zeus.”Astrea rushed over with Hector.
The Meteor Goddess stared at the Chief Sovereign of the Ocean with an angry gaze.” Uncle Oker Anos, I need an explanation from the Oceanic God Department. Why would Akerroos be instructed by Hera to deal with Apollo.”
Enos fell silent. He did not expect his son to be involved in the affairs of the Olympian King.
After thinking for a while, he said hesitantly,” Akerloos has already been punished. Let’s just let this matter pass. I will discipline him.”
Astrea couldn’t help but laugh coldly.” Uncle Enos, is this what you want to tell me?”
“Then what else do you want to say?”
As he lifted up his unorthodox son, a powerful pressure suddenly surged out from Orcas’ body, enveloping Apollo and the others.
In an instant, Apollo sensed a boundless and boundless weight that was like an ocean, crushing his back.
He clenched his palms tightly, using divine force to support his body and straightened his back.
On the other side, Astrea and Hector were also under enormous pressure. Their bodies were slightly bent, and their faces were filled with sweat.
As he looked at them, Okeanos let out a sneer.
As one of the Twelve Titans, he had once been the Lord of the Oceans. Even amongst Sovereigns, he was still one of the most powerful.
A mere three junior Deities, not even a Sovereign, dared to question him?
Just at this moment, Hekath, who was struggling to hold on, suddenly emanated a vast and profound power.
The eternal darkness instantly covered the vast sky.
Death-like silence, like a sleepy little nocturne, played in the void.
Enos cried out in horror,” Hegemon of the Night!”*

Chapter 12 Amphitheater after the Sea (second, asking for flowers, asking for evaluation)

Death-like eternal silence filled the boundless ocean.
The vast sky seemed to be covered by a black dress. No matter if it was the sun, moon, or stars, they had all disappeared.
Enos looked at the endless darkness with a terrified expression.
Overgods were already standing at the top of the legion of gods.
Even though he was afraid of Olympus, he still had the courage to fight.
But even if it was the glorious era in which the Titans ruled the world.
He would never dare to anger this great existence that symbolized eternal slumber.
Night Goddess Nikes, one of the five Gods of the Beginning.
It was the oldest, most powerful, and most unfathomable existence among the gods.
Even his mother, the grandmother of the gods, and the Lord of the Earth, Gaya, needed to be a bit afraid.
Since the end of the ancient obscurity era, the three Godkings had ruled the world.
The five most ancient Gods of Inception, apart from their mother, Gaia, three of them had never appeared again.
Only this Night Goddess, the Lord of the Night, occasionally had activities.
But why did he just teach a few juniors a lesson and cause her power to appear?
In a short moment, Enos thought a lot in his mind.
Endless darkness engulfed his body.
It was as if a thousand years had passed.
When the darkness faded, Apollo and the others were stunned.
However, he saw the originally imposing Ocean River God kneeling on the surface of the sea, trembling. His eyes were filled with fear, and his entire body instantly aged a lot.
Hekath realized something. He walked forward and said,” This is just a bit of divine power that Goddess Nikes left on me. However, if the Chief Sovereign of the Ocean still bullied us, I can only go to the Underworld to ask Goddess Nikes for justice.”
Astrea said in the same way,” Uncle Enos, although my god father only has two daughters, sister and I, and is not as large as the ocean god family’s six thousand gods, if you want to use your identity to suppress us, then I can only ask god father and mother to appear.”
Enos stared at the two of them with a grim expression.
The Night Goddess Nix didn’ t say anything. Astrea’s father and mother were all his brothers. One of the twelve Titans in the past, their strength was not inferior to him.
At the same time, Astrea’s husband was also the son of one of the Twelve Titans, the God of Meteorology, Cleos. Even though he and Cleos had been imprisoned in Taltalos.
But he still had two brothers, Paris, the God of War Tactics, and Astreus, the Lord of the Stars.
The former was a well-known sage among Titan deities in the past, and he was also known as his daughter, Mantis, and the prophet Prometheus.
The latter was the father of all the Star Gods and Wind Gods. The ruler of the starry sky was at the top of the Sovereign.
If he really provoked so many powerful deities, his ocean god system would not be able to endure it.
Sensing Enos’ hesitation, Apollo was stunned.
He never thought that there would be so many powerful deities in his mother’s department.
Actually, this was just a family of the Greek gods. Anyone who looked for a divine network would be able to pull out a large number of powerful gods.
However, the gods often had many children. If it wasn’ t for the fact that they were extremely close to each other, they wouldn’ t have paid any attention to of their descendants.
It was as if Enos had never appeared when Zeus had swallowed his daughter, Methys.
It was because he was the one with the most children of the gods, having three thousand sons and three thousand daughters.
Mantis wasn’ t one of the three thousand daughters, naturally it wasn’ t worth him appearing to fight against the king of the gods.
However, Apollo’s mother, Lento’s father, the god of celestial bodies, Kos, and the mother, the goddess of light, Fu Po, only had Lento and Astrea’s daughters.
Had it not been for her years of seclusion, Hera might not have had the courage to persecute Le Tuo back then.
The fury of the two Titans could not be endured by anyone.
“So my backstage is also very tough…” Apollo smiled inwardly.
His gaze turned to Hekath.
“I’ ve heard that she’s very close to the night goddess, Nikes. I didn’ t expect that she would be so close to the goddess that she left a strand of divine power on her.”
She seemed to have sensed the astonishment in Apollo’s eyes.
Hekath wiped the stain on his face and blinked at him, revealing a proud expression.
At this moment, Astrea asked again,” Uncle Enos, if you don’t explain what Akerios did to Apollo, we wo n’ t let go of the Oceanic God Department.”
“You……”I’ ve said that Akerloos has already been punished. Your sister’s son has nothing to do with it. This matter will be settled.”
Enos was filled with anger.
He believed that he had already given face to these juniors.
If it wasn’ t for the pitch-black and terrifying scene that had just appeared, he would definitely have taken action and used his strength to teach these juniors a lesson.
“Apollo didn’ t receive any damage. This was because he was powerful.However, a powerful god who had been famous for a long time had ambushed a god who had just been born ten years ago. Does the Oceanic God Department think that we are easy to bully?”
Astrea’s face was filled with coldness.
She was furious. She was furious at her sister’s encounter, and she was furious at Apollo’s persecution.
Astrea didn’ t back down. Apollo couldn’ t help but feel moved.
All along, this aunt had helped her family too much.
“Damn it! I’ m your elder, the ruler of a divine lineage!”
Enos was furious when he saw Astrea’s attitude.
At this moment, a beautiful figure suddenly appeared in the depths of the ocean.
“Lord father, this matter was indeed done wrong by elder brother. Let me apologize to sister Astrea.”*

