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Rebirth 1991: start can change plane_The 1990s (chapters 1-49)
Chapter 0001 this does not meet the basic conditions of rebirth!
Jiangcheng couldn’t help taking a breath.
Looking at the familiar scenery around him, an idea came into his mind.
I'm, like, reborn?
I looked at the calendar.
1991February 20, 2000, the sixth day of the first month.
Sleeping trough
Jiangcheng has been sluggish for a long time, but he feels that his head is a little confused.
What were you doing last night?
It's like drinking.
And then, in the car, what are you doing?
Jiang Cheng shakes his head. In his memory, he seems to be planning to have an in-depth communication with a female student who needs his own assistance.
To help her complete her studies and accumulate rich life experience.
And then
It seems that he got out of the car and was ready to go to his villa when a thunder fell down directly and hit him impartially.
It's said that heaven strikes and thunder strikes, and retribution comes.
Although I've done a lot of immoral things in my life, I'm not a big traitor. How can I be struck by thunder?
At the thought of this, Jiangcheng couldn't help scolding.
I took another look at myself in the mirror.
Young, promising and handsome.
1991In this year, I am 15 years old.
I'm 14 years old. Because I went to school early, I just got into high school last year?
Jiangcheng can't help but miss it.
Now, 30 years ago.
It's time to be young and energetic.
To be honest, Jiangcheng really doesn't feel that it meets the criteria for rebirth.
The death of both parents does not exist.
Wearing a green hat, sorry, Jiangcheng is not married, there is no chance to wear a green hat.
It's even more impossible to be poor. In 30 years' time, Jiangcheng will not be equal to Jack Ma, but it is also a billionaire.
When you think about it, your life is very comfortable.
Do you really have any regrets?
Jiangcheng thinks that if he is given another chance, he also wants to seize the trend of the Internet and reduce several failures.
It's good to accumulate wealth early.
If you make money early, can you enjoy your life better and more happily?
If you think about it, it's still a good thing to get rich early.
I felt my trouser pocket and found that there was no cigarette.
Jiangcheng felt bitter in his mouth.
Just think about it.
“Now, if you let daddy know that I'm going to smoke, you have to kill me!”Jiang Cheng said to himself and took another look at his home.
Jiangcheng's hometown is in Xinjing City, three eastern provinces.
Dad jumbo is a veteran.
My father is powerful enough to talk about it in his life.
Jiang Bo was born in 1944.
When he joined the army in 1962, he followed the big army to beat peacock country. With the big army, his father got a third-class merit because he fought bravely.
Later, in 196.9, he went to fight against laomaozi.
Because of his bravery and good performance, he was sent to the Military Academy for further study.
Originally, dad wanted to go to the command major, but the staff was full. After being enlightened by the superior, Dad could only go to the non command major.
This is tantamount to changing from military to civilian.
My father's major is aviation.
Generally speaking, people like dad must be highly valued. This is a rare talent. Later, Dad went home for a blind date and met his mother.
The ingredients in mom's house are not good.
It affected daddy's future.
Of course, my father is quite open-minded. In addition, my father's superiors need to take care of him. Although he is not reused, he is not demoted.
In 1985, the country began to carry out one million large-scale disarmament.
Dad could not have been dismissed, but at that time, he was seriously ill and chose to retire.
Of course, dad is not a quiet master.
After I came back, I started my own life quietly.
In Jiangcheng's memory, before he was seriously ill, his family's life was a little short, but since his father came back, his family has no longer been short of money.
As long as Jiangcheng wants to have fish and meat.
Other people's homes do not have VCD, no toys, Jiangcheng really never lack.
Until later, when Jiangcheng asked his father how he made his fortune in the first pot of gold, he revealed that what he did was his business.
Because my father worked as a soldier and made contributions, he simply won a vote. The old brother who retired from the army went directly to do business here.
From the capital to Mosco, there are nine thousand talents. When you get on the bus in the capital, you can only carry 38 kilograms of goods.
After running for several times, Jiangbo accumulated his first fortune and began to sell more and more cars from retail to wholesale.
When it was the most exciting time, dad bought out a car, totally 17 boxes.
Every box was full of goods, but almost all the men bought the whole box. Except for a berth to sleep, the goods were stacked from the floor to the ceiling, and even the windows were covered tightly.
When listening to his father's story, Jiangcheng felt that he still admired him.
It's too bold.
However, dad doesn't care about this, as long as the train enters big brother's territory.
At each stop, dad and his brothers swarmed down with leather jackets and down jackets, while the platform was already full of old men waiting to be snapped up.
Cans, clothes, everything.
“Business is incredible!There are so many goods that are sold out in a moment. I don't know where they are sold. “When dad said this, his mouth also made an exclamatory voice.
At the peak, there were at least hundreds of brothers around him.
From the purchase, transportation, sales, Dad directly build a one-stop.
Even the brothers around him are armed and can fight with you directly. They are all veterans and can use all kinds of tactics. In my words, I was not afraid of tanks in 196.9. Now I am afraid of a hammer?
Dad has a flexible mind. With the development of his business, he has made more money. The difficult thing is to bring back the money he earned.
It is an important task for laomaozi customs to check the US dollars carried by Chinese businessmen.At this time, the train is the only channel, the “bad guys” can only risk thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to carry home.
My father tried to make a good relationship with laomaozi's customs, that is, to turn a blind eye.
It wasn't until 2006 that the law that laomaozi didn't allow any foreigners to engage in retail business in the market came into effect. Then laomaozi went to the capital to buy land, and then went to mordu to buy land, and began to live as a charterer.
Jiangcheng was a billionaire in his previous life, with assets of more than one billion at most.
However, I'm sorry, Dad Jiangbo's real estate valuation has come to more than 30 billion, and his working capital is also more than 4 billion.
It's not as good as the top ones in the country, but it's also a life of human beings.
Jiangcheng thinks that his father must be the protagonist in the novel. Otherwise, how can he open it?
My rebirth does not meet the basic conditions*
Chapter 0002 dad, can you buy a plane!
Of course, since it's reborn.
Jiangcheng quickly stabilized his mood.
Now that we are reborn, what we have to do is more powerful than before.
When you think about it, it seems that there is a big business during this period.
Jiangcheng narrowed his eyes, as if Sichuan Airlines was ready to buy a plane, but there was no channel, and laomaozi had four Tu-154 planes at home.
However, under the premise of no foreign trade right, no capital and no aviation operation right, muqizhong has brought karate into full play.
The big brother's four Tu-154 airplanes were exchanged for 500 daily necessities worth 400 million yuan.
Among them, Muqi made a net profit of 100 million.
It can be regarded as the pinnacle of the fallen masters.
It seems that we can arrange for Dad.
In terms of channels and relationships, dad still has some contacts with Lao maozi.
Don't you think it's fragrant to let my father cut off the 100 million yuan in Hu Mu banner to his own home?
My father is quite good to me.
Dad got married late, but he was born even later.
He was not born until he was nearly 30 years old.
Nature is a great pet.
Because they are soldiers, their father and son get together less and leave more. Later, their father often runs to laomaozi when he is free, so they get together less and leave more.
It's also because of this that Jiang Bo is very precious to his son.
It's put in the mouth for fear of melting, put in the hand for fear of falling.
However, Su Ziyu, Jiangcheng's mother, was very strict with Jiangcheng's discipline, but she didn't let Jiangcheng have a bad habit.
Jiangcheng in previous life did not depend on home.
After graduating from University, I have made a lot of progress in the Internet industry, which can be regarded as seizing this wave.
However, compared with his father, he is still far behind.
“Ah Cheng, have you got up yet?”Mother's voice came from the bedroom.
“I know!”Jiangcheng turned over and jumped up directly from the bed. Then he felt something wrong with his body.
When did oneself have abdominal muscle?
Of course, before crossing, he did. He went to the gym every day to exercise. But now he is only 15 years old. He is only 16 years old. He goes to school every day and prepares for the college entrance examination. He can't have abdominal muscles.
Jiangcheng touched his eyes, picked up his glasses and put them on his face.
I found that the world in front of me began to blur.
“I remember, I'm nearsighted at least 300 degrees!”Jiang Cheng said to himself, but he couldn't help thinking of the scene when he was struck by thunder before his rebirth.
“Is it because of the thunder?”
Jiangcheng murmured in his heart.
If this really strengthens the physical fitness, it is also a good thing.
“Jiangcheng, have you got up yet?”My mother's voice came again.
“Well, I'll come out now!”Jiangcheng dressed quickly and walked out of the gate. Then she saw a young woman calling herself: “hurry to have a meal. After dinner, I have to go out to see poor God off today. I have to open a shop later!”
Mother Su Ziyu is a typical Jiangnan woman.
At that time, as soon as my father met my mother, my father thought about my mother's face.
My father is ten years older than my mother.
But my mother's family is not good, and my father is also a soldier, and he went to Military Academy for further study, so she has a bright future. Naturally, my mother has a mind to rely on.
The two of them can be regarded as bastards. They see each other's eyes.
Until now.
Today is to send poor God, this sixth day is the opening day of shops, firecrackers symbolize this year's business will be prosperous, safe, good luck.
Before the opening of the market, it is taboo for women of other surnames to visit at home. After the opening of the market, all the Spring Festival taboos will come to an end, everything will return to normal, and the neighborhood can also resume visiting.
In the past few years, my father has set up a shop for my mother to do some small business.
Don't suffocate at home now.
It's early in the morning.
Jiangcheng saw his father.
Jiang Bo was born in the army, tall and upright. He was 45 years old, but he didn't show any signs of aging. Instead, he looked like a beast.
As soon as Jiang Bo saw Jiangcheng, he immediately laughed and stood up from his chair in a hurry: “son, come here, come here, see what I have prepared for you?This is your uncle Liu, especially from the south! ”
While saying that, Jiang Bo juggled out a little overlord learning machine.
Jiang Cheng is slightly a Leng, but on the face is to expose a smile of a chat up chat up: “thank you, Dad!”
But Jiang Bo looked at Jiang Cheng with some doubts: “why, son, do you look a little unhappy?”
“Well, very happy!”Jiangcheng coughed.
When he came into contact with this thing in his last life, he was really very happy, but in this life, it seems that he didn't have to be so happy.
It's just a learning machine.
What's the big deal?
Is it fun to have the glory of the king?
Seeing the colorful world of later generations, I feel that the entertainment items in this world are just so.
This little bully learning machine, he really can't raise any interest.
For breakfast, the family ate dumplings.
Later, a family of three went out and got into his car. His car was a Mercedes Benz w126, an old model that he got from his relationship years ago.
It can be seen as the second-generation Mercedes Benz S-class, spanning the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s.
Later, it was replaced by Hu touben.
However, the car is still domineering when driving out.
Xinjing city basically knows the reputation of Jiangbo.
There are hundreds of people in hand, almost all of them have unique skills. They dare to fight with Lao maozi. They can't be easily provoked. When the black boss meets his father, he should call Bo Ge obediently.
Sitting in the car, Jiangcheng is still thinking about things, and Jiangbo can see that Jiangcheng has something on his mind.
“What's the matter, son? What's the matter?Are you being bullied? ”
Jiangcheng coughed gently and said slowly, “Dad, who dares to bully me at school?It's good that I don't bully others! ”
Jiang Bo is a ha ha a smile: “then how do you look depressed!”
Jiangcheng took a breath, and then slowly said: “Dad, I have a problem!”
“What do you say?”Jiang Bo opened his mouth carelessly while driving.
“Dad, can you buy a plane?”Jiangcheng suddenly opened his mouth.
Jiang Bo spewed out in one breath and stepped on the brake. Then he looked at Jiang Cheng and asked, “what do you say?Buy a plane? ”
Su Ziyu also couldn't help looking at Jiangcheng: “Jiangcheng, what are you mad about?Buy a plane?Can your father buy a plane? ”
Jiangcheng pondered a little, and then slowly said: “Dad, it's not that I want to buy it, but I heard people chatting before. They said that Tianfu wants to buy airplanes. They don't have airplanes. I still listen to people chatting. It seems that laomaozi wants to sell airplanes!”*
Chapter 0003 the feasibility of changing a can for an airplane!
“You wait!”
Jiang Bo took a deep breath, turned to look at Jiang Cheng and said, “what do you mean by that?”
“Lao maozi wants to sell airplanes, Sichuan Airlines wants to buy airplanes?”Jiang Bo looked at Jiang Cheng and asked.
“YesJiang Cheng nodded quickly, looked at Jiang Bo and said, “Dad, do you think our family can do this business?In my opinion, the profit is certainly not a small amount! ”
Jiang Bo is driving, while carefully asked: “where do you hear the news?”
When school is over, occasionally, I hear people talking.
But Su Ziyu looked at Jiangcheng and said, “Jiangcheng, you are always asking about what to do when you have nothing to do. Your task now is to study hard and get into a good university in the future. Don't worry about your father's business!”
Jiangcheng opened his mouth.
To be honest, if you go on step by step, your future will never be too bad.
But it's a rebirth.
Jiangcheng always thinks that if it can't continue to be bigger and stronger, it's going to be reborn for nothing?
“Lao Jiang, why don't you drive?”On one side, Su Ziyu took a strange look at Jiang Bo.
But Jiang Bo thought for a long time, and then slowly said: “no, in fact, Lao maozi wants to sell airplanes. I know about it!”
Jiangcheng can't help but be slightly stunned.
In his previous life, he didn't know about it. It seems that he underestimated his father's energy.
Then, Jiang Bo said slowly, “but I really don't know about Sichuan Airlines. Forget it, I'll arrange someone to inquire about it later.”
Jiang Bo moved his mind.
If it's true, how much profit can you make if you can make this deal?
In an instant, Jiang Bo's mind came up with plans.
How to solve some difficulties.
How to negotiate with Lao maozi.
Looking at Jiangcheng sitting in the back seat, Jiang Bo suddenly laughed and slowly said, “Jiangcheng, what do you think?”
Jiang Cheng pondered a little and said slowly, “money, I guess, we certainly don't have it. What's more, now Lao maozi wants rubles and dollars. Dad, have you ever thought that we can barter?”
This is exactly what Jiang Bo thought. He pondered a little, and then slowly said, “you go on!”
“Dad, I don't know how many years you've been going to laomaozi. I think you must have some relationships and channels. If they want to sell, let's buy them. Do you think you can get some materials or have a good talk with laomaozi?”
Jiangcheng slowly said: “for example, let laomaozi drive the plane, then we quickly mortgage the plane to the bank, take out the loan, and then, the whole country purchases the materials laomaozi needs, and then give things to laomaozi through railway transportation in the past!”
“In the middle, Dad, you need to worry about how to negotiate, how to talk with Sichuan Airlines, how to talk with Lao maozi, and some suppliers!”
If you let Jiangcheng do these things, he really can't.
Although his father is the devil, but Jiangcheng really did not participate in his father's business, only a little knowledge.
Only father can have a relationship with laomaozi, and only father can contact so many suppliers.
I can't do it myself!
Mou Qizhong knew about the business opportunity in 1988, but it took him three years to clear up the relationship in 1991. If he changed his father, it would take him two or three months.
“As long as we can let them fly the plane first, we can supply them directly. I think it's not a big problem!”Jiang Cheng gave his father an analysis and a look at him.
You know, muqizhong just took the train from Wanxian county to the capital city to sell bamboo weaving and Rattan Ware. He could do things like changing cans for airplanes.
How can my father not make it.
It's not for nothing that my father has done these years.
My family's present wealth.
Jiangcheng estimates that there must be no such thing, but there must be seven or eight million.
That's seven or eight million in the early 1990s.
What's more, my father's relationship with Lao maozi over the years, and even though he retired, he still has a good relationship with his old chief. With these relationships, it's much easier to do anything.
The car started again.
Jiang Bo is in the middle of thinking.
Came to my mother's shop, Jiang Bo is absent-minded, the whole person's mind has been flying to the old maozi home.
Now, Jiang Bo is also very clear that Lao maozi's family is not stable.
Jiangcheng really wants to tell his father that before long, laomaozi will collapse. However, there are some words that can't be said.
Night falls
Although he said goodbye to the poor God, Jiang Bo was absent-minded.
“Lao Jiang, do you really want to trust your son to buy an airplane from Lao maozi?”Su Ziyu came up to him and said, “you are now living in peace and security. It's too risky to buy a plane.”
“It's all about the same!”
Jiang Bo licked his lips, and then slowly said: “just now, I called the old leader, and he gave me a message. Sichuan Airlines really wanted a plane there!”
“Now Sichuan Airlines is ready to buy large aircraft to gradually replace Yun 7 and Yun 12 aircraft. For the time being, Sichuan Airlines does not consider Boeing in the United States. It's too expensive. It costs 200 million to 300 million yuan to buy a Boeing airliner. Lao maozi's can sell 40 million to 50 million yuan in China. I'm going to ask!”
Wealth in danger!
Speaking of this, Jiang Bo said slowly: “Lao maozi's plane still has some value. If we get it, I estimate that the profit, at least this amount!”
Jiang Bo put up three fingers.
Su Ziyu was slightly stunned: “thirty million?”
“Three hundred million!”Jiang Bo spoke slowly.
“Three hundred million?”Su Ziyu couldn't help taking a breath.
“Let's see what Sichuan Airlines plans to do!”Jiang Bo leaned back on his chair: “how much do they buy? What's the plan? There are a lot of airplanes on laomaozi's side!”
“Think of a way to buy a plane!”
Jiang Bo said slowly, “apply for an imported aircraft in the name of Sichuan Airlines, and then contact a company with foreign trade rights to sign an export contract in its name, and get an aircraft first!”
Speaking of this, Jiang Bo made up his mind: “there is a word” Bo “in my name. In this life, I have to fight!”*
Chapter 0004 five year development plan!!
Jiangcheng knows something about his father.
His greatest characteristic is that he likes to take risks.
Some other people dare not think, dare not do things, father not only dare to think, but also dare to do, and, super executive.
I have put forward my own ideas. How to operate the rest depends on my own ideas.
He yawned and went back to his study.
Jiangcheng feels the physical condition carefully.
He felt that after his rebirth, his energy was more and more vigorous. At this time point, he didn't feel tired, and even felt a little energetic.
In addition, my five senses are also very sharp.
There is also the ability to learn.
In his previous life, he could not be said to be stupid, and his qualifications could be regarded as middle and upper class. However, now, Jiangcheng feels that his learning ability has greatly improved, almost reaching the level of never forgetting.
He can easily recall everything he experienced in his previous life, even any tiny detail.
In addition, read the textbook.
A mathematical problem, as long as a glance, there are countless formula combinations in mind, directly calculate the accurate answer.
Jiangcheng knows that his talent is incredible now.
After rebirth, although there is no system, it seems that it is not bad.
After a simple test of their physical condition.
Jiangcheng feel energetic, simply do not sleep, but began to make a detailed plan for their future.
He took down a notebook from the bookshelf.
A little thought, began to record.
Although there are computers in this era, they are not prepared at home, and they are not familiar with computers in this era.
The second is the Internet.
Jiang Cheng wrote very carefully.
Future development industry:
1, Internet industry, 2, physical industry, 3, financial field.
After a little thought, Jiangcheng, just behind the Internet industry, has written down the word “preparation”. Nowadays, there is no Internet in China at all.
Now Huaxia's Internet is still in the stage of development. In 1995, Zhang Shuxin founded yinghaiwei, the first Internet service provider.
Internet with a hammer.
There are only two things to consider.
Physical industry, all kinds of light industry, trade.
The main target is big brother, big brother!
Jiangcheng thought a little, and then he had a plan in his heart.
In his previous life, he read a lot of business books, and he knew what was going on in China.
“It's a pity, if it's a year earlier, we can wait for the United States to beat the oil countries and wait for the oil price to soar!”
Jiangcheng sighed.
But it's still good.
In the 1990s, it can be said that it was the best time for the rise of the private sector. After a little calculation, Jiang Cheng was clear about the major events that happened every year.
Although there are some details that need to be studied.
However, it is also very beneficial for us to know some general trends.
He knows everything.
For now, the best way to make money is to go to big brother.
After all, big brother is about to break up.
Trade with big brother is the most profitable industry.
Jiangcheng thought for a moment and continued to add: “to build the Northeast mall, the quality and quality must be guaranteed, and the rules must be clear!”
Think about it, Jiangcheng. There are two key points in the rules.
In the next ten years, the trade with laomaozi will have huge profits.
On the one hand, laomaozi is in urgent need of high-quality and cheap Chinese goods; on the other hand, Huaxia needs laomaozi's raw materials and industrial products.
Therefore, increasing bilateral trade is in the common interests of both countries.
Especially in the 1990s, laomaozi's economy was depressed, and daily necessities were in serious shortage, while Huaxia's light industrial products had obvious competitive advantages, and a large number of Huaxia products began to enter the Russian market.
However, in this batch of “bad masters”, some people bring inferior products to laomaozhu, such as “down jacket” mixed with glass debris in cotton wadding.Many illegal traders even use glue to stick the hair on the artificial leather and fill the down jacket with black heart cotton.
These products are shoddy, disorderly marked prices, fake, seriously damaged the reputation of Huaxia products.
As a result, the situation of Chinese goods in Russia is in great contrast.For some time, “some Moscow stores simply put up signs at the door: our store does not sell pirated goods and Chinese goods.”
This has also directly led to the decline of trade volume.Later data also confirmed.
The proportion of laomaozi in China's foreign trade decreased from 2000 to 2003, only 1.9%, half of the 3.7% in 1990.
We can't let these unscrupulous businessmen break the rules.
So, it's important to be clear about the rules.
If it can be legalized, it can even increase taxes, and even allow laomaozi to come to China for direct purchase and then direct transportation. The more troublesome thing is the customs here.
Jiangcheng made a few key points here at the customs.
This needs to be institutionalized. We must put an end to these unscrupulous traders.
If this can be done, a large-scale industrial chain will be set up in the northeast. The northeast is still in a good position. Relying on Lao maozi and the Southern Dynasties, the resources are also abundant.
Once the industrial chain and supporting facilities are formed, they will radiate from the northeast to the whole Northeast Asia and even include the whole island country.
Then, the Northeast will not decline in the future.
Although laomaozi's economy is not good, there is still a great deal of mutual interest.
Next year will open, the domestic factory will start to change slowly.
We have established the reform direction of establishing a modern enterprise system in accordance with “clear property rights, clear rights and responsibilities, separation of government and enterprise, and scientific management”, which is also the gradual development and growth of private enterprises, becoming a part of the main body of the market!
“If we accumulate enough funds, we can take down some industries, if we can merge them!”
Jiangcheng thought in his heart.
“And more!”
Jiang Cheng squinted and wrote four words on his notebook.
Short rouble!
Next year, with big brother's fall, the ruble will begin to collapse at an unprecedented rate.
The simplest way is to go to big brother to borrow money, then convert big brother's money into US dollars, and quietly wait for big brother to fall down. At that time, the price of ruble plummeted thousands of times.
It's easy to pay back the money.
Another way is to directly short the ruble in finance, which is simpler.
However, in Jiangcheng's view, the difficulty is the biggest.
American people don't necessarily want to see themselves. Secondly, the profit is too large, and no organization can afford to short themselves.
I'm afraid the US capitalists have already begun to rub their hands.
At most, I eat leftovers with the wind and water.
Close the notebook, Jiangcheng still some worry, and find a lighter to burn it completely*
Chapter 0005 go to Tianfu!
“Dad, I want to go to Tianfu with you!”
The next day, Jiang Bo was about to go out, but he was stopped by Jiang Cheng.
“Nonsense!”Jiang Bo couldn't help frowning and then said, “your task now is to study hard. What's the trouble?”
“Dad, I want to see the world, can't I?”Jiangcheng stall hands, some helpless mouth: “I this holiday, very boring, and, my final exam results are not bad ah!”
Jiang Bo frowned and wanted to talk, but Jiang Cheng was determined to let his father take him with him anyway.
He needs to get to know Daddy's relationship.
In a previous life, I didn't realize it at this age.
However, now Jiangcheng knows that his interpersonal relationship is absolutely the most precious wealth of this era.
Although Jiang Bo wanted to refuse, he couldn't overcome Jiangcheng's difficulties.
After making three rules, he went out with Jiangcheng.
Nowadays, it's not so easy to go from northeast to Tianfu.
First of all, there is still no airport in Northeast China at this time. We have to take a bus to the capital first, and then from the capital to Tianfu.
Back and forth, to toss, at least two or three days.
The capital of the 1990s.
Jiangcheng looks at the capital of this era curiously. Although it is not as prosperous as 30 years later, it also reveals a unique charm.
“If you make money, you must find a way to buy some Siheyuan here now!”
Jiangcheng is thinking in his heart.
To Jiangcheng's surprise, after his arrival in Beijing, he mainly visited some friends.
Some of them are his old comrades in arms, old superiors.
After retirement, some people have been assigned jobs by the government, and some have been promoted step by step.
These people are the objects of Jiang Bo's contacts.
Drinking, greeting, boasting, recalling the past.
Then, a gift which is not very expensive, but extremely exquisite, was sent out by Dad.
The atmosphere was very warm.
We can sing and drink together.
On the ideal of life.
There is no saying that Jiang Bo is in the area of interpersonal relationship.
From the beginning, Jiang Bo began to strengthen the relationship with old leaders and comrades in arms.
When necessary, they can help themselves.
There are at least six cars of goods transported to big brother from Jiangbo. In addition, there are a lot of light industrial products purchased. We always have to deal with local people.
Jiang Bo took care of all kinds of things.
Otherwise, in his previous life, he could not have accumulated tens of billions of wealth.
However, when Jiangcheng started his own business and made some achievements in his previous life, Jiangbo basically stopped working. People in their sixties are going to spend their old age at ease.
Now, Jiangcheng has seen with his own eyes the means of his father, but he also has to admire him. He can only say that his father is 666.
Over the past few years, my father has been dealing with a lot of people, including his comrades in arms and some friends in the capital. As long as my father is willing, he can always find some solid relationships.
Otherwise, as soon as Jiangcheng puts forward the idea of changing airplanes, Jiangbo will not get the information he wants to get at the first time.
Jiangcheng is with Jiangbo side, the performance is very clever.
An uncle and an aunt.
Sweet mouth, always will not suffer.
In the end, Jiang Cheng understands these principles.
After that, Jiangcheng still needs to turn his father's interpersonal network into his own.
But I won a lot of new year's red envelopes. When I returned to the hotel, Jiangcheng was a little bit more and couldn't help sleeping in the trough.
Ten thousand dollars.
That's ten thousand dollars in the '90s.
It's a huge sum of money.
Jiang Bo took a look at this signature and let Jiangcheng accept it directly.
To tell you the truth, Jiang Bo really doesn't pay attention to such a little money.
In recent years, Jiangbo has made millions.
He doesn't care much about these things.
As long as there is a chance, for Jiang Bo, he doesn't mind making more money.
Who is the special size of the money?
After staying in the capital for about three days, Jiang Bo not only talked about the past, but also launched his own network. When he arrived at Sichuan Airlines, he needed to find someone who could speak.
“Go, let's go to Tianfu!”
On the fourth day, Jiang Bo yawned and woke Jiangcheng up.
“Now?”Jiangcheng can't help but be slightly stunned.
“Of course!”
Jiang Bo continued: “the people on the other side of Sichuan Airlines have been contacted. It's Li Ming, chairman of Sichuan Airlines. If you have time today, you can talk with us about the plane this morning and have dinner together in the evening!”
At this point, Jiang Bo took another look at Jiangcheng and continued: “remember, don't talk nonsense when you get to Sichuan Airlines. It's really no good. You just stay in the hotel and don't go anywhere!”
“I'd better follow you!”
Jiangcheng licked his mouth, but he laughed: “Dad, I want to learn something from you. After that, I also want to do something. I think I can use your interpersonal relationship. You can't let me always follow you?”
Jiang Bo took a look at Jiangcheng, but also felt that there was some truth in what Jiangcheng said.
After that, when my son grows up, he still has to make his own way.
After all, my interpersonal circle is just my interpersonal circle. After that, I still have to look at Jiangcheng.
Thinking of this, Jiang Bo said slowly, “OK, you can't talk. Besides, you can only watch and listen. You are not allowed to express any opinions. Do you understand?”
“I understand!”Jiangcheng nodded.
After getting on the plane, Jiangcheng began to sleep. Although there are still a few people who take the plane these days, how many times have they done it in their previous lives? It has long been nothing new.
Jiang Bo is also thinking with his eyes closed.
Can you sell canned goods and some light industrial products to big brother? Can they really deliver the plane.
He took another look at Jiangcheng, where he was still sleeping. Jiang Bo couldn't help laughing. His son is really relaxed.
Jiangcheng, of course, has a reason to trust his father.
Muqizhong can't compare with his father.
He can get a plane from big brother and make a net profit of 100 million. Why can't his father?
It's a joke.
Jiangcheng sleep in peace of mind, and the plane is finally arrived in Tianfu, slowly landing*
Chapter 0006 Daddy do you know Russian?I understand!
The 1990s, especially in the early 1990s.
China is in a wild commercial era.
All the entrepreneurs and all the enterprise rules are either learning from the island countries or from Europe and America. At the same time, some people are groping for their own way.
And can change an airplane, it is an advance feat absolutely.
After the overheated economy in the late 1980s, the whole country has a large scale. The products produced do not meet the expected market demand. A large number of products are piled up and the funds cannot be recovered, which leads to a serious waste of means of production.
Among them, some state-owned enterprises did not respond. On the contrary, private enterprises found business opportunities.
Export China's surplus industrial products to big brother.
Now China is still inexperienced.
Sichuan Airlines!
Jiangcheng followed his father Jiangbo for an afternoon.
I made an appointment with Li Ming, President of Sichuan Airlines, to have dinner together.
Although Li Ming was the boss of Sichuan Airlines, he was transferred from the north. After a few drinks, he began to talk like a brother.
“We Sichuan Airlines still want to develop!”Li Ming said slowly: “plane, we definitely need it, just don't know how much you can get?”
Li Ming looked up and down at Jiang Bo with a glass of wine and said slowly, “there was a man named Mou Qizhong who came to see me before. He was also Lao maozi's plane, ah Bo!”
Did muqizhong start so soon?
Jiangcheng's mind moved slightly.
However, Mou Qizhong knew the news from 1988, and it was not until the second half of this year that he talked about success.
In terms of interpersonal relations and channels, Mou Qizhong is still far from his father.
Jiang Bo is a little smile, silent: “you say this boy, I still know some, before also want to go my way, Mr. Li, to tell you the truth, money this thing, who don't want to earn?The price… ”
“DadOn one side of Jiangcheng, however, he suddenly said, “didn't this Muqi middle school boast for you last time? What did they say? What did they say? They wanted to launch satellites or something. They also wanted to blow up a gap in the Himalayas, let the warm current of the Indian Ocean come, and turn the Qingqing plateau into the climate of Jiangnan!”
Jiangcheng also belongs to the old fox. How can we not see that Li Ming just wants to lower the price.
Naturally, we can't let Li Ming drive down the price so happily.
Li Ming frowned slightly. Unexpectedly, the guy he met before was such a boaster.
Blow up the Himalayas. What does this guy think?
Looking at Jiangcheng, a teenager, I don't think he will tell lies.
“I see!”Li Ming casually drank a glass of wine, and then, the knuckles gently tapping the table: “how many planes can you get?”
“It depends on how much Sichuan Airlines needs!”
Jiang Bo is laughing, at this moment, is to grasp the initiative.
Li Ming also said: “naturally, the more, the better. However, our budget will not be too large. The budget is about one billion!”
“Well, we need to talk about it!”
But Jiang Bo laughed, and then slowly said, “I'll try my best to talk about the price. How about it?”
“Well, wish us a happy cooperation!”
Jiang Bo shook hands with Li Ming.
Although they are brothers, they are both sober.
At the critical moment, it's still about interests.
After dinner, the father and son returned to the hotel.
“How do you know the name of this guy in Muqi?”Jiangbo looks at Jiangcheng strangely.
Jiangcheng is a little smile, light mouth way: “Dad, but I often read newspapers, big and small things, I still know some, this guy is also on the newspaper, the formation of the Nande group, specialized in some reselling business, but with our family is not much different!”
Jiang Bo frowned slightly. He was abroad all the year round and didn't know much about it.
But Jiangcheng laughed, and then slowly said: “I read the newspaper the year before last, and I knew this guy. A few years ago, our country's economy was overheating, and the price broke through the barrier. The supply of domestic household appliances was in short supply. Mou Qizhong targeted the line of refrigerators. At that time, we stipulated that the import of 3.6-liter refrigerators was prohibited, and the import of more than 3.6-liter refrigeration machinery was allowed!”
Jiang Bo is a bit of curiosity, said: “what's the matter with him?”
However, Jiang Cheng shrugged and continued: “this guy has identified the loophole in this regulation. 3.61 liters is also more than 3.6 liters.From the Southern Dynasty, 15 million 3.61-liter refrigerators were customized and transported to China, making a big profit. According to the newspaper, this guy seems to have made 15 million“
Jiang Bo can't help but take a breath, but he is thinking about whether he has 15 million up to now.
For a long time, Jiang Bo said slowly: “this guy is a bull!”
Jiang Cheng murmured in his heart, of course, he was a bull.
If I hadn't pulled you to cut his beard, he would have made a net profit of 100 million.
Pan Shiyi, Feng Lun and Wang Gongquan
At first, these three were all mixed up with Mu Qi.
After another look at his father, Jiang Cheng laughed and continued: “this guy has business vision. However, the biggest feature of this guy is bragging. He doesn't have real products or his own industry. At most, he is an excellent second dealer, but he can't be regarded as a top excellent entrepreneur!”
“Once he succeeds, he will expand at once. He doesn't know where he is!”Jiangcheng slightly shook his head, and then continued: “the real entrepreneur is to be down-to-earth, relying on bragging force can not!”
Jiangcheng smiles, but also some worried about his father, will follow Mou Qi in the same rapid expansion.
However, Jiangcheng still has some worries about this.
His father is modest and low-key in both mentality and interpersonal relationship.
“That's right, too!”
Jiang Bo nodded, then narrowed his eyes and said: “however, our speed is going to be fast. I'll go back to big brother's right away. I want to talk with them in detail. We should be fast. In my opinion, Mou Qizhong is also fast. We can't let him take the lead. We must be fast in this matter!”
Jiangcheng is slightly silent for a while, and then slowly said: “Dad, I want to go with you!”
“Together?”Jiang Bo immediately shook his head: “no, you're about to start school, you still go with me, honest and honest
Jiangcheng slowly said: “Dad, do you know Russian?”
Jiang Bo slightly a Leng: “probably some, how?”
“You probably know some everyday language, but Russian, I do!”Jiangcheng laughed: “I can be responsible for your translation, don't rely on anyone!”*
0007 short ruble!
