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After sleeping for thousands of years, I’m exposed by Back to Field.

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      After I’ve been sleeping for thousands of years, I’m exposed by the show of Back to Field.(1-60)
      Chapter one my house turned into a mushroom house(1. Ask for flower evaluation ticket)
      Peach Blossom Land.
      The hazy mountains are shrouded in a layer of gauze.
      Without the hustle and bustle of the city, the beautiful countryside is quiet and clean!
      Far away at the foot of the mountain, there is a small wooden house.
      In front of the stream, issued Ding Ding Dong sound of running water, clear bottom.
      In front of the house and behind the house, the branches are full of flowers, and the fruit trees are fragrant, full and attractive.
      Here, it's a desirable place.
      And today.
      Here are a group of guests who are looking forward to filming the fifth season of yearning life.
      “Director, this is it.”
      The village head, who was in charge of leading the way, took a group of people to the front of the wooden house.
      “This is the oldest wooden house in the village.”
      “It has a history of more than 100 years,” the village head said
      “True or false?”
      Zifeng's sister was surprised. She didn't expect that this seemingly humble wooden house had so many years of history.
      “Our village is said to be the apprentice of Zhang Daoling. This is a treasure land of geomantic omen. I think my grandfather's youngest uncle once begged for immortality here.”
      These people in the program group are confused.
      Even the well-informed chef Huang and teacher he did not expect that there was such a legend.
      “Asked the fairy?”
      “Geomantic treasure land?”
      Sister Zifeng and Peng Peng don't know what to say.
      What the village head uncle said is totally beyond their understanding.
      “I don't know. When I was born, my grandfather had been missing for a long time, but the people in the village said that when the foreigners killed me, my grandfather once appeared and killed a whole group of Japanese devils by himself.”
      The old village head, who was over 50 years old, slowly told the stories he had heard.
      A group of people went leisurely.
      Not to mention whether it is true or not.
      It's the story of the elder killing all the devils that makes people respect him.
      “Village head, since this is the old man's former residence, isn't it suitable for us to live here?”
      Asked the director hesitantly.
      “It's OK. It's OK.”
      The village head waved his hand with a smile: “grandfather has not appeared for decades, here is also idle, you shoot you.”
      He said that. Naturally, there is no problem with the program team.
      And we all think that,
      Shooting in this place is very commemorative.
      Mr. He and Mr. Huang specially sum up, back in the program, we must introduce the situation here.
      Because it's a pilot film.
      And it's live.
      So after we had some preparation, we started shooting.
      this moment.
      There are more than three million viewers waiting for the live broadcast of the program in the studio.
      “It's not easy. I've been waiting for a whole year!”
      “I'll go. The scenery here is beautiful!”
      “Yes, every time I look forward to it, I feel like I'm traveling.”
      “I heard it was shot in Xiangxi this year.”
      “If only our family could take part in the show.”
      “Big honey, I want big honey!”
      “You see, Zifeng is more and more good-looking. The movie some time ago really shows that he has grown up.”
      “No, I think Peng Peng is more mature. His acting skills in that TV play are wonderful!”
      When everyone is talking about it, Huang Xiaochu's figure appears in front of the camera.
      “Audience friends, this is the mushroom house of season 5 of our yearning life.”
      With his words.
      The wooden house appeared in front of everyone.
      “The trough!That's too bad! ”
      “I'm so faint. What a broken house it is.”
      “It's like nobody's lived for a long time.”
      “Is this the plan of the program group
      “It's too much to abuse our sister Zifeng!”
      They are all old audiences who have seen the previous four seasons.
      Compare the environment.
      Although the scenery around here is good.
      But in terms of the environment of the mushroom house itself,
      It's no match for the previous seasons.
      Even compared with the first season, it's a little bit worse.
      In principle,
      There is no shortage of sponsors for this program group now. Why is it so stingy?
      I make complaints about the bullet screen comments.
      Teacher he's voice rang out.
      “Dear audience friends, don't underestimate this mushroom house. Although it is a bit dilapidated, it has a history of more than 100 years.Besides, there was once a hero who lived here during the Anti Japanese war! ”
      The audience all froze.
      They didn't expect it.
      This mushroom house has historical significance.
      Huang Xiaochu said, “after asking the old people and the village head, we learned that 80 years ago, this place was invaded by Japanese invaders.
      At that time, the whole village was about to die.
      At this time.
      A Taoist stood up!
      He killed a whole team of devils by himself, fighting for evacuation time for the whole village. ”
      He added: “later, the Taoist priest went to the county, and it is said that he killed the commander of the aggressor and several traitors in the county at that time.It's just that he hasn't been around since then.And this house has been preserved by the villagers. ”
      Hearing what they said, the barrage in the studio exploded in an instant.
      “The trough!Is it true or not? ”
      “The former residence of an anti Japanese hero!”
      “Well, we can only say where the hero once lived. After all, it's too shabby here!”
      “Sure enough, I knew there must have been such an expert at that time!”
      “Bullshit!,One man killed all the devils
      “Tearful eyes, I think it's sacrifice!”
      “Unsung hero, really unsung hero!”
      “Shifu and elder martial brother went down the mountain to kill the devils and never came back!”
      The mood of the audience was instantly ignited.
      At first, people thought the mushroom house was too shabby.
      But now.
      Looking at the old house, we suddenly feel that.
      It's so historic here!
      And at this time.
      A voice of surprise.
      Not far away.
      “Who are you and why are you at my house?”
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      Chapter two, laozuzong, it's really you(2, ask for the flower evaluation ticket!)
      “Who are you and why are you at my house?”
      Behind Mr. Huang and Mr. He,
      An old man with gray hair asked in surprise.
      what the fuck!
      The whole audience in the studio was stunned.
      Because they didn't see it,
      How did the old man appear behind Mr. He and Mr. Huang.
      Hell in broad daylight!
      The whole barrage exploded!
      “What's the matter?”
      “Who saw how he just showed up?”
      “This old man, why do you look like that kind of outsider?”
      “Yes, yes, there is a sense of immortality.”
      “No, how did he get out?”
      “I didn't see him just now. I stood behind Mr. He in the blink of an eye.”
      “Too fast!”
      “I didn't see it.”
      The audience in the studio didn't see it.
      This side of the program.
      I'm confused.
      Because in front of them, a white haired man in a black Chinese tunic is standing on the camera, looking at them with a puzzled face.
      “Grandfather, you said, this is your home?”
      At this time.
      Zifeng sister suddenly thought of what he had just said, and quickly asked.
      The old man nodded: “this is my home. My name is Ye Tian.”
      The audience didn't feel much. Huang Xiaochu and teacher he, together with the director outside the camera, changed his face!
      Ye Tian!
      Ye Tian!
      The old village head once said that his uncle, the hero who killed a group of invaders alone, was Ye Tian!
      “Well, take a seat first, old man. Let's invite the village head uncle!”
      The director dare not neglect,
      Send someone to ask the village head to come.
      Ye Tian is also not polite. He finds a chair to sit down.
      Because it's live, something like this happened.
      The crew did not dare to turn off the camera, so they had to leave it on.
      Huang Xiaochu and teacher he looked at each other.
      Two people simply move a chair, with Peng Peng and Zifeng sister, do ye Tian's side.
      “How many years have you been away from home, old man?”
      Huang Xiaochu asked curiously.
      “Yes, do you remember things before?”
      Teacher he also asked curiously.
      Looking at Huang Xiaochu and teacher he, ye Tian smiles: “I can't remember clearly.”
      This NIMA!
      They were speechless.
      The routine failed!
      Originally, I wanted to set up a set of the old man's words through chatting,
      After all, everyone has it these days.
      What if it's a liar?
      I didn't expect that,
      They don't like it at all.
      At this time.
      A group of people hurried into the mushroom house.
      The village head leads the way. Behind him, there are several elderly people.
      “Who dares to pretend to be my grandfather?”
      The head of the village called out angrily.
      At home just now, I was talking to several elders of the clan.
      As a result, the staff of the program team burst in and said that the owner of the wooden house called himself Ye Tian.
      They were very angry at that time!
      Nowadays, there are still people who pretend to be other people's ancestors?
      The grandfather must be at least 120 years old to live!
      How could that be!
      So a group of people came here in a rage.
      Look at this.
      The director is green in the back!
      This NIMA!
      The first time it was broadcast live, it was like this.
      How can the program continue?
      But the problem is.
      Now millions of people watch online, and they can't turn off the camera directly. That's really a big deal!
      All this has to be allowed to continue.
      In front of the camera.
      In the face of those old men, ye Tian sat there calmly,
      After a look at some old men, he said calmly, “yekaishan, when you were a child, you went to the county town with your second Uncle Ye Dahu to buy wine, but on the way back, you two drank a jar of wine secretly.The whole village searched for three hours, and finally found you two in the woods. Your mother carried you home.Then you woke up and knelt in front of your grandfather's memorial tablet for ten hours. Do you remember
      “Ye Kaiyuan, when you were a child, you fought with Li Ergou in the next village. They wiped their faces with excrement. Your father wanted to break your leg. It was your grandmother who pleaded for you and made you kneel for an hour. Do you remember?”
      Everyone was at a loss.
      What is this about?
      But the next moment.
      They saw the old men who came in with the village head,
      The two oldest people,
      Poop, poop, poop, poop, poop!
      “Uncle!It's you
      “My God, little grandfather, you are really alive!”
      Two old men, nearly 90 years old, knelt down and began to cry.
      Ye Tian said,
      It's all about their childhood.
      This kind of thing,
      In addition to the elders and myself, no one remembers.
      And the two of them,
      He is the oldest old man in Taoyuan village.
      No one knows their past!
      But now.
      But the man in front of me said it.
      Of course, he is the ancestor who has been missing for many years!
      The village head was stunned!
      The director was stunned!
      Huang Xiaochu, he teacher, Peng Peng and Zifeng sister are also stunned!
      Millions of people in the studio,
      They all froze!
      This NIMA!
      This old man actually lived for more than 100 years?
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      Chapter 3 netizens are silly(3. Ask for automatic subscription)
      Ye Tian is certainly not a man who has lived for more than 100 years.
      For a long time,
      I don't remember how old I am.
      only a short while ago.
      He's seen dinosaurs, he's seen prehistoric giants.
      When Dayu was controlling the flood, he was watching a play nearby.
      King Wu killed Zhou. He saw Wen Zhong burned to death with his own eyes.
      Even when Laozi left Hangu pass in the west, he was the last one to talk to him.
      It's just that as the aura of the earth gets rarer and rarer.
      Ye Tian found.
      I need to sleep from time to time to absorb the aura of heaven and earth.
      In the last thousand years,
      He basically sleeps for decades, then wakes up and travels around.
      Here in Taoyuan village.
      He passed by occasionally 200 years ago. He found that Fengshui was good here, so he shut up here for a while.
      The ancestors of the Ye family are the orphans saved by themselves.
      When the rise of the first day of junior high school, accepted the other party to do a registered disciple.
      As for why these people think he is the Ye family.
      That's because ye Tian changed the memory of those people in Yejia village after he killed all the ghosts with his magic.
      in fact.
      It was when he woke up from his deep sleep that he found that Yejia village was about to be slaughtered by a group of invaders.
      He used magic to destroy the group.
      Later, the memory of dozens of people in Yejia village was modified.
      He left here.
      As for why no aggressor came to retaliate later.
      In fact, the reason is very simple.
      Because it wasn't long before this side was liberated.
      this moment.
      Looking forward to the live room, the barrage has gone crazy!
      “My God
      “It's not a script, is it?”
      “It doesn't feel like it. It seems that there's no need to make a script.”
      “Yes, look at the current situation. Those old men are crying too real.”
      “My God, is he the legendary Anti Japanese hero?”
      “It seems so!”
      “No wonder you're so good at it.”
      “Lying trough!”
      “That's great!”
      The audience in the studio was in a state of excitement.
      These people at the scene were also excited.
      The director's eyes are shining!
      Hurry to give instructions to Huang Xiaochu and teacher he in ear return.
      in any case.
      Let the old hero ye be allowed to yearn for shooting in the mushroom house.
      This NIMA is a big stunt!
      In the fifth season of yearning for life, I live under the same roof with the old Anti Japanese hero.
      Tut tut!
      The director is already imagining what it's like to occupy the first place of hot search.
      Huang Xiaochu and teacher he naturally understand what he means.
      The two men looked at each other,
      Nodded coincidentally.
      They looked at sister Zifeng.
      “Sister, ask the old man if we can stay and shoot.”
      Huang Xiaochu went to Zifeng and said softly.
      Zifeng was stunned.
      Then it dawned.
      After all, he is the owner of the mushroom house.
      Originally thought that the host is not here, the program team can naturally use this as a shooting site.
      Now they're back.
      You can't occupy the nest!
      Think of it.
      Zifeng sister walked to Ye Tian and said carefully, “grandfather, I want to ask you if we can stay here for a while. You can rest assured that we will not disturb your life.”
      “How can I do that? My ancestors are back. You…”
      The village head, who had just recognized his ancestors, immediately shook his head and was ready to refuse.
      You're kidding!
      But before he finished,
      Ye Tian has opened his mouth: “no problem, but I don't like the bustle. In addition to you, other people should not be near here.”
      He said,
      Naturally, it's Mr. He and his guests.
      And others,
      It refers to the staff of the program group.
      Sister Zifeng looks at the director.
      The director gritted his teeth: “OK, let's listen to the old hero. Anyway, the camera is installed. The rest of the big deal will be shot by UAV.”
      “Well, old man, let's talk to the younger generation. You guys, let's clean up here first.”
      With a faint smile, ye Tian got up and left the mushroom house with the old people in the village.
      Everyone looked at each other.
      I always feel that something is wrong, but I can't say it again.
      The audience in the live broadcast room, however, had already laughed.
      “Ha ha ha, I feel that they have become the old man's workers.”
      “Yes, it's the feeling of a nanny.”
      “It's like a chef, a gardener, a nanny…”
      “The meal is cooked, the firewood is chopped, and the pets are kept…”
      “Nonsense, what bad idea can the old man have?He just wants them to exercise more. ”
      The audience teased on the barrage.
      However, the program team did not dare to neglect, so they immediately started to evacuate the staff, and then installed cameras and drones.
      At the same time.
      Huang Xiaochu and others also began to clean up the wooden house, which has been uninhabited for many years.
      And now.
      They don't know.
      On the Internet.
      Because of this live broadcast, it has already been fried.
      [the fifth season of yearning for life begins!]
      Legendary Anti Japanese hero, come back from the dead
      [centenarian heroes are still here today, the life they yearn for reveals the former residence of heroes!]
      The whole microblog hot search top three, are all yearning for the topic occupied.
      And the netizens on microblog are discussing this matter warmly.
      “True or false?”
      “It seems to be true. Does anyone dare to fake such a big event?”
      “A hundred year old Anti Japanese hero, one person killed a whole team of devils, lying trough!”
      “Bull, bull!I really want to see that. ”
      “Yes, go and have a look.”
      “See if it's true or not.”
      Yearning for the program group suddenly found.
      In just an hour.
      In the studio, there were more than five million viewers.
      The number is still rising.
      As I watched,
      It's going to break through 10 million people watching online!
      And these people.
      Only one request!
      “We want to see the old hero!”
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      Chapter four is there lightness skill in the world(4. Ask for flower evaluation ticket)
      Where is the old hero?
      The answer was soon revealed.
      Ye Tian soon returned to the mushroom house.
      of course.
      It was sent back respectfully by the village head's uncle.
      “Go back. I'll send someone to call you in the village if there's something wrong.”
      Ye tianbai waved his hand,
      In terms of seniority, it is the village head who values his grandchildren.
      no way out.
      This is the only way,
      Otherwise, according to the meaning of several old people, the village surnamed ye should kowtow to his ancestor according to the rules.
      Ye Tian hates the red tape most.
      After asking about the situation in the village, he was relieved to learn that the days in the village were not bad.
      “You're back, old man.”
      Seeing ye Tian enter the door, chef Huang rushes in.
      “What's the matter?”
      Ye Tian is a little surprised.
      “Well, the news that you are still alive spread to the Internet, and many netizens want to see you. Well, you don't know about the Internet…”
      Huang Xiaochu patiently explained to Ye Tian.
      “I know.”
      Ye Tian took a look at Huang: “although the old man hasn't been down the mountain for 20 years, he has been to Shencheng and Zhongguancun in those years.”
      Chef Huang was speechless.
      All the audience in the studio laughed.
      “Ha ha ha, the old man is so funny!”
      “Miss Huang is very hurt!”
      “I'll just say that the old man is a man of culture.”
      “Nonsense. At the beginning, he was a Taoist. As the saying goes, he was poor, literate and rich in martial arts. A Taoist who can practice martial arts is absolutely rich and literate.”
      “The old man doesn't look like a man in his 100s.”
      “Yes, you see how clean he is.”
      “It's just that the beard is a little long.”
      A group of people were talking about it.
      The popularity of the live broadcast room is rising again.
      Mushroom house.
      After being scolded by the old man, chef Huang is not angry.
      This is a man over 100 years old. It's enough to be his own granddad. Just say a few words.
      “Well, laozong, we are going to get something. Are you waiting for us here?”
      Teacher he came over and said.
      The house here is almost finished.
      The dining shed and the beds in the house are all ready.
      According to the shooting plan,
      They're going to get all the things they used to shoot before.
      “I'll go with you.”
      Ye Tian thought about it and said.
      As for teacher he's address, he doesn't think anything is wrong.
      People who have lived for 10000 years, let them call their ancestors, is to give them face.
      The old man is going,
      Other people naturally have no opinions.
      of course.
      Before we go.
      The director must have to say something about the rules of shooting this season.
      “We used to borrow the houses of the villagers.This time, we live with Mr. Ye.So you don't have to pay the rent. ”
      “Two things, didn't you see that warehouse before?If you want to get something from it for food and drink, plant trees. ”
      “There are three pieces of land in total. The difficulty of each piece of land is different. Planting trees in different difficulty fields can change different things…”
      “Well, that's all. It's getting late. It won't delay you to get the salute.”
      The director looked at everyone and said with a smile, “your vehicle is stopping on the river.”
      Everyone was stunned.
      “Shall we row?” asked Zifeng
      The director nodded: “yes.”
      “Row by yourself?”
      Peng Peng asked in surprise.
      The director laughed.
      The crowd was stunned.
      “Do you have a lot of luggage?”
      Ye Tian doesn't understand.
      “No, just a lot of souvenirs.”He explained.
      “Let's go. Maybe we can exchange it for something.”
      Ye Tian's words made everyone laugh.
      Not yet.
      The old man is really humorous.
      The party soon came to the river.
      “Where's the boat?”
      Teacher he asked curiously.
      “Isn't that there?”
      Huang pointed to a boat path not far away.
      Looking at that obviously some years old broken ship, several people were stunned.
      Not to mention them.
      The audience in the studio was dumbfounded, too.
      “Lying trough!”
      “This program is too stingy, isn't it?”
      “Did the director swallow all the advertising money this season?”
      “I'm really convinced!”
      “This NIMA, this boat is too broken!”
      “The program group is really a pit!”
      tell the truth,
      Don't talk about the audience.
      Even ye Tian couldn't watch it any more.
      The boat is so broken that these people grew up in the small town,
      Let them row?
      You're kidding!
      Helpless shaking his head, leaf day under the foot of the force, the whole person soared.
      The next moment.
      He's already on that ship.
      Stand there steady.
      And all of this,
      They were all photographed by drones.
      The whole barrage exploded!
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      Chapter 5 one handed paddle sailing
      what the fuck!
      fuck!What do I see?
      A hundred year old man, whooshing up!
      He can fly!
      Huang Xiaochu and others are silly.
      They only heard voices behind them.
      Then subconsciously turn back.
      But found nothing.
      When he turned around again, ye Tian was already on the boat.
      Chef Huang's face changed greatly.
      “Ancestor, how did you do it?”
      “Are you all right?” he asked
      Ye tianbai waved his hand: “it's OK. Let's go to the other bank by this one?”
      He said subconsciously.
      Ye Tian nodded: “come on, all aboard.”
      That's it,
      Try your best.
      The boat slowly approached the shore.
      Through the lens of the UAV,
      The audience in the studio can clearly see what ye Tian looks like.
      I saw that he had white hair and beard. He looked very thin in the kind of Zhongshan suit he had worn 20 years ago.
      The barrage started the discussion directly.
      “My God, this old hero is too good, isn't he?”
      “That's ten meters, isn't it?”
      “Almost. It should be ten meters from his position to the position of the boat.”
      “After he jumped up, the boat didn't shake.”
      “What Kung Fu!”
      “This NIMA, even if the world champion, can't do it.”
      “Good guy, zhenima, good guy!”
      “This is a man over 100 years old. I don't think a 20-year-old can beat him.”
      Mushroom house.
      Several people were all on board.
      But that guy, Pumbaa, is so stupid,
      After rowing for a long time, the boat didn't move at all.
      Even more outrageous.
      I just rowed for a while.
      Chef Huang and Peng are already out of breath.
      “You dolls are in poor health.”
      Ye Tian frowned.
      All of them laughed bitterly.
      The barrage in the studio also laughed.
      “Well, Peng Peng and Mr. Huang are despised by the old man.”
      “I feel that the old man is in good health.”
      “After all, people who practice martial arts and seek Tao must be in good health.”
      “Nonsense, do you really think he has no power to bind a chicken?”
      “At the beginning, dozens of devils were killed!”
      “A serious old man is growing up!”
      “But rowing takes a lot of effort.”
      “Yes, I feel that the rowers are very strong!”
      “Tut, tut, tut!”
      Peng Peng and Huang Xiaochu originally wanted to refute Ye Tian.
      It turned out that this time.
      Another boat came up behind them.
      The boat was rowed by a man in his fifties.
      He stood there,
      Not a minute.
      The ship has overtaken them.
      Peng Peng and chef Huang are embarrassed.
      On the live broadcast room's bullet screen, the water friends also laughed.
      There's no comparison,
      No harm!
      Compared with Peng Peng and their speed, it's a slap in the face!
      Ye Tian really can't see it any more.
      In a flash,
      He came to the stern of the boat and said to chef Huang, “give me the oars.”
      Huang Xiaochu doesn't know why, but subconsciously hands the oars to Ye Tian.
      Ye Tian takes it.
      He said to Peng, “don't move!”
      Pumbaa was a little surprised.
      The next moment,
      I saw the old man holding an oar in both hands and began to row.
      The speed of the ship suddenly changed.
      Several people grabbed the boat and let out a scream.
      And the barrage in the studio.
      The audience are all stupid!
      “Lying trough!”
      “Is the oar iron?”
      “One oar is at least 100 Jin!”
      “He picked it up with one hand?”
      “My God!”
      “Who said he was more than 100 years old and cheated ghosts?”
      “I don't believe it!I don't believe it
      “This NIMA!”
      “That's ridiculous!”
      At this moment,
      The audience was really scared.
      If ye Tian's performance just now makes them think that the old man is old and strong.
      That's the strength he's showing now.
      It's totally unbelievable.
      This is an old man over 130 years old!
      It's better than a young man!
      They suddenly looked forward to it.
      This season's yearning seems more and more interesting!
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      Chapter 6 take things from space, shock the whole network(6. Ask for flower evaluation ticket)
      Although it's against the current.
      But under Ye Tian's blessing, the boat was like an arrow away from the string, moving fast on the river.
      After a while.
      They arrived at the place where the goods were stacked.
      Because some rainy days.
      So it's covered with plastic.
      Ye Tian put the boat firmly on the shore.
      A few people fixed the boat,
      They went ashore together.
      “My God, how fast!”Zifeng said with emotion.
      “Yes, it's too fast!”Peng Peng nodded.
      As for Mr. He and Mr. Huang, they have already admired each other.
      This old man is so powerful!
      “Take something. I don't think you can finish it all at once.”
      Ye Tian took a look at those big boxes and said to Huang Xiaochu.
      “Take a look first.”
      Chef Huang also looked at the situation over there and thought about it.
      Teacher he and Peng Peng get off the ship to carry the box.
      Zifeng sister stood at the bow of the boat to help and handed the box to Huang Xiaochu.
      Ye Tian is at the stern of the ship, controlling the hull not to tilt.
      A few boxes were carried on board.
      “Let's go. That's all. There's no room for more.”
      Huang Xiaochu looked at the situation and showed humanity to the public.
      Several people nodded.
      When we got on the boat, we were ready to return.
      “Old man, let's go back and row.”
      Huang Xiaochu said to Ye Tian.
      He is mainly worried that ye Tian is too old to keep up with his physical strength.
      Even a strong martial arts practitioner, with the weight of five people, plus the weight of these things on the boat, is really easy to make people tired.
      What's more?
      Ye Tian is over 130 years old.
      If you are tired, no one can bear the responsibility.
      In the live broadcast room, the audience heard Huang Xiaochu's words and agreed with them one after another.
      “Yes, Mr. Huang is really considerate.”
      “Take a break, old hero.”
      “It's very rare to have such an age and body. Take care of yourself.”
      “Yes, yes, persuade the old man quickly.”
      “To tell you the truth, even if I'm 70 years old, I don't have the body of others.”
      “The old man, standing there, is majestic. When he was young, he must be a handsome man!”
      “Seriously, if I live with him in the same age, I will marry him!”
      When the audience in the studio fired the barrage.
      This side of the boat.
      But ye Tian shook his head: “it doesn't matter, you sit still.”
      Huang Xiaochu and teacher he looked at each other. Unexpectedly, the old man was so stubborn.
      “Sit down!”
      And ye Tian,
      Tell them to sit down.
      Release the cable and start to row.
      The oars are dancing,
      The waves are surging,
      The boat is like a sharp arrow,
      Gallop on the river.
      This moment.
      10 million water friends in the whole studio,
      The audience in front of the screen,
      Even the guests and hosts sitting on the boat.
      They were all shocked!
      what the fuck!
      This is too much exaggeration!
      Why is the speed of the ship not reduced.
      Faster and faster!
      It took ten minutes to get here.
      It took only five minutes to get back!
      Until ye Tian stopped the boat on the shore, several people did not slow down.
      “Here we are.”
      Ye Tian's words finally let them relax.
      “Here, here it is?”
      Peng Peng asked in surprise.
      Ye Tian nodded and said to Little Chef Huang, “I don't think you need to go with Xiao He. The girl will stay. I'll take Peng Wazi with me.”
      That's the truth.
      He rowed very fast.
      To get there is to load the remaining boxes.
      Pumbaa and two of him are enough.
      Kitchen Huang and teacher he looked at each other,
      Finally, I nodded.
      They watched Ye Tian and Peng Peng leave.
      The three men began to move the boxes to the mushroom house.
      Not for a while.
      Ye Tian and Peng Peng pull the remaining boxes back to the shore.
      Several young men began to carry the boxes.
      But ye Tian didn't help, so he followed them with his hands on his back.
      In his opinion.
      The body of these dolls is too weak, so we should take exercise.
      “Oh dear!”
      Walking, walking,
      With a big box in front of her, sister Zifeng accidentally mixed garlic under her feet and suddenly fell forward.
      She let out a cry of surprise.
      Try to balance your body.
      But in the hands of the box, but off to the side fly out.
      It's too late,
      Fast then!
      Ye Tian, who originally followed her,
      All of a sudden, he raised his hand and grabbed the box with one hand!
      The box that was already flying out.
      It stopped in mid air.
      As if caught by an invisible hand.
      With Ye Tian's backward movement, he flew into his arms.
      It's totally against the physics scene,
      Suddenly lit the live broadcast room of the barrage!
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      Chapter 7 Peng Peng, go away, we want to see our ancestors(7. Ask for flower evaluation ticket)
      Because it happened suddenly,
      No one saw what happened except the audience.
      Even the client Zifeng sister, also completely did not notice, in the end is how to return a responsibility!
      She just felt like she was tripping over.
      Then he staggered, and the box came out of his hand.
      The next moment.
      The box appears in Ye Tian's hands.
      And Huang Xiaochu and others,
      I heard sister Zifeng's cry.
      Turn your head.
      See her face panic standing there, the box was held in the arms of Ye Tian.
      “Come on, girl, watch your step.”
      Ye Tian said faintly.
      Huang Xiaochu and others immediately understand what's going on, and quickly pull Zifeng sister to thank them.
      But in the studio,
      The audience is crazy!
      “Trough, what do I see?”
      “Take things out of the air. Is that taking things out of the air?”
      “This NIMA!”
      “My God!Wife, come out and see the gods
      “My mother asked me why I was kneeling to watch the variety show, and I said I got an arrow in the knee!”
      “Just now, it was so cool!”
      without demur,
      Immediately someone started painting presents in the studio.
      Some people began to share the live room with friends, microblogs, post bars and other places.
      This is the first time in five seasons!
      tell the truth.
      It was not so hot before, but it is definitely not so hot today.
      The number of online viewers in the live broadcasting room has increased from 10 million to 13 million, and it is still increasing.
      And even.
      Even the yearning microblog account has increased the number of followers by more than 100000.
      The news of today's Barrage is extremely lively.
      Back to the mushroom house.
      Huang Xiaochu and others began to sort out the things in the box.
      There are too many of them.
      It took them a long time to finish.
      And in the meantime.
      Ye Tian went back to his room and didn't mean to help. He let them do some work.
      Everybody thinks it's normal.
      They are all over 100 years old, and they have just rowed to move things back and forth.
      He's still doing manual work.
      It's going to be damned!
      Everything is in order.
      Finally, everyone has time to sit on the chair and have a rest.
      According to our plan, this season is to interact with the audience in the live room.
      Peng Peng takes out the live broadcast equipment that has been ready for a long time.
      Turn on the phone,
      With a smile, he said to the audience in the studio: “Hello everyone, this is the first time that we are looking forward to the live broadcast of our family. Thank you for your warm support. I see many people are brushing gifts. Thank you very much.In this way, I'll sing you a song! ”
      The barrage is full of question marks.
      There's a lot of ridicule coming.
      “Go away, Pumbaa!”
      “Excuse me, Mr. Peng.”
      “I like you very much, but please go away, Pumbaa!”
      “I want to see the old hero!”
      “Ancestor, let the ancestor come out quickly!”
      “Peng Peng, you invite the old man out, we want to see him!”
      “See the remote control in my hand, Pumbaa, if the old man doesn't come out, I'll go to another show.”
      “Peng Peng, it doesn't matter if you sing. Can you point the camera at the old man?”
      Peng Peng is at a loss.
      What's the situation?
      How come I'm not welcome all of a sudden!
      However, he was so well-educated that he said with a smile: “I know you are excited to see the old heroes of the Anti Japanese war!However, we should understand that Mr. Ye is so old and has just spent so much energy rowing. Let him have a rest first.So, I'll give you a break dance! ”
      His voice has just dropped.
      The crowd on the barrage rioted.
      “Peng Peng, can't you read Chinese characters?”
      “No, Pumbaa, I see what you mean. I want to see the old man!”
      “Peng Peng, although I've been a fan of you for many years, please get out of the way. I don't need to sing or dance. I just want to see the old man. I just want to ask him if he can do martial arts in the end!”
      The smile on Peng Peng's face suddenly disappeared.
      This NIMA!
      No one can bear it!
      The whole live broadcast room was full of news that he was told to go away.
      Some people have simply said something that's really ugly.
      After taking a deep breath, Peng Peng said helplessly: “audience, about the old man, I would like to say that he is an anti Japanese hero, not a member of the entertainment industry. We yearn for the family to stay here. On the one hand, for the sake of shooting, on the other hand, we also want to communicate more with the old man and take care of him.Don't always yell for him to appear on camera. An old man of such an age needs rest. I think you all know the truth
      Huang Xiaochu and teacher he nodded one after another.
      Zifeng sister is looking at her brother with admiration.
      The audience in the studio couldn't laugh.
      This NIMA!
      How do I say this?
      Need a rest?
      Have you ever seen a centenarian who needs to rest and take things directly from the space?
      And at this time.
      Ye Tian came out.
      He's a little thirsty,
      Looking at a nearby table with a water cup and teapot.
      Give me a hand.
      The cup and teapot flew directly into his hands.
      The barrage is exploding again!
      God, he is old and needs rest!
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      Chapter eight, ancestor, kneel down for you(8. Ask for flowers evaluation ticket)
      Ye Tian easily poured a glass of water and put the teapot beside him.
      He took a sip from his glass.
      Look up,
      See Peng Peng, gaping at himself.
      Their eyes,
      Full of shock, a look of surprise.
      It's like.
      I just did something shocking.
      The two sides looked at each other for ten seconds.
      No one spoke.
      Ye Tian blinked his eyes, slowly bent down, let himself look a little short, deliberately cough a few times.
      “Cough, that, I'm a little tired this afternoon.”
      It's like.
      I'm more like an old man.
      Pumbaa is speechless.
      Master, do you treat me as a fool?
      At this time.
      The duck named lantern suddenly quacks.
      All the water friends in the studio laughed,
      The barrage swipes the screen crazily!
      “Ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha ha, ha ha, ha ha ha, ha ha ha
      “Really, I have a cramp in my stomach!”
      “The old man is so funny and coughs on purpose!”
      “He probably thought it was weak?”
      “To tell you the truth, Peng Peng and his sister Zifeng can be his teachers because of their poor acting skills.”
      “I'm so happy. I'm a little tired in the afternoon!”
      “Ha ha, I really feel that it's not a stunt. It's like internal Qigong!”
      Mushroom house.
      Pumbaa has no time to watch the barrage.
      He gaped at Ye Tian.
      Ye Tian was watched for such a long time by Peng Peng like a giant panda, and finally said: “I want to say, I'm just thirsty and want to drink a glass of water, do you believe it?”
      Pumbaa blinked,
      He asked, “master, are you a martial arts practitioner or a warlock?”
      Ye Tian said with a smile: “in fact, it doesn't make any difference. If you are wandering in the river and lake, you won't be pressed by more skills!”
      The audience in the live room are laughing again!
      God's special skills don't press me!
      Does this old man come from crosstalk?
      And at this time.
      Teacher he finally found something wrong, holding his mobile phone and asked in surprise: “no, why is the popularity of our live broadcast room so high!What's more, they even went on Weibo hot search? ”
      Just now everyone was busy cleaning up the yard, and no one really noticed this.
      Even Peng Peng didn't notice,
      The audience in the studio is not millions before, but more than 10 million now.
      I heard him.
      Peng Peng looked at the “culprit” in front of him and sighed helplessly: “I think I know what's going on.”
      He said.
      He said to teacher he and chef Huang, “didn't you just see what happened?”
