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Big Boss
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Chapter 1 Opening the God System

“Whoosh…” Water splashed everywhere.
Wang Dali rushed out of the sea, greedily panting heavily.
Just a short distance away, he would be drowned by too much seawater.
The stormy sea was filled with heavy rain and wild winds.
Huge bolts of lightning were brewing in the clouds, occasionally crashing down and piercing through the sea.
Wang Dali looked around blankly.
Using the light that illuminated the entire stormy sea, Wang Dali saw a mysterious island. It was tall—it stood on the surface of the sea, shrouded in boundless darkness, like a ferocious ancient beast.
At the edge of the island, a reef stood on the surface of the sea. Some of the reefs were actually carved into enormous human heads.
“F*ck, where is this place? Why is it so terrifying?”Wang Dali was stunned, and he suddenly cried out in shock.
“Why is this place so similar to the Skeleton Island in the movie?”
Wang Dali fiercely patted Hai Shui, venting his fear.
Before the ship sank, it was late at night. The sea that the ship was in was the damn Sumatra Islands.
On the cruise ship was a global superstar cruise party.
“F*ck F*ck F*ck F*ck…”It’s over!”
Wang Dali couldn’t help but roar. It was a superstar party. There were many celebrities, tycoons, young masters, and socialites in the world at the party. If the entire ship sank, how many great figures would die?
“This is the rhythm of the world’s headlines tomorrow morning!”
Wang Dali knew that such an accident must be a major event that shook the world. It was probably even more shocking than the Titanic incident back then. It was even more shocking!
“Don’ t care. It’s more important to protect yourself first!”Wang Dali looked around.
There was no cry for help, no broken boards, no corpses, nothing but surging seawater and raging storms.
“Damn, the entire ship will not be dead, right?”
Wang Dali took a deep breath and stretched out his arms to swim to the island.
The island was surrounded by tall black boulders. There was no beach.
Something was getting more and more strange. This place was definitely not the place where the cruise ship sank. There was a beach there, and the coastal terrain was also very gentle. Unlike this place, the terrain was abrupt, and the huge rocks were ferocious, just like the mysterious Skeleton Island in a movie.
“F*ck! Let’s climb ashore first!”
Wang Dali felt that the sea water was extremely cold, and his body temperature was rapidly losing. This was very bad for his survival.
He had to maintain his strength and then search for and rescue the others as much as possible.
“Damn shipwreck ……”
Wang Dali simply couldn’ t believe that a luxurious yacht was Brunei’s daughter king, one of the world’s top-class yachts. It should be very safe, but it would actually sink?
There was also a goddess in her dream on board. She prayed to God, hoping that they would all be safe and sound.
Holding onto the reef, Wang Dali was about to climb.
“Beep. God System activated. Host triggered Transcendent Exploration!”
A series of cold electronic synthesis sounds rang out in Wang Dali’s mind.
“F*ck, who’s the ghost voice?”
Wang Dali was stunned for a moment, but then he was startled. Wasn’ t that right? At this moment of life and death, he had obtained a system?
Yes, what was the God System? It sounded like a bullfork!
“Loaded the super camera ——”
At Wang Dali’s side, a ball of light floated around him.
“This is the super camera?”
Wang Dali waved his hand, and his five fingers actually pierced through the ball of light.
“F*ck, this ball of light isn’ t real. Such a high-tech, could it be an alien’s super equipment?”Wang Dali was stunned.
“Connect to the world network ——”
“Connection succeeded, searching for host information ——”
In next to no time, a transparent screen appeared in Wang Dali’s mind. On it, all his attributes were displayed.
Name: Wang Dali
Sex: Male
Spirit Energy:9
Burst Force:7
Luck:14(Host’s character is outstanding, it is recommended to give priority to luck attributes)
Level: LV1
Remaining Level Points:1
Remaining God Points:10
Special skill: None
Remark: The average value of all attributes of the adult healthy male on Earth is 10, and the individual limit attributes of the ordinary person is 20
Wang Dali was a bit stupefied. F*ck, what the hell is this? Is this playing a game?Why was there only one attribute on his panel?
He looked very cold.

Chapter 2 Opening a Live Broadcast

Wang Dali’s face turned black into the bottom of a pot.
F*ck, do you have such a dish?
Apart from the lucky item, his various values were below the average of adult males?Woah, won’t it be so bad if you train less normally?
Wang Dali was depressed.
Fine, he was a weak chicken, but so what? This old man’s luck was so high that there were trees, far exceeding the human average, reaching 14%.
Gaga, this was simply the cover of the Goddess of Luck. No wonder the boat sank. I couldn’ t even submerge myself to death. A full-bodied little strong one was well done.
Before Wang Dali could even be satisfied, the system continued to sound.
“Set up a global online live broadcast. The information covered more than 190 countries and regions in the world. The information was translated in real time and bound to a bank encrypted account for the host ——”
Almost at the same time, a live broadcast website appeared on the global Internet. Under the interference of unknown black technology, the information of this website could instantly connect the entire world.
There were more than 190 countries and regions in the world. As long as there was an Internet, it could be opened. Moreover, the information on the website was translated in real time. It could be seen and heard by people in all countries and regions. It was their own language.
“What? The broadcast covered the entire world?”You’ re still translating?”
Wang Dali was stunned. This f*ck was a proper super alien technology, okay?
Invading the global Internet, establishing websites, the Black World Bank system, establishing encrypted accounts, and instantly completing it. Malgobi, too awesome!
A screen of light flashed in Wang Dali’s mind, and related information immediately appeared.
The international domain name of the “website is ——”
“Is this my Wang Dali’s initials for pinyin? Wow, I actually have an exclusive website, or a global live broadcast platform?”Wang Dali immediately rushed forward!
“Oh…”I’ m about to start a major career in the world. I’ ll become a CEO and win Bai Fu Mei. I’ ll be at the peak of my life!”Wang Da Li’s – lascivious – couldn’ t help but laugh loudly.
That’s right, Wang Dali was a natural Le Tian Sect. His brain was thick, and he never knew why he was depressed!
Wang Dali looked again. F*ck.
All the content of the website had been prepared by Black Tech. The website was very simple. There was only a live broadcast video box, and it was still not open.
On both sides of the live broadcast, there were various communication systems, reward systems, transcription fee systems, and so on. In short, the live broadcast should have all the elements and nothing. This website had all of them.
However, the number of people watching was 0.
“This Transcendent Exploration has already been triggered!”
“You have obtained a rookie grand prize. You have 1 skill point left. Do you want to exchange for a skill? Beginner Rock Climbing.”
Wang Dali’s mind was instantly flooded with knowledge of the wilderness. This was a reward for a rookie grand prize.The remaining skill points were immediately exchanged for a beginner climbing skill.
“This Transcendent Exploration Area: The Island of Death.”
“Exploration mission:
1. He passed through Death Island from the login point to the north and arrived at Stonehenge at the northern end of the island. He also broadcasted the entire journey, completing the mission and rewarding 10 God Points.
2 Within three days, the number of live broadcast online reached 10 million, and the reward was 10 God Points (10 times more than the number, the reward increased).
“Mission failure punishment: kill!”
“F*ck, the entire broadcast?”
Wang Dali ridiculed him. He still had 10 million people online in three days?
The mission failed, killing?!!!
From Malgobi,10 million people were watching online?Wasn’ t this a fantasy story?Grass, grass, grass…The God System, what the f*ck is your immortal? Isn’ t this clearly making my mission fail?
A light flashed through Wang Dali’s mind.
“Hahahaha……”It’s news to be alive. The Brunei Queen’s ship has been overturned, and many of the world’s top celebrities and tycoons have fallen into the water and disappeared. This is news that is even more explosive than the Titanic incident back then. Right now,’s estimated that the entire world doesn’ t have any accurate news about the ship overturning incident. At most, the ship has lost its connection. As long as I can release first-hand news, I’ m not afraid that I won’ t be able to attract any popularity!”
“Wahahaha, there’s no way out!”
Wang Dali really wanted to laugh arrogantly and sing praises, but with a drop, the system continued to send messages.
“Host, do you want to start the live broadcast immediately?”
Wang Dali arrogantly clenched his fist into a fist.
As the live broadcast started, the only live broadcast video frame on the Transcendent Exploration website showed the scene of the Storm Sea.
At the high side of the coast, under the black rock wall, an Asian youth’s lower half was immersed in the surging sea water. He held the reef in one hand as he prepared to climb.
The live video was actually an 8K painting!
A screen appeared in Wang Dali’s mind as well, connecting to the live broadcast.
Wang Dali was also shocked. Was it too clear?
At such a high resolution, every raindrop in the Storm Sea, the rain on Wang Dali’s face, the scars on his face, and the black and cold rock texture behind him were all visible in the slightest.
Wang Dali was also shocked by this extreme resolution. Looking at it again, there were still 6K,4K,2K, and 1080P adjustment options beside the video frame.
Wang Dali looked at the data on the panel. F*ck, as soon as it was opened,2896 people immediately rushed in.

Chapter 3: It’s time to show off!

The new book was for collection.
However, it was very normal to think about it. The Internet was so wide in the world. The 2,896 people were divided into more than 190 countries and regions.
Thinking of this, Wang Dali felt a wave of depression.
F*ck, there were too few of them. If they split up, there would be less than 1.5 people in a country.
Even if he wanted to spread the first-hand news of the shipwreck accident, there weren’ t many people, and it didn’ t seem to have much effect!
“Does the host use 3 God Points to enhance the information coverage of the website in the world? It is directly reflected by forcing the website to pop the window at the top 30 websites with the largest number of Internet information access, and the window time is 60 seconds.”
“Wa ……”
“God Points still have such a miraculous effect?”But 60 seconds is too little!”
Wang Dali was pleasantly surprised. Although there were still some dissatisfaction,60 seconds wasn’t bad. Right now, it was good steel that was used on the blade. For three points, the benefits would be extremely shocking. Whether or not his voice could shake the entire world in one go depended on this mere 60 seconds!
“Immediately use it!”
With a thought, Wang Dali immediately deducted 3 points from 10 God Points.
“Done!”The system gave a cold electronic notification.
At the same time, the 30 largest information portals on the world’s Internet were immediately invaded by unknown forces, forcing the windows to open.
These websites were Gu Ge, Ya Hu, Shi Du, mssn, MMARSF, NVER, YADEX, Aaexa, and so on. These were the largest portals in the world.
The pop-up window was a video box. Apart from the scene of the Storm Sea and Wang Dali, there was also a scarlet global domain name It was extremely sinister and eye-catching.
This domain name would become the number one search character among the search engines in the world in the next two days.
Of course, at this moment, Wang Dali didn’ t know.
Wang Dali didn’ t know that the authorities of the world’s Internet, the 30 most visited portals, had all exploded!
In an instant, it was black?
This was absolutely impossible.
Even the most powerful hacker alliance in the world could not do it.
So it was super black technology?Who could believe it, who would dare to assert it?
At the operation headquarters of Yahu International Panmagnesium, the executive director in charge of the operation slammed the table and was extremely anxious.
Ya Hu Net was attacked by a hacker, and a huge window popped up for no reason. How could this be?
“Fake, Fake, Fake, guys, get out of here and close that damn bullet window!!”
In less than ten seconds, all the maintenance personnel knocked on the computer program to perform various scanning and detection, and check the intrusion program.
In the entire world, the window was forced to pop.
Those who were opening these websites immediately saw the live broadcast video box and the arrogant domain name of Wang Dali’s initials.
Many people instantly remembered the three letters of WDL.
Some people clicked on the Transcendent Exploration Website with a single click of the mouse, and instantly saw the extremely clear live video frame!
“Fake……”Even Ya Hu has made advertisements like this. He really has no integrity!”One of them fell off the keyboard, but after he couldn’ t close the video, he could only bear to look at it.
At the same time, countless people encountered the same situation. They couldn’ t even close the gates, nor did they have fork symbols. If they clicked the mouse, the web page would jump to the Transcendent Exploration official website.
If Wang Dali was here, he would definitely be extremely disdainful. He raised his middle finger to protest: F*ck, what kind of hooligan would this be to not even leave a sign to close?!
That’s right, the unknown technology of the God System was such a hooligan. It did n’ t even have a closing symbol, and it even forced the website to jump.
This kind of action was simply to kidnap the will.
No, it was the will of a powerful woman!
This decision angered many people.
Wang Ditong didn’ t know this. All he knew was that it was time to show off!
That’s right. It’s time for him to show off. In the past twenty-one years of his life, he was a nameless man. He had been obliterated by the masses, and he was an unrivalled figure.
Now, there was an opportunity to attract the attention of everyone.
Was he acting like he was crazy, or was he a coward?
The answer was yes. He had to go, crazy, high-profile.
He had to make the entire world know about him, let history know about him, and let everyone know about him.
Even if in the next moment, he would be engulfed by the tide of the stormy sea.
He scanned the screen in his mind.
The number of people online was 29357.
In just 60 seconds, the number of people had increased by ten times.
Wang Dali immediately became spirited.
“Audience Friends, Audience Friends ——”
Wang Dali roared and cut off a handsome military salute.
“This was a live broadcast. I’ll introduce myself first. My name is Wang Dali. I’ m the waiter who headed to Sumatra Island today. I’m currently in the mysterious sea area of Sumatra Island. As everyone can see, I’ m being devoured by the storm sea here ……”
The super camera cooperated with Wang Dali and gave him a special writing on his face.
At this moment, the screen in his mind displayed a live video frame.
It was a waterfall-like information screen.
“Fakfakfak, who are you? You’re so stupid, you’ ve hijacked my computer. I have no choice but to watch this damn live video of you, Fakfak!”
“Are you a hacker? Eat me ——”
“I already called the FBI ——”
“You’re in trouble ——”
“Are you trying to commit suicide?”
“Year of Slut! Don’ t think about it like that!”
Wang Dali looked at it. He didn’t know which country had sent these screenshots. However, these guys were either angry or mentally retarded, thinking that they were committing suicide on the live broadcast?
Fake Oil, a group of people with weak brains. If it wasn’ t for my tight schedule, I would have to scold you properly.
Pink and tender new books, please collect, please collect.

