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Chapter 41 Shock of the Gods (Sixth Order)

“What happened? How could the starry sky shine?”
“What dense fluctuations of the stars. What is the Lord of the Stars leading his heirs doing?”
All the gods in the world raised their heads and focused on the starry sky, their faces filled with astonishment.
Olympus, Zeus, who was seated high in the divine hall, suddenly raised his eyes. His body was surrounded by lightning and was suffused with terrifying fluctuations.
A hint of doubt appeared in his eyes. He asked doubtfully,” Astreus has always been happy and quiet. Did he make such a big move today?”
With doubt, he cast his gaze towards the vast starry sky.
A majestic figure stood towering in the sky, and the boundless divine force directed the stars to flicker.
Under the guidance of that majestic figure, bright stars emanated dense starlight. Under the convergence of some natural laws, a golden figure was covered in the light of stars.
Zeus’ expression suddenly changed. He hadn’ t expected to see this son that made him fear.
“What is he doing? Astreus’ Stellar Energy is one of the most violent energies in the world. Even I don’ t dare to easily endure it, but he seems to be actively guiding the Stellar Energy into my body.”
“Something’s wrong. As the power of the stars flickered, the sun-like radiance on his body became more and more intense, as if it was rapidly increasing!”
The King of the Gods quickly discovered the key to the matter.
He suddenly stood up from the throne, his eyes firmly focused on the starry sky outside.
Bright stars flashed, and boundless stellar energy converged on the golden figure in the center.
Apollo felt every cell and every tiny particle in his body tremble.
He was baptized by the boundless energy of the stars, and it produced miraculous changes.
It became like stars that lit up in the night sky.
Originally very dim, but as the number of stars increased, the light within his body grew brighter and brighter, as if flames were burning.
A dazzling golden light suddenly rose in the sky.
The gods and mortals on the ground were shocked to discover that a golden sun slowly appeared in the starry sky, and the radiance became more and more intense.
As time passed, the radiance of the stars slowly dimmed. Only the golden sun became more and more brilliant.
Its radiance covered the radiance of the stars, circling through the sky alone.
On this day, the sun rose in advance.
Looking at this miraculous scene, all the mortals on the ground knelt down in fear, praying to the gods, trying to obtain instructions.
However, the gods of Olympus were all shocked.
In the War God’s Palace, Ares firmly focused on the starry sky that was already as bright as day. He said with envy,” Why, you’ ve become stronger again? Am I destined to be inferior to you?”
“No, I’ m a war god. I’ ll be the enemy!”
In the bright divine hall, his furious roars continued.
In the Moon God Carriage.
Serene, the goddess of the moon, could not help but bite her lips as she looked at her brother Helios, whose face was similarly ashen.
The latter let out an unwilling roar,” Those ignorant mortals call him the sun god again. I am the true sun god!”
In the gloomy underworld.
Hekath, who was discussing with the Underworld King, suddenly had his eyes lit up as he stared at the dazzling radiance of the starry sky.
“You heartless fellow, do you know that you haven’ t come to see me for too long? In order for me to see you, you have caused such a commotion in just a few days?”
She spoke in a slightly resentful tone.
The light in his eyes was even brighter than the previous stars.
At the edge of the world, in a surging ocean river.
As he stared at the surging waves in front of him, Enos’ face suddenly revealed a monstrous hatred.
“Atheros, my son, Father will never let your enemy be pleased. So what if he is even stronger now ……”
“Sooner or later, I will bury him in this boundless ocean river!”
A furious roar instantly shook the entire ocean, stirring up endless waves.
“Apollo, my little brother, my twin spirit. You are indeed the sun that has always taken the most advantage. The stars and silver moon can only dim in front of you.”
Olympus and Artemis smiled as they focused their attention on the sky.
Numerous gazes, either exclamations or expectations, or envy or love, converged together in the sky.
The dazzling sun was there.
No matter whether you care or not, he would always hang above your head, releasing the most brilliant radiance.
“We can’ t continue like this.”
In the Godking’s Hall, Zeus said with a gloomy expression.
Suddenly, he appeared in an ancient divine hall.
The light in the hall was extremely dim. There was a simple woven bed, and there were three figures sitting beside them. They were all focused on weaving invisible threads.
There were rows of candles lit on both sides. Under the candlelight, the faces of the three figures became clear.
Sitting in the middle was an old woman with white hair. She was wearing a simple flower dress. Her body was bent, and her face was covered in wrinkles. She revealed an aura of decay.
On her left, there was a middle-aged woman. Her eyes were numb, but her hands and feet were very sharp, and she kept weaving threads.
On the right side of the old woman’s right was a young girl. She looked lively and cute, full of energy, but her clear eyes seemed to be full of time, examining the past and future.
Zeus’ arrival did not stop them from working.
Zeus didn’ t mind either. He looked at it for a while and asked,” Atyropos, how are you preparing for the One Day Fruit?”
The old woman replied in a hoarse and slow voice,” It’s already done, but Godking, are you really ready?”
Zeus laughed coldly,” Gaia and the others forced me. This time, it will be the opportunity for me to set foot in the beginning. If I don’ t do this, sooner or later I will be the same fate as Uranos and Cronos.”
“This is your Huang Miao. He will always try to master fate, but everything you do will only make him more and more master by fate.”
“Those who try to play with fate will eventually be played by fate.”
Under the dim candlelight, the old woman’s eyes were deep.
Zeus’ face was filled with impatience as he asked,” How are you prepared for Apollo’s line of fate?”
The old woman’s expression suddenly became very strange.
“What’s wrong?”Zeus frowned.
Suddenly, she saw that the old woman slowly turned her head and focused herself with her muddy eyes.
“His fate…”Very strange!”
The light of the stars was still shining.
A dazzling golden radiance was still burning on Apollo’s body.
Astrea stared at the center of the starry sky.
That golden figure was so divine and resplendent, light scattering everything.
Suddenly, her father stopped moving.
“Strange. He no longer absorbs the power of the stars.”Astreus ordered the Star Gods to stop.
Ascrea looked over worriedly.
Amidst the resplendent golden light, Apollo suddenly opened his eyes.
A vast aura instantly engulfed the starry river. The void distorted and the sky shook.
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Chapter 42 Publicizing the Name of God (First and Second)

The void was vast, the starry river vast.
Standing between the void and the starry river, Apollo felt as if he was as high as the universe.
Surging power spread out from every single particle in his body, as if stars were circulating, interweaving with vast and boundless power.
His body was the void, and his body was the starry river.
The world was part of him.
There was no need to borrow any rules, no need to grasp any authority.
Because he was the rule, and he was the authority.
“Is this the True Origin realm?”In a daze, Apollo spoke softly.
He knew that this was his illusion, and it was not an illusion.
The illusion was that he, who had initially condensed all the stars in his etheric body, hadn’ t reached a level comparable to the level of Origin.
It wasn’ t just an illusion. When he truly completed the return of the stars, he condensed them, condensed galaxies, and transformed his divine body into the starry sky and into the universe.
The so-called Divine Clan’s bloodline and status would be completely cut off.
No divine power or authority was important.
He was the world. One thought of the rules was made, and one thought of authority was created.
“I’ ve just completed the transformation of my bloodline power. I’ ve completely reached the potential to advance to the Origin World.”
“, However, why did I feel that this bloodline at the origin level was much weaker than the scene of the world-as-a-world scenario that the Ether God Body had anticipated.
Although they had never truly faced them before, apart from the most mysterious and unpredictable Chaos Callus, the descriptions of the other five Gods of Inception seemed to have reached a level comparable to that.
“Is the Origin Domain that I sensed surpasses the normal Origin Domain, or are they actually not the perfect Origin Domain?”
Doubts arose in his heart. Apollo couldn’ t give an answer.
He could only restrain his thoughts and stare at the starry sky.
The first figure that entered his eyes was the anxious Astrea.
Her body was surrounded by starlight, and her appearance was bright. However, her clear eyes couldn’ t wave her anxiousness.
Until he woke up.
Apollo smiled at her. Just as he was about to say something, a figure suddenly flew into the starry sky.
He had dark brown hair, a handsome face, and wings.
It was the Emissary of the Gods, Hermes.
Seeing Apollo’s first glance, Hermes shouted,” Apollo the Light, the King of the Gods wants to see you. Please follow me ”
“Yes, Zeus wants to see me so suddenly?”Apollo’s eyes narrowed.
After a moment of contemplation, he said to Astreus,” Thank you for the help of the Lord of the Stars. Apollo will visit again in the future.”
After saying goodbye to Astrea, he came to Hermes’ side.
Hermes examined him carefully and clicked his tongue in admiration.” You can really do it these days. All the gods are discussing you.”
“Oh, what are you talking about?”Apollo asked.
As the emissary of the gods, Hermes was the most well-informed person at Olympus.
There was a strange smile on the corner of his mouth as he whispered,” Many goddesses have said that they want to give you a child. I don’ t want you to be responsible, as long as the night is beautiful.”
Apollo was speechless.
“These goddesses are too reserved. I have to be careful when craving my body.”
He told him this.
The male god was alone, so he had to pay close attention to protect himself.
Apollo and Hermes were both powerful Overgods. They moved very fast, quickly crossing the vast starry sky and returning to Olympus.
Zeus’ God King’s Hall was at the highest point of Olympus.
The two of them arrived at Olympus from above. The first place they arrived was the Godking’s Palace.
Hermes walked in front and reported,” Father, Apollo is here.”
“Yes, Hermes, you should go back first.”Zeus’ dignified voice rang out.
Hermes immediately bowed respectfully and turned to leave.
After he left, Apollo walked into the Godking’s Palace alone.
Unlike the previous time, the towering and majestic Divine King’s Hall was completely empty.
In the vast palace, there was only a tall figure sitting at the top of the throne.
“I’ ve seen Father before.”Apollo lowered his head and said.
On the throne, Zeus lowered his eyes and focused on the handsome youth below. His pupils were faintly filled with strange colors.
“Like a sun, like a starry sky. Just what happened to his divine body?”
Zeus was bewildered. He recalled the words of the three goddesses of fate, and his eyes could not help but grow cold.
He would never allow such a god to exist under his rule.
He forced out a smile and said in a low voice,” Apollo, my child, you’ ve been at Olympus for a while, have you? How do you feel?”
“Thank god father for his concern. Olympus is the center of the world, the paradise of gods. I live happily here.”Apollo spoke with a face full of praise.
“That’s good.”
Zeus nodded slightly and said in a deep voice,” But I hope you’ re a god with wide eyes. You won’ t just focus on Olympus. Apart from the gods, there are countless common things in this world.”
He turned his gaze to the distance, his voice filled with boldness.” Outside of Olympus, there is an endless earth. The life that lives on the earth is the human created by Prometheus.
I didn’ t like this race, but as the king of the gods, the father of all the spirits of the universe, I never put my prejudices on any race. I used the kindness of the gods to care for every human.
“However, these mortals are ignorant, ignorant, and weak. They need the gods to carry forward the greatness of Olympus, so that they can remember that everything they have is our gift.”
“Apollo, my child, you’ve been at Olympus for a while. It’s time to go to the mortal world to promote the name of the God of Light.”
Zeus stood up and looked at Apollo with encouraging eyes.
“Go, let every living being and every human on the earth know the name of light. Build a majestic temple for you, select the most beautiful virgin as a priest, and serve you for the rest of your life.”
“You want me to go to the mortal world?”Apollo felt that things weren’ t that simple, but he still agreed immediately.
“Great Father, obey your will.”
Zeus smiled and added,” There are quite a few filthy monsters on the earth. They are all the young children of the earth and the abyss. They are the descendants of Tifeng, who is known as the father of a hundred demons. You need to be careful when you walk on the earth.”
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Chapter 43 Disappeared Name, Princess Delphi (second step)

