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Era of Lords: landing 30 days ahead of time
Chapter one rebirth five years ago
“Hey, there’s still a month to go before the era of Lords is open to the public. It's said that this game is pushed by the National Federation. Let's play it together then!”
“I'd better forget it. In the era of Lord, buying the cheapest virtual helmet costs 50000 Xia yuan. I'm still a student, so I can't stand it!”
“Ha ha, I ordered a game warehouse last night. It's worth 200000 yuan. It's estimated that it has been sent to my home now. In another month, I will enter the era of Lord.”
“Envy, like me, I'd better honestly find an internship job. When I can save enough money, I'll go no later…”
Listening to the noise coming from time to time, Lin Tai was in a trance.
Lord time!
Virtual helmet!
Game warehouse!
How do these nouns sound so familiar?
When Lin Tai was puzzled, Wang Lei patted Lin Tai's arm and pulled his thoughts back to reality: “brother Lin, the era of Lord is going to be public beta, can't we play together?”
That's what made Lin Tai wake up in an instant.
Deep eyes quickly swept around.
Students, desks, blackboards, and books piled in front of them.
This is a classroom!
And the scenes that happened at the moment were also dug out in the depth of Lin Tai's memory.
He remembered, isn't this the month before the public test of the game in the Lord's time, that is, the day when he was graduating from university and about to leave school for internship?
“Am I… Reborn?”
In order to verify his conjecture, Lin Tai quickly took out the mobile phone in his desk and pressed the light on the screen. The time on the screen was June 1, 2100.
In Lin Tai's memory, the public beta of the game in the era of Lords was on July 1, 2100.
In other words, Lin Tai was reborn a month before the public beta of the era of Lords.
Thinking of this, Lin Tai's expression in his eyes became mixed, and his heart was even more excited and excited.
But before Lin Tai could express his excitement, Wang Lei's voice rang out in Lin Tai's ear again: “brother Lin, what do you want to know?The era of Lord is about to be tested. Will we play together then? ”
As soon as the voice fell, another sharp, disgusting voice followed.
“Play together?Ha ha, our Lin University bully doesn't have the time. I'm afraid he has already found a good job and is ready to be a social animal!Besides
At this point, Li Zicong, with a beaming face, said in a tone of silence: “the equipment entering the era of Lord, even the lowest level virtual helmet, needs 50000 yuan. Can you afford it
Around many students smell speech, have echoed the laughter.
Listening to these ironic words, Lin Tai's eyes narrowed, and a cold and piercing light flashed from the bottom of his eyes.
“Li Zicong, what do you say?”Wang Lei was the first to get angry. He stood up and glared at a male classmate in the front row who was combing the middle part.
Li Zicong sneered and glanced at Lin Tai: “what?Am I not telling the truth? ”
“You…” Wang Lei wants to fight back, but Lin Tai pulls him.
“If the dog bites you, do you want to bite it back?When you meet a wild dog like this, just let it bark alone. ”
When the students around heard this, they all laughed.
Li Zicong's face is burning like fire. He rushes to Lin Tai in two steps and stares at Lin Tai from a commanding position: “do you have the guts to say it again?”
The smile of Lin Tai's lips gradually dissipated and he slowly got up.
A pair of deep, cold eyes, staring at Li Zicong.
The latter just reacts, the forehead begins to sweat.
What kind of eyes did he see!
Deep, vicissitudes, cold, but also with a murderous!
That's right. It's murderous. It's breathtaking and frightening!
This is the temperament that Lin Tai developed in his five years of struggling in the Lord's time.
In five years, he killed countless monsters and killed four figures.
After getting used to life and death, Lin Tai's eyes naturally became like this.
Li Zicong immediately counseled.
He sat down on the chair and didn't dare to look into Lin Tai's eyes.
“If you want to lose your front teeth again, I don't mind helping you.”Lin Tai dropped a word and walked slowly towards the door of the classroom.
All that was left was the crowd with a confused face.
Li Zicong still wants to fight back, but he sees another look looking this way.
“Mind your mouth!”
The person who is speaking at the moment is Jiang Lingxue.
It's Lin Tai's school flower in Hangzhou University.
He is very beautiful in appearance, extraordinary in temperament and extremely cold in character.
Of course, that's for others, except Lin Tai.
Li Zicong grits his teeth, but he has nothing to do. He looks at Jiang Lingxue with fear in his eyes.
This woman, he can't provoke.
Jiang Lingxue did not pay too much attention to Li Zicong, but turned to keep up with Lin Tai's pace.
Li Zicong clenched his fist and gritted his teeth.
Outside the classroom, Jiang Lingxue keeps up with Lin Tai: “wait a minute.”
Lin Tai steps a meal, turn round to see to Jiang Lingxue.
Cough, school flower is worthy of school flower, after five years, see Jiang Lingxue again, or so amazing.
“Here you are.”Jiang Lingxue takes out a bank card and sends it to Lin Tai.
“The era of Lord is about to be tested. Anyway, you must play this game. Here is the money for buying the game warehouse. I hope you can accept it.”
Lin Tai's eyebrows were light. Sure enough, everything coincided with the previous life.
In the last life, Jiang Lingxue also sent a bank card for Linghao to buy the game warehouse.
However, at that time, Lin Tai loved face and did not accept it. Instead, he chose to work as an intern and gradually saved money.
This directly led to Lin Tai's inability to enter the era of Lord at the first time.
When Lin Tai saved enough money to enter the game, it was three months after the public beta.
One step behind, one step behind.
In the era of Lords, most of the opportunities had been developed by players.
When Lin Tai enters the game, he can only become an ordinary player.
This is Lin Tai's regret for the next five years.
(the old author's new book starts, the update is guaranteed, the collection is at ease, the reading is…)
Chapter 2 how much do you know about the era of lords?
Lord era, this is a collection of resources collection, arms training, hero cultivation, war plunder and many other game.
It was not developed by human beings, but discovered when Bluestar countries joined hands to explore a site of ancient civilization that had never been discovered before.
Take that thing out of the site and connect it to the power.
In the era of Lord, the carrier of the game began to repair automatically.
Scientists all over the world are amazed and want to explore the secrets of the game.
Unfortunately, human science and technology are limited, and scientific research teams around the world have been allowed to explore for many years, but they have not been able to know how the game was made.
It's only learned from some documents left over by that ancient civilization.
The glory of the Lord's time, and the way to let mankind into it.
Of course, the above information is an official explanation.
Perhaps only Lin Tai, the reborn, knows what happened in the era of Lord.
It's a game on the surface, but it's actually the key to Pandora's box.
Two years before the public beta, everything was normal, as if it was just an ordinary online game.
But two years later, the upheaval happened.
The era of Lords began to merge with reality.
That is to say, monsters in the era of Lords began to appear in the real world.
And the human players who enter the era of Lord will inherit everything they have in the game.
Territory, arms, resources
When the era of Lord is completely integrated with reality, then… Is the beginning of disaster.
Lin Tai of the last generation, though, entered the game three months after the public beta.
But with their own hard work, as well as the understanding of the game.
It took two years to become the Top Ten lords of Xia.
Two years after the public beta, the era of Lords and reality were integrated, and the access to the major planes was opened.
Countless monsters invade the blue star, and the end is officially coming.
Unfortunately, three years after the integration of the Lord's era and reality.
When Lin Tai led his troops to the altar, he was besieged by enemies.
With arms fighting to the last soldier, but still can not escape the fate of being killed, died under the iron hoof of enemy arms.
Never thought, God gave Lin Tai another chance.
Let him reborn to the Lord era, a month before the game beta.
Then in this life, Lin Tai must live well and uncover the real mystery of the Lord's time.
At the same time, those enemies who besieged themselves in the last life should pay a hundred times price.
And now, looking at Jiang Lingxue's bank card, to tell the truth, Lin Tai is moved.
He is not a soft eater, but he really needs money.
Make yourself the leading players in the era of Lords.
Because only in this way can he become stronger than the last life.
“I'll pay you back in two months.”Lin Tai Road, take the bank card in Jiang Lingxue's hand.
Seeing that Lin Tai didn't refuse himself, Jiang Lingxue was relieved: “it's not necessary. Have fun. Maybe I need your help in the future!”
Having said that, Jiang Lingxue is ready to leave.
But Lin Tai, at this time, asked: “what do you know about the era of the Lord?”
Lin Tai's voice is not big, but it is clearly spread to Jiangling Xueer.
Let her delicate body tremble, hesitated for a while: “anyway, as long as you know, this game is very mysterious, maybe… Will determine your and my destiny.”
With that, Jiang Lingxue didn't seem to want to say anything more and left quickly.
There are some things that she can't reveal too much, or that she only knows.
Looking at Jiang Lingxue's back, Lin Tai pursed his lips.
Sure enough, his guess was right.
Lord era, this game has a secret, in fact, this news has already been known by a small number of people.
For example, the national high level, and several big families in Xia.
They've got this information in advance.
Of course, for some reason, or selfish, they will not spread the news.
This matter is also the last life Lin Tai accidentally learned.
Now I've tested Jiang Lingxue. It seems that she's on her way.
Jiang Lingxue's family is one of the big families that know the secret of the Lord's time.
Light breath, Lin Tai swept the campus scenery downstairs, turned away.
Next, it's time to prepare for the war in the era of Lords.
As soon as Lin Tai left, Jiang Lingxue, who left before, came out again. She looked at the direction Lin Tai left with a complicated look in her eyes.
According to reason, Jiang Lingxue and Lin Tai's identity is one day, one place.
Two people are not destined to have much intersection.
But because of something happened four years ago, they had a special relationship.
Four years ago, Lin Tai and Jiang Lingxue just entered school. They didn't know each other, but they got mixed up because of Li Zicong.
Li Zicong, the only son of Hangzhou real estate giant Li Tianyuan.
They usually act arrogantly and domineering by virtue of their wealth.
On the day of enrollment, Li Zicong took a fancy to Jiang Lingxue, who came to enroll with him.
How can he let off such a perfect prey when he is used to molesting female classmates?
So it launched a crazy pursuit of Jiang Lingxue.
But Jiang Lingxue ignores him, and Li Zicong is ready to play a trick.
He tracks Jiang Lingxue at night, but is accidentally found by Lin Tai.
I don't need to say much about the following.
Lin Tai gave Li Zicong a beating and two front teeth.
The marriage between them was also formed at that time.
For the next four years, they had constant friction.
However, it is limited to verbal disputes.
Li Zicong didn't dare to do it.
Because after that happened four years ago, Li Zicong knew the identity of Jiang Lingxue.
That kind of height, he is really not provoking!
Chapter 3 enter the game 30 days in advance
On this side, Lin Tai got out of the school, stopped a taxi and went straight to the bank.
He had to find out how much Jiang Lingxue had given him before he decided to buy the game equipment.
There are five levels of game devices in the era of connecting lords, and the prices are different with different levels.
The cheapest is the game helmet, which costs 50000 Xia.
Cheap is cheap, but because you can't maintain your body, you can't spend more than ten hours online.
Ten hours later, it will be forced to go offline.
Then there is the game warehouse.
The price is very high.
Silver game warehouse 200000 Xia yuan.
Gold game warehouse 500000 Xia yuan.
Diamond game warehouse 3 million Xia.
As for the most high-end game warehouse, I'm sorry, there are only ten of them in the world. They are digested by the country, and they can't turn to people like Lin Tai.
It's no use having enough money.
Of course, there is an essential difference between the game barn and the game helmet.
The game warehouse has its own nutrient solution, which can maintain the user's body consumption.
So online time can be as long as a few days.
Lin Tai's requirements are not high either. It's OK to build a game warehouse.
Soon, Lin Tai came to the ATM.
Insert the card, input the password left on the card, check the balance, Lin Tai took a breath.
I'll be good.
How many zeros!
Five million.
If you don't say anything else, it's a matter of fact that Jiang Lingxue is the setting of a rich woman.
Lin Tai wry smile, his last life is brain melon seed was door clip, just refuse Jiang Lingxue's bank card.
This is an astronomical number for Lin Tai, who has been an orphan since childhood and has been working and studying all the time.
Suppressing the excitement in his heart, Lin Tai took out the card and went straight to the game equipment sales point of the Lord era.
Because it was officially pushed by the state, it was more than a month ago.
It has set up game equipment sales points in various cities in China.
Unfortunately, because game equipment is expensive, even after the public beta, there are still wage earners who can't buy it.
It wasn't until a year later that free gaming devices became popular.
To the place, Lin Tai is not ambiguous, directly bought a diamond game warehouse.
Then we chose the best quality nutrient solution to ensure the maintenance of our body during the game.
Finally, pay by credit card, fill in the receiving address, and leave quickly under the gaping gaze of a group of melon eaters.
Spend millions to buy a game warehouse, in the eyes of many people, are incomprehensible things.
But Lin Tai as a past person, can be very responsible to say.
It's definitely worth it.
As for how to repay Jiang Lingxue in the future, please rest assured.
Lin Tai's rebirth still retains the memory of the Lord's time in his last life.
With these memories, let alone 10 million, one billion or one billion, Lin Tai is confident of earning them back.
Just give it back to Jiang Lingxue at that time.
Lin Tai, an orphan, grew up in a welfare home.
After the age of 16, Lin Tai began to work and study, and moved out of the welfare home.
Then I rented a house in Hangzhou.
The house is not big, but on the whole, it is clean and tidy.
It was agreed that the goods would be delivered immediately.
So Lin Tai returned home, the first time in the room to clear out a place to put the game warehouse.
At 11:30 in the morning, the phone rang on time.
Three staff members came to the door.
Install this 3 million diamond game warehouse.
It's a game barn, but it's an egg.
Silver white shell, covered with dazzling halo.
Press the open button and the eggshells will separate.
What appears inside is a super luxurious seat.
When playing the game, players only need to enter the game warehouse.
After seeing off the staff, Lin Tai can't wait to sit in.
Although there is still a month to go before the public test of the game.
However, you can't enter the game, but you can create characters and query game information.
How can Lin Tai let go of this opportunity.
With the door closed, Lintai's consciousness appeared in another world.
The vast continent, the majestic mountains, as well as the territory giant cities located in all parts of the earth.
In the air, there are flying dragons and big birds.
On the ground, there are all kinds of beasts running and roaring.
They are collectively referred to as arms.
It can be recruited by players who become lords, become partners of players, and fight in all directions.
Lin Tai has seen this shocking CG more than 100 times.
Now I can see that there is still some uncontrollable excitement in my heart.
Soon, the CG ended, and Lin Tai smoothly entered the role creation stage.
There was no race in the creation of the role of Lord.
In other words, human beings are a race of gold.
As long as there are resources and opportunities, human beings can recruit almost any race, any monster for their own arms.
Therefore, the role creation in the era of Lords is very simple.
Just make a ID, then adjust your looks.
As for occupation, you need to reach level 10 before you can choose.
“Please name your character!”The system elves prompt.
“Shura.”Lintai road.
Keke, this is his last life ID. now that he is reborn, let's continue to use it!
“The nickname is not occupied. The name is successful. Do you want to adjust your appearance?”The system elf continued.
“Up 10%.”
Lin Tai thinks he is not too ugly.
Just a little change in appearance.
“The creation of the character is successful. It is detected that you are a Xia player. You can only be born in the East mainland.”
“Please choose the way of birth.”
“Random birth: will receive primary resource gift pack 1.”
“Manual birth: unable to obtain resource gift package, please enter valid coordinates.”
Lin Tai looked at the options that appeared in front of him. For a moment, he was a little confused.
The public beta of the game has not started yet. He just came in to create a character. Why do these options appear.
If Lin Tai remembers correctly, these options should not appear until after the game's public beta.
But now
Lin Tai clenched his teeth and stamped his foot: “whatever!Go in and have a look! ”
(first, three chapters. Next, more collections, more flowers, more tickets, more explosions.)
Chapter 4 take a blood, SSS level talent
After that, Lin Tai chose to be born manually.
In fact, it's about the way of birth. This is a pit dug in the era of Lords.
Random birth, that is, system random allocation.
Players will come to the random position of their nationality continent.
Choose random birth to get a primary resource package.
It looks tempting, but it's a pit.
The primary resource package is nothing more than 10000 units of basic resources.
It's not very useful.
For manual birth, you can choose your own coordinates.
Born where you want to.
Lin Tai, who was born again, naturally chose to be born manually.
Open the map, Lin Tai's eyes quickly swept on the map.
Memories brought back from the last life are constantly being turned over.
Where is the most suitable place for development, where there are many resources, where is easy to defend but difficult to attack
Three minutes later, Lin Tai's eyes stopped at a certain position on the map.
Juetong mountain, the residence of the strongest alliance overlord of Xia kingdom in the last generation.
At the same time, it is also an ancient battlefield left over from ancient times.
Under the mountains, there are piles of dead bones, where countless arms are buried.
This place has gathered many undead monsters, which is extremely dangerous.
Of course, danger is danger, and juetong mountain also has abundant resources that other places don't have.
High level minerals, treasure boxes, secret places, shrines, and even the entrance to the plane of hell are all here.
This is a land of opportunity and danger.
What Lin Tai valued most was a treasure in the hands of the overlord alliance leader of the last world.
It's said that it came from somewhere in the juetong mountains.
“That's it, juetong mountain, coordinates 1362552638.”Lin Tai enters the coordinates.
At the next moment of pressing the OK key, Lin Tai's body was wrapped in a white light.
Disappeared into the temple.
When Lin Tai opened his eyes again, he had already appeared at the foot of a mountain stretching for hundreds of miles.
That's the pinnacle.
And this is not the most shocking place for Lin Tai.
What shocked him most was that he actually entered the game.
But isn't the public beta still one month away?
What the hell is going on?
Lin Tai was stunned and shocked, and finally saw a little red dot on his mailbox.
This shows that he has an unread email.
Lin Tai quickly opened it.
There was only one sentence in the email.
“There are 29 days, 23:56:21 before the game's public beta.”
It's a countdown.
And time is decreasing by the minute.
Seeing this, Lin Tai suddenly understood.
I seem to have entered the game 30 days in advance.
Game beta, other players will come in 30 days later.
That is to say, I will have 30 days more development time than other players.
In these 30 days, Lin Tai was the only one in the whole Lord era. He could do whatever he wanted.
Thinking of this, Lin Tai was ecstatic and couldn't help laughing three times.
This is so awesome!
It's only 30 days.
Lin Tai came back with the memory of his past life.
In just 30 days, he can do too much.
Only good operation, 30 days time, Lin Tai has confidence ahead of all other players, walk in the forefront of the Lord era.
“God helps me!”Lin Tai's face was overjoyed.
But soon, Lintai calmed down.
Thirty days is long or short.
He has to make good use of it.
Lin Tai opens his information panel as follows:
Race: Human
Occupation: None
Grade: 1
HP: 500
Defense: 50
Attack power: 50
Speed: 100
Skill: None
Territory: None
The first level attribute, the weak chicken in the weak chicken, I don't have to say.
Then Lin Tai opened his backpack and glanced at the items in it.
Territory token: after use, you can create a territory at the specified coordinates.
[arms gift pack]: after opening, you can obtain a random first-order arms template.
Lin Tai had expected the props in his backpack.
Territory token, needless to say, is actually the proof of building territory, and also the props.
Choose a place to use, you can build territory.
The arms gift pack is the initial arms template after players enter the game.
What you can offer depends entirely on your face.
Lin Tai was unambiguous. He took out the territory token, chose a nearby open space and used it directly.
It belongs to the periphery of the Jueming mountains, and it is still some distance away from the core area of the Jueming mountains.
The reason why Lin Tai chose to be born in this place is that there is no way.
The real juetong mountain range is extremely dangerous. Monsters of level five and level six are everywhere.
If you really want to build territory inside the juetong mountains, it will be flattened every minute.
It can't develop at all.
Therefore, Lin Tai's plan is to develop in a relatively safe area at the foot of the juetong mountains.
When we have more advanced arms and more troops, we will move towards the interior of juetong mountain.
This is the safest way Lin Tai can think of at present.
After choosing to build, Lin Tai's territory token turns into a white light and disappears.
The ground under Lintai's feet, with him as the center, has undergone earth shaking changes.
There was a click.
At the foot of Lintai, the grass turned into bluestone.
One by one, they are arranged in order.
The area is about 100 meters, 100 meters square area.
In the center of this slate area stands a building.
It's not big, it's low and simple.
This is the Lord's hall, the only building in this first-class territory.
“Please name your territory!”The system genie appears again.
“Divine court.”Lintai road.
“The name is not occupied. The territory is named successfully.”
“As you are the first player to successfully build a territory, you will receive the following rewards [SSS level random gift pack], [level 4 random arms gift pack], [advanced resource pack] 1.”
“World bulletin generating…”
Chapter 5 careful calculation, magic wolf Knight
“Player [Shura] becomes the first player to successfully build a territory, and gets the following rewards [SSS level gift pack], [fourth level arms gift pack], [advanced resource pack] 1, which is hereby announced for encouragement!”
“Player [Shura] becomes the first player to successfully build a territory, and gets the following rewards [SSS level random talent gift pack], [level 4 random arms gift pack], [advanced resource pack] 1, which is hereby announced for encouragement!”
After the world announcement for three times in a row, Lin Tai had a lot of things in his backpack, which made him do it one by one.
Come on, come on, take a little blood.
It's no wonder that those big dogs in the last life had to fight for all kinds of secret places, shrines and achievements.
The generous reward is really attractive!
Well, in fact, Lin Tai was one of these big dogs in his last life.
Without saying much, Lin Tai opened his backpack and looked at the reward he had just received.
[SSS level talent gift pack]: after opening, you can get a random SSS level talent.
[level 4 arms gift pack]: after opening, you can get a random level 4 arms.
[advanced resource pack]: after opening, you can get 200000 units of wood, ore, iron ore and gold coin.
Seeing the introduction of these awards, Lin Tai has already laughed.
SSS level talent, absolutely good thing.
Every player will get such a gift package after building a territory.
Lin Tai still remembers that in his last life, he took three months to enter the game, and the talent he got was only A-level, not very practical.
(talent levels from low to high are C, B, a, s, SS, SSS.)
This life, direct start SSS level talent, ask you Naisi not Naisi?
In addition to the SSS level talent, there are also the fourth level arms to start with.
That's the bonus for taking a blood.
Ordinary players can only start with level 1 arms, and Lin Tai can directly start with level 4.
Take off right now.
Finally, there is a gift package for advanced resources, 200000 basic resources.
This can provide strong support for the early development of Suye.
In general, Lin Tai was very happy with this wave of awards.
Without saying much, Lin Tai directly opened all the gift bags in his backpack.
“Open the gift pack of SSS level talent and get the talent of SSS level [careful budget].”
“Open the level 4 arms gift pack and get the level 4 arms template [demon wolf Knight].”
“Open the advanced resource pack and get 200000 units of wood, ore, iron ore and gold coins each.”
“Open the level 1 arms gift pack and get the level 1 arms template [goblin].”
After opening the gift bag, Lin Tai paid attention to the SSS level talent.
Cost saving: reduce the cost of training any arms by 50%.
Explanation only a short sentence, but let Lin Tai's lips crack to the root of the ear.
Reduce the cost of training arms by 50%?
Sure enough, it's worthy of SSS level talent, strong enough to explode, OK!
What is the most important thing in the game of war and plunder?
Arms, of course!
With arms, you can protect territory and plunder resources.
To have arms, we must train.
But training arms requires a lot of resources.
Especially for the advanced arms, the resources spent on training are more than 100000, hundreds of thousands.
With this talent, the cost of training arms will be directly halved.
One hundred changes into fifty.
A million is half a million.
Just ask if you want to crack?
This talent alone has paved the way for Lin Tai's future.
Suppressing his ecstasy, Lin Tai began to get down to business, that is, building territory.
Open the main hall panel as follows:
[shenting territory]
Lord: Shura
Grade: 1
Alliance: None
Subordinate territory: None
Number of buildings: 1 / 10
Arms template: Goblin [level 1], demon wolf Knight [level 4]
Accommodation in the city: 1 / 200
Timber: 210000
Stone: 210000
Iron ore: 210000
Gold coin: 210000
Food: 10000
Required for upgrading: 20000 for timber, 20000 for ore, 20000 for iron ore and 20000 for gold coin.
The above is the basic information of shenting territory.
You can accurately see the level of the territory, the number of units that can be held, the number of buildings, the templates of the arms and the resources of the territory.
Due to the use of advanced resource pack, the resources of shenting territory are 210000.
The odd 10000 is the initial resource, which every player will have.
Now, with territory, resources and arms templates, you can build training camps.
Lintai was not ambiguous. He directly selected a piece of open space in the possession of shenting territory, and then began to build the magic wolf Knight training camp and goblin training camp.
Don't ask why Lintai has a fourth level magic wolf knight, but he still needs to train goblin.
You can use it later.
“It costs 50000 wood, 50000 stone, 50000 iron ore and 50000 gold coins each. The training camp of the demon wolf knight is under construction.”
“It costs 2000 wood, 2000 stone, 2000 iron ore and 2000 gold coins. The goblin training camp is under construction.”
The system elves sound down.
The resources of shenting territory have shrunk a lot, but in the open space in front of Lintai.
Then there are two virtual shadows of buildings and progress bars suspended in mid air.
It's just a shadow, which means that the building is still under construction.
Among them, the construction time of goblin training camp only takes 5 minutes, while the magic wolf Knight belongs to the fourth level arms, and the construction time of training camp takes 1 hour.
There's no choice but to wait.
Five minutes later, the construction of goblin training camp was completed.
The virtual shadow becomes solid, which is a shelter made up of branches and vines.
The details are as follows:
[goblin training camp]
Equal order: first order
Grade: 1
Training unit: 0 / 50
Training cost: 50 gold coins
Training time: 1 minute
Upgrade required: 4000 wood, 4000 stone, 4000 iron and 4000 gold.
Sure enough, it's a familiar formula.
Don't say much, just start training.
“Training 50 units of goblin costs 1250 gold coins.”(talent of careful calculation, resource halved)
Book setting (must read))
Explain some of the settings in this book!
Arms setting:
The arms are divided into twelve stages and four stages.
Level 1 to level 3, lower arms, one skill.
Level 4 to level 6, intermediate arms, two skills.
Level 7 to level 9, advanced arms, three skills.
Level 10 to level 12, super advanced arms, four skills.
Stage jump, the property increase will be relatively large.
For example, there will be a big difference between the attributes of the third level arms and the fourth level arms, and the cost of training will also increase.
Talent setting:
The grades from low to high are C, B, a, s, SS and SSS.
The higher the level, the stronger and rarer the talent.
Resource point setting:
From low to high, they are white, green, blue, purple, orange and red.
In addition, there are some special resource points, which are not equal.
Hero template setting:
From low to high, they are C, B, a, s, SS, SSS.
The higher the rank, the higher the initial attribute and the higher the growth.
Heroes, like players, can be classified into different classes. Every time they are promoted by 10 levels, they can comprehend one skill.
Skills can be upgraded through skill stone.
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Arrange a service
Hellfire Warrior
Equal order: fifth order
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Chapter 6 training acceleration scroll, building acceleration scroll
Training begins.
A minute passed quickly.
Lin Tai in front of the goblin training camp, a height of 1.5 meters, holding a club, all green dwarf came out.
This is goblin.
As soon as I saw Lin Tai, I kept croaking.
Before Lin Tai could give orders, the voice of the system spirit would ring again.
“As you are the first player to successfully train all arms, you will receive the following rewards: [100 hour training acceleration scroll] 1, [100 hour construction acceleration scroll] 1, [intermediate resource pack] 1”
Hearing this hint, Lin Tai was moved to cry.
It's what you want.
Lord time is a time-consuming game.
It takes a lot of time to build buildings and train arms.
However, there is a kind of prop that can offset the time of building and training arms.
That's the acceleration scroll.
For 100 hours, it's not much to watch, but it can greatly increase Lin Tai's development speed.
This is the advantage of taking a blood for everything, and the reward is soft.
Without saying much, Lintai uses the acceleration scroll directly.
“Using the training acceleration scroll, 49 Units of goblin training completed.”
“Use the construction acceleration scroll to complete the construction of the demon wolf Knight camp.”
The cue fell, and Lintai had fifty more goblins in front of him.
In addition, the magic wolf Knight camp has also been built. The specific information is as follows:
[magic wolf Knight camp]
Equal order: Fourth Order
Grade: 1
Training unit: 0 / 50
Training cost: 2000 gold coins
Training time: 30 minutes
Upgrade required: wood, ore, iron ore, gold coin each 100000.
I don't say much, but I'm still the same.
“It costs 50000 gold coins to train 50 magic wolf knights.”(the talent of careful calculation reduces the resource cost by half.)
Then Lin Tai took out the training acceleration scroll and chose to use it.
“Use the training acceleration scroll to complete the 50 unit magic wolf Knight training.”
The cue falls.
In front of Lintai, the magic wolf Knight camp glowed one after another.
Then one by one, the wolf Knights came out of the camp.
The giant wolf is more than three meters long and black gray.
On the back of the wolf sat human creatures in close armor.
The armor covers the whole body. I can't see my face clearly.
Well, in fact, in the last life, some curious guy once opened the armor of the demon wolf knight, and what he saw was a face full of wolf hair, which was a little scary.
Lin Tai didn't have this curiosity. He scanned the first 50 goblins and the 50 magic wolf knights. He was still very happy.
The first step he took in the era of warlords has already been taken.
Next, it's time to take these arms out for a walk.
Of course, before that, Lin Tai has something to do.
That's building other buildings.
According to the Lord's time, the most important thing in a territory is the Lord's hall.
The level of other buildings shall not exceed that of the Lord's hall.
For example, when the Lord's hall is level 5, the highest level of other buildings in the territory can only be level 5.
Lin Tai is going out this time. It will take some time to come back.
With sufficient resources, Lintai plans to upgrade the territory and build other necessary buildings in advance.
“It costs 20000 wood, 20000 stone, 20000 iron ore and 20000 gold coins. The Lord's hall is being upgraded and under construction.”
“It costs 5000 wood, 5000 stone, 5000 iron ore and 5000 gold coins. The warehouse is under construction.”
“It costs 5000 wood, 5000 stone, 5000 iron ore and 5000 gold coins. The kitchen is under construction.”
“It costs 5000 wood, 5000 stone, 5000 iron ore and 5000 gold coins. The well is under construction.”
After the construction, there are several more buildings to be built in shenting territory.
Lintai clapped his hands to make sure there was no problem. Then he gave orders to Goblin and the wolf knight.
“All come with me!”
After that, Lin Tai stepped out of the territory.
Fifty units of goblin and fifty units of magic wolf Knight followed Lintai one after another.
It's worth mentioning here that when players enter the era of Lord, they will have a three-day protection period after building the territory.
Territory under protection cannot be attacked by monsters, players or even hostile forces.
Therefore, now Lin Tai can safely leave with his troops without worrying about the security of the territory.
Before setting out, Lintai checked the attributes of goblin and the wolf knight, as follows:
Equal order: first order
Grade: 1
HP: 100
Defense: 20
Attack power: 20
Speed: 80
Food consumption: 5
Skill: gavel: after a short period of accumulation, Goblin smashes the enemy with his gavel, causing a lot of damage.
[magic wolf Knight]
Equal order: Fourth Order
Grade: 1
HP: 2000
Defense: 200
Attack power: 220
Speed: 120
Food consumption: 20
Skill: riding charge: the wolf rider's wolf mount accelerates and charges in the specified direction. The speed increases by 20% for two seconds, and causes a lot of damage to the enemies in the charge path.
Bloodthirsty Fury: the wolf roars. The roar will stimulate the fighting spirit of the wolf knights, make them into a fury state, double their attack power, and restore 25% of their maximum health.
Seeing these two pieces of information, Goblin said nothing. Almost everyone has the most common first-class arms.
It is worth mentioning that the devil wolf knight.
This is the most popular star weapon in the last life.
Can charge to accelerate, can increase attack power, can also restore health.
Most importantly, it's a cavalry, moving fast.
It is very practical.
In addition to the basic combat attribute, there is also a food consumption attribute.
It refers to the amount of food a unit of arms needs to consume every 24 hours.
If there is a shortage of food in the territory, the morale of the arms will be low, or even defection.
Therefore, food is the most important thing.
The number of skills of the arms is set in the era of Lords.
From the lowest level to the highest level, there are four stages.
Level one to level three, one skill.
Level 4 to level 6, two skills.
Seven to nine, three skills.
Level 10 to level 12, four skills.
Heroes and players are not included.
Heroes and players can understand one skill for every 10 level upgrade.