Chapter 4 sent out the first message to shake the world!

As soon as he finished introducing himself, the screenshots started to go crazy.
Time was pressing. Wang Dali still had less than 50 seconds of prime time.
It was necessary to tell the terrible news of the sinking within fifty seconds so that everyone in the world would know.
Wang Dali was even more excited. He had no choice but to take a deep breath. Otherwise, Wang Dali would suspect that he was about to suffocate.
“I regret to tell you something!”
“I am not a hacker ……”
“Fake, go back to the main story. I’ m on the live broadcast. My name is Wang Dali. Please remember my name, because this name will soon be remembered by the world.”
“Alright, it’s a bit off-topic. Everyone, I’ ll return to the main story once more. Just now, the Queen of the Dragon King, who was heading towards Sumatra Island, sank on the reef!”
Time was running out, and Wang Dali’s tone paused for a moment before continuing.
“Just like the Titanic on April 15,1912, there was a big party of super stars and rich people on the Queen Slay. It was a pity that the ship sank. I did not see any survivors at the moment, and I myself was also struggling in the ocean. I would be swallowed by the huge waves at any moment!”
After saying this nervously and quickly, Wang Dali swept a glance. It was just a minute.
He let out a sigh of relief. Malgobi, he was truly accurate!
After Wang Dali finished speaking, a screen of boos appeared in his mind.
At the same time, the thirty most visited portals on the world’s Internet suddenly vanished without a trace.
“Fake, Fake, Fake, disappeared, disappeared, heavens……We couldn’ t catch it or even find any trace of it ——”
Countless website operators hugged their heads as they cried out in disbelief,” It’s definitely You Ling. No, he’s the God of the hacker world. With such a technique, he will be omnipotent!”
Today, at the headquarters of the Pan-Magnesium newspaper office.
Director Paul stared blankly at the window that had disappeared. He lowered his head to look at the beautiful assistant who was standing for him and said,” My dear, what was that damned Chinese who popped out just now?”
The assistant spat out a white’ experience’ and thought for a moment before asking,” It seems like I’ m talking about the sinking of the Lady Queen?”
Paul jumped up and shouted,” Is it true?”Damn it, didn’ t we send reporters to follow up?”
The reporter in front of him seemed to have lost contact half an hour ago!”The assistant said weakly.
“What? Lost association? What the f*ck? Isn’t there any other celebrities on the cruise ship? Hurry up and call our friendly celebrities, tycoons, playboys, and daughter-in-law. Hurry up, right now!”
“Yes, boss!”The female assistant quickly unlocked the phone screen and called over one after another.
“What’s going on?”Paul frowned.
He didn’ t know what was going on. They weren’ t in the service area, they couldn’ t get through……”Oh my god, they’ ve all lost contact!”
“Oh, my God, that’s true. The’ Langlai’ daughter’s king truly sank!!”
Paul held his head and shouted loudly as he rushed out of the office. He shouted at nearly a hundred busy subordinates outside,” Fake, everyone, quickly confirm whether the damn video just now is true or not. Once you confirm it, immediately arrange for the headlines for tomorrow!”
“Yes, Bo!”The subordinates hurriedly lowered their heads and were busy.
The female assistant ran out and approached Paul. She whispered,” Boss, you didn’ t zip up!”
“Ao, Xue Te——” Paul hurriedly lifted his hips, covered his crotch with both hands, and hurriedly pulled the zipper up.F*ck! He’s lost to death! Over a hundred subordinates, when they saw that they were making a fool of themselves, they might be laughing at him in their hearts, Fark!
Like today’s Pan-Magnesium newspaper headquarters, the global network,190 countries and regions, news organizations, entertainment organizations, enterprise organizations, financial groups…All types of organizations, anyone who saw or heard the news, all exploded.
Some people knocked on the WDL international domain name and opened the Transcendent Discovery website.
Wang Dali endured the cold sea water and looked at the screen in his mind. The number of people online on the live broadcast rapidly increased, and he couldn’ t help but feel happy.
“1 Million!”
“2 Million!”
Wang Dali was shocked. F*ck, this was too fierce, right? He broke through 2 million in an instant?
F*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f
Could it be that the sunken ship of the Queen of the Sunrise had detonated the entire global Internet?To explode the entire world?
Wang Dali laughed arrogantly in his heart.
F*ck, I, Wang Dali, have such a day of attention.
He swept his eyes over and saw that on the live broadcast screen, the information on the screen, which was like a waterfall, rapidly rolled.
“Asked for confirmation of the authenticity of the shipwreck ——”
“Are there really many celebrities, tycoons, playboys, and socialites on the cruise ship?”
“Definitely a rumor!”
“I already called the FBI ——”
“I’ ve already used a satellite to search for the Queen of Hailai!”
“F*ck, call a few friends on the cruise ship. They couldn’ t get through!”
“I’ ll go…”It’s definitely sinking!”
“That’s great! The rich are all dead!”
“The Titanic incident has reappeared!”
“Host 666, even the sunken ship will not die, the silk will live well!”
“You are the only survivor?”
“The host is fierce. With your words, the entire world has exploded!”
Wang Dali glanced at the reward system again, and his eyes jumped. From the small red envelope to the big red envelope, from the small precious sword to the big precious sword, from the small plane to the big plane, and from the universe battleships, there were all people giving it away.
F*ck, this is all money!
There were really many earth trenches in this world!If he could even snatch a wave of money from a news release, what was the difference between this and robbing a bank?
Begging for Collection

Chapter 5: Luck has come, discovering survivors!

“Are you going to drown?”
“Host, why don’t you climb up the island and wait for sharks in the sea?”
“Host 666666, a minute of salt water soaking superman!”
Many of them were filled with concern.
Wang Dali was slightly moved.
“Friends, I can’t stay any longer in the sea. I can feel that my body temperature is rapidly losing. However, my luck seems to be pretty good. As long as I climb onto the mysterious island behind me, I be able to survive.”That’s right!”Wang Dali revealed a look of despair.
The super camera intelligently gave Wang Dali a special writing on his face.
“666, The host wants to broadcast the rock climbing?”
“F*ck, are there no safety ropes?”
“The host is joking about his own life!”
“Congratulations to the host for challenging the Death God ……”
“Alright, I’ ll start now!”
Wang Dali coaxed,” There’s nothing I can do about this. Although it’s dangerous, in order to survive, I have no choice but to make a free-climbing choice!”
Wang Dali began to climb because he had acquired a basic climbing skill. Once he acquired the skill, it would be deeply rooted in Wang Dali’s instinct.
It was like swimming. Once one learned it, one would have a body memory. Even if one lost their memories, this kind of skill would not be lost.
Wang Dali climbed quickly and quickly. Although he was unarmed, he was no weaker than a professional rock climber.
After climbing more than ten hands and leaving the cliff about four meters away from the sea, Wang Dali turned his head to the camera and said,” Audience friends, bare-handed climbing is extremely dangerous. Besides, I don’ t have any safety tools right now. If I lose my hand and fall, I will most likely die. Therefore, if there is no need, please don’ t imitate me easily!”
“F*ck, host, are you showing off your climbing skills? How many stages are you?”
“Right, the host was just bragging ——”
“Admired. The anchor was as fierce as a professional ……”
“The host has such a stinky fart. I’ ve decided to reward you with a great treasure sword!”
“Host, be careful. Don’t fall down. I’ m still looking forward to your ascension ……”
“Weakly ask,” Can you turn the camera around? We want to take a look at the stormy sea and the cliff!”
Wang Dali looked at the super camera. Following Wang Dali’s gaze, the camera slowly rotated, taking a picture of the reef and the mysterious and terrifying atmosphere of the entire island.
The scene looked up and shot the cliff wall. Under the light of lightning, a black stone building was faintly visible on the cliff wall. An enormous giant beast spine bone stone extended from the top of the cliff to the shore.
Seeing this terrifying scene, some people began to feel fear.
Countless messages appeared on the live broadcast.
“F*ck, where have I seen this environment before?”This is the legendary Skeleton Island!”
“Heaven shocking discovery. There is actually Skeleton Island in this world. This is not scientific!”
“What’s the use of science? I seriously suspect that the anchor has been involved in a mysterious ocean like the Bermuda Triangle!”
“That must be Death’s Island!”
“F*ck, the host doesn’ t want to land. I think your Seal Hall is going to be black, and there’s definitely a bloody disaster!”
“Host, don’ t go. Don’ t go up even if you die!”
Wang Dali sighed.” Everyone, there’s no way to retreat behind me now. I can only survive if I climb up the cliff at night and think of a way to pass through that high cliff and stay away from those indigenous tribes. Otherwise, once it’s dawn, I will be exposed!”
“Once I’ m exposed, I can imagine my fate. Therefore, I don’ t have much time left. I have to find a place to hide before dawn!”
Wang Dali started climbing again.
At the same time, Wang Dali summoned his own panel attributes in his mind. How would he allocate seven God Points?
Seven points of God’s Points. They were stretched to the limit. They were spread out and paid for everything. Moreover, it was not effective.
The island was filled with danger. Even if all seven points were added to the constitution, endurance, willpower, and agility, the effect would not be much.
“Forget it. When the difference in strength is huge, luck is the king’s dao!”
Wang Dali gritted his teeth and added 7 God Points to his luck. He added 21 luck to his body. In the darkness, a golden light flashed across his head.
At 21 points of luck, it surpassed the luck value of an ordinary person. It was a manifestation of an extraordinary divine ability.
Wang Dali naturally did not know this.
“Yi, there’s actually a survivor?”
Wang Dali raised his eyes to look at the sea. He could vaguely see a person holding a wooden board. He floated in the air, not moving in the sea.
The anchor seemed to have found a survivor ……”
“I don’ t know if it’s still alive. The host quickly went to save him!”
“Are they survivors of the Queen Brunei?”
“F*ck, I finally saw the second survivor!”
“If everyone of the Queen Brunei died, it would be the greatest tragedy in the world!”
“The host quickly go save them. I’ ll give you three universe warships!”

Chapter 6: Cheers! I saved a little sister!

The sixth was even more so, begging for a collection!
“Everyone, it seems that my Wang Dali’s luck has really exploded. In just a short while, he met the first survivor. He seems to be still alive, huh?”
“Do you want me to save them now?”If you support me, please give me Wang Dali a little red envelope support!”Wang Dali said with a smile.
The live broadcast was full of screenshots.
“F*ck, the host is truly a financial fan. He doesn’ t want to spread an eagle without a rabbit!”
“The host is playing with it. It’s important to show responsibility and save people!”
“I’ ll give you a small red envelope. Hurry up and save someone. Don’ t waste your time. If someone dies, can you take responsibility?”
Wang Dali smiled bitterly and spread out his hands.” Isn’ t that just a small joke? Everyone doesn’ t have a sense of humor at all. Alright, let’s see how I, Wang Dali, can save the suffering!”
As he spoke, Wang Dali made a beautiful dive into the sea and swam towards the lucky ones.
The survivors drooped their heads as if they were unconscious.
Wang Dali grabbed the person and swam back with all his strength. He dragged the person to a nearby reef, turning the person’s body back.
Under the super camera, the survivor’s appearance was extremely clear.
This was a girl. Her face was delicate and pretty, and she was a bit baby fat. She was extremely beautiful and clean, but now she was a little pale.
“F*ck ……”
Wang Dali’s mouth turned into an O-shaped shape and he shouted,” Everyone, this…This was my Xiuzhi. Pei Xiuzhi, you’ re going to be furious!”I’ ve actually saved sister Xiuzhi. Did you see that my Wang Dali’s luck is not bad, he actually saved a female star? Hurry up and bring me a wave of precious swords. Otherwise, it won’ t be enough to suppress the excitement and joy in my heart!”
“Girl, who is she?”
“National’s first love, Pei Xiuzhi, you don’ t even understand it. It’s too out of place!”
“I don’t understand. Please, Baidu! Show your low intelligence!”
The host was really Pei Xiuzhi ——”
Long live,” Pei Xiuzhi was actually on the sunken ship?Great!”Is she still alive?”
“The host quickly took a look. Is he still angry?”I’ ll give you three precious swords immediately!”
The live broadcast video was blown up by the news, all kinds of news, and all sorts of rewards. Many people had no choice but to block out these trash messages before they could see the video clearly.
Wang Dali hurriedly used his hand to reach out to Pei Xiuzhi’s nose and let out a sigh of relief. He grinned and said,” Everyone, please cheer. She’s still angry, but her aura is extremely low. It’s probably because the seawater has been soaked for too long, choked on water, and her body temperature is extremely low. It’s already close to the limit, so everyone is unconscious!”
The audience let out a sigh of relief.
In the distant Cold Country, Pei Xiuzhi’s company, as well as his family members, immediately received news of losing contact. They were extremely anxious. At this moment, an unknown audience watching the live video broadcast immediately called Pei Xiuzhi’s company.
In an instant, the staff of the company immediately opened the Transcendent Exploration website, Wang Dali Domain Name, to watch the live broadcast.
“Was saved, Xiu Zhi was saved, too good ……”
The staff of the company began to dance and jubilant. The president of the company roared,” Quick, immediately give Wang Dali 10 universe battleships. No,100. As long as he can bring Xiu Zhi back safely, I will personally send him a carriage and a mansion to thank him!”
The president stared at the live broadcast screen, then his eyes turned red as he wailed,” The company still has four big stars in the accident. If it wasn’ t as lucky as Xiu Zhi, the company really can’ t imagine how great the impact would be!”
The members immediately fell silent.
This was truly a sad accident. Moreover, it was a major global disaster, the impact was too great.
“Quickly, immediately call Xiu Zhi’s parents and tell them to immediately open this website to watch the live broadcast!”The president immediately shouted. After thinking for a moment, he said,” Call the police hall immediately and ask for someone to search for Xiu Zhi’s location. Take our lucky one back as soon as possible!”
Immediately, a staff member called. After a while, the assistant to the president turned off the phone and shook his head.” President, we’ ve already contacted the police department. According to the internal feedback, even the satellite couldn’ t determine the location of the sunken ship. They all lost contact!”
“What?”The president exclaimed.
“Heard from the inside of the police department that nearly a hundred countries in the world had already started an emergency operation team at the first moment. There were already helicopters heading to the sea area. If they saw lucky people, they would rescue them as soon as possible. I’ m afraid ……”
“What are you afraid of?”
“I’ m afraid that the sunken ship will enter the mysterious sea area. The search team will be unable to find it!”
Everyone’s mood instantly became heavy.
The president’s face darkened as he calmly said,” Immediately arrange for a few people to watch the live broadcast video. If you have any movements, report to me. Also, communicate with that host. You must make sure that he takes good care of our Xiu Zhi. If necessary, give him a universe warship. You can do whatever you want. Don’ t be reluctant to part with it. Now, ensuring Xiu Zhi’s safety is the most important thing!”
After discovering the lucky star of the Cold Country, he immediately appeared on the live broadcast.
This was an exciting news!
The entire world instantly exploded in waves!
Wang Dali’s Transcendent Exploration Website became popular. Countless people from all over the world poured into the website and began to visit it all day long, tracking the follow-up situation.
Wang Dali didn’ t know that he was monopolizing first-hand information about the entire sinking ship.
That’s right, it was a monopoly, and it was a first-hand piece of information.
In the current world, other than Wang Dali’s live video, there was no other source of information about the sinking ship!
In more than one hundred and ninety countries and regions in the world, countless people were watching the live broadcast on a full-time basis. Among them, most of them were news reporters, as well as business and family members related to celebrities and tycoons.
In the sixth place, please collect it!