Chapter 13 Amphitheater’s Invitation (third step)

Apollo and the others simultaneously cast their gazes towards the waves.
In the blue sea, a stream of light swirled around. The lady’s long, light blue hair fluttered about, her delicate face as white as jade, and she walked out with a gentle gait.
The long and gorgeous blue robe couldn’ t hide its exquisite curves, and its olive-colored eyes were brighter than stars.
“Amphitheater.”Astrea gently bowed to her.
Enos also calmed down and nodded to the woman.
The woman was the daughter of Enos and the wife of Poseidon. At the back of the sea, the goddess Amphitrite.
Apollo also knew about this goddess.
Although her presence was very low, this goddess was definitely not a simple person.
In his style of life, the Shanghai Emperor Poseidon and his brother Zeus had always been half a pound, but the gods knew that Hera was jealous and liked to persecute the goddess.
However, no one had ever spread any rumors about Hai Hou.
No matter how much Poseidon spent outside, no one could shake her status.
“Lord father, elder sister Astrea, we are all descendants of Earth Mother. If there is something that we can sit down and slowly reconcile, there is no need to cause such an unpleasant scene.”
Amphitrid smiled and walked between Astrea and Okeanos, separating them.
Enos sneered,” Just now, you said you wanted to apologize to her for me. Did you see your brother?”
Amphitheater sighed.” Father, this is my brother’s fault. He’s been indulging in the ocean these years. Now that he’s still involved in the conflict between Olympus, it’s good to be taught a lesson.”
As she spoke, she turned her gaze to Apollo and said with a faint smile,” This is the child of the Divine King and Goddess Leto. He looks really good-looking.”
As he spoke, he took out a bright pearl from his chest.” This is a birthday present from His Majesty the Sea Emperor. I think it’s very suitable for you, Apollo.”
At the sight of the pearl, Enos and Astrea’s expressions changed.
Enos shouted,” Back when I asked you to give it to your brother and help him break through to the Sovereign, you didn’ t even agree. You actually gave it to an outsider.”
“This is too precious. Please take it back.”Astrea also said.
Amphitheater grabbed Apollo’s hand and stuffed the pearl with a faint smile.” How could there be anything precious or not? Give it to your child for fun.”
As he spoke, he turned to look at Enos.” Father, you should bring Big Brother back to treat him. Fortunately, he didn’ t become a Sovereign. Otherwise, the disaster will be even greater.”
“Hmph, the daughter you married off is indeed no longer a member of your family!”
Enos stomped his feet angrily and carried the unconscious Akerloos into the sea.
As soon as he came into contact with the pearl, Apollo felt a gentle power slowly pour into his body. The divine power within his body seemed to be activated, and it began to grow.
“This is the Heart of the Deep Sea. It has the ability to increase its divine power and increase its bloodline. It is especially effective for the gods of the ocean. It is an extremely precious treasure.”Hekath said to him.
As the two of them spoke, Amphitheater turned around apologetically:
“Little sister Astrea, I’ m truly sorry. Father has always been so barbaric and stubborn. I’ ll apologize for everything he and elder brother did.”
Astrea was at a loss for what to do with the dignified Sea Queen’s low posture.
“Aunty Anfieldite, thank you for giving me the pearl.”Apollo walked to the front and said softly.
Anfieldite lowered his body and praised,” Fate really cares for His Majesty the Godking. First, Athena, and now, Apollo, you are such an outstanding god.”
She pursed her lips and sighed.” You should have seen it. My father is stubborn and unreasonable. He knows nothing but having a child.
“I have three thousand brothers, three thousand sisters. Most of the sisters were sent to marry someone, and we’ re just tools to them.”
Apollo and the others couldn’ t help but twitch their lips.
It was said that Zeus and Poseidon were famous among the gods.
However, compared to Enos, the ruler of the ocean, these two were nothing.
Six thousand children, half of the entire divine race were descendants of the ruler of the ocean.
Unfortunately, these deities were basically mediocre. Only Anfield, Mantis, and the others were considered outstanding, and they were all married off.
But why did Amphitheater say this?
However, he saw Amphitheater squatting down and looking at Apollo:
“I’ ve heard about Goddess Le Tuo’s encounter. His Majesty the Godking is truly too heartless. You children are too pitiful. You haven’ t seen your father yet, have you?”
She sighed, and her eyes were a bit gloomy.” Back then, my poor older sister, Mantis, was also experiencing this kind of tragic situation. Unfortunately, I was unable to help older sister like Astrea like you.”
“Fortunately, after experiencing difficulties, Athena still had a place at Olympus. I am proud of her.”
She said to Apollo:
“You haven’ t seen Athena before, right? She’s my sister’s daughter, and she’s your sister. Speaking of which, you all look very similar. They all have such dazzling golden hair.”
“In another twenty years, it will be my child, Triton,’s adult ceremony. I’ ve already invited Athena to come. Apollo, you and Hector can also attend.”
She solemnly looked at Astrea.
The latter thought for a while and nodded.” I will let Apollo and Hekath go.”
“Since that’s the case, I’ m looking forward to meeting again.”Amphitheater smiled and disappeared from the sea.
Astrea couldn’ t help but frown when she left.
Hekath suddenly raised his head and said,” Mother, do you feel that Goddess Anfield’s attitude is very strange?”
“I’ ve heard about something a while ago. It might have something to do with it.”*

Chapter 14 Poseidon and Earth Mother Gaya (Fourth Division)

