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      Big Boss
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      Now ours subscription system support to subscribe multiple books and you can directly get the read permission.

      1.How to subscribe (To enable this function, sign up for a site account first)
      Novel chapter list page – SUMMARY – Subscription options – Choose a tier.

      2.How to unsubscribe

      click your login part – choose subscribe -Do any operation you want

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      Fantasy Coins: 18

      Spent 5 vip coins and it didn’t unlock the novel.

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        Big Boss
        Fantasy Coins: 289

        has refused you 5 vip coins. You are using a broken link and we have alreay canceled vip5 10 20 links in the novel of i’m in marvel, my wife is goodking hela, but we forget to del the option in vip coins shop, sorry for the trouble.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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