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Chapter 21: Hai Hou’s Invitation (Fifth Order)

When they returned to the banquet, Apollo’s heart was still filled with curiosity.
What did Athena mean just now?
Hekath suddenly came to his side and asked doubtfully,” Why do you have a fragrance on your body? Could it be that you went to meet with a goddess?”
“Goddess really did have it, a meeting…”That place is indeed very dark…” Apollo thought to himself.
A bright smile appeared on his face.” It’s just a trip. There’s nothing else happening here, right?”
Hekath shook his head.” It’s still like that. After Emperor Poseidon mentioned Anteos, the atmosphere became strange.”
Apollo asked again,” Where’s Astrea?”
“She was called to chat by the goddess Amphitheater. She originally wanted to call us together, but I didn’ t agree if you weren’ t here.”Hekath said.
Apollo turned his gaze to the place where Amphitheater was. At this moment, she was surrounded by many deities.
“Yi, Athena also went there.”Apollo’s expression changed.
The banquet went smoothly. As many deities ate and drank, the curtain slowly fell.
Apollo had been paying close attention to the movements of Amphitheater and Poseidon, and found that both of them looked normal.
Along with the passage of time, more and more deities from Amphitheater first dispersed.
Poseidon, on the other hand, sat on the throne from the beginning until the end. He hugged Mother Earth’s son and didn’ t move at all.
Just as Apollo thought everything was about to end, Astrea, who had returned, said to him,” Goddess Amphitrite, please go to her bedchamber with Hector.”
Apollo and Hector looked at each other and followed Ascrea to an elegant palace.
Amphitheater changed into a solemn dress at the banquet. She wore a close-fitting short dress and sat down with her son, Terry.
Seeing Apollo and Hector arrive, she said with a faint smile,” Come, sit down.”
After the two of them sat down, Amphitrite said kindly,” How did you feel today at the banquet?”
Apollo replied,” It’s very lively.”
“It’s just lively…” Amphitheater’s tone suddenly turned cold.” Indeed, there’s nothing else besides lively.”
Sensing the change in his mother’s voice, Prince Terry lowered his head timidly.
As he looked at his reaction, Anfieldly sighed. His eyes focused on Apollo and Hekath.
“You know why I want to see you in the end?”You are all excellent deities. You will be the pillar of the Divine Hall of the Future.”
Amphitheater said seriously.
Without waiting for Apollo and the others to speak, she continued:
“I am actually quite mediocre in other aspects. I am the only one who is very good at judging people. I am even superior to my sister, who is famous for her intelligence.”
“Back then, she and I had fallen in love with Poseidon and Zeus. Later on, Zeus’ achievements were indeed higher than Poseidon’s. However, my older sister didn’ t have the chance to enjoy the return of her investment, and I had been sitting steadily behind the sea.”
Amphitril laughed in a complacent manner.
Apollo naturally knew who her sister was, Athena’s mother, Mantis.
This former goddess of wisdom was the first god to see Zeus.
He first helped Zeus save his brothers, then helped Zeus win the Titan War, becoming the king of the gods.
Originally, she would have been the natural successor of the gods, but because of a prophecy, she was swallowed by her beloved husband.
It could be said that the end was bleak. A wise man had a thin life and a red face had a short life.
In contrast, her younger sister, Amphitrite, had a better return.
“But now, my status is also very awkward…” Anfieldite suddenly stood up, her beautiful face like a deep pond.
Apollo and Hector focused. She said quietly,” After today, you should all know that His Majesty the Sea Emperor has received the support of the Earth Mother. He will start the war against my father and Pontos and complete the unification of the sea.”
Although he had already guessed, he really heard this news.
Apollo and Hector were still shocked.
Pontos, the Primitive Sea God, and Oke Anos, the ruler of the ocean, were all former masters of the ocean. They were powerful and powerful.
Poseidon had always relied on the support of Olympus. Coupled with some marriages, he had barely occupied a third of the ocean.
And now, if he were to complete the unification of the oceans, he would have Pontos and Okeranos under his command.
Even Zeus, who was seated at Olympus, would probably tremble at this brother.
“This is of course a crucial step for the Sea Emperor, but it is a step that will shake my foundation.”
“Although my relationship with my father and elder brother is not good, the reason why I was able to sit still in my current position is because I came from the Ocean Deity system. Once the war begins, my situation will be the most awkward.”
Anfieldite’s expression was very calm as he calmly focused on the two young deities in front of him.
“That was why I needed to deal with it earlier. That day was actually a bit far away. It was probably until Anteus grew up, so I found you guys ……”
She smiled.” Hekath, you’ ve already become a Master God. With the importance Goddess Nikes attached to you, you’ ve been appointed Vice-Princess of the Underworld. Very soon, you’ ll be able to become the Great Goddess who will dominate the situation in the Underworld.”
“As for you, Apollo, I believe you will be able to ascend to Olympus in less than a hundred years. You will be able to rise to the position of Sovereign and become a great god no less than Athena, affecting the situation at Olympus.”
“So I hope to join forces with you to form a powerful alliance that can affect Olympus, the underworld, and the ocean!”
His straightforward and undisguised words shocked Apollo and Hekath.
Especially Apollo.
Although he was also very confident in himself, it wouldn’ t be long before he could become one of the most powerful deities.
However, no matter how he looked at it, he was an insignificant person.
Amphitheater’s smile remained the same when he saw the two remain silent:
“I am not the only beneficiary of our cooperation. At least now, I can help Apollo and your sister return to Olympus.”
Apollo smiled faintly upon hearing this condition.
Hekath looked to the side and found that the latter was looking at him with questioning eyes.
As long as she made her decision, she would agree.
Amphitheater noticed this as well and looked at Apollo calmly.
The atmosphere in the palace suddenly calmed down.
Apollo raised his head in front of Amphitheater’s gaze.” Can I ask you a question?”
“What’s the problem?”
“Did you also invite Goddess Athena?”
Hearing this name, Anfieldite suddenly smiled and lightly nodded.” Of course, she’s my sister’s daughter ……”
“I hope that everyone’s cooperation will be very pleasant in the future.”Apollo stood up with a faint smile.*

Chapter 22 Enemy (Sixth Order)

“Since when did you become so familiar with Athena, you agreed to her participation.”
On the way back, Hekath pouted.
“I just believe that she is the most intelligent goddess of the gods. The choice must be reasonable.”Apollo explained.
Hekath was still very angry.” I knew I was the most intelligent when I saw her. From the looks of it, people seem to be even more powerful than Goddess Anfield.”
Apollo smiled and did not speak. His gaze swept towards Astrea.
The latter calmly smiled at him.
Apollo asked,” Sister Astrea, you should have agreed to Goddess Amphitrite as well. Is this your personal intention, or does it represent the Lord of the Stars?”
Astrea blinked her eyes and said in a soft voice,” I’ ve come here to ask both father and mother.”
Apollo understood what she meant.
The Lord of the Stars agreed to form an alliance with Amphitheater, but he did not want to get too involved, so he only sent his daughter.
Knowing this, he became more optimistic about the future of the alliance.
Astreus, the Lord of the Stars, although his reputation was not obvious, neither strength nor power could be underestimated.
He was the father of all the stars in the sky, the Wind God. He completely controlled the starry sky, and the tentacles of power spread across the earth.
For example, Poseidon, Enos, and Pontos, who were in the ocean, dared to be called a divine family and the king.
In terms of the vastness and number of deities, the Endless Star Sea was actually not as narrow as the ocean or land, or even more vast.
Only a few people knew of such a powerful divine being that could be considered a ruler of a higher side.
It could be seen how low-key and terrifying he was.
Apollo was thinking about it when his face suddenly turned cold.
His golden eyes swept over the waves in front of him and shot out blazing rays of light.” I didn’ t make you ash last time. Are you here to search for the soul of burning?”
A pure white flame appeared in Apollo’s palm, transforming into a ball of fireball that landed on the ocean.
Hekath and Astrea looked over. As the flames spread, several powerful divine fluctuations suddenly rose.
One of them was Akerloos.
“I didn’ t expect your senses to be so sharp.”
Akerios’ expression turned ugly as he focused on Apollo.
The latter completely ignored him. Pure white flames surged out and carried boundless heat towards his body.
At this moment, a few deities beside Akerloos took out a red stove and activated their divine power to envelop the void.
When the blazing pure white flames touched their surroundings, a huge suction force suddenly surged out from the furnace.
Clouds of brilliant flames were absorbed.
Akerloos smiled proudly.” How could I fail twice in the same move? This Fire Gathering Furnace is specially designed to restrain your Divine Flame Technique. Without this move, it will depend on how you can match me!”
“Oh, I’ m prepared to come.”
Apollo’s eyes lifted slightly, and golden light flickered as a tremendous pressure emanated from his body.
Akerios’ expression froze.” You’ ve made rapid progress over the years, but unfortunately, I’ m not only prepared so much.”
All of a sudden, several deities around him revealed boundless auras.
Astrea’s Supreme Dao Condensation Stage:” It’s you, Gorgon, Flotel, Les!”
These deities were all very famous Highgods in the ocean, attached to the ocean divine system.
“Not just that much!”Atheros smiled sinisterly.
A terrifying baleful aura suddenly surged out from behind.
Accompanied by Ares’ cold voice,” Son of Lento, that woman from Athena was here earlier. Now, no one has helped you!”
He revealed a boundless pressure that belonged to a Sovereign. The aura of war and slaughter covered the heavens and the earth, covering the three of them.
Atheros and the other four Highgods gathered from all angles.
Akerios laughed loudly.” Apollo, four Highgods, one Sovereign. No one can save you today!”
“Hector and Astrea, you two better leave quickly. Otherwise, we won’ t be polite to you!”
Olympus looked at the crystal and Hera smiled.
The four Highgods and one Sovereign were fully prepared.
There were only two Highgod-level goddesses beside Le Tuo’s son, who were sure to die.
“Haha, after killing Apollo, I still have to get rid of Artemis as well. Leto, do you think I can’ t do anything if I hide with Kos and the others?”
Just as she was laughing, her expression suddenly changed.
Within the crystal, Apollo stood on the boundless sea, his expression indifferent.
At his side, Hekath suddenly smiled and walked out. A powerful aura that only belonged to a Sovereign emanated from his body.
Ares and Akerios’ expressions changed.
“How could this be…”She’s actually promoted to a Sovereign…” Akerios’ face was filled with a gloomy expression as he sensed the incomparable aura of Hector.
He had painstakingly laid down his plan, thinking that there was nothing wrong with it.
But why had Hekath actually become a Sovereign?
He was in disbelief.
“So what if you become a Sovereign? Ares, stop her. Let’s take care of the son of Leto!”
Gritting his teeth, Akerloos shouted at Ares and led the four Highgods around Apollo.
“Hmph, when do I need to listen to you.”Ares snorted coldly.
“A mere Overgod would only take a few moves and I’ ll be able to take him down. Only a coward like you would be afraid!”
He pulled out his sword in disdain and appeared beside Hekath, unleashing a Third Order Sovereign aura.
Unexpectedly, Hekath let out a cold snort as well. His body was similarly suffused with the powerful aura of a Third Order Sovereign.
Seeing Akerloos and the others surrounding him, Apollo turned to the Star Girl Supreme Dao Stage beside him.” Sister Ascrea, you should go to the side first.”
“Apollo, you’ re sure that I’ m not weak either. I can help you.”Ascrea looked at him worriedly.
Apollo lightly smiled as he swept his gaze over the four people. His golden eyes were burning like flames,” The four Highgods, just so happened to be able to let me move.”
“Atheus, I just had a little relationship with your sister, Goddess Anfield. Originally, if you didn’t appear in front of me, I would n’ t be bothered to bother with you about what happened last time.”
“But now that you’ re so ignorant, I can only satisfy your desire to seek death. No one can save you this time!”
The flames in his golden eyes were like the sun. Apollo’s expression was serious.
“What a joke. You think I’ ll be afraid of you with a god artifact that can restrain your strange flames?”
Akerloos laughed sinisterly and gave the three gods a look.
The four Highgods immediately attacked Apollo from four directions.*

Chapter 23. My glory, in the heavens, in the earth, in the sea!