(Chapter 6, asking for flowers, asking for tickets, asking for everything. When flowers reach 1500 and tickets reach 500, it's enough to save manuscripts anyway.)
Chapter 7 level training, collection and treasure chest brushing
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After a glance, Lintai closes the information panel of goblin and the wolf knight, and then opens the map.
This is a prop that every Lord brings with him.
On the map, Lin Tai's location is a small green dot.
If you zoom in a little, you can see a square area.
This is shenting territory.
If you reduce the map, you can see the juetop mountains in the north of shenting territory.
Now, Lin Tai has only three goals.
First, train your own arms.
Second, search for resources and collect them.
Third: explore the map and find the treasure chest.
The arms of Lord era have level setting. You can gain experience points by killing monsters or other lords' arms.
Accumulate enough experience points to upgrade arms level and enhance attributes.
The full level of arms is level 10. Use special props to increase the upper limit of arms level.
The collection of resources is also the top priority.
After all, all kinds of resources are needed to train arms and build buildings.
Finally, explore the map and find the treasure chest.
This is what Lin Tai wants and needs to do most.
He's the only one in the Lord's time.
All kinds of opportunities throughout the map, of course, is to take as much as you can!
Don't say much, just open the whole thing.
Lin Tai chose to move to the east of shenting territory.
The map shows that there are many resource points over there.
Led by Lintai, the team, which was composed of goblin and the wolf knights, marched toward the East.
Not long after leaving the territory, Lin Tai met the first wave of monsters.
It's a bunch of skeleton soldiers.
A typical undead has about 20 units.
The specific attributes are as follows:
[skeleton warrior]
Race: the dead
Equal order: first order
Grade: 3
HP: 200
Defense: 40
Attack power: 40
Speed: 70
Skill: Chop: wave the decayed sword in your hand, chop the enemy, deal medium damage to the enemy, and add plague effect.
(plague effect: adds 3 health points per second when dealing effective damage to the target. Lasts for 3 seconds. Can stack two levels.)
Caption: the human soldiers who died near the juetong mountain range become undead under the smell of evil.
Very common attribute. The only thing you need to pay attention to is the plague effect of this guy.
The thief is sick.
Three health points per second, lasting for three seconds. Stack it to two levels. When the damage is full, you can get 18 damage points.
And a goblin's maximum health is only 100.
Of course, this is no threat to Lin Tai, who started the fourth level branch of magic wolf knight.
“Go straight ahead and kill them all.”Lin Tai ordered.
Fifty units of the magic wolf knight had already rubbed their hands. After getting Lin Tai's order, they rushed out.
It turns into a sharp blade and instantly tears the formation of the undead swordsman.
The whole battle lasted less than a minute and ended.
More than 20 undead soldiers were destroyed.
Most of the experience generated by killing them is poured into the demon wolf knight.
And a small part of it went into Lintai's body.(when the arms kill monsters, the Lords will get some experience points when they are present.)
As for goblin, I'm sorry, they don't even have a chance to fight.
“Pick up the spoils quickly and move on.”Lin Tai ordered.
Fifty goblins went into the battlefield and picked up the spoils dropped by the undead swordsman.
It's a small amount of resources and something called soul fire.
Soul fire: can be used to train special undead creatures.
Some special individuals of undead need soul fire when they are trained.
“You picked up the booty and gained 233 units of wood, 102 units of stone, 23 units of iron and 65 units of gold.”
“You picked up the spoils and gained Soul Fire 2.”
Put away the spoils, Lin Tai and his troops move on.
Soon, a second wave of undead monsters appeared.
But the results are the same. They disperse, kill and get the spoils.
After solving five waves of undead monsters in a row.
Lin Tai's level has been upgraded. The information is as follows:
Race: Human
Occupation: None
Grade: 2
HP: 750
Defense: 75
Attack power: 75
Speed: 101
Skill: None
Territory: shenting territory
There is a small increase in the property, but it is not very obvious.
Close the panel and Lin Tai looks at the valley ahead.
There's an area of green light out there.
“I found it at last!”Lintai's lips are up.
This is the resource point, scattered all over the map.
By collecting resource points, you can get resources.
Of course, if you can destroy the monster guarding the resource point.
“Go ahead, occupy this resource point.”Lin Tai ordered.
The wolf Knights roared and rushed away.
Soon, the first magic wolf Knights arrived near the resource point.
The guard here is the third-order undead monster.
[fallen goblin Knight]
Race: the dead
Equal order: Third Order
Grade: 2
HP: 800
Defense: 150
Attack power: 160
Speed: 108
Skill: War trample: Goblin Knights trample on the fan-shaped area in front of them on wild boar, causing a lot of damage to the targets in the area and adding 50% deceleration effect for two seconds.
Caption: originally a group of happy goblins, but gradually transformed into undead under the influence of the dark atmosphere.
Third order monster, to be honest, it's a little difficult.
Fortunately, there are not many, only about 30.
Lin Tai has 50 units of magic wolf knights. Victory is inevitable.
At the beginning of the battle, the 50 units of demon wolf Knights released their charge skills and attacked the array of goblin Knights madly.
After a charge, the goblin Knight's array is disrupted.
Then there was the killing of the wolf knight.
More than 30 units of degenerate goblin Knights only lasted less than five minutes, and all became corpses.
Lin Tai has come to this green resource point.
Chapter 8 gold coin resource point, Goblin miner
[gold coin resource point]
Grade: Green
Reserves: 100000 / 100000.
Ownership: None
Regeneration time: 24 hours later
The above is the basic information of resource point.
According to the setting of the era of Lords, resource points can be divided into grades.
From low to high: white, green, blue, purple, orange, red.
The higher the grade is, the more resource reserves are.
After collection, the longer the regeneration time.
In addition to the most basic classification, resource points are also classified.
For example, what Lin Tai sees now is a gold coin resource point, which can only produce gold coins.
In addition, there are timber resources, iron ore resources, stone resources, food resources, and some special resources.
As for the setting of collection speed, a unit can only collect resources of one unit per minute, regardless of level or rank.
For example, if you send 100 units to collect a resource point, you can extract 100 units of resources in one minute and 6000 units in 60 minutes.
Of course, except for some arms with collection bonus.
Dwarves, for example, are born with a talent for gathering speed plus 20%.
At the same time, more resources will be collected than those without talent.
In addition, there is no upper limit on the number of arms to be collected.
If you have 100000 units and arms, you can collect 100000 green resource points at the same time, and it will be finished in one minute.
Finally, the calculation of resource refresh time starts after the collection arms leave.
The more residual reserves, the shorter refresh time.
Take the green resource point as an example, it takes 12 hours to regenerate after full lighting.
At this moment, the threat near the green gold resource point has been removed.
Lin Tai was not ambiguous, and he directly occupied it.
Then all the 50 goblins we brought were arranged for mining.
That's right. That's why Lintai still has to train goblin after he has the magic wolf knight.
They may be close to fighting, but mining, hehe, is just right.
As soon as goblin was arranged, the system spirit's prompt sound sounded.
“As you are the first player to occupy mineral resources, you will get the following rewards [God level gathering aura], [intermediate resource pack] 1.”
God level gathering aura: all the mineral resources you occupy can increase the gathering speed by 100%.
Intermediate Resource Pack: after opening, you will get 100000 wood, 100000 stone, 100000 iron ore and 100000 gold coins.
Intermediate resource pack, this is nothing.
When Lin Tai saw it, he blurted out three horizontal troughs in a row.
Attracted around the devil wolf knight a face muddled force of looking at Lin Tai.
They don't understand what the command is?
“The collection speed is 100% faster. That's twice as fast. It's also a god level talent. Sure enough, taking a blood is the fastest way to become stronger. There is no one.”Lin Tai looks up at the sky and laughs.
If we say that the previous SSS level talent has paved the way for Lin Tai's future.
Now the aura of God level gathering is paving asphalt for the road of Kangzhuang in Lintai.
Let his development speed to a higher level.
No need to say, good thing!
Originally, a unit could only collect resources from one unit a minute. With this aura, it will directly become two units.
According to the ecstasy in his heart, Lin Tai completes the deployment here and continues to explore with the fifty demon wolf knights.
In the early stage of development, he needs to know the distribution of all monsters around his territory, as well as the distribution of mineral resources, which is very important.
The magic wolf knight is a fourth-order branch of arms with considerable combat effectiveness.
After a series of battles, their ranks began to increase.
With the improvement of the level, the combat effectiveness also increases. Killing monsters and other things is more handy.
Soon, five hours passed.
Lintai has explored a large area to the east of shenting territory.
There are tens of thousands of monsters killed, and Lin Tai's own level has been raised to level 5.
The ranks of the magic wolf Knights have also been generally improved. The top one has reached level 3, and the 23 Knights have reached level 2. The last one is not far from level 2.
Of course, this is not the biggest gain of Lin Tai's trip.
His biggest harvest should be the discovery of resource points.
They are: white resource point 6, green resource point 5, blue resource point 2, purple resource point 1.
Yes, there is also a purple resource point.
Only that place has more than 300 four level monsters to guard, Lin Tai dare not rashly approach.
So it's just to mark the points on the map. It's not too late to start and occupy when the strength is enough.
In addition to the resource points, Lin Tai also found two treasure boxes, one green and one blue. After opening, he obtained a total of 150000 resources, some materials, and a second-order Branch [plague zombie].
On the whole, the exploration was very successful.
Now, Lin Tai is on his way back to shenting territory.
He needs a lot of soldiers to collect resources and accelerate development.
When Lintai returns to the divine court.
The queue being built before departure in the morning has been completed.
Shenting territory has been upgraded to level 2. The specific information is as follows:
[shenting territory]
Lord: Shura
Grade: 2
Alliance: None
Subordinate territory: None
Number of buildings: 5 / 20
Arms template: Goblin [level 1], plague zombie [Level 2], demon wolf Knight [level 4]
Accommodation in the city: 101 / 500
Timber: 385000
Stone: 386000
Iron ore: 384000
Gold coin: 336000
Food: 10000
Required for upgrading: 50000 wood, 50000 stone, 50000 iron ore and 50000 gold coins.
The most significant change was to accommodate 500 units.
More than doubled.
In addition, there are still a lot of resources left in shenting territory.
There are nearly 400000 timber, ore and iron ore left.
The gold coin is a little less, only 330000.
But it's enough to support Lintai's next wave of raids and construction.
In addition to the elevation of the territory level, the three basic buildings of water wells, warehouses and kitchens have also been completed.
The whole shenting territory, at last, looks like a little territory.
Of course, it's not enough.
So construction has to go on.
Chapter 9 the first violent attack, expanding the scale
No one's watching?The data hasn't been moved for a long time
“It costs 50000 wood, 50000 stone, 50000 iron ore and 50000 gold coins each. Shenting territory is upgrading.”
“It costs 4000 wood, 4000 stone, 4000 iron ore and 4000 gold coins. Goblin training camp is upgrading.”
“It costs 100000 wood, 100000 stone, 100000 iron ore and 100000 gold coins each. The magic wolf Knight training camp is upgrading.”
“It costs 5000 wood, 5000 stone, 5000 iron ore and 5000 gold coins. The plague zombie training camp is under construction.”
After the construction, the resource reserve of shenting territory dropped sharply.
There is no way to do this. If you want to become stronger quickly, you have to use resources.
It takes a lot of time to upgrade and build buildings. Lin Tai is too lazy to wait. He takes out the construction acceleration scroll and chooses to use it.
The next moment, the territory is flashing white light.
New buildings have been built and upgraded.
Shenting territory has reached level 3. The information is as follows:
[shenting territory]
Lord: Shura
Grade: 3
Alliance: None
Subordinate territory: None
Number of buildings: 6 / 50
Arms template: Goblin [level 1], plague zombie [Level 2], demon wolf Knight [level 4]
Accommodation in the city: 101 / 1000
Timber: 226000
Stone: 227000
Iron ore: 225000
Gold coin: 177000
Food: 10000
Upgrade required: wood, ore, iron ore, gold coin each 100000.
The third level territory can hold 1000 units, which is enough for the time being.
Next, there are the information about the wolf knight, the plague zombie, and camp goblin, as follows:
[magic wolf Knight camp]
Equal order: Fourth Order
Grade: 2
Training unit: 50 / 200
Training cost: 2000 gold coins
Training time: 30 minutes
Upgrade requirements: 200000 for timber, 200000 for stone, 200000 for iron ore and 200000 for gold coin.
[plague zombie camp]
Equal order: Second Order
Grade: 1
Training unit: 0 / 50
Training cost: 200 gold coins
Training time: 5 minutes
Upgrade required: 10000 wood, 10000 stone, 10000 iron ore and 10000 gold coins.
[camp goblin]
Equal order: first order
Grade: 2
Training unit: 50 / 200
Training cost: 50 gold coins
Training time: 1 minute
Upgrade required: 8000 wood, 8000 stone, 8000 iron, 8000 gold.
The second level training camp can train 200 units.
Lin Tai didn't have much gold left, so he decided to give priority to training arms.
Only when there are more arms can more minerals be collected.
“It costs 150000 gold coins to train 150 units of demon wolf knights.”(be careful with your talent and reduce the cost of resources by half)
“Training plague zombies 50 units, cost 5000 gold coins.”(be careful with your talent and reduce the cost of resources by half)
“Training goblin 150 units, cost 3750 gold coins.”(be careful with your talent and reduce the cost of resources by half)
After training all the units, Lin Tai's gold coins came to the bottom.
Only 18000 are left.
At any time, the most important resources of the Lord's time were gold coins and food.
The former is the main resource for training arms.
The latter is to hoard the consumed resources of arms.
These two things are not enough to develop.
Take Lin Tai for example.
With the preparation of hundreds of thousands of resources in the early stage, gold coins are still stretched, and food is about to enter a period of shortage.
This is the first bottleneck of Lintai's development.
“It seems that gold coins and food have to be collected first.”Lin Tai said in his heart.
Then take out the arms training acceleration scroll.
Trained all arms.
There are 150 wolf knights, 50 plague zombies and 150 goblin.
Plague zombies are ugly.
He was wearing ragged clothes, his body was staggering and smelling bad.
The details are as follows:
[plague zombies]
Equal order: Second Order
Grade: 1
HP: 200
Defense: 40
Attack power: 45
Speed: 85
Skill: plague infection: every attack of plague zombies will be accompanied by plague virus, causing poisoning effect on the target.
(poisoning effect: lose 2% of maximum health every second, lasts for 3 seconds, can be superimposed to two levels, and targets that surpass their third level are invalid.)
The main damage of plague zombies is sustained damage.
2% of the maximum health value, lasting for 3 seconds, adding two layers, one wave of damage can cause 12% of the maximum health value damage to the target.
But this disgusting effect has no effect on the target whose rank exceeds three.
Take plague zombie Level 2 as an example. If you attack level 6 targets, the plague effect is invalid and can only cause a small amount of physical damage.
In general, that's it!
Lin Tai trained them, but he just wanted to be a miner.
Let's leave the fight to the wolf Knight!
Looking at the last remaining 18000 gold coins, Lin Tai thought about it and decided to maximize the benefits.
Upgrade camp goblin to level 3 and train some goblin by the way.
There is no way. In the early stage, there was a lack of resources. Lintai needed a lot of miners.
Goblin, which only needs 50 gold coins for a unit, is undoubtedly the best choice for a miner.
In any case, except for some special arms with acquisition bonus, the acquisition speed of any other arms is the same regardless of the level.
Therefore, in the last century, almost every Lord had a large number of goblin, goblin and other low-level arms dedicated to collecting resources.
No way, these guys are cheap!
Do as you say. Lintai immediately upgraded the cAMP level of goblin.
“Cost 8000 wood, 8000 stone, 8000 iron ore and 8000 gold coins each. Upgrade camp goblin to level 3. Upgrading.”
“You have used the build acceleration scroll. Camp goblin has been upgraded.”
After a flash of light, camp goblin was successfully upgraded to level 3. The specific information is as follows:
[camp goblin]
Equal order: first order
Grade: 3
Training unit: 200 / 500
Training cost: 50 gold coins
Training time: 1 minute
Upgrade required: wood, ore, iron ore, gold 16000 each.
Ten thousand gold coins left, training continues.
“Training 300 units of goblin costs 7500 gold coins.”(be careful with your talent and reduce the cost of resources by half)
Then use the training acceleration scroll.
Three hundred new goblins came out of the camp in succession.
Now, Lintai has 500 goblins, 50 plague zombies and 200 wolf knights.
Chapter 10 hero altar, five level skeleton heavy swordsman
(this chapter is for reward and change, and for fresh flowers and change, keep it for tomorrow. In addition, I'd like to ask for a wave of flowers and tickets. Please smash them to your heart's content!)
The army is growing again.
Arms training has been completed and resources have bottomed out.
It's time to start again.
After feeding all the arms, Lintai took them out of the territory.
Goblin, pestilence zombie. Dura's going to mine.
The magic wolf Knights follow Lin Tai to practice and look for the treasure chest.
There are many things to do, but Lin Tai is helpless.
There is no way. Before the hero is recruited, everything in the territory needs to be done by him.
If there are heroes, you can add an action queue to lead the soldiers to mine. Just give it to the hero.
It can save a lot of time for the Lord.
Because arms can't act on their own, they must be led by lords or heroes to complete various tasks such as fighting and gathering.
Starting from the star territory, go to the resource point marked by Lintai in the East for about 20 minutes.
Lin Tai came to the green gold resource point he had occupied before.
Fifty goblin mines are left here.
After more than three hours, nearly 20000 gold coins have been collected.
(the calculation method is to collect Double halo per minute.)
Lin Tai made up the collection units here to 300.
Then take the remaining 250 to the next resource point.
At present, what Lin Tai lacks most should be gold coins and food.
Gold coins are for training more arms.
Food is to maintain the consumption of arms.
Therefore, Lin Tai decided to give priority to collecting these two kinds of resources.
Next resource point, blue food resource point, the information is as follows:
[food resource point]
Grade: Blue
Reserves: 200000 / 200000.
Belonging: shenting territory
Regeneration time: after 36 hours
Blue resource point with 200000 reserves.
Without saying much, Lin Tai directly arranged for 250 mining units.
God level collection aura, double collection, can collect 500 units of food per minute.
It's not slow.
200000 reserves. It only takes 400 minutes.
After the deployment, Lin Tai left with the remaining 200 magic wolf knights and walked towards the previously unexplored area.
Lin Tai's self-confidence increased greatly with his younger brother of level 24 following him.
I dare to go where I didn't dare to go before.
The treasure chest that I didn't dare to take before is now in my pocket.
After continuous exploration, waves of monsters were killed and resource points were found.
It's also a treasure chest.
“Open the white treasure box and get 20000 wood, 20000 stone, 20000 iron ore, 20000 gold coins and 20000 flame gems.”
“Open the green box and get 10 hours of training acceleration scroll 1…”
After several hours of exploration, Lin Tai found five or six treasure boxes.
Unfortunately, the rank is not high.
The products are also relatively common, just resources or materials.
Although the arms can also be opened from the treasure chest, the probability is no different from that of the middle five million.
Before the plague zombies, it is estimated that Lin Tai stepped on the dog's excrement to drive out.
With the exploration of time, Lin Tai unknowingly, has taken two hundred magic wolf Knights into more dangerous areas.
It's a dense jungle here.
Cough, dense is not appropriate.
Because the trees here have no leaves.
As a whole, it looks bare, and the trunks become scorched black.
After exploration, the explanation is that the forest was corroded by the dark smell of the juetong mountains, and it became like this.
Deeper and more dangerous, in order to avoid unnecessary casualties.
Lin Tai is preparing to withdraw and continue to explore in a safe place.
But at this time, in front of an extra huge tree, a thing attracted Lin Tai's attention.
It's something similar to an altar. It's not big and it's inlaid in a tree hole.
In the dark forest, there is a faint light.
Just looking at it, Lin Tai's face brightened.
“The altar of heroes, great!”
After that, Lin Tai and two hundred demon wolf Knights ran forward quickly.
In the era of Lords, heroes were more precious than arms.
A good hero, in the war can break out of the fighting capacity, beyond imagination.
In addition, the hero has part of the authority of the Lord, and can help the Lord manage the territory and arms.
There are many ways to recruit heroes.
You can find the hero altar in the wild and randomly summon a hero.
Can issue a hero's Keepsake in the treasure box, complete the condition, and summon the designated hero.
There are even players who automatically come after they are powerful.
What Lin Tai meets now is to refresh the hero altar in the wild.
Can meet not ask, must not miss.
But without waiting for Lin Tai to get close to the past, a roar suddenly came out in front of him, which made Lin Tai Sheng stop.
“Damn, forget that there must be a strange setting near the treasure.”Lin Tai scolded secretly.
Focus on the direction of the roar.
Sure enough, I saw figures climbing up from the ground.
It's a white skeleton shelf.
The blue fire of the soul in the skull sways and jumps, looking very strange.
“It's the undead again, and the fifth level…” Lin Tai smacked his tongue.
Eyes fell on a particularly prominent figure in front.
The white bone body is also covered with ragged armor, holding the Epee full of gaps.
Looking at Lin Tai with empty eyes, it is frightening.
[skeleton swordsman]
Equal order: fifth order
Grade: 6
HP: 16500
Attack power: 1700
Defense: 1500
Speed: 110
Skill: heavy chop: after accumulating power for a short time, slash the target in front of you heavily, causing huge damage. The hit target will be stun for one second.
Whirlwind: drag in the middle, rotate quickly, and cause continuous damage to the target within five meters in diameter with its center for three seconds.
Caption: the heavy swordsmen sent by the Quran Empire, the army of the dead in the top mountain of hell, are assimilated into the dead after being killed.
Chapter 11 call to the altar of Heroes: Belinda
Glancing at this attribute, Lin Tai frowned.
The skeleton heavy swordsman of level 5 has 16 thousand health points alone, and his attack power is much higher than that of the demon wolf knight.
Fortunately, the number is only two, the others are some fourth order, third order, second order undead.
Here, the setting of undead monster is very special.
Although they are called undead, they have different ranks.
So the attributes are different.
Lin Tai glanced at the monsters in front of him. The number was about 300.
It's very strong.
But he was not willing to let Lin Tai give up the hero altar and leave here.
So, put it together!
There are all undead creatures on the opposite side. The movement speed is short board.
The devil wolf knight is a kind of cavalry. It moves fast and can be used to pull.
Divide and strike.
It's not necessarily impossible to kill these monsters.
Thinking of this, Lin Tai immediately ordered the division of labor.
Two hundred wolf knights are divided into three teams, each with 60 to 70 units.
Among them, the magic wolf Knight of the first team generally reaches level 4 and level 5, with the most powerful strength.
The second team takes the second place, and the third team is the weakest.
Lin Tai's plan is to let the first team and the second team set up formation on both sides.
The third team feigned and pulled the undead monster part by part.
Minimize casualties and kill monsters quickly.
The plan has been drawn up and action has begun.
The third team of dozens of wolf Knights began to run, toward the direction of the altar of heroes.
The undead monsters were enraged.
Move the bone shelf and run this way.
Lin Tai will withdraw when he sees the good. Let the third team withdraw immediately.
Among them, the undead monster who was tensed with hatred came up as expected.
The number is about thirty.
One of them is a five level skeleton heavy swordsman.
Wait for them to enter the encirclement.
The first team, the second team of the wolf knights from the left and right sides of the battlefield to kill, surrounded.
A round of charge, 30 undead almost dead.
There are only five levels of skeleton swordsmen left.
Clumsy it quickly released heavy split and whirlwind, but they were all avoided by the magic wolf knight.
Then a round of fire, skeleton heavy swordsman was also killed.
The battle is over and the second round of fighting begins.
Another 30 or 40 undead monsters.
Pulled out and killed.
And then the third wave, the fourth wave
The plan went on in good order.
The higher the rank, the higher the intelligence.
Except for the undead race.
These rotten guys with only bones have even lost the ability to think.
In particular, low-level undead creatures can only rely on instinct.
Therefore, it is possible to pull away wave by wave and strike separately.
Nearly an hour later.
All the undead are killed.
On the other hand, Lin Tai only killed two magic wolf knights.
I can't help it. When I pulled it for the last time, I accidentally pulled three five level undead swordsmen.
Threat surge, the two magic wolf Knights accidentally
There are casualties, but they are acceptable.
In addition, the harvest is also very rich.
First, Lin Tai's greedy hero altar is in hand.
Second, the magic wolf Knights have killed many high-level monsters, and their level has been significantly improved.
Third, high level monsters lost a lot of booty.
Lintai let some wolf Knights pick up the spoils.
He walked towards the altar of heroes.
Close after, carefully looked at this thing, the corners of the lip involuntarily.
There are two main types of hero altars.
There are preconditions and no preconditions.
The so-called precondition may be to publish a task or require some special materials.
Generally speaking, the hero altar that needs preconditions has a higher chance of recruiting rare heroes.
Now Lin Tai found the altar of heroes without preconditions. The information is as follows:
[hero altar]
Description: after use, you can randomly summon a hero to follow you.
The general situation is like this, Lin Tai did not think too much, directly chose to use.
The next moment, the hero altar suddenly gives out dazzling light.
In the open space in front of Lintai, a six pointed star transmission array appeared and slowly rotated.
In the transmission array, a graceful figure looms.
When the light dissipated, a tall woman appeared in the transmission array.
Holding a long bow, slim, wearing a light green leather tights, the figure will set off the exquisite.
A wave of blond hair spread over the shoulder, blond hair, is a beautiful to impeccable face.
The most eye-catching is the two pointed ears sticking out from the golden hair, which belong to the elves alone.
“Belinda has seen the Lord, and I will always follow you and serve you!”
As soon as the voice fell, before Lin Tai had time to speak, the voice of the system elves rang out again.
“As you are the first player to recruit heroes in the full service, you will receive the following rewards: [hero advanced gem 3], [intermediate Resource Pack 1]”
Lin Tai Yi so, lying trough, and take a blood achievement?
Intermediate resource package, nothing to say.
What matters is whether it's a hero's advanced gem or three.
Lin Tai remembers that the function of this thing is to upgrade the hero template level.
In the era of Lord, the hero template level is set as C, B, a, s, SS and SSS from low to high.
The higher the level, the higher the hero's initial attributes and growth power.
Belinda, the spirit hero, kneels down on one knee in front of Lintai and looks at Lintai devoutly.
She has completed the contract with Lintai, and now Lintai is her master.
Lintai's eyes flashed a touch of excitement and bent down to pull Belinda up.
“Cough, get up!”Lintai road.
Belinda nodded and stood up in front of Lintai.
Lintai, on the other hand, immediately explored Belinda's attributes.
Chapter 12 SSS hero, dragon Hunter
(1500 flowers plus one watch, this chapter is about flowers plus one watch, asking for flowers, asking for tickets, asking for everything!)
He was curious about what hero he had summoned.
How about the grade?What are the attributes?What are skills?
Template: a
Occupation: Spirit Ranger
Grade: 1
HP: 2000
Defense: 200
Attack power: 250
Speed: 120
Skill: power accumulation slam: power accumulation for one second, add wind power to the arrow, and deal double damage to the target in a straight line.
Caption: from the Ranger legion of spirit Kingdom, young, but has learned some unique skills of spirit Ranger.
Seeing this information, Lin Tai browed.
Ranger is not a rare occupation, and the template level is only a, which is not too high.
But it's always my first hero.
Besides, I still have three advanced gems!
If it is used on Belinda, it can make Belinda's template level jump to SSS level.
To tell you the truth, Lin Tai is a little excited.
After all, he is not strong now. Those SS Level and SSS level heroes can't look up to him at all.
But Belinda is different. She has completed her contract with Lintai.
Upgrade the template level at this time.
Not to mention SSS level, even if it is promoted to God level, it is also under Lin Tai's control.
Just like raising a child, even if your child becomes the richest man in the world and God, it's still your child.
Thinking of this, Lin Tai raised his lips and took out three advanced gems from his backpack.
As soon as it was taken out, it immediately attracted Belinda's attention.
“Lord, this is…”
“Do you like the present for you?”Lintai road.
When she heard this, Belinda became excited and even incoherent: “my God, is this… Is this for me?Lord, how can I thank you? ”
Lintai waved his hand and handed three stones to Belinda. “Use them quickly. I'm looking forward to what you'll look like after you're promoted.”
Belinda nodded like a chicken pecking rice, accepted the template as if she was flattered, and then chose to use it.
Shua, Shua, three lights come on.
Belinda's template level has been upgraded three levels in a row.
“Your hero Belinda's template level has been successfully upgraded to SSS level, and your strength has been greatly increased.”
The system prompts that the sound is on.
But he was ignored by Lintai. His attention now falls on Belinda.
The little girl's face has changed a lot.
Light green leather armor has become light gold, and the whole person's temperament has climbed several layers.
Belinda seems to be aware of her own changes, cheering, rushed to Lintai's arms: “Lord, thank you so much, I feel I have become a lot stronger.”
With nephrite in her arms, Lin Tai was a little distracted. With a light cough, Belinda reacted and left Lin Tai's arms with a blush.
Unlike arms, heroes are not a bunch of data. They are almost flesh and blood.
With complete emotion, you will like and hate a person.
Belinda jumps away and Lintai explores her information as follows:
Template: SSS
Occupation: Dragon Hunter
Bring your own arms: [level 5 dragon hunter] can grow.
Grade: 1
HP: 6000
Defense: 600
Attack power: 800
Speed: 150
Skill: burst slam: temporarily store power for two seconds, add wind and fire power to the arrow, and deal five times damage to the target in a straight line.
Description: inheriting the blood in the legend of the spirit Kingdom, it has high status and strong strength. It was once the secret force of the spirit kingdom to resist the invasion of the Dragon nationality.
Attribute and skill damage increased greatly.
What shocked Lintai most was that Belinda had her own arms.
Dragon hunter, the fifth level, and can grow.
Oh, no, I'm not so lucky.
Lin Tai suddenly felt that he was playing games with his life.
First of all, heroes who can bring their own arms are rare enough.
What kind of arms do you have? It's a growing arms. It's even more powerful!
Growing arms, what do you mean?
It is this branch of arms that can be upgraded automatically after certain conditions are met.
Fifth order to sixth order, sixth order to seventh order.
After upgrading, the level will remain unchanged, and the attributes will increase dramatically. I'll ask if you are scared or not.
In addition, because it is the hero's own arms, the two sides have a high degree of agreement.
It is often able to break out stronger combat effectiveness in combat.
So, so, so
“Found the treasure!”Lin Tai couldn't help exclaiming.
On the contrary, Belinda looked at Lintai in a dazed way: “Lord, what's the matter with you?”
Lin taiqiang suppressed the excitement in his heart and asked Belinda, “what are the preconditions for calling dragon hunting arms?”
“Longjingshi and canglan Shuxin have one unit each.”Belinda replied truthfully.
Lintai's eyes twitched.
Sure enough, the growth of the arms is extremely precious, and the hero's own arms, that is the rare golden legend.
Training camps and gold coins alone can't summon them.
It is necessary to use the special materials of Longjing stone and canglan Shuxin.
So how can we get these two things?
After asking Belinda, Lin Tai learned.
Longjing is a special mineral deposit, which may exist in the place where the Dragon fell.
If the Dragon falls, Lin Tai really knows one.
It's in the top of the mountain.
Juetong mountain is an ancient battlefield, and the super high-level arms such as dragon were involved in it.
It's not hard to find where they fell.
But canglan tree heart, then must kill canglan tree person to be able to drop the booty.
Canglanshu people are five ranks of arms. They usually have a new life in the big forest.
It's not hard to find.
Thinking of this, Lin Tai's heart suddenly brightened.
Maybe soon, he will be able to have the first growing arms to gallop on the battlefield for himself.
Chapter 13 brush canglan tree heart
In general, Lin Tai is very satisfied with Belinda's strength.
SSS level template, which means Belinda's growth power will be quite terrible.
As long as you give her enough time, sooner or later, she will grow to the top and become the most powerful assistant around Lin Tai.
What's more, under Belinda's command, there are also dragon hunters with their own arms!
It is conceivable how effective the combination of the strong and the strong will be.
When Belinda's information panel is closed, Lintai opens his own information panel.
Seeing the bleak data above, Lin Tai's eyes twitched.
Compared with Belinda's luxury panel, I'm no different from a garbage.
But it doesn't matter, because Lin Tai is now more than level 8, 20% less experience than level 9.
And at level 10, players can turn on the job transfer function.
As the only player in the era of Lord, Lin Tai is the first to reach level 10. At least he has to give a hidden class!
As long as you are lucky enough, Lin Tai's attribute will not be lower or even higher than Belinda's.
“Let's go, practice level!”Lin Tai said hello.
He was eager to raise himself to level 10.
