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Big Boss
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Chapter 1 The most dangerous mental patient in history!

Li Xuan opened his eyes.
There was a slight headache.
“This is ……”
He looked around and found that this was a completely closed room. The surrounding copper walls and iron walls were made of concrete, about twenty square meters.
There was a metal door in the center of one of the walls. It was also completely sealed. There was only a small, locked dining room.
“Am I locked up?”
“No way, right?”
“Is this really a game game?”
Li Xuan had a headache.
He only remembered that he was still playing a survival game called “Life in the Dead” in the Internet Cafe. He suddenly lost consciousness and appeared here the moment he woke up.
It was at this moment.
The dining room on the metal door was opened.
A dish of food was brought in.
Li Xuan could vaguely see the small hand that served the meal. Its wrist was slender, and its five fingers were long. It was extremely beautiful. It should be a woman’s hand.
He glanced at the dish.
There were rice, chicken, and vegetables. They were quite rich.
“Could it be poisonous?”
He did not intend to eat this dish. After all, he was not sure what was happening right now.
“Quick, eat.”
At this moment, an ice-cold woman’s voice rang out from outside the door.” I’ ll give you five minutes.”
The woman’s voice was very clear and melodious.
Perhaps it was a beautiful woman.
But Li Xuan frowned slightly. Where was this place where there was a time limit for eating?
After some thought, he picked up the dish and poured it into the toilet bowl.
For the time being, no one could see anything unusual.
However, he didn’ t dare to eat anything and could only pour it down.
“Even the toilet bowl is made of concrete.”
Li Xuan cursed in his heart.
When he emptied the food, he was suddenly stunned. He saw a line of small words on the stainless steel plate……
Green Vine Mental Hospital!
“I was imprisoned in a mental hospital?”
Li Xuan was stunned.
As for that?
Wasn’ t it just playing for a while to eat chickens?
Why did he enter the mental hospital?
“Could it be that I have transmigrated?”
He looked at his own body and realized that it had not changed. Wasn’ t it still him?
Or did he directly pass through another world?
This was just too ridiculous!
He was locked in an airtight concrete room!
Moreover, everyone else had their own systems.
Where was his system?
Li Xuan was a little depressed.
But no matter what, he had to understand his current situation first……
At this moment, a conversation came from outside the room.
The man said,” The most dangerous mental patient in history is him, right?”
The ice-cold woman said,” It’s him, Li Xuan.”
The man laughed mockingly,” Is he the one who claims to be the strongest in the world?”
“If you underestimate him, you’ ll suffer a loss ……”
Li Xuan listened quietly.
Soon, his mood sank.
He finally understood his current situation.
He had unexpectedly become the “most dangerous psychopath in history “?
It was unknown what he had done before.
However, he claimed to be the strongest in the entire human race. He was an all-powerful super genius, and he possessed countless shocking and terrifying abilities.
The reason why he was only given five minutes to eat…
It was because he wanted to take away the plate and prevent him from using it to escape the room.
“Isn’ t this too exaggerated?”
“You don’ t even dare to leave me a plate?”
“How afraid are these people?”
Li Xuan was stunned.
However, he clearly didn’ t have any skills!
How should he escape?
He felt as if he was going to get cold. Could it be that he would be trapped here forever?
A mechanical and icy voice appeared in his mind:
Do [participate in the survival game?]
[Once you choose to participate, you will be sent to the survival map of the competition.]
[You win in the game, you will receive survival points!]
[Survival Points: Can be used for [Gene Enhancement ],[ Increase Lifetime ],[ Extract Game Props and Ability], etc.]
Note 1: If you die in the game, your lifespan will be deducted and you will be sent back.)
Note 2: The first game will be exempted from punishment.)
Li Xuan’s heart shook.
A survival game?
Wasn’ t that like eating chickens?
“If you win in the game, you will be able to gain survival points, which will strengthen your genes.”
“Without a doubt, this is my chance to escape!”
“As long as the gene is strong enough, it won’ t be difficult to smash concrete with one punch, right?”
“Not to mention the ability to extract items and abilities ……”
When Li Xuan thought of this, he suddenly frowned.
It was because it was not easy to win a survival game where a hundred people competed.
Once he died in the game, his lifespan would be deducted!
Although participating in the survival game was a way to become stronger, it was also a great risk……
It was at this moment.
[Drops!The All-heaven Fu System was activated!]
Instantly, Li Xuan’s eyes lit up.
All-heaven Fu system?
Was this his system?
The outer ring had finally arrived!
“System, what do you have?”
Li Xuan immediately asked.
Soon, a mechanical voice answered in his mind:
Hello “host!”This system can unlock all of your [Survival Game] talents.”
“For a normal person to enter the game for the first time, they can only activate the lowest level of F-level talent.”
“But host, you can activate your SSS grade talent.”
Li Xuan thought for a moment when he heard this.
This survival game was different from the chicken he had played before.
This game had a talent system!
He asked,” Can this talent be used in reality?”
“No,” the mechanical voice replied.However, the host could use his survival points to extract his unlocked talent to reality.”It’s only natural talent. Other equipment, skills, and other items in the game can also be extracted. However, the survival points that you need to consume are different.”
Now, Li Xuan understood.
This system could not directly make him stronger.
However, it could allow him to become stronger in the [Survival Game]. It was as if he was on the hook, and he could obtain more survival points, thus turning him into a real strength.
“Now, there is hope to escape from the mental hospital.”
Li Xuan let out a sigh of relief.
He arranged his thoughts.
Suddenly, he asked,” Who are the people participating in this survival game?”*

Chapter 2 Sss grade talent!Permanent invisibility!

The mechanical voice replied in his mind:
“Right now, the Blue Star civilization host has just entered the [Survival Game]. There will be a three-day test.”
“There are a total of ten thousand testers. They are randomly selected from all over the world.”
“Three days later, everyone in the world will be qualified to enter the game.”
Li Xuan nodded lightly.
It meant that he was equivalent to a testing player. He had three days to lead the other large forces.
Not bad!
Of course, he couldn’ t miss such an opportunity.
Li Xuan did not immediately choose to enter the survival game.
He waited for two minutes before placing the empty plate in front of the metal door.
He heaved a sigh of relief when he saw the small white hand reach in and take the plate away.
“This survival game seems to have teleported me away.”
“For the time being, no one can find anything unusual.”
Only then did Li Xuan choose to enter the game.
His eyes darkened.
Then, a sense of weightlessness came from his entire body. The concrete beneath his feet seemed to have changed, turning into a bumpy gravel path.
He opened his eyes.
What entered his eyes was a dark but open terrain.
As expected, it was no longer the concrete room!
He looked around him.
His body was just like before, simple short sleeves and shorts.
The ground was covered in rubble and weeds.
The scene was dim, and it was hard to see what was going on in the distance. All they could see was a building ruin on their left. The dome collapsed and the flowerbed was messy.
It looked like an ancient western building.
In all directions, other than Li Xuan, there were no figures at the moment.
[Welcome you to the survival game!]
[Drops!I’ ve detected that you’ ve activated hundreds of millions of talents!]
[Congratulations. Your talent in this game: Permanent Invisibility (SSS-level). As long as you do not launch an attack, you will be in permanent Invisibility.]
Note 1: If the attack appears, it will return to invisibility after 2 seconds.)
Note 2: This talent is only valid in this game.If he wanted it to take effect in reality, he would have to use his survival points to extract it!)
When Li Xuan received the notification, his heart was racing.
Permanent invisibility!
As expected of an SSS grade talent!
Although he didn’ t know what the rules of this survival game were, no matter what, this was a terrifying talent.
Imagine, even in the chicken-eating game of survival in the dead, the ability to gain permanent invisibility, wouldn’t it be easy to survive until the end?
This was undoubtedly an opening!
When Li Xuan’s talent was activated, two seconds later, he lowered his head and realized that his body was completely invisible.
Even he could not see him.
“Was truly invisible ……”
Soon after.
The system notification came again:
[Game specifications of this Council:100 people (2 people in a group,50 groups in total)!]
[You have matched a teammate!]
[You can search the map, kill wild monsters, and obtain equipment and skills (this game only takes effect).When your team survives to the end, you will win.]
[Every time you kill another player, you will receive 5 points of total attribute improvement (this game only takes effect).]
[A player dies, all equipment will be dropped.]
[The death of a player, it would be deducted by 1-36 months of life (the earlier the death, the more life would be deducted).]
After the game in this [, the player’s performance will be used to settle the “survival points “!]
Note: This is your first game. Death is exempt from punishment!)
Li Xuan looked at it and his mouth curled slightly.
It meant that if they were to “land into a box” in this game, they would be deducted by 36 months, that is, three years of life!
This punishment could be said to be extremely serious.
After landing on the ground a few more times, it was likely that his lifespan would be cut off.
“First game, exempt from death punishment……”It’s useless to me.”
Li Xuan shook his head.
In this game, he had activated his talent of “permanent invisibility “. Who could kill him?
Besides that:
Fighting Wild!
Saving equipment and skills!
This was the rule of this survival game. It was indeed similar to eating chickens.
Li Xuan silently read the map.
Then, a square map appeared in his mind……It was about a thousand meters by a thousand meters. His location was at the bottom right corner of the map.
Outside the map, there was a black area marked [restricted area].
This should be similar to the “Poison Circle “. It was used to shorten the game time and initially count down five minutes.
Five minutes later, the [restricted area] began to spread, narrowing the player’s survival area.
Li Xuan silently read the attributes. A list of attributes appeared in front of him:
Survival Points:0
Note: The average value of each attribute of the Blue Star human was 10 points.)
Was he this strong?
Each attribute was 2-4 points higher than the average Blue Star human!
“Was worthy of being the strongest psychopath in history ……”
Li Xuan shook his head.
He acutely noticed that this survival game was the biggest difference from eating chickens.
That was…Kill the Rising Attribute!
Each time one of the other players was killed, it would increase the total attributes by 5 points (this game only takes effect).
Without a doubt……In the game, the more he killed, the stronger he was at the late stage!
If you were to think of Gou Ming, the late stage was definitely not a match for other players.
“Moreover, the final settlement of the survival points was based on performance.”
“If you’ ve been lying there, you definitely won’ t be able to obtain much points, right?”
Li Xuan quickly analyzed the rules of the game.
At this moment, he noticed a slender figure of a young girl beside the remains of that ancient building not far from him.
According to the system notification, this girl should be his teammate in this game.
This was a group of two, a total of 100 people’s survival game!
“Killing the others will obtain all attributes……”Then if we kill our teammates, will we be able to obtain a full attribute reward?”
Li Xuan looked at the map.
In the lower right corner of the map, besides his own five-pointed star mark, there was also a circle mark that should be the location of his female teammate.
“This means that she can discover my location through the map!”
“Like this…”Isn’ t it useless to be invisible?”
Li Xuan thought about it and decided to kill this teammate first!
Not only did he eliminate the threat in advance, he also wanted to test some of the rules of the game.
As a result, he maintained his invisible state and slowly walked towards the girl.*

Chapter 3 Burst!Kill his teammates at the start!