Hekath was somewhat mysterious.
It wasn’ t until Astrea stared at her that she stuck out her tongue and said,” Goddess Anfieldite just mentioned her child. Prince Triton, you should have seen him several times.”
Astrea said,” He’s a handsome, polite, and courteous young deity. It’s hard for me to imagine that he’s the son of the Sea Emperor. They have no resemblance at all.”
“However, it’s normal that the child doesn’ t look like his parents. Little Apollo and Little Artemis only inherited the beauty of elder sister. They didn’ t look like Zeus.”
She could not help but pinch Apollo’s handsome face.
“Although the Sea Emperor has many children outside, Prince Terry is the only son of the first wife.”But recently, Sea Emperor has another child. His mother’s status is extraordinary, so Goddess Anfield might be flustered.”
“Which goddess is this?”Astrea was curious.
Compared to his brother Zeus, Sea Emperor Poseidon was more famous for not paying attention to taste, so most of them were ordinary goddesses or mortals.
Zeus’ taste was much higher than before. His lovers were all gods of extraordinary status.
Of course, Apollo knew that this was temporary.
Along with the passage of time, all the outstanding goddesses were picked up. Zeus gradually turned his gaze towards mortals and even the same sex.
But at this time, Zeus was still on a high-end route, and Poseidon was at the low end. There were few goddesses with higher status.
“It’s a goddess who’s about to be scared.”Hekath couldn’ t help but look around, as if he was a bit afraid.
Apollo recalled the Greek mythology, and his face stiffened as he pointed at the earth at the edge of the ocean.” Could it be that person?”
“Wow, you can guess it.”Hekath looked at him in astonishment.
Astrea also reacted.” It’s actually an Earth Mother, and she even gave birth to a child. This ……”
She found it hard to believe.
“That’s the truth. Not long ago, the goddess of Gaia gave birth to a child for the Sea Emperor. Her name is Anteos, so the Sea Emperor has never been in the ocean.”
After being shocked, Astrea quickly calmed down and accepted the news.
Earth Mother Gaya, one of the five Great Gods of Origin, the grandmother of the gods.
Most of the current deities were her descendants.
If she considered the early Godking Ulanus, Poseidon was her grandson.
However, the early Godking Ulanus was also born from the earth. He was considered the eldest son of the Earth Mother.
That Sea Emperor Poseidon was actually her great grandson.
These two deities actually gave birth to a child together.
Even the legion of gods that were currently in the midst of the chaos of the Wind of Luns was a big piece of news.
Apollo didn’ t seem to be surprised. Later, Zeus and his sixth granddaughter gave birth to the greatest hero of Greece.
He pondered for a moment and said,” So Goddess Anfield is worried that Prince Terry’s status will be affected, so why are we looking for gods that can support her?”
“Your words are half right,” Hekath blinked.” Whether the children of the Sea Emperor and Earth Mother threaten Prince Terry is secondary. The Earth Mother will choose to give birth to this child for the Sea Emperor. The meaning behind this behavior is more worth exploring.”
Apollo’s voice sank.” You mean that Earth Mother is going to interfere in the situation in the ocean?”
His eyes lit up.” You’ re so smart.”
Astrea looked at them strangely, feeling completely unable to understand what was happening.
“There are three generations of rulers in the ocean, Pontus, the Primitive Sea God, Oke Anos, and Poseidon.”We’ ve always had the ambition to annex the other party. However, we’ re all balancing each other.”
“But now that the Earth Mother has chosen to give birth to a child for the Sea Emperor, she is undoubtedly prepared to interfere. This will break the balance…” Apollo’s face was full of seriousness.
Astrea interrupted him.” What are you thinking about at such a young age? Let me see if I was not injured by Akerios just now?”
“Aunt Astrea, don’ t worry. I’ m fine.”
Apollo touched the pearl in his hand and suddenly realized that his clothes were wet.
He used a dehumidification magic to expel all the water.
Seeing his movements, Hekath said in surprise,” Apollo, you’ re also magic?”
Ocean Deity.
Enos sat on his throne with a gloomy expression.
Atheros, who had just received the treatment, stood below with a pale face.
The atmosphere was deathly silent.
After a long while, Enos finally said,” Why do you have to do something for Hera? Didn’ t I say I don’ t want to participate in the internal affairs of Olympus?”
“Father, I did all this for the sake of the Oceanic Deity.”Atheros’ voice was low.
“Pontos has always been the strongest among the three great powers in the ocean. Although Poseidon’s foundation is weak, he has the authority of the Sea Emperor. He has the power to restrain all the gods in the ocean. Olympus’ support is behind him.”
“Only our Oceanic Deity system has no strength, nor does it have the support of other deities. The situation is the most dangerous.”
Enos frowned and said,” You’re talking nonsense. You have so many sisters marrying gods from all sides. Why do n’ t we have any supporters?”
Akerios laughed coldly.” The daughter who married someone is an outsider. Look at Amphitrite’s current attitude towards us. I know if they still remember you as a god father.”
Enos was silent for a moment and said,” Then you can’t get along with Hera. She’s the Divine Empress of Olympus. This position should have belonged to your sister, but Zeus killed her ……”
“So what? As long as we can make the Oceanic Deity system more secure, what’s the relationship with who to cooperate with?”Akerios said loudly.
“Zeus is also afraid of Poseidon’s expansion in the ocean, threatening his throne.”That’s why, with Hera’s help, Poseidon will lose the support of Olympus. At the same time, we will be able to obtain support.”
“But you haven’t even won against a younger generation that was only ten years old.”Enos sneered.
The veins on Akerios’ face twitched.” I was careless. I didn’ t expect him to be able to unleash such a terrifying flame, but the next time he dies, it will be his death.”
“You still want to make another move?”Enos frowned.
“Since I’ ve already taken action once, I naturally can’ t stop like this!”Atheros shouted, his eyes filled with cold killing intent.*

Chapter 15 The Goddess of the Stars, Astrea (Fifth Division)