“When did you learn Russian?”On the contrary, Jiang Bo is a little curious.
“School English, I have nothing to do self-study, we still have a lot of old hair!”Jiangcheng smiles: “if you talk too much, you'll get it. If you don't believe it, you can communicate with me!”
It was in his previous life when Jiangcheng followed his father to laomaozi. He learned it in his spare time.
In previous lives, Jiangcheng was originally a kind of genius.
In my life, after crossing, I have been further strengthened in intelligence. Even if I can't do it now, it's OK to learn a little.
Jiang Bo hesitated a little, and finally decided to take Jiang Cheng to big brother.
go abroad
Especially the big brother who hasn't become a big brother.
Jiangcheng is still very curious.
And Jiangbo's execution is also very fast.
Two people came to Mosco directly by plane and walked on the street. It was colder here than in Northeast China, but Jiangcheng didn't feel much.
After rebirth, the welfare of the passer-by makes him extremely strong.
The general cold is also helpless Jiangcheng.
Line up to buy bread.
In addition, there are many books, big and small, which are very painful to read. Most of them are Yan Ge's thoughts. What's in them
Jiangcheng just glanced at it and found that the content was similar.
It's similar to the public opinion.
Maybe it's better to learn from big brother.
It's a pity that the biggest public knowledge leader becomes the boss of big brother and directly kills him. If the economy can develop, these remarks will be ridiculous.
But now, there is a huge market.
“It's the end of big brother!”
After encountering a robbery, Jiang Bo directly beat the other party to stand up. After returning to the hotel, Jiang Bo made an exclamatory voice.
Jiangcheng sat on the sofa, but could not help but say: “do you think big brother, how long can he persist?”
Jiang Bo slightly a Leng, surprised to see Jiangcheng one eye: “I don't know, probably can persist for about ten years, what do you do?”
“When I went out just now, I looked around. Now my eldest brother is opening up the financial market!”Jiangcheng said without hesitation: “what is it to get close to the western free market and allow them to intervene in big brother's financial market?”
“What do you say this is for?”Jiang Bo knows nothing about finance.
“I've got a rough idea of how they operate.”
Jiangcheng picked up the coffee on the table, drank coffee slowly, and said: “first of all, the first step is to attract more people to save. In short, let more people save, and they will give them a very high interest!”
Jiang Bo is a little curious.
Jiangcheng is not slow to say: “then, they come back to contract all kinds of projects, and they don't need anything else. They just need to show off, or even don't need to show off. They can borrow a large amount of money from big brother's state-owned banks, and they are willing to pay very high interest!”
Jiangcheng put up two fingers.
“So, what's the purpose of that?”But Jiang Bo couldn't help being curious: “the money has been lent out, but it has to be paid back!”
“YesJiang Cheng smiles and continues“Their next step is to change rubles into dollars, and then all they need to do is one thing, wait! ”
Jiang Bo looked at Jiangcheng in surprise: “what are you waiting for?”
“Wait for big brother to fall!”Jiang Cheng laughed.
On the contrary, Jiang Bo was lost in thought. He looked up at Jiang Cheng and said, “do you mean that once big brother is finished, the money will not be worth it?”
“There is still value!”Jiang Cheng laughed, and then slowly opened his mouth“Dad, do you understand when I say that? ”
“That's what you think. Once big brother falls down, is ruble still so valuable?No, rubles are not worth money. They are just a pile of waste paper. Now one ruble can be exchanged for two dollars.Let's assume that I have a loan of ten rubles for twenty dollars.Well, if the ruble depreciates ten times, I will only have to give two dollars back to big brother.This is a ten fold depreciation. What if it is a hundred fold depreciation?What about a thousand times the depreciation? ”
In fact, on 25 November 1994, the official exchange rate of ruble was reduced to 3235 rubles to the US dollar.
It has depreciated nearly six thousand times.
More than six thousand times the profit.
If it's 2000 years, it's 30000 times.
That's 30000 times the profit.
Jiang Bo can't help but swallow his saliva. Although he made a lot of money in his life, he didn't come into contact with the terrible monster of finance.
This is the real windfall.
“You mean, we also need to borrow money from big brother's state-owned bank?”Jiangbo also quickly grasped the idea of Jiangcheng.
“We can also start to hype a concept, for example, revitalizing big brother's automobile industry, or…” Jiangcheng pauses slightly: “in a word, we need to take out this concept, and then, we can borrow as much as we can from big brother, and as soon as the money arrives, we can change it into US dollars!”
“It's better to keep this sum of money overseas, in Xiangjiang or other places!”Jiangcheng spoke out his own ideas without delay: “however, according to my estimation, this wave, in fact, we can't make much money. The big head is still these Western capitalists. We can earn more than one billion dollars at most!”
More than a billion dollars
But Jiang Bo was lost in meditation. After a long time, he spoke slowly“This matter, can't let us personally come forward, or to find a foreigner, had better not involve us, who knows, after this, what will be like?We can get some money in the early stage. We have to see how much money we can get from big brother! ”
“Of course, the more the better!”
Jiangcheng smile, but also some admire his father's careful mind.
He continued: “what's more, the money still needs to be laundered. It's better not to let people find out the source. I think their banks also have this special organization. We can operate it a little bit!”
Jiang Bo is looking at Jiangcheng: “are you sure there is no problem?”
“We can start a company in Xiangjiang!”
Jiangcheng slowly said: “don't worry, these European and American institutions can't do anything for money?The money must be clean when it comes to us
Jiang Bo nodded mercilessly: “OK, done!”
Chapter 0008 cooperation with big brother, very happy!
Jiang Bo had an idea in his heart, but he was not in a hurry to act.
But very patient contact with big brother.
Speaking of it
My father's aerospace major in the military at the beginning also learned from my elder brother. It's not too troublesome to find my elder brother's aviation industry department.
Meeting, naturally, is no problem.
Big brother also has some enthusiasm for his father.
The old man to the old man is the three axes.
Drink, talk about friendship, talk about interests.
In addition, the elder brother even arranged for their father and son to visit the airport.
Jiangcheng also has to sigh that big brother's industrial system is really very strong.
Although there is still a big gap between Europe and the United States, heavy industry is not ambiguous at all.
Tu-154 airliner this is what big brother is involved in entering the field of medium and short range trunk airliner.
The Tu-154 airliner project was originally planned to start after the success of tu-134 regional airliner project, but it was delayed until 1966 because of Tu-144 supersonic airliner project.
In history, the total mass production of Tu-154 airliner has reached more than 960, which is less than that of Boeing 737 airliner with more than 10000, but it was once the most popular Soviet airliner.
However, Tu-154 airliners are also prone to air accidents, with a major accident rate of 6.5%. That is to say, about 60 tu-154s were damaged due to air accidents, but few of them were caused by design defects. Most of the accidents were caused by human operation errors or weather factors.
I doubt very much that this is probably the reason why Lao maozi drank and flew the plane.
Jiangcheng sighed.
If it's not nonsense, big brother's potential can't be described as big brother. With its abundant resources and matching industrial system, if it can really go in the right direction
I can't imagine.
Laomaozi inherited the industrial system of laodage and continued to use it until 2021. It can be seen from this that laodage's legacy is very strong.
There are more than 30 in total, all of which are newly produced.
Today's laomaozi is seriously short of light industrial products.
While translating, Jiangcheng murmurs that four planes can earn a hundred million.
The bottom line given by Li Ming is one billion.
The lower the price of an airplane, the more profit it will make afterwards.
With a cough, Jiang Bo asked Jiang Cheng to translate for himself: “in fact, what we need at first is Boeing. This kind of aircraft has a long life and saves fuel. However, big brother's aircraft has a short life. The price is still a little expensive. We can't afford it.”
Jiangcheng make complaints about it: “although the aircraft is short in life, but the price is cheap, the money of a Boeing aircraft can buy two or three identical big brother aircraft. The idea of big brother is like this. The quality is not good, the quantity is to get together!”
Jiangcheng soon found that, opposite, began to nervous.
Then, one of the representatives stood up and said, “the price is easy to discuss!”
From a soldier to a businessman, he quickly adapted to this identity.
Besides, they are unscrupulous businessmen.
You know, this special code is for cans and industrial products, not money.
Big brother is so nervous. It seems that there is a real shortage of materials to a certain extent.
The price of an airplane has been reduced to about 60 million by Dad, and the extra 20 million is profit.
Originally, the profits of the four companies were about 100 million.
In this way, at least 200 million.
What if we ask Sichuan Airlines to buy more?
Can for plane, barter!
This also really let big brother be shocked by this operation, but, after careful consideration, it seems that it is not impossible.
The negotiation is a week.
During this time, Jiang Bo also let his men break their legs.
Northeast, Jiangnan, Tianfu.
I've run all over the place, and I'm sure I'll give them a billion light industrial products.
Canned food, shirts and all kinds of pasta.
In the past seven days, the negotiation has been very smooth.
After that, he invited them to the capital. Dad took Jiangcheng back to China, and hosted a banquet at Diao state guesthouse. He was “very honored” to tell the guests that Huaxia and big brother also had talks here.
In this way, the officials of big brother immediately respect his father and dare not neglect him.
Then, Dad went to Sichuan Airlines with great speed.
Li Ming was also shocked.
How long has it been, less than half a month, that Jiang Bo has negotiated it?
At first, Li Ming didn't believe it.
But when the plane really landed at Shuangliu Airport, Li Ming believed it.
Jiang Bo, a great man in Northeast China, actually got the plane back for himself.
Such a big plane.
Li Ming couldn't help swallowing. In name, the plane belongs to Bocheng group.
By the way, dad is also a registered company.
The name of the company takes the name of itself and Jiangcheng.
It's called Bocheng group.
According to the original plan, this requires dad to mortgage the plane to the bank for loans to other food processing plants.
However, this time, Li Ming was very happy to give the money to Jiang Bo.
After all, there are many people here who can give him credit endorsement. In addition, there are also some interest exchanges. Li Ming still has great trust in Jiang Bo.
As soon as the money arrived, Jiang Bo was not polite and immediately transferred all the money to these food processing factories.
Then, a train went straight to big brother.
Unlike in history, muqizhong only got four airplanes, but dad just got seven airplanes.
A billion yuan budget, all of which are spent by my father.
In fact, his real profit is as high as 400 million yuan.
At least 300 million more than muqizhong.
After all, muqizhong did not have the ability of father to directly lower the price of laomaozi. What's more, he did not have the means of father to directly mobilize the resources of the three eastern provinces.
There is also no channel and relationship with dad.
Among the three parties, this “impossible business” has been completed.
Dad was also very straightforward. He brought 1500 train skin cans, clothes, shoes and hats and other necessities to his brother, who was extremely short of material after the collapse of the Soviet Union.
Naturally, the three parties are also very satisfied.
Big brother got what he wanted, Jiangbo got a lot of cash, and Sichuan Airlines also got the plane he needed.
And the food processing factory also sold all the products piled up because of the overheated economy.
Of course, the benefits are enormous.
Kill four birds with one stone.
On the whole, the cooperation with big brother is very pleasant*
Chapter 0009 operation means shaking the whole country!
Four hundred million!
In this era, this is absolutely an unspeakable astronomical number.
Even Jiang Bo felt like he was dreaming.
However, according to Jiang Bo's personality, he will not publicize everywhere like Mu Qizhong.
Jiang Bo's character has always been low-key.
In his previous life, if Jiang Bo hadn't told himself that he didn't know his family was a billionaire.
Liaodong province!
Jiang Bo is still sighing.
In less than half a month, we gained 400 million yuan.
Who believes it when it's said?
Su Ziyu is also silent. She naturally knows that Jiang Bo is operating this business. However, she has made more than 400 million yuan in half a month, which is far beyond her imagination.
For this reason, she specially cooked a good dish for father and son to reward them.
Although the school started, Su Ziyu asked Jiangcheng for leave.
Compared with the initial 400 million, it seems that school is not so important.
Su Chen plans to let the school keep his status and teach himself at home.
In fact, if it is according to the real level of Jiangcheng now.
It's not hard to get into college.
However, the next few years will be an important stage in the development of family business.
We can't do without Jiangcheng.
While eating, Jiangcheng asked, “Dad, how are you going to spend the money?”
Jiang Bo is squinting, and then slowly opened his mouth: “for the time being, I still don't think well, how about you?”
Now, Jiangbo dare not underestimate Jiangcheng.
Jiang Cheng's high participation in the aircraft business really made Jiang Bo realize that his son is unusual and he needs to be careful.
“Didn't big brother say that?They have a total of 30 planes, and now Sichuan Airlines has just taken seven of them! ”
Jiangcheng side to mouth rice, while opening a way: “Dad, do you know our Liaodong leaders?”?Is it familiar?You see, is it possible to set up an airline here in Liaodong? ”
“That's what I think. I'm an old comrade in arms, and now I'm the second leader of the province!”Jiang Bo slowly opened his mouth and said, “I can go to ask, but I don't know if they are interested in it!”
“Sell it if you can!”
Jiangcheng laughed: “no matter what, we all make money, especially this year. The sooner, the better. If we can, we must solve it before December!”
“Why before December?”On the contrary, Jiang Bo was stunned: “this kind of project generally needs to be approved!”
“The situation of eldest brother is not very stable now. Who knows what will happen in the future? It's better to put something in the bag early!”Jiang Cheng thought for a moment, then slowly said: “this is what we are going to do next“
“One more thing!”Jiangcheng put up a second finger and opened his mouth slowly“That's what I told dad about in big brother's place. Dad, what do you think? ”
“Big brother, here, I contact one of my own people, and another is from Yingguo. I asked them to form a new company, which belongs to a joint venture. What you said is to revitalize the big brother's automobile industry.The name is not bad.However, we can't show up, but the money for the loan is in my hands.Then, when I converted it into US dollars, I contacted some people from big brother's side, and the loan problem was still not big! ”
“How much can I borrow?”Asked Jiang Cheng.
“There is still no operation!”Jiang Bo slowly opened his mouth and said, “I have to go to big brother's in person!”
“I'll go with you!”Jiangcheng road.
Jiang Bo thinks about it, but he doesn't object. Now he looks at Jiangcheng with new eyes. He doesn't know anything about finance, but his son seems to know a lot.
With him, I can rest assured.
Jiangcheng took a breath, and then continued: “Dad, these industries are not very long-term in my opinion. After all, they are all short-term. Our family can't always be a second dealer, can't we?Our family, too, must have its own industry! ”
“Your own industry?”
Jiang Bo thought for a moment, and slowly said: “how to say it!”
“I think it's quite a good place in Northeast China. The Northern Dynasties, the Southern Dynasties, and the big brother, grassland country!”Jiangcheng slowly said: “whether it's Grassland country or big brother, their light industry is not good!”
“So, my plan is like this, the first step, resource integration!”Jiang Bo said slowly: “we have integrated all our resources together. Let me give you an example. For example, we can buy wool from grassland country, and then we can make our own sweaters, down jackets and all kinds of products to sell directly to big brother!”
“We are very close to big brother, and there are railways. The cost can be kept down. In addition, there is cotton. We can also make clothes and sell them to big brother directly. There is a Xiushui Street in Beijing, which is known as” the warehouse of the international backyard “. Can we build a similar thing, a small town or a village,It doesn't need to be too big. We can show our products and let laomaozi visit them directly. We can also sell them directly at that time! ”
“It's a long-term business!”
Jiangcheng slowly said: “so, what we have to do is to set up rules and strictly control fake and shoddy products. At least, let laomaozi say good things for us to go out of Bocheng. This business can last for a long time. This, we also need some policy support, and you have to talk about it with Dad!”
Jiang Bo nodded.
Jiangcheng got up and took out a notebook from the side of the TV: “Dad, this is some information I recorded during this period. You see, this time we have acquired a large number of materials, and a considerable number of factories are on the verge of bankruptcy. I think we can take the opportunity to acquire them. There is a problem to be noted. We only need factories,Don't be in debt
“When did you start recording?”Jiang Bo couldn't help but stare at Jiang Cheng.
“When you buy airplanes, don't you let them buy them?By the way, I asked them to make statistics. During this period, I went to have a look again! “Jiang Cheng smiles and continues.
“These are all state-owned enterprises!”Jiang Bo took a look at the information Jiang Cheng handed him.
“Don't worry, I said I want to buy, not now!”
However, Jiang Cheng smiles a little, and then slowly says, “I think the next step is to start to have clear property rights, clear rights and responsibilities, and separation of government and enterprise at most next year.At that time, it would be easier for us to merge some factories. We still have to look at the policy! ”
“Don't worry, take your time. In the early stage, we can build our own factory first!”Jiang Cheng laughed and continued: “believe me, there will be no problem!”
Jiang Bo is curious: “how do you know?”
“I watch the news broadcast every day, and naturally I know it!”Jiangcheng smiles: “if you don't believe it, you can watch it!”*
Chapter 0010 father and son, clear account!
Jiangbo was a little shocked.
Think about it carefully. How many years have you not watched the news broadcast.
For a moment, Jiang Bo didn't know what to say.
As a son, he looks at problems in the long run.
Acquisition of state-owned enterprises.
As a son, I don't dare to think about it.
However, for Jiangcheng, in fact, it's the past few years. From 1992 to 2000, it belongs to the dividend period, and private enterprise acquisition will not be investigated.
Waiting for the year 2000, that is another problem. Private acquisition is the crime of embezzling state assets.
From next year, eight years, we are in an absolute dividend period.
“I probably made a record!”
Jiangcheng turned a page of his notebook and continued to say to his father, “the things laomaozi likes, wine, blankets, cotton padded clothes, leather jackets… And food. In my opinion, we can produce a kind of food with a long shelf life, and then deliver it to laomaozi. Of course, they don't have to be able to come up with money. I estimate that ruble will be worthless by then,We can buy their industrial products, such as machine tools, and we can exchange them with their resources. As long as we take them back home, someone will come to buy them! ”
Jiang Bo looks at Jiangcheng's notebook carefully.
The dense writing also makes Jiang Bo silent.
Why so detailed?
“And the wine we produce is not Baijiu, it is vodka!”Jiangcheng smiled: “old man is not sure that we can't stand the taste of Baijiu, vodka is just good!”
Jiang Bo nodded slightly: “laomaozi's taste is really different from ours!”
Jiangcheng continued: “if necessary, we can set up our own exhibition hall in laomaozi to show our products. Then, we need special people to dock and tell them what kind of products we need. In my opinion, laomaozi will definitely be standardized and large-scale in the future. We need to be ready for docking.”
Jiang Bo nodded: “what else to add?”
“Tell the school that I will keep my student status!”Jiangcheng laughed and said slowly: “Dad, in recent years, you need me to help you. In addition, you don't have to worry about my study. As long as I can take part in the college entrance examination, I can study by myself!”
Jiang Bo's face muscles could not help shaking.
Originally, I wanted to say something, but at the thought of it, I already have 400 million.
Suddenly feel, Jiangcheng even if it is really nothing in the future, I'm afraid it can be rich for a lifetime, now, Jiangbo slowly nodded: “well, I promise you!”
“One more thing!”Jiangcheng laughed, and then slowly said: “let's father and son clear accounts, before I was 18 years old, Bocheng's income, I want to account for half!”
“What?”Jiang Bo was stunned.
“Dad, I want to have my own career in the future!”Jiangcheng laughed and said, “I can't start from scratch, so now half of the money you earn is for me. You can invest, and you can spend whatever you earn!”
Jiangcheng opened his mouth slowly and said, “if you want to use the rest of the funds, you have to get my approval!”
“Smelly boy, my money will not be yours in the future?”Jiang Bo couldn't help humming.
But Jiangcheng said with a smile: “in the future, Dad, I'm 15 years old. I think you are healthy. In 30 years, you are at least in the golden age. When you let me inherit my property in the future, I'm 45 years old. If you want me to deal with my family's business at 45 years old, I won't agree!”
Jiang Bo couldn't help but smile. Then he thought for a moment, nodded and said, “OK, just do as you say. Half of the profits are yours. But the premise is that there must be enough profits. Do you understand?”
Jiangcheng also laughed and continued: “it's no problem at all!”
After stretching the muscles and bones of the whole body, Jiangcheng began to go back to rest.
Later, Jiang Bo went directly to the school in Jiangcheng and proposed to take a long-term vacation for Jiangcheng.
In short, high school three years do not come, waiting for direct college entrance examination.
This surprised the teachers in Jiangcheng.
Jiangcheng's academic performance is still good, into the key classes, the school can also be said to be the best school in Northeast China.
Northeast Yucai Middle School.
Jiangcheng's teacher exhorted, even threatened to call the police, but in the end, his arm could not twist his thigh.
And Jiangcheng is not idle, first of all, his high school textbooks are reviewed, and then began to prepare for self-study university courses.
Jiangcheng in the past chose computer programming.
However, this time, Jiangcheng mainly studied mathematics, physics, materials science, and optics. Many things need to be studied one by one in Jiangcheng.
There is no system in him, that is, the welfare of the reborn gives him super intelligence, so that he can learn everything with half the effort.
This is my biggest skill. Naturally, I need to master it well.
In his spare time, Jiangcheng has started his own learning journey. This plug-in is not as powerful as the system after all.
During this period of time, the news of Jiangbo's profiteering of airplanes was also quickly transmitted.
Later, some people said that Jiangbo made 100 million yuan, while others said that Jiangbo made 1 billion yuan.
The news was really sensational for a while.
However, as a party, Jiang Bo did not show up at all.
There are even reporters who don't know how to find Jiang Bo's home address and come to interview him. Jiang Bo has to hide in the hotel.
Jiang Bo is not Mou Qizhong. The principle he pursues all his life is to keep a low profile.
However, at this time, Jiang Bo was not idle. He was also preparing to visit the second leader of the province, that is, his old comrade in arms, Xiao Jianhua.
Xiao Jianhua was a soldier who first went to university and then became a soldier. He went to a military academy with Jiang Bo. Later, he arranged to retire, and Xiao Jianhua began to embark on the road of politics.
In terms of Xiao Jianhua's age, to be the second leader of the province at this time has a bright future.
On the one hand, a few years ago, we advocated the rejuvenation of cadres.On the other hand, Xiao Jianhua is a red second generation. The most important thing is that the year before last, Xiao Jianhua once again stood in the right position in the team.
Last year, Xiao Jianhua was directly promoted to the second leader of the province. This official position is soaring like a rocket.
Simply prepared some gifts, Jiang Bo took Jiang Cheng to visit his old comrade in arms*
Chapter 0011 looking to the future!!
Jiangcheng is now more impressed with his father.
In my previous life, I really didn't notice that my father had so many interpersonal relationships, and the circle seemed to be a bit complicated.
It seems that my father didn't do it for nothing in recent years.
Xiao Jianhua lives in a family home.
When Jiang Bo came with Jiang Cheng, Xiao Jianhua was watering the flowers. Xiao Jianhua was about the same age as his father, but he was in excellent shape. He was worthy of being a soldier, and now he is still exercising.
“Ah Bo, here you are!”
As soon as he saw Jiang Bo coming in, Xiao Jianhua immediately began to laugh and called Jiang Bo to one side of the sofa: “come on, sit down!”
“Hello, uncle Xiao. I've prepared some fruits!”
Jiangcheng hands the fruit basket to Xiao Jianhua.
For Xiao Jianhua, Jiang Bo has more or less found out some of his characters. He has no idea about money, but he has always been pursuing power.
What Xiao Jianhua needs is political achievements.
He's going to be promoted.
If there is no problem, Xiao Jianhua can basically be the leader of the province. However, later, there was an accident. Xiao Jianhua was transferred and another one became the leader of the province.
Xiao Jianhua looked at Jiangcheng: “Jiangbo, is this your son?Is it all this big?Why didn't you go to school? ”
“Come out to do business, take the children to have a look together. Originally, I went to school, but now I need him!”Jiang Bo laughed, and then slowly said: “when the child is old, some ideas come out with me!”
Xiao Jianhua just laughed. Instead of going on with the topic, he said, “you have a lot of scenery now. You sold Lao maozi's plane to Sichuan Airlines. Did you make a lot of money this time?”
Jiang Bo also just modest smile: “I just saw some other people did not see things, these years, every day to big brother where to run, how much know some other people do not know the news!”
“Everything goes without going to the three treasures hall!”
Xiao Jianhua poured a cup of tea for Jiang Bo and said with a smile, “is there something wrong?”
Speaking of this, Jiang Bo is not hiding, but slowly said: “is it possible to set up an airline in Northeast China?”
Xiao Jianhua looked at Jiang Bo and said, “what are you talking about?Shall we set up an airline? ”
“YesJiang Bo said slowly: “on the way back, I was thinking, since Sichuan Airlines can do it, why can't we do it in Northeast China?We now have airports. If we can have our own airlines, we can also increase the communication between Northeast China and the outside world! ”
But Xiao Jianhua laughed, and then continued: “do you mean you want to sell airplanes?”
Jiang Bo laughed and continued: “Lao Xiao, this is a good opportunity. How many food processing factories are there in Northeast China?How many garment factories are there?Now the eldest brother is short of these things. Our things are all piled up and can't be sold. If we leave these things here, instead of rotting, we'd better simply sell them and replace the plane. How much? ”
“In this way, first, we have airplanes; second, our products have been sold; third, these enterprises can pay off their triangle debts when they have money, can't they?”
Before Jiang Bo came here, he thought about his speech. At this moment, it's also very sharp.
“However, we are going to continue to borrow money from banks!”
Xiao Jianhua said slowly: “this is another foreign debt. Now from the central government to the local government, they are checking the triangle debt. I'm afraid you can't bear to do so!”
“Uncle Xiao, it's mainly local enterprises that want to check the triangle debt. Our current approach is to help local enterprises quickly collect funds to pay off the triangle debt. As for the money that the newly established airline owes the bank, it's not a problem. After all, we use physical mortgage!”
“Here's what I think!”
Jiangcheng slowly said: “first, set up an airline, and then, wait for the plane to come, one plane to come, go to the bank to mortgage, one to mortgage. In this way, you need very little money to buy the plane. If the airline can do it, it's good. If it can't do it, it's good to mortgage it to the bank and let the bank auction it.As for us, as second dealers, a little money is enough! ”
“Make a little bit of money!”Xiao Jianhua turns his lips. God knows how much money you and your son have made.
However, slightly pondered for a while, nodded: “this is also a train of thought!”
After the outbreak of the events of the year before last, the vast majority of people were hesitant and uncertain about the future direction.
However, Xiao Jianhua understood that Huaxia must continue to adhere to its own line.
He is also a brave man, which is the reason why he puts young cadres in high position.
Xiao Jianhua is also well aware, which is related to whether he can go further.
The airports in Northeast China have developed and need airlines.
Jiangcheng continued: “moreover, it is possible to develop the tourism industry. The northeast is naturally a tourism industry with northeast characteristics. We have opened an airline company to handle the tourism industry by the way, so that southerners or Xiangjiang people can travel to the northeast!”
“Although the profit of airlines is not high, it indirectly drives the huge industrial chain of aircraft manufacturing, aircraft maintenance, ticket sales, logistics and freight, aviation catering, tourism and so on.”
Jiang Cheng looked at Xiao Jianhua from the corner of his eyes and found that after listening carefully, he slowly said, “I think the economic development of our country will not be bad in the future. The vast majority of Chinese people will fly. Airlines can serve hundreds of millions of passengers, accelerate the flow of personnel, information and goods, and promote economic growth.”
“And to support an employee and his family who directly or indirectly serves the airline.That's the value of airlines. “Jiangcheng pauses slightly and goes on: “let me give you an example. For example, if someone comes to travel in Northeast China, does he want to stay in a hotel?”
“Do hotels need waiters and air-conditioners? This is slowly creating demand, slowly getting us out of the triangle debt crisis, and so on!”
Jiangcheng slowly said his idea: “so, I think, the future potential of Northeast China will be great, and the future potential of China will be great!”
Jiangcheng said his ideas without delay.
Xiao Jianhua also asked Jiangcheng some questions from time to time.
It has to be said that most of the officials in this era are still lack of experience in economic construction. As a past person, Jiangcheng is still very clear.
Of course, he can't tell Xiao Jianhua that the future of Northeast China is really in decline.
Now that we have crossed the border, we may as well try our best not to let the Northeast decline.
Xiao Jianhua is silent, do not know why, he felt Jiangcheng said is very reasonable.
And, how to feel, some heart*
Chapter 0012 amazing deception!
Xiao admitted that he was a little excited.
Jiangcheng is so attractive.
Now China still depends on economic development.
On the one hand, we should get rid of the burden; on the other hand, we should develop the economy.
It can be said that it is at a critical turning point.
Xiao Jianhua pondered for a while, but still interrupted the beautiful vision put forward by Jiangcheng.
The premise of all this is that the northeast can develop, and it needs to bring enough passenger flow, enough population, and enough industrial facilities.
During this period, Xiao Jianhua has been busy with triangle debts.
There are some things that he can't tell others. He is very clear about how serious the problems are. As for the ideas and concepts put forward by Jiang Cheng, they really sound beautiful. However, it is still difficult for Xiao Jianhua to make such a happy decision.
After all, Jiangcheng just put forward a similar concept.
Build the economic circle of northeast, Outer Mongolia and Southern Dynasties.
That sounds great, but is the concept a bit big.
Can you do it?
That's another problem.
Xiao Jianhua has no idea whether it will work or not.
Unconsciously, it was already ten o'clock in the evening.
At this time, a voice woke up three people. As soon as Jiangcheng turned her head, she saw a young girl carrying a schoolbag. She was at least 1.67 meters tall. Her face was red with cold, her nose was straight, her lips were ruddy, her chin was round, her eyes were clear under her thick eyelashes, and her hair naturally fell to her shoulders.
“Xiao Xiao?”Jiangcheng slightly a Leng, subconscious mouth.
“Do you know each other?”Xiao Jianhua on one side was also slightly stunned.
“Yes, we are classmates!”Jiang Cheng smiles and then says.
Xiao Xiao also looked at Jiangcheng curiously and said slowly, “Jiangcheng, how can you be in our house?”
“They came here with something to talk about!”On one side, Xiao Jianhua laughed, and then slowly said, “well, it's not too early, so I won't leave you!”
It's already a guest order.
Jiangbo and Jiangcheng didn't talk much nonsense, so they just got up and left.
Out of the gate, Jiangcheng got into the car. At this moment, Jiangbo slowly said, “son, do you think this thing can be done?”
“It's hard to say, we just put forward this idea!”
Jiangcheng stood up and said helplessly: “some things can't be solved by Uncle Xiao alone. As for us, all we can do is these things. Let's see if we should make this sum of money.”
Jiangbo also nodded, and then directly started the car.
After Jiang Bo and his son left, Xiao Jianhua looked back at his daughter: “Xiao Xiao, do you know this boy?”
“Yes, it's my classmate. Some time ago, his father personally took him to go through the suspension procedure, saying that he would directly take part in the college entrance examination!”Xiao Xiao said strangely: “we have known each other for a semester, but now we don't go to school!”
“What's the matter?”Xiao Xiao looks at Xiao Jianhua suspiciously.
“Nothing!”Xiao Jianhua slightly pondered for a while: “I feel this guy is a little interesting. Well, it's getting late. You should have a rest early!”
“It's not that easy. I have to do my homework.”Xiao Xiao said helplessly: “now we have a lot of homework!”
Xiao Jianhua laughed and continued: “yes, I know!”
After pacifying his daughter, Xiao Jianhua pondered a little, then came to the phone and dialed a phone number.
There are some things he wants to try.
Compare the reaction of Xiao Jianhua.
The speed of Jiangbo's bag company is very fast. He found a Chinese and asked him to buy a company from China. At the same time, he secretly contacted some senior officials of big brother's government, and a bag company was formed.
Then, it is to recruit some workers.
Make the whole factory look like that.
As for what these workers do, it's OK to do nothing. Anyway, they just need to do what they look like.
But the number is quite large, at least more than 500.
Together, a seemingly dilapidated factory building has become a brand-new company, and even more, it has called out an amazing slogan – Revitalizing big brother's automobile industry.
Joint venture, Chinese technology.
It sounds like that.
In addition, Jiangbo still allows big brother's state-owned enterprises to take shares, which increases the credibility.
Today's big brother is very obsessed with the western style.
From the top to the bottom, it seems that they fully believe that in the near future, they can live a high welfare society. As for what the future will look like, it will only get better and better.
As long as you're from Western Europe, as long as you're from Japan or the eagle Kingdom, then they will offer you as a guest of honor.
Even if we don't investigate.
Jiangcheng also has to sigh, big brother is really fooled miserable.
They are crazy.
The worst thing is that the top management is fooling their own people.
I'm afraid it's true that the biggest public knowledge becomes the leader of the boss, and he really wants to sell himself completely.
The ideals of our predecessors have been completely lost.
Think of here, Jiangcheng suddenly have a kind of sad feeling.
The collapse of an ideal.
I have to say that this is the sorrow of all mankind.
However, from the perspective of Chinese people, a dead bear is a good bear.
Some leaders of big brother began to come to inspect. Then, Jiang Bo asked the Chinese around him to make it bigger. It's better to combine all the machine tools of big brother's automobile factory to build a bigger automobile factory.
Improve big brother's technology, so that big brother's resources should be applied.
All kinds of bull force blowing is also loud.
Even in the media, it is an open and large-scale propaganda.
That's to let big brother know about it.
Let big brother technology become a shareholder, and give big brother 51% of the shares.
However, the only requirement is that big brother should not interfere in the management, let alone direct his actions.
this move.
It is full of sincerity.
After the merger.
Then, we put forward the loan request.
Jiangbo is a lion, asking for a loan of 3 billion rubles.
The so-called wild asking price, landing back money.
Jiangbo is also ready to bargain, but something unexpected happened to Jiangbo.
Big brother, yes!
Today's exchange rate has dropped from 0.6 rubles to 1.80 rubles, but even so, it can be converted to 1.6 billion US dollars*
Chapter 0013 five billion!
Jiangcheng slightly pause, and then slowly said: “you say, we do not want to do more ruthless!”
“Harder?”Jiang Bo is a bit dull.
“I think their three billion loan is still very happy!”Jiangcheng narrowed his eyes slightly, then slowly said: “you add two billion to have a look!”
Two billion more?
Jiang Bo took a hard breath.
I feel like my son is crazy.
“Since they are so happy with their three billion, it must not be a problem to add another two billion!”
Jiangcheng said slowly, “I don't think it's a big problem. If we want to expand the scale again, we'd better make another drawing, which is called design drawing.”
While saying that, Jiangcheng quickly took out the paper and pen, brush in the drawing above began to outline.