Soon, Li Xuan passed by the woman.
He did not immediately attack.
He continued to remain invisible and walked into the ruins of the building.
This female teammate seemed to be studying the rules of the survival game.
Her facial features were exquisite, and she looked very pure. Her beautiful eyes were like water as she curiously sized up the surroundings.
She had an almost perfect figure curve. She was wearing a white cartoon short sleeve and a pair of tight jeans, displaying her pair of long legs vividly.
Li Xuan ignored her.
“Search for some equipment first!”
He stealthily walked into the ruins of the building. Soon, he discovered that there were some sundries on a large stone within the ruins.
He quickly walked over.
[Bronze Dagger (Level F): Attack +15, Durability 240/240]
[Bronze Wristband (Grade F): Arm Defense +10, Durability 70/70]
[Patch: Repair 120 points of equipment durability.]
[Cheese: Restores 50% health.]
Pick them all.
“It’s actually a cold weapon?”
Li Xuan looked at the bronze dagger in his hand that was emitting a fierce light and was a little surprised.
He thought it was like eating a chicken, a hot weapon.
[Host, with the improvement of the survival game, you will face various completely different maps. The equipment/arms/skills of each type of map will vary greatly. Please know!]
So it was like this?
It meant that there would be hot weapons, and even more powerful things!
Moreover, these things could all be extracted from reality with survival points!
Li Xuan was a little excited.
However, it seemed that this round was only a cold weapon.
“It doesn’ t matter. In any case, I’ ll be forever invisible. I’ ll be the same as any weapon.”
The corner of his mouth curled up slightly.
Then, he equipped the bronze dagger.
“I’ ll increase my attack power by one point for each power, plus the bronze dagger, my attack power now totals 27 points.”
Li Xuan looked at his survival attributes.
Each point of endurance was equal to 10 health points.
He had a total of 130 HP.
“The average human attribute is 10 points.”
“In other words, that woman’s health is around 100 points.”
“If she doesn’ t have any protective equipment, I will have 27 attacks. As long as I attack her four times, I will be able to kill her.”
“Didn’ t know if this game had any vital points?For example, the head exploded ……”
Li Xuan thought calmly.
In just a few seconds, he left the ruins with a bronze dagger.
He maintained his stealth state and quietly arrived behind his female teammates.
[Your attack hit your vitals (head exploded), it caused 81 damage to your target!]
[You killed the target (number 00498)!]
[You have obtained 5 points of all attributes (this game only takes effect)!]
Li Xuan didn’ t expect to kill his teammates in a split second.
This girl’s health was much lower than he had estimated.
From the looks of it, damage to a vital point would cause three times more damage.
In addition, killing teammates would also be able to obtain full attribute bonuses.
“Killing your teammates will likely reduce the final settlement score and reward.”
“But it doesn’ t matter.”
Li Xuan shook his head.
He didn’t think there was a problem with killing his teammates.
In any case, this was the first round, and his teammates didn’ t lose.
The key point was that his talent in this game was permanent invisibility, and his teammates could see his position…To him, this teammate was completely a burden. It might even be a bad thing.
So just kill him first!
He could also test some game mechanisms.
Li Xuan believed that the most important thing now was to be familiar with the rules of the game, not to be obsessed with the outcome of the current game.
Not to mention…
He had activated his innate talent for permanent invisibility in this round. As long as he remained vigilant, there was no chance of him falling over.
Seeing that his female teammates had turned into a wooden box, Li Xuan didn’ t have any interest in searching……After all, this teammate hadn’ t moved since he came out. There wouldn’ t be anything in the box either.
Two seconds later, he returned to his stealth state!
He opened the scoreboard.
[Remaining players in this game:96!]
Four of them had died in just a short while. It seemed that the competition in this game was extremely fierce.
Li Xuan didn’ t think too much.
He maintained his stealth state and continued to search the ruins!
Blue Star.
A certain apartment.
A pure girl with a ponytail was sent back to her bedroom bed!
Her name was Qin Shuangshuang, a freshman girl. She was selected as one of ten thousand test players in the Survival Game.
At this moment, an inconceivable expression appeared on her pure and pure face.
Due to her hurried breathing, her chest rose and fell rapidly.
“I……”I landed in a box?”
“Moreover, it was my teammates who killed me?”
“This is too much!”
“Fortunately, it’s the first game, exempting death punishment.”
Qin Shuangshuang was filled with anger.
She covered her chest and realized that her heart was racing. This game was simply too exciting.
A survival game for a hundred people!
The winner will receive survival points!
Death would be deducted from his lifespan!
The rules were similar to the popular “chicken eating” game on Blue Star, but the rewards and price meant that this was not just a game.
“What kind of ghost teammate.”
“Next time, we must take action first and kill our teammates first.”
Qin Shuangshuang gnashed her teeth.
Just like playing the chicken game, she subconsciously wanted to make the next move.
But the system notification came:
[Warning: This is your second game. If you die in the game, you will be deducted from your lifespan according to the time of death!]
[Are you sure you have entered a match?]
This reminder made Qin Shuangshuang instantly calm down.
This was not an ordinary game…
Death in the game would be deducted from the lifespan!
He landed in a box. He didn’ t understand the content of the game at all. If he had another round, it would still be cold, right?
After struggling for a long time in her heart, the girl decided to go online and check it out.
In the end……
He could not find any information about this survival game!
In the end, she gritted her teeth.
“Let’s go.”
“As long as he obtained the survival points, he would be able to redeem his lifespan.He could even make up for the loss. If it really wasn’ t possible, he could stop the loss ……”
“In any case, just go in and kill your teammates first!”
In the end, the young lady made a decision.
As for Li Xuan, he had long forgotten about his female teammates.
He maintained his stealth and continued to search for the ruins of the building.
He needed more equipment!*

Chapter 4 Fighting Wild!Treasure chest!Skill Book!

[Bronze Helmet (Grade F): Head Defense +7, Endurance 130/130]
[Patch: Repair 120 points of equipment durability.]
[Milk: Recover 30% health.]
[[F-Class Skill Book]: Use a weapon to stab the target three times in a row. Each time it deals 110% damage, it will cooldown for 15 seconds.Short weapon limit.]
He obtained an F-level skill book!
Li Xuan naturally studied directly.
He found that he had a total of four skill slots, similar to the previous MOBA games.
“Could it be that it’s three small skills, plus one big move?”
Li Xuan smiled and thought.
The ruins were completely searched.
He left the ruins and walked into a dark forest outside.
Although he was in a state of stealth, Li Xuan was still very cautious. He tried his best not to make any sound or movement.
Soon, in the middle of the dark forest, he saw three hounds resting.
[Hound Leader (Level E):250 HP]
[Hound (Level F):78 HP]
[Hound (Level F):78 HP]
Seeing these three hounds, Li Xuan thought of the “Three Wolves “……
He was currently wearing a bronze helmet, and he also had a bronze wrist protector in his hand. He had enough defense.
The main thing was that he had learned [Piercing] skills.
Li Xuan calmly approached the resting hound leader. Because he was in stealth, the three hounds were completely unaware of the approaching danger.
He brandished his dagger and directly aimed it at the head of the hound leader!
[Your’ combo’ hit your vitals, it caused 96 damage to your target!]
Three times in a row, each time it was 96 head-destroying damage, it directly killed the hound leader!
When he made a move, he left the invisible state.
The other two little hounds reacted immediately.
Fierce and fierce, he revealed his sharp teeth and directly bit towards him!
Li Xuan raised his arm and directly used a bronze wrist protector to block in front of him.
[You were hit by a hound, your health dropped by 9, and your bronze wrist protector’s durability dropped by 10 points!]
[You were hit by a hound, your health dropped by 13, and your bronze wrist protector’s durability dropped by 10 points!]
No pain.
It seemed that the game process was rather virtual.
Without hesitation, Li Xuan turned his hand and slashed at the little hound’s head.
-91(Explosive head)!
Li Xuan’s movements were very brisk, and he felt that it was much smoother than usual. This was the effect of killing a teammate and increasing his full attribute by 5 points.
There was also a little hound that wanted to bite.
Li Xuan dodged to the side and swung his dagger.
-91(Explosive head)!
It was easy to deal with all three hounds.
Then, a treasure chest appeared at the location of the hunting dog.
[Treasure Box (E-class): Kill the spoils of war of wild monsters. Open it to receive an E-class reward!]
Treasure chest!
Grade E item!
Li Xuan’s eyes lit up.
The items he had obtained earlier were all the lowest F-level items.
It was equivalent to eating a chicken’s first level head, first level armor, it was weak enough to explode.
The item that this E-class treasure chest opened should be equivalent to a second-class head, right?
Opening Treasure Box!
[Please select one of the following items:]
[Silver Sword (Level E): Attack +35, Durability 360/360]
[Silver Armor (Grade E): Body Defense +30, Durability 300/300]
[Sprint (E-level skill book): Sprint 10 meters in one direction, cooldown 8 seconds.]
For a long time, this treasure chest had to be chosen from three.
This made Li Xuan speechless.
It was too stingy!
“Long sword could add attacks, and armor protected his entire body. As for the Sprint skill book, it was as if it was a bit powerful ……”
Li Xuan thought for a moment and chose the Sprint Skill Book.
After all, skill books were the most precious.
Equipment could kill other players and seize their spoils of war, but skill books were not easy to obtain.
Those skills that had already been learned would not be dropped if they died……
[You’ ve learned the’ Sprint’skill!]
Li Xuan was satisfied.
However, he suddenly thought of how he had only lost a treasure chest after fighting a wild monster…If these two teammates were to work together, how would they split their equipment?
At this thought, the corner of his mouth curled up slightly.
They were all strangers, who would give it to?
“Looks like the choice to kill your teammates at the start is correct.”
Li Xuan nodded.
Then, he tried sprinting and found that he was still in stealth when he used sprinting.
“This is not bad. It can travel, escape, and be a necessary divine skill for the family.”
Li Xuan left the forest.
What appeared in front of him was a small farm with two simple buildings.
He observed the surroundings and found no one.
“Go in and search.”
He chose one of the small buildings to open, enter, and close.
There were three rooms downstairs and two rooms upstairs.
The light was quite dim, but fortunately, he could clearly see the items.
Soon, he found a pile of debris on the straw pile in one of the rooms.
[Silver Blade (Level E): Attack +36, Durability 320/320]
[Bronze Armor (Grade F): Body Defense +10, Durability 140/140]
[Heavy Strike (E-level Skill Book): Use a weapon to heavily slash at all targets within 4 meters in front, causing 100% damage and stun for 2 seconds.The long weapon limit.Cooling for 12 seconds.]
Silver grade saber!
Another E-level skill book!*

Chapter 5 Dizzy Attack!Twin Kill!

Silver saber!
Li Xuan immediately changed into a one meter long saber, which was much stronger than the bronze dagger.
The attack power instantly increased to 65 points.
The bronze armor was not bad either.
Put it on!
This was his full body armor. Apart from his head, his entire body was protected from the top to the bottom. All aspects of his protection were much better than the bronze wrist guard.
Then came the Heavy Strike Skill Book.
“The long weapon is limited. In other words, the dagger can not be used.”
“But I can use this saber.”
“On the contrary, the previous skill can’ t be used. It’s a short weapon limit.”
Li Xuan gave it a try and found that the skill could be directly replaced.
However, he didn’t replace it for the time being. In any case, he still had the remaining skill slots.
What if he picked up a higher level dagger?
That’ Thorn’ was useful again.
After searching this room, he was about to go search the other rooms.
Suddenly, he heard footsteps coming from outside.
“Someone else is here?”
Li Xuan’s heart skipped a beat and he immediately stopped to make sure he didn’ t make any sound.
The voices of the players outside were heard from afar.
“There should be some equipment in this house. Search it.”
“Be careful, if there is anyone.”
“Don’ t worry. I have a talent for’ double hearing’. I didn’ t hear anything. There must be no one inside!”
They were two men.
Li Xuan was calm and did not act rashly.
In any case, he was currently in stealth mode!
Suddenly, someone opened the door.
Li Xuan was about to make a move, but when he saw that there was no one outside the room.
Just at this moment……
A sound came from behind him. A young man jumped in from the window!
This person was wearing a bronze helmet and holding a bronze sword in his hand. He was originally ferocious, but he jumped into the window and saw that there was no one!
“I just heard something. Where’s the person?”
At this moment, another man appeared at the front door.
The two men’s expressions were somewhat unsightly.
Li Xuan also became more cautious.
These two men……Insidious!
It turned out that the other party had already noticed that there was someone in the room, but he had deliberately chatted and pretended not to know that there was someone in the room.
Thus, one person opened the main door to attract the attention of the people in the room.
Another person took the opportunity to jump in from the back window and launch a sneak attack!
“Fortunately, I have permanent invisibility.”
Li Xuan let out a sigh of relief.
Fortunately, he had calmed down. He hadn’ t attacked the main gate just now. Otherwise, not only would he not be able to hit anyone, he would also be able to break out of stealth by launching an attack!
It seemed that permanent invisibility wasn’ t everything.
Without any intelligence, this game was really hard to play.
But it was easy to do now.
These two men had no idea that someone was hiding in this room. They quickly searched the room.
Without noticing anything, the two of them gathered together and turned around to leave.
It was at this moment.
[Heavy blow!]
Li Xuan gripped his silver saber tightly and slashed heavily at their backs. The light of the saber landed on their heads!
Two damage numbers floated up!
At the same time, both of them were stunned for two seconds!
“With his helmet on, it seems like he can’t cause head damage.”
“Furthermore, the bronze helmet absorbed seven damage points.”
Li Xuan had already appeared.
However, with his back facing him, he had no idea who he was.
“No matter what, they shouldn’ t have much blood left.”
Li Xuan continued to swing his sword.
The silver saber opened and closed. The two of them were stunned. Li Xuan could attack two people at the same time every time.
Soon, three blades descended!
Before the opponent could recover from his dizziness state, his blood was zero.
[You killed the target (number 00412)!]
[You have obtained 5 points of all attributes (this game only takes effect)!]
[You killed the target (number 00411)!]
[You have obtained 5 points of all attributes (this game only takes effect)!]
[Double Kill!]
A series of system notifications sounded out, and Li Xuan felt refreshed.
Double Kill!
Permanent invisibility, sneak attack dizziness, how could people block this?
“Ten full attributes!”
He felt his body becoming more and more light.
The power of holding the silver saber grew stronger and stronger.
Li Xuan’s Breathing Attributes:
Killing three people in a row almost doubled Li Xuan’s attributes!
“This smooth opening, wouldn’ t it be a direct departure?”
His blood had reached 280 points!
His attack had reached 63 points!
Moreover, his movement speed and attack speed were greatly increased.
“Licked the bag.”
Li Xuan observed the surroundings and did not see anyone.
As a result, he licked his bag.
Soon, he finished searching the two wooden boxes…
“Really poor.”
Li Xuan casually glanced at them and found that they didn’ t have any equipment on them.
There was only one repair piece and two bottles of milk.
“He just lost 20 points of his blood.”
“Drink a bottle of milk to calm your shock.”
He now had 280 blood, and a bottle of milk had recovered 30% and 54 blood points. It was a bit wasteful to use it now.
However, he wanted to see how his life would recover, whether it would recover instantly or slowly…
Soon, he realized.
After drinking the milk to recover his blood, he slowly recovered. He looked like he was about 5% per second, lasting for a total of 6 seconds.
“I don’t know if the cheese is instantly returned?”
Li Xuan thought for a moment, but he still suppressed the urge to directly eat the cheese.
After all, he was now full of blood.
When he was not full of blood, there was no harm in wasting a bit, so as to prevent him from being beaten to death by someone because he was not full of blood.
“Continue searching.”
Li Xuan left the room and headed towards the other rooms in the small farm building.
When he arrived upstairs to search, the door opened and his eyes lit up.
There were also silver grade E equipment!*

Chapter 6 Swift Movement Like the Wind!What kind of beast attack speed was this?