Apollo left Olympus and walked on the vast land.
This mythical world was completely different from Earth’s Greece.
The land was incomparably wide, and the ocean surrounded the land. There were many city-states on the land, but most of them were empty wilderness.
The end of the world was visible. All the gods could find the limits of the earth and the edges of the ocean.
As he breathed in the fresh air of the vast soil, he opened a copy of the’ History of the Gods’ borrowed from Athena.
It was an extremely ancient book. It was said that the first edition of the book was written before the establishment of the Divine Hall of the First Generation. Later on, someone slowly added the following content.
He flipped to the first page,” The first to be born is Chaos Callus. He appeared in the void, carrying darkness and night, bringing the first ray of light.”
“Next, there is the Great Geya. The vast land gives birth to a vast expanse of heaven, endless mountains, boundless ocean.”
“In the depths of the earth, the darkest Talatros appeared. He was the source of all fear, the darkest place in the universe.”
“Five Gods of Origin, Chaos Callus was the first to be born. The Earth Mother Gaiya was the second and Abyssal Talatros was the third. These three did not have any bloodline or the relationship between the creator and the creation They only had the relationship of birth.The two people behind him, the Night Goddess Nikes and the God of Darkness, Erepos, were born from Chaos Kaos.” I’ m not sure.”Apollo muttered as he read the book in his hand.
This was very consistent with the records on Earth in his previous life.
Although many people on the Internet had spread that Chaos Callus was the creator of the Greek divine system, creating Earth Mother Gaya, Abyssal Talalos, and other gods with one hand.
However, the mainstream Greek mythology had never said this before. Chaos was only born before the earth and the abyss, and none of them had any relationship with their creator.
Only darkness and darkness were born in the primordial chaos.
“However, Chaos Callus was indeed the most mysterious and powerful God of Inception. The two gods that he had nurtured had reached the level of Inception, while Earth Mother Gaiya’s nurturing sky, mountains, and oceans were a bit weaker.”
“Earth Mother, the Abyssal Lord, the Night Goddess, and the God of Darkness. In the obscurity era before the establishment of the Divine Hall of the Beginning, they were still very active. Only later did they gradually retreat.”
“But from the beginning of the creation of the world, Chaos Callus, who had always been the head of the God of Inception, had never revealed his path.”
“Perhaps it wasn’ t that he hadn’ t appeared before, but that the later gods couldn’ t understand anything about him.”
Apollo whispered.
Chaos Callus, the number one god at the beginning of creation, was the oldest and most powerful existence. It was simply too mysterious.
No matter how powerful the other four Inception Gods were, all of them had their own traces.
Only this person had left behind nothing but a name.
There was not even a single legend.
Walking on the ground, he continued to look at the book in his hand.” The earth gives birth to the sky, mountains, and oceans. The sky completely surrounds the earth. They connect with each other, giving birth to twelve children, such as celestial bodies, light, ocean rivers, and so on. The youngest of them uses a sickle to cut through the connection between the sky and the earth.”
“Err, this can also be said to be a’ broken root’. However, if it was written like this, it wouldn’ t be that dirty, leaving some face for the gods.”
“The combination of darkness and night, Ethel and Hermela were born in space. After that, the night gave birth to Death Tanatos, Sleeping Sopranos, and Not Eris…Yi, why is this first line blank.”
Apollo stared blankly at the page in front of him and frowned slightly.
There was a name missing from the list of children that Night Goddess Nikes had bred alone.
That name seemed to have been erased by some sort of power.
“The ranking of the names above was based on the time of birth. This line of blankness was the first. In other words, it was the eldest son or eldest daughter of Goddess Nikes.”
“The second-ranked gods were all born under the reign of an exceptional Godking. Then, this eldest son was probably born in the previous obscurity.”
Apollo guessed.
Suddenly, he heard a loud noise from ahead.
“Father, I can’ t go to Athens. I’ ll bring you reinforcements.”
Seeing the ugly giant beast in front of her, Tessa sobbed, her beautiful face filled with despair.
Not long ago, she was Delphi’s esteemed princess, enjoying her father’s indulgence and the people’s love.
However, terrifying monsters attacked her city-state.
Delphi was just a very small city-state. He did not have a powerful hero with a divine bloodline, so he could only form an army to fight.
But how could a mortal’s power be comparable to that of a monster that destroyed the heavens and the earth?
The city walls were quickly broken.
Father asked her to bring people to seek help.
The most resplendent pearl in Greece, Athens, the city of civilization that believed in Athena, sent out powerful heroes to help Delphi.
But now, he could no longer complete this task.
“Princess, quickly leave!”
The maid who had taken care of her since she was young cried out loudly and pushed her away.
There were three heads, and their bodies were filled with spikes. They smashed the head of the maid with their tails.
The bloody scene caused Tessa to tremble endlessly. She hated herself for being weak and powerless.
“Gods, please save us. I am willing to dedicate myself to you and serve you in the Temple for the rest of my life ……”
Focusing on the ferocious beast claws that gradually enveloped the sky, Tessa fell to the ground and prayed in despair.
Actually, she did not report too much to Xi Yi.
As a highly educated royal family, she knew too much about the temper of deities.
The word pity would not appear on them.
“Believe in the power of gods, but don’ t believe in their kindness.”This was what her teacher told her.
But at this moment, besides praying, what else could she do?
“Gods, even if you only have the slightest bit of mercy, please descend upon me and save Delphi’s people ……”
Tessa’s eyes were wide open as she watched the monster’s ferocious claws fall on her head.
She would never close her eyes.
She wanted to see if the gods had truly abandoned all living beings on the earth and allowed mortals to be trampled upon.
“As expected, no god would save us ……”
At the very last moment, the scales of the monster’s giant claws were clearly visible, and the stench of vomiting seeped into his nose.
The anticipated miracle still did not appear.
Tessa closed her eyes to death.
Just at this moment, a golden radiance appeared.
Brilliant divine light enveloped the ugly monster, turning it into ashes in the blink of an eye.
“Yi, have I already arrived at the Underworld?”After a long while, Tessa opened her eyes doubtfully.
What entered his eyes was a brilliant light.
As well as a handsome and elegant youth bathed in light.
“Mortal, are you praying to me?”
PS: the current Greek mythology was dominated by the divine genealogy of Hesios. This was the main use of this book, plus some other versions.
In the divine genealogy, Chaos Callus, Earth Gaia, and Abyss Taltalos were all born from nothingness. It was not Callus who created all things, and then created the earth and abyss. This was something that many people misunderstood.
I looked through a lot of information and found that a lot of circulating reading materials had also turned into a god like a creator.
This was related to translation. The original Greek mythology did not have such a saying.
Using the famous Chronos to take the position and use the scythe to take Uranos, in fact, another translation could also be used to explain the meaning of splitting heaven and earth, similar to the meaning of’Jadeless Heaven’.
In the Greek word, the earth and Gaia were the same word, and the sky and Ulanus were the same word. They could be humanized gods or the world itself.*

Chapter 44 Tessa’s Attack (Third Division)

Under the brilliant afterglow, Tessa stared blankly at the golden youth in front of her.
Her clear eyes were like water.
“Are you a god? Did you hear my prayer?”
Tessa knelt on the ground, her expression filled with excitement.
“I am Apollo, God of Light, from Olympus. I heard your prayer.”Apollo replied in a deep voice.
“Apollo…”God of Light…” Tessa looked at the golden color before her with a pious gaze and began to kowtow.
“Great god, I am Delphi’s princess, Tessa. My country is being attacked by monsters. We do n’ t have heroes to fight against. Please save those people ……”
“Tessa is willing to pay any price to build the most majestic temple for you and make all the people become your followers.”
Tessa’s eyes were filled with tears as she begged on the ground.
Apollo looked at her indifferently and stared into the distance:
“The brilliance of light shone on every life. I don’ t need to believe in it, nor do you need to save it. What you should do is save yourself.”
“There is no need for belief…” Theka Sha panicked.
How could a mortal be able to save him? This was definitely something that gods were unwilling to help their country.
“Lord Apollo, please pity Delphi’s innocent people. I am willing to pay any price ……”
The young girl was on the ground begging for mercy.
“Mortal ……”
Apollo sighed softly as he stared at her face.
Suddenly, a brilliant light enveloped Tessa.
The girl felt the surroundings suddenly spin.
“This is ……”
In the blink of an eye, she looked at the familiar surroundings in astonishment.
The tall and straight city walls, the clean streets, this was the home she had grown up in. She was willing to pay everything for it and save it.
“Ah, run! The monster is here.”The cries of fear suddenly echoed inside and outside the city-state.
A huge shadow covered the sky. It was a monster with six heads, its body like a snake and lizard, covered in scales.
Its twelve eyes were scarlet-red, carrying a human-like intelligence. It gently spat out a letter, and its fat tail fiercely swept across the numerous buildings.
The houses collapsed.
Many of the residents who had no time to escape cried out miserably as they were covered by the collapsed houses.
The six heads of the monsters let out bloodthirsty sounds as they focused on the fleeing crowd to chase after them.
“Monster, do not harm my people!”
An old man covered in blood was trembling as he raised his sword, leading an army that had already lost more than half of its life.
“”Lowly insects, you are worthy to be right with the great son of Hydera. Die!”
The six-headed strange snake clearly spat out human words as its fat tail smashed towards the surrounding army like a mountain.
Numerous cracks appeared on the ground, and the soldiers of the army were quickly crushed into meat paste. The six-headed strange snake’s scarlet eyes were cold and disdainful of many mortals.
“God, please save us!”
The blood-soaked old man waved the sword in his hand and roared towards the sky, his eyes filled with despair.
On the distant city wall, Tessa began to roar in a trembling voice.
“You want to save him?”Apollo’s calm voice appeared by her ears.
Tessa looked over,” Great God, I beg you, save my father, save these people!”
“I’ ve already said that you can only save all of this yourself.”
Apollo’s eyes were silent as his hand suddenly touched the girl’s forehead.
In that instant, Tessa felt the surrounding world revolve.
Endless light filled her weak body.
Apollo’s low voice resounded by her ears.” Go, I will grant you the power of’ Dou Qi’. Use this power to save your people, your father.”
The six-headed monster swept its tail and once again smashed through a row of houses.
The rock that was flying in the air landed on King Delphi’s chest. The old king collapsed to the ground.
The twelve scarlet eyes above him were already filled with a bloodthirsty terror, as if they were ice cold.
“I still haven’t been able to protect Delphi and the people ……”
As death approached, King Delphi was still filled with self-blame and despair.
It was simply too difficult for humans to live in the earth.
Other than those heroes with divine bloodline, the others were simply unable to contend against many monsters.
In front of these descendants of the Hundred Devils’ Fathers, humans were all lowly bugs, powerless to resist.
“Tessa, my daughter, I hope you can safely arrive at Athens. That place is protected by the goddess of wisdom, and it is a few safe city-states on the earth……”This goddess of wisdom is the only one among the gods that is willing to protect us.”
Thinking back to his proud daughter, King Delphi’s heart was filled with the last trace of sweetness.
Suddenly, a graceful figure bathed in a strange light appeared in front of him.
King Delphi, who was already waiting for death to descend, let out a hoarse roar,” Tessa, why are you ……”
The six ferocious snake heads in the sky opened their bloody mouths and gulped down.
Tessa, who appeared in front of King Delphi, slowly revealed a black iron color and turned into bronze and silver!
She pulled out a sword from the ground and slashed at it.
The silvery-white light tore through the void, and the snake’s head, which the strange snake fiercely bit, was clearly broken.
Scarlet blood flowed on the ground.
“This…” King Delphi and the survivors were stunned.
After being chopped off, the strange snake in the sky let out a painful hissing sound.
“Little bug, how could you possibly harm the great son of Hydera? How dare you?”
Ten scarlet eyes frantically swept over, the strange snake’s roar shaking the sky.
The young lady who was bathed in the silvery-white light had no wave in her eyes. She floated up into the air and slashed down with her precious sword.
The resplendent radiance tore through a beautiful arc.
The strange snake’s head broke again.*

Chapter 45 Gift of Light (Fourth Division)

“God, is that Princess Tessa?”
“She actually chopped off the head of the strange snake, her body shining like a god!”
Delphi’s people looked at the scene in the sky in awe.
Many people cried out in excitement.
Feeling the gazes of the people, Tessa gripped the sword in her hand tightly, and her eyes that were covered in silver light focused on the strange snake in front of her.
“A lowly bug! You’ ve completely enraged the great Hydera’s son!”
The drop of the two heads made the six-headed strange snake even more ferocious, and its body wildly swung in the city-state.
Suddenly, a violent killing intent surged out from its body.
Four malevolent heads, eight scarlet snake eyes, ice-cold condensed into a graceful girl floating in the air, bathed in silver-white light.
“My great father, please grant your bloodline power!”
The strange snake began to chant at the same time.
At the same time, tens of thousands of kilometers away, there was a battlefield that was filled with flames of war.
An ugly giant snake that was even taller than a mountain range and had nine ferocious heads suddenly flashed in its eyes.
“Yi, isn’ t this the aura of the heir that I sent to destroy Delphi City’s kingdom? It’s begging for my power’s help?”
“Hmph! What a useless thing! I can’ t even deal with a bunch of mortals!”
The Nine-Headed Giant Serpent let out a cold snort. One of its heads was suddenly suffused with a strange color.
“Forget it. Help him this time, and then teach him a lesson when he comes back.”The mission that my great father has given us must not be delayed.”
With that said, it looked at the distant human army with eighteen icy cold eyes.
Delphi City.
Along with the chanting and supplication, the baleful aura on the strange snake grew even more intense. The two heads that had been chopped down actually started to squirm and grow.
“Not good!”
Tessa’s eyes narrowed as the precious sword in her hand swiftly slashed out.
The silver radiance was like a crescent, sharp and piercingly cold.
An invincible force struck the scales on the monster snake’s head.
Numerous brilliant sparks suddenly erupted.
Delphi’s people were shocked to discover that the sword light that had been able to easily cut off the strange snake’s head had only scratched a few scales.
“Haha, lowly insect! Do you know how insignificant your so-called power is?”
The strange snake laughed sinisterly, its six ferocious heads filled with cold coldness.
“Tessa, be careful!”
King Delphi cried out in alarm.
The giant tail of the strange snake curled up in a baleful aura as it heavily swept towards the thin figure in midair.
Powerful power seemed to be about to crush space.
“God, could it be that you really abandoned us, first giving us hope, then giving us despair!”
Delphi’s people closed their eyes in pain, unwilling to see the beautiful and merciful princess being brutally killed by the strange snake.
At this moment, golden light flashed in the sky.
“Your bloodlines are connected and you’ ve borrowed power. I didn’ t expect your descendants to have such an ability.”
Apollo bathed in the brilliant light and suddenly extended his hand.
“Mortal, I originally wanted you to cultivate it on your own, but now, I have bestowed you the power of golden Dou Qi. This is a great power comparable to a Demigod!”
“Heavens, this is a god!”
“God Legion, you didn’ t give up on us!”
Watching the golden figure in the sky, Delphi’s people trembled in excitement.
“So it turns out that my Tessa has received the favor of a god…” King Delphi’s eyes were filled with tears on the ground.
The Six-Headed Strange Snake sneered,” Where did this god come from? He dared to interfere with the great plans of the Hundred Demon Father. Hmph, he didn’ t dare to personally make a move and let this weak mortal face me.”
It was currently laughing coldly.
The silvery-white light on Tessa’s body suddenly became faintly golden.
Sword light flashed.
Tessa shouted with all her might as a surging golden Dou Qi swept over.
A streak of golden sword light that spread for tens of meters slashed at the strange snake’s tail.
The stench of blood flowed out.
The enormous snake tail was cut off by the sword light, and the strange snake let out a miserable cry as it tumbled on the ground in pain.
Tessa stared coldly at it.
The golden Dou Qi spread out and a few rays of light flashed past.
The five heads of the strange snake were chopped off.
“No, you can’t kill me. I’ m the son of the great Hydera, the descendant of the father of the Hundred Devils, even the gods ……”
Before it could finish speaking, a ray of light descended from the sky, burning on its ugly body like flames.
In the blink of an eye, the enormous snake body was burned to ashes by the bright flames.
Everyone cheered happily.
“Great Divine Spirit, you saved us. Your kindness will be remembered forever.”
King Delphi led many people to kneel on the ground.
Apollo ignored them. A golden figure appeared in front of Tessa.
“Lord Apollo.”Tessa bowed her head in gratitude.
After looking at her for a while, Apollo said:
“The strength of the Golden Dou Qi was too much for you. I will withdraw this strength.”You already know how to train your Dou Qi. I hope to see you use your strength to train your Golden Dou Qi as soon as possible, and even light up your own stars in the starry sky.”
“Tessa is clear.”
The young lady nodded respectfully, her bright eyes filled with color as she stared at the golden-haired deity behind her.
Apollo looked at the many mortals below and said indifferently,” I am Apollo, the God of Light. I came from Olympus to bring light to all living beings on the earth.”
“You don’ t need to thank me, because it’s your princess who saved you after defeating the strange snake.”
“In the future, it will be you who will be able to save you.”
“The place where the light shines is my kingdom. I will grant you all the power of light to defend your homeland.”
The sky was filled with light. A cultivation method called Dou Qi appeared in Delphi’s mind.
“Black Iron Battle Force, Bronze Battle Force, Silver Battle Force, Gold Battle Force, light up stars, compare to Divine Spirit, this ……”
King Delphi trembled as he looked up at the handsome figure bathed in endless golden radiance.
With a choked voice, he said,” Great God of Light, you are the dawn of the night. Your kindness will give all living beings a brand new opportunity.”
“I, in the name of King Delphi, would only believe in a god in Delphi’s territory.
“We will build the greatest temple for you. We will show off your might and make all mortals respect you.”*