At the same time, I also want to see how Belinda's combat effectiveness is!
Through before Lin Tai generous, three advanced gems all hit Belinda.
Now Belinda's liking for Lintai has almost reached the full value.
Never betray the kind!
In fact, there is a preference between the hero and the Lord, but there is no specific data.
Only by feeling.
So, lords, you'd better be nice to your heroes.
Otherwise, once these guys are upset, they may betray you, leave you or even stab you.
This kind of stupid thing happened in the last life.
Of course, Lin Tai would not make such a low-level mistake.
At his command, two hundred magic wolf Knights get together and get ready to go.
Before departure, Lin Tai also received the spoils collected by the magic wolf knight.
Ordinary resources, fire of soul, that's not to say.
There was something that made Lin Tai's eyes shine.
Skill stone: after use, you can upgrade the skill level of Lords and heroes. It's very rare. Please keep it carefully.
It's not bad. It's a skill stone.
It's a good thing. You can't ask for it!
It's two pieces. Lintai takes one out and gives it to Belinda.
The latter was flattered: “Lord, thank you so much.”
After that, she used the skill stone to upgrade her only skill to level 2. The information is as follows:
Burst Slam (Lv2): temporarily store power for two seconds, add wind and fire power to the arrow, and deal 7 times damage to the target in a straight line.
The damage has been doubled. It's not bad.
Only one skill stone is needed to upgrade skill level 1 to level 2.
Two to three, four to four.
Therefore, Su Ye's only remaining skill stone can only be kept.
Then Sue night took the enchanted wolf knight and Belinda out of the forest.
Lin Tai, Belinda's own dragon hunter, expressed great interest.
So now, he has to find a way to get the front-end resources to summon dragon hunters.
Long Jingshi has to wait, but canglan Shuxin should have a try.
Canglan tree heart from canglan tree people's body burst out.
And canglan Shuren will only refresh in some big forests.
The forest near the juetong mountain has been corroded by the dark atmosphere. Even if there are canglan tree people, they are almost dead.
So Lin Tai decided to take a different direction and explore to the south of juetong mountain range.
There's a lot of jungle over there. I think we'll find something.
Withdraw from the dark forest and Lin Tai's team heads south.
Facts have proved that Belinda of SSS level is really capable of fighting.
When fighting, take down the long bow, a round of continuous fire can easily take away a fourth-order monster.
When there are many monsters, use the skill directly.
Burst slam, stores power for 2 seconds, deals 7.5 times damage.
Whoosh, all the monsters in a straight line were killed in seconds.
There's such a grumpy output to follow.
Lin Tai's experience goes up fast.
Soon to level nine, then to level ten.
About an hour later.
Lin Tai came to the front of the jungle with his troops.
The light inside is much darker than that outside, and there are all kinds of roars coming out from time to time.
Belinda frowned, too, holding the bow tightly in her slim hands, and the sharp ears of the elves from the long golden wavy hair trembled slightly.
“Lord, I can feel that it's dangerous inside. Do we really want to go in?”Asked Belinda.
As Lin Tai's hero, she has the duty to remind her Lord.
Lin Tai, hearing the words, nodded without hesitation: “of course, I want to go in. I need canglan tree heart to summon the Dragon hunter.”
A touch of emotion flashed in Belinda's eyes: “actually… There's no need to be so anxious.”
Lin Tai's eyes are puffing. Cough, you're not worried, I'm worried!
There are only 30 days for development. How can we do without speeding up?
“It's OK. We can be more careful.”
Lin Tai said and waved his right hand.
Several wolf Knights entered the forest first.
Lintai and Belinda, along with the other wolf knights, followed.
Into the forest, the surrounding light suddenly dimmed down.
And the temperature dropped a lot, and there was a strange smell in the air.
It's biogas from the rotten leaves.
“You should be able to sense the location of canglan tree people. Look, where are they?”Lintai looks at Belinda.
The latter nodded, then closed his eyes and felt.
A few seconds later, Belinda opened her eyes and pointed her hand in a certain direction: “there is, 300 meters away.”
Chapter 14 SSS profession, ice fire Dharma God
(Huahua is still 100 plus more short of the ticket, and the ticket is still 200 short of the ticket. Please leave the flowers and tickets, old friends who pass by.)
“Let's go!”
At Lin Tai's command, 198 units of demon wolf Knights turned into ghosts and rushed towards Belinda's direction.
Belinda moves fast and runs at the front.
A few minutes later, Belinda lifted her hands.
The Knights of the evil wolf stopped one after another.
Lintai looked in the direction Belinda was looking.
Sure enough, I found a clue.
In the dense jungle, there are several different trees.
They are not as tall as other trees, and their branches are covered with vines.
If you look carefully, you can still see a hidden face on the tree trunk.
This is canglan Shuren.
Lin Tai throws out his detection skills, and canglan Shuren's information appears in his mind, as follows:
[canglan Shuren]
Equal order: fifth order
Grade: 3
HP: 8000
Defense: 1300
Attack power: 1000
Speed: 100
Skill: vines twining: the vines grown by canglan tree people are very flexible. In battle, they can twine their opponents, limit their actions, and use the barbs on the vines to release toxins and cause poisoning effects.
(poison effect: lose 3% of maximum health every second, lasts for 2 seconds, can stack to 3 levels.)
Shield of thorns: canglan tree people mobilize some vines to make up a shield for themselves, which can resist 30% of the damage and last for five seconds. When the shield disappears, it will restore 10% of the maximum health.
Caption: ancient trees living in the dense jungle have evolved into tree people because they absorb special energy.
Glancing at the information, Lin Tai frowned.
It has control, continuous damage, shield and health.
A very versatile monster.
In fact, Lin Tai had fought many canglan Shuren in his last life.
But at that time, Lin Tai's arms system was very complete.
You can get twice the result with half the effort when you hit the monster of Plant Department.
But now Lin Tai only has the magic wolf Knight under his command. Where is the fire coming from?
It seems that we can only use Ying liver.
However, canglanshu people's movement speed is not fast, even less than the devil wolf knight.
Just in time to fly a kite.
Thinking of this, Lin Tai immediately drew up a combat plan.
It's up to Belinda to pull.
She's a Ranger. She's very far away.
A few punches will wake up canglan Shuren who has fallen into a deep sleep.
Then, the wake-up guys wave the vines and come this way.
It looks like an octopus walking on land.
“AttackLin Tai ordered.
The magic wolf knights who have been waiting for a long time have launched charge skills one after another.
Crazy siege three canglan Shuren.
Cang LAN tree person hasn't reacted yet, the life value then Shua Shua Shua Shua's down.
And then belch on the spot.
At first glance, Lin Tai saw that a lot of resources and a luminous thing had fallen from the place where canglan tree people belched.
Pick it up and have a look:
[canglan Shuxin]
Description: canglan Shuren is the most precious thing. Only a few powerful canglan Shuren can condense canglan Shuren's heart.
Lin Tai's idea is speechless, and the three canglan tree talents burst out a canglan tree heart.
This burst rate seems not so good!
However, it doesn't matter. It's time to practice.
“Go on, don't seduce too much at once.”Lintai road.
Belinda raised her long bow and did it.
Soon, wave after wave of canglanshu people were seduced and killed.
Belinda's damage is very objective. You can get most of the experience points after killing canglan Shuren.
Although Lin Tai salted fish on the side.
However, as a lord, he was born to share the experience value of the arms.
After killing dozens of wave canglan tree people.
Lintai and Belinda flashed at almost the same time.
They're upgraded!
“When the player level reaches level 10, you can turn on the job transfer function and become the career you want.”
“As you are the first player to reach level 10, you will receive the following rewards: SSS hidden career certificate, intermediate resource pack, skill stone 5.”
SSS level hidden occupation certificate: after use, you can choose to obtain the SSS level template of a certain occupation.
The sound of the system started, and Lin Tai couldn't help laughing.
As expected, the first one to be promoted to level 10 is really rewarded.
Or SSS level hidden occupation certificate.
Lin Tai can't wait to take out his professional certificate.
It's a book. It's shining and valuable.
Then Lin Tai chose to use it.
“You have used SSS hidden career certificate, please choose career guidance!”The system prompts that the sound is on.
In the era of Lord, there are five kinds of occupation that players can change to: Warrior, mage, Ranger, priest and assassin.
Each profession has a different direction of development.
Lin Tai, after pondering for a moment, decided to choose the mage.
The attack range is large, the damage is high, and there are all kinds of control skills.
It's almost the most suitable occupation for players.
Don't say much, choose directly.
“Congratulations, you have been successfully transferred to SSS level hidden profession [ice fire Dharma God].”
The next moment, Lin Tai's attributes suddenly changed.
At the same time, the clothes on the body also become the mage's robe.
This is the new equipment you bring with you after you transfer.
When Lin Tai was happy, he quickly opened his own property panel to view it, as follows:
Race: Human
Territory: shenting territory
Occupation: ice fire god
Rating: 10
HP: 24000
Defense: 2200
Attack power: 2600
Speed: 120
Skill: burst fireball: summon the free flame factor in the air, become violent with the blessing of magic power, attack the designated target within a radius of 30 meters, cause a lot of damage, and 100% additional burning effect.
(burning effect: lose 3% of maximum health damage per second for 3 seconds, can stack up to 3 levels.)
Ice cone sting: when you summon an ice sting within a radius of 30 meters with yourself as the center, the ice sting will come out from the ground, causing penetrating damage to the target. At the same time, it will also reduce the target's movement speed by 50% and have a 30% chance to freeze for one second.
Chapter 15 boss first kill, reward will be very good!
Looking at his own attributes and skills, Lin Tai was determined.
Sure enough, the hidden profession is the bull.
This means that Lin Tai can master two kinds of skills at the same time.
Can throw fireball, can put ice thorn.
There are continuous damage and force control effects.
It's even stronger than the explosion.
It's worth more than 20000 lives. It's more than Belinda.
“Congratulations, Lord, on your strength.”Belinda couldn't help shouting.
Although she can't see the change of Lin Tai's attributes, she has the subtle perception of being an elf.
I can feel that Lin Tai's strength has increased a lot and even become stronger than himself.
Lin Tai grinned, closed the information panel and stroked Belinda's head: “you are not weak either!”
Being caressed by Lintai, Belinda's pretty face turned red, but she didn't resent it, and even enjoyed it.
That's what goodwill is all about.
Lin Tai's successive gifts have completely captured the little girl's heart.
Then, Lin Tai looked at Belinda's upgraded attributes, and also enhanced them.
(in order to avoid the word Shui, I won't elaborate here.)
Finally, Lin Tai took out six skill stones to improve his skill level.
It's right to upgrade the two skills of firecracker and ice cone stab to level 3. Their power is greatly increased.
After doing this, Lin Tai ordered to continue to attack canglan Shuren.
The explosion rate of canglan tree heart is about one tenth.
Previously, more than 200 canglanshu people were killed by means of Belinda's introduction and the group fight of the magic wolf knights.
Only 20 tree hearts were harvested.
This is far from Lin Tai's idea of quantity.
So the fighting has to go on!
“Belinda, keep fighting and bring them in. I want to try the power of my skills.”
After that, Lin Tai took out his novice equipment from his backpack.
It's a common staff.
The most common one, there's no obvious bonus.
Belinda did as she did, pulling her long bow and wheezing a lot of arrows.
Soon, the attacked canglan Shuren ran to this side.
There are eight.
Lin Tai see this some speechless, this little girl is quite confident to oneself ha!
One is eight.
Don't talk too much nonsense, just open the whole thing!
Lin Taiyang raised his staff, summoned a fireball with a diameter of half a meter, and threw it at canglan Shuren.
The fireball successfully hit canglan Shuren in the front, then burst open and turned into flames all over the sky.
All of a sudden will canglan tree people to lit, issued a crackling sound.
The burning canglan Shuren's life value is as crazy as diabetes insipidus.
Just insist on less than ten seconds, belch fart on the spot.
And then the second, the third
The results were almost the same. They were killed one after another.
Belinda witnessed the whole process. When the last canglan tree fell to the ground, she clapped her hands and cheered: “Lord, you are so strong!”
As soon as Lin Tai's lips were drawn, you said you were pretty. How could you flatter a little girl?
“It's just a matter of attributes. It's not too early. We have to speed up and try to brush 100 canglan tree hearts before we go back.”Lintai road.
When Belinda heard the speech, she became serious and nodded firmly: “OK, let's do it!”
Then, two people join hands, with two hundred magic wolf knights, straight into the depths of the forest.
Lintai is now a god of ice and fire. He can release fire ability.
And the fire property just controls the canglan tree people of the flora.
Under the premise of high attribute and restraint of attribute, canglan tree people die fast.
Each canglan tree's heart was collected by Lin Tai.
At the same time, we have gained a lot of experience.
The magic wolf Knights have the fourth rank, and the most obvious effect is to kill the canglan Shuren of the fifth rank. Their rank is going up.
Now the general level has exceeded Level 3, and the highest level has reached level 7.
I believe that soon, the first full level magic wolf Knight will appear.
The fighting continued.
Lintai and Belinda are getting deeper.
Finally, nearly three hours later, Lin Tai collected 100 canglan tree hearts.
At the moment, the magic wolf knights who have been fighting for several hours are exhausted.
The combat effectiveness has declined a little. They need to rest and recover their strength before they can continue to fight.
So, Lintai ordered to retreat, ready to take the enchanted wolf Knight back to the divine court territory.
But the next moment Lin Taigang ordered, the ground under his feet suddenly shook.
It was the shock that made the brows of Lin Tai and Belinda wrinkle.
It's not right. It's absolutely not right.
Soon, a second tremor came out.
Belinda was the first to perceive something, and turned to look at Lintai: “Lord, be careful, it seems that there is a big guy…”
Before Belinda finished speaking, the scream of the wolf Knight came out behind Lintai.
Looking back, Lin Tai's face changed slightly.
In the direction behind him, several magic wolf knights were thrown into the air.
And throw them up, it is a snake like dancing vines.
Lin Tai looked further and soon saw a huge object in front of him.
It's a huge canglan tree.
Ordinary canglan Shuren is only ten meters tall.
This one is over 50 meters high.
The trunk is very strong, with a diameter of seven or eight meters.
An old face of terror appeared on the tree trunk, twisted and twisted, looking disgusting.
“This is canglan Shuren king, powerful, Lord, we…” Belinda yells at Lintai.
But just half said, he was interrupted by Lin Tai: “retreat temporarily, try to kill it.”
Canglan Shuren king, needless to say, is the boss of canglan Shuren.
It's boss!
When you kill a boss, you can get a lot of rewards and even a branch of arms template.
Most importantly, Lin Tai took a fancy to the boss's first kill.
The reward should be very good!hey…
Chapter 16 first kill, gold chest
Belinda did it for a while, but she quickly responded and did it.
Now she is also a hero of SSS level. Although her level is not high, she has her own self-esteem in her heart.
The SSS level heroes are those who face difficulties and are not afraid of difficulties and dangers.
Lin Tai clenched his staff and raised his hand to throw out several fireballs.
The fireball explodes close to the boss of canglan Shuren.
Canglan tree King eat pain, released the winding magic wolf Knight vine.
Taking advantage of this opportunity, Lin Tai ordered to withdraw.
Only one hundred and ninety demon wolf Knights left quickly retreated.
Lintai and Belinda are coming in at the moment.
Start fighting.
Belinda pulls her long bow into a full moon.
Two seconds later, a remnant of the arrow was shot out.
Whew, straight attack canglan Shuren King's face.
This guy reacts very quickly and immediately makes up a bramble shield to resist damage.
But even so, Belinda's seven times damage of burst attack still destroyed many health points of canglan Shuren king.
One hit, followed by a series of general attacks.
One arrow flew out and landed on canglan Shuren king.
Lin Tai is not idle.
Burst fireball and ice cone stab are used repeatedly.
Canglan Shuren king is not fast, especially when he is slowed down by the ice cone.
Difficult to move in place.
Lin Tai took this opportunity to explore the attributes of canglan Shuren king
[canglan Shuren Wang]
Template: Class A
Equal order: fifth order
Rating: 30
Health value: 200000
Defense: 3200
Attack power: 3500
Speed: 105
Skill: vines twining: the vines grown by canglan Shuren king are very flexible. In battle, they can twine their opponents and limit their actions, and use the barbs on the vines to release toxins and cause poisoning effects.
(poisoning effect: lose 4% of maximum health every second, lasts for 3 seconds, can stack to 3 levels.)
Shield of thorns: canglan Shuren King mobilizes some vines to make up a shield for himself to resist 40% of the damage. It lasts for five seconds. When the shield disappears, it restores 20% of the maximum health.
Flying blade chopping: canglan tree King throws his own blade out. The blade rotates at high speed and has super penetrating power. Hitting the target will cause a lot of damage to the target.
Description: the king of canglan tree people dominates the canglan tree people.
The attribute is very strong, and the skill is more powerful than ordinary canglan tree people.
And there's an extra skill called Flying leaf chop.
To be honest, this skill is a little bit scary.
Lin Tai had seen the same kind of skills in some branches of Botany in his last life.
Throw your own leaves as a weapon, just like a flying knife, with strong penetration.
One or two is OK, but if it's 100 or 200?
It's numbing to think about it.
“We must fight and decide quickly!”Lin Tai clenched his fist.
While controlling the action of canglan Shuren king, he called the magic wolf knights to line up.
In order to do explosive damage, we have to rely on group fighting.
Although the magic wolf knights are a little timid, they dare not disobey Lin Tai's orders.
It was soon arranged into three squares.
At Lin Tai's command, the magic wolf Knights charged and went straight to canglan Shuren king.
Canglan Shuren king wants to attack, but he is pulled by Lin Tai and Belinda. He has no skills and can only watch more than 100 magic wolf Knights arrive at him.
Then launch the charge skill.
Shua Shua!
Under a round of fire attack, canglan Shuren King's life value dropped 30000 directly.
There's no way. The attribute of demon wolf knight is here. It can't cause too much damage.
But if I could come a few more times
Soon, the second charge began.
Tens of thousands of health have been destroyed.
The king of canglan Shuren screamed wildly.
Health goes down again and again.
In a hurry, canglan Shuren king had to release the flying leaf chopping skill.
Unfortunately, Lin Tai had been waiting for this moment for a long time!
Seeing that feiyezhan was thrown out, he immediately ordered to retreat.
Magic wolf Knights rely on high mobility to avoid this group attack perfectly.
After the chopping with flying leaves, there were two sets of fire.
Cang LAN tree king issued a grudging scream, belch fart on the spot.
“You are the first player to kill boss in the whole service. You will get the following rewards: gold equipment treasure box 5, intermediate resource package 5, random arms treasure box 1.”
“World bulletin is being generated…”
“Player [Shura] successfully kills canglan Shuren king and becomes the first player to kill boss in the whole service. He will get the following rewards…”
The system ELF's prompt sounds.
Lin Tai's face brightened, as expected.
A blood achievement reward is indispensable.
When we look at the place where canglan Shuren king died in battle, we can see that there are a lot of spoils.
Lin Tai quickly approached, did not look, directly grabbed it and threw it into the backpack.
After cleaning up the battlefield, Lin Tai immediately ordered to leave here.
The news of killing canglanshu people just now is a little bit loud.
It must have attracted the attention of many powerful monsters.
If I don't leave again, I'm afraid I'll be made dumplings.
Running wildly, Lintai quickly takes Belinda and the wolf Knights out of the woods.
Then go in the direction of shenting territory.
Of course, before going back, Lin Tai also went to the two resource points he occupied.
A wave of resources has been harvested.
Gold resources have been collected, a total of 100000 gold coins.
In terms of food, it's twice as much as 250 units and 300 minutes. It's about 150000 bits of food.
Food is enough for the time being. What Lin Tai lacks now is gold coins, a lot of gold coins.
So Lintai took away goblin and plague zombies who were stationed here.
Take it to the other two green gold resources to collect.
After the arrangement, Lin Tai took the resources and the wolf knights to drive back to the divine court.
When we get back to the divine court, it's already night.
The magic wolf knights are tired. Without Lin Tai's command, they find a place to lie down and have a rest.
Chapter 17 forbidden curse scroll, Goblin miner
(daily for flowers, for tickets, for everything, 360 degrees without dead angle!)
Lin Tai himself also had a strong sense of hunger.
I've been concentrating on fighting before, but I didn't care about it.
Now when I'm free, my stomach starts to purr.
Belinda is a smart little girl. When she noticed Lin Tai's strange behavior, she covered her mouth and snickered. Then she said in a straight tone, “Lord, please wait a moment. Belinda will make a good dinner for you.”
After that, Belinda turned and ran out of the territory.
Lintai didn't stop it either.
With Belinda's strength, not to mention walking sideways in the era of Lord, at least it is enough to ensure her own safety.
Well, Lin Tai is really hungry.
If Belinda could cook… That would be great!
He shook his head and put all these thoughts behind him.
Lin Tai began to check the spoils of killing canglan Shuren king.
There are 50 canglan tree hearts. Lin Tai has 150 canglan tree hearts, plus the 100 that Lin Tai got before. It's only a long crystal stone from the distance to summon a dragon hunter.
In addition, there are three other spoils.
They are a scroll, five skill stones and an intermediate resource pack.
[flying leaf chop forbidden spell skill]
Description: after use, you can release a forbidden spell level flying blade chop in a designated area, covering a diameter of 500 meters.
[skill stone]
Description: after use, you can upgrade your skill level.
[intermediate resource package]
Description: after opening, you get 100000 wood, 100000 stone, 100000 iron ore and 100000 gold coins.
Not to mention the three spoils, skill stone and resource pack. What surprised Lin Tai was the forbidden curse scroll.
The forbidden curse scroll is a large-scale offensive prop.
After use, you can release a forbidden spell level skill to deal undifferentiated damage to all targets in the specified area.
It is characterized by large attack range and high damage.
The medium and low level arms can completely achieve second kill.
Generally, only when you kill the boss, will you drop it. And the skill of seal in the forbidden spell scroll that you drop has a great chance to be related to the boss skill.
For example, feiye chop is the same as canglan Shuren king's.
Of course, the flying leaf chop sealed in the forbidden curse scroll is hundreds and thousands of times more powerful.
“It's a good thing. It'll be useful when you save it for the altar.”Lin Tai's secret way.
Then start to check the reward of the boss's first kill.
They are gold equipment treasure box 5, intermediate resource package 5 and random arms treasure box 1.
The rewards are very nice. That's what Lintai needs now.
Equipment treasure chest, can open random hero, Lord equipment.
For the intermediate resource package, five out of 100000 resources is 500000.
Immediately, open the arms treasure chest and you can get one arms at random.
Theoretically speaking, the ordinary arms from the first level to the twelfth level are likely to come out of this treasure chest.
Of course, it is estimated that the super high-level arms above level 10 will be no different from that of level 5 million.
Anyway, Lin Tai had never heard of anyone who was so lucky in his last life. From this kind of treasure chest, he came out with more than ten ranks.
So don't hope too much.
The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment.
Without saying much, Lin Tai took out his equipment chest and arms chest and opened them directly.
“You have opened the gold equipment treasure chest 5, and obtained green scale armor, sunset bow, divine walking boots, pain staff, and Taurus shield.”
“You have opened the random arms treasure box and obtained level 1 arms [goblin miner].”
After the prompt sound, there are many props in Lin Tai's backpack.
There are five pieces of equipment, all of which are gold grade.
The equipment from the gold chest is all gold equipment.
PS: Lord age equipment level from low to high: bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, epic, myth
Five pieces of equipment, green scale armor for soldiers, sunset bow for Rangers, pain staff for mages, Taurus shield for soldiers.
The last Shenxing boots are general equipment, which can be worn by every class.
Generally speaking, it's not bad. Five years of equipment, three things Lin Tai can use.
Lin Tai keeps his own painful staff.
If it's a sunset bow, it's for Belinda.
Lin Tai looked at the attributes of the three pieces of equipment, as follows:
Pain staff: increases all attributes by 6% when equipped. Additional effect: Spell Shield.
Spell Shield: gives the wearer a shield of 10% of maximum health every 60 seconds.
[Shenxing boots]: increases all attributes by 6% after equipping. Additional skill: Shenxing.
Shenxing: gains 10 additional movement speed.
[sunset bow]: increases all attributes by 6% when equipped. Additional effect: Armor breaking.
Armor piercing: each attack ignores 20% of the enemy's defense.
There are five kinds of equipment in the Lord's time, which are armor, weapons, boots, helmets, and accessories.
Each kind of equipment can provide different attribute blessings for the wearer according to different ranks.
For example, a piece of gold equipment can increase the wearer's total attributes by 6%.
If you wear five pieces of equipment, you can increase the wearer's total attributes by 30%.
In addition, the equipment has the chance to carry some additional special effects and skills.
Lin Tai is lucky. All the three pieces of equipment he can use have additional skills and special effects.
Like the pain staff.
This equipment can be used by Lintai. The additional effect is to give Lintai a 10% maximum health shield every 60 seconds.
Although 10% is not much, it can also greatly improve Lin Tai's life-saving ability.
Lin Tai was very satisfied.
So he put on the pain staff and walking boots.
Then look at the arms from the arms chest.
[goblin miner]
Equal order: first order
Description: a branch of goblin family, proficient in collection, can increase the collection speed by 20%.
Random arms treasure chest, but only out of the first level arms, let Lin Tai feel speechless.
However, if this first-order branch is a goblin miner, Lin Tai has already laughed.
This is one of the special arms.
It's a collection service.
It's the same level of arms, but it's 20% faster than goblin or something.
This is where Lin Tai is happy.
Belinda: No, I want it!
The goblin miner is only a first-order branch, but it is as difficult as the fifth and sixth order branches.
Only from the arms chest.
And the odds are very low.
So in the last life, the goblin arms template once had a huge argument.
Just for the 20% acquisition speed bonus.
When the number of goblins is small, there is no obvious change.
As long as the number of goblins increases, we will find that the original 20% collection bonus is also a terrible number.
Lin Tai opened this branch of arms. Although it was only the first level, he was still very happy.
It can be used to replace goblin.
Put the arms template in place, and then Lin Tai opens all the big and small resource packages in his backpack.
The resources of shenting territory suddenly increased.
There are more than one million units of wood, ore and iron ore.
Gold is close to a million.
More than 150000 food.
Generally speaking, it's OK. As long as we spend these resources, it's enough to greatly enhance the overall strength of the star territory.
Then Lintai began to upgrade the Lord's hall.
In order to accommodate more arms, Lin Tai decided to upgrade two levels in a row.
“It costs 100000 wood, 100000 stone, 100000 iron ore and 100000 gold coins respectively. Shenting territory is upgrading.”
“You have used the construction acceleration scroll. The Lord hall upgrade is complete. The current level is level 4.”
“It costs 200000 wood, 200000 stone, 200000 iron ore and 200000 gold coins. The Lord's hall is upgrading.”
“You have used the construction acceleration scroll. The Lord hall upgrade is complete. The current level is level 5.”
Shua Shua, two strong lights fell, and the Lord's hall was upgraded to level 5. The specific information is as follows:
[shenting territory]
Lord: Shura
Grade: 5
Alliance: None
Subordinate territory: None
Number of buildings: 6 / 200
Arms template: Goblin [level 1], plague zombie [Level 2], demon wolf Knight [level 4], Goblin [level 1]
Accommodation in the city: 750 / 6000
Timber: 762000
Stone: 755000
Iron ore: 751000
Gold coin: 663000
Food: 153000
Upgrade required: timber, ore, iron ore, gold each 500000.
There are still many resources left. Then Lintai began to upgrade the level of the demon wolf Knight camp and build the goblin camp.
Goblins have a 20% collection speed bonus, which is definitely the main collection force of shenting territory in the future.
So the camp has to be upgraded to the highest level and trained a lot.
“It costs 2000 wood, 2000 stone, 2000 iron ore and 2000 gold coins each. The goblin camp is under construction.”
“It costs 200000 wood, 200000 stone, 200000 iron ore and 200000 gold coins each. The magic wolf Knight training camp is upgrading.”
After one operation, the upgrade of the demon wolf Knight camp is completed, and the goblin camp is upgraded to level 5, which is the same level as the divine court territory.
The details of the two buildings are as follows:
[magic wolf Knight camp]
Equal order: Fourth Order
Grade: 3
Training unit: 200 / 500
Training cost: 2000 gold coins
Training time: 30 minutes
Upgrade requirements: 400000 for timber, 400000 for ore, 400000 for iron ore and 400000 for gold coin.
[goblin camp]
Equal order: first order
Grade: 5
Training unit: 0 / 3000
Training cost: 50 gold coins
Training time: 1 minute
Required for upgrading: 50000 wood, 50000 stone, 50000 iron ore and 50000 gold coins.
Level 5 goblin camp, training full amount is 3000.
In other words, Lin Tai can train 3000 goblins to dig for himself.
3000Each unit collects 3000 resources per minute.
Add your own God level collection aura, double collection is 6000 resources.
Finally, the 20% collection bonus of goblins can collect 7200 units of resources per minute.
So terrible!
Lin Tai was a little excited when he thought about it, so he quickly started training.
“Training 300 units of magic wolf Knight costs 300000 gold coins.”(for the talent of careful calculation, the cost of gold coins will be halved.)
“Training 3000 units of goblins costs 75000 gold coins.”(for the talent of careful calculation, the cost of gold coins will be halved.)
The magic wolf knight is only a fourth level branch, which is not worth training.
But they are still needed to get dragon crystal stone, so Lin Tai decided to train more magic wolf knights.
At least get the Longjing stone.
Don't wait for Lintai to use the training acceleration scroll to train the wolf knight and the goblin.
Behind her, Belinda's voice rang out.
“Dear Lord, it's time for dinner!”
Lin Tai's action was delayed, and this was the reaction.
I've been busy for a while.
Thinking about other things, Lintai turns around and follows Belinda to the kitchen.
Here's Belinda's food.
A basket full of wild fruit.
There are also two roasted rabbits, steaming hot and fragrant.
Seeing these, Lintai's eyes brightened. I didn't expect that Belinda had a good hand!
“Taste it, Lord. It's not delicious when it's cold!”Belinda said, holding the roasted rabbit in both hands and delivering it to Lintai.
The latter is also impolite, took it and ate it.
Not to mention, it's delicious.
The meat is tender and juicy. If you take a bite, you will be full of oil.
Lin Tai is eating big, Belinda is very happy.
After Lin Tai ate almost, he tore off half of what he ate and handed it to Lin Tai.
That looks like a good wife and mother.
Lin Tai didn't refuse either. He ate haisai and five or six wild fruits after eating.
I just patted my stomach and stood up.
“It's delicious. I didn't expect you to have this skill.”Lin Tai exclaimed.
Belinda blushed and said with a smile, “if your Lord likes it, I'll take care of your meal in the future.”
Lin Tai nodded. He didn't mind.
Then he took out the sunset bow which had been opened before and handed it to Belinda: “this is a new weapon for you. Have a look!”
Belinda just took a look, and all of a sudden she was in a daze.
She had sensed the breath of the bow.
He quickly dropped the rabbit in his hand and looked at the sunset bow in Lin Tai's hand.
“Gold… Gold weapon, do you really want to give it to me?”Belinda was a little flattered.
Lin Tai's lips slightly hooked and joked: “if you don't want it, I'll take it away!”
“No, I want it!”
Chapter 19 deep into the juetong mountains
Belinda, who likes to mention new weapons, doesn't even eat roast rabbit.
Gently stroking the lines on the sunset bow, I can't put it down.
Lin Tai did not disturb the little girl, but went to one side and opened her mailbox.
A glance at the countdown inside.
“From the game beta, there are 28 days before players come, 1:36:53.”
With 28 days left, Lin Tai has been online for nearly two consecutive days.
Because before is the temporary intention line, Lin Tai did not make any preparation.
In order to avoid problems in reality, Lin Tai decided to quit the game.
At least deal with your personal hygiene.
After all, nutrient solution can maintain players' body consumption, but it can't solve players' excretion and bathing problems.
It depends on personal consciousness.
Thinking of this, Lin Tai stood up and walked towards the door.
Then use the fastest speed to train all the three hundred magic wolf knights and three thousand goblins.
It happened that Belinda had finished enjoying the sunset bow.
So he and Belinda went to the previous resource marker with all the arms in the territory.
Mainly gold resources.
The 3500 units are divided into seven teams, each of which has 500 units.
Then it is distributed to several gold resource points for collection.
At the same time, tell Belinda that after the collection, remember to transfer to the next resource point.
Belinda nodded.
Finally, Lintai tells Belinda to disappear for a few hours and let her stay in the territory.