“This is an automobile factory!”Jiangcheng painted on it and said: “to expand the scale, we need to design and produce models. Since it is a joint venture, we can also ask them. For example, BMW, Audi and Mercedes Benz will cooperate with us!”
“First of all, we need to make a good plan for them. Big brother's car needs domestic sales first. However, the BMW, Mercedes Benz and Audi produced in big brother can be sold to Europe. Isn't big brother launching internal cooperation now?”
While making up his script, Jiang Cheng said, “let Victor continue to talk with them and borrow another two billion yuan. As long as the money can be taken out, he will find a way to directly exchange it into US dollars, and then try to deposit it in the Swiss bank!”
Swiss banks are safe these days.
Depositors are allowed to use pseudonyms, codes or numbers instead of real names.Not only can the bank entrust an agent to handle the deposit when opening an account, but also the bank can handle the withdrawal or transfer in accordance with the regulations agreed with the customer in advance, so that the real owner of the property can never show up.The bank keeps the depositors' secrets absolutely secret. Under no circumstances can the bank staff disclose the depositors' secrets. If they violate the rules, they will be fined 50000 Swiss francs or jailed for six years.
Until 1998, the Swiss anti money laundering law came into effect.The law stipulates that all financial institutions, including banks and intermediaries, have the obligation to report suspicious information to the government. Those who fail to report are criminal crimes and will be severely punished.
In 2001, after the United States was warmed up, it oppressed the Swiss bank and had to submit all the information.
Swiss bank is not going to keep it secret.
Now, Swiss bank is very secretive.
91Years later, when this year is over, we can just find a way to withdraw the money. Anyway, the big brother will be gone, and there is no proof of death. Our company is a leather bag company.
The registrant is not Jiangbo, but Victor.
Your big brother is the biggest shareholder of the company.
“What can you do to me?”
Jiang Bo has to admire and admit that his son is not so brave.
But now, they have no way back.
Continue to ask for additional loans.
It's no big deal. Just give you more interest.
Victor talks to big brother again.
This Victor, who is also a bad loser in the country, was picked by Jiang Bo, disguised for a while, and became a successful person.
Of course, Jiangbo is also very frank, saying that after the event, he is willing to give the victor 30% profit.
Victor naturally agreed happily.
30% profit. How much does it cost?
With an additional 2 billion yuan, Victor expressed his views according to Jiangcheng's dialect. Of course, Jiangcheng has been staring at Victor all the time. During this period, he has stepped up his study of French and understood what they want to say. It's not a big problem.
Another two billion.
This made big brother hesitate for a long time, but soon, they agreed.
The first three billion have been put in, and
They are still very sincere to come up with the drawings, including the future design of several models. After bargaining, big brother thinks that the money in the early stage has been put in, so he doesn't mind putting in another sum.
Five billion rubles.
277 million dollars.
In order to show his sincerity, big brother is also unambiguous, one breath, directly put five billion rubles into the company's account.
No matter Jiangcheng or Jiangbo, at this moment, they all feel their heart beating faster.
More than 5 billion rubles, close to 2.8 billion US dollars.
As soon as the money was loaned out, Jiangbo immediately went to the bank to change all the five billion rubles into US dollars.
The explanation to big brother is also very simple. We need to buy all kinds of equipment to integrate resources. Please rest assured that we will revitalize big brother's auto industry.
You see, aren't we building a house now?
Nowadays, the number of foreign banks in big brother is not a small number.
Jiang Bo chose to exchange money separately, one by one, and then exchange money one by one, and then deposit the money into other bank accounts.
Then, all the money will finally come together again and be handed over to a professional money laundering institution to launder money. This sum of money will eventually be deposited into an account of the Swiss bank.
No exchange, no matter Jiangcheng or Jiangbo will be relieved.
And Victor's eyes were shining, and he felt like he had met the Virgin Mary.
2.8 billion US dollars, give yourself 30%, that is close to more than 900 million US dollars.
I want 70%?
The idea rose from the bottom of Victor's heart.
Money, too much.
Deep in Victor's heart, something called greed rose.
“They are both Chinese. How could they get so much money without me?”
“Just give them a little money, that's all right!”
“No, I don't need to give them a cent. I just need to threaten them and expose this scam, then…”
A month later
Sitting on the plane to Huaxia, Jiangcheng yawned.
Money has been safely transferred to the Swiss bank. Only Jiangcheng or Jiangbo can withdraw the money. This loan did not come to an end until 2002. At that time, rubles were almost a piece of waste paper.
In addition, their father and son, at least, did not seem to be involved in the fraud.
Everything is so natural.
After the money laundering company, this sum of money has become a legal source for their father and son in the stock market.
However, only two and a half billion dollars were collected.
This signing will eventually come to Xiangjiang Bocheng group legally.
Jiangcheng takes a look at his father. He still remembers how Victor threatened himself and his father at that time.
Jiang Bo said yes with a smile.
Then, I never saw Victor again.
Jiangcheng didn't ask where he had gone, and there was no need to ask more*
Chapter 0014 Bocheng group!
It's hard for others to say, but Jiangcheng knows it well. He's a father with black hands.
In this era, I can be a master, and I can also work with a large number of my brothers.
How is it possible if the means are not cruel?
As for Jiangcheng, I don't care.
Right now, big brother is going to fall.
What they lost is not 10 billion, 100 billion, but trillions of dollars.
After becoming laomaozi, they can only sell resources and return to the era when big brother was extremely powerful. This is totally impossible.
However, Jiangcheng is not in a hurry to change the $2.5 billion into soft money.
It's easy to change this US dollar into soft currency, but it's not easy to change it into US dollar again.
With so much money, Jiangcheng plans to buy a batch of optical equipment from the island.
Now it's all over Asia.
The strongest semiconductor companies are still in the island countries. Although they are severely suppressed by the United States, the semiconductor industry in the island countries began to move towards the Southern Dynasties and the Gulf, but the thin camel is bigger than the horse.
Within three to five years, the island countries still have quite good advantages.
There are still a number of equipment in island countries that are targeted by Jiangcheng.
In addition, there are engineers and technicians from island countries.
On the way back to the northeast, Jiangcheng has begun to teach himself Japanese. On one side, Jiangbo feels incredible. It seems that Jiangcheng is learning everything and studying everything.
He began to wonder if his son's brain had been transformed by something.
Of course, this idea is fleeting.
Although this suspicion is a bit false, in fact, it is almost the same.
Unconsciously, the time has come to May.
Today's northeast is also the time of spring.
Back in Xinjing City, Jiangbo went to visit Xiao Jianhua again. Xiao Jianhua also told Jiangbo very implicitly that the matter had been reported, and now it is being discussed at a meeting. It is very possible to set up Liaodong airlines.
On the other hand, Jiangbo also purchased a batch of equipment and began to set up its own factory.
One is a textile processing factory, which specializes in producing sweaters. It buys wool from Outer Mongolia and sells it to Outer Mongolia and big brother. There are also blankets, towels and down jackets. The only requirement for these things is to guarantee the quality.
One is the food processing factory, which is mainly engaged in instant noodles. In addition, there are spicy strips. Originally, spicy strips would not appear until 1998, but now they have been developed in advance by Jiangcheng.
One is the distillery, which specializes in producing vodka. However, the estimated production scale has not been expanded. Jiangcheng is not in a hurry. There are still many distilleries in Liaodong Province, which also have good equipment. Jiangcheng has been coveting for a long time. When we further clarify the enterprise system next year, we can try to acquire them.
Don't worry now.
A considerable number of state-owned enterprises are heavily in debt and either restructure or go bankrupt.
At that time, it was the best time for the whale to swallow.
Although he didn't give the sum of money in Xiangjiang, Jiangbo also spent a lot of money and spent a hundred million yuan.
He also went to the government to apply for the qualification of import and export trade.
Everything needs to be formalized.
In addition to applying in China, I also apply here.
The procedure is normal, completely formal.
This is also an inevitable trend in the future. In addition, Jiangcheng specially invited professional accountants and domestic lawyers to figure out how to reasonably avoid taxes.
It must be in accordance with the law.
The second is the quality. We must not pass inferior products off as good ones.
And then there's the designer.
This so-called design is actually plagiarism.
In fact, this is not a model developed by Jiangcheng itself.
This is the product of FMCG ready to wear.
Clothing FMCG Brand from the beginning and “copy version” directly linked.
This kind of brand brings a new business model called fast fashion
Zara and Forever21, such as hmgap UNIQLO Muji km, are fast fashion.
They also invented a special occupation – Show plagiarist.
What do you do?
Taking Zara as an example, we directly employ more than 600 designers to run various shows and fashion activities around the world, and then copy versions.
Show a high-grade clothing, their powerful copyist can produce a series of imitation version.
Then, it is made with the lowest cost and fabric.Then take the weekly new speed as the selling point.
He also took the titles of “disposable brand that can't be washed”, “civilian fashion”, “luxury killer” and so on
Well, since Europe and the United States can be so shameless, we can be equally shameless.
Then, Jiangcheng gave the brand a name.
Red bean clothing.
The main reason is that I am too lazy to think about the name. The future red bean will not be born until 1995.
It's easy to read. Jiangcheng doesn't mind taking it first.
Finally, Jiangcheng has specially designed a logo, a red logo and a capital ho.
Jiang Bo shut up.
In the future, some unruly people will make Lao maozi hate domestic products. However, the quality of his products must pass. At the very least, let Lao maozi identify with his products.
One side is the income of Lao maozi, and the other is the domestic income.
Never underestimate the profits of the domestic market.
As soon as the factory opened, daddy began to recruit people on a large scale.
The winery doesn't need many people for the time being, but food processing factories and clothing attract many people at one go.
These machines are easy to operate.
As long as the quality requirements are strict, there will be no problem.
Although he is kind and filial to Jiangcheng, for enterprise management, he pursues military management.
Everything has to have indicators. In addition, in terms of management, dad has a lot of experience.
Otherwise, it is not as good as the management of these hundreds of brothers.
Of course, there is also a premise that money is in place.
An employee's basic salary is 300 yuan a month.You know, in 1991, the average salary of Mordor was 281 yuan. In Northeast China, 300 yuan a month was enough to attract countless people.
Of course, Jiang Bo has also calculated that the profit from selling a garment to laomaozi is not a small sum.
In addition, there is a certain commission for arranging sales staff by the way.
Jiangcheng put forward a lot of opinions, and Jiangbo quickly absorbed these opinions and made some policies according to local conditions.
A giant, Bocheng group was born.
If you can, Jiangcheng plans to build several production lines to produce refrigerators, washing machines and color TV sets, and sell them directly to laomaozi. However, in a short time, it will be over.
This production line is not easy to handle*
Chapter 0015 big brother: “Jiangbo, do you want machine tools?”
Jiangbo believes that technology will change everything. However, Jiangbo was born in the military, and he also believes that the system is fundamental.
Bocheng group was set up.
The first thing Jiang Bo wants to do is to militarize the management and give money in place. However, everything must follow my advice.
At the same time, Jiangbo is also strictly guarding against internal corruption.
To lay a good foundation, the second thing is to introduce advanced equipment, improve the quality of the production line, and even design their own products.
In the early stage, we must lay a good foundation.
We should lay a good foundation.
Once the factory is set up, large-scale production begins immediately.
Nowadays, most of the world's poor people go to Beijing, Manzhouli and Mosco. However, Jiangcheng's idea is simple. It can go directly from Changchun to Tumen by taking the Changtu railway.
Then take the freight directly from Tumen to Hasan District, to haishenwei, to Siberia railway, and then to Mosco.
To this end, Jiangbo also bought a lot of large trucks, and even hired a lot of drivers.
Enough money was put out.
This is a railway that ordinary people will not take.
Nowadays, cities with developed light industry are still in the south. Most people will choose to go directly from the capital to Mosco. However, if they set up their own factories in the northeast, they can take this road directly.
Well, it's three days later than the normal transportation time from the capital.
However, this is not the case. Most of us want to buy products in the south, then get on the train and go to Mosco. This time, we waste more than three days.
Secondly, there is almost no one on this route. Although the international train takes place once a week, it is obvious that Jiangbo can transport more goods.
When few people use the railway, there will be no competition. As long as Bocheng group makes use of it, it can transport more goods. This time, the profit is much larger than that from Beijing to Mosco.
And if this railway is developed.
Jiangcheng also believes that as long as there are enough interests, the railway will certainly be taken seriously, and it will continue to extend. At that time, the cost of freight cars can be saved.
In addition, Jiangbo also adopts the system of agent.
In short, it is to contact the senior management of big brother and ask them to arrange relatives to come to Huaxia to purchase the products they need, and then transport them to big brother in one rush.
How to sell is not something Bocheng needs to worry about.
Nowadays, China's light industrial products are still in great need for big brother. Basically, they are sold out as soon as they arrive in big brother's territory. It's just a pity that some of them don't abide by the rules and gradually destroy this market by shoddy goods.
In the next three years, this is also the best opportunity.
At the very least, we should put our product reputation in big brother's place, so that they will need their own products for a long time in the future.
In addition to clothing trade, there are also electronic products.
Then, cars and carts are directly transported to big brother's home. At the same time, a large number of goods from big brother are transported to China and then to Changchun.
Big brother has everything in his house.
Some are motorcycles, and some are industrial raw materials. In addition, some are wood and equipment.
After arriving in Xinjing.
Jiangbo will contact some domestic factories again to buy.
Although big brother's industrial products are not as good as those in Europe and America, they are still in a leading stage in China, and each has its own characteristics.
In China, quite a few factories also need big brother's products.
Once and for all, Jiangbo's profits are extremely high.
I made a little estimate in my mind.
The profit has reached more than 100 times.
Instant noodles, canned food and spicy noodles are all bartered.
In addition to big brother's motorcycles, there are all kinds of metals in the back. Even after decades, these products are also the bulk commodity transactions between Huaxia and laomaozi.
In fact, this is the time of the past few years.
They don't know each other very well. There is a huge information gap between them. However, after that, there is no such high profit.
However, as long as trade continues, we will never lose money.
Once the industrial chain of Northeast China is formed, it can also be sold in China, which is also a huge market.
It's inside and outside here.
Money will never be short of.
“My dear Davari!”
At this moment, in the reception hall of Bocheng group, an old maozi is talking with Jiangcheng father and son. His name is Andre bolov.
At this moment, Andre bolov is talking about: “I don't know, are you interested in machine tools and automobile production lines?”
Jiangcheng and Jiangbo look at each other.
“What?”Jiangcheng and Jiangbo were stunned at the same time“Do you want to sell machine tools and car lines? ”
Andre bolov said slowly: “the cars we produce are too bulky. Moreover, we are preparing to cooperate with the Chinese people recently and use their machine tools to produce our cars. We are planning to start a brand new automobile industry. We need to eliminate part of the production capacity.”
Jiangcheng was stunned. Damn, how can this sound so familiar?
After thinking about it carefully, Jiangcheng suddenly came back to himself. Isn't this his own way of fooling laomaozi?
Now, Lao maozi has already begun to deceive himself?
Now they want to sell all the production lines and machine tools of their automobile factory, and then happily welcome the new production lines and machine tools that don't exist at all?
How can they be so easily willing to believe these lies?
People are gone. It's a trick to make it clear.
This is a lie to them. How can they really believe it?
In other words, they also know that this is a scam, but they just want to sell it. If they sell it, it's money. If they can't sell it, it's nothing.
Jiangcheng suddenly began to regret it. Maybe they should not have asked them for 5 billion yuan at the beginning. They should have been ruthless and 10 billion yuan. It is estimated that they are willing to take it out.
But at this moment, Jiang Bo is moved the mind, he drank a cup of tea, slowly said: “big brother's car factory, I still know some!”
Volga automobile factory, gaoerji automobile factory, likhachov automobile factory, Kama automobile factory, yelabuga automobile factory, ulyanov automobile factory, gorichask bus factory, Leqing automobile factory and chaporosh automobile factory.
Gas automobile factory is the main production base of cars.Gaoerji automobile factory is the manufacturer of Volga car and Gasi truck.
After thinking about it, Jiang Bo laughed: “well, let's talk about the price.”*
Chapter 0016 empty big brother!
Jiang Bo can see it.
My father will never be satisfied with being a second dealer.
He has more and bigger goals of his own.
We need to move big brother's machine tools and car production lines to the northeast.
Think about it, it's kind of incredible.
It's 91. It's hard to say.
If they dare to sell, Jiangbo will dare to buy.
Anyway, we all barter.
Lao maozi has a bad environment here, and his cars are mainly practical.Although the car is strong and durable, its technology is backward, its design is not beautiful and luxurious, and its quality control is also very poor. However, the advantage is that it is strong and durable. On the contrary, it fits in with the Northeast environment.
However, Lao maozi's automobile industry was once brilliant.
Volga and LADA are the closest to the definition of world automobile brands.
In addition to these countries in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, there are also a large number of models exported to Western European countries, such as Japan, Italy, Federal Republic, etc. the technology and style of the 1960s and 1970s are absolutely not inferior to those of Volkswagen, Renault and other European brands.
Regardless of the future, since entering the 1980s, big brother's automobile industry has begun to fail. On the one hand, with people's requirements for improving the quality of life and the limitations of big brother, there is almost no innovation in the technology of automobile factories. With the upgrading of European and American automobile technology, big brother's automobile technology has stagnated and gradually lagged behind the times.
This is not to say that their technology is useless.
On the contrary, their technology has many advantages.
Technology needs to be integrated.
Jiangcheng takes a look at his father. He knows that his father is obviously not willing to be a second dealer, but wants to be a real entrepreneur.
However, if private enterprises want to produce cars, they also need to go through a lot of procedures.
The idea of Jiangcheng has begun to go far.
Andre bolov had a smile on his face.
Then, the two sides bargain.
Now, Jiang Bo's vision and pattern have also improved a lot, and this means of doing business is not bad.
Big brother's industrial products, if you want to transfer the whole production line to you, are definitely not a small number.
Apart from other things, the area of a simple Volga car factory is tens of kilometers.
“We need land from the government, but we also need policy support!”Jiang Cheng narrowed his eyes, but he was thinking about how to operate.
Wait until the end of the bargain.
Jiangcheng waited until Andrea bolov left, then slowly said: “Dad, are you ready to enter the automotive industry?”
Jiang Bo nodded: “yes, I have a hunch that in the near future, our Huaxia auto brand will be able to sell well all over the country!”
Jiangcheng took a look at his father. In his previous life, he didn't find that his father still had such an idea.
My father had been a second dealer in his previous life, but after 2006, he went to the capital to buy real estate with mordu. As a result, in 2008, he suddenly made a lot of money.
Now, dad wants to build a car factory?
Slightly shook his head, Jiangcheng feel a little surprised, or after accumulating so much wealth, his ambition also began to expand?
Jiangcheng also knows it well. To tell the truth, Huaxia's car is really hard. On November 25 of this year, the only remaining domestic car of Huaxia, the “magic city” car, was declared to be discontinued.
Before that, in 1987, the “red flag” car had been discontinued.At this point, China's two major car brands are declared dead.
However, the investment of Deguo Volkswagen in China is increasing year by year. The annual output of Santana cars produced by Deguo Volkswagen is 60000, which is close to the total output of “modu” cars in the past 28 years. Deguo Volkswagen has become the first car brand in the Chinese market.
“In 1990, modu Volkswagen's after tax profit exceeded Volkswagen's global profit target at one stroke. One of the reasons is that only in a market like Huaxia can an ordinary Volkswagen Santana sell for 178000 yuan, almost six times the world average price of the product,” commented business week of the United States
“What are you shaking your head for?Don't think much of me? “Jiang Bo couldn't help saying.
“Nothing, Dad, I support you!”Jiangcheng laughed, then slowly said: “I was just thinking about how to expand our industrial scale and how to expand the market!”
However, if we want to do it, we must do our best.
The future automobile industry is definitely the most growth field of Huaxia.
Jiangcheng thought for a while, and then slowly said: “first of all, we need a land, industrial land. I think Dad, you need to go to Uncle Xiao to have a good talk about this!”
“Second point!”
Jiangcheng thought for a moment, then slowly said: “now, the most popular cars in the world are in two aspects, one is Deguo, the other is island country. When I went to see them, they were still in a relatively primitive stage. If the eldest brother really bought these equipment to us, we have a foundation, but,We must consider the advanced nature. The things of big brother are too big and thick. They have already been behind the times. The cars produced by their equipment can not be sold, and they are not competitive at home.
At this point, Jiangcheng took a hard breath, and continued: “we need advanced CNC machine tools, as well as high-precision machine tools. We just don't know whether Deguo and the devils are willing to sell them. If we go back, we still have to go to the island or Deguo to ask!”
“The third point is to find people, especially R & D personnel. We need to consider what kind of car is the most suitable for China according to local conditions. We need to study and develop our own car. We can set up our own worker's University, or we can set up automobile engineering development and research Institute with famous universities. In a word, we need to have our own technology!”
“Finally, don't let state-owned enterprises hold our shares. We should hold 100% of our shares!”
Here, Jiangcheng has the final say, adding: “as for sales strategy, I still insist on adjusting measures to local conditions. We are different from old ones. After all, what kind of cars do our own people need, we must have initiative, we must have our own patent rights, or we have to say that we have better calculations.”
Jiang Bo nodded one by one.
He has a clear idea of his son now.
Even, he can easily grasp the future development route.
Jiangcheng said that some of the rise, a grab to a notebook, began to give dad planning up.
Plan content, empty big brother!
Even if some things have no value, it's better to sell scrap iron*
Chapter 0017 unexpected joy, nine axis five linkage large CNC machine tool!
Chapter 0017 unexpected joy, nine axis five linkage large CNC machine tool!
Jiangcheng always does what he says.
Since there is a plan to empty big brother, he will never be vague.
How much is big brother's car factory worth?
Jiangcheng really doesn't know.
However, Jiangbo uses a calculation method that makes Jiangcheng feel stunned.
It is calculated according to the price of scrap iron.
Jiangcheng is lying trough.
But big brother agreed.
Scrap iron is scrap iron.
They have fallen into an indescribable delusion, firmly believe that in the future, they can get better technology, better machine tools, and they can build better cars.
I really don't know if my elder brother's ancestors would be shocked if they were resurrected.
Xiao Jianhua was also shocked.
Some time ago, they were still fooling them into making airplanes. Now, they are starting to ask for land. Do you want to empty big brother completely?
Xiao Jianhua feels crazy.
This, how can people believe.
strategic point!
Jiangbo directly put forward his own requirements, planning to establish an automobile industrial park in the whole northeast, at the same time, also apply for a business license.
However, Xiao Jianhua soon realized that this is a golden opportunity.
If, this automobile industry really let Jiangbo do.
Then the meaning behind is self-evident.
It directly drives the large-scale development of an industry.
But Xiao Jianhua is also hesitating. He looks up at Jiang Bo, and then slowly says, “big brother's car is not easy to sell these years!”
“I'm sure I won't use all of big brother's technology!”
Jiang Bo laughed: “it's still necessary to adapt to local conditions. Now, after our country's rapid growth in food and household appliances, the era of prosperity of bulk durable consumer goods will surely come.With the improvement of people's purchasing power and the encouragement of national policies, real estate and cars will definitely become new consumption hot spots. ”
“This is the best opportunity for economic development. We must firmly grasp this opportunity!”Jiang Bo also talked about it in a leisurely way, and he was obviously well prepared.
Jiang Cheng analyzed all these things for him. During this period, Jiang Bo also watched the news broadcast every day to get to know the domestic affairs of the country for the first time.
“In addition, in May this year, our country just had regulations, didn't it?In the next four years, 1.7 million old cars manufactured before 1974 will be scrapped, and the vast majority of domestic old cars will be included in this list. “Jiang Bo said excitedly: “this is undoubtedly a great benefit to our auto industry!”
“There is absolutely no problem with big brother's cars. Their equipment is not up-to-date. However, there is still no problem with the production of cars. When these old domestic cars are abandoned, we can open them up for delivery!”Jiang Bo is not ambiguous at all. He still holds a stack of information in his hand and puts it in front of Xiao Jianhua.
“Lao Xiao, you believe me, absolutely. My plan is to produce the car first. Only when the car is produced can we know where the problem lies, and then we can improve it!”
Jiang Bo is very sincere
“How much are you going to invest?”Xiao Jianhua took a deep breath and asked.
“We are going to invest about 200 million in the early stage!”Jiang Bo laughed and then continued: “it's mainly about the construction of the plant. The equipment I got from my big brother is the price of scrap iron, but the cost is not very high.”
Xiao Jianhua didn't know what to say. He murmured to himself, “all the people of big brother have gone crazy, haven't they?”
Jiang Bo shook his head“It's not all about this. In fact, their equipment is relatively backward, which can be regarded as obsolete products. I don't know if there are any advanced equipment. I plan to build a batch of cars first, and then check the defects to make up for them! ”
Xiao Jianhua coughed and continued: “even so, it can't be sold as scrap iron!”
Jiang Bo is to smile: “this, who can say accurate?”
Xiao Jianhua took a deep breath, and then continued: “I know about this matter. I'll go back and consider it with the leadership for approval. I can give it to you. However, Lao Jiang, please don't let me down!”
“Don't worry. When did Lao Jiang lose face to our troops?”But Jiang Bo laughed, and then continued: “then I'll go first!”
Xiao Jianhua nodded, but he began to calculate in his heart.
In Northeast China, there is FAW.
However, it is not in northern Liaoning Province, but in Eastern Liaoning Province. Moreover, Xiao Jianhua knows what FAW looks like now.
If Jiangbo is really successful?
Xiao Jianhua just pondered a little and immediately made up his mind to help Jiang Bo have a try.
Andre bolov is still very fast.
Soon, a large number of equipment was transported directly along the Siberian Railway to haishenwei, and then from Yanbian to Changchun.
All kinds of large-scale equipment, placed in front of him, when he felt his insignificance.
Do you really want to empty big brother?
We need a super large warehouse. In addition, the land we need has not been approved.
In this regard, Jiang Bo can only put these equipment into the warehouse first. Secondly, he still needs professional talents to select what can be used and what can not be used.
Separate them completely.
The railway can only go once a week. It's difficult to completely empty big brother. Therefore, for Jiang Bo, he can only choose what he needs as much as possible.
Domestic demand can not be met.
Bring the most valuable things you can.
Then, Jiangcheng found a big guy.
Nine axis five linkage CNC machine tool.
This thing is also sold to take out.
Jiangcheng itself was shocked.
Andre bolov got all this stuff?
You know, for the sake of this thing, the Americans severely punished the island countries.
This is also the famous Toshiba incident.
The United States said that the machine can process the high-performance propeller needed by nuclear submarines, and can effectively reduce the noise problem of big brother's navy nuclear submarines. Big brother can successfully sneak into the Strait of gibraltarian with this technology, but it has not been found. You are going to put our beautiful navy in a dangerous situation!
For this reason, the United States has been punished, and the island countries have been severely punished.
But CIA intelligence files show that his allies are secretly selling equipment to big brother.
There is a Pakistan Unification Council in capitalist countries, and its members secretly export strategic materials and high and new technologies to big brother.
Since 1980, Italy exported as many as 25 machine tools to big brother, Eagle sold military equipment directly, and nasway's Kongsberg also sold machine tools.
After all, the United States still wants the whole island.
Island countries, threatening the United States.
However, there is no denying that the nine axis five linkage large CNC machine tool, even now, is also very advanced*
Chapter 0018 spending money like water!
But it doesn't seem to work.
This thing is mainly used to solve the impeller, blade, marine propeller, heavy generator rotor, steam turbine rotor, large diesel engine crankshaft and so on.
There is no denying that it has high technology content and high precision, and is specially used for machining complex curved surfaces. However, it is absolutely overqualified to put it here.
A total of four, they dare to use scrap iron price to sell one of their own.
Jiangcheng can't help swallowing.
He took another look at his father Jiangbo. Jiangbo stood up and said, “it seems that we really can't use it!”
“Then sell it!”Jiangcheng took a picture of the heavy guy in front of him, and then slowly said, “Dad, how much do you think this thing can sell for?”
Jiang Bo turned his eyes and said helplessly, “where do I know?”
But Jiangcheng took a breath and said slowly: “I remember when big brother bought it, there were four sets, which cost 3.5 billion yen. Then the price of almost one set is about 875 million. Now the exchange rate of Japanese yen and soft currency is about 16 yuan!”
“Only 50 million!”Jiangcheng thought about it, and suddenly felt that the money was a little less.
In the 1980s, the currency of the island countries was still in the period of appreciation. The 3.5 billion that the eldest brother Ken put forward is definitely not a small amount, but has experienced a lot
However, if you think about it carefully, the profit is also very high.
I sold seven airplanes and only made 400 million.
Such a machine tool, more than 50 million, almost.
After all, it's the price of scrap iron.
Jiang Bo took a deep breath and said, “it's not about the price, but we can't buy it at all. The previous Batu has been embargoed. For our country, the value of this thing is still very important, which is related to aviation, aerospace, military, scientific research, precision instruments and high-precision medical equipment!”
Jiang Bo talked about it in a leisurely way. He was born in technology, and naturally he knew the key to it.
“I still remember that when I was in the army, our country always wanted to buy it, but it hasn't been imported yet!”Jiang Bo sighed: “the 1980s is a good opportunity. It's a pity that we don't have enough money and foreign exchange reserves.”
“In my opinion, Europe and the United States are not monolithic. If they can make money, they may not refuse to do it!”Jiang Cheng smiles and continues“As long as we have money, we can do it, you son of a bitch
Jiang Bo thought for a while, and then slowly said: “then I'll contact Lao Xiao!”
Among other things, at least when Xiao Jianhua saw the huge nine axis five linkage CNC machine tool in front of him, he was dumbfounded.
How can we take out everything?
This is definitely a good thing for China today.
Was it dug up?
“Lao Jiang, I'm starting to wonder if you've infiltrated big brother here?”After Xiao Jianhua calms down, he looks back at Jiang Bo and mumbles to himself.
“To tell you the truth, I didn't expect it!”Jiang Bo shrugged: “however, since it's delivered, I have to sell it. I can't use it for the time being, so I have to find you. I know that Shen Fei may need it. I'm not good to talk about it. I need you!”
Xiao Jianhua was also a little excited. Naturally, he knew that this incident would be of great benefit to his official career.
“Lao Jiang, I owe you a favor!”Xiao Jianhua laughed: “I'll contact you!”
Xiao Jianhua's speed is very fast.
Shenfei directly purchased this nine axis five linkage CNC machine tool.
The price is also very expensive, 80 million soft coins.
Although the price calculated by Jiangcheng is about 50 million yuan, you can't buy it with money.
The extra 30 million is business.
Afterwards, Xiao Jianhua also spared no effort. During the meeting, after internal discussion, he finally decided to give Bocheng group 3000 mu of industrial land.
A one-time grant of 3000 mu of land to Bocheng, the selling price of one mu is a very favorable price of 10000 yuan.
Three thousand mu of industrial land is 30 million.
It's quite a discount.
With the support of Xiao Jianhua, Jiang Bo is naturally bold.
Construction began on one side, and preparation began on the other.
Then, Xiao Jianhua gave Jiangbo a suggestion. According to the current progress, we should apply for business license, at least until next year. Moreover, Bocheng is a private enterprise.
It would be better to buy a state-owned enterprise that is qualified to produce now.
In this regard, Xiao Jianhua also gave a guiding opinion.
Shencheng Jinbei bus factory.
Jiangcheng still sounds familiar with this Jinbei bus factory. If you go further, you will know that this Jinbei bus factory was later acquired by a guy named Yang Rong and sold to the United States, becoming the first Chinese enterprise listed in the United States.
Later, the brilliance department was established by Yang Rong.
And the most famous product is BMW Brilliance.
Before crossing, it seems that I broke myself.
Up to now, Jinbei bus factory is a newly established factory. In 1987, Shencheng Bureau of agricultural machinery and automobile industry put together more than 50 small automobile repair and parts factories in the bureau to set up Jinbei bus factory. Zhao Xiyou, deputy director of the factory, was appointed as the factory director.
At the beginning of the establishment of the golden cup, the personnel were lax, the equipment was old, and the funds were lack, which was almost useless.
Zhao Xiyou thought of the way to issue shares.
According to reports at that time, Jinbei was the first joint-stock enterprise in the three eastern provinces to be allowed to issue shares publicly.
Zhao Xiyou's fund-raising scale is 100 million shares, 1 yuan per share.In order to raise funds, Zhao Xiyou did everything he could. He even went to the compound of the National Commission for structural reform in Beijing to put up a notice to sell stocks. Curious media reporters reported on the news.
However, he set up a stall for one day and didn't sell much.
In this way, the stock issue began at the end of 1988. It took more than a year, but the stock still didn't sell much. For the Jiangcheng father and son, it was sleepy and hit the pillow.
Jinbei holds the qualification of vehicle manufacturer.
As long as this qualification is obtained, Bocheng will be able to produce cars.
With the help of Xiao Jianhua, Jiangcheng and his son had a very good talk. What they need is this qualification, 100 million yuan, to buy it.
Jiang Bo feels that the money is not enough.
In the past, he set up a food processing factory and the textile industry. Now, however, Jiang Bo finds that the car has not been produced yet, and he has invested almost half of the money he earns from selling airplanes*
Chapter 0019 your brain is broken. We're not broken!
“Dad, I don't think you have to be so nervous!”
Jiangcheng is a smile, and then slowly opened his mouth: “I think, these early investment is inevitable, since we want to do, then let's throw money in, do well, do well!”
Naturally, Jiang Bo also understood that there was no turning back.
Now, it's nearly 300 million.
Fortunately, the equipment transported from big brother is regarded as scrap iron price, and the light industrial products are used for exchange. Otherwise, the cost will be even greater.
“Dad, this industry is not so easy to develop!”
Jiangcheng continued with a smile: “the automobile industry is a heavy industry with high technology content and scale efficiency. After a hundred years of fierce competition, more than ten multinational automobile companies in China, the United States and island countries have almost monopolized the technical discourse and brand appeal of automobiles.In our market, the original “red flag” and “modu” cars have been cleverly eliminated. Although the future prospects are unlimited, if our own quality is not hard enough, I think we will not have a place in the future! ”
“I know what you say!”Jiang Bo nodded fiercely: “it's definitely not good to rely on big brother's technology alone!”
“So, I think Dad, you should find a way to go abroad and visit Europe!”
Jiangcheng laughed: “now they have begun to use CNC machine tools, but now we are still using artificial machine tools, the gap between technology is not big, the so-called, if you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen the tools, what we need is technology, especially machine tools and CNC technology!”
Jiang Bo nodded and then asked, “don't you think about island countries?”
“Forget about the island country. It's disgusting!”
