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Title: VIP Updates to ‘I can download’ (ICD) and ‘Ancient Rome’ (Rome)

Dear readers,

Hope you and your dear ones are hale and hearty. These are tough times, and we hope they don’t last long. Though we may not be of much help, we hope to indulge you, away from the chaos, even if for a short while.

We have seen the complaints raised against our novel and its high pricing. First, we need to say sorry for this, because we didn’t have a good VIP plan before.After that, we referenced the VIP plan of Wuxia World and Patreon, and thus designed a new VIP plan.

Due to certain reasons, we cannot release all the chapters for free. For regular releases, the reader would need to sign up for VIP5. The free chapters will the same as the original website. All free chapters can be accessed from our website.

The initial weekly regular release will be 3 chapters per week. Once we reach the following milestones for a new book, we’ll increase the number of chapters released for all our VIP subscribers as follows: 

VIP 5 = Access to regular chapters. No bonus chapters

 $600 milestone:    5 regular chapters a week

 $1200 milestone:  7 regular chapters a week

 $2800 milestone:  14 regular chapters a week

VIP Level Based Perks: 

VIP 10 – 10 chapters ahead of regular release

VIP 20 – 20 chapters ahead of regular release

VIP 40 – 30 chapters ahead of regular release

For each additional new subscriber in the following categories, every VIP category stands to benefit:

For every 2 new VIP10 subscribers, all VIPs (VIP5, VIP10, VIP20) get 1 extra bonus chapter.

For every 1 new VIP20 subscriber, all VIPs (VIP5, VIP10, VIP20) get 1 extra bonus chapters.

For every 1 new VIP40 subscriber, all VIPs (VIP5, VIP10, VIP20) get 2 extra bonus chapters.

P.S. We release bonus chapters according to the number of new subscribers added to the existing VIP subscriber base. Since we have new VIPs (4) who have joined the team, along with a few VIPs who have canceled their subscription plans (3) , we will be releasing: 4-3 = 1 bonus chapter ヽ(◕‿◕✿)ノ

Our first and foremost purpose for beginning FWO was to provide quality reading content and more chapters for our readers at the lowest price possible. As for where the income goes, it mainly goes to pay the editors and translators. The current cost incurred from each chapter is about 30$. As our team grows, the money spent on each chapter may become higher.

In fact, our present income is not enough to support a weekly release speed of 5 to 7 chapters per week. However, in order to express our apology and gratitude, we will increase ICD’s weekly regular chapters to 7 chapters per week, and 5 chapters per week for Rome. This schedule will be implemented from the month of August.

The above terms apply only to the novels under Faloo. Besides, we won’t give up any book, unless the situation demands.

Current ongoing Faloo Novels: ICD and Rome

Thank you for your continued support and kind understanding.

Happy reading!

Meng meng attack, muah!
Team FWO (づ✿◠‿◠。)づ


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