Although Belinda was very curious, she didn't ask much.
Lin Tai also found a place to go offline in the Lord's hall.
Hangzhou, in Lin Tai's rented house.
The three million dollar diamond game barn is located in the room.
Suddenly, the smooth bulkhead of the game warehouse cracked.
Then, the door was opened.
A wet figure crawled out of the cabin.
It's Lin Tai!
He was stained with a lot of nutrient solution, which was very uncomfortable.
At the same time, I feel like my bladder is going to explode.
I ran into the bathroom to relax and clean.
After changing into clean clothes, I went back to the living room.
Looking at the time, it's early morning.
There's a rumble in my stomach.
So after Lin Tai ordered a takeout, he turned on his computer.
Log in to the forum of Lord times official website to check the news and information of the last two days.
Let's see what's worth noting.
The forum is still as hot as ever.
There are millions of posts.
At a glance, they are all topics without nutrition.
What are you talking about!
Find a sister to play with or something.
Boring look a few times, nothing to see, Lin Tai also closed the forum.
Soon, the takeout arrived.
Lin Tai had enough to eat and drink, and then went back to his room to rest for three hours.
After waking up, open the game warehouse and enter the game again.
In the era of Lord, juetong mountain, foot of mountain, shenting territory.
When Lintai went online, Belinda just woke up from her sleep.
Seeing Lin Tai suddenly appear, the little girl is very happy.
Lin Tai is not ambiguous, a big hand waved: “go, it's time to find the whereabouts of long Jingshi.”
Belinda nods and follows Lintai out.
Take the five hundred magic wolf knights who go out to collect gold coins.
In more than three hours, they have collected a blue gold resource point.
Two hundred thousand gold coins into the account.
Then, Lin Tai discerned the direction and led the troops to the direction of juetong mountain.
It needs to be where the Dragon fell.
The place where the Dragon fell must be the ancient battlefield in the Jueming mountains.
This trip must be very dangerous, but Lin Tai had to go.
He urgently needs stronger arms to help him do more.
In order to save physical strength, Lin Tai took the troops to go deep one after another, and did not provoke unnecessary monsters at will.
It took more than three hours to enter the interior of the Jueming mountains.
No vegetation can be seen here.
There are only stones exposed on the surface.
And the undead monsters wandering in the valley.
“Be careful. Our mission here is to find long Jingshi, not fight.”Lin Tai lowered his voice.
Belinda nodded her understanding.
They walked side by side, followed by five hundred wolf knights.
Although Lin Tai has been deliberately careful.
But it still attracted the attention of the undead monsters in the valley.
Five level skeleton heavy swordsman, four level skeleton horse, and three level skeleton Ranger.
There are a lot of them.
“Quick fight, quick decision!”Lin Tai ordered.
Raised the pain staff in his hand.
Throw fireballs and ice spikes.
Belinda doesn't either. A full moon with a long bow is a blow.
Whoosh, instantly through more than ten undead monsters.
Second, third order direct burp fart, fourth, fifth order also have a sharp drop in health.
Then, five evil wolf knights were formed to charge.
Gather fire for several rounds to win the battle.
Finally, pick up the spoils quickly and move on.
With more in-depth, Lin Tai encountered more and more monsters.
The wolf Knights also began to suffer minor casualties.
It makes Lintai's flesh ache.
Of course, there are gains.
Along the way, Lin Tai opened a number of treasure boxes and obtained some resource packages, skill stones, acceleration scrolls and other props.
Also found a lot of green, blue, and even purple resource points.
However, in order not to cause more trouble, Lin Tai did not immediately occupy these resource points.
Just mark the points on the map and get ready to come back later.
And finally, Belinda.
She is not only a dragon hunter, but also an elf. She has a keen natural perception.
So every time she goes forward for a certain distance, she will stop and feel the surrounding situation carefully.
On the one hand, in case of breaking into the nest of some monster Lords.
On the other hand, I want to find the place where the Dragon buried its bones.
Chapter 20 find longjingshi, monster's nest
(for flowers, for tickets, for everything!)
Time flies. In the blink of an eye, hours pass.
The Knights of the evil wolf have a great loss of physical strength.
Lintai had to stop to rest.
“It seems that we really need to find a flying arm as soon as possible.”Lin Tai's secret way.
Flying arms belong to high mobility arms and can march regardless of terrain.
It's the best way to get to a long distance.
The wolf Knights also gathered in groups to rest.
Belinda, on the other hand, climbed to a commanding height and looked around.
Soon, she returned to Lin Tai's side, with a happy face.
“Lord, I have found it!”
When Lin Tai heard the speech, he went to the stone and stood up. He looked at Belinda: “where is it?”
Belinda pointed to the front and said, “it's in the valley over there. It's not too far away. I feel the faint smell of Kyanite.”
Hearing this, Lin Tai was overjoyed and asked Belinda to take her to explore the way first.
Belinda agreed.
So they ran quickly forward.
Over a ridge, a valley appeared in front of them.
However, when they saw the situation in the valley, they lived like this.
Lin Tai didn't know if there was any Longjing stone in the valley.
But now he saw a lot of monsters in the valley.
This is a monster territory.
In the era of Lords, monsters, like humans, would form their own territory.
For example, canglan Shuren king was killed before.
That is the monster Lord, a large group of canglan tree people under his command.
It's just that it hasn't become a scale, so it's taken away by Lin Tai.
Now, obviously, it has a scale.
There are even buildings. It's hard to get ideas.
“Lord, what should we do now?I can feel it. There must be kyanite in it. “Belinda said.
Lintai frowned slightly. He was willing to believe Belinda's perception.
But now the problem is.
How is he going to destroy this monster nest?
“Let's look at the situation first and see what constitutes it?”Lintai road.
Belinda nodded. Her vigorous body was like a flexible leopard. After a few jumps, she boarded a rock.
It overlooks most of the monster's lair.
Belinda observed for a long time before she came back to Lintai.
“The number of guards is about 1000, among which there are more than 300 level 5 undead, and the rest are level 4 and level 3 undead. In addition, I also found…”
At this point, Belinda's voice faltered and her face became dignified: “she also found the trace of the necromancer.”
“Necromancer?”Lintai frowned.
At the same time, I understand why there is such a monster nest here.
The necromancer is an intelligent weapon from the hell plane.
The equal order is six or even higher.
They are the real hell camp arms, with the magical ability to transform corpses into undead.
The Dragon Crystal is only found where the Dragon fell.
That is to say, there must still be dragon bones in this canyon.
There is only one purpose for the necromancer to appear here, that is to revive the dragon.
Giant dragon is one of the top arms, and its combat effectiveness is super powerful.
Even the bone dragon resurrected by the necromancer, its combat effectiveness can not be underestimated.
If the bone dragon here is successfully resurrected, the shenting territory of Lintai may be affected.
Therefore, whether it is for the safety of longjingshi or shenting territory.
Lin Tai has to find a way to get rid of this monster nest.
It's just this way
Seeing Lintai's embarrassment, Belinda interjected: “Lord, let's forget it. We'll wait until we have enough troops.”
Before Belinda finished speaking, she was interrupted by Lintai: “forget it?Now that I'm here, I can't just let it go. I have a way
With that, Lin Tai turned his hand, and there was a light green scroll in his hand.
“Use this to make the monster's nest a pot.”Lin Tai showed a grim smile.
When Belinda did this, she flashed a flash of brilliance in her eyes: “if you can gather monsters together, you can do it.”
Lin Tai nodded.
This forbidden curse scroll is the reward for killing canglan Shuren King last time.
Lin Tai said he was looking forward to the power of flying leaf chop at the forbidden curse level.
Originally, Lin Tai was going to save it for the altar.
It seems to be coming out now.
But it doesn't matter. As long as he can get the Dragon Crystal Stone, Lin Tai can summon the Dragon hunter, and then quickly become stronger, and find more forbidden incantation scrolls.
“Get ready!”Lintai road.
Belinda raised her bow and said, “give it to me. I'm faster than you. I've got a longer range.”
Lintai looks at Belinda.
The little girl is eager to try.
She's a Ranger. She's a career.
And the long range, pull strange this kind of thing, really should give her.
So Lintai didn't refuse Belinda's request.
“Be careful. By the way, take this with you.”
With that, Lintai took off his walking boots and handed them to Belinda: “you need to increase your speed by 10 points.”
Belinda, a little moved and unambiguous, took it and put it on.
With Shenxing boots, Belinda's speed easily exceeded 160.
As soon as his figure flashed, he turned into a shadow and moved out in a flash.
The monster's lair is in the valley.
There are cliffs on both sides.
It's also appropriate to use the forbidden spell scroll to deal with the opponent.
Belinda's physical strength, and soon close to the monster nest over.
After finding a safe place, the little girl turned around and made a gesture to Lin Tai.
Lin Tai nodded that he could start.
Belinda pulls the sunset bow into a full moon, then releases a burst blow.
With a whoosh, a long and thick arrow penetrated the air and flew into the canyon.
The next moment, the whole Canyon exploded.
Chapter 21 second kill, all second kill
In the canyon, several third-order undead monsters were instantly killed.
All of a sudden, all the undead monsters are on the alert.
Then he moved his rotten bone shelf to find the source of the attack.
And in the middle of the territory, in a building like the Lord's hall.
Several figures in black robes appeared.
They are Necromancers.
“Ryan, what happened? How could an attack come?”
“Damn, is it the order of the Quran Empire?”
“Quick, find out who made the attack. I'll turn him into a corpse leader.”
The necromancer is a highly intelligent creature, capable of dialogue.
At the moment, he quickly ordered to calm down the flustered undead monsters.
Belinda's attack continues.
The burst attack is followed by a series of normal attacks.
Whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew.
While killing many undead monsters, it also completely angered those undead mages.
“Yes, there's the guy. He's an elf shooter.”
“Elves, aren't the elves in the top mountain extinct?”
“Who knows, gather fire quickly and kill her, but don't let her miss our plan!”
With that, several necromancers immediately ordered the Necromancers to rush towards Belinda's direction.
At the same time, several necromancers also raised their staff.
Ready to release one by one dark magic.
Belinda knows the horror of the necromancer, and immediately shrinks her body into a crevice to avoid the black magic.
When the attack was over, Belinda jumped out of the stone.
Then he ran quickly in the direction where Lin Tai was.
In order to tighten the hatred, Belinda ran and attacked the army of the dead.
This can make the necromancer angry enough, shouting and rushing.
And Lin Tai, hiding in the dark, watched all this.
When you see the monster nest, almost all the monsters are gathered together.
Lin Tai opens the scroll of forbidden incantation and throws it out.
The next moment, the world changes color.
The whole canyon was covered with dark clouds.
Belinda knows that the forbidden spell skill has been activated, and she dodges into the crevice again.
When the Necromancers in the canyon found the vision, they all stopped and looked up at the sky. Two ghost fires flickered violently under the black cloak.
“What is this?”
“It's like… It's like a forbidden spell skill.”
“Crouch, run!”
The Necromancers roared to get out of the shadow of the forbidden spell.
But it's too late.
I can only see hundreds of meters in the air, the space is slightly rippling, and thin leaves appear out of thin air.
The next moment, these leaves are like some kind of guidance in general, began to fly at a very fast speed.
The speed is very fast, thousands of leaves turn into shadows, whistling towards the undead monsters in the canyon.
The Necromancers were stunned.
They can't imagine why at this time, someone will use the forbidden spell skill to deal with them.
It has to be said that the power of forbidding incantation skill is considerable.
Especially when dealing with these medium and low-level arms, the effect is even more explosive.
Countless leaves turned into the sharpest blade, penetrating all the monsters' bodies in the range.
Undead monster's unique skeleton body was forcibly chopped.
It's like being thrown into a blender!
Lin Tai looked at the tragedy in the canyon and frowned slightly.
To tell you the truth, it's a waste of ideas to use the forbidden curse scroll to deal with more than a thousand medium and low level monsters.
In a few minutes.
The flying leaf chop of forbidden curse level is over.
The whole Canyon is clear.
All undead monsters, including necromancers, were killed and turned into debris.
At the end of the battle, Lintai jumped from the rock.
Then he took five hundred wolf knights and walked into the canyon.
Belinda's out, too.
Looking at the empty Canyon, the little girl was surprised.
Soon, they went down to the bottom with five hundred magic wolf knights.
It's full of undead bones.
At the same time, there are all kinds of shining resources, soul fire, and even skill stone.
“Clean up the battlefield!”Lin Tai ordered.
The five hundred wolf Knights immediately scattered and began to collect all kinds of spoils from the battlefield.
And then put it in Lin Tai's hands.
There are tens of thousands of basic resources and two or three hundred soul fires.
To Lin Tai's surprise, there are three skill stones and two pieces of equipment.
[Kuji staff]
Grade: Silver
Description: increases all attributes by 4% with no additional effect.
[dead robe]
Grade: Silver
Description: increases all attributes by 4% after equipping, no additional effect.
It's all mage equipment. It's probably from the undead mage.
But only silver.
Lin Tai changed the dead robe and increased the total attribute by 4%.
Then they went on.
The battle just now should have killed all the monsters here.
So now the whole Canyon is empty.
Lintai and Belinda are also unimpeded into the territory of the undead monster.
Then Lin Tai began to search for resources.
Belinda began to look for Longjing stone.
Not to mention, Lin Tai really found something in such a small territory.
200000 resources, some soul fire, and a branch of arms template.
The wolf of the dead
Equal order: Third Order
Caption: build related camps to train the undead wolf.
The rank is not high, only three. Lin Tai is not interested. Let's lose the auction house at that time!
We should be able to change resources.
Put away the resources collected. Lin Tai is going to find Belinda.
Did not expect the little girl to take the initiative to run out, excited Dancing: “found, I found the Dragon crystal stone.”
Lin Tai looks happy.
There are dragon crystal stones here. It seems that there is no waste in that scroll.
Then Lintai quickly followed Belinda's steps and ran to some place in the Necromancer's territory.
Chapter 22 mysterious businessman = Fortune Cat
Chapter 22 mysterious businessman = Fortune Cat
What Belinda found was something similar to a burrow.
Straight underground, dark below, can only see extremely weak fire.
“I can feel that longjingshi is down there, and there are a lot of them.”Belinda said.
Lin Tai glanced around and then found some torches to light.
Take Belinda and some of the wolf knights and walk into the cave.
Torch light is not very bright, can only barely light up the road under the feet.
But it also supported a group of people to enter the underground cave, which is a huge open underground space.
A lot of bonfires were lit, and most of the cave was illuminated by fire.
In the middle of this cave space, Lintai and Belinda see a white thing.
“This is…” Lin Tai slightly raises eyebrows.
“The bones of the dragon.”Belinda said.
Step up.
Lin Tai then reacted and glanced at it, and found that the bone was indeed a dragon of some kind.
It is tens of meters long.
It looks like it was dug out and put here.
Around the dragon bones, you can see a pattern drawn by unknown materials.
Lin Tai saw at a glance that this was the array used by the necromancer to transform the bone dragon of the dead.
He had seen many of them in his last life.
Lin Tai and Belinda also have a lot of longjingshi, the target of their trip.
They grow on the stone walls around the cave.
There was a faint golden glow.
Piece by piece, it's beautiful.
“Let's mine, leave none, take all back.”Lin Tai ordered.
Belinda can't wait for a long time. After getting Lin Tai's order, she immediately arranges the magic wolf knight.
The Longjing stone on the cave wall was mined.
Lin Tai himself goes to the dragon bones and throws a detection skill to check.
[dragon bones]
Caption: the bones left after the fall of the dragon may have unimaginable magical effects!
Seeing this information, Lin Tai had a plan.
Try to get the dragon bones into the backpack.
Not to mention, it really works.
A complete dragon skeleton disappeared and appeared in Lintai's backpack.
“Really?When I find the treasure, isn't it… “Lin Tai looks happy.
Then he began to collect the dragon bones.
These things are of great use to him.
There is a lot of space under it, showing a long strip.
Lin Tai is addicted to collecting dragon bones, and has been constantly deepening.
By the time Lintai stopped, he had reached the deepest part of the cave.
There are 20 dragon bones in his backpack.
A lot of them.
Glancing around, Lin Tai doesn't see the dragon bones, so Lin Tai is ready to leave.
But at this moment, a voice of pity rang out behind him.
“Dear Lord, can you spare me with great mercy?”
Lin Tai was startled by the sudden thought of his voice, and immediately grasped the staff in his hand.
Then he raised the torch and looked at the place where the sound came out: “who?”
“I'm a businessman who wanders all over the world. I accidentally entered here and was imprisoned by the dead. Now I beg your highness to open the prison for me and let me out.”
Said the voice.
After listening, Lin Tai's expression became a little wonderful.
Businessmen wandering in different continents?
Isn't this the mysterious businessman?
I drop a darling, did not expect to be able to encounter this kind of existence here.
Mysterious businessman, a mysterious existence.
They will appear randomly in any corner of the Lord's time map.
Then sell your goods to all the wise Lords.
But the mysterious merchant's commodity, this origin is big.
Down to the most common resources, low-level equipment, low-level arms.
Up to all kinds of precious props, super high-level arms, God level equipment, are likely to appear.
Of course, it's only possible that the mysterious merchant's commodity column will refresh something completely random.
Of course, one thing is for sure.
Every time mysterious businessmen appear, they will be enthusiastically sought after by players.
Because every player is looking forward to the mysterious businessman he meets, who will sell the rare treasures he is interested in.
Lin Tai walked in with a torch. Sure enough, he saw a specially built prison.
In the prison, there is a man with a black cloak, which is the exclusive costume of the mysterious businessman.
It seems that this guy is a mysterious businessman.
In that case, Lin Tai is not welcome.
“Do you want to come out?”Lin Tai asked.
The mysterious merchant nodded: “yes, dear Lord.”
“What good can I get if I let you out?”Lin Tai asked.
It's not easy to meet a fortune cat. If you don't squeeze it properly, it's not Lin Tai's style. OK!
The mysterious businessman heard that he was living.
What the hell is this?
If you let me out, do you want more benefits?
What's the difference between you and the undead?
I think so in my heart, but the mysterious businessman's body is very honest and says in a deep voice, “I can give you what you want.”
The mysterious businessman gritted his teeth: “my keepsake, I can give you my keepsake.”
“What's the use of your keepsake?”Lin Tai's lips are slightly crooked, and the mysterious businessman has put it on.
“Whoever holds the keepsake of the mysterious businessman can summon the mysterious businessman every 30 days and be on call.”The mysterious businessman said.
Lin Tai hears the speech and shouts in his heart.
Every 30 days, the mysterious businessman is called on call. It's a special, absolute treasure!
You know, the mysterious merchant is very special, mysterious and rare.
People with bad luck may never meet them.
But the lucky person, meets once that developed.
If you can buy high-level arms, super equipment, or precious props.
Is it far from take-off?
It's no exaggeration to say that Lin Tai's promise to the mysterious businessman has moved his heart!
But he wants more.
Chapter 23 keepsake of mysterious businessman Gesang
(old friends passing by, let's go for a ride!)
“Keepsake?It's not enough. “Lintai road.
Mysterious businessman Yi Nan, shit, is this special enough?
You know, every mysterious businessman has only one keepsake.
It means that this keepsake can only be given to others once.
This is the most precious thing of the mysterious businessman.
Suppressing the resentment in his heart, the mysterious businessman tried to say: “dear Lord, what else do you want?”
Lin Tai's lips slightly hook, listen to the tone of the mysterious businessman, that is to talk about.
What's Lin Tai doing?
“Will there be any discount when I come to you for shopping in the future?”Lin Tai asked.
The mysterious merchant's lips twitched, considered for a moment and nodded heavily: “I can give you 20% discount.”
20% off. This is good.
After all, the things of mysterious merchants are good, but they are expensive.
It's the price tag of hundreds of thousands, millions, even tens of millions of resources.
If you don't have a family background, you can't afford it.
A 20% discount would save a lot of money.
Lin Tai is thinking about it, but it seems to be hesitating in the eyes of the mysterious businessman.
So the mysterious businessman clenched his teeth and said, “70% off. It can't be less. If you're not satisfied, I'd rather die here.”
Lin Tai's heart calls to the trough.
He just thought about it, and the 20% discount turned into 70%.
What a surprise!
Considering that this guy will develop a growing partner in the future, Lin Tai can't squeeze too much.
So he nodded and made the deal.
“That's fine. 70% off. I'll get you out.”Lintai road.
The mysterious merchant looks happy, but Lin Tai doesn't do it.
“Dear Lord, you…”
Lin Tai stretched out his hand and spread it out in front of the mysterious businessman: “give money first and then do things. Where's your keepsake?”
The mysterious businessman is speechless.
Temo has been on various continents for decades.
There are no 100000 or 80000 people who have done business with him.
But I've never seen Lin Tai so stingy.
Lin Tai, of course, has his own considerations.
As I said before, NPCs or heroes in the era of Lords are no different from normal human beings.
In particular, mysterious businessmen are usually born of unscrupulous businessmen.
If you're not careful, what if this guy comes out and runs away?
I can't help it. I have to get the keepsake first.
Feeling helpless, the mysterious businessman had to take out a token from under his cloak and pass it to Lin Tai.
The latter took it and glanced at it.
[keepsake of mysterious businessman Gesang]
Description: with this keepsake, you can summon Gesang to appear. The cooldown is 30 days.
It should be true. Lin Tai has no worries.
Then the staff was raised and several fireballs were thrown out.
With a few clangs, the prison for the mysterious businessman was opened.
Gesang quickly opened the door and came out from inside.
He's been in jail for two months and it's good to feel free again.
Lin Tai rubbed his hands and looked at Gesang: “come on, let me see your goods. What can I want?”
Looking at the ill intentioned Lin Tai, Gesang shivers, but still opens his commodity column and appears in front of Lin Tai.
There are not many products, and even half of them are gray and cannot be purchased.
After Lin Tai asked, he knew that these had been bought by the necromancer.
The Necromancers were afraid that gesan would run, so they imprisoned him.
But in the end, Lin Tai was cheap.
Glancing at the remaining commodities, Lin Tai's face was bitter.
There are many good things
[keepsake of Kelly, Knight of the light]
Description: when you reach the relevant conditions, you can summon Kylie, the knight of the holy light.
Price: 10 million gold coins, plus 50 vampire hearts.
[gift pack of level 6 arms]
Description: after opening, you can obtain random level 6 arms.
Price: 5 million gold coins, 3 million food.
[heaven fire comes to the world forbidding mantra scroll]
Description: after use, you can summon the forbidden spell skill Tianhuo to come into the world, covering a designated area with a radius of 200 meters, causing high damage to all targets in the designated area.
Price: 2 million gold coins.
[100 hour training acceleration scroll]
Description: 100 hours of arms training time can be reduced.
Price: 2.5 million gold coins.
These goods are not rare, but they are practical and expensive.
At least Lin Tai can't afford it now.
So in the end, he can only look at the goods he can afford.
[random arms treasure chest]
Description: open to obtain random arms template.
Price: 1 million random basic resources.
[random hero chest]
Description: a hero can be summoned randomly after use.
Price: 1.5 million random basic resources.
Lin Tai can afford these two things.
Random basic resources, that is, regardless of the type of resources.
Whether it's wood, ore, iron ore, gold, it can be traded.
Relatively speaking, it is not so difficult to buy.
Lin Tai glanced at his current resource reserves as follows:
Timber: 1.038 million
Stone: 1015000
Iron ore: 1 million
Gold coin: 735000
Food: 125000
In terms of total resources, it's almost four million.
So Lin Tai pocketed the remaining three random arms treasure boxes and hero treasure boxes.
With a 20% discount, it will cost 3.15 million basic resources.
Then Lin Tai took a fancy to a disposable prop.
[acquisition acceleration scroll]
Description: after use, the acquisition speed can be increased by 100% for three hours.
Price: 300000 basic resources.
Things are also very good, especially after the collection of more arms, a go, minute back to this.
Generally, they are good things that can be met but not sought. Of course, they won.
Three in all.
Consume all the resources of Lintai directly.
Reluctantly glanced at the good things that they couldn't afford, Lin Tai sighed, some helpless.
The mysterious businessman Gesang didn't seem to have the desire to stay for a long time. Seeing that Lintai didn't buy any more, he closed the commodity list.
“Dear Lord, it's time for me to leave. You can call me again next time you need me.”
Finish saying, also wait for Lin Tai to answer not to answer.
Take out the transport reel and transport it away.
(prison has the effect of restraining demons. It can't use any magic props, so Gesang can't use the teleportation scroll to run away.)
Chapter 24 level 6 thunder giant eagle, SS Level hero Chris
Lin Tai was speechless. He was really a unscrupulous businessman.
Just finished millions of transactions, instantly did not recognize people.
But it's OK. Lintai now has a keepsake from the mysterious businessman Gesang.
And not in the cooling range.
That is to say, as long as Lintai wants, he can even summon Gesang out now.
Of course, it's unnecessary. After all, there is only one call in 30 days.
Lin Tai is sure to prepare a lot of resources, and then summon Gesang to maximize the benefits.
Long breath, Lin Tai step toward the outside.
Longjingshi collection is in full swing.
This is a special resource.
It will regenerate, but not too many.
“What's up? How much has been collected?”Lintai went up to Belinda and asked.
Belinda's face was red. When she saw Lin Tai, she directly applied for a deal with him.
The items traded were 507 units of Longjing stone, as well as 200000 to 300000 units of timber, stone, iron ore and gold coins.
“When I was mining Longjing stone, I found two treasure boxes nearby, which opened up a lot of resources.”Belinda said.
Lin Tai has some surprises.
Of course, what surprised Lin Tai even more was the quantity of longjingshi.
I thought there wouldn't be too many kyanites in this place before.
It turns out that Lin Tai underestimated the output of Longjing stone.
Well, according to Belinda, most of the Longjing stones are actually collected from the treasure chest left by the necromancer.
The Necromancers are obviously the first intelligent creatures to come here.
So they've mined the spar here.
But they were all stored in the treasure chest because they couldn't be used for the time being.
In the end, it's cheaper than Lin Tai.
Thinking about mining Longjing stone, I can't finish it for a while.
So Lintai found a place to sit down.
Then open the backpack and open the random arms treasure box you just bought.
“You have opened the random arms treasure box 3, and obtained the second level arms [poison spider], the third level arms [Spearman], and the sixth level arms [thunder Eagle].”
The system's tone goes down.
Wait, six arms?
Or thunder eagle?
“Lying trough!”Lin Tai's face smacked his tongue.
It's strange enough to be able to generate six ranks of arms from the random arms chest.
I didn't expect that the sixth level branch was still a flying branch.
That's strange and strange.
Thunder giant eagle, flying arms, with extremely fast flight speed, strong mobility, and with lightning attributes.
It's frightening to think about groups attacking opponents from the air.
“It's a good thing. These millions of flowers are really good.”Lin Tai sighed.
Put away the thunder Giant Eagle arms template and wait to return to shenting territory to start training.
As for the remaining level 2 poisonous spiders and level 3 spearmen, Lin Tai showed no interest.
Wait for the auction house to be lost in the public beta!
We should be able to exchange resources.
Then Lin Tai takes out the random hero treasure box and chooses to open it.
“You have opened the random hero treasure box and successfully summoned A-level hero [Chris].”
“As you are the player who summons the second hero in full service, you will receive the following rewards: [hero advanced gem 2], [intermediate Resource Pack 1]”
“World bulletin generating…”
“Player Shura successfully summons the second hero in full service and will get the following rewards…”
Prompt sound, double happiness.
Class a hero, plus two advanced hero gems.
Lin Tai is already laughing.
He thought that this kind of random hero treasure box could open up a C-level and B-level hero.
I didn't expect that it would be A-level directly. It seems that the resources of more than one million yuan are not lost.
Then Lin Tai looks at the six pointed star transmission array in front of him.
Under the strong light, a tall figure gradually appeared in front of Lin Tai.
This is a female hero wearing silver armor and riding a big horse.
After he was successfully summoned out, Chris got off his horse and knelt down on one knee in front of Lintai: “Chris, captain of the Royal cavalry, has seen the Lord.”
Looking at the valiant Chris, Lintai quickly pulls her up.
Belinda was also attracted by the situation here and quickly came over.
Belinda's eyes were filled with joy when she saw him as a new hero.
Next, Lintai starts to look at Chris' attributes as follows:
Template: a
Occupation: Royal cavalry
Grade: 1
HP: 2500
Defense: 300
Attack power: 200
Speed: 160
Skill: cavalry spirit: a passive skill. It takes itself as the center and forms a field with a radius of 100 meters. All attributes of all cavalry arms in the field are increased by 10%.
Caption: from the Royal cavalry battalion of the Quran Empire, although he is young, he is already the squadron leader with outstanding military achievements, commanding a large number of Royal cavalry.
Seeing this information panel, Lin Tainan took a look.
Lying trough, bull!
Chris's skills turned out to be domain skills.
Increases the total attributes of all cavalry arms within a radius of 100 meters with self as the center by 10%.
What does that mean?
That means Chris is a mobile buff amplifier.
As long as good students are trained, they will be the best cavalry leader in the future.
It's very rare to see a group shaped skill similar to cavalry spirit, but it can play a very important role in the battlefield.
Especially when the rank of the arms is higher, the effect will burst instantly by increasing the attribute according to the percentage.
It seems that Lin Tai really picked up a treasure this time.
Most importantly, Chris is the second hero to be summoned by the players.
Awarded two hero stepping stones.
If you hit Chris, her template level can be promoted to SS level.
I'm sure it will be much stronger then.
When Lin Tai thought of this, he felt his blood boiling.
So I can't wait to pull Chris up and take out two hero stepping stones to use on Chris.
Two flashes of light in a row, Chris successfully advanced to SS Level hero template.
The number of properties has increased greatly.
Chapter 25 crazy mining, dragon hunting camp
(1500 flowers plus one watch, now it's 3000 flowers, this chapter is the chapter of extra watch, continue to ask for flowers, continue to ask for tickets!)
Lintai looks at Chris' information panel, as follows:
Template: SS
Occupation: Royal cavalry
Grade: 1
HP: 4500
Defense: 600
Attack power: 500
Speed: 170
Skill: cavalry spirit: a passive skill. It takes itself as the center and forms a field with a radius of 100 meters. All attributes of all cavalry arms in the field are increased by 15%.
Caption: from the Royal cavalry battalion of the Quran Empire, although he is young, he is already the squadron leader with outstanding military achievements, commanding a large number of Royal cavalry.
The basic attributes have increased a lot.
The initial bonus for skill cavalry spirit has also increased from 10% to 15%.
Our strength has increased a lot.
Chris was overjoyed at the change in his body.
He knelt down to thank Lin Tai.
“Thank you, Lord. Chris is willing to go through fire and water for you.”
Lintai drew his lips.
Well, it's unnecessary to go through fire and water.
He just wanted Chris to be strong and help him lead the cavalry.
That's it!
Pull Chris up and Lintai strolls in the cave.
Belinda, on the other hand, took Chris to one side. The two girls were about the same age, and soon they got acquainted with each other, laughing and laughing.
Lin Tai looked very satisfied.
In fact, in the late period of the Lord's era, each territory was a big family.
The Lord is the master of the family, and the hero is the other family members.
Heroes can live in harmony, which can save the LORD a lot of things.
As the ancients said, home and everything are prosperous!
I waited in the cave for two hours.
Longjing stone mining completed.
The number is 1012 units, which surprised Lin Tai a little.
More than 1000 units of longjingshi, and then go back to brush canglan tree heart, and get enough gold.
A legion of dragon hunters with more than 1000 units was formed.
At that time, shenting territory should be able to enter a stage of rapid development.
Lin Tai was very happy.
Take Chris, Belinda, and all the wolf riders out of the cave.
Then he began to return to the divine court.
As for looking for more Longjing ore, we'd better wait!
Now Lin Tai does not have such conditions.
Dragon Crystal Stone is a kind of rare resources, and it is usually guarded by powerful monsters.
Lin Tai doesn't have a second scroll of forbidden incantation. Even if he finds it, it's hard to get it down.
Therefore, it is important to go back early and enhance our strength.
It's much easier to get out of the juetong mountains than to get in.
What's more, Lin Tai, Belinda and Chris are leading the team.
Chris, in particular, is passive and only works for cavalry.
Now it has been promoted to level 3 by Lin Tai.
The information is as follows: cavalry spirit: a passive skill. It takes itself as the center and forms a field with a radius of 150 meters. All attributes of all cavalry arms in the field are increased by 25%.
More coverage and more attribute promotion.
It happens that the devil wolf knight is a cavalry, and can enjoy Chris's skill increase.
In this way, the fighting power of the magic wolf knight has been improved a lot.