Riviera Island.
Apollo looked into the mirror in the morning and sized up himself, who was already fourteen or fifteen years old. After tidying up his clothes, he arrived to the south of the island
Under the golden rays of morning light, numerous vigorous little grass grew on the soil.
After observing them, Apollo snapped his fingers.
Suddenly, a small rain fell from the sky.
Tiny drops of rain fell down on the ground, moistening the little grass on the soil. These little grass immediately grew much higher.
Immediately, a flower bud appeared, quickly opening out bright flowers.
“Wow, Apollo’s experiment succeeded!”Hector’s happy cry came from behind.
“The reason why gods are born with extraordinary power is because our bloodlines possess the ability to adapt to some natural laws of the world.”However, most gods only know how to use this innate power without thinking about it.”
“Yes, that’s why we created magic.”I don’ t need the power of my bloodline. As long as I have a profound understanding of the Laws, I will be able to unleash the power of Divine Arts.”Hekath said proudly.
Ever since Apollo had revealed her superb magic skills, she had started to wrap around Apollo and the two of them studied magic together.
After more than ten years of hard work, they finally understood the essence of magic and divine power.
The grass and flowers in front of them looked ordinary, but in reality, they were all created by magic.
Now that the flower bloomed, it was a sign that their magic realm had reached the level of being able to create life.
“From now on, I will be the goddess of magic. Apollo, you will be the god of magic!”Hekath looked at Apollo seriously.
After spending more than ten years together, she could feel Apollo’s profound understanding of magic. She believed that she couldn’ t compare to Apollo.
She couldn’ t help but blush when she openly said that she wanted both of them to share the same name.
Apollo just smiled.
He was actually even more impressed by Hekath. Being able to create a magic system from scratch could be said to be astonishing.
He seemed to be helping Hector improve his magic these past few years, but he was actually helping him adapt to the magic system of this world.
Although the magic inheritance of the Yarago Continent was exquisite, the situation in different worlds was different. In fact, there were many places where the two were not connected.
Fortunately, after years of research, he had completed the transformation of the magic of the Yarago Continent and adapted to this world.
He glanced at Hekath and said,” You’ ve become a Sovereign?”
“En!”Hekath nodded proudly.
As he pretended not to care, he said,” It’s only a matter of time before I reach the Third Order Sovereign. If the Chief Sovereign of Ocean dares to bully us again, I’ ll be able to fight him.”
She was still very pleased. Although her magic skills had never been better than Apollo’s, the breakthrough in the divine power level made her feel that she was still stronger than Apollo.
One had to know that most of the current Overgods were First and Second Order Overgods. For example, the God Empress Hera, the beautiful God Aphrodite Sea Empress Anfieldite, and so on.
And as soon as she broke through, she had reached the third rank of a Sovereign. This was obviously not her limit.
It wouldn’ t be long before she could become a top-level existence among Overgods.
This was because her bloodline power was truly extremely powerful. She had not become a Master God in these past few years, and she had always studied magic to injure herself. Her body had always been extremely weak.
“Yes, you’ re really powerful.”Apollo praised.
He understood that this was the first time he had been oppressed by Enos, which had touched the pride of Hector.
That was why she had worked so hard to improve herself.
How could he not be?
Among the legion of gods, one had to rely on strength to speak.
“All these years, I’ ve been staying on Riviera Island. I didn’ t have the chance to open many treasure chests. My strength has improved a bit, only reaching the peak of a Highgod. I’ m still a bit short of a Sovereign.”
Apollo was somewhat dissatisfied.
A peak Highgod was actually already extremely powerful. However, if one didn’ t reach the level of a Sovereign in a single day, one wouldn’ t be able to be considered an expert among the gods.
“, However, it was already very close to the New Year’s Ceremony of Terry that Amphitheater had said.”When we go to the Sea God Palace and get that high-grade treasure chest, we might have the chance to become Sovereigns.”
Apollo thought to himself.
At this moment, Hekath looked outside and muttered,” Mother has gone out to play with others again. Otherwise, she must see how I’ ve become a Master God. She’s still a Highgod, so she’ ll definitely be able to envy her to death.”
Apollo was speechless.
Looking at the beautiful and straight young girl under the golden morning light, her light green dress was graceful and elegant, giving off an elegant temperament.
For some reason, Hekath became more and more fond of showing off, and he was also paying attention to dressing up.
Although he looked pretty, he felt a little strange when compared to the dirty look he had when he first met.
Seemingly sensing his gaze, the young girl’s face turned slightly red as the golden light shone. She said,” By the way, Big Sister Ascrea is coming to be a guest today. Are you ready to receive her?”
Apollo nodded.” All ready.”
Astrea, the goddess of stars, was the eldest daughter of Hekath’s father’s older brother, Astreus, the Lord of the Stars.
In the Greek mythology that Apollo knew.
She was the goddess of stars and justice, a rare pure and kind goddess among the gods.
Apollo was also very curious about her.
Just as they were talking, a dazzling rainbow suddenly appeared in the sky.
The beautiful rainbow light flickered with colorful colors, and it was like a track connecting the sky and the earth, bringing with it an exquisite divine carriage embedded with stars.
The sky was filled with starlight, and the divine carriage sped through the wide sky, stopping in the sky above Riviera Island.
A beautiful purple-haired young lady who was bathed in starlight emerged from within.*

Chapter 16 Astrea’s Surprise (Sixth Order)