Chapter 7 Artificial Breathing!

In the seventh place, please collect it!
At this moment, Wang Dali was extremely troubled.
Pei Xiuzhi was also a celebrity. If he wanted to do something offensive in the live broadcast, he would probably be drowned in saliva by her fans!
However, saving people was the number one priority now. They could no longer care less.
“Everyone in the audience, Xiu Zhi is very lucky. Although she still has some energy, if she does not treat her, it will be very dangerous. Moreover, I brought a unconscious person with me, so I can’ t climb the cliff. Therefore, I must rescue her!”
Wang Dali said.
“The host b*tch, hurry up and use his marvelous hand!”
“Hurry up and breathe!”
“Saving people is more important!”
“I allow the live broadcast to give us Xiu Zhi a human breath, but there must be no evil thoughts. Otherwise, he would be killed immediately ——”
Wang Dali looked at the frequency in his mind. He didn’ t know whether to laugh or cry. When was this time? Who had the heart to have evil thoughts?
“Wake up ……”
Wang Dali hugged the person and tried his best to let his body temperature pass on to Xiu Zhi. Then, he patted Xiu Zhi’s plump little face.
Before he woke up, Wang Dali frowned.
“Everyone, saving people is more important. Don’ t hit me!”
Wang Dali complained and lowered his head to give Xiu Zhi an artificial respiration.
The broadcast screen immediately sent a message.
“Dirty ……”
“The host really went down, our Xiu Zhi was rude ——”
“Could it be that the host won’t let me!”
“Scram! You dare to play dirty on the goddess in my heart! Let me see you and I slap you!”
“Let’s make a move. As long as Xiu Zhi is fine, he will be thankful!”
With a tinkle sound, Xiu Zhi moved and spat out a mouthful of seawater before slowly waking up.
“Long live!”
“The host isn’ t bad. Even though he’s attacking our Xiu Zhi, I’ ll forgive you for seeing Xiu Zhi wake up!”
“Miaomiao, give the host a great precious sword as encouragement!”
“Thank you. Thank you for your support!”Fortunately, my Wang Dali’s luck is not bad. Our Xiu Zhi has woken up!”Wang Dali smiled. Looking at the number of people online, it was 2.5 million. The number was increasing every minute.
Wang Dali had reason to believe that the potential of the number of people online was still extremely great. Because the broadcast had just started and the time was not very long, there must be 99% of the people in the world who did not know about the sinking of the Queen Brunei.
Otherwise, his live broadcast would definitely soar to a terrifying astronomical figure.
Give the live broadcast a bit of time, give the world a bit of time, he will ignite the attention of the entire world!
Wang Dali let out a sigh of relief. Just now, he was really worried to the death. After all, Xiu Zhi was the first love of the people of the Cold Country, the goddess in his heart. For some reason, there were so many celebrities in the world, but there were only a few people that he liked. Xiu Zhi was one of them.
“Xiuzhi, are you alright?”
Wang Dali hugged Xiu Zhi tightly.
“You……”That waiter?”Xiu Zhi said weakly.
“Uh, it’s me. I’ m Wang Dali. Wang Dali is me.”I’ m sorry. I gave you champagne several times at the party. Isn’ t that rude?”Wang Dali felt a little embarrassed.
“It doesn’ t matter!”
Xiu Zhi looked around. The rain was still falling, and the bean-sized raindrops were hurting on his face. The wind blew over, and his body was incomparably cold.
“Where is this place?”
“I don’ t know, it’s a mysterious island!”Wang Dali shook his head.” Do you still remember the sinking of the ship?”
Xiu Zhi nodded and began to cry.” They…”Are they all dead?”
“I don’ t know. Perhaps someone is saved like you!”Wang Dali’s mood was a little heavy. He looked at the black rock on the cliff and said,” Don’ t think too much. Let’s leave this place first. We have to climb the cliff first!”
Wang Dali pointed at the high cliff of the black rock.
“Ah, can we go up?”Xiu Zhi was shocked and said hesitantly.
“With me here, there’s no problem!”Wang Dali turned to look at the Storm Sea.” I have a feeling of danger. This sea is extremely dangerous!”
“Alright then!”Xiu Zhi agreed.
The rock climbing began. Wang Dali protected Xiu Zhi and climbed up. Sometimes, he used his head, sometimes he used his hands to protect him, and sometimes he pulled another one.
The two of them climbed up in the wind and rain.
Everyone watching the live broadcast was very touched by this scene. They were comfortably watching the video at home, but Xiu Zhi and Wang Dali were struggling to survive in the dangerous sea.
“Come on…”Brilliant!”
“Dali, Xiu Zhi, come on, I support you!”
Many people sent words of encouragement.
“Dali Oba, I can’ t do it——” Xiu Zhi was so tired that he was gasping for breath. Looking down, he saw that the fear of heights flared up and he was extremely scared.
“Be strong. Don’ t look down!”
Wang Dali was just about to say a few words of comfort when he turned his head and an extremely dangerous warning sign rang out. He saw a sea serpent that was dozens of meters long pulling a long wave and quickly approaching.
“Not good. There are monsters in the water!”
Wang Dali roared, protecting Pei Xiuzhi. Pei Xiuzhi cried out in shock, and he closed his eyes, not daring to look.
The super camera had long since turned around, giving the ferocious sea serpent a long-range shot and a big close-up.
The audience watching the live broadcast was also shocked. Some of them were so scared that their faces turned pale. Some of them jumped up. Those friends who were watching the video with their phones almost lost their phones.
“There were monsters, the host quickly ran ——”
“Xiuzhi, run! There are monsters below!”
“Such a long snake, is it a hundred meters long?”What a terrifying sight! Are you scared?!”
“Dangerous!Danger!! Danger!!!”
“Wuwuwuwu…Not good. The host and Xiu Zhi were about to be eaten ——”

Chapter 8 Snakemouth Survival!

In the eighth place, please collect it!
“Don’ t look down. Xiu Zhi, hurry up!”
Wang Dali roared as he pushed Xiu Zhi’s fart to urge him.
It was as if at the moment of life and death, Xiu Zhi’s entire body was in a state of terror. Fear and desire for survival made her forget everything else and just wanted to climb up.
In this way, Xiu Zhi crawled very quickly.
It was about to reach the top of the cliff.
Wang Dali was unarmed, and he was secretly worried. An extremely dangerous situation made his hair stand on end.
The water snake rushed out of the water and pounced towards the cliff. Its huge ferocious snake head was especially terrifying. Its mouth was wide open and it bit Wang Dali who landed behind it.
Wang Dali was horrified. He suddenly moved one foot and grabbed onto a cliff. His entire body hung in the air.
There was a Chery who was as big as the snake’s head. It crashed into the black rock on the cliff wall and collapsed a lot of rocks.
The huge shock almost caused Wang Dali and Pei Xiuzhi to fall off the cliff.
Wang Dali suddenly kicked the snake’s head. With this kick, he quickly climbed 1 meter, just like Xiu Zhi.
The giant snake seemed to be dizzy from the collision, its head swaying in the air.
The people who saw this scene were shocked to the point they were dumbstruck!
This was definitely a Hollywood blockbuster, wasn’t it good to see it?
No, it was several times better than the Hollywood blockbuster!
The quality of a super K painting was either 8K or 4K. The quality of the painting was incomparably clear and delicate.
It was even possible to see every wave that the giant snake rushed up, every black scale that reflected a cold light, as well as every sharp tooth of the giant snake’s saliva…
It was so lifelike that it frightened people.
Shocking cliffs, flying stones, terrifying snake heads, imposing aura, many babies cried in fear.
The super camera was definitely a black technology or an alien super technology.
Not only was it not a physical entity, it was also extremely intelligent. It moved quickly between Wang Dali and the giant snake, and even jumped, shooting out the best effects in real time with the best angle and method.
Those angles, those pictures, or long-range, close-up, or clear, or dynamic blur, were shot in real time in an instant. It was enough time for the best Hollywood directors to fiddle with it, and the effect was just that.
The messages on the live broadcast screen stopped for two seconds and started to be broadcasted again.
“Dharma Fake, run quickly ——”
“Quickly dodged ——”
“F*ck, just piss in fear. There really are such terrifying sea snakes in this world!”
“Quick, call Salted Egg Superman to save the host and my goddess Xiu Zhi!”
“Was too terrifying, not daring to look ——”
“I cried in fright!”
Back in the Cold Country, at Pei Xiuzhi’s home, Pei Yuan and Pei Yuan had already asked Xiuzhi’s older sister and younger brother to open the website and watch the live video.
From the start, the entire family was extremely worried. At this moment, the giant snake rushed forward, almost eating Wang Dali and Xiu Zhi.
How could Mother Pei endure such a shocking scene?
He rolled his eyes and directly fainted.
Father Pei, elder sister, and younger brother cried out in alarm. The entire family was in chaos.
“Quick, go up!”
Wang Da gave a loud roar as he pushed and pulled, quickly climbing up with Xiu Zhi.
Fortunately, Xiu Zhi’s weight wasn’ t that big. At most, he could weigh ninety kilograms. Wang Dali felt his adrenaline grow crazy. Fear and danger forced him to unleash a shocking power.
Not to mention dragging Xiu Zhi, even if he was dragging a large elephant, Wang Dali also felt that he could drag it up.
Some of the audience watching the live broadcast were already crying.
It was too dangerous, too crazy, too scared. This was a live broadcast, a real life event, not a movie.
Everyone was even more frightened and excited when they realized that this was a live broadcast. Their hearts seemed to be jumping out of their throats.
Maregbi, he was in this state, absolutely too nervous!
With tears in her eyes, Xiu Zhi felt a pungent snake breath as he desperately climbed up to the top of the cliff.
Behind him, Wang Dali used his arm to push his fleshy butt. Xiu Zhi had already tumbled onto the cliff.Wang Dali tightened his grip and leaped up.
The giant snake who had returned to his senses let out a roar, and its mouth opened wide as it stabbed towards him.
“Be careful!”
Xiu Zhi was lying in front of the cliff. He happened to see a terrifying snake head rushing towards him. His entire body was in bad condition. His face was as white as a ghost as he screamed in shock.
Wang Dali felt a pungent wind coming from behind him. The heat behind him was the aura of a snake.
How could he still dare to look back? He rolled and fell down like a dog crawling to the ground, directly covering Xiu Zhi’s body, who was screaming. It was like Xiu Zhi was a meat cushion.
Wang Dali was a little confused because he seemed to have kissed Xiu Zhi’s cheek!
As soon as Wang Dali fell, the snake’s head flashed past the place where Wang Dali had just stood, and its mouth bit empty.
The serpent was unwilling to accept this. It once again swooped down, firmly eating the two of them.
“Not good——” Wang Dali suddenly summoned Master Xiu Zhi and rolled to the side.
The giant snake’s teeth jumped onto the rock cliffs. Black rocks splashed everywhere, and the giant snake’s teeth fell to a corner. It was so painful that it shook its head wildly. It swung its entire body and smashed back into the sea.
Seeing this scene, everyone let out a sigh of relief.
“Was so dangerous, the anchor wasn’ t dead ——”
“It’s not appropriate to stay here for long. Quickly hide ——”
“The serpent was still alive, would it continue chasing after him?The host quickly ran away with sister Xiu Zhi ——”
How could Wang Dali still be in the mood to read the information in his mind? He pulled up the pale-faced Xiu Zhi’s lingering fear.
Maregobi was truly too dangerous, almost becoming a snack for a large snake!