[Silver Helmet (Grade E): Head Defense +15, Durability 260/260]
[Silver Boots (Grade E): Movement Speed +12]
Li Xuan came out of the farm and his equipment changed.
The silver helmet with higher defense replaced the bronze helmet.
He even put on a pair of silver boots, increasing his movement speed.
It was worth mentioning that his basic movement speed was 14 points.
According to his observation, it was equivalent to 8-9 meters per second.
After obtaining three kills, he increased his Agility by 15 points and increased his speed to 29 points.
Putting on this pair of silver boots, it directly increased to 41 points!
The 41-point movement allowed him to run, reaching a speed of more than 24 meters per second.
It was equivalent to 84 kilometers per hour!
It was simply as swift as the wind!
“Just now, I was wondering why I didn’ t see any riding tools like mounts in this game.”
“It’s been a long time since I’ ve managed to increase my speed.”
Li Xuan thought to himself.
The higher the Agility attribute, the more good the shoes would be. The speed of movement was several times that of the base. It seemed as if it was normal for them to not use a walking tool.
When Li Xuan left the farm.
The five minute countdown ended and the [Forbidden Area] on the edge of the map finally began to shrink.
The next safe zone was close to the center of the map.
Li Xuan’s current speed wasn’ t far.
[Remaining players in this game:69!]
Li Xuan took a look.
He realized that the game was still very fast.
In just five minutes, more than thirty people had already been eliminated.
Soon, Li Xuan entered the safety zone.
A black panther appeared at the foot of the hill ahead. There were also two players surrounding the black panther.
[Black Panther (Level D): Health 550]
It was actually a D grade wild monster!
Wasn’ t this a D grade treasure chest?
Li Xuan was very interested.
In his observation, the two players were one man and one woman. They had quite a lot of battle experience, and they looked quite strong.
Not far away from the battlefield were the corpses of two little black panthers.
“It’s time to take advantage of it!”
Li Xuan maintained his stealth state and approached the battlefield.
Taking advantage of this opportunity, Li Xuan took the opportunity to dodge the Black Panther’s attack. Li Xuan slapped Leng Zi and directly landed on her waist!
This sudden appearance made the female player panic.
This strike was too sudden!
She simply could not dodge!
[Heavy blow!]
Dizzy for 2 seconds!
Because this female player was wearing a silver helmet, Li Xuan did not attack her head.
Instead, he directly attacked her body.
She was wearing a bronze armor, and her body was only ten points weaker than her head!
Take advantage of her dizziness to kill her!
Li Xuan realized that his current speed was much faster.
At the beginning, it was about a second.
And now, it was almost two strikes a second.
He had benefited from the improvement in his Agility attribute!
His attack speed increased from 1.18 to 1.71, which could be said to be a qualitative change.
Within two seconds of his dizziness, he slashed out three times!
[You killed the target (number 00425)!]
[You have obtained 5 points of all attributes (this game only takes effect)!]
This female player had a bit more blood!
In addition to that heavy strike, he had carried Li Xuan’s four strikes!
At least 150 health points meant that she had killed other players.
And that female player……
He was completely dumbfounded!
She had never expected that she would always pay attention to the situation around her, but in the end, someone would sneak attack her?
Was this guy invisible?
What kind of beast attack speed was this?
How high was this person’s attribute?
All of this had nothing to do with her.
Li Xuan pulled back.
At the same time, another male player finally reacted!
Seeing that his teammate had been killed, the man became furious. Holding his sword, he swung his sword at Li Xuan from afar.
His sword was only a meter long.
But this strike was four to five meters away!
[F grade talent: Sword Qi Extension.When using a sword-type weapon, it increases the attack distance by 4 meters.]
This was the opponent’s F-level talent.
Sometimes it was quite strong.
But sometimes it would be spicy chicken.
This was because the accuracy rate would decrease once the attack was extended.
Li Xuan didn’ t fight head-on with the other party at all.
He sprinted back ten meters and hid behind a tree trunk.
The other party was caught up by the D-class wild monster Black Panther, so he couldn’ t catch up.
Li Xuan quickly regained his stealth!
After locking up his vision, Li Xuan returned to the battlefield.
At this moment, the longsword-wielding male player had just killed the Black Panther. The D-grade treasure chest had already fallen to the ground.
He was just about to open the treasure chest and quickly increase his strength…
In the end, Li Xuan suddenly appeared behind him.
[Heavy blow!]
With a wave of his blade, he became dizzy for two seconds and directly held that fellow in place!
“I have silver armor on my body!”
When Li Xuan saw the man’s clothes, the corner of his mouth curled up slightly. He didn’ t greet the man with his saber and directly landed on his head.*

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Chapter 7 Poison Refining Attack!This equipment was luxurious!

After three strikes, the man’s blood was zero.
[You killed the target (number 00429)!]
[You have obtained 5 points of all attributes (this game only takes effect)!]
It was over!
Li Xuan put away his saber.
Two seconds later, he returned to stealth!
No one came over.
In less than half a minute, the two of them were killed by Li Xuan.
Permanent invisibility!
Forever Drip God!
With this [Heavy Strike] stun skill, Li Xuan killed continuously as if he had divine assistance.
Then came the harvest.
He first opened the treasure chest.
[Treasure Box (Grade D): Kill the spoils of war of wild monsters. Open it to receive an E-grade item reward!]
This time, Li Xuan had experience.
He opened the option:
[Gold Helmet (Grade D): Head Defense +25, Durability 600/600]
[Poison Hardening Attack (Level D Skill Book): Hardening poison during attack, deals 120% direct damage to target and 100% poison damage per second for 5 seconds.Cool down for 5 seconds.]
[Dragon Roar (Level D Skill Book): Roar in one direction, causing 3 seconds of dizziness to target within the 12m sector!Cooling for 8 seconds.]
A D grade treasure chest really produced something good!
Li Xuan thought for a moment before choosing the skill book [Poison Hardening Attack].
In this round, his talent was permanent invisibility, and he had also learned this flexible skill.
Then what he was most suited for was his wandering style.
If he encountered an opponent with stronger attributes, such as invisibility, approaching, dizziness, poison-quenching attacks, and then sneaking around, the opponent would not be able to touch him at all and would easily be killed by him.
As for [Dragon Roar], although it was also very strong, for Li Xuan, it was a bit of a conflict with [Heavy Strike].
It was only a second time for dizziness, and it was only a bit further away.
“But I need to be on guard against others having such skills.”
Li Xuan thought to himself.
He looked at his skill list:
Piercing (F-level)
Sprint (E-level)
Heavy Strike (Level E)
Poison Hardening Attack (Level D)
If he had a stronger skill, he would be able to replace the F-level combo.
Then he began to lick his bag.
“The silver armor belongs to me.”
Li Xuan picked it up and put it on.
[Silver Armor (Grade E): Body Defense +30, Durability 206/300]
Poor durability?
[Silver armor increased durability by 120 points!]
This was full.
Two minutes later.
[Restricted area] continued to shrink. Li Xuan’s luck was not bad, and the safety circle was at his feet.
As a result, he was not in a hurry and ran around the map.
Along the way, he saw a group of two people and a single person, all of whom were harvested by him.
[Remaining players in this game:47!]
Li Xuan looked at the attributes:
Two words, comfortable!
He had already killed eight targets, and he had increased his total attributes by 40 points!
In a forest, he found a giant bear.
[Giant Bear (Level D):1300 HP]
“Good fellow.”
This giant bear had a bit high health, but fortunately there were no monsters around.
Li Xuan did not attack!
This was within the safety zone, so there was no need to directly attack.
As long as he squatted here, sooner or later, someone would come and beat the giant bear.
Li Xuan didn’ t wait long!
Soon, a tall man wearing a golden armor and a golden helmet appeared in Li Xuan’s vision with a silver sword in hand.
“This fellow’s equipment is luxurious.”
Li Xuan’s eyes were slightly warm.
He only had a set of silver equipment, but this fellow actually had two gold equipment.
However, it was normal to think about it.
As long as he killed a D-rank wild monster, he would be able to obtain gold equipment. Li Xuan might not be very lucky, so he didn’ t see any D-rank wild monsters.
“The equipment is here.”
Li Xuan looked at that fellow calmly, waiting for him to fight the giant bear.
This tall man was still very cautious.
Because he was in the forest, he spent a full minute walking around the surroundings.
Li Xuan stealthily observed him.
“His speed is about 20 meters per second.”
“Attribute is lower than mine.”
“But his equipment is a bit good. I think it’s almost impossible for him to do so in the next second ……”
Li Xuan was not in a hurry either.
After all, these equipment would soon become his.
Of course, the tall man could not sense Li Xuan’s existence.
He checked around and finally confirmed that there was no one else around. Only then did he rush towards the giant bear.
[Half Moon Slash!]
It was unknown what level of skill it was. The silver sword in the man’s hand slashed out and landed directly on the giant bear’s head.
The giant bear was originally a neutral creature.
After being struck by the man’s sword, he immediately roared and stood up.
This giant bear……As expected of a giant bear!
Just as he was crawling on the ground, he could not tell that he was three meters tall when he stood up.
A bear’s palm struck the ground, sending the man flying!
That man was planning to dodge the attack, but who would have thought that the giant bear would actually hit the ground?
He was instantly thrown into the air.
Li Xuan was not in a hurry either.
This man’s protective equipment was too good. It was impossible for him to die just like that.
The giant bear immediately slapped the tall man to the ground.
The man had lost quite a bit of blood, but he finally ended his control. He turned around and rolled to avoid the giant bear’s slap.
Li Xuan leisurely watched the play.
Half a minute passed.
“It’s about time.”
Under Li Xuan’s observation, the man and the giant bear had fought back. The key point was that the man wasn’ t weak. Soon, the giant bear’s blood was almost 1,000 points dead.
It was time to attack!
Li Xuan maintained his stealth and directly arrived behind the man.
Taking advantage of the moment when the man had just attacked the giant bear’s sword and hadn’ t returned the sword……
[Heavy blow!]
Li Xuan suddenly slashed out!*

Chapter 8: Golden crossbows!Start the massacre!The eighth place!)