“Hekater, I know your name. It’s said that you’ re studying’ magic’ that doesn’ t require corresponding divine power.”
“But I have to tell you, all of this is unnecessary. Only pure strength can conquer everything!”
Ares wielded a shield in one hand and a huge sword in the other. His entire body gave off a murderous aura as he fiercely charged towards Hector.
“Sure enough, he is a barbarian. He only knows how to cut people down!”
Hekath spoke with ridicule. She liked Apollo’s refined and courteous manner the most. She only recognized Yuan Bo’s handsome god.
On the contrary, he turned his nose at the god who had developed four limbs and only knew how to use brute force.
A brown staff appeared in her hand. She pointed towards the air and a dark light shot towards Ares.
Ares’ huge sword slashed down and struck the light. However, he was surprised to find that the light was only weak.
“He really is a chick master god!”
He laughed inwardly. The sword in his hand carried an endless baleful aura of war as it quickly landed on Hekath’s head.
But the moment he landed, Ares was shocked to find that his sword had been slashed off the side.
This was simply impossible!
A mighty war god, how could a person be hacked to such an extent?
He didn’ t want to believe it. He roared as he turned around and slashed at Hekath’s throat.
However, something strange happened once again. Although his movements were very accurate, when the giant sword slashed out, it completely deviated from its original trajectory with a strange arc.
Only in the end did he realize it.
“Are you surprised? Every single thing goes in the direction of opportunity, and I am the goddess of opportunity!”
His calm voice rang out. Ares felt a chill on his back as a majestic divine force struck towards his body.
“Domain of War!”
Ares roared when he sensed the danger coming. Suddenly, a blurry bloody shadow appeared on his body.
Sword, clamor, battle, blood, corpse, flame…Numerous images were like meticulously drawn oil paintings, forming a shadow of a battlefield filled with murderous intent.
Olympus saw this through the crystal. Hera’s face was filled with astonishment.
“Hekath had actually let Ares use his domain power that belonged to a Sovereign from the very beginning. It was no wonder that she had been chosen by Goddess Nikes.”
“Even though something unexpected happened, fortunately, the situation is still under control.”
She controlled the crystal and looked in the other direction of the battlefield.
Apollo, with golden hair, stood silently on the surface of the sea. His white robes fluttered in the wind.
Atheros’ four gods surrounded him step by step.
“Le Tuo’s son, remember my name, Gorgon. This is the name of the person who killed you!”
The first to take action was the blue-haired god who called himself Gorgon. He activated his godforce, causing the boundless ocean to surge into the sky in the blink of an eye, and then slapping towards Apollo, who was on the surface of the ocean.
Immediately, other than Akerloos, the two deities also took action.
One was a monstrous hurricane that shook the sea, while the other caused countless water grasses to grow on the bottom of the sea, and they coiled and rushed out of the sea.
Astrea, who was watching the battle in the distance, was somewhat anxious as she reminded him:
“Apollo, Gorgon was the god of the raging waves, Flotel was the god of the sea wind, Lees was the god of the sea grass, and they were all naturally born sea gods.
“It’s the first time I’ ve heard of it. It’s the first time I’ ve heard of it.”
“So they are all natural gods.”Apollo’s lips curled into a smile.
There were three types of gods in the Greek world. The most important was the god race that had been inherited by their parents.
Most of the gods were born like this, basically belonging to a clan.
The second type was a naturally born god. This kind of god was most famous among the five Primitive Gods, symbolizing a part of the world.
However, the Five Gods of Inception were actually the most powerful and ancient of these deities.
There were many similar deities.
However, most of these natural gods had died in the obscurant era at the beginning of the Primal Chaos. Most of the rest had died under the reign of the early Godking Ulanos.
Only the Earth Mother and the descendants of Uranos remained in the entire Protoss race.
As for the third type, it was because of some special reason.
Among them, the most representative was Aphrodite.
Her birth was caused by the’ Sickle Seizing’ incident between the early Godking Ulanus and the second Godking Kronos. The early Godking Ulanus’ blood splashed into the ocean, giving birth to this most beautiful goddess.
And her son, Erlos, was also a god born for a special reason.
The continuous sea grass broke through the surface of the sea like fine snakes that coiled around Apollo, blocking his path.
The violent winds shook the sea, and endless waves swept through the heavens and the earth. Like invisible fists, they struck Apollo at the center.
As for the surging raging waves, they rose and fell, shaking the ocean. They carried boundless power, wishing to smash everything to pieces.
Being surrounded and killed in the center, Apollo’s expression was full of regret.” In this era, natural gods are already too rare. Unfortunately, I’ m going to reduce this number by three again today.”
“If your strength matches your arrogance, then there is still a possibility!”The three Nature’s Sea Gods laughed coldly as their godforce reached its limit.
Atheros’ face was full of scorn as well, and numerous vortexes surged out, attacking Apollo.
The four Highgods’ combined strength sealed off the sea and the sky. Even Ares could n’ t help but change his expression.
“Akerloos and the others are all top Highgods. Moreover, they are all Sea Gods. They stand on the ocean, and each and every one of them can fight against Sovereigns. The strength of the four of them working together is something even a true Sovereign can not contend against!”
Hera’s face was filled with joy as she looked at the storm, waves, whirlpools, and seaweed that were spreading in the crystal.
She could not wait to see Apollo being blown into meat by the endless waves.
Right at this moment, an incomparably brilliant light covered the crystal’s gaze.
Accompanying it was Apollo’s divine and solemn voice.
“I am the God of Light. My glory shines upon all living beings. The kingdom of light should travel in the heavens, in the earth, in the sea!”
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Chapter 24: The Nation of Light, Killing the Three Gods (Second Division)

“What is this?”
Hera’s face couldn’ t help but change as she looked at the crystal that was completely covered in brilliant light.
On the ocean.
When the four gods of Akerloos killed, Apollo’s entire body suddenly released boundless blazing light.
The golden divine light was even more resplendent than the sun in the vast sky. It was like flowing gold, scattering in the sea and sky. The world sank into a kingdom of light.
In that instant, dazzling divine light enveloped the four of them.
Amidst the resplendent golden light, Apollo seemed like a divine person who walked in the mortal world. His eyes first focused on the sea grass god Reese.
Endless light enveloped them.
The dazzling torrent of light became the final color of this natural divine life.
When blazing divine light enveloped him, the seaweed that coiled around him withered first, and then his body began to burn and collapse.
After that was his spiritual body.
Under the light, it melted like ice in the blink of an eye.
Akerloos, the god of the sea grass, Leiss, fell under the shocked gazes of the three gods.
Not only them, but Astrea and Hekarth and Ares, who were still fighting, were all shocked.
He couldn’ t believe it!
This was a god that had been born since the early Godking stage, and had traveled through the sea for countless years.
In just a flash, he had fallen without any resistance?
The light’s steps did not stop without anyone wavering. Apollo was the second to look at Gorgon.
This similarly furious god’s hair stood on end. He hurriedly rolled up a boundless wave and slammed it towards Apollo.
It was not for the sake of injuring the enemy, but for the sake of giving him time to escape.
“You can’ t stop the gift of light!”
Apollo spoke solemnly. Endless light enveloped Gorgon, and layers of huge waves could not stop the power of light.
The instant they made contact, they all collapsed.
Brilliant divine light shone upon the god of raging waves.
Then, like Lees, he slowly dissipated his body and spirit.
Gorgon, the god of the raging waves, died!
“How could this be…”How is that possible!”Atheros’ expression went wild.
He had planned for many days, gathering the three Highgods. Such a lineup was enough to kill any god below an Overgod!
This Abolomening was only a Highgod. Why was he so powerful?
With two eyes, two extremely powerful Highgods were killed.
Even Sovereigns, unless they were the top few, probably wouldn’ t have such power, right?
He was puzzled, horrified, terrified. In the end, he was in despair!
It was because those golden eyes had already turned towards him.
“Atheros, son of the Chief Sovereign of the Ocean, welcome the gift of light!”
Apollo’s expression was divine, as if he was a devout believer who had walked in the mortal world and spread boundless divine light to disperse the darkness.
The place where he stood was the domain of light; the gaze he cast was the gift of light.
A kingdom of light would travel on the heavens, on the earth, and on the sea.
The God of Light bestowed light.
Blazing light rapidly surged, as if thunder was rumbling in the sky, judging all living beings on the earth.
Akerloos was completely unable to dodge. A blazing divine light had already enveloped him.
“Ares, save me!”
In fear, Aureus screamed at Ares for help.
Hearing his shout, Ares let out a soft snort.
The Domain of War surrounding him suddenly erupted with boundless killing intent. Sword after sword, flames of war, blood, and death gathered together, attacking him.
However, at this moment, Hekath’s body was also suffused with a mysterious scroll. There was the sky, there was the earth, there was the ocean, there was the netherworld, and there was even more sparks of wisdom and civilization.
This scroll blocked Ares’ domain of war.
“Damn it! You’ re clearly just a newly promoted Sovereign. Why are you already a Third Order Sovereign!”
Ares roared in confusion.
At the Overgod level, it was already the limit of many divine talents and bloodlines. Every single step of improvement was extremely difficult.
That was why they were divided into nine levels.
He was the son of a divine king. He had been in charge of war for nearly ten thousand years, but he was only at the third rank of a Sovereign.
Why would a god who had just advanced to the next level be able to reach the same level as himself?
He wasn’ t willing to let it go. He controlled the battle power of blood and fire to attack Hekath.
The latter laughed coldly,” A man like you can’ t break through to me!”
A faint and dark domain diagram spread out like a scroll, blocking the blood and fire of the war.
At the level of a Sovereign, the most important thing was his own power and domain power.
Using a divine handle to form a domain, a Sovereign stood within it, as if he had supreme authority over everything.
This was the most powerful part of a Sovereign.
A Sovereign who had just risen to the rank of Master God would not be able to fully adapt to the power of his domain.
However, Hekath’s intelligence and knowledge were both outstanding figures of the gods. He had thoroughly studied the essence of divine power and created magic.
As soon as she had advanced, she had completely controlled her domain power.
Although she was lacking in experience, she was still able to withstand Ares’ full strength attack.
“Ares, why are you so useless? No wonder mortals say Athena is a war god!”Akerios was in despair and began to curse.
Suddenly, he saw another god not far from him, the God of Hurricane Frother.
Gritting his teeth, he activated his divine power and sent a vortex flying.
Floret, who had originally fled in terror, immediately fell onto the sea.
Under the impact of the vortex, he happened to fly in front of Akerios.
The sky filled with light covered him.
“Atheros, I curse you!”Flotel let out a final roar.
He struggled to roll up dozens of hurricanes.
The vast sea shook endlessly.
However, in front of the boundless light, the waves of natural disasters were like tofu, instantly shattering into pieces.
Flotel then melted like ice.
“The Radiant Nation will shine.”
Apollo’s eyes shone brightly as he walked over.
Atheros fled to where Ares was in fear.
He begged,” Apollo, I won’ t do anything for Hera anymore. I beg you to let me go.”
Apollo looked at his terrified face and said indifferently,” You don’ t have a chance anymore. The brilliance of light will wash away all your sins!”*

Chapter 25 Ares’ Madness

“What exactly is going on?”
On Olympus, Hera’s eyes were filled with panic as she focused her attention on the crystal in front of her.
His heart was filled with an ominous premonition.
“With the name of the empress of the gods, the light will retreat!”
She bit her lips lightly and urged her divine power to pour into the crystal.
Under the power of the Divine Empress, the light that covered the crystal gradually dimmed.
When she saw the scene inside, her beautiful face was filled with disbelief.
“Gorgon, Flotel, and Les had all fallen…”How is that possible? What happened?”
She roared furiously as her beautiful eyes focused on the crystal.
She couldn’ t believe it. The three powerful Highgods, even Sovereigns, were extremely difficult to kill.
Apollo was just a Highgod, how could he have such strength?
This was too absurd, too wrong!
When she lost her senses, she was enveloped in boundless light as she chased after Akerloos. Her golden eyes suddenly turned, and she seemed to have realized something.
The corner of his mouth curled into a faint smile.
In the blink of an eye, a blazing light that was far greater than before still enveloped the crystal, and the scene was once again hidden.
“He discovered me ……”
Hera’s face was stunned. This crystal was bestowed by her mother, Rui Ya. It had the ability to see through the world.
It was the existence of this crystal. Every time Zeus went out to hang out, she would quickly discover it.
Even Zeus could not dodge the crystal’s surveillance.
Only the domain of the Gods of Inception could block its detection.
Although it was not as difficult to monitor as it was to block it, it had to be at least at the Sixth Order Master God Realm to be able to do so.
“He’s clearly only a Highgod, why can he discover me?”
Hera’s face was filled with panic.
Could it be that Apollo had already unknowingly become a Sovereign, yet he still didn’ t know?
Thinking of this possibility, her body couldn’ t help but tremble.
“Was that Hera? What a powerful monitoring god artifact. It’s just a pity that he couldn’ t detect me in the Dawn Domain.”
Apollo’s eyes flashed when he was in boundless light.
He turned his gaze back to the fleeing Atheros. He used Floret’s life and Apollo’s ability to deal with Hera’s search.
The son of the Chief Sovereign of Ocean had already fled to Ares’ side.
“Trash, didn’ t he beg for mercy just now?”
Ares, who was fighting with Hekath, snorted coldly. However, he still had a domain of war covering Akerloos.
Right at this moment, the power of light that filled the sky surged over.
Blood and fire formed a war scroll, blade and sword clanging, killing intent sweeping through, blocking the power of light.
Ares’ face shook as he coldly looked at Apollo who was slowly approaching.” So it’s domain energy. You’ ve already become a Sovereign!”
“Possessing a domain did not mean that they were Sovereigns ……”
Apollo spoke quietly. The Dawn Domain around him suddenly expanded and crashed towards Ares.
In the Sea God Palace’s treasure chest, this technique was used. The system marked two stars.
This was a divine technique that imitated the domain authority of a Sovereign. Moreover, it imitated the domain power of a Sovereign at the ninth rank.
When its power reached its peak, it could unleash domain energy that was no less than a ninth grade Sovereign’s.
Using the power of a peak God above Apollo, he could only exert less than half of his power. However, it was still comparable to the domain power of a Sixth Order Sovereign.
This was the reason why he could detect Hera Crystal’s detection.
Of course, using such a powerful divine skill would be extremely costly.
An ordinary peak Highgod could support ten breaths of time.
However, Apollo possessed the most divine origin crystals. Apart from being able to increase his strength, this crystal could also be used to quickly replenish his divine power.
The power of light was like a brilliant torrent, pouring down the blood and fire of war like a rain curtain.
Ares was sneering at first.
However, when the two massive domains collided, the war blood flames that were raging with killing intent immediately began to evaporate.
The magnificent light was like the supreme divine will that cleansed all the blood and fire in the world.
To calm down the war, eliminate the flames of blood, and cleanse the slaughter.
‘War Domain’ rumbled and trembled, and there was actually a sign of collapse.
Ares was shocked.
Atheros was already trembling.” Ares, let’s run!”
“Shut up! How could a mighty war god be a deserter!”
Ares roared in anger. The shield and sword in his hand simultaneously erupted with blood energy. A powerful force buffed the surrounding area to stabilize the situation.
At the same time, he roared at Apollo and Hector,” All of you go together. I will let you understand what the power of a war god is!”
“What kind of war god? I think he is a boasting god.”Hekath mocked, going up to join forces with Apollo.
Apollo’s golden eyes glanced at her and said indifferently,” I’ m enough alone.”
“Be careful.”Hekath was a little worried. She knew that Apollo had not become a Sovereign.
Apollo smiled as he took a step forward. His handsome face was as sharp as a sculpture, as if it was made of gold.
His tall and straight figure revealed an incomparable divine and majestic aura.
Hekath couldn’ t help but look a little dazed.
Astrea’s face in the distance was similarly filled with astonishment. Her bright eyes flickered with strange colors.
Suddenly, the Domain of Endless Light expanded again.
Clusters of golden divine light were like burning flames, burning the void.
Powerful energy rumbled and surged as it charged into the blood flames of war.
A shocking explosion shook the ocean, and cracks appeared in the surrounding space.
When the light and the blood flame collided, Ares’ face suddenly turned red. The shield and sword in his hand trembled as if he could n’ t bear it.
“Ares, hold on!”
Akerios looked flustered when he saw the golden light that covered the sky.
Ares’ eyes widened as he let out a thunderous roar.
His two hands tightly gripped the shield and the great sword, and the hair on his head suddenly stood on end. His burly body began to expand, and his skin began to turn red inch by inch.
The boundless power surged into the domain of war.
He focused his attention on the golden figure in front of him and roared,” It’s fine if I lose to Athena. If you don’ t believe me, I won’ t even be able to deal with you, Apollo!”
As soon as he finished speaking, Ares raised his sword with all his might. Endless blood and fire burned.
It transformed into a shocking blood sword!
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Chapter 26 The Death of Atheros (Fourth Division)