Jiang Cheng shook his head: “some time ago, I heard that some people in the South imported a batch of CNC machine tools from the island. As a result, they didn't want to touch them when they bought the equipment. They wanted to ask you what to do, sign a description and where to use them. Moreover, their machine tools may not be advanced. On the contrary, they are better in Europe. As long as the money is in place, they are willing to sell them!”
Jiang Bo slightly pondered: “then I'll be ready!”
“Don't worry now!”Jiang Cheng smiles, then continues to say: “I have some other views!”
“What do you think?”Jiang Bo couldn't help but feel a little stunned.
And Jiangcheng is a slow opening road“Just by my intuition, I doubt that there are other good things here! ”
Jiang Bo couldn't help but be slightly stunned: “what a good thing!”
“In fact, I have been thinking that since big brother can buy nine axis five linkage CNC machine tools from the island, will he buy machine tools from other places?”
Jiangcheng said calmly: “since this Andre is brave enough to sell us this nine axis five linkage CNC machine tool, is it possible for them to sell us the remaining three together?Also, for other machine tools, just ask big brother if there are CNC machine tools. Before going out, the first thing we have to do is to get as many things from big brother as we can get! ”
“Take it back and sell scrap iron. It's all valuable!”Jiangcheng said his thoughts slowly.
When Jiang Bo heard the speech, he was not worried.
I'd better collect the wool from big brother first to see how much wool I can collect.
As expected, big brother has never let people down.
Almost all of the more than 30 machine tools purchased from Switzerland have been transported to Jiangbo.
These can be high precision CNC machine tools.
As for the price?
This time, Jiangbo has a little conscience, which is slightly higher than the price of scrap iron.
These are almost brand new machine tools.
How to keep your heart from beating?
Although, for the time being, I still don't know the specific role of these CNC machine tools, Jiang Bo still can't help but embrace the impulse of Andre's hard kiss.
He suppressed the impulse.
Jiangbo quietly began to ask the whereabouts of the remaining three nine axis five linkage CNC machine tools.
Can it be delivered to Huaxia.
Andre bolov patted his chest on the spot and said there was no problem.
Anyway, I can't use it myself.
“It's been a long time out of work!”When asked, Andrea polov also spoke directly.
“Shut down?”Jiangcheng can't help but be slightly stunned: “have all your enterprises stopped swinging now?”
“We haven't used these machine tools for a long time, about two or three years. What we need now is food and capital. Now, we are opening up the market. In the near future, we can also enjoy the technology of Europe and the United States!”
Andre bolov shrugged and said, “I think Huaxia still wants to learn from us.”
On this topic, both Jiangbo and Jiangcheng do not want to continue to talk with Andre bolov.
Really, Jiangcheng is very afraid. If he can't talk any more, he will be a fool.
Open up the market, the European and American goods, can let you have good fruit to eat?
From top to bottom, do they have all their brains?
“We have our own specific situation. It's still different from big brother!”Jiang Cheng smiles, then casually opens his mouth“Sometimes we prefer to take the initiative! ”
Andre bolov did not say much, but continued: “these are 30 machine tools. What else do you need?Just tell me
Jiangcheng is smiling, slowly said: “in addition to machine tools, there are hydraulic press, in fact, we really need a lot of things, at present our factory is also expanding, mainly food processing plants, clothing factories, as well as wineries, Mr. Andre, we have high-quality vodka here, do you want to taste it?”
Andre bolov's face was full of excitement: “do you have vodka?”
“Of course!”Jiangcheng laughed: “I'm also very willing to believe that big brother will like our vodka. I think we need to continue to increase the trade between us!”
Of course!
Andre bolov laughed: “you are sincere people. There are too many Chinese. It's really bad. They cheat us with fake and shoddy products. Damn it!”
“We also hope that big brother can have some more high-quality products here, and also hope that big brother can understand that not all the things produced by Huaxia are fake and shoddy products. If you can, please recognize our product logo!”*
Chapter 0020 build the first Chinese enterprise listed in the United States?
After giambo's dinner with Andrea bolov.
Bocheng group was visited.
Yang Rong.
Jiang Bo saw the first sentence: “President Jiang, I hope you can sell the shares of Jinbei bus to me.”
Then, Yang Rong said the second sentence: “I want to make Jinbei the first Huaxia company listed in the United States.”
Jiang Bo looks at Yang Rong and feels that this guy is a liar.
As for Jiangcheng.
But I also know that this product is the founder of the future brilliance system.
In the future, there are two kinds of views. One is that if brilliance leaves, Yang Rong will immediately start to fall apart. If Yang Rong is here, Brilliance will not only rely on a BMW Brilliance to make money.China's automobile industry will get great development.
There is another way of saying that Yang Rong is engaged in capital operation from the beginning, selling only concepts. In the early stage, he can only rely on Jinbei bus to make money, and in the later stage, he can rely on BMW Brilliance to make money to sell his own concepts. The so-called 100% domestic cars are just selling concepts to tell stories to the capital side.
Jiangcheng is inclined to the latter.
This is a storyteller.
He once said that there are three development models for the automobile industry: the first is joint venture;The second is to license production and introduce;The third is independent development and global cooperation.”I'm now working on the fourth one, which should be jointly developed with global car experts, sharing resources and platforms, and dividing the market,” he said
In Jiangcheng's view, this is just bullshit.
Let's just say that the so-called joint development is nothing more than agent processing. Will people sell you the real core technology?
If I give it to you, why do I give you any technical blockade?
There is only one way for China's automobile industry to make a breakthrough. It is honest and independent development, learning and imitating. However, we can't believe that the West will support you.
When you provide the market, how can others develop your technology and compete with you?
Think about it in your head. It's impossible.
Later, the car Yang Rong developed was named Zhonghua, but in fact, the sales volume was slapping. Even the market share of his own Jinbei bus was rapidly declining.
He believes in the principle of taking, and the chassis is adjusted by Porsche;The interior and exterior of the model are made by yidaili;The engine is in cooperation with BMW. As soon as the three major resources are integrated, will a good car come out?
For example, Zhonghua V7 SUV claims to be able to buy the heart of BMW for 100000 yuan, but it uses the engine that BMW has eliminated. It not only consumes a lot of fuel, but also has poor workmanship. Although it's boastful and the quality is good, unfortunately, the sales volume is fundamental, and the market doesn't buy it at all.
Jiang Bo's face is not very good-looking, and Jiang Cheng is laughing, first to arrange Yang Rong to rest.
“Dad, what's the matter?”Jiang Cheng smiles: “don't like this boy?”
“What does he think of running the train and sending it to the market?”Jiang Bo could not help humming, and then slowly said: “what's the first Chinese enterprise listed in the United States? Just listen to it, don't worry about it!”
“I think it's possible!”Jiangcheng is smiling.
After all, in history, Yang Rong succeeded.
“I tell you, don't take what the boy said seriously. People who play finance don't think about technology or R & D at all. They don't propose to place an engineer for the enterprise. What they want to put in is a treasurer. That's the danger of the enterprise having bankers.They think with money.They see factories as places to make money rather than produce goods.Their eyes are on the money, not the productivity of the enterprise. ”
Jiang Bo shook his head: “this kind of person, stay away from him!”
“I have a proposal!”
But Jiangcheng laughed, and then slowly said, “didn't we buy a useless piece of equipment from big brother?When I see it, it's not as good as this. We'll unite with Liaobei and Liaodong to set up a brand new company. Anyway, we can't use these equipment. We'll just sell scrap iron! ”
“Then let Yang Rong have a try!”Jiangcheng laughed: “success, we cash out, safety, failure, nothing more than a pile of scrap iron, but in case of success?”
Jiang Bo frowned slightly.
Jiangcheng is a little smile: “well, Dad, let me handle this matter, our family also needs money, especially, we want to engage in research and development, but also to purchase a large number of equipment, all need a lot of money, I'll have a good talk with him!”
Jiang Bo hesitated a little, then nodded his head and said, “OK
Among the temporary hotels, Yang Rong did not rest.
At the moment, he is still thinking about how to get the remaining shares out of Jiangbo's hands. His original intention is to get the shares of Jinbei and then operate it again. Unexpectedly, the speed of Jiangbo is so fast that Yang Rong has not responded yet.
To find Jiangbo, Yang Rong is keen to find that the other party does not seem to like themselves very much.
It's not easy to cheat
Yang Rong is ready to leave to see if he can start a new operation.
“Brother Yang!”
At this time, Jiangcheng came in.
“Your name is Jiangcheng?”At the beginning, Yang Rong really didn't pay attention to Jiangcheng, a half year old boy. At this moment, he didn't expect that he would take the initiative to find himself.
Jiangcheng is not polite and sits down directly opposite Yang Rong: “brother Yang, the shares of Jinbei bus can't be sold to you, but I have a proposal!”
Yang Rong couldn't help but be slightly stunned: “what proposal?”
Jiangcheng is a little smile, slowly said: “we here, there are still a lot of obsolete products, my plan is to prepare them, set up a new company, brother Yang, if you are interested, you can consider shares!”
“What?”Yang Rong couldn't help being dull: “set up a new company with obsolete equipment?You, you are… ”
“Before the golden cup bus factory, that is to say, it had about 50 parts factories, which were very extensive, very poor, manual workshop type, without any high-quality assets!”
Jiangcheng is smiling: “since you can make Jinbei listed, why can't you make this brand new enterprise listed?”
“If I issue 100 million shares in a new factory, I can sell you 80% of the shares. I only keep 20% of the shares, and you can operate the remaining 80% yourself. How about that?”
Jiangcheng's face is wearing a smile: “for brother Yang, I still trust your ability very much!”*
Chapter 0021 terrorist income!
Jiangcheng's view is actually very simple.
Finance and industry should play together.
Financial profit is very high, but for industry, it is the real foundation.
Dad wants to build a car, which is just the beginning of investment. There are more places to spend money. According to the current economic development speed of Huaxia, cars will definitely be a mass consumption in the future.
It needs to invest a lot of capital to research and development in the early stage. Only in this way can we win a place in the future competition.
Yang Rong is trapped in thinking.
Set up a new company!
If, can spend 80 million to buy down!
Yang Rong began to think quickly. After a long time, he slowly said: “this matter, it's not impossible to consider!”
“I need to consult with my partner!”Yang Rong thought for a while, and then quickly said: “in a short time, I can't give you an answer, but you still have obsolete equipment?”
“Of course, there are many, many more!”
Jiangcheng just smile: “you don't have to worry, back, I will carry all the equipment in, I believe your capital operation means!”
In the next month, Jiangcheng was not idle.
On the one hand, we will move all the industries of big brother. On the other hand, we will start to count what kind of machine tools we need and what kind of assembly lines we need.
There is also the elimination of some of the basic mountain car industry are all moved to Shencheng.
At least, it makes the whole factory look spectacular.
And the latest name of the factory is also thought of by Jiangcheng.
Golden Lion bus factory.
After some bargaining
Jiangcheng is determined not to retreat. You can compete with me for the background. You can see if it's hard for me to sell airplanes or hard for you.
The final price was $70 million. I sold this metal bus factory that didn't look good.
Bocheng retains 20% of the equity and promises never to interfere in Yang Rong's next capital operation.
Later, Yang Rong didn't stay idle. Instead, he quietly set up a project company, brilliance Automobile Holding Co., Ltd., in Bermuda, a small Pacific island known as “duty-free paradise”. This company is 100% controlled by Huabo, and 80% shares of Shencheng Golden Lion Bus Manufacturing Co., Ltd. are all injected into this “shell company” for listing.
In fact, Jiang Cheng knows what Yang Rong wants to play.
Capital games are similar. After all, it is 2021 before crossing. There are many similar games in Jiangcheng.
70 million.
In addition, as mentioned by Xiao Jianhua, Liaobei Airlines was officially established.
Later, Jiang Bo went to big brother's place in person and continued to negotiate the rest of the plane. During this period, Mou Qizhong was not idle.
However, for a while, there was no buyer in Muqi.
The rest of the planes were sold to Liaobei airlines. After the plane landed, it was immediately mortgaged to the bank and placed in Liaobei airport.
Most of the money is spent by banks, but not in northern Liaoning Province.
In this case, the profit of the Jiang family is not as big as that of selling seven airplanes, and the profit is maintained at about one billion.
However, such a large profit is also an amazing number.
Jiangbo also once again organized a nationwide large-scale can for plane operation.
And the media were shocked.
This time, even if you change the plane, can you come here for a second time?
For a moment, the media, big and small, began to guess who this Jiangbo was?
I can't cover the news any more.
Bocheng group is also the first time to appear in the public view.
The reporters are not ambiguous. I can't find you Jiangbo. Can't I investigate myself?
Later, the reporters also found the car factory that Bocheng was building, on one hand, they were building, on the other hand, they were recruiting.
The equipment is here, and the factory building is also under construction.
Jiang Bo can not come out, the reporters also give full play to their brain hole.
What's more, Jiangbo wants to build Huaxia's own automobile brand.
Yang Rong also seized the opportunity and thought it was a good opportunity to publicize himself. Taking advantage of the situation, he pushed out the Golden Lion car factory.
Jiangbo invested in the Golden Lion car factory. Then, can the car factory be worse?
Yang Rong began to boast crazily.
At the same time, it is also the beginning of Jiangbo's financing. Now, only one brilliance is not enough. He needs more capital to join in. Secondly, he has a bigger step to let Huaxia participate in it.
Looking at the newspaper, Jiang Bo mercilessly threw the information in his hand aside, but his face was very ugly: “this Yang Rong can really blow!”
But Jiangcheng laughed, picked up the newspaper on the ground, and slowly said: “it's just like this. If you don't blow it, how can you finance and how can you stimulate capital?Do you want the market value of the company?For these financial people, what they need most is to blow the whistle! ”
“Blowing can bring technology, blowing can bring talent?”Taking a breath, Jiang Bo shook his head and said, “so, I don't like this way!”
“However, this way can bring money. With money, you can sell technology. With money, you can get talents. Moreover, when you are famous, naturally, some people will choose to join in!”Pride
Jiangcheng smiled and continued, “however, this way is very bad, addictive, addictive than drug addiction, because money is really too fast. When you come too fast, you will not think about making money on solid ground, but get into an inflated state of blowing bubbles.”
Jiang Bo also sighed, and then slowly said: “to tell you the truth, I'm afraid of this, so I've always been rejected!”
“Dad, sometimes, finance is not a monster. It depends on how you use it and how you can make it play its maximum value!”
Jiang Cheng laughed, and then continued: “it depends on how you use it!”
But Jiang Bo took a slight breath, and suddenly said: “by the way, you used your mother's ID card to register a real estate company, and you still need to find me to get a hundred million. What are you going to do?”
“Invest in real estate!”Jiangcheng smile, slowly said: “I'm ready to invest in Hainan, I have a premonition, Hainan's housing prices will soar next year!”
Jiang Bo slightly a Leng: “are you so sure?”
“Of course!”Jiangcheng laughed: “I can't help it. We need money. If we are engaged in R & D or automobile R & D, the annual investment is astronomical. I don't want to make some money for my family. Is that ok?”*
Chapter 0022 bet on the world cup!
92Real estate bubble in Hainan Island
Hainan's real estate investment reached 8.7 billion yuan, accounting for half of the total fixed assets investment. The real estate development area in Haikou alone reached 8 million square meters, and the land price soared from more than 100000 yuan / mu in 1991 to more than 6 million yuan / mu.In the same year, Haikou's economic growth rate reached an astonishing 83%, Sanya, another hot city, also reached 73.6%, and 40% of Hainan's fiscal revenue came from the real estate industry.
Nearly 40 times the profit.
At least 30 times the profit.
That's not a small number.
It's an astronomical number.
If you have $3 billion in your own hands, there will be no problem in developing your own enterprises. However, doing so will cause certain damage to Hainan's economy.
But that's how history happens, whether it's with or without itself.
Losses always happen.
Since there is an opportunity, we should make more money. After making money, we can subsidize the second hometown of Northeast China.
You can make as much money as you can.
Our own industry is absolutely a money burning industry.
It's a horrible bottomless hole.
As for the future, Jiangcheng still plans to slowly transfer the lithography machines of this island country to China, and even plans to compete with TSMC.
Money is not enough.
In the future, if these domestic industries can't throw money down in the early stage, they will have no advantage in the face of European and American competitive products.
After dealing with domestic affairs, Jiangcheng followed his father on the journey to Europe.
This time, mainly to buy advanced CNC machine tools.
It's mainly Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and even now Eagle country is quite good.
Although the machine tools of island countries are good, they are mainly low-end machines. The real top machine tools still depend on the old industrial powers like Europe.
Although these machine tools cannot be sold to Huaxia because of the Warner agreement.
However, the wanassen agreement has not yet come out. It will take until 1994. Now it is still the Batumi agreement.
As for whether they are willing to sell, Jiangcheng believes that they are very willing to sell.
Big brother wanted to buy it, but they all sold it.
If you want to buy it yourself, there is no reason not to sell it.
However, we still need to find a good middleman.
It is almost impossible to take a normal route. The only route is smuggling.
As for this method, it is also simple.
It's the old way.
First, find a European, then let him register a company, buy the machine tools he needs in Europe, and then transport them directly to China by sea or by big brother's Siberian railway.
Do you think the presidents of these factories know that they are buying Huaxia people?
Of course.
But, so what?
Money doesn't make a son of a bitch.
What about the Pakistan Unification Council? If big brother wants to buy machine tools, they will also buy them.
There is a cold joke.
It is said that when Lao maozi was in the revolution, it was very difficult for everyone at that time. In order to boost morale, Vladimir often made speeches in various factories.Vladimir firmly believes that capitalists will do anything to help strengthen big brother's economic strength. Capitalists will try to sell more goods to big brother at lower prices and faster ways.They will do business with us regardless of the consequences, Vladimir said.
So in a speech, Vladimir confidently said: “comrades, don't panic. When the situation is not good for us, we just throw the rope to the capitalists, and they will put the rope around their necks.”.
A Bolshevik yelled, “great, Vladimir Ilyich, but where can we get so many ropes to hang all the capitalists?”Vladimir replied easily, “don't worry, they will sell it to us!”
Capitalists are looking at money and profits.
As long as you have enough money.
All this is not a big problem.
I want to buy it myself, but they have no reason not to.
It's just a matter of money.
It's not hard for Dad to find someone. He just signs up for a shell company. He can find the partner he needs in the market.
Register salary, pay salary, and then go to the major machine tool room to have a look.
However, as soon as I came to Europe, Jiangcheng was attracted by the fanatical atmosphere here.
It's July and Europe is the key time for the world cup.
The world cup is the 14th World Cup.
“The world cup?”Jiangcheng couldn't help but be slightly stunned, and immediately moved his mind: “it seems that you can bet on the ball!”
“Dad, we have 2.5 billion dollars in hand, you give me 500 million dollars!”Jiangcheng suddenly said, “I can use it!”
“Useful?”Jiang Bo couldn't help but be slightly stunned: “what do you want so much money for?”
Jiangcheng grinned and said slowly: “I can't tell you for the time being. Just give me the money. The rest, you don't need to worry about it. With luck, I can make a lot of money for you!”
Jiang Bo hesitated a little, then decided to listen to his son.
Five hundred million dollars, all of which have been transferred to Jiangcheng's account.
And Jiangcheng is not ambiguous, directly came to a gambling company.
Now is the final, Jiangbo looked at the odds.
The odds are 1:4 between the winner and Argentina.
They are optimistic about Argentina, but mainly believe in Maradona.
However, the final result is known to Jiangcheng. In the final on July 8, Argentina led by Maradona lost 0-1 to the former West Germany team and missed the championship.
In today's Europe, gambling has developed into a very formal industry. Jiangcheng still remembers that a year ago, during the world cup, the amount of gambling almost reached trillions.
In this era, it's not a big problem to estimate 100 billion.
The gambling group is huge. Jiangcheng has a little understanding. The amount of money involved in this world cup has exceeded 100 billion US dollars.
On the whole, the statistics are still in US dollars.
A hundred billion dollars!
Jiangcheng made a calculation that he would not be able to leverage the proportion of gambling with the 500 million US dollars.
The dollar is not a problem. With tens of billions of gambling funds, I won two or three billion dollars, which is also very reasonable.
If it's unreasonable, it's the gambling industry.
Anyway, money must be given to me.
Of course, we have to get rid of the high taxes, but anyway, the money is easy to earn, Jiangcheng will not miss this opportunity, at least to earn some pocket money*
Chapter 0023 visit Europe!
Jiangcheng doesn't know much about football.
In his previous life, he was not a fan. That is to say, when Maradona died, Jiangcheng occasionally turned to the public wechat and wrote an article about Maradona's life.
Originally, this memory has been quite vague.
However, after rebirth, let their memory has been greatly strengthened.
Let Jiangcheng quickly recall that in the final on July 8, Argentina led by Maradona lost 0-1 to the former West Germany team and missed the championship.
The odds are four for one.
Five hundred million dollars in, at least two billion dollars out.
Of course, there are many ways of gambling.
However, after thinking about it, Jiangcheng still didn't play as much.
Four times is not a small probability.
However, Jiangcheng still chose to spread the bets and would not concentrate on himself. Otherwise, if it suddenly burst out, he would make two billion US dollars directly, for fear that he would be suspected.
Spread your bets and don't get other people's ideas.
After cooking all this, Jiangcheng went back to the hotel leisurely.
Inside the hotel, dad is also planning.
Since we want to buy equipment, we must visit Siemens, Mercedes Benz and BMW. Besides, we also need to buy their cars and send them back to Huaxia to study their engine technology.
Like Jiangcheng, Jiangbo is not very interested in football.
Moreover, Jiang Bo's character is extremely pragmatic.
To visit, to ponder, to study.
This time, what Jiangbo found was a native of Germany, named hammer, which was also carefully selected. Even if he registered a shell company, he could not find anyone casually. At least, he should be able to visit these factories and see these machine tools.
At the same time, Jiangbo and Jiangcheng are also disguised as Islanders, using the names of islanders.
Have to say.
Jiangbo was shocked.
The gap is too big.
Now Huaxia machine tools are still in the original manual, but here, they are all in the era of numerical control machine tools.
Moreover, the level of refinement is far from being comparable to that of China today.
To be honest, let people see, there will be a sense of despair.
This gap should not be too big.
“There is a gap of at least 50 years.”
After visiting the factory opened by Siemens, Jiangbo didn't say a word. Finally, after returning to the hotel, Jiangbo said this in frustration.
Jiangcheng did not say much about this.
The manufacturing industry of Deguo is undoubtedly powerful.
Even after 30 years, Huaxia has maintained a large trade surplus with the European Union, but it still has a trade deficit in Deguo. Deguo's manufacturing industry is not generally strong, especially its cutting-edge technology.
“Don't be afraid if there is a gap, let's make it up slowly!”But Jiangcheng laughed: “at least this is the industrial accumulation of hundreds of years. If we want to catch up, we have to spend more effort!”
Jiang Bo nodded slightly, his character is so, never give up.
“We can't just build cars, we have to think about machine tools!”
Jiang Bo pondered for a while, and then slowly said: “I see, even if we buy these products back for a while, we still have a strong dependence on them. Now we sell them to us, what if we don't buy them to us in the future?”
“You have a point!”
Jiangcheng nodded and agreed with his father's opinion: “there should be no short board or being stuck. However, I don't think you need to worry in a short time. Take your time. There is a trial and error process for both automobiles and machine tools. Only when you know the mistakes can you correct them. The domestic market is so big, as long as you can try and make mistakes slowly,We can constantly improve these mistakes! ”
Speaking of this, Jiangcheng slightly pause, continued: “I see, but do not worry, we have at least ten years to prepare!”
“Ten years, how can you be so sure?”On the contrary, Jiang Bo was a little stunned.
“I guess it's almost ten years!”Jiang Cheng shrugged his shoulders, then slowly said: “at present, we have been seeking to join the WTO. In any case, the West will not give up the huge market of Huaxia. However, they are still hesitating!”
“Ten years is almost over!”Jiangcheng slightly pause, continue road“In the past ten years, we can imitate, imitate, and then innovate. In the past ten years, we don't need to consider the protection of patent barriers. However, in the past ten years, we must develop our own core technologies! ”
“As long as we have our own core technology, even in the face of these products, we are not without the power of World War I!”
“Can you do it?”Jiang Bo sighed again: “the gap is still too big!”
“Why not?”With a smile, Jiangcheng continued: “when Toyota was preparing to build cars, general motors and Ford Motor Companies in the United States had already become world-famous big enterprises.In terms of mass production technology and market operation, the strength of the two companies is beyond the reach of all other automobile manufacturers in the world, and they have opened their own automobile assembly plants to the island countries.What happened?Toyota has not developed yet
“Toyota's idea is also very simple. Imitation is easier than creation. If we can improve while imitating, it will be better.First of all, we must produce safe, strong, economic, traditional cars, not innovative products.Then, in the process of specific use, we will slowly innovate! ”
Jiang Cheng said his own ideas.
In fact, this is also the route for domestic cars.
Joint venture, people will not really give you the technology.
Only from imitation, and then step by step to develop their own technology, this is the real king.
The next day, Jiangbo will visit BMW, Mercedes Benz and Audi.
Although it is open to Jiangbo to a certain extent, the key and core technologies will not be given to you. Jiangbo is also quite helpless about this. However, as long as you buy the car in your hand, go back and dismantle it for your slow research.
I can't believe it.
Big deal, I'll give you high imitation first.
Anyway, as long as we don't enter the WTO, there will be no disputes over patents and copyrights. It will be ten years before we enter the WTO. Can't we develop our own technological advantages in ten years?
Jiangcheng does not believe this*
Chapter 0024 cash the prize, buy the equipment!
Taking time, Jiangcheng took a look at the world cup.
You can't do without looking!
After all, I've spent 500 million dollars.
He spent a lot of effort to diversify the 500 million dollars and use a lot of accounts, so as not to be too dazzling.
If this wins.
It's an astronomical number.
If he loses, he'll be in pain.
Although we know the result of the competition, Jiangcheng still has some worries.
In his previous life, Jiangcheng knew more or less about the operation system of gambling companies.
Gambling companies don't make money by gambling with you at all!He's pumping water on your gambling.
For gambling companies, it is necessary to ensure that no matter who loses or wins, no matter what happens, he can make a steady profit.
It doesn't need to control the game. It can control the “odds” lever well. What it earns is “service fee”. As long as people come to play constantly, it can make a steady profit.
People in the gambling industry know the most about the risk of unexpected events and the truth that you will lose if you gamble for a long time. They let you gamble, but they will never build their hope of making money on the outcome of a certain game like you.
Jiangcheng knows the truth.
But I bet 500 million dollars.
If you lose, you will lose everything!
The scene of the final
Jiangcheng sat there nervously.
Although I know that the influence of my rebirth is not big enough to affect the result of the game.
But Jiangcheng's heart still can't calm down.
The game is still very fierce.
At least, at this time, no one can judge, win or lose.
In the second half, Waller ran into the penalty area with the ball. The Argentinian guard tripped him over and got the penalty from Bremer. This time, goechea could not save Argentina's defeat.
Jiangcheng's mouth sounded like a wolf howling, and the whole person jumped up from the seat.
He felt like his heart was about to jump out of his mouth.
Win, win!
Although the game is not over, Jiangcheng knows that he will win.
To tell you the truth, if you don't score, Jiangcheng feels that he is going to be unable to bear the pressure.Fortunately, there is no accident. Jiangcheng's heart is burning with the thought of its own lottery. With these hundreds of millions of funds, Bocheng group can expand rapidly and make further progress towards its goal.
Several fans around, are quite surprised to see this Chinese.
This scored a goal, was even more excited than himself?
Jiang Bo is a little anxious these days.
According to his plan, it seems that there is not enough money.
According to his plan, he needs at least three billion dollars.
Without Jiangcheng, there was no one around to discuss.
However, he didn't keep Jiang Bo waiting for a long time. Soon, Jiangcheng came back.
In addition, Jiangbo also found that Jiangcheng took out several lottery tickets from the drawer.
“What's this?”
Jiang Bo was stunned: “where did you get the lottery?”
“I bought all the 500 million dollars I had before!”Jiang Bo smiles: “the odds are 1:4. We've made about two billion dollars!”
Jiang Bo felt his head was going to be big in an instant.
“You say, how much?”Jiang Bo couldn't help swallowing.
Jiangcheng put up two fingers: “two billion dollars!”
Jiang Bo felt something wrong: “before you…”
“I looked at the world cup, summarized and analyzed, and found some odds and probabilities. Of course, my guess may not be completely right, but now it seems that what I analyzed is still reasonable!”Jiangcheng said, “OK, Dad, let's go to cash the prize!”
Jiangbo has nothing to say.
As a son, I always like to bring myself something called surprise.
When he came out of the gambling company, Jiang Bo was still in a dream. If he was in the game, how much was it.
Two billion dollars, tax deduction is 40%.
1.2 billion dollars.
With the $2 billion in my hand, together with $3.2 billion, it seems that I can eat this batch of equipment.
There's 200 million dollars left.
The money is stored in Xiangjiang Bocheng group.
Subsequently, both Jiangbo and Jiangcheng began to negotiate with major companies.
They are naturally welcome to buy equipment.
However, the premium is much higher, at least 30%.
I know that you are Chinese and that you are here to beg me.
Therefore, the premium is relatively much higher. In addition, future maintenance will cost money.
Now it's 91. It's better. After all, Huaxia doesn't do much business with Europe. In the next few years, he will dare to sell it to you at two or three times the premium.
In addition, foreign experts have to draw up a cordon during the maintenance, so that Chinese people are not allowed to watch, and they are afraid to learn technology secretly.
Moreover, the expert's daily consultation fee is 10000 yuan.
But not much has been done.
Jiang Bo can only swallow his anger at this. Now these grandchildren have made it clear that they want to bully you, and you have no way. Who can make your technology inferior to others.
With the deepening of the negotiation, the time and place of delivery were made clear.
It's impossible to directly transport the goods to Huaxia, so we have to go by sea from Yingguo to Xiangjiang. Now Xiangjiang is still a colony of Yingguo, and there will be no blockade.
Then, it is transported directly from Xiangjiang River to Northeast China.
The intermediate process is about two months.
In the past two months, Jiangbo only paid a deposit, and the rest was paid on delivery. At the same time, it had to arrange some industrial workers to teach them how to use it.
This group of so-called 'experts' will have to spend several million extra dollars.
But for Jiang Cheng's advice, Jiang Bo really had an impulse to smash the foreign devil's face with one punch.
At the end of the negotiation, Jiang Bo came to Yingguo again. He was relieved to see the freighter leave the port.
The rest is waiting for the payment to arrive.
And then, it's about getting to know the skills of these countrymen.
Jiang Bo is cruel in his heart. Sooner or later, he will let them buy his own machine tools.
Before returning home
Jiangcheng is not idle, but went to Switzerland, bought a lot of things, bought a lot of watches in Switzerland, Rolex, swatch, Tissot, feiyada bought a lot of everything.
In the future, the price of Swiss watches will be higher and higher. In particular, the price of these high-end watches will increase more than ten times. Even if they are not worn, they can be used as investment.
In addition, Jiangcheng took his father to buy a piece of Omega and a set of luxury goods for his mother.
Anyway, it's not that bad.
After all this, Jiang Bo and his son returned to China.
This time out, estimated to spend all the family clean*
Chapter 0025 business, rules!
Although spent, but in exchange, it can be said that the world's most advanced equipment.
Today's China, CNC machine installed or less than 10% of the share.
It's estimated that Jiang Bo's huge amount of money can be reduced from 10% to 30% or 40%.
It's not Jiangcheng that's going to blow. Now Huaxia's foreign exchange reserves are 21.7 billion US dollars.
This is equivalent to taking one seventh of China's foreign exchange reserves to buy CNC machine tools and all kinds of equipment, but now, they are all arranged in Xiangjiang.
For Deguo, it is also a huge business.
In addition to Germany, there are eagle, Italy and Switzerland.
The European countries are definitely of the Nanguan type. They are willing to do business as long as the money is in place.
Isn't it money?
And it's a premium.
Even the Empire itself arranged smuggling routes.
Jiangcheng also has to sigh that capitalist countries are not monolithic.
Make money?It's not shabby.
Of course, a part of the deposit was given, and the rest was paid on delivery.
Next, from Xiangjiang to northeast.
Jiang Bo admitted that he was a little nervous.
Until Jiang Bo saw that machine tools had been arranged in northern Liaoning Province, he was very relieved.
I'm really afraid.
If these things are not in place, it will be miserable.
For this reason, Jiang Bo called all his old brothers together to prepare for the meeting.
Some of them are security guards of Bocheng group.
However, some of them were arranged by Jiangbo to become their next technical backbone. Among these people, some of them were the students Jiangbo learned in those years, and they still have some technical level.
Some of them are retired, but they also follow Jiang Bo to travel south and North, so their knowledge and experience are indispensable.
Let's just say that this group of people can at least take charge of their own affairs.
Otherwise, it is impossible for Jiangbo to keep them around until now.
Jiangcheng also joined in this meeting.
“Next, my plan is to set up several machine tool factories. At least, we should have our own numerical control technology, and we should build our own cars!”Jiangbo began to plan the blueprint of the future.
It has to be said that the bombs dropped by Jiangbo really shocked these old brothers.
“BOGO, you say, we all listen!”Wang Sihai, a guy Jiang Bo has always valued, said quickly.
“First of all, we need to establish our own sales system. I know, brothers, they may not have technical background. What I can do is to arrange you to go to other cities to serve as the sales department manager of a region!”
This time, Jiang Bo visited Europe and also visited their sales mode.
Jiangbo is very interested in a new sales model,
That's the 4S store model.
As a matter of fact, the sales mode of 4S stores will rise in 1998 and then develop rapidly.
It can make Jiangbo think of 4S stores, which is also a reminder of Jiangcheng.
In fact, the 4S stores Jiangbo saw were only seen in BMW's headquarters. Jiangcheng was on one side of the store, which made Jiangbo quickly consider this sales mode.
“Set vehicle sales, spare parts, after-sales service, information feedback four in one auto sales enterprise.”Jiang Bo slowly said: “I will arrange for you. First of all, our technology is certainly not as good as that of the European and American people. Then, we need to get the most realistic information feedback, where is the problem, where is the problem, find the problem, and solve the problem!”
As he said this, Jiang Bo took a look at Wang Sihai and said, “Laosi, I'll give you this piece for sale.”
Later, Jiang Bo took out a thick piece of information and handed it to Wang Sihai: “here are some rules and regulations I summarized. If you have any problems, tell me the specific situation, the specific treatment and the problems. I will tell you later.”
Wang Sihai took over these data is also slightly Leng for a while.
It can be seen that this guy, Jiangbo, has also spent a lot of time.
“BOGO, don't worry. I'm sure I won't let you down!”Wang Sihai immediately patted his chest and assured him.