      A few people were at a loss.
      Just when ye Tian came out to get water, only Peng Peng saw it.
      Other people are busy with other things.
      Peng Peng looks at Ye Tian: “old man, can you help me get a glass of water?”
      He is planning to let these people in mushroom house see what ye Tian has.
      Ye Tian naturally has no problem.
      At this moment, the water friends in the live room stare at the screen nervously.
      Just have not seen, are waiting to see ye Tian's performance!
      We all think that,
      He's going to show you how to pick things up again.
      As a result
      Ye Tian walked slowly to the front of the table.
      “Lying trough!”
      “It's killing me!”
      “Seek the psychological shadow area of Peng Peng at this moment!”
      “I thought he would pick things up every other space, but he came for a walk…”
      “I set him up as a monkey. This old man is so funny!”
      “Well, it's old-fashioned.”
      “That's right, that's right.”
      Mushroom house side, see Peng Peng dare to let Ye Tian work.
      Chef Huang's face immediately sank: “Peng Peng, is that what I taught you?”
      Teacher he also glared at Peng: “nonsense!How can we let our ancestors pour out who to you! ”
      Even his sister Zifeng, who always worships him, is full of suspicion in her eyes.
      Peng Peng wants to cry without tears.
      He just wanted to prove the scene he just saw!
      Ye Tian has poured water here.
      Poor looking Pumbaa.
      Ye Tian said casually: “Peng Peng, do you still drink?”
      Huang Xiaochu even said: “no, sir, let him pour the water by himself.”
      “Yes, don't be so busy.”
      Teacher he also said in a hurry.
      “Ancestor, I'm wrong. I'll take it myself.”
      Peng Peng said helplessly.
      He was completely speechless.
      Stealing chicken does not eat rice,
      I'm talking about myself.
      “It's OK. You stand there and I'll send it to you.”Ye Tian said casually.
      “No, no, No
      Chef Huang quickly waved his hand: “you are so old, where can I trouble you, let him take it by himself.”
      “Rhubarb, you look down on me, don't you?”
      Ye Tian stares at chef Huang.
      He raised his hand very casually,
      In full view of the public, the cup with water flew up.
      See ye Tian's hand slowly toward the position of Peng Peng pushed.
      That glass of water, unexpectedly bit by bit flew to Peng Peng!
      The whole process.
      Ye Tian didn't move his feet at all.
      And the glass of water,
      It didn't spill a drop until it fell into Peng Peng's hands.
      what the fuck!
      This NIMA is OK!
      I'm impressed!
      I'm really convinced!
      Kneel down for your ancestors!
      This moment.
      The barrage in the studio is crazy!
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      Chapter 9 is this what people drink(9. Ask for flowers evaluation ticket)
      Everyone was shocked!
      Ye Tian at this moment,
      If you put on a coat and tie up your hair, you will definitely look like a Taiji master.
      The moment Pumbaa took the glass.
      Ye Tian put up his posture.
      This moment.
      Even chef Huang looks at Ye Tian with adoration.
      No wonder the village head uncle, when he mentioned the old ancestor, did not hide the enthusiasm of fanatical worship.
      In that chaotic era, the appearance of this man was really like a light in the dark.
      Light up the future of Taoyuan Village!
      Holding the water cup, Peng Peng seriously asked: “master, have you really practiced?”
      Ye Tian smiles when he hears the words.
      But did not answer him, turned and walked towards the inner room.
      But when we got to the door,
      Ye Tian stopped for a moment, and then said: “the way can be said, very way, some things, believe there, do not believe there.”
      He went straight in.
      The barrage burst in the studio.
      “Coming, coming, the moment of the old man's disguise!”
      “It's really a master style!”
      “So you believe that I am a master, and I am a master?”
      “This NIMA, this is definitely a master!”
      “That scene just now, even if it's a movie, it can't be made.”
      “This season's yearning is wonderful!”
      “Yes, this is the first issue!”
      “I'm looking forward to it. Really, I just didn't understand how he did it.”
      “I think it's Qi. It's the inner Qi in the legend!”
      “It's possible that they are real masters. Ha ha, I'm looking forward to what those masters outside say.”
      “It's so funny, Peng Peng. They're still in a daze.”
      “Take a quick screen shot to see the expressions of Peng Peng and teacher he.”
      “Zifeng's sister's is also very interesting.”
      These people in the mushroom house, who don't know the audience in the live broadcast room at all, have given a screenshot of their expressions.
      Looking at Ye Tian's back.
      Teacher he raised his head and looked at kitchen Huang.
      “That's great!”
      Teacher he came out of his mouth.
      “Yes, I feel there must be something else.”Huang said.
      When he saw the barrage, he always felt that what the audience said seemed to mean something.
      And right now,
      The number of viewers in the studio has reached 15 million!
      This is the most watched time in the whole history!
      On the other side of the program,
      It's just crazy!
      The director waved the phone in his hand and roared: “server, add server to me!In addition, the drone aims at the old man. No matter what he does, he has to be photographed! ”
      “Propaganda, where is propaganda?Send the close-up photo of the old man to the microblog, and let me have the hot search! ”
      He's really excited!
      This is definitely a golden opportunity!
      Ye Tian's identity is there.
      No one has any hostility to a real hero.
      Even if someone slanders him.
      And will soon be despised by true patriots.
      That's a living legendary hero!
      With this east wind, if yearning can not climb the peak, become the first variety show in China.
      The director thinks that he can die!
      Mushroom house.
      Although Ye Tian's surprise really shocked Huang Xiaochu and others.
      But they quickly pressed their doubts.
      Normal shooting started.
      After all, they are all entertainers,
      So many people are watching,
      The program still needs to be done.
      First, we cleaned up the room and put the luggage in different positions.
      Then they sat around the table chatting.
      “I think we should bubble our feet at night.”Huang Xiaochu's suggestion was quickly received by the public.
      Teacher he nodded: “at that time, two people a kettle, add water to it.”
      Several people all laughed.
      Ye Tian came out of his room at this time.
      “Would you like a cup of tea, Laozu?”
      Huang Xiaochu takes out the tea he brought from Yanjing and asks Ye Tianwen.
      Ye Tian nodded.
      He has been sleeping for twenty years, but he hasn't had tea for a long time.
      Sister Zifeng brings a teacup. Peng Peng gets up and takes a kettle full of hot water.
      Chef Huang poured the tea into the kettle and made a pot of tea for everyone.
      “Here, try it.”
      He handed the first cup of tea to Ye Tian, and chef Huang poured another cup for the others.
      “Peng Peng, let me tell you, this is your dinner. It's called oil tea.”
      See Peng Peng drank a mouthful, Huang Xiaochu casually said with a smile.
      Several people couldn't help laughing.
      After all, when it comes to the countryside, the food is certainly worse than that in the city.
      Especially this season, it seems that the conditions are not very good.
      And ye Tian, also finally took the cup of tea in front of him and sipped it.
      The next moment.
      He vomited the tea directly in the garbage can next to him.
      “Is that what people drink?”
      Ye Tian looked at chef Huang: “you rhubarb, I was pretty when I saw you acting. How can you be so bad now?”
      Huang Xiaochu looks confused.
      Even the audience in the live room were dumbfounded.
      What's the situation?
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      Chapter 10 tea cake of several ten thousand jin
      The feeling of Ye Tian,
      He has always been a gentle and elegant man.
      Let's talk about it.
      The reason why the audience like Ye Tian so much.
      to a great extent,
      It's because the image of this old hero is really in line with the temperament of Taoyuan village.
      You know.
      Compared with the feeling of advertising sponsorship in the third and fourth seasons, the biggest feature of this season's “yearning for life” is its return to nature.
      Although there is no “picking Chrysanthemum under the eastern fence, leisurely now Nanshan” degree.
      But it seems to have been “hundreds of steps, no miscellaneous trees” of pastoral beauty.
      Nothing else.
      Along the way,
      Peach blossoms, yellow rape flowers, uneven fields, scattered crops,
      Coupled with the distant smoke curl, by the mountains and rivers, smoke around, in front of a new green.
      It's quiet and peaceful, with the smell of fireworks.
      And even.
      There's no running water in the yard. It's an old squeeze pump.
      There are also traditional firewood stoves.
      Before Mr. He burned hot water, he had to use a blower to support combustion, and he also used a very old iron pot.
      There is no electric rice cooker here. Cooking rice is a steaming bowl style. Put a proper amount of rice and water in a bowl and steam it in a pot
      You can only drink water in Yang porcelain pots and wash your feet in Western porcelain pots.
      In this case.
      The appearance of yetian.
      Let all the audience, as if back to the original “yearning for life.”.
      An old ancestor, with two middle-aged children and two children, lived in such a place,
      What is more warm than this scene?
      But just now!
      Ye Tian even scolds chef Huang.
      What the hell is going on?
      “What do you mean?”
      “Wong's tea is not that bad, is it?”
      “Did you hide the camera in advance?”
      “I don't think so.”
      “Look at their faces.”
      “I'm surprised!”
      “The old man is too difficult to serve, isn't he just a mouthful of tea?”
      “Yes, it's hypocritical to be old!”
      “What are you, sir?”
      Chef Huang is a tea drinker. He sincerely shares the tea he brought from home.
      How can it become tea that is not drunk by people!
      Ye Tian stares at chef Huang.
      Stand up and walk towards the door.
      People are curious.
      A moment later.
      Ye Tian came back with a bag of tea cakes.
      “Try this.”
      Throw this tea cake to Huang Xiaochu, ye Tian says lightly.
      “What's this?”
      Huang Xiaochu looked at the tea cake in his hand. He saw that it was thick and dark chestnut, with flat and long strips and thick pekoe. It was obvious that the tea leaf was very natural and beautiful.
      There are deep concave marks on the cake surface.
      Buried with a blue word on a white background, five centimeters long, six centimeters wide, flying inside, inscribed on it for the master Huang Wenxing white.
      Huang Wenxing?
      Seeing the name, teacher he said to chef Huang with a smile, “teacher Huang, this is your family!”
      Huang Xiaochu frowned. He always felt that he had heard the name somewhere.
      “What family, is a good child, at the beginning I helped him several times, this person gave me a lot of tea.”
      Ye Tian impatiently said: “hurry to make tea.”
      Look at his urgency,
      Huang Xiaochu did not dare to neglect, so he began to make tea.
      People who really know how to make tea are particular about their techniques.
      Chef Huang is obviously a master who has been immersed in it for many years.
      After a while.
      A strong aroma of tea floated up in the room.
      “It smells good!”
      Peng Peng said subconsciously.
      I don't know tea,
      But he has a nose.
      The tea that our ancestors brought is really more fragrant than the tea that Mr. Huang brought out.
      The tea is ready.
      “Try them all.”
      Ye Tian said to several people.
      Everyone poured a cup of tea and drank it.
      Coincidentally, a few people all issued a voice of surprise.
      Let's see chef Huang again.
      He was stunned.
      “How about this tea, old man? How about your tea?”Ye Tian looks at Huang Xiaochu and asks faintly.
      Huang Xiaochu laughed bitterly when he heard the speech.
      “Yes, you are right. Compared with your tea, mine is not for people.”
      He said sincerely.
      The audience in the studio were all dumbfounded.
      Who is chef Huang?
      He is one of the most erudite men in the literary circle.
      Always proud.
      The whole circle can count the people who can convince him with one hand.
      But now.
      Actually face a white haired old man, admit defeat?
      How good is the tea?
      The next moment.
      A message on the barrage caught people's attention.
      “I found out that Huang Wenxing is the owner of Tongchang tea house!”
      “No. Tongchang tea house?”
      “Yes!It was one of the most famous tea houses in the Republic of China, famous for Pu'er tea
      “My God
      “Doesn't that mean that this tea has been around for many years?”
      “Didn't you hear the old ancestor just say that it was Huang Wenxing who gave it to him? In other words, the tea has been at least 90 years!”
      “My mother, 90 years of Pu'er, how much is it worth?”
      “Ha ha, other dare not say, at least in the general third tier city to buy a house is enough!”
      “Lying trough!”
      “It's too valuable!”
      The barrage in the live broadcast room was lively in an instant.
      Nobody thought of it.
      The old man took out a piece of tea cake, which is worth a house!
      Isn't that more expensive than gold?
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      Chapter 11 what bad thoughts can ancestors have(11, for flower evaluation ticket)
      “Tea is a good thing to drink, but it can't be too hard to drink.”
      Ye Tian looked at chef Huang and said seriously, “throw away your tea. I'll give you some cakes later.”
      He said it quite quietly,
      It's like the pieces of bread I threw to Huang Xiaochu.
      Chef Huang waved his hand.
      “Don't, your tea is not ordinary. I can't have it.”
      He didn't remember who Huang Wenxing was.
      But the problem is.
      Since the tea was given by the old man's friends, it has a history of at least several decades.
      The price is definitely not cheap.
      Even tens of thousands of yuan a tea cake, it is not their own collection.
      Chef Huang is clear about this.
      “You're welcome.”
      Ye tianbai waved his hand: “just make more delicious food every day.I'll tell you, I'm tough. If you don't make it delicious, you'll have to change it for me. ”
      “No problem, you can rest assured.”
      Huang Xiaochu smelled the speech to smile, patted the chest way: “guarantees you to be satisfied.”
      For cooking,
      He is very confident.
      “Well, I'm a little hungry, so you're ready to cook.”
      Ye Tian thought and said.
      Chef Huang was stunned and then laughed.
      For a long time,
      You old man, this is to want to eat!
      The audience in the studio.
      I was laughing at the same time.
      “Ha ha ha, how can the old man be so funny!”
      “At the beginning, I thought he was very good, but now, I think this old man is like the old man next door.”
      “But to be honest, he's very interesting. If you want to send a tea cake of tens of thousands of yuan, you can send it as soon as you say it.”
      “I don't know the value, do I?”
      “Do you think people care?”
      “I estimate that in the old man's heart, this tea cake is a good gift from a good child. Now it's good to see teacher Huang. Later, let him cook for himself, and give it to teacher Huang.”
      “Yes, what bad idea can a man have?”
      Now that we're cooking,
      That naturally requires ingredients.
      Have to say.
      This season's yearning,
      I really gave up.
      Although there are many sponsors, there are not so many opportunities for oral broadcasting.
      On the contrary, he played the game with ingenuity.
      “What's on this table are the ingredients provided by the sponsors.”
      Teacher he introduced several people.
      There are hoofed minnows, ribs, prawns, fish, chicken chops
      A total of more than ten kinds of food.
      This is all arranged in advance by the staff of the program team.
      It was also allowed by Ye Tian before.
      After all, he can't do these things himself.
      “Next, we're going to play a game.”
      Teacher he took out the kind of collar used by dolls and put it in his hand. He said, “we have twelve collars in total. Each of us has three chances, or it can be carried out by one person.”
      “If you have any ingredients, you can make dinner with the selected ingredients.”
      Several people looked at the full distance of five meters, all silly.
      This is so special that it can't be done at all!
      “I'll try.”
      Teacher he thought about it and said.
      Because the collar is not big and far away from the table, it is not so easy to fit it.
      Sure enough.
      Mr. He tried three times.
      As a result, in addition to a set of melon seeds, nothing set to.
      “No way!”
      Chef Huang shook his head.
      “Yes, this circle is too small.”
      He teacher immediately make complaints about it.
      The two little characters nodded the same way.
      It's just a rip off!
      Even the audience in the studio can't watch it any more.
      “Bullying people!”
      “Yes, if you don't give it, you won't give it. How can you be so difficult?”
      “Damn the crew!”
      “Director, you are going to be beaten by Mr. Huang again!”
      “Too much!”
      “Hungry sister Zifeng, see how I scold the director!”
      “It's just for the guests to talk to the sponsors!”
      “Ha ha, that's what I mean.”
      And at this time.
      Ye Tian's voice rings.
      “Otherwise, I'll try.”
      Several people were stunned at first, and then all of them laughed happily.
      We have a martial arts expert here!
      Is it easy to win just a dozen rings?
      what the fuck!
      The audience in the studio also laughed.
      The program group is counting on thousands of things, not counting on the appearance of the old man!
      It's over this time!
      The program group is stupid, too.
      What should I do?
      If you really let Ye Tian cast a collar, then basically this link will be abandoned!
      right off.
      The staff of the program team nearest to here came running with the director's order.
      “Well, sir, the director said that if you take part in this link, you can't use your internal power.”
      Staff carefully said to Ye Tian.
      Ye Tian laughs: “yes, I can still cover my eyes.”
      Everyone was stunned.
      This old man is not bragging, is he?
      And blindfolded,
      Who does he think he is?
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      Chapter 12 Zifeng's sister wants to eat hooves(1, ask for flower evaluation ticket!)
      In the dark,
      Throw a collar blindfolded?
      Hearing the report from the staff, the director was a little confused.
      What's the old man doing?
      He thought it was a show in the world!
      His brows wrinkled,
      The director was just about to speak, but he hesitated.
      If it's someone else,
      If he doubts it, that's all.
      But this old man has a different status.
      He was a serious Anti Japanese hero and lived for more than 100 years.
      what's more.
      He is the landlord of mushroom house.
      This is where people live.
      Because of the old man's reason, now the yearning popularity soars, the number of online viewers in the live broadcast room is about to reach 20 million!
      To put it bluntly.
      The stunt of centenary Anti Japanese hero really attracted a large audience.
      At this time, the director was very clear that the audience would not be happy to reject the old man's request.
      Think about it.
      He gave up the idea.
      But he still doesn't understand. Is the old man so confident?
      in fact.
      It's not just the director.
      Huang Xiaochu and teacher he were a few of them. They were also worried at this time.
      “Don't worry, old man.”
      Get close to Ye Tian,
      Huang Xiaochu carefully said: “the program group is intentional, we have 12 collars anyway, which one in the set is which one.”
      “That's right.”
      Peng Peng also came over and said, “don't worry, ancestor. I'll eat less later and make sure you're satisfied.”
      “Silly boy.”
      Ye Tian suddenly laughed.
      He likes Peng Peng's simple and honest character.
      The longer people live, the more transparent they are.
      For people, the more you see.
      What others say is true or false, naturally can also be divided clearly.
      Although they don't believe that they can set it up, they are really worried about themselves, which ye Tian can feel.
      tell the truth.
      He was very pleased.
      It's been a long time since I enjoyed being cared for.
      They are happy.
      On the bullet screen of the live broadcast room, the audience could not bear the excitement for a long time.
      “No, what does the old man want to do?”
      “The old man of our family really likes to do things.”
      “That's right!”
      “Why do you think he's so cute?”
      “Old child, old child, it's really a child's character.”
      “No, just like my grandfather.”
      “But can he succeed?I feel like it's seven or eight meters away. ”
      “The key collar is too small. Is that too difficult?”
      “Yes, the program group is trying to embarrass everyone.”
      At this time.
      The crew is here.
      “Ancestor, since you want to try it yourself, we will listen to you.”
      The staff respectfully said to Ye Tian: “but according to what you said, we have to cover your eyes.”
      “No problem.”
      Ye Tian smiles and nods gently.
      The rules must be observed on the surface.
      He can't tell these people that even if they are blindfolded, they can still be invisible.
      Ye Tian, with a collar in his hand, stands on the line drawn by the program group.
      His eyes were blindfolded, and he stood there calmly.
      In full view of the public, ye Tian stood there.
      “Zifeng girl, make a wish. What do you want?”
      Ye Tian said suddenly.
      Zifeng was stunned,
      Then he said with a smile, “ancestor, I want to eat hoof hoof hoof hoof hoof hoof hoof hoof hoof hoof hoof hoof hoof hoof hoof hoof hoof hoof hoof hoof hoof hoof hoof hoof hoof hoof hoof hoof hoof hoo
      Ye Tianxi nodded with a smile.
      The next moment,
      The collar in his hand swished out.
      The collar drew a perfect curve in everyone's sight.
      It fell on the ribs!
      “Oh dear!”
      The crowd exclaimed.
      Ye Tian frowned: “how, wrong set?”
      “No, no, ribs!”
      Huang Xiaochu was very surprised and said, “you are so wonderful, old man!”
      Although there is no set in the hoof, but ribs is also a good thing!
      The ferrule itself is very accidental.
      It's very powerful if you can get it in.
      As for what's in the set, it doesn't matter!
      “What a great ancestor!”
      “That's great!”
      Peng Peng and sister Zifeng are already very happy.
      Excited to hold together!
      And the audience,
      I think it's normal.
      After all, this coincidence is not impossible.
      “No, it has to be hooves.”
      But ye Tian murmured to himself.
      Seeing that he was serious, everyone laughed.
      The audience in the studio also felt that the old man was inexplicably cute.
      Stubborn, in order to set a hoof for Zifeng!
      Standing there,
      Ye Tian throws the collar again.
      I won again!
      “It's fish, it's fish!”
      Huang Xiaochu yelled happily again.
      “Chicken chop, it's Chicken Chop!”
      “Jiwei shrimp, Jiwei shrimp!”
      “Melon seeds!”
      I threw it five times in a row, but it's a pity that I caught everything.
      Zifeng sister to hoof, still no set.
      Considerable people and Huang Xiaochu and others, but have not closed their mouths laughing.
      The luck of the ancestors,
      That's great!
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      Chapter 13 the longest way is the way of our ancestors(2. Ask for flower evaluation ticket)
      Five times in a row, all set in the food!
      In the eyes of others.
      Ye Tian's luck is so good that it explodes!
      But there was no smile on the old man's face.
      The audience in the live room are already laughing.
      The barrage is brushing the screen crazily.
      “It's over!”
      “I didn't catch the hoof again!”
      “Ha ha ha, the old man's obsession
      “Maybe the old man wants to put a magnet on the hoof now!”
      “That's funny!”
      “Sister Zifeng's wish seems a little difficult to realize.”
      “I always think something's wrong.”
      “Come on, old man!”
      There are twelve collars.
      Originally, according to the plan of the program group, except ye Tian.
      Everyone can do it three times.
      But chef Huang is famous for his craftiness.
      Always trying to make a difference in the rules!
      Seeing that ye Tian's collar is so powerful, chef Huang decided to give all the collars to the old man.
      “Director, is that ok?”
      Far away.
      There are several staff members standing beside the director,
      They were surprised to see this scene through the pictures taken by UAVs.
      Immediately someone asked the director.
      “What about the data in the studio?”
      The director didn't answer immediately,
      Instead, he asked the staff around him.
      “The number of online viewers in the live broadcast room has reached 20 million. Microblog hot search is the first, and super voice hot is also the first.”
      The staff member quickly said: “in addition, the official microblog account rose by 500000 yuan!”
      what the fuck!
      All the people around are stupid.
      No one thought of it,
      There is such a thing!
      This is too much exaggeration!
      Yearning to broadcast five seasons, before the four seasons, although the word-of-mouth is high and low, but the popularity and ratings have been not bad.
      But even so,
      It has not reached the present level!
      “How's the audience rating?”
      The director asked again.
      “I can't see it for the moment, but there were scenes of the old man before, and the real-time ratings were very high!”The staff said.
      “So it is
      The director chuckled and nodded, “that's it.”
      Several staff members were all in a daze.
      “Tell them not to interfere with Mr. Huang's shooting, and let the old man continue to play.”
      The director said slowly: “also, adjust the camera lens, take more pictures of the old man's daily life. We will show the audience what they like to see!”
      The core of variety show is to catch the audience's eyes.
      Now since the appearance of the old man, let everyone like to see him.
      Naturally, we should focus on him.
      As for other details?
      It doesn't matter!
      Mushroom house.
      Ye Tian stood there, his eyes still covered with black cloth.
      Zifeng's sister and Peng Peng stand beside him and cheer him on.
      “Come on, grandpa!”
      “Come on, ancestor!”
      Look at their two brothers and sisters.
      Teacher he couldn't help laughing: “Peng Peng, you two don't make trouble, let the ancestors calm down.”
      You know.
      From beginning to end,
      Ye Tian didn't take off the black cloth on his eyes.
      To put it bluntly.
      He is just relying on the memory in the ring.
      It's amazing!
      After hearing teacher he's words, Peng Peng and sister Zifeng immediately shut up.
      Looking at Ye Tian silently.
      My eyes are full of expectation.
      Ye Tian light smile, the hands of a throw collar!
      “It's Auricularia!”
      “Oh, it's sufu.”
      “It's melon seeds!”
      Four times in a row.
      Although Ye Tian has set up four things.
      But it's a pity.
      Still can't catch the hoof.
      Even just passing by, let Zifeng sister, they also have the audience in the studio, all issued a exclamation.
      And this time.
      Ye Tian's hand.
      There are only three collars left.
      of course.
      There are only a few things left on the table.
      “Zifeng girl, you throw it?”
      Ye Tian suddenly said to Zifeng.
      Everyone was stunned.
      Let Zifeng throw?
      This is the ancestors feel tired?
      Or are you going to give up?
      Even the director was surprised.
      What's the meaning of this?
      “I, I can do it, ancestor.”
      Zifeng hesitated.
      “It doesn't matter.”
      Although Ye Tian is blindfolded, he still beckons to let Zifeng come.
      Zifeng sister had to go to Ye Tian.
      “Here, you hold on to the collar.”
      Ye Tian reaches out his hand, pulls sister Zifeng and lets her grasp the collar.
      He took sister Zifeng's hand.
      “Hold on?”
      “Well, hold on.”
      “Come on, let's go!”
      The collar flew out directly from Zifeng's sister.
      Everyone's eyes are focused on that collar.
      The audience in the studio,
      Members of the program group,
      Mushroom house guests,
      The collar,
      It landed steadily on the hoof.
      what the fuck!
      Everyone was stupid.
      Is that amazing?
      Looking at Ye Tian who took off the black cloth and was smiling there.
      We finally understand what's going on!
      Poor director, he has come the longest way, which is probably the way of his ancestors!
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      Chapter 14 a teacher owes me money(3. Ask for the flower evaluation ticket!)
      So far.
      Even a fool can see the problem!
      Master Ye Tian, it's not that he can't catch that hoof at all.
      He just didn't catch it on purpose!
      Poor director.
      By the old man to the routine!
      The audience in the studio began to mock the director on the screen.
      “Lying trough, I'm so happy!”
      “Jiang is still old and spicy. The director has gone the longest way, which is the old man's routine.”
      “The director thinks he is on the third floor, but the old man is already on the tenth floor.”
      “Ha ha ha!”
      “The director is so miserable this time!”
      “This is the real old fox!”
      “Tut Tut, I love the director. It's enough to meet chef Huang. Even the old man is like this.”
      “Nonsense, how did you survive when you were a family for more than 100 years?”
      It's ironic.
      But in fact, people are more interested in watching the crowd.
      Because the fact is so interesting.
      Mushroom house.
      What's going on.
      Huang Xiaochu and teacher he have been laughing for a long time.
      Even Peng Peng and Zifeng's sister can't laugh or cry.
      Nobody thought of it.
      This ye Tian's ancestor has this idea.
      “Tired, tired, take a rest.”
      Ye Tian said with a smile,
      “Oh, pork ribs and edible fungus burn Yuzhu. Tut Tut, this Yuzhu matches pork ribs. It's wonderful!”
      Huang Xiaochu looked at the camera with pride.
      He's mocking the program.
      There are two collars left.
      Teacher he, bring it here,
      He threw two shots at random and failed.
      “As it turns out, I should still be a host.”
      Teacher he said to himself, “not everyone can do a master's skill.”
      What he said,
      It's got everyone's approval.
      Such is the case.
      Nothing else,
      That is to say, blindfolded can cover so many ingredients in a row, but also deliberately avoid hooves, so that the director team mistakenly think that he can't cover them,
      This is a great skill!
      We've got the ingredients,
      The next thing is cooking.
      Chef Huang said to Ye Tian with a smile, “master, I'll show you today.”
      Ye Tian nodded.
      He is also looking forward to the cooking of rhubarb.
      “There are only five of us in the evening. I'll fry meat, eggs and Yuzhu.”
      Huang said as he cleaned up the kitchen.
      “Come on, sister, let's go and pick some shallots.”
      Teacher he said to his sister Zifeng.
      “And lettuce.”
      Chef Huang quickly told them.
      And ye Tian.
      Just sit there and watch them busy.
      “Sir, I'll make you a fried meat slice.”
      After carefully cleaning the pork, chef Huang cuts the meat and talks to Ye Tiandao.
      “Ha ha, good. I haven't eaten this for a long time. The last time I ate it, I was in Hangzhou. A junior made me a fried meat slice. That guy is a teacher, and he can say…”
      Ye Tian recalled the meal he had eaten more than 20 years ago and said with a smile.
      “True or false?”
      Chef Huang was stunned and then laughed: “that's not easy. After so many years, your younger generation is probably not too young.”
      “Well, the composition of his family is not good. The child is ugly. I don't know if I have found a daughter-in-law.At that time, he was very fond of computers. He always told me those messy things, and I didn't understand them. ”
      Ye Tianpai's mouth, thinking of the large sum of money that was cheated by the little guy, sighed.
      “What's the matter, ancestor?”
      Peng Peng asked a little puzzled.
      “It's OK. I just remember that guy still owes me money.”
      Ye Tian said with a smile.
      The crowd was speechless.
      Just over 20 years ago, you could borrow as much as you could.
      One thousand eight hundred dollars is enough!
      of course.
      They certainly won't say anything.
      After all, it's the old man recalling the past.
      In the live broadcast room, the audience also recalled the past of the 1990s.
      “I don't remember hearing the word” computer “in 1990
      “That's right.”
      “No one knows. It feels like few people in the country play computer games.”
      “Normally, in 1992, no one bought that stock subscription certificate.”
      “Ha ha, I know. Later, a set of 30 yuan went up to tens of thousands.”
      “There were too many opportunities then.”
      “Well, it's definitely the top of the storm!”
      “In the last age of innocence, even a pig can be blown up!”
      “Old man, the younger generation in Hangzhou, is probably a college student.”
      “I said it, teacher.”
      A group of people were talking there.
      Mushroom house.
      Huang Xiaochu and others are really cooking dinner.
      Looking at their busy figure, ye Tian's heart has no reason for a quiet.
      It's been a long time since he enjoyed the fireworks.
      All the dishes are ready.
      “It's time to cook!”
      With a cry from chef Huang.
      The first dinner of mushroom house finally began.
      Lettuce fried meat!
      Scrambled egg with shallot!
      Steamed beancurd with vegetables!
      Three dishes are on the table.
      With just steamed rice.
      This moment.
      All the audience realized it.
      So this is the yearning life!
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      Chapter 15 hundred year tribute wine(4. Ask for flower evaluation ticket)
      What is the essence of yearning life?
      This is the problem.
      A lot of people have been talking about it.
      The program group and guests also asked themselves.
      From the first quarter of nobody, to the second quarter of the hot network.
      From the advertising in the third quarter to the physical and mental fatigue in the fourth quarter.
      Until now.
      The fifth season of “yearning for life” started, and we finally found the answer.
      Looking at these people on camera,
      All the audience in the studio feel very warm.
      Especially the white haired old man,
      He just sits there,
      It seems to give people a sense of peace of mind.
      “Try this, old man.”
      “The eggs were laid by native chickens.”
      “This lotus root is OK.”
      Chef Huang is like a child who gives treasure,
      Keep putting their own dishes to Ye Tian.
      all the time.
      He's in the mushroom house.
      It's like everybody looks.
      Everything has to be considered for everyone, and we have to work hard to cook.
      But since Ye Tian appeared.
      Chef Huang suddenly felt that,
      I feel a lot more relaxed.
      If the old man is here, the program team should be honest and dare not go too far.
      And even the ingredients don't have to worry about themselves.
      It is estimated that director Wang is holding his head and regretting it.
      I knew I wouldn't let the old man do it.
      All the prepared ingredients were put back, and even became a laughing stock in the eyes of the audience.
      what's more.
      The old man gave himself a cake of tea.
      tell the truth.
      With Huang Xiaochu's present wealth, let alone hundreds of thousands, he can also take out millions.
      But the problem is.
      He's rich.
      This kind of Zhenger Bajing comes from the century old tea in the hands of Huang Wenxing, the owner of Tongchang, and no one will give it to him.
      Tea and stamps.
      Once it becomes a collection, the value is different.
      People without money don't play with collections.
      Rich people.
      If people are not short of money, even if you offer a sky high price, the other party will not sell you the things they love.
      This is no joke!
      Huang Xiaochu has been in various circles of Yanjing for many years.
      There are also many good friends who like to collect.
      In the mouth of those people,
      Their collection is like their own son.
      How many fathers give their sons to others?
      After getting the piece of tea cake that the old man took out, chef Huang regarded it as a treasure.
      Teacher he wanted to take out some more tea to make a pot, but he refused.
      Make teacher he can not help but sigh, Huang Xiaochu this person see profit forget righteousness, for a piece of tea cake, even old friends don't want.
      Eating delicious farm food, chatting, everyone's mood is naturally very happy.
      “It'll be nice if there's a little wine.”
      Teacher he said with a smile.
      After all, even the youngest sister Zifeng is a college student.
      So the drinking thing,
      It's not taboo for a long time.
      “I can't help it. The crew is too stingy.”
      Huang Xiaochu helplessly shakes his head: “if it's not for the old man, it's estimated that we can't even have dinner.”
      That's the end of the sentence.
      Everyone laughed.
      That's true.
      If it wasn't for ye Tian's routine, it would be estimated that according to the urine quality of the program group and their ferrule level,
      This dinner can't be so rich!
      “To drink?”
      The leaf day smell speech but light smile: “I have.”
      what do you mean?
      It's not only Huang Xiaochu and others, but also the audience in the studio.
      Ancestor, where did you get the wine?
      “I saw the little emperor that year. He gave me a lot of tribute wine, which I buried in the back mountain.”
      Ye Tian said: “the boy is not authentic. He promised me that he would give me a palace, but he abdicated…”
      People were stunned to see him talking.
      It's all speechless.
      And the audience in the studio,
      It's a question mark on the barrage.
      “Lying trough!”
      “Little emperor?”Xuantong?”
      “Ancestor, how old are you?”
      “I just like the way he's so serious and boastful.”
      “Yes, it's good to live a long time. You can blow it at will.”
      “I don't feel like bragging. My ancestors are not that kind of people.”
      News from the barrage,
      Ye Tian can't be seen naturally.
      He stood up for himself and went out.
      Huang Xiaochu and Peng Peng, hurriedly held the flashlight and carried the shovel.
      Although the old man is in good health,
      But it's dark and there's no one around to follow.