It's more silky to fight.
Out of the juetong mountains, Lin Tai first went to each resource point being collected.
A total of 3550 mining units are divided into seven teams.
Now it's all finished.
Two blue gold resources and five green gold resources.
In the end, 900000 gold coins were harvested.
It's just a big wave of blood for Lin Tai, who has just been consumed.
Then, Lintai, Belinda, and Chris split into three groups.
3550 mining units were dispatched.
Anyway, Lin Tai is a player in the whole Lord era.
All the resource points he saw were his.
Even in order to quickly brush resources, Lin Tai also used a collection acceleration scroll.
Acquisition speed plus 100% for three hours.
Take 500 goblins and green resource points as an example.
It only takes 41 minutes to empty a green resource point.
Under the condition of perfect operation, at least four green resource points can be collected in three hours, that is 400000 resources.
Seven teams, a total of 2.8 million resources.
Not bad!
So Lintai gave the task to Chris and Belinda.
The two are responsible for the mobilization of the collection forces.
When this one is finished, replace it immediately, and strive to maximize the benefits.
And the collection of resources is no longer limited to gold coins, wood, ore, iron ore, food, all of these.
Lin Tai doesn't care about the specific arrangement, he just looks at the results.
Chris and Belinda even arranged to go to the mining together with five hundred wolf knights.
Make the best of everything!
On this side, Lintai has brought Chris and Belinda back to the divine court.
Just back, Lin Tai received the prompt message from the system wizard.
“The duration of the protective shield of shenting territory is only 10 hours. Please prepare in advance before the protective shield disappears.”
Seeing the news, Lin Tai frowned.
The disappearance of the protective cover means that the territory may be attacked sporadically.
Don't underestimate this.
The thief is sick.
“It seems that the city defense equipment has been built.”Lin Tai said in his heart.
Then close the information, and check the current resource information of shenting territory, as follows:
Timber: 395000
Stone: 351000
Iron ore: 368000
Gold coin: 1.302 million
Food: 127000
This time, it turned into the most gold coins, with a total of 1.3 million, which can be used to train dragon hunters and thunder eagles.
Without much nonsense, Lintai immediately found Belinda and explained his idea.
“Dragon Hunter camp, you can start building.”
Belinda smell speech, also not ambiguous, immediately came to Lintai designated position.
Then the construction of the camp began.
The hero's own arms, camp construction needs to be completed by the hero himself.
Under Belinda's operation, the virtual shadow of a training camp gradually appeared in front of the three people.
Chapter 26 the protective cover disappears and the city defense system is built
Thanks for Yanli's great reward and support
Lin Tai is not a stingy person. He directly takes out the construction acceleration scroll and chooses to use it.
Shua, the light fell and disappeared.
The construction of the Dragon Hunter camp has been completed.
Compared to camp goblin, camp goblin.
Only the camp of dragon hunters can be called a real camp.
It's magnificent and comfortable to watch.
Lin Tai explored the specific information as follows:
[dragon Hunter camp]
Equal order: fifth order
Grade: 1
Training unit: 50
Training time: one hour
Training cost: 5000 gold coins, 1 Dragon Crystal Stone, 1 canglan tree heart
Upgrade requirements: 200000 for timber, 200000 for stone, 200000 for iron ore and 200000 for gold coin.
Sure enough, the Dragon hunter is a money burner.
Obviously, training requires more resources than the ordinary level five arms.
But it's a growing service. It's not a problem to be expensive.
Then Lin Tai raised the Dragon Hunter camp to level 2.
“It costs 200000 wood, 200000 stone, 200000 iron ore and 200000 gold coins. The Dragon Hunter camp is upgrading.”
“You have used the construction acceleration scroll. The Dragon Hunter camp has been upgraded to level 2.”
After the upgrade, Lin Tai glanced at his own resources.
There's a million more gold coins.
But there is not much left of wood, stone, iron ore and so on.
Not enough to support the next wave of upgrades and construction.
So Lintai decided to give up upgrading and building.
Instead, they trained 200 units of dragon hunters directly.
As I said before, Lin Tai only has 150 canglan tree hearts, but why can he train 200 units of dragon hunters?
This is due to Lin Tai's gift of careful calculation.
For training arms, the cost of resources is reduced by 50%.
The 50% reduction here is not just a reduction in gold coins.
Even the special resources needed by special arms will also be reduced by 50%.
So in theory, a canglan tree heart and a dragon crystal stone, plus 5000 gold coins, can train two dragon hunters.
Because the training capacity of level 2 dragon Hunter camp is 200 units.
Before upgrading the cAMP level, Lin Tai can only train 200 dragon hunters at most.
So, so, so
An hour later, the first dragon Hunter finished training.
Came out of the camp.
The dress is the same as that of Belinda Yimao whom Lintai met for the first time.
Wearing light blue jungle leather.
With a long bow behind him, he is tall and thin. He has wavy golden hair and a shawl. Two small fairy ears protrude from his hair. He is really cute.
Lin Tai explored the specific information as follows:
[dragon hunter]
Equal order: fifth order
Grade: 1
HP: 4000
Defense: 700
Attack power: 800
Speed: 125
Food consumption: 30
Skill: Lianzhu arrow: she shoots five arrows in a row, causing damage to the designated target, and the damage decreases in turn. If the same target is hit by more than three arrows, it will receive an explosion damage.
Armor piercing arrow: store power for one second, add wind power to the arrow to increase unlimited penetration. After it is launched, it will cause damage to the enemy regardless of defense, and mark the enemy in the next ten seconds. The enemy's defense is reduced by 50%.
Caption: one of the five trump teams in the spirit Kingdom, it is said that he once took part in the Dragon hunting.
The attributes are gorgeous, and the skills fit the Ranger.
Can attack in groups, can break armor, if arranged, one wave can hit explosion damage.
This panel is better than Belinda who was not advanced at the beginning.
Well, here's a word. Heroes and arms are two completely different concepts.
Not all hero's initial attributes are better than arms.
Heroes are better than arms in only three aspects.
One is intelligence, one is unlimited upgrade, and the other is equipable.
Heroes are born with command ability and intelligence no less than human beings, and their level can be increased by more than 10 levels.
Therefore, although a hero's initial attribute may not be as good as that of the arms, his strength will definitely surpass that of the arms when his level is improved and he is equipped.
Looking at the valiant dragon hunter, Lin Tai specially asked Belinda.
What are the advanced conditions for Dragon hunters.
“When you reach level 10, you can advance to level 6, but the level will fall back to level 5.”Belinda said.
Lin Tai raised his eyebrows.
When the upgrade is completed, will the level fall back?
To put it bluntly, it is to use experience to advance!
It's not very difficult. I'll just brush it all the time.
In the next ten hours, shenting territory began to brush resources crazily.
Lintai, Chris, Belinda are three soldiers.
Take all arms to collect resources.
Then ten hours later, when the protective cover of shenting territory disappeared, Lin Tai returned to shenting territory.
He brought back a lot of resources, as follows:
Timber: 2.353 million
Stone: 2.319 million
Iron ore: 2.301 million
Gold coins: 3.928 million.
Food: 363000
This is Lintai, Chris, Belinda. It took ten hours,
In addition, the God level collection aura accelerates by 100%, the collection acceleration scroll accelerates by 100%, the goblin collection accelerates by 20%, and the output after triple acceleration.
Lin Tai is still satisfied.
So now he has returned to the divine court.
Prepare to continue building the territory.
The shield is five minutes away.
Lin Tai first built the city wall.
Without the protective cover, the city wall is the first line of defense to protect the holy court territory from the invasion of monsters.
The current level of shenting territory is level 5.
It covers an area of about 300 meters.
It's big.
Lintai is going to build a wall along this area.
It costs a lot of resources.
The first level of the city wall, about two meters high, will cost 100 units of ore, wood, iron ore and 500 units of gold coins per meter.
So the final consumption is 120000 wood, ore, iron ore, and 600000 gold coins.
Then Lintai began to build the crossbow along the city wall.
This is the most basic urban defense equipment.
“It costs 10000 wood, 10000 stone, 10000 iron ore and 10000 gold coins. The crossbow is under construction.”
“It costs 10000 wood, 10000 stone, 10000 iron ore and 10000 gold coins. The crossbow is under construction…”
Chapter 27 thunder Eagle + dragon Hunter = eagle knight
The effective range of the crossbow is 100 meters.
In other words, Lin Tai had to install at least 12 crossbows on the city wall to cover the whole city wall.
In the early period of the Lord's time, that is, after the disappearance of the territorial shield.
From time to time, random monsters will refresh around the territory and attack it.
But the strength is not high, you can eat it with a crossbow.
What's more, there are so many arms in shenting territory.
Even a small-scale monster siege can resist.
Well, in fact, Lin Tai wants to save some resources for training arms.
After a round of construction, there are still many resources left in shenting territory, as follows:
Timber: 2.113 million
Stone: 2.079 million
Iron ore: 2.061 million
Gold coin: 3208000.
Food: 363000
Then Lintai began to build the thunder Eagle camp.
“It costs 200000 wood, 200000 stone, 200000 iron ore and 200000 gold coins respectively. Thunder Giant Eagle camp is under construction.”
“You have used the construction acceleration scroll. Thunder Eagle camp has been successfully built. The current level is level 1.”
“It costs 400000 wood, 400000 stone, 400000 iron ore, 400000 gold coin, 400000 thunder hawk…”
“You used the build acceleration scroll
“Cost wood, stone, iron ore, gold 800000, thunder giant eagle…”
After several rays of light fall, thunder Giant Eagle cAMP level has been upgraded to level 3. The specific information is as follows:
[thunder Giant Eagle camp]
Equal order: sixth order
Grade: 3
Training unit: 0 / 500
Training time: 60 minutes
Training cost: 6000 gold coins
Upgrade requirements: 1.6 million for timber, 1.6 million for stone, 1.6 million for iron ore and 1.6 million for gold coin.
He's a money burner again.
It took 1.4 million resources to build the third level camp alone.
Not to mention training.
“Training thunder Giant Eagle 500 units, cost 1.5 million gold coins.”(be careful with your talent and reduce the cost of resources by half)
Just for a moment, the gold reserves of shenting territory go straight to the end.
Lin Tai was a little speechless.
Sure enough, gold coins are always the most scarce resource.
However, Lin Tai believes that as long as the thunder eagle can be trained.
His development speed is sure to go a step further.
Apart from other things, thunder hawks are flying arms.
Can we go ahead regardless of the terrain and take Lin Tai with us to further explore, instead of taking off?
This is why Lin Tai must have a flying arm.
At the beginning of training, Lin Tai took out all his training acceleration scrolls.
It's not much. There are only about 50 hours left.
It's still from the treasure chest. The acceleration scroll of building barracks to brush one blood achievement has been used up for a long time.
Smash down all the other acceleration scrolls, and thunder hawk camp keeps lighting up.
Soon, one after another big birds, refresh in the open space in front of the camp.
It's more than five meters long, with a wingspan of nearly ten meters. It's black and gray, several times more powerful than the eagle in the blue star animal world.
Sharp hawk eyes are golden, with the ultimate light.
“It looks very good!”Lin Tai exclaimed, and then looked at the attributes of a thunder giant eagle, as follows:
Thunder Eagle
Equal order: sixth order
Grade: 1
HP: 6000
Defense: 900
Attack power: 1100
Speed: 180
Food consumption: 50
Skill: Hawk Eye: the eyes of thunder hawk have the effect of beyond visual range, and can clearly see things far away. In battle, Hawk Eye is easier to find the enemy's weakness, so it has a 30% chance to cause 1.5 times damage.
Thunderclap: Thunderclap hawk gathers its Thunderclap power with its claws and bird peck. Hitting the target will cause additional electric shock damage and paralysis effect.
(paralyzing effect: reduces the opponent's movement speed by 50% for 2 seconds.)
Caption: giant Eagles living on the edge of thunder field have the power of thunder in their bodies over time.
Glancing at the property panel, Lin Tai said he was very satisfied.
The property panel is gorgeous and the skills are OK.
There's material damage, there's magic damage, there's control.
Although the rank is not too high, it should be enough for Lin Tai to use for a while.
As the light dissipates, 52 thunder eagles have finished training.
As for the remaining 400 odd heads, we can only do it slowly.
No way. Lin Tai has no training acceleration scroll.
Chris and Belinda were also surprised when they saw the thunder eagle.
“The mighty giant eagle is not much different from the Griffin regiment of the Gulan empire.”
“Maybe we can let the thunder hawk carry the Dragon hunter to fight in the air.”
Lin Tai's eyes brightened when he heard the speech.
Let the thunder Eagle carry the Dragon hunter to fight in the air?
That's a good idea.
In the middle and late period of the Lord's time, this kind of playing method was called combination playing method.
It means that if two or more arms work together to fight together, they can often produce more combat effectiveness than one plus one.
Thunder hawk can fly, and it's huge, so it can be used as a means of transportation.
Dragon hunters can't fly. They are small and can ride thunder eagles.
Let the Dragon Hunter ride the thunder eagle, and the Dragon hunter becomes an air force.
It's a long-range attack, the effect is absolutely burst.
“Good idea. Try it now.”Lintai road.
Chris and Belinda are obviously interested in this as well.
So the three men ordered the Dragon hunter to mount the thunder eagle.
The delicate and flexible fairy girls are not ambiguous.
One by one, turn over and mount the horse, bah… Mount the eagle.
Then he became an eagle knight.
“Take off, slow down.”Lin Tai ordered.
The thunder hawk shrieked, then spread its wings and began to take off.
Not to mention, the cooperation between the two sides is quite tacit.
Watching thunder eagle fly a few laps, Lin Tai nodded with satisfaction: “more practice a few times, should be almost.”
As soon as the voice fell, Lintai's ear rang out the prompt sound of the system spirit.
“The protective cover of your territory has failed. For the safety of your territory, please build a wall for your territory and deploy enough arms.”
(360 degrees, no dead angle, for flowers and tickets!)
Chapter 28: the strength of our country has increased dramatically, and we need thousands of basic resources
Lin Tai looked up, and immediately saw that the protective cover that had protected shenting territory for three days was turning into a little bit of light and disappearing.
Three days of protection have passed.
Shenting territory is officially open to the outside world.
At this time, some monsters may refresh around shenting territory to attack the territory.
There may also be some powerful monster nest to target, and then
In a word, the era of Lords is officially beginning from the moment the shield disappears.
Sure enough, a few seconds after the shield disappeared, the thunderhawk, which was flying over the territory, made a sharp call.
That's a warning message. It means there are monsters around the territory.
Lintai takes Chris and Belinda to the wall.
Sure enough, in the south of the forest, dozens of wild boars were found rushing towards this side, and there were sporadic undead monsters approaching this side in the East.
Lin Tai's lips slightly hooked: “just in time!”
After that, Lin Tai ordered the thunder eagle in the air to attack.
Those guys who are eager to fight can't help it for a long time.
At Su Ye's command, he came down from the sky with a dragon hunter on his back.
The Dragon hunter has also drawn his long bow.
The next moment, hundreds of arrows fell from the sky.
Every minute, the wild boars were shot into a sieve.
At the end of the battle, Lin Tai ordered the thunder eagle to land.
Then he looked at Belinda and said, “I need to explore a bigger and wider area. You come with me.”
“What about me, what about me?”Chris on the other side couldn't help shouting.
Lintai coughed softly: “I need a person to guard the territory and be responsible for mobilizing the collection team. Chris, you can stay this time and take you out next time.”
Chris heard the speech, obviously a little reluctant.
But as a soldier, she knew that she should obey Lin Tai's orders.
He nodded: “please don't worry, Lord. I will protect the territory and wait for you here.”
Lintai patted Chris on the shoulder: “the wolf Knights will be given to your commander. If the territory is attacked, remember to transfer them back.”
After that, Lin Tai waved to Belinda, and then they climbed onto thunder eagle.
You can't walk on your own, of course!
This is not Lin Tai's first time to ride a flying arm.
In fact, in the last life, he had the flying arms.
Therefore, Lin Tai has relatively rich air combat experience.
Belinda doesn't look stage fright either.
So they rode the thunder eagle and flew to the West.
Chris watched the thunder Eagle leave, then went down the wall and rode straight to the east resource point.
On this side, Lintai and Belinda took the thunder hawk out for a distance, and then lowered their altitude.
Then, the thunder Eagle began to kill the monster with the Dragon hunter.
Lin Tai, on the other hand, tried to find resource points and treasure boxes when thunder eagle was close to the ground.
These things randomly refresh in any corner of the map, flying in the air can make Lin Tai's vision become broader.
It's easier to find.
No, it's less than an hour.
Lin Tai discovered and marked more than 20 resource points and two treasure boxes.
“Open the green treasure box, get 50000 basic resources, and bronze equipment [tough boots].”
“Open the blue treasure box, gain 20 hours of training acceleration scroll 2, skill stone 1 and 100000 basic resources.”
Opening a treasure chest is one of the fastest ways to accumulate resources and props.
Lin Tai still remembers that there was a strange man in the last life who was born to like opening treasure boxes.
All day long, I ride flying arms to drill into the old woods.
Over time, this guy has accumulated countless colorful props.
Then they sell what they don't need to other lords in exchange for a lot of resources, and then use these resources to develop their own territory.
It's a straight wave.
Of course, it takes a lot of time to find the treasure chest.
And the risk is not low.
I don't know when I will break into the monsters.
Then they are eaten and reborn into their own territory.
Cough, here's a description of the cost of death in the era of Lords.
If the service is dead, it can only be retrained.
If a hero burps his fart, he will lose his rank. If he dies many times in a short time, he will even lose his rank.
If the Lord burps fart, he will also lose rank, and will randomly drop territory resources.
So, the cost of one death is very big.
In a flash of time, it was five days later.
Lintai and Belinda camped out in the wilderness for five days.
During this period, I went back and upgraded the star territory by two levels.
Then trained a large number of dragon hunters and thunder eagles, as well as mining goblins.
Finally, they explored the shenting territory with a radius of 100 kilometers.
Except, of course, the northern part of the shenting territory.
Because it's inside the juetong mountains, Lin Tai is afraid to go in for the time being.
After exploring such a large area, Lin Tai marked countless resource points and monster nests.
There are more than 100 treasure boxes found.
There are tens of millions of resources harvested.
Of course, a large part of it has been put into the construction of shenting territory.
Now, Lintai and Belinda are back in divine court again.
Lin Tai opened all the resource packages in his backpack for the first time.
Then check the territory resource reserve, as follows:
[shenting territory]
Lord: Shura
Grade: 7
Alliance: None
Subordinate territory: None
Number of buildings: 6 / 400
Arms template: Goblin [level 1], plague zombie [Level 2], wolf Knight [level 4], Goblin [level 1], thunder Eagle [level 6], dragon Hunter [level 5]
Accommodation in the city: 13563 / 30000
Timber: 15.632 million
Stone: 15.208 million
Iron ore: 15.07 million
Gold coin: 20.391 million
Food: 6.358 million
Upgrade required: 2 million for timber, 2 million for ore, 2 million for iron ore and 2 million for gold coin.
All the resources have exceeded 10 million, and the gold coin is 20 million, so terrible!
Chapter 29 trade, gathering, war and plunder
(for flowers, for tickets, for everything!)
Don't ask why only these resources were collected in five days.
There is no way to do this. After the collection of resource points, there will be a time for resource regeneration.
12 hours in white, 24 hours in green, 36 hours in blue, 48 hours in purple
In five days, all the resource points near shenting territory were collected.
Chris can only take the collection arms to further places to collect.
And this, need to spend a lot of time on the road.
It's Chris's five days of nonstop running.
It's almost the limit.
In five days, not only has shenting territory saved so many resources.
Development in other areas has also declined.
For example, the ranks of arms camps have been improved. The specific information is as follows:
[dragon Hunter camp]
Equal order: fifth order
Grade: 3
Training unit: 500 / 500
Training time: one hour
Training cost: 5000 gold coins, 1 Dragon Crystal Stone, 1 canglan tree heart
Upgrade requirements: 800000 for timber, 800000 for stone, 800000 for iron ore and 800000 for gold coin.
[thunder Giant Eagle camp]
Equal order: sixth order
Grade: 3
Training unit: 500 / 500
Training time: 60 minutes
Training cost: 6000 gold coins
Upgrade requirements: 1.6 million for timber, 1.6 million for stone, 1.6 million for iron ore and 1.6 million for gold coin.
[goblin camp]
Equal order: first order
Grade: 7
Training unit: 12000 / 12000
Training cost: 50 gold coins
Training time: 1 minute
Upgrade required: timber, ore, iron ore, gold each 500000.
Among them, the level of dragon Hunter camp and thunder Giant Eagle camp is level 3.
Seeing this, you may ask why there are tens of millions of resources, so we don't upgrade the cAMP level and train more arms.
There's a reason for that.
Construction time and training time.
You know, now Lin Tai, the only props that can reduce training time and construction time are training acceleration scroll and construction acceleration scroll.
These two things are very precious. Lin Tai opened more than 100 treasure boxes and only got more than 1000 hours.
More than 1000 hours, to tell you the truth is really not much.
So Lintai put most of the acceleration scrolls into the territory upgrade and the goblin camp upgrade and training.
The purpose of raising the territory level is to raise the level of the goblin camp.
Raising the level of goblin camp is to train more goblins for mining.
The priority is higher than the Dragon hunter and thunder hawk.
Therefore, the current level of shenting territory is level 7, and it has been upgraded to level 8.
The upgrade time is five days.
The thief is sick.
Dragon Hunter camp and thunder Giant Eagle camp are also upgrading. The upgrading time is three days.
Apart from other things, this upgrade time alone is enough to kill people.
Therefore, Lin Tai's next plan is to prepare these accumulated resources to summon mysterious merchants.
Let's see if we can get some acceleration props.
Otherwise, it's really painful to wait for the upgrade.
Of course, before that, Lin Tai is going to collect more resources for trading, otherwise he will be embarrassed if he can't afford anything.
After all, the mysterious merchant calls once, and it takes 30 days to call again.
Of course, it takes a big shopping.
As for the resources needed to buy props, please rest assured that Lin Tai now has 12000 units of goblins.
If you add 100% acceleration to the collection aura of God and 20% acceleration to the collection of goblin race.
12000 units of goblins can collect 28800 units of resources per minute for Lintai.
In one day, there are 288006024, more than 40 million resources.
But not so much.
Because the resource points need to be refreshed after collection, the collection troops need to hurry up, and the resources need to be transported back to the city.
40 million, just the ideal number.
In fact, it would be nice to have a ten million.
In two or three days, we should be able to increase our resource reserves.
While taking advantage of this gathering time, Lin Tai is ready to take thunder giant eagle and dragon hunter to practice well.
Especially dragon hunters.
This is Belinda's own arms. When fighting with Belinda, you can get 20% attribute bonus.
And it is also a kind of growing arms, which can be advanced to level 6, level 7, and even level 8.
So Lintai is going to raise it.
In addition, in the process of mapping before Lin Tai, the team's level has also been improved a lot.
The specific information is as follows:
Race: Human
Territory: shenting territory
Occupation: ice fire god
Rating: 16
HP: 36000
Defense: 3300
Attack power: 3800
Speed: 126
Skill: burst fireball (lv4): summon the fire factor floating in the air, become violent under the blessing of magic power, attack the designated target within a radius of 45 meters, cause a lot of damage, and 100% additional burning effect.
(burning effect: loses 4.5% of maximum health damage per second for 3 seconds. Can stack up to 3 levels.)
Ice sting: when you call ice sting within a radius of 45 meters with yourself as the center, the ice sting will come out from the ground and cause penetrating damage to the target. At the same time, it will reduce the target's movement speed by 50% and have a 33% chance to freeze for one second.
Belinda's level has been raised to level 9, Chris's level 8, which is not far from level 10.
Other arms, such as dragon hunters, have an average level of about level 4.
This is not enough. Lin Tai is waiting for them to advance to the sixth level!
Therefore, the level still needs to be practiced, just taking advantage of the time when mining is waiting for the mysterious merchant.
Thinking of this, Lin Tai did not hesitate.
Close the territory's information panel.
Then go find Belinda.
Take her on the thunder eagle and get ready to go.
“Lord, where are we going today?”Asked Belinda.
These days, she has been used to the feeling of being led around by Lin Tai.
It's pretty good.
Lin Tai looked at the big forest to the south of shenting territory: “today, I'll clean up the monster territory I found by the way.”
Belinda nodded: “I see!”
Then, at Lin Tai's command, thunder Eagle sped up.
Take Lintai, Belinda, and the Dragon Hunter straight to Lintai's marker.
It's a monster nest.
Plunder the monster nest, you can get a lot of resources, as well as the chance to get props.
Therefore, the Lords with enough strength will take this as one of the main development directions after the establishment of the Legion.
There are three main development directions in the era of Lord: trade, collection and war plunder.
Trade development, need to wait for the main city auction house, as well as the market system opened before.
Usually, the way to play is to hoard some props and then sell them to earn the price difference.
Chapter 30 Belinda upgrade, armor breaking arrow rain
Gathering is the simplest, but also the most dangerous way to play. It's easy to be watched by some Lords.
Generally speaking, in the era of Lord, collecting was the main development route of the territory.
Will give priority to training a large number of low-level units for resource collection.
However, because a large number of low-level acquisition units are trained, the training time of high-level units will be occupied.
Therefore, this kind of territory has a lot of reserve resources, but its defense is generally not strong.
Once targeted, it's easy to break.
And then plundered
Therefore, the main development route of the territory is gathering, which is generally sheltered by the alliance.
It's dedicated to providing resource support for the big guys in the league.
At the same time, in exchange for the protection of the big guys and the alliance.
Finally, the game of war plunder.
This is even more simple and crude.
Every day's task is to fight, fight constantly.
Fight monsters, fight Lords.
Capture territory, plunder resources, and then provide for their own development.
This kind of play is the main development route of the territory, the casualty rate of arms will be relatively high, and it is easy to cause public anger.
However, as long as the strength is strong enough, it is also one of the fastest growing routes.
We're going to start from the divine court territory in a few minutes.
Lin Tai led the team to the first marked monster nest.
Canglan tree people's nest in the fifth level.
Lin Tai just lacks a group of canglan tree hearts to train dragon hunters.
No need to say, under Su Ye's order.
The thunder Eagles folded their wings, their huge bodies turned into a shell because of inertia, and rushed straight to the ground.
The Dragon hunters are now ready to fight.
After the canglanshu entered the range, the attack began.
Whew, whew!
Dense arrows fell from the sky.
Quickly shrouded in a large area of the jungle canglan tree people.
There's a lot of damage coming out.
Wake up these sleepy guys.
“Attack together, make a quick decision!”Lintai looks at Belinda.
The latter understood and took off the sunset bow on his back.
After the accumulation of force, a burst shot flew out.
Three or four canglan trees run through in an instant.
High amount of damage comes out, and the unlucky ones who are hit are killed directly.
The battle officially began, and canglan tree people gathered in the jungle below were awakened one after another.
There are thousands of them.
Among them, there are three canglan Shuren kings.
It's waving the vines and throwing them in the air.
I want to roll the thunder eagle flying in the air, and then pull it down.
Unfortunately, thunder Hawk has rich experience in combat, and its speed is extremely fast.
Canglanshu people can't catch it at all.
The battle is going on fast.
A head of canglanshu was killed.
It also includes canglan Shuren king.
Even hundreds of thousands of health.
Under the double attack of dragon hunter and thunder hawk, they can't hold on for a long time.
What's more, there is Lin Tai, the God of ice and fire!
One by one, the fireballs dropped from the sky, just like the bombers, attacking all the canglanshu people below without difference.
In a short period of time, canglanshu people were seriously injured.
Huge amounts of experience emerge from their corpses and pour into the fighting arms.
I don't know how many canglanshu people were killed.
Belinda, not far away from Lintai, suddenly let out a coquettish sound.
The next moment, a wave of dense golden arrow rain was launched by her.
Shua will cover a large area.
And then a lot of red critical damage comes out.
Dozens of white light, it was killed canglan tree people.
“Lying trough!”
Seeing this scene, Lin Tai couldn't help saying something rude.
He remembered that Belinda didn't have the skill.
Is it… Upgraded?
Thinking of this, Lin Tai quickly explores Belinda's information.
Sure enough, Belinda has reached level 10.
The second skill is as follows:
Template: SSS
Occupation: Dragon Hunter
Bring your own arms: [level 5 dragon hunter] can grow.
Rating: 10
HP: 25000
Defense: 2200
Attack power: 2500
Speed: 160
Skill: burst Slam (LV3): temporarily store power for two seconds, add wind and fire attribute power to the arrow, and deal 10 times damage to the target in a straight line.
Armor piercing arrow rain: releases arrow rain on the area with a specified radius of 30 meters. This skill deals 100% critical damage and adds armor piercing effect to the hit target.
Armor breaking effect: reduces enemy's defense by 30% for 2 seconds
Description: inheriting the blood in the legend of the spirit Kingdom, it has high status and strong strength. It was once the secret force of the spirit kingdom to resist the invasion of the Dragon nationality.
Attribute greatly increased, and one more skill, armor piercing arrow rain.
It should be the skill Belinda released just now.
It has a radius of 30 meters, 100% critical hit and additional armor breaking effect.
It's another smashing skill.
When the damage is enough, it's a big one in a second.
So terrible, so terrible!
“Don't tell me when you upgrade!”Lin Tai turns off Belinda's information panel and looks at her.
The latter grinned: “don't you want to surprise the Lord?”
Lintai turned his lips.
Belinda has the group attack skill, and is a super damage group attack skill.
In the next battle, the pace was much faster.
In less than ten minutes, thousands of canglanshu people were successfully annihilated.
The three headed canglan tree Man Wang was also spared.
I was killed.
Then, it's time to pick up the spoils.
Basic resources are everywhere.
It is also mixed with canglan tree heart, as well as some props.
Lin Tai deliberately landed at the place where Wang belch farted.
If so, a lot of falling objects have been found here.
“Canglan Shuxin 150, 50 hour training acceleration scroll 2, 50 hour construction acceleration scroll 3, gold equipment treasure chest 3, forbidden curse scroll 3, basic resources 600000 each…”
Chapter 31 treasure hunter, treasure map
(the flowers are seven hundred plus more short, and the old friends who pass by will take a walk!)
Drop resources, props are very rich.
Lin Tai picked up one by one, and then opened three gold treasure boxes.
“You have opened the golden treasure chest and won lion's shield, thorn skin armor and windbreaker boots.”
[lion shield]
Rank: Gold
Applicable Occupation: Warrior, knight, shield warrior
Description: increases all attributes by 6% when equipped.
Additional effect: Guardian of the lion: when the health value drops to 50%, you can gain a shield with 30% of the maximum health value, and slowly recover 10% of the maximum health value for one minute.
[Acanthopanax trifoliata]
Rank: Gold
Applicable Occupation: assassin, Ranger
Description: increases all attributes by 6% when equipped.
Additional effect: counter damage: every time you receive damage, 50% of the damage will be returned to the enemy.
[Yufeng boots]
Rank: Gold
Applicable Occupation: all
Description: increases all attributes by 6% when equipped.
Additional effect: resist the wind: activate the resist the wind skill to increase your speed by 10% for 20 seconds.
“Lion shield for Chris, bramble skin armor, windbreaker for Belinda.”Lin Tai's secret way.
As for himself, Keke, nothing can be used.
Anyway, Lin Tai went through all kinds of treasure boxes for five days.
He has assembled a set of equipment.
But except for weapons and boots, the others are bronze and silver, and have no additional effect.
Use it first!
We'll see if we can recruit a hero who can build equipment.
Soon, the booty was finished, and there were more than 300 canglan tree hearts.
Other basic resources add up to 6.7 million.
Lintai put it away, then went to Belinda and handed her the windbreaker boots and the thorn skin armor: “here you are, equip it!”
Belinda was delighted and quickly took over the change.
Then they led the team off again.
Next, fourth level jungle Python nest, exterminate.
Next, level five shadow tiger nest, destroy.
Next, stone giant nest, destroy
For two days, Lintai and Belinda were either attacking the monster's nest or on their way to it.
After many hard battles, the harvest is gratifying.
The first is basic resources. There are tens of millions of basic resources obtained by killing monsters and destroying nests.
Then there are all kinds of booty, skill stones, cursing scrolls, equipment, and even arms.
When attacking the swamp crocodile, a branch template was dropped.
Fourth order swamp crocodile, but Lin Tai can't use it, waiting to return to the auction house.
Finally, there is hierarchy.
The average level of a dragon hunter is level 7, and that of a thunder Hawk is level 6.
Belinda is at level 13.