Chapter 46 Nine-Headed Hydra (Fifth Division)

“Who is it?”
On the vast plains, the ugly serpent with nine heads roared towards the sky.
Just then, it felt that the life aura of the child that borrowed its own strength was cut off.
“Mortals couldn’ t do it. Even those so-called heroes and mortals with the filthy bloodlines of the gods wouldn’ t be able to kill it so quickly, unless…”A true god!”
Calm down, the giant snake used its nine heads to analyze the situation.
“It must be the gods of Olympus. They have interfered!”
Having reached this conclusion, its eighteen icy cold and terrifying snake eyes simultaneously emitted a terrifying chill.
“No, my father’s plan for Olympus is about to begin. I can’ t make any mistakes here. I need to move faster.”
“Hmph. When my father is ready to lead us to Olympus and defeat your Godking, I will definitely swallow all of you gods into my stomach.”
With that said, it had nine heads and eighteen eyes, simultaneously looking into the distance.
“Nine-Headed Hydra?”
Apollo was stunned when he heard the name of a famous monster that had been given out because of a series of movies.
In the bright palace, she changed into a white dress. She used a purple hair band to gently tie up her long olive-colored hair. She had a gentle and refined temperament. Her clear eyes flickered.
As she focused on Apollo’s handsome face, she said respectfully,” That’s right. This time, it wasn’ t just Delphi that was attacked. The surrounding dozens of city-states were ambushed by many monsters. The one directing them was Hydra Hydra, the father of the Six-Headed Snake Monster.”
“Just Hydera, she probably didn’ t dare to make such a big commotion. Could it be that the Hundred Demon Father ……”
Apollo’s face was deep in thought.
Tessa calmly stood to the side and focused her pious gaze on the handsome youth before her.
“Calculated the time, it was not far from the battle that shook Olympus ……”
“Greek mythology, in the face of Athena, there were no gods that could help Zeus except for Athena. Athena was extremely powerful. On the other hand, it was likely that the other powerful Overgods that had eliminated Athena at that time had yet to reach their peak.
Ares, a war god who would only be defeated, wasn’t it? Hephaestus was a technician. The original Apollo and Artemis were at the peak of their lives. Hermes was n’ t weak either. If he wasn’t too young, he would n’ t have behaved so badly against Tiffon.
If it hadn’ t been for my transmigration, perhaps Apollo and Artemis had just become Overgods in the chaos of Tiffon. According to the original bloodline power, it would have been more than a hundred years since they were born…”I’ ve been in this world for more than fifty years.”
His golden eyes looked at the beautiful girl beside him. Apollo asked,” How is your Dou Qi training?”
“Thank you for your two days of guidance. I just touched the threshold of bronze Dou Qi.”Tessa felt a little ashamed.
“Your talent is not bad. You’ ve experienced Golden Dou Qi again. It’s not a problem to reach the Golden Stage in about twenty years, but it depends on your luck to light up the stars.”Arboro commented.
“She was already very satisfied to be able to cultivate golden Dou Qi.”
The young lady’s expression was very calm.
He muttered in his heart,” When Dou Qi reaches the Gold rank, it can last for several thousand years in the world. His face will not grow old, and he will only perish after death.”That way, I’ ll be able to accompany you in the most beautiful way in your temple.”
Apollo didn’ t know what the young lady was thinking,” You said that the teacher you were teaching you earlier was a Centaur, called War Hounds?”
The young girl nodded,” Teacher Kalong is a traveler from afar. He is also a powerful hero. He is knowledgeable and versatile, so father asked him to teach me.”It’s time for him to fight against Hydra with the other heroes.”
“Charon, the hero of half a man and half a horse, the teacher of the great heroes of ancient Greece, Heracles, Achilles, I Song, and Odysseus had all been learned from him.In the future, Dionysus, the wine god of the twelve Olympians, had also learned the sacred dance and ceremony with him. In the end, he had been bound to the Caucasus Mountain for Prometheus.
“If such a person cultivates Dou Qi, his innate talent should be on top of Teksha.”
Apollo’s eyes flickered.
A ray of light enveloped him and Tessa.
Immediately, their figures flew above Delphi.
Tessa curiously sized up the surroundings before obediently staring at Apollo beside her.
Looking down at the ground, Apollo could faintly hear the city-state below him. From time to time, his prayers sounded.
Because of the last save, Delphi’s people had all believed in him.
However, belief had no effect on the Greek gods.
Otherwise, Zeus wouldn’t have exterminated humans several times.
The legion of gods was merely a matter of mutual respect.
The gods of Greece had all the inferior qualities of humans, including vanity.
There were enough believers, enough pious people, and it would be very shameful to say that.
“, However, he remembered that there were a few instance worlds in the game. The deities in the game needed to believe. If they were to create something related in the future, they might use the power of belief. They might be able to develop the believers first.
“It doesn’ t matter if I don’ t use it in the future, it will also help me spread Dou Qi and train.”
His heart flickered as Apollo sensed his etheric body.
Countless particles within his body were circulating like stars. However, such stars were still very weak and lacked the core stars and satellites.
“The star is the sun, the satellite is the silver moon, and the Heleus siblings have a bad relationship with me. They probably won’t help me, but we ca n’ t just make trouble for them and force them to submit. Doesn’t that give Zeus an excuse to target me?”
Just as he was reverie, a large group of human figures suddenly appeared in the distant open plains.
Under the guidance of a dozen strange figures emitting divine aura, these people marched forward in an orderly manner.
Not far in front of them were countless ugly and terrifying monsters.
The leader’s body was enormous. He had nine heads, and his entire body was covered in black scales.

Chapter 47 Golden in the Sky (Sixth Order)

“Everyone, be careful. Hyderra is in front!”
Hero Cardia said to her companions that he was the outpost of this team.
As a demigod flowing through the bloodlines of the Mu God Pan, Cardia had a nose that was more sensitive than a hunting dog, a wider field of vision than an eagle, and a more delicate sense than a wild deer.
Hydra led the monsters to attack the city-states.
Right now, the dozens of city-states around them had reached the most dangerous stage. Only by killing Hyderra could they win life.
If he was able to successfully kill Hydera, the outstanding son of the Hundred Demons’ father, Typhon, then it would surely bring him and the others unprecedented fame and honor.
Katia looked at the oldest hero in the team, the half-man and half-horse War Hounds.
This hero was the oldest demigod. He was born under the reign of the second-generation king, Cronos. He was the descendant of the combination of Cronos and a Narcissus girl who had been transformed into a horse.
At that time, the humans and the humans were not even on the same batch.
It was because between the second and third generation divine halls, Zeus, the king of the gods, had caused great floods several times, exterminating humans and creating humans.
Due to his noble seniority and extensive knowledge, many heroes had been taught by him before, so all the heroes present were led by him.
Looking ahead, Charon pondered for a moment before speaking in a low voice,” I originally didn’ t approve of this operation, because the Nine-Headed Serpent Hydra’s terror is definitely beyond your imagination.”But since we’ re here, we can only continue.”
“Cardia, continue to act as an outpost and investigate.”
“Plyon, bring people to surround from the left.”
“Erdos, go to the right.”
After ordering, the Centaur looked at the remaining heroes and ordered,” The others follow me.”
Just as they began to plan, a cold chill suddenly came from afar.
Charon’s expression changed,” Not good, the monster has discovered us!”
As soon as he finished speaking, there were several ugly-looking monsters with huge spikes and black hair that were like bison rushing towards him.
“Since that’s the case, let’s directly attack!”
Hero Pion took out his shield and short spear, and shouted loudly as he rushed towards the incoming monsters.
He was the descendant of Sea Emperor Poseidon and mortals. He was born with extraordinary power.
The so-called hero was a demigod.
Although the descendants of gods and humans didn’ t have any divine powers, they couldn’ t be considered gods.
However, every demigod contained extraordinary divine power. In terms of physical fitness alone, many of them were even stronger than gods.
Pion was such a demigod. He brandished his shield and short spear to fight the monsters at close range.
Soon, the monster like a bison was hit, breaking the huge spikes on its body.
He blocked the monster’s throat with his shield and stabbed his short spear into the other party’s heart. Red blood splashed onto the soil.
Many heroes couldn’ t help but let out happy voices.
The ordinary army of the various city-states that had followed over in the distance also cheered Pion’s name.
At the same time, another hero, Odess, had also dealt with a monster.
He was a descendant of the Lord of the Mountain Range, Uruia. He had a rock-hard fist that easily crushed the monster’s head.
Seeing the successive victories of the two heroes, the generals and soldiers of the city-state alliance army no longer paid attention to hiding and shouted loudly.
Seeing this scene, Charon sighed.
As a veteran hero who had lived for tens of thousands of years, he too understood how terrifying powerful monsters were.
Hydra, the Nine-Headed Serpent, stood at the top of the monster, comparable to a powerful god.
Trying to hunt down such an existence, this team was still boasting like this. They were simply here to die.
He tried to persuade them, but the morale of the heroes was high. They simply ignored his words.
One by one, they drew their swords and charged inside.
“Sigh, why do you not understand that demigods are not true gods in the end ……”
Charon muttered with a worried face.
Suddenly, a pungent smell surged forward.
His expression changed greatly as he roared,” Everyone, quickly retreat. This is a poisonous miasma!”
“Hehe, it’s already too late, lowly bugs!”
A cold voice rang out from the depths of the forest. A huge shadow covered the sky.
The human soldiers looked up in fear.
The giant snake was as tall as a mountain. Its entire body was covered in pitch-black scales, and it had nine huge heads that emitted a piercingly cold chill.
He looked down at all the mortals with contempt.
The heroes roared. They weren’ t scared by Hydera’s huge size. Instead, they were all spirited as they brandished their weapons and charged towards the Nine-Headed Serpent.
But just as they walked out of the forest, they fell to the ground.
War Hounds let out a mournful howl as he muttered,” The Nine-Headed Serpent Hydra’s authority is poison. Why are you so careless ……”
Actually, the descendants of top Overgods like Priang and Erdos were all extremely powerful.
It was not impossible for him to threaten Hyderra completely.
However, demigods were still mortals. Although they were powerful, they were not divine bodies.
As long as he was hit, he would soon die.
Hydera was very crafty in setting up a trap. He easily used the poisonous gas to destroy his peak combat strength.
“Hehe, lowly insects, all of you die for me!”
Hyderra’s eighteen eyes stared coldly at the mortals on the ground as he suddenly launched an attack.
Charon gritted his teeth, took out his bow and arrow, and stood up to meet Hyderra.
In an instant, he shot out nine sharp arrows.
Each arrow landed accurately on Hydera’s body.
However, even if he had the power to lift a boulder, the bow and arrow was the best forged by a blacksmith.
However, before such a sharp arrow landed on Hydera’s body, it was shattered by a powerful energy.
“Mortal, you’ re quite capable. If you don’ t have a divine power, you can only hide your divine power within your body. You can’ t truly use the power of your body.”
Hydera’s eighteen cold eyes were filled with ridicule as the giant tail behind him began to sweep.
The trees were cut off by the waist.
The tens of thousands of allied forces of the various city-states were instantly crushed to death by the huge tail.
All the living warriors fled.
“God, how could a mortal fight against such a monster?”
The soldiers were extremely frightened.
Suddenly, dozens of ferocious monsters rushed out of the forest and rushed towards them.
“Kill them. Don’ t leave any of them behind.”Hydera instructed coldly.
“You demons!”
War Hounds looked at the monsters that were madly slaughtering mortals with grief and indignation.
He hated his own uselessness. He had lived for tens of thousands of years.
It was longer than many deities.
However, he had never been able to truly protect his clansmen.
“Mortal, you were destined to be lowly bug hounds. A truly great existence would never care about you!”
Hyderra said in a low voice.
“No, I believe the gods will definitely save us. All of you Fiends will be imprisoned into the dark Tartarus, suffering eternal torture!”
A mortal struggled to cry out.
“You mean those hypocrites of Olympus?”Hydera’s nine heads laughed at the same time.
“Haha, this is really a laughable joke.”
“Do you think they will care about the lives of these insects? You are just toys for their entertainment.”
Charon also lowered his head.
As a descendant of the second generation of Godkings, he, who had lived for tens of thousands of years, knew more about the gods than anyone else.
It was even more cruel and violent than these monsters.
It was simply a fantasy to hope for their salvation.
“Haha, let me send you to see your gods!”
Hydera’s nine heads roared at the same time. In an instant, boundless killing intent spread in an area of several thousand kilometers.
Its sinister head spread across the sky.
The ground trembled as the mortals in the city-states looked at the huge and ugly snake heads in the sky in fear.
“God, save us!”
They prayed in fear.
“It’s useless.”Hydera sneered.
Right at this moment, a brilliant light surged from the other side of the sky.*

Chapter 48 Praise of Light (Seventh Order)