      After walking towards the back mountain for a while,
      They came to a clearing.
      “Well, it should be here.”
      Ye Tian looked around and said to Peng: “dig here, about five meters.”
      Pumbaa's all bad.
      But still honest in Ye Tian said position, began to dig up.
      The audience in the whole studio were stunned.
      In the middle of the night,
      You're kidding me when you run into the forest and dig for a baby?
      Do you mean,
      Old man, is there a hundred year tribute wine in legend?
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      Chapter 16 an old friend of mine(5. Ask for flower evaluation ticket)
      Men's love for wine is the same as the pursuit of beauty.
      It's totally out of control!
      “Lying on the knees of a drunken beauty, waking up and holding the power of the world.”
      “Grape wine luminous cup, want to drink Pipa immediately urge.”
      “Since ancient times, all saints and sages have been lonely, only those who drink keep their names.”
      “When you're about to drink, don't stop!”
      All kinds of poems and famous sentences have been handed down through the ages.
      Even today.
      People's pursuit of good wine is also obvious to all.
      Nothing else.
      It's like now.
      When ye Tian said that he had the tribute wine given to him by the little emperor, the whole yearning studio was boiling!
      “This old man is not bragging, is he?”
      “Lying trough!”
      “True or false, gongjiu?”
      “A hundred years of Maotai, how delicious it is!”
      “Tut Tut, it's good to live long!”
      “Ha ha ha ha, it's hard work!”
      “Peng Peng, it's time to lose weight!”
      “I feel that Mr. Huang's wine bug has been hooked up.”
      “Not to mention Mr. Huang, I'm greedy now.”
      After digging for more than ten minutes.
      The sweating Peng Peng,
      Two jars of wine were dug out from the earth pit nearly three meters deep.
      “That's true!”
      Teacher he said in surprise.
      This is from the heart.
      Originally, everyone thought that the old man was confused and mistakenly remembered.
      I didn't expect that.
      What he said is true!
      Huang Xiaochu looked at the two jars of wine Peng Peng put there, and hurriedly came to check them.
      “Not to mention, it's an old thing.”
      Huang Xiaochu, who has a little research on Gu Dong, said: “this jar is at least a thing of the late Qing Dynasty.”
      “Come on, take it back and wipe it clean.”
      Ye Tian said softly beside him.
      “Yes, yes.”
      Chef Huang nodded.
      I didn't dislike the dirty jar, so I held a jar with Mr. He and walked down the mountain.
      The jar is not heavy. It's only ten jin in total.
      It doesn't take much effort to hold them.
      Back to the mushroom house.
      Sister Zifeng found a cloth and wiped it carefully,
      These two jars of wine finally revealed the true face of Lushan.
      A capital tribute is impressively printed on the wine jar.
      There was a seal.
      “Xuantong house of internal affairs in the Qing Dynasty.”
      Huang Xiaochu read out the traditional content on the seal, then raised his head and looked at Ye Tian in surprise.
      “Laozuzong, have you really met emperor Xuantong?”
      Ye Tian nodded, a calm face.
      Several people took a breath of cold air.
      Emperor Xuantong was three years old when he ascended the throne and six years old when he abdicated.
      But that was 110 years ago.
      Whenever Ye Tian met him.
      The ancestor in front of us is at least 130 years old!
      fucking great!
      The audience of the whole live broadcast room brushed out these two words on the bullet screen.
      “That's great!”
      “What a tribute wine!”
      “Gongjiu, which has been popular for more than 100 years!”
      “It can be put in a museum.”
      “My God!How many more can there be! ”
      “I can't bear to drink. I really can't bear to drink.”
      “Isn't it?”
      Looking at the two jars, many people who like to drink are filled with emotion.
      As a wine lover,
      It's a lifetime of luck to meet this kind of good wine.
      tell the truth,
      Drink is reluctant to drink, even if just look, have been satisfied.
      “Rhubarb, bring a cup and let's open a jar.”
      Ye Tian tells Huang Xiaochu.
      The audience's idea is not his.
      According to Ye Tian,
      Wine is made to drink.
      No matter how precious the wine is, why don't you keep it?
      “Well, ancestor, do you really want to drink?”
      Huang Xiaochu hesitated.
      Then he said: “this wine has been more than 100 years, almost evaporated, in case of poisoning…”
      Although Baijiu has no shelf life,
      But after all, it's a hundred years old wine. No one can guarantee that it will have any problems.
      “Not at all.”
      Ye Tian shook his head and said, “in 1992, when I met an old friend in Shenzhen, I opened a jar of this wine. It tasted good. He also said that he would take me to Hong Kong Island to drink this wine if he had a chance…”
      He said.
      He seemed to think of something and then sighed.
      No more words.
      Everyone was stunned.
      Even across the screen, they can feel Ye Tian's emotional change.
      Now he is,
      It's sad.
      “What's the matter with you, ancestor?”
      Zifeng sister carefully asked to Ye Tian.
      Ye Tianwen raised his head and took a look at the little girl. Then he said, “it's nothing. There are fewer and fewer old friends. Some people may never see them after this meeting.”
      In silence
      The audience in the studio also fell into emotion.
      “I've lived too long. That's about it.”
      “Yes, it's really hard to see my family and friends die.”
      “The old man's friend probably didn't wait for the return of Hong Kong Island.”
      “It's a pity.”
      “The older generation is really not easy.”
      “It's true. I'm looking forward to it…”
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      Chapter 17 gongjiu is not Maotai(6. Ask for flower evaluation ticket)
      Nobody thought of it.
      A jar of wine,
      It makes Ye Tian recall his old friend.
      Also let everyone's mood down a lot.
      See next to the son Maple sister eyes are red, ye Tian immediately reaction.
      He said with a smile, “it's all over. Come on, let's drink.”
      He said that.
      Huang Xiaochu and others will not say anything more.
      Soon I brought the porcelain jar that I had just drunk tea.
      Chef Huang reaches out his hand,
      Take one of the two jars of wine.
      Open the mud!
      A strong aroma of wine came to my face.
      “How fragrant
      Even sister Zifeng, who couldn't drink, smelled the aroma.
      “Yes, it is more fragrant than any Baijiu I have ever drunk.”
      Teacher he also nodded.
      He has been entertaining for more than 20 years,
      From Yanjing to Xiangnan.
      Baijiu naturally drank a lot of wine from all over the country.
      But so fragrant,
      For the first time.
      “I'm going to explain that to you.”
      Huang Xiaochu started to popularize science with a smile.
      In fact, not all Baijiu Baijiu is the longer the longer, the general flavor liquor after storage for five years, its taste and aroma will be reduced.
      “But fifty-three degree Maotai flavor liquor is suitable for storage, because the alcohol and water molecules of this degree Baijiu Baijiu are closely integrated, and the longer they are stored, the more they will be mellow.”
      Everyone was stunned.
      Ye Tian is also quite surprised: “actually there is such a view?”
      He didn't know that.
      No wonder some of the good wine that I saved before has gone out before I opened it.
      Huang Xiaochu saw everyone listening with relish and smiled. “Moreover, after Baijiu is brewed, it must be stored for a certain period of time, and its fragrance and flavor will become soft and smooth, soft and smooth, and harmonious with flavor, Yu Xiangchang.”
      “This is because the Baijiu liquor has complicated physical and chemical changes during storage, which changes the taste of wine, improves the alcohol and the degree of alcohol, and lays the foundation for blending blending of finished wine.”
      Looking at chef Huang talking there.
      Even Mr. Ye Tian, who was over 100 years old, was listening.
      The audience in the studio were all impressed.
      Mr. Huang is really powerful!
      “I can't see that you know a lot about rhubarb.”
      After Huang Xiaochu's introduction, ye Tian said with a smile.
      Teacher he chuckled.
      “What's the matter?”
      Ye Tian is a little surprised.
      “Laozuzong, I always feel that rhubarb, rhubarb, seems to be barking at the dogs in the village…”
      He said and laughed.
      Ye Tianyi was stunned.
      Then he laughed.
      Zifeng's sister and Peng Peng blinked at first, and then laughed.
      Even the audience in the studio,
      It's a sudden reaction.
      “Lying trough!”
      “That's true!”
      “Rhubarb, rhubarb, is really like a local dog raised in the countryside.”
      “Poor teacher Huang.”
      “Cough, is that on purpose?”
      “Nonsense, the old ancestor can have what bad idea, he just see teacher Huang lovely just.”
      “I believe it
      Mushroom house.
      “I'll call it Xiao Huang later. I'll call it Xiao Huang later.”
      With a smile, ye Tian said to chef Huang, “that, Xiao Huang, pour the wine quickly.”
      “All right.”
      Chef Huang nodded.
      Except that Zifeng's younger sister is too young to give her a drink.
      The remaining four men, each with a small glass.
      It's old wine, after all.
      Don't drink too much. It's easy to get on.
      Holding up the enamel cup and smelling the wine inside, Peng Peng couldn't help but take a big sip of it.
      It's hard to describe the taste of a hundred year old wine.
      Teacher he also took a sip, and his face looked satisfied.
      On the contrary, ye Tian took a sip, picked up the peanuts in front of him, put them in his mouth, and smacked his mouth, with a calm face.
      Chef Huang was the last to drink.
      He only took a sip, but didn't swallow it immediately. Instead, he put it in his mouth and tasted it carefully. He let the alcohol flow into his stomach and felt the hot feeling and fragrance.
      Finally, a sigh was issued: “good wine!”
      See what they look like.
      The audience who love to drink Baijiu in the live room can't help swallowing a spit.
      How greedy!
      Peng Peng, in particular, is a waste!
      How can a good wine drink like that!
      cast pearls before swine!
      bo tim tin mat!
      Make complaints about bullet screen comments.
      And this time.
      Peng Peng asked Ye Tian curiously, “ancestor, is this the legendary Maotai tribute wine?”
      After all, the most famous Baijiu is Moutai.
      He asked,
      It's normal, too.
      But unexpectedly, ye Tian sneered: “what's the relationship between Maotai and gongjiu?”
      Hear ye Tian's words.
      The barrage exploded!
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      Chapter 18 walking history book
      “Are you confused, old man?”
      “Yes, how can we say that gongjiu is not Maotai?”
      “I don't think the old man has ever drunk Maotai.”
      “Fart!People have even seen the emperor. Have they ever drunk Maotai? ”
      “What's the matter?”
      “I think there's something in the old man's words!”
      “Yes, the old man is not simple!”
      The audience in the live broadcast room expressed their opinions on the barrage one after another.
      In their opinion.
      Ye Tian is not a man who slanders Maotai for no reason.
      This point,
      beyond all doubt.
      The tea that people take out at random is a hundred years old tea of several ten thousand jin.
      The wine buried in the mountains is also the official tribute wine of the house of internal affairs.
      Is it necessary for him to slander Maotai?
      Mushroom house.
      Because ye Tian said,
      Huang Xiaochu and others were stunned.
      “Are you kidding, old man?”
      Miss Ho, afraid of misunderstanding, said quickly, “this Moutai is the most famous Baijiu in our country.”
      “That's in recent decades.”
      When ye Tian heard the words, he said casually, “it was not Maotai that won the gold medal at the world exposition in those years.”
      what the fuck!
      The whole studio exploded in a flash!
      As for what kind of wine is the gold medal of the World Expo,
      all the time,
      There are many opinions on the Internet.
      Even among Baijiu enterprises, hot debate is also in progress.
      But nobody thought of it.
      From ye Tian's mouth,
      Tell the truth!
      “Maotai is a good wine, but it was picked up after the founding of the people's Republic of China.”
      Ye Tian said faintly: “there were many kinds of gongjiu before, but there was absolutely no Maotai.This is Fen Wine we drink.That's the one who won the gold medal of the World Expo that year. ”
      “No, it's true or not, ancestor. You can't make fun of it!”
      Huang Xiaochu looks at Ye Tian and says in a hurry.
      After all, it's a live show,
      More than 12 million people are watching,
      Even if ye Tian is such an old hero,
      It is also to be punished by the population.
      Ye Tian shrugged: “is it necessary to fake?At the beginning, Du Xinwu and I were responsible for escorting this batch of wine.It is because of this time that he met the people of the Alliance… ”
      The whole studio is boiling.
      World Expo!
      Du Xinwu!
      The audience looked at Ye Tian sipping the wine in the cup, and felt that what he drank was not wine, but history.
      Someone posted a screenshot of Ye Tian's words on Weibo.
      At the beginning.
      It didn't get anyone's attention.
      But later.
      With more and more yearning for the audience's post.
      The news on Weibo quickly spread from the yearning super words to the hot search.
      This news has reached the top 50 of microblog hot search!
      To be precise.
      It's about ye Tian's news, starting to appear on microblog hot search!
      [centenarian hero admits that gongjiu is not Maotai!]
      [the story that Du Xinwu and the alliance have to tell]
      Who is Ye Tian
      With more and more people's attention on microblog.
      News about gongjiu and Maotai entered the top ten of hot search.
      The official microblog of Maotai company has also been summoned countless times.
      There is only one content,
      Let them explain. What's going on?
      But it's a pity.
      There was no response from Maotai.
      It's like I didn't see this hot search.
      On the contrary, the official microblog of Fenjiu responded quickly.
      Send a message directly,
      Fenjiu Group is willing to bid 5 million for Fenjiu, which appears in the fifth season of yearning for life.
      of course,
      They said they didn't open the jar.
      Five million!
      When I saw this number, netizens were dumbfounded.
      Never heard of it,
      Which Baijiu can have such value?
      This is much more valuable than decades of Maotai!
      what's more,
      The attitude of Fenjiu Group.
      I finally found the evidence.
      This evidence is not a fake document or encyclopedia,
      It's a serious living man!
      A man over 100 years old!
      No eyes, no ears,
      He is conscious.
      I've seen emperors and killed devils,
      Such an old man.
      As long as he lives,
      It's a walking history book!
      And mushroom house.
      The director saw the news from the microblog,
      The whole person was dumbfounded.
      What should I do?
      Never thought, this thing is getting bigger and bigger!
      Old man, old man,
      You said you had a drink, how could you cause so many things?
      Tut tut!
      This is the first issue.
      The director suddenly felt that he should prepare some quick acting heart saving pills!
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      Chapter 19 what is live broadcasting(8. Ask for flowers evaluation ticket)
      Whether the director's heart can stand it or not, chef Huang doesn't know.
      All he knows is,
      I don't know what to say now.
      Just now.
      I opened a jar of Fen Liquor which had participated in the world exposition!
      oh my god!
      This is a liquid cultural relic!
      Teacher he and Peng Peng were also stunned and speechless.
      “Come on, don't waste wine. It's time to drink.”
      Ye Tian is impatient: “you ah, how can you drink so slowly? If it was before, you couldn't even get soup.”
      He's telling the truth.
      If you put it in the past,
      As far as the speed of these dolls' drinking is concerned, others have finished a jar of wine, but they haven't finished a cup.
      I saw his calm face.
      A few people can't laugh or cry.
      It doesn't matter if you are old. It's yours.
      What we drink is a cultural relic!
      “Well, laozong, let's drink these. It's still live tomorrow. There's a child coming.”
      Huang Xiaochu's eyes turned and said to Ye Tian.
      “Is there anyone else?”
      Ye Tianyi was stunned, then nodded: “OK.”
      He knows that, too.
      These kids are not easy.
      Naturally, they won't be embarrassed.
      Huang Xiaochu carefully put away the remaining jar of semi Fen Wine.
      This is absolutely the most precious thing in the mushroom house.
      Put the wine away.
      Several people sat on the benches in front of the mushroom house and looked at the stars outside.
      Listen to the bird's call coming from your ears, and smell the fragrance of flowers, but it has a different flavor.
      “Laozuzong, is Du Xinwu the first bodyguard of the Republic of China?”
      Peng Peng thought of what ye Tian had just said and couldn't help asking curiously.
      “Well, you know him?”
      Ye Tian nodded.
      “I know a little. I'm a great martial artist.”
      Peng Peng nodded.
      He had read an introduction about Du Xinwu before and knew that he was a famous martial artist in the period of the Republic of China.
      “Not bad.”
      Ye Tian said casually: “at the beginning, he was a bodyguard beside the little emperor. I saw that he had good aptitude and gave some advice. This guy had to hold the disciple's ceremony. He was so tired that he was not happy at all…”
      “True or false?”
      “The first great Xia of the Republic of China is the apprentice of the old man?”
      “No, it's like bragging!”
      “Ha ha, you should find a reason to refute him!”
      “There is no proof of death. Du xinwudu has been dead for many years, and no one can prove it.”
      “Yes, it's good to live old, black and white, he said casually.”
      “Is it necessary for the old man to brag?”
      “It's not necessary. I think it's just a script.”
      “It's possible that now these people in the entertainment circle ignore everything for the sake of hype.”
      Along with the barrage of these questions.
      Ye Tian said casually, “I remember that we met with a friend in one or two years. I told him not to cooperate with business people. He didn't listen. He was also present at that time.”
      Who is this?
      A friend?
      The whole live broadcast room is simply a question mark swipe screen.
      The people in the mushroom house are also full of fog.
      Teacher he, with a flash of inspiration in his mind, asked Ye Tian, “old man, the friend you are talking about is not Mr. so and so?”
      Ye Tian nodded: “that's him.That guy is an idealist. He is full of ideals. He thinks of people very well
      Everyone looked at each other and had nothing to say.
      Even in the live broadcast room, there was no language.
      How dare you, old man!
      “Why don't you believe it?”
      Ye Tian took a look at the expression of a few people, eyebrow picked to ask a way.
      “I don't believe it.”
      Huang Xiaochu hesitated for a moment, or said: “Sir, we believe in you, but these tens of millions of viewers don't believe it!”
      “How can there be tens of millions of people?”
      Ye Tianyi was stunned,
      Then he said, “within a hundred Li radius, I know how many people there are.”
      “It's not realistic.”
      Peng Peng quickly took the mobile phone and introduced it to Ye Tian: “we are live broadcasting. In this live broadcasting room, there are 21 million people watching us now.”
      Ye Tian took a breath of cold air.
      “Do you mean that the Internet has developed to such an extent?”
      Looking at the phone in his hand, ye Tian was surprised.
      “Old man, you don't think that this mobile phone, like before, is a cell phone.”
      Teacher he asked with a smile.
      When chatting just now, ye Tian said that in the late 1990s, he had been to Yanjing, Hangzhou, Shencheng and other places.
      Then he went into the mountain and closed up. He hadn't seen anyone for 20 years.
      Now it seems that,
      It seems to be true!
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      Chapter 20 there is a child named Xiaoma
      in fact.
      For ye Tian's identity.
      In fact, we all have doubts.
      After all, the old man didn't appear in Taoyuan Village for decades, but he appeared when he was yearning to shoot the fifth season.
      This in itself makes people have to wonder.
      But as the day came into contact,
      They are finally sure.
      This is really a living legend!
      After all, not everyone has the ability to casually take out Pu'er tea from Tongchang and Bainian gongjiu.
      What's more?
      No matter it's the lightness skill of being as light as a swallow, or it's the easy way to pick up things from the air.
      What ye Tian shows.
      It's totally beyond their imagination.
      But even so.
      How old did he live.
      Still a little curious.
      Now it seems.
      Conservative estimates,
      This old man should be over 130 years old.
      It is impossible for him to know du Xinwu.
      And he doesn't know what live broadcast is and doesn't know the smart phone, which proves from the side.
      He really hasn't been in touch with the world for many years.
      You know the Internet, but you don't know things like smart phones and live broadcasting. Only those who are in the 1990s can do that.
      When teacher he explained it to Ye Tian,
      After what live is.
      Ye Tian was surprised.
      “It's so powerful!”
      Holding a mobile phone and looking at the number of people online in the studio, ye Tian sighed: “this is more powerful than what I heard from Xiaoma more than 20 years ago!”
      “Who is the pony?”
      People are curious.
      “Ah, a little friend.”
      Ye Tian fiddled with his mobile phone and explained: “the child grew up in a good family. He liked computers, so his father bought one for him.Later, he seems to set up a company of his own, often playing customer service on the Internet and chatting with users. ”
      “Ha ha ha!”
      Peng Peng and Zifeng laughed directly.
      On the contrary, Huang Xiaochu and teacher he have some feelings.
      “At that time, it was really not easy to start a business.”
      Huang Xiaochu sighed.
      “Yes, it is said that in the late 1990s, it was the outlet of Internet companies. As long as we seize the opportunity, we can rise. But I always feel that every successful entrepreneur must have experienced countless difficulties.”
      Mr. He took his words seriously.
      “Yearning for life” is a positive energy variety show after all. It is definitely to promote some positive energy things.
      Their words also resonated with the audience in the studio.
      “Teacher he is right.”
      “I think of the story my parents told me when they first came to Shencheng. They really suffered a lot.”
      “If you eat bitterly, you will become a master.”
      “It makes sense.”
      “A successful person must work hard. If he doesn't work hard, he can't succeed.”
      “Not everyone was born to live in Rome.”
      “But I'm curious. Did the pony succeed?”
      “Yes, sir, can you tell me?”
      “If I ask the old man to tell a story, I like to hear him boast!”
      On the barrage in the studio,
      A group of people are shouting to let Ye Tian tell more of his story.
      Under the guidance of teacher he, ye Tian finally understood what happened to the barrage.
      Seeing the barrage,
      He laughed.
      “In fact, it's nothing. Pony's family is very rich, but his father couldn't invest too much in him at that time, so I introduced some children to him.”
      Ye Tian said faintly: “my old man doesn't know anything. I know everything about stocks.”
      He said that,
      It's because on the screen of bullets, someone mocked him as an antique.
      “Ha ha, you didn't ask for any shares?”
      Mr. He said.
      “Yes, Ma agreed. He said that no matter how much the company will be worth in the future, he will give me half of his shares.”
      Ye Tian shrugged.
      The crowd was stunned.
      Then I understood what he meant.
      That is to say, the pony promised that no matter how his company's shares are diluted in the future, unless his founder's shares are completely diluted, his shares will be half of yetian's.
      “What an interesting young man.”
      Huang Xiaochu said with emotion.
      “Yes, the child is a man with ideas.”
      Ye Tianshen thinks so.
      After all, not every young person has the patience to pretend to be a customer service girl and chat with users for half a night.
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      Chapter 21 the gentleman, there he is(10, for flower evaluation ticket)
      The audience in the studio watched Ye Tian chatting with Huang Xiaochu and others there.
      Sometimes I talk about the things I experienced when I was young.
      They feel it.
      It's like reading a history book.
      It's true.
      What ye Tian said may not be known to everyone.
      But that's what he's experienced, and that's important.
      “The Republic of China was poor. At that time, the common people didn't have enough to eat.”
      “University professors are rich, subsidized, and can write articles for newspapers and magazines.”
      “Ha ha, no, it's better now.”
      “I've seen that guy, Zhou Shuren, is not so irritable. He just likes to write articles and curse people.”
      “Cai Yuanpei?Ha ha, it's just a hypocrite. Without him, Yannian and qiaonian will not die. Ge Laozi!I'll be a day late! ”
      A historical allusion, historical celebrities, from the mouth of Ye Tian was said.
      Whether it's true or not,
      Everyone listened with interest.
      of course,
      Ponies and the like are naturally classified as passers-by in the old man's long life.
      After all, in his own words.
      I've met so many people over the years.
      Some people succeed,
      Someone failed.
      Whether it's success or failure.
      As long as the old man looks good, he will give a hand.
      As for how far the other party can go and how far it will go, he himself is not clear.
      “I'm old. I can't support them all the time. If I can help them, it depends on their own luck.”
      Ye Tian said to the camera.
      This moment.
      Everyone can feel it,
      How sincere the old man was when he said this.
      For a while.
      Many viewers in the studio were filled with emotion.
      They felt the same feelings and thought of the noble people they had met in their lives.
      “To be honest, I envy those who meet the old man.”
      “Yes, it's a good six word ride.”
      “I'm lucky to have met such a senior in my life.”
      “As an entrepreneur, it is undoubtedly blessed to meet such an elder.”
      “No matter success or failure, there is no regret in life.”
      “I don't know what the people the old man helped are doing now.”
      “Ha ha, there were too many entrepreneurs at that time. It is estimated that the Internet has been acquired after so many years of development.”
      “It's possible.”
      Deep city.
      The most central villa area in the city.
      People who can live here are rich or expensive.
      Penguin, the most mysterious boss, lives here.
      Said he was mysterious.
      It's because the boss Ma, who is known as Xiao Ma Ge by the outside world, has protected his family very well.
      so far,
      No one knows what his family is like.
      This is also rarely seen in front of the media, not as high-profile as the other two bosses of the Internet big three.
      He just manages his own Penguin empire!
      Today's pony,
      Just got home.
      After a business negotiation, he was very tired.
      “Dad, come on, this program is so interesting.”
      Originally intended to rest, he was pulled to the front of the TV by his daughter.
      “Pull your father to watch TV again, let him rest.”
      Said his wife.
      “It's OK. The children need company.”
      Ma Huateng smiles and says to his wife.
      “Yes, I know. The old fairy said it.”
      The wife said with a speechless face.
      She also Tucao: “do not know how much magic that, so many years, you have been firmly make complaints about him.”
      “Ha ha, you don't understand.”
      Wearing glasses, Ma Huateng waved his hand: “every sentence of Mr. Ma's words is full of profound meaning.I have no doubt about that.Besides, no sir, no Penguin today… ”
      “I can't say you, but I think he's right. No matter when you make money, your purpose is to make your family happy.”
      His wife said with a smile.
      For her husband's husband, her ears are going to cocoon.
      According to the husband.
      That gentleman is a Taoist who once saved his husband's life.
      Just in time for her husband to start a business.
      The old fairy gave her husband a divination, taught him for a week, and finally left a few phone calls floating away.
      The significance of those calls,
      According to him, if the husband has any difficulties, he can call for help.
      As for the phone call or not.
      The husband didn't say that.
      But every time he mentioned the Taoist priest, he called him Mr. other with respect.
      And with that,
      She just thought,
      That's definitely not easy.
      At this moment.
      Suddenly a voice rang out.
      She turned her head,
      It's amazing to see Ma Huateng, who has always been calm and complacent, boasting that Mount Tai has collapsed in front of him without changing his color,
      Looking at the TV in surprise,
      The teacup in my hand has long fallen to the ground.
      For the first time in his life, Ma Huateng made a gaffe in front of his wife and daughter.
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      Chapter 22 the joy of foot soaking you can't imagine
      What happened in deep city.
      Of course, I don't know anything about mushroom house.
      For a lot of people.
      They will only think that the younger generation in Ye Tian's mouth are very interesting.
      That's it.
      As for ye Tian himself,
      I don't mention the names of those people.
      After all, he lived too long.
      tell the truth.
      After being used to life and death in the world,
      For the people who appear around them.
      His mentality has long been able to achieve Gujing bubo.
      Because these names may not be remembered for thousands of years.
      “OK, it's getting late. Let's get ready for bed.”
      It's getting late.
      Chef Huang knows.
      Today's broadcast is enough.
      Then he asked everyone to soak their feet.
      Of course, there was no comment, and a group of people began to pack up.
      Because it's five people.
      So I prepared five foot basins.
      Just another guest hasn't arrived yet, so this basin is just enough.
      “Ancestor, I'll pour you water.”
      Zifeng sister carrying a basin went to the leaf day in front of him, holding a thermos said to him.
      It was a very common sentence.
      But ye Tianyi was stunned.
      tell the truth,
      He hasn't felt this kind of care from his family for many years.
      “What's the matter with you, ancestor?”
      Zifeng sister saw Ye Tian did not speak.
      Some surprised asked.
      “It's OK. It's OK.”
      Ye Tian returns to God and waves his hand. He looks at his sister Zifeng kindly.
      The audience in the studio all smiles when they see this scene.
      “Zifeng has really grown up.”
      “Yes, my sister is so sensible and polite.”
      “What a wonderful child
      “If only I had such a filial granddaughter.”
      “I hope my children will be so filial in the future.”
      “The old man was moved.”
      “Sure, who doesn't like such a sensible girl?”
      Not really.
      The audience in the studio really guessed Ye Tian's mind.
      As an old monster who has lived for hundreds of millions of years.
      The heart is in front of him,
      There is no room for hiding.
      A person out of sincerity or hypocrisy,
      What you say is something else. It's the most emotional thing.
      no kidding.
      Ye Tian only needs to have a look,
      You can tell.
      In the mushroom house.
      Under Peng Peng's honest appearance, he has a smart heart.
      Mr. He is all-round.
      As for chef Huang, this guy is the kind of arrogant veteran.
      Only Zifeng.
      Her heart is as pure as crystal.
      This kid.
      It's true that everyone here is a good person.
      This is also why Ye Tian was stunned just now.
      There are not many such pure children.
      Pour out the water.
      A few people sat there neatly, putting their feet in the hot water.
      “It's so comfortable.”
      Feeling the hot water covering the feet, Peng Peng said sincerely.
      “Yes, I've been busy all day. Bubble feet are so comfortable.”Teacher he also nodded.
      “Old man, when you were young, did you like to soak your feet?”
      Huang Xiaochu asks Ye Tian.
      Ye Tian rolled his eyes: “how can I have time to soak my feet? Is it not good for me to soak in a hot spring?”
      The barrage in the live broadcast room was full of laughter.
      “Ha ha, this is direct irony!”
      “That's right, that's too much!”
      “It's killing me, old man!”
      “What can I do? I can't help laughing.”
      “The old man's mouth offended many people in the Republic of China.”
      “Ha ha ha!”
      “He's also a strong swearing man!”
      “The king of the mouth gun?”
      For this scene, everyone was very happy.
      After all, it's always chef Huang who hates people.
      It's very interesting that he was scolded by others when he had a chance.
      Huang Xiaochu was a word of Ye Tian to say, dare not say a word.
      Vomit tongue, helpless sigh.
      “By the way, Xiao Huang, take away the remaining jar of wine.”
      Ye Tian said to chef Huang.
      Chef Huang was stunned.
      “This, this is not appropriate. The wine is too precious. Give it to me. How can I afford it?”
      He was really flustered.
      The value of this wine is so high that it can be regarded as a cultural relic.
      tell the truth.
      Chef Huang really doesn't think he can afford such a gift.
      “No matter how precious it is, it's wine!”
      Ye Tian's face is indifferent: “I buried wine in other places, and this is for you.”
      There was a pause.
      He also said with a smile: “you are a good cook. You have to perform well in recent months.”
      The crowd was speechless.
      After making trouble together for a long time, he took chef Huang as a cook.
      This wine,
      As a reward for the cook!
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      Chapter 23 the founder of Axe Gang(12, for flower evaluation ticket)
      People who have not experienced the taste of soaking feet can't understand it.
      A few people were sitting there.
      For half an hour.
      When the feet leave the basin, it's very comfortable.
      “It's very comfortable.”
      Ye Tian said sincerely.
      Huang Xiaochu said with a smile: “ancestors, please don't move. For the sake of that jar of wine, I'll pour foot washing water for you.”
      He doesn't feel any shame.
      Not to mention Ye Tian's identity as an anti Japanese hero.
      Not to mention that he gave himself a jar of good wine and a piece of tea cake of incalculable value.
      He's just over 100 years old.
      It's enough for people to take care of him and respect him.
      After all,
      Everyone gets old,
      There's a day when you need to be taken care of.
      Ye Tian suddenly laughed: “do you want to see magic?”
      Several people were all stunned.
      I didn't understand him at all.
      The audience in the studio are also curious.
      The old man,
      Can you do magic?
      “Here, bring your foot basin and put it here.”
      Pointing to the place in front of him, ye Tian said.
      A few people are a little strange,
      But I did as he told me.
      There are five pots of foot water.
      “Peng Peng, open the door.”
      Ye Tian tells Peng Peng.
      Peng Peng was stunned,
      Although some inexplicable, but still went to open the door.
      Ye Tian stood up and walked out of the room.
      Come to the middle of the yard and stand.
      Turn your head,
      Ye Tian raised his hand, and people noticed that his hand formed the shape of a tiger's paw.
      “Get up!”
      With Ye Tian a break drink.
      His hand jerked up!
      Five water columns,
      It flew out of the foot basin!
      you 're right!
      It's just their foot wash.
      Now it seems to have a spiritual like, fly directly into the mid air.
      what the fuck!
      Everyone is stupid!
      What's the situation?
      How did he do it?
      With Ye Tian's voice.
      The five pillars of water suddenly merged into one.
      The next moment,
      Towards a big tree in the distance.
      The water column hit the tree and made a dull sound.
      Then it becomes nothing.
      “What just happened?”
      “Lying trough!”
      “What do I see?”
      “It's internal skill. It must be Qigong!”
      “Grandfather, you really didn't cheat me!”
      “My God, this is Qigong!”
      “I'm a little dizzy!”
      “Ha ha ha ha ha!”
      “God, come out and see mom!”
      “No, I'm on my knees. Really, it's too strong!”
      The barrage in the studio,
      From the moment the water column appeared,
      It's already blown up!
      I thought we were blind!
      Mushroom house.
      Huang Xiaochu and others are stupid!
      Peng Peng opened his mouth and watched the water column appear, then five in one, and finally disappear
      Eyes stare like brass bells!
      I can't say a word.
      It's not just him.
      Teacher he, chef Huang, sister Zifeng
      Even the members of the program group who watched the scene through monitoring were all stunned.
      After a long time.
      Chef Huang's voice rang out.
      “Well, teacher he, you pinch me.”
      “Oh!What a pinch you are
      Accompanied by Huang Xiaochu and teacher he two people almost stupid dialogue.
      At last everyone came back.
      “Lao Zu Zong, how did you do it?”
      Peng Peng asked Ye Tian.
      He's really curious. It's amazing.
      It's totally beyond everyone's knowledge!
      “Nothing. It's just ordinary internal air and control of air flow.”
      Ye Tian said faintly, “I've been willing to study this before. In fact, the truth is the same as throwing an axe.”
      I blinked.
      He said with a casual smile: “I used to stay in Mingzhu for some time. I have a registered disciple who likes to fight with people with an axe. For the sake of the guy who bought me a lot of things, I taught him a few moves. Later, the guy used this skill to kill traitors. It is said that someone also asked him to assassinate the king!”
      what the fuck!
      The whole studio was shaken.
      You know,
      Throughout the modern history of the Republic of China, there is only one person who can be called an assassin and who is good at using axes.
      That's Wang Yuqiao, who made obeisance to Dai Li and assassinated many senior officials of the Wang puppet government!
      He is Ye Tian's apprentice!
      oh my god!
