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Big Boss
Fantasy Coins: 69

Chapter 41: Apothecary’s Mission, Abyssal Gap!(2)

“Ding, welcome back to Original.”
Following a ray of light, Su Ming’s figure appeared at the birth point.
“Finish the hidden quest in one breath today.”
Su Ming directly walked towards the pharmacy.
A few minutes later, he arrived at the street where the pharmacy was located. Apothecary Ron stood there with a face full of sorrow.
“Uncle Ron, do you know who the owner of this ring is?”
Su Ming took out the’ Blood Stained Ring’.
“Adventurer, please do not disturb ……”
Ron’s face was filled with impatience, but when he saw the ring in Su Ming’s hand, his eyes turned red. He suddenly reached out and grabbed the ring.
“This, this is Murphy’s ring!”Ron was extremely excited. He looked at Su Ming, his lips trembling as he asked,” Adventurer, please tell me where this ring was found.”
“Hears’ vengeful spirit fell after death.”
Su Ming calmly replied.
As for the details of the quest, he knew very well that the ring belonged to Ron’s daughter.
However, they still had to go through the quest process.
“I’ ve already said that if I don’ t let Mefe go to the mountains to collect herbs, she just won’ t listen to my advice.”
“No, it’s all my fault. I should n’ t let her pick medicine alone ……”
Ron’s eyes darkened as he muttered.
The appearance of the ring on Hill’s vengeful spirit meant that his daughter……He was already poisoned.
Ron took out a bottle of liquid medicine to rinse the ring. In the blink of an eye, the surface of the ring began to shimmer.
In the next moment, many herbs appeared on the ground.
This ring was an interspatial ring.
“Wait, this is the devil’s hand bone?”Damn demon, you must have killed my daughter!”
Ron looked for the herbs and found a portion of his finger that was emitting strands of black Qi.
There was endless anger on his face.
Su Ming felt that it was a little strange. Logically speaking, the daughter of a pharmacist was an ordinary person. How could she kill a demon? Could it be that she was picked up on the ground.
What was the purpose of proving that he was killed by the demon?
The more he thought about it, the more Su Ming felt as if the action of placing a demonic finger in his Space Ring was deliberate.
At this moment, Ron’s words interrupted his thoughts.
“Adventurer, can I ask you for one thing?”
“Tell me.”
“Help me find the demon that killed my daughter and kill it!!”
Ron asked in a hoarse voice.
As soon as he finished speaking, the system notification sounded out.
“Congratulations on triggering the hidden quest’ Demon Crisis (2)’. Will you accept the quest?”
Su Ming decisively received the quest.
『 Demon Crisis (2)’
Difficulty: Silver Level
Type: Serial quest –2nd ring
Mission Description: Apothecary Ron asked you to avenge his daughter, Mephia.Go to Hills Mountain Range to find the demons that killed Meffy and kill them.
Requirement: Kill???Only’ Unknown Demon Creature’.
Su Ming looked at the description of the mission and said to Ron,” Uncle, can you show me this demonic finger?”
Hearing this, Ron handed over the Demon Finger.
Su Ming used the player’s detection ability.
『 Demon Soldier’s Finger’
The demon soldiers were the true weapons of the Abyssal Demons, such as the Ogre, the Tooth-shattering Wolf Demon, and the Blade Demon……These types of demons were all hybrids and cheap cannon fodder in the eyes of high-ranking demons.
In every war, the Abyssal Demons would first send a bastard demon army to attack, consume the enemy’s strength, and finally send an orthodox demon soldier to attack.
However, there were no demon soldiers in the Hills Mountains. They existed in the plane where the Abyss World and the Origin World met [Abyss Gap], and they were also the transit points where the Abyss Demons sent their soldiers.
In his previous life, the players who had accepted this quest had spent a huge price to sweep through all the demons in the Hills Mountains before obtaining the item that led to the [Abyssal Gap].
Afterwards, Su Ming bid farewell to the Apothecary.
He walked towards Hills.
Su Ming’s goal was very clear, completing the hidden quest!
Along the way, Su Ming continued to use healing spells.
First, it was to obtain a 50% movement speed bonus.
The other was to get BUFF.
In less than eight minutes, Siming had already arrived at the Hills Mountains.
This was because [Fast Forward] had reached Level 20. After using the skill, his movement speed increased by 200% within 3 seconds.
Su Ming’s agility value reached 269. With the buff of’ Fast Forward’, it was no exaggeration to say that in terms of speed, he was 10 times faster than normal players.
He also received a new BUFF.
『 Great Force BUFF’
Quality: Black Iron
Number of floors:40/100
Effect: Increases player’s strength by 120 points and increases physical damage by 4% when equipped with two-handed melee weapons.The duration was unlimited and could not be cleared.
This BUFF was only the first attribute that was useful.
He was a Cleric. He could use two-handed melee weapons, but he couldn’t enjoy the attributes of his equipment.
Strength increased to 363 points.
Closing the BUFF panel, Su Ming looked around. There were already many players killing monsters.
It was quite easy to upgrade in the early stages.
Most of the first players who entered the game had reached Level 10.
Su Ming directly entered the forest to find the monster he wanted to kill.
The players also saw Su Ming’s back. The news that’ Chai Sea’ had appeared in the Hills Mountain Range spread.
After searching for more than ten minutes, Su Ming discovered his target.
[Demon Commander – Bronze]
Title: Leader
Skills: Blood Slash LV3, Cruel Attack LV3, Blood Whip LV3
Leader’s Aura: Within the vicinity, all attributes of friendly units below their title +10%.
Behind this evil demon’s head was dozens of ghouls.
Suddenly, it stopped and looked at Su Ming’s position. It grinned and said:
“Stupid human, how dare you come to die? Kill him!”
Just as he finished speaking.
The Ogre swarm snarled as they charged over. Su Ming stood there with a calm expression on his face.
Just these Level 10 monsters’ attacks were not enough to tickle him.*

42 Killing Demon Commander, Abyss Crystal (3)

Su Ming calmly activated his magic robe skill’ Berserk Mana’ as he watched the Ogre rush towards him.
Spell Damage +20%!
Thunder Destroyer Holy Light!
A golden ray of lightning flashed, and an overwhelming might swept through the Ogre swarm.
Boom… Boom… Boom…
Brilliant light flooded the monsters.
Thunder blasted a huge hole on the ground.
The weak demons didn’t even manage to withstand it for two seconds. They were blown to pieces by the lightning that Su Ming had summoned.
“Ding, you’ ve killed 28 ogre: gained:5040 experience points.”
With a single strike, all the normal monsters were wiped out. Even the Demon Commander’s HP dropped by about 10%.
10 Rays of golden light appeared on Su Ming’s body, causing 10 white boards to evolve into black iron quality.
“Damn human!”
Looking at the corpses on the ground, the Evil Demon Commander was furious. It quickly formed a blood whip in its hand, and with a “pa” sound, it fiercely slashed towards Su Ming.
Su Ming instantly disappeared from his original spot, and the Demon Commander’s Blood Whip undoubtedly hacked into the open ground.
Holy Arrow!
Holy Light Rage!
The moment he appeared behind the demon commander, Su Ming’s speed of light cast two skills, and the golden arrow of light flew towards the demon commander’s back.
Boom! Boom!
-6183!(Restrain Damage)
-11357!(Restrain Damage)
In the blink of an eye, Su Ming dealt 17540 damage. His skill was increased by 100%.
Two skill damage had reached a terrifying level!
However, the more powerful damage was still at the back. Su Ming had a thought in his mind. He simply stood where he was and fought with the Demon Commander. He could casually use his Blood Blade to strike at him.
Su Ming’s body continuously released damage numbers. Soon, his cumulative damage exceeded 13,000.
『 Frost Shattered’shield was finally broken!
The frost on his body instantly shattered, and a storm of ice swept through the surrounding 10 meters.
The Demon Commander’s health was reduced.
“Sure enough.”
This proved Su Ming’s idea.
『 Spell Damage] can increase the damage caused by BUFF, but the spell robe’s [Berserk Magic Power] can only increase the damage caused by spell skills.
Next, Su Ming released his hand to fight. He was facing the Iron-Steel Demon Army.
The leader’s HP was 72.3%.
More than a minute later, the battle entered the final stage.
『 Extreme Berserk’
All of his skills fell into cooldown. Without any hesitation, Su Ming activated BUFF and swung his staff towards the Demon Commander.
-2030!(Critical Strike)
-2030!(Critical Strike)
Two seconds later, the Demon Commander was killed by Su Ming with his staff.
“Ding, you killed the Demon Commander. Obtained:17,200 Experience Points,100 Reputation Points,1 Free Attribute.”
The massive corpse of the Demon Commander fell to the ground with a loud crash, and all the items scattered around.
“Ding,[ Golden Light] has been triggered!”
At this moment, a golden ray of light fused into a bronze suit.
After adding his free attribute to his Spirit value, Su Ming walked over and picked up his equipment.
“Congratulations on obtaining the spoils of war:105 gold coins,’Braker Sword’,’Blood Slash Skill Book’,’Black Bronze’,’Black Abyss Crystal 』……”
After killing the Demon Commander, his experience had become:47135/51400.
It was only 4,000 experience points away from leveling up.
There were quite a few equipment dropped by the boss. Unfortunately, equipment that had evolved to Silver rank was a warrior class.
However, when he got the target item, Su Ming was satisfied.
[Abyss Crystal]
Quality: Special
Effect: After finding the Abyss Gap, you can use the Abyss Crystal to activate a teleportation formation that enters the Abyss Gap Plane.
Summing put away the crystal and turned around to walk towards the center of the Hills Mountains.
Five minutes later.
He came to the center of the tree.
Yesterday’s Abyssal Teleportation Gate had already disappeared. Su Ming took out the Abyssal Crystal and a sudden change occurred.
The Abyss Crystal melted into liquid and flowed onto the ground, gradually forming a formation pattern.
Su Ming stood up.
“Ding! Are you sure you want to teleport to’ Number 55 Abyss Gap’?”
He decisively agreed, and soon, Su Ming disappeared from the spot.
After Su Ming left for a while, an Archer player passed through the forest and arrived at Su Ming’s location.
His ID was called’Three Arrows of the Moon’.
『 Three Arrows of the Moon “looked at the magic circle on the ground with a face full of excitement.” Brothers, have you seen it? This is definitely the teleportation formation that leads to the Hills Mountains to defend the boss!”
This morning, the players from the other regions sent a message that there must be a boss guarding the level 10 map.
As a result, a large number of players rushed into the Hills Mountains, frantically searching for the boss.
However, the players all found nothing.
Of course, there were also players who suspected that Hillse’s vengeful spirits were defending the boss. After all, their names were very similar.
However, when the players heard another message, the “Guardian BOSS” would not leave their map area.
This news dispelled their suspicions.
Hill’s vengeful spirit was almost running to Yalong Town. How could it be a defending boss?
Most of the players thought this way.
『 Three Arrows of the Month’ was no exception.*

Chapter 43: Guild Actions, Mission Changes!(4)