The light shone, and the dim world suddenly brightened.
The scattered army, the frightened residents, and their faces were filled with joy as they looked at the golden figure standing in the sky, emitting boundless light.
Charon’s four hooves sat on the ground, looking at the sky in shock.
“There really is a deity appearing. This kind of light, could it be that from the previous two times…” He said softly.
“Light, aura…”Who are you?”
Holding his nine sinister heads high, Hyderra’s eighteen eyes were ice-cold and focused on the distant sky.
“I am Apollo, the God of Light. I am here to judge your sins.”Apollo stared at it indifferently.
“Apollos, the God of Light, isn’t this the kind god that descended from the golden sun?”All the mortals in the nearby city-state recalled it.
“So it’s Zeus and Leto. You’ re not even a hundred years old, right? Even a god who hasn’ t grown up yet dares to provoke the great Hydera, courting death!”
Hydera let out a vicious roar as nine ugly heads spewed out foul poison.
“No one can escape the light.”
Apollo’s golden eyes flickered as blazing rays of light shot out from his eyes. The venom that splashed in the air instantly began to burn.
“Impossible, your reincarnated divine race!”
Hydera was furious. His eighteen eyes narrowed, and a terrifying green light emanated from his body.
As soon as the green light appeared, everything that touched it, whether it was dirt or rocks, trees or flesh, melted down like ice had met fire.
The green light in the sky seemed to carry an endless amount of corrosive energy as it rushed towards Apollo.
“Pure White Flame, Burning Nefarious Filth.”
In the eyes of everyone, Apollo let out an indifferent cry. A pure white flame suddenly appeared in the void.
The blazing temperature caused space to distort, and the jump enveloped the green light like a tide.
As soon as they met the pure white flame, the surging green light began to emit a sizzling sound, and the river evaporated into nothingness.
Apollo stood in the light, his golden eyes flashing.
The light that filled the sky was like sharp arrows that shot towards Hyderra.
The Nine-Headed Giant Serpent was shocked. Its enormous body suddenly shrunk, and it was like an expanding balloon that spat out the air inside, shriveled and shriveled.
A torrent of light surged over.
A ray of light shot towards the belly of Medela.
The sound of iron burning from the furnace rang out from Hydera’s abdomen. The scales on his body were burnt to ashes, and his flesh was charred black with smoke.
The intense pain stimulated Hyderra, but when he turned around, he saw tens of thousands of beams of light covering him like arrows.
It immediately felt as if it was a loach. Its nine heads dug into the ground, drilling into the ground.
Seeing this, War Hounds, the army, and the people in the city-state were stunned.
It turned out that this ferocious-looking monster was like a reptile in the ground in front of the great God of Light. It was not worth mentioning.
“Not good!”Charon’s expression suddenly changed.
After Hyderra entered the ground, the torrent of light that was like a rain of arrows did not seem to stop at all.
It covered the entire battlefield below.
“Could it be that the gods are going to kill us together?”The scattered soldiers were terrified.
They saw that these beams of light had just destroyed the scales of the Nine-Headed Giant Snake that were stronger than bronze.
If it were to fall on them, would they still have their lives?
“God, spare me!”
The soldiers prostrated on the ground in panic as they prayed.
The people in the city-state were also stunned, their expressions panicked.
“I don’t think Olympus has a kind god. It turns out he’s also a noble god that doesn’t care about the lives of mortals.”Charon laughed coldly and pulled out his bow and arrow, aiming at the golden figure in the sky.
Suddenly, a silent voice rang out by his ears.” Teacher, you often teach me. What you see isn’ t necessarily true. You have to learn to think and judge more. Why are you so rash and biased?”
“Tessa, it’s you.”Charon turned around and looked at the girl in a white dress who had suddenly appeared. He was very surprised,” Delphi has not been attacked by the monster, right? Why is there a faint black iron light on your body?”
“Delphi has also encountered an attack, but thanks to Lord Apollo’s help, he is a kind and great god. He will definitely illuminate all the dark light!”
“I have Dou Qi on my body. It was something that Lord Apollo created for mortals and could obtain Transcendent power. He wants us to defend our own lives and dignity.”
Tessa knelt on both knees and piously stared at the sky.
Charon looked at her in astonishment, his eyes flashing with disbelief.
How could there be such a god?
The people on Mount Olympus were all barbarians.
The sky filled with light finally enveloped the entire battlefield.
Fear filled the faces of the soldiers as they stared blankly at the beams of light passing through their bodies.
All of a sudden, the wounds on his injured body healed. His entire body was warm, and all of his fatigue disappeared, as if there was an endless force.
On the other hand, the dozens of monsters that followed Hyderabad were surrounded by light, and their bodies began to emit burning flames as they began to wail miserably.
Not long after, they were all turned into ashes.
“Good people saw light, it was the warm sun of spring; evil things saw light, it was like being burned by a raging fire.”That’s right.”
Apollo’s solemn voice rang out in the brilliant light.
On the battlefield, in the city-state, a soldier and citizen knelt on the ground at the same time.
“Great God of Light, you are the most resplendent star in the heavens. You are the Lord of mercy and discernment. Your radiance will surely travel in the heavens, in the earth, in the sea, and in the heart of all spirits ……”
Looking at the dazzling and majestic figure in the sky, Tessa first read out this distinguished name.
Immediately, everyone on the ground began to pray.
Looking at the rows of kneeling figures, Charon was stunned.
The bow and arrow in his hand unconsciously fell to the ground.
“There really are true deities in this world that are different from Zeus and the others?”He muttered to himself as he watched the sky above.
He had lived for too long.
He had seen too many ugly faces of deities.
He no longer believed that the gods were existences worthy of belief.
They were just barbarians with great power in the air.
But now, he realized that this was only his prejudice.
There were still gods in the world that were truly called’ gods’.
“God of Light……”Apollo!”
Suddenly, Charon’s hoof fell and knelt on the ground.
He slowly said,” Great God of Light, you are the brightest star in the vast sky. You are the Lord of mercy and discernment. Your radiance will surely travel in the heavens, in the earth, in the sea, in the heart of all spirits…”Praise the light!”
Tessa looked over, her bright eyes filled with pride.
“Lord Apollo, you are indeed the greatest deity, able to subdue all creatures.”
The young girl looked at the golden figure in the sky with admiration and admiration. She said sweetly:
“Praise the light, praise you!”*

Chapter 49 Killing Hydra (First Division)

Apollo did not pay too much attention to the prayers of the mortals below.
His gaze focused on the ground.
“Hydra, the Trial of Light will not be absent!”
“Even if you flee to the Underworld and the Abyss, you will not be able to escape the light.”
The golden light flickered, and Apollo’s palm appeared with seven strings of zither.
He sat cross-legged in the air, his fingertips smoothly crossing seven tiny strings of zithers. His melodious music echoed in the air.
Theresa and the others, who were originally praying, couldn’ t help but be stunned as they listened to this graceful and intelligent music.
In the depths of the ground, Hyderra stared at the darkness around him and breathed a sigh of relief.
“Apollos, the God of Light, when did Olympus become such a powerful god?” Nine heads cursed.”Fortunately, I know how to drill holes and run fast.”
“Hehe, who told us that our father, Tifeng, was a descendant of the Earth Mother and the Abyssal Lord. He was born to be close to the earth.”
“If you hide so deep, no matter how much divine power you have, Apollo won’ t be able to do anything to me now, right?”
Hydera smiled proudly.
Suddenly, he heard a melodious melody from the surroundings and asked curiously,” This place is deep underground. How could there be a sound?”
His nine heads immediately began to listen carefully.
The tone was very melodious, as a snake that had lived for thousands of years and had good musical literacy.
Hydra nodded repeatedly.
“Yes, it’s a very exquisite finger technique. The melody is smooth without losing its charm. It’s a music master.”
As he spoke, he suddenly felt his head swell and ache.
Surprised, he said,” Could it be that you’ ve pierced through the ground and injured your head? Which one is it?”
The nine malevolent snake prime ministers looked at each other.
Suddenly, the first one on the left exploded without any warning.
A huge sound shook the depths of the earth.
The ground around several hundred kilometers shook like an earthquake.
Sensing this change, Apollo accelerated to play.
The tip of his finger moved smoothly on the strings.
An explosion sounded from below.
In the dark underground, Hydera screamed in terror.
“How could this be? What divine technique is this?”
It couldn’ t believe it. Its two heads exploded for no reason.
The sound of explosions rang out again.
It only had six heads left.
“Just why? This place is clearly an ordinary underground place. Why would my head explode for no reason?”
“Oh right, that strange tone must be it!”
The six heads thought at the same time, and Hyderra instantly realized the problem.
At this moment, a melodious tone sounded again.
Another head exploded with pain.
The intense pain caused Hyderra to no longer be able to care about anything else. She quickly flew to the ground.
“Where are you going?”
Just as it was on the ground, a golden ray of light blocked its path.
Hydera’s five remaining heads stared fixedly at the indifferent figure in front of her.
At the same time, he saw the seven strings zither in his hand.
“You played that strange tone?”It asked in a low voice.
Apollo nodded lightly.” I am not only the God of Light, but also the God of Music and Art. I have authority in music.”Of course, it’s all thanks to the Divine Zither, as well as a bit of comprehension during the development of magic and battle qi.”
“Magic and Combat Aura?”Hydera was at a loss.
“You don’ t need to know so much. Just go.”Apollo spoke indifferently, his body suddenly surging with light.
“Do you really think you’re going to eat me?”Hydera roared, killing intent rising from her body.
“Do you think that you can use your father’s power and not fear me?”Apollo asked calmly.
Hydera’s five heads’ expressions changed at the same time.
The golden-haired youth in front of him opened up a brilliant domain.” If it wasn’ t for the fact that you’ ve fought with your descendants before, knowing that you have this kind of ability, perhaps you’ ll really escape this time, but your life isn’ t good.”
A domain filled with light surged out.
Hyderra’s face was filled with anxiety as she urged her bloodline senses to contact her father, the Hundred Demon Father, Tifeng.
However, the boundaries of spacetime seemed to have been cut off.
The transmission of his bloodline could not exceed such an obstacle.
A brilliant light enveloped it.
Bang bang bang bang!
With four loud explosions, four of Hyderra’s remaining five heads exploded.
At this moment, its last head began to laugh wildly.
“Olympus’ god, you underestimated me, Hydra. The last thing you should do is destroy all my heads!”
“Because of me……”Let’s cut down one head and produce two heads!”
Suddenly, it forcefully self-destructed its last head.
A huge force rippled through the Apollo Dawn Domain.
A crack appeared in the invisible domain.
Hyderra lost his head and twisted his snake body as it emerged from the crack.
The nine necks that had lost their heads continuously wriggled.
Shockingly, each neck had an extra branch.
In just a short moment, it grew a dense cluster of eighteen heads, thirty-six eyes, ice-cold condensing Apollo within the Dawn Domain.
Apollo just let out a soft laugh at this horrifying scene.
He asked indifferently,” Being obsessed with the number of heads is a common problem for you monsters. I heard that your father, Typhon, has a total of 100 heads, known as a hundred dragons.”
“How could a god like you understand father’s greatness? It won’ t be long before we kill Olympus and devour all of you!”
Hydera’s eighteen heads roared at the same time. The scene was sinister and sinister.
“As expected, they are preparing to fight Olympus…” Apollo’s eyes flashed.
A shocking aura suddenly emanated from his body.
“Hydera, it’s time for your game to end. Let’s use you to test the power of my etheric body’s stars!”
Suddenly, Apollo took a step forward.
His figure seemed to have crossed space and appeared in the air above Hyderabad.
His hand spread out in front of him, and a blazing light instantly enveloped the giant snake.
Hydera’s 36 eyes suddenly shrunk.
Eighteen mouths simultaneously spat out a jade-green light.
The stars circled around, and the power of the ether surged.
Like a torrent of stars, it instantly crushed the jade-green light that Hyderra spat out.
An invisible punch landed on its enormous body.
One punch.
Hydera Pangran’s body shattered into pieces.
Hydera let out an unwilling roar.
It was the son of Typhon, possessing great power that surpassed the peak of ordinary Highgods.
When the nine heads were chopped off, they appeared in the form of eighteen heads. It was completely comparable to a Sovereign.
Why would such a powerful person be smashed by a single punch?
Even if he was a powerful Sovereign, he should still use authority, divine power, and domain.
He crushed it with the power of his divine body.
How could this be accepted?
Hydera roared in grief and anger. At the same time, his eighteen heads were burning with dark green flames, and the violent killing intent shook the heavens and the earth.
“What happened?”Everywhere in the world, a deity was alarmed, casting his gaze over.
“Isn’ t this Hydra the Nine-Headed Serpent? Why has it grown eighteen heads? This aura is so powerful!”
“It’s Apollo who’s fighting him. He’s actually crushing Hydera in this state. How terrifying!”
The gods were shocked.
Apollo frowned when he sensed their gaze.
In an instant, boundless light covered this space, blocking the sight of the probe.
He used all of his power to strike at Hyderra, who was already fighting back with all his might.
After a short fight, he smashed all of Hydera’s heads with his fists.
“Looks like the eighteen heads are your final form. It’s disappointing.”
After wiping off the blood on his body, Apollo shook his head.
Not many of the gods were powerful. If he wanted to test the power of the ether god body, he could only practice with monsters.
He didn’ t want Hyder to be useless.
“Heidra, who was fighting for his life, should be able to compare to a third or fourth rank Overgod. However, in front of the etheric body, it was still hard to resist. My etheric body’s current strength is roughly comparable to a seventh or eighth rank Overgod.”
“Combined with his divine power and several powerful divine techniques, fighting against a ninth grade Sovereign wasn’ t a problem.”I’ m sure Zeus hasn’ t reached his original level yet, but he has the authority of a Godking to restrain the gods.”
After some thought, Apollo felt that he was not a match for Zeus.
Unless he took out the Burning Sword.
Just when he had finished off Hyderabad.
The sun god Helios coldly snorted from the outside world’s gods who had been looking at him.” You actually used the power of light to cover it. Do you have any secrets that you don’ t dare to see?”
As he said that, he looked at his sister, the Moon Goddess Sylvain.
He asked,” How did you get in touch with Enos?”
Sirenne replied,” We’ ve already contacted him. He agreed to take action together. Is that all right?”
Heleus roared in a low voice,” He forced me to do so. He proclaimed himself in the mortal world. Right now, those mortals all think that he is the sun god, completely forgetting my existence.”
If “didn’ t teach him a lesson, wouldn’ t it make the gods think I’ m a coward?”Hmph, I just need to wait for a suitable time and give him a head-on attack.”
Sylvain could only nod.
She felt that her older brother’s recent state was very wrong, extremely irritable.
But there was nothing wrong.
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Chapter 50 Changes in the Thirty Years