      What did the old man do in the Republic of China?
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      Chapter 24 I'm a good man
      The master of Wang yaqiao?
      When ye Tian said this, the whole studio was quiet.
      Who is Wang yaqiao?
      Thanks to the developed Internet,
      Netizens are familiar with many anecdotes of the Republic of China.
      This is how Wang yaqiao came into the public eye.
      In his early years, he joined the League organization, later formed the axe gang, assassinated various warlords, and even assassinated the great traitor Wang Jingwei.
      Although he was betrayed, he died miserably in the end.
      But when it comes to this man, it's always a hero.
      Now ye Tian said,
      He founded the axe gang, and Wang yaqiao was his registered disciple.
      Isn't that a joke?
      But the problem is.
      Although Wang yaqiao is a famous assassin, he is not a big man.
      To put it in a bad way,
      He is not even as famous as Xu Zhimo.
      Get involved with him,
      It's nothing to show off.
      The old man is more than 100 years old. Can't he tell such a lie?
      “Lying trough!”
      “My God!”
      “Is this old man a violent man in the Republic of China?”
      “My God!I'm a little dizzy
      “Laozuzong, who did you know in the Republic of China?”
      “Either Du Xinwu or Wang yaqiao, I'm not surprised that you said Du Daheng was your apprentice.”
      “Ha ha ha, that can't be. Lao Du and Wang yaqiao almost didn't have their brains beaten. How could they be martial brothers?”
      “That makes sense.”
      “This old man, I suspect he was a gangster in the Republic of China!”
      “Very likely!”
      A group of people began to guess Ye Tian's identity on the barrage.
      In their opinion.
      Ye Tian,
      There must be some secret.
      Otherwise, all the people he makes friends with are those who dance swords and make guns.
      It is said that birds of a feather flock together,
      Since all the people around him are like this, he is certainly not a good person.
      Or else.
      Invisible brain tonic, as terrible.
      Ye Tian hasn't explained much.
      In the minds of these people, they have already made up their brains for the existence of a great devil.
      What is the last Chinese tycoon,
      The underground emperor of what Pearl
      Anyway, all kinds of messy titles were painted on the barrage.
      of course.
      It's mostly a joke.
      After all, times have changed. It's the 21st century,
      No one cares about his past.
      Compared to the audience on the barrage.
      The mushroom house is more calm.
      Although the members of the directing group screamed, no one dared to interrupt the shooting.
      Zifeng's younger sister is confused.
      Teacher he is thoughtful.
      Peng Peng and chef Huang are curious.
      “Laozuzong, if you are the founder of the axe gang, do you know the story of 'a cloud piercing arrow, a thousand troops come to meet each other'
      Peng Peng asks Ye Tian curiously.
      This time, it's Ye Tian's turn to look puzzled.
      What pierces the cloud?
      Look, he doesn't understand,
      Peng Peng said the stem of the axe gang in Kung Fu once again,
      Finally, he said, “I always think the axe gang must be very powerful!”
      “Prestige, you head!”
      Ye Tian reaches out his hand and knocks on Peng Peng's head.
      Peng Peng, oh,
      He covered his head and cried.
      “Silly boy, don't be cheated by those legends and TV plays.”
      Ye Tian said angrily: “Axe Gang is a gang of coolies from other places. The purpose is not to be bullied.As for what it turned out to be, I don't know. I wasn't in Mingzhu at that time. ”
      “What about the cloud piercing arrow?”
      Peng asked.
      Ye tianbai waved his hand: “that thing is very expensive. If you have that money, why don't you buy some rice for your family?”
      The crowd was speechless.
      Sometimes the truth of history is like this.
      The more you want to know, the more disappointed you are.
      “You guys.”
      Ye Tian looked at a few young people and said: “don't think wildly. Although I live a little longer, I'm a good man!”
      What a good man!
      All the people were speechless.
      Sir, you probably forgot that you said that you killed a lot of bandits and bullies on the way to the World Expo with Du Xinwu.
      Although those people are really hateful.
      But you have nothing to do with good people!
      “Come on, come on, you'd better go to bed.”
      Huang interrupted the conversation.
      Let's talk about it.
      I don't know what to expose.
      Today, our hearts have suffered too many blows.
      Think about it. Don't be scared again.
      After all, chef Huang thinks,
      It's better to be plain in life.
      I don't know.
      A bigger storm,
      People waiting for mushroom house
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      Chapter 25 I have someone on it
      Night hung over the mushroom house.
      The live camera has been turned off.
      Everyone breathed.
      After all, the existence of the camera, for everyone, there is still pressure.
      There are so many people watching in the live broadcast room, and countless people are staring at it. When one action may be criticized, everyone is a little cautious.
      Not everyone, like Ye Tian, can live at will.
      At least.
      As stars, they can't do that.
      “I'm so tired.”
      Peng Peng relaxed and said to his sister Zifeng: “I haven't been so tired for a long time.”
      “Yes, me too.”
      Sister Zifeng nodded.
      She looked at Ye Tian curiously: “grandfather ye, do you really know Qigong?”
      tell the truth.
      She's been curious about it all day, but she hasn't been interested in asking.
      After all, in front of the camera,
      More than ten million people in the studio are watching,
      He asked this question, ye Tian answered or did not answer, it is very difficult.
      If you answer, it will be embarrassing if it is proved to be false.
      If you don't answer, other people will think that the program group is making a mystery.
      These days,
      We need everything,
      There's no shortage of the essence of picking bones in eggs.
      Ye Tian really likes this girl.
      Wen Yan said with a smile, “this is not Qigong.”
      And he said,
      He took the cup with water in his hand and took a drink.
      With a wave of his hand, the cup flew back to its original place.
      After all this, ye Tiancai said to Peng Peng and Zifeng, who were already stunned: “this is hard to explain to you, but it can be called a kind of art.”
      The two little ones are already confused!
      what the fuck!
      What do I see?
      No auxiliary props, take things from the space!
      If it is said that when the program was just shot, there may be the cooperation of the program team.
      But now,
      It's all private time.
      Ye Tiangen didn't need to hide anything!
      let me put it another way.
      This old man really knows magic!
      And right now,
      Outside the mushroom house.
      Huang Xiaochu and teacher he are standing together with the director worried.
      “This is a bit of a problem.”Teacher he took the lead in speaking.
      “Yes, it doesn't matter what the old man said, but after the broadcast of the several things he did, I feel that tomorrow's hot search will definitely have an accident!”
      Huang Xiaochu said with a bitter smile.
      At first, we didn't react. We thought it was a trick made by the program group.
      As it turned out, they found something wrong.
      How can the program group have that ability!
      What's more?
      As the manager and host, they don't know. How is it possible?
      So here's the problem.
      What will ye Tian think of these things on the Internet?
      Does anyone think that this is a propaganda of superstition and feudalism?
      tell the truth.
      Even teacher he, who has always been calm and doesn't care much about the news on the Internet, has no confidence.
      no way out.
      The old man has too many tricks.
      “Or I'll cut part of it?”
      The director thought about it and said to Mr. He and Mr. Huang.
      Although they are now live,
      But the positive film is to be broadcast on TV station, and it must be edited.
      At that time, as long as it's not on TV, even if there are screenshots on the Internet, it doesn't matter.
      Big deal,
      It is claimed that the special effects made by the program group attract the audience.
      It's just that,
      In this case,
      All the pressure will be on the crew.
      “It's the surprise I made with Mr. He.”
      Chef Huang nodded and said, “the old man just cooperates with us, that's all.”
      This is the point.
      Definitely can't throw the pressure to Ye Tian.
      No matter how well the old man is, he can't do this kind of thing if he is under such pressure.
      Although the contact time is not long, he has great respect for this elder.
      People can give away valuable things at will, and their attitude has never been superior or dependent on the old.
      That's it.
      Ye Tian has become a respected person of chef Huang.
      “Not so much trouble.”
      At this time.
      Ye Tian's voice came from behind.
      Three people were stunned.
      I saw the old man walking over.
      It was more than 20 meters.
      But in the blink of an eye, it seemed that he had already appeared in front of the three
      what the fuck!
      What is this?
      The three were stunned.
      Ye Tian doesn't realize it. He doesn't realize it at all. His kung fu of shrinking into an inch scares them.
      On the contrary, he said faintly: “there are people above me. Don't worry that someone will embarrass me.”
      What do you mean there's someone on it?
      Several people looked at each other.
      I didn't understand what ye Tian said.
      The old man,
      Don't you realize what you've done today?
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      Chapter 26 phone call from Yanjing
      In the director's opinion, ye Tian is a bit of a God.
      It's not derogatory.
      For this old hero, the director and even the whole crew, they all have great respect.
      After all,
      This is the man who killed the devil himself.
      And with that,
      No matter when, the director will not turn ye Tian into a target.
      This is a matter of principle.
      The old man ignored the world for many years. Naturally, he didn't know how far the Internet has developed.
      If we say that the Internet in the 1990s is really limited, those people are playing games.
      But now the Internet.
      It has developed into a giant.
      There are too many netizens!
      As the saying goes, when the forest is big, there are all kinds of birds.
      In this case.
      An old man who suddenly appeared,
      Later, we will take out hundreds of thousands of hundred year old tea.
      Later, we will take out the century old Fen Liquor that has participated in the World Expo.
      And even.
      They also perform lightness skills and take things from the air.
      In this case,
      What will netizens think?
      What does it think?
      If someone makes trouble,
      tell the truth.
      Director, teacher he or chef Huang,
      Now I have no bottom in my heart.
      But ye Tian came out and said there was someone on it.
      Immediately made several people laugh.
      “Don't make any noise, old man.”
      The director's good advice.
      “Yes, ancestors, don't worry. We'll solve it.”
      Teacher he walks over and supports Ye Tiandao.
      What they mean is very simple,
      This matter,
      Only the program team and producers can bear the pressure, not ye Tian.
      See their appearance, ye Tian shrugged: “you ah, how don't believe me, I really have friends above!”
      Several people looked at each other, and finally they all had no choice but to smile bitterly.
      In their opinion.
      Old man, this is stubborn that his old friends, there are people who live to now!
      But the problem is,
      How old are you, your friend?
      Microblog company headquarters.
      All the real-time data of microblog can be found here.
      As the vice president of Weibo headquarters in charge of this work, Jiang Guang is undoubtedly in a high position.
      But now.
      But his face was very ugly.
      Swindler, we have no way to do it. Now many people make complaints about micro-blog, and Tucao's “yearning life” is too much in the fifth quarter.
      A technician said helplessly to Jiang Guang.
      Just now.
      This president Jiang actually came here in person to instruct them to delete those unfavorable remarks on the microblog.
      Everyone is very surprised, but the problem is that it is not so easy to do!
      “I don't care what you can do, I'm just giving orders from headquarters!”
      Jiang Guang said lightly: “the image of Mr. Ye Tian is not allowed to be defamed. If you can't do it, you go away!”
      He is the vice president of Weibo, but there is also the head office, major shareholder and chairman on Weibo.
      And this task,
      The chairman of the board called in person to ask him!
      According to the chairman, he is also entrusted.
      With this, it is impossible for Jiang Guang not to carry out this order!
      At this moment.
      His secretary came in in a hurry.
      “President Jiang, President Chen.”
      Chen is always the general manager of Weibo and his immediate superior.
      “Mr. Chen, it's me.”
      Jiang Guang took the call and was about to explain to President Chen why he wanted people to pay attention to Ye Tian's news.
      He was stunned by a sentence on the other side of the phone.
      “I received the news here, you should pay attention to it, Mr. Ye Tian is our company's VIP, we must bear responsible treatment of all about his micro blog!”
      Mr. Chen said in a hurry: “you should pay attention to all the news about ye Tian on Weibo. We should have confidence in our work!It's really no good. We can publicize it a lot. Do you understand? ”
      Jiang Guang looks confused.
      What's going on?
      “Lao Jiang, Lao Jiang, are you listening?”
      Over the phone, Mr. Chen said anxiously.
      “Ah, I'm listening, Mr. Chen.”Jiang Guang quickly asked: “I'm already doing this. The chairman of the headquarters sent someone to inform me, but Mr. Chen, is it so serious?”
      “It seems that the chairman has also received the news.”
      Mr. Chen said slowly: “the call came from Yanjing Forbidden City. Do you think it's serious?And I tell you that penguin is the Deputy General of the official account. He has been sacked.Because he told the people who were dealing with Ye Tian's media official account was not serious enough.It was announced by boss Ma himself
      what the fuck!
      Jiang Guang was stupid at that time.
      Penguin boss Ma came out in person,
      The phone call from Yanjing Forbidden City,
      Who is Ye Tian?
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      Chapter 27 don't worry, I'll do everything(3. Ask for flower evaluation ticket)
      Mushroom house.
      Huang Xiaochu and others are trying to Tell ye Tian.
      Now in this era,
      What he has done before is not suitable.
      Ye Tian doesn't care.
      Just a faint smile, for Huang Xiaochu and others, noncommittal.
      And this time.
      The director's cell phone rings.
      “It's the director!”
      Look at the caller ID on it.
      The director is a little flustered!
      Although the fifth season of “yearning for life” is the separation of production and broadcasting, that is, after the production company finished, it was handed over to the TV station for broadcasting.
      But the problem is.
      As a broadcasting platform, Xiangnan satellite TV itself has great influence and discourse power.
      It's also normal for people to ask questions about such things.
      “Take it.”
      Huang Xiaochu sighed: “it's a blessing, not a disaster, but a disaster.”
      In this case,
      Things must have turned upside down on the Internet.
      Instead of being an ostrich,
      Let's think about how to use the time tonight to solve the problem.
      Chef Huang.
      That's why people say he's old and crafty.
      Whatever happens to this guy,
      There are few moments of panic.
      of course.
      Mainly because he's too smart.
      That's not good for smart people.
      Others are frightened by difficulties, but smart people see opportunities!
      In the eyes of chef Huang.
      Although Ye Tian's series of behaviors are a little hard to accept.
      But the reverse is true.
      If we can make good use of this opportunity, for yearning, it is absolutely an unimaginable heat.
      You know,
      Since ye Tian appeared in the studio, many netizens have sent this “ancestor” video all over the Internet.
      Just a few hours.
      Ye Tian's videos are on the list of major short video websites.
      Some people don't like it, so naturally some people like it.
      Don't like the slander around.
      And what I like,
      I'm really willing to help promote.
      what's more,
      Ye Tian's skills are really beyond imagination!
      It doesn't need any operation at all. The old man is just chatting. If he moves his hands casually, the effect of the program will be full!
      In the eyes of chef Huang.
      Ye Tian is a walking history textbook. He doesn't need to do anything. Even if he just sits and talks, he can use his experiences and stories to attract the audience to the front of the screen.
      of course.
      The premise is to deal with all aspects of the doubt!
      The director gingerly picked up the phone and pressed the connect button.
      “Hello, director, you heard that this is what happened…”
      He just opened his mouth to explain.
      But it was interrupted directly!
      “Well done!”
      Over the phone,
      The dignified voice of the director is full of excitement!
      “The old gentleman must stay in the program, and remember that no matter what conditions the old man puts forward, he must agree!What's more, if the production funds are not enough, they can come up with it, and Taiwan is willing to subsidize it! ”
      After a long time, the director of the TV station gave a serious instruction,
      I just hung up.
      The director is holding his cell phone and looks confused.
      It was a long time before he put down the phone.
      I even checked the caller ID to see if I heard it wrong, not the director.
      “What's the matter?”
      Teacher he asked in surprise.
      “Cough, the director said…”
      The director told the story again.
      Teacher he is also silly.
      Chef Huang was even more surprised.
      Three people look at Ye Tian.
      “I said that. I have people on me.”
      Ye Tian shrugged, still calm.
      what the fuck!
      Three people don't know what to say.
      In short.
      I just thought that the old man was very good, but I never thought that he was so good!
      “Take a good picture. Don't worry about anything else.”
      Ye Tian turned and walked into the room: “it's late at night, I'm going to sleep.”
      The three looked at each other.
      Huang Xiaochu thought about it and said to the director and teacher he, “we all want to know what's going on.”
      He always felt that,
      There's something fishy in it!
      Three people with mobile phones, began to send messages, call.
      It didn't take long.
      And then they got together again.
      “On Weibo, all negative news about ye Lao has been blocked!”
      “It's not just microblogs, including penguin and Douyin, but all kinds of short video platforms and we media accounts. If someone mocks the old man, they will be banned permanently.”
      “Taili has received news from Yanjing, asking for only one, to make the old man happy!”
      I compared the messages I received with each other.
      Three people are completely stupid!
      what the fuck!
      What the hell is going on?
      Why didn't the old man even come out and make a phone call.
      Someone took the initiative to help him finish!
      Do you mean,
      This old man is really an expert who is not born?
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      Chapter 28 ancestors' treasure(4. Ask for flower evaluation ticket)
      In the end,
      The three of them, chef Huang, didn't understand,
      How much network does Ye Tian have in Yanjing.
      Or rather.
      How much power is behind him.
      Unexpectedly can let the whole Internet, overnight about his negative news, all disappear!
      tell the truth.
      It's amazing!
      I don't know.
      Is it the friends that the old man knew in his early years who helped him?
      But at his age,
      There are no friends alive!
      With such doubts, teacher he spent a sleepless night with chef Huang.
      And the next morning.
      Mr. Huang got up early.
      He has a habit of doing morning exercises.
      Although I didn't sleep very well yesterday.
      But the biological clock made him wake up on time.
      “Teacher Huang, you are up.”
      Peng Peng also appeared at the door.
      Last night they made an appointment to go for a morning run together.
      “Well, let's go.”
      Huang Xiaochu, who changed his clothes, said to Peng Peng.
      As a result, as soon as they went out, they were shocked.
      Because they were surprised to find that ye Tian was in the yard.
      “Laozuzong, why did you get up so early?”
      Looking at the time, Peng Peng asked in surprise.
      “I'm used to it.”
      Ye Tian said, “are you two going to run?”
      Peng Peng said with a smile: “otherwise, would you like to run with us?”
      At this time.
      A drone flew in.
      “This is the live broadcast?”
      Ye Tian asked in surprise.
      He also waved to the drone.
      In the studio, the audience laughed at Ye Tian's action.
      Because in the early morning,
      Not many people watched the live broadcast.
      It's like two or three million people.
      “How interesting
      “Ha ha, good morning, old man.”
      “The old man is quick to accept new things.”
      “How fresh!They were also people who had invested in Internet companies. ”
      “Yes, yesterday the old man said that he had been in touch with the Internet in the 1990s, but later he went into the mountains because he was closed.”
      “I don't quite understand!”
      “The old man has been living in the mountains for the past 20 years, so he doesn't know how far the Internet has developed, but he knows about the Internet. Do you understand?”
      “Oh, to put it bluntly, it's a bit out of date. I know everything else.”
      “No problem!”
      A group of people are talking about ye Tian there.
      But ye Tian shakes his head and refuses Peng Peng's proposal.
      “I'm going back to the mountains to get something.”
      Chef Huang was stunned.
      “Sir, are you leaving?”
      Ye Tian shook his head: “I'm not going. I'll go back to the mountain to get something. I have a house in the mountain. I'm going to take things out and put them here.”
      “Oh, do you need help?”
      Huang said quickly.
      “Not so much trouble.”
      Ye Tian laughs: “I can take it alone.”
      Seeing this, chef Huang said nothing more and took Peng Peng to run.
      The old man has many secrets.
      That's the point.
      He figured it out last night.
      But the problem is.
      People don't want to know.
      In this case.
      Huang Xiaochu is such a smart person. He will not do anything to spoil the fun.
      Taoyuan Village, this place.
      with much land and few people.
      Early in the morning, there was basically no one,
      Huang Xiaochu and Peng Peng ran around, sweating profusely.
      Peng Peng actually followed.
      of course.
      He runs very slowly.
      But at last it held on.
      “Yes, you can stick to it these months. I promise your body will be different.”
      Huang Xiaochu smiles to Peng Pengdao.
      Peng Peng gasped heavily, and had no strength to speak.
      When the two of them get back to the mushroom house.
      Ye Tiangang came back with two big boxes.
      Looking at him lifting two wooden cases on the ground, Huang Xiaochu, like teacher he who just got up, had no choice but to smile bitterly.
      This old man is really powerful!
      As for the audience in the studio?
      On the contrary, they are very calm.
      After all, this is the basic operation for the old man.
      “Ancestor, what are you doing?”
      Zifeng sister also just got up, plain face of her looks more pure and lovely.
      “It's all old stuff.”
      Ye Tian said casually.
      “Oh, you used them before?”
      Huang Xiaochu picked up her apron and prepared to make breakfast.
      “Some of them are my own, some of them are from my friends. Anyway, there are a lot of miscellaneous things.”
      Ye Tianpai waved his hand and said to Peng: “hold the baby, you send it to me.”
      Peng Peng nodded,
      Go over, bend down, push!
      Not moving!
      Peng Peng was stunned.
      Just now when he saw Ye Tian moving one by one, he was very relaxed.
      I don't know,
      When it's my turn, I can't move!
      What the hell is in this?
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      Chapter 29 the owner of the word
      “How many things are there in that box?”
      “Lying trough!”
      “Is it true that Peng Peng didn't move?”
      “It can't be the effect of the program. The box doesn't sink.”
      “Ha ha, look at the box carefully. It's solid wood!”
      “That's not much.”
      “It must be that Pumbaa didn't have breakfast.”
      “No way!”
      “Absolute program effect!”
      In the studio.
      Audiences make complaints about the bullet screen comments.
      In their opinion,
      This is simply impossible.
      How could a man as big as Peng Peng not be able to lift a wooden box.
      He's not a kid,
      But a serious adult!
      Even if you have 100 Jin now, you should be able to lift it.
      “Ancestor, why is this box so heavy?”
      Pengpeng gritted his teeth and tried again, only to find that he still couldn't lift it up, but he had no choice but to Tell ye Tiandao.
      Ye Tian laughs: “I think it's OK.”
      At this time,
      Teacher he came to see the dark box, but his eyes couldn't move.
      “Oh, what do you know?”
      “That's right. Xiao He deserves to be a teacher. He has something in his eyes. It's true.”
      “Tut Tut, such a big box is really rare.”
      “If you like, I'll give it to you. I use it to hold old things.”
      “Don't, ancestor, I dare not take it. It's a treasure!”
      A conversation between two people,
      Let the audience in the studio confused.
      The one with sharp eyes looked at the wooden box carefully, and then he was dumbfounded.
      “Yellow pear!”
      “Lying trough!”
      “No, such a big box of huanghuali!”
      “Really, it seems to be from Tianya province.”
      “That's more valuable!”
      “The key is this big thing. It's almost extinct.”
      “Tut Tut, ordinary people can get a long time with a bracelet. Mr. Ye is very good. Take it to a box to hold old things…”
      “People are more angry than people!”
      Mushroom house.
      It's not surprising that teacher he recognized the box of huanghuali.
      After all, he is a serious university teacher.
      I still have this insight.
      Huang kitchen also understand this, came to see a look, suddenly a face of surprise.
      “Old man, your box is worth a lot of money.”
      He told ye Tiandao.
      “Oh, they're all old things. What's their value?”
      Ye Tian waved: “I'm an old man, what do you want money for?”
      “No, laozong, I'd better move separately.”
      Peng Peng said to Ye Tian.
      He really can't move the whole box. This Huanghua pear alone will be one hundred jin faster.
      Solid wood!
      “All right.”
      Ye Tian nodded.
      At this time.
      Sister Zifeng asked curiously, “ancestor, what's in this box?”
      “It's all useless old things.”
      Kindly looking at the little girl, ye Tian said: “do you want to have a look? If you like, I'll give it to you.”
      “No more.”
      Sister Zifeng just wanted to agree,
      Can think of yesterday leaf day take out of those things, quickly shook his head.
      All the things that the old man brought out are antique. They are too expensive.
      She's not the kind of person who doesn't care.
      “It's OK. There are a lot of things like ancestors. If you like them, I'll give them to you.”
      Ye Tian said with a smile.
      Lived for billions of years.
      In his eyes, an antique that is extremely precious to others is just an object he has used.
      It's not as good as the smile of the little girl in front of me.
      Not everyone can understand this psychology.
      “You're welcome, sister.”
      Teacher he naturally understood what ye Tian meant.
      He said with a smile, “well, I'll help you choose one.”
      He thought,
      Since the old man had to give Zifeng a gift, he simply chose a less precious one.
      With the help of Peng Peng,
      Mr. He opened one of the boxes.
      He saw a scroll at a glance.
      Take it out,
      Teacher he asked Ye Tian, “ancestor, what is this?”
      “Ah, it seems that this is written by a friend of mine. He helped him more than 40 years ago. He is very clever. He didn't invite me to dinner and said to give me a pair of words.”
      Ye Tian looked at the shape of the scroll, tilted his head and thought for a while before he said.
      “Well, let's see what it says.”
      Teacher he didn't think much about it. He said to Peng: “come on, let's open it.”
      Peng Peng naturally has no problem.
      Two people opened the picture carefully.
      “Study hard, do not seek wealth!”
      Eight words.
      Mr. he understands the meaning of this sentence.
      This is a sentence in the book of rites.
      It means to seek the benefit of the country, not personal wealth.
      “Good word!”
      He teacher looked at the word, a sigh, and then lowered his head, looked at the signature.
      The next moment,
      He was as if he had been struck by lightning!
      All of a sudden, I was stunned!
      what the fuck!
      What's going on?
      Teacher he suddenly raised his head and looked at Ye Tian.
      “Ancestor, your friend?”
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      Chapter 30 ancestors what did you do in those years(6, ask for flower evaluation ticket!)
      I heard teacher he ask him,
      Ye Tian nodded and said calmly: “yes, we used to go to school together in our early years. By the way, there was another classmate at that time. He said a very famous word.”
      Think about it.
      Ye Tian said: “it seems that it's something. I've forgotten. Ah, I'm too old to remember clearly!”
      what the fuck!
      what the fuck!
      As soon as he said this, everyone was stunned.
      If teacher he's reaction just now,
      Other people are a little confused.
      Or rather.
      We don't quite understand the meaning of this word.
      But with the words he didn't remember
      All the guests in the mushroom house and the audience in the live broadcast room were blown up!
      “Well, laozuzong, your classmate is not very old, is he?”
      Huang's voice trembled.
      “Ah, yes.”
      Ye Tian nodded: “we are all classmates.”
      Chef Huang is quiet,
      Teacher he did not dare to say anything.
      As for Peng Peng and sister Zifeng,
      I can't say a word after I want to know who they are.
      It's not just them.
      On the screen of live broadcast room, it's already turned upside down at this time!
      “Lying trough!”
      “I got an arrow in the knee!”
      “My mother asked me why I had to kneel down to watch the live broadcast. I said I met a fairy!”
      “Kneel down to laozuzong, no wonder all about him on the Internet has been deleted!”
      “I don't believe it, I don't believe it!”
      “Empty talk, show me the evidence!”
      “The blind man upstairs?Did not hear teacher he just asked the old ancestor that sentence is what meaning?Who wrote that word, don't you understand? ”
      “The trough!Isn't that the one
      “It's possible. The '80s was when the man was still there.”
      Mushroom house.
      Teacher he and Huang Xiaochu and others, although they don't know what they are saying on the screen.
      But their doubts are no less than those in the barrage.
      Chef Huang doesn't even make breakfast.
      Come here and look at the picture carefully.
      “Tut Tut, it's really the handwriting of the old man.”
      Chef Huang was once fortunate enough to have been to the home of a child in a courtyard. The elder of the family once had working contact with the old man.
      The instructions of the old man were kept by him.
      It looks the same as this one.
      “He's very stingy. He always likes to fool people with his own calligraphy and paintings.”
      Ye Tianpai, dissatisfied, said: “every time you borrow money from me, you always say that you will pay me back twice in the future. As a result, you never pay me back until you're gone.”
      He sighed,
      He said: “just choose one of these words. Burn the rest of them. Send him the IOU to see if he still owes!”
      At this moment,
      Everyone can feel it,
      Ye Tian's mood is really not very good.
      It's understandable to think about it.
      Although he has been talking about the old classmate owes him money, but every time he mentions that person, the smile on his face, completely uncontrollable.
      It felt like a bad friend who had been growing up together for many years.
      But now.
      These paintings and calligraphy are still there, but the people who left them as IOU are not.
      That feeling,
      Naturally, I'm sorry.
      “Old man, if I look at these paintings, I might as well donate them.”
      At this time.
      Huang Xiaochu suddenly proposed.
      Ye Tian stops, turns his head, takes a look at Huang Xiaochu, nods casually: “all right, Zifeng girl left one, the rest donated it.”
      I heard that.
      The audience in the studio, including Huang Xiaochu and others, took a long breath.
      “I feel a little sorry for the old man.”
      “Yes, it must be hard to see my friends leave one by one.”
      “The old man and those two were classmates. He won't be the same…”
      “Cough, speak carefully, speak carefully…”
      “It's hard to say. It seems that the old man is not.”
      “But he must have money. The old man had to borrow money from him in the 1980s.”
      “I'm curious. What's the way to borrow money?”
      The audience in the studio are more and more curious.
      What happened that year.
      What is the story of borrowing money between Ye Tian and the old man.
      It's like knowing what people are curious about.
      Teacher he asked Ye Tian, “ancestor, I have a lot of words. Why does that old man want to borrow money from you?”
      “It's not about foreign exchange reserves.”
      Ye Tian snorted: “after we separated in foreign countries, they came back to China and I stayed abroad.Although I went back to China several times, most of the time I did business in Europe and America and accumulated a lot of money.In the 1970s, when the domestic side needed foreign exchange, he asked me to borrow money, and all he borrowed was US dollars…. ”
      oh my god!
      I heard something!
      He just said, foreign exchange!
      The barrage of the whole live broadcast room seems to be static at this moment!
      No one sent a message.
      Because at this moment, they were shocked!
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      Chapter 31 secrets of photo album
      As the saying goes, a stone stirs a thousand waves.
      Ye Tian's words.
      It's like dropping a meteorite in a calm lake.
      Let the original no reaction of the live room, all of a sudden boiling.
      After a long time.
      The barrage in the studio came like a tsunami.
      “Lying trough!”
      “Doesn't that mean that the old man is the creditor of the state?”
      “No, I don't understand. Is it true?”
      “It's like bragging!”
      “The inscriptions can't be fake, for this kind of occasion.”
      “But he always felt that something was wrong with these two classmates. He also killed devils and studied abroad. It's amazing!”
      “It's not that there are no swindlers these days.”
      “Yes, I think the TV station should verify it to avoid being cheated.”
      in fact.
      It's not just the audience in the studio who are worried.
      On this side of the program,
      The director panicked, too.
      Even if he had received a phone call from the director before, even if he had inquired about it before, it was the news from the Forbidden City. Let Ye Tian do whatever he says.
      At this moment,
      He's still nervous!
      After all, what ye Tian just talked about in the program are two big men in history textbooks.
      “What to do, director?”
      At this time,
      A staff member of the program team came up and said, “there's just a screenshot on the microblog. Someone sent the message to the microblog, directly on the top 50 of hot search, and it's still rising!”
      “Director, there are more and more people online in the live room, nearly 10 million!”Another staff member said.
      what the fuck!
      The director is not good at all.
      The popularity of the program is getting higher and higher, which is a happy thing.
      But the problem is.
      A little carelessness in this matter will ruin the program.
      When I think about it,
      He has a headache.
      Happiness trouble, said is probably his feeling now.
      There was a minute's silence.
      Bite your teeth.
      The director said, “tell the publicist there, and don't make any response. Let's wait and see what happens.”
      Several staff members all looked at the director in surprise.
      Nobody thought of it.
      He should have made such a decision.
      The director looked at the screen inside the monitor and sighed in silence.
      He also has no way.
      Although the development of things is beyond his expectation.
      But there was the director's call last night.
      The director still has some confidence in his mind.
      Now the only question is whether ye Tian's words have been proved in practice.
      After all, calligraphy and painting,
      Chef Huang said that the handwriting of the old man is useless.
      Mushroom house here.
      Huang Xiaochu and teacher he are adults after all.
      It's faster than Peng Peng and Zifeng's sister.
      See the director didn't announce the interruption of shooting,
      I understand the determination of the director.
      it seems.
      The director hopes to let the old man prove what he said.
      “When was the last time you saw that one, laozong?”
      Teacher he asked carefully.
      Ye Tian didn't think much about it. He answered directly: “he went to Shencheng. I happened to be nearby, so I went to see him.We had made an appointment to visit Lantau Island when Hong Kong Island returned to China, but it didn't take long for me to close down. When I came out again, he was gone… ”
      Everyone was silent.
      Thinking of what the old man once said,
      Remembering the wishes of his life,
      For a moment,
      There was no news on the barrage.
      “By the way, it seems that we still have a group photo.”
      Ye Tian said, thinking of one thing, he said to teacher: “you look for it, it should be in the box.There's a photo album with our group photos, which are taken by his daughter! ”
      The moment I heard Ye Tian's words,
      Huang Xiaochu and teacher he are in a daze.
      There are photos!
      He has a picture!
      without demur.
      They quickly searched for the box.
      Not yet.
      They found an album.
      This album has a sense of age.
      It's a very big photo album of the '90s.
      Open it up.
      It's all black and white.
      “Why are they all black and white?”
      Zifeng sister some curious asked.
      “The old photos used to be in black and white.”He explained to her.
      Huang Xiaochu took the album and began to look through it.
      The pictures in front of him were a little fuzzy, and he didn't notice.
      Just when chef Huang immediately turned to the third page.
      Teacher he suddenly saw a picture,
      He was stopped at once.
      “What's the matter?”
      Huang Xiaochu is a little confused. I don't know what happened to teacher he.
      “Look at this picture.”
      Teacher he turns over the photo album, points to one of the photos and says to chef Huang.
      Huang Xiaochu looked in the direction of his fingers and was stunned.
      And this time.
      The lens of the drone,
      I got that picture, too.
      The moment you see the picture.
      All the people in the studio took a breath of air.
      In a few seconds.
      The barrage is exploding!
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      Chapter 32 is the valuable Hongguan kiln a gift(8. Ask for flowers evaluation ticket)
      It's a black and white photo.
      There are only three people on it,
      The most obvious one in the middle is when ye Tian was a little younger.
      On his left is a middle-aged man of Kong Wu.
      And the man standing on Ye Tian's right.
      Anyone who has a little knowledge of the history of the Republic of China knows him!
      Sun Da Pao!
      what the fuck!