“Haha, it seems like I’ m going to be the first to take down the boss. Brothers, don’ t envy me!”
As he fantasized about how his popularity soared after killing the boss, a smile appeared on his face.
Before the arrival of “Original “, he was a minor anchor with no popularity.
Last night, he entered “Original “, but in the end, he drew his Diamond grade talent.
Thanks to his powerful talent,’Three Arrows of the Moon’ had been fighting monsters all night to level 11, and the popularity of the live broadcast room slowly increased.
In the morning, after receiving the news of the’Guarding BOSS’,’Three Arrows of the Moon’started to move.
He felt that this was a great opportunity to raise fans!
“Bah!”Isn’ t it just that I’ ve drawn a good talent? I really think I’ m invincible. If I have the ability, I’ ll go find VastSea to fight one on one.”
“Ha ha……”You’ re the boss’ first kill, so you must be the boss of Vastsea.”
『 Three Arrows of the Moon “didn’t expect that the screen would be filled with insults and a person’s name.
Due to the late time he entered and the fact that he was immersed in leveling up, he did not know what Su Ming had done.
‘VastSea, it’s best not to let me meet you!’
『 Moon’s Three Arrows’ heart was filled with hatred.
He looked at the live broadcast and said in a strange tone,” Vast Ocean is this powerful?But I’ve already found the location of the boss. He has n’ t found it yet.Tsk tsk……”Looks like it’s not that strong.”
“What are you going to do?”Maybe VastSea has already entered the teleportation formation.”
“『 VastSea’s boss is the faith of our Cleric players!”
Seeing the last sentence of the screen, Moon Three Arrows almost laughed.
“Ha?The’ Vast Ocean’ in your mouth was just a Cleric player. How dare you call him a big boss?Have you ever asked any real bosses on the player leaderboard?!”
Moon Three Arrows seized the opportunity to retort.
In the end, the screen suddenly became empty. He thought that the audience had nothing to say and immediately said proudly,” If there’s a chance, I’ ll find the God in your heart,’ VastSea’. Let’s see if I can beat him with one hand!”
Hearing this, the audience burst out laughing.
Looking down on a Priest?
To single-handedly beat God Vastsea?
What a joke!
Tsk tsk……It seemed that the name list of the defeated players from the’ VastSea’ boss would be increased by another position.
The audience did not speak. They were ready to watch a good show.
What’s more, he directly sent the information about the boss discovered by the 3rd Arrow to the three guilds.
Night Blade, Cang Ye and Immortal Shadow, the three guilds led their troops towards the teleportation formation in the Abyss.
This water was completely muddy.
However, all the players did not know that Su Ming had killed the boss in the Hills Mountain Range yesterday.
[Current Position: Hills Mountain Range Subordinate Plane – No.55 Abyss Gap]
“『 Demon Crisis (2)’ quest request changed:1 Find 10 Snake Demon Guards and Snake Demon Lords that killed Meifei.”Kill the murderer.”
“This ……”
Su Ming felt a headache.
The gap between the Abyss was connected to the Abyss World. The middle-level demon—the place where the snake demons lived, so there were many snake demons living here.
He could not pinpoint which snake demon was the murderer.
There was only one way to kill all the snake demons in his line of sight until the quest was completed.
“Let’s start!”
Su Ming took a deep breath and raised his foot to enter the foggy forest.
Suddenly, a dense sound rang out in his ear.
Swoosh! Swoosh!
Dozens of arrows tore through the air, pointing straight at Su Ming’s body.
A series of’ Zero Eggs’ appeared above his head. In front of the’ Physical Block’ and’ Strong Body’ effects, these unknown attacks were too weak.
Su Ming turned his head to look at where the arrows were flying towards. Ten snake demon guards appeared in front of him. They were holding bows, crossbows, and other weapons in their hands.
[Snake Demon Soldier]
Title: Elite
Skill: Multiple Shot LV3, Precision Kill LV2
Elite Aura: Within the surrounding area, all attributes of friendly units below their title +5%.
“Great, it’s a human!”
“Tsk tsk……”Human, give up your life obediently!”
The snake demon soldier had a human form on his upper body and a snake tail on his lower body.
They slowly swam over and surrounded Su Ming. Their eyes were filled with demonic green light.
Mana Berserk!
Thunder Destroyer Holy Light!
The golden lightning streaked across the dark forest and struck the snake demon soldiers. Their HP fell one by one.
As the lightning continued to fall on the Snake Demon soldiers, the number of [Magic Damage Imprint] layers that were applied increased, and the damage caused increased.
After 5 seconds, each of the Snake Demon Soldiers received 14,1448 damage. Their HP was less than 1,000 HP, and they had a 2 second’paralysis’ effect on their bodies.
Take advantage of your illness and take your life!
At this moment, Su Ming had already raised his staff.
『 Extreme Berserk’!
As soon as the BUFF was activated, with the addition of’Fast Forward’, he increased his speed by 200%. He instantly rushed into the monster horde and swung his staff around.
Bang bang……
-3230!(Critical Strike)
-3230!(Critical Strike)
Because of BUFF, it was a critical attack, clearing the snake demon soldier’s pitiful HP.
“You killed 15 Snake Demon Soldiers, gained:19,350 Experience Points.”
“『 Demon Crisis (2)] quest progress +4.”
“Congratulations on reaching Level 16. You have gained: Strength +3, Vitality +3, Agility +3, Spirit +4.”
Four rays of light shone on Su Ming’s body, and then three bronze and one black iron equipment were born.
“Are you going to kill 4 monsters?”
He was a little surprised.
After thinking about it carefully, Su Ming had some guesses in his heart.” It seems that the demon soldiers that participated in the death of Murphy should all be nearby the entrance.”
Ps: Thank you for your support!*

Chapter 44 Two bosses show up. Archers’ Provoke (5)

After that, Su Ming looked at his stats.
ID: Canghai
Attributes:366 Strength,250 Constitution,272 Agility,374 Spirit
“Right now, group damage is sufficient, but explosive damage is not enough.”
After thinking about it, Su Ming raised Holy Light Rage to Level 6, consuming 15,000 experience points.
Holy Light Rage White Silver
Effect: Coalesces Holy Light Power on the enemy’s body and detonates, causing [800+ Spell Attack x 320%] of spell damage to the enemy.Cooldown:7 seconds.It consumed 160 mana.
After upgrading his skill, Su Ming turned around and entered the forest.
He decided to clear away the snake demon soldiers near the entrance of the abyss.
“Ding,’ Demon Crisis (2)’ quest progress +1.”
“Ding,’ Demon Crisis (2)’ quest progress +2.”
After walking around the forest for ten minutes, he killed nearly fifty Snake Demon soldiers. The quest required that the progress of the first item reach 10/11, and it was just short of the last Snake Demon Lord.
Su Ming continued to walk deeper into the abyss.
Not long after, he arrived in front of a green lake, surrounded by a disgusting smell.
A series of bubbles suddenly appeared on the surface of the lake, and then they began to churn violently.
In the end, two snake-tailed demons floated on the lake.
One female and one male!
[Snake Demon Lord Bronze]
Title: Lord
Skills: Poison Wave LV4, Bone Erosion Arrow LV5, Poison Explosion LV4, Poison Snake Group LV5
Lord’s Aura: Within the vicinity, all attributes of friendly units below their title +20%.
The attributes of the two bosses were the same.
Their devilish green eyes stared at Su Ming.
At this moment, the male Snake Demon Lord said hoarsely,” Little human, give your life to pay the price!”
Bone Erosion Arrow!X2
The two bosses used their skills one after another. The thick green poison condensed into arrows and directly stabbed towards Su Ming. The flying speed was extremely fast, but Su Ming’s reaction wasn’ t slow either.
Phantom False Body!
Su Ming suddenly used his boots to carry his skills. An expressionless fake body appeared on the spot, forcefully taking on the damage of two skills.
The fake body only had 10% of its health, and it was instantly killed.
Su Ming appeared safely ten meters away.
Just as he was about to attack, he heard footsteps coming from behind.
This was the sound of a tree branch breaking.
Su Ming suddenly turned around and looked at the figure hiding behind the tree.
『 Three Arrows of the Moon “walked out and looked at the two bosses. His eyes were filled with fiery eyes.
“Brother, look at your equipment. It should be a Mage, right?”Let me help you deal with this female snake demon lord.”
Even if he only looked at the screen, he would find that the person in front of him was the’ Vast Ocean’ he hated.
The audience in the livestream room was about to go crazy with laughter.
“This host was also a talented person. He had agreed to kill Vastsea with one hand, but he didn’ t know him anymore?”This is really funny.”
“I had already prepared my peanuts, I was waiting for the host to be hit……”That’s not right. We should use insta-kill to describe the next battle!”
“This is my quest monster,” Su Ming said without hesitation.”Please don’ t interfere in my battle.”
Brother “, listen to my advice. How can a Mage like you defeat a boss?With me by the side, I could even help you share some of the pressure.”Don’ t worry, my talent is very strong.”
『 Three Arrows of the Moon “narrowed his eyes. When he said the latter part of the sentence, he especially emphasized his tone, clearly implying a threat.
Su Ming glanced at him and said cleanly,” Get lost!”
Then, he turned around to deal with the boss.
He ignored the Three Moon Arrows and regarded it as air.
When he heard this, veins bulged on his forehead.
He suppressed his anger and gave Su Ming a detection skill.
『 Vast Ocean LV16′
Level 2?”Wait! F*ck! So this guy is VastSea!”
“What a coincidence!”
Looking at Su Ming with his back facing him, a bold thought appeared in his heart. He turned to look at the live broadcast and grinned.” Didn’ t you guys think about Vastsea?”Let’s see how I beat him up!”
He took out his crossbow and aimed at Su Ming, but he did not attack.
Seeing this scene, the screen exploded.
“What kind of skill is a sneak attack?”
“If you have the guts, you can go head-on with VastSea!”
Looking at the furious barrage of bullets,’Three Arrows of the Moon’ felt extremely satisfied.
When the two bosses attacked Su Ming, he smiled sinisterly and immediately activated [Bound Shot]!
An arrow flew out, turning into a light yellow light rope that bound Su Ming.
“Ding,’ Pure Light’ triggered. Pure Net Value -1. Confinement effect has been removed.”
“Ding, player’ Three Moon Arrows’ is attacking you, entering counterattack mode.”
Fortunately, Su Ming had never used this life-saving skill in his hands, so he successfully dodged the combined attacks of the two bosses.
Looking at this scene,’Three Arrows of the Moon’said in disbelief,” Impossible, how could he still use his skill?!”
“I’ ll give you a chance to live. You actually won’ t cherish it.”
Su Ming turned around and looked at him. His gaze was incomparably cold, as if he was looking at a dead person.
『 Moon’s Three Arrows’ heart trembled, and he couldn’ t help but feel a strong fear.
When he realized what he was thinking, he gave him a slap and woke him up.
“It’s useless to say more. Whoever wins, the two bosses will be the one to blame.”
After that, he took out a hand crossbow and confidently said to the live broadcast,” You thousands of people look after it. How can I hit Vastsea with one hand today?”
The audience fell silent.
Actually, they really wanted to laugh, but they just forcefully held back.
The battle between the two sides was about to start!*

Chapter 45 Holy Silver Necklace, Kill Boss (1)

『 Three Arrows of the Moon’ took the lead and activated his skill with his crossbow.
An arrow flew out!
Su Ming did not use a dodge skill. Instead, he used a healing skill to trigger the effect of’Fast Forward’.
His speed soared. He stomped on the ground with his feet and charged to the right to dodge the arrow’s trajectory.
“You’ re dead!”
Looking at his actions,’Three Arrows of the Moon’ became more and more pleased.
Since Su Ming’s popularity was so high, as long as he was killed, he would gain a lot of popularity!
Thinking of this, his heart skipped a beat.
Su Ming had just dodged, but who would have thought that the arrow would turn 90 degrees. After hitting it, an intense explosion occurred.
Two damage numbers appeared above Su Ming’s head, one red physical damage.
The other was a real white damage!
‘Locked onto the target and dealt a certain percentage of true damage.’This kind of talent is quite suitable for Archers.’
Su Ming didn’t attack first. He was also trying to find out the other party’s talent type.
True Damage + Lock Head!
This was definitely a Diamond grade or higher talent.
However, to him, such a weak real damage was not worth mentioning.
True Damage would ignore the shield and directly deduct HP.
But don’t forget, Su Ming also has a BUFF called’ Shield Blessing’. As long as the shield value is not zero, it will recover the maximum shield value of x3% health every second.
“True Damage has been locked on. If your talent is only that low, you can die.”
After receiving the other party’s talent information, Su Ming did not hesitate to attack.
Holy Light Rage!
A ball of light was compressed to the limit in front of the Three Moon Arrows, and then exploded.
His smile froze.
He was still planning how to toy with Su Ming, but before he could do anything, Su Ming was instantly killed.
“Ding, you killed the White-named player’ Three Arrows of the Moon’. You are in counterattack mode and do not increase your evil points.”
“Ding! Triggering the [Golden Light] effect!”
A ray of golden light floated out from Su Ming’s body and then merged into the necklace that’ Three Moon Arrows’ dropped.
Then, the necklace glowed with a faint silver light.
Get another Silver equipment!
Su Ming looked at the necklace’s stats.
『 Holy Silver Necklace – Silver’
Location: Neck
Attributes: HP +300, Strength +10, Agility +15, Spirit +25
Special Effect: Physical Penetration +10%
Additional Skill:[ Holy Silver Strength: After activating the skill, it will consume 100 mana per second. It will gain an additional 20% physical penetration, attack speed +30%, lasting for 10 seconds.[Cooldown 30 seconds]
Equipment Requirement: Level 10, Class Universal
It could also be considered an excellent equipment. All aspects of the equipment were pretty good, and Su Ming just happened to lack a necklace.
Therefore, he directly wore the’Saint Silver Necklace’.
All aspects of the stats increased greatly.
The number of spell attacks increased to 818, and his HP also broke through 16000.
Su Ming returned to the lake. The two Snake Demon Lords had already moved to the shore.
He rejoined the battle.
Yalong Town’s resurrection point.
A light flashed and the Three Moon Arrows appeared.
I……I lost?
I actually lost?!!
He could not accept this result.
Wasn’ t Vastsea a Cleric?Wasn’t a Priest a supporting class?
Why could he be so strong?!
Why was his damage so abnormal?!
『 Three Arrows of the Moon “filled his mind with countless doubts.
He could not accept the fact that he had been killed by a Cleric!
“Damn it!”
『 Moon’s Three Arrows’ clenched his teeth. He couldn’t swallow his anger.
“VastSea can beat me because he is 5 levels higher than me, and his equipment is much better than mine.”
“I have Diamond grade talent!”As long as I make the best use of my time to develop, this time’s humiliation will be washed away sooner or later!”
After making up his mind, he headed towards leveling.
As for the screenplay, one could guess it. It was definitely all mocking.
He simply closed the broadcast room.
Furthermore, he silently swore in his heart that unless he had the same strength as Vastsea, he would only open the broadcast room.
In the Abyss, the battle between Su Ming and the two bosses had reached the end.
The bosses did not have much HP left.
On the other hand, Su Ming still had full HP.
A bunch of skills landed on the boss’ s body, and their HP dropped further. They already had less than 5000 HP. Su Ming’s eyes lit up. Next, it would be their last attack!
Holy Silver Strength!
Extreme Berserk!
Activate the necklace skill and activate the BUFF effect.
His aura reached its peak.
Su Ming shouted and swung his staff at them. In two seconds, with the speed of his skill, Su Ming had unleashed ten attacks.
Bang bang bang……
A dull sound echoed in his ears.
-2010!(Critical Strike)
-2010!(Critical Strike)
-2010!(Critical Strike)
With the addition of Saint Silver Force, Su Ming’s attack speed reached five attacks per second.Two seconds later, the two Snake Demon Lords fell to the ground and turned into corpses.
“Ding, you killed the two-headed Snake Demon Lord, gained:103,200 Experience Points,400 Reputation Points, Free Attribute Points +4.”
“Ding,’ Demon Crisis (2)’ quest progress +1.”
“Congratulations on completing the quest. Please submit the quest as soon as possible.”*