Chapter 9 Indigenous Villages!

In the ninth place, please collect it!
Wang Dali truly broke out in cold sweat.
When he saw the serpent throw it back into the sea, he immediately felt a sense of joy.
Just now, Wang Dali almost exhausted his physical strength. With the release of epinephrine, his entire body collapsed.
But now was not the time to relax.
The cliff was pitch-black, and only the sound of a storm wreaking havoc could be heard.
Behind the towering stone wall, rows of stone houses and holes were faintly visible.
When Xiu Zhi saw this, he was extremely astonished.
Wang Dali felt that it was necessary to say something and let the audience praise and reward him.
“Audience friends, are you scared to pee? Anyway, I, Wang Dali, am scared to pee!”
Wang Dali spoke bluntly and continued to argue.
“Just now, it was really too dangerous. I felt like my strength was overdrawn and my entire body was powerless. This meant that I would be powerless to deal with the potential crisis in the darkness. This was extremely, extremely dangerous for us. Therefore, I must find a hidden place to rest as soon as possible. Yes, I must rest. Otherwise, we will be very dangerous!”
The information on the screen in his mind exploded like a waterfall.
“Host, good!”
“Just now, I was so scared!”
“F*ck! When I heard the roar of the snake, my head went blank ——”
“I’ ve scared my baby. I thought the host and Xiu Zhi would be eaten by the snake!”
“I closed my eyes and didn’ t dare to look. Just now, how did the anchor and Miss Xiu Zhi avoid the snake’s mouth?”
“+1, I want to see the replay!”
“Me too. F*ck, I could only read the transcript. However, the original recording still needed money ——”
“Could only find the transcripts of the netizens ——”
“It seems that the definition uploaded by the netizens isn’t as good as the original one. You need 8K or 4K pictures. That’s the top-level audio-visual feast ——”
Wang Dali’s face twitched as he looked at the waves of precious swords and messages in his mind.
What the f*ck! This is a live broadcast, alright? It would be good to have a transcript later on. Shouldn’t the original transcript receive a bit of money? If you do n’ t receive money, then what’s the attraction of a live broadcast?
Speaking of which, this extra-terrestrial super technology was really powerful. Even the original recording had to be charged a wave of money. It was too dark. Alright, could it be that other people’s transcoding recording had already been restricted by the extra-terrestrial technology?
Hahahahaha, this God System is also a huge profiteer!However, this baby likes to die!
“Dali Oba, what is this ball of light? Are you talking to it?”
Xiu Zhi looked curiously at the floating ball of light. She even used her hands to touch it, but it was empty.
“This is a super camera. It’s connected to the global Internet. I’ m using it to broadcast live to the world!”Wang Dali explained.
Can “connect to the global Internet?Then can we communicate with the outside world?”What are you trying to save? I’ m so scared…” Xiu Zhi was overjoyed.
Wang Dali sighed and shook his head,” I can see the messages sent by the people watching the live broadcast in my mind, but the rescue team should not be able to find us. They would not even find this mysterious island under our feet ……”
“How could this be?”Xiu Zhi sobbed sadly.
“This place is filled with mysteries. This is an unknown and mysterious region. If you want to live, you can only save yourself. With me here, you can rest assured. No matter how difficult it is, I will definitely bring you back to the civilized world safely!”
Wang Dali consoled him.
“I believe in Oba!”Xiu Zhi said.
“En…” Wang Dali was a bit moved. He was trusted by the goddess he liked. This was a type of glory, a type of satisfaction, a type of incomparable happiness.
“Oba, there’s actually someone living here?”
“Yes, there were natives here. They were extremely savage. Look ——”
Wang Dali pointed to the left.
Xiu Zhi looked over. With the short flash of lightning, he could see rows of spears standing tall. On top of them were white bones, heads, and beast heads.
This scene was extremely horrifying on the night of the storm.
“Ah ……”
Xiu Zhi was shocked and instinctively screamed!
Wang Dali had long been prepared, so he suddenly covered Xiu Zhi’s mouth.
“Don’ t make a sound. The natives here are extremely savage. We quietly enter the village. Don’ t fight with guns!”Wang Dali made a boos gesture and pulled Xiu Zhi away. He quickly passed through the stone wall and entered the tribe.
Xiu Zhi was a girl after all, and she had little guts. When she saw how strange the village was, she couldn’ t help but feel afraid. Her small hand held Wang Dali’s hand tightly, as if she only felt safe by holding Wang Dali’s hand.
In the darkness, Wang Dali didn’ t forget to turn his head and introduce him in a low voice,” Friends of the audience, it seems that the snake didn’ t chase after us. Xiuzhi and I finally got a temporary respite. However, the danger hasn’ t passed yet. The natives here are extremely dangerous. Taking advantage of the night, we have to find a place where we can rest. Because we’ ve been drenched in the rain for a whole night, we’ re exhausted. If we don’ t take any rest, Xiuzhi and I will definitely suffer a serious illness!”
Xiu Zhi followed closely behind and covered his mouth with his small hand, trying his best not to let him scream out.
“Shh!”Wang Dali made a gesture and came to a remote stone crack. Inside the crack was a natural cave, which seemed to be quite spacious.
“Oba, I’ m afraid there won’ t be any monsters inside, right?”Xiu Zhi was filled with fear towards the darkness and the unknown. His small hand tightly gripped the corner of Wang Dali’s clothes.
“I’ m not afraid. You follow behind me, I’ ll protect you!”
Wang Dali pulled out a spear from outside, took a deep breath and prepared to enter.
Wang Dali lowered his voice and said nervously,” If you don’ t enter a tiger, you won’ t have a tiger. I’ m prepared to enter. It’s pitch-black inside. I don’ t know what’s waiting for me. God bless me. I won’ t encounter a large snake, or a savage, or a man-devouring beast!”

Chapter 10 Life and Death Fighting in the Darkness!

In the tenth place, please collect it!
Wang Dali was clearly an expert who created the atmosphere.
With that, the people watching the broadcast realized that the atmosphere was even more strange.
Just think about it. The pitch-black hole was like a beast that swallowed humans. To humans, unknown was the most terrifying thing.
“Host, don’t enter ——”
“Wang Dali, you’ re trying to kill us, causing us to show our intelligence ——”
“Was so scared, why didn’ t you throw a stone to explore the path first?The host was really stupid ——”
When Wang Dali saw this netizen’s message, his eyes lit up.
F*ck, he really was muddled. Didn’ t he have a single move to ask for directions?
“Pu pu pu ……”
A stone flew past Wang Dali’s side and flew into the hole, making a sound.
Wang Dali was surprised. He turned around and saw that the stone was actually thrown by our Xiu Zhi!
F*ck, the intelligence of the first love of the nation was even higher than his own. Shame on him! In vain, I, Wang Dali, still pretends to be extraordinary. I vowed to protect my good intelligence. It seems that I am still not careful.
Our intelligence was witty ——”
“Host was the head of an elm lump ——”
“I despise you, your intelligence is far inferior to Xiu Zhi ——”
“Wang Dali, quickly kneel down on our delicate toes. You must know that she saved your life ——”
Wang Dali smiled bitterly as he looked at the screenshots.
“Everyone, I admit that it was my mistake. Facts have proved that our show intelligence is smarter than mine. However, right now, if I really want to go in, there’s probably no danger inside!”
Wang Dali took a deep breath and carefully entered the cave with his spear.
He seemed to have adapted to the darkness. With the light of the lightning outside, Wang Dali could see a bonfire in the cave that was close to being extinguished.
With the light of the bonfire, there were traces of natives living in the cave.
Wang Dali suddenly noticed a black shadow in the corner. He was shocked and instinctively turned his head to look.
In the darkness, a pair of beast-like eyes stared fixedly at him!
“It’s human!”
Wang Dali instantly recognized it. Even so, he was greatly shocked.
“Gu Gu Gu…Wow ……”
The black shadow suddenly pounced forward, roaring like a wild beast.He continuously grabbed Wang Dali with both hands and threw him down.
The spear in Wang Dali’s hand was sent flying.
Wang Dali was terrified. His cold hair was straight, and he used the light to see clearly that this was a dark old granny. Her hair was gray and dirty, and her teeth were extremely black and rotten. She was extremely ugly and terrifying. She was simply no different from a savage.
“What’s wrong?”Xiu Zhi panicked. She couldn’ t see the situation clearly.
“Don’ t come in!”
Wang Dali suddenly let out a low roar as he grabbed the terrifying aboriginal granny and began to fight.
The aboriginal granny was extremely strong and crazy. It was just like a wild beast. She couldn’ t help but grab it with her hands and even bite it. Her mouth let out a wild beast-like roar.
The screen burst again.
“Ah…”How terrifying!”
“My heart is about to explode!”
“F*ck, this is a terrifying piece!”
“Host, quickly counterattack. Don’ t let her eat you!”
Wang Dali was extremely anxious. Maregobi, just now, his strength had been exhausted. Now, his strength was actually not as strong as an indigenous granny?
The aboriginal granny suddenly bit over like a vampire monster.
Wang Dali tilted his head and dodged, avoiding the other party’s fangs. He held the other party’s terrifying head with both hands, and his body repeatedly rolled, trying to shake the other party away.
“Bang bang bang ……”
The sound of something crashing down rang out in the cave, and the bonfire was also blasted open. The flames that were about to extinguish suddenly erupted with flames, and it instantly illuminated the scene within the cave.
Wang Dali was suppressed by a native, and his neck was tightly gripped by the native, his face flushed red!
In front of the live broadcast, everyone who saw this scene all became nervous, frightened, and suffocated.
“Fake, Fake, Fake…” In Europe, a young man in England jumped up nervously and smashed his own game keyboard.
The computer instantly came to a halt and the screen disappeared.
“Fake……Oh, my god,Whatamifuckingdoing?!”The young man held his head in his hands and wailed. At the crucial moment, he was actually smashing his computer.
Unable to see the crucial live broadcast, the young man felt the entire world collapse!
Everyone was stunned.
The screen paused for two seconds. It was as if Wang Dali would be strangled to death. This scene was something they didn’ t want to see. It was a nightmare…
After two long seconds, the screen swirled wildly.
“Come on, don’ t die. What if you die, Xiu Zhi ——”
“Strong, persevere ——”
“Oh, God, save him ——”
Wang Dali’s face turned red as his vision began to blur. This was a sign that his brain was starting to lack oxygen.
F*ck, am I finished?
I’ m finished. What about Xiu Zhi?
No, I can’t die. How can I leave Xiu Zhi alone to face this terrifying hopeless situation?
Wang Dali shouted in his heart.
A muffled groan sounded.
The aboriginal granny’s eyes widened as she fell to the ground powerlessly.
Wang Dali pushed, and the old granny rolled to the side, motionless as if she were dead.
Xiu Zhi was holding a stone with both hands. Blood could be vaguely seen on the stone. Xiu Zhi was standing there just like that. His little face was deathly pale, and he was so scared that he couldn’ t help but mutter:
“I killed, I killed ……”
It was actually Xiu Zhi who saved me. She used a stone to smash the back of the head of the Aboriginal granny?Wang Dali was stunned.
However, upon seeing Xiu Zhi’s terrified expression, Wang Dali hurriedly grabbed Xiu Zhi Xiang’s shoulder and loudly said,” Xiu Zhi, calm down. You didn’ t kill anyone. She just fainted!”
Xiu Zhi was stunned and did not return to his senses.
“Not good. This is the devil barrier!”Wang Dali suddenly tightened his grip. Entering the Devil Barrier was not a joke. If he couldn’ t handle it properly, he would go crazy.

Chapter 11 Oba, why are you taking off your clothes!