      Looking at the person in the photo, Huang Xiaochu's breath was a little short.
      What's more, teacher he directly asked Ye Tian, “ancestor, is this you and Mr. Sun?”
      The leaf day smell speech to come over, looked one eye, nodded: “is he.”
      “When did this happen?”
      Peng Peng asked curiously.
      “Not long after he became president.”
      Ye Tian thought about it and explained, “I went to Yanjing to do business. I went to see Du Xinwu on the way. I happened to meet a man who went to assassinate Xiao Song. I solved the problem. Just in time for him, I took a picture.”
      I had a pause.
      Ye Tiandao: “the person who took the photos is Xiao Song. He was assassinated the next year. If I had known, I might as well have taken some photos for them.”
      The crowd was silent.
      Naturally, everyone knows who Xiao Song is.
      That is Mr. Song Jiaoren who was assassinated by Yuan Shikai.
      Let's talk about it.
      These people and things have not been seen in textbooks before.
      But it's really different to read the textbook and listen to Ye Tian's experience.
      “It's said that every picture represents a period of history. I didn't quite understand it before, but now I finally understand it.”
      Huang Xiaochu said seriously.
      As for the audience in the studio.
      I've been so shocked that I have nothing to say.
      In the beginning,
      They really have nothing to say.
      But after a few seconds of silence, the barrage had already exploded.
      “Lying trough!”
      “I don't doubt it, really!”
      “I've taken a picture with sun Da Pao. This old man is definitely not a mortal!”
      “Yes, with this group photo, I believe what he said before.”
      “Certainly not ordinary people.”
      “Look at other people's things.”
      “I've seen the emperor and taught Du Xinwu. The tea and wine that I took out casually are of great value. It's obviously a powerful role!”
      “But how could such a person not be recorded at that time?”
      “Maybe it's because both sides know him and think he's from the other side?”
      “It's possible.”
      There was a lot of talk in the audience.
      And on the mushroom house side,
      Huang Xiaochu and teacher he have continued to look at the album.
      It's just that.
      This time, they are much slower,
      Naturally, the purpose is for the photos of Zhang Chao and the old man who wrote the inscription.
      They're browsing here,
      But ye Tian directs Peng Peng to open another box.
      “What is this?”
      Peng Peng looked at a set of porcelain, a little curious.
      Ye Tian a smile: “friend send.”
      This time, Pumbaa is speechless.
      This old man's friend is definitely not a simple person.
      “Is it porcelain?”
      Sister Zifeng asked.
      Her words,
      The success of the album is looking at the kitchen and teacher Huang he attracted.
      “I look a little familiar with this porcelain.”
      Teacher he carefully looked at the set of porcelain, said rubbing his chin.
      Chef Huang didn't say a word,
      Instead, he simply took out his cell phone, took a picture of it and sent it to someone.
      “I have a friend, Ma Weidu, who is an antique lover. He is in charge of this thing.”
      Huang explained to the camera.
      The audience in the studio immediately understood.
      One after another, Mr. Huang's tact was painted on the screen of bullets.
      After all, they are all laymen,
      Antiques are still something for experts to see.
      Ma Weidu is also a well-known antique collector in China.
      Although not necessarily a real master, it is not a big problem to identify a set of porcelain.
      A moment later.
      Huang's phone rang.
      He thought about it,
      The hands-free button is pressed.
      “Wocao, Lao Huang, where did you find the treasure!This is MAOCI, Hongguan kiln!In the 1970s, a businessman on Hong Kong Island could buy a set for hundreds of thousands of dollars!The key thing is that there are too few of them now. One or two of them are worth a lot of money when they come out. How can you find a set of them… ”
      Chef Huang took a look at the porcelain in the wooden box.
      A total of more than ten pieces,
      One set of tea set and one set of dishes for two.
      “It's beautiful!”
      Peng Peng looked more and more beautiful and said with sincere admiration.
      “You like to give it to you.”
      Ye Tian waved his hand.
      Peng Peng's eyes widened in an instant.
      He really didn't think of it,
      Such a precious porcelain, ye Tian said to give it to himself, even without hesitation.
      This ancestor is too generous!
      “It's nothing precious. If you want it, I have something earlier than this.”
      Ye Tian doesn't care.
      When it comes to this kind of porcelain, he really has a lot of it.
      After all, I've lived so long.
      Sometimes when you are idle and bored, when you drink with others, you will take out some porcelain.
      Therefore, ye Tian has some porcelains of all dynasties.
      He just took out the wool porcelain.
      It's easy for him to say,
      But the audience in the studio was dumbfounded
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      Chapter 33 Where did you come from(9. Ask for flowers evaluation ticket)
      The most common mistake of human wisdom is to believe that laws should be universally applicable.
      People who can't think in other places always feel that the people around them are more stupid than themselves.
      That's the truth,
      Many people have heard of it,
      But I don't understand.
      It's like in most people's eyes, the life span of human beings is more than 180 years.
      People over 100 years old must be weak.
      But this rule,
      In Ye Tian's body, it is broken.
      Even though he is over 130 years old.
      But now.
      The old man looks no different from an old man in his fifties and sixties.
      If you dye your hair black, some people believe that he is in his 30s and 40s.
      More importantly.
      This is just like a money boy.
      Ten thousand jin of Tongchang Pu'er tea, here you go!
      The hundred year old Fen Liquor that has participated in the world exposition, drink it!
      The calligraphy and painting given by master Ping is donated!
      Now we have to send the valuable porcelain to Peng Peng directly.
      The audience in the studio can't keep calm any more!
      “My God
      “Old man, old ancestor, can we not be so generous?”
      “My God, it hurts!”
      “Really, if I were his offspring, I would be very angry!”
      “It's all babies, ancestor!”
      “These two boxes are not antiques of this kind, are they?”
      “Antiques are not antiques. I don't know. I knew his box was worth a lot of money.”
      “That's right!”
      “I think this old man is a walking money printer!”
      “What old man, this is my old baby!”
      “The trough!I'm a bull
      Mushroom house.
      Hear ye Tian's words, Peng Peng's head shakes like a drum.
      “Ancestors, forget it. It's too expensive!”
      He doesn't know antiques.
      But Peng Peng has heard of Huang Xiaochu, a friend named Ma Weidu.
      This is a famous figure in the circle of Yanjing.
      As a result, he just said that, as if he saw some treasure.
      With this alone,
      Pumbaa can tell,
      This set of porcelain is by no means ordinary!
      To be honest,
      He really doesn't want to be targeted for this.
      After all,
      Ye Tian can not care about the value of these things, just send them out.
      But these people, artists, can not but care about the public's vision and evaluation.
      Respecting the old and loving the young is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation.
      “Smelly boy, what's the next sentence
      Ye Tian took a look at Peng Peng and asked casually.
      “I dare not say goodbye.”
      Peng Peng said subconsciously.
      After all, he finished high school, even if he was a scum.
      He must have known such an old saying.
      come very naturally.
      He also understood what ye Tian meant.
      According to Ye Tian,
      He's an elder,
      As a junior, Peng Peng has no choice but to accept what the elders give him?
      tell the truth.
      For this old man, he is really respectful and afraid.
      I respect him because, after all, he is an old and anti Japanese hero.
      And if you're afraid,
      Because there are so many secrets about this man.
      Nothing else.
      From yesterday to now.
      Peng Peng felt that he had experienced all those magical experiences that he had never experienced in his life.
      Even as a star artist, he has already seen many big scenes.
      But think about it,
      How many people have experienced the experience of being watched online by 20 million people, drinking Pu'er tea for 90 years and Fen Wine for more than 100 years?
      And now.
      The old man wanted to give himself a set of porcelain worth several hundred thousand fifty years ago,
      Peng Peng is really afraid to take it.
      There's no way.
      Just like the old man said.
      He is an old man and an elder. If you don't want a gift for yourself, you just don't respect your elders.
      He sighed.
      Peng Peng nodded honestly: “OK, I'll take your gift, but after the shooting, I'll help you decorate the wooden house, don't you mind?”
      “All right.”
      Hearing Peng Peng's words, ye Tian was stunned, then nodded with a smile.
      That's why he likes this young man.
      Peng Peng is a grateful person,
      He never felt that it was right to pay for himself.
      They were chatting,
      Huang Xiaochu received Ma Weidu's message and bombarded him there. He urged him to take a picture of the pottery and send it to him.
      And teacher he,
      With the clever son Feng sister is checking these calligraphy and painting objects.
      He picked up a rolled up painting. As he was preparing to go inside, he asked Ye Tian, “old man, this painting was also given by your friend?”
      “This one?”
      Ye Tian was stunned, then shook his head: “I really don't have any impression, you can open it.”
      Mr. He also wants to see what the rolled up picture looks like.
      So he took sister Zifeng and unfolded the painting slowly.
      The audience in the studio,
      Naturally, we can see the whole picture of the painting from the camera and have a heated discussion.
      “It's like a picture of lotus.”
      “It's really lotus. It's a good painting.”
      “I don't know who wrote it.”
      “Ha ha, it must be a friend of my ancestors.”
      “Maybe it's an ancient painting of the Ming and Qing Dynasties.”
      “It makes sense.”
      “Lying trough!”
      “Wait, why do I suddenly feel that the style of this painting is very similar to that of Zhang Daqian?”
      “No, the more you look at it, the more it looks like!”
      “Fainting, where did the ancestor come from?”
      The barrage in the live broadcast room is crazy!
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      Chapter 34 cheat to eat and drink Zhang Daqian(10, for flower evaluation ticket)
      Who is Zhang Daqian?
      Among the three people who are good at painting in modern China, there must be him.
      The other two are Qi Baishi's and Xu Beihong's,
      The rest,
      Other painters in the country.
      Zhang Daqian specializes in landscape painting, especially lotus painting, which is more vivid.
      In addition.
      This guy had all kinds of embarrassing things at the beginning. He often made some fake paintings to cheat people when he had no money.
      In your opinion,
      Ye Tian should also be one of the victims.
      It turns out.
      They were wrong.
      “Sir, this painting was painted for you by Zhang Daqian?”
      Ye Tian nodded: “he owes me 30 ocean. He really can't afford it. He gave me the best works in his life.”
      Everyone felt romantic.
      Zhang Daqian is really a master of painting and calligraphy, and is full of romantic ideals.
      “This master is also a wonderful person.”
      Huang Xiaochu said with emotion.
      “Ha ha.”
      Ye Tian said with a sneer: “that guy cheated thousands of oceans in my life, isn't he a wonderful person?”
      They took a breath of air.
      What is the concept of thousands of oceans?
      For example.
      If a farmer owns thousands of oceans, he can basically get rid of poverty and become a rich man.
      In the early period of the Republic of China, the purchasing power was very strong when the legal currency was not rampant.
      “Ancestor, it seems that your relationship is really good.”
      He teacher this will see the atmosphere a little low, said with a smile.
      Ye Tian didn't say well.
      “Ha ha, you, don't deny it.”
      He explained: “if you don't treat him as a friend, how can you trust him even if you know he cheated you?”
      “It's true.”
      Ye Tian did not deny it. He said calmly, “after all, it was really difficult for him at that time.”
      There was a pause of about a few seconds.
      He muttered in a low voice: “so he lied to me and said that those ancient paintings he copied were genuine.”
      what the fuck!
      All of a sudden, teacher he was not calm.
      Zhang Daqian's manuscript!
      And it's a genuine imitation of the predecessors' paintings.
      oh my god!
      All of a sudden, everyone's interest came, one after another around the lotus painting for a long time.
      You know.
      Zhang Daqian has already passed away.
      But just because of this, his works are even more valuable now.
      But we all know that Zhang Daqian's works are valuable.
      So no one will easily reveal their collection.
      Like Ye Tian, it's unique to take things out in a big way.
      “Ancestor, how many are there altogether?”
      Teacher he asked curiously.
      “A dozen paintings.”
      Ye Tian thought for a while and then said, “I've been cheated by him for more than a year. This guy is really hateful!”
      When he said this, he was smiling.
      After all,
      That guy is also a very interesting tenant.
      Let's talk about it.
      Ye Tian sometimes miss the days when we sat together eating hot pot and chatting.
      Take those pictures into the room and put them carefully.
      Mr. He thinks,
      I should make a special place to display Ye Tian's treasures.
      tell the truth.
      These things are more meaningful than Haitao's inscription.
      There is no harm without contrast.
      Especially for Haitao, it is true.
      In the studio.
      When the audience saw teacher he's careful appearance, they were dumbfounded.
      “Ha ha ha, I'm so happy.”
      “Why is Mr. He so careful? Because those paintings and calligraphy are really valuable!”
      “Nonsense, Zhang Daqian's painting, and it's an imitation of the original!”
      “I feel that those second dealers in the calligraphy and painting market are going crazy!”
      “Ha ha, I can't see and touch it!”
      “But seriously, there are so many treasures, old man.”
      Teacher he took Peng Peng and sister Zifeng to carry the things in the box,
      Ye Tian is not idle.
      He went to chef Huang and asked with a smile, “do you want to see it?”
      Just after taking a picture of the porcelain for Ma Weidu,
      Huang continued to look at the album.
      As he watched, he smacked his tongue.
      Heart said that this ancestor, is really cow force!
      No wonder people can live so long.
      And this time.
      Ye Tian has come to kitchen Huang.
      Looking at chef Huang looking over there, ye Tian said faintly: “how about seeing anything in the album?”
      Huang Xiaochu heard the speech and said with a bitter smile: “don't make trouble, old man. There are too many photos in this album. I don't know some people at all.”
      “Ha ha, you don't know me. I know you. Tell me which one do you want to know?”
      Ye Tian shrugged.
      He's in a good mood today, but he doesn't mind talking with them for a while.
      It's just two people talking.
      Huang Xiaochu suddenly found a fact that surprised him!
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      Chapter 35 Tagore's old friend and Xu Zhimo's mentor
      In his heart, chef Huang is a young man of literature and art.
      This point,
      Everyone who knows him well knows.
      Although he is now middle-aged and fat, he looks greasy and treacherous,
      It gives people the feeling that it's a bit of a crafty middle-aged man.
      But in fact.
      Chef Huang is actually very proud.
      He will not easily admire someone, and will not casually put the respect for someone on his lips.
      But now.
      He suddenly felt that he really needed to look up to Ye Tian, the ancestor!
      “Xiao Huang, what's the matter?”
      Ye Tian sees Huang Xiaochu talking to himself, but he stares at the album and asks strangely.
      “Yes, Mr. Huang, if you have nothing to do, come and help us move things.”
      Teacher he also said at this time.
      It doesn't matter whether ye Tian is with the old man.
      The contents of this box, to be honest, have already proved everything.
      Now the only thing you're curious about,
      How many legendary experiences does the old man have? We don't know.
      It's unexpected.
      Chef Huang ignored them.
      He was still staring at the album, silent for a long time.
      The audience in the studio were surprised.
      “Miss Huang is not that kind of rude person.”
      “Yes, what do you see?”
      “It's not going to be a picture of another big man.”
      “It's possible.”
      “Curious, especially curious!”
      “I really want to take that album away!”
      “Camera, damn camera, you give the camera a shot!”
      “The old man is good everywhere, but it's a bit bad not to let the cameraman follow him.”
      “Ha ha ha, people obviously don't want to be disturbed.”
      Mushroom house.
      Look, chef Huang didn't say anything.
      Teacher he just came over.
      “What's the matter, Miss Huang?”
      While walking, he also asked curiously.
      But Huang Xiaochu suddenly raised his head and looked at Ye Tian: “master, do you know Tagore?”
      in a word,
      It's like a blast of thunder in everyone's ears.
      Who is Tagore?
      World famous poet and writer!
      Birds and gardeners are included in textbooks.
      The master also won a world-class literature award.
      He once visited China.
      Teacher he suddenly raised his head and looked at Ye Tian: “ancestor, are you familiar with Tagore?”
      “Well, I used to have a good relationship and he was very nice. I invited him to China at that time, but I didn't expect that he really came.”
      Ye Tianping said quietly, and then shook his head: “he asked me to go to Ganges, but I didn't go. The place was too dirty…”
      “The old man is mighty!”
      “Ha ha ha, my ancestors are so funny. They are hard core.”
      “I didn't expect that my ancestors and Tagore were old friends.”
      “I didn't expect that Tagore was invited to China by the old man.”
      “I'll tell you, this old man is full of stories.”
      “It's a walking history textbook.”
      And the audience in the studio, while the barrage was talking about it,
      Huang Xiaochu's next sentence made them all look silly.
      “Do you know Mr. Xu Zhimo?”
      He said something.
      He held up the album so that the camera of the drone could take that picture.
      The moment you see a picture.
      The live broadcast room will explode!
      “The trough!What do I see! ”
      “Xu Zhimo!Lin Huiyin
      “This picture looks so familiar.”
      “Yes, there seems to be this picture on the Internet, but how can we get one more person?”
      “Well, there won't be two of them, will there?”
      “Could it be computer generated?”
      “Are you crazy? Don't tell me that all albums are synthetic.”
      “It's not impossible. There are a lot of swindlers these days.”
      “No nonsense!Listen to the old man
      “Ha ha ha, no problem!”
      in fact.
      It's not just the audience in the studio.
      Even in the mushroom house, teacher he and Peng Peng were stunned when they saw the photos clearly.
      Even the younger sister, who has just come of age, looks shocked.
      As a person in the literary circle.
      How can we not know the names of Lin Huiyin and Xu Zhimo.
      It's not too much to say.
      Tagore, Xu Zhimo and Lin Huiyin have taken a group photo. This photo has been selected as a textbook.
      And now.
      There was no change in the position of the three.
      Just Tagore's side, one more leaf day.
      What the hell is going on?
      Ye Tianli naturally said: “Xiao Lin, I know her cousin very well and have fought together.He has a good relationship with his father. He's a stubborn guy
      “Xiao Lin?”
      Zifeng and pengpeng are inexplicable.
      “Ah, it's Lin Huiyin.”
      Ye Tian said casually.
      The crowd was speechless.
      Heart said a generation of talented women in your here, even the full name is not worthy to call it?
      “What about Mr. Xu Zhimo?”
      Huang Xiaochu asked.
      He likes Xu Zhimo very much. He also played in his TV series in those years, so naturally he has great admiration for this great poet.
      “Xiao Xu…”
      Ye Tian hesitated for a while, and then said: “he is a man with talent and good character, but this guy is a woman he likes, so he has a very childish temperament.”
      As soon as you say that,
      The whole studio blew up!
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      Chapter 36 the longer you live, the more you know
      Who is Xu Zhimo?
      A brilliant poet, a song “farewell Cambridge” stirred the hearts of many literary girls.
      Not to mention his rich love history, he is also known as the “love saint of the Republic of China”.
      But now.
      Ye Tian even said so about him!
      The old man,
      It's a bit rampant!
      Huang Xiaochu is a little embarrassed. He didn't expect that ye Tian would comment on Xu Zhimo like this.
      “Ha ha, I remember Xiao Huang, you seem to have played him?”
      Ye Tian thought of one thing and asked chef Huang, “I saw it on TV at that time.”
      “Yes.”Chef Huang nodded honestly.
      Twenty years ago,
      Xu Zhimo is the leading actor of his TV series April in the world.
      “Good performance.”
      Ye Tian said with a smile: “that guy is really handsome and can talk.”
      The crowd was speechless.
      Heart said you this evaluation, more solid Xu Zhimo slag man's reputation.
      “All right, let's pack up first, the baby in this box, and look back.”
      It's almost time.
      Teacher he changed the topic decisively.
      We can't continue to talk like this. The program has to continue.
      Of course, there was no problem. Several people put the box into the room together.
      Teacher he put it carefully.
      He felt,
      Next, we can use this box to make the program more interesting and funny.
      They prepare breakfast here.
      On the Internet,
      But it's fried.
      The reason is simple,
      Because ye Tian's evaluation of Ganges and Xu Zhimo is too sharp!
      Dislike Ganges dirty, said Xu Zhimo slag male.
      These two things,
      It's like slapping someone in the face.
      The former is nothing more.
      The latter
      With the news fermentation on microblog.
      Soon, microblog netizens who claimed to be Xu Zhimo's relatives came out and asked Ye Tian to apologize.
      In the other person's words,
      A famous poet at home and abroad should not be so vilified.
      Weibo was quickly forwarded and even hot searched.
      Many netizens think that what he said is right.
      “It's a little too much.”
      “The old man said this from the perspective of friends and elders.”
      “You can't slander a dead friend.”
      “After all, the dead are the greatest.”
      “It's a little too much.”
      “But I don't think the old man has any other thoughts. After all, he also said that Xu Zhimo is talented. What he didn't say to his friends is that he was a little bit emotional.”
      “Ha ha ha, is it true and straightforward?”
      And this is the moment.
      Another piece of news,
      It has attracted the attention of netizens.
      A microblog user who didn't authenticate Xu Zhimo's great grandson sent a photo.
      The photo is exactly the same as what Huang Xiaochu and others saw in Ye Tian's photo album.
      He also deserves a word.
      “This picture is a treasure of great grandmother for many years.Thank you, Mr. Ye, for your kind words. There was only one mysterious man among the great grandparents' friends who once yelled at the great grandmother and great grandfather! ”
      what the fuck!
      As soon as the microblog came out,
      Immediately triggered a hot debate.
      Because his photo is obviously not a screenshot, but an old photo of his family.
      let me put it another way,
      The photo Ye Tian took out in the mushroom house is real!
      Netizens are crazy!
      “Ha ha ha ha ha!”
      “I know what I said!”
      “The old ancestor was a bull!”
      “No one's talking nonsense this time?”
      “They are old acquaintances with Xu Zhimo. What's wrong with swearing?”
      “Relatives. They are old friends. They have been scolding for a long time.”
      “This kind of friend is really rare.”
      “I can imagine the scene of the old man pointing at Xu Zhimo's nose and swearing at the street at that time.”
      Mushroom house.
      Ye Tian, of course, they don't know.
      Because of a photo on the Internet, netizens are struggling with what it looks like.
      They are waiting for the breakfast made by chef Huang.
      He made fried noodles with soy sauce.
      Mr. He, they all prepared the dishes and chopsticks, and everyone sat in the shed waiting.
      “I tell you, this fried noodles with sauce is a good thing.”
      Teacher he said with a smile.
      He also looked at Ye Tian: “don't you think so, old man?”
      Ye Tian nodded: “this Yanjing fried noodles is unique!From the Republic of China to modern times, it is absolutely delicious.And fried noodles with sauce, sauce is very important.You have to have vegetables and meat. They taste good when mixed together like this. ”
      Everyone laughed.
      The old man is right.
      Ye Tian may be in a good mood and continues: “it's ok now. In the difficult times of the 1960s, it was not so easy to eat a bowl of fried noodles with soy sauce.At that time, even if the workers were paid dozens of yuan a month, they might not be able to eat fried noodles
      This is the first sentence.
      Peng Peng and others were surprised.
      Teacher he didn't believe it very much. He was surprised and asked, “no, a few tens of Yuan's salary, at that time, was really rich and handsome!”
      But ye Tian waved: “it's not about money, it's about no tickets.”
      Everyone was stunned.
      Then I understood.
      The old man is talking about food stamps.
      Food stamps have been in use since the 1950s until the 1980s.
      In short, it is to ration food according to the population of each household.
      In areas where coarse cereals and flour are the staple food, heavy manual labourers have 40 to 49 Jin per month, with an average of no more than 44 Jin;Light manual workers are 29 to 39 catties per month, with an average of no more than 35 catties.
      In addition,
      Oil ticket is needed to buy oil, meat ticket is needed to buy meat,
      Even if you buy candy, tobacco and wine, you have to ask for tickets.
      It's called rationing!
      In this case, such things as meat tickets and bicycle tickets or TV tickets are too expensive to imagine.
      In particular, meat tickets are even more difficult to obtain.
      A little bit older people, immediately recall the situation at that time.
      In the live broadcast room, a group of people immediately agreed with Ye Tian's words.
      “The old man is right. It was true at that time.”
      “Yes, when I was a child, popsicles cost me a cent.”
      “I heard my father say that at that time, a meal was only a few cents.”
      “Rich people!”
      “The workers and cadres at that time were really happy.”
      “This old man is an old man.”
      “Sure enough, the longer you live, the more you know.”
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      Chapter 37 Zhang Yixing is here(3. Ask for flower evaluation ticket)
      Because ye Tian's words,
      Everyone is looking forward to the fried noodles.
      “Xiaohuang's sauce noodles are really good.”
      Looking at chef Huang preparing the dishes there, ye Tian nodded.
      “Come on, old man, try my craft.”
      Chef Huang brought up the fried noodles.
      You have a bowl, I have a bowl.
      After a while, I ate all the noodles.
      “So full.”
      After eating the last mouthful of noodles, ye Tian touched his stomach and said with a smile, “I haven't tasted so good for a long time.”
      Everyone laughed.
      This old man is so cute!
      Although he is over 100 years old, ye Tian doesn't have the old man's old age. On the contrary, he gives people a positive and optimistic attitude.
      That's why the audience and netizens like him so much.
      On weekdays, everyone has really worked hard.
      If watching a variety show is still so tired and full of negative energy, it's meaningless.
      “Ancestor, what's the best food you've ever eaten before?”
      Peng Peng asks Ye Tian curiously at this time.
      He feels that ye Tianqing is a gourmet. No matter what Huang Xiaochu cooks, he knows everything.
      “That's not good.”
      Ye Tian shook his head: “every period of food is different.”
      Think about it.
      He felt that his statement was too general, and explained to Peng Peng: “for example, if you are hungry for three days and you have steamed bread in front of you, you may be able to taste the whole meal of Manchu and Han.”
      Everyone laughed, and Peng himself nodded.
      The old man's analogy is really appropriate.
      “In recent decades…”
      After thinking about it, ye Tian said, “it's good for fan Junkang to cook beef head and bag tofu, Chen Sheng to cook Braised Abalone with sugar heart and bainiao Guifeng nest.”
      Everyone is at a loss. Who are they talking about?
      But ye Tian didn't finish. He continued: “Wang Lan's crab meat and lion head, Wensi tofu are also good, and Luo Guorong's mushroom liver paste soup is very good, especially the boiled cabbage. It's a must!”
      Mr. He is confused with Peng Peng and others.
      Chef Huang is thoughtful.
      He always felt that he had heard the name of Wang Lan.
      Or sister Zifeng was more curious and asked, “ancestor, are these people cooks?”
      Ye Tian kindly said: “they were very good cooks at the beginning, but now they are gone.”
      Although Mr. He and others were curious, they didn't ask any more.
      It's the dead, after all.
      Among the netizens in the live room, although some people think these names are familiar, they don't think much about it.
      Smart mind, quickly out with a mobile phone Baidu.
      And this time.
      A boat floats on the river outside the mushroom house.
      There is a figure sitting on it.
      Wearing a mask, with a suitcase and another suitcase on hand.
      After a while.
      The boat reached the shore.
      The man got off the ship and said goodbye to the boss before leaving.
      Walk the long flower road.
      Arrived at the checkpoint prepared by the program team in advance, and was stopped by the staff of the program team.
      “This is the dress, this is the stereo.”
      The visitor said with a smile on his face.
      The staff took a look at the suitcase with clothes, and then carried the suitcase with stereo, and let him go.
      He came to the door of the wooden house.
      “Is anyone here?”
      Pushing open the door, he cried.
      In the mushroom house,
      Huang Xiaochu turns his head and looks at the door in surprise.
      “Oh, my God, it's fun.”
      Mr. he obviously knew this man, too, and went over to greet him with a smile.
      Peng Peng and Zifeng also went to hug him.
      After a little greeting.
      Huang Xiaochu brings the visitor to Ye Tian.
      “Old man, his name is Zhang Yixing. He is a singer and actor. He has done programs with me before. He is my apprentice.”
      Holding Zhang Yixing's hand, chef Huang solemnly introduces it to Ye Tian.
      “Hello, my name is Zhang Yixing.”
      Zhang Yixing bowed to Ye Tian.
      Think about it,
      And knelt down and kowtowed.
      Ye Tian nodded with satisfaction.
      He likes children who know the rules.
      Young people can be proud, but they should respect the old and love the young, and have a modest heart.
      Wherever you go, you have to be looked down at.
      “Sit down when you come.”
      Ye Tian smiles.
      Mr. He told him before that there were five guests in the program. It seems that Zhang Yixing is the last one.
      “By the way, what are you?”
      With the sound box, teacher he asked.
      “Ah, there are five catties of beef in it!”
      Zhang Yixing said.
      Several people were all stunned.
      Even ye Tian was surprised.
      If he remembers correctly, it seems that the program group is not allowed to bring things in.
      “No one's stopping you?”
      Peng Peng asked in surprise.
      “Yes, I said it was a stereo.”
      Zhang Yixing said innocently: “we can't do the program, there is nothing, right?”
      “I like this little guy!”
      Looking at Zhang Yixing, who is innocent and ruthless, ye Tian laughs.
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      Chapter 38 love director for a second(4. Ask for the flower evaluation ticket!)
      Ye Tian has always believed in fate.
      After all these years.
      There are too many young talents around him.
      Ye Tian looks at people,
      It's just two words.
      It's just pleasing to the eye.
      Although Zhang Yixing looks very honest, he is a little cunning.
      And most importantly,
      He's not too cute,
      This makes Ye Tian like it very much.
      The audience in the studio, seeing this scene, all laughed.
      “Ha ha ha!”
      “Lying trough!”
      “I'm in love with the program group all of a sudden.”
      “Yes, it's hard for the directors who used to be domineering a few seasons ago.”
      “Teacher Huang is not easy to play with, but now they are just foxes.”
      “And the old man, you see he laughs.”
      “Don't talk nonsense, old man. It's just fun. There's a younger generation I like coming.”
      “Isn't it? Don't slander our grandfather!”
      “Ha ha ha, no problem, grandfather that is not called cunning, just rich life experience.”
      “Cough, you win!”
      On this side of the barrage, the program group was ridiculed.
      Mushroom house here.
      The director is speechless.
      With the unmanned camera to see Zhang Yixing happily take out the packaged five catties of beef, he felt that his whole person was not good.
      Are these guests so cunning now?
      But on the program side,
      Of course, Zhang Yixing can't succeed so easily.
      The director came over.
      “Well, this beef can't be left.”
      After a careful look at Ye Tian's face, the director said, “according to the regulations of the program, you can get food only by planting trees.”
      “How can that be?”
      Chef Huang quit immediately!
      “This is brought in by our own ability. Why don't you let us eat?”
      “Yes, you didn't find it yourself.”
      “That's right!”
      A few people have started to attack the director!
      There is only one purpose,
      That's to protect the beef.
      But the director doesn't get in,
      Hold on to it,
      The crew is not allowed to bring food in from outside.
      Looking at this scene,
      The audience in the live room are all laughing crazy. This is the original flavor of yearning.
      For the sake of stuttering, it's really hard work!
      And this time.
      Ye Tian suddenly said a word, immediately let the director silly.
      “I said, director, don't you mean, food is not allowed to come in from outside, right?”
      Looking at the director,
      Ye Tian asked slowly.
      “Yes, laozong, we can't help it. It's the rule of the program.”
      The director said carefully.
      This old man really can't afford to offend him, so he has to give up as if he were his ancestor.
      “It's OK. Since it's a rule, you have to abide by it.”
      Ye Tian unexpectedly didn't get angry. Instead, he said to chef Huang: “Xiao Huang, give the beef to others.”
      Huang Xiaochu and others are at a loss. They don't understand at all. What does the old man mean by this?
      This is five catties of beef!
      The next moment.
      They heard Ye Tian say, “I'll take you to the mountain and bring some game back. It's not our own“
      what the fuck!
      My God!
      Is that ok?
      It's amazing!
      Ha ha ha!
      The whole scene of mushroom house broke out a burst of thunderous laughter.
      Huang Xiaochu and others applauded.
      They agreed with Ye Tian's proposal by raising both hands and feet.
      My ancestors are agile martial arts masters,
      And I lived in the mountains for the first 20 years.
      He led the team,
      Four men can easily catch a lot of game.
      As for the audience in the studio,
      It's all crazy.
      “Ha ha ha, I'm dead with laughter!”
      “Seek the psychological shadow area of the director at this time!”
      “The director must be thinking about why he just promised the old man.”
      “No, I feel sorry for the program group for the first time.”
      “The director is also a happy person.”
      “The director asks for comfort when his heart is blocked.”
      “Look at the old man's expression. It's too calm.”
      “It's a long time ago.”
      “Laojiang lake, Laojiang lake!”
      Seeing the situation going out of control, the director quickly admitted.
      “Old man, old man, I didn't mean that just now.”
      The director said: “well, I haven't finished my words yet.Although the program group has the rules of the program group, we have to consider your situation since you are here.Do you think that's ok? We only eat the beef for our family. When the guests come, we won't give them any. Is that ok? ”
      Ye Tian smiles and looks up at chef Huang.
      Huang Xiaochu and teacher he looked at each other.
      The show must go on.
      Otherwise, according to Ye Tian, this is not “yearning for life”, but “a family in the wilderness”.
      Huang Xiaochu nodded: “in this case, according to what you said, we'll eat beef ourselves, and guests will come to do farm work.”
      Thank you very much.
      Just as he turned and left.
      Ye Tian suddenly said to the camera: “it's not that we don't buy you something to eat for the coming dolls, it's that the director's heart is too dark!”
      The audience in the live broadcast room clearly saw that the director's steps were staggering!
      This season's director, really difficult!
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      Chapter 39 Penguin Group investment(5. Ask for flower evaluation ticket)
      It's said that Zhang Yixing didn't have breakfast before he came.
      Huang Xiaochu gave him another bowl of egg noodles.
      Zhang Yixing has no idol burden. After eating noodles and wiping his mouth, he starts to clean up the yard of mushroom house with Peng Peng and teacher he.
      This wooden house is too old.
      Ye Tian hasn't lived here for decades.
      Although the village often sent people to clean, but after all, for a long time.
      Even if Huang Xiaochu and others cleaned up yesterday,
      There are still many places that have not been cleaned up.
      This time Zhang Yixing came,
      Just one more labor force.
      Looking at Zhang Yixing and Peng Peng moving things there, ye Tian is very satisfied.
      That's what young people should do.
      Don't always carry on airs, as if you are from a noble family.
      In the last five hundred years, the ancestors may not be what they do!
      “What do you think of Yixing, old man?”
      Where the camera can't see,
      Huang Xiaochu comes to Ye Tian and asks with a smile.