Chapter 46 Abyss Badge, Depressed Guild (2)

“Congratulations on reaching Level 17. You have gained: Strength +3, Vitality +3, Agility +3, Spirit +4.”
“Because the Snake Demon Lord has been killed, Plane 55 will collapse in 12 hours.”
“Triggering the [Golden Light] effect!”
The two bronze suits next to the Snake Demon Lord’s corpse evolved into white silver suits.
As Su Ming leveled up, his state instantly returned to full.
Immediately, he picked up the falling object.
“Ding, Congratulations on obtaining spoils of war:285 gold coins,’ Snake Demon Wristband – White Silver’,’ Snake Shadow Zhang Gong – White Silver’,’ Elven Curse Scroll – Bronze’ x2,’55 Abyss Badge – Special 』……”
Many things fell.
Two white silver items, two bronze items, six black items, and nine white items.
Unfortunately, the two white silver equipment were Archers’ equipment.
Su Ming casually added 4 free attributes to his Spirit Points, and his spell attack increased to 834.
Then, he took out two Elven Prayer Scrolls. This was a single healing scroll that he had obtained from Night Blade Flame yesterday.
Su Ming tore open the scroll.
“Ding!”You’ ve obtained a level of’ Revealing the Edge’.”
“Ding!”You’ ve obtained a level of’ Blood Return – BUFF’.”
“Do you have a new BUFF?”
Su Ming opened the status bar curiously and found the introduction of the new BUFF.
『 Brilliant Blade’
Quality: Silver
Number of floors:1/5
Effect: When attacking the enemy head-on, critical attack rate +10%, physical penetration +10%, attack speed +10%.Behind the enemy, the critical attack rate was +10%, and the critical attack damage was +20%.The duration was unlimited and could not be cleared.
“This BUFF effect is not bad.”
Su Ming was a little surprised.
Even though Level 1 wasn’t that good, after adding up to Level 5, the effect would change qualitatively.
Physical Penetration +50%, Attack Speed +50%, Critical Attack Rate +50%!
If the Assassin players saw this BUFF, they would be envious.
『 Brilliant Edge] was extremely unique to Assassins.
Unfortunately, the Assassins could not obtain it. They could only envy Su Ming on one side.
Adding in the previous layers,’Blood Return’ had reached 2/10 layers, and the value of the enemy’s recovery effect was 10%.
After checking the BUFF, Su Ming returned to the interface.
He looked at the last item and was curious.
『 No.55 Abyss Badge’
Quality: Special
Effect: With this badge, you can activate a teleportation formation between Abyss 55 and Abyss 54.
“There was such a thing?!”
Su Ming was a little surprised. He had never seen the Abyss Badge before.
“54Th Abyss, I don’t know where it is.However, the gap between Abyss 56 seemed to be in Silver Dragon Town next door.”Should I go over there.”
Su Ming was slightly moved.
Now, Yalong Town was still locked down, so the players could not go to other towns in Holy Light Kingdom.
He looked up at the countdown, and there was still nearly 12 hours left.
It was a good time to go and kill the boss in the 56th Abyss.
Moreover, in the morning, Su Ming had browsed the news about “Original “. Silver Dragon Town’s map boss had not been killed by the players.
“I seem to have a chance to get their first kill!”
Su Ming’s eyes lit up.
He had a bold idea in his heart.
After killing the map boss, he could obtain the Lord’s Tower. This item was too valuable.
After all, in the middle of the game, a large amount of money was needed, and Su Ming only had 2.81 million.
No one would think they had too much money!
Su Ming was no exception.
Thinking of this, he decisively used the Abyss Badge.
“Activate the teleportation formation, target 56 Abyss!”
Su Ming thought to himself.
A black magic circle appeared on the ground and he walked up without hesitation. In the next moment, his figure disappeared from the abyss.
On the other side, in the center of the Hills Mountains.
Immortal Shadow Guild’s team arrived near the teleportation formation.
Originally, Blue Night Guild had planned to come over as well, but after learning that VastSea was in the Abyss, they decisively retreated.
Are you kidding me? Is it not enough to lose face?
Cang Ye Wufeng had already issued an order. Before his strength exceeded Su Ming, no one could provoke him.
Because of the Lord’s Tower, the Night Blade Guild’s people were all leveling in the Hills Mountains, so they had long since entered the Abyss to search for the so-called “Guardian BOSS “.
When Qing Lan and the members of the Immortal Shadows were about to step into the teleportation formation, the teleportation formation suddenly flashed with light. A group of figures appeared on the spot. The leader was Night Blade Flame.
“Could it be ……”
Bad thoughts appeared in the minds of the players.
Looking at the hundreds of players around him, Nightblade Yan smiled helplessly.” Everyone, let’s disperse. The’ Three Moon Arrows’ have been killed and VastSea has also killed the boss.”This teleportation formation will also collapse.”
The surroundings were completely silent.
The players immediately opened the’Three Arrows of the Moon’ live broadcast. It was already a black screen, but there were many spectators whipping corpses.
They looked at each other and saw the bitter expression on their faces.
Was this the cruelty of reality?
In the game, the strong did whatever they wanted. The weak chicken was only worthy of being bullied by all sides. They were beaten back and forth by the super king and game experts.
Really……Too bad!
Everyone’s faces were filled with tears.
After that, the players left. Since they didn’t have the chance to fight for the boss, they had to calmly practice and do quests.
At the same time, several dozen kilometers away, Silver Dragon Town welcomed Su Ming.
Ps: Thank you for your support. Thank you.*

Chapter 47 Bone Demon Lord, Fate Transforming Soul Box (3)

[Current Position: Undead Camp Subordinate Plane – Abyss 56]
Su Ming arrived at his destination.
The familiar scene entered his eyes, and pieces of dried bones were scattered in the gray soil.
Although Su Ming had never been here in his previous life, he had seen the video of the [Illusory Heaven Guild] opening the 56th Abyss.
The final boss here was a sleeping Bone Demon Lord.
The Bone Demons and Snake Demons were all middle demons from the Abyss.
“I remember that the Bone Demon Lord was on the right ……”
Su Ming circled around and headed in one direction.
Ten minutes later, he arrived at a place similar to a graveyard, where bones piled up on the ground.
Suddenly, a dense sound rang out from the surroundings.
The bone mountain shook, and the scattered bones seemed to be gathered by some sort of power, forming a massive skeleton body. Its hollow eyes were pitch-black.
『 Bone Demon Lord – Bronze]
Title: Lord
Skills: Bone Spear LV4, Bone Explosion LV4, Skeleton Command LV4, Soul Devouring LV5
Lord’s Aura: Within the vicinity, all attributes of friendly units below their title +20%.
It was also a level 15 boss, but its stats were even higher than the Snake Demon Lord’s.
Su Ming had seen many videos of the clearing in the Abyss.
The strength of the demons in the Abyss was ranked according to the number.
In the abyss between 50-59, the demon’s strength was level 15.In the Abyss between 40-49, the demon’s strength was level 25, and so on.
Blood Punishment!
Seeing that the Bone Demon Lord had yet to awaken, Su Ming waved his hand and threw a skill onto the boss.
Ten blood blades pierced through the boss’ bones.
The damage was too low and could not break through.
However, Su Ming did not expect the Blood Punishment to deal damage.
The boss was hit ten times by the HP Blade, and its defense was reduced by 20%.
At the same time, the [Spell Damage] effect was triggered. The Bone Demon Lord’s body was stacked with five layers of [Spell Damage Imprint] the damage received by the spell increased by 100%!
In that instant, blood-red soul flames surged within the eyes of the Bone Demon Lord!
“Ignorant human, how dare you offend the great Bone Demon Lord.”
The boss’ voice was calm.
It brandished its skeleton arm, and ten thick bone spears suddenly surged out from the surrounding ground, piercing Su Ming. His body disappeared like a bubble.
This is a fake body!
The moment the boss attacked, Su Ming’s speed of light activated the Phantom Boots skill.
His body had already moved to the left.
Mana Berserk!
Holy Arrow!
Holy Light Rage!
As soon as the amplification skill was activated, all of the individual attack skills left their hands and landed on the side of the Bone Demon Lord.
-6549!(Restrain Damage)
-15610!(Restrain Damage)
In the blink of an eye, Su Ming unleashed more than 20,000 damage, and the boss’ health suddenly dropped by a small portion.
“Very good. Human, you successfully angered me!”
The Bone Demon Lord’s soul flame flickered, and a large amount of gray magic power fused into the surrounding Bone Mountain. With a series of “ka ka ka ka” sounds, Level 10 Skeletons crawled out one after another.
There were more than 200!
For Su Ming, this little monster was not worth mentioning.
Thunder Destroyer Holy Light!
He waved his hand in exchange for tens of hundreds of thunderbolts. The golden thunderbolts illuminated the dark cemetery.
Thunder rumbled as countless damage numbers appeared in his sight.When the thunderbolt dissipated, the Skeleton Gang summoned by the boss was completely wiped out.
All the skills went into cooldown.
Su Ming naturally rushed up with his staff and used all his methods to kill the boss.
As time passed, the Bone Demon Lord’s HP became lower and lower.
When the HP of the boss dropped below 5%, it finally activated [Soul Devour].
A red devil soul hit Su Ming.
“Ding, the’ Blood Reflow’ effect has been triggered and the HP recovery effect has been plundered.”
The Bone Demon Lord did not draw a single drop of blood, and all the healing effects were taken away by Su Ming.He raised a few skills and cleared the boss’ last HP.
“No……I am the great Bone Demon Lord……I am……Invincible ……”
As he died, the big body beside the boss fell to the ground.
“You killed the Bone Demon Lord and gained:51,600 Experience Points,200 Reputation Points,+2 Free Attribute Points.”
“Congratulations on reaching level 18. You have gained: Strength +3, Vitality +3, Agility +3, Spirit +4.”
“Triggering the [Golden Light] effect!”
Under Su Ming’s gaze, the golden light fused into the staff next to the boss’ corpse.
Silver grade staff was born!
He reached out to pick up the falling object.
“Congratulations on obtaining the spoils of war:’ Corpse Staff White Silver’,’ Bone Heavy Armor Bronze’,’ Life Transforming Soul Box Te Shu 』……”
Special item?
Due to the Abyss Badge, Su Ming was particularly interested in items with the suffix’special’.
He looked at the stats of the item.
『 Life-changing spirit box’
Quality: Special
Effect: When it deals damage to the HP,5% of the damage will be converted into HP. It can consume all the HP stored in it. It will release the [Life Transformation Skill] to the owner and recover the same amount of HP.Cooldown:48 hours.
Vitality:0.2 million
Su Ming’s eyes were fixed on the word “skill “.
This item could actually release a healing skill!
Maximum reply:2 million???
Su Ming was a little excited.*

Chapter 48 Super Buff Conception, Skeleton King Hazela (4)