Flames rose in the blood. The blades and blades of the sword chanted softly, spreading out like a gray scroll that symbolized death. War was the death of civilization.
The light that belonged to the war transformed into a shocking blood color as the sword energy rose.
It spread like a river.
It was bloody light!
It was also sword light!
“War God’s Fury!”
Ares roared like thunder and used his strongest divine skill.
In that instant, the entire world began to feel restless. The power called war surged between the heavens and the earth.
Apollo was the first to bear the brunt.
The endless redness of the war was like a huge wave, crashing down on the area of light.
In that instant, the burning light became much dimmer.
Hector and Astrea became serious as they hesitated to help.
At Olympus, Hera sensed the restless aura of war. Her beautiful face was filled with a faint smile.
“Was able to force Ares to such an extent. You were really outstanding, son of Le Tuo.”Hmph. No matter how you discovered my surveillance, I definitely don’ t believe you’ re already a Sixth Order Sovereign.”
“Athena had been a Fifth Order Master God back then. She had paid a great price to accept Ares’ War God’s wrath.”At that time, Ares was a Second Order Sovereign, but now he’s already a Third Order Sovereign.”
“Even if you don’ t die, you will still be seriously injured.”
Looking at the crystal that was still covered in golden light, she said with hatred in her eyes.
At the same time, she activated the divine queen’s authority to make Zeus, who was enjoying the favor of a certain goddess, not detect the fluctuations of the power of war.
At the same time, many deities sensed the roars of war power and were alarmed. Following their auras, they cast their gazes towards the ocean.
However, right at this moment, an even greater aura of light spread out.
Apollo’s eyes were bright as he stood up in the Dawn Domain. A system-labeled seven-string zither appeared in his hand.
As boundless light blossomed, his finger gently picked up the divine artifact.
The clear sound of the zither still sounded like a dragon’s cry. It played sacred music in the country of light, and the solemn gospel spread throughout the universe.
When the blood-colored light that covered the sky surged, layers upon layers of clear and melodious music filled the sky. It carried an endless amount of light energy as it surged through the sky.
Blood-colored light and sound waves interweaved, and boundless baleful energy poured out in all directions. Divine radiance illuminated the entire sky, and a continuous sound rang out.
“Qin can also be used as a weapon. No, only blades and swords are the colors of war!”
Ares’ blood energy rose. He raised his sword high in the air, condensing the terrifying power of war as he roared and slashed out.
A terrifying aura filled the surface of the ocean thousands of li. The dense fluctuation caused many of the alarmed deities to tremble endlessly.
Akerloos, who was hiding behind Ares, let out a long sigh of relief and revealed a quick smile.
“Can you accept such a power, Apollo?”
Blood energy slashed through the air, and the surrounding space split into huge pitch-black cracks.
Death-like pressure rumbled.
Apollo sat cross-legged in the light, his expression indifferent.
His slender fingers smoothly played on the seven strings zither on his knees, and numerous melodies appeared.
Countless rays of light gathered and merged into these zither notes.
The sky that had been suppressed by the aura of war was once again filled with light.
The golden radiance shone on the sea, and the crisp notes danced in the air, like waves that rolled up the waves and danced in the air, whistling through every breeze in the air.
The blue sky, the sea, the breeze, and the music formed a harmonious scene.
Herkath and Astrea couldn’ t help but be filled with concentration in their hearts. Their clear eyes were focused on the graceful figures that stood in the boundless light and played the divine movement.
When the blood-colored sword light that tore through space rumbled down, the harmonious movement erupted with heaven overflowing radiance. The surging power was like a wave of fury that had been lurking for a long time, sweeping through the sky.
The power of war surged, and the power of death shook the world.
The notes surged, brilliant light tearing apart the blood and flames, and Pang Ran’s great sword suddenly ruptured.
Ares coughed out a mouthful of blood. His expression was filled with unwillingness as he used his sword to support his body.
The power of light swept over, and the war scrolls around him began to crumble inch by inch.
Ares roared furiously, trying to save something.
But Apollo stood up.
The power of light surged violently, and in the blink of an eye, more than half of the Domain of War collapsed.
“What should I do…” Akerloos hid behind Ares in fear, his eyes filled with terror.
Ares wanted to answer, but he spat out another mouthful of blood. His body shook and flew out.
“Ares?”Akerloos cried out involuntarily. Seeing that the surrounding domain of war was about to completely shatter.
He couldn’ t care less as he roared as he charged into the distant sea.
“You can’ t escape.”
Apollo swept his gaze over him, and his figure turned into golden light as he chased after him.
“Don’ t leave. Let’s fight again!”
Ares struggled to get up and picked up his sword to intercept Apollo. His eyes turned red.
“I’ ll teach you a lesson later.”
Apollo looked at him and a powerful light power surged towards Ares like a huge wave.
Ares brandished his huge sword, wanting to split the boundless power. However, he was unable to do anything and coughed out blood.
Brilliant light flickered as Apollo appeared in front of Akerloos’ escape path.
“Where else do you want to escape?”
“Apollo, forgive me. I don’ t dare to be your enemy anymore!”
Akerios cried out in terror.
“So this is your last words!”
Within the golden radiance, his handsome face did not waver.
He indifferently extended his finger and a brilliant light enveloped Akerloos.
Hekath, Astrea, and Ares watched as the Son of the Lord of the Ocean, the God of the Vortex, melted and dissolved as if it had encountered a hot ice.
“Father… god… will… release… past… you………”
As he spoke his final words in a hoarse voice, Akerloos, the God of Vortex, melted into the light.
At the moment when he died, the entire ocean suddenly began to shake. A large river that surrounded the world was like an angry old man, intensely circling under the wide sky.
An aged and tall figure with a crown on his head and a spear in his hand appeared coldly. His eyes were filled with rage.*

Chapter 27 Strength against Enos and Yadina’s Intervention (Fifth Division)

“Son of Le Tuo, do you know what you did?”
The magnificent ocean river coiled around the world like a belt. Enos’ eyes were filled with anger. He gripped the spear in his hand tightly and focused on the handsome youth bathed in golden light.
His fury shook the entire sky.
A boundless pressure like the sea enveloped Apollo’s shoulders coldly.
Within the golden radiance, Apollo faintly raised his head. His resplendent eyes were as calm as an abyss.
His lips twitched slightly. He said indifferently,” Isn’ t it just to kill your son? Since you have so many children, there’s no need to care.”
“You’ re courting death!”
Enos roared as he raised the spear in his hand. The power of the vast ocean and rivers surged and condensed, shaking the entire world.
A powerful deity was alarmed.
Earlier, when Ares had used the power of war, he was actually shocked by ordinary gods.
There was no interest in existences above the Overgod level.
However, at this moment, the terrifying power that Enos had condensed into the ocean and rivers caused the entire world to tremble.
Regardless of whether it was the sky or the earth, the ocean or the underworld, the expressions of every god changed.
In particular, in the depths of the ocean, Poseidon, who had just finished the child’s annual ceremony, was sitting on a throne and calmly looking at the infant who was emitting the aura of the earth.
Suddenly, his expression trembled.” The power of the ocean river has been completely diverted. What is Enos doing?”
At the same time, in the gloomy underworld.
On the pitch-black throne, the originally lightly closed eyes of the King dressed in black robes suddenly opened, revealing an abyss-like expression.
“The power of the ocean river, who could infuriate Oke Anos to such an extent?Yi, there seems to be the vice-lord that Goddess Nikes recommended to me a while ago.”
He revealed a trace of curiosity.
Hera looked at the crystal that was still filled with golden light in shock.
He muttered,” Akerroos is dead. Akerroos directly attacked?”
She could not accept such a situation.
At this moment, her expression turned ugly and she suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood.
On the vast land, a meadow filled with fresh flowers was transforming into a bull. Zeus, who was leaning against a beautiful girl, sensed something, and his expression suddenly changed.
“What was going on?”What do you think?”
“Something’s wrong. Why did I find out now?”
His expression turned ugly. He suddenly let go of his hooves and charged into the sky. He roared angrily,” Hera!”
“Ah!”The beautiful girl looked at this scene in shock, extremely confused.
Why would his bull fly and speak?
The gods were shocked by Enos’ furious attack.
On the vast sea, Apollo also sensed the power of this surging ocean river.
Enos was probably at the seventh or even eighth rank of a Sovereign.
However, there was no fear on his face. The zither of seven strings rang out as boundless light poured out from the void.
“Chief Sovereign of the Ocean, all of this was Akerloos’ mistake!”Hekath suddenly shouted, and his divine power surged as he came to Apollo’s side.
At the sight of her figure, Enos’ pike suddenly stopped.
He hadn’ t forgotten the night godforce that had appeared on this junior’s body last time.
Akerios was indeed only one of his three thousand sons, although he was still outstanding.
But for him to offend Goddess Nikes, was this worth it?
He hesitated and coldly snorted,” I only know that you killed my child!”
“Your expression is restrained!”
Seeing Enos’ hesitant expression, Apollo’s heart was filled with this idiom from his previous life.
He looked at Hekath,” No matter how much you say, it’s useless. Only strength can make him recognize reality.”
Hekath couldn’ t help but feel completely at ease as he stared at his handsome face.
Nor did he care that Enos was an expert at the top of the Overgod rank, the head of a divine family.
He nodded without hesitation.
Apollo smiled as he swept across her clean face. He suddenly played the seven string zither in his hand, and the boundless power of light buffed the divine zither, unleashing a peerless power.
At the same time, Hekath also unleashed his Third Order Sovereign divine power.
Two powerful forces suddenly merged into the air and surged towards the surging ocean river.
“You’ re courting death!”
Enos snapped back to his senses, his face full of sternness.
Without any hesitation, the spear in his hand suddenly stabbed down.
The colors of the gods changed, and heaven and earth trembled.
Three violent forces collided in the air.
The power of the ocean’s rivers surged endlessly. Enos was one of the most powerful Sovereigns. He had long reached the terrifying level of an eighth-order Sovereign.
However, Apollo was standing in the Dawn Domain. His strength was already comparable to that of a Sixth Order Sovereign. The seven string zither system in his hand valued two stars, and it was comparable to a peak Sovereign artifact.
The combined power of the two had already reached the peak of Seventh Order Sovereign’s Might, approaching Eighth Order Sovereigns.
With the third rank power of the Hekath Sovereign.
He had completely reached the eighth grade of a Sovereign.
On the other hand, Enos was hesitant. He had already taken a step back.
Under the gazes of the gods, two vast energies collided, tearing apart layers of space, shattering the sky and sea.
Under the impact of the divine power, Ocean Chief Sovereign Enos’ body froze. He suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood, and the arm holding the spear trembled endlessly.
On the other hand, the young man and the young girl standing on the other side did not move at all.
“Enos actually failed. Who are these two young gods?”Some deities cried out in alarm.
“I know that goddess. She is the one who was chosen by Goddess Nikes and appointed as the vice-lord of the Underworld.”
“So it’s her. Where’s that golden-haired male god? He seems to be younger, but his strength is even stronger?”
“This…”It’s like he’s the son of God King and Goddess Leto. When he was born, Apollo’s golden light appeared in the sky!”
“Apollo, how long has he been born?”
Many deities were shocked and agitated, their voices filled with disbelief.
As he faintly sensed the discussion of the gods, Enos’ face darkened. His imposing aura enveloped Apollo and Apollo, and he once again activated his spear.
“Apollo, pay for my son’s life!”
The ocean rivers surrounding the world rumbled and trembled, and an endless amount of boundless power once again boosted onto the spear.
Apollo and Hekath looked at each other. At the same time, they focused on fighting back.
Just at this moment, a graceful figure suddenly walked out from the distant sea. Linglong had a heroic and straight figure. Her long golden hair shone brightly in the sky, and her beautiful face was filled with a confident smile.*

Chapter 28 Declaration of War and King of the Gods (Sixth Order)