      “Smart, intelligent, but kind in heart, can put on airs.”
      Ye Tian said faintly.
      “Well, I'll be relieved if you say that.”
      Chef Huang smiles.
      He really likes Zhang Yixing and intends to treat him as a disciple.
      Since ancient times,
      Apprenticeship is no small matter.
      In the hearts of people like Huang Xiaochu, if Zhang Yixing becomes his apprentice, he will support him and teach him as he treats Haiqing and others.
      But the reverse is true.
      If we just know each other, we just work together to make programs.
      Naturally, the treatment will be different.
      It's just that he didn't know what to do before. After all, man is the most difficult creature.
      This time, ye Tian, an old man in the world, was relieved.
      “Good boy.”
      Ye Tian said faintly: “these dolls are good.”
      That's what he said from the bottom of his heart.
      Although the eye is higher than the top.
      But ye Tian has to admit,
      These three young people really have their own strengths.
      of course.
      Teacher he and chef Huang are also very good.
      Ye Tian even felt that,
      Even if they go back decades or hundreds of years, they will also be able to stand out.
      Although many people always say that the times make heroes.
      But there are premises.
      People with real ability can succeed at any time.
      Ye Tian knows this better than anyone else.
      Today, because the guests have not arrived yet.
      So there's no content in the live broadcast. It's just that we clean up the mushroom house.
      And it's getting late.
      After a while, the camera turned off.
      Turn off the camera,
      Naturally, it's much easier,
      Let's exchange greetings again.
      Zhang Yixing also specially came to give a salute to Ye Tian.
      Bow, kowtow.
      There should be a lot of etiquette.
      Looking at the smiling young man, ye Tian nodded with satisfaction.
      The future of this young man is limitless by this point.
      And this time.
      The director came over with a serious expression.
      “Teacher Huang, teacher he, let's talk.”
      The director said.
      Both of them were stunned.
      What's the matter?
      Do you mean,
      Is the director dissatisfied with the current shooting method?
      Why are you so serious.
      Three people go to the corner,
      Teacher he took the lead in asking, “what's the matter, director?”
      “Yes, what's the matter?”
      Huang Xiaochu also asked.
      Both of them are investors.
      If something really happens, it's a whole thing.
      “Well, now there's a big event, it's about the naming company.”
      The director said seriously: “just now, I received the news that Penguin Group is in contact with Mengniu and intends to buy our naming right and live broadcasting right.”
      what the fuck!
      Huang Xiaochu and teacher he looked at each other, stunned and speechless.
      They didn't expect it.
      It turned out to be the news.
      What's the situation?
      Why did Penguin suddenly get involved in this program?
      You know.
      As one of the giant enterprises in the Internet field, penguin has always disdained to participate in this kind of program, although it is a very popular variety show.
      To put it bluntly,
      They don't like this small business.
      After all, today's penguin, with a market value of several trillion, seems to be a giant company.
      But now.
      He even discussed the naming right with Mengniu.
      And even buy the right to live.
      what the fuck!
      What a surprise!
      “No, it's true, isn't it a joke?”
      Teacher he hesitated and asked.
      The director explained: “I just received a call from the company and the TV station. Penguin's board of directors gave the order in person. It's said that pony was involved!”
      Teacher he and chef Huang took a breath.
      My darling!
      Brother pony!
      China's top five super rich!
      Even pay attention to this matter!
      What the hell is going on?
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      Chapter 40 this thing is from Yuanmingyuan
      When the director comes here, he will inform Huang Xiaochu and Mr. He.
      After all, they are also investors in the show.
      The core of the show is the two of them.
      Wait until the director leaves.
      Teacher he and chef Huang looked at each other.
      They're a little confused, too.
      “What's going on?”Teacher he asked little chef Huang.
      “I don't know.”
      Chef Huang shook his head: “who knows what penguin thinks? Suddenly, he decided to take the title of our program.”
      “It's hard to understand what rich people think.”
      Teacher he thinks and thinks, can only blame them or too poor.
      After all,
      Boss Ma's fortune is hundreds of billions. People may think more comprehensively.
      “By the way, where's the old man?”
      At this time,
      Teacher he remembered that he didn't see ye Tian just now.
      “I don't know. It's going to the back mountain to get something.”
      Huang explained.
      Then he said with a wry smile: “I said let the program team go to a few people to help the old man take it together.He said, “it's too far away for those people to keep up with him.”
      Teacher he is speechless.
      He's completely convinced now.
      This old man is just an old urchin.
      “Come on, old man, just be happy.”
      Huang Xiaochu said with a smile.
      In fact, he has some understanding of Ye Tian's mind.
      I've lived so long.
      The old man is probably thoroughly transparent now.
      Once people get to this point,
      Naturally, there would be no messy ideas,
      Follow your heart and live happily.
      This is probably the idea in Ye Tian's heart now.
      tell the truth.
      Chef Huang is very envious.
      At the very least,
      He can't do that.
      After all, I'm in the entertainment industry.
      You can't go back to nature when you are in a cage.
      This kind of mentality is just the most difficult.
      Two people are talking.
      Ye Tian's voice rang out: “little guys, come and see what good things I bring you.”
      When people heard about it,
      They came out one after another.
      See ye Tian carrying a big package, just went to the middle of the yard.
      “Oh, my Lord, you must pay attention.”
      Teacher he and others were all shocked when they saw it.
      The package that the old man is carrying is really big and frightening.
      It's like a hill.
      If you look from the back, you can't see himself at all.
      Only a huge package can be seen moving!
      The package landed on the ground,
      Make a thump.
      There's something made of metal in it.
      Ye Tian said to teacher he with a smile, “I have moved all the things I left there.”
      Since I plan to stay here for a long time,
      That cave is meaningless.
      He just emptied the place.
      “Come on, Zifeng, pengpeng, Yixing, you guys, help your ancestors take things out and move them in.”
      Huang Xiaochu saw this and said in a hurry.
      Think about it.
      He also said to teacher he: “teacher he, you call the director and open the live room. I think this paragraph can be used as material.”
      With that,
      He looked at Ye Tian: “ancestor, do you think it's ok?”
      Ye Tian nodded indifferently.
      Naturally, he doesn't worry about anything, and his family background is nothing that can't be disclosed to the public.
      The real secret is never these objects.
      Three small heard teacher he's words, quickly ran over.
      Several people opened the package together and began to carry the easy things away.
      It's basically tables, chairs, benches, tea sets and so on.
      “Why, what is this?”
      Zifeng sister looked at a thing and asked strangely.
      What appeared in front of her was a bronze statue of a dragon head.
      Maybe it looks a little dark because of its long history and war experience.
      “Well, I used to kill a few foreign devils in Yanjing and snatch them from them. I left them in the warehouse.”
      Ye Tian said casually.
      Zifeng nodded, but didn't care.
      She didn't know anything about antiques. She just asked casually.
      And now.
      The studio has been opened.
      Looking at the busy mushroom house, the audience became curious.
      What is this doing?
      It seems that I know everyone's doubts,
      Teacher he explained with a smile: “dear audience friends, now we have basically cleaned up everything in the mushroom house and are helping the old man to sort out his trends.These, as well as the two big boxes in the house, are all the things left by him living in the mountains these years. Now we move in one by one. ”
      With that,
      He grabbed his head and directed Zhang Yixing and Peng Peng: “come on, Peng Peng, you and Yixing move this tap in. I think it's heavy. It should be made of iron.”
      At this moment.
      But ye Tian said, “it's OK. It's not heavy. It's made of copper. It seems that it's made from Yuanmingyuan.”
      Teacher he and chef Huang, including Zhang Yixing and Peng Peng, were all stunned.
      “Laozu, what did you just say?”
      Chef Huang raised his head and looked at Ye Tian!
      When you talk,
      Even the voice trembled!
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      Chapter 41 dragon head(7. Ask for flower evaluation ticket)
      in fact.
      When ye Tian said that.
      The whole audience in the studio was stunned.
      what the fuck!
      That moment.
      Everyone's eyes are focused on the seemingly insignificant dragon head statue.
      “Laozuzong, you just said that this thing came from Yuanmingyuan?”
      Looking at Ye Tian.
      Huang Xiaochu said word by word.
      As Chinese literati, no one is not clear about the meaning of Yuanmingyuan!
      Think about it,
      One hundred and twenty years ago, it happened that ye Tian was in Yanjing!
      The whole studio blew up.
      “Lying trough!”
      “It seems possible!”
      “I remember that my ancestors said that he met Du Xinwu in Yanjing.”
      “Yes, the old man was once in the palace.”
      “In other words, he was probably in Yanjing at that time.”
      “So, it's not the dragon head in the legend, is it?”
      “Not necessarily. It's spread abroad, isn't it?”
      “What I don't understand is, if it's really the leader, why the old man didn't donate it to the country.”
      “Well, it's hard to say.”
      Speculation began on the barrage.
      After all, it matters.
      The bronze statues with twelve animal heads carry many things.
      If you're sure it's true,
      It's a great event for the whole world to celebrate!
      But if it's fake, even if ye Tian doesn't hand it over intentionally, he will be the target of public criticism.
      Mushroom house.
      Ye Tian sees several people's stupefied appearance, can't help but have a burst of speechless.
      “I said it might be Yuanmingyuan, and I don't know.”
      He explained: “at that time, I was a guest in Dadao Wang Wu's family. When I caught up with foreigners coming into the city, Wang Wu took his disciples to the front door to help me, so I went to the palace. When I caught up with some foreigners carrying this out, I killed them easily…”
      Listen to Ye Tian's words, all people's breathing suddenly all hasty rise.
      Big sword king five!
      Another legendary hero!
      I just didn't expect that,
      The last guest before the deathbed of King Dadao 5 was the old man.
      tell the truth.
      When he said that he had killed several foreigners as if he had killed a chicken or a dog,
      Whether it is Huang Xiaochu and others, or the audience in the live room, there is a sense of relief.
      “Damn it, good job!”
      “Hate, if I were in Yanjing at that time, I would have to fight a few foreigners!”
      “It is inevitable that we will be beaten if we fall behind.”
      “Thank the motherland, thank the party!”
      “Yes, the good life we have now is really hard won.”
      “At least now, we can have enough food and clothing, and we don't have to worry about being bullied.”
      The audience in the live broadcast room expressed their feelings on the barrage one after another.
      This is from the heart.
      If you fall behind, you will be beaten.
      only a short while ago,
      Even the capital was attacked, burned, killed and looted.
      What kind of day was that?
      Now think about it, it's really sad.
      Ye Tian talks about the past,
      It seems to be in memory.
      Half closed his eyes, slowly said: “it was really miserable at that time. The emperor and the Empress Dowager ran away. All the city's dignitaries and people with ability left. Only a group of common people were left. Foreigners entered the palace, burned, killed and looted. I killed many people, but it was useless. There were too many of them. I couldn't finish killing them…”
      Everyone's down.
      Zifeng's sister's eyes are red, and she is about to cry.
      Although I didn't experience that scene personally.
      However, it can be seen how miserable the situation was at that time that an old man like Ye Tian was able to say such words.
      “Later, when I came to Yuanmingyuan, several foreigners came out with things in their arms. I was also in a hurry. I smashed their heads and protected a group of people to leave. I didn't come back.”
      “When I go back to Yanjing, Wang Wu is dead and his body is hanging on the wall.”
      “In the middle of the night, I collected the body for him.”
      “It was used to hold grain at that time. It was thrown in the mountains for a long time.”
      “Later, I remembered that it was something from the palace. It was transported back to my hometown together with other things.”
      With these words,
      Ye Tian raised his head and took a look at Huang Xiaochu: “don't you have a friend who knows antiques? Let him see if it's the dragon head you said.”
      Chef Huang nodded as he was about to make a phone call.
      His phone rang.
      It's Ma Weidu.
      In the heart slightly some doubts, Huang Xiaochu still presses to connect the key.
      “Lao Huang, tell laozong that I'm flying to Xiangxi with Fu Fei, a teacher of the Palace Museum. Seven out of ten of these things are dragon heads. Ha ha!God bless you!This baby is still in China
      Ma Weidu's excited voice is transmitted to all the audience watching the live broadcast through mobile phones and cameras.
      The next moment.
      The barrage in the studio is quiet!
      Ten seconds later!
      The barrage appears like a tsunami!
      The whole live studio,
      It blew up!
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      Chapter 42 experts of the Forbidden City, kneel down(8. Ask for flowers evaluation ticket)
      “My God!”
      “It's real, real dragon head!”
      “National treasure, national treasure!”
      “Lying trough!”
      “This old man, he's so awesome!”
      “Yes, the real bull is home!”
      “Old man, you are the sun in the sky and the idol of my life!”
      “I admire you for protecting so many national treasures
      “This is the national hero!”
      “I think he should be in the textbook!”
      In the whole live broadcast room, all the bullet screens are brushing the same news crazily.
      Not all of the netizens are the kind of gang Jing.
      Although these people may sometimes like to brag and talk nonsense.
      But in the face of national and national honor,
      Unless it's that kind of traitor,
      Otherwise, no one will remain calm.
      At this point.
      Naturally, the live broadcast can't continue.
      Huang apologized to everyone and said that when Ma Weidu and the experts from the Palace Museum came, they would broadcast it live again.
      Then I asked the crew to turn off the camera.
      But even so.
      The audience in the studio did not disperse.
      Some people are waiting in the studio.
      Some people began to look for the previous recording, and then cut this into a short video and sent it to the Internet.
      Microblog, slow hand, Douyin
      Even the circle of friends.
      It's a video that's available wherever you can spread the news.
      The whole Internet has been launched.
      Especially microblog hot search.
      The hot search of previous generations is directly filled with the news of yearning and dragon head!
      [ye Tian, national hero]
      [dragon head of Yuanmingyuan is found!]
      [yearning for the fifth season of life, shocking the national treasure!]
      Microblog hot search of the top three.
      These are the three news!
      And netizens,
      They are talking about the truth of the matter.
      What's more.
      Some people suggest that lie detector should be used to check whether ye Tian is telling the truth.
      If it is true, he is a living national hero and should be respected by all the people.
      If it's a lie, this guy should be cut to pieces!
      “I believe in the old man. He doesn't have to lie!”
      “It's not necessarily. Maybe it was coerced by the crew?”
      “I'm not sure.”
      “I don't think it's desirable. It's a top-notch variety show in China. Why do you want to make such a stunt?”
      “Ha ha, for the sake of audience rating, what can businessmen not do?”
      “It's not like that. When the old man said it, Peng Peng and Zifeng were shocked as much as netizens.”
      “Yes, and I believe that kind of emotion is not what ordinary people can show.”
      “It's true. I feel that the old man still has the feelings of home and country.”
      “It's a pity that the big sword is king five.”
      “Ah, at that time, there were too many heroes sacrificed!”
      The discussion among netizens is very hot.
      And mushroom house.
      Everyone gathered around Ye Tian.Even the staff of the program team came to listen to him about the events at that time.
      Ye Tian doesn't want to talk about it.
      But it couldn't stand a group of people begging him there.
      Finally, I had to say what I had done.
      Speaking of Dadao, Wang Wu told him that when he was ready to be generous, ye Tian himself was also quite sad.
      Wang Wu is his best friend,
      Originally thought he could end up well, but unexpectedly, he was killed by foreigners.
      Since then,
      Ye Tian knows,
      Times have changed.
      China has begun to lag behind the world.
      But there was nothing he could do.
      The torrent of history can not be changed by him alone.
      Even if he can kill all foreigners with magic.
      But he can't change the face of poverty and backwardness of the whole country.
      For that alone.
      That's why he went to Europe later.
      Time passed quickly.
      More than three hours later.
      Huang Xiaochu received a call from Ma Weidu.
      “We've arrived in southern Hunan. We'll take a bus right away.”
      “In such a hurry?”
      Chef Huang was a little surprised.
      “We took pictures of airplanes in the province. We'll go by helicopter now.”
      Ma Weidu said frankly.
      Chef Huang instantly understood the meaning of this.
      it seems.
      They also attach great importance to this matter!
      Think about it.
      This is the dragon head!
      China has been the descendant of the dragon since ancient times. If the statue of the dragon head can be found back, it will be a very inspiring thing for the whole country.
      No wonder they attach so much importance to it.
      Tell the news to the program.
      After thinking about it, the director called Huang Xiaochu and asked him to ask Ma Weidu,
      Can it be broadcast live?
      Huang Xiaochu's phone call, there naturally said no problem.
      This kind of thing,
      Even CCTV wants to broadcast it, not to mention southern Hunan.
      More than an hour passed.
      Ma Weidu and his party arrived nearby.
      And on this side of the program group, the camera in the live room is also turned on.
      “Dear audience friends, next, we will broadcast live the identification process of dragon head for you…”
      With the words of chef Huang,
      A group of experts from the Palace Museum walked into the mushroom house.
      It turns out it's not waiting for people to talk.
      The man in charge,
      Suddenly, he took a few steps and came to Ye Tian.
      In the eyes of everyone's surprise, he knelt down directly!
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      Chapter 43 the legendary grandmaster
      “Professor Huang!”
      “Huang Lao!”
      “Teacher, what's the matter with you?”
      A few people who came in with Ma Weidu were all stunned.
      No matter the experts of the palace museum or the company of the Cultural Relics Bureau of southern Hunan Province, looking at this scene, they are completely confused.
      Don't talk about them.
      Even chef Huang and others are stupid.
      The audience in the studio was even more confused.
      Someone's making a question mark directly on the barrage.
      What's the situation?
      Why did the expert from the Palace Museum, who was also the leader of the team, kneel down directly!
      Isn't that exaggerating?
      It's shocking.
      The old man with white hair even talked.
      “Lao Zu Zong, I finally see you.”
      Silver haired, at least more than 70 years old, kneeling in front of Ye Tian, unexpectedly shed tears.
      “Who are you?”
      Ye Tianhu looks at him suspiciously.
      “My name is Huang Zhiyuan. I'm Li Daoqing's disciple.”Huang Zhiyuan said slowly.
      The barrage in the live broadcast room was full of exclamations.
      Because a lot of people are because of the hot search of dragon head, the antique lovers who come from the micro blog.
      The moment Huang Zhiyuan reported his family.
      These people are stupid!
      “Lying trough!”
      “Huang Zhiyuan?The oldest cultural relic restoration expert in the Palace Museum
      “Master restoration expert!”
      “The first person to restore cultural relics in China!”
      “The living national treasure!”
      “It's said that Huang Zhiyuan learned from a mysterious school, which has been engaged in the restoration of antiques.”
      “The original” Han Xizai banquet “was repaired by this old man.”
      “Now in terms of the restoration and identification of calligraphy and painting antiques in China, he is the second, but no one dares to be the first!”
      Netizens are powerful.
      Soon someone sent Huang Zhiyuan's information to the studio.
      Looking at the data,
      The audience was all dumbfounded.
      This old man is clearly the real leader in the field of Chinese Antique Restoration and identification!
      But now.
      He even knelt in front of Ye Tian.
      What's going on here?
      Mushroom house.
      The audience in the studio are still so confused.What's more, Huang Xiaochu and others are among them.
      Everyone forbeared the doubt in the heart and looked at Ye Tian.
      “Oh, the grandson of Daoqing.”
      Ye Tian tilted his head, thought about it, then said with a smile: “for many years, how old has he lived?”
      “When I went back to my ancestors, my master was gone during the Anti Japanese war.”
      Huang Zhiyuan quickly replied: “I was brought up by my master, and master was brought up by my master.”
      “I see.”
      Ye Tian nodded and patted him on the shoulder: “you get up.”
      “Master Xie.”
      Huang Zhiyuan got up respectfully.
      People around him want to help him, but he waved away.
      “Laozuzong, this…”
      Huang Xiaochu asks Ye Tian carefully.
      He asked this question,
      No doubt it's a question that everyone present, even the whole studio, is curious about.
      What is the relationship between Ye Tian and Huang Zhiyuan?
      “I used to learn some antique restoration techniques. Later, when I was in Yanjing palace, I gave them to a child who looked good. I didn't expect that the child handed down this craft.”
      Ye Tian explained casually.
      Then he looked at Huang Zhiyuan: “I said Xiao Huang, how do you recognize me?”
      Huang Zhiyuan quickly bowed himself and said, “when you took a group photo with emperor Xuantong, when the emperor abdicated, he got it. He regarded it as a treasure and stayed by his side all the time, so I recognized it when I saw you on TV.”
      “Ha ha ha!”
      Ye Tian laughs and says to chef Huang, “you see, I'll just say that people can't take pictures.”
      The crowd was speechless.
      How many things did you do in those years?
      How are the people in mushroom house and the audience in the studio.
      The real surprise is the experts in the Palace Museum.
      “Mr. Huang, that's what you often say about the great grandmaster?”
      Someone nearby asked in a low voice.
      Huang Zhiyuan didn't look back. He said in a deep voice, “don't talk first. Listen to your ancestors.”
      Huang Xiaochu and others were surprised,
      The audience in the studio was also quite surprised.
      It's all in the 21st century. Is it so serious?
      But these experts from the Palace Museum are not surprised at all.
      Antique Restoration is a business,
      It's different from other industries.
      This business has lasted for nearly two thousand years,
      Today, it still adheres to the ancient master apprenticeship system, and the master hands on the restoration technology.
      Because of this, there are no more than 100 domestic Master level Antique Restoration workers, most of whom are old men over 50 years old.
      Five thousand years of Chinese civilization has left countless art treasures. Even if these 100 people don't eat, drink or sleep, they can't repair all the ancient books and paintings in three hundred years!
      And the most important thing is.
      Because of the lack of literature, some of the heritage of antique restoration has been broken.
      But now.
      A living master of antique restoration has appeared here.
      At this moment,
      These experts of the Palace Museum suddenly feel that ye Tian is a mobile treasure house!
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      Chapter 44 identification of dragon head(10, for flower evaluation ticket)
      in fact.
      Before I came here.
      On this side of the Palace Museum and Xiangnan Cultural Relics Bureau,
      I thought about it.
      How to persuade Ye Tian to hand over the dragon head.
      After all, whether winter or summer is true or not.
      Since it's an antique, it's something that flows out of Yanjing palace,
      We should let it go back to where it should be.
      But after this.
      A group of people from the Palace Museum came here with a high attitude.
      I've already restrained the pride in my heart.
      Among them.
      The person with the highest level is Huang Zhiyuan.
      As a result, Huang Zhiyuan knelt down as soon as he entered the door.
      What else can we do?
      Let's explore the dragon head step by step.
      How to deal with the dragon head?
      That's not what they has the final say.
      “Ladies and gentlemen, let's have a look at this dragon head first.”
      Although Huang Zhiyuan was very excited, he didn't lose his mind. Instead, he told several other people.
      The crowd nodded.
      A group of people around the past, take out a magnifying glass and other tools, began to check up.
      And ye Tian,
      Is very calm to sit there, even do not intend to move.
      See him like this.
      The audience in the studio were all in tears and laughter.
      “This ancestor is too calm!”
      “Ha ha ha, it feels like it has nothing to do with him.”
      “Yes, that's the feeling.”
      “In fact, I don't think they take this seriously.”
      “Maybe, I feel that in my ancestors' heart, there is nothing worth caring about.”
      “It's not like that either. Have you noticed that my ancestors were very depressed when they recalled Dadao Wang Wu, Deng Lao and Duke Zhou.”
      “It's true. My ancestors are very emotional.”
      “It's because of the importance of emotion that I've only helped those old friends a few times.”
      Ma Weidu is also very nervous.
      He stood there carefully, looking at the dragon head from time to time, his face changing back and forth.
      “Don't be so nervous.”
      Chef Huang was not so excited at this time,
      He even whispered to Ma Weidu: “since the old man said he found it in Yuanmingyuan, it's basically not fake.”
      That's what he said from the bottom of his heart.
      After such a long time together.
      Although it's only more than a day.
      But Huang asked himself that he had a clear understanding of Ye Tian's character.
      This old man,
      To put it bluntly, he is an easygoing person on the surface, but proud in his heart.
      It's something we all value as a treasure,
      With him,
      But they didn't care.
      People live a happy life.
      No matter what things, what things, as long as he is happy, he will do.
      As for treasures and things like that, they're all outside things.
      An old man who once lent money to the old man for foreign exchange reserve can't understand the feelings of his family and country.
      If the dragon head is sure to be the national treasure.
      That chef Huang believes,
      I'm afraid Ye Tian already has a problem in his heart.
      After a long time.
      Huang Zhiyuan and others finally finished their work.
      “Mr. Huang, what do you think?”
      Ma Weidu comes to Huang Zhiyuan and asks.
      Huang Zhiyuan did not speak, but looked at several other people.
      “I think it should be.”
      “It's really at that time.”
      Several experts have given their own opinions.
      After all, they didn't bring any professional instruments this time. They can only judge by their years of experience and vision in the antique industry.
      So most of the answers given by the old men are guesses.
      Everyone's eyes are focused on Huang Zhiyuan.
      Even the audience in the studio are staring at the old man.
      After all, this is the most authoritative person now!
      And this time.
      The number of online viewers in the live room has exceeded 20 million!
      “It's true.”
      Huang Zhiyuan took a deep breath and slowly spat out three words.
      These three words.
      It's as if it's very heavy!
      Let the whole mushroom house cheer for a moment.
      And the barrage in the studio,
      Already a sea of joy.
      Everyone is celebrating,
      To celebrate this national treasure lost for many years, we can finally see the sun.
      Finally back to China!
      And after the cheers,
      Everyone's eyes are on Ye Tian.
      After all, this national treasure is now his.
      “Lao Zu Zong, look…”
      Huang Xiaochu asks Ye Tian carefully.
      “What am I looking at?”
      Ye Tian took a look at him, and then at Huang Zhiyuan: “I said grandson, are you sure this thing is really the water meter in the palace?”
      Huang Zhiyuan seriously said: “back to the ancestors, my disciples carefully investigated, this is really the dragon head among the twelve animal heads.At that time, those foreigners thought it was made of gold, so they wanted to take it away, but you met them. ”
      “Foreigners have no good things!”
      Ye Tian murmured, and the voice spread all over the studio with the microphone.
      All of a sudden, the audience in the studio burst into laughter.
      The old man,
      It's really full of resentment towards foreigners!
      And this time.
      We all know that his next words are the most important
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      Chapter 45 I really don't want to be immortal
      How precious are national treasures?
      In fact, everyone knows that.
      For example.
      If someone gets the true copy of “preface to Orchid Pavilion collection” or “Yongle ceremony”.
      Will this person donate it?
      The answer is not necessarily yes.
      Maybe not.
      Some people may choose to leave these two treasures quietly.
      The reason is simple.
      Because it's so precious!
      This is something that can be used as a family heirloom.
      In the same way,
      So is this dragon head.
      Anyone who knows how to collect antiques knows what the dragon head of twelve animal heads means!
      That's not just the four words that are priceless.
      Everyone is curious.
      How will ye Tian choose?
      Live between the barrage, but also in a crazy discussion of this matter.
      People started voting on Weibo.
      Some people think that he will donate to the country!
      Some people think that ye Tian will choose to keep the dragon head.
      What's more.
      Some people speculate that the old man is going to use it as a bargaining chip to bargain with the top and get some benefits.
      People who hold this idea are directly called dogs.
      What a joke!
      People don't even care about giving away a few million bottles of wine. Is it the kind of people who take the shareholders and ask the state for benefits?
      You're kidding!
      What's more?
      He is a man who donated all Deng's calligraphy and paintings.
      The old man's mind, not everyone has!
      Mushroom house.
      Feel that everyone's eyes are focused on themselves,
      Ye Tian is a little confused.
      “What are you looking at me for?”Ye Tian has a strange look at Huang Zhiyuan.
      He looked at chef Huang again: “things have been checked. They just move away. They don't stay for lunch, do they?Let me tell you, we only have five catties of beef! ”
      What does that mean?
      what the fuck!
      What's the situation?
      What's going on?
      Is that a rush?
      The next moment.
      They suddenly react,
      What did the old man say just now?
      “The things have been checked, just move away!”
      Ma Weidu takes a breath of air conditioning and stares at Ye Tian.
      Isn't that awesome?
      National treasure!
      Don't even hesitate to do so?
      Whether they are experts from the palace museum or people from the Cultural Relics Bureau of southern Hunan Province,
      It's just as dumb.
      They really didn't think of it,
      This old gentleman is so noble!
      On the contrary, it was Huang Zhiyuan, with a calm face.
      In his opinion, this is a normal thing.
      Ancestors are such people.
      The words handed down from the master's generation are just like this.
      When the ancestors were in the palace, they all played the role of walking sideways.
      This stuff,
      Of course, he doesn't like it.
      As for Mr. Huang and Mr. He, they have the same reaction as Mr. Huang.
      Because I have seen Ye Tian's generosity before.
      There's been some speculation about it.
      That's what the old man did.
      What national treasure is not as important as his five catties of beef!
      In the studio,
      The audience finally responded.
      But this time.
      But they didn't laugh.
      And even.
      Someone directly on the barrage, issued a kneeling expression.
      “I'm really kneeling for my ancestors!”
      “What is home country feeling? This is home country feeling!”
      “Every man is responsible for the rise and fall of his country. When he was able to go to the imperial palace to save people, he did not take credit for it afterwards. He has a deep sense of credit and fame.Many years later, what is the feeling of donating national treasures to the country? ”
      “I'm from southern Hunan. I'm proud that my ancestors were from southern Hunan.”
      “Me too.”
      “Throughout his life, laozong is really for the country and the people, and deserves our worship and respect.”
      “I think the state can organize historians to study the experience of the old man and establish a monument for him.”
      “Yes, let future generations remember that there was such an ancestor.”
      Netizens have expressed their views.
      In their opinion.
      Ye Tian has done so many things. He should be immortal.
      This side of the mushroom house,
      The public finally responded.
      Ma Weidu gave a thumbs up: “old man, with this thing, you should be immortal!”
      have a niche in the temple of fame?
      The leaf day smell speech suddenly laughed.
      He took a look at Ma Weidu, but shook his head: “I don't want to be immortal.”
      All of them were stunned,
      After all, many people want to be famous in history,
      The ancient literati generals, in order to leave their own names in the history books, did not hesitate to throw their heads and shed their blood.
      Even sacrifice one's life for righteousness!
      But ye Tian,
      In the face of this opportunity, even a look of disdain.
      Isn't that crazy?
      Huang Xiaochu looks at Ye Tian, but vaguely understands his meaning.
      “Come on, move the things. What should I do?”
      Ye Tian stood up and said to the people.
      He took a look at Huang Zhiyuan, turned and walked into the room.
      I searched for a long time in one of the pear wood boxes,
      Finally, he took out a pamphlet and threw it to Huang Zhiyuan.
      “Here are some of my experiences. You can use this when you teach your apprentices in the future.”
      Ye Tian said.
      Straight back to the room.
      At noon, he was a little sleepy, ready to sleep.
      What national treasures, what cultural relics.
      It's just a little bit too long.
      If it's true.
      All the things he used are cultural relics!
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      Chapter 46 Zhang Yixing's curiosity(12, for flower evaluation ticket)
      Ye Tian went to bed.
      A group of people outside the door were all confused.
      The audience in the studio, too, are dumbfounded.
      They want to break their heads, but they didn't expect that it would be such a result.
      Think about it.
      Prepared a belly of words, want to persuade Ye Tian to give the dragon head to the country.
      To this end,
      They are even prepared to offer a large amount of material rewards.
      I haven't finished.
      The old man turned and went back to bed.
      It's time,
      He also sent an Antique Restoration experience to his grandchildren.
      Huang Zhiyuan directly knelt down!
      Seventy year old people kneel down respectfully.
      “Thanks for the book!”
      Huang Zhiyuan Gongsheng said.
      He stood up with the help of others and said to other humanists, “let's go. Laozong doesn't want us to disturb him any more.”
      “The dragon head?”
      Ma Weidu asked in surprise.
      “Hold it.”
      Huang Zhiyuan said with a smile.
      Because of Ye Tian, the dragon head is still well preserved. They brought a special box and put it in, so they can hold it and leave.
      Huang Xiaochu and the program group yearning for this side politely sent this group of people away.
      The audience in the studio witnessed it.
      Ma Weidu originally wanted to stay, but when he thought about it carefully, he let it go.
      That old ancestor's seniority is too high.
      Although I was born in a big family.
      But the problem is,
      Even if the old man in the family comes, it's not enough to look at him.
      He sent off Ma Weidu and his party.
      Huang Xiaochu and teacher he return to the mushroom house.
      The studio is still open.
      Only at this time the audience, only about 10 million people left.
      After all, those people came to see the dragon head identification before.
      Now the dragon head is taken away.
      Just master Ye Tian went back to his room to sleep. What else can I see?
      “Audience friends, that's all for today's live broadcast.”
      Standing in front of the camera, Huang Xiaochu said with a smile.
      “To be honest, we were a bit surprised by today's experience.”
      “So, I hope you can understand us,” Chef Huang said
      Today, the members of the mushroom house, in the program, are very ordinary.
      It's not that they're incompetent,
      But it's beyond their ability.
      After all, every other line is like a mountain.
      Not everyone knows everything like chef Huang.
      But even chef Huang,
      In this case today,
      Also completely lost the usual talk.
      It's not that he doesn't want to say it.
      But not dare to say, can't say.
      You know.
      The experts who are here today,
      They are all the top people in the Palace Museum.
      In the whole Chinese context.
      These old men,
      It represents the highest level of antique appreciation.
      If they think an antique is a fake, you can go all over China, and that's basically it.
      In this case.
      How dare chef Huang make a sound.
      It's like a group of students coming together.
      Teacher Peng he, they are equivalent to poor students in this class.
      Huang Xiaochu is equivalent to the top student in the class.
      Huang Zhiyuan and others,
      It can't be described by students at all.
      They are Xueba,
      Serious Xueba!
      It's not a horizontal line at all, not a degree of dimension.
      Huang Xiaochu just took the initiative to explain to the audience.
      The audience in the studio can understand.
      tell the truth.
      Not to mention Huang Xiaochu.
      Even the audience was shocked today.
      There's something.
      Hearing and seeing are two concepts.
      At the moment when the dragon head appeared, there was no way to describe people's excitement in words.
      That's the end of the live broadcast.
      Camera off.
      The crowd finally breathed.
      “My God!”
      Zhang Yixing relaxed a lot. Looking at chef Huang, he said, “master, is that how you came here yesterday?”
      Huang Xiaochu nodded, a face of fear: “I now feel that this season is too exciting.”
      “Ha ha ha, it's really exciting.”