“Since the Bone Demon Lord has been killed, Abyss 56 will collapse in 12 hours. Please leave this plane through the teleportation formation as soon as possible.”
A system notification sounded in his ear.
Su Ming ignored him.
He had been meditating on the effect of the Fate Transforming Soul Box.
As a 『 skill, he could naturally trigger his talent,’ Grace of Life’.
Up to 2 million HP!
What kind of BUFF could he obtain?
Epic or Legendary?!
Just thinking about it, Su Ming’s heart was filled with excitement.
He had already seen the effects of a Gold grade BUFF.
Whether it was the Power of Devour or the Light of Gold, the effects of these two buffs were extremely powerful.
How powerful would an Epic BUFF effect that was two levels higher be!
It was hard to imagine.
“This trip is right!”
Su Ming thought.
Then, he put the Life Transforming Scroll into his backpack, and the item could still be used.
Su Ming looked at the Silver Staff.
[Corpse Staff – Silver]
Location: Weapon
Attributes: Spell Attack +40, Vitality +20, Agility +25, Spirit +30
Special Effect: Summon Creature Attack +15%
Additional Skill:[ White Bone Wall: Summon a wall formed from bones. It can defend against 3 attacks with damage below [Spell Attack x500%].Cooldown:20 seconds.It consumed 150 mana.]
Equipment Requirement: Level 15 Magic Class
The additional attributes and special effects of the Corpse Staff were more suitable for Summoners.
However, the Sandstorm Staff that Su Ming was using was a Level 10 bronze equipment. Its stats were too bad.
He was still equipped with a new staff.
After that, Su Ming added 2 free attributes to his Spirit Points.
On the way to search for the Bone Demon Lord, Su Ming continued to use his healing skill. Finally, he reached 100 levels of’Great Force’ and added 300 points of power!
Su Ming’s physical attacks once again surpassed his magic attacks and reached 1124.
The magic attack was only 896.
With a healing skill, he could recover 458 HP after 10% healing.
According to previous guesses,500 should be the boundary between Black Iron and Bronze buffs.
Su Ming simply consumed 100 EXP and raised his healing skill to Level 2.
Then, he cast a Level 2 Healing Technique to himself.
“Ding, you have obtained 1 layer of’ Steel Body’.”
『 Steel Body BUFF’
Quality: Bronze
Number of layers:1/50
Effect: Increases player’s physical resistance by 8 points.The duration was unlimited and could not be cleared.
“This BUFF is not bad.”
“Not only did he increase his physique, he also increased his physical resistance.”
Su Ming smiled.
If the Steel Body reached full level, it would raise 400 points of Physique and 50% of Physical Resistance.
Physical resistance was aimed at repelling, hitting, and so on.
Although [Pure Light] could remove negative effects and strong control, at most 10 effects could be removed from this BUFF unit time.
Increasing the permanent physical resistance was more secure.
At this moment, Su Ming’s BUFF column had 20 BUFF icons, accumulating nearly 1,000 buffs.
Just looking at him, he was extremely satisfied.
“Next, we need to hurry up and find Silver Dragon Town’s map boss.”
After closing the BUFF bar, Su Ming walked towards the exit and used his Healing Technique to brush the BUFF.
Because the Bone Demon Lord had been killed and the gap between Abyss 56 had collapsed 12 hours later, the teleportation formation that connected the main world had lost its hidden effect.
Su Ming stepped onto the teleportation formation and the surroundings changed.
[Current Position: Holy Light Kingdom – Silver Dragon Town – Undead Camp]
He appeared in the wilderness, with broken walls standing around him, and groups of Skeletons wandering through the sparse forest.
The Undead Camp was Silver Dragon Town’s Level 10 map.
After walking for a while, Su Ming met many Silver Dragon Town players.
“The ruins in front of me have discovered the boss. I managed to reach level 10 with great difficulty. This time, I also got a share!”
“Hehe, you’re probably thinking too much.Fantasy Heaven and Seven Lights had gathered nearly 1,000 members to fight for the boss’ first kill.”If you dare to snatch it, they will definitely kill you so badly that you can’ t even get out of the resurrection point.”
“You don’t understand, I just want to rub some damage on the boss.”At that time, the boss on the map will be killed. Even if my contribution points aren’ t ranked in the top 1,000, I’ ll still be able to gain some experience points”
“F*ck! You’re right!”Let’s hurry over. If we’ re late, we won’ t even have to drink the soup.”
The two players ran in one direction.
Seeing this, Su Ming followed them.
When he reached the ruins, the system announcement sounded out.
“Ding!Silver Dragon Town’s announcement:”
“Skeleton King Hazeera has 155,242 health left. Ask the players to kill the boss as soon as possible. Silver Dragon Town’s player contribution list has been activated. When Hazeera is defeated, the top 1,000 players will receive generous rewards.”
The surrounding area was filled with thousands of players. The largest two waves were from Illusory Heaven Guild and Seven Lights Guild. Under the command of their respective guild leaders,500 players from each side were scattered around to launch an orderly attack.
“When the HP of the boss is reduced to a certain level, I’ ll attack again and kill the boss.”
“I’ ll take the boss’ s head!”
Su Ming thought about his strategy and smiled.
As a result, he squeezed into the loose player’s position and headed towards the boss.*

Chapter 49 What the hell is this Mage?(1)

Su Ming arrived under a dead tree fifty meters away from the boss. He checked the attributes of the boss.
[Skeleton King Hazela White Silver]
Title: Lord
Skills: Death Army LV5, Bone Erosion Slash LV5, Ice Blast LV4, Bone Wall LV4
Map Enhancement: When you are in the Necromancy Camp, your stats will increase by 20%, and you will recover 1,000 HP per second.
Description: Three thousand years ago, the Ancient Hero of the Silver Dragon Kingdom retreated in order to protect the king and the residents. He fought with the Demon Legion for three days and three nights, and finally died.
Under the influence of the dark magic, Hazela was revived to become a Skeleton King who had lost human emotions.
『 Fantasy Sky’ and Seven Lights’ guild leaders simultaneously gave orders to attack.
The guild players and unspecialized players launched attacks at the same time. Hundreds of long-range skills fell on Skeleton King Hazela like a storm……
With the help of magic penetration and physical penetration, players could barely deal single-digit damage with their attacks. Occasionally, a few talented players would deal double-digit damage.
After a wave of attacks, it caused nearly 2,000 damage, but the boss recovered 1,000 HP in the next second.
“The warriors buried underground, revive!”Kill the invaders!”
Hazela shouted.
He raised the Frost Sword in his hand and inserted it into the dirt. The light blue magic power fused into the dirt in the ruins.
The ground suddenly cracked, and spider web-like cracks appeared. Skeleton soldiers emerged from the soil, holding spears and shields.
A total of 500 Skeleton Warriors charged into the crowd.
Seeing this, the soldiers rushed over resolutely, using their bodies to block the path of the monsters to prevent them from rushing into the positions of the Archers and Mage players.
After all, the Archers and Mage players were the main players in this battle.
The Skeleton King brandished its giant sword to reap the lives of the players, but 90% of the dead players were unspecialized players.
Outside the ruins, many unspecialized players continued to participate in the battle.
The two guilds had arranged for their own members to stand and lure the unspecialized players to attack the boss.
Su Ming stood in the crowd and did not attack.
From start to finish, he was touching the fish.
Now was not the best time for him to make a move.
As time passed, Skeleton King Hazela’s HP gradually decreased……
The more they reached the final juncture, the more excited the players became. However, the experienced unspecialized players had already secretly started to retreat. They knew that their strength was not enough.
Let’s just stop!
As for the players who tried to snatch the boss’s head, they would be in trouble.
When the boss had only 1,000 HP left, the players from Illusory Heaven and Seven Lights stopped attacking.
They aimed their weapons at the unspecialized players and small guilds, starting the bloody massacre.
Whether it was combat skills or equipment skills, unspecialized players were not as good as guild players.
Hence, the battle was a one-sided situation.
In less than 30 seconds, the number of unspecialized players decreased by 99%.At this moment, the HP of the boss had risen to more than thirty thousand. Most of the players went to fight the boss again.
After a while, the HP of the boss dropped to 5000!
“The time has come!”
Su Ming’s eyes lit up as he walked over without hesitation.
“Kid, you’ re the only mage who wants to steal the boss!”
When the three Assassins noticed his actions, they immediately smiled sinisterly and moved to Su Ming’s side, raising their daggers to stab down.
-32!(Critical Strike)
-44!(Critical Strike)
After several heavy cuts in BUFF and his defense, even critical damage was only a pitiful double-digit number.
Moreover, Su Ming had 10,000 shields provided by the Ice Shield.
“F*ck, what the hell is this Mage?”
“I hit him with a critical strike of more than 1,000 damage, he actually only had 32 damage??”
“This kid is definitely going to go!”
The three Assassins were filled with disbelief. They treated Su Ming as a Mage.
『 Extreme Berserk’!
Su Ming raised his staff and smashed it on the faces of the three of them.
Bang bang bang!
All of them dealt critical damage and instantly killed three people.
“Ding, you killed the red-named player’ Seven Lights Return’, not increasing the evil value.”
“Ding ……”
After killing the three of them, he rushed to the side of the boss.
Nearly a thousand guild players paid attention to Su Ming.
“F*ck, this kid really wants to die!”
“Openly jumped out to fight for the boss. Do you think that the thousand of us are air?!”
“Stop talking and kill him first.”
The melee players surrounded Su Ming’s regiment.
Meanwhile, the long-range players attacked at the same time and summoned hundreds of skills, all of which landed on Su Ming’s body, causing more than 13,000 damage.
At this moment, a victorious smile appeared on Su Ming’s face.
The plan was completed!
The Frost Armor on his body suddenly shattered, turning into ice fragments that flew around him, forming a frost storm that engulfed an area of ten meters.
“Ding, you killed the red-named player’ Seven Lights Maple Leaf’, not increasing the evil value.”
“Ding ……”
For a moment, Su Ming’s system’s interface spawned hundreds of kill notifications.
As they were all famous players, he did not receive any evil points.
“Ding!”You killed Skeleton King Hazela and gained:43,200 Experience Points,500 Reputation Points,+4 Free Attribute Points.”
The boss’ corpse fell to the ground with a loud crash.
The atmosphere in the ruins was terrifyingly quiet.
The 900 surviving players stared blankly at Su Ming.
It was unknown who gulped down the saliva, but it was extremely ear-piercing.*

Chapter 50 Sullen Guild, Buy It Now 4 Million (2)

“Congratulations on obtaining the spoils of war:[ Skeleton Crown – White Silver ],[ Death’s Sword – Silver ],[ Lord’s Tower – Death Camp 』……”
Under the gaze of 900 players, Su Ming leisurely picked up the spoils of war dropped by the boss.
No one dared to stop him.
The scene just now was vivid in their minds. Almost ten thousand spell damage was even more abnormal than the boss. They asked themselves who could block it?
The attacks of hundreds of people did not reduce Su Ming’s HP. Wasn’ t it also stronger than the boss?
“F*ck! Could it be that he’s pretending to be a” player “boss?”
The players were filled with doubt.
As for the two guild leaders’ IDs, they were called’ Fantasy Sky Shadow’ and’ Seven Lights’.
Their expressions were ugly.
After all, if someone stole the boss in person, who would be in a good mood.
However, when they recalled the damage Su Ming had inflicted and the unmoving blood streak on their heads, the two of them did not think of going back.
If he couldn’t fight, he would give up. If he fought hard, it would only cause even greater losses.
Just in time to stop the damage was the operation philosophy of the two guilds.
“Where did this monster run out ……”
The two looked at each other and saw the bitter smile on their faces.
“Don’t worry, I wo n’ t continue fighting.” Su Ming turned around and looked at the two guild players.”Everyone, why don’ t you take a look at the screenshot in the nearby channel? Who wants this item?”
He looked at Su Ming’s harmless smile.
The players felt a chill in their hearts.
If Su Ming did not have so many corpses on the ground, this sentence would still be a little convincing.
Fantasy Sky Shadow and Seven Lights Chaos Xiong opened the nearby channel and a stats map appeared in their eyes. In an instant, they were so shocked that their eyes almost popped out.
“Group experience enhancement item??”
[Lord’s Tower, Necromancy Camp]
Quality: Special
Effect: The player who binds to the item has permission to add the name of the player to the Lord’s Tower. After killing the monster in the area of the Undead Camp, this player will gain 10% experience points.
Binders: None
Description: After being killed, this item will definitely drop, and it will also clear the original binders.
What a good thing!
But when he thought about it, this item belonged to them.
The two of them felt as if they were dogs.
They wanted to shout out in particular, but their reason had the two of them stop this thought.
The two of them looked at each other and thought.
“Guild Fantasy Heaven wants this item!”I’ ll pay 500,000 gold coins!”
“Old Xiong, last time I gave the Nightmare Dungeon the first kill to you,’ Seven Lights’, you can’ t snatch it from me this time.”Huan Tian Ying added.
Hearing this, Seven Lights Chaos Xiong raised his eyebrows and said with a smile,” What do you mean by your first kill? It was obviously taken down by my guild’s members based on their ability.”So I’ ll give you 550,000 gold!”
“I’ ll pay 600,000!”
The two of them began to bid. When the price was raised to 800,000, they began to increase by 11 million.
In the end, after Fantasy Sky Shadow shouted out 1 million gold coins, Seven Brilliant Chaos closed his mouth.
Su Ming helplessly shook his head.
The two of them had a hand in acting.
He was very clear about the backgrounds of the two guilds.
[Fantasy Sky] and [Seven Lights] were brothers in the same pair of pants.
In reality, the two guilds were led by the same person.
By the middle of the game, they had merged into [Illusory Light Guild].
Su Ming walked over and slowly said,” The two of you are too anxious to bid.I didn’t even finish my request. If this item was n’ t auctioned, it would cost four million!”Do you want love?”
“You ……”
Fantasy Sky Shadow’s eyes froze.
He looked at Seven Lights Chaos Xiong and the two of them secretly discussed.
“4 Million is too expensive, I don’ t ……”
Before he could finish, Su Ming interrupted him.
“Don’t be so anxious to make a decision. I can tell you something,” he said with a faint smile.”There are already many guilds that have obtained the Lord’s Tower with my help.”
Su Ming was naturally lying, but it was hard for the two of them to prove it.
The people behind [Fantasy Sky and Seven Lights were very ambitious. He had always hoped that the two guilds would be able to squeeze into the top 20. Unfortunately, the difference in strength was huge.
In the end, they had to merge the guilds to reach their goal.
Seven Lights Chaos Xiong asked in a deep voice,” How did you make me believe what you said was true.”
Su Ming had expected that in the trading system, he would take a picture of the Lord’s Tower that was trading with Night Blade Flame and cover the name of the trader and the name of the map.
The two of them panicked when they saw this picture. They couldn’t make up their minds.
Thus, he sent a message to the people behind the scenes.
Looking at the reply, Fantasy Shadow let out a sigh of relief and immediately said:
“4 Million, we’ll buy it!”Brother, send your bank card account over.”
“I only accept gold coins, or use healing skill scrolls to offset the price.”Su Ming added.
“Good.”Good morning, I got a healing scroll from the Nightmare Dungeon.”
The two immediately arranged for members to buy gold coins.
Soon, the two sides completed the transaction.
“You have obtained:3.99 million gold coins,’ Holy Water Blessing Scroll – Gold’.”
“You’ ve lost’ Lord’s Tower – Necro Camp’.”*