“First of all, we need to consider the sales representative. We need to update and recruit more people. We can gradually eliminate them. The internship period is three months. During the internship period, there is a fixed salary. The positioning is 200 yuan, and there is no business commission.Three months later, they become regular salesmen. They give 200 yuan Commission for each car they sell. In this way, they get 600 yuan commission when they sell three cars. If they have a good performance, there are monthly award, quarterly award and annual award, which are 300 yuan, 500 yuan and 1000 yuan respectively!Every month, every quarter, every year will reward the top three
“In addition, we set up the last elimination system, which is roughly set as a, B.C and D.In the four grades, a is excellent accounting for 10%, B is good accounting for 40%, C is normal accounting for 45%, D is need to improve accounting for 5%. If the assessment is d for three consecutive months, you can consider dismissing him! ”
Jiang Bo talks about his ideas without delay, and quite a few of them are concepts put forward by Jiang Cheng.
Last elimination system.
Of course, it seems that this system is quite inhumane, but it must exist.
After a little pause, Jiangbo slowly said: “I'm ugly. These sales points are not only for the employees we are going to recruit, but also for you. Only in this way can we ensure the combat effectiveness of the sales team and improve the business.”
A group of people were stunned. No one thought that Jiang Bo put forward these demands at this time.
Jiang Bo slowly said: “in addition, the annual salary I give you is 100000 yuan per year. In addition, I will give you corresponding Commission according to your performance!”
Speaking of this, Jiang Bo slowly said: “since we are going to set up a company, we should set up rules, from top to bottom, without exception!”
A group of people were all silent. They thought that Jiang Bo had turned a little blind. However, they couldn't help swallowing at the thought of 100000 yuan every year. The 100000 yuan in 1991 is not a small amount! ”
A group of people nodded their heads together. Although they felt that Jiangbo was a little unkind, it was 100000 yuan a year.
Some institutions have calculated the purchasing power of 10000 yuan households in the 1980s, which is equivalent to the present amount of money. According to the calculation results, it is concluded that the purchasing power of 10000 yuan households in the 1980s is equivalent to 2.55 million yuan households in 2021.
From the perspective of purchasing power alone, 10000 yuan in 1991 is equivalent to one million yuan in 2021, 100000 yuan a year, which is enough to make their blood boil*
Chapter 0026 with superhuman wisdom, compete with the hundred years of industrial accumulation in Europe and America!
To start a company, you have to set rules.
This is the consensus of Jiang Bo and Jiang Cheng.
The so-called benevolence does not control the army, righteousness does not control the wealth.
Dad is also very clear that loyalty is often not rich.
Sometimes, I just have to be hard hearted.
Of course, there is also a prerequisite for the last elimination system, that is, the company's welfare must be high, otherwise, who will work for you?
“I'm afraid most of these people will be replaced in a few years.”
Jiangcheng just took a look at his father's old brothers. On the one hand, they will gradually fail to keep up with the development of the times. On the other hand, they may not be able to control their age after all.
Dad also needs young people to be on top.
In addition, Jiangbo also took advantage of the graduation season to start the first large-scale enrollment.
This year, not in 1999, the university has not expanded its enrollment.
Today's college students can be regarded as the real elites, belonging to the sweet pastry, and Jiang Bo is not polite, directly offered at least twice the salary of state-owned enterprises.
That's four or five hundred dollars.
On the one hand, they need to think about and study how to produce and manufacture this car. On the other hand, machine tool factories also need them, especially, they need to develop their own CNC machine tools.
CNC machine tools, in the domestic market is also extremely huge.
In the future, machine tools are indispensable to the construction of Huaxia.
And these college students who have just graduated, at this moment, are all shocked. They never thought that there are such advanced machine tools in China.
At least, Bocheng machine tool is the leading machine tool in China.
In addition to this group of college students, Jiang Bo also wants to dig out some old workers from FAW. However, now that the state-owned enterprises have not started large-scale reform, Jiang Bo has not dug out a few.
Jiangcheng is not in a hurry. To be honest, with CNC machine tools, sometimes it doesn't need so much trouble.
Along with the transportation of machine tools, there are also a number of engineers from China who need to teach relevant knowledge, at least to let you learn how to use them.
Of course, these bastards must be hiding all kinds of skills, so as not to be learned by the Chinese.
In this regard, Jiangbo also has no good way.
It's hard to learn.
I can't help it. I'm really inferior.
However, Jiangcheng soon found out that these things are not so difficult.
Maybe it's the welfare of the reborn, so that Jiangcheng can quickly grasp the secrets, and can draw inferences from one instance. Moreover, this CNC machine tool is not difficult to learn.
CNC machine tool is not difficult to learn, general operation even junior high school graduates can learn.
You know, CNC machine tools are far more advanced than ordinary machine tools, and the operation is also more convenient. Moreover, compared with ordinary machine tools, CNC machine tools have a very beautiful function. Many people can use special CNC molding blades flexibly, instead of having to practice sharpening skills like ordinary lathe
Of course, CNC lathe does not need to practice sharpening, but for CNC machine tools, it does not need the hard work of the old lathe.
Why are CNC machines constantly replacing old machine tools?
It's because of the great progress in operation difficulty, machining accuracy and functionality.
However, there are some things that are easy to get started and difficult to go further.
In addition, there is also the problem of power supply. In the 1990s, power failure was a normal thing. That is to say, Jiangbo had a good relationship with the province and pulled the power grid alone.
The factory is still under construction.
Numerical control machine tools are also in research. Soon, all the people who have won this vote have gone. Regardless of whether these students have learned or not, the task of teaching falls on Jiangcheng.
Thanks to the welfare of the reborn.
In addition, Jiangcheng also needs to do a separate thing, which is the imitation and research of automobile engine.
He needs to dismantle all the cars he bought, and then carefully study the engines. At the same time, Jiangcheng still bought a lot of books, reading and studying at the same time.
Now Jiangcheng is full of talents, relying on the welfare of the reborn to fully understand these technologies.
Huaxia's automobile industry started late. It has been conducting reverse research on Volkswagen and Toyota's engines, and many versions have been produced. However, few car companies have reverse developed Mercedes Benz and BMW's engines, mainly because of the difficulty.
This is because the engine structure of Mercedes Benz and BMW is complex, the cost of materials and accessories is high, and it is difficult to imitate. Even if it is made, the cost is unbearable, regardless of the reliability.
In my previous life, I had no contact with the automobile industry.
Now we can only learn and sell now, and force ourselves to study it.
To this end, Jiangcheng side is also pulled out a team.
Jiangcheng's plan is to imitate their engines in the next six months, realize mass production in two or three years, bypass technical barriers in five years, and build a completely domestic car. In ten years, after Huaxia joins the WTO, it will go abroad and face the world, and make Huaxia's cars competitive in the world.
Of course, all this is based on Jiangcheng's superhuman intelligence, amazing learning ability and amazing understanding ability.
Without these things, Jiangcheng must be doing research and development step by step.
The whole of Northern Liaoning is in full swing.
On the one hand, the factory began to gradually assemble, on the other hand, Jiangcheng also wrote a lot of research materials, and then handed them to the team around for analysis and research.
Not only Jiangcheng, but also the team around him need to be fully trained. The good thing is that they are all young people and have the feeling that they are not afraid of tigers.
If foreigners can do it, they can do it themselves.
Money in place, to solve the food and clothing, they are naturally willing to give full play to their knowledge.
How about reverse R & D?
Buy something from someone else, right?Take it apart and see how it works. I'll do it, right?
But, in fact, they are quite different.
Because there will be errors, thermal expansion and cold contraction will lead to out of tolerance requirements.This error needs more precise instruments to measure.
Even if Jiangcheng has superhuman wisdom, it is difficult to measure it without professional tools. This tool still needs to be studied and pondered by itself.
Otherwise, it will increase the error by 20 to 50 microns.On the other hand, metal materials also have thermal expansion and cold contraction, which further increases the error.
Material, process and technology.
not a single one can be omitted.
Although a lot of difficulties were predicted before, Jiangcheng still felt the difficulties after starting.
In addition to the casting process and tolerance, which affect the difficulty of reverse R & D, there is also the technical reserve of domestic automobile enterprises.
If you don't have any technical reserve, you can copy it as you like, and you don't know why it's so neat.
Jiangcheng also plays a major role in explaining the principle of this thing.
He is relying on the welfare of the reborn, with superhuman wisdom to compete with the century old industrial accumulation in Europe and the United States*
Chapter 0027 a huge profit!
Looking at the appearance of Jiangcheng forgetting to eat and sleep, Jiangbo also feels a little distressed.
My son, will he use up his brain?
During this period of time, we can hardly see the shadow of Jiangcheng, that is, we can see Jiangcheng with a whole team, forgetting to eat and sleep all day long.
Time, unconsciously came to August.
Everything is beginning to change.
Jiangcheng is also a rare rest for a period of time.
It has already entered the debugging stage, and at this stage, there is no need for Jiangcheng to intervene.
The main thing is to do data recording.
These don't need to be watched by Jiangcheng himself.
Now, the Jiang family has also changed into a big villa, which is quite comfortable to live in.
“Big brother, it seems that it's really over!”Jiang Cheng sighed, put down the newspaper in his hand, and could not help shaking his head slightly.
What a pity!
Big brother still gave up his ideal.
Jiang Bo also nodded, and then slowly said: “this matter is still a bit serious. I don't know what the big brother will look like in the future!”
“Has our business been affected during this period?”Jiang Cheng suddenly asked.
“Business, you can rest assured!”Jiang Bo laughed and continued: “our products are still very popular with big brother. During this period, we have increased a lot of endorsements. How to exchange them is all decided by you. Unfortunately, their rubles are becoming less and less valuable. They can only barter!”
“Barter is good!”Jiangcheng laughed: “in my opinion, our textile factories, as well as food processing factories, still need to continue to expand the scale!”
Jiangbo wants to build a car, but so far, the car has not been produced, and he has basically smashed his family.
Now, we still need to maintain trade with big brother.
It's huge profits.
As for the future, the profit is not enough, it can slowly give up.
It's really no good. Go to Xiangjiang to go public, circle a sum of money back, and continue to improve their own industry.
“I don't care much about these things!”Jiang Bo laughed: “I let your uncle worry about it!”
My little uncle's name is Su Zixin, and he is the younger brother of his mother Su Ziyu.
The relationship was very good in the previous life.
Dad took suzixin to hang out for a while, and suzixin was also his helper.
It's also very reliable.
Of course, he doesn't have complete trust in him. He can manage everything else, but the financial power is still firmly in his hands.
It's not that daddy is suspicious.
Instead, you can't believe in human nature.
Later, the little uncle left his father to start a business alone, and his father helped him a lot, and the relationship between the family was very harmonious.
“My uncle can be trusted!”Jiangcheng gave a gentle hum.
It's still very profitable to continue to resell materials, and it still belongs to the windfall profits. Even in another 20 or 30 years, the profits are still not a small number.
After all, it's no secret that laomaozi lacks light industrial products. Huaxia has become laomaozi's largest trading partner for 11 consecutive years.
At the time of crossing, the bilateral trade volume has exceeded 100 billion US dollars for three consecutive years
“What we need now is to continue to do business with big brother, on the other hand!”
Jiangcheng slowly said: “the most important thing is our brand. We must have enough influence and let laomaozi recognize our brand. In my opinion, there are still some bad guys recently. They are shoddy and corrupt our product reputation. We still have to continue to do business in the future. We must have a stable reputation!”
“Don't worry about it. I'm strict with it!”
Jiang Bo is also looking through the account book, and then slowly said: “every link has a problem, there will be a corresponding person in charge, can't affect our reputation, I understand the truth!”
For Dad, Jiangcheng is still at ease.
He won't do the thing of fishing with all his might.
After a little consideration, Jiangcheng said slowly, “I don't think big brother will stick to it for long. Although there is still a market for the future business, and laomaozi also needs our light industrial products, laomaozi may not have the idea of developing his own light industry. In the future, we can also look at the regulations of maozi,We can also consider establishing an economic cooperation zone to transport the finished products originally exported to laomaozi as semi-finished products and process them locally, so as to turn Huaxia manufacturing into maozi manufacturing! ”
Jiang Bo nodded slightly: “you're right, but don't worry!”
“There's no need to worry. It will take fifteen or sixteen years.”Jiang Cheng murmured in his heart and suddenly said, “Dad, how are our products sold in Northeast China?”
On the contrary, Jiang Bo was stunned, and then shook his head: “we have been doing business with big brother all the time. I didn't think about this domestic market!”
Jiang Cheng shook his head and continued: “Dad, the domestic market is also a big market. Our population is larger, and the consumption potential and market should be bigger. I think we can break through the domestic market, especially our woolen sweaters, warm clothes, insoles, Qiuyi, Qiuku, socks, underwear, etc,There should be a domestic market for these too! ”
“I've also considered what you said, but first, the profit in the domestic market is not enough. It's too small. We sell it to big brother. Now it's still in the stage of short supply!”Jiang Bo put up a finger: “I've calculated that even if we sell scrap iron to us, it's a hundred times profit at least!”
“Second, our production capacity is insufficient. With new machines and new workers, it's not enough for me to sell them to old maozi. How about selling them in China?I'd like to buy some food processing plants, but they don't sell them! ”
“Third!”Jiang Bo put up a third finger: “we need food to produce spicy bars and drinks. Now, the state still has strict control over food, which is not easy to handle. Therefore, our priority is to do business with laomaozi.”
Jiangcheng sighed, but had to admit it.
The domestic market is not profitable enough.
Consumption power seems to be far from enough.
Jiangcheng admits that his ideas seem to be a bit whimsical, as if they can't keep up with the times.
It's only a few dollars to sell it to China. It's a huge profit to sell it to big brother.
Sometimes, I have to admit that dad is more calm than himself.
In terms of profits, although the proportion of the tertiary industry in China has gradually increased, it is more cost-effective to trade with big brother in terms of profits.
In China, it seems, really, not so profitable.
Father and son are chatting, Jiangcheng side of the cell phone suddenly rang up.
Jiangcheng picked up the mobile phone: “Hello, I'm Jiangcheng!”
“Boss, our engine has come out!”On the other end of the phone, there was a very excited voice*
Chapter 0028 make your own technology!
Come out?
Jiangcheng slightly a Leng, and then fast opening way“OK, I'll be right there! ”
While saying this, Jiangcheng hung up his cell phone.
“Why?”Jiang Bo is also excited to see Jiangcheng: “our own engine out?”
“It can be said that it has been made, but it's just an imitation at the beginning. To be specific, we have to operate it in practice.”Jiang Cheng smiles: “let's go and have a look first.”
At present, Bocheng group still does not have a car business license, so it is not qualified to produce cars. Therefore, it needs to apply to the state. However, after purchasing the original Jinbei, it has a bus production license.
Before, the main production of Jinbei was a sea lion bus.
Ninety nine percent of them are Island parts. The most important thing for Jinbei is to assemble these parts. Every year, we need to buy a large number of island parts.
Last year was the worst, with 2000 vehicles sold, because the value-added currency of the island countries and the return funds of the factories were not enough to continue to buy the parts of the island countries.
Haishi light bus introduces the manufacturing technology of Toyota Motor Company of island country to produce rzh115l Haishi series light bus.
However, now the engine inside has been replaced. It uses Jiangcheng's own engine with a group of college students and technology.
A group of people began to get nervous.
We're on the runway.
The sea lion began to drive fast.
At the same time, there are people testing the data.
It looks like it's not a big problem.
This engine was also developed by Jiangcheng with Toyota's engine. By contrast, Toyota's technology is much inferior to that of BMW and Mercedes Benz.
Reverse research, and then start a rapid update iteration, until it becomes its own technology.
At this moment, Jiang Bo is also a little excited.
He could not help clenching his fist, but his face was a little excited.
A car made by ourselves.
Test identification, stamping, assembly and welding, painting, final assembly of the four major process equipment are all done by themselves.
Although the textile industry and food processing are more profitable for him, Jiang Bo also understands that these things are just words.
High profit now does not mean high profit in the future.
It's too replaceable.
There will be a lot of competitors in the future, but it is not so easy for us to make this industry bigger and stronger.
“I think we can mass produce it!”Jiangcheng laughed, then looked at his father, asked: “Dad, how is the assembly of the production line?”
“The problem with the production line is not big. It's basically assembled. Lao maozi's production line is a little poor, but our machine tools are strong!”Jiang Bo spoke quickly.
“Let's have a try, sir!”
But Jiangcheng laughed: “however, we need to re design the appearance. This is a minibus. After that, we still need pickups and cars. We all need the appearance design. In my opinion, after that, we also need a special design team. In fact, we can't do it. Just outsource the design directly. It's not a special core technology,Yidili is good at this
“Another thing is to make clear our shortcomings. We still need to invest a lot of money to study the ABS system. At present, we still have defects in this system. This requires the technology of island countries, or European and American technology. We need to gradually replace all parts with domestic ones step by step!”
Jiangcheng's thinking is very clear.
“But now?I don't think I should be in such a hurry! “Jiangcheng took a picture of the dilapidated sea lion minibus in front of him, then laughed and said slowly, “I think it can be produced, but after-sales service must be done well. All problems will eventually be fed back to the market!”
“Only the market can provide us with data to let us know what's wrong with our cars, and then continuously improve. This is an empirical problem!”
Jiangcheng quickly said: “this after-sales service is still very critical. Our technology is still far behind that of Europe, America and Japan. We need to keep up with the service, especially after-sales service. We need to find problems in the shortest time, and then solve them with the fastest speed!”
“When we find and solve problems, our products always have to be tested by the market!”As Jiang Cheng said this, there were also records around him.
All of these need to be highlighted in the future.
“On the one hand, our sales personnel need to focus on training, on the other hand, our technical personnel need to let them follow up all the time, and then, if there is a problem, we must solve it!”
Jiangcheng found that his father seemed to be a little distracted.
“Nothing!”Jiang Bo slightly recovered, and then took a deep breath: “I was just thinking about some problems!”
“What's the problem?”Jiangcheng looks at Jiangbo curiously.
“I wonder if we can sell our car to big brother!”Jiang Bo pondered for a while, and then slowly said: “do you think it's possible?”
Jiangcheng thought for a while, but he didn't speak yet. Jiangbo waved his hand and took Jiangcheng to an office. Then he slowly said, “how did you forget our factory come from?”
“Some of big brother's machine tools and systems have all moved to us!”Jiang Bo said slowly, “what do you think of their car making ability now?”
Jiang Cheng thought for a moment, and couldn't help but say, “I'm afraid it's terrible!”
He still remembers that about 2000 years ago, with the entry of international brands into laomaozi, especially the collective entry of Huaxia automobile brands into laodage, the local automobile brands suffered an unprecedented huge impact. As a result, the disastrous gas passenger cars, which gathered countless historical memories, disappeared, and only LCV models continued to be produced and sold.
Due to the differences in positioning and pricing, the impact of island countries and European brands that occupy the middle and high-end automobile market on laomaozi's local automobile industry is not obvious. The biggest impact on laomaozi's local automobile industry is the low-end Southern Dynasty automobile brands and low-cost Huaxia automobile brands.
The most typical example is Chery's entry into the laomaozi market in 2007, with its first year sales reaching 37000 units, which has a direct positive impact on low-end local automobile brands.
According to the historical development, after two years ago, Lao maozi's automobile industry seems to have recovered a little. Coupled with some local policy protection, Lao maozi's share in the local market has still reached 25%.
Now, it's even worse.
A lot of their equipment has long been emptied by these moths. Europe and the United States don't want it, but Jiangbo wants it and sells it at scrap price. If there was a certain production capacity before, now it's even worse.
“Besides, we don't seem to need a car production license!”Jiang Bo touched his chin and spoke slowly*
Chapter 0029 expand the Far East trade!
Automobile production license
This is for China.
But what if we don't give it to Huaxia?
Now Huaxia has no relevant regulations in this respect. The main reason is that Huaxia has not established its own market norms, and it has to explore everything by itself.
As for big brother, there are no rules.
It can even be said that all the rules are muddled by themselves.
According to elder brother's present virtue, there seems to be little difference between whether he has it or not.
Around the 1990s and 2000, a large number of second-hand or even end-of-life vehicles from Europe or island countries came to the laomaozi market through smuggling or semi legal channels. At the peak, there were at least 200000 vehicles a year.
There is no doubt that this is a huge market.
Now big brother's automobile industry is not good at all. On the one hand, the design is out of date. On the other hand, there are many problems. The air conditioner is not easy to use. Secondly, there are many problems of different sizes.
If, at this time, step in.
It's not impossible.
Lao maozi's automobile industry is really bad now.
Jiangcheng tilted his head and thought for a while, then slowly said: “I think it's OK, but we also have to consider several issues. First, transportation is a problem. Second, is our car type competitive enough?”
“In terms of transportation, I have considered that it is mainly for export and transportation to haishenwei. Besides, didn't big brother build the bei'a Railway a few years ago?The transportation capacity of the bei'a railway is still very strong. First, it goes to haishenwei, and then from haishenwei to Gongqingcheng. The transportation speed is faster on both sides. Along the Siberian Railway and the bei'a railway, we can drive directly to Mosco and Yanbian. It's a little more troublesome to transport cars. We don't have a railway for the time being, but I have calculated,If we transport cars to Dalian, then we can go from Liancheng to haishenwei by sea, and then by railway, it's not a big problem! ”
“Besides, I've done it!”Jiang Bo thought about it for a moment and continued: “even if it is, it is profitable for us to transport it directly by sea.”
Jiangcheng thought for a while, and slowly said: “that's whether laomaozi can appreciate our car type. I have a view. Go to talk with big brother, for example, sign a contract with them, their car shape, let's spend some money to buy their shape design, we design the same style as big brother!”
Jiang Bo was stunned: “what do you want their appearance to do?”
“I can't say anything else, but I'm sure that the shape of big brother's car is absolutely the most suitable for them. The rest we need to do well is our own interior decoration, air conditioning and engine. As long as these things are done well, I don't think the sales are necessarily poor!”
Speaking of this, Jiang Bo pauses slightly and continues: “we must find out where our competitive advantage lies. In short, four words, after-sales service, no matter big brother or our Chinese people, we should do a good job in after-sales service!”
“First, this is the source of our competitiveness.Second, it's a good thing to have problems. Solving problems is the fundamental reason for our technological development! ”
At this point, Jiang Cheng laughed and continued: “of course, we can't be too soft. It's our problem. We don't think it's our problem. If we are abroad, you're welcome!”
“I know that. Talk business with Lao maozi!”Jiang Bo laughed: “you must have something in your hand, otherwise, they are not willing to negotiate with you honestly!”
Speaking of this, Jiangbo continued: “so you think it's feasible to sell cars to laomaozi!”
“I think I can wait a minute!”Jiang Cheng laughed, and then slowly said, “we can wait for Andre bolov to come here. Let's have a talk. Let's have a talk first. However, my opinion is that our husband will produce something. If we have something in hand, we won't worry about selling it. When people come, let's take out something and have a good talk with them.”
Speaking of this, Jiangcheng slightly pause, continued: “if these models sell well here in big brother, maybe they also have a market in China!”
“I'm afraid, big brother. If something goes wrong, I can't get out of my hands.”Jiang Bo is slightly worried.
“No matter how big brother goes wrong now, I think their population is still there, and their status as a big country is still there. Their economy will certainly be improved in the future. Moreover, no matter what, their problems always exist, and their material shortage is still very serious!”
Jiang Cheng laughed: “no matter how things change, no matter what problems appear, what they lack is still lacking, isn't it?”
Jiang Bo also nodded slightly: “that's OK. Regardless of these, the first thing we should pay attention to is the domestic market. Big brother, let's have a try here. I just think it's a good opportunity!”
Jiang Cheng laughed and said slowly: “Dad, what you said is also good. In short, I tend to try. Now doing business with big brother is totally profitable. We don't have to worry about it!”
Jiang Bo is not worried.
This year has been a good harvest.
Simply, according to Jiangcheng's idea, Mr. Jiang will produce a few cars.
Big brother's brand began to rise and fall in Europe in the 1980s. However, in the 1970s, their cars were still very famous. Volga, Gasi, muscovite, Niwa, LADA, Naz, Ural, iz and kamas were all the rage in Eastern Europe.
Big brother's production line has been transferred to northern Liaoning, and the exterior decoration has been slightly adjusted. Jiangcheng has a memory of 30 years beyond this era. The shape design belongs to the kind that has never eaten pork and has seen pigs run. It has been slightly adjusted according to the memory.
The second is to increase the interior, improve the engine performance, and consider the height factor of Lao maozi, so as to improve the performance of a car as much as possible.
The main thing is the engine.
This is the core heart.
However, Jiangcheng estimates that for laomaozi, it may not be the engine that he wants in the end. Heating is the most important thing.
Produce a few sample cars and wait for Andre bolov to come.
[ten changes, seeking flowers, seeking evaluation]*
Chapter 0030 is this a car made in China?
Andre bolov came a little late this time.
As usual, jumbo stopped Andre bolov for a meal.
Andre bolov still doesn't look any different.
“Jiang, you can rest assured that no matter what happens here, our friendship will not change at all!”
Andre bolov seemed arrogant: “the general said that no matter what the situation is, we always have power!”
“If you say that, I'll be at ease!”Jiangbo laughed and lifted his glass: “Mr. Andre, to our friendship!”
Two people gently clink a cup, the river city of one side sees in the eye, but in the heart can't help sighing: “you are rich and noble, carefree and carefree, unfortunately, the bad luck or ordinary people!”
However, there are some words that Jiangcheng will not say.
Dead hair is good hair.
The weaker they are, the more in line with their own interests.
Jiangcheng knows the general behind Andre bolov. Even after the great emperor ascended the throne, he was still in a high position. As long as a community of interests is formed, there is no need to worry about his future interests.
Although it is said that in the future, there will be fewer and fewer opportunities for making huge profits with one capital, once our own industrial chain is formed, even if the profits are reduced, there will still be a lot of money to make.
“Mr. Andre, recently our Bocheng group has also produced its own cars. I don't know. Would you like to have a look with us?”
Jiang Bo suddenly laughed.
Andre was stunned: “why, do you really make cars?”
“That's nature!”
Jiangbo smiles a little, and then goes on: “Mr. Andre, would you like to visit the cars we make?”
On the contrary, Andre was a little bit surprised. Then, he grasped Jiangbo's idea: “you mean, are you going to sell the car to us?”
Andre is not stupid.
All of a sudden, I understood the meaning of Jiang Bo's words.
Sell cars to Lao maozi.
What do you think of Jiang Bo?
Jiangbo laughed: “Mr. Andre, after dinner, how about we go to visit together?”
Andre was slightly stunned, but then he laughed: “OK, after dinner, let's go and have a look together. To tell you the truth, I'm also very curious. Our production line has been delivered to you. What kind of cars do you produce?”
To be honest, Andre has little interest in this new car factory in the northeast.
If it wasn't for Jiang Bo's strong invitation, he might not have come.
However, when he saw these cars, Andre's pupils couldn't help contracting violently.
For a moment, Andre could not help taking a breath.
His face was even more unbelievable.
Volga, Gasi, muscovite, Niwa, LADA, Naz, Urals, IZ, kamas, likhachov?
All the car brands he is familiar with are actually produced by Jiangbo. Moreover, they look more fluent. At least, they are more pleasing to the eye than what he sees here.
“You really produced it?”Andre was shocked by this speed. How long did he transport it?
It seems to be less than nine months.
They actually produced it?
Is this efficiency too fast?
“Mr. Andre!”On one side, Jiang Bo laughed: “would you like to have a try?”
Andre bolov is also interested.
“Well, I'll try lihachov's ZIL series!”
Likhachov is big brother's car factory. Before that, it was the famous former dalinzi automobile factory. The famous “Jill” series high-grade cars all came from this automobile factory. Yes, when the people's Republic of China was just founded, the jill-115 high-grade bulletproof car that big brother presented to yigmu came from this factory.
Later, when ye was in power, the jill-41047 advanced bulletproof car he used also came from this factory.
A considerable part of the production capacity of likhachov has been transferred to the northeast. Naturally, Jiangcheng began to imitate the car.
Likhachov mainly produces commercial vehicles, but he is also responsible for the production of luxury cars for senior government officials, as well as sports cars.
Part of the production line has been transferred, but some can be imitated.
At present, the cars made in Bocheng have changed a lot with big brother's products. They don't look so Sumu any more. The gas field seems to have increased a lot, followed by the rear row, which is very luxurious and comfortable. They have independent air-conditioning outlets and spacious sofas.
Andre sat in the car, immediately feel buttocks, back are very comfortable, he can't help looking at the car interior.
Although the appearance looks similar, the interior has been greatly upgraded.
At least, this damn air conditioner doesn't seem to break down.
The second is
It seems that the car body is a lot lighter. The sound of the engine is also pleasant.
Andre test drive, opened for a period of time, but can't help but start to marvel.
This car is much more comfortable to drive than I imagined.
“We have upgraded the technology. Although the appearance is still big brother's car, we have upgraded the interior. In addition, our engine has also made a lot of improvements. I think big brother will like it very much!”Jiang Bo said with a smile: “if we need the old rules, we can still talk about the price of shipping to haishenwei. Barter is OK, soft coin is OK, but the best is US dollars!”
Jiang Bo said with a smile.
“What's your output?”Andre suddenly asked. He vaguely felt that if these cars were transported to big brother, the sales volume would not be bad.
The appearance is in line with laomaozi's taste, and the interior is also in line with laomaozi's taste.
The most important thing is the engine technology, and the air conditioning is very easy to use.
If we can do it on a large scale.
It seems to make a lot of money.
Andre and his superiors are very clear that they are about to start a feast of partition. Big brother's car is a weak point. If we increase the cooperation with Jiangbo, they will undoubtedly have a huge income in the field of automobile in the future.
Maybe the ruble will depreciate, but you can trade resources for it.
“It depends on your needs!”Jiangbo also laughed: “in a word, we can produce all the models of big brother's cars to ensure the quality. At the same time, we will provide enough after-sales service!”
“In addition, we can also sign a contract, mainly with big brother, your automobile manufacturer. It's about the right to use the shape of the car. We hope we can buy it out. How about a thousand dollars?”*
Chapter 0031 resource change, three parties benefit!
A thousand dollars. It's a very low price.
However, for Andre, he didn't care about that.
Andre is very clear about big brother's car problem.
The appearance is absolutely the rough style that big brother likes. It's strong and durable. It can adapt to big brother's climate and environment. However, the interior and experience are inferior. If you can get a large number of cars from Jiangbo, there is no doubt that it will greatly increase sales.
In fact, Jiangcheng did not plan to do business with the people like big brother.
After all, this wave of big brother's fall has fattened a large number of people.
Big brother now has a population of about 150 million.
It's normal to have a few million powerful people, even a few oligarchs. In addition, they are Er Mao, San Mao, Si Mao, Wu Mao
There will always be consumers.
For them, cars are definitely a consumer goods.
Big brother has never been short of power. Immediately, they will untie their lasso.
From the beginning, Jiangcheng didn't expect these people to buy cars. Later, when the emperor ascended the throne, laomaozi's economy began to gradually recover. Naturally, some people could pay for it.
Soon, Jiangbo and Andre had a good talk.
However, if you really want to sign a contract, you still have to go to big brother. Jiang Bo took a risk and went to big brother once. Although big brother is in an unstable period now.
However, the general behind Andre is a powerful faction who supports ye all the time.
Alexei Ivanov Ivanov
This man was a real power faction, and he was a staunch supporter of the Ye family. In addition, he later supported the great emperor and belonged to evergreen tree among laomaozi. With his power, no matter who was in the upper position, he was the object of solicitation.
Alexei is not polite.
The two sides signed the treaty directly.
Alexei is the only spokesperson for Jiangbo's car in laomaozi. If necessary in the future, it can set up a joint venture factory.
great mansion on the point of collapse.
Alexei naturally wants to seek enough benefits for himself.
If we can monopolize laomaozi's automobile industry in the future, it is also an excellent choice for Alexei.
Whether it's from Huaxia or not.
Jiangbo didn't give up completely. As long as you need to, you can still come back to build a factory for you. It's just that the core technology is still in your hands when you make good parts in Huaxia and assemble them in laomaozi.
Anyway, I will still have profits in the future.
Although Alexei holds considerable power, he does not know much about how to expand his own interests and how to accumulate wealth. With the support of Jiang Bo, he is also happy to see his success.
As for dreams, they have long been put aside.
Vodka, beauty and money are his pursuit.
Jiangbo also took time to go to big brother's car factory.
By the way, I visited big brother's car factory.
After watching, Jiang Bo can't help but start whispering.
There are not many machines in the factory. They demolish all the things that can be demolished. Basically, they sell them to Bocheng group according to the scrap price.
Some things have been transported to the Far East and have not yet been transported to the northeast.
It's just an empty shell.
If you tell him that this is big brother's most brilliant car factory, Jiangbo will never believe it.
However, although the machine was sold, the workers were still there.
They are no longer engaged in production. They feel that these workers come here every day to deal with business affairs and get drunk one by one.
It doesn't produce cars, but the factory has hundreds of thousands of employees.
Seeing this, Jiang Bo didn't know what to say. It was the end of the world.
Jiangbo also had a deep discussion with Alexei.
In short, in view of the devaluation of the ruble, do not use the ruble. It is either US dollars or soft currency, or it is resources.
Anyway, big brother has a lot of resources.
This requires Alexei to cooperate with others. Anyway, ruble, I don't recognize it. At least, I don't recognize it in the past ten years.
Alexei has no objection to this.
What big brother needs most is resources.
Back in the northeast.
Jiangbo immediately began to expand the scale of production, directly developed several production lines, and began large-scale production. If the domestic production qualification certificate has not yet come down, we should sell it to big brother first.
This is not smuggling, but the official permission of big brother, with formal procedures, preferential treatment, only need to pay a small amount of tax, can appear in big brother.
Huaxia turned a blind eye to this.
I'm eager to produce more cars to go to big brother. Huaxia has been coveting big brother's resources for a long time.
For more than a century, the international market competition is fierce. In order to avoid reducing the international competitiveness of domestic products, countries have rarely used export tariffs.
However, in some cases, it still exists because of its protective effect.Huaxia also imposed export tariffs on a small number of commodities, mainly focusing on high energy consumption, high pollution and resource-based products.
There will be no import tax on Bocheng's cars.
As soon as Jiang Bo came back, he immediately went to his old leader.
It's impossible for Jiangbo to dig up the resources of big brother and eat them. Moreover, big brother's resources, such as ore, wood and oil, are not available to Jiangbo.
This requires a good negotiation with the old leaders, and then, let the state-owned enterprises come forward to acquire it, and transfer the soft money to Bocheng's account.