In the eleventh place, please collect!
Wang Dali’s heart tightened. He grabbed onto Xiu Zhi’s face and shouted,” Xiu Zhi, Xiu Zhi, look at me. Look into my eyes. Listen to me seriously. You didn’ t kill anyone. You only knocked her out to save me. You’ re a hero ——”
“Really?”Only then did Xiu Zhi recover, and a trace of light appeared in her eyes.
“Of course, I swear, she just fainted. I still have to tie her up to prevent her from waking up and acting strange!”Wang Dali sighed.
F*ck, it’s good that you’ re back to your senses. You almost scared this baby to death.
Only after this relaxation did Wang Dali realize that he was already drenched in cold sweat. Thinking back to the scene just now, he was truly terrified to death!
Wang Dali couldn’t imagine that if a goddess who could n’ t bear the wrong psychological pressure went crazy, would she be beaten to death by so many viewers?!
The audience started to chat again.
“F*ck, saved ——”
“Little girl was really very strong ——”
“6 Was dead, frightening this baby. Her intelligence was really great, really brave ——”
“Come on, Xiuzhi. We must be strong. We will support you in the face of adversity!”
“Miaomiao’s Xiu Zhi had saved the host for the second time. The host was truly embarrassed ——”
“I gave Xiu Zhi 10 universe battleships and didn’ t give them to the host, Xiu Zhi really worked hard ——”
Wang Dali smiled bitterly as he watched.
No matter what, they were all praise for the first love of the nation. I, Wang Dali, am not a trash!
If it wasn’ t for the fact that I and the Aboriginal granny were fighting each other, it would be a stalemate. How could Xiu Zhi succeed in his sneak attack?
Even if I, Wang Dali, didn’t have any credit, I still have to work hard!
Let’s stop. A good man won’ t compete with a woman!
Hee hee, in any case, all the rewards were from my Wang Dali, and all the rewards were from my World Bank encrypted account.
Wahahaha, you guys can just give me a good reward for your wisdom.
My Wang Dali has nothing to do with it. My Wang Dali, hold on!Yes!Stop!!
The audience naturally didn’ t know Wang Dali’s evil intentions, but they were willing to give a reward to Pei Xiuzhi for his first love.
Wang Dali had already kept a low profile and rekindled his fire. Fortunately, there were still a few bundles of firewood in the cave, enough to last for an entire day.
Soon, the cave lit up.
Wang Dali found a vine and tied the aboriginal granny up. In the end, he stuffed a piece of rotten fur into her mouth to prevent her from waking up and shouting.
Alright, that’s all for now.Use this old granny’s cave to rest.
There was actually a stone cauldron with a leg stewed in it.
Wang Shi was overjoyed. He picked it up and smelled it, then tried to bite it.
“How is it? It can’t be…” Pei Xiuzhi covered her mouth and revealed a shocked expression, and her adorable little face turned ghastly white.
“Haha…”You’ re so smart, what are you thinking? You’ re so unreliable!”
“This is a crocodile leg. Look, there’s still a bit of crocodile skin on it that hasn’ t been cleaned,” Wang Dali said with a chuckle.”Let’s not say, the crocodile meat is delicious. We’ ll have a good time tonight!”
“Oh oh oh oh…” Xiu Zhi made a misunderstanding. Her face was red and her entire body was adorable.
The screen message started to burst again.
“666, Xiu Zhi wouldn’ t think it was human flesh, right? Haha ——”
“Was too funny. Sister Xiuzhi thought these natives were cannibals ——”
“I was scared out of my wits just now. I thought it really was human flesh. From the looks of that Indigenous Old Grandma, she looked so savage ——”
“Finally let out a sigh of relief. The host and Xiu Zhi no longer had to eat human flesh ——”
“Dirty, shut your mouth, you dare curse the host and my sister Xiuzhi ——”
Wang Dali smiled, completely ignoring the lack of nourishment. He casually raised the fire and began to take off his clothes.
“Ah…”Oba, what are you doing?”Pei Xiuzhi cried out in alarm.
“Striped clothes!”Wang Dali turned around and grinned. Under the red flames, Wang Dali’s appearance was somewhat evil.
Xiu Zhi was so shocked that he took a few steps back. He grabbed his collar and crossed his hands to protect himself.” Don’ t come over, come over again, I ——”
“What am I——” Wang Dali bit on the crocodile’s flesh and smiled faintly.
“I’ ll shout!”Xiu Zhi raised his head and retorted proudly and stubbornly.
“You shout, even if you shout your throat, no one will come to save you……”Eh, that’s not right. As soon as you shout, a large group of savage natives will surround you. At that time, they will eat you!”Wang Dali made a small joke.
“Ah…”No!”Pei Xiuzhi tightly covered her mouth.
Wang Dali chuckled and placed his clothes on a tree branch.
Pei Xiuzhi’s eyes widened.
“Alright, alright. Just now, you said that your little head is so smart. What are you thinking about?”Wang Dali beckoned to the first love of the nation.
“I, I, I…” Pei Xiuzhi’s face turned red.
“You should quickly take off your clothes and bake them dry. Your entire body will get sick if you get wet!”Wang Dali smiled faintly and threw a tree branch at Xiu Zhi’s feet.
“Ah ……”
Xiu Zhi came to his senses. He stomped his foot and ran over. The pink fist hammer landed on Wang Dani’s body and shouted,” Alright, it turns out that Dani Oba is trying to fool others and is dead!”
Wang Dali laughed, feeling extremely comfortable.
Xiu Zhi was acting coquettish towards him, did he?This was an extravagant hope that he had never thought of.
Wang Dali grabbed onto Xiu Zhi’s pink fist and smiled.” It’s all your nonsense. How can you blame me? Do you really think Oba is a bad guy?”That Oba is truly going to be heartbroken!”
“No, no, Oba is a bad guy. He knows how to tease people!”Xiu Zhi stomped her feet.
“Alright, alright. Oba apologizes to you. Don’ t be angry anymore. However, no matter what, we have to be strong in the face of adversity, right?”
“Yes, I will!”Xiu Zhi nodded confidently.
“That’s good. Hurry up and dry up your clothes. If you’ re satisfied, then have a good sleep and recover your strength!”Wang Dali said.
“Oh…” Xiu Zhi glanced at the ball of light floating in the air and hesitated.” Oba, this ball of light won’ t be secretly taken to him, right?”
Today’s 11th place was even more important!

Chapter 12: Fighting for the dignity of life!

First place!
“Haha, shooting is for sure. However, if you let go of a hundred hearts, it is very intelligent. It will make all of you mosaic, others will not be able to see it!”Wang Dali smiled.
“Oba is not allowed to peek!”Xiu Zhi pouted her little mouth, a face full of shyness.
“Don’ t worry, I won’ t watch!”
Wang Dali turned around and only heard the sound of his clothes being torn off from behind.
At this moment, the messages on the screen started to rush wildly.
“Filth, anchor, do you dare to tease a nation’s first love ——”
“Wang Dali, I’ll slap you ——”
“Dali, you really are a beast. You dare to dirty my goddess ——”
“The host was too cowardly. Go, it’s still not a man ——”
“Bird—beast, no, the host wasn’ t even as good as a bird—beast ——”
“Big Brother Hercules was too disappointing. F*ck, the goddess’ clothes have all come down. Damn the cameras, they’ re all mosaic. My goddess, I can’ t see clearly ——”
“Don’t Mosaic. Fakeyou. Big Brother, hurry up. We need to see clearly. Do n’ t be confused ——”
Wang Dali shook his head with a bitter smile, completely ignoring the information that had exploded.
F*ck, these grandsons, their hormones were over-expressing, and they knew how to shout.
Let all of you personally come and give it a try. Who knows, they might all be scared when they fall into the sea, let alone the survival of the snake mouth and the courage to fight against the natives. Which one, which one was not something that the elder brother did?
Dare you say your grandfather is not a man?
Was a man self-proclaimed?Was a man used when a bird was inferior to a beast?
Wang Dali was already powerless to complain. He had died a few times, and he had already become a dead dog. He was already at his limit.
“Xiuzhi, eat a bit more. You must have eaten your fill. Then, take a good nap. Don’ t think about anything. Do you understand?”
Wang Dali said softly.
“Got it, thank Oba!”Xiu Zhi nodded, her face full of gratitude.
Wang Dali fell silent, not knowing what he was thinking.
Within the cave, there was only the sound of firewood splitting into pieces.
Not only did the screens on the live broadcast screen not stop, they were even getting worse. Many netizens had used the live broadcast platform as a chat window.
The God’s System was really powerful. The live broadcast platform had actually created a chat window similar to the online chat window. Netizens could chat online and brag about it.
After a while, Xiu Zhi had eaten his fill and his clothes had dried up.
After putting on his clothes, Xiu Zhi and Wang Dali became a little warmer. Their physical strength was also replenished.
Xiu Zhi lay next to the bonfire, worried,” Oba, will those natives discover us?”
“Don’ t worry. I’ ve already checked it out. This cave is extremely remote. Moreover, this is this native’s house. No one else will come in!”Wang Dali comforted him.
“Go to sleep. Don’ t think nonsense!”Wang Dali patted Xiu Zhi’s head.
“Thank you Oba!”
Xiu Zhi closed his eyes and went to sleep. Perhaps it was too tiring. Once he relaxed, he fell asleep, even playing a faint, adorable little snore.
Wang Dali noticed that the aboriginal granny had woken up. He quickly walked over and fiercely knocked on her again. The pitiful aboriginal fainted again.
The host was really ruthless ——”
“Couldn’t bear to watch anymore. Even the granny would n’ t let go ——”
“Powerful, quickly kill and silence ——”
“To survive in adversity, you can not be so merciful!”
Wang Dali shook his head and booed at the ball of light. He lowered his voice,” Everyone, everyone, please make a small noise. I believe everyone has seen it. We two lucky people, how did we work hard on the blade tip of survival this night? It really wasn’t easy……”This night is truly a long night for us!”
As Wang Dali spoke, he sighed. He could no longer hide his fatigue.
The super camera miraculously gave Wang Dali a close-up of his face. With this grab, it completely seized the moment when he dared to express his full strength.
In front of the live broadcast, everyone immediately felt a great deal of emotion. Everyone seemed to share the same feeling and fell silent temporarily.
That’s right. This live broadcast was destined to be a long and sleepless night not only for Wang Dali and Pei Xiuzhi, but also for those around the world who had heard of the terrible news of the sinking ship.
Perhaps it was because he sensed Wang Dali’s emotions that instantly affected everyone watching the live broadcast.
Countless netizens sent messages to support and encourage Wang Dali.
“Host, you’ re too difficult. Xiu Zhi is also ——”
“Host, you have to work hard. You have to be strong. Don’ t lose heart. Xiu Zhi is still waiting for you to save ——”
“Host, we have been supporting you all this time. You have to hold on!”
“Wang Dali, you are a pure master. I will accept you!”
“Hercules, let’s not say anything else. I’ ll give you three great treasures and support you forever!”
The screen was instantly filled up. Many people had no choice but to hide the information and broadcast it. Only then could they see the scene clearly.
Wang Dali was moved to the point of tears falling down his cheeks!
Her heart was warm and itchy, tears rolling in her eyes.
Maregobi’s, who said that a man’s tears weren’ t light because he hadn’ t reached the point of sadness?I, Wang Dali, said that it was pure men, so don’t be pretentious. If you want to cry, cry.
If Wang Dali really wanted to tear down, he definitely wouldn’ t be pretentious.
The more desperate he was, the deeper he felt this kind of encouragement. He needed spiritual support too much, even a greeting, a support, or a joke.
Wang Dali was able to obtain power from it. This power was faith, courage, and the ability to continuously encourage him to survive in a desperate situation and struggle without rest!
Perhaps only in a desperate situation, a life that fought without rest would be resplendent!
Wang Dali felt that he was different. In the past, he was just a silk, nameless, and ordinary person. He was like a unpolished stone. He was dejected, and he lived until he was muddled, and there was nothing exciting about him.
But now, his life was filled with endless faith and will. It was also filled with incomparable brilliance!
I, Wang Dali, am not trash, not mediocre.
He was saving others!
Once upon a time, in this tiny life, he had unknowingly gained a firm belief and pursuit. Yes, he was fighting for the dignity of life!

Chapter 13 Detonation World!

The second was to ask for a collection!
Wang Dali was too tired, at the current limit of his body, almost exhausted!
In his daze, Wang Dali also fell asleep.
The storm outside the cave was still raging!
However, above the extremely high clouds, on the vast horizon, a ray of sun radiance appeared.
Dawn was quietly approaching!
Beneath the thick clouds, the mysterious island was like a storm.
Wang Dali didn’t know that after a few hours of brewing and fermentation, his live broadcast video was causing even more intense reactions in over 190 countries and regions around the world.
After losing contact with the Queen Brunei all night, Wang Dali’s live broadcast video could be imagined as an earthquake that had occurred in the world.
In the Western Hemisphere, it was originally daytime.
In North America and South America, less than half an hour had passed before the entire Western Hemisphere was shocked.
One had to know that on the Queen Brunei, there were no less than fifty resident reporters from famous news and entertainment organizations in various countries who followed and reported on the news.
Several dozen television stations in the United States, such as ABC, NBC, and so on, immediately made a follow-up report. It was said that many people in the country were clearly in the middle of losing contact.
The British BBC also made the first report.
Some of the more than 190 countries and regions in the world couldn’t confirm whether the news was true or not. All of them temporarily suppressed the news for a few hours. If any of their own celebrities or rich people lost their association, they all immediately sent out special search and rescue teams to search and rescue the sea area.
After a few hours, the night in the Eastern Hemisphere passed, and a new day was about to arrive.
**、 The news of the loss of the Queen of Brunei, the news of the Han Kingdom, the Ying Kingdom, the Southeast Asian countries, and the news of the morning, the front page of the news, there was a tacit understanding.
For a moment, the Eastern Hemisphere was in an uproar!
** The news of ZhongTV’s first station, he even reported the WDL domain name website in detail. Wang Dali’s basic information and avatar appeared on the screen of ZhongTV.
“Wang Dali, male,21 years old, studied in the financial department of the Southern University. During the shipwreck accident last night, he miraculously survived as a waiter on the ship and immediately sent the world a first-hand message of the shipwreck.His live broadcast was still continuing. Anyone who wanted to know the actual situation could watch his live broadcast…The video address was: Fork King’s Vigor ……”
After saying this, the CCTV news reporter thought to himself,” Well, young man is about to become famous. At this moment, television, radio, newspapers, and Internet in all the provinces and cities in the country are about to discuss this world-shaking event!”
The cup in Wang Zhiguo’s hand was suspended on the ground and shattered.
Poor Wang Dali’s father got up early in the morning. He had just eaten breakfast and opened the morning news when he saw this report.
“Wife, this is bad. Something has happened to your son!”
Wang Zhiguo roared, shaking the entire floor.
Mother Dali walked out of the room and frowned.” What are you talking about? What can happen to your son?”
Wang Zhiguo slapped his thigh and shouted,” Wang Xiaoya, Wang Xiaoya, you damned girl, come quickly, something happened to your big brother!”
“Dad, what can happen to this old brother? Don’ t be so scared, alright!”
A pretty and cute high school girl walked out of the room in her pajamas, rubbed her eyes and yawned.
“D*mn girl, hurry up, bring your laptop over, open the web address, and use the fork king’s strength to hit the bucket……”Hurry up!”Wang Zhiguo put down the old mirror and roared anxiously.
“Oh oh oh oh ……”
Wang Xiaoya took out her notebook and typed it into the web address. She instantly opened the live video.
“Wow…”I’ m not bad. I’ m on the live broadcast. Where is that? Camping?”Wang Xiaoya excitedly called out,” It seems like something’s wrong. I said yesterday that he went to work as a waitress on a cruise ship. Didn’ t he go to see a celebrity?”
“Bastard, the news has come out. That unlucky yacht has sunk!”Wang Zhiguo sighed and sat down.
“Dad, don’t talk nonsense. What kind of queen can she be?”Stop teasing!”Wang Xiaoya curled her lips.
“Watch the news yourself!”
Wang Zhiguo grabbed the notebook and watched the video. He found that his son was sleeping, but his face was clearly visible. Only then did he let out a sigh of relief.
Fortunately, nothing unexpected happened.
It would be great if there was no big accident. There should be a rescue team soon, right?
Wang Zhiguo became nervous again. What if he couldn’ t wait for the rescue team, would he encounter wild beasts, would he be cold and hungry?
Her mother knew about the situation as well. She immediately grabbed the notebook and cried,” This scoundrel, my god, why isn’ t he so eye-catching? This unlucky child, Dali, won’ t let him go. He wants to go. Now, it’s all right. The boat has sunk. If anything happens to him, I won’ t live!”
“Shut up. You are cursing your son. He is still alive!”Wang Zhiguo shouted angrily.
Great Mother immediately shut her mouth obediently.
Wang Xiaoya’s mind was in a mess. She quickly picked up her mobile phone and searched for news. She used Baidu to check that the search was already in the first place. A bit of search, the headlines were all about the sinking ship and her old brother.
Wang Xiaoya’s mouth turned into a form 0.
“Dad, mom, look at it! Old Freak has gone. He’s on an island right now, and he’s even saved Pei Xiuzhi’s first love to a neighboring country!”
“What Pei Xiuzhi?”
“Was the first love of the people of the Cold Country, Pei Xiuzhi…”Oh, oh, so you guys don’ t know that it’s just a cute and beautiful female star!”
Wang Xiaoya’s eyes were filled with shock and disbelief.
“What nonsense are you talking about? I’ m concerned about your brother’s matters right now. Don’ t talk about others’ matters!”Wang Zhiguo said angrily.
“Dad, that was his brother’s business. How could it be someone else’s business?”What’s more, the matter of Xiu Zhi is also mine. My classmates and I both like her very much!”
As soon as Wang Zhiguo threw the newspaper in his hand, he picked up his home phone and called 110……
Maha! Collect it!