Apollo stared at the starry sky.
Amidst the stars, the purple-haired girl’s face carried a sweet smile, and her fair skin was as white and soft as butter, and it was dazzling and resplendent amidst the starlight.
Her bright robe emitted a dazzling star-like radiance. It tightly wrapped around her curvaceous and graceful figure, and along with that peerlessly beautiful face, it outlined a charming and graceful figure.
“Sister Ascriya, you’ re finally here.”Hector happily walked up and hugged the purple-haired girl.
The latter sized her up for a while and said with a gentle smile,” I didn’ t expect you to become an Overgod so soon.”
Seeing the improvement in his strength, Hekath immediately raised his head proudly.” Of course, I’ m a genius goddess.”
The beautiful and elegant goddess of stars, Astrea, turned her gaze to Apollo and asked,” Hekate, is this Apollo the child of Goddess Leto and the Godking, right?”
Without waiting for Hector to reply, Apollo went forward and replied,” The beautiful goddess Astrea, I’ m Apollo. I’ m very happy to meet you.”
Astrea smiled and bowed.” What a handsome and elegant male god. I can already imagine how many goddesses will go crazy for you in the future, Apollo.”
“Sister Ascriya, go in first.”Hekath seemed a little unhappy.
Astrea suddenly noticed the blooming flowers on the ground, and a strange expression appeared on her face.” What are these? I’ ve never seen them like this before, even in Flora’s place ……”
Gloria, the Flower God of Olympus.
Seeing how strange she was, Hekath explained,” This is a completely new flower that was cultivated with magic.”
“Magic, is it the kind of magic you studied that you can use without using divine power?”Astrea was surprised.” You’ ve already been able to use it to create life?”
Hekath felt a little embarrassed when he sensed Astrea’s admiration.” Actually, this is mostly because of Apollo. He has contributed more than me.”
“Apollo, you were also involved in the development of magic?”Astrea looked at Apollo in shock.
The latter said with a faint smile,” It’s not as exaggerated as what Hekath said. She and I both made half of our contribution.”
Astrea’s eyes were still filled with astonishment.
She knew that magic, which did not require divine power, could unleash all sorts of extraordinary powers in all directions, was something that could cause great changes.
Hekath had been smart since he was a child, and he had even received the favor of Goddess Nikes.
How long had Apollo been born, and his magic skills were comparable to or even surpassed hers?
She couldn’ t help but be extremely curious about this handsome and extraordinary Godking’s son.
Hekath took her to the living palace.
The scene that entered her eyes shocked Astrea.
Looking at the ordinary palace outside, she walked in with dazzling stars. The dazzling starlight made her feel like she had returned to her home in the starry sky.
Hekath scratched his head and said,” This is a projection magic developed by Apollo. He likes to call it holographic projection. He can freely switch backgrounds. Today, when he thought about Sister Ascriya coming, he purposely made it into a sea of stars. Actually, there are many other appearances.”
As she spoke, she waved her arm and the starlight around her instantly faded away. Instead, it was a white snow scene, and countless sparkling snowflakes fell from the sky.
Astrea’s beautiful face couldn’ t help but be shocked. She stole a glance at Apollo and said with a smile,” Thank you for your trouble.”
Apollo smiled.” The real reception is still inside.”
At this moment, Ascrea saw two rows of people walking out. They were all dressed in beautiful clothes. They were smiling and holding delicious food and fine wine in their hands as they bowed to her from afar.
“Dear goddess Ascrea, please come here to eat.”
“Hector, when did you have so many beautiful Ning Fu here?”
Hekath covered his mouth and smiled.” Sister Ascrea, these aren’ t Ning Fu. They’ re all puppets made by Apollo’s magic, but they’ re very realistic.”
Astrea once again looked at Apollos in shock. She sighed sincerely,” Your magic really surprised me.”
The latter gracefully walked to the dining table and beckoned,” Goddess Ascrea, please eat.”
The three of them sat down.
Astrea stared at Apollo and suddenly said,” Apollo, you should have reached the peak of the Highgod level. You really have outstanding talent.”
“If you don’t become a Sovereign, you ca n’ t be considered powerful in the gods.”Apollo replied indifferently.
“With your talent, it’s only a matter of time before you become a Sovereign.” Ascriya’s eyes shone brightly.
Her words changed.” Have you ever thought of returning to Olympus?”
Apollo’s face darkened as he looked at the distant sky and said,” When my sister and I grow up, he has no choice but to invite us back.”
“In the end, you are the son of His Majesty the Divine King. There is no need to make your relationship this way. I think I can ask God father to come out and mediate this matter so that you can return to Olympus as soon as possible.”Ascrea sighed.
“Thank you for your kindness. However, I don’ t think I need it for the time being. At the very least, that Divine Empress definitely doesn’ t welcome me.”Apollo said coldly.
Hekath couldn’ t help but say,” Sister Astrea, you probably didn’ t know that when Apollo just came here, the Divine Empress had asked Akerloos to murder him. Fortunately, Apollo was powerful and defeated Akerloos.”
“How old was he when he defeated Akerloos?”Ascrea was astonished.
At the same time, he let out a long sigh of relief.” Since that’s the case, let everything go naturally.”
As she spoke, she changed the subject.” I came to the ocean this time. Apart from being a guest at Hector’s place, I was also invited by the goddess Amphitrite to attend Prince Triton’s adult ceremony.”
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Chapter 17 Hera’s Plan, Battle God Ares (First Division)

Hera’s brows furrowed tightly, filled with anger.
In front of her was the burly Atheros.
“I thought that the grand son of the Hegemon of the Great Ocean would have such great abilities.”You’ ve been killed to death by a god who’s just been born for more than ten years, and you’ ve even asked your father to come out to save you. How powerful.”
His tone was filled with ridicule as he lashed Akerloos’ wounds like a whip.
“Hera, don’t go too far.”I will suffer such humiliation because of you.”The latter could not help but growl.
Hera laughed coldly.” My reason is not because of your incompetence?”
The veins on Akerios’ forehead bulged violently as he forced himself to suppress his anger. He said coldly,” If you think that mocking me can solve the problem, then you can continue to use your sharp and mean tongue to mock me.”
Hera lifted her eyes, and the chill on her body subsided quite a bit. She sat on it and said,” Tell me what you intend to do next.”
Akerloos said,” I’ ve summarized the reason why the operation will fail because the information you gave is too inaccurate. Apollo’s strength has long reached a Highgod level, and it can even stretch out an extremely terrifying Divine Flame Technique.”
“That’s why I need more help if I want to deal with him.Hefistos was your son. As the Fire God, it shouldn’t be a problem for him to build a god artifact that could restrain the Fire God Technique, right?”
Hera pondered for a moment before nodding slightly.
“Was very good. I had already obtained the permission of my father. I was able to mobilize a few gods of the ocean god system to participate in the operation.”But to be on the safe side, I still need you to send out a powerful god to help me.”Akerios’ face was full of sternness.
Hera frowned.” The reason I asked you to take action is because the ocean is Poseidon’s territory. If the gods of Olympus were to go there, it would be very troublesome.”
Akerloos laughed coldly.” That’s true in the past, but recently, my little sister had arranged a New Year’s Ceremony for her child. She invited quite a few gods from outside to enter. As far as I know, Apollo in the middle.”
“No one would doubt the people you sent as long as they were in the party.When the banquet ended and Apollo returned, he would follow closely behind. I would ambush him in front of him and attack him on both sides, killing him in one go!”
Hearing his plan, Helas took a moment and nodded.” Alright, let’s follow your plan. But if you fail this time, you won’ t need to see me again.”
“Don’ t worry. This time, it’s the death of Le Tuo’s son!”Atheros’ eyes were filled with ruthlessness.
When he left, Hera called Ning Fu.
First, he took out a letter and handed it to Ning Fu.” Send this letter to Hephaestus.”
“I will follow your will.”Ning Fu accepted the envelope and headed outside.
Hera said to another Ningfu,” Go to Ares’ place and call Tian to see me.”
Ning Fu was a little surprised.
Ares, the God of War, was a child of the Divine Empress, but he was rude and rude. Hera had always disliked him.
Ares also did not respect this mother.
The two of them didn’t have much to do with each other. Why did the Divine Empress take the initiative to see him today?
Ning Fu did not dare to think too much. She followed the order and arrived at Ares’ residence.
Ares was stunned for a moment before he let out a cold laugh.” What kind of wind is she blowing? She actually remembered me.”
Although he laughed coldly, he quickly got up and arrived at Hera’s location.
Known as a war god, Ares was naturally tall and muscular. His burly face was covered with beards, and his large armored sword did not leave him. From afar, it was full of oppression.
Seeing this son, Hera was filled with disgust.
She hated this rude and ugly look.
Back when she had given birth to her first son, Hephaestus, she had dropped him from the sky and broke his leg because she was too ugly.
Although Ares was much more handsome than Hephaestus, he was still ugly and savage.
“Why is Le Tuo, Mantis, and the others’ children so beautiful and elegant? I only have these two barbarian sons’ sons!”
Hera’s heart was filled with jealousy, but her face looked kind as she smiled at Ares.
The latter was lazy as he leaned on his sword and said,” Mother, if you have anything to say, I will go hunting later.”
Hera couldn’ t help but clench her hands tightly with her loud voice. She held back and said,” Do you know about Le Tuo’s two children?”
“Oh, you’ re talking about them. In any case, when will god father not add us a few younger brothers and sisters? What’s there to care about?”Ares was completely unconcerned.
Hera could not help but curse.
Ares’ expression turned cold. He immediately said,” Mother, if you’ re calling me here to scold me, I’ll leave now.”
Hera’s eyes turned cold.” You still don’ t accept saying you’ re stupid. Do you know how outstanding Le Tuo’s two children are? The phenomenon at birth isn’ t inferior to Athena’s.”
Hearing the name’Athena’, Ares’ face changed.
Gritting his teeth, he said,” Don’ t mention this woman. One day, I will defeat her and make her submit to me.”
He was a war god, but the goddess of wisdom, Athena, also had a ministry in war.
Since her birth, Athena’s followers had always been the only one among the gods who had been with Zeus.
Over time, when mortals worshipped the war god, they all believed that Athena was the true war god, symbolizing the victory of the war.
Ares, on the other hand, represented the cruelty and tyranny of the war itself.
Therefore, they all sacrificed Athena, unwilling to sacrifice him.
Ares naturally refused to accept it, so he went to fight Athena to prove who was the true war god.
Then he lost.
He had completely lost in front of the gods.
This humiliation was an eternal pain in his heart. When he heard Athena’s name, he couldn’ t help but get angry.
Seeing his appearance, Hera’s disgust grew even more intense.
“If we don’ t get rid of Le Tuo’s son now,” she said.”In the future, he will ride on your head like Athena. Our mother and son will never be able to lift their heads in Olympus.”
Ares reacted.
“You want to kill him?”That won’ t do. This will infuriate god father.”
He immediately shook his head.
Although he was rude and disrespectful towards his mother, his father Zeus was the most respected existence.
He did not have the courage to anger Zeus.
“Since I asked you to take action, I naturally have everything arranged. Your god father will never know about this matter.”
Hera shook her head.
Just as he was about to get up and leave, Hera finally threw out her trump card.” As long as you get rid of Le Tuo’s son, I will marry Aphrodite to you.”*