“That’s Athena. Why would she appear?”
The girl’s beautiful figure attracted the attention of many deities in the dark. They recognized the most dazzling goddess of Olympus with a single glance.
Athena’s eyes were solemn as a bright spear suddenly appeared in her slender hand.
On the snow-white jade neck that looked like a swan, the delicate and beautiful face that was full of heroic energy looked up at the sky and released a soft sigh.
The ocean rivers revolved around the edge of the world, and endless rivers of water rumbled through the sky, shaking the void.
Enos brandished his spear, tearing through the sky and destroying order.
All that remained in the entire world was a boundless stream of water. The huge waves surged and filled the surroundings.
A sharp spear tore through the heavens and the earth!However, at this moment, another dazzling spear light burst forth in Athena’s fair and slender hand.
The glory of wisdom shone in the heavens and the earth. Olympus’ most dazzling goddess stepped out of the light steps that belonged to victory.
The resplendent golden light reflected her tall and straight figure. The bright spear tore through the dimness of the world, bringing with it the radiance of wisdom and civilization.
The spear and spear collided with the sea, causing the world to tremble.
Enos let out a furious roar as the power struck,” Athena, do you know what you’ re doing?”
The ocean rivers in the winding sky suddenly shook and shattered, and endless waves scattered down the ocean.
Enos’ body shook, and a bright-colored wound appeared on his chest. There were dark red bloodstains dripping down.
On the other side, the light on Athena’s body was a little dim, but it was still shining brightly on the ocean.
Looking at Enos, who was furious in the sky, she arrived in front of Apollo and said quietly,” Hegemon Ocean, it’s time for you to stop!”
Enos steadied himself and focused his attention on the heroic girl standing in front of the enemy who had killed his son. His old eyes were filled with anger.
He let out a thunderous roar,” Athena, your mother is also my daughter. Akerloos is your uncle. How can you help the person who killed him?”
Facing this question, Athena pursed her lips and said in a deep voice,” Do you really think of Mother as a daughter?”
She let out a cold laugh and her face turned serious again.” I’ ve always been the most proud daughter of the King of the Gods. Apollo was the younger brother of the same father as me. Why shouldn’ t I help him?”
“You!”Enos clenched his hands tightly as he stared at the beautiful figure below him in an ugly manner. The many broken ocean rivers behind him rolled out waves.
In a daze, he recalled the figure of Miao Man who stood in front of him ten thousand years ago, similarly stubborn.
“Mantis, your daughter really looks like you…”If you disobeyed me and helped the Zeus brothers to the end, I think your daughter’s fate will never be better than yours!”
Enos said angrily.
On the vast sea, Apollo silently stared at the heroic young lady standing in front of him, her eyes slightly puzzled.
Why did Athena help him, the love of Zeus?
That was truly a joke.
As if sensing his gaze, Athena turned around with a smile, and a graceful smile flashed across her lips.” I’ m really moved. Come, call me elder sister first. I’ ll protect you next time.”
Apollo did not speak.
Suddenly, a roar rang out in the distance,” Athena, you really have a crush on him. What kind of father god bloodline is that? Pooh!”
Apollo looked over with rapt attention, but Ares, who had been knocked flying by him, had stumbled back.
He held his sword in rags and stared at him and Athena with angry eyes. There was a trace of grievance in his eyes.
Perhaps he was thinking, why was it the same as the father god bloodline? Why are you so ruthless towards me?
Apollo touched his handsome face and then looked at Ares’ face. He suddenly felt that he was right.
Athena was also a visual animal.
“Athena, since you insist on protecting Lento’s son, then my Ocean River God will represent the Ocean God family and fight with you!”
Enos roared again in the air. In the winding river behind him, the figure of a god faintly flashed.
It was the gods of the Oceanic God System.
After receiving Enos’ order, they all appeared behind him, releasing powerful pressure.
“Enos, this old fellow wants to play with the truth?”All the gods watching the battle were shocked.
Olympus, Hera, who was the source of all the events, was stunned.
She never would have thought that things would turn out like this. Four Highgods and one Master God, it would be fine if they failed to kill Apollo.
Akerios actually died on the spot. He had many children, and Oker Anos, the ruler of the ocean, had personally appeared.
But he was still unable to take down Apollo.
Athena was actually helping him.
At this moment, Enos was leading the entire Oceanic God Division to fight.
This series of changes completely exceeded her expectations.
Things had turned into a state where the gods were shaking.
“The backlash earlier was because the Godking had already discovered that I was shielding him…” Hera’s face was pale as she fell to her seat, her eyes weak.
“Damn it, it was Apollo’s fault. Why was he so powerful? He killed four Highgods, defeated Ares, and fought Enos ……”
She was slumped on the chair, and she continuously roared with unwillingness and fear.
She faintly realized that Apollo had surpassed her control!
On the surface of the sea, with the appearance of a Ocean Deity, an increasingly majestic pressure enveloped the sky.
Apollo’s expression was grave.
Athena still stood firmly in front of him, like a thick wall, blocking all the wind and rain.
When the powerful pressure of the ocean gods swept over, the goddess of wisdom’s eyes were cold as she raised her bright face.” Lord of the ocean, since you want to fight, then I, Olympus, will follow.”
“Olympus?”Enos frowned and roared,” Athena, don’ t talk nonsense. I just want you to hand over Apollo. It’s against you, not Olympus.”
Athena chuckled.” You’ re going to fight against the king of gods’ favorite daughter and son. You’ re not going to declare war on Olympus. Father, do you think that’s reasonable?”
Suddenly, countless bolts of lightning suddenly gathered in the sky. Silver arcs of light interweaved, and a mighty figure with lightning in hand walked out.
He looked at Athena and said indifferently,” No reason. I also want to know who is going to declare war on Olympus!
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Chapter 29: Domineering Zeus (first, asking for flowers, asking for evaluation)

The silvery-white electric arcs were like fine snakes, swimming in the sky, dazzling lightning radiance interweaving with waves of destruction.
The entire world suddenly fell silent.
His short brown hair, straight nose, thin lips and deep eyes formed a dignified face.
Silver white robes enveloped him, and his slender figure was like a high mountain that stood towering in the sky.
Lightning was his symbol, the sky was his reflection, the gods were his subjects, all living beings were his lambs.
Amidst the lightning, Zeus stared coldly at the entire void.
Enos’ expression shook as he bowed to him in fear.” Your Majesty, please do n’ t listen to Athena’s nonsense. There’s absolutely no ocean god ……”
Zeus looked at him coldly, his body interweaving with lightning, releasing waves of destruction. A powerful pressure enveloped the world.
Enos’ body trembled.
He couldn’ t help but think of the powerful figure that had defeated a Titan god who had once ruled the world during the Titan War.
A shadow surged in his heart.
He lowered his head and went silent.
The observing gods were silent as well. All of them withdrew their gaze and didn’ t dare to attempt to offend the dignity of the Godking.
Zeus looked down.
It landed on the golden-haired Apollo.
Apollo was also watching this father, the most supreme king of the gods in Greek mythology.
In his previous life, when it came to Greek mythology, it was mostly a joke about Zeus’ romantic history. However, few people truly understood how powerful this King of Gods was.
The theme of the Greek mythology was fate. As long as fate was destined, no one could disobey it.
As strong as Uranus and Cronos, they were all under the prophecy of fate.
But Zeus did not.
There were several prophecies that he had predicted would be overthrown, but they were all resolved by him.
He had defeated the Titan Gods, suppressed the oceans and the underworld, and killed Gugan Thees. He had destroyed the mess of Typhon, and was the only existence that had successfully fought against fate.
No one had ever been able to overthrow him or even shake his rule.
Wisdom was like Athena, and she could only bow down to her officials. Prophets like Prometheus were tied up in the Caucasus Mountains, tortured day and night.
A powerful deity like this caused others to think of his romantic affairs, inferiority, and ruthlessness. They had never thought of his true strength behind this.
His wrist and city mansion were extremely terrifying.
Apollo focused on the king of the gods. After a moment of silence, he looked away.
“Don’ t turn around and let me take a good look at you.”Zeus’ dignified voice rang out.
The next moment, lightning flashed and he appeared in front of Apollo.
He rubbed his stubble chin and said in a deep voice,” It’s indeed very handsome and extraordinary, but it also inherited my masculinity. You will be a great god.”
With that, he patted Apollo on the shoulder, revealing a wide smile.
It was like the old father’s affection for his beloved child.
Then, he continued,” I know all the hardships you and your sister have suffered these years. It’s all because I failed to watch Hera. However, there wo n’ t be such a thing in the future. Go back to Olympus. I’ll give you a position to stand side by side with your sister athena and Ares.”
“Father God!”
Ares, who had been lowering his head and not saying a word since Zeus came over, suddenly cried out as if he wanted to protest.
Zeus looked at him coldly and berated him,” Follow orders blindly and cruelly. Now, scram back and shut up for ten years!”
Enos was also filled with unwillingness and anger in the sky. He roared,” Godking, your son killed my son. You still want to grant him the position of Sovereign?”
As soon as he finished speaking, a thick bolt of lightning suddenly tore through the sky and struck his face.
“Scram, how can your son compare to my son!”
Zeus gave off a terrifying aura. A terrifying aura that made all the gods shiver suddenly spread out.
Enos looked terrified.
This was the authority of a Godking. It could suppress all deities.
If it was just his own strength, he might not be much weaker than Zeus.
However, once the Divine King’s authority was used, even the Gods of Inception might not be able to match Zeus.
Back then, his father’s early God King, Uranos, relied on his authority to suppress his mother Gaia until she couldn’ t breathe.
Later on, her mother could only subdue her brother, overthrow his father’s rule, and deprive the Godking of authority. Only then did she defeat him.
After that, her mother divided the Divine King’s authority into the sky, the sea, and the underworld. She was also the Divine King, the Sea Emperor, and the Underworld King.
Although Zeus possessed the authority of a Godking, it was still a matchless power that could suppress all deities.
As the lightning surged, Enos couldn’t help but recall the terrifying face of the god father, Uranus.
Ignoring the many gods of the Oceanic Deity System, they directly transformed into a wave of water and charged towards the other end of the sky.
“Heh, he is truly a coward.”
Zeus laughed coldly as he looked at Apollo once again. In the blink of an eye, he became gentle.
“In the future, as long as you stay by God Father’s side, no god will be able to bully you.”
“What is this? Sweet jujube stick, wishing to be moved to subdue me?”Apollo was speechless.
If he hadn’ t known what kind of virtue Zeus was, he would have thought that his father was truly filial.
Thinking about Zeus’ true thoughts, he squeezed out a smile on his face and lowered his head.” Apollo greets god father. Thank you for presiding over justice for me.”
“En, it seemed like he was echoing, but he still felt a bit dissatisfied. Was this something that hated me all these years?”That’s right. Let’s slowly subdue it in the future. It’s only been so long since we were born and we’ ll be able to defeat Ares. In the future, we’ ll definitely become my powerful arm to rule the gods. However, we must be on guard against him threatening me.”
Zeus saw through Apollo’s forced smile and said kindly,” Take your sister to Olympus as soon as possible. I look forward to showing off your dazzling abilities in front of the gods.”
Apollo followed suit as well. Both father and son chatted and laughed lovingly on the surface of the sea. Seeing this, Athena couldn’t help but curled her lips and beat Ares back.*

Chapter 30 Bye-bye Artemis (second step)

“Yes, even though I’ m still unwilling, I’ m still quite obedient.”
Zeus nodded in his heart after saying a few words to Apollo.
He looked at Athena and said,” You’ ve done quite well today. I want to see you kids get along with each other the most. In the future, get closer to Apollo and his sister Artemis.”
Athena nodded.” My daughter understands what Father means.”
As he spoke, he could sense a hint of fear in Zeus’ eyes as he looked at her and Apollo.
He instantly reacted.
His father was the most worried about his children’s rebellion. He was no weaker than Enos today. Apollos would definitely be one of the strongest Sovereigns in the future.
Plus, his sister Artemis.
If the three powerful children had a good relationship, wouldn’ t that threaten his throne?
“It seems that I have to temporarily show that I’ m not particularly close to Apollo. Maybe I can pretend that I don’ t deal with her sister.”
Athena thought.
Zeus then turned to look at Hekath and Astrea. Suddenly, he smiled and said to Apollo,” They’ re very beautiful goddesses. When you grow up, I’ ll give you a wedding.”
Apollo was stunned, but he saw Zeus turn into lightning and fly out of the sky.
When they turned around, Herkath and Astrea’s faces turned red.
“Apollo, I think it won’t be long before I see you at Olympus,” Astrea said directly.”Yes, I feel like I’ m about to become a Sovereign. I’ ll return to the starry sky first.”
As he spoke, he transformed into a streak of starlight and flew away.
Hekath was much bolder. He blinked his eyes and focused on Apollo’s face.” The Godking asked you to go to Olympus. In the future, there will be fewer opportunities for us to meet.”
Apollo sensed her sadness and said with a smile,” There’s no end to the lifespan of gods. We will always have a chance to be together.”
“Alright then. I’m going to go to the Underworld to find Goddess Nikes to improve myself. You must remember to come visit me.”
Hekath suddenly went up to hug him and immediately disappeared into the ocean.
Standing on the spot, Apollo felt a bit disappointed and disappointed.
“Sigh, an outstanding male god will always attract the admiration of the goddess. Are you very distressed?”Athena’s teasing voice appeared by his ears.
Apollo looked at her and calmly asked,” Then are you such a goddess?”
“In my eyes, you’ re just a little brother,” Athena thought seriously.”The male god that I admire is at least at the top of the list.”
“You mean…” Apollo’s eyes flashed.
Suddenly, he asked,” You joined the alliance of the goddess Amphitrite because of this power?”
“If you want to accomplish such a great thing, you will always need allies. Therefore, I suggest that you show more charm and gain more admiration from the goddess. That way, there will be more allies. Our father did the same.”
Athena’s tone was indifferent.
“You can only see the surface. Only your own strength is the true foundation. Not to mention that I won’ t be someone like him. It’s definitely not the one you want to see.”
Apollo smiled and walked into the distance.
“Not be the second Zeus…”I hope you will always remember this sentence.”
Athena couldn’ t help muttering as she stared at the golden figure walking under the setting sun.
Will Victory Mountain.
The place where Titan’s God of the Heavenly Body, Kiosus, and the Goddess of Light, Fopper lived in seclusion.
After the Battle of Titans ended and the second-generation Godking Cronos was defeated, the two powerful Titans retreated.
Apollo arrived at this mountain range.
In the snow that filled the sky, there was already a slender, short-dressed girl with a bow and arrow on her back, silently waiting for her.
Both of them revealed smiles as they stared at each other.
“I’ ve heard about you. You must have suffered a lot over the years.”Artemis arrived before Apollo.
The gods knew about Apollo. Even their grandfather and grandmother were shocked by his grandson’s achievements.
In less than thirty years of life, he could fight Enos. What kind of talent was this?
The gods were shocked by the Godking’s son, Apollo.
However, Artemis felt her heart ache for Apollo’s encounter.” It’s all because I’ m useless. If I’ m better than you, Hera will definitely come and target me, and you’ ll be able to live peacefully in the ocean.”
She caressed Apollo’s face, her eyes filled with remorse and pity.
“Sister.”Apollo was at a loss for what to do. He thought about taking out the Heart of the Deep Sea that Amphitheater had given him.
“This is my gift to you.”
Artemis was stunned as she stared at the pearl in front of her. She immediately sensed something and hurriedly said:
“Although the energy contained here is an ocean attribute, it will also be of great use to other gods. You should be on the verge of becoming a Sovereign. I’ ll leave it to you.”
“Big sister, didn’ t you say you want to strengthen yourself and protect me?”Apollo smiled as he grabbed her fair hand and placed Deep Sea Heart in her palm.
He had quite a few divine crystals, but he didn’ t lack any auxiliary treasures. However, for Artemis, the Heart of the Deep Sea was undoubtedly more effective.
Artemis was a little embarrassed when she was grabbed by the palm. Her voice was as soft as a mosquito,” Mother and grandfather are all waiting on top.”
“Oh, is mother willing to go to Olympus with us?”Apollo asked.
Artemis shook her head.
“Mother said that she only wanted to accompany her grandfather and the others and let us explore our own future. Don’ t worry about her.”
Apollo’s eyes flickered as he glanced up.
Immediately, he grabbed Artemis’ hand and said,” Let’s go see Mother and the others first.”
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Chapter 31 First Olympiad (Third Division)