      Zhang Yixing said excitedly: “I always feel that there are a lot of secrets about the old man. Every time I dig out a little, I feel like I have a sense of achievement.”
      He watched some programs about ye Tian before.
      Especially yesterday's live broadcast.
      For this legendary old man who lived more than 100 years, after the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China, the Anti Japanese War and even the founding of the people's Republic of China, he is full of curiosity.
      According to Zhang Yixing.
      This is a living history book.
      I can learn too much from him.
      Like today.
      Zhang Yixing can be sure.
      Not everyone can do what ye Tian did to abandon the valuable shareholders.
      You can take it up and put it down.
      Six simple words.
      But people who can do it,
      But not a few.
      Huang Xiaochu naturally knows his apprentice.
      Zhang Yixing,
      It's someone who looks very docile, but actually has a strong heart and ideas.
      He is also unlikely to succeed in a foreign country, to this day.
      But the child is good everywhere, just curious.
      He has no idea what kind of person Ye Tian is.
      When he knows.
      You'll understand.
      This ancestor,
      Definitely one of the hardest people in the world.
      After all.
      People live so many years, that brain, is not for nothing!
      But chef Huang didn't plan to remind Zhang Yixing.
      In the end, it's to make him accept some tests. It's just to have a long memory.
      That's what kids do,
      If you don't obey, you have to spank!
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      Chapter 47 how does an ex girlfriend get married and have children(1. Ask for flower evaluation ticket)
      Because ye Tian was resting, other people didn't open the live broadcast.
      We just do our own things.
      They're all adults.
      No one wants to make trouble for others.
      And most importantly,
      We all know the old man's temper.
      When he sleeps, he hates being disturbed.
      If I'm really disturbed.
      That's going to get mad.
      In this case.
      It's easy to get tired when you are always nervous today.
      So Huang Xiaochu and teacher he and others directly went back to the room to sleep.
      Zifeng sister and Peng Peng also ran back to their bed and played with their mobile phones.
      As for the curious Zhang Yixing?
      He came by plane last night,
      I'm sleepy now,
      I'm using this time to get more sleep.
      This is probably the most popular part of “yearning for life”.
      Guests who come to this program are often able to fully relieve their tired bodies.
      At least.
      You can have a good sleep.
      This is very rare.
      After all, as an artist,
      All year round, they are really busy.
      Because if you are not busy, it means that you are going to be out of breath.
      But the leisure variety show like yearning for life,
      No doubt it's the artist's favorite.
      Because I came here.
      At least the guests can wear comfortable casual, and then chat here, simply do some farm work, not like in a big city, the whole person is tense.
      A prosperous metropolis has a fast pace and many chances of success.
      But again,
      It also kills people's happiness.
      Under the pressure of fast-paced life, how many people finally choose to give up.
      People who can really go down the road of entertainment stars,
      None of them is really outstanding.
      When ye Tian wakes up.
      It's already five o'clock in the evening.
      Looking at the sky outside,
      And looked at his bedside alarm clock, ye Tian helplessly shook his head.
      Live too long.
      He has no idea of time.
      After all, since I won't die, what's the use of time?
      Some people care about time.
      I hope I can earn more money to support my wife and children.
      And some people,
      I just want to enjoy my life.
      Ye Tian knows what these people think.
      And he himself.
      But just want to be happy.
      “Lao Zu Zong, you are awake!”
      Zifeng is helping teacher he wash vegetables outside.
      The two of them took advantage of everyone's sleep and quietly went to the ground to pick it up.
      “En en, you picked all these dishes from Zifeng?”
      Ye Tian asked with a smile.
      “Well, I went with Mr. He.”
      Zifeng picked up a carrot, washed it and sent it to Ye Tian: “ancestor, you try the carrot!”
      “Ha ha, thank you.”
      Ye Tian took the carrot,
      Casually said with a smile: “this carrot, I brought it back.”
      Zifeng's sister obviously didn't understand Ye Tian's words. She said with a smile, “that's a coincidence. It's said that the whole village here has planted a lot of plants. They should thank you.”
      Ye Tian shook his head and said nothing more.
      He said carrots were brought back by himself,
      It's not that carrots were first planted in southern Hunan.
      The time he brought carrots back from abroad as a sailor.
      Calculate carefully,
      More than 500 years have passed.
      Sometimes Ye Tian can't help feeling.
      People live too long,
      You lose the freshness.
      If you didn't see it with your own eyes,
      He may have forgotten it himself.
      I brought it back from South America.
      After all, hundreds of years is really a long history for others.
      But for myself,
      In fact, sometimes it's just a matter of sleeping.
      “Lao Zu Zong, I have a fan who has encountered a difficult problem. What should he do?”
      At this time.
      Zhang Yixing walks up to Ye Tian with his mobile phone.
      Ye Tian takes a look,
      He immediately laughed.
      This is what happens to Zhang Yixing's fans.
      Actually, it's not very complicated.
      It's just that a boy has liked a girl for eight years.
      From high school to college.
      Even after graduating from University, in order to provide for female students to go to graduate school, he gave up his chance to go to graduate school and began to work directly.
      As a result, a few years later, after graduating from graduate school, the girl dumped him and married her rich and handsome senior.
      The boy watched with his own eyes the girl put on her wedding dress and gave her a gift.
      Seven months later,
      He knew that the girl had a relationship with the senior before she broke up with her.
      Now their children are going to be full moon.
      “He is very distressed now. What can he do to let the girl know that she is wrong?”
      Zhang Yixing asked Ye Tian.
      Ye Tian thought about it and then said, “it's very simple. You ask him to give a 10000 yuan red envelope to the girl's husband.”
      Zhang Yixing was confused.
      What does that mean?
      Not to mention him,
      Even the fans who just opened the studio were stunned.
      What 10000 yuan red envelope?
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      Chapter 48 ancestor, do you compare me with the four famous chefs(2. Ask for flower evaluation ticket)
      According to the director's request.
      The staff of the program team always keep an eye on the trend of the mushroom house.
      Since ye Tian got up and appeared at the door,
      The live camera is on.
      The drones also took off and began filming.
      It's just that.
      When Zhang Yixing chatted with Ye Tian, many audiences didn't react.
      They just heard two people talking endlessly.
      People are more curious.
      Why did ye Tian ask the boy to give a 10000 yuan red envelope to his ex girlfriend's husband.
      That guy gave the boy a green hat!
      “If he's short of money, I'll pay him.”
      Ye Tian said: “give my ex girlfriend's husband a red envelope of 10000 yuan, and then transfer 2000 yuan to my ex girlfriend every month to buy milk powder for my child.”
      The audience of the whole live broadcast room was stunned at first, and then they all reacted to what ye Tian meant.
      It's speechless.
      “Ha ha ha ha ha!”
      “Trough, that's too bad!”
      “Master, you are robbing bamboo shoots!”
      “That's too bad, old man. Your idea is driving that scum girl crazy!”
      “But really, it's a relief!”
      “It's just a little expensive!”
      “That's happy, too!”
      “Yes, just take it out!”
      Mushroom house.
      After listening to Ye Tian's words, everyone was stunned.
      This is the moment.
      Want to say to Ye Tian: ancestor, you take bamboo shoots!
      Think about it carefully.
      That's a good idea.
      Not to mention money.
      This is for transfer.
      Make sure you're in a daze!
      “Cough, that what, ancestor, I'd better chop firewood.”
      Zhang Yixing retreated decisively.
      You're kidding!
      I'm a star. If I really encourage fans to do this, I'm sure I'll be killed by the population.
      After all, this kind of behavior,
      Well, it's a prank.
      In serious cases, it means sabotaging other people's marriage.
      Even if the woman is a scum.
      But you can morally condemn someone, or directly expose her behavior, but you are not qualified to do so.
      “By the way, laozuzong, you are on the hot search again!”
      At this time.
      Peng Peng came over with a mobile phone and said to Ye Tian.
      Hot search?
      Ye Tianhu looked at him suspiciously: “is it online search?”
      “Yes, yes, it means something like that.”
      Peng Peng just reflects that ye Tian doesn't know what Weibo is.
      “Let me see.”
      Ye Tian took Peng Peng's mobile phone.
      After watching it for a long time,
      He finally understood.
      “That's interesting.”
      Ye Tian said to himself.
      This micro is really fun, you can send pictures, you can send videos, you can also send a large paragraph of text.
      “Laozuzong, do you want to register a microblog?”
      Peng Peng suddenly proposed to Ye Tian.
      “That's fine.”
      Ye Tian nodded: “but I don't have a mobile phone.”
      “It's easy.”
      Next to Huang Xiaochu, he directly took out the phone and called the director.
      “Prepare a mobile phone and a phone card for the old man.”
      The director looks confused!
      But on second thought.
      He thought it was a good thing.
      Ye Tian's popularity is too high now.
      No exaggeration.
      In the whole studio, there are at least 10 million of the 19 million people who are looking forward to this legendary old man.
      Everybody wants to see it,
      Is there any new information in this living history book.
      He immediately arranged for people to prepare according to the requirements of chef Huang.
      Mushroom house.
      Arrange the director to Prepare ye Tian's mobile phone, and Huang Xiaochu is ready to make dinner.
      Not long after they got up in the morning, Zhang Yixing came.
      Then the dragon head was discovered,
      Waiting for Ma Weidu and others to identify the dragon head,
      After that, everyone took a rest.
      I've been busy all day. Now it's more than five o'clock in the afternoon.
      Everybody's hungry, too.
      It's time for chef Huang to show off.
      “By the way, Mr. Huang, can you make the boiled cabbage that our ancestors said in the morning?”
      Peng Peng suddenly thought of something and asked little chef Huang.
      “Yes, I will, but I always feel that I am familiar with the names mentioned by my ancestors.”
      Huang said.
      “It's all old bones.”
      Ye tianbai waved his hand and said casually, “but you can have a try and see how your craft compares with them.”
      I blinked,
      He also said mischievously: “if it's delicious, you can go to Yanjing Hotel to be the chef. I remember Wang Lan was the chef there.”
      Yanjing Hotel?
      what the fuck!
      Huang's face suddenly changed with a flash of inspiration in his mind.
      His voice suddenly rose a lot,
      Looking at Ye Tian, he said, “Lao Zu Zong, those chefs you mentioned are not very famous, are they?”
      Ye Tianhu asked suspiciously: “is there such a saying?At that time, I went to Yanjing. I really ate it. I like eye snacks, such as roast duck and instant boiled mutton. I like them very much. Food is the people's priority! ”
      Hear the name that ye Tian says in the mouth, whole mushroom house, instantly quiet.
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      Chapter 49 are Zeng Guofan and you brothers(3. Ask for flower evaluation ticket)
      in fact.
      When ye Tian said Zeng Guofan's name.
      It's not just the mushroom house people.
      Outside the program crew,
      Even the whole audience in the studio was stunned.
      Anyone with a little common sense knows what that name means.
      Throughout the history of China.
      No one's name is more familiar to the common people than Zeng Guofan.
      And now.
      Ye Tian looks very familiar with him.
      what the fuck!
      What the hell is going on?
      The barrage in the studio.
      Almost in the shortest time, it is filled with question marks.
      “The old man is not joking, is he?”
      “It's true.”
      “Make fun of that one, unless you're crazy!”
      “If it's fake, Xiangnan satellite TV or yearning, it's all cool!”
      “It doesn't look like much.”
      “I'm a little dizzy. How many people does this ancestor know?”
      “Why do I think he should be one of us?”
      “Ha ha ha, I also have this feeling. I know Zeng Guofan and I'm classmates with those two. It's not appropriate for him not to join us, is it?”
      “Master, seek the truth!”
      “I found it, four famous chefs!Wang Lan, Chen Sheng, Luo Guorong and fan Junkang, they really have! ”
      Netizens are still powerful.
      Soon found the four people in Ye Tian's mouth.
      Not really.
      It's a chef.
      And a very famous chef.
      It is known as the four famous chefs after the founding of the people's Republic of China.
      They were all named and praised by the boss.
      The whole studio is more lively.
      Everyone is curious.
      What is the relationship between the old man and Zeng Guofan.
      “Laozong, are you really familiar with that Zeng Guofan?”
      Looking at Ye Tian.
      Teacher he asked carefully.
      After working in southern Hunan for many years, he naturally knew Zeng Guofan's position in the minds of the people in southern Hunan.
      “Ah, we read together.”
      Ye Tian laughs.
      No more.
      But everyone understood.
      He doesn't want to talk about it!
      Chef Huang is speechless.
      But he soon understood.
      Some things can't be said in the program.
      “Cook, cook.”
      Huang Xiaochu said decisively.
      You're kidding!
      He wants to continue to do the show!
      Really let the old man continue to play, it is estimated that he will be invited to tea.
      Ye Tian doesn't care.
      He just doesn't want to talk about the past.
      At the same time, the director was also worried, so he directly let the live room into the advertisement.
      Take advantage of this time.
      Chef Huang specially came to Ye Tian and said, “ancestor, can I ask you something?”
      “You said
      Ye Tian is a little confused.
      “Well, in the future, you should try not to mention…”
      Huang Xiaochu said, to Ye Tian said a few names, are before ye Tian said.
      He said with a wry smile, “you know, this is a variety show. You said it's nothing, but we have too much pressure.”
      Ye Tianyi was stunned.
      Then I understood what chef Huang meant.
      “Yes, I see.”
      Ye Tian nodded.
      It's a taboo.
      This situation has existed since ancient times.
      He himself is reasonable and will not make people embarrassed.
      Ye Tian really doesn't want this heat.
      Because it doesn't make any sense.
      It's more important to get along with these children.
      Seeing that ye Tian agreed so happily,
      Chef Huang was very happy and said that he must have cooked the meal well this evening.
      Ye Tian laughed and waved his hand to let him cook quickly.
      Xiao Huang,
      Everything is good, but I think too much.
      It's a common fault of smart people.
      Ye Tian has seen too many such people for so many years.
      Liu Bowen, Zhu Geliang, Jiang Ziya, Zhang Liang
      That's true of all these people.
      When I asked Zhang Liang to pick up a shoe, this guy thought he was going to teach him the art of war.
      Harm of their own hard to figure out a pile of specious things to teach him.
      As a result, the guy really figured out some art of war.
      It can only be said that the brains of smart people are different.
      Self brain repair, can brain repair things.
      And at this point,
      The director sent someone to deliver the cell phone.
      Advertising in the studio,
      And it's finally over.
      “Zifeng girl, come and help me register for Weibo.”
      Ye Tianzhao waved,
      Let Zifeng sister come to his side.
      Seeing this scene,
      The audience in the live broadcast room are excited!
      The old man wants to register microblog!
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      Chapter 50 I seem to know a Joe(4. Ask for flower evaluation ticket)
      “Yearning for life” is a variety show,
      It has a great influence on the Internet.
      Although the pace is slow, the main style is pastoral.
      However, due to the good reputation and image of several major guests, and the level of the program has always been OK, in the hearts of netizens, it can also be regarded as the top three excellent variety shows in China.
      Although in the fourth quarter, for some reasons, word-of-mouth declined a little.
      But in the eyes of most people,
      The fifth season is still something to look forward to.
      As it turns out,
      These people are right.
      As soon as the fifth season started, yearning gave everyone a huge surprise.
      Ye Tian!
      The appearance of the old man, who has lived for more than 100 years, is like a clear stream, which gives the whole entertainment industry a boost.
      Netizens like to hear him recall the past.
      I like to watch him boast.
      And even in the form of.
      Occasionally he took out those things he didn't care about.
      As we all know,
      It must be baby.
      What's more, what netizens like to talk about,
      It's the old man who doesn't know anything about modernization.
      He didn't even know it was live,
      It's said that there are more than 10 million people around them, confidently speaking, I can hear everything within a hundred miles.
      That's really interesting.
      And now.
      He's going to sign up for Weibo!
      “Ha ha ha, I'm looking forward to it!”
      “Me too. I don't know what the old man's first micro blog will post?”
      “In fact, it's very interesting. I feel that this old man is like the ancestor of my family.”
      “My grandfather, too, is curious about these electronic products.”
      “An old man in a family is like a treasure.”
      “That makes a lot of sense.”
      “I hope our elders will be healthy and live a long life.”
      “Cough, don't say that to the old man. He's more than 100 years old.”
      All the water friends in the studio are looking forward to it.
      And mushroom house.
      Ye Tian has turned on his mobile phone with the help of Zifeng's sister.
      “Laozuzong, I put in the phone numbers of my brother, Mr. Huang and several of us.”
      Zifeng himself and Huang kitchen and other phone numbers, are saved into the Ye Tian's mobile phone.
      “Well, this little thing is a mobile phone?”
      Ye Tian takes the phone which is smaller than his hand and looks surprised.
      Before he closed the door, everyone used the big brick like cell phone.
      “Yes, the telephone is more and more handy now.”
      Zifeng sister know ye Tian don't understand, patiently teach him how to use the mobile phone.
      From password lock to fingerprint verification.
      Ye Tian soon understood.
      He's not a fool himself.
      “What about Weibo?”
      Ye Tian asks Zifeng.
      “I'll help you register.”
      Zifeng's sister smiles and shows her two little tiger teeth.
      She used Ye Tian's mobile phone number to help him sign up for Weibo.
      “What's your name, old ancestor?”
      “Er, ye Tian, is that ok?”
      “No problem, OK.”
      After Zifeng's sister helped Ye Tian register his microblog, she thought about it and helped him apply for microblog authentication.
      This needs several big V to help forward authentication.
      But it's not hard for her,
      She first used Ye Tian's microblog to send authentication messages to her microblog, then logged on to her microblog to help Ye Tian forward them, and circled Huang Xiaochu, Mr. He, Peng Peng and Zhang Yixing.
      Just right, five people can help the certification success.
      “Mr. He, Mr. Huang, you go to the microblog to help the ancestors authenticate.”
      Zifeng did all this, raised his head to teacher he, they cried.
      All the people laughed when they heard the words.
      They took out their cell phones.
      Here's a look.
      The audience in the studio were all excited!
      “Ha ha, I found it. I found it.”
      “Ye Tian!”
      “I saw it. Chef Huang just helped to certify it. Pay attention to it.”
      “I want to focus on Forwarding, too.”
      “Yes, yes, help forward it.”
      “No matter how much, give the old man a little attention first.”
      “Pay attention, don't get lost.”
      “Ha ha ha, I feel that the old man is going to become a net star.”
      “Don't make trouble, which net red has the old man's bearing.”
      A group of people were talking there.
      But I don't have a spare hand.
      One after another, they pay attention to Ye Tian, and even forward his microblog for authentication.
      In just ten minutes.
      Ye Tian's Weibo attention has reached 10 million!
      you 're right!
      That's 10 million!
      Most of the audience who were watching the live broadcast went out to log on to Weibo and paid attention to him.
      Everyone is looking forward to it.
      This old man's first micro blog, what will he post.
      And ye Tian.
      Take your cell phone slowly and study there.
      Look, look,
      He suddenly laughed.
      “Ancestor, what are you laughing at?”
      Zifeng sister some surprised looking at Ye Tianwen.
      “I remember, I seem to know an American named Joe who sells computers.”
      Ye Tian said slowly: “that guy told me that sooner or later, he would turn the phone into the same as the computer, but now he really has it!”
      Everyone in the studio was at a loss.
      What are you talking about, old man?
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      Chapter 51 Joe who is in debt(5, ask for the flower evaluation ticket!)
      Is cell phone the same as computer?
      Huang Xiaochu and others hear ye Tian's words, a burst of inexplicable.
      They don't understand at all.
      What is Ye Tian talking about.
      Or Zifeng sister reaction, suddenly understand.
      “Ancestor, do you mean that as early as several decades ago, some people saw that the functions of computers and mobile phones would be integrated?”
      Zi Feng's sister asks Ye Tian in surprise.
      Neither did she.
      There are such talented people!
      That's a foresight spanning decades!
      Such people,
      Definitely one of the smartest people of the time.
      Ye Tian nodded: “that guy is also a very smart person. At that time, his computer company was very powerful.”
      “True or false?”
      Teacher he asked in surprise: “ancestor, have you ever been to the United States?”
      “Of course.”
      Ye Tian nodded: “I used to do a lot of business abroad. Didn't I tell you before, Xiao He, you don't have a good memory. You are still a host!”
      Everyone laughed.
      It's very interesting to see the clever teacher he being criticized.
      After all, on weekdays,
      It's teacher he who bullies others,
      It's really interesting to see him bullied by Ye Tian now.
      “Cough, that, old man, that young man named Qiao, did you borrow money from you?”
      He was Tucao by Ye Tian, and make complaints about the topic.
      Ye Tian says helplessly: “beg me for a long time, I see him too pitiful finally, agree to give him a sum of money, and entrust a law firm to help me supervise him.”
      “What do you mean?”
      Peng Peng was puzzled. He borrowed money when he borrowed money. Why did he talk to the lawyer?
      “I can lend him money. When can he repay me?”
      Ye Tian explained: “so I just invested in his company. Anyway, I have a lot of business in the United States and saved a lot of money. Even if the company goes public, I don't have to worry about being diluted too many shares.”
      “Well, do you know about going public?”
      Zhang Yixing said in surprise.
      “Silly boy, when I ran the company and went public, your father wasn't born yet.”
      Ye Tian stares at him.
      Zhang Yixing spat out his tongue and did not dare to speak again.
      If other people say that, don't talk about him. The barrage in the studio has to be fried.
      The one who can talk is Ye Tian.
      Even Zhang Yixing's own fans shut up.
      This is the truth!
      The old man is over 100 years old. He was a foreign exchange earner in the United States.
      He doesn't understand what a company is going public?
      “Ha ha, I'm so happy.”
      “Yixing, who gave you courage, Jingru?”
      “The old man's mouth is absolutely irritating.”
      “If they lived in ancient times, they would be among Su, Qin and Zhang Yi.”
      “To be honest, Yixing just shouldn't have asked that.”
      “He's just curious, and then he doesn't know the character of the old man.”
      “Hahaha, I think it's more interesting if you go to the extreme challenge.”
      Make complaints about the bullet screen comments.
      of course.
      No one is really angry.
      They know that, too.
      Although Ye Tian has a word against Zhang Yixing, it's just that the elder teaches the younger.
      He is more than 100 years old. In fact, he doesn't need to consider the feelings of the younger generation.
      Mushroom house.
      Zhang Yixing was taught a lesson and went to the kitchen to help Huang Xiaochu.
      As a result, he was also taught by chef Huang.
      In the words of chef Huang, this boy is just a brain.
      Don't think about it at all. Can a man like him not understand stocks?
      This side of the shed,
      Zifeng's younger sister sat by Ye Tian's side and asked in a low voice, “ancestor, do you know the later development of that company? It seems that you haven't gone abroad for more than 20 years?”
      “The company is doing well.”
      Ye Tian said with a smile: “when I lent him money, the boy had a lot of ideas.At that time, he also asked me what the name of the company was. I was eating an apple, so I put the apple I had bitten there. When I was about to give him a name, he said that he knew… ”
      After a pause,
      Ye Tiandao: “you say this foreigner, how can you think so much?”
      No one answered his question.
      Because everyone was staring at him.
      Even the clever sister Zifeng was surprised.
      A bite of apple
      so far,
      There seems to be only one company in the world with this logo as a trademark!
      He swallowed a mouthful of saliva.
      Try to keep your voice from shaking.
      Zifeng sister carefully looking at Ye Tian, word by word asked: “ancestor, you said that the American surnamed Joe, will not be called jobs?”
      “Oh, girl, you know him, that boy seems to be doing well now!I'll take care of him! ”
      With a word from ye Tian,
      The barrage in the live broadcast room exploded directly!
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      Chapter 52 Apple's largest shareholder exposed(6. Ask for flower evaluation ticket)
      in fact.
      Starting from ye Tian's name of the company he named Qiao,
      On the barrage of the entire studio,
      Those audiences are already not calm!
      “The trough!What does that mean? ”
      “He didn't mean the apple, did he?”
      “I took a look at my cell phone and wanted to laugh.”
      “I've been making trouble for a long time. This is the origin of apple!”
      “Hahaha, jobs seems to have said that it was the name of one of his elders.”
      “Yes, he did say at the press conference that it was a shareholder of Apple who gave him advice at the beginning.”
      “SHENTE's suggestion has been noisy for a long time, but the old man has no time to say it.”
      “Pride!If that's the case, apple belongs to us Chinese, too! ”
      “I really didn't expect that it was Steve Jobs who was invested by the old man.”
      On the barrage in the studio,
      It's already filled with all kinds of news.
      The audience freely expressed their views.
      Expressing the shock in my heart.
      They really didn't think of it.
      The American company that has been criticized all the time.
      The first investor,
      It's a Chinese!
      This moment.
      It makes many people feel different.
      There is nothing to support domestic products.
      But the feeling in my heart is what kind of apple do you have?
      No matter how powerful it is,
      Isn't the first person to invest in China?
      Not only did the audience in the studio blow up.
      On Weibo.
      It blew up at the same time!
      Apple's fame is self-evident in today's Internet era.
      To put it bluntly.
      Even if you haven't used Apple's products, you know the company.
      And now,
      Even some people call themselves Apple investors, or shareholders of the company!
      Most importantly,
      This man is still a Chinese!
      “True or false?”
      “It's impossible. It's too fake!”
      “It's like Ye Tian!”
      “Ye Tian, a centenarian who has been very hot in recent two days.”
      “I haven't seen it. Do you have a video?”
      “The video has been shared. The link is here.”
      On the hot search of microblog, someone soon posted the live link of the fifth season of yearning life.
      More and more netizens,
      Follow the microblog hot search to find it.
      The number of online viewers in the live broadcast room has exceeded 20 million!
      And this time.
      Ye Tian is telling his sister Zifeng how he got to know jobs and how he invested in him.
      “But Mr. jobs is dead?”
      Zifeng sister looking at Ye Tian said.
      “Ah, dead.”
      Ye Tianyi was stunned.
      Then a look of nostalgia appeared on his face: “that guy, in fact, is still a very thoughtful young man.”
      The crowd was speechless.
      That's jobs, the man of the apple Empire, who changed the history of smart phones.
      Here you are,
      Just a young man with a lot of ideas?
      Think about it.
      Ye Tian seems really qualified to say this.
      In other words,
      Others may not be qualified to speak,
      He's absolutely qualified!
      Who let him take even the name of apple.
      “Well, ancestor, how many shares do you have in apple?”
      Peng Peng asked curiously.
      In fact, this is something that all the audience are curious about.
      After all, although he is the first investor, but to put it mildly, things have changed.
      It's been decades,
      Who knows if the Americans are reliable.
      Moreover, before and after Apple's listing, it has experienced many times of financing, and its equity has changed several times.
      Now I haven't heard of any investor who owns more than 10% of the shares.
      It's not a joke.
      Hedge funds account for 7% of Apple's ownership structure, and the rest are scattered among individuals and other users, accounting for 9%.and
      The vast majority of the shares are owned by consulting brokers, accounting for about 84%.
      These information brokers are, frankly speaking, the spokesmen of the Wall Street giants.
      Even these Wall Street investment companies will not hold more than 10% of the shares.
      It is said that this is the result of jobs' deliberate control.
      And then
      No one knows the specific situation.
      After all, as long as you hold no more than 5% of the shares, you don't need to publish the information of shareholders.
      “That's not good.”
      Ye Tian shook his head: “it seems that I asked for 60% at that time, but it will definitely be diluted a lot later.It depends on what my accounting firm and lawyers will do. After all, I said at that time that even after the listing, the total number of shares I hold should not be less than 10%
      With his words, teacher he and others are all silly.
      Ten percent of apple,
      If this is true,
      In front of this old man, is absolutely the world's oldest billionaire!
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      Chapter 53 the statement is coming, old man(7. Ask for flower evaluation ticket)
      In today's era,
      No wonder!
      In particular, the rise of Internet companies has already led to a large number of billionaires.
      It is said that the wealth of the founder of Facebook has exceeded $100 billion!
      This is a terrible number!
      You know.
      That guy is not even forty.
      And Facebook,
      Not even 20 years of history.
      But it's just amazing.
      Mark Zuckerberg is the richest post-80s.
      And now.
      Something even rarer happened.
      Ye Tian!
      A Chinese old man over 130 years old.
      He even said,
      I'm a shareholder of apple, and I'm likely to hold at least 10% of Apple's shares!
      what the fuck!
      What kind of explosive news this is!
      No one could have predicted.
      You know.
      Apple's market value today is nearly two trillion dollars.
      Even if ye Tian has only 10% of the shares,
      He is also a rich man with more than 200 billion dollars.
      And even.
      It's possible to be the richest man in the world!
      “My God!”
      “Isn't that exaggerated?”
      “I feel that I may not even earn the interest that the old man keeps in the bank every day all my life.”
      “No contrast, no harm.”
      “Too much hurt!”
      “No wonder people don't care about those antiques. They're not worth money at all.”
      “I have a billion, and I don't care about two dollars.”
      “That's the difference between the rich and the poor.”
      “Ha ha ha, that's right.”
      In the studio, there was a crazy discussion.
      How many shares of apple does Ye Tian have? Some people even searched the list of shareholders of apple.
      But did not find the name of Ye Tian.
      Immediately someone on the barrage, began to guess, is not jobs that insidious guy, swallowed Ye Tian's shares.
      And mushroom house.
      Teacher he just asked Ye Tian the same question.
      “Ancestor, you haven't appeared for 20 years. No one wants to swallow your shares, do you?”
      I heard him.
      Ye Tian smiles.
      They were a little surprised and didn't quite understand what he meant.
      “Xiao He, do you know the IRS of the United States?”
      Ye Tian suddenly asked.
      “Yes, I have.”
      Teacher he nodded.
      Peng Peng raised his hand and said, “I also know that the American people are not afraid of even the president and the police, but they are especially afraid of tax officials.”
      Ye Tian nodded: “when the mafia boss dominated Chicago, even the police couldn't help him.As a result, because of tax evasion, they were directly arrested by the IRS and put into prison. ”
      We all have some inexplicable, do not understand the meaning of Ye Tian.
      What does it have to do with not worrying about the shares being swallowed?
      “Swallowing my shares is the same as swallowing the money of the IRS.”
      Ye Tian said faintly,
      He said nothing more.
      what the fuck!
      So confident?
      Almost everyone was stunned.
      Because everyone can hear his strong self-confidence from ye Tian's voice.
      That's what people believe.
      What kind of dependence does it have to say such things?
      But obviously.
      Because it is in the live broadcast, ye Tian does not intend to reveal the answer.
      it seems.
      There are other secrets in it!
      Just when people were confused.
      On the barrage in the studio,
      Suddenly someone sent a message.
      “The trough!Look at Weibo
      “Look at the microblog!”
      “There's news on Weibo!”
      “What's the situation?”
      Because many people sent messages, no one paid attention at first.
      But as more and more people send this message.
      The audience in the studio noticed this.
      And even.
      Even the director called teacher he directly.
      “Teacher he, let the old man see the microblog as soon as possible!”
      The director's voice said quickly.
      Teacher he was a little surprised. He put down the phone and said to Ye Tian, “ancestor, the director said let you have a look at the microblog. It seems that there is your message on it.”
      Peng Peng and Zifeng sister are not clear, so they quickly take out their respective phones.
      Even Huang Xiaochu and Zhang Yixing, who had just finished the meal and came out to ask everyone to have dinner, curiously picked up the phone.
      As a result, I saw the first news of microblog hot search,
      They are all stupid!
      Microblog hot search first!
      [Apple's Greater China division officially issued a statement: Mr. Ye Tian is indeed the first investor of apple in the United States, and he is also the company's namer.Mr. jobs formally admitted this in an internal meeting.In addition, Mr. Ye owns a certain number of shares in apple, and the specific value involves trade secrets, which is inconvenient to disclose
      what the fuck!
      “The old man is a bull!”
      Looking at the contents of this hot search,
      Zhang Yixing couldn't help but blurt out his dirty words.
      But at this moment,
      But no one thought he was vulgar.
      Because everyone who sees this hot search and this announcement also wants to shout out this sentence.
      Old man, bull!
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      Chapter 54 like it?Here you are(8. Ask for flowers evaluation ticket)
      Nobody thought of it.
      Apple's response will be so fast!
      In less than half an hour, the announcement over there has been issued.
      tell the truth.
      It's kind of premeditated.
      Think about it carefully.
      Premeditate him!
      Apple is a U.S. company that helps Huaxia's 100 year old man cheat others.
      What's the picture?
      too young too simple!
      It's impossible!
      Even if netizens like to raise a bar again, they can understand it at this time.
      What ye Tian said must be true.
      And even.
      He may have more influence on apple than he said.
      Apple's response will not be so quick.
      “Ancestor, you are really a shareholder of apple!”
      Peng Peng's face is full of surprise.
      Ye Tian looks at him, waiting for this guy's reply.
      “So next time Apple sends a new type of mobile phone, can you ask them to sell me a few first, and I'll give them away. What a face!”
      Peng Peng said seriously.
      This time he said Ye Tian was confused.
      Huang Xiaochu and others were speechless.
      “Yixing, throw this guy into the room.”
      Huang Xiaochu decisively orders Zhang Yixing to take Peng Peng away.
      Don't say it's him,
      Even the audience in the live room cheered on the barrage.
      Peng Peng, this product is hopeless!
      Tie Hanhan!
      At this time, I was concerned about the mobile phones that Apple had not yet sold.
      If you don't deal with him, who do you deal with?
      But in fact, chef Huang also knows.
      The purpose of Peng Peng's doing this is undoubtedly to change the rhythm of the whole studio and even the program.
      After all, after the old man said this.
      Everyone was in a bit of a mood.
      Now peace.
      Naturally, the live broadcast can continue.
      “Well, ancestor, let's eat first?Eat and talk. ”
      Huang Xiaochu looked at Ye Tian's face and asked him.
      “Well, I'm hungry, too.”
      Ye Tian nodded and agreed.
      There are four dishes on the table, including beef, shrimp and green vegetables.
      Pumbaa was naturally released from the house.
      While eating, we chat.
      Naturally, Huang Xiaochu and ye Tian talk more, and occasionally Mr. He will interrupt.
      For chef Huang,
      Ye Tian's evaluation has improved a lot.
      “Xiao Huang is very powerful. No matter what I say, he knows something and can chat with me. It's very good.”
      Facing the camera, ye Tian said.
      This is really a very high evaluation.
      You know.
      It's not easy to say the words “erudite”.
      You don't know a little about everything. It's called erudition.
      That's a bottle less than half a bottle shake!