“Laropro, you came so early today?”
“Of course. Today is a big day for Delphi City.”
“That’s right. It’s been almost thirty years, it’s finally finished.”
On the streets of Delphi City, two robust youths walked towards the center of the city side by side.
Taking a glance at Raropro beside him, Takis suddenly said in surprise,” You’ ve successfully cultivated bronze Dou Qi?”
“What you just achieved two days ago can not compare to what you achieved five months ago.”Laropro’s eyes were still filled with complacency.
Tapis smiled and said,” Breaking through the black iron stage and reaching the bronze domain means that the cultivation of battle qi surpasses the limits of ordinary people. Whether it’s in the Radiant Church or in the city-state, it will have an advantage.”
“That’s right. Even without this, it is only bronze Dou Qi that can prevent a hundred diseases from surviving. It is also worthy of us spending so many years cultivating.”Laropro said.
“All of this must be thanks to the great God of Light. Let us praise the light.”Tuckis became serious, his right hand clenched tightly, his brows furrowed.
Laropro did the same.
When the Light Church was established thirty years ago, it was founded by the most beautiful and pious priest.
His hand clenched tightly as a symbol of determination, and his brows furrowed slightly as a symbol of faith in the great God of Light.
Together, they meant that they were dedicated to the light.
Right now, Delphi was a believer in the God of Light.
Therefore, this hand gesture was also the most common one here.
“If it wasn’ t for the great God of Light descending and killing Hydra and the many monsters, we, Delphi, and even the surrounding dozens of city-states, would have been destroyed on that day.”
“I really envy those old people who have personally witnessed the arrival of the great God of Light. After dealing with Hydera, the God of Light personally taught the Dou Qi and magic of the people who came from Delphi.”
“, That magic thing was too profound. It gave people a headache. Unless it was a wise person with profound wisdom, it would be better to train in battle qi.”The city-states have relied on many Silver-Gold heroes to beat back the monsters.”
“The God of Light’s wisdom is truly even more vast than the ocean and the sky. He actually created such a great cultivation method. I feel that he is more suitable for the title of the God of Wisdom than Goddess Athena.”
Hearing his partner’s words, Tapis smiled.” I heard that the relationship between the God of Light and Athena has always been very good in Olympus, the home of the gods. Don’ t slander Athena behind your back.”
“But why did I still hear that Goddess Athena and the God of Light’s older sister, the Hunting Goddess, have always been very different?”Laropro said.
“Hey, today is a holy day. Let’s not discuss deities.”Takis blinked.
Laropro nodded.” Alright, but today’s ceremony for the completion of the Temple should be attended by the Chief of War Hounds, right? He is the first gold hero in the entire land. He is also the closest person to lighting up the stars and reaching the highest level of Dou Qi cultivation that the God of Light predicted.”
“Charon’s chief is the chief of the Church’s warrior regiment. He will naturally attend today.”Takis was certain.
“However, I was even more looking forward to seeing Priest Tessa. She was the first person to be chosen by the God of Light. She was also the human who had followed the God of Light for the longest time.”Even though I’ m not as talented and knowledgeable as the leader of War Hounds, I’ m the most devout believer in the God of Light and the most proficient priest.”
“That’s right. She was Delphi’s most beautiful princess and the most dazzling pearl. I don’ t know how many heroes of the prince came to propose to her, but she chose to become a priest of light and serve the gods for the rest of her life.”
Laropro said regretfully.
Takis shook his head.” Compared to the great cause of serving gods, the love of the secular world is nothing, let alone seeing the most dazzling sun in the sky. Who can see the sparks on the ground?”
The two of them arrived at the center of Delphi City.
Shockingly, on the spacious square stood numerous exquisite white columns. They supported a towering and majestic flat-topped building, and it was magnificent and sacred.
A tall golden humanoid stone sculpture stood at the entrance of the building. Its figure was tall and straight, and its curves were beautiful. However, its face was completely blurry.
When everyone who passed by saw the stone sculpture, they all piously cupped their right fists between their brows as they praised the light.
“This statue of the God of Light, it had been completed by the most outstanding craftsmen in the surrounding dozens of city-states for ten years.
The reason why it took such a long time was because every time the craftsmen completed the examination, the priestess would always say that it was difficult to describe one in ten thousand of the light of the God of Light.
In the end, he had no choice but to give up on carving his face before being passed by the priestess.”
Laropro sighed.
“The majestic demeanor of a god was not something that ordinary people could describe.”Takis said softly.
“Fortunately, there was no such problem with the construction of the temple. Otherwise, even in three hundred years, the project would not be completed.”
The two of them raised their heads and stared at the majestic temple in front of them from afar. Their hearts were filled with admiration.
He once again used his right fist to gently frown.
“Praise the light!”
At this moment, the salute sounded.
It took thirty years to complete the Temple of Light. The Temple Sacrificial Ceremony began.
Artemis smiled as she looked at her younger brother, who was already half a head taller than herself. She asked,” Today is the day that your temple was completed. Why don’ t you pay attention to that place and bring me to Goddess Demeter?”
Apollo, who was even taller and more handsome than thirty years ago, said with a faint smile,” What’s there to look at? Look at how the other gods are jealous that my Temple is the tallest and the largest in all of Greece. Are you angry and unwilling and powerless?”
“You’ ve just recently become a Master God, so don’ t go and compete with Athena. She’s already an Eighth Order Master God.”Apollo’s words changed.
“So what? I’ m already very close to a Third Order Sovereign. With my bloodline activated, I’ ll be able to reach a Sixth Order Sovereign or above. At most, I’ ll be able to adapt to her battle style for one or two hundred years.”Artemis was very stubborn.
“Sigh, are you sure that you will often fight her in the future?”
“No, it’s just that she’s the most powerful of all the goddesses of Olympus. So as long as you win over her, no matter which goddess you marry, I’ ll be able to discipline you.”Artemis said quietly.
Apollo was speechless at her answer.
He could only walk in front of him.
“During these thirty years of spreading faith and Dou Qi on the earth, I almost forgot about the high-grade treasure chest in Demeter’s place. If you don’ t hurry, it will probably be refreshed.”
With that thought, he led Artemis into the female agricultural shrine.*

Chapter 51 Templar Sacrificial Rites, The Attack of Heleus (Third Division)

“Apollo, Artemis, you’ re here.”
Demetrius, the agricultural goddess, smiled as she walked into the young girl.
This aunt was wearing a light yellow dress. Her delicate material was difficult to hide her full figure. Her beautiful face was tall and straight, and she revealed a graceful and noble aura.
On her knees sat a young girl who looked like she was 11 or 12 years old.
Her pale purple hair and light green eyes set off her delicate and translucent face as white as jade.
The dark and lustrous skirt gave her an indescribable mysterious aura. Her sparkling white calves were slender and slender. Even though they were only flowers that were about to be laid out, they were still filled with an astringent temptation.
“Sister Persephone.”
Apollo smiled and greeted the girl on Demeter’s leg.
The young girl, Peltier, blinked her blue eyes and stared curiously at Apollo’s resplendent golden hair.
“Persephone, be polite. Call Big Brother Apollo and Sister Artemis.”The agricultural goddess grumbled at her daughter.
Only then did the young girl weakly say,” Big Brother Apollo, Big Sister Artemis, you are so beautiful.”
Artemis’ lips curled into a smile. She bent down and leaned in front of the young girl.” Peltafone, you’ re also very beautiful.”
Apollo looked around at them.
Beside Demetrius’ chair was a silver chest.
He walked over as if nothing had happened. He put away the treasure chest with space magic and said to Demetrius,” Why did Aunt Hestia not show up at Olympus like Aunt Hestia these years?”
“I just want to spend some time with Perth forne…” Demeter said this, but his face was somewhat gloomy.
Apollo, on the other hand, understood that this aunt, as Hera’s older sister, Demeter’s temper was not much different from Hera’s.
He married Zeus in front of Hera as his sixth wife.
However, in the end, the position of the Divine Empress fell on her sister Hera’s hands.
After that, she was forced to become a mare by Poseidon.
It was an extremely humiliating experience.
After that, she extinguished her thoughts of fighting and became as indifferent as her sister Hestia.
“Let’s not talk about it. Apollo, your reputation on the ground has spread throughout the legion of gods.”
Demetrius smiled.” Two days ago, I went to the Mother God’s place. Even the Mother God mentioned you, saying that I have the most famous grandson. I let you have time to visit her.”
“Grandmother Rui Ya also knows me?”Apollo was rather surprised.
The goddess Rhea was the mother of the second-generation Divine King Cronos. She was one of the twelve Titans in the past, giving birth to six Zeus siblings.
When the Zeus brothers had been able to overthrow the Titanic gods, this goddess had done a great deal of work behind their backs, but she had no reputation.
As a second-generation god, she wasn’ t as famous as the first-generation god queen’s mother, Ge Ya. Her existence was even inferior to the current god queen Hera.
However, her status in Olympus was extremely high.
In the past few years, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades were able to maintain harmonious relations and maintain the rule of Olympus.
She played a crucial role in it.
“It has been so long since I’ve been to Olympus, but I have n’ t been able to pay a visit to Ruia’s grandmother. It’s indeed mine.”Apollo blamed himself.” I’ ll have to trouble Aunt to bring me over in a few days.”
“Yes, I just so happened to have to bring Peltier to meet her mother.”Demeter smiled as he stroked his daughter’s purple hair.
Unexpectedly, Persephone’s cheeks were filled with dissatisfaction.” Mother god, do n’ t mess with my hair. It’s not good looking. Sister Artemis said I’ m the most beautiful.”
While Apollo and Artemis were laughing, she jumped up from her mother’s leg and approached Apollo.
He opened his large eyes and said,” Big Brother Apollo, Grandmother Rui is peaceful. She likes telling me stories the most. She likes a beautiful child like me. You are also very beautiful. She definitely likes it as well.”
“I don’t have Peltzerfne, you’ re beautiful.” Apollo wasn’t very satisfied with how they described themselves as beautiful.
He smiled at Peltier.
Suddenly, under Artemis’ worried gaze, his expression turned cold.
Delphi City.
Seeing the white dress in front of her, Tessa was stunned.
“Thirty years have passed, this should be just a moment of darkness for your eternal life, but I remember very clearly that it was in this palace that I wore this dress to listen to your instructions.
“Your expression and smile are all so full of spirit. Those vulgar craftsmen are unable to draw out a thousandth of them for eternity.”
Her appearance didn’ t change much, but there was a hint of mature charm between her eyebrows. Her slender hands stroked the patterns in her white dress as she muttered to herself.
Her beautiful face was filled with happy memories, but the corners of her eyes were drenched with water.
After a while, someone outside reminded,” Lord Priest, the ceremony is about to begin.”
This time, Tessa put down her white dress and looked at another long priestly robe.
“Back when I knelt in front of you and prayed, I promised to serve you for the rest of my life…”I can complete this promise now.”
King Delphi’s expression was a little silent as he looked at his daughter dressed as a pure white divine priest.
“Daughter, have you really decided?”In the past, although you were a priest of the church, the temple has not been built. You can still withdraw without receiving the grace of God.”
“If you really enter the Temple today and become a virgin priest for the rest of your life, then your long life in the coming thousands of years will forever remain in front of the Temple.”
His father’s sorrowful words lingered by Tessa’s ears.
The former princess, the current female priestess, had a sweet smile on her face.
Looking at the tall statue in the distance, she calmly said,” Being able to serve him for the rest of my life is my best home.”
Looking at the surrounding crowd, she clenched her right fist and lightly furrowed her brows.” Praise the light!”
The crowd became restless. A believer raised his right fist and praised the light.
The sacred and solemn robes of the Sacrificial Rites were difficult to conceal her graceful demeanor.
Tessa was pious. She walked through the crowd step by step and walked to the middle altar.
The half-man and half-horse War Hounds were already standing there with a solemn expression, their bodies full of golden radiance.
Looking at the dense crowd below, he announced in a loud voice,” The Temple of Light has been completed. It’s time to begin.”
Then, Tessa walked to the center of the altar and looked down at the crowd with a smile.
“Before the ceremony begins, let us praise the great God of Light.”
She raised her right fist and lightly frowned as she chanted.
“Great God of Light, you are the most resplendent star in the heavens. You are the Lord of mercy and discernment. Your radiance will surely travel in the heavens, in the earth, in the sea, and in the heart of all spirits ……”
A believer’s expression was solemn as he chanted. His divine voice echoed through the entire city-state, as if a divine voice had descended onto the earth.
At this moment, a cold snort suddenly sounded from the sky.
“Apollo was just a Sovereign. How could he have the right to have a temple that was even bigger and grand than the King of the Gods?”
“Foolish mortals, you are too far-reaching!”
“Let me, Helios, judge you all today!”
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Chapter 52 Charon’s Star Return (Fourth Division)