In this way, it turns out that Jiangbo sells cars. Big brother barters, takes the car and transports the resources to Huaxia. These resources are sold to China National Petroleum Corporation, which then pays Bocheng.
In the middle of this, the state-owned enterprises need to be responsible for the transportation, but Jiangbo wants to transport. However, if there is no oil tanker, the only way to play like this is to rely on the national resources and find the China National Petroleum Corporation. At present, this department has not been split into two barrels of oil.
Imported resources do not need to pay import tax, only VAT can offset the reduction.
In this way, the interests of Jiangbo are greater.
Although it is more troublesome and complicated, all three parties have benefited.
The only miserable thing is the people of big brother.
But, who cares?
Naturally, Jiangbo plans to work hard. He wants to produce hundreds of thousands of cars a month and sell them to big brother*
Chapter 0032 big brother, have a good journey!
As time goes by, 1991 has come to the end of the year.
In the past four months, Jiangbo also produced 2400 cars, which were transported to Mosco through haishenwei. Alexei also increased the transportation capacity of Siberia railway and BeiA railway.
The first cars have been delivered to the eldest brother's home.
Neither Jiangbo nor Jiangcheng made any mistakes in their judgment.
Sales are still very fast.
Extremely hot!
After all, for big brother, on the one hand, the cars they produce can't keep up with the needs of consumers themselves. On the other hand, except for a few, most of the cars they produce are made up of idle work. As a result, the problems of their own cars are also very serious.
On the one hand, this batch of products produced by Jiangbo is based on the latest machine tool technology; on the other hand, it is also based on the reverse research of Jiangcheng with the welfare of the reborn, although it is not the most advanced level in the world at present.
However, at least compared with the car made by big brother himself, it makes a lot of difference.
Thousands of cars, for ordinary people, still need to consider.
However, for Alexei and a group of vested interests, it doesn't matter. The resources are not his own. Why not take them out for a change?
And in the face of this situation, the oil company almost did not laugh on the spot crazy.
There's too much crude oil coming out.
It doesn't match the international price at all.
It's cheap.
Big brother exploits the crude oil and transports it directly to haishenwei by railway. Then, he pulls it back by Huaxia oil tanker and happily puts the soft money into Bocheng's account.
For thousands of cars, the average cost of a car is about 30000 yuan.
But in fact, the average value of a car sold to big brother can reach 300000 by barter.
Ten times the price.
A car is at least 270000.
The profit reached 640 million before tax.
Moreover, the import tax is also very small. Strictly speaking, who belongs to the trade between Jiangbo and China National Petroleum Corporation, but the trading place is abroad.
The import value-added tax and import tariff are not very high.
Two thousand four hundred cars.
Net income: 640 million.
And that's only four months.
A thousand percent profit.
huge profits!
Of course, this is the time of the past ten years. When the emperor ascends the throne in the future, the market of laomaozi will gradually stabilize. If you want to continue to maintain such a high profit, it will not be so easy. If you can maintain a profit of 10%, it will be considered as burning high incense.
Profiteering can only last for a period of time.
It's basically impossible to maintain it for a long time.
In the world, but not so good.
However, no matter what, now, the most important thing is to make money first.
“Dad, this is the information I sorted out during this period. In my opinion, the best brand to sell now is the brand under likhachov, but now many people buy it directly. This is a car that can only be driven by powerful people!”
Jiangcheng took the form he sorted out and put it in front of Jiangbo. He said with a smile, “now, many people are buying it. Our technology is OK. It seems that we are very popular!”
“Almost all 2400 cars are sold out now. In my opinion, we also need to set up a repair shop there. The after-sales service still needs to be done well!”
At this point, Jiangcheng slightly pause, and then continued: “by the way, Dad, I still have an idea!”
Jiang Bo is slightly a Leng, then open mouth way: “you say!”
Jiang Cheng said with a smile: “can we recruit some workers from big brother? I don't think big brother will stick to this situation for long. Their labor costs must be very cheap. We can recruit some old skilled workers, mainly responsible for maintenance or assembly. As for what we want to give them, we can use our food and clothes,We can't use soft money. Our money is stable enough! ”
Jiang Bo nodded: “I've thought about this. I'm going to arrange Du Tao to go there. This boy is quite familiar with big brother!”
“In order to prevent him from monopolizing power, we should firmly control the financial affairs in our own hands. In particular, we should prevent internal corruption.”
Jiangcheng reminded: “moreover, we also need to prevent the situation of big brother. First, we should calm down and educate all the senior management, all the management and all the employees.Second, we need to build a risk supervision department and a high-level audit department. The supervision department system is to help business managers manage their business well, find problems, promote improvement and effectively close the loop.The audit department is our internal judicial unit, through independent assessment and post investigation to establish cold deterrence.Once the audit department finds out the problem, it should make a thorough investigation to the end. ”
“The third is internal amnesty. I guess there are always some people who are not clean. This group of people should be given immunity. Let bygones be bygones, and if they do it again, they will not be merciful.Fourth, if the partners and agents can take the initiative to fully report to us and actively cooperate with the relevant investigation, we will not pursue civil liability for the partners or agents according to the specific circumstances, and will not carry out civil prosecution within the scope permitted by law. For the partners who promise that similar problems will not occur in the future, it will not affect their continued cooperation with us.Fifth, we should expose our employees' violations to the whole society.Finally, the bonus, the money recovered from corruption, will be given to all law-abiding employees in the form of bonus! ”
Jiang Bo was a little silent, and then nodded: “I'll go back and get a charter. You're right. We can't have corruption inside us!”
Jiang Cheng continued with a smile: “by the way, it's still big brother's place. We can transport some engines and some parts to them, mainly putting the assembly here. In this way, we can save a lot of effort. It's always easier to transport the materials separately to big brother than the whole vehicle. We can try it first,One part is our own workers, the other part is big brother's workers! ”
“One last question!”Jiangcheng laughed: “big brother, I don't want to waste some of the cars that have been produced. We can take them down at the price of scrap iron. Then we can change the engine, change the interior decoration and sell them again. The price is cheaper, but I think it's definitely profitable!”
Jiang Bo eyes a bright, but can not help but praise a: “good idea!”
Father and son had a good conversation, but Su Zixin, the little uncle, rushed in quickly: “brother-in-law, big nephew, watch TV, big news!”
They were stunned and turned on the TV.
A red flag, slowly down.
Jiangcheng was dull for a moment, and then sighed softly: “big brother, go all the way!”
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Chapter 0033 Volga garage for you. Do you want it?
Jiangcheng was slightly silent.
This is the second time that I have witnessed history.
In his previous life, he didn't feel much about this important historical event.
However, at this moment, Jiangcheng can't help sighing, an indescribable sadness, big brother, finally fell down.
“Get up, slave of hunger and cold!”
“Get up, people suffering all over the world!”
Jiangcheng found that someone was singing. He turned around and saw that it was his father, Jiangbo.
It's a little sad.
It's indescribable.
After all, it's not his age, and Jiangcheng can't empathize with his father's emotions. However, at this moment, he still feels a kind of sadness.
Come on, Huaxia!
Jiangcheng is reciting silently in his heart.
After Christmas.
Everything is the same as before. Jiangbo contacted Alexei at the first time and got the exact answer. No matter what changes have taken place here, our business is as usual.
as always.
These four words also give Jiang Bo a sigh of relief.
It's a big deal. Later, Jiang Bo proposed to set up a repair shop in laomaozi. Once there is a problem with his car, he can repair it on the spot. At the same time, once there is a quality problem, he can get the first-hand information at the first time.
Then Alexei asked a question.
“Volga garage, do you want it?”
At the other end of the phone, when Jiang Bo heard the news, his hand shook and he almost didn't throw his cell phone away.
This is big brother's biggest car factory.
How can you throw it out?
However, if you think about it carefully, the Volga car factory is an empty shell now. Almost all the equipment inside has been sold, and the rest is basically scrap metal.
The cars that big brother produced before can't be sold can also be sold to Jiangbo at the price of scrap iron.
All that is needed is to replace the engine.
Jiangbo pondered a little. If we want to rebuild the Volga car factory, we need a lot of equipment.
Now I don't have much ability to make Volga car factory run again.
It's not about the money, it's about the equipment.
At present, I have not fully utilized the equipment I bought. Domestic car manufacturers have not yet developed, let alone laomaozi.
However, Jiang Bo decided to take it.
Not for nothing, not for fools.
Don't worry about poop or not. Let's take this pit first.
At present, Jiang Bo no longer hesitated, simply said that he wanted to.
It's a big deal. I won't give you production for the time being. I'm specially responsible for maintenance and renovation of old cars. I don't need much equipment and skilled workers.
Let's take down the Volga car factory first.
However, Jiangbo still insisted on going through the process, for example, signing an agreement and making a contract to prove that the car factory was acquired by himself.
Money doesn't make a son of a bitch. As for the future, we'll talk about it later.
Volga car factory?
Or stay in the room to read, Jiangcheng is Leng for a while, and then put down the hands of the books, looking at his father can't help but say: “really?”
“I think it's true!”
Jiang Bo said slowly: “it seems that I'm still going to big brother's place these days. My plan is that we don't plan to produce cars in big brother's place for the time being, but we can repair and refit them. After all, as far as I know, big brother has produced a large number of cars, and the problem is not small!”
“As you said before, replace our engine and modify the interior. Maybe someone will buy it!”As he spoke, Jiang Bo took a look at the book in Jiangcheng's hand, but it was full of English. He couldn't help saying, “what are you reading?”
“ABS system, anti lock system of car!”
Jiangcheng put down his book and said helplessly: “this is the technology for future development. Some time ago, I dismantled several models of BMW and Mercedes Benz. I found that among their luxury cars, there is an anti lock system. Its function is to automatically control the braking force of the brake when the car is braking, so that the wheels will not be locked and they will be rolling and sliding,To ensure that the adhesion between the wheel and the ground is at the maximum value. ”
“At present, all our cars are equipped with this ABS system, which is our competitive advantage. However, the problem is that we still need to go abroad to buy this ABS system!”
At this point, Jiangcheng slightly pause, continued: “this is the trend of future development, now the rapid development of digital electronic technology and large-scale integrated circuit, now many foreign companies have developed various forms of ABS system, we can not lag behind, this technology, we must master the hand, absolutely can not let foreigners get stuck in our neck!”
While saying this, Jiang Cheng raised the book in his hand and continued“Now I plan to get a batch of equipment to make ABS system develop in the direction of high cost performance.To simplify the structure and optimize the system, and to launch an economical ABS device, we must have our own production capacity. Even the most rubbish cars in Bocheng must have this ABS system! ”
“Second, we will continue to launch rear wheel ABS or four-wheel ABS systems for light goods vehicles and dual-purpose vehicles.In addition to the safety belt, the importance of ABS in safety is second only to the safety belt. Therefore, our family must study this direction, otherwise, it will get stuck sooner or later! ”
Jiang Bo also sat down, and then couldn't help saying, “you've been studying this all this time?”
“What else?The difficulty is not small. In addition to our own R & D and production, we have to consider how to avoid foreign patent barriers! ”
Jiangcheng shrugged: “we should have our own patented technology and register patent rights. We should never be stuck in the neck. Otherwise, when we produce cars in the future, it will depend on the face of others!”
“In the future, our cars will inevitably develop towards automation. For example, the EFI engine system is also the driving force of the future.The electronic control system of the engine intelligently adjusts the timing and duration of valve opening and closing through the computer, deliberately delays the closing of the intake valve and opens the exhaust valve in advance, so as to make the intake and exhaust more fully. The macro performance is that the engine performance and fuel consumption have been significantly improved. ”
Jiangcheng slowly said: “our automobile technology is still quite far behind foreign countries. Whether we can overtake on the curve depends on our technology. I am also preparing for a rainy day. Now it's just ABS system, and there is also engine electronic control system. After that, there will be on-board network, media and audio processing, intelligent power driver, energy and power managementWe need to invest in sensors, basic system chips, driver assisted transceivers and vehicle safety! ”
“In addition to putting forward this concept, we also need to cultivate talents in related fields!”
As Jiang Cheng said, he rubbed his eyebrows and said helplessly: “now, I'll think about it, research it, dismantle other people's car, and research it from beginning to end. I can be higher than some products, but it takes a lot of experience to get around other people's patent barriers!”
“Secondly, we still have less relevant talents. We need a sufficient talent reserve system. Some things can't be done by me alone. We need talents, not only in automobile manufacturing, but also in electronic industry. We still need chip industry!”
While saying this, Jiangcheng said to himself, “I have to go to the United States, and the island country!”*
Chapter 0034 plans to acquire the machine tool factory and take over the semiconductor industry of the island country!
Jiang Bo listened carefully on one side.
During this period of time, he has learned some information.
That's it.
So far, domestic cars have been completely beaten.
No matter from that point of view, the whole process has been hit by hanging. There is no technical advantage. The only thing we can do is to make a joint venture. Even for our own cars, quite a lot of parts need to be purchased from abroad.
Less than 40% of the things that can be truly localized.
However, according to Jiangcheng's words, if the percentage is less than 40%, we should find a way to improve it slowly, conquer it bit by bit, and make it localized bit by bit.
It's impossible to eat a fat man as soon as you come up.
After shaking his head, Jiangbo remembered his purpose and then continued: “well, do you think Volga car factory, shall we?”
“Yes, why not!”
Jiangcheng laughed, and then slowly said: “it's good to be an assembly plant in the future, but Dad, I have to remind you that this car factory may be a burden in the eyes of laomaozi now. If our family develops, they won't think it's a burden. You have to consider the profit distribution and how to choose it!”
At this point, Jiangcheng hesitated slightly, and then continued: “so, I don't think we need to exclude laomaozi's capital directly in the future. After all, it's in other people's territory. If a community of interests is formed, they will make money with us. Maybe we can give more oil in the future, but,Our family still has the absolute control power. The factory management and personnel arrangement has the final say. ”
“No way!”
Jiangcheng laughed sarcastically: “it's not that I look down on laomaozi. Believe it or not, Alexei, if he comes to make personnel arrangements, these laomaozi are not greedy. Dad, you should be prepared. Now a car is ten times the profit, and in the future, a car will be ten percent of the profit,Let's laugh at home
Jiang Bo also nodded: “I understand this. You can rest assured that profiteering is something I also know. It won't last long!”
“There is also the problem of machine tool factories!”Jiangcheng slowly opened his mouth and said, “Dad, have you seen all these machine tool factories in northern Liaoning Province?”
“I've seen it. There are about 15 machine tool factories in northern Liaoning!”At this point, Jiang Bo slightly pause: “however, their financial situation is very big, now the central government is checking the triangle debt?I have made a general investigation, and their debt alone has reached 2.8 billion! ”
At this point, Jiang Bo shook his head: “they have a lot of skilled workers, but the management is very backward, the foreign debt is very large, and their equipment is relatively backward. They are not competitive with us, but the machine tools they produce are too big!”
“We need to expand the automobile production line, which requires machine tools, especially CNC machine tools, and all kinds of materials!”
Jiangcheng slowly said: “first, we need skilled workers, regardless of the others, at least they have accumulated a certain amount of technology. The batch of machine tools we purchased in Europe need someone to operate them. These skilled workers are competent for this job.
Second, it's the chip problem. Without the chip industry, we can't build our own domestic CNC machine tools. This is not a period of time to solve the problem. It may take three years, five years or even longer! ”
“So, in my opinion, we are not unable to use these equipment in the old factory, that is, we need to strictly implement the management system, and we need to be serious in every step. For the production and production of engines, we definitely need tax controlled machine tools, but for other locations, we can not use CNC machine tools for the time being. This involves management issues!”
Jiang Bo looked up at Jiang Cheng and said slowly, “do you mean to buy these factories?”
“YesJiang Cheng laughed: “this needs you to have a good talk with Uncle Xiao!”
“I think it's a bit difficult. After all, this is a machine tool factory!”Jiang Bo pondered for a while, then slowly said: “moreover, even if it's acquisition, 2.8 billion foreign debt, it's still a great pressure for our family!”
“We need to expand the automobile production line. Now, we build cars every month and try our best to build them in an open way. A month is 1000 cars. What if we can reach 10000 cars a month?With 2400 cars, our income is 650 million. If we can get 10000 cars and 2.8 billion foreign debts, it's just a drizzle! ”
Jiangcheng shrugged: “I think, Dad, you don't have a big problem. Although the other party is a machine tool factory, it's not without precedent for private enterprises to purchase machine tool factories. Look at Hangzhou, this year Wahaha bought Hangguan group, isn't it?”
“Since Hangzhou is OK, why not Liaobei?”
While saying this, Jiangcheng said quickly: “if this matter can be solved, we can also buy food processing plants in northern Liaoning, and knitting plants to expand our production, sell our products to laomaozi and exchange various resources!”
Jiang Bo touched his chin and said slowly, “well, I'll have a good talk with Xiao Jianhua!”
At this point, slightly pause, continue to say: “you just said, you plan to go to the island and the United States?”
Jiangcheng was not ambiguous. He nodded his head and said, “the semiconductor industry of the island countries is still very strong. Later, the United States believed that if the semiconductor industry of the island countries is too strong, the super electronic technology of the United States will depend on the island countries.In 1986, the island countries were identified as memory dumping and imposed a 100% penalty tariff on the $300 million chips exported by the island countries. ”
“This year, they signed a semiconductor agreement, and the United States demanded that foreign semiconductor products occupy more than 20% of the island market by the end of 1992.And the island countries take 20% as the direction of their efforts! ”
“This…” Jiang Bo was sluggish, and for a long time he breathed out: “is the island country crazy?”
“No way, island country is not a normal country now!”Jiang Cheng shrugged his shoulders and continued: “it's controlled by others. I think that after the new year, I will go to the United States, and then try to buy some equipment from the island country!”
“We are going to spend this sum of US dollars overseas.”*
Chapter 0035 recruiting talents!
Jiangcheng has never been very fond of island countries.
It's too servile.
It's just a dog, or a mad dog.
However, we have to admit that the semiconductor industry of the island country is still the most developed in the world. That is to say, the United States is shameless and relies on the semiconductor agreement to crack down on the industrial upgrading of the island country. Otherwise, the future is really hard to say.
Before the arrival of the Spring Festival, Jiangcheng handled the visa with the fastest speed.
He's going to a place, America.
He wants to meet a person – Liang Mengsong.
For ordinary people, it is difficult to apply for a visa. However, Jiangcheng family has a solid foundation. Naturally, it is not so troublesome.
Liang Mengsong is the real purpose of Jiangcheng's trip.
Liang Mengsong studied with Hu Zhengming, a professor at Berkeley University in the United States, who later became the “technology executive director” of TSMC
But this person, Jiangcheng is in any case must draw to own hand.
Berkeley University
Jiangcheng is collecting Liang Mengsong's current information. He is absolutely a technological genius. He has participated in the invention of 181 semiconductor patent technologies in the United States, all of which are the most advanced and important key technologies.
In addition, 350 technical papers have been published in Taiwan and the United States.
Such people have always been targeted.
In history, Liang Mengsong came back from the United States and joined TSMC as a senior director of R & D. his technical expertise was fully displayed in TSMC. He was the inventor of TSMC's 500 patents, far more than other technical directors.
He also participated in the chip manufacturing process of every generation of TSMC from beginning to end
One of the most impressive was the battle between TSMC and IBM, the big semiconductor company in the United States at that time.
2000In, the world's semiconductor process technology came to 130 nm. 130 nm is a severe technical watershed, because in the past, the aluminum process was used, but when the aluminum process continues to be used above 130 nm, there will be various problems.
All over the world are trying to find a way to solve this problem, but only the team led by Liang Mengsong was the first to find a breakthrough, changing “aluminum process” to “copper process”.
After three years of hard research and development, only Liang Mengsong succeeded in breaking the 130 nanometer copper process patent, which made TSMC beat the American giant IBM, and Liang Mengsong became famous in the first World War.
Liang Mengsong has also become the most important technical talent of TSMC.
Later, Liang Mengsong went to SMIC.
At the beginning of SMIC, the yield of 14 nm trial production of SMIC was only 3%
A yield of 3% means that 100 are produced and 97 are broken, far below the mass production standard
However, 298 days after liang Mengsong took over SMIC, the yield of 14 nm trial production of SMIC increased rapidly from 3% to 95%.
Later, Liang Mengsong said that he wanted to leave SMIC. On the spot, SMIC directly evaporated the market value of 10 billion yuan.
As a result, SMIC greatly increased Liang Mengsong's annual salary from 340000 US dollars to 1530000 US dollars.The annual salary in the financial report is $4.93 million, including a 22.5 million yuan house given to Liang Mengsong by the company.
This left Liang Mengsong.
This guy, Jiangcheng, has been on target for a long time.
“The United States is really a place to look forward to.”
In a cafe of Berkeley University, Jiangcheng put down his coffee, looked up at Liang Mengsong and said with a smile, “so, I'm a bit late. Is Mr. Liang going to return to Taiwan?”
Liang Mengsong is also looking at the young man in front of him. He did not expect that the person he was chatting with by e-mail before was actually a boy about 16 years old.
Young genius.
The way Jiangcheng wants to get close to Liang Mengsong is also very simple, that is, technical exchange.
During this period of time, Jiangcheng also made up a lot of lessons and read materials every day. In addition, some of his views on the future also surprised Liang Mengsong.
Naturally, there will be today's meeting.
However, what Liang Mengsong didn't think of was that Jiangcheng, a young guy, was a little terrible. At the age of 16, Liang Mengsong even felt that the other person's age should be about the same as his own, and even doubted that someone he knew was playing a prank on him.
“Mr. Jiang, you are so young!”Liang Mengsong coughed, then slowly said: “Mr. Jiang, do you want me to go to China?”
Jiangcheng nodded: “yes!We are going to set up a semiconductor industry company in Northeast China, just like TSMC, which specializes in OEM. Although I have some talent in this field, I am still unable to support myself. Therefore, I think of Mr. Liang. As long as Mr. Liang is willing to come back with me, everything is easy to say! ”
Liang Mengsong picked up the coffee and tasted it slowly. Then he slowly said, “but, domestic equipment!”
“That's it!”Jiangcheng spread his hand: “from scratch, from scratch!”
Liang Mengsong almost choked and then coughed. This guy is too honest, isn't he?
For a long time, Liang Mengsong felt relieved about the coffee. Seeing Jiangcheng, he said slowly, “Mr. Jiang, why do you think I will promise you?”
“Mr. Liang, it must be a world where the electronic industry is extremely developed. Chips, computers, mobile phones, automobiles and all kinds of industries all need the electronic industry. At present, the domestic foundation is very weak and backward!”Jiangcheng slowly said: “but, undeniably, this is a huge market in the future. After all, there are still 1.2 billion people!”
“It's potential, it's location.Secondly, Tianshi. At present, the semiconductor industry of the island countries has been restricted by the United States. They have signed a semiconductor agreement. Now, the semiconductor industry of the island countries is bound to suffer a blow. I don't think their equipment will bite too hard. I don't think there are many problems with the acquisition. This is Tianshi! ”
“As for the harmony of people, Huaxia needs to increase the competition in the semiconductor industry. I need talents. I also believe that for Mr. Liang, working for TSMC is definitely not as good as being a leader himself. Let's talk about an agreement. I will give Mr. Liang 20% of the shares. Mr. Liang can make any request. As long as I can do it, I will do my best!”
Liang Mengsong held the coffee cup, but he was lost in meditation. For a long time, he slowly said: “empty talk, Mr. Jiang, I think it's good. First of all, I need a batch of equipment. If it's really like what Mr. Jiang said, as long as Mr. Jiang can get this batch of equipment, I will consider going to China to have a look!”
“Of course, it's just a look. I have to think about the details.Mr. Jiang doesn't have to be angry. Equipment is only the first step. If you really want to develop the semiconductor industry, this batch of equipment must be available in any case.It's the same whether I go or not.Yes.I don't want Mr. Jiang to just convince me with one mouth. What I want to see is sincerity. How about that? ”
Liang Mengsong put down his tea cup.
“A word from a gentleman!”Jiang Cheng held out his hand to Liang Mengsong.
“It's hard to chase a horse!”Liang Mengsong laughs, and then holds the palm of Jiang Cheng's hand together*
Chapter 0036 delay, no delay, opportunity is fleeting!
“It's a little bit of trouble!”
Jiangcheng looked at the information in his hand, but he felt a headache.
This is the information that Liang Mengsong spent a lot of time sorting out. It is very detailed, and even indicates why he wants to buy it, and what kind of equipment he needs.
Many of the equipment are from island countries, and some of them are from the United States and Germany.
The types involved are also quite complicated.
So the problem is.
I only have $200 million on hand.
Jiangcheng just took a look, but he was thinking about some of the equipment. When he bought machine tools in Deguo, he imported some.
All that's left are some of the island's equipment.
Today, these devices are also because of the U.S. strike, and began to move to the Bay and the Southern Dynasties.
If you do it yourself, it's not impossible.
However, it's a bit impossible to transport to Huaxia in an open and aboveboard way. However, we can consider starting from Xiangjiang, and it's better to buy it as an American.
This needs a lithography machine!
Jiangcheng thought about it. It seems that in the 1970s and 1980s, Huaxia had developed a number of high-level semiconductor equipment, such as electron beam lithography machine, step-by-step repeat lithography machine, ultrapure water treatment system, etc.
1985In 1995, the 45 Institute of mechanical and electrical department developed a step-by-step lithography machine prototype. The scanning projection lithography machine developed by mordu Institute of Optics and precision machinery, Chinese Academy of Sciences passed the appraisal and was considered to have reached the level of 4800 DSW in the United States.
This should be the first step projection lithography machine in China. The gap between China and foreign countries in step projection lithography is not more than seven years.
80In the middle and late S, the idea of “making is better than buying” began to prevail, and the trend of trade, industry and technology was prevailing for a while, and the integrated circuit and other industries were gradually out of touch with foreign countries.
Now it's 1992, and these devices may not be able to work, as long as they can achieve the same effect.
Jiangcheng immediately made his own judgment.
Take out $100 million first, and buy the equipment you need as much as possible.
Jiangcheng may not be able to get all the equipment Liang Mengsong needs, but at least part of it can be done.
And 100 million dollars to short the pound.
Jiangcheng clearly remembers that this year, Soros led the quantum fund, and a large number of international speculators stubbornly short the pound.
Taking advantage of the devaluation of the pound, we should be able to make a lot of money.
Jiangcheng is very clear that the money in his hand is not enough. He wants money inside and outside to buy foreign equipment. He can't make domestic products replace them completely in a short time.
If we can't make a lot of money in the world, where can we get the money to build our motherland?
When you earn more money, you can continue to buy equipment in island countries.
More talent is needed.
Jiangcheng thought that it would cost at least three billion US dollars to develop the semiconductor industry in China.
On the one hand, it is equipment, on the other hand, it is the introduction of talents and the cultivation of talents.
There are also software problems.
Northeast, Liaoning Province
Jiang Bo, Jiang Cheng, Su Zixin, Su Ziyu, and Jiang Hu, Jiang Cheng's grandfather, gather together.
“To set up a new company, the legal person is my grandfather. My grandfather holds 100% of the shares. Everything in this company should be managed by me. When I am old, I will transfer the equity and legal person to me. At present, with a registered capital of 2 billion yuan, the purpose of the new company is only to spend money to integrate all the domestic electronic industries!”
Jiangcheng sat in front of Jiangbo and slowly said his own ideas: “in addition, I am ready to start with 200 million US dollars abroad. I need to buy a lot of equipment, and then, to improve our semiconductor industry technology!”
The words, but let all the people present are silent.
Jiangcheng, if you don't do it, you have to do it. Once you do it, it must be amazing.
If you open your mouth, it will be 2 billion. In addition, 200 million US dollars from abroad will also move, that is 3.2 billion soft coins.
Jiang Bo's mouth twitched a few times, and he slowly said: “now our book capital is less than 500 million, but your uncle Xiao talked to me. We can buy these factories, but we need at least 3 billion. There are also food processing factories, which we can buy now, staff costs, management costs,It's all astronomical figures. I'm going to expand the production of this sum of money on the book
“Buy their factories, but the internal debts of these factories can be owed first. If it's a big deal, we'll pay them back in installments for three or five years. Just go up and give them a part first!”
Jiangcheng said: “in recent months, apart from producing our own cars and selling them to big brother, we can concentrate on the production of engines and some interior upholstery. These things don't cost much!”
“Once these factories are put into production, they can provide us with parts on a large scale, and the production speed of our cars will also be greatly accelerated. In addition, we can upgrade some of the cars in big brother's company.”
“It's not a big problem for us to integrate the equipment and talents of the domestic semiconductor industry. It doesn't cost much in the early stage, and the domestic price of a lot of equipment is cheap. It's a long-term thing!”
Jiangcheng leaned back on his chair, sat up again, took a sip of tea from his cup, and said in a stuffy voice, “but it's inevitable for the subsequent large-scale investment!”
On one side, Su Zixin coughed: “well, nephew, are you walking too fast? Our family is running out of money. It's not easy for us to make some profits. You've been tossing about!”
“I don't think so!”Jiang Cheng took a look at Su Zixin and said slowly, “now that foreign technology is so developed, if we don't catch up and dare not spend money, then the gap between us will be bigger and bigger!”
Wait a minute, wait a minute, can you, of course, but what about later?
We will always be controlled by others.
So, slow, slow not, the opportunity is fleeting!
All of a sudden, Jiang Bo felt a little bit under pressure. During this period, although his family seems to have made a lot of money, the speed of spending money is terrible.
Especially Jiangcheng, this guy, seems to be never satisfied, seems to be burning money.
Can our family stand up to the hardships of Jiangcheng.
“I think grandson is right. We can't wait!”On one side of the river tiger is slowly speak: “dry, we can't lag behind people, must be hard to dry, can't let foreign devils take the lead!”*
0037 family meeting, four groups!
Grandfather Jiang Hu.
He is sixty-nine years old.
It also belonged to the old revolution. However, in the cross river war, he was shot in the thigh by the guodang and retired.
Later, Jiang Hu also simply and directly sent his father to be a soldier.
Hot temper, at home is also the existence of a word.
“Our idea is still good, but to be specific!”Jiang Bo converged for a while, and then slowly said: “it depends on the specific operation!”
“That's what I mean, too!”Jiangcheng laughed: “some things are unpredictable, and no one knows what will happen next second. However, our general direction can not be changed. What we have decided is that we have decided. The details can be changed, but the overall pattern can not be changed!”
Jiang Bo nodded slightly.
Jiangcheng took a look at his uncle. Su Zixin said quickly, “uncle, next, you have a long way to go
Su Zixin couldn't help but be slightly stunned: “what?”
“This year, the leaders have agreed that we will purchase several food processing plants in northern Liaoning, so next, our production capacity will certainly expand. At this time, we can't be limited to doing business with big brother. We also need to consider the domestic market!”
“We need to expand our industries, Northeast China, North China, South China and South Fujian!”Jiangcheng slowly said: “Wahaha, do you know?”
“Well, of course I know!”Su Zixin said with a smile: “it seems that it is very popular in Hangzhou!”
Jiangcheng said with a smile: “so in the domestic food processing industry, we should grasp three major directions. The first one is children. Look at Wahaha, what other God of the sun, the life No.1 they pushed out.We also need to come up with this thing, mainly to promote it to children. Our own nutrient solution requires only one, sweet, containing certain trace elements, absolutely harmless“
“The second is the elderly. I have a design here called melatonin, which is mainly composed of melatonin. As an endogenous neuroendocrine hormone, melatonin has direct and indirect physiological regulation on the central nervous system, therapeutic effect on sleep disorders, depression and mental diseases, and protective effect on nerve cells. We can promote it on a large scale,For example, there will be no gifts for the holidays this year, but only melatonin.Brain platinum, young state, health products
“The third is women. We can also think about a product, like donkey hide gelatin, which is a good tonic for women.Good donkey hide gelatin can not only enrich blood, supplement female collagen, protect skin, but also improve from the inside to the outside after eating, so as to achieve better nourishing effect! ”
“Bull force can blow, but don't go too far. We don't need any medicine to bring the dying back to life, and then we need advertising force!”
Jiangcheng thought for a moment, and then slowly said: “the TV stations in the three eastern provinces should say hello, pay more money, and the capital, Mordor, and so on. First of all, we should do market research, and then, we should make efforts. These are health care products, and the main revenue is smart business tax!”
IQ tax!
As soon as these three words come out, there are some strange expressions on the faces of the whole family.
“Of course, the most important thing is not this. It's our spicy bar. It needs assembly line production to expand our industrial chain. I think Huaxia also has its own soda. We can also acquire it. Then, large-scale production, and the most important thing is to establish our own unique sales system!”
“My view is to set up a franchise store. The area of the franchise store itself does not need to be too large. We can rent a warehouse in the suburbs. It doesn't cost much money. The manager of the franchise store can find local people with certain social relations. The best thing is that we can supply goods for the school canteen near the school.”
Jiangcheng said without hesitation: “however, no matter what you do, investigate the market and see the consumption situation, what you need to do is to let the local people quickly find us and understand us. You also need to do a survey with the local shops, for example, ask them to help sell, and then allow them to return the goods if they can't finish selling!”
Jiangcheng slowly opened his mouth: “in short, don't worry, we do our own market agent first!”
Jiangcheng slowly said: “that is, the clothing business of Hongdou Group needs to investigate the markets of different places and judge their consumption ability. Hongdou Group needs to promote different brands and prices to deal with different consumer groups.But, our store or to do well, whether men's clothes or women's clothes, in short, we want to do the trend, just seize the trend of the times
Jiangcheng finished with a drink, and then slowly said: “this is probably our sales strategy!”
Su Zixin was on one side of the record, and then he looked up at Jiangcheng: “nephew, I think Wahaha is engaged in joint marketing, which is very good, and now Wahaha is also very powerful in conquering cities and lands!”
“So?”Jiangcheng shares it with both hands: “don't look at the fact that they are now engaged in joint marketing. First, their profits are diluted.Second, once they have conflicts with the dealers, what should they do?Third, what should we do if the dealers are unwilling to sell our new products and think that the output is not enough?Force them? ”
“What we want is direct selling, top-down direct selling, and the headquarters has absolute command and control power!”Jiangcheng said here, slightly pause, continued: “so, I do not agree with the joint marketing body, this system, sooner or later is to collapse!”