Chapter 51′ Lucky Care'(3)

“It’s a good deal!”
After saying that, Su Ming turned around and returned.
Fantasy Sky Shadow and Seven Lights Chaos Xiong were originally happy, but when they heard Su Ming’s words, their smiles froze.
Buy something that belonged to him with 4 million.
Are we so happy??
They fell into silence.
At this moment, the players who were killed also reported a message. The person who killed them was called’ Vastsea’, a player from Aragon Town.
“He really has a way to go to other towns!”
“That was to say, there were indeed many guilds that had obtained the Lord’s Tower with his help?!”
After hearing this news, the two of them began to believe what Su Ming said.
“F*ck, that player just now was’ Vast Ocean’?That was the idol of our Cleric players!”I’ ve read several of his online battle videos.”
“Are you kidding me?His abnormal defense was a Cleric class??”
“Absolutely impossible!”A Cleric is so meaty. Does my warrior still have any status?”
The players were playing with Su Ming’s back as they discussed.
“Xiao Li, follow over and take a look at how’ VastSea’ managed to reach Silver Dragon Town through the city’s blockade.”
Huan Tianying instructed.
“Guild Master, this matter is on me!”
『 Fantasy Sky Peak] patted his chest and promised.
He was currently the only Assassin in the guild. Although he was only a Bronze Grade Storm Assassin, his movement speed was much faster than the players in the guild.
Fantasy Sky Peak instantly disappeared in front of the players and activated its stealth skill to chase after Su Ming’s back.
Just as he walked out of the distance, Su Ming noticed the abnormality behind him.
In his previous life, he had been assassinated too many times by Assassins.
When there was no one around, he was used to activating his Magic Perception, and he instantly discovered the location of the [Fantasy Sky Peak].
“You want to find a way to Silver Dragon Town?”
A smile appeared on Su Ming’s face.
Without the Abyss Badge, the teleportation formation between Abyss 55 and 56 could not be used.
However, Su Ming’s heart was filled with an evil taste.
He waved his hand and released his healing skill, triggering’Fast Forward’.
Movement speed x 200%!
With a swoosh, Su Ming’s speed increased.
“F*ck, what god speed is this?”
Huan Tian Feng was stunned as he watched Su Ming’s back disappear into the sparse forest.
He stopped.
“This Priest is a monster……”It’s too fast!”
When he thought about it, he realized that he had been beaten by all sides.
Was this the real boss?
Helplessly, Fantasy Sky Peak could only return from its original path.
[Current Position: Holy Light Kingdom – Yalong Town – Hills]
After crossing the gap between the two Abysss, Su Ming returned to Yalong Town.
He casually added 4 free attributes to his Spirit Points and took out the Holy Water Blessing Scroll to rip it apart.
The golden light rippled and dozens of water droplets merged into his body.
“Ding…congratulations on obtaining 1 level’ Lucky Blessing BUFF’.”
“Ding ……”
When the special effects of the skill dissipated, Su Ming gained 5 gold buffs.
『 Lucky Care BUFF’
Quality: Gold
Number of floors:5/10
Effect:+5 points.Every 24 hours, you can activate the Lucky Blessing effect once. The Lucky Value is +20. The effect lasts for 5 seconds.The BUFF duration was unlimited and could not be cleared.
“I finally got a BUFF!”
Ever since Su Ming obtained his first BUFF, he had been thinking about the luck value BUFF.
In the Origin World, the higher the luck value, the higher the probability of killing monsters dropping rare items, triggering special quests, opening treasure chests, gambling skill stones, and so on.
Moreover, items and equipment that increased luck points were extremely rare.
In his previous life, a +1 luck value equipment could sell for 2 million gold even if it was Black Iron equipment.
+5 Luck value BUFF, how valuable was it? Su Ming dared to say tens of millions to start!
After all, the value of +1 and +2 lucky equipment was definitely not double, but triple or even quadruple.
“If the luck value increases, it should also affect the probability of [Golden Light] evolving equipment.”
Su Ming thought about it.
Immediately, he closed the BUFF column and took out the equipment that the Skeleton King had dropped.
『 Skeleton Crown – White Silver’
Position: Head
Attributes: Magic Points +500, Strength +7, Vitality +8, Spirit +35
Special Effect: Spirit Resistance +10%
Additional Skill:[ Ice Burst: Summon Bone Chilling Cold Wave to attack enemies in the 10x10m area. Every second, it deals [Spell Attack x200%] of Ice damage. Move speed -10%, attack speed -10%, last 3 seconds.Cooldown:20 seconds, consuming 150 mana.]
Equipment Requirement: Level 10 Legal Class
Whether it was attributes, special effects or additional skills, the Skeleton Crown was better than the Raging Demon Mask.
Su Ming decisively changed the Level 5 Demon Mask on his body.
Of course, he also turned off the equipment appearance display.
His stats had improved greatly.
ID: Canghai
Attributes: Strength 569, Vitality 431, Agility 312, Spirit 452
Su Ming was very confident that with his current physical attack, he would be able to activate’Extreme Berserk’ and swing his staff around, killing a large number of players.
Strong enough to defy the heavens!
And his HP was about to break through 20,000.
If other players wanted to reach Su Ming’s level, they would have to have at least a Gold grade talent. Moreover, their talent effects would be purely increased Life Points.*

Chapter 52 Strange Pharmacist, Unknown Potion Formula!(4)

Su Ming was quite satisfied with his stats.
“That’s right. I don’ t know how much life force the [Fate Transforming Soul Box] has saved.”
Su Ming clicked on the item information.
“More than 50,000 already.”
As long as he activated the [Fate Transforming Divine Skill] once, Su Ming would at least receive a Gold buff.
However, Su Ming could not help but endure the thought of the skill cooldown of 48 hours.
He had to save at least two million lifeforce.
Only then did he use [Fate Transforming Divine Skill].
Only by obtaining a high-quality BUFF could the effects of the item be maximized.
“Next, go back and submit the quest.”
Su Ming thought.
After seven or eight minutes, he finally returned to Yalong Town.
“Uncle Ron, I have already completed the quest.”Those demons that hurt your daughter have been killed by me.”
Su Ming walked over and said, and at the same time, he told Ron about the situation between Abyss 55.
“Powerful adventurer, thank you for avenging my daughter!”This is something I personally wish for you to accept.”
Apothecary Ron said gratefully.
He took out a wooden box with large amounts of dazzling gold coins inside.
Then, Ron took out some brown parchment and said,” Besides, I found these ancient recipes from the ruins. I hope they will help you.”
“Ding!”Congratulations on completing the quest’ Demon Crisis (2)’. Bonus:15,000 experience points,5000 gold coins,+2 free attribute points,’ Beginner unknown potion formula’ x 3.”
Su Ming directly received the item in his backpack and then added the attribute points to his Spirit Points.
Then, Ron continued,” Adventurer, I want to ask you one more thing.”
“Tell me.”
“The presence of so many demons outside the Dark Ridge was extremely dangerous for the residents of Yalong Town.”I hope you can report this to Bishop Harman of the Church of Light.”
Ron pleaded sincerely.
The system notification sounded out.
“Congratulations on triggering the hidden quest’ Demon Crisis (3)’. Will you accept the quest?”
“Alright, leave this matter to me.”
Su Ming nodded in agreement.
Just as he turned around, a grateful “Thank you” came from behind him.
Su Ming could not help but stop.
For some reason, a strange feeling suddenly appeared in his mind.
“Almost felt something ……”
Su Ming mumbled.
But what was the difference?
Ron……Gratitude……Thank you?!
“I remember. It’s a system notification that doesn’ t have a higher sensitivity!”
Su Ming’s eyes lit up.
He quickly went through the scene of meeting Ron.
Help Ron find his daughter’s ring.
Revenge for his daughter.
Every time, Su Ming didn’t hear a notification about the goodwill.
Of course, he didn’t have to make Ron feel better about him.
The problem was that in the two events, Ron always had an extremely grateful expression on his face. He was just about to kneel and add him.However, not once did he increase his Favorability.
There was definitely a problem!
Unfortunately, the players could not see the NPC’s favorability. Unless there were special items, or every time the favorability increased, they would be able to learn how good the NPC’s favorability was.
Su Ming deeply remembered Apothecary Ron.
He did not turn around and left the pharmacy.
On the way.
Su Ming looked at the’Unknown Potion Formula’ in the reward. There were many ways to obtain this item, so it wasn’t worth much.
It was like an unknown skill stone, and it was all a tool for luck.
However, Su Ming did not lack luck.
It could be used to detect the effect of Lucky Care.
[Beginner unknown potion formula]
Quality: Special
Effect: After use, remove the magic seal on the formula. You will receive a [Normal — Gold] quality potion formula randomly.
Su Ming used three in one go.
“Congratulations on using [Beginner Unknown Potion Formula] x3, obtaining:[ Royal Powder Formula – Gold ],[ Strength Potion Formula (Medium)– Bronze ],[ Gust Potion Formula – Bronze ].”
Being able to create a Gold grade formula meant that the +5 luck value effect was very good.
He put the recipe into his backpack and left it for later use.
Su Ming quickly walked to the Yalong Town market.
He planned to clear out the equipment he didn’t need in his backpack.
During this mission, he received too many Level 10 or Level 15 equipment.
At present, the main level of players was level 14-17.
Some of the players who had a particularly powerful’Experience Bonus’ talent had just reached level 18.
As for Su Ming, he had long since reached Level 19, but to upgrade his Gold and Silver skills, he had consumed thirty to forty thousand experience points.
However, he was still number one in the ranking.
As for the equipment leaderboard, Su Ming was the only leader.
The only two pieces of Gold equipment were on him.
“Sell your equipment as soon as possible. No matter how high a player’s level is, the equipment in your backpack will be worthless.”
Su Ming found a stall.
The market was very lively. The items sold by the players were mainly made of materials, and the number of players selling equipment was relatively small. After all, they did not have many equipment on them, so how could they sell them?
Su Ming took out his equipment and placed it on the stall.
When the players saw this scene, they immediately gathered around to join in on the fun.
When one rare item after another appeared, the field of vision was filled with bronze-colored, silver-colored light. The players’ eyes were all straight.
“1,2……F*ck, eight bronze pieces!4 Pieces of white silver equipment!”Is this heaven?”
“As expected of a Silver equipment. It’s even higher than the 4 pieces of black iron equipment on me. I admit I’ m sore!”
“『 VastSea’s boss had ended the boss’ s nest?”I’ m so envious of all these rare equipment.”
Looking at every piece of top grade equipment, the players wished they could snatch it away.
But when they thought of Su Ming’s terrifying strength, they immediately lost their minds.
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Next Tuesday, they went on stage at 0, and then exploded.*

Chapter 53 Thorn Shield, Main Mission (1)