Li Xuan swung his blade and landed on the other party’s golden helmet.
Dizzy for 2 seconds!
When the target’s helmet and armor were of the same quality, the head damage was definitely higher.
The reason for that was because the helmet had a lower defense than the armor.
With a heavy strike, the opponent was stunned:
[Poison hardening attack!]
Without any hesitation, Li Xuan continued to use his blade to poison the target.
After a successful attack, Li Xuan turned around and charged into the forest.
By the time that man woke up, he had completely disappeared!
From the beginning until the end, that man didn’ t see exactly who was attacking him.
The man in golden armor looked around, his face extremely gloomy.
He’ d clearly already explored the surroundings, so why was he ambushed?
Moreover, the sneak attack was too cunning!
He immediately ran away!
He didn’ t even see the other person’s shadow!
In this two seconds of dizziness, not only had he been attacked by Li Xuan’s poison, but he had also been slapped by the giant bear. He had less than half of his blood left.
Fortunately, he had plenty of resources.
The man took out the cheese and bit it down. White light began to appear on his body and his health slowly recovered.
At the same time, he didn’ t dare to fight the giant bear.
He put away the silver sword and ran out of the forest.
Li Xuan’s speed was much faster than his. He also had a sprint skill that could assist in chasing people!
When the man finally ran to the edge of the forest.
A heavy blow!
A blade light appeared behind him.
Dizzy for 2 seconds!
The man was immediately stunned. His entire body was about to collapse.
What the hell is this!
While he was running away, he had clearly been carefully observing the surroundings. There was definitely no one around!
Why did he get dizzy again?
Poison hardening attack!
Even though this man was wearing golden armor and golden helmet, he still couldn’ t withstand Li Xuan’s attack!
Two consecutive invisibility sneak attacks caused this fellow’s health to finally drop to the bottom!
Seeing that the dizziness time was about to end, Li Xuan once again slipped and hid behind a large tree, quickly recovering his invisibility!
After hiding, Li Xuan walked out from behind the big tree and followed behind the man, waiting for the skill to cool down.
[F-level talent: Apply oil to the bottom of your feet!Use the Backward Movement Speed to increase by 20% for 60 seconds and cool down for 300 seconds.]
This man’s talent was not bad.
It was precisely because of this talent that he had just entered the game, and soon after, he obtained two pieces of gold equipment by moving to the wild.
Unfortunately, these two pieces of gold equipment would soon become Li Xuan’s spoils of war.
The man activated his feet to smear oil and finally left this small forest!
As he ran, he looked back.
“I’ m sure he didn’ t follow.”
“He definitely won’ t be able to catch up.”
Blue veins popped out from the man’s body. He was extremely nervous as he continuously looked around.
However, he didn’ t know that even if he activated the bottom of his feet to smear oil, Li Xuan still followed behind him with the same speed as the wind.
Just when the man felt that he should be safe……
Li Xuan’s skill had cooled down.
A heavy blow!
Suddenly, he swung his blade and the man was stunned again!
Poison hardening attack!
[You killed the target (number 00448)!]
[You have obtained 5 points of all attributes (this game only takes effect)!]
After three consecutive stun attacks, Li Xuan finally killed the opponent.
Only a wooden box was left on the spot.
That guy was probably going to have nightmares even when he slept. He didn’ t even see Li Xuan’s appearance from head to toe, but he was somehow killed.
Although he had seen the opportunity quite quickly and had decided to flee after being ambushed, it was a pity that he was not as fast as Li Xuan.
“Licked the bag!”
Li Xuan maintained his stealth state and took away all the equipment left in the wooden box.
Gold armor,+50 points of body defense!
Gold helmet, head defense +25 points!
With these two pieces of equipment on him, Li Xuan’s defensive attributes had reached the highest!
In this game, unless there were supplies like airdrops, D-grade gold equipment was the best equipment.
Then, Li Xuan turned around and killed the giant bear.
He obtained another D grade treasure chest.
Open the treasure chest, choose one of three!
[Gold Continuous Ballistae (Level D): Continuous ballistae, attack +96.The shooting speed was fast, the longest attack distance was 35 meters.[60 Crossbow bolts (recyclable)]
[Gold Armor (Grade D): Body defense +50 points.[Durability 640/640]
[Block Counterattack (D-level skill book): Block any melee damage and double the damage back to the opponent. Cool down for 8 seconds.]
Li Xuan only took a glance at it, and without any hesitation, he chose the first one: the golden crossbow!
This was probably one of the few long-range weapons in this game.
“This weapon, combined with a permanent invisibility ability, is truly invincible!”
“And this attack power is too high, right?”
“Not to mention I still have poison-quenching attacks that can be attached to crossbow bolts!”
When Li Xuan held the golden crossbow in his hand, it meant that he was invincible on this map!
Start the massacre!
Li Xuan first tested the accuracy of the golden crossbow in the small forest. Then, he retrieved the bolts and returned them to stealth and set off.
[Restricted region] continued to shrink.
[Remaining players in this game:39!]
There were fewer and fewer players.
The area where the players could survive grew smaller and smaller.
When Li Xuan arrived at a building ruin, a beam of light descended from the sky and landed at the center of the ruin!
At the same time, a platinum chest appeared from the top of the pillar of light and slowly descended.
“Isn’ t this an airdrop?”
Li Xuan was interested.
He leaned back against a corner of the ruins.
In this corner, besides him, there were two other players hiding here.
A burly man and a petite young lady.
“Wait for you to cover me. I’ ll go get the treasure chest. It’s a platinum treasure chest. It’s definitely a C-grade equipment better than a D-grade equipment!”
The burly man said to the girl.
The girl held a short bow weapon in her hand and nodded excitedly.
Unfortunately, they did not know.
Li Xuan stood beside them right now!
If Li Xuan wasn’ t invisible, it would seem like the three of them were all in the same team……
At this moment!
Li Xuan was holding a golden crossbow and aimed it at the burly man’s head.
“The biggest disadvantage of such a long-range weapon is its accuracy rate and ammunition limits.”
“But with my invisibility, I could completely slap my face!”I don’ t believe you can still fight askew?”
This burly man had a silver helmet on his head.
The defense should be 15 points.
Li Xuan practically placed the golden crossbow on his head and pulled the trigger.
The golden crossbow was accompanied by a poison attack!
In just two seconds, a crossbow bolt was inserted into the burly man’s head. His blood was reduced to zero and he turned into a wooden box.
He didn’ t even have time to recover his blood!
“Who is it!”
The little girl was shocked.
She hastily turned around to look. However, how could she find Li Xuan?
Li Xuan had just pulled the trigger when he had already sprinted back and hid behind another wall!
Like a ghost, it appeared and disappeared!
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Chapter 9 What was called invincibility!The finals!

The little girl did not see Li Xuan.
However, she knew very well that she could no longer stay in that position.
After losing her teammates, she was obviously a little flustered. She hastily found a corner and started running.
Li Xuan had just arrived at this corner!
He maintained his stealth and was a little speechless as he watched the delicate girl run towards him.
When she ran over and squatted in the corner, Li Xuan had no choice.
The golden crossbow aimed at her head……
Poison hardening attack!
Li Xuan didn’ t have any thoughts of taking pity on her.
[You killed the target (number 00437)!]
[You have obtained 5 points of all attributes (this game only takes effect)!]
Li Xuan’s attacks grew higher and higher.
Attack speed and movement speed were also getting faster and faster.
Just the words’ swift as the wind’ were no longer enough to describe him.
By now, he had already killed eleven!
Moreover, there was still a platinum treasure chest that was falling in front of him!
He leisurely circled the ruins of the building.
Seeing that many teams were hiding in the ruins, they were preparing to seize the platinum treasure chest.
Li Xuan was specifically looking for those who were left alone.
He launched a sneak attack from behind, sending an arrow to Xitian.
His current attacks were getting higher and higher. With the attack of the golden crossbow, no one could withstand his attack.
Gold crossbows combined with poison-quenching attacks, even if the opponent was wearing a gold helmet, the total damage could reach 800 points.
He was simply going to kill!
“If the others obtain the Golden Crossbow, the effect is really hard to say.”
“As long as your speed is high enough, you will be able to dodge long-range crossbow attacks.”
“But my stealth was close…”Who wants to?”
Li Xuan was incomparably comfortable.
Just as the platinum treasure chest fell, he killed four more lone warriors hidden in the ruins.
The total number of attacks had reached 15!
This meant that in this game, Li Xuan’s entire attribute had increased by 75 points.
In addition to his basic attributes, if he were to kill a few more, he would have broken a hundred.
What was called invincibility?
This was!
At that moment.
There were also three teams around, nervously looking at the platinum chest that was about to land.
They had no idea that the hidden Lone Wolf had been secretly killed.
The platinum chest was about to land.
The three teams restricted each other, yet no one dared to step forward!
As a result, Li Xuan, who was in stealth, swaggered over to the platinum chest.
Then, he opened the platinum treasure chest……
Opening the treasure chest was not considered an attack.
Therefore, Li Xuan remained in stealth!
[Platinum Helmet (Grade C): Head Defense +40, Durability 960/960]
[Platinum Armor (Grade C): Body Defense +80, Durability 1080/1080]
[Strength of Focus (Class C Skill Book): Coalesces strength, causing the next attack to be critical, causing 200% of critical damage, cooldown 5 seconds.]
Li Xuan glanced at them and picked them up.
“F*ck, the items of this airdrop treasure chest can actually be completely picked up?”
Li Xuan was stunned.
He thought he could only choose one of them.
This was awesome!
However, he didn’ t dare to stay there for too long.
The surrounding three teams and six players could not see Li Xuan, but all of them saw the cover of the platinum chest open!
For a moment, the six of them widened their eyes.
What was going on?
Clearly, no one was close to the treasure chest. Why did the lid of the treasure chest open?
For a moment, the scene became tense!
These three teams and six players were not weak at all.
After all, there were only 19 remaining players in the game.
Each of them was a golden set!
The weapons were also gold grade.
However, their number of kills and individual attributes were far inferior to Li Xuan’s.
Not to mention talent…
“Looks like this game equipment is not the most important.”
“The main thing is talent and skills!”
Li Xuan stealthily walked in the surroundings and arrived behind one of the players……
“Poison Tempering Attack!”
An arrow shot out!
-389(Critical Strike!)
[You killed the target (number 00464)!]
[You have obtained 5 points of all attributes (this game only takes effect)!]
Li Xuan was like a god of slaughter.
Wherever he went, where he killed.
The key point was that every time he made a move, he immediately released a “dash “, sprinting to the spot that he had observed in advance, avoiding everyone’s line of sight.
Two seconds later, he returned to stealth!
“This place is haunted!”
The remaining players’ expressions changed greatly.
All of them planned to leave this place.
How could Li Xuan just watch these’ attribute babies’ slip away?
Seventeen kills!
Eighteen kills!
Twenty kills!
Twenty-one Kill!
Li Xuan went crazy!
“This is too easy.”
“Just like playing the MOBA game and going to the low end of the game to abuse the dishes, ten minutes of divine clothing, all the way flat?”
“This one should be stable, right?”
Li Xuan couldn’ t help thinking.
His entire attribute was close to 120 points!
The movement speed was 78 meters per second!
Attack speed 3.45!
Of course, under the condition of holding the golden crossbow, the attack speed would not take effect.
The speed of the golden crossbow was based on its filling speed.
It didn’ t matter to Li Xuan.
In any case, it was an arrow for him to hit anyone.
Just when Li Xuan felt that he was invincible, he did not know that there were two other players on the same map who had the same idea.
“I didn’ t expect to eat chicken first. I’ m too strong!”
“Didn’t know how many survival points could he earn in this game?”How much strength can I exchange for?”
“Nice, hey!”
After a bald youth killed eleven people, he couldn’ t help but laugh.
This person was a chicken-eating host, the live broadcast ID “bulb “.
Luck was selected as one of ten thousand test personnel in the survival game.
Although survival games were different from eating chickens, there were some small details that were common.
This made him look like a fish in water along the way. His development was especially good.
At this moment, he was extremely swollen!
“It’s a pity that this game can’ t be broadcasted now. Otherwise, the fans will definitely have a huge boost!”
It was a pity for the young broadcast.
And very quickly!
The restricted area continued to shrink!
The finals……They arrived.
[Remaining players in this game:3!]
Although the bulb expanded, it still became a little nervous.
The final circle was a small forest.
The light bulb was stuck at the edge of the safety circle, hiding behind a tree, observing the circle.
But he didn’ t know.
Just at this moment, a person had already quietly arrived behind him, aiming his bald head with a golden crossbow……*

Chapter 10 Numbering is unlucky?Win!