Chapter 18 Athena’s Sound (second step)

“Mother, you’ re serious!”
Ares looked at Hera excitedly.
Aphrodite, the god of love and beauty, the incarnation of love and beauty, the most feminine goddess among the gods.
No matter which male god was, they all coveted her beauty behind their backs.
Even his father, the greatest king of the gods.
However, because Hera’s gaze was too tight, Zeus had never had a chance to strike.
However, no male god dared to force Aphrodite to marry him.
Ares was also one of Aphrodite’s many pursuers. He had long been obsessed with the most wonderful thing among the gods.
But they did not catch up.
Seeing his anxious expression, Hera said indifferently,” Of course I won’ t lie to you. As long as Apollo dies, I will grant Aphrodite to you.”
Seeing Hera’s promise, Ares could n’ t be bothered to anger his father. He nodded immediately.
“Alright, I will definitely take off the head of Le Tuo’s son. Mother, please wait until you fulfill your promise.”
Ares laughed as he walked outside.
Hera’s eyes filled with disgust as she watched him leave.
She took out the crystal and said to herself coldly,” Apollo, why are you not my child…”I can only blame you for being too outstanding. I can only let you never ascend to Olympus.”
“So you’ ve also received an invitation from Goddess Amphitrite, so we can go together.”Ascrea was very surprised.
When the day came, she left Riviera Island with Apollo and Hekath, flying on the sea.
Apollo was puzzled as he thought of the upcoming New Year’s Ceremony for the King of Terry.
There seemed to be a few gods that Amphitrite had specially invited.
But this was none of his business. He was only a Highgod, and he had only gone to the Sea God Palace for the treasure chest.
“I don’ t know what kind of good things can be produced from a high-grade treasure chest.”Apollo was filled with anticipation.
As Poseidon’s palace, the Sea God Palace was located in the depths of the ocean.
After passing through layers of seawater, Apollo and the others arrived at the deep sea.
A magnificent palace appeared in front of them.
There were many deities stationed at the entrance of the palace, but it was Amphitrite, the back of the sea, personally standing at the entrance to welcome the guests.
When she saw Apollo and the others from afar, she shouted in a joyous voice,” Astrea, Hekath, and Apollo. I didn’ t expect you to come together.”
“Not long ago, I just happened to pay a visit to Hekath. Today, I came together.”Lady Amphitheater, you are truly hospitable. How can you welcome her so early.”
Amphitheater smiled lightly.” Isn’ t it because I’ m worried about the carelessness of the gods, offending you guests.”
“Come, let’s go inside and take a seat. Get close to my Terry. You young deities should be together more. There will be no conflict in the future.”
Under the guidance of Amphitheater, Apollo and the others came to the Divine Palace.
There were already quite a number of gods sitting in a palace filled with gorgeous ornaments. Among them was a gentle and amiable blue-haired youth.
When the gods saw the three of them arrive, they all stood up and greeted them.
“Ascrea, you are still as beautiful as usual.”
“Goddess Hector, your attire today is really clean.”
The gods focused their attention on Astrea and Hekath. They did not pay much attention to Apollo.
Only the blue-haired youth at the top stood up and walked in front of Apollo. He smiled and said,” You are Apollo, the child of Goddess Le Tuo and His Majesty the Godking, right? Mother said that you are a handsome and extraordinary deity. You can’ t help but praise when you see it. Sure enough, it’s not wrong.”
“Prince Trinidad’s praise is even more beautiful.”Apollo looked at him with a smile.
Only then did the other deities notice Apollo and began to discuss in whispers.
“This was the child of Goddess Le Tuo?”I heard that when he was born, the sky was filled with the light of morning light. The scene was not as vast as when Athena appeared.”
“Yes, he is indeed a handsome and extraordinary god. Moreover, I can feel that his divine power seems to be very powerful. He has only been born for twenty years, and it seems like he’s no longer inferior to us.”
“I just don’t know when he will have the chance to ascend to Olympus. I heard that Goddess Hera has tried to harm him several times.”
“Sigh, it depends on His Majesty the Godking. For some unknown reason, His Majesty the Godking has not shown himself since the birth of Goddess Le Tuo.”
The gods discussed amongst themselves.
Apollo, on the other hand, did not care at all as he looked around, quietly searching for the high-grade treasure chest.
Just at this moment, a cold laugh suddenly sounded from outside.
“It’s just a wild seed that Father gave birth to outside. Every year, there are several like him. How many of them can ascend to Olympus?”
The gods looked over. Ares, who was wearing thick armor and wielding a huge sword, coldly walked over.
His eyes were filled with cruelty as he coldly focused on Apollo.
Instantly, the entire palace fell silent.
Terry, who was the owner, quickly stood up and made up his mind.” Ares Master God, I didn’ t expect you to come to participate in my rites of passage.”
Unexpectedly, Ares only glared at him coldly and did not give him any face.” Move aside, I didn’ t speak to you.”
As he spoke, he pushed Terry away and strode towards Apollo. He said condescendingly,” Only I, Ares, am the best son of Father God. None of you deserve to be the bloodline of Father God.”
“Really? Do you think I really care about the name of the son of Zeus?”
Apollo’s eyes turned cold as he sensed the violent aura surging over.
Just at this moment, a chuckle came from outside.
“Sigh, my younger brothers just owe me a beating. They like to lose face outside, making my older sister feel very helpless.”
As soon as the voice appeared, Ares’ face turned red.
His hand clenched tightly as he looked behind him. His throat roared,” Athena, you’ re actually here!”*