As for Lin Tai, he has successfully reached level 20 and learned a new skill. The details are as follows:
Race: Human
Territory: shenting territory
Occupation: ice fire god
Rating: 20
HP: 44000
Defense: 4000
Attack power: 4200
Speed: 130
Skill: burst fireball (lv4): summon the fire factor floating in the air, become violent under the blessing of magic power, attack the designated target within a radius of 45 meters, cause a lot of damage, and 100% additional burning effect.
(burning effect: loses 4.5% of maximum health damage per second for 3 seconds. Can stack up to 3 levels.)
Ice cone sting (lv4): when you summon an ice sting within a radius of 45 meters with yourself as the center, the ice sting will come out from the ground and cause penetrating damage to the target. At the same time, it will also reduce the target's movement speed by 50% and have a 33% chance to freeze for one second.
Igneous lava (LV3): Summon lava to an area with a specified radius of 40 meters. Enemies in this area will continue to suffer burning damage, and the damage will gradually increase until the target dies or leaves the attack range.
Like Belinda's armor piercing arrow rain, lava is also a range attack ability.
And the damage is very high.
Lin Tai has experimented many times.
Take the slow-moving canglan Shuren as an example.
A fire lava down, ordinary canglan tree people adhere to less than three seconds, will be burned to death.
Even the blood ox canglan Shuren king will lose more than one third of his health value if he continues to use one skill.
That's enough to see how much damage this ability does.
At this moment, Lintai and Belinda have returned to the divine court to join Chris.
“Lord, you are back at last.”Chris came down from his horse, put his right hand on his chest and made a perfect chivalry.
Lin Tai coughed softly: “I left this period of time, the territory is nothing wrong!”
Chris shook his head: “nothing serious, but yesterday, the territory was attacked by a wave of treasure hunters, causing some damage to the west wall.”
“Treasure hunter?”Lin Tai frowned: “aren't these guys only interested in treasure?How did you attack here? ”
Chris shook his head: “I don't know exactly why, but I got this after I killed their leader.”
With that, Chris took out a map and gave it to Lintai. At the same time, he said, “this may be a treasure map with several dots on it.”
Lin Tai fixed his eyes on it.
On the parchment map, there are some red dots.
According to the terrain analysis, this should be the map centered on the juetong mountains.
There are several red spots in the juetong mountains.
See here, Lin Tai eyes flash a light.
He had known for a long time that there were good things in the juetong mountains.
It seems that we really need a chance to have a good look.
As for now, it's important to summon the mysterious businessman.
So Lin Tai put the map away, and then took out a lot of equipment from his backpack and put it in front of Chris: “pick whatever you like, take whatever you like.”
Chris's eyes are full.
Wow, I fell into a lot of equipment.
“This shield is much cooler than mine. I love it.”
“And this set of armour is gold equipment. I want it too.”
“Weapon, weapon, I need a weapon, found it…”
Chapter 32 unique props: time hourglass
(this chapter is the chapter of 500 plus more votes.)
While Chris is looking for equipment, Lintai opens the information panel of shenting territory to check the resource reserve.
As Lin Tai expected, it was very rich. The details are as follows:
Timber: 22.033 million
Stone: 21.203 million
Iron ore: 2001.9 million
Gold coin: 25.361 million
Food: 9.364 million
Timber, stone, iron ore exceeded 20 million, and gold coins reached 25 million.
There are nearly ten million foods.
The data looks gorgeous.
But to be honest, it covers almost all the resources within a radius of 50 kilometers with shenting territory as the center.
In this range, most of the resource points have entered the refresh time.
There's no way to collect it for a while.
“It seems that we should find the position of the altar early and occupy it quickly after the altar is opened.”Lin Tai said in his heart.
The altar can be understood as a super large resource point.
After occupation, you can gain a lot of resources, as well as speed up props, equipment, and even arms.
It's one of the hottest things in the Lord's time.
However, to occupy the altar, the difficulty coefficient is super high.
First of all, you have to kill the monster and boss who guard the altar.
Then you can collect resources and get all kinds of props.
But you think it's over here?Can you get all kinds of resources with peace of mind?
No, no, no, I think too much.
At this time, the world proclamation will announce the coordinates of the altar you occupied, and then attract a large number of other lords to compete.
The altar is open and anyone can fight it.
When you occupy it, you become a thorn in the flesh of other lords.
Therefore, it is impossible to occupy the altar without strength.
Shaking his head, Lin Tai takes out the keepsake of the mysterious businessman Gesang.
It's time for a wave of shopping.
This thing cools down for up to 30 days, early call, early cool down.
Without much nonsense, Lin Tai went to the open space outside the territory hall and chose to call: “come out, Fortune Cat.”
As soon as the voice fell, a six pointed star transmission array appeared in front of Lin Tai.
The next moment, the teleport rotates slowly.
A shadow came out of the teleport.
It's gesan.
This guy is still the same. He's wearing a black cloak and can't see his face clearly.
As soon as he saw Lin Tai, Gesang bowed and saluted: “dear Lord, I didn't expect that we would meet so soon.”
Lin Tai curled his lips: “don't talk nonsense, let me see what good things you have brought.”
Gesang laughed, his voice was hoarse and dry: “you promise that you will be satisfied, but you only have ten minutes to choose. After ten minutes, I will leave.”
“Only ten minutes?”Lintai frowned.
Gosh, Gesang is a fool.
At that moment, Lin Tai did not care so much. He quickly looked at the commodity column that Gesang had refreshed.
At the next moment, Lintai's eyes were shining.
There are so many good things!
Time hourglass
Description: unique prop, which can reduce 50% of the training time and construction time of arms.
Price: one hundred million basic resources, Hellfire 100, dragon scale 100, explosive gem 500, ice gem 500.
[level B hero chest]
Description: after opening, you can randomly recruit a level B hero.
Price: three million gold coins.
[storm crossbow]
Description: with this drawing, you can build upgraded storm crossbow.
Price: six million gold coins.
[build acceleration scroll in 100 hours]
Description: a total of 100 hours of construction time can be reduced.
Price: 2.5 million gold coins.
[territory relocation order]
Description: after use, you can move the territory to the designated location, but you need to ensure that there is no monster activity near the designated location. You can only use it once.
Price: 3 million basic resources.
Looking at these goods, Lin Tai has a rich expression.
To be honest, he wants all these things.
Especially the hourglass at that time.
The only prop, the role is to reduce 50% of the construction time and training time.
If you don't say anything else, it's already SSS level talent.
If you can buy it, how many acceleration scrolls will you have to save!
Unfortunately, it's too expensive.
One hundred million basic resources, to say the least, is one hundred million wood, one hundred million ore, one hundred million iron ore and one hundred million gold coins.
Give Lintai enough time, he can get it together.
However, in addition to basic resources, those special materials are difficult to make!
Explosion burning gem, hell fire, these things Lin Tai has never seen, where to find?
But Lin Tai was really greedy for this, so he asked, “do you know the source of these materials?”
Gesang said with a smile: “yes, as long as you buy a map of the Lord's time, you will know all about it. The price is only 5 million basic resources!”
Lin Tai is speechless. Sure enough, a unscrupulous businessman is a unscrupulous businessman.
Either on the way or on the way.
“I'll take it cheaper. Besides, keep it for me. Next time, next call, I'll definitely buy it.”Lintai road.
“This is OK, but you need to lock this product, otherwise I can't guarantee that it will be bought or refreshed by other customers.”Gesang said with a sly smile.
Lin Tai frowned at the words.
To be honest, he didn't deal with the mysterious businessman too many times.
But I also know some of the settings of the mysterious businessman.
One of them is the mysterious merchant's merchandise.
Basically, it's different every time.
For example, last time and this time, although there were duplicate products, most of them were different.
That is to say, if Lin Tai doesn't buy the hourglass this time, the next time he summons the mysterious merchant.
It's very likely that this thing will be refreshed.
“How can I lock it?”Lin Tai asked.
This kind of good thing, Lin Tai is willing to pay some price to lock.
Chapter 33 blood earning, blood earning, lying trough
New day, for flowers, for tickets, for everything
“The lock product function is limited to customers with mysterious merchant keepsake. If you lock the product with keepsake, it will not be refreshed or purchased, but the lock product will extend the three-day cooling time of keepsake.”Gersan road.
“Three days?”Lin Tai has long known that the keepsake of the mysterious businessman is not simple.
It seems so.
It only takes three days to cool down. It doesn't matter. It's a big deal that Lintai saves three more days of resources.
“All right, lock me in.”Lintai road.
“As you wish!”
As soon as the voice fell, the time hourglass on the commodity column was marked with a lock.
It means that the product is locked.
Then Lin Tai began to buy the goods he needed.
[level B hero's treasure box] buy it, give a 20% discount, and 2.1 million gold coins will be sold.
There will be too many heroes without lords, even if they are only level B heroes.
[drawing of storm crossbow], buy it, and get 4.2 million gold coins at a 70% discount.
With this thing, Lin Tai can build a special building storm crossbow. His comprehensive strength must surpass that of ordinary crossbows. Of course, he can't let it go.
[100 hour construction acceleration scroll] there are three in total. If you buy it, you will get a 20% discount, and 5.25 million gold coins will be sold.
Speed up the scroll. Lintai is short of it now.
[territory relocation order], buy it and get a 20% discount on 2.1 million basic resources.
What Lin Tai always wanted could be moved to the city once.
When it's time to move into the interior of juetong mountain range, it's up to this thing
Lin Tai has a lot of resources this time. Basically, except for the time hourglass, which needs a lot of resources and special materials to buy, others can afford it.
In particular, Lin Tai won the acceleration scroll and acquisition scroll, and there was no one left.
Speed up the scroll can speed up his development and strength.
The collection scroll is saved for use when the altar is occupied.
Five minutes later, Lintai finished cleaning.
Two thirds of the resources are used.
Nearly half of the goods Gesang brought into Lintai's backpack.
In general, the harvest is not bad.
In the process of purchasing, Lin Tai also found a commodity worth locking.
[the keepsake of Cathy the flower fairy]
Description: after use, can summon S-level hero, flower fairy Kathy.
Price: 10 million basic resources, 100 bright red buds, 100 tree spirit heart.
S-class hero, although a little expensive, but absolutely worth the money.
Lin Tai can take out the resources.
It's important to collect the bright red flower buds and the heart of the tree spirit.
Two items have been locked, and the token cooling time has been extended for six days.
In other words, it will take Lintai 36 days to summon Gesang again.
Finally, Lintai looked at Gesang: “now, take out the map you just said!”
Gesang laughed and waved his big hand. There was a big roll of parchment in his hand.
“Dear Lord, this is my private treasure. I've traveled to different continents and painted it myself. If I were anyone but you, I would never sell it…”
Seeing Gesang about to boast, Lintai quickly stopped: “get it, you can say how much, I'll take it.”
“Five million basic resources.”Gersan road.
“30% off is 3.5 million. I'll take it.”
As soon as Lin Tai's voice fell, he was opposed by Gesang: “no, it's my blood essence for ten years. I won't sell it for less than a cent.”
Lin Tai speechless, white Gesang one eye: “you don't forget, I am your life-saving benefactor.”
Gesang gritted his teeth and glanced his head to one side: “that's two different things. Anyway, you can't lose a cent. In addition, I can guarantee that this thing is worth the money. You won't regret it if you buy it.”
Lin Tai took a look at the resources he had left, but he could afford them. He thought of the hourglass and Cathy.
Those two things need special materials to buy.
Although Lin Tai was born again, he is not an encyclopedia. How can he know so much.
Therefore, Lin Tai urgently needs a prop that can take him to find those materials.
“Unscrupulous businessman, it's a deal!”Lin Tai scolded secretly.
After that, the two sides reached a deal.
“This transaction is over, welcome to come again next time!”Gesang grinned and disappeared into the six pointed star formation.
Lintai frowned. He always felt that there was something wrong with Gesang's last smile.
No, he really has five million resources!
“If you mess with me, I'll send you to the necromancer next time.”Lin Tai said fiercely.
Then he opened gesan's parchment map.
When he opened it, Lin Tai was shocked, followed by ecstasy.
“Blood earned, blood earned, lying trough!”
I thought the parchment was just a simple map.
But after I opened it, I knew that there was something in it.
First, it depicts all the regions and continents of the Lord's time.
In these areas, the distribution of monsters, as well as all kinds of falling objects are clearly marked.
Most importantly, Lin Tai also saw the refresh site of the altar on it.
You know, the altar is a random refresh.
This map, however, marks several places where the altar is often refreshed.
Combined with the memory of shanglintai's last life, isn't it easy to find the altar?
In addition, there are entrances to other worlds, some of which can be seen on the map.
This information can't be found on the map of the system.
It can be said that this parchment map is really worth the money.
Love, love!
Then Lin Tai went out of his way to look at the distribution of materials needed to buy hourglass and flower fairy Cathy.
Fortunately, it's not far from shenting territory.
Several of them are even in the juetong mountains behind the shenting territory.
No way, who let juetong mountain be the ancient battlefield!
How many races have been buried here.
It's normal to find those precious and rare materials.
After a few eyes, Lin Tai put away the parchment.
It doesn't matter if you look for materials.
Now it is important to train more arms.
Then study the treasure map lost by the treasure hunter.
Hehe, treasure digging is the most interesting, isn't it?
Chapter 34 auxiliary Hero: grace the administrator
(for flowers, for tickets, for everything!)
After seeing Gesang off, Lintai opens the territory panel to check the resource reserve, as follows:
Timber: 6.853 million
Stone: 5.923 million
Iron ore: 5.359 million
Gold coin: 5.921 million
Food: 5.104 million
Fortunately, there are millions of resources left.
It can maintain the operation of the star territory.
Then Lin Tai came to the upgraded thunder Giant Eagle camp and dragon Hunter camp. The specific information is as follows:
[dragon Hunter camp]
Equal order: fifth order
Grade: 4
Training unit: 500 / 2000
Training time: one hour
Training cost: 5000 gold coins, 1 Dragon Crystal Stone, 1 canglan tree heart
Upgrade requirements: 1.6 million for timber, 1.6 million for ore, 1.6 million for iron ore and 1.6 million for gold coin.
[thunder Giant Eagle camp]
Equal order: sixth order
Grade: 4
Training unit: 500 / 2000
Training time: 60 minutes
Training cost: 6000 gold coins
Upgrade requirements: 3.2 million for timber, 3.2 million for stone, 3.2 million for iron ore and 3.2 million for gold coin.
A level 4 camp can train 2000 units of arms.
Don't talk too much, just do it.
To match the thunder hawk with the Dragon hunter.
So Lintai decided to train the same number of two arms.
“It costs 2.5 million gold coins to train 1000 units of dragon hunters.”(be careful with your talent and reduce resource consumption by 50%.)
“Training thunder Giant Eagle 1000 units, cost 3 million gold coins.”(be careful with your talent and reduce resource consumption by 50%.)
At the beginning of training, Lin Tai's gold resources were almost used up.
There's 400000 left.
So Lin Tai came to the wall and opened the information panel of giant crossbow.
There is an advanced option on it.
The ordinary crossbow can be upgraded to storm crossbow at a cost of 50000 basic resources.
Lin Tai had few resources left, so he tried to upgrade one of the crossbows.
At the beginning of the upgrade, Lintai uses the build acceleration scroll to quickly skip the upgrade time.
A light fell, and a brand new crossbow appeared in front of Lin Tai.
It's much bigger than the ordinary crossbow.
And it's covered with mysterious blue patterns.
Even Lintai felt the power of magic on the storm crossbow.
Check the information as follows:
[storm crossbow]
Grade: 2
Injury: 1300
Range: 210m
Additional special effects: Storm strike: when attacking, you have a 30% chance to start a storm strike, causing 1.5 times of damage to the hit target. At the same time, it also adds magic damage of wind attribute.
Then Lin Tai compared the information of the ordinary crossbow as follows:
[giant crossbow]
Grade: 2
Damage: 800
Range: 110m
Additional effects: None
Damage increased by 500 at the same level.
The range was extended by 100 meters.
The most important thing is an extra special effect.
The magic damage that can add wind attribute is enough to increase the damage of crossbow to another level.
Good thing!
Then, Lin Tai did not hesitate to upgrade the seven crossbows around shenting territory with the remaining 350000 gold coins.
Average distribution, ensure that the range of storm crossbow can cover the whole field.
After that, Lin Tai came down from the city wall and went into the Lord's hall.
Then take out the level B hero treasure box and open it directly.
“You have opened the class B hero treasure box and successfully recruited the class B hero [administrator grace].”
“As you are the player who recruits the third hero, you will get the following rewards: [hero advanced gem 1], [intermediate Resource Pack 1]”
“World bulletin generating…”
“Player Shura successfully recruits the third hero in full service and will get the following rewards…”
Waiting for the creaking world announcement to fall.
Lin Tai looked at a slender shadow in front of him.
She was slim, dressed in robes and had long hair.
Another heroine.
After seeing Lintai, the heroine named grace saluted Lintai: “administrator grace, I've seen your Lord.”
Lintai's brow is light, chief executive, grace?
There's nothing special about grace. It's the administrator that matters.
It doesn't seem like a fighting profession.
“Is it a rare auxiliary hero?”Lin Tai said in his heart.
In order to verify his conjecture, Lintai quickly checked Grace's attribute information, as follows:
Template grade: B
Occupation: Logistics Administrator
Grade: 1
HP: 1500
Defense: 250
Attack power: 200
Speed: 120
Skill: Marching speed up: the marching speed of friendly troops walking with grace is increased by 20%.
Caption: an administrator from the Logistics Corps of the Quran Empire, who has his own unique arrangement for resource collection, transportation, marching and other logistics affairs.
Seeing this information, Lin Tai smiles.
He guessed right.
This is really an auxiliary hero.
In the setting of the era of Lords, heroes are mainly divided into two types, one is combat hero, the other is auxiliary hero.
The former is mainly responsible for leading troops to attack, kill monsters and become stronger. Belinda and Chris, for example, are all heroes of this type.
The auxiliary hero, this kind of hero, is not good at fighting.
But just because you're not good at fighting doesn't mean this kind of hero is bad.
On the contrary, a good auxiliary hero is even more important to the development of territory than a fighting hero.
Auxiliary heroes usually have some auxiliary skills.
For example, grace, the administrator that Lintai summoned now.
Can increase marching speed by 20%.
Don't underestimate the 20% growth rate.
It can save a lot of marching time.
For example, you find an altar at some coordinates.
Other lords were also found.
When you get the news, you all set out at the same time to take possession of the altar.
However, it takes a certain amount of marching time to get to the altar.
And you have auxiliary heroes to increase the speed of the March, arrive at the altar one step ahead of time, and then
Therefore, don't underestimate any hero, even the auxiliary hero.
Under the pressure of surprise, Lintai pulls grace up.
But before Lintai could speak, Chris ran in from the door: “Lord, the meal is ready, please use it…”
As soon as he entered the door, Chris saw grace in front of Lintai.
Chapter 35 is Chris in love with Lintai?
“This is…” Chris asked, pointing to grace.
“The Logistics Administrator of the future territory, grace!”Lin Tai said.
After hearing this, Chris held out his hand to grace: “Hello, I'm Chris, the cavalry captain under the Lord. We'll be comrades in arms from now on.”
“Hello!I am a logistics administrator. Fighting is not my strong point, but I can arrange all the logistics affairs for the Lord. “Grace said with a smile.
As an administrator, negotiation is her strong point.
In a few words, I got close to Chris.
“Lord, grace, come quickly. Belinda has finished the meal. It's a rare delicacy.”Said Chris.
Lintai nods, shouts grace and goes to the kitchen.
These days, Lintai has brought Belinda's talent into full play.
It's basically about food. It's all made by Belinda.
As he walked, Lintai took out a hero's advanced gem that grace had been summoned to get and decided to use it on Chris.
She is now at SS level, so she can be upgraded to SSS level with a higher priority.
As for grace, she is also one of Lintai's key development targets.
We'll talk about it later!
“You used the hero advanced gem for your hero Chris, and Chris template was upgraded to SSS level.”The system wizard's prompt sounds.
Chris's got a lot of gold and a lot of strength.
Lin Tai inquired about the girl's attributes as follows:
Template: SSS
Occupation: Royal cavalry
Grade: 8
HP: 27000
Defense: 3500
Attack power: 3000
Speed: 178
Skill: cavalry spirit (LV3): passive skill, self-centered, forms a field with a radius of 160 meters. All attributes of all cavalry arms in the field are increased by 22%.
Caption: from the Royal cavalry battalion of the Quran Empire, although he is young, he is already a general with outstanding military achievements, commanding a large number of Royal cavalry.
With the completion of the upgrade, Chris's attributes are greatly increased.
Lin Tai is very satisfied.
Chris himself was excited and yelled: “Lord, thank you so much.”
Said, this wench's gratitude feeling has no place to vent, unexpectedly toward Lin Tai pounced on to come over.
Then take Lin Tai's neck.
To his face, Baji is a mouthful.
After the success, the little girl seems to be aware of something, like running away.
Only Lintai, who was in a mess in the wind, and grace, who had not adapted to it, were left behind.
Damn, I'm new here. Do I see such a powerful drama?
And Lin Tai, at the moment is not laughing and crying, wiped a wet face, murmured: “this little girl will not like me!”
But then again, it seems that he is not in a bad position!
Chris is in his twenties and eighties. He wants to be in shape and look.
It's like a goddess template.
If something could happen, would Lin Tai refuse?
That's what a fool does. OK!
Anyway, in the last life, it's not uncommon that something happened between the Lord and the hero of the opposite sex.
But what Lintai doesn't know is that what happened to Chris just now fell into Belinda's eyes.
For a moment, it made the elf girl look complicated.
Compared with Chris, as a fairy, she is more reserved.
Especially the release of their feelings, especially implicit.
Mingming is very fond of Lin Tai, but he never dares to cross the border.
Chris, on the contrary, is much bolder.
So just now
Lintai didn't care. He took grace to the kitchen.
And then we started eating.
As for Chris, God knows where the girl is.
Time flies, it's the next day!
Lin Tai smashed all the training acceleration scrolls into the thunder hawk and dragon Hunter camps.
Now, the number of trained dragon hunters and thunder hawks is 1000 units.
Lin Tai was offline for hours last night.
I had a good rest.
With the public beta of the era of Lords getting closer, there are more and more hot spots about the era of Lords on the whole network.
Like the last life, this game will change the world.
But Lin Tai, enters the game ahead of time a month, he will change the game.
After making sure everything was ok, Lin Tai took a six hour break in the real world and went back online.
Today, Lin Tai decided to dig for treasure.
Lin Tai has studied the treasure map that Chris exploded from the treasure hunter leader.
There are still five treasures.
Three of them are inside the top of the mountain.
Two on the edge of the pinnacle.
Today, dig them all out.
Because of Grace's reasons, Lintai decided to take Chris with him in this exploration.
Grice is in charge of the collection, transportation and other logistics.
In order to ensure her safety, Lin Tai left a hundred thunder eagles and a hundred dragon hunters for Chris to dispatch.
The other nine hundred thunder eagles and dragon hunters were led by Lintai, Chris and Belinda to the first treasure spot on the edge of juetong mountain.
The team skimmed through the air.
It was soon over the treasure.
And then it lands.
As expected, a large number of undead monsters are occupying the place marked with treasure.
There are levels from level 2 to level 6.
The number is about two thousand.
Without saying much, Lin Tai directly ordered: “fight quickly and make a quick decision.”
Belinda can't bear it for a long time.
Take the falling sun bow, raise your hand is a armor breaking arrow rain.
Whew, whew!
Dense arrow rain fell, covering a circular area of tens of meters.
Undead monsters in this range are hit hard one after another.
Those with lower order will be killed directly.
Those with higher rank also lose half of their health.
Lin Tai finds the right opportunity, raises his staff and throws out a fire of lava.
It coincides with Belinda's armor piercing arrow rain coverage.
Then something magical happened.
Chapter 36 Xinghui necklace, Tauren
A complete vacuum appears.
Yes, it's a vacuum.
All monsters in the area are killed.
All that remains is a mess of bones.
Chris saw this scene and took a cold breath: “you are also… Terrible!”
Lin Tai said with a smile, “what's more terrifying is still to come.”
As soon as the words came down, 700 thunder Eagles folded their wings and rushed to the ground.
After the distance is shortened to a certain extent.
The Dragon hunters on the back of the thunderbolt hawk fire their serial arrows one after another.
The next moment, dense arrows, covering the battlefield.
Numbers of injuries, big and small, are rising.
It's a big picture. It looks pretty.
Seeing this shocking scene, Chris tooted his mouth: “I feel like I'm dragging my legs.”
Lin Tai laughed: “don't lose heart. When I'll find you a better cavalry, you can also attack.”
Chris's eyes lit up: “really?”
“It's true that the master of ability can't catch up with his words.”
Chris was very happy.
Then, three people with thunder giant eagle, dragon Hunter quickly end the battle.
And then it fell out of the air.
Dragon hunters clean up the battlefield.
Lin Tai came to the mark of the treasure.
Take out a sword from the backpack and dig.
After digging a few times, a treasure chest appeared in front of Lin Tai. It was still purple.
Don't say much, just open it.
“You have opened the purple treasure chest, gained 1 million basic resources, 100 hours of training acceleration scroll 2, and 1 platinum equipment treasure chest.”
The system ELF's prompt sound starts, and Lin Tai's lips are slightly hooked.
It's not a big hit, but the harvest is good.
Especially the training acceleration scroll, which Lin Tai lacks now.
Platinum equipment treasure box, also directly open.
“You opened the platinum equipment treasure box and obtained [Xinghui Necklace].”
[Xinghui Necklace]
Grade: Platinum
Applicable Occupation: all
Description: increases user's total attributes by 8%.
Additional effect: Starlight Guardian: when you take fatal damage, you will be forced to keep a little health value, and you will not be able to take any damage in the next two seconds. The cooldown is 24 hours.
Seeing this description, Lin Tai's eyes brightened.
It's a good life-saving outfit!
Force to keep a little health, then invincible for two seconds.
It's just that the cooling time is a little long.
But it doesn't matter. It's equivalent to many lives.
So Lintai put it on himself.
Then collect the resources collected by the Dragon hunter and fly to the second treasure point.
After arriving at the place, Lin Tai found a group of Tauren stationed here.
Level 5 monster, the information is as follows:
Equal order: fifth order
Grade: 4
HP: 18000
Defense: 2300
Attack power: 1800
Speed: 124
Skill: Savage collision: Tauren charges in a specified direction, causing a lot of damage to targets in a straight line.
Trample with iron hooves: Tauren jumps high and stomps on the ground, causing a lot of damage to targets within a radius of 10 with its own center, and has a 50% chance to add Vertigo effect.
(Vertigo effect: vertigo for one second, unable to move and attack during vertigo)
Description: strong and predatory savage orcs with a strong desire to attack but low IQ.
Seeing such a race, Lintai was relieved.
In the description of tauren, Tauren has a strong desire to attack, but the IQ is not enough.
That's a real IQ debt.
In fact, not only tauren, almost all Orc arms and monsters have low IQ.
Plus it's melee.
Lin Tai wants to hit them. It's like playing.
Or, as always, the kind of quick decision, without procrastination.
Less than an hour.
The battle is drawing to a close.
There is only one Tauren boss who is more than 15 meters tall in the whole battlefield.
Health is up to 300000.
But it doesn't work.
Under the fire of dragon hunter and thunder hawk.
The health value of Tauren boss drops like diabetes insipidus.
It wasn't long before it was emptied to the ground.
A large number of experience values come out and pour into the combat units.
The battle is over. Lintai lands.
First, he collected the booty of the Tauren boss.
They are Tauren template, basic resources of 500000 and forbidding curse skill [trample furiously].
[forbidding curse scroll tramples violently]
Description: after releasing, countless hooves will appear in the air within a radius of 200 meters, trampling the area mercilessly, causing damage to the target in the area and vertigo to the target at the same time.
It's a good control skill. Put it away directly.
And the Tauren template, which surprised Lin Tai a little.
Although it is said that if you kill the boss, you have a chance to drop the branch template of the race.
But the probability is almost tens of thousands, one in hundreds of thousands.
I didn't expect to burst out the first time I met Tauren.
But this is not Lin Tai's dish.
So we can only lose the auction house. The fifth level arms, hehe, will surely attract a large number of local tyrants to buy it!
Put away the booty of killing boss.
Then we started digging.
It's the same as the one before. It's a purple treasure chest.
From low to high, the treasure boxes in the era of Lord are white, blue, blue, purple, orange and red.
The higher the level of the treasure chest, the greater the chance of rare items.
Generally speaking, it is difficult to see the treasure chest above purple level in the wild.
We have to rely on some specific ways, such as treasure map, to find out.
Open the treasure box, and the system spirit's prompt sound will sound: “you have opened the purple treasure box, and obtained 1 million basic resources. The forbidden curse scroll is frozen for thousands of Li. 2. Level 3 [boar Knight], and build the acceleration scroll for 100 hours. 1.”
This treasure chest is OK. It has a branch of arms.
It's a pity that Lin Tai can't use it. He's a loser.
Chapter 37 Chris' second skill: shield of light
(it's 4500 flowers. This chapter is the chapter of Jiageng. Come on, old man!)
Put away the rewards in the treasure box, and Lin Tai takes out the treasure hunter's treasure map.
There are still three treasure spots on it, but they are all inside the juetong mountains.
To tell you the truth, it's been more than ten days since he entered the game. Lin Tai has never entered the juetong mountain range.
Maybe today, try it.
You can't keep such a big golden mountain still!
With this idea, Lin Tai made up his mind.
The soldiers were ordered to rest and feed
After a few hours, the arms rest.
This is under the leadership of Lin Tai, toward the top of the mountain.
Although I had expected that the juetong mountains would be very dangerous.
But Lin Tai underestimated the danger.
Within three minutes of he taking his troops from the air into the top of the mountain.
The first attack.
It's a group of venomous vultures.
It's bigger than the thunder hawk.
Apart from the wings, the feathers of other parts of the body are almost off.
Naked skin can see some dark dark spots, looking very disgusting.
Grudge vulture is also a kind of undead monster.
They usually eat carrion for a living, but when they encounter living creatures, they also attack them.
After all, if you kill a living creature, it will turn into carrion in a few days?
“Be careful. These guys are a little tough.”Lin Tai ordered.
Chris and Belinda nodded to understand.
Then, three people riding thunder Giant Eagle ran into the vulture.
The number of these guys is not much, only two or three hundred. The rank is six. Lin Tai is confident to eat them.
After both sides are within the range of the Dragon hunter, the battle begins.
The Dragon hunters are ready for a swift attack.
Whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew.
Lintai and Belinda don't either.
To raise your hand is to burst fireball and armor piercing arrow rain.
As for Chris, cough, she belongs to the melee profession, and her hands are extremely short.
There is no way to attack at all. I can only sit on the back of thunder eagle and watch.
Under Lin Tai's command, the vultures are set on fire in waves.
Then health cleared and fell from the air.
The whole battle did not last long. It was over in less than 30 minutes.
In order to avoid attracting the attention of more powerful monsters, Lin Tai quickly let thunder Eagle reduce its flight altitude.
He even landed on the ground and simply picked up the spoils.
No way, because the battlefield was in the air.
After killing the vultures, the bodies of these guys are all over the place.
Along with the spoils, they also fell to various places. It's not easy to find them all?
Therefore, Lin Tai chose to give up, but took the army straight to a nearby treasure point.
Along the way, a wave of venomous vultures and undead are solved.
Lin Tai successfully arrived at his destination.
Then, kill the monster, dig the treasure box, open the treasure box.
Purple treasure box, props in order.
Take it and go to the next treasure point.
This treasure spot is similar.
The only difference is that the one stationed here is a seven level necromancer boss.
The two sides fought for more than ten minutes before Lin Tai took it.
As soon as he was killed, Chris was upgraded to level 10 and learned the second skill. The specific information is as follows:
Template: SSS
Occupation: Royal cavalry
Rating: 10
HP: 32000
Defense: 4000
Attack power: 3500
Speed: 180
Skill: cavalry spirit (LV3): passive skill, self-centered, forms a field with a radius of 160 meters. All attributes of all cavalry arms in the field are increased by 22%.
Shield of light (LV1): gather the vital energy in your heart, apply a shield of light with 15% of Chris's maximum health value to all friendly targets within a radius of 150 meters with yourself as the center, and be immune to all controls for one minute.
Caption: from the Royal cavalry battalion of the Quran Empire, although he is young, he is already a general with outstanding military achievements, commanding a large number of Royal cavalry.
Chris upgrade, not to mention the attributes.