The vast sky was filled with crimson flames.
A golden divine carriage flew over, and golden hair flew out from within. A stalwart figure with a cold face appeared.
Charon suddenly looked up into the sky.
As the son of the second-generation Godking, Cronos had lived for tens of thousands of years. He knew almost every god.
Heleus was one of the high-ranking gods in the Titan Divine Hall back then. Heleus was only an enemy of the Zeus brothers during the Titan War.
Later on, even though he had escaped death, he did not go to Taltarus to accompany his uncles.
However, they were also neglected, and their reputation was less known to mortals.
But Charon knew how powerful this god was.
The moment Heleus appeared, his heart skipped a beat. He knew it was bad.
Many believers who had descended into the mortal world had yet to react.
The sky was filled with flames as an endless amount of hot energy surged over.
The target was the God of Light in front of the temple.
“No matter what god you are, I can not allow you to offend his dignity!”
Tessa shouted loudly. Her body emitted a dazzling golden Dou Qi and turned into a sturdy shield in midair.
The crimson flames surged towards the shield. Endless heat swept through the sky, but they were all blocked.
Heleus’ eyes narrowed.” This is the Dou Qi that he spread in the mortal world?”Hmph, it’s only for mortals. How can it compare to our great divine power!”
He coldly snorted and pointed at the shield.
The dense flames burned the sky. Under the violent and cold sweep, the shield formed by Tessa’s Dou Qi suddenly split several cracks.
“No, I will not retreat!”
Tessa’s pretty face was determined as she stared at the sky. Her body was filled with golden Dou Qi.
Her talent wasn’ t that strong. Apollo had said that she would only be able to cultivate golden Dou Qi in twenty years.
Sure enough, she had spent twenty years.
It only took less than ten years for Charon to learn from her.
When battle qi reached the golden level, it could be used to fight against gods.
However, those were Demigods or Gods.
Helios, the sun god, was a powerful god that had declared prominence during the reign of the second generation of Godkings and had long since stepped into the Overgod rank.
Of course, she knew how powerful the other party was.
But since she wanted to destroy his statue, how could she tolerate it!
Tessa’s eyes were filled with boundless determination. Her body floated in the air as boundless golden Dou Qi poured into her shield.
The raging flames were completely blocked.
“A lowly mortal, you actually have such strength?”Heleus’ face darkened as he looked at the pretty and determined woman below.
His power was actually blocked by a mortal. If the gods knew about this, how could he have the face to stand on Olympus?
“Since that’s the case, let you all know what a Sovereign is!”
Heleus roared in anger as crimson flames roiled around his body, and a vast aura suddenly enveloped the sky.
An extremely dense flame landed on the Dou Qi Shield.
With a loud explosion, the invisible shield shattered into pieces.
The powerful divine might crushed the many believers in front of the temple like mountains.
A believer was crushed to the ground.
Only Tessa and Charon, who had cultivated golden Dou Qi, could bitterly endure.
“Haha, you guys are all believers of Apollo. I’ ll give you a chance!”
The crimson flames rolled in the air. Heleus looked at the tens of thousands of believers prostrating on the ground.
“As long as you give up your faith in him and call out my name as the Sun God, I can forgive your sins.”
“Otherwise, the Fire of the Sun will allow you to receive hell-like burning!”
Before he could finish speaking, an old man struggled to point at him with his walking stick.” What sun god? You are all hypocritical demons. Only the great God of Light is a true god.”
He focused his pious gaze on the statue in front of the temple in the distance and muttered,” The earth is ravaged by monsters and the people suffer. Only the God of Light will save us and grant us the ability to defend ourselves.”
Under Heleus’ divine might, the old man raised his right fist with great difficulty. He lightly frowned and chanted:
“Great God of Light, you are the most resplendent star in the heavens. You are the Lord of mercy and discernment. Your radiance will surely travel in the heavens, in the earth, in the sea, and in the heart of all spirits ……”
Following his voice, a believer surrounded by divine might began to chant along with him
In the end, everyone raised their right fist and lightly frowned.” Praise the light!”
Heleus’ face turned red, and the crimson flames on his body were burning until they were almost twisted.
“You stupid mortals, since you have violated my will, then all of you should die!”
He roared as he activated his divine power, endless blazing flames surrounding the ground.
All of a sudden, nine sharp sword blades, with extremely rich golden Dou Qi, shot towards his face.
“Who is it?”Heleus was furious. A crimson flame covered his body, enveloping the incoming arrows.
However, golden-colored Dou Qi surged. Through his flames, it landed on his face.
Heleus was in disbelief.
His dignified Sovereign body and golden Dou Qi had been weakened by the flames. Naturally, he would not be injured by mortal weapons.
However, he was a dignified god, and he was shot in the face by a mortal.
What kind of humiliation was this?
He looked down furiously and saw the half-man horse holding an arrow.
“You are Charon?”He recognized the illegitimate son of the second generation Godking.
“No, I am the chief of the Church of the God of Light!”
Charon calmly focused on him as his golden Dou Qi surged.
“Wu, you actually believe in Apollo too. Aren’ t you the one who despises the gods the most?”Heleus laughed derisively.
Charon helped Tessa who had been injured by Heleus up and said quietly,” That’s for gods like you. Lord Apollo is different from you. He is the true god!”
“Hmph, I don’ t want to hear your nonsense. Since you dare to stand in front of me, I’ ll end your life!”
Heleus roared. The crimson flames were like bolts of lightning as they slashed down on the half-man and half-horse below.
“Teacher!”Tessa looked at Charon worriedly.
The latter laughed at her,” Do you know why I didn’ t help you just now?”
“Because I am accumulating power!”
Under the gazes of thousands of believers, the golden Dou Qi on his body began to burn like flames.
The sky covered by Heleus flames suddenly lit up with bright stars, forming a half-man and half-horse pattern in the sky.
“Heleus, you don’ t care about the Dou Qi created by the God of Light. I’ ll let you know the greatness of this power created by the God of Light!”
“I will light up the stars that belong to me in the sky, and use this power to test the so-called sun god. Just what kind of great power does it have!”
Under the starlight, Charon said solemnly.*

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The vast starry sky.
Astreus, the Lord of the Stars, suddenly opened his eyes
In the boundless starry sky, stars suddenly shone brightly, forming a half-man and half-horse pattern.
Astreus said with a low sigh,” Apollo’s Dou Qi cultivation method, someone has really cultivated to the point of attracting stars.”
“But why do these stars feel like they’ re still corresponding to another power?”
As he muttered, Apollo, who had just walked out of Olympus, narrowed his eyes.
“The power of the stars in the etheric body and the stars in the Sagittarius are being refined. This is the advancement of Charon?”
He muttered as his figure transformed into a golden ray of light that tore through the sky.
Suddenly, endless waves surged.
A serpentine river coiled around the end of the world, blocking his path.
In the endless waves, Enos, the god of ocean rivers, held a cold spear in his hand as it focused on him.
“Apollo, you’ ve killed my son. Today, I want you to pay the price!”
“So you’ re also involved in this matter!”Apollo’s golden eyes were cold as a blazing flame burned towards Enos.
The latter said with a cold smile,” This time, you won’ t be able to beat me by yourself without Hector and Athena helping you!”
He was extremely confident.
As the ruler of a divine department, one of the twelve Titans in the past, the ruler of a third of the ocean.
Without the authority of a Godking, even Zeus would dare to fight.
Although he knew that Apollo’s strength had improved greatly over the years.
But in the end, he was just a junior god. How could he be his opponent alone?
“Just stay here and watch as your followers are burned to ashes by Helios’ flames.”
“Haha, although I can’t offend Zeus to kill you, it’s a great deal of pain!”
Enos laughed gleefully as he swung his spear, creating endless waves.
“Really? I didn’ t expect you to be so stupid!”
Apollo suddenly let out a cold laugh, and his body erupted with boundless light. Pure white flames burned fiercely in the water waves. Before the waves could hit his body, they instantly evaporated into nothingness.
Enos’ face changed and he hurriedly raised his spear.
The ocean river twisted and spun, and an endless amount of great power shook the world, condensing on a long and narrow spear.
All the deities in the world were alarmed.
“At the extreme push of the ocean river, what is the ruler of the ocean doing?”
The gods were shocked as they cast their gazes towards the sky.
However, a blazing light flickered between the vast sky and the earth.
The golden light illuminated the entire world.
The handsome youth stood within the light, his expression sacred and inviolable.
“It’s Apollo. Enos actually disobeyed His Majesty’s will to find trouble with him?”
“What brilliant light! Apollo was worthy of being the most famous Sovereign in recent years. He was actually able to fight against the Chief Sovereign of the Ocean without falling into any disadvantage!”
“Yes, but why did they fight for?”Some gods were puzzled.
Suddenly, a deity recalled,” Isn’ t this the day when the greatest temple built by the mortals for Apollo was completed?”
“That’s right. Just now, the strange starlight seemed to have been drawn from there. Did something happen?”
The gods became restless.
Very quickly, they sensed the changes in Delphi Temple.
“Heleus is actually so barbaric. Jealous of Apollo’s Temple, he went straight to deal with Apollo’s followers?”
“It really is Titan’s remnant. He doesn’ t have the aura of a god at all.”
The gods laughed.
“Tch, it’s not as if Apollo was too flamboyant. His temple is actually bigger than His Majesty the Godking.”
“Hehe, now that Heleus was persecuting his followers, he was blocked by the Hegemon of the Ocean ……”
There were also deities who sneered with envy, waiting to see a joke.
In the Goddess of Agriculture Hall, Artemis and Demeter’s expressions changed.
“Apollo just left in a hurry. So it’s because of this, damn Helios!”Demeter said angrily.
Artemis did not say a word. Her body surged with a cold aura as she quickly walked outside.
“Little brother, I am also a Sovereign now. I can help you!”
With that, a silver bow appeared in her palm.
Suddenly, a deep voice appeared by her ears.
“Artemis, my daughter, come to the Godking’s Palace. Father wants to see you.”
Zeus’ voice caused Artemis’ expression to change. She gritted her teeth and looked at the towering temple at the highest point of Olympus.
Inside, Zeus took out a crystal similar to Hera and stared at the scene at Delphi Temple with a smile.
“Heleus, you’re such an idiot, and Enos.”Apollo’s fate is very strange, but your fate is all under my three daughters’ control. You’ ll be completely under my control just by lightly teasing the line that belongs to you.”
“Haha, test out Apollo’s limits.”
He laughed loudly as he transferred the scene to the battle in the sky. Suddenly, his expression changed.
“The River of Oceans, the world is intertwined!”
In the boundless waves, Enos’ face turned solemn. Under his control, the long and winding ocean river was condensed into a long and narrow spear.
He was filled with the divine power of an eighth grade Sovereign.
Ice-cold pierced through the brilliant light in front of him.
All the gods watching the battle in the dark were extremely terrified.
Only the golden-haired and dazzling divine figure in the resplendent light had a calm expression.
He actually stood in midair, not moving at all.
The ice-cold spear pierced through the light as endless waves swept through.
“What is Apollo doing? This is a full-strength attack from an eighth grade Sovereign, the Chief Sovereign of the Ocean. He’s actually restrained his domain. Could it be that he still wants to use his divine body to carry it?”
“That’s right. The power of the gods is all about authority and divine power. How could there be such a battle.”
“Sigh, as expected, he is still too young. He simply doesn’ t understand the battle between deities.”
The gods sighed.
Enos was laughing wildly.
This spear condensed all of his power. Even a ninth grade Overgod would be seriously injured if he were to face this attack.
At this moment, it was only a little distance away from Apollo’s chest.
“Haha, if you want to blame it, blame yourself for not having enough combat experience. You’ re extremely stupid!”
“For my Akerloos to die!”
He roared, piercing the final distance.
Suddenly, in the boundless light.
Apollo’s handsome face revealed a soft sigh.
“Enos, I didn’t want to defeat you in this way, but who told me to hurry up now.”
As he gently sighed.
His entire body suddenly erupted with dazzling light.
Vast power surged, and two arms grabbed the spear.
A clear sound could be heard.
The entire world seemed to have stopped.
He had condensed the Ornith Overgod’s eighth grade ocean river power. He could be considered a top grade divine spear even if he was a Sovereign artifact.
It broke!
He was gently broken by two fair and smooth palms.*

Chapter 54 Divine Light Descent (Sixth Order)