Su Zixin didn't speak any more. After a while, he asked, “what about big brother?I think it's more appropriate to put the joint marketing body here! ”
“I think so, too!”Jiang Cheng took a look at Su Zixin, but he laughed: “however, Lao maozi is dizzy now. Do they have a dealer?We still need to study it slowly. In a word, there is only one sales strategy for us. We need to know the actual situation of the local first
“Laomaozi is here. We can't help it for the time being. We have to go to some local powerful people to cooperate. Can we do it or not
Jiangcheng shrugged, and then slowly said: “however, my plan is whether I can open the route from Northeast Airlines to big brother. Now the profit is big, our knitwear, electronic products in the future, and the freight of shipping itself, I think, is not so important!”
“By the way!”
River city slowly opening road“We want to set up a new company. The first one is Bocheng group, which is mainly in the automobile industry. My father is in charge of it. The second one is Hongmeng group, which is in the semiconductor industry. In the future, there are computer, software, hardware and mobile phone businesses. I'll worry about it. The third one is Hongdou Group, which is in knitting business, fashion design, brand operation. Mom, you can worry about it.The fourth one is three squirrels Co., Ltd. you are worried about it for the time being
At this point, Jiangcheng looked at Su Zi channel: “three squirrels leave you 20% of the shares. If the next three squirrels go public, or finance, you can cash out and leave at any time!”*
Chapter 0038 1991 summary and income!
Su Zixin couldn't help being slightly stunned.
Naturally, he knows his own situation.
Basically, when the group developed, it was a helper. All the money invested was provided by Jiangbo. He came to help, but he didn't expect to have 20% of its own shares.
“Well, I just did my best, and I didn't do anything!”Su Zixin said, “give me 20% of the shares directly?And going public? ”
“Little uncle, what should be yours is yours. Our family must not treat us badly!”Jiang Cheng smiles, then continues“I can trust you
Su Zixin immediately straightened his chest: “nephew, if you don't say it, I won't let you down!”
Jiangcheng just laughed, although Jiangcheng is the youngest now.
However, there is no doubt that Jiangcheng's right to speak is the most important.
“Dad, and the most important thing!”Jiangcheng took a look at his father, and then slowly said: “the most important thing we need is the system!”
“For the company's system, I have only one requirement. Keep up with the times, whether our products can be listed quickly, whether our internal information can be communicated quickly, whether we can fully integrate the internal forces of the group and form a mixed and unified comprehensive enterprise force!”
Jiang Cheng said a few words, but Jiang Bo nodded deeply. He came out as a soldier. Naturally, he knew what was prohibition.
“I understand!”Jiang Bo nodded.
Whether an enterprise can become bigger depends on this system.
So are countries.
The biggest pain is internal friction.
Today's Jiangbo is also deeply feeling the huge pressure on himself. Now he is not a villain, but a real entrepreneur.
The number of people in an automobile factory alone is more than 5000.
Such enterprises, not to mention in the northeast, even in the whole country are top private enterprises.
To manage these people well is also a great waste of energy.
What's more, Jiangbo is also very clear now that Bocheng automobile has not fully developed.
Quite a lot of machine tools have not been put into production.
They spent nearly three billion dollars.
There's a lot of equipment coming back.
Some of them are even contraband.
From the very beginning, Jiangbo was not satisfied with the design of cars. He wanted to take down the machine tool industry and produce machine tools on his own.
Otherwise, they will always be controlled by others.
“Well, the meeting is over!”Jiangcheng stretched his muscles and bones for a while, and then slowly said: “next, we will work hard together. After the new year, we will work hard together!”
After the family meeting.
Mother Su Ziyu began to work hard. Now, their family has changed into a villa.
However, my mother's cooking habit is still preserved.
The whole family is happy. After a few drinks, Jiang Bo can't help looking at Jiangcheng. Suddenly, he feels that his son has grown up a lot this year.
In particular, his ideas make Jiang Bo feel suddenly enlightened.
What shocked Jiang Bo most was his son, who seemed to learn everything easily.
It took less than ten days to learn German.
If you dismantle someone's engine, he can find a way to build a new engine for you on the spot. Although it is not as good as the original, this ability is quite terrible.
In other words, it took about eight months to open the auto factory.
But it also cost three billion dollars.
High precision machine tools, all kinds of lathes, drilling machines, boring machines, milling machines, slotting machines, coordinate boring machines, gear grinding machines, thread grinding machines, high-precision hobbing machines, high-precision marking machines.
It is no exaggeration to say that there is no comparable equipment in the whole country for Jiangbo to build cars.
In particular, during this month, another 1000 cars were transported to laomaozi.
Another 270 million soft coins.
Both sides add up to 910 million.
But Lao maozi gave the Volga car factory to Jiangbo, almost all of which were free, which means that he didn't spend any money.
At present, Bocheng group's money on the book is definitely not a small amount. It resells airplanes back and forth, making 1.4 billion yuan. It has established a leather bag company, Golden Lion bus factory, bought 80% of the shares and got 70 million yuan.
Four nine axis five linkage CNC machine tools, one 50 million.
Four is 200 million.
In other words, this year, only the automobile factory made 2.51 billion yuan.
Not to mention that Jiangcheng spent a lot of money in the world cup, 500 million US dollars turned into 1.2 billion US dollars, and the 2.5 billion US dollars that he borrowed from big brother and then exchanged cages for birds.
This year, US dollars alone will reach 3.2 billion(1.2 billion (including 500 million)
Finally, there is the red bean group, in which the profit from the food of 30 squirrels is not included.
Jiang Bo slightly estimated that this year's profit and net profit will fluctuate at least three billion.
Of course, there are more places to spend money this year.
There has been a lot of investment in the recruitment of workers, the establishment of automobile factories and the R & D department.
But the investment, to be honest, is not big.
It costs three or five hundred million, even if it's pretty powerful.
The real big head is still going to get the country that batch of operations, a total of three billion dollars, get the country devils are going to laugh crazy.
This money, let Jiang Bo spend very unhappy.
He felt like he had at least a billion dollars in premium.
If it wasn't for the lack of technology, he wouldn't be angry.
Jiang Bo is also angry. Isn't your technology better than mine?When Laozi develops his technology, I will let you grandchildren have a good insight.
Originally, according to the plan of de Guolao, they thought it would not matter if they gave the CNC machine tool to Jiangbo, because they may not be able to understand the technology. If a part is broken, they still have to ask them.
What's more, it was said in advance before the sale that if it is damaged, it must be repaired by engineers from Germany. The Chinese should not touch it casually. Otherwise, they will not care if it is damaged.
Just how, unexpectedly, Jiangcheng is brave.
If you sell it, I'll tear it down for you.
After dismantling, I can still assemble and figure out the principle for you.
The rest is about materials.
Well, we have to study it slowly.
It's not urgent. Localization is a step-by-step process. First localization is 40%, then 60%, 80%, 100%.
However, the industrial chain is finally in front of us. Moreover, driven by Jiangcheng, Bocheng now has a certain R & D foundation and talents.
As long as the system is right, the rest of the problem is not big.
What will happen in the future?
Jiang Bo suddenly began to look forward to it*
Chapter 0039 is the leader of Beijing coming to visit the Expo City?
1992The first good news of the year, of course, is that the capital has directly approved it.
Bocheng group's automobile production license.
This time, Bocheng group has applied for a total of 15 models, all of which have been approved by Beijing
Naturally, this means that Bocheng group can produce cars and sell them in China.
Although the domestic profit is certainly not as good as the cooperation with laomaozi.
However, the domestic market is big.
According to the current quality of Bocheng group, there is no need for Jiangcheng to brag. Almost none of them can fight. Bocheng is the best in the world with all the technologies and tools.
In addition to cars, Bocheng is also allowed to produce motorcycles.
It can be said that for Bocheng group, it finally got the birth permit, and then, it was the explosion of production capacity.
ABS is still a problem.
At present, it can only be imported from the recipient country.
Mention this, Jiang Bo is a bellyful of anger, dog day get country guy, the premium is too high.
In this regard, Jiang Bo can only place his hope on Jiang Cheng and hope that his precious son can quickly figure out ABS.
You can't get stuck.
In addition to these, there are still some parts to be purchased from abroad.
But on the whole, it's not a big problem.
The cost of a car is still within 30000 yuan.
Jiangbo also split up last year's profits and gave Jiangcheng one billion yuan to set up Hongmeng group. The remaining two billion yuan left one billion yuan by itself, and the remaining one billion yuan was invested in three squirrels Co., Ltd. and Hongdou Group respectively.
In the next 90's, the food industry and clothing industry are in an explosive period.
In the early stage, we need to spend a lot of money to conquer the city and land. First, we need to make it bigger, then we need to develop products. As for the research and development of this product, in Jiangcheng's words, it is IQ tax.
As long as you can't eat to death, you can make a little bit of nutrition, and then you can put a sum of money into the nutrition society. Basically, it's OK.
This has always been the case in the health care industry.
Secondly, we need to acquire some Chinese soda brands. Originally, these soda brands also have certain influence.
However, with Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola entering China, they acquired these soda brands and said they would lead them into the international market. As a result, the two companies directly closed their production lines and tried their best to produce Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola.
It's better to be cheap than to be cheap.
At least promote Huaxia brand.
In addition, there is milk. As a result, when Jiangcheng saw it, neither Yili nor Mengniu was established.
Simply let the little uncle directly hit 60 million, respectively, the establishment of Yili and Mengniu.
As for the management mode.
Basically, it is the management mode of Bocheng.
The company can be set up, the equipment can be purchased, and the industrial line needs to be expanded.
Jiang Bo and Jiang Cheng worked out this with great difficulty. Naturally, the effect is needless to say. However, Jiang Cheng still let my little uncle pay more attention to suit measures to local conditions.
It's OK. Run more.
See what's missing.
There is also the establishment of franchise stores, all of which cost money.
Su Zixin thought that 500 million was already an astronomical figure, but when he spent money, he found that it seemed that some of the money was not enough.
In addition, there is the red bean group.
Actually, it's a company registered under the name of Su Ziyu. In fact, it's Jiangcheng that worries a little.
On the one hand, Jiangcheng adopts the copy mode.
Anyway, you Zara can be a freshman, so I can be a fifteenth.
You can be shameless, then I can be more shameless.
Clothing can be copied directly, arrange a group of designers to run all kinds of shows and fashion activities around the world, and then copy.
Show a high-grade clothing, their powerful copyist can produce a series of imitation version.
Then, it is made with the lowest cost and fabric.Then take the new speed every week as the selling point, and promote it quickly.
These, Jiangcheng just roughly formulated a direction.
The specific operation is lost to a college student he hired, Zhang Wei, who has just graduated. The advantage is that she is full of momentum.
Jiangcheng immediately promoted her to CEO, which directly scared Zhang Wei.
Then, Jiangcheng let Zhang Wei rest assured to do boldly, in addition to giving you enough wages, you can also enjoy 10% equity dividends, of course, want to get equity, it depends on your own performance.
When Zhang Wei heard the speech, she was naturally full of energy.
In addition, Jiangcheng also gave Zhang Wei 10% of the equity dividend power, so that she promoted talents she thought were excellent enough to enjoy part of the other 10% equity dividend.
Zhang Wei almost didn't work for Jiangcheng wholeheartedly. If she didn't look at Jiangcheng as a young man, she would have an impulse to marry Jiangcheng.
Uncle Xiao!
At Xiao Jianhua's house, Jiangcheng and Jiangbo came to visit again.
Jiangcheng casually put a bottle of Maotai in front of Xiao Jianhua“A bottle of wine is no respect. My father said, “if you like to drink, bring it here. After a while, have a good drink with my father!”
Liquor, of course, is pure Maotai
Xiao Jianhua laughed, but he didn't refuse. Instead, he quickly said, “OK, I'll have a drink for a while.”
Speaking of this, Xiao Jianhua pauses slightly and goes on: “ah Bo, I've approved your purchase of the machine tool factory. The leader's speech in the south is of great significance. Now, we are also speeding up the liquidation of the triangle debt. If you want to purchase, we still support it!”
Jiang Cheng interjected: “that is, the debt problem is quite serious. Although our family has made a lot of money, we don't know how many mouths there are here to eat. Uncle Xiao, you have to help us!”
“Your family is still making less money?”But Xiao Jianhua couldn't help laughing, and then continued: “now, your enterprises are favored by the capital, saying that you are typical private entrepreneurs in Northeast China, and your profits are also high!”
At this point, Xiao Jianhua slightly pause, and then continued: “the capital has noticed you, in a few days, there may be a leader to inspect, but you have to be prepared!”
Jiangcheng slightly a Leng, but can't help but say: “how big a leader?”
“This!”Xiao Jianhua put up two fingers*
Chapter 0040 praise from leaders in Beijing!
Jiangcheng couldn't help but lie in the trough.
Is our family so valued now?
In fact, when you think about it, it's not impossible.
After all, all over the country, doing business at their own level seems to be their own.
Last year alone, the profit we could find was more than one billion yuan.
Even if it's a state-owned enterprise, even if it's FAW or SAIC, can it have its own profit?
Absolutely not.
No wonder the leaders are coming to inspect.
It's a great honor for the leaders of Beijing to visit a private enterprise in this era. It's not only this era, but also very rare from now on to the next 30 years.
It would be an unparalleled honor to say that.
It's the kind that can hang pictures on the wall for a lifetime.
Jiang Bo naturally understood that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. At the moment, he couldn't help saying, “well, what's the leader's idea?”
“The main thing is to have a look. After all, you are also the first private enterprise that can produce cars. Moreover, the annual profit is still so high. Of course, we should pay attention to it. It's also difficult at the beginning. It's a journey to break the ice. Now, we have determined the market economy. Naturally, your family will bear the brunt of it!”
Xiao Jianhua laughed, and then continued to say: “I see, you don't have to be too nervous. What's more, you are also from the army. You don't need me to teach you how to say it, do you?I estimate that after the leader leaves, the price for you to buy this machine tool factory will still be lower! ”
“No, of course not!”Jiang Bo also laughed, and then quickly said: “Lao Xiao, thank you this time!”
“Where, where!”Xiao Jianhua also followed with a smile: “I also borrowed your east wind!”
Jiangcheng can see that Xiao Jianhua is going to become the leader of Liaobei province this time.
Time flies
Jiang Bo is naturally ready for the leaders to come.
The name of the leader is Peng Kun, and the whole Bocheng group is ready to welcome the arrival of the leader.
At present, Bocheng group has set up its own factories and workshops, and the standard is still very high. However, so far, this factory has only set up a general scope.
“Jiangbo, I'm surprised by your factory!”As Peng Kun walked along, he said with a smile: “it seems that only a part of your factory has been built, and the rest has not been built?”
“Let leaders see jokes!”Jiang Bo didn't hide: “my factory, which was established last year, only got a set of production workshops, and bought some equipment. According to our plan, the 3000 mu land will be used!”
“Before opening the factory, I went to Deguo specially. To tell you the truth, I was shocked. They were the production department, the equipment management department, the personnel department, the finance department, the purchasing department, the logistics department, the sales department, the quality inspection department, the after-sales department and the production management department.Each department should be divided into sections. For example, the production section includes general assembly section, stamping section, welding section, painting section, logistics section, and many other small sections! ”
Jiang Bo fell into the memory and said slowly, “they all use the same numerical control machine tools. A car comes down from the production line very fast. Sometimes, I think we should learn their management technology and behavior mode from these big brands, and then make production according to local conditions and their own needs.”
good point
Peng Kun praised: “it's a good idea to use western learning in Chinese.”
“The truth is the truth!”Jiang Bo smiles, and then says: “however, we still have to have our own core ideas, and we can't trust the West all the time!”
Peng Kun nodded.
However, he was shocked in his heart. The factory of Jiangbo surprised him. How can I say that?
It feels like FAW and SAIC have no such technology.
CNC machine tools, as well as its own R & D center.
The most important thing is that these workers give him a completely different feeling. Everyone seems to be very busy, but there is still a sense of satisfaction on his face.
Especially the young people in the R & D center.
In the lively discussion, how to improve the engine, how to add EFI technology to the engine.
Peng Kun himself graduated from Mosco Power Institute. He is an engineer himself. He has worked as deputy director and chief engineer of power plant. He knows some basic knowledge.
It's actively developing.
You know, in the past decade, how many Chinese enterprises have been fooled into the strange idea that it is better to buy than to build, and it is better to rent than to buy.
However, Bocheng is different.
Peng Kun is very clear about how Bocheng made money last year. To put it bluntly, he used the information gap to get resources from big brother.
It seems to be profiteering, but it is not a long-term way.
It's just
What shocked Peng Kun is that although Bocheng group is making huge profits, it seems that they really want to take the road of R & D and sincerely want to build a domestic car.
After that, Peng Kun listened to Jiang Bo's proud introduction of LADA produced by Bocheng.
Some of the assembly lines are purchased from big brother, and some of them are redesigned with their own CNC machine tools. The domestic production rate has reached more than 60%. The main engines are also domestic.
LADA is a blend of laomaozi's blood. It looks a bit rough, but the interior is extremely comfortable, and it's very stable to drive.
At least, Peng Kun tried it and felt that it would not be too bad compared with foreign BMW and Mercedes Benz.
“Jiangbo, you are also a star enterprise in Northeast China now. I hope you will make persistent efforts to win glory for our domestic cars!”Peng Kun said with a smile: “if you have any problem, just say it!
Jiang Bo laughed and then said, “there are really some problems. The most important one is the power supply. Sometimes, the power supply is insufficient, which may affect our output. We still need to continue to plan and hope that the power project can keep up with us!”
Peng Kun was slightly stunned, and then nodded: “what you said is also reasonable. Local leaders also need to pay attention to the problem of electricity, and also need to consider it. Our domestic cars also need to refuel!”
Peng Kun is also very satisfied with Bocheng.
At least, it seems that it's not like running with the intention of earning a vote, but rather to sit down for a long time. Such enterprises deserve the support of the state*
Chapter 0041 rapid development!
When the big leaders come, the rest will be easier.
The original plan to acquire the project, now, is also very simple, the leadership of the northeast, directly to Jiangbo need machine tool factory hands.
Jiangbo directly merged other factories.
As for the debts of these factories, they were all exempted with a stroke of a pen.
Originally, it was estimated that it would cost more than 30 billion yuan, but actually it cost less than 500 million yuan to operate.
After the merger of these factories, Jiangbo naturally started a large-scale transformation, dispersing part of the CNC machine tools purchased from Deguo, so that the machine tool factories began to produce parts according to the assembly line.
What automobile factories need is to assemble, produce engines and test them.
The second is research and development.
Charging system, how to combine the electronic industry with the automobile industry.
As for the future of new energy, Jiangbo needs to consider things in the future.
In this way, efficiency is naturally increased.
In February, the scale of auto production could reach 1000 cars a month.
Now, in March, the production capacity has begun to explode, reaching 1500 units.
Jiangbo is also completely in accordance with the style of laomaozi, producing a large number of original big brother's unique luxury cars. This kind of car has high added value and high selling price.
The production cost of a LADA is about 20000 yuan, which can be exchanged for 300000 yuan of oil.
However, if you produce a ZIL series of likhachov, the cost is about 80000 yuan, and you can really get a million yuan worth of oil.
As for fuel saving, please. Now they can drive the ZIL series of likhachov. They are rich or expensive. Do they care about oil?
All they care about is their power and how to show their noble status.
Therefore, the ZIL series of likhachov are all developing in the direction of comfort and domineering. How to show the precious and how to come from it? According to the meaning of Jiangcheng, it is to gild the logo directly, and the interior decoration is inlaid with several diamonds.
If you buy him five or six million yuan, you will not refuse.
In addition, Jiangbo made a special trip to laomaozi. Almost half selling and half giving, he won the Volga car factory.
The car factory, a symbol of big brother's glory, has become the private property of the Jiang family.
I have to say that ye is really laomaozi's sinner.
After winning, it is aimed at the transformation and upgrading of old cars.
Interior upgrade, then air conditioning modification.
Jiangbo still employs a lot of workers and pays them not rubles, but soft coins. Now the ruble has begun to depreciate, and the value of the currency is still soft coins.
Some of Huaxia's products can also be used in automobile factories.
For a while, many workers began to resell goods and materials. After knowing this situation, Jiang Bo wanted to strictly stop it, but he was stopped by Jiangcheng.
You can't stop this kind of thing.
Laomaozi is short of goods and materials now. It must be profitable to resell them. This can't stop them from reselling. The only thing they can do is to strictly enforce the wage system.
Anyway, the salary is soft girl money, and the products are also soft girl money. As for whether they resell outside the factory, we don't need to worry about it, as long as we control the quantity.
At the same time, strict standards.
Don't let laomaozi cheat. As long as they work honestly, resell materials and earn more money, what's the matter?
It can also send out a signal that as long as you are willing to work honestly, you can resell materials and make a lot of money.
Jiangbo naturally accepted Jiangcheng's suggestion.
He also knows that Lao maozi can never do things according to the Chinese way of thinking.
In that case, it's better to be simple.
Subsequently, a large number of old cars were transformed. In terms of quality, naturally, they are not as good as the cars produced in Bocheng.
But the victory lies in quantity.
In particular, before big brother wanted to buy a car, he needed to buy a car coupon, but now he doesn't.
As soon as the car was transformed, Jiangbo was not in a hurry to put it on the market, but directly found Alexei.
Alexei couldn't help but make a noise.
Originally thought it was scrap iron, but actually forced Jiang Bo to transform it.
Naturally, the speed of transformation is much faster than that of production. Adding ABS system and replacing engine are also some limits for Bocheng.
It's great to be able to rebuild 3000 cars a month.
At present, laomaozi has only 43.4 cars per thousand people. Compared with laomaozi, the current economic capacity of laomaozi is about 20%. In 1990, the number of cars in Portugal was 185.
At the same economic level, the number of cars owned by 1000 people in China is 125.
So many cars!
For a moment, Alexei didn't know what to do with it.
However, Jiangcheng gave Alexei a good idea. He could sell it to Eastern European countries and let them buy it with Meizi. Although they are poor now, there are still rich people. Although the big brother is gone, isn't laomaozi still influential?
This, on the contrary, is a dilemma for Alexei.
If you want him to be corrupt, he has no problem. If you want him to fight, he has no problem. If you want him to do sales and business, this special code is very problematic.
He doesn't understand.
Helpless, this matter, also can let Jiang Bo come to operate a knife only.
Alexei had a chat with the oil merchant behind him. The oil was sent to China happily. As for how to take it out, let Jiangbo study it.
Alexei escorts Jiangbo behind his back, which is nothing more than giving some oil. The assets belonging to the country are not his own, so he doesn't need to care so much.
In a word, the price of oil is worthless now.
1986From the beginning of the year to the beginning of 1999, the international crude oil price was basically stable below US $20 / barrel, but from September to October 1990, the oil price suddenly rose and exceeded US $40 / barrel for the first time, but it soon fell below US $20 / barrel two months later
1998At the end of the year and the beginning of 1999, the international crude oil price once fell below 10 US dollars per barrel.
2000In 2001, the international crude oil price rose to above US $30 / barrel in a short time, but soon fell to below US $20 / barrel.
Today's oil is far from the 1970s and 1980s, when Lao maozi can fly up happily.
After 14 years, when the price of oil began to rise, the United States developed shale oil development technology, which hit the price of oil again.
Lao maozi is also suffering.
Jiang Bo is also suffering. He finds that he not only wants to sell his car to Lao maozi, but also wants to find a way to sell his car to Europe to increase foreign exchange for Lao maozi.
Although he promised to have his own share, this task is not generally arduous.
However, Jiangcheng convinced his father to agree.
The reason is very simple. Is there a better chance to expand our sales channels than now*
Chapter 0042 I don't care about selling yetian!
Although big brother is broken up.
Although, it is divided into 15 member countries.
However, the industrial foundation accumulated by eldest brother is not generally strong. The whole nineties was the time when oligarchs were formed. At this time, it was definitely a time when young people didn't care about selling yetian.
As long as they have a bite, they can sell anything.
What's more, these oligarchs, big and small, don't want to live in luxury?
In the past, it was furtive, but now, it can be enjoyed aboveboard.
Jiangcheng doesn't worry about the fact that these cars can't be sold. Even if they can't be sold, you can exchange the resources for them. Throughout the 1990s, the used cars that Europe ordered from laomaozi are basically used cars, among which the island devils are the most ferocious. They are all used Toyota.
It's not that they don't want to do business.
But now laomaozi's foreign exchange is really poor. Secondly, they don't need laomaozi's products. As for barter, it's too troublesome.
Moreover, their vigilance to Lao maozi has never dissipated, even if you are in Ye's power.
Island countries want to barter, but they are too far away from each other across the sea.
The most suitable is Huaxia.
Take the Siberian Railway, or take the beiah railway.
There is absolutely no problem with the quality of Bocheng's cars.
It's another imitation of big brother's car. After some meticulous transformation, it's naturally very popular with maozi.
With such a large population, it is not a big problem to digest millions of cars.
These oligarchs, big and small, will never buy only one car. They will buy as many cars of different styles and types as you have, as long as the expensive ones are not good ones.
It's a big deal. We'd better barter.
Under the promotion of Jiangcheng, Jiangbo also had to start personnel training. After all, a group of people need to understand Russian and some maozi need to learn Chinese.
Later, Bocheng opened a new company in laomaozi, specializing in training business, with Chinese on one side and maozi on the other.
Everything must be done step by step.
You can't eat hot steamed buns in a hurry.
Fortunately, Alexei is not in a hurry. As long as he can earn money, that's OK. Now, he is still in a hurry to master as many resources as he can.
On the one hand, Jiangbo began to do business with these oligarchs.
Laomaozi's ore, wood and oil are all sold to Jiangbo, which provides cars, grain, textiles and some light industrial commodities.
In addition, there is land.
The land in the Far East, not to mention the south of Lake Baikal, is fertile soil for farming. If we take it down, we will directly organize Chinese farmers to plant it.
As long as it is planted on a large scale, the export of grain is a huge income.
Go deep into laomaozi completely. Anyway, these oligarchs are young people who sell yetian. They don't care. They squeeze more benefits from them. That's what they should be.
Today's Bocheng, although a car company, but now it is also beginning to rapidly change.
From a car company, slowly into investment, infrastructure, real estate as one of the company.
A good relationship may monopolize the resources of Siberia.
To Jiangbo's surprise, these modified cars sold out in a very short time.
Er Mao Zi, San Mao Zi and Si Mao Zi are also popular.
In particular, now that the family has just separated, some maozi still have money in their hands.
Now, there are no European products in their market. There are a lot of second-hand cars and scrapped cars in island countries. However, by contrast, they naturally choose Bocheng.
Jiang Bo, on the other hand, required either Meizi, barter or soft Mei coin.
The ruble is not strong enough.
Now it's still depreciating rapidly. If you use rubles, you can still buy a bottle of wine today and only one cup tomorrow.
However, what Jiangbo didn't expect is that in a few years, these cars will appear in the northeast. Lao maozi, who can't survive, will barter with some Chinese businessmen and sell these cars to the Chinese.
This kind of export to domestic sales, is also Jiangbo wanwan did not expect.
However, it will be two years later.
At present, Jiangbo is rapidly expanding its relations. Among the 15 member countries after the disintegration, as well as some Eastern European countries, Jiangbo is also talking about the past one by one.
At the same time, it is also making good relations with the big and small oligarchs of the joining countries.
You can do your own cars, clothes and food. Aren't you in short supply?
We don't lack it!
Moreover, the quality is guaranteed.
What Jiangbo wants to do is a long-term business, so naturally, it has to pull these oligarchs together to distribute their interests.
Do business with nice people.
Although it's impossible to give you Meizi, we can give you soft coins. Especially in Siberia, the products produced by Huaxia will not hinder your consumption.
Take Eastern Europe first, then go further.
The door of the European Union is close at hand.
At this stage, we can't compete with German cars, but for Japanese cars, Jiangbo is very confident in himself.
We should try our best to enter the European market.
At least we should fight with Japanese cars in the field of middle and low end.
Jiangbo's ambition is also growing up now. It must not be limited to China. Only by comparing with these high-level cars, can we know where our defects are and improve our defects.
Want to quickly occupy the market, but also know that they must be stable, stable.
Don't be too anxious.
The domestic market is another scene.
The mouth of the oil sector has begun to smile askew, and the scale of the oil industry is a little too terrible.
Laomaozi really doesn't care.
When the oil is pulled away, the money is quickly put into Bocheng group's account. Overseas, Jiangbo talks with these oligarchs, while in China, Jiangcheng is the backbone who leads his father to stay, and they are also opening up territory.
The first is to expand the machine tool factory, and then training, so that the vast majority of workers can master the technology of CNC machine tools.
Need to have their own ability to produce machine tools, but also they can quickly adapt and start.
In this regard, Jiangcheng has almost expelled all the former leading cadres and replaced them with the leadership of Bocheng group, which is more efficient, plus a certain high salary, which naturally speeds up the pace.
Secondly, 4S stores in major cities all over the country are decorated according to the requirements of Jiangcheng.
Now it's the chip that's stuck in Jiangcheng's neck.
Whether they are devils or deguolao, the chips they sell are all at a lower level, followed by the design of the system.
This is also stuck in the neck of Jiangcheng.
Chip, operating system, these are all need Jiangcheng to personally operate*
0043 busy!
Now Jiangcheng is spinning like a top.
On the one hand, Jiangcheng went to Jinling, to the capital, to Mordor, and went to visit the lithography masters in China one by one.
When the domestic photoresist was the most advanced, it was only seven years away from Europe and America.
Now, over the past seven years, the gap has grown.
Liang Mengsong asked Jiangcheng to buy some equipment. The $100 million on hand is not enough. Jiangcheng can only choose to buy some domestic equipment and see if it can be used.
Taking time, Jiangcheng went to the island country.
Since the signing of the semiconductor agreement between shimadu and the United States, almost all the equipment of major companies have been shut down. It's no exaggeration to say that they almost sell scrap iron outside. Jiangcheng wants to buy it, but the price is cheap.
Of course, Jiangcheng can't say that he bought Huaxia, let alone buy it as Huaxia. Instead, he sold it to Xiangjiang as an eagle.
It is said that Xiangjiang is also preparing to develop chip technology and let the island countries deliver the goods to Xiangjiang first. Anyway, it is also selling scrap iron at home.
Why don't you sell it to me.
The negotiation process was a bit long, but in the end, the island country chose to sell it. After getting Xiangjiang, Jiangcheng secretly transported it to the northeast.
Naturally, it's much easier to get from Xiangjiang to Northeast China.
However, it also needs to pay attention to confidentiality.
What if the devil finds out that he secretly transported the equipment to Huaxia and doesn't sell it to him?
There are some things that I have to consider.
However, even so, 100 million US dollars is far from enough. If you want to move this set of industries directly to China, you don't need to consider more than one billion US dollars.
Sometimes, Jiangcheng has to envy wanwan. In the early years, the layout was successful, and with the support of the United States, the transfer of the industrial chain is naturally simple.
It's not like you have to do everything secretly.
Feeling, it's not a general grievance.
However, it is much easier at home.
Originally, the country's investment in this area has started to decrease sharply. It did not start to develop again until 1999. However, at this time, the gap between China and the world has started for at least 30 years.
In the middle, there is a direct chronology of people of one age group.
The appearance of Jiangcheng is like a savior to them.
Do not rely on foreign technology, we must let Huaxia's technology develop itself.
The first investment was 600 million soft coins.
When an old professor of a research institute in Jinling heard 600 million yuan, the whole person was a little silly. At the beginning, even when the country supported it most, there was no 600 million yuan of investment in a year.
This up to 600 million?
Yi Hongxing doubted what Jiangcheng said, and Jiangcheng was not ambiguous. He took the old professor to the northeast.
I didn't show anything else, but mainly showed the old professor a batch of equipment purchased from the island country.
Then, he took the old professor to the bank and looked at the company's account balance.
The old professor was excited on the spot.
In addition, Jiangcheng showed 100% sincerity.
In addition, all inclusive accommodation, an industrial park, in particular, the establishment of a residence.
If you want your family to receive a good education, you can directly arrange the best school in Northeast China as long as you come.
As long as you are willing to play light and heat.
Of course, if you come up with something, I'll be happy to give you money.
The old professor's name is Yi Hongxing.
On hearing the treatment offered by Jiangcheng, without saying a word, he began to contact his students directly.
Huaxia's chip technology must be developed.
It has to be said that this set of Jiangcheng has naturally attracted many people to the northeast. In addition, there are some domestic equipment. In the case that the overall situation is not as good as that of island countries, what Jiangcheng can do is to make use of domestic equipment as much as possible.
Learn from the island technology, and then, as far as possible to improve their own technology.
For a moment, Jiangcheng had almost no time to rest.
Bocheng's business needs to go to war, and its own Hongmeng group also needs to accommodate these people. During this period, he spent most of his time on the plane.
Even when taking a plane, Jiangcheng still needs to keep reading and charging.
Occasionally, Jiangcheng still needs to go to the island.
This large group of technicians came to the northeast, in addition to taking care of their food and drink, Jiangcheng still needs to discuss with them, or need to purchase what kind of equipment, in order to further improve their technology.
If you can't buy it, what kind of way should you use to break this technology monopoly.
Many experiences need to be recorded.
In addition, it is business training.
Fortunately, at this time, Jiang Bo came back with a large group of laomaozi. On the one hand, they need to learn Chinese, and on the other hand, some Chinese need to learn Russian.
Father and son are very busy.
Even the meeting time is very few.
Although people are in the northeast.
Even the distance may be less than one kilometer, but there is no chance and time to meet.
In addition, Jiangcheng still needs to chat with Liang Mengsong in the United States.
Now the country still has not quit the Internet, only through the phone, this guy, but he must keep, must not let the goods go to the bay.
Liang Mengsong kept his promise and promised to visit China before going to wanwan.
Of course, Jiangcheng is still not at ease, specially arranged two people to stare quietly, don't let the goods really run to the bay.
It has to be said that when Jiangcheng really planned to do lithography and set foot in the chip industry, it felt the great difficulty in this.
There is too much professional knowledge involved.
Generally, a car is composed of about 10000 independent parts that cannot be disassembled.Special cars with extremely complex structures, such as F1 racing cars, have as many as 20000 independent parts, while a high-end lithography machine has as many as 100000 internal parts.
Many difficulties need to be overcome step by step.
Fortunately, the gap is not as big as it will be ten years later. Now, with the welfare of the reborn, Jiangcheng still has the confidence to press the Southern Dynasties and wanwan directly.
Taking time, Jiangcheng paid attention to Hainan. Sure enough, with the important speech of the south, Hainan's real estate began to rise with a terrible speed.
Thirty times!
Jiangcheng took the time to come to Hainan, quickly integrated all the real estate that he had bought before, and cooperated with the government to publicize*
Chapter 0044 real estate, industry, finance!
A trip to Hainan.
Jiangcheng found several people.