Li Xuan aimed his arrow at the bald head of the broadcast lamp.
Then, he took a slide step and sprinted back to a tree and hid it.
The other party couldn’ t find him at all!
“This attack was blocked?”
Li Xuan looked at the bald man from afar, somewhat surprised.
An arrow landed on the back of the bald youth’s head, but no damage figures jumped out.
[F grade talent: I’m bald!Every 24 seconds, he could be immune to head attacks or effects!]
Li Xuan naturally could not see what the other party’s talent was.
But it didn’ t matter.
If he was immune to one attack, he couldn’ t always be immune, right?That was no longer invincible?
Two seconds later, Li Xuan returned to stealth!
He once again sneakily approached the other party!
“Fortunately, this game is not like eating chickens.”
Li Xuan rejoiced!
In this survival game, he could control his movements to reduce the sound of movement.
Even if they moved slowly, they would be able to make no sound.
This was useless to others.
However, to Li Xuan’s talent of permanent invisibility, it was extremely crucial.
Soon, he arrived behind the bald youth.
Clearly, this fellow had already discovered that he had been ambushed.
He pulled out the golden crossbow bolt from the back of his head and looked around suspiciously, but he didn’ t find anyone.
He began to squat.
Squat down, stand up, squat down, stand up——
This was a habit that had been cultivated from the chicken game, in order to prevent people from exploding!
At the same time, he kept looking around to find out where the person who had ambushed him was.
“Why can’t he move?”
Li Xuan was shocked.
He held the golden crossbow in his hand and followed the other’s bald head. In a while, he could not aim at it!
Even if they were close to each other, it was very likely that they would be empty.
As for this, it fully indicated that this broadcast lamp really had something!
To be able to break into the finals, it would definitely be very detailed.
“Heh, heh…”This is actually a bit tiring?”
The bulb was a little depressed.
In the past, when the keyboard was operated, squatting down could be said to be extremely familiar.
But now, he was personally doing this…
Not only was he a bit tired, he also felt like a sand sculpture.
“Forget it.”
Li Xuan studied it for a while and decided to forget about it.
He changed into a D-grade golden saber that he had picked up earlier.
He turned behind the bald youth and didn’ t attack his head. He directly slashed out!
Dizzy for 2 seconds!
“Poison Tempering Attack!”
Li Xuan replaced the’ Focus Power’ with the original’ Piercing’skill.
After losing consciousness, the golden saber slashed out!
-273(Critical Strike!)
[You killed the target (number 00444)!]
[You have obtained 5 points of all attributes (this game only takes effect)!]
[Remaining players in this game:2!]
The bald youth fell to the ground and turned into a box.
The young man was stunned.
What the hell!
Not even a single shadow could be seen, yet he was dizzy, and then he was killed by the poison and two blades?
“I’ m so fat, I actually couldn’ t eat chickens!”
“Could it be that the number 444 is too unlucky?”
“My top grade equipment……What a pity!”I’ ve let that sneak attack go.”
The light bulb left the game regretfully.
But what he did not know was that Li Xuan had no intention of licking his bag.
His top-grade equipment was all spicy chicken to Li Xuan.
There were still two people left in this game!
In other words, other than Li Xuan, there was only one left.
He had already seen his opponent’s position.
Li Xuan continued to tiptoe closer……
It was a middle-aged uncle who seemed to be furtively looking around. He looked a little puzzled because he had not seen anyone in the safety zone.
Li Xuan was just about to finish off the middle-aged uncle with dizziness.
In the end……
He was just three meters away from him.
The middle-aged uncle immediately noticed something. He quickly ran and hid behind another tree a few meters away.
Li Xuan was not in a hurry as he continued to approach carefully……
It was still three meters away.
The other party seemed to have discovered something at once. He moved again and shifted his position.
[F grade talent: Danger Perception.With an enemy approaching 3 meters, his heart would accelerate.]
Thus, Li Xuan felt uncomfortable.
He didn’ t move, nor did he move.
As soon as he approached, the other party would flee.
However, the other party didn’ t know Li Xuan’s exact location. Several times, the middle-aged uncle’s face was filled with doubt!
Did he not see anyone?
Why was his heart racing?
Finally, Li Xuan was enraged.
Did he really think that he could only fight in close combat?
It wasn’ t like he hadn’ t practiced his golden crossbow before!
He could only pull out his golden crossbow and shot it at the middle-aged uncle from afar, hitting his back with an arrow.
Every time Li Xuan made a move, he would stop and sprint, change positions, and become invisible.
One after another, golden crossbow bolts shot towards the middle-aged uncle from different directions.
“Is this a secret division?”
The middle-aged uncle was shocked.
He tried to dodge, but Li Xuan’s hit rate was extremely high!
Earlier, when Li Xuan shot an arrow from close range, he was not afraid that he would not be able to hit it. He was just greedy for ease.
But now……
There were arrows shooting out of the woods, leaving the middle-aged uncle nowhere to dodge.
It was as if someone had surrounded him!
But he didn’ t even see a single person!
The uncle could only eat the cheese. His body was suffused with white light, and blood continuously returned.
However, the crossbow bolts continuously interrupted his recovery.
As a result, the uncle continued to eat cheese.
“How much cheese does this fellow have?”
Li Xuan was shocked.
Fortunately, he had enough crossbow bolts. In the end, when there were still more than twenty bolts left, he finally shot the middle-aged uncle into a beehive.
[You killed the target (number 00471)!]
[You have obtained 5 points of all attributes (this game only takes effect)!]
[Congratulations on winning this game!Please receive the settled survival points reward!]
A series of system notifications sounded out.
He finally ate the chicken!
Li Xuan let out a sigh of relief. He really didn’ t expect that these two fellows would really be a bit tiring if they were to deal with them in the end?*

Chapter 11: Harvesting Survival Points!Exchange rules!

Right at the moment when Li Xuan won.
Another game of survival.
Qin Shuangshuang, a pure and pure girl, was carefully sweeping the fields, searching for pictures and upgrading her equipment.
It was as if she had been killed by Li Xuan.
This time, Qin Shuangshuang had already killed his teammates!
This allowed her to have five full attribute bonuses at the start.
[Drops!Congratulations to your team for winning in the end!]
[Because you have contributed 5 full attributes to your teammate number 00497, you have received 1 survival point reward!]
When the girl Qin Shuang heard the system notification, her beautiful eyes widened.
“That Hun Dan actually ate chicken?”
“You even gave me a survival point?”
“Are you mocking me?”
“, My purpose was to contribute 5 points to him?”I spit!”
The girl was furious!
[Number 00497 won this match.]
[Now, settle the survival points!]
All Li Xuan’s players heard the system notification.
For example, the anchor light bulb took the third place and finally settled 26 survival points.
That middle-aged uncle, second place, had settled 32 survival points.
Li Xuan’s survival points were undoubtedly the most important!
[Survival Points Settlement:
Survival points:100 points!
Talent score:256 points!
Equipment score:26 points!
Skill score:21 points!
Kill/assist points:24 points!
Special settlement: You killed your teammates and deducted 30 points!
Summary:397 points!]
A total of 397 survival points!
Clearly, the most important thing was the talent score.
However, the system explained that survival points were the basis. If they did not win in the end, not only would they be deducted from their lifespan, the other points would also be greatly reduced.
After the settlement, Li Xuan’s eyes darkened, and a sense of weightlessness could be heard from his entire body……
He opened his eyes again and returned to the concrete room, as if nothing had happened.
However, when he thought of the “survival game “, he would be able to open the survival points shop panel!
Instantly, a dazzling list of items appeared in front of him.
[Survival Points Exchange List!]
[Upgrade Gene: Each survival point can upgrade a certain attribute by 0.02 points!]
[Lifetime Increase: Every point of survival points can be exchanged for 1 month of lifespan!]
Li Xuan looked at it and frowned slightly.
The rate of gene strengthening was too low, right?
In this round, he had settled 397 survival points. He could only strengthen 8 points.
Of course, his 8 points were already quite a bit.
Only the other players……Even if he ate a chicken, he could only obtain more than 100 survival points!
It could only strengthen 2 points!
“If that’s the case, wouldn’ t the others’ improvement be very slow?”
Li Xuan shook his head, not thinking too much.
Right now, he had no time to worry about himself. He had nothing to do with others.
The next stage was the main stage.
Extraction of game equipment, skills and talent!
Li Xuan looked at them one by one.
“There is no limit to the equipment extraction. As long as you have obtained it in the game, you can choose to extract it.”
“For example, an F-class equipment would require around 100 survival points to extract reality. However, this level of equipment might not be useful ……”
“Wasn’t just F-class equipment. It should be said that this series of equipment was useless.”It’s about 200 points for E-class equipment and 400 points for D-class equipment. If it’s just some cold weapons, it’ ll be a waste of points.”
Li Xuan even suspected that even a C grade platinum armor could not be bulletproof, right?
Of course, if a hot weapon appeared in the future, or something like that of the Iron Man, it would definitely not be a loss.
Next was the skill extraction.
“Skill extraction. Just like equipment, only the skills obtained in the game can be extracted.”
“Was divided into one day and one day.”It’s a long-term skill. It requires 100 times more survival points than a day.”
“For example, for an F-level skill, if you extract 100 points for a day, if you want to. If you want to extract it permanently, you will have 10,000 points.”
Li Xuan was a bit regretful.
In the game, he did not obtain the skills to help him escape from the mental hospital.
[Sprint] looked a little bit like this, but this wasn’ t teleportation. It wasn’ t able to penetrate through obstacles, so it wasn’ t helpful to Li Xuan.
“Looks like I’ ll have to search for more skills in the future. Maybe there will be skills that can help me escape.”
Li Xuan thought to himself.
It was worth mentioning that there was an upper limit on the number of skills that could be extracted from reality.
This upper limit was related to the player’s position in the survival game.
As for the rank!
This thing seemed to be very important.
Li Xuan inquired about the system and soon understood.
This stage was just like the MOBA game he had played in the past. It was divided into Gold Platinum Diamond King and so on.
According to their battle record, the player’s rank would naturally increase. However, when they advanced, they needed to enter a promotion match.
“There are limits to the extraction of equipment, skills, and even talent.”
“For example, I am currently at the Bronze rank, so I can only extract F, E, and D levels.”
“Even if I obtained a C grade platinum armor and a platinum helmet in the game, I still can not extract it.”
Then, Li Xuan began to check the exchange of talent.
He was very curious!
How many survival points would it take to extract the SSS level permanent invisibility talent to reality?
Once this talent was extracted, it would be easy for him to escape this mental hospital!*

Chapter 12: Crazy Evolution!His teammates were actually her?