Chapter 19 Poseidon’s Banquet (Third Division)

At an unknown moment, a heroic and valiant beautiful figure walked into the tall palace.
She looked as though she was only sixteen or seventeen years old. Her graceful figure was dressed in golden armor, and she held a bright spear in her hand as she walked in the direction of victory.
Even the most outstanding sculptors could not carve out one percent of the exquisite features
A pair of bright eyes were filled with a light that belonged to wisdom. They faintly smiled as they focused on the gods in the hall.
Behind her was an elegant girl with a pair of white wings.
They followed closely with proud eyes.
Many gods could not help but stand up to welcome Olympus, the most powerful and legendary goddess.
Athena smiled and greeted them. She walked step by step between Ares and Apollo.
She first said to Apollo,” I’ ve never seen your younger brother before. I’ m your eldest sister Athena.”
It was indeed worthy of being called the eldest sister, because her mother, the goddess of wisdom, Mothis, was Zeus’ first wife, and her child was also the first child.
However, before Athena was born, Mantis was swallowed by Zeus. In the end, Athena emerged from Zeus’ head.
At that time, Zeus had many other children.
Apollo looked up at the most famous heroine of the Greek mythology and said indifferently,” I only have one big sister. If you can make her admit that you are big sister, then I don’ t mind calling you big sister.”
The corner of Athena’s mouth curled into an arc.” Little brother with the same color, you really have a personality.”Your sister is Artemis, right? I heard that she’s also outstanding. I’ m looking forward to seeing her on that day.”
She turned her gaze to Ares.
“I was surprised to see you here. After all, the probability of you appearing on a certain goddess bed is much greater than attending a banquet.”
Athena’s voice was very soft.
However, it was full of ridicule and provocation in Ares’s ears.
He gripped the huge sword in his hand tightly, and a violent killing intent erupted from his body.” Athena, the last time I lost to you was just a moment of carelessness. Once again, I will make you submit to me in a humble manner!”
The smile on Athena’s face grew thicker as she sensed the shocking killing intent on Ares’ body.
“I don’t mind letting you know what it’s like to fail again, but I think Goddess Anfield and His Majesty Poseidon both mind your clamoring here.”
Ares was shocked and hurriedly returned the sword to its sheath.
Emperor Poseidon, the elder brother of Zeus, was definitely not someone that could be casually provoked.
But when he sheathed his sword and followed Athena’s fingertips, he saw an empty hall door.
There were no deities at all.
“Haha, I really can’ t bear to deceive you!”Athena covered her mouth and laughed.
The other deities in the hall couldn’ t help but secretly laugh.
Ares was furious and was about to draw his sword again.
Suddenly, a dignified voice came from outside.” Ares, who do you want to fight on my son’s adult ceremony?”
“Your Majesty Sea Emperor!”
The gods all stood up solemnly, respectfully welcoming the people outside.
Only Ares stood in the middle of the hall with a flushed face, looking at the sword in his hand, unable to speak.
Sea Emperor Poseidon let out a cold snort as he glanced at Ares with ill intention.
He shouted,” Retreat!”
A powerful force, like raging waves, instantly threw Ares out of the hall with his sword.
“Ares was sent by Hera to trouble me?”This Divine Empress, is there any misunderstanding about her son? How dare she come out and embarrass herself at such a level?”
Apollo silently looked at Ares who was falling outside and focused his gaze on Sea Emperor Poseidon.
This King of the Sea was wearing a blue robe with a pearl inlaid on it. He wore a dignified crown on his head. He held a trident in his hand, and his face was covered with a beard. It was filled with a male aura.
Amphitrid followed behind him, his right hand holding his left hand as he looked at the gods with a faint smile.
Strangely, there was a plump Ning Fu beside Poseidon with a huge baby in her hand.
The baby was suffused with a heavy earth aura.
Apollo’s eyes narrowed.
Could this be the child born by Earth Mother, Anteos?
What did Poseidon mean by bringing his younger son with such attention on his eldest son’s rites of passage?
It wasn’ t just Apollo, all the deities present noticed the baby’s aura and fell into deep thought.
Poseidon ignored their reaction and led Amphitheater to the highest throne, picking up the baby.
Facing the gods, Poseidon said with a solemn expression,” Today is my most proud child’s adult gift. It’s an honor for me to have so many gods to congratulate me.”
He looked lovingly at Anfieldite and Terry beside him. Both of their faces were filled with happiness.
At this moment, Poseidon raised the baby in his hand and announced to the gods:
“But I also want to introduce this child of mine to the gods. His name is Anteos. He is the child of my mother and I. He has the most outstanding bloodline among the gods. He will definitely be one of the greatest gods in the future.”
In an instant, Anfieldite and Terry’s expressions turned ugly.
The gods present also felt that it was a little inappropriate. However, they were all worried about the majesty of the Sea Emperor and smiled as they responded.
“The Sea Emperor was actually able to have the Earth Mother give birth to a child. How powerful.”
“That’s right. With the bloodline of the Sea Emperor and Earth Mother, Prince Anteos will definitely be no less than Twelve Titans’ great gods when he grows up.”
“I can already foresee such a future. Under the leadership of the Sea Emperor and Prince Anteos, the ocean has become the leader of the various divine families.”
The adulation of the gods made Poseidon’s face full of smiles, while Amphitheater’s eyes grew even more serene.
Only Apollo spoke a few words with Astrea and Hekath before sneaking into the crowd.
After searching for a while, he found what he wanted to find in a corner.
“I wonder what kind of high-grade treasure chest can be opened this time.”*