In less than two minutes, Su Mingbai sold all 15 black iron equipment.
He received 5800 gold coins.
After all, the attributes of black iron equipment were not bad, and the price was not very expensive.
300-500 Gold coins.
Most players could afford it.
A piece of whiteboard equipment worth 10 gold coins was sold out.
As for Bronze and White Silver, there were very few people who bought them.
Su Ming also set up a method to support the purchase of equipment with healing scrolls of Silver and Silver quality.
At this moment, a player with the ID “Light Ink” squeezed into the crowd and asked excitedly:
“VastSea boss, can I use this Silver Healing Scroll plus 1,000 gold coins to buy this bronze quality snake bow?”
Su Ming looked at the scroll.
『 Rain of Life Scroll’
Quality: Silver
Effect: After using it, it recovers 3500 HP per second in the 10m x 10m area for 15 seconds.
“Yes. Brother, if you have a healing scroll in the future, you can sell it to me directly.”
Su Ming nodded in agreement.
“Thank you, boss!”
『 Light Ink’ happily took the weapon and left the stall.
A few minutes later, Su Ming finally arrived at the main leader.
Yue Qinglan brought a group of girls into the market.
“When I heard someone selling Silver equipment here, I guessed it was Vastsea.”Yue Qinglan walked over with a smile.
Su Ming nodded, and then asked doubtfully,” Why didn’ t President Night Blade see anyone?”
“Because after I obtained the Lord’s Pagoda, the level of the [Immortal Shadow] had increased faster than [Night Blade].Night Blade Flame felt pressure. He still brought his team members to the Hills Mountains to level up.”
Thinking of this, Yue Qinglan could not help but smile.
She lowered her head and looked at the stats of the equipment. Then she said,” Bronze equipment,4000 gold coins, and white silver equipment,13,000 gold coins. What do you think of VastSea?”
The price that Yue Qinglan gave was the market price.
At the moment, there was no one bidding with her. Waiting would be a waste of time.
Thus, Su Ming agreed to the deal.
This time, he had gained over 90,000 gold coins.
His family had reached 6.9 million.
After checking his backpack, Su Ming walked towards the church.
The last round of the quest was about to be completed.
Along the way, Su Ming used the [Rain of Life Scroll].
“Ding, you have gained 1 layer of’ Thorn Shield Buff'”
The healing effect lasted for 15 seconds.
Su Ming also gained 15 new BUFF.
『 Thorn Shield BUFF’
Quality: Silver
Number of floors:15/20
Effect: When a shield exists, it deals [Max Shield Value x 1.5%] of real damage to enemies within a radius of 15 meters per second.The duration was unlimited and could not be cleared.
“True Damage?!”
Su Ming was slightly delighted.
『 Frost Shattered had 10,000 shield points. Now, with the effect of Thorn Shield, he could deal 150 real damage to the surrounding enemies.
As long as they gain more shield-type BUFF in the future.
『 Thorn Shield will be more effective!
“Mr. Adventurer, why are you here?”
A slightly surprised gentle voice rang out.
Su Ming looked up and saw that it was Elos. She was treating the injured in the square.
He frowned slightly and said,” Has the attacks from Dark Ridge become more frequent?”
“Yes, not only did the demons increase their attacks, their average strength also increased.”
A trace of worry flashed through Elos’ clear eyes.
From the beginning of the morning, her heart became increasingly uneasy.
Su Ming shook his head and asked,” Is Bishop Harman in the church?”
“”‘S here. I’ ll take you to the Bishop.”
After that, Su Ming followed Elos to the church.At this moment, Harman was praying in front of the God of Light.
“Bishop Harman, I have something to tell you.”
Su Ming recounted what had happened in the Abyss.
“Ding!”Congratulations on completing the quest’ Demon Crisis (3)’. Reward:1,000 experience points,200 gold coins, free attribute points +1.”
This quest was just to tell the bishop that there was no difficulty and the rewards were very low.
After hearing Su Ming’s report, Harman pondered for a moment.
After that, he looked at Su Ming, his eyes becoming extremely serious.” I was injured in yesterday’s battle, so I ca n’ t make a move.So I want to ask you to do me a favor and eradicate the Great Demon Lord from Dark Ridge!”Only by killing it will Yalong Town be saved!”
“Ding!”Congratulations on triggering the final quest’ Demon Crisis (4)’. Will you accept it?”
Su Ming decisively received the quest.
As soon as he finished speaking, the world announcement rang.
“Ding!”World Notification:”
“Congratulations, player’ VastSea’ has triggered the main quest’ Salvation of Yalong Town’ in Yalong Town. Ask other players to unlock the main quest as soon as possible.”
Hearing the system announcement, the players were stunned.
“Xie Te!Why was it this Dragon Countryman called Vastsea?How could a damn game shut down the announcement?!!”
“6666……”Is Yalong Town going to start the final quest?”
“Sigh, why is Vastsea not a player in Copper Eagle Town.”I really envy the players of Yalong Town. They can drink soup after the big boss.”
When the Yalong Town players saw the last sentence, tears almost flowed out.
What was drinking soup?
Whenever VastSea was involved, they might not even be able to see the plate.
Not to mention how miserable it was.

Chapter 54 Bribing the Priest of Light, Tower of Light Trial (2)

“Ding!”Dragon Town announcement:”
“The final dungeon’Dark Ridge’ was activated, the players went to the dungeon through the teleportation formation in Radiant Square.After clearing the Nightmare Difficulty dungeon, the teleportation channels of Yalong Town and the other cities of Holy Light Kingdom will be activated.”
“Notification: This quest is only for players with Level 15 or above.”
On the quest panel of the Aragon Town players, there was a quest called’Aragon Town’s Redemption’.
“Finally started……”As long as I clear the dungeon, I can meet Silver Dragon Town’s wife!”
“F*ck, you have to show me again. I’ ll beat your head askew.”
“Level 14 scum is here, waiting for everyone to clear.”
All the players above Level 15 and Level 15 walked towards Radiant Square.
For players below level 15, what should they do?
When Su Ming heard the system notification, he laughed and shook his head,” I didn’ t expect that because of my appearance, this dungeon had been opened one day earlier.”
According to the trajectory of his previous life, tomorrow, the mainstream players would reach level 20.
Night Blade, Immortal Shadow, and Blue Night’s three guilds worked together and spent four to five hours clearing Nightmare Dungeon.
Without any top players from any guild, this dungeon could not be cleared.
Of course, this was the situation in his previous life, and it did not mean the current situation.
After all, he was the biggest variable.
Then, Su Ming looked at his quest.
『 Demon Crisis (4)’
Difficulty: Diamond Level
Type: Serial quest –4th ring
Mission Description: In the continuous battle, Yalong Town had welcomed the day of redemption.Please go and kill the Demon Lords and the behind-the-scenes.
Requirement: Kill the upper demon, Flame Demon Lord, kill???The mastermind behind the scenes – unknown identity.
As for this mastermind, Su Ming believed that it was the Heresy Apostle who sacrificed Elos and summoned the Dark Demon Dragon.
In the battle in his previous life, the Heresy Apostles still managed to escape.
This also caused the quest to fail.
At the entrance of the church, Su Ming watched as a large number of players crowded into the’Dark Ridge’ dungeon.
He did not enter the dungeon immediately.
Su Ming planned to use 20,000 gold coins to take down the hidden quest in the Church of Light. He would be able to gain a bit more strength by adding a Gold rank skill.
As for whether the players could clear the Nightmare Dungeon.
The answer was absolutely impossible!
Not enough level, not enough equipment. Even if it was to kill a human, it would not pass the Nightmare Dungeon.
Su Ming turned to enter the corridor and walked towards the area behind the church.
It was only a minute or two away from the destination.
A tall tower stood on the flat ground, with an old man guarding the entrance.
『 Light Priest Ears LV20′
“Hello, I’ m here to participate in the Trial of the Tower of Light.”
Su Ming went straight to the point.
“Members of the Church of Light were only allowed to participate in the Trial of the Tower of Light once. Sorry, you can not participate in the Adventurer……Unless……”Hmph.”
The old man calmly stood on the spot and extended two fingers at the same time.
Scarlet Jade’s hint……No, it should be clear!
A smile appeared on Su Ming’s face.
Anything that could be solved with money was easy to say.
He took out 20,000 gold coins and handed it to the other party.
“Let’s go in.”
The old man glanced at the bright gold coin and smiled.
Su Ming stepped onto the teleportation formation and disappeared.
[Current Position: Church of Light – Tower of Light 1st floor]
“Trial Rules: Defeat every level of demon. You will be promoted to a higher level.In the end, the higher the number of layers, the richer the rewards.”Note: The skill you have is only limited to Holy Light.”
The next moment, a demon appeared in the middle.
[Little Demon]
Title: Normal
Skill: Claw Attack LV3
Level 5 monsters had poor stats.
With 10% Physical Penetration buff.
Su Ming raised his staff and attacked from the front. A staff smashed the little demon to death.
“The monster died and advanced to the second level.”The system prompted.
The monsters that killed the Tower of Light didn’t have experience points, but Su Ming also had gains.
『 Life Transforming Box] can absorb life force.
After discovering this, Su Ming’s fighting mood became even more intense.
As the number of layers increased, the number of trial monsters increased. Moreover, the quality and title of monsters would increase every 10 layers.
Fortunately, every time he upgraded to a higher level, his skill cooldown would be refreshed.
And for the effects of BUFF, the trial rules were not prohibited.
Su Ming’s killing speed was extremely fast.
Level 10……
Level 15……
Level 20……
Guangming Square.
Following the failure of the previous few players who entered the dungeon, the players from Yalong Town had already understood the difficulty of the’Dark Ridge’ dungeon.
Too terrifying!
Even small monsters were too fierce.
The players entered the dungeon and before they could see the first boss, they were killed by the monsters.
Did “Vastsea brothers not come?”You’ ve already entered the dungeon?”
The Night Blade Flame that had just returned to Yalong Town did not see Su Ming around.
“I didn’ t see Vastsea either.”Furthermore, we don’ t have time to wait for him. We must seize this opportunity to clear Dark Ridge this morning so that we can enter a higher level map.”
Yue Qinglan shook her head and said.
“That’s right. The sooner we enter the advanced map, the greater our advantage.”
Night Blade Flame agreed.
Afterwards, the two guilds entered the dungeon at the same time.*

Chapter 55 Clear Tower of Light, Evolved Skill (3)

After the members of 『 Night Blade and Immortal Shadow entered the dungeon, the players of Blue Night’s guild led by Blue Night’s Wind followed closely behind.
“The three guilds of Aragon Town gathered in a dungeon. I wonder who will be the first to clear the dungeon.”
“I don’t think so. The monsters in Dark Abyss are too perverted.”Only players like the’ VastSea’ boss, who are as strong as the boss, have the chance to clear.”
“Opened……”Let’s bet which guild will last the longest!”
The players stared at the dungeon teleportation formation.
Two minutes later, the nearby lights flashed and Cang Ye’s people all exited the dungeon.
“Night Blade and Immortal Shadow, I will remember you all!”
Cang Ye Wufeng gritted his teeth.
『 Dusk Ridge’ dungeon could accept 3 teams at the same time. Each team had a maximum of 100 players.
After Blue Night Wind and his members entered the dungeon, they were destroyed by Night Blade and Immortal Shadow.
Next, Cang Ye’s team continued to enter the dungeon.
Three minutes later, Night Blade Flame and Yue Qinglan also exited the dungeon.
Clearly, they had failed.
The stats of the dungeons were very high, and there were also many monsters.
The 200 people led by the two guilds were not long after they were destroyed by the Demon Legion.
They were not discouraged. The first time was a test.
“This time, I will fight seriously.”
Night Blade Flame gave the order and entered the dungeon together with Immortal Shadow.
For the second time, the players took out the potion and drank it.
“Beep. Use Strength Potion (Small). Strength +15 points. Duration:5 minutes.”
“Ding, use the defense potion (small), physical/magic defense +20, lasting 5 minutes.”
Everyone’s stats increased slightly.
Facing a large number of monsters, Night Blade Flame would immediately take out a skill scroll to kill monsters.
In order to clear the dungeon as soon as possible, the two guilds used all sorts of methods. When they saw the first boss, they held on for a minute and were directly wiped out.
It lasted 12 minutes.
“Damn it. This boss’ defense is too high. Our attacks are not able to break through.”
Night Blade Yan’s expression turned ugly.
“If we use all the skill scrolls on the boss, we will be able to kill it.”
Yue Qinglan calmly pondered.
Hearing this, Night Blade Flame shook his head and said,” No, the first wave of monsters must be killed with skill scrolls. Otherwise, we won’t have enough potions.”Furthermore, there’s still a boss at the back. There’s not enough skill scrolls.”
“Try again.”
After the two made their decision, they led the team into the dungeon.
The third time, after only 7 minutes in the dungeon, the two guilds were wiped out again.
The fourth time, Night Blade Flame and Yue Qinglan planned to join forces with Blue Night Guild.
In the face of great benefits, both sides decided to temporarily give up on their hatred.
After all, clearing the’Dark Ridge’ dungeon would have great benefits for’Black Night’,’Night Blade’ and’Saint Shadow’.
Cang Ye Wufeng did not refuse.
This time, the three guilds joined forces to open the Desolation Nightmare Dungeon.
Sixteen minutes later,300 players were wiped out by the boss.
The gap was too big.
To forcefully attack a dungeon might not necessarily succeed, but it would definitely pay a huge price.
When the losses were far greater than the profits, Night Blade Flame and the others naturally decided to give up. No one was willing to give the system money.
“Look, even if the three guilds work together, they won’ t be able to clear the dungeon.”
“The Three Great Guilds’ Desolate Dungeons are all fun. If we really want to clear the dungeon, we have to rely on the’ Vast Ocean’ boss.”
“Sigh, at such a critical moment, why did Vastsea disappear?”If I had his help, I would have dared to bid. The Nightmare Difficulty’s’ Dark Ridge’ is just a small matter.”
A Cleric said in admiration.
The players who had seen Su Ming’s battle scene agreed with the Cleric’s words.
Su Ming did not know that many players outside were looking forward to his appearance.
At this moment, the trial of the Tower of Light had reached the final juncture.
[Current Position: Church of Light – Top Level of Tower of Light]
The monster on the last level was a Silver rank 15 Demon Lord.
Under Su Ming’s spell bombardment and the damage of his staff, the boss’ HP fell down.
Blood Punishment!
Holy Silver Strength!
Extreme Berserk!
Su Ming instantly activated all kinds of auxiliary skills and the effects of BUFF.
BOSS Defense -20%!
Physical Penetration +30%!
Without another word, he rushed over and swung his staff to smash the boss’ face.
Bang bang bang!
-3818!(Critical Strike)
-3818!(Critical Strike)
Two seconds later, Su Ming unleashed 41,998 damage, clearing the Demon Lord’s last HP.
The boss’ corpse fell to the ground.
“Congratulations on passing the Tower of Light Trial.”Reward:20,000 experience points,+10 free attribute points, randomly select 1 Priest skill book.”
“Congratulations on reaching Level 19. You have gained: Strength +3, Vitality +3, Agility +3, Spirit +4.”
Endless golden radiance drifted over, condensing into a bookcase in front of Su Ming. It was filled with golden-quality skill books, but it could not see the contents.
Line 3!
Column 4!
Su Ming’s gaze instantly gathered to the book in the intersection and he reached out to take down the skill book.
“Ding!”Congratulations, you’ ve received a reward:” Holy Flame Spear Skill Book – Progressive “”
It was it!*