Chapter 14 Exposure!

The third step was, Mo Mo Da, please collect it!
“Wow…”Mom and Dad, look, there’s a huge number of people online. Heavens, could it be that people from all over the world are rushing into Wang Dali’s camp?”
“How many do I count, hundreds, thousands, tens, hundreds, thousands, tens……Wow,10 million people were online, and the number of people was still crazily rising. Wow, big, our family is going to make a huge fortune ……”
Wang Dali’s younger sister, Wang Xiaoya, jumped up in cheers. She was too happy.
“Loathsome girl, quickly go to school!”Wang Zhiguo said solemnly.
“Che, dad, I haven’t even returned yet. How can I go to school at ease?By the way, I’ ll just call now. Call 110. No, I’ ll call the Shi hotline directly. I don’ t believe that. The authorities don’ t want to go to the island to rescue them?!”
“That’s right, Little Ya, you still have a way. Hurry up and fight!”Great Mother immediately urged.
“Don’ t worry, I’ m fine now. The rest will depend on the authorities!”Wang Xiaoya dialed the shi long line and said with crackling sounds. Finally, she hung up the shi long line fiercely.
Wang Xiaoya was not satisfied with this. She rubbed her hands and excitedly shouted,” It’s going to be big. This old brother is going to have a big fire!”
At the same time, several dozen television commentary media, such as Pan-Magnesium, ACD, NBF, and others in the Western Hemisphere, released an assessment.
“According to the urgent assessment made by various media and review agencies, we have come to the conclusion that this time, the sinking disaster of the Queen of Qionglai will be another great disaster that will stir the world after the incident of 711 in this century. Perhaps the scope of the disaster will greatly exceed 711 and become the number one event in the past decade.”
Wang Dali was awakened by a series of cold electronic sounds.
“The host has reached a condition. The live broadcast has 10 million people online, and he has obtained 10 God Points!”
Wang Dali immediately took the opportunity.
F*ck, he actually managed to accomplish a mission?
Ten million people online, this was too fast, right? How could it be achieved just by sleeping?
Wang Dali hurriedly summoned the appearance board attribute to consider the distribution of points.
Luck was already not bad. It was time to slow down. There was no need to add it.
Name: Wang Dali
Spirit Energy:9
Burst Force:7
Level: LV1
Remaining Level Points:0
Remaining God Points:10
Special Skills: Beginner Rock Climbing (Proficiency 0%)
Wang Dali took a look at the attributes of his face, and his face became wrinkled.
It was too delicious!
After a series of battles, Wang Dali had already deeply understood his lack of physical and physical strength. However, in a dangerous forest, it was Wang Dao to avoid in advance.
Therefore, hearing and vision were also very important. This was related to the improvement of his survival coefficient.
After thinking about it for a long time, Wang Dali almost choked out his choice phobia.
Gritting his teeth, Wang Dali allocated points in terms of constitution, endurance, hearing, and vision.
Spirit Energy:9
Burst Force:7
Level LV2
Remaining Level Points:1
Remaining God Points:0
Special skill: Beginner Rock Climbing (1% proficiency)
Redeemable Skills: Beginner Archery (Proficiency 0%)
Wang Dali was stunned. What the f*ck! It turned out that his overall stats had reached 100 points. Therefore, his character’s level had increased to 2 and he had obtained 1st grade points. He could exchange for a beginner archery skill!
Wang Dali was overjoyed. Last night, he was still worrying about how weak he was. Now it was all right.
“System, immediately exchange for beginner archery!”
With a thought, Wang Dali immediately executed the exchange. His mind was once again filled with chaos, and he had fused with a beginner archery skill.
Wang Dali was simply spirited!
With a beginner archery skill, he would no longer be a weakling.
“Where are we going to get a bow and arrow?”
Wang Dali’s eyes lit up as he snuck out of the cave. Soon, he brought back a bow and arrow and a pot of arrows.
It turned out that there were many spears and arrows hanging on the stone house of the indigenous tribe. The one in his hand was stolen by a stone house. It seemed to be the weapons of the indigenous tribe.
“Oba, this is an arrow?”Xiu Zhi woke up and rubbed his eyes. He saw Wang Dali trying to pull the bow.
“That’s right!”
Wang Dali was in a very good mood. It was different to obtain a beginner archery skill. With a bow and arrow in hand, there was nothing wrong with it. It was as if he had used a bow and arrow for several years.
Suddenly, Xiu Zhi’s eyes widened as he pointed to a corner,” Oba, where’s that native?”
Was “not there ……”
Wang Dali turned around and saw that the corner was completely empty. Where was there anyone else?
Where did he go?
Wang Dali immediately jumped up.
The audience watching the live broadcast was also stunned as they all sent messages.
“Host, run! It must be when you left just now that the aboriginals ran away!”
“It’s over! It’s over! That native must have sent a letter!”
“I should have killed someone to silence him. The host is too kind!”
Wang Dali’s heart was in chaos!
F*ck, he should have killed someone to silence her. No, he should have tied her up firmly.
“Xiuzhi, let’s go!”
Wang Dali immediately made a decision and pulled Xiu Zhi out of the cave.
“Wu Wu Wu Wu ……”
A dull bugle sound rang out from within the aboriginals’ village. The entire village was alarmed, and countless aboriginals ran out from the stone room.
“Damn!”Wang Dali’s scalp went numb!He could only feel a huge crisis enveloping him, unable to escape.

Chapter 15 Escape!

Fourth, he thanked “I’m not a tyrant” for giving 1588!
“Wu Wu Wu Wu ……”
The aboriginals cried out, each holding a spear as they began to run towards the cave.
“Let’s go!”
Wang Dali pulled Xiu Zhi and ran towards the stone wall.
Behind the stone wall was the wilderness and wilderness. That place was also a dangerous place for the natives.In the current situation, Wang Dali had no way to retreat. Only by entering the Mang Forest would he have a chance to survive!
“Run, run ……”
“F*ck, the host is a disaster caused by a woman!”
“Next time, you must be ruthless!”
“You’ ve killed me!”
“I have already prayed to God to protect you from being caught by the natives!”
Before the live broadcast, everyone was shocked!
Only after a few hours had passed did a shocking crisis occur again. It was simply a step-by-step shock, unable to live peacefully!
Pei Xiuzhi’s mother almost fainted when she saw the Pei family in the distant Cold Country. Fortunately, her family supported her and gave her some peace.
“No, I’ m going to find my family’s Xiuzhi. I’ m going to bring her back. My pitiful Xiuzhi, if something happens to her, what can I do?”Mother Pei could no longer remain calm.
“The search team is still unable to determine their location!”Pei Xiuzhi’s older sister said.
“I don’ t believe that the search and rescue team wouldn’ t be able to discover such a large island?!”Mother Pei began to cry.” I won’ t be able to continue watching anymore. Poor Xiu Zhi, how much is this child going to suffer?!”
Father Pei snapped his laptop together. His family could no longer endure the tragedy that was about to happen in the live broadcast!
Like the Pei family members, the Wang family members were similarly worried about the situation. As the family members sat in front of their laptops, their hearts almost jumped to their throats.
“Xiuzhi, quick ——”
Wang Dali pulled Pei Xiuzhi out of the stone wall and ran into the Mang Lin.
There was no way for the Mang Forest to go. There were primitive forests everywhere, and the sky was gloomy. The entire Mang Forest was pitch black.
“Faster, more intelligent ——”
Wang Dali exerted all his strength, and for the sake of his life, he pulled Xiu Zhi and ran madly.
“Clang Clang……Wuwuwuwu ……”
Behind them, countless natives were holding torches and spears as they chased after them.
From time to time, one or two spears shot out from afar, piercing into the distance between the two.
The light screen in Wang Dali’s mind exploded.
“Host, show intelligence, hurry up ——”
“Wuwuwuwu…He didn’ t dare to look. It was too terrifying ——”
“Scared this baby to pee. Wang Dali, you must promise me to protect Xiu Zhi ——”
Xiu Zhi fell.
Wang Dali was instantly unable to catch Xiu Zhi’s hand.
“How is it, Xiu Zhi!”Wang Dali was startled and quickly turned to help Xiu Zhi up.
“Oba, I can’ t run anymore. I’ m too tired!”Xiu Zhi panted.
“I’ ll carry you, come up!”Wang Dali immediately picked up Xiu Zhi and fled again.
It was because he carried a person, Wang Dali quickly descended, the sounds of chasing after him getting closer and closer.
“No, this won’ t do. Oba, let me go. You can run yourself!”Xiu Zhi cried out.
“Shut up!”
Wang Dali became fierce, and his feet grew faster.
Wang Dali’s foot was blocked by a tree vine, and he fell forward. In front of him was a pitch-black slope.
Pei Xiuzhi cried out in alarm, and the two of them rolled down.
“Xiuzhi, are you alright?”Wang Dali quickly stabilized himself.
“I’ m fine, as if I’ ve twisted my wrist!”Xiu Zhi’s face was pale with pain.
Wang Dali touched it and let out a sigh of relief. There was no fracture, but it was a bit scratched!
“This won’ t do. You hide in a tree cave. I’ ll lead them to the other side!”Wang Dali immediately made a decision.
“I’ m afraid, Oba!”
“Don’ t be afraid. I won’ t let anything happen to you. Stay obediently in the tree cave. I’ ll be back in a moment. You must stay still and not come out!”
Wang Dali hid Pei Xiuzhi in a nearby tree cave, and then he leaped up and turned in another direction.
With a pull of Zhang Gong, the arrow shot out with a swoosh. A native male who was chasing at the front gave a puchi sound and fell to the ground.
The natives were furious. They immediately turned around and chased after Wang Dali.
Wang Dali pulled his bow repeatedly, and the arrow did not return. It actually hit several natives, causing them to roar repeatedly.
Wang Dali suddenly plunged into a large river.
“Wuuuuuuuuuu…” A faint sound of a horn sounded from behind. The natives observed and shouted for a long time by the river before gradually retreating.
Wang Dali emerged from the water, climbed ashore, and returned to the tree cave.
“Show intelligence?”
Wang Dali called out a few times and entered the tree cave. The tree cave was empty.
“F*ck ……”
Wang Dali exploded.
The situation that worried him the most had finally happened. Xiu Zhi was most likely discovered and captured by the natives!
Perhaps it was because of this that they sounded the horn to retreat.
Wang Dali felt extremely defeated.
“Everyone, I’ ve made a huge mistake. Indigenous people are all experts that follow. Xiu Zhi is most likely caught by them!”
Wang Dali took a deep breath, shook his head and said,” Everyone, you’ ve seen it too. The situation can’ t be any worse. I’ ve decided to sneak back and save people while the sky is dark!”

Chapter 16 Dead!