Apollo and Artemis were silent as they stared at the towering divine mountain in front of them.
After spending some time with his mother, Le Tuo, his grandfather, his grandmother, and his brother and sister came to Olympus, which symbolized the rule of the Divine Hall.
“Apollo, what do those gods think of us?”Artemis seemed to be somewhat uneasy.
Apollo smiled at her.” I think it’s envy and jealousy. After all, you have an outstanding younger brother like me, and I have an outstanding elder sister like you. How can they not be envious and jealous?”
Artemis rolled her eyes at him, her heart calm.
His younger brother was right. An outstanding deity like us would be looked down on wherever we went.
She calmed herself down and walked in front of her. Her body was suffused with divine power fluctuations that were close to the peak of a Highgod.
A few years ago, she had already reached the Highgod level. With the help of the Heart of the Deep Sea, she had advanced by leaps and bounds recently. She was only half a step away from reaching the peak level below a Sovereign.
As for Apollo, his divine power had reached a certain level, and it was only half a step away from becoming a Sovereign.
“There’s a god-level treasure chest in Olympus’ Divine King’s Hall. It’s not a problem to become an Overgod.”
Apollo looked at the system map.
Recently, it had refreshed many treasure chests. Olympus had the most.
There were close to twenty treasure chests in a divine mountain. Most of them were beginner and intermediate treasure chests. There were two advanced treasure chests, one in Athena’s divine hall and the other in Demeter’s divine hall.
However, none of this could be compared to the Deity grade treasure chests in the Godking’s Palace.
In that game, high level and god level were completely different levels.
“High-grade treasure chests often had two-star treasures. Deities should have three-star treasures. Two-star treasures corresponded to Sovereign-level ones, and then three-star treasures should be ……”
Apollo’s eyes were burning.
The two of them walked to the foot of Olympus. A road filled with flowers suddenly appeared on the towering mountain in front of them. At the same time, they began to play cheerful music.
A black-haired youth with wings descended from the sky. He said with a solemn expression,” Pass down the orders of the kings of the gods to welcome Artemis, the son of the goddess, Apollo to the Divine King’s Hall, and the All Gods Association.”
Apollo stared at the delicate-looking black-haired god with a smile on his face. He raised his eyes and asked,” You are the child of the goddess of Maya, Hermes?”
The black-haired youth with wings said indifferently,” I prefer someone to call me an emissary of the Godking or an emissary of the Gods.”
Apollo smiled, remembering his appearance.
The Emissary of the Gods, Hermes, was one of the twelve Olympians and the son of Zeus.
He was the god of business and travel, the god of protection for livestock and thieves, the god of deception, the guide for undead entering the underworld.
A very famous Sovereign.
More importantly, he was Zeus’ most trusted son and confidant. Even if he went out to hook up with the goddess, he basically brought him along.
“Artemis, Apollo, follow me.”Hermes’ lips curled into a smile as he understood the two and walked forward.
Apollo and Artemis followed.
“I feel like he’s an dishonest god.”On the way, Artemis pointed at Hermes and whispered to Apollo.
Apollo blinked.
Of course, if he were to be honest, it would be strange.
Following Hermes to the middle of Olympus, many beautiful Ning Fu gradually appeared around them.
Some of them were very bold. They squatted in the bushes and cried out in alarm.
“Look, Lord Hermes is really young and handsome.”Hey, that god behind him has golden hair. He looks more handsome and elegant than Lord Hermes.”
“Yes, that goddess is also pretty and dignified, but with a bow and arrow on her back, she looks a bit fierce.”
“I heard that His Majesty the Divine King and Goddess Leto’s two children, Artemis and Apollo, had recently arrived at Olympus and were personally guided by Lord Hermes. Could these two be?”
Ning Fu and the others became excited.
“It is said that Apollo and Artemis are the God of Light and the Goddess of Hunting. They are both top-level spirits that have appeared at birth.”
“That’s right, especially Lord Apollo. I heard that he killed the python Pitong when he was ten years old. At twenty, he suppressed the God of Vortex Akerios, defeated Lord Ares, and joined forces with Goddess Hector to fight against the Chief Sovereign of the Ocean.”
“Wow, he’s so powerful. He looks so handsome and elegant. I didn’ t expect his strength to be so strong. I’ m afraid that Lord Athena is only that strong.”
“Lord Apollo is still single right now. I need to find a way to marry him. Even if I can’ t be his wife, it’s good that I can be his lover for a while and have a child for him.”
“Tsk, how could an outstanding god like Lord Apollo be able to compare to a low-level Ning Fu like us? At the very least, it would require a goddess to enter his eyes.”
“How would I know if I didn’ t give it a try? His Majesty the Godking is often fortunate to mortals.”
“Actually, Goddess Artemis is not bad either. She looks so pure and beautiful. She has a natural beauty.”
“Yes, the love of the opposite sex is false. Only the same sex is true love. I want to be a maid for Artemis.”
Before he could truly step into Olympus, Apollos could sense the openness of the atmosphere.
A beautiful Ning Fu scanned his body and face with a bold gaze.
At the same time, many Ning Fu looked at Artemis shyly.
It wasn’ t easy to walk through the mountainside. Hermes said,” It’s the residence of the gods. At the top is the Divine King’s Hall. God father has already made the gods prepare to welcome you.”
Apollo and Artemis looked over, and a handsome and beautiful male goddess suddenly appeared in the air.
The first to appear was nine graceful and cheerful young girls. They stood in the clouds, dancing in a light dance.
Some played the zither, some sang poems, some sang songs……They were like incarnations of art, the source of inspiration.
Apollo and Artemis couldn’ t help but stop in the melodious singing and dancing.*

Chapter 32 The Goddess of the Furnace and the Goddess of Justice (Fourth Division)

“They are Muse, the daughter of the Father and the Goddess of Memory. They are also the source of Olympiad’s joy. There is no part of all the events.”
Hermes also stopped and introduced the nine beautiful, lively and passionate girls to the two.
Apollo nodded slightly.
In the Greek mythology, the God of Light, Apollos, was also the God of Art. These nine Muses were actually his subordinates.
Seeing him nod, some of the nine Muses began to chant:
“Ah, that handsome youth, the golden-haired Apollo, you have refined and artistic sentiment, you are the incarnation of light, Olympus shines because of you ……”
“Silver-haired Artemis, you are the symbol of purity, the incarnation of nature. You bring your beauty to the home of the gods!”
After enjoying the performances of the Muses, the three of them continued forward.
In front of them was a faint fire, which was warm and gentle. A beautiful and dignified woman sat quietly in the clouds, smiling as she looked at the person who had come.
“Goddess Hestia!”Hermes bowed respectfully to the woman.
Only then did Apollo and Artemis react and immediately bowed.
Hestia, the goddess of the stove, was the eldest daughter of the second-generation Godking Cronos, the eldest sister of the Godking Zeus, Sea Emperor Poseidon, and Yama Hades.
His status was noble, and he was also one of Olympus’ top Overgods. He was no weaker than the three brothers.
Unlike her two sisters, Demetrius and Hera, this stove goddess was the rare virgin goddess of Olympus, a pure representative.
There were three Virgo Gods in the Greek mythology, the Wisdom Goddess Yadina, and the Hunting Goddess Artemis. They were all famous, but in terms of status and status, they were still the highest among the Furnace Goddess Herstia.
“You are Le Tuo and two children?”Hessia glanced at Apollos and Artemis, her face showing pity.
“Aunt Hessia.”Apollo and Artemis stepped forward.
After looking at them seriously for a while, Hestiah stood up and walked to Artemis.
“Young Artemis, I can feel that you have a pure heart. At Olympus, you must not be infected by the filth here.”
Artemis nodded quietly.
“Apollo, you too.”Hestia said in a low voice.
“Zeus and Hera are too heartless towards you. In the future, you should take good care of yourself at Olympus. If you have something to do, you can come find me.”
“Thank you.”Apollo and Artemis exclaimed.
“Alright, the deities behind are still waiting for you.”Hestia waved her hand.
The three of them continued forward.
Hermes said on the way,” Goddess Hestia has come to see you specially. She rarely shows up at Olympus, and even god father respects her greatly.”
He had a taste.
He had actually been persecuted by Hera back then, but Hestia had never cared about his nephew.
Perhaps the strength of being persecuted was not enough!
In the distance, a bright light suddenly blossomed, and two majestic divine carriages drove in the sky.
One was burning with golden flames, while the other was emitting an icy cold chill.
“This is the Sun Car and the Moon Car. They are one of the most powerful Sovereign artifacts. They are driven by the Sun God Helios and the Moon Goddess Sirenne. They change day and night.”
As Hermes spoke, Apollo saw the two gods sitting in the two divine chariots.
He knew that it was the sun god Helios and the moon goddess Serene who were often confused with him and his sister Artemis.
The sun god and moon goddess were changing shifts, and the three of them continued to walk forward.
Not long after, a magnificent divine hall appeared before their eyes.
The open door was covered with fresh flowers and a bright red carpet made of brocade. A group of beautiful goddesses were singing music.
On both sides of the divine hall stood many handsome and extraordinary male goddesses, all of them looking at the door.
At the highest point of the divine hall were two figures wearing crowns. They were Zeus, the king of the gods, and Hera, the queen of the gods.
Hermes took the lead in and bowed to Zeus.” Dear king of the gods, I have given your orders to bring Apollo and Artemis.”
While communicating with Apollo and Apollo, he called Zeus father god, but in official matters, he called the king of all gods.
Apollo suddenly understood why Hermes was trusted by Zeus.
He separated his son from his official.
Not when he was formally working, he was Zeus’ son. He was the emissary of the gods, the Sovereign of Olympus.
Zeus was really satisfied with his attitude. He ordered,” First introduce them to the gods.”
Hermes accepted the order and walked to Apollo and Apollo, pointing at the surrounding gods.
“This was Themites Goddess, one of the Twelve Titans. She was also the second wife of His Majesty, the incarnation of justice and order. Olympus was the most impartial judge.”She and His Majesty have six daughters. They are the three goddesses of time and the three goddesses of fate.”
The first goddess he introduced was a dignified goddess with a white cloth covering her eyes, one hand holding a balance and the other hand holding a precious sword.
Apollo and Artemis both heard of her name and immediately bowed respectfully.
In terms of seniority, Demis was actually the elder sister of Zeus’ father, Cronos. She was respected by all the gods.
Her eyes, which were covered by the white cloth, were the symbols of justice in her hands.
Timis did not say anything and nodded to them.
Behind Themis was Demetrius, the agricultural goddess. She was Zeus’ older sister, Hestia’s younger sister.
There was a woman who was pregnant with Zeus. In the future, Piper Severnet would be.
Apollo didn’ t see Persephone, perhaps it was still small.
Behind Demetrius was Athena.
This goddess of wisdom and war didn’ t wear armor today. Instead, she wore a bright dress and a long dress. She was less heroic than before and had more feminine charm and alluring wisdom.
She laughed softly at Arboros. When she saw Artemis, she sneered,” Apollo, is this your elder sister? How can you compare to me? I don’ t think it will take a few days for her to obediently admit that she’s younger sister. You should take the initiative to call me elder sister.”
Apollo’s face stiffened. He didn’ t understand what Athena was taking wrong medicine. It was completely different from the previous two actions.
Suddenly, he noticed that when Athena laughed at Artemis, Zeus, who was sitting on top of her, had a much more peaceful look in his eyes.
He immediately understood.
Pretending to be angry, he walked up to Artemis.
“Goddess Athena, I am very grateful for your previous help, but this does not mean that you can ridicule my sister.”*

Book 33 Sovereigns, Praise of the Gods (Fifth Division)