Chapter 56 Nightmare Dungeon Desolation, Official Reward (1)

“Ding…congratulations on learning the skill’ Holy Flame Spear’.”
Su Ming did not hesitate to learn the skill.
This skill had the potential to evolve to a mythical level.
Holy Fire Spear – Gold
Level: Unable to upgrade
Effect: Coalesces the Holy Fire into a spear, causing [1400+350%] of Holy Light damage to an enemy, and applies [Holy Light Burning] effect. Increases Holy Light damage by 20% for 3 seconds.Cooldown:10 seconds.It consumed 180 mana.
Evolution Requirement: Kill 1,000 ordinary demons
Although this skill could not be upgraded, the damage increase was equal to LV5 Gold skill.
It was equivalent to saving tens of thousands of experience points.
“Nice skill.”
Su Ming turned off the skill panel and looked at the item,’ Fate Transforming Soul Box’.
Vitality:1.05 million,200 million
“I’ ve actually broken through to 1 million HP. I’ ve spent more than an hour in the Tower of Light.”
Su Ming endured the urge to activate the item effect.
In the next dungeon, his life force could still increase by a bit!
At that time, he would use the [Fate Transformation Skill].
After all, the amount of HP that Su Ming could recover at a single time determined the strength of the BUFF that Su Ming could obtain.
“Next, let’s start the Desolate’ Dark Ridge’ dungeon.”
Su Ming casually added 10 free attribute points to his Spirit Points and then left the Tower of Light.
He went straight to the square. When the players noticed him, their eyes lit up.
“F*ck, VastSea has finally arrived!”
“Really came!!”
“Just now, the other players were still ridiculing us. Now that the’ VastSea’ boss has made a move, the first kill in the dungeon will be easy.”
“Wait for the boss to clear the dungeon!”
Everyone’s eyes focused on Su Ming.
Hearing the cries of the players, Su Ming felt helpless.
Being famous was good and bad.
The advantage was that those who did not have enough strength would not come to trouble him.
The disadvantage was that no matter where they went, they would be noticed.
Of course, Su Ming’s name was only very famous in Aragon Town and the game world’s guilds.
“Vastsea, you’ re finally here!”This dungeon’s boss is ridiculously strong. Only you can deal with it.”
Night Blade Flame said excitedly.
“Yes!”Enter the dungeon.”
Su Ming nodded.
『 Dark Ridge had supported three teams to enter, so he had created a team called Vast Ocean, with 1 player.
“VastSea, wait for a moment. I still need to tell you something.”
At this moment, Yue Qinglan said.
“What is it?”
Su Ming looked at her and asked.
“Previously, the Profound Sky Guild had sent a message, hoping that our Yalong Town team would broadcast the entire course of the’ Dark Abyss’ First Kill so that the players in the other regions of Dragon Country could understand the difficulty of the main dungeon.”
“We all agree. I just don’ t know your opinion.”
Yue Qinglan asked softly.
Hearing this, Su Ming began to ponder.
The leading power behind the first guild,’ Tian Xuan’, came from the Dragon Country’s official.
This message was actually the official’s intention.
“That’s right. As long as you agree, after the matter is settled, the Profound Sky Guild can agree to give us a reward that is not worth more than 500,000. We will decide on the content of the reward.”
Yue Qinglan added.
During the live broadcast, Su Ming didn’t care about it. It did n’ t affect him.
But it could be exchanged for official rewards.
It was equivalent to making an extra profit.
“Maybe I can ask the official to help me find a Gold grade healing scroll as a reward.”
Su Ming thought.
Thinking of this, he agreed to the request of the Profound Sky Guild.
Then, Su Ming walked to the teleportation formation and a screen popped out.
『 Dark Ridge’
Category: Region
Number of teams:0/3
Optional Difficulty: Nightmare
Conditions for victory: The team that killed the’Flame Demon Lord Jonas’ was considered to have cleared.
Only one team could obtain a dungeon clearance.
However, Night Blade Flame and Yue Qinglan did not care who took the first kill, as long as they cleared it.
They began to enter the dungeon.
The live broadcast also started. This broadcast room was a special channel, and only the officially registered guild had the right to watch the process.
After learning that Su Ming was participating in the dungeon, the number of viewers in the live broadcast instantly increased from 1,025 to 1,5520.
Players from the top 40 guilds.
[Current Location: Yalong Town – Dark Ridge Outer]
Everyone arrived at the Dark Ridge, and the surrounding cliffs were covered with low trees to block the sunlight. As a result, the brightness of the area below seemed gloomy.
“VastSea, how are you going to fight?”
Everyone looked at Su Ming.
After all, they had come to Pei Village. Their greatest use was to help Su Ming hold the aggro of the monsters.
“Just do as usual.”
Su Ming said casually.
He was sizing up the surroundings. It was exactly the same as the dungeon in his previous life.
Night Blade Flame was a little stunned. A bad feeling suddenly appeared in his heart.
The next moment, Su Ming calmly walked towards the huge monster horde. At the same time, he heard a sentence from afar:” It’s still that strategy. I’ ll go kill the boss alone.”
Night Blade Yan and Yue Qinglan looked at each other and thought to themselves: Indeed.
They smiled helplessly.
When the audience in the broadcast room heard this, even the members of the major guilds in Dragon Country were dumbfounded.
“This is the Priest called’ Vastsea’. Is he too arrogant?”
“I have Diamond grade talent, so I don’ t dare to say I can fight a Nightmare grade boss alone.”
Most of the guild members were filled with disbelief.
Only’ Fantasy Sky’ and’ Seven Lights’ guilds believed in Su Ming’s words.
They had personally witnessed how terrifying Su Ming’s strength was.*

Chapter 57 One-on-one boss, first level 20 player!(2)

A large number of demons surrounded by flames rushed over, a group of high-ranking demons from the Abyss—the Flame Demons.
[Flame Demons Elite – Nightmare]
Title: Black Iron Elite
Skills: Fire Spear LV3, Fire Stone LV2, Fire Resistance LV5
Elite Aura: Within the surrounding area, all attributes of friendly units below their title +5%.
“Kill all humans!”
The leader of the balrog army gave the order, and the balrog elites immediately began to run, causing the ground to vibrate.
Su Ming calmly walked towards the monster and turned off the effects of the [Golden Light] evolution equipment.
“He’s dead!”
“A Cleric is a Cleric. Even if he has a strong talent, he can’ t avoid the fact that it’s a fragile fact.”
“That’s right. Unless he can kill a monster, I don’ t believe he can instantly deal 60,000 damage.”
Before the battle really began, many guild players made predictions in the live broadcast.
In their eyes, Su Ming would definitely die.
Berserk Magic Power!
Thunder Destroyer Holy Light!
Su Ming brandished his staff and activated the additional skill of his robe. The skill’s spell damage was +20%!
In an instant, thunder rumbled as dozens of golden thunderbolts descended from the sky like a snake. They launched a wave of carpet bombing towards the 25m wide area.
Brilliant lightning engulfed the Flame Demons’ figure. After receiving the’ Paralysis’ effect from the skill, dozens of Flame Demons froze in place and prevented the Flame Demons from advancing.
After 5 seconds, the skill’s effect dissipated, and the balrog’s HP dropped by about 18,000.
Taking advantage of the fact that the monster was unable to move, Su Ming’s skills followed.
A bone piercing cold wind descended!
Suddenly, a violent storm swept through the Flame Demons with pale snow and ice. Due to the addition of five [Magic Damage Imprint] on their bodies, the Flame Demons’ injuries doubled.
It was Skeleton Crown’s additional skill:[ Ice Burst]!
Dozens of balrogs slowed down and their HP dropped to half.
Su Ming instantly traveled ten meters and moved to the center of the monsters. The Flame Demons immediately attacked him.
His head was continuously hurting.
After two waves of attacks, the 10,000 shield points added by Frost Shatter were cleared.
The Frost Armor on Su Ming’s body suddenly shattered, turning into hundreds of ice shards that pierced through the Flame Demons.
After the attack, the nearby Flame Demons had less than a fifth of their HP.
Holy Silver Strength!
Extreme Berserk!
Su Ming’s item had increased to 40%. He swung his staff and smashed it a few times. The Flame Demons’ remaining health was completely emptied.
“Ding, you killed 6 balrog elites. Received:7740 experience points, dungeon contribution +270.”
“Ding, you killed 7 Flame Demons elites, gained:9030 Experience Points ……”
After killing these monsters, Su Ming left the battlefield with another’Void Phantom’.
In less than 10 seconds, he killed 35 balrog elites.
Everyone was silent.
After a long while, the audience finally reacted.
“This, this……How could that be possible?!!”
“This is a level 15 black iron elite monster strengthened by nightmares. How could he easily kill a bunch of them?”
“F*ck, I’m not mistaken.VastSea used his staff to knock out 5000 Physical Critical Strike!”
“Mayer, what kind of ghost damage is this?It was five times higher than an Assassin’s damage!You tell me, this is called a Cleric???”
For a moment, the audience cried out in alarm.
They recalled Su Ming’s battle scene, their faces filled with disbelief.
At this moment, the proud hearts of the guild players were crushed to pieces.
What kind of pervert was this?!
The players cheered inwardly.
After the skill cooldown was completed, Su Ming used this method repeatedly to kill a total of 100 balrog elites.
This battle had gained a massive amount of experience points.
However, the most important thing was that the Life Transforming Soul Box had increased its life force to 1.35 million!
The time to obtain an Epic BUFF was getting closer and closer.
“Congratulations on reaching level 20. You have gained: Strength +3, Vitality +3, Agility +3, Spirit +4.”
“Your level has reached the current class limit. Please look for a class instructor to raise your class template level to Bronze.”
A ray of light appeared on Su Ming’s body. Immediately, his state returned to full!
“Ding!”World Notification:”
“Congratulations player’ VastSea’ on reaching Level 20. He has received the first Level 20 player’s achievement reward:5,000 experience points,2,000 reputation points,20,000 gold coins,+1 Legendary Points,+20 Free Attribute Points.”
Su Ming received another world announcement.
His Legendary Points had increased to 4 points, which was enough to support him in raising the model to Bronze rank.
“666, VastSea’s boss leveling up is too fast. I’ m only level 13.”
“I’ m Level 15, but I feel like I won’ t be able to catch up with Big Boss.”
*O*o*unk2!!Why did all the world announcements come from this Dragon Country player called Vastsea?”Could it be that the No.1 guild of the Rising Sun Empire will die?”
Compared to the foreign players, they were furious.
The Dragon Country players only felt envy towards Su Ming.
When the difference in strength between the two sides was too great, there was no such thing as envy.*

Chapter 58 Epic buff – Holy Eye of Punishment (3)