Fifth division!Maha! Collect it!
The audience watching the live broadcast exploded once again, and the screen never stopped!
“Hercules, I support you in saving people!”
“Don’ t go. You’ ll take your life. How savage are those natives!”
“Want to die, go back ——”
“Stop talking!”
Wang Dali straightened his bag of arrows and resolutely said,” From the moment the boat fell into the water, I, Wang Dali, have been racing against life. Now, it’s time to show the dignity of life!”
“Xiuzhi, I will definitely rescue him, even if I pay my life for it!”
As he spoke, Wang Dali turned around and headed back to the native village.
The screen paused for a few seconds. The atmosphere was very heavy. Clearly, everyone did not know what to say about Wang Dali’s decision!
After a while, there were more screens.
“Wang Dali, you are a true warrior. In the face of life and death, you choose not to abandon, not to give up. For many people, this choice is extremely difficult, but when you do it, this is courage ——”
“Support you, Dali, forget about saying anything, give you a universe warship ——”
“I wish you good luck ——”
Once “warrior left, Xi will no longer return. Take care ——”
“Take care, God bless you ——”
“Bless you ——”
“God ——”
Everyone wasn’t optimistic about this rescue. The live broadcast was n’ t a movie, it wasn’t blocked, even if it was a bad one, it was n’ t coming back!
If Wang Dali was like this, he would simply die one day!
Wang Dali had indeed placed life and death outside his grasp!
In a desperate situation, this was sometimes the case. Courage was enough to allow people to put their lives and deaths aside!
The news of the screen swiping grew more and more heavy. Wang Dali had no time to pay attention to it. This time, returning to wait for an opportunity to save him was definitely not a good choice.
However, he did not regret it.
Not abandoning, not giving up. This was the principle and bottom line. If they couldn’ t persist with some things, even if their lives existed, they would still be like walking corpses.
He must not lose humanity and courage in this place.
If that was the case, then he would eventually have nothing!
Wang Dali returned quickly, not much slower than when he fled.
Behind the stone wall, the indigenous village was filled with noise.
Wang Dali leaned on the other side of the stone wall and saw Xiu Zhi screaming. He was tied to a ladder and placed in the forest in front of the stone wall.
In the depths of the Mang Forest, the roar of the giant ape rang out.
Immediately, all the indigenous people in the village were ready to fight. They all held spears as if they were facing a great enemy, staring at the Mang Lin outside the stone wall.
Wang Dali seemed to have understood the intentions of these natives.
However, there was actually a giant ape on this damnable mysterious island. This was not scientific!
Wang Dali turned his head towards the ball of light and said with incomparable seriousness,” Although the situation is terrible, it’s not the worst. If my guess is correct, they are offering sacrifices, just like throwing a girl into a river to sacrifice a River God in ancient times. Xiu Zhi is treated as a sacrifice for a monster!”
“Perhaps if you do this, the indigenous people won’ t have to sacrifice their own lives!”
Wang Dali raised his head and looked at the highest part of the stone wall. It was a pile of stone that looked like a watchtower. It was extremely tall, and a single vine covered the stone wall.
Wang Dali came up with a plan.
“Right now, I’ m going to climb up the highest stone pile, and then I’ ll swing the vines from the side to the altar below to save her…” Wang Dali was deeply worried.” I hope I can make it in time because I heard the giant ape’s voice. From the looks of the natives, it can be imagined that that person is definitely not someone easy to deal with!”
As Wang Shi spoke, he began to try his best to climb towards the highest stone pile.
In a short while, Wang Dali had already climbed to the highest point, but he could see Xiu Zhi and the natives behind the stone wall from above.
All the aboriginals were attracted by the sacrifice, completely unable to pay attention to Wang Dali.
While Wang Dali was climbing, he used a stone axe to cut down the vines’ branches. If he could successfully swing them, it would be up to these vines.
“666, This kind of method could even make the host think that the host had a huge brain hole ——”
“Feasibility seemed extremely high ——”
The “anchor had to pull a long enough vine. Otherwise, not only would he not be able to reach the spot, he would also grab himself and fall into the giant beast’s mouth ——”
“Wang Dali, come on, look after you ——”
Wang Dali had already gone all out. If he did not succeed, he would become benevolent!
The sound of the ape’s whistle gradually approached. In the darkness, the large tree in the Mang forest swayed as a ten-meter tall black ape appeared in everyone’s sight.
“Ah ……”
Pei Xiuzhi screamed, continuously struggling, but her hands were tied by vines.
“I don’ t want to die, I don’ t want to be eaten…” Pei Xiuzhi cried out in fear, and she cried out in an uproar.
The people watching the broadcast had already exploded!
What the f*ck! Is there a ten meter tall black ape?This was not an illusion in the movie, but a real giant beast!
This kind of shock caused everyone watching to turn pale.
Wang Dali gritted his teeth and couldn’ t wait any longer. He tied one end of the vine to the wall and quickly climbed down the wall. He pulled away from the stone wall to ensure that he could land on the altar.
“Everyone, I’ m going to attack!”
Wang Dali smiled.” If it doesn’ t succeed, I will also die in the hands of the giant ape and become its food. Everyone, please pray for me and also for Xiu Zhi!”
“God bless ——”
“Omi Tofu, I don’ t want to see the host and Xiu Zhi die at the mouth of the giant ape ——”
“Anchor take care ——”
“Host was mighty, giving you a universe warship ——”
It was as if they knew that Wang Dali would die in one life. All sorts of blessings and rewards rolled like a waterfall. Everyone could only support Wang Dali in this way. Apart from that, they were powerless.
If Wang Dali looked at the number of people online, he would find that the number of people online had been soaring at a terrifying and extraordinary speed, not stopping at all times.
The entire world seemed to have been detonated by Wang Dali’s live broadcast. More and more people opened the fork, WDL (Wang Dali), and clicked on Kanmu’s international website.
The name Wang Dali had already become the most searched character on all the search engines in the world five minutes ago. Transcendent exploration had also become the most open web address on all the browsers.
Wang Dali naturally didn’ t know this. He had already decided to attack with death!
“Xiuzhi, I’ m here!”
Wang Dali took a deep breath, grabbed one end of the vine with one hand and fiercely swung it down.

Chapter 17 Oh, shit!He is a hero

The 6th was even more so, asking for a collection!
Wang Dali didn’ t have too many thoughts. There was only one belief in his mind—saving!
A perfect pendulum streaked through the air. Wang Dali carried a bow and arrow with his hands on the vines, and his mouth was biting a crude stone axe!
“Ah ……”
Wang Dali smoothly landed on the altar, stabilizing himself!
“Luck ——”
Wang Dali broke out in cold sweat. Just now, he almost fell outside the altar.
The first step of the rescue plan was successful!
Countless spectators watching the live broadcast cheered!
“Ye… Old brother is mighty!”
Wang Xiaoya jumped three feet high, clenching her fist and shouting happily. She was extremely excited.
Wang Dali’s father, Wang Zhiguo, was so shocked that he broke out in cold sweat. However, when he saw a giant black ape that was almost ten meters tall suddenly rushing out of the Mang forest, his face couldn’ t help but turn pale from shock.
Wang Dali’s mother’s face turned pale. Seeing the close-up of the giant ape’s fangs on the camera, she rolled her eyes and fainted.
The entire family was in a mess!
On the live broadcast screen, the message exploded and rolled!
“666, The host must have been to the circus ——”
“Perfect landing ——”
“F*ck, it was like a tiger stealing food ——”
“Host, Xiu Zhi, run quickly ——”
“Vajra was about to come, f*ck, he was simply going to die ——”
“Fake, still not running ——”
In front of the altar was the Barbaric Forest. Five to six meters behind the altar was the stone wall. Behind the stone wall was the indigenous village. Countless indigenous people saw Wang Dali swing the vines on the altar and began to shout.
However, they couldn’ t even reach the whip, so they could only stare blankly!
The sacrificial altar stood on a separate stone pillar. If one wanted to go up, one could only use a long staircase or swing it over like Wang Dali.
The giant ape also saw Wang Dali swing onto the altar. It couldn’ t help but raise its head furiously and roar, speeding towards the altar. It wanted to eat these two people, this was its own food.
The ferocious giant ape had already scared Xiu Zhi to the point his face turned pale.
“Oba, run! Leave me alone!”Xiu Zhi suddenly cried out. Tears streamed out from her eyes. Chu Chu was pitiful, making people look at her heart and lungs.
Damn the super camera. It was smart enough to give Xiu Zhi a close-up of his face. It instantly shocked and infected everyone watching the video.
What nonsense did “say!!”
Wang Dali remained calm during the crisis. He steadied himself and immediately swung his stone axe to cut off the vines that bound Xiu Zhi’s hands.
Scratch a few times, and the vines were cut off, leaving Xiu Zhi free.
“Oba ——”
Pei Xiuzhi sobbed with joy as she threw herself at Wang Dali, leaving behind tears of joy.
Although it was still not safe, it was only Wang Dali who could risk his life to save her at this moment. Xiu Zhi felt that there was infinite hope in despair. Life made her love and love at this moment.
“Dangerous ——”
“Vajra charged forward, arriving at the back ——”
“F*ck, he’s going to die ——”
“Was still in the mood to make love, Fake Oil ——”
“So romantic ——”
“Love Death King Dali ——”
The netizens cried out in alarm, holding their heads in despair, or giving out pre-death praise like a flower addict.
The terrifying giant ape had already charged in front of the altar with an astonishing aura. It was so huge that it was five or six meters tall from the altar. Its sinister face was like an ape, but it was also like a gorilla.
When the giant ape opened its mouth and roared, its fangs appeared!
As he pounded his chest, the sounds of thudding and thudding shook the mountains and mountains, as if it was about to shatter one’s eardrums and heart!
The giant ape suddenly raised its huge long arm, ready to brandish it and grab these two little bastards!
Wang Dali had already seen countless screenshots in his mind, all filled with shock and despair!
The situation had already reached a critical moment of life and death!
Wang Dali had already sensed the arrival of the Death God. Behind him was the Giant Ape’s enormous roar, and a blood-soaked heat wave rushed towards his back. The ground of the altar was covered in dust as it swept out.
Xiu Zhi’s hair and clothes were also fluttering in the wind, cracking sounds.
Damn!The attack of the giant ape was faster than he had imagined!
Wang Dali suddenly moved and turned around……
String control!
Zhang Xian!
The long bow was like a full moon, facing the giant ape!
In front of life and death, the brave are fearless!
Wang Dali’s series of actions were smooth and smooth. It was as if the skill had been refined by Wang Dali for countless years, almost as familiar as a cook.
This was a beginner archery technique. No, it wasn’ t just a beginner archery technique. This series of movements had already surpassed the level of a beginner archery technique and entered the realm of perfect skills.
Only at the moment of life and death, when spiritual power, concentration, faith, and courage exploded and gathered together, could such an incredible performance be possible.
In front of the live broadcast, everyone had the illusion that time had stopped in an instant!
That’s right, it was just this illusion.
The God System was indeed worthy of being known as a super technology. The super camera suddenly captured the scene at this moment. This scene was split into six instant scenes within a single second.
The six instant scenes were the best angle, the best long shot, the best vision, the best close-up, the best distance, the best close-up of the face…Their rapid distribution and switching allowed the live broadcast to form a visual impact similar to a pause in time.
“F*ck…This was the kick of a Hollywood blockbuster ——”
“Extraordinary real-time shooting, incomparable divine scene ——”
_O_o_unk2″He’s a hero!”
Countless people around the world hugged their heads and cried out in alarm.

Chapter 18 Misfortune and Misfortune, Perfect Rescue!