The extra shield of light skill really stunned Lintai.
Another group skill, it seems that Chris is really a Knight Hero.
Apply a shield of light of 15% of Chris's maximum health to all friendly targets within a radius of 150 meters, and immune control for one minute.
According to Chris's 32, 000 health now, 15 percent is 48.
Definitely a lot.
The extra health value is 48% out of thin air. It also has immune control effect. Most importantly, it can last for one minute.
Life saving ability.
“BullshitLintai gives Chris a thumbs up.
At the same time, Lin Tai suddenly some urgent want to find Chris cavalry arms training.
This guy, he's so strong that he can explode!
Close Chris's panel and Lintai takes the two men down from the air.
Then he began to clean up the spoils of the necromancer boss.
Basic resources 1.5 million, platinum equipment treasure box 2, training acceleration scroll 500 hours 1, soul fire 1000, skill stone 10.
There are a lot of things.
The platinum equipment treasure chest opens directly.
“You have opened the platinum equipment treasure chest, obtained the resentful spirit helmet, obtained the silent mask.”
[complaint helmet]
Grade: Platinum
Applicable Occupation: Soldier
Description: increases user's total attributes by 8%.
Bonus effect: revengeful Guardian: reduces any damage taken by 20%.
[mask of silence]
Grade: Platinum
Applicable Occupation: mage, priest
Description: increases user's total attributes by 10%.
Additional effect: silence: manually release this skill. You can silence all targets within 30 meters in diameter for two seconds. You can't release the skill after silence.
Two pieces of equipment, both platinum level, are pretty good.
Resentment helmet reduces any damage taken by 20%.
It's very suitable for knights, soldiers and shield soldiers.
So it's Chris.
Chapter 38 the last treasure, territory of the dead
The little girl took the gray white helmet, which looked like a skull, and swallowed a mouthful of saliva: “I… I wear this, really good?”
Lin Tai light cough: “in addition to the shape is a little ugly, it with the effect is very suitable for you.”
Belinda snickered and said, “yes, we still need your protection in future wars. If you don't Ying, how can you protect us?”
Hearing this, Chris gritted his teeth and put on the helmet.
Originally a cute girl, she became a terrible Knight of the dead at the next moment.
Look at Lin Tai one by one.
It's all right. The additional effect is good.
The appearance is for others. No matter how ugly or terrible it is, the disgusting is also for others.
In addition to the helmet, there is a mask of silence.
This is better than Lin Tai's silver head equipment.
So replace it directly.
And the silent effect of the silent mask is not bad.
It's like Lintai has more skills.
The target that has been silenced can't release skills and can only make general attack.
Find the right time to interrupt your opponent's release.
As always, the Dragon hunters collect their spoils.
Lin Tai, on the other hand, began to dig for treasures.
This time, it turned out to be a purple treasure chest.
Let Lintai be a little speechless.
When can I open an orange treasure box for myself!
“You have opened the purple treasure chest, random relocation order 1, special construction drawing [thunderstorm tower], and basic resources of 500000.”
Random move city order of territory: after use, the territory will move cities randomly to a city coordinate that can be moved. This move city order is random, please use it carefully.
Thunderstorm tower with special drawing: you can build thunderstorm tower with this drawing.
Both are rare.
Random relocation order, to tell you the truth, a little chicken ribs.
Because after using it, you can't know where the territory will move to.
It may go directly into the monster's nest, or it may be sent to a corner where birds don't shit.
Of course, in case of emergency, it's good to use this to escape.
Thunderstorm tower, this should be the city defense system, the advanced version of MAGE tower, the power must be more powerful than ordinary mage tower.
It's also a good thing. It's just right to take it back to equip shenting territory.
Lintai put things away and looked at the last point on the treasure map.
This place is deeper in the juetong mountains.
The risk factor must have multiplied.
But Lintai didn't want to give up.
There are only 16 days left before the public test of the game. He has to speed up.
After having the arms rest in place, Lin and Tai set out again.
Crossing the main peak of juetong mountain, we are going deeper.
Only when you come here can you really see the horror of the top mountain.
The ground is full of powerful undead monsters.
After these guys found the thunder eagle in the sky, they made a crazy roar, which made people turn pale.
There are powerful flying monsters in the air from time to time.
But Lin Tai didn't want to make trouble in this place, so he deliberately avoided it and flew to his destination.
Of course, this place is dangerous, but there are many good things.
Lin Tai found many monster nests.
Why is monster nest a good thing!
Because it is the gathering place of monsters. Generally speaking, there is a boss. Killing a boss can obtain rare booty, plunder the nest, and obtain a lot of resources.
Therefore, for some powerful lords, the monster nest is really a good thing, which is more exciting than opening the treasure chest directly.
In addition, Lin Tai also found some treasure boxes.
After meeting, Lin Tai will take it as appropriate.
Finally, the resource point.
This is what Lin Tai values most.
Because he has a mysterious merchant keepsake, there is no situation that resources can not be spent.
Not to mention just a few million, tens of millions, even if we give Lin Tai tens of billions, Lin Tai can still spend clean.
Therefore, all the resource points that Lin Tai saw were well marked.
And because it's inside the juetong mountains.
The resource points found, even at the lowest level, are blue.
There are also a lot of purple and orange. These are very important strategic materials!
Open the map and point the way.
In order to avoid the monster, also turn several times after the direction.
Lin Tai finally came to the last treasure site.
However, when he saw the location of the treasure, Lin Tai was confused.
It's a monster nest!
And it's bigger than what he's seen before.
High walls have even been built.
In order to avoid being found, Lin Tai had to land from the air with his troops.
Then he found a commanding point nearby and stationed temporarily.
Standing on the commanding height, looking down at the monster nest, Lin Tai's face was dignified.
“How do you do that?It's full of monsters. I'm afraid it's 10000! “Chris's a little tongue smacking.
As a justice knight, she is also a little timid at the moment.
Lin Tai did not speak, just constantly scanning the surrounding terrain.
He doesn't like to come back without success.
Since this place has come, we must take something back.
Otherwise, it would be a waste of time?
Belinda saw Lin Tai lost in thought, pressed Chris, who still wanted to speak, and motioned her to let Lin Tai be quiet.
Chris covered his mouth and stopped talking.
Lin Tai, on the other hand, looked at the surrounding terrain and fell into meditation.
Monster nest, cough, or monster territory.
It's not small. It's full of monsters.
Most of them are undead.
Even if it's not 10000, it's 8000.
On the other hand, Lin Tai has only 1800 arms.
Plus three SSS heroes.
There is a wide gap between the two sides.
Do you really want to give up and go home?
Chapter 39 the beginning of the play
Just as Lin Tai hesitated about what to do.
Suddenly one side of Belinda pulled Lintai's sleeve: “Lord, look there, is there a cave?”
Lin Tai hears the speech and looks in the direction that Belinda points out.
Sure enough, a cave was found above the cliff.
It's not big. It's long. It's like a drawer.
Right above the monster's nest.
“If we can go into this cave, we can attack the monsters in the city, and the monsters in the city can't attack us.”Belinda said.
Lin Tai's eyes brightened when he heard the speech.
That's a way.
It happens that dragon hunters are long-range attack arms.
That would be more suitable for this.
When you see this, you may ask, why don't you ride the thunder hawk to attack the monster territory directly.
There are two main reasons.
First, the scale of this monster nest is the largest that Lin Tai has ever met. It not only has a city wall, but also has city defense equipment on the wall.
That's the crossbow, the mage tower, the artillery, the catapult.
Thunder hawk will be attacked by these things immediately if it comes close with the Dragon hunter.
The results are predictable.
Second, Lin Tai has found many flying monsters in the city.
If you enter the battlefield directly from the air, you are likely to be suppressed by these flying monsters.
Lin Tai is at a disadvantage. If he is suppressed again, the result will not be very good.
In addition, although Lin Tai is greedy for this treasure site.
But I don't want the thunder hawk and dragon hunter to be reduced.
Therefore, he must come up with a complete solution before taking action.
What Belinda put forward is exactly a solution.
“I think it's feasible. As long as we can transport the Dragon hunters there, we can grind off the monsters in the city bit by bit. In addition…”
When Chris said this, he looked at Lintai and said, “in addition, Lord, don't you have a lot of forbidden incantation scrolls?Throw it down and treat the undead monsters to a big meal. ”
Hearing this, he said that Lin Tai was moved.
In other words, he was pleased with Chris and Belinda's plan.
That's the advantage of a high-level hero.
I'm online. I'll find a way for you when I encounter problems.
It's not like those low-level heroes who only know how to obey the Lord's orders and die.
It's no use without the Lord.
Lin Tai continued to observe the surrounding situation, did not think of a better way, so he nodded: “OK, do as you say, let's have a rest first, and act in two hours.”
The Dragon hunter and thunder hawk have just finished the battle.
Physical strength is not the peak. It will be better to have a rest and fight again.
While resting, Lin Tai also fed the soldiers.
Here's a tip. To feed the arms, the first is to maintain the daily food consumption of the arms.
Second, it can speed up the recovery of physical strength.
While Lintai feeds.
Belinda, riding a thunder hawk, took the lead in making a detour to the cave.
The purpose is to find out the size of the cave and whether there are monsters in it.
More than ten minutes later, Belinda returns to Lintai on the thunder eagle.
“What's the situation? Is the plan feasible?”Before Lintai could speak, Chris was the first to speak.
Belinda gasped softly: “there's a lot of space in the cave, but it's not enough for all of us to go in. I suggest that only the Dragon hunters be transported in, and the thunder hawk be left outside to attract some fire.”
Lin Tai was still willing to believe Belinda's ability. After hearing this, he nodded: “OK, do as you say!”
Then the Dragon hunters began to take action.
Three or five together, climb on the back of thunder eagle.
Then it goes around the monster territory, transports it from the side to the designated place, puts it down, and then enters the cave to prepare for war.
The rest of the thunder hawks stayed outside at Belinda's request.
Led by Chris.
She has shield skills.
It can increase the life saving ability of thunder hawk to attract fire. It's just right.
Soon, everything was ready.
At Lintai's command, Belinda got up first.
Half of the body protrudes from the cave, and raising hands is a armor breaking arrow rain.
Whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew.
It covers a large area.
The undead monster, who was still sleepy on the wall, suddenly suffered a heavy blow and woke up in an instant.
But it doesn't wait for them to find the source of the attack.
More arrows fell from the sky.
They're sieving their bodies.
In fact, the Dragon hunter's range can only cover half of the monster's lair,
However, she's arrows will fall into the city according to inertia and free fall.
It can also do damage to monsters.
In an instant, the whole monster nest was in a commotion.
The roar of the monster comes one after another, which makes people feel numb.
When Lin Tai saw this scene, he said: “good play, here we go.”
After that, Lin Tai took out three scrolls of forbidden incantation from his backpack.
They are fire, lava hell, and rampage.
Among them, blazing fire and lava hell are all scrolls of continuous damage forbidden curse.
Will turn the designated area into a sea of fire.
Flaming fire deals super damage to all monsters in the area.
Trampling is a control skill.
Take charge of the stun monsters. Don't let them escape.
Of course, in fact, Lin Tai can throw down the scroll of forbidden incantation at the beginning, which is easy to worry about.
However, he has been waiting until now.
Of course, waiting for those undead monsters to run out of the building!
The successive arrow attacks of the Dragon Hunter instantly awaken all the undead monsters.
Then they ran out of the buildings.
Climb the wall and find the enemy's position.
However, as soon as they came out, they were hit by the forbidden curse scroll three times in a row.
Chapter 40 the seal set by the Dragon
Three forbidden spell scrolls are released at the same time.
In a flash, the sky and the earth changed color and the space vibrated.
Hot magma, without warning, came out of the ground.
Then there was the burning fire.
Appear out of thin air and ignite the bodies of the undead monsters.
The undead monsters screamed and began to run around.
In the territory of the undead, several necromancers ran out of the building. When they saw the scene in front of them, they were very angry.
“Who dares to invade our territory?”
“Heaven, attack from heaven.”
“Asshole, fight back immediately.”
There are necromancers giving orders,
It was only then that the unrest in the whole territory gradually stabilized.
Then the counterattack began.
After all, up to 10000 monsters can't be taken away by a wave of forbidden curse scrolls.
At this moment, many vultures in the territory have rushed out of the fire and rushed to the cave where the Dragon hunters are.
But I met Chris and thunder hawk on the way.
“Just in time, kill!”Chris waved his knight's sword and gave an order.
He rushed up with thunder eagle.
Release the shield of light at the same time.
The next moment, Chris led the thunder eagle, the body has a round translucent shield.
They can withstand 20% of Chris's maximum health.
The battle began.
The grudged vulture, who just got out of the fire, was beaten and kept falling.
The undead in the territory is completely shrouded by the arrows of the Dragon hunter.
Because of the third forbidden spell ability, the launch of violent trample.
Monsters in range are dazed.
Although it's only a few seconds, it's enough to lay the foundation for a victory.
It's a minute into the fight.
Thousands of white lights have been lit up in the territory of the dead.
Every white light symbolizes the death of a monster.
Thousands of white lights, thousands of undead monsters died.
The sea of fire that enveloped the whole monster territory began to dissipate.
There was a pungent smell of burning in the air.
The monsters in the territory are at the end of their life.
How can we let go of such a painful opportunity?
“Attack the whole army!”
Lin Tai stood up and gave an order.
Chris, who has just finished the air battle, leads the thunder eagle to arrive.
Then the Dragon hunters jumped out of the cave and landed on the back of thunder eagle.
And then rush into the territory.
There is no suspense about the next battle.
Three forbidden spell Scrolls have solved more than two-thirds of the monsters in the territory.
Although the remaining one-third is more than Lin Tai's side, most of them are disabled and defeated.
How can we resist Lin Tai's army?
In an hour.
The last necromancer screamed, her body pierced by Belinda's arrows.
The battle was finally won.
More than 10000 monsters in the territory of the undead were completely annihilated.
Lin Tai, there are casualties.
Thunder Giant Eagle killed three units and dragon hunter killed two units.
Lin Tai was deeply distressed.
The resources for training arms are nothing. What Lin Tai loves is time.
This is the most precious time when the ranks of arms increase and the strength becomes stronger.
But on the whole, the battle has come down.
Then, people fell from the air and came to the territory.
There are still a lot of burning flames and crackling sounds.
Lintai didn't care much, but took Belinda and Chris straight to the Lord's hall and the warehouse.
Fortunately, this place is well preserved.
Then Lin Tai found many good things here.
First of all, there are many resources in such a large territory.
Four basic resources, about five million each, are all in Lin Tai's pocket.
Then there was equipment, and there were many, ranging from bronze to gold.
It's not precious, but it works.
Then there are all kinds of props, acceleration props!Skill stone!Gems or something.
What Lin Tai valued most was a branch of arms template.
[undead Knight arms template]
Equal order: seventh order
Description: after use, you can build a camp for undead knights and train them.
At the sight of this, Lin Tai's mouth was crooked.
I said I'd find Chris a cavalry unit.
No, it's coming now.
The knight of the dead is still level 7, which belongs to the high level arms.
However, if Lin Tai remembers correctly, it seems that the fire of soul is needed to train this branch of arms.
But it doesn't matter.
Soul fire may be a rarity to other lords, but it's too much for Lintai.
No way, who let Lin Tai was born in juetong mountain?
The specialty of this place is undead.
“Not bad. Chris will love it.”Lin Tai's secret way.
Then put things away.
Then take out the treasure map and walk towards the location of the treasure.
Finally, I came to a cliff behind the territory of the dead.
According to the map, the treasure is inside.
Belinda and Chris are also coming out of the territory and behind Lintai.
“Lord, where is the treasure you are talking about?”Asked Chris.
Lin Tai pointed to the stone wall in front of him: “it's inside. Is there any way to open it?”
Chris went up and knocked, then nodded, “give it to me.”
After that, Chris takes out his knight's sword and prepares to break the wall violently.
But just then, Belinda stopped him.
“Wait a minute, it's like… It's like a seal?”
Lin Tai eyebrows a pick: “seal, what seal?”
Belinda didn't speak. She just went to the stone wall, reached out her slim hand, stroked the lines on the stone wall, and put her ear on it. After listening, the light flashed in her eyes: “yes, this is a seal set by a giant dragon, but it's very weak. Most people can't detect it.”
Chapter 41 dragon egg and dragon breath Scepter
(for flowers, for tickets, for everything!)
Hearing this, Lin Tai was stunned.
The seal set by the dragon?
Why did the Dragon set a seal here?
Chris is also curious, close to Belinda: “what will be behind the seal?”
Belinda shook her head: “I don't know. Maybe it's the entrance of some teleportation array, maybe it's the little vault of the dragon. Don't those guys like some shiny things?”
Chris was excited to hear that.
“Little vault, wow, I'm excited to think about it. Open it!It won't disappoint us. ”
After that, the guy bumped into the lion's shield.
Belinda was trying to stop it, but it was too late.
Chris is very fast. When he heard that it was the treasure of the dragon, he was even more passionate.
Under the lion's shield, duangduang knocked the stone wall out of the crack with a few sounds.
And then I put on a few more feet.
The cracks in the stone wall gradually expanded.
Finally, with a bang, it collapsed.
Belinda is more cautious and quickly pulls Lintai and Chris back.
Nothing happened, except a cave where the stone wall collapsed.
Chris looked up curiously: “there is a hole, Lord, let's go in and have a look!”
After that, he drags Lin Tai to go in.
Belinda also got up and said, “the place that can be sealed and protected by the dragon is definitely not simple. You must be careful.”
“Oh, Belinda, don't worry. I'll take the lead and go in and have a look.”Chris slapped his chest up.
Lin Tai and Belinda couldn't get over this little girl, so they had to follow and walk into the cave.
As a result, as soon as I went in, I felt a heat wave coming on my face.
“It's so hot. What's the matter?”Chris was the first to frown.
Lintai and Belinda wondered, too.
What's wrong with the heat wave?
“Go ahead and have a look. Be careful. If there is any problem, withdraw immediately.”Lin Tai said in a deep voice.
Belinda and Chris nodded to make sense.
The three walked back and forth into the cave.
With more and more in-depth, the temperature around the three people is also getting higher and higher.
It didn't take long to sweat.
But they were all curious about what was in the cave.
So Ying kept going.
A few minutes later, the three came to a huge cave.
At their feet is a red lake of magma.
Needless to say, the heat wave just came from the magma lake.
“Lord, Belinda, what do you think that is?”
Chris let out a snort and pointed to the direction of the magma lake.
Lin Tai quickly fixed his eyes on the direction of the magma lake.
If you see something.
First, a small piece of rock protruding from the magma lake.
And on the stone, there was a half man high red giant egg.
Yes, it's an egg. It's half human tall, red and covered with various mysterious and complicated patterns.
“This is the dragon's egg. No wonder the seal is set here. It is estimated that the Dragon wants to protect its egg.”Belinda explained.
And Lin Tai has been shocked beyond comparison.
The dragon is a super high-level arm. The lowest rank has ten ranks, and the highest rank has twelve.
I didn't expect to find a dragon egg here.
Lin Tai was not surprised.
When Lintai was thinking about how to get the dragon's egg, Chris suddenly whispered again, “there's something else here. Come and have a look.”
Lin Tai's eyes brightened. What else?
Lying trough, double happiness!
Ran over to see, only to see Chris in front of a pile of gold coins.
Yes, it's gold coins, glittering, piled up like mountains of gold coins.
On the stone platform beside the gold coin, there are some gems, scrolls and so on.
Lin Tai was not polite and began to pick up gold coins.
It took more than ten minutes for the three men to pick up all the gold coins.
The number is 15 million.
15 million!
The scrolls and gemstones on the stone platform surprise Lin Tai.
Hero advanced gem 3, training acceleration scroll 3000 hours 2, building acceleration scroll 3000 hours 2, lava hell forbidden curse scroll 5, red dragon scale 363, resource point movement scroll 10, dragon breath scepter.
These awards, get Lin Tai soft.
No wonder it can be sealed by the dragon.
Sure enough.
Hero advanced gems, not to mention, are very rare. If you take them out for auction, it's easy to sell tens of millions of basic resources for each gemstone.
The acceleration scroll also takes thousands of hours. Lin Tai can use it to his heart's content this time.
There are also five forbidden incantation scrolls, three of which were thrown out before, and two of which were made instantly.
Then there's the red dragon scale. This should be some kind of material.
It reminds Lin Tai of the Dragon scales needed to buy time hourglass. Maybe it's the same thing.
Resource point moving scroll, the role of this thing is to move any resource point.
For example, move the remote advanced resource point to its own territory.
It's a good thing that we don't have to march for a long time.
Finally, it is the most important Longxi scepter.
[Longxi Scepter]
Rank: Myth
Applicable Occupation: mage
Description: increases user's total attributes by 20%
Additional special effect: dragon breath power: use this staff to attack. Each attack will add dragon breath power, causing a lot of burning damage to the enemy, and increasing the power of the user's fire skill by 100%.
Dragon breath sweep: releases dragon breath flame at a specified position, causing a lot of damage to targets in the area.
Summon Dragon Spirit: summon a spirit fire dragon to join the battle. Each summon lasts for 5 minutes and cooldown is 6 hours.
Seeing the attribute of the staff, Lin Tai was overjoyed.
Artifact. This is artifact. Hello.
I didn't expect that I had only opened the service for more than ten days and got the mythical level equipment, or weapons.
Chapter 42 SSS dragon hero, master of fire
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In the past five years, there are no more than five players with myth level equipment!
And every one of them has gone through a lot of hardships.
Lin Tai had never heard of this wand.
That means no one got this weapon in the last life.
As for the reason, Lin Tai guessed that it should be related to the undead monster territory outside.
As time goes on, the territory of the dead grows stronger and stronger.
In the end, the players are too strong to provoke.
Secondly, treasure map is very important.
Without the guidance of the treasure map, who would have thought that there would be such a cave behind this undead territory?
It's just a coincidence.
Look at the attributes of Longxi scepter.
Add 20% of the user's total attributes.
There are several pieces of gold equipment on this top.
There are also three special effects.
Dragon's breath power. Every time you deal damage, you will add dragon's breath power to cause additional damage.
Dragon breath sweeping is an active skill. It releases dragon breath to the designated position.
You know, dragon's breath is a means of attack of the dragon. The damage is super high.
The last summoning dragon spirit is also an active skill, which can summon a spirit fire dragon to fight.
Although only five minutes, but the Dragon super attribute, absolutely can crush a battle.
Touching the complicated patterns on Longxi's scepter, Lin Tai couldn't put it down.
Sure enough, I bet right this time.
Belinda and Chris also saw the extraordinary of Longxi wand and congratulated one after another.
“Congratulations, Lord. New weapons.”
Lin Tai waved his hand and put away the dragon's breathing scepter. Then he looked at the dragon's egg in the middle of the magma lake and said, “try to get this thing in your hand.”
Lin Tai had a hunch that the value of this egg would not be lower than that of his dragon's breath scepter.
“I'll bring in the thunder hawk.”Chris said.
Below is the magma lake, about thirty or forty meters away.
Jump is impossible to jump past, so only with the help of thunder giant eagle.
Lintai nodded in agreement.
Chris is running out of the hole.
Lin Tai is happy with so many treasures.
Soon, Chris came in with some thunder eagles.
Those guys used to look arrogant.
But after entering here, I was roasted by the high temperature here and withered instantly.
“Take me there, get the egg, and then go out right away. Hold on.”Lintai road.
Several thunder Eagles listened to Ming's words and nodded.
Then Lintai turned over to the eagle.
As soon as the big guy's wings were shaken, he soared into the air and flew towards the center of the magma lake.
Lin Tai, with quick eyes and quick hands, slipped to the eagle's claw at the moment when he was close to the dragon's egg, and took it into his backpack in a flash.
When the thing is in hand, the thunder Eagle returns and runs out of the cave.
Lin Tai glanced around to make sure there was nothing.
And Chris was followed by Belinda.
Quickly out of the cave, the cool wind outside, suddenly very comfortable.
“Lord, what's that dragon egg?”Chris can't wait.
Lin Tai nodded, found a space, took out the eggs, and then threw out the detection skills.
[fire control. Linglong] (to be hatched)
Rank: SSS dragon hero
Description: after absorbing enough fire energy, you can hatch fire control. Dragon God Linglong currently absorbs energy (0 / 1 million).
Seeing this description, Lin Tai raised his eyebrows.
This is a token of a SSS hero.
Or dragon hero.
In Lin Tai's memory, the dragon has always been a powerful symbol.
This is a dragon hero. It's exciting to think about it.
It's just that it's hard to summon this hero.
It needs to absorb a million units of fire energy.
According to Lin Tai's estimation, it should be some gems with fire attribute, or natural materials and local treasures with fire attribute.
But these things are very rare. It's not easy to find a million units?
“Hard to do!”Lin Tai sighed, but then his eyes lit up: “wait a minute, maybe I can go to find the fire spirit and kill it. It's like the crystal of falling fire.”
Lin Tai was relieved to find a solution.
Then put the eggs away.
Wiping the sweat on his forehead, Lin Tai stood up: “go back, it's not suitable to stay here for a long time.”
The undead monster is a family. Lin Tai took away such a large territory.
I don't know when the undead will come to check, and then
At this time, it's better to slip first.
Chris and Belinda got up with the same idea.
Then the three men, riding on the thunder giant eagle and the Dragon hunter, took off and flew towards shenting territory.
In order to explore more areas.
Lintai chose a different road from when he came.
As a result, Lin Tai made a new discovery on the way.
A fortress, but it's occupied by a monster.
Fortress, similar to altar, can obtain massive resources after occupation.
But the refresh location of the fortress is fixed.
And it also has a super powerful function, that is transmission.
Fortresses are all over the Lord's world. They are actually portal after portal.
If the fortress is occupied, it can be transmitted from the fortress to other fortresses and cross regional transmission can be implemented.
However, every initial fortress is occupied by monsters.
Only by killing the monster stationed in the fortress can it be activated.
The difficulty is not low!
Mark the coordinates of this fortress.
Then keep on going.
After solving several waves of monsters blocking the way.
Lin Tai finally returned to shenting territory with his team.
Fall out of the air and everything is OK.
Grace saw the thunder Eagle coming this way from a long distance.
I've been waiting in the city for a long time now.
Seeing Lin Tai, he quickly came up.
“Welcome back, Lord. It's a smooth trip.”
Before Lintai spoke, Chris took the lead in holding Grace's shoulder: “it's going well, grace. I'll tell you, it's exciting. We…”
Chapter 43 Grace: how can I let the Lord treat me like this?
(daily asking for flowers, tickets, everything!)
Ignore Chris' chatter.
Lin Tai began to check the basic information of shenting territory, as follows:
[shenting territory]
Lord: Shura
Grade: 7
Alliance: None
Subordinate territory: None
Number of buildings: 6 / 400
Arms template: Goblin [level 1], plague zombie [Level 2], wolf Knight [level 4], Goblin [level 1], thunder Eagle [level 6], dragon Hunter [level 5]
Accommodation in the city: 15296 / 30000
Timber: 1.9622 million
Stone: 18.561 million
Iron ore: 18.07 million
Gold coin: 25.361 million
Food: 7.238 million
Upgrade required: 2 million for timber, 2 million for ore, 2 million for iron ore and 2 million for gold coin.
Timber, ore and iron ore recovered to nearly 20 million.
The gold coin is as high as 25 million.
Most importantly, Lin Tai also brought back many acceleration scrolls this time.
Building acceleration scrolls add up to more than 8000 hours.
More training acceleration scrolls, more than 10000 hours.
If it takes an hour to train a dragon hunter.
These acceleration scrolls are enough to train 10000 units of dragon hunters in an instant.
Of course, the premise is that the cAMP level is high enough and helintai has enough resources.
In addition to resources, other materials Lin Tai brought back are also of great use.
For example, there are dozens of equipment of any type.
Now it's all piled up on the grass by Lintai.
Then call grace over and say, “pick one you need.”
Grace's eyes are shining, and she is very grateful to Lintai.
Then he squatted down, rummaged through the huge amount of equipment, and finally found one that he could use.
When Lin Tai saw that she had finished selecting, he put away the equipment and took out the three advanced hero gems he had got from the cave before.
Grace is a rare auxiliary hero.
Lintai has to train her.
So, Lin Tai decided to use these three gems on her.
Don't talk too much nonsense, just choose to use it.
“You have used advanced hero gem for your hero grace. Grace template is A-level.”
“You used…”
Three lights fell in a row, and Grace's template level was directly upgraded to SS level.
And the occurrence of all this, let this capable female consul be stunned directly.
A few seconds later, grace fell to her knees in front of Lintai with a thump: “Lord, how can grace Hede get such kind treatment from you?”
Looking at Grace, Chris and Belinda look at each other with a smile.
In fact, they all come here like this.
Lintai bent down to pull grace up and said solemnly, “you are also a member of the divine court territory. You deserve it. If you want to repay me, then develop my territory!”
Grace was moved to tears and nodded: “don't worry, Lord, I will do my best to help you. A generous and powerful Lord like you will surely become a king.”
Lin Tai was dumbfounded, but he thought!
But is it really that easy to be a king?
After a few words of chatting, Lintai checked Grace's attribute information, as follows:
Template grade: SS
Occupation: Logistics Administrator
Grade: 2
HP: 6500
Defense: 1500
Attack power: 1300
Speed: 131
Skill: March acceleration (LV3): the march speed of friendly troops walking with grace is increased by 50%.
Caption: an administrator from the Logistics Corps of the Quran Empire, who has his own unique arrangement for resource collection, transportation, marching and other logistics affairs.
It's a big increase in attributes.
Of course, because it's a non combat hero, Grace's attributes are not as good as Chris and Belinda's.
But then again, Lintai didn't train grace to fight.
As long as she manages the logistic work of shenting territory, it will be OK!
Turning off Grace's information panel, Lintai asked, “nothing happened to the territory while we were away, right?”
Grace regained her mind and shook her head. “There are several waves of monsters attacking the city, but they are all defeated by me.”
Lin Tai hears the speech and breathes out. It's good if nothing happens.
After all, now that the protective cover of shenting territory has disappeared and it's close to juetong mountain range, any ghosts and ghosts may run out.
Fortunately, no such bad situation happened.
Then Lin Tai started his own construction and upgrading.
Now resources in place, speed up scroll in place, of course, to be strong!
“It costs 2 million wood, 2 million stone, 2 million iron ore and 2 million gold coins respectively. Shenting territory is upgrading.”
Directly use the construction acceleration scroll to skip, reaching level 8.
It can accommodate 60000 people.
Then Lintai began to upgrade the goblin camp, as well as the Dragon Hunter camp and thunder Giant Eagle camp.
“It costs 1.6 million wood, 1.6 million stone, 1.6 million iron ore and 1.6 million gold coins respectively. The Dragon Hunter camp is upgrading.”
“It costs 3.2 million wood, 3.2 million stone, 3.2 million iron ore and 3.2 million gold coins respectively. Thunder Giant Eagle camp is upgrading.”
“It costs 500000 wood, 500000 stone, 500000 iron ore and 500000 gold coins. The goblin camp is upgrading.”
Millions of resources are smashed down, and then the construction acceleration scroll is used to skip the construction time.
Soon, the three camps were upgraded. The details are as follows:
[dragon Hunter camp]
Equal order: fifth order
Grade: 5
Training unit: 1123 / 5000
Training time: one hour
Training cost: 5000 gold coins, 1 Dragon Crystal Stone, 1 canglan tree heart
Upgrade requirements: 3.2 million for timber, 3.2 million for ore, 3.2 million for iron ore and 3.2 million for gold coin.
[thunder Giant Eagle camp]
Equal order: sixth order
Grade: 5
Training unit: 1123 / 5000
Training time: 60 minutes
Training cost: 6000 gold coins
Upgrade requirements: 6.4 million for timber, 6.4 million for stone, 6.4 million for iron ore and 6.4 million for gold coins.
[goblin camp]
Equal order: first order
Grade: 8
Training unit: 12000 / 30000
Training cost: 50 gold coins
Training time: 1 minute
Upgrade requirements: 1 million for timber, 1 million for ore, 1 million for iron ore and 1 million for gold coin.
Then, the training begins.
Dragon hunter, thunder eagle, 3000 heads first.
Before that, 1500 soldiers were trained, but because of the time problem, the queue is still there, and the soldiers haven't been trained yet.
Now Lin Tai has made up the queue to 3000.