“Athena, Apollo, I only told you last time that I wanted to stay close. Why are you arguing here this time?”
Sitting on the throne, Zeus’ face was filled with dissatisfaction.
Apollo and Athena retreated awkwardly, but Zeus noticed that their eyes were still filled with dissatisfaction.
“It seems that Athena really doesn’t like Artemis. Apollo is very protective of this elder sister. That’s great.”
Zeus laughed inwardly.
Athena and Apollo were both outstanding gods. If their relationship continued to improve, what would happen if they united to create their own rebellion?
However, he was still somewhat puzzled. Athena had always been extremely intelligent, and her performance today was too reckless.
Hermes continued to introduce her. The goddess behind Athena was a beautiful goddess with a graceful figure, graceful curves and long hair.
At the first glance, Apollo felt an unprecedented feminine charm emanating from this goddess.
Her beautiful features, snow-white skin, long legs, and soft arms all seemed to be the embodiment of beauty in reality.
“This is Aphrodite, the God of Love and Beauty.”Hermes said in an infatuated manner.
Apollo gracefully bowed to her.” Goddess Aphrodite, you are truly the embodiment of beauty and love. I’ ve never seen a beautiful existence like you before.”
His praise shocked Aphrodite, and he smiled.” Apollo, you really know how to say sweet words.”
“No, I’ m just expressing the truth.”Apollo smiled.
Hearing his words, Artemis felt very strange.
Aphrodite was indeed a very feminine goddess. Even though she was equally beautiful, she had to admit this.
However, she knew that even though her younger brother was not some kind of heartless sage, he was definitely not someone who would be touched by a bit of beauty.
As a twin spirit, she could feel that her younger brother’s heart wasn’ t very stirred.
Why did he have to praise so much?
She suddenly noticed that while Apollo was praising Aphrodite, his gaze swept over the previously unfriendly goddess of wisdom.
Immediately, dissatisfaction and anger appeared in the eyes of the goddess of wisdom. It happened to be facing the throne above.
“So it’s like this. When the flames named Jealousy burn, any great wisdom will be tainted with dust.”
Seeing the dissatisfaction in Athena’s eyes, Zhou Aston understood.
It turned out that this proud and arrogant daughter of his was still a woman in the end. She would be affected by emotions.
It was understandable.
Looking at Athena and Apollo, he felt much more at ease.
While Apollo was praising Aphrodite, Ares, who was standing on the other side, suddenly snorted coldly.
Last time, Hera had promised that as long as Apollo was eliminated, Aphrodite would be given to him.
But if things failed, how could he have the face to ask about it.
“Damned Apollo, not only did he make me lose the battle, but he’s preparing to fight for Aphrodite with me now?”
He roared inwardly.
As if he could see how unhappy he was, Hermes directly missed him when introducing him.
He introduced a male god with an ugly face, limping, and rarely changing eyes.
“This is Hephaestus, the God of Fire and Craftsmen. He is the most skilled craftsman among the gods. He has made most of the god artifacts of the gods.”
Apollo greeted him.
Hephaestus glanced at him without answering.
It seemed that there was nothing in this world that could touch him.
Hermes spent a lot of time introducing the other gods.
Apollo led Artemis to greet the gods one by one.
The gods had a preliminary impression of these two Godkings’ sons.
“Apollo was a handsome and courteous male god. The sunlight was elegant, while Artemis was much colder, not happy with words.”
The gods felt this way.
After the introduction, Hermes respectfully bowed to Zeus and retreated to the ranks of the gods.
“Artemis, Apollo!”
Zeus held the lightning spear in his hand and stood up with a solemn expression. He called out the names of Apollo and Apollo.
Under the gazes of the gods, this king of the gods spoke in a solemn voice,” The gods also know each other. These two sons and daughters of mine are extremely outstanding gods. They have been wandering outside all this time. It was my negligence that caused them to suffer a lot.”
As he spoke, he glanced at Hera beside him.
After Apollo’s brother and sister entered, the gods who hadn’ t spoken at all let out a soft groan.
Zeus raised his lightning spear and continued,” In order to make up for them and make Olympus more prosperous, I decided to declare Apollo and Artemis as one of Olympus’ new twelve Sovereigns!”
Hearing this, the gods present were both shocked and not very surprised.
The Sovereign was a rank, but the Twelve Sovereigns of Olympus were symbols of status and power.
Even Zeus himself was still one of the twelve Sovereigns.
The Twelve Sovereign System originated from the previous Divine Hall.
After the second-generation Godking Cronos led the eleven Titans and overthrew his father, Ulanus, to show that although he had become the king of the gods, his status was still the same as theirs.
Thus, he set up a system for twelve Sovereigns.
He and his eleven brothers and sisters were all called Sovereigns. This way, everyone seemed to have the same status.
After the Zeus brothers overthrew him, they followed this system. Although Hades’ unwillingness to become a Sovereign had made this system a joke.
However, the twelve Overgods were still symbols of divine status.
Most of the master gods of Olympus were either Zeus’ wives and lovers or Zeus’ children.
It was not strange that Zeus would make Apollo and Artemis the new Sovereigns.
What the gods were surprised about was that he had done so urgently.
Apollo and Artemis had been born less than a hundred years ago, and their strength had yet to reach Overgod. They had just ascended to Olympus.
Shouldn’ t he wait for a period of time before becoming an Overgod in the future?
Ares, Hermes, Hephaestus, and Athena were all like this.
No matter what the gods thought, Zeus raised his lightning spear and looked solemnly at Apollo and Apollo. He loudly declared,” Artemis, my beautiful and pure daughter. Now, I’ ll make you the goddess of hunting and sit on the summit of Olympus.”
Under the gaze of the gods, Artemis slowly walked to Zeus.
Zeus looked at her with a smile.
Instantly, a ray of light enveloped Artemis’ body. Her aura suddenly soared, breaking through to the peak of a Highgod, and her entire body was bathed in silvery-white divine light.
At this moment, regardless of whether it was the sky or the earth, the ocean or the underworld, all the deities could sense it.
Olympus slowly raised a new throne.
A smile appeared on Apollo’s lips as he looked at the radiant elder sister above.
Suddenly, he saw a small golden box beside Zeus’ Throne.
It was a Deity grade treasure chest.*

Chapter 34 Deity grade treasure chest, ether god body (sixth and seventh level)

Apollo’s expression remained unchanged as he stared at the god-level treasure chest beside Zeus’ Throne.
After finishing his assignment to Artemis, Zeus turned his attention to him.
The Lightning Spear lifted lightly, and the King of the Gods, Zhuang Yan, said:
“Apollo, my proud son, you have the brilliance of gold. You are the incarnation of light. You will definitely bring new glory to Olympus.”The gods have witnessed that I will make him the God of Light and sit high in Olympus.”
The gods of heaven and earth once again felt a divine throne surging with boundless light rising above Olympus.
Apollo slowly walked towards Zeus.
A dazzling golden light blossomed on his body, setting off his tall and straight figure. His handsome face was like the most perfect artwork, shining in the hall of the gods.
Hera’s eyes were filled with envy and hatred as he watched the golden figure walk up step by step. Her fair arms gripped the armrest of the throne tightly.
Zeus’ face was full of smiles as a brilliant light enveloped Apollo.
In an instant, Apollo sensed that his bloodline power had been activated quite a bit. It was only a line away from becoming a Sovereign.
“It seems that the so-called Sovereign’s position isn’ t completely an empty position. It’s related to some sort of special rule. Could it be the so-called Godking’s authority?”
Apollo’s mind spun. He suddenly bent down and bowed to Zeus.” Apollo greets god father!”
The gods were very surprised by his sudden salute, but no one noticed Apollo’s bow. A hand quickly grabbed the small golden box beside the throne.
At the same time, he used space magic to put away the treasure chest.
“Don’ t be too courteous.”Zeus smiled and helped him up.
There was a strange look in his eyes.
He noticed Apollo’s gaze just now. The angle he was looking at was exactly his throne.
“Could it be that he’s coveting my throne?”Zeus’ heart skipped a beat when this thought arose.
However, he still maintained a smile on his face as he grabbed Apollo’s hand and walked to Artemis.
Raising their arms, they shouted to the gods,” Let us celebrate the God of Light and the Hunting Goddess!”
All of a sudden, the gods cheered.
Nine Muses appeared and began to dance happily.
There was also a table of fine wine and food outside. Many Ning Fu quietly served and a grand banquet immediately began.
The banquet lasted for several days before Apollo and Artemis had the chance to come to their divine hall.
“Lord Apollo, this Divine Hall of Light was created several years ago by the Godking, who ordered Lord Hephaestus’ god of divine power, Kratos.”
Ning Fu led Apollo to his Divine Hall of Light.
This divine hall was located not far from the summit of Olympus Mountain. It was made of gold, and it was tall and magnificent. Under the setting sun, it emitted brilliant light.
Walking inside was a wide space. First, it was the main hall that was used to meet guests. There were four or five smaller side halls and a garden.
The garden was full of flowers and plants. Behind it was a place to live and a training field.
After learning about it, Apollo called Ning Fu back and arrived at the bedroom.
After closing the doors and windows and setting up a few magic arrays, he took out the golden treasure chest.
“Deity grade treasure chest!”
Apollo’s eyes were solemn as he looked at the small box in front of him.
He was willing to ascend to Olympus so quickly because of this treasure chest.
It was time to accept the results.
He carefully opened the treasure chest.
A golden light flashed across the dark room.
At the same time, the system’s voice rang out in his mind.” Ding, you have opened a god-level treasure chest. You have obtained a divine source crystal *2600, Auradero’s etheric body technique (three stars), and the Divine Flame Sword (three stars).”
Apollo’s entire body trembled when he heard the system’s voice.
“It’s truly three star level. The etheric divine body technique, the Burning Sword!”
“Wasn’ t the name’ Auradero’ not the name of the Sun God in that game?
He remembered that the dungeon was countless times more vast than the Yarago Continent. The one who ruled the world was the Nine Pillar God.
Aurora, the sun god, was one of the nine pillar gods. He was also the king of the various divine halls. He was the most powerful god that had been born at the beginning of the creation of the world. He led the gods to defeat the Chaos Serpent, create the divine halls, calm the blackstone disaster, and destroy the Shadow Kingdom. His divine might was like a prison.
And what he was most powerful was the Sun God Body, which was known to contain the power of billions of stars in the universe, also called…”Ethereal Body!”
Apollo immediately recalled the memories of the gods, and his expression became excited.
In that game, the etheric body was the supreme body that could contain all the energy of all things in the universe. When cultivated to the extreme, it could transform every cell of each body into a star, even a constant galaxy, forming a universe.
The treasure chest that he had opened these years had already made him realize that once it appeared in this world, the effects of the items in the treasure chest were completely in line with the game’s settings.
“Etheric body……”Even though I’ ve never heard of this Burning Sword before, it’s also a three star level evaluation. It definitely won’ t be inferior to the Ether God Body.”
A mottled rust sword suddenly appeared in Apollo’s hand.
If it was just to observe his appearance, most likely even mortals would be disdainful of this sword.
But in his hand, Apollo suddenly saw a world floating in the void.
It was only one and a half smaller than the Greek world. There were countless creatures within it, and there were both ordinary creatures and Transcendents.
These life forms had lived in that world for countless years.
One day, a mottled rust sword flew over.
Like a shooting star, it pierced through the sky and the earth. Suddenly, the entire world began to burn. Endless flames rose from the rusty sword.
Blazing light spread throughout the entire world.
The entire nine days and nine nights passed. That world was completely engulfed in a sea of flames. As early as the third day, all life was gone.
On the night of the ninth day, the entire world began to extinguish, turning into eternal ashes in the vast void.
Only the mottled rust sword flew towards the next target in the darkness.
“This is a world-destroying god artifact that can destroy the world!”
Apollo’s arm trembled as he looked at the rust-colored sword in his hand in shock. He remained silent for a long time.
After a while, he carefully put away the sword and decided not to use it easily.
If it really destroyed the world, that would not be a joke.
After putting away the Rusty Sword, he picked up the Divine Origin Crystals that appeared in front of him. At the same time, he recalled the cultivation methods of the Etheric Divine Body in his mind and muttered:
“The Ether God’s body technique seemed to require the assistance of the power of the stars. Perhaps he could go find Ascrea to help.”There’s no need to worry. These divine origin crystals are enough for me to become a Sovereign. Let’s spend some time to advance.”*

Chapter 35 Promotion and Ether God Body (Seventh Order)

Outside the Radiant Temple, a few well-dressed Ning Fu looked at the magnificent golden palace in front of her with bored faces.
“Sisters, you said that Lord Apollo had been at Olympus for more than ten years. Why didn’t he show himself?”
“Yes, even Goddess Artemis and Athena did not appear.”Wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu”Ning Fu said sadly.
“Tsk, don’ t be crazy. Lord Apollo is such a noble and elegant existence. How could he possibly take a fancy to you.”
The surrounding Ning Fu immediately laughed at her.
“Of course. Only a noble Master God like Athena would be worthy of Lord Apollo.
“I only hope that one day, Lord Apollo will be shot by Lord Eros’ golden arrow. I will be happy with you one night and leave me a child. Then I will be satisfied.”
Just as they were chatting and laughing, the magnificent divine hall in the distance suddenly began to shake.
“Sisters, look!”
Ning Fuyao’s eyes were wide open. Shockingly, they saw that the tall and majestic Divine Hall of Light was emitting boundless light.
Brilliant divine light spread across the sky. The vast and vast sky was instantly dyed golden.
It was not just them. At this moment, the entire Olympus was alarmed by the brilliant light.
A god looked up into the sky with a surprised expression on his face.
“This is the phenomenon of a god advancing. Such a rich divine power of light. Could it be that god of light?”
“That’s not right. If he could defeat Ares and fight against the Chief Sovereign of the Ocean, he would have long since become a Sovereign. Moreover, this phenomenon was far beyond the level of an ordinary Sovereign when he was promoted. It was impossible for him to become a God of Inception.”
The gods felt very strange.
The phenomenon in the sky continued.
A brilliant golden light slowly pervaded the world, rendering the vast sky like a golden dream.
The resplendent light covered the radiance of the solar car that Heleus sailed through the sky. As a result, all the mortals on the earth were shocked to discover it.
The sun disappeared.
Endless gold-like light replaced the sun, illuminating the earth.
They knelt down in panic and kowtowed.
At some unknown time, a handsome figure dressed in a long white robe with golden hair appeared in the boundless light.
He used his golden eyes to look down at all living beings on the earth. He looked like the most exquisite and handsome face, revealing a solemn smile.
“I am the God of Light. My radiance shines on the world.”
Suddenly, the golden light that filled the sky turned into golden rain that dripped down from the sky and moistened the ground.
Everyone was delighted to discover that the soil in the field had suddenly become fertile. The crops were growing wildly, and soon, they were all full of fruits.
“Great God of Light, you are the most dazzling star in the world. You are the symbol of good harvest and beauty. You are the embodiment of the divine might of the gods ……”
Everyone began to pray excitedly. There was a priest who had created a name for prayer. This was something that only gods of high status were qualified to possess.
On Mount Olympus, when the gods heard the prayers of mortals, envy could not help but appear on their faces.
This was especially true for Heleus, who was still driving the sun god carriage in the sky. As a sun god, he had a high status.
However, he was the Titan God race. He had followed Cronos to fight the Zeus brothers.
Although he had been lucky enough not to have been sent into Taltarus after his defeat, he had also become a character on the edge of the Divine Hall. The grand sun god was rarely worshipped.
And now, he heard that there were already ignorant mortals using the Sun God to surpass Apollo.
This was clearly because he did not exist.
“Damn son of Zeus.”
As he drove the Sun God Carriage, Heleus angrily glanced at the golden-haired figure that was still standing in the sky and headed into the distance.
On Mount Olympus, many gods continued to stare at the sky.
As the golden rain fell down, the light in the sky gradually faded away.
The golden figure that flew out from the magnificent Divine Hall of Light grew clearer.
Under the resplendent radiance, the golden-haired youth who only appeared to be fifteen or sixteen years old had an elegant and handsome face with a heavy expression. His pair of dazzling eyes focused on the sky like stars.
“What a beautiful god…” Many goddesses praised.
At the highest point of Olympus, the king of the gods, who was seated on the throne, slowly raised his eyes. A glint flashed through his eyes.
“What level have you advanced to? Even I can’ t see through it?”
He was very surprised.
Previously, when he looked at Apollo, he could feel that he had always been a supreme god. However, since he could defeat Ares, he was definitely not a Highgod.
He had probably used some sort of treasure or divine technique to hide it.
But now, he could only see a ball of golden fireball standing there. It was dazzling and dazzling, and it was completely impossible to see through the details.
“Could not. He had to find a way to test it out. Hera was a very good chess piece, as well as Heleus ……”
Zeus pondered for a moment before suddenly leaving the Godking’s Hall.
In the Radiant Temple, Apollo restrained his power.
“Third Order Sovereigns. It’s not in vain for me to spend so many Divine Origin Crystals. I’ ve also completed the initial formation of the ether body. This thing requires more resources.”
Apollo’s teeth hurt.
Without Hekath’s accumulation, he had reached the third rank of a Sovereign and consumed over a thousand divine origin crystals.
However, just the Foundation Establishment of the Ether God Body cost twice as much divine source crystals.
“Fortunately, the return of such consumption is even stronger. I can feel that every cell in my body is filled with boundless power.”
The strength of the Greek god race was mostly expressed in their own divine and authority. Although the flesh of gods was also very strong, it was far from divine power.
Even a war god like Ares and Apollo would rely on the power of the war domain instead of close combat.
“However, after completing the initial Foundation Establishment stage of the Ether God Body, the current me, just the power of my body, is enough to fight against any Overgod.”
“Moreover, the Etheric Divine Body is not just the power of the physical body. Its essence is a type of natural law that appears, the most basic and most powerful natural law in the world.”
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Chapter 36 Original Stage, Athena’s reminder (first step)