First place!
Wang Dali didn’ t know that the scene of him turning around, pulling his bow, and facing the giant ape was instantly captured, becoming one of the ten most classic scenes in his life.
Moreover, it was the first of the ten most classic scenes. These classic scenes moved hundreds of millions of people around the world. From beginning to end, they had always been talked about with great interest by everyone, and they had always been recorded in history books.
The entire scene was:
Wang Dali stood on the altar. Behind him was Pei Xiuzhi, who was snuggled up. Pei Xiuzhi’s hair and clothes fluttered in the wind, and she was delicate and frail.
Wang Dali raised his body high and raised his bow like a full moon. He faced the towering ape without fear.
Behind the altar was a stone wall, with countless expressions of fear on their faces. They held spears as they hid behind the high wall in fear, looking up at the giant ape.
With this scene, the tiny pair of men and women formed an incomparably strong contrast with the towering giant ape, shocking the sight.
On the other hand, the indigenous people’s trepidation made their master more and more fearless!
This was completely a Hollywood blockbuster’s vision. It was filled with a strong super hero’s style that caught everyone’s eye.
Wang Dali naturally wouldn’ t know this right now.
Life and death lines, the potential of life!
From this, life would become resplendent, becoming glorious.
At this moment, Wang Dali only had one belief, that was that the brave had no fear, and faced fear and danger!The fear and retreat towards life and death had already been thrown into the air!
It was too late, it was too fast!
Wang Dali released his bowstring and shot out an arrow that filled him with all his concentration, faith, and courage. He only wanted to be able to slightly stop the giant ape and gain a chance for him and Xiu Zhi to survive!
The arrow seemed to have gathered the power and hope of everyone’s attention. With a swoosh, it shot through the long space and hit the giant ape’s nostrils!
That’s right, it was the nostril!
It was not an eye, nor was it a mouth, nor was it a forehead, heart, but a nostril!
The arrow entered the giant ape’s nostrils and disappeared.
The arm that the giant ape was about to hit suddenly stopped!
“Ah…”Ah Qiu!”
The giant ape raised its head, rubbed its nose and fiercely sneezed.
A pungent breath blew out, forming a gale.
“So stinky——” Xiu Zhi covered his mouth.
“666, The anchor was hidden in the depths of the world, and it was a hundred steps past the Yang ——”
“Wow…”Dude, you’ re Robin Hood!”
“Take advantage of this opportunity to run ——”
“Ran, immediately ——”
“Brother Hercules, who had passed through Yang with a hundred steps, stop wasting time. Run for your life ——”
Wang Dali was extremely embarrassed. He really didn’ t know how to explain it.
F*ck! He was aiming at the giant ape’s eyes, not his nostrils!
This damn bow and arrow in his hand was obviously not accurate enough.
However, the effect of hitting his nostrils was better than his eyes.
Cackle. Fortunately, my brother’s luck index was the 21st point of the golden light. It was simply the top of the goddess of luck. Any single arrow could produce the best results.
Seven God’s Points were allocated to luck. They were truly not blind. At the crucial moment, they displayed incomparable luck.
Time was still running out!
Wang Dali grabbed Pei Xiuzhi’s waist and said swiftly,” Take advantage of this moment, Xiuzhi, grab me. Let’s use the vines to move to the stone wall!”
Xiu Zhi instinctively hesitated for a moment. This was too crazy. Was it true that there was an indigenous village on the other side of the stone wall? Countless indigenous people were waiting for him with spears.
“Trust me!”
Wang Dali grabbed the vines and began to run with Pei Xiuzhi to obtain a sufficient initial acceleration.
Wang Dali and Pei Xiuzhi both jumped off the altar and swung towards the stone wall.
Behind them, the roaring giant ape grabbed out a large hand that flew past the two of them. What a coincidence!
Wang Dali glanced behind him and was shocked to the point of breaking out in cold sweat!
F*ck! A critical moment! Just a little bit away, they were caught by the giant ape.
Hehe, luck again!
In this situation where there was a great deal of danger and the difference in strength was huge, if one wanted to survive, one had to depend on luck!
A perfect arc appeared in the air. Wang Dali grabbed Xiu Zhi and landed on the stone wall. He leaped and landed on the stone wall.
Countless natives cried out loudly, wanting to climb up the stone wall and rush over to capture the two foreigners who had rebelled.
Wang Dali drew his bow and shot, swish swish swish……
The three arrows instantly turned over the three indigenous robust men who had hit the head!He immediately stunned the natives.
Behind Wang Dali, the giant ape was completely enraged. A small prey had actually escaped right under his eyes. This was a provocation to his supreme authority, and it could not be forgiven.
These two small sacrifices must be eaten!
The giant ape roared as it charged towards the stone wall. Its speed was faster than ever, and its momentum was even more violent than ever!
“Ao Ao ——”
The giant ape smashed its fist against the wall, and its huge body crashed into the wall like a bull.
The heavens collapsed and the earth split apart, rubble flying everywhere.
Wang Dali hugged Xiu Zhi and used the chaos stones to roll to the ground. He hid in a stone trough, using his body to protect Xiu Zhi.The flying rubble landed on Wang Dali’s back and arm, leaving behind numerous bloodstains.
Wang Dali grimaced in pain.
The long stone wall collapsed, and the entire indigenous village fell into chaos. The indigenous people cried out loudly as they threw out their sharp spears and shot towards the giant ape.

Chapter 19:74 million online!

The second was to ask for a collection!
The painful giant ape roared furiously, smashing the entire indigenous village into a mess.
This scene was perfectly filmed by the super camera. It was completely a Hollywood blockbuster blockbuster.
“Was so bloody, but I like it ——”
“Kill, kill these natives ——”
“Vajra ——”
“The war between the natives and King Kong, the greatest slaughter feast of this century ——”
“F*ck, this scene could be edited into a Hollywood blockbuster ——”
Wang Dali looked at the live broadcast in his mind and smiled helplessly.
F*ck, he was a living person and a lovely beautiful young girl. They were on the verge of life and death. You didn’ t care about it, but instead, you cared about what kind of bullshit indigenous and giant ape fighting?
Do you guys have any sympathy or humanitarian feelings?
Was this a Hollywood blockbuster?No, it’s a real live broadcast. It’s going to kill people, alright!
Wang Dali was already powerless to complain.
“Oba, are you injured?”
Xiu Zhi cried out in alarm when he saw the blood mark on Wang Dali’s arm.
“I’ m fine. I’ m slightly injured. Let’s take advantage of the chaos and leave!”Wang Dali stood up from the stone trough, protecting Xiu Zhi.
“Ah ……”
A strong native year held a long spear as he charged forward.
“Be careful!”Xiu Zhi screamed.
Wang Dali drew his bow and shot an arrow. His speed was as fast as lightning.
“Puchi ——”
The arrow pierced through Aboriginal’s neck, causing Aboriginal to widen their eyes and fall to death.
“F*ck, he killed with great force ——”
“Aboriginal blood splashed onto the camera ——”
“So terrifying, so bloody ——”
“Host was going to rush out ——”
“Wasn’ t bad. The host was mighty, killing all these natives ——”
“Indigenous people were absolutely powerless. Kill them quickly ——”
“I’ve already called 911, Wang Dali, do you need a lawyer to defend you ——”
Wang Dali was once again speechless. F*ck, the audience loved to say cool things.
“Oba, be careful, aboriginal, I’ ll beat you to death, I’ ll beat you to death!”Xiu Zhi picked up a long spear and used it as a staff member. In a panic, he fiercely knocked on the head of a young native, causing him to see stars in his eyes and faint.
Wang Dali picked up two arrows and placed them on his back. He quickly shot arrows, shooting down several natives. He brought Xiu Zhi over the stone wall and rushed into the Mang Forest.
“Wu Wu Wu Wu ……”
The indigenous youth hated Wang Dali and Pei Xiuzhi, the two outsiders, and they chased after the Mang Forest.
The chase was taking place in the dense forest. Wang Dali shot an arrow backwards, hitting a native’s arm and nailed him to a branch.
Another native threw his spear far away and inserted it at Xiu Zhi’s feet, causing Xiu Zhi’s face to turn pale.
Wang Dali shot another arrow at the other party.
After rushing out of the bushes, a small river blocked the path.
“Oba, it’s a river. What should we do?”Xiu Zhi was anxious.
“Swim over!”
Wang Dali immediately made a decision. Both of them jumped into the river and swam towards the other side, until the two of them climbed up the shore in exhaustion.
After observing for a while, the natives no longer chased after them.
Wang Dali was so tired that he sat on the rock on the shore. He turned to the super camera and prepared to explain.
“Friends of the audience, I only have a chance to catch my breath after I’ ve been exhausted and fled. I’ ll tell everyone about the situation!”
“I believe everyone has seen it. I’ ve successfully saved Xiu Zhi from the hands of the aboriginals. Just now, in the aboriginals’ village, it was really a soul-stirring battle. The great ape’s surprise attack caused the scene to become extremely chaotic. It’s just like that, only then can Xiu Zhi and I escape!”
Wang Dali turned his head and saw that Xiu Zhi’s clothes were drenched, revealing his fiery figure.
“I hate it. Oba, don’t look at it. Also, is this camera shooting me?”Her delicate face was red, cute, cute, and very moving.
After the tribulation, the life force of the calamity was extremely beautiful. This allowed Xiu Zhi to display an incomparable charm.
“‘Re shooting at you, Xiu Zhi. Your popularity is soaring right now. Let me see, the number of people watching the live broadcast now ……”
Wang Dali carefully examined the data and was immediately stunned.
“74 Million?”
Wang Dali thought he was mistaken and hurriedly rubbed his eyes.
“Oba, how many people are watching our live broadcast?”Xiu Zhi was curious.
“There are 74 million people!”
“What? Do you have more than one digit?”Xiu Zhi did not believe it.
“It really is 74 million people, and their numbers are still soaring…” Wang Dali confirmed.
Xiu Zhi covered his mouth and was dumbstruck.
“How could this be possible?”Oba, is this a global broadcast?”
“Of course. Otherwise, there wouldn’ t be so many people watching online!”Wang Dali became excited as well.
“That’s great! More than seventy million people!”Xiu Zhi happily raised his hand and excitedly waved his hand in front of the ball of light, greeting the audience in front of the camera.
He waved his hand, bowed, and spoke of Smita…
Wang Dali smiled and said with a smile,” That’s enough. The news on the live broadcast screen is very impressive. Everyone likes you very much. They think you’ re a very strong and cute girl. Your popularity is rising very much now. Listen to them, you’ re in the top three search engines in the world!”
“That’s great. Unfortunately, on this desolate island, did they say when the rescue will arrive and when can we return?”He was waiting to speak.
Wang Dali shook his head.
“What’s wrong? Could it be that the search and rescue team hasn’ t found the location of the sunken ship, nor did they find this large island?”Xiu Zhi was astonished.

Chapter 20 New Shelter!

In the third place, Mo Mo Da asked for a collection!
“I’ m afraid so!”
Wang Dali fell silent. The truth was truly cruel. Logically speaking, with the methods of modern civilization, it shouldn’ t be impossible to find such a large island.
But that was the case.
This mysterious island truly seemed to be completely isolated from the rest of the world. Even the satellites in the sky could not find it. Otherwise, such an island would have long shocked the world with such a mysterious species.
“What should we do? What should we do? This place is so terrifying. Oba, I don’ t want to die here. I really want my parents, elder sister and younger brother. I don’ t want to die here!”
Xiu Zhi panicked and began to cry.
“Alright, alright, calm down. Xiu Zhi, I will protect you. Everything will be fine. I promise you, I will definitely bring you home, okay?”Wang Dali hurriedly consoled him.
After all, she was still a little girl. She had suddenly encountered a sinking ocean and a terrifying death island. After experiencing a series of terrifying disasters, everyone would collapse.
“I promise!”
“Thank you Oba, I believe you!”Xiu Zhi wiped away his tears. After the Giant Ape’s attack, Pei Xiu Zhi had already completely believed in Wang Dali.
Wang Dali turned his head and said,” Friends of the audience, I must find a safe place to rest. Our clothes are once again drenched and must be dried. We are also being threatened by hunger. We must find food as soon as possible!”
“Anchor needs to find a cave by the river ——”
“The anchor could search along the river, he should be able to find a safe shelter ——”
Many suggestions from the audience immediately appeared on the live broadcast screen.
Wang Dali looked at it and thought to himself that this was reliable. Everyone had a high level of firewood and flames, and it was still the strength of a group of strategists.
“That’s good. I’ ll find a suitable shelter along the riverbank as soon as possible according to the opinions of some audience friends!”
Wang Dali packed up his bags and led Xiu Zhi along the river.
“Oba, there is a huge stone crack there!”Xiu Zhi pointed at a large rock on the bank of the river.
“Yes, it’s a group of rocks. There’s a cave.”
Wang Dali was overjoyed. He quickly inspected it. This was a relatively closed and dry cave. There were no traces of beasts, so it should be safe.
“Friends of the audience, we were fortunate enough to find the temporary shelter. Perhaps we should immediately build a bonfire. Our bodies are drenched!”
Wang Dali took out two pieces of fire stones from his pants pocket and said with a smile,” This is from the indigenous tribe. Please don’ t accuse me of stealing!”
The bonfire successfully started. The fire was very intense, and there were quite a few dried ferns in the cave.
“Everyone, have you noticed? The storm has unknowingly stopped. The dark clouds in the sky are rapidly dispersing. It’s already dawn. According to your estimation, it’s around eight in the morning local time!”
“For safety reasons, we should stay in the cave for now. Perhaps we can dry the clothes on our bodies and then take a good look at the surroundings to ensure that no more ferocious beasts will appear!”
“Oba, I am afraid ……”
Xiu Zhi shivered.
“There’s no need to be afraid. It’s very safe now!”
Wang Dali began to dry his clothes. After a while, the sky was clear and the sky was completely bright.
“Gu Gu Gu ……”
Xiu Zhi’s belly made a sound.
“Our Xiu Zhi was hungry ——”
“Host must be hungry too ——”
“Had experienced a soul-stirring night, and his physical strength must have been exhausted. The host should be able to eat a cow now ——”
“The host was too bitter, he still had to find food, while I was drinking milk and eating bread ——”
“I’m eating KFC’s burly castle ——”
“I’m eating Qingfeng Steamed Bun ——”
“You exposed your address, are you from the Heavenly Dynasty Capital?I am from Atlanta ——”
“I am from Sydney ——”
“I am Tokyo ——”
“I am Morocco ——”
“I am Egypt ——”
Wang Dali was speechless. As the audience spoke, they began to report their names. Countless names began to be displayed.
People from over one hundred and ninety countries and regions in the world began to report to their homeland. What was this scene?
Just one word!
The huge number of people online caused the message to roll like a waterfall.
As a result, many people immediately made the caption “Shut up “.
Wang Dali shook his head and checked the bow and arrows to make sure that the weapons were fine.
After drying his clothes, Wang Dali suddenly stood up and the live broadcast immediately quieted down.
“Audience friends, after a while of rest, I’ m much better. I feel quite dry on my body. I decided to go out to observe the environment and find something to eat. After the thrilling escape in the late middle of the night, Xiu Zhi and I have already exhausted almost all of our physical strength. We must pay attention to replenish our energy!”
Wang Dali said.
“Oba, I’ ll go with you!”Xiu Zhi hurriedly said.
“No need. Take a rest. This place is very safe, and I’ m nearby. I won’ t let this place leave my sight!”Wang Dali hurriedly advised.
“Oh, well then, you don’ t have to go far. Maybe we can get a fish?”
“I have this plan!”
Wang Dali made an OK gesture and was about to walk out of the cave.
“Roar ……”
A furious roar came from the riverbank. Wang Dali couldn’ t help but shiver.
“Oba, what is it?”
Xiu Zhi was scared out of his wits. He hid behind Wang Dali and tightly pulled on Wang Dali’s clothes. His face turned pale.