Li Xuan thought about the talent of permanent invisibility.
However, he glanced at the Tian Fu Exchange List……
He was stunned.
[You have unlocked “SSS grade talent: permanent invisibility “!The survival points needed to extract reality were 2.56 million!]
Two million survival points!
Just now, Li Xuan had only obtained 397 survival points after eating chicken. If he wanted to extract this talent to reality, wouldn’ t he have to eat several thousand chickens?
Hello [host!As you increase your rank, you will gain more and more survival points in a single game. Please know!]
The system gave a timely reminder.
When Li Xuan heard this, he heaved a sigh of relief.
“If you want to extract your talent, you must first unlock it.”
“And the amount of survival points that he used to extract his talent was 100 times more than his ability to unlock it!”
Li Xuan looked at the unlocking list:
To unlock a random F-level talent, it required 100 survival points!He needed 10,000 points to extract.
To unlock a random E-level talent, it required 200 survival points!It would require twenty thousand points.
To unlock a random grade D talent, it required 400 survival points!It would require 40,000 points.
Double increase, and so on!
If there was a talent that was not needed, it could be recycled (only the talent that was actively unlocked could be recycled), and 80% of the survival points would be returned.
But now, everyone was at the bronze rank.
At most, he could only unlock a D-level talent or randomly unlock it. It was very likely that he would get a useless chicken rib talent.
Even if the people were to step up.
In this unlocking list, at most, it was only at Grade A talent.
Any talent that had reached Grade S had no way to unlock it!
“It is enough to show that my entire innate talent system is strong!”
“You’ ve actually unlocked all of your F-level and SSS-level talents. You’ ve automatically selected the highest level of talent in the game!”
“Low-grade talent might be useless.”
“But every SSS level talent was very strong!”At most, it’s just different.”
“Unfortunately, it couldn’ t be recycled……”If not, I’ ll be able to recover some useless talent and use it to strengthen my genes.”
Li Xuan felt a bit regretful.
[Host, this system isn’ t just like this!When you increase your rank, this system will unlock more talent for you, such as god-level talent and so on!]
This news lit up Li Xuan’s eyes.
This was not bad!
This meant that his system could be upgraded as well.
Right now, everyone else was an F-level talent. He was using an SSS-level talent.
By the time others used their A-level talent, he would have already eliminated even SSS-level talent, using God-level or even stronger talent!
This meant that in the survival game, he would always have an advantage.
He looked around.
The room made of concrete formed a dark cage, locking him up.
He began to think about the fastest way to escape from this place.
“There are two ways.”
“First, from the myriad of heavenly gifts I’ ve unlocked, I’ ll find the talents that can be used to escape the mental hospital. Then, I’ ll save enough survival points and extract them!”
“Second, search for skills in the game. If you encounter skills that can be used to escape the mental hospital, you can directly extract them.”
These two methods could be carried out simultaneously.
In any case, just save the survival points.
If he hadn’ t obtained any skills, he would have to wait for his talent to be extracted.
If he acquired a skill halfway through, then he would be able to extract it. He didn’ t need to extract it permanently. Just one day was enough for him to escape.
There was still a third path, which was to strengthen genes.
Who knows how much strength it needs to be to escape from this mental hospital?
It was too easy for accidents to happen if the front was hard and rigid!
If he wanted to escape, he had to start with skills or talent.
“Can the system search for talent that will allow me to escape the sealed space?”
Li Xuan asked in his mind.
[Host, please explore on your own!]
Soon, the system answered.
Li Xuan couldn’ t help but curse at the Spicy Chicken System. He didn’ t even have a search function……But it was quite understandable.
There were too many types of talent in this survival game!
The System probably didn’t know what kind of talent he was capable of allowing him to escape the sealed space.
“Yi, this talent is not bad.”
Li Xuan quickly found a D-level talent from his talent list: Soul Release Transposition!
[Grade D talent: Soul Divination Transformation!He could brand his spirit onto an object, and then exchange positions with it at any time!]
Li Xuan thought of the plate that the woman had carefully taken away.
“I branded my spirit on the plate.”
“When she takes it away, she will secretly exchange positions with the dishes?”
Li Xuan fell into deep thought.
A plan slowly formed in his mind…Of course, there were many details. This was just a preliminary idea.
“You need 40,000 survival points to extract your D grade talent.”
“If you get more points from eating chicken, then a few dozen will be enough.”
“Before this……”Save your points and search for your skills in the game.”
Li Xuan’s thoughts were very clear.
Thus, he chose to enter the game again!
397 Survival Points, temporarily not used.
If it were someone else, they would probably be busy converting it into lifespan, or perhaps carrying out gene strengthening…
But to Li Xuan.
None of this was necessary!
[Welcome you to the survival game!]
[Drops!I’ ve detected that you’ ve activated hundreds of millions of talents!]
[Congratulations, you’ ve drawn your talent in this game: Crazy Evolution (SSS level). Every 30 seconds, you can choose an equipment or skill to evolve its attributes!]
Note: The same equipment or skill can evolve 12 times at most!)
SSS grade talent, insane evolution!
Li Xuan’s eyes lit up.
As the name implies, to evolve an equipment or skill was to increase the attributes of an equipment or skill, or even add some special effects. Moreover, it could be increased 12 times in a row!
“With this talent, even the worst F-class equipment will still surpass platinum-level equipment in the end!”
“It seems like this one is for me to play with equipment and skills.”
Li Xuan thought to himself.
Right at this moment, he had just raised his head to observe the area in front of him. He discovered that this was the ruins of the arena.
He stood at the edge of the ruins.
Outside the arena, there seemed to be an ancient city ruins. It seemed like it had been a long time…
Suddenly, an ice-cold female voice came from behind him:
“No.00497, you are my teammate?”
Li Xuan’s expression immediately changed as soon as this cold female voice sounded.
Could this voice be…
The cold woman who had just given him food?
If he had guessed correctly, this woman was his main guard.
Who would have thought that this woman would become one of the 10,000 testers in the survival game?
Not only did he compete with him.
He even became his own teammate!
This was terrible!*

Chapter 13, I’ ll make up for you!Evolution sprint!(1/5)

“Fortunately, she was born behind my back.”
Li Xuan calmly pondered.
The other party probably hadn’ t recognized him yet, or else he wouldn’ t be called “No.00497″……
In that case, there was a way!
“As long as I don’ t see my face in this game.”
“The best way is to separate from her!”
“In any case, it’s useless to have a teammate in this game. Not only are they fighting for their equipment, they’ re also fighting for their heads. They won’ t be able to develop at all.”
Li Xuan’s heart skipped a beat.
Just at this moment, he heard the soft footsteps behind him.
It should be that icy cold woman approaching him…
“I won just now,” he said as he approached.You can help me in this round.”My equipment, skills, and heads are my priority!”
Her voice was extremely cold.
There was an unquestionable tone.
“Ha ha ha ……”
Li Xuan didn’t wait for her to come to his side and walked towards the ruins of the arena.
Moreover, he deliberately used a hoarse voice to dryly laugh, giving people a sinister feeling.
He said in a hoarse voice,” I think we should split up.”
After saying that, he saw a broken stone pillar in front of him. There was a pile of resources running towards that pile of resources.
“Split up?”That’s fine, so you won’ t hold me back.”
The ice-cold woman said coldly.
That was what he said.
But when Li Xuan heard the footsteps, he realized that she had actually followed!
Of course, his speed was not as fast as Li Xuan.
Li Xuan’s initial agility had reached 14 points,4 points higher than normal people!
Even if this woman ate chicken last time, even if she used her survival points to strengthen her agility, she could not compare to Li Xuan.
But this was a reminder for Li Xuan.
It was clear that if the real world attributes were genetically enhanced, the initial attributes of the game would be even higher!
“Looks like we still have to strengthen our genes.”
“Otherwise, if you can’ t keep up with the initial attributes of entering the game, you might lose on the starting line.”
Li Xuan thought to himself.
Feeling the ice-cold woman following him, he continued to ask in a hoarse voice,” Didn’ t you split up?”
“It doesn’ t mean you can’ t compete for equipment, right?”
The ice-cold woman also asked.
It turned out that she had taken a fancy to the pile of resources in front of Li Xuan.
Unfortunately, Li Xuan’s position was better than hers!
A few seconds later, he arrived in front of the pile of resources and picked them up.
“Teammate, leave a bottle of milk for you to replenish.”
Li Xuan thought for a moment and said with a hoarse smile.
Then, he put a bottle of milk back on the stone pillar.
The cold woman almost died of anger!
She still needs to make up?
However, she was not as fast as Li Xuan. She could only watch as Li Xuan picked up everything else!
“Even if you are my teammate, I will kill you!”
The ice-cold woman gnashed her teeth.
Li Xuan said in a hoarse voice.
In any case, to him, this ice-cold woman was hostile to him. If she had the chance to disgust her, she would still be quite refreshing!
Then, he ran away with other supplies.
His speed was actually much faster than before!
[Scurry (F-level skill book): Activate the back movement speed +50% for 5 seconds.Cool down for 15 seconds.]
Of course, he had learned this skill book directly.
In addition, he obtained a bronze sword with an attack power of +15 points and directly put it in his hand.
“We can evolve.”
It happened to be 30 seconds before the game started. Li Xuan had the opportunity to evolve for the first time.
“Let’s start. Let’s evolve crazily!”
He directly chose the [Quick Run] skill.
[Your’ Scurry’skill has evolved successfully!]
[Sprint +1(F-level skill): Activate Backward Movement +100% for 7 seconds.Cooling for 13 seconds.]
The speed shift effect doubled!
It also increased the duration by one second, and decreased the cooldown by one second!
“According to this situation, as long as we evolve two more times, the duration will exceed the cooldown.”
“This means that it can be activated all the time!”
This crazy evolution talent was powerful!
After Li Xuan evolved to sprint, his speed increased by a large amount.
He ran very fast!
A streak of smoke disappeared from the cold woman’s vision.
“I successfully escaped.”
“Next, it was best to obtain stealth skills or mask equipment to kill that woman ……”
Li Xuan shook his head.
Whether or not he could obtain such things would depend on his face.
He circled around the ruins of the Arena.
Since he could see the position of that woman (teammate) from the small map, as long as he deliberately avoided it, he would never see her again.
That woman did not follow Li Xuan.
Although she was shouting that she wanted to kill Li Xuan, she knew very well that if she had been chasing after Li Xuan, how would she still develop?
The equipment, skills, and heads were all snatched away by Li Xuan!
Of course, she didn’ t know that number 00497 was Li Xuan!
Half a minute later.
Li Xuan left the ruins of this arena and entered the ruins of an ancient city with more complicated terrain.
“It’s time to evolve!”
[Your’ Scurry’skill has evolved successfully!]
[Sprint +2(F-level skill): Activate Backward Movement +150% for 9 seconds.Cooling for 11 seconds.]*

Chapter 14 A Sword Burst!Gradually defying the heavens!(2/5)

He had to evolve again!
The sprint skill was directly +2. Although it was only an F-level skill, after being evolved twice, it was even more impressive than a D-level skill.
Activate plus 150% movement speed!
Lasts for 9 seconds, cooling for 11 seconds!
“Only two seconds left.”
“And this skill could evolve 12 times in total?”How heaven defying will it be in the end?”
Li Xuan was speechless.
This game had only started for a minute.
The others might not even be able to obtain F-level skills. He already had such a powerful skill!
At that moment, he was in the ruins of the ancient city.
He saw a pile of equipment on the rubble in the ruins.
“Hmm?”Someone wants to snatch it?”
Li Xuan saw that there were already two players more than twenty meters away from the pile of rubble. They should be a team that was approaching the pile of rubble.
“You’ re thinking too much.”
Run, activate!
Li Xuan directly started sprinting.
Even though he hadn’ t yet been killed and didn’ t have any footwear equipment, his speed had reached 35 points!
35 Points?
Each second was close to 21 meters!
In the last round, Li Xuan had killed three times. He had also obtained a pair of silver boots, which had surpassed this speed.
And now……Li Xuan had started so quickly!
He completely ignored the two players.
Smoke rushed over and picked up the equipment on the pile of rubble.
Silver armor with +30 defense!
There was also an E-level skill book!
Before Li Xuan could see what it was, he turned around and ran.
“F*ck!He snatched it away!”Then why did B run so fast?”
“He should have activated the acceleration skill, chase!”
The two players who had been robbed instantly became furious.
They chased after Li Xuan!
“We can evolve again!”
“Continue to evolve, sprint!”
As Li Xuan ran, he evolved.
[Your’ Scurry’skill has evolved successfully!]
[Sprint +3(F-level skill): Activate +200% of the movement speed. The first attack after activation will receive *2 additional damage!It lasted for 11 seconds.Cooling for 9 seconds.]
The sprint skill that had evolved once again changed.
His movement speed had reached 200%, and the first attack after he activated would have a damage bonus.
The damage was multiplied by 2!
“Under the condition of 200% acceleration, my movement speed is 42 points.”
“In other words, it has 84 additional damage.”
“This is too refreshing?”
One had to know that this game had just begun!
Li Xuan only had a bronze sword in his hand, but he was fearless.
Turn back!
Like a gust of wind, he held the bronze sword and approached the two players.
“He actually dared to turn around?”
“Might be that it was almost time to speed up. He knew that he couldn’ t run away, so if he wanted to go all out, be careful not to get killed ……”
Just as he finished speaking.
Li Xuan activated his +3 sprint. Before the other party could even react, his sword slashed across one of them’ heads!
-303(Head Explosion!)
Because Li Xuan moved too fast, the other party had no time to determine his position.
His head was blasted apart by a single strike!
It turned into a wooden box.
[You killed the target (No.00369)!]
[You have obtained 5 points of all attributes (this game only takes effect)!]
When another player tried to attack Li Xuan with his saber, Li Xuan had already run away, far away from his attack range.
“What the hell?”
“Why is it so fast?”
The player was shocked.
Li Xuan was not in a hurry either.
He was waiting for the sprint to cool down. The damage bonus would only take effect once every time he started the sprint.
He first ran into the distance and looked at the skill book he had just obtained:
[Body of Steel (E-level skill book): Increases defense by 20 points. Passive takes effect.]
A defensive skill!
He directly increased his defense by 20 points.
For some players, this skill might not be bad, or it might be useless.
But for Li Xuan……
It seemed to be alright?
“Can I preview the evolution effect?”
Li Xuan thought for a moment.
The system quickly gave back:
Body of Steel +1: Defense increased by 40 points. Passive effect.
Body of Steel +2: Defense increased by 70 points. Passive effect.
Body of Steel +3: Defense increased by 110 points, reducing head damage by 70%.Passive entry.
He looked over and felt that there was no need for evolution.
Even though he had been evolving for a long time, he could increase his passive defense by several hundred points.
He would not lose blood even if he was beaten.
However, he wasn’ t this type of person who stood and was beaten!
“Preview the evolution of the sprint.”
Li Xuan immediately previewed his sprint skills.
He discovered that when he sprinted at +7, the speed of movement increased by 400%, the cooldown decreased to 1 second, and the additional speed of movement *6 was activated.
“It seems that a skill that has been evolving will be stronger.”
“Let’s start with +7.”
At this moment, Li Xuan’s sprinting skill had finished cooling down.
He turned around and chased after the remaining player.
That player just saw that he couldn’ t catch up to Li Xuan, and he already wanted to run away!
How could he escape?
Every round of Pig Feet was a random SSS grade talent!That was why the fighting style would change, but no matter what kind of talent he had, he would be very happy!)*