Apollo’s eyes glowed with wisdom.
He had a profound understanding of the essence of divine power as a Great Demon Instructor.
The reason why “gods possessed divine power and authority was because their bloodlines were compatible with the most basic laws of the world, allowing them to use the power of laws.
“As for the etheric body, it’s a natural energy. It’s the gathering of energy.”
He focused on the dark room in front of him and said in a deep voice,” After the initial formation of the etheric body, I can feel that my bloodline and laws are more compatible. I’ m almost about to complete my transformation and reach the original state.
“However, I can feel that if I truly set foot in the Origin World, perhaps the pure bloodline power is not enough.”
Suddenly, he raised his head.” Sovereigns are masters of the corresponding power. They form the domain of the Heaven and Earth. Perhaps the God of Inception itself is power and laws. They don’ t need laws at all. They themselves are the origin of laws.”
Apollo’s palm suddenly emanated a gentle power. It was neither divine power nor magic power.
“Combined with the etheric body and magic knowledge, I actually created a completely new type of power that could be cultivated through physical training and absorbing energy from the world…”Yes, let’s call it Dou Qi.”
Apollo said as he looked at the energy cluster in his hand.
The door opened and he walked out of the Radiant Temple.
A beautiful figure appeared in front of him.
“Congratulations, you’ ve truly become a Sovereign. The momentum shook Olympus.”
“I’ m even more curious that you’ ve already reached Overgod.”Apollo quietly focused his attention on the golden-haired, heroic-looking girl in front of him.
Athena smiled.” You can guess.”
At the same time, there was a hint of doubt in his eyes.
“Why can I sense you with wisdom and authority and only see a burning flame?”Your body seems to have changed.”
Apollo replied with a smile,” You can guess as well.”
Suddenly, he suggested,” Speaking of which, I haven’ t been to your place yet. Don’ t you mind taking me to the door?”
He did not forget that there was a high-grade treasure chest that was displayed in Athena’s divine hall.
Athena was a little strange, but she did not refuse.
The two flew into the sky.
When the two of them saw each other, all of them couldn’ t help but sigh in admiration.” What a good pair of gods. It turns out that Goddess Athena has always been a virgin god, because she didn’ t encounter an outstanding god like the Apollo Master God long ago.”
“Tsk, isn’ t it just that she looks good? So the Athena Goddess is so shallow.”There were also deities who spoke sourly.
“I’ve heard that Goddess Athena and Goddess Artemis do n’ t deal with each other.
Apollo had just advanced. He didn’ t see the goddess Artemis first, but the goddess Athena first. Do you think there will be some fun to watch later?”
The discussions of the gods did not touch Apollo and the others at all. The Radiant Temple was not far from the Wisdom Goddess Temple.
The two quickly arrived.
Seeing the two people walking over from afar, they stood at the entrance of the Goddess of Wisdom Hall. A pair of white-winged and beautiful Victory Goddess Niji couldn’ t help but pout.
“Goddess Athena, you can just go see him. Why did you bring him back?”
She used her ferocious gaze to focus on Apollo, like a little lion whose head was snatched away from her beloved toy.
Apollo’s expression was strange.
After entering Olympus, he had heard of many things about Athena.
After all, this goddess of wisdom was too dazzling.
One of them was related to Nikki.
The goddess of victory, Nikki, was actually her cousin. Her father, Palas, the God of War Tactics, was the brother of the God of Destruction, Perus.
Back then, Titan Divine Hall had three top-notch wise men.
They were the goddess of wisdom, Mothis, the prophet Proctor, and this war strategy god, Pallas.
Methys and Prometheus were both helping Zeus and Cronos in the Titan War.
Only Palas was on the side of the Titan Divine Hall. As the commander, he commanded the Titan Gods to fight the battle against the Zeus brothers.
It could be said that during the Titan War, the brain of the Chronos side.
Strangely enough, Zeus did not drive him into Tartarus after winning the Titanic War.
On the contrary, it was the other two wise men who supported him. Mantis and Prometheus both suffered a miserable end.
As Palas’ daughter, Nikki, the goddess of victory, broke up with her father without hesitation during the Titanic war and stood on Zeus’ side.
Because victory would only stand on the side of the victor.
After Zeus became a Godking, she had rewarded the gods who had helped him. Nikki was an important official.
However, she did not accept the title.
Until later, when Athena appeared, she suddenly took the initiative to become Athena’s slave god.
“The wings of victory will forever accompany the radiance of wisdom.”She said this to Zeus.
Most gods that were subordinate to Overgods were called subordinates. Only Nikki was the subordinate of Athena.
It was because she was not only Athena’s subordinate, but also her best friend and closest comrade-in-arms.
However, the fact that she followed Athena so warmly caused some rumors in Olympus.
Many deities said that Nicky actually liked the same sex. Back then, it was because of the temptation of the goddess of wisdom, Mothys, that she joined Zeus.
Now, she was accompanying her daughter.
“This should not be true ……”
Apollo thought to himself as he sized up Nikki.
Nicole also glared at him.
“Don’ t make a fuss. Nikki went to prepare some tea for our guests.”Athena greeted him.
Only then did Nikki reluctantly leave.
After she left, Athena brought Apollo to the main hall.
Looking around, she suddenly became serious.” You have to pay more attention in the future. If you find something unusual, be careful.”
Apollo frowned.” Why do you say that?”
Athena stared at him and sighed softly.” The changes in your divine body are very strange. Since I can’ t see your background anymore, I think our god father shouldn’ t be able to.”
“He will never tolerate anything that exceeds his grasp, so you might encounter the gaze of fate next.”
“The gaze of fate, you mean…” Apollo’s pupils constricted.
“Three Fate Goddesses!”*

Chapter 37 The Gaze of Fate (second and second)

“The three goddesses of fate, Atropus, Crotto, and Lachesis. They are the daughters of the goddess of themites.”
“After they were born, they have been living in seclusion in the Goddess of Fate Hall outside Olympus. Very few gods have seen them.”
“The Divine Hall of Fate is the forbidden area of the gods. Apart from our god father, there are no gods that can step on it, including their mother, Goddess Themes.”
Athena’s expression was solemn.
“Even though I don’ t know their exact situation, being able to touch the word fate is definitely not an ordinary existence…” Apollo’s expression was very calm.
Athena reminded him,” Right now, he will at most test you out, so just pay a little attention.”
Apollo nodded and said nothing more.
His gaze swept towards the depths of Athena Divine Hall and he suddenly laughed dryly,” Can you bring me to your room to have a look?”
Athena was stunned, her expression strange.
But he still nodded.
He led Apollo to the divine hall.
Although it was a resting place, the gods did not need to sleep at all. Athena’s bed was very neat, as if it had never been used before.
The large room was spotlessly clean. What occupied the most space was a large bookcase filled with books.
Next to the book was a table with a few books with traces of reading on it.
Apollo noticed that the top one of them was called the’ Spirit War Strategy’. The author was named Palas.
“My favorite thing is Lord Palas’ work. No one can surpass him in directing the Divine Spirit Battle. The failure of the Titan Battle was not his command mistake, but the situation.”
Athena sighed softly.
“As for Prometheus, I heard that his relationship with you was very good.”Apollo asked.
Hearing this name, Athena suddenly fell silent.
After a while, he said,” If Lord Palas is good at battle and strategy, then Prophet Prometheus is the wisest.”
“He is a great teacher who can guide all life and enlighten light in the darkness.”
“What he gave me the deepest impression of was,” The body is a cage of spirit, the world is a cage of body. Each of us is a prisoner’.”
“This is what he said to me in front of the Caucasus Mountains.”
Apollo frowned.” The body is a cage of spirit, the world is a cage of body.”
“Then how can we open this cage and obtain true freedom?”
“If he had an answer, he wouldn’ t still be in Caucasus Mountain. That shackle wasn’ t bestowed by the king of the gods, but by him.”Athena said softly.
“If I have time, I will go meet this great prophet.”Apollo’s gaze landed on the other side of the bookshelf.
There was a dressing table, and beside it was a wardrobe. There was a gorgeous or simple dress.
“So the goddess of wisdom likes to dress up as well.”
The corner of Apollo’s mouth curled into an arc as he quietly walked to the dressing table.
Athena frowned slightly. Under her gaze, Apollo suddenly waved at the air around her dressing table.
She was somewhat puzzled.
It was already very strange to take the initiative to ask for a look at his room. What was going on right now.
Sensing Athena’s strange gaze, Apollo, who had put away the treasure chest, stood up calmly and walked out step by step.
“Yes, your place is really clean. If you have time, you can go to sister Artemis and teach her how to dress.”
“Oh, are you not afraid of her fighting with me?”Athena smiled.
To reassure Zeus, she had taken the initiative to trouble Artemis several times over the years.
Their relationship was extremely stiff.
“You’ ve underestimated sister Artemis’ wisdom too much. You think she can’ t tell that you’ re doing it on purpose. All these years, she’s only cooperating with you.”Apollo turned around and laughed.
At the same time, she muttered to herself that if someone really dared to provoke her, Artemis would have shot her out.
His sister’s gentleness had always been for those close to him.
When faced with others, they would only accept the cruelty of the Hunting Goddess.
On Dros Island, the prey that had died under her arrows were all completely dead.
“That’s how she lied to me.” Athena’s eyes suddenly revealed a sharp glint.
Apollo’s heart skipped a beat.
This goddess of wisdom wouldn’t have any plans to fake it.
He forced Artemis to lower her head and become her sister so that she could call her sister obediently.
“Goddess Athena, how did you bring him here!”A furious cry suddenly sounded from afar.
Nicole held a plate of tea and stared at Apollo, who was not far from Athena’s dressing table.
“Sister Artemis should miss me so much. I’ d better go see her first. I’ ll see you later.”Apollo immediately bid farewell to Athena and quickly walked out of the Wisdom Goddess Hall.
When he left, he could still sense Niki’s knife-like gaze. He kept staring behind him.
“Just who is the Sovereign? Athena, you can’t control your abilities.”
With this thought, Apollo walked to a corner and opened the high-grade treasure chest that Athena had obtained.
“Ding, you have opened a high-grade treasure chest. You have obtained the Divine Origin Crystal*190, Divine Art Dusk Judgement (2 stars), White-robed King’s Dream Jade (2 stars).”
“The white-robed king, isn’ t this the title of the Moon Goddess of the Nine Pillar Gods, You Fu Ya, who is on the same list as Oladro? This Dream Jadeite is her token of love?”
Apollo recalled, and a colorful jade necklace appeared in his palm.
After a while, he confirmed.
“It is said that Dream Jadeite was condensed from the essence of nature. Her energy is pure. Apart from being a goddess of hunting, she is also a goddess of nature. If she were to give it to her, it should be able to help her quickly become a Sovereign.”
After receiving the Divine Art and Divine Origin Crystal called the Dusk Judgement, Apollo walked towards Artemis’ residence.*

Chapter 38 Big Sister and Stars (Third Order)