Su Ming added 20 free stats to his Spirit Points.
The magic attack finally broke through 1000 levels, reaching 1026 points.
In addition, the evolution of the Holy Flame Spear increased by 200. Killing one elite demon was equivalent to killing two ordinary demons.
If another 800 ordinary demons were killed, the skill’s quality would evolve to Diamond level.
Night Blade Yan and Yue Qinglan walked over.
“Canghai, didn’t you just say it was the same?”How could I kill all the monsters?”
Night Blade Flame asked helplessly.
“I suddenly remembered a quest to kill demons.”Su Ming calmly explained.
After having the Life Transforming Soul Box, he naturally would not let go of so many monsters.
“By the way, Guild Master Night Blade, I’ ll have to trouble you guys to pick up the spoils of war. I’ ll go and deal with the boss first.”
After saying that, Su Ming turned around and left.
Night Blade Yan and Yue Qinglan looked at each other, feeling too tired.
They never thought that Night Blade and Immortal Shadow would be the top 20 guilds in the country.
Not only could they not eat meat, they could not even drink soup.
He didn’t eat anything and had to wash the dishes in the end.
You think this is not ridiculous?!
However, when they thought that they were about to clear the dungeon, they still willingly ran to pick up the equipment.
“Ding, pick up a piece of’ Crimson Flame Bracelet – Black Iron’ and store it in the public dungeon space.”
“Ding ……”
There was a system record.
Su Ming was not worried that they would be greedy for these equipment.
Not to mention the audience watching from the live broadcast.
Su Ming calmly walked towards the leader of the balrog army. A five-meter tall balrog was surrounded by black and red abyss flames.
[Flame Devil Leader – Nightmare]
Title: Silver Leader
Skills: Flame Explosion LV4, Flame Wall LV4, Flame Flowing LV3
Leader’s Aura: Within the vicinity, all attributes of friendly units below their title +10%.
“Anyone who obstructs Lord Venus’ plan must die!”
The leader of the Flame Demons suddenly summoned a huge fireball with a diameter of one meter and smashed towards Su Ming’s position.
Fireball flew very fast, but Su Ming’s reaction was even faster. He instantly moved to ten meters away.
The explosion was deafening. Su Ming turned his head to look at the ground.
A huge pit with a diameter of five meters appeared in front of him. A few meters long crack appeared at the edge of the pit, and strands of black smoke rose.
This was the first monster Su Ming had ever seen that had more than 7,000 damage!
A normal Silver-Headed-Eyed Monster had at most four to five thousand attacks. However, after having been upgraded at Nightmare Level, it had become incredibly terrifying. Even a normal Silver-Headed-Eyed BOSS was not as strong as it was.
Berserk Magic Power!
Blood Punishment!
Su Ming raised his hand to cast a buff skill for himself.At the same time, he used [Blood Punishment] to stack five layers of [Magic Damage Imprint] on the leader of the Flame Demons, and reduced his defense by 20%.
“Try a new skill.”
Su Ming thought.
He stretched out his left hand and tens of hundreds of holy flames appeared around him.
In the blink of an eye, the golden flames instantly gathered in Su Ming’s heart, forming a 1-meter-long Holy Flame Spear.
Su Ming let out a low cry and threw out the Flame Spear in his hand.
A golden ray of light suddenly flashed through the air!
The golden spear pierced through the Flame Devil’s chest and made a “Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
-21716!(Restrain Damage)
A terrifying golden figure appeared above the demon leader’s head.
Twenty thousand damage!
The players who were picking up their equipment looked up and were stunned.
“『 VastSea’s boss was going to go back on the perverted path?!”
“Had only dealt 10,000+ damage yesterday. Today, it had reached 20,000+!”Boss, please tell me how you did it.”
There were no lack of top 30 Mage class bosses in the broadcast room.
The result was less than a tenth of Su Ming’s damage.
We are mages!
Can a Priest like you save some face for a Mage……
When they looked at Su Ming’s injury, they felt both envious and sad.
Su Ming did not know what everyone was thinking.
He was focused on fighting.
As a mage in his previous life, he had grasped the limit of all cooldowns!
Suminka’s [Frost Crushing] refresh time and the cooldown time of the two displacement skills were basically able to maintain his health at a healthy level.
He relied on the buffs of other attack skills and BUFF effects to attack madly.
The balrog’s health fell like a flood.
When its HP was zero, the system notification rang.
“Ding, you killed the Flame Demons’ leader, Nightmare, gained:34,400 experience points,200 reputation points, free attribute points +2, dungeon contribution points +1200.”
The Flame Demons’ leader’s corpse fell to the ground, splitting into black stones.
At this moment, the Life Transforming Soul Box’s lifeforce had increased to 1.38 million!
Su Ming decided to use [Fate Transformation].
In Nightmare Dungeons, Silver bosses were all so powerful, and Silver bosses would only be even more terrifying.
God of Fate!
He activated his skill and the life force stored in the item turned to zero.
A trace of excitement appeared in Su Ming’s heart.
The next moment, a thin layer of green light appeared on the surface of his body.
O! O! O! O! O! O! O! O!
“Ding…congratulations on obtaining 1 level of’ Holy Eye of Retaliation’.”
Su Ming opened the status bar, and the new BUFF icon glowed with a purple light.
Epic BUFF!*

Chapter 59 Super Buff, Yalong Town Crisis (1)

Su Ming looked at the new BUFF attribute impatiently.
『 Holy Eye of Retaliation BUFF’
Quality: Epic
Number of floors:1/5
Effect 1: When attacking a unit with’Silence’, each time you attack, you will receive an additional [Attack Damage x 100%+ Sin Count x 100%] of True Damage.
Effect 2: When attacked by a Sin unit, the damage received will be reduced by 50% and the priority will be high.
The duration was unlimited and could not be cleared.
“Sin?”Is this the evil value?”
Su Ming was puzzled.
Immediately, he looked at the detailed introduction to BUFF.
[Any action that would damage other lives would increase’ Sin’.You can see everyone’s sin, and your own sin is always equal to zero.]
“I see.”
Su Ming immediately understood.
He stretched out his hand and looked at himself. A number appeared.
Although Su Ming didn’t know if anyone had the same ability as the Eye of Retaliation, it was a good thing that his Sin had become zero.
There was a hidden danger.
The effect of returning to BUFF itself could only be described by one word.
Basically, the players would be guilty. After all, in order to upgrade, they had killed thousands of monsters.
Su Ming closed the panel in satisfaction.
He walked over and picked up the falling objects on the ground.
“Ding, you picked up the spoils of war:205 gold coins,’ Flame Devil Wrist Protector White Silver’,’ Flame Devil Heavy Armor White Silver 』……”
These items were temporarily stored in the public dungeon space.
Due to the increase of 5 luck points in Lucky Care, a Silver-tier leader actually dropped 2 Silver-tier players.
Next, Su Ming ran towards the depths of the dungeon.
“Ding!”VastSea has already killed the Flame Demons’ leader, Nightmare.”
At this moment, the guild players were still immersed in the shock of Su Ming killing the Nightmare Leader alone.
When they heard the system notification, they woke up as if they were in a dream.
“This?The Nightmare Leader was killed?!”
“F*ck, I feel like I’ m not playing the same game as Vastsea.”
“『 VastSea’ In the previous game, was he a mage boss?”I was stunned by the battle just now.”
The guild players originally thought that Su Ming’s strength was purely based on heaven defying damage.
However, the battle just now had brought a new look to the eyes of the mages.
Ultimate control over skill cooldown!
Every skill was just right, and the rhythm of the battle was incredibly smooth.
Everyone was completely convinced.
“Wait, VastSea has already left!”
Suddenly, the audience realized something.
Su Ming had left. How could they still think about Su Ming’s one-on-one battle against the final boss?
Night Blade Flame and Yue Qinglan wanted to chase after him.
He found that Su Ming’s speed was too fast, and he was completely unable to keep up.
Everyone could only watch Su Ming’s back turn into a small black dot and disappear completely.
This speed was ridiculous.
Su Ming had been rushing to the depths of the dungeon all this while. Along the way, he had also encountered the attacks of the Flame Demons’ elites.
He knew very well.
Since the Nightmare Dungeon had opened one day earlier, the final crisis in Yalong Town might have arrived earlier.
He had to hurry up.
At the same time, something strange happened in the Hills Mountains.
The huge black formation was located at the original location leading to the abyss.
Dark clouds floated in the sky as black lightning continuously landed on the magic formation.
A spatial crack appeared.
A black robed man stood at the edge of the magic circle, holding a blood red Abyss Crystal in his hand.
“The Demon Legion from the Abyss, prepare to welcome the arrival of Lord Alocles, Lord Dark Demon Dragon!”
The black-robed man shouted in a frenzy.
The next moment, one, two, three……Tens of thousands of terrifying demons emerged from the spatial rift.
“Tsk tsk……”Adventurer, how can I thank you for your help.”
Under the frenzied laughter, the black-robed man’s face was revealed. Shockingly, it was Apothecary Ron, but some black scales appeared on his face.
Looking at the army of 100,000 demons, Ron’s eyes were filled with intoxication.
“Let’s go. Let’s take back the sacrifice to Lord Alocles!”
A cruel smile appeared on Ron’s face.
He brought the Demon Legion to Yalong Town.
[Current Location: Yalong Town – Dark Ridge – Magma Tunnel]
After a few minutes of rapid attacks, Su Ming arrived at the location of the final boss.
At this moment, the system notification rang.
“Ding!”Dragon Town announcement:”
“『 Yalong Town Crisis’ quest entered the final stage.”The large-scale Demon Legion is attacking Yalong Town. We’ ll ask the players to help the soldiers repel the demons. Once Yalong Town is destroyed, all the Yalong Town’s players will be wiped out and return to other towns.”
The announcement was repeated three times.
Seeing the punishment for failure, the players in Yalong Town panicked.
Apart from the players who were still in the’Dark Ridge’ dungeon, everyone else gathered outside the city wall.
“This is the beginning.”
Su Ming frowned and could not help but quicken his steps.
The depths of the underground cave were incomparably spacious. There were holes in the ground that were filled with lava.
A ten meter tall demon was standing on the middle platform.
Sensing the human aura, it slowly opened its eyes.*

Chapter 60 Lava Bracelet, World Notification (2)

Su Ming gave the Flame Demons a detection skill.
[Flame Demons Lord Jonas Muddle-headed]
Title: Silver Lord
Skills: Abyssal Flame Burst LV5, Lava Fallen LV5, Stomp LV5, Flame Demons Summon LV5
Lord’s Aura: Within the vicinity, all attributes of friendly units below their title +20%.
“As expected of a Silver ranked Lord who had been strengthened by nightmares. His attack has actually broken through 10,000.”
Su Ming sighed.
If it was him who had obtained the Holy Eye of Punishment BUFF, he might have been killed if he was not careful.
But now, he was not worried.
“Ignorant mortals, perish under my flames.”
The Flame Demons Lord’s eyes were calm.
In its heart, it had already equated Su Ming with a weak ant.
The Flame Demons Lord, who was more than ten meters tall, stretched out his thick arm, and blazing black and red flames gathered in his palm, forming a giant fireball several meters in diameter.
It was the skill of the boss:[ Abyssal Flame Burst]!
Fireball attacks quickly flew over.
Su Ming suddenly used the Flash Ring to move to ten meters away, but his skill range was extremely wide.
The bottom of his feet shook violently.
The violent shockwaves carried black flames that swept through the area of dozens of meters, and the ground cracked like a spider web.
After the Holy Eye of Retaliation and various effects were reduced, Su Ming still suffered more than 10,000 damage. The Frost Shattered Shield value was reduced to 1980.
Blood Punishment!
Su Ming used the skill’Battering the Lord of the Rings’, and ten Blood Blades pierced through the air. They ruthlessly pierced the boss’ body, reducing its defense by 20%.
The damage dealt by the HP Blade itself was very low, but through the [Holy Eye of Retaliation], it dealt 4,052 real damage, causing the Flame Demons Lord’s HP to drop a bit.
“Very good.”
Su Ming’s eyes flashed when he saw the damage he had inflicted.
This kind of high attack frequency and low damage skill was especially suitable for dealing with this kind of high Sin monster.
By relying on his additional True Damage, he could kill the boss.
“Damn mortal, you have successfully angered me!”
Venus suddenly roared and the surrounding magma pools began to boil. In the blink of an eye, dozens of hundreds of small Flame Demons charged towards Su Ming’s location.
Fast forward!
Holy Flame Spear!
Relying on the 200% speed of the BUFF increase, Su Ming quickly retreated. At the same time, he held the Holy Flame Spear and threw it at the boss.
-17620!(Restrain Damage)
The golden spear pierced through the boss’ body, causing a series of damage. The Flame Demons Lord’s HP was reduced to 92.6%.
“Die, mortal!”
The Flame Demons Lord stepped in front of Su Ming and stepped down……
Phantom False Body!
Su Ming used another Displacement skill to easily dodge the Flame Demons Lord’s trampling. He even pulled a distance of 10 meters and threw out a bunch of spells.
Holy Arrow!
Holy Light Rage!
The golden torrent of magic carried a terrifying power as it struck the Flame Demons Lord’s body, instantly sending out dozens of damage.
With just two additional True Damage, the boss couldn’t take it anymore and his HP dropped.
Su Ming circled around the boss and continuously used his skills to devour the enemy’s health.
The Flame Demons Lord’s health was 45.5%.
A few minutes later, the Flame Demons Lord’s HP was less than 100,000, the final attack!
Holy Silver Strength!
Extreme Berserk!
Su Ming’s body was covered in a faint silver glow. He flashed to the side of the boss and raised his staff to smash it.
In just two seconds, Su Ming unleashed 11 attacks, unleashing 116,000 damage points and harvesting the boss’ last life force.
“No……I am……The great Flame Demons Lord, Venus……I can’t lose ……”
Before he could finish his final sentence, the Flame Demons Lord’s massive body fell to the ground and dropped a pile of colorful items.
“Ding, you killed the Flame Demons Lord, Jonas Og Meng. You gained:137,600 Experience Points,500 Reputation Points, Free Attribute Points +4, dungeon contribution points +3600.”
“Ding,[ Golden Light] has been triggered!”
Four rays of light flew out, and two of them fused into Silver equipment.
“You’ve obtained the spoils of war:’ Lava Bracelet – Gold’,’ Lava Sword – Gold’,’ Lava Stone’ x 2,……”
2 Gold,3 Silver, and 15 equipment that were lower than Silver.
+5 Luck value was really strong!
In the end, the boss was killed and the dungeon was cleared.
The system notification rang.
“Ding!”World Notification:”
“Congratulations player [VastSea] for successfully clearing the Nightmare Difficulty [DarkDark Ridge]. Congratulations on obtaining Nightmare First Kill reward:5000 Experience Points,1000 Reputation Points,5000 gold coins, Free Attribute Points +5.”
A world announcement was repeated six times.
“Only ten minutes had passed……”Big boss, are you living in the world announcement?”
“Sigh, I don’ t even have the qualifications to play the Nightmare Dungeon. I’ m very kind.”
There was another discussion among the players. As for the foreign players, they no longer wanted to speak. As they watched Su Ming obtain the world announcement time and time again, they all felt used to it.*