“Training 1500 units of dragon hunters costs 3.75 million gold coins, Dragon Crystal Stone and canglan Shuxin 750.”(talent of careful calculation reduces resource consumption by 50%
“Training 1500 units of thunder Giant Eagle costs 4.5 million gold coins.”(talent of careful calculation reduces resource consumption by 50%
“Training 18000 units of goblins costs 450000 gold coins.”(the talent of careful calculation reduces the cost of resources by 50%.)
Chapter 44 training the knight of the dead
At the beginning of the training, Lin Tai took out the training acceleration scroll and jumped it all.
Soon, there were 3000 dragon hunters, 3000 thunder eagles and 30000 goblins in shenting territory.
After that, Lin Tai took a glance at the remaining resources of the base, as follows:
Timber: 12.372 million
Stone: 11.261 million
Iron ore: 10.707 million
Gold coin: 9.361 million
Food: 7.238 million
There are still a lot of resources left.
So Lin Tai took out the undead Knight arms template that he had obtained from the undead territory and prepared to build the camp.
It's the seventh level or the cavalry. That's what Chris needs.
It's hard to meet a cavalry hero, right? You can't waste her talent.
Finally, Lin Tai found a location in the southeast corner of shenting territory and chose to build it.
“It costs 400000 wood, ore, iron ore and gold coins. The undead Knight camp is under construction.”
The system's prompt sound, a ghost of the undead Knight camp appeared in the open space in front of Lintai.
Just skip the construction time.
The undead camp takes shape and then begins to upgrade.
“It costs 800000 wood, 800000 stone, 800000 iron ore and 800000 gold coins. The undead Knight camp is upgrading.”
“You have used the build acceleration scroll. Undead camp has been upgraded. The current level is level 2.”
“1.6 million wood, 1.6 million stone, 1.6 million iron ore, 1.6 million gold coins, 1.6 million dead Knight camp…”
With millions of resources, the undead Knight cAMP level has been upgraded to level 4.
The details are as follows:
[undead Knight camp]
Equal order: seventh order
Grade: 4
Training unit: 0 / 2000
Training time: 90 minutes
Training cost: 15000 gold coins, soul fire 5
Upgrade requirements: 3.2 million for timber, 3.2 million for ore, 3.2 million for iron ore and 3.2 million for gold coin.
Now, there are 6.56 million Lintai gold coins left, which can train more than 800 undead knights, as for the fire of soul.
Cough, to be honest, Lin Tai now has more than 50000 units of soul fire, which is enough.
Then we started training.
“Training 800 units of undead Knights costs 6 million gold coins and 2000 soul fire.”(talent of careful calculation reduces resource consumption by 50%
The system spirit's prompt sound started, and the gold coin reserve of shenting territory suddenly bottomed out again.
Therefore, no matter when, gold coins are always the most scarce basic resources.
800 undead knights, use training acceleration to skip training time.
One by one appeared in the open space of the divine court.
Chris has seen the situation here, riding his big ass to rush towards this side.
When you see that Lin Tai is surrounded by a knight of the dead.
Chris said yes, followed by ecstasy.
“It's cavalry. My God, Lord, I really need cavalry.”
With that, the little girl quickly ran to Lin Tai, took the latter's arm and ran and jumped.
It took a few minutes to get rid of the passion in my heart.
Lin Tai wiped the sweat on his forehead and coughed.
Chris responded, quickly released Lintai's arm, and then looked at Lintai eagerly: “Lord, is this for my cavalry?”
Lin Tai nodded: “are there any other cavalry heroes in my territory besides you?”
Hearing this, Chris was ecstatic: “great, thank you Lord, Trojan horse!”
Then, Lin Tai was attacked by the little girl.
Lin Tai was speechless.
No matter in general, or the heart dark cool.
After wiping the moisture on his cheek, Lin Tai throws detection skills at one of the undead knights.
Soon, the undead Knight's attribute information appeared in front of Lin Tai's eyes, as follows:
[Knight of the dead]
Equal order: seventh order
Grade: 1
HP: 12000
Defense: 1600
Attack power: 1400
Speed: 140
Food consumption: 35
Skill: Knight charge: the undead Knights set out their formation and form a square array to charge the target. Attacking in charge will cause 1.5 times of damage to the target. The more Knights form a charge formation, the more damage they will cause.
Triple stab: the undead Knight clenches his long gun and launches three consecutive stabs at the target in front of him, causing huge damage. If he hits the same enemy three times, he will repel the enemy for one second.
Undead recovery: when the health value of undead knights is reduced to 50%, they will automatically absorb the power of nearby corpses and recover their health value. The more corpses nearby, the more health value they can recover.
Description: Hell knights who are born to death, they have no life, but their chivalry is still there, and they can still burst out endless fighting power.
A glance at this information is not bad.
Seven level arms, with three skills.
I don't want to talk about attributes, but about skills. They have acceleration, control, damage, and return blood. They are more comprehensive.
If the number is large, and Chris is in charge of it, the combat effectiveness will be good.
The only drawback is that these guys are not good-looking.
Riding a dead horse, wearing rotten armor.
I can't see my face clearly. The only thing I can see is the two faint blue flames exposed from the gap of the armor.
That's the eyes of the undead knight.
Chris obviously also checked the attributes of the undead knight and was very satisfied.
Now come to Lin Tai and ask for orders: “Lord, I want to take them out to try their power, OK?”
Looking at the little girl eager to try, Lin Tai could not bear to refuse and nodded: “go, be careful yourself.”
“I see. Don't worry!”Chris dropped a word and got on the horse.
Then a calendar drink: “the whole army with me!”
The next moment, all the 800 units of undead knights in the divine court territory follow Chris and run out of the city.
Lin Tai watched them leave and turned to the kitchen.
Now I guess Belinda has cooked the meal!
It's really nice to have a look at the place.
Barbecue, lingguo and broth are on the table.
Grace saw Lintai coming and quickly served him with food.
That looks like a good wife and mother.
Cough, here's Grace's face, which I haven't mentioned before.
If Chris is brave and Belinda is immortal, grace is mature and steady.
There is that kind of intellectual charm that only belongs to mature women, which is irresistible.
Chapter 45 three step plan to explore the abyss Rift Valley
(Huahua is 500 plus short. Brother, please leave Huahua
After having enough to eat and drink, Lin Tai returned to the Lord's hall.
Then we start to plan the future direction of shenting territory.
The first is the time. There are still 14 days to go before the public test.
In other words, more than half of the 30 days since Lin Tai first entered the game have passed.
So next, he has to race against the clock and continue to develop.
On the planning, Lin Tai painstakingly determined the following three points.
First, prepare to move to the city.
Lin Tai's original intention is to build territory inside the juetong mountains.
But because of the security problems in the early stage of development, he chose to build the territory on the edge of the Jueming mountains.
Now, the development of shenting territory has been on the right track, and has a certain strength.
Lin Tai felt that he had the qualification to move to the interior of juetong mountain range.
Of course, before that, he needed a more advanced city wall and a more perfect city defense system.
This, still need a lot of resources.
Second: collect all kinds of rare materials needed by time hourglass, flower fairy Kathy, and fire controller Linglong.
Time hourglass, Cathy the flower fairy, and Lin Tai are sure to win.
The master of fire is a dragon hero of SSS level, and his strength is certainly not weak.
Distance summon, one million units less fire energy.
How can Lin Tai do it?
Third: the training of arms and the level of training.
First of all, Lin Tai has decided to use three kinds of arms: Dragon hunter, thunder giant eagle and undead knight.
These three arms will be Lin Tai's transitional arms to open up the situation and move towards the middle of the era of Lords.
It can be cultivated.
Then use them to take the fortress and altar, and accumulate resources to obtain more advanced arms.
The ranks of these arms need to be trained.
Secondly, the training of arms needs a lot of time. Lin Tai can't afford to wait. He can only find a way to speed up the training.
The fastest way is to open the treasure chest and kill the boss.
So Lin Tai decided to go to the places where good things happened in the last life.
For example, deep in the juetong mountains, near the abyssal Rift Valley, there are Blackwater swamps, Jinsha coast, Kuteng pagoda and other places.
These are all places where good things have been produced.
Lintai has to run before the players arrive.
After collecting those resources, I believe the strength of shenting territory can be doubled.
Planning is roughly in these three directions.
Lin Tai decided to go step by step.
The first is treasure hunting, which must be done before the public test of the game.
Fortunately, there are flying arms, which can save a lot of marching time.
Time flies, it's evening.
After a crazy day outside the city, Chris returned to the territory.
Little girl or a face of meaning.
It can be seen that she is very satisfied with the knight of the dead given by Lintai.
After dinner, Lin Tai called the crowd to explain his plan.
When he heard that Lin Tai was going to travel far away, the three girls all lived like this.
After a few seconds, Chris was the first to respond: “Lord, where are you going?”
Lintai sipped his lips: “I'm going to a lot of places, and it's far away. I don't think I can come back for a while. So, you and grace stay in the territory, responsible for protecting the territory security, and arranging the collection team to collect resources.”
At this point, Lintai looked at Belinda again: “Belinda, you take the Dragon hunter with me.”
Three women smell speech, nod to agree in succession.
After all, Lintai is the Lord, and they are just the Lords of the contract with Lintai.
In other words, Lin Tai is the king, they are just subordinates.
They must obey Lintai's orders.
That's how it's settled.
Time came the next day.
Knowing that time is running out, Lin Tai gets up early in the morning, takes Belinda with him, rides on the thunder eagle, and flies to the north of juetong mountains with the Dragon hunter.
Lin Tai's first place to go is the Great Rift Valley.
It's a place that connects the abyss world. It's dangerous, but there are lots of opportunities.
Well, in fact, it's the closest to juetong mountain. Secondly, there is a fire spirit refreshing there, and the fire spirit will drop the crystal of fire.
Linglong, the master of fire, still needs this!
Therefore, Lin Tai put the first station of exploration in the Great Rift Valley.
One is to see if you can find the drawing, and the other is to brush some crystals dropped by Huoling to see if they can be absorbed by Longdan.
In addition, in the late period of the Lord's time, monsters like demons and gargoyles in the abyss world and the undead monsters in the juetong mountains formed a confrontation, becoming one of the most dangerous areas in the whole east continent.
Even the most powerful hegemonic guild in the last life did not dare to fool around here.
That's where Lin Tai is going this time.
Here's to illustrate that the monster strength in the Lord's time gradually increases with time.
Take the juetong mountains.
In the early period of the Lord's time, juetong mountain was dangerous, but the common monsters were only between the fourth and seventh levels.
But in the middle of the period, the monsters in the juetong mountain range are from level 7 to level 10.
In the later period, that is, when the era of Lords and the real world merged.
The monsters in the juetong mountains are almost all high-level monsters.
And there are a lot of monster Lords.
Each has the strength of the demigod, a powerful group.
It is because of this that Lin Tai dares to run to the super dangerous place like juetong mountain range and abyss rift valley.
It's dangerous, but it's not fatal!
All the way north.
In order to save time on the road, even if it is a monster, Lin Tai is also a direct detour.
Finally, after flying continuously for ten hours, we successfully arrived near the abyss rift valley.
From the sky to the ground.
What you can see is a crack hundreds of kilometers long.
It's like a sword, splitting the ground.
The crack is deep and bottomless. Even the narrowest part is hundreds of meters wide. It's dark inside. From time to time, the roar of monsters comes out.
It is said that in the deepest part of the crack, there is an entrance to the abyss.
Of course, no one has ever really gone in.
Sweeping a crack, Lin Tai's eyes narrowed: “this is it. Go down and have a look.”
Chapter 46 elemental Monster: Fire Spirit
After that, Lin Tai ordered the thunder eagles to lower their altitude.
After a long journey, the thunder Eagles were already exhausted. At the moment, they heard Lin Tai's order and couldn't wait to land on the ground.
But as soon as she landed, Belinda, who followed her, whispered, “be careful, there's something strange on the ground…”
Before he finished speaking, some small shadows suddenly appeared on the ground and attacked the air without saying a word.
Lin Tai glanced and found that they were black snakes.
Each one is seven or eight meters long and black.
Lying under the fallen leaves of corruption, I can't see clearly.
Throw out the detection skill, Lin Tai gets the black information.
Black scale snake, level 4 monster, can entwine, poison spray two skills.
It's hard to get ideas.
“Raise the altitude and solve the opponent in the air.”Lin Tai ordered.
The thunder Eagles immediately stopped their falling bodies and returned to the air.
And the Dragon hunters on their backs find the right opportunity to attack at this moment.
Whew, whew!
Countless arrows fell from the sky, covering the area with black scale snake below.
Huge numbers of injuries are coming up.
Thousands of black scale snakes wake up from the decaying leaves, coil around their bodies, raise their heads high and spew venom into the sky.
Unfortunately, their venom attack range is limited, not as long as the Dragon hunter.
More than 20 minutes later.
All the black scale snakes were killed. Lintai and Belinda came down from the air.
Down to earth, pick up the spoils, and then find a shady hiding Valley to rest.
Three hours passed in the blink of an eye.
The arms have recovered.
Lin Tai stood up and went on with the army.
He came here for two purposes: to find the spirit of fire and to find the architectural drawing.
It seems that the lucky man in the last life made a special wall drawing here.
Later, he lost the auction house and was bought by Ling Yun, the second Lord of Xia state at that time.
This is the Lingyun Iron City handed down by later generations.
The city wall, defense level max.
Both monsters and human lords were afraid of the dark wall.
After taking off with the thunder eagle, Lin Tai began to look for the treasure chest.
Because it is close to the abyssal Rift Valley, it is also one of the dangerous areas.
There are many treasures in the wilderness.
Lin Tai from the air, one by one to find out to open.
“You have opened the blue treasure box, gained skill stone 5, basic resources 500000, gold equipment treasure box 3, resource point moving scroll 3.”
“You have opened the blue treasure box, obtained 500000 basic resources, 1 forbidden curse scroll and 100 hours training acceleration scroll 2.”
“You opened
This is the treasure chest that has been open for more than ten hours in a row.
A total of 21, killing hundreds of thousands of monsters, but Lin Tai did not get what he wanted.
“Damn, it can't be the wrong news!”Lin Tai slandered himself.
Standing on the rocks of the hill, gnawing at Belinda's freshly roasted meat, looking towards the rift valley.
Belinda seems to see that Lintai is worried. She walks up behind him and puts a pair of jade hands on Lintai's shoulders and rubs them gently.
“What are you looking at?”Asked Belinda.
Lin Tai's eyes became deep: “tomorrow, let's go inside and have a look.”
Belinda's face slightly changed: “inside?I can feel it. It's dangerous inside. We… ”
Before she finished, she was interrupted by Lin Tai: “if you want to be rich, how can you not take some risks?”
Belinda wants to stop talking. After hearing this, she still chooses to swallow the words back to her stomach.
Well, Lin Tai is the Lord. Listen to him!
Time flies, it's the next day!
Last night, when I was resting, I was attacked by three waves of monsters.
Fortunately, Lin Tai arranged the night watchmen, but nothing serious happened.
Early in the morning, after feeding the troops, Lin Tai set out toward the abyss rift valley.
Before setting out, Lin Tai carefully checked the map Gesang sold himself, which marked the refresh location of Huoling.
It's about 3000 meters deep in the rift valley.
Deep into the rift valley, the light suddenly darkened.
It's surrounded by jagged rocks, and you can see a lot of monsters.
Lin Tai was resolute, quick to fight and fight all the way in.
After 3000 meters, the scene in front changed.
It's a huge lake of magma.
It's much bigger than the one I saw in the juetong mountains before.
Is bubbling, like boiling water in general.
In the open space on the Bank of the magma lake, there are some red figures.
Humanoid, with limbs and facial features, looks like a mass of flowing magma.
This is the goal of Lin Tai's trip, Huoling. The specific information is as follows:
Equal order: fifth order
Grade: 8
HP: 20000
Defense: 3100
Attack power: 3200
Speed: 128
Skill: burst magma: Fire Spirit summons a mass of magma and throws it at the enemy, causing a lot of spell damage to the target and 100% additional burning effect.
(burning effect: lose 2% of maximum HP per second for 3 seconds. Can stack to 3 levels.)
Fire spirit recovery: fire spirit only lives where there is fire, and fire is its energy. When its health value is lower than 50%, it can release fire spirit to recover and continuously recover its health value. This skill takes up to five seconds to prepare. During this period, fire spirit cannot move, attack or be attacked, otherwise it will interrupt the recovery.
Description: when a fire is born with consciousness, please note that these guys are natural fire players.
Glanced at the fire spirit's message.
Fortunately, although it's strong, it's almost better than Lin Tai.
“AttackLin Tai ordered.
As soon as the wings of the thunder Eagles had been ready for a long time, they came down from the sky with the Dragon hunters.
In an instant, it was above the heads of the fire spirits.
Then, the attack began.
Chapter 47 crystallization of fire, obsidian deposit
Dense arrows, as if free of money.
The fire spirit, who was wandering by the edge of the magma lake, was enraged instantly.
The magma balls are rubbed out and thrown into the sky.
The thunder Eagles dodge one after another, creating opportunities for Dragon hunters to export.
Whew, whew, whew!
Covered with countless arrows, the first fire spirits were killed.
After death, they become a mass of flowing magma and return to the magma lake.
And in the place where they belch, they drop some red crystals.
See that thing, Lin Tai hurriedly let thunder Giant Eagle land.
Then he picked up several pieces and looked at them in his hand.
[crystal of fire]
Description: extremely rich in fire energy, it is a rare material.
“Try to see if it works.”Lin Tai's secret way.
Then he landed from the air and took out the eggs.
Put the crystal of fire next to the egg.
The next moment, something magical happened.
The crystallization of the fire into the dots of light, into the egg.
Then Lin Tai checked the information of Longdan again, and it turned out that it had changed, as follows:
[fire control. Linglong] (to be hatched)
Rank: SSS dragon hero
Description: after absorbing enough fire energy, fire control can be hatched. Dragon God Linglong currently absorbs energy (1 / 1 million).
The absorbed energy goes from zero to one.
That is to say, a crystal of fire can provide one unit of energy for dragon eggs.
To be honest, a little less.
But we finally found a way, No.
Lin Tai threw the remaining several fire crystals into the dragon egg.
Dragon eggs absorb several more units of energy.
Happy heart, put away the eggs.
Lin Tai re launched on the thunder eagle.
“Attack all, lead the fire spirit to the shore to kill, remember, don't let them return to the magma lake to recover their health.”Lin Tai ordered.
Thunder eagles and dragon hunters have expressed their understanding.
Then follow Lin Tai's instructions.
A large number of fire spirits were attracted to the shore and killed.
These guys have the ability to recover health.
But it takes a long time to guide and cannot be interrupted.
And this, in the face of real combat, is no different from chicken ribs.
Therefore, to kill Huoling is easy and pleasant.
In the next few hours, Lin Tai began to brush his own fire.
Tens of thousands of fire spirits gathered here, none left, were killed.
Even the fire spirit boss, who was nearly 20 meters high, couldn't hold the Dragon hunters' fire.
Fell under the dense arrows.
After the fall of Huoling king, the magma lake was calm.
There was no more fire spirit coming out of it.
Lin Tai was a little speechless.
It's not easy to find a fire spirit to brush a new place. I didn't expect to kill it so soon?
Next refresh, I don't know when to wait!
“Clean up the battlefield quickly.”Lin Tai had no choice but to order.
He also rode the thunder Eagle down from the air and came to the place where he had just killed the fire spirit king.
Then pick up the spoils.
Basic resources 1 million, forbid curse scroll 1, training acceleration scroll 100 hours 3, platinum equipment treasure box 3, crystal of fire 100, skill stone 10.
The harvest was good.
Lin Tai opens three platinum equipment chests.
“You opened the platinum equipment treasure box 3, and obtained the fish scale skin armor, the night light crown, and the frost heart robe.”
[scale beetle]
Grade: Platinum
For: Ranger, assassin
Description: increases the wearer's total attributes by 8%.
Additional special effect: Dodge: every time you are attacked, you have a 15% dodge chance. If you dodge successfully, you will not be hurt.
[night light crown]
Grade: Platinum
For: mage, priest
Description: increases the wearer's total attributes by 8%.
Additional special effects: Magic source: during wearing, it can continuously restore the wearer's mental power and increase the wearer's endurance.
Frost heart Robe
Grade: Platinum
For: mage
Description: increases the wearer's total attributes by 8%.
Additional special effect: frost power: increases the ice damage of the wearer by 100%, and increases the freezing probability of each attack by 30% for one second.
After a glance at these three pieces of equipment, they are quite good on the whole.
Scales give Belinda increased dodge.
Although as a Ranger, this attribute is not used much.
But it's always better than Belinda's gold leather armour now, just put it on.
And Yeming crown and frost heart robe were put on by Lin Tai.
Yemingguan can restore mental strength.
In the Lord's time, mages, priests and other professions did not have magic value data.
But it doesn't mean they can release their skills all the time.
Continuous release of skills will have a greater burden on mental power.
Mental loss, will produce dizziness, want to sleep and other side effects.
Yemingguan can just offset this side effect.
Frost heart robe is also good. It increases the damage of ice attribute by 100% and has an additional 30% freezing chance.
30% is quite a lot. If you go on with one skill, you can freeze a few more or less.
After changing the equipment, the Dragon hunters collected all the fire crystals and sent them to Lin Tai.
It's more than 15000 pieces.
Lin Tai is not ambiguous, all into the egg inside.
Look at the information again. Dragon eggs absorb more than 15000 units of energy.
In fact, the distance between heaven and earth is one million.
Helpless, can only slowly.
Just as Lintai closes the information panel and is ready to leave, Belinda comes this way.
“Lord, there are several Obsidian deposits over there. Would you like to have a look?”
Lin Tai's eyebrows, obsidian mineral?
Wait, obsidian?
This thing
Is that the architectural drawing right here?
Lin Tai was ecstatic in his heart and said: “there, take me to have a look.”
Belinda didn't know why Lintai was so happy, but she took Lintai to the direction of the magma lake, and finally pointed to the depth of the magma Lake: “it's there.”
Chapter 48 special architectural drawings: Obsidian city wall
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Lintai followed Belinda's direction and saw some black rocks growing above the magma lake.
That's the Obsidian deposit.
It is also one of the resource points, which can be mined out and used as building materials.
And Lin Tai, obviously, doesn't care about that.
“Go and have a look.”
After that, Lin Tai called a thunder eagle, rode on it and went straight to the direction of obsidian deposit.
When Belinda saw this, she quickly followed.
For the sake of safety, he also brought dozens of dragon hunters.
Ride the thunder Eagle together and fly to the Obsidian mine.
Soon, Lintai came to the place and fell from the air.
There's just a flat ground here.
The Obsidian deposit is on the flat ground.
Lin Tai glanced around and finally found a glittering object in a small hole near the Obsidian deposit.
Orange. That's a corner of the treasure chest.
“Sure enough, I'm rich here!”Lin Tai was very happy.
Let thunder Eagle landing, and then run to the chest.
Dig out the treasure box and open it directly.
“You opened the orange treasure box, obtained 2 million basic resources, obtained 3000 hours of training acceleration scroll 1, built 3000 hours of acceleration scroll 1, special architectural drawings, obsidian city wall.”
Resources, acceleration scroll, Lin Tai didn't care.
His attention is now on that drawing.
Obsidian city wall
Description: with this drawing, you can upgrade the ordinary city wall to Obsidian city wall, but you need to prepare obsidian in advance. The Obsidian city wall of the same level has ten times more durability than the ordinary city wall.
Seeing this description, Lintai was ecstatic.
Yes, that's the second goal of his trip.
Obsidian wall!
The territory of Lingyun, the second Lord of Xia kingdom in the last generation, is the Obsidian city wall.
Ten times the durability of ordinary city walls, what a concept!
At the same level, if the durability of an ordinary city wall is 10000, the Obsidian city wall is 100000.
Don't underestimate the durability of the city wall.
In the middle and later period of the Lord's era, the importance of the city wall was reflected by the monster attacking the city, the Lord competing.
Lin Tai still remembers that the Obsidian wall of Lingyun territory once became a nightmare for monsters and lords.
There is no way to break the city, the yuppie of Ying.
Because of this, the title of Lingyun iron city is widely known.
Later, almost no lord dared to fight Lingyun iron city.
Of course, obsidian city wall is strong, but it is difficult to build it.
Ordinary city walls only need stones and gold coins, but Obsidian city walls need stones, gold coins and obsidian.
And a lot of obsidian.
Obsidian is a rare mineral deposit, which only refreshes in the magmatic lake and magmatic River, with little production.
But none of this is a problem for Lin Tai.
Since he came to find the Obsidian wall drawings, he had already figured out how to get so many obsidians.
Put the drawing carefully, and Lin Tai brought his thoughts back to reality.
Then ask Belinda to bring more dragon hunters to mine.
To Ling Tian's surprise, there is not only Obsidian ore on this platform, but also a kind of ore called the origin of fire.
Description: a kind of stone with high hardness, only growing near the magma lake, is a rare building material.
The origin of fire
Description: gems with rich fire energy can be added to the equipment with fire attribute.
The origin of fire is actually the flame gem.
It can be integrated into the equipment and add fire attribute to the equipment.
“I don't know if it can be absorbed by dragon eggs.”Lin Tai thought.
No matter whether you can or not, if you encounter it, you will take it back to count the ball.
Then the Dragon hunters began to mine.
Lintai and Belinda took the opportunity to hang out.
Fortunately, we have 6000 units of arms.
Mining is not slow.
It took about three hours.
Obsidian, the source of fire, has been taken away.
Looking at the refresh time, it takes 15 days.
Sure enough, it is a rare resource, which takes more than ten times more time to refresh than the basic resources.
Look at Lintai's backpack.
The origin of fire 6532.
256000 obsidian.
(for mining special mineral resources, each branch can only collect one unit of resources in five minutes.)
It's not enough, but at least it's a good start.
Mark the coordinates of the magma lake.
Lintai takes Belinda out of the lake.
Want to continue to explore the depths of the abyss rift.
But before long, Lin Tai gave up.
There's no way. The deeper you go, the monsters of level 8 and level 9 come out.
For the sake of safety, Lin Tai had to retreat.
But after all, this is one of the most dangerous places in the later period.
There's a chance in it. There must be good things.
So, Lin Tai will come back one day.
Out of the rift valley, Lintai returns to the previous canyon.
It wasn't until a few hours later that Lintai continued to move.
Next place, Blackwater swamp.
It's not a good place to hear the name.
It's swampy for thousands of miles.
There are so many monsters living in it.
Because of the terrain, few lords can go deep.
Therefore, until the late period of the Lord, Heishui swamp was still full of treasures.
Lin Tai has flying arms, so he decided to take a chance in the past.
It was more than ten hours' flight before Lin Tai finally arrived at Blackwater swamp.
Before landing, Lintai had seen a lot of monsters moving in the swamp from the air.
There are even a number of monster nests.
The danger is certain.
But opportunities always coexist with dangers.
First, I found a place to rest, recover my strength and feed.
After everything was ready, Lin Tai made his way to the black water swamp.
Then repeat the previous behavior, find the treasure box, open the treasure box, find the treasure box, open the treasure box.
Chapter 49 the second myth equipment: Breaking Dawn
In a flash of time, it was five days later. Lintai finished his exploration and took Belinda back to shenting territory.
In the past five days, he has explored Blackwater swamp, Jinsha beach and other places.
Found a considerable number of treasure chest, after opening, get a variety of rewards is also extremely rich.
Let's not talk about basic resources.
Let's talk about this rare treasure.
Breaking Dawn
Rank: Myth
Application: Ranger
Description: increases user's total attributes by 20%.
Additional special effect: blood sucking arrow: when this skill is turned on, all damage of the user will be attached with 50% blood sucking effect, and the damage will be 100% critical hit, lasting for 30 seconds.
Ranger specialization: increases all user damage by 100%.
Dawn and dawn: issue arrow rain directly in front of the target, causing 300% damage to the target in the area, and causing deceleration effect to the target hit.
(decelerating effect: the movement speed and attack speed of the hit target are reduced by 50%, lasting for 3 seconds.)
This equipment is the second myth level equipment Lin Tai got.
It's a good thing to solve a ten thousand level monster territory.
Most importantly, it's a Ranger weapon.
In other words, Belinda can use it.
There are blood sucking, damage bonus, control deceleration, a very comprehensive weapon.
Belinda couldn't put it down after she got it, and she was even more grateful to Lintai.
And Belinda herself, equipped with dawn, is also a surge in strength.
[ten times experience scroll]
Description: after use, arms will gain 10 times experience buff in the next day.
This is also powerful, suitable for new arms brush level.
[territory shield]
Description: after use, it can open the shield for the territory, lasting for 24 hours.
There are many good things, and they are all good for Lin Tai.
However, because of the gradual deepening, the monsters Lin Tai encountered are becoming stronger and stronger.
In order to ensure his safety, he only made a preliminary exploration of those places.
It's almost time to withdraw.
Now, it's time to return to the divine court territory and carry out the second step plan.
The thunder eagles fly very fast.
It took seventeen or eighteen hours to get on the road, and the juetong mountain finally appeared at the end of Lintai's vision.
Cross the top of the mountain to avoid the territory of several waves of flying undead.
Lin Tai successfully returned to shenting territory.
But what he didn't expect is that shenting territory is now experiencing a battle.
In the open space in front of the city wall, Chris and 800 undead Knights stormed and killed wave after wave of monsters.
When Lintai and Belinda arrive, Chris has eaten the last little monster.
She ordered the undead to clean up the battlefield.
And she, on her horse, joined Lintai and Belinda.
“Lord, Belinda, I haven't seen you for days. I miss you so much.”
Cried Belinda, turning over, dismounting, throwing herself into Lintai's arms and rubbing hard.
This makes Lin Tai embarrassed for a while. His hands are frozen in midair. He doesn't know what to do.
Fortunately, Chris reacted quickly, got out of Lintai's arms, and then asked, “tell me about it. What good things have you got along the way?”
Linday winked at Belinda, who understood and quickly took Chris to one side: “along the way, we went to many places, first the abyss Rift Valley, and then…”
Belinda attracted Chris, the talker.
Lintai was relieved and quickly returned to the Lord's hall.
Grace, who had heard the news outside, came out and saluted Lintai respectfully: “dear Lord, welcome back.”
Lin Tai waved his hand, sat down on the throne and asked, “I've been walking for a few days. Is nothing wrong?”
Grace shook her head: “nothing serious, but there are three waves of monster siege, Chris stopped.”
With that, grace poured tea for Lintai herself.
Lin Tai is not polite. He takes it up and drinks it down.
When he saw that shenting territory was ok, he was relieved.
Then Lin Tai checked the territory information as follows:
[shenting territory]
Lord: Shura
Grade: 8
Alliance: None
Subordinate territory: None
Number of buildings: 35 / 400
Arms template: Goblin [level 1], plague zombie [Level 2], demon wolf Knight [level 4], Goblin [level 1], thunder Eagle [level 6], dragon Hunter [level 5], undead Knight [level 7]
Accommodation in the city: 37850 / 60000
Timber: 75.322 million
Stone: 72.351 million
Iron ore: 70.025 million
Gold coin: 86.321 million
Food: 46.348 million
Upgrade requirements: 4 million for timber, 4 million for ore, 4 million for iron ore and 4 million for gold coin.
Lin Tai was not surprised to see the territory's 70 million resource reserves.
Even he thought it was a little less.
These resources mainly come from two parts.
First, Lin Tai opened a treasure chest and killed the boss.
After five days of exploration, he has obtained nearly 30 million resources just by opening the treasure chest.
Second, the collection of goblins.
Now the divine court has 30000 units of goblins.
That is to say, if all the people collect, they can collect 30000 units of resources per minute. In addition, Lin Tai's God level collection aura accelerates by 100% and the goblin talent accelerates by 20%.
Thirty thousand goblins can collect 66000 resources per minute.
Sixty minutes an hour, 24 hours a day. In theory, 95.04 million resources can be collected in one day.
However, this is impossible!
There's no way. The resources are limited. There are fewer good resources.
And it's also relatively scattered, and it's even less when you're on your way, marching or something.
So five days, that's all.
But for the time being, it is enough.
With Lin Tai's nearly 20000 hours of training, acceleration scrolls and violent soldiers, right now.
Thinking of this, Lin Tai got up and walked towards the door of the Lord's hall.
Before you come to the three arms camp, prepare for the riot.
Among them, dragon hunter, thunder Giant Eagle camp are now level 5, and undead knight is level 4.
Lin Tai is going to smash thunder Giant Eagle camp to level 6, undead Knight camp to level 5, and dragon Hunter cAMP level remains unchanged.
No way, Lin Tai's Dragon Crystal Stone and canglan tree heart have been exhausted, even if it is upgraded camp, also can't train.