Chapter 20 Divine Weapon Seven String Zither, Athena’s Touch (Fourth Division)

Holding the treasure chest that he had found, Apollo walked away a bit.
After arriving at the outer perimeter of the Sea God Palace and confirming that there was no one around him, he opened the treasure chest.
After a burst of light, a voice flashed in his mind,” Ding, you opened a high-grade treasure chest and obtained the Divine Art Dawn Domain (2 stars), Divine Artifact Seven String Zither (2 stars), Divine Origin Crystal *130.”
“A two star divine skill plus a two star divine artifact is not bad.”Apollo smacked his lips.
Not long after, the divine technique Dawn Domain appeared in his mind.
This was a divine technique that was capable of forming a space that belonged solely to him within his entire body.
As long as they were within the domain, they would be invincible.
Apollo was very satisfied with this divine skill.
At the same time, he lowered his head and looked at the seven stringed zither in his hand. It was a beautiful golden divine zither with smooth lines. The seven strings were slender and long.
In his hands, Apollo couldn’ t help but try his voice.
Apollos, the God of Light in the Greek mythology, was the most elegant and artistic among the male gods. At the same time, the God of Light, the God of Prophecy, and the God of Medicine were the God of Music and the God of Art.
After passing through, Apollo also inherited this kind of artistic cell. He even opened a beginner treasure chest and mastered music and art.
However, he never had the time to spare.
At this moment, he caressed the two star divine harp in his hand and couldn’ t help but be unable to endure it.
Sitting in the unattended side hall, he placed the seven strings zither on his knees. He looked at the gloomy moonlight on the bottom of the sea and listened to the sound of water splashing.
His fingers moved gently.
The melodious sound of the zither immediately rang out, echoing in the surroundings.
Apollo did not want anyone to hear his zither and set up a soundproof magic.
In the darkness, he recalled some of the days of his previous life, as well as the bits and pieces that had happened over the past twenty years.
The sound of the zither twirled gently, as if it were flowing water. It splashed onto the sea, sending it flying continuously.
There was only a faint light on the dark bottom of the ocean. Not far away, the Neptunean Palace was brightly lit.
Apollo Dao’s heart suddenly became incomparably peaceful. The melodious sound of the zither echoed around him.
“Yi, why is there not a single sound there?”
During the noisy banquet, Athena quietly walked out with Shen Nikki and suddenly noticed it.
Originally, the ocean floor was supposed to be filled with the sound of water, but there was no sound at all.
“Could it be that some god harbored ill intentions, hiding there?”As the goddess of war, Athena had a high sense of danger.
She cast a glance at her slave, and the beautiful-winged goddess of victory, Niji, immediately understood.
Athena carefully restrained her aura, and Nikki followed closely behind, using the victory divine realm to support the two.
Athena’s ability to shield her aura was even stronger.
The two of them quickly arrived at the place where their voices were isolated.
Athena’s eyes flashed as she used the power of a divine realm of intelligence.
There were two main functions of the Wisdom Order. One was to obtain information from the outside world and the other was to process the information obtained.
That was to explore and think.
Athena was currently using the ability to detect.
She was one of the most powerful Overgods at Olympus. How could the soundproof magic that Apollo had casually set aside be able to block her full-scale search.
In an instant, Athena broke through the soundproof layer. She heard the sound inside and saw the golden-haired youth playing the zither quietly inside.
She was stunned.
On the dark bottom of the ocean, the water continuously surged. The enormous water pressure enveloped every living being that walked. Endless coldness filled this place where no sunlight could be seen.
The long sound of the zither pierced through the water and walked through the endless darkness and coldness.
His slender fingers stirred the strings, and his smooth tone reverberated around.
Athena suddenly remembered the dark times she had lived in her father’s body.
It was also so cold, so dark.
He kept searching for light.
He had to break through all the restrictions and come to this world.
Nicole’s worried voice woke Athena up.
The goddess of wisdom stood on the spot in disappointment and disappointment, but her gaze pierced through the darkness as she focused on the golden-haired youth who was caressing the seven strings zither inside.
The tip of his finger suddenly lifted his falling hair. It was also as bright as gold.
“If my younger brother is still alive, he should be this kind of golden hair.”Athena muttered in her heart.
Like Apollo and Artemis, she was actually a twin brother and sister.
His younger brother Bolos was predicted to be a fourth generation Godking before he was born, so his father, Zeus, swallowed his mother, Mantis, who was still pregnant with her child without any hesitation.
She and her younger brother were born in her father’s body, but the conditions there only allowed one person to live.
His younger brother knew that if he came out alive, he would only die, so he left his chance to live to his elder sister.
This was where the goddess of wisdom was born from the head of the Godking.
“That memory is already very far away. I shouldn’ t have recalled it…” Athena warned herself.
Unless the gears of fate turn one day, a new king will be born.
Otherwise, she would have forgotten about this memory and become the most outstanding daughter of the king of gods, the most resplendent goddess of Olympus.
This was the exchange of life between his mother and brother.
The hatred could only be buried deep in his heart.
But looking at the elegant and handsome youth in front of her, she could not help but recall this memory.
Suddenly, the music of the zither stopped.
Apollo slowly opened his eyes and looked at the two beautiful figures standing outside.
Putting away the seven strings on his lap, he stood up and said,” Goddess Athena, do you like my zither very much?”
“Playing the zither and playing the zither. Why are you hiding in a dark place?”
The goddess of victory, Nikki, replied disdainfully. She did not hear the music at all.
Athena was smiling.
He walked up to Apollo and took a careful look at Apollo’s seven-stringed zither. He praised,” What an exquisite zither. It’s really suitable for you, little brother.”
Apollo felt that her gaze was a little strange, but it could not be said.
Suddenly, Athena came up and gently stroked his head.
When Apollo was stunned, she softly said by his ear:
“One day, I will make you willing to call me elder sister.”
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