Chapter 15: The moment you see someone!King of the ruins of the ancient city!(3/5)

[You killed the target (number 00572)!]
[You have obtained 5 points of all attributes (this game only takes effect)!]
Double Kill!
Li Xuan chased after him and killed the player.
With the additional damage of +3 sprinting, even if that player had a bronze helmet, he could not withstand Li Xuan’s damage.
He was directly eliminated!
“All attributes increased by 10 points.”
“And I can evolve again.”
“Evolution Scurry!”
[Sprint +4(F-level skill): Activate +250% of the movement speed. The first attack after activation will receive *3 additional damage!It lasted for 13 seconds.Cool down for 7 seconds.]
The damage was even higher!
Right now, this skill reminded Li Xuan of a hero of the MOBA game in his previous life. He activated and accelerated, and his speed grew faster and faster as he kicked to death.
“It’s almost there.”
Li Xuan smiled.
In the beginning, he had lost his [Permanent Invisibility] talent, and he really wasn’ t used to it.
But now…
This [Crazy Evolution] talent was definitely not weaker than permanent invisibility.
From a certain point of view, it was even stronger!
Because the upper limit was high.
The choice of equipment or skills for evolution was different, and the path of development was completely different. However, no matter how one developed, it would be extremely heaven-defying.
Li Xuan walked through the ruins of the ancient city.
Normally, he didn’ t start sprinting to avoid being seen by others. If he was mentally prepared, it wouldn’ t be that easy to sneak attack again.
“Take the bronze helmet first.”
“Silver saber, not bad!”
Li Xuan found a pile of equipment and changed into a silver saber.
In fact, he didn’ t have much need for weapons. In any case, his current damage was mainly due to the speed of the sprint.
However, the durability of the bronze weapon was too low. It wouldn’ t take long.
If it was a silver saber, the game would be over.
[Your teammate killed a number 00127 and obtained 5 full attributes!]
[Your teammate killed a target of 00718 and obtained 5 full attributes!]
[Your teammates have obtained double kills!]
A series of system notifications sounded out.
“That woman still has some skills.”
“Her talent was only F-class, her advantage in the game of survival came from her own ……”
“In other words, in reality, she might be a cultivator.”
“Special Forces?”Martial arts experts?”
It was hard to say.
However, he could guess that someone who could be sent to guard him, the most dangerous psychopath in history, was definitely not weak in reality.
“But in the game of survival, she is definitely inferior to me.”
Li Xuan shook his head.
Suddenly, he noticed a target and immediately began to move.
Start sprinting!
He rushed towards a broken wall and swung out his silver saber!
Just behind the wall, the player tried to dodge, but how could he dodge?
Li Xuan moved too fast!
Instant kill!
This time, it wasn’ t an instant kill.
When the other party realized that there was a danger, he had already avoided his head with all his strength, allowing Li Xuan’s blade to fall on his body.
This person was also wearing silver armor.
Even so, Li Xuan still dealt 294 damage to him!
“Right now, my basic speed is 24 points. After I start sprinting, it will be 84 points!”
“Just the additional speed shift damage alone has reached 252 points!”
How could he be so good?
Moreover, after he killed three times, his entire attribute had increased by five points.
The base speed was even faster, reaching 29 points!
“Time has come, continue to evolve!”
Li Xuan continued to evolve and sprint!
This talent was well known! It really was a crazy evolution!
[Scurry +5(F-level skill): Activate the Backshift +300%. The first attack first attack, you will receive an additional damage of *4!It lasted for 15 seconds.Cool down for 5 seconds.]
It was even more terrifying!
The base movement speed of 29 points increased by 300% to 116 points.
The additional movement speed multiplied by 4 was 464 damage.
“This is heaven defying.”
When Li Xuan thought back to the first round, he concealed his golden crossbow and combined it with the poison attack. The total damage of an arrow was only 800 points.
And now, just two and a half minutes into this game, he could deal more than 500 damage.
In fact, his speed was almost the same as when he was eating chicken.
Most importantly…
The skill of sprinting had barely evolved half!
“The best way to develop is to find someone to kill!”
“No equipment or skill exists!”
“As long as you kill people, increase your stats, and increase your base speed, you’ ll be able to eat chickens in this round.”
Li Xuan knew very well how he would play next.
[You killed the target…!]
[You killed the target…!]
[You killed the target…!]
Li Xuan relied on his’ Scurry+5’skill, and it would take a second to see someone!
When he left the ruins, he was the only one left in the ruins. He was the king of the ruins!
At this moment, five minutes had finally passed.
The safety circle began to shrink. It was a bit far from him, but it didn’ t matter.
Because his sprint skill had already evolved to +10!*

Chapter 16 A man who was troubled by his speed!(4/5)

[Sprint +10(F-level skill): Activate +550% of the movement speed. The first attack after activation will receive *9 additional damage!In addition, during the sprint, there was a 50% chance to forcibly dodge any attack.It lasted for 60 seconds.Cooling down for 1 second.]
Evolution +10 sprint!
“A total of eight were killed in the ruins of the ancient city.”
“All attributes increased by 40 points.”
“He even got a pair of silver boots!”
Li Xuan looked at his own attributes.
54 Points of agility,54 points of movement speed, plus the 12 points of movement speed of silver boots, the total was 66 points of basic movement speed.
“If you start sprinting, it will be 429 points!”
“255 Meters per second!”
“I almost exploded!”
Li Yi had never expected this speed to be so terrifying.
It was just an F-level skill. After evolution +10, it actually changed so much.
“The current me is no different from being invisible.”
“This speed is too fast!”
“If you want to get close to your opponent, you can’ t find me at all.”
At the same time, Li Xuan looked at the map.
He discovered that his cold female teammate was very far from him on the map.
This “very far” meant that he was looking very far on the map.
In reality, the distance between them was less than 1,000 meters.
“This map is only 2000m*2000m. In other words, I can traverse the map in less than ten seconds?”
Li Xuan shouted loudly.
Was this crazy evolution?
As expected of an SSS grade talent!
At this moment, the game had only begun for five minutes. The restricted area had just begun to shrink for the first time!
On the grassland.
A bald youth was fighting a D-class wild monster.
[Rock Golem (Level D):1200 HP]
“Sister, although my equipment is average, I still have no problem fighting this rock puppet.”
The bald youth was the host.
Now that he had a set of silver equipment, he had also learned two skills. On the plains, there were no other players.
Beside him was a female teammate.
“After finishing the Rock Golem, I’ ll be able to learn a D-level skill, or I’ ll have a gold equipment to lay the foundation for eating chickens.”
The light bulb said in a serious tone.
“This rock puppet looks very fleshy. Can your silver weapon break through?”
The girl was suspicious.
“Rest assured.”If I can’ t break through, no one in this game can break through.”
The light bulb was extremely confident.
However, just as he was about to take action.
A blur appeared in front of the two of them, as if an afterimage flashed past them, bringing with it a white sword light.
The rock puppet was instantly killed!
A D grade gold treasure chest appeared under the corpse of the rock puppet.
The light bulb and the girl were stunned at the same time.
What was happening?
Has it come out of BUG?
Why did this rock puppet die?
A second later!
Another blur flashed past them.
A white sword light flashed.
The bulb felt as if his bald head was feeling a little chilly. Just now, it seemed as if a sword light was flying over from head to toe…
“Someone just attacked me?”
“My talent has cooled down. Is there really someone attacking me?”
“Damn it, just like the last one?”
The bald youth was terrified.
This game was poisonous!
Another second later.
A streak of sword light once again flew past afterimages.
[You were killed by number 00497!]
[You have already been eliminated!]
The bald youth turned into a wooden box.
“It really is him again!”
Number two!”What kind of talent is this fellow?”
The light bulb once again left the game regretfully.
Remember the number 00497!
“This bald head again?”
Li Xuan looked at the system notification and found that he had killed number 00444. He couldn’ t help but feel depressed.
If he saw this bald man again, he would definitely not attack his head.
This fellow’s head was immune to a single attack!
Fortunately, his speed was too fast.
In just a second, he was over two hundred meters away, completely out of sight of the other party. Only then could he kill the other party without notice.
Then, Li Xuan brutally killed that girl.
In this game, everyone was his child!
“Kill two more.”
“All attributes have increased again.”
“A bit distressed.”
“This speed is too fast. I don’ t even know where I am?”
Li Xuan scratched his head.
He wasn’t talking nonsense.
Two hundred meters per second……It had completely exceeded the limit that humans could react to.
Even when he came out of the ruins of the ancient city, he often bumped into walls.
After coming out, he often bumped into trees.
“Looks like the sprint skill no longer needs to evolve.”
“Your speed is fast enough, your injuries are high enough.”
“If you continue to evolve, you won’ t be able to control it.”
“Change and evolve!”
Li Xuan had wanted to evolve his [Body of Steel] skill, but after he opened the stone puppet’s treasure chest, he immediately changed his mind.*

Chapter 17 Who said I was here to help?(5/5)

[Gold Armor (Grade D): Body Defense +50, Durability 720/720]
[Shadow Veil (Grade D): Mask the face,+10 facial defense,200/200 durability]
[White Bone Iron Rope (D-level skill book): Gather a string of white bone iron ropes, lock target, bind target, lock target for 5 seconds, cool for 18 seconds!]
One of the skill books that the wild monster dropped.
Li Xuan directly chose “Shadow Veil (Grade D)”!
The main reason was that the equipment could cover his appearance.
“Put it on!”
Li Xuan directly brought it along.
Although he moved quickly and was more than two hundred meters in a second, he was afraid that his ice-cold female teammates would have too good eyesight.
If she could see her face, the problem would be a little big.
Once she knew that Li Xuan had entered the survival game, the difficulty of escaping the mental hospital would undoubtedly increase.
After all, whether the other party was prepared or not was very different.
“Preview the evolution effect.”
Li Xuan directly previewed the effect of the shadow veil’s evolution:
Shadow Mask +1: Face Defense +20.
Shadow Mask +2: Face Defense +40.
Shadow Mask +3: Face Defense +70.New effect: Blurred figure.There was a 9% chance to forcefully dodge all attacks.
This piece of equipment only had facial defense, which was a bit useless.
It was basically useless.
Could it be that Li Xuan would be so stupid as to grab a knife with his face?
However, the effects after evolution were not bad.
+3 Added a blurry figure. Every time he evolved, he would have a +9% chance to dodge all attacks. At most, he would have a +12 chance to dodge 90%!
With Li Xuan’s +10 sprint effect, he was almost 100% able to dodge the attack!
This kind of dodging probability was forced dodging.
Even if it was the [White Bone Iron Rope] locking skill, once it was triggered to dodge, it would immediately disable it.
What was even more powerful was that after this equipment evolved by +6, it would definitely dodge!
Within 4 seconds of activation, he forced 100% to dodge all attacks against him. Cooldown:20 seconds!
Without a doubt, this was an extremely powerful life-saving skill.
Right now, Li Xuan didn’ t have any other equipment or skills to evolve.
Just evolve the shadow veil.
The game had started for seven minutes.
Li Xuan still had the opportunity to evolve four times. He transformed the shadow veil to +4 at once
[Shadow Veil +4(Class D equipment): Face Defense +110.There was an 18% chance to forcefully dodge all attacks.]
“It’s impossible for ordinary people to choose this equipment.”
“Dignified golden equipment was just a cover ……”
“It’s better than some helmets.”
However, after Li Xuan put it on, he realized that the effect of the shadow veil was extremely good.
Not only did he hide his face, he also changed his entire temperament.
“This time, that woman will definitely not recognize me.”
Li Xuan thought for a moment.
As long as he continued to evolve this equipment, he would eventually be able to achieve a 90% chance of dodging. With the addition of 50% dodging in the sprinting state, all of them would be forced to dodge. The combined effect would be even greater!
Although it was not 100%, the probability of the enemy hitting Li Xuan was extremely low.
It could be said to be invincible!
“Continue killing and harvesting!”
“Among the rewards that have been settled in the end, there are some points for killing, as well as points for equipment and skills.”
“As long as it’s a D grade gold equipment, all of it belongs to me!”
Li Xuan continued to pursue the entire map.
Now, his speed had reached a terrifying level!
After he scurried around the map, almost as if he had entered the uninhabited realm. After killing seven more people, he finally had a set of golden grade equipment.
But now, his speed was simply too fast.
He had to control his own speed, or else he couldn’ t control it at all!
Under such circumstances, Li Xuan’s speed in the open terrain was extremely fast.
However, in complex terrain like architectural ruins and groves, it was actually restricted…It was too fast. It was too easy to hit a wall or a tree.
“What’s going on with this person?”
At this moment, Li Xuan’s ice-cold female teammates were already stunned.
She could see Li Xuan’s location from the map.
In addition, he could obtain Li Xuan’s killing information!
“He killed fifteen in a short period of time?”
“What kind of talent does this person have?”
The ice-cold woman was shocked!
The most important thing was Li Xuan’s speed.
It was too terrifying. It was as if this map was a skating rink.
That speed must be one or two hundred meters per second, right?
“How did he do it?”
The ice-cold woman was puzzled.
She felt a little funny, but she could not laugh at all……
With such a terrifying speed, she was simply dreaming if she wanted to kill Li Xuan.
This made her teeth tickle with hatred.
This person actually dared to tease her!
The key was that he was really that strong!
In comparison, she was much less.
In these seven minutes, she had only killed five people in total. Even half of Li Xuan’s time was far away!
In reality, she was already very strong.
But compared to Li Xuan……He was simply a weakling.
“She’s only one person. Don’ t run!”
At this moment, two male players were attacking the ice-cold woman.
She was wearing tight black clothes, cold and murderous. Her figure was exquisite and graceful, forming an extremely perfect curve.
But what was strange was…
She did not have a weapon in her hand.
“Very good.”
“Take down these two heads first.”
The cold woman thought to herself.
However, just as she wanted to take her head.
Suddenly, she felt a gust of wind blowing past her. Then, a blade light flashed past her eyes.
One of the players attacking her was instantly killed by the blade light!
After two rounds, the two male players had already laid their corpses and turned into wooden boxes.
“My head!”
The ice-cold woman was stunned.
“Other than me, no one has the right to kill my teammates.”
Following a hoarse voice, Li Xuan’s figure appeared in front of her.
After putting on the shadow veil, his entire aura was cold and emotionless.
His words drove the ice-cold woman crazy.
This man……Wasn’t that too pretentious?
“What did you say?”I don’ t need your help!”
The cold woman was furious.
She simply couldn’ t recognize that this veiled man in front of her was actually the target of her guard in the Green Vine Psychiatric Hospital—the strongest psychopath in history, Li Xuan!
“Who said I came to help you?”
Li Xuan laughed hoarsely!*