      The real erudition is that you can find out the whole story of everything you know.
      This is the real talent!
      Huang Xiaochu is undoubtedly such a person.
      Eat meal.
      He teacher with a few small clean up.
      Ye Tian and Huang Xiaochu step into the room.
      Ye Tian walked into the room and pushed the pile of things in the corner. As a result, a porcelain can fell to the ground.
      Fortunately, there was no board on the ground, so the mat was thrown, and the porcelain jar didn't break.
      “Blue and white porcelain?”
      Wong asked in surprise.
      “Well, I saved it before. I forgot where I got it.”
      Ye Tian said casually.
      Huang Xiaochu frowned and went over to pick up the porcelain jar and carefully studied it.
      The porcelain pot in his hand is about 30cm high and 35cm in diameter. The overall enamel is delicate. From the mouth to the bottom of the pot, there are patterns of flowers, peonies, motifs and lotus petals.
      Under the guidance of auspicious clouds and colorful Phoenix, a man with two wings facing the sky behind the mountain and a long robe and double jade belt rides on horseback with a whip.
      Behind him was a military general with a crown and a long beard, with a bridle in his left hand and a steel whip in his right hand.
      After that, there were three soldiers armed with spears and armour.
      On the other side of the tank screen, two people fight,
      A head wearing a small crown, holding a steel fork, turn back to parry.
      The other man, with a spear in his hand, chased after him.
      Looking at the porcelain pot in his hand carefully, Huang Xiaochu's hand suddenly trembled.
      The last reason,
      Let him slowly, slowly put down the porcelain pot.
      Holding the table and half kneeling there, gasping heavily.
      “What's the matter?”
      Ye Tian was a little strange when he saw him.
      “Laozu, do you know what this thing is?”
      Huang Xiaochu looks at Ye Tian and asks word by word.
      “I don't know. It's blue and white in Yuan Dynasty. It seems to be.”
      Ye Tian waved his hand: “you like to send you.”
      “No, no, no!”
      this sentence,
      Let chef Huang jump up!
      Are you kidding,
      How dare he accept this kind of national treasure blue and white porcelain of Yuan Dynasty?
      How can he have such a thing!
      That's it.
      This is the picture can of Yuchi Gong's single riding Savior!
      It's a national treasure!
      It is one of the nine pieces of blue and white character story porcelain of the Yuan Dynasty recognized all over the world!
      This is a rare treasure!
      If we insist on price calculation, one of the yuan blue and white Guiguzi downhill pot was sold for 14 million pounds at the auction of “Chinese ceramics, exquisite crafts and export crafts” held at Christie's in London in 2005.
      After adding Commission, it was 15.7 million pounds, equivalent to about 230 million yuan, which set the highest auction record of Chinese art in the world at that time!
      The other eight pieces of Yuan Dynasty blue and white figure story porcelain are either in major museums at home and abroad, or in the hands of foreign private collectors.
      Only the picture of Yuchi Gong riding alone on the table is lost.
      Nobody thought of it!
      It's in Ye Tian's hands.
      “Holding a steel fork, Duan Zhixuan is the general who is running for his life, and Shan xiongxin is the one who is chasing after him.It was Li Shimin who sat on the horse, and later Yuchi Gong. ”
      Chef Huang stood there, looking at the porcelain pot in front of him like a madman.
      While looking at it, he was still talking.
      He looks like this.
      Not to mention Ye Tian,
      The audience in the studio are all confused!
      What's the matter with chef Huang?
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      Chapter 55 What is the ability of ancestors(9. Ask for flowers evaluation ticket)
      Huang Xiaochu's strange appearance was soon discovered by teacher he and others.
      “Miss Huang, what's the matter with you?”
      Peng Peng and Zifeng rush over and support Huang Xiaochu.
      “Master, what's the matter with you?”
      Zhang Yixing also ran over.
      But before he ran to Huang Xiaochu, he heard Huang Xiaochu stop drinking: “don't move, be careful, don't touch these things of our ancestors!”
      All of them were stunned.
      Staring at Huang Xiaochu in a daze.
      Although I know these things of my ancestors are antiques and treasures.
      But you don't have such a big reaction, do you?
      Don't talk about them.
      Even the audience in the studio,
      It's all a little puzzling.
      Except for some people who have an in-depth study of antiques.
      They looked at the blue and white porcelain held by chef Huang in their arms, and suddenly a whimsical idea appeared in their heart.
      right off,
      Someone started sending messages on the barrage.
      “It can't be that thing, can it?”
      “Blue and white porcelain is still like this. I don't think it's right.”
      “The trough!If that's true, it's a national treasure! ”
      “It's more than a national treasure. If it's spread, it's estimated that Taohuayuan will be broken by those collectors.”
      “Dream!Do you think the old man can sell it to them? ”
      “Hahaha, no matter which one of you bid, I'll be one yuan more than you?”
      “No, I don't want your property to challenge my pocket money…”
      The style of the bullet screen is a bit off center.
      But more and more audiences are curious,
      What is chef Huang protecting.
      And mushroom house.
      Chef Huang seems to know what everyone thinks.
      Carefully put the jar on the table.
      Let the son Maple before ye tiandui in the corner of those things, surrounded with quilt.
      This just said to the public: “if I guess correctly, this thing should be a national treasure of Yuan blue and white.”
      Blue and White Porcelain of Yuan Dynasty!
      Hear these three words.
      Several people were all stunned.
      They all know blue and white porcelain, and they also know that Yuan blue and white porcelain is the best among blue and white porcelain.
      But what is the concept of Yuan blue and white, a national treasure?
      “We all know the value of blue and white in Yuan Dynasty.And in the world, through literature records and various materials, it shows that among the blue and white porcelain of the Yuan Dynasty, there are nine pieces of character story porcelain, which are the most precious. ”
      Huang Xiaochu faces the camera and talks to everyone.
      “Eight of them are collected by museums and private collectors around the world.Only the ninth one, Yuchi Gong's single riding Savior, never appeared. ”
      “According to legend, it was originally in the hands of Emperor Qianlong, but later it disappeared without knowing how.It turns out that I never thought I was here! ”
      “More than ten years ago, one of the blue and white porcelain stories of the Yuan Dynasty sold for more than two hundred million yuan in Britain!”
      I heard what chef Huang said.
      They took a breath of air.
      Looking at the porcelain can, my eyes are different!
      That's it,
      How many billions?
      It's amazing!
      The audience in the studio was even more surprised.
      On the barrage, a group of people all began to express shock.
      Some people even said that,
      Why don't you open a museum and wholesale cultural relics
      of course.
      It's all a joke.
      This kind of national treasure,
      If it's a domestic collection, that's all.
      If it's sold to a foreign buyer.
      It's going to be stabbed in the spine!
      “Well, it's a piece of porcelain. If you like it, you can keep it. If you don't like it, you can put it in the room.”
      Ye tianbai waved his hand, and his face didn't matter.
      What's the matter with hundreds of millions?
      He took it from the palace of the Little Emperor Qianlong.
      At that time, Qianlong, the bastard, acted against his will and killed a young man whom ye Tian was optimistic about.
      Ye Tianyi is angry,
      He went to the palace at night and searched Qianlong's palace.
      And shaved the old guy's head.
      I heard he hung up soon.
      Later, it was thrown in the storage ring and only recently was it taken out.
      Who ever thought,
      I'm still a baby.
      Mushroom house is on the air.
      And a flight from southern Hunan to Yanjing.
      Huang Zhiyuan and some old friends couldn't sleep all night.
      “Lao Huang, you've been reading this book for more than an hour. Let's have a look at it.”
      An old man with glasses said to Huang Zhiyuan.
      “Go away, Zhou Dayong. Don't think your sister will marry me, and you want to covet our unique skill. My ancestors gave it to me. I want to teach my apprentice with it!”
      Huang Zhiyuan turned down his friend and brother-in-law for decades.
      Zhou Dayong is impatient and yells at Huang Zhiyuan for being a white eyed wolf!
      Two old men of 130 or 40 years old are quarreling with each other.
      At this time.
      Another old man beside them said, “I said, Lao Huang, do you think that if you are the ancestor, the painting of a thousand li River and mountains can be restored?”
      I heard him.
      Huang Zhiyuan snorted and said, “you look down on your ancestors.”
      “Let me tell you something, I can repair this pamphlet, a picture of rivers and mountains, which my ancestors gave me.”
      The whole plane was stunned.
      That old gentleman, how much ability in the end!
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      Chapter 56 Jiaqing Jinling twelve hairpin(10, for flower evaluation ticket)
      On the plane,
      A group of old experts who repair cultural relics cherish Ye Tian's notes.
      Peach Blossom Land.
      The pile of things that ye Tian brought back.
      Mushroom house of these small generation, one by one full of curiosity.
      They are usually controlled by chef Huang,
      But now.
      Chef Huang is taking a picture of the blue and white of the Yuan Dynasty. He has no time to take care of these little guys.
      “Ancestor, where did you get all these things?”
      Looking at all kinds of things, Zifeng sister asked curiously.
      “Some of them are for my own use, and some of them are bought by cultural relics stores.”
      Ye Tian leaned on the cupboard and said to himself, “at that time, these things could only be bought in US dollars. I just didn't lack US dollars most.”
      Several young people nodded as if they knew nothing.
      Huang Xiaochu and teacher he looked at each other, but didn't speak.
      Master, it's a story.
      But it's live,
      None of them dare to say more.
      The cultural relic shop, which has existed since liberation, is the place where the state purchases and sells antiques.
      It was the most prosperous in the 1980s and played an important role in the protection of Chinese history, culture and cultural relics.
      However, some people think that the loss caused by it is also huge: at that time, as long as the antique shops were after Qianlong, except for a very small number of cultural relics, they sold them at will!
      What's more irritating is that in order to earn foreign exchange, some good things can only be bought with foreign exchange certificates, or even sold directly to foreigners.
      This makes a large number of cultural relics bought by foreign cultural relics dealers.
      No wonder the old man mentioned it,
      A look of unhappiness.
      Who would it be,
      It's not comfortable to watch so many things from the ancestors flow out.
      Peng Peng, they are here looking at Ye Tian's collections.
      I don't know.
      But because of the camera.
      The audience in the studio saw it clearly.
      “Lying trough!”
      “What are these treasures?”
      “Porcelain, calligraphy and painting.”
      “Well, I think those porcelains are official kilns in the middle and late Qing Dynasty.”
      “There are also many calligraphy and paintings!”
      “The old man really doesn't care about these things. Look at the calligraphy and paintings, some of them are opened, and there are scrolls stored together. Tut Tut, there are still some that are not mounted.”
      “The trough!I saw a picture of shrimps. Isn't it Qi Baishi's painting
      “Wait, what's that China?”
      “I saw it, too!”
      All of a sudden.
      There was an uproar on the barrage.
      Somebody found something good.
      The good thing the audience found was a piece of porcelain.
      Teacher he also noticed.
      He asked Ye Tian, “master, what is this?”
      “Forget, it seems that it was with the blue and white Yuan Dynasty.”
      Ye Tian took a look at the porcelain vase, frowned, thought and replied.
      Teacher he looks helpless.
      I had to take a picture of Huang Xiaochu who was still watching the blue and white of the Yuan Dynasty.
      “Miss Huang, take a look at this.”
      Huang Xiaochu turns his head and looks at the porcelain vase held by teacher he.
      His eyes seemed to stick.
      I can't do without it all of a sudden!
      “Here, this is the twelve gold hairpin vase of Qianlong's official kiln in Jiaqing. It's the authentic official kiln porcelain of Qing Dynasty.”
      Chef Huang blurted out.
      “Is it?”
      Teacher he was shocked.
      Zifeng and pengpeng also gathered around.
      It is about 367 cm high, more than 10 cm in diameter, about 25 cm in abdominal diameter, and less than 15 cm in circumference.
      “Yixing, get a flashlight.”
      Huang Xiaochu tells Zhang Yixing.
      Without saying a word, Zhang Yixing quickly brought a flashlight.
      Some people in the studio don't understand. Shouldn't you use a magnifying glass to identify antiques?
      Why a flashlight?
      Someone immediately explained to him that this was to see the need to appreciate the inner abdomen of the bottle.
      If you can't master porcelain, you are all experts.
      In order to prevent things from being damaged due to passing on each other, the responsibility is not clear at that time. One person must put down the antiques and then pick them up by another person.
      But this is Ye Tian's thing. The old man didn't say a word, and the chef Huang didn't pay so much attention to it.
      The vase in front of him looks very good. It has a curly mouth, a slender neck, a rolling shoulder, a bulging abdomen, a closed abdomen, and a looped foot. The bottom of the vase is the blue and white seal script, which was made in Qianlong's six character three line official kiln of the Qing Dynasty.
      The overall modeling is elegant, the tire repair is meticulous and rigorous!
      The twelve golden hairpin figures are exquisitely sketched and the environment is colored. They are elegant, tender and pleasant.
      Bottle along the description of the principal, the mouth along the next ring decorated with Ruyi cloud head week, brilliant gold color, magnificent.
      The neck is decorated with a variety of Ruyi patterns, while the shoulder is decorated with twigs, precious flowers and Ruyi patterns. The colors are gorgeous and colorful, showing the dignity and grace.
      The lotus petal pattern near the foot and the Huizi pattern on the foot wall are painted for one week.The color of the whole body is deep and light, showing a soft and beautiful posture. The painting is exquisite and exquisite, and the craftsmanship is superb, which is not inferior to the superior works of the official kiln in the Qianlong period.
      The layout of the decorative patterns is dense, which fully displays the artistic style of porcelain luxury in Qianlong period.
      “Good thing!”
      Huang Xiaochu sincerely praised.
      This is absolutely a treasure handed down from generation to generation. Today's major museums and auction companies have never seen similar objects.
      You can only appreciate its charm from ancient books.
      “Mr. Huang, why did this thing come from Jiaqing period, but it was signed by Qianlong?”
      Teacher he asked curiously.
      Huang Xiaochu did not speak, but looked at Ye Tian.
      With a faint smile, ye Tian said contemptuously, “because the old man of Qianlong abdicated and became emperor for several years, the official kilns of Jiaqing at that time could only follow the styles and patterns of Qianlong period, and they didn't change until Qianlong died.”
      The crowd was speechless.
      It turns out that there is such knowledge here.
      But then everyone was surprised,
      Such a precious thing,
      Master, you have two pieces here. What an international joke!
      You are going to open a private museum!
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      Chapter 57 small objects and antiques
      “Museums are small objects, not worth mentioning.”
      In the face of several people's doubts, ye Tian waved his hand, a face of reluctance.
      He's not interested in museums.
      These are some of the gadgets I've collected over the years.
      Small things?
      Huang Xiaochu and others were stunned.
      Those two pieces of porcelain alone are very valuable. Do you call them small objects?
      The audience in the studio was in an uproar.
      There was a lot of excitement on the barrage.
      “My God!”
      “Old Versailles!”
      “Ha ha, that's true.”
      “Look at the old man's disgusting expression. It's so funny.”
      “I want to make an expression bag!”
      “Big brother, please share!”
      “The old Versailles are talking about their ancestors.”
      “I really don't love money. I just don't want money.”
      “No problem!”
      People are talking and laughing.
      Chef Huang's phone rings.
      Took a look at the caller ID.
      He was rather surprised.
      Went to the side of the camera can not shoot the place to answer the phone.
      A moment later.
      Chef Huang came back with a strange expression.
      “Sir, I have something to tell you.”Huang said.
      “You said
      Ye Tian took a sip of his Pu'er tea at will.
      “As for Ma Weidu, who came in the afternoon, he especially liked these old things, and he was almost crazy.I saw a lot of things here this afternoon. I really like them.Originally, I wanted to have a look, but I'm afraid you won't like it. It's not coming back. I just want to get close to these things. ”
      Huang Xiaochu said with a smile.
      Who is Ma Weidu?
      One of the most famous big men in Beijing.
      The famous man is proud and aloof.
      He is a serious and stubborn master.
      But now.
      In order to have a look at these small objects of our ancestors,
      I asked myself for help.
      At the thought of this, chef Huang couldn't help laughing.
      Ye Tian said with a smile: “OK, if he wants to come, just have a look. Anyway, there's nothing good. I'll go to wash first, and you'll take your time.”
      He is a little tired and intends to have a rest.
      As for what kind of horse?
      tell the truth.
      Ye Tian didn't pay attention at all.
      After so many years of living, he has seen all kinds of great people.
      He has experienced all kinds of scenes.
      Ye Tian has seen countless emperors and generals sweeping the world.
      It's just an antique lover.
      Come on, come on.
      When Ma Wei appears in the camera.
      Ye Tian has gone to rest.
      “Where's the old man?”
      Ma Weidu took a careful look at it, and then he told Huang Xiaochu.
      “To rest.”
      “He said that you can see things and take pictures, but you can't take them out of the room,” Huang explained
      “Don't worry, don't worry.”
      Ma Weidu hurriedly promised: “I just want to have a look.”
      Seeing this scene,
      The audience in the studio laughed.
      “I remember why the horses were so good. How could they be so good?”
      “Bullshit, bull force him to score with who.”
      “Dress up with your ancestors and be taught to be a man every minute!”
      “But it's good to have him.”
      “Yes, Lao Ma knows antiques very well. At least he can identify the small objects of his ancestors.”
      “That makes sense!”
      “Come on
      “Ha ha ha, tool man!”
      Ma Weidu, who was regarded as a tool by the audience in the studio, had no consciousness in this respect.
      He had his own magnifying glass and gloves.
      I got close to the pile of things.
      Looking at the painting and calligraphy, Ma Weidu's mouth twitched.
      The old ancestor.
      I really don't care about these things.
      “Audience friends, Mr. Ma Weidu has always studied antiques very well. Today we invite him to identify some of the old man's collections.”
      He teacher stood there, guest star from the host.
      After a while.
      Ma Weidu found a good thing.
      This is a pair of double dragon jade bracelets with pearls. It is of Ming Dynasty style. The jade is delicate and round. It's already like a fake cashmere white jade.
      Holding the bracelet, Ma Weidu said: “this is a genuine product of the middle and late Ming Dynasty, but it's not a cultural relic. It's only an old object.”
      Bracelets, as long as they are not used by a historical celebrity, are basically old objects.
      of course,
      The longer the year, the higher the value.
      Put down the jade bracelet, Ma Weidu really found a good thing.
      This is a Golden Phoenix flower. It looks like something from the Qing Dynasty. It is 182 mm long and weighs 25 grams. It is made of silk and inlaid with red spinel.
      Eight Phoenix birds fly on foot. The flowers and leaves are dense and prosperous. The two flowers are inlaid with gems. The phoenix flowers are all connected by pure gold thread. If you wear them on your head, they will flutter and swing with the wearer walking slowly.
      “This step shake should be a palace product, with exquisite workmanship.”
      Ma Weidu said with a smile.
      At this moment.
      Ye Tian's voice rang out from the bedroom upstairs: “take a closer look at that jinbuyao.”
      Ma Weidu was stunned and quickly picked up the magnifying glass to observe carefully.
      what the fuck!
      A moment later,
      He suddenly raised his head: “ancestor, I was wrong.”
      He explained to the camera, “it's not from the Qing Dynasty, but from the Song Dynasty. Because the base silk and the filigree inlay are super first-class crafts, the palace craftsmen of the Qing Dynasty will have them, but what's missing is the lost racquet silk.”!It was lost after the Southern Song Dynasty! ”
      He explained to the audience.
      All the details of this gold step rocking, including all the Phoenix and flowers, are made of gold silk with the thickness of hair!
      The great craftsmen of the Qing Dynasty may be able to weave the fine golden silk like hair into Phoenix, birds and flowers,
      Not to mention the Qing Dynasty,
      Even today in the 21st century, it is estimated that we can't pull out such a thin gold wire!
      The thin golden silk like hair is not drawn, but photographed!
      Needless to say, there is such a fine gold wire welding technology, which is amazing!
      Today's experts estimate that they have never seen such a top-notch craft, let alone the bricklayer,
      Perhaps we can understand that the drawing and welding of such thin gold wire is impossible today.
      At this moment,
      Ma Weidu is innocent to ye, just like a continuous river.
      The old man's level in antiques is really amazing!
      No wonder the experts of the Palace Museum kneel down for him!
      But the problem is,
      Where did the old man get all these antiques?
      Is it difficult,
      Did you really buy it at the heritage store?
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      Chapter 58 ancestor, are you from Versailles(1. Ask for flower evaluation ticket)
      It's said that there's an order of hearing about Taoism, and there's a specialization in art.
      From the general understanding of folk collection, Ma Weidu is undoubtedly one of the best.
      No exaggeration.
      Even if it's a lot of the general public,
      I've heard about this guy who likes collecting antiques.
      He may not be that professional.
      But definitely not a layman.
      The audience in the studio didn't pay so much attention to Ye Tian's so-called “small objects”.
      But now.
      When Ma Weidu took out a small object, he was so excited.
      That's when we realized.
      I'm afraid these things are priceless!
      The barrage began to boil!
      “Ha ha ha, I really knelt down for the old man!”
      “Indeed, I've never seen such a good man!”
      “I haven't seen it, I haven't heard about it.”
      “The old man is absolutely invincible. All the things that are thrown there are treasures.”
      “It's normal. After all, the old man has lived so long.”
      “So, we must keep healthy. Maybe all the pots and pans in our house will become antiques in the future.”
      “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
      “But look at the old man's manner. He used to be a big man.”
      The mood of the audience.
      In fact, they are the same as those on the program.
      This side of Taohuayuan.
      Looking at Ma Weidu's appearance as a little fan there, Huang couldn't help patting his head.
      He can't help laughing.
      The old man is so powerful.
      No matter what kind of people,
      When you come to him, you have to be honest.
      Ma Weidu is arrogant and famous in the capital, but now he wants to kneel down and call his ancestors.
      The old man is really old enough to be his ancestor.
      “Well, Mr. Ma, let's keep watching.”
      Teacher he said on his own initiative at this time.
      After all, the program will continue to live.
      “What are you looking at?”
      Ma Weidu shook his head: “many of the things in this are rare treasures. Look at these paintings…”
      And he said,
      He picked up a picture that was thrown there at will.
      Facing the camera, he said: “this is a painting mounted with the mounting technique of the Qing Dynasty palace. Its edges are luxurious and magnificent. Most Tibetan paintings don't do this, and they are even considered illegal!”
      People suddenly realized.
      I saw Ma Weidu open the painting.
      This is a portrait on a vertical axis. It's made of silk. The lines are smooth and beautiful.It depicts a lady in the bamboo forest, about 90 cm in length and 60 cm in width.
      The whole painting is neat, beautiful, elegant and elegant: in the painting, the courtyard is sparse, the stone is lying, and a lady's long skirt with wide sleeves walks leisurely, gazing at the distance.
      The lines of the characters are drawn with blue leaves, which seems to use the painting method of the Tang and Song Dynasties, similar to the noble women of the Tang Dynasty in Zhou Fang's works.
      Look at the signing again!
      what the fuck!
      Ma Wei was not calm for a moment.
      Qiu Yingshi's fatherhood, September of Wushen!
      “This, this is too much!”
      Ma Weidu said speechlessly: “Qiu Ying's” the painting of Xiuzhu ladies “was placed like this.”
      The crowd was speechless.
      Who is Qiu Ying?
      Thanks to chef Huang.
      He opened his mouth to introduce Peng Peng and other people and the audience: “Qiu Ying, the real father of the word, a master of painting in the Ming Dynasty, good at drawing people, especially the elder ladies.”
      “Put it away, it's a good thing.”
      Ma Weidu put the painting away and handed it to Huang Xiaochu.
      Chef Huang quickly set it up.
      Ma Weidu picked up another painting.
      This is a picture of a lady painted by Fei danxu, a painter in the south of the Yangtze River during the reign of Daoguang in Jiaqing of the Qing Dynasty.
      On the horizontal axis, a woman is playing the piano in the garden.
      The third one is still a picture of a beautiful woman, with a vertical axis drawn by Fei danxu.
      Fei danxu's paintings are well-known in the south. Nowadays, the auction price is generally between 1 million and 2 million.
      “What's this one?”
      At this time.
      Sister Zifeng asked, pointing to a picture.
      “Let me see.”
      Ma Weidu came over and opened the picture.
      Just one look,
      He's stupid.
      His body was shaking a little.
      “Miss Ma, what's the matter?”Teacher he asked in surprise.
      “This, this is Wang Yuan's picture of peach, bamboo and golden pheasant in Yuan Dynasty!”
      Ma Weidu said in a trembling voice: “you see, the signature indicates that the painting time is Zhizheng three years.That's more than 500 years ago. It's a 500 year old silk book! ”
      The audience in the studio were all stunned.
      Even people who no longer have the common sense of antiques know it.
      Five hundred years ago, it must be a treasure!
      Not to mention,
      This is still painting and calligraphy!
      Oh, My God!
      On this side of Taohuayuan, sister Zifeng's hand with the scroll is shaking.
      “Don't move, don't move.”
      Seeing this, Ma Weidu said: “be careful. Don't touch it. It's priceless!”
      People think it's really priceless.
      little does one think.
      After washing, ye Tian came out with a look of disgust: “what's great is just a painting. Don't be afraid, Zifeng. I have this stuff from my ancestors…”
      No matter the audience in the studio or the people in the mushroom house.
      It's all speechless,
      You are a Versailles man, sir!
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      Chapter 59 this is the dowry given to you by your ancestors
      I really think too much about that.
      Ye Tian doesn't mean Versailles.
      From beginning to end.
      Ye Tian didn't pay attention to these precious antiques in their eyes.
      In his eyes,
      These are just a little old things.
      In his storage space,
      And the teeth of Tyrannosaurus Rex and mammoth!
      of course.
      Mammoth tusks can't be taken out.
      He broke it and threw it into the storage space.
      If you take it out,
      It's estimated that these people will be scared to death.
      After all, it was a creature of billions of years ago.
      “Ancestor, these are too precious. I can't take them.”
      Sister Zifeng is so sensible,
      How could you possibly take these antiques.
      Although she didn't know the value of these things, looking at Ma Weidu's expression, we can see that these paintings and calligraphy are certainly valuable.
      what's more,
      It's an antique!
      These things are not something you can buy with money.
      For example, Wang Yuan's painting, anyone who gets it will keep it as a family heirloom, and will not consider selling it at all.
      And the golden step.
      The manufacturing technology of that thing has been lost.
      Even with such advanced modern science and technology, there is no way to achieve such precision.
      Such things.
      In any case, sister Zifeng didn't dare to take it.
      “The child.”
      Ye Tian went downstairs helplessly and said to Zifeng, “don't think too much. It doesn't mean anything to me.Come on, take this gold step shake. When you get married, your ancestors may not be here, but this thing will be my gift to you. ”
      Hearing Ye Tian's words, the whole studio exploded in an instant.
      “Lying trough!”
      “Tears in my eyes, really!”
      “Although I've only been together for two days, I can see that my ancestor really loves Zifeng.”
      “It's not just Zifeng. Have you found that there's no airs on the old man's body? It's good for everyone.”
      “Yes, Ma Weidu met him for the first time and asked to appreciate his antiques. The old man didn't even hesitate.”
      “Not stagnant in things, that is the mentality of ancestors.”
      “Yes, they are not Versailles at all. They are the people who live in Versailles!”
      “This is probably the man with the world in mind.”
      “If you reach the goal, you can help the world at the same time; if you are poor, you can help yourself.”
      “In other words, do ancestors have descendants?”
      “Well, I haven't heard him say that on the show.”
      “I feel that my ancestors have been treating them as grandchildren.”
      The audience in the live room expressed their feelings on the barrage.
      They can really feel it,
      Ye Tian's love for Zifeng.
      Mushroom house in Taohuayuan.
      Hearing Ye Tian's words,
      Sister Zifeng's eyes are red.
      She grew up acting and was used to the faces of others.
      A person's words are true or false, she can clearly feel.
      Just when ye Tian said that, he was very casual, just like his dead grandparents.
      “Wuwuwuwu… Laozong… You are not dead, you will not die…”
      Sister Zifeng couldn't hold back any longer,
      He hugged Ye Tian and began to cry.
      Next to a few people, but also all red eyes.
      “Silly girl.”
      Ye Tian stroked Zifeng's sister's head and said in a soft voice: “my ancestors have lived for a long time. My old friends are gone. I have no idea about this world for a long time.It's my fate and yours to meet you. ”
      His words made everyone feel heavy.
      It is human nature to live, grow old and die.
      Just like he said.
      He has lived so long, and all his relatives and friends left one by one.
      That feeling,
      Not really.
      Don't talk about ancestors.
      Among those present, who is not?
      “Come on, you three little ones. Each of you chooses one.”
      Ye Tian comforted Zifeng's sister and said to Peng Peng and Zhang Yixing with a smile, “it's just a gift from your ancestors.When you get married, it's a gift. ”
      And he said,
      He took a look at Huang Xiaochu and teacher he: “you two can forget it. If you get married, you won't give it.”
      As for Ma Weidu?
      i 'm sorry.
      Ye Tian didn't plan to give it to him at all.
      For ye Tianlai,
      He is an outsider.
      Let him have a look at these things, it has given him enough face.
      There are no gifts.
      Ma Weidu is also very witty. He honestly sets up sculptures on one side.
      Huang Xiaochu blinked with teacher he.
      They're not stupid,
      Naturally, I know that the old man is not joking. He must be serious.
      It's no use teasing people with this kind of magnanimity.
      Think of it.
      Huang Xiaochu said: “ancestor, although I am married, I have children. You have two great granddaughters and one great grandson!”
      He originally had two daughters. It has been rumored on the Internet that his wife gave him a third child, a son.
      However, there has been no positive response.
      this moment,
      For ye Tian's gift, chef Huang can't care much!
      This is a statement.
      The audience was in an uproar!
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      Chapter 60 what's the matter? Do you have any descendants(3. Ask for flower evaluation ticket)
      Yearning for the live room.
      A sea of joy on the barrage.
      “Miss Huang, you have lost your integrity!”
      “Lying trough!”
      “It turns out that chef Huang really gave birth to the third son!”
      “The news on the Internet is really true. I have a son!”
      “It's killing me.”
      “Chef Huang is really fighting!”
      “You see teacher he's expression, the whole person is not good.”
      “Teacher he: the clown is actually myself!”
      “Poor teacher he.”
      you 're right!
      When chef Huang said he had three children.
      The first person on the audience's mind is actually teacher he!
      Because ye Tian made it clear that gifts are for children.
      Mr. He is single,
      Not married yet!
      With the permission of Ye Tian, chef Huang happily selects gifts for his three children.
      Teacher he's face is loveless.
      “I didn't expect you to be such a person, Mr. Huang!”
      Looking at his friends for many years, he murmured to himself.
      “Ah, teacher he, look. Do you think this bracelet is more beautiful, or this hairpin is more beautiful?”
      As if he didn't hear it, chef Huang raised his head and asked teacher he.
      Teacher he and I are speechless.
      Turn your head,
      Just as if I didn't see him.
      Ye Tian doesn't care.
      Several of them were there to choose things, and he came to Ma Weidu.
      “Like antiques?”
      Ye Tian asked casually.
      “Yes, sir.”
      Ma Weidu replied respectfully.
      He was born in the military compound of Yanjing and naturally understood the position of the man in front of him.
      Even if he is not even a party member.
      But with what he had done before, there were people on it to protect him.
      “There are so many good things now.”
      Ye Tian said casually: “you can contact me later, these things, build a museum here in Taohuayuan.”
      what the fuck!
      Ma Weidu is stupid.
      Building museums,
      Ye Tian took a look at him: “this is my hometown. Build a museum and give 20% of the annual ticket revenue to the people in the village. Do you understand?”
      These people in Taoyuan village have been taking care of this wooden house for so many years.
      For ye Tian, this is cause and effect.
      Over the years,
      He kept telling himself,
      No matter when, there is no cause and effect.
      “Well, don't worry. I'll handle it.”
      Ma Weidu nodded and agreed.
      Although Ye Tian didn't say anything good for him, he felt that he would have a chance to be famous in history just by taking care of it.
      The reason is simple.
      Because there are so many treasures in the old man's hands.
      As the founder of this museum, I can get close to those treasures. I'm so happy!
      For those who love antiques.
      It's a great happiness to be able to keep company with these antiques every day.
      Where two people talk.
      It's back to the camera.
      There's no fool on the show side.
      The old man obviously has something to do with Ma Weidu. No one will point the camera here.
      When Ma Weidu leaves,
      Huang Xiaochu and others also chose their own gifts.
      “That's all, laozong.”
      With something in your hand,
      Huang Xiaochu tells Ye Tiandao.
      Now he wants to understand that the old man is so kind to himself. When he comes back, he asks his wife to come over with the child in her arms and kowtows to the old man.
      In the future, if the old man had such a day, he would help him die.
      Not for the things he gave himself,
      It's for the elderly to treat themselves as relatives.
      “Well, it's getting late. Pack up and go to bed.”
      Ye tianbai waved his hand and said to them, “put these things away. Don't get in the way.”
      “Yes, yes.”
      Several people quickly nodded.
      According to the shooting plan, the guests of the first episode will not come until the day after tomorrow.
      They can even sleep until they wake up tomorrow.
      This is also the reason why “yearning for life” is jokingly called a rest variety show by many guests.
      Because in this program,
      Artists can really relax themselves and have a good rest.
      “Audience friends, that's all for today's live broadcast. Good night, everyone!”
      Teacher he stood in front of the camera lens and said to the audience.
      Then Huang Xiaochu, Zifeng's sister, Zhang Yixing, Peng Peng
      Everyone said good night to the audience.
      “Old ancestor, you also say a word.”
      At this time.
      Eyes looking at Ye Tian to go, Huang said quickly.
      Ye Tian was stunned.
      Then he stepped in front of the camera.
      Staring at that camera for a long time,
      Ye Tiancai asked, “this camera can connect those people on the Internet?”
      “Yes, ancestor, through this camera, more than 24 million people are watching us.”
      Peng Peng looked up the data and said in surprise.
      “So much!”
      Ye Tian was also a little surprised. Then he suddenly asked, “doesn't it mean that if I want to find someone, they can help me find them?”
      Hearing this, the live broadcast room's barrage suddenly became lively!
      what the fuck!
      What's going on?
      Who are you looking for, old man?
      PS: for flowers, for evaluation tickets, for rewards!Flowers to 130000, today ten more!Eight thousand, ten more!In addition, you want to see what characters appear in the book, you can leave a message in the book review*

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