“I……”I’ m not mistaken!”
“The Divine Spear of the Chief Sovereign of Ocean was broken, broken by Apollo’s palm!”
The gods felt as if they had fallen into an illusion.
Ocean Chief Sovereign Enos was an experienced Sovereign. Even the King of the Gods did not dare to say that he could easily defeat him with his divine power.
His divine spear was personally forged by the early-stage Godking Ulanos.
Along with him, he fought in the ocean and swept through the legion of gods for a hundred thousand years.
Even if it was placed on all the Sovereign artifacts, it would still be considered top notch.
It was possible that a deity could break it with his flesh palm.
This was equivalent to tearing apart a powerful Sovereign.
Meat Palm Ripper?
The gods were terrified.
Looking at the graceful golden-haired deity shrouded in boundless light, he was shocked.
How could this be a handsome and extraordinary god? He was clearly a god-shaped monster that had surpassed Ty Feng.
“I don’ t believe it, I don’ t believe it!”
As he stared at the broken spear in his hand, Enos’ expression went crazy.
He could not accept such a scene.
“The existence of light will not disappear because of your disbelief.”
Apollo stared at him indifferently. His Dawn Domain expanded, and a massive flood of light enveloped Orion.
A powerful light energy blasted over.
The power of the ocean river surged and protected Enos.
However, the power of light surged endlessly, breaking through layers of waves like a broken bamboo. It tore through waves of fury and covered Enos.
The God of the Ocean River fell to the river of light in a sorry state. His blood and qi surged as he coughed out blood.
“Apollo, you can’ t pass me!”
Enos’ body was stained with blood. His hair was disheveled, and he continued to roar as he crawled up.
In the boundless light, Apollo’s golden figure suddenly appeared in front of him.
Stars flickered, and the power of the ether surged out.
The white fist landed on Enos’ chest.
A pool of blood splattered across the sky, and Enos looked at his chest trembling.
Shockingly, it was pierced through, and a fist-sized hole flowed with blood.
He seemed to have something to say.
However, before he could say anything, another fist landed on his face.
His flesh exploded and his teeth flew down.
Enos’ jaw shattered.
What he wanted to say turned into a completely blurry voice.
Bang bang bang!
Another three punches landed on his shoulder, abdomen, and nose.
Under the shocked gazes of the gods, Enos’ body almost fell from half the sky.
An old face with a broken chin and sunken nose could not be seen at all.
“Apollo’s domineering fist!”
The gods sighed.
However, a few goddesses stared at the golden figure that was still elegant and handsome as they clenched their fists.
“Wow, in the past, I really didn’ t see how handsome Apollo was when he punched someone!”
“Yes, look at that fist, look at that movement. Every time it was so graceful, why did he not beat me ……”
“Such a strong body, if it was in the grass after the banquet……”That will definitely bring the highest level of happiness.”
The male deities were speechless as they listened to the silly words of these goddesses.
In Olympus’ Divine King’s Hall.
He stared at the handsome youth who had turned into a ball of golden light and headed towards Delphi. He fell into silence.
His palms firmly gripped the armrest of the nearby throne, his face extremely gloomy.
“How did he achieve such a divine body?”
“With the strength of the Enos Master God, if it was a divine power confrontation, the two of them would have to fight for at least a few days and nights before they could decide the outcome.”
“But after getting close to him, he was blasted apart a few times!”
“Hu! Fortunately, he had discovered this trump card.”If I were to accidentally get close to you, even I would suffer a great loss.”
Zeus took a deep breath and continued to look at the crystal.
The starlight shone brightly.
The stars in the vast sky flickered, and numerous stars formed a bright pattern of half a person and half a horse.
Charon was bathed in starlight.
The golden color of the Dou Qi on his body gradually faded away, replaced by a brilliant star radiance.
A boundless amount of star Dou Qi rolled in the air.
Heleus’ divine might was scattered.
Many of the believers below stood up and looked worriedly at Charon, who was enveloped in the light of stars.
The latter took out his bow and arrow and aimed at the sky.” Heleus, let me see if your strength is worthy of calling yourself the Sun God!”
Heleus’ eyes were cold as he shouted:
“Wasn’t it just the power of the stars? Apart from Astreus, there was n’ t a single god that could enter my eyes.”You’ re too ignorant to be able to condense a bit of star power and become enemies with me!”
As he spoke, he suddenly looked into the distant sky.
Inwardly, he muttered,” Enos is already intercepting Apollo. Hmph, I want you to see your followers and your temple destroyed by me with your own eyes. You look so sad and powerless!”
As he laughed sinisterly in his heart, crimson flames rose around him.
Blazing flames gathered in the air, and violent ripples condensed into a crimson sun.
Just as his divine power was rushing out.
Below him, Charon shot out his bow and arrow.
The black sharp arrow carried a brilliant star-like radiance, piercing through the sky and straight towards Heleus’ throat.
“Sun’s Punishment!”
Heleus roared as a crimson sun shot out from above, enveloping the arrows of stars as if they were divine punishment.
The boundless flames burned the world, and space distorted.
However, the black arrow was like a star that could never be destroyed. When a brilliant light flashed, it pierced through layers of fire and shot straight at Heleus’ throat.
“Damn it!”
Heleus’ eyelids twitched. It was a god’s sharp intuition that made him feel a chill.
This Star Arrow was completely different from the previous arrow.
If he was shot, he would be injured if he didn’ t die.
He let out a low roar and his right palm suddenly surged with boundless divine power. It carried an incomparable heat as it grabbed forward.
When the Star Arrow was about to hit him, it was firmly gripped by his palm, and it continuously trembled under the high temperature.
“Hmph! In the end, it’s still divine power, and it can’ t do anything to me!”
Heleus sneered.
Suddenly, the Star Arrow that was being held tightly in his palm shone with light, and a cold light struck his lips.
Under the gazes of everyone, Heleus’ lips split open, and the crimson blood dripped into the air.
Delphicacy’s thousands of people cheered. They called out Charon’s name and praised the light.
The Dou Qi imparted by the Great God of Light was indeed comparable to the strength of a god when cultivated to the extreme.
He lit up the head of his own star and shot an arrow at a god!
“Damn it, you all deserve to die!”
Stunned, he wiped the blood off his lips. The sun above Heleus seemed to be about to explode as it rumbled.
It showed his anger, his frustration.
The majestic Sun God was actually injured by an arrow from a mortal.
Such humiliation was enough for the gods to mock him for thousands of years!
Only by burning everything here with the most blazing flames could this humiliation be obliterated.
Helius’ eyes shone with a fierce light.
The sun balloon on top of his head began to expand. In the blink of an eye, it turned into a small hill-like fireball that enveloped the sky above Delphi.
The crimson fireballs covered the entire city-state.
Whether it was the believers in front of the temple or the residents of the city, they all saw the crimson sun.
“Mortal, welcome God’s Fury!”
Heleus roared and shook the sky. The huge fireball released endless heat, trying to wipe the city-state from the ground.
Charon’s expression was grave as his body’s star Dou Qi surged and spread, forming a colorful barrier to block the high temperature.
“Sad person, do you think you can protect them?”
Blazing flames surged like a tide of flames.
Like fire fists, they smashed against the starlight barrier.
Boom! Boom!
The continuous attacks caused the enormous light barrier to tremble and shake. Kalon suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood.
Tessa looked at him worriedly.
“After lighting up the stars, my battle qi is already comparable to that of a Highgod. Moreover, I am the bloodline of Cronos. I have the same blood as Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. I am even more powerful than a Highgod.”
Charon looked at her bitterly,” But Heleus is a Sovereign, and he isn’ t the weakest Sovereign. With my strength, I can’ t match him…”Child, I won’ t last long.”
“I’ve lived for tens of thousands of years. It’s nothing to die here, but Delphy can’t be destroyed. The faith of the God of Light must be preserved ……”
He spoke excitedly, but Tessa interrupted him.
“Teacher, the faith of the God of Light will be forever passed down, because he is destined to be the God of the Gods, the master who brings light.”
She still looked like a young girl, her clear eyes filled with piety.
Her right fist lightly furrowed her brows. She looked up into the sky and chanted:
“Great God of Light, you are the most resplendent star in the heavens. You are the Lord of mercy and discernment. Your radiance will surely travel in the heavens, in the earth, in the sea, and in the heart of all spirits ……”
Her solemn voice affected all the people who fell into fear under the crimson sun.
He stared at the tall statue in front of the temple.
At the same time, Delphi’s people began to recite the name that belonged to light.
He looked out in anticipation.
His solemn voice shook Heleus.
He roared with envy,” You ignorant mortals, Apollo can’ t save you. Die!”
The crimson sun once again expanded, and endless flames shot down.
The shield of starlight was torn apart.
Right at this moment, a golden ray of light tore through the sky.
Tessa’s pious and respectful gaze focused on him as a golden divine figure appeared in front of Heleus.
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Chapter 55 The Moon Goddess Celine (seventh step)

“Heleus, it’s time for you to stop.”
Apollo spoke quietly in the brilliant light.
Endless dazzling light tore through the crimson flames that covered the sky and the earth. The sun-like fireball in the sky exploded.
The kingdom of light enveloped Delphi.
“Great God of Light, you have not forgotten your followers.”
“Praise the light, praise you!”
Looking at the majestic figure similar to the divine statue in front of the temple, Delphi’s people began to cheer under the golden light.
While supporting the collapsed Charon, Tessa’s eyes remained motionless in the sky.
As she looked at the golden figure that was like before, her eyes suddenly began to emit sparkling tears.
The praise below caused Heleus’ face to twist. He used his eyes that almost spat out flames as he stared fixedly at the golden figure shrouded in light.
“Enos, that old thing is really trash. He didn’t even stop you.”He roared, like a mane dog whose head was stepped on by its tail.
Apollo looked at him calmly and asked,” Why did you harm my followers?”
“Why?”Heleus sneered.
He looked down at the mortals below and said resentfully,” If you want to blame it, blame these ignorant mortals. All you know is that you are a hypocrite.”I am the Sun God, the source of all light. They should all believe in me!”
“Is that just the reason?”Apollo frowned as he looked at Heleus, feeling that something was off.
Heleus was a leader of the Titan legion of gods. He had participated in the Titan War, stood on the opposite side of Zeus, and finally retreated.
Such a Sovereign should not be so reckless.
“Hmph, this is my reason!”Heleus roared, his face twisted.
Apollo felt that something was wrong, but he knew it was not the time to think about it.
He looked coldly at Heleus, boundless light surging.
Divine power surged like a torrent, drowning Heleus.
“Came well. Since these people believed in you so much, then I will defeat you in front of them.
“Let Guangtian and the earth know who is the true great deity!”
Heleus roared loudly. His divine power pulled the sun in the sky, and endless light and heat erupted.
“The domain of light shattered the illusion!”
Apollo’s expression was indifferent, and the Dawn Domain opened.
In these thirty years, although he had focused his main energy on the cultivation of the etheric body.
However, the original Inception God-level bloodline power still unknowingly allowed his divine power to quietly reach the peak of the Fifth Order Sovereign.
As he activated the Dawn Domain, the power of the domain reached its limit.
It was comparable to a ninth grade Sovereign’s power!
Even though Heleus was an experienced Sovereign, his divine power was only barely at the level of a Sixth Order Sovereign.
The kingdom of light surged and wreaked havoc.
The light and heat gathered by Heleus shattered and dimmed.
Under the gazes of all the citizens of Delphi City, a brilliant bright cage covered Heleus’ tall body.
A blazing heat wave engulfed his body, his spirit.
“Impossible! This is impossible!”
Heleus was in disbelief. He did not believe that he would lose.
Moreover, they were defeated so quickly and without any suspense.
The heavens, the earth, the sea, and even the underworld were filled with disbelief.
Witnessing Apollo’s defeat of Enos.
They all understood that with Heleus’ strength, it was impossible for him to be a match for Apollo’s terrifying divine body.
But Apollo didn’ t fight at all.
He only opened his domain power.
Defeat Heleus so easily?
The gods couldn’ t believe it.
Heleus was definitely not a weakling. He was the son of Xu Perion and Thea, the goddess of light.
Back in the Titan War, when he faced Zeus and his brothers, he had acted quite well. He was brave enough to fight.
But now, facing Zeus’ son, he had actually lost so miserably, so quickly!
Was he too crippled, or was his opponent too powerful, too terrifying?
The gods stared at the golden figure shrouded in light with shocked eyes.
The people below Delphi looked up at the sky in admiration.
Then, he began to praise the light and recite Apollo’s name.
“Great God of Light, you are the most resplendent star in the heavens. You are the Lord of mercy and discernment. Your radiance will surely travel in the heavens, in the earth, in the sea, and in the heart of all spirits ……”
His sincere prayers caused Heleus’ face to twist even more.
“You stupid mortals, the sun is the source of all light and heat in the universe. You should all believe in me, not him!”
He roared hysterically, his body burning with crimson flames as he charged out from the layers of light.
Apollo’s golden eyes flashed. Just as he was about to make a move, a silver moonlight shot out from the distant sky, blasting away the light around Heleus.
Seizing this opportunity, Heleus escaped the light.
“It’s Helios’ younger sister, Moon Goddess Serrne.”
Someone from the various gods who were secretly observing cried out.
Apollo’s golden eyes looked over, and a beautiful goddess enveloped in the gentle moonlight appeared beside Heleus.
The latter roared in a low voice,” Why are you only taking action now, making me look like a joke.”
Crenne had not expected his brother to question him the first time he was trapped. He said in an aggrieved tone,” I didn’ t expect Apollo to be so powerful, and you lost so quickly.”
Her words made Heleus’ face even uglier.
Gritting his teeth, he looked at Apollo and said to his sister,” Come, use your silver moon power and my sun power to deal with him.”
The spirits of the hidden gods came.
“Even though Celine was only a second-order Sovereign, her Silvermoon power and Heleus’ Sun power were able to gather the sun and moon. It was said that she was able to condense a sliver of the legendary Chaos God, Callus’ Chaotic Divine Power. It was enough to contend against a ninth-grade Sovereign.”
Zeus, who was seated high in the divine king’s hall, was also spirited.
He stared at the crystal in front of him and said with a smile,” Apollo, that’s why I let Atropos and the others influence Heleus. Let him and Sirenne explore your bottom line.”
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56 Dusk Trial

At Olympus’ Divine King’s Hall, when Zeus let out a smile that was in his grasp.
Outside Delphi City, a piercingly cold silver arrow suddenly flew out.
The ice-cold power that symbolized the cruel laws of nature pierced through the chest of the Moon Goddess Celine.
Under Heleus’ shocked gaze, Celine fell from the sky.
“This is Artemis!”
The gods stared at the place where the silver arrow had shot out.
In the dark forest, the silver-haired girl, who was less well-dressed, wore a simple short skirt. Her slender hands gripped the silver bow and arrow tightly, calmly responding to the gazes swept over by the gods.
His moon-like pure eyes carried an encouraging smile as he looked at the golden-haired youth in the sky.
“Heleus has Serene, you have me.”Her silver hair fluttered in the wind, and she said softly.
In the Dawn Domain, Apollo warmly replied with a smile.
Endless light locked onto Heleus who was supporting Sirenneij below.
It covered the ground like a torrent.
In the Godking’s Hall, Zeus’ face couldn’ t help but turn ashen.
He had instructed Artemis to come to the back of the Divine King’s Palace, but he had never paid attention to this daughter.
She did not expect that she would dare to disobey his orders and leave Olympus to ambush Delphi.
He heavily injured the Moon Goddess.
This caught him off guard.
Only then did he realize that he had always focused on Apollo.
Ignoring Artemis, the daughter of Apollo’s mother.
Unknowingly, her strength had reached Overgod.
At the Sovereign level, no matter where they went, they were considered experts.
It could affect many situations.
“Damn it. Without Sylvie’s power, a trash like Heleus could do anything to their siblings.”
“I have to help them!”
Zeus was deep in thought, his body flickering with a terrifying fluctuation.
With a solemn expression, he said to the void in front of him,” In the name of the king of the gods, I will grant the Moon Goddess Sylvain to recover from her injuries.”
Divine King’s authority, controlling all things, dominating all things, and giving gifts to all things!
The sky was filled with light.
Heleus looked anxiously at Sirenne, who was still unable to speak. Heleus looked at the arrow in his arms and was trembling. Heleus shouted anxiously,” Are you still alright? Apollo is coming.”
Sylvie’s face was pale as she looked at the familiar figure in front of her.
His swollen head keenly felt something was off.
His brother wasn’t that irritable before, right?
Suddenly, she felt the pain in her chest relax a lot. She struggled to stand up, her body surging with silver moon divine power.
“Great. You’ ve recovered.”
Heleuston was overjoyed, and the divine power of the sun surged towards Crenne.
When the two forces combined, the surrounding space suddenly began to tremble.
Standing in the sky, Apollo’s expression froze.
Within his senses, an incomparably profound divine force suddenly appeared between Heleus and Sylvain.
“Artemis’ arrow did not make Sylvain lose combat power.”The situation has changed again.”
“I remember the last time the sun and moon had joined forces to develop chaotic divine power. It was also during the Titan War. At that time, Heleus had just become a Sovereign, and Sylvain was only a peak Highgod. The power of the explosion was still enough to heavily injure Poseidon, who was a seventh grade Sovereign.”
The dark gods stirred again, discussing amongst themselves.
“Chaos divine power?”The legendary Chaos God, Callus’ power, combined with the divine power of the sun and moon, can simulate such power.”
“Even though it’s just a sliver, it’s still enough to fight against any expert below the Origin God.”
Hearing the words of the gods, the corner of Apollo’s mouth twitched slightly as he suddenly let out a cold laugh.
The other gods only watched Artemis’ arrow secretly, not knowing how heavy it was.
However, he saw it clearly.
His sister had always been the most effective hunter. She had prepared for a long time, even if she couldn’ t take Sylvain’s life.
That would surely cause Sylvain to lose all combat power in a short period of time.
But suddenly, a powerful force repaired Sylvain Nirvana’s injuries, allowing her to recover.
Who would have done it?
Contacting some doubtful points, the answer to Athena’s question about the Goddess of Fate was actually very clear.
“Since you want to know my strength so much, I will meet your needs.”
His golden eyes swept across the summit of Olympus in the distant sky, and Apollo’s body emanated a faint aura.
“Sister, I’ ll leave these mortals to you to take care of.”After saying something to Artemis, he flew into the sky.
Endless light began to expand, brilliant golden light flowing through the void like traces of years and youth.
At the bottom, there was a combination of the divine power of the sun and the divine power of the silver moon.
A faint, gray and boundless power slowly gathered in the sky.
The moment this power appeared, the entire world began to fall into chaos.
The gods were horrified to discover that the power they possessed had become distorted and trembling. The most fundamental laws in the world were rumbling.
The order was overturned, the laws were deranged, only chaos and chaos remained in the world.
Everyone looked at the world that seemed to have changed greatly in fear, at a loss for what to do.
Heleus laughed sinisterly in the chaos.
“Chaos is the beginning, the end, the most chaotic power.”
“Apollo, my primal-chaos divine power is the most powerful power that can confuse all power and divine power.”
“Trembling in front of it!”
Suddenly, boundless chaotic power enveloped Apollo in the air.
As the Chaotic Force corroded, the Dawn Domain around Apollo’s body dimmed inch by inch.
It was as if the afternoon sun had arrived in the evening. It was gray and dull, and it was about to disappear in the horizon. The dark night would replace everything.
“Haha, aren’ t you the God of Light? How does it feel to be in darkness?”Heleus laughed wildly.
It was as if he could not wait to see Apollo fall into the endless chaos.
Suddenly, he heard a soft sigh.
“Heleus, you claim to be a sun god, but you don’t know that the moment the sun dies, it’s the most dazzling moment.”
“Dusk is the true judgment of light!”
Suddenly, there was endless chaos and disorder.
A blurry light slowly rose.
It was not the usual bright and golden color, but a dull and orange-red radiance.
Like the afterglow of the setting sun.
Deep and gloomy, symbolizing twilight.
Twilight was death, destruction, and the end.
It was the final judgment of light.
In the dim dusk, Apollo’s figure was deep.*