“You came from Athena?”Standing in the garden, Artemis said quietly when she saw Apollo.
“Big sister, you’ re not acting seriously.”Apollo felt that her tone was not very correct.
In the garden, Artemis raised her eyes and said sternly,” I know she’s outstanding. Having a helper like her would be a great help, but her thoughts are too deep. Try not to get too close to her.”
Apollo was stunned. He could feel Artemis understand that Ya Dianna was acting.
Therefore, she felt that Artemis was acting as if she wasn’t dealing with Athena.
Unexpectedly, he really did not like her.
However, Athena’s thoughts were indeed hard to guess. Even though she had shown great love for her since the first meeting.
But this Olympus’ most intelligent goddess was definitely not a simple person.
Just like she was unable to understand her background, she had never truly understood her.
Apollo was deep in thought. Artemis slowly approached him, her slender hand stroking his brilliant golden hair.
Suddenly, he said in a soft voice,” You’ ve grown up. You’ re already a Sovereign. I think you’ ll marry a beautiful wife in the future and have many lovely children ……”
“Yes, don’t marry Athena. I think Hector is not bad. He’s quiet and careful. He can take good care of you.
Ascriya should be more gentle. It was because of her words that she was extremely easy to think about.”
As she spoke, she nodded slightly. Her beautiful face was filled with thought. Suddenly, her eyes lit up:
“Aphrodite from last time was actually fine. She was indeed the most beautiful goddess. You should have the best.
“It’s just that she seems to be a restless goddess. However, if I marry her, I’ ll be able to discipline you. I’ ll soon become a Master God. If it were Athena, I wouldn’ t be able to discipline you.”
Apollo couldn’ t help but laugh when he heard her mutter. How could she live like an old mother?
“Elder sister doesn’t think she’s strong enough. I have a gift for you.”
Apollo took out’ Dream Jade’.
“This is…” Artemis’ eyes flashed as she said in surprise,” What a rich natural power. You should leave it to your future wife. I just have a deep sea heart.”
“Deep Sea Heart is more suitable for ocean spirits. Helping you become a Sovereign is already the limit. However, this’ Dream Jadeite’ can help elder sister quickly advance to several levels after becoming a Sovereign.”
Apollo smiled as he stroked Artemis’ neck and put a dazzling necklace on her chest.
Artemis’ face was a little red. She wanted to say no, but she couldn’ t say anything when Apollo’s gentle gaze stared at her.
As the sky gradually darkened, multicolored jade quietly hung on the girl’s full chest, shining with her snow-white skin.
A shallow moonlight quietly descended. Under the cold moonlight, a tall and slender girl with bright silver hair was suffused with a holy radiance, like a person walking out of a picture.
Apollo looked a little dazed, and only after a long time did he praise her.” This necklace was specially created for elder sister by fate. If I hadn’ t met elder sister, it would have no meaning to exist.”
Artemis was a little shy when she heard his undisguised praise.
“You’ ve been making me happy since you were a child…”If you have something good in the future, don’ t always think about me. Keep it for yourself.”
Under the moonlight, her face became sad.” I’ ve been hoping to defeat you since I was young, so I can stand in front of you to block the wind and rain.
“But now, it seems like my brother is the most dazzling sun in the end. How can the silver moon’s light block the color of the sun?”
She raised her head and focused her eyes on Apollo’s face with pride and pity.
Ning Jing said,” But no matter how the sun moves, Silvermoon will always be with him. We are twins. I will always be with you.”
After walking out from Artemis, Apollo’s heart felt a little heavy.
In the eyes of the other gods, Artemis, the hunting goddess, was a proud and cold goddess. She treated her prey as cruel as nature.
However, when facing her closest family, she always loved deeply.
This kind of her filled his heart with guilt and pity.
“No matter what the future is, we will always be twin spirits, protecting each other.”
Apollo suddenly flew out of the sky as he stared at the bright starry sky.
Olympus was the highest mountain in the world.
However, no matter how high the mountain was, there was an insurmountable height.
That was the height of the sky.
But the stars were hanging in the sky.
When it came to the territory of the gods, people would always talk about Olympus, about the sea, about the underworld, and about the vast land controlled by the Earth Mother Gaia.
But few people had noticed the starry sky above them.
Since the early Godkings, the God of the Sky, Uranos, abdicated and disappeared, the starry sky had lost its ruler.
Until the birth of Astreus, the leader of the second generation of Titans, he and Eos, the goddess of dawn, gave birth to the stars in the sky.
Venus Spelos, Jupiter, Fautong, Mercury, Stilpoon, Mars, Pilos, Saturn…A dazzling child ruled over the stars for him.
This god, whose reputation was rarely known, had also become one of the most powerful rulers in the world.
Poseidon, Enos, and the others wanted three parts of the ocean.
However, he was leading the vast starry sky alone. He was the ruler of the stars, and he was on his own.
Even Zeus could not command him at all.
Apollo was in the midst of the stars.
He felt that every cell in his body was boiling, and the power of the etheric body was shaking.
This supreme divine body was created by simulating the power of stars.
Each particle in the body was regarded as a star, surrounded by many planets. The power of the stars flickered, forming a galaxy.
As for the billions of galaxies combined, it was a vast universe.
He was covered in a universe.
The etheric body had three levels, stars, galaxies, and universe.
Apollo wanted to pursue the first stage right now. The power of the stars was baptized, and the divine body particles became stars.
Just as he stepped into the starry sky, a purple-haired and dignified young lady stood quietly in the light of the stars as she calmly looked at him.
“Apollo, welcome to the starry sky.”*

Chapter 39 Ascriya’s Love (Fourth Order)

“Ascrea, long time no see.”Apollo smiled as he walked in front of the girl.
“Actually, it wasn’ t long before I heard about you. Even if you were in the starry sky, I could still sense your progress.”Amidst the dazzling stars, Astrea praised.
“Didn’ t you become a Sovereign as well?”Apollo looked at her, and with a single glance, he could see the change in her divine power.
“That’s different. I’ m only barely able to advance after I’ ve reached my age and completely activated my bloodline. The phenomenon hasn’ t even passed through the starry sky. How can I compare to you? Even god father boasts of your glory.”Ascrea shook her head.
“I just so happened to pay my respects to the Lord of the Stars.”
“If I want to pay my respects to god father, it would be a bit unfortunate.”
“Why do you say that?”
Apollo strangely stared at the resplendent young lady in the stars.
Astrea’s eyes lit up.” Because Goddess Demeter just came to visit Father.”
“Goddess Demeter?”Apollo was a little surprised.
Demetrius was Zeus’ second sister, one of Olympus’ master gods, and Zeus’ sixth wife.
But at the same time, it had a few relationships with Poseidon.
Her deepest impression of Apollo was that the system map showed a high-grade treasure chest in her divine hall.
“I originally planned to visit her in a while to get that treasure chest. I can make an appointment in advance.”Apollo’s thoughts flashed and a smile appeared on his face.
“Ascrea, that’s just the right time. My Aunt Hestia has had an exchange, but she hasn’ t said anything to Aunt Demeter. This time, we can communicate with each other.”
“Yes, I forgot that Goddess Demeter is the Godking’s older sister.”Astrea nodded and took Apollo to the depths of the starry sky.
Stars flickered and starlight shone brightly.
A majestic divine hall stood in a place where stars interweaved, and it emanated a majestic aura.
“This is God father’s Stellar Temple.”Astrea led Apollo through the door.
At this moment, several lively youths with different hair colors ran out with laughter.
“Sister Ascriya, is this golden-haired god the God of Light you’ ve always mentioned?”The youth with fiery red hair was the first to ask.
Astrea’s face turned red. She stole a glance at Apollo and realized that Apollo’s face hadn’ t changed much. Only then did she feel at ease.
His eyes stared at the youths.” Pirlois, you’ re the one who has the most to say. Quickly go to the Mother God’s place to train your divine power. Sperlos, Faertong, Stilpeng, and Fa Nong will follow along as well.”
“Don’ t. Sister Ascrea, you were the most gentle person in the past. Could it be that someone in the goddess’ heart will become vicious?”
The faces of the youths immediately collapsed.
“Still said, quickly go to the mother god!”Astrea chased them away.
“These are your Star God brothers?”Apollo asked after the youths left.
“Yes,” Astrea nodded.” They’re all people who do n’ t want me to worry. I really envy Artemis for having a younger brother like you.”
“I heard you still have four other Wind God Brothers.”
“You’ re referring to the four of them. They’ re not as cute as Pirlois. They’ re all very lascivious.”Ascrea frowned.
Seeing that she didn’ t want to say anything, Apollo stopped talking.
Borrias, God of the North Wind; Jafferos, God of the West Wind; Nostos, God of the South Wind; Herosfros, God of the East Wind.
They were all the sons of her father, Astreus, who was the head of the stars. However, they seemed to have left the starry sky early. They did not surrender to Olympus, but to Earth Mother Gaia.
This grandmother of the gods, the god race’s highest rank, the most respected goddess of origin, had never been someone who liked peace.
Her interference in the rule of the Divine Hall was indispensable.
“Yi, you’ re Apollo.”
Before they could step into the main hall of the Stellaris Divine Hall with Astrea, a plump and beautiful woman in a green dress walked towards them.
When she saw Apollo’s first glance, she let out a sound.
Apollo immediately went up to greet them.” Aunt Demetrius, apart from the time we first met at Olympus, this should be our first time meeting.”
“That’s right. I’ ve been busy taking care of my Peltzeraphne all these years. I’ m really sorry for not being able to visit you and your sister.”Demeter’s face was filled with shame.
“If you want to say something wrong, it’s also me. As a junior, you should immediately visit your aunt once you ascend Olympus.”Apollo spoke in self-prision.
“You’ re such a polite child,” Demetrius looked at Apollo in embarrassment.” Sister Hera really went too far back then. Fortunately, the Godking immediately discovered that he had brought you back to Olympus.”
She first criticized Hera a few times before she immediately said,” If you have time, go to my place and get close to Persephone. She is also your sister.”
Apollo smiled.” Of course. I’ ll pay a visit to Aunt when I return from the Lord of the Stars.”
Demetrius nodded. Suddenly, he looked at Apollos and Astrea and praised them.” What a match. You came to see the Lord of the Stars for this matter?I’ m going to talk about Little Sister Le Tuo. Shouldn’ t this kind of thing be done by her ……”
Halfway through her sentence, she suddenly noticed that Ascrea’s fair face turned extremely red, and she immediately stopped speaking.
She chuckled and gave Apollo a look before turning into a streak of light and quickly leaving.
After she left, Astrea slowly recovered her expression and said to Apollo,” Let’s go in and see god father.”
Apollo suddenly said:
“Before coming, sister Artemis told me that Astrea was gentle and considerate. If she could marry you, she would definitely be a good wife.”
“Why did sister Artemis say that? I ……”
In front of the towering hall door, Ascrea lowered her head in anger and asked in a small voice filled with Xi Yi,” Then how do you feel?”
Apollo looked into her bright eyes and said seriously,” I think Sister Artemis is right.”
In an instant, the surrounding starlight trembled several times.
Until Apollo strode into the front hall.
Only then did Ascrea summon up her courage and raise her eyes that were more resplendent than the stars as she stared at the golden back.
Joy filled the corners of his mouth as he muttered,” So you also think I’ m very good, this ……”
“……”That’s great!”*

Chapter 40 When the Stars Shine (Fifth Order)

Thousands of starlight surged within the tall hall.
A tall figure stood tall and straight on the throne at the top, bathed in dazzling stars.
Apollo looked up and bowed softly.” Apollo greets the Lord of the Stars.”
“You are Apollo?”A powerful voice sounded from above, as if stars were moving.
Astreus, the Lord of the Stars, who wore a long star robe and had a dignified and dignified appearance, carefully examined the golden-haired God with deep eyes.
“Zeus is truly blessed by fate. Athena first, then you. The most outstanding young people among the gods are his children.”It’s just that I don’ t know if this is luck or misfortune for him.”
Apollo was about to speak when Astreus said first,” I don’ t like to participate in the affairs of the gods, so I didn’ t participate in Amphitheater’s proposal last time. If you can’ t bear to do it, then think more about it when you work.”
“Young gods will definitely be yours in the future, but I hope you can take good care of my daughter and not let her suffer.”
A profound force suddenly enveloped down from above.
Apollo’s golden eyes flashed.
The Dawn Domain opened, and the third grade Sovereign’s divine power and the ether divine body exploded out, condensing into a powerful power that was close to the limit of a Sovereign.
The boundless aura condensed from the light of the stars was instantly destroyed by the radiance.
“Lord of the Stars, is this strength enough for you to believe it?”Apollo silently stared at the starlight above.
Astreus’ figure, enveloped in the starlight, suddenly trembled.
His starry river-like eyes stared down with a heavy gaze, and his voice was low.” Young god, it seems that I underestimated you, but your father is definitely not a simple existence. Especially since he has grasped the secret of fate.”
“Fate, what exactly is that?”Apollo frowned.
Astreus, who was seated on the throne, was silent for a long time before he replied:
“Apart from the three generations of Godkings, perhaps only the oldest and most powerful five could answer this question.”
Apollo pondered for a moment and said to Astreus,” I have something I want to ask the Lord of the Stars for your help.”
“What is it?”Astreus asked.
The probing just now had already made him understand.
The seemingly young deity before him possessed a strength that was not inferior to that of him who controlled the stars for countless years.
It was no wonder that his seemingly gentle, yet actually reserved and arrogant daughter would not forget him in such a short period of time.
What could a god like this have to ask him for help?
Apollo’s body suddenly glowed with the light of the etheric body. At the same time, the energy that he had named it Dou Qi appeared.
“The Lord of the Stars should know that Hekath had created a special power called magic. Hekath was able to use the extraordinary power of a god without the need for divine power power.”
Astreus nodded.” That’s right. I heard from Astrea that you’ re even more accomplished in magic than Hector. Is this the power of magic?”
“This was too much praise. Hekath’s talent was peerless, but with his attainments in magic, I didn’ t dare say that I surpassed her.”But this power is not magic. It’s another thing that I’ ve created. It doesn’ t require divine power or religion, but it can also have extraordinary power.”
“My name is’ Dou Qi’!”
“Dou Qi?”Astreus whispered this name in surprise,” Then what does this have to do with the favor I asked for?”
Apollo smiled and said,” Dou Qi is a unique power that I’ ve only recently developed. I’ ve studied it to a certain extent, and I’ ve discovered that to continue to increase its strength, it requires the assistance of the power of the stars.”
“So it’s like this. It’s simple.”Astreus agreed straightforwardly. He was also very curious about what kind of power the so-called’ Dou Qi’ was.
Apollo let out a sigh of relief when he saw that he had agreed.
Actually, the so-called’ Dou Qi’ was formed by simplifying the power of the Ether God Body, and it was simplified many times.
His weakest Dou Qi was called Black Iron Dou Qi. Above it was Bronze Dou Qi, Silver Dou Qi, and Gold Dou Qi.
To reach the level of golden Dou Qi, one had to undergo the Star Baptism to awaken the true ether power and reach the level of a divine spirit.
The reason he wanted to develop this power system was because he realized that the resources and energy needed to cultivate the etheric body were extremely huge.
And if he could spread this set of Dou Qi system, he would allow others to train together.
By the time they reached the Star Baptism stage, the etheric power would naturally be gathered on the etheric body.
They weren’ t connected to the stars in the starry sky of the Greek world, but to the particle stars within Apollo, who had reached the Stellar Realm.
That way, from now on, when they cultivated Dou Qi, they would all have quite a bit of power to merge into Apollo’s body.
Everyone was training for him, helping him reach the galaxy and universe level as soon as possible.
“I’ m not in a rush to spread Dou Qi. At present, I haven’ t completely stepped into the Stellaris realm. Although only I have a true body of the ether, no matter how strong the other people’s cultivation of Dou Qi is, they won’ t be able to backfire me, but it’s still better to be a bit safer.”
With that thought, Astreus called over his many sons.
This included the five people from before, as well as many other Star Gods.
Apollo followed him to the starry sky.
All of these Star Gods flew into the starry sky and merged into the stars.
Astreus’ face was solemn as he said to Apollo,” You have to be careful. The power of the stars flashes together. That will be one of the violent and powerful forces in this world. Are you sure you can endure it?”
Standing beside him, Astrea’s face was filled with worry.
But she didn’ t say anything to stop him, because she knew that Apollo had always been a very stable person.
Since he had decided, no one would be able to shake his will.
Apollo stared at the boundless starry sky and calmly said,” Lord of the Stars, please begin!”
Astreus did not say anything more. His figure suddenly transformed into boundless starlight and merged into the entire starry sky.
At the same time, Venus Spelos, Jupiter, Fautomation, Mercury, Stilpoon, Mars, Pilos, and Saturn, the most important stars among these five stars flashed first, while the other stars followed closely behind.
In Olympus, in the vast land, in the vast ocean, in the Netherworld.
Regardless of whether it was a god or a mortal, they could not help but raise their heads.
All of the eternal stars above his head flickered tonight.
The starry sky lit up like a dream.*