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      Big Boss
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      You can find the subscription button in two places.
      1.https://f-w-o.com/subscription/ here
      2.The SUMMARY part of every book.
      How to manage your subscription?
      1.After you sign in, pls clinking your username, it’s at top right of page.
      2.you will see a menu list, it will appear four options——Fantasy Coins,Subscribers, User setting and logout.
      3.Choose Subscribers, its url likes this https://f-w-o.com/subscribers/, it will appear five options —— Home, Subscriptions …
      4.Clink Subscriptions, you can manage the current books you have Subscribed.
      5.You can choose cancel and update.
      Now ours subscription system support to subscribe multiple books and you can directly get the read permission.

Viewing 0 reply threads
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