Chapter 57 Divine Strength Like Prison, Not Invincible

Dusk Judgement!
A two-star divine skill from a high-grade treasure chest.
This was a pure attack divine skill.
Its appearance represented the judgment of light, the final settlement.
In the boundless twilight, Apollo walked in the twilight kingdom.
Outside this twilight was endless chaos and chaos.
The world lost its order, and the laws of the universe became chaotic. Everything was as if it had fallen into chaos.
The gods were in panic, while the mortals were in fear.
The power of primal chaos, even if it was just a sliver, was still a great power that could overturn the world.
Suddenly, the sky filled with twilight appeared.
They were like the afterglow of the setting sun, vague and bright, tearing apart layers of chaos, layers of gray, bringing gray light.
The midday sun was a golden flame that shone on the bodies and hearts of all living beings.
The sunset at dusk was a dark sword, a judgment that tore everything apart.
It was the anger of light, the horn of the apocalypse.
In the piercingly cold eyes of the various gods of the world, the hazy twilight light tore through layers of chaos, causing the dim twilight to scatter across the earth.
As the chaos was torn apart, the dim dusk gradually became more and more vibrant.
From orange to golden.
He turned dim and bright.
Heleus looked in disbelief at the layers of chaos that had been torn apart, his expression distorted.
The Chaotic Divine Power he had used together with his sister was the trump card he was most proud of.
With this trump card, he even dared to despise Zeus and the other kings.
This was because this was the power of Chaos.
All things in the universe, the first and the last, the strongest and the most vast power.
“If it was true chaos divine power, of course it wouldn’ t be destroyed like this, but did you really use chaos divine power?”
Amidst the bright radiance, Apollo calmly stared at him.
“Chaos was the beginning and end, chaos and disorder, and the greatest order.”You can only see its chaotic power and the power that shook order, but you don’ t know that the true chaos itself is the greatest order and supreme power.”
“The combination of the sun and the silver moon gives birth to chaos. In the end, it’s just a fake chaos. Your power seems powerful, but it’s actually weak.”
“Before the evening trial, all the inherent illusions will be torn apart.”
As he spoke in a cold voice, surging twilight descended on Heleus and Celine.
“What are you doing?”Heleus struggled in panic.
“Brother, don’t be afraid. We are all gods of Olympus. He does n’ t have the right to deal with us. Killing us is to despise the authority of the Divine Hall.”Sylvie was rather calm.
His sister’s words made Heleus relaxed.
He laughed derisively and said,” That’s right. Apollo’s strength is indeed beyond my expectations, but you dare to kill me?”
He laughed wildly.
The many deities in the dark looked down on them endlessly.
But Heleus completely forgot his face.
He sneered,” As long as I don’ t die, unless you stare at me day and night, I will always find a chance to destroy your temple and kill your followers.”
As he roared, Apollo suddenly lifted the two of them into the air.
“Why do you think that killing you is something I want to do to you? Why can’t you use your imagination and make my thoughts worse and more cruel?”Apollo said indifferently.
Heleus and Sylvie looked at each other in astonishment. They suddenly felt that something was wrong.
The gradually bright twilight in the sky suddenly enveloped their bodies.
Under the gazes of the gods, the divine bodies of Heleus and Celine slowly withered.
His hair turned white, and wrinkles appeared on his face and hands.
“Could this be a curse that would make them lose their youth?”A god made a guess.
This was confirmed by the other gods.
Curse, this was one of the cruel methods that deities used to deal with loathsome people.
Often, gods used curses to turn anything that offended them into monsters.
It was just that it wasn’t a rare curse to peel off youth.
However, Heleus and Sirenne were both Overgods with powerful divine power. Even if they lost their youth for a while, they should be able to quickly make up for it, right?
Right at this moment, a deity cried out in horror,” No, this isn’ t a curse. Heleus and Celine’s life force and divine power are fading, Celine…”The Sovereign has fallen!”
This voice shook the gods.
They looked over in astonishment.
As expected, the divine powers of Heleus and Sylvain Nirvana continued to decline under the boundless twilight.
Sylvie, who was only a Second Order Sovereign, quickly fell to the Highgod level, and was constantly losing power.
Heleus wasn’ t much better. He had fallen from Sixth Order to Third Order, and then to Second Order, not far from falling down.
“Death was never the most terrifying. What was terrifying was that he had climbed a high mountain, yet he had fallen into the dust and tumbled down in the mud.”
“My Divine Art, Dusk Judgement, is an extremely powerful killing technique. However, its effect is not just killing, it can even strip away your divine power.”
“Heleus, you didn’ t say that you were the Sun God and the source of all light, but from now on you won’ t be.”
“You’ re just an old and weak god race, the most lowly Demigod.”You want to destroy my Temple, but you won’ t be a match for War Hounds. Even a human who cultivates golden Dou Qi can defeat you.”
Apollo’s voice was incomparably calm, but when it landed in Heleus and Celine’s ears, it was like a sinister smile from a devil in hell.
“No, you can’ t do this!”Heleus curled his body and struggled to climb towards Apollo, his face filled with despair.
His rank had already fallen from a Sovereign to a Highgod.
Sylvie was even more miserable. She had already fallen to a God.
At the same time, boundless divine power of the sun and silver moon surged within Apollo’s body.
‘Dusk Judgement’s power was actually able to seize divine power.
However, different gods had different divine powers. If they were to absorb it, it would only cause a conflict with their divine powers.
However, Heleus and Celine’s divine powers were different. Apollo’s etheric body lacked the power of the sun and the silver moon.
At this moment, as they absorbed the divine power of the two, dazzling stars and silver moons suddenly appeared in the stars within their bodies.
The divine body emitted an almost perfect charm.
“We are only one step away from completing the galaxy cycle.”Apollo murmured.
When he perfected the etheric body, all the gods were shocked by the miserable state of Heleus and the others.
They had thought that Apollo would not easily forgive Heleus and Heleus, but they had never thought that such a terrifying method would happen.
Apollos, the God of Light, was truly as powerful as a prison, and could not be offended!*

Chapter 58 Zeus’ Freakdown

“What kind of divine technique is this?”
“Even though Heleus and Celine’s Chaotic Divine Power are fake, even if I wanted to break through it, it would still take a lot of time.”
“, Before this technique, it was easily shattered.”There’s also the effect of regaining your life force and removing your divine power.”
Zeus stared blankly at the crystal in front of him, his expression grave.
With this test, he felt that he could no longer control this son.
He then recalled what the three goddesses of fate had said.
“Fate is special. It’s impossible to guess.”
His face darkened as he clenched his hand tightly.
“Couldn’ t do that. He couldn’ t be allowed to stay outside any longer, so he was imprisoned on the grounds of casually harming deities.”If I still can’ t control him, I’ ll send him into Talatros.”
Killing intent rose in Zeus’ eyes.
He felt a threat, an unprecedented threat.
In the past, it was only a prophecy that the child that Mantis gave birth to would replace him as a fourth generation Godking.
He didn’ t hesitate at all, swallowing the goddess of wisdom that had supported him the most.
Because he would never allow any existence that could threaten him to appear.
Especially among his sons.
Every son had the possibility of replacing him.
Only the son under his control was the son.
Those who were no longer in control were the damned rebels.
A chill ran through Zeus’ eyes as he turned into a bolt of lightning and appeared outside Delphi.
“Apollo, stop your movements.”He ordered loudly.
As he looked at Zeus who had suddenly appeared, Apollos’ expression froze, but his movements sped up. The boundless evening power stripped away the last divine powers of Heleus and Sirenne.
Both of them sobbed and fainted, falling to their lower gods.
The radiance of the stars within Apollo’s body was extremely brilliant. Numerous magnificent stars were surrounded by the stars, and even more silver-white moons surrounded the stars.
A powerful aura swept through the sky.
His golden eyes focused on Zeus.
Suddenly, a monstrous aura emanated from Zeus’ body. It was as vast and boundless as the sky, covering the surroundings.
“Apollo, why didn’ t you follow my orders?”Zeus coldly questioned.
“Heleus and Sirenne provoked me. I will punish them. This is a very reasonable thing.”Apollo replied indifferently.
Lightning swirled around Zeus’ body as streaks of blazing lightning shook the sky and loudly berated.
“It seems that I’ ve spoiled you so much that you’ ve forgotten about respect and servitude.”
“I am the king of the gods. My order is to never disobey the supreme will.”
“Heleus and Sirenneh are wrong, but you don’t have the right to judge them. You openly disobeyed the majesty of the Divine Hall. Follow me back and lock them up for a thousand years.”
Zeus’ voice echoed between the sky and the earth.
The gods were incomparably shocked.
Originally, they had thought that the King of the Gods was going to help their son deal with the aftermath of Zeus’ appearance.
But the first thing that Zeus did not expect was to reprimand Apollo.
What was going on?
“He’s been in trouble so soon?”
In the Goddess of Agriculture Hall, Demetr, who was holding Persephone and continuously paying attention to Delphi, turned pale.
“Zeus, my little brother, my husband,” she murmured as she gazed into the distance.You were so heartless, so cruel.”You must kill him just by revealing a bit of strength?”
At the same time, Athena’s eyes flashed as she sat in front of the room’s table.
Looking at the dressing table in front of her, she said,” I didn’ t expect that this day would arrive so soon. I thought that the fake father and son Wang Chen could last for a long time.”
Sighing, the goddess of wisdom turned into a ray of light and flew into the distance.
In the depths of the ocean.
Poseidon’s eyes turned cold as he suddenly laughed coldly.” Zeus, your son is really outstanding. You can’ t hold back that fast.”
Not far away from him, Amphitheater’s delicate face flickered with hesitation.
“Apollo, why are you causing Zeus to be in trouble so quickly? If the situation really turns out to be the worst, should I help you?”She muttered endlessly in her heart.
In the gloomy underworld.
Hell King Hades, who was seated in a pitch-black throne, opened his deep eyes and stared at the sky. He sneered:
“Divine King’s bloodline, the fate of his father and son being crippled would never be avoided.”Perhaps this is the curse of fate. Zeus, do you want to resolve the crisis again, or do you want to repeat the old path of Cronos and Uranus?”
A wisp of anticipation surfaced in his deep eyes.
With the gazes of the gods, Zeus’ aura grew even higher, as if he was looking down on all living beings.
Numerous violent lightning bolts shot out from the sky like fireworks; resplendent lightning bolts danced about like fine snakes, and violent lightning reverberated through the universe.
Glancing coldly at Apollo who was standing in the light, he said in a deep voice:
“My child, as long as you are willing to admit your mistake and repent, after a thousand years of confinement, you will still be my favorite son, my pride, Olympus’ most honorable master god.”
“What a hypocrite.”
Before Apollo could reply, the distant silver-haired Artemis flew over with a cold expression.
She stood by Apollo’s side and looked at Zeus with the most determined gaze.
“Our god father, you are the king of kings who rule the entire world. Your power makes the gods tremble, your majesty makes the universe tremble.”
“But in my eyes, you have never been a true king. Your words are full of lies, and your judgment is unjust. In your eyes, there is only power and rule, and there is no mercy or affection at all.”
“You want to imprison my younger brother, don’ t use such a false excuse.”That’s because no matter what excuse you have, you have to step over my corpse first!”
Artemis’ voice spread out in all directions, as if it was a piece of high music. It filled the vast earth and fell into the ears of every god.
All the gods were stunned.
“Su Ni’s daughter, stop your nonsense!”
Zeus’ face was burning with rage as a thick bolt of lightning struck Artemis.
He had never thought that there would be someone who would dare to challenge his dignity in front of the gods and accuse him of everything.
Only by washing the world with lightning could such humiliation be resolved.
But when his lightning struck down.
The brilliant light was the first to stop Artemis, blocking the lightning.
Apollo gently looked at the beautiful elder sister beside him and said softly,” Elder sister, I really didn’ t notice that you have such a sharp sword that can tear apart all the ugly and embarrassing words.”
“If he chose to appear at this time, it means that he has made up his mind.”
“Our brother and sister also use their most determined will to test the so-called invincible might of the King of All Gods!”
Holding his elder sister’s hand, an unprecedented blazing light still surged forth from his body.
As for the thunderbolts that were gathering in the sky, they also suddenly hacked out.
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