Chapter 18 No.00497!Was he a human or a ghost?(1/5)

That’s right!
Li Xuan was not here to help her.
He just wanted to take those two heads away.
In fact……
He wanted to kill this cold female teammate.
Unfortunately, he now knew that when he killed his teammates, he would be deducted 30 survival points.
Most importantly, if he killed this woman now and this woman went to his concrete room to find him, what if he wasn’ t there?
Therefore, he could not!
If he did, something would happen.
“Why didn’t you take your weapon?”I’ ll give you a golden blade?”
Li Xuan said in a hoarse voice and threw out a D-grade golden saber.
If he didn’ t kill her, it would be difficult to guarantee that she wouldn’ t be killed by others.
Give her a blade to prevent her from being killed out of the game in advance.
He carefully examined the woman in tight black before him through the shadow veil.
This was the first time he had seen her.
“You look pretty good.”
He couldn’ t help but sigh in admiration.
This woman’s facial features were exquisite and perfect. Unfortunately, she had a murderous and cold aura that made people not dare to approach.
“I don’ t need weapons.”
The ice-cold woman said unhappily, not even glancing at the golden saber.
“Your talent is karate?”
Li Xuan sneered in a hoarse voice.
He paid no more attention to the other party and turned around to leave.
But he probably knew.
This woman’s talent was most likely related to her lack of weapons……If he didn’t equip a weapon, would he have an attribute bonus?
Or would there be some special effects?
Li Xuan didn’ t know.
However, he couldn’ t be bothered to inquire about her talent.
In any case, they were only F-level talents. There was nothing worth investigating!
[Remaining players in this game:43!]
The game lasted until nine minutes.
Li Xuan had already killed a total of 21 people.
At the same time, he had obtained four more opportunities to evolve.
“Evolution, Shadow Mask!”
[Shadow Mask +8(Class D equipment): Face Defense +370.There was a 54% chance of forcing him to dodge all attacks.Absolute Evasion: Within 6 seconds of activation,100% of all attacks against him will be forced to dodge. Cooldown 18 seconds!]
It was definitely enough to dodge!
In the six seconds he had activated Absolute Evasion, he was almost invincible.
However, it was important to note that this could only dodge the attacks that targeted him.
Looking at the explanation, if it was a range attack, it would be impossible to dodge.
However, even if it was a range attack, he still had a 54% and 50% chance to dodge. It was the effect of the combination of the Shadow Veil and the Sprint skill.
When the two dodge rates were put together, they were not simply added together.
It was a multiplication.
Therefore, if 54% and 50% were combined, it would be 77% dodge rate.
“It’s already over.”
The corner of Li Xuan’s mouth curled up slightly.
He realized that the progress of this game was much faster than the previous game.
Firstly, he already understood the basic rules of this survival game.
Secondly, his insanely evolving talent made his development incredibly fast.
Now, he was completely up!
Just 21 strikes alone gave him 105 full attributes.
Agility reached 119 points!
His speed had already exploded. Li Xuan couldn’ t even be bothered to count it……In any case, he was equivalent to teleporting on the map, but sometimes he couldn’ t control it himself.
Collision with walls, trees, rocks, and the like happened from time to time.
“Yi, there’s a pillar of light up ahead.”
Li Xuan saw a white pillar of light appear on the plains ahead.
A platinum treasure chest slowly descended from the top of the pillar.
“Right now, the bronze bureau’s equipment skills on the map, including wild monsters, are at most D-level.”
“Only a platinum treasure chest can produce a C-level item.”
“The competition must be very intense!”
Li Xuan thought to himself.
Li Xuan naturally obtained this platinum chest.
After all, there were also skill points and equipment points in the survival points settled!
Class C equipment and skills were of course better.
For a moment, the wind rose and the clouds surged!
As the white pillar of light appeared, four or five teams quickly arrived on the surrounding plains.
Some were single, some were double, and all of them were observing the surroundings warily.
They saw each other, but they didn’ t make a move easily.
They were all waiting for the platinum chest to land.
“If you don’ t do anything, I’ ll do it!”
Li Xuan was extremely happy.
Right now, he moved extremely fast, but it wasn’ t that easy to find every player accurately.
After all, many players had hidden themselves.
They were all very shrewd, and there was even the existence of Voldemort.
Now that the white gold treasure chest appeared and gathered a group of players together, wouldn’t it be a pleasure for Li Xuan?
“It’s starting!”
Li Xuan stared at a male player from afar, found an angle, and then……Charge!
In an instant, he held his golden saber and charged out over two hundred meters.
A blade slashed across a female player’s chest.
Instant kill!
“I’ m sorry. I hacked it to a side.”
Li Xuan’s face darkened.
It seemed that the speed was too fast to control.
But it was fine.
He then began to sprint back and look at that male player again!
A blade slashed across the chest of another female player.
Instant kill!
However, it turned crooked again.
This time, before Li Xuan was depressed, the group of players who wanted to snatch the platinum chest had already exploded.
“What happened?”Why did two suddenly die?”
“I don’ t know. I only saw a flash of light flash past, and then they’ re gone!”
“Were all killed by number 00497!”Is this a person or a ghost?”
“Where is he?”
Everyone looked around!
Unfortunately, Li Xuan had already charged over a hundred meters away from everyone’s line of sight.
How could they find Li Xuan?
“Come, continue!”
When Li Xuan saw that these people hadn’ t left, he saw that he was delighted and could continue to kill them!
“Let’s continue today!*Weakly, please ask for flowers, monthly tickets and evaluation tickets ~~)*

Chapter 19 was truly a manslaughter!A man who could not be monitored!(2/5)

The appearance of the platinum treasure chest’s supply attracted the ice-cold woman’s attention.
She was observing the pillar of light from afar…
Why did “feel a little wrong ……”
She saw many players running in all directions on the plain around the pillar of light where the platinum treasure chest was located.
Like an ant!
Those fleeing players had completely lost their thoughts of fighting, only thinking of escaping this place.
As for the ice-cold woman, she realized that her teammate number 00497 was sliding in and out of this area, and then continuously jumped out of the teammate’s killing information……
“His speed is too fast.”
“How did you play?”
She was not surprised that those players were fleeing in all directions.
After all, in this game, the sooner one dies, the longer one’s lifespan is deducted.
That was why everyone wanted to go all out to push the ranking forward!
This was no longer the first round.
If everyone died, their lifespan would be deducted.
Even if he only died one place late, he might be able to recover a month’s lifespan!
That was why it was too normal for these players to flee in all directions.
It was at this moment.
The cold woman’s heart suddenly trembled.
It was dangerous!
A streak of light slashed towards her from a distance of more than two hundred meters ahead, cutting through her face!
“F*ck!”It’s wrong again!”
Li Xuan’s figure appeared behind her.
He was dumbfounded.
Originally, he wanted to kill a man who was running for his life.
In the end……His speed was too fast and he couldn’t stop. He walked over and accidentally killed his teammates.
“This was truly a mistake ……”
Li Xuan spat out blood!
It seemed that too fast was really bad!
He was not worried about being deducted 30 points for survival.
However, after this woman left, would she become angry from embarrassment and go to the concrete room to find trouble with him?
“I have no choice but to defend.”
“This battle must be concluded quickly.”
Li Xuan instantly transformed into a heartless assassin.
[Remaining players in this game:24!]
This was the second time he had shrunk back!
In the end, there were only 24 people left.
According to the game of survival in the dead, it could basically be judged that there were immortals in this game.
And now……
Li Xuan was this immortal!
Now that he was facing a problem, his speed was simply too fast.
He ran so fast that he couldn’ t see the surroundings clearly.
But if he slowed down, he would give others a chance……
He could only slowly become familiar with it!
Even with his current speed, Li Xuan was slowly becoming familiar with it, gradually controlling it.
It was a pity that he couldn’t hold back that slash just now.
He killed his female teammates with a single strike.
“26 Killing ……”
“27 Kill ……”
In just ten minutes, Li Xuan had already developed to the point of dominating the entire match.
In reality!
Green Vine Mental Hospital.
Xia Ye was stunned as he was sent back to his office.
She was the cold woman that Li Xuan had just killed!
“That slash is so fast!”
“Clearly, my talent has already reminded me of the flaws of his blade.”
“But I can’ t keep up at all!”
Xia Ye couldn’ t help but reminisce about that strike.
She was a Martial Addict.
He was extremely infatuated with all sorts of fighting techniques.
“Sure enough, the martial arts in the world are only as fast as possible?”
Xia Ye’s gaze changed from a bit of bewilderment to a cold and firm one.” From this point of view, a gene strengthening must be done by strengthening agility.”
“We can’ t break fast!”
Soon, she recalled her mission in the Green Vine Mental Hospital.
“That’s right. I wonder if that psychopath will be selected for the survival game?”
Her expression was somewhat grave.
A mysterious survival game appeared out of nowhere.
With his thoughts, he could enter the game and earn survival points, strengthen his genes, and even extract ability within the game.
“If that psycho entered the game, it would be a big problem ……”
“The content of this game is too complicated!”
“Once he grasped the ability of the game, he might escape.”
After some thought, she immediately went to the surveillance room.
She was wearing a pair of sneakers as she walked up. Her graceful figure was extremely eye-catching.
“Send out the surveillance of the 001 ward.”
She entered the monitoring room and ordered.
The group of people in the monitoring room were still blowing each other’s water. When they saw Xia Ye appear, they immediately shut their mouths.
One of the fatty pointed to a screen of surveillance footage.” Chief Xia, the surveillance in the 001 ward has never been normal. It’s always bad, right?”
The surveillance scene was filled with snowflakes. There was no scene at all!
He simply could not see the situation inside the concrete room, and……It was too dark inside.
Even if there were surveillance cameras, they would not be able to see clearly.
“That’s right, Chief Xia. The patient in the 001 ward is too evil. One of the cameras is bad, so I decided not to!”
“That’s right. That’s a man who can’ t be monitored. Haha.”
Everyone in the monitoring room had already gotten used to this, and even started to joke with a smile.
Xia Ye shook his head.
In this situation, she had no choice.
He could only personally go to ward 001.
As for the cameras, it was useless to install as many of them as she could. She wouldn’t even stick to her waist bag to buy the cameras.
She was about to leave.
Suddenly, everyone in the monitoring room cried out in alarm.
“Damn it!”Where’s that person?”
“F*ck, why did he suddenly disappear?”
“Quick, quick!”There’s something wrong with ward 002!”
When Xia Ye heard that, his expression froze.
Could it be that the mental patient in ward 002 had been selected as a survival game?*