Wang Gongquan, Feng Lun, Liu Jun, Wang Qifu, Yi Xiaodi and Pan Shiyi, the Six Gentlemen of Wantong, gathered together and were called the Six Gentlemen of Wantong. They started their real estate business in Hainan and eventually became the overlord of each side.
In addition, Jiangcheng found another person.
Li Shufu!
The future founder of Geely.
Unlike Wantong Liujunzi, Li Shufu lost 30 million yuan directly in Hainan. Since then, Li Shufu vowed that he would never touch real estate and only engage in industry, which led to the birth of Geely Automobile.
If Li Shufu makes money, he may lose an entrepreneur in the future.
Jiangcheng quietly did a bureau, directly Wantong Six Gentlemen to pull in.
In fact, Wantong Liujunzi has made a lot of money during this period, but they put their money into real estate again.
They also believe that housing prices in Hainan will continue to grow in the future.
As for Wantong Six Gentlemen.
In addition to raising house prices across the country, those engaged in real estate have done nothing serious. In particular, pan Yiyi has to donate money to the University of the United States.
I'll give them a hand.
Jiangcheng has no sense of guilt.
As for Li Shufu, if he loses money, he can be honest
Originally, Jiangcheng planned to stay in Hainan for a few days. However, due to time constraints, Jiangbo returned to northern Liaoning Province.
The passenger cars produced by our own company will be the first to be put on the market.
The most important thing for other brands of cars is to cater to Lao maozi's appetite. At present, they have little interest in minibuses. The cars produced by Bocheng are basically provided to Lao maozi for the time being.
Big profits.
Before the production capacity breaks out, the domestic market will not be considered for the time being.
Therefore, this time the first to promote the car or.
The name of the car is Jinbei.
This kind of minibus, in the final analysis, is actually a minibus. However, Jiangcheng still integrates some old maozi's technology, has a strong posture, and expands the space to store more things.
Nowadays, people who drive vans usually do business. Naturally, the larger the capacity, the better.
All of these were investigated by the marketing department of Bocheng.
You should know what kind of car you are going to make very popular.
Besides, it's the price.
It costs 32000 yuan per set, and the cost is about 10000 yuan.
And in this market, Changchun FAW's “Jiefang” brand van is undoubtedly worthy of the hegemony, it can be said that it is in the limelight.
It's also in northern Liaoning Province.
In fact, Changchun FAW is somewhat envious of Bocheng.
In the big brother market, Bocheng makes too much money. It's hard to be envious.
At this moment, the old man went to laomaozi's home again. There was no one else to promote Jinbei bus, so he had to let Jiangcheng go on the bus himself.
In such a big office in Bocheng.
As the CEO of Jiangcheng simply held a meeting, arranged the major sales staff, Jiangcheng had a rare rest, just sat down, Yang Rong came to the door.
“I hope our bus is called Golden Lion bus?”
Jiangcheng just drank a mouthful of water, almost did not spray out, and then the suspicious eyes swept around Yang Rong's body.
Yang Rong wry smile: “yes, now we are in the critical period of listing in the United States. What we need is products. If there are no products, it is very difficult for us people to believe that our enterprise is going to be listed in the United States, and they will even think it is a shell company!”
“It's a shell company, isn't it?”Jiangcheng's psychological Tucao, then looked at Yang Rong, slowly opened his mouth: “I'm not willing to make complaints about this. It's still a bit troublesome. We need to report to the above for examination and approval. I can only ask, try to!”
Yang Rong smiles, and then says, “it's the best. It's Mr. Jiang who likes to talk!”
“What, you talked to my dad?”Jiang Cheng can't help laughing when he hears the words.
Yang Rong is some helpless wry smile: “President Jiang's father, does not seem to like my appearance very much!”
“My father really doesn't like finance, and even more he doesn't like advocating capital. My father likes some real things, either technology or cash, listing and financing. He really doesn't like this set of things!”Jiang Cheng shrugged and told the truth.
Yang Rong opened his mouth, but he didn't know what to say.
He also felt that Jiang Bo really didn't like himself.
However, by contrast, Jiangcheng is more talkative.
Seems to be able to accept their own words.
“Put down the cup!”Jiangcheng looked at Yang Rong and said slowly, “why, you are very optimistic about our minibus?”
“The style is still very novel, and I've compared the equipment. Your equipment seems to be more advanced than other automobile manufacturers. Therefore, I think this minibus should have a very competitive advantage!”
Yang Rong thought for a while and made his own judgment.
“Of course!”However, Yang Rong laughed, but he began to flatter: “I don't know much about cars, but I have a feeling that what Jiang always wants to do must be different. Who can think of changing cans for airplanes?I also believe that Mr. Jiang will break the rules! ”
Jiangcheng takes a look at Yang Rong and knows whether this guy created the famous brilliance series or combined with BMW to create brilliance BMW. However, it's a pity that what he played with is still capital.
If you can really work hard, maybe you can make something.
Such a person, Jiangcheng is to use it.
As for what will happen in the future, Jiangcheng will not worry about it.
“I highly admire a famous saying in the art of War:” knowing change leads to victory, and keeping constant leads to defeat. “Jiangcheng smile, and then slowly said: “some things, one step ahead is ahead of an era!”
Speaking of this, Jiangcheng slowly said: “I will consider changing Jinbei bus into Jinshi bus, and I hope you can be listed in the United States as soon as possible. I won't leave you today. I'm still busy now, and I'll go to the factory later!”
“Thank President Jiang first!”Yang Rongfei said quickly: “President Jiang, since I have something to do, I will not stay, waiting for your good news from President Jiang!”
“Good word for you!”Jiang Cheng smiles*
Chapter 45 FAW Group's response!
Jiangcheng is really busy now.
He threw Yang Rong aside and immediately went to Hongmeng group. Some of the equipment needed to be debugged. Some ideas also needed to be tested to see if they were feasible.
For a week, Jiangcheng only slept less than four hours.
Relying on the welfare of the reborn, Jiangcheng survived.
The next day, Jiangcheng also held a meeting with Wang Sihai to determine the sales model.
Secondly, Jiangcheng needs to discuss the product development of three squirrels with his uncle Su Zixin.
Su Zixin's strategy is to merge food processing plants on a large scale.
Take down the factory first.
As for publicity, there is no need to worry.
Make your own products first.
Milk products, nut products, beverage products, grilled fish slices, seafood products, and nutritional products such as sea cucumber.
If it doesn't, it will make a big difference!
For today's China, there is a very strange place.
That is to say, almost all provinces and cities have their own food processing factories or textile factories. Except for heavy industry, almost every province and city, big or small, has its own small factories.
These factories are relatively scattered, which is basically unthinkable if we put them in 30 years' time.
Basically, these factories need to be self-sufficient. At the same time, they also need to be responsible for people's life, such as education and work, as well as social responsibility.
Because of the backward management system, their products are difficult to sell.
But they can't go bankrupt. They have to borrow a lot of money from the bank, and the things they produce can't be sold. As a result, the more foreign debts they accumulate, the more they accumulate.
Now, it is necessary to clean up the triangle debt, which is a huge pressure for these factories.
The profit of the factory may be there, but it needs to bear more expenses.
Su Zixin and Zhang Wei talked one by one.
What we want is acquisition, and the ultimate right to speak is still in our own hands.
Naturally, this process is not plain sailing.
It is inevitable to encounter obstacles. However, this year's important speech in the South also made it clear that the market economy, coupled with clearing up the triangle debt, has encountered obstacles, but not so great.
Among them, the most important problem is whether to bear the original enterprise's debt.
Su Zixin's attitude is very obvious. If he can't bear it, he won't.
In addition, in the vicinity of Bocheng automobile, there is also a power plant.
Speaking in front of big leaders has some effect.
Subsequently, Wang Sihai began to bring forth new ideas under the instruction of Jiangcheng, and quickly promoted the Golden Lion minibus.
It's troublesome to change the name, but there are not so many rules in this era. Jiangcheng is also very cooperative, and it's called Golden Lion minibus.
The logo is the logo of Bocheng.
Jiangcheng didn't think much about the design of the logo, so he made a metal Taiji diagram.
Not black and white, but silver and white.
At least, it looks very classy.
Later, this is the logo of Bocheng.
The first is to establish their own 4S stores in major provinces and cities.
The main consumer market of this kind of Golden Lion minibus is not big cities, but second and third tier cities, mainly southern cities, such as Guancheng, Yangcheng and Shencheng.
The annual throughput of goods in these places is huge. In addition, it is the small workshop mode. The things produced are directly piled up in the passenger cars and can be pulled as much as possible.
Now the speed of development in the south is naturally much faster than that in the northeast.
However, although there are also large factories in the south, more groups are still small workshops. They can't use large trucks. The demand for such minibuses is very large, and the production and processing on behalf of others are not large. The demand for minibuses is still very large.
FAW Group
Geng Zhaojie is also silently looking at the information in his hand.
There is also a picture above, which is the latest Golden Lion minibus.
Geng Zhaojie has to admit that this golden lion minibus at least looks better than his own minibus Jiefang.
Put down the information in hand.
Geng Zhaojie didn't pay attention to the Golden Lion minibus. Now Xiaoxie has a very high market share. He doesn't think Bocheng can compete with him.
However, what makes Geng Zhaojie a little unhappy is that less than a year after the establishment of Bocheng, the speed of making money is a little scary.
The output of FAW is not as good as FAW's. even the old production line of big brother is used. However, the profit is much more than that of FAW itself. Take the car directly to big brother to barter.
When the master fell to this level, Bocheng was the only one.
Geng Zhaojie covets this market.
If you can do business with laomaozi, you can make more money than Bocheng by relying on the volume of FAW.
Originally, I thought big brother didn't have money. Who could have thought that people could exchange resources.
A few years ago, Geng Zhaojie went to moseo and found the idle 488 engine production line.Geng Zhaojie personally flew to mose to investigate and found that the products on this production line can be used in light trucks and cars, so he immediately bought this production line.
Later, Geng Zhaojie learned that Chrysler still had a dodge 600 production line with 488 engine, which was about to be eliminated. FAW planned to buy this production line, so as to “rebirth” the red flag car.But it is helpless that in the process of negotiation between the two sides, Chrysler thought that FAW had no choice but to increase the transfer price of the production line several times.
Geng Zhaojie turned to work with Volkswagen, and combined the 488 engine with the Audi 100 for modification. The Audi 100 with the 2.2L Chrysler 488 engine was born.
With this new car, FAW made a lot of money last year, but it was only 2 billion yuan. On the contrary, it was Bocheng, with a profit of 10 times, and a profit of 3.4 billion yuan in a few months. Naturally, Geng Zhaojie was very excited.
Some time ago, Geng Zhaojie also said hello to the capital.
He hopes that the capital side can also arrange for himself, so that he can also trade with Lao maozi.
Barter is good. Anyway, laomaozi has resources.
The money made by Bocheng is really enviable.
FAW wants to make this money.
What's more, as a state-owned enterprise, is it not good for state-owned enterprises to earn some money?
Why give it to private enterprises?
Geng Zhaojie looks at Bocheng in a different way.
Red eyes and jealousy.
He is confident that Bocheng's car is incomparable with his own. What technology can a small private enterprise have?
We are an enterprise cooperating with the masses of Germany*
Chapter 46 Bocheng power, super catfish!
The envy of FAW, Jiangbo and Jiangcheng really don't know.
However, Jiangcheng also knows that such a large profit must attract people's attention. There are only many enterprises that want to cooperate with laomaozi.
In fact, there are more and more people going to Mosco now.
Many people have begun to appear the case of shoddy, which also makes a considerable number of old maozi more and more began to hate Chinese products.
However, Bocheng's cars, red bean's clothes and three squirrel's food are exceptions.
Jiangcheng is a real conscience product.
Moreover, with enough novel styles and abundant management, the relationship between father and son and big brother is getting closer and closer.
Even if FAW wants to cooperate with laomaozi, Jiangcheng is confident.
FAW can't compare with itself.
After all, FAW's technology is still obsolete in Europe and America.
What about Bocheng?
Jiangcheng disassembled the most developed engines in Europe and the United States, and then studied them little by little. Their production lines were all assembled little by little in Jiangcheng.
If we start to compete directly with BMW, Mercedes Benz and Audi, Jiangcheng still has little confidence.
However, if we compete with FAW.
Jiangcheng felt that he was bullying people.
Besides, it's still bullying people.
How to compete with yourself?
Do you have the technology?
Unless Europe and America give FAW the most advanced technology, it is obviously impossible. Apart from other things, FAW does not even consider ABS.
Jiangcheng didn't know Geng Zhaojie's mind, and now he didn't feel that way.
After leaving the task of sales to Wang Sihai, Jiangcheng's mind was put on the lithography machine.
During this period of time, the burning of money is a little scary and terrifying.
“I don't think we've fallen into a set mindset!”
In the conference room, Jiangcheng took a sip of tea, and then slowly said, “can we use water as the medium instead of the traditional” air “as the medium, because through the refraction of water, we can find 134 nm light wave, which is shorter than 157 nm wavelength, to research and produce infiltrating lithography machine?”
Yi Hongxing is lost in meditation, and then slowly said: “water as the medium is easy to produce pollution, and the bubbles in the water will affect the lithography results!”
“Well, we need to experiment!”
Jiang Cheng narrowed his eyes and said: “now the technology of 156 nanometers has come abroad. We still stay at 190 nanometers. I think we can try it. In this technology, we still master it. Dry lithography can't break through, so let's try immersion lithography.It doesn't matter. Let me pay for the money. You can ask me what equipment you need to see if you can solve the problem! ”
This kind of infiltrating photoresist was proposed by Lin benjian in 2002. Later, 193 nm infiltrating photoresist was developed from 65 nm and 40 nm to 28 nm, 20 nm and 16 nm. It is an important breakthrough point of high-order technology. About 90% of transistors in the world are produced by 193 nm infiltrating photoresist.
It's still time to overtake at the corner.
Yi Hongxing nodded and said, “well, let's try again!”
“And then there's the computer system, the display screen!”
Jiangcheng leaned on the chair. At this moment, he felt tired with his body. He couldn't help yawning and said slowly, “we all need to develop ourselves!”
“Well, Lao Yi, I'm going to have a rest!”Jiangcheng once again stretched his muscles and bones: “I haven't slept for nearly three days!”
Yi Hongxing can't help looking at Jiangcheng with some admiration.
I just don't know where this young man has so many experiences, and the most terrifying thing is that this guy's thinking and learning ability are also quite terrifying.
Some of the equipment is purchased, and some of the equipment is not enough money to buy, Jiangcheng is also trying to transform from domestic.
It's really a success.
Everything is difficult at the beginning, especially after five or six years in the middle fault. Now it is still difficult to catch up.
But, at last, it started to catch up.
Without Jiangcheng, I can't imagine the future.
Just after Jiangcheng went to bed.
The 4S shop of Bocheng automobile also started large-scale advertising.
For its own price, Jiangcheng's request is to print the price in the product advertisement, so that consumers can intuitively feel the price.
Nowadays, most of the car companies do not directly indicate the price. Naturally, this is one of the means for car companies to win over dealers. After all, cars can only be sold through dealers.
However, for Bocheng, it doesn't care about these.
Originally, Laozi's 4S shop was directly operated, and it didn't need any dealers. From top to bottom, it directly provided one-stop service.
In this way, as long as the public see the advertisement, they can go directly to the 4S shop and order the car.
You can pick up the car at the scene.
If it's not enough, it will be delivered to you in three days at most.
Transparency, efficiency and speed
This is the requirement of Jiangcheng. In addition, for sales, there is also a commission for buying a car. Naturally, they have made every effort.
As long as you buy a car, you are my good God.
For some operators in the south, they really need this kind of minibus, which is specially used to pull goods.
So when advertising, Bocheng is also unambiguous, that is, it tells you that the capacity is large, it can carry more goods, and the brake is good.
Transport more goods and earn several hundred yuan more.
I want to earn my car back, which is a year or two.
This advertisement, naturally, pokes into the mind of these small workshop owners.
I visited the 4S store again. Seeing is believing. When I saw that there was so much space in this box, I immediately moved my mind.
Buy it.
The problem now is that they can't afford to buy a big truck, and they want to carry as much as possible.
Secondly, when the car stops, the feeling of the brake is completely different. With the ABS system installed, the feeling of the brake is still different.
Most importantly, the interior is spacious enough to accommodate more goods and products.
Before selling the car, the staff of Bocheng took the lead in conducting market research, understanding the market demand, and then formulating their own strategic objectives.
In contrast, other car companies are often produced by my husband. It doesn't matter whether you like it or not. Anyway, sooner or later, you still want to buy my car.
If you don't buy mine, buy someone else's.
As for the needs of consumers, this is not important, and it is completely out of their scope of study.
Bocheng, on the other hand, first understands the needs of consumers and then formulates sales strategies.
Bocheng, like a big catfish, has entered the auto market*
Chapter 0047 FAW's shock kills xiaojiefang.
Jiangcheng was awakened by the ringing of the telephone.
When he woke up, Wang Sihai had already called.
“Acheng, Acheng, all our golden lion minibuses in Guancheng are sold out!”Wang Sihai's excited voice came from the other end of the phone: “a total of more than 300 cars have been sold!”
Jiangcheng just fell asleep for less than two hours. Now he was still a little angry. When he heard this, he immediately opened his eyes and said, “are they sold out?”
“Yes, yes, it's all sold out!”Wang Sihai excitedly said: “this is Guancheng, and there is Shencheng here. We have more than 1000 cars here in Shencheng, and now we have sold more than 800 cars!”
“And here in Yangcheng, 800 cars, we also sold more than 600“
Wang Sihai reports data quickly.
Jiangcheng's face also can't help showing a surprised expression.
“So much?”
“How long has it been?”
Wang Sihai said excitedly, “ah Cheng, our van is not the same. Our capacity is big enough, and our performance is good. The price is cheaper than other cars. Why don't they buy our van?”
It's not the boast of Wang Sihai.
The minibuses on the market now are either the big ones of Jinmen or the small ones of FAW.
But the golden lion is different.
Taking the current minibus as an example, the body of the golden lion is much longer, much like a bus. The body space is very large and durable. It shows a particularly strong strength in pulling goods. In addition, the comfort is specially adjusted.
Naturally, they are also very popular.
In particular, the price of cars that are cheaper than those that support the market is basically stable at around 50000, whether it is small liberation or big development.
The golden lion has only 32, 000.
As for the cost of 10000 yuan, with the expansion and assembly of Bocheng production line, the price can be further lowered.
This is the benefit of large-scale industrialization.
However, Jiangcheng still plans to distinguish these cars from Bocheng.
In the future, Bocheng will enter the high-end car market sooner or later. It's better not to leave the stereotype that Bocheng mainly produces low-end cars.
“So we've sold more than 5000 Golden Lions?”Jiangcheng finally felt his brain regained consciousness and immediately said, “how long did it take?”
“About half a month!”Wang Sihai said quickly, “there are orders in the back. Now I'm contacting Liancheng to send the goods quickly. In addition, in Beijing and Tianjin, the sales are also good. However, compared with those in the south, it's still a little worse!”
“More than 5000 vehicles, half a month or so!”Jiangcheng found that he did not seem to know much about the consumption level of Huaxia.
Before the sea lion minibus sold only 2000 a year.
Production speed is slow, and most of the parts still need to be imported.
Now, the production efficiency has been greatly improved, mainly due to the use of numerical control machine tools, and the self-assembled production line, which has lowered the price and made it possible to use domestic parts as much as possible.
It increases the production speed and depresses the price.
It's 10000 yuan cheaper than xiaojiefang and Jinmen Dafa.
But in fact, the profit is much higher.
It's easy for a small boat to turn around, but it's not so easy for a large enterprise to turn around. In Bocheng, some things only need an order from Jiangcheng or Jiangbo, and they will do it immediately.
However, for large enterprises, it is not so easy.
Internal bickering, perfunctory, discussion.
It's an internal friction.
Jiangcheng launched this big bread, which can be said to hit the sinking market at once, and directly targeted at a group of people who have the most demand for cars.
Although in this era, the per capita monthly income is only one or two hundred yuan.
However, it is not that there are no rich people. From 1978 to now, a considerable number of people have become rich, and their consumption level is not completely zero.
In particular, some small businessmen do need to transport goods.
The appearance of this kind of big bread is just to their taste.
“Find someone to design the advertisement now!”Jiangcheng thought for a moment, and then quickly said: “when it's played on CCTV, the content is like this. A businessman wants to rent other people's trucks before, and every time he buys goods, it's much more expensive than the original place. However, if he buys our golden lion minibus, he can go to the place of supply and purchase some knitwear from the original place with the lowest price,And then there are snacks. For this knitwear and snack, just use red beans and our three squirrels. They are sold in Beijing and Tianjin, making a lot of money. After a few years, they drove several Golden Lion minibuses and embarked on the road of success! ”
“The content of the advertisement is about three minutes. I'll find someone to design it right away!”Jiangcheng thought for a while, and then quickly said: “advertising investment here, try to put the price down, and there is the south here, it's almost the same, give me a look after the advertising design is finished!”
As he said this, Jiang Cheng brought paper and pen, which is a habit he has gradually developed since his rebirth. While he began to outline it, he also quickly said: “another thing is to design an advertising slogan, drive a golden lion car and walk the golden road. In a word, our advertising slogan should be catchy!”
“Transport, make money, make money, find the right position!”Jiangcheng thought about it for a while, and then quickly said: “in China, let's not focus on high-end cars. Let's solve this problem from the aspect of demand. Continue to research, we also need to develop new models!”
After thinking about it for a while, Jiangcheng continued: “there are trucks. We need minivans. In addition, there are pickups. Forget it, I'll have a good discussion with my father about this matter!”
A month later, FAW Group
“What?”Geng Zhaojie stupidly looked at the information in his hand. For a moment, he didn't know what to say. His small liberation sales volume plummeted by two-thirds.
The sales volume of Golden Lion minibus has reached more than 14000.
Directly increased sales by seven times.
This is just two months. On average, 7000 units are sold in a month. Can we sell 84000 units in a year?
What's the concept?
Let's put it this way. Eight years later, the annual sales volume of the Jinbei bus led by Yang Rong was only 60000.
Jiangcheng is eight years ahead of schedule, surpassing Yang Rong's achievements of two thousand years*
Chapter 48 continue to explore the potential market!
What Jiangcheng noticed was a part of the sinking market.
Although, in this era, there are still few people who can afford a car.
But, after all, it's 10000 yuan cheaper.
In addition, Jiangcheng is more accurate in positioning. It is specialized in finding these small vendors to buy cars. First, they have money in their hands. Second, they need to build a reason to buy a car.
Find the right positioning, and then build a reason for them to buy a car.
The advertisement of golden lion is aimed at these peddlers. Other people don't think about it for the time being. If the rich buy cars directly, who will buy vans?
Why buy a van? It's cheap and convenient for transportation.
Getting them to buy a car would be twice the result with half the effort.
Throughout the 1990s, a variety of small commodity markets have emerged one after another, and they do need them, especially cars that can hold more goods.
For a moment, Geng Zhaojie didn't know what to do.
Now the small liberation of FAW can sell about 10000 cars a year, but now, the market seems to have been completely robbed by Jiangcheng.
For a moment, Geng Zhaojie had a strange feeling.
This is an opponent that can never be ignored.
This is a marketing expert.
Bocheng group, internal meeting.
“Next, we can't just put our market in the south. We still have to consider second – and third tier cities and towns!”Jiangcheng is presiding over the meeting.
In addition to Bocheng automobile, there are Hongdou Group and three squirrels Co., Ltd.
All together.
“The main content of this meeting is still the market. We need to continue to expand our market. First of all, I think the rural market will also be a big market. Don't think that the rural market has no consumption power. I believe that this market certainly has potential. Now, there are fairs between villages and towns, which are often mobile,Today in this village, tomorrow in another village, often speaking, the monthly income of these stall peddlers can reach 500-800, of course, some people earn a little more, can hit 1000 yuan, without a car, they can only walk, or rely on tricycles and so on! ”
Looking at the information in hand, Jiangcheng said quickly: “it takes a lot of manpower to buy goods. We have to tell these towns that if they have a car, it will be very fast. Before, they can only go to the nearby market, but what if they have a car?That's what other fairs can do! ”
At this point, Jiangcheng slightly pause, and then his eyes fell on the marketing manager, Wang Sihai, who said: “here, I want to thank the marketing manager, Wang Sihai, for personally leading the team and personally investigating, which is responsible for the whole company!”
What he said made Wang Sihai feel excited. He felt that he would die for his confidant.
“So, I think, next, we need to communicate with the local banks and launch the installment payment model. That is to say, we need to buy the car and mortgage it to the bank as a loan. We only need to repay part of the money to the bank every month, so that the bank can reduce the interest rate as much as possible!”
“Finally, we need to provide them with maintenance, which will be free of repair within three years. In addition, at the accident site, we have to use the fastest speed to save time. Time is money and reputation. We need to spend time to build it up!”
Every word Jiangcheng says is naturally recorded on paper.
Jiangbo is also secretly nodding, but Jiangcheng has set up a strong enough marketing team for itself to go directly into the front-line market research.
So as to judge the demand, and then according to their needs to produce the right car, as well as different ways of publicity.
“Next, we need to cooperate with local TV stations. The advertisements of local TV stations can be longer. Needless to say, we are going to hire people to tell a simple story.”
Jiang Cheng took a big drink from the water cup on the table and continued: “let me give you an example. Village a produces an apple. Suppose that the price of each kilo of Apple sold in village a is five yuan per kilo, then if the apple is transported to village B, the price is eight yuan per kilo, which makes three yuan more. But there is a long distance between village a and village B,How to do, with our car, you can quickly from a to B, and then, you can earn three yuan more.Moreover, after a long time, one or two years, you can buy a new car. In a few years, you will become the richest man in the village! ”
“I believe everyone likes to see the story of getting rich!”
Jiang Cheng laughed and continued“What we need to do is to promote consumption, let more people buy our golden lion car, engage in transportation, and earn the price difference! ”
Jiangcheng continued: “the second is propaganda. Villages and towns are not necessarily people. All the people in the family have TV sets. So go to the local people and make up the story vividly and spread it quickly!”
“Don't look down on the township enterprises and the countryside. They don't have the ability to consume. Instead, what makes them spend money? I know that the wealth in the countryside is not enough. However, it doesn't mean that they really don't have the ability to consume at all. Secondly, it also requires our staff to pay more attention to the price level in the city,To provide farmers with some information, we must let them earn money and read our good wishes
At this point, Jiangcheng slightly pause, continued: “we sell cars, absolutely can't do everything we can, to find a way to provide some means to make a living for the farmers brothers, people will want to continue to buy our cars when they make money!”
“Besides that!”
Jiangcheng put up a finger and continued: “I have a proposal that our factory canteen and some agricultural products that three squirrels need to buy should be given priority to the farmers who bought our cars!”
“Finally, we need to continue to produce the following three types of cars: pickup trucks, tricycles, and tricycles. Moreover, the price must be reduced so that they can afford it, and most people can afford it. The best way is to keep it within 20000 yuan, or even cheaper. For example, this tricycle,I think it can be controlled within 10000 yuan! ”
“Here, I'm putting in a word. Our brand needs to be divided into two parts, one is golden lion, the other is Bocheng. Golden Lion needs to face the vast rural market, some wealthy small vendors, some families whose income is not so high. In this part of the market, the price should be low, the brand is golden lion, and the trademark needs to be redesigned!”
“The second is Bocheng, which is mainly facing the middle and high-end consumer market, with BMW and Audi as the targets, mainly for laomaozi. Laomaozi, who are local tyrants, need luxury, and the high-end consumer groups in China.Therefore, my suggestion is that we put all the cars, Volga, Gasi, muscovite, Niwa, LADA, Naz, Urals, iz and kamas, under the golden lion. The characteristics of these cars are cheap, strong and durable. In the medium and long term, we can put them in China. They belong to low-end models, and the price is controlled within 200000 yuan, the cheapest,You can start with 30000 yuan! ”
“Then, we need to design our new models against BMW and Mercedes Benz. Sports cars and sedan cars belong to middle and high-end models. We are short of relevant talents in model design, but it doesn't matter. It's not a special technical problem. We can go to Italian designers to design for us.But we also need to form our own style. At least let people see that the car business in Bocheng is profiteering. They don't like cheap cars. What they want is high-end, comfortable and enjoyable.The price is 500, 000, even more than one million.Of course, our golden lion will be able to go abroad in the future. After all, local tyrants are a few, and ordinary talents are the majority! ”
Speaking of this, Jiangcheng took a sip of water: “I have finished what I have to say!”
A group of people are you, look at me, I look at you, but I have to admit that although Jiangcheng is young, what he said is really beyond refutation.
Clear thinking, well founded
“If we don't have any suggestions, we will start to design and produce our own models. We need to do high-end cars, and we also need to do middle and low-end cars.We need to speed up the design of medium and high-end models. In addition, we need to apply for the manufacture of three wheeled vehicles, pickup trucks and three wheeled motorcycles. We also need to apply for the R & D and production of all the three wheeled motorcycles. We need to find ways to lower the price. However, at the same time, we also need to ensure the quality of production! ”
Jiang Bo knocked on the table and opened his mouth slowly“Next, we need to further expand production. Let's work together! “*
Chapter 0049 is lagging behind now. What can we do to compete in the future?!
Jiangcheng's thinking is very clear.
On the one hand, as a traverser, I know the future development trend.
On the other hand, this group of marketing is also the leader. They go directly to the front line and bring first-hand information to Jiangcheng. Of course, Jiangcheng is not ungrateful to this group of people.
Basically, a car for one person, which is standard configuration, belongs to the company. As long as you work in Bocheng group for one day, this car is yours. As long as you have worked in Bocheng group for more than five years and you want to resign, you can take this car directly.
On weekdays, there are fuel subsidies and travel expenses.
Secondly, their wages are 200 yuan higher than the average workers in Bocheng.
The treatment can be said to be extremely good, but you must get me the information I want. Once it appears, the information benchmarking error will go away.
In all respects, it can be said that the information collected by Jiangcheng during this period may even be more accurate than that collected by the government.
It is just like this that Jiangcheng can have a certain understanding of township areas.
It's not a big problem to make use of the information gap and let some people make money in transportation first.
If it is not that everything is difficult at the beginning, it is difficult to start, and the conditions are not mature, Jiangcheng still wants to set up a transportation company of its own.
It is also from this that Jiangcheng can roughly judge that although it is a bit difficult now, it is still not a big problem to get the down payment.
However, they still have to produce cheaper cars.
But it is also here that Jiangcheng is considering.
Bocheng can not always only manufacture low-end cars, and it is inevitable that Bocheng will step into the high-end automobile manufacturing industry.
Therefore, Bocheng and golden lion must be separated.
In the future, the benchmarking of Bocheng will be BMW and Mercedes Benz, which will definitely not give the Chinese people the stereotype that Bocheng will only produce low-end cars.
After all, the car is still a brand.
break up
Jiangcheng began to arrange sales personnel to take the lead in the Northeast activities.
On the one hand, it is to promote Golden Lion buses, on the other hand, it is to promote Golden Lion motorcycles. Apart from other things, at least there should be a maintenance factory in every township.
The repair shop doesn't have to be so luxurious. It needs to be well grounded. However, it's the minimum to be clean and tidy.
Free maintenance for three years.
Maybe the quality may not pass, but the sense of service must be in place.
We have done a good job in training.
Bocheng group's staff also quickly began to go to the countryside.
It's too much money to give. Moreover, if you sell a car, you'll get a commission of 500 yuan. If you sell a motorcycle, you'll get a commission of 100 yuan.
If you sell more and have good sales ability, you can be promoted directly to the store manager. The store manager can pay dividends according to the annual sales, or even be promoted to the general manager of a region, or even transferred to the headquarters.
Only look at your sales data, do not consider any of your relationships, human exchanges.
Only by making money for the company can you improve your position.
The second is the last elimination system, which has been rated as the lowest level three times in a row, and can be directly dissuaded, even your store manager is the same.
Of course, Jiangcheng is not one size fits all, but according to the local population and economic level.
Some places are economically developed and have a large population. Naturally, they sell well.
But there are also some places where the economy is underdeveloped and the population is small. Naturally, they sell poorly.
It depends on your growth rate.
Will not blindly give you a score.
In this way, their enthusiasm is naturally extremely high.
On the one hand, they want to make more money. On the other hand, they are really afraid of being eliminated. After all, other companies will not be as happy as Bocheng.
In Jiangbo's office
Jiangcheng took out several models and put them in front of Jiangbo: “Dad, this is the model I figured out some time ago. You see, this is the interior, this is the appearance!”
While saying, Jiangcheng took out a few design drawings and put them in front of his father.
This is Bentley, BMW and Mercedes Benz, Porsche's three decades later.
In addition to the appearance, there is also the interior.
In previous lives, their family was not poor in money. Jiangcheng also built a few luxury cars to pick up girls every day.
In addition, after rebirth, his memory has been greatly enhanced, which is enough for him to remember every detail. The product 30 years later, compared with 30 years ago, is absolutely lethal.
The most important engine technology, shock absorption system, it's no exaggeration to say that Bocheng is doing well now, and it won't be inferior to BMW and Mercedes Benz.
Jiang Bo took a look, but his eyes lit up slightly: “this car is a little interesting!”
“In my opinion, isn't FAW stopping production of red flag?Shall we buy the logo and all the intellectual property rights of red flag, and we will produce them ourselves! ”
Jiang Bo narrowed his eyes and said, “I'm afraid FAW won't sell it!”
“So, we need to find a relationship. The red flag is very important in the hearts of the people. We have to ask Uncle Xiao about this. As long as we take it down, we can design a whole set of red flag series!”
“This is a car, this is a sports car, this is a sedan car, and this is a business car, as well as an SUV. I originally planned to use Bocheng to make this brand, but after thinking about it, the fame is not as big as red flag, nor as catchy as red flag!”Jiangcheng quickly opened his mouth and said: “so, I think if we can win a series of red flag logo and all intellectual property rights, it's very important. It's not impossible to spend more money!”
Jiangcheng put up a finger and said slowly: “the appearance design of automobile has intellectual property rights. Appearance design refers to the new design of product shape, pattern or their combination, as well as the combination of color, shape and pattern, which is full of aesthetic feeling and suitable for industrial application.The appearance of a product may, according to its own specific conditions, choose to apply for a patent for utility model or design, which shall be protected by the patent law. ”
“Patent and copyright, no matter whether it's useful or not, we must firmly grasp it in our own hands. Now foreigners are working on patent and copyright barriers. They can do it, and we can do it. In the future, we can't just compete in China, and we have to go out!”
Jiangcheng slowly said: “if you don't say anything else, just say laomaozi is here. In the future, we will directly face BMW and Mercedes Benz. Now that we are behind, what can